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DCRTV Mailbag - October 1, 2016 to October 31, 2016

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Today I remember the great episodes of "Trick Or Bear" on the Halloween editions of the Don and Mike Show. Joe Ardinger was hilarious, in costume, going to Northern VA homes, knocking on doors and asking for beers. Good times. (10/31/16)

ICYMI, Pat Collins caught up with ex-WRCer Susan Kidd in London on Friday with her sons for the Skins match at Wembley. She outed one son as a Cowpokes fan. The horror. re: Doc Walker, he's technically not the third man in the booth. He's reports from the sidelines on injuries, field conditions, all around view from the ground field analyst a la Tony Siragusa. (10/31/16)

There are now 80,000 pages of FCC Rules & Regulations. New rules & regulations every year since 1934. That is why we need FCC Communications Attorneys. Like the IRS, it is impossible for a small radio broadcaster to understand all these rules. The FCC needs to be completely overhauled. (10/31/16)

WDCH Bowie Md ...... CBS still owns the 99.1 FM station and leases it out to Bloomberg. How much is Bloomberg paying them to lease it? It is too bad that WTOP does not have any competition with the all news format. I enjoyed listening to WNEW. (10/31/16)

Dave's response: The failure of WNEW is one of the great fuck-ups in DC radio history. I won't go into all the multitude of reasons why it crashed, but the biggest one was signal. It needed to be on an inside-the-Beltway stick like 94.7.....

Scary either way you look at it DCRTV Mailbaggers with this Washington Post story and accompanying photo of Trump/Clinton pumpkins: www.washingtonpost.com (10/31/16)

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Dave: I wanted to wait and respond until after today's Redskins game was over and we had a chance to digest everything. I read those emails regarding Redskins Radio and 980 and I'm after hearing some of today's game broadcast, I not only agree with the emailers but I'm shocked! Early in the game, Larry and Cooley were talking about Sonny like "he was no longer with us." Larry kept stepping over everyone and it was like he couldn't wait to utter more pro Redskins propaganda. Furthermore, at this point, Doc should be removed from the broadcasts and keep it to a 2-man booth. Today, someone remind me that 980 brought back their old P-D for a 3rd time. The team owner should just sell his stations and take-in rights fees from CBS or another station. I didn't realize how bad things were until listening to today's game. (10/30/16)

Hey DCRTVDJDAVE what are you going to be for Halloween or do you just stay home? You probably scare all the kids when they come to the door and see you then run away screaming: you save on candy that way... (10/30/16)

Dave's response: Chris Plante, as always. That's really scary......

Best C-SPAN radio/tv qoute of the week was on Washington Journal with Ann Coulter who was pitching her book(s) when a caller took her to task about her support for Trump: "I know you hate me but get my book so you can hate me more." Now that's marketing! (10/30/16)

Gosh, I love Wikipedia... (10/30/16)

Speaking of Chad Dukes he and JP Flame (Hey JP!) are doing Skins pregame AFTER the game on WJFK: go figure. (10/30/16)

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RE: "Why was the Big Russ and Dukes show off today? Baseball contracts?". I was thinking the same thing. Anyone know? (10/29/16)

Why was the Big Russ and Dukes show off today? Baseball contracts? (10/29/16)

Obituary - John Zacherle, 98, TV's 'Cool Ghoul,' radio DJ: www.philly.com (10/29/16)

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WBAL TV has revamped its website. So if you had any weather RADAR links saved or anything, well you'll have to update them as they will go to PAGE NOT FOUND instead... (10/28/16)

Eastern Shore news: Adams Radio's FM 104.3 is looking to move. Not far, but from near Ocean Pines to the WOCQ 103.9 FM tower near Willards, MD and at 250 watts, a stronger signal than before. This station will presumably translate an HD2 signal from WOCQ, but not sure what programming as of yet. Previously, before going silent, 104.3 FM was a translator for Ocean City's AM 1590. (10/28/16)

The FCC passes MAJOR privacy rules that VERIZON, Comcast, and AT&T fought against very hard. This affects almost everyone in some way. Basically, you now have the right to NOT allow those companies to share any personal information about you. Right now your personal info is for sale to the highest bidder. No more. (10/28/16)

Does Sinclair have someone in charge of standards? www.adweek.com (10/28/16)

I'd love to see the TV commercial for this: www.usatoday.com... "We have the meats" indeed... (10/28/16)

DCRTV Mailbaggers need to know that according to The Washington Post, things are getting tighter between The Dumpster & Her Thighness in Virginia which means there might be ads blitz on radio & television to endure for the next week: www.washingtonpost.com (10/28/16)

As discussed previously in the Mailbag, Manning purchased the two 93.5 Bluegrass Country translators from WAMU a few months ago. Now Manning has filed to do an AM-revitalization move of one of them to Richmond, where they have permission to rebroadcast Dan Snyder's 950 WXGI. I have to imagine a sale to Red Zebra is upcoming. The other recently got a permit to move down the road from 103.9 WTLP's transmitter in Braddock Heights MD, and is licensed to rebroadcast the still-nonexistent 106.9 WWEG-HD3. (10/28/16)

More wretched news for the newspaper industry as advertising woes drive anxiety: www.nytimes.com (10/28/16)

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Don't know why, but Sinclair stock is off nearly 5% right now. (10/27/16)

Dave's response: Big article today in one of the papers about how politicians are spending far less on TV ads with more emphasis on much less expensive and more effective social media.....

I’m getting WPWC from Gaithersburg this a.m. The station sounds only slightly weaker than normal, if at all. You have to remember that the signal is so directional that once you get south of Dumfries it dries up in nothin’ flat. Has to keep from interfering with WTOX in Richmond on the same freq, that’s why. Have not checked on WURA though. KOF (10/27/16)

CSN Mid Atlantic not covering baseball? twitter.com (10/27/16)

Tegna buying viewers: www.ftvlive.com (10/27/16)

"That's one mother of a production error." It's been known to happen. Take a second look at the Mailbag screengrab from Oct 25, where MSNBC proclaims that AT&T is buying Time Warner for only eighty-five bucks. This is why pencils are sold with that little pink thingie at the end. (10/27/16)

I too am confused about the "investigative reporting" that's been done on the condo situation in Temple Hills. It appears that the people they're interviewing are renting their units. However, if indeed this development is a condominium, where are the owners of the units from which they're renting?. Do they not pay the owners their rent?. I'm just confused. And the craziness at the condo has been going on for YEARS!! (10/27/16)

Correction in this morning's Post: "Due to a production error, the daily crossword puzzle did not appear in Wednesday's Style section..." Confirming what several noticed yesterday. That's one mother of a production error. (10/27/16)

DCRTV Mailbaggers be careful hanging those Christmas lights: patch.com (10/27/16)

on nbc 4 instead of interviewing condo management about nonpayment of electric and gas bills they interview crying tenant no investigating news reporting cheap easy reporting no indepth reporting (10/27/16)

I live in Fairfax County and cannot get either WPWC 1480 or WURA 920 AM. Their towers fell down and you announced that they are operating on low power. It must be so low that we cannot get either station.. (10/27/16)

With this radio debacle that the Caps and Wizards are having, I would like to see the Caps end up over on DC101. Elliot's been promoting them for God knows how long, plus it could give them somewhat of a ratings boost. (10/27/16)

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Hey Dave, you are right about AT&T merger being a pr campaign: www.washingtonpost.com (10/26/16)

WMAL must be taking a revenue hit on expected political ads: all I hear are the Bennett vs. Comstock congressional race. No Trump, no Her Thighness, no Johnson bar. Same as local tv. What say you DCRTVDJDAVE? (10/26/16)

Dave's response: Imagine if you listened to a music station and it played the same song (one you didn't much care for) every 15 minutes. You'd tune out. Well, what about a news and/or talk station that plays the same ads over and over and over, ad nauseum. Like the Bennett vs. Comstock ads. You'd tune out. Look, Democrats (and some GOP incumbents) are gonna win almost all races in the DC metro on November 8. Comstock is the only GOP incumbent in danger of losing and so that's where all the ad-play seems to be. Now, let's talk about the Time Warner/AT&T merger. I'd imagine that the Washington Post, WTOP, and some Capitol Hill media outlets are lusting over all the political media campaign dollars (pro and con) that'll be spent in the DC market to influence the "movers and shakers." Somewhere up there, Jim Farley is smiling down on his old station. Oh wait, he's not up there in Heaven. He's just retired in Florida.....

I have a question that I don’t think I’ve ever seen answered. I know that low power TV stations do not get any FCC enforced network or syndication exclusivity protection on cable, but what about sub-channels? I’ve noticed that the World Series is blacked out on my cable TV system on WTTG FOX 5 because a closer sub-channel is carrying the game? I didn’t know that sub-channels had network or syndication exclusivity protections. Is this new or is it just a deal between the cable provider and the TV station? The on-screen message claims that this blackout is "Federally mandated." (10/26/16)

Dave's response: The question is whether stations in places like Salisbury, where WBOC, which is a CBS affiliate, runs the Fox network on one of its subchannels, can require Salisbury market cable systems to black out Fox network programming from Fox-owned WTTG in DC. I guess it depends on whether stations like WBOC have an "exclusive" contract for the network within their market. It would seem to be against Fox's interests to have one of its major O&Os blacked out on the Eastern Shore.....

Rich Dubroff, the (now former) Orioles reporter for CSN just tweeted the following: "Unfortunately, CSNMA has decided to stop covering baseball effective immediately. I had a great 5 years covering the Orioles." I would assume that means their Nats coverage with Chase Hughes is going away too. If that's indeed true, it's really sad that a sports network is dropping baseball so they can shove more Redskins "news" down our throats. Ugh. (10/26/16)

So Metrobuses now have pics of the Fox5 crew on them. I'm going to assume that the station approached Metro AND paid for their staff's faces to be places on the buses vs. Metro approaching them. (10/26/16)

Here in Eastern Loudoun County, there was no crossword puzzle in today's Washington Post (County- Suburban edition). It appears the pages are all there, the Kid's Post is on the back page of the Style section (where it should be), but there is no crossword puzzle. I wonder if this omission extended the the City edition, and pissed off single-copy purchasers who do the crossword puzzle while riding the Metro to work. (10/26/16)

Dave's response: Ditto in my print edition, too.....

Maybe the ALL CAPS GUY can get together with the ALL NATS GUY to commiserate! HAHAHAHAHA…….. KOF (10/26/16)

RE: “I'm sure everyone else is chuckling at the unintentional reveal made by the guy with the stuck underlined font. Wow, six messages in a row all from the same "anonymous" guy. I knew the routine parade of mailbag messages was actually from a small number of people but I must now calculate even fewer.” LEAVE THE UNDERLINER GUY ALONE RIGHT NOW: Signed, THE ALL CAPS GUY. (10/26/16)

