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DCRTV Mailbag - September 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021

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\/ September 30 Messages \/

Fox News is not normally local news, but the DC Bureau is. And they just renovated the entire complex with great fanfare today, all digital news room and 2 new main sets with huge video boards, and a new Krautheimer Green Room for guests and a Tony Snow radio studio. it looked quite impressive and expensive. Makes me wonder what WTTG Fox 5’s new studios are going to look like in Bethesda, which I think are coming in 2022 I believe?

Donnie G: Glad your back. Notes for a nerd. Find someone you can put on mic ASAP if the sidekick guy Crash can't due to union. You need interaction. Tell the tech weenies to fix the mics. Whatever they are set on is not doing you any favors. You get lost in just about any background. Too much bass, not enough compression/highs for us old farts... For the love of gawd, can they fix the delay to the callers? Kills any momentum/FUN. This may be a function of everybody on a cell phone but other shows don't seem to have the problem. Bring back the sound effects from the old shows to fill the voids...the old electronic phone sound for every call (seriously :))...we need a little comfort food nostalgia. It has been great to hear you back on air!

"Gus posted yesterday that he has worked for WEAM and 980 AM. He is telling lies." Interesting because that's two lies right there. I never said "worked". It's easy to check and see that I said "paid the bills". Let me 'spalinsomethingdewsh. Who "pays the bills" for a radio station? The consumer (or "listener", remember listeners?) because the rates advertisers pay are built into the price of products. Similar to the saying "Corporations don't pay taxes, they collect them," Don't start lies, won't be lies. Gus jeepers someone's got issues in their knickers

NEWS! TV-station empire Tegna raises antitrust concerns over possible buyout bid... nypost.com: An auction of the [McLean-based] Tegna TV-station empire has been thrown into doubt as the company has questioned whether a prospective sale to a leading bidder would face antitrust concerns from US regulators, The Post has learned. The broadcasting giant — spun off from newspaper chain Gannett in 2015 as a separate, publicly traded company that now operates 64 TV stations and two radio stations across 54 US markets — announced Sept. 21 it had received buyout proposals and that it planned to review them. Nevertheless, more than a week later Tegna has not begun negotiations with a key bidding bloc that consists of hedge fund Standard General and buyout firm Apollo Global Management, two sources close to the situation said. That’s despite Standard General and Apollo expressing a willingness to increase their $22-a-share fully-financed offer, which currently values the company at upwards of $4.8 billion, sources said. Instead, sources said Tegna is asking Standard General and Apollo questions around whether their bid can withstand antitrust scrutiny from the Federal Communications Commission. “I think there is a 50 to 75 percent chance a deal happens,” a somewhat skeptical source close to the situation said...

/\ September 30 /\

\/ September 29 \/

Listened to Don for most of the last week - it actually reminds me most of Mike’s short-lived comeback on the Edge (105.9) … back in 2011! If anything, Mike’s show had more and longer talk breaks and comedy bits - hopefully Don will gradually get to do longer talk breaks with time.

WCRW in Leesburg is for sale for $1.5 Million. Their Tower site for three towers rent is $13,000 per month. That is $156,000 per year just for the Tower site! There is no way this station can survive paying that high price for a stand alone AM Station. ( No FM Translator). AM Radio is DEAD! Good Luck!

Gus posted yesterday that he has worked for WEAM and 980 AM. He is telling lies. He never worked for either WEAM or 980 AM. Would you like proof? How do I know? I was the former General Manager of both 980 AM and WEAM. Gus, you NEVER worked for me! Please stop telling lies. Who was the General Manager of these stations when you claim to work there? Is Gus your real name? Please get a life. You are hurting DCRTV.

Dave's response: Maybe the overnight cleaning crew?

So telling that iFart/WGIG-FM runs the "Don Geronimo Podcast" a day after the fact. It's Wednesday morning now, and I'm hearing Snortin' Donnie's Tuesday "performance." Most of us spent our radio careers LIVE, with no "edits to improve" or "take two.?" So why does the Fart run Donbo a day late? What's to cut? What are they worried about? This bald tire may have some big calls under his belt, but his return at "BIG" is a BIG FAILURE. Only consolation is that a sitting person in the studio is within the MLB "strike zone" Anonymous

I asked someone, a Nats sports broadcaster who covers all the area teams, about what he thought about www.Baltimorepositive.com and he said, “I dont care. He is so irrelevant”. And that just made me laugh. WNST•com btw is owned by China and he still can’t get it because he doesn’t have that much money. When I first heard of the new website name I said, “Positive for what? Herpes, crack, or rabies?"

Regarding AM radio, literally the only AM station I have listened to for the past decade is 980. And I've almost stopped listening to that because the station has declined drastically since Audacy took over.

I like DCRTV and hope it will not turn into a Political News outlet. It would be so much better without Gus. He is not qualified to comment on every posting. He just makes people angry!

/\ September 29 /\

\/ September 28 \/

Don Geronimo was exposed when he left Washington radio. He has lived in a constant state of professional obscurity ever since. He continues to be oblivious and unaware of just how awful his broadcasting schtick really is. Imagine being in your late 60s, or like Don Imus with less money, and having to move around the country like a 22 yr old DJ? Kind of sad. J

To Dave Hughes.....I thought you were not going to turn DCRTV into a political site! The garbage that comes out now sure sounds Political to me! You have a good thing going. Please don't kill it. No one is interested in what "Gus" has to say. Remember his qualifications...." I listen to radio and watch TV". Gus is driving your readers away and makes most of them angry! "Gus" has NEVER worked at a Radio Station. I doubt that he has ever been inside a Radio Station. Dave, you have worked hard for 24 years to build DCRTV. Don't KILL it now. Biden does not need your help. He has all the LEFT Wing Media supporting him.

To the asshole who’s constantly boo-hooing because the President has yet to appoint a permanent FCC chair, allow me to put things in perspective for you. The administration is dealing with the COVID epidemic, a crisis at the Mexican border, the fallout of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, among other issues. Yet, you come on this site and whine about the FCC, that seems to be working just fine with an acting chairman. Your concern should be the appointment of another Democrat to give the party a 3-2 majority. If you following industry news, which I guess you do not, you would know that a group of more than 24 US Senators has urged the White House to make acting chairperson Jessica Rosenworcel permanent chair. Perhaps you should express your concerns to the White House, not wring your hands here. If Biden’s timetable doesn’t the suit you, I’m certain you’ll be back in six weeks to spew more garbage.

Sorry, JP (John Patti), my old friend. I remember you all the way back to the WFBR days, but I just can’t take it anymore. I now refer to the WBAL morning news as John Patti and Brad & Buffy from the cheerleading squad, aka “Screamin’ Scottie” and Katie Ryan. How they could surround a true pro like you with these 2 is truly sad. Sort of like a Tony Bennett concert with Roseanne Barr and Gilbert Gottfried. This morning was the final straw. When reporting on a disturbance in Carroll County, Ms Ryan called it by an apparent new term. She referred to it as a ‘mee-lee’, not a ‘may-lay’. Not only does she sound like a 12 yo, but must have the same education level. You’re too good to be attached to this mess, John.

According to the Wikipedia, "Don Geronimo" is 63 years old. When he was born, I was already listening to Murray the K on WINS in NYC. -- Carl in Olney

Yes, AM radio is not popular in DC among most people for a number of reasons. One is that the largest AM station, of which one can be heard for about 70 miles around, and 1000 miles at night, is WFED at 1500. During weekdays, it has nothing of interest to most people, but it makes money by being of interest to GS-14s or higher, which means companies doing business pay for tons of advertising (lobby money, basically). Yes, WFED has interesting to the public programs on weekends, but never advertises them at all anywhere, not even on their own stations. In most other major markets there are at least a couple of powerful AM stations that broadcast programs of interest to the many of the area's residents (and can be heard up to 70 miles away during the day). Take for example, KDKA, WPHT, WBAL, WFAN, KYW, WCBS, WBZ, KNX, KCBS, WLS, WFAA, KFAB, and maybe 100 others around the country. They have a large number of listeners, especially outsize in rural and semi-rural areas around their areas, mostly because of their high professionalism. An example is WGY (810) in Schenectady, NY. Yes they have an FM version on 103.9 that can be heard 25 miles away. But 810 can be heard 70 miles away, throughout the Adirondack mountains. It's nice that WBAL has its 101.5 translator, but you need 1090 to hear a top-tier station 80 miles away. Another problem with the DC area is that many AM stations have their COL 15 miles out and are relatively low power, so a station you can hear in Fairfax (1310) is barely listenable in Bowie, and non-existent there at night. Same with many others, like 1050, 1600, and 730. This does not happen in most other cities; all their stations are in those cities with high position transmitters to be heard in all directions, usually. The one good thing about the DC AM stations, and the reason they still exist and make money for their owners, is that there are many stations in other languages (actually just like in NYC, with 8 major 50KW stations and about 8 foreign language 5KW stations). Those listeners listen intently to it, purchase items available locally from co-speakers of their language, and make money for their owners. So though the size of AM radio listenership may be relatively small, they are very, very loyal listeners. I have no complaints, and the people who say "I don't listen, so they shouldn't exist" are wrong. I personally just wish that a 60s hits or jazz vocals stations still existed at any AM frequency at all, other than for a few hours on Saturdays on WFED, which is unfortunately completely unpublicized. Which is why I subscribe to Sirius XM. Of course, at home, an AM radio would be a lot easier to use. As my daughter says, her phone is her $600 calculator, and my phone is my $600 AM radio. -- Carl in Olney

How old is Don Geronimo now? When did his show go off the air in the 80s? What year? Why all the promotion on DCRTV?

Biden has been in office for nine months and still has not appointed a Chairman of the FCC. What is he waiting for now? Will he continue to operate without a Chairman?

Is AM Radio DEAD? In DC only about 1% of the listeners are now listening to AM Radio according to the August Nielsen. The experiment with FM Translators only helped to move listeners over to the FM Dial. If you are a stand alone AM, your audience has moved on.

/\ September 28 /\

\/ September 27 \/

I was a committed listener to Don and Mike Show in the 80s and was sad when they broke up. They were always entertaining and regularly hilarious. I’ve tried listening to Don over the last week and it pains me to say that the show is unlistenable. There is no way that this show continues longer than a month. Someone should put Don and the rest of us out of our collective misery. Very sad.

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Dave's response: Thank you "Turd".....

Had to check out Rob Carson's first show. I feel dumber. He keeps mentioning Rush Limbaugh like he worked for the show, but he never did. Rush said the only parody person ever on staff was Paul Shanklin, the rest were randome people who sent stuff in. They used it unless the person sending it wanted money, then they stopped using it. Rob also claims he switched to WMAL after doing music radio, but I don't remember him ever having a show on WMAL. He was a substitute host while still doing the music DJ till he was fired. That's all he was. Now he sounds like an impersonation, a bad one, of Rush Limbaugh. Kind of what I expected.

Got the “Don Geronimo Podcast” on right now. Don’t find anything compelling. Just lots of drops and a schtick that sounds like he really, really, really wants someone to notice him. Empty and bombastic, filled with inside studio stuff the audience isn’t connected to. Best and most perfect part of the launch of the podcast is iHeart running a long spot for an addiction treatment and recovery center. And to add one more thing. Playing “Seasons in the Sun” by Terry jacks. Rather sit in a hole in Guantanamo that hear that tripe. No name, please.

No wft game on 980 What happened?

In the DCRTV mailbag, when examining the smoldering landscape of comeback terrestrial radio rubble, some comeback fails over the decades are simply unmatched in their sad, sad narratives. Enter Don Geronimo on BIG100. #NotClassicJustAbeVigodaOld #SupportDCRTV

/\ September 27 /\

\/ September 26 \/

Rob Carson on WCBM? Not really surprised. He’s been trying for years to say the loathsome insincere things one must to get clicks and ratings in far right media, a la Bongino and Hannity. Wonder if it’s local or just another dropped off syndicated feed? Not much difference either way. Sad. Max Critic

Dave's response: There is no ratings replacement for the late Rush Limbaugh as so many of these righty talkers are quickly finding out.....

I will see the anonymous player one Missing White Woman Syndrome and raise one No One Cares About Chicago. "Dave's response: Are they still looking for the Lyon sisters? What about Bradford Bishop?" In the sense that in September 2017 someone confessed to and was convicted of killing the Lyon sestres, no. Strange that it didn't make the newspapers. Oops! www.dcrtv.com/mb1709.html... Bradford BulgerBishop? I'm Lazarus Longing him. Simply going to outlive him. Gus ask me about how John Walsh parties it up with his hot staff ritz camera 400 photos at a time from office parties, it's quite the industry

Damn if that HATER RACIST Trump didn't play the Village People's YMCA again. What a monster! He’s an unrepentant asshole, but I think Trump is actually selling more Village people music than radio is right now from his rallies. No, this is not Gus, but Dave, feel free to censor this racist right wing supremacist propaganda. I wonder who Newsmax beat in the TV ratings tonight at 7pm that no one will ever admit happened. I won’t lie. I watched it. Asshole or not, he can complete a whole sentence, goes off script without losing his place or forgetting where he is or where his COVID mask is. Is he a vindictive son of a bitch? ABSOLUTELY! But I bet 13 more people would be alive today if he were running the show instead of President Pudding for Brains.

There was a time when missing black childrens were widely covered in the press. Then the Civil War happened. What kind of God takes Gwen Ifill and leaves us with Donna Brazile? Gus still missing Junior Burdynski

Dave's response: Are they still looking for the Lyon sisters? What about Bradford Bishop?

