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DCRTV Mailbag - September 1, 2016 to September 30, 2016

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Hello darkness, my old friend... I thought it was because of tonight’s black moon. KOF (9/30/16)

Really enjoying the black background and white letters on the site. Is this just for the DCRTV anniversary or is it permanent? (9/30/16)

Dave's response: DCRTV started this way. And it's back, baby.....

The New York Times is comparing Trump to Hitler. They must really hate him. It is worse than The Washington Post! I don't read The Washington Post anymore. (9/30/16)

Re: "According to the Associated Press, Virginia Governor, McAuliffe has restored Voting rights to more than 60,000 felons. The Democratic Governor made his statement on WTOP. Is that 60,000 more votes for Hillary Clinton in Virginia? Clinton announced that she would not be buying any radio spots in Virginia. She thinks that she already has Virginia won!" Yep, like she's winning most of the East and Northeast. But where did you get the idea that felons are all Democrats? Ted Cruz, right? Well, you're just as wrong as he was. The small amount of study on this indicates that former guests of the state are about as evenly split between Democrat and Republican as is the general public. Try again. (9/30/16)

In his "Our Town" podcasts, one can only hope that Andy Ockershausen does a few solo, just telling the stories for which he's legendary. This is going to be entertaining! Jim Bohannon (9/30/16)

Dave's response: I sat down with Andy at local restaurant and recorded our two hour conversation about those early days. Some of the language was kinda rough and tumble. But it was fascinating stuff. I gotta edit it down and post it.....

According to the Associated Press, Virginia Governor, McAuliffe has restored Voting rights to more than 60,000 felons. The Democratic Governor made his statement on WTOP. Is that 60,000 more votes for Hillary Clinton in Virginia? Clinton announced that she would not be buying any radio spots in Virginia. She thinks that she already has Virginia won! (9/30/16)

[Murder this morning at Hillcrest Heights motel, entrance 625 feet from Naylor Road Metro station. @ABC7News reports "Man killed overnight near Branch Avenue Metro station in Prince George's Co."] That's about three miles from the motel. Hared to trust WJLA's "news" when they seem to be too busy with happy talk chit-chat to bother getting their facts right. (9/30/16)

No one actually reported hearing the 87.9 station here in DC. The streaming signal can be heard anywhere of course, but the initial mention was via a low power broadcast website. And the station operator had an article done on him. Apparently it is quite audible in Martinsville Va, way south of here. (9/30/16)

Those of you who are reporting the 87.9 station in Collinsville, VA: where are you when you are receiving it? DC area? Charlottesville? Roanoke? Lynchburg? Danville? Inquiring mind wants to know. (9/30/16)

Correction: the FCC Field Office is on Oakland Mills Road, not Owen Brown Road. Oops! (Remember when their mailing address was Laurel, prior to the creation of Columbia?) (9/30/16)

When exactly did WNUV stop transmitting CW programming in 1080i and down converting it to 720p? Was it when Sinclair took control of WUTB its master control moved in with WBFF and WNUV? I heard before that given the number of channels their equipment can't handle anything more than 720p and they are maxed out channel wise - is this true? Sorry for the questions. The first two were general and the third was based on something I think I read. -R (9/30/16)

If you have a Sirius radio, or a recently produced SiriusXM receiver like the Onyx Plus, the radio automatically jumps to the traffic and weather report as soon as it becomes available. And, since the Onyx Plus records all your favorites simultaneously including the traffic channel, the most recent traffic report is instantly available when you hit the Traffic button. It's pretty clever. -Chainsman (9/30/16)

OMG. Could not agree more. The only thing missing from this list is Lon Solomon's Not a Sermon Sermons ad series. I think I'd rather go to Hell with all the other cool people if his sermons or anything like his WTOP ad spots. "I'll take a Long Roofing jingle over a 'have you talked to your doctor about your poop' ad any day. Or for that matter, over a Dominion Jewelers spot (Carolyn!), KARS 4 KIDS ad, Chris Core and Clinton Yates commentary or a Mike Moss 'good stuff' interjection. Face it: WTOP isn't meant to be listened to for long stretches of time. Get your headlines and your traffic update and then get out of there." (9/30/16)

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Regarding "...looks like we have another station broadcasting on 87.9: 'The Point', out of Collinsville VA (down near Danville)." Acording to the FCC database (which is often out of date), the only to stations authorized on 87.9 are Mountain View, CA, and a translator in Sun Valley, NV. When you see their listings in the database, you also see this: "*** Use of Channel 200 87.9 MHz is restricted to existing displaced full service Class D noncommercial educational stations. See 47 CFR 73.501. Channel 200 is not available for use by other station classes and services.***" The translator in NV doesn't meet that requirement, but when you're the FCC you can do what you damned will please. Looks like the closest FCC Field Office is Columbia, MD. Will they take the drive from Owen Brown Road down Route 29, I-81, or not at all? If you file a complaint at consumercomplaints.fcc.gov, they may take the drive. (9/29/16)

When in the car, I hit 103.5 FM for traffic. And then back to XM. That way I miss the obnoxious voice of Chris Core. It is a core value to not hear his horrible voice. At home I do not hear him because the radio is not on. Quite simple actually. (9/29/16)

There is a pirate station on 87.9. Perhaps the FCC is not aware of it. All they need to do is tune in and listen. Maybe, they don't listen to radio! (9/29/16)

I'll take a Long Roofing jingle over a "have you talked to your doctor about your poop" ad any day. Or for that matter, over a Dominion Jewelers spot (Carolyn!), KARS 4 KIDS ad, Chris Core and Clinton Yates commentary or a Mike Moss "good stuff" interjection. Face it: WTOP isn't meant to be listened to for long stretches of time. Get your headlines and your traffic update and then get out of there. (9/29/16)

"3 AM last night and flipped on WTOP for the latest weather forecast. I listened for maybe 10 minutes and heard THREE Long Fence jingles - one short one after the weather forecast and two other longer ones. I dunno." Does make one long for the Eddie Leonard sandwich shop commercials that ran on WEAM all night long in the 60's. EA (9/29/16)

Well ... looks like we have another station broadcasting on 87.9: "The Point", out of Collinsville VA (down near Danville). And according to one low-power radio forum, it might be a pirate. It ain't exactly running at legal power and it has a loud presence on Facebook and its own webpage (www.101thepoint.com). At 220 air miles from DC, I cant see the Commish running down there anytime soon to shutter the place, but dey better lay low and watch dey ass..... Followup to the Collinsville FM'er: he had an article done on his potentially illegal station: www.martinsvillebulletin.com. Dumb dumb dumb. (9/29/16)

I agree with the poster about the overdose of breaking news. NBC 4 is out of control lately, ever since they went to their new grpahics package. Pulsating "Breaking News" top graphic in red, "Storm Team 4 Weather Alert" in red and the weather center also changing color as if the Enterprise was about to go into battle. Idiotic "Decision 2016" clocks overlaying useful information. "We build trust an piece of mind with every Long Roofing Roof" (sorry Dave, they drive me nuts too). (9/29/16)

Several years ago, just about all TV stations were introducing news stories as "breaking news," whether or not the story was actually breaking or newsworthy. I complained about that on this board, in fact. Thankfully, that practice has stopped--except, it seems, for WJLA channel 7. I've discovered after getting up early over the last few weeks that they've started, again, to introduce almost all of their stories as "breaking news" in their morning newscast. When will they learn that "breaking news" connotes urgency and importance, and shouldn't describe an event simply because it has recently happened? They described the typhoon in Taiwan as "breaking news" even though it was hardly important to most of us here in DC. This morning they described a shooting in NE as "breaking news" even though, unfortunately, such things are nearly routine. So I'm off to channel 9 for my morning news until WJLA stops insulting me by hyper-inflating their news stories. (9/29/16)

Dear Dave, Re your Chris Plante hike rant: (I do like my colons) The guy is doing a SHOW - Its ENTERTAINMENT. Johnny Carson was a real bore when the curtain went down. I don't want to know what Brian Wilson does when he leaves the building. Apparently Plante is a pretty nice guy off-mike. I find his satire and commentary biting, hilarious, and on the mark 75% of the time. From a liberal perspective, I suspect his truth hurts so much that its too tough for you to recognize his genius. See, I'm told that some rap types (I can't use the word "musician") are masters of the form but I can't get thru the crap content to make that judgement myself. See? Chris Plante is expressing the frustrations of folks like me. It can be mean sometimes but also valid. When he makes a particularly vexing point I turn the radio down and rant on my kid sitting next to me in the car - we're all working it out. Most of the time I'm smiling during a Plante show and only pissed when a weakly talented sub fills in. The guy is a wordsmith, second only to Dennis Miller in obscure/obtuse cultural references, generous with his time to callers with opposing views, precise with the facts, funny as hell (perfect Nutty Professor impression) and apparently charming. If only he'd get right with Baby Jesus...M (9/29/16)

I don't think WTOP's Long Roofing ads are that annoying as they are only 5 seconds long. when they first aired, I couldn't understand what they were singing...but I think they were re-cut to make them sound clearer. what annoys me to no end is the "1-877-KARS 4 KIDS" jingle. I punch out every time that thing comes on. Ross in Gaithersburg (9/29/16)

Dave's response: I woke up at 3 AM last night and flipped on WTOP for the latest weather forecast. I listened for maybe 10 minutes and heard THREE Long Fence jingles - one short one after the weather forecast and two other longer ones. I dunno. Three spots in 10 minutes? I realize that some advertising agencies argue that ads need to be annoying to be effective. They can also be so annoying people will turn against the product (my condo association takes care of the roof) - or the station that runs them to death.....

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Back in July, FBI Director Comey said “no reasonable prosecutor” would pursue a criminal case against Hillary Clinton, but, today, he apparently felt the need to clarify one more time for the dingbat conservatives on Capitol Hill. At a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee, today, Director Comey was a bit more definite, telling Sen. Ben, “I was a former high school boys wrestling coach, nothing pedophiliac about that,” Sasse, there was “no evidence” to support a prosecution The dialogue went like this Sasse: "Do you think that Secretary Clinton break any laws related to classified data?" Comey: "We have no evidence sufficient to justify the conclusion that she violated any of the statutes related to classified information." He also commented that (nutty talk radio believers) should stop sending him Hillary for Prison” T-shirts. Got that Larry? Stop claiming her emails were prosecutable, stop saying she should be in jail, and, please put us all out of our misery and kick batsh%t crazy Joe DiGenova, and his Looney wife Victoria Toensing off your program. They are wrong about 100% of the time. Drop it with the emails, Larry, just drop it. Now, if we can only have an eleven hour congressional testimony to clear up any Benghazi confusion, perhaps Larry could cross that one off his list. OH, wait...... (9/28/16)

Does anyone in DC know how many HD receivers there are in the DC area? Nobody seems to have this information. Nielsen does not publish it. ( Maybe they don't know.) Google does not have the information either. (9/28/16)

Someone commented that the reason WTOP's ratings are down was because of Chris Core, which is kinds dopey since he is on for, what, two minutes a day? I find Clinton Yates' constant victimhood annoying, but that's not why I find myself not tuning into WTOP as often as I used to. No, it's because of: "news" items recycled over three days; JJ Green's 2 minute interviews with some assistant under-secretary to the assistant of the secretary of a division of the department of homeland security that repeat in ten-second segments every hour over three weeks; Mike Causey teasing a story for an upcoming spot, then teasing the story again during the spot so that people will click on his stupid web page; sexual abuse stories every five minutes ("Cover those ears kids, while Daddy waits for traffic and weather!"); "studies" by partisan organizations presented as breaking news; "Breaking News!" that is 12 hours old; Rita Kessler's fibroids; the "To Your Health" segments; Mike Moss's throat goobies; Hilary Howard constantly walking on Shaun Anderson and sing-songing her way through the evening rush hour; the unctuous wine segments and useless beer segments; Lauryn Ricketts getting giddy for rain "sheewerrrs" and her "that-these-those, yours-mine-ours" syntax. Wait, I just got started.... Chris from Bethesda (9/28/16)

For the guy kvetching about 94.7 HD (or not) I've noticed climbers on the River Road tower removing somebody's gear. I'll bet 94.7 and 99.5 are being told to go to their backup sites, where HD gear might not be cost effective. P of the AW (9/28/16)

RE: Rouse and Company--if a show extends an hour and no one is listening, does anyone know? (9/28/16)

RE: “Have noticed that there seems to be a wardrobe issue with Fox5's traffic person Erin Como”. Leave Erin Como’s ample, voluptuous, amazing, cleavage alone RIGHT NOW: the poor girl is just trying to break into the DC market! Love that Erin: www.bing.com (9/28/16)

Have to agree with Dave about WTOP. Its probably the best all news product in the whole country - but when Chris Core comes on and hawks whatever he's hawking this month - I have to turn it off. I've become so sick of his voice I've started to tune out when he does his actual "Core Values" segment. They've definitely gone to the well too many times on this one. (9/28/16)

