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DCRTV Mailbag - October 1, 2021 to October 31, 2021

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Dare I list all the frequencies where AM stations are audible in the Olney Metropolitan Area? Let's start at 650-WSM Nashville, 660-WFAN NYC, 670-WMAQ, Chicago, 700-WLW, Cincinnati, 710-WOR, NYC (sometimes a Cuban or Miami station), 720-WGN, Chicago, really every 7xx except 790, almost every 8xx, no 9xx, almost every 10xx, 1100-1140, 1210, 1220, 1500-1540, and 1560. They are all 50,000 Watts, ERP, some directional, some omni-directional. Sometimes you can get a few 5000-watt stations from up to 400 miles away, like from West Virginia or Ohio, And once in awhile, a graveyard station comes in (1230, 1240, 1340, 1400, 1450, 1490, those are the six frequencies with hundreds or non-directional, low-power stations. Of interest is that NYC is the only city without a graveyard station). The strangest to me is that WBAL-1090 is 30 miles away, and I can't get it after sunset, but I can get the same type of directional station, WINS-1010 from NYC clearly almost every night. And some nights are Cuba nights, where many low frequencies are from Havana. FM below 88.5 (really 88.1) is a reflected signal of other local stations on higher normal frequencies, which small AM/FM radios have trouble with at that range. I'll stop now. -- Carl in Olney

BREAKING: Don Geronimo's Lists Sacramento Home For Sale...UPDATE SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!

How come WJLA-7 does not have news at 10 pm on Ch 8? That was a great service.

Moron DXing: Saturday evening between 6:30 and 7 pm EST got WLW AM out of Cincinnati at 700 kilocycles. This cheap Chinese radio pulls in a lot more AM signals than I'm used to but most are sports so screw that noise. Because different countries allocate frequency bands differently (I think) it also picks up a lot of hot FM action below WAMU's 88.5 megacycles. Couldn't get 1430 out of Toronto. China of course is the world leader in loosey-goosey radio. If you want to get on the shortwave without a license Baofeng is the company for you but you didn't hear it from me. Gus

Who are this guy and gal calling the Wizards game on the radio tonight (Sat.) Against the Celtics?

Chainsman: Seems like just yesterday someone was guaranteeing that Donny G was still in Cali and never moving to Classic Rockville, was that you? Who (especially Don) needs a prep service when Google exists? And paid callers...like the other poster said...have you heard them? I like the new Don and the new show. My only advice. Get someone to talk to in studio (cohost, or get Crash past the union somehow) - I think he works better when someone in studio is available to bounce off of...

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\/ October 30 \/

On second thought, the Greenbury Point towers would not work so well for WNAV as I thought seeing that WNSW 1430’’s nighttime signal from NYC crosses all of Delaware at the state line through Maryland and Salisbury. I’m not qualified to know the protections on that signal for a Class B, but if they cannot cross that line, it would be difficult to shoot a signal to the coast from anywhere close to where WNAV is located now. Going much further west or inland doesn’t seem to be much of an option unless another existing site is used. WQLL maybe since it’s night time site is not even used daytime? Just a thought. WFBR is much closer, but their site is much more ancient and problem ridden. I know, more Engineering for Dummies. But I am hoping that WNAV survives unlike some other AM Radio haters. radio-locator.com

The comments about The Team 980 couldn't be more spot on. The station has taken such a decline it is pathetic. It was capped off this week by the last person left from the old regime leaving. Steve Solomon (the only reason to listen to their boring afternoon show) announced he was leaving. The only entertaining voice left on that station is now gone. twitter.com/stevesolomon

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\/ October 29 \/

Any update on why Wendy Rieger has on those red glasses? I think she was diagnosed w/cancer & wonder if she’s receiving some sort of chemo that’s affecting her eyesight. If not, whatever it is, seems like the light in the studio may be affecting her eyes. Wishing her well.

Re:"Don Geronimo on BIG 100 is obviously using Prepburger and paid callers. It's embarrassing, even by Mike Sorce's own "standards."" Paid callers?? He takes live unscreened callers and its obvious. Morning show sounds great and i believe will start getting the ratings to show it. Sounds like you're listening, "Chainsman". Don sounds great. Funny as ever I think. If its not for you, thats fine. But he's back in the groove. Now as far as Mike's show goes. I listen from time to time and it can be entertaining but it has gotten more so boring than funny. Mike's funny a lot of the time but Rob goes on and on and again, I loved Don & Mike back in the day but it was mostly Don that made the show back then. The Mike O'Meara show is entertaining but for some reason more "boring" lately than anything new and funny and original.

Goodbye forever, Locast www.hollywoodreporter.com

That's it. I just can't take The Team 980. I'm leaving this Team. After posting the other day about Audacy ruining a once great sports talker, and being underwhelmed by 106.7 The Fan – even the Junkies schtick is getting stale (c'mon, Kinard, give us the Bish (Lurch) and Cakes show, drop the other two!) – I have found an answer. A local answer, because the best sports talk is, stop me if you've heard this before, live and local: 630 AM The Sports Capitol. The ESPN programming is either over the top (the morning show) or overly bland (Greeny!), but Andy Pollin, Mr. Tony and Bram do a pretty solid job. It has the old Sports Talk 980 feel and is jjuuuusssttt fun and entertaining enough to now be, easily, the second best sports talker in the DC market. So long, Rooster. 980 has been the first AM preset button on every car I've owned since moving here over 20 years ago. Today, however, I replaced it with 630 AM. Rooster's declaration Tuesday night – "My brain is killing me!" – was such awful radio that it was the last straw for me. Well done, Snyder, for having your henchmen start the decline of 980 with the Man Cave. Well done, Urban One, for buying something you did not understand how to program or sell ads for. And well done, Audacy & Kinard, for all you did to end a legacy. I hope others who read DCRTV and are thirsty for **real** DC sports talk will follow me to 630. It's, as the Junks would say, bazilly!

Since Gus brought up DX’ing, I have a great new find. The past 4 late night/overnight periods up here in northeastern MD. I’m picking up AM 690 WELD from Fisher WV. According to Radio Locator, it is 3000 watt daytime, 14 watt nighttime. Other than last night, the signal was as clear as adjacent 700 WLW.at 50,000 watts. Is AM dead or dying? Could be dying. More and more stations like WFAN, WBBM, WSB aren’t even giving the AM frequency on their promos. And speaking of WFAN, long time late night/overnight host Steve Somers is “retiring” in November. It seems more like he was more or less given an ultimatum.

"Is it possible to use something other than amplitude modulation on the AM dial frequencies?" Not a stupid question at all. It is possible to use pretty much any mode on any radio frequency -- FM, digital, sideband, phase mod et al can all work in the AM band, although not receivable by current conventional radios. Amplitude modulation provides the most compact means of doing so without stomping on other stations -- the moment you try to apply FM techniques in the AM band, the wide "edges" of the signal will be splattering the other users of the band. And no matter the alternative technique, new receivers are going to be required just the same. If any method is showing promise IMO, it's the new digital mode being tested now in Frederick at WWFD 820 AM: this image, screengrabbed from a software-defined radio, shows the station's entire digital footprint fitting *just barely* inside 10 kHz. Start saving up now for that new radio.

"Prepburger" ... shit, I don't think that's even around anymore, Chain.

AM and FM are modes not frequencies so the answer to your question is that all is permitted, subject to laws and regulations. Someone should tell President Corky that there are no Nobel Prize winners in economics. His handlers could have made him look smart (ish) if they'd told him to mention that. But it would be a complex sentence. College level. Then he'd have to name one of them. Seventeen Nobelists? Seventeen intelligence agencies agreeing on Russian hacking? Recycling? C'mon man! The future of AM radio is on the internet. Gus

/\ October 29 /\

\/ October 28 \/

DX Report: Some might not even consider this proper DXing, but Thursday around 7 pm I was able to receive WABC 770 out of NYC and classic rock CZFM out of Toronto at 740 kilocycles 5 by 5 on my $23 Chiner-made Tecsun IPhone size portable. Each station is 50kW. In view of recent discussions, I did not catch CHKT 1430, also 50kW but Class B. Then again I wasn't looking for it. And apparently owned by Chinee agents. Scary right? Prediction: AM will continue to be used in aviation for decades if not longer, because reasons. Gus

Don Geronimo on BIG 100 is obviously using Prepburger and paid callers. It's embarrassing, even by Mike Sorce's own "standards." -Chainsman

I’m not an electrical or broadcast engineer, but I briefly studied it just enough to know some basics. So I’ll ask a stupid question I don’t entirely know the answer to. Is it possible to use something other than amplitude modulation on the AM dial frequencies, or is that the only real method to transmit a radio signal, analog or digital on those frequencies?

Rumor out of Podcast Village: A former JFK DJ’s podcast is bleeding money now. Cast of characters think ending Friday shows and all the different start times has eroded free listeners. Bonus subscribers are going down, not up as hoped by that move. AND Fruitcake sales are REALLY down. Some in the know think the host thinks his wife’s new business can carry him so he is lazier and grumpier than ever…..

BREAKING: Don Geronimo Lists Sacramento Home For Sale...

Re: "The value of AM in a big country . . ." I don't know the current situation, but I can remember way back when when driving through or going to farms in rural Minnesota, eastern Dakotas, northern Wisconsin and more, most cars, trucks, and farmers were listening to either a small local station (if close enough) or to WCCO, with some tuned to KSTP.

A 500kW AM signal would certainly get one's attention, but AM remains an extremely inefficient means of broadcast. Not "inefficient" in terms of public opinion and acceptance, but in power utilization. Electronics-Notes.com has a thorough but pessimistic one-page analysis of AM modulation efficiency: www.electronics-notes.com... As big a number as it sounds, going from 50 to 500 kW will just barely double the coverage area (the Inverse Square Law) while sucking up horrendous amounts of electricity better spent elsewhere. FM and Digital modes represent a huge power savings when compared to AM and just flat-out sound better. And no one is doing any serious R&D into AM radio receivers anymore -- that all ended in the early 90s when NRSC AM came along and made the band sound worse. IBOC (digital) AM certainly did nothing to help either. I've been in broadcasting for 42 years and as much as it pains me to say it, it's time to do what the U.K. did and consider bringing down the curtain on AM radio. Give it to the colleges and hobbyists.

OPERATION GRATITUDE:: Get BOOED for a cause - supporting our own Dave Hughes and DCRTV this Halloween for 24 years of covering DC/MD/VA RADIO/TV/MEDIA NEWS. Lets all make a donation TODAY. Signed, The Real AHHHH Legend You can do it via PayPal at paypal.me/dcrtv or send some CASH TREATS to Dave Hughes, 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655

Dave's response: Thank you for the reminder.....

"The value of AM in a big country like the USA" What you say is correct but another challenge for the AM industry is ever rising noise levels from consumer electronics and the likes, especially in high density neighborhoods. Ever listen to AM on the road and get close to an 18-wheeler.

The value of AM in a big country like the USA is that one powerful station can cover an entire state or multiple states. This is useful on long drives of hundreds of miles. Of course technology has advanced, but I think AM radio still has usefulness in rural wide-open spaces. I'm someone who still drives a car with a six-disc CD changer, so what do I know?

Dave's response: There are indeed some places/situations where AM radio is superior like huge wide open spaces in the west or cities that have lots of hills. But in order to take advantage of those advantages, they will need high power levels and "clear channels." Most AM stations across America these days feature low power levels and/or are on already crowded frequencies and/or have very directional antenna systems and/or are daytime-only. If AM radio is to continue in some form, we need to clear the band clutter and switch to a system of broadly regional (not highly local) stations that have omni-directional very powerful signals, like maybe 500kW or more, that can ride above all the electrical interference in most offices and homes.....

The REASON WNAV is interference free is because no one else is interested in broadcasting to the bluefish and crabs in the Chesapeake Bay. Even when they were "That AM Station with 'HFS" I once pointed out that the nighttime signal on WNAV "points straight down the Bay" One of their announcers joked, "We get pretty good ratings among bluefish at night!"

Yeah, it looks like Erin Como is being given more time off for vacation or remote stories and management assigning the meteorologists (sans Tucker) to do her traffic duties. Interesting.

Interesting conclusion coming forth from the Digital Radio & Audio Review (www.gov.uk) commissioned by the U.K. government: "AM — which according to estimates calculated for the Review now accounts for just 3% of all radio listening — has reached the point where the BBC, commercial radio and Ofcom need to prepare for the retirement of national services." Did you get that? The proposition has been put forth to totally and utterly eliminate AM Broadcasting in the United Kingdom. It won't be too terribly long before a similar detailed analysis is done here and we arrive at the same conclusion. Hey Birach: if I were you, I'd sell off everything and invest in a few hundred Jersey Mike's franchises. At least there you can make a buck.

