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DCRTV Mailbag - October 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020

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"Chad spoke the truth and that is no longer allowed. Difference of opinion is banned." may as well been WJFK's response. Such as it is these days. In reality, with the Covid recession in effect, Chad got too expensive and thus any reason to terminate was necessary. In the VERY near future, each broadcasting conglomerate will simply have one morning show, one midday show, and one afternoon show. A rock station, country station, urban and latino station. Sports talk in major markets. Welcome to the occupation.

any truth to the rumors that Larry Michaels and Chad Dikes are starting a podcast together ?

About WDVM ah Cumberland has been a dying town for YEARS and Gray would not be interested. All of this is that viewers want to watch a larger market NOT channels like WHAG, TV3 Winchester, WAZT, WJAL and WYVN FOX 60. When WYVN in Martinsburg got a local cable company to replace WTTG with WYVN people complained so loudly they brought back WTTG to replace WYVN and this was in West Virginia !! When Gray shut down TV3 Winchester people were upset for about a month and that was it and WJAL ?? Who cares !! Most of the valley viewers want the DC channels. This is why Cumberland, Hagerstown, Winchester, Chamersburg and Martinsburg is not their own markets.

As for Philly's Jeannette Reyes coming to FOX5, do the powers that be at her station know this? I ask because as of yesterday, she was on air in Philly with no announcement regarding her leaving. And if Monday is the "big reveal" on Fox5, I would think she'd have said something on Friday to her viewing audience in Philly. Or maybe the plan was to say something nearer her departure date and it was leaked. Well, we shall see what happens on Monday.

these are dukes comments Question to dcrtv viewers Is this racist? if so why?........ "There are real, legitimate concerns that people have that have nothing to do with the fact that they’re against people with bad skin tone. There’s personal accountability issues, there’s family structure issues, there’s the fact that communities with more violence and crime need to be policed more so they have higher interactions with police officers—none of that can be spoken about. It’s 'this person killed this person and now we burn down the city.' And there’s a lot of people that are smart enough to realize that there’s a more nuanced conversation, but they’re not allowed to talk about it. So what you’re talking about is, you’re like, 'this is great, we’re having a conversation.' No we’re not. We’re continuing to allow one group to speak and silencing the other one and castigating them"

"NPR does not receive any direct federal funding. It does receive a small number of competitive grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (which is funded by Congress) and federal agencies like the Department of Education and the Department of Commerce. This combined funding is approximately 2% of NPR's overall revenues. The other 98% comes from corporate donors and dues and fees from member stations." ------ As I've been saying for years, if you can't do without it for even a year you need it, and if you need it and can't do without it, you're federally funded. Corporate donors? A fancy word for advertisers. Apparently NPR is that magic business that can't do what WJFK just did and cut 2% of its operating costs? Gotcha. Me and Jesus Nowhere Near the Schoolyard in the Gaithersburg

as regarding dukes I distinctly remember chris plante in defending don imus say he had used the n word and it was no big deal I actually complained about it with no response Bishop of the junks made demeaning comments about black quarterbacks with no consequences So why Dukes is the only one whacked?

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NPR does not receive any direct federal funding. It does receive a small number of competitive grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (which is funded by Congress) and federal agencies like the Department of Education and the Department of Commerce. This combined funding is approximately 2% of NPR's overall revenues. The other 98% comes from corporate donors and dues and fees from member stations.

Ivy Savoy-Smith.........reverse discrimination????

Not a fan of Chad Dukes and I listen much more to 980 than 106.7. I think Paulson is dreadful for example and the Junkies have seen better days. Having said that, I find Dukes’ overnight firing very suspicious. Sure hope Washington Post does more than regurgitate the station’s press release and actually does some follow up reporting here. People should find out what was supposedly said and when so that they can form their own opinions. Inappropriate speech or cancel culture run amok???????????????????

Love Pete but the happiest guy in DC is Czabe. Dukes has been Dukes on BOAD for YEARS!!!! Now, JFK busts him? new contract coming up? Piss someone off? This is BS. Someone had it out for him. OOBBEE

Of Course J.P. get quoted.....Good old J.P. "I don't have your back" stabs Dukes. “Chad Dukes is no longer with 106.7 The Fan,” host J.P. Flaim said. “Our company recently learned of inappropriate comments that he made in past episodes of his personal podcast and our company has zero tolerance for any forms of hateful speech, so our focus, the Junkies, remains on sports and doing the best show we can. With that said, I don’t think we’re saying anything further on it.”

“We terminated Chad Dukes’ employment after we recently learned of racist and other inappropriate comments he made in past episodes of his personal podcast," said Entercom Senior Vice President and Market Manager Ivy Savoy-Smith. "We have zero tolerance for this type of speech from any of our employees, on our platforms or otherwise. Our air talent are ambassadors of our brand, and we do not want to be affiliated with these comments.”

Wow. What a gut check! So sorry to hear that WJFK FM 106.7 is going out of business. Gus in the Gaithersburg

According to the First Amendment Encyclopedia, and many other sources: "The federal equal time rule requires broadcasters to treat a candidate for the same political office identically to every other candidate for that office. If a radio or television station sells air time to one candidate, the rule states that it must offer to sell the same amount of time to other candidates for that office." And it didn't disappear with the Fairness Doctrine. Maybe Dave can settle this. -- Carl in Olneyy

FROM DCRTV'S NEWS PAGE: October 2020 radio ratings. Full-day, age 6+. Washington: 1) WTOP, 2) WHUR and WMAL, 4) WAMU, 5) WASH, 6) WMMJ, 7) WETA-FM, 8) WWDC, 9) WBIG, 10) WIHT, 11) WKYS, 12) WMZQ, 13) WIAD, 14) WGTS, 15) WPGC, 16) WJFK, 17) WPRS, 18) WLZL, 19) WTEM, 20) WLVW. Baltimore: 1) WWIN-FM, 2) WIYY, 3) WCBM, 4) WERQ, 5) WQSR, 6) WPOC, 7) WLIF, 8) WBAL-AM and WYPR, 10) WJZ-FM and WZBA, 12) WWMX, 13) WZFT, 14) WBJC, 15) WEAA.....

From washingtonpost.com: Longtime D.C. radio host Chad Dukes has been fired from 106.7 The Fan, the station’s parent company announced late Thursday in a emailed statement, after it learned of “racist and other inappropriate comments” he made in episodes of his personal podcast. “We have zero tolerance for this type of speech from any of our employees, on our platforms or otherwise,” Ivy Savoy-Smith, the senior vice president and market manager of Entercom Washington, D.C., said in the statement. “Our air talent are ambassadors of our brand, and we do not want to be affiliated with these comments.” It’s unclear what specific comments led to Dukes’s dismissal, when he made the comments or how his bosses learned of their existence. Entercom said it would have no further comment on the matter. A brief on-air announcement of Dukes’s dismissal was made Friday morning at the start of “The Sports Junkies,” the morning drive-time show on 106.7 The Fan. “Chad Dukes is no longer with 106.7 The Fan," J.P. Flaim said. "Our company recently learned of inappropriate comments that he made in past episodes of his personal podcast and our company has zero tolerance for any forms of hateful speech, so our focus, the Junkies, remains on sports and doing the best show we can. With that said, I don’t think we’re saying anything further on it.” ...

[RE: Jeanette Reyes] Yes, she will be the new anchor on FOX5 but she's not starting until after the November book. Apparently November 2 will be the official announcement but not her start date. She'll be competing against her former station (WJLA) which is where her husband, Robert Burton, currently works as a morning anchor.

FCC Chairman Pai is promoting Zone Casting. FM Stations would be allowed to use Boosters to break away from their regular programming and use the Booster to target a special audience. Will this work? It has not been tested. Will it cause interference to other stations? Before the FCC approves this it should be tested. Would this new technology provide more revenue for the station?

so chad dukes has been fired for racist comments Anyone know what he said?

Does anyone know how much money NPR is getting from our Federal Government? Remember, These are your TAX Dollars the government is spending.

One more thing, why didn’t Nexstar try to get a CBS or ABC affiliation for then WHAG 25? NO O&O stations in nearby DC for those networks, so I don’t see how it couldn’t be possible. Hagerstown has historically had an NBC station. How would precedent preclude this when the FCC’s plan was not for Hagerstown to be in the DC market in the first place? I know they can’t get the Altoona TV stations except on the mountain and probably not Harrisburg either very easily. They can get DC stations historically with static analog, but not as easy digital. I’ve talked to people in York County PA that get Baltimore TV stations better than anyone in Hagerstown can get DC’s TV channels. This is a poorly manufactured TV market decision. I’m surprised that Gray Television didn’t apply for one of those Cumberland TV channels.

"Carl in Olney is full of shit. Equal time has nothing to do with advertising." I think you're the one with the downtown bolus. Carl never mentioned advertising, but you did in your first and last sentences. "[NPR's] programs are neither liberal nor conservative[.]" Go on then, pull the other one. Will everybody quit picking on Mike O'Meara? He's doing his very best. Sad I know, but he is the Jimmy Dean frozen bacon cheese croissant of former golden ticket hit with the lucky stick radio personalities. He is the dancing bear. His merest glance can put your golf club store out of business if you displease him. I'll wager that none of you dare compare diplomas with him. I Remember Turret Two in the Gaithersburg

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Carl in Olney is full of shit. Equal time has nothing to do with advertising. It required broadcasters to provide equal time to opposing views when discussing controversial issues. It was part of the Fairness Doctrine that was eliminated in 1987. Lowest unit charges (or “Lowest Unit Rates”) guarantee that, in the 45 days before a primary and the 60 days before a general election, legally qualified candidates get the lowest rate for a spot that is then running on the station within any class of advertising time and particular daypart.

Nearby market news. Norfolk is now transitioning to NextGen TV with a deal between Nexstar’s WVBT and Sinclair’s WTVZ that will presumably include WAVY NBC 10 to transition to ATSC 3.0. Unclear yet if Tegna’s WVEC ABC and Scripps WTKR CBS are included yet, but likely. Baltimore and DC should be coming up soon for this. In order to do it in Baltimore WNUV CW 54 will probably have to transmit from the candelabra tower on WBAL or WJZ’s channels in 720p, while the NextGen 1080p signals will come from the taller Sinclair tower next to it on RF 25. One RF channel can carry a half dozen or more 1080p signals under ATSC 3.0, but you cannot take any of the ATSC 1.0 signals off the air yet. Norfolk also has a lot more TV channels than Baltimore. Pretty much all of Baltimore TV main TV station channels will fit on just one ATSC 3.0 channel. In DC, that won’t be possible, so likely the transition will start using the LPTVs WIAV and WDCO.

More about Hagerstown in the DC market if I might shed some more light on this. It was definitely not the FCC’s plan as you can clearly see here in the FCC Table of Allocations (see pic). There were supposed to be 4 commercial TV channels for western Maryland and 2 non-commercial, but the Cumberland stations never came about, just WHAG 25 and WJAL 68 which has since moved to Silver Spring, MD. So yeah, Hagerstown/Cumberland could have had a full network compliment of TV stations. Something else of note is that Maryland Public Television never acted to get channel 58 in Waldorf, probably a mistake in hindsight. At that location it would have served Northern VA better than WMPT 22 does now. Of course these allocations are now superceded by the HD switch and now deleted from any current Table of Allocations.

FYI Jeannette Reyes husband is ready here working as a morning anchor on channel 7 Robert Burton.

To be accurate, the Equal Time Provision means that any time sold o(or given at no cost) to one candidate must be made available in equivalent amounts and and time and day part to any other candidate for the same office. That still exists. The Fairness Doctrine, which required stations to provide approximately similar amounts of time to various political points of view, no longer exists. -- Carl in Olney

Donnie is HOF Mike O'Meara is not. Ha Ha. Big O and Dukes website is down???? TMOS next?

Regarding "Other than NPR and to some extent Pacifica, are there any radio entities that consider themselves "Progressive", or at least Moderate?" NPR Inc. is a program producer with shows that are aired on affiliated stations throughout the US. It owns no radio stations. Its programs are neither liberal nor conservative, and any ascription to the contrary is in the ear of the listener (and confirmed by many polls over the years). Not all public radio is National Public Radio. Independent public radio stations throughout the country air programs from a variety of sources that may or may not be "progressive" sounding. Pacifica Foundation, Inc. owns DC's WPFW as well as a few other stations. It also has some affiliates. Its mission has always been "progressive" and its programming reflects that. As for "the inevitable demise of all things Limbaugh": Rush may die from cancer and his show cease to exist, but his spawn will continue to pollute the airwaves for years to come unless a Biden-influenced FCC brings back the Equal Time provision. What a world we could have if the hatred and lies that have spread over the airwaves all these years would face "the inevitable demise"!

IMO this big Fox 5 morning show announcement will be a bust, based on Angie Goff moving to the evening broadcasts. I would imagine someone is just moving to the morning shift to make room for Angie in the evenings. With Fox 5 less than 6 months away to moving to the new Bethesda studios and ad revenue in the toilet i don't think they have the budget to bring in some new big name. Raul from Gaithersburg

Curious "Help Wanted" ad on the DC Craigslist this week. A Christian radio station in the DMV is seeking on-air help in two dayparts. Looks like the positions also require selling, as the listing includes commission percentages as well. Good, because the base pay blows. The ad points to a Rockville locale and the address to respond to is a GMail address, rather than a station or corporate domain. This station could be anybody in town. Are we looking at a low-power church pirate here, or is this legit? Anyone know?

So someone said Jeannette Reyes will be the new anchor at Fox5. Well, if it’s the reporter in Philly, she was still doing reporting two days ago as per her FB page. Would think she’d take some time off prior to starting here.

HEY, PAL. Mike O'Meara's obsession with broadcast quality over content shows a vital, lazy TMOS flaw. OMeara & Santana, CONTENT IS KING. That's why DCRTV Dave put the malebag on the front page. #DropNewsYouCanUseIt'sCrap #ReplaceSantanaOnAirWithAWoman

Seems no one is listening to the Black Information Network. BIN 1370/WQLL is nowhere to be found in Baltimore's October Monthly. WUST DC and WTEL Philadelphia are also MIA.

in case you have not seen/heard this yet. WAMU staffers petitioned NLRB to join (our) SAG-AFTRA Washington/Mid-Atlantic union local, link pasted below. btw, we are your former neighbors in West Spr VA ... tkb(tom)/doug www.washingtonian.com

Random broadcast thoughts: real question for digital AM is, are there more HD radios in DC Metro that will receive it than current AM listeners? Probably yes. So the potential is there. Cause ain’t many listening to AM now. MOM. Show sounds dreadful based on discussion here. Why spend anytime with it? Signed, Nero in NOVA

To answer the question about HD Radio penetration: according to Xperi, about 25% of cars on the road today in the DC market have HD. Dave Kolesar

Congratulations to Donnie Simpson on his induction into the Radio Hall of Fame. You can listen to his induction at 7:15 pm tonight. Click the link below to find out how. www.radiohalloffame.com

No one seems to tell us what the advantages of AM Stations going all digital. Are there any? No one seems to have any data or sources on how many HD Receivers there are in the DC Area.

How is Entercom doing now? Stock price at a low of $1.45 per share. New October Ratings not doing well. WIAD 2.8, WPGC 2.5, WJFK 1.6, WLZL 1.3 and WDCH 0.7. Not a encouraging picture.

"the fact that people are talking about her here does mean that she is more of a 'personality' than most." Know who else has been talked about here? This guy! Double self-pointing thumbs up in a topless Jeff Probst stylee. And Rob Spewak. And Stock Guy. Math doesn't add up. Gus in the Gaithersburg

It would be nice IF the person who keeps posting about the on air talent at Fox 5 take a break. It gets to be boring reading the same stuff that obviously is coming from someone who works at the station and has an ax to grind and apparently isn't happy with anyone.

Fox 5 bringing another out of towner to try and replace Allison Seymour starting next week. Jeannette Reyes but who even watches them anyway! Everyone is waiting to tune into Allsion and Tony Perkins net month in the mornings at channel 9. We all will be watching that from now on in the mornings.. Fox 5 just can’t seem to get it right...Oh and they have Angie Goff going to 10pm to replace Shawn Yancy. Did you catch her racist attempt at being Cardi B

Are we really supposed to believe that the on-air Fox5 staff have NO clue who’s the new morning anchor? She HAS to have been in the station & studio to get acclimated. Really surprised her identity hasn’t been leaked.... As for Shawn Yancey’s pod cast, she did ask Allison why she left to which she replied “you know I can’t tell you that”. Sounds like she signed an NDA.

I'm not sure who has it in for Meredeth Marx, but I call B.S. I worked with her long ago too, and she was always nice to work with. She wasn't "let go" from 100.7 The Bay, they had a chincy budget and stopped using the service that actually employed Meredeth. That station has a long history of treating employees poorly and paying below market wages, to be kind. I don't have any experience with Meredeth pretending that she was a big star, but the fact that people are talking about her here does mean that she is more of a 'personality' than most. How many other current Baltimore market traffic reporters can you actually name?

So Angie Goff thought it ok to do a "Coronavirus act like Cardi B did...(watch it on her IG Page). Funny thing is I know it's a nike because one of her co-anchors recently traveled to Atlanta a "Hot Spot" and did no quarantining as required in DC

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"Cult of personality"? People on both sides of the aisle are whistling past the graveyard: those who think Truvvp will crush it on election day and those who think Limbaugh's days are numbered. As for Air America, their only on air talent who didn't sound like a bad SNL skit about bad college radio was Randi Rhodes, who at one point suffered a mysterious fall while "walking her dog" according to her lawyer on Wikipedia. I recall the event differently. They also had financial problems. I seem to remember the figure $800,000 being mentioned. Not my cup of tea but I listened every chance I could until they pulled a Henry Blake and spun into the South China Sea. Pacifica is another entity that suffers perpetual self-inflicted financial problems. ---- Pivoting to a more fun subject, kudos to those who are keeping tabs on The The Mike O'Meara Show Show. Most of all you're helping out TMOS and that's a good thing (NOT! Never help out TMOS, they'll only spend the money on not-liquor) with your constructive criticism. Some people are beyond help. Though I no longer listen I almost wish I had heard the Human Shoehorn try to wedge his JO humor into the conversation. Gold, Jerry! Gold! Small correction: Oscar does have an oven, in a microwave stylee. He doesn't have a stove, not even one of those Japanese style canned gas countertop double burners that he could buy at any hardware store. Which leads me to: smart money says he doesn't own a fire extinguisher, which is really more important than a stove. Gus in the Gaithersburg

Former WTTG Fox 5 anchor Shawn Yancy started a youtube channel and her first guest today was former co worker Alison Seymour, the name of the youtube channel is "Shawn Yancy World'

WTTG FOX 5 4pm broadcast , Blake McCoy was teasing the new morning anchor that is starting on 11/2, he claims he has no idea who it is but he did mention it was a female, stay tuned !