Ratings analysis from Tom Taylor Now: Washington DC crowns American U.’s non-com news/talk WAMU with its second straight win, with age 6+ total-week AQH share. (That’s pretty easy to do, when you’re #1 in every distinct daypart except PM drive. It also helps when you score double digits from 6am to 3pm.) WAMU’s moved from an August-book 9.1-share to a September-book 9.0 – and now a 9.6. Second again is Hubbard’s WTOP and its regional network of signals (9.1-8.7-9.2). It beats WAMU in afternoon drive, and is second mornings, nights and weekends – so there’s a big appetite for news in our nation’s capital. Third again is Howard U’s commercial urban AC WHUR (6.9-6.6-5.7), followed by iHeart’s top 40 “Hot” WIHT (5.3-5.2-5.3, and third in afternoons). Things start getting compressed from fifth place on down. #5 is Radio One’s urban AC “Majic” WMMJ (5.9-5.4-4.7). PM driver Donnie Simpson is fourth in his timeslot. Radio One’s also got #6 gospel “Praise” WPRS (3.2-3.4-4.6, and third at night). #7 is iHeart’s AC WASH (5.0-4.5-4.5). How about the Cumulus stations? Perhaps some “election effect,” as talk WMAL-AM/FM improves to ninth (3.1-3.1-4.0). Middays with Rush Limbaugh are second, behind only WAMU. Cumulus hot AC “Mix” WRQX moves 3.2-3.1-2.9. Nats baseball lifts CBS sports “Fan” WJFK-FM (2.5-2.8-2.9, and sixth place at night). Redskins football elevates Red Zebra’s sports WTEM (1.4-1.6-2.3). DC’s leading station for average weekly cume is top 40 “Hot” at 1,247,900..... Baltimore witnesses a near-tie at the top. It’s between Radio One’s urban AC WWIN-FM (8.5-8.5-8.4) and CBS Radio AC WLIF (8.2-7.8-8.3). WWIN-FM’s #1 in PM drive and weekends, while WLIF is tied for the morning lead and wins middays. Third is Radio One’s urban “92Q” WERQ (8.4-8.4-8.2). It’s second in afternoons and weekends. iHeart’s country WPOC moves 6.8-6.8-7.2 (and is third on weekends). Fifth place goes to the CBS station doing sports. “Fan” WJZ-FM rises 5.3-5.5-6.5. It’s now #1 at night with Orioles baseball. Hearst’s “98 Rock” WIYY now ranks sixth (4.4-5.3-5.0) – and it’s tied for first place in mornings. There’s a recovery underway for “Shine” WRBS-FM, the commercial contemporary Christian outlet operated by the not-for-profit Peter & John (3.0-3.6-4.2). AC “Lite” easily holds the cume lead at 731,300. (10/26/16)

I'm sure everyone else is chuckling at the unintentional reveal made by the guy with the stuck underlined font. Wow, six messages in a row all from the same "anonymous" guy. I knew the routine parade of mailbag messages was actually from a small number of people but I must now calculate even fewer. (10/26/16)

Oh my: Newt Gingrich on FNC says Megyn Kelly is obsessed with sex according to The Washington Post. Now there’s a header that has it all: sex, Newt and Megyn. What a tease: washingtonpost.com (10/26/16)

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[RE: last week Andy Pollin said that it was customary until the early 1970s for baseball managers to double as the third base coach.] Andy fell into trap of taking an "inside baseball" quote at face value. Andy cited a 1972 Jackie Robinson quote as to when baseball would have its first black manager by saying that "Not until I can look down the third base line and see a black manager." Having listened to way too many thousands of hour of baseball broadcasts, I believe Jackie was indirectly citing a baseball belief that the first base coach was the friend of the manager who had been promised a coaching position and the third base coach was an actual prospect that the team thought could manage someday. Not sure who Jackie was responding to but if it was a beat reporter, I'm sure the reporter knew what Jackie meant. Of course if WTEM had an actual baseball beat reporter, he or she could have corrected Andy. (10/25/16)

Why would Ockershausen interview a no-talent hack like Andy Pollin? ESPN 980's insistence on retaining the services of a complete idiot like Pollin is a major reason why nobody is listening to that station. (10/25/16)

I am happy to hear that the Bluegrass Country Foundation is going to save the Bluegrass Format on 1/1/17. This is a non-profit Foundation. Will they continue on the FM Translator 105.5? (10/25/16)

Story of my life ... I missed yet another bargain. Has ANYBODY noticed that, should the Time Warner / AT&T merger go through, the company's new name will probably be pronounced by everyone as "TWATT"? This is worse that the Antonin Scalia School of Law (ASSOL). (10/25/16)

WJFK’s Sports Junkies discussing cussing in front of their kids: Jason “Lurch” Bishop told the tale of dropping the “f-bomb” this weekend while on a road trip with the family for the Penn State vs. Ohio game. Seems he asked his teen daughter to get his phone charger out of his bag while driving and she refused an d he said he would “F-ing do it himself”. DCRTVDJDAVE you would never cuss out your kids, would you? (10/25/16)

This video shows just how lame automation is (and people wonder why no one listens to AM now). The ID evidently looped for an hour before someone could be bothered enough to fix it. www.youtube.com (10/25/16)

If you live within 50 miles of Salisbury, MD, most likely you did not get to see WBAL TV's Ravens Wrap Up last night. Why? Sunday Night Football ran into OT and late. Because Comcast has required blackouts scheduled caused by Salisbury TV stations, some of which are actually erroneous. In this case, you should complain to COMCAST. No Salisbury TV station carries the Soledad O'Brien syndicated show, Matter of Fact according to the show website, so they're blacking out Ravens Wrap Up for no reason. Comcast is too ignorant to even know it or care that many weeks, they're blacking out RAVENS WRAP UP. Don't bother complaining to WBAL TV. It's not their fault. This all depends on which DMA your county cable system falls into and/or if Comcast has been warned by WBOC or WMDT. (10/25/16)

Tom Taylor Now mentions the DCRTV Mailnag: "More Rumor Mill about the traffic business – Is SiriusXM considering dropping traffic reports? That’s the speculation from somebody inside the DCRTV Mailbag - that subscribers are being told traffic reports are at least temporarily unavailable. And that there would be a decision in a few weeks about whether they’ll come back to the satellite radio service. In their startup days, traffic was a selling point for rivals Sirius and XM. But now their savvy subscribers can access immediate traffic reports from Google Maps and apps like Waze. Besides, each dedicated traffic channel is already shared between two cities, increasing the wait time for your market. Clearing the traffic reports off the dial would open new spectrum for other audio services that might have wider appeal to subscribers." (10/25/16)

Speaking of “Pirate radio”: because Iceland is a Socialist country with state controlled radio one presumes that since it looks according to The Washington Post that nation is about to be controlled by “Pirates” it will have “Pirate radio”? The Post reports: www.washingtonpost.com (10/25/16)

"SiriusXM is telling subscribers that the traffic and weather channels are no longer available, and that a decision will be made “in a few weeks” as to whether the channels will ever come back. Looks like terrestrial radio in Baltimore/DC may get a bump in listeners for anyone not using a traffic app." Did you get this via e-mail? I have had the traffic option for years on Sirius and haven't heard anything. (10/25/16)

Larry Michael as PBP for the Redskins tells you all you need to know about Red Zebra and Dan Snyder. Larry pulled a political move to have the great Frank Herzog aced out of the job. And, now what, 15 years later, he still sucks at play by play. Basic things like down and distance, formation, players in the backfield, wide receivers, who makes the tackle, what yard line. These are the basics that any well trained PBP person does automatically. And if you want to know how it's really done, listed to Charlie and Dave on the Nats games. There is a structure to calling an at bat, and they both execute it very well. There is a similar structure to calling a football game, but Larry doesn't have a clue. And, yes, Poor Sonny . . . I'll believe Dan is committed to putting the best possible product on the field and on the air when he wakes up and fires Larry. Or kicks him upstairs and off the air. (10/25/16)

Poor Kevin Sheehan. He was supposed to have Cooley on the line from London this morning, but either Cooley overslept or there were connection problems, so at least until 7:45 or so, Sheehan was on his own. Meanwhile, the Redskins post game show is a disaster. Bring back Galdie! Smart guy, knows the game, very analytical, and has something to say, as opposed to the bozo doing this year's post game shows. He has nothing to say, nothing to observe, and apparently no opinions . . .though it was good they on had Fred Smoot on this week, 1,000% better than Clinton Portis. (10/25/16)

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As for Pollin on 980 AM and his remark about managers coaching at 3B. Hey Andy, it's been longer than you have been around since that was going on. And for you readers and mailbag writers, you may stop complaining about 980 AM if you stop listening. The station sucks and most hosts suck (except Bram). Andy is certainly the leader in errors on various comments but others are in the same boat, and it's sinking. Thanks. (10/24/16)

SiriusXM is telling subscribers that the traffic and weather channels are no longer available, and that a decision will be made “in a few weeks” as to whether the channels will ever come back. Looks like terrestrial radio in Baltimore/DC may get a bump in listeners for anyone not using a traffic app. (10/24/16)

MINOR league managers were routinely also the third base coaches for many years, but you've got to go waaaay back to find examples in the major leagues. For instance, how would a player-manager also coach third base? What, he abandons the box when it's his turn at bat? Sorry, but I can't give any baseball credibility at all to Mr. Pollin. Or Mr. Czaban, for that matter. (10/24/16)

RE: “Dave's response: As Trump so aptly put it, the system's only rigged if your side loses.....” WRONG. The consumer loses no matter who wins. And if anything, Trump is even more correct because for once, the Republican isn’t the campaign of Wall Street and the big media donors. They’re all in Hillary’s camp this go around and she’s spending 5X more corporate & foreign money. She’s not funding her campaign anywhere near close to how Obama did. (10/24/16)

Re: "Driving around the last few weeks during the Redskins games I have been forced to listen to the play by play offered up by Redskins radio. This production has got to be the worst play by play situation in the sports world..." Wow, I was just about to write a nearly identical email to the Mailbag when I saw this. ESPN980 is an absolutely HORRIBLE station, and their presentation of Skins games has become the worst thing they do. In addition to a dreadful foursome doing play-by-play and color (Sonny and his three smug sidekicks), they have technical problems like an in-house high school station. A few weeks ago, they were off the air for ALL of gameday. Yesterday their pre-game consisted of one guy filling in, talking to Riggo on the telephone and mostly bitching about having to work. During the game, all blockhead Larry Michael wanted to talk about was Chris Cooley's vegetable garden, and Cooley bitching about the game being boring. And, best of all, the station's 94.3FM was mostly static. Only Daniel Snyder could take pride in such a shit product. (10/24/16)

WPWC is on the air this morning—heard them identify at 11:00 a.m. At least as of yesterday, WURA was transmitting normally. KOF (10/24/16)

While I like the nostalgia segments on WTEM’s Sports Reporters show, last week Andy Pollin said that it was customary until the early 1970s for baseball managers to double as the third base coach. He sounded very certain about that fact (almost as if trying to impress co-hosts Czaban and Knoche with his knowledge of baseball history) but I seem to recall Frankie Crosetti being the Yankees’ third base coach back in the 60s and Eddie Yost filling that role for Gil Hodges’ miracle Mets of 1969. So I’m wondering if there’s any accuracy to Pollin’s assertion or is this like the time Tony Kornheiser was “100 percent sure” that actor Carroll O’Connor (of “All in the Family” fame) was British? (10/24/16)

Driving around the last few weeks during the Redskins games I have been forced to listen to the play by play offered up by Redskins radio. This production has got to be the worst play by play situation in the sports world. The play by play guy Larry Michael has a voice made for something, but it isn’t radio. The nasal tone of his voice is incredibly difficult to understand. Then there are the sidekicks of which there are many. Doc Walker is the resident cheerleader armed with enough clichés to choke a horse. Chris Cooley dissects plays like the listeners are in a chalk talk class, and then there is Sonny ( Poor Sonny) Jurgensen who has been reduced to reading a few commercials in between naps. Why does he keep doing this broadcast? I don’t mind the cheerleading because this is a home broadcast paid for by the team but the lack of professionalism is laughable. They Redskins have to know how bad the broadcast sounds or do they just not care? Signed: Anonymous! (10/24/16)

If I worked anywhere at TW, that includes CNN, I'd be polishing up the resume. AT&T debt is already high and about to get higher. We've seen the impact of consolidation and debt many times in the broadcasting industry. www.google.com (10/24/16)

I have a problem with WMAL's commercial line-up. Every Single Commercial Break its the American Petroleum Institute "A More Secure America". It's every single break. They play it so much it's to the point of un-listenable.?(10/24/16)

DCRTV is my favorite newsletter that I read every day. It is FREE. They try to be Fair & Balanced. Hillary is NOT the answer. She has said that she will raise taxes. There is no accounting on THE CLINTON FOUNDATION. When the Clintons left the White House she said they were "Dead Broke". Now just a few years later, they are multi millionaires. How did they earn all that money so fast? They are not football players or movie stars! Do you know what "pay for play" means? (10/24/16)

WPWC Tower Failure - So what about diplexed WURA? Has it been impacted as well? (10/24/16)

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\/ October 23 Messages \/

Trump is getting positive exposure from Rush who said on his show the other day He will win in a landslide and Fox News hell loose not because of the media but because he is not qualified to be President and he doesn't think when he opens his mouth like at that event in NYC last week Alot of things about Clinton I don't like and I've listened to Gary Johnson Libertarian candidate don't care for him so Clinton is the lesser of the evils hate to use that term but in this election very true (10/23/16)

Cumulus is now selling at $1.90 per share. That is just 23 cents per share before the reverse stock split. Many stockholders, including me, thought the stock would do much better when they fired Lew Dickey. It didn't happen! (10/23/16)

Regarding "Got some doink up in Rockville selling essentially the makings of a pirate FMer on Craigslist." Oooo, it even comes with a "Coax Cabble"! Many years ago, the Rockville pirate of note was Montgomery College, operating on 88.1 MHz. During times when they weren't programming live, they rebroadcast WTOP. (10/23/16)

People in the media will make sure Trump can’t get elected even if he doesn’t do it all by himself. Trump already came out against the ATT/Time Warner merger. Why? Because as pointed out recently, the FCC commissioner that pushed through the Comcast/NBC merger then went on to work for who? YEP, you guessed it. COMCAST! Still think the system isn’t rigged Dave? I know a lot of people don’t like FOX News, but one of their best programs is Media Buzz with Howard Kurtz. It’s no nonsense and equally critical (10/23/16)

Dave's response: As Trump so aptly put it, the system's only rigged if your side loses.....

