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DCRTV Mailbag - January 1, 2019 to January 31, 2019

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Some TV repack battles are brewing. WETA 26 is scheduled to move to channel 31 this summer at 1000kw in Phase 4, a substantial power & signal upgrade. But they're having trouble with Tegna’s WUSA 9 and Sinclair’s WJLA 7 as they don’t have to change channels and do not want to spend any money on their aging tower to support WETA’s need for a new combiner to power the multiple signals on the tower (shared also with WHUT 32 & WPXW 66). The FCC will only pay for 1/3rd of the cost, and both Tegna and Sinclair are refusing to pay for any of the rest. WETA has therefor notified the FCC that they will be operating from their AUX facility in Arlington until the matter is resolved. They’ll still move to channel 31, but on a much shorter tower and only one quarter the power. With Sinclair heavily invested in ATSC 3.0, this seems counter-intuitive to their ultimate goal, which is to get WETA to upgrade to ATSC 3.0 transmitter tech. This just adds to WETA’s repack troubles. They were previously assigned channel 14, but also had trouble with WUSA & WJLA’s tower being too cramped to even house a channel 14 full power facility as well as cost. WETA has to vacate channel 27 this summer regardless as that will be used by WMAR 2 in Phase 9. WETA is once again asking the FCC for help in mediating this issue. enterpriseefiling.fcc.gov... — BaltoMedia.net (1/31/19)

Nexstar has filed its FCC application to purchase Washington’s WDCW CW 50 and all the Tribune TV stations. Nexstar intends to keep WDVM 25 in Hagerstown as well. Makes you wonder if they ultimately have different plans for this odd adjacent market but not adjacent market duopoly. And maybe CW 50 gets news again? Part of Nextstar’s main offer for approval by the FCC of buying the Tribune stations is increased local news production at the Tribune and Nexstar TV stations. We shall see. (1/31/19)

In the current issue of Rob Spewak's side project, the Cake and Cookies podcast: at the 20-something minute mark self-imagined musicologist Spewak says, speaking of Raymond Scott's 'Powerhouse' "It's in a weird meter". Well no, Rob, it's not. One can hear and the score confirms that it's in 4/4 or "Common" time. Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/31/19)

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Anyone else getting tired of WAMU in the morning with "know it all" Steve Inskeep getting ahead of the people he interviews? No matter whether the NPR host is talking with a reporter or a newsmaker, he summarizes the whole story and asks them to comment, leaving them nothing to comment upon. Uh, why are they there, then? Unless he likes to hear the "That's right, Steve." One correspondent stopped at that, leaving a flustered Inskeep to follow up, ahahaha. He's been doing this for a couple months now. Didn't used to be that bad, when he would let the other person tell the story or comment their point of view. Ugh. (1/30/19)

So would NBC4’s Chris Lawrence’s move to Dallas be considered an upgrade or a lateral move? Also, any news on Angie Goff’s supposed move to WTTG? (1/30/19)

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'80s singer/songwriter James Ingram died Tuesday at age 66. How about it, 94.7? Gonna play some of his tunes in tribute on Wednesday? (1/29/19)

As for Pollin on radio, he has 'never' been competent. Sure he knows Redskins stuff. But who really cares. As for Carol from Ch 4, she is OK. I think the best on sports in DC TV is Sherree Burruss. Doing a fantastic job. (1/29/19)

There are some wonderful tributes to Dave Durian on the WBAL Radio website: www.wbal.com (1/29/19)

From Jan 27: "Now that the Government Shutdown is over for three weeks, let's hope to the FCC will go back to work and get something done". Amen. I'm waiting for them to send my renewed ham radio license. I can listen all I want, but I can't "key up" worth a damn. Thanks Trump. (1/29/19)

Here is a possible example of what can happen in this time of translators crammed into densely-populated regions: this (Tuesday) morning, the WOL 95.9 translator blew away full-size sister station WWIN-FM Glen Burnie in parts of Baltimore County and Carroll County. It was noticed shortly after midnight in the Hampstead Wal-Mart parking lot and continued as we drove South on Maryland Route 30 to the 140/795 interchange near Reisterstown. The WOL repeater grew stronger as we moved northwest on 140, with Glen Burnie returning intermittently in Westminster. Remember that all of the areas we drove are hundreds of feet above sea level along ridges that can favor the DC region. This was the first time that we had tried 95.9 since the directional translator raised its height a while back. Warm weather in spring years ago would see WGRQ near Fredericksburg wipe out WWIN in Pimlico during morning drive, but many FM's suffer those seasonal hits. (1/29/19)

"This jerk who calls himself "Gus in Gaithersburg" needs to get a life! " Wow, it's like you were there in the room with my mom and the dodgy abortionist! We've laffed about that at many a family dinner. Check out the June 17, 1967 Washington Post. Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/29/19)

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Someone seems to love hating WZHF-1390 and its FM repeater at 105.5 because it broadcasts Radio Sputnik; I am surprised that that same person doesn't complain about WCRW-1190, which broadcasts, in English, China Radio International, also a gov't run broadcast, 24 hours per day also. It seems to violate the same principles. In fact, I would think that this someone would complain also about WYPR-HD2; it also broadcasts 24 hours/day a foreign gov't sponsored broadcast, the BBC World Service. Clearly, the complainer has double standards. In my opinion, all three should be accepted on our broadcast airwaves, as long as the station itself is owned by Americans, who are ultimately responsible for it. So unless one has problems equally with all three foreign broadcasters, I don't need to hear complaints about just one of them. -- Carl in Olney (1/28/19)

Former Baltimore radio and tv news anchor Dave Durian has passed away. According to broadcast reports, he died overnight at his home in Baltimore County. Durian was 72. (1/28/19)

Is anyone else curious about the hiring of Ameshia Cross, Commentator, by Sinclair Broadcasting to bring a more "liberal" balance to their stooge Boris Epshteyn and his idiotic, low rated show "Bottom Line with Boris"? A more appropriate name for the show would be "Boris at the Bottom", but that is just this viewer's opinion. How convenient Sinclair hired someone to try and appeal to 3 major demographics in the DMV, young, black, women. If anyone really believes that Sinclair wants to counter Boris E., and his praise of Trump and his agenda, don't be a fool. This is all about the many complaints to management regarding their extremely conservative views and assuming that viewers are dumb enough to buy it. (1/28/19)

SOMAR didn’t even know about the 98.3 translator move until too late, Dec. 19, right before the government shutdown, so that signal will likely never go on the air. At least not from the email they sent me about suing. :-) (1/28/19)

Friends of mine tell me that despite the move over to 106.7, Pollin is still full of himself and let's just say this...no one works well or has decent chemistry with Andy because he's better than everyone in the market...also, Carol needs another profession. Whenever I saw her on Channel 4, she never came off credible on any topic! Sportstalk radio would be better in DC if 106.7 would hire fresh talent! How about trying to find smarter people who want to work and who are hungry to cover area sports. (1/28/19)

WFRE = 8.7? I'm not sure what's lower, Trump's approval ratings or WFRE's. They have lost half their audience in the two years! What is going on in Frederick? No wonder iHeart can't sell that station. Fred R (1/28/19)

The Gamut's application to relocate its 98.3 translator to Arlington has been granted over the objections of WSMD-FM. Somar may have had a point with their objection, but went about it horribly - quite a few of the 130(!) listener declarations are from those listening in places like PG, very far afield from the translator. Those that do claim to be in W252DC's 60 dBu contour because they are commuters to Arlington or Tysons don't get any more specific than a city, and the FCC requires specific addresses where listening is or could be affected. Don't do your due diligence and you get what you deserve, I suppose. But once the translator goes on the air they might have another chance. fccdata.org (1/28/19)

Breaking on WJFK Sports Junkies: “Junks empire expands to another station, WRNL 910 Richmond is our next station”, said John Paul Flame ”next Monday, February 4th”. (1/28/19)

Hell freezes over: President Trump favors CNN & PMSNBC over Fox News for their better understanding of his “wall positions”. Can Trump being on the Racheal Maddow Show or Don Lemon Tonight be far off? We report, you decide: dailycaller.com (1/28/19)

This jerk who calls himself "Gus in Gaithersburg" needs to get a life! (1/28/19)

WDVM has upsetted and constantly harassed the Hagerstown’s mayor after the mayor refused to get involved with the station’s cable issue with Antietam Cable. www.localdvm.com (1/28/19)

Carol Maloney was good at getting guests for Andy this weekend. But, the chemistry was bad. And, you could hear she is not good with out a screen to read off to talk. She is more a "Reader" than a "Thinker". (1/28/19)

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Look for an announcement about Carol Maloney on Monday. Teased it while subbing for Thom on Andy Pollin's show Saturday. (1/27/19)

Rick Gevers' Associates and others are retracting a statement about new news director at WJLA-TV. There are some reports (unconfirmed) that Cheryl Carson is not the news director at WJLA. See a statement from Rick Gevers' Associates: www.rickgevers.com (1/27/19)

Now that the Government Shutdown is over for three weeks, let's hope to the FCC will go back to work and get something done. How about closing some of the loopholes in the FCC Rules? For example, not being able to park stations in your "Trust" when you are required to sell them under the FCC Rules. There is no time limit on how long you can "park" them in your "Trust". Some stations have been in trust for over 10 years. (1/27/19)

Foreign Governments cannot own Radio Stations in the United States under the FCC Rules. Loophole....a way to get around this rule is for a radio station to lease their airtime to a Foreign Government like WZHF 1390 AM is doing now. The FCC is aware of it but does nothing to close this loophole. (1/27/19)

The people who work at the FCC have never worked at a Radio Station and most have never even been in a radio station. They are the people who make up the thousands of Rules and Regulations that apply to broadcasters. They are the experts! Why does this Administration not get rid of of all these regulations that are outdated and just cause a burden on small broadcasters? (1/27/19)

Great article on the late Terry Alley Smith, WNAV's jack of all trades: www.capitalgazette.com (1/27/19)

On this week's segment of "I've Been Thinking About," Pat Sajak has been thinking about Terry Alley... (1/27/19)

The Newseum started out life in the dome in Rosslyn back in the mid-late 90s. I think that corner of town would be a worthwhile place for them to head back to. When / if they ever get around to blowing up the RCA building, that would be a great place to construct a new one. (1/27/19)

"Nielsen is ... a monopoly." I thought I had dealt with this before, but like the man sez, one more once. Nielsen is not a monopoly, assfuck. There are three ratings companies in the U.S. You again voice your belief that they should give their product away for free. I want free stuff from McDonalds and Neiman Marcus and Amazon but it's not gonna happen. I'm sorry you're retarded but shut the fuck up with this Nielsen nonsense. Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/27/19)

The media's overall Approval Rating is now at a record low at 18%, so if Democracy is dying in Darkness, it’s more the Bezos monster Washington Post and the other lame stream media, including all three main news networks, not Trump who’s more the problem. 18% Approval crosses every demographic line. There’s almost no one who likes the media anymore. Trump has never gone below his 40% base despite 2 years of 90% hate on him. He has a lesser skillset to handle the media or the Presidency, clearly not as smart as Obama . But how can anyone explain this in anything but negative terms for the media more than Trump? (1/27/19)

As much as 105.7 is just fine and doesn’t need the Sports Junkies is exactly why could end up there at some point. Radio companies constantly tries to fix what’s not broke or roll heads to pay for programs like the Sports Junkies. They will end up on at least 1300. How much longer will Ed Norris be around? He supposedly had a 10 year contract with CBS Radio he signed in 2008 or 2009 IIRC. One day 105.7 will probably have a regional or national morning show whether it’s the Sports Junkies or Boomer Esiason’s show. (1/27/19)

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I don't know Dave, the Junks get callers from up North often. The signal dies badly heading up 95 like it does 270. Lots of people from UMD up there and know the Junks. Maybe Valdez can do a purple hour once a week??? Non-sports people like the Junks. Mabe not on their Fan but one of the other stations there? Lots of old HFS people up that way too. OOBBEE (1/26/19)

WMAL has sent out via e-mail a “select group” listener survey from the station’s “VP”: “As one of our listeners, you're probably aware that we've been working hard for the past several years to stay ahead of rapid changes in the radio and technology landscape. We're contacting you now to learn more about your media habits and your opinions about the media you use. Our goal is to continue to provide great content on the platforms and devices you use most often, so we're inviting you to share your opinions about technology in our annual survey. You are among a select group of listeners invited to participate and tell us how you use the radio, along with social media, smartphones, tablets, streaming and the web to stay connected to entertainment, news, and updates from us and other sources. Whether you use all these things or not, we really need your opinion. Your responses will be kept completely confidential, and we will never share your personal information with anyone. We'll only use the information you provide to enhance our service. I do have to let you know that this survey may take you as long as 15-20 minutes to complete, but you can stop, save your work, and resume at any time. Because of the many changes in technology, it covers a lot of ground. We hope you have the time to help us out and let us know your opinions. When you're ready to take the survey, just click the link below to participate. We hope you'll find it to be an interesting way to reflect on your own changing habits as one of our fans and radio listener. Thanks in advance for your time and for your support. WMAL VIP”. Take the survey: links.mkt51.net (1/26/19)

WTOP'S "Media Habits Survey" wtop.com (1/26/19)

Bummer. Looks like the Newseum is going to be history by the end of this year if they can't find another location they can operate profitably from: www.baltimoresun.com (1/26/19)

