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DCRTV Mailbag - August 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021

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\/ August 31 Messages \/

Regarding the prior post on local sportstalk, the PDs and the local sportstalk types still have their heads in the 1980s. No question that the local sports market has changed. The Redskins have been a disaster for all the reasons listed in the post (and the name change just made things worse in terms of fan engagement). Both fan attendance and tv ratings have been in continuous decline over the past decade. Meanwhile, the Nats and MLB have arrived (and won a WS). Ovechkin has been the biggest pro sports star in town for a decade now and the Caps are MUCH bigger than they used to be in the market (especially with millennials; the Stanley Cup celebration alone sealed that deal). No one expects detailed analysis of every Nats or Caps game, most of the local sportstalk types aren't capable of that any way. But the wall to wall Redskins IS ridiculous and makes it very easy to turn off the radio, even as someone who follows the team. Like I said, this ain't 1983 and Joe Gibbs ain't walking through that door. Someone tell the head up their rear end PDs and sportstalkers.

Correction to earlier post - “No regular season with more than 10 wins since their last Super Bowl appearance back in ‘92”. I originally said double digit wins but the team now known as the WFT managed to achieve 10 regular season victories in 1999, 2005 and 2012.

“The Nats could throw three straight no-hitters, on the same day Ovi scores 6 goals, and Beal breaks Wilt’s record and gets 101 point, the only thing you will hear on sports talk radio will be how the [Washington] football team’s QB threw his first TD pass.” No regular season with double digit wins since their last Super Bowl appearance back in ‘92; just six postseason appearances with two playoff wins over that period; eroding fan base as evidenced by dismal turnouts (pre-pandemic) at FedEx Field with opposing fans often outnumbering supporters of the home team; “massive waiting list” for season tickets exposed as a myth promoted by the PR staff; declining TV ratings; sexual harassment scandal leading to high level team execs (including the radio play-by-play guy) losing their jobs; owner forced to abandon the longstanding team name against his will with (more than a year later) no permanent replacement announced; recent championships by competing local pro franchises (Capitals, Nationals, Mystics). Despite all of that, the WFT still accounts for by far the largest slice of the local sports talk radio pie and the PDs will tell you that it’s 100 percent justified based on market research and any attempt at a significant realignment of priorities (e.g., a merit-based approach where the teams that win the most get the most air time and vice versa) would be a surefire recipe for ratings disaster. Can someone explain how that’s possible? – there are markets (and not all of them in Canada) where it would nearly be “all-Ovi, all the time” on sports radio during hockey season if he played there and other markets where the Nats would have owned the airwaves for at least two years after winning a World Series.

/\ August 31 /\

\/ August 30 \/

Bill O'Reilly takes a week off and Afghanistan falls apart. You do the math. Similarly TMOS seems to have fallen apart since I stopped listening. Hyperbole of course, but threatening to sue random listeners? Being "tired" of Afghanistan and the collapse of Biden? "Political junky" your Irish bag. To the poster with the rubber fetish, Al Roker wore a one piece drysuit (the NYPost called it a "wetsuit") but if he's ever done a cartwheel I'll eat my lunch. To the poster with the Shepard Smith fetish, why do gay bars frighten/fascinate you so? Gus back from summering in Leavittown

[RE: MASN] The identity of Dan Kolko is not a secret. He’s been with MASN for several years as the in-game dugout reporter and then the host of the pregame and postgame shows. He introduces himself and FP at the start of every broadcast, just as Bob does, and does the same throughout the broadcast around the top of each hour. Kolko was better in his previous roles, though. Hopefully he gets better with time because I bet Bob “retires” after this season.

Bob Carpenter isn't doing the Nationals game on MASN tonight. This is amateurish! There is no way to know who is speaking! But he is an amateur! And not like Bob, who is not an unidentified amateur! But this guy is! How amateurish! And there is no way to know who it is. They keep it secret! Because they are amateurs!

Mailbag Minute:: Lou Grant, legendary newsman has died. Down goes Roker! Al Roker, 70 slammed by waves Sunday while reporting on Hurricane Ida. Back in the day, powerful waves didn't have a chance against the obese Roker. BaltoMedia, you make a cash donation to DCRTV yet? First conservative anti-vaxer syndicated radio host Phil Valentine dies of COVID. Then conservative talk host Dick Ferrel and wow comes word that another conservative anti-vaxer radio host Marc Bernier self-proclaimed "Mr. Anti-Vaxer" has also died of COVID...God, "asshats, go sit in the corner...like for eternity". Speaking of facing the wall like a 5th grader, time-out is in order for Oscar Santana-Zeballos who recently threatened to sue OOBBEE, aka The Lab Rat, for his satirical postings in this mailbag. [Gus Mike O'Meara, yo' going to like this] Turns out the CEO, e-MBA and Entrepreneur of the Year something and something Zeballos should have been focusing on proofreading his new Podville website instead of trying to intimidate his critics like a third-world dictator. New website reads " Partnering with Podville creates efficiencies by saving your time and valuable resources." One, its 'saving YOU time'. “Save your time” has nothing to do with employing methods to reduce the time spent on a project, but rather, save your time by not doing the project to begin with. Oscar, as written, it means, it's not worth your time to bother..TO CONTACT PODVILLE MEDIA LOL.Two, add 'Media' to Podville. That's your complete new name..Disappointing breaking news out of Morganton, NC as the Camo Dave Hughes Meetup. Sept 4th 1-3 p.m HAS BEEN CANCELLED due to a COVID surge and no ICU beds within Burke Co. Unlike the fully vaccinated Hughes, only 40% of his beautiful community is causing the cancellation too of the Morganton Downtown Festival Weekends. The Pandemic of the Unvaccinated. Dave, stay safe - and healthy. #SupportDCRTV

Dave's response: I will still "meet up" with Camo Dave YouTube and DCRTV fans one-on-one during the four-day Labor Day weekend if you'll be coming to my location in beautiful Morganton NC (kinda midway between Charlotte and Asheville)during the holiday period. Email me and we'll set up a time and place.....

I dont suppose anyone remembers in the mid- to late-90s when Ed Asner came through Washington along with Paul Winfield, performing in a radio play produced by Voice of America (VOA): "Mr Rickey Calls a Meeting", about Jackie Robinson's escalation to major league baseball? They held a memorable presser at the old Planet Hollywood where the actors told their stories to reporters. I got to meet the whole cast, and chatting up Ed was a blast. He was in his mid-60s by then, and doing an amazing job anchoring the production. The performance also included real live Foley, with a sound effects engineer providing all the incidental noises and sounds to make the production believable. Good times, thanks to Ed Asner and VOA.

@JimCantore in a helmet covering Hurricane Ida & some random guy doing a cartwheel… when this guy dose a cartwheel on live TV you know this is serious SHIT. twitter.com

/\ August 30 /\

\/ August 29 \/

FOX Weather Channel must be launching soon as I noticed a meteorologist on Fox News that I’ve never seen before tonight wearing a Fox Weather cap. So this storm must be a dry run using them on Fox News to see if they can face the wind like The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore, the master of fighting the wind, that hasn’t yet been caught fibbing on the danger. And that reminds me of another Fox News story, that time during Katrina when Shepard Smith was HOLED UP in a gay bar. And the other guy on Fox News tonight is wearing literally a RUBBER SUIT and I’m thinking is it Gay Pride again? Boy did this post degrade quickly. :-) — Not Gus

After watching WRC's morning news again today, It seems like it 's turned in to a shit show with Adam Tuss as the lead anchor especially when Lauryn Ricketts is off. Anybody else feel this way?

UPDATE: I’m now told that Nexstar’s WDVM will get the SportsGrid Network to replace Court TV Mystery while Rewind TV is also added replacing GRIT and Laff goes away. So that’s kind of in the DC market, but SportsGrid is unlikely to be on WDCW on WFDC’s channel, so it’s a stretch to say they’re adding the DC market. More like in name only. — BaltoMedia

/\ August 29 /\

\/ August 28 \/

To the guy who said our sports talk radio stations don't cover college football. Get used to it. That's how this town rolls. It's all (Gasp! I'll say it, I don't care.) Redskins all the time. The Nats could throw three straight no-hitters, on the same day Ovi scores 6 goals, and Beal breaks Wilt's record and gets 101 points, the only thing you will hear on sports talk radio will be how the football team's QB threw his first TD pass. Andy Polin one time several years ago when talking about ( I think the UM Terps women's team winning) on the air sarcastically said "who said we don't cover anything else.' Get used to it.

SportsGrid Network, a sports betting digitnet, is set to launch soon in the DC area, mostly likely on Nexstar's WDCW CW 50. Not yet sure which channel it will be replacing since WDCW 50 already shares with WFDC 14. Washington has already been listed as a market its launching in, but not Baltimore as Nexstar owns no TV stations in the Baltimore market. — BaltoMedia.net

/\ August 28 /\

\/ August 27 \/

I was going to post something about Mike saying "He was sick of Afghanistan and third grade masks in FLA are life an death" (Pretty close) but I can't because Oscar threatened to sue me. I wonder what the new investors at Pod Island think of that. (Just thinking, not saying, don't want to be sued) LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL OOBBEE (Please sue ME, not Dave)

I’ve been sampling a healthy dose of DC sports radio on FM 106.7, AM 630 and AM 980 over the past few weeks and haven’t heard diddly squat about the local college football scene (Maryland, Navy, UVA, VA Tech, Howard, etc.) as the season approaches, the lone exception being one segment on 980 where Pete Medhurst was interviewing the Navy head coach (of course Medhurst is the radio voice of the Midshipmen). You can talk all you want about college sports taking a backseat to the pros in the major markets but I’m a bit familiar with sports radio elsewhere in the country and can assure you that they’re talking plenty about UCLA and USC football on LA sports radio right now and ditto for Stanford and Cal in SF, Georgia and GA Tech in Atlanta, LSU and Tulane in New Orleans, Michigan and Michigan State in Detroit, Northwestern, Illinois and Notre Dame in Chicago, Pitt and Penn State in Pittsburgh, Ohio State in both Cleveland and Cincinnati, etc., etc., etc. To those who claim that the DC area’s “obsession” with the burgundy and gold leaves little room for media attention to any other local or regional football team, I’d point out that the largest crowd ever at FedEx Field (home of the WFT) was for a college game between USC and VA Tech some years back.

I’m glad Marc Clarke is getting another shot. I worked with him in Baltimore. I don’t know if it’s bad luck or bad timing, but my guy can’t seem to keep a job. He’s lucky his wife got him the job at WHUR and now the TV gig. Hopefully he can keep this one!

Sources tell me that WBAL-TV is back at full strength, possibly from their main antenna even though they filed with the FCC saying it would take some time to be fixed and/or replaced. I don’t know if the fix is temporary or permanent but those upset about not possibly getting the Ravens@WFT game from WBAL TV might be ok at least for this weekend.

/\ August 27 /\

\/ August 26 \/

Adult actor Ron Jeremy is in the news today, for receiving a 30-count indictment for sexual assault. I can't link pictures here, but more every day, Jeremy is beginning to look like Michael Vale, the late actor famous for "Time to Make the Donuts". Google both and see.

Greed Has Ruined TV Baseball...

NEWS! Politico sold to German publisher Axel Springer... "The Arlington-based company redefined American politics and policy coverage for the digital age. Its sale is the latest move in a trend towards media consolidation... The news outlet was founded in 2007 by Washington Post veterans John F. Harris and Jim VandeHei, along with chief political reporter Mike Allen, to cover Congress, political campaigns and lobbying. But it has grown substantially, adding a wide-ranging mix of policy-focused spin-offs and a European edition that it co-owned with Axel Springer. As part of the deal, the German company will take full control of the Politico Europe partnership launched in 2014, as well as the technology news site Protocol, which was launched last year." More washingtonpost.com

From CORD-CUTTING, BALLOONING FEES DOOM LEGACY CABLE SPORTS MODEL at sportico.com: "Kagan also forecasts that four of the 21 Bally Sports RSNs will be among the top 10 most expensive local sports channels, with Bally Sports Detroit leading the charge with an average monthly sub fee of $7.17 a pop. Owner [Baltimore based] Sinclair Broadcasting hopes to keep raking in the cable cash while prepping its DTC launch, but concerns about the company’s ability to pay down its massive debt have Wall Street wondering if the clock might be running out. The Sinclair subsidiary Diamond Sports Group holds more than $8 billion in distressed debt, and a recent failure to ease the load via a potential bond exchange suggests it may be in danger of going under well before the RSNs have a chance to pivot to a streaming model—or legalized gambling can save the day. Take your pick."...