Will Obama make as much money giving speeches as Hillary did when he leaves the White House? Biden is going to become a TV actor. He will be on Law and Order TV Show. (10/23/16)

Both WPWC and WURA are off the air do to towers collapse. They both use the same towers in Dumfries. (10/23/16)

RE: “Got some doink up in Rockville selling essentially the makings of a pirate FMer on Craigslist. Has there been any pirate activity in that part of town?” Yeah here in Upper Northwest DC on Jenifer Street we have a Trump Butt Pirate station that goes by the handle “WMAL”: radical activity 24/7 except for paid shows. (10/23/16)

Got some doink up in Rockville selling essentially the makings of a pirate FMer on Craigslist. Has there been any pirate activity in that part of town?washingtondc.craigslist.org (10/23/16)

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\/ October 22 Messages \/

Towers Collapse At WPWC: Somar still has two towers on the ground from the days when WPTX was a directional 5k'er. (10/22/16)

Oh my! It seems the FCC is having sex & porn problems, that include a Washington Post (dailycaller.com) reporter: www.forbes.com (10/22/16)

WMAL and other talkers are the reason why I’m grateful for POTUS…Sirius XM radio. Actual substantive talk political wise. It pains me that talk stations on both sides resort to rhetoric over and over. Just give out the damn facts for crying out loud. Be accurate or else you’re nothing more than a radio version of MSNBC or Fox News. Dan (10/22/16)

WMAL’s Rick Fowler is Bill Hess’ go to man: not only does he do his “Saturday Update” show, he filled in this morning as host of “Garden Sense”, and fills in for Larry on occasion for “Drive at Five” and other shows. Hess should drop Savage and give Rick his own afternoon show! (10/22/16)

No one at the FCC has been notified of WPWC’s tower collapse or issues, at least that shows up in public records. I would think an STA request would be in order. It’ll be interesting to see if the FCC filing matches the details in the newspaper report. I hate to be overly negative, but it’s just so easy to lie to the Federal Government. It’s like taking candy from a baby! :-) (10/22/16)

The Washington Post explains why no internets for somes folks todays: www.washingtonpost.com (10/22/16)

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Hey Dave I would have watched your crybabying about not liking Larry & Brian anymore on WMAL on “Dave TV” except I couldn’t because the internets got hacked: mashable.com (10/21/16)

100,7 The Bay doesn’t even advertise its 100.1 signal anymore since they moved 100.7 closer to downtown. They used to have bus billboards downtown, but I don’t see those anymore. It’s only 2 watts, but it seems it might qualify for a power upgrade w/ maybe a change of city. There’s nothing stated in the FCC notice that they intend to even fix it, but it does say that it’s a total failure, not a minor problem. Hmm, might Times-Shamrock float this around for a possible sale? (10/21/16)

"Rhetorical Barbarity" ... wow, I saw them play at the 930 Club in the mid-90s. My cousin dated their drummer. (10/21/16)

Hey Dave, speaking of WMAL you know the “Mornings on the Mall” show is being done at The Silver Diner Tyson’s Corners Friday morning: I think it would be real cool if you were to do your DCRTVDJDAVETV from there too! I mean you could interview Larry & Brian, meet Heather Hunter, maybe get a free breakfast from Bill Hess. Chris Plante and Number One Girl (not Silvie from Waldorf) could be there too. That would be cool Dave. WMAL’s “Diner Tour”: www.wmal.com/diner (10/21/16)

Dave's response: I'm not going to be seen at a Trump rally.....

DCRTV Dave, I know you can't filter everything that comes to the Mailbag but you can't allow really stoopid exaggerated mean-spirited slams of the Clintons without opening the door to endless rhetorical barbarity. Should I have at it? (10/21/16)

Listened to Tucker Barnes' podcast with Sara Fraser and I think it's fair to say that she's the "Billy Bush" of FOX5. With the podcasts, she truly eggs them on to spill their guts. (10/21/16)

Back in 1973, my start in radio was at WBJC, before the days of classical music. It was a labor of love taking several buses from Middle River to Park Heights Avenue to do rock on the weekends. Today, first time since then I pulled out the un-scoped reel to reel tapes and came across this vintage "sung" promo for a Tuesday bluegrass show. Wow, it's hard to believe that WBJC had at one time done bluegrass! If I ever get to directly copying to a digital format the quality will be much better! Tom Conroy WXCY (10/21/16)

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Dear Dave - Re MAL Suckdom: The liberal agenda has poisoned the values of America. Its happened in so many other places over the centuries - now its our turn. Hillary and her husband are vicious, immoral, power-hungry people who have no regard for the Constitution. She champions the slaughter of partially-born innocent little babies - its just demonic. Do we sell our souls for her gender-scrambled bathrooms? For Wales? m (10/20/16)

Syndicate Chris Plante, and Syndicate Larry and Brian all over the country, QUICKLY! Remember, here in Virginia, the more those fools talked, the more people voted for Democrats. Thank you WW1 for giving Democrats this great nationwide push! (10/20/16)

How much is Bloomberg paying CBS to lease 99.1 FM? Are LMA agreements filed with the FCC? (10/20/16)

The news of Chris Plante’s expanded syndication while interesting neglects to mention what an already crowded field of similar talkers there is: witness Dallas talker Rick Roberts who has made a career by being a “I want my country back” advocate. What will Chris’s moniker be? Silvie from Waldorf? WTOP profiles the male oriented field: wtop.com (10/20/16)

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I don't think a 94.3 translator in Frederick is a good idea. It's too close to Hagerstown/Chambersburg rocker WQCM. I think a better frequency would be 94.1, 94.5, or 94.9. Shouldn't interfere too much with 94.7 Fresh, a low-power and 35 miles away. (10/19/16)

Interesting to see Westwood syndicating Chris Plante. Who knew they were so desperate to have a 16th-place talk show in every market? Probably could have gotten Steve Czaban to lose just as many listeners for half the money. (10/19/16)

Spend a day learning about 360 video from two of the leaders in the field. This all-day workshop will teach you how to plan 360 storytelling, what equipment to purchase, and what editing and production pitfalls to avoid. Participants will learn to shoot, edit and distribute 360 video using six-camera GoPro rigs and other gear. Steve Johnson - whose 360 video assignments have taken him to Lebanon, Iceland, Canada, and many points in between, will team up with Mitch Gelman, the Newseum's Chief Technology Officer, and the executive producer of USA Today's award-winning Harvest for Change VR series, to get you the hands-on training you need. The all-day workshop will be taught in the Merrill College's classroom on the Concourse level of the Ronald Reagan Building, conveniently located just steps from the Federal Triangle Metro station in Washington. Space will be limited to ensure individualized instruction. (Open to journalists and other communicators.) Saturday, Nov. 19 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Cost: $450.00 Location: Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, University of Maryland, Philip Merrill College of Journalism, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Concourse Level, Washington, DC 20004... www.eventbrite.com (10/19/16)

100.7 The Bay's 100.1 FM translator (2 watts) for downtown Baltimore, which I believe is atop the World Trade Center, is off the air for an indefinite amount of time. According to FCC filings, the transmitter is blown and has to be completely repaired. Times-Shamrock is accessing the damage. I almost wonder if they will bother repairing it. FM 100.1 pre-dates their move from Hampstead, MD to the MPT Owings Mills tower as I recall, so it's questionable how important it still is since that move solved a lot of their signal issues downtown. -- BaltoMedia.Net (10/19/16)

Dear Dave - Chris Plante syndicated nationwide: Let me be the first to offer you a virtual hug. You may nuzzle those crispy whiskers into my manly bosom and just let it all go. Its gonna be OK brother...m (10/19/16)

when checking to see if Somar was going to complain about Bollywood Radio, I noted not a word per 'Awesome' Frank Dawson, the voice of WKIK FM/AM for at least 15 years. Seems he has been gone since August or September w/o a word in any of the local deadtree/digital news outlets. (10/19/16)

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Re: "There are a number of American radio stations that now play East Asia/India 'Indian music,' but are there any stations that play native American 'Indian music'?" What -- is Brocket 99 no longer on the air? (10/18/16)

What, nobody mentioned Ernie Scar and The Great "Brocket-99" Radio, "Rockin the Reservation" ? www.youtube.com (10/18/16)

[RE: As I understand it, KKFI and KOJB are probably the only actual terrestrial radio stations in the U.S. playing Native American music. There are several web-only stations doing so, and NativeMusicRadio.Com boasts a playlist of 1,200 songs...] You are forgetting Brocket 99!! (10/18/16)

The AM dial is collapsing before our ears. 810, 820, 950, and 1480 are all off the air this morning. KOF (10/18/16)

Dave's response: And nobody (but you) noticed.....

Dave asked, There are a number of American radio stations that now play East Asia/India "Indian music," but are there any stations that play native American "Indian music"? Good Grief, of course there are. Just to come to mind, KNBA in Anchorage and KKFI in Kansas City do Native American [First Nation] news, talk, and music. KRCL is Salt Lake City, has Native American News, information and music on morning drive, and there are 17 stations that play Hawaiian music in the Pacific. There is also the famous KZFR in Chico which has the show "Pow Wow Highways" on Afternoon drive. These are all full powered stations, and I am sure there are dozens of low powered stations that program Native American music and talk as well. Of course I have to mention several syndicated "World Music" shows that rely heavily on Native American music. (10/18/16)

Interesting financial information about Sinclair. Draw your own conclusions. www.capitalcube.com (10/18/16)

As I understand it, KKFI and KOJB are probably the only actual terrestrial radio stations in the U.S. playing Native American music. There are several web-only stations doing so, and NativeMusicRadio.Com boasts a playlist of 1,200 songs. -RVR (10/18/160

[RE: “Dave's response: There are a number of American radio stations that now play East Asia/India "Indian music," but are there any stations that play native American "Indian music"?”] Ask and you shall receive: www.powwows.com (10/18/16)

102.9 FM is now Bolly 102.9. Music from India. Not native American. (10/18/16)

Dave's response: There are a number of American radio stations that now play East Asia/India "Indian music," but are there any stations that play native American "Indian music"?