Last week I reported Fresh Fm 94.7 HD 2 Dcs Greatest Hits was displaying song titles and artists but no audio now the HD sub's aren't even on last night and now and Fresh isn't even in HD and it seems like signal strength is reduced this is like the fourth time in a month I go to listen and there's a problem In not speaking for all HD sub's in Washington area buy this one is a joke but The Gamut WTOP HD3 never a problem some great stuff they play Grateful Dead Smiths Yardbirds but a lot of junk but at least they offer innovative programming. Wash FM HD2 IHeart Cool Oldies fairly reliable but same 100 or so songs over and over. (9/28/16)

Have noticed that there seems to be a wardrobe issue with Fox5's traffic person Erin Como. On more than a couple of occasions, she's come on set with dresses/skirts with slits high up her thigh or low cut tops/dresses. Then, after she's been on a few times, the outfit is either changed or she's put on something under her dress to hide the cleavage. So obviously she's been approached to make a change and obviously has a backup outfit at the station. She's been there long enough to know the "dress code", but seems to want to push the envelope. However, anyone who watches can see that the female anchors either choose or are instructed to wear tight fitting dresses. (9/28/16)

Washington DC lifts American U.’s non-com news/talker WAMU past Hubbard’s commercial-news WTOP, for the age 6+ AQH total-week win. Last month they were tied, and this time WAMU’s the victor. It’s moved from a July-book 8.6 share to an August 9.1, and now a 9.0-share. The WTOP-based regional network’s gone 9.4-9.1-8.7. To give each its due, WTOP is #1 in the afternoon drive daypart and tied for #1 at night. WAMU’s #1 mornings and middays. Third overall is Howard U.’s 2016 Marconi-winning urban AC WHUR (6.5-6.9-6.6). It’s tied with ’TOP for the nighttime lead and is #1 Saturday-Sunday. Fourth overall is Radio One’s urban AC “Majic” WMMJ (6.1-5.9-5.4, and tied for third middays). Fifth overall is iHeart’s top 40 “Hot 99.5” WIHT (5.7-5.3-5.2). All the political hub-bub doesn’t do much for Cumulus talker WMAL-AM/FM (2.9-3.1-3.1) – though it’s fifth in middays, which includes three hours of Rush Limbaugh. The other Cumulus station is hot AC “Mix 107.3” WRQX (2.8-3.2-3.1). Tony Kornheiser has left daily terrestrial radio, and his former flagship WTEM (Red Zebra) is up for the week (1.3-1.4-1.6). Middays specifically were higher. Washington Nats flagship “Fan” WJFK-FM (CBS) moves around the bases, 2.4-2.5-2.8. D.C.’s leader in average weekly cume is top 40 WIHT, at just over 1.25 million. Nielsen’s “September” book measured more of August – it ran August 11-September 7..... Baltimore makes Radio One very happy by keeping its two big stations #1 and #2 – and with exactly the same shares as the August book. Urban AC WWIN-FM goes 8.6-8.5-8.5 and urban “92Q” WERQ is steady, 9.2-8.4-8.4. WWIN-FM’s #1 afternoons, nights and weekends. Third overall is CBS AC WLIF (7.8-8.2-7.8, and #1 middays with double digits). Fourth is iHeart’s country WPOC, with a third consecutive 6.8 share. Fifth – boosted by Orioles baseball at night – is CBS Radio’s sports “Fan” WJZ-FM (5.5-5.3-5.5). The Fan is second in the 7pm-midnight period. “Shine” WRBS-FM, the commercial contemporary Christian station operated by the not-for-profit Peter & John, regains some momentum in PPM (2.8-3.0-3.6). Cume leader is AC WLIF at nearly 750,000. (9/28/16)

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Or -- maybe -- nobody's in an uproar about Savage going off the air because nobody was listening to begin with. Makes more sense than the conspiracy theories being tossed around in the Mailbag by all three of his fans. (9/27/16)

Savage taking calls from listeners reporting on outages of his show: this might be the beginning of the end of Savage as we’ve known him. DCRTV other than in the mailbag has no information on what is going on: it would be good to know but apparently Dave’s aversion to Savage is resulting in a news blackout while we know all about some lame podcast by Andy Ockershausen who has not be on radio for years. Sheesh: put your own prejudice aside and do some reporting will you Dave? Your pal: Michael Savage. (9/27/16)

New translator 98.1 for Manassas was approved for 920 AM. As soon as they get it on the air it will cause interference to SOMAR 98.3 WSMD and Rock 98 the Hearst Station in Baltimore. It will also cause interference to the new Reston Translator 98.3 owned by John Garziglia. (9/27/16)

A quick check of FCC records show that Danny Snyder’s Red Zebra has filed no objections to any of the 94.3 FMs that will wipe out his WWXX 94.3 signal around much of DC. In addition, he’s filed no objections to either of the 92.7 FMs in the Baltimore area which will affect the WWXT 92.7 signal in AA. County. Red Zebra is clearly paying no attention to these two signals. It doesn’t appear they will even notice this until their advertisers start cancelling for not being able to receive the Redskins or hear their commercials. — BaltoMedia.Net (9/27/16)

RE: Michael Savage. First of all kudos to Bill Hess for not jumping on the bandwagon and pulling Savage too. Although, as we know, Hess despises Savage and has previously used any excuse to preempt him, apparently he either decided to keep Savage on air or was at a late lunch with DCRTVDJDAVE and didn’t know that Westwood and/or Cumulus were executing a purge. Like Rush or Levin, like him or hate him, Savage has enormous terrestrial radio ratings and even better streaming: any tinkering with either Savage format is bad business and must be solely not personally liking his content. Last but not least: this is yet another sign of the beginning of the end of both Westwood and Cumulus because Rush, Levin and Savage will survive and thrive without them. Adios profits! (9/27/16)

Dave - Tom Taylor printed a fun bit about the confusion I have had over the years with "the other" Al Peterson out west. Its the last story just before the Classifieds ("You Cant Make This Up"). Have fun. AP (9/27/16)

Dave's response: I've copied it below.....

What’s in a name? – Al Peterson says “I’m the ‘Radio World’ guy, not the news/talk guy. That confusion dates back to 1979 in Oswego, New York, and my first pro job. The studio phone rang and a woman said ‘I thought you were leaving Central New York.’ I said, ‘Sorry, but I just got here.’ She couldn't figure me out, I couldn't figure her out. Eventually, she explained that someone in Rochester with the same name as mine just wrapped things up there and left. Since only 58 air miles separates Oswego from Rochester, there was bound to be some overlap in signal contours. I didn't think about it again until years later when I lived in Connecticut and Don Imus cursed ‘me’ out on the air on WFAN, ostensibly for something my doppelganger may have done. The broadcaster(s) in question? Al Peterson. One Al Peterson went off to California, got involved in talk radio and now publishes a talk newsletter via NTSMedia Online, and is in demand as a convention speaker. The other (me) gained recognition for production techniques and articles, became Technical Editor of Radio World newspaper in the mid-90s, and is now production director for the Radio America Network based in Washington DC. I did write an article about us both in RW (‘We're All Going to AL in a Handbasket’), and we actually encountered each other briefly, at a Fall NAB gathering in Seattle. I was afraid to shake his hand, for fear of annihilating the universe. Along the way, I've discovered one of the German music hall dancers from ‘Blazing Saddles’ was named Alan Peterson, and there's an Al Peterson handling weather details at KVAL-TV in Oregon. We should have a convention somewhere.” Got your own “Name” story? Email “You Can’t Make This Up” – Tom@RTK-Media.com, and share it with the industry.

Photos from the opening night party last Wednesday at Tony & Joe's Seafood Place for DC media veteran Andy Ockershausen's new "Our Town" podcast, which will feature many local media figures, politicans and community leaders, sports heroes, business and charitable influencers, and many more. More at ourtowndc.com. (9/27/16)

Tara Lewis and Andy Ockershausen

Jen Richer, Tommy McFly, Shari Gonzalez, Chrys Kefalas

Mark Russell and Dr Joe Novello

Janice Ockershausen and Chris Plante

"What are these out of the loop social progressive liberals going to do when they wake up and discover he’s President Trump?" Get back in the T.A.R.D.I.S and fix the obvious grave mistake made in the past. (9/27/16)

Savage taken off air on Monday: www.theyeshivaworld.com... www.breitbart.com... (Interesting: Google news posted the Yeshiva World News article before the Breitbart "scoop". Who had it first--and where is the rest of the media?) (9/27/16)

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Speaking of translators, 98.1 FM has been approved by the FCC for Manassas. I doubt there’s anything that Hearst could do about it, but I imagine it might affect 98 Rock’s signal which does make it south of DC, but probably have no impact on ratings that = money. (9/26/16)

I think it’s amazingly funny that someone posted on DCRTV that they’re hearing and seeing too much of Donald Trump as if he’s not even a candidate for President. What are these out of the loop social progressive liberals going to do when they wake up and discover he’s President Trump? Are they gonna like jump off a building or something when reality sets in? As for Danny Snyder, letting the football people run your team without meddling is not his specialty. It’s refreshing that he’s gotten more laid back, but about the FM 94.3 thing, he’s about to lose a significant amount of revenue via lost listeners from these translators if he doesn’t do something. Unlike the Redskins, radio stations don’t just always make money no matter how much you screw them up. They can lose a fortune easily. (9/26/16)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Sales Positions - Maybe you have worked in Radio in DC and have found yourself part of the consolidation epidemic that has affected so many good people. We are Centennial Broadcasting, a small Virginia company with great radio stations in Fredericksburg and Winchester. WBQB reaches from Richmond to DC and into southern Maryland and we are very active in the region. Our ratings typically have us number one in all the major demos and our station is about 70% female with an average age of about 37. We offer good benefits, a positive environment some expenses paid and more. If you want to work, grow and feel you have some control over your day we might be a good fit. E mail Wendy@wbqb.com all of your information; we will need several references and you need to convince us you can work independently and want to make great money. Centennial Broadcasting LLC2 is an equal opportunity employer. (9/26/16)

Today ESPN 980/WTEM is back on the air on 94.3FM...but not really. Sounds like somebody has rigged up a condenser mic in front of a transistor radio tuned to the AM broadcast and patched that right into the board. This is the third consecutive day that this joke of a station hasn't been able to get its shit together. I say shut it down, sell the Skins rights to WJFK and forget all about this laughable "Red Zebra" experiment. It's yet another Daniel Snyder failure. (9/26/16)

Have a great retirement...Dwight Douglas retiring after an eventful career. I worked for Dwight for 3 years in the 70s and he taught me more about programming and dealing with life than any other broadcaster. I wish you the best, Dwight. Ed Graham (9/26/16)

I especially like that 94.3FM doesn't acknowledge that they didn't broadcast this weekend. Professionalism on top of professionalism. (9/26/16)

Have a great retirement...Dwight Douglas retiring after an eventful career. I worked for Dwight for 3 years in the 70s and he taught me more about programming and dealing with life than any other broadcaster. I wish you the best, Dwight. Ed Graham (9/26/16)

As for the guy complimenting Snyder on his low profile? I think it is because he (Snyder) learned long ago that he isn't clever, funny or charismatic. He makes up for that with a lust for power and money. Not very attractive. Branson? He no longer owns much of Virgin or anything else and is just expected to be a jaunty public representative of the conglomerate, which he does well. -Mrs. Snyder (9/26/16)

For all the lumps Dan Snyder is taking in the press and here on DCRTV, I will give him credit for this: at least he's not compelled to seen and heard every second thru whatever media will follow him. Has anyone else had enough of Trump, Branson and Musk, speaking out about nothing at all significant? I hit that saturation point around the end of summer. At least this guy knows the importance of staying quiet. (9/26/16)

People have been asking about the Red Zebra Station 94.3 in Warrenton. What is wrong with it? They fired their Manager several months ago and have not replaced him. The station is on automatic pilot. Now there are applications with the FCC for three new translators on that frequency. WCTN 94.3 Translator will cause interference with the Red Zebra station. The one in Tacoma Park will also cause interference. (9/26/16)

Wow still now audio on 94.3, just carrier. What an embarrassment. What semi serious broadcaster in DC is off the air for two plus days, especially when the weekend is your bread and butter. God sakes hire some high school kid with a ham radio license if you have too. (9/26/16)

A new generation of Hollyism this morning. Caitlin Roth was in for Tucker this morning. After the team discussed the death of Arnold Palmer, and the lemonade-iced tea concoction named for him, Caitlin sad that it could also "be turned into an adult beverage." After Caitlin finished the weather, she handed it off to Erin to do traffic, and Caitlin asked Erin if she liked Arnold Palmers. When Erin started to answer, Caitlin injected "with vodka!" (9/26/16)

94.3 had carrier and no audio as early as 3 p.m. Saturday, well before any Redskins programming. How anyone lets a major market radio station stay offline for at least 24 hours is mind-boggling. Who knows if RZ is truly incompetent or just doesn't care... (9/26/16)

Speaking of WWXX 94.3 FM, Danny Snyder has been asleep at the switch. Very quietly, there are THREE 94.3 FMs now in the DC area. one in Takoma Park, one in Bowie, and soon one in Potomac, MD !for WCTN. The combination of these 3 FMs will obliterate the Redskins WWXX 94.3 FM around DC, especially around the north side of the Beltway. I’m surprised he hasn’t filed any complaints. (9/26/16)

Yep, no Redskins broadcast in DC today. Ravens on the radio, WTEM shut down. Amateur hour at 94.3. (9/26/16)

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Dave, just watched your video and was wondering if you've thought of starting a GoFundMe page?. There are people out there asking for far less important stuff than your website. (9/25/16)

Dave's response: That's a possibility. Patreon, too. Usually, direct pitches via DCRTV and via e-mail work fine. Worth exploring.....