I had a dream last night which reminded me of something I did back in the 80's, and had forgotten about. I now must confess, because I can't get the guilt out of my head. So, I am confessing to the Washington Media, via DCRTV. Remember when the song "Jessie's Girl" came out? Q107 had a promotion where they brought in Rick Springfield, singer and star of the very popular General Hospital at the time, to do an appearance at a tavern on M St. It was madness, probably 3,000 people showed up. So, Chris Jagger and a couple others put Rick inside the circular bar where he went around (literally) shaking hands and signing things for the mostly teen and 20 something screaming and pushing females. The screaming was akin to a Beetles concert and the room was jam packed. Having gone down to spy for a competing station, we saw the packed room and the jamming at the door clawing to get in, and did the only descent thing for a good citizen to do at the time. We called the DC Fire Marshall and reported the dangerous situation. The Fire Marshall showed up in 20 minutes, and immediately told the bar manager to "clear the room." We quietly left, as the manger from the outside sidewalk started yelling to others inside the very loud and crowded bar to clear it out, and stomping around in complete frustration right in front of the Fire Marshall. I don't know how the Q 107 staff handled "clearing the room," because we left. At the time, we thought it was funny, but decades later, I feel guilty. Absolve my sin, oh guru of the DC Media scene.

"Dave, you post COVID CLICKBAIT instead of my “actual” COVID story of a Christian Minister against wokeism" Dude, no one's on your lawn. Stop shouting at people who aren't there. What I hear is someone who can't get past the call screener. Gus freakin' Jimmy's Johns

/\ August 26 /\

\/ August 25 \/

Re: FOX5's Jeanette and Wisdom flawlessly handling the Capitol bomb threat story, as was said in a previous post, there are only a handful of anchors who could handle breaking news. Those were two of them. There are some, no names mentioned, that could NOT handle breaking news.

Dave, you post COVID CLICKBAIT instead of my “actual” COVID story of a Christian Minister against wokeism, then post Gus making fun of the “inner city poor people”? THAT IS RICH! I never wanted Gus banned before or ever anybody really, but I do now. And stop posting your own CLICKBAIT Dave! We know it’s you or at least somebody told me that so I don’t know what to believe anymore.

/\ August 25 /\

\/ August 24 \/

Re; ATTN: WASHINGTON, DC MEDIA. Dave, on behalf of over 200 retired SOF soldiers, I just wanted to take a moment and sincerely thank you for running last night our post and Instagram video link. I can tell you that thanks in large part to DCRTV, our urgent turn-key Afghanistan Military Contingency Plan for President Biden did reach the Pentagon to The White House to NATO to the G8 Foreign Ministers. As of this writing, deeply upset that the current administration et al is now failing to extend troop draw down and thus abandoning tens of thousands of American citizens, our allies and our friends. [No American Left Behind] Dave, in closing, [our] Instagram video has now been viewed more than 1.3 million times. It all started last night with DCRTV. www.instagram.com

Someone posted today about Fox5 hiring entertainment talent and how they would do in an emergency situation. This took place a week ago. Jeanette and Wisdom handled the Capitol bomb scare Flawlessly. Former fox5 staff at other stations flailed around waiting for live pictures and stumbled through coverage. Fox5 was on for hours. Your obsession with Fox5 is entertaining.

DC101 veteran Elliot Segal among those nominated for induction into the Radio Hall Of Fame. More from radioinsight.com

"This WBAL lightning strike also most affects inner city poor people without cable TV." Thanks for the update on "inner city poor people". Mighty white of you. Gus in the bottoms

I too have noticed Doreen Gentzler’s constant “uh’s” when not reading the teleprompter and it’s becoming more and more. Also, more and more, other anchors are filling in for her. Maybe she’s easing out to retirement.

I believe the one issue with Fox5 is that they continue to hire people who are suited more for Entertainment Tonight vs a news station. If an emergency situation occurred in the area or the world, I can think of maybe three anchors on board who could handle breaking news on the fly, asking all of the pertinent questions.

I wanted to talk about the current state of the OnlyFans video platform and why credit card companies are refusing to deal with it because of its "questionable" content. Well, even though the video is all talky talky, some platforms I'm subbed to don't want me to post it. So it's on my Cocoscope page if you'd like to watch. - DCRTV Dave... www.cocoscope.com

Mike O'Meara apologizes to DCRTV. Last Thursday, I read where O'Meara was correctly criticized here for his TMOS comment ' I'm tired of all the Afghanistan media coverage...I have my own problems." On Mondays show opening, Mike took ownership of that remark and apologized. That's why I too, support DCRTV. Dave's site makes a difference. Has been for almost 25 years.

Speaking of teleprompters- watch the aged Doreen Gentzler. When she's not reading the prompter almost every other word out of her mouth is "uh". eg " Uh Doug, it's uh getting dark out there. Uh when uh can we expect that to end?" Regards Biff

Remember that old mono radio console advertised on Craigslist a few weeks ago? washingtondc.craigslist.org... I heard from the owner -- if he doesn't unload it in the next few weeks, he's just going to truck it on down to the E-waste pile at the Rt 66 transfer station. It would be a shame to see a piece of (working) 50-year-old radio history relegated to the trash heap like so many disco records. Any local radio historians or hams interested?

Don Geronimo (Mike Sorce) is Gus. Prove me wrong. -Chainsman

Back in March a helpful reader identified Channel 49.x as WWTD-LD out of DC, a low-power station that I miraculously receive out here in Manassas. I have 49.2 ("StartTV") on often for shows like The Closer, that detective unit drama starring Kyra Sedgwick (and aces like J.K. Simmons). But I marvel at how often the audio and video are out of sync, sometimes for days at a time. I don't know what typical quality control is like at these stations, but you'd think someone would be responsible for checking every now and then! -- Chriscom

/\ August 24 /\

\/ August 23 \/

ATTN: WASHINGTON, DC MEDIA. "President Biden, U.S. Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, Chairman, Joints Chief Gen. Mark Milley. We have all failed. As of this moment and on your watch, there are tens of thousands of American citizens on the the verge of annihilation in Afghanistan. Because our citizens and allies are now stranded, we need to take aggressive military measures within the next 48 hours to save them- to correct our exit strategy wrongs. In our ongoing discussions and approval of NATO and their assets, we are 200 plus retired U.S. Special Operations & PMC soldiers willing to conduct around the clock QRF extraction missions. But time is now running out and a broader vision is needed. Collectively speaking, tonight we have drafted as if we were you Mr.President, a military operation plan for your approval instagram.com

This WBAL lightning strike also most affects inner city poor people without cable TV. They will all have trouble getting Baltimore Ravens games on TV at times, like this weekend and the previous ones at first and all Sunday night football games. For those people, a bar will likely be the only choice or find a friend with cable.

Someone just told me about WBAL-TV this: “A lot of components from the Antenna were fried…. So basically a new antenna will need to be installed on the candelabra.” And they just installed this one and it’s toast already! DOH! Talk about bad luck if true. — BaltoMedia

Ah, it appears I was correct in my assumption that the big-headed bleach-blonde new anchor-bimbette on Fox5 has a pageant background. Jacqueline Matter was Miss North Carolina International 2016. Imagine being a low-rent Miss North Carolina! I guess when they age out of the pageant circuit these Stepford wives look for a small market tv station that will have them for a few years then they move on. Oh, and it's Sl-eye-go, not Sleego. This is gonna be fun/awful. But I do feel badly for real broadcast journalists who lost out to this robot.

I agree that the FOX5 anchor stating “indicted” vs. “inducted” could’ve been an error on the teleprompter. There doesn’t seem to be a priority to proof read the teleprompter dialogue or the captions we see. There are constant spelling errors as well as incorrect names or titles under videos or pictures shown. However I’ve seen the more seasoned anchors read the errors but realize the error and correct it. Others just blindly read whatever they see, oblivious to whether the info is correct or not. Seasoned anchors also knowledgeable about what’s going on in the world vs. just what’s trending. Thus allowing them to ad lib when necessary, smoothly transitioning from one story to another and able to handle breaking news.

CAIR, like Casa de Maryland, can suck it. Telling me what words to use? Not cool. Yo parlo the Arabic, vato. Gus Sahafa doing the "Eve Baxter Suck It" dance

Ironic that Dave would use the word "moochers' when replying to BaltoMedia when they've been the biggest moocher-freeloaders in the malebag. See, in the malebag fight club you post content + you still donate $$$. Yin Yang. Or, in Balto's case, you continue to post the same, regurgitating content + now buy a damn yearly display ad on DCRTV to up sell your site. You're the only MOOCHER who consistently signs your posts w/ your website. I bet you don't tip either? Signed, Dave's accountant #SupportDCRTV

"Dave's response:... Not the moochers who have an antenna and watch for free....." It's very simple. Put on your Zappa hat, there is no "for free". Everyone pays for radio all the time because advertising costs are built into products. He's using the fish to measure it. All that you touch all that you see all that you taste all you feel... Corporations don't pay taxes, they collect them. Gus Bernays

"...the Everly Brothers were INDICTED into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame". Don't blame just the anchor, it may have been an actual typo. The person who loaded the prompter may be at fault, as could be spell-check software and predictive AI used in their office/news suite bundle. Given how frequently "indicted" (and related words) has come up in news scripts in the past four years, it's possible the word was auto-completed by the app without a second thought. Once upon a time, a news team would pre-read the rundown, look for errors and make changes to the script. If indeed all that was done and the word still got booted, then yeah, the anchor has Cream of Wheat for brains.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today released a new edition of “A Journalist’s Guide to Reporting on Islam and Muslims,” designed to “give journalists and other media professionals the tools they need to gain a better understanding of Islam and write more informed, accurate and balanced stories about Muslims.” CAIR released its new media guide in response to increased coverage of Islam and Muslims resulting from the crisis in Afghanistan. It offers “background information about Islam and Muslims, best practices for reporting on the Islamic faith and a list of accurate and appropriate terminology to employ when covering issues relating to Muslims.” There are sections on “Basic Islamic Terminology,” “Myths About the Quran, Islam’s Revealed Text,” and on “Commonly Misused Terms” such as “Islamic terrorism,” “Islamist” and “Jihad.” Guidelines on how to make contact and interact with the Muslim community are also offered in CAIR’s new guide. The new CAIR guide states in part: “We suggest that reporters be balanced in reporting about situations of war or conflict, but also cover non-crisis events in the Muslim world, such as international Islamic conferences, Muslim achievements and other notable stories unrelated to war or conflict. By regularly covering human-interest stories or positive events relating to American Muslims, journalists can help humanize a community often portrayed in the media through the prisms of extremism and terrorism. “Journalists should also seek the opinions of Muslim experts on issues of their concern and issues affecting society as a whole, such as healthcare, the economy, etc. While it is important for Muslims to participate in discourse relating to Islam -- just as experts from other religions and ethnic groups are consulted on issues relating to their group – Muslim voices should be included in stories about other contemporary issues.” It concludes by stating: “The vast majority of journalists are doing the best job they can with the information and resources they have available. It is the duty of the American Muslim community to ensure that every journalist who writes about Islam or Muslims has access to accurate information. “We hope this guide will assist media professionals seeking to offer an accurate, balanced and nuanced representation of American Muslims and their faith.” READ: A Journalist’s Guide to Reporting on Islam and Muslims www.cair.com... CAIR’s mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, protect civil rights, promote justice, and empower American Muslims.

“I think [Kenny Albert] has pictures of someone (Maybe from Syracuse Days). He is there [on the WFT’s preseason telecasts] every year with absolutely NO ties to DC …”. Not true – early in his career, Albert served as lead play-by-play announcer for Capitals games on Home Team Sports (the forerunner of NBC Sports Washington). I’m fairly certain that he’s also filled in for Bob Carpenter on Nats telecasts (although not recently). Like his illustrious father who just retired from broadcasting, Kenny’s one of the few to call all four major American team sports (baseball, football, basketball and hockey).

Re: the new blonde anchor on Fox5, know that it isn't just her that has made that place a train wreck. The morning show is just a bunch of fluff with them talking all over each other. I've noticed more and more, the only REAL journalist, Steve Chenevey, is taking time off and his expertise and professionalism are truly missed when he's not there. Same with Holly. The 4pm broadcast is the Angie Goff / Marina Marrco show with the new guy Rob being a third wheel. And for the morning show, it seems to be the Jeanette / Wisdom / Marissa show. More and more it appears that Erin and Tucker are just secondary and somewhat ignored when they try to contribute to the conversation, especially Erin. And the movie guy Kevin is so sensitive and gets his feeling hurt when someone doesn't like a movie he likes. That station's broadcasts seem more like a reality show these days and pretty much for entertainment purposes, not news.