Honestly, as Dave said, there really isn’t a cult of personality on talk radio these days but when I’m in the mood for political talk, I usually turn on Politics Of The United States on Sirius XM. It’s a pretty even handed moderate outlet and although they don’t have a cult of personality, it’s pretty informative and middle of the road. You have some liberal voices, some conservative voices and some moderate voices. It’s a solid outlet for those who like political talk and don’t want say Alex Jones and his non stop bullshit. Dan

The new October Nielsen Ratings are out today 10/28......1 WTOP 10.3 2 WHUR 7.9 3 WMAL 7.9 4 WAMU 6.9 5 WASH 6.1 6 WMMJ 5.7 7WETA 5.0 8 WWDC 4.3 9 WBIG 4.1 10 WIHT 3.4 11 WKYS 3.3 12 WMZQ 3.0 13 WIAD 2.8 14 WGTS 2.7 15 WPGC 2.5 16 WWEG 1.8 17 WJFK 1.6 18 WPRS 1.5 19 WLZL 1.3 20 WTEM 1.2 21 WLVW 0.9 22 WFLS 0.7 23 WPFW 0.7 24 WDCH 0.7 25 WAFY 0.5 26 WDCN 0.4 27 WBQH 0.4 Nielsen does not report the Ratings of stations that do not subscribe to their service.

To the person suggesting Andrea Roane is coming to Fox5, what are you drinking or smoking??!! I would think she’s quite happy enjoying her retirement. Now, if she indeed is the mystery new anchor, I would be shocked.

Rhea Feikin, Chris Core and Deborah Weiner 2020 Lifetime Achievement Recipients for The National Capital Radio & Television Museum... (BOWIE, MD, October 28, 2020) The previously scheduled National Capital Radio & Television Museum (NCRTV) "5th Annual Ed Walker Lifetime Achievement Awards Gala” will now take place virtually on November 14, 2020, at 7 pm, honoring the Broadcasting Industry’s top legends hailing from the Mid-Atlantic Region. The 2020 named recipients are Rhea Feikin, Retired Host, “Chesapeake Collectible’s, and “Artworks” (MPT), Chris Core, Retired Commentator, "Core Values" (WTOP-FM) and Deborah Weiner, Emmy Award-Winning, Co-Anchor of WBAL-TV Evening News. Tickets are complimentary, but an RSVP is necessary to receive the event link. The annual gala will be a night to remember as we pay homage to the honorees for their contributions to the radio and television industries. In addition to the recognition, our award recipients will be bestowed with the privilege of receiving a lifetime membership to the NCRTV Museum. Aside from the virtual awards program, all registered guests will have access to a silent auction that will launch a week before the event on Saturday, November 7th. All proceeds from the silent auction will aid in further developing the museum’s extensive educational programming division. The NCRTV Annual awards are named in honor of Mr. Ed Walker, whose lifetime accomplishments earned him a spot in the Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. He was a founding member of the National Capital Radio and Television Museum serving as both a board member and board president. Ed Walker was the first recipient of the NCRTV Museum’s Lifetime Achievement in Broadcasting Award. Shortly after receiving the initial NCRTV award, Ed Walker died in 2015. The board of the NCRTV Museum voted to name the award in his honor. Past honorees of the Annual Ed Walker Lifetime Achievement Awards include Maureen Bunyan, Arch Campbell, Ed Walker and Rob Bamberger. To receive your complimentary tickets and support this evening of excellence, please visit ncrtvgala.eventbrite.com. For questions regarding the gala please send an email to smalachi@ncrtv.org or info@ncrtv.org.

How are the radio stocks doing now? Unfortunately, they are not doing very well. Here is an update today. iHeart $8.68, Cumulus $5.38, Entercom $1.57, Beasley $1.25, Salem $0.95, and Urban One $5.15. With many local business being closed, the radio advertising revenue is way down.

What are the advantages of AM Stations going all digital? I noticed that no one seems to know how many HD Receivers there are in the DC Market. Where can you find this information?

Other than NPR and to some extent Pacifica, are there any radio entities that consider themselves "Progressive", or at least Moderate? Ever since the disappearance of Air America some years back, there has been a painful absence of liberal-voiced radio in the U.S.. Given the media awareness of Joe Biden and Co., and the inevitable demise of all things Limbaugh before too much longer, it would seem to me the next Big Thing in Talk Radio would be the re-emergence of the Progressive voice. Who out there -- station, syndicator or sat channel -- is doing that now?

Dave's response: I think the most important thing in talk radio is the "cult of personality," regardless of political affiliation. Something that both Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern have, er had. Talk radio today has become a parade of boring "also rans" who are largely beholden to the corporate owners of their stations. I don't see anyone coming along as the next Rush or Howard. And maybe the radio biz is just not fertile ground any longer for someone like that to become such a "titanic" talker.....

Is Andrea Roane coming to fox 5? starting next week?

WDVM is now broadcasting its programs in SD on channel 25.1 in DC.

Sorry this is becoming a nightly TMOS report but I have to ask if they are getting ready to wrap the show up after the week off for some vacation/studio moving. Their first two days back have been lazier than a Rob’s best of these days when the best of ran out years ago. Yesterday’s show with the unfunny Jimmy story followed by a review of a grade B TV movie was a hit versus today’s. They spent 1/3 the show in former inter Mac’s basement apartment in his parent’s house. They were looking for gold and found sand. Robb kept trying to work in JO jokes that failed but howled at Mike’s stupid ones (As always). It was a really nice place with class and normality. When Mac announced he was looking for an affordable condo versus moving out to an apartment, they attacked his price range like they are such real estate moguls. These three think they can make fun of real estate purchases? Mike lives in a FLA retirement community raising a young boy so he can golf.I can’t think of a healthier community to grow up in as a young man. So much for living for your children. Mike’s last FLA sale/buy was a terrible exchange. The old one sat for months. The new one has terrible appliances that break all the time but he never misses a T time while mom rubs human flesh for a living during a covid pandemic. Before that, he lost his shirt in a historical home in Manassas. Oh, and he is renting the house in Maine that he bought because his family took away the one he had rights to. Speaking of away, Mike is away from the water. A nice Maine investment. Mac, don’t be like Mike! Oscar bought a Georgetown shack so he could say he lived in Georgetown. He expected it would be an investment based on location – NOT! He had a nice NW condo but I guess it did not make Todd hard enough. Oscar’s place was just declared a “Blight” on the neighborhood by the equivalent of the Georgetown HMO. It barely has floors. He has no oven. You have to wear shoes to not get splinters. It has been rat infested. It is under 900 sq ft for a million or so. Mac, don’t be like Oscar. Rob lives in butt fuck Leesburg in one of those squeeze them in four story townhouses. That is all he will ever own. His pinnacle in real estate. When he has to go to DC for work, it’s at least 80 miles round trip with tolls and parking or even longer without tolls. Mac, don’t be like Rob. PS – The word of the day? Fungi. Mike doesn’t know how to pronounce it. No bio class at AU????

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Hey Dave, I just cut the Verizon chord, no phone, no cable TV. I am now using Sling for TV channels, and here are my notes. Though Channels 4 (NBC), 5 (Fox) are on sling, channels 7 (ABC), 9,(CBS), 50 (CW), 20 (Judge Judy), 22, 26, and 32 (PBS) , are not. You can pay CBS for their all access streaming service, but I won't. I will be going out this weekend to buy a VHF/UHF antenna to see what I can receive. Since 7 and 9 are VHF, I need the combo antenna. I am going to hook up the OTA VHF/UHF antenna on by big family room TV. Question, does anyone out there in DCRTVLand know how to get channels 7 and 9, other ways? I live just over the Loudoun County border off route 50 . Thanks!

Dave's response: Other than an antenna, try locast.org. You can stream all DC market local stations as long as you're in the DC market (and Loudoun, Fauquier, and Clarke counties are) for a suggested monthly donation of just $5 a month.....

What TMOS Giving Up Looks Like.. I agree with the previous poster, after a week off, O'Meara & Spewak spent -0- time working on developing fresh, new show content for The Mike O'Meara Show. First show back, as weak-ass as it gets. Hell fire, Carla O'Meara puts more effort is waxing a hairy clients back. Somewhere in the comedic universe, Don Knotts is crying. As for Oscar Santana, he was no creative help as he spent last week relocating Podcast Village studios to downtown DC to a more safe and secure 'Ridin' With Biden' office; the same downtown DC where this week, news reports indicate that office and merchants are now boarding up their locations in anticipation of Election Day and beyond violence. #StaySafe #Vote

Some NBC-owned TV stations could be dropped by Comcast if the cable company does pay higher signal retransmission fees. But Comcast owns NBC, right? The company is in a dispute with itself! How nutty! www.cordcuttersnews.com...

For the person saying they wish their station had an Angie Goff vs. sloppy seconds from Fox 5. Well, seems like you work @ channel 9 & your station actually HAD Angie Goff on board & couldn’t keep her..AND Angie is a sloppy thirds from WUSA & NBC4.....In any case, Fox5 did a tease re: the new anchor starting next Monday: intelligent & bilingual. Hmmm, maybe they’re bringing a Hispanic woman on board? But of course her second language could be something else. We shall see the big reveal on Monday!

Whomever has been writing about "our station" hiring sloppy seconds, I'm assuming works at WUSA9. Wonder if that person is in an anchoring position, producing position or what. But they're obviously none too pleased with the new additions. So, speaking of jealousy, seems like you may have some jealousy as well that these "sloppy seconds has beens" are getting those anchor positions. And hadn't Angie left NBC4 and looking for her next station when WUSA was looking to launch a new early morning broadcast?. If so, they had their chance to grab her. But somehow FOX5 came up with the money and perks. Finally, as for FOX5 not being #1, I don't think Allison and Maureen were the contributing factors. They' still have some weak links on there in the morning. We'll see who they bring on board for mornings to make them such a strong presence as they have advertised.

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Boy, big bang back from TMOS in return from vacation/studio shuffle. A "Jimmy" story not that great and a movie review. Wow! So much for three guys breaking balls. Oscar going all lefty political really sucks and hurts the show. The really fat one just repeats what Mike says. So it's all lefty podcasting. I mean a knee slapper! It really is becoming the democratic ""Rush" of podcasting. If I wanted that I would listen to smart democrats talking politics such as "The Best of the Left" or "Know your Enemy". Beats an old FLA man bitching about his neighborhood, medical situation/cost (Blame Trump), and anything not "left" with no real knowledge of real DC politics. I mean he studied fart sounds with Don after a stellar career as a club DJ and a country PD in the bowels of eastern MD. Oscar has no oven and lives in a shack that was bought for the neighborhood as an investment. At least it taught him about deficits. Thank God Daddy paid for most of it and the MBA. Why keep a logical condo in NW? Between them, where would they be without Don and Chad? You know, the guys who "Get Funny" like TMOS used to get? And, Rob, what can you say? VCU communications, Safeway Checker, D&M internship....Now, that's whose politics I want to follow!

Re: Angie Goff... Who cares if Fox5 gives Angie Goff her own show. The shows are better with her. And why are you worried about Maureen working weekends? If her and Allison were so great they would have been #1. Now they have watchable anchors and you are worried about her getting her own show? So much jealousy over one person’s success on this page. I know our station would love to have an Angie Goff instead of sloppy seconds from Fox 5.

Based on what I have read in other DCRTV posts, The Gamut 820 AM in Frederick as HD-only is being done as a technical experiment to see how it works, and how far it travels during different parts of the day. Other than when they have sports on it, there is no advertising. AND, there is a low-power regular FM transmitter on 94.3 FM in Frederick for that station, so everyone in the area who wants to can hear it. Interestingly when 820 carries a baseball game, the Gamut (the nickname of the station) plays music on 103.5-HD3, and 103.9 HD3, and 107.7 HD3. -- Carl in Olney

Find it interesting that there’s been no leak as to who will be the new morning anchor over at Fox5. With the person starting next week, I’m sure they’re person has been to the studio a number of times.

How has operating in HD helped WWFD 820 AM in Frederick? The station is owned by Hubbard and they subscribe to Nielsen Ratings. However, this station never shows in the ratings. Does anyone have any data on how many HD Receivers there are in the DC Area?

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I worked for 106.5, 101.9 and 105.7 for 20 years. I've heard her on traffic, but she was never a "personality" on those stations. She does give good traffic though.

Renowned Salvadoran announcer Carlos “Shotgun” Osorio dies | Voice of Diaspora... vozdeladiasporanews.com... Carlos Osorio was a larger-than-life sports personality on AM 900... Lots of coverage in the Spanish-language press. Two of children appear ed on América today as part of a special tribute to this announcer who gained fame both in DC and in his native El Salvador.

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The station jumping of anchors is just crazy. As with any job, the grass isn’t always greener. That is unless you’re Angie Goff. She hit the jackpot at Fox5. I’m waiting for her to be given her own talk show. All that while Maureen is kicked to weekend mornings & demoted to a field reporter. And the rest of the morning anchors playing second fiddle to Angie. Well, at least she’s going back to evenings. And wonder who they are bringing to be Steve’s partner? They’re making it seem like it’s some big name.

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MIKE O'MEARA SILENCED! Self-proclaimed "thought-leader" Oscar Zeballos chose a great week to re-locate / consolidate his Podcast Village studios to downtown DC. At least from a TMOS listener standpoint. With TMOS shut-down this week, wanna-be political and sports pundit O'Meara must be chomping at his hefty bit in not being able to discuss such major topics as the last political debate, Rudy Giuliani's masturbating appearance in the new Borat film, Trump's visit to his hometown Fort Myers, FL, Trump posting the 60 minutes interview, Florida spike adds almost 3,700 new COVID-19 cases and 73 resident deaths, Turf Monster brings down NY Giants QB Daniel Jones on wide-open TD run...Fans of TMOS can only hope that O'Meara has used this time-off to create some new bits and characters. But that would require dedication and work ethic. Never mind. #DanceFunnyManDance

Get Your Complimentary Ticket to NCRTV's Virtual Fundraising Gala... The National Capital Radio & Television Museum would like to thank all of you for your patience in this difficult time. Today, we are happy to announce that the 5th Annual Fundraising Gala for honoring the best in Radio and Television in the Baltimore-Washington region, will be held on Saturday, November 14th at 7:00PM, and is entirely virtual. Tickets are complimentary, we require only that you RSVP in advance to attend. Our honorees for this year are: RHEA FEIKIN, Retired host of Maryland Public Television's "Chesapeake Collectibles" & "Artworks"... CHRIS CORE, Retired Broadcaster and host of WTOP's "WTOP - Core Values"... DEBORAH WEINER, Emmy Award Winner, Co-Anchor of WBAL-TV's "Evening & Nightly News"... Join us for a wonderful evening as we celebrate and honor these living legends and salute them for the paths and contributions that they have made to the Broadcasting industry! The event will include live video presentations and Q&A with our honorees, as well as giveaways and a silent auction. Reserve Your Complimentary Ticket Today! The event link will be sent to all confirmed registrants 24 hours in advance of the event on Saturday, November 14th. Tickets are limited so be sure to reserve your space today for this unforgettable event! You may RSVP by clicking the link below: ncrtvgala.eventbrite.com... We look forward to seeing you all at our 5th Annual Fundraising Gala! Proceeds from the silent auction will benefit the National Capital Radio & Television museum operations and programs. Sincerely, Sherise Malachi, Executive Director, National Capital Radio & Television Museum, smalachi@ncrtv.org

We have not heard about how the radio stocks are doing now. The stock market is at an all time high, but the radio stocks are not doing well. Here is an update on some of them......Entercom $1.51, Beasley $1.42, Salem $1.05 and Urban One $ 5.30. Why are these radio stocks not doing well? Could it be because of the corona virus?

I know they won’t, but it would be great if Fox5 would stop allowing Erin to talk about anything other than traffic. When they give her a lead-in on a story and/or have her participate in segments OR she tries to ad lib, she constantly puts her foot in her mouth with her comments or just says something stupid. And her colleagues don’t save her. She’s just not a good on air personality except when she’s doing a cooking segment.

If you insist upon "dumping" small towns like Hagerstown into major markets, at least take the demographics of the market into account. Hagerstown is is just a BETTER FIT into the Pittsburgh Market than to DC.

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From The Gamut's facebook page...."Heads up, 820 AM listeners! On Thursday (October 22nd) from 10 AM - 4 PM, we will be broadcasting with an (old-fashioned) analog signal [...] In coordination with the National Association of Broadcasters and Xperi Corporation (the inventors of HD Radio), we will be testing the performance of a standard AM signal versus a digital AM one in electric cars. [...]"

Sez Dave: "On the radio side, Warrenton has no local radio operations." Well, there is 1420 WKCW(AM) with no FM translator. But they are little more than an unattended commercial-free oldies jukebox. That's a town AND a station that deserves better.

No HD on The Gamut WWFD 820 AM Frederick today. Did I miss something?