Dave's response: Several European nations, including Ireland, Norway, and the Netherlands, are close to or have already shut down all their AM radio facilities. But, unlike the USA, they are kilometers ahead of the Yanks regarding digital radio broadcasts with a specific digital-only radio band and receivers already on the market. The USA is taking a more "free market," convoluted approach. Yeah, AM will eventually go away over here, but it will be a longer, slower, kinda sad demise.....

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\/ October 27 \/

"So how is this not BOTH a pirate RADIO and TELEVISION station?????" Calm the heck down Peaches. The FCC as a regulatory body with regulatory powers delegated to it by Congress is allowing this under special temporary authority bolstered by the We Don't Have to Check With You Clause. What part of "We say it's okay" do you not get Nancy? Remember the BATF (now with extra "E") for several years said shoestrings were machine guns. True story. Don't get me started on Texas and Delta-8 THC! Gus tired of explaining this stuff over and over

The towers at Greenbury Point, two of them, are actually the same orientation to each other as WNAV’s current ones, but further apart. I don’t have enough engineering skills to know if that makes them unusable or not, but WNAV’s nighttime signal is the only one that is directional, and Greenbury Point does have a 3rd tower if necessary. One caveat is also that the towers are quite a bitt taller than WNAV’s current towers at 182 meters, nearly 600 feet. I didn’t realize that until now and that could be both good and bad. The county is now required to maintain them and the lighting system. A private company offering to do that alone could be part of a deal. I’m surprised they’ve not been used for an LPTV by now. Any signal there however would transmit significantly towards the Eastern shore of Maryland and Delaware also, but AM 1430 has no interference issues in that direction that I can see.

Skirt-wearing WMAL rapist convicted in correctly reported WMAL May 28 bathroom crime spree as correctly reported by WMAL's afternoon guy and misrepresented by a pro-skirt poster here. Apparently the young miscreant identifies as "consent-fluid". Clearly he has been woeWMALfully mistreated by the Loudoun County WMAL Public Schools system. Gus still waiting for that apology

Can someone explain this to me? WDCN is running ATSC 3.0 with The Country Network while still running FM 87.7 radio in analog, but there is NO FCC application on file for this. If you do a WDCN ATSC 3.0 application search in the LMS, NOTHING comes up! So how is this not BOTH a pirate RADIO and TELEVISION station?????

In response to the poster who nailed 980 and it's incompetence. It is obvious to everyone that Chris Kinard could care less about 980 and I'm sure he very seldom listens to what he has on the air. Prime example...Travis somebody followed by Reese somebody. Talk about unlistenable! You think Rooster is bad, check out these 2 shows. No program director with any pride for his station would allow what you hear with these guys. Chris does have pride with 106.7 and the ratings show it. I do dial in from time to time just to hear the callers and subjects, most of which are non sports related. Comic relief, you bet, especially with the callers who have very little command of the English language. It's man this and man that.... Sad to see what was a half way decent sports talk station become a non factor .

I was incorrect slightly on the possibility of WNAV using the Greenbury Point towers for radio transmission as I did not know at the time that one of the towers is actually currently in use by an LPFM , WYZT 104.7, owned by the Anne Arundel County School system and the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts. However AM radio use would require proper fencing and other safety requirements that area residents might not like as well as a ground system that might disrupt the environment even further. But the precedent has been set for the towers to still be used for something so the possibility is at least open.

I agree entirely with the post on the disaster that is the Team 980. Other than Sheehan, who is a good sports talk host (though his head is stuck in 1983 and he thinks all people care about is the Redskins), the station is drek. I've seen the comment made that Audacy turned 980 into a "minor league" station as regards the major league 106.7 FM station. I think "little league" station is more appropriate. Just garbage. And having said that, 106.7 is bad too. The Junkies still have chemistry but are getting old and are completely out of touch with the great majority of local sports fans. The remainder of the station pales in comparison to top notch sports talk stations in other big markets. I mean Grunt and Dummy in afternoon drive? Are you serious? Can't we PLEASE have a couple of shows that actually engage in INTELLIGENT sports talk? The program director must be a complete idiot.

Is there a tougher listen in town than Russell and Medherst in afternoon/evening drive on The Team 980? "My brain is killing me," Rooster (Russell) declared Tuesday evening. Yours does? Try being one of your listeners, bud. Audacy has done the unthinkable: It has screwed something up worse than Daniel Snyder, who once owned WTEM under his Red Zebra company. Worse than Dan Snyder. Such incompetence will make one's brain hurt, much like listening to The Rooster try to get a thought out. The daytime lineup – which once featured strong & respected voices like Coach John Thompson, Brian Mitchell, Doc Walker, "Smokin'" Al Koken and Al Galdi – is utterly unremarkable. Just sell it to someone who values the legacy of 980, or shut it down.

As Battle With Cumulus Continues, Bongino Placed In Best-Of On Radio While Continuing Podcast... radioinsight.com: ...Bongino has realized he is on the losing end of this battle. Most of the lawsuits challenging the validity of the mandates have so far been denied. But Bongino’s comments regarding his regret over signing a long-term contract spotlights what may really be in play here. Multiple sources indicate that Bongino does not enjoy hosting a three hour daily show and had been looking for ways to cut back to the hour long length of his podcast and video shows with no success. He can’t quit as Cumulus likely would keep him under contract preventing Bongino to work anywhere else in radio leaving this battle as a way to try to force Cumulus to let him out of his contract.

"As a matter of fact there hasn’t even any Mike Omeara posts either when there used to be almost everytime the mailbag was updated." People have either lost interest in talking about a show run by a waterheaded hack with a fat-fingered incompetent running the board that can't seem to settle on a time and thinks working 4 days a week (at most) is a way to market paid content, or they're not interested in listening to it anymore. Smart money says many (well, dozens given their small listener base) have joined me in freeing themselves by no longer listening. Gus looking out for the folks and reminding them that buying Bonus Shows or God forbid fruitcakes is what suckers do

How bad was the cyber attack against Sinclair? WJLA 24/7 (RIP Newschannel 8) hasn’t been running their newscasts for a couple weeks now. On Tuesday at 10:00 they’re running a repeat of a pre-taped 7 on your side special instead of their normal 10pm news. With the World Series going on, they have the 10pm slot all to themselves but it looks like they must still be having major issues. I haven’t checked this week but last week they were running the syndicated Live Desk national newscast as opposed to local news in the 7am hour. Also, Bill Kelly and Doug Kammerer have the best gigs in town as they both almost literally phone it in by working from home on their respective late evening newscasts, even if they’re in studio for the early evening shows. Must be nice. Over at FOX5, Erin Como is off more and more. Maybe she got approved for the Sue Palka four-day workweek.

/\ October 27 /\

\/ October 26 \/

I don’t know what the agenda is here, but for a few weeks I’ve seen little to no Big 100/Don Geronimo posts. Maybe I’ve missed something or a previous post that none would be posted but when it was announced that Donny G was coming back, there were a ton of posts. Now hardly any and it’s only hate posts. I don’t believe it for a minute. And dont say cause the show sucks or it’s old etc etc As a matter of fact there hasn’t even any Mike Omeara posts either when there used to be almost everytime the mailbag was updated. If you don’t like Don back on, don’t listen but the show sounds great and he hasn’t missed a beat. Ratings will show. Glad to Donny g back on DC radio.

"it is in the courts now. That is how it is supposed to work." Yes the WMAL May 28 assault is in the courts now, which is why the same alleged assailant was wearing an ankle WMAL bracelet during the alleged October 6 WMAL assault. Dunno what you're saying about Seth WMAL Rich, he was shot in the back and not robbed. You do the Vince Foster math. The takeaway I'm getting is that you have a huge throbbing epic boner for WMAL and you keep posting these promos for WMAL It's like you see WMAL where it doWMALesn't exist.. Gus has your boner on his radar

Are we not going to discuss Wendy's Glasses? What do you think The big Boss Man Mike thought when she walked into the newsroom with the Red Lenses?

RE: WTOP and the Loudoun rape story: Youngkin is going to win because parents are mad at idiots like you. Pat yourself on the back and put another nail in Biden’s coffin. WTOP’s story was spot on, but it doesn’t explain your madness.

What’s the story with Andy Pollins producer? Lauren Durnham (sp) is good enough to do her own college football show but there is little interest in this area for three hours of SEC football. They have her doing gambling commercials all day which seems like a waste of talent.

What kind of father would, for purely political reasons, lie and put his daughter out there? First, the boy was not wearing a skirt, as WMAL falsely reported. The daughter had relations with the boy prior, which the father most likely knew, but used a delicate family situation, to further a lie for political fame. The LCPS called the Sheriff's Office to investigate, the Sheriff's Office investigated, as the law states, and it is in the courts now. That is how it is supposed to work. By Dad and Ian Prior going public, damage was done to the daughter though. There was no reason to go public here, Dad, and Ian Prior made a real ass of himself making this assault political. Did Ian Prior, a "concerned parent," care about the implications of his public lies and how it would affect a 15 year old girl? Did Ian, the "concerned parent," ever think of how his public accusations would ultimately hurt the girl in question? The daughter will most likely need mental health help, for the boys actions against her, her father's actions in making her admit publicly prior indiscretions, and Ian Prior's actions in making this private matter public and lieing about the facts. Dad, You didn't protect your daughter, and father of the year you are not. It is a shame this situation, with all the dirty laundry, went public. The daughter will most definitely be taunted the rest of her high school years. For what, Vince, Ian, Dad? Like the fake Seth Rich story, WMAL WENT TO FAR HERE. wtop.com

Biden reportedly set to name new FCC Chair and Dem to fill vacant seat as soon as today. Perhaps this will make the poster who's constantly bellyaching on this site STFU. www.insideradio.com: With the clock running out on her term at the Federal Communications Commission, Acting FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel is reportedly set to be nominated to lead the agency. The New York Times and Politico report President Biden will announce his pick of Rosenworcel to head the agency, as soon as today. If confirmed, she would become the first woman to ever lead the agency on a permanent basis...

To get more listeners and save his job on BIG100, how long will it be before Don Geronimo starts playing hits from this rock band RAGE AGAINST THE VACCINE?

Dave, this is an official response to a PA viewer regarding the Sinclair Ransomeware problem affecting many stations nationwide. www.avsforum.com... And I’ll decode that pic. local21news.com

""Two protest organizers, who were not named because they are working for the FBI..." FIFY. Someone's got a huge raging boner for Larry O'Connor (note correct spelling). Gus Famous Boner Inspector

/\ October 26 /\

\/ October 25 \/

Funny that the guy trashing WMAL and AM RADIO never noticed how long they haven’t even been on AM radio! BUSTED! What a freaking hack! At least thank you for revealing your total lack of credibility before stuffing your foot in your mouth and God knows what else up your ass! Someone else actually needs a life it seems. Hehe.

I didn’t notice this myself, but someone just told me that WNUV 54 is airing the same syndicated show repeatedly each day because their ransomeware situation is still not resolved at Sinclair and they cannot download new episodes apparently on their system. So the fun continues on TV Hill for Sinclair. I just thought that would help you sleep better Dave. :-) — BaltoMedia

According to folks up in southern PA, Sinclair owned WHP 21 has lost MyTV and CW Networks on the sub-channels and instead showing Jewelry TV and other pay programming. I guess they’re still refusing to pay. hehe

Someone posted on DCRTV that AM Radio was "Pretty Much Dead". I disagree, AM Radio, is TOTALLY DEAD! You need to bury it! Sorry WMAL. Maybe in your next life.......

You can hear the spark from static electricity when you touch your car in the winter. Anyone who's fiddled with a stun gun has seen (heard) a medium sized version of this phenomenon. Yes I know you're hearing an *induced* sound in the radio. Similarly you can hear the effluent from many home security systems by walking past the house with an AM radio, the burglar's buddy. Gus just sayin'

People who quote Rolling Stone for factual news deserve to be in an Alec Baldwin western. Is Rolling Stone still writing that Joe Biden is not senile too?

Despite being grossly obnoxious, “Gus” is correct. You can “hear thunder without a radio”. Just think about it for a moment.

Dave's response: Didn't Fleetwood Mac say that "thunder only happens when it's raining." Not true.....

From Rolling Stone: "Two protest organizers, who were not named because they are cooperating with the House select committee’s investigation into the insurrection, told Rolling Stone on Sunday that “a dozen” GOP lawmakers or their teams were involved in planning briefings about objecting to the certification of President Joe Biden’s election victory over former President Donald Trump. Those named include Rep. Paul Gosar and Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina, Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas, and Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama.". Interesting to note, most of these Congress members were frequent guests on Larry O'Conner's show prior to the insurrection. Mo Brooks also subbed for Chris Plante the week after Christmas, and talked heavily about the then upcoming rally. He also had Louie Gohmert And Paul Gosar as guests on the program to talk about the stolen election and the rally. BTW, a conversation between Andy Biggs and Larry O'Conner in December has been removed from WMALs website.