Is it just me or is anyone else having reception issues with WBAL TV over antenna ? Just want to make sure it’s not my setup . All other channels coming in fine... Thanks -Candide

For all those that say they can no longer get WBAL off the air. I am just over 90 miles away to the West in Virginia. That is not in the directional beam of their AUX antenna. I get WBAL just fine. YES, the signal is not what it was on their main but receivable at 90 miles.

Hi Dave. I watched the entire Ravens pregame OTA. I have YouTube TV, but the quality is so much better on OTA. My OTA antenna system gets all the Balt. transmissionswith great definition, but I go to cable for the rest.

Dave's response: I have an antenna and Locast and do find that the quality of the audio/picture is always better with the antenna. However, my antenna can't always get all the local signals, so $5 a month Locast is a great option to have for those stubborn channels.....

/\ August 23 /\

\/ August 22 \/

The weird-looking Fox5 bleach-blonde anchor bimbette on Sunday night's 6:30 "show" told viewers that the Everly Brothers were INDICTED into the Rock n Roll hall of fame. I think this model needs to be returned to the factory for additional brain cells and the QC inspector who let this one get shipped out needs to be retrained. My guess is a little research on this one would show that it was entered into local and regional beauty contests before aging out and being repurposed and reprogrammed for local news presenter duties.

DCRTV Clickbait News:: A anti-vaxer conservative talk show host from Nashville, GOP national strategist, Christian mega church pastors plus six members of one Jacksonville congregation dropping like COVID fly's within 10 days of each other, confirms that if there was a God, she has a great sense of poetic justice humor. #DontMockTheShot #SupportDCRTV

Someone wrote, "...radio companies that have asked the FCC to permit them to be owned 100% by overseas entities.... Perhaps China and Russia will own most of the radio companies in the future." Owning and running stations costs money. Owning the program syndicators who provide the "needle mover" programs to the stations gets the messages across without the FCC entanglements. Perhaps China could start a new EIB, Eastern Indochina Broadcasters? Their new star could be Lush Rimbaugh. This generation's Tokyo Rose or Lord Haw Haw could be located within the USA and taking orders from our future Chinese masters. (As Handy used to say, "Read a book!")

Hard to believe but more people are still saying they can’t watch WBAL TV via antenna anymore, so the lightning strike problem persists it seems. Hard to believe it was that bad, but apparently so, still on the backup antenna. Several people told me they couldn’t see last night’s Ravens game. But I still can’t find any notice on WBAL’s website about anything even happening. — BaltoMedia

Dave's response: Clearly, the only viewers who matter who are those watching via cable systems, or services like Hulu and YouTube TV, who are paying retransmission fees. Not the moochers who have an antenna and watch for free.....

"Don Geronimo ... the Governor." You could have been much more tactful, no need to spell out how. You have brought shame to your teacher, your family, and your village. Being a ghoul is no way to go through life, son. Gus bejeebers get another hobby

"And for Gus, I wrote "these days" for a real reason [followed by blather]". Don't you fret yourself, Precious. I don't GAF so calm down Tallulah Belle. I personally favor "The Washington Red Rockets". South Park fans will understand. As Billy Joel wrote "Always the Redskins to me". -- page 2 -- "On Thursday's show, O'Meara loudly complained that he was tired of all the Afghanistan media coverage" Please cubed tell me he bellowed his trademark line: "I'M TIRED OF IT!" I hope Wheel wasn't pre-empted, that could be a triggering event. Gus like Hilary I ain't in no wize tahrd

news.yahoo.com: A conservative talk radio host from Tennessee who had been a vaccine skeptic until he was hospitalized from COVID-19 has died. He was 61. Nashville radio station SuperTalk 99.7 WTN confirmed Phil Valentine's death in a tweet Saturday. Valentine had been a skeptic of coronavirus vaccines. But after he tested positive for COVID-19, and prior to his hospitalization, he told his listeners to consider, “If I get this COVID thing, do I have a chance of dying from it?” If so, he advised them to get vaccinated. He said he chose not to get vaccinated because he thought he probably wouldn’t die. After Valentine was moved into a critical care unit, Mark Valentine said his brother regretted that “he wasn't a more vocal advocate of the vaccination.”

To anyone who engineers and produces podcasts for other talent: the Sunday 8/22 Dilbert strip in the Washington Post (or online) is mandatory reading.

/\ August 22 /\

\/ August 21 \/

Don Geronimo (Mike Sorce) might actually like this story on DCRTV. The asshats are finally going to do it, fix the Route 90 Bridge in Ocean City. A baby almost died last year thrown off the bridge in a collision and of course everyone here knows about his wife’s tragic death and there’s many more head on collisions you could name. It might just happen, barring an another asshat stepping in to stop this budget proposal from the Governor. www.baltimoresun.com

Mailbag Minute:: The National Association of Broadcasters announced Wednesday that it will require attendees of its October trade show in Las Vegas to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Wonder how many radio/media groups will cancel their memberships over this mandate?.Mike O'Meara [TMOS] Un-American? On Thursday's show, O'Meara loudly complained that he was tired of all the Afghanistan media coverage because he and his family are going through their own life & death COVID battle in Florida. The staunch Democrat who just took his son out of school, is 100% responsible for keeping himself and & family in danger - leave Florida! As for Afghanistan, earlier this week, the U.S. State Dept sent a notice to at least 5,000 stranded Americans quote " American Citizens. Thank You for registering your request to be evacuated from Afghanistan...U.S. cannot guarantee your security’ en route to Kabul Airport #HKIA. Today, the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan issued a warning to 10,000 U.S. citizens to stay away from Kabul airport due to potential "security threats" outside the airport's gates. Mike O'Meara, The patriotic DCRTV malebag just consulted with the 80s James Spader and he thinks you’re a bitch - too No American Left Behind #SupportDCRTV

One wonders if the news junkie/Jeopardy aficionado brain trust at TMOS has reported on the Jeopardy new hire resigning because he couldn't stop running his stupid yap. Cancel Culture has its good points as many have pointed out here. -- As for the poster wondering about why the DC area stations didn't cover the Taliban press conference? Maybe they don't have people in Afghanistan. Kabul is 8 1/2 hours ahead of DC and 4 1/2 hours ahead of GMT. I'm sure the conference was live when it was taped. Gus thinking allowed.

Hey, Dave, Did the Washington sports press core miss this one while being wined and dined last night? I went to the WFT game Friday, and was dangerously close to the field. I noticed their helmets have changed color. It is now more of a darker "black cherry red," and has evolved from the more muted "burgundy " red hue. Is this change a clue to the possible new name, "The RedWolves," one word? I don't think Dannyboy could get a strong trademark these days on "Red Wolves," two words, because it is part of the language depicting real distinct animals. And for Gus, I wrote "these days" for a real reason, so don't jump in and say "what about Bisons, Ducks, Penguins, Colts, Eagles, Dolphins or ...." Needing to head Gus off.

Not specifically local, but shown locally, and certainly notable news the networks want to squash. Gutfeld! is now the #1 late night TV show in America as of Tuesday. He finally beat Colbert and all the other network & cable TV shows during the time slot! It’s Day 5 of the Afghanistan Hostage Crisis, 1000+ Americans still being held there against their will. Will Ted Koppel and Nightline come out of retirement? Jimmy Kimmel has now tanked in the ratings well below Gutfeld as has Jimmy Fallon previously. Why not ABC? Will they make any changes to stop the new #1 late night show Gutfeld? I doubt it.

/\ August 21 /\

\/ August 20 \/

Glad to see that Marc Clark has landed another job, although temporary. So what's up with this guy? He can't seem to hold onto a steady broadcasting gig. But hey, wishing him the best. Hopefully if things go well with at WUSA, he'll be offered a permanent spot somewhere.

So sorry to read about the passing of Jim Russ. He was one of the few remaining reasons to listen to WBAL. The station is a shadow of its former self, and Jim's death removes one of the few voices of credibility left on the airwaves there. There’s Joh Patti, Bill Vanko and Robert Lang, and that is about it. The constant bickering and talking over one another makes the morning show so difficult to listen to. I also have to agree with the previous writer, who commented about Katie Ryan. Sounds like a teenager screaming to get your attention and approval. Way too abrasive for the morning hours. And lately they’ve been trying to bail out their afternoon lightweight, Torrey Snow, by partnering him with former congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik. Ugh. She's all sizzle and no substance. Another wanna be given an undeserved soapbox. If you want to put a failed politician on the air, Sheila Dixon is available, and Catherine Pugh may be looking for a gig soon too.

Following up on the comment about the FOX5 anchors yelling: I was going to write a similar comment a few days ago. Marina Marraco speaks too loud -- probably because no one told her she doesn't have to (inexperienced anchors don't understand the power of a microphone and project too much toward the camera), and because she's insecure about her position and qualifications and, because like most insecure people, she speaks loudly to cover up her insecurity. But she makes Tisha Lewis look like a piker when it comes to yelling. Lewis, who desperately needs some hair advice, flat out YELLS. Is someone telling her to do that, or does she just not know not to? Is anyone in charge over there?

newsbreak.com: Award-winning media veteran Marc Clarke joins Great Day Washington.. Media veteran Marc Clarke is joining the Great Day Washington team this fall as a co-host with Kristen Berset-Harris on WUSA9. He's starting in this new role as fill in co-host while Ellen Bryan goes on maternity leave....

Tuned in to WBAL Thur & Fri mornings to find out who was doing the traffic. It was Bili Fonti (sp?), who has been around for quite. Not bad. Side note for Dave: Albie Dee has been doing traffic reports on weekends, and does a great job. Anyway, there is a new co-anchor (?) along with John Patti. Katie Ryan. Where the Hell did you find her, WBAL? She must be a graduate of the “Screamin’ Scottie” School of Broadcasting. Y’all really need to listen to this online or on your app. She sounds like she’s 12 years old and delivers the news in a cross between Hot Lips Houlihan (M*A*S*H*) and Cadet Hooks from Police Academy. There was a fellow poster here that disliked “The Speed Reader”. Ms Kramer. Bet you miss her now. Look, the 5 am news and an occasional top of, bottom of the hour news is all I listen to anymore. The rest of the lineup is AWFUL, other than Bill Vanko and Robert Lang. I’m doing to miss you Jim Russ. You were the best. Rest in Peace.

Draper just hired a new Chief Engineer and they had more than a dozen job openings most of the summer, so things will be changing for the better soon as more than half of those job openings have been filled. WBOC Fox 21 was in HD on Aug. 1 btw, probably right after they got a new engineer and for the start of the NFL season and/or under pressure from the FOX Network. They are planning on switching to ATSC 3.0 as well and it will likely be on the WRDE low power TV channels. They have opened up bandwidth on the WBOC main channel so I think WRDE might end up in a sharing agreement with WBOC. I just wish they could get a signal to Ocean City. Maybe if you’re in a high rise condo facing the bay side, but otherwise forget it.

Speaking of Draper’s WBOC, are they trying to gain control of the Kent County Delaware market? The proposed WRDE signal in northern Sussex County will now cover Dover better than WCAU NBC 10 out of Philadelphia. Will viewing patterns change when reception is better for ABC, CBS, FOX, & NBC from Salisbury than from Philly since they actually cover southern Delaware news unlike any of Philly’s TV stations? See here… www.rabbitears.info

Re: Tisha Lewis and Marina Marraco's delivery of the news . . . likely due to the average age of the viewer likely suffering from age-related hearing loss. At 80+ I find their shouting so disconcerting and annoying that I either mute them or just change the channel.

/\ August 20 /\

\/ August 19 \/

CNN routinely shows promos showing reporters in different locations who say “THIS is CNN”. So now FOX5 is showing their anchors identifying themselves and then saying in a serious voice “THIS is FOX5”. So do they really think anyone’s going to take their station more seriously if they run a promo w/someone talking in a serious voice? Especially if the majority of the anchors they’re showing are on shows that focus on fluff?.

WBOC-2 (Fox 21 is now in HD. The change was made earlier this month thanks to a new digital encoder, so all Fox programming is now in HD. As for WRDE the signal is now on three low power transmitters with a fourth covering Somerset & southern Worcester County coming soon. One sends a signal west from Laurel toward the Dorchester County area, one sends the signal east from Laurel, and the third is located north of Long Neck, Delaware covering the Delaware coastal area.

RE: Tisha Lewis and Marina Marraco's delivery of the news. I noticed this, too, and suspect the station has done demographic research regarding its core audience and have determined it is likely due to the average age of the viewer likely suffering from age-related hearing loss. This is what plays in my head each time I tune into their newscasts: youtu.be

I couldn’t agree more. Are they trying to “out Loud” each other? So annoying! In the morning we have fake anchor voice Jeanette though. All the hype that she speaks Spanish and I haven’t heard a word of Spanish yet.