/\ September 26 /\

\/ September 25 \/

"What station was Gus on in DC?" Gus has paid the bills for stations ranging from 980 AM to WWDC to WHUR to WINX to WEAM to WJFK before they went raciss to WAMU which let's face it has beaucoup commercials, to WMAL. I don't work for Big Ice Cream so I can't have a favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor? Without audience all the dicks in radio would be competing for jobs at McDonald's. Same skillset. Those knickers won't twist themselves, get to it! Gus

What DC/MD/VA anchor/radio host is next? Bay Area news anchor Frank Somerville has been removed from the air. Somerville has been “suspended indefinitely” by Channel 2 management, following a disagreement over ongoing coverage of the Gabby Petito missing person and homicide case. Somerville 63 and father of an adopted black daughter, is among those in the media who believe coverage of Petito’s disappearance is an example of the media phenomenon late journalist and broadcaster Gwen Ifill described as “missing White woman syndrome,” during which the media provides a lopsided focus on missing white women and girls without providing equal coverage for similar cases of missing women of color. What does DCRTV think?

Dave's response: For the record, KTVU, Channel 2 in the San Francisco market, is owned by Fox.....

Who was Don Geronimo? When was he a DJ in DC? Most people never heard of him except that dcrtv promotes him on a daily basis. Why does dcrtv keep promoting "Gus" every day? Is he a real person? Why is he an "authority" on radio? Is he suppose to be funny? What station was Gus on in DC?

NEWS! B101.5 Debuts “The Jeremy Grey Show” September 27th... FREDERICKSBURG, VA – Centennial Broadcasting II, LLC, Fredericksburg, Virginia, Hot AC WBQB (B101.5) adds Jeremy Grey as the permanent morning drive host replacing long-time B101.5 morning host, Dee Daniels, who relocated to Savannah, Georgia, in August to pursue a new opportunity outside of the industry. “The Jeremy Grey Show” will debut Monday, September 27, and air weekdays 5am to 10am. “It’s hard to adequately express how grateful I am for the opportunity to join the talented team of professionals at WBQB,” said Grey. “I’m over the moon about working on the show with Ted Schubel, Robert Workman, and AJ. I’m also excited to connect and share my life with B101.5’s loyal audience. I have so much respect for what Dee Daniels has accomplished on the station over the years and it’s an absolute honor to be taking over the reins.” B101.5 Market Manger, Mark Bass said, “Jeremy represents a new sound for this area. Fresh and anxious to be part of the community. We believe once you give him a listen, you will be hooked.” “Jeremy impressed us with his openness and approachable personality,” said Chuck Archer, B101.5 Operations Manager. “We are looking forward to working with him as we begin a new era for mornings on B101.5.” Originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, Grey has worked in the radio industry over a decade with stops at Curtis Media in Raleigh and even a 2-year run as a morning show co-host in the Fredericksburg area. Ted Schubel, Robert Workman and AJ will remain on the show much in the same roles they employed with “The Dee In The Morning Show”. Many of the benchmarks will remain and a daily cash giveaway is planned during the first two weeks of “The Jeremy Grey Show”. B101.5 is owned and operated by Centennial Broadcasting, II, LLC, and is a regional radio station reaching north-south from DC to Richmond, and east-west from Manassas to Southern Maryland. The station has a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, all @b1015fm. The B101.5 multi-functional app can be downloaded from Google Play and The Apple App Store.

"Are the owners of these stations registered Russian Agents?" Jeepers Christ it happened years ago, what is wrong with you? www.insideradio.com... Again with the twisted knickers. Gus trying to be amused

I thought I'd seen everything but not this event here this weekend with the punkass kids cars at H20i event in Ocean City, MD. I sure hope this is on local TV and not inciting sympathy for the kids when they get beaten by cops. Did these kids even have parents are were they hatched? It's just mind boggling. And of course there will be lots of arrests and police brutality complaints as they will all resist and get the beating their horrible parents should have done a long time ago. ?? H20i 2021 THROW YOUR CAR BATTERIES INTO THE OCEAN event. www.facebook.com

I have to admit. I almost called into WBIG 100.3 for a music request from Don Geronimo on the first day, but I didn’t think he would have liked it or thought it funny, but i was going to ask him to play REM “Don’t Go Back to Rockville” just to see what he said. :-)


/\ September 25 /\

\/ September 24 \/

The thing about WDVM is that its a slippery slope. If the FCC gives them an inch, they’ll move the studios to Montgomery County next, then change the COL to Damascus as a 1st TV signal for Montgomery County, blah blah blah BS. if the tower moves, people in the current COL won’t even have an option to complain because they won’t even get it in the mountains via antenna anymore. This whole thing is just plain dangerous. It’s not like DC doesn’t have enough TV stations and Western Maryland right now has none like the previous post said. Hold the line somewhere and stick up for the FCC’s mission. And that doesn’t even bring up the topic that it gives them the opportunity for further interfere with WMJF-CD, Baltimore’s ONLY LPTV station. It’s just a bad precedent on so many levels, I don’t even know where to stop. The only upside is corporate profits for Nexstar, not a single thing in the public interest, not really even for DC too either!

Mark: Sorry you didn't by your own account meet Greaseman. Maybe one day if you big, bold, and bulky yourself up enough. You keep living in Catty Queen Corners and I'll be here looking out for the folks. Last I checked this isn't markspersonallife.com As for the WMAL ratings, well, Rush is dead. Wonder what's up with WJFK in the post firing-chad-dukes-fuckup era. Gus IANotUnePipe

"Then, Oscar talks about landing in the Springs that are Silver." No Fatt Rob with two gynormous T's. It's Silver Spring. The long ago Grateful Dead cover band of the same name and the coke-addled Stevie Nicks got it right. I still don't listen to the show but do look at the webpage and frontloading it with what seems like a foot and a half of ads is not good design. Memo to Oscar: if your sex furniture can afford a $2400 Peloton, you can afford a stove. You have chosen the eating-out lifestyle, a.k.a. never achieving wealth. Enjoy the Money Pit. Gus IANAL

In 2013, the FCC issued a Declaratory Ruling inviting increased foreign ownership of US broadcast stations for the purposes of facilitating foreign investment in the US broadcast market and encouraging reciprocal investment opportunities for US companies in foreign markets.[China & Russia are still laughing as our Democracy remains under ongoing assault] An upcoming Sept 30th, 2021 FCC meeting reviewing a baseline questionnaire is the only thing remaining to approve 100% foreign ownership - including voting and programming rights. As drafted, not only is such application review not subject to time constraints or procedural safeguards, it lacks national security and law enforcement precedential guidance for future applicants on acceptable or unacceptable foreign ownership arrangements and lowers the bar for behind-the-scenes political influences from multiple sources, including our enemies. You think! The foreign ownership restrictions were put in place more than a half a century ago in response to wartime fears of ENEMY INFLUENCE. They need to remain in place. Hey, FCC Media Relations, Office of Acting Chairwoman Rosenworcel, Sweetheart, approve 100% foreign ownership under your watch and you've 'aided & abetted' our enemies. Signed, The Real AHHHH AMERICAN. *** In its 24th year, DCRTV provides a vital national media dialog forum. 100% independently owned & operated by Camo Dave Hughes, AMERICAN. I'm sure, donations by fellow AMERICANS like you and I are always appreciated. #Merica' #SupportDCRTV

The poster complaining about WDVM mistakenly believes local programming will be enhanced by denying the City of License application. UH, don't look now, but they already don't cover their existing CoL. That ship has sailed, and I don't mean across Deep Creek Lake.

Whatever happened to the WMAL Ratings? In the most recent Nielsen August Ratings, WMAL ranked number 11 with a 3.3 share. Remember when they were number 1 in the market! How the mighty have fallen.

Interesting to note that I recently stayed on the border of Preston County, WV/Garrett County, MD. The service was provided by a private satellite company strictly for the hotel. Unsure how the rules even work for that type of an agreement. I assume it would be whatever the local antenna could pick up? The combination of “local” channels was very interesting. For ABC: it was WBOY’s .2 digital channel from Clarksburg. “WJLA” was the identifier on one channel – but it was blank with no picture. CBS: WDTV from Clarksburg and KDKA in Pittsburgh, NBC: WJAC Johnstown, WPXI from Pittsburgh, AND WBOY Clarksburg. Fox: WWCP Johnstown. I don’t think Pittsburgh has covered anything in Western Maryland since the big car pileup/accident over 10 years ago now on I-68. Occasionally, KDKA will cover something going on in Morgantown as they have some sort of an agreement with WVU’s Journalism department. Preston & Garrett County should be in the Pittsburgh DMA. However, both WBOY/WDTV cover Preston and Mon counties in WV as if they are in market. And, both show Garrett County on their weather maps. Neither cover news for Garrett though. If there ever was a case for significantly viewed rules to apply – WBOY & WDTV should be on satellite coverage for both the Clarksburg and Pittsburgh DMAs. MLB4.

"Yes, hiring a local announcer/DJ would make perfect sense in comparison to Don G. who is in CA." - Donnie G specifically said on today's show that he has moved back to DC and his wife is still in CA helping with packing and moving of the household goods. So he's at least saying he's back in town. Wish him luck. The show didn't suck completely. His stories are pretty good so far, but he'll have to rely on some of the old schtick he used to use back in the day to keep his show interesting. Dave in Fredericksburg

Gus, you obviously spend way to much time in the closet-basement. If you have gay fantasies that’s entirely your business. Yet again you have proven that you bring Zero to this forum and are quite a bore. I didn’t meet greaseman, I have known him for years. Happened to run into lately and commented that he is still funny in my opinion. Maybe you should stay in Rehobeth and follow your fantasies. Mark/Bethesda…

Dave, I’m not sure WTAE has exclusivity per se in the Garrett County market nor could they have their license yanked. It’s well outside of 50 miles. Similarly, Philly stations can’t have WBOC or WMDT removed from cable TV in Kent County, DE even though it is technically within the Philadelphia Nielsen market. They probably cover more news in Dover than any Philly TV station does, but neither Nielsen market is within 50 miles even. Now Ocean City, MD for instance is an unusual case being a tourist market. The Baltimore stations, WBAL & WJZ are well outside of the Baltimore market, but Ocean City itself is outside of 30 miles of the Salisbury city limits, but its twin cable system in Berlin is within 30 miles, so it’s only a matter of time before WBOC/WRDE have the Baltimore stations removed, likely this fall/winter even. This is how the DC stations got removed from Baltimore county cable. The south & west sides of Baltimore are all close enough to DC to allow DC TV stations, but the east side of the county violates the law, so for a couple years you got DC stations on the west side and not the east, then when Comcast bought the system from Calvert Telecommunications, bingo, all the DC stations were yanked for cost savings and the hassle of having blank channels on half of the system. As for WDVM, if the FCC approves that move, they’ll likely

"Don is a good story teller" True, but all story tellers eventually come up against what I call Henry Rollins Syndrome where they phone it in, telling the same stories over and over even when they could clearly swap in new material. Larry King of course famously made up stories (Sandy Koufax). And you don't walk someone back to their house to rob them Henry. That story's always been hinky. Gus IANAL

WTAE in Pittsburgh didn’t abandon Western Maryland. It’s simply NOT their target audience and they know it as all the other TV stations that Nexstar claims covers the market but actually do not. That is why the WDMV 25 application is disingenuous if not an outright lie to the FCC. WTAE was simply stuck with a directional signal as part of the repack to protect other stations in WV, nothing to do with Western Maryland. Pittsburgh has a vested interest in Deep Creek Lake area for only one simple reason. They get their power from the hydroelectric plant that created the lake in the first place and own it as well as the land around it historically! Most of the people that own lodges around Deep Creek Lake are from PA. But they don’t cover any news there. The WDVM application needs to be turned down for one simple reason. It’s provable that the DC area signal does not reach the city of license in many locations around the city of license. I know the FCC has downplayed the city of license coverage requirements these days, but this is an abandonment of rural American broadcast TV in my opinion and should thus be rejected. Nexstar should make a stronger effort to get a network affiliation for WDVM, not move it to DC in a cheap move that abandons their own news market. I know Hagerstown is technically in the DC market because all the DC stations are on cable TV there, but otherwise, WDVM is their only local TV news for Western Maryland. How could the FCC end the ONLY local news for Western Maryland? It would be the complete opposite of the mission statement on rural broadcast TV service. — BaltoMedia.net

Dave's response: Garrett County MD is technically within the Pittsburgh TV market as defined by Nielsen. The station has exclusivity protection in that county and WTAE has a moral obligation to cover local news events there. If they don't want to cover Garrett County news and give the area a halfway decent broadcast signal by means of a translator or relay, the FCC should strip WTAE of its license pronto.....

/\ September 24 /\

\/ September 23 \/

"Gus IANAL" who looks just like a hog. C'mon squeal.

"To Mark/Bethesda RE: meeting "Greaseman":" I have gay fantasies too but I know they're not real. Gus IANAL

I saw Jeanette Reyes wore her curls out today. That woman is the finest looking woman on TV in DC! That is all.

WDVM 25 nee WHAG isn't the only television station abandoning Western Maryland. There are at least two other stations, WTAE and WWCP which used to have strong analog signals in Garrett County, now have installed highly directional transmitting antennas aimed away from this area when they went digital. I definitely know about WTAE, not completely sure about WWCP as they won't answer any emails or phone calls; but they are just not there anymore.

To Mark/Bethesda RE: meeting "Greaseman": Yes, hiring a local announcer/DJ would make perfect sense in comparison to Don G. who is in CA. However, in today's "woke" and soon to be broke world, Doug/Greaseman's humor would not work. The man was funny at the time he was on the air but politics has sucked the life out of humor. In addition, corporate radio clusters are not going to screw up their revenue/income. This is why terrestrial radio is no longer daring like it once was. The only thing we can do now is find skimmer audio/audition "tapes" of funnier times on the internet, listen to them behind closed doors, hope that we don't get a knock on the door in the middle of the night and get pushed into a black, unmarked vehicle. It may sound ludicrous but the reality is we are very close to it. The SOBs will have to pry the headphones of my cold, dead head.

