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[“…Metro Radio has purchased the only two stations serving Berkeley Springs WV, classic hits 92.9 WDHC and country 1010 WCST, for $365k. (fcc.gov) On the surface, it's hard to imagine what they could do with those two craptacular facilities in the middle of nowhere. I guess they could try and move the FM closer and bring a rimshot full-power Spanish FM to northern Virginia.”] Agreed. One has to wonder why Metro Radio would have an interest in a Class A FM station way out in Berkeley Springs, WV. There does not appear to be much of a market there. However, I seriously doubt moving WDHC, 92.9 closer to the DC area is an option for a multitude of reasons. A Class A FM facility from Metro’s current W227BM translator location in Chantilly would likely not be able to meet the minimum separation requirements to WINC, WWXT, WPOC and WFLS. Moving it in any direction from Chantilly would further encroach upon at least one of these signals. (11/30/16)

There’s a sucker born every seven days at least in Kansas City with 34 people donating $3,565.00 of the stated $5,000.00 goal of Rob Carson on his “Go F-Me” so he can “rebuild my radio studio and provide for my family while doing my show. I hope to return to terrestrial radio, but I'm also going to do a daily show from my studio. I'm asking that if you ever listened and loved, if I ever shook your hand at an event, if your charity ever had me host an event or do a fund raiser that you help me so I can deliver my show to you every day even if I'm not "on air". www.gofundme.com/dreamstudioforcarson... And look, he uses WMAL studio as a prop... (11/30/16

Since Trump is raiding Fox News talent to fill government positions, one has to ask in all honesty (and GREAT concern), "does Roger Ailes have a supervisory role appointment for the Trump Administration yet?" "Will the Donald put Roger in the Presidential Personnel office, or The Management Administration office of the White House? " And, "Will Trump give Roger a job, or will Trump just keep Roger arround as Trump's "Wing Man," and Billy Bush ersatz?" These are questions the interviewees' should be asking. (11/30/16)

In a somewhat strange move top rated WWIN Magic 95.9 FM is going to have competition from its own company, Radio One as the company has gotten approval a new DC 95.9 FM, which will simulcast programming from WOL AM Washington. Pictured below is a theoretical signal plot model of the areas possibly affected. Most of the area is outside the Baltimore market, so it might not affect ratings much if any, but it definitely will impact some listeners. Any listener complaints therefor should go directly to Magic 95.9 since they are allowing this interference. (11/30/16)

Dave's response: I think this WOL simulcast is already up and running. I was listening for it while driving around Northern VA last week and thought I could hear WOL among the mix of 95.9ers from Baltimore, Hagerstown, and Fredericksburg that I usually get on the frequency.....

Hey Dave, What is the hotel and room number Brian Wilson is conducting auditions in? Do you know if I can bring my gun with me? Thanks, Scottie Nell Hughes (11/30/16)

The Donald has tapped WMAL’s KT McFarland to be Deputy National Security Advisor. OK? Not only has she been looney for years on WMAL and Fox News, it was re-reported a few facts about KT McFarland we may have forgotten. Buckle your seat belts. She committed voter fraud in the early 2000’s by being registered to vote in two addresses, and “ping-ponging” back and forth, voting, violating New York voting laws. She claimed Hillary Clinton had helicopters and spies following her around. She claimed, after “recovered memories,” her parents abused her and her brothers, telling the abuse lead to one brother’s homosexuality, and death from AIDS. The other brother then called KT, “evil.” She also lied extensively on her hand written bio to the press during her failed Senate bid. At one point, since she was a speechwriter for Casper Weinberger, she claimed to be “the highest ranking woman at the Pentagon.” She was not. She has been looney every Wednesday on WMAL for years. We all know that. Larry and Brian called her “brilliant,” on Monday. I seriously doubt Larry and Brian, after that comment, are sane judges of character. Now KT brings her hatred and Insanity from WMAL to the President Elect. God help us all. (11/30/16)

Us, "People", at 4400 Jenifer have already worked with Rob "Carson"..... um, no thanks. Either way, we were told yesterday, he will NOT be remaining with Cumulus. As usual, Rob's spin on his latest Cumulus firing wasn't as amicable as he believes. He was only a weekend person at WMAL, and his first full-time talk show wasn't exactly a HIT in KC. Back to music DJ'ing for Rob, oh, and of course an at-home podcast, as a hobby. (11/30/16)

iHeart says they may not make their debt payment due on December 15th for $193 million. If this happens they could go into default. This could affect the entire radio industry. (11/30/16)

Jeff has bigger things to worry about than WaPo: www.wtsp.com (11/30/16)

As somebody who has worked with Rob Carson over the years I do think it's a propitious time to put him on the WMAL morning show. He'll lower the average age appeal (at least slightly?), he already works for Cumulus, there's the Larry opening on the show, and Rob already knows this area, the 4400 Jenifer Street facility and people. Must I continue in this vein? Alas, he's not a girl or a minority, but we can't have everything we want. Brian might bristle at having to share the straight guy role. (See previous sentence.) (11/30/16)

"The Bring Rob Carson Back To WMAL As Brian Wilson’s Co-Host Committee". I don't know if Brian swings that way - so Rob may not pass the hotel room audition. If Larry, the self proclaimed "gay one" there were doing the choosing, that might be as different story. (11/30/16)

Rob Carson's statement about his termination from Cumulus (for the 2nd time), and being "#1 in all time-slots" drew some laughs today at 4400. It simply isn't true, but we are all relieved to hear that he WILL NOT be returning to Cumulus! Whew! Listening to him trash President Obama, and then, in the next breath, try to tell you how to bake Lasagna was embarrassing, and a bit creepy. The only numbers that stood out to us was 0.9, which his show returned regularly. Sorry, no station is successful with those crap ratings. Cumulus is a real company now, who isn't going to stand for washed-up, 50 year old guys with egos bigger than TRUMP. Someone said it best today "Rob has more burning bridges than Tennessee does, right now" (11/30/16)

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RE: Rob Carson. Will the KCRTV Mailbag please just LEAVE ROB CARSON ALONE RIGHT NOW! FOR GOD’S SAKE THE MAN LOVES HIS DOG, WIFE & KID!!! Signed: The Bring Rob Carson Back To WMAL As Brian Wilson’s Co-Host Committee (a 501-3C). To donate: www.gofundme.com (11/29/16)

I never said my show was number 1 in KC. It did however out perform every daypart on KCMO. It also competed handily in the demo with my talk and sports competition. I'm very proud of the show I did in KC. I never went after "government programs". I'm all for helping those who can't help themselves. My show is a Libertarian "Daily Show"...not just politics. It's pop culture and comedy too. It also is very involved in local charities including homeless shelters, food banks, the SPCA and more. It's not just ideological. Don't believe me? Check out the podcast: soundcloud.com. And yes, I'm crowdfunding to build my podcast as so many other businesses and artists do. - Rob (11/29/16)

RE: Joe & Mika. Gus, Gus, Gus: how are things in Gaithersburg? Gus, Joe has already been inside that sweater of Mika’s (a favorite foil of Chris Plante’s who says she looks like a truck stop waitress): imagine banging her at night and then having to look at her all morning! Combined they have the IQ of a rock: hollywoodlife.com... (11/29/16)

Speaking of fake news, howzabout that "Pride of Virginia" Tim Kaine and his "guns are icky" tweet about the non-existent shooting by the car-driving, knife-wielding (but no gun, sorry George Soros) obviously Amish terrorist at OSU? Gee, seems like the only shooting that took place was by a good guy with a gun. But then again, truth and accuracy were never a DNC strong point. Not only did he try and make some mileage from a tragedy, but got it wrong. A real class act. Well, at least he still has a "safe space" in the Senate. Genghis Cohen, keeping tabs on the carpet baggers in Richmond, cackling away in wet and partisan Prince William County... (11/29/16)

What the heck is wrong with Joe Scarborough? I tuned in this morning and he kept talking about the "Trump campaign". Trump won, bitchsir! There's no hecking "campaign". We can officially call off the search for someone stupider than Sean Hannity, because we've found him and his name is Joe Scarborough. The only reason to watch that show is Mika's sweater-burgers. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/29/16)

Maybe rename DCRTV “KCRTV” (Kansas City Radio Television) given all the attention KCMO is receiving in The Mailbag. Okay: what do Rob Carson and Christ Plante have in common? Both were once upon a time on KCMO: radioinsight.com... Both are now gone: www.kcmotalkradio.com... Tough business working for Cumulus: what does this portend for Chris Plante’s expanded syndication hopes? (11/29/16)

The Washington Post’ John Kelly (probably their most interesting local columnist and a great guy) makes mention of Cerphe and his missive, “Cerphe’s Up”, a walk down memory lane as the lamest, vainest dj ever heard: www.washingtonpost.com... (11/29/16)

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What are all these posting about a DJ in KC? Who is Rob Carson and what does he have to do with DC broadcasting? (11/28/16)

Dave's response: He did afternoons on WRQX, Mix 107.3, for many years.....

Rob Carson claimed to be #1? KCMO was #21 in Kansas City and the last five trends were 0.9 - 0.9 - 1.2 - 1.1 - 1.0. He seems to be living far to well to be asking for handouts and I've heard his attacks on government programs so it all seems hypocritical. Someone wrote of food here earlier. He sure buys some expensive looking and quality food to satisfy his foodie fetish in that luxurious kitchen he has in his home (see the video). This makes radio people look like beggars. Watch the big ego work Oprah... (critique: Slow down, Rob. You talk too fast and sound pukey when you do) (11/28/16)

Although we all find Rob Carson's claims about being the #1 radio personality in Kansas City to be incredibly hilarious, and as we all know, just not true, let us not overlook a big story developing at another Cumulus station (that also fired Rob Carson): what is going to happen with Sir Jack Diamond? MIX has gone from bad to worse, great work! Sales associates wanted him gone, and now they get their wish. But, they also get a proven cumulus soldier, who is closer to Jacks age than any of the artists that are played on the musically confused WRQX, who touts Bert Show as his biggest success in radio. Bert wants back in warshington, and it will be even easier this time, as Diamond has almost zero ratings. What will Jake McCan'ts spin be, this time? Why didn't they just make Kidd the PD, like the entire staff is begging for? How soon until BertsBack? (11/28/16)

"Since Cumulus syndicates the Michael Savage Show, where will they place it in DC?" Is there any room on the HD channels for WRQX or WMAL-FM? (11/28/16)

To the poster who mentioned that Rob Carson is begging for money to start a podcast...you missed an even more comical aspect: Rob Carson claims he was #1 in EVERY demo..yet got fired as a "budget cut".... what world does this man live in? No PD, GM or even part time board operator would ever believe that story, its just pathetic. If Cumulus fires you, twice,....well...... (11/28/16)

If The Washington Post wants to talk about “fake news”, they should look first at themselves. For a solid YEAR The Post continually bashed Trump with fake news stories of him lying about Hillary being in favor of Global Free Trade and Open Borders. Their own Pinocchio Test gave him 4 Pinocchios several times, but in fact THAT was the fake news. Wikileaks proved that in October, a year later! She was telling the public one thing and Wall Street another. The Clinton campaign never denied any of the intercepted emails btw. Trump didn’t win in spite of the media. He won BECAUSE of the media. The more the media hated him, the better he did. People get to a point where they just stop listening because they don’t really trust ANY source anymore. (11/28/16)

Since Cumulus syndicates the Michael Savage Show, where will they place it in DC? His show has been in the DC market for many years. Perhaps WSPZ 570 AM? WMAL 630 AM will diplex with WSPZ in Germantown. (11/28/16)

Let’s see: “fund” Rob Carson or DCRTVDJDAVE? Rob Carson or DCRTVDJDAVE: Rob seems a good Cumulus conservative guy whereas Dave is a good gay. I’ve never heard of Rob Carson let alone his plight before DCRTV Mailbag therefore I have to thank DCRTVDJDAVE. But Rob Carson could be starving in Kansas City and DCRTVDJDAVE can always go to the Reston Shelter for dinner. But Carson probably eats steaks and Dave will eat anything. So I guess the best thing to do is fund DCRTVDJDAVE: www.dcrtv.com/support.html" (11/28/16)

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Rob Carson is fired from KCMO and the very same day, starts begging for cash... www.gofundme.com/dreamstudioforcarson... Maybe the new PD at Q107 will bring him back, wasn't he a Jack D buddy? (11/27/16)

[RE: “For all you fan buoys out there, the ladies of the night and all the ships at sea, an interview by Cerphe with Frank Zappa from 1985. Frank Zappa - Baltimore Interview, August 1985 A lot of tech and business stuff. Gus in the Gaithersburg”] Gus good to see you back and we hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Zappa really knew his stuff both technical and musical, especially the business aspects. Cerphe is, well, Cerphe, a worthless coked out, wig wearing lemming. What is unknown about the “interview” is who was it for? There were no television shows that would air it back then (even MTV), no local news station would care, and other than WHFS’ stoned listeners who would listen? One thing about Zappa: he was anti-drug, more conservative than people think except for free speech (it was Gore’s wife who came after him) and never forgot his Baltimore heritage. www.debatepolitics.com (11/27/16)

Now The Washington Post (the same Washington Post that has tried to discredit “fake news”) says that Reddit’s CEO admits to deleting pro-Trump posts. DCRTVDJDAVE would never do something like that to the Mailbag. According to the Post: “Steve Huffman, the chief executive of Reddit, knows he has some explaining to do. Huffman, also a Reddit co-founder, landed in hot water Wednesday after admitting that he used his administrative powers to secretly edit user comments that were critical of him on “The Donald” — a popular, pro-Trump forum (or “subreddit”). He swapped all mentions of his own username with the names of the pro-Trump group's leaders, meaning that expletive-laden posts aimed at him looked instead as if they were insulting the group's leaders. It was not a good idea, he told The Washington Post Friday by phone. “I abused my power to give the bullies a hard time,” he said. Huffman thought of his name-swapping as a joke: a way to poke back at the people who’ve been harassing him and some of the site's volunteer moderators for months.” More: www.washingtonpost.com (11/27/16)

Hochschild-Kohn Toytown Thanksgiving Day Parade 1961. I missed that one because I was drafted and in Korea (Seoul) playing music on the American Forces Korea Network...but I was surprised to see the KKK had a band at about :33 seconds. Ed Graham (11/27/16)

For all you fan buoys out there, the ladies of the night and all the ships at sea, an interview by Cerphe with Frank Zappa from 1985. Frank Zappa - Baltimore Interview, August 1985 A lot of tech and business stuff. Gus in the Gaithersburg (11/27/16)

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Marty Baron and The Washington Post may have been engaging in fake news about fake news while comprising a Nixonian enemies list in case anyone cares: theintercept.com (11/26/16)

"I think Kane assumes the majority of his listeners, whether they’re here in the DMV or listening in one of his syndicated markets are too stupid to realize they’re not really live on the day after Thanksgiving." Actually, I get the feeling his listeners don't care. They just want to be entertained, period, and aren't putting any thought into the process behind the scenes. How much weekend radio in the DC region do you think is live on a general regular basis? Do you enjoy it any less to know those jocks cut their shows on Friday around lunchtime and went home? (11/26/16)

