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Some pictures from the 11/4/06 30th annual gathering of the Washington Quarter Century Broadcasters at the Kenwood Country Club in Bethesda. Among those in attendance: Ed Walker, Bill Trumbull, Bill Mayhugh, Dave Adler, Hillary Howard, Pat Garrett, Dick Dyzsel, Tom Buckley, John Henrehan, Paul Bicknell, Don Richards, Dave Statter, Loo Katz, Mac McGarry, John Downling, Ed Gursky, Joe Krebs, Patricia O'Donnell, Chris Roth, Julie Wright, Charlie Carson, Frane Cooper, Bob Duckman, Susan O'Kelly, Bob Edwards, Wes Vernon, John Wilcox, George Wright, Barton Eckert, Dave McConnell, Frank Harden, Ron Weber, Lee Shephard, Dave Arlington, Ron David, Jim Silman, Max Schindler, Tom Powers, Greg Guise, Mike Flynn, Linda Kelly, Jerry Clark, Ken Greene, Bill Greenwood, Andrew Mitchell, Michael Henry, and many more (including the guy who runs a certain website). The emcee was David Burd. Photos by Dave Statter and Greg Guise.....

1) Ed Walker, DCRTV Dave

2) Bill Trumbull, Mac McGarry

3) Hillary Howard, Bill Mayhugh, Laura Adler, Dave Adler

4) Bill Trumbull, Ed Walker, Bill Mayhugh

5) Penny Gill, Mike Flynn, Jim Silman and wife

6) Tom Buckey, Pat Garrett, Greg Guise

7) DCRTV Dave, Dick Dyszel, Linda Kelly, Bob Edwards

8) Andrew Mitchell, Dave Arlington , Hillary Howard, David Burd, Dave Adler, Laura Adler

9) Dave Arlington, Loo Katz, Ed Gursky, Andrew Mitchell

10) Wes Vernon and wife

11) John Henrehan, Dick Dyszel

12) Virginia Whitehead

13) Tom Buckley, Greg Guise

14) Greg Guise, Debbie Uth

15) Mike Flynn, Penny Gill

16) Hillary Howard, Dave Statter

17) Don Richards

18) Ed Walker, Susan O'Kelly

19) Don Richards

20) Charlie Carson

21) Susan O'Kelly, Don Richards

22) Ed Gursky

23) Mac McGarry, Dave Statter

24) Hillary Howard, Dave Statter

25) ballroom scene

26) Ed Walker, Susan O'Kelly, Don Richards

27) program cover