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DCRTV Mailbag - July 1 to July 31, 1998

Latest messages listed first.....
\/ July 31 Messages \/

Hello RNRians! Coming up on the air... Dar Williams will be in for an interview around 1:00 tomorrow! Tune in and catch Mary Wilder's time with Dar. (Mary is filling in for Janet this Saturday)..... Don't forget to stop by the Chesapeake Maritime Museum in St. Michael's to see Carlos. He's got lots of cool stuff for you to win. He'll be there from 12 to 2pm..... On Sunday, help save the bay by adopting an oyster at Mother's in Federal Hill. Sponsored by Wild Goose Beer..... On Tuesday at 5pm, the Remnants will be in the studio to talk about their new CD, and you'll be able to get a taste of what awaits at Annapolis Harbour Center on Wednesday at 7pm! Be sure to check out this free concert with Chris and the rest of the RNR gang..... After the Remnants perform, head over to the Clipper Cantina in Eastport for another adopt an oyster celebration. Michael Macey will be there from 9pm to 11pm..... All next week listen for chances to win Spirit of Unity Tour tickets! Featuring Steel Pulse, Buju Banton, Lucky Dube, and more. Their all performing together at Wolf Trap. Listen to win!.... That' all for now..... Thanks for listening, WRNR-FM (July 31, 1998)

Hi! I really enjoyed browsing your station listings (had forgotten about Mr. Soundoff on WPGC, LOL). One thing that would be a helpful addition to your reviews would be a sampling of the artists played on contemporary, "lite", modern, progressive. (I believe you did this for one station, identifying it as Kenny G, Sade, etc.) I am looking for a station that might play Richard Thompson, for instance (know that is a long shot!) and sometimes you can locate the station you want to try by reading what some of the other artists played are. (July 31, 1998)

Dave's response: The only station that would play Richard Thompson (who I really like too) would be WRNR, 103.1 in Annapolis. You can only get WRNR in the eastern DC suburbs (Prince Georges County, Anne Arundel, southern Baltimore). However, they do have a website with a RealAudio feed at

A follow-up to my previous note regarding WUPP broadcasting in mono: the station confirms that they're temporarily operating in mono to increase the listenable range of their signal, while they await FCC approval of technical changes which will improve their signal strength... Re WWDC's signal having terrible interference from WMAL around the beltway to I-270: WMAL's towers are located at the junction of the beltway and the I-270 spur. WMAL's very strong signal in that area can easily overload radios, and 630 x 2 = 1260. (July 31, 1998)

I also fondly remember Captain Tug from the early sixties. I am glad to find some other people that do. I wonder if there are any videos of the show out there anywhere. I would love to see one again. (July 31, 1998)

The (computer) show in Frederick is Kim Komando Komputer Clinic, her website URL is if that person in Frederick needs help, maybe there is a e-mail address on that site. (July 30, 1998)

WINX suffers severe interference from what sounds like an adult contemporary / french station and a nostalgia / standards station overnights. On a very rare occasion I can catch them here in Alexandria at night. Even in the car at night, the signal is only good around the I-270 corridor from about Montgomery Mall to about the Lakeforest Mall. Another terrible AM signal, WWDC-AM 1260 is only good south of the beltway from Silver Spring to Georgetown and has a hard time making it across the Potomac. For some reason WWDC has a terrible interference from WMAL-630 around the beltway to I-270. I wish that once the PAR format on WZHF gives way - the owners will be able to LMA with one or the other - at least do some sort of block programming - say maybe simulcasting WWDC and / or WINX overnights on WBZS-730 and / or WZHF-1390. Take notice of the Pittsburgh ratings- their nostalgia station is always one of the top stations. Maybe Chancellor should have put WWDC-AM on 980, left 570 alone, and put that useless business format on 1260. Honestly, what's the point on having 570, 730, and 1150 as business? Remember when 1150 dumped all-comedy as WJOK and went to a full-service a/c as WMET?..... Bonneville's Z104 has got to be the poorest excuse for a CHR station for any size market. Their playlist is so conservative and predictable hour after hour. The Z-104 jocks sound boring and comatose, except for their nightguy. And, Z104 keeps playing the same dance tunes they had when they started two years ago. Let's face it WINX may play some overrepeated '80s and they do tend to wear certain songs out from today. (Hey, repition is bound to happen - they don't play any commercials most of the day on Sunday.) But, with veteran morning guy Big Don O'Brian, a PD not answering to some overpaid consultant, WINX will be able to pull it out - if and only if they can get some sort of simulcast started - and soon. If not, 1600 probably will go all traffic - or (gasp!) yet another religious outlet. Can you imagine the WINX old-time reverb effect on a church service? (July 30, 1998)

I've noticed that "Up Country 94.3" (WUPP Warrenton) has been broadcasting in mono since the frequency swap with WTOP-FM. I'm assuming that they're doing that to increase the listenable range of their signal, as WTOP currently does with 107.7 and formerly did with 94.3 when they owned it, but it still seems odd that an FM music station would choose to broadcast in mono. (July 29, 1998)

Dave's response: Yes, I've noticed that too about WUPP. For technical reasons a mono FM signal does go further (less hiss) than a stereo one. Maybe they're doing a trade off (like TOP did when it was on 94.3) -- dropping the stereo for greater coverage. The new WUPP on 94.3 does have less power than the old WUPP on 107.7 (now WTOP) did.

OK, here are some items for your (stations just outside the DC/Baltimore metroplex) list: Under East - Cambridge, etc: FM - add 90.7 WSDL classical/news (//WSCL-89.5), add 92.9 WDSD country, 94.7 is now WRDX rock..... AM - 900 is now WJWL nostalgia, 1280 is now WJWK nostalgia, 1470 WJDY is now sports. (July 29, 1998)

WFMD (930AM) in Frederick has a computer show on the weekend with a host whose name is Kim and she welcomed people to email her at I have tried this but the address is invalid. Do you know of any email address that WFMD has to check this out? (July 29, 1998)

At the Latino Fest this past weekend all three stations were present with musical stages. WACA made the biggest splash getting million-selling groups. LaMega was geared towards Hispanic rap a la Urban Spanish format. TV48 had their booth and flyers were seen from TV SUR (ex 42). (July 28, 1998)

From one of the jocks at WINX: the owners are applying for a power boost to their current frequency at 1600. While traveling north of DC - WINX seems to sound pretty strong especially to the east towards Columbia. In Northern Virginia it's a real hard catch, as you probably know. I have one of those waterproof radios meant for the shower - if I turn it sideways, upside down and near the window - I can receive it almost perfectly. For those of us long- time Washingtonians, doesn't WINX sound a lot like the old "Q-107?" Oh, what we will go through just to hear more variety in contemporary music in Washington. (July 28, 1998)

Just want to let you know WJFK 1300 am in Baltimore does not carry the same programming as WJFK 106 fm in Virginia. So it looks like the folks north of Washington DC will not be able to listen to Pat Goss. (July 28, 1998)

Dave's response: I have heard that Pat Goss and car dealer Howard Crystal buy their time on WJFK-FM. I guess their deal doesn't include WJFK-AM in Baltimore. Judging from the folks "up north" who enjoy their show, maybe they should add WJFK-AM to the mix.