Is ex- DC area radio personality Matthew Blades quitting radio? radioinsight.com

It bears mentioning that you can hear thunder without a radio. Those of you with fancy phones can stream radio without lightning. It's not quite the IGY but it's pretty good. Cousin Brucie, unlike Jefferson, still lives! Gus jobs in radio not my scene

Dave's response: You just don't get it, Gus. It's NOT the thunder you hear on AM radio, it's the lightning! You can HEAR the lightning!!!!! How cool is that?!?!?!.....

/\ October 25 /\

\/ October 24 \/

RE: WKCW power - 22,000w day, 60w night, with different patterns. Essentially a daytimer.

RE: WJLA 7/WUSA 9 signal problems. Nextgen work is feverishly going on at the Fort Reno multi-station tower housing WHUT 32 so every TV station from there will be on lower power to protect workers on the tower at certain times. No 30 day notice has been given to the FCC I’m told nor to viewers, so don’t expect it until December at the earliest unless they broadcast a warning this coming week. What they have on their website is not sufficient notice I’m told by somebody in the know. WHUT is also supposed to boost power to 416 kw at the same time. The tower houses the following stations: WJLA, WUSA, WETA (ironically not included in the Nextgen rollout), WHUT, WJAL, WHUR-FM, WCSP-FM, WASH-FM, and WLVW-FM. So you could be getting a weaker signal for any of these during construction. Just ponder that thought. They ALL have to power down, including WETA not included in the Nextgen TV launch! Sinclair, as always, is tight lipped about what it’s launching on WIAV 58, which is actively broadcasting ATSC 3.0 but mostly testing using TBD and some educational IP stuff, etc. My thinking is that Sinclair will use WIAV for a test broadcast for Congress and/or the President in some hearing or event before launching WETA and WDCW and WFDC in NextGen end of year or early 2022. — Balto-Media.com

A memory of WUSA I believe Gordon Peterson was anchor then it was a bitter cold strectch of weather I believe winter in 2013 they erected a desk carved with ice and broadcast portions of the news outdoors Coolest thing I ever saw with local news all the good news reporters are gone rarely watch local news anymore.

/\ October 24 /\

\/ October 23 \/

Why has Fox 45 cut it's live news casts length in half?

Dave's response: Probably has something to do with the recent ransomware attack on Sinclair. I read that a lot of their stations are having major outage and glitch problems.....

Dave, blahblahDOTcom and www.blahblahDOTcom are two separate addresses. One could point to kitten pictures and the other could point to North Korean missile control. Gus still gainfully unemployed in radio

Does anyone remember the famous Guy LeGuy incident on channel 9 with Gordon Peterson and Glenn Brenner? There was a snow storm, and for some reason they couldn’t interview a Caps player, so someone had the idea to have Gordon Peterson come on and play the role of a French-Canadian hockey player named Guy LeGuy. Apparently, it was quite funny. It was before I was born, but man, would I love to see/hear that news clip. :) Moop

1430wnav.com is working. At least it was at 2:30 this afternoon broadcasting Navy Football

Dave's response: If you go to www.1430wnav.com it doesn't work. But if you go to 1430wnav.com it does. Go figure.....

WUSA is definitely broadcasting at lower signal strength Ive had problems on and off not recieving it I have a small Terk antenna with both UHF and rabbit ears elements for VHF and you can adjust the length of the VHF elements. Antenna is on a stand in the backyard not on the roof which Im sure would improve reception but I rent not going to mess with that and I know VHF is weaker but WJLA CH 7 comes in strong but after shortening the elements and fiddling with antenna this morning I can get it but at around 48 to 56% signal strength I also have a distribution amplifier indoors so no signal is lost because antenna feeds 3 devices but what I just noticed when I go to stream last nights CBS shows with the app on my Amazon Fire Stick because my DVD recorder couldn,t detect a signal so the 3 shows I tried to record were ruined it requires a code from your cable or sattelite provider to watch shows a day after they air I just have wifi no cable/sattelite usually after a week after the show has aired you can stream with no problem yet the CBS app on my android smartphone will allow me to watch last nights CBS shows so what they do try to con people on the Fire Stick and Im sure Roku to is to subscribe to Paramount+ pay to watch CBS shows the morning after they air slick.Also its unpredictable 1420 WKCW some days on the air other days no and to the threads of AM dying AM has such unique reception characteristics many stations like 1420 that come in good in the day must reduce power or even go off the air at night meaning as the days get shorter if your'e not real close to the station you can,t listen more than half the time unless you stream I think WKCW is 10,000 watts daytime like 40 watts at night and WKCW is weird you can,t stream it don,t get how they even make money no commercials its not listener supported like NPR or WETA classical music.But when it comes in best variety of 60s 70s 80s And you cant access WNAV 1430 website any more its gone. Yesterday they were playing music around 1PM heard Smokey Robinson oo Baby Baby David Rufin My Whole World Ended from the 60s lets see what they do with the music if they even keep it when the new owners take over.

Elon Musk’s net worth is $242 billion. Portugal annual GDP is $228 billion. To keep things in appreciative perspective, let's all make a $20 donation to DCRTV Dave this weekend. Signed, The Real AHHHH. Legend. You can donate via PayPal at paypal.me/dcrtv or send some dough to Dave Hughes, 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655

Looks like Erin Como is pulling a “Doreen Gentzler” these days of not working a whole work week. Mike & the other new meteorologist are now doing weather AND traffic more and more. Look, if they’re looking to promote Erin to an anchor position or some other non-traffic position, just hire another traffic person. I’m sure the meteorologists didn’t sign on to do traffic.

DCRTV Dave asked about the timeline of the 99.1 call signs. Here we go. In 1983, the estate of Henry Rau flipped the calls from WNAV-FM to WLOM-FM. Five weeks later the -FM was dropped. Later that year, when the Rau estate sold WNAV & WLOM to Jake Einstein, who relaunched the progressive format, the station became WHFS. Jake sold WHFS to Duchossois in 1989. In 1993, the station was sold to Liberty Broadcasting. Subsequently, WHFS was sold to SFX, then to 1996 CBS, which later merged with Infinity. The progressive format came to an end in 2005, when the station went Spanish, using the WZLL (El Zol) call sign for a week before changing to WLZL. In December 2011, CBS moved El Zol to the newly-purchased 107.9, and launched the ill-fated all-news format on 99.1 with the WNEW-FM calls. In 2016, CBS abruptly cancelled all-news, leasing the station to the Bloomberg News network, under the WDCH-FM call sign.

"Dave [Johnson] was doing DC United on Wednesday night." Reminds me of the apocryphal story about Elton John or Rod Stewart. Gus, mind in the gutter

NEWS! From radioinsight.com: Family Stations and Relevant Radio are swapping excess signals in Baltimore and Orlando. Family Stations will send 750 WBMD Baltimore MD to Relevant Radio for 1190 WAMT Pine Castle-Sky Lake/Orlando FL. The deal marks an entry into each market for the acquirer, while Family Stations retains 860 WFSI/106.9 W295BX Baltimore and Relevant Radio holds 1080 WHOO Winter Park/104.7 W284DM Kissimmee in Orlando. Relevant Radio had been operating under the Immaculate Heart Media name until earlier this year...

/\ October 23 /\

\/ October 22 \/

Who knows an HD radio? Most cars now have it built in. I get multiple HD stations in my car.

Posters need to remember that WNAV's 99.9 FM translator is NOT included in the sale. Sajak doesn't own it. Hope Christian Church of Marlton, NJ is the licensee. That's not to say WNAV's new owners won't strike a deal to lease it at a later time.

Dave [Johnson] was doing DC United on Wednesday night. The announcers are not traveling so there is no issue entering Canada right now.

The Don Geronimo Show::Fish rots from the head down and that stench you already smell is coming from Dustin Matthews, newly appointed [2020] Director of Rock Programming for iHeartMedia Washington DC and Jeff Kapugi, Region Senior Vice President of Programming for iHeartMedia Washington, D.C. who blindly hired Don Geronimo / Mike Sorce on WBIG-FM for all the wrong reasons. Not since Alec Baldwin's accidental discharge [ if it fires, its a real gun. Blanks have gunpowder ] has a person[s] made a greater career mistake. One, in the interview process, Matthews should have first told Sorce that iHeartMedia IS NOT looking for big ole' blast from the past' nostalgia programming on WBIG-FM.Two, the name of the show would be The NEW Don Geronimo Show - all fresh and new daily content - no lazy 'remember when' DJ shit or old-ass guests. [ Mike Sorce would have never taken the job if he knew he had to work ] Three, all Matthews & Kapugi had to do was trust the numbers [70% of classic rock listeners are male, and around 75% of listeners are aged 25-54 years old. Recent data has also shown surprising (and steady) growth in the 18-24-year-old age range.] Four, based upon the sad, unlistenable Don Geronimo Show/Podcast, Matthews & Kapugi should have hired a much younger and relatable DJ. Let us guess, Matthews [early 30's] grew up listening to D&M blah! blah! blah! [Camo Dave Hughes is still the best PD I have ever known]

In what has to be one of the most jarring format changes ever listened to, WNSH-FM 94.7 in New York (Newark NJ) switched from mainstream Country to Classic Hip Hop today. They will continue to run a Country format on the HD channel, but as stated here more than once, who the f*** owns an HD radio?

Dave's response: Cumulus should have put WPLJ (previously on 95.5 before they sold it to EMF for K-Love) back on the NYC radio dial on 94.7.....

I’m not as old as Dave Hughes, but even I have great old AM radio memories as a child. At the beach in Ocean City, Top 40 was AM 1590 (16 then) and because of the salt water, often NY and Philly stations could be picked up right on the beach. Growing up in Baltimore city, my Dad’s ’65 Chevy Impala had no FM radio in it, so I always put on WCAO 60 Top 40, while Dad would switch it to WCBM 68 or WBAL Radio 11. But our next door neighbor was cool. He always listened to WFBR 13 in the mornings, so each morning I would run next door and eat toast there and listen to Johnny Walker before school. On the weekends I remember the very last of the serials on AM radio. WITH 123 would replay old radio serials & mysteries late at night on Sunday nights. My mother always listened to them as a kid so she wanted me to learn about them because they really stir your mind’s creativity, something that is missing today where everything is visual and in your face. You had to have an imagination back then to listen to them. — BaltoMedia.net

Dave's response: More childhood memories. In the late-1960s, driving south on I-95 from NJ to Bowie to visit my dad's sister's family, dad tuned the AM-only car radio to the sappy middle-of-the-road tunes on 1090 to the great displeasure of me and my sister who would have preferred 600.....

Dave Johnson was missing from the Wiz "radio party" broadcast on Wednesday night. There was no mention made of his absence at the outset of the broadcast, except to say he would be back for Friday's game. Was he not allowed entry to Canada? He was doing the sports on WTOP on Thursday morning. - Tom in Wheaton

"Who wants an AM station in thunderstorm-prone Florida?!!" Ah, Florida! The Thunderstorm State, the Big Apple, the Dark Continent. There are at least 405 AM stations in Florida. RadiostationnetDOTcom Gus still not working in radio

Dave's response: My childhood memories in South Jersey listening to Philly top 40 outlets WFIL 560 AM and WIBG 990 AM and hearing all the thunderstorm static during Jackson 5's "ABC" and the Osmond Brothers' "One Bad Apple".....

WBMD AM 750 is diplexed with WFSI 860’s one tower right now. WAMT 1190 is not diplexed with anybody, nor will it be. Family Radio will simply just own it and run it with their own network programming on its 2 towers that create a contour that does cover Orlando city at least in its entirety day and night. Orlando is not so much a very big Catholic market, so I would agree with Relevant getting the better deal as Baltimore still has a very strong Catholic community being the oldest Diocese in the nation. Bad news for WHUT 32’s Nextgen TV rollout. While it’s still going to happen, it appears as if the new transmitter and power increase to 416kw has been put on hold for unknown reasons, and all the Nextgen channels in DC will be stuck at 100kw for awhile, good enough for a decent signal around most of DC, but not as easy a catch way out there. It will replicate WJLA ABC 7 and WUSA 9 just fine or maybe still better, but it definitely will not replicate WRC 4 or WTTG Fox 5’s 1000 kw signals by any stretch.

/\ October 22 /\

\/ October 21 \/

The Family Radio transfer paperwork for WBMD swap for WAMT Orlando has been posted. In both cases the Catholics and Protestants will diplex each other's stations at both sites. WBMD fcc.gov... WAMT fcc.gov... Oh yes... Here is WNAV's fcc.gov... I think the Catholics got a better deal. Who wants an AM station in thunderstorm-prone Florida?!!