Television service over the air is not a typical commercial product. It is the public’s airwaves, therefor antitrust laws and public interest apply totally differently. It does NOT belong to Comcast/NBC and they do not own the airwaves they are using. So therefor it must be used in that best public interest. This notion that Washington, DC serves Hagerstown’s best public interest is bunk. I doubt few if any people in Hagerstown even work in the DC market. The FCC dumping Hagerstown in the DC market is not even in the best interest of Hagerstown or western Maryland anymore than dumping western Maryland into a Democrat Montgomery County Congressional district that is gerrymandered Democrat when most in western Maryland are Republicans by far. If you’ve ever been out there, you know this. They don’t like it one bit either whether corporate Nexstar or Comcast/NBC does or not. In the case of south Jersey, it is mostly the same politics as Philly, but still, there is no local TV news there anymore and that is sad and they do have a crime problem also as well as a COVID problem that is not being covered on WMGM News anymore. South Jersey is roughly 90 miles away. How is that the same market? DC & Baltimore are only 45 miles away and totally distinct markets, but with lots of overlap. Historically, the FCC has taken steps to insure NJ & Delaware TV service, but they have clearly dropped the ball. WMDE has no business serving the DC market and not even having TV service in Dover, DE, their licensed city. The FCC should have forced some operator to operate the TV station out of Dover, DE as licensed with a tower within indoor antenna range at least in Dover proper. My point is simple. The FCC is totally derelict in its defined duty.

Dan Bongino, of WMAL fame, who is undergoing cancer treatment for a tumor on his neck, isn't giving up or even postponing being an ass. Today, he posted "Joe Biden is an active national security threat, #Fact" on the Twitter. Remember, Bogino Tweeted "Joe Biden has some 'splaining to do-Ukraine," alerting the Democrats of a pending dirty trick, months before the Trump phone call that got Trump impeached. I would have sympathy for Dan, cancer and all, but he keeps posting crap like this.

I’ve been to Western Maryland many times. No one there relates to Washington DC news nor do they much care about it. They only watch the network TV stations that they are force fed. Hagerstown/Cumberland was originally supposed to have a full compliment of network television, the 3 networks plus PBS, but the others did not ever really get off the ground, but they were still in the Table of Allocations until the HD switch. WDVM (WHAG) 25 was succeeding as an NBC TV station. Moving it into the DC market serves no purpose in actually serving the local public interest. And with south Jersey, there’s certainly enough population to have a network TV station with local news there. Does anyone think that WCAU covers a lot of local stories in south Jersey on the news or that people living there relate much to Philadelphia news? I’ve been there, and except for those with vacation properties from Philly and sports, no, they’d rather see their own news. These same stupid arguments kept ABC & NBC off the air at the Maryland shore and beach except through Baltimore, DC, & Philly TV stations for decades when nobody here cared about gang violence in Baltimore. No one here relates to the protests and violent crime going on in Baltimore or DC either. The FCC is supposed to enforce the public interest. Forcing network programming into other markets just to raise advertising rates for corporations is not in the public interest. Since when is consolidation a good thing in radio or TV when it comes to serving the local interests?

Dave's response: Yeah, the FCC has once again dropped the ball on local radio and TV stuff. Sure, Hagerstown and Fredericksburg have become adjuncts of the DC TV market with no local news TV coverage options at all. On the radio side, Warrenton has no local radio operations, with all of its stations co-opted by DC area outlets or becoming satellite-fed bot simulcasters. And Winchester is moving rapidly in that direction, too. Up in NJ, Atlantic City and the coastal towns down to Cape May have no local TV news operation to speak of. It's a darn shame. But you really can't blame NBC/Comcast simply for looking out for their own interests.....

A Frederick County man, James Dale Reed, was arrested yesterday for placing a threatening note on the door of a house with Biden/Harris signs out front. foxbaltmore.com. In the note, he threatened the homeowners were "targeted" for their support of Biden/Harris, and wrote he would kidnap and execute Joe Biden and sodomize Kamala Harris with a rifle. As my mother would say, "he's a keeper." My question is, do we have here the same guy who is a frequent caller to WMAL's Chris Plante Show who goes by the moniker "Dale in Frederick?'

So, NBC left a market, or Comcast pulled NBC from a market. Let's say I sell my services on a streetcorner in Chevy Chase, because money. Residents of Hagerstown are deprived of my services. Is there an antitrust case here? "Antitrust" is not legal code for "stuff I don't like". Ghost of Theodore Roosevelt in the Gaithersburg

Dave's response: I am not usually a defender of NBC/Comcast/Etc but Hagerstown is part of the DC market and the company already has WRC, which it owns. It did not want to have another non-company-owned NBC affiliate, then WHAG now WDVM, in the market. So it pulled the NBC affiliation. Ditto with the Philadelphia market, where it owns WCAU and had non-company WMGM (or whatever it's called these days) in Atlantic City/Wildwood, which is part of the Philly market and still gets WCAU.....

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Mailbag Correction: WFDC TV 14 (RF 15) retransmits WDCW 50 through channel sharing, which has no channel of its own anymore (turned it into the FCC for cash), so that means WFDC is going to also now share/transmit WDVM 25 from Hagerstown. In ATSC 1.0, obviously WDVM must be SD 480i. However, when NextGen TV arrives, they could all be in HD. I’m still in favor of an anti-trust investigation of Comcast/NBC though for taking away NBC programming in several small markets like Hagerstown and South Jersey and meddling in the Boston market at the expense and hassle of viewers.

Dave – what do you know about the merging of Bryan Nehman and C4? Which one was failing? Personally, I was a fan of Bryan’s show and haven’t listened since the forced inclusion of C4. To me, C4 is more of a liberal Dem show, while Bryan was neither. Curious as to your info.

WDVM 25 is going to be retransmitted via WDCW50. The 25.1 ATSC1 placeholder appeared on my TV rescan today. LIsted as "SD" so I assume it will be lower resolution. Still, this is great news and hopefully we"ll see Hagerstown newscasts....

Re: Shawn Yancey, I know one of the weekend anchors left over at NBC4, but can’t really see her doing weekends. But who knows. They may switch a regular to weekends. Ya see how they pushed Angie Goff front & center at Fox5 stepping over veteran anchors.

Veteran Washington, DC broadcaster pens debut novel “Blindsided” by Erica Hilary... (Washington, DC -- October, 2020) The psychological domestic suspense novel explores the emotional train wreck intense love and haunting betrayal can lead to, and how they can trigger the worst in a person. “Blindsided” is a roller-coaster thriller set in Erica’s adopted stomping grounds of Washington, DC. Illustrious lifestyle correspondent, Reilly, enjoys a rewarding life professionally, but is deeply disillusioned in her personal life. Scarred from a painful divorce, grieving her parents’ death, and dreading her only child leaving, relationship-reluctant Reilly off men. But when a charismatic Brit slams into her in the parking lot of her broadcast studio, the instant attraction between them is exhilarating. As luck would have it, Richard Lynch is the CEO of the firm that just acquired Reilly’s station, only fueling her desire to avoid a Rick-entanglement. Undeterred, the charming Englishman persists and a smitten Reilly relents. But all is not as it seems in Reilly’s blessed new life and her enigmatic Prince Charming is far from who she thinks he is. With the stakes higher than she could have ever imagined, her leap of faith for love may have the most dire consequences of all… Do you know who you’re dealing with? About the author: Erica Hilary has been a consistent voice on the airwaves in the DC area for 20 years, having hosted shows on WASH 97.1, Z104 and MIX 107.3. In addition to being a seasoned broadcaster, Erica is an actress and public speaker, as well as a cancer survivor and advocate. Erica Hilary has been a consistent voice on the airwaves in the DC area for 20 years, having hosted shows on WASH 97.1, Z104 and MIX 107.3. In addition to being a seasoned broadcaster, Erica is an actress and public speaker, as well as a cancer survivor and advocate. ericahilarymedia@gmail.com... Available now: amzn.to/3kfThjD

Re the final Presidential Debate: What good is a mute button going to be? Other than barbed wire or plexiglass boxes surrounding each candidate, what's stopping Trump from just marching over to Biden and commandeering his microphone? It's going to be Cringe Television at its worst, but it's also going to turn into one of those lessons that will be played back hundreds of times in journalism classes of the future.

Re: Allison Seymour, yes that is true. She starts at our station November 9th. This will be the 3rd Anchor we’ve hired from Fox 5. We struggle to get shows on the air, we can’t get out of 4th place, but we keep hiring Fox 5 has beens. To say our newsroom is thrilled would be like saying Tony Perkins is the next rising star in DC.

RE: Allison Seymour...Yes, she starts at WUSA on November 9. I’m not sure how their lineup will change but it appears early AM anchor Gio Insignares recently left. I personally wish they’d jettison their comedian too. Nothing against him personally but it’s a horrible fit. Over at FOX5, apparently they’ve hired a coanchor for Steve but I haven’t heard who it is yet. Blake and Angie will have expanded roles on their evening newscasts. They have a boatload of evening shows: full hours at 4, 5, 6, 10 and 11 plus 1/2 hour shows at 7 and 8 on channel 20. I imagine Angie will have a big presence. Meanwhile, there are rumors about Shawn Yancey ending up at a new station. Stay tuned.

"So Rush Limbaugh comes roaring back Monday afternoon having defeated so far the Grim Reaper opening the show with a diatribe about Jeffrey Tobin as Michael Jackson’s “Beat It!” blared in the background. If by "Monday" you mean "Tuesday" and by "blared" you mean "barely audible" well done! Otherwise, poo. Gus in the Gaithersburg

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Rumor has it that Allison Seymour is going to WUSA. Don’t watch that station, so no clue who she’s replacing or just being added on a broadcast. Anyone else hear this rumor?

AM station totals are still declining as FM educational broadcasters continue to soar ~~ wirelessestimator.com ~~ In Featured News by Wireless Estimator October 5, 2020 ~~ At the end of the third quarter, according to statistics just released by the FCC, AM and FM commercial stations continued to close their doors with 41 AM stations going out of business and 24 FM stations going silent in the past 12 months. FM educational stations, however, boosted declining radio stations with a gain of 74. In its heyday 30 years ago, there were 4,987 AM stations compared to 4,560 today. FM commercial stations at that time totaled 4,357. Today’s count is 6,704. The largest increase is in FM educational stations that have swelled to 4,196 today from 1990’s total of 1,435. There are a total of 33,489 stations today, compared to 19,809 in September, 1990, according to FCC statistics. The total of broadcast stations was down only 3 from the same period last year, largely assisted by the addition of 162 FM translators and boosters. {snip} ~~ Blair in Alexandria

So Rush Limbaugh comes roaring back Monday afternoon having defeated so far the Grim Reaper opening the show with a diatribe about Jeffrey Tobin as Michael Jackson’s “Beat It!” blared in the background. Gotta wonder how this goes over with a grandma listening in Peoria, Illinois. Speaking of master debaters, seems the Commision’s comrades will have a mute button in use for Thursday’s Trump vs. Biden melee. I always use the mute button during debates and read their lips instead. I hope Trump mouths the words “What an asshole Biden is.” Whenever he is muted. Signed: Nick signing in Arlington

INVESTMENT FIRM BUYS McCLATCHY OUT OF BANKRUPTCY. NOW WANTS TO TIE JOURNALISTS PAY TO CLICKS. Employees of The Sacramento Bee and their union say they are fighting an effort by owner McClatchy to base employee pay on the popularity of their stories as measured by clicks. This proposal from the company should be troubling to anyone who depends on journalistic news-gathering. It would make clicks a first priority. Breaking news, pursuing investigations and holding elected officials accountable would come second. Could the Washington Post be next? The Real AHHH

A footnote to Tom Conroy’s post about FM licensed powers: Yes, WRVQ in Richmond is one of those grandfathered stations from long ago, 200 kW ERP from down at the Varina AM site. I still remember when it was WRVA-FM with automated classical (or easy listening?) A friend of mine would insert news and weather headlines from a side studio at the beautiful Richmond studios in Church Hill. I’ve never been impressed with big ERP licenses, though. Usually attained by stacking a dozen antenna bays up there for a high gain figure, creating a horizontal razor blade to get the signal back to the city of license. At WRQX here in DC our shared (with WASH and WHUR) two bay Dielectric antenna has a gain of LESS than one, so it’s fed a lot more transmitter power than the licensed ERP. Nice fat donut of a signal creating solid coverage with minimal multipath. -P of the AW

I did not see the promo Steve Chenevey did. But I see a theme here in the DC Market. All the disgruntled anchors are going to the last place station in DC. Fox is hiring great looking talent from NBC. Blake is straight up tasty. I can’t wait to see who they put next to Steve. Give that man some life! He needs it.

According to Mr Internet, the lousy changes in art and storylines in the Mark Trail comics (published 7 days weekly in the Washington Post) are permanent. Fuck this, I'm outa here. -- The Poster Formerly Known as the Mark Trail Guy

"Limbaugh is a huge money cow for any station airing his show" Wasn't it proved recently to a near papal certitude here on this very site that stations that carry Rush invariably see declining income year after year? (and no station owner or manager has put two and two together?) Mother's basement, never gets old, like a Rob Spewak fruitcake or a played out TMOS bit. Rollin' in my sweet Jesus's arms in the Gaithersburg

During the visit to Roanoke, I had a chance to visit Wheeler Broadcasting’s engineer Josh, up on Poor Mountain, at just over 4,000 feet. They have a very well engineered transmitter facility, a huge place! In response to Keith Thompson, I too worked for Wheeler, doing weekends on Q99. They were 200kw at the time, using panel antennas. It was about 2013 or so when they decided to use a master ERI antenna and build the new building from the ground up. Wheeler cut no corners on this project, and had equally impressive studios on Electric Rd, in what was a Circuit City store. Their other Fm properties are 100kw as I recall, Q99 (WSLQ) is now 190kw after the upgrade. Not many grandfathered powerhouses like this, though I do recall hearing of one in Richmond, but have not confirmed that. I still keep a connection to the area currently tracking overnights on WZBB, a C3 down the road about 25 miles. Small world Keith, we were both at WZBB, (www.b999fm.com) and WXCY too, where I help with engineering and fill in air. Crazy how this business is! Tom Conroy

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At halftime of the afternoon football game, Steve Chenevey teased big changes to the morning show on November 2nd. He said something about a “strong addition”. Hmmm. Wonder who the heck that could be? What “strong” reporter, anchor or personality would come to Fox5? Noticed in the commercial there was Steve, Holly, Wisdom & Marissa. No Erin. Also noticed Erin wasn’t on air today. Maybe she took today off. Oh well.

BREAKING DCRTV MAILBAG NEWS: WMAL ALMOST LOST RUSH LAST YEAR, WJFK GETS RESPECT WHILE REDSKINS RADIO GETS NONE. Seems WMAL’s top talker Rush Limbaugh confessed to his listeners Monday that his doctors had originally given him a matter of months after their discovery of terminal stage four lung cancer. Limbaugh was told unless he underwent heavy duty and dangerous chemotherapy he would die in a matter of months. Nearly a year later El Rusbo is as strong as ever. This may explain why Trump sped up the award that was given at SOTU 2020 to Limbaugh much to Demonrats consternation (Limbaugh must have told Trump if the dire prognosis). Limbaugh is a huge money cow for any station airing his show and remains the nation’s number one show. Limbaugh’s “Radio Rally” for Trump recently had over 8 million listeners much more than all three cable news shows for the same time period combined. Otherwise WMAL may be number one in the DVM market but they get no respect from the New York Giants who denied the official Skins show to cover the game live from New Jersey’s Meadowlands Stadium. This means that cohost and Skins executive Julie Donaldson could not see the game live. One wonders if Synder even attends home games let alone road games anymore. Hopefully the Skins will return the favor when the Giants come to FEDEX Field in a few weeks. Meanwhile WJFK’s Chris “The Rooster” had no such problem and was welcomed to share the press box with New York’s sports media he told Eric Bickel on the Sports Junkies show Monday morning. Signed: Lifetime Rush & Skins fan Nick in Arlington

during halftime on the monday mid evening football game , Fox 5 morning crew was doing a promo and toward the end steve chenevey makes a statement that on november 2nd a huge addition is coming to the morning show ? any idea who it could be?

Oh, my: “New Yorker Suspends Jeffrey Toobin for Masturbating on Zoom Call”. At least Gus in the Gaithersburg limits his to while he’s on the computer in his mother’s basement. OJ: call your office. - Nick in Arlington

Redskins Radio being bad, well that’s not a real shock as it’s been bad for several years. Just that now, it’s hit a all time low. It’s bad enough that Dan Snyder is as bad a team owner as Bob Nutting(Who owns the Pittsburgh Pirates for those who didn’t know) but the least they could do on Redskins Radio is be a step above the announcers on TV. Bram Weinstein is as bad as Larry Michael was. DeAngelo Hall, as much as I enjoy his take on how the team is doing, I get that we aren’t going to get Frank Herzog back or the peak of Sonny and Sam but holy hell, it’s bad. Oh and for those whining about Samantha Guthrie, just stop already. If it were Joe Biden and Sean Hannity did the same thing, you would’ve likely been cheering it. It’s the problem I have with Faux News and the other cable news outlets, their viewers cheerlead for whatever side they’re on politically and if the questions aren’t tough enough for the people they hate, they whine about it or if it’s their candidate of choice and it’s a hard question, same outcome. Yes, she should’ve had more questions from the audience in the town hall meeting but at least she asked tough questions…serves anyone running for the Presidency well to face the tough questions! Dan

mike o'mearaville, fl.The show's dark this week. actually brown as santana-zeballos consolidates studio operations.prudent move, right? best of and social media shows that congrats are in order for carla omeara who earlier this year incorporated her facial business as her sole and separate property.. now shes left her own space and rents a room from another beauty parlor. Ive rented a few rooms in my life too - mostly by the hour as i made way around southeast asia.Hope at least she puts up a 5 by 10 pic of mike on the wall. Rob 'body positive' spewak heads back into the kitchen to make another seasons worth of fruicakes. this year also marketed as protester projectile ammo - complete with slingshot. Dave is founder & president of dcrtv - not someone's crazy uncle. donate today!

Where’s Wendy? Rieger’s been off the air for a few weeks, for open heart surgery (!!). Everything went well and she’s on the road to recovery - great news! And she realizes that she missed some significant warning signs about a condition that could’ve killed her. She talks about it at her beautiful Rappahannock County home. Don’t miss Wendy’s heart story on NBC4 Wednesday evening the 21st!