Hey Dave, Great pages, thank you! "WAVA"-AM Baltimore does not exist. They never changed (or probably will) the call sign. It is still WITH. Their liners call it WAVA, but legal ID's still go with WITH. The FCC database also has it listed as WITH as of 7/26/98...... I know you are a little tough on religious broadcasters, but you seem to be pretty fair on your pages. I do feel that AM radio listening is low enough in DC that there was a need for WGTS's new format. You don't have to agree, but that is what our research, and subsequent listener increases have shown...... Just for your info, WGTS is the oldest non-comm in DC, and we were the first FM in DC to broadcast in stereo (I still have the tube stereo generator somewhere, sorry the date escapes me.)..... Anyway, this is a great source for Radio news, and blows old Mark and the Post away...... Thanks --John Konrad, WGTS General Manager (July 27, 1998)

Dave's response: Many thanks for your information -- I will make the changes regarding WAVA. I wonder why they simply don't change the WITH calls to make everything simpler (as WJFK did with WJFK-AM 1300 in Baltimore)...... Actually I was one of the few folks who really enjoyed the old classical format on your station! Then you guys switched to religious and there was talk that Salem would purchase jazz formatted WDCU and switch them to religious, too! While I have nothing against religious formats, I was a bit upset to see two very nice stations (classical WGTS and jazz WDCU) both going religious when the area has such slim pickings for classical and jazz programming -- and quite a lot of religious stations (95.1 in Baltimore, 105.1 in DC, 107.9 in Annapolis, several more stations in the non-commercial FM band and about one-third of all the stations on the local AM band).

Dave, (or fellow fan) thanks for finding Pat Goss' new show. It's a little hard to tune in WJFK up here north of DC apparently because of their low power transmisson pattern to the northeast and the proximity of the MX stations in Baltimore and Washington but with a little fine tuning it does come in just fine. (July 26, 1998)

Dave's response: You could try WJFK-AM on 1300 from Baltimore. It might come in clearer than 106.7 from Fairfax, especially with 106.5 in Baltimore right next door.

Re the mailbag note concerning an application for a daytime-only station on 1440 in Sterling Park: The writer is correct... the FCC web page says that new daytime-only AM stations will not be authorized, and that no new ones have been authorized since 1987. (July 26, 1998)

(Regarding WDMV 540 AM:)Well, they are either nostalgia or country, relaying WBEY-96.9, but I don't remember which right now...... I'm in Dover, DE, and they are a regular daytime here...... Also, the former WKEN-1600 here in Dover is now WQVL, "Heaven 1600" Gospel format. (July 26, 1998)

Does anyone know the whereabouts of any of WOL's DJs from back in the late 60s to the early 70s? DJs such as Bobbie "The Burner" Bennet, Mel, JJ Moore. Also I would like to know more history about WOL before it became talk radio. Thank You. (July 25, 1998)

I pick up WXPN over WKHS on 90.5, so the main interference is from WJYJ ("90 Joy"---yet another of the myriad religious broadcasters,) but I have a very nice, rotatable FM antenna on my roof, so I can get WXPN/WKHS quite well when I need to...... I absolutely remember WGTB, fondly. Definitely one of the best. WHFS at 102.3 was the first progressive format in the area (other than WMUC-AM which covered just about all of the College Park campus of the U of Md; with a signal 30db over S/9 in parking lot 3.) If I recall, WHFS began progressive programming in about 1968 or so. I used to listen to a show called Spiritus Cheese on HFS. I first heard The Firesign Theatre there as well...... Keep up your good effort. (July 25, 1998)

I found that Pat Goss moved from WWRC to WJFK along with Howard Crystal who used to do a show on WWRC called the "Consumer Truck and Car Show" from Crystal Ford. They do a show together on the weekends on WJFK-FM called the Car Guys which Airs on Saturdays from 7am to 8:30 am and Sunday mornings from 8am-9:30am. (July 25, 1998)

Greetings, This Saturday evening on Creature Feature, the Web Program, I Count Gore De Vol will bring you a brand new contest of galactic portions, an introduction to a formerly unknown actor, the strangest and wildest "Bizarre Web Site of the Week" yet and an interview with the star of "Last Woman on Earth". That's Creature Feature the Web Program, Saturday night at: May all your blood be warm! - Dick Dyszel, aka Count Gore DeVol (July 25, 1998)

Dave, Just found your website and I think it's great for a former Washingtonian now living in NYC. Even though I am a native New Yorker I will always think of Washington DC as my second home. Like yourself I was a big fan not only of the Redskins but also of channel 9 news with Gordon Peterson and Maureen Bunyan. Not to mention the late great Glenn Brenner.I try to keep on things inside the Beltway by subscribing to The Washingtonian and The Washington City Paper, but nothing beats being there. Take care. (July 25, 1998)

Great web sites!! Wanted to let you know your Eastern Shore list still shows WDMV-540 off, but it is on the air. (July 24, 1998)

Dear Dave, I like your website, but took exception to the description of WJZW's format as being "jazz for the comatose". In recent months I have read, with some dismay, articles and letters that have inferred that the style of jazz called "Smooth Jazz" is not a valid form of jazz worthy of the respect of "true lovers of jazz". Most recently, the Washington Post ran a rather derogatory article, "Not One False Move, Smoothie", by Marc Fisher (Sunday, June 7, 1998; Page G5) which included the following: "Jazz festival music has a certain tradition of its own -- big sounds from big bands, a relaxed, fun style, music often tinged with island rhythms. Sadly, Washington's Capital Jazz Fest, staged this weekend at the Merriweather Post Pavilion, has been hijacked by "smooth jazz," that insidious, phony sound that has taken the place of Percy Faith and the 101 Strings in the evolution of elevator music. To hear the real stuff, watch for....." The author of that article, along with other so-called jazz "purists" and "traditionalists", displays a lack of knowledge of the history and evolution of jazz as this century's most respected and controversial musical art form. One of the key elements of jazz's success and appeal is the fact that jazz is a living, breathing music, consistently growing, expanding, taking on new forms! Ironically, as every new development in jazz has emerged, it has been met with the same kind of ridiculous criticism that is contained in the Post article...... In the early part of this century, when jazz spread out of New Orleans to supplant ragtime as America's popular music, it was derided as "cat house" music, not worthy of the serious appreciation of "good music" lovers. The musicians who spearheaded that growth of jazz - Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Jelly Roll Morton, Benny Goodman, Fats Waller, George Gershwin - are now regarded as icons of an era of great, elegant music! In the late thirties and early forties, younger musicians grew bored with playing the "traditional" New Orleans style of jazz and began exploring new ground. The new music that grew out of that movement was first called "bebop" and later "modern jazz" and its purveyors - Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonius Monk and later Miles Davis - are now accorded the same "sainthood" as their New Orleans-style forerunners. True to form, jazz critics of that day quarreled vigorously about the merits of the "new" jazz, including many of the earlier "saints"! In his book, "Jazz in American Culture", Burton Peretti observed, "older musicians were extraordinarily hostile. Mezz Mezzrow called it 'frantic, savage, frenzied, berserk'; Cab Calloway thought it was 'Chinese music'; Benny Goodman said bebop players were 'faking it'; and to Louis Armstrong it was 'crazy, mixed up chords that don't mean nothing at all."..... It was at this time that jazz as popular music "split" into two basic directions: one as a music to sit and listen to (modern jazz) and a music you could still dance to ("jump", the precursor of R&B and rock 'n roll). The "listening to" jazz, led by musicians like Davis, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Dexter Gordon and others soared to new heights of post-bop experimentation, going through phases dubbed "cool", "avant garde", "modal", "progressive" and meeting consistent criticism along the way! In an interesting backlash, musicians such as Ramsey Lewis, Wes Montgomery, Cannonball Adderly and Jimmy Smith pushed forward with a more blues/gospel-based sound and also were roundly lambasted as "sellouts" by "purists"...... Take a look at the work of Miles Davis, the "Picasso" of jazz in that he had many phases of development. Every time he moved on to new territory, fans of his former phase hooted and hollered! The now highly touted "Bitches Brew" LP, which gave birth to the "fusion" movement, drew a callous reaction by many "traditionalists" and the experiment with hiphop he was involved with at his death has yet to be given any respect at all by so-called "purists". The current Smooth Jazz movement, pioneered by such respected artists as Lewis, George Benson, Grover Washington, Jr. and later Kenny G. represents a reunion of the "listening to" and "dancing to" forms of jazz! Compositions such as Herbie Hancock's "Chameleon" and Benson's "On Broadway" are great examples of this trend. As Smooth Jazz has caught on with Baby Boomers, it has grown so popular as to earn its own radio format! Its artists, on the fringe of airplay on other formats, are core artists of radio stations who program Smooth Jazz...... Instead of pompously deriding this latest form of jazz, critics should be applauding the emergence of a contemporary, popular, living form of jazz that is not only being introduced to a new generation of music lovers, it is giving a growing body of excellent and inventive jazz musicians the ability to work and make a living playing and thus sustaining the growth and development of jazz!..... WJZW, otherwise known as Smooth Jazz 105.9, plays the best contemporary jazz by the top artists of that genre today - artists like George Benson, David Sanborn, Joe Sample, Kenny G, Bob James, Grover Washington, Jr., Al Jarreau, Candy Dulfer, Boney James and others. It also serves up to its audience delicious pop vocals by such stellar names as Sade, Anita Baker, Luther Vandross, Eric Clapton and Vanessa Williams. Additionally, each Sunday evening WJZW presents "Legends of Jazz", featuring the music of such legendary greats as John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Dave Brubeck, Art Blakey and more. As for the name "Smooth Jazz", it was coined by the listeners of this format - not some crafty program director! Jazz has always been a people's music, and the thousands of followers of Smooth Jazz who showed up and loudly and passionately gave raucous standing ovations to most of the artists at the Capital Jazz Fest should not be insulted by under-informed, narrow-minded naysayers! Sincerely, Joe Shamwell, Director, Marketing Research, ABC FM Radio/Washington..... P.S. Our new website is Check it out! (July 24, 1998)