Thanksgiving Throwback Thursday. I don't know if this ever aired on TV in Baltimore in 1961 or not, but it's Baltimore's old Hochschild-Kohn Toytown Thanksgiving Day Parade. Both stores are long since closed and much of Howard Street in this area is now boarded up tight. It's no Macy's, but I'm sure it was a sight to see back then. (11/26/16)

Earlier posting, “... So what's the future, then, for stations like WCTN and WKCW?” Same question could be asked of WTEM, WMAL-AM, and WFED, for that matter. In this market -as in so many others- the only viable present (let alone future) for an AM is in the realm of brokered programming. Be it Christian, Ethnic, Financial, Religious, Merchandising, Political/Social Philosophy, etc., about the only steady income stream these stations are going to have will be someone who “wants to be on the radio”... and is willing to pay for it. Problem #1 is what happens if your “sponsor” isn't able to pay their bills? You're stuck with whatever costs you incurred beyond the down payment. When I was working at a brokered Christian station ages ago, there was a listing of radio “ministries” that was put out by what is today, NRB, National Religious Broadcasters. Included with the listing on some ministries was the “death sentence” of “Slow Pay”. Problem # 2 is, broadcasters don't have the “exclusivity” they once did. Besides the Internet, how many markets have more than one “brokered AM”, of a given genre? Now, when there was exclusivity, there was principle known as “pull”. Some broadcasters carried this to an extreme by directly measuring the “pull” an advertiser had and adding it to their cash flow. Here's how it worked: You have a 5 CD set of hits of the 1950's to the 1970's, that you call “Golden Gassers”, You sell it for $29.95 via “this exclusive television offer”. The tag on the spot says, “Send $29.95, cash, check, or money order to 'Golden Gassers', KTNA-TV, P.O. Box 8550, Del Rio, Texas.” What happens is the station takes its cut of the income with the “sponsor” getting the rest. Where this got insidious was at XERF and others with the preachers who were peddling all sorts of books, magazines, records, etc., for specified “love offerings” sent to the program “In care of radio station X-E-R-F, Del Rio, Texas”, with the station taking its cut and the “ministry” getting the rest. Now, what XERF and some other broadcasters would do is put in the contract that if the program didn't achieve a certain “pull” amount during the contract, the contract was subject to non-renewal. You didn’t make “pull”? Poof! Your time slot was replaced by another program. Note that the “pull” was in addition to charges for airtime. Some preachers complained, saying that the practice was illegal. Not according to Mexican law at the time! However, Mexican law did change with the result of “evangelical” programming in English being banned from Mexican Radio and TV. So, what’s the ultimate future for many AM’s? Transmitter site re-development with co-location (WFAX is a good local example) at best and deletion at worst. Viva La Hora Nacional! Desde Mount San Antonio... Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/26/16)

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I think Kane assumes the majority of his listeners, whether they’re here in the DMV or listening in one of his syndicated markets are too stupid to realize they’re not really live on the day after Thanksgiving. Not saying OP is stupid, but with a large majority of his audience who believes that War of the Roses and those other hokey bits are 110% real, I wouldn’t be surprised. (11/25/16)

Is Jason Kidd really gone from WRQX? Too bad, I really liked his show. Was he their program director? Who is programming WRQX now? (11/25/16)

WCTN is automated. It sounds like they are trying to play the same music that WASH is playing. They did not replace Bill Parris when he died. The owner is programming it from New York. (11/25/16)

As I've at least hinted at before, the 30 minute 10 pm newscast from DCW 50 has more real news content than WTTG's 90 minutes of celebrity gossip, idle chitchat, games, newsreaders' opinions, and some limited incidental news. Diane in PG (11/25/16)

I just wanted to thank UCS for reviving the expression "My time is up, I thank you for yours". Original source? Mal Campbell of WMAL, last heard doing Maryland basketball games in the 80s. Tell me I'm wrong! -Pilot of the Airwaves (11/25/16)

Anyone know why Kane would "pretend" to be on the air this morning. He was faking like he was working by having pre-recorded everything to sound like he was there today. I know most of the things on his show are recorded and fake, i.e. War Of The Roses. But this seemed odd. Last time he "faked" this poorly he was getting arrested on domestic charges. (11/25/16)

"WCTN 950 AM is owned by Dr. Yoon in New York. He does not even have a staff at the station". I hope that's not true, because FCC regs dictate that someone needs to be there, otherwise a piece of payin' paper (as Grease used to say) will be showing up soon. The Birachs got a major reaming a few years ago at one of their Midwest stations for that same infraction. (11/25/16)

Dave's response: Wasn't that what Bill Parris was doing before he died earlier this year? Providing broadcast service facilities from his Rockville location for a batch of small DC area AMers, like WCTN, that leased out much of their schedule with owners in other places? Will Bill gone, I suspect someone else is providing those services. Anyone know?

No more Ch 5 news for me. At ten pm they play games...ON THE NEWS? NewsChannel8 has Ch 7 news on at 10 pm. How great is that? Great. As for WMAL, good riddance to Savage and I'd say the same if they got rid of the two egotists on Red Eye Radio. They are absolutely horrible. Previous mailbag note is correct...they take calls, argue and scream with the callers, then hang up on them. Arguments are fine but there should be fairness. (11/25/16)

Cumulus has just announced that Rob Carson has been FIRED in Kansas City. FIRED! #Radio (11/25/16)

That "10 pm dreck from Richmond." as you call it, airs on DCW 50, not My 20. My 20 airs The Big Bang Theory at 10 pm weeknights. As for your comment that it doesn't have any viewers, may I refer you to Mailbag posts from yours truly and from Diane in PG. We, along with everyone who won a gift card in the contest they had a few weeks ago, might just take issue with that. Andrew Fauver (11/25/16)

So what's the future, then, for stations like WCTN and WKCW? How do their owners hope to make any of the money back that they spent buying the stations in the first place? (11/25/16)

So, with change in Wmal programming, will they make changes to other shows? Red Eye Radio is getting worse by the week; I can't figure out the purpose of the show. The two hosts spend basically 5 hours a night talking about themselves and how smart and good they are. When they do take a call, and the person tries to disagree with them, they wind up screaming at the poor caller! Even Rush is polite to opposing views. Bring back coast to coast!!! (11/25/16)

Re:WTTG, their "news" programming has become an absolute joke. They've obviously realized that people get real news elsewhere and therefore have focused on making the morning and as another poster noticed, the evening news more lighthearted and entertaining. The morning show is now female eye candy in tight dresses, more celebrity focused and a step below TMZ. Think about it, what local network has their on air staff doing podcasts revealing all of their personal information? And although Erin Como is probably a really nice person, management obviously has her on the fast track to becoming an on air anchor. And once they do that, I think they will have totally jumped the shar and lost whatever credibility they have left. If they decide to put her on the Good Day couch, I'm predicting fireworks will fly as Holly thinks SHE'S the Queen Bee there; always trying to be the center of attention. Bottom line, WTTG has become morning "background music." (11/25/16)

If it is true that Cumulus is going to put Michael Savage on WRQX 107.3 FM, from 3 PM to 6 PM, what does that due to the WRQX Music Format? Is Jason Kidd still going to be on the station? I thought that he was the program director? (11/25/16)

Dave's response: Won't happen. Savage is more and more of a nutjob each day and I think you'll see Cumulus phasing out its relationship with him. Plus, as a previous poster pointed out, his ratings aren't very good and he's not on many top-rated righty talkers any more, especially in major markets.....

WCTN 950 AM is owned by Dr. Yoon in New York. He does not even have a staff at the station, The format changes every few months. WKCW 1420 AM is owned by Dr. Edosomwan in Fairfax. They just play the same tapes over and over but no one is listening. (11/25/16)

During this Thanksgiving time, we need to give a thank you to DCRTV for providing us with the latest broadcasting news in the DC area. Please send him a donation. Dave, thank you for providing us with a good Newsletter. (11/25/16)

Dave's response: Thank you for suggesting that. I still need about $900 to reach my fundraising/advertising revenue goal for November. PayPal your donation to my dcrtv@hotmail.com address or drop a check in the mail, made payable to me. Dave Hughes, 1981-B Villaridge Drive, Reston VA 20191. Any donation of $39 or more before December 1 will get you two (instead of just one) years of access to memory-packed DCRTV Plus.....

Hey Dave, came across this bag of matchbooks at an antique shop in Sperryville today, resurrecting some familiar (to me) names from WMAL's days gone by. Happy Thanksgiving (11/25/16)

Hey Dave, came across this bag of matchbooks at an antique shop in Sperryville today, resurrecting some familiar (to me) names from WMAL's days gone by. Happy Thanksgivin (11/25/16)

It really is too bad that 950 WCTN couldn't swing even a skeletal on-air crew, a few local accounts and some decent imaging. If they put out the call tomorrow morning for even low-pay part-time help, I'd have a T&R on their front porch by lunchtime, just to help give them a serious go at it. (11/25/16)

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Hi, Happy Turkey Day! Why has wttg reformatted the 10pm news slot to more resemble its morning show? Lots of feel good stories, a regular game show with the anchors. Is nc8's 10pm hour really competing with fox5@10? It can't be that 10 pm dreck from Richmond on channel 20 has any viewers. Yikes - thx Lee (11/24/16)

Breaking news: “Cumulus Announces Michael Savage to Replace Jason Kidd Show Weekdays from 3:00PM to 7:00PM on Mix 107.3” Hey, if Savage can’t hang on to WMAL’s 3:00PM slot he might as well compete with Larry O’Connor and Mark Levin... (11/24/16)

What's the story with WCTN on 950am? Playing music from the 80s, 90s and today. No sign, at least today, of any Indian-related programming. Does anyone know what's going on with this station? (11/24/16)

Dave's response: The Indian programming was brokered/leased and is gone from 950. However, you can now hear the new "Bolly 102.9" if you're in Northern Virginia, especially in the Fairfax-Centreville area.....

Hmmmm Thanksgiving Surprise.... the power of paying people to watch! (11/24/16)

Since Cumulus syndicates the Michael Savage Show, where will they put it in the DC Market? They have dumped it from WMAL in afternoon drive time. They had good ratings. (11/24/16)

On Fox5 this morning, Erin was said to be doing double duty as "news anchor" as well as traffic. Hmmm..Was probably said in jest, but would not be surprised to see her in an anchor seat once Laura leaves. My prediction is that they move Maureen to evenings and put Erin on the early morning anchor desk and Good Day. She does fine with traffic, but when she dos other stories, she seems to struggle with reading the teleprompter. But hey, they're all just news readers anyway. (11/24/16)

Thanksgiving Day Dittos to DCRTV Mailbaggers and to all you turkeys out there: www.youtube.com (11/24/16)

Here's a way to serve up a Retro Thanksgiving feast for family & friends: Aunt Sammy's Radio Recipes, from the Bureau of Human Nutrition & Home Economics Department of Agriculture Radio Service. Popular recipes broadcast from October, 1926, to June, 1927, in the "Housekeepers' Chat" programs of the radio service, USDA. archive.org (11/24/16)

Mary Walters being primed for "Mornings on the Mall".... With "hotel room, please" Brian? People will talk. I am not saying any of it would be true, but people will talk. Like they are talking about Heather's position under Brian. It is not true, I am sure. But people are talking. Pairing Brian with any woman will have people pontificating about the interview process and the WMAL résumé. review procedures. Remember to include a recent full-body photo and measurements when you send in audition tapes! (11/24/16)

Three DC-based radio operations get props in Linux Journal magazine: Radio America, Radio Free Asia, and WAVA. All three are hitched up to the Linux Operating System to run their respective plants. Kinda geeky read, but its good stuff. www.linuxjournal.com (11/24/16)

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WAZF is supposed to be on physical and virtual channel 20, not 28. WFPT is virtual channel 62, but in reality on channel 28. At least that is what on file in FCC records. (11/23/16)

Michael Weiner is looking for a radio job. Maybe, WMAL could hire him. He is no longer connected to Hilary Clinton. When does WMAL move to Gaithersburg to diplex with 570 AM WSPZ? They will lose most of their signal after sunset. (11/23/16)

Least anyone forget it’s “Dallas Week” and running back Robert Kelley is getting into the spirit calling Skins arch rivals the “Cowgirls”. And for once cord cutters and those who refuse to pay for the NFL network (who had one of the games in previous years) will be able to watch all three games on Thanksgiving (CBS Noon: Lions/Vikings, Fox 3:30PM: Skins/Cowgirls, NBC 8:30PM: Steelers/Colts). www.foxsports.com (11/23/16)

DCRTVDJDAVE regarding WMAL and possible changes: agree that John Batchelor Show is great relief and the adult in the room on WMAL (also has top guests) so Savage taking his time slot would be bad & not likely; Red Eye Radio is beloved by truckers and insomniacs and besides, if Savage took that slot his show would be half-a-day behind so no callers. No, it does not look good for Savage remaining within DC airwaves and if you look at most of his affiliates they are on nothing stations except for KSFO: www.michaelsavage.wnd.com (11/23/16)

RE: “WMAL Replaces Savage With O'Connor”- For Larry’s replacement, anyone but that terminally annoying Kellyanne Conway. Although she may be in line for a position under our new president. So to speak. (11/23/16)

As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly. Happy Turkey everyone... Signed, Authur Carlson - www.youtube.com... Happy Thanksgiving from our friends accross the pond on The Grand Tour - www.facebook.com... Dave, no mention of Al Roker lurking in the woods of Fairfax County last week? www.today.com (11/23/16)

RE: “YAY! Michael Savage is leaving WMAL! I've been waiting for this, he's a bit crazy. However, I'm not sure if I want to listen to Larry O'Conner for 3 hours though...I'd prefer Dan Bongino, but let's give Larry a shot and see what he's like solo. Also, it seems like Mary Walters is being primed for the Mornings on the Mall spot, IMHO. From, Amar (11/23/16)” While WMAL does need a woman to help reduce the sausage fest that is that station’s line-up, the co-host for Mornings on the Mall with Brian Wilson will have to be someone based in Washington and with ties to the area. And Don Oingo Bongo is based & retired in Florida (he just lost a congressional race there) and not coming back to DC. As for Mary Walter, she is based in New Jersey, is with competitor iHeart radio, and would not likely come to Washington just to do a morning show. I would have to agree with DCRTVDJDAVE and go with Mary Katherine Hamm (who is tough & will be able to fend off Brian’s advances) to pair with Brian and Larry does not need a co-host. More on the simply dreadful, pompous Mary Walter: www.facebook.com/MaryWalterRadio (11/23/16)

The November "book" ends today. Who are the winners and losers in DC TV? (11/23/16)