[RE: I think the least publicized station launch in DC radio history just took place...I was tuning to the Gamut on Saturday and found a stream of Indian music tagged "Bolly 102.9" on 107.7-HD2 instead of WFED. Presumably this is feeding the 102.9 translator in Centreville which used to relay WTNT, but I'm too far away to confirm.] If this person wants to hear WFED, you can get it on WFED 1500 AM, 24 hours per day. 102.9 FM is leasing the HD 2 Channel on WWWT 107.7 FM. You can hear Bolly 102.9 with great Indian Music from Chantilly. Try it.....you will like it. (10/18/16)

Hillary loves radio more than Donald. From Tom Taylor Now: As the conservative-leaning Washington Times puts it, “Hillary Clinton and her liberal allies are swamping Donald Trump’s campaign in the battle for radio air time, running 75 times as many ads as the Republican nominee in the last ten days.” Media Monitors counted exactly 208 radio ads for Trump. And for Clinton? 15,948 pro-Clinton ads in 85 major markets. Her campaign placed just over 15,600 of those, between October 7 and October 16. The count in television was almost equal between Clinton and Trump, a bit more than 13,000 for each. (10/18/16)

RE: “Dave's response: Just fired up 102.9 here in Wild West Fairfax and it sure sounds like Indian tunes.....” Ah, DCRTVDJDAVE, wouldn’t that be “Native American” tunes? Like this one: www.youtube.com (10/18/16)

DCRTV fans who support Trump had better not display his stickers in the DC area least their car be set upon by “youths” expressing their own political views: www.realclearpolitics.com (10/18/16)

Someone in Northern Virginia said they are looking for a good Spanish Hits FM Station. They cannot get WLZL over in Annapolis. You might want to try WTNT 92.9 FM and 730 AM. They play the best Spanish Hits on FM. You might also like WKDV 106.3 FM and 1460 AM. They play all Regional Mexican Music. (10/18/16)

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BTW, everything’s back to normal at 950 AM. Silent carrier the last 2-3 days. KOF (10/17/16)

I think the least publicized station launch in DC radio history just took place...I was tuning to the Gamut on Saturday and found a stream of Indian music tagged "Bolly 102.9" on 107.7-HD2 instead of WFED. Presumably this is feeding the 102.9 translator in Centreville which used to relay WTNT, but I'm too far away to confirm. (10/17/16)

Dave's response: Just fired up 102.9 here in Wild West Fairfax and it sure sounds like Indian tunes.....

Dave: Yesterday, I was hanging with some college friends in Richmond and caught the first half of the Redskins game on the radio. No wonder why the team owner has an image problem, items like his radio broadcasts are so bad and unlistenable that I imagine no one cares! I was a big Sonny Jurgensen fan and still am...however, let's let him retire and move on. Second, do we really need to hear Doc make sound effects and talk nonsense from the field..he adds nothing. Speaking of adding nothing, and trying to be nice, the team owner needs to "change" or start over when it comes to on air people from the broadcast booth..totally nails on a chalkboard at this point. Finally, why use an arena announcer who over a-nun-ciates and actually talks like he's making announcements during a Wizards' game..oh, that's right, it's the same person. (10/17/16)

More about MASN lawsuits. People forget that Angelos had to threaten to sue Comcast to even get the channels on Comcast in many markets, and he did in fact sue successfully Time Warner in North Carolina. But then again, there are few people like Peter Angelos. (10/17/16)

I doubt this has much to do with the Caps/Wizards sports media situation in DC, but the MASN lawsuit will be coming to a head in December. If MASN loses the $300 million, they might possibly be insolvent unless Angelos quickly arranges financing or sells MASN’s rights to Comcast. I think everyone in the Angelos family would have to die for that to happen, but something will happen in December. It is also possible that Comcast/NBC might be offering Leonisis a future Monumental Channel, co-owned with Comcast/NBC, either a new channel or if such MASN channels become available, channels that are on cable rom PA to the Carolinas. — Baltomedia.net (10/17/16)

I realize no one cares really, but 104.3 FM Ocean City MD is still off the air and has been all year long. It is listed as part of the sale to Adams Radio. How can they keep an FM translator that hasn’t been on the air for at least a YEAR??? Anyone have a clue how that’s possible under the FCC rules? Radio-locator and FCC records show that it’s supposed to be on the air. But I haven’t heard anything on that frequency ALL YEAR LONG! Is this a new FCC loophole? (10/17/16)

Dave, Felt compelled to outline the relationships involved with Caps/Wizards/Media. The day after Monumental announces this enhanced relationship with CSN (a NBC/Comcast property), they announce they are not only off a CBS radio station, but on a Hubbard station (which NBC Washington has a relationship with). Doesn't seem like a coincidence. Where there will be an expanded local sports talk lineup on 106.7 remains to be seen, but there are obvious dots to connect in the whole thing. -Anon (10/17/16)

I am a CAPS Fan and will not be able to listen to the games on 1500 AM at night because they do not cover Northern Virginia at night. It is too bad that Hubbard will not carry the games on their Manassas FM. WWWT is 50,000 Watts at 107.7 FM. WTOP bought this station so that they would have night time coverage in Northern Virginia. (10/17/16)

Speaking of 101.1 FM, I forgot to post that Hurricane Matthew knocked them off the air that weekend. No, they weren’t hit by lightning, but the power went out. Apparently the wind blew the electric bill turn off notice away from the mail box. hehe :-) (10/17/16)

Agree 100% with Pete's email about decision made by the Ted Leonsis and the Caps to leave 106.7. Not only is the signal much poorer on 1500, but they have said that the Caps will lose any scheduling conflict on that station, which also broadcasts Wizards and some local college basketball. So that means NO radio for some Caps games. Which further means you are out of luck if you have to be in the car that evening. Imagine a major professional sports team with NO radio broadcast of some of their games. Of course, you could probably use Ted's app and spend $ on your data and somehow get the game. But I bet you can count on one hand the number of people who will do that in their cars. I think this is a case of Internet Ted moving more quickly on technology than most of his fans want him to. Classic case of penny wise, pound foolish. (10/17/16)

Vince Klepac has changed 96.3 WSUX and its simulcast 101.1 Again…. Same adult hits format, but they have returned to the “Jack” identity. MLB4 (10/17/16)

I think someone needs to re-listen to the Junkies segment about Kevin, the Taco Bell delivery was the 10 PM surprise, and his wedding was not catered by them. (10/17/16)

WJFK Junkies attended BDK (aka Kevin McCarthy) wedding this weekend and turned their review of the reception this morning into a bitch fest: it seems that Kevin had Taco Bell cater the event. More on his Facebook: < www.facebook.com/KevinMcCarthyFOX (10/17/16)

The recent move to take the Washington Caps hockey team off 106.7 (WJFK FM) shows an ignorance about radio by Caps owner Ted Leonsis more than anything. Surveys show most people today listen to radio in their cars and this move robs them of a good clear signal that covers most of the DC area. 1500 AM is a very weak , spotty , signal that can not reliably be heard at night ( when most of the Caps games take place) outside of the immediate DC area. The quality of the 1500 am signal is not great even in DC! Of course you can get the APP but a lot of casual fans won't bother and the Caps will lose a substantial audience. You can still get the games if you have Sirius/XM but nothing beats a good clear local FM signal you can count on for the entire season. And when you consider how many people are in their cars for long periods of time in this area you have to wonder what in the world Ted and his advisers are thinking! The sponsors can't be thrilled about this either. And the coverage by the Caps broadcast team is first rate too! And they lose the natural tie in with the popular WJFK "Junkies" show in "morning drive." Why anyone would want to make a direct move to reduce their audience in this highly competitve sports market is beyond me! Pete MacLeod, Manassas (10/17/16)

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Crybaby Trump says SNL (seen in the DCRTV market on WRC) “went too far” last night according to The Washington Post but Her Thighness Hillary got pilloried too: www.washingtonpost.com (10/16/16)

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Several posters on DCRTV seem to think the race is already over. Don't believe it. Don't believe The Washington Post! Just because Hillary thinks she has already won Virginia, she is still in trouble. She is not honest. WMAL is a conservative voice in DC. WWRC 1260 AM is the Salem Network. However, 1260 AM never shows up in the ratings. You can't hear it at night in Northern Virginia. (10/15/16)

WWRC 1260 AM has no coverage in Northern Virginia at night. Their signal is directional East. Salem paid $4 million for it so that they would have an outlet for their Salem Network in DC. They never show up in the ratings because no one is listening to it. Salem makes their big money off their other stations WAVA-FM 105.1 FM and WAVA-AM 780 AM. Salem made a big investment in the DC Market when they purchased these stations. They paid $20 Million for WAVA-FM and paid $4.1 Million for WAVA-AM. (10/15/16)

Let's keep DCRTV in business. Their large staff tries to be "fair and balanced". They are FREE! Other Newsletters charge for their service. They have been doing this for 19 years FREE! Most people like FREE! (10/15/16)

Dave's response: Thanks. Just PayPal your donation of support to my dcrtv@hotmail.com address. Or make your check payable to me, Dave Hughes, and mail to: 1981-B Villaridge Drive, Reston VA 20191. Thanks.....

Dear Larry, Brian, and Chris (the three Stooges). I am not sorry, but it is over. Your “conservative” candidate is gone, toast, dead in the water. No matter how much you guys at WMAL made fools of yourselves over the last 18 months or so talking up candidates and conservatives, no matter how much crap you have given Hillary Clinton over the past 15 years, Hillary will be the next President, and Donald will be an imploded mess. If only you three would have listened to what the "Main Street Media" were saying about this clown, and the other clown (conservative) candidates, you wouldn't be in the mess you are in. If only you three stooges would have taken seriously what Rachel Maddow has been saying (all but one were not intellectually qualified for the office they were seeking), if only you would have looked at the past 15 months sanely and not starry-eyed, perhaps you would not be in the embarrassing predicament you are today. Your candidate, Donald, started a public feud with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. This feud caused your candidate to say sexist things he shouldn’t have said about Megyn, and he took this feud, as a complaint, to the bosses at Fox News. While the bosses were scrambling to tamp Megyn down, a former Fox News star was preparing a lawsuit against Roger Ailes. When she hear of the feud and how the Fox News bozos were handling it, she pushed up the lawsuit date. Roger Ailes was then out at Fox News, three managers left Fox News, and we all now know Brian Wilson was accused of inviting himself up to a female colleague’s hotel room, wanting sex in exchange for a job promotion, while he worked with her at Fox News. Thanks, Donald. You mess up everything you touch. Brian Wilson, was your overly fawning “conservatives” worth it, Brian? Are you in a better place, now that Trump started a chain of events which ended up outing you as a creepy sex obsessed boss? As for you Larry, your infatuation with Scottie Nell Hughes has been disgraceful. She is an opportunist and a dunderhead, “ a size 12 Anne Coulter without a Thesaurus,” if you will, and you, Larry, were too Pollyannaish to see it. Just this week, Larry, your “Conservative beard” Scottie was smacked down by Don Lemon, Montel Williams, and Anna Navarro. As for you, Chris Plante, the Center for Medical Progress was a scam. A combination of 1970’s Nixon’s “rat-fucking, and 2010 ‘Gorilla Journalism,” with James O’Keefe. How the hell did you not figure that one out, Chris, even after they admitted they had no doctors on the board or on staff, and no doctors on their “research team?” Larry, Brian, Chris, you three have embarrassed yourselves over the last year. You treated Donald Trump Jr. like he was a rising “conservative Star,” who had beads of Ah-CUmen for the country. He isn’t, he doesn’t. And you elevated Melania Trump to that of an International Mensa chapter head. Please take my advice, Stooges. Cut your losses. Sign off next week, go on a three week vacation to a nice democratic socialist country in Europe, and clear your head of all the nonsense you have read, or been told to say, over the last 18 months. You can resume your radio when you are clear headed and mentally sharp, just in time for the Clinton transition team to be in place, The verdicts in the Bridgegate scandal, and the lame duck confirmation hearings for Merrick Garland. Otherwise, come election day, you will be on the air, once again, telling people how close it is and begging people to go out and vote. Then, the next morning, you will spin, once again, why your Bozo candidate lost. You've been there before. Don'tb\go there again. Donald is spending any money for Virginia radio...Just sign off and go away . (10/15/16)

Wrong year for the WWDC ad in a Senators' program. Not 1972. The team moved to Arlington after the 1971 season. (10/15/16)

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Something happened on this Fox 5's morning's "news" broadcast that proved the people who call themselves anchors are indeed just news readers and mindlessly read whatever's on the teleprompter. Thre was a story about crimes that occurred overnight and Allison Seymour said that someone was stabbed to death. There was also an incident where a woman was shot and the victim was expected to be ok..She then said "both of them"..Uh, don't think the person who was stabbed to death is going to be ok..Obviously the error lies with the person who did the script for the teleprompter, but on too many occasions, the news readers don't even realize that they've said something that's either not true, not accurate or just stupid. (10/14/16)

