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DCRTV Mailbag - September 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017

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In response to Dave Hughes' remark, "Who the hell is even listening to 570, 700, 730, 780, 950, 1030, 1160, 1190, 1220, 1260, 1310, 1340, 1390, 1420, 1490, 1520, 1540, 1590, or 1600?" I say the following 570: the programming from 1260 will move there shortly, so I'm told. Now, it'd be nice if 1260 would go to a standards format or they could go oldies or trade places with 1450 and bring the WOL calls back to 1260. The thing is, won't the sports programming that's now on 570 move to 1260 once the swap has been made? 700: I for one would like to see this become a roots music station, which could combine the following genres: Americana, bluegrass, folk and classic country. 730: Aren't these guys doing fairly well, particularly with the translator? 780: As much as I don't understand it, this station is a moneymaker for Salem, so I'm told. Do I get it, NO! But management seems to do well with it so..... 950: Form what I'm told, this station is owned by a physician who won't let it go. It's a shame 'cause I could see some form of alternative music being programmed here. Nostalgia could be one option, oldies is another. I MIGHT say that some form of an alternative format, such as Americana, light alternative (similar to WGRX of 1984-86), maybe a form of 'free form' might also be options. Broadcasting local high-school or community college sports might be a feature they could utilize well. 1030: While I don't understand religious programming in Spanish, maybe there's a market for it. You know how it is with these religious stations. This might be another good facility for classic country. 1160: I thought these guys had a fairly strong following. I realize getting the $2.8 mil to buy the station is going to be an uphill battle, but who knows? 1190: I do NOT understand this operation AT ALL! DITTO 1120! They are both airwave waste product. While I'm on the subject, I think it's CRIMINAL the way the FCC allowed 1120 nighttime service when the signal won't get out that far and all the new pattern will do is wreak more havoc on the band!! In all regard, those stations could be put to better use doing something else! 1220: They've been owned by the same people forever. I don't understand it, but I think they're still making a 'go' at it. 1310: It's a shame previous owners couldn't utilize this station better back in the day. The Asian-language format here could probably be better of on a station such as 1120. 1340: IMNSHO this could've been a great college station. Maybe if WMUC would move to this frequency and drop their full-time power to 250-watts, it might be a good thing. Nevertheless, what Radio-One SHOULD'VE done is try to buy 99.1, put Gospel there, move the Gospel programming on 1340 to 102.3 and put MAJIC on 104.1. 1390: This could be another home for Asian/Indian programming. I for one can NOT understand why so many Spanish stations are needed in Washington! 107.9 is getting most of the attention, and only about three or four others play a significant role. 1420: Like 950, this seems to be an automated jukebox. 1540: Again, why do we have SOOOOO many Spanish stations in the Washington area? 1590 in Glen Burnie: I see some programming there innovative. Some of the talk may be a bit bizarre, but it's interesting. I also like the old-school soul. 1600: My comments about 1390 and 1540 hold true for here as well! (9/30/17)

The Cumeuless stock guy should be happy that the company’s debt woes got the attention today of the uber-liberal Drudge Report. Second broadcasting-related article on that liberal site this week. The other was on the rumblings that CBS is shopping around its historic Television City complex in Los Angeles. The rumors are $500M - $750M. My instincts are slightly north of that. It could go for as much as $1B. Would be sad to see it go. But, as they say… it’s strictly business. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/30/17)

Hello, I am an aspiring disc jockey looking to make an air check trade for anything from WASH-FM in Washington DC from the late '90s-early 2000's. Would you or anyone that you know may have anything? If so, please let me know! Thanks, Stanley Karr (9/30/17)

RE “end of production” of Car Talk: I realize I can be slow on the uptake, but what “production” has been involved for that show, considering that Tom died several years ago and was quite indisposed for years before that? I assumed it was just a matter of keeping track of archived show segments so that nothing egregiously dated got on the air. What more could there be to it? It’s been a tune-out for me for a long time, especially since they barge through the top-of-hour news window. -Grumpy (9/30/17)

The Baltimore Sun in a roundabout way admitted today that it and the New York Times were duped by social media contacts and posts linked to Russian accounts and cooperated with them. The Sun is not the only news media who fell for fake news leads like the Freddie Gray one described here, but it sheds a great deal of light into how fake news narratives begin. These contacts clearly hyped and made larger certain protests and such than they really in fact were. No media outlet wants to admit they were duped, but clearly from reading this story, The Baltimore Sun and some activists were unwittingly colluding with the Russians. baltimoremoresun.com... -- BaltoMedia.Net (9/30/17)

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Tomorrow, NPR ends production of "The Best of Car Talk", 3 years after Tom's death. Whether WAMU 88.5 will continue to air it I don't know. It is up to individual stations on whether to air Car Talk. (9/29/17)

Dave, 40% of the top 10 billing radio stations in the U.S. for 2016 are AM. Of those top 10, with the exceptions of WTOP-FM and WBBM, all of the stations are in New York City or Los Angeles. Thus, WTOP is an anomaly in so many ways. As for the other stations you questioned whether they at least covering the property taxes on the tower site and the power bill, remember that radios stations are first and foremost businesses. There is no room for nostalgia. (In fact, it’s considered normal for the new owners of even the most historic of stations to dumpster anything and everything related to previous ownership(s).) Thus, if the stations you mention aren’t making a profit, they’re at least breaking even. The cases of the old WEAM site and those of WGMS-AM and WMAL-AM being sold off for development are hardly unique to the D.C. area. IIRC, the original site for WLEE-1480 in Richmond was sold off for redevelopment ages ago. No doubt there have been others. As for a national digital radio policy in the U.S., there have been two options on-air for a number of years. Yes, Sirius/XM is a nationally available digital radio service. And, it does require a separate receiver in addition to a subscription. Although digital, there are some streams (such as traffic/weather) that I would rate as only marginally better than an AM radio. Even the best of the music streams on XM (which uses a codec similar to the old MS .wav file) aren’t much better than a mp3 file encoded at 192 k/bits. So, digital doesn’t necessarily mean quality. As for terrestrial digital broadcasting, if there was a market for it, there would’ve been commercial development of transmission and reception equipment. Not to mention the FCC and its Congressional overseers being lobbied for spectrum. The fact that none of this happened speaks volumes on the long-term business case for broadcasting (TV and Radio…) as a viable investment. The en masse shift of legacy AM’s in Canada to FM was possible only because of FM’s later development in Canada compared to the U.S. Indeed, in Canada’s largest city, Toronto, the CN Tower was designed with space for only the stations operating at that time. As additional stations have been built since then, their antennas are atop the Bank of Montreal building. Yes, broadcasting is a unique business. Very little actual cash flow. And, the final consumer is not the customer. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/29/17)

Someone pull a plug on the phasor cabinet at 570 AM? Dial position was stone silent at 7:15 this morning. (9/29/17)

Dave's response: Seriously? If we had any sense, about 85% of the AM signals on the DC area's AM band should just simply get shut down. No one's listening. I mean, come on. I can't remember any ratings round-up where 1260 WWRC, "The Answer" (to what frigging question?) even showed up. Who the hell is even listening to 570, 700, 730, 780, 950, 1030, 1160, 1190, 1220, 1260, 1310, 1340, 1390, 1420, 1490, 1520, 1540, 1590, or 1600? Maybe a combined audience of a few hundred? Even signals like 630, 980, and 1500 (which is a night signal that allegedly reaches Sweden but can't make it to Herndon?) get so few listeners that you've got to wonder if the real estate taxes for the land their towers sit on and the power bill is even worth it any more. It's a damn shame the USA doesn't have a forward-looking digital radio plan like many European countries do, with everyone moving over to a dedicated digital radio band. Then, everyone could have a crystal clear signal without buzzing and whistling and static and fading and clicking, etc. With a few exceptions like some blowtorches in big cities like NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco, AM radio is a corpse awaiting its official burial. Jeez.....

Bob A, I'd be willing to bet these station(s) have done neither, or they would have said so. I am also willing to guess station management has given strict marching orders to these wanna-be reporters not to bash this team or its owner because of all the revenue on the line and a situation that remains extremely volatile for everyone involved, not to mention the potentially huge profit loss for multiple businesses in the area that depend on fans to crowd into downtown to belly up to the bars and restaurants for this weekly circus. They have let this shyster skate once again, without even mentioning him in any of their stories. Instead, they parade Coach Harbaugh around the Ravens training center big top, and allow Flacco and a few other players to babble their bullshit to deflect the media from Bisciotti. The stations have become way too close to this team with all the cheerleading among news people who - like little Ravens PR puppets - have created this "purple Friday" nonsense, wearing purple attire on the news sets and yelling "GO RAVENS" at the end of their reports. Sometimes I wonder if they're auditioning for a cushy PR job there, given the miserably insecure state of affairs in the broadcast business. It is just unbelievable with all the transparency being promoted in every aspect of our lives, that Bisciotti gets a free pass to hide from the fans. Maybe once he sees the empty seats Sunday, he'll wander down from his plush skybox and talk to the fans. The station should reserve one of its "three things we need to know" for it. (9/29/17)

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NBC4 finds the model that Jim Vance laughed at. More tonight on News 4 at 11... www.nbcwashington.com (9/28/17)

Pat Lawson Muse celebrates 35 years at NBC4 Washington... www.nbcwashington.com (9/28/17)

Re: WJAL...". "I made the statement a long time ago that I won't put something on the air I don't want my child to watch, and I haven't," Steve Ullom said, highlighting the station's focus on family-friendly programming."..ah you will be surprised as to what many parents allow/ not allow their kids to watch !! For example I have a co-worker who is in her mid 30s and she will NOT allow her kids to watch so-called "classic TV". In hear household NO I Love Lucy, Mister ED or Leave it to Beaver. Why ?? She says it is because those shows don't feature Blacks, Gays and Muslims and she wants her kids to see those people on TV. She even has MeTV and Antenna TV blocked from her TV !! So Will & Grace and The Game of Thrones are OK for her kids but not Lucille Ball or The Flintstones ?? Besides she doesn't like the fact that Lucy & Ricky are seen smoking on several episodes of I Love Lucy.. I wonder if she puts dark sunglasses on her kids when they are at a store and adults are smoking outside ?? Springer and Povich ?? She told me those shows are "today" and for her they are acceptable. Maybe Ullom is one of those people. Pop singer Madonna has said in the past that TV is terrible and allows her kids to watch dvds of classic Disney films and that is it. Madonna also doesn't allow her kids to listen to rock and country music either not even Madonna's old hits !! I feel sorry for her kids when they are old enough to ne on their own someone shows them her book called "Sex" or plays "Like A Virgin" and says "..well this is YOUR MAMA !!". It's going to happen !!! (9/28/17)

FAKE NEWS ALERT! This WJAL Family 68 story, as I’ve already reported is false as they reported locally there and on DCRTV. They are spinning some tall tales to not look bad for laying off their employees. WJAL is staying on the air on WUSA channel 9. It’s in the FCC database. So why are they lying to their employees? All of these jobs cannot possibly be disappearing just because they’re moving channels. Why don’t they just say it like it really is, “FUCK YOU WESTERN MARYLAND!”? — BaltoMedia.net (9/28/17)

[RE: My question is that is it possible for someone to give up TV and radio so long ago and have a normal life ???] Without knowing whether she is housebound, hard to say. But highly unlikely. Even if she is not employed outside her home, how has she been determining whether stores are open and roads passible on extreme weather days? I've known several persons who were very low consumers. One guy has only been listening to books on tape in the car since the 90s and mostly only precorded music and lectures in his apartment. However, he makes a point of watching the local news at least once a month to see if there is a recurring story or a hot local sports team. Another lady said she watched TV only if she spotted an interesting documentary or breaking local news (I guess this would include weather). She did listen to radio though, only music stations. Another lady said she only watched BET until she couldn't take some of the risque content any more. So no TV and the only radio station that was acceptable to her was the religious station on 104.1. (9/28/17)

Is the USS Don Geronimo Sinking? Subscribers report that Mike Sorce posted the same paid Podcast two days in a row? Funny, never heard of the Mike O'Meara Show doing that. (9/28/17)

RE: People who don't watch TV or listen to the radio....well there was Bill Lynn who founded the Wakefield Country Day School in Huntly, Virginia back in the early 70s. Bill died of a heart attack in 1988 and almost to the day he died he said he has NEVER watched TV or listened to the radio. A lot of folks didn't believe it but his wife Pam said otherwise. No radio in the car and no TV at home plus whenever they go out of town it's bed & breakfast instead of Motel 6 or whatever and when visiting friends he demanded the TV and radio be off or he wouldn't enter. Of course 1988 was before the internet so maybe Bill Lynn would had gone online had he lived on second thought I doubt it. (9/28/17)

Replying to my correspondents Re: the 570 TX Site. To the Novice ham, I call that the proximity effect. You were there, so it must be your fault. To P of the AW, I left you a subtle clue in my first posting which you have not picked up on. (9/28/17)

[RE: Hagerstown-based Channel 68/WJAL will stop broadcasting at midnight Saturday because its bandwidth was purchased by the federal government for $26.7 million.] We need some clarification on this issue. The Herald Mail article does quote a WJAL executive as saying that the FCC paid for the bandwidth. But the FCC website and numerous articles down through the years say that the FCC is merely functioning as an auctioneer for the cell phone providers who are submitting bids and ultimately paying the broadcasters for the licenses being retired. Who is right? And if the FCC is paying for the licenses, why is the process referred to as an auction? Who is the FCC bidding against? (9/28/17)

"To the continuing poster about the 570 site: (Not willing to give us even a hint as to your identity? I’ve narrowed it down to three guys.)" ...Well, I didn't construct the Germantown site, but as the Director of Technical Operations for Colfax's stations from 1993-1995, I put that site on the air. However, I'm not the one that's been posting. BTW, we lost a tower at the Bells Mill site about 6 months before the switch; the guys were tampered with, and IIRC, there was a blood trail. I did't have quite the same fondness for the Germantown site as the OP, but I'm not going to go into any great detail (It was pretty, but there were several technical issues). One of the more humorous stories involves going to the site one day, to find a local farmer tilling the soil between two of the towers in order to plant corn. As I approached him, he got off the tractor, we exchanged pleasantries, and he asked me if I knew anything about the wires in the ground that kept getting tangled up in his tiller?...The suits, of course, gave him permission to plant, figuring, "what could be the harm"? They must have thought the same thing when they gave him permission to let his cows graze on the property as well...John Diamantis, Chief Engineer/IT Director, Alpha Media Fredericksburg (9/28/17)

Re: WBAL and Steve Bisciotti. If the station really wants to be the News Leader (and I agree we’ve seen little proof of that over recent years), they had two choices: (1) contact Bisciotti and if he had a comment, report that comment, or (2) contact Bisciotti and If he had no comment (or couldn’t be reached for comment despite multiple phone calls and emails), actually report that “WBAL contacted (or tried to contact) Steve Bisciotti who had no comment (or couldn’t be reached for comment despite multiple phone calls and emails).“ This is how news is done. (It would also help mitigate any understandable impression that they are in the Ravens’ tank.) Bob A. in Pikesville, MD (9/28/17)

RIP WJAL. I hope the owner gave some of the money (two different dollar amounts are mentioned, differing by a factor of 10) to his "loyal" employees. "I made the statement a long time ago that I won't put something on the air I don't want my child to watch, and I haven't," Steve Ullom said, highlighting the station's focus on family-friendly programming. Say what? The station aired reruns of such shows as "The Office," "Rules of Engagement," "Community," "Leverage" and "Cops: Reloaded." It also broadcast talk shows in the morning hosted by Steve Wilkos, Jerry Springer and Maury Povich. (9/28/17)

New this morning via Herald-Mail in Hagerstown - Hagerstown-based WJAL to go dark after government acquisition... www.heraldmailmedia.com (9/28/17)

Yesterday I was talking to a lady who lives in Fairfax. She claims she hasn't seen TV or listened to the radio since 1974. She still thinks Jim Vance is teamed up with Glen Rinker on channel 4 and Harv Moore is still on WPGC. No she doesn't have a computer either since I know many who say that they "gave up TV and radio" but they still know what last weekend's Family Guy is all about or who does mornings at WKYS since it's all online. The reason she gave for no TV and radio is that she says she has lost interest besides she says it's "trash". My question is that is it possible for someone to give up TV and radio so long ago and have a normal life ??? Is she full of shi* ?? (9/28/17)

Week #4 NFL TV Maps. This was leaked last Sunday when Jim Nance announced he wasn't going to be in Baltimore this week, so the Steelers@Ravens will get total regional and almost national coverage being the #1 Early CBS game, but with the #2 announcing team. The CBS late game is completely national, Raiders@Broncos with the #1 CBS team. The Fox single game is split. Baltimore, Salisbury, & PA get the Eagles@Chargers, while DC & half of Virginia gets the early Rams@Cowboys game. The Redskins are national on Monday Night Football. More maps and details on other cities at www.the506.com. (9/28/17)