Regarding WNAV's needed move, the non-directional daytime site could move to WYRE's Silopanna Rd (Spa Creek) site for a diplex arrangement.. There are three problems though.. (1) the perimeter would need to be expanded to account for the added 5kw of RF, (2) the ground radials would need to be rehabilitated, (3) the current transmitter shack is in rough shape ... it needs replacement. AM 810 is more of a hobby for WRNR's owner. Some things work, others don't . If the FCC does away with skywave nighttime protection then WYRE could be 24x7. (Right now even the automated signon/signoff scheduling is messed up as it might be set up for EST, not EDT. The audio processing could also use tweaking. Still, it's nice to hear oldies on AM radio in its original audio quality.) Oh yes, WGY 810 at night often kicks into HD mode reception in the Metro area thanks to one-hop skywave. As for a nighttime solution for WNAV using several towers- .Good luck!

WNAV could use a short antenna made by Valcom. Interesting AM Broadcast Antennas – Part 1: WIRY and WZBR | SDL Labs (wordpress.com) These antennas can be placed in many locations where a conventional antenna can not. Night power would be low, and the translator would have to be located at a different place, but is one option. These can be used by stations above 1200 KHz. Walt Barcus

AM dying? I dunno Dave. Hope not. WFMD 930 in Frederick is pretty vibrant and has weathered the death of Rush better than WMAL. WPRO 630 in RI comes to mind also. WABC 770 in NY is probably a special case. I only know these stations because I sought out programming they carry; there must be more. Of course there's MedFER, the medium frequency experimental band, but I've never worked in radio. Gus

Re: WUST Washington and WQLL Baltimore did not show up in the most recent ratings.

RE: BIN: Does anyone know how WUST and WQLL are doing with the Black Information Network?

/\ October 21 /\

\/ October 20 \/

Dave, I beg you not to post any more messages from anti-vaxxers or you will become just another part of the truly benighted minority in the country ruining our exit from the COVID scourge. Pretty please? There are lives at stake. Max Critic

Longtime Delmarva talker Duke Brooks exits WGMD. post.futurimedia.com

Man, did I junior high slow dance the shit out of “Knights In White Satin” Hey folks, IT'S WHIP 'EM OUT WEDNESDAY [wow] where supportive listeners like us, WHIP-OUT our wallets and make a PayPal donation to DCRTV. DO IT NOW-WOW! Camo Dave on PayPal www.paypal.me/dcrtv... [Disclaimer: Even though I send Dave cash, I'm not a financial advisor. However, history charts have shown that making a regular donation to DCRTV is a much better return on investment than - fruitcake!]

Is it an absolute given that WNAV will ditch live-&-local and lay up the music service?

Yes, the tower location is a challenge for WNAV. But the bigger story is the death of the last full time locally programmed AM in the area. I suspect that Pat Sajak was subsidizing the operation, especially during the virus when radio sales tanked. But through it all, they were all local, with 1.5 news folks, live AM and PM drive, Bob Duckman and nightimes and most weekends voice tracked . . . but all of it local. This music service will likely mean bye bye Duckman, afternoon drive which has been live, Sat mid days which has been live with lots of remotes, and weekend evenings which have been voicetracked. THAT is the big loss in the WNAV sale. Don't forget, they have a small repeater on 99.9, which is also on the current towers, which will need a new home, and it will need to be very near to the city to cover it. And just tonight, their website is gone. Another real radio station is dead. The last fully local AM in the DC market. And sold for $1,000.

Dave's response: Take a look at Warrenton and Winchester, where local radio has or soon will be making a complete exit. Frederick could be next. Get ready to join the club Annapolis. The inept FCC has done everything it could do to kill off local radio, particularly in suburban and exurban areas around major metros, by allowing gigantic corporate media entities to buy up all those regional signals and move them into the huge nearby metros to be be part of six or seven station mega clusters with largely remote controlled formats. And let's face it. Even in small towns, AM is pretty much dead. We should, by now, have a dedicated digital radio band (like Europe) and let all the interference prone AMers move there. But nope. Instead the FCC pushed for "HD Radio" which stupidly shares the already jammed 88-108 FM band between analog and digital signals. A sad joke from a corrupt commission.....

I do believe that the failed and rudderless FCC will approve the WDVM 25 application to move nearer to DC even though I pointed out all the lost viewers right around Hagerstown very close to the city line! I predict the feckless FCC will approve it in the interest of corporate greed because Nexstar is a good liberal news servant in the public interest regardless of wanting to NOT cover their OWN CITY OF LICENSE, which is now a meaningless thing in the licensing process and just a checkmark to click on. I know several complaints from actual locations in Hagerstown who will LOSE reception that have filed complaints to the FCC that have been either dismissed or just filed away to never be investigated. This is the REAL Deep State. They know better than you Hagerstown. You don’t deserve a TV license or newspaper as much as Washington, DC does. YOU ARE LESS IMPORTANT TO US! And to the person wishing COVID deaths on anti-VAXXERS, I’d say there’s a special place in hell for you, but obviously you’re an atheist, so I’ll just say I’ll be happy to piss on you rotting in the ground instead in a Halloween costume. I’m vaxxed. but I know several people that have gotten COVID twice now, and I understand why health professionals know they are better protected WITHOUT the vaccine from simple anti-body tests. Why does the media pretend that you can’t get this test at many CVS locations? I’m not getting a Booster Shot until I’m allowed an anti-body test because I’m tired of being a guinea pig for The Deep State. Also the vaccine almost killed my Dad w/ 5 strokes and a heart attack right after the 2nd shot, so it’s personal now and he will never get another one since the doctors found no other cause other than the VACCINE ITSELF!

Dave's response: How many righty talkers have refused the vaccine and have since joined Rush on the other side? Just sayin'.....

/\ October 20 /\

\/ October 19 \/

I was reading MediaPost today and saw this, "In other Gannett-related news, the company has sold its Herald-Mail property in Hagerstown, Maryland, to the Hagerstown-Washington County Industry Foundation for $5 million." Although this is not related, is there anything new on WDVM's application to move their transmitter nearer to DC?

Breaking Dumb-Ass News:: Taking an ill-advised risk in a pandemic that has killed more than 726,000 Americans, Dennis Prager, 74, a conservative Christian anti-masker, anti-vaxxer national radio host, revealed on his radio show that he is infected with Covid-19 and says that he wanted to catch the disease by "hugging thousands". Prager tested positive for COVID-19 days after appearing at a campaign event in Colorado for Republican gubernatorial candidate Heidi Ganahl. 1] which one of his 3 marriages w/o conceiving kids was the holy, blessed one? 2] Oh, Baby Jesus Christ O'Mighty. Take this high profile conservative radio fool home too just like you have 7 other conservative radio hosts and counting including Dick Farrel, Phil Valentine, Bob Enyart, and Marc Bernier. #DeathIsACovidSideEffect #DumbPeopleMustPay #SalemRadioNetworkGoToHell #BeSpirtualNotReligious

Just noticed something interesting today. WRDE NBC Coast TV in Milton, DE is now running more local news hours than Scripps owned WMAR ABC 2 in Baltimore! Now THAT is embarrassing for Scripps!

Hey Dave, just to cheer you up, Sinclair is having a major hack, ransomware, & data Breech this week. Has anyone noticed problems with WJLA ABC 7? I’m told WBFF Fox 45 is having graphics issues and other news broadcast issues and the WNUV feeds to WBAL, WMPT, & WMAR all failed for a time in ATSC 1.0. Still waiting on someone to clue me in on the Baltimore NextGen feeds which Sinclair operates on the WNUV channel. Apparently, this affect some other Sinclair stations in other markets too. It must be bad because even Brian Stelter (the least watched Santa-sized American during the holidays) chimed in with a story about it with Holiday glee. Also WBMD traded for a station in Florida, soon Catholic religious from the same WFSI 860 tower….. Baltomedia.net

Probably is the same building in the pic Dave as the FM antenna is still atop one of the towers even though it’s no longer in use. That’s also what makes it silly to continue to own the land for just an AM radio station. WDCH 99.1’s tower is much closer to DC now It’s a good thing that Sajak owns it, because no other company would be assisting anyone with a loan to keep the station on the air. Certainly not Vince Klepac! (You can edit out the last line if there’s a complaint Dave) LOL

I was wrong and I apologize. "Kc" was said and also = "Kilohertz". In other news, odd that someone would buy a radio station (WNAV) even for $1,000 without a plan for an antenna. Let's wait and see how that shakes out rather than waste valuable letters on speculation. Gus it happens

Dave's response: "Kc" is just fine to use instead of kHz. Technically it means "kilocycles per second." That frequency portion is already included in the "kiloHertz" term. Or something like that. Whatever.....

Re WNAV: stick a tower on Hackett Point. Even at 1kw, that signal will hit the Bahamas. Screw everyone else at 1430 between here and there!

This might be old news, but did 93.3 WFLS-FM in Fredericksburg stop broadcasting their HD signal?

“I am all for retiring Sean Taylor’s number. But, to do it with only three days’ notice? He is the one good memory most fans under 40 have.” That seemed to ignite a firestorm on DC sports radio last week, in particular the midday show hosted by J.P. Finlay and Brian Mitchell on 106.7 The Fan. But I was almost certain that the controversy wouldn’t be so much about the short notice but rather the fact that Taylor’s only the third past member of the Washington Football Team to have his number retired, behind only Sammy Baugh and Bobby Mitchell and ahead of not just the four Hall of Fame players from the glory years of the 80s and early 90s - John Riggins, Art Monk, Darrell Green and Russ Grimm - but such legends as Sonny Jurgenson, Sam Huff, Joe Theismann, Joe Jacoby, Dexter Manley and Gary Clark. As far as Taylor’s concerned, the team’s fan base (not to mention portions of the local media) seems to have elevated him almost to sainthood since his life was abruptly cut short in 2007, but I well remember a column that appeared in the Washington Post back then where Michael Wilbon argued that while sad, Taylor’s violent death in Miami wasn’t all that surprising considering the lifestyle he led and the crowd he hung out with. I can perhaps understand fans under 40 lacking the proper knowledge of or appreciation for this franchise’s proud history and tradition, but for those old enough to remember the Super Bowl titles not to raise a ruckus over their heroes being bypassed for jersey retirement in favor of a player who was with the team for less than four seasons and won just one playoff game is nothing short of stunning (980’s Kevin Sheehan being the only member of the DC sports media who I’ve heard allude to that fact).

WNAV, having towers on very expensive land in the Annapolis area means that from a real estate perspective, there is literally NO place they’re building any towers for WNAV, not even ONE! So I think they need to start looking at diplexing options with stations that already have multiple towers. Near Annapolis there are really none. But AM 1430 is not one of the most crowded frequencies. WNAV is 5000 watts non-directional daytime. The strongest 1430 is 10kw in Newark NJ, but 4 towers directional to the coast. This is what WNAV needs, but no Annapolis area station can provide this nor is it possible to build such a thing anymore. I don’t think any DC area AMer can help out either, but several Baltimore stations could possibly. AM 1590 WFBR is one possibility. WQLL’s sites has this shoot to the coast nighttime signal. WFBR needs some financial help just working on its own site, but it does have 5 towers still standing that could use some help. AM 1590 also has no conflicts towards the coast anymore with AM 1590 in OC and AM 1600 in Delaware long gone now. But the engineering studies alone will be costly. The Greenbury Point old Naval Academy towers are an interesting option, but having park zoning currently, I cannot imagine the nimbys allowing those towers to be fenced off as they would have to be, especially since previous government fencing around them has long ago probably been already removed. For those wondering, here are the WNAV towers and site. www.google.com

Dave's response: I was looking at the building on your Google link, wasn't this Weasel pic taken there back in 1983 or so when WHFS (formerly WLOM) was studioed at that site?

"How long..." is a Chinaman. "The killer cycles the killer hertz. The passage of my life is measured out in shirts." Get over yourself genius. Kilocycle = kilohertz. What's next, gray and grey? Colour and color? Anyway, you are the first person to use the term "kilocycle" on this page. Stop being a dewsh. Gus gettin' too old for this ess

/\ October 19 /\

\/ October 18 \/

How long has the poster writing about Annapolis radio been in a coma? Never has there been so much misinformation in a single post. Kilocycles hasn't been used to designate frequencies in decades. In the 21st Century, and for years earlier, frequency is measured in kiloHertz. The Greenbury Point towers are not a viable option for WNAV. Retuning two towers and detuning the third would be a monumental monetary and engineering challenge, not to mention whether or not those antennas have any ground system. WANN is just another example of real estate being more valuable than the station and towers that once stood there. See also 570, 630 and 1390. WYRE still transmits from Silopanna Road although the studios/offices moved away years ago. WLOM-FM (the original WNAV-FM, 99.1) has never been located in Kent Island. After changing hands a few times, the station is now WDCH, licensed to Audacy, and being leased to Bloomberg, transmits from Bowie. The station has changed calls five times since it was last WLOM in 1983. Those calls are now held by a station in Marlton, New Jersey. As for Annapolis not having an airport, who cares? Back to sleep for you, Rip Van Winkle.