Jay Philpott here...formerly of 100.7 The Bay/WZBA. I'm in my hometown of Minneapolis/St. Paul now and I'm working with the Prince Estate and the curators at the Paisley Park museum on a project - we're trying to answer one question: "Where did Prince get his first airplay?" We have much evidence that it was right here in Minnesota, but I have run across some discussion that WOOK 1340 am and 100.3 fm were also early with their airplay. Could you point me in a direction that would help me find someone involved with the station in June of 1978? Thanks!

If you want political nutso misinformation from the right in the he morning, tune into the Queen Larry O'Connor, not Don Geronimo. My complaint was too much music with Donnie, not enough talk. Don is a good story teller, so tell us more about your triumphs and failures, Radio God. We got a laugh when Don said he had to use Scott Shannon as a reference, but I thought Don could have then segued into some behind the scenes nuggets on the last few days with market manager "Skin Tags." Referencing "The Office" was stale. Don, now that you are back in town, when are the Friday night poker games coming back, and who is invited?

Telling the traffic story with Reada Kessler... www.washingtonjewishweek.com

Mailbag Minute:: Happy second day of FALL to Don Geronimo [circa Friday, October 22, 2010 when he fell-off the stage during a live show] On his first day @ BIG100, Janet Sorce, Don's 3rd wife, blows his 'we lied, we live in Sacramento' cover with this tweet "For all of you loyal DonGeronimoShow fans out here w/me in CA, that’s 2:30am PST on 9/23. I’ll be up @ that time listening & you’re all invited to join me." So, the Washington Football Team dropped the name "REDSKINS" Under growing DC woke pressure, how soon will iHeartMedia and Don Geronimo be forced to drop the now offensive name "GERONIMO?" {Geronimo, the Apache, was a bad-ass leader and never fell-off a cliff - or stage.] Since DCRTV was the #1 driver of traffic to them, good time for TMOS to immediately renew their DCRTV display ad. With Geronimo back in DC, nothing now but TMOS malebag crickets.Throwback Thursday. Every 70s kid like me cranked the UHF dial back and forth just to get that rapid-fire machine gun sound effect - until I broke it, my Dad slapped me on the back of the head and gave me pliers. [later in life, upgraded to the .50 Cal] Today's loser kids will never know the beauty of middle-of-night static porn. Muhammad Ali had a record player in his car. Which, with no speed bumps, had to be the coolest thing ever in 1965. It might still be until Camo Dave installs one in Lil Adam. In closing, if I'm curt with you it's because time is a factor. I think fast, I talk clear, fast - and loud and I need you guys to act fast if you wanna go out as heroes today. So, pretty please with sugar on top. DONATE TO FUCKING DCRTV!

I laughed on the Don Geronimo Show this morning when Jim Acosta referred to Trump as “That previous guy in there” just like Joe Biden refers to his cabinet when he cannot remember their names! Failed minds think alike apparently. HAha!

So, if 50% of posts here are Andy and 50% are Doni, where are the others? Sounds like a question Sister Mary No Nuts asked me in 1974. Doni G is back! Suck it Mike O’Meara. We all know who had the talent and knew how to get ratings!!!! Doni is playing nice with regard to music played versus talking/phone calls so far…LOL. Big 100 music is better than the Edge to me (I could be wrong). Even if Doni continues with his cigar throated song talk ups, remember TMOS CHARGED Money for the Sept 3 end of summer “Spintacular” bonus show. Think about that… Doni FREE All morning FIVE days a week doing his “Spintacular” with a podcast to listen later to or PAYING once a year to hear the always subpacular Mike O’Meara missing posts with Bob and Oscar screaming how GREAT he is. After all, the best new show in the area is Drab and Valdez’s Bit Season podcast! OOBBEE

I was very interested in hearing Don Geronimo’s first show, but he should have stuck to what works, the old Don & Mike Schtick. I’d forgotten what a commie pinko Don is. Bringing on FAKE NEWS (Abilio, real name he can’t use) Jim Acosta of CNN really sunk the show for me and probably others, not because it’s political to the left, but because you only bring dumb people on to make fun of them, not applaud them. What would have been funnier was making fun of how DUMB people on CNN are and how BAD their ratings are. But instead, Don even gave out props to Vanderbilt heir Anderson Cooper! This is why GUTFELD is the #1 late night comedy show on TV today. Donnie G is barking up the wrong comedy tree, the one with lefties dying on the air scrambling to defend a President who’s falling off a plane worse than originally thought. Already on Show #1, someone called in and said, “Shut up and play more music.” Yep, he got a “Dance monkey dance” call on show #1! I only laughed when Don said, “If you ever watch Jim Acosta on CNN on the weekends, blah blah blah”, I laughed because NOBODY IS WATCHING but Don! Even the Cuban people aren’t watching Jim Acosta! Then name dropping Wolf Blitzer wearing his CNN badge to a coffee shop? Sure, that could have been funny as in making fun of the snobbery of it all, but instead Don sucked cock instead. If this is the direction he’s going, boy are the ratings going to tumble. Simply not funny desperately name dropping snobby people that no one watches.

I see Nextstar’s WDVM 25 filed another Amendment to their request to move closer to DC, so I filed another complaint disputing their claims that the Hagerstown city of license is adequately covered by 10 other TV stations. Anyone with a brain knows this is not true. A Longely-Rice map clearly shows where WDVM won’t even be received right near Hagerstown itself, something they don’t want the FCC to see up close in their amendments. if the FCC’s mission statement is to increase rural TV coverage, this application certainly does NOT support that mission. The only purpose for this move is to get must carry status on every single DC area cable system, no other reason. WDVM (as WHAG NBC 25) was placed there for a simple reason. No other outlet for local news from Cumberland to Hagerstown. What Nexstar is doing is abandoning Western, Maryland completely and I’m surprised the local newspapers out there are not fighting this too. The FCC has wandered from its original mission sadly.

/\ September 23 /\

\/ September 22 \/

Congrats on 24 years, DCRTV Dave! I can't believe it's been that long since I saw you advertise on a couple of Usenet forums back in 1997. (Does anybody even remember what Usenet was?) As for Donnie G, I wish him the best of luck. I'm cautiously optimistic about his return to the DC area. However, I think a lot of folks are hoping for the return of the Don & Mike show, which of course will probably never happen. Instead we'll have Donnie spinning the tunes, but only until he gets in cross ways with iHeart management and either he leaves or they fire him. I give him 6 months tops. Could be wrong, but my gut feeling is that this won't last. Either way I'll listen to see how it goes. It will be something different than Elliot, I hope. Dave in Fredericksburg.

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork. Starting tomorrow morning, if you do begin calling the new Don Geronimo Show on BIG100, make sure to always work-in an ON-AIR shout-out to DCRTV Signed, The Real AHHHH. Legend. #SupportDCRTV #24Years #DonateToday #DonGeronimoSightingOnANorCalDeerCam

Has this once useful column turned into the Andy Pollin fan club site? Half of the damned posts are about someone who I have never listened to, care to listen to or ever will listen to! Half of L I F E is about someone who I have never listened to, care to listen to or ever will listen to! Yes, it's a "column". Gus if you like him so much why don't you marry him?

Although I have moved to a different state, I just want to say congratulations to Doni G. He will have somebody listening from rural TN. And, yes, I live in rural TN and still read DCRTV. Congrats on 24 years, Dave!

Ever since the early days of radio there were well known names, certainly DC had their share. Hardin & Weaver, Don & Mike, the Greaseman, G Gordon Liddy, and even Howard Stern. Many were in their peak in the late 80’s into the 90’s. I remember hearing many of the shows carried on the old WFBR Baltimore, I believe they were Infinity, or American Systems owned back then… But the fact is clear, they all dominated the ratings for years, as long as the ad revenue was generated, they stayed on the air. At some point, that changes, younger talent takes over, natural progression. I am grateful for the great entertainment over the years, it was fun. By the way, it is ok to grow older, Dave is no spring chicken either! Tom Conroy ( retired but busier than ever!)

Saw the greaseman today. Still funny as hell and bulky to boot. BIG100 shoulda hired a real Washington area d.j who still lives here and has a bone dry martini for sweet relief once in awhile and not don the douche. Just my humble opinion. Mark/Bethesda

/\ September 22 /\

\/ September 21 \/

Has this once useful column turned into the Don Geranamo fan club site? Half of the damned posts are about someone who I have never listened to, care to listen to or ever will listen to! Question; Andy Pollin has a new producer named Lauren Durnham. She must be very part time because after one hour she’s gone. Andy started the year by letting her pick the winners in the SEC games of the week. She is pretty well info for a girl right out of college. Anyway after a week that part went away and now they let her do the gambling commercials. What’s up with that?

Is it just me or does Shawn Yancy always look unhappy on the anchor desk? She always looks tense or mad when she anchors. Is she well received by the folks at NBC4? It appears they try to welcome her.

Is Don Geronimo 87 years old? How many years has it been since he was a DJ in the DC Market? Does anyone remember him? Dave Hughes please get a life. Thanks.

One way to be sure if Donny G is "in studio"will be if he talks about the AC not working well enough. I seem to remember that being an ever going issue back in the JFK daze...

Interesting about 100.3 FM in DC. Promotion emails I get from this radio station does not mention Don Geronimo being on their air. Oh well, so much for promoting their newest/oldest personality. And I'm sure the boss' like this note since I'm doing their work promoting Don. Send the "finder's fee" ASAP.

Dave's response: WBIG's website still has Big Rig on the sked from 5 AM to 10 AM.....

Happy Birthday DCRTV!. DCRTV turned 24 this month. What were you doing in 1997? How long is 24 years? That's 3 Mike O'Meara marriages or if Don Geronimo works at Big100 for that many years, he'd be 87. Straight talk. As appreciative & loyal readers of DCRTV, JOIN ME before the month ends by making a donation to Dave via PayPal at paypal.me/dcrtv or send a nice card w/ cash to Dave Hughes, 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655.

The FCC will decide in their next meeting if they are going to permit foreign investors to own 100% of American Broadcast Stations. The present limit is 25% ownership. This means that China and Russia could own 100% of Radio or TV stations in DC! Is this in the Public Interest? The FCC does permit foreign Governments to lease stations. For example, the Arthur Liu Station, WZHF 1390 AM in DC is leased by the Russians. They provide 100% of the programming. The same is true for the John Garziglia FM Translator 105.5 FM. Are the owners of these stations registered Russian Agents?

/\ September 21 /\

\/ September 20 \/

Wow, we couldn't let John Deronimo get feet dry on Maryland soil before droning him like an Afghan aid worker's family? At least he's not asking us to "support the show" like it's some sort of charity case. Imus did his show from New Mexico fer Chrissake. Art Bell did his show from Nye Cty. NV then later from the Philippines (on the LBFM Network, amirite?) John Batchelor takes every possible opportunity to broadcast from Azerbaijan.. Lemme ask you somethin', whaddayya care? Wait for him to fail before you get out the shovels. I agree it won't be long, but still... There are bigger fish to fry and adult Haitians in need of a serious machine-gunning. To the "who is" poster, no this is the John Deronimo who was on WINX and just about every other radio station. Gus vacationing in Rehoboth as one does

"The FCC will decide in their next meeting if they are going to permit foreign investors to own 100% of American Broadcast Stations." As I've pointed out several times in the past, T H I S happened on 2/23/2017: "In yesterday’s decision, the FCC approved the application of an LLC controlled 100% by a husband and wife, both Australian citizens, to acquire complete control over several companies that are the licensees of 7 AMs, 8 FMs, 13 FM translators, and 1 TV translator in Alaska and Texarkana, Arkansas and Texas." Source: broadcastlawblogDOTcom 2/24/2017. Knickers, untwist! Gus IANAL

First of all, if the power is being turned on today, so, he is renting or he bought a house. Second, I can't imagine Donnie doing a show from Sac in the middle of the night for an east coast morning show. He's here, and as far as I can tell, planning on staying. I can almost guarantee he will be at the next WFT home game to bring himself back to DC mode. I will keep my eye out for him in the media dining area. Keep you ears peeled for any mention of DCRTV on his show. Also, will Donnie destroy Larry O'Connor in the ratings, I will bet on it.

Don Geronimo Tweets Monday "... 1st day at Big100...off to new home, where power should be on today and starting to unpack." DCRTV mailbag translation a] unpack at Airbnb rental for a few weeks stay - hell, maybe a month?, b] then back to NorCal where Geronimo will broadcast the show from a local i-Heart radio station studio - or from home? Q. At what point does a "I'm coming home" radio marketing gimmick become just an ongoing "I'm coming home" - to visit listener lie? #SupportDCRTV

/\ September 20 /\

\/ September 19 \/

Is the Don Geronimo the same DJ that was on WAVA many years ago? Why is Dave Hughes obsessed with him? He has not been in the DC market in many years! How old is this "famous DJ" now?

Is AM Radio DEAD? Are there any AM Stations making money in the DC area?

/\ September 19 /\

\/ September 18 \/

What do you think Dave? I think Don Geronimo’s first very funny story back on DC radio by rental car is going to be a Planes, Trains, & Automobiles type comedy skit when he finally gets to DC and all the hazards along the way? Who knows? He might have had a drink with Brian Laundrie too along the way and helped him take out some strangely heavy trash! — BaltoMedia

Re: the “Angie & Marina” show on Fox5, they’re truly a better match than Angie & Rob. I notice that Rob tries to fit in, but neither of those ladies are too inviting. Almost to the point of ignoring him.