REF: "To the WBAL hater: You sir do not know your ass from a whole in the ground." Dude, your command of the English language says "a-hole" lot about your sorry ass, but I guess that explains your ass-inine view of the matter. Look, the tens of thousands of Ravens fans who open their wallets to support this team buying personal seat licenses, tickets, $10 beers, high-priced hot dogs, clothing and other attire promoting Bisciotti and his "gang" deserve to hear from this billionaire buffoon and should demand it; and so should this station, which also stands to lose when people stop listening to this crap and tune in elsewhere. This station - and many others - have allowed this man and many others outside the sports world to stiff them for interviews when the news isn't in the interviewee's best interests. This station has aired comments from everyone from the janitor to the dog catcher. It's time we hear from the CEO. Everyone is "guessing" what the team will do this Sunday, based on interviews from sister station - WBAL TV- aired with players yesterday. Bisciotti needs to put on his big boy pants, drop his cup, show some balls, and speak to his team and those who support them to end this craziness and get back to football. (9/28/17)

Due to the TV repack and extensive work to be done on Baltimore’s candelabra tower, WLIF 101.9 has filed for a new Auxiliary transmitter on their own tower northeast of Towson MD to temporarily replace the one on TV Hill. As stated in various places, parts of the TV Hill tower will have to be literally partially rebuilt to support the extra weight of, I assume will be ATSC 3.0 capable TV transmitters. As such, the FMs on the tower have opted to create AUX facilities to use during the extensive down time which could be months. This affects WIYY 98 Rock, WWMX 106.5, and WLIF 101.9. The new WLIF AUX facility will have nearly the same contour as the main signal, slight height difference, so there will be no noticeable difference in signal. It’s unclear as of yet what WIYY 98 Rock’s plans are as both main and aux are on the same tower. (9/28/17)

Earlier anonymous poster, “…It could also have been the model airplane enthusiasts at the nearby county-owned airfield who swore that the station was zapping their model aircraft out of the sky -- months before we even tuned up the facility…” Reminds me of the wait I had in high school between passing my Novice ham exam and getting my first transmitter. I put up a ½ wave dipole antenna for 40 meters in the backyard. And, I immediately got TVI complaints from the neighbors! For no transmitter at all! What’s even funnier was the ham couple I knew who moved into an apartment complex with ham radio plates on his car and not hers. But, when her plates arrived from MVA, the apartment management complained about TVI. Go figure… (9/28/17)

Can someone check to see if the sun went out, or hell froze over? I just saw a commercial for Fox 5 news on MS-NBC. Where I come from, that's like dividing by zero. (9/28/17)

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To the WBAL hater: You sir do not know your ass from a whole in the ground. Anyone who knows anything about the Ravens knows that owner Steve Bisciotti gives no interviews, does no TV or radio shows, except several times a year, the State of the Ravens press conference once a year, and a couple Ravens promo appearances. That’s it. He does not do interviews for The Baltimore Sun, WBAL TV, WBAL radio, or 105.7 The Fan or any media EVER! So the notion that WBAL 1090 failed in not getting an interview with him about the protests is absurd. And you’re an idiot! Start holding your breath for all of us, so we can stop reading your pointless, mindless rants about things you know nothing of. (9/27/17)

NFL ratings have been falling for a few years ("NFL TV ratings are in, ALL DOWN FROM LAST YEAR! Fox & NBC down 16%, 10%. CBS Ravens down 4%. The fans have spoken"), including during the time that Colin Kaepernick has effectively been black-balled out of a job. So what is it you think the fans have said? (9/27/17)

Re: "Here we go again, as alleged news radio 1090 babbles on with the controversy that began with the Ravens in London Sunday...Here is the flagship station for this team, and here it is, three days after this horrific mess...yadda yadda yadda..." Take a breathe and your meds, grandpa. There is no "horrific mess," you're just pissed off again. As always, it doesn't mean the world's coming to an end, or that everyone at the station you listen to and whine about 24/7 is going to lose their jobs. Calm. The. Fuck. Down. (9/27/17)

Here we go again, as alleged news radio 1090 babbles on with the controversy that began with the Ravens in London Sunday. Thank God for the newspapers and cable sports shows, because without them, this station would have nothing to talk about. Here is the flagship station for this team, and here it is, three days after this horrific mess began and not one word from Ravens owner, Steve Bisciotti. They read a "statement" some PR puke prepared for this billionaire buffoon, but has not broadcast one word from him on any of this. Even their sister tv station and their play-by-play man, Gerry Sandusky, has come up empty, which suggests to me pure "fuck-off" arrogance from yet another NFL owner. All we've heard - so far - is from Ravens Coach John Harbaugh, as he made another fool of himself trying to throw cold water on this raging public affairs inferno as he showed up for a media briefing wearing a "support our service" camo sweat shirt to convey the team's support of the troops. It was pure bullshit and the local media sucked it up as they always do without question. The icing on the cake was this morning's airing of a Ray Lewis clip the station stumbled onto from some sports cable interview he did last night explaining the drop to his knees "to pray to God." REALLY??? Give me a break. I guess he doesn't want his statue torn down in front of M&T Stadium. What a sad state of affairs for everyone, but for this station to let this owner slip under the radar on this one, and to sit there and take all this bullshit from Harbaugh and Lewis is unconscionable. So, "here are the three things you need to know" about alleged news radio 1090: (1) the station simply sucks (2) they have no balls to stand up and land the interview (3) management there should be down on their knees praying for their jobs. (9/27/17)

re; WUSA TV 9 dropping Bounce and Justice, I assume it is to make way for WJAL 68.1 from Hagerstown (Silver Spring) and mostly likely WMDE 68.2. WJAL gave up their channel 39 allocation in Hagerstown in the reverse auction and signed a channel share with WUSA. They also changed the city of license to Silver Spring, MD. (9/27/17)

"Just saw a Fios message saying WUSA 9 is removing Bounce Tv and the Justice Network from their lineup on September 30..." It was announced previously that Bounce is moving to WFDC 14.2 on the 30th. (www.broadcastingcable.com) There had not been any indication that Justice was also getting dropped, though. I wonder if this is in preparation for carrying WJAL. (9/27/17)

NFL TV ratings are in, ALL DOWN FROM LAST YEAR! Fox & NBC down 16%, 10%. CBS Ravens down 4%. The fans have spoken. (9/27/17)

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Just saw a Fios message saying WUSA 9 is removing Bounce Tv and the Justice Network from their lineup on September 30. Any word on why and if they are moving to another channel? Lee in Capitol Heights (9/26/17)

To the continuing poster about the 570 site: (Not willing to give us even a hint as to your identity? I’ve narrowed it down to three guys.) Even though I’d studied the site on Google Earth i had never actually been on the site before a month or two ago. Very nice rural property, although no match for WMAL’s present (but short lived) flatter 75 acres. (9/26/17)

Sounds like WaPo is about to lose their Skins beat writer, Mike 'Young Bull' Jones. Jason Reid tweeted: "The Young Bull (@MikeJonesWaPo) has been a phenomenal beat writer. He'll also be a phenomenal national guy for @usatodaysports. Congrats!" (9/26/17)

I realize nobody cares, but how long will the FCC let WGBG AM 1590 Ocean City stay dark and keep the license? It’s been off the air since Dec. 12, 2016! I thought half a year was the max for being silent. Speaking of silent, Birach’s WGOP AM 540 is also silent for quite awhile and no filing with the FCC either. New York’s WLIE 540 is coming in strong and clear in Ocean City. Are they trying to pretend they have a marketing agreement to run Spanish programming by just turning the power off? (9/26/17)

NASDAQ announced that Cumulus has until 10/2/17 to get their stock price up above $1 or they will be de-listed. The stock is now at 35 cents per share. It is unlikely that they can do it. This is not good news for Cumulus. (9/26/17)

As Tom Taylor suggested, Salem’s executives just sold WSPZ AM 570 to Salem Media, so it will officially be a Salem station upon FCC approval. (9/26/17)

Responding to P of the AW -- The old WGMS towers on Bells Mill Road were pulled down in 1993, but the tower collapse at that site happened somewhat earlier-- I believe it was in the mid to late '80s. We missed that site very much because the phasing equipment was top notch, speced by RKO, and built to last by Harris using a great many Jennings vacuum capacitors. Despite that, once we erected the new 570 site in Germantown, it became probably the nicest AM site in the DC Metro area. The only thing it lacked which the old site had was a working toilet. Unfortunately subsequent owners were not very good stewards of the new site on Black Rock Road. Regarding the nighttime power increase CP which could have added two more towers, I forgot to mention the NIMBY's from the Darnestown Civic Assn. Despite being asked to provide scale models, and being required to float tethered balloons to demonstrate the approximate visibility of all four towers, the association had a fit once they were completed and properly lit. The new towers were strobe lit both day and night which made for a very impressive sight especially when the clouds hung low and the strobes reflected off the cloud cover at night. The association's protests eventually led the station to retrofit the lighted towers with standard red lamps for nighttime operation. It's possible the same NIMBYs sank the prospect of two more towers which doomed the CP. It could also have been the model airplane enthusiasts at the nearby county-owned airfield who swore that the station was zapping their model aircraft out of the sky -- months before we even tuned up the facility.(9/26/17)

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What are the chances the DC area will ever get another FM Sports radio station? I can't get AM where I live in the west end of Alexandria. Just static. (9/25/17)

Did Jack Taylor get dropped in last week's "WTOP Traffic Purge"? I hope not. But he has been absent for several mornings now. Tom in Wheaton (9/25/17)

I think it’s hysterically funny that many of the same uptight DC people that admonish & ridicule Baltimore for its “O” Tribute during the national anthem at Orioles and Ravens games are the same ones supporting the protests of the anthem and flag at games now. HYPOCRITES! (9/25/17)

"Radio is Dead", my ass... wlrn.org (9/25/17)

Very appreciative of the knowledgeable post about the 570 history in Germantown. Never knew those real estate details. Before the memory fades entirely: Recall when 570's 460' northeast tower at the old Bells Mill site fell just a year or so before the move to Germantown. I can't imagine a more painful frustration than having to replace a 460' tower knowing it would have to come back down a year later. Was that around 1990? -P of the AW (9/25/17)

Don't know if any New York broadcasters still lurk around the mailbag, but I've got a question: The late night Colbert show on CBS proudly states in its opening sequence that the show is "live to tape". As such, the only edits one would expect are bleeps to cover any questionable language. So how is it that, at the conclusion of the Jim Parsons interview from 2 nights ago, there was a very definite break in continuity just as Parsons (in closeup) broke into a laugh when they went to a two-shot? That's not living up to the boast, IMO. (9/25/17)

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To the mailbagger speculating on further improvements at the AM 570 site in Germantown -- At one time there was a CP to boost 570's night power to 2500 watts by adding two more towers and reducing daytime power to about 4800 watts. The CP was granted when 570 was still WTEM, and owned by Colfax Communications. For reasons that remain unclear, that CP was never built. It's likely because Colfax intended to flip WTEM to Chancellor which then chose not to act on it. The 58-acre tower site in South Germantown was once part of a larger parcel, a farm purchased by Classical Acquisition Partnership, then the owner of WGMS-AM when it was still located on Bells Mill Road in Bethesda. Two more towers would have easily fit on the 58 acres, but the additional ground radials would have required an easement onto the adjacent parcel. Obtaining an easement was not much of a problem in those days because Classical owned both parcels. It had subdivided the old farm into 58 acres for the future tower site with the remaining acreage along Rte 118 to the southeast zoned for development into single-family homes. The homes never got built either, even though the whole development and site plan was approved in the late-1980s. Co-ownership of both parcels ended when Chancellor took control of 570, but a legal successor to Classical still owns the undeveloped parcel. So, while adding towers out there is not impossible, that ship sailed long ago when the economic fortunes of AM were marginally better than they are today. (9/24/17)

Comcast did not black out WJZ 13 outside of Baltimore, at least not on the Eastern Shore, so the horrid game was more widely available probably than most people wanted. LOL (9/24/17)

Never thought I would say this, but having Comcast on the eastern shore paid off. Getting the Ravens game today, my neighbor with Direct TV is not. It's not high def, but WJZ is not being blocked. (9/24/17)

RE: WSPZ AM 570. The idea of Salem spending money on AM radio is hardly uncommon. They spent money to upgrade WWRC AM 1260, which I think was a complete waste of time. But they didn’t think so. AM radio might be dead in some places, but they have a format where their listeners find them, not the other way around. The fact that ownership of the land was specifically involved gives them complete rights for the array. Cumulus might not want to spend any money, but any upgrade to that site that doesn’t hinder AM 630 and might actually help it is not something Cumulus would fight. No one looks a gift horse in the mouth. (9/24/17)

Earlier post regarding Dan Snyder, Red Zebra, and WTEM-980, “… All of his investments outside of the Redskins have been losses and WTEM-Red Zebra is no different…” and the record of the Washington Redskins under Dan Snyder’s ownership has been??? -Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/24/17)

RE Letter to FCC asking for more time to address WSBA problem while WMAL project hogs the Cumulus engineering resources, not much of an endorsement for former Cumulus engineering VP Gary Kline! (9/24/17)

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The WMAL construction is apparently taking up all the time of Cumulus engineers according to this letter with the FCC and WSBA AM 910 York PA. Apparently they have no time to fix a problem up there while working at the WSPZ/WMAL site. See here... fcc.gov (9/23/17)

For the guy speculating about new possibilities with the 570 site: interesting subject but highly unlikely considering all the design and integration money WMAL is having to spend to get it to work on a short timeline. I don't see AM owners investing in elaborate growth schemes. As it is they're just hanging on by one strand of dental floss. (9/23/17)

"I am curious what 'aspiring disc jockey' Stanley Karr plans to do with an aircheck he is seeking from WASH?" Maybe just collect it? People do that. Jingles, T-shirts, airchecks, in some cases broadcast equipment. I personally own a 1968 Gates console so its not uncommon. (9/23/17)

In regards to WTEM….Dan Snyder will likely sell that station off once he lowers the asking price. All of his investments outside of the Redskins have been losses and WTEM-Red Zebra is no different. He’s sold off all of his other stations and now is just biding his time more than likely for someone to pick up WTEM. Now all we can hope for is that he sells the Redskins…as he’s ruined that franchise as well. One can only hope. Dan (9/23/17)

CBS's WJZ turns over the entire WJZ 13 TV library of film & tape going back to 1959 for preservation and presentation to MARMIA (MidAtlantic Regional Moving Image Archive) run by Siobhan Hagan. But much work is needed still to preserve the thousands of old film canisters and tapes, some of which are in poor condition. The goal is to fully digitize the entire collection before it's gone. WJZ 13 is a rare large market station that saved a lot of its footage to this day. The footage dates back to just after Westinghouse bought then struggling WAAM channel 13, and turned the station around and into WJZ, with a few glimpses of what the station was like before as WAAM. The film & tapes have been stored at the University of Baltimore, but without any preservation efforts up until now. The full story along with clips is at www.marmia.org but be sure to watch "This is Baltimore" below. It's a fascinating look at 1959 TV. There's more info in The Baltimore Sun too. www.baltimoresun.com..... (9/23/17)

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Red Zebra has just one radio station now.....WTEM 980 AM. They have good coverage during the daytime. However, poor coverage at night in Northern Virginia. Their nighttime signal is directional East. They also reduce their power at night to 5,000 Watts. They need a good station in Northern Virginia at night. (9/22/17)

"A few weeks ago a guy ( in his 20s ) offered me a gift card for Starbucks coffee.I said thanks but no as I don't drink coffee. Would you believe this guy started crying ??" No, I don't, because it sounds like a lie. You're so hot and suave that young crying boys offer you giftcards? Also, to address your other point, we've already heard "the F word" several times on broadcast TV, and the last time I remember (U2 at the Grammys) the FCC was officially fine with it. We certainly hear it on C-SPAN radio's morning call-in show. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/22/17)

OMG, Donna Hamilton...PLEASE put the Mr. MaGoo glasses down! They make you look about as stupid as the plain glass lenses in the black frames Jay Grayson used to wear at your station as he hosted the 1 O'Clock Show. Did you find them in his old desk drawer? (9/22/17)

I’m curious. Does anyone know if an NFL game has previously been blacked out from DirecTV NFL Sunday ticket before? They do advertise every single game pending local blackout restrictions, but this London thing is not a local blackout restriction. (9/22/17)

I am curious what "aspiring disc jockey" Stanley Karr plans to do with an aircheck he is seeking from WASH ?? Put it online for the world to listen ?? You Tube ?? Good luck with that unless he contacts Ellis Feaster who has the OK from Iheart Media. ( WASH ).to post airchecks online otherwise one is wasting their time. (9/22/17)

