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Back in the 1960s and early 1970s, WCBM was an adult contemporary station owned by Metromedia. At the time it was co-owned with Washington's Channel 5 and WASH-FM. Remember Lee Case, Randy Daniels, Ken Merson and Joe Knight? Way back in the 40s WCBM was located at 1400 on the AM band. The station is owned by WCBM Maryland, which also owns WVIE, 1370 AM. The station was previously owned by Metromedia and co-owned with WCBM-FM 106.5, now WWMX. WCBM and WVIE are owned by Nick Mangione, Sr. Mangione, a World War II veteran aboard the USS Caperton, was affiliated with the former WFBR am 1300. After years of struggling with other investors, Mangione bought WCBM in the late 1980's. He brought over many talents from the old WFBR such as Tom Marr, who was a Baltimore Orioles play by play announcer, and Les Kinsolving.....

From Sue Kopen Katcef, Lecturer/Executive Producer, Philip Merrill College of Journalism/UMTV, University of Maryland, College Park, MD: I have many, many photos from my years at WCBM (both during the "Greatest Hits of All-Time" format AND the News/Talk68 years). I'm attaching a couple of pictures from the N/T68 period... along with a classic picture that proves radio reporters WERE a force to be reckoned with at the Maryland State House. I covered the MD state legislature for many years (first for WCBM, then for MPT and finally for WBAL Radio News).

"Back in the day" there could be as many as 8-10 broadcast reporters crammed into room H-3 in the basement of the State House--the room set aside for broadcast reporters. This photo (above) is proof of that. Today, on a good day, you may get one, maybe two TV crews (usually from MPT and/or WMAR's State House bureau) and the occasional radio station. I have to believe the public is being served less...but that's the way of the world. Anyhow, in the group picture.... from left to right the reporters are: Sue Kopen, WCBM, Janice Conger (I believe from WBJC), Gail Svensson (you only see the back of Gail's head), WPOC, Leslie Stimson (don't remember which station Leslie was with at the time..it may have been WAMU), Linda Falkerson (reported for Baltimore's WFBR), Norm Silverstein (WTOP), Sarah Liu (WNAV), and, on the floor, Meredith Buel, WBAL TV... The lawmakers (from left to right) are (former) State Senator Julian (Jack) Lapides of Baltimore... and (former) State Senator Rosalie Abrams. Interestingly, Gail, Leslie, Linda and I all cut our teeth in news through the WMUC news department when we were students at the University of Maryland. Gail, married to Frank Graff (formerly a reporter with WBAL TV and now with WNCN TV news in North Carolina) is a f/t mom....Leslie is Washington Bureau Chief for Radio World News.... Norm is President and CEO of WXXI in Rochester, NY, Meredith (Chip) Buel has been with VOA for many years and I'm now teaching broadcast journalism at my alma mater (the U of MD for the past 8 years) and still freelancing for WBAL Radio. As of this writing, I do not know the whereabouts of Janice, Linda and Sarah.

Another photo in this group was taken in WCBM main studio (by me) during our last days as a News/Talk station... I've always felt the picture of the speaker with the note told the story.

The third photo is a group shot of 'CBM news staffers from the "Greatest Hits of All-Time" format after receiving our latest round of awards from the AP. From left to right: Sue Kopen, Dave Humphrey, News Director Bob Shilling and Vicki Cox, who is also a WMUC alum...at last check...she was doing corporate communications for a Baltimore bank...and she is married to John Kuchno (they were both MUC'ers!) This had to be in the late 1970s... maybe early 1980s.

And the final photo was taken at EPCOT...it's our location for the 1982 official opening...I anchored our coverage...Dave Arlington (to my left in the picture) handled all of the technical arrangements. Reporters were John Kuchno (now an attorney in Baltimore) and Hal Martin (who was drafted from the programming side to help us out....he's still doing promotions for the CBS radio stations in Baltimore). And there you have it...FWIW.