November radio ratings analysis from Tom Taylor Now: Washington DC is of course obsessed with news and current events, and it decisively makes American U.’s not-for-profit news/talk WAMU and Hubbard’s news WTOP #1 and #2 again. This is WAMU’s third straight month at #1, with age 6+ AQH total-week share, having traveled from a September-book 9.0 share to an October-book 9.6 – and now a 10.0-share. You’ve already learned that’s the highest-ever for a non-commercial license in PPM-dom. Checking dayparts, WAMU is #1 with double digits in mornings, and #1 middays, nights and weekends. WTOP wins afternoon drive, and total-week it’s up 8.7-9.4-9.2. Then 3-1/2 shares back of ’TOP is urban AC WHUR (Howard University, 6.6-5.7-5.9). Holding fourth place is iHeart’s top 40 “Hot 99.5” WIHT (5.2-5.3-5.2), followed a new #5, iHeart AC WASH (4.5-4.5-4.9). But wait – WASH is tied in fifth place with heaven-bound gospel “Praise” WPRS (Radio One, 3.4-4.6-4.9). A soft month for Radio One’s urban AC “Majic” WMMJ (5.4-4.7-4.3), now in eighth place. Cumulus talker WMAL-AM/FM holds last month’s gain (3.1-4.0-4.1). It’s third in middays, where Rush Limbaugh has three of the five hours. The Redskins are a positive for Red Zebra-owned flagship sports WTEM (1.6-2.3-2.4). It’s still not quite even with CBS Radio’s sports “Fan” WJFK-FM (2.8-2.9-2.7). How about Cumulus hot AC, “Mix” WRQX? It’s off, 3.1-2.9-2.4. That parks it in 17th place, though it ranks #6 in average weekly cume and apparently suffers a time-spent-listening issue. D.C.’s leading cume station is AC WASH at nearly 1.3 million.... Baltimore gives two thumbs-up to Radio One – via urban AC WWIN-FM (8.5-8.4-8.4) and urban “92Q” WERQ (8.4-8.2-8.0). They rank #1 and #2 for the week with these individual honors – WWIN-FM is #1 from 3pm to midnight, and 92Q’s #1 at night with double digits. Third is CBS AC WLIF (7.8-8.3-7.2, still winning middays). Fourth is iHeart’s country WPOC (6.8-7.2-6.9), followed by Hearst’s “98 Rock” WIYY (5.3-5.0-5.9). That 5.9 is a PPM-record for WIYY. It’s #1 in mornings and shares the NFL Ravens with sister news/talk WBAL (3.1-3.1-3.8). “Your Public Radio”-owned not-for-profit news/talk WYPR enjoys some election halo effect (2.1-2.2-2.6). AC WLIF leads as usual with cume (717,700). (11/23/16)

YAY! Michael Savage is leaving WMAL! I've been waiting for this, he's a bit crazy. However, I'm not sure if I want to listen to Larry O'Conner for 3 hours though...I'd prefer Dan Bongino, but let's give Larry a shot and see what he's like solo. Also, it seems like Mary Walters is being primed for the Mornings on the Mall spot, IMHO. From, Amar (11/23/16)

With the stock market at an all time high today, let's see how our two favorite radio stocks are doing? Cumulus at $1.29 per share and iHeart at just $1.25 per share. Why is that? Too much debt? (11/23/16)

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With WMAL talker Larry O’Connor leaving Mourning on the Mall Bill Hess will have to find a replacement to join Brian “Not The Beach Boys Brian Wilson” Wilson. Top Ten Suggested Replacements for Larry O’Connor: 1)Laura Evans 2)Silvie from Waldorf 3)Michael Savage 4)Don Geronimo 5)Rick Fowler 6)Buzz Burbank 7)Tucker Carlson 8)Chris Core 9)Unsigned Corporate Suit 10)DCRTVDJDAVE! (11/22/16)

Dave's response: I'm not getting up at 2:30 AM to do a morning radio show.....

Sada Brotman passed last Friday. She was the wife of Charlie Brotman, local announcer extraodinaire for the Washington Senators and Presidential Inaugural parades. Sympathies to the family. (11/22/16)

RE: “WMAL Replaces Savage With O'Connor - 11/22 - Cumulus news talker WMAL, 105.9/630, is giving Larry O'Connor (right) his own three-hour afternoon drive show, starting January 2.” Top Ten Suggested Names for the show: 1)The Larry O’Connor Show 2) The Show With Larry O’Connor 3) Afternoons On The Mall With Larry O’Connor 4) The Larry O’Connor Show Without Brian Wilson 5) The Bill Hess Likes Me More Than Michael Savage Show With Larry O’Connor 6) Coming Out With Larry O’Connor 7) The I’m Sandwiched Between Rush and Levin Show 8) The Broadway Larry Show On Jenifer Street 9) Get Your Kicks From Three To Six With Larry O’Connor 10) Drink, Drive And Stay Alive With Larry O’Connor. (11/22/16)

RE: “"Seems to," nothing. The Christmas music has been playing continuously on WASH-FM, save for their early Sunday morning paid programming, since last Friday, November 18. This, of course, keeps with their tradition of starting the Christmas music the Friday before Thanksgiving. Andrew Fauver (11/22/16)” Maybe WASH-FM will become “Atheist Radio” after Christmas: www.washingtonpost.com (11/22/16)

I found a DC radio artifact tonight, going through my library, a ticket stub for a UM basketball game hiding as a bookmark in a collection of Dylan Thomas poems from my adventure at the University of Maryland in the 1980s. In 1986 I was listening to HFS and 98 Rock and DC 101 and didn't know or care about WMAL 630. Please feel free to share as you like. Regards, Lw in Mount Airy (11/22/16)

"Seems to," nothing. The Christmas music has been playing continuously on WASH-FM, save for their early Sunday morning paid programming, since last Friday, November 18. This, of course, keeps with their tradition of starting the Christmas music the Friday before Thanksgiving. Andrew Fauver (11/22/16)

"The parts go in", "Motorola's slogan". Man, it sucks to be old and forgetful. Thanks to Dave for the correct answer. (11/22/16)

UCS wrote, "What was that ad slogan from my high school days working afternoons in a radio/TV repair shop? 'The parts go in before the name goes on'? Or, something like that." It was Motorola's slogan which said "The quality goes in before the name goes on." (11/22/16)

Dave's response: Zenith.....

UCS asked "WTF am I getting on 28-1?" The only station around here on virtual channel 28 is Godcaster WAZF, with a transmitter located in the middle of nowhere in Loudoun County near to Harper's Ferry. It has a pretty small coverage area - I can't get it in Leesburg, a few air miles away, because it's shielded by the hills to the west. It sounds like your signal is just strong enough to detect PSIP data, but not strong enough to decode into a picture. Wouldn't surprise me if their DTV equipment isn't configured properly. WFPT is on real channel 28, but you report getting that already. (11/22/16)

Can a radio station owner lease out their station to another party? Yes. Some examples of that in DC are CBS leasing out 99.1 FM to Bloomberg, Hubbard leasing out 1050 AM to a Spanish Broadcaster and Channel 6 LPTV WDCN 87.7 leasing out their station to a Spanish Broadcaster. (11/22/16)

FCC regs specifically allow for LPTV stations to have audio and video signals to be "used with different and unrelated program material." WDCN has an audience in the area. It is (Contrary to those who want the spectrum) operating within the law and the FCC has stated why they have delayed the analog shutdown for LPTV and their argument is far from irrational. Not that constant posts here will convince the FCC to do anything but it is time to realize that the FCC intends to stick to the idea of shutting down analog LPTV only after the impact of the spectrum auction is known. We are likely to lose quite a few UHF stations so I am not sure giving up 1 (or perhaps 2) VHF frequencies right now is a wise idea. (11/22/16)

WMAL’s Brian and Larry had Maryland Governor Hogan on Tuesday morning (they play the “Hogan’s Heroes” theme song for intro) who promised to make O’Connnor the “Crab Czar” of his state so I guess you can say Larry has the crabs. (11/22/16)

From Tom Taylor Now: “That fateful November day in 1963 when JFK was shot” – Station owner Bill Prettyman says “On that day, I was alone at Washington, DC top 40 WEAM, playing the hits as Doug Vanderbilt. Rip-and-read news. I checked the UPI printer and there it was: ‘Bulletin: Kennedy shot.’ I cracked the mic, incredulously delivered those stark words - then realized I couldn't just play another Beatles tune. Dead air. What to do? I grabbed an instrumental LP from the production studio and let it track. Soon WEAM's PD showed up. Quick decision: suspend regular programming for the weekend. Didn't matter: Our listeners were, like everybody else, glued to their TV's in disbelief at what they were witnessing. Like 9/11, we all remember where we were, what we were doing - not least those of us who were on the air that day in November.” (11/22/16)

Kevin McCarthy got married last month, but no honeymoon? Give us a break and get away. He was a bout to pee his pants in excitement over a rant by Kanye West at one of his concerts. And like one of the anchors said, who wants to pay hundreds of dollars to hear someone go on and on aimlessly at a concert? Can't imagine what he'll say now that Kanye's been hospitalized. It's also sad, or maybe it's just job security, how Holly Morris shamelessly begs celebrities to come and sit in at "The Loft" whenever she gets a chance. (11/22/16)

97.1 WASH FM seems to have already started airing Christmas music. (11/22/16)

Dave, are you still having reception problems from channel 9 from D.C., whatever callsign it is this time around -they’ve had so many over the years? My youngest child gave me a Mohu Leaf 50 antenna as a late birthday present. After letting it lay on the workbench for ages, I decided to give it a try tonight. Using it on an Insignia ATSC > NTSC demod, I’m getting solid reception from all of the D.C. low-power stations (As I’ve said before, there’s been no full-power broadcast TV in the U.S. since 2009.), plus the D.C. QRPp stations on 47 (Which has no audio on its English language sub-channel…) and 49. That includes 7 & 9. I’m also getting WBFF and WMPT from Baltimore and WFPT Frederick. Now, here’s the oddball: WTF am I getting on Channel 28-1? I get nothing but a black screen and the “28-1” when I query the box. I’ve tried re-scanning it several times, with different antenna orientations, and it keeps coming up. But, there’s nothing else in the PSIP data frame. I don’t think there’s a spur or other junk coming out of the Mohu that would result in a false digital decode. Otherwise, there shouldn’t be a sub-channel showing as the Insignia is an analog “pass thru” box. Or, is there? While I’ll stick with the outdoor antenna for regular broadcast viewing, keeping in mind that the Mohu is not a “real” antenna, it will make a nice addition to my DTV travel bag. As for whether or not it would work for you, Dave, find a store with a generous return policy and give it a try. If it doesn’t work, I’d suspect the RF section of your receiver. IMHO, most of the RF sections of consumer electronics made over the last 20 years or so aren’t worth the recycled silicon put inside. (What was that ad slogan from my high school days working afternoons in a radio/TV repair shop? “The parts go in before the name goes on”? Or, something like that.) That includes car radios, TV’s (regardless of the price), home radios, etc. My time is up. I thank you for yours. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/22/16)

OK, so Laura Evans is leaving and will let it be known when the time is right..Uh, kinda sounds like she "can't" say where she's going due to a possible competition clause? Otherwise, why not say?...And wonder who's going to take her evening anchor seat?..Or are they going to bring someone from the outside in?.. (11/22/16)

There seems to be a lot of discussion about the Channel 6 LPTV Stations. Why were the licenses granted? They were granted so that minorities could have a chance at television ownership. There were many applications for these LPTV Stations and they were mainly granted to minorities. NOW it is a different world. None of these stations are owned by minorities. They were sold for big profits. Nothing wrong with that. That is called Capitalism.....Most of the present owners have leased out the facilities to be used as FM Radio Stations on 87.7 FM. They use the audio channel only and have never operated as TV Stations. For example, in New York, the Channel 6 LPTV 87.7 FM Station was leased out at $100,000 per month. Here in DC, it is leased out to a Spanish Broadcaster for $35,000 per month. IS THIS IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST? (11/22/16)

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RE: “Larry O'Connor pens a column on the "Hamilton"/Pence flap: hotair.com” You’re right, Larry apparently has had some face-to-genitals experiences: “Indeed I can tell you from first hand experience that in the theatre industry diversity is only skin-deep and genital-high. It’s the superficial and irrelevant differences of race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality that the members of the theatre community obsess over, not the more important and challenging intellectual diversity of opinions that they reject and ignore.” Oh, my, Larry: reason.com (11/21/16)

Hey Dave we know you are originally from New Jersey where the Trumpster is meeting with just about anybody who will come so to speak: any chance you are going there to meet with The Don to discuss being his next FCC nomination? That would be cool Dave. Welcome to the f***ing firing squad: nypost.com (11/21/16)

Dave's response: I don't want to be head of the FCC. I think that job should go to Trump's good old radio buddy Howard Stern.....

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] WHAG-TV, a Nexstar Broadcasting station is seeking account executives to represent all of its broadcast and digital properties to the local advertising community. In addition to our Hagerstown home station, we are also currently looking for account executives to work out of our Germantown, MD and Winchester, VA satellite offices. Account executives will grow an established account list, and develop new business across all TV and digital sales platforms. If you’re the kind of person who thrives on being an integral part of a transforming industry, and creating solutions to challenging issues, this may be the perfect opportunity for you. Ideal candidates to join our team should have a minimum of 2-5 years media sales experience. Experience in advertising sales is required. Candidates should also have relationships in the marketplace. Must be able to actively identify new business opportunities, and develop plans for new accounts to generate strategic partnerships that result in new sales revenue. Applicants must possess excellent verbal and written presentation skills, along with strong organizational ability. Candidates must be PC literate (MS Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint). College degree preferred. Please email cover letter, and resume to mbryant@whag.com. No phone calls please. Nexstar is an Equal Opportunity Employer. (11/21/16)

Well I listened to a little bit of the Redskins coverage of last night’s football (I hadn’t heard their coverage in quite a long time) I must say that I had no idea of how…what’s a nice way to say…”old” that Sonny was sounding nowadays! I have the utmost respect for Sonny and what he has meant to the team! But what I heard last night…well he just doesn’t sound that good anymore! Tom in Denton, MD. (11/21/16)

Larry O'Connor pens a column on the "Hamilton"/Pence flap: hotair.com (11/21/16)

WMAL talker Michael Savage and Bill Hess object of scorn showing off his National Radio Hall of Fame award: www.facebook.com/drmichaelsavage (11/21/16)

Taking over the world @CNBC: BREAKING: Amazon explores possible premium sports package w/ Prime membership; has held talks w/NBA, MLB, NFL, MLS for live game rights - DJ (11/21/16)

DCRTVDJDAVE and DCRTV Mailbaggers may want to know: Big Brother is watching. Seems there is a new web site that tracks in real time whatever you are or have been doing right down to your right/left mouse clicks. I closed out the moment I clicked on the clickclickclick web site out of blue screen fear but apparently it is reportedly safe: maybe access on a computer you don’t care about losing. Better watch that porn. More: www.news.com.au (11/21/16)

Here is a vote for the FCC looking at the end of analog LPTV, the digital repack and hopefully the switch to ATSC 3.0 together. That is what they promised when they chose to extend the analog shutdown date for SOME Stations. I know there are AM station owners who woudl love that spectrum now occupied by Channel6 (and perhaps even channel 5)to use for FM repeaters. but I think the sensible thing is to look a t these issues together and hopefully avoid small LPTV stations having two separate moves. It would be nice though if the spectrum auction was closer to reaching a successful conclusion. It is probably rh long pole in the tent here. But with stations moving from UHF to VHF TVmay need all the VHF channels it can get. I suspect though that the AM station owners will be happy with the outcome----but not necessarily how long it takes to get there. (11/21/16)