Dave's response: I have never been one to put down a whole genre of music simply because I do not like listening to it. By the way, along with "smooth jazz" I am not particularly fond of opera, bluegrass, 50s rock, country or anything with a harmonica or a scratchy violin in it. Mainly, my review of your station was an attempt at humor. But I'll contend that WJZW's format attracts more folks looking for simple, instant aural relaxation (as probably do the listeners of classical WGMS and WETA, too) than the folks anxiously waiting for the next Kenny G. tune to be played. I really believe that stations playing "smooth jazz" perform a function that the "elevator music" stations of the past (like the old WGAY) once did. And what's wrong with that! Heck, if more people listened to WJZW in their cars I bet there'd be a lot less "road rage" on the Beltway. How about using that in your new marketing campaign - you'd be performing a valuable public service!

I discovered your radio page, linked via, and as an old DXer, sometime broadcaster and unrepentant radio fanatic, I found it most enjoyable. I have missed the On the Dial columns that the Post used to run, (some of which were posted by Max Caccus on the Airwaves website for a while,) but your offering is thorough, irreverant, and comprehensive. I particularly liked your views with regard to the moribund AM band, and the ongoing consolidation of local radio under corporate control so that it all begins to sound the same. (I was in Turkey recently, where AM was about dead, but FM thriving. This is where we are headed in the USA.) Of course as a long time DC radio observer, I can say that the more things change, the more they stay the same: DC radio has always been fragmented, and inadequate power on AM. I also used to listen to WPGC and WEAM, but from my home in NW DC, (near Takoma Park/Silver Spring) but I could barely pick them up on a small six transistor or a 5-tube AC/DC set. (Finally I purchased a 1942 Hammarlund and strung 75 feet of stranded copper wire out the back yard. Then I picked up KQEO, 920 AM in Alburquerque, running 1/2 kilowatt. Those were the days...)..... I sure loved those skywave stations, including your favorites WFIL and WIBG. In the early '60s, WBZ Boston was my top choice: Do you remember Bruce Bradley? and Dick Summer's "Down with sandwiches, up with shrewsburys" campaign? Later, as my tastes matured, I really loved WBAI in New York, and WXPN in Philadelphia. (By the way, we folks in the Annapolis area are not only blessed with WRNR, but we've been able to pick up WXPN at 90.5 for about 5 years now, rebroadcast on WKHS in Worton/Chestertown. I even became a member.) In those halcyon days of the late '60s, I had the opportunity to replicate some of the creative, free-form radio so rare nowadays. That was on WMUC-AM at the Univ. of MD. My show there was called: "Radio Free Parking Lot 3". And then there was Washington Free Radio...but that's another story...... I could go on and on in this direction, but I need to shut down the transmitter and get ready for the work world tomorrow. By the way, check out They still seem to have a lot of the old free form spirit. (There is a priceless skit in their comedy section, among many: a great imitation of Rush Limbaugh doing a suppository commercial. And the Jehovah' Witness Protection Program, and so on)..... 73s, keep up the great work of informing all us ol' radio nuts. (July 24, 1998)

Howdy. In the August '98 edition of Monitoring Times is a list of AM applications. One station listed is for 1440 in Sterling Park with 500 watts daytime, no night time operation...... Comments. 1) As far as a I know no applications are being processed at this time...... 2) I did not think the FCC was approving day-only stations anyway...... 3) Land is expensive in schlockburbia. The only place they could put an antenna would be on Potomac River flood plain...... Check out this one. Cheers. (July 24, 1998)

Hello, Thanks for making Denver Radio On The Web your first stop on the Internet for Denver Radio News. As always, I am looking for input from you on things I can include as the site grows. Here's a few new things on the website: * The latest Arbitron ratings (Spring '98) are out for Denver-Boulder. I have updated the ratings page to show all the Denver 12+ numbers since the Summer of '96..... * Former Y-108 Personality Dave Otto back in Denver?..... * KHOW's Jay Marvin has a new novel out...... * The ever popular Denver Radio On The Web Comments & Rumor page. Check this out!..... * And now in beta testing, your guide to over 400 U.S. RealAudio Stations on the net. - Rob Hatch:, Denver Radio On The Web, (July 24, 1998)

WINX apparently didn't make it onto the arbitron charts. It's too bad. I hope they keep the top 40 format. They air few commercials and play a lot of good music. (Except they seem to play Fastball's "The Way" every few minutes). They've been giving away a lot of prizes except that one of the prizes, their lottery ticket giveway, is pretty stupid because no one is going to win with the tickets. WINX has round-the-clock DJs. I don't know how they making money with a full-time staff, a lot of prizes (including $1000 giveaways), few commericals, and few listeners. (July 21, 1998) right now has a WMAL graphic and rotating slogans. The only clever one is "I think, therefore AM"..... (July 21, 1998)

Hey Dave, Like your site. Just found out about it this morning. Haven't been able to check out every page, but you provide alot of good / detailed information on the stations and the market. I'm the National Sales Manager @ (a local station). The historical and factual stuff you include is fantastic...the site map was smokin'. Plus, I was (at a Baltimore station) for a couple of years, so the Baltimore stuff is good as well. Your opinions on the spring book are interesting. If you're interested, maybe we can share some ideas. Keep up the great work. Thanks. (July 21, 1998)

I love it! I've hit your site at least once a week for the last few months and really enjoy reading what's going on around the area. I have not read much about WNAV out in Annapolis. I'm currently cuttin'-my-teeth there and have to admit - I enjoy it. The people are great and the music is a nice change. To my astonishment It came in loud and clear 25 miles north of Baltimore (last weekend). I don't have to hang off the tower in order to tune in! Listen some time - you can get it over the net (July 21, 1998)