RE: Hillary radio ads. Well, rather than radio ads perhaps Her Thighness should blanket the Commonwealth of Virginia with television ads featuring her hacked Wiki page: www.cnn.com (10/14/16)

Re: "Since Hillary won't be spending any money on radio ads in Virginia...Trump needs to reach out to the Hispanics in Northern Virginia. Hillary still thinks she has already won Virginia." Ever read/watch the news? Trump shut down his campaign in Virginia two days ago. He's conceding defeat in the OId Dominion -- and, with it, the national election. (10/14/16)

Look, after all these years the Bicknell troll is back. Hasn't got a life yet, such a shame and waste of skin, he even checks his FB pages...DCRTV, next will be Reel Radio...what a schmuck. (10/14/16)

Since Hillary won't be spending any money on radio ads in Virginia, it sure would help Trump if he really saturated the state with ads. The stations would appreciate the Political Business. Trump needs to reach out to the Hispanics in Northern Virginia. Hillary still thinks she has already won Virginia. (10/14/16)

Glen Youness "PRESSBOX" video from last week: "I predict the Ravens beat the crap out of the Redskins".... Keep up the great work! (10/14/16)

Loved the old Senators program with the WWDC ad. And, yes, I remember Top Value Stamps and both Briggs meats (sausages, bacon, cold cuts, and hot dogs) and ice cream. Remember the Briggs ice cream cake roll? A swirl devils food cake with a filling of vanilla ice cream. Delicious! Nothing like the mass-produced offerings of Carvel these days. Then again, I think Tom Carvel would be spinning in his grave if he could see how their quality has slipped. (After moving to New York, my oldest (and then all the other kids) had to have a “Fudgie The Whale for their birthdays…!) Of course, having mentioned Briggs, I know someone would scream about not mentioning Parks Sausages… “More Parks Sausages mom! Please?” Those were the days! Days when spots entertained as well as sold. I guess you could say today’s spots reflect the times in which we live. I guess the one that does that best is the car donation one. Everyone here knows who they are. And, I’ll be damned if I’m going to flatter them by mentioning them here! Anyways, back in the day, WWDC was a class act on both AM & FM. When Ben Strauss told it to Crosley Broadcasting (which morphed into AVCO Broadcasting (AViation COmpany), it only got classier… for quite a long time. Strange how we became an entertainment business that forgot how to entertain… -Unsigned Corporate Suit (10/14/16)

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There's an application filed with the FCC for a 94.3 translator to rebroadcast The Gamut in Frederick, where 820kc already airs it. This would be move-in translator from Lock Haven, Pa. (10/13/16)

After seeing the "love" on your Facebook Trump post, you should block Bicknell. You are not a damn fool. (10/13/16)

Heck, I listen to Caps games all the time on the car radio. I also know people who like to synch up the radio broadcasts with the tv broadcasts, particularly the when the game is on national tv and we have the national announcers instead of Joe B and Locker. Seems like a very short sighted decision on the owner's part. One thing is for sure, almost no one will use the Caps app to listen when driving. (10/13/16)

Dave said "Who listens to hockey on the radio?" You're right in that it's not all that common, but the Caps radio crew seem to be fairly popular as they go for hockey and have a dedicated following, especially as cordcutting increases.....Another poster said "Maybe Hubbard can put Caps games on WTOP-HD2". 107.7- HD2 relays Federal News Radio already for Northern Virginia. I don't know if 103.5 or 103.9 still have that Russian propaganda junk or not. (10/13/16)

Hello Dave: To answer your question I believe many of us listen to Caps games on the radio. I used to listen to Ron Weber and Steve Kolbe as well. This is just another demonstration Leonsis is just as cheap and a terrible owner like Snyder, only his clubs have less exposure and interest than the Redskins. (10/13/16)

Thought you might find this ad amusing... From a 1972 Washington Senator's program (10/13/16)

Regarding the Caps on AM 1500, how will I listen in my car during scheduling conflicts? Sorry Ted. I won't waste data on your Caps app. Maybe Hubbard can put Caps games on WTOP-HD2? Signed, The Puckmaster (10/13/16)

Dave's response: Hubbard could also put the Caps and Wizards on the Gamut - AM 820 plus FM 98.3 and 104.5, along with the HD3s of 103.5, 103.9, and 107.7.....

Art Buist has a long history with WYPR, and radio news. He was a part of the original news department when "FM88-WJHU" (now WYPR) went on the air in 1986. He has covered news for the station as a reporter in Baltimore and Annapolis. He has anchored virtually every news shift on WYPR, including mornings, afternoons, and weekends. He is called on to fill any shift at WYPR. You can even hear him frequently filling-in, for Andy, on the evening jazz program. Also you can hear him on NPR nationally, as he often provides reports on Baltimore area stories for NPR hourly newscasts. Art graduated from the University of Maryland School of Law in 1992, clerked for a Circuit Court Judge, and now has his own law practice, where he handles a variety of cases from consumer law, to family law, to estate probate. Art is originally from Rockford, Illinois, his undergraduate degree is from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. He got his start in radio as a sophomore in high school. The school bus would drop him off, at age 15, where he did a late afternoon shift at a small station. (10/13/16)

Know who's going to be REALLY pissed about the new translator on 100.7? The Shell Gas Station in West Springfield VA. That's the frequency they use for their ultra-low-power synchronized Christmas lightshow each year. (10/13/16)

GW Basketball and Navy Basketball are also broadcast on 1500 right? Some Caps are going to be preempted by those games as well as Wizards? WTF is Leonsis thinking? (10/13/16)

If you were ever getting 100.7 The Bay in DC or SW of the Potomac near DC, you won't soon. Northern VA gets a new 100.7 FM soon. It's not on the air yet, but might be within days from a recent FCC filing. fccdata.org (10/13/16)

Dave's response: Here in Wild West Fairfax, I can get some Baltimore FMers pretty well, including 98 Rock, but 100.7 The Bay is very weak here. In fact, I sometimes get Harrisonburg VA's WQPO on the frequency.....

I hear that both the CAPS & Wizards are going to be on WFED 1500 AM in the future. I live in Northern Virginia and cannot get 1500 AM at night. What a disappointment. (10/13/16)

A fairly well known Baltimore broadcaster has passed away -- Art Buist. You can get info from his Facebook page... www.facebook.com (10/13/16)

Dave's response: Anybody got some info on his background?

So today, 8 shares of Cumulus Stock equals just one share of stock now valued at just $2.10 per share. This will put them back on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. The value of each share dropped to just 26 cents per share before they split. The company has $2.5 BILLION in DEBT! (10/13/16)

I don't know what the Caps numbers were, but Chris Kinard, program director for WJFK, tweeted that it was Caps decision to leave and the station wanted them back. It is a very poor decision by the team. Seems like they are almost trying to force use of the owner's vanity app to listen to games, which few will do. Just not viable in the car (and data costs money as opposed to free radio). I just feel bad for play by play guy John Walton, who does a great job, and is really being diminished by this. And, as to Dave's question, I listen(ed) to the Caps games in the car all the time because I drive alot. I also listened to pre and post game shows going to and from games, which I will no longer be able to do. (10/13/16)

Today, WJLA says goodbye to Leon Harris. His colleagues are going to miss him. Leon says he isn't leaving the area, just the station. Shame on Sinclair for not renewing his contract (10/13/16)

DCRTVDJDAVE got beat out for the Nobel Prize in Literature by Bob Dylan in what was a close vote. Too bad as Dylan will get the $925,000.00 Dave could have used: www.washingtonpost.com (10/13/16)

The Caps have just taken a giant step backward in media exposure, as 106.7 loses radio rights back to Hubbard and 1500: www.nhl.com. And, in what has to be a first, the broadcast radio network will not carry every game, with some being reserved for streaming over their web radio channel only. Very, very poor decision on both counts. Ironic, as well, because full TV and radio coverage of every game only started less than 10 years ago. The Wizards also move flagships, but have no such restriction on fans trying to catch the game. (10/13/16)

Dave's response: I do sometimes catch the Redskins or Nationals on the radio when I'm in the car. But who listens to hockey on the radio? I can't imagine too many.....

/\ October 13 Messages /\

\/ October 12 Messages \/

Speaking of The New York Daily News, it reports that HLN’s resident bitch and failed television host Nancy Grace can dish it out but apparently not take it when she “stormed off” a radio show after the hosts hinted she made her career “capitalizing on dead kids”: www.nydailynews.com (10/12/16)

[RE: Nats radio coverage in Richmond] You should be able to pick up 1500AM/WFED after dark in Richmond, I think they’re still affiliated with the Nats. Not sure what the situation will be once Wizards and Caps games start, though. (10/12/16)

Yet another reason DCRTVDJDAVE cut the cord and wants his money back: wtop.com (10/12/16)

Political Advertising on Radio......Hillary has announced that she will not be spending any money on radio in Virginia. With her Democratic Running Mate and her Best Friend; the Governor, she thinks that she has already won Virginia. Radio Stations in Virginia are very disappointed in this decision. Obama did spend money in the state last election. (10/12/16)

Notes: Laugh of the morning. Chris Plante this morning told us Donald Trump will win the White House and the Republicans will have both the Senate and the House, and everything will be hunky dorey. Seriously, Chris, even Fox News isn't that oblivious to the world around us. In 2012, Chris said Romney lost because "He wasn't 'Conservative' enough," and "Conservatives" stayed home and did not vote. What will Chris's excuse this year be? Palling around with Trump has seriously hurt Billy Bush's career. Kellyanne Conway's outright lied to Wolf Blitzer and Rachel Maddow about Roger Ailes and Trump, and Kellyanne now has Rachel and Wolf both pissed off at her. Kellyanne also pissed off Megyn Kelly over Kellyanne defending Trump over Miss Universe. John King (CNN) on Sean Hannity ; "So Sean Hannity's preference is that Republicans choose a guy who in the past 15 years has been pro-Clinton, pro-choice and pro-groping [Trump], over Paul Ryan, over Paul Ryan, who -- maybe he cuts deals, but he's been consistently pro-life and consistently saying we should balance the budget and consistently saying we should go into the African-American and inner-city communities and try to find a conservative way to deal with poverty. That's the choice. Really? " Kellyanne Conway on MSNBC yesterday threatening to out anti-Trump Republican members of Congress for hitting on her, and others, years back. “I would talk to some of the members of Congress there when I was younger and prettier, them rubbing against girls, sticking their tongues down women’s throats who were uninvited, didn’t like it…you know it’s true. And some of them, by the way, are on the list of people who won’t support Donald Trump because they all ride around on their high horse.” Again, what reality is Chris Plane in? (10/12/16)

Regarding the post from yesterday about the relative popularity of the pro sports teams in the DMV, no disputing that the Redskins are the big gorilla and likely will be for the remainder of the lifetime of anyone reading this. That said, the big gorilla has shrunk considerably over the past two decades plus. Lots of reasons for it: lousy Skins teams, the arrival of the Nats and the Ravens up the road, the significant increase in the popularity of the Caps in the Ovechkin era. The result is a much more diverse sports market in terms of fan interest than in the Gibbs One Era when the Redskins were an elite franchise. Which is why the local sports talk stations consistently get push back from listeners when they overkill the Redskins, which they do all the time. (10/12/16)

Al Smith, long time producer at Westwood One Radio, has passed away, just days short of his 60th birthday. Al was with Westwood One News, but spent most of his more than 30 years with WW1 and predecessor Mutual Radio, in the sports department, covering such events as superbowls and the pga. (10/12/16)

Ha ha, hey Tom in DC: looks like we're thinking alike. Yay AM Radio! (10/12/16)

Another week of WRQX being beat by EVERYONE they compete against.... #JacksBack "bout time for another PD... paging Mr. Kidd.... Mr. Kidd, please report to your new office! -Signed, WRQX Advertising Executives, whom desperately need you! (10/12/16)

