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January 2001 to June 2001

By Dave Hughes
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    June 29, 2001
    Althage Out At MPT
    If you tuned in to Maryland Public Television (Channels 22, 62, 67, etc.) at 7 PM on Friday 6/29 you caught the last edition of "Newsnight Maryland," which has been cancelled. The local news half-hour was hosted by Bob Althage (left) who'd formerly been a news anchor with Channel 9. Starting at 7 PM on Monday 7/2, look for MPT to air (the less expensive?) "World News For Public TV," produced by the UK's ITV and starring Daljit Dhaliwal. No word on Althage's plans.

    June 25, 2001
    WAMU Drops Weekday Bluegrass
    WAMU (88.5 FM) dumps its long running weekday afternoon bluegrass programming, replacing it with talk and news. Starting on 6/25, the 3 PM to 6 PM slot of classic country music hosted by Ray Davis and Jerry Gray was replaced by "The World," an international news show, and an expanded "All Things Considered," NPR's afternoon mainstay. This gives American University's WAMU a solid news/talk format during the weekdays. The bluegrass still airs on weekends - overnight Saturday night/Sunday morning, including "Stained Glass Bluegrass" on Sundays from 6 AM to 10 AM. Gray's classic country show on Saturdays from 3 PM to 6 PM will continue, while Davis had been offered a Sunday slot from 10 AM to 1 PM. WAMU is launching a website, www.bluegrasscountry.org, to carry bluegrass music around the clock. It's being funded by a $10,000 grant from the National Endowment For The Arts.

    June 17, 2001
    Dame Picks Up Two In Hagerstown
    Dame Broadcasting has purchased Hagerstown rocker WQCM (96.7 FM) and news/talker WHAG (1410 AM) for $3.4 million. Dame owns several other stations in the Hagerstown area including adult contemporary WIKZ (95.1 FM), country WCHA-FM (94.3), and news/talk WCHA-AM (800).

    June 17, 2001
    Changes At 1050
    Mega's WPLC (1050 AM) in Silver Spring is now relaying the "Radio Capital" Central American/Mexican Spanish language programming already heard on Mega's WKDL (730 AM) in Alexandria and WKDM (1600 AM) in Rockville. WPLC, which recently dropped its relay of the Spanish "Amor" adult contemporary format, is slated to go Spanish brokered soon, while WKDM is being sold to Multicultural and will probably also go ethnic brokered soon.

    June 16, 2001
    Emmys Awarded
    How about giving everyone an Emmy! Well, the somewhat silly local TV Emmy awards were held 6/16 at the Omni Shoreham. For example, Channel 5's Tom Sater was selected as best weathercaster. And so was Channel 7's Dan Henry. Ditto with Channel 45/54's Kirk Clyatt. Yup, they all beat Channel 4's Bob Ryan. Okay?!?!? As for best sportscaster - Channel 7's Rene Knott, Channel 5's Dave Feldman, AND Channel 4's George Michael were winners, leaving Channel 9's poor Jess Atkinson awardless. And, Channel 5's Mike Landess was selected as best news anchor - at least he didn't have to share his statue with anyone. Also awarded: Channel 7 photojournalist Steven Affens (who died last November) and Channel 4 announcer and "It's Academic" host Mac McGarry.

    June 15, 2001
    Bad Blood Between Bonneville And Clear Channel
    It looks like things are getting pretty nasty in the contemporary hit battle between Clear Channel's WIHT (Hot 99.5) and Bonneville's Z104 (WWZZ/WWVZ). DCRTV heard on 6/15 that a contestant for WIHT's "Freak Week," who was trying to win a permanent gig as the station's "stunt" man, recently went door-to-door in a Z104 shirt saying he was a convicted sex offender of animals and asked if it would be all right if he moved into the neighborhood. Z104 general manager Mark O'Brien says he received calls from angry parents who figured it was a Z104 prank. O'Brien was so angry that he sent letters of complaint to the Washington Post and to CC's DC market honcho Bennett Zier claiming that the joke had tarnished Z104's reputation and he went so far as to call for an advertiser boycott of WIHT. We hear that Zier did issue an apology. And that's not all. More bad blood. On 6/14, Clear Channel announced that it has dropped a trademark infringement lawsuit over a ticket giveaway by Bonneville's contemporary Z104. Clear Channel claimed that Bonneville was infringing on CC's service mark of the "Wango Tango Concert" (which is held by CC-owned KIIS in Los Angeles, a contemporary outlet like CC's WIHT in DC) by recently giving away tickets via WWZZ/WWVZ. Clear Channel stressed that Bonneville was not allowed to say "Wango Tango" on the air and demanded that Z104 stop giving away the tickets and pull ads for the giveaway. Bonneville did comply. Now the suit has been dropped and Clear Channel is reimbursing Z104 for the tickets it purchased to the concert. OK, so Clear Channel's upset at Bonneville, but didn't CC's alternative rocker DC101 recently give away tickets to the "HFStival" held by Infinity alt rocker WHFS? Hmmm.

    June 14, 2001
    Judge Rejects Tower Lawsuit
    US District Judge Paul Friedman on 6/14 rejected a lawsuit filed by American Tower against the District Of Columbia goverment for pulling permits that, last fall, halted the construction of a controversial communications tower in the Tenleytown section of northwest DC. The planned 756-foot tower, which was to be used by some area TV stations for their digital broadcasts, was only partly built when area residents bitterly complained that the structure did not meet DC's zoning laws. American Tower filed its lawsuit after the District ordered tower construction to stop. Friedman said in his recent ruling that he did not buy the tower company's argument that the District violated federal statutes by halting work on the tower.

    June 12, 2001
    Multicultural Buys WKDM
    Silver Spring-based Mega Communications has sold Rockville's WKDM (1600 AM) to Multicultural Radio Broadcasting for $800,000. NYC's Multicultural also owns Arlington's WZHF (1390 AM), WKDV (1460 AM) in Manassas, and WKCW (1420) AM in Warrenton. Currently WKDM carries Mega's Central American/Mexican Spanish language programming, also aired by Mega's WKDL (730 AM) in Alexandria. We assume that WKDM will adopt a multi-ethnic brokered format like WZHF and WKDV. WKCW carries a traditional country music format. Before Mega had bought 1600, it was WINX with Anglo oldies and top 40 formats.

    June 8, 2001
    "Don And Mike" Sign Contract Extension
    WJFK's nationally syndicated PM drive team of "Don And Mike" announced on the air 6/8 that they've signed a two-year extension on their original five-year deal with Infinity. Details about the new "option" were not revealed, but its signing apparently signaled the end of a several day sick-out the DC-based duo had staged. Many had speculated that D&M (actually Mike Sorce and Mike O'Meara) were upset that fellow bad boy talkers "Opie And Anthony" had just signed a $30 million, three-year contract with Infinity that calls for them to remain doing PM drive on NYC hot talker WNEW and allows them to be syndicated nationwide and maybe even in the DC area. In fact, O&A debuted on Infinity's Philadelphia rocker WYSP on 6/7, doing PM drive - a slot D&M have eyed. The bottom line was that D&M would not be getting their wish - to be aired live in NYC (or Philly) during PM drive. D&M are heard on WNEW's evenings (after O&A), tape delayed. There's still no public word on how the new deal satisfies D&M's concerns other than giving D&M an extra hour in the early evenings, with the Sports Junkies' start being moved to 8 PM from 7 PM on 106.7.