"The Drive hasn't improved in ratings since it switched to Classic Hits ...You think maybe there isn't a market here in DC for that format?" There totally is. But 94.7 has to have strong visible personalities that are "bus card worthy", a big promo push, and sponsored events that just grab this town by the 'nads. Without that, they may as well be a rimshot AM on night power. (1/26/19)

Nielsen is in negotiation to sell the company.. The asking price is $10 Billion. Their stock is selling at $25 per share. They are a monopoly. Remember when the telephone company was a monopoly before the Justice Department broke it up? On their Radio Ratings side, they announced they would no longer list stations unless the stations paid them and subscribed to their "service". (1/26/19)

Okay, in Richmond there's two full power sports talkers. Both have local shows that cover some of the morning drive. WXGI(Owned by Urban One) whose primary signal is at AM 950 with three translators in Richmond and Petersburg, has Golic and Wingo from 6-8am then they have a local show from 8-10am. WRNL(Owned by Entercom) which has a signal at AM 910, has a local show from 6am-9am followed by Dan Patrick. SummitMedia has a low power station at 106.1 which broadcasts on the HD2 signal of WURV as well, has a full time affiliation with CBS Sports Radio(The national feed). You could take the feed from WURV HD2 with the translator at 106.1(W29CL) and it does give good coverage but for the most part, your better idea would be to have WRNL cover the Junkies IF they're getting a affiliate in Richmond. The signal from WRNL covers the area quite well even before sunrise so the Junkies would be better off on there. I doubt that Urban One will use Power 92.1 to carry the Junks. I doubt that Entercom will put the Junks on any of their other stations and doubt that Summit would consider WKLR as a option given that Billy D is quite popular in the area. In effect, RVA will either get WRNL or maybe WXGI as a Junks affiliate or else it's rely on radio.com, WTAR's stream OR NBCS Washington. (1/26/19)

"Junk’s mentioned a big announcement for Monday." It's the first ever Junkies Anal Apostrophe Telethon. Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/26/19)

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Junk’s mentioned a big announcement for Monday. I am sure it is adding Baltimore and/or Richmond to the Norfolk simulcast announced this week. Just makes sense. OOBBEE (1/25/19)

Dave's response: The Junks need to pick markets that are Redskins-friendly. Norfolk, Richmond, Roanoke, Eastern Shore, Western Maryland. Baltimore? No. Entercom's co-owned 105.7 The Fan, WJZ-FM, does just fine without the Junks.....

Reston Translator 105.5 FM is carrying the Sputnik Russian Propaganda and is told they must register as a Russian Agent by the Justice Department. The owner of the translator, John Garziglia says he should not be forced to register as an agent. He is leasing his translator to them for $30,000 per month. WZHF 1390 AM is also leasing the station to the Russians. It is owner by Arthur Liu. His lease fee is $35,000 per month. It appears like the Russians are paying $65,000 per month to get their propaganda in DC. (1/25/19)

The Judge in Texas has approved the "reorganization" plan for iHeart to come out of Bankruptcy. It seems like the lenders will become the new owners of the company. iHeart will become two different companies. One company will be the "Outdoor" Company and the other company will be the Radio Company. (1/25/19)

Wmal stream broke keeps playing same promos,ads on a loop (1/25/19)

Dave's response: Nothing to complain about there.....

In regard to the layoffs at ABC 7 WJLA- riddle me this. We know that WRC is #1 in the area for news and WTTG is #2, Of the two that are left, which station has the worse ratings for their news casts WJLA or WUSA? Are WDVM's news ratings higher than WJLA and WUSA? (1/25/19)

(1) A new logo and website is slowly rolling out for WLXE: autentica1600.com. The audio stream is at : which is revised. (For now, their Android App is mis-configured to relay a Mexican rock station.) (2) WCTN is indeed now all-Spanish, although just playing Latin music from their own archives, not parallel with WLXE except when Agenda DC Radio is airing. (3) WERQ HD2 has returned to carrying Bollywood-style Hindi language programming. (Radio Zindagi I believe.) HD3 still relays WOLB. Hindi radio is becoming an interesting offering on many HD subchannels across the US, including in Richmond. Just look at the list for Arohi Media: arohimedia.net... (1/25/19)

I see the latest radio ratings and the Drive hasn't improved in ratings since it switched to Classic Hits Fresh FM was about the same in its last months 17 th 18 th You think maybe there isn't a market here in DC for that format? because Philly New York City have successful stations with that format WOGL WCBS-FM respectfully .Now I have to ad DC Has no Classic Hits on analog radio but with HD radio Wash FM HD2 has a Classic hits/ Oldies format and its a rim shot for 1420 WKCW Warrenton and 95.9 WGRQ Colonial Beach which also has that format and you can receive in parts of Northern Virginia. I think the playlist for The Drive isn't good but I don't know if its any worse than the Philly or New York City Classic Hits stations. (1/25/19)

A poster made a comment about Sinclair and Baltimore's WBFF and its facilities. Keep in mind that WBFF was a STARTUP news operation in 1991 so they probably have the newest facilities in the region and Sinclair had to spend money on it to build it up. (1/25/19)

OSCAR SANTANA eMBA:: So on yesterday's The Mike O'Meara Show [ TMOS ] Oscar Santana announced that he needs a new roof for his matchbook size home. Two estimates $7500-$14,500. Payment method, credit card. Riddle me this. As a partner in TMOS, wouldn't you just trade-out that roof job for sponsorship/ad time? Same thing when partner Robb Spewak needed a new KIA, or when the time comes for O'Meara to get a new golf cart; Obama, Malcom X, MLK collage to piss-off his white racist Florida golf buddies extra. Or better yet, why is O'Meara spending a lot of money every month on a health insurance premium? Trade that shit out - all of it and every other big purchase Santana, Spewak & O'Meara need. SYM 'Save Your Cash.' Signed, Captain Common Sense w/o an eMBA (1/25/19)

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From FTVLive: "Right now, WKYC Anchor Sara Shookman is working with WUSA comedian (we’re not making this up) Reese Watters on what Tegna hopes to be the future of late news." There's a good chance it won't involve much actual journalism, so what's the actual point? www.ftvlive.com (1/24/19)

The axe swung mightily at Sinclair's WJLA station in Arlington, VA yesterday with the layoff(?) of 5 long time staff. Two Reporters, two Producers and a Production Manager. The excuse given was $$$$$$$$$$$$$$, which is the only thing the corporate "Masters of the Universe" seem to comprehend or care about. Dedication and hard work mean little to Sinclair's corporate ship of fools and the exodus continues. Morale is at an all time low, many are currently looking and/or interviewing for work elsewhere and those that aren't are extremely worried that they may be next on the chopping block. If the big wigs are so concerned about money, perhaps they should refuse their next raise, which would more than make up for any monies they claim they are losing. However, when the hand reaching for the money touches their wallets they panic and look for others to slaughter. Ratings remain dismal, the news about the new News Director isn't going over well, the fact that Ameshia Cross has just been hired to try and bring some counter-balance to their Trump puppet, Boris Epshteyn and his show, "Bottom Line with Boris", as well as the hiring of Fox's disgraced sexual harasser James Rosen shows the incompetence of those at the helm of Sinclair's sinking ship......................and it's only January folks! (1/24/19)

I love how FTVLive states, "WJLA is basically a train-wreck right now and it needs a lot of work." I hope they told that to Cheryl Carson *before the fact* and she's not just finding out now in the 'trades as she's packing the U-Haul. (1/24/19)

If you're looking for 12+ for the shore, 6am-mid: Froggy 7.2... Q-105 6.1... Kiss 4.1... Magic 4.1... The Beach... (1/24/19)

Remember when Buzz Burbank was actually funny with the news? Well not anymore. I checked out his podcast and apparently he’s not taking his medication for TDD. I was expecting some comedy with the news. I got nothing but the same MSNBC & CNN drivel. Even if Don & Mike did a reunion, I would think they would run from this mental patient, a non-funny Dem Talking Points rant that just won’t STFU! No wonder his podcast is free. Who the FUCK would PAY for it? HAHA! www.relmnetwork.com (1/24/19)

DC Media Fire: Anyone who saw FOX News Sunday could see that Mike Pence was sitting right next to Chris Wallace when he said the “It looks like we’re back in the 1950s” comment and Pence appeared live right after it. It was clearly directed at WTTG's antiquated facility, which they are leaving as soon as possible and not Pence and I do not think Chris Wallace said it for any political reason, simply the fact that their usual graphics package was not available or the studio was shitty, smaller, or older. They only had 2 hours notice to switch this so I’m not surprised. FNC’s Mediabuzz had more time. But that didn’t make it any less funny. And like I’ve said before, DC has the most antiquated TV transmission facilities of any Top 10 Market, some unchanged since the 1950s-60s! I mean, seriously, even lowly WMAR TV has moved to new facilities since WTTG. Sinclair spent a fortune on Baltimore’s WBFF facility just to knock WMAR out of #3 in news ratings, and on the tallest TV tower in Maryland, DC, PA, VA, DE, and WV, but Sinclair is pinching pennies in DC, only because the competition is the same or worse! They really don’t have to spend any money on WJLA ABC 7 to make money. Finally, I don’t think Gus in Gaithersburg is Don Geronimo because I would find it hard to think that he could be that stupid after seeing Donnie G live at a Vegas style show. :-) (1/24/19)

FTVLive reports that Sinclair has been swinging the budget ax at WJLA. Veteran reporters Stephen Tschida and Richard Reeve are gone, along with a number of off-camera folks. (1/24/19)

Layoffs have gone down at WJLA-TV. Richard Reeves and Stephen Tschida have been whacked (as in let go from the station). FTVLive reports that other on-air and off-air staff are expected to be let go. See link: www.ftvlive.com... WJLA will soon announced the new news director. There is no word if Cheryl Carson who worked at King 5 will be the news director for WJLA. This must be confirmed first. Also, Sinclair hired Ameshia Cross to host and produced “Left Cross with Ameshia Cross”. Cross is a liberal and the show is the liberal version of the “Bottom Line with Boris Epshteyn.” See web link: www.ftvlive.com... (1/24/19)

To the person who said Cheryl Carson who was formerly the news director at KING-TV is correct that she will be the news director for WJLA-TV. See Rick Gevers' Associates for more information: www.rickgevers.com (1/24/19)

WJFK’s Sports Junkies announced they will be broadcast live from 6:00AM to 10:00AM on Norfolk’s Sports Radio station 96.5 FM and 850 AM WTAR beginning Monday, January 28: twitter.com (1/24/19)

"They have the balls goof on fat women when they are both fat asses. " True dat. Every time Mike is asked about his diet he reliably either says "I'm down a pound" or "I'm down two pounds" which is code for "I went to the bathroom" although I'm sure he thinks it's real, OR he says "Thirty-eight pounds" which is either what he lost when they had Weight-Not as a sponsor or it's his lifetime total. But it's always "thirty-eight pounds". Sorry your buddy got suckered into buying the bonus show. Tell "him" there's no shame in admitting it, know'm sayin'? Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/24/19)

To the person asking about Keven Sheehan's removal. I hear Chris and he were two of the highest salaries at TEM. What is left is a rookie in the AM and some ex-Jocks not needing big $$$. Czabe works for not what he brings in but has other $$$ sources. Look up Kevin's poscast which, like others, is hard to catch up with all every day. (TMOS, Tony, BOAD, etc). But, it has Thom, Chris, SVP, Andy, etc for old time sake. Of course, his pod is never the same time length. LOL. He still goes over like he did on TEM. Kevin -80-100 min max! Good to see he has great sponsors off the start. OOBBEE (1/24/19)

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OMG, the TMOS Bonus Pod is SOOOOOOOOOO bad last week. Word game run by Roob????? This is bonus??? Glad I use a buddies account! Not finished listening to the end but, I bet, as usual, Roob will make sure Mike wins a game. (1/23/19)

I am interested in investing in radio stocks. Here are the latest prices for these stocks......Which is the best opportunity? Urban One $2.31, iHeart 30 cents OTC, Spanish Broadcasting System 25 cents, Salem $2.59, Beasley $4.57 Entercom $7.03. These prices are very low now and a good time to buy. (1/23/19)

Time was, you'd go to the supermarket and the overhead speakers would be playing some schmaltzy WGAY-FM Percy Faith arrangement of "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head". Today at the Giant market in West Springfield, shoppers were serenaded by The Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated". Ever thought you'd see the day when the classic punk anthem everyone slam-danced to a full 41 years ago would become Muzak? Ponderous... (1/23/19)

Gus is so right about pompous Mike on TMOS. Only Robb got up in Mike's ass to kiss it. The kid did nothing wrong. The old man started it. He was not an "Elder". The huge news operations took a tweet and ran with it with no vetting. That is where news is now. 10 years ago The Post, CNN, NYT would not have ran with a blind tweet. Only Oscar called him out on it. Mike said the kid should get smacked. Real classy. He talks about racism but he and Robb still plays oriental music to goof on people. He once said he took his girls home from the beach because it "Got too dark". They have the balls goof on fat women when they are both fat asses. (1/23/19)