Filling in for Jim Bohannon on Westwood One this month! It's amazing what can happen when you reinvent yourself as a talk show host instead of being stuck as a music jock: www.allaccess.com - Rob Carson

Speaking of the Don and Mike Show, here’ s another memory: www.dropbox.com... My daughter and I did all of those Les Paul & Mary Ford style Jingles back then. GuitarsInSync

A shout out to Tom Conroy and something to add about the Q-99, WSLQ 99.1 FM signal out of Roanoke, VA. I worked there in the early 90s (actually at the old sister station, WSLC-AM) and I remember one day when a friend of the jock on the air on Q-99 called the Q-99 studio from Washington DC when the old 99.1 WHFS was off the air for a few minutes and told the jock the last two songs they played as well as the commercials in their stopset before WHFS came back on. That's how strong their signal is. Keith Thompson, formerly of WCTR and WXCY.

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"The REDSKIN's radio is so bad now." Will someone please get Scott Jackson a microphone for the post game. What the hell is he using, a conference phone? I hear ham operators with better audio.

FOX5 is now advertising that Angie Goff and Jim Lokay will be anchoring the 6pm and 10pm newscasts. How many more changes are they going to do at that station???

Well, it seems like there are more musical chairs in the future at WTTG. I saw a promo for their 10pm newscast will now be anchored by Jim Lokay and Angie Goff. Think Lokay was already doing 10pm with, I "think" Marina Marraco. So maybe Marina is now going to 4pm? Or will Angie do 4pm as well as 10 pm? Who knows what's going on at that station. Still no word on who the permanent anchor will be with Steve Chenevy on the am shift. Seems like people are being switched around to somewhat "audition" for a permanent anchor seat.

The REDSKIN's radio is so bad now. Pre-game and game time is just ok. It's like a college level trio trying to get to know each other's time to talk, what to pick to say, etc. Bram makes Tessitore sound sedated. Post game is just not the same. I miss Al Galdi and the funeral home organ post game. It's like they are all (Pre, Game time, and post) all so positively fake. "Keep it positive" on the radio, we got naked chick videos, 20 years of losing, Name changes to cover up.

Hey Dave, I am sure you, like all of us, will be tuning into "Life, Liberty, and Levin" on Fox News tonight. Mark will have as his guest the "indefatigable" American Rudy Guiliani to discuss [October Surprise!] new damning information Rudy found in Ukraine about Joe and Hunter Biden. It is going to be a hard-hitting expose, written in part by the Russian, no, I mean fabricated by Russian, Nope, I mean planted by Russians, damn it, no again, given to Rudy by Russians, that'll work, that displays clearly Hunter was working to get Joe to use his position to help Hunter's company and the rich Russian oligarchs in Ukraine. I can tell you the information Mark will reveal is already under investigation by the FBI as Russian disinformation and election tampering. It almost mirrors what the Russian did in France in 2017. When told the Russians may use Giuliani as a conduit for Russian election misinformation, the President shrugged his shoulders, so this information must be good. Larry teased the show on Friday and said he knew what was coming, and it is a bombshell. Interestingly, Larry sounded exactly like he sounded when he was raising the Seth Rich murder case, and the other Biden/Ukraine conspiracy in 2019. So, Mark Levin will reveal "evidence" damming Biden because of Ukraine, The FBI believes the information came from Russian intelligence for disinformation purposes, and Larry O'Commie promotes it as if it were true (it is not). WMAL and Fox News are still mouthpieces for Russia. By the way, it appears you all missed the trick NBC News did with the Town Hall. I will let you know after the election what it was.

To the reader who wants to know where to hear Bluegrass music on the radio dial around DC, you can find it at the HD channel for WAMU, 88.5FM...it's the 24/7 service, BluegrassCountry.org. Naturally, it's also on the internet, at that address. Lee Michael Demsey...longtime host at WAMU and BluegrassCountry.org

To all those who are "bitching" about people "bitching" about Savannah Guthrie: the real horcrux of the problem is that she chewed up airtime like William Shatner chewed scenery, stealing that airtime from people who showed up to participate in a town hall. Instead she delivered the Guthrie-Trump Debate. Turning now to former drinking partner of John Riggins, Mike O'Meara. I have to be careful here because his staff might take umbrage otherwise. Remember this is the former first responder, I mean former DJ, who complained when people paid either too much or too little attention to his grandson and flipped out when his barber offered him a copy of The Satanic Bible, I mean the Constitution. Even factoring in that part of it might be radio shtick (anyone else miss Radio Shack? CQ), geez if you don't like conservatives don't move to Florida. On a Tight Leash in the Gaithersburg

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I really doubt that 4.1 percent of Latinos own FM stations. That is a lot of station owners.

Is there anyplace in DC where you can get good Bluegrass music? WAMU killed it!

The documentary, "What Killed Michael Brown?", an African American made film that challenges the racism is now being censored by Amazon. Why? Because the film challenges the media for the salacious victimization of Black people for profit. Amazon's Jeff Bezos, who owns The Washington Post, does NOT want this film shown and he controls the market, so it will not be shown to the masses. It’s not a money issue either. He’s just big enough to say FU, you cannot criticize me. I own your media platform. You get what Jeff Bezos wants you to see and you’ll like it.

Story about DC-area radio host Martin Goldsmith www.washingtonpost.com

Baltimore based Sinclair Broadcasting will air a Trump Town Hall next Wednesday on its CW & MyNet TV stations nationwide (presumably WNUV CW 54, not sure about DC yet) It will moderated by former FOX News host Eric Bolling, who's had his fair share of controversy upon leaving Fox. It will be allegedly without editorial commentary. We shall see.

We need more Diversity in Radio Ownership. 4.1% of Latinos own FM Stations and 2.1% of Minorities own FM Radio Stations. The Minority Tax Certificate did not work. The Channel 6 LPTV experiment did not work. What is next?

Dear ever-so-eloquent but sadly anonymous critic of Savannah Guthrie’s performance: Don’t you realize her stance is the only one left for any sane woman? Trump deserves every bit of the laceration he’s getting. What on earth is wrong with you? Max Critic

So, let's start a weekly, "Mike said What on TMOS this week?". It's getting worse. How are they are holding on with Oscar becoming more like Robin than Bo Bo? Mike goes into an independent golf store that he likes in HIS right-wing golfing community. I bet 80-90% of the customers in the place are not Riding Biden like Mike. He started a fight with two guy’s talking ‘Loud” about the election who are not on his side. (I think he still bought the putter he was looking at which tells you where his internal brain really is at.) When he left, I guarantee they called him “That Guy”. He told the owner he lost a customer. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! The owner needs his business? An independent, popular golf supply store in that neighborhood will go down now that Mike’s $400 a year goes away? Mike is so tough and cool! It’s like walking into an art supply store in DuPont Circle and getting upset two people are talking up Biden and telling the owner I can’t shop here anymore. What a dumb ass!

WDCO-LD and WIAV-LD are now airing Sinclair Broadcasting's TBD network.

"... she came off as a soulless hateful bitch trying to influence the election ..." Can't agree with you there, Tex. There's no way Guthrie is going to "influence" anyone tuning in to watch their favorite buffon on TV; their minds are already made up. No, she did exactly what the times called for: a demand of accountability and the last possible opportunity for Trump to level with all of America and not just entertain his base. The NBC networks are taking it in the teeth for giving up that hour of airtime up against the Biden broadcast. But that was a necessary colon-cleansing this election year needed, and which will be talked about in broadcast journalism classes and played back during future election broadcasts for years to come.

I read that Savannah Guthrie was the hands down winner of the debate with members of ANTIFA and BLM and anarchists. Other than that, she came off as a soulless hateful bitch trying to influence the election instead of running a Town Hall.

Dave's response: Regarding his Tweets - "You're the president of the United States, not someone's crazy uncle." Brilliant.....

I took a trip down to Roanoke yesterday, it was interesting to sample Charlottesville radio heading down 29. Once out of town heading south I did a scan and locked onto 103.5, WTOP! They have an amazing signal. Only engineers will listen to the noise floor to track a signal. I was within 25 miles of Lynchburg before it dropped out, quite a bit of multipath a few miles south of that. 99.1 from Roanoke was then booming in further down the dial. WTOP must have an amazing transmitter plant! Tom Conroy

Dave's response: I often drive I-81 south through Virginia and have noticed that Harrisonburg NPR outlet WMRA uses 103.5 for a Charlottesville area similucast. But I often can get WTOP's 107.7 quite a good way south on 81 toward Roanoke.....

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Those popping champagne bottles for NBC and the media, lower rated than any candidate or branch of government over the Town Halls are likely already long since taking their Trump Derangement meds prescribed by their therapist, especially if you think Savannah Guthrie won the debate. #1 it was supposed to be a town hall and not a debate and she asked more questions than the town did. As Never Trumper Ari Fleischer said, one was an interrogation while the other was a picnic. No one is asking Biden anything about China or Ukraine money and bribes or the $10 million Hunter demanded for “The Big Guy.” Now that Biden people are getting COVID too and he’s doubling up on masks in fear of The Grim Reaper, he’s starting to look like a silly old senile man in fear and Trump’s poll numbers are once again rising. The media can censor the Biden corruption for now, but it’s coming out anyway and going viral even with the restrictions. This media meddling is going to come back to bite them in the end. The TV ratings are out by the way. It’s mixed. Biden won the TV ratings on ABC vs. NBC alone, but Trump won the streaming ratings and the other 2 networks he was on have yet to be rated, so he might have won it all in the ratings. That ratings information will also be buried when it comes out. Another thing the TV news will not tell you is that the poll numbers for 2020 are a mirror image of 2016 and we know how that turned out.

Re":I notice that the postings on DCRTV are getting longer and longer......" VOTE!

If anyone from NBC News is reading the mailbag, Great Job with the Trump Town Hall last night! We got exactly what we wanted! You pulled off a fantastic "magic trick!" Was it a "dirty trick?" Nope. was it "disingenuous?" Not really. Was it "clever?" Yup! Was it "sneaky?" Yeah, I'll give you that. Was it "needed?" Hell Yes! Should they have done it? Sometimes the best answer to a question is another question: "Why would they not do it?" Can Trump do anything about it? Going after Savannah is not a good idea. Will the "trick" ever be revealed? I hope not, but it probably will after the election. News organizations need to educate, and not let our elected officials lie and misrepresent. There is the motivation for the trick. My only question for NBC News is, did you wait an hour to pop the Champaign bottles? My question for DCRTV Land and All-Knowing Gus, without revealing the "trick," did you also catch the trick?

I notice that the postings on DCRTV are getting longer and longer......Do people just have more and more to say?

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Dave: I've been out of town for nearly a month but have been able to watch some of the local DC area news programs just to stay in-touch. Gotta tell you, I've met plenty of people at Ch. 4/CSN/Ch.9 over the years out in the field and over beers. I must say, it's so tough to watch Doreen do sports at 6pm on Channel 4. I know she's done a lot and nice, but, there's zero personality, there's no Vance or George, and I'd rather read her content online somewhere with a video clip! I know budgets must be next to nothing and everyone has to function within salary reductions and lay-offs, however, those people from the stations, who aren't there anymore, really knew how to put on great sports content/programming with next to nothing and it's was something you wanted/eager to watch. NBCSNDCCSNHTS is just awful and an embarrassment! Someone told me their crews are on TV as WFT talent analysts? Yes, great way to save money, however, this is why you laid-off someone like Rob Carlin? And not sure you agree, that many of the current media people are sucking up to Julie Donaldson, since she got her dream job with the WFT. Is she better than Larry Michael, yes and yes with some personality who's NOT very educated about DC's NFL team. Finally, I was able to listen to the WFT radio broadcast for the first time last week and almost fell off this roof I've been working on 24/7. What happened to the professionalism, DC area support for our sports teams, and most of all, integrity of the local media? I know we had to endure Ken Broo for a few years and maybe George put on a few younger people who didn't belong, however, no matter what channel you turned to for area sports, you were bound to find some interesting story about some team or individual that mattered. Now, it's quite clear those days are long gone.

RE: Dave's response: The FCC has pretty much dropped the ball on digital radio in the USA. We're decades behind much of Europe. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Personally, I think analog reception is better when you're in a moving vehicle, which is where most people now listen to broadcast radio. Yeah, the signal may drop out here and there in a fringe reception area, unlike going away completely as with a digital broadcast….. I wouldn’t completely disagree with this statement, but considering that you do not even anymore see any of the Mercedes & Lexus vehicles on I-495 anymore Dave, you’re no longer an expert on who has an HD receiver anymore. But I’ll totally admit that the FCC has failed on digital radio where Europe did much better. They also beat us to 3G too due to political squabbles too but nobody seems to remember that or them having a better HDTV system either. 8VSB turned into a disaster and no one worldwide wants it anymore. As much as people hate Sinclair, they warned people that it wouldn’t work just from their tests with lowly WBFF TV 45 in Baltimore and that COFDM was better, but Zenith won out because COFDM technology rights were not American owned but Zenith, then American owned owned 8VSB, so the lobbyists won on HDTV and the FCC supported a failed system. That is the problem with the FCC. The lobbyists always win at the FCC even when the technology is totally wrong and a complete failure. There are no engineers making any decisions there anymore. If Digital radio works in Europe, why not here? Are we that stupid or is our government that stupid? :-(

I am asking about a program late night host at WAMU who also worked at The House of Musical Traditions back in the Bluegrass days. Help? jkg

From washingtonpost.com: C-SPAN has suspended host and political editor Steve Scully — who had been booked to moderate the now-scrapped second presidential debate — after he falsely claimed his Twitter account had been hacked. Scully informed C-SPAN and the Presidential Commission on Debates late Wednesday that he had lied when he claimed a mysterious tweet that appeared on his feed was the result of a hack, C-SPAN said in a statement. Trump used the development as an opportunity to attack the debate commission on Thursday, claiming on Twitter “the Debate was Rigged!" and “the Trump Campaign was not treated fairly by the ‘Commission’. Did I show good instincts in being the first to know?”

Since HD radio is a buzz on DCRTV could anyone offer the power levels and the symmetry of the HD signals in the market? As you know stations can transmit their HD carriers at a power leve;l as great as -10db from the main signal. (excluding grandfathered stations.) thus a 50kw station could, barring interference transmit HD at about 5KW. I suspect many remain at the -18 to -13db level.

[WJZ: News That’s Magical] Has anyone noticed the “now you see it…now you don’t” lead-in to CBS-Baltimore’s (WJZ) “Now at 7” evening newscast? Right after the CBS Evening News, WJZ airs a :30 promo of stories coming up on their local newscast, then fades to their news open, and then, a few seconds later, BINGO!!!! Quicker than you can count to 10, the neckties are gone, and for Ms. Koch, the co-anchor, the jacket is off. How do they undress so quickly, run for the anchor chair, and without sounding out of breath, greet their audience??? LOL They’ve been doing this since they launched this silly broadcast that, at one point, had the anchors seated in what they called “the (glass enclosed) cube,” getting ready for the 7 o’clock show. On the earlier newscasts, the anchors are formally dressed with neckties and suits for the men, and either nice dresses and/or jackets for the female anchors. So, why the relaxed look at 7 and not before? Does the news suddenly turn from serious to casual? And, if they’re obviously taping the :30 promo, can they avoid the magic show and tape it the same way they are going to appear on the set a few seconds later to avoid any hint that their product is anything but live? It really is funny…tune in...

I’m wondering. Is Nielsen waiting for the U.S. Census results to release the 2020/21 DMA Rankings?

Interesting varying opinions on both HDTV reception and Digital AM /HD radio because Im one of probably a small amount of people that own a home HD radio reciever I can get The Gamut on 820 Digital signal in the day but not at night.In the car its a mixed bag I rented a car in February that had HD Radio and most of the subchannels of the DC HD stations had dropouts to some degree here in Woodbridge and Lorton so it was annoying at times and that was with no leaves on the trees I tried using an HD radio in the car a few years ago when I was shopping for a car in the summer and dropouts were worse only WAMU 88.5 Big 100.3 HUR 96.3 and MZQ 98.7 Were strong enough to have virtually no dropouts of thier subchannels The 820 all digital signal dropped out alot moving but that is out of Frederick quite a distance from here. So I cant imagine current HDTV working in a moving vehicle.Anyway on You Tube look up Antenna Man installs antennas in PA has several videos gives alot of useful info on OTA TV reception and antennas ,signal amplifiers, reviews lots of antennas OTA DVRs and even has blogs on Radio reception.But he hates AM!

The digital modulation scheme used for ATSC 1 (current DTV) isn't suitable for mobile reception. Digital radio uses different modulation schemes that work fine in a mobile environment. So will ATSC 3 DTV.

Dave, Thought you might like this:

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Wise people may read about or access Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts but have the good sense to not join a club that would have them as a member (hat tip Grouch Marx). Personally, this Mailbagger has NEVER enrolled, subscribed or posted on any of these faux trios. Well dittos to me because for the most part neither has Rush Limbaugh until now, according to El Rushbo. But for the last three weeks until the November 3rd election, Rush will have a Twitter account open to all, so expect it be a battlefield. One can access it : www.rushlimbaugh.com

I can't see how you'd get a decent digital signal in a moving vehicle. I have trouble getting one on my TV and it's stationary. Gary in Baltimore

To the poster that tells us there are "so many digital receivers" in the DC area. Please tell us how many there are and what source you are quoting. I have six analog receivers in my home and no digital receivers.

WINC-FM sister station 105.5 FM WXBN is now relaying WINC-FM, though WINC-FM doesn’t seem to be mentioning it yet on air, except for inserting a quick “WXBN Berryville” legal ID at the top of the hour.

Dave's response: I hear that the new WINC-FM will also be heard on 104.9, which has a somewhat different coverage area than 105.5. The transfer of 92.5 to EMF for K-Love is expected to happen in late November or December-ish, I'm also told.....