    June 8, 2001
    Mega Drops "Amor" Format From 94.3
    Adios "Amor." On 6/8, Mega Communications junked the Spanish adult contemporary "Amor" format on its WPLC, 94.3 FM, in Warrenton, and is now using the Virginia station to relay the Spanish contemporary, urbanish programming also found on its WBZS, 92.7 FM, in Prince Frederick MD. The 94.3 calls become WBPS. Also, the "Amor" relay on Silver Spring's WPLC-AM, 1050, is being discontinued in favor of brokered Spanish programming.

    June 7, 2001
    American University Pulls Out of Bidding For WJHU
    American University's WAMU (88.5 FM) has pulled out of the bidding for Baltimore's WJHU (88.1 FM). With the likely withdrawl of another bidder, Boston's WBUR, there's only one group left to take over the Johns Hopkins University-owned news and public affairs station - a local organization of listeners headed by WJHU host Marc Steiner. According to the 6/7 Baltimore Sun: "WAMU cited what it said were irretrievable financial costs of creating new shows for WJHU. WBUR, while still expressing interest, said it needed more time to decide whether to bid." Added WAMU spokesperson Chris Naylor: "(Our) analysis showed the overall return on investment just wouldn't support that move right now... It wouldn't be a fair decision for our station - nor would it be for them." Earlier, another potential WJHU suitor, Maryland Public Television, which had linked up with DC-based National Public Radio, was rejected by WJHU officials, as was an informal bid from DC's WETA, which operates Channel 26 and FM 90.9. Steiner's group, dubbed Maryland Public Radio, is said to be scrambling to get the $5 million needed to purchase the station. Johns Hopkins put the station up for sale earlier this year after determining it didn't have the funds to continue operating it.

    June 6, 2001
    McKelway Leaves Channel 4
    Channel 4 news anchor Doug McKelway (left), who's been with the NBC station since 1992, is on the way out. We hear that his contract expires in July and it's not being renewed. McKelway co-anchors WRC's 5 PM newscast with Susan Kidd. "It's been a great nine years and I never expected it to last this long," he told the 6/6 Washington Post. "I lasted at least twice as long as any predecessor in the seat at 5 o'clock and I'm going out on top. So the timing is a little curious, but there are broader horizons lying ahead," McKelway said in reference to the frequent first place finishes for the station's 5 PM newscasts. WRC's suits had no comment. According to the 6/6 Washington Times, McKelway had been a critic of WRC's news "balance." He told the Times: "I made a conscious decision about three years ago that I would complain in our newsroom if I saw things on our air that were not balanced. And I did so with the full awareness that it was risky, and it could result in me losing my job eventually." McKelway comes from a family of journalists. His grandfather worked for the Washington Star, a great-uncle worked for 30 years at the New Yorker magazine, an uncle wrote the "Rambler" column for both the Washington Star and Washington Times, and a brother currently writes for the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

    May 30, 2001
    WTOP Plans Signal Improvements To 1500 AM
    We hear that FCC has approved a plan submitted by DC's WTOP, KSTP in St. Paul, and WLQV in Detroit - all on 1500 AM - that would relax some skywave rules in order for all three stations to increase their local nighttime coverage areas. This means that WTOP's 1500 AM signal will soon be better heard throughout more of the DC metro area after sunset, particularly in northern and western Montgomery County.

    May 30, 2001
    WMAL/ABC Won't Let Rush Go Without A Fight
    There's been speculation lately that Clear Channel might take Rush Limbaugh (left) off ABC-owned DC news/talker WMAL and put him on CC's new "dynamite talk" WTNT. CC, which owns Rush's national syndicator Premiere, has recently pulled Rush off non-CC stations in some markets. However, DCRTV hears that ABC is not likely to let Rush go in one market without it affecting his carriage in other large markets. In other words, if CC pulls Rush from WMAL, that could affect ABC's deals for Rush in other big, major billing markets such as NYC, SF, Chicago, Dallas, and Detroit. And vice versa. If, say, CC pulled Rush from ABC's station in SF, he might disappear from WMAL, too. We also hear that Rush does have some say about which stations carry his show. Would he want to lose WABC, his Big Apple blowtorch, in a market where CC doesn't even own a talk station? Stay tuned, dittoheads.

    May 28, 2001
    Baltimore Radio Vet Danny Sheelds Dies
    Danny Sheelds, a Baltimore radio air personality and announcer from the 1940s to the 1960s, died on 5/28. Mr. Sheelds worked at WITH, WCBM, and WCAO. His trademark was "Danny Sheelds - two e's if you please." No word on his age or the cause of death.

    May 28, 2001
    WTOP 2 Changes Name
    WTOP announced that it is officially changing the name of "WTOP 2," its federal government news-oriented internet-only service, to "Federal News Radio." The service, available via www.wtop.com, was launched by the Bonneville all-news station in February 2000. The name change is being made to more accurately describe the service to people unacquainted with WTOP radio, says WTOP VP/GM Joel Oxley.

    May 25, 2001
    Injured TV News Crew Member Sues WTTG
    A Channel 5 news crew member is seeking $50 million in damages for injuries he suffered in May 2000 when, in preparing to relay a news feed back to the station, he received a severe shock after a mast in a WTTG news van touched an overhead power line in Alexandria. The 5/25 Washington Post reports that the attorney for Geoffrey Manifold says that Channel 5's owner, Fox, as well as the the van's manufacturer and several companies that made gear for the van, should have provided safeguards to prevent the mishap, which also injured a second member of the WTTG news crew. The lawsuit adds that Manifold suffers from permanent injuries to his head, chest, and back.

    May 24, 2001
    Channel 4 Does Well In May TV "Sweeps"
    The final (!) overall May TV "sweeps" numbers arrived at DCRTV on 5/24. Here are some rating figures for weekdays in the DC market. At 6 AM: (1) Four's news 5.4, (2) Nine's news 2.4, (3) Seven's news 2.3, (4) Five's news 1.5. At 7 AM: (1) Four's "Today Show" 5.3, (2) Five's news 3.4, (3) Seven's "Good Morning America" 3.3, (4) Nine's "CBS Early Show" 2.0. At 4 PM: (1) Seven's "Oprah" 4.6, (2) Four's news 4.3, (3) Nine's "Montel" 3.2. At 5 PM: (1) Four's news 5.4, (2) Five's "Judge Judy" 4.7, (3) Seven's news 4.4, (4) Nine's news 3.4. At 6 PM: (1) Four's news 7.1, (2) Seven's news 5.4, (3) Nine's news 4.9, (4) Five's "Simpsons" 4.7. At 6:30 PM: (1) Four's news 7.3, (2) Seven's "ABC News" 7.2, (3) Nine's "CBS News" 4.9, (4) Five's "Simpsons" 4.8. At 7 PM: (1) Four's "NBC News" 8.2, (2) Seven's "Wheel Of Fortune" 6.5, (3) Five's "Friends" 5.7, (4) Nine's "To Tell The Truth" 4.3. At 7:30 PM: (1) Seven's "Jeopardy" 7.9, (2) Four's "Access Hollywood" 6.2, (3) Five's "Seinfeld" and Nine's "Entertainment Tonight" each with a 5.5. Late news: (1) Four 8.2, (2) Five 6.5, (3) Nine 5.7, (4) Seven 5.4. Up in Baltimore, Thirteen won the news battles at 6 AM, 7 AM, noon, and at 6 PM, while Eleven was victorious at 5 PM and at 11 PM. In the late news battle, Thirteen came in 2nd, Two was in 3rd, and Forty-Five landed in 4th. At 4 PM, Eleven's "Oprah" beat Thirteen's "Rosie."