Someone said this about 94.3 in Warrenton "Today, the station has been off the air all morning...". That's what happens when your chief engineer is also running the games from another city. Nobody left to fix things. (9/25/16)

[Re: A cow probably chewed through the power cable out there in Warrenton.....] Well, there's a strong signal out here but no audio. I can get the game on 95.9 from Fredericksburg, although that's not a real strong signal. Ravens are loud and clear on 100.3FM.---nokesvillejr (9/25/16)

RE: DCRTVDJDAVE TV PLEA. Still wiping tears from my eyes after watching latest episode where our hero Dave states just the facts man about the status & history of his site. Surely (don't call me Shirley) there's a spot for him at Radio Hall of Fame. So moved were we that we took up a collection for DCRTV here at the shelter but I don't think bus tokens will do you any good DCRTVDJDAVE. So instead we want you to come by for lunch or dinner sometime soon. Maybe breakfast where some leftovers from Starbucks can be had. Just know that DCRTVDJDAVE is considered an honorary if not future member of the shelter. And we can provide some pointers on the best corners to set up your wheelchair and tin cup. God Bless DCRTVDJDAVETV. BTW: how about one of those bloated guys from the Don and Mike Show kicking in grand? Your pal: Homeless Joe in Reston (9/25/16)

There are only a few times a year that 94.3FM in DC gets anything close to decent ratings: Redskin game days and, to a lesser extent, morning drive time the day after Skins games. Today, the station has been off the air all morning. If I were an advertiser, I think this would be the last straw. (9/25/16)

Dave's response: A cow probably chewed through the power cable out there in Warrenton.....

My thoughts about DCRTV on its 19th anniversary. Never did I imagine when I started it in 1997 that it would still be here almost two decades later. If you're a fan of the DC and Baltimore media site, please take 11 minutes to watch this important video about DCRTV's future.....

For one boring summer between college years, I got hooked on WOLB AM 1010. I don’t know what they called it then or now, but I told everyone. OMG, you have to to listen to this comedy. Everything bad that happened in the black community was the fault of this mysterious white character, MR. BOBO! Black on black crime? That’s Mr. BOBO’s fault. It was hysterically funny because at the time, I really thought they were joking. When I grew up, I realized how f’d up in the head and ingrained with HATE that many black people are. I don’t think that black people understand why screaming racism over the actions of a black cop seems insane to us? Because to us, it’s just like black people on WOLB 1010 AM screaming, MR. BOBO DID IT! I’ts “THE MAN’s” fault. Statistics simply to not support any argument that cops are targeting black males to kill more than whites. Crying wolf is the kind of thing that only will get someone like Trump elected. (9/25/16)

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\/ September 24 Messages \/

So DCRTVDJDAVE predictions are that over 100 million people are expected to watch the Clinton-Trump debate Monday night. Will DCRTVDJDAVE be watching via his local network station given he does not have cable, will he be listening to it on C-SPAN on his transistor radio, will he be attending a “debate drinking party” where you take a whiskey shot every time Trump says “We will build a wall” or you take a B-12 shot every time Clinton coughs, or will he just be ignoring it? What say you, Dave? The Washington Post’s Dan’s Balls seems to think the debate can change the election, but he does not say from what to what: www.washingtonpost.com (9/24/16)

Dave's response: I'll probably watch the debate on cnn.com, which always opens up its video feed to everyone (not just cable subs) for special events. Of course, I do get 40+ channels of broadcast TV via my antenna for free and could watch the debate on CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, or PBS. As long as Hillary doesn't faint, she'll do fine. The bar for her has been set very low.....

No one is reporting this but I can confirm it tonight. This week, all streaming of CBS Radio stations and many other radio stations' streaming services were disabled on all Apple Macs updated to the latest Safari browser because it deactivates Adobe Flashplayer by default. You have to manually go into Preferences to change the Security setting to allow the Plug-In to work. This won't affect iPhones, just Apple Mac computers, but that's a lot of affected people. -- BaltoMedia.Net (9/24/16)

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\/ September 23 Messages \/

The racist stuff, the Yelp reviews, the "...are you a BROADCASTER?" sideswipe (I'm not)...it's become obvious who "Gus" is. I thought we weren't supposed to mentioned that ancient loser in the Mailbag anymore? (9/23/16)

Leave Gus in Gaithersburg alone RIGHT NOW for the love of Gus & God: www.youtube.com (9/23/16)

Re: "Are you a BROADCASTER? Gus in the Gaithersburg" I'm confused. What does the guy's status as a broadcaster have to do with your status as a racist? Whether or not he's a broadcaster, you are clearly a bigot. Spouting off oddball opinion like "Louis Farrakhan was responsible for the murder of Malcolm X, a friend of mine" as if it were fact doesn't help your case. Stop listening to talk radio and consider changing your handle to Gas in the Bag. (9/23/16)

That is Eddie Gallaher doing the film tour at Broadcast House in 1954. (9/23/16)

Gus in rat infested G'Berg, Laura Bush killed a man, David Vitter cheated on his wife while wearing diapers and paid a women to spank him. Jesse Helms had an out of wedlock Black child who he hid from the public for like 60 years. Nixon lied about the break in. George W. Bush lied about WMD's and took us to war that killed over 4,000 of our finest and cost taxpayers over a trillion dollars (and Georgie made jokes about it). Ronald Reagan "remembered" sailing out to sea to go to war when in reality the story he was weaving was from a Hollywood B-movie of the 50's. Dick Cheney shot a man in the face and hid from the police for nine hours (presumably to sober up). [All these people are White] What's your point? (9/23/16)

WAMD now runs separate liners from the KHZTV.com audio feed specifically targeting Harford County. They appear to have the same playlist, but no longer simulcast the website. 810/1460 have been Spanish language programming for a few months now. MLB4 (9/23/16)

Andre Hepkins will be a great news anchor for the wbal news team I have met him before in St.Louis he is a good story teller as a reporter and as a news anchor (9/23/16)

Gus in Gaithersburg, besides chiming in on the old DCRTV Mailbag, also provides reviews for Yelp: www.yelp.com (9/23/16)

"I've recognized "Gus in Gaithersburg" as an off-topic bore for a long time, but it wasn't until today that I realized he's an old-school bigot. Racism might be funny at your Klan meetings, old man, but nowhere else." Don King stomped a man to death on a public sidewalk. Jesse Jackson lied about the events of April 4, 1968 and fathered illegitimate children while he was married. Louis Farrakhan was responsible for the murder of Malcolm X, a friend of mine. I fail to see the racism. Are you a BROADCASTER? Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/23/16)

Multitasking. Gus in Gaithersburg finding time to consistently post in the DCRTV mailbag while freshly painting his collection of Black Lawn Jockies. #RACIST (9/23/16)

To verify a memory that the Unidentified Corporate Suit has noted, WTOP's heartthrob Bob Dalton gave viewers a tour of the new Broadcast House record library at the 20 minute point of this building dedication broadcast from February 10, 1954... (9/23/16)

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\/ September 22 Messages \/

Washington Post reporters at odds with paper's Editorial Board - www.yahoo.com (9/22/16)

I've recognized "Gus in Gaithersburg" as an off-topic bore for a long time, but it wasn't until today that I realized he's an old-school bigot. Racism might be funny at your Klan meetings, old man, but nowhere else. (9/22/16)

Thankfully AM Radio isn’t “dead”. During last night’s riot in Charlotte, I was able to get local coverage loud and clear on WBT, 1110 (9/22/16)

Wherefore art thou, kHz? WYRE’s on the air this morning. Don’t know about WAMD & WKHZ; can’t get ‘em from beautiful downtown Germantown. KOF (9/22/16)

Former WMAL talker and current Fox News host Sean “Ham” Hammity may have done one toke over the line by doing an ad for The Don. His only salvation is he is one of the few hosts at FNC not suing Roger Ailes for sexual harassment (at least not yet). The Hamster may still be sanctioned by FNC or he may be given a contract extension or a position in the Trump administration: who knows. More: uproxx.com (9/22/16)

"Hey Old Timer ... Pay attention, you old quack...welcome to reality and 2016! Man, this guy must be a WRQX listener, Over 60 and out of touch." Holy Jesus, please just drop a diesel engine block on your fingers and stop posting. (9/22/16)

Michel Wright is quite the radio / tv station jumper. Have never heard her, but why so many different stations? Or I guess it's just how the business works. (9/22/16)

I saw the picture WMAL transmitter building coming down and my first reaction was "Oh Sh&T, just another thing Chris Plante will blame on Obama". Don't fret, Brian. There are plenty of hotels in the area you can use if need be. (9/22/16)

What is happening with the KHZ Network? Checked the Facebook page, last post was in December. The WAMD Facebook page hasn't had a post since July. Just curious if the network will continue? I know WKHZ in Easton is running Spanish programming. Last I heard, WAMD was running Top 40 and WYRE was just dead air. (9/22/16)

"The DCRTV Mailbag being a family friendly site there is no point in repeating the word Don King used" You mean Don "The Murderer" King? Just like Jesse "Lied about the events of April 4, 1968 The Inseminator" Jackson and Louis "Killed Malcolm X" Farrakhan. As Joseph Campbell once said "Indras all!" {shrill loser voice} DCRTV IS FOR BROADCASTORES! {/shrill loser voice} Those sausages smell fantastic. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/22/16)

"re WRQX: FWIW, the old WARW was also around 18th place during its Greaseman phase (1996-98). It doesn't mean people aren't listening.Not everyone is given those dopey People Meters. (9/21/16)" Hey Old Timer... What happened to that 'around 18th' place station? Let me tell you.. it's gone! See what happens! Here's another lesson for you: Advertisers spend their money based on audience performance. Pay attention, you old quack: When you suck for a long time, like WRQX, advertisers stop spending their money. When that happens, you don't have any money to run your radio station. So, thanks for the nostalgia of the Greaser, but welcome to reality and 2016! Man, this guy must be a WRQX listener, Over 60 and out of touch. (9/22/16)

Just listened to Tony Perkins' podcast and Sara Fraser really pushed (as she has with everyone) him to air dirty laundry and throw people under the bus. And although he tried to gingerly talk about his eventual displeasure with goings on at GMA, Sara didn't let up. I had to laugh when he said that more and more, others were being brought in to do some of the segments (such as entertainment segments) that he had routinely done. Reason being, guess he forgot that when coming back to Fox, HE eventually replaced Holly Morris to do that "Where's Holly" (or whatever it was called) segment that she had been doing for quite awhile, and pretty successfully. Just kind of seems that with these podcasts, along with airing one's private lives, there's no lack of throwing co-workers as well as management under the bus which I would think is pretty much burning some bridges. I may be wrong, but I would think that if any are considering going to another station, that management would be made aware of these podcasts and take them into consideration when hiring. (9/22/16)

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\/ September 21 Messages \/

Don't get the haters piling on Czaban. My take is that he's one of 980's most valuable people and isn't going anywhere. Too bad he lost his syndicated gig, but he and Pollin do a good show locally. (9/21/16)

The DCRTV Mailbag being a family friendly site there is no point in repeating the word Don King used while introducing Don Trump today but suffice it to say it begins with an “n” and ends with an “r” and will have to be bleeped by Mike Piercy on Thursday morning’s “Chris Plante Show” for Chris to air. Trump must be thinking with friends like these, who needs enemies: www.nydailynews.com (9/21/16)

Leave the WMAL Transmitter Building alone RIGHT NOW! For the love of God it was just doing its job broadcasting the righty talkers: where are Bill, Brian, Larry, Chris, Rush, Mark, John and those Red Eye Radio guys when we need them? Cumulus’ sale certainly has taken its Toll on the building! (9/21/16)