With all the outrage Chris Plante, Larry O'Connor, and Rush, had concerning how wrong the a$$hole kids were treated by the media, and how the longer video exhonerated their actions (it did not), we now find the parents and the schools higher ups, and possibly the Archdiocese itself, hired a Republican leaning "crisis PR firm" to coordinate a defense for these kid's bad behavior. It is now clear WMAL assisted in this mission of this PR firm to obfuscate the facts. With all the denouncing of the mainstream media, and shifting blame on others, no mention by WMAL's three stooges of these kid's harassment of women on the street, and there was no mention of the kids making snarky defense of rape comments and laughing about it in front of grown women. We, as listeners, were just yelled at over the radio how innocent these White "children" were. Larry went so far as to say it was a hit job, and it was his duty to uncover the whole truth. Did Larry tell us about the Republican leaning, crisis PR firm hired? No, Larry knew about it before we did, used their word for word defense, and forgot to mention a professional PR firm was behind what Larry was saying. Does Larry think his listeners are that gullible? After Larry got caught trying to ruin Shirley Sherrod's life in order to back up a ridiculous Sean Hannity claim, you would think Larry would be a little less self righteous. He is still the ass he always was. I have teenage boys, and they would never act like these brats, because they were taught to show respect to all adults, and to politely step away before confrontation. I taught them if they are mad at another's actions, and they can't keep their mouth shut, use what Mrs. Brown taught us all- say "that's nice." ( If you don't know what "that's nice" means, Google it), and laugh all the way home. That is what the Covington boys should have done. They didn't, and chose to be asses. And Larry, about what you said about these fine, upstanding boys from Kentucky, "that's nice." (1/23/19)

Home of the Week: Arthur Godfrey's Estate at 40568 Hidden Hills Lane, Paeonian Springs ~~ www.loudountimes.com ~~ Overlooking his former estate of Beacon Hill, the extensive property has been listed at $2,195,000. Arthur Godfrey was a fixture of American TV in the 1950s, but he called Loudoun County home. A private pilot, he was instrumental in building Leesburg Executive Airport, thus the name "Godfrey field." Buried in Leesburg, Godfrey called Loudoun -- and this house -- home. Stretched over 37 acres with multiple buildings and wide expanses of open land, the property offers elegance and luxury. The house has 10 large bedrooms as well as nine full bathrooms and two half baths. A stunning kitchen has an eat-up island and stainless steal appliances. Multiple seating areas look out over the property, and a windowed hallway connects the original 1912 home to the modern addition. "The main home has nearly 12,000 square feet," said listing agent Jean Garrell of Garrell Realty. "Although it is definitely upscale, details like exposed beam ceilings, hardwood floors and stone fireplaces add to the comfort." .... ~~ Blair in Alexandria (1/23/19)

Will iHeart come out of Bankruptcy? Their stock price is down to 30 cents per share OTC today. They report $12 Billion in Assets and $24 Billion in debt. Who pays off that debt? (1/23/19)

AM 950 WCTN is now carrying "Agenda Radio DC" 7 am to 10am parallel with AM 1600 WLXE Not sure yet what other Spanish language shows are also cropping up on the new frequency... I will monitor... AM 540 Eastern Shore will readily make it into metro DC during grayline propagation ...as the Long Island co-channel Spanish religious station fades out... I suspect Birach is still runnjjng just 500 watts,.. TK in Odenton (1/23/19)

The other night I was flipping channels and came across the Fox Sports RSN, they were airing a "Fight Sports" women's boxing presentation from Toronto, loads of empty seats - and who was commentating for viewers at home but one Larry Michael. Please don't tell me this is how he spends his Redskins offseason. Although I will admit, it beats doing a talk show on AM 980. (1/23/19)

So Gus says, "-I ignore whoever's saying it." ... Uh, except you didnt. Didja? (1/23/19)

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\/ January 22 Messages \/

Antietam, WDVM remain at stalemate... www.heraldmedia.com (1/22/19)

I’m seeing conflicting and contradictory statements about outside network signals being used within a DMA and/or mileage radius and get the points of each one. There is one thing that seems clear to me. Business contracts cannot defy FCC regulations nor should their loopholes be able to overturn an FCC regulation, so there must be some commercial mileage limitation or there are headend reception or significant viewership exemptions based on legacy signals. To further complicate this discussion, Ocala Florida is still served by 2 NBC TV stations, at least OTA. WESH NBC 2 has a DRT signal there just as they do in Daytona Beach and Sinclair has WNBW 9 in Gainesville which is clearly closer and soon with an expanded signal that will blanket Ocala unlike before. Ocala also has it’s own FOX TV station in the Gainesville TV DMA, a very unusual situation since no other Gainesville TV station is on cable And as reported, WESH 2 was dropped in Orlando during a contract dispute. None of the statements around Must Carry seem to support all these differing scenarios about why VERIZON could not pick up a replacement CBS station for WUSA 9, but yet a similar thing happened in Florida. Laurel, MD adds another conundrum. The city itself straddles both the DC & Baltimore markets where DC network signals are still on cable and Baltimore signals are still available in the DC market. Does one side of Laurel only get Baltimore network programs and the other only DC? No one I know has ever told me this before. So the DMA restrictions have to be somewhat controlled by mileage or not fully enforced or also influenced by “Significant Viewership ratings” when technically out of the DMA. I know that on Delmarva/Salisbury, WMAR, originally CBS, was not significantly viewed as WBOC TV was the longest running affiliate in the market, and that was continually reinforced by WMDT (ABC/NBC at one time) when WMAR was NBC and now is ABC. However WBAL most importantly is still significantly viewed, maybe even more then local LPTV WRDE NBC Coast TV, which has a weak signal and poor cable coverage. WJZ’s News is also still significantly viewed on Delmarva, but clearly WBOC has invoked all black outs on CBS programming, some of which result in local WJZ programming being blacked out by accident. This has also happened with WBAL programming also when schedules are delayed and exclusive programs to WJZ or WBAL are blacked out that cannot be seen on my cable system or online. Next Gen TV is really going to complicate this in the future as it will be much easier once again, not since the analog days, to easily pick up adjacent market signals without unsightly antennas and with many more sub-channels. Let the Cord-Cutting begin. Dave Hughes, how has your cord cutting experience been with network signals from outside DC? (1/22/19)

"But the funniest line was by Chris Wallace to VP Mike Pence. 'So if it looks like we're in the 1950s, we really are here.' " Uh, Chris Wallace didn't say that to Mike Pence, so be a lamb and go fuck yourself, won't you? Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/22/19)

Do you what is happening over at WHUR radio station? I heard the longtime GM - Jim Watkins (I think was his name) left and now the on-air folks are not the same. They are changing almost weekly or don't have anyone on-air. Can you provide any insight to what is happening over there? Sandi... Concerned Listener (1/22/19)

Why doesn't NBC4 in DC use wind direction markers during their weather reports? This is a very useful graphic to viewers, especially when winds are expected to be high or when storms are moving through an area. The other DC stations use this technology. And when is Pat Collins moving to the NBC4 comedy/storm team with his "snow stick (shtick)" and goofy hats and delivery? Is Doug Kammerer afraid of the competition? (1/22/19)

In today's TMOS, Tedious Mike O'Meara Sucks, 17 minutes in O'Meara was still pompously pontificating about "the state of the world". He thinks the kids this weekend thought it would be funny to "buy hats and go down and laugh at the brown people." What an asshole. They were in town for "The March for Life" as most mainstream news outlets reported. Korsakoff Syndrome is a bitch I guess. And you think OSCAR should be the one to go? The show is very often better when the marquee name is too hungover or whatever to show up. How 'bout those radio stocks?! Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/22/19)

"WGOP Pocomoke City is audible Monday afternoon via NA5B's online SDR receiver in West Springfield Va. So the station is back on the air, at 500W. Plain old physics says the signal should not travel that far, even at sunset." "Plain old physics" is in the same category as the phrase "a simple Google search"--I ignore whoever's saying it. This coverage map suggests it is just possible: radio-locator.com... Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/22/19)

It appears that a News Director has been hired for Sinclair station WJLA in Arlington, VA. Those in the know say that it is Cheryl Carson of KING 5 out of Seattle. Some things to know about Miss Carson are that it has been said she was let go from her last gig due to poor ratings, has taken a #1 station to #3 in a year and is good friends with ex-boss Mark Ginther who, it should be noted, just began working for Sinclair Corp. as of this month. With the recent hire of James Rosen, reporter fired from FoxNews for sexual harassment, the latest addition isn't all that surprising. More to follow...................... (1/22/19)

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Nick Smith, you ignorant slut, you've been here long enough that Fauquier is pronounced "Faw-keer" not "Fuck-ear". Please, Fox 5 has much better talent than take his place on the 9 PM newscast. (1/21/19)

WGOP Pocomoke City is audible Monday afternoon via NA5B's online SDR receiver in West Springfield Va. So the station is back on the air, at 500W. Plain old physics says the signal should not travel that far, even at sunset. I wonder if WGOP is playing a bit fast and loose with the rules? Nah-h, Birach would never stoop so low as to run a station at more power than is allowed during the wrong hours....... (1/21/19)

Fire at FOX News, MSNBC, & C-SPAN building in DC on Capitol Street in NW DC. The fire, while not that destructive and with no injuries forced evacuation of the building, the stoppage of live programming on C-SPAN, as well as the moving of FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace and MediaBuzz to the studios of WTTG FOX 5 in DC on very short notice, only about 2 hours, forcing VP Mike Pence and former Speaker Newt Gingrich to WTTG studios also. The fire appears to have broken out on the NBC/MSNBC floor, but no word about how it affected them as they run little live news on the weekends, mostly Dateline re-runs & prison shows. But the funniest line was by Chris Wallace to VP Mike Pence. "So if it looks like we're in the 1950s, we really are here." WTTG has been at 5151 Wisconsin Ave for almost that long (1966) and is in the process of moving its studios and tower to Bethesda, MD. They could not get all of the normal graphics up and running at WTTG apparently that quickly. FOX News and FOX5 have this story up too, but not MSNBC. Hmm But here’s WTOP’s story. wtop.com... —BaltoMedia.net (1/21/19)

Some Radio Stocks are starting to come back. Here is where they stand today......iHeart 47 cents per share OTC, Beasley $4.76, Entercom $7.16, Salem $2.62, Urban One $2.49. They still have a long way to go. (1/21/19)

With the Government shut down and today a declared legal holiday, who is working? DCRTV is working! (1/21/19)

The "50-mile radius" applies only to noncommercial stations seeking must-carry (47 C.F.R. § 73.622(e) is the relevant rule, and even it includes a loophole - a noncommercial TV station can also demand must-carry if its noise-limited signal contour encompasses the cable system's headend location.) There is simply no such rule when it comes to commercial TV. Doesn't matter if a DMA is geographically tiny or as big as, say, Denver or Albuqerque or Salt Lake City. If the headend is in the same DMA as the TV station, must-carry and/or retrans consent apply, so long as the station can deliver a usable signal to the headend. Distance doesn't make any difference. KSL-TV has the same rights to carriage in St. George that it does in Salt Lake itself. And because St. George is in the Salt Lake DMA, the CBS affiliates in Vegas or Phoenix can't offer themselves up as substitutes. (1/21/19)

This sort of went unnoticed, but The Baltimore Sun has un-blocked its Private Browsing PAYWALL Block." As I pointed out months ago some users didn't experience any block. "For months The Baltimore Sun had stopped even its paying subscribers from seeing stories without going through the log-in process." Strange that that sounds like an issue for you. The purpose of logging in would be to demonstrate that you are indeed a paying subscriber. Are you a cheater Focker? Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/21/19)

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Justice Department has ordered WZHF 1390 AM to register as a Russian Agent. Arthur Liu is the owner and must register or lose his license. He carries the Russian Propaganda Programming Sputnik which is owned by the Russian Government. (1/20/19)

I would be very curious to know who is in charge of the Wash. Times webpage - at least for the sports section. I just looked at it today and aside from a story about football playoffs today, the other main stories were very outdated - Wizards in London and Caps/ Isles on Friday night. Surely they could throw a little Sat CBB up there, yes? I mean locally UVA played Duke. Just don't call me Shirley. (1/20/19)

More on WESH 2 and Brighthouse. The key phrase here is “loophole in the contract.” That means regardless of the DMA situation, it was still legal with the FCC, but wouldn’t be in Washington DC for VERIZON to pick up Baltimore’s WJZ in parts of the market assuming WUSA demands free carriage at some point or WJZ offers free carriage. The result would be a complete disaster for CBS itself and its affiliates as well as result in lawsuits against the network and VERIZON and possibly fines. The FCC doesn’t get involved in business contracts for carriage for a reason. The city of license is still the city of license regardless of DMA. Orlando is far outside the 40-50 mile radius of Daytona Beach and vice versa. This is a moot point since few TV stations will hardly ever give up their signals for free. The Orlando DMA is simply much larger geographically than most DMA’s or the FCC regs and they were previously separate TV markets with 2 NBC TV stations. It’s like putting together DC, Baltimore & Philadelphia in one DMA. Just think how far it is from Ocala to Cocoa Beach, nearly 150 miles. On a smaller scale. WMAR ABC 2 used to be on the Ocean City Maryland cable system, about the same distance, but no more because OC is only around 30 or so miles from Salisbury and all exclusivity can be legally enforced there. But in southern Delaware, all bets are off. The Salisbury stations cannot push the Philadelphia or Baltimore stations off the cable systems because the Delaware towns are outside the mileage range. The contractural business deals however do enforce much of what the Salisbury TV stations want and why WBOC fought in its carriage negotiation. With the decreasing network ratings to increasing competition, It makes one wonder how long the FCC will enforce this soon to be archaic rule in the future, if at all. The FCC enforces WBOC Fox 21’s Must Carry Exclusivity status even though they do not broadcast the FOX network in HD to this day and often local WJZ programs/specials are blacked out accidentally. However, WBAL TV only gets blacked out for syndicated programs as WRDE is an LPTV station with no rights to have anything blacked out. WBOC and WMDT would love to get the FCC to start blacking out Philly stations in Dover, but so far Nielsen will not go along with any market DMA change even though WBOC CBS 16 has a Dover bureau and no Philly station covers the area at all. (1/20/19)