To the poster from Pocomoke concerning the channel lineup. Earlier in the summer, in OC we lost WBAL & WJZ from Baltimore and WTTG from DC for about a week. They are back now. I can tell you, Draper doesn't give a damn about WRDE. Try watching the Today show on it. No local news. One weather report that plays over and over, sometimes back to back. Missed local breaks and constant cutouts. I would watch the local channel if it was watchable, but I am glad we got WBAL for at least that show.

The Washington Football Team has reportedly narrowed their list of potential names down to 3 options, per the team's "Making the Brand" series. Their finalists come from these eight: - Armada - Presidents - Brigade - RedHogs - Commanders - RedWolves - Defenders - WFT. [I'm offended by the name "Presidents"] #SupportDCRTV

Any reason why Fox5’s Tisha Lewis and Marina Marraco have to yell the news?? Are they hard of hearing or something? They really need to use their “inside voice”.

Just wondering what recourse we have here (if any). Comcast / Xfinity recently removed all Washington / Baltimore stations from channel lineup. Draper does carry duplicate programming and commonly "blacked out" channels from Wash / Balt carrying same. that was no problem - the problem comes in the form of no longer receiving newscasts out of Washington / Baltimore. We live on the Delmarva peninsula just a stones throw from our nations capital and now can't receive their news. Draper's answer was to "stream it" via internet or other sources. What recourse do we have to get these channels back? What avenue can we pursue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I realize Draper wants to protect the few car dealers / furniture stores, etc that make up their advertising base, but to live this close to the nation's capital and not have easy access to regional news makes it extremely frustrating. All of the CBS, ABC, FOX, and now NBC co-existed for years on our lineup. Thanks for your time and if you could point me in any direction it would be appreciated. Frustrated in Pocomoke City, Wade Taylor

A Federal Judge, appointed by George HW Bush just threw out a lawsuit by families claiming their First Amendment rights were being violated by Loudoun County Public Schools for the teachings of Critical Race Theory. Not only did the judge say the plaintiff were conflating the teaching of "normal history" of race discrimination in this country with CRT, the judge scolded the plaintiff for using what he called "a political stunt" in his courtroom. Since Vince, Chris, and Larry have been reporting on CRT in Loudoun County for months, look for a full mia culpa on WMAL Thursday, and an apology for trying to shove a political stunt down their listeners' throats. Nah, I kid!

Hey Dave. Do you know any station that would pick up 97underground.com pure rock format? Tom

Dave's response: Any advice for Tom?

Jim Russ. One of the best ever doing traffic reports. Never got all shook ("up" like Elvis) and was always accurate right down to the white lines on the side of the road that you can't see in the rain. Thanks Jim for many years of helping down the road of life. RIP.

/\ August 19 /\

\/ August 18 \/

WBAL Radio is reporting that Traffic guru Jim Russ died suddenly this morning of a heart attack. He was 58. He had been a traffic reporter at 'BAL since 2011. What a lsad day. I spoke with him several times over the years on the traffic tip line. Great guy. What a loss for all of us, and a huge loss for WBAL.

Regarding Jim Russ... Unmentioned in all of this is that Jim was also the SAG-AFTRA shop steward at WBAL, and there are tense, almost hostile negotiations going on between WBAL and SAG right now.

NEWS! Jim Russ Has Died... FYI--Jim Russ worked at WTOP during the 1990s... www.wbal.com: Today, WBAL NewsRadio mourns the loss of a family member. Jim Russ, WBAL and 98 Rock morning traffic anchor, died suddenly at his home in Baltimore after suffering a heart attack. He would have turned 58 tomorrow. Russ grew up in Baltimore and graduated from Loyola Blakefield High School in 1981. As a student at Towson University, he interned at WBAL Radio what he called his favorite hometown station in 1984. Russ had a 35-year career in radio in Washington and in Baltimore, including at WTOP and Metro Traffic. In 2011, Russ came back to WBAL NewsRadio to anchor morning traffic. Russ reported with accuracy, tenacity and integrity. Russ knew a lot of first responders and a lot of contacts, and there was probably no better-connected traffic reporter in our market or any other. "No one loved the job of reporting traffic more than Jim did. He saw it as his duty to keep people in Baltimore moving to their destinations as quickly as possible and attacked that responsibility with passion and dedication," WBAL News Radio General Manager Cary Pahigian wrote in an email to staff. "The sterling reputation of WBAL as a news and information leader was strengthened throughout Jim’s tenure, and his departure leaves a void both professionally and personally for his colleagues who enjoyed his company and commitment to excellence." Arrangements are pending. Jim Russ is survived by his daughter, Molly, sister, Cathy, and her husband, Jim Hergenroder, brother Tom, and Jim’s partner Alice Young.

Alpha Media will have 70% foreign ownership. They have asked the FCC to grant them 100% owned by overseas entities. Other radio companies that have asked the FCC to permit them to be owned 100% by overseas entities are iHeart, Cumulus and Spanish Broadcasting System. Perhaps China and Russia will own most of the radio companies in the future.

For everyone complaining about Bob Carpenter, FP Santangelo and Dan Kolko on the Nats telecast....did you catch the guys on YouTube that carried the Jays-Nat's game tonight...Scot Braun, Dan Plesac and for some unknown reason Kolko showed up doing sideline cut ins. Braun and Plesac were brutal, non stop meaningless chatter, Kolko was boring as always. Maybe Carp and FP aren't that bad after all.

/\ August 18 /\

\/ August 17 \/

Mailbag Minute:: EARTHQUAKE! EARTHQUAKE! Today, while our own Camo Dave Hughes was filming a segment of his popular YouTube channel [Camo Dave], there was a 2.7 magnitude earthquake in his adopted hometown of Morganton, NC; centered only 4 miles from Dave's studios. Duck! Cover! & Hold! Unconfirmed reports are that American singer/rapper LIzzo who is performing in Charlotte just fell out of bed. [ Don't cancel me, its a damn joke ] Reports are also surfacing that the Mike O'Meara Show [TMOS] Facebook page was hacked yesterday; live feed and one of their show pages? Does the lab rat OOBBEE know computers? [A inside DCRTV joke. Leave it alone] Speaking of O'Meara, any old, tired mention, or song, yesterday of Elvis on his death-day anniversary further confirms that TMOS is aging-out faster than the fall of Afghanistan. Gus for President. As a reminder, FREE Camo Dave Hughes Meetup. Sept 4th 1-3 p.m @ Green Eggs & Jam. 108 North Sterling Street, Morganton, NC. Brewery walk to follow? #SupportDCRTV

" If the AM doesn't have RDS, the FM repeater certainly doesn't have RDS either. An exact duplicate is an exact duplicate," sayeth Carl from Olney, without any basis in fact. By that same "rule" (which exists nowhere in 47CFR74), FM translators of AM stations also wouldn't be able to broadcast in stereo, and they'd have to roll off their audio below 10 kHz using the AM NRSC curves. And yet they do use FM stereo, they don't roll off audio on the NRSC curve... and they can absolutely run RDS as well. A very small handful even broadcast in HD. As long as it's the same audio content including legal ID and EAS, an FM translator of an AM station is considered to be a "fill-in" service that can be fed with a separate STL and audio chain. Every one I have had a hand in has included RDS. - Fybush

I just noticed that the BBC and Britain's Sky News are both currently showing a live Taliban press conference. But none of our local network channels are carrying it, nor are any of the major cable "news" channels.

DC's Pilot Of The Airwaves (among other titles here in the Mailbag over the years)

To the person who compared WOWD-LP, a low-power station at 94.3 MHz in Takoma Park, to W228DI, a translator of an AM station (1050) at 93.5, the first can have RDS because it is a stand-alone station with its own license to broadcast. The second one is an exact FM duplicate (including not being in Stereo) of WBQH-1050 AM. If the AM doesn't have RDS, the FM repeater certainly doesn't have RDS either. An exact duplicate is an exact duplicate. In contrast, the station at 93.5 in Baltimore City (WTTZ-LP) is a stand-alone Low-power station, and I believe it has RDS that says it is the Smooth Jazz and Traffic & Transit station for Baltimore City (and some of Baltimore County). Interestingly, MD-MTA locations transit around Washington, like the Kensington MARC station, play that station out of loudspeakers at the platforms. And the "228" means it is the 28th frequency location in the FM band (88.1 is 201, etc)-- Carl in Olney

/\ August 17 /\

\/ August 16 \/

“Perhaps La Mera Mera 93.5 (W228DI) could do the same thing eventually? Hint, hint.... After all, La Mera Mera 93.5 has a monster signal reaching several counties.” This station is only 130 watts and goes under a 60 dbu signal after about 6 miles. Monster signal ?

/\ August 16 /\

\/ August 15 \/

I noticed the other day that WOWD-LP has added RDS text to their signal so listeners, especially drivers, can can tell they're listening to Takoma Park's 94.3 FM. Perhaps La Mera Mera 93.5 (W228DI) could do the same thing eventualy? Hint, hint.... After all, La Mera Mera 93.5 has a monster signal reaching several counties.

Like last week went to watch CBS Sunday Morning and no reception of CH 9 but I messed around and you can stream it live on the CBSN app on my Amazon Fire Stick but I hope this problem is solved when the Fall shows debut .When is the debut date for Next Gen Tv in Wash DC? Its new technology and the only converter boxes/receivers I see is something called Silicon Dust HD Home Run for about $200 .Would like to see how it works if they bring prices down eventually.

I used to live in FXBG and one morning had the same experience with 94.7. Country music. Only this was WQDR, out of Raleigh NC. Now THAT was a DX situation.

Dave's response: Years ago when I lived in Northern Virginia I tuned in 99.1 to hear the alt rock on WHFS and instead heard adult contemporary. I thought they flipped format. But I was actually getting much farther away WSLQ in Roanoke, also on 99.1.....

Dave, you said lightning strikes TV towers all the time and nothing bad happens and someone joked to me, “Well it was Friday the 13th, so why didn’t it strike WJZ?" so I thought of this funny story from WJZ’s Bob Turk when something kind of bad did happen. As for WBAL-TV, I can’t imagine they’re going to have to fly a chopper to the tower again or anything, but likely something got blown out. — BaltoMedia.net

/\ August 15 /\

\/ August 14 \/

Not sure if this really counts as a DX situation, but I live in Fredericksburg and normally get good reception of WIAD. Yesterday morning I tuned in while I was at work like I usually do and heard country music, I assumed Audacy threw in the towel and decided to launch a competitor to WMZQ, but I was picking up WDSD in Dover DE. Normally I get good reception from Charlottesville, Richmond, DC, Fredericksburg, and a few stations in southern MD, but this was a surprise.

NEWS! From www.thewrap.com: Fez Whatley, Radio Personality and Co-Host of ‘The Ron and Fez Show,’ Dies at 57... Fez Whatley, a shock jock and comedian best known as half of the radio show “The Ron and Fez Show,” [heard for many years on DC's WJFK] died Friday night of heart failure. He was 57. His former hosting partner, Ron Bennington, announced the sad news on Instagram. “We lost our sweet Fez Whatley last night. His heart finally gave out,” Bennington wrote. “We are devastated, but we will always remember the laughter through our tears. Our thoughts are with his family who loved him the most and with the people who knew him as a voice on the radio. #fezwhatley.” Bennington has kept fans up to date on Whatley’s health problems, posting photos showing him laying in a hospital bed in March after just suffering “another massive heart attack.” “Fez had another massive heart attack this week,” Bennington wrote. “He flatlined on Tuesday, but was able to be revived by doctors. He spent a few days on a ventilator and is now breathing on his own. His sister snapped these pics of him while he was on the vent, and Fez is oddly proud of them. Born Todd Hillier, the Florida native first dove into the radio business as a producer and contributor of the syndicated program “The Ron and Ron Show,” hosted by Ron Diaz and his future partner, Ron Bennington. Although low ratings led to the show’s cancelation, he teamed up with Bennington on “The Ron and Fez Show” on the Daytona Beach radio station WKRO. It was ultimately moved to WNEW in New York. Whatley came out as gay on-air in 2012. He had been playing a flamboyant, gay character on his shows for 20 years while insisting to his family, friends (and himself) that he was straight, he said. “Coming to this realization was devastating,” Whatley wrote. “After all those years of denying it, it was true. Fez Whatley was no longer a character that I played on the air. He was me. And now it wasn’t funny anymore. I was now everything that I had joked about. I got depressed…I couldn’t make myself be Fez Whatley anymore. I was terrified about being really gay.” He went on: “There are too many important issues out there facing gay Americans for me to just be yelling out the occasional protest from the closet. I see comedians like Wanda Sykes, Margaret Cho, Mo Rocca, and most recently Todd Glass, and they haven’t lost their sense of humor. They’re entertaining and still make a difference in the community… “I can’t be part of ‘It Gets Better’ until I make sure things are going to get better for me. And that’s what I intend on doing. So that the next time I’m asked by someone ‘Are you really gay?’ I can finally answer, ’24 hours a day.'” Whatley’s first heart attack came in 2005 – and he did recognize the symptoms. A second heart attack came in 2007, and a third 2010. He suffered yet another attack in 2015, at which time he had 15 stents in his heart.