    May 14, 2001
    Erin Carmen Joins Z104
    Contemporary hit Z104 (WWZZ/WWVZ) finally gets around to selecting a co-host for its new morning show with Dylan. The announcement on 5/14: it's Erin Carmen who's previously worked at the Comedy World Radio Network in LA and at an alternative rock radio station in Chicago.

    May 14, 2001
    Liddy Looks For New Baltimore Radio Home
    DCRTV hears that talker WCBM (680 AM) could be the new Baltimore radio home for mid-day man G. Gordon Liddy, who was recently dumped from WJFK-AM (1300) in favor of syndicated sports talker Jim Rome. DCRTV is also hearing that Infinity's WJFK-AM (with five more years of the Ravens signed-up with co-owned WQSR) may make more moves in the near future to becoming a full-fledged sports talker, with the current line-up of "hot talkers" (a la Howard Stern and Don And Mike) moving over to one of Infinity's Charm City FMers. Our wild guess - WQSR. But Infinity also owns WLIF, WXYV (the subject of many other "urban-ish" rumors of late), and WWMX.

    May 14, 2001
    WOCT Makes Some Changes
    Baltimore classic rocker WOCT (104.3 FM) unveiled a new morning team on 5/14 - "The Most Music Morning" with "our own Baltimore boys Chris Emry and Miles Montgomery." We hear that "Miles" is really WOCT afternoon driver Steve Austin. They replace the "Bob And Tom" morning team. The Clear Channel station is also promising a "wider selection of songs" as it "rebuild(s) the radio station one artist at a time." Could this mean a gradual shift from classic rock to contemporary hits, and a rebirth of the old B104? Officially the station is sticking to its classic rock format. Stay tuned.

    May 12, 2001
    Fredericksburg Paper Buys WWUZ
    The Fredericksburg VA Free Lance-Star Publishing Company has announced that it is purchasing classic rock-ish WWUZ (96.9 FM) in nearby Bowling Green VA for $2.15 million. Rappahannock Communications-owned WWUZ first signed on in 1999. The newspaper already owns WFLS, and WYSK FM/AM.

    May 12, 2001
    Channel 14 Sold To Univision
    Univision will use its newly acquired full-powered Channel 14, WTMW, for its new "Dos" network, to be launched in 2002. That's what Univision's public relations folks say - with the main Univision network staying where it is on low-powered WMDO, Channel 30. DCRTV's analysis: since Univision already has full DC market cable coverage with its two (existing and new) channels - low-powered Channel 30 (which FCC rules do not require cable systems to carry) and full-powered Channel 14 (which is required to be carried by the Commission's "must-carry" rules) - Univision will keep things status quo at 30. If it moved its main Univision network to 14, cable companies could drop carriage of 30 (and Univision's new second network). By keeping the main Univision network (which cable companies want to carry) on 30, the Spanish language broadcaster can get two of its channels carried on area cable systems. Channel 14 was sold in April for $30 million by Theodore M. White's Urban Broadcasting Corporation, which has programmed the station with infomercials, home shopping, and older syndicated fare.

    May 12, 2001
    Channel 5 Gets New GM/VP
    Glenn Dyer is returning to Fox-owned WTTG to be vice president and general manager. He replaces Deborah Carpenter who, barely a year ago, replaced Laureen Ong who left for the DC-based National Geographic Channel. Dyer was VP of programming at WTTG from 1988 to 1996 before moving to Salt Lake City (he'd also once worked at Channel 20). Carpenter moves to NYC where she'll handle ad sales for the Fox network. While Channel 5's expanded morning newscast does well (although it's rarely in 1st place), it seems that the numbers for WTTG's showcase 10 PM newscast are sagging a bit of late. Plus, Channel 5's daytime/afternoon schedule (save "Judge Judy") could also use a serious ratings shot in the arm along with its gradually slumping re-re-runned early evening line-up of "The Simpsons," "Friends," and "Seinfeld." Will Dyer push ahead with plans to kick off an early evening (5 PM or 6 PM-ish) newscast at WTTG?

    May 10, 2001
    WGAY Calls Come Down
    Well, the WGAY calls are no longer on the DC area's radio bands, so why should they continue to grace the Silver Spring building that once housed the station? DCRTV hears that work began on 5/10 to remove the "WGAY" letters from the World Building on Georgia Avenue. The building is now home to Mega's facilities (WPLC, WBZS, WKDL, and WKDM). Easy listening 99.5 FM was known for decades as WGAY until mid-1999 when it became "Jam'n Oldies" WJMO. The WGAY calls were then moved to nostalgic 1260 AM, but were retired in April when that station flipped to business talk.

    May 10, 2001
    Comcast Picks Up Baltimore City Cable System
    As expected, Comcast picks up the Baltimore city cable TV system from AT&T for $500 million. With its recent deal to buy the Cecil County (northeastern Maryland) cable system, Comcast will own an unbroken geographical band of cable systems from New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania, through Delaware, Maryland and DC, to northern Virginia.

    May 7, 2001
    Randy Dennis Loses Court Challenge
    Former WWIN-FM morning man Randy Dennis has lost a court challenge regarding a non-compete clause in his contract with station owner Radio One. The six-month clause prevented Dennis from taking a morning show job at DC's WHUR because that station is within a 50-mile radius of his station, which is located in Baltimore. Last time we checked, Charm City was only 35 miles from the District. Dennis was bounced from his morning show in March when the adult urban station started airing Tom Joyner's nationally syndicated show.

    May 6, 2001
    Charles Taylor Dies
    ABC News broadcaster Charles Taylor died on 5/6 of a pulmonary embolism at his home in Rockville. He was 58. A frequent voice on ABC's WMAL radio, Mr. Taylor was a producer and reporter for ABC News Radio in Washington DC and a member of the White House Press Corps. He'd also been senior editor of ABC Radio newscasts, bulletins, and special reports from 1968 to 1977. WMAL news director John Matthews tells DCRTV: "Chuck was a vital contributor to WMAL, working on his own time to put together news stories and features that he had passion for. He also gave us great help on several occasions, working as a local reporter when called for to provide coverage for national stories."