About digital radio and signal strength: one of the most intriguing things to me about WWFD's all-digital experiments has been just how far that signal goes. When I drive down to DC, I can begin to get it to lock in north of Harrisburg on 15/322. That's not "1 mV/m" (which btw isn't a contour the FCC uses as a "primary" for anything - that would be "5 mV/m" for AM stations). It's not even 0.5 mV/m. It's down somewhere around 0.1 mV/m. If I'm coming down 83 from Harrisburg, I start getting a solid signal (locks in, no dropouts as I drive) somewhere around York usually, which is also outside even the 0.5. It's usable in the car (nothing fancy here, it's a 2013 Prius with factory radio) driving around the District, right on the edge of the 0.5 mV. And I've kept it locked in down around Andrews (where I usually stay with family friends), with spotty reception all the way down 301 to the bridge. That's also down around the 0.1 south of La Plata, and it's fighting an analog signal on 820 in Richmond. "Truth is," the analog 820 signal was never anything close to usable in any of those places. With all the electrical noise these days, the general consensus is you need 10 mV/m for good analog reception, especially indoors. So it's actually pretty darned remarkable that WWFD gets out as well as it does. And of course, when it's in, it's just... in. No static, wide frequency response. Again, no special radio. Nothing extra that I had to buy. Just borrowing my wife's car that came with HD when she bought it used - and, boom, now there's something new to listen to for literally hours of driving where it didn't provide any kind of usable signal at all. - Fybush on the Sofa (and wishing I could be driving anywhere right now...)

MY DCRTV BOOKIE. PROMO CODE DAVE::Place your malebag Prop Bets now!. With Florida practicing criminal & irresponsible herd immunity and O'Meara unable to relocate back to Maine because he had to rent out his vacation home, how will Mike O'Meara [ TMOS ] catch COVID-19. Playing golf and socializing at Covid Acres Golf Club? From "Little Michael" as he takes the PUBLIC school bus... hundreds of maskless classmates on campus? From Carla's at home & new, impending, facial and back-shaving business storefront? From a guy pulling up next to Mike at a stop sign in his 4 by 4 truck with a big TRUMP flag attached? Taking Frankie out to shit? #YouIdiotThereIsNoGamblingOnDCRTV

Is it just me or does Urban One have a confusing problem letting go of the name “Radio One”? Does that confusion help anyone get anything done? If Radio One hadn’t been the longtime predecessor name this would be a simpler question. Internal turf battles? Max Critic

It's beyond Preposterous, it's downright Trumpesque, to suggest that just because there are "plenty of digital radios" There will not be a problem with digital radio. Truth is DIGITAL RADIO REQUIRES PRIMARY GRADE SIGNAL(1mv/m) to actually work Even most portable analog radios can perform at least reasonably well at well below that If it's a decent receiver it will do .5mv/m easily. Digital radio has no chance at that level The radios are no good if there is nothing to listen to! People don't listen to digital radio because they can't get the damn signal. or like digital TV it tends to only work part of the day.

Anyone care to speculate on why Centennial Broadcasting sold the crown jewel of their portfolio [WINC-FM] to EMF??? and for such a paltry amount??? Why not a smaller station with a lesser signal? Is the gig up for terrestrial radio???

Dave's response: Usually when we see a radio company "fire sale" a property there is often an immediate need to reduce massive debt to possibly prevent or delay bankruptcy.....

The National Capital Radio & Television Museum would like to thank all of you for your patience in this difficult time. Today, we are happy to announce that the 5th Annual Fundraising Gala for honoring the best in Radio and Television in the Baltimore-Washington region, is back on! The Gala will be held on Saturday, November 14th at 7:00PM, and is entirely virtual. Tickets are complimentary, we require only that you RSVP in advance to attend. Our honorees for this year are: RHEA FEIKIN... Retired host of Maryland Public Television's "Chesapeake Collectibles" & "Artworks"... CHRIS CORE... Retired Broadcaster and host of WTOP's "WTOP - Core Values"... DEBORAH WEINER... Emmy Award Winner... Co-Anchor of WBAL-TV's "Evening & Nightly News"... Join us for a wonderful evening as we celebrate and honor these living legends and salute them for the paths and contributions that they have made to the Broadcasting industry! The event will include live video presentations and Q&A with our honorees, as well as giveaways and a silent auction. Reserve Your Complimentary Ticket Today! The event link will be sent to all confirmed registrants 24 hours in advance of the event on Saturday, November 14th. Tickets are limited so be sure to reserve your space today for this unforgettable event! You may RSVP by clicking the link below: ncrtvgala.eventbrite.com... We look forward to seeing you all at our 5th Annual Fundraising Gala! Proceeds from the silent auction will benefit the National Capital Radio & Television museum operations and programs. Sincerely, Sherise Malachi, Executive Director, National Capital Radio & Television Museum, smalachi@ncrtv.org

I sure wish people posting here would stop spreading the uninformed idea that there are few digital radio receivers in this market. Most new cars have been coming with digital-capable receivers for several years. The numbers have been adding up. It’s entirely reasonable to think this could be cultivated into a viable part of the business. People want high quality, subscription free, over-the-air entertainment. Hasn’t that always been what radio is all about? -P of the AW

Saw some cryptic promos for FOX5 regarding something about to happen in November. One promo said something about staying tuned for mid-November. Another promo teased about something new for Angie and Blake at 4pm. Oh, and by the way, I too heard Blake mention that Angie would be on mornings for another month.

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When AM Stations switch to all Digital, in DC, how is this going to help us? There are not many Digital Receivers in the DC market. Hubbard has been testing this idea on 820 AM in Frederick. It has not helped this station.

Dave's response: The FCC has pretty much dropped the ball on digital radio in the USA. We're decades behind much of Europe. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. Personally, I think analog reception is better when you're in a moving vehicle, which is where most people now listen to broadcast radio. Yeah, the signal may drop out here and there in a fringe reception area, unlike going away completely as with a digital broadcast.....

Mark Levin[E]: "It's too bad Israeli Jews can't vote in the election." Maybe dismemberment killer Samuel Sheinbein could have since he came from Silver Spring but he got himself killed when he was shot by Israeli police for having a pistol in prison. I wonder if Jonathan Pollard can still vote? It's too bad we can't vote in Israeli elections. al-Gus Gaithersburgi

Dave's response: You got an interesting idea there, Gus. Countries could make "election pacts" with other nations whereby if we can vote in their elections, they can vote in ours. That would sure shake things up around the world.....

Angie Goff Update: was watching the 4pm show today where they welcomed back Angie to the show, she said that for the next month she will pull double duty and do both the morning and afternoon shows then will just be back to doing the afternoons moving forward: Mike in Potomac, MD

Hi! I moved from DC to Seattle five years ago. Our life continues apace as we march headlong into rainy season. There are other marches, and other skirmishes, but nothing near a hellscape. King County, which includes and surrounds Seattle, continues to welcome an influx of new residents. I'm never not astounded to read of people who, thousands of miles away, have greater clarity and vividness of my lived experience than I do. ---- Thanks! --Brian

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Oh Dave, so naive. I know tons of people in California that have moved WAY out of the DMA to Arizona or Texas. The east side of Oregon even wants to secede from the state, not just the Portland TV market! I know people who moved to DC from Seattle even just to escape the madness and they are Democrats even!

Baltimore, MD, October 12, 2020—Hearst’s WBAL NewsRadio 1090/FM 101.5 has earned recognition from the Radio Television Digital News Association with a National Edward R. Murrow Award. Awarded annually since 1971, the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Awards are named in honor of the legendary broadcaster and recognize outstanding work in broadcast and digital journalism. WBAL NewsRadio 1090/FM 101.5 was honored in the category of Large Market Radio: Breaking News coverage, for its reporting following the raid on the home of former Baltimore City Mayor Catherine Pugh in April 2019. WBAL NewsRadio and 98 ROCK President and General Manager, Cary L. Pahigian said: “For 95 years, WBAL NewsRadio’s top priority has been to report breaking news in a timely and factual manner. This National Murrow award highlights WBAL’s steadfast commitment and exceptional news team. We are grateful for the recognition.” This is the 14th National Edward R. Murrow Award that WBAL NewsRadio has received since 2001.

How broadcasters Tommy McFly and Kelly Collis would spend a perfect day in D.C. washingtonpost.com

Up until Docket 80-90, FM frequencies determined the power level, for example, 92.7, 93.5, 94.3, etc were class A frequencies. 99.5, 100.3, 104.7, etc. were Class B or C frequencies. Docket 80-90 created Class B1, as well as Class well as C-0, C-1, C-2, and C-3. This is also when they started allowing all classes on all frequencies if they fit. This is why the Delmarva Pennisula has so many Class A stations. Also, prior to the mid-'60s, there were no spacing minimums so you had 100.3 in Washington, Media, Pa, and New York. 94.7 in Bethesda, Md, Dover, Delaware, and Newark New Jersey as well as 94.5 in Trenton, NJ, and Lancaster, Pa. Hope this helps.

As Portland continues in chaos, the new Nielsen DMA rankings will be out soon for 2020-2021 season. I’m interested to see if the most chaotic markets drop in the rankings, but I’m sure DC will stay stable as government workers have nowhere else to really move to.

Dave's response: Huh? Even if people left the city of Portland, they'd probably still be in the Portland DMA, which takes up about half of the state of Oregon.....

Regarding Holly and Steve not being on FOX5 this morning, they may want to think about never returning to that morning mess!. I'm guessing they were given the holiday off. However, the trio of Erin, Angie and Marissa was painful to watch. And I felt for Wisdom who had to sit through and endure the foolishness of those three. Can FOX5 just show cartoons during the morning hours? They'd be much better to watch than the morning crew they have on now!

I saw the piece today about Foxx 5 playing musical anchors. It seems they are all doing it. I’ve been bitchin’ about NBC4’s morning news rotating ‘God-knows-who into Eun Yang and Aaron’s anchor seats. Same in the afternoons and evenings with them. Even CNN is guilty; just try to find Kate Bouldan at 11am or Brooke Baldwin in the afternoon. Is this some sort of attempt to lose regular viewers ? Well if it IS, they have succeeded. (grumpy) Ed in Potomac Falls

WUSA has been running promos advertising changes to its morning team coming November 9. I guarantee it’s going to be the addition of Allison Seymour. Pairing her with Annie Yu and Tony Perkins would be a ratings winner. The only thing better would be if they also showed Reese Waters the door. Nothing against him personally but it’s just not the right fit.

Effective today, Reach Media is pleased to announce that The Quick Silva Show with Dominique Da Diva will officially move to Reach Media for distribution and syndication. The show will now be heard in the following markets; WPHI-FM Philadelphia, PA; WKYS-FM Washington, DC; WERQ-FM Baltimore, MD; WCKX-FM Columbus, OH; and WIZF Cincinnati, OH, weekdays from 3pm to 7pm EST. The Quick Silva Show is a high energy show that is reflective of the hip hop lifestyle and culture. Quick Silva and Dominique Da Diva bring their listeners a show that is entertaining yet informative complete with compelling interviews with some of the hottest entertainers, strong listener interaction with contesting and conversation topics, and engagement with high-profile community activists bringing awareness to issues affecting the African American community. Quick Silva has been on the radio for over 20 years in various dayparts and has been ranked one of the top 10 most powerful Radio DJs in the country by Source Magazine 3 years in a row. From the moment he received his first set of turntables at age 10, the deejay internationally recognized as “The Party Kingpin,” Quick Silva was born. Dominique Da Diva, known as a small powerhouse of multi-faceted talent and a natural born star, began her radio career in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia. As a proud alumni of Virginia State University and lovely lady of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc., Dominique continues to exemplify what Beyoncé means when she says, ‘a diva is a female version of a hustler.’ Together, this dynamic duo is excited and ready to provide even more relevant content and entertainment within their show along with establishing a strong connection to the audience. David Kantor, Reach Media and Radio One CEO, stated, “I’ve had the opportunity to see this show grow tremendously. Quick Silva and Dominque Da Diva are two very strong radio talents who have an authentic connection to their audience and I am confident that the show will continue to be a huge draw for the listening audience. The beauty of this is that this show is one of few syndicated shows in the afternoon.”

Turned on Fox 5 at 8am & there’s Angie & Erin on the anchor desk & Mike the weather guy doing traffic. WHY??!!!!! Where the heck is Steve & Holly?? I’m sure Erin is happy as a pig in mud. But then again, unfortunately there’s slim pickins for fill-ins on the morning shift.

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I have never understood some things that the FCC does. For instance. WWIN 95.9 FM, generally Baltimore’s #1 radio station, a Class A type, has never been able to upgrade to 6000 watts like many other Class A stations, but the FCC, in its inimitable wisdom decided to put a translator on 95.9 FM in DC. So instead of powering up WWIN 95.9 FM, Radio One had no choice but to get the 95.9 FM DC frequency. It makes no logical sense. Are FM translators helping AM radio stations from going dark? For sure, but I don’t think it’s really increasing their value or profits, just keeping them on life support longer.

The issue with 94.3 out of Warrenton, which is on the same tower as the WTOP 107.7 relay(103.5 is NOT interference-free at my location) is actually the distance to other stations on 94.3. The distance to 94.7's transmitter on River Road in Bethesda has nothing to do with it 94.3 was designated a Class A FM station so that places like Warrenton and Prince Frederick that were, at the time with the technology of the time, too far away from the big cities to get their FM stations but not far enough to re-use the same frequencies. It was made to serve small cities, not major metro areas! WINC-FM has long been a "Grandfathered" over powered station because of it's extreme height on top of a mountain. It's studio/office building is showing it's age, but that's fixable. It was a major loss to all aspects of the community when we lost WQRA from the 94.3 signal a few days before a major snowstorm in 1996. The 94.3 signal which DID briefly relay WTOP and even carry the WTOP calls in the late 1990s was moved from the tower at US 29-17 and Lover's Lane to the Bear Wallow Road tower during that time. After which that tower was strengthened but NOT increased in height and today carries the antenna of contemporary Christian 89.9 Today of course the community is larger and WINC-FM has done a passible job of being our "local Station" but there are certain things I will always miss. This may well have been timed to correspond to the retirement of Barry Lee, the excellent morning show host who's reputation precedes him. You trace the history of the 94.3 signal from Warrenton, since the Fauquier, Culpeper and Western Prince William area lost it's local station the 94.3 signal has been handed around like a cheap hooker.

Dave's response: The FCC's policies have gone a long way to kill local radio in many American communities, like Warrenton. Now, substantial small cities all over the country have no local radio. And maybe Winchester, too, very soon. While it still has WUSQ and some other iHeart stations that do local coverage, it is losing one of its only major outlets, WINC-FM, to become a satellite-fed robo station from California. The FCC is to blame for a lot of things very wrong with the state of American radio today, including the demise of AM and the painfully slow deployment of true digital radio. We have totally lost the concept that the airwaves, ultimately, belong to "you," the listener. We should now call it the FCCC, the Federally Corrupt Corporate Communications Commission.....

TIP DCRTV TODAY::Amid a pandemic, how much should we readers donate to Dave @ DCRTV? To the point of pain! #NoPainNoGain

As per Angie Goff’s Twitter page: “angie goff @OhMyGOFF·Oct 8See y'all all again at 4PM starting Monday! “...Hmmm...So does this mean someone has been moved/promoted to permanent co-anchor with Steve? The only one I can see in that spot w/o causing total chaos is Holly. Moving Marissa so soon after getting there seems a bit premature. Moving Marissa also would leave an opening for the 4am broadcast. And who would fill that? Erin? Doing anchoring AND traffic? Well, we’ll see come Monday.

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Re: EMF WINC Buy. The sales price is about $0.90 per '1000 pop-count' using a 60 dB model. This figure reiterates the collapsing prices of radio properties which recently was in the $1.50 or higher range. (Probably the best example of this collapse is the recent Ocean Trust II sale of KTDD near Tacoma, Washington. The C3 classs signal went for $320K or about $0.30 per pop-count.) One outlying question is the EMF's potential disposal of 94.3 in Buckland, Virginia. It's probably redundant now but EMF could throw their Spanish or Christian-Classics format on that 2KW Class A. Could EMF move it closer to DC? Nope. It's already 1km short-spaced with one of the two DC stations 400khz away (WIAD I think). Actually WLZV is in very restrictive location with the ability to move only 1-2 km to the north, etc.... Of course, EMF only paid $250K for 94.3 - pocket change for them as the 60dB contour barely touches Manassas anyway. TK in Odenton.

"But naturally, if she couldn't hear herself, then she reasoned nobody else could." No "naturally" about it, that's bad reasoning. "Gohmert saying “As Chris Plante says, if it weren’t for double standards, Democrats would have no standards at all.” So we have a real connection here, and Gohmert gets some, if not all, his information from" So that's "information" and not rhetoric? Interesting. Heaven forfend that someone borrow a felicitous phrase and give credit for it and Heaven forfend that someone listen to the same radio station that YOU listen to. The fact remains that Seth Rich was murdered (by being shot in the back) but not robbed. It's the dog that didn't bark in the night. Endless screeds that go nowhere? Lame. Gus in the Gaithersburg

I don’t think there’s a Spanish affiliate for WFT or any of the other teams in town, which is surprising because I figured by now the Nats would possibly have one, even if it was just for home games.