The transmitter site chronology for WTTG: Harrington Hotel, then Arlington, and currently 5151 Wisconsin Ave. IIRC, WTTG had a DuMont transmitter and RCA Super Turnstile at Arlington. Last DuMont transmitter I saw was at KITV-4 in Honolulu around 1975. Speaking of local TV stations in hotels, the former home of WNBW/WRC-TV is seeking items that "may have been inadvertently removed over the years" as they approach their centennial. 'Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/22/17)

RE: “at least until the 570 compromise started to eat away at viability. “… This opens up another angle to the WMAL AM 630 move to WSPZ 570, then Red Zebra owned. It seems as if this series of events was planned long in advance. With Salem having control of AM 570 for the northeast pretty much between DC & NYC soon (with another resale), there’s something else that should be considered. What if Salem intends to change the array for AM 570? They have plenty of land, could build another tower or 2 or move 2. Red Zebra by itself could not change the array of WSPZ for itself or for WMAL in any way really. But now a lot of possibilities are open. Nothing would replicate WMAL 630’s current signal, but it’s possible changes to the array that Salem could make would make the move once again viable. This is all conjecture, but then again, no one expected Sportstalk 570 to be sold right after the WMAL deal to move there either. We shall see. (9/22/17)

Hello, I am an aspiring disc jockey looking to make an air check trade for anything from WASH-FM in Washington DC from the late '90s-early 2000's. Would you or anyone that you know may have anything? If so, please let me know! Thanks, Stanley Karr (9/22/17)

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The Baltimore Ravens website now confirms that NFL DirecTV Sunday ticket will NOT have this Sunday’s Ravens game, so if you do not get WJZ 13 or the internet, you REALLY will not see the game at all. Take note. baltimoreravens.com... -- BaltoMedia.Net (9/21/17)

Still talking about WMAL-AM's move to the 570 site, in recent years the accountants considered the 630 signal to be about 20% of the bottom line of the AM-FM simulcast. If the AM signal is damaged or turned off, who covers that? Keep in mind that the AM and FM have to be considered two different profit centers, increasing the pressure for each to justify itself financially. The 105.9 and 630 combo did make a lot of sense, coverage-wise, at least until the 570 compromise started to eat away at viability. (9/21/17)

NO, WTTG Fox 5’s first transmitter was NOT in Arlington. I already posted this. As it says on the Hotel Harrington website, WTTG 5’s original transmitter was literally atop the hotel. It says the transmission tower was on top of the hotel. For how long that lasted, read it for yourself… www.hotel-harrington.com... Yes, UCS was wrong this time. Sorry. (9/21/17)

All kidding aside, I greatly appreciate all the technical and FCC stuff you feature here. Ever since Monitoring Times and Popular Communications went eyelashes up, there's really only one radio tv technical outlet left (Spectrum Monitor), and that's an internet subscription. Thanks for humoring old guys like me. Genghis "now get off my lawn, you damn kids" Cohen, in nostalgic Prince William County (9/21/17)

It appears that the WSPZ 570 deal was structured so that the 2 Salem executives would get bonuses via the deal through a profit from a double sale of the station. I don’t see anything illegal necessarily on this, but I’m sure it’s a tax dodge in some way. Basically, they flipped a house. (9/21/17)

Posted on Facebook, by Mark Williams of WPOC: "Yesterday the management at WPOC informed me that my position there was being eliminated so after 20 years my time there has come to an end. For those of you who have already heard through the grapevine I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and well wishes, I really loved my job and there was never a day that I didn't want to come in and be a part of the Laurie DeYoung show and the exciting radio station that was WPOC. Laurie, St Pierre and Claire were like family to me and helped me through the good times and bad over the years and for that I will be eternally grateful.There are way too many people that I've worked with over the years to thank individually, but I want you all to know that I appreciate the time we worked together, the things I learned the memories and friendships that were made. I will miss all of you, but don't worry I'll pop up somewhere. As I always say, the big radio cart always recues. That's for those old enough to remember carts, probably too inside baseball! Good night and good luck!" (9/21/17)

I did not look it up on the internet, but the answer to the trivia question, I believe, is Troy Little's KTNN, "The Voice of Navajo Nation," in Window Rock, AZ. TNN=The Navajo Nation. No word yet on if Ernie Scar ended up there. (9/21/17)

Normally on Sunday mornings on a lot of the Eastern Shore, Comcast blacks out WJZ 13 from 9am to 11:30am due to CBS Sunday Morning and Face the Nation, both CBS network shows that are on WBOC 16. Will they screw up this weekend when WJZ is not carrying the normal CBS feed but an alternative CBS/NFL feed? They’ve had a week’s notice on this programming change. I bet they screw it up. Sure it will be easy to stream the game via Yahoo, but not for my 85 year old grandfather in the assisted living facility. I would bet most bars that don’t have the NFL Ticket won’t know how or be able to do it either. And to add insult to injury, even if Comcast doesn’t screw it up, they don’t offer an HD feed of WJZ anymore in some areas, so people will be ticked off paying over $200/month to Comcast and not getting an NFL home game in HD! Of course the NFL doesn’t regard half of Delmarva as any teams' secondary market, but everyone here is used to the Ravens and Redskins faithfully every weekend for years and years. (9/21/17)

"If you're only getting 3kHz, that's your problem." It absolutely IS my problem, I admit it. Suggest a receiver to me that picks up that extra 1-1/2 octaves -- other than the "GE SuperRadio" (which isn't manufactured anymore) or the overpriced C Crane "CCRadio-ep" -- and I'm all in. It's pathetic when I can get an MP3 player at WalMart for $5.64 and a C Crane plain vanilla AM/FM receiver is $85. I'll do my part if 1420 addresses the predictable repetition and uninspired presentation. (9/21/17)

What Salem paid for WSPZ 570 AM in DC.....The price was listed as $2.1 Million. It is broken down as $600,000 for the radio station and $1.5 Million for the 58 Acres of land at the tower site in Germantown. Salem said that they will diplex with WMAL 630 AM at this tower site. They will enjoy a nice check from Cumulus each month. (9/21/17)

From Tom Taylor Now: The anatomy of Salem’s latest deal in Washington D.C. Salem and its principals, the Atsingers and the Eppersons, have (like Beasley) engaged in various related-party transactions involving land, towers and facilities. Salem’s just-filed SEC report shows how they handled the just-consummated $2.1 million purchase of WSPZ/570 from Red Zebra. Turns out the “non-Real Property Station Assets” – mainly, the FCC license – were valued at $600,000. So for now, WSPZ is held not by Salem, but by “AM 570 LLC,” owned by the Atsingers and Eppersons. (Ed Atsinger and Stu Epperson, Sr. are brothers-in-law.) The 58 acres in Montgomery County, Maryland that hold WSPZ’s four towers are the “Real Property,” and that’s valued at $1.5 million. Instead of AM 570 LLC buying that from Red Zebra, it was purchased by a Salem subsidiary named “Salem Radio Properties.” But we’re far from finished. Salem is now LMAing WSPZ from AM 570 LLC – no surprise there. But it turns out that Salem just filed to buy WSPZ, and this time the price is a tad higher. The $620,000 re-sale price covers what AM 570 LLC paid to Red Zebra, plus $20,000 in reimbursement of “acquisition costs” paid by the Atsinger/Epperson clan. We’re almost done, except for the $3,000 per month transmitter site lease payments that AM 570 LLC will make to Salem, until the sale is complete. Also until closing, Salem pays the operating expenses, including for the required employees. The Salem board reviewed everything and pronounced it kosher... As for the format on 570, the followup to yesterday’s item is that WSPZ went from simulcasting with conservative talk cousin “1260 the Answer” WWRC to re-broadcasting Christian teaching WAVA-FM/105.1 to...silence. We know they’re doing technical work on 570, to prep for hosting Cumulus talker WMAL/630 in a diplexing arrangement. The betting is still that 570 will take on the “Answer” format. (9/21/17)

Still on the WTTG history, if UCS is correct that the first transmitter site was in Arlington, it is the building now owned and occupied by WETA-FM. WAVA's main is there and several other FMs maintain aux transmitters there. I enjoyed seeing historic remnant outlines on the floor of the old equipment when I'd visit to care for the 105.9 aux. C&P Telephone's early VHF mobile telephone transceivers were there, too. -P of the AW (9/21/17)

As expected, alleged news radio 1090 is on Ravens overload this morning, as the flagship station for this NFL franchise goes ga ga over the team's trip to London. First of all, who the fuck cares, and secondly, why can't this station give local news the same kind of attention it gives to this National Felon League (NFL) team? If the station is looking to attract more female listeners in the morning, having Bryan Kneejerk laughing it up with the sports dude who embarrasses professional broadcasting with his dub-ya bullshit to make him sound like a good 'ole Bawlmer boy, is not the way to do it. (9/21/17)

[Of course there’s always Yahoo streaming, but just how many NFL fans even know how to do that?] Go to nflstream.yahoo.com on your favorite device. Not convinced the picture quality will be that great. Should be on NFL Sunday Ticket too. (9/21/17)

Mike O'Meara Show Radio/Podcast. Hello friends. On Wednesday's show, did grown ass man Mike O'Meara confirm he won't be attending Oscar Santana's all-expense paid Vegas bachelor party this weekend because his much younger wife said he couldn't go? Did twice married O'Meara also confirm he doesn't have a pre-nup with wife #3? #SayItAintSoFunnySadIrishClown (9/21/17)

Gus asked a fair question which deserves a fair answer. As for not locating on a Native American reservation, the governments of these nations are very limited in the benefits available for offer. Indeed, they are so impoverished themselves that your heart cannot help but cry at their plight and that of their citizens. However, a state or local government is not only able to provide direct (and indirect) cash, but in many cases regulatory relief, land, staff training and recruiting, staff relocation assistance, and many other benefits. These benefits aren’t just immediate, but can run into decades if the business has decent negotiators and/or the government/politicians sufficiently desperate. Again, look at my South Dakota banking example and the out-migration before the changes took place. Keep in mind that South Dakota did as much selling of its benefits as much as Citibank did on selling their own. One broadcasting tidbit came to mind with your mention of the “rez”… the last AM to be built from scratch that could legitimately be called a “clear channel” station is licensed to a Native American nation. And, it’s licensed to and located within the boundary of their nation. Anyone know which station it is and where it’s located? No prize. Just a trivia test to see who has kept their undergrad research skills active into the Internet age! -Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/21/17)

Someone wrote "WKCW little more than an iPod with 3 kHz fidelity and a transmitter" If you're only getting 3kHz, that's your problem. The station is broadcasting as full as the NRSC will allow it to (9.5kHz) (9/21/17)

Did I miss the memo? 1010 WOLB in charm city is now playing black oldies identifying as “WOLB Soul”. Actually sounds pretty good. (9/21/17)

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Or is Bill Vanko trying to be "hip and cool" by saying such a thing as "..former while police officer" ?? I don't know since I don't listen to WBAL but I can tell you that as part of my business I travel quite a lot and have listened to many of local newscasts. Even the older anchors are known to try to get the millennials such as the one anchor who did a newscast in Pennsylvania. I had been listening to her for years so imagine my surprise when I heard her say "..and the mayor said it was a pain in the ASS". Yeah they are trying to get the millennials. I guess I am not surprised. A few weeks ago a guy ( in his 20s ) offered me a gift card for Starbucks coffee.I said thanks but no as I don't drink coffee. Would you believe this guy started crying ?? Kept saying that.I must hate coffee drinkers which is why I said no to that Starbucks gift card. WTH !!!!! I wonder when we will hear the F word on broadcast TV and radio since the millennials think that word is soooo cool and TV and radio wants to attract them ?? If that happens I will be breaking out the VCR. (9/20/17)

There a short history of WTTG’s first studio and transmitter location at the Hotel Harrington webpage itself. Apparently, it was one of the tallest buildings in DC at the time. www.hotel-harrington.com (9/20/17)

I appreciate the reminder about WKCW, and I've been listening to them for a long time now. I root around for oldies stations like a pig roots for truffles, and have found myself parked on 730 AM, 950 AM and 1420 at various times over the past decade or so. But its for those very reasons you mention -- same songs, same order, same day of the week -- that I find the station uninteresting today; as well as the lopsided emphasis on soul and R&B artists. Cycling in jingles that have been out of rotation for awhile doesnt help, and the lack of other programming or even live talent makes WKCW little more than an iPod with 3 kHz fidelity and a transmitter. (9/20/17)

REF: "That person who slammed WBAL" No, thank God, I am not a millennial, and neither is the rip and reader, Bill Vanko, who should have known better, or at least corrected his story, on the "former white police officer. And, speaking of how things have changed in broadcast in general and, more specifically, at what's left of that station, years ago the program director there refused to allow the word "crap" on the air when it played Paul Simon's Kodachrome. The station made the record skip over it, so that all you heard was "when I think back on all the --I learned in high school." True story...in other words, no shit! (9/20/17)

There’s going to be a problem getting the Ravens game in the region this weekend. Because it’s in London and on Yahoo internet only, no network, only WJZ 13 has the game rights for Baltimore. If you live outside the area, you’re going to have some difficulties. WJZ 13 is blacked out on a lot of the eastern shore and not in HD either in many places. Southern PA and DC will also be a problem if you don’t get WJZ 13 on cable. Of course there’s always Yahoo streaming, but just how many NFL fans even know how to do that? To exacerbate the issue, how many bars will be open at 9am? (9/20/17)

Have you seen the website for WDCA lately? The preview is for their primetime lineup for the week of December 7 of last year! Also, poor "C-more" has not tweeted in 15 months! www.fox5dc.com (9/20/17)

Someone posted that there's nothing left good on AM in DC if you're in parts of Northern VA 1420 is a classic hits station from Warrenton with a wide playlist no commercials only problem they get into a routine where you will here the sane songs in the same order at the same time for about a week.And it has lower power at night so where I am in Woodbridge it can be received only in daylight hours. (9/20/17)

That person who slammed WBAL "....."former white police officer".and so forth. You're not a millennial are you ?? That is who WBAL and so much radio and TV is targeting today and this is unfortunately the way millennials speak. Could be worse. Imagine tuning in to FOX 5 one day and seeing young people with tattoos and tongue rings doing the news and saying such things as "SHAKE THAT ASS", "The traffic SUCKS ASS", and "well we got to FAIR.".. Have you ever read any of the Yahoo news ?? Millennials !! Complaining about it ?? Well a year ago I was in Denver and caught KWGN's morning newscast. One the air was a guy in his early 30s reading the news he then says "...now for breaking news....I AM GETTING MARRIED !!". In camera view walks in another guy ( his boyfriend ) and the two of them kissed each other on the lips. Oh one of them had to announce that they will be naked that night, smoking marijuana and having great sex !! The other people on the set were like screaming and celebrating. I was so shocked that I contacted KWGN and they wrote back "our newscast is for millennials..not you". and I was told to "get with the program". Oh well !! I am 50 years old and I better find my VCR if I want to watch TV. (9/20/17)

DC's WSPZ ESPN Radio Sportstalk 570 AM says Goodbye. The website now bumps to ESPN 980 WTEM Redskins Radio, the last station left in Redskins owner Daniel Snyder's failed radio empire. The license has been transferred to religious owners related to Salem Media and it's now a religious station. Not clear what the ultimate format will be just yet, but it seems the format from WWRC AM 1260, The Answer format. WSPZ is going to be the transmitter home soon to WMAL AM 630 in DC. Recent FCC filings show that transition is happening now. -- BaltoMedia.net (9/20/17)

1260 says they r moving to stronger signal on 570. 980 stays with Dan? (9/20/17)

Tom Taylor did an interesting story on the iHeart Debt. They owe $20.4 Billion and their lenders are not interested in swapping debt for equity. The lenders would like to be paid. The stock is now at just $1.45 per share and there is no sign of improvement. If they go into bankruptcy this could hurt the value of all radio stations. (9/20/17)

To answer a question in an earlier post, the studio and transmitter of WTTG was first located at the Harrington Hotel in downtown D.C. Before the move to 5151 Wisconsin, the transmitter was in Arlington. FWIW, WGMS AM-FM also had their studios and offices in the Harrington Hotel back in the late 1950’s/early 1960’s, before ironically moving across the street from WTTG to digs at 5150 Wisconsin. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/20/17)

Has anyone ever noticed that the Comments section of The Washington Post is often closed down, almost daily on various stories? Are their readers that nutty that it has to be shut down or does the newspaper just support censorship of free speech? Or are their newspaper stories so poorly written that their own readers attack them daily? Even The Baltimore Sun doesn’t have to do this daily. (9/20/17)

This is a good example of why WMAL FM 105.9 needs WMAL AM 630. 106.7 and 105.9 FM both suffer from adjacent interference from Baltimore’s FMs. A lot of WMAL listeners cannot get 105.9 FM that easily. WWMX is moving their transmitter as a result of reconstruction on the candelabra tower in Baltimore to the TV repack so this pic caught my attention. Apparently, part of the top has to be rebuilt to support the new transmitters so they did this study on 106.7. These are all the same places near DC that you have trouble getting WJFK 106.7 The Fan & WMAL 105.9. (9/20/17)