Dave: Finally, arrogance has caught up to the Czaban gang! The guy is a social misfit from what I've heard and thinks he's atop the heap in sportstalk radio. I just hope 980 cleans house soon and realizes their talent's stealing money from their parent owner. Oh, excuse, I'm in the middle of a dream! (9/21/16)

re WRQX: FWIW, the old WARW was also around 18th place during its Greaseman phase (1996-98). It doesn't mean people aren't listening.Not everyone is given those dopey People Meters. (9/21/16)

Tom Taylor's newsletter is reporting that demolition has begun on WMAL's old building at the tower site. I hope by now the proper equipment donations and collections have been made to local history and broadcast-specific organizations and associations, and that everyone got what they wanted. Dave, you ought to back a truck up to the site, ask the nice men for a few free bricks, then turn around and sell them here to DC radio freaks. You make money for the website, and they have something to hurl at their radios when Plante comes on. (9/21/16)

Regarding the “Bob Dalton Story”… it must’ve taken place in either the very early 1950’s or perhaps in the 1940’s as Bob Dalton was already a jock at WTOP when the “original” Broadcast House was dedicated as I vaguely recall him appearing in the record library on the program where “40th & Brandywine” was introduced to the public. Perhaps another old-timer recalls this? -Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/21/16)

WRQX... 18th. 18th, Man?! Is that Jason Kidd stretching out on the sidelines? He looks like he's in mid-season form.... He has a plan....He has confidence among many inside the Jenifer radio station... Put him in coach, he's ready to play, today! Will Cumulus make the right move.... speaking of RIGHT, WMAL moving in the WRONG direction...only right talker with ratings down in the country, for Cumulus?? (9/21/16)

Czaban's show gets shit-canned, and he says "The decision was theirs, and the reasons are their own. I don't claim to know what those reasons are, or particularly care..." This is what we in the business refer to as "a lie." The people who tell them are generally referred to as "liars." Czaban can't hold an audience, his contracts are drying up, he's losing money, his career is threatened....and he doesn't particularly care? Textbook example of a "liar" telling "a lie." If it had to happen to someone, I'm glad it was Czaban. (9/21/16)
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\/ September 20 Messages \/

Re.: WBAL. Something may, in fact, be “up”. Morning crew has gone from Nehman, Patti, Wykoff and Cramer (sp?) to this week, Nehman, Cramer and Troy Johnson. No mention of “Troy Johnson in for John Patti”, or “Patti and Wykoff are off”. Any ideas ? Hmmm (9/20/16)

Michal Wright - Word is that she is out at MMJ middays. FYI. Gone from webpage. No mentions on air. Bummer. (9/20/16)

In response to "WHAT THE HELL is going on at WBAL radio station," the poster's complaint about morning motor mouth, Anne Kramer, is one made frequently here for the past several months which has obviously fallen on deaf ears among management at the station. In its heyday, this station would not have given this chick's audition tape the time of day, much less put her in a drive-time slot; more proof of the station's slip from its once powerful place in broadcast ratings to a pathetic plunge to mediocrity. It is also obvious that a younger, inexperienced generation of social media-driven dorks with absolutely no understanding of local news in the Baltimore metropolitan area have taken the reins there. Take the recent death of Johnny Dark, a well-known radio personality who touched tens of thousands of lives for more than half a century around here, for example. When I watched WBAL-TV, the station never even mentioned his death last week; not surprising, given the fact that nearly everyone on the news desk was sloshing around in their father's balls when Johnny Dark was quickly becoming this town's favorite radio personality. All but a few of them in radio and television are clueless over there and should be fired for lacking any competent, news judgement. And while we're on the subject of death, AM radio is dead, and, sadly, so is this station. (9/20/16)

The Steve Czaban Show on SB Nation Radio was not renewed per the link on Czabe’s website. czabe.com... Czabe and Andy Pollin will still be on Sports Reporters on ESPN 980 from 4-7 daily... (9/20/16)

Looks like OffScript has launched on 9 and it's pretty much a social media heavy version of the original WUSA Tonight. The format is what made 7pm news successful for 9. They seem to be providing a more in-depth look at the major stories of the day. I don't know what they are going to better compete in other time slots, but with the exception of 8's reairing of the 6pm hour of news, 7pm is still 9's best newscast. I have to say this newscast format would not work without a solid anchor like Bruce Johnson. Now if they can get a new set, then 9 would be in business. (9/20/16)

REF: [WHAT THE HELL is going on at WBAL radio station?] Answer: NOTHING! CLICK! (9/20/16)

From Tom Taylor Now: “Talk about weird visitors,” says Jim Bohannon - The veteran Westwood One host says “This didn't happen to me, but to a friend of mine who shall remain...Bob Dalton. But it's the late Bob Dalton, formerly of WTOP Washington, and he used to tell the story a lot, so I don't think he'd mind. Back in the Fifties, Bob was a popular evening jock in Richmond, at WLEE, I believe it was. A woman began calling him, claiming he was the father of her unborn child. Bob was an active young man at the time, but he was fairly sure who might qualify for this claim, and the caller wasn't on the list. Finally, she demanded to see him, and Bob agreed one evening before his show. Descending to the lobby, he walked to the locked door and unlocked it for a woman who came in and looked around. Bob introduced himself, and, shock on her face, she exclaimed, ‘You're not Bob Dalton!’ Apparently, Bob's local fame was getting some guy with a similar voice some good times.” Thanks to Jim for the well-told story about radio. Got one of your own to share? Email it to “You Can’t Make This Up” – Tom@RTK-Media.com. (9/20/16)

It’s hard to tell since the FCC is slow on updating it’s database correspondence and filings, but I’m told by those in the know that WRBS had until September 14 to respond to WRNR’s Motion to reconsider their 103.1 Baltimore FM translator. Failure to respond might mean the translator could be deleted or they’ve given up, but it’s hard to tell since it’s only been about a week since the deadline. WRNR desperately wants this FM shut down as it impacts as much as 25-30% of their marketplace and viewership WRNR claims. We shall see and time will tell if they do anything about the DC 103.1 or not. — BaltoMedia.Net (9/20/16)

Dear Dave - Help me out here - Bill Clinton sexually assaulting countless women or WMAL Pizza Jokes - WHICH IS FUNNIER??? m (9/20/16)

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\/ September 19 Messages \/

I am pissed that Hearst is messing up ME-TV here as ch 11 continually preempts the classic programming channel for their unwanted 10 pm news! This really screws up Saturday night programming as Svengoolie is delayed on WBAL 11-2 pushing everything up 1 hour and as a result we don't get Batman! That show now airs at midnight as you know. I have the DVD's thank God! Batman by the way is preempted in 9 Hearst markets which are WCVB,Boston,KOCO Oklahoma City,WMUR Manchester,NH,WLWT Cincinnati,KCCI,Des Moines,Iowa,WGAL Lancaster,Pa. WXII,Winston-Salem,NC.and last but not least WBAL Baltimore. Ironically, Batman is airing today on Decades cbs's classic sub channel programmed by ME-TV. Ironic because it's airing on WJZ Channel 13,the station which didn't carry it in 1966 when WJZ was an abc affiliate! (9/19/16)

"Am I the only one disturbed by the fact that WTEM ran an ad for the Galaxy Note 7 last night? From, Amar" Yeah...probably you are. (9/19/16)

To the person who asked what's in the old The McLaughlin Group studio, that is where Great Day Washington/Wake Up Washington is done. That studio used to be the news studio pre-HD. I strongly agree, they need to replace the set ASAP. With JLA replacing it's almost 20 year old set last year, 9 now looks like the out of date station, using a set that has been replaced at most over TEGNA stations that went HD with similar sets. (9/19/16)

WMAL’s frothier talker Chris Plante continues his War on Her Thighness (aka Hillary Clinton) saying her favorite pizza chain is Little Seizures (get it, not Caesars, seizures!) mimicking his hero Donaldo Trumpsterez by insulting her, a pizza chain and those who suffer seizures all in one “joke”: www.nbcnews.com (9/19/16)

[RE: “Dave's response: Maybe someone dumped some Red Bull into the morning show coffee pot in the break room. Yeah, the Biased Boobs on WMAL are trying to say the word "terrorism" at least 1,000 times during their four-hour show this morning. I think they'll get a few extra bucks of Cumulus Cash as an incentive in their next paycheck.....”] Well Dave add New York’s Democrat Governor Cuomo to the “Biased Boobs” list and he should receive some Cumulus Cash too for using the word “terrorism” not once but three times in one quote, reported by The Washington Post, “Officials differed on whether to call the Saturday night explosion an act of terrorism. Cuomo said: “It depends on your definition of terrorism. A bomb exploding in New York is obviously an act of terrorism, but it’s not linked to international terrorism.” More: www.washingtonpost.com (9/19/16)

WHAT THE HELL is going on at WBAL radio station? The news person is talking 100 miles per hour, you cannot understand what she is talking about! The only word I could understand was TERRORISM. And I want to know what did I miss? The rest of the news was so fast, I missed it. How much coffee did they have today yes its a rainy Monday but it would be great to understand what she was talking about. There was Dutch Ruppersberger talking about the story, was there a terror attack in Maryland too? I have no idea based on the news. The news man on today is talking at a normal rate but struggling to keep up. Such a mishmash of words its difficult to follow the information. Are there any other news stations on the radio we can find local news on early in the day? -anonymous (9/19/16)

Dave's response: Maybe someone dumped some Red Bull into the morning show coffee pot in the break room. Yeah, the Biased Boobs on WMAL are trying to say the word "terrorism" at least 1,000 times during their four-hour show this morning. I think they'll get a few extra bucks of Cumulus Cash as an incentive in their next paycheck.....

WUSA looking to overhaul its 7PM newscast into 'Off Script with Bruce Johnson'... so far, KARE in the Twin Cities has aired 'Breaking the News' (at 6:30PM since January), and KUSA in Denver revamped its 6PM newscast over the summer, called 'Next with Kyle Clark'. For a few years, WXIA in Atlanta had 7PM newscast (originally called 'The Evening News with Brenda Wood', and renamed 'Daily 11 at 7PM'), but was canceled last year to bring back 5PM newscast. To me, these non-traditional news programs already on KARE and KUSA, and most likely coming to WUSA very soon, looks like it's a Gannett/TEGNA thing (even though Gannett spun off broadcast division last year). Those pay-to-play/advertorial local shows (Great Day Washington on WUSA, Colorado & Company on KUSA, Sacramento & Company on KXTV, etc.) is already another Gannett/TEGNA thing. A smart idea for TEGNA, IMO, would be WUSA getting a new set. There's no telling what WUSA is planning to do with the studio that previously housed the recently canceled political talker 'The McLaughlin Group' either. I would assume WUSA likely getting cookie-cutter design (like what KING and KUSA got earlier this year, by Jack Morton PDG), unless WUSA gets something original (maybe Devlin Design Group or FX Design Group, perhaps). (9/19/16)

"Please tell "Gus in Gaithersbug" to get a life! He doesn't know anything about radio. Don't waste our time. DCRTV is for Broadcasters." Wow, I just laughed a little in my mouth. Giggled like Michael Jackson. I thought this was your one-stop shop for news about Kevin McCarthy's bachelor parties, Cumulus stock quotes, and bitching like a little bitch about other websites! Thanks for settin' me straight, Cap'n Broadcaster! Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/19/16)

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\/ September 18 Messages \/

I don’t want to pile on but Gus in Gaithersburg is also an Apple Mac web expert and an excellent driver, but only on Mondays, only on Mondays. :-) (9/18/16)

Note to Gwen Tolbart: Referring to the high DC humidity as "#unwanted house guest" is getting old. This is DC. Don't like it? Go back to Canada. (9/18/16)

Johnny Dark and I used to kid each other about working together at different stations. We never worked at the same station at the same time. He was a great guy. As a competitor I listened to him many times and he was the most consistent radio guy on the air. Didn't matter what was going on in his personal life, he always presented a perfect quality show. You could count on him to play the right music, and say the right things. Miss you, Johnny. Ed Graham (9/18/16)

Does anyone know where Andrea Roane is on WUSA9? Has she retired? I looked on their website and it doesn’t say she is gone, but Jan Jeffcoat appears to be doing the morning show now. (9/18/16)

Dave's response: Check out the 7/27 item on DCRTV's Rant page.....