Fictional summaries of WMAL programming? Google WMAL and "Set Rich," to see how Chris. and Larry disseminated Russian fake news. Did you catch this mailbag piece from late September, 2019? Hey Dave, I have to report a glaring omission on WMAL this morning. I am sure Vince Mary and Joe will acknowledge and apologize for the gaffe. Background, On Sunday, Fox News' Chris Wallace revealed WMAL commentator Joe DiGenova an his wife were helping Giuliani in the Ukraine to try and manufacture dirt on Joe Biden. Giuliani was not working alone, Wallace said. www.foxnews.com... This morning,on WMAL, Joe trashed that report, minimizing it, and saying he was asked by the White House to represent a "whistle blower" in Ukraine. But, Joe continued, he never went to the country because his trip was cancelled. So, he really wasn't that involved. Joe forgot to mention he was, in fact, hired in the past week or so to represent in the United States a Ukrainian natural gas tycoon, Victor Firtash, who is fighting extradition to the US for bribery and fraud. Virtash was recently hyped up by the former and corrupt prosecutor in Ukraine, Viktor Shokin, who is at the center of the this Biden controversy. www.kyivpost.com... If the United States Department of Justice wants to extradite and put on trial on corruption charges, here, Victor Firtash, why is WMAL's Joe DiGenova not only working to keep this guy out of our country and away from our legal system, but also, working with him to build a case against Biden, sidestepping any Justice department, State Department, or Congressional input and protocol? DiGenova should have revealed his contract with Ukraine's Firtash, and Vince and Mary should have asked him why he is working on two different fronts to keep this guy away from our justice system. These questions were not asked, but should have. WMAL, can you address these concerns and make full disclosures now? (9/30/19 Or this one from September, 2019. Hey Dave, we were given another dangerous result in the WMAL-Russia Propaganda machination yesterday on Capitol Hill. First, WMAL has been running promos with the voice of the dumbest man on Capitol Hill, Louie Gohmert. (The guy who called Sean Hannity a ”genius” ). The promos were cut from a Gohmert tirade on the house floor, and has Gohmert saying “As Chris Plante says, if it weren’t for double standards, Democrats would have no standards at all.” So we have a real connection here, and Gohmert gets some, if not all, his information from WMAL. Concerning? Yes, but it gets worse. Yesterday, on the House floor, Gohmert gave a speech where he referenced Russian propaganda, saying Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election. This point has been hammered into WMAL listeners by Chris [Russian] Plante and Larry O’Commie, I mean O’Conner, for over a year, even though this piece of fake news came directly from Russia, (like the Seth Rich story, and the DNC server hack by Ukrainians story, both disseminated by Chris[ Russian] Plante and Larry O’Commie). Remember, our intel sources have called the claim of Ukrainian interference “bunk and dangerous.” Why is WMAL, Where Moscow Comes to Talk, promoting itself by using a blurb from a known and proven Russian propagandist? (12/19/19) Need more? There are lots, including Mark Levin and Dan Bongino pushing a Hunter Biden-Ukraine case months before the damning Trump phone call.

I found this interesting in a recent Ravens email. A Spanish broadcast of every Baltimore Ravens game can be heard on WDCN La Nueva 87.7 FM. Does the Washington Football team even have a Spanish radio broadcast? Baltimore doesn’t even have a Spanish radio station.

Engage Discuss Mode: Samantha Bee is a comedian, a court jester; someone you would expect outlandish, over-the-top comments from, and is paid to provide the same. Even then they blipped her out so the only audience hearing her comment was in-house. Donald Trump meanwhile is allegedly the president of the United States and no longer the reality TV game show actor he once was, so more decorum is demanded -- if not from him, at least from the office he holds. Laura Ingraham, on the other hand, was reacting in predictable Ingraham style to an audio line to her headset accidentally severed by workmen on another floor of her studio complex, as documented in the trades only a day or two later. Her mic was still hot. But naturally, if she couldn't hear herself, then she reasoned nobody else could. I weep for the poor Fox TV crew that has to endure her abuse.

I have no idea how much it is to get AWAD in on Saturday mornings on JFK. Or, how free the "Robin Shit Show" CK gets frpm CBS radio to get him but I am out. I appreciated the man who the Junks made "AWAD"! LOL. He was "Ours". Matt and Matt would kill if one was not married to places where the grass is manicured, there are at least 18 "Holes", and freebies of play flow from it's loins and the other is flat out 'Married" selling the finest sausage in the land while waiting for two beautiful gifts to arrive. A guy called Robin's show this morning sounding like our 'Jamie from Manassas". They kind of goofed on his accent. I wanted to reach in my phone and rip his head off. I am off to podcast land for the rest of the day. I have no idea if is AWAD is a $+/- on a Saturday Morning. I run a company myself. Maybe, he is done on his own accord. Shit, I would throw in $20 to hear AWAD while grocery shopping or cleaning the pool on a Saturday AM!!!! OOBBEE

"President Trump dropped the F-Bomb on the Rush Limbaugh show today. Who does he think he is, Laura Ingraham?" Well, he's no Samantha "Feckless C***" Bee. Does putting "feckless" in front of supposedly the worst word you can call a woman make it worse, or better? Discuss. On a marginally related note, the fictional summaries of WMAL programming? Lame. GindaGaithersburg

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Does anyone know what Centennial paid originally for WINC-FM? --Bob Sweeney

Dave's response: Wikipedia reports that "on May 17, 2007, Centennial announced it was buying WINC, WINC-FM, WWRT, and WWRE in Winchester and WBQB and WFVA in Fredericksburg from Mid-Atlantic Network, Inc. for $36 million." The two big boys in the purchase deal are WINC-FM and WBQB. Let's say the WINC-FM part of the deal was, oh say, $12 million. And they're selling it for just $1.75 million. Whoa.....

President Trump dropped the F-Bomb on the Rush Limbaugh show today. Who does he think he is, Laura Ingraham? mediaconfidential.blogspot.com

Hey Dave, while you were listening to the TRUMPapolooza on Rush today, did catch the Orange One answer a question with "Well, Sean...." These two are funnier than Abbott and Costello!

The Mike O'Meara Show Holiday Fruitcake. Limited Edition Kidney Stone Shaped Fruitcakes. 30% Premium. You're Welcome Oscar Zeballos with your fancy MBA.

WMDT 47ABC Salisbury appears to be no closer to switching to channel 29 at full power than they were 6 months ago. They have an extension that lasts until the end of the year and they are taking their good ole time. A lot of people on the Eastern shore have antennas, but they can’t possibly be getting WMDT over the air with the current situation. In other news, it doesn’t appear that WRDE NBC Coast TV has started up their channel 19 in Pocomoke City yet either, nor WBOC Telemundo 42 on channel 22 in Cambridge.

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DCRTV Dave is astute and correct that Trump “Still worries about his base”. In a twenty four hour period beginning with an interview with Sean “The Ham” Hannity at 9:00pm Thursday, Trump will do the live “rally” with Rush at 12:30pm Friday, a 6:30pm interview with Mark Levin and a 8:00pm interview with Tucker Carlson Friday night. By doing so Trump will reach millions of his base, followed up by numerous in person rallies across the nation. A final election matter: Senator Harris. Whether you support her or not, objectively watch any appearance of hers and you will notice constant smirking, giggling and laughing. This trait should be well known to any stoners among the Mailbag community who are familiar with the “Laughing Chick Syndrome”. Simply put: Harris is stoned out of her mind via smoking pot or more likely THC “edibles”. Learn it, love it, live it Sista Harris!!! Nick in Arlington

I hear some lucky fruitcake buyer who finds Mike’s kidney stone in their cake wins a double date with Jolene White and Jim Amato. Paulie can’t make it due to covid.

Don’ forget to order the world’s smallest, most expensive fruitcakes ever so Mike O’Meara Can have two homes, yell about politics that he knows nothing about, own a boat, go golfing every day, pay for his wife’s “Skank Face in a box” business, make Jolene White have an organism right after Jim Amato. And, let’s not forget a bus driver with no life that loved the Junkies but was taken in by TMOS because they can continue their lonely hearts society. If you kiss ass, TMOS loves you…….. Say the word “Maybe”, you’re gone right after Jolene’s bog O! bonus.mikeomearashow.com... Yes, not a typo… $40 or $100…….LOLOLOL

Hey Dave, Happy "TGI Trump Friday." As you know, Donald J. Trump will be doing a "Radio Rally" Today at noon on the Rush Limbaugh Show, heard locally on PUTIN 105.9 WMAL, Where Moscow Always Leads. I know how excited you are for this spectacular, but, hold onto your combat boots, because, at 6:00 PM tonight, Our Dear Leader (Trump not Limbaugh), will do 30 minutes without commercial interruption on the Mark Levin Show! It is an early Christmas present for all of us. Will Trump perform his greatest hits, like "Saying 'Merry Christmas'," "Lock her up," and "Crooked Hillary," ? I have not seen a set list, but he did do an interview (rehearsal) on Fox Business last night where he called for William Barr to arrest Biden, Obama and Hillary, based on disinformation that came out of Rusia back in 2016. So, hopefully we can hear an extended jam session on that subject! What I would like to hear is the President and Mark Levin talk about the time Mark participated in a political smear (rat f8cking, for all of us older guys), against Biden by disseminating false information about Hunter Biden, which lead the President to ask the Ukraine for an investigation, which ended in impeachment for the Donald. Anyway, maybe friends of WMAL can call in including Dan Bonbozo, John Bolton, Sean Hannity, Victoria Toensing and Joe DiGenova, scratch that last four, Ken Cucinelli, and Roger Stone! Chant with me, "For More Tears," "As indictment Nears," "Taxes in Arrears," "Family Profiteers!," "N-91 Fears," "Grab those Rears," "Scandalous Electioneers!" And "Covid's Here."

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Rush Limbaugh, who has been absent for days this week due to debilitating cancer therapy, plans a triumphant return Friday with the King of Triumph, Trump. Seems the Orangeman Bad Trump will join Rush for a “virtual town hall” or a “radio rally” beginning at Noon on Friday, October 9th and can be heard for free locally on WMAL 105.9 FM or literally via hundreds of radio station web sites across the nation. One can submit questions or comments via Limbaugh’s web site RushLimbaugh.com, by calling (800)282-2882, or via a note tied to a rock into the front window of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave Northwest. No word whether there will also be video via the “Ditto Cam” in Limbaugh’s Florida studio or from the Oval Office in Washington. Both Limbaugh and Trump are experiencing life threatening health challenges. Trump is opting out of a virtual debate with Lunchbucket “Plugs” Biden next week for a live rally, so perhaps Joe could get his jabs in by calling on Friday. Folks it don’t get any more bizarre than this but wait five minutes and it will. What say you DCRTVDJDAVE? Nick in Arlington

Dave's response: Just three weeks before the election and Trump is still worried about his base. Not a good sign for his campaign.....

I hear that the sale price for WINC-FM was $1.75 million. It just involves the 92.5 signal and no property, which EMF will take over for its K-Love format by December. There is talk that Centennial will move the hot adult contemporary format to both 104.9 and 105.5, dumping the current talk and classic rock formats, respectively. - DCRTV Dave

More WBAL TV Vince Bagli tributes from all 4 Baltimore TV stations, a rarity. Not to be outdone, Mark Viviano also did a tribute to Vince Bagli on WJZ 13. I never knew he was an usher at Memorial Stadium in 1947 for the very first Baltimore Colts game or that the then green uniforms were so cheap, that they bled out green when it rained! :D baltimoresbslocal.com... And then Fox 45’s Bruce Cunningham… Even WBFF Fox 45 did a Vince Bagli tribute to a news competitor TV station from Sports Director Bruce Cunningham. I was shocked the Sinclair suits even let him refer to a competing TV station. foxbaltimore.com... WMAR ABC 2's Jamie Costello even did an impromptu tribute to legendary WBAL TV sportscaster & Colts broadcaster Vince Bagli and all the memories he had. It was quite special too and touching. You rarely see other TV stations pay tributes to employees at other competing TV stations, especially ones beating them in the ratings. www.youtube.com... And Nats, Orioles, Skins, & Ravens sports writer WJFK 106.7’s Craig Heist’s tribute… Another part of my childhood is gone. After Vince retired he was a frequent quest visitor to the press boxes at Camden Yards and M and T Bank Stadium. I will miss those Sunday conversations and the reminiscing immensely. Vince was Baltimore sports, period. He lived it and breathed it. A homer? Oh, you betcha. But that was part of the charm. Vince would hit the set and many times without a script, just some hand written notes. During a highlight package it was not unusual to hear, "Ah, we just didn't pitch after we got the lead." Or, "we just made too many turnovers to win the game." Vince was one of a kind. The Dean of Baltimore sports. RIP Vinny. It's been a pleasure. All of ours! And finally, here’s the WBAL-TV tribute with Pete Gilbert and Gerry Sandusky with him nearly crying. www.wbaltv.com... — BaltoMedia.net

Looks like WINC 92.5 FM is being bought up by EMF for the K-Love religious format. Yep, it’s happening again DC! Enjoy! LOL Not sure about WBQB 101.5 FM, nothing has dropped on that part or the AM WINC. — BaltoMedia.net

KIDNEY STONES OR ROLLING STONES:: The other night, Carla had to take her dad, Mike O'Meara, to the hospital; diagnosis kidney stones. According to Mayo Clinic, causes in men. diet, excess weight and, wait for it, trying to revive Political Persuasions on TMOS. #DisciplineEqualsFreedom #BringBackTheFunny #DonateToDCRTV #StickyFingersAlbum

A Spectacular! The world's largest "radio rally!" Donald J. Trump will take over the Rush Limbaugh airwaves tomorrow from his Covid hospice bed in the White House. Since Rush had chemo yesterday, it is not clear if he will join in from his own hospice bed in "sunny South Florida." Prepare your questions now. My questions: "Mr. President, I keep hearing that I need to buy a four-week supply of 'survival food' on the Rush Limbaugh show. Have you purchased your survival food yet?" "Is this the best use of your time trying to attract new voters?" "why did you choose Rush's radio show over Sean's radio show?" And finally, "can you and Rush both talk about why 'white privilege doesn't exist?" Maybe Vladimir Putin will call in. Rush's misinformation, and the Presidents radio rally can be heard locally on "Moscow 105.9" WMAL.

Just what we need, another EMF station. I'm a person of faith, but I just can't hack that happy-clappy, seven-eleven (The same seven words repeated eleven times), "Jesus is my buddy" music. It's a broadcast version of a Young Life meeting, and I thought that was lame in 1975. WINC was always a "go to" station when I was in the area, not anymore. There's a lot of stations that I would take off my car radio, but I already have way more buttons than stations that I listen to. Gary in Baltimore

"Apparently Centennial keeps its employees from WINC-FM and suggests it might move the Hot AC format to one of its other 3 stations...." Yeah, all 4 employees. Centennial already liquidated its news, production and promotions departments. What a stunning demise for this station. It was the crown jewel in the Lewis family's empire when they sold it to Allen Shaw. Now, he's given it away for pennies on the dollar.

Apparently Centennial keeps its employees from WINC-FM and suggests it might move the Hot AC format to one of its other 3 stations. However, those stations have only a fraction of the reach of 92.5. They can barely be heard in Leesburg. Will it be worth it to keep Barry Lee, with the diminished revenues from the remaining stations? And just what the area needs, yet another Christian station.

Dave's response: That leaves Centennial with just two weaker FMers in the Winchester market - 105.5 with classic rock and 104.9 with talk. If they moved WINC-FM's hot AC format to one of those signals, it would certainly reduce its coverage into Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William, and Fauquier counties without 92.5's killer mountain-top signal.....

EMF? Educational Media Foundation? Ah shit, here comes another Jesus station. Thanks for nothing, Centennial.

Dave's response: Yes, EMF propagates the national Christian contemporary format called K-Love. It recently bought 107.3 in DC. Now, the big question is, which Baltimore FMer is the most likely to get gobbled up by EMF? If Entercom is heading for bankruptcy, might 106.5 be a likely "fire sale" candidate? It's not if but when.....

Good morning, you have a post that indicates that Centennial has sold all of its stations including this one (WBQB). That’s not correct, the company has sold the 92.5 frequency, everything else stays the same. The Fredericksburg operation is very profitable and is not for sale.

WINC-FM is sold to EMF for $1.75m. That is absolutely stunning. Fuck EMF. Centennial retains the rest of its stations, for the moment. fcc.gov

Mea Culpa Biff: Stern making millions with an “M” not billions with a “B”. That’s the last time I go with what Eric Bickel mumbles into the mic without reading the actual story. Does this take me off ninnycompoot list? Wouldn’t want to deprive Gus in the Gaithersburg coveted title. Nick in the Arlington

DC's other PBS TV station, WHUT 32 has applied to upgrade its signal to 412kw, more than 4X its current 100kw. Should definitely improve not only its signal around DC, but also towards Baltimore and PA & VA. It's not yet approved by the FCC, but upgrades were held up by the nationwide repack, even though WHUT didn't change channels. With work being done on the Fort Reno tower right now for WETA 26, they have asked for expedited approval from the FCC as WETA 26’s tower work is related to them, both using the same combiner on the tower. WPXW 66 has since moved to the old River Road tower that was originally WDCA & WETA’s tower as WTTG's tower is likely to be torn down for stability issues. It’s kind of shame that DC’s TV transmission facilities appear to be crumbling as we speak, at least at WTTG FOX 5. It seems hard to believe that the River Road tower of WDCA from the 1970s is in better shape than WTTG’s, but apparently so. — BaltoMedia.net

WMAR ABC 2's Jamie Costello even did an impromptu tribute to legendary WBAL TV sportscaster & Colts broadcaster Vince Bagli and all the memories he had. It was quite special too and touching. You rarely see other TV stations pay tributes to employees at other competing TV stations, especially ones beating them in the ratings.

I'm confused. People are watching Over The Air TV on Comcast? G.I.T.G.

Eric Bolling is attempting to do an in person interview with Trump at the nation's current COVID epicenter, the White House...and then return directly to the WJLA studios for a taping of "America This Week" by next Monday. Needless to say employees are VERY concerned about this since he wouldn't be isolating for 2 weeks afterwards. He's been flying into DC from South Carolina for months now without isolating...but going directly into a known COVID-19 hotspot and returning to a crowded newsroom is something different.

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I noticed something strange in the Phoenix NextGen TV rollout. Not sure who’s fault it is, Tegna or Comcast but NBC network appears to be encrypted in the market. How can they get away with that? isn’t that against the FCC’s free OTA TV mandate? Does Comcast or Tegna think it’s going to make network TV Pay TV or are they just going to try to charge you when they broadcast 4k? This is not going to go over well.

The news isn't public yet, but gums are flapping from the hallowed walls that Centennial Broadcasting has unloaded their stations in Winchester (including WINC FM) and Fredericksburg (including WBQB). Nearly 13 years after purchasing them, Centennial will no doubt be selling them at a sizable loss.