From your posts, I know you don't have the "friendliest" relationship with JONES. I also posted this on the board as a general post, but thought I'd touch base with you directly as you seem to be up to date on Cable TV in the area...... Erols is offering a new Bundled package - STARPOWER - that permits subscribers Intenet/Cable/Phone access at $10/month less than current rates. I'm including their web site: Do you know anything about this service? My primary concern: is this cable option direct via the phone lines, or are we still tied to Jones or need a dish antenna? Neither of the latter two options are viable in my case. sorry if I sound totally dumb, I know just enough about new-age Cable to be dangerous...... Thanks for any input. (July 21, 1998)

Hi Dave, Me again! I risked getting on STARPOWER's mailing list by calling the 800 INFO number. Probably should have done that in the first place anyway. Looks like I jumped the gun. When I spoke with a Sales Rep, she said STAR POWER was planning to lay it's own underground cables and negotiations were planned with Fairfax County to break the monopoly. Even if the permits are granted, it will be at least a year before the cable service is up and running. Oh well, I knew it was too good to be true! But, perhaps Jones will improve its service now that it knows competition may be moving in. (July 21, 1998)

Hi Dave, The reader who asked about a listing of radio jobs and internships may want to try the Radio Career Connection at (July 20, 1998)

The following message was posted to the newsgroup by a "former B104 employee":

B104 was truly a special radio station. It made the careers of most everyone who worked there. Internally, the place was a mess. But it sounded so good on the air that the listener never knew. At its peak, B104 had a ten share, nearly 500,000 weekly cume (made the top 20 US cume stations); morning drive live spots were going for nearly a grand a minute. When people found out who you were, doors magically opened. In the salad days, B104 was number one in every demo from teens to 35-64. The station was sold out nearly 24 hours a day. It was something...... Those of us who did serious time there will always have memories of both the number-one books and the internal bullshit that eventually did the station in. B104 might still be alive and well had it grown up with its audience. Instead, knee-jerk management decisions, including SIX program directors and SEVEN versions of morning shows in my nine years there, spelled the end in early 1992. A real shame, because, for a while, it may have been the best CHR station in the country. (July 20, 1998)

Thank you for keeping us all up on what's going on in DC-MD-VA. It's always amazing, to see the periodic upheavals and where the players all land. I worked w/Paul Harris and Kessler at CXR, and YDB at 101. Am back at 105.9, but as you know, the music's a tad different. Hope Chancellor doesn't get too "classic" w/101; as you said in your column, it's the last thing this market needs!!! If you hear of anyone doing (or wanting to start up) a AAA or Americana station, in these parts, would love to be in on that. Heck, would be in heaven at a DC or closer to the metro-area RNR-type format -- even without an AFTRA salary!! (July 20, 1998)

Here's an update on two folks many D.C. natives remember from kidvid in the 1960's: Bill Gormley, last I heard was the P.R. maven for WSSC (Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission), and is the POC when a water main bursts, etc...... Lee Reynolds, after Captain Tug was finally drydocked for the last time, briefly did a Saturday morning kids show at five. If you go to the FBO office at the Front Royal (VA) airport, you'll see a news story posted about him flying his C-152. (July 19, 1998)

Does anyone out there know of a website or other way for an individual such as myself to obtain a listing of radio jobs/internships? (July 18, 1998)

Just a quick note to add to/update your information on the Winchester stations. WUSQ 610 should be listed as WNTW, and airs local talk weekday mornings, Dr. Laura and Oliver North weekday afternoons, and One-On-One Sports nights and weekends. WNTW is co-owned with 102.5 WUSQ ("Shenandoah Country Q102") and 99.3 WFQX. If you'd like to add WFQX to your FM page, its format is modern rock/alternative and its slogan is "The Valley's Modern Music...99.3 The Frog". The WNTW and WFQX URLs are and, in case you'd like to add links. Thanks for putting together such a great website! (July 18, 1998)

Paul Harris' Comedy Concert for Children's Hospital is being sponsored by WMAL. It would make no sense for WMAL to support a charity concert with Paul Harris' name on it unless Harris is planning to stay at WMAL. Right now, he's been substituting on WMAL frequently. (July 17, 1998)

Dave, three things: Z104 is playing more pop due to the type of product out there. I thought when Z104 signed on that it reminded me a lot of Q94(WRVQ) in Richmond in terms of clock, music, and production elements. I love listening to Q94 in mornings as I drive from Woodbridge to Stafford and have been listening to the Q ever since WAVA died (and still is dead). (at least when I can). As far as DC101 goes, their ratings probably stunk and that's why the change in sound- I guess their trying to be like 98Rock in B'more. And yes I am trying to build a 70's Pop library but it still is a work in progress and I haven't made it available yet, but hopefully will soon. (July 17, 1998)

Dave, One of your readers had a question about Greg Cole from WPOC. Greg left the station to take the PD postion at WSM FM Nashville. The Baltimore Sun reported that Todd Grimstead, Tony Giard, Ted Patterson and Jim Miller would be let go in August. It did not mention who the other three people would be. Maybe one of your readers will have more info. (July 15, 1998)

I was six years old when I first watched Captain Tug on Channel 5. The show was on Monday through Friday from 5:00 to 5:30 P.M. He would feature three cartoons, usually Popeye, but also featured the cartoon "The Mighty Hercules", far different from Hercules and Xena. In between the cartoons, Captain Tug would be running skits which featured other characters played by Lee Reynolds: Commander Salamander, ships engineer Mr. Flanagan, and Base Captain : Captain Lee. Commander Salamander was Captain Tug's superior officer. (Since when is a Commander higher than a Captain?!) The Base was none other than "Tug Harbor"!!! located near Washington, D.C. The ship that Captain Tug commanded was called the Channel Queen. Captain Tug also had a sidekick named Fantail the Parrot. Other characters were the Chief of Harbor Control, Mr. (Alvin) Swibbit, and Charlie Noble. To my knowledge, Charlie was not played by Lee Reynolds, and was so shy, he would never face the camera!!! There were also two spies Axel and Gratel, who would spy on Captain Tug. Very similar to Boris and Natasha? So in effect, Captain Tug was like a play, with heroes and villians. So you would never know what would happen in the next show. They even had Fantail the Parrot visit NASA and be the first Parrot in Space while the spies would try to sabotage the mission!!! But the spies got caught by Mr. Flanagan and were held in the Brig!!!..... Captain Tug (Lee Reynolds) was also a sponsor of Kids Against Muscular Dystrophy (MD) On Saturday nights, during the summer, Captain Tug would have interview older kids who raised money to fight MD. These kids raised money by having neighborhood carnivals. I remember attending one or two carnivals myself. WTTG would supply the carnival kits...... But by 1966, Captain Tug went off the air. I was very upset that year!! I certainly hope the Lee Reynolds will appear again. Those were the days!!! (July 15, 1998)

Dave, One person was wondering (on a letter in Mailbag) how come XYV was sounding so urban lately, so just in case you hadn't seen this: >From All Access: >>>>>Rumors were rampant on the phones today that Top 40/Mainstream WXYV/BALTIMORE was going to adopt an "EXTREME RADIO" musical direction similar to other JERRY CLIFTON-consulted outlets KXME/HONOLULU and KPTY/PHOENIX. Look for WXYV to play more music with "attitude" but not use the EXTREME RADIO moniker...... guess that just about explains how come it's sounding so urban-based. (July 15, 1998)

Since my home town is Baltimore, I'm especially interested in your News Briefs for this week, specifically the story on WPOC...... So, regarding WPOC, does that mean that Jacor has taken over? Are all 7 fired employees on-air people? (The afternoon drive guy, Greg Cole, and I worked together at the U of M's station, WMUC. Was he one of the seven?) Have they changed GMs, or is Jim Dolan still in place? WPOC never did have the greatest air staff. But, with their high ratings, it probably did not matter to management. Thanks for the informative articles, which keep me up-to-date on Baltimore and D.C. (July 15, 1998)

Dave's response: The news article on POC is all I know. Perhaps a Mailbag reader has the answers to the above questions.