This sort of went unnoticed, but The Baltimore Sun has un-blocked its Private Browsing PAYWALL Block. For months The Baltimore Sun had stopped even its paying subscribers from seeing stories without going through the log-in process. Apparently, this caused a subscriber problem at multiple newspapers. And yes, the CEO and other leaders who approved this are now out of the door. To say that Tribune Publishing is a Titanic would be an understatement. www.nor.org (1/20/19)

Congratulations TMOS! The new 2019 Mike O'Meara Show featuring Mike O'Meara & Robb Spewak....that is all. Just O'Meara & Spewak w/ an engineer. #ThankYouForAdvertisingOnDCRTV (1/20/19)

Somara Theodore is now listed as a weekend meteorologist on the NBC4 website. So looks like that announcement a couple of months ago that she was leaving the station has changed. Hmmm, wonder what happened. (1/20/19)

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WESH's city of license is a red herring. Cable carriage is determined based on Nielsen-defined DMAs (designated market areas). It doesn't matter whether WESH is licensed to Daytona Beach or Orlando - it's the NBC affiliate in the Orlando DMA and can either invoke must-carry or negotiate for retrans-consent fees with any cable system in the DMA. Brighthouse was able to substitute WBRE on its system in 2012 because there was a loophole (since closed) in the contract between Nexstar and Time Warner Cable (which handled rights negotiations for Brighthouse) that Time Warner exploited to put Nexstar stations on any of its systems with carriage fee disputes. WBRE also showed up in Plattsburgh NY to replace WPTZ, and Nexstar's WROC Rochester showed up in Louisville KY to replace WLKY, Hearst's CBS affiliate there. Again, that loophole has since been closed. In general, if a local network affiliate is blacked out because of a carriage dispute, cable systems cannot just randomly import an out-of-market affiliate as a replacement, regardless of what the local affiliate's COL is. Those DMA lines have gotten tighter and tighter, and there are fewer out-of-market affiliates being carried on cable anywhere. - Fybush (1/19/19)

I notice that on WtTG’s morning broadcasts that the anchors control their teleprompter with a foot pedal device located either under the anchor desk or table (for the Good Day DC segment). And when they’re standing by a screen, you see the pedal with a huge cable coming from it. In this era of technology, does there not exist a wireless device they can use to operate the teleprompter? (1/19/19)

Appreciated hearing and seeing the new WCBS 880 jingle package coming together. Must have cost a lot. Am I the only one, though, who thinks that signature theme is...let’s blurt it out, BORING? Many decades ago when our station could afford such things the PD and Assistant PD traveled to Dallas for the privilege of overseeing production of a new package. When they returned and put it on the air the reaction was so disapproving and toxic it was quietly dumped within a few days. Such things happen! -P of the AW. (1/19/19)

It’s that awkward moment when TMOS Mike O’Meara is discriminated against playing golf, but still hates Trump. God knows a FAKE PITY PARTY is FUN COMEDY! NOT! LMAO (1/19/19)

TMOS; OSCAR SANTANA'S SHIT-SHOW STINKS. So, Santana goes MIA for yesterdays Mike O'Meara Show but his failure to take any responsibility for that oversight - or any other show related problems - makes the ultimate point. It's time for Mike & Robb to cut ties with Santana - immediately as they promote Maddie. Santana's lack of extreme ownership is in direct proportion to his lack of respect for O'Meara & Spewak. Santana's financial contribution is dwarfed by his overvalued self-importance. Santana's loss to TMOS will be easily absorbed. The writing is on the Podcast Village walls - time for Santana to go; better yet, great time for Santana to quit. And Oscar Zeballos, take that useless e-MBA with you. You did get that MBA online? (1/19/19)

"Gus, you ignorant slut, you mis-downloaded" Oh yes, BECAUSE I CLICKED WRONG LIKE A RAPE VICTIM it's MY fault that a 44 minute show was uploaded. They fixed it you ass. I can read numbers you ass. I can hear when a show stops in the middle you ass. If your daughter wants to get back at Daddy have her give me a call you ass. "a person can get a perfectly viable Dell computer for $50 from PC Retro" Hmm. A fifty dollar used computer for a mission-critical function? What could possibly go wrong? That's pretty much industry standard, right? Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/19/19)

In this week's chat WaPo's Gene Weingarten told a heartwarming story about stabbing a live animal in the brain. The Christmas spirit just doesn't end. Great Zucchini, Josh Bell violin, babies left in cars. Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/19/19)

RE: "WRNR TO FURLOUGH ALL NON-ESSENTIAL EMPLOYEES"---About time! Now, the station is worth listening to. (1/19/19)

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Congratulations to iHeart on your new conservative Talk Format on your 104.7 FM Translator. Now we can listen to more Talk. WTOP. WAMU,WMAL,570 AM and 104.7 FM. With five Talk Stations we should be in good shape! (1/18/19)

Good Lord Agnes! It's not bad enough to be subjected to the endless idiotic rambling of Gus in the Gaithersburg. Now we must endure the return of OOBBEE! Dave, I'm telling you, I'm THIS EFFIN' CLOSE [imagine my thumb and forefinger apart about the width of Trump's micro-penis] I WILL quit visiting DCRTV for good if this madness soon end! I mean it! (1/18/19)

Junks will never leave , just die off gradually one by one..... (1/18/19)

"Computer hardware is cheap. Many software recording tools are also inexpensive. Everything's cheap to the person not buying it". Sorry bruh, I have to agree with the original poster: cheap is cheap. Right now, a person can get a perfectly viable Dell computer for $50 from PC Retro (if they even needed another computer), a four-mic Behringer USB mixer from Guitar Center for $119, and four Audio-Technica M8000 dynamic mics for $130, also from G.C. We've all spent more than that on Super Bowl party food. And the world's most popular software for recording and editing podcasts (true!) is the totally free "Audacity" program that runs on anything. This modest setup can create recordings that equal or exceed what was possible only five to ten years ago in a typical radio recording/production studio, and for a sliver of the cost. (1/18/19)

RE: But the latest news from the TMOS shitshow is they posted a 44 minute show today instead of the usual 79 minutes – Gus, you ignorant slut, you mis-downloaded…… It is a full show if done correctly. (1/18/19)

RE: I assure you that the reason that two Junkies are showing up is because they don't have a contract and if someone didn't at least show up their key cards might not work when they finally decided to show up. As far as them caring about their listeners, they don't. – They just signed a new contract so all the people saying they were doomed were wrong. They have been on 23 years and counting. That has to break D&M’s record. The jealousy factor here is hurting…LOL. And, they are going to be on more stations. I bet they even got more vacation suckers! OOBBEE (1/18/19)

Holly Morris, Cori Coffin & Erin Como together on the same broadcast. Cackling on top of cackling. Just amazes me the people management selects to be on air. What’s the criteria?? (1/18/19)

For Immediate Release... Contact: (410) 626-0103 (Don’t Bother, No One’s Here)... WRNR TO FURLOUGH ALL NON-ESSENTIAL EMPLOYEES... Show of solidarity to thousands of government workers... ANNAPOLIS, MD – JANUARY 18, 1019... Outraged by the dire financial ramifications caused by the shut-down of The United States Government and its effect on the families of thousands of federal workers in its’ listening area, WRNR-FM has announced its intention to relieve its employees of the responsibility of reporting to work. This action “could last months, or even years” according to WRNR Program Director, Bob Waugh. “I’m proud to own this action. We’ll keep the music coming, of course, but we’re going to set it on auto-pilot, until further notice”. Furloughed employees who have been deemed “non-essential” include Waugh, Rob Timm, Carrie Neuman, Phil Harrell, Dave Ziemer, Paula Sangeleer, Mike Ondayko, Patrice McCarron, Pam Davis, Judy Buddensick, Bobby Cardoni, Artie Fufkin, and “Bird” Duckett. (1/18/19)

With WTOP moving to Maryland, they've been sharing a lot of the stuff they've accumulated over the years that's not going with them. Maybe something else that can stay on Idaho Ave. are the current jingles. The voices you hear still sound great, but it's time for a fresh new sound. They can look up I-95 to New York & how WCBS did it. If WTOP can afford a new location, they can afford new music as well. www.youtube.com (1/18/19)

"Computer hardware is cheap. Many software recording tools are also inexpensive. " Everything's cheap to the person not buying it. Remember that Mike O'Meara bought a new computer because there was a problem with his keyboard because according to him someone "hacked" his computer. But the latest news from the TMOS shitshow is they posted a 44 minute show today instead of the usual 79 minutes. It was a no show no call of a show since there was no explanation. And forget about Mike and Fatt Rob doing a show on their own. It was established today that they are unable to dial a phone much less run a board or a show. In today's episode Pony was sent to bang on Oscar's door because Mike and Rob fucked up communication of a schedule change and said he "couldn't remember the name of the street" Oscar lives on. It's "O" as in "Oscar". He can't remember letters of the alphabet. SMFH. O'Meara is the drunk angry captain and the show is the Exxon Valdez. Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/18/19)

RE - TMOS and HELL NO: It may seem simple to produce a podcast to most on this site. Most here have some kind of radio background. That is not the business model of PV. It is not easy for ex generals, athletes, politicians, wonks, etc. They just want to talk and do nothing else. Some people love having a nice lawn and garden that they don't tend to. Some people eat out and don't cook much. It's easy to paint a room but painters are in demand It's easy to fix a running toilet but plumbers do that every day. That is where PV fits in. Ex generals are used to walking into a room and being treated like a king. They don't set up power points, check mikes, get drinks, etc. in real life. They walk in and walk out. These are 90% of the people paying PV to supply these things. And, they are booked solid. It has nothing to do about money to the renters. It's convenience and efficiency. OOBBEE (1/18/19)

WUSA9 annoys me more and more. They have started skipping the upcoming scenes on CBS shows to focus on ads promoting their idiot morning show. The stupid thing is they play the tape "Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode" and then go right into ads and the 11:00 news. Surely they can spare 2 minutes of advertising time. There are at least 3 ads for their idiot morning show per CBS show. Annie Yu has made a big mistake leaving WTTG for WUSA9. I'd give anything if CBS could get a different DC affiliate but I guess that won't happen. (1/18/19)

Fox5’s Cori Coffin, Ann Cutler & Erin Como, the future of tv news readers. Scary. (1/18/19)

TMOS:: How much money has/will Mike O'Meara make from his relationship with Podcast Village? Minimal, at best. Computer hardware is cheap. Many software recording tools are also inexpensive. In an age where anyone with a laptop, a clean pair of underwear, microphone and audio interface can record & edit better quality audio in their bedroom than in decades past, is there still a need for Podcast Village? Will they continue to be relevant in the times to come? HELL NO! (1/18/19)

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\/ January 17 Messages \/

The VERIZON WUSA CBS 9 DC situation is not directly comparable to Orlando’s WESH NBC 2 & Brighthouse situation. Here’s a few reasons why. WESH 2, unlike the other Orlando affiliates, is licensed to Daytona Beach, FL, which is actually over 50 miles from Orlando. While they are in the same DMA as far as Nielsen is concerned, Brighthouse probably isn’t as similarly restricted. WESH 2’s studios in Daytona Beach are long since abandoned, but they are still licensed to that city and not Orlando, even still operate a DRT repeater signal near there at their old tower site. Many parts around DC and Baltimore are within 50 miles and therefor can show both CBS affiliates, but not the entire markets due to Must Carry rules. For many years, Comcast-Baltimore County showed then WDVM CBS 9. When the FCC changed the rules, eastern Baltimore County was outside of the mileage limit and then WMAR CBS 2 could have channel 9 removed from half of Baltimore County. When the county cable system was consolidated away from east and west systems to one, all of the DC channels had to go by law since they were only legal in parts. In the WESH situation, Orlando is not the city of license, nor even the exact same cable TV service. I wonder if Brighthouse tried to bring an outside NBC station to the Daytona cable TV system. And as always, Must Carry doesn’t mean Must Pay. It’s the affiliates that are pulling their signals, not the cable system. They are demanding money. The FCC does not guarantee local TV stations money, only that they must be offered if the TV stations want them on cable free and the right to block other duplicative network/syndicated related programming from the market, but just within that mileage range. By the way, Brighthouse chose WBRE as an NBC replacement only because Nexstar offered it for free. It’s unlikely CBS owned WJZ would have given its signal to VERIZON in DC for free. One final difference. Orlando and Daytona Beach were once separate TV markets with two NBC affiliates, so there is historical precedence. At one time the FCC considered making Washington & Baltimore one market, if for no reason technical broadcast channel limitations, but that was complicated by two conflicting things, DC being the nation’s capital and Baltimore being a larger city at the time with greater population. If that decision were made today, hmm, things might be different? (1/17/19)

“Until Czabe gets on, TEM is not listenable.” Are you kidding? – he seems more interested in dredging up weird, tawdry, grotesque, disgusting or horrific news stories from the internet and kicking them around with his sidekicks Linn and Solomon than engaging in meaningful sports dialogue with callers and that’s just not the sports talk radio I grew up with (not even close). (1/17/19)

A 03/17 WNAV interview with Terry Allen. (1/17/19)