[1260 moved to 570] Will 570 still carry UVa football/basketball games? (9/20/17)

"The radio suits would be well advised to consider allowing at least some air time for pointing out the potential hazards of sports betting and suggesting treatment options for those with serious addictions to it." Gamblers Anonymous. There, done! I made big potty today, when can I expect you to swing by and assist me? - Credit where it is due, Corporate Suit's long as usual post today is worth wading through. I'm surprised he didn't examine the possibility of putting parts of the business on the rez. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/20/17)

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RE: "FCC Chairman Pai asked Broadcasters how the FCC could change or get rid of rules ... Clear Channel agreed to sell 14 Stations that must be spin off in order to comply with the FCC Rules ... iHeart put them in their 'Trust' and now 10 YEARS LATER they still own them." You've been yelling about that for years now. If it frosts your ass that badly, write to Pai directly and TELL HIM. (9/19/17)

Will the move of Channel 5 to 7272 Wisconsin Avenue be its third home or its fourth? In my lifetime, the station has been at the long gone Raleigh Hotel at 12th & Pennsylvania NW. Then, in the mid-1960s, they moved to 5151 Wisconsin Avenue. Now, plans for new digs, a bit further up the street. Two questions: Where were they originally? I'm pretty sure I remember reading of there being another home for Channel 5, back in its earliest days. Also, are they planning to move the tower as well? (9/19/17)

RE: "FCC Chairman Pai asked Broadcasters how the FCC could change or get rid of rules ... Clear Channel agreed to sell 14 Stations that must be spin off in order to comply with the FCC Rules ... iHeart put them in their 'Trust' and now 10 YEARS LATER they still own them." You've been yelling about that for years now. If it frosts your ass that badly, write to Pai directly and TELL HIM. (9/19/17)

Type in am570theanswer.com. It goes to the 1260 page. Heard from an inside source that the answer was moving to 570. Maybe a change of plans or a delay. (9/19/17)

Someone wrote "1260 moved to 570 on Monday. Last I heard was that 1260 would simulcast with WAVA FM until change to 1260 format is made. Not determined what that format would be. " Well...no, no it didn't. WAVA FM is on 570, 1260 remains on 1260...and 1250 too. (9/19/17)

1260 moved to 570 on Monday. Last I heard was that 1260 would simulcast with WAVA FM until change to 1260 format is made. Not determined what that format would be. (9/19/17)

George Michael's daughter has written a book about their relationship & was on Fox 5 this morning..Seems like the book is pretty much about the negative aspects of their relationship. Wonder if channel 4 will be interviewing her. (9/19/17)

Where's our Cumulus gloom-&-doom buddy this morning? You see what Tom Taylor had to say about Kentucky's WCYN-FM Tuesday morning? The company made a request for an STA extension (Special Temporary Authorization) to stay silent just a bit longer -- its been off the air since March -- because it needs an exciter (essentially a low-power FM transmitter that drives the BIG transmitter) to get back on the air. The way the filing reads, Cumulus doesn't want to throw the bucks at a new exciter, but beat the bushes for a used one from one of the other stations. Swapping gear is nothing new in corporate radio, but they actually can't find one within the corporation. Stock prices notwithstanding, it won't be long before they force their staff to start bringing in their own toilet paper. (9/19/17)

Since the consummation FCC filing has occurred, for all purposes, Salem does own WSPZ AM 570, but oddly enough, none of the transmitting equipment? That seemed very odd. Who owns that now? Cumulus? or still Red Zebra? Or does that mean they’re replacing all the transmitting equipment? Something suspicious about that, like they’re planning technical changes to AM 570. Of course, this cannot legally affect WMAL 630 since they have an agreement. But with Salem owning both the AM 570 in NYC and DC, they can easily have an interference acceptance agreement in any way they want. Hmm. (9/19/17)

FCC Chairman Pai asked Broadcasters how the FCC could change or get rid of rules that should be changed. Rules that are unfair or out of date. Here is a major change that should be made immediately. In 2008, Clear Channel agreed to sell 14 Stations that must be spin off in order to comply with the FCC Rules.....iHeart put them in their "Trust" and now 10 YEARS LATER they still own them and have enjoyed the Cash Flow from these stations. WHY? There is no limit on the time frame for selling the stations. Under the FCC Rules, iHeart could keep them forever! Was this the intention of the FCC? This is a BIG Loophole in the FCC Rules. (9/19/17)

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Salem now (indirectly) runs 570 WSPZ AM radio. There officially is now nothing left worth listening to on the DC AM band. I always hoped I wouldn't still live in this town to see that happen. (9/18/17)

A 1964 magazine ad for WTTG Channel 5/Metromedia and their Wisconsin Avenue studio complex (from "Broadcasting"): www.americanradiohistory.com (9/18/17)

Interesting development about Fox 5 going to 7272 Wisconsin. I doubt any of the network ops will go there. Too fond of Capitol Hill proximity. The TV transmitter might go to the vacant spaces on the River Road tower. I wonder if the tower now at 5151 Wisconsin will come down? At one point it had to be reinforced with steel. Maybe no new tenants can use it. (9/18/17)

With 570 becoming the new home for WWRC 1260 programming… what becomes of the 1250 WRCW simulcast in Warrenton? Wish they would donate it and have someone bring local programming back to Warrenton/Fauquier. MLB4 (9/18/17)

So, the hits just keep on coming on alleged news radio 1090, as the afternoon rip and reader Bill Vanko read the story about the "former white police officer" found not guilty in a trial in St. Louis. So, how on earth did this white dude suddenly become a former white dude, or did he change his race? Now, THAT would make news! I would like to think this reader meant "a white former police officer." If you missed it, there's a good chance the morning crew will rip and read it again, as they tend to regurgitate their stories for days. Maybe station management will wake up and end this daily measure of misery with a story that reads, "former newscaster." (9/18/17)

In the announcement of WTTG/Fox DC moving to Bethesda, I find it interesting that appreciation was made to both the Maryland state and Montgomery County governments for “making the move possible.” Obviously, there’s “financial consideration” of some sort involved here. I think this is something state and local governments should pay attention to if they want to keep broadcast studio and office facilities in their jurisdictions. And, don’t say that D.C. is a “special case” by being the nation’s capital. Remember that WRC-TV is essentially operated out of facilities in Atlanta. Given the recent proposal of Sinclair to change the primary studio requirement “to reflect a change of interaction between a broadcast station and its community”, I see a future for this business where studios will be on at least a regional, if not national basis. All it will take is a change in FCC rules and either local governments, or perhaps a state government to come up with “specific economic incentives” for the location of a major TV or radio studio complex. I use as my example the changes South Dakota made to its banking laws among other legislation that enabled Citibank to move substantial operations to that state. With this background, if neither Congress nor the FCC acts fast, I can easily see a future where TV and or radio programming on a regional or even a station-by-station basis originates from a central complex for each owner/operator, perhaps located in a state not previously associated with a major broadcast operation. As for where? I’d pick a state that is perennially economically depressed, with an outward migration of college educated people ages 22-40, and currently with a not just limited economic diversity, but also with cyclical economic dependence. With this kind of centralized broadcasting, I can see where the major local presence of a broadcaster would be in spot ad sales which would be performed by independent contractor “representatives” (responsible for their own benefits, thus a corporate expense eliminated) with back office station functions likewise performed on a centralized basis. In such an FCC environment, I can see where a station might be required to have at most a “regular point of presence” in their city of license. This could be even be a one-day a week (or even once-a-month is a smaller market) “office” in a Regus type of facility with a staff person being like a circuit rider who primarily telecommutes to the national facility. Engineering, such as might be necessary, would be by a contractor… again likely on a regional basis. This would largely eliminate the wage bill and tax inconsistencies of operating across different states and regions, not to mention reduce labor costs overall by substantially reducing head count. Remember that labor costs are ultimately the most controllable in any business. And, are largely given a “hands-off” by government at all levels. Witness the wholesale elimination of jobs over the past 40+ years. No, this is not a future of broadcasting I favor. But, even with pressure brought to bear on Congress and the FCC, it’s a future I see happening. Why? Read the history of FTC rulemakings on regulation of used cars and funeral homes. As long as there are states and localities willing to make short-term sacrifices for long-term gains in jobs and income by competing against each other, this is what the failure of the federal government to economically regulate competition by state and local governments will result in. Yes, there’s the “commerce clause” in the Constitution. In the worst outcome, with creative legislation and a packed court, anything is possible. Otherwise, if a law is broken that nobody enforces, “what difference does it make?” -Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/18/17)

WDCN channel 6 in DC doesn’t have Class A TV status as an LPTV station. Therefor they do not qualify for any channel guarantee in the FCC repack and they cannot receive any money from the FCC either. They will just lose the license for Channel 6 in 2020 and are owed nothing. Most likely they will fight to keep channel 6 as will the other FrankenFMs, but they won’t be on any legal standing except for squatter’s rights. Currently in DC, no station has been assigned channel 6 or in the area, but anyone will be able to apply for it in the coming months. (9/18/17)

Are the owners of Channel 6 LPTV Station going to turn in their license to the FCC like WZDC LPTV did with Channel 25? They get more money from the FCC than if they sold the station. This means the TAX Payers pay for this. Remember, the Channel 6 LPTV station, on the FM Frequency 87.7 FM, has been operating as an FM Radio Station WDCN. (9/18/17)

I wasn't exactly expecting this. WTTG Fox 5 DC will be moving out of its longtime broadcast facility at 5151 Wisconsin Avenue (inside DC) to move to a newer state-of-the-art broadcast facility some 2 miles away at 7272 Wisconsin Avenue (on the Maryland side, in Bethesda). The move-in date in 2021, some 4 years from now. It'll be at the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Elm Street. It'll be interesting to see whether the new broadcast facility will also house Fox News DC bureau and studios, along with Fox 5 DC and Fox 5 Plus (formerly my-20). And hopefully Fox 5 have a street-side studio for its newscasts, similar to other stations (like WABC New York, KING Seattle, WLS Chicago, etc.) with street-side studios. (9/18/17)

Caught part of ESPN 980’s Redskins pregame show yesterday and heard Kevin Sheehan ask guest after guest ‘how devastating will it be if they lose to the Rams and how ugly will the fan base get’ (with little or no mention of the possibility of victory). Am I in the minority in expecting a pregame host to project at least a modicum of swagger and confidence about the team he’s covering? - save the Debbie Downer act for when the game’s over and they’ve actually lost (which of course didn’t happen on Sunday). Not of local interest but a morning drive sports radio host in New York named Craig Carton (who co-hosted with ex-Terps and NFL star Boomer Esiason and was simulcast nationally by the CBS Sports Network) was recently fired after being indicted for engaging in illegal activities in an effort to cover his gambling debts. While it’s no secret that the sports radio business has been in bed with wagering interests for years as evidenced by the ubiquitous point spread talk during football season (“for entertainment purposes only” disclaimers notwithstanding) and most program directors would rather book interviews with pantomimists than anti-gambling advocates, this incident should serve as a cautionary tale that brings renewed attention to the insidious dangers of engaging in this type of activity. The radio suits would be well advised to consider allowing at least some air time for pointing out the potential hazards of sports betting and suggesting treatment options for those with serious addictions to it. (9/18/17)

Taylor Grenda needs to slow down. Her weather reports on WBAL have so many stumbles, and she runs out of breath, and she repeats filler phrases because she seems deathly afraid of any gaps in what she is saying. Aye-yi-yi don't give her ANY more coffee. At least with John Collins, he eventually gets to the point even if he takes the same amount of time as Grenda to get there. (9/18/17)

Just announced on air that Fox5DC will be moving to Bethesda in 2021. New building by Carr Properties. (9/18/17)

Salem will move their Salem Radio Network Format over to WSPZ 570 AM. They will also enjoy a check each month from Cumulus for diplexing WMAL 630 AM. (9/18/17)

How much is Boomberg paying CBS to lease their 99.1 FM Signal? They are doing an LMA on this station. The Call Letters are WDCH. (9/18/17)

Ummmm, you did miss it. Hurricane Katia. From the WaPo 09/08: “11 p.m. update Friday: Hurricane Katia made landfall north of Tecolutla, Mexico. (9/18/17)

With its usual predictability, alleged newsradio 1090 had Screamin Scotty at the stadium this morning, with the usual hodgepodge of drunk and ignorant fans talking about how great the Ravens are and "we're going to the Super Bowl." Can this station possibly give a wetter, sloppier blowjob to the Ravens? Having those fans on isn't interesting, entertaining, or informative. Guess the PD needed his audio viagra to start the day. (9/18/17)

WSPZ AM 570 filed for Special Temporary Authority as of this Monday morning to run at low power while doing technical upgrades, presumably related to the WMAL diplexing. This will probably continue for a month or more. I have no special information on this, but I would bet that the sports programming and ESPN Radio is not coming back. All streaming of the station outside of ESPN itself (which is just streaming the national feed) has discontinued. So it’s safe to assume the station will be religious programming from now on. (9/18/17)

Just saw a commercial on WUSA9 for a new Wake Up Washington morning show coming soon. What more can these morning shows do to be more annoying. (9/18/17)

K=Hurricane Katia, off the coast of SE Mexico. (9/18/17)

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\/ September 17 Messages \/

So why is the WETA FCC Repack filing important? Here’s a comparison in FCC signal plots in what the FCC gave WETA vs. what they want, the difference it makes in TV reception at 1000 kw. Similar results for WMPT in Annapolis. — BaltoMedia.Net (9/17/17)

WTF WAMU? On Sunday (9/17/17) morning around 7:00am, there was dead air, then the 7:00 NPR newscast...eventually a time clock broadcast per WWV or NIST that ran at least several minutes, then around 7:15am the regular programming in progress. A software/programming/communications/hardware error or did someone oversleep/get stuck in the john? (9/17/17)

If the WSPZ signal is super weak, that has nothing to do with the change in programming, but most likely, they are doing work on WMAL transmitter at the site. (9/17/17)

The reason the 570 signal might be weak or absent for the time being is likely the move-in of WMAL's 630 gear to the shared site. They have to open up all the connections to all four towers to get everything adjusted and it will be a Herculean, time consuming task. (9/17/17)

Since beginning their newscast at 4am, are there any numbers showing that there's significant viewership at that time. Well, for that matter, in general, is there significant viewership at 4:30 for any of the other local stations? Also, on a totally unrelated note, was there a hurricane starting with the letter "K"? Unless I missed it, I heard the weather people talk about hurricane Jose with the next one being hurricane Lee. (9/17/17)

Riddle me this: So moving forward, Mike Sorce's Don Geronimo subscription based Podcast will 1] not include a co-host and 2] contract out for a Show Guest Booker? How not creative. Why bother? Shut it down grandpa! (9/17/17)

Yes, ZGS made enough money not to sue Comcast/NBC/Universal/Telemundo for taking away their Telemundo affiliation, possibly illegally. Whether that’s a good thing or not you decide. YOU PAID FOR IT! Yes the taxpayers paid ZGS to keep quiet, literally. (9/17/17)

First off, I discovered the Sun Paywall glitch at BaltoMedia.Net. I reported it to The Sun (specifically Dan Rodricks) and talked to the Sun’s web manager about the issue, so I know exactly what they did or accidentally did or say they did. #1 They never intended to institute a hard Paywall they say and nothing while talking to the web manager suggested to me that they did. You can debate whether they were testing it or not, but if they were, something went horribly wrong because it was blocking everyone including their own writers from seeing their own stories. You were blocked no matter how many stories for the month you had read. As for subscribers, I don’t know. But now, they are back to the same soft Paywall, which can be evaded with private browsing, albeit without commenting rights. I didn’t report this last month, but there was another Sun paywall change then. Using private browsing does not allow you to sign in and comment on any story. The Washington Post still allows comments in this fashion. All Tronc newspapers have stopped this ability. So no, The Sun has not ditched the Paywall as I said. It’s just back to the normal one. I’m not sure how many stories you’re allowed though for this month. It’s possible they’re being kind for September now. (9/17/17)

Uh-oh. It looks as if Channel 9 won't be broadcasting the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) 15/15 Bucking Battle on Sunday. I checked at AOL's website www.aol.com and at Channel 9. I'll keep the Digital Stream converter box on to see what its program guide says. The Digital Stream 9950 has a terrific EPG. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (9/17/17)

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No more sportzzzz on WSPZ: 570 is now simulcasting WAVA 105.1 FM. At 1:45 pm this afternoon, they were playing an infomercial pleading for money to send Jews to Israel, complete with sad music and much pathos. Cut abruptly at 1:57 to a bunch of commercials for the vein clinic, the WAVA christian school deal, My Pillow, "income for life" WAVA 105.1 FM ID at 1:59, and into "DC Discount Shopping Club," basically an infomercial for Salem Radio. Regards, Lw in Mount Airy (9/16/17)