    May 5, 2001
    Frederick Club Gets In Hot Water Over Don & Mike Show Antics
    Frederick nightclub Xhale gets its liquor license back, temporarily, while it fights a revocation decision in connection with a March "sex show" hosted by WJFK "shock jocks" Don And Mike. According to the Frederick News-Post, patrons of Xhale exposed themselves during an event in which women were allowed to "bare their breasts, touch each other's breasts and appear in thongs".

    May 5, 2001
    Bartelt Leaves Reston Cable TV
    Tom Bartelt, who for the past 30 years has been the backbone behind Reston Community Television, is saying goodbye and moving to Utah. Bartelt came to Reston's cable system in the early 1970s after working for DC's Channel 4. Since then he's guided the community programming channel (for many years on cable Channel 8, and now on Channel 28) under a variety of owners - from Warner and Jones, to current owner Comcast. He'll be using his video skills to help wilderness protection organizations out west.

    May 5, 2001
    WJFK-AM Dumps Liddy For Rome
    Baltimore's WJFK-AM (1300) is dumping right-wing talker G. Gordon Liddy in mid-days in favor of Jim Rome's sports talk show. Liddy will continue to air on WJFK-FM (106.7) in the DC market. Hmmm, we wonder if 1300 will be moving more in a sports talk direction - it does carry the Ravens along with WLIF (last season) and WQSR (this season). Currently the station airs much of 106.7's slate of talkers including Howard Stern in AM drive and Don And Mike in PM drive.

    May 5, 2001
    Clear Channel Buys WAZR In Shenandoah Valley
    Clear Channel adds to its Shenandoah Valley cluster with the purchase of WAZR (93.7 FM) in Woodstock VA for $1.35 million. The nostalgic music formatted station was owned by Art Stamler of Ruarch And Associates, which owns a batch of religious low-power TV stations in the Shenandoah Valley. Clear Channel also owns Elkton VA's classic rock WACL (98.5 FM) and Harrisonburg VA's country WKCY (104.3 FM), which serve the south valley. In the north valley it owns Winchester VA's country WUSQ (102.5 FM) and religious WNTW (610 AM), Front Royal VA rocker WFQX (99.3 FM), and Charles Town WV's country WXVA (98.3 FM) and nostalgic WMRE (1550 AM).

    May 5, 2001
    WAMU Interested In Acquiring WJHU
    DC public radio station WAMU (88.5 FM) is interested in acquiring Baltimore's WJHU (88.1 FM). The American University-owned mainly news, talk, and public affairs station would program WJHU as a separate entity and not simply use it as a relay for its signal. "We don't see them as just a transmitter for us," WAMU spokeswoman Chris Naylor told the Sun. "Half of our listeners are in Maryland. [But] Baltimore has a different identity. It's not an offshoot of Washington." WAMU joins Maryland Public Television, Boston's WBUR, and a group of Baltimore listeners headed by WJHU talk host Marc Steiner as organizations that submitted bids by a 4/30 deadline to purchase the Johns Hopkins University station. JHU officials have said they don't have the funds to keep the news and public affairs station operating and have put it up for sale. So far, Steiner says his group, dubbed Maryland Public Radio, has raised $160,000 in pledges. Meanwhile, DC's WETA - which operates classical/public affairs WETA-FM (90.9) and Hagerstown's WETH (89.1 FM) - said it's not interested in WJHU. Ditto from a Minnesota public radio group.

    May 4, 2001
    Gartlan Leaves Channel 9
    Yet another familiar face has left Channel 9. News reporter Joan Gartlan's (right) last day was 5/4. She's been at WUSA since 1989 covering mainly legal and political issues. Gartlan came to Channel 9 after working nine years at Baltimore's Channel 2. We hear that she resigned. Issues with management? No word on her future plans.

    May 2, 2001
    WTOP Re-Launches Its Internet Stream
    WTOP was the first DC area radio station to restore its audio stream on the internet - on 5/2. You'll hear silence in place of the commercials that ad agencies have forbade radio stations to retransmit on the web. This dispute led many stations in mid-April to drop their internet streams including those of local signals like WTNT, WTEM, WRQX, WJZW, and WMAL. It involves a requirement that union talent be paid 300 percent of the normal fee if an ad originally recorded for radio use is transmitted via the web. WTOP's "WTOP 2" Federal News Service steam was not silenced because it is not a retransmission of a radio station.

    April 26, 2001
    WJFK And Redskins Agree To New Contract
    Infinity's WJFK (106.7 FM) has agreed to a record busting five-year $50 million radio deal with the Redskins. The contract, unveiled on 4/26, is said to be miles above other local radio football deals which have topped out in the $8 million range. Clear Channel's WTEM (980 AM) was also involved in talks to acquire the team's broadcasts but dropped out because it could not make a profit with the money Skins' owner Daniel Snyder wanted. WJFK has carried the Skins since 1995, after the team spent four decades on WMAL (630 AM) and then two years (1992 to 1994) on WTEM (then on 570 AM).

    April 19, 2001
    Jim Snyder Dies
    Jim Snyder (left) died on 4/19. Mr. Snyder led Channel 9 to its long period of TV news dominance in the 1970s and 1980s. He became news director of then Washington Post-owned WTOP-TV in 1969 after jobs at Westinghouse Broadcasting and CBS News. Mr. Snyder hired Gordon Peterson, Max Robinson, Glenn Brenner, J.C. Hayward, Gordon Barnes, Mike Buchanan, Chris Gordon, Bruce Johnson, and Susan King. He left Channel 9 in 1978 when the Post traded the station to the Detroit News (and it became WDVM, and still later WUSA). Mr. Snyder was also instrumental in putting the all-news format on WTOP radio. He was 76 and had been suffering from heart problems and stroke complications.

    April 14, 2001
    Kevin Evans Dies
    Kevin "Ocean" Evans, who was the morning man at "The Wave," WLVW/WLBW in Ocean City, died on 4/18. He was 45 and suffered a heart attack.

    April 10, 2001
    Fox To Deal For Channel 20?
    DCRTV is hearing more rumblings about the sale of Channel 20, WDCA. Since last summer we've been hearing talk that CBS/Viacom might trade the station to Rupert Murdoch's Fox network, giving Fox a second TV station in the DC market, along with Channel 5, WTTG. However, now we're hearing that a WDCA swap to Fox could be coupled with the transfer of a Chris-Craft TV station in San Francisco to CBS. You'll recall, Murdoch just received the FCC's OK to purchase a batch of Chris-Craft stations, including the Bay Area's KBHK. A swap would give Fox and CBS duopolies in DC and SF (respectively) by allowing each company to pick up another station without violating FCC rules regarding national ownership caps (duopolies in the same market being exempt). A related issue - what will happen to Baltimore's WUTB, Channel 24, a Chris-Craft station that Murdoch will also own? Will he trade that away so CBS can have a duopoly in Baltimore with its Channel 13, WJZ?