RE: THE MIKE O'MEARA SHOW: A TECHNICAL & BUSINESS CLUSTER FUCK – So, lazy Mike and Robb will pick up Pony’s and Oscar’s responsibilities? LMAO. Mike and Robb meeting clients? Robb has been asked 100 times to learn the board! Mike wants to just make enough to have two homes, pay life insurance, and raise his single parent daughter and grandson with enough to cover golf. Robb just wants to try to stay married and play with his juke box. Podcast Village is in the black already. They can’t keep up with demand. That is a fact. And, it is not just due to TMOS. (1/17/19)

Congratulations to DCRTV for approaching the Double Deuce----22 years. You have to be impressed. (1/17/19)

While I take a back seat to no one in my criticism of the Mike O'Meara Show and criticism of everything Mike O'Meara is involved with including the raising or not raising of his children, during the government shutdown in this Age of Trump, I've been listening to old Fatt Rob Spewak podcasts. And I found that Zippy the Pinhead, who fancies himself a musicologist, thinks Stevie Nicks founded Fleetwood Mac. mikeomearashow.com... Show #54, timestamp 1:36, references "the first Fleetwod Mac album". Rob, that Santana song "Black Magic Woman"? Fleetwood Mac. "Albatross"? Fleetwood Mac. Although I could say "Albatross, thy name is Spewak." SMFH. Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/17/19)

Dave...I’m said to report the loss of Terry Alley this morning of cancer...Bill Lusby WNAV (1/17/19)

So rudy guiliani just admitted on cnn there was collusion between trump campaign and russia Any bets on fox or wmal even mentioning this? (1/17/19)

THE MIKE O'MEARA SHOW: A TECHNICAL & BUSINESS CLUSTER FUCK. Mike O'Meara. So hey man, tough love suggestions! Under the "technical" direction of Oscar Santana, the show is generated from Podcast Village; allegedly a state-of-the-art broadcast facility. Not so much in quality and not so much in ROI for you. Quality of broadcast and personal life suggestions. 1] drop Oscar Santana & Podcast Village, don't need him as 3rd broadcast wheel, you already have cheap, high quality equipment that works for Marc Maron & others and you don't need him and his overvalued MBA, 2] Fire Pony Boy. So many reasons other than you don't need him either, 2a] no more Interns. 3] Drop the video, 4] You & Robb, both working from home, do and edit a daily audio Podcast/Show. That's all [we] want. 5] Drop Political Persuasions; only way to do a political show is daily. You don't need an MBA to know this business principle, Keep It Simple Stupid [KISS] (1/17/19)

[RE: Anyone know what’s up with Topper Shutt and the very large bandage on his face? I hope he’s well and it was a minor accident. Bob in College Park] He posted online that he was recently diagnosed with melanoma so he had a procedure done last week. (1/17/19)

Big BBC News article on NoVa spy... Includes discussion on WCRW... www.bbc.com... "Kevin Mallory: The churchgoing patriot who spied for China"... (Is not that a photo of the old WAGE radio studios?) TK in Odenton (1/17/19)

Baltimore based Sinclair (owner of Fox 45 & WJLA ABC 7), has launched a streaming service called STIRR. It includes a dozen or so free networks plus local news via each Sinclair market station (in cities where there is one). WBFF FOX 45 runs the Baltimore channel, WJLA ABC 7 in DC, and WHP CBS 21 in southern PA. You can use STIRR on Apple TV, Roku, and other platforms including PCs and Macs at Stirr.com -- BaltoMedia.net (1/17/19)

Re: Annie Yu and Tony Perkins leaving WTTG, who knows the real reasons for their departure. However, I've noticed on the morning broadcast that they're trying to incorporate more gimics which I guess is to draw in more viewers. They're encouraging (and strongly encouraging) viewers to tweet after almost every story they report. This morning they had the mayor and police chief on, asked viewers to tweet questions they wanted asked of them and then showed the questions while the interview was going on. Don't know how many of the questions were actually asked as I had to leave to go to work. In general, I think at one time, they were bragging about being Number One, but haven't heard or seen any promos regarding that lately. Maybe that's why there seems to be a desperation to come up with stuff to get back to number one. (1/17/19)

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\/ January 16 Messages \/

Dave, you may already know this, but Frederick's WFMD AM 930 has a show on in the afternoon after Rush "Mid Maryland Live" which seems like what you have wished for WMAL: live, local, and as far as I can tell, liberal leaning. Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/16/19)

It's only January 2019 and mass defections continue at Sinclair/WJLA-TV/ABC7 News. The biggest mistake, among many, that Sinclair's "Masters of the Universe" made in 2018 was to let their News Director, Mitch Jacob, get away. The position remains vacant, as do a number of others, and if those so-called MoU had a collective brain they would bring Mr. Jacob back. He was well respected by all in the Newsroom and morale has cratered since his departure. Their doesn't appear to be an end in sight regarding the pro-Trump agenda implemented by Sinclair, though they still deny any such agenda exists. There also does not appear to be an ending to those looking to find employment elsewhere, many of them being long-time employees. Sad! (1/16/19)

Tony Perkins has left FOX 5! See report from FTVLive: www.ftvlive.com (1/16/19)

Have not heard any right wing radio hosts condemn steve king Did I miss something ? (1/16/19)

So Annie Yu leaves the weekend broadcast and now Tony Perkins is leaving the same broadcast saying it was time for him to go..Is the weekend slot cursed? And who's now going to replace Tony? Whoever it is, hope he/she can put up with Cori Coffin's cackling voice. Maybe that's why he's leaving..But seriously, hope it's just to pursue a better endeavor.. (1/16/19)

I was looking through all the Mailbag entries from January 1, 2019 to tonight (the 15th) and I ran across a response from DCRTV Dave that, I have to disagree with based on something I lived through when I was living in Florida (I live in Wisconsin now). This is what he said as a response to a posting on January 3, 2019 about WUSA being pulled off Verizon FiOS due to a retransmission contract dispute with Tegna: "Dave's response: I don't think a cable company can pipe in a out of market network affiliate if it has blocked the local affiliate due to a retransmission glitch. When Verizon yanked CBS affiliate WBOC for a month or two it didn't bring in WUSA, WJZ, or KYW....." OK, but I believe Verizon could have done that IF they wanted to (but they did not). I base this on what Bright House (now Spectrum Cable) in Orlando, Florida did when Hearst Television pulled WESH 2 (NBC affiliate) and WKCF 18 (CW affiliate) from Bright House from July 9, 2012 to July 19, 2012 due to a retransmission contract dispute with Hearst Television. For those 10 days, they replaced WESH with WBRE 28 (NBC affiliate) from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. WKCF was a blank screen, and the subchannels were blank screens for those 10 days. You can read this in Wikipedia. Search "WBRE" or "WKCF" ~ both articles talk about the dispute. Tracy from Wisconsin (1/16/19)

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\/ January 15 Messages \/

Just read on Tony Perkins’ FB page that he’s leaving Fox5. His last broadcasts will be this Friday & Sat mornings. (1/15/19)

I like all the current and forced out ladies who've been mentioned and don't even know if she's working anymore but Melanie Alnwick is the gold standard. Jim "Cocaine and Valium" Vance thought women should not smoke cigarettes in public. Maybe we should revisit a lot of those olde-timey rules, huh, Jim? A rhetorical question of course. Gus in the Gaithersburg (1/15/19)

I agree that Fox 5’s Like it or Not is truly full of egos. Marina Morroco (sp) is constantly yelling & angry, Nick Smith thinks he’s all that, Britt McHenry & the other female seem to compete on who can wear the shortest dress. Bram seems to be the only adult on the show (1/15/19)

iHeart has changed their Ticker Symbol to IHRT:US......Will they be able to come out of bankruptcy? Their stock is selling at 47 cents per share OTC. They have $12 Billion in Assets and $24 BILLION in DEBT! Perhaps Amazon could take over the $24 Billion in Debt! (1/15/19)

iHeart has all their assets pledged as collateral on their $24 Billion in Debt. However, they could sell off the 13 stations they have"parked" in their Aloha Trust. These stations are owned by the "Trust" rather than iHeart. Some of the stations in their "Trust" have been "parked" there for over 10 years. ( Like WFMD and WFRE in Frederick, Maryland). (1/15/19)

What's the worst locally produced TV show in DC history? You'd have to put Fox 5's "Like It or Not" near the top of that list. Egotistical unwatchable bullshit in its purest form. (1/15/19)

WTOP staffers are finding a plethora of odd items as they prepare to move from their DC studio to Bethesda: wtop.com (1/15/19)

WJWL AM 900 in Delaware has indeed downgraded their signal. They were 10kw day, 1kw night. Now they are only 1000 watts day, 145 watts night. However the signal is non-directional now, so daytime protections are still in effect, not as strict, but still to Easton. There is a similar AM 900 in Philadelphia with daytime protections. At night, there is no protection at all as the other AM 900s are Class D. It’s unlikely, anyone owning WCLM AM 900 will be spending any money on any upgrades though as the cost would outweigh the benefit. Speaking of Dover AM radio stations, WRJE AM 1600’s FM translator W286BS on 105.1 FM appears to still be licensed in Milford, DE even though WRJE has long since been deleted. They are listed as silent, but still streaming La Sabrosa radio online. onlineradiobox.com? Are they now a pirate radio station? Hmm. (1/15/19)

Hey, Im all about a MILF newsreader in a miniskirt & thigh high boots...especially if she got a booty like a Cadillac ;-) (1/15/19)

What has happened at WBAL-AM? Have they jettisoned the News format in the afternoon and evening completely? They’re now all right-wing talk? They are sinking like a stone in the ratings (your latest report had them tied with a college classical station (WBJC) and behind their right-wing radio competitor (WCBM). Sad what has happened to a station that used to be the Baltimore companion to the mighty WTOP. Thanks, Rob (1/15/19)

MaxCritic, yeah, I agree that some of the senior on-air talent may indeed want to ease out of their broadcasting career with less hours on-air and embark on hobbies, charitable causes or just do nothing..However, as with any job, I believe that most people want to ease out on their own terms. I could be wrong, but I believe Barbara Harrison and Bruce Johnson actually like what they do and want to be employed at their respective stations for as long as they want to stay there. Look at Jim Vance. He really enjoyed his job, but unfortunately cancer threw a monkey wrench into his tenure..And I also agree with you that having your job as your only source of meaning and happiness tends to bite you in the butt when you do decide to retire or are forced out. (1/15/19)

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All you peeps speculating that the senior on-air talent at the TV stations are getting “dumped” or “pushed aside”? Haven’t you allowed for the possibility that they themselves would really like to ease politely and gradually out of the saddle? Garsh, it seems like Barbara Harrison has been on the air since the ‘50s. Bruce Johnson is a real trouper but he must be yearning for a graceful retirement. I hope they all have hobbies and other interests to keep them centered and happy. Seeing your old employment as the only source of meaning in life is terrifying. -Max Critic (1/14/19)

Seen that new TV commercial yet for Cadillac, the one with Arianna Grande's tune "Bang Bang"? I had a hard time buying into the lyrics, "she got a booty like a Cadillac", which actually seems a bit insulting. How would you feel if someone described YOUR ass as being red, huge, and too expensive to maintain? (1/14/19)

There’s been conversation about the older anchors such as Andrea Roane & Barbara Harrison who have either left on their own (wink wink) or are being given less & less air time. Well, I turned on Fox 5 & see Holly Morris, who is almost 50, in a mini skirt & thigh high boots. Now, don’t get me wrong, older women can be fashionable, but there’s a difference between being fashionable & being desperate. I’ve noticed that ever since Erin has come on board, it appears that Holly’s trying to compete in the wardrobe department with shorter & tighter clothing. A bit insecure?? Guess she may feel a bit threatened w/Erin getting more & more time at the anchor desk, the Good Day couch & contributing in general to the broadcast. Holly, just be yourself, you don’t see Allison & Maureen resorting to their teen years. (1/14/19)

Never found out reason kevin Sheehan was fired from 980 Anyone know? (1/14/19)

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\/ January 13 Messages \/

I more than agree "98 Rock"/WIYY is a trainwreck. First off could someone explain the set-up of the "JSS morning show"; their live show bits involving talk-interviews-listeners are only 5-8 minutes long...? do they mandatory-built in commercial breaks? They always cut off everything. I listen to the "Preston&Steve morning show" on "93.3 WMMR" in Philadelphia; and their live show bits with-talks-interviews-listeners go on 10-15+ minutes...they often push off/rearrange commercial breaks live. Could someone explain the difference in 'wacky morning show' formats...? (1/13/19)

One of the last analog-only FM stations in the area has finally launched HD Radio albeit misconfigured somewhat.. WCEI 96.7 HD1 and HD2 are now alive.. mislabeled simply as "HD1" and "HD2".... The HD2 signal repeats 94.3 WINX. Meanwhile 92.3 WERQ dumped the Bolly-style HD2 programming, replacing it with another relay of WOLB which is also on HD3. TK in Odenton (1/13/19)

Listening to one of the brokered Spanish language shows on AM 1540 this afternoon the program concluded with this advisement, roughly translated: "All programming on 1540 will shift to 900 as of 1 February - AM 1540 will become all religious programming. " ( I assume AM 1540 will be something Spanish-language based but nothing mentioned by the announcer.) No word if call sign flip is is in the works. (WACA 1540 / WCLM 900 currently) Apparently WJWL Georgetown "La Raza" AM 900 did not downgrade their transmitter plant and still runs 1000 watts days, 145 watts nights, both non-directional . Thus WCLM's pattern remains nulled to the east, missing Anne Arundel and Baltimore's growing Spanish-speaking population. BTW, for you folks in southern metro DC don't confuse WACA AM 1540 with Sandston's WULT AM 1540 "Ultra 94.1" which carries a Latin hit format, also relayed on AM 1480 in Richmond... AM 1540 will officially be known as "Radio Vida en Abundancia".... a Catholic Spanish-lanugage station. José Carrasco (station owner) and the church radio partner have recorded a brief announcement which repeats on the 1540 airwaves... TK in Odenton... TK in Odenton (1/13/19)