Looks like the 570 sale finally closed. Signal is now super weak and UVa football game is on 980. (9/16/17)

ZGS sure made a lot of money by selling their LPTV Channel to the FCC. They sold Channel 25 which was the Telemundo Network Affiliate in DC. (9/16/17)

"The Baltimore Sun has not ditched the Paywall at all. You could always evade the paywall with private browsing, so you can do that now again. Also works on The Post and the NY Times too." Not true as it relates to the Baltimore Sun. Last week, the Sun instituted a HARD paywall for a few days that could not be penetrated even with private browsing. They removed the hard paywall after a few days and went back to their soft paywall. (9/16/17)

The major Repack changes for WMPT & WETA are the result of WETA filing a Failure to Comply with the FCC repack allocation of channel 14 and the FCC granting that. Now why WETA is not able to use channel 14 I cannot figure out. It is currently in use for TV, but not by a station protected in the repack. Do they fear lawsuits from WWTD on channel 14? Or is channel 14 slated for Land Mobile use by the Feds at the last minute? There is some mention of the special restrictions on channels 14-20 in the DC region but nothing specific to WETA. I don’t totally get this because WFDC on channel 15 doesn’t seem to be impacted at all. (9/16/17)

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Greener grass at WCBM? That's funny. Remember, where there is greener grass there are huge piles of shit. So..... (9/15/17)

Maryland Public TV files Major Modification TV applications for several of its TV stations that could see better antenna reception for its TV stations. For WMPT Annapolis, they want channel 21 instead of 31 and want it at 1000 kw, the maximum allowed digital TV power. It’s not clear in the application what the reasoning is as this goes completely against the Repack Channel change rules which are specifically planned by the FCC. This appears to have been coordinated with DC's WETA who now wants channel 31, also at 1000 kw, a monster signal for both. For Salisbury’s WCPB, MPT wants channel 16 at nearly a 3X higher power than previously allocated on channel 21. For WMPB Baltimore, they want a 2X higher power. For WFPT Frederick, they want channel 28 again and double the power. This is a very interesting development as it affects 3 markets, particularly the Salisbury market where WBOC is already on WCPB's originally allocated channel 21. Frederick might be a cost savings measure as that’s a request to stay on the same channel. It’s unclear how this would affect other nearby markets, but this is the first major TV Repack request seen in this area so far. —www.BaltoMedia.net (9/15/17)

Believe it or not, The Baltimore Sun did break a news media story last week that went unnoticed. I thought I sent it to DCRTV via Facebook, but maybe not. Anyway, According to The Baltimore Sun, Sinclair to launch a national investigative team of over 100 people, based partly on the investigative teams of WJLA ABC 7 in DC and WBFF Fox 45 Baltimore. It appears the national team of investigators will share time at different SGB TV stations in smaller markets doing local stories from market to market. swww.baltimoresun.com... —BaltoMedia.Net (9/15/17)

The Baltimore Sun has not ditched the Paywall at all. You could always evade the paywall with private browsing, so you can do that now again. Also works on The Post and the NY Times too. (9/15/17)

570 and its call letters would make for a great hi-energy Oldies station --- call it "The Spazz!" Even the imaging would be fun to listen to: "Spazzin' out to more commercial-free Oldies!" Wish I had that winning lottery ticket. (9/15/17)

According to The Baltimore Sun, Sinclair to launch a national investigative team of over 100 people, based partly on the investigative teams of WJLA ABC 7 in DC and WBFF Fox 45 Baltimore. It appears the national team of investigators will share time at different SGB TV stations in smaller markets doing local stories from market to market. -- BaltoMedia.Net www.baltimoresun.com (9/15/17)

As I predicted a few months ago, with Spanish low power TV WZDC Telemundo going off the air in Jan. 2018 and not reaching any sharing agreement, Comcast/NBC/Universal's WRC NBC 4 in DC has announced Telemundo DC on a sub-channel of WRC 4 along with sister network TeleXitos, effectively taking away the Telemundo affiliation away from the independently owned channel. Telemundo DC will be in 1080i HD and presumably offer local news in Spanish to DC. Comcast/NBC/Universal has, in the past, been criticized for ending affiliation agreements with long standing affiliates, in this case, a 24 year affiliation with WZDC. -- BaltoMedia.Net (9/15/17)

Week #2 NFL TV maps. The Browns@Ravens game still has a limited audience albeit more than the first week, still DC, PA, Delmarva, but now all of WV, and most of Ohio + Baltimore. The game gets the worst/last CBS announcing crew though. Due to blackout rules, Baltimore also loses the early Fox game while the mid-Atlantic region gets Eagles@Chiefs. For the Fox late game, most of the area except PA (which is not a Skins secondary market), gets the Redskins@Rams. That game is also seen by little of the country. Nationally, most people see Cowboys@Broncos. More on other teams at www.the506.com (9/15/17)

Does anyone know what happened to newly hired WBAL-TV weather chick Taylor Grenda? She was nowhere to be found during the biggest weather event of the year last weekend, and has not been on the air since she started just a couple of weeks ago. My eyes are craving candy. Come back, gorgeous! (9/15/17)

Salem has until the end of Sept. to close on WSPZ Sportstalk570 AM, so I don’t think anything unusual has happened with the deal. However, since someone said they heard that WWRC AM 1260 programming was being shifted to AM 570 soon on air and streaming through the website has ended (although it is still available via ESPN.com), I suspect something is going to happen soon. (9/15/17)

As I predicted a few months ago, with Spanish low power TV WZDC Telemundo going off the air in Jan. 2018 and not reaching any sharing agreement, Comcast/NBC/Universal's WRC NBC 4 in DC has announced Telemundo DC on a sub-channel of WRC 4 along with sister network TeleXitos, effectively taking away the Telemundo affiliation away from the independently owned channel. Telemundo DC will be in 1080i HD and presumably offer local news in Spanish to DC. Comcast/NBC/Universal has, in the past, been criticized for ending affiliation agreements with long standing affiliates, in this case, a 24 year affiliation with WZDC. Telexitos is advertised as “Action and Adventure in Your Language” and includes those kinds of movies and American TV shows. With 2 1080i HD signals, 2 SD 480i signals will be a bit challenging for WRC NBC 4. (9/15/17)

"The Baltimore Sun web team announced that they have fixed the glitch that blocked everyone from reading the newspaper for a day." They should have also announced that they have apparently ditched the hard paywall they put in place a few days ago. You an now still access the Baltimore Sun's website by opening a new browser page in private browsing mode. (9/15/17)

REF: ("Interesting on WBAL 1090 Friday afternoon") First of all, there is NOTHING "interesting" on this station, and, secondly, the market must agree, as the station's sales staff struggles to pull in advertisers. What I DO find interesting, is how they attracted a client selling ED treatment with the backdrop of a screaming dude in the morning spewing his spot-news orgasms all over the place. With him around, how could anyone need an ED boost?? The spot on grass seed isn't surprising. That's a Dave Sandler holdover in the aftermath of his recent departure for greener grass with WCBM. (9/15/17)

Once again, alleged news radio 1090 and the pack of long-lost followers (wanna-be alleged reporters) in the Baltimore media circles have shown us just how inept they are when it comes to asking basic questions on story after story. Take the case of the pregnant Howard County school teacher whose body was found last night. Earlier this week, Howard County Police told these wanna-be Jayne Millers that they "did not suspect foul play." I did not hear anyone question them, particularly after the boyfriend cried his crocodile tears on their newscasts, waving a red flag at them with his reference to his willingness to "fix whatever was broken" with this chick. We heard nothing else from Howard County Police until Montgomery County Police cleaned their investigative clock and embarrassed them with the arrest of the boyfriend. And, everyone is giving kudos to the investigators for allowing this suspect - and he is only a suspect, not her killer until proven guilty - to appear in front of the cameras to beg for her rescue/recovery. Really?? I am not a detective, nor do I have all the facts in this case, but based on what has been widely reported, this one stunk from the very beginning, and no one, NO ONE, raised questions. Someone, please tell this station and the others, we are tired of being told to "expect more," while we keep receiving damn little. (9/15/17)

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Salem applied for a translator for WAVA 780 AM. However, three other stations also applied for a translator on the 96.1 frequency in the DC area. The Red Zebra ESPN Format is still on WSPZ on 570 AM in Germantown. Is Salem going to close on the purchase of WSPZ? (9/14/17)

Dave - From today's Tom Taylor Now radio column, "No, iHeart’s not peeling off any stations. 'Maybe the ones still left in the Aloha Station Trust,' says one dealmaker. And maybe iHeart could be prepping for swaps with Entercom. But the dealmaker says generally, the company doesn’t seem interested in selling..." One wonders what this could me for Frederick's WFMD and WFRE both of which are in the Aloha trust. -Tom in Frederick (9/14/17)

The Baltimore Sun web team announced that they have fixed the glitch that blocked everyone from reading the newspaper for a day. — BaltoMedia.Net (9/14/17)

Jesus Christ on a stick, "Remember last Spring...(9/12)": have a Snickers and calm down. Hillary will be by a little later with some coloring books and, for $2,000, will let you show on the doll where the big, bad Republican touched you. Really (and you know who you are, you're a regular on here), you're beginning to worry folks. Keep it up, and you're gonna pop a grape-you're heading towards "antifa t-shirt wearing, screaming at clouds and statues while pushing a supermarket cart with all your worldly belongings down the sidewalk leaving a trail of feces" land (population: you, and maybe the radio stock guy). Get out of the darkened room, take a walk, organize your wallet, consult a therapist-just do something. Get help, please, and then maybe you can finally re-enroll in Community College like you promised your Mom 20 years ago. We don't want you shooting up the Family Research Council like your cousin. They've made wonderful progress on helping people get over ADHD...Genghis "really, this needle is for your own good, you won't feel a thing and it will make you all better" Cohen, long since red-pilled, in formerly screaming and thrashing Prince William County (9/14/17)

"...not sure if AFTRA is active at any radio stations in VA." Even as we speak, WETA is seeking a part-time announcer under AFTRA Day Hire rates. Otherwise, in order for AFTRA to be active, a station needs to have ANNOUNCERS. Not a lot of those left. (9/14/17)

Don Geronimo Show Paid Subscriber Podcast off the air? Doesn't appear to be a good week for Mike Sorce, 1] another co-host has quit and 2] based upon his Twitter screen shot, no live shows as his "network" is off-line. #Isitjumpthesharkweek? (9/14/17)

Cumulus was notified in April 2017 by NASDAQ that they would have six months to get their price up above $1.00 per share or be delisted. The six months are up now and Cumulus is trying to get an extension on this deadline. The price now is $0.39 per share. (9/14/17)

I just read the Bal'mer Sun online...news & sports. No problem. No blockage. No stents. And really, not that much news. But I did it! (9/14/17)

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NBC is yanking WZDC's Telemundo affiliation in order to launch an O&O in December: www.broadcastingcable.com... Unlike what they did in Boston, this is a good move - barely anyone can get WZDC OTA, it's in a bad location on some cable systems (channel 89 on Cox IIRC) and it doesn't even appear to have the equipment to broadcast in widescreen. Missing from the article is whether there will be a new station (unlikely) or if 4 is getting a subchannel. RabbitEars this morning began listing Telemundo as "coming soon" to 4.3, but I don't see anything to back that up. (9/14/17)

Even I didn't think that owner Tronc of The Baltimore Sun was this stupid. Today, they accidentally BLOCKED online users stating they'd reached their monthly free article limit. Only problem is, they blocked ALL PEOPLE, even those going to the site for the very first time, not just those reaching their monthly limit. They cut off everyone from online news without even knowing it! Somebody needs to be fired ASAP. This is just unbelievable for a major market newspaper to block all its readers. I don't know yet if this affected subscribers, but feel free to chime in. Everyone else is blocked. (9/13/17)

Get your cereals straight, WMAL guy. It’s coo-coo for cocoa PUFFS, not POPS. There are Corn Pops, formerly Sugar Pops and various other names, though. Cumulus guy, please give it a rest. Cumulus was at 25 cents and maybe below earlier this year, and they weren’t de-listed then, and won’t be now. GEEZ. (9/13/17)

Now this is really interesting. The Baltimore Sun is doing something very unusual. I changed devices and still cannot read a single Sun story from a different location, says I’ve reached the Paywall limit. Now on that device, I’ve never accessed The Sun before! Did they ban everyone on the Comcast free WIFI hotspots too from seeing their newspaper in my area? I don’t know if they’ve done this purposefully or accidentally, but they have a serious problem if they start blocking free wifi hotspots from accessing the Baltimore Sun. I will try with a 3rd IP address next and see if The Sun website has just completely crashed. Has anyone else noticed this? (9/13/17)

I have been informed by the Baltimore Sun web team that the problem that caused no one to be able to read any Baltimore Sun story on the site (or nearly all on the front page), has been fixed. Apparently, Dan Rodricks clicked on his own Facebook link and realized he couldn’t read his own story today. It’s hard to believe that at one time, The Baltimore Sun had more international bureaus than The Washington Post and Washington Evening Star combined, rivaling the NY Times. (9/13/17)

Virginia is a 'Right To Work' state/Commonwealth. So not sure if AFTRA is active at any radio stations in VA. (9/13/17)

Guilty Plea In Deaths Of Lyon Sisters: WMAL still does not mention that John Lyons, the children's father, worked for WMAL. (9/13/17)

RE WBAL...the spots with the talking seagulls is NOT a PSA, it is a paid spot from the Dpt of Transportation and Bayspan. No, their advertisers don't care about the complaints on DCRTV, and why should they since this an industry rant page. Maybe they are just realizing you can't even hear the station on Joppa Road or up 83 half the time. (9/13/17)

WUSA 9 Morning - Allyson Rae morning meteorologist is also leaving she posted on Twitter that she is moving back to Ft. Myers NBC 2 (9/13/17)

/\ September 13 Messages /\

\/ September 12 Messages \/

That giant sucking sound you hear coming from Frederick is WFRE. While other stations in the market get better and better, this station just keeps rolling downhill... You have to feel for guys like Dave Conrad and Tom Whalen who have been the driving force behind this station for 20 years or more and are now being pushed to the side by more inexperienced and unprofessional "broadcasters." Truly sad. Fred R. (9/12/17)

Tronc’s The Baltimore Sun has instituted a HARD PAYWALL as of today. What does that mean? They’re tracking your IP Address, so clearing your cache and cookies will not allow you to read more than the allowed stories for the month. I think this is notable since it also has some censorship implications. Basically, they could block any individual who posts any editorial comments that they do not agree with. Have they done that yet? I don’t think so, but clearly they wanted to institute the technology to do it. The Washington Post & NY Times paywalls are soft paywalls, and only count how many times your browser has accessed the site, not your internet location. (9/12/17)

This doesn't happen often but the Orioles game is being streamed online FREE by WSPZ AM 570 Washington DC. Apparently, somebody forgot to black the game out. WSPZ was recently purchased by religious oriented Salem Media and a format switch is probable. Well, this is a good way for them to lose the Orioles rights. Streaming MLB games on the internet is strictly prohibited by MLB. -- BaltoMedia.net (9/12/17)

I was told today that many of the Washington and Baltimore radio and television stations still belong to the AFTRA union. If this is true what is the purpose of it ?? How many jobs did AFTRA saved to voice tracking and syndication ?? Can someone at a non-union station still join the union the same way employees at Walmart and Target belong to a union even though both chains are very anti-union ?? How much of a role does the union have at a non-union station ?? I worked at a station once ( non-union ) and I remember a female jock getting fired. Her response ??" The union didn't want me".. WTH !!! Is Richmond and Norfolk a union market ?? I heard about a strike that happened at WLEE, WAVY and WGH way back when. If they were not union who was the strike against ?? (9/12/17)

iHeart stock price down 7% since yesterday. Now at $1.40 per share. With the stock market at an all time high, why do these radio stocks not improve? (9/12/17)

Those who don't remember history are condemned to do whatever Pantytwist (loved you in "It" btw) is doing. Dude, no one cares, but when you say stupid stuff like "nobody lived in the DC suburbs at all" I see someone who's completely and aggressively wrong. And no one mentioned land grants, Slick or do you prefer Slim? When you say stupid stuff like "the METRO area of DC did NOT EXIST in the 1920s" you get taken to task. Get used to it. Otherwise explain the roads, houses, sewer system, electrification, the 1894 amusement park, the county seats, the country clubs, the contemporaneous photographs, UMCP (estd. 1856), on into infinity. "All the radio & TV frequencies were ALREADY GIVEN OUT long before DC was bigger than Baltimore!" And what are the implications of that? Why should anyone care, Slick? "Nighttime AM"? Do better. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/12/17)