Dave's response: What was it 1983? When Jake Einstein bought Annapolis's 99.1 to resurrect WHFS, the call letters were still WLOM and Weasel had a lot of fun with that. He branded them as meaning you'll "love our music".....

Is former WBFF disgruntled meteorologist Steve Fertig now selling “Walk In Bath Tubs?” I’m left wondering after a message I got from him. I always giggle when self-designated important people get duped by the simplest of internet cons to promote something. But maybe he’s in need of a Walk In Bath Tub after being kicked to the curb by Baltimore’s Fox 45? LOL

Bongino - Roid-ragers goes on big publicity stunt. Talk to anyone at cumulus and they'll tell you the ratings for Dan's show have been a disaster company-wide. Limbaugh held up the industry, Dan can't hold an audience. Fox, in bed with cumulus to spread the costs around, is having a similar problem. They tried promoting him all week and it didn't make a difference. Both would be happy to get rid of him. Dan knows this. A source close to him says Dan has decided to see if he can get fired for something other than failure to atract an audience to save face. Doing a podcast is a lot easier than doing radio, and simply being "Dan Bongino" isn't enough to interest people. Being big on social media doesn't make you good.

How big a fan of DCRTV is Audacy? So much so that as part of national station flips, they just re-branded legendary San Francisco Alt 105.3 as Dave FM. Totally Random Radio. Our own Dave Hughes should become the face & voice of Dave FM. Perhaps a Dave FM music Podcast on the Audacy platform? Display ad on DCRTV too. Sorta like 'Jake from State Farm,' but a real DAVE who LOVES radio and SPEAKS its language. #WOW #SupportDCRTV

Dave's response: There is a Dave "blokes" cable TV network in the UK. There are also quite a few other Dave FM classic hits outlets in places like Butte and Helena, Montana, Southern Utah, Atlanta, and Kitchener, Ontario, just to name a few.....

NEWS! Baltimore-based Sinclair Broadcast Group hit by ransomware attack... www.cnn.com: Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBGI), one of the largest TV station operators in the US, said Monday that a ransomware incident had disrupted some of its office and operational networks. "[T]he event has caused -- and may continue to cause -- disruption to parts of the company's business, including certain aspects of its provision of local advertisements by its local broadcast stations on behalf of its customers," the company said in a press release posted to the Securities and Exchange Commission website. Sinclair began investigating the incident on Saturday, and on Sunday identified "certain servers and workstations in its environment were encrypted with ransomware," the statement said...

Fox 45 Baltimore... Why is the AM news on Fios showing an encore presentation of the previous evening’s news both Sunday and now Monday morning ?

/\ October 18 /\

\/ October 17 \/

Reskins post game radio is just not as enjoyable after loses anymore. You used to almost hear mortuary music during the interviews. And the announcers, would let callers vent and agree with the negative calls. Now Smoot and Jackson are so upbeat and team defenders. I know the game time radio trio checks all the boxes (Black former Jock, a woman, and young Jewish guy) but they are really bad. Good drinking game is do a shot every time Julie squeezes in radio plugs whenever she can. You will be bombed by halftime. It really is over 60% of her words in the broadcast. The worst is the way Bram sounds like he is having an orgasm on every good Redskin play. OOBBEE

"Your station playing a perfectly balanced blend of researched music, surrounded with crisp production and presented 24/7 by award-winning, major market talent. RFC Media and Envision Networks® have gone all in to deliver a young, up-tempo presentation of Classic Hits, targeted squarely at adults from 35 to 44. Going for maximum coverage, this is the latest addition to the SuiteRadio roster of 24-hour broadcast formats called The MAXX." Sounds like my gut as a listener who never worked in radio got it right. Sad. But who's the person with the speech impediment? Gus takes no pleasure in this

Accidentally tuned in The Washington Football teams broadcast today against Kansas City. What the heck has happened to Professionalism? The 2 guys are so bad it's laughable. And the woman...who the heck is she ? Whoever it is, keeps jumping in and then it becomes a 3 ring circus of all of them talking over each other mostly about nothing to do with the game!! My how the mighty has fallen from the days listening to Sonny, Sam and Frank in their heyday on WMAL

Re: Consultants on the way for WNAV. Maybe Bob Duckman does not want to be a Program Director again? Hard to believe they wouldn't take advantage of major market talent who is already right there in the building. Not finding much on the consultants. But what turns up in an internet search does not look good. "WHAT IS THE MAXX? The MAXX is a fresh new take … Your station playing a perfectly balanced blend of researched music, surrounded with crisp production and presented 24/7 by award-winning, major market talent. RFC Media and Envision Networks® have gone all in to deliver a young, up-tempo presentation of Classic Hits, targeted squarely at adults from 35 to 44. Going for maximum coverage, this is the latest addition to the SuiteRadio roster of 24-hour broadcast formats called The MAXX."

Sorry to hear about the inevitable sale of 1430Kc, WNAV-AM, and the eventual sale of the original 1949 studio-transmitter site. I wonder if they might relocate the transmitter to Greenbury Point under some kind of non-profit reorganization. It shouldn't be too hard to tune up one or more of the old NSS towers that remain at that location, and meet whatever signal pattern the FCC requires. Otherwise, it's going to be tough to find enough land to maintain the kind of signal coverage WNAV now enjoys. We have lost nearly all the other radio stations that once populated the Maryland state capital. WANN is gone, and the land redeveloped; I think WYRE relocated away from Spa Creek, and WLOM-FM moved to Kent Island. Are there any other state capitals that have no radio station? Maryland is already unusual in not having an airport in its capital city.

Apparently being the cognitively hampered person (who does know where he is at times), not me, but I’ll persist despite a minor mistake based on no announcement of which Univision station involved still at this moment. The significance of the Univision takeover of these stations is that Univision is a part of the an ATSC 3.0 group. but Entravision is not, and that group includes Sinclair & Nexstar, and all of these companies are operating NextGen TV stations in the markets, 2 in Florida, Tampa & Orlando, and also DC. So this means it’s likely that WFDC 14 and Univision will be on WIAV 58 soon in Nextgen. WMDO and Entravision might actually lose the UniMás affiliation if they want that network in Nextgen too. WIAV testing ATSC 3.0 is a done deal. The DC Launch is imminent, as soon as WHUT gets their new transmitter up and running. DC will get something Baltimore is not capable of having, 2 NextGen TV stations, and I expect these on WIAV 58 will include WFDC 14, WDCW CW 50, WETA 26 (left out of the main DC transition), possibly more. So my original post guessed the wrong station changing control, but the result is going to be the same thing I was predicting. The only question is whether Entravision is diminished as a Spanish language player as a result of losing several markets and being left out as they are not part of Nexstar/Sinclair ATSC 3.0 Group while Univision is. www.nexstar.tv... This agreement actually happened I think before Sinclair even joined the Pearl Group. Sinclair realized it lost Tribune and needed Nexstar as an ally in their Nextgen push and this was a natural result. The bar is quite high for the DC rollout out because Sinclair states that all of its rollouts include HDR, while some others have not, so that complicates things and is a showcase for Congress and the government et al.

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In answer to a previous poster's question "Khayr, alhamdulillah!" Re: WNAV “Its oldies music, but it’s also a lot of ‘B’ side songs. We’re going to hone in and become something listeners are more familiar with." Translation: "We're going to ruin it, play the same old same old and make a McStation.abomination." I hope this is one of those rare times I'm wrong. Gus lamenting and rending his garments

Do you think once the new owners take over 1430 WNAV that they will keep the oldies format the time their not airing other programs? Or hard to predict at this point?Hate to see it go they play a wide range of music from the 50s through the 80s.

The person complaining about cognitive abilities of others might want to ensure he or she has reading comprehension skills in place. People in glass houses, pot calling kettle black, etc. The press says is that Univision is taking over control of stations it owns, but which Entravision was running. www.mediamoves.com... "The stations are owned by Univision but were operated by Entravision under a licensing and joint sales agreement that concludes on December 31, 2021." The DC station meeting that definition is WFDC, not WMDO-CD. WMDO-CD, by contrast, is owned and operated by Entravision, and thus is clearly not the station being discussed. Perhaps before spending multiple sentences lobbing off-topic insults at someone with a long-known speech impediment by citing to random videos on YouTube which may or may not be deceptively edited, one might want to ensure he or she is speaking accurately about the subject this page is actually here for.

A very local, long standing, full service AM radio station today sells for . . . wait for it . . . $1,000... “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak is selling the Annapolis radio station he has owned for more than 20 years to a pair of Maryland investors, including WTOP production department employee Chris Roth, for $1,000. WNAV, 1430 on the AM dial, gets its call letters from the United States Naval Academy as the flagship station for its men’s and women’s lacrosse and basketball teams and the school’s baseball team. Roth, a radio veteran of 31 years, worked as a WTOP Traffic reporter from 2010 to 2012 and returned to work in the WTOP production department last fall. He and friend and fellow radio veteran Frank Brady will be the new owners. Their company is BMSC Media. The sale requires FCC approval, which usually takes 60 days. They hope to take over ownership early next year. Buying the station itself for a mere $1,000 sounds like a bargain, but they will have to relocate. It is on land Sajak owns on Admiral Drive in Annapolis, which Sajak is selling. Sajak is offering to help Roth and Brady with the relocation, with up to $100,000 to help with the move and new lease. Roth says the station will stay in the Annapolis area. WNAV has been in the same building since it first went on the air in 1949. The station currently has about two dozen full- and part-time employees, but there will be cuts. “There is always going to be change. It is one of those things that we’re going to have to trim expenses. They’ve had an owner that was able to supply a lot of money. We will keep as much as we can,” Roth said. Roth’s first full-time radio job was mid-day program director at WNAV in 1996. Brady also spent time on the air at WNAV. WNAV’s format of oldies music, local news, traffic, talk shows and sports is eclectic. “Its oldies music, but it’s also a lot of ‘B’ side songs. We’re going to hone in and become something listeners are more familiar with. We will definitely remain a local station, with local news and traffic. We will definitely keep our relationship with the Naval Academy. Without the Naval Academy, there is no NAV,” Roth said. Will Roth return to the airwaves that gave him his first full-time radio job? “Maybe. But I am staying at WTOP. I will own a radio station that will have a management team in place. I will write the checks,” Roth said. Sajak, and his wife, Lesly Brown, own a home in Severna Park, and have been big Annapolis-area philanthropists. “I am indebted to our advertisers and, of course, our loyal listeners. As I move toward retirement over the next couple of years, I’ll always look back at my ownership of WNAV with great pride and satisfaction” Sajak said in a statement. wtop.com

Hey Dave, just got out of the Trevor Noah show at Capitol One Arena. Lesley Stahl from 60 Minutes was there recording a piece on Trevor for an upcoming segment. She and her crew just got back from Canada doing a piece on The First Nation schools which kidnapped kids from reservations in the 1940's through 1960's. The piece on Trevor should air in a month or so.

Re: the number of posts on here about Fox5 related to high ratings, doubt that’s the reason. However, I think there’s so much discussion b/c it’s a complete zoo! Incorrect or inaccurate info being read from the teleprompter, incorrect info scrolling at the bottom of the screen, captions not matching the pictures or videos, anchors trying to outshine each other. Saw a segment this morning on Latin dancing, & Angie Goff inserted herself front & center, dancing all wild to get attention. Her partner (a dance instructor) seemed none too pleased w/her antics. Why do I continue to watch you ask? Glutton for punishment maybe and or one of those people who likes watching train wrecks. Lol.

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Mailbag Minute:: Welcome to catch-up weekend. "Kayfa haluk?" My $50-$100? I donate it to Dave here @ DCRTV. NOT for goddamn fundraising fruitcakes to men w / poor work ethics who now only post 4, marginal at best, TMOS podcasts per week. As God as my witness, I thought fruitcakes could fly. [Have you donated to DCRTV lately? Join me!] Today in 1979, Dr. Johnny Fever shows up at WKRP hung over and just does whatever the fuck he wants. Today, corporate Don Geronimo who is on a short speaking leash at AARP radio errr Small100, not so much. Scrolling thru his Twitter posts, saw a few pictures that Geronimo-Sorce posted of himself. One, sad, depressed clown eyes bro'. Two, no smile. At his age, does Sorce have any teeth left? Three, his new PD and Producer need to take Don to a DC strip club - or twenty. Get him drunk & laid. Another blown relationship too. Geronimo's former Sacramento station KHTK has blocked his Twitter ass. [While living in Sacramento, Geronimo-Sorce really, really wanted KHTK management to like him and hire him back] Gave it a few weeks, but from a DJ evolutionary standpoint, Geronimo's shows/podcasts are unlistenable - destroys prime neurological real estate. Recover strong Al Peterson whoever the fuck you are.[satire] Woke-Up Gruden. Someone, leak all the NFL owners emails to DCRTV, especially those of WFT elevator shoe-lift boss Snyder, and publish them online here [GO VIRAL] What did the owners say about former QB Colin Kaepernick - too? For encryption and privacy inquiries, email dcrtvdave@gmail.com Signed, Richard Sanders. "colleague" and" friend" #SupportDCRTV

Dave's response: Oh myyyyyyyyyy...