American Music Awards ratings down 5% from last year. Maybe Hollywood will take notice that people are getting weary of all the Hollywood crying & whining over Trump. Even if you hate Trump, it's not funny and it's not good music. It's about as entertaining as watching your child jump up and down when he/she doesn't get their way. Has anyone even moved to Canada yet? Can't they take a hint? (11/21/16)

WRC carried the Skins/Packers game and as the game came to a close with the Skins blowing out Green Bay 42-24 NBC Sports began isolated shots of Washington notables: Joe Theismann fist pumping Dan Snyder (now there are two assholes) and sadly, a shot of Sonny bundled up in the press box looking very, very, frail. This is definitely his last season on “Redskins Radio” (he barely speaks anyway) and may be his final Redskins season period: end of an era. www.hogshaven.com (11/21/16)

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DCRTVDJDAVE’s DAVETV explained why he is still using the black background with white letters but maybe he should consider going YELLOW according to The Washington Post header: “For the ‘new yellow journalists,’ opportunity comes in clicks and bucks”. Seems there are two slackers in California who make BIG BUCKS (that’s BIG BUCKS Dave) just feeding the Trump crowd with shaky stories: “Goldman sits on the couch, logs onto an advertiser’s website and looks up how much money they’ve nonetheless made. “Super great election sales,” he says. “There were some days where we were getting $13, $14 per 1,000 views.” Between June and August, they say, when they had fewer than 150,000 Facebook followers, they made between $10,000 and $40,000 every month running advertisements that, among other things, promised acne solutions, Viagra alternatives, ways to remove lip lines, cracked feet, “deep fat,” and “the 13 sexiest and most naked celebrity selfies.” Then the political drama deepened, and their audience expanded fivefold, and now Goldman sometimes thinks that what he made in the last six months would have taken him 20 years waiting tables at his old job. Wade and Goldman now have a lawyer and an accountant, employ other writers and are expanding so quickly that they’re surprised to think the majority of their adult lives were spent scraping by. They graduated from the University of Tennessee — Wade in 2012 with an advertising degree and Goldman in 2013 with a business degree — but could only find unpaid internships and ended up working at a Mexican restaurant. On weekends, they would sell water bottles at college football games, and Goldman scalped tickets. Neither thought much about politics. Raised in liberal homes, they both voted for Obama twice, but as they struggled to find better jobs, they began to doubt those votes, their college education and the progressive values with which they were raised.” More: www.washingtonpost.com (11/20/16)

In Northern VA, the translator on 100.7 is now operational, broadcasting religious WFAX, am 1220. In DC, 95.9 was broadcasting WOL on Friday. It is directional, so as not to interfere with co-owned WWIN-FM, so you will not get it along the northeastern part of the Capitol Beltway. (11/20/16)

Have an interesting question especially for those who remember Baltimore radio back in the late 50s. There is a guy out in Seattle, Washington who does a countdown show; the name of the show is Hometown Countdown; airs at 9 PM every Saturday night and replays at 3 PM on Wednesday afternoons (the times are EST) he features a survey from a different city each week! Last night, he did a countdown from WFBR in 1959. The interesting part of this is that the songs featured were your typical “top-40” fair! Now as best as I know, WFBR was always an MOR station! So was there any time…say around 1959, when WFBR was playing “top40” tunes, just like WCAO and I am guessing WITH? I really can’t say much about WITH’s format as it didn’t get down here on the Eastern Shore too well; I always considered the big “top-40” station for Baltimore as WCAO. So I was kind of amith when Rick Lewis (the guy who does these countdown shows) featured a survey from WFBR from 1959! Might it be that WFBR actually _did_ have a “top-40” format; then flipped to MOR later…we’ll say in 1960? Thanks for reading this post from a poster who never worked in radio…but has always been interested in what goes on! I’d love to find something (a website or something) that has information concerning the history of Baltimore broadcast radio! Tom in Denton, MD. P.S. Don’t know if this will work…but I’m seeing that WAAI’s stream is down; perhaps whoever takes care of that is reading this…and will get it back up and running! (11/20/16)

Hey DCRTVDJDAVE we know you are a cord cutting PBS/NPR loving kinda gut so maybe you can answer this question: when or why did PBS start airing full length no commercial interruption movies? This weekend I noticed they ran “Speed” several times without a commercial or telethon asking for money. What gives? It can’t be for ratings because they don’t air commercials. Thanks Dave: anything you can offer would be appreciated. (11/20/16)

Dave's response: Public television stations often air uncut, interruption-free movies. Nothing new.....

Concerning WETA testing HD3 subchannels, 106.7 WJFK has been running HD3 and HD4 channels on their station for many years. The forward error correction is configurable. WETA engineers doing the experiments may be setting it lower on HD3 which is why it doesn't reach as far as HD1 and HD2 even though it's the very same physical signal. Contrary to popular belief, there is no "wall" where digital broadcasting just "drops off." These systems, HDRadio, DAB+, SiriusXM, HDTV, as well as satellite TV use the concept of forward error correction, or FEC. The content's digital stream is interleaved with packets that include data from now, now minus X seconds, now minus X minutes, all mixed together. This is all configured by the broadcaster. When the signal degrades and bit errors happen, the receiver tries to piece together the missing parts from now, now minus X seconds, now minus X minutes, to reconstruct the original signal. Each subchannel (including HD1) can have its own level of FEC. Sirius and XM satellite radio signals are so weak that they have very aggressive FEC that takes up more bandwidth than the original audio does! For all of these systems it contributes to the huge delay between origin and receiver (for HDRadio HD1, it's 20 seconds, so your time check on WTOP is always 20 seconds late), and that's also most of the reason that HDRadio is turned off during sporting events. -Chainsman (11/20/16)

A previous poster asked what is going on it Fairfax in front of the WDCT 1310 AM towers. It is construction. They are building something in front of the towers. Don't know what. The station does not have any ground system anymore. (11/20/16)

Why does the Channel 6 LPTV Station have such good coverage on their audio channel? There are no other stations on the 87.7 FM Frequency in this area. Therefore, there is no interference on that frequency. It operates like a Clear Channel. The FCC does not care that they operate as a FM Radio Station rather than a television station. They make more money operating as a FM Station. (11/20/16)

I’m convinced that filing a complaint with the FCC is like filing it right in your own garbage can. They just don’t care what stations are on the air and which not or which have actual transmitting facilities or towers. It’s like a running joke. It makes you want to file for an FCC license for nothing just to see if they approve it. Btw, Sabrosa AM 1600 still says it’s on the air, along with AM 1330, 105.1 and 98.3 FM, NONE OF WHICH ARE ON THE AIR! And if any of them are on the air, it’s PIRATE RADIO!. See here… www.sabrosaradio.com (11/20/16)

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WTOP's FM on 1039. in Frederick of off the air since around 2:30 p.m. Not sure if it's due to wind or an electricity outage. (11/19/16)

Dave's response: Yeah, that's about the time the big wind gusts started. Probably knocked down some power lines.....

Dave, David, Andrea, Susie: Has Mickey Cucchiella left 98 Rock—again? He was not on the air all of this past week, and—unless I missed it—I never heard any of the night deejays say anything like, “Mickey’s on vacation,” or “Mickey’s not feeling well,” or anything like. They were just there, subbing for him. And then, when you go to 98 Rock’s website, and click on “DJs”---there’s nothing there about Mickey Cucchiella. There’s the morning show, Amelia, Kirk, 98 Rock weekends, and podcasts. But nothing about Mickey Cucchiella, and nothing about weeknights. Also all of last week, when Kirk signed off about 7 p.m.—there was no “so-and-so’s up next, filling in for Mickey,” just so-and-so’s up next. What’s happened with Mickey Cucchiella at 98 Rock? --Matt (11/19/16)

Week 11 NFL TV Maps (better late than never): The CBS early game, Ravens @ Cowboys is available in a lot of the country. Locally, all the regional markets are carrying it, WUSA in DC, WHP in PA, Philly, Delmarva's WBOC, Norfolk, the Carolinas and all of the west coast. But not the other AFC North markets. The CBS late game is Eagles @ Seahwks in this region and most of the country. For the FOX Single game, most of the area is carrying Bears @ Giants, but Baltimore WBFF FOX 45 chose the late game, Dolphins @ Rams. of course the Redskins are nationals on NBC SNF, Packers @ Skins. If you're looking for other teams, check out The 506.com... (11/19/16)

Sorry for the crummy photo but I have no idea what is going on in front of those Korean AM radio towers on Main Street, Fairfax, Virginia?!?!? (11/19/16)

Header: “Amazon vs. Donald Trump? Jeff Bezos may soon face his biggest challenge yet”. Battle of the Billionaires? Bezos vs. Bozo? Inquiring DCRTV fans may want to know: www.theguardian.com (11/19/16)

Finally, I can watch the WDCW 50 News at 10 via streaming. For those from the DC area that have retired to the eastern shore, MD or DE, this is the only way to watch some DC news anymore. FOX 5 is common on the shore, but not the others as much.They were previously not on the cable here and never would put their news videos or the program online, but now they do. I like what I see and agree with the other comments about it. A couple nitpicks. The show streaming was clipped, so the beginning of the show and lead story was caught in the middle. Also the $500 contest for viewers was kind of cheesy too. (11/19/16)

WTOP reports on why so many DC sports reporters wind up at ESPN: “If you’re a sports fan who has spent any measurable amount of time in Washington, you’ve probably noticed it. All across the ESPN network and its various arms, but especially on the flagship vehicle “SportsCenter,” there is talent with ties to Washington.” Great picture of Sonny with the late, great Glenn Brenner: wtop.com (11/19/16)

Re news at 10. If I watch news at 10, it is almost always DC50. They have a 30 minute NEWS program with more NEWS content than WTTG's hour and a half of primarily celebrity gossip and idle chitchat. As on DC50, it only takes one person to read the news. Virtually any "news" program with more than one person reading the news will have less news content and more BS than a program with a single newsreader. Diane in PG. (11/19/16)

RE: Is anybody watching WDCW's 10 p.m. newscast? Well, I know I am. I was there from the beginning. Of course, in the beginning, the anchors and reporters did not refer to the newscast by its full name. They called it "DCW News at 10," which, I'm sure made a lot of people think that it was a network newscast of sorts. But I'm glad to see that everyone has come around to calling it by its full name o "DCW 50 News at 10." My personal favorite feature is "The DCW 50 Water Cooler," which features the lighter stories of the day. Andrew Fauver (11/19/16)

More Tegna layoffs - www.bizjournals.com (11/19/16)

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\/ November 18 Messages \/

Christmas music without the mind numbing massive blocks of commercials? Eighteen variety-kicking-free-streams at 181.fm. You're welcome. (11/18/16)

I wish ratings were available like they used to be, I have to say I was watching DC50's 10pm newscast for a while, then eventually I did stop, but not because of the product. I agree it's a much stronger newscast when compared to 5 and 8, if you want solid news and not so much fluff. Then again the show is 30 minutes, so less time to BS. Even though it's coming from Richmond, they seem to "know" the area well at least the main anchor when introduction stories in the area like Bowie. Hopefully, after a year they will add a morning show and build a studio in their Glover Park building. It's probably smart to start small, because we've seen several times in history when the little guys try to play with the big 4, they fail. The difference here is one of the little ones finally has a decent competitive product. (11/18/16)

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump gets the TMZ treatment from Harvey Levin Friday night at 10:00PM, Saturday and Sunday night at 8:00PM on the Fox News Channel with Levin’s “Objectified: Donald Trump”. The openly gay Levin, who got his start at WTTG in Washington, interviews The Don about the objects to be found in his Trump Tower digs, what they mean to him and why. Levin claims there is a very soft, sentimental side to Trump, a side few people have seen, certainly not the mainstream media: “When you see [Trump] on stage or at a news conference, he projects a certain image. This is completely different. He is vulnerable. He talks about failures, he talks about successes, he talks about his fears," Levin explained.” If you are a cord cutter, the interview should be available at the FNC web site as well. (11/18/16)

There are 14 stations in the DC market doing Spanish Programming. That is more than New York, Los Angeles or Miami. That LPTV station, Channel 6 LPTV station, was suppose to give up their analog channel 87.7 FM on 9/1/15, according to the FCC. However, the lobbyist got to the FCC and it was postponed. Perhaps when the new Chairman of the FCC is appointed in January, he or she will do something about it. (11/18/16)

Dave… are any DC area radio stations programming jazz (a la WPFW, WAMU’s Hot Jazz Saturday Night)????? Joel (11/18/16)

Dave's response: That sounds like a full list to me.....

RadioLocator.Net claims there are 13 receivable stations in the DC area carrying Spanish, Mexican or "Tropical" programming ... 14 if you count that low-power TV signal in the basement on the FM band. No slam intended towards Metro Radio, but do we really need another? (11/18/16)

Dave's response: The DC market doesn't have a "grand slam" killer signal that's running programming to the increasing large and diverse Hispanic population of the area. El Zol, 99.1, and WDCN, 87.7, probably come closest, but both have coverage issues. So, the dial's wide open for a whole batch of narrowly-targeted Spanish language formats. Particularly AM, which very few Anglo listeners bother with any more. I guess it's all about what ad revenue can support.....

WASH-FM going all-Christmas at 5:00 p.m. today! (11/18/16)

Time for a DCRTV site news update for late 2016. I answer many of your questions like what's up with the "new" black background on DCRTV's pages. And what's happened to DCRTV's NYC and Boston pages. Plus, I look at expansions of the site's new National News page and memory-packed DCRTV Plus subscription area. And I make a sincere pitch for your financial support to continue DCRTV's mission of preserving the DC and Baltimore's rich radio and TV history. In today's DCRTV "Dave TV." Support DCRTV via PayPal by sending funds to our dcrtv@hotmail.com address. Or drop a check in the mail. Make it payable to "Dave Hughes" and send it to Dave Hughes, 1981-B Villaridge Drive, Reston VA 20191..... (11/18/16)

Two bits of FCC news this morning: 1450 WOL has a small translator on the air on 95.9, running 100 watts from its transmitter site in Northeast. Probably not listenable outside the District. Metro Radio has purchased the only two stations serving Berkeley Springs WV, classic hits 92.9 WDHC and country 1010 WCST, for $365k. (fcc.gov) On the surface, it's hard to imagine what they could do with those two craptacular facilities in the middle of nowhere. I guess they could try and move the FM closer and bring a rimshot full-power Spanish FM to northern Virginia. (11/18/16)

Dave's response: Isn't Metro Radio running a low-power Spanish FMer on 92.9 (a simulcast of WTNT 730) from a tower in the Fairfax/Chantilly area? Hmmm.....

Just filed with the FCC: an application for the sale of WDHC 92.9 Berkeley Springs, WV. From Capper Broadcasting to Fairfax based Metro Radio. Could Spanish language programing be in "Down Home Country" WDHC'S future? And what in the world will become of co-owned 1010 AM?!?!? (11/18/16)

I wonder who owns the four red tower array that is next to the brick building that used to have the now defunct WJFK Shock jocks on Main Street Fairfax, Virginia??? This question is for DCRTV Mailbag!!!! (11/18/16)

Dave's response: Those are the towers for Korean WDCT 1310 AM. It used to be the home of legendary Northern Virginia "top 40" outlet WEEL back in the 1970s.....