It looks like Cumulus will be delisted from NASDAQ. It is at 39 cents per share now. Once it is delisted, the value will continue to drop. (9/12/17)

Remember last spring when WMAL went all coo- coo for Cocoa Pops over, not Trump campaign people talking with Russia, but the Obama Administration and Susan Rice “unmasking” members of Trump’s campaign team? We heard Joe DiGenova, Michael Doran, Tom Fitton, Mike Cernovich, Chis Plane, Larry O’Connor, and Mark Levin all pretend to be national security experts and slam Susan Rice for (illegally) unmasking members of the Trump campaign in 2015. Well, it now appears national intelligence documents obtained by House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, who subpoenaed the documents from the National Security Agency, FBI, and CIA earlier this summer without telling his Democratic colleagues, contain no evidence of wrongdoing by the Obama administration, Reuters reported yesterday. WMAL, in its quest not to inform the public whenever their propaganda is shown to be false, remained silent on this piece of news. Just like they remained silent when a lawsuit was filed in the Seth Rich case. On another sour note for WMAL, and “Larry the Liar,” the memos Nunes obtained do indicate that some of Trump's campaign associates made contact with Russian nationals during the election that may have violated an 18th-century law called the Logan Act, which prohibits private citizens from attempting to intervene in international diplomacy, or attempt to represent the US government, with a foreign government. Names of those who made the NSA roster include Jared Kushner, Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, Gary Cohn, and Donald Jr. Again, after this reporting, we received no mea culpa from WMAL. How long are we as a society going to allow Larry “the Liar” O’Connor, Chris Plante, and Mark Levin to lie, cheat, fabricate, and distort news to the American people? Larry “the Liar O’Connor tried to destroy Shirley Sherrod’s life for political points against Obama. Larry and Chris Plante tried recently to smear a dead 20-something DNC staffer with traitorous allegations. Bill Hess, how long can you in good conscious allow this type of misinformation, hate speech, and political “rat f^cking,” (kids, look it up), to be on the station you are responsible for? Stand up, Bill, be a man for once, and apologize for all the crap you allowed to go out over your airwaves. Apologize for hiring a known political trickster, liar, and defamation fabricator (Larry) to do political analysis for your station, and fire his well-oiled ass. (9/12/17)

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Interesting on WBAL 1090 Friday afternoon. Between about 4:35 and 5:10, only 2 real commercials. One for ED treatment, the other for grass seed. Two PSA’s w/the talking seagulls for the Bay Bridge Traffic webpage/phone #. And the rest of the time was filled with nothing but show promos. Must have heard the C4 one 3 times. Maybe some of their advertisers are reacting to the complaints on DCRTV. We all know that management isn’t. Remember, “Expect More”. (9/11/17)

"Revenue is shaping up to be flat again at WTOP ... They don't have anyone there who knows what to do about it." --- So send 'em a resume and show 'em how it's done. (9/11/17)

Maybe there’s still time for this to happen, but unlike with other sharing agreements, nothing has been filed by WDCA TV 20 with the FCC for them to be sharing channel space with WTTG FOX 5. Is this because it’s not necessary or because FOX is literally turning in the license for WDCA TV 20? Either way, it won’t make any difference in programming, but WDCA TV will technically cease to exist as will station IDs. In fact, I’m not even sure if they could continue to use WDCA calls at all since they would be open for anyone to use at that point. (9/11/17)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] 2017 Producer-Board Operator Position - WCBM has an opening for a Part-Time producer/board-operator. Experience preferred. Interested persons should be able to monitor transmitters, operate an audio console, screen calls, and edit audio. Must have reliable transportation. Please submit resumes to: WCBM,1726 Reisterstown Rd. Suite 117, Baltimore, MD. 21208 or to mailto:sean@wcbm.com. WCBM is an EOE. (9/11/17)

I hear that 2017 revenue is shaping up to be flat again at WTOP; it has generally grown about 1.5% per year for the last several years. They don't have anyone there who knows what to do about it. (9/11/17)

If you have wondered where Tom Water is he has been on in the evenings on CNN doing the in studio weather during the hurricane. Actually now at 9pm he has been on and talking to Anderson Cooper. (9/11/17)

Also forgot during hurricane coverage on Sunday one of the news channels interviewed Bob Rayn via phone about the hurricane. Sounded great and it's great they still want to talk to the older folks. (9/11/17)

Would someone please give Gus in Gaithersburg his stapler back? He doesn’t mind being in the basement, but he needs that. He’s upsetting the "Office Space.” Gus can talk about roads and land grants, blah blah blah, but the fact is the METRO area of DC did NOT EXIST in the 1920s and DC only matched Baltimore in total population around 1970. All the radio & TV frequencies were ALREADY GIVEN OUT long before DC was bigger than Baltimore! Gus is like a broken record. He’ll just never concede when he’s embarrassingly wrong! PLEASE GIVE HIM HIS STAPLER BACK! :-) (9/11/17)

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"Keep on responding with drivel Gus." Well, I suppose that's the best you've got. One must make allowances. Chevy Chase Land Company, est'd 1890. In 1894 there was an amusement park north of East-West Highway. Rockville Pike, in existence since before the War of 1812, was made a state highway apparently in the early 20th century. "By 1921, the portions of state highway between the Washington, D.C. border and Rockville, to the northwest of Germantown, and between northwest of Urbana and Frederick were completed." In the 1880s people began building mansions along it. Part of Old Georgetown Road was paved in 1910 and it was completed in 1928. I used to live in Chevy Chase and one day the guy who had lived in my house in 1920 (when "nobody lived in the DC suburbs at all") knocked on my door. There was at the time a grocery delivery service, delivering groceries to the people who didn't live there; additionally there was a sewage system, electricity and country clubs. Rockville is the county seat of Montgomery County but no one lived there. Strange! Town, city, I don't care. In any case the state road connecting Gaithersburg and Germantown was completed in 1915, to serve the people who didn't live there. Let the record also show that Alexandria was another uninhabited suburb of Washington at the time. Don't step to me on this, Chief. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/10/17)

Patsy Cline in the 50's and early 60's sang or at least did things with just about every radio station in that part of the country. WEPM was where Patsy was on the payroll but the other stations she did quite a few things. Let's see here Patsy Cline helped launched the country format at Mount Jackson's WSIG and Winchester's WHPL and I think she also had some role with Warrenton's WKCW "Big K" too. Patsy Cline also sang over WFTR in Front Royal, Cumberland's WTBO and WARK in Hagerstown and she did a benefit for WSVA in Harrisonburg but despite all of this radio history WINC was were Patsy Cline was first heard to the public so WINC gets the glory. (9/10/17)

With all the discussion about the impending WMAL 630 move to Germantown and the loss of coverage to the east (Howard, Anne Arundel and Baltimore counties) there is a nice solution that Cumulus had in place and then dumped. For sometime WMAL was relayed on 107.3 HD2. For some unknown reason the service was dropped. Here in Anne Arundel County that HD service actually worked very well. I wrote several times to WMAL and even telephoned Cumulus-DC... no action. Does "Cumulus" also mean "cloudy brains?" TK in Odenton (9/10/17)

WBOC TV ran “In Memoriam” Thomas Draper spots during today’s CBS NFL games. (9/10/17)

RE: Baltimore AM Stations - I see there are two Baltimore AM stations for sale listed at www.radiotvdeals.com . One is for $1.1M and the other for $2.0M. The second one is interesting in that the call letters and format do not convey. Any guesses? I am sure Family Radio wants to dump one of their signals (750/860) but at these prices the listings would be overinflated. GIven that the Warrenton area 94.3 rimshotter just went for $250K the prices for AM signals should be even more depressed. Even with some marginal FM translators thrown in the traditional lower powered AM station has little value. (Heck, as more cars become hybrids or all-electrics the AM band will be omitted from car radios --- on a recent trip to Europe my rental had an RDS-equipped FM-only unit. No AM, no longwave.) TK in Odenton... (9/10/17)

1260 AM has a bad signal. They have three towers but no ground system at all. They are carrying the Salem Radio Network Format. They never show up in the ratings. Salem needs an outlet for their radio network in DC. They have announced that they will move this format over to WSPZ 570 AM. They will also retain the WWRC Call Letters. (9/10/17)

Washington Post readers are such horrible people that The Post had to close comments on the story about the death of FOX New’s Eric Bolling’s son due to too many hateful and despicable comments. If your politics run so deep you attack the father of a dead 19 year old son, then you should kill yourself. (9/10/17)

As an LPFM, WOWD has no interference protections from other classes of FM stations at least as far as the FCC states it itself, so asking for interference complaints is pointless. What WOWD should have done was to file an objection when WCTN applied to get the license for 94.3 FM. Any FM translator can be stopped at that point. Not sure what else can be done now. (9/10/17)

Salem wants WSPZ 570 AM for this reason more than anything. WWRC AM 1260 doesn’t have this, a fully unencumbered ground system with maybe even room for another tower. WWRC’s transmitter location is all overbuilt and partially destroyed. It’s why the station has such signal problems that they had to increase power and still it’s bad. I wouldn’t be surprised if Salem looks to get rid of AM 1260 or it ends up being diplexed with another AM, even maybe at AM 570’s site? The major problem that WMAL will have at this site is that the ground conductivity might not be as good, but more importantly, the WSPZ array does not match up totally with WMAL’s current signal pattern, meaning nulls where WMAL 630 didn’t have before. But some one asked, why is AM 630 important or worth it? Because WMAL 105.9 FM has serious signal interference from 105.7 FM in Maryland, so for those listeners, AM 630 might be their only solution. Keep in mind the ratings are not for FM only. They’re for the combined rig, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know which listeners or how many they would lose without AM 630. They wouldn’t be doing this otherwise. They could have just shut AM 630 down. It was an option, but they knew the 105.9 FM signal issues will never ever change, unless maybe we switch to all digital radio at some point and there’s amazing adjacent signal rejection. But that’s not in the works anytime soon. Hence this. (9/10/17)

If my aging memory serves me correctly, there was a time in the 1960’s/1970’s that WBMD-750 was C&W. Also, IIRC, WBMD had a short-lived experimental station on 650 with the call KTI-931. Perhaps Joe who used to be in Westminster also remembers it? -Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/10/17)

Patsy Cline & Wikipedia...there is one bit of info they left out actually it is the case in so many Patsy bios and that is her relationship with Martinsburg's WEPM and one of their announcers Bill Peer. There was a book out some time ago called "Letters from Patsy" in which in her own handwriting Patsy Cline talked about WEPM a lot ( funny is that she mentions WINC very VERY little ) and gave praise to Bill Peer. Every Saturday morning there was Patsy ad Bill on WEPM and there are lots of pictures of Patsy Cline at WEPM too. I am going to guess that a promise was made somewhere down to line to WINC that the only station to be in Patsy's bios is WINC and not WEPM so WEPM gets left out. The Patsy Cline bio flick "Sweet Dreams" in the scene where Patsy and Charlie are listening and dancing to Sam Cooke's "You Send Me" the man on the radio was Joe Pasquali.and in the movie he said " Welcomes to Nighttime ....Winchester's 1400 WINC" At the time the movie was filmed in nearby West Virginia he did mornings at WINC but after the movie was finished Pasquali was fired from WINC and went to then 610 WVAI ( now WXVA ) so all references to WINC and 1400 were deleted from "Sweet Dreams". (9/10/17)

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I hate making fun of Gus in Gaithersburg (no, I’m lying), but the town of Gaithersburg didn’t even become a CITY until 1960! Sure some farmers lived around there, the country store, the 13 mailboxes and probably old Gus too! Gus is like the gift that just keeps on giving. Keep on responding with drivel Gus. We love you. :-) (9/9/17)

Your Help Needed - Can you hear WOWD west of Silver Spring? URGENT ACTION REQUIRED BY SUPPORTERS... A new radio station (WCTN) is encroaching on the 94.3 FM frequency within our broadcasting range. WCTN’s antenna is in Potomac and the signal mostly affects those listening west of downtown Silver Spring. In order to fight this, we are collecting facts from WOWD listeners who may be experiencing interference due to the WCTN broadcast on 94.3FM If you live or travel within the listening range and listen to WOWD on 94.3 (not internet) please listen and see if anything has changed with your reception of WOWD. If you hear static or music bursts that were not there before, you can be very helpful now. Email us today with the following information: Are you experiencing interference of the WOWD broadcast when you previously did not? Date and time when you heard something different Where are you exactly (address or intersection) Are you in a car or building? If in a building, what is the structure made of? What do you hear? Describew the kind of interference you notice Please send us this information to trex@takomaradio.org as soon as possible. We hope to file this information with the FCC by the end of this week. Thank you for your help. (9/9/17)

How are the radio stocks doing now? Is Cumulus still listed on the NASDAQ? It is great to see the stock market doing well. Here is an update on the radio stock prices......Cumulus $0.39, iHeart $1.32 and Urban One $1.63. Wall Street does not advise investment in any of these stock. (9/9/17)

RE: WBMD: I have to agree with a post last month that Family Radio should dump or at least lease out WBMD. A station like it should be a locally-owned entity offering programming no one else will touch with a ten-foot pole. A crazy idea I had would be to offer alternative/hardcore or underground programming more hard edged than WAYE might've been (sorry, I don't remember what they were like before they went Big-Band). Another interesting option there would be an Americana format, although if WYRE doesn't return to the air soon with its 'KHZ' format, that might be an option there. While we're on the subject of WBMD, what were they like before they went religion and when did they make the switch to that format? (9/9/17)

Do you have any news of what has happened with WICO? Nothing but static for a while now heard rumors it was sold .. (9/9/17)

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It’s confirmed by Rabbitears.info. WBOC is launching Telemundo Delmarva on WBOC-LD channel 42. Now this channel will be lost in the TV repack in the next couple years, so WBOC will have to re-examine applying for another channel or making it cable TV only. Channel 42 will be gone in 39 months either way. Originally, this channel was initiated as a translator for WBOC CBS 16 & FOX 21 to Delaware, but that never seemed to be the ultimate goal. Now we know the rest of the story. Apparently, this was to be announced by Tom Draper and only came out upon his untimely death, at least as WBOC GM Craig Jahelka was quoted. -- www.BaltoMedia.Net (9/8/17)

"nobody lived in the DC suburbs at all in the 1920s" That's an interesting bit of revisionist history. Did they all die off and then the suburbs were repopulated by a new group of hearty settlers? That would explain all the roads and houses. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/8/17)

The signal from WLZV 94.3 in Warrenton is gone now in the Leesburg area. This is the new K-Love Station in Warrenton. WCTN 950 AM just put a new Translator on the air in Potomac and it is causing interference with WLZV. (Formerly WWXX owned by Red Zebra.) It was good timing for Red Zebra to sell the station! (9/8/17)

Thank you to a previous poster for explaining why there are no good AM Signals in Northern Virginia. When these stations were assigned to the various areas of the market, Northern Virginia was not an important area. It was farmland. How markets change! (9/8/17)

Happy birthday, Patsy Cline, born on this day in 1932 in Winchester, Virginia. Connie B. Gay, WINC, WARL - they're all here: wikipedia.org... "Teen years - To help support her now fatherless family, Cline dropped out of high school and worked as a soda jerk and waitress by day at the Triangle Diner, across the street from her former school, John Handley High. After watching performers through the window at the local radio station, she asked WINC disc jockey and talent coordinator Jimmy McCoy if she could sing on his show. Her performance in 1947 was well received, and she was asked back. This led to appearances at local nightclubs, wearing fringed Western outfits her mother made from Patsy's designs. ... Cline performed in variety and talent shows in the Winchester and Tri-State areas. Along with this and increasing local radio appearances on local radio, she gained a large following. In 1954 Jimmy Dean, already a young country star, heard of her and she became a regular with him on Connie B. Gay's Town and Country Jamboree radio show, airing weekday afternoons live on WARL in Arlington, Virginia." ~~ Blair in Alexandria (9/8/17)

Market competitor WMDT ABC 47 reports on the death of WBOC owner Tom Draper and leaks an important announcement not previously reported. Tom Draper was about to announce the launch of a Telemundo Delmarva TV station in the market. No more details as of yet from WBOC. -- www.BaltoMedia.net (9/8/17)

FYI—I heard a brief announcement Friday morning, September 8th on WWRC-AM 1260. It said that the radio programs would shift to AM-570. I did not hear when this change will happen. (9/8/17)

Heard a voice from the past on WBAL this morning. At 5:50, they went to one of those segments where they speak with a reporter in Florida. The reporter was Rick Hochschild (sp?), who even said to say hello to his friends back in Baltimore. He’s now living in FL. I wish I had paid closer attention to the intro to see what media entity he’s with now. I remember hearing him on the 1520 AM station in Bel Air back in the 80’s. I don’t remember if it was WVOB or if it switched to WHRF by then. They had a good group of young talent back then. I think Rick went on to work at WCBM at some point. (9/8/17)

The following press release was sent to DCRTV.....