Dave, I called WWRC on Sunday re the absence of the Pat Goss Car Show and was told that Pat resigned. Certainly seems strange he'd just up and quit after 12 years on the air. We'll just have to catch him on Motorweek from now on but we'll miss his call-in show. (July 15, 1998)

There have been rumors (some even posted here) about the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner show being moved from its current Washington affiliate WHUR-FM (96.3), to Radio One's WMMJ-FM (MAJIC 102.3). Does anyone in sales or programming at any of these stations know how long Joyner and ABC Radio Networks have WHUR under contract? This might give some clue as to when this (if at all) might take place. Additionally, any idea if there is a possible group deal with ABC and Radio One for airing the program on any other Radio One stations across the country? (July 14, 1998)

Dave, This is one of the most comprehensive radio guides I've ever seen. As an avid radio hobbyist, I have read many of the Radio/TV pages offered in other markets. But I must say that yours is the best! I also appreciate your similar taste in radio (Stern rules!) and political views (Rush sucks!). I've added your site to my favorites list and plan to check back often. Keep up the great work. (July 14, 1998)

I got a question for you, do you have the TV Land channel on your cable system? In Prince William County we have Jones Cable and we have cruddy channels... I'd love TV Land... (July 14, 1998)

Dave's response: They have TV Land on the Media General Cable system serving all of Fairfax County except Reston. They have TV Land in Loudoun County and in Montgomery County. But not in Reston. But we do have FOUR channels that show informercials most of the day. Lucky us!

I can receive WZHF here at night in Alexandria. I turned it on last night after 11. I thought the local programming was until 12? Anyways, there was some man with a barely understandable accent explaining what tastes we sense. "Sour tastes come from lemons - bitter from leafy green vegetables." After this ten minute tirade some lady came on discussing vitamins. Unlike the personal achievement format this had no liners or hosts introducing the programs and one just followed another. This is sad that AM radio has come to this. What will it take for one of these AM owners to realize that Northern VA needs its own AM adult standards formatted station or how about ABC's urban gold for Alexandria? Or how about Westwood One's all-'70s? The former XTRA 104's ratings would be great on AM...... BTW, have you listened to the new sound of 102.7 'XYV? It is now leaning into a rhythmic/chr format and has dropped most of the pop and alternative crossovers...... This is a stupid idea to compete with WERQ. It really makes sense for Jacor to flip the Colt back to chr as B-104. Noticed how Z104 is leaning more pop than dance these days? And as far as WINX goes, I've heard a lot more buzz about it than when it was oldies. But only time will tell. (July 14, 1998)

Dave's response: See the message below.

The following message was posted to the newsgroup and contains some interesting thoughts about Baltimore's B-104:

B-104 was the creation of the right ingredients all coming together at one time - the hottest airstaff, the music of the era, the MTV influences, the most aggressive promotional campaigns, t.v. commercials, bumperstickers, concerts, buildings with the B-104 logo painted on them, etc. B-104 was in your face & in your ears 24-7. By 1990 CHR music became more Urban, MIX 106.5 had taken over the 25-49 demo & most of the "glory days" personalities were gone. B-104 became Variety 104.3 in a futile attempt at winning back the audience lost to MIX 106.5. Ironically, Capital Radio, which owned MIX 106.5 at that time, bought Variety 104.3 from Scripps Howard. Variety 104.3 gave way to easy listening SOFT 104.3. 6 months later it became 70's Classic Rocker 104.3 The Colt. It has since been owned by American Radio Systems, CBS & will soon become the property of Jacor...... Jacor is one of the most aggressive radio companies around. Whether they can resurrect B-104 into a POP/CHR giant is open to debate. Whatever format Jacor chooses, just calling it B-104 won't be enough. Of course, has anyone pondered that Jacor may chose an entirely different direction & name for 104.3? (July 14, 1998)

Dave - WWZZ was the original WSMD back in the 60's before the Doblyns bought the station and it was turned into country for awhile before it was converted into the Oldies WXTR format! I knew the owner of WSMD AM-FM back then, Rob Robinson, and he is the owner of the current WSMD/WRFK/WMXM(?) combo! He sold the stations back in the mid 60s to help in supporting several other ventures that was "going down the tubes" and his wife who was diagnose with cancer which he had to save for to take care of her and the kids...... SOMAR is short for SOuthern MAryland Radio and his daughter is now running this corporation from their offices in Mechanicville. The stations are computerized and on computers from 7PM until 6AM. Live DJs are on during the day. I thought you might want to know. (July 13, 1998)

Part of additional installation work I had done (over $450 to me) and they left a cable above ground the length of my backyard where my kids play. 10 calls and two weeks later cable finally buried. I don't think BellAtlantic, Virginia Power or Washington Gas would provide this poor of service - why do these guys get away with it?.... Been calling today regarding a broken cable box but all I get is busy signals. Satellite TV? Come on Microsoft, take it all over. (July 13, 1998)

Dave's response: I'm still waiting. Does anybody out there really like Jones' service here in Reston? And will anyone trust Jones with their Internet or phone service when they start providing those services in a few years?

Can you tell me how does any of the stations in Southern Maryland gets rated? Are they considered as part of Washington or Baltimore Arbitrons or are they a part of another area?..... I know several stations are using multiple locations for their station ids. But, I know for a fact that one in particular (WSMD/Star98) uses Mechanisville (studios location), Waldorf (transmitter), Prince Fredrick(?) and La Plata(the simulcast AM sister station and its transmitter). Can they get away with this? Most station ids that I know of just list the studio and transmitter sites! In SOMAR's WSMD case, what is Prince Fredrick used for?? (July 13, 1998)

Dave's response: The only southern Maryland station that regularly shows up in DC area ratings is Z-104, WWZZ, which is licensed to LaPlata. By the way, the FCC give stations some leeway in allowing remote studio and transmitter sites. For example, WBIG-FM's city of license is DC, their studios are in Rockville and their transmitter is in Arlington. Or how about WJFK-FM. Their city of license is Manassas, their studios are in Fairfax and their transmitter is in Falls Church.

Dave, Saw you listing for addresses for the radio stations and thought I give the address for WPWC: WPWC, 214 south Main Street, P.O. Box 189, Dumfries,Va 22025, Ph.703-221-1480..... I like you site,grew up in the D.C. area as a teenager listining to all those great station s such as WEEL(Remeber Harv and the Redhead in the mornings),The counrty stations WPIK/WXRA,my parents love that station.When I was in college we had WXRA old FM Westinghouse transmitter in the basement of the NOVA Annadale campus.It had bullet holes in in and use water to cool the tubes.We never did get that transmitter running in that Broadcasting class.(Gradatued from NOVA in 1978 with a Broadcasting Engineering Degree)Boy.did I get off track!I could go on and on..... The reason I know WPWC address I always visit them when I in town,I use to work for them and had a good time there.I'll have to write about WPWC another day...... Keep up the Good work...... (July 13, 1998)

Dave, I added you to my links page On your mailbag page, feel free to put my name and web site address; I'd appreciate it... I could use the publicity. ;) Thanks for checking out my site!..... You're welcome for the info and the comments! Your site is a great tool for radio station listings in the area, it's better than the one the Post gives. I'll tell "The Doug of Doom" you say "Hi!" next time I talk to him. ;) Have a great day - Sarah, (July 13, 1998)

Do you know what happened to Pat Goss' "The Car Show" on 570 Sat and Sun mornings??? Yep, wasn't there last weekend, not there this weekend. Perhaps it's been replaced by an evening show with Art Bell called "The Saucer Show" where people call in with problems about their space vehicles? (July 12, 1998)

Dave's response: I hadn't noticed that Pat's show was gone since I don't listen to WWRC on weekend (or weekday) mornings. Probably some cost cutting on the station owner's (Chancellor) part.