Steve Soloman has announced he is leaving Team980/Audacy. twitter.com

Gus makes me chuckle. How much in all your heads he is makes me outright laugh. Take a bow, Gus. Well done. Keep owning the haters.

The Reskins, yes The Redskins, are so sleazy. No matter what they do, they get sleazier. You thought when they brought in Jason Wright and Julie Donaldson, it was a change in the right direction. (These two must be so embarrassed) I am all for retiring Sean Taylor’s number. But, to do it with only three days’ notice? He is the one good memory most fans under 40 have. I guess it’s a good idea when you have the lowest attendance in the NFL when you were sold out in a bigger stadium when Snyder bought the team. Also, the timing with the release of all the e emails that implicated John Gruden as a racist and sexist A hole. So many were sent to Bruce Allen who he was the right hand man of Dani Boy. I don’t think there was ever one from Bruce saying back to Gruden ‘Hey, watch your language”. One email back to Gruden contained topless Skins cheer leaders. Then, we find out this off season the Skins tried to pay off many of the women in the law suit if they would sign NDAs. And, the offer was ridiculously low. Even if they were trying to do the right thing, they fell on their face. Finally, they are giving out 10,000 memorial towels. Really? That is all Dani can afford? Isn’t his yacht 300 feet long? OOBBEE

NEWS! WNAV Radio to be sold to group of Local Broadcasters... Sajak Broadcasting has reached an agreement with BMRC Media... Annapolis, MD – (October 14, 2021) - Sajak Broadcasting Corporation has filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission for the change of ownership of WNAV, 1430am, the historic radio station in Annapolis. The buyer is BMSC Media, LLC, a Maryland company. Sajak Broadcasting is owned by Wheel of Fortune host, TV Personality and local philanthropist, Pat Sajak. Regarding the transition of ownership, Pat expressed “I am extremely proud of what WNAV has meant to this community during the more than 20 years I’ve had the privilege of being its owner. I’m grateful to Steve Hopp and the other talented men and women who have worked so hard to keep the Annapolis area informed and entertained. I’m also indebted to our advertisers and, of course, our loyal listeners. As I move toward retirement over the next couple of years, I’ll always look back at my ownership of WNAV with great pride and satisfaction.” BMSC's group is lead by local broadcasters, Chris Roth and Frank Brady, who both have been employed by WNAV in an on-air capacity in the past. BMSC representative, Chris Roth stated “WNAV and Annapolis have been an important part of my life for a long time.  WNAV was my first full time radio job over 25 years ago, so it holds a place close to my heart.  I’m proud that BMSC Media will be able to continue the legacy of this legendary station.“ WNAV will be consulted for programming and engineering services by The MaxxConnect Group of Alabama. The FCC filing process typically takes approximately 60 days. The actual change of ownership is expected sometime in December upon settlement.

"Gus, the words "colleague" and" friend" are not synonymous, as every fourth grader knows." Don't know what you're on about bro. "friend and colleague of Karl Rove" Sounds to me like you like Karl Rove like a grade school boy who punches or teases a girl because he likes her. Because The Architect is a WINNER. Pull it together man! Or else it's Chateau 5150 for you. Why do you keep hitting yourself bro? Then some crazy story about an airplane. Just admit you got it wrong and punch out or at least stop with this Toynbee on Jupiter nonsense. Gus can't even

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Univision has taken over DC’s WMDO 47 from Entravision, not ownership, but operation. Not sure what changes that might entail, probably none for the Spanish broadcaster Unimás and LATV. It’s hosted by Sinclair owned WDCO, but doubtful that Sinclair can end the hosting arrangement or anything, but it might have something to do with Sinclair’s ATSC 3.0 station WIAV as Univision has converted some of it’s stations to Nextgen, so that is my thinking. WIAV is not going to remain in test mode forever with WHUT launching in the next month. So I can see WFDC and WMDO in Nextgen on WIAV along with WDCW CW 50 and possibly WETA and maybe WDCA My 20 too. WIAV 58 is 48kw, not the normal 15kw of most LPTV stations, so 48kw is full power is some smaller markets. And finally Dave, you really need to stop insulting the insane clown in the White House who doesn’t even know if he’s in the White House or a Hollywood style set in the Executive Office Building that they shuttle him back and forth to. You did mean Joe Biden right? If there’s one person who can pass any cognitive test, it’s certainly not Joe Biden. Any idiot watching Youtube videos can see that. Why else would our least intelligent college students be shouting FUCK JOE BIDEN (Oops, I mean LET’S GO BRANDON) every week at packed stadiums? They at least get the joke. I worry about the people that don’t. :-)

I take umbrage to any bloody rat who describes someone as having 'Lips like Michelin tires.' ------ Sincerely, Mick Jagger

Gus, the words "colleague" and" friend" are not synonymous, as every fourth grader knows. I am beginning to think you are a hack. ( A real, not internet, dictionary, tells us a hack is an inferior writer). I was at the Monday Night Football game in Baltimore, and from 4:00 PM until dark ( a little past 6:30 PM)" a plane flew around the stadium trailing a banner for Michael & Son's. Did they not want to pay for an in stadium ad? Why was it flying around the stadium at 4: 00 PM on a Monday afternoon with very little tailgating, and the doors were not opening until 6:30 PM, when the sun was going down? Seems like a stupid waist of money to me.

WMAL (grumble, grumble) Truth doesn't change based on who you like (Karl Rove). Why do you keep hitting yourself bro? Gus and your family are worried about you

For those wondering, this is the WDMV 50kw contour, fairly large on AM 700, that low on the AM dial. Night time signal of course is impossible, at least not unless the FCC relaxes Class A restrictions, which so far have failed in the AM Revitalization Plan. fccdata.org

What is up with Loudoun County? If they keep it up with this “Parents have no say in their kids education and need to be investigated for White Supremacy” crap, 2 mediocre milk toast Republican candidates for Governor are going to win 2 blue states, Virginia & New Jersey! Why do Democrats always eat their young?

Dave's response: And why do the Republicans lack the guts to take their party back from an insane clown?

From Fox 5 DC, "The [ Loudoun County] sheriff’s office said it was trying to address 'misinformation circulating regarding an investigation into a reported sexual assault that occurred May 28' at the school. " "Where did that 'misinformation' come from,?" I ask you, Vince Coglinese over at WMAL. Please tune in to WMAL AT 3:00 PM today to hear Vince apologize for being a tool for the whacky "conservatives" and a complete dumbass for believing the crap Ian Prior ( former Karl Rove colleague) said on Vince's show Tuesday. Nah!

Update on the Stone Bridge HS sexual assault story....it may or may not turn out to be legit, but, at this point, there's nothing there that screams "fraud" or "scam" in my view: www.fox5dc.com

"Hate WMAL grumble grumble bitch whine..." As WTOP's Neal Augenstein reported, there were two assaults, once on May 28 2021 and one last week, at different schools but both involving the same alleged perpetrator. That's an oopsie. Then a screed which I won't address because my programs are on. Gus aka Officer Google

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Fox5 must have the highest ratings in DC. Nobody talks about any other station on this page. Some big fans on here. Or it must be some desperate disgruntled people at the new "State Of The Art" building in Bethesda.

I think the only folks making money where WDMV and WGOP are concerned are the owners of the farms where the towers are located. Those rents can't be cheap... assuming the corporate owners are keeping up with the payments.

So what exactly did Jon Gruden say that the Washington Football Team released in emails that got him fired from the Raiders while not even employed by the NFL at the time? Hmm. Good question. You can’t say it on Facebook nor Twitter, so basically, you cannot even know what someone gets fired for. It’s all in the hands of the Woke Media Mob to decide. So I’ll tell you what he said. He called NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a FAGGOT and a PUSSY! And even as a gay man, it made me laugh, but I equally dislike Goodell, the Dickless Boy Wonder. The bigger question is, will we really ever get to see Dannboy Snyder’s emails or the worst of Hunter Biden’s or have they paid “Woke Protection Money”? And the NFLPA Director does have big lips. So do some white women too. Are they as big as Michelin tires? I dunno.

A Republican political dirty trick (ratf*cking). In Loudoun County, Ian Prior, friend and colleague of Karl Rove, and Trump appointee, was on WMAL with Vince yesterday talking about the story (Ian made up) about the plumber who was arrested for getting disorderly at a school board meeting in June, having a daughter who was sexually molested by a boy wearing a skirt in a girl's bathroom at Stone Bridge High School. The story confuses and conflates a legitimate story of a sexual assault by a student at Broad Run High School ( not in a bathroom, no skirts) where the sheriff's office is involved. Vince went along with this "news," and demanded the Commonwealth's States Attorney get involved. It was a made up story, Vince, and even Drudge Report decided to take a pass on it. Let's go to the leaderboard, shall we? What we know is, Vince has reported on many BS stories, including, ? Seth Rich was wikileaks, the peaceful January 6 protest, Ashli Babbitt is a hero, CRT being taught in public schools, climate change saves lives, police officer shot in Chicago was a new mother, Black Lives Matter shot up Minneapolis Police Department office, Trump's stolen election, the vaccine is not as good as Biden is telling us, and Democrats were sent multiple mail in ballots. These accounts are just a few of the BS "news stories" spewed by Vince on over the past two years. We can now add the "boy rapists in a skirt in the girls bathroom" to that list of lies. FU, Vince, and if you were not part of this machination, you then can only be labeled really stupid for not seeing right through it, and accepting BS as fact.

Sima has been trying to do something with 540 and 700 for close to 25 years. Analog AM is dead. Digital AM is unlikely useful for his purposes. Unless he can get a translator per signal, and that's bloody well unlikely, it is time Sima pulled up stakes, folded the tent and rode off into the sunset before he wastes anymore of anyone else's time and money.

Can someone at FOX5 tell Tisha Lewis & Marina Marroco to lower the volume when they’re talking??!! Sheesh, why are they so freakin loud??

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Danny Snyder’s DEADSKINS organization ratting out Gruden summarizes everything I hate about DC in general. I hope some other teams soon release some of his emails about women soon. I’m not defending Gruden mind you, but it’s not like you didn’t know what you get with him. Snyder acts like his shit doesn’t stink while living in a swamp of his own making. Just classless and I hope somebody gets even, because you know it’s not over and somebody has his emails or Allen’s. Tick Tock. I cannot wait. There’s a special place in hell for Daniel Snyder and his abusive organization.

The person who posted the entry below is clearly an idiot. New Tang Dynasty (NTD) is the NYC-based Falun Gong religious TV channel, pretty much outlawed by the Beijing government. DCRTV continues a slow decline with unfiltered content making it tougher to contribute real news items in a storm of disinformation.... An earlier posting: ["No one has mentioned that WUSA 9’s transmitter is hosting NTD, propraganda from China! I know Tegna doesn’t own channel 68, but I would think they would be a little more careful in their hosting choices and make them other than an enemy of America. Should Tegna register as a foreign agent now? With Virtual channels, most people don’t notice this nor anyone who watches WUSA 9, but I think it should be exposed"]

Is Britt McHenry now a sports reporter for FOX5? And just saw some new field reporter, Katie Barlow, another long haired blonde on FOX5 (par for the course).

Re the Cumulus walkout: I heard the 2-minute podcast. The subject of the firing, Ms Steele, has to consider this: Michigan is an "at-will" state, and an employer can ditch her ass at any time. While she can argue wrongful termination, the criteria for that is very specific. Chances are good she'll argue "hostile work environment" as her defense, but that won't fly well when the greater good is the eradication of the disease, so good luck hanging those hopes on that one. No doubt, as a performer, she has a contract beyond the basic work agreement, but I will bet anything there is an item deep in there that says -- stripped of legalese -- "don't be a dick". I would love it if some news reporter asked her about all the vaccines she had to get as a child just to get into school or to travel, and the distinction therein.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see that NTD sub channel from WUSA change hands again. It was a Godcaster for awhile, then some lifestyle channel, reverted to the Godcaster called Son Life, now it’s the Chinese network.

No one has mentioned that WUSA 9’s transmitter is hosting NTD, propraganda from China! I know Tegna doesn’t own channel 68, but I would think they would be a little more careful in their hosting choices and make them other than an enemy of America. Should Tegna register as a foreign agent now? With Virtual channels, most people don’t notice this nor anyone who watches WUSA 9, but I think it should be exposed.