/\ September 18 /\

\/ September 17 \/

Re: Don's "Not really on the way" tweet. He was replying to someone who asked if he was stopping in Minnesota. Don't worry, it looks like he's really coming! (Although I have to question his praise of his stop in Iowa - there ain't nothing there, man)

DCRTV Breaks The News!! Malebaggers, don't “bury the lede” If Geronimo is in fact driving from Sacramento to Maryland, he either has the worst agent or he is the worst negotiator. At his old-ass, gravely voice age, his WBIG-FM deal should have included a mobility Rascal Scooter and a fully-paid home relocation package w/ first-class airline tickets and a pet air manifest cargo benefit. [ or drop off the old family pets at the shelter and get new, young ones in MD ] Time is the ultimate currency. Geronimo just lost 40 hours off his Geritol-chugging, Rush Limbaugh Cuban cigar smoking life making this unnecessary cross-country trip - and then back to Sacramento in a few weeks *wink* The Real AHHHH Legend. Donator of money to DCRTV.

“Two hours later, Geronimo tweets ‘not really on the way’”. Dave, that was a response to someone asking if he’s stopping in Minnesota. You should be reporting the news, not creating it!

I know people have mixed feelings about Angie Goff but one thing for sure is that she and Marina Marraco are BFFs based on their social media posts and photos. Poor Rob Desir has to play second fiddle to both of them - wonder if he regrets taking the job yet?

Nice try. The “Not really on my way” tweet by Don Geronimo was in response to someone asking if he’d stop in Minnesota, meaning Minnesota isn’t really on his way from Des Moines to D.C.

/\ September 17 /\

\/ September 16 \/

BREAKING NEWS:: HAS DON GERONIMO ALREADY QUIT WBIG-FM RADIO? For weeks, DCRTV & the mailbag were the first & only DC/MD/VA Media outlet to call "bullshit" that Geronimo would physically move back to MD. Now, is the honeymoon already over? Has Geronimo quit before the first show? Geronimo tweets late Thursday @dongeronimoshow "Greetings from Iowa..hotel has a surprisingly great bar/restaurant! 2 days driving left til home." Two hours later, Geronimo tweets, "Not really on the way." Stay tuned. #HowDumbAreBig100Listeners

It’s an honor to be slimed by Gus and all the other names he associates with his odious but sadly anonymous writing style. His posts are like those bubbles which pop up from time to time from a sewage pit. Don’t wait for anything constructive. Nothing to admire here. Just keep moving. P of the AW

Someone asked, what has the NAB done for you lately? The answer is NOTHING! The best thing they do is collect dues.

[From Shelly Dark on Facebook, RE Johnny Dark:] On today, this 5th anniversary of my Dad's passing, I am pleased to announce and reveal a memorial website and tribute to his life, albeit a work in progress. Through our family's memories, stories, photos, audio files, documents, and your assistance with the same, I hope to reveal not just Johnny Dark, the disc jockey, the professional man, but also the husband, father, athlete, coach, mentor, teacher and human being. Loving, wonderful, yet flawed like all of us, and vulnerable to life's challenges. The site is dedicated to and will share with you Johnny Dark, JD as some referred to him affectionately, the consummate professional and, to my Dad, the man behind the mic. Subscribe to the site to be updated when changes are made or a new Blog is posted! johnny-dark.com

RE:” Mailbag Minute:: Nothing said “September” – Bingo Sir!!!!! Well said1 I just sent Dave $24 + 1 for good luck! Right on with Gus and Mike O’Meara! Holy Shit, that kid now has headphones sitting there to just walk on in on almost every show. Remember D&M crucifying Cody Lee???? Mike said then he would never put his daughters on the air. Now we hear Junior’s impressions, tales of games played recess in school, mask counts in the class room, etc. The worst was Oscar Santana saying to him “You can come on anytime you want little Michael” when even Mike said it was time to go. Remember when Oscar was cool? WTF happened??? Did that MBA make him a pussy? Please Chad and Drab: NEVER DO BOAD again. Just you two please!!! (New Drabby Podcast with Valdeez and AWAD today.) I thought Mike’s wife #? was annoying. Cody O’Meara is worse. I also remember D&M killing Jack Diamond’s “Little Buddy” and Robin Quivers ass kissing of Howard. Back then, Bob Spewak would join in and destroy those two. These days the biggest ass kisser I DC is Bo Bo “I could never get a guest” Spewak. OOBBEE

NEWS! Washington Wizards Join WTEM; Capitals Remain On WJFK/WFED... radioinsight.com: Monumental Sports and Entertainment have signed new affiliation agreements for the NBA’s Washington Wizards and NHL’s Washington Capitals. The Wizards will be heard on Audacy’s “The Team 980” WTEM Washington DC after six years exclusively on Hubbard’s “Federal News Network” 1500 WFED Washington. WFED will also air games for the upcoming 2021/2022 season. The move marks the first time the Wizards are associated with a Sports formatted station since 2013. The NHL’s Washington Capitals will remain on Audacy’s “106.7 The Fan” WJFK-FM Manassas VA, WFED and the franchise’s “Caps Radio 24/7” streaming platform

Mailbag Minute:: Nothing said “September” when I was a kid quite like an NFL game played on a goddamn baseball diamond. Speaking of September, I donated CASH to DCRTV 24th Birthday Party. How about you? Elon Musk just put 3 civilians into space w/o the need for Astronauts. "NUFF" With over 24 years of experience and more DC/MD/VA inside media contacts than your wife has mustache hair, Dave, like Musk, can effectively run this website from anywhere in the world. You on the other hand as a sewage treatment pro, must show up for work five days a week in order to get paid once a month. Pet Peeve. Before every TMOS Podcast, MIKE O'MEARA puts his annoying, yappy dogs in their kennels. O'Meara, 65, should do the same thing with his equally annoying 5 year old son who thinks he has carte blanche to join the live show from his dad's living room studio whenever he wants to. O'MEARA, PAL TMOS isn't Sesame Street. Put that kid in a crate - too. In Florida, its legal and encouraged. Gus in the Gaithersburg is in the DCRTV Hall of Fame for a reason - he's that good. Another conservative Christian talk radio host, Bob Enyart, who mocked those with AIDS and urged his listeners and church congregation to boycott the COVID-19 vaccine has died from the disease. GOOD! Throw-back Thursday. When I was a kid I’d make my way from the inside of one store clothing rack to the next one like I was a goddamn ninja. And, ordering Pizza Hut from a payphone was some hardcore shit. Don Geronimo, if you're going to physically move to MD and make Opening Day at Big100 on the 23rd, you better start that cross-country road trip now. *wink* #SupportDCRTV

"... I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that people now in their 70s grew up on the Beatles and Stones, not Perry Como or Doris Day. My upbringing conditioned me to believe that old people were anti-rock and were revolted by anything heavier than the Carpenters or the Association." People now in their 70s (or getting close) were the ones who protested on campuses, dodged the draft, hitchhiked to Woodstock and did all those things that would have tipped them as far away from the Carpenters and The Association as was practical. 80s Hard Rock is "Nostalgia" as far as that age group is concerned -- all part of the experience of growing up in that era.

The the "oldies guy". Let me try to break it down, it may or may not be helpful. It's just like Penthouse Pets or Playboy Playmates. It's a matter of what you were exposed to when you hit what Johnny Carson used to call "pooberty". For some people it's motorboat ads in Popular Science, for others it's Korn or whatever the kids are listening to today. Many of the folks around during your "upbringing" are now benevolently providing food for starving worms. I once had a friend who disdained bebop in its entirety but couldn't get enough of 1930s swing. And don't sleep on the Carpenters. Despite the psycho twistedness they were a class act and timeless. There's almost always something to be learned by looking back. And in honor of John Deronimo I offer this pre-nosejob tune from The Jacksons: www.youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=lrKZNqIR2U0... Gus looking back on the Blue Boy episode of Dragnet and the Saturday night Art Bell Somewhere in Time replays

We finally may be nearing the end of the Orioles/MASN vs. Nationals/MLB TV Dispute case. New York's highest court has agreed to hear the case. The Orioles are demanding an independent arbitrator to determine the amount of TV money the Nats get, not Major League Baseball's committee of owners. The Orioles say the owners all have a vested interest in the Nats getting more money as it raises the value of their own TV money for their teams as well. The Nats claim they are a bigger market team and deserve more money and bring in more revenue for MASN and the Orioles majority owned network set up by MLB as part of the Expos move from Montreal to DC. After this decision, the only other appeal option would be the Supreme Court and anti-trust issues, a highly unlikely option and unappealing for all sides involved. As it stands right now, there is $100 million dollars sitting in an escrow account that neither team can use to improve either team, so this has simply gone on too long. And before anyone says it, I’ll repeat. The Nats opting out of MASN and jumping to Comcast is not an option as it would open up the mother of all anti-trust lawsuits against MLB that could possibly even throw the Nats back to Montreal as the Expos. And just to note, Peter Angelos dying won’t change the legal stuff, but it certainly would help the negotiations, since his sons are clearly abiding by his final wishes. —BaltoMedia.net

Totally agree that it seems strange for WASH to include some 1980s hard rock. I’m in my 50s but I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that people now in their 70s grew up on the Beatles and Stones, not Perry Como or Doris Day. My upbringing conditioned me to believe that old people were anti-rock and were revolted by anything heavier than the Carpenters or the Association. Maybe that generational change is why oldies stations refuse to use that label.

I suppose the world need douchebags just like it needs ditchdiggers. Might want to run that by your mom. Your mom's like a morning radio team: "I'm the Ditch! And I'm the Douche!" "Gus, thanks anyway for the nasty non-answer answer to my question about dialing 202." And for not asking what are your qualifications in the telecomm industry? Don't be the sad guy in the window in the Rolling Stones Waiting on a Friend video. Please explain to the class when I said I had a 202 landline. Dude, or since I'm nasty, Miss Jackson, neither I nor anyone else cares who you are. Gus you put the S in SF and it rhymes with glad rag don't be that guy Shoutout to Rod Stewart

/\ September 16 /\

\/ September 15 \/

Sorry to see that the NAB Show has been canceled for 2021! What has the NAB done for you lately?

Yes, we all know P of the AW (Princess of the Ass Wipes) is former WMAL/WRQX Chief Engineer David Sproul who needs a night nurse to take away his laptop. Yes, we all know Gus in the Gaithersburg is a sniveling c-bag who wastes bandwidth between his Brazzers & NAMBLA web searches with endless posts. But what we can't figure out is why would you send money to support a website run by someone who lives 10-to-12 hours from the media markets his site is devoted to, and has no intention of ever stopping the political based word spews on DCRTV, or actually delivering fresh news on radio, TV, print & online media in the DC/MD/VA area. You know, sticking to the mission? 'Nuff.

Dave's response: Hey, even though I'm in western NC, due to the miracle of internet technology, I can listen to most DC-Baltimore area radio stations with better reliability and fidelity than you poor radio listeners in the metro areas. I can easily access all of the DC area news websites. And I can stream just about all DC and Baltimore local newscasts via Roku and the web. But I don't have to pay the high cost of living and deal with the Hellish traffic and related car-based pollution.....

"My therapist was correct; if I stopped listening to the 98 Rock morning show" You needed a therapist to tell you to change stations if you don't like what you are listening to?

So, DCRTV Dave Hughes wears a size 11.5 shoe. You know what they say about men with 2 big feet? BIG DCRTV 24th Anniversary DONATIONS! Folks, we're halfway through the month of September; DCRTV'S Birthday Month. As fellow readers, lets all pitch-in and make a generous donation to Dave today. Looks like we can do it via PayPal at paypal.me/dcrtv or send some cash to Dave Hughes, 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655. Paint Your Bald Spot?

I was refering to how hard leaning some of the music played on WASH FM has become used to be so called listen at work stations was James Taylor,Lionel Riche, Sade ect.If you want to hear really old music tune into 1690 from Lexington Park if you can get it heard Ricky Nelson Everly Brothers they go back into the 50s and 1430 WNAV Annapolis oldies from the 50s to the 80s.Also is thier Anybody hear suddenly not able to recieve WUSA CH9 using antenna I don,t know what,s going on lots of issues with them the past month nothing mentioned on thier website.

Gus, thanks anyway for the nasty non-answer answer to my question about dialing 202. Keep wriggling. I sure am glad it’s not up to me to keep allowing you into the Mailbag. Your relentless slimy insulting negativity is pretty clever at times but in the end helps no one. At least I make it very easy for people to find out who I really am. I won’t wait for you to muster that kind of nerve. P of the AW.

To the poster praising the music on WASH FM, dont be too impressed by the inclusion of Joan Jett or Van Halen. Both songs are average 40 years old now and are bordering on Nostalgia. At the Giant supermarket in Cardinal Forest plaza in NoVa, you can hear "I Wanna Be Sedated" on the store music system. You have to wonder, when did Punk become the domain of the Daytime Domestic Goddess?

/\ September 15 /\

\/ September 14 \/

Re Thursday Night Football... WTTG FOX5 will carry Thursday nights Giants Washington game.

My therapist was correct; if I stopped listening to the 98 Rock morning show "Justin, Scott & Spiegel" my daily mood and mental outlook would improve! I no longer get annoyed-pissed off trying to figure out how a second rate/JV level morning radio show DOES NOT have any major guests...rarely takes only 2-3 listener calls during lame breaks...and has co-hosts 'um-ah-I dont know or care what is going Scott' and 'neurotic-self hating-clueless newsreader Spiegel' who are definitely not radio professionals. My therapist was right! (I now listen to "Preston & Steve"; a more professional & funny morning radio show from Philadelphia that has a Radio Hall of Fame award) ~R.

If you go to the "Feast Your Ears" website, the lead story claims that the 'HFS documentary is "Coming Soon!" There are links to articles about the film's "pending release" that were written five years ago. FIVE. YEARS. AGO.

Dave's response: And where'd all that GoFundMe money go?