With WTTG’s newscasts becoming more and more of a joke lately, I think it’s time for WDCW to move their news operations into the DC Tribune building and get serious about doing local news and try to get a local morning show established as well. I don’t think “Eye Opener” and Jerry Springer are doing spectacular at that hour, so it might be worth a shot. (11/18/16)

Dave's response: I haven't seen the DC TV news ratings lately. Is anybody watching WDCW's 10 PM news cast?

In response to the Facebook poster asking about the antenna array behind the former home of the Sports Junkies in Fairfax, it's the Korean-language WDCT 1310 AM. It is owned by Christian broadcaster Family Radio, Inc., though I can't really say if the Korean-language content is for the active local Korean Christian community since I don't speak the language. Around here it's a flamethrower even at night on 1310 AM. -Chainsman (11/18/16)

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\/ November 17 Messages \/

Re: the WYCB translator, 103.1 sure is a crowded frequency around here. Don't forget about 103.1 WJMA Culpeper, which reaches up into Fairfax. A few months ago, Saga Charlottesville put up a translator on 103.1 for 1450 WVAX (ESPN Radio). Piedmont actually filed a complaint after it went on the air, even though WJMA's signal just barely reaches the Charlottesville metro, not even the city itself, and draws a miniscule rating - Saga actually pulled the latest diary set and it was recorded in exactly one of 500 Charlottesville diaries. But Saga went out to talk to the people who complained to observe interference, and all were either rude, completely disinterested in talking to them, or could not actually demonstrate substantial interference on a ride-along. (Why bother complaining if you don't want people to follow up with you?) A couple even said they only complained because they were urged to by station announcers, not because they were affected. I don't think it's been formally dismissed yet, but the evidence wasn't exactly good for Piedmont. If Radio-One goes ahead with that translator, who knows, they could be dragged into a similar mess. (11/17/16)

Dave's response: Yeah, the FM band is really turning into a cluttered mess. In the car driving around Wild West Fairfax, I can get the new 100.7 simulcast of religious WFAX from Falls Church. And I can also get Baltimore's 100.7 The Bay, classic rocker WZBA. They battle each other. If I turn a corner I'll lose one and get the other. Over and over again. Neither signal is really listenable unless I'm in a stationary location. Yuck.....

Now we know WHY the Dumpster won from The Washington Post: “Facebook fake-news writer: ‘I think Donald Trump is in the White House because of me’. And the guy makes $10,000.00 A MONTH FROM ADSENSE DAVE with “fake” news! Might want to rethink Google ads DCRTVDJDAVE. More: www.washingtonpost.com (11/17/16)

Dave's response: I do get Google Adsense revenue via some of the ads on DCRTV. But nowhere near $10K a month.....

It will be interesting to see who the Trump Administration appoints as the new FCC Chairman. Commissioner Pai will do more to help radio than anyone else. He is aware that the LPTV stations have been acting as FM Radio Stations rather than Television Stations. When they obtained their LPTV license, they made a lot of promises to the FCC, which they never honored. The purpose of these new Television licenses was to help minorities get into television ownership. Now the owners are leasing out the Channel 6 TV Channels to entrepreneurs, who operate as FM Stations, on the audio channel 87.7 FM. WDCN in DC is leased to a Spanish Broadcaster. None of these stations are now owned by minorities. Is this in the Public Interest? (11/17/16)

Dave's response: I think Trump should pick Howard Stern as FCC head. That would shake things up and good.....

WAMU missed a great opportunity not hiring Derek McGinty. Good luck to this guy Joshua. He'll need it. (11/17/16)

Dave's response: I suggested that Derek would have been an excellent choice. I think youth trumped experience.....

Univision just announced that they will "lay off" up to 250 people. Merry Christmas. The company is operating in the "red" and they want to change that immediately. (11/17/16)

Another newbie at NBC 4 - twitter.com/dougkammerer: "Great day today for the #StormTeam4 Winter Weather special. Welcome to our newest member @SheenaParveen" (11/17/16)

Dave's response: We did report back in October that she'd be coming to DC's NBC 4 from Philly's NBC 10.....

I get your point Dave about WRNR not widely listened to in PG County, but the new DC 103.1 will also hit fringe Annapolis developments too just west on Rt. 50 (11/17/16)

I see no FCC activity on Radio One’s plan to put WYCB AM 1340 on FM 103.1. The application was filed last May. There are no letters or disputes on file as of yet, but the delay in approving the translator tells me something is going on. Haven’t heard anything from WRNR on this yet, except that Key 103.1 owner Manning might want to object. — BaltoMedia.Net (11/17/16)

Dave's response: WRNR has much higher penetration into the Baltimore market as compared to DC, where it never shows up in the ratings. Part of that is because Frederick's WAFY, also on 103.1, puts a listenable signal into a good chunk of western DC metro and makes WRNR's signal unlistenable throughout the center part of the metro. And the eastern part of the DC metro, which is where you're most likely to hear WRNR, includes places like Prince George's, which is largely African-American and probably not the most likely audience for WRNR's eclectic rock.....

OMG! I have not watched Ch 5 news at 10 pm for quite a while. I decided to tune in tonight. And what do they do at 10:30, play some idiotic "Fact" GAME promoting the National Harbor. Please, when this becomes news, let me know. Maybe I'll go back to Ch 5. What a joke of an operation (news operation?). (11/17/16)

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\/ November 16 Messages \/

Tisha is Lea Thompson's daughter, and she did ask the President the question. When Leah picked up Tish and drove her home that night, Tish revealed the question and laughed at herself. Leah was, as John McLaughlin would say, "Mortified!" (11/16/16)

Radio Stock prices continue to drop. Those of us who invested in radio stocks are concerned. Cumulus is now at $1.15 per share after an 8 for 1 reverse split. That puts the real value of about 14 cents per share before the split. (11/16/16)

RE: “Laetitia (Tisha) Thompson's first claim to fame was when, as a student at Winston Churchill HS, she asked President Clinton the "Boxers-or-Briefs" question. -- Carl in Olney (11/15/16)” Brilliant Carl in Olney: you get the DCRTV Mailbag Unsigned Corporate Suit Award for deliberately mixing up Laetitia Thompson with Tish Thompson! Tish (daughter of Lea): www.nbcwashingtonpost.com... Laetitia (the student who asked Bubba boxers or briefs): baltimoresun.com... Wait: Lea Thompson’s daughter’s name is Laetitia too: www.nbcnews.com... “Thompson started in broadcasting in the editorial department at WRC-TV. She is a native of Wisconsin and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Thompson lives in Potomac, Md. with her husband, Durke, who is a Maryland Circuit Court Judge. She has three daughters: Laetitia, a reporter/anchor at WPSD-TV, Katrina, who attends the University of Glascow-Christie's Education in London, and Tenley, who attends the University of Wisconsin.” (11/16/16)

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So tonight the Caps game is not being preempted on 1500 AM by the Wizards, which has been the case several times in the past two weeks. Instead, the Caps are being preempted BY GW BASKETBALL!. If there is any team in any of the four major sports that has a poorer radio deal than what the Caps agreed to this season, sure would like to see it. Friggin' MINOR LEAGUE teams have better radio coverage. And NO Leonsis, your streaming app is NOT a satisfactory alternative. It is cumbersome in cars, impossible in older cars and DATA COSTS $$$. Leonsis has his head up his technological ass on this one......... (11/15/16)

Laetitia (Tisha) Thompson's first claim to fame was when, as a student at Winston Churchill HS, she asked President Clinton the "Boxers-or-Briefs" question. -- Carl in Olney (11/15/16)

The “mystery” religious station on 100.7 was indeed the WFAX translator – finally heard a legal ID. Kudos to the dashboard DX-er that provided the intel. Mike from Frederick (11/15/16)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Two Rivers Communications is hiring a new full time morning announcer for our A/C station. If you’re a high energy person looking for a laid back waterside lifestyle, we should talk. WKWI-FM “101.7 BAY FM” is looking for an individual with strong on air experience and talents with internet, web, social media, and other digital platforms. Applicant should be a creative thinker, self-motivated and a strong team player that will contribute to continuing to make Bay FM a great place to work. Applicant must be able to do production and remote appearances. Forward your resume and aircheck to: Dennis Burchill, General Manager, dburchill@tworivers.net. Two Rivers Communications,Inc. PO Box 819, Kilmarnock Virginia 22482. Two Rivers Communications, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. (11/15/16)

Fox5 was doing a story on fake websites that may appear on one's Facebook page. So one of the anchors said one tip is not believe everything you read. Then one jokingly said except the local media; "watch us". Now THAT'S funny coming from a station that gets news from TMZ and / or constantly has their anchors reading incorrect and inaccurate information from the teleprompter. (11/15/16)

There is no such thing as media bias, right ? Today’s Headline: “LA police chief says he won’t help Trump deport undocumented immigrants”, and no media outrage. On the other hand, if you’re an elected official in NC and come out against Obama’s ‘Bathroom Policy’, well…… (11/15/16)

OK, so yes, Dave Chappelle's never hosted SNL and Fox5 wanted to show some clips from the show. So why would the "powers that be" choose to show clips where every other word had to be bleeped out?? If you didn't see those clips live, you truly wouldn't get the same effect. And when they played them, afterwards you could tell that they were surprised and/or uncomfortable that those were chosen. (11/15/16)

RE: “Considering that one is Tara Palmeri, and the other is Jennifer Palmieri (see the extra letter?), they may not be related. -- Carl in Olney” Great catch Carl in Olney: you get the Gus in Gaithersburg Award for being a sharp DCRTV Mailbagger! Of course it was a test to see if DCRTVDJDAVE fans are paying attention: Jennifer Palmieri was born in Mississippi, is too old to be Tara’s sister, and was too career oriented to bother with kids in her 20’s. And Tara Palmeri was born in New York: the only thing they have in common is they are both based in DC with or in the media in DC and went to American University. At least Palmeri will be in The White House. Dave, your Mailbaggers are the BEST! (11/15/16)

Tisha Thompson to ESPN?? Whaat??? Does she have any sports reporting background? (11/15/16)

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WASH-FM will start playing Christmas music a week before Thanksgiving (11/14/16)

Vulture News (a subsidiary of DCRTV Global) reports even more Chappelle SNL controversy: “Dave Chappelle resurfaced in a big way this past weekend, hosting Saturday Night Live and opening the show with a monologue that grappled with Donald Trump's election win. But viewers in Raleigh, North Carolina, were deprived of the entirety of Chappelle's message, as parts of the episode — and Chappelle's monologue in particular — were censored by the local NBC affiliate, WRAL. The station cited language used by Chappelle that violated their obscenity guidelines, explaining, "WRAL-TV has a station obscenity, decency, and profanity policy that outlines ten specific words that will not be broadcast on our air ... During Saturday Night Live on NBC, guest host Dave Chappelle used two of those words on nine different occasions and they were silenced." While WRAL didn't specify the objectionable words, Chappelle used language including both the N-word and "pussy," that word for the female autonomy previously widely heard on the lips of President-elect Trump.” Dave, you never use “the N-word” let alone “the P-word”, do you? More fun: www.vulture.com (11/14/16)

Considering that one is Tara Palmeri, and the other is Jennifer Palmieri (see the extra letter?), they may not be related. -- Carl in Olney (11/14/16)

Regarding "...WBFF FOX 45 of Keith Daniels being harassed by election protesters...i didn't see it live. Did anybody?" Referring to the time on the raw footage, from about 0:20 to about 0:48 was aired but as soon as someone yelled "Hey, Kai, get the f--- out of here" it was cut off. ("Kai" was anchor Kai Jackson.) On air picked up again at about 3:36 and continued past the end of the raw footage posting. It was interesting that there was no interruption of audio or video during all that movement, including riding in the police SUV for blocks (but the IFB didn't seem to be working). Will the incoming Republican administration make sure that broadcasting the fleeting F-word from the crowd will draw a hefty fine? (11/14/16)

Tisha Thompson to ESPN - Whaaaa?!! I thought she left wttg for a) money and b) She did not want to be on tv but preferred working in the background (wear jeans to work, no makeup/hair time, etc). Kristen Bersett at wusa9 must be mad that ESPN ended the blonde channel9 train to Bristol (11/14/16)

Regarding "With all the new LPFM Stations and Translators, it would be difficult for some Class A FM Stations to increase their power." Wrong. LPFM and Translators are not protected from interference from higher class stations. If a Class A increases power and that wrecks a translator, then it's too bad for the translator. LPFMs are similarly endangered though they are lobbying for protection. (11/14/16)

Laura Ingraham's minor claim to fame was dropping the F Bomb on her national radio show back in April. Let's make HER the FCC head instead of Press Secretary! Either way, it's gets that shrill harpy off the radio until 2021. (11/14/16)

RE: Plante & Palmeri. We know that Bill Plante (a real old school pro) is WMAL’s Chris Plante’s step-father (imagine THAT Thanksgiving dinner) but do we know if Tara Palmeri, age 29 (who is fairly hot) is related to Obama/Clinton staffer Jennifer Palmeri, age 49 (who’s not hot)? Both went to American University, could be sisters, Jennifer could be her mother. If so, will Jennifer be feeding her questions to ask Trump or his press secretary Laura Ingraham? Inquiring DCRTV Mailbaggers want to know! (11/14/16)

I noticed that Multicultural’s WLXE AM 1600 filed another Special Temporary Authority Extension. This one is interesting. Since they’ve run out of excuses to find a suitable location to diplex with or build another tower array, they are now using AM Revitalization as the cause for the delay, saying they won’t be able to find a proper location until that plan is complete. I can’t think of any valid reason why this could be true or even accepted by the FCC. They are literally blaming the FCC for their situation which happened starting almost a decade ago. Now the tricky thing about using this excuse is that if the FCC approves this request, they’ll open themselves up for a lawsuit should the FCC eventually yank AM 1600’s license, which is what really should happen if they don’t fix their technical issues, which btw, affect other stations like Baltimore’s AM 1590. (11/14/16)

For Washington Post Sunday-Only Subscribers; You have to opt out of getting the Thanksgiving Day paper delivered and charged to your account. Notice was in Sunday's sports section. (11/14/16)

Billy Bush for head of the National Endowment for the Arts (11/14/16)

Just announced: Baltimore to get AFL (Arena Football League) team in the Spring of 2017. All games will initially air on the Monumental Sports Network (online). Other TV and/or radio deals might be in the future. The team is currently not named. (11/14/16)

Laura Ingraham would be great as the new Trump Press Secretary. Let's hope she gets the job. (11/14/16)

New Class of FM Radio Stations......Not all Class A FM stations would be able to increase their power to 12,000 watts because of the spacing between the stations. "One size does not fit all." In the Northeast the Class A Stations are much closer together than in other parts of the country. (11/14/16)