I was driving through Richmond tonight trying to tune in the Nats game. The Richmond-area Nats station is unfortunately Dan Snyder's other remaining radio property, WXGI 950. This one also has a crappy FM repeater, on 100.5, located 30-plus miles west of the city and barely covering anywhere important - sound familiar? My car's AM tuner is worse than useless, so I pulled up 100.5, and it seemed to be okay. That is, except for the fact the volume knob at the studio was literally all the way down. The Nats audio was barely perceptible, so much so that any blip of static rendered it unintelligible. Needless to say it was back to streaming ESPN Radio coverage over Bluetooth. Of course Warrenton's 94.3 being off the air for an entire weekend was discussed at length here recently - is there anyone at Red Zebra even paying attention anymore? (10/12/16)

OK, so AM radio is dead. How can it live again? Read this: www.dailynews.com (10/12/16)

www.dailynews.com... Check out this story on possible AM music formats from the LA Daily News, who thinks this work in today’s radio world? Tom in DC (10/12/16)

/\ October 12 Messages /\

\/ October 11 Messages \/

UDC owned WCSP NOT Howard University. Sorry about the mistake. Bruce (10/11/16)

These baseball playoffs broadcasts are horrible. How about having home team announcers doing the games instead of these "blah, blah, blah" guys. Much more insight comes from team announcers. Thanks. (10/11/16)

Now here’s a classic roofing jingle you will enjoy (no, not the subject line). I remember first hearing it in the early ‘80s. Love the slogan at the end. KOF www.youtube.com (10/11/16)

I though that the morning program on WTTG claimed to be "news," not Allison's editorial opinions. I thought her negative comment about Justice Thomas was totally inappropriate. It is hard to trust WTTG's "news" when the anchor's political bias becomes so obvious. (10/11/16)

Glad WJFK 106.7 had Bill Rohland and Craig Heist host the post, post-game show after Phil Wood's show today. Good to continue the discussion after the Nats playoff win. (10/11/16)

Hi Dave, I'm NOT A BROADCASTER and DCRTV IS FOR BROADCASTERS! according to Miss Grundy, but WCSP used to be WGTB until the Jesuits sold it to UDC for a dollar. UDC sold it to The Brian Lamb Crew, who outbid Raymond Edmonds, LLC for $13 million in 1997. Gus in the Gaithersburg (10/11/16)

Well, at least with that obnoxious election Hummer we'll be warned early that that giant douchebag Brad Bell is about to arrive. (10/11/16)

Want to possibly win $500 so you can donate it to DCRTV? Enter the WTOP $500 Fall Cash Give Away! Okay, so you only send Dave $50 and pocket the other $450, you’re still a winner and so is Dave. To enter: wtop.com (10/11/16)

WJFK’s Sports Junkies discussing Skins vs. Nats ratings for Sunday and taking calls: saying 740,000 (20.6) watched Skins vs. 135,000 (3.9) Nats. EB: “Redskins fan base is bigger.” Eric said he had the Skins on “big tv” and Nats on smaller one. Most people only have one tv and spent their time switching back and forth (if they had Fox Sports 1): one problem is that the Nats game was not available on a network station. “In the Nats defense” said EB, “Fox Sports 1 stinks”. JP: “The NFL is just more popular than baseball.” What say you DCRTVDJDAVE and fellow Mailbaggers? (10/11/16)

/\ October 11 Messages /\

\/ October 10 Messages \/

DC sports ratings for Sunday's games according to WJFK: Skins a million plus and Nats in the 125,000 range. (10/10/16)

Leave Brian Wilson alone, and leave Donald Trump alone. They have both done nothing wrong when it comes to being friendly with women in the workplace. Thank you, Herman Cain. (10/10/16)

Hi Dave, I saw your post on FB about yesterday’s ratings. Since you’re a ratings maven I wonder if you have any numbers on Nats games during the regular season and the pre/post game shows that Johnny Holliday and Ray Knight do. I often wonder about MASN’s numbers and whether the games draw a decent audience. (10/10/16)

Dave's response: Anybody know?

What does Pacifica want for WPFW 89.3 in DC? It is 50,000 Watts and has great coverage. K-Love should buy it! (10/10/16)

Dave's response: More than a decade ago, C-SPAN bought 90.1 from UDC for something like $20 million. WPFW's 89.3 has about double the coverage area, getting into Baltimore even. I'd bet PFW could get double that price, at least. If K-Love bought 89.3, it would certainly put a dent in WGTS's ratings. I'd like to see WAMU or WETA buy 89.3 and turn it into a cool alternative/world music channel like Philly's WXPN.....

When Bush was on 104, Elliot Segal had a nickname for him which I now realize comes full circle with the Trump tape. (10/10/16)

Our friends Brian Wilson and Donald Trump have done nothing wrong. Stop posting things about them. Yours Truly, Newt and Callista Gingrich. (10/10/16)

I enjoy reading DCRTV every day to get the latest DC broadcasting news. I don't like the black background. It is hard to read. Why did you move to the black background? (10/10/16)

Dave's response: Thanks for your recent $150 donation. That brings the fundraiser total up to $298. If I can raise $1,000 by 10/15, I'll flip DCRTV back to the previous color scheme. Send your donation via PayPal to our dcrtv@hotmail.com address. Or pop a check in the mail. Make it payable to "Dave Hughes" and send it to Dave Hughes, 1981-B Villaridge Drive, Reston VA 20191.....

["Jesus, Dave, get ahold of yourself - you're gonna throw an embolism over those Long Roofing ads. It's all fun and games until you're sucking wind through a trach tube. Regards, Eric In Alabamastan"] Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor not an oil wildcatter! Only a serial killer would treat an embolism by cutting a hole in someone's throat. Of course I'm not a broadcaster and according to Miss Grundy "DCRTV IS FOR BROADCASTERS!!!" Gus in the Gaithersburg (10/10/16)

LEAVE BRIAN WILSON ALONE RIGHT NOW! Signed: Larry O'Connor. (10/10/16)

/\ October 10 Messages /\

\/ October 9 Messages \/

I checked Brian Wilson from WMAL twitter feed to see his reaction to the news of late. Brian is a conservative, so I was not surprised that the only mentions were about how the tape was leaked. He is a conservative, So no mention on the language or intent of Trump's words. Brian is a conservative, so he did not come to the women's defense. Brian is a conservative who allegedly does job in interviews with women in hotel rooms, so his view on women is pretty well known. Thanks Bill Hess for keeping this guy on the air and I look forward to his show Monday. (10/9/16)

Regarding "Who is Babycakes ? That is the term of endearment Kerby Scott used when addressing his listeners on WCAO." Washingtonians will remember Bob Edson as using the same term in this market. (10/9/16)

DCRTV should know that the “father” of radio, Guglielmo Marconi, who has a connection to as well a statue in Washington is profiled by The Washington Post’s great John Kelly: “On Oct. 29, 1927, a WRC radio technician named Robert Terrell was dispatched to the Mayflower Hotel on Connecticut Avenue NW to set up a microphone for a live broadcast. Terrell was nervous. This was a last-minute assignment and technically challenging, requiring that C&P Telephone string a wire up to the eighth-floor room. But what really made Terrell sweat was the man who would be speaking into the WRC microphone: Guglielmo Marconi, the very father of radio. Marconi was in town for the International Radiotelegraph Conference. Once he’d agreed to appear on WRC, the station scrambled. Terrell did not want to botch the job. And he didn’t. But the broadcast was so last-minute that there was no prior notice of it in the newspaper. And WRC wasn’t able to patch it in to other radio stations across the country. Only listeners who just happened to be tuning in to WRC at that moment heard the great Marconi.” More: www.washingtonpost.com (10/9/16)

Who is Babycakes ? That is the term of endearment Kerby Scott used when addressing his listeners on WCAO. He was a true radio personality, without using shock value statement, telling jokes, putting people and things down or using double entendre. Most of those I hear on the air today may think they are personalities, but they are not in the original form. You don’t want to listen to me, I’m old and experienced. (10/9/16)

The Washington Post is getting desperate in its efforts to discredit The Dumpster as a sexual predator, who may or may not be deserving of such an allegation: now it is resorting to Howard Stern tapes to document The Don has a potty mouth, even about his daughter Ivana. All is fair in politics, but Stern? Men go on Stern to sound exactly like Trump did and had he not, he would never be on again. A sampling from their latest story: “In one of their conversations about Trump’s daughter, Stern complimented Ivanka Trump’s looks and asked: “Can I say this? A piece of a--.”. “Yeah,” Trump responded. Stern once asked Trump to define “the perfect date.” “You meet at 7 for drinks,” Trump replied. “You promise to take her to dinner, but you never get there.” Now the Puritanical Post is resorting to elevating Stern to Trump’s “straight man” to do frat level banter about women. It would be interesting for The Post to do a side-by-side comparison of Her Thighness, Bubba and their supporters (think James Carville’s “Drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park”) comments about women over the years with the non-politician Trump’s: there is no evidence that Trump actually did anything along the lines of rape (multiple allegations of Clinton having committed rape), having a sexual relationship with an intern in the Oval Office (which Clinton himself admitted to), or exposing himself to a government employee and telling them to “Kiss it” (which Clinton has acknowledged through a settlement with Paula Jones as having done). Trump deserves all the attention and criticism he is receiving: Hillary, Bill and their supporters deserve it as well. More from the Washington Post: www.washingtonpost.com (10/9/16)

"Look, everyone loves WTOP. " I haven't listened to it since the early 70s (on a tube radio that I built) so I don't love it. But that's for another day. Today's gripe is about the fact that all the media outlets feel obliged to carry the Presidential debates. {old man voice} They are interrupting my programs {/old man voice}. Of course I'm not a broadcaster and "DCRTV IS FOR BROADCASTERS!!!" Gus in the Gaithersburg town to town up and down the dial, as a listener (10/9/16)

Attention newsrooms: how about a story about cash parking lots near Nationals Park not returning money to fans when the Nats game was rained out? $50 is a lot of dough. (10/9/16)

Jesus, Dave, get ahold of yourself - you're gonna throw an embolism over those Long Roofing ads. It's all fun and games until you're sucking wind through a trach tube. BTW - what was that digital receiver you were using in your October 6th Facebook vid? Regards, Eric In Alabamastan (10/9/16)

Dave's response: It's a Directed unit, no model number on it, that was given to me many years ago by WTOP when they launched their HD Radio channels.....

/\ October 9 Messages /\

\/ October 8 Messages \/

Don't listen to WTOP much not familiar with Long Roofing ad but what about the 1800 CARS FOR KIDS forgot where I heard that maybe WMAL and on TV Mattress Discounters woman singing is horrible one day 3 times in 5 minutes on WJLA 1800 EMPIRE think I hear it in my sleep and We are Farmers dum dum dum dum dum who wrote that ad? And the all time local bad ad fortunately not on anymore think it was Havertys or some furniture store woman sitting in recliner going Chase Chase about 100 times in 2 minutes! Anybody remember that one about 2 yrs ago? (10/8/16)

Remember when department: Billy Bush and The Bush League Morning Show on WWZZ-FM (Z104) in Washington, DC from 1995 until 2001. (10/8/16)

Who is Babycakes? Is that Gus in Gaithersburg? Sounds like it! (10/8/16)

Oh my: Robert DeNiro has some choice words for The Dumpster about The Don’s leaked rant. Don’t mess with the Taxi Driver (“You looking at me? You looking at me? I don’t see anybody else so you must be looking at me!”). Story: variety.com... Video: wdrv.it (10/8/16)

RE: “Dave TV: So Long WTOP - 10/7 - In today's DC media edition of "Dave TV" I reveal my new WTOP habit - every time they play that hideous Long Roofing jingle I change the station. I call it my "So Long WTOP" campaign” Ha, ha, ha DCRTVDJMEDIADAVE: but if you change to WMAL you might hear a Long Fence ad instead! But then you have a love/hate relationship with WMAL anyway. (10/8/16)

Dave's response: Lotsa of radio ads are annoying, but when certain spots are aired three times in a 10 minute period, that indicates contempt for the listener. Look, everyone loves WTOP. But they've started taking their loyal listeners for granted. I guess that doesn't concern management over there. The realize they have a lock on the all-news format in a very news-oriented market. Gee, maybe somebody should try to compete with them. WNEW would have worked if they'd put it on 94.7.....