Does anyone know which DC TV station is going to carry the WFT vs Giants football game on Thursday night ? Thanks Patrick

Don Geronimo will be a success on WBIG if iHeart allows him the freedom to say what he thinks about the world and politics and entertainment and not just play the pre-selected stale list of overplayed classic rock tunes that we hear on DC's 100.3. But I cannot imagine that iHeart, in its over-researched corporate gloriousness, will allow that. Don will get fed up real fast and probably hit the escape button by Thanksgiving or Christmas. Just watch. - PYBS

NEWS! 100.7 The Bay's GM Announces Retirement... www.allaccess.com: TIMES-SHAMROCK COMMUNICATIONS Classic Rock WZBA (100.7 THE BAY)/BALTIMORE GM JEFFERSON WARD has announced his retirement after 45 years in radio. Before joining WZBA as GM in NOVEMBER 2011, WARD’s background includes GSM roles for WPLY, WPHI and WRDW in PHILADELPHIA and PD positions at WIOQ/PHILADELPHIA, WKSS/HARTFORD and WAEB-F/ALLENTOWN, PA... TIMES-SHAMROCK CEO JIM LEWANDOWSKI said, “JEFFERSON’s leadership over the past 10 years has resulted in outstanding performance all while maintaining our core values and family culture. I am very happy for JEFFERSON but he will be missed." The search for WARD's replacement has begun and LEWANDOWSKI commented, "We have a strong team in place in BALTIMORE and are looking for someone who will continue WZBA’s track record of exceptional success. To ensure a smooth transition, JEFFERSON will continue as WZBA’s GM until we find the right person for this outstanding radio station.”

Mailbag Minute:: Don Geronimo Edition. Is Geronimo's slight of relocation hand alive and well?. "Returning to my hometown" doesn't mean Geronimo is relocating to his home state of Md which by the way, was just ranked by Bankrate as the #1 worst state to semi / retire in. [ High costs. bad culture, wellness, weather..it just sucks!.]. Betting odds are the senior citizen will fly into DC and do the show from WBIG for the first week or so to pretend he's back in town. Then he'll slither back to California and do the show remotely from a batch of i-Heart owned stations to chose from in Sacramento. Remember in 2013, he "returned" to WJFK to do a Saturday morning show. Only lasted a few weeks.That was remote too. Place your DCRTV Prop bets - now! Will Geronimo physically relocate to MD? Will TMOS mention Geronimo's new gig? How long will Geronimo stay at WBIG? The Real AHHHH #SupportDCRTV #SeptemberIs24Years #DonateToday

"Gus, if you’re really in the Gaithersburg why would you be dialing a 202 landline from a 202 landline? Your facade is cracking. P of the AW"-- "I can't dial my landline from my landline without an area code and I repeat "Hasn't it been that way for quite some time?" Don't be the sad guy in the window in the Rolling Stones Waiting on a Friend video" Please explain to the class when I said I had a 202 landline, bitch. At least you got the "the" part right. Gus and they say I should get a life

Im glad to hear WKCW is back will check it out in the day when it can be picked up in Woodbridge... WASH FM is no longer dentist office music Ive heard I love Rock and Roll from Joan Jett there and Jump from Van Halen although still many songs are softer like Anita Baker but much harder than relaxing music stations you would hear in doctors and dentist offices in the 70s and 80s.WUSA Ch 9 not able to recieve it again yesterday with my antenna like the 4th Sunday since July don,t know what,s going on.

/\ September 14 /\

\/ September 13 \/

WKCW is back! WKCW is back! WKCW is back! At least for now. Jeff

Gus, if you’re really in the Gaithersburg why would you be dialing a 202 landline from a 202 landline? Your facade is cracking. P of the AW

Listening to WASH in the waiting room at my dentist and I was surprised to hear Lisa Baden doing midday traffic for them. I thought she had retired a couple years ago.

Dave's response: From 2000 to 2004, my mom was not in the best of health. She passed away in November 2004. But one of my fondest memories is taking her to countless doctor/dentist appointments and WASH was almost always playing in the waiting room. While I was scanning through year-plus old issues of People and Good Housekeeping.....

See that there’s slim pickins on Fox5 this morning as they have the second string anchors on air as the more seasoned are all off. They even brought Bob Barnard in to work the news desk! Now, i will give them an “E” for effort though. And can someone please find Erin & Marissa some men as they are quite thirsty.

I wasn't expecting the announcement of Donnie G. coming back to DC radio. I also wish him well and hope he does the show live from DC and not from the Sac since that would start in the middle of the night Sac time. And I think he needs to be immersed in the local milieu if he is going to make commentary about the local media part of his schtick. If he does play music, I hope he gets to choose what songs to play since he has great taste in music and not some prefab music list required by the station with the flexibility to do his bits the way he sees fit. After the TMOS train wreck, I think it is a good call to not have any of that crew associated with the new show and start with a fresh, clean slate.

"I’ve been able to call my wife cell-to-cell this week using only seven digits. Both our numbers are 202, so not limited to landlines, Dave." Is it possible that you and your wife are on the same plan paid for by one check? I can't dial my landline from my landline without an area code and I repeat "Hasn't it been that way for quite some time?" Don't be the sad guy in the window in the Rolling Stones Waiting on a Friend video, Dave. "Glunky"? Know what worked on 9/11/2001? Landlines. Gus not waiting.

Re: caption errors on Fox5, yep, a regular occurrence. And Gus, stop being such a sour puss hating on people on this site & get a freakin’ life. You knew exactly what the poster meant.

The only way Don Geronimo will be successful at BIG is if they drop the music during his show. He knows this. Does management? If they insist that he plays classuck rock, expect him to about once. Go Doni Go!

/\ September 13 /\

\/ September 12 \/

[ Parody Alert ] Don, for the love of the radio baby Jesus, let's get the old gang back together. We are nothing w/o you. Love, Mike, Robb & Buzz. Fuck Oscar.

Here is another question for all the engineers who read DCRTV. How does a 25 watt translator, licensed to Centreville, VA at zero meters above average terrain, be heard like a Class A FM radio station in Frederick County MD, some 30 miles away? Must have a great antenna.

Oh goodie, another recycled "townie" who started 40 years ago, was relevant 20 years ago & has nothing new to offer. How long before raspy Don Geronimo joins "townies" Albie Dee and Ed Rod doing traffic? How long before WBIG brings back Goldie? Gawd help Geronimo's co-workers if the Ensure and Geritol supply runs low. Retire. Retire now.

"I don’t think a week goes by where something isn’t spelled correctly" What you're saying here is everything is spelled correctly every week and in your universe that's a complaint. Is it possible that you suck? Gus mote meet plank

Don - welcome back to DC. Ive worked with some of the grandest and most recognizable names in the biz, but regret never having had the chance to do so with you. Break a leg. -APD

Re: misspelling Bob Barnard’s name in the caption during a remote shoot, Fox5 is notorious for caption errors. I don’t think a week goes by where something isn’t spelled correctly, the name of the reporter, anchor or guest being interviewed doesn’t match who’s on screen or the subject in the caption also doesn’t match what’s being shown. I remember one morning there was a discussion between a Democrat & Republican contributor & the caption identified them both as Republicans. I guess because caption errors is a routine occurrence, there’s no concern or priority in accuracy as the person(s) responsible continues to be employed there.

NextGen TV is reportedly on the air in Washington, DC. So says this article by George Winslow of the TVTech website. www.tvtechnology.com... NextGen TV: EduCast Remote Learning Service Launched in D.C.

/\ September 12 /\

\/ September 11 \/

Honestly, does anyone think Don Geronimo will send the so-called classic rock station ratings sky hi? I doubt it. This guy is way past his prime. With his terrible voice he’ll be a turn-off rather quickly. Sorry Don. Pack it in and retire.

Uh oh, no mention of WMAL in the latest ratings? Oh, and I’ve been able to call my wife cell-to-cell this week using only seven digits. Both our numbers are 202, so not limited to landlines, Dave. P of the AW.

NEWS! WTOP and WWIN top August radio ratings... radioinsight.com: While Hubbard News 103.5 WTOP continues to lead Washington DC with its 8.8 to 9.2 rise, Radio One Adult R&B “Majic 102.3/92.7” WMMJ/WDCJ surges up to second with a big 7.0 to 8.9 gain. Howard University’s competing Adult R&B 96.3 WHUR slips to third but inches up 7.9 to 8.0. Public News/Talk 88.5 WAMU drops 7.5 to 6.6. iHeartMedia Alternative “DC 101” WWDC continues its upswing 5.2 – 5.7 – 6.4 to enter the top five. iHeartMedia AC 97.1 WASH dips 6.6 to 5.5, while sister Country 98.7 WMZQ trends down 4.3 – 3.4 – 3.1. Classical 90.9 WETA rises 3.9 to 4.7, while Radio One Gospel “Praise 104.1” WPRS-FM trends up 2.2 – 2.9 – 3.1... Radio One Adult R&B “Magic 95.9” WWIN-FM remains on top of Baltimore down 8.6 to 8.1. iHeartMedia Country 93.1 WPOC drops 6.8 to 6.3. Audacy AC “Today’s 101.9” WLIF moves up to third with a 5.3 to 6.2 gain. Hearst’s “98 Rock” WIYY rises 5.2 to 5.4, while Radio One Hip Hop “92Q” WERQ slips 5.5 to 5.3. Audacy Sports “105.7 The Fan” WJZ-FM rises 3.7 to 4.5. Howard University Adult R&B 96.3 WHUR Washington rises 3.3 to 4.1. Jazz 89.9 WEAA trends up 1.6 – 1.9 – 2.7. Moving down in Baltimore are Shamrock Classic Rock “100.7 The Bay” WZBA (4.7 to 3.2) and iHeartMedia CHR “Z104.3” WZFT (3.8 to 3.1)... All the numbers can be found at RadioInsight.com/Ratings

Here is a question for all the engineers who read DCRTV. How does a 99 watt translator, operating from the River Rd tower in Bethesda, sound like a 50,000 Watt FM Radio Station in Northern Virginia? translator 105.5 FM programming Russian Propaganda from Moscow. I read where the Russians are paying the owner of this translator $25,000 per month to carry this programming. How does this serve the Public Interest? Ask your Congressman.

"now DC residents with old 202 landlines will have to start dialing the 202 area code for local calls" -- Hasn't it been that way for quite some time? Of course I've never worked for the phone company so have no qualifications to post on this issue. Gus getting his phreak on

Dave's response: If you have an old grunky landline phone and live in an area with one area code, you can usually just dial the local seven digit number. However, many areas now have more than one "overlay" code like Northern Virginia with 571 and 703. In those areas you have to dial all 10 digits (often with a "1" prefix) on your landline. This doesn't apply to cell phones, which most people have, where you always have to dial all 10 digits. Got it Gus?

In an ill-considered rerun of Bill O'Reilly's Common Sense on WABC radio Friday night our Bill pointed out the "Hitler didn't destroy Rome." That's because Italy was Germany's ally you stupid idiot. In other news, Roosevelt didn't destroy London. Quelle dewsh. And he wants to give me vaccine advice? Gus looking for his falafel

Poor hardworking Bob Barnard of Fox5 can't get no respect from his own crew. Going into his report his name was misspelled and coming out of it his name was misspelled. What's a guy gotta do?

/\ September 11 /\

\/ September 10 \/

From the Don Geronimo Twitter feed "No one from any former show(s) joining me, any cast additions will be new." #OUCH [ Don. Hey pal, I'm thinking Camo Dave Hughes News & Comment? ]

TBH, I am surprised no one started a "Where Were You on 9/11 Twenty Years Ago?" thread for long-time broadcasters here today.

What is up with Angie Goff today? Friday 4 o’clock news. Angie’s hair looking bad. She is not her usual bubbly self!

Rob Bamberger, host of one of Washington’s most celebrated and longest running jazz radio broadcasts is being honored this weekend by a local jazz society. Bamberger, who has presided since 1980 over a nearly unbroken string of weekly Saturday night broadcasts on WAMU-FM titled “Hot Jazz Saturday Night” will receive The Potomac River Jazz Club’s “Golden Anniversary Airwaves Award” in recognition of his remarkable devotion to early jazz, the music fostered by Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, and Jelly Roll Morton, among others. The club will present the award this Sunday, September 12, at an all-day mini music festival marking its 50th anniversary. The event takes place from 11am to 6pm at Rosensteel Hall, 9705 Rosensteel Avenue, Silver Spring. It will feature four bands playing the traditional jazz form popularized in New Orleans, including one band comprised mainly of players who were on hand when the club was formed in the District of Columbia in 1971. The lineup includes an open jam session, dance demonstrations, prize giveaways, silent auctions, and awards to other special guest jazz luminaries including two of the club’s 1971 founders now in their 90’s. Hot Jazz Saturday Night originated on WAMU in 1980. In 2018, the station took the broadcast off the air in a programming shift, raising howls from its loyal followers including fans of other music genres. It was brought back last fall to the great relief of enthusiastic vintage jazz and swing music fans. Bamberger’s broadcast program has been selected for preservation by the Library of Congress in its collection of significant locally produced radio programming. The Potomac River Jazz Club (PRJC) is a non-profit 501(c)3 cultural group formed in 1971 to preserve and promote the playing and appreciation of traditional or Dixieland jazz, the uniquely American art form. This is the music that originated among black musicians in New Orleans around the turn of the century and migrated up the Mississippi River. It encompasses jazz in this classic form as well as its derivations in Chicago and San Francisco styles plus blues and ragtime music. The PRJC helped to found and is an active member of the American Federation of Jazz Societies. It is a founding member of the Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington. It supports youth jazz education through its support of the Capital Focus Jazz Band composed of high school and college age players. PRJC membership is concentrated in the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area, but there are members across the U.S. and in Canada. All jazz lovers are invited to join in the fun, friendships, and satisfaction this music brings Admission to Sunday’s event includes lunch from Mission BBQ. Tickets are $25 for PRJC members, $30 for non-members, or $10 for students. More details at prjc.org and the jazz club’s Facebook page.