Does anyone know how many HD receivers there are in the DC area? I suspect it is a small number. Remember, there are four million people in the DC Metro area. (9/18/16)

Am I the only one disturbed by the fact that WTEM ran an ad for the Galaxy Note 7 last night? From, Amar (9/18/16)

I am saddened to hear of Johnny Dark’s passing. When I first started listening to the radio in the early 60’s, WCAO dominated the Baltimore market, and Johnny Dark handled the 6-10PM shift. He was so exciting to listen to. And over the years, he also did mornings and afternoons at various times and sounded just as great. He left for a year at WEAM in 1965 but returned to WCAO in 1966, and stayed until the station went Black Gospel around 1992. He had a gift of tremendous radio talent, and that never changed over the years. He arguably sounded as good at 80 as he did at 30. I still marvel at the thought that one night after leaving Oldies 100, he was hired at WQSR, and at 75 years of age! Johnny was always there, through my school years, my work years and then when I visited Baltimore after having moved away. Amazingly, given I am a radio junkie and had access to WCAO salespeople during my 10 years in advertising in Baltimore, I had never met Johnny. We actually started communicating when I referred to WCAO in some posts right here on DCRTV.com. Then finally, the day after Thanksgiving 2 years ago, I got together with Johnny for a long and fascinating breakfast. I had guessed from hearing him all those years that he was a super-nice person, and he was. My best wishes to his family. Roddy Freeman (9/18/16)

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\/ September 17 Messages \/

Johnny Dark was definitely one of the good ones. He was a professional and a gentleman. Of which there are fewer and fewer in this industry as time takes them from us. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/17/16)

Leave Kevin McCarthy alone RIGHT NOW! Signed: The Junks. (9/17/16)

I'm just sittin' on the dock of the bay, watching WRQX drift way..... another week of 17th. WMAL, in the most followed, covered, passionate, contentious political era in US history, is posting their lowest numbers in a few years. Oh, CUMULUS, how you are so good at being bad. Beware-WRQX is Advertisers Kryptonite- Careful Batman! Will the Sales aficionados get their wish, and Jason Kidd gets his shot to man the ship? He's go the rhythm, and he's got the blues! Current PD just has the Boo's! Lose here, lose there, lose everywhere! C'mon WRQX, losing can't feel good.... pick up the pace, and get focused! It wasn't a Diamond in the rough, it's just been really rough with Diamond. (9/17/16)

This morning on the Weather Channel, Kelly Cass mentioned that former WJLA meteorologist Jacqui Jeras would be co-hosting AMHQ with Maria Larosa tomorrow morning at 5 AM. So now we know where Jacqui might be ending up. Apparently some vacations are being taken in Atlanta so that's why she has the morning show. (9/17/16)

Saw a promo on Fox's morning news regarding some big announcement next week. Had to go to work, so don't know what it was. Any news on this? (9/17/16)

As for Kevin McCarthy no longer appearing on the Junkies, it will obviously hurt Kevin more than the Junkies. Kevin appears to have an inferiority complex from being picked on as a child and now goes overboard to be liked. He should stop brown nosing, acting like a 10 year old, realize he's living his dream job and move on...Also, on Friday's show, it was said that he was in Vegas for his bachelor party. Thought he was getting married in October (could be wrong) and if so, are bachelor parties held so far in advance? (9/17/16)

I own an HD Radio and often listen to 94.7 Fresh FM s HD 2 sub called DCs Greatest Hits lots of 70s, 80s some 60s and as of early Friday morning the HD radio is displaying song titles and artists but there's no sound been like that since Wednesday same for their HD 3 sub which is transmission of The Fan 106.7 don't they have a studio engineer to monitor the broadcasts ? Guess not this has happened several times before but not this long.The Gamut plays alot of stuff you cant hear elsewhere and their WTOP HD3 sub never has any problems. (9/17/16)

I was sorry to hear of the passing of radio great Johnny Dark. Johnny Dark's professional well seasoned on air work inspired several generations of young people to pursue careers in radio. I was one of them. At age 15, I delivered the Baltimore News American each evening. With my transistor radio tuned to afternoons on WCAO, I listened to and studied the sound and technique of Johnny Dark never realizing that a year later I would be blessed with an opportunity to host a weekly public affairs teen talk program on WCAO and V 103. But the most amazing part of it all was having Johnny Dark take the time to critique my homemade home recorded audition jock tape, my resume and my WCAO/ V 103 public affairs tape. Although I had no prior on air radio experience, Mr. Dark seriously critiqued my work and treated me with respect. Even though I was just a kid, he saw potential and treated me like a peer. His critique, advice and teaching was an education on professionalism. Johnny was very encouraging. The advice I remember most was to simply be yourself when you open your mic. But most of my learning occurred just listening to Johnny on radio as I delivered newspapers in the snow on my N.E. Baltimore newspaper route. Listening to his perfect delivery and call letter separation. "Good Afternoon. I'm Johnny Dark on Sixty...W--- C--- A-- O. Mr. Dark, thank you for your years of dedication to the industry and for teaching and mentoring. It's made a life long career in broadcasting for me and others possible. NBC CHIMES to you Sir for your career and service. (9/17/16)

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\/ September 16 Messages \/

Looks like Jan Jeffcoat is going to be permanent in the mornings. They have new promos with her alone and also with Mike and the CBS This Morning team using the CBS tagline "The News Is Back In The Morning." That leaves a new question, will Lesli Foster co-anchor 5, 6 and 11 or does 9 plan to bring in a new co-anchor at night. Hopefully with Bruce getting a revamped 7pm show, TEGNA will finally replaced the now ten year old news set in the near future. On a side note, if 9 is going to play the serious morning newscast card maybe they should try to focus on competing with 4, which doesn't do quite as fluffy of morning newscast. It's seems like 7 has given up on competing with 4 in the mornings, because they are pretty much doing the same thing 5 has been doing forever. (9/16/16)

Did WBAL-TV make any mention of Johnny Dark’s passing, or were they too pre-occupied with Joe Flacco’s hangnail, and the “Hairspray” dancer auditions? (9/16/16)

Michel Wright's bio has been removed from Majic 102.3s web site which usually means that the talent has moved on. (9/16/16)

Please tell "Gus in Gaithersbug" to get a life! He doesn't know anything about radio. Don't waste our time. DCRTV is for Broadcasters. (9/16/16)

RE: “Heard that Kevin McCarthy, the Fox 5 entertainment reporter and longtime Junkies movie reviewer has been banned from appearing on the Junkies show any longer because of their new contract with Comcast Sports Net.” Whether CSN was behind Kevin McCarthy no longer being on the Junks on Fridays (they are obviously no longer on WTTG either since the deal CSN began) or not it is safe to say McCarthy was not really liked by them as well their producers anymore and they may have just had enough. EB has beefed up his “Entertainment Page”, they all offer their own movie reviews and it’s the busiest time of the DC sports season given the Skins, the Nats and soon the Caps are all active. Blue Shorts wrote of their disdain for McCarthy years ago: washington.cbslocal.com (9/16/16)

"Too much time on his hands?" You have to be kidding! That video was so poorly done they couldn't have worked on it for more than thirty minutes. If it were some YouTuber, you would shrug it off, but oh no, it's a conservative talk show host. Let's trash him. From, Amar (9/16/16)

Man, this "Gus in the Gaithersburg" shit is tedious. Insightful? No. Humerous? No. Adding anything at all to the radio/tv conversation? Nope, no, and no again. Soothing somebody's sagging ego? Apparently so. Pathetic. (9/16/16)

Hello Fellow Posters. I was shocked to hear about Johnny Dark. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to his show over the years. He was one of the first Baltimore air personalities I heard when I moved her from the Midwest almost 40 years ago. I listened to Johnny Dark playing the top 40 music that was popular in the late 70’s up to 1982 when WCAO changed to the country format. Although I’m not a big fan of country music, I listened to Johnny Dark during CAO’s country days from time to time. Rumor has it that he was going to quit, but he was talked into staying at WCAO, and he did. He sounded professional even though he wasn’t crazy about the music he had to play, but eventually he got into the music. Then when WCAO changed to the gospel format, he left and went to MIX 106.5 and did the 70’s Saturday Night show which I enjoyed. Then he was gone after about 1 year give or take a few months. I later found out he was on Oldies 100. I was listening again. Then he left Big 100.3 and started working at WQSR doing the Backseat Memories show. I enjoyed this because he played music from the 50’s and early 60’s. This was when WQSR had cut back severely on the this music. Then WQSR went to the Jack format, and was gone again. This time he was WTTR. I listened to him in my car, but I couldn’t pick up WTTR that good. And now he’s gone for good. At least we have a Cruisin’ 1968 album with him playing the hits. There are also a couple of Johnny Dark air checks on www.reelradio.com. A great talent and a radio legend that will be missed. Condolences to the family during this very sad time. Ed Jones, Bel Air MD (9/16/16)

I heard Michelle Wright left 102.3 in Washington, DC. (9/16/16)

Heard that Kevin McCarthy, the Fox 5 entertainment reporter and longtime Junkies movie reviewer has been banned from appearing on the Junkies show any longer because of their new contract with Comcast Sports Net. Since Kevin is on Fox 5 and CSN is their own channel with NBC as a parent company they don't want him to appear any longer. Kinda sucks, he been reviewing movies for them since he started on their show as an intern in 2004. (9/16/16)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] *News Anchor* WGMD 92.7 FM "The Talk of Delmarva" - Rehoboth Beach, DE... WGMD 92.7 & WGMD.com is currently accepting resumes for Radio News Anchor. This position is great for someone looking to get back into radio or for someone looking to get in the door and on the air at Delmarva's leading News/Talk station. WGMD News offers a modern approach to news gathering and news presentation. You must be digitally savy and be able to write in both print and broadcast style. We also prefer candidates with some prior news experience, whether it is on-air or behind the scenes. This opening is a great opportunity to flex your strengths and get your foot in the door at one of the nation's most innovative News/Talk stations. Shifts are to be completed at the WGMD studios in beautiful Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. There are opportunities for growth at WGMD and creativity is invited! If you are interested, please send your resume and demo to airjob.wgmd.com. No phone calls please. Required experience: - News: 1 year (9/16/16)

Would a decent size contribution to the charity of his choice (except Fisher House - that would be squandering the money according to Chris Plante) entice Bill Hess to record a little snippet to be played before and during the Plante show? He could say "I am Bill Hess and the views and opinions expressed by Chris Plante generally reflect the views and opinions of this station and its management". Would you be willing to that for a couple days Mr. Hess? (9/16/16)

I listened to Johnny Dark for years but somehow never met him. I stopped at the CAO studios once in a while and met Jack Edwards, Paul Rogers, Kirby Scott and the like. But Johnny Dark, J.D. was the best. And then after being a DJ for several years at many stations I decided to check into what WTTR was up to. There he was, Johnny Dark himself and when I met him he was just as friendly and nice as everyone said he was. And a real pro who took his broadcasting career very seriously. I really enjoyed working with him, talking with him and listening to him. He was a great DJ and a man who took his family life very seriously, Even before he told me stories about how he got custody of his kids after a bad marriage I just knew he was a very caring man as well as a top DJ. He told me that he spent many days on the air as he said it without a dry eye. When Johnny's wife, the late Colleen had her final battle with cancer I sat in for Johnny for the many days he needed to be with her and I did his show in a way I felt he would like it done. Johnny once told me there were many deejays named Johnny Dark but he was the real one and even legally changed his name. I spoke to him not long ago when I heard he was ill, but that voice had never changed over the years. Johnny will certainly be missed. RIP JD. (9/16/16)

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"Gus - Great material for a phonecall to the Limbaugh show, but almost all of it totally unreadable and irrelevant to the local broadcast scene. The obligatory mention of Plante at the end didn't go far enough to link it all together. Brevity be de Soul of Wit." Oh poo. I was quoting from and commenting on something from the frontpage of this sight. Don't complain to me, take it up with the manufacturer. Be smarter. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/15/16)

Back in the heyday of top40 radio I had heard that radio stations used and reused the same jock name shouts and jingles due to their cost. They also had generic names that could be used. One of those names was Johnny Dark. There were several of them across the USA, but the best and only one that I consider worthy of that name and reputation worked here at WCAO. I had to sneak listening to the Big 60 due to my Mom being a huge fan of Radio 130. I listened as Johnny counted down the top hits in Baltimore each week. I longed to be at the Civic Center when he bought The Beatles on stage. One evening I was in the Pikesville area and knocked on a side door to the studios. An engineer answered the door and after advising him that I was an aspiring DJ ushered me inside. He took me into the DJ studio and introduced me to not only Johnny, but also another Baltimore Radio legend who I had the pleasure of working with years later at WITH FM Music104, Jack Edwards. They both took their time and explained to me how everything worked and their procedures. Since WCAO was a Union Station, they explained, all that they were allowed to do was talk on the air. All of the records and cartridge tapes had to be handled and cued up by the engineers, and the DJ in the smaller voice booth only had a Mike and 2 control console. They would cue the engineer when they wanted the next song started by pressing a button on the console which set off a door bell in the larger engineers studio. To me this was fascinating as other stations that I had seen, and the ones that I later worked for, were set up by the DJ doing everything. I just found out that Johnny's fight with cancer had ended. He is now at peace and pain free. I just felt compelled to share my fondest memory of Johnny. Vio Con Dios. RIP Tony Oles/Scott Fitzgerald (9/15/16)