These AM radio proponents who think the AM revitalization plan is going to save AM Radio are living in a fools paradise. It’s simply more expensive to run a 3-4 tower station array than a 250 watt FM can make profitable. While it might keep some stations alive longer, It’s NOT a cure. It’s just another step added in the stages of dying. I realize all you AM fanatics have GE Radios like I used to have that DX and do all these great things. But guess what? NO CAR RADIO TODAY DOES THAT! At least not without such horrible interference as to be unlistenable. There are just few places left where electrical interference has no ruined all the things that people fondly remember as great about AM Radio. For instance, I was trying to listen to WBAL 1090, a 50kw Class A while driving from the eastern shore to Baltimore. By the time I got to Easton, MD, due to WBAL’s monster signal, I’m within it’s LOCAL coverage area from there to Baltimore, but guess what? The station was nearly annoyingly difficult to listen to for most of the trip to Baltimore. Just too much distortion of high power lines, car noise.Car makers are simply adding an AM tuner as an afterthought these days. They don’t really care if it works or not because NOBODY COMPLAINS! As for this Class C4 FM, this would have no effect on almost any current Class A in the northeast as you can see from this map. There can be no Class C stations in Zone I or I-A in the US. Few if any of the current Class A stations at 3kw or 6kw would qualify for 12kw, so that’s a pipe dream. There would be so much short-spacing and half of the current translators would have to go off the air. The only real solution is to open up TV Channel 6 for something nationwide. (11/14/16)

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\/ November 13 Messages \/

We are pulling for Commissioner Pai to become the next Chairman of the FCC. He seems to be the only one at the FCC that cares about radio. You can give him credit for the AM Revitalization Act. He got it done when the others "just talked about it". He will get the new Class of FM done. The C4 Class with 12,000 Watts. The FM Band is so tight now, with all the new LPFM Stations and Translators, it will be difficult to find any room on the FM Dial for expansion. (11/13/16)

The new administration says, "let's drain the swamp in DC." Start with the IRS, EPA and FCC. How many of the people that work at the FCC have ever been inside a radio station? NONE. (11/13/16)

The HD3 testing by WETA engineers was just that - technical testing and it has now ended. Perhaps adding an HD3 signal will be more viable if WETA-FM gets their digital power increase. I know WCSP's HD3 signal is has far less coverage than its HD1/HD2 offering.) TK in Odenton (11/13/16)

I notice WCAO no longer is running their HD AM signal. It's technically very tough to maintain an operational HD installation on a directional AM signal -- too many variables. The only Baltimore station left in HD AM is flea-powered WWIN on 1400AM.. HD on AM is a technology that should have never been allowed to happen. It trashes the one useful aspect of the medium wave (AM) band - nighttime skip. I hope it fades away once and for all. Like AM analog stereo, it's a unnecessary technology . TK in Odenton, MD (11/13/16)

Correction on previous post.....The two conservative talk stations in DC are WMAL 630 AM and WWRC 1260 AM. Remember when WMAL was the number one station in DC? (11/13/16)

There seems to be a lot of discussion about a new Class of FM station called Class C4 FM. This would permit Class A Stations to increase their ERP to 12,000 Watts. This would be a good thing. Remember when they permitted Class A FM Stations to increase their power from 3,000 watts at 300 ft HAAT to 6,000 watts at 328 Ft. HAAT. Not all Class A FM stations could increase their power because the co-located stations are too close. For example, WAFY 103.1, WJMA 103.1 and WRNR 103.1. With all the new LPFM Stations and Translators, it would be difficult for some Class A FM Stations to increase their power. (11/13/16)

Four US soldiers were killed by terrorists on an American military base yesterday, and 5000 people marched through the streets of Washington DC protesting the election of Donald Trump last night. Barely a mention of either story on WTOP. But they do have a lengthy story about one of their reporters misplacing her luggage on vacation, and weather updates every ten minutes, so I guess they feel like great journalists. (11/13/16)

Here's the RAW footage from WBFF FOX 45 of Keith Daniels being harassed by election protesters in Baltimore. While the Baltimore City police did stand by to make sure there was no violence, they did not stop them from making the report not able to be broadcast over the air. Or was some of it? i didn't see it live. Did anybody? WARNING. FOUL LANGUAGE... foxbaltimore.com (11/13/16)

Week 10 NFL TV Maps; Of course the Ravens were on NFLN's Thursday Night Football, which was also on WBAL TV locally, so for the Sunday CBS single game, WJZ 13 is picking the Chiefs @ Panthers while DC gets Dolphins @ Chargers late on WUSA 9 to avoid the early Redskins game. WBOC 16 Delmarva and WHP 21 in PA are taking the lead game, Broncos @ Saints. For the FOX early game the entire area gets gets Vikings @ Redskins except for PA. FOX 43 is taking Falcons @ Eagles. The FOX late game is mostly national except out west, Cowboys @ Steelers. NBC Sunday Night game is Seahawks @ Patriots and MNF is Bengals @ Giants...... FOX 45 has switched to Broncos @ Saints at the last minute. (11/13/16)

The Gamut is still weird good stuff you never hear but I cant listen for a long time.Artists today ranged from Kinks Depeche Mode Roy Acuff and David Soul (I met him brlefly once when I went on vacation to Hollywood in the 80s) not even his #1 from 1977 Don't Give Up On Us but Silver Lady an amazing range of music and a bright spot in DC radio.And for about the 20th time since maybe July Fresh FM HD2 DCs Greatest Hits on song titles and artist being displayed no sound hardly bother with it anymore a bunch of clowns seem to be running it.A shame because plays good stuff but not reliable.The Gamut never a reception or technical issue. (11/13/16)

Even though Hillary lost the election, she won Virginia. The Southern half of the state went to Trump but Northern Virginia went for Hillary and won the state for her. Many people in Northern Virginia don't like WMAL but they still listen to it. There are only two conservative stations in this area WWDC 1260 AM and WMAL. (11/13/16)

Again, there is nor never will be a "Class IV" for FM stations. At September's NAB Radio Show. Commissioner Pai made reference to comments taken by the FCC more than two years ago concerning the creation of a FM Class C4 that would potentially allow some Class A FM stations to increase their ERP up to a maximum of 12kW. While Pai said the "idea is worth considering", and supports the issuance of a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM), to date, the FCC has not taken any action regarding such a NPRM. Hence, there is no "proposal." Read all about it, including the correct terminology, here: www.radioworld.com (11/13/16)

Two observations after a doing a ton of driving this week: Ever since I moved back to DC a few months ago, I've noticed a change in the Gamut. I'm noticing less of the really weird stuff and more "mainstream" classic hits, and modern indie rock, as if it reads DCRTV and is trying to become something of an AAA, as Dave says it should, with an unhealthy thing for 80s pop. In 20 minutes today I heard the Ventures, Avett Brothers, Bob Seger, the Donots, followed by the Indigo Girls. Hell, even Don't Stop Believing was on the other day. Wider-ranging than a lot of typical radio stations, but somehow less Gamut-y than before. I'm pretty okay with it, to be honest.....WNRN Charlottesville, one of the best analog music stations anywhere in the region, recently bought a moribund dink-watt Richmond AM (1590 kHz) specifically to take advantage of FM revitalization rules and move in a translator. Smart move if you ask me. They have a solid network of signals south and east of Charlottesville and up and down I-81, even partnering with WVTF (NPR member for Roanoke/Lynchburg/Charlottesville) to get on their HD radio subchannels out in the boonies and feed translators that way. But zero coverage to the north, where the crappy main signal on 91.9 gets wiped out pretty fast by WGTS. With plenty of equally dead AM stations in northern Virginia, the music person in me wants them to do the same thing up here...Of course, doubtful a non-com will raise the money very fast. (11/13/16)

Dave's response: I've suggested that very thing - that WTMD or WRNR or even, as you suggest, WNRN buying or leasing a DC area dink-watt dead AMer so they can set-up an FM simulcast. Or get their signal leased on the digital subchannel of a DC FMer so they can use it to feed an analog FM signal. I guess the money's in short supply with more and more people switching to streaming. I mean, throughout the DC area you can already hear a plethora of cool indie and alt rock stations online including Philly's WXPN, NYC's WFMU, the UK's 6 Music, and Seattle's KEXP.....

Class IV FM's is a proposal before the FCC (which I believe has been proposed by current Commissioner Ajit Pai, who some speculate could be the next Chairman if selected by President-elect Trump) that would allow Class A stations like WDYK Ridgeley WV/Cumberland that have ERP (Effective Radiated Power) of 6,000 watts to increase their power to 12,000 watts to better serve the area. It probably wouldn't work for WMMJ or WWXX as this is presumably more for rural stations. That's what is being talked about. It doesn't exist yet, but has been proposed. (11/13/16)

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\/ November 12 Messages \/

Time to call out a couple of DCRTV Mailbag knuckleheads who don't know WTF they're talking about. First, the Main Studio Rules do NOT require the studio to be located WITHIN the city of license (COL). Since 1998, the Commission has allowed stations to locate their main studios either within the principal (city grade) signal contour or within 25 miles of the geographical center of the COL. Read it for yourself here: www.fcc.gov. Also, appointing a new FCC Chairman will be waaaay down the priority list for the Trump administration. And, in reference to earlier posts talking about "Class IV" FM stations, there is no such thing. FM stations such as WMMJ, WAFY, WTLP, etc., are CLASS A stations. FM stations are classified as Class A-D. In 1987, the FCC converted the AM classifications from the old Roman numeral/alphabetic combinations to a straight alphabetic system. Once again, it is proven, the DCRTV Mailbag is where know-nothings go to display their ignorance. Well done! (11/12/16)

We can't wait for President Trump to appoint a new Chairman of the FCC. Perhaps it will be someone who will overhaul the FCC. We can only hope. There are almost as many "rules & regulations" at the FCC as there are at the IRS. This keeps the attorneys employed. Many of these rules date back to the 1930's and 1940's. For example, the "main studio" rule, says a radio station must maintain a studio in their city of license. In the early days, it was nice to have a studio down on main street. Today, a 50,000 Watt FM Station can serve many towns within their 50 mile coverage radius. A station like WPGC, serves many communities in the DC area. Why should they be required to have "Main Studio" in Morningside, MD? Let's overhaul the FCC as soon as possible. It is in the "Public Interest". (11/12/16)

/\ November 12 Messages /\

\/ November 11 Messages \/

Northwest Cable News Network (NWCN) is closing down per Tegna corporate shirts. Could other regional news networks also fall by the wayside? With the proliferation of local TV channels placing their newscasts on the network (Livestream, NewsOn, etc.) it's less necessary for these standalone cable services to exist. Things were never bright for NWCN - they never made the shift to HD.... pdxradio.com... TK In Odenton MD (11/11/16)

Broadcast stocks go down just as the market hit an all time high yesterday. Cumulus at just $1 per share after their 8-for-1 reverse stock split. If their stock goes down below $1 again, they will lose their listing on NASDAQ. iHeart stock down to $1.28 per share with $20.5 BILLION in DEBT. iHeart must pay $1.8 BILLION in Interest this year on their debt. Is there any hope for either of these stocks? (11/11/16)

I recently signed on with SimplyHired.Com with the criteria "radio jobs". Look what came up that the computer thought I might be qualified for -- or only because the word "radio" was in the description: myworkdayjobs.com... "Artificial Intelligence" my ass... (11/11/16)

Have Dinner with Broadcast Legend Johnny Holliday at the National Press Club on Nov. 21... Fresh off the Nationals' post-season baseball run, in the middle of the University of Maryland football season and just at the start of the Terps' basketball season Washington broadcast legend Johnny Holliday will join the National Press Club Broadcast Committee and guests for our next "Legends of Broadcasting" dinner on November 21. Johnny came to WWDC in Washington in 1969 after coast-to-coast stints as a Top 40 DJ. His 2002 book "From Rock to Jock" details his move from the music side of the business to sports broadcasting. He has covered the Senators, the Nats, the Redskins, the Wizards (aka Bullets), and the Midshipmen at Navy as well as being "The Voice of the University of Maryland Terrapins." Seating in the Winner's Room on the 13th floor of the National Press Building at 14th and F, NW will be strictly limited to 30 people. A cash bar reception will begin at 6 p.m. with introductions and dinner following at 6:45. Holliday will make remarks and open the floor to an informal Q&A session to end by 8:30. Cost of the steak or vegetarian dinner is $55. You can purchase tickets online here. Questions on the event should be emailed to Bill McCloskey at bmcclos325@aol.com. (11/11/16)

Amazing that CBS ran the following “Commentary: The unbearable smugness of the press” by Will Rahn (who oddly, works for CBS): “The mood in the Washington press corps is bleak, and deservedly so. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that, with a few exceptions, we were all tacitly or explicitly #WithHer, which has led to a certain anguish in the face of Donald Trump’s victory. More than that and more importantly, we also missed the story, after having spent months mocking the people who had a better sense of what was going on. This is all symptomatic of modern journalism’s great moral and intellectual failing: its unbearable smugness. Had Hillary Clinton won, there’s be a winking “we did it” feeling in the press, a sense that we were brave and called Trump a liar and saved the republic.” More: www.cbsnews.com (11/11/16)

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\/ November 10 Messages \/

I think it will be interesting to see who’s ratings tank faster in the news network race. The doom and gloom networks, CNN & MSNBC, well that message will only hold the faithful for so long before they kill themselves. FOX News was the only network that even mentioned the LA Times or IBD polls, even though FOX overall was wrong in its own poll and, just not quite as much as the other two networks. But, FOX is taking a more positive outlook post election. In the long term, that will sustain better ratings. I predict the other 2 will start sinking and canceling shows once again. (11/10/16)

RE: "He said Trump could still pull this out. This propaganda was bought to us through the courtesy of Bill Hess. Have you figured out lies you will send out over the airways about President Hillary yet?" ... Buddy, when exactly did you write this? DCRTVDJDAVE has been behind in the Mailbag (he’s in shock) probably and “Buddy” was likely still drunk with rage over Plante and sent it before the election results. And “Buddy” whatever you listen to WMAL/Plante on has a nifty feature if you don’t like what you hear: an “off” switch. (11/10/16)

"He said Trump could still pull this out. This propaganda was bought to us through the courtesy of Bill Hess. Have you figured out lies you will send out over the airways about President Hillary yet?" ... Buddy, when exactly did you write this? (11/10/16)

Re: Class IV stations: WAFY 103.1 would have a problem with co-channels WJMA Orange VA and WRNR-FM Grasonville MD, WWXX 94.3 would have to be careful of WQCM Greencastle PA. WTLP has to protect former sister-station WPRS 104.1 (1st adjacent). WMMJ has to watch WZGN Crozet VA ( co-channel) and WRXL Richmond (1st adjacent), WZGN makes it up to southern Stafford County. (11/10/16)

If Ajit Pai does get a new Class of FM Stations, how will it affect these Class A FM Stations in DC? Which station might benefit from it? These are some of the stations that would benefit......WMMJ 102.3, WWXX 94.3,WSMD 98.3, WTLP 103.9, and WAFY 103.1. If all of these station were allowed to increase their power to 12,000 Watts it sure would improve their coverage. (11/10/16)

I listened to the Chris Plante show today for the first time in months. He sounded more unhinged than usual. He said Trump could still pull this out. This propaganda was bought to us through the courtesy of Bill Hess. I mean seriously, Bill? Who pays you to distribute such propaganda and falsehoods? And you, Wmal Washington and Chris Plante, told us eight years ago that Obama was a Muslim terrorist who was sending the New Black Panthers door to door to take our guns, would re-distribute our wealth. And send our kids to indoctrination camps while Sharia Law would slowly but surely creep its way into this country. Seriously, this is what was said on your station when Plante was not trashing people's wives and children on the air. Have you figured out lies you will send out over the airways about President Hillary yet? Come on, Bill Hess, give us a hint! What words of wisdom will be coming from your staff in the coming months? (11/10/16)