Bloomberg is reporting this, someone earlier posted that Stern new possible deal is in the billions which is fake news... Howard Stern, the radio shock jock who’s maintained his star power in the podcasting era, is nearing a contract renewal with Sirius XM Holdings Inc. that would boost his pay to about $120 million a year, according to people familiar with the matter. Stern’s contract with Sirius expires at the end of December, and the 66-year-old has been negotiating a fresh deal for the better part of the year, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the conversations are ongoing. His previous five-year contracts, which cover production and staff, topped out at roughly $80 million to $100 million

Another regulatory failure on the way as the FCC apparently moves toward an expansion of digital signals on what now is the AM band. There's nothing about that band that holds enough attraction for station owners to invest in the PROGRAMMING it would take to make money. They need to draw an audience who is already committed to FM, XM, streaming, and ITunes. All the more reason for an "FCC Revitalization Plan" to compel the agency to act against noisy consumer electronics that ruined the AM band in the first place. Clean it up, improve the reception for normal AM signals, then discuss the financial health of licensees.

The Dean of Baltimore sports, Vince Bagli, has passed away at age 93. He spent more the 4 decades covering sports, 31 of them with WBAL TV and also was a broadcaster of NFL games and The Baltimore Colts. www.baltimoresun.com

It's "million", you nincompoop! Regards Biff

How will allowing AM Stations to convert to All Digital HD Radio help AM Stations? It has not worked in the markets where they have tested it. There are not enough HD Receivers in the market. Look at the DC Market......What would help is permitting Translators to originate their own programming. This would give AM Stations two signals in the market with two different formats. They would have both an AM signal and an FM signal. I hope the FCC would consider this.

Former DC 101, WJFK, WNNNNNNNBC “King of All Media” Howard Stern is said to be inking a $120 billion with a “B” a year contract with Sirius for the next five years. This means that Stern makes in one second more than DCRTVDJDAVE does in a year or the amount WAPO/Amazon’s Jeff Bozo pays his help annually. Jackie The Jokeman: eat your heart out you loser, you. Signed: Nick Not Gus in the Arlington

To the Channel 9 audio replacement critic: 1) Why is this bothering you? Between shaky-cam images and crapola audio saturating all media today, why in hell is this one quirk sticking in your ass? 2) What would you have done, put up a lower 3rd explaining the audio was a recut? Maybe field audio was just unusable. It happens. Who in the viewing audience gives a care about it? And 3), I'd hate to be in the same movie theater as you. Practically all dialog today is looped after the shoot to get as clean a track as is possible, so I can just see you standing on your seat yelling "FAKE!!" at the screen after any action sequence. Can I count on you posting about the Weather Channel the next time they do one of those animated in-studio virtual windstorms to make a point?

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For the past 44 years, Bruce Johnson has devoted his professional life to telling remarkable stories for WUSA9. Bruce will now be closing this chapter of his amazing professional life at the end of this year on December 31, 2020

BARTENDER TO HORSE. WHY THE LONG FACE? Mike O'Meara, Mike O'Meara Show [TMOS] was, according to Robb 'Fruitcake' Spewak, out "sick" for today's show [Tuesday]. Place your bets! COVID-19 WATCH or HANGOVER WATCH? #Donate$20ToDCRTV

WUSA announced that Bruce Johnson is leaving at the end of the year after 44 years at Channel 9. Definitely the end of an era.

I also was able to pick up WMJF last evening (Monday) I have a good strong signal here in New Freedom,Pa,however their overall audio for all channels was quite low.May have to install an audio amp to compensate or match other signals.........Jack

Okay.. what? As a news producer who's seen the "powers that be" make stupid decisions, this one takes the cake. WTTG finally got rid of Stacey Rusch -- and now WJLA picked her up? Why? Didn't anyone SEE her reports? They were terrible! She isn't a reporter and certainly not a journalist. She obviously doesn't know the area roadways, she can't think on her feet and be interactive; it leads to very awkward pauses, moments, and facial expressions. What "traffic experience" were they talking about in that press release? All they did was mention QVC as qualifications - she didn't do traffic before her short stint at WTTG from what I can tell. This solidifies WJLA stays at the bottom of the ratings pack for a really, really, long time.

Who is WUSA reporter Jess Arnold trying to kid? Her standup with the face mask in her Monday (Oct. 5) package about the pit bull bite was obviously retracked. Does this Penn State grad, her editors, producers, techies and whoever else are her bosses really think the audience didn't notice just because her mouth wasn't visible? Her lip sync was conspicuously way off and the seamless studio sound quality in the wilds of Catoctin Mountain was a dead giveaway. ?WUSA high school!? That's about as amateurish as I've ever seen it and a lot of people should be held accountable for very poor judgment and production values. Some professor at Penn State is crawling into a hole. A couple more years back at ABC57 in South Bend might not hurt.?

Major development? Uh-oh. Jeff... From Radio World: The Federal Communications Commission will vote this month on whether to allow AM stations in the United States to convert to all-digital HD Radio if they wish to do so. Commission watchers have expected some action this year. Commissioner Ajit Pai announced the planned vote on his blog, calling AM revitalization “a passion of mine.” Based on anecdotal evidence, the commission will likely approve it. The details of the proposed report and order are expected to be public shortly. Among questions to watch for are whether all-digital AM operation would be allowed both day and night; what provision the FCC makes for a station to change its mind later; and whether the commission will waver from its stances on not allowing the use of other platforms like Digital Radio Mondiale and not allowing multicasts of an AM digital signal to be carried on translators. Industry comments on the idea of allowing optional all-digital operation have generally been favorable, with the caveat that any such transition must be voluntary. It’s unknown how many owners would take advantage of the option, at least right away. The amount of real-world broadcaster experience is limited to only two stations that have tried it, one of which soon turned it off during the day after hearing listener complaints, and later ended its testing. One veteran engineering professional told Radio World recently that he sees “no major U.S. radio companies showing any interest in investing in AM all-digital; and that for many owners, keeping their AM stations on the air now is pretty much just about retaining their FM translator footprint rather than keeping the AM on the air on its own merits.”

Just did a rescan and--yay!--channel 39 WMJF is back up again, though 39.4, which carried ION, hasn't returned yet. Since I can get ch. 66, that's not a problem for me. Main thing was getting Quest, BUZR, and H&I back. And yes, it's kind of creepy (and frustrating) how you cannot get in touch with anyone to report problems or make complaints. -- John from Baltimore (the 1st one)

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Hey Dave our friends at "PUTIN 105.9" are at it again. On Friday, Comrade Larry was talking about the Orange One getting the corona. A caller from Bethesda said Trump should have been wearing a mask all this time, but he chose not to. Misinformation Larry immediately had music drown the guy out, and Larry then said there is no proof a mask does any good, before breaking for a commercial. Over the past year WMAL (Where Moscow Comes to Talk), disseminated Russian fake news about a murdered Democratic staffer, participated in a political dirty trick that ultimately got the President impeached, Blamed BLM for a murder committed by a White Supremacist Air Force Sargent, falsely claimed Hillary Clinton invented the Trump-Russia thing, and gave favorable airtime to several convicted felons who are close associates of the President. Now they are telling us masks do not matter? Can we just get WMAL's license revoked for national security reasons?

Here is an update on the Radio Stocks......Entercom $1.59. Beasley $1.23 and Salem $0.92. If Salem stock price does stay above the $1.00 price, NASDAQ can drop them.

ABC7/WJLA-TV announced today the hiring of Stacey Rusch as ABC7’s new Morning Traffic Anchor as well as Lifestyle Host for “Let’s Talk Live.” She joins ABC7’s popular Good Morning Washington, rounding out the team of anchors Robert Burton & Ashlie Rodriguez, StormWatch7 meteorologists Veronica Johnson & Eileen Whelan and 7 ON YOUR SIDE Consumer Investigator Horace Holmes. Rusch will be an integral part of ABC7’s Good Morning Washington team, providing breaking traffic reports and updates both on-air and digitally. In addition, she will be the new host of “Let’s Talk Live,” weekdays at 10am on sister cable channel WJLA 24/7 News. Rusch will make her Good Morning Washington debut this Wednesday, October 7. Rusch isn’t a new face to the Washington D.C. market. She has been a traffic reporter in Washington, D.C. and lifestyle host for local stations in the DMV and Baltimore, MD. She started her media career as a QVC host in the U.S., UK and Germany. “With the Washington D.C. region known for some of the most congested roads in the country, it’s important to have a knowledgeable and experienced traffic reporter in the morning who can help steer D.C. commuters straight. We’re excited Stacey can bring that talent to our morning team,” said ABC7 Vice President and General Manager Michael Miller. “Stacey’s traffic experience, winning energy and bright personality will be a huge asset to our morning team. She will be an invaluable and trusted source to our region’s morning commuters on all platforms,” said ABC7 News Director Cheryl Carson. “I am thrilled and incredibly grateful to join ABC7’s Good Morning Washington team and look forward to helping our viewers navigate their mornings. I’m also excited and honored to be part of the new and improved “Let’s Talk Live” that has been entertaining viewers for years,” Rusch said. Stacey Rusch has called the Washington area home for 10 years and is active in the community with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Humane Rescue Alliance and Becky’s Fund. She’s an avid traveler, having visited more than forty countries.

Contacting WMJF 39 is like trying to contact the wind. AFAIK, they have no GM or office in Baltimore. You could email somebody in Florida from FCC records, but good luck getting an answer. They might not even know they are off the air. The only sure way to contact them is to file an FCC complaint that forces the FCC to contact them. That’s about the only thing that ever reaches anybody and even then it’ll just go to a lawyer’s office.

Dave's response: Ah, a robo ghost TV station with no one in charge. Creepy.....

Oh, the horror, the horror, the horror: RG “The Knee” III Griffin is playing again for the Skins. Seems Griffin came out as back up QB for Ravens from his own end zone and on third play three a pick to Skins setting up a Haskin walk in TD, albeit being a losing game by these Potomac Savages (hey maybe their new name?) This prompted WMAL Redskins Radio caller/Skins Executive Julie Donaldson to quip “It looks like RG III is playing for Washington (Redskins) again.” Now THATS funny. Even more funny is that Skins actually had decent game against the vastly better Ravens team and it was good to know that RG III and Dan Snyder still suck. Donaldson is getting better and an asset to the Skins. And she’s easy on the eyes. - Nick in Arlington

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Cayman Kelly announces the release of his autobiographical story, "From $6 an Hour to a Million Dollar Dream." The popular voice-over artist wrote the inspirational tale and workbook to reveal the path of his rise from minimum-wage worker to becoming the national voice of ESPN and NFL Monday Night Football. Kelly's story is filled with humor, hope and his own brand of stylish confidence, always illustrating the importance of keeping one's feet firmly planted on the ground, with a gaze lifted up to the stars. Kelly continues to work with some of the greatest legends in entertainment, and steadfastly maintains anyone can realize their dream just as he did – by remaining dedicated to the calling that burns in their hearts. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.com. From humble beginnings as a teenaged volunteer at a radio station, to one of the most recognized voices in the nation, Kelly now has over 20 years of experience as a voice artist and radio host, including a national show on Sirius XM's Heart & Soul. Kelly's book helps guide readers on how to set their own goals, take positive action, and begin building a network of support to last a lifetime. Throughout his narrative, Kelly tackles the important task of explaining how to deal with the haters and naysayers, all while staying true to one's own unique gifts and purpose. And most importantly, Kelly helps readers define and understand the true meaning of success, which includes learning from and leveraging life's inevitable failures. "Reading Cayman's book solidifies what I already knew: that he's one of the most positive, uplifting people in the radio business. His positivity and hustle are his super powers and if you read closely, he tries to share those powers with you. I'm honored to know you, Cayman, and I'm taking notes!" – Wayne Brady (Actor, Comedian, Singer, Game Show Host)... "I've always been a fan of Cayman Kelly's work on the radio and I'm glad to know him personally. What a treat to read his new book and find he's also a great writer. Drawing on his many years of experience, filled with anecdotes featuring a who's-who of stars, he's written an inspiring, entertaining and practical book to help find your path to success." – Boney James (Saxophonist)... "Cayman is a wise man, and I love when honest men talk. You will always get an honest perspective on real life; helpful jewels that we ALL can apply! It's sincere and it really wants to show us all, based on his story, how to not only be successful, but learn how to make it last." –Shawn Stockman (co-founding member of Boyz II Men)... For the latest up-to-date news on appearances and show announcements, follow Cayman Kelly on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Cayman Kelly is a multimedia professional, host, actor, author, radio personality and leading voice-over artist known for his smooth and contemporary prime-time sound. Kelly began his promising career as a voice-over artist for BET, and has since created a wide variety of materials for television promos, including TV Land, TV One, Cartoon Network, Bounce TV and others. His catalog of hosted events and voice-overs is long and distinguished, including multiple major music festivals, like Essence, Capital Jazz, St. Kitts, Bermuda, and U Street; a voice performance for "Grand Theft Auto V"; served as emcee for performances by India Aria, Jennifer Hudson, Bobby Brown, Patti Labelle, Alicia Keys, and more; and interviews with Jamie Foxx, Mo'Nique, Janet Jackson, and Mary J. Blige. Kelly is also the imaging voice for multiple radio stations, including POWER 105.1 in New York, top-rated morning show, "The Breakfast Club," and an on-air personality for popular national Radio show on SiriusXM's Heart & Soul. Recently, Kelly was chosen as the new voice for ESPN Radio and NFL Monday Night Football. Learn more about his life and work at: www.CaymanKelly.com.

Saturday I installed a high gain UHF antenna from New Freedom,Pa to receive WMJF TV 39 What a disappointment when I could not receive a signal.Now hearing that they are off the air it gives some hope that I will receive it once they are back.Thank you John. - John from Baltimore

It is sad but true......Michael Savage is no longer on the radio. His syndicator, Westwood dumped him!

I don't understand the new math......Cumulus sells off their Tower sites for $202 Million NET to pay down their large debt. Then they turn around and lease back their Tower Sites because they need them in order to operate their Radio Stations. Therefore, they increase their operating expenses and this will reduce their stock value. Perhaps their lenders were demanding they pay down their debt? Did Cumulus ever come out of Bankruptcy? Does anyone else understand this new math?

RE: Driving Miss Dave. Actually, having been driven by DCRTVDJDAVE I happen to know he’s a great driver, he does not drink and drive because he don’t wanna spill his drink, slows for pedestrians to give them a chance before running them over, don’t text and drive or talk and drive and other than occasionally rolling down the passenger window to holler “Hubba, hubba, love my ass” to cute guys walking on the sidewalk is a perfect gentleman. The real question is what is Dave driving? Heard it was a pick up truck with “Make America Great Again” and “Homos for Trump” bumper stickers. Any chance Dave will post photo? And Dave: “Keep you eyes on the road and your hand on a beer” if you really wanna blend in to inbred land. - Nick in Arlington

Re:CFZM. It's definitely a CANADIAN Clear; however there are several Class D US stations allowed to run very low power at night which interfere with CFZM here in the US. The most egregious is WNOP near Cincinnati, OH (licensed to Newport, KY) which almost always interferes with CFZM at night at this location approximately 180 miles away. They supposedly run 30 watts at night but I doubt that. WRNR, Martinsburg, WV is only 70 miles from here running 20 nighttime watts and I never hear them. Both antenna patterns are similar in this direction. I wish the FCC would show up at WNOP's transmitter after dark and measure how much power they are really running at night.

I am driving around the mountains of Western North Carolina this morning and I hear this strangely nostalgic voice on my car radio that I, at first, can't quite place. Why it's WTOP's Neal Augenstein via NPR. He's being interviewed for a piece on Halloween trick or treat safety. Ah, "Neal Augenstein double-ewe teeeee ohhhhhh peeeeeeeeeeee newwwwwwwwwwwzzzzzzzzzzzz." Sometimes I do miss living in the DC area but then I think about the traffic and the high cost of living and I return to my senses. - DCRTV Dave

If Entercom goes into Bankruptcy, as iHeart and Cumulus did, will they be able to reduce their $2 Billion debt? Entercom was not a large company when they bought the CBS owned radio stations. Their lenders have all their assets as collateral on their large debt.

Any opinions on the new female anchor on WTTG’s morning show? To me, she’s not bad, not great, just ok.

WJFK’s Sport’s Junkies epic fail. Here the four boys — not men — have had it easy since the “Pandemic” broadcasting from the comforts of their home, still being over paid while many of their fans have lost or reduced work and and are experiencing financial disaster. 200,000 plus fellow Americans dead from the Chinese flu, their station perhaps company on the brink of collapse. So JP Flame makes minor mention of our POTUS infected, suffering symptoms and hospitalized as if it’s minor news without so much as a “Get well Mr. President, our prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery” for him or the countless others, NOT ONE WORD from any of these slobs of a hopeful, positive nature. Just crybabying about their comfort and sports bets. Why bother with JP’s mention at all? The Junkies should just take the money & bling their gig provides and, as Lunchbucket Joe would say: “Just shut up man. Just shut up” and stick to sports.

The Washington Post changed it’s PAYWALL now so that you cannot even read one story a month free anymore. You must pay to read ANY story on Washingtonpost.com. Greedy bastards. That’s going to do the exact opposite of making me want to subscribe billionaire Jeff Bezos so you can suck my dick! I’ll just get the same one free story in The NY Times instead. Now go eat shit and die.

Dave's response: That's how Jeff Bezos, the Post's owner, got to be the richest man in the universe - nickel and dime the poor, unwashed masses.....

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Although she seems like a nice woman, when are the powers that be at Fox5 realize that Erin Como has little to nothing substantial to contribute to any conversations that go on? It’s not that they’re discussing rocket science, but she seems so lost for words when it’s her time to speak. And when the more seasoned anchors, Steve, Holly & Wisdom, are discussing a subject & she’s the fourth person, she has little to contribute other than a “ that can start the conversation”.

Wondering what happened to channel 39 WMJF in Towson? First they replace GritTV with MeTV which makes no sense since there are already several MeTV affiliates around here, and now they've been off the air for several days with no explanation posted anywhere as to what's going on. Can you shed any light on this Dave? -- John from Baltimore

Congratulations to WTOP on your number one position in the Sept. Ratings with a 9.5 Share! It is nice to have an exclusive format in the market.

