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By Dave Schweikart

Witness the evolution of WMZQ's on-air studio over the past 25 years, as technology changed, and the station changed addresses from 1680 Wisconsin Avenue, to 5513 Connecticut Avenue, to 1801 Rockville Pike. The following photos are all from the Connecticut Avenue location. If you have studio photos from the station's other locations send them to dcrtv@hotmail.com.


In 1988, the studio had a brand new board, and the cabinetry was arranged in a typical upside-down "U" shape. As you stood at the board, you had cart machines and a turntable to the left, and another turntable to the right. All music and spots were on carts. Spot carts were on the wall to your left, and music carts were on the wall behind you. (The turntables were only used for syndicated programs like "American Country Countdown" which were distributed on vinyl.)


By 1991, the studio had its first computer, which had a simple DOS-based system that stored all live copy. All music and spots were still on carts. Studio cabinetry had been replaced, and was now arranged in an upside-down "L" shape. A turntable is hidden under a hinged cutout on the left countertop. If I'm remembering correctly, the small monitor to the left was part of the security video monitoring system.


By 1993, all spots were still on carts, but all music was being aired directly from CDs. Regular music library CDs were permanently stored in the special Denon "CD Cart" plastic cases, and were played in one of the three Denon players that sat above the board. Other CDs, such as the "American Country Countdown" CDs, were played in the regular CD players to the left. In the back corner, not clearly visible in earlier photos, are a reel-to-reel tape deck, and remote control equipment for the FM and AM transmitters.