Time to REDUCE the advertising rates on the MSM "News" shows. Their product IS WORTHLESS!!! They ALL tried to stop Trump with lies, propaganda and hate speech directed at him, and fake poll numbers too. DIDN’T WORK. Proves that the MSM wasn’t up to the task. They have NO credibility. (11/10/16)

We hope that President Trump will appoint FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai Chairman of the FCC. He has done more for radio than anyone else. He was the one that accomplished the AM Revitalization Act. He is trying to get a new class of FM Station that will operate with a power of 12,000 Watts. Class IV FM. He could overhaul the FCC and get rid of so many regulations that hurt radio. (11/10/16)

Somebody should be fired at the LA Times. The LA Times Daily Tracking poll was one of the few polls that called it right and yet the newspaper’s editorial staff refused to believe THEIR OWN POLL or even print it in any prominent way! In fact CNN openly ridiculed the LA Times poll as everything from non-scientific to outright biased. As The Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik wrote, the big loser in this election was the media. They didn’t get it wrong. They chose not to do their job and change the news instead of reporting it. (11/10/16)

Cumulus just paid CBS $13.3 million for a dispute that goes back several years. Their stock is now just $1.01 per share. This is after they had a reverse split of stock 8 Shares for one share now. The nice lady that now heads up Cumulus said yesterday that "we have too much debt". With $2.5 BILLION in debt, it will be very hard to repay that large debt. (11/10/16)

Only 4% of the residents in DC voted for Trump. Northern Virginia became a "Blue State" voting for Hillary. This is like AM Radio listening vs FM listening in the DC Market. Only 4% of the people in DC are listening to AM Radio now. This is very sad. Remember when WMAL 630 AM was the number one station in the DC Market? How times have changed. (11/10/16)

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\/ November 9 Messages \/

I too found CNN unbearable. I had to switch channels as Wolf Blitzer was out of control and so annoying. And considering the election coverage went on forever, other anchors were also quite batty by time it finally ended. (11/9/16)

/\ November 9 Messages /\

\/ November 8 Messages \/

Biggest News Night of the year and no Gwen Ifill on the PBS News Hour. What's up? (11/8/16)

I can't even put into words how terrible CNN's election night coverage was. Wolf Blitzer and his gang all appear to be speed freaks.They rattle off every thought that pops into their heads, no matter how inane, unattributed or off topic, talking so fast they can barely be understood, and they make mistakes faster than I can tally them. They get candidates' names wrong, dates wrong, locations wrong, vote totals wrong, mark maps incorrectly, etc etc etc etc. Corrections? Never. (11/8/16)

The election is over now. Hillary won Virginia and New Jersey. Northern Virginia certainly became a "Blue State". I hope Paul Ryan steps down as Speaker of the House. He doesn't deserve that job. When the new Chairman of the FCC takes over the job, perhaps he/she will overhaul the FCC. It is long overdue. (11/8/16)

Leave the McLaughlin Group alone RIGHT NOW! Signed: The Ghost of John McLaughlin. (11/8/16)

I agree with the poster that the CSN tie less look is beyond lame. Very unprofessional. But Leonsis buying the station is hardly the answer. His cred is probably at its lowest level right now, given the Caps regular chokes and his mishandling of the Wiz since taking over. (11/8/16)

Is Jenni Chase's "return" to DC just a voice-tracking gig from Texas, or is 'Jenni-With-An-I' actually back in town? (11/8/16)

re: "Jenni Chase Returns To WASH-FM." Girlfriend must have friends in high places. This is the second time she's pulled off this move. (11/8/16)

Virginia Radio did not receive any political dollars in the campaign. Hillary feels she has already won Virginia and Trump did not spend any money in Northern Virginia to reach the Hispanic voters. (11/8/16)

Just a footnote to the HD carrier discussion. The thorough poster gets it almost all right but HD carrier levels are expressed in dB down from the main carrier. The original idea was 20 dB below carrier (1%) but that was not enough for good signal penetration. It is still a shaky gamble for iBiquity after all these years. (11/8/16)

Anybody know where Gwen Ifill is these days? She hasn't been on the NewsHour or on Washington Week in several weeks. (11/8/16)

Dave: I know this will never happen, however, Leonsis should totally boyout CSN! At least Ted knows how to produce a "decent" on-air product. CSN has zero credibility and what a hard watch. Now, all of their anchors go "tieless" like they're all hip? How unprofessional can they get? I have no idea who their anchors are and usually don't watch them but, it looks total amateur- hour when it comes to reporting on our pro sports teams. (11/8/16)

From the McLaughlin Group Facebook page. "No guarantees, but we are hopeful of returning! Clarence and Tom met up last week to discuss. Eleanor and Pat also on board!" Will Chris Plante be invited to guest for holidays or vacations? Get on this Bill Hess, right away! (11/8/16)

Continuing the discussion on WETA's digital signal, another poster asked if there is any information on digital power levels. Within 10 days of commencing digital broadcasting a station must notify the FCC. For some reason only a few local stations had their notifications archived (presumably they are low-priority for archiving), but they do include specs on the newly operational signal. WETA 90.9: 75 kW analog / 3.2 kW digital (application)... WGTS 91.9: 23.5 kW / 940 watts... WIAD 94.7: 20.5 kW / 979 watts... WPGC 95.5: 50 kW / 1.99 kW... WHUR 96.3: 16.5 kW / 413 watts... WIYY 97.9: 13.5 kW / 270 watts... WWEG 106.9: 15.5 kW / 620 watts... The current cap on digital ERP is 4 per cent of analog power, after starting out at 1 per cent on first approval of HD Radio. It seems safe to assume all stations are running a digital signal at or near that power level. Up to 10 per cent is allowable in cases where it will provably not cause interference to adjacent stations. Beats me why the FCC doesn't keep formal records on digital radio signals. (11/8/16)

/\ November 8 Messages /\

\/ November 7 Messages \/

Still on the FM HD carrier power subject (WETA), some stations also choose to trade off the digital carrier levels, reducing on one side to the benefit of the other. That can make the HD signal robust but keep it away from an adjacent channel station in a particular local circumstance. I believe WAMU was an early adopter of that strategy with their Nautel transmitter. (11/7/16)

Dave, wasn't 1640 the station that used to air "this is KFA942" broadcasting on a continuous loop? That sadly seems like better entertainment than most afternoon drive shows around here. (11/7/16)

Ah. With all the discussion of the HD power increase at WETA...anyone have information regarding the HD power used by other stations? Best coverage seems to be WLIF and WIYY in Baltimore. WIAD in DC seems to out cover the HD from WASH and WHUR... (11/7/16)

WQCM has dropped all currents and flipped from active to classic rock... facebook.com... (11/7/16)

Another poster asked about a mystery AM near Dulles. Sure sounds like the Udvar-Hazy parking information channel, which has a surprisingly wide range, but I didn't remember it being on 1640. (11/7/16)

Dave's response: Just checked. The Udvar-Hazy channel is on 1660. I think 1640 is the CIA spook channel which comes from a heavily guarded office building near the Fairfax Parkway and Dulles Toll Road, I'm told.....

My dad says that Sandy Rios is set to “release some bombshell information” on her show this morning, after they talked yesterday. Sandy Rios goes to our church and can be heard on 91.3 FM, WARN. From, Amar (11/7/16)

Here's one for the sleuths in the group: While driving out to Dulles this morning, there's a badly garbled message being repeated on 1640 KHz. It's a synthesized female voice, and all I could copy was "after hours" at the start of the message. Sounded like it was a bit off-frequency and there was QRM from a heterodyne and at least one other carrier. (11/7/16)

Dave's response: Isn't that the Dulles Air & Space Museum's barker channel?

Sigh. WETA's request to raise digital power is a routine procedure. In 2010 the FCC gave blanket approval to all FM stations to raise their digital power four-fold over the original value. The original value was 1 percent of the analog, and the blanket increase allows 4 percent digital power, with no prior approval from the FCC needed. Further, FM stations can go to 10 percent of the analog power if they meet certain contour overlap protections to first-adjacent stations. The FCC's procedures are a little different for superpower stations such as WETA. These stations must ask in advance for any digital power increase and can only increase to the equivalent of a conforming FM class power. That is what WETA is requesting, same as what many other superpower stations have done since 2010. Nothing unusual in WETA's request, it is a formality and routine. The procedure is described here www.fcc.gov (11/7/16)

WQCM 94.3 in Greecastle, Pennsylvania, a station that serves the I-81 corridor from Hagerstown to Chambersburg and perhaps beyond in either direction, a big rock station up here, the station is running a liner between every song that says: "The change happens Monday morning at nine, and that's, no bull." And then there's a moo sounder. Hmm, a format change to country? Or a fake to something else? We'll find out this morning at nine and I am sure they are streamed so you could check it out at their website. (11/7/16)

DCRTV ELECTION CENTRAL:: Polls show that only 7% of women support Trump. Go figure that Don Geronimo / Mike Sorce's 3rd wife Janet is one of them; so much so that shes been working the Support Trump phone banks in Sacramento. A more enlightened woman would be proclaiming via the phone banks " Dear American. Go ahead, vote for the guy with the loud voice who hates minorities, including gays, threatens to imprison his opponents, doesn't give a FUCK about democracy, and claims he alone can fix everything. What could possibly go wrong?" Signed GERMANY (11/7/16)

Reading about what had happened to Jo Jo Morales who was once on WINC well I guess it could be worse. Earlier this year I was in the Winchester area to attend a wedding and who did I see begging for money near the Martins food store on Pleasant Valley Road ?? Ben Gates !! Gates for so many years was part of the air staff at 99.3 WFQX-FM. Even though it has been a number of years since Ben was shown the door at WFQX he still has it mentioned on a piece of cardboard while asking "..do you remember ME ?? I used to be on The Fox !!". So sad !! Even more sadder was that when my girlfriend had posted this on the Winchester Facebook page nobody knew who he was but boy do they remember Joe Pasquali and the late Roy Nestor. Go figure !! (11/7/16)

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\/ November 6 Messages \/

W264BJ VA MANASSAS USA - I noticed VARTV tweeted that this will be a translator of WURA. 98.1 move in from Pocamoke City... (11/6/16)

Always scraping the bottom of the barrel... "Welcome To Sweeps" www.ftvlive.com (11/6/16)

With the election just two days away it will be interesting to see who wins Virginia. Neither Hillary or Trump spent any money on radio in the state. With the large Hispanic population in Northern Virginia, Trump should have gone after this area. In the last election, Obama did spend money to reach this audience. (11/6/16)

Regarding the unedited clip on NBC4, more and more I see those behind the camera not producing a quality product. One example is anchors constantly being given wrong or incomplete info to read from the teleprompter. Or even turning or forwarding the teleprompter. I see this almost every morning on Fox5. This morning, the channel 4 weathercaster was cut off before he finished his report so that they could go back to the network. The time on the screen has been incorrect on occasion as well. Bottom line, little accountability. (11/6/16)

The "Sounds of the Season" channel on cable TV's Music Choice is now playing all Christmas tunes. Oh, sweet Meteor of Global Death, please take me now... (11/6/16)

Dave's response: SiriusXM started running its Holly holiday channel on November 2, with more to come - siriusxm.com....

What does "Urban One" mean? How does that apply to the $40 Million investment in a gambling casino? Investors are not excited about the direction that Radio One is going. Their stock went down 22% last week. (11/6/16)

Who is managing the Red Zebra Stations now that they have fired their General Manager? He has been gone several months. WTEM 980 AM has a good signal on AM during the day but a terrible signal in Northern Virginia at night when they cut back their power. The have two weak FM stations in the market that only cover a small portion of the market...... 92.7 in Prince Frederick and 94.3 in Buckland, VA. I live in Virginia and never heard of Buckand. I looked it up and it is out near Warrenton. With all the money that the Redskins make, you would think that they would fill in the FM holes with other stations. Do these people know anything about radio? (11/6/16)

Dave's response: 94.3 is really in Warrenton. Red Zebra moved the "city" of license to Buckland, a small postal zone in Prince William County to make it seem closer to DC. But almost nobody knows where Buckland is, anyway.....

AP reporting that a man with a gun arrested near White Folk's House. Don't fret, Obama nowhere near as he was golfing with Tony Kornholder at Andrews as always: ap.org (11/6/16)

On Channel 4 this morning. Do humans work there any longer? (10/6/16)

I got this from Jo Jo Morales, formerly of WINC 92.5 and WZFT 104.3 www.gofundme.com (11/6/16)

From reading WETA’s proposal, the power of digital HD Radio is determined by Class. As in all Class B’s are equal, based on a 50kw equivalent signal (power/tower height combination). WETA is an anomaly and doesn’t fit in the typical Class B category and is requesting special operation. I’d imagine the FCC will approve this request if only for a period of time. I expect WETA will attempt to have it permanent at some point. (11/6/16)

I’m surprised the Sinclair plan to get voters to shoot video at polling places hasn’t caused more of an uproar, especially in DC at WJLA ABC 7. Even Dave Hughes hasn’t even mentioned it! The ACLU hasn’t filed a lawsuit yet, but they are looking into it. Shooting video at the polls is illegal in many states, including Maryland. Not sure about DC or Virginia. (11/6/16)

/\ November 6 Messages /\

\/ November 5 Messages \/

The English-language religious station on 100.7 FM a previous poster heard while commuting on I-270 this week may be the Falls Church-based FM translator for WFAX (1220 AM) - it has been broadcasting for at least a week now. (11/5/16)

RE WETA-FM application for a digital signal increase: I don't understand. The digital carriers to either side of the main analog carrier have always been specified as a fixed percentage of the main carrier, to keep them in optimum balance, regardless if you're a 100 watt or 1,000,000 watt station. Has WETA been unfairly confined in the past? Why? (11/5/16)

RE: “Tucker Carlson will have a new show at 7 PM weekdays on Fox News. He lives in DC, where the new show will originate. No more commuting to New York. He is a good anchor and is the most fair person on Fox News. Obama is going to be his neighbor when he leaves the White House. Obama and family have rented a house in DC just down the street. (11/5/16)” While this is for the most part correct about Tucker Carlson’s new show and him being a great guy it is incorrect about Obambi being his future neighbor. Tucker lives near Sibley Hospital in far west Northwest DC and the Obama family is moving to the Kalorama area of DC miles apart: www.wusa9.com (11/5/16)

Further evidence that the online header editors at The Washington Post have either lost their minds or are just trying to be funny all the time: “The first female deaf president at Gallaudet University says her job is to listen”. The “interview” reports that “Roberta Cordano, 52, lives in the District. She spoke through an interpreter, Carolyn Ressler.” More: www.washingtonpost.com (11/5/16)

Tucker Carlson will have a new show at 7 PM weekdays on Fox News. He lives in DC, where the new show will originate. No more commuting to New York. He is a good anchor and is the most fair person on Fox News. Obama is going to be his neighbor when he leaves the White House. Obama and family have rented a house in DC just down the street. (11/5/16)