    April 9, 2001
    WJMO Drops Jammin' Oldies For Hot Hits
    As expected, a "hot" contemporary hit format debuted on Clear Channel's former "Jammin' Oldies" WJMO (99.5 FM) at 5 PM on 4/6. This followed a week's worth of hype including a format "Survivor" contest which saw listeners "choose" a rhythmic contemporary format. And, as expected, the hot995.com website came to life with "Washington's Real Hit Music Station," obviously a swipe at Bonneville's contemporary Z104.

    April 9, 2001
    Entravision Buys Hagerstown's Channel 68
    Entravision will pay $10.3 million to buy Channel 68, WJAL in Hagerstown from Good Companion Broadcasting. WJAL is an independent station which focuses on "family" fare. Entravision owns mainly Spanish language radio and TV stations and has an ownership interest in DC's low-powered Univision affiliate, WMDO Channel 30.

    April 9, 2001
    John Monds Joins WHUR Morning Show
    The new morning man on adult urban WHUR (96.3 FM)? John Monds from a like station in Chicago. He'll be teamed up with T.C. Bandit. Howard U's HUR lost syndicated morning man Tom Joyner to Radio One's WMMJ (102.3 FM) last fall.

    April 9, 2001
    Hot Talk WTNT Debuts With Imus In The Morning
    Syndicated morning man Don Imus moved from Clear Channel sports talker WTEM (980 AM) to CC's new hot talker WTNT (570 AM) as of 4/9. That is the day "Dynamite Talk" debuted on 570, with the former business news/talk format and WWRC calls moving to 1260 AM. Michael Graham takes the 10 AM to noon slot on WTNT, Phil Hendre the 2 PM to 5 PM slot, "Troubleshooter" Tom Martino airs from 5 PM to 8 PM, Michael Savage from 8 PM until 10 PM, and Art Bell from 10 PM until 5:30 AM. The website for WTNT is www.wtntam570.com. CC would just love to add Rush Limbaugh to its TNT line-up (he's syndicated by CC-owned Premiere) but we hear he's still got more time to go on his contract with ABC/Disney's WMAL (630 AM).

    April 8, 2001
    Burke Leaves Channel 9
    Channel 9 news anchor Beverly Burke has left the station. Her last broadcast was on 4/8. No word on where she's going - but we hear another area TV station is not out of the question. She was the co-anchor of WUSA's 4 PM newscast before it was cancelled last fall. Since then she's been doing news reporting. Burke previously worked in LA and at Baltimore's Channels 2 and 13.

    April 6, 2001
    Channel 7 To Move To Arlington
    DCRTV heard on 4/6 that WJLA, Channel 7 will be moving its studio and office facilities from northwest DC to the current Gannett-owned tower in the Rosslyn section of Arlington by mid-2002. Channel 7's move across the Potomac could have some union ramifications since Virginia is a right-to-work state. Also in the deal, WJLA will be able to replace Channel 9's Gannett tower rooftop weathercam with its own. Channel 9, WUSA, is owned by Gannett. Gannett, which also publishes USA Today, is slated to move its HQ facilities from Rosslyn to Tysons Corner by next year.

    April 6, 2001
    Could Baltimore's WXYV Flip To Urban?
    DCRTV hears that Infinity could be planning to break Radio One's urban formatted hold on Baltimore with the restoration of the urban contemporary format at FM 102.7 WXYV, along with the old V103 identity. You'll recall that 102.7 was urban before it was flipped to a variety of contemporary hit flavors (as B102.7) over the past few years. Baltimore radio vet Frank Ski, syndicated from Infinity's WVEE in Atlanta, could be lined up for the "new" V103's morning drive show. Hey, Infinity's got the top station in the DC market with urban WPGC (95.5 FM) and it probably would like to duplicate that success in Baltimore. Radio One rules Charm City's urban format zone with constant top performer WERQ (92.3 FM) and adult urban sister (and new home to Tom Joyner) WWIN (95.9 FM). And if V103 is reborn, will another Charm City radio classic re-hit the airwaves to assume the contemporary hit format? Perhaps a "new" B104 in place of struggling Clear Channel classic rocker WOCT at 104.3 FM? What goes around comes around.

    April 5, 2001
    Local Group Raised Funds To Purchase WJHU
    A local group called Friends Of Baltimore Public Radio has been created with a mission to raise funds to purchase Charm City's public news/talker WJHU (88.1 FM) which has been put up for sale by Johns Hopkins University. The group hopes to raise $5 million and has created a website at www.baltimorepublicradio.org. Other groups reportedly interested in snatching the station include Maryland Public Television (which owns Channels 22 and 67), DC's American University (which owns WAMU), Boston University (which owns Beantown's WBUR), and Minnesota Public Radio (which even owns an LA area public radio station).

    April 4, 2001
    Comcast SportsNet Replaces HTS
    Wednesday, 4/4, featured the debut of Comcast SportsNet, which replaces mid-Atlantic cable sports network Home Team Sports. Comcast, which made a deal to purchase the network from Viacom last year, owns a like sports net in the Philadelphia area. New programming includes local sports shows at 6 PM and 10 PM along with former Channel 5 sportscaster Chick Hernandez and former Channel 7 sports anchor Kevin Kiley. And, as with HTS, expect a healthy dose of infomercials during the morning hours. Comcast owns most of the cable systems in the DC and Baltimore areas.

    April 2, 2001
    Nostalgic WGAY Given The Ax
    Clear Channel killed off its nostalgic music outlet WGAY (1260 AM) on 4/2. The music of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Doris Day, Glen Miller, and many of the other great musicians of the past has be evicted from DC's airwaves. The 9th largest radio market, with some 60-ish signals, no longer has a station playing big band and so-called "standards" tunes. Following the orders of Bennett Zier (right), who is in charge of CC's eight DC area stations, 1260 begins simulcasting the business news/talk of WWRC, 570 AM. Then, on 4/9, (as DCRTV has been predicting for the past few months) 570 will assume a "hot talk" format. It will become "Dynamite Talk" WTNT, which will feature a line-up of national and locally-based political, social, and sexual talk shows. The WWRC move to business news/talk 1260. The WGAY calls - which had been on once easy listening 99.5 FM for decades and still grace the Silver Spring building which used to house the station - become history.

    April 2, 2001
    Morris Jones Leaves Channel 5
    More on the end of an era at Channel 5 with the recent departure of long-time news anchor Morris Jones (left). DCRTV first reported this on 4/2, and we now hear that Jones has left WTTG on his own terms and will continue to work in TV production and programming in the DC area. He'd started with then Metromedia-owned WTTG 18 years ago as a weekend anchor. He went on to replace Maury Povich (who left for "A Current Affair"), moving into the weeknightly news anchor slot. During his tenure in 1997, Fox 5's 10 PM show became the highest rated prime time newscast in the country. Lately, however, Jones had been doing weekend newscasts.