I would also like to know the whereabouts of Captain Tug who hosted Popeye cartoons, Bill Gormley of Countdown Carnival, which featured Space Angel cartoons, and performed some interesting skits, and Bill Johnson who hosted the Three Stooges. NYUK NYUK...... I remember watching them from 1961 through 1965, all on WTTG, Channel FIVE...... I know that Captain Tug is really Lee Reynolds. The only thing I know is that he eventually became an announcer on WETA, Channel 26...... I found it interesting the New York City had in 1960s, similar cartoon hosts like Captain McCarthy who hosted Popeye, Joe Bolton who hosted the Three Stooges, and Sandy Becker who was my all time favorite TV host!!..... Anyway, Thank you for providing all this wonderful information about D.C. radio and TV. I now live in Long Island and work in New York City, and do not visit D.C as much. But thanks to you, I am going to catch up on D.C!!! (July 12, 1998)

I really like your site! It has all the radio news that the Post never prints anymore! By the way, WBIG's morning DJ, Mark Kessler, isn't there any more, you might wanna check that out... ;) As a weather geek, I think you should add to your WTTG's summary about how Sue Palka won an Emmy for best weathercaster twice in two years. I was a weather observer for "The Doug of Doom" ;) and now I think he's more like "Doug, the offcial meteorologist of the world." ;) On a serious note, your site is really helpful and well put together, I enjoy it quite a lot. I run a Music site, and I'm going to link you the next time I up-date it, which I hope, will be soon. (July 11, 1998)

The person who was looking for biographical info on Pick Temple should check out the Temple family geneaology site run by Pick Temple's son, L. Parker Temple III, at There's a page devoted to Pick Temple himself (full name Lafayette Parker Temple, Jr.) at There are no pictures and only one sentence about his TV career, but there's a surprising amount of raw biographical data, including names, dates, addresses, etc. (July 11, 1998)

Hi Dave! I have noticed that you now include an outlying area radio list which I really enjoy looking over. I would just like to see all of the stations here in Fredericksburg listed. Not only do we have WJYJ, WFLS, & WBQB we also have three more stations not listed in your lists. They are WYSK at 99.3 FM and 1350 AM which are owned by the same newspaper that owns WFLS. There is also WFVA at 1230 AM which is owned by the same owners as WBQB. I know that these are hard to pick up in your area but they are a part of the area and are always included in THE WASHINGTON POST sports listings. Really impressive site though I surf through it everyday keep up the good work. (July 10, 1998)

Dave's response: I've added all the Fredericksburg area stations to the "south" listing which also covers Richmond and Petersburg.

Dave, My brother just sent me the url to your WHFS site. Wow, you're bringing back some memories. I hope you have a chance to really flesh out the site. I remember a song about HFS sung to the tune of We're an American Band. I think it was by the Star Spangled Washboard Band. " 102.3, it's there for you and me W-H-F-s, wooo!" I still hear the song in my head on those days I get RNR in clearly. (Oh man, I just remembered Mother Earth News!) Good Luck and Thanks..... (July 10, 1998)

Dave, Here is a response to a question about Galen Fromme and Jay Grayson, both formerly of WBAL Radio. Galen Fromme passed away probably back in the late 70's(1978 or 1979). I was a kid then, but I remember watching "The NBC Nightly News," which was achored by David Brinkly at the time. I was shocked to see David Brinkly close his NBC newscast with a mention and tribute to Galen Fromme. I remember him saying how great a journalist Fromme was and giving a brief history of Fromme's career. There was no tape shown, just Brinkly talking about Fromme for about the last 30 seconds of the show. I grew up listening to Fromme on WBAL and never had a clue as to Fromme's stature in the broadcasting. As for Jay Grayson, he left WBAL sometime in the early 80's. This would have been right around the time WBAL Radio went from music (MOR-Middle of The Road format) to talk. I assume Grayson is still alive and kicking, but don't know that for sure. He has not been on Baltimore area Radio since his departure from the WBAL Radio of that time. (July 10, 1998)

Minor correction to your list of stations in nearby markets: WXVA 1550 used to run satellite news/talk, but now they're running a satellite "Music of Your Life" kind of format (I guess it would be categorized as 'nostalgia'). I think the call letters might be different now too... I'll check next time I'm out that way...I work part-time at WUSQ Winchester, and pass through Charles Town on the way there...I'll let you know...... It occurred to me to just check the FCC database... WXVA 1550 is now WMRE (call letters selected with the word 'memory' in mind, I'm sure, like so many nostalgia stations do...) (July 10, 1998)

Hiya, Dave! Hope all is well in DC. Saw your new "rimshot" listings. Regarding the northern hinterlands--WLYH, Channel 15 (Lancaster-Lebanon, PA) is a UPN affiliate, I believe--rather than "IND" (LMA'd by Clear Channel's WHP-TV, Channel 21)...... Some history (not that you asked)...... WLYH was (upon a time) one of *three* CBS affiliates in the Harrisburg-York- Lancaster-Lebanon ADI (the other 2 being WHP-TV Harrisburg & WSBA-TV [now WPMT] York). Since none of the three covered the whole market adequately--and this was prior to the advent of modern cable systems--CBS offered affiliation to all of them; plus the three stations simulcast a lot of their local programming and were repped regionally and nationally as the "Keystone Network"...... WHP-TV dropped out of the Keystone arrangement in the 60's, but WLYH & WSBA continued the symbiotic relationship right up until Channel 43 was sold (and went independent) in 1983. (July 10, 1998)

Hello Dave..While living in Baltimore several years ago I used to listen to the news regularly on WBAL reported by Galen Fromme....I also enjoyed the music shows presided over by Jay Grayson on WBAL..... Where are they now? (July 10, 1998)

Dave's response: Anybody know?

I've heard "Mystery Theater" a couple times on 106.7 WJFK on Sun Nights. Say around 7ish or so (I don't know when it begins). (July 10, 1998)