Most Broadcasters agree that AM Radio is Dead. A few years ago the FCC permitted AM Station owners to apply for FM translators and move them up to 250 miles. There was a "Condition" that the translator must stay with that AM station forever! Question for the FCC? What happens if that AM station would lose their tower site and cannot find another tower site? What happens to the translator?

"How is 106.3 on the air when the main AM station 1460 is off the air?" That translator is actually tied to one of 107.7 WWWT's HD subchannels, which allows it to continue broadcasting. W249DX, the 97.7 translator in Reston, is the AM revitalization facility tied to WKDV and so it is off the air, at least it was last I checked....Dave wrote: "I believe the 1400 "sale" did not include the tower site, which is being redeveloped." This is correct - the sale was $20k for the license and $5k for equipment, and that's it. There is now an STA application in for 1400 to diplex with 610 WXVA, as the tower/studio is being demolished imminently.

Mailbag Minute:: As Afghan forces crumble to the ground, and officials surrender as the Taliban makes sweeping gains, DC media is failing to feature en masse, our OEF [Operation Enduring Freedom] combat vets who with raw emotion & grief, may be struggling these past few days and need help. Need support. How about a DC feature article reflecting back on a April 14, 1975 Newsweek article titled 'It All Seems A Waste' and bring it forward to the current rapid collapse of Afghanistan. MORE IMPORTANTLY, feature coverage encouraging everyone to check on the Afghanistan veterans they love. To be available. For others, highlight the VA Crisis Hotline 1.800.273.8255. Press #1 OR to CHAT, TEXT 838255. Will be a tough few days for at least some who sacrificed a lot. #SupportOEFVets #SupportDCRTV

/\ August 14 /\

\/ August 13 \/

RE: “Couple of observations from the WFL exhibition against New England. What genius at NBC Sports Washington picked Kenny Albert to do the play by play?”…I think he has pictures of someone (Maybe from Syracuse Days). He is there every year with absolutely NO ties to DC and it’s time for him to barrow the family hair piece. Buck or Chick yes. But, Frank can’t count his hair plugs now. Mike (I bet you can’t remember his last name) must be Kenny’s uncle. Plus, Joe T sucks!!!!! Every prediction is wrong. Every comment is so basic and general. A third grader could say things like “when you come up like that on the outside, you need to contain” or “He is going to want to have that throw back”. WTF Joe. Hang it up! OOBBEE

WBAL-TV suffers lightning strike on the candelabra tower taking out their main antenna for those wondering about reception issues lately. So the aux antenna is 100 feet lower underneath the candelabra and directional mostly to the north. They say they’re working on it. Talk about bad luck. After all that work done on that incredibly complex tower, NOW they get struck by lightning right afterwards. — BaltoMedia.net

Dave's response: Don't broadcast towers usually get struck by lightning a lot? No big deal usually.....

Centennial was willing to give WINC AM away as part of the package. Metro didn’t want it. Which was kind of odd since I could easily see them putting a brokered format on 1400 if and a very big IF they are to keep the hot a/c format on 105.5. Notice none of the website mentions 104.9. And yet, the 104.9 frequency wouldn’t make as much sense to do a Spanish language format on. Unsure if it’s the same afternoon jock on WINC FM that was on there a few weeks ago – He is a former board OP that has been around 92.5 WINC FM for years. Also, how is 106.3 on the air when the main AM station 1460 is off the air? They are still advertising 106.3 on their Facebook page. MLB4

Dave's response: I believe the 1400 "sale" did not include the tower site, which is being redeveloped. So the deal was basically the license and the "intellectual" property.....

Couple of observations from the WFL exhibition against New England. What genius at NBC Sports Washington picked Kenny Albert to do the play by play? There are plenty of local guys who could have done the job, Steve Buckhantz, Chick Hernandez, Frank Herzog...why have to bring in a shouter like Albert.....and he looked as stiff as a board on the few on camera shots they gave him Joe Theismann ..good choice....sideline guy, Mike somebody ,never heard of him. and the lady hosting the pre game show...who is that?

/\ August 13 /\

\/ August 12 \/

Going back through the Mailbag from Aug 7, I saw where WINC(AM) was sold for less than the price of a car -- $25,000. Quite a plunge in the historic value of AM stations, especially if you go back to 2008 to read up on Birach Broadcasting's acquisition of two AM'ers in the Norfolk VA market for $345,000. And yes, those were the ones where the towers were toppled before BB had a chance to put even a peep out over the air. According to the BB webpage, the company owns about 18 stations, all AM. That's got to be a drain.

Good to see Oscar Santana Zeballos still reads the DCRTV mailbag - and learns. He immediately changed out his creepy bio pic on their new website. Credit where credit is due. New pic is perfect.

"I cannot hear 106.7 in my car in my home town of Olney, or even in Aspen Hill" Not car related, but I can get WJFK 106.7 in Olney and Aspen Hill on my $10 Radio Shack portable. Clear as a bell. End message to Carl in Olney, begin new message: To the ass, the idiot, the complainer who is troubled by my career path, eff you. I never worked in TV, am I allowed to not like some TV shows? What's your name, where's your resume, where did you work? Gus afraid that banging the disappointment out of your mom didn't work last time but willing to try it again. As Star Trek taught us, let this be your last battlefield. Bus for Shutty Town now boarding

/\ August 12 /\

\/ August 11 \/

Have seen Brett McHenry doing a few stories on Fox5. So anyone know if she’s now on the payroll there as a regular reporter / anchor?

If I may offer an opinion concerning WJFK-FM being repeated on WPGC-HD2 rather than nowhere (I believe, possibly incorrectly, that it has not been on WIAD-HD2 in two years), here is why I think they did it: WJFK-FM, 106.7 is broadcast in such a way that it cannot be heard in any area that is only 30 miles from Baltimore, because WWMX-106.5 in Baltimore blocks it out. I cannot hear 106.7 in my car in my home town of Olney, or even in Aspen Hill, I cannot hear it in Laurel, and anyplace north of Beltsville. It might be nice to have some people (those with new cars) north and far east of DC be able to hear WJFK-106.7's main broadcast, and 95.5 broadcasting from south central Prince Georges County is a great way to hear it, as it comes into B'more and Annapolis like a local station. The HD2- part may not always be perfect in North Baltimore or Towson, but at least one could hear it in Columbia, Glen Burnie, Severna Park, Annapolis, Olney, and Sykesville. The only thing better would be if it were on WDCH-99.1-HD2; then many could hear it for up to 40 miles from DC. Finally and Unrelated: Congrats to Emilia and Erika; I hope that Lauryn can join you in the Congrats column in the next year or two. When I was recuperating in a hospital recently, seeing Lauryn just plain happy on the 4, 5, and 6 AM news made my day. -- Carl in Olney

Do you know what the number one billing station in the world is? It is close to home. You guessed it. WTOP!

What I like about DCRTV. You can have your own opinion about radio programming even though you never worked in radio in your life. Look at Gus, who has an opinion about most postings on DCRTV. How is he qualified? I asked him that question and his answer is "I listen to radio and watch TV". Great! DCRTV gives you a platform to express your opinion even if you have never worked in radio in your life. America is great!

WJFK can now be heard on WPGC HD-2 rather than WIAD HD-2. Can anyone explain to me, a non-HD radio owner, what is the significance of this switch? Thanks. Tom in Wheaton

Gus, you are half right. Nielsen is a Monopoly in Major markets like DC. However, Eastlan does ratings in small markets like Winchester, VA. Congratulation on being half right! We need more of your comments on every posting. I am glad that "you listen to radio and watch TV".

To the Metro Radio defender: First, you were wrong about the ratings and now you claim that I was fired when Metro Radio took over on July 1. Wrong again! I've never worked in radio in my life. I simply enjoyed WINC FM when I first moved into the area, going back to the days they were fully staffed, including when they had a guy named Mike Evans doing the all night show. While I have listened to them much less recently with streaming availability, I was still always impressed with the tight upbeat presentation they had for a small market station. Unfortunately, they now sound terrible, and all your inane attacks on me can't fix that and don't help the station.

I can assure you that 98 Rock is live during the 4 dayparts (mornings, midday, afternoon drive, evenings), 7 days a week. The only thing that isn't live is the unrated daypart (12AM-5AM) and the weekend mornings that are "best of's" of the morning and afternoon drive weekday shows. They are SAG/AFTRA, and I'm pretty sure that is a mandate.

""The Eastlan ratings..." Okay first, this is obviously a lie because as we have been told over and over by an idiot poster, Nielsen is a monopoly. It is equally true that radio stock prices are important and must be communicated aggressively to anyone who doesn't care about them. Gus going to McDonalds

"Dave's response: I watch a lot of broadcast TV these days and frequently notice that a channel will simply disappear for sometimes a few hours or sometimes a day or so. It seems to be a common occurrence with broadcast digital signals these days....." Maybe digital wasn't such a good idea. But no worry, the coming future changes will make it all better. Cue Pink Floyd's "Mother" from The Wall. ---- Re: WINC I just checked it out and to my horror they were playing a song I hadn't heard before! There oughta be a law. I didn't experience any problem with the sound and don't see the problem with the DJ sounding like he was in Winchester given that the station serves Winchester (hint: it's in the call letters). Gus wishing DCRTV would attend more to covering radio stock prices (yeah, phoned that one in)

The August 9th Mailbag contained a big news story about B101.5 Fredericksburg losing their morning host. Yet All Access has been advertising for her replacement since July 30, a full ten days earlier. Any bets they've already got their new show host in the pocket and is just running the job announcement for legal reasons?

(From All Access) "NIELSEN has released its latest edition of the Audio Today Report, with the headline being that radio listening is at its highest levels in 16 months in JUNE 2021 and remains the leader among all media in weekly reach." For those who say Radio Is Dead, I say Bite My Crank, Matey.

Dave's response: The vast amount of radio listening these days is done in cars and it seems that the morning and evening rush hour jams are back now that the pandemic is allegedly easing up and workers are returning to their offices.....

Could the person that hates Metro Radio and WINC 105.5 FM be a former employee that was terminated on 7/1/21? I wonder?

NEWS! From radioinsight.com: Hubbard News 103.5 WTOP Washington rises 7.7 to 8.8 to reclaim the market lead. Howard University Adult R&B 96.3 WHUR slips from its record high of 9.0 last month to a 7.9. Public News/Talk 88.5 WAMU trends down 9.5 – 7.9 – 7.5. Radio One Adult R&B “Majic 102.3/92.7” WMMJ/WDCJ rises 6.5 to 7.0. iHeartMedia AC 97.1 WASH rises 6.0 to 6.6. iHeartMedia Alternative “DC 101” WWDC trends up 5.1 – 5.2 – 5.7, while sister CHR “Hot 99.5” WIHT moves up 2.9 – 3.2 – 4.2. Also trending up are Radio One’s duo of Gospel “Praise 104.1” WPRS 2.2 to 2.9 and Hip Hop 93.9 WKYS 1.9 – 2.0 – 2.8. Moving downward in Washington are Classical 90.9 WETA 4.5 to 3.9 and iHeartMedia Country 98.7 WMZQ 4.3 to 3.4.... Radio One Adult R&B “Magic 95.9” WWIN-FM remains on top in Baltimore although it drops 10.0 to 8.6. iHeartMedia Country 93.1 WPOC rises 6.4 to 6.8. Radio One Hip Hop “92Q” WERQ drops 6.0 to 5.5. Audacy AC “Today’s 101.9” WLIF slips 5.6 to 5.3 and iHeartMedia Variety Hits “102.7 Jack-FM” WQSR nudges up 5.1 to 5.2. iHeartMedia CHR “Z104.3” WZFT trends up 3.2 – 3.5 – 3.8. Jazz 88.9 WEAA moves up 1.2 – 1.6 – 1.9..... More at radioinsight.com/ratings

/\ August 11 /\

\/ August 10 \/

The new Nielsen Ratings are out today for July 2021. WMAL continues to slide down to Number 11 with a 3.7 Share. Why is this? Is this caused by the loss of Rush Limbaugh? radioinsight.com

Any issues at the Fort Reno tower site (WUSA/WJLA/WHUT) are likely related to the Nextgen/ATSC 3.0 build out for DC. Power has to be decreased significantly on all of them for any tower work while any people are on the tower they all currently use, so not related to any problem at WUSA 9 or the other TV stations themselves, just likely the work that’s being done, unless there was a lightning strike today in DC. — BaltoMedia.net

"The Eastlan ratings just came out for Winchester and WINC 105.5 FM is number one in the market." NOT SO FAST, BUCKAROO! Those Eastlan ratings were for the month of June. Metro Radio didn't assume control of WINC until June 30th. Get back to us after Labor Day, won't you.