    March 29, 2001
    Dylan Joins Z104 As Morning Man
    With 99.5 going hot hits, will Bonneville's contemporary hit station, Z104, flip to a more adult contemporary sound? That looks increasingly doubtful as Z104 is planning for a continued youth-ish, hit format stance with the news, as of 3/29, that it has signed morning man "Dylan" (aka Guy Patton) from a Birmingham, Alabama rock station, along with the addition of MTV heartthrob Carson Daly's daily countdown show. Carson debuted on 4/2, Dylan on 4/9. We also hear that Z104 is still looking for a co-host for Dylan. WWZZ/WWVZ has been airing Rick Dees from LA since the January dismissal of former Z104 morning man Billy Bush. Dees' placement in AM drive was only a temporary move until the station could put together a new morning team.

    March 29, 2001
    WACA Carries DC United
    Spanish WACA (1540 AM) was named on 3/29 the official station of the DC United soccer team. The Wheaton station, dubbed "Radio America," is the club's "Spanish-language radio partner for the 2001 season" and will broadcast all of DC United's 28 regular season games. The station's signal can also be heard on WASH's subcarrier (97.1 FM) and via the web at www.radioamerica.net.

    March 26, 2001
    Greaseman Airs In Ocean City
    Next stop on the Greaseman's radio revival express - Ocean City. We hear the controversial morning radio guy - aka Doug Tracht - debuted on OC's new AM contemporary hit station WKHZ (1590) on 4/2. The station first signed on the air on 3/14 and is owned by DC radio veteran Bill Parris, who also had a hand a few years ago in the "top 40" format at Rockville's 1600 AM, back when it was WINX. The Greaseman also started airing in Baltimore, via Towson sports talker WNST (1570 AM) on 3/26. As in the DC market, the Grease in Charm City can be heard from 6 AM to 8 AM. You'll have to surf to www.live365.com to hear the rest of the four-hour show. The Greaseman returned to the DC's market's airwaves on 3/5 via Arlington's WZHF (1390 AM). He's paying for the radio time. He was canned from classic rock WARW (94.7 FM) in 1999.

    March 26, 2001
    Redskins Close To New Radio, TV Deals
    The Redskins are close to signing new radio and TV deals that will keep the team on the same local outlets. Infinity will pay upwards of $40 million to keep the Skins on WJFK (106.7 FM) for the next five years with the same coverage team of Frank Herzog, Sonny Jurgensen, and Sam Huff. Plus, NBC's Channel 4 is said to be close to a three-season deal for Skins preseason games to be play-by-played by George Michael.

    March 26, 2001
    Joyner Joins WWIN
    Tom Joyner (right), the popular nationally syndicated morning man, started airing on Radio One's adult urban WWIN (95.9 FM) on 3/26. Former WWIN morning man Randy Dennis did his last show on 3/14. The new WWIN line-up features Sasha at 10 AM, program director Tim Watts at 2 PM, Lolo at 7 PM, and Keith "Chop Chop" Fisher in overnights. Joyner gets stellar ratings on Radio One's DC adult urban outlet WMMJ (102.3 FM), which stole him from Howard U's adult urban WHUR (96.3 FM) last fall. We had heard that Dennis might be moving to WHUR's morning show, joining T.C. Bandit. However, he is fighting a clause in his contract that bars him for six months from taking another radio job within a 50-mile radius of Charm City, and that includes the DC area.

    March 18, 2001
    XM Launches Satellite
    XM's "Rock" satellite successfully lifted off a Pacific Ocean launch pad on 3/18 at 5:33 PM ET. DC's XM Satellite Radio tried to get a bird off the pad in January but it had mechanical problems. XM's second satellite, "Roll," is slated to be launched in May. The firm hopes to kick-off 100+ channels of digital satellite radio by the end of the year.

    March 14, 2001
    Front Royal's WDRV Becomes WDRZ
    Late last year Front Royal oldies station WFTR (95.3 FM) changed its calls to WDRV (which had been on a Pittsburgh station), as in "drivin' oldies." Now those calls have been moved to Chicago for the use of a Bonneville-owned new male-oriented oldies station ("The Drive"). The Front Royal station is now WZRV. No word on what Bonneville (which owns locals WTOP, WGMS, and Z104) offered the owner of the former WDRV - Royal Broadcasting - to obtain the calls.

    March 12, 2001
    Morton Downey Jr. Dies
    Combative motor-mouth Morton Downey Jr., who, we're told, once hosted a talk show on DC's WWRC radio, died on 3/12 at age 67. No cause of death was noted but he had been battling cancer. In the 1980s Downey hosted a syndicated TV talk show in which guests and audience members often attacked each other and chairs were frequently thrown.

    March 11, 2001
    Channel 4 Wins February "Sweeps"
    Channel 4's news is the winner in the February TV ratings sweeps, with a big gain for NBC's 7 PM network news. Channel 5's 10 PM newscast also added viewers. However, Channel 9 was a big loser with its 4 PM hour chasing away 43,000 viewers - from 100,000 in February 2000 to 57,000 in February 2001 - by switching from news to "Montel." Channel 9 saw big drops for most of its newscasts.

    March 10, 2001
    Bennett Says Goodbye To PFW, Joins XM
    Bobby "The Mighty Burner" Bennett, one of the original WOL "Soul Brothers," did his farewell Saturday afternoon broadcast on 3/10 after more than four years on WPFW (89.3 FM). He's joined DC's XM Satellite Radio.

    March 10, 2001
    Adelphia Takes Over Frederick MD Cable System
    Adelphia has taken over the GS Communications cable system in Frederick County MD. Adelphia has developed a cluster to the west of the DC/Baltimore area including cable systems in Loudoun County, the Shenandoah Valley, and southern Pennsylvania.

    March 10, 2001
    Wilder Gives Up Richmond Radio Talk Show
    Former Virginia Governor Doug Wilder has announced that he'll give up his talk show on Richmond's WRVA (1140 AM). The Democrat has hosted a weeknightly 8 PM to 10 PM show on the Clear Channel station since 1994. Wilder stressed that it was his decision to leave even though news/talker WRVA has been plagued by dismissals of its on-air staff of late. He'll be replaced by right-leaning Ian Punnett, who's based in Atlanta.

    March 10, 2001
    Ravens Move To WQSR
    DCRTV hears that the Baltimore Ravens will land on Infinity's oldies outlet WQSR (105.7 FM) for the upcoming season. Last year the team's radio games were aired on Infinity's adult contemporary WLIF (101.9 FM). The games had been broadcast and will continue to air also on Infinity's talker WJFK-AM (1300).

    March 5, 2001
    Greaseman Returns To DC Airwaves
    The Greaseman, aka Doug Tracht (right), did show up on WZHF (1390 AM) on 3/5. The show airs from 6 AM to 8 AM in the DC market, but continues for another two hours in other markets and on the web. We hear that WZHF will air the full 6 AM to 10 AM show in the near future. Arlington's WZHF features a brokered ethnic format with Spanish and Chinese programming. The Greaseman is also supposed to eventually air on Baltimore's WNST (1570 AM in Towson), which is a sports talker. He's arranged to acquire time on stations in four markets including DC and Baltimore, along with Binghamton NY and Portland OR. This is the Grease's return to radio since he was fired from classic rock WARW (94.7 FM) in 1999 for making a racist joke.