Did anyone catch WHAG's 5 PM newscast Thursday afternoon? Around 5:22 when weatherman Lou Scaly had started the weather segment, the weather computer (you know the machine that displays the graphics, maps, five day forecast and other relevant data) CRASHED live on air!!! and could not be restarted!!!! (would you like to send an error report? A pop up box overlay stated). And that ended the weather segment. (No weather for you audience) I felt sorry for them. But such are the hazards of live television. (10/8/16)

/\ October 8 Messages /\

\/ October 7 Messages \/

I am sure Gus in Gaithersburg gets a lot of respect throughout the broadcast industry, and he knows a lot. I am sure if asked, Gus could tell you what ties an out of town religious radio group's CFO has with DC talk personality. He knows the insides. Speaking of boobs, the grandmaster, herself , was batting a thousand this morning as Holly Morris went into a seductive act of unzipping her jacket, to reveal, for all to see, … a National’s T shirt! Her mannerisms and grace in removing clothing slowly, skillfully, and playfully, for an audience proved she was a true professional. (10/7/16)

Mike from Frederick ask if Kerby Confer who just bought WCEI is legendary Baltimore (WCAO) DJ Kerby Scott ? Yes Babycakes ! (10/7/16)

I was reading Washington Post: Drudge May Have ‘Put People’s Lives At Risk’ By Questioning Hurricane’s Strength on The Daily Caller for iPhone and thought you might be interested in reading it too. (10/7/16)

FNC’s Bill O’Reilly’s sidekick Jesse Watters is in hot water for a supposedly “racist” bit where he questioned Chinese New Yorkers about politics and food (Question: “What do they call Chinese food in China? Food?”. Now The Daily Show has enlisted a Chinese-American (Ronny Chieng if that is his real name) to push back. The Washington Post gets in on the act: www.washingtonpost.com... (10/7/16)

Local TV news reporting a large fried egg spotted off the Carolinas. The Coast Guard is en route with four tons of bacon to investigate. (10/7/16)

Apparently some who prefer to post (spooge) on the Mailbag rather than read (pleasure) it missed it when on the 16th of last month Miss Grundy a.k.a Cap'n Broadcaster posted "Please tell "Gus in Gaithersbug" to get a life! He doesn't know anything about radio. Don't waste our time. DCRTV is for Broadcasters. " But that's for another time. Today's gripe is that today my Comcast took away WMUC which used to be channel 18, non-stop educational programming. Gus in the Gaithersburg, still not a "Broadcaster" (10/7/16)

/\ October 7 Messages /\

\/ October 6 Messages \/

Rush flew to Los Angeles yesterday and will be doing his show from a "secret location just outside Los Angeles" he said today. That "secret location is in Burbank, where the Tonight Show was once housed. Clear Channel bought the old Tonight Show complex a few years ago, to use for Nationwide broadcasts, and hooked it up to a massive control studio and system a couple of blocks away at the Clear Channel LA offices. It is called now "The IHEARTMEDIA Theatre," and "The Burbank Studios," located at the intersection of West Olive & California St, and West Olive & Alameda Ave. Rush should be very comfortable there. There is a Morton's Steak House (Rush loves Steaks) in the same business complex as the Clear Channel office, just steps away, and a Wienerschnitzel right across the street. Unfortunately, there is a Telemundo sales office right there as well. There is a very good reason Rush did not go to the other nationwide radio broadcast facility in the Los Angeles metro, but, I will let Gus in Gaithersburg, who knows all things broadcast, enlighten the mailbag to that reason. Take it away, Gus. (10/6/16)

"Is anyone leaving NBC4 or was there an opening?" - Did Veronica Johnson going to ABC 7 allow for an opening, or did I miss something? (10/6/16)

Take me out coach: now Chris Plante announced that Rush will not need him to guest host after all. Plante, holding back tears with his voice cracking, sobbed that Matthew won’t be wrecking the EIB Compound in Palm Beach and that Rush has battened down the hatches and will do his own damn show. So Plante’s only hope is that Rush falls off the wagon and starts popping oxy again or Matthew hits Palm Beach after all and WMAL needs to fill dead air. (10/6/16)

Dave's response: They're predicting winds in Palm Beach of between 60 and 100 MPH tomorrow. I imagine Rush will board one of his private jets and do his show from NYC or LA. No biggie for him.....

Rush Limbaugh might want to reconsider doing his show from Palm Beach today or Friday. The Palm Beach Post reports “Hurricane Matthew returns to Category 4 on approach to PBC”. Rush and Snerdly may just have their asses blown clear across the state of Florida (10/6/16)

Anyone know why the DC/Baltimore/Orlando/Miami traffic and weather channel has been down this week? Hurricane related? (10/6/16)

[“Eastern Shore news. Easton's adult contemporary WCEI, 96.7, and country WINX, 94.3, sell for $6.5 million. The seller is Alex Kolobielski's First Media. The buyers are Donald Alt and Kerby Confer of Forever Media.....”] Kerby Confer…aka Bawlmer and DC radio/TV legend Kerby Scott? Mike from Frederick, and the ever-vigilant Dashboard DX Society, not loving this white-on-black format. (10/6/16)

WRQX... 18th. 18th. Diamond closing in on a year, a year of disaster...even lowly, music filled Tommy Show beating Diamond. Show sounds like replays from the 80's, old, tired and full references that anyone under 40 wouldn't understand. (10/6/16)

Dave's response: Look, we found a vaccine for ebola and sent a man to the moon, don't you think we can find a format that'll make folks in DC want to listen to 107.3 again? The "WRQX Problem" has been going on for years. Fix it already! Sheesh.....

Here's the latest on the possible channel line-up for AT&T's new streaming TV service, slated to launch by the end of 2016. www.tvpredictions.com (10/6/16)

Reading the comments on Philly.com and it seems like a day of mourning that Sheena Parveen is leaving NBC10. Is anyone leaving NBC4 or was there an opening? The bigger question is why with someone that has a huge public presence and basically the top meteorologist at the station leave suddenly to go down a few market numbers and not claim the chief meteorologist job? Just doesn't make sense or I am not seeing everything. (10/6/16)

/\ October 6 Messages /\

\/ October 5 Messages \/

Put me in coach: because of the possibility of hurricane Matthew hitting the EIB compound in Palm Beach, Rush Limbaugh has made contingency plans for guest hosts, which include – wait for it – WMAL talker Chris “DCRTVDJDAVE’s Favorite” Plante. Chris of course is very excited and made mention of it on his show as did Limbaugh. Speaking of Rush: he had Governor Mike Pence on to follow-up on his spectacular performance at last night’s debate with Tim “Sugar” Kaine. Rush suggested to Pence that because the MSM is “terrified” with a Trump/Pence victory, that is why he was interrupted by a biased moderator. Cry a little, will you? Sheesh. (10/5/16)

www.sbnationradio.com... The boys are back (minus Czabe) ! SB Nation Radio announced a new morning show featuring the return of show hosts Scott Linn, Tim Murray and Steve Solomon! The show, SB Nation AM with Linn, Murray and Solly, will debut on October 10th at 6am ET. (10/5/16)

[RE: I'm saying this right now, in black and white...] What about green on red? Wouldn’t that cause a lot of dizzy eyes! (10/5/16)

If you played the “Take a shot” game drinking a shot of vodka for every time Kaine interrupted Pence last night during the “debate” according to Chris Plante and multiple sources you would have been drunk from the 72 shots: www.sfgate.com (10/5/16)

Re (yet again): "iHeart just announced that their debt is now $17.27 BILLION. Can anyone calculate the amount of interest on this debt? Bain Capital is a master at borrowing money." Capt. Obvious, if you're going to insist on nagging everyone with these earnings report updates, would you please engage your brain? You've made it clear that you don't actually understand earnings, debt, stock valuation, etc, etc, etc. Understand, too, that I'm not defending iHeart, which I consider both bad for radio and bad for shareholders. But when a corporation slashes its debt by approximately $4 billion (19%) in a single quarter, the big news is hardly the amount of interest on the remaining debt. And, by the way, dumbass, anyone paying attention and with a junior high math class on their resume can calculate interest. (10/5/16)

iHeart just announced that their debt is now $17.27 BILLION. Can anyone calculate the amount of interest on this debt? Bain Capital is a master at borrowing money. (10/5/16)

I know that there was some discussion of what happened to Caitlin Francis the former anchor of the WHAG morning news. As it turns out she worked temporarily at KLAF-LD in Louisiana (Nexstar beefed up news coverage when it obtained an NBC affiliation) as co anchor of their morning show and now she is the weekend morning host at WDBJ in Roanoke, VA. (10/5/16)

Hey Dave is DCRTV ever going to return to black on white instead of white on black? My eyes are getting dizzy and I’m having nightmares: please advise. (10/5/16)

Dave's response: Enjoy those dreams.....

"It will delight the anti-revenue enhancement poster" And so the people there are getting exactly what they deserve. Good for them! Tax em into oblivion. (10/5/16)

I say there Smedley... I do believe the poster was saying after two days, "who's going to use the mic mute button?" Not who's going to use the device. (10/5/16)

adam may (@adammaytv) tweeted at 2:42 PM on Tue, Oct 04, 2016: Exciting announcement: I'm joining the @wbaltv11 team - coming back to the tube in Baltimore! twitter.com (10/5/16)

/\ October 5 Messages /\

\/ October 4 Messages \/

WAMU sets ratings record! (Pride goeth before a fall...) (10/4/16)

Did @chaddukes confirm that Don Geronimo/Mike Sorce & Mike O'Meara HATE each other? (10/4/16)

Re: "I just read the description of the Echo Dot on Amazon.com...after two days who's going to use it?" It never occurs to the 'TOP poster who wrote this that Amazon's product--thanks to constant feedback, data, experimentation and innovation--will only get better. Keep thinking, stuck-in-1978 WTOP, that your customers will always be satisfied waiting ten minutes in the hope that your traffic report will be specific enough to benefit them. Keep thinking that customers are never smart enough to gravitate to better, more efficient models for consuming content than your rigid, half-century old clock. Jeezus, almighty! Isn't flat revenue since 2011 enough to shake you out of your smugness and complacency? Let's see some fresh thinking, ideas and innovation for a change. (10/4/16)

I just read the description of the Echo Dot on Amazon.com. Yeah, that's exactly what I want: a box in my car that listens to every mumble, mutter and excited utterance I make, including foul and perhaps derogatory outbursts at other Beltway drivers. Its bad enough that Samsung admitted its voice-command TV might be listening for your voice at home and sending whatever it hears back to the mothership. Do we really need it in the car too? Admittedly, Amazon had the sensibility to install a push-to-talk/Mic Off switch. But really, after the first two days who is going to use it? If I miss 'TOP traffic, I'll dial over to 'MAL, wait a few moments, and save fifty bucks. Big bleeping deal. (10/4/16)

RE: "Gotta love the WMAL ads with Larry O'Connor for sales openings: " It is very telling that Brian "Hotel room please" Wilson did not voice the ads. It shows that Bill Hess has at least some credibility, and he reads the mailbag. Bill, did you also alert female staffers at the station to never ask the morning guy for a letter of recommendation or advice on raises or promotions? (10/4/16)

Man, Tom Kerein must be knackered . . . working mornings all this week at 4 AND doing the pbp for MNF! (10/4/16)

A “Netflix Tax”? I wouldn’t be surprised to see it come to this region with Virginia being first. Don’t they already tax CATV and Satellite TV and Radio statewide instead of on the local level? After all, the state government has a socialist monopoly on the sale of hard liquor. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (10/4/16)

WTOP has fallen from 9.4 to 9.1 to 8.7. Now, here's another new reason to dump them: Amazon's Echo Dot, which fits into my car's cup holder, transmits data on my EXACT commute to my tablet or phone. No need to wait ten minutes and hope 'TOP mentions my road. Goodbye, non-innovating, stuck-in-1978 WTOP. (10/4/16)

(regarding a response to a previous post) "A Netflix tax? It shouldn't come as any surprise if you look at who is running these cities." It will delight the anti-revenue enhancement poster that the current Pasadena CA mayor is Terry Tornek, a Democrat. Of course, it should also be noted that the last GOP mayor there was Loretta Thompson-Glickman, who served 1980–1982, at the dawn of the Reagan presidency. Perhaps the wise voters of Pasadena saw the error of their ways and applied corrective actions ever since, electorally speaking. By the way, Ms Thompson-Glickman's tenure capped an 18-year run of GOP mayors there. wikipedia.org (10/4/16)