To the Metro Radio defender, The ratings you quote are for June, before Metro took over. Want to bet on the ratings for July? All my criticisms are true and obvious to anyone who's ever listened to radio. If you disagree, fine, explain why instead of attacking me! And by the way, I don't hate Metro Radio, just pointing out they don't know what they are doing. Perhaps you should apply there, you'd fit in perfectly!

“98 Rock has long been regarded as one of America’s leading Rock stations, How is that...??? That "JSS" morning show is a poorly run mess, and don't get me started on that dumb-clueless-lazy host Scott and that neurotic-misanthropic-anxiety spewing-self hating Spiegel :-| And isnt most of 98 Rock tapped/pre-recorded, I know they are not "live & local 24/7/365"= 98 Rock does not have any real scheduled DJs on their daily schedule

Being a dog lover, I had to look this up. Everyone assumes their dog can see the TV and wonder why no interest most of the time. So I looked it up. Humans can see motion from 16 to 25 frames per second and higher. Sometimes we see helicopter blades appearing to go backwards and such, but otherwise we can see what’s happening from that frame rate. But dogs cannot see much unless higher than 70 frames per second. So dogs just see flickering blue and yellow or grey and nothing else, and it’s why they do not pay much attention to things you’re watching on TV. But with streaming devices and ATSC 3.0 TVs, YES, soon your dog will be able to watch TV as lots of devices will be “Dog-compatible” with higher frame rates on iPads/Iphones/TVs and such for the 1st time ever. As most cat lovers know, cats already can watch current TVs just like us and will swat at birds and butterflies even sometimes. So if you think your dog loves watching TV, well, hmm, I’d say your dog might just be smarter than you. — Sounds like Gus, but I actually looked up the science & not Gus. :-)

Im back to getting WUSA 9 today with about 68% signal strength I think the problems last few days was them doing some transmitter work its common to have stronger signal at night but not getting a strong signal then getting nothing like what happened to me at 10 Sunday morning watching it then just blacked out and of course I get no response from.the engineering department at the station after I left a voicemail.Only TV they respond to you is PBS I had issues with thier website twice they helped commercial TV a business nothing more.

To the person that hates Metro Radio. You sound like a real authority on programming. The Eastlan Ratings just came out for Winchester and WINC 105.5 FM is number one in the market. If you dislike the station so much, perhaps you should listen to another station. There are plenty of other stations to listen to in DC. Thank you for the good wishes.

NEWS! From usatoday.com: A dispute between satellite TV provider Dish and media company Sinclair could result in more than 100 local TV stations being removed from the pay TV service. Sinclair Broadcast Group, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, said Monday an agreement with Dish is unlikely to be reached before the companies' current one expires Aug. 16. If that is the result, 108 Sinclair stations and its Tennis Channel would be removed. The stations include 97 ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC affiliates and their removal would impact 3.5 million Dish subscribers across 38% of the country, Sinclair said...

Listened to WINC FM yesterday out of curiosity to see how it sounded since Metro Radio took over on July 1. Unfortunately this once great-sounding station sounded horrible on Alexa. It sounded like the music came over a telephone line from Fairfax. In addition, the afternoon DJ sounded like he was in Winchester with no knowledge of the music that was on. Finally, the music was unfocused with too many unrecognizable songs from the 90s and 00's and non-hits from today. I expected Metro to be incompetent, but this was even worse than I could imagine. Good luck putting this mess on a DC area signal!

Draper’s WBOC FOX 21 is now for the first time in HD at 720p on the shore as of Aug. 1 just in time for NFL season meaning the Washington Football Team will for once be shown in HD on the shore via antenna. Fox 21 has always been in HD on cable TV, but many on the shore in less populated areas have no access to cable TV either in southern Delaware or Maryland. Now they do. Since WBOC hired a Chief Engineer (yes, they dropped that ad this week), and are still looking for a 2nd engineer, I expect more changes are on the way. Also it looks like WMJF 39, Baltimore’s lone (for now) low power TV station will be getting all the new Scripps networks that WMAR now cannot broadcast, Defy and True Real. That is, if you can get WMJF. — BaltoMedia.net

What is happening to Audacy shares? Their stock price has dropped 51.4% this year and continues to slide. Their stock is now selling at $3.02 per share. Is this due to their large debt they must service? Is Bankruptcy in the near future?

/\ August 10 /\

\/ August 9 \/

I also saw Paul Wagner recently on WRC. That's a considerable upgrade for him, and here's hoping he is fulltime staff. One thing I am concerned about, as a longtime viewer of that longtime reporter, is an apparent effort to copy the wandering, unfocused, confused style of Pat Collins. That manner of reporting never did catch on. Wagner is much better than Collins at being able to tell a story, and without the dramatized histrionics that Collins was trapped within. Tell it straight, Paul, from a fan. And congratulations on now working for an NBC O&O, remember them?

Do stations really think that Dan B. can replace Rush Limbaugh? Rush was smart! Look at the new ratings for WMAL. It now ranks 10th place in the market.

I see that WBQB 101.5 FM in Fredericksburg just lost their morning personality. ( Friday, August 13th will be her last day.) They should go after the morning personality on their main competition WFLS 93.3.FM. They have good ratings and their parent company is in Bankruptcy.

Baltimore, MD, August 9, 2021—Hearst Radio stations WBAL NewsRadio 1090/FM 101.5 and 98 ROCK (WIYY-FM) were recognized recently with nominations for the National Association of Broadcasters’ annual Marconi Radio Awards. Established in 1989 and named after inventor and Nobel Prize winner Guglielmo Marconi, the NAB Marconi Radio Awards honor radio stations and on-air personalities in a variety of formats for their excellence in broadcasting. Stations are judged on multiple factors including ratings and revenue success, community involvement, and overall contributions to the radio industry. 98 ROCK was named a finalist for Rock Station of the Year, alongside stations from Los Angeles, New Haven, Evansville and Columbia, Missouri. WBAL’s C4 and Bryan Nehman are finalists in the Large Market Personality of the Year, competing with personalities from Tampa, St. Petersburg and Nashville. “We are thankful for this recognition,” WBAL and 98 ROCK President and General Manager Cary Pahigian said. “98 Rock has long been regarded as one of America’s leading Rock stations, while WBAL’s C4 and Bryan Nehman are unmatched in their knowledge and insight on the issues that matter most to Maryland.” The winners will be announced at the annual NAB Radio Show in Las Vegas October 13th.

FCC AUCTION 109: My favorite AM radio joke is that WNST AM 1570 is still for sale for $1.5 million dollars for years now. Does that have to be paid in Costas Inn CRABCOIN? And nope, you cannot even keep the Call Letters or format either and possibly not even the land or tower! Too funny. But I noticed that the other Baltimore AM, presumably WMBD AM 750 is no longer for sale it seems. radiotvdeals.com... And about broadcast TV issues. This is exactly what ATSC 3.0 is supposed to fix. It’s like 5G for your TV. I should work in marketing, missed my calling in life Dave.

I can confirm Paul Wagner is a part time member of the NBC 4 family. We are not sure why Mike Brought him on. We assume he enjoys watching paint dry. Paul covers Crime in the District and has a considerable amount of knowledge about crime in the district. JB

Re: "The Wokeskins have shot themselves in the foot." Would you please explain the reasoning behind this ludicrous comment.

The Wokeskins have shot themselves in the foot. Now, even if the team wins, few will care. The WTFs may as well be the Ravens or the Cowboys or the Giants to real Redskins fans.

Re: the new anchor on Fox5, to me, just another pretty face reading the teleprompter. Nothing special. On a related, unrelated note, I’m curious as to why some anchors leave anchor desks in cities & go to other cities to become field reporters. Seems to be a demotion to me, but maybe future anchoring duties are part of their contract. Finally, re: diversity @ Fox5, yes there’s Angie, Maurina, Trisha & a couple of other minority females, but I think there’s only a total of two African American males on air & I don’t think any are field reporters. However, those in the industry may have the inside scoop that Fox5 isn’t really a place one wants to go unless one wants to use it as a stepping stone. Who knows.

I thought I read on here a few posts awhile ago where Paul Wagner left Fox5. I saw him on Channel 4 the other night. Would someone verify if this is correct?

Was watching CBS Sunday morning yesterday around 10 am then I lost WUSA CH 9 nothing not even subchannels and I get high signal strength with my antenna don,t know whats going on tried at 3AM today still nothing. Way too many technical problems with DC Tv a few weeks ago Me TV and even WTTG had problems.

Dave's response: I watch a lot of broadcast TV these days and frequently notice that a channel will simply disappear for sometimes a few hours or sometimes a day or so. It seems to be a common occurrence with broadcast digital signals these days.....

The FCC Auction 109 is now completed. 97 Radio Stations were sold. There were no bids for four AM Stations in St Louis. Does this mean that AM Radio Stations are worth nothing? St Louis is a good radio market. This is not a good time to try to sell your AM Station!

NEWS! FREDERICKSBURG, VA – Centennial Broadcasting II, LLC, Fredericksburg, Virginia, Hot AC WBQB (B101.5) “Dee In The Morning” personality Dee Daniels announces her departure from B101.5 to pursue an opportunity outside of the industry and outside of the Fredericksburg area. Her final morning show broadcast will be Friday, August 13. “It is with a grateful heart that I share the news that I am stepping down as host of the Dee in the Morning Show to pursue a new opportunity and direction in Savannah, Georgia,” said Daniels. “It has been one of the greatest joys of my life to serve and entertain the greater Fredericksburg region with B101.5 and Centennial Broadcasting. I hope you will join me on Friday, August 13th, in celebrating 13 years of fun, laughter and amazing local partnerships. Thank you for letting me be a part of your community and your lives.” “We couldn’t be more happy and sad at the same time,” says Mark Bass, B101.5 Market Manager. “Sad that she is leaving, but happy she is following her dreams and her heart. We thank her and wish nothing but the best for her future.” In six years as the solo host of the “Dee In The Morning” show, Dee has earned her way to the top of the Fredericksburg ratings, cultivated a network of fans called “The Five O’clock Club (5OC)”, created and hosted several podcasts, and helped raise nearly $800,000 as anchor of the annual “B101.5 Careathon For Children’s National.” A nationwide search is underway for the next host of the B101.5 morning show. “Dee In The Morning” ensemble cast members Ted Schubel, Robert Workman, and AJ will remain with Adam West and Chuck Archer sharing hosting duties until a new permanent host is in place. The morning show will be re-branded “The B101.5 Morning Show” during the transition and will continue to air weekdays 5am to 10am. “All of the morning show elements you have come to rely on will be in place during the interim,” says Chuck Archer, B101.5 Operations Manager. “We are reaching out to our listener base, including the 5OC, to find out what qualities they feel would make for an excellent new host for the B101.5 Morning Show. It’s their show really and we think our listeners deserve to have a voice in the process.”

What do you think of the new anchor person on Fox 5's 10PM Sunday news program? Not a fan.

/\ August 9 /\

\/ August 8 \/

Breaking News:: FREE Camo Dave Hughes Meetup. Sept 4th 1-3 p.m @ Green Eggs & Jam. 108 North Sterling Street, Morganton, NC. Come meet Dave and subscribe to the Camo Dave YouTube Channel. #SupportDCRTV

Most radio stocks are making a good comeback after the covid pandemic. Audacy (formerly Entercom) stock is still selling at $3.40 per share. Their goal was to get their stock price up over $4 per share. They have a very large debt to service. Remember, these are the former CBS owned radio stations, all good radio facilities.

I thought the post about people of color and diversity at Fox5 was interesting. In one sentence the person said Many people of color were leaving Fox5. In another sentence they Mentioned Angie Goff, Marina Marraco and Rob Desir. I guess Marraco, Goff, Desir and Shirin Rajee aren’t diverse? Is Jeannette Reyes not Diverse enough? Interesting how people scale diversity. I agree on the morning show, the stale unhappy people need to go. They always argue over each other and seem unhappy

/\ August 8 /\

\/ August 7 \/

Thank you Dave for 23 years of service to the DC Market. People can post their opinions even though you don't agree with them. Your site has diversity. That is good. Please send a few bucks to Dave. You are his only source of revenue! He is a good man.