    February 28, 2001
    Layoffs At Metro/Shadow Traffic Services
    DCRTV hears that there was a bunch of layoffs 2/28 at the local Metro/Shadow traffic services. We hear that Jack Taylor and Rona Mensa are among those going. We also hear that both Traffic.com and Traffic Station are calling stations in the DC area, offering to replace Shadow and/or Metro as traffic suppliers.

    February 28, 2001
    February Arbitrends Released
    Some results of the Arbitrend radio ratings, out 2/28, for November, December, and January. Total day, age 12+: 1. WPGC-FM, 2. WKYS, 3. WMMJ, 4. WGMS, 5. WTOP, 6. WRQX, 7. WHUR and WASH, 9. WJFK, 10. WMAL, 11. Z104, 12. WJZW and DC101, 14. WBIG, 15. WMZQ, 16. WARW, 17. WJMO, 18. WHFS, 19. WTEM, 20. WPGC-AM. The 2/28 Arbitrends for Baltimore, age 12+: 1. WERQ, 2. WPOC, 3. WWIN-FM, 4. WBAL, 5. WQSR, 6. WLIF, 7. WXYV, 8. WHFS, 9. WWMX, 10. WCAO, 11. WIYY, 12. WOCT, 13. WCBM, 14. WRBS, 15. WWLG.

    February 25, 2001
    WNVT Has Transmitter Troubles
    WNVT's transmitter experienced a "major melt down of sorts" on or about 2/18. So says Bill Elmquist, program director of public Channel 53 which is licensed to Goldvein VA, but has its transmitter at Independent Hill in Prince William County. "The system that cools the transmitter has ruptured, spilling the entire contents into the transmitter facility. The engineers are currently having to remove all the equipment, dry it out, and hopefully be able to put it back in (soon)," he adds. The station did return to the airwaves on 2/25. WNVT, co-owned with Channel 56/WNVC in Fairfax, carries educational and tech shows during the mornings, as well as MuchMusic and a host of music shows in the afternoons and evenings.

    February 13, 2001
    Jim Gibbons Dies
    Jim Gibbons, former owner of Frederick radio stations WFRE and WFMD, died on 2/13 at age 88 of heart failure at his home in Bethesda. Mr. Gibbons was a sports anchor for Channel 4 back in the 1970s and had also once been the radio voice of the Redskins. He hosted the morning show on WMAL radio from 1946 to 1957. During his carreer he'd also worked at WOL and WWDC and at CBS. Along with the Frederick stations, he also owned two radio stations in Roanoke. All of his radio properties were sold in the late 1990s.

    February 13, 2001
    New Joy Boys Site Unveiled
    Check out the new Joy Boys website at www.thejoyboys.com. You'll recall (if you're old enough) that the Joy Boys - Ed Walker and Willard Scott - reigned supreme on WRC radio from 1955 to 1972.

    February 10, 2001
    Feldman Takes Top Sports Slot At Channel 5
    DCRTV hears that Channel 5 has promoted Dave Feldman to sports director. We assume that means that he's WTTG's official and final choice for its main sports anchor. Feldman joined the Fox station from ESPN last fall after Channel 5's then main sports anchor, Brett Haber, left for an NYC TV anchor job. There was talk back then that Feldman was just an interim top sports anchor at 5.

    February 8, 2001
    DC101's Elliot Stages White House Stunt Day After Shooting
    DC101's morning man Elliot Segal (right) sent his "street stud" Flounder to the south fence of the White House on 2/8, where a gunman had been shot and arrested the previous day, offering passerbys "free shots of bush." The "bush" in question was an anatomical reference in connection to a spread of porn magazines that were on display. The Secret Service soon surrounded Flounder who was connected to DC101's airwaves via cell phone; he was not taken into custody. Segal is being "investigated" for threatening the president, even if it was a joke. Segal told the All Access website: "They got the joke, but 'shots of bush' on the White House lawn is viewed as a threat against the president. They re-iterated that they are continuing to 'build a file' against me and this is will be added to the 'lick Yasser Arafat' promotion and the discussion of porn at Camp David." Several weeks ago Segal offered a prize to the first listener who could lick the Palestinian leader, a prank that could get one shot by security forces.

    February 6, 2001
    Weiss Leaves For Atlanta
    Jack Diamond's morning sidekick on WRQX (107.3 FM), Bert Weiss (right), is leaving for his own morning radio gig in Atlanta. Weiss, who's been at "Mix 107.3" for almost a decade, will be joining WWWQ, a new contemporary hit station. Weiss is the second major talent to leave WRQX in recent months. Afternoon guy Loo Katz left last September; he's now at WASH (97.1 FM).

    January 24, 2001
    Rick Dees Joins Z104 In Wake Of Billy Bush's Departure
    Z104 has announced a replacement for its morning man Billy Bush. It's syndicated LA radio guy Rick Dees (left). Dees, who did the infamous "Disco Duck" song in the 70s, has been a long-time personality on LA's KIIS radio. "Rick Dees is what Top 40 is all about," Z104 VP/GM Mark O'Brien told Radio & Records on 1/24. However, Z104 PD Mike Edwards hinted to the All Access website that Dees will fill Z104's morning slot "at least on a temporary basis." AA adds that Z104 could still be in the hunt for a permanent replacement for Bush and may be looking at someone from NYC hit outlet Z100 (where DC101's Elliot Segal came from). Bush, his co-host Janet Elliott, and several non-air staffers were given the boot by Bonneville-owned contemporary WWZZ/WWVZ on 1/12 in what was seen by many as a budget cutting move. The start date for Dees' Z104 stint was 1/29.

    January 22, 2001
    Channel 5 Plans Early Evening Newscast
    DCRTV hears that Channel 5 will be launching a 5 PM newscast this year - probably by this September but it could show up as early as April. The Fox network has lifted its childrens programming restrictions so affiliates can move their 3-5 PM kid show block to 2-4 PM. We'd earlier heard a fall start date for the new newscast, but now we're hearing a spring date. Apparently, management at Fox 5, WTTG, gave its blessings last December for the new early evening newscast. The station hopes to build on the ratings success of its 10 PM newscast.

    January 21, 2001
    Channel 14 Picks Up Renaissance Network
    Arlington's Channel 14 has spun the format wheel again and this time it's landed on the conservative talk of the DC-based Renaissance Network - something for the new prez to watch if he doesn't want to splurge for cable, we guess. WTMW had been carrying the moldy oldie reruns of the American Independent Network plus a boatload of informercials. Before that it carried the Panda Shopping Network, and before that it carried the now defunct Military Channel, and before that the America's Store shopping network.