RE: Gus, Amar, DCRTVDJDAVE et al and Chris Plante’s War on Hillary. If Plante is not guilty of Hillary abuse, he certainly is guilty of potato & wig abuse, doing just horrible things to both and giving new meaning to the term “mashed potatoes”. After reading Amar’s “Rant” I had to view the WMAL web site video (“Always go to the top” said Colonel Potter to Radar) for myself and indeed it is quite gruesome but proves Chris and his producer Mike Piercy have WAYYYYY too much time on their hands: www.wmal.com (9/15/16)

WBAL Radio website has a brief article on the death of Johnny Dark, complete with a 6+ minute audio montage from the ‘Big 60’ days’ RIP, Johnny www.wbal.com (9/15/16)

WCAO - Johnny Dark - Baltimore - 1968ish... (9/15/16)

Hey Dave, looks like it’s time for another Amar Rant! I found your post and message to Bill Hess very strange, I think you misheard Chris. You say that he “repeated[ly] mentions of her as a "sack of potatoes" and compar[es] her to the "Wizard Of Oz" Wicked Witch Of The West.” That’s factually incorrect, I heard him myself. He compared how she fell to a sack of potatoes and compared how her feet curled up (according to Chris…I can’t see her legs or feet in the video) to how the Wicked Witch of the West’s feet curled up. Just clearing that up. However, you are right; all the conservative friends I know combined have a hundred times the sympathy for Hillary that Chris Plante seems to have. However, IMHO I would be more concerned with the times that he has really offended people on his show, which he does daily (although I think it’s mostly humorous), such as calling Dana Milbank a “dwarf” who comes from a long line of circus clowns and saying that he smells bad, and calling liberals essentially brainless. Those are the real issues with his show, not exaggerating about how Hillary fell. RE User who wanted to get radio station segments: I don’t think there are WTOP segments in archives somewhere online, but you can record clips of the station over time yourself with RarmaRadio, which has some nifty DVR features. www.raimersoft.com... From, Amar (9/15/16)

WTOP will surely brag about today's 12+ data. But again: revenue in 2011 was $64 million. In 2015 it was $65 million -- growth of 1.5% over a four-year period. They failed with in-house video, keep getting rid of web innovators (Dolge/Meyer), hired and groomed a replacement for Farley, only to send her packing (to NASA) after a few months. If this was 1978, they'd be in great shape. Their challenge: develop the management smarts to innovate for today. (9/15/16)

WBAL Radio and Ch. 2 News are reporting that Maryland Radio Legend Johnny Dark has died. WMAR link www.abc2news.com (9/15/16)

Condolences to Johnny Dark's family. Very sad to lose another great radio personality. Howard (9/15/16)

Jonny Dark passed away, he was 82. A WCAO legend for 30 years, enjoyed him on the AM radio for many years. God speed, Johnny. (9/15/16)

Gus, Gus, Gus: surely (“Don’t call me Shirley”) you understand the who’s who of media by now. Although he was not their first choice, The Trumpster has talkers like Rush “The Bloated One” Limbaugh, Mark “The Pit Bull” Levin, Sean “Ham” Hammity, Michael “The Bronx Cheer” Savage, and Chris “I’m Frothing At The Mouth” Plante, as well for the most part, Fox Ailing News, The Drudge Report etc. while Her Thighness has DCRTVDJDAVE & all else, including CNN whose header “Hillary Returns – and not a moment too soon” says it all: www.cnn.com (9/15/16)

Gus - Great material for a phonecall to the Limbaugh show, but almost all of it totally unreadable and irrelevant to the local broadcast scene. The obligatory mention of Plante at the end didn't go far enough to link it all together. Brevity be de Soul of Wit. (9/15/16)

"Just sent this to WMAL General Manager Bill Hess: "Yeah, it's one thing to disagree with Hillary Clinton and slam her for her positions and beliefs. But Chris Plante this morning is going way to far with his abject hatred for her. Repeated mentions of her as a "sack of potatoes" and comparing her to the "Wizard Of Oz" Wicked Witch Of The West are over the top. If she has a serious illness, yeah it does need to be revealed. But even her political rivals need to give her sympathy and respect if that's the case. If Trump suddenly had a heart attack, even decent rivals would wish him well. " Respectfully disagree. Secretary Clinton has earned every bit of shaming and shunning she gets in the court of public opinion. Not least for being the point person in the slutshaming of "that woman, Ms. Lewinsky" but also for her disbarment-worthy unethical behavior as a staffer for the Watergate Committee, her lack of organizational skills for moving two boxes of files from Arkansas, losing them, then suddenly finding them in her condo as reported in the ultra-right-wing New York Times www.nytimes.com and whatever one thinks about Benghazi, her unprofessional "We came, we saw, he died" followed by what can only be described as a cackle. Her worst offense of course, was lying about yoga classes. The difference between m'Lady and Trump is if Trump had a heart attack we'd hear about it. It would be the biggest hugest and best heart attack in history, and his recovery, I have to tell you, would be phenomenal. Mrs. Clinton could lose both legs at the armpits in a yoga class mishap and we would never hear about it. "Sack of potatoes" (a standard metaphor) and "wicked witch" (another) do not transgress the limits of civilized discourse. At least no one called New York "Hymietown" (Jesse "Have Some Sperm" Jackson) or said Obama should be "bringing us coffee" (Bill Clinton). I don't listen to Chris Plante anymore for several years and even though you think he's "ridin' dirty" (Rev. Wright) you're his biggest advertiser. Does anyone else even talk about him? Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/15/16)

Any predictions on when the local networks are going to just have news twice a day: once in the morning and once again in the evening and the rest of the day soap operas, talk shows and game shows. (9/15/16)

We trust DCRTV but not the rest of the MSM: washingtontimes.com (9/15/16)

The fluff that airs on local DC TV newscasts especially on WTTG I guess it could be worse in other parts of the country. Last week I was in a bar at the Denver International Airport killing time before my flight. The bar had their TV on. In the clip I saw on their TV a man walking in a parking deck gets on his motorcycle wearing shades and decked out in all leather. When he gets on the Harley he lights up a big cigar and blows smoke into the camera. I am pretty sure the man in the clip had said the word "daddy". At first I felt like I was about to watch the beginning of some kind of bad gay porno flick. No it wasn't that but rather a promo for one of their local TV newscasts. If that was just the promo I hate to think what their newscast would be like. Probably wall to wall fluff. (9/15/16)

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Hey broadcast students: Never mind what they're teaching you in class. When you can deliver an extemporaneous account of actions happening right in front of you like THIS to your audience, and WITHOUT cameras, you know you've arrived: audioboom.com (9/14/16)

Nasdaq told Cumulus they would be delisted from the stock exchange because their stock price remains at below $1 per share. Their stock is trading at just 34 cents per share. They announced that they are going to do a "reverse stock split" It will be an 8 for 1 split. (In Reverse). Does anyone understand what this means? Their massive debt remains at $2.5 BILLION. Will they ever be able to repay this debt? (9/14/16)

As far as news anchors airing their dirty laundry on Fox, figure that “news” for some reason starts at 4:25 am and runs until 7 am. (in Fox’s case 10 am) Granted there are 4 minutes of ads for every minute of “news” but they have to fill 2 1/2-4 hours with something!!! Why nut cut the news back to an hour say 6 am to 7 am and get rid of all the fluff garbage. Redskins tailgating and Veronica Johnson doing her week of adventures when she first started is just a waste of time to fill air time. (9/14/16)

What was the big deal about Julie Wright moving from WTTG to WJLA? I don’t think she adds all that much for the hype she got. So she uses her little tablet and does traffic? So what? So do all the other traffic reporters. (9/14/16)

I don't know if this video has been posted here before, but I thought I'd send it along. It's a documentary about Glen Echo Amusement Park, hosted by Jim Vance in the early 1990s. Lots of film and stills in the park, plus the history of the place and several DC radio or TV personalities, sharing their experiences there. Great memories for all of us who grew up in the DC area in the 50s or 60s... (9/14/16)

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Obviously I'm out of the loop because is Sara Fraser's podcast being picked up by Daily Mail a good thing? What's the Daily Mail and why are they relevant? (9/13/16)

Dave's response: The Daily Mail searches out sensationalist "news" (crap) on the 'net (a la local DC TV anchors/reporters having affairs with other anchors/reporters at their stations) and then re-writes them and uses them to generate traffic and revenue. I guess the DM was rewriting the WaPo's Reliable Sources piece. A good chunk of the WaPo's website traffic is generated by doing the same thing, BTW.....

"Who or what determines which OTA station airs Monday Night Football in the local markets? Do the stations bid for this?" Of course they do. ESPN syndicates a package of all Monday night games to the highest bidder. I've read in the past that Hearst-owned stations get the right of first refusal due to Hearst's 20% stake in ESPN - not sure how true that is. This was also the case for NFL Network's Thursday night games. However, last year, when the deal called for CBS to produce the 16 Thursday night games but only 8 of them were carried nationally on the network itself, the other 8 games simply went to CBS affiliates in each market as well as NFL Network. With the new Thursday night deal this year, one assumes NFL Net will revert to the syndication model, unless one of the networks (CBS/NBC) ends up producing the other 6 games again. (9/13/16)

RE: HD Radio/Iphone. I just found one of these HD Radio adapters w/ the iPhone 30 pin adapter too for under $15 total including shipping! Talk about a bargain. You can still easily get a similar deal for around $20 on eBay. Some liquidator has a ton of them and apparently no one knows what they are, no bids. I’m running IOS 10.0.1, so I’ll report back if this thing works, but I have to admit. I don’t think many stations on the Eastern shore are even broadcasting in HD Radio. I guess I will find out soon. More soon. (9/13/16)

Who or what determines which OTA station airs Monday Night Football in the local markets? Do the stations bid for this? Is it assigned by the league? Rock, paper, scissors? Inquiring minds want to know. Tom in Wheaton (8/13/16)

Sara Fraser posted the following regarding her Holly Morris podcast: "OMG...Daily Mail has picked up my Fox 5 DC podcast! Amazing"..And right below her comment was a split screen with Holly on one side, Gurvir on the other and a pic of Tom in the middle...So I'm sure both WTTG as well as Sara are ecstatic for the exposure. Sad.. (9/13/16)

Dear Dave - In strategic terms Charlie's cut the country in half, the civilian press are about to wet their pants and we've heard even Plante's gonna say Clinton is a sack of potatoes. M (9/13/16)

I read the sports pages every day and you can’t help but notice how pathetic DC sports fans are. In The Baltimore Sun, every week there are stories about Joe Flacco, the Ravens quarterback. However, in the Washington Post, there’s stories on RGIII every week if not DAY! I’m just left here shaking my head. Has everyone, even the media, forgotten that he’s NOT on your damn team? It’s just ridiculous. It’s not like Peyton Manning left! Since the Browns are a Ravens rival, though, I thank you for more coverage of the Browns than The Sun has done. I mean it’s pretty sad when the Post breaks news on RGIII’s injury before the Cleveland Plain Dealer. INSANE! :-) (9/13/16)

RGIII is going to be out EIGHT games! What will The Washington Post have to write about now? LOL (9/13/16)

Junks' JP & Cakes doing their first "Unofficial" Skins pre-game show on WJFK gave a shoutout to 95.5's Mr. Flex who is at Fedex: he did some jersey spotting for them but saw no RGIII jerseys. Great cross station banter: Go Skins!!! (9/13/16)

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Rant: WMAL's Chris Plante Goes Too Far - that's funny Dave! Plante's comments are what they are. But hate and incivility live 24 x7 on the left. You're equating what she has to the seriousness of a heart attack? Interesting...it must be serious. (9/12/16)

Another Mailbag poster asked how WAMU "gets away" with underwriting spots. There is nothing to "get away" with. What non-coms including WAMU do is perfectly allowable under FCC rules. Non-coms are allowed to sell underwriting spots. Essentially an underwriting spot may only identify a sponsoring business. They may not include a "call to action" or assertions (quantitative, comparative, or otherwise) about the business that you would hear in a normal commercial. This is the only difference. It's a common misconception that they have to be read live and by a station announcer, but neither is true. I don't think there are any other rules, but at the non-com I worked at there was not to be any embellishment or alteration of the text to which the sponsor agreed. (9/12/16)

Here is a link to the Gigaware HD Radio Dongle for iPhone on eBay. www.ebay.com (9/12/16)

Just curious -- I was in the car last evening listening to WBAL a little before 8 pm. The program was Ben Ferguson and there was a pause and then I heard -- WREC Newsradio Memphis. Does WBAL get this program from another station? Rob (9/12/16)

Dave's response: Looks like it - 600wrec.iheart.com/the-ben-ferguson-show.....