WBOC-TV OWNER TOM DRAPER DIES AFTER BICYCLE CRASH - Salisbury, MD— The man who built WBOC-TV in Salisbury, Maryland into one of the most dominant television stations in America has died from injuries sustained in a bicycle accident near his home in Delaware. Thomas H. Draper was 76. Draper was struck by a pick-up truck Thursday morning while out for his daily bicycle ride. According to Delaware State Police, after calling 911, the driver stayed with Draper until help arrived. No charges have been filed in the accident. Draper was initially taken to Bayhealth Milford Memorial Hospital and then airlifted to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore where he underwent surgery Thursday afternoon but did not survive the night. “There are no words to express the profound grief the WBOC family feels at this time,” says Craig Jahelka, President, Draper Media. “Tom was a broadcast pioneer, who said often those of us at WBOC have a moral obligation to serve the people of Delmarva. Our thoughts and prayers are now are with his family.” Jahelka says Draper had just celebrated his 50th anniversary in broadcasting on Sunday, September 3rd. His broadcasting career began with the purchase of his first radio station WTHD, which bore his initials as its call letters, in 1967. Five years later Draper signed on WAFL-FM in Milford, Delaware. Draper's broadcasting career would take a big turn in the late 1970s when WBOC's then-owner, the A.S. Abel Company - which also owned the Sun papers in Baltimore - put the station up for sale. But Draper was outbid twice. Draper and his group of investors were asked to make a third bid for WBOC-TV and its two radio stations. After the deal was done, Draper sold off the two radio stations to focus on TV. Draper would go on to buy and sell other TV stations in Kansas and Texas. But WBOC always remained his first love. “Tom wanted to serve the people of Delmarva with high quality news and information,” says Jahelka. “He and his family continually poured money back into the station. And that passion was rewarded as WBOC-TV grew to become one of the most dominant local stations in the nation. He was one of the few remaining single, independent owners nationwide who truly cared about his viewers and community and invested in WBOC. It’s why WBOC is the smallest market station in the country to fly a news gathering helicopter, operate three bureaus, produce both local news and a daily local talk show as well as a local outdoors show, and broadcast from a multi-million dollar NewsPlex.” Using digital technology Draper expanded his CBS affiliate to include FOX and Antenna TV on sub-channels. He launched a separate digital division, and in 2015 got back to his roots with the purchase of a 50,000 watt radio station, WBOC-FM. Draper was poised to announce the launch of Delmarva’s newest television station, Telemundo Delmarva. “But there was more to Tom than just broadcasting. He loved his family and friends. He loved bike riding, hunting, farming and politics,” Jahelka says. Draper worked in the Milton, Delaware office but was often seen visiting the main station in Salisbury, MD. “I have been so honored to work for Tom. He was not only our leader, but he was also our friend” says Laura Baker, Chief Operating Officer of Draper Holdings, parent company of WBOC-TV. “Many people know him as the owner of WBOC, but he was also passionate about farming and land preservation. He was unique in that way—owning farms and broadcast stations.” Baker says his legacy will live on through his children, who with others, form the Board of Directors for Draper Holdings. “Tom was adamant that WBOC live on past him,” says Baker. “Although we are a private company, he did have a Board of Directors and made sure all four of his kids knew about the business. All of them have worked at WBOC over the years, and they share his dedication.” Baker says daughters Molly Draper Russell and Mariah Calgione both worked in News; Bill Draper worked in Creative Services and Hank Draper worked in Sales. Mrs. Russell is now co-President of Draper Holdings, and Chairman of the Board, and Hank is a Vice-President of Loblolly, L.L.C, the farming and land division of the company. “I am confident they will honor their father and his vision for WBOC and for Delmarva,” Baker added. (9/8/17)


Mike in Fairfax, Johnny Holliday missed the Maryland game last weekend due to his his first Grandchild getting married and it was a Grandson, not a Granddaughter. JT Smaldore got hitched with Maria Moss in Westminster, Maryland. As for Kevin Sheehan being the successor when Johnny decides to give it up, I wouldn't count on it. The word is, He will have a say in picking that person but that is still some years away. That was a heck of a win for the Terps against Texas and It's always enjoyable to listen to Holliday and Tim Strachan on the broadcast. DJ Durkin has really got it going in College park, but that Big 10 conference is so tough. (9/8/17)

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“Johnny Holiday wasn't present for the Maryland football game or the Nats pre and post game show. Is he ill?” According to Kevin Sheehan (who filled in on the Maryland game), Holliday was attending his granddaughter’s wedding. By the way, is Sheehan the designated successor to Holliday for Terps football and basketball play-by-play once the legendary broadcaster decides to call it a career? Apparently Andy Pollin’s been given a three-hour slot on 106.7 The Fan’s Skins gameday programming (leading into the Junkies’ pregame show) – recall that he was a mainstay on WTEM’s coverage going back to when the station debuted 25 years ago, ironically hosting postgame shows over the lengthy period when WJFK (before it became a 24 hour sports talk station) held the Skins’ radio rights. With WMAL being added to the team’s broadcast network, Sheehan’s pregame show on 980 has been cut back to two hours with the booth crew of Larry Michael, Sonny Jurgensen, Chris Cooley and Walker joining John Riggins for the final hour (carried by the full network) leading up to kickoff. Postgame will once again be handled by Scott Jackson and Clinton Portis on 980 – not sure about 106.7 but would guess that either Craig Hoffman or Chris Russell (or both) will host that program which may be frequently preempted by Nationals coverage over the next month or two. Mike, Fairfax (9/7/17)

Re: Amazon price gouging. We’ll see a ‘reporter’ ask about that right around the same time they ask “We saw gas prices go up over 40 cents in a 36 hour period. Can we expect to see a similar drop in prices?” (9/7/17)

A lot of people in DC are transplanted and do not understand why many DC radio stations do not have great signals in Northern VA. I can answer that with history. Even in 1970, Baltimore was as big as DC and few people lived in Northern VA. When the radio signals were given out, for AM, nobody lived in the DC suburbs at all in the 1920s. It was a small sleepy town. That’s why Baltimore has more AM night time signals. Baltimore was a much bigger city/metro area in the 1920s, 30s, through the 1950s. With FM, while DC got more FM allocations, still Northern VA was not heavily populated, so most were DC/Maryland centric. This is another reason I often post here about the idea of ALL Digital FM radio or even AM radio. It would allow the allocations to be specific to today’s population shifts. We’re still stuck with decisions made in the 1920s and 1950s. In TV this is not as big an issue due to cable, but it definitely affects radio. This is just another reason that the FCC should open up channel 6 to Digital FM radio. (9/7/17)

August radio ratings analysis from Tom Taylor Now: Washington DC keeps the lid on. For the third straight month, no station hits double digits. Though American U.’s not-for-profit news/talk WAMU (9.3-9.4-9.6) and Hubbard’s talk WTOP and its two regional simulcast signals (8.7-8.2-8.9) are the very clear #1 and #2. WAMU earns double digits in morning drive, and also wins nights and weekends. ’TOP is #1 from 10am to 7pm – and is also does “doubles” in morning drive. Third is Howard University’s commercially-run urban AC WHUR (7.5-8.1-7.1, and second place on weekends). Then you’ve got iHeart’s classic rock WBIG-FM (4.8-5.4-5.8), which ratings historian Chris Huff says is “its largest share since September 2012.” Urban One’s urban AC “Majic” WMMJ/WDCJ (5.7-6.0-4.9), and iHeart CHR “Hot 99.5” WIHT (4.8-4.4-4.6). Checking the Cumulus stations, talk WMAL-AM/FM is off 3.8-3.5-3.2 and hot AC “Mix” WRQX reverts to its Spring levels (3.4-2.9-2.7). There’s basically a three-way tie for the weekly cume lead between iHeart’s AC WASH (4.9-4.1-4.2 in the AQH share derby and a market-leading cume of 1,153,200), news WTOP (1,144,400) and top 40 “Hot” at about 1.1 million..... Baltimore keeps Urban One’s urban AC WWIN-FM in the lead with age 6+ AQH share (8.4-7.8-7.8). It’s #1 mornings and afternoons and tied for the nighttime lead. Second overall is iHeart’s country WPOC (7.7-7.4-7.4, and leading on weekends). Third is Urban One’s urban “Q92” WERQ (8.7-8.0-7.2), and tied with its sibling at night. CBS Radio’s AC WLIF is fourth (6.6-6.4-6.9, and #1 middays). Holding a prized fifth place is iHeart’s variety hits “Jack” KQSR (5.1-6.0-5.7). Jack is second middays. Sixth is Hearst “98 Rock” WIYY (5.2-5.7-5.5 and third in mornings). AC WLIF is the clear cume leader at just over 690,000. (9/7/17)

Any idea what happened to Ch 5 news last night? At 10 pm, they ran 15 minutes straight of commercials (some three or four times) and eventually went to Sue Palka in their small weather studio with a one-camera set up and low gain audio. She vamped about the weather for at least 20 minutes--she's a real pro, and at least she had a major hurricane to talk about--and they eventually said they had "technical difficulties." They then went to Jim Lokay and Sarah Simmons reading news from their iPads clustered around what seemed like someone's Skype camera. Not sure when they went back to the full set, but it was very very odd. (9/7/17)

What is the purpose of WMAL moving AM 630 to Germantown since the station is already on FM ?? Sounds like a waste to me !!! Other than "radio fans", old timers and a few posters on DCRTV does the average Joe listen to AM in 2017 or do they really believe that the pubic will flock back to AM in the future ?? If it's the latter I have a ski resort in Florida to sell them !! I wonder when WBAL radio is going to FM ?? I think Richmond's WRVA made the move to FM sometime ago as did Cincinnati's WLW, Denver's KOA, Salt Lake City's KSL, LA's KNX and so forth.. (9/7/17)

When WMAL moves to their new tower site in Germantown, MD, they will lose most of their Northern Virginia Coverage. With only 2,700 Watts at night, their signal will be directional toward the Bay. None of the AM Stations have good coverage at night in Northern Virginia. (9/7/17)

WMAL(AM) coverage in West Springfield/Fairfax Station is already junk. There is a loud whistle heard against their signal as if another station just off-frequency is walking on them. This part of town is also a rough go when it comes to 730 AM out of Alexandria; their signal splashes well over into 720 and 740, especially with songs that have lots of cymbals and high-freq sounds. Its true what they say: DC is not an AM-friendly town. (9/7/17)

RE: WBAL-TV's Donna Hamilton… Anyone else notice she takes a lot of time off? Sometimes a few days in a row, other times out for two weeks. Seems to happen a lot… (9/7/17)

I didn’t notice this at first, but through a fluke in the repack, WFDC 14 (RF 15) is going to end up being the most powerful OTA TV signal in the DC market, and now that WDCW CW 50 is joining them, they will also be the most powerful signal. Not because of tower height per se, although it is the WRC tower, so partly, but also because they’ll both be transmitting at 1000kw, unlike no other DC TV station after the repack. Because WFDC didn’t have to move channels at all, they also didn’t have to reduce their power or be affected by any of the repack rules. The same is true of 7 and 9 as far as their current signals did not change channels, but being VHF, they are hindered in power requirements due to greater interference on VHF. Like AM radio. VHF is a victim of age and the # of devices that interfere with them in today’s world. This is why the cell phone companies do not want VHF. They don’t want your call interrupted by the vacuum cleaner, microwave, or the telephone poll across the street. In other new repack news, WGCB 49, York County’s religious station has made a deal to share with the ABC affiliate up there, WHTM 27 (RF 10) and also changes the COL from Red Lion (York County) to Harrisburg and also their OTA signal to largely Harrisburg. Along with WPMT FOX 43 moving to Harrisburg, this leaves York County without a PA TV station since the beginning of TV. (9/7/17)

Johnny Holiday wasn't present for the Maryland football game or the Nats pre and post game show. Is he ill? (9/7/17)

Judging from the comments on Amazon's Facebook page, it appears that Amazon has been price gouging on bottled water. 24 bottle cases that typically sell for around $3 have been listed for $20, $30, $40, and even one offer of $99.95. I haven't seen any reports of that in the MSM. Itis easy to understand why the Washington Post wouldn't want to blow the whistle on the owner's other company, but why the silence from everyone else, Is endless repetition of essentially the same stories about Confederates and DACA more important than even s few brief reports about Amazon and/or price gouging? (9/7/17)

A recent poster asked when WMAL will start transmitting from the WSPZ site. The techs tasked with making that happen are burdened with a very difficult assignment because of the underlying physics, so it might take a while to do it right. 570 and 630 are just too freaking close to each other. All I know is that if the Bethesda towers get knocked down without warning me in advance, I'll have a purple, throbbing hissy fit. (9/7/17)

So what was the first commerical after Steve Rudin's forecast for Hurricane Irma on newschannel 8 just now? The Hurricane Spin Broom. Nice! (9/7/17)

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Someone asked for the difference in WMAL AM 630 from the old location to the new. Well here’s the difference daytime. And it’s much worse at night at only 2700 watts. Most notable are the new nulls in Northern VA in the daytime and no more Baltimore reception at all. The nighttime signals is going to be very weak in a lot of places it previously wasn’t. (9/6/17)

When will WSPZ 570 AM and WMAL 630 AM start their diplex in Germantown? What will the new WMAL coverage look like? (9/6/17)

I finally watched that "Good Morning World" episode with DC's own Johnny Holliday last night. He had a small part and looked great and did his part (better than the "stars" of it); the show is unbelievably unfunny; it makes the reruns of the Joey Bishop show look good in comparison and they are the worst (I liked it when I was 12, but once I hit 13 it was too juvenile). It is amazing that Johnny Holliday (like Bruce Morrow) has been in the business steadily and still great for over 60 years, if I estimate right. From WWDC (and before, like WHK), to the Harlequin Dinner Theater (we saw many of his shows), to "This Week with Sam and Cokie" to the Nats Xtra, he's always been great. Interestingly, the episode was about a tightening of the vocal chords where the radio person can't speak normally; it sort of was foreshadowing Diane Rehm having that problem 30 years later.-- Carl in Olney (9/6/17)

When it comes to local television news, why do alleged reporters feel the need to be IN the story rather than do what the station pays them to do: report ON it??? WJZ (alleged) reporter Kimberly Eiten reported on the DACA demonstrations yesterday by closing her piece marching with the protestors, giving me - at least - the impression that she supported them. It's THEIR march, not YOURS to march in. Why not stand on the curb and let them march by, behind you??? I was so offended, I removed her from MY tv (CLICK) and switched to MEtv. (9/6/17)

From looking at the FCC CDBS database, it looks like Labor Day weekend is a week long holiday for the Feds. No FCC actions but 1 in September regionally that I could see. Fri-Thurs holiday? When it’s a public record, it’s hard not to notice, but who bothers looking to see if they’re working? Probably no one. (9/6/17)

I’ve never heard anyone mention this before, but I’m surprised that the FOX Network allows WBOC to broadcast the network in 480i over the air. WMDT ABC 47 broadcasts the CW on a sub-channel in 720p. How is FOX letting WBOC get away with broadcasting such a poor quality network feed, especially for NFL games? I know the cable TV feed for FOX Salisbury is 720p, but unlike large markets, there are tons of wooded places on Delmarva where there is no cable TV down here. (9/6/17)

Here’s a TV repack question I’ve never seen answered. I know all the LPTV stations not protected during the repack outside the new spectrum are gone and have to reapply for a replacement channel if available or share. But what happens to LPTV’s like, say, WQAV Azteca TV channel 20 that are inside the 2-36 range? They don’t seem to provide any interference after the repack but are not protected. Will they be able to keep the channel or is it available to anybody or nobody? I notice that there are some repack rules not clearly specified, for instance, channels 16-19 in DC/Baltimore are totally off limits after the repack. There are similar limitations in NYC and Philly. This is something rarely talked about, the government takeover of TV spectrum during the repack do to I guess Homeland Security landline/mobile? It’s only happening in major markets, but those are the ones most in need of TV channels from the repack. Anybody know what happens to WQAV Azteca 20? (9/6/17)

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MEMO TO WBAL-TV's Donna Hamilton: Please drop the Mr. Magoo glasses. You look ridiculous. (9/5/17)

I just noticed this RBR report on WSPZ AM 570’s sale to Salem. RBR was predicting 3 months ago that when pending contracts are up, AM 570 will become Salem’s Wall Street Business Network affiliate for DC. So far nothing has happened, but fall is approaching. Could that be soon? RBR also said that Red Zebra is done selling and intends to keep WTEM. (9/5/17)

Three voices on a show already packed with traffic, network spots and ads is one too many. Did they want to add more sports to the morning show? For that time of day, I think there should be more "news of the day" (Ed's strength.) To me, Coleman works better in a long-form day/evening show. (9/5/17)