Among the October 1 messages was one from JA, who wrote, "But you never miss WSM on a trip across the band since it's one of the few that still plays music, although their audio processing sucks. If the FCC wants to 'revitalize' AM, they must start with regulating the debt-ridden monopolies that own those stations. JA" Not far away on the AM dial is another station that plays music all night. It is an easy catch in northern Virginia. It's CFZM ("Cee Eff Zed Emm"), in Toronto. wikipedia.org says: "CFZM is a Canadian Class A clear-channel radio station, licensed in Toronto, Ontario, which airs at 740 kHz and in downtown Toronto at 96.7 FM. The station airs an oldies format branded as Zoomer Radio, with the slogan "Zoomer Hits". Its studios are located in the Liberty Village neighbourhood, while its transmitter is located in Hornby." You've probably already discovered it. ~~ www.zoomerradio.ca ~~ twitter.com/zoomerradio ~~ Blair in Alexandria.

"Who at WTTG Fox 5 had to suck cock to get that shot on Constitution Avenue of Marine One live?" You mean "who stood on a public street"? You clearly have a fascination that you need to deal with. Gus in the Gaitersburg

WBAL-TV normally does all day Preakness Stakes broadcasts from morning until the NBC TV coverage picks up nationally with interviews with people at the track, weather from the roof, you name it, but not this year. Nothing. Sad. — BaltoMedia.net

AM Revitalization......has been a failure. If you look at the Sept Nielsen Ratings, you will see that 98% of all radio listening in the DC Market is to FM Radio now. AM is DEAD!

I hadn’t done it in a long time, so just for kicks and giggles (none of which occurred), I gave TMOS a painful listen. Listening to Mike O’Meara talk about Trump and Republican politics in general is like having a bad COVID test accident where the swab accidentally stabs you in the brain, not funny at all, and very painful to listen to such half-baked political analysis from uneducated socialists. When someone says that California is a bellwether for where the future of the Republican party is, you know you’re listening to a dim bulb.

[RE: "We love you Mr. President! Signed: Nick in Arlington"} It's Your Website, But... Posting ending with .......... kind of over the top for Trump .... many would question the 'facts' contained...

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Wow, a lot of people unhappy with The Mike O'Meara Show, and it sounds like the fish rots from the marquee name, although to be fair, Rob Spewak sucks dead donkeys. As announced here I've been on the not-listening bandwagon for some time. Hard to believe a show devoted to Mr. O'Meara talking politics didn't succeed. He's a "political junky" don't you know. As Imus used to say, "Idiot!" Gus in the Gaithersburg

And now a message from a longtime DCRTV Mailbagger regarding our POTUS, Donald John Trump: Now is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid of President Trump and our nation through prayer, positive thinking and random acts of kindness. When President Trump rallied his supporters all did so knowing the possibilities but deemed it was worth the risk. This raging bull took on his critics and naysayers with full strength until he fell ill with the Chinese plague. Now his enemy is the virus. I say God Bless President Trump, may he regain his health and with full strength finish his campaign to be re-elected and banish the fake media, the Democrats, and those who seek to only further harm America. We love you Mr. President! Signed: Nick in Arlington

Who at WTTG Fox 5 had to suck cock to get that shot on Constitution Avenue of Marine One live? I mean, that shot is almost never allowed or happens. We always get a tape delay of the President leaving for security reasons. Is WTTG parked illegally or something with the truck? I mean every network is using the shot as it’s something we never ever see live for security reasons. Even John Roberts was shocked that someone had that camera angle.

The wheels on the Lee County bus go to school, go to school....Does the precocious, spoiled, overly analyzed boy bring covid back to "At least I am Golfing Mike" now that the brat is back at school. Could not happen faster to The parents. Carla wants her hands and a real man. Mike wants to hangs with his "Mates". LOL Meanwhile, "Skank is a box", is an amazing seller to idiots like Jolene White (Does no good), Yaz, whatever her name is, another waste of whatever Carla Found in the freer to a good home bin at Arlene's barn of contaminated cosmetics. I think Eric, Oscar, and DGM are best bets for any help what so ever.

Mike scares the living shit out of Blobb and Osacr so much that all negative words on his shitty interviews and his regular explosions (He thinks he is is good at interviewing LOL.) need editing. So do all the negative written tn 1/2 fan club. Don was all the talent and could out interview Mike stoned on out on pot and Coke. Mike's insistence on his political tiny mind and view have made Oscar just give it up. Take the 49% that agree with Mike and give up on the 51% bonus and daily listeners which are leaving let over right...Get it? Get ready to sell the house in Maine.......

Replying to the commenter about the "AM Revitalization Plan." This was a misnomer, since it did not do anything to improve stations on AM channels, where declining listenership has hurt station value and commercial revenue. Instead, the federal government came up with a BUSINESS support plan, to put AM station owners on low-power FM, adding to saturated markets where normal FM license allocations were not possible. So now we have a bunch of weak FM stations simulcasting unpopular programming from the broken down AM broadcast band, which is full of noise from dirty consumer electronics the FCC failed to regulate. Seems like we need an "FCC Revitalization Plan" to find ways to get them to enforce rules that were supposed to prevent radio interference.

So I was in today's chat on the live feed. There were many negative comments about the Lincoln Project interview. The official TMOS Page scrubbed all of the negative comments out of the replays comments. Glad they believe in free speech.

UNMITIGATED DAILY DISCIPLINE IN ALL THINGS. Yesterday, on The Mike O'Meara Show [TMOS], Mike O'Meara stumbled through an interview with a GOP PAC hack. Early on, TMOS had an entertainment opportunity to stand out from the pandemic, social, and political chaos by providing a daily comedic and fun respite for their listeners. Had they stayed away from Political Persuasions 2.0, then during these turbulent times, TMOS Discipline would have Equaled Freedom - and ratings, and subscribers, and advertisers.

RE: “Bobby Trosset from WBAL RADIO must not have learned in journalism school that as a member of the media, you do not give your opinion on news stories. On President Trump's facebook post announcement about him having COVID-19, Bobby is in the comments section chastising Americans who are not offering him good thoughts. He evens goes so far as to call it shameful that people are not more supportive of the president. Journalists have no business telling us how to think or feel. Maybe Bobby can go find some day old sports to talk about instead of engaging in politics. This is more stupidity coming from that station”. = Bobby Trosset is the perfect sports guy for a small conservative town 1KW AM graveyarder. What he needs to work on first is learning to correctly pronounce the WBAL call letter. You have to hear him in action to appreciate his pronounced speech impediments. Why does management enable this?

Centennial Broadcasting II, LLC, Fredericksburg, Virginia, Hot AC WBQB (B101.5) broadcast the 7th Annual Careathon to benefit Children’s National Hospital on September 24 and 25. During the live, 28-hour event, B101.5 listeners and sponsors pledged $136,394.60. The money will go directly to Children’s National to help fund ground-breaking research and world-class care for kids in the D.C. area and beyond. The inaugural Careathon in 2014, netted just over $35,000. Today, the 7-year total pledged by B101.5 listeners and advertising partners has risen to $788,809. “It's a pleasure to work with this wonderful hospital that is so important in our community,” said Mark Bass, Fredericksburg Market Manager for Centennial Broadcasting. “Especially during this challenging time we feel it is critical Children’s National continues their commitment to quality care, research, and support to local families.”

WMUC radio DJs grapple with remote broadcasting mishaps dbknews.com ... TK in Odenton..

WQAW channel 69 (RF20), the Baltimore/DC area Azteca America Hispanic TV station has completed its construction permit for a higher position on the WMPT tower in Crofton with a better signal to Baltimore and DC. WQAW also carries COZI TV as a sub-channel on 69-3 among other things. — BaltoMedia.net

CNN is reporting that former DC lobbyist Jack Burkman and his associate Jacob Wohl have each been charged in Michigan, "with one count of intimidating voters, one count of conspiracy to commit an election law violation, one count of using a computer to commit the crime of intimidating voters and using a computer to commit the crime of conspiracy. The first two charges each carry a maximum of five years in prison and the latter two charges carry a maximum of seven years in prison." Jack used to guest on NewsMax TV shows as a "Washington insider," slinging content soaked with conspiracy theories, from his place in Arlington. The NewsMax home office in Florida has to be regretting that decision this morning.

Bobby Trosset from WBAL RADIO must not have learned in journalism school that as a member of the media, you do not give your opinion on news stories. On President Trump's facebook post announcement about him having COVID-19, Bobby is in the comments section chastising Americans who are not offering him good thoughts. He evens goes so far as to call it shameful that people are not more supportive of the president. Journalists have no business telling us how to think or feel. Maybe Bobby can go find some day old sports to talk about instead of engaging in politics. This is more stupidity coming from that station.

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Dave, what is it about Sinclair that prompted you to move to the Charlotte DMA, where there are no Sinclair stations (for now)? I know Sinclair has made some waves esp. in 2004 when they wouldn't allow their ABC affiliates (including WXLV here in the Greensboro market, east-adjacent to yours) to air an episode of Nightline that mentioned names of those that died in the Middle East wars, but I find all big-name broadcasting companies to be full of shit. I remember when my local affiliates had newscast graphics, lettering that was unique to that particular station...but unfortunately nowadays that's gone. WFMY (channel 2, CBS) for example, used to have its own newscast look, but now it's the exact same graphics, lettering as WCNC, WVEC, WUSA, etc. (all Tegna owned). Ditto with WXII (channel 12, NBC), they have same news graphics as WDSU in New Orleans (both Hearst owned); in 2003, I went to the Big Easy, and saw a bit of 'DSU's newscast...it about felt like I was watching 'XII back home lol! The homogenization of newscast looks by these "soulless" conglomerates just plain sucks. Many stations aren't allowed to have their own local look anymore! Heck, the same damn thing is the case with many commercial radio stations, as many soulless corporations like iHeart (formerly Clear Channel), Entercom, etc. own so many stations across the land and must have some damned automated playlist deciding what gets played and not a live, local DJ am I right?. I've heard the same songs played over and over in my dentist's office, which is set to an iHeart station (WMAG 99.5), and each time I went to have my mouth worked on was late-afternoon! A big part of why I just listen to non-comm public radio now! (And have for quite awhile) Still some local DJ's and true local feel to them! On a side note, welcome back Gus! Stuart

Longtime WBAL AM morning man Bob Jones passed away. He was on from 1968 to the early 90s with Jim West. Ron in Annapolis

Didn't mean to get you started on Coast to Coast AM, Dave. I share your frustration with AM coverage. I'm guessing you've already tried flipping over to 1140 if WBT farts. I listen online a lot too, as I don't have any local stations in my region. But the fun part is just the nostalgia of tuning around the AM band and listening to something coming over the airwaves, even with moderate hetrodyne, hash and propagation waves. I've got a 440 foot antenna that stretches around my property. But sometimes it can hurt as much as help because it's non-directional. I have an indoor directional, but it's passive, so I don't have any amplification to help. And I'll say this about Coast to Coast; It takes a really tolerant and open minded person to run a show like that. I'm into conspiracies and government disclosure and all that stuff, but some of the whack-jobs I hear now and then are wayyyyyyyyyy out there. But George Noory is respectful, he doesn't 'dumb down' or insult the guest, regardless of their wild theory or story. Not easy to do if you have a 'flat earther' on the show. But Noory pulls it off. And for the most part, the guests on that show are fascinating and the topics are engaging and make you think. JA

LOL. Most people move to be closer to family (or get away), for a new job, a new life. Dave has such high levels of TDS he moved to get away from a TV network. Pathetic.

Re: "Where is Megan Kelly or Greta Van Sustern?" Don't forget Paula Zahn who preceded Greta. Hard to understand why anyone would leave the network with the most viewers, week after week, month after month, for another with only a small fraction of the viewers, especially since just about everyone who has made such a move has failed at the new network. Although, maybe Fox Network reporters going to a local station is ok as with Steve Chenevey.

Google's YouTube TV dumps Sinclair's newly purchased Fox Sports regional sports networks as of today, Oct. 1. This was an extension but negotiations have broken down again. No word on when they will return as most of the sports league seasons on those channels are over. As usual, Sinclair once again doesn’t comment on anything. Youtube states it hopes to have the channels back regionally by next season. www.tvtechnology.com — BaltoMedia.net

Dave's response: I moved to Morganton NC this year specifically because there are no Sinclair stations in the Charlotte market, where my new hometown is. Just west of here, I'd be in the Greenville-Asheville market and get Sinclair's WLOS 13 from Asheville. And just north of here I'd get Bristol VA/TN's WCYB 5, another Sinclair station. Not to say that the Charlotte stations, owned by Cox, Tegna, Gray, and Fox, are any better. BTW, check out the Wikipedia entry on WLOS. Back in the analog days, their mountain top broadcast signal had a seven state coverage area - from West Virginia to Georgia.....

THE WHEELS OF THE LEE COUNTY FLORIDA PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT BUSES GO ROUND AND ROUND. With the state a few days fully "opened," Florida has already added 2,628 coronavirus cases Thursday to push the statewide total to 709,144 infected. With 127 new virus fatalities reported statewide, 14,444 Florida residents are now dead. For Lee County, already 70 new cases and 9 deaths. On his TMOS Podcast, Mike O'Meara, living dangerously, declares he's now put his 7 year old son back on the school bus. Whatever. I'm just glad TMOS has a fast-forward feature that lets us skip the political/social commentary. Got thru yesterday's Podcast in 7 minutes.

Shepard Smith debuted last night on CNBC as expected to, ummm, crickets. Another Fox News anchor with #1 ratings who will disappear on an unwatched channel. I’ll give him 6 months. Where is Megan Kelly or Greta Van Sustern? Have their bodies been found yet?

The Sept Ratings are out today......1 WTOP 9.5, 2 WHUR 8.2, 3 WMAL 8.0, 4 WAMU 6.4, 5 WMMJ 6.4 6 WASH 5.8, 7 WETA 5.3, 8 WIHT 3.6, 9 WBIG 3.6, 10 WWDC 3.3, 11 WIAD 3.2, 12 WMZQ 3.0, 13 WKYS 2.8, 14 WGTS 2.8, 15 WPGC 2.7, 16 WJFK 2.1, 17 WLZL 1.5, 18 WPRS 1.4, 19 WLVW 1.0

Cunulus sells its Tower Portfolio to Vertical Bridge for $202 Million Net. Cumulus says the money will go to pay down their debt.

There’s been chatter about the possible fate of WTTG’s tower at 5151 Wisconsin Avenue. (Longtime location of WASH-FM, too, but not for the past 20 years or so.) I do know the owners have worried about structural strength. At one point they had to add some strengthening steel at several key points. A personal friend was their corporate counsel at the time and the tower was right outside his office window. He told me the rumors and remediation work constantly had him on edge. -P of the AW

Will there be any more televised presidential debates on either broadcast TV or cable? There is talk afoot of giving the moderator of the next event the ability to cut off someone's mic if they're being a dick. But unless you chain them each to their respective podiums, nothing is stopping the other from stomping across the stage and grabbing the other's microphone to continue their tirade. No rules, remember?

RE: AM Revitialization… Why is AM 630 now bottom of the ratings? Well this has something to do with it. Look at the BEFORE pic for WMAL AM 630 and the after pic of WSBN AM 630. Under a successful AM Revitalization Plan, you would think AM 630 would not be neutered so serious in this way, but this was necessary per the current rules. And look how many even possible listeners are now lost forever? Just because they moved the site, all kinds of new nulls were required that were not required before. There was no null to WWJZ 630 when they upgraded to 10kw and expanded the signal back then way down into Virginia. Just look at all the places you cannot hear AM 630 anymore even if you wanted to. in the first pic, WMAL 630 is the best AM signal in the DC market. Not now. And then onto WFED AM 1500. As a Class A station you would think it should at least be omnidirectional daytime, but nope. Why their night time signal is even worse is also a failure of the AM revitalization program. Protecting skywaves this much now is horse and buggy thinking since few people listen to AM radio in the first place, but that's the kind of FCC that we have today. They still think it’s 1930 as far as the AM radio rulemaking.

"I't's official. Ten years of TMOS ended today. I will cancel Bonus next. Mike thinks he is the Democratic Hannity of podcasting. What a hoot! IT SUCKS!" Welcome, my friend. Welcome to the real world. You have left T(he) M(atrix) O(f) ...(uck) Your comparison was apt, Sean Hannity is surely stupid. Gus in the Gaithersburg

As a hobbyist, I enjoy tuning in AM stations at night to see what I find. Did it when I was a kid. Only back then, most of the 50kw stations (and most radio stations in general) played music, which was worth listening to. And fun. Now it seems that almost all the grand 50,000 watt blowtorches like WBT, WSB, WRVA, WABC, and all the rest are nothing but .... yawn .... talk. Mostly political bullshit. Airwave pollutants. At least until Coast to Coast AM comes on at 1 AM. But you never miss WSM on a trip across the band since it's one of the few that still plays music, although their audio processing sucks. If the FCC wants to 'revitalize' AM, they must start with regulating the debt-ridden monopolies that own those stations. JA

Dave's response: Don't get me started on "Coast To Coast AM." When I was in Athens GA last year, it was on a local FMer. No problem. But when I am forced to listen to it on AM, like here in western NC, I cannot get it on my trusty portable AM radio because the building and related electronic interference pretty much blocks out all but the very strongest signals. I know you can get local Charlotte talker WBT 1110 up there in DC at night, but not here in western NC due to its highly directional night pattern. I have abandoned broadcast AM radio and listen to the show on some other station's web stream. Let's face it, AM radio is just unlistenably dead for most folks.....

The all-time high Entercom Communications stock closing price was 66.56 on January 21, 2000. As of today it's at 1.58. It's a trash company. The only stockholders left are the Field family, which have over spent and ruined a once great company. This will be the next radio company that files for bankruptcy. Maybe when they have to divest, some of the local owners will come back and invigorate local radio, but don't hold your breath.

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