With all due respect, Mr Football Fan, 15 years was a long time ago. Lots of things are different now than they were then. Look at your kids, for one.

Hey Dave, I went to the WFT practice game last night at FedEx Field. Interestingly, All Native American garb was contraband. No headdresses, clothing of Native American style, or Native American stereotyped face painting were allowed in the stadium. Wow, 15 years ago, those were the guys who got there five second of fame on national television, now, they are persona non grata. The times, they are ( really) a changing. Or, respecting a Duwamish Tribal proverb, " There is no death, only a change of worlds.”

The DC Nextgen TV rollout is becoming increasingly confusing. We know what stations are transitioning, but the dates keep slipping as well as the method even though it’s an expedited application. TV Technology claims it won’t launch until October now when WHUT gets a new Gates transmitter. WUSA and WTTG have filed for Sept. 16. While WHUT still has Aug. 13 as the date. I’m going to guess October is the most likely as WJLA hasn’t even filed yet. — Baltomedia.net

So after Mike told everyone no more free Fridays and he needed more energy for the bonus, they have put out some of the LAZIEST bonus shows. The first was a reality type show centered on divorce. It was scripted like House Hunters. The new energy could not last a month? This weeks bonus started with Mike playing with sound boards for about 15 minutes. Then, we heard how he bathes shits and showers for about 20 minutes. He shitting took up over five minutes. When Bob tried to jump in Mike scolded him for interrupting his routine's description. Eventually we heard how Bob and Oscar also bath, shave, and shit each morning. Hey MIKE Great show prep! I am surprised more of the Gold digger's overpriced skin products were not worked in to your bath. The best part of the show was whether Robert the Angry Milkman (YES. MIKE SAID MILKMAN) was still alive. They never figured it out. So stupid! They want more people to buy bonus and more energy was the BS excuse he gave with the two lap dogs nodding their heads. Meanwhile 20% of weekly revenue flew out the window. Douche Bag Tom OB out - Hey Frank, Austin trip is coming up....

Re: "...what's happened to WINC-AM 1400 in Winchester?" The station was recently sold for $25K to Colonial Radio Group of Williamsport LLC after it was offered to Metro Radio as part of the WINC-FM sale and Metro declined. The new owners plan to keep the news/talk format but plan to make changes. nvdaily.com ---NokesvilleJR

/\ August 7 /\

\/ August 6 \/

I sent Dave a card and some dough. Join me. #SupportDCRTV Remember #Extortion17 Because the media won't today.

Dave's response: Thank you!!!!!!

Just reading about Evan Lambert leaving Fox5 & have to wonder how many more employees will be added to that list. Yes, people may genuinely want to pursue other opportunities and/or advance themselves. Heck, Angie’s been on 3 of the 4 local stations. But I’m sensing it’s more than that. I’m also sensing tension on the morning show. I believe management also needs to look at the number of people of color who have left and/or forced out. Now, They did bring Rob Desir on board, but it’s primarily the Angie / Marina show @ 4pm with him seeming like a 3rd wheel constantly trying to be included abd acknowledged at the party. If indeed the ratings aren’t that great, a new state of the art station isn’t going to help if the programming & chemistry with the on-air personalities aren’t up to par.

"Mike O'Meara recently said he & Don Geronimo are no longer on speaking terms - said Geronimo-Sorce insulted him?" Hmm, news to me but balanced out by all the increased free time since I stopped listening. Be free, Brothers and Sisters! In other news I hear a lot of people have stopped visiting this site because of all the posts about how people have stopped visiting this site but somehow the people posting about people stopping visiting this site (where do they get their infewoo, Scott?) never stop visiting this site? Gus blames that damned elusive Pimpernel

On July 30, baltomedia.net posted, "...WLXE AM 1600...used to have multiple towers for a directional signal, but spiraling growth around DC forced the removal of all but 1 tower now making adjacent protections much more difficult." No, it was actually spiraling greed that caused the collapsing of the center and southeast towers, leaving only the northwest tower. At some point around the year 2000, when Bill Parris sold WINX (AM) to Mega, someone got the idea that all that acreage being used for a directional AM station could serve double duty as a storage lot for construction vehicles and materials. Over time, the vehicles got tangled in the guy wires of the center and southeast towers, causing them to collapse. The owner elected to downgrade to using the single northwest tower, which was protected by being surrounded by cars and car parts from repair shops adjacent to it. There was no "forced removal". As for "...there was an AM 1590 also in Ocean City too, once the great Top 40 WETT AM 16, but that is now gone forever." WETT used to be the only station in the area. Monopoly status helps with ratings and advertising revenue. It's gone now because FM stations rolled into town and took away WETT's listeners. WETT's owners let the antennas fall over due to lack of maintenance. And, WETT was never "great".

Hey Dave, what's happened to WINC-AM 1400 in Winchester? That have been operating as WINC-AM since 1940. Now, they give the all letters of WZFC-AM . Apparently over the weekend they changed call letters. Also, the Noon to 3:00 pm hour that was occupied by Clay Travis and Buck Sexton since July in WINC-AM, has changed to Dan Bongino on WZFC-AM (Who also has been on WMAL-FM 105.9 since early July) Has there been a change of ownership? ....DN

This Aug. 4 article by Mark Miller of TVNewscheck seems to clarify a great deal of technical speculation, station participation and timing about DC's coming NextGen TV service. I've copied the text below the URL... tvnewscheck.com

The Keurig coffee maker at Radio America in Arlington is beginning to develop something of a 'tude.

/\ August 6 /\

\/ August 5 \/

You know that Gus is qualified to comment on every posting on DCRTV. He has told you because "He listens to the radio and watches TV". How many readers has DCRTV lost because of Gus? There was a time when Broadcasting people read DCRTV and posted good information. Unfortunately, those says are gone. Dave Hughes is a good man but he let Gus destroy it.

As a consumer of Washington area TV and Radio, I found this to be an interesting site. I even liked the move to putting the mail bag on the main feed. Now the mentally unstable basement dwellers pollute it all. We have a disturbed FOX 5 hater expressing their mental illness every day. A TMOS fan boy spewing adolescent crap. Poor GUS may be the saddest human being I have witnessed regularly. I guess it is time to take this off my bookmarks.

Dave's response: Pathetic, huh! I never visit any more either.....

Mailbag Minute:: D&M Update Edition. Mike O'Meara recently said he & Don Geronimo are no longer on speaking terms - said Geronimo-Sorce insulted him? Place your DCRTV bets. Does Geronimo read the mailbag - like a hawk?. Get great joy in TMOS failure? Looks like retired Mike Sorce still lives in a NorCal gated community where only the Homeowners Assn Gardner can walk on his lawn. His Twitter & Website accounts are up but no activity for years. No known hobbies other than tanning himself at his Hawaii timeshare pool a few times a year. Speaking of folk singer ARLO Guthrie playing in the background 'Last To Leave', is there trouble with Geronimo's latest marriage?. Janet O'Leary Sorce posted on her Twiiter acct [ @MrsGeronimo 8/3/21] this cryptic quote "True Love Stories Never Have A Happy Ending" Is it time for Geronimo-Sorce to fly-in to Sacramento DCRTV Dave Hughes, Marriage Counselor? Don, if you can read this message, blink twice.

One thing the person forgot to mention about the exodus at Fox 5 and Nielsen Ratings. 3 Anchors left Fox5 for the last place station in the market. How long will that experiment last? I believe they are still in Last place in the Grand Nielsen Demo Ratings. Anyone know how much time Annie, Allison and the main Anchor Tony have together?

Interesting. Didn’t hear that WBOC/Draper hired a new Chief Engineer as they still have the position open on their website. I guess the T’s yet to be crossed and i’s dotted? Hmm. drapermediajobs.com/jobs

Interesting Someone brought up Evan Lambert and Nielsen Ratings. Do you think he moves the Needle? Have you watched him on air? He chokes on his own words. And he's going to a cable operation that nobody knows exists? What will he do in 12 months when the turn the lights off? That was a bad move for him IMO.

Leave Gus, Take the Cannoli…LOL

The exodus at channel 5 continues. Reporter Evan Lambert announced his upcoming departure on social media yesterday. Heading to News Nation. Will be interesting to see how the departures have impacted the Nielsen ratings.

Won’t you please take Gus somewhere and leave him? He takes way too much satisfaction from drizzling infectious ooze onto strangers. This can’t be good for society. He posts so often he can’t possibly have a life. Max Critic

Expedited Nextgen launches approved by the FCC in Indy, Atlanta, several other cities, but DC is still oddly absent and this is WHUT, a minority TV station application and an expedited application also unlike in Baltimore, where some waivers had to be granted due to that lack of TV stations to mimic the ATSC 1.0 current signal of WNUV TV (that required both WMPB and WMPT to mimic WNUV’s current signal). The question is why is DC being held up 9 days before launch? I’ve been talking to some tech people and I’m left wondering also how WJZ 13 is going to anytime soon launch in Nextgen TV. With WMPT & WBAL both sending out 1080p signals now and WBFF, WNUV, & WMAR in 720p, I simply think the bandwidth of channel 25 in Baltimore is currently maxed out.

Dave, word around is that there is a new Chief Engineer at WBOC/Draper Media in Salisbury, MD. A lot of chatter about this change from folks I talk to... Hope the new guy is up to the task with all the stuff Draper has going on!

/\ August 5 /\

\/ August 4 \/

I started listening to DnM back in ’96. I listened until the end. My local station didn’t carry TMOS, but I jumped on the podcast a week after it started. I subscribed to the bonus show and also patronized a few advertisers. I even purchased fruit cakes. All that stopped about a month ago. Why? Because of Mike’s support of the bullying in the Phan Club. But, the sad part here is not the lost income and listenership for TMOS. The sad part is that after a month of not listening, I don’t miss the modern TMOS AT ALL. Hell, I didn’t miss it after a week of not listening. WTF happened to TMOS? I used to blow off friends to listen. - MAS/JD/NoLongerAListner

For the poster who mentioned 101.1 out of Richmond, here’s some info about it. It was Y101 WDYL for 10 years from 1999-2009 and this was a alt rock outlet that had local based jocks that some were a part of 106.5 The Buzz(WBZU which is now WBTJ). When WRXL flipped to Alternative Rock in October of 2002, they joined with getting a simulcast of Elliot In The Morning from DC 101 and we had a nice alt rock rivalry that honestly was a no brainer as to who would win because the 101.1 frequency out of Chester was spaced to protect a AC station in Hampton Roads as well as DC101 whereas WRXL’s signal can be reached out into the Peninsula area of Hampton Roads as well as up to Fredericksburg. WRXL is now Alt 102.1 as Entercom(Now Audacy) put them on that branding when they merged the alt stations into hubs. WDYL moved to 100.9 in 2009 and would later dump the alt format in 2010. Now it’s WJSR playing 80s classic hits(With 90s sprinkled in and some late 70s, a lot like WIAD in DC) and is owned by Summit.

RE: ”Who is Mike’s perceived audience? Teen girls with bad complexions?”…made me giggle. I hope Don still reads this everyday like when he was obsessed with DCRTV. I hope he spit out the cigar laughing. OOBBEE

You ever wonder why Camo Dave has over 12,100 YouTube subscribers and TMOS only 6,400? Well, to start with, DCRTV Dave has creative talent, a strong work ethic, dedication, respect among his supporters, integrity, and he's humble. As George Carlin said, 'think off-center' So, don't give your money to the church this week, send it to Dave. He'll make far better use of it.

"[snip longwindedest post ever]" No, I don't know any of that, is not my yob mang, but I also don't claim to know 36 broadcast engineers. Blathering on without naming names? So what Dalton Trumbo? Guns & Roses? Cool reference, Grand Dad. And wow, you saw Granola bars in the wild! The mind wobbles. Gus SHFH

So wearing blackface and in medical school not college is "idealistic" now? Try saying that to anyone face to face and enjoy. Look at every LinkedIn page to find an anonymous poster? Yeah, Chief, Slick, Slim, Boss, Buckaroo, I'll get right on that. Abe Simpson? One of my two favorite characters. He tied an onion to his belt because that was the style at the time. Gus SIYFH

Who is Mike's perceived audience? Teen girls with bad complexions? Why else would the pimple-popping mama come on the whore her zit creams? Yeah, I gotta little bacne, but I'm not going to mail-order a cure from Fort Myers own Mrs O the 3rd. And poor little junior, having to slum in general population...Florida needs ditch diggers, too, Mikey, er Danny. Whoa that smell...the smell of death surrounds them. -podboy

TMOS was a knee slapper today. The beginning starred a free ten minute live commercial for Carla O'Meara's skin business. So much was learned. These are semi-quotes from the gold digger; but they need to be said in Larry King's voice: "Hydration is good, right?"....."After working out, wash your face, right?"....."Ya clean sports helmets with wipes, Shawn taught me that with Chance's baseball gear". Now, that is someone you should consult with on your skin and don't forget to buy her over priced on-line skin products. BTW, Cary Spewak loves them! Robb said so! The biggest laugh of all was Mike explaining that junior was not accepted in the gifted program at school he bragged about all summer. The best part! Bo Bo Spewak was in G&T in FCPS as a kid. I guess that VCU grad is smarter than Junior? But, Mike, the ever the concerned parent said, "It's not called G&T down here. I don't know what it is called". OOBBEE

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\/ August 3 \/

As long as everyone is in a card-writing mood, send off a belated birthday wish to Doug 'Greaseman' Tracht (Aug 1). Still missed on the radio, but still hilarious on MP3 files all over the Internet.