It does seem as if Barbara Harrison has dropped off the face of the earth. After she was removed from the 11am show, it seems like WRC throws a dart at the wall as to who will co-anchor that newscast, not to mention I don’t think she’s done a Wednesday’s Child segment in years, which I always felt was a worthwhile segment. (1/13/19)

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"... apparently, the entire mailbag missed it, but W284CQ changed formats while you were away." Not that the casual listener would know what station W284CQ would be. The talk format is basically a "wonk" format for news junkies and has a really tiny footprint. Besides, if you are to believe another Mailbag poster, "DC's Best Station" is Bolly 102.9. Let the battle of the micro-powers begin! (1/12/19)

Dave, Not sure how you and, apparently, the entire mailbag missed it, but W284CQ changed formats while you were away. I was extremely sad to learn that the best radio station in DC, the previous 104.7 format, has been replaced by yet another tired talk station, as if there aren't enough of those in this market already. CBS wasn't able to take on WTOP on a much better signal; I'm not sure why Clear Channel thinks it will do any better. I know I certainly will not be listening. I can't decide whether I'll be going back to the trainwreck that is WIYY in Baltimore, or the bland, boring sound of DC101, which would be sort of like rewarding bad behavior on Clear Channel's part. Maybe I'll finally look into finding some other way to listen to things in the car; radio keeps trying to push listeners away, maybe I should finally take the hint. - Trip www.rabbitears.info (1/12/19)

WFBR-1590 has been running an R&B oldies format since at least 2006. The late Bill Parris was station manager and designed the format to run during hours that had not been sold to time-brokers and religious broadcasters. Announcements seeking new brokers (now you can have your own radio show) ran ten to twelve years ago among the oldies. WFBR may still be owned by one of those companies specializing in brokering time on small AM's in large markets. (1/12/19)

Anyone know what’s up with Topper Shutt and the very large bandage on his face? I hope he’s well and it was a minor accident. Bob in College Park (1/12/19)

Re: “young” on air talent, it’s just reality, whether they’re talented or not. Case in point, Fox5. They keep bringing in a bunch of young reporters who management obviously find to be fresh & energetic. However for an old foggie like me, I find many of them just irritating. They just try waaay too hard to be noticed. But I’m probably not the audience the station is trying to impress. Fox5 has also increased their use of social media by encouraging the viewing audience to Tweet a comment on just about every story they report & posting those tweets every few minutes..Do the anchors or the viewing audience really care to see opinions posted all during the newscast? (1/12/19)

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Dave… What Happened to the Loo Katz piece you had on your site a few days ago… him going to 94.7 ?? POOF… it is gone !! Enquiring minds want to know… Thanks as always ! Regards, bill (1/11/19)

With the government shutdown, I’ve noticed that the FCC is still approving applications for changes to facilities. But pirates can rejoice as well as stations not up to specs. I think all investigations are on hold. So WGOP and WFSI dodged a bullet for now. (1/11/19)

Comment to the Jan 5 poster about 950 WCTN going Tropo-Mex: They sound like they're back to their Oldies/90s hybrid mix this morning. (1/11/19)

This is in response to the Youtube letter on retirement. Andrea Roane and J. C. Heyward were forced out. Andrea who is an outstanding anchor, reporter, and community leader was dumped from the morning newscast and put at noon. I don't know if she's still there or not as I don't watch WUSA9 anymore. J. C. Heyward was also unceremoniously dumped. NBC4 has demoted Barbara Harrison from anchor to reporter. They gradually brought her down. First she was kicked off the morning news with Joe Krebs and then she was taken off the 11 am newscast a few years ago. I don't know why the news has to be a young woman's game. They are losing so much talent and experience. I don't think they'll dump Doreen Gentzler. She only does the 6 pm and 11 pm newscasts. Pat Lawson Muse does the 4 and Wendy Reiger does the 5. I wonder if they'll get rid of Wendy. NBC4 doesn't seem as eager to get rid of their older talent as WJLA and WUSA9 are. (1/11/19)

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I wouldn't doubt that we could be seeing a few DC news veterans retiring and/or scaling back their workloads. I've Fox 5 DC chief meteorologist Sue Palka being discussed. Palka's been there since 1985. Doreen Gentzler has been at NBC 4 since 1989, and I could see her at some point stepping down from 11PM, to focus on 4-7PM. Pat Lawson-Muse, another NBC 4 vet has been there since 1982, and Barbara Harrison since 1981. A few years ago, Gordon Peterson and Maureen Bunyan retired from ABC 7. Many would argue the direction Sinclair is going in. JC Hayward ended her 40+ year run at WUSA 9 with little or no fanfare. Last year, Andrea Roane called it quits after 37 years. Bruce Johnson has been at WUSA since 1976, and it'll be interesting to see whether he's considering retirement in 2020 or 2021, assuming he wishes to cover the 2020 elections. Over in Baltimore, I could see WBAL 11 anchor Stan Stovall mulling retirement in the next couple of years. Same for Philly anchor Jim Gardner of WPVI, and NYC anchors Ernie Anastos of WNYW and Chuck Scarborough of WNBC. YouTube vid of legendary Miami TV anchorwoman Ann Bishop, who passed in 1997, where she talked about the weaknesses of TV news, and it being a young people's business. www.youtube.com(1/10/19)

Sinclair unveiled ATSC 3.0 / Next Gen TV at the CES this week, but this video caught my attention. This might be one of the worst technology preview videos I’ve ever seen in my entire life and possibly why Sinclair will screw up Next Generation TV. The video is technical in nature, but it’s of such poor audio and video quality, how could you present Next Generation TV with all its audio and video improvements so POORLY? I gave up after he suggested you’d have an option of watching that Doo-wap concert. REALLY? I actually thought I heard him wrong. If this guy is running Sinclair’s ATSC 3.0 marketing or even the technology, Next Generation TV is in a lot of trouble! I mean, even if this video were only for technical folks, it’s technically terribly produced with only slide technology and very poor audio. Watch it and cringe for yourself if you want. Others on Youtube have already. www.youtube.com (1/10/19)

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Why is Amelia using the bread meter when Topper Shutt has the Bread O' Meter. Couldn't they come up with something a little different like the TP tote board? (1/9/19)

I am usually right on top of what is going on regarding Baltimore radio, this time maybe not. I tried the AM dial now that I finally found a vehicle with a decent AM radio. It turns out that WFBR 1590 Glen Burnie is doing a soulful oldies format with Motown and what sounds like a new old WFBR jingles. It appears to be jock free at this point, and there are no spots. They are streaming on several sites: mytuner-radio.com... Has this been ongoing for awhile, or is it a change for them? Tom Conroy (1/9/19)

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Catching up over the holiday drought, it's so cute the TMOS "musicologist" Rob [sic] Spewak thinks: MJ's Man in the Mirror was from the 90s, The Clash's Should I Stay or Should I Go was from the 70s and that mp3s are sonically superior to cassette tape. Cake & Cookies: The Robb And Katie Show Archives - Page 3 of 14 - The Mike O'Meara Show #85 mikeomearashow.com... Gus in the Gaithersburg, hoping Dave is enjoying his time off. (1/8/19)

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RE: WJFK was #1 in men 25-54 in mornings, middays, and afternoons. However, Chad's show is well behind the Junkies and Paulsen and Rooyay (sp?). Chad had an 8 share, which is first and still really good, but the Junkies and the other guys both had 12 shares of the audience which is huge. I see their ad rates, and they are through the roof compared to where they were a few years ago. So whether they are "inept" and don't know enough about sports or not, they seem to be doing pretty well. -Only Chad has competition from TEM starting at 4:00. I like Al Galdi but he is a bit overwhelmed. Until Czabe gets on, TEM is not listenable. RE: “I assure you that the reason that two Junkies are showing up is because they don't have a contract and if someone didn't at least show up their key cards might not work when they finally decided to show up. As far as them caring about their listeners, they don't. They only care about their silly freebees and teaser picks. They're closing in on their own demo agewise, they're too expensive, and most importantly they are expendable” -In past negotiations, instead of raises, they got more vacation. It has nothing to do with their contract status. And, CK will only let two of them do it at the same time. Would you give up vacation if offered from your employer? They said a contract structure was in place this am. (1/7/19)

Dave is the new morning man Steve Davis? Not the 105.7 The Fan Steve Davis but the one that was with CBS Radio involved in starting WNEW 99.1... He was on this morning and he said this is Steve Davis. Loo Katz said it's not him and that Entercom has filled the position. Have a Happy New Year. Ron in Annapolis. (1/7/19)

DO NOT MISS! Today on FTVlive read about Sinclair's sickening deal w/ Boris Epshteyn entitled: "Exclusive: Internal Sinclair Document Shows What Boris is Costing the Company". Explains why staff is so underpaid & leaving in droves! FTVlive.com (1/7/19)

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someone had asked on WASH's FB page last nite where Maureen was--and Maureen had "liked" that comment, along with someone else. But just a few minutes ago, that post got deleted!! (1/6/19)

Since you are accepting lists for last year, here's mine: BEST: NBC 4's news operation. WTOP for the most part. Fox 5's subchannels. WORST: Donald J Trump. WUSA-9/TEGNA, now the most annoying affiliate in DC (ending WJLA's reign). Cutting off ends of shows to ram the 11pm news early, endless disputes with carriers (hello, you got a nice tax cut, all of you), with banner warnings about losing WUSA over and over, annoying local logos on CBS news shows, the football outage a few Sundays ago and no communication why it was happening anywhere (hello, social media), getting back to CBS shows late, and that disaster at 6am. Shame, there are good people working there. News/news fluff at Fox 5. Can the 6:30, 7 (like it or not), 11 and 11:30 shows (FINALLY). Redundant programming on "The Plus" (aka: Fox 5 clone, formerly known as WDCS): Same syndicated shows, news overkill and other shows delaying the My network schedule by 3 hours, Steve Harvey overload. "The Doctors" still not on here in DC (see overload comments). Endless local overlays shilling local news (everyone), and overlaying graphics on shows. Lack of real variety on local (terrestrial) radio - the same playlists over and over. WJLA randomly pre-empting network and syndicated shows for Infomercials at the last minute on the weekend. (1/6/19)

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re: Ten years of an incompetent sports programming staff has finally come home to roost. The only show with any kind of consistency is CDVTW because Chad still busts his ass and cares but it's got to be frustrating to try in an environment of apathy. 10 years of "inept sports programming" has resulted in WJFK basically putting WTEM out of business under 2 owners and too many lineup changes to count. In the latest weekly that came out today, WJFK was #1 in men 25-54 in mornings, middays, and afternoons. However, Chad's show is well behind the Junkies and Paulsen and Rooyay (sp?). Chad had an 8 share, which is first and still really good, but the Junkies and the other guys both had 12 shares of the audience which is huge. I see their ad rates, and they are through the roof compared to where they were a few years ago. So whether they are "inept" and don't know enough about sports or not, they seem to be doing pretty well. (1/5/19)

I assure you that the reason that two Junkies are showing up is because they don't have a contract and if someone didn't at least show up their key cards might not work when they finally decided to show up. As far as them caring about their listeners, they don't. They only care about their silly freebees and teaser picks. They're closing in on their own demo agewise, they're too expensive, and most importantly they are expendable. With the rights to three of four major sports teams in the market, their salaries are a drag on whatever revenues WJFK gains from those assets. Without a major restructuring of their million dollar plus overhead, they're gone. All Entercom needs to do is decide who's moving up to the spot. Probably Grant and Danny. Move Chris Russell to mids so he can cover the teams in the locker rooms after the games. Chad stays at afternoons until July when his contract is up. Or if Chad is smart he angles for the mornings so he can get at least a new two year deal if not three sooner rather than later. When you look at it from the perspective of cutting the dead weight you can see a more focused sports radio station come into view. More about the teams and less about the personalities. (1/5/19)

According to a suit filed in Los Angeles, [arstechnica.com] the Weather Channel has lied about use of geolocation data in its app for a long time. Location data has been shared with third parties for ultra-targeted commercial and advertising purposes, despite TWC assuring users their data would only be used for pinpointing weather information. I dont know why this surprises anyone anymore - - - a phone app that mines your ass for your life story, your contacts, your pics and everything else is the rule now rather than the exception. If you want the weather without being tracked, buy a goddam radio and tune in WTOP. (1/5/19)

Someone posted, "I doubt giving away $1k twelve times a day will draw many listeners". I agree, and I have an alternative suggestion for WIAD-FM. Way back in the early '90s, a novelty restaurant opened up in Connecticut called "Uncle Frank's". Knowing full well that restaurant grand openings are duller than dishwater, the owner (Frank, *duh!*) planned an event that guaranteed him radio TV and newspaper coverage: he blew a pile of money on a grand opening night, bringing in nostalgic TV and movie stars of the 60s and '70s to party it up and sign autographs for those who came in. Butch Patrick and Al Lewis ("The Munsters") showed up, as did Donna Douglas ("Beverly Hillbillies") and a dozen more. He was in the papers all the way from Hartford down to Greenwich. Naturally, restaurants come and go over the years and Uncle Frank's has long since been shuttered, but if you can imagine ComicCon without the comics, this was it. Memo to the WIAD promotions people: look back at movies, TV shows and bands from the 80s, see who was big then but has been kinda quiet since (like John "Jambi" Paragon from "Pee Wee's Playhouse", Amanda Pays from "Max Headroom", or "ALF's" puppeteer Paul Fusco) and blow some of that "let's-buy-listeners" cash on a real radio event with something seriously lacking in this town ... FUN ! ! (1/5/19)

