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Some pictures from the 11/14/08 32nd annual gathering of the Washington Quarter Century Broadcasters at the Rockville Hilton. Photos by Tom Buckley.....

1) Lee Reynolds (Captain Tugg on WTTG and longtime voice of WETA) and Lee Shephard

2) Fred Fiske and Ron David

3) Bob Duckman and Phil Wood

4) Mac McGarry and Don Richards

5) Joe Krebs and David Burd

6) Loo Katz and Steve Drepperd

7) Ed Rodriguez and Chris Roth

8) Russ Ward and Ed Walker

9) Chris Roth, Pat Garrett and wife

10) Chuck Langdon and Frank Harden

11) Jim Silman, Max Schindler, John Harter

12) Bill Greenwood and Paul Sisco

13) Frank Mc Dermott, Dave Statter, Greg Guise

14) Greg Guise and David French