Gus is not amused by an "imaginary Rolodex.". Gus, there is this thing out there call LinkedIn, ever heard of it, or even tried to use it? After reading Gus rants, am I the only one that imagines he looks a lot like Abe Simpson? Oh, in local media, Julie Perry is a high school history teacher running for state delegate in Virginia last week compared being a Conservative in this area to being Jewish in Germany in the 1930's. She was on Larry OConner's show this morning. Her performance was so bad Larry had to interject three times to save her, finally sarcastically asking her if she had ever appeared in Blackface in college? She said "no" and Larry said, " then you are better than the Democrat candidates." Larry, when I was a sophomore, I wrote a letter to the editor which I thought was pretty clever. When I was in my thirties, and saw how things in the world progressed, I realized how dumb my letter really was. Larry, College kids are idealistic not realistic. What was done in college cannot correlate to comparing a "stink eye" to the Holocaust when you are a history teacher in your late 30's.

Gus, you want something to bitch about? It's only August 3rd but supermarkets and drug stores are already stocking Halloween candy. Go wild.

In a minor way, I feel regret at the loss of another local newspaper. But the Bowie News-Blade lost its audience a long time ago, as have so many other newspapers like the Howard County Times, the Prince Georges Post, the Maryland Gazette. The non-journalist investment raiders who come in and buy these crippled papers are simply selling off what's left; kind of like the weekend "estate sales" after a homeowner has passed away.

Gus, the broadcasting judge, are you aware there is a standard email address format for the FCC to use to contact heads of engineering for radio groups? There is. My oldest son has the same birthday as the grandson of a VP of Engineering of a major radio group. Did you know the two main engineers in corporate for I Heart Media are not in the the San Antonio headquarters and not in DC? Did you know a retired CFO at a major religious broadcaster is the cousin of shock jock you have heard of? You want a name? What, are you going to do, call them? Do you know what the EMF Chief Engineer's title on his business card is ? (Hint, it is nowhere near "Chief" and "Engineer"). Gus, for a broadcasting know it all, you couldn't explain what a power ratio is, even with Google. How about telling us what a HUT number is, or explain HAAT. What is the difference between a satellite and a translator? Huh, any clue? How do syndicators decide when there may be significant overlap between stations wanting to carrying the same programming even if the two stations are in two different markets? Speaking of markets, what is so significant about Arapaho county in radio markets? In engineering what does "stringing a wire" mean? It doesn't mean what first comes to mind, and I will bet some CEs in major markets never heard the term. There is a court case in Roanoke where they may have to explain the term to a judge. Why is the St. James River a hard border for radio broadcasters? What happens in Mexico on certain Saturdays that pisses off station engineers in the US? You want names, Give me a break! I an not an engineer, but have worked with broadcasting engineers for over 17 years, and my LinkedIn page can prove it. My 18 year old would never question someone in the manner you just did, he has too much class, and was raised correctly. Now, you want something else to go ballistic and question about me? Here goes, Gus. It is just after 9:00 PM, Monday, and I swear on my life about 48 hours ago I was physically standing backstage watching Guns N' Roses, 10 feet in front of me, tune up their guitars and get ready to go, 20 minutes before they hit the stage. No word tricks or funny business. I was backstage watching them get ready to go on stage. The tour manager required everyone backstage, except the band itself, to wear a mask and use zinc lozenges. And because of covid, we weren't allowed to talk to them, but I did get a thumbs up from one and a salute from another. (There is no seating at the stadium behind the stage, just a nice view of the old Hershey School across the street, which I was told by the locals is now a conference center). Fun fact, Their Yamaha piano had packages of Nature Valley granola bars strewn on it, which the audience could not see, but I could. That's Rock and Roll for you, these days. You want me to give you GNR's names and phone numbers as well to contact them? Gus, you are not the prosecutor or judge in any respect. Stop acting like you are.

"Name names, we'll call and confirm." Hahahaha... no ... no you wont. Even if you did, what would you say to them?

/\ August 3 /\

\/ August 2 \/

Dave loves cards. Dave really loves funny cards. Dave really, really loves funny cards with cash inside them. Make Augustus & Dave happy this month by sending Camo Dave a card + cash to Dave Hughes, 104 N. Green Street #116, Morganton, NC 28655. 'I hear the cash train a' comin. Rolling around the bend...The Real AHHHH. Legend. #SuppportDCRTV

Dave's response: Yup! Dave especially loves cards with a few bucks stuffed into them.....

WOW - How TMOS is crumbling. Third Bonus in the "New Energy" Era was 75% Robb bashing by Mike and Oscar. Robb is not liked for obvious reasons but is that all they have??? Oscar is now becoming hated by the P1s for kissing Mike's ass MORE than Robb these days. He is better at being Robin Quivers than Robb is these days if you can believe it! It is also hard to blame Robb for lack of good guests. Who wants to be a guest with Mike's Pod ratings and attention span? Even P1 guests for "Talking Head" are hard to get. Both sides of a marries couple six weeks ahead? Last we it was a guy who dresses up like he is in the Coast Guard to play water police on Lake Anna - LOL. I guess he screams "Citizen's Arrest" when Barney leaves too big a wake? Finally. HEY MIKE! "Who the F Cares Who the F it is?". That was Mike's new game he invented. So lame!

"I know several dozen broadcast Chief Engineers from corporate VP's to cluster broadcast engineers, to contract BE's" So you know at least 36 broadcast engineers, some of them corporate VPs because you're all about the movers and the shakers. Name 12, that's just one of the several dozen. What calling a radio station i.e."Call the Chief Engineer" has to do with who posts here eludes me. I get that most people are nice. Name names, we'll call and confirm. If you'd just lied and said "I'm a broadcast engineer" how much better that would have been! Now you're in Embarrassistan. Gus not super-impressed by your imaginary rolodex

I used to travel both to Philly and to Florida via i-95 so I remember how strong WWDC DC/101.1 always was around Baltimore up until Cecil County! You could get DC/101 in Elk Neck State Park hiking even back then! But I also remember that 101.1 from Richmond too. They shoehorned a Class A in from Petersburg or something? At one point they were simulcasting the DC/101 Elliot in the Morning Show I believe. Or was it The Greaseman? I forget. And the admin at the AVS website told me that his website is not like this or Facebook. No serious person posts here or Facebook, certainly not engineers he scoffed at me. I don’t even know if he’s an engineer, but that’s where the alleged factual information comes from, an actual engineering site I was told. Apparently, a lot of important people got pissed off about the WHUT ATSC 3.0 leak reveal here and at WHUT, and somebody had to be blamed. WHUT simply posted it for educational purposes and I took the seminar. But it wasn’t enough. Everyone thought, including apparently WETA that the DC Nextgen rollout would be on WIAV 58. But then the carpet got pulled out from under them and those not included got mad and even. So watch your back Dave.

It’s less than 2 weeks before Washington DC’s NextGen TV launch and the FCC has still not taken action on an “expedited” application that launches on Aug 13. Hmm, STILL WORKING FROM HOME FCC??? It’s kind of like looking out the window to predict the weather?

So I have asked everyone I know about this Dave. Ask the pros and you get the right answer. Here’s the FCC record, so it’s basically Deep State Alien landing shit! But yeah an FM radio station interfered with ILS at a top secret base near Omaha apparently. LOL fcc.gov... And here is the offending station to UFOs, KGGG, odd name. So that FM channel has been deleted forever apparently in the vicinity. fccdata.org... That is all. Thank you Rabbitears’ Trip, You made me laugh. I’m sorta joking of course, but the docs are all legit. Have a great week Dave! :-) — BaltoMedia.net

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\/ August 1 \/

In response to the comment, "I doubt many actual broadcast engineers post much online or to DCRTV," made me chuckle. I know several dozen broadcast Chief Engineers from corporate VP's to cluster broadcast engineers, to contract BE's, and I can tell you the two things they all have in common are they love to explain their craft, and they also take pride in educating others on things the Chief Engineer already knows. So, yes, BE's post here more than you think. Hint, ever want to know anything about a radio or TV station? Call the Chief Engineer. They will be happy to tell you anything you need to know about the station, and, they always answer their phone. Also, in smaller markets, it is the CE who is in charge of sifting through general inquiry emails, and responding to them, if he can. In other words, Broadcast Engineers love to communicate, any way they can.

Just turned on tv and see that Fox5 has the new arrival from Florida anchoring the 6pm news. Wonder if she’s Lauren DeMarco’s permanent replacement.

"mobile phones are in the 700 MHz and 800 MHz bands in addition to the several GHz bands. They can and do cause interference to nearby frequencies" Hmm..Nowhere near the AM or FM bands so I don't care. If this interference that doesn't affect me is really a problem... hmm again. If only there were a federal commission that regulated communications. It would need a cool acronym, that's a given. I'm thinking FCTRC. Perhaps someone who "works in broadcasting" can enlighten us as to what those nearby frequencies are used for. Dave said: "Rockville's 1600 will always be "top 40" WINX to me. Ditto 1390 as WEAM and 1310 as WEEL....." I'm old too so I'm right there with you. Remember Chickenman? I will add that 102.3 was the only WHFS. Gus in a Triangle Towers stylee

I didn't expect to be breaking news in Dave-land... but just back home from a week in MD and I guess I'm the only one here who noticed that the last remnant of HFS finally expired late last week? WWMX-HD2 is now just the Audacy "new arrivals" alt rock stream, and the 104.9 translator from Towson is carrying the sports talk from WJZ AM. So it goes. - Fybush (who's been almost entirely off FB for a year now)

Certainly any attempt to shoehorn a station on 107.7 in Omaha would be foolish! Not to say they wouldn't do it! I've seen the AMization of FM that has gone on in places like much of Virginia The FCC in it's infinite wisdom put another station in Richmond on 100.3 Since then WBIG has been barely listenable in most of Fredericksburg and most of Spotsylvania. When they had a Richmond station, with it's transmitter south of town on 101.1 DC101 was really staticky and weak at my house in Southern Fauquier County When they moved it to 100.9 and moved to a new tower hear the I-95/I295 interchange North of Richmond. it sounded like DC101 had increased their power. They did not change a thing! Another flagrant example of infinite wisdom on the part of the FCC WMRA the Public Radio station in Harrisonburg, which is in the non-commercial section of the band where it belongs, has a medium power relay in Charlottesville on 103.5 Who they bribed to get it, since there were supposedly "No non commercial frequencies available" but WNRN did not yet exist and WGTS in Takoma Park-less had not yet raised it's power, so 91.9 WAS available remains an open question. If you lock on the 103.5 where I am, just drive down the block and, with the "capture principle" inherent in the FM detector on every consumer FM radio, It will be back and forth between WTOP and WMRY Crozet which is the official designation of that WMRA relay. As a technical matter, that goes back to the "Capture Principal" which is a property in the detectors that are used for FM that causes the radio to try to remove most interference by "locking on" to the stronger of the two signals and "filtering out" the weaker of the two. What happens in most of my area is that the signal strengths are so nearly equal that the radio can't determine which of the two IS stronger and so it keeps flipping between the two!! Soooo if WTOP ever unloads 107.7 they will hose a big chunk of their audience to the South and Southwest. My strongest signal on NPR is WVEP Martinsburg WV Just shows what can happen when you try to put 5-lb of shit in a 4-lb can!! I don't know if you have ever been out to Nebraska. but I was born in Omaha and until about a decade ago still had family there. If you have it is easy to see what "Flat, open terrain" actually means! Without sounding like Captain Obvious that is exactly WHY they need twice the power at twice the height to get half the total audience and 4-5 times the the total market share that you will get here in the Mid-Atlantic. If they try to shoehorn another station onto 107.7 in Omaha the power would be so low that it would not be a clear signal in places like Belleview and Papillion. It also would walk all over KSYZ and create 2 problems trying to wring another Nickle of ad revenue out of an over-saturated market. NOT WORTH IT!!

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