RE: "BALTIMORE'S BIG MORNING SHOW." Jesus, the old folks that run CBS Radio Baltimore are so out of touch with the market. I mean, look at Mix 106.5... It was in the basement over the past two years. Just leave things that aren't broken alone. Christ. It's not rocket science. (9/5/17)

Did Screamin Scotty have to change his underpants this morning? His reports on the first day of school were so over the top and repetitive the he must have either climaxed in his drawers or lost control of his bowels. (9/5/17)

I turned on Antenna TV yesterday and they were doing a “back to school” all day “Welcome Back Kotter” Marathon. An early episode had the Sweathogs visit a local pop music radio station with the intent to guest Deejay for a week. The DJ they spoke with was played by George Carlin, who explained to them that there is more to doing a radio show than just speaking into the mike-you have a producer, a sound effects person, a librarian, and an engineer. When a sweethog asked “Where are they?” The Deejay pointed to the booth where a fumbling young sweater and bowtied wearing Fred Grandy had locked himself in. The DJ then introduce this recent MIT Graduate as all of those things. In the final scene, we see Fred in the background playing around with the sparking equipment in the studio and swatting flies. Wow! In 1978 Fred played a radio guy! Little did we all know back then this C level TV actor would become a TV star who wore tiny tight shorts and knee socks, a member of the US Congress (who didn’t wear tiny shorts, but no idea on the knee sox) head of Goodwill, and a paranoid conservative (and showtunes lover) who got himself fired from, hold on to your hats, folks, a radio station for putting on the air his batsh^t crazy wife (a former Entertainment Tonight correspondent), to talk about batsh^t crazy things. Now, Fred is living in North Carolina and doing occasional stage acting and writing for the local daily paper. Interestingly, there had been a bit of a reunion when, in 1979, Ron Palilo (Arnold) appeared in a Love Boat episode titled “Gopher’s Opportunity." The more you know. (9/5/17)

There’s a “NEW” morning show on WJZ-FM 105.7 The Fan. No longer “Norris and Long”. It’s now “Baltimore’s Big Morning Show”. Norris, Long, and the guy that 2 years ago wasn’t worthy of a contract renewal, Jerry Coleman. Congratulations, Labrozzi. You’ve made the only show on your station that was worth listening to well, unlistenable. I get the impression that Ed isn’t too happy. Just sitting back and not saying too much. Just like the GM at WBAL, it must be great to have a format that has no real competition. Just like WPOC. No competition equals automatic ratings, so you can put any garbage that you want on, and still get ratings. I think it’s time for me to head to Sirius/XM. (9/5/17)

Anybody know what 105.7 "The Fan" in Baltimore has a big announcement tomorrow, any ideas what it will be? Carrying Caps games? Might conflict with the O's, but how often do the Caps play into April? This will probably hit the male bag after the announcement, oh well. (5/5/17)

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DC Top Ten Stations - Apr/May 1976 Average Quarter Hour Listeners (in thousands) How many of these signals currently show up, in the Top Ten ratings? (9/4/17)

Here’s an interesting bit of censorship. When Maryland Senate President King Mike Miller criticized Gov. Hogan for removing the Taney statue in Annapolis, I posted on the Baltimore Sun website story about it that Mike Miller was a racist and KKK sympathizer and mentioned his often racist comments about Baltimore City. The Baltimore Sun REMOVED my comments. But the same such comments about Trump stay up to this day. That’s the Mainstream FAKE NEWS media for you on a local scale. (9/4/17)

For the person asking about WRC during the repack, yes they are moving to channel 34 from 48 at a reduced power to compensate the lower channel position. What’s unclear is what’s going to happen to NBC-owned Telemundo network in DC. Current Telemundo Affiliate WZDC is not owned by NBC/WRC and so far has no channel sharing agreement. — www.BaltoMedia.net (9/4/17)

Marttinsburg's old WYVN FOX 60 yes I remember them. I lived in Inwood to the south of Martinsburg from 1990 until 1995 and lived through "We're Your Valley Nightmare". From day one I and just about everyone else in that area knew WYVN wasn't going to be around for very long. First up the guy who owned that place had very little if any TV experience, After delays when WYVN did finally go on the air well.one of the first images was of a guy smoking a cigar and he had trouble with it and some "adults" who were mugging in front of the camera. "Welcome WYVN" oh they showed the mayor of Martinsburg at the time lip syncing to "We are going to be rich" while walking through Martisnburg Mall ( that place didn't last either ). Their news was OK at first that is until WYVN had this idea to hire reporters to cover a specific region within WYVN's coverage area. For example they hired a woman to cover Winchester but the stories she did cover were about Chambersburg and Waynesboro and not Winchester. I don't think that woman had ever stepped foot in Winchester. The talk shows like "Four State Live" where the host was so desperate for a call that HE was making calls to his family members on the air and I am not going to begin with that Gay Dawson talk show with the set having there big letters spelling "GAY" on it. Despite all that what really is telling about WYVN is the lack of community support that station had. Few people actually cared about WYVN. When the local cable company took off WTTG and replaced it with WYVN a lot of people were angry about it enough so that WTTG reappeared and despite being a local station WYVN was sent to a channel one had to hunt to find them. Then there were the technical problems too like airing The Simpsons in black & white or airing STUDS with lines running down the screen. WYVN became very unwatchable !! When the station finally did went dark which it did TWICE I doubt anyone were shocked. (9/4/17)

On Friday, 950 WCTN applied for a license to cover their new translator on 94.3. I found it on the air today. Up here in Leesburg I can get it well and it wipes out WLZV. It is still in the FCC database as W257BW until the paperwork goes through, after which it will get W232xx calls. The translator shares WCTN's site in Potomac, and the signal is strongest to the north and northwest - nonexistent toward D.C. and the south to protect WKYS and WLZV. (9/4/17)

Just rummaging through the photo archives and thought I'd give a shout out to old friend Mike McKay Forslund. He's been many years running studios at WMAL but before that he was on the air at DC101. That's his personal tri-color Ford shag-wagon in the shot and I assume the setting is the Brookeville Road transmitter site with one of the 1260 towers looming. -P of the AW (9/4/17)

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At one time the FCC had bigger plans for Western Maryland TV than ever happened as well as West Virginia. You can see this in the original FCC TV allocations. Not only did the TV stations in Martinsburg fall short, but there were 2 network affiliates planned for Cumberland, MD after WHAG. Only 1 ever went on the air (channel 52) and did not get a network affiliation that I’m aware of. Channel 65 was never used nor was channel 44 in Martinsburg. None of these cities are or should be in the DC market, but they are sort of now left stranded by corporations like Comcast/NBC which sought to snuff out WMGM 40 TV in south Jersey and WHAG 25. The FCC should have never let this happen. Ironically, this is not the fault of Republicans, but of Democrats! You see, if it had been an inner city serving TV station in a blue county, the Obama FCC might have cared, but they didn’t give a rats ass about WV or western Maryland or south Jersey TV. They would much prefer they remain less populated and toothless with no TV. This is why I always say, “There is no party of the rich or poor. It’s just about which rich or poor you want to care about or pretend to care about. The rich always win either way.” (9/3/17)

Another TV repacking mystery solved. Southern PA & York County’s WPMT Fox 43 will stay on the air via antenna after turning in their channel to the FCC, at least for now. Owner Tribune has signed a sharing deal with WITF 33, the Harrisburg PBS TV station to stay on the air. The channel will change, and reception in York and parts south though will now be very spotty as WITF has far inferior facilities or power. So, it’s possible on Jan. 18, 2018, you’ll lose FOX 43 in York via antenna. You might even have better reception from Baltimore’s WBFF Fox 45. Interestingly, Fox 45's owner Sinclair is trying to buy Fox 43 and all Tribune stations. —BaltoMedia.net (9/3/17)

If Miri Marshall is joining WUSA 9 to do morning weather, what happening with Allyson Rae and Melissa Nord? Is someone leaving or being reassigned? jag (9/3/17)

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Bothers me too that Steve Rudin or Brian Van Degraph weren't promoted to chief meteorologist only watch 7 because the staff on 9 (Topper Shutt and THE 3 DEGREE GUARANTEE) and 5 is worse Never a CH 4 person although I respect the late Jim Vance.Also is CH 4 moving with the frequency repack? they have only one subchannel so I would think maybe they can work out a deal to carry some of the displaced subchannels please keep Antenna Tv. (9/2/17)

This news comes from Steve Kingston himself to me. WRNR 103.1 has started a campaign to "SAVE WRNR.” An FCC application is proposing a low power FM on 103.1 that would interfere and damage WRNR's radio signal towards Baltimore from its Grasonville transmitter. The LPFM is from Family Radio's WBMD AM 750 who wants to get an FM signal for Baltimore, mainly because fewer and fewer people listen to AM radio anymore. This application has not yet been approved, but WRNR FM wants support in this effort to block this. I discovered the first 103.1 FM attempt in Baltimore and this one too. More soon. wrnr.com (9/2/17)

I am ind of shocked that the "Nexstar may be buying Tegna" hasn't been discussed here. Granted I have not been following this as much as I should so I am nt sure if this is still in the works but what if . What if Nexstar does buy Tegna ?? WDVM will be on WUSA's stick along side WJAL ?? Will WDVM move out of Hagerstown and into WUSA ?? I remember the talk about a Hagerstown-Martinsburg-Winchester-Chambersburg region being it's own TV market in the early 90's with Hagerstown's WHAG and WJAL, Martinsburg's then WYVN and Winchester's WAZT being the main stations. There was a strong rumor at the time that WAZT and WJAL was going to hook with ABC and CBS since WYVN had FOX and WHAG was still with NBC at the time. Of course that never really happened with WYVN going broke after being on the air in 2 years, WAZT staying with religion and WJAL kept on being WJA and besides that region is so different from each other. I can't see viewers in Winchester for example giving up WUSA or even WBAL ( which is still on cable in Winchester BTW ) and heading over to WJAL and likewise with Chambersburg viewers watching Winchester or even Martinsburg. (9/2/17)

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It's no surprise WJLA's new chief weather guy comes from Columbus---the same place as the WJLA news director and the WJLA general manager. All others should be polishing their resume. (9/1/17)

"Does the United States have a Radio Station in Moscow? " Where have you been all your life? RFE/RL has a bureau in Moscow and has been broadcasting to Moscow since 1953. Jesus wept. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/1/17)

Remember media based sitcoms? Mary Tyler Moore, NewsRadio, WKRP, etc. No need for a sitcom today. Just watch local news. This week, Baltimore Mayor Pugh reported that the cost of the 4 statue removal job was $20K. That’s right $20K. For 4. A few weeks back, Gov. Hogan reported that it cost the state $77K to remove 1 statue. And not a single media member sees anything strange about this? And I will assume that a majority of the so called reporters are college educated? It’s almost at the point where Ted Baxter and Les Nesman look like geniuses. (9/1/17)

Dave: I also hear that WJFK has hired Dwight Schrute as beet reporter. I've not been able to confirm, but you might want to ask around. (9/1/17)

Well, my daughter in the Focus Group is the young lady in the back with the brown hair. And thanks for the heads up about Johnny Holliday on TV Saturday; I just set it to be recorded. And it seems strange that all this TV repacking is occurring before ATSC 3.0 occurs, which was the reason why everyone thought TV repacking could be done; but that would be logical, wouldn't it? Finally, now that I get to see the "new" WDVM-Channel 25 from Hagerstown on FiOS in HD, I have to give them a lot of credit: they are professional, and seemingly almost always on with news. For a small- town station without a major network anymore, they sure provide a lot of local programming. Of course, they are all seemingly just out of college and practicing to move up in the TV world, but they are very good at it, even though when they switch from one news show to another, like the 10 PM News to the 11PM "270 Report", there is a 1-second fade, and there they are back again, because really nothing has changed except the emphasis of the stories. That station (and Ch 40 in Wildwood, NJ) losing their NBC affiliation could have been predicted the day Comcast decided to buy NBC. Doing that forces people in those areas to watch a Comcast-owned TV station (WRC-4 or WCAU-10) on their Comcast Cable systems. To paraphrase a Seinfeld episode: "No local advertising or profits for YOU!"-- Carl in Olney (9/1/17)

So, once again Bryan Kneejerk treats us to yet another abysmal episode of the alleged news radio 1090 morning show with a pathetic interview of Ocean City Mayor Rick Meathead, who sounded like he spent the night on a boardwalk bench. Someone, please tell these morons there is absolutely nothing newsworthy, interesting or remotely appealing about "what a great season we've had at the beach," while most of us who are familiar with this shyster and his good 'ole boy kingdom are not buying his snake-oil sales pitch promoting the resort as being more popular than ever. The MS-13-style gangs parade up and down the boardwalk at night; assaults and disorderly conduct continue to fuel rowdyism; traffic jams - particularly on a dilapidated, outdated bridge coming into town - are nightmarish; and, serious crimes go unsolved while victims of crime and their families beg for justice. What about the murder mystery involving the woman found dead on the beach in July? Where's the update on that? Are arrests for drug and alcohol violations up? Mayor Meathead is a local realtor. How is the real estate market; is the inventory on the rise among property owners who are fleeing this over-rated resort? Any plans for the rest of the hurricane season? What will the town decide in the off season before the crowds return? Higher parking fees and room, beverage, entertainment taxes? When the hell is management for this sorry excuse for a radio station going to get their heads out of the sand and move this morning show to the midnight show? One of the earlier posters questioned the station's promo calling on listeners to "expect more." We're still waiting for this place to deliver. (9/1/17)

Cumulus is paying down their debt by selling off their real estate. The problem is that they don't own enough real estate to make a dent in their $2 Billion Debt. WMAL 630 AM will diplex with WSPZ in Germantown, Maryland. (9/1/17)

Russian Radio Propaganda in DC.....Thanks to the 105.5 FM Translator owned by John Garziglia. I would rather hear Bluegrass Country. You can also hear the Russian Programming on Urban One WKYS 93.3 FM, on their HD Channel. Does the United States have a Radio Station in Moscow? (9/1/17)

24 hours after gas prices started going up 14 cents plus overnight, WBAL is all over the story this morning. Screaming Scotty is reporting live from Timonium, where across from the Fairgrounds, at an EXXON STATION, the price is TWO SEVENTY-THREE !!! And as much as I criticize WBAL, here’s a gem from 105.7 this morning. Norris is talking about the reports of the odor in the Houston area smelling like ”mildew and death”. Ken Weinman immediately chimes in “My least favorite Lysol flavor” Way to go, jackass. Take a devastating event, and start making jokes. Labrozzi, why do you keep him, and the other moron, Coleman, around? You and CBS are complicit in this nonsense as much as Weinman. His ass should be fired before the end of the shift. (9/1/17)

Here is WDCW's channel sharing application with WFDC: enterpriseefiling.fcc.gov... Count me among the people that hope it is WFDC's vastly crappier subchannels getting the boot. Escape, currently 14.4, is already moving to WRZB-LD according to RabbitEars. Another poster asked if there were any stations elsewhere in Virginia turning in their licenses. There are 5 in the Virginia side of the Washington market: WNVC/WNVT, WAZH/WAZF, and WVPY. Elsewhere it is just WFFP (Liberty U's station in Danville) and two satellites of Roanoke's WBRA-TV that are currently off the air. All indicated they will attempt to find a channel share, although whether they will bother to follow through is another question. (9/1/17)

WDCW CW 50 has in fact as of Thursday filed with the FCC for channel WFDC 14 (RF 15) and since same market and COL, immediately granted. With WFDC already getting BOUNCE in 480i, that means Antenna TV, This TV, GRIT & ESCAPE are all gone from the cable and airwaves in DC unless picked up by another station or the CW is run in standard def 480i which is unlikely. By the way, this is still a Tribune decision, not Sinclair. DC is a market where Sinclair would LOVE to own 2 stations, much more than in Baltimore. And finally, as from what I’ve looked at so far, no TV station in Richmond or Norfolk turned in their licenses or even sharing. Well except for some of the many LPTVs that some have as repeaters or what not. They might disappear or arrange sharing agreements, but all licensed full power stations in those markets are staying. PS: Dave, Steve Kingston really wants you to post a SAVE WRNR news blurb. — BaltoMedia.Net (9/1/17)

"Let's go 10, 20 years to find various examples of things Bill Hess has allowed to go on under his watch for so long." Nowhere NEAR 10 or 20 years, Sport, for one of the examples I cited. For the other, it shows that "shove it" was made acceptable in 2004. What did you think Fonzie was saying when he said "Sit on it"? But still less than 10 years ago we can look at Hillary calling Obama the N-word or Bill saying Obama should be bringing him coffee if you want. Do you even news, bro? Did Bill Hess swipe left on you on Grindr? Sounds like you have wood for him. But it's good to know that in your mind there's a statute of limitations on profanity and racism. Nixon and Johnson will be happy to hear that. Gus in the Gaithersburg. (9/1/17)

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