As George Will would say: "Well." That was a long stretch of privilege. Since way back when area codes were first introduced (1960s?) anyone in the greater DC area dialing a 202 number didn't have to include the 202. For many years our contest and caller line was simply 432-WMAL. That's probably the number the station still uses now, but hidden in the destination of their made-up inward long distance number. Still, the end of an era as of 10/9/2021. P of the AW

Dave's response: There is a new overlay DC area code 771 and now DC residents with old 202 landlines will have to start dialing the 202 area code for local calls, just like pretty much all cell phone users already do with every call.....

From the Don Geronimo Twitter feed "Yes, moving back. All shows live from the @BIG100Radio studios which means back to Rockville Pike, just a bike ride from my childhood home on Norbeck Road." #SupportDCRTV

"Re: "Gutfeld" audio on Fox News.... Sure, it's correct that they didn't add in any audio sweetener or laugh track during the Trump segment. The issue is that by leaving the mics open, you're hearing Gutfeld, the panel, and the audience occasionally guffawing the whole time" ... Uh, I'm confused. Are we now saying that actual laughing instead of laugh tracks is bad? "Sure, it's correct that they didn't add in any audio sweetener or laugh track during the Trump segment." So let me get this straight. Facts are bad? I wonder what Cornpop would say. Gus in underwear for the digital age

Re: "Gutfeld" audio on Fox News.... Sure, it's correct that they didn't add in any audio sweetener or laugh track during the Trump segment. The issue is that by leaving the mics open, you're hearing Gutfeld, the panel, and the audience occasionally guffawing the whole time...which does come off sounding like an actual laugh track. At best, it's a pretty amateurish move and certainly defeats the purpose if they expected it to be taken seriously.

Don Geronimo to return to the DC airwaves! What say you Dave?

Dave's response: I have always admired Don and wish him the best.....

NEWS! Don Geronimo To Host Mornings At Big 100 Washington... radioinsight.com: Don Geronimo is making a return to Washington DC. iHeartMedia Classic Rock “Big 100” WBIG-FM Washington will debut “The Don Geronimo Show” in mornings beginning Thursday, September 23. Geronimo made the announcement on-air this morning. Geronimo is one of the biggest radio stars in the history of Washington radio. He began his career at the age of thirteen on 1600 WINX Rockville MD. He would bounce around the country to work at multiple Top 40 stations throughout the 1970s and early 80s with stints including WXLO New York, KIIS-FM and KFI Los Angeles, and WLS-FM and WBBM-FM Chicago as well as 1260 WWDC and 95.5 WPGC-FM in the Washington market. In 1985 he joined 105.1 WAVA-FM Arlington VA first as afternoon host and then quickly teamed with Mike O’Meara in mornings. The “Don & Mike Show” would move to afternoons at 106.7 WJFK-FM in 1991 and soon enter syndication via Westwood One. Outside of a brief move to middays in the early 2000s, the Don & Mike Show continued until Geronimo retired in 2008 following the death of his wife. Geronimo would later spend three years hosting middays and then mornings at 1140 KHTK Sacramento CA. He then briefly hosted nights and weekends back at WJFK-FM in late 2013/early 2014 and hosted a daily podcast from 2014 to 2019. Geronimo completes the previously planned lineup changes due to the move of current morning voicetracker Ron ‘Big Rig’ Michaels to afternoons following the relocation of WBIG-FM APD/afternoon host Brent ‘Bodhi’ Ebright to “Rock 105.3” KIOZ San Diego. INSTANT INSIGHT: There are very few talents available in a given market with the ability to potentially move the needle and bring lapsed listeners back to radio. It’s not a guarantee that it’ll work, but Geronimo at least has the name value in Washington to do so. Geronimo was the answer to this blind item we tweeted two weeks ago.

Dave's response: So, will Don be making the move back to the DC area or (more probably) be voice tracking or internet streaming the show from his current base in the Sacramento area?

Late night show GUTFELD! had interview segments with Trump all week long so I’ll predict that his ratings trounce Colbert, Kimmel, and Fallon once again for the week on CBS, ABC, & NBC. MSNBC wrote a story saying the segments were so bad that they needed a laugh track. They were informed that the interview had no laugh track and that it was the actual studio audience watching it laughing, but MSNBC is still running the false narrative because they just don’t care and like to sell the fake story better. Anyone know when CNN is being sold to Communist China? Everyone knows now that AT&T doesn’t want it and there are apparently no buyers.

/\ September 10 /\

\/ September 9 \/

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” ? Anne Frank. That's right. I read the earlier post. I agree. Let's all send Dave some DCRTV B-day cash, dough, scratch, bills, Benjamins, bank roll, bacon, bread, cha-ching, cheese, clams, Dinero, five-spot, folding stuff, green, greenbacks, lettuce or some Moola! If I can break-off $100, you can do $24. All of you. The Real AHHHH

Would not WKCW have had to file notice with the Commission that they are going off the air for an indeterminate period? In the event of transmitter probs, I believe that is the procedure.

According to what I read it states WKCW has entered into a consent decree with the FCC due to a public file violation and they have up to a year to solve the issue so due to that the application to renew thier license has been denied for now so to the poster who said its transmitter issues where did you see that?

Re: Nats. Dear God, please not Buckhantz.

Dave, Congratulations. DCRTV's 24th Anniversary. Let's see, $24 donation for 24 years. Buck a year. More than fair. Agreed. Let's all donate - NOW!

To the MASN mob: Having Johnny H. or Buckhantz or Dave Johnson or even Jags fill in for Bob Carpenter would mean MASN would have to PAY them for their work. MASN isn't going to do that, especially for a last-place team with basically negative ratings. Grow up. As Tony Soprano would say, "We're runnin' a business here..."

Carl (and all): Very grateful for the kind words about my obit on Willard Scott. The name of the game in daily journalism is thoroughness. Happy to have aced out the NY Times (for once!). By the way, when I wrote this obit (it has been in the can for more than 10 years), the editors and I had quite a spat. I had included an anecdote about Willard the vegetable salesman. Once a week, he’d arrive at the Nebraska Avenue studios with a back seat full of lettuce, fruit, tomatoes, what-have-you, grown at his place in Delaplane, VA. His colleagues would buy it, and would look forward to it. The editors took this out because it wasn’t “central to who the man was,” to quote one of them. I can’t think of anything more central, really. Willard was a country boy. Farms are in the country. Obvious connection. But editors always have the last word. Cheers to all, Bob Levey (36 years at The Washington Post, more than 25 at WRC-AM, WMAL-AM, WASH-FM, WETA-FM, WBAL-AM and a bunch of TVs).

WKCW’s silence has nothing to do with the license renewal. The transmitter has issues, it’s being worked on.

Radio's bombasic pompast (He repeats himself! He repeats himself ladies and gentlemen!) who never met even a hypothetical war he didn't like, just like "Songbird" McCain made the startling revelation that China and most of the Arab countries in the Mideast are in the same hemisphere as the U.S. Of course he might have meant the N O R T H E R N hemisphere but then why did he say "most of the Arab countries"?. This was in the context of the Monroe Doctrine being "intended to protect us from our enemies" rather than the impotent gang-style land claim that it actually was. Gus so very disappointed in Ed Meese's former chief of staff

/\ September 9 /\

\/ September 8 \/

Here is why I really like the Washington Post, and only tolerate the New York Times (I read both because I have retired): In the recent obituary for the truly great Willard Scott in both papers, the Washington Post version was exactly 100% correct and complete, including the part about the excellent weathercaster Bob Ryan. First: The New York Times, in its lack of proper research, called WRC-TV an "NBC affiliate", when really it is owned 100% by the NBC Network. So when Willard Scott worked at WRC-980 and WRC-TV-4, he was working for the large network. Would they say that about WNBC-TV in NYC? Second: The Times also said that when the NBC network wanted Mr. Scott for the Today Show, they fired Bob Ryan. This is very unfair to both men. As the Post said, the two men swapped positions, Willard Scott moving to Today, and Bob Ryan moving to the NBC-owned WRC-TV, which allowed him to not have to wake up at 3 AM every weekday. As far as is known, both were happy to make the switch. Heck, for all I know the might have kept Bob Ryan at his Today show salary. Anyway, the Post got it right; the Times took shortcuts and showed they do not always do research, and, in my opinion, don't care about people who provide a good broadcast service to flyover people, or to people around Washington who are not politicians or lobbyists. That's why I read the Sunday Post on Sunday; the Sunday Times is read when I have free time. -- Carl in Olney

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s COVID-19 update was carried live today at 2:00 p.m. (EDT) on all major television stations in Baltimore EXCEPT WJZ - CBS-13. Just sayin...

Happy Bob Carpenter is back. PLEASE MASN no more Dan Kolko trying to do play by play. Like a previous poster said plenty of other professional voices could easily fill in. Carpenter will be in the drivers seat as long as he wants the job, the rest of this years crew probably won't be around for next season and thats fine. The last 3 years it's been revolving chairs and one would imagine it's a money thing.

Dave, I can disclose this. Bob Carpenter is not being pushed out by MASN or anything. He’s simply recovering from an illness/surgery which the team does not want to disclose for whatever reason, but for those wondering, IT IS NOT COVID and apparently not life threatening either. And he’s fine. So putting all your energy into good thoughts for Bob's health and quick return would be in good order, not this gibberish here about old man Angelos, who virtually no one cares about.

/\ September 8 /\

\/ September 7 \/

Only in the 21st-century Mailbag does someone deliver a punchline in which he admits that he's been delivering farcical posts for weeks and people continue to argue with him. The whole MASN "debate" grew sour a few years ago, and no amount of ridicule of those who continue to trot it out, apparently, will shrivel their hyper-erect sense of self-importance.

WCKW Poster: You sure about the holdup in renewing the station's license? Because the FCC website indicates the renewal went through on Aug 31. fcc.gov... Is there another document or entry I'm missing?

I have no skin in the game at all but tonight I watched the train wreck that is the Fox 5 10pm News. Angie Goff has to be the most annoying news reader on television. Between her fake laugh, not ready for prime time outfits (looks like she is headed out for a night of dancing), and her constant wiggling in her chair, she is just unwatchable.

Seeing the posts about TMOS (which hasn't been on the air in DC since 2007?) I wonder which is worse: all the negative attention Mike O'Meara gets here on the mailbag? Or being completely ignored and forgotten like Chad Dukes?

Fox News merging with Fox Sports was probably inevitable, and in retrospect every year that hadn’t happened, we were on borrowed time. Until this past weekend. Normally, an interview with a college football legend during a college football pregame show wouldn’t be news. But not when that player is current pro-Trump Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker and the person doing the political campaign interview is right-wing conservative Fox Sports’ Clay Travis, who has made a career out of criticizing others for mixing sports with politics. So, Travis is nothing more than a blowhard MAGA hypocrite? Go figure. #Happy24thBirthdayDCRTV #SupportDCRTV #GeorgeCarlinSecretlyLivesInMorganton

[RE "For the 65th time, MASN OWNS THE ORIOLES AND HIRES ALL THE ANNOUNCERS, EVEN THOUGH THEY REFUSE TO IDENTIFY THEM!..."] My reponse: Thanks, Dave, for posting the sham post. For one thing, why would be the Nats play Philly's hockey team? Jon Miller is San Franciso's announcer. Oh, and Peter Angelos, who is still alive, is a big-time Democrat. It's also well-known he was not happy that the Expos moved to DC, so MASN was created to help placate him.

So, I’m putzing around the OTA channels tonight and I find on WMARTV.5 Court-TV – The FBI Files. There. In all his magnificent glory, is GREASMAN, portraying a possible suspect in the show! Back to Radio… About 6 or 7 years ago, my boss, Kevin Battle and I were looking for a “talent” to record a Ravens “package” for WJZ-FM ‘s Ravens Gameday, Pre-Game broadcast. A “package” is what TV and Radio call a pre-corded segment. We had lunch and Greaseman, ordered his usual martini’, and we followed his lead. We agreed on a one hour pregame show, with Grease breaking down the NFC North each week! I would be the editor of all audio. Nothing would “slip through” for the FCC. I would edit and produce this type of audio, just like the day I walked into the Carter Whitehouse as the Producer/ Engineer for Sam Donaldson and ABC News. The request was shot down by CBS Radio New York. Hence, I would, If I could, I so we didn’t. The end of great radio. Enjoy This Grease and Feel OUR PAIN!

RIP locast. ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC all filed lawsuits against the free streaming service and a Federal judge back up the media giants as you would expect them too. Of course this is Trump’s fault.

Dave's response: Old Joe Biden should authorize federal funds to provide all Americans with ATSC 3.0 sets that provide more robust digital TV reception to fix the antenna reception fiasco created back in 2009 with the arrival of ATSC 1.0. We demand decent reception of our FREE broadcast TV, like back in the old analog days. Locast was a big step toward that goal ($5 a month is practially FREE) but now it's gone due to the selfish, greedy demands of big corporate TV station owners, which collect many mucho millions of dollars each year by charging retransmission fees, paid mainly by cable TV subscribers, for their supposedly FREE signals. This is not what George Washington and the founding fathers had in mind for American TV broadcasting.....