DCRTV/DCRTV Mailbag may need a diversion from the usual suspects/topics so how about a little Hillary news? Come on: it’s the number one print, online, radio, broadcast/cable television, watercooler topic in America & the world! Meet the Press’ Thuck Codd even broke into his own show to air news of her ill health. Even DCRTVDJDAVE said she was having a bad hair day Sunday. So the Number One news aggregate web site (billions & billions served) The Drudge Report has as its lead “Will She Survive?” along with a great You Tube video of a very wobbly Her Thighness all but being tossed into her Popemobile: youtu.be (9/12/16)

Someone wrote "Translators can also be broadcast on FM HD Channels" - while this is technically true, a translator actually broadcasts what is *on* an HD channel, so the HD comes first. That person also wrote "Every FM Station now has a main channel and two or three HD Channels". No, no they don't. A lot of FM stations do, but some have no HD channels, or only broadcast in HD-1 along with their main FM stream. (9/12/16)

Ch 8 airing Ch7 primetime Monday... I agree I for one have Sling TV no cable so I don't get Ch8 I rely on over the air for broadcast TV and it would make more sense to free up METV and air those programs so everyone could see it you could skip Andy Griffith Happy Days and Gilligan's Island reruns one night.or air the Ch 7 shows on Comet.Dancing. with the Stars in the morning ?I see there airing the season finale of $100,000 Pyramid with Michael Straiem which I actually like at 1:07 Am Tuesday after Nightline (9/12/16)

Dave's response: Channel 7 is running ESPN's "MNF" with the Redskins tonight, so the ABC shows are being bumped to NC8. That makes sense for cable subscribers, because NC8 is probably right next to 7 and easy to find. But not convenient for over-the-air subs who won't get those ABC shows "live." Using 7's subchannels to run ABC shows would be harder for cable subs to find because they're many hundreds of channels away. I guess what the Sinclair Suits must be thinking.....

I hear commercials on the LPFM Stations. How do they get away with that under the FCC Rules for Non-Commercial Stations? They call it "Sponsor Underwriting" This is just a "code word" for commercials. Do you ever listen to WAMU, this is a Non-Commercial Station that uses "Sponsor Underwriting". (9/12/16)

People don't seem to know the difference between a LPFM and a Translator..... LPFM stations can originate their own programming. They have a maximum power of just 100 Watts and are NON-COMMERCIAL. They have regular Call Letters just like full power radio stations. They are licensed as "local" community stations...... Translators have a maximum power of 250 Watts and are designed to help AM Stations with "daytime signals" or limited coverage. FM Stations can also own a Translator. The Translator must simulcast an AM Station or FM Station and are commercial stations. Translators can also be broadcast on FM HD Channels. Every FM Station now has a main channel and two or three HD Channels. (9/12/16)

7 has some changes to its schedule tonight to accommodate the Redskins' season opener. NFL rules require games that air nationally on cable to be syndicated to stations in each home market. In the past 20 usually aired Monday night games. Jeopardy and Wheel are shifted to Newschannel 8 while Dancing with the Stars is airing on a 13-hour delay at 9 am (yes, 9 in the morning) on Tuesday. Of course, there are two perfectly good subchannels that could be used to avoid all these schedule gyrations, but aren't... (9/12/16)

I spent a little time Monday morning watching the CSN video feed of the Junkies. Production-wise, pretty good (although camera switching could be a little quicker on the uptake). But the ensemble members need to know they are now on TV and faces are as important as voices. Guys, here is your opportunity to break the notion that radio on TV is a dumb idea: if you dont want to play it to the camera, fine. At least rethink the low-tilt hats, big mic pop-screens and gigantic mic flags... the show is about you and not about the props scattered around the room obscuring the view. (9/12/16)

Perhaps Bill Parris was not too involved with the KHZ network, and never listened to WYRE. The times I've heard WYRE, the station is a train wreck. No "radio sense", no common sense, terrible execution, lousy audio, a fundamental lack of comprehension about the likely audience of the signal, an embarrassment to any competent radio person. Apparently Parris made good radio and helped many people years ago, such a shame about WYRE. (9/12/16)

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(regarding a previous post) "The other was an HD Radio App that controlled small piece of hardware that was sold separately at many Radio Shack stores." It would help to know what the small piece of hardware is called, as this would expedite the process of finding one. (9/11/16)

I’m interested in seeing how being CSN will affect WJFK’s ratings at all. Here is where they are in the male demos as they get going on TV.

Men 18-34:
1. WAMU, Elliot tied -- 11.4
3. Kane — 10.6
4. WMZQ — 8.4
5. Loo And Chili — 6.9
9. The Sports Junkies — 3.2 (21 in the afternoon Chad Dukes — 0.7)

Men 18-49:
1. WAMU — 12.1
2. Elliot — 9.2
3. WTOP — 8.2
4. Russ Parr — 6.5
5. Kane — 6.3
8. The Sports Junkies — 4.4 (16 in the afternoon Chad Dukes — 2.5)

Men 25-54:
1. WAMU — 14.2
2. WTOP — 10.4
3. Elliot — 7.0
4. WBIG — 6.6
5. Russ Parr — 5.6
8. The Sports Junkies — 4.4 (17 in the afternoon Chad Dukes — 2.6)

RE: “Dave's response: Is Old Man Stanley messin' with the editorial content again? Hmmm.....”: Leave Old Man Stanley alone RIGHT NOW! (9/11/16)

Dave, I too think it's sad that channel 5 has resorted to having their employees air their personal dirty laundry. Up until now, rarely did anchors talk about their personal life. Well, at least not gossipy stuff. To me, this suggests that management has no regard or respect for their employees' privacy. I personally believe that the employees probably didn't have the option of refusing to do the podcast. So, I wonder if EVERYONE on air is going to be required to do this. Now, I'm sure Sara Fraser is ecstatic about being involved in this. Although she tries to act like she's so interested in their lives, I think that she's more interested in the fact that she now gets more weekly face time on the show and is able to promote her own podcast. (9/11/16)

A few years back about iPhone 4 time, Ibiquity released two Apps for the iPhone, one was an HD radio guide as to what stations were broadcasting in HD. The other was an HD Radio App that controlled small piece of hardware that was sold separately at many Radio Shack stores. When the hardware was plugged in and the app was launched it activated the FM-HD Radio in the iPhone. The app and hardware still work on my iPhone 6s+ although you have to use Apple’s Lightning to 30 pin adaptor to connect the hardware. The headphones plug into the hardware and are used for the antenna. You can control volume, and tuning from the hardware. Please see the picture I took today listening to the Gamut on 103.5 HD3. I will let you know if it still works on the iPhone 7 next week. The hardware is discontinued but can probably still be found on amazon eBay etc. Both Apps are still on the App Store at this time. They have not been updated recently but still work. The app that controls the hardware can be a bit clunky but still does work on ios 9.3.5. They also work with iPads as well. Bob Fairfax (9/11/16)

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WTTG's latest antic of the anchors's telling all of their business is obviously to gain ratings. Also, Holly talking about the threesome scandal between her, Gurvir & Tom, then Laura Evans talking about being "just friends" with Katie Ledecky's uncle (although she accepted a trip to London), Shawn talking about getting pregnant in college, etc. etc. would seem to open a can of worms or open old wounds for those of which they're talking. In Holly's case, she said co-workers knew what was going on, but no one ever told her. And what I think would make it uncomfortable is that some of those coworkers (although un-named) are still working there. That show is just becoming more of a local version of Entertainment Tonight or TMZ. In fact, on Shawn's podcast, she says in 5 years, the news as we see it today will be different; more entertainment than news. It's been said more than once that these days, more and more people aren't getting their news from tv, so Shawn has a point. I can see stations cutting down on their anchors and reporters as there will be less and less of a need for them. (9/10/16)

Dave's response: It is sad that the local TV news biz has come to this - airing anchors' and reporters' dirty personal laundry to juice up ratings. It's probably a good reason why I stopped watching WTTG's newscasts many years ago. But then again, I am not anywhere near their target demo, which is probably female and well under 35.....

As we remember 9/11 tomorrow, 15 years ago, over 3,000 people were murdered. My office was near National Airport and people were in a panic. Some of these terrorist lived right here in Northern Virginia. Today, some of them are still here. Let's make sure this does not happen again. (9/10/16)

The guy disputing the506.com is once again WRONG! People want to confuse the NFL issue when mostly its very simple. It’s not an issue about whether WUSA 9 ever LOST a Ravens game. It’s more an issue of when and what times individual stations have the option to pick whatever game they want. Clearly WUSA 9 can opt out of Ravens home games. All secondary markets can. The fact that they CHOOSE the Ravens game is a testament to the Ravens popularity in the area, not any decision the NFL did. The Redskins play on Monday night so that’s irrelevant, but the 506.com clearly states that Baltimore has no NFL early FOX game due to NFL rules, because no other NFL or specifically AFC team can play against the Ravens in Baltimore on TV. All the other FOX games include AFC vs. NFC teams. A similar blackout is in place in Philadelphia and New York City. This is an usual circumstance and fluke of the schedule. Btw, Harrisburg’s FOX 43 changed games already. See? TV stations can change their mind when it’s not a must carry game. FOX 43 decided not to take the game the NFL wanted to give them and instead changed it to Minnesota@Tennessee because the Eagles were home on CBS and they’re a secondary market. The 506.com has been doing these NFL TV maps for many years. They know their stuff, more than most NFL announcers about NFL TV rules. (9/10/16)

As a person who reads every Mac & iPhone website, I can tell you that there is no antenna problem with iPhones not being able to receive FM radio. Steve Jobs despised radio and even TV at one point. No app or API to access the iPhone’s internal FM circuitry would ever be allowed in the app store. Btw, the comparison is not an app vs radio. Even using the radio would require an app. It’s really the difference in internet streaming vs. radio. It’s not a question about the hardware being disabled. It’s only disabled because there is deliberately no software to access it, nor has Apple provided any tools to access the chip. Without an API, a hacker would have to write hard code right to the phones circuitry, which no one really knows enough about to do and every model would be different. So unless the manufacturer provides some tools to access FM radio on a phone, there won’t be. This will soon be a moot point since headphone jacks are being removed on several cell phones now, including the iPhone. (9/10/16)

There's a lot of confusion and speculation here regarding FM radio in mobile phones, and the NAB is not being perfectly honest about the issue in order to help push the FM-on-mobile agenda. It is true that for at least the past 10 years nearly all mobile phones available in the US have a chipset that, among other things, implements an FM radio receiver. It is simply not true that it can be enabled on every phone like the NAB likes to claim. For iPhone and most other brands the antenna connection is missing and the FM feature itself is locked out in hardware. Most current phones on the Sprint network (including the MVNOs Virgin, Boost, etc.) have the FM feature enabled and the antenna connected. On other networks, only a select few recent mobile phones have it. For example, on Verizon, only the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and Note 7 have FM. I own a Samsung Galaxy S5 which has the FM feature in its chipset (so did my older Galaxy S3) but it's impossible to enable it because the hardware is locked out and the antenna connection does not exist. In some cases the audio output of the FM circuit isn't even connected to anything. -Chainsman (9/10/16)

Leave Gurvir alone RIGHT NOW! Signed: Tom Sater (9/10/16)

Apparently the Clintons ain’t the only ones who sold The White House to the highest bidders (think Lincoln bedroom sale to big donors) or that it can be “bought” by billionaire candidates. WTOP reports that now The White House is available to the highest bidder: wtop.com (9/10/16)

Dave's response: Is Old Man Stanley messin' with the editorial content again? Hmmm.....