Whisperings of a Cumulus walk-out in some markets are simmering. Do you think it will happen? This 2 minute podcast has more details. sourcestellme.substack.com

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And here I thought the WTVR-6 story was about WBBC-FM 93.5 in Blackstone, Virginia :^) -- Carl in Olney

WTVR story about Fox 95.3 Blackstone. www.wtvr.com

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You know Dave, you were lucky last week. You’re not beholden to Mark Zuckerberg or anybody. You website was still working while others relying on Facebook were not like mine. Congrats! Me? I’ve run out of curse words for that man. And I don’t even make any money off of Facebook. Imagine the people that do rely on Facebook to make some money. I can only imagine how mad they were. And of course since it’s Big Tech, no transparency. They’ll never say what happened and even if they do, it likely won’t be the truth. — BaltoMedia.net

Sadly both WMAL's Dan Bonobo and High Shul Ben Shapiro are idiots and I say that as someone who never worked in radio. Neither could wee in the shoes of El Rushbo. So I've moved to WABC AM 770 out of NYC. Gus voting with his fingers

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Looks as though FOX5 has chosen to make Jeanette Reyes their "golden girl" as they really spotlight her in their promos. For all of their other anchors, they either just state their name and say something like "This is FOX5" or "Stay Ahead"..Probably not going over well with Angie Goff..

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There’s already a 10,000 watt AM 540 in Islip NY, so I seriously doubt there could be a 50,000 watt AM 540 around DC. Even the previous Damascus proposal for AM 540 was only 1000 watts. A 50,000 watt AM 540 would be possibly the most powerful 540 outside of Florida, maybe more since half of that signal is over water. At night it’s even worse as 540 really travels at night far. And 4 towers would hardly be sufficient. Just look at WCBM 680. It takes 6 towers just to pull off 20,000 watts at night with severe nulls in many directions. You can probably get WCBM better in Dover, DE than you can in Bel Air at night!

Hey congratulations Julia Zeigler for continuing to sink a once great WTOP! I'm sure if he were dead Jim Farley would be spinning in his grave. And seriously, how much longer are you going to allow Dean Lane those inane outdated personal soundbite promos between segments? WTOP is no longer my go-to news source. I can get non-partisan coverage of virtually anything elsewhere.

Someone said “540 on Delmarva is apparently gone”. No, no it isn’t. It’s only off because of the lack of maintenance and thievery of the past operator (not owner). It’ll be back.

WDMV. Even if the upgrades were to actually be built...would their listeners amount to more than dozens? Or is dozens too generous? Have we lived to the end of times on anybody really doing any substantive upgrades to AM directionals? What is the return? What is the value on a 50KW AM pattern if no one listens? I'm getting good at these open ended questions like the stock price guy or the why is the FCC commish position still open guy.

Its certainly a function of today's radio world, but, a shame to see 540-AM WDMV go by the wayside. As an 18-yr old radio guy doing Pocomoke High School basketball with Marc Ernay, who now works for Audacy Stations in New York, its amazing what signals like that and WNAV did for careers of a lot of folks. While profitability is long gone for many of them, its amazing how many actual signals there were and still are on the shore. One of the few places $20 bucks could get a you a :60 spot on the air!... Pete Medhurst

540 AM on Delmarva is apparently gone. It was last doing oldies with its 106.5 translator ran by Michael Powell. 106.5 was bought by Vinco, owner of B106. Former owner of 94.9 Jack FM, among others. The old WGOP/WDMV studios look abandoned from recent internet photos. Now here is what doesn’t make sense. On the application it says Vinco will simulcast WJKI’s classic rock format from AM 1320 in Salisbury owned by The Voice Media. All of this in relation to the WGOP/WDMV 700 application: Could the long time flip of 540/700 be the change involved? A 50,000 watt 540 directional to the SE would make sense. It would protect 540 in Canonsburg, PA which is also owned by Sima. The 540 in PA can’t possibly be at full powered strength. It’s a very hard catch anymore. MLB4

I cant find the online FCC application for WDMV. Will they continue being a daytimer should the power hike go through? If so, that's not a very practical use of a 50kw signal, to say nothing of the program content they are now airing. No matter, WDMV hasn't aired anything deemed worthy of anyone's attention since they dropped the Greaseman's comeback attempt in 2002.

Wait, for the second time in a row the ratings summary for DC doesn’t even MENTION WMAL 105.9? Stations in Baltimore are doing better in the DC ratings? Really? It’s one thing to tut-tut about how low their ratings have fallen but mysterious to entirely leave out the numbers. Did I miss something? P of the AW

Dave's response: 13th radioinsight.com/ratings/washington-dc

The reason the WDMV 50,000 watt construction is more complicated is because way back when WCBM 680 maxed out to 50,000 watts, they went about as far west daytime as legally possible to protect AM 700 at 5000 watts but it still reaches to Frederick nearly local. Clearly the same pattern will not work at 50kw on AM 700 as neither the FCC or WCBM would allow that much interference daytime.

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Perhaps WMAL should start playing either Runnin Down The Dream or Free Fallin as a nod to the fact that post Rush Limbaugh, the ratings have fallen fast. It’s not just in the DMV, it’s national where conservative talk outlets that carried Rush for decades have issues because the ratings have fallen off a cliff. This is actually reminiscent of when Howard Stern left terrestrial radio and went to Sirius(Now Sirius XM) and his affiliates struggled to find traction post Stern with Free FM and that turned out to be a major flop. Goes like this: Nothing lasts forever and without a solid backup plan, the stations that carried Rush were going to crater fast because they didn’t have a substantial backup plan that could unite his base and therefore, the ratings have fallen off a cliff. Dan

Sima Sr. might have hung on to those towers that were toppled at the stations he bought in Virginia Beach several years ago. Maybe he can send them to Junior who can bolt them together end-to-end to make an antenna long enough to work at 700 kHz. Like the man said, "Good luck Sima."

NEWS! From Radio Insight: Radio One Adult R&B “Majic 102.3/92.7” WMMJ/WDCJ claims the top spot in Washington DC as it moves 8.9 to 8.8. Hubbard News 103.5 WTOP falls 9.2 to 8.5. Public News/Talk 88.5 WAMU rises 6.6 to 7.4. Howard University Adult R&B 96.3 WHUR falls to fourth 8.0 to 6.7. iHeartMedia AC 97.1 WASH rises 5.5 to 6.1. Audacy Classic Hits “94.7 The Drive” WIAD rises 3.9 to 4.7 for what Ratings Expert Chris Huff notes is its highest share since Summer 1984 as AC WLTT. Audacy’s 95.5 WPGC (2.7 – 2.9 – 3.6) and Radio One’s 93.9 WKYS (2.4 to 3.0) continue the trend of rising Hip Hop stations this month. Classical 90.9 WETA-FM trends up 3.9 – 4.7 -5.0..... Radio One Adult R&B “Magic 95.9” WWIN-FM holds its Baltimore lead up 8.1 to 8.6. Audacy AC “Today’s 101.9” WLIF rises to second up 6.2 to 6.9. iHeartMedia Country 93.1 WPOC falls 6.3 to 5.6. Hearst Rock “98 Rock” WIYY dips 5.4 to 5.2. iHeartMedia Variety Hits “102.7 Jack-FM” WQSR dips 4.8 to 4.7. More radioinsight.com/ratings

Well, I'm two hours out of surgery, having had a bad growth removed from the back of my head. Leave it to my neighbor who spotted how the bandage was wound on my head and said, "you look like a Troll doll from 1965." Yeah I guess I do, so at least I know what I'm doing now for Halloween - Al Peterson

Just noticed this. The MLB playoffs are on the radio on WSBN AM 630 DC, fo those that can get the signal anymore, but Baltimore has no ESPN affiliate so there is no option to listen to any of the MLB playoff games on the radio unless you can by chance pick up Chicago’s WMVP 1000 AM with it’s monster signal or maybe WCKY AM 1530 in Cincy after WCTR goes off the air at night.

A close review of WDMV-AM's application to increase power to 50kW shows it will require more than simply adding a fourth tower. The station currently operates with three towers (almost) in a line. The new array has the four towers in a rectangle, not a cheap undertaking by any means. Good luck, Sima.

To the poster having trouble recieving WUSA 9 Where are you located?As Ive posted the signal has been touch and go since August here in Woodbridge Ok at least since the Fall shows debuted but what aggravates me is their was no info on thier website about reduced signal or whatever they were doing because they had to be doing something to cause it to be where I couldn,t get it at all even leaving a message with the engineering department yielded no response.Antenna Man is a great You Tube resource for anything over the air I didn,t realize it but he did a video explaining how a large chunk of your cable/satellite bill is retransmission fees for local broadcast stations.Also WKCW 1420 Off the air again yesterday too much interference in the house to recieve it have to check it in my car.They can,t seem to get thier act together too bad they have a decent playlist of classic hits .Had to rent a car it had HD Radio wanted to see how reliable the all digital AM signal for The Gamut on 820 was in motion it did have spotty dropouts here in Woodbridge Lorton but great sound and considering how far from Frederick I am still impressive.Of course where I live the Gamuts WTOP 103.5 HD3 signal is much stronger.Only station in DC area where you will here Oldies, classic Alternative, Punk ,deep rock tracks just about everything from the 40s till today interesting station.

Remember when WUSA9 used to have a credible 7pm newscast (or credible news, period?). I was scanning the dial last night and came across Reese Waters’ new show. That’s two minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Just brutal. Over at the FOX5, the gab fest known as Like it or Not was just as bad. Angie Goff was just sitting there, staring into space until she was brought into the conversation. The former Newschannel 8 also used to have a 7pm newscast but now has infomercials in that time block. The only station with 7pm actual news now? WDVM. Go figure. Over at NBC4, anyone know when they’re getting the new Look S graphics package? They’re the only O&O that has yet to roll it out.

WHUT has still not announced a rescan date so that means every day that goes by requires 30 days notice to turn off Channel 33 for WHUT ATSC 1.0, today’s signal. So does that mean that we won’t see NextGen TV in DC until November or later? I’m starting to wonder. “After October”, which is stated on their website, does not exactly satisfy FCC regulations so I’m not sure how they’ll get away with launching in mid-October unless somebody knows something that I don’t.

Looks like the greedy suits running WUSA9 (or Tegna) have yanked their signal off Dish. It wouldn't bother me if WUSA had a decent signal I could receive over the air. Seems to me that if they want people to watch thor stuff, and can't manage to send out a viewable signal over the air, they ought to be paying the likes of Dish to carry their signal and make up for their broadcast deficiencies.

Sage Steele suspended from ESPN for controversial remarks regarding race, COVID vaccine news.yahoo.com

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La Nueva 87.7 has returned.. I assume it is an FM mono signal riding adjacent to an ATSC3 payload....

Regarding AM Radio, I have only listened to 980 since TOP went off 1500. But, since the merger of the two sports stations in a city that needs only one, 980 sounds like Sh*t. Andy, Czabe, etc never sounded so bad. Any engineers know what happened? It must be time to pay for junior’s golf lessons and skin products to double the price on line if fruitcakes are for sale at TMOS. For only, $50, you can get a hot dog sized cake made by Bobby Spewack’s own hands. For, $100, you get a signed card and a collectable added! Such a deal!!!! OOBBEE

There are also no new ATSC 1.0 TV permits or allocations being handed out for any new TV stations either. When the next TV filing window happens, it will likely only be for ATSC 3.0 applications. Although that won’t matter much in the DC/Baltimore area since there are few if any channels available anymore for or any new TV stations other than possibly low VHF. The repack has pretty much saturated the TV band, at least in the northeast and many large cities. DC might likely get LPTVs on channels 2, 3, or 4. It’s debatable whether there are any available channels left for Baltimore.

I would argue that no one likes watching “WOKE” live TV anymore. Live sports ratings went up as a result of COVID, but every time something politically woke happens on live TV, ratings consistently plummet. For instance, NBA TV ratings plummeted after players openly supported China while trashing America. I call it The Barbra Streisand Principle: “I paid $1000 for these tickets. Will ya just shut up and f’n sing damnit!?” When Kimmel starts going off the rails on a political rant he thinks is funny, I want to scream at the TV, “DANCE MONKEY DANCE!” right before I change the channel.

Plenty of people like watching a brown noser. No one likes watching live TV. The reason they stay on the air is ratings alone aren't their only relevant factor. Sadly, youtube and Network site views factor heavily into longevity for hosts. Hosts like James Corden are easily digestible in bits like Carpool Karaoke which amass millions of clicks per skit. Same with Fallon, for an entire hour he's intolerable. But whittle that down to 2-4 clips a week that get millions of views AND his ratings? It makes him look like TV's golden boy again. It seems odd that no one anymore wants to talk about The Late Night Comedy Show wars. That used to be a thing. Is NBC in denial that The Tonight Show is in LAST PLACE regardless of whether you include cable TV? I mean, Colbert and Kimmel have been beating Fallon for quite awhile now. How does he keep his job? Nobody likes watching a brownoser. Then to add insult to injury, a cable TV show comes on the air and beats all 3 putting the Tonight Show in 4th place, something that is probably making Johnny Carson turn over in his grave over! Yet, they still get all the best guests and somehow, no one seems to care? Has the media not noticed this? ABC, CBS, or NBC? Remember when Late Night TV was funny? FLASHBACK to The GE Handshake. Nobody would have the balls to do this today with CANCEL CULTURE.