(Regarding 1690 AM WMDM:) Wasn't their AM 920 at one point some sort of satelite - fed oldies? I still have tapes when WMDM-FM was Hot A/C / CHR "Power 97.7" Then they switched it to Legendary Rock - 97.7 as some sort of classic rock / classic hits stuff. Then to what it is now - Westwood One Country as "97/7 The Bay.". 920 AM has always simulcasted some of what WMDM was at times and then ran syndicated talk...... Can't any of the southern maryland stations stay with a format? MJS Communications' 92.7 - WMJS was for years adult contemporary as "The 92 Point 7" then went to soft a/c then went to a nostalgia format "Unforgettable 92.7" then to oldies "Oldies 92.7" then back to a soft a/c / nostalgia mix as "Easy 92.7." And now, currently holds rights to Baltimore Orioles, Virginia Tech, and the Chespeake Icebreakers (hockey). When this station was live, not canned and automated, there used to be some hilarious goof-ups. Somar Communications' WSMD originally signed on as WQMR as "98.3 STAR FM" as a very odd mix of classic hits/'70s and '80s pop with current CHR. For weeks a format change was planned back in the early '90s then became "Star 98.3" - same music but new jingles and dumped jocks for automation. About two years ago WSMD played the song "Macarena" over and over again for about the entire weekend which prompted tons of calls to the Charles / St. Mary's 911 system. (listeners thought their was trouble at the station) It was a stunt - and format was switched to all classic hits. WKIK-FM used to be WRFK and is sister to WSMD and has always been locally automated country. There used to be a WKIK on the AM dial around 1400 which was country but has been longtime silent. I believe it was based out of a shack in Leonardtown. Also we have 1560 - the AM side of WSMD, which is the current WKIK - AM, previously WMOM as well as a long ways back - the AM side of WXTR, now WWZZ...... 1560, since owned by Somar Communications has been ABC Country as WMOM "No One Knows Country Better Than MOM", ABC Standards as WMOM "MOM plays the songs you grew up with," and at one point was even syndicated talk. (No MOM slogan) It is currently a simulcast of their classic hits FM...... Wow what a lot of format changes in an area that is not even arbitron rated...... Kind of makes you wonder what they'll try on 1690. (July 9, 1998)

Dave's response: 1690 was back on the air on Wednesday night (July 8) carrying a syndicated talk show after being off the air since mid-day Monday (July 6).

Dave: I just turned up this obituary. It was in the April 29, 1998, Washington Post: "Jeannette Friedman Temple..... Former Washington Resident..... Jeannette Friedman Temple, 85, a former Washington resident who was the widow of television personality L. Parker "Pick" Temple, died April 23 at an adult care home in Prescott Valley, Ariz., of complications after surgery for a broken hip...... Mrs. Temple, a native of Norfolk and a former Census Bureau clerk, came to Washington in 1937, two years after her marriage to Pick Temple, who gained fame in the 1950s as host of the children's show "Pick Temple's Giant Ranch." The couple moved from Washington to Sun City, Ariz., in 1972...... Her husband died in 1991...... Survivors include two children, Faye Long of Prescott, Ariz., and L. Parker Temple III of Burke; a sister; four grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren." (July 9, 1998)

Dave's response: That's one mystery solved!

Hi, Dave! I like your idea of including the j-u-s-t outside the metro area station lists. I'd like to suggest fleshing out the WV *eastern* panhandle-ish northwest list. From experience, I know that a good chunk of these make it as far as Winchester, and they all get into Cumberland (heh)...... FM:..... 88.1 WJGF Romney..... 90.3 WAIJ Grantsville..... 91.9 WFWM Frostburg..... 93.5 WDHC Berkeley Springs (country)..... 94.1 WQZK Keyser (rock)..... 97.1 WLIC Frostburg..... 100.1 WJJB Romney (A/C)..... 101.1 WWPN Westernport (religious) [ironic, eh?]..... 104.1 WJGF Romney..... 105.3 WFRB Frostburg (country)..... 107.1 WCBC Keyser..... AM:..... 560 WFRB Frostburg...... 1010 WCST Berkeley Springs...... 1230 WNTR Cumberland..... 1390 WKLP Keyser..... Remember, West Virginia has two panhandles! ;) I used to live at the tip top of the northern panhandle... (July 8, 1998)

On June 16 Jones Communicaitons (of Reston) was digging to lay some new cables in the Boston Ridge cluster area near Wiehle and Sunrise. They managed to tunnel into the power and phone lines causing a power surge that set fires in at least three townhouses in two separate buildings. There was serious smoke damage to at least one, perhaps two, more. The fire department was called out twice. Unfortunately the second time was when the fire was discovered in my townhouse by a neighbor returning from work. Since it was the second fire from the same cause in the same cluster, the fire department scrambled at least 25 men...... In my case the power surge started a fire in the studs where the power came in. It also fried about 80% of the inside wiring. The power line had to be replaced for about 50 yards underground. The phone line for about 30. The latter was burned to a crisp. It took two days to restore the phone, a bit longer for the outside wiring. The inside wiring was, last I knew, still being worked on. I was forced to move...... The only thing I have heard from Jones Communications is they sent me a bill for the five days between the last bill and the fire, including the day they burned me out! (July 8, 1998)

Dave's response: I have contacted Jones Communications of Reston and have received a reply to the above incident. The Jones spokesman said that his firm still does not know exactly who was at fault, but that the incident did stem from a power surge being caused by a power cable being cut. He adds his firm should have done more to answer the questions and concerns of residents affected by the problem.

Dave... Thanks so much for the Ranger Hal pictures, that was one of my favorite TV show. If I remember correctly, Ranger Hal was on every weekday morning. I used to watch him instead of Captain Kangaroo...... Since you do have some old info on local DC TV, I do have a question. Do you know of any place I can find old info on "The Pick Temple Show". That was a Saturday morning live kids show on Channel 9 (then WTOP TV). I am looking for any bio info on Pick Temple himself, any records that may be available (attendees and dates), any tapes or kinescopes that might be around. If you can point me to the right person at WUSA I'll do all of the leg work. And I'll be glad to give you any thing I find. I do some web development so I could even pass you the HTML.... Thanks for any direction you can give me. (July 8, 1998)

Dave's response: Sorry, but what you see here at DCRTV is all that I have about Pick Temple. If anyone out there has more info, especially a picture, please send it along and I'll include it on my Nostalgia pages.

Have you considered adding Captain Tug? His name was Lee Reynolds and he actually had a reasonably large sailboat at Buzzard Point Boat Yard in the late 50s or early 60s. (July 8, 1998)

If anyone has any info or pics of Captain Tug send 'em along and I'll post them on DCRTV!

Dave: The person who asked about CBS Radio Mystery Theater might want to check out their official Web site, at There doesn't seem to be a list of stations there, but at least they have a schedule. The Westwood One site, at might also have some info...... I could swear I heard an episode of this a few weeks ago on the Hagerstown station WWMD (104.7 FM) a few weeks ago, though I can't recall the time or day of the week. This station also runs Imagination Theater, a current attempt at the same sort of show, on Sunday nights at 11 p.m. You can only get WWMD in the northern and western DC suburbs, though. Comes in fine here in Gaithersburg, but the signal breaks up rapidly as I drive toward Rockville...... Back in the mid-seventies, when I was working as an announcer at WBOC-AM in Salisbury, Maryland, it was my job to switch this show on every Saturday night. Great job! Gave me an hour to catch up on my reading, peruse the record library -- or even listen to the show! (July 8, 1998)

I printed out and read through all of your comments on the radio stations. I enjoyed reading them. I'm mostly a classic rock fan, so I listen mostly to 94.7, 100.3 and I toss in 107.3 for a little variety and out of a smidgen of loyalty...... When I first moved into the WDC area with my family, about 23 years ago (at age 15), 107.3 was my first favorite radio station. I've been with them through most of the years except for one stint when I couldn't stand their programming. I'm not a real big fan of their morning drive-time team, though it seems a lot of people don't agree with me since their ratings are up...... For about a year, 104.1 (prior to their Z104 incarnation) played top-70s rock. I loved it! :) It seems that whatever music was popular during one's high school years stays with us forever. I absolutely cannot stand what they play nowadays, though. What is it called, "dance-oriented contemporary music"? Hmmm, maybe I'm just getting to be an old fogey...... I listen to DC101 and 98Rock, but they both play a bit too heavy rock for me. In your comments you mentioned that DC101 tends to change its emphasis. Maybe I'll listen in a bit more again...... By the way, I was listening to Stern's radio show when he made the infamous call following the 14th Street Bridge disaster that got him booted. I remember I was on my way to class at the University of Maryland in College Park at the time...... Keep up the good work! :) (July 7, 1998)

Hey, great site. I definitely bookmarked it. One question: What happened to the afternoon drive time guys of Dave and the Predictor on 94.7 FM? Thanks! (July 7, 1998)

Dave's response: Paul Harris and his sidekick Dave The Predictor were fired from WARW back in April for non-deliverance of ratings. I've heard that Paul now does an afternoon talk show on Baltimore's WCBM 680 AM and also does some substitute work on DC's WMAL 630 AM. I don't know if Dave is still with him in his new incarnations.