Re: Best of 2018. Don Geronimo er Mike Sorce as Gus in the Gaithersburg - allegedly. (1/5/19)

Re: TMOS (and anyone else's "best of" for that matter). "Best" does not mean good. Just better than all the rest. (1/5/19)

I agree with the general opinion of 94.7 The Drive being stale but the poster who thinks BIG 100.3 is tweaking their playlist in the direction of Classic Hits no way with a playlist heavy on AC/ DC Pink Floyd Metallica true they've added 90s rock like Green Day,Nirvana Stone Temple Pilots but its a Rock Station Classic Hits would have some R&B and dance music like from Saturday Night Fever or like Donna Summer Earth Wind & Fire and pop tunes as well like George Michael, Kenny Loggins 1420 WKCW Thats Classic Hits. (1/5/19)

pilotonline.com... Dan Snyder's old stations are going all news... The loss of AAA format in Hampton Roads is a tough one... FM 102.1 has a pretty anemic signal , even with the 1490 AM and FM translator in northside Hampton... Thankfully 92.3 remains with the old format for the Williamsburg folks. WCTN has switched to a Mexican - Tropical format... Still just music.. no announcements in Spanish..Perhaps they are prepping for brokered Spanish language programming ... "All tube, all the time." While driving through the north tube of the I895 Baltimore Harbor Tunnel I accidentally had my FM car radio tuned to 107.1... Surprise! An MTA test tape loop appeared that is combined into the leaky cable system... It immediately disappears once you exit the tube... Gosh you think they could relay their own 93.5 LPFM on that channel as filler. TK in Odenton (1/5/19)

Im all about some of these "older" (30s-40s) in local TV news/weather. Here in Philadelphia; on FOX29, meteorologist Kathy Orr is a hot MILF in tight dresses ;-) so is newsreader Lucy Nowland, another MILF...(when Lucy sometimes wears this sexy pantsuit outfit with a low cut jacket...I imagine she has a sexy dominatrix outfit on underneath :-) (1/5/19)

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The problem with TMOS having so many "Best Of" shows is there is not enough content in the regular shows to call "Best". Maybe "Kinda Better"? Or, "We cut out Mike's bitching"? Or, "We cut out Robb's fake laugh at Mike's bad jokes or his own content"? (1/4/19)

I agree with the poster who said aging is not a good thing on tv news, especially for the females. NBC4 just brought meteorologist Clay Anderson back to do the weather and he's obviously up there in age. However, they brought in younger female meteorologists to do the same. Look at FOX5. More and more younger females are being brought on board and it's not rocket science that it's done to attract the male audience, i.e. increase ratings. Look at the females' outfits; mostly short and tight.. (1/4/19)

Best: The news department at WRC, WTOP continues to be the best on radio for news in DC. WETA and WAMU for honestly, the best public radio coverage in the country. Sirius XM still continues to be better than their corporate radio contenders. Donnie Simpson, Buzz Burbank News and Comment, DCRTV, Gus in the Gaithersburg and the rest of the Mailbag peeps for lively discussions, Dan Snyder for finally getting out of the radio business, WJFK, Brian Mitchell for telling it like it is where it comes to the Redskins. Worst: Faux News, MSNBC and CNN for way too much commentary(Hard news is a lot better than people interjecting their opinions while bringing us the news). Corporate radio for giving us honestly, shit choices of formats that quickly go stale. 94.7 The Drive, just more mainstream music but this time in a classic hits format(Would be a LOT better if they would add in a lot of what HFS used to play in the 70s and 80s but Entercom won't let that happen). WMAL, Larry Michael(How about dropping that annoying SKIN-TANGIBLES bullshit, the Redskins are at best a 500 team Larry). (1/4/19)

To the people that keep bashing the Junkies for only having 2 on air during the holidays, every industry has vacation time. The fact that WJFK has 2 of the Junks on says they care about their listeners. If these people would listen long enough, they would realize that most of the year, all 4 Junks are on air. I think a lot of people that post to this mailbag listen one day and think they know it all about the Junks, and that is not the case. (1/4/19)

[What's going on with weather staffing at WTTG? ] Check WDCA Ch.20 (Fox5Plus). They have news/weather at 8pm, 9pm M-F and 7pm on weekends. (1/4/19)

To the person who asked where Sue Palka is on WTTG. I'd bet her hours are reduced because she is getting older. Getting older is a huge no no in TV news. I wouldn't be surprised if Doreen Gentzler were retired or had her broadcasts reduced. She however has had work done to make her look younger. It's a shame that this country has such fixation on youth that news organizations don't realize the wealth of knowledge and experience they are throwing away each time they cut a person because they are older. (1/4/19)

Eastern Shore News: Possible merger or collaboration in the works for Delmarva Public Radio, WSCL 89.5 in Salisbury and WESM 91.3 in Princess Anne. www.delmarvanow.com (1/4/19)

Re: Best/Worst 2018. That Real AHHHH guy. Classic. Hall of Fame mailbagger. (1/4/19)

A 2019 City Paper update from Arlington! The CP box at the corner of Wilson Blvd. and Randolph St. is gone, a victim of road construction and neighborhood improvements associated with the new Ballston Quarter. The box on Stuart St., next to the IHOP, disappeared a while ago, following the disappearance of the CP box on Fairfax Drive, near the intersection with Quincy St. There's still a CP box at the Ballston Metro, but as of Friday at noon - a day after publication date for the week's issue - the box remains empty. (1/4/19)

Doesn’t make sense to you - it’s been the holidays man & the regulars have been off on vacation so that seems like a “no-brainer” to me not MIA. Who are the two new people you have seen because I have only seen one. RE: What's going on with weather staffing at WTTG? Sue Palka, the part-time "chief meteorologist," seems to be working only three or four nights a week.. Gwen Tolbart, who in theory works three nights a week (Friday - Sunday), averages only about half that amount of time. In recent months two new weather people have been introduced on weekends and have disappeared after a couple of weeks. Caitlyn Roth seems to be filling in most of the time when Palka and Tolbart are MIA. Meanwhile, my favorite WTTG weathercaster, Gary McGrady, is wasted on non-news features and only reports on weather weekend mornings. Doesn't make much sense to me. (1/4/19)

Who's in charge at Entercom? After maybe the longest station flip in radio history with the debacle that is 94.7 The Drive, rumors of Loo Katz as morning man draws a collective yawn from the market. "Hey I know, we'll get Sarah Fraser too!" Too late, Big 100 has already tweaked their playlist in the direction of a Classic Hits station and made The Drive irrelevant in just a couple short months. Well played. Now DC just needs a real classic rock station. Meanwhile on 106.7 the mornings are now commandeered by only two Junkies. That's really not a surprise since the Junks have about 8 weeks of vacation each and you rarely get all four on the air at any given time so it's best to get a head start on days off while all the other morning shows return in full force. Last week WJFK aired a college basketball game that no one had any idea was on because JFK's non existent imaging department was in full force. The lack of leadership in the halls at Entercom is nothing less than mind boggling. Maybe the "Junkies" are now Lurch, Cakes, Drab, and Valdeez? Ten years of an incompetent sports programming staff has finally come home to roost. You are essentially the ONLY sports outlet in a major market but how would anyone know? Hey put the "Sports talk from cheap seats" liner on again! It's only ten years old and we blew the Redskins deal anyway. Just put on Rome in between Caps and Wizard games and be done with it. The only show with any kind of consistency is CDVTW because Chad still busts his ass and cares but it's got to be frustrating to try in an environment of apathy. (1/4/19)

There's speculation Loo Katz could become 94-7 The Drive's morning host. I don't picture it. The personality doesn't fit the format. Plus maybe he's got enough money and just doesn't feel like getting up early and all that anymore. More likely but not a prediction, Albie Dee will move to The Drive's mornings and back to DC and quit his PD/afternoon jock job on that popgun R and B AM station in Egypt Lake, FL with a low power FM that doesn't cover most of Tampa. It does seem like it's taking way too long for The Drive to get a morning show and it needs a blockbuster personality and team if Entercom is going to do that right. The 2019 ratings are already underway and I doubt giving away $1k 12 times a day will draw many listeners. (1/4/19)

Ex-DC radio personality Frank Ski made a little news this week as reported in the Atlanta paper at this link... www.ajc.com (1/4/19)

My candidate for Best & Worst of DC is the same entity: 94.7 The Drive. BEST, for bringing back fun music from an era which, while it had its evil moments, still partied like there was no tomorrow. WORST, because it is doing what DC radio always does: recycle DJs and air a bland whitebread sound. Nothing against the lineup they are presenting to us, and I certainly don't want to see any return of the overdone & outdated Zoo format, but would it kill anyone if a new name appeared on the dial one day? And talent had a chance to shine and be creative within the boundaries of the format? Please fellas, stick a crowbar in the rulebook and pry open the pages where it says radio should be entertaining and fluid, not regimented and made of cast concrete. (1/4/19)

It seems like the majority of the commercials during the fox 5 news today programming are promos for Fox shows and not actual ads from paying advertisers. (1/4/19)

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What's going on with weather staffing at WTTG? Sue Palka, the part-time "chief meteorologist," seems to be working only three or four nights a week.. Gwen Tolbart, who in theory works three nights a week (Friday - Sunday), averages only about half that amount of time. In recent months two new weather people have been introduced on weekends and have disappeared after a couple of weeks. Caitlyn Roth seems to be filling in most of the time when Palka and Tolbart are MIA. Meanwhile, my favorite WTTG weathercaster, Gary McGrady, is wasted on non-news features and only reports on weather weekend mornings. Doesn't make much sense to me. (1/3/19)

Per Verizon & WUSA: WUSA News @ 11:00pm (Wednesday) had a spot saying it was sponsored by Fios. (1/3/19)

Absolutely, Verizon should trim all bills for FIOS customers not having TV stations that are removed from the scheduled/promised packages. But somewhere buried deep, down, and under the fine print are words saying something like “channel lineups subject to change.” Gotcha! (1/3/19)

Hi Dave, Salem Radio is replacing Michael Medved's 3:00-6:00 p.m. weekday radio program with Seth Gorka as of January 1st. Medved will continue to broadcast in Seattle and to subscribers. 570 AM in Washington will carry Gorka 10:00 p.m. to 12 midnight, and it will carry Medved's show 12:00 to 1:00 a.m. weeknights. I think that is very bad news. I think that Michael Medved has a more substantial program, while Gorka seems to be blindly pro-Trump. (1/3/19)

What happened to Best and Worst for 2018?? I've looked forward to that feature for years but you seem to have dropped it. Worst would be WUSA9. It's a shame that CBS has to have them as their local affiliate. Their morning "news" show is a joke. When you have a stand up comic as an anchor you know you're in trouble. At night most of the ads are promos of the awful morning show. Best would be NBC Washington. They give you news and not a lot of silly contests, games, field trips and exercise demos. (1/3/19)

RE: Best/Worst 2018. Best: Gus in the Gaithersburg without internet in his mother’s basement but he still has his pants at his ankles. Worst: Gus in the Gaithersburg with internet in his mother’s basement but she’s watching his every click. Best: Verizon dropping WUSA and thus the CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor. Worst: DCRTVDJDAVE becoming despondent because he can’t watch his heartthrob Jeff Glor on the CBS Evening News because his cable is Verizon and they dropped WUSA. Best: DCRTVDJDAVE’s too busy to post “Best/Worst 2018”. Worst: DCRTV’s bw2017 (1/3/19)

Through the magic of television, Caitlin Roth is now a brunette. It looks more natural and frankly more attractive than her previous blonde shade. (1/3/19)

Good news for CBS Evening News’ Jeff Glor fans subscribing to Verizon: according to The Washington Post “Verizon and Tegna resolve dispute, restoring CBS to Washington region. But a slew of blackouts nationwide remain”. Brian Fung reports: “Verizon Fios customers on Thursday regained access to key broadcast channels, including WUSA the CBS station in the nation’s capital, that had been blacked out for days because of a contract dispute with a major media company, Tegna. Verizon and Tegna said in a statement that they had reached “a multiyear carriage agreement” that restores stations including WVEC, a local ABC station in Norfolk, and WGRZ, the NBC station in Buffalo, ending an outage that had affected what analysts estimated was about 1 million Verizon customers nationwide. The resolution comes just days before high-profile sports events this weekend, such as the NFL playoffs, which are broadcast in part on CBS and NBC and are among the most-watched shows of the year. Tegna and Verizon declined to comment on the specifics of the deal.” More Fungus: www.washingtonpost.com (1/3/19)

Verizon has come to an agreement with Tegna, so WUSA9 is back on the air. Wonder how much it’s going to cost Verizon customers. No way do I believe we won’t see an increase in our charges. (1/3/19)

It's too bad Stacey Lynn has parted ways with WBAL radio. She was pretty good. Troy Johnson, too. (1/3/19)

RE: Antietam Cable no longer carrying WDVM (Hagerstown) Tis' pretty bad when you can't get your programming on a local cable outlet right in town. Oh well. But not a word about it today, and it looks like the stories have been plucked from the local paper and DVM. Maybe a last-minute negotiation going on? (1/3/19)

Jared Ruderman is leaving JFK for a gig at TOP. (1/3/19)

Chris Russel just called Reuben Foster an "Animal". (Not for Dom Violence) (1/3/19)

The Mike O'Meara Show STILL not back from Holiday. 'Best of' show AGAIN today. (1/3/19)

Former WBOC Radio and TV Host, "Little Georgie Hack" Dies, 91 www.wboc.com (1/3/19)

Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m not sure VERIZON could strike a deal with WJZ or WTVR, at least not easily. WUSA 9 is a must carry station around DC. I mean they could, but then that would open up another can of worms and Tegna would file an FCC complaint. And then there’s the problem that CBS owns WJZ and would not want to go against one of its affiliates in a larger market. The only benefit of CBS getting involved would be if they wanted to own a CBS affiliate in DC, but they’ve already had that opportunity. They could have bought WDCW 50 from Tribune. (1/3/19)

Dave's response: I don't think a cable company can pipe in an out of market network affiliate if it has blocked the local affiliate due to a retransmission glitch. When Verizon yanked CBS affiliate WBOC from its Eastern Shore systems last summer for a month or two it didn't bring in WUSA, WJZ, or KYW.....