    January 20, 2001
    Channel 4 Wins Inaugural Ratings Battle
    Channel 4 won the battle for the most Washington area viewers (households) during coverage of the inaugural ceremonies on Saturday 1/20. Channel 4 received 1st place finishes for its local coverage at 6 AM and 7 AM, at 8 AM for "Saturday Today," at 11 AM for NBC's coverage, and at 1 PM for its local coverage. Channel 7 took 2nd place with a special "Good Morning America" at 7 AM, and at 10 AM, 1 PM, and 2 PM for its local and ABC coverage - however ABC 7 did grab the lead for a short time right at noon when GWB was sworn in. Channel 9 took 3rd place for its local coverage which started at 6 AM, the CBS coverage at 11 AM, and the resumption of its local coverage at 1:30 PM. Channel 5's 11 AM to 2 PM coverage (local and Fox) took 4th place. Up in Baltimore, Channel 11's NBC coverage took 1st, with ABC 2 and CBS 13 more-or-less tied for 2nd place.

    January 18, 2001
    Don & Mike Return To NYC's Airwaves
    WJFK (106.7 FM/1300 AM) afternoon dudes Don & Mike are back on NYC hot talker WNEW as of 1/18. Earlier in January they'd asked to be taken off the Infinity-owned station because station management (formerly at Infinity's JFK) wouldn't give them the earlier PM drive slot currently occupied by Opie & Anthony. Their DC PM drive show had been and is still now tape delayed and aired at 7 PM in the Big Apple. WNEW did take D&M off the air for a few days while the "controversy" brewed.

    January 18, 2001
    Is The Grease Planning A Return To DC Area Radio?
    Could the Greaseman (aka Doug Tracht) be working on a return to DC radio? A la buying time on a local station? Stay tuned. You'll recall that the Grease was fired from WARW in early 1999 for making a racist joke which he has repeatedly apologized for. Since then the Grease has failed to find radio work but does occasionally appear at a Frederick comedy club. We also hear that the Grease has a new manager.....

    January 12, 2001
    WTRI Goes Korean
    On 1/12 Brunswick MD's WTRI (1520 AM) started a relay of the Korean programming currently heard on WKDV, 1460 AM, in Manassas, and on WPWC, 1480 AM, in Dumfries. We'd heard a while back that both WTRI and WPWC were being purchased by JMK for Korean programming. WKDV is owned by Multicultural along with Arlington's WZHF (1390 AM) and Warrenton's WKCW (1420 AM). For the past few months, 1520 has either been off the air or playing MIDI music.

    January 12, 2001
    Channel 4 Changes Involve Gordon & Jones
    Long-time DC TV news reporter Chris Gordon (left) leaves his fulltime job at Channel 4 for the lawscope.com website, but he'll still be doing occasional law reports for 4 (Mondays and Wednesdays), as well as for other NBC stations and WMAL radio. Gordon, an attorney, used to work at Channel 7 and then at 9 way back when. He then took a job with Court TV, before moving to 4. Jackie Benson has been named to the fulltime staff of News4 to fill Gordon's reporter position. She has been part time at 4's news since leaving Channel 5 more than a year ago. DCRTV also hears that Channel 4 weatherman Dave Jones has left WRC to run his own weather forecast service. He's been with 4 since the early 1990s.

    January 12, 2001
    SmarTraveler TV Fades Away
    SmarTraveler TV, the morning traffic information service carried by DC area cable TV systems, was discontinued as of 1/12. Westwood One recently purchased SmartRoute Systems which produces the daily cable show as well as a traffic info website.

    January 10, 2001
    Line-Up Changes Announced At WASH
    Changes at 97.1 FM, WASH. Randi Martin moves from afternoons to AM drive (5 AM to 9 AM). DC radio vet Loo Katz takes the afternoon/PM drive slot (2 PM to 7 PM). Moves effective 1/22. Also: Scott Brady from 9 AM to 2 PM, Glenn Hollis from 7 PM to midnight, and Maureen McLain from midnight to 5 AM. Say goodbye to the Clear Channel soft rocker's morning team of Bill Worthington and Kim Burton. Katz was last heard doing afternoons on WRQX last September.

    January 9, 2001
    Ben Hill Leaves WPGC
    Benjamin Hill, who 15 years ago brought the urban contemporary format to then struggling 95.5 FM, WPGC, announced on 1/9 his retirement as the station's president/general manager along with his post as Infinity's senior vice president overseeing the firm's urban stations in Dallas, Atlanta and Charlotte. Since Infinity's PGC flipped from adult contemporary to urban in the mid-80s it's been a top three station in almost every ratings book and frequently number one in the DC market. (PGC was a top station with a contemporary hit format in the 70s, but slumped badly in the early 80s as "Classy 95" WCLY.) Hill tells trade journal Radio & Records that he'll take some time to travel with his wife and doesn't rule out a return to the radio biz. He'll be replaced by Sam Rogers, who had been sales manager at PGC.

    January 8, 2001
    XM Sets New Satellite Launch Date
    February 28 is the new launch date for DC-based XM Satellite Radio's first bird, "Roll." With only 11 seconds to go before its planned launch on 1/8, technicians scrubbed the lift-off of "Roll" from a Pacific ocean platform (right). The detected fault was apparently minor but it required that the launch be terminated and rescheduled. Even with the delay, XM still plans to debut 100+ channels of satellite-delivered radio as early as this summer. XM's second bird ("Rock") will be launched in April.

    January 8, 2001
    Mega Moves AM Programming Around - Again
    More Mega musical chairs. 1600 AM, WKDM in Rockville is now (as of 1/8) carrying Mega's Spanish language "Radio Capital" Central American/Mexican programming which is also carried on 730 AM, WKDL (formerly WBZS) in Alexandria. Previously, 1600 carried the music/talk mix of Radio Unica. The Central American program used to be carried on Mega's 1050 AM, WPLC-AM (then WKDL) in Silver Spring which last year flipped to a relay of its "Amor" love songs format which is also carried on Warrenton's WPLC-FM, 94.3.

    January 8, 2001
    Roberts Dies
    Elizabeth "Liz" Muriel Roberts, who ran a cool, locally-based progressive music format on Brunswick MD's WTRI (1520 AM) in the mid-1990s, died on 1/8. She was 57. No cause of death was noted. Born and educated in England, Ms. Roberts worked for the BBC before moving to the US in 1981 to join NPR in Washington DC as a producer. In 1993 she moved to Loudoun County and bought WTRI. Roberts' WTRI left the airwaves in 1997 to be reborn in 1999 with a new owner and a Spanish format (which lasted until mid-2000).

    January 7, 2001
    National Geographic Launches Cable Channel
    The National Geographic Channel was launched on 1/1, although the official start-up date was 1/7. While it's based in DC and has got state-of-the-art studios in the city, you can't see the new net on any area cable systems - yet. For now you can only catch it on DirecTV. The channel features programming from the National Geographic Society (travel, nature, history, and science shows) and is partly owned by Fox, which is handling distribution duties.

    January 3, 2001
    Randolph Dies
    Bill Randolph, who was a producer since the mid-1980s at Montgomery Community Television (cable channel 21), died 1/3 at Shady Grove Hospital in Rockville. He was 73. Mr. Randolph volunteered his time to create more than 700 public interest shows including "News Counterpoint," a weekly in-depth news program. Mr. Randolph was assistant news director at WTOP radio in the 1950s. But he then took a job with the White House police and eventually moved to the US Commerce Department before joining MCT in the 1980s.

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