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"A Netflix tax?" It shouldn't come as any surprise if you look at who is running these cities. If it does, it's time to start paying attention. It's never enough for these people. This won't be the last. And notice how they can never do with less. It's you who has to do with less of your hard earned money. (10/3/16)

A Netflix tax? The Los Angeles Times offers this headline: "Pasadena and other California cities weigh whether video service subscribers should pay." It's too soon to say if this idea will be implemented in California, and if it is, whether it might catch on nationally, but fans of Netflix and other video streaming services should at least be aware of it. www.latimes.com (10/3/16)

Okay, I get the action on the Long Roofing ads. The effectiveness is measured by the number of people who call Long Roofing for the services. If people are listening to the ads and then acting upon those ads, that's great. It's not about heavy placement, it's the ROI for any advertiser, although some advertisers may have to buy more spots to get a decent amount of business. Same thing with all those companies Chris Core shills for. But the real reason why WTOP might be slipping is the top- and bottom-of-the-hour CBS news. The lead is a Donald Trump attack piece and the 2nd or 3rd piece might be about Hurricane Matthew. (the 10am CBS news had the Hurricane Matthew story at 10:01). A "CBS News Special Report" on the Twitter war between Trump and Hillary on Friday night should have been instead focused on either the NJ train wreck, Hurricane Matthew, or the 6 year old boy from SC who ended up passing away from injuries in a school shooting. CBS's lack of journalistic leadership shows, and WTOP should consider getting CBS to allow them to dump out of the :30 report if it is about some non-newsworthy item (or just a fluff piece). Based on my opinion alone, CBS News shouldn't get another Murrow award as a result of their editorial garbage that airs over WTOP's airwaves. Stephen (10/3/16)

Why is the DCRTV page black? Out of respect, of course; because RADIO IS DEAD!!! Har har har, see how dumb that sounds when someone else says it first? (10/3/16)

Dave's response: You may be right.....

My local station is WTHU and I'm shocked with their programming choices. Hard to imagine that a Christian station is going to give a show to a failed candidate like Eric Beasley after all of the allegations against him during his campaign. Unfathomable! (10/3/16)

The US Tax code is 70,000 pages. Even our lawmakers don't understand it or like it. If you don't like it, then elect someone who will change it. Does anyone really have the power to change it? Our Congress talks a lot about changing it but they don't seem to have enough votes to do it. Now is the time for CHANGE! The FCC is still operating on the rules that were established in 1934. More new rules are coming out every day. The broadcasting industry has so many rules not even the FCC understands them. (10/3/16)

“Vin” besides being “Vince” is also known by his birth name of “Vincent Edward Skully” according to his Wiki: wikipedia.org (10/3/16)

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"WTOP all but takes credit for the great Vince Skully..." I can understand how that would be offensive to a big Vince Skully fan such as yourself. (Hint: Vin Scully.) (10/2/16)

Someone ad guy wrote "Long Roofing is our client and the fact that people are noticing a roofing company that means we are doing a good job..." I tend to never agree with Mr. Hughes these days, but I do in this case. Those Long jingles are annoying as fuck. I'd rather listen to two cats fucking just before dawn. "...we are doing a good job". No, you have heavy ad placement. Very heavy. Doing a good job and making a smart buy are two entirely different things. (10/2/16)

Dave's response: WTOP has turned into a cheap shit whorebag station that'll do anything to get a few extra ad bucks. I knew WMAL was like that, but WTOP too? Wah. I have a funny feeling things aren't going so well for the all-newser.....

Dave if this station along with DC101 constantly is in poor ratings like 17th why wouldn't you want to try something new? worse is it fails you do media from NY I'm sure you remember when thier legendary oldies outlet WCBSFM I grew up there so I listened to it they tried Jack awhile back it failed they switched back bur Cumulus and I heart and all these big corporations seem like a bunch of idiots.Logic would be give DC radio something missing I live far enough South I don't get a decent signal on Jack or 98 Rock out of Baltimore so something like those formats would be worth a try.I think we have way too many Adult contemp Top 40 outlets Fresh,WashFm Hot 99.5,107.3 plus WINC FM out of Winchester strong signal B101.5 Fredericksburg as well. (10/2/16)

Hi Dave! I'm big fan and follower of your blog! You made me crack up with your comments regarding WTOP ratings dropping due to those Long Roofing ads. Long Roofing is our client and the fact that people are noticing a roofing company that means we are doing a good job. Check out our news TV campaign and let me know your thoughts! youtube.com... Thanks and keep up the great work! (10/2/16)

Dave's response: Your ad jingles are incredibly annoying, and, like those incessant Kars For Kids spots, probably very effective. The only way to avoid them is to stop listening as much to stations I used to like.....

Anyone hear any rumblings regardin Steve Chenevey leaving channel 5? Reason being, I've noticed the following. He's not been part of the group that does the remote zip trips and I was really surprised that he wasn't included for the celebration at Andrews AFB. They sent Bob Barnard instead and he NEVER goes on such remotes with the "regulars". Also, on set when they do their celebrity talk or Sara Fraser's "bits", Erin has conveniently replaced Steve at the table. Plus, for the Good Day DC show, Steve rarely does Friday's anymore and is usually replaced with Allison. I know on Allison's podcast that she mentioned her disappointment with initially being on Good Day DC and then dropped. So, maybe giving her Fridays was a compromise? It just may be me, but it appears that he's being phased out. But then again, unlike the others, I get the impression that he's non too keen on the changes to majority "fluff".... (10/2/16)

Hmmm. WETA-FM is testing an HD3 stream. Currently relaying HD1 albeit several seconds beyond. I wonder what the programming will be? The audio bandwidth and reception of HD1/HD2 has not deteriorated despite the new HD3 stream. (Too bad Bluegrass Country will not migrate to WETA-HD3...) Tracy in Odenton, MD (10/2/16)

WTOP all but takes credit for the great Vince Skully by alluding that he owes his incredible career to – wait for it – having once years ago been on – wait for it – WTOP. Even worse, the story is a year old. The fact of the matter is that Skully HAD a career BECAUSE he left WTOP. Sheesh, Washington did not even have a baseball team for decades to do play-by-play. His “lucky break” was getting the hell out of DC: wtop.com (10/2/16)

DCRTV tries to be Fair & Balanced. Wait, I am talking about FOX NEWS CHANNEL......Send MONEY TODAY!!! Thanks. (10/2/16)

I have not heard WBAL-AM since the last time I was in Baltimore, 2 years ago. I get my information about the Baltimore and Washington markets here on DCRTV.com, and from what I’ve been reading, WBAL’s quality has declined dramatically. And WBAL’s ratings back up the perception of DCRTV readers. That’s why I was surprised to see that WBAL won the Marconi Award as “Large Market Station of the Year.” I realize this type of award is often based on the presentation entered into the competition. But I was still a little bit taken aback. Roddy Freeman (10/2/16)

Gotta love the WMAL ads with Larry O'Connor for sales openings: how hard is it sell time to KARS FOR KIDS and LONG FENCE on Red Eye Radio at 2:00 AM? (10/2/16)

When conditions are right and I'm in just the right spot of town, I can get three good sources of decent music on AM: 820 The Gamut, WCTN 950 and WKCW 1420. Ever since WCTN ditched the international programming and just stuck some music reels up on their 1977 Revox, I've come to appreciate a mix that differs from the usual WKCW fare. And the Gamut is, well, the Gamut: Always something offbeat and interesting. The only other music out there is that horn and accordion stuff on the Spanish AM'ers and the occasional Jesus tune that pokes through the noise on 860 from Baltimore. The signal from WNAV dies long before it crosses the Beltway, so I miss out on their playlist that stalled out in the mid-70s. But there are tunes to find on AM if one wants to look and listen for them. --Proud AM Radio Freak (10/2/16)

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Once you go black... If you use Chrome (and why wouldn't you), any site can be blacked with the High Contrast extension. I've been using it for months. Great for those with weak eyesight. Other options, like Yellow on Black, too, if you've got yellow fever. chrome.google.com (10/1/16)

Dave's response: If you're using Chrome, go to the browser menu in the upper right corner (three dots or three lines) and then hit the plus button on the zoom menu. It'll make all text, no matter what site, easier to read. I have presbyopia (funny, I was raised as a Presbyterian) and I don't find it any more difficult reading DCRTV with the black background. In fact, I find it easier on the old eyeballs with less harsh glare from the bright white background.....

Black Sites Matter (10/1/16)

[RE: “We've always been independent, somewhat strange, unique. A quirky little refuge in a sea of corporate, clickbait sludge that the web has become. Kinda the way the 'net used to be a decade-plus ago. BTW, you can still make a donation for our 19th birthday last month. Just PayPal it to my dcrtv@hotmail.com address. Or drop a check in the mail. Make it payable to me - Dave Hughes, 1981-B Villaridge Drive, Reston VA 20191. No amount is too small (or too large). Ha ha ha.....] Support DCRTVDJDAVE people RIGHT NOW! For the Love of God help this poor man out! Offer him a coffee or a job at Starbucks, lunch at the shelter, a password to Netflix, did I say a coffee at Starbucks?, an umbrella in the rain, his own radio station, just give him something! Signed: Not Bill Hess. (10/1/16)

WRQX has solidified itself as a 4th place radio station, among WIHT, WASH, and WIAD. Even sometimes getting beat by ZOL, and JFK....sometimes 'TEM. Safe to say that Mix 107 is primarily a Fredericksburg, Va radio station. Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and MOCO has decided, for YEARS now, WRQX is among the bottom of bottom radio stations. Advertising clients would probably prefer a station that can beat it's competitors, as the entire point of advertising is to perform better than the client's competitors. Tough sell if you ask me, "How does advertising on your station help me increase performance against my competition, when you can't increase performance against your competition?" ...... The only honest answer that WRQX could deliver is "We're just a hell of a lot cheaper..." Jason Kidd may not be able to fix this completely, because Diamond is a radio fossil... but, he'd have WRQX more competitive.... MUCH more competitive. Kidd for WRQX President! KIDD2016!!! Cumulus DC sales execs and management have approved this message! (10/1/16)

Regarding the retro "white text on black background" look -- It'll take a little while for me to adjust to seeing it again. I just hope it doesn't attract all the usual trolls who frequented the Mailbag back when it was the standard look. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind if some of the radio folks who used to post here back then, began showing up again. (10/1/16)

Dave's response: I dunno. The response to the DCRTV 19th Anniversary Fundraiser was underwealming. The site's looking dull to me. Too slow to load. Need to streamline things and maybe get back to the basics of what made DCRTV "great." Back To Black is a change, at least. A step backward? In a way. Can you go back again? Probably not. The radio biz is changing (on life support?) and will probably never be as much "fun" as it was a decade or two/three/four/five ago. But, what the hell. If the money's not there, at least the joy of running this site will still be. Black is also a symbol of DCRTV's difference. We've always been independent, somewhat strange, unique. A quirky little refuge in a sea of corporate, clickbait sludge that the web has become. Kinda the way the 'net used to be a decade-plus ago. BTW, you can still make a donation for our 19th birthday last month. Just PayPal it to my dcrtv@hotmail.com address. Or drop a check in the mail. Make it payable to me - Dave Hughes, 1981-B Villaridge Drive, Reston VA 20191. No amount is too small (or too large). Ha ha ha.....

The New York Times’ Robert Draper reports that the “right-wing media” is at war with itself: “How Donald Trump Set Off a Civil War Within the Right-Wing Media” asserts that conservatives do eat their own and WMAL talker Mark Levin is quoted trashing Ann Coulter and others. Sheesh, I thought the enemy was Her Thighness not The Dumpster: www.msn.com (10/1/16)

RE: “DCRTV started this way. And its back baby….” Change DCRTV back from black to white RIGHT NOW: for the love of God we have enough darkness in this world! (10/1/16)

Gus in Gaithersburg must be OUTRAGED that DCRTV went "BLACK" (10/1/16)

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