/\ September 7 /\

\/ September 6 \/

WKCW, I've heard, has entered into a consent decree with the FCC to resolve the station's recent noncompliance re: its public file obligations. The agency recently refused to process WKCW's license renewal application as a result. Maybe that explains why they've been off the air for over two months now. Jeff

Dave, you clearly missed the joke. Fox Weather Channel is “America’s” Weather Team, not the Taliban or the Democrat’s Weather Team. :-)

Just to note, Peter Angelos is not dead, so he still technically owns MASN. Whether he’s conscious, well that’s debatable. Nobody really knows or has seen him in probably 3 years now. It’s kind of like the Biden Presidency, a Weekend at Bernie’s type thing. We might not see him for a lot of the next 3 yearsI I’m starting to think, but then again Dr. Jill is 2 less brain surgeries and 3 less strokes than Joe, so she might actually make a better President. If I were a betting man, which I’m not, I’d say the odds of a Kamala Harris Presidency though are slim and none. Speaking of medical issues, where is the media demanding Biden’s full medical records like they demanded of Trump on CNN every single day?

Dear MASN, The next time Bob Carpenter takes time off from calling Nats games please consider bringing back Johnny Holliday, moving Dave Jageler over to TV temporarily, or even Dave Johnson from WTOP/DC United who did a few games as fill-in on Nats Radio in the early years. Kolko is in over his head. Sincerely, Everyone.

I noticed The Weather Channel is now advertising on Fox News. Hmmm. Could it be be because of this? hehe www.foxweather.com

Dave's response: Geez, even the weather is becoming politicized. What? The Weather Channel is too lefty? So now there's the Fox Weather Channel?

This may be hard for younger people to imagine, but back in the middle ages of radio, there were people with personalities who said and did things on the radio that differentiated them from other people on the same station. Today, it's all about the station and there are no personalities, but back then it was the personalities who made up the station. One of the biggest and best was Willard Scott who died yesterday. I knew Willard and his partner Ed Walker when I was a young broadcaster and student at the University of Maryland. He and Eddie graciously allowed me to sit in on several of their programs at WRC radio. So when I had to write a paper for school on broadcast legends, I went directly to both of them. I interviewed Eddie at the WMAL studios as he did his Sunday program. When I talked with Willard, he invited me to sit in on the 6:00 p.m. program at WRC TV, where he did the weather. Afterwards, he took this young student out to dinner with some of the other TV pros in the city at the Dancing Crab, and then brought me back to watch the 11:00. He was gracious, he was self-deprecating, and he was hilarious. I will remember those times with him as some of the best of my life. And I'm very sorry for his passing. Matt Minahan

TMOS update - Willard Scott was mentioned this week...AND Died. I might be next if Oscar has his way while his fake "UMD Law class from Smith's School of Business threats continue". ("Papa don't preach" - it's like a med school but not on an island.) I was one of the first bonus buyers at TMOS and it will run out soon; no auto update. (Mike, maybe the lazy golf camp changes and Friday threats for bonus adds were bad business ideas? You know 1/5 less regular ads with 2% increase in bonus with 3% not renewing) I just listened to last week's bonus hiking in WV at the river. I used to look forward to bonus and never waited a week. They spent ten minutes talking about how many talking heads they have had...80, 50, 40? Who cares about the heads that are talking. Burnt out nurses? Married couple who are private space people taped separately? Like that couple deserved two spots? How about the guy who dresses up to play Coast Guard on Lake Anna with NO authority "Citizen's arrest!" - Gomer on the lake...LOL. Then, they discussed yard sales. This week was a the "Labor Day Spintacular". The first ten minutes was Mike trying to get levels right. They want people to buy this???? College dorm level record spinning. Then BoBo and the now Big BoBo kissing mikes ability to "Hit the mark". They actually got a GREAT guest this week; James Patterson. The audio and video link was embarrassing. He made fun of THEM! By the way, Mike's show prep is sooo funny when he says he does it. All listener free time asap. "WTF is it?" Really Mike, proud of that idea? "People suck?" Talking heads? Just let twitch get more Elvis, Frank, and Circus old timers to fill it up boys. OOBBEE

/\ September 6 /\

\/ September 5 \/

RIP Willard Scott. Of course he started off at WRC and they had tribute pieces that aired on the 11:00 Saturday news and again on the Sunday morning news. The reporter who did it? Doreen Gentzler. Did she give up her Saturday on a holiday weekend to do the piece (which featured the late Jim Vance sharing a funny story about Willard) or did they have it on the shelf ready to just hit “play” when the day came?

/\ September 5 /\

\/ September 4 \/

Is the Albie Dee mentioned here the same person who does off-hours traffic reports (With his constant references to "Kooksville") on WBAL?

Another class-act gone. I first saw the report of Willard Scott's death on the CBS Weekend News this evening. For me, the memories of Willard Scott were not from the Today show, but The Joy Boys with the late Ed Walker on WRC and then WWDC. I listened to that pair from the mid 60s until they ended the run on WWDC. I also had the pleasure of visiting their show one evening at the WRC studios. Real radio! Howard

NEWS! Willard Scott, ‘Today’ show weatherman and resident merrymaker, dies at 87... washingtonpost.com: Willard Scott, the portly, toupee-sporting TV personality who spent 35 years enlivening the “Today” show as its weatherman and resident merrymaker, whether delivering the forecast dressed in drag or giving shout-outs to far-flung centenarians, died Sept. 4. He was 87. The death was announced by NBC’s “Today” show, via a statement by Mr. Scott’s successor, Al Roker. Complete details were not immediately available. Mr. Scott first made his name as an irrepressible comedian of Washington radio trading in shtick and satire as half of “The Joy Boys.” On local TV, he was the original Ronald McDonald — the hamburger chain went with a thinner actor for the bulb-nosed clown mascot in the national campaign — and had stints as a weather forecaster and Bozo the Clown. In a broadcasting career spanning six decades, he was best known for his role on “Today,” the popular NBC weekday morning program. He debuted in 1980 and immediately made his presence known, draping his 6-foot-3 frame in outrageous costumes. He once dressed up as Carmen Miranda, the Brazilian entertainer known for her outré fruit-covered hats and garish dresses. On Groundhog Day, he appeared as the rodent. His tomfoolery drew private scorn from “Today” show contemporaries and predecessors such as Hugh Downs, but Mr. Scott was unapologetic. “People said I was a buffoon to do it,” he told the New York Times. “Well, all my life I’ve been a buffoon. That’s my act.” The centenarian segment began soon after he joined the show, when a friend asked Mr. Scott to wish a happy 100th birthday, live and in color, to his uncle. NBC bosses didn’t like the idea, but Mr. Scott went ahead with it. He was soon fielding about 200 requests a week. Before his first year on “Today” was out, the Los Angeles Times called him a “big friendly man who’s become a national folk hero.” When “Today” went on the road, as it often did, Mr. Scott was routinely besieged by well-wishers and autograph seekers. Just as routinely, he kissed babies and pressed the flesh. With his sunny disposition and jovial personality, he became a favorite of Madison Avenue and the lecture circuit. He reaped a small fortune giving upbeat talks to trade associations and promoting products from Diet Coke to Florida oranges. He once described himself as a “human after-dinner mint” compared with the more polished anchors on the show, including Bryant Gumbel and Jane Pauley, who liked to conduct serious-minded sit-downs with world figures. Unlike viewers who embraced Mr. Scott’s sincerity and warmth, his co-hosts did not find him refreshing. Pauley once publicly called him “an alien being,” and he endured an embarrassing public scrap with Gumbel. In 1989, when “Today” had slipped behind ABC’s “Good Morning America” in the ratings for the first time, Gumbel wrote a stinging memorandum to his bosses. It was soon leaked to media outlets. In the memo, Gumbel savaged Mr. Scott for holding “the show hostage to his assortment of whims, wishes, birthdays and bad taste. This guy is killing us and no one’s even trying to rein him in.” (Gumbel, widely regarded by colleagues as distant and haughty, issued scathing comments about other “Today” personnel, including film critic Gene Shalit, noting that his reviews “are often late and his interviews aren’t very good.”) NBC brass insisted that Mr. Scott and Gumbel make up, and they soon did, at least publicly. Mr. Scott, who told a reporter that the memo “cut like a knife,” had the last laugh. The weatherman was soon earning $1 million a year from NBC, even though he was seldom on the air for more than three minutes an hour. And a call-in poll in USA Today, taken soon after the hubbub developed, reported that 27,300 people thought Mr. Scott’s weather segments helped the show. Only 854 took an unfavorable view of him. Mr. Scott professed to being a country boy at heart, and he was the first to acknowledge that his on-air style was hokey. He liked to joke that, in him, NBC had finally found a successor to J. Fred Muggs, the chimpanzee who was a mainstay on “Today” in the 1950s. “If you watch, you’ll see that I am trying to weave a web of love,” he told a Time magazine interviewer in 1980. “I want to make the whole country feel as if we are one. I may be a cornball, but I am me — not a sophisticated, slick New York wazoo act.” Willard Herman Scott Jr. was born in Alexandria, Va., on March 7, 1934. His father was an insurance salesman. His mother worked as a telephone operator and became a homemaker when her only child was born. Mr. Scott was raised and remained a fundamentalist Christian. He seriously considered becoming a minister before a series of right-place-right-time breaks vaulted him into Washington radio. In his youth, Mr. Scott organized a radio club on his block. As a teenager, he spent time at local station WPIK on Friday nights. An announcer befriended him and allowed him to launch a high school show called “Lady Make Believe,” for which Mr. Scott was the announcer. The success of that program led swiftly to three other youth-oriented shows on local stations. Meanwhile, he studied religion and philosophy at American University, where he graduated in 1955. He later served in the Navy. He met Ed Walker, a fellow student, at the AU campus radio station, and they developed a comedy show that became “The Joy Boys.” They had a long tenure at WRC, an NBC-owned radio station, and in one skit mocked NBC’s flagship news program, “The Huntley-Brinkley Report,” as “The Washer-Dryer Report.” They also invented a bogus soap opera, “As the Worm Turns.” Their satirical program moved in 1972 to WWDC-AM but was soon canceled as the station switched to a rock music format. Walker died in 2015. Mr. Scott thrived as a Washington personality, doing product pitches, popping up at ribbon-cutting ceremonies and appearing as a fill-in weatherman on WRC-TV in 1967, when the incumbent suddenly walked off the job. He was doing the job full time when “Today” beckoned. He went into semiretirement in 1996 and retired fully in 2015. His final show drew a chorus of good-natured protests, including a message from former first lady Barbara Bush. His wife of 43 years, the former Mary Dwyer, died in 2002. Survivors include his second wife, the former Paris Keena, a onetime producer at WRC whom he married in 2014; and two daughters from his first marriage, Mary Phillips and Sally Scott. “If you were to look at my resume,” Mr. Scott wrote in his 1982 autobiography, “The Joy of Living,” “you’d see that I’m … bald, I’m overweight, I don’t make all the smooth moves, and I dress like a slob. “I take tremendous pride,” he added, “in the fact that I beat the system.”

So with the musical chairs & exits at local stations, we see that WJLA is getting a new traffic reporter. So where will the exited Stacy Rusch show up next? And speaking of traffic reporters, noticing Erin Como is off at least a couple of days each week lately. Maybe just enjoying summer vacations? Also, looks like there’s a new reporter on board at Fox5 named Perris Jones. And as what has become a ritual at that station, he made his debut on their Like it or Not show.

The broadcast team and dugout reporters are MASN employees, they are picked and paid by MASN, the O's and Nat's just approve that talent to cover the teams. Other than going to the stadium for game days they are at the MASN offices in Cockeysville.

Maybe these MASN games wouldn't appear so AMATEURISH if they would just remember to state their full names each time they begin speaking. It's like the late Steve Buckhantz said to me at Peter Angelos' funeral a few years ago: "Never forget how smart Mr. Angelos was to buy the Nationals and MASN from Jack Kent Cooke. Remember it, and tell everyone in the Mailbag about it. Because most people will forget all about it. And one guy will be so stupid he'll think you're serious about it." I never forgot those words.

Dear snooty know it all Washington, Peter Angelos is in assisted living. He has not made a decision on the Orioles, MASN, which jello flavor, or anything for at least 2-3 years now. Even Major League Baseball has been notified of this. It was in the newspaper even assuming you can read. He is still technically the majority owning partner, but he’s not even President of the Orioles or MASN anymore. But even John Angelos doesn’t pick the Nats announcers. MLB wouldn’t even allow that. If MASN were to force an announcer on the Nats that they didn’t want, MLB would let them out of their TV contract for just cause. So if you have a complaint, you should call the Washington Nationals up yourself and complain. In the meantime, maybe you should just listen and learn the names of the announcers that the Nats picked, that is, if you weren’t simply a fair weather fan. Love, Baltimore.

"For the 65th time, MASN OWNS THE ORIOLES." There's this cool new innovative search engine called GOOGLE you might want to check out. It's still pretty new and may have a bug or two, but it says Peter Angelos owns the Orioles while son John is now steering the ship. It also says that the Orioles and Nationals both own MASN, not the other way 'round.

"For the 65th time, MASN OWNS THE ORIOLES" That's the opposite of true. What the heck is wrong with you? Your posts suck and are wrong. Gus used to be disgusted now I try to be amused

/\ September 4 /\

\/ September 3 \/

What’s with the recent trend to playing musical chairs with local anchors in the DC area ? As a regular person type listener/viewer, I prefer to get my news from people who I have come to know are reliable, relatively unbiased, and mostly truthful. MiGod…sometimes it’s hard to tell the anchors without a scorecard(to mix a metaphor). Actually, it’s not peculiar to DC: even cables are playing the same game. And, frankly, I find myself watching far less of these folks who, while seemingly all nice, haven’t been around long enough to earn my trust. I’m just saying…… Ed

DCRTV, Happy 24th. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. Casey K. Thanks Casey. I'm DJ Fat Attack. The Jerry Lewis Telethon is gone but The DCRTV Labor Day Weekend Birthday Donation Telethon begins now. Let's go to the tote board. PayPal at paypal.me/dcrtv or send a B-Day card w/ cash to Dave Hughes, 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655

For the 65th time, MASN OWNS THE ORIOLES AND HIRES ALL THE ANNOUNCERS, EVEN THOUGH THEY REFUSE TO IDENTIFY THEM! During tonight's Nationals-Flyers game, Jon Miller said flat out he would keep the identity of all the other announcers SECRET! This is SHAMEFUL FAKE MEDIA! If Peter Angelos hadn't died, he wouldn't let all these crazy Liberals get in the way of his love of the Washington Nationals. The problem with these secret sham announcers is eventually you run out of other people's money.