Are radio stocks a good investment at these low prices? The prices are so low now it seems like it would be a good time to buy them. Cumulus at $1.13 per share, iHeart at just $1.30 per share and Radio One at $2.17 per share. All of these companies have HUGH DEBT. They seem to be paying just interest on the debt. (11/5/16)

Week #9 NFL TV Maps: For week 9, the Steelers @ Ravens game will be one of the most widely televised this season on all over the region and a lot of the nation on the CBS early game. The late CBS game is nearly national also, Colts @ Packers.. For the FOX single game, the Redskins have a bye week, so TV coverage is fragmented. DC, PA & Delmarva get the Eagles @ Giants game while Baltimore's FOX 45 chooses a 4pm game so as to not conflict with the Ravens. In Richmond, they get the Cowboys @ Browns. (11/5/16)

DC area Classical music and "superpower" FM has applied to increase its power for its HD Radio digital signal. Unlike any other FM station in the northeast, WETA is grandfathered in at a higher power of 75,000 watts. All other FMs in the northeast are limited to 50,000 watts. As part of its FCC request, WETA wants to increase its HD Radio signal, (which is based on a 50kw signal) to proportionately match its "superpower" 75kw. This would make it the most powerful HD Radio station not only in the area, but also on the entire northeast. (11/5/16)

Good day, all - There will be life after Election Day, and it begins on Nov. 10, at The Q&A Cafe, with our 15th anniversary interview. The guest is New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd. Politics & Prose will be there, too, with her new (and timely) book, “The Year of Voting Dangerously.” This lunch is largely sold out, but there is a wait list and, remember, since show one of The Q&A Cafe we’ve always had no-shows. There will be some spare seats. When: Thurs Nov. 10, seating begins at 11:30... Where: The George Town Club, Wisconsin and Volta... How Much: $35, all inclusive (lunch, soft beverages)... Reservations: 202-333-9330 (speak to Joe)... Then, a few weeks later, we welcome two of my favorite fashion and pop culture bloggers and podcasters — Tom + Lorenzo What would my day be without dipping into their smart, sharp and funny observations about who’s wearing what, and who and what they’re doing, and what we’re watching on TV and in the theaters — which is why they are “fabulous & opinionated,” and of course we’ll talk about “fashion” in Washington. They are coming to town just for this occasion and so let’s show them a strong welcome. (We already have a lot of reservations, but there are some seats remaining) When: Wed Dec. 7, seating begins at 11:30... Where: The George Town Club, Wisconsin and Volta... How much: $35,all inclusive... Reservations: 202-333-9330... So, have a good week. Remember to vote. And keep in touch with me on Twitter, Instagram and at my website: www.caroljoynt.com. Carol (11/5/16)

I know that certain curse words can't be said on network tv without being bleeped. So today I had my tv muted for awhile when the Trump political ad came on where he says "they can go and "Fu--" themselves. Well, guess the closed caption text is exempt from curse words because they truly spelled out the "F" bomb!! (11/5/16)

Re: Amanda Siegel Draper. Don’t hate people because they sound different... (11/5/16)

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\/ November 4 Messages \/

I know I'm probably the only person here who every listened to the show, but does anyone know what happened to Kevin Wallis' show The Dr. K Show on WTNT? It was hilarious, and I still don't know why the show got cancelled; I can't even listen to it on internet radio! What happened to it? From, Amar (11/4/16)

Why is Andrea Mitchell still doing her horrible show on MSNBC? She may have reporting chops, but she's Ambien as anchor. Rick in Fredericksburg (11/4/16)

NBC-4's weather person Amanda Siegel Draper has the most distracting verbal tic: when she says 'temperatures,' it comes out 'temp-a-chores.' I find I'm missing report because I'm too focused on her goofy pronunciation, especially when she does her weather hits on WTOP. -Rick in Fredericksburg (11/4/16)

Developing: Direct TV outages up & down East Coast to Florida of CNN & FNC has conspiracy theorists wondering. Rush Limbaugh bragging he has cable as backup: video at 11:00!!!! (11/4/16)

I like the fact that DCRTV does try to be "fair and balanced". Did they reach their fund raising goal in October? It is best source for news and information about the DC Market. Here are some interesting facts about DC. The population in the Metro Area is now 5,707,300 people. The market ranks # 7. The Hispanic population is now 15.8%. (11/4/16)

Radio One has changed their name to Urban One. Their stock is $2.15 per share. The stock was down 22% yesterday. Maybe investors don't like the new name. Cumulus Stock continues to drop since their reverse stock split. The price is down to just $1.13 per share. (11/14/16)

While watching the Caps game on CSN, I listened to Nick Ashooh and Tim Murray on WTEM 980. They had Ben Standig as a guest for a while. These guys do a good job covering the local sports scene as well as the top national stories. Straightforward sports talk and a fun listen. (11/4/16)

Well at least Tucker Carlson won't have to deal with Roger Ailes mauling him like he did Megyn Kelly: www.washingtonpost.com (11/4/16)

I know nobody here cares and the FCC doesn’t read this, but the FM 104.3 in Ocean City is still off the air and has been since last Spring! How long can you keep a translator not operating without filing some paperwork with the FCC? The damned FCC even let them SELL the FM WHILE IT WAS ILLEGALLY DARK! This is why I’m against Centralized Federal Healthcare. As Reagan said, “Government is not the solution to our problem. Government IS THE PROBLEM." (11/4/16)

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Steve Kingston knows about the FM 103.1 near DC, but I don’t know if he’s going to fight it. But Manning, owner of Key 103.1 in Frederick might. So far no letters to the FCC are on file. That doesn’t mean someone hasn’t objected, but nothing is showing yet and it's still not approved yet. (11/3/16)

Dave's response: The target audience for a gospel station like WYCB would be DC and Prince Georges County, so having a low-power signal on the east side of the metro would be most beneficial for Radio One. That would bring it closer to WRNR in the Annapolis area.....

FNC/Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson lands a new gig with his own show in a choice time slot (7:00PM weekdays) replacing Fox News’ “On The Record”. Couldn’t happen to a better person as Tucker is a class guy, a family man (now he won’t have to travel to NYC for Fox & Friends Weekends and his show will be DC based), and probably the most sane, normal person on Fox News. What say you, DCRTVDJDAVE? More: www.latimes.com (11/3/16)

Dave's response: I ditched cable TV more than two years ago and haven't watch Fox News since.....

Still no station iD for 3 days on WRAU (11/3/16)

On my daily commute on 270 between toothless Frederick and classic Rockville, I listen to several different stations, including 100.7 The Bay. However, there’s a religious station on 100.7 (or maybe 100.5) that interferes with their signal. It used to be exclusively Spanish, but now has switched to English. The signal seems to be strongest in the Clarksburg area. I have yet to hear any legal ID. I realize that this time of year, enhanced propagation (“skip”) is not unusual, but this is strong all year around, and strongest in the area I mentioned. Wonder if it might be a pirate – has anyone else heard this, or should I maybe cut back on my morning caffeine? Mike in Frederick and the Dashboard DX Society, keeping Donkey Donuts in business for many years. (11/3/16)

WTOP reports that FNC’s Sean “Ham” Hammity was forced to eat crow so to speak over an erroneous report he read on his radio show (who knew he still has a radio show) that Michelle “My Bell” Obambi had “scrubbed” all support for Hillary “Her Thighness” Clinton and other Dems from her Twitter. Seems like it might be an easy thing to check out before airing but he apparently just jumped on it and now he’s sorry: wtop.com (11/3/16)

WRAU still on straight, no legal id, network feed. (11/3/16)

The Washington Post is again charging Sunday deadtree subscribers for a special edition unless the subscriber opts out: "Keep your eyes peeled for The Washington Post's Election 2016 issue, coming right to your door on Thursday, November 10..." (11/3/16)

David Smith stepping down as CEO of Sinclair to focus on news? Wasn't he the architect of Sinclair's conservative News Central operation? (11/3/16)

Here's an article from the Los Angeles Times today, about the anniversary of the Red/Blue Electoral Map that debuted in 1976 on NBC. www.latimes.com (11/3/16)

Watching the World Series and listening to Cubs announcer Pat Hughes radio broadcast. I am watching Fox TV but not listening to the awful Joe Buck. He is so bad. (11/3/16)

(regarding the Washington Free Press) I remember it well! I used to read it regularly and I even distributed copies to many of my fellow teenaged hippie friends. Here's a link that details some of the censorship and suppression battles the paper was involved in. washingtonspark.wordpress.com... My favorite was one in which a "connect-the-dots" ploy was employed to avoid an obscenity bust. Another DC underground paper back then was Quicksilver Times. This link provides access to digitized copies of QT and a local music and arts publication The Unicorn Times. www.dclibrary.org... (11/3/16)

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More than a day and no legal I'd on WRAU (11/2/16)

Cerphe Colwell is alive and well and living in Leesburg. He’s getting involved in local politics, too. loudounnow.com (11/2/16)

It’s November, TV Ratings month, so just as in May, Sinclair is bombarding the radio dial pimping Fox45 News and every weeknight syndicated program that they carry. Can’t go one commercial break on 105.7 without hearing 1 block of ads, and sometimes 2. When they come on, time to hit the pre-set. Speaking of 105.7, what’s up with Jerry Coleman? He was essentially fired last December. Now he has his own evening timeslot, appears frequently on the AM show and the PM show, and this morning is filling in for Rob Long. How do you go from being fired to the Golden Child of the station? IMO, he’s a first class condescending jack-ass. Must work cheap, or have something on Labrozzi. (11/2/16)

Dave's response: Sinclair is doing the same thing in the DC market, pimping WJLA's "scarecast".....

EITM just had two people call in to win tickets. The second person to call in was the first persons wife. (11/2/16)

Nearby FCC news: The former Bluegrass Country translator that Manning just applied to move to Richmond has now been sold to Radio-One to simulcast 1240 WTPS. (fccdata.org) Over in Goochland, 100.5 WZEZ has been sold to EMF which will surely convert it to a non-com passthrough for one of its satellite networks. (fccdata.org) Because what that part of Virginia needs is definitely one more God-rocker. Although not owned by him, 100.5 was simulcasting Dan Snyder's 950 WXGI with occasional breaks for overflow sports programming. Danny is now shut out of the FM band it seems. (11/2/16)

Congrats to WRNR for winning their case against the Baltimore translator! (11/2/16)

Well Folks, another week of WRQX at 17th place.... Jack could never get the car back on the road, despite thousands and thousands of dollars in contesting. Obviously this was a low risk move for Cumulus, as Jack re-signed for a meager fraction of what he used to financially dictate (when he used to compete). But, the fat lady is singing! It's not all Jack's fault. The PD is a notorious loser (not as a person, but as a Programmer), a total failure in Dallas (he always blames the signal) and a bunch of weird jobs before that, where he never really put anything together. He likes to socialize, more than work, and he truly has to get permission to piss from some Cumulus dumb-shit, who has to get more permission from another dumb-shit. The sales people are exhausted of so much losing. Week after week, LOSING! They lose, and have lost forever. Kenny King had the last laugh, and it was years ago. WRQX can't win. WRQX can't market itself, much less advertisers' businesses or products. You can't spend your precious Ad $$ with a losing operation. A place that has lost so much, so often, it's in their DNA. WRQX Loses, it's what they do. They do it well! A lot of people at WRQX have (privately) begged for a change, a new Program Director... someone who has won, and can win. Someone who doesn't craft excuse after excuse, or try and publicize some ridiculous moral victory. It's disaster after disaster. They need a real leader, who can be brave about the massive Failure of Jack and Friends... it's really bad... no opinion here, RATINGS folks, they don't lie! (11/2/16)

New FM 103.1 for Baltimore rescinded by the FCC. WRNR Progressive 103.1 has indeed won it's complaint for reconsideration of WRBS AM 1230's plan to put a low power FM on 103.1 to reach much of the Baltimore area. While the application passed the technical test, WRNR was easily able to prove listenership around Baltimore and impending financial damage from the new FM 103.1. However the FCC is now considering an alternative proposal that would put a new Baltimore 94.3 FM on the air as seen below. This has yet to be approved. (11/2/16)

WTOP reporting Skins' Trent Williams benched four games for testing dirty for pot again. Way to go Trent: wtop.com (11/2/16)

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Major Eastern Shore News: A new TV station went on the air, WGDV Channel 32. While a low power TV station, it is owned by WMDT ABC 47 owner Marquee Broadcasting. Programming will include 5 new channels and networks never before seen on much of the eastern shore. The channel lineup is as follows: 32.1 Azteca Spanish language news, entertainment, & sports... 32.2 Bounce, the 1st African American TV Network... 32.3 Heroes & Icons, classic re-runs... 32.4 Escape, sexy crime and mystery... 32.5 LAFF, ABC owned comedy network or re-runs... There is no word when or if Comcast or other cable companies will pick up these channels. (11/1/16)

WRAU is running Network feed, no WAMU audio, no legal I'd since 3pm... (11/1/16)

If Ardinger was knocking on doors and asking for beers, why was it called "Trick or Bear"? (11/1/16)

Political Business in Virginia. Neither Hillary or Trump have spent any money on radio in Virginia. This is a big disappointment for radio stations this year. Hillary thinks she has already won the state and Trump seems to have given up on it. In the last election, Obama did spend money in Virginia. The Republicans didn't spend anything and they lost. (11/1/16)

The Halloween Money Index:: Don Geronimo/Mike Sorce doesn't hand-out candy to kids due to low paid podcast subscriber numbers? (11/1/16)

I'm behind, catching up. Re the October 27 question about Lynnhill condos in Temple Hills: Not more that 33 (15%) of the units are owner occupied. The remaining 85% are owned by non-residents who rent out their units, and many of whom appear to be mini-slumlords owning mu;tiple units. (11/1/16)

A lot of people don't like WMAL because of their conservative views. However, they do point out things like these facts. We are paying Obama's salary and the cost of his private plane. He is not doing what he is paid for when he takes time off to go give speeches around the country for Hillary. You don't here any other radio stations discussing this abuse of power. Mr. President, why don't you do your job? (11/1/16)

Dave's response: And a Republican president wouldn't use AF1 to fly around and campaign for Republican candidates? Riiiiiiight.....

DCRTV does not report much on Fox News. Maybe their staff does not watch it. BTW, how large is their staff? Megyn Kelly is asking Fox News for a salary of $20 million per year for her to stay at Fox. Is she worth it? (11/1/16)

Don and Mike got the "Trick or Beer" idea from a SNL episode hosted by Frank Zappa (most agree the second worst host in SNL History being edged out by OJ Simpson), from a skit where the Coneheads gave out beer and scrambled eggs for Halloween. It was great "theatre of the mind" to picture an adult Joe with his wagon going door to door in the afternoon asking for beer. (11/1/16)

Sad news from WJFK’s Junkies this morning: Cakes’ adoptive father passed away after a long illness in Pennsylvania. JP & Lurch were debating whether they could make the funeral. Prayers and condolences to John Auville and his family. His Twitter: twitter.com/moneymetalcakes (11/1/16)

First day of the November sweeps period and it looks like WUSA has scrapped sports from their 11pm news. They devoted the time after weather to fluff stories instead. I would say it's the beginning of the end for local sports on TV but this trend has been going on for a while. now. I know ND Bill Lord downplayed sports during his time at WJLA so I guess he's doing the same at 9 now. (11/1/16)

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