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Count Gore Chats With DCRTV - 10/20/2006 - DCRTV talks to Dick Dyszel, who was monster movie host Count Gore De Vol (right) on Channel 20/WDCA in the 1970s and 1980s. Now back in the DC area after a decade in Chicago, Dyszel is devoting his energies to his website, countgore.com, now that "TV is obsolete." He points out that, apart from news, local TV stations no longer produce entertainment programming, like his old show. Dyszel recalls his WDCA days, when he doubled as kiddie show host Captain 20, when his crew had use of the excellent production facilities at the River Road studios in Bethesda, which were then also home to Black Entertainment TV. Dyszel says he does four to five conventions a year, and will be doing "The Spooky Movie Film Festival" at the Cinema Arts Theater in Fairfax on the weekend before Halloween - thespookymovie.com. Oh, his favorite scary movies? "Young Frankenstein" and "Alien."

On July 6, 1998 I (your DCRTV webmaster Dave Hughes) received the following e-mail from Count Gore DeVol. Here it is:


It is with great joy (and a bit of fear) that I pre-announce the return of Creature Feature with Count Gore De Vol! It's been 11 long years since Gore hosted the weekly horror movie showcase on WDCA in Washington, but this time, his royal lowness will not be limited to a single city or cable outlet, but will global, via the Internet!

On Friday night, July 10, 1998, at the Fanex convention near Baltimore, The Count will make the official annoucement to that audience. But since you are all fans in cyberland, who have fond memories of the show, I want to give you all a sneak preview.

Every Saturday night, the Creature Feature Web Program will have not only memories of the past, but new and impotent information as well a some good old corny fun (I wonder what Viagra would do for a vampire?). And who knows, someday we may even have really bad record commercials!

But for now, check out the show at: www.countgore.com and then spread the word.

- Dick (Dyszel aka The Count)

P.S. Who knows what may happen when we get enough bandwidth!

This is "Count Gore DeVol," the Channel 20/WDCA "Creature Feature" monster movie host in the 70s and 80s. The count was played by Dick Dyszel, the WDCA personality who doubled as kiddie show host "Captain 20" and as the station's announcer. Dyszel served as the Count from 1973 to 1979 and again from 1984 to 1987. The Count was utilized as the host of two movie-based programs, "Saturday Chiller," on Saturday afternoons, and "Creature Feature," on Saturday nights. The Count's last show was in 1987 when Channel 20 management implemented a round of programming budget cuts. For more details about the Count check out Count Gore DeVol's Home Casket. Dick Dyszel now works as a Chicago entertainer. Check out his Sounds Fabulous website or his Biography Page, which includes some rare photos of the Count and Captain 20!

On April 23, 1998 I received an e-mail from the Count. Here it is:

Dear Dave,

As they never said in that baseball movie, "If you don't build one, someone else will!"

Well, you have built a wonderful web site. I not only appreciate the page about Gore, but also your concise reviews of the areas TV and radio stations. But enough, on to Gore.

Actually, the count is alive and well in the Chicago suburbs, waiting for the appropriate time to surface again. None of the various petition and letter campaigns has convinced WDCA to resurect the Count again, but that might not be a bad thing.

As you have already checked out my Sounds Fabulous page, you should also check out my other busines at: http://www.celebrationpages.com. As you can see I am trying to stay contemporary as I did during my days to 20.

Did you realize that Creature Feature was the first TV show in DC to be broadcast in Stereo? (It was on May 25, 1985 and the movie was Zardoz) Anyway, I have been considering returning Creature Feature to the public by way of a weekly active web page. But being meticulous, I won't do it until I get the concept right. I'll keep you informed.

I will also be appearing as myself and the Count at the Fanex convention at the Hunt Valley Inn, the weekend of July 10.

I should also remind you that while Captain 20 and Gore are fondly remembered, it was Bozo that brought me to DC and extablished my skills as a host and producer. Bozo was on from '72-'77 and had a 2.5 year waiting list for tickets when I cancelled the show. And, it was Kids' Break that got me my first and only Emmy. I had a rotten record on that account. 1 Emmy for 26 nominations, maybe the Cubs could use me.

Stories and info; I'm full of them. And, by the way, my unofficial archivist, Gene Crowell lives in Laurel and is building a collection of Gore and Capt. 20 memorabilia.

Anyway, I find myself rambling. Thanks for the good work and keep in touch.

- Dick Dyszel

I hope to post more info and pics of the great count in the near future. Come back soon .... it will be scaaaaarrrrry! If you've got some stories to share about the count, I'll include them here. Send them to me at dcrtv@zzapp.org.