Greetings! It is with great joy (and a bit of fear) that I pre-announce the return of Creature Feature with Count Gore De Vol! It's been 11 long years since Gore hosted the weekly horror movie showcase on WDCA in Washington, but this time, his royal lowness will not be limited to a single city or cable outlet, but will global, via the Internet!..... On Friday night, July 10, 1998, at the Fanex convention near Baltimore, The Count will make the official annoucement to that audience. But since you are all fans in cyberland, who have fond memories of the show, I want to give you all a sneak preview...... Every Saturday night, the Creature Feature Web Program will have not only memories of the past, but new and impotent information as well a some good old corny fun (I wonder what Viagra would do for a vampire?). And who knows, someday we may even have really bad record commercials!..... But for now, check out the show at: and then spread the word. - Dick (Dyszel aka The Count), P.S. Who knows what may happen when we get enough bandwidth! (July 6, 1998)

Dave's response: And don't forget to check out our own Count Gore DeVol page!

Dear Gore Ne Mr. Dyzel (and all my fellow nostalgics), The D.C. area has been lacking a sense of fun for 11 years now, and I say HUZZAH to the return of the vampire! Not just for us here in D.C., but for all the new fans you will generate GLOBALLY. So take the viagra Dick (what a clumsy sentence), keep your fangs hard and a stiff upper lip. You're no Bozo (welllll...just a bit). You can Captain 20 comebacks. Ok, ok, back to the corny fields with me. I'll be there, Dave V., lowly mortal (July 6, 1998)

Dave, Let me join the growing chorus of "wows and thanks" for your fantastic public service! I don't know of a better source of local broadcasting info. I understand that the 70's classic "CBS Radio Mystery Theater" has been re-released into syndication. Do you know if a local station has or plans to pick it up? Thanks!

Dave's response: Will check into it. Anyone out there know?

Does anyone remember the Milt Grant Show? It was the D.C. version of American Bandstand and was broadcasted out of the same building Romper Room and Pic Temple were ( I think ). (July 5, 1998)

Regarding the whereabouts of Mike Kelly: The Post's radio column mentioned several weeks ago that he had left WARW to do overnights on WMZQ. (July 4, 1998)

The info I heard about 1570am in Baltimore is that a group that included "Nasty" Nestor Apparicio have bought 1570am, and will flip it to all sports as of August 3, which is the first Ravens preseason game at the new Ravens stadium in Baltimore. Nasty does an a talk show at WWLG in Baltimore, which is simulcast on WASA on Havre de Grace, the station ususally are a nostaligia format during the day and broadcast the Legends Sports Network at night. I heard that 1570am was broadcasting tapes of irrevent Nasty Nestor humor until the official changeover, I have not heard yet about talk show hosts besides the Nasty One. (July 3, 1998)

Dave, Do you have any information about a all sports station coming to Baltimore? I believe it will be on 1570 am, a very low power station. (July 2, 1998)

Dave's response: That's news to me. It would make sense. 1570 WKDB was used to broadcast the AAHS childrens programming format before it went belly-up. For the past few months the station has just been broadcasting music and was reportedly up for sale. An all-sports station for Baltimore would make sense since the market doesn't have one.

Dave, The Baltimore Sun is reporting that 7 on air personalities at WPOC 93.1 fm will be let go in August. This is after the sale of the station by Nationwide Communications. Those being let go are former afternoon drive Todd Grimestead who is now doing production and fill in. All night disc jockey Tony Girard, plus Ted Patterson and Jim Miller from the news department. Do you have any other information about the shake up going on there? (July 2, 1998)

Dave's response: Country WPOC, formerly a Nationwide Communications property, has or will soon become a Jacor station along with WOCT, the Colt, an oldies station at 104.3 and WCAO, a religious station on 600 AM. I presume the personnel shake up has something to to with the ownership realignment in Baltimore. By the way, I've heard that Jacor may also purchase WIYY, 98 Rock and WBAL, a talker on 1090. We'll see how it all shakes out.

Hi Dave, Great web pages... I was wondering if the Jones cable modem will be the same type that they use in Alexandria (bidirectional, just uses two channels from the regular cable signal, cable modem that hooks into network card in computer). Any idea? (July 2, 1998)

Dave's response: I have no idea. I did hear that @Home and Jones have penned a deal for cable modem service in Alexandria and probably in Reston too once the fiberoptic rebuild is completed next year or in 2000. We'll see.
This afternoon, charges against Webster Hubell were dropped. I watched Hubell speak to the press about the dismissal of the charges live on Channels 4 and 9 at around 4:30. At 6:00, I turned on the TV again and Channel 7 was billing the dismissal as "Breaking News." And anchor Mellisa McDettermot (sp?) declared that Hubell spoke to the press "a few minutes ago," while showing the videotape of his speech taped one and one-half hours ago. (July 2, 1998)

Is there an up-todate listings of DC area Radio Stations which do author interviews? (July 2, 1998)

Dave's response: I don't know of any. Trying calling WAMU-FM (the Diane Rehm show) or maybe National Public Radio or even C-SPAN (owner of WCSP-FM) as they seem to do a lot of author interviews.

Hi Dave. The sight is great! It's so informative that I've placed it in my favorite's list so that I don't have to search for it every time I have a I did this morning...... I'm really sorry to hear DC101 yet YDB go. I'm also sorry to hear their going to go back to a more "classic" rock format. I have nothing against classic rock, but frankly, I listen to music at work to keep me going and The Who just isn't going to cut it. Looks like I'll have to find another radio station to listen to...I really don't think there are that many left. HFS and Z104 aren't clear in the building I work in, I can't listen to mix anymore. It was turning my mind to mush!..... On the subject of DC101, do you know what happened to Will Pendarvas who used to do morning drive? Did he quit, or did they get rid of him? I was glad to read a couple of months ago that Joe Madison landed on his feet. Now there is a guy who deserves a national show. Maybe the station that carries "the big fat idiot" could hire Madison and finally have some balance in their programming. What a concept!..... Do you happen to know what happened to Joe Palka and Morris Smith who used to do a morning show for WWRC? I heard a rumor that Palka is writing for the Washington Times...if that's true, then I've lost all respect for him. Keep up the great work!! (July 1, 1998)

I know it's impossible to pick the best station, but I was just wondering... I will be visiting Washington DC July 4th through the 9th. I am a talk radio "junkie"! Which is the best talk station there? Which is the best "top 40" station? Also - which station broadcasts the fireworks on the Mall, ie music timed to the fireworks? Thanks for your help. (July 1, 1998)

Dave's response: There is no "best" talk station in the DC area. We don't have a really good, well balanced station like New York's WABC or WOR or Philly's WPHT. The closest thing we have is a kind of hodgepodge WMAL which does air Rush, Dr. Laura and Paul Harvey. As for best Top 40 -- Z104 and Mix 107.3 do a good job of top 40. I also like Baltimore's WXYV at 102.7. Or if you're into AM try WINX at 1600. As for fireworks music, I believe WETA-FM, 90.9, does air patriotic music during the fireworks presentation.

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