The only DC-area "station" left playing Christmas music ended its run this week. The Cardinal Forest Plaza *Shell Gas Station* in West Springfield (broadcasting a short-range rooftop signal at 87.9 MHz) took down its synchronized lights-music show the other night, ending another year of entertaining motorists stuck at the intersection of Old Keene Mill Road & Rolling Road. I hope they find another frequency for next year, as the one they used this year was being splashed by LaNueva, the Spanish FrankenFM on 87.7. (1/3/19)

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Only two Junkies this morning? And a veiled reference to a "one year contract"... (1/2/19)

Still no word on a new contract for the Junkies? They were on the air today (2 were) but didn't their contract expire Dec 31? What gives? (1/2/19)

Dave, I don't know who else may be sending you this message, but the local chapter of the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE 37) will be having a meeting to chat up the technical details of experimental all-digital WWFD (the Gamut station), just spittin' bits right now on the AM dial. January 15 at WAMU. Details at the SBE website sbe37.org (1/2/19)

Nick, Dave and everybody ... I'm not the guy who asked about HD radios, but I am going to be the guy who says the prices for these receivers are completely unrealistic. When I can buy an MP3 player from Amazon that has an FM receiver, a video screen and up to 128 GB of storage for $26 www.amazon.com why in the name of sanity would I or anyone drop $200 to $300 for a RADIO? Amazon has an HD radio (the HDR-14) for about $77 which, while not a pro rackmount receiver, is a bit more reasonably priced. But HD wont be truly viable until a receiver can be made and sold for less than $40, and even that is lopsided compared to the above-mentioned MP3 player. (1/2/19)

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Now that I'm not getting WUSA-9 for awhile, here is my suggestion for Verizon: Get an agreement with WJZ-13 in Balto, or WTVR-6 in Richmond, or even the CBS channel in Harrisonburg, VA. Then we can see what professional CBS local stations are like (even a small-town one has to be better), and not have those extra promos go right up to that first half-second after a CBS program returns. I vote for Channel 13, but I'll take any of them. --Carl in Olney (1/2/19)

Dave's response: Channel 9's news is pretty horrible. We should be thanking Verizon for improving the DC TV news scene.....

Re: HD Radio component tuner. Try searching for the Sangean HDT-20 (Amazon, for example, has it in stock). It has component and optical SPDIF outputs. I've experienced good results using the Terk AM Advantage Antenna for long-distance reception. Connect the loop antenna to the receiver's terminals for the best results. Dave Kolesar (1/1/19)

Hi Dave and Happy New Year! I wanted to help the person asking about HD radios for the home. Sangean makes a tuner component the SGT 200 HD I believe. It’s on Amazon. They also make a table top HD radio HDT 18 also on Amazon. That unit has a line output like the component version. The Tuner is around $200 and the Sangean table top HD set is $153-$159. There are two portable units as well all on Amazon. I also believe Walmart carries some units. I usually go with on line shopping since becoming totally disabled. It works for my situation. Hope this information helps the gentleman. Take Care, Nick L. (1/1/19)

This may be of interest to the mailbagger who's looking for a high-end AM/FM/HD receiver... www.amazon.com (1/1/19)

To the poster who bought up the fact of scarcity of home HD Radio receivers or tuners Sony and Sanegan make then at least on EBay I saw them but around $200 another suggestion to look in thrift stores here in Woodbridge I see them occasionally like a Boston Acoustics unit and a few months back a Sony unit both like desktop stereos with their own speakers always less than$40 I own an Insignia home tuner bought for $59 about 8 years ago new was cheap because it was missing the remote was about$100 regular retail and an Insignia pocket Walkman type that you use through headphones unfortunately both are discontinued.And also yes the Steve Harvey NYE special in poor taste I changed it to Ryan Seacrest on ABC when I saw the bit with the marshmallows and the diapers Problem is the networks are making these NYE specials longer and need more content to fill it up used to be not that long ago they didn't start till 11:30 now FOX and ABC and I believe NBC start their celebrations at 8 PM. (1/1/19)

Antietam no longer carries WDVM 25 www.localdvm.com (1/1/19)

Best & Worst for 2018... Best: I'd nominate the new WUSA 9 set, which looks very nice. Sinclair-Tribune merger canceled. WJZ set and graphics overhaul. WBAL 11 vet Deborah Wiener getting 5PM, 6PM, and 11PM anchor position following Donna Hamilton's retirement. Hoda Kotb getting 7-9AM co-host role on Today, opposite Savannah Guthrie and Al Roker. Worst: Nexstar-Tribune merger. Local media owners getting bigger and bigger, if you include the Gray-Raycom merger and Scripps-Cordileria merger. 21st century media appears to be a "go big or go home" game. Cox Media Group exploring selling its TV portfolio, and I'm sure many are like "say it isn't so". NBC's $69M mistake in hiring Megyn Kelly, and if Andy Lack would leave NBC. Julie Chen's departure from CBS' The Talk after ouster of husband Les Moonves from CBS. 2019 predictions: CBS rolling out new graphics to its O&O stations sometime in 2019. TEGNA abandoning the soft news/fluff concept, and focus on hard news concept that works. I'd imagine more changes coming to Today with Kathie Lee Gifford leaving in April, and hopefully they can keep studio 6A and 1A. Scripps group rolling out new graphics package to its stations. We'll see what 2019 looks like. (1/1/19)

Just how many people are affected by Verizon dropping WUSA? Just about all of my friends and a number of people on social media are saying they no longer have that channel. One of Verizon's recommendation is to sign up for the CBS app which has a free 7 day trial, but a monthly fee (about $6.00) after the trial period..So Verizon doesn't want to pass on the extra fees to customers which would be associated with accepting Tegna's offer, but, uh, isn't signing up for the CBS app, which has a subscription fee, somewhat the same as adding extra fees for customers? Aren't we already paying to see WUSA in the package for which we're paying each month? Maybe Verizon should decrease our monthly charges during this negotiation period.(1/1/19)

I was looking this holiday season for an AM/FM HD Radio tuner, as in one I could connect to my already high quality Denon AV receiver. I know there are old time AM radios for geezers. I’m looking for something more akin to a rack mount type or home entertainment center product. No mainstream reputable company makes any equipment for HD Radio for the home. Plenty of options for the car, but nothing for home. The latest thing seems to be high end Bluetooth tuners, but none of them do HD-Radio. Until Xperi gets some equipment partners and more content, I cannot see HD Radio going anywhere. I mean, no one throws out their high end AV receiver/amp setup for an HD radio portable with bad speakers when they already have Polk Audio towers! This is the battle that WWFD AM 820 faces going all digital. Outside of the 20% in the car, you’ll never hear it. In an interview, Dave Kolesar said that WWFD would reach as much as 40-60 miles further than an FM translator in a trade publication and I see the signal possibilities since they’re not doing a weak IBOC. But not if there’s no equipment to buy to receive it. Joe (1/1/19)

Tune to the Richmond CBS using the DTV signal on Verizon. Channel 6-1. (1/1/19)

Dave's response: Or Baltimore's Channel 13/WJZ, probably a better antenna catch for those in WUSA's immediate viewing area.....

Watched about 5 minutes of the NYE celebration w/Steve Harvey & it was horrendous. I came in when they were having a ridiculous contest to see how many marshmallows two people could get in their mouths & they’d win a prize..Really? Tell me what that had to do with NYE? (1/1/19)

I'm seeing the mention of WPFW here in the Mailbag and am wondering: do they have a Program Director yet? The station website has had an ad posted since July seeking a PD. If they still need one, I hope they get who they're looking for. If they *have* one, clearly s/he isn't very "detail-oriented", since the ad is still posted. (1/1/19)

The Washington Post’s Brian Fung has more on the WUSA blackout by Verizon: “Verizon FiOS subscribers across the country are suffering a sudden television blackout of key broadcast channels this week after the company’s content negotiations with a major media company, Tegna, fell through. Affected channels include WUSA, the CBS station in the nation’s capital; WVEC, the local ABC station in Norfolk; and WGRZ, Buffalo’s NBC station. As many as 1 million FiOS customers across the country have been affected by the outage, according to an estimate by the American Television Alliance (ATVA), which represents TV distributors and independent programmers.” For football fans this means: “Ensuring uninterrupted television programming for customers is vital to TV providers, in part because of high-profile live sports events that occur in January. For instance, in Washington D.C., customers may miss out on the NFL playoffs, part of which will be broadcast on CBS this weekend. TV viewers can still tune into broadcast signals without their FiOS-provided video subscription, but that typically requires separate equipment such as a digital broadcast antenna, or signing up for new streaming video apps and services.” More from Fung: www.washingtonpost.com (1/1/19)

I'm listening to WPFW on this New Year's Day morning, and I think I heard a promotional spot touting that the station would be playing jazz all day today. I'm not sure I heard that correctly, but PFW has been all-jazz since I turned it on an hour ago or so - the usual slot for "Democracy Now" - and I'm loving it. It's a reminder of why I've supported the station over many years, as erratic and ridiculous as some of the programming can be. When it's good, it's fantastic. And today, at least so far, it's fantastic. I know the station has fallen off the lower part of the ratings map it had been on, so I'm not sure how much longer it can keep going. But I continue to listen. It's been such a force for musical good in my life. I know I'm not alone. I just wish the station would play more jazz, not less. Its pivot away from jazz several years ago, and toward more talk, doesn't seem to have panned out, if the ratings are any indication. (1/1/19)

Happy New Year Dave. Your station list is still missing WQER 96.7 FM Rockville MD. Cool people like me rely on your list. wqer.org (1/1/19)

What no WUSA on Verizon?!?! (1/1/19)

Happy New Year to this crusty community of communicators. I can’t be the only one who is sick and tired of hearing suggestions for what Snyder should do with the Redskins. For years now the painfully obvious priority is to get his hands off the club. He should swap places with one of his minority investors or sell to a new one. Surely he looks at the damning coverage and draws the same conclusion? If not, there’s no hope, plain and simple. WMAL? Wait til this gets settled and improved before taking over as lead in the radio rights or you’ll look just as bad as he does. Unavoidable. You and your audience will enjoy it more once a new dawn arrives. - Max Critic (1/1/19)

Watching the promos for the Fox 5 Morning News and Like it or Not trainwrecks during the Steve Harvey New Year's Eve countodown makes not want to watch those shit shows even less. What were they thinking??!! (1/1/19)

Back in to 1960s my parents several times said they would never accept Pay TV. Something about a Communist plot. The signal was quite snowy and the sound would break up frequently. But four local channels was sufficient. And there was always Baltimore for a change of pace. Top Executives at Tegna and Verizon are playing chicken to see who caves first. Channel 9’s signal is presently what we would formerly call a tape loop explaining to viewers why their rental cable box isn’t delivering Jeff Glor, Jane Pauley, and the other talent in the CBS News Division nor any of the extremely expensive to produce entertainment programs. I predict this debacle will be resolved about the same time POTUS gets his metaphor. – Mark Rockman, volunteer reader of news items to the blind at The Ear and technical resource. (1/1/19)

Hi, Dave. Is this the first year you haven't done a Best/Worst list? In some ways, I'm not surprised you've abandoned it. Local radio and TV has lost much of its impact. Also: Do you have access to the November ratings numbers for local TV? I hear WUSA is working its way out of the basement, at Sinclair's expense. Happy New Year. (1/1/19)

Dave's response: Been real busy with other things this year to handle a BW list for 2018. However, feel free to post your nominations right here in the Mailbag.....

May I ask a question if Snyder sells 980 what will likely become of the station?Will another station with hopefully a better signal become an ESPN sports station? Also like many have mentioned The Drive a disappointment way too repetitive.The new Breeze on WASH FM HD3 quite good for soft hits of course no station plays everything a person likes but there's less repetition than most stations .Lots of 80s 90s some 70s mostly later 70s and some 2000s maybe 2 or 3 songs per hour. (1/1/19)

Well, looks like Verizon & Tegna didn’t reach an agreement as I no longer have WUSA9. Just a message that they’re working on coming to an agreement & an option to stream the channel via an app (free 7 day trial) or watch using an antenna. (1/1/19)

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