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To NL.: The testing period for ATSC 3.0 is LONG OVER. There were many tests of ATSC 3.0 on WUTB when they had their own channel on 41. The rollout transition period should not be confused with testing. It’s a completely different thing. You WILL EVENTUALLY have to buy one of these NextGen TVs or tuners or you will get no TV over the air, period. This is set in stone already. No transition deadline as of yet has been determined as it is market driven so far, but the FCC has chosen this as the United States TV system for the future going on. So there will be no going back. There is no one who thinks its not a better system, well except for Charter Cable and Comcast/NBC, because they do not have the infrastructure to carry 4K local channels, nor do the satellite companies currently. But the satellite companies have an easier upgrade path, launch a new satellite. Without fiber optic rewiring, it’s unclear what Comcast or Charter or Cox’s plans are. Right now, they could not do it, maybe not even 1080p signals currently on the air!

RE: WNUV’s signal. If you cannot already get WBAL or WMAR, you won’t get Antenna TV or COMET. I would think WMAR should be an easy catch in DC on channel 27 so Antenna TV would be much easier in DC to get, but WBAL being on channel 12, would likely be much more difficult being on VHF. Some of these differences will change in NextGen TV, only because OFDM is better at multipath than 8-VSB even though the FCC’s studies on this showed otherwise in DC. But it’s DC and the Feds, so what would you expect other than the wrong answer from the FCC?

Hi Dave, To the poster regarding not getting Antenna and Comet from WNUV in DC. Comet(54-3) and Stadium(54-4) are on WBAL’s ch 12 carrier as ‘BAL is contracting with Sinclair to carry those subs for the duration due to the ATSC Net Generation 3.0 test on WNUV. Antenna is carried by WMAR on their ch 27 carrier(54-2) as well during this period. Hope that helps. N.L.

Definitely easier now to get the CW Baltimore but lost the subs Antenna TV and I think Comet was the other one but Antenna Tv available on WDCW 50 sub Comet on WJLA sub Also Laff TV (Night Court Home Improvement many other sitcoms from 80s 90s )Is now on Ion 66-5 Does anyone know the launch date for Next Generation TV in DC? Tv stations post little to no info on thier websites like WUSA 9 when all of a sudden I was unable to pick it up on several occasions with my antenna back in August and September when its normally a strong signal. They had to be doing some work on the transmitter.But with all the shifting of TV frequencies picture quality has degraded in some cases CW Baltimore had better resolution on its former channel before it started sharing with MPT same for WDCW 50 WETA not as good since it moved to CH 31.Understandable of course with the bandwith limitations of the current digital tv broadcast system and so many channels crammed on one channel like Ch 15 has Spanish language on its primary channel then Get TV Grit Bounce WDCW 50 Antenna TV and WDVM 25 all on the same frequency.

Correction: WDMV’s application actually appears to be a duplicate of a previous one that did have attachments and studies, the one that expired, so the predicted signal pattern will probably be this: fccdata.org This would be a rather monster signal. Now why I’m skeptical is that this requires building a 4th tower as they only have 3 existing ones at the site. They didn’t have the money to do this before, so why would they now? Did Sima Birach win the Saudi lottery or something?

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A topic not ever mentioned is that WNUV CW 54 now has possibly the most widely available commercial signal in both the DC & Baltimore TV markets. Many people that couldn’t get it before ATSC 3.0 now can in ATSC 1.0 as it comes from two towers now, WMPB and WMPT simultaneously for the next 5 years. Basically The CW from WNUV 54 can now be easily received in more than half of WDCW CW 50s signal contour. Neither station does news, so there’s no Baltimore vs. DC thing going on, just network and syndicated programming. You could actually go so far as to say that the FCC’s decision on NextGen TV in Baltimore is solely responsible. They could have forced WNUV to just use WMPB. Conversely WDCW 50 is not nearly as easily receivable in the Baltimore market. I can’t imagine that Nexstar is too happy about this 5 year situation. See here: www.rabbitears.info

WDCJ 92.7 FM got approval last week for a tower move closer to DC. The new signal will be from a taller tower and better cover the District, and have a stronger signal west of Waldorf and in communities along the Potomac. Also, it appears that Facebook & Instagram whistleblower has given Mark Zuckerberg serious heartburn as they’ve both been down today. — Baltomedia.net

Maybe the Late Night Comedy Wars are being ignored because there aren’t villains like Jay Leno and NBC. From my reading of Bill Carter’s books, NBC may have permanently damaged its reputation in late night. Haven’t watched any of the newer hosts, so I don’t know if they trash their networks the way that Dave and Jay and Conan ridiculed NBC, which stood for Never Believe your Contract.

Nothing on late night now compares to Carson Leno Letterman Jimmy Fallon my last choice Colbert too much political Jimmy Kimmel the best one but I only watch the late night shows if theirs a guest Im interested in seeing Don,t have cable to have watched Bill Maher Jon Stewart Conan when they were on.Going off topic but Jay Lenos reboot of You Bet Your Life not a good fit for him.Too structerd only good part is at the start of each show he does bits he did on his Late night show like headlines.

Baltimore-based Sinclair's KATV in Little Rock removes news director and suspends 2 news anchors following Afro wig controversy and complaints from Black journalists... arktimes.com and washingtonpost.com

It seems odd that no one anymore wants to talk about The Late Night Comedy Show wars. That used to be a thing. Is NBC in denial that The Tonight Show is in LAST PLACE regardless of whether you include cable TV? I mean, Colbert and Kimmel have been beating Fallon for quite awhile now. How does he keep his job? Nobody likes watching a brownoser. Then to add insult to injury, a cable TV show comes on the air and beats all 3 putting the Tonight Show in 4th place, something that is probably making Johnny Carson turn over in his grave over! Yet, they still get all the best guests and somehow, no one seems to care? Has the media not noticed this? ABC, CBS, or NBC? Remember when Late Night TV was funny? FLASHBACK to The GE Handshake. Nobody would have the balls to do this today with CANCEL CULTURE. www.youtube.com

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["With the 104.9 signal going religious, it seems like half the signals in Winchester are no longer secular..."] Regarding this comment. I have been predicting that 105.5 would be flipped to Spanish and possibly taking the WKDV calls. I never understood why Metro wanted WINC in the first place unless it was to expand their Spanish programming.

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WCRW 1190 AM in Leesburg is paying $13,000 per month for tower rent. That is $156,000 per year for three towers. Does anyone know where they could diplex? between Leesburg and Reston?

Nobody has mentioned this yet Dave, but is Tegna officially for sale, so will CBS try to buy WUSA 9 or a part of the station package? By the way, for once Sinclair is not mentioned as one of the potential buyers, mainly because they are already in a lot of the same markets including DC and Tegna has no TV station in the Top 3 TV markets, which is what Sinclair has always craved. — BaltoMedia.net

With the 104.9 signal going religious, it seems like half the signals in Winchester are no longer secular. In the meantime, two months in, Metro Radio's purchase of WINC remains a fascinating disaster. While the morning show is fine for a rural Hot AC, the rest of the day and weekend are jockless (except for a voice-tracked afternoon DJ who seems to be calling from the Moon.) But the real problem is the music. Too many stiffs from the 90's and early 00's and no current music. Current hits have been replaced by burned recurrents, some not even hits. I'm not sure what the strategy is, but it is not working. There is almost no advertising, even in morning and afternoon drive. No doubt, a sale of WINC is coming soon.

Gus driving his Biscayne around Rehoboth Beach with one finger in his tuchus and one in his mouth playing switch.

I dunno, all I'm heariing is from people who probably couldn't get past a call-screener. Today's topic, ladies and gentlemen, is "Who pays the bills at a failing radio station?" The analogy would be someone who works but earns so little that they're eligible for food stamps. They still draw their wages, Similarly the owner doesn't refund the advertising money so what's your point? Stop the dog with a bone madness. Gus lies! never worked in radio! he's a meanie!

The “esteemed” Washington Post, long dead in darkness, has updated its “STYLE GUIDE” for reporters. No longer can a reporter use the term “pregnant woman” because it is racist against transgender and other communities (presumably men), who cannot get pregnant by any known scientific method. When are the people shouting the loudest to follow the science going to follow actual science themselves? So, If you wonder why people won’t get the vaccine, It’s because they’re seeing too much of your non-binary non-science on display and cannot mandate something from a position of non-scientific credibility.

NEWS! From RadioInsight.com (Lance Venta):... 1 Oct... A few months after acquiring Hot AC “Winc 105” 104.9 WKDV-FM Strasburg and 105.5 WINC-FM Berryville VA for $225,000, Metro Radio Group is selling 104.9 WKDV-FM to Point FM Ministries for $125,000. The buyer owns Christian AC “90.1 The Point” WVRS Gore/Winchester VA. (WKDV puts a 60dBu signal over all of Front Royal and most of Winchester.... The sales price reflects the crashing prices of radio properties in rural Virginia.... ouch!)

"A good time to drop this line of inquiry don't you think?" I agree Gus, but that starts with you responding in plain talk, not speaking of sealing wax, cabbages and kings.

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To offer two AM topics: 1) If the current WCRW-1190 found any meaningful format at all (I'd take either jazz, vocals, or 60s hits, but that's just me) and publicized it a lot, they might actually be able to sell advertising and make some money. This is because their sound quality is good, and it's a city-grade signal throughout almost all of the DC area. I'm surprised how clear it is when I am quite far away; but I don't like its current format all that much. It could just play Swiss folk music, and with the right publicity, break even. 2) WDMV-700 is in a suburb of Frederick, and its Southeast directional signal ensures that it can be heard in many of the Maryland suburbs of DC. Right now they have nothing most people in Frederick and Carroll County care about; if they carried almost anything, especially Traditional Country, they would have plenty of listeners all over north central Maryland. Now for an address correction: Fox News is at 444 North Capitol Street NW; there is no "Capitol Street", only North, East and South Capitol Streets. And the even numbers are to the left when the Capitol is behind you, and any building's quadrant is where the side of the street is. The National Mall replaces any chance of their being a "West Capitol Street". -- Carl in Olney

Gus asked, who pays the bills at a radio station? If you ever worked at a station, you would know that the owner is responsible for paying the bills. If there is not enough advertising revenue, the owner of the station pays the bills out of his own pocket! Gus, have you ever worked at a radio station in DC? NO MORE LIES! It doesn't look like you know anything about radio.

WMAR ABC 2 has added NEWSY on 2-6. — BaltoMedia.net

"Gus, cut the double- and triple-talk and just say in plain old friggin' American English what it was you actually did for WEAM and AM 980. No one believes you anyway so just answer the man with a minimum of tap dancing, willya?" Jeez Louise! You really want to drag this out? Quod scripsi scripsi.. "just say in plain old friggin' American English what it was you actually did for WEAM and AM 980." I did, Captain Oblivious. Leaving aside the two that Lord Fitzroy Knickers focused on do you really think I was claiming that I worked at all those stations? T h a t claim you're okay with? I've said from Day One that my qualification was being a consumer.. They say that reading is fundamental but in your case it would be remedial. A good time to drop this line of inquiry don't you think? Gus it ends as it began: Jeez Louise!

WDMV AM 700 has applied to increase power to 50,000 watts it seems. There is no engineering study or attachments, so I’m guessing the signal pattern is the same as the current 5000 watts, but not sure. Makes you wonder. Did Birach just happen to find a 50kw transmitter in a dumpster somewhere and hire a paralegal to file this?

Dave's response: Their daytime signal beams to the southeast, toward the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. I guess that'll give them great coverage of Bermuda.....

Gus never worked for 980 AM or WEAM! He is a stranger to the truth! Why tell lies? People don't believe anything you say. Why does DCRTV print your false postings every day? Dave Hughes please beware. There are Honest postings out there. You have done a good job for DC for 24 years. Keep up the good work.

Gus, cut the double- and triple-talk and just say in plain old friggin' American English what it was you actually did for WEAM and AM 980. No one believes you anyway so just answer the man with a minimum of tap dancing, willya?

To the guy wondering about FOX 5 WTTG moving into Bethesda studios? They did that a few weeks ago. If I’d a known you’d be asking I’d a gotten a picture of the new sign they just stuck on the building as I rode by earlier this evening.

I forgot that WTTG already debuted their new studios this summer, but the Fox News bureau looks even nicer on 444 Capitol Street.

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