I HAVE TALKED TO SOMEONE ON THE NATS BROADCAST TEAM WHO TOLD ME THE NATS PICK THEIR OWN ANNOUNCERS, NOT MASN, SO EAT SHIT AND DIE AS HE WOULD LIKELY SAY. STOP POSTING YOUR GIBBERISH FAKE MEDIA ON HERE on DCRTV! And he’d probably tell you to fuck off too for all this waste of useless time as well about MASN when you know nothing, but I won’t go there. This is from someone ON the BROADCAST TEAM! They’re tired of reading this gibberish. THEY KNOW WHO HIRED THEM! THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE. Maybe YOU should figure out who they are if you ARE even a FAN, highly doubtful.

This item was emailed to staff from VOA management on Thursday: Please join me in wishing Ira Mellman, VOA International Broadcaster (Multimedia) with 12 years of service to VOA, a happy retirement. Ira, all the best to you in this new chapter.

/\ September 3 /\

\/ September 2 \/

I want to abort myself when myself and I I hear talk show hosts say "I'm not a medical guy, but here's what you should do." Latest instance? Bill O'Reilly saying restaurants are good but bowling alleys are superspreaders. Jeepers Christ you cannot make this stuff up. Gus Fauci there is no virus people

"Tom died, you insensitive cornturd. Go after the living if you have to, but force yourself to employ a *little* decorum and respect." Nothing says "decorum and respect" like "cornturd". Reagan arguably left his presidency in dementia, Biden began his in it. "President Carl Grossman" and "President Robert the Angry Mailman" didn't scan. Who died and left you King of All Dewshes? And you're a "force yourself" kind of guy, huh? Tough typist. I'm gonna name the dog you threw out of your car in a trashbag on the highway Goragio and please God let me run into you someday but now I gotta buy some seltzer from a street urchin with a cooler. And to the guy with the MASN fetish: Stop saying "amateur" every other word. Your posts suck. Gus Gavin

To the rube who says the Nats (and O's) should sue MASN: The O's owner owns MASN. The network is done on the cheap by design. There's an ongoing major legal battle over it all. Research, do some.

Yeah, Ed Asner was great on MTM Show. Some of those old time sitcoms had such great writing and chemistry among the cast. MTM, Cheers, MASH, Three's Company, WKRP. They don't make em like that any more.

For the 64th time, MASN PICKS ALL OF ITS ANNOUNCERS! Why do I have to keep repeating this? The teams are too busy picking their players to do TV. WHY DO SOCIALISTS NOT UNDERSTAND HOW THE GOVERNMENT WORKS OR HOW TO PUT THE NAMES OF BASEBALL ANNOUNCERS ON TV SCREENS?!?

That is indeed Paula Kidwell handling middays on WGRQ. This, despite the WINC-FM site still showing her as the lone jock after the solo morning show. Paula of course was at Tappahannock’s WRAR-FM before WINC-FM. That was back when WRAR had live announcers. Joey Self was another WRAR live jock - now part of the Mel Wheeler group of stations in Roanoke. Back to WINC… I noticed 105.5 was off the air the other day, while 104.9 was still on the air. The website only mentions 105.5. And Metro is still supposed to place the format on a northern VA frequency. Maybe a trade for another frequency with the Russians for 105.5? Also, it appears WINC-FM is now in an office building off 81&50 near the Travelodge. And Albie Dee was/is doing voicetracking for random stations. He is still listed on southern WV WKQR-FM in Mullens. MLB4

PSST! Peter Angelos… still alive.

“Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead, Peter Angelos is not yet”….OOBBEE

No offense Dave, but locast is for people that live IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER! (falls through table) :-)

RE: “This is all MASN's fault.” ONCE AGAIN FOR THE HEARING IMPAIRED, THE NATIONALS PICK THEIR AMATEUR ANNOUNCERS AND SO DO THE ORIOLES. MASN has no say in the matter except for the total budget and game production. THE TEAMS ALSO PRODUCE THEIR OWN PRE/POST GAME SHOWS. ONCE AGAIN THE TEAMS, THE TEAMS, THE TEAMS, NOT MASN! CAPEESH? is everyone in DC this stupid? No wonder the government is so screwed up.

OMG! Those amateurs at MASN didn't even show the Nationals game last night. They're showing it NOW, on Thursday! That is so amateurish! Peter Angelos must be rolling in his grave.

NEWS! From Brian Mooar's Facebook page: In August of 1999, the late great news director Bob Long offered me a job at WRC, the undisputed #1 TV news station in our nation's capital, with a single caveat: "I'm going to give you about two weeks, and if you can't cut it, I'm going to put a bullet in the back of your head." I lasted 22 years and two weeks. Today is my last day at NBC News, and after four years at WRC and 18 at NBC News Channel, I have a Biblical list people to thank - starting with all of the photographers, editors, producers, techs and directors who always made me look better than I really was. I'm also indebted to all the producers at the NBC stations around the country who booked me for live shots and used my tags every day. My biggest thanks, though, go to the three kickass journalists who made me believe I could do this and succeed: Lynda Lopez, who gave me the crazy idea to trade my dream job at The Washington Post for an even better dream job; Margie Ruttenberg, who fought to get me the job and helped me make the transition from ink to airwaves; and Claudia Uceda Mooar, my shining star and 2x life partner who stood by me in the good/bad times and now keeps our family name on the TV. What comes next for me? For the first time in my adult life, I don't have an answer to that question. Stay tuned.

Dave, Happy Month of September B-Day to you & DCRTV. Wow! You started DCRTV the year Princess Diana died & gas was $1.22 per gallon. Please #SupportDCRTV

NEWS! 9/2/2021 – 7News/WJLA-TV announced today the hiring of Britt Waters as 7News’ Traffic Reporter and Good Morning Washington Lifestyle Host. She joins the 7News’ On Your Side in the morning team of Robert Burton, Ashlie Rodriguez, StormWatch7’s Veronica Johnson and Eileen Whelan. Waters will make her Good Morning Washington debut on Monday, September 13 and will start her traffic reporting this Fall. As an invaluable part of the 7News’ morning team, Waters will provide breaking traffic reports and updates both on-air and online. She will also join the lifestyle hosting team of Good Morning Washington with 7News’ Eileen Whelan, Kidd O’Shea and Brian van de Graff, airing weekdays at 10am on 7News. Waters is no stranger to the Washington D.C. market. She is a multimedia broadcaster with a decade of experience as a radio and television host in the region, working as an in-game host for the Washington Wizards and the Washington Mystics. Nationally, she can be heard on SiriusXM’s Pandora Now Thumb 20 Countdown Show and was formerly part of the syndicated Russ Parr Morning Show. She has a broadcast journalism degree from the University of Maryland and in her free time you can find Britt breaking down pro-wrestling on TikTok. “Britt will be a vital and important source to our region’s morning commuters on all platforms. She will be a huge asset to our morning and Good Morning Washington team with her years of experience and big personality,” said WJLA 7News/ 24/7 Senior Vice President and General Manager, William Fanshawe. “With the D.C. area having some of the most congested traffic in the country, Britt is a welcomed addition to our team to help ease our viewers’ frustrations. Britt will be ‘On Your Side’ with critical traffic information to help get your day started and get you where you need to go,” Said 7News Director Cheryl Carson. “I’m excited to join the talented team at 7News and to continue to provide information and entertainment to the city I call home,” Waters said. “I can’t wait to spend mornings with Washingtonians navigating their commute and creating fun conversations ahead of their workday.”

Yes, but they are amateurs at MASN for not saying who they are! If they weren't amateurs they would identify all speakers at all times. During the games, there are moments when I can't remember who is talking. That is because they are AMATEURS!! This is all MASN's fault. Because they are 100% responsible. The teams should sue MASN because they are amateurs. When they pick the teams and they pick the announcers, they do it in an amateurish manner and we all pay the price as fans of the teams. These are shocking developments.

Matt (Meyers) Valdez and Drab (Matt Cahill) announce their new podcast!!!!!! “Bit Season” with Awad Producing. It’s about time. Starts Next Thursday. Look for it on The Junkie’s Feed. OOBBEE

"American hostages in Afghanistan courtesy of President Tom Gavin...". Tom died, you insensitive cornturd. Go after the living if you have to, but force yourself to employ a *little* decorum and respect.

While I recognize that who calls a baseball game is much more important than American hostages in Afghanistan courtesy of President Tom Gavin, is anyoobbeee else skeeved out by the sister-on-sister incest themed ad for Jergens Cherry Almond? As I understand it "Memo From Jergens" was the working title of Mick Jagger's signature song from Performance. Of course due to popular culture Jergens is LOADED with connotations. Gus Grundy you can't unsee it

Driving around the Fredericksburg area over this past weekend, I was surprised to hear Albie Dee doing a boating forecast on I believe it was Thunder 104.5. I'm guessing this was for a service and not the station directly. On 95.9 WGRQ on Monday midday the DJ identified herself as "Paula" no last name. She sounded a lot like Paula Kidwell. Could this be accurate? Except for the Dave Adler morning show the other dayparts on WGRQ appear to be voice tracked. - Tom in Wheaton

/\ September 2 /\

\/ September 1 \/

Nice to see someone else remembers Asner's work in DC. Thanks for the refinement in facts and details.

Ed Asner was grand marshall of the Manassas Christmas Parade 2015 saw him in person there though didn,t get to talk.Will be missed great actor.

Is Tony Perkins a "Host" Or News Anchor? If you follow him on Social media his feed is full of liberal retweets and comments. He is another activist at that station. He should do a political activism show with Reese Walters. At least Reese is Funny. Tony is just a liberal grump.

For the record: Despite what you read above, "Mr Rickey Calls a Meeting" and at least one other Ed Asner appearance at VOA — a radio adaptation of the cold war novel, "Seven Days in May" — were not exactly produced by VOA. They were part of a series of radio dramas staged by California's L.A. Theatre Works and taped at the VOA auditorium before a live audience. At least two of my former VOA colleagues participated: Gary Spizler, the foley artist, and Barbara Klein, an NPR newscaster now and then a VOA broadcaster, who I saw with Ed Asner in the "Seven Days" performance. The programs were broadcast on public radio and sold on CD.

FOR THE 63RD TIME, MASN does NOT choose the broadcasters. THE TEAMS DO. MASN simply pays them and sets the overall budget. The budget is the reason Gary Thorne is gone basically as well as all the other cuts for both teams on MASN. And furthermore, if you don’t know the backup broadcasters by now, you’re not much of a fan in the first place. As far as budgets go, because of the lawsuit, MASN is running on a rather shoestring budget compounded by COVID reducing both teams attendance and revenue. For once, it’s not actually all Angelos’s fault, even though I myself would love to blame him. And this season, MASN isn’t even producing the pre or post game shows. The teams themselves are.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch (richmond.com) has a headline today that says "Juan Cole, WRIC Channel 8 anchor, stepping down after 22 years."

In response to the post about MASN being an Amateur network....Where the heck was Carpenter last night? I get the feeling he's ready to bail join a Professional organizations next year and can't say that I blame him. Kolko was shoved down our throats again last night trying to do play by play and once again failed miserably. He barely got by as a sideline reporter...is somewhat amusing trying to host the post game show but I love the way he tries...and check out FP...looks and sounds like he's rather be working out somewhere or playing golf. Just when you think MASN has hit rock bottom, they dig deeper and deeper. So sad.

Sept 1st. HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY TO DCRTV. Let's have a fundraiser party! Cake & Cash! Congratulations Camo Dave Hughes. Providing valuable & entertaining content longer than most DJ marriages. Glad you received my donation this week. DCRTV followers,, please join me in making a birthday donation via PayPal at paypal.me/dcrtv or send cold, hard CASH to Dave Hughes, 104 N Green St #116, Morganton NC 28655 The Real AHHHH Legend.

Dave's response: Yeah, I started DCRTV in September 1997. This month is our big 24th birthday. Woo hoo!

It is SO amateurish that the names of the announcers for MASN games are not constantly on the screen when Bob Carpenter is away. It is SHOCKING! How do I know who they are? It is IMPORTANT that this is done immediately and at all times and not in an amateurish way, as it is done now! Where is GOD?!? This team will never win the World Series unless they stop beng amateurs and identify themselves IMMEDIATELY!!! WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?!?

Bill O'Reilly on Sirhan Sirhan (I listen to WABC because DC has no good talk radio in the PM): "Of course I might feel differently if it was my father he killed." What if it was your father he DIDN'T kill? The insane belief in Sirhan's guilt calls all of Bill's "Killing" books into question. -- "The Redskins have been a disaster for all the reasons listed in the post" There's ONE reason, the owner, Daniel Snyder the Midget Tree Killer. Who fires a coach during a winning (strictly speaking, not losing) season? Daniel Snyder the Midget Tree Killer. There should be a book, Killing the Washington Redskins. Which raises the question, how many posters here have called sportsball games or done traffic on TV? What are your qualifications? Gus killing Marty Schottenheimer

Shomari Stone is always so dramatic when covering stories. He tends to want to insert himself into the scene of whatever he's covering and even recreate what happened,.. Tonight he took hold of crime tape at the scene of a shooting. Surprised the police didn't tell him to move on.

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