"As you would expect there are a lot of reception issues using a constantly moving antenna (headphones)." Yeah, no I wouldn't expect that and no there aren't. I'm sure we're all waiting to hear about the radio science behind that. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/10/16)

With the latest hokey bullshit coming from WTTG’s studios, this is the time when WDCW needs to pull the plug on outsourced newscasts from their sister CBS affiliate in Richmond and bring everything in house. If Tribune tried hard enough, I think they could do some damage to WTTG in the ratings. Ditch that “EyeOpener” show along with the Jerry Springer episode in the morning to go head-to-head locally with TTG’ and given time, I think it would all work out for the best. (9/10/16)

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Holly Morris keeps on dishing!!! whooooooooooooooo www.washingtonpost.com (9/9/16)

Actually the NFL TV maps are pretty sound. Because the Ravens are home, the Redskins are the only team that could play opposite them on FOX per NFL rules. This is out of FOX 45 hands. However, in central PA you’re also wrong. Since both Eagles and Ravens are home, they have no obligation to show EITHER game. They wisely chose the Eagles since there are more Eagles fans in PA than Ravens fans. The Ravens away secondary market game carriage in PA is a point of contention, but it goes back to the Baltimore Colts days. The Redskins were never able to get the deal Irsay got with the NFL up there because DC is further away than Baltimore, nor is there any direct highway like above Baltimore. When the Browns moved to Baltimore, Modell, being an early NFL TV pioneer was smart enough to re-introduce this. A point not mentioned is that I’m not sure even WUSA 9 was obligated to carry the Ravens game, but I’m sure that’s the game the NFL automatically gave them. But it seems they could technically have opted out since it’s a HOME game but NFL TV rules change slightly every year unannounced, so hard to know.. This talk of the Baltimore market being so small. While not considered a secondary market, Salisbury/OC is almost entirely a Ravens market and the Ravens have a better TV and radio deal in DC than the Redskins in Baltimore. I agree that Virginia is Redskins country, but it’s so sad that Skins fans are so desperate than they still obsess on RGIII when everyone else has pretty much moved on! It’s insane that there’s an RGIII story in the Post every week or so and you have to dig for a Kirk Cousins story. That’s a disheartened sad fan base if you ask me. (9/9/16)

The radio vs. app guy is slightly wrong. All cell phones have an FM receiver in them. Many allow you to tune stations directly off the air using the headphones as an antenna. However Apple has never enabled this feature on iPhones but the technology is there, arguably the world’s most popular smart phone. But sure, you can listen to radio stations without streaming on many smartphones. As you would expect there are a lot of reception issues using a constantly moving antenna (headphones). Now the iPhone 7 has no headphone jack, so that’s a moot point now. (9/9/16)

WBFF, WJLA are featured in the first minute of this video: www.ftvlive.com (9/9/16)

Dave, I can't watch Channel 4 when either Chris Lawrence or Erika Wanswales is on. He has weird pauses and seems like every story makes him smile. Erika was on the Live desk today, she was flailing her arms around and shifting her weight back and forth. Totally annoying. If I see them on, I'll watch someone else. BB in MD (9/9/16)

[RE: 1st Week NFL TV Maps] These analyses are both informative and usually slightly off in several aspects. This week, three points. 1) WHP as a CBS affiliate, usually does not have access to an Eagles game. They do this week because the road team is Cleveland, thus the Eagles game is not a Fox game. 2) Balto plays at home Sunday. The fact that the Redskins are at home has no bearing in Channel 45 losing a slot. Has Channel 9 ever lost a Sunday game beacuse the Balto team had a home game? No, didn't think so. 3) Of all NFL teams, the Ravens have the smallest fan base. And believe it or don't RG III still moves the needle nationally, not just among the Redskins faithful. Further, the rule of thumb at the network level when the local team isn't playing is to program a division rival if possible. If you're in Richmond or Norfolk, you're deep in the heart of Redskins territory. If an Eagles, Cowboys, or Giants game is available as an alternate, you jump all over it and that's what those GMs have done. (9/9/16)

1st Week NFL TV Maps: Baltimore based Sinclair's central PA CBS station WHP 21 is not carrying the Ravens home opener. As a secondary Ravens market, they are forced to carry all Ravens away games, but instead chose the Eagles game for this weekend. So the Ravens market coverage will be limited to Baltimore, DC, & Salibury along with central & west NY. The Richmond & Norfolk markets chose the Cleveland game, probably due to the continued interest in RGIII. For the FOX early game, Baltimore gets no game at all because the Redskins game of course is a national MNF game. DC and most of the rest of the area including DC get Green Bay @ Jacksonville. The entire area and most of the country gets the NY Giants @ Dallas for the FOX late game. -- BaltoMedia.net (9/9/16)

The Washington Post has a column by my next girlfriend, Kate Bryan: www.washingtonpost.com (9/9/16)

The app vs Radio guy was right: To access the FM radio in a phone, one uses an app that accesses it. Silly me... -- Carl in Olney (9/9/16)

I used to be a big fan of WRNR but have noticed a sharp decline in just about everything once the longtime morning man Alex departed the station. I remember reading in the Capital that he was let go due to budget reasons. After that they went through several morning people. Then they moved Rob to mornings which isn't good, and they don't even have DJs at night. Musically they went from playing music that you didn't really hear anywhere else, to playing basically a cross section of classic rock and pop stuff. It's "Jack" without the disco and with a bad signal. Reading that Mr Hughes is the latest to jump ship isn't surprising, especially seeing as they will have signal competition in Baltimore soon. I've been trying to like WTMD, but it's just not there for me. RIP WRNR :( (9/9/16)

Sage Steele to Lead Expanded SportsCenter on the Road Initiative - ESPN MediaZone espnmediazone.com (9/9/16)

"Gus in G'Burg, there is more to the local media than you will ever know. Maybe one day I will let you in on the real dark side of a certain former Fox 5 reporter who makes Mildred Pierce's daughter appear to be downright lovable. Or, how the Neocons started the propaganda to the public for the Iraq War, not after 9-11, but when Clinton was beginning his second term." Ok I guess, I'm sure you had a point, but you took forever to get to it and never did, so I won't hold my breath waiting for you to clue me in. Too longwinded. What is it with you people? Does no one remember Sir Paul's 45, "Give Ireland Back to the Irish"? Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/9/16)

From February 1971, Apollo 14 coverage with Alan Smith and John Goldsmith on WTTG Channel 5... (9/9/16)

Maybe I missed it? while I was out of town?,? ?but what's the story on Julie Parker? Formerly of ABC7, she did a fine? job as? head of media relations? for the Prince George's Police Department, left suddenly in May "Parker has accepted a position in another industry" (Bethesda's Total Wine and More), but now,? just over three months later, has surfaced as the communications director for the Fairfax County Police. PGPD communications have NOT improved since her departure. (9/9/16)

Carl in Olney, I enjoy your posts, but I've edited your overlong one below. It should read "An app is not a radio. iPhones have actual radios built into them [optionally, depending on your mood:] you retard." The Jew and the cripple stand on their own and are not in need of your elaboration. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/9/16)

I have used the next radio app in airplane mode. No cellular or wi-fi connection. It loads the basic tuner but offers no metadata of songs, album covers, call letters etc. (9/9/16)

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In a bit of genius move, Greta filed a lawsuit against Roger Ailes, NOT FOX NEWS, circumventing the mediation only clauses in her Fox News contract. My sources tell me the "yungins" are planning on not renewing Sean Hannty's contract come November, so he is gone after the election. There is no secret Kelly has retained CAA to go bigger ( CBS, maybe), and O'Reilly may make a retirement announcement soon, so say goodbye to the Fox News we all love. Sean may go to the new "TrumpTV," a conservative meld between CNBC and Fox News the Donald will start after he loses in November. I am surprised no one here mentioned Former Fox News Channel DC booker Laurie Luhn, who slept with Ailes for over 20 years and ended up with a $250,000 job at FNC NY, which infuriated then Fox News DC Bureau Chief Brit Hume in the early 2000's. (BTW, Laurie's successor as a booker at Fox News Channel DC went on to be in two Bachelor series, and was palling around with a channel 7 news babe for a while). Brian Wilson (WMAL) worked with Laurie at Fox News DC, but he doesn't mention it on the air, and has never said if he knew she was sleeping with Ailes at that time. Brit knew because (you are not going to believe this) Laurie turned into Brit a receipt on her expense account for a suite at the Crystal City Marriott, Roger Ailes' first choice for a DC area hotel. When Brit flipped out over the receipt, Roger quickly called Laurie up to New York, gave her what was before a nonexistent job at Fox News New York, and started paying her a quarter of a million dollars a year. Not only did Roger then demand weekly "afternoon delights" from Laurie (DC referenced jargon) usually at the DoubleTree in Times Square, upon summoning Laurie to New York, Roger had Laurie call Brit from Roger's office to inform Brit she was now working for Roger, not him. I was really surprised Brit didn't have a stroke on that one. Laurie now claims she was psychologically tortured by Roger for 20 years, but she took a salary from him, and he always gave her cash before she left the hotel room. Gus in G'Burg, there is more to the local media than you will ever know. Maybe one day I will let you in on the real dark side of a certain former Fox 5 reporter who makes Mildred Pierce's daughter appear to be downright lovable. Or, how the Neocons started the propaganda to the public for the Iraq War, not after 9-11, but when Clinton was beginning his second term. (9/8/16)

Does anybody listen to 1420 WKCW Its a great but often weird playlist I often have to google certain songs I hear based on words in the lyrics to find out sometime the song I heard only charted as high as 50 on Billboard yet I listen a lot and never hear any solo Beatles hits or Eagles. And the other stations around here that deal with classic hits like Big 100.3 Fresh Fm HD 2 called DCs Greatest Hits or Wash Fm HD2 called IHearts Cool Oldies (yes I own an HD Radio a rare breed) if you do hear anything its usually Band on The Run Maybe I'm Amazed. Live and Let Die Silly Love Songs (Wings) or My Sweet Lord (Harrison)or Imagine. (Lennon) never like With a Little Luck .Uncle Albert. Coming Up (Mcartney))Photograph You're Sixteen (Ringo) Just Like Starting Over Whatever Gets You Through The Night (Lennon) Give me Love Give me Peace on Earth (Harrison) Many were Billboard #1 songs And BIG used to do Beatles at Bedtime and stopped doing it If you do hear any Beatles songs its usually the same 10 or so Let it Be ,Get Back, Hey Jude., Hello Goodbye, Twist and Shout, Eleanor Rigby, A Hard Days Night, We can Work it Out ,Lady Madonna, Here Comes the Sun Out Don't get it. (9/8/16)

I hate it when I have to clarify, but three pieces of misinformation bug me today. 1) Using a phone as an FM radio means using it as a real radio, not using an App that sends a digital version of an FM station of the Cell-Phone or a WiFi platform. It means that if everything Internet goes down, one still has an FM radio available to pick up an emergency station still broadcasting, NOT an App. 2) James Watt's joke was to make fun at political correctness: he said about a committee being formed: "We have a Black, 2 Jews and a Cripple, and we have Talent!" His wording may have not pleased people but what he meant was that to please some people he checked all the diversity boxes, but he also was saying that in truth what he cared about was that he had talented co-workers. But the media decided he was just being cruel, since he was always a symbolic target at the time. 3) For the debates: Elaine Quijano checks many diversity boxes: Female, Asian (Filipina), and with a Spanish surname (common to many from the Philippines); and I have watched her news anchoring on CBSN many times, and she could easily do the Evening News on any network. And to continue: Anderson Cooper is part of the WASP .001%; Lester Holt has a mixture of cultures in his ancestry, and Chris Wallace is a man of Jewish heritage. And we have talent! -- Carl in Olney (9/8/16)

Dave - Has anyone else noted the commercial ESPN980 is running for a charity event benefitting the Children’s Hospital cardiac care unit? The commercial reader states that the proceeds will help fight “congenial” heart defects. Apparently no one there is familiar with the word congenital. I called this to the attention of station management yesterday (9/7/06) but have not received a response. I haven’t listened today to see if the commercial has been modified or pulled. (9/8/16)

To the poster who questioned the use of a phone to listen to FM radio I can happily report that the Next Radio app (Designed and marketed by Emmis) is a great addition to the line-up. At least when used on a Samsung S-7. The radio is actually reasonably hot and not overly susceptible to front end overload. The data and battery savings compared to streaming are substantial and the fact that there is no buffering and delay make the phone a must have at the ballgame. I've listened to 106.7 at Nats park and more remarkably, 92.7 at FedEx. Interestingly the perceived value of the app is playing a part in some reluctance by investors in the attempt to take Emmis private. (9/8/16)

"Aikman not being happy about being called gay is homophobic: one should be proud to be called gay whether they are or not. We are all gays on this bus, we are all God’s children" We're not all gays and there is no God, but it's stupid to be "proud" of something you're born as, gay, black, white, whatever; doesn't being "proud" of any of those sound equally silly? "On Megan Kelly’s show last night, former Washington Post media critic Howie Kurtz said that the presidential & vice presidential debates will feature a great representation of America: a black (Lester Holt), a woman (Elaine Quijano), a gay man (Anderson Cooper) and a regular white guy (Chris Wallace) are among them although missing are a gay black woman, a Muslim, a regular white woman, a gay white woman, an irregular white guy, etc." You may be too young to remember the James Watt joke, but it sounds like you hate blacks and cripples. Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/8/16)

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FCC News: Jason Kidd programmed Harford County’s SMASH HITS WHGM AM 1330 / 104.7 FM gains another 2 FM translators around Chesapeake, MD on the mid to upper east shore on 100.5 FM and also in Bel Air, MD on FM 107.5. WHGM has quietly put together 3 FM signals now, partly through the AM revitalization program. 104.7 Havre De Grace, 100.5 Chesapeake City, and now107.5 Bel Air too. If you add all the signals together. that’s the coverage of almost a Class A full power station. No word on when these FM stations will go on the air. Kudos to them for getting an FM translator from New York state! fccdata.org... fccdata.org (9/7/16)

RE: Troy Aikman… Just because someone says they’re not gay and has a family and kids doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t fool around with other guys sexually. The rumors about Aikman go way back. Call it whatever you want, but it’s not a coincidence that the % of gay sports athletes is much lower than the % for most any other profession. The stigma is just too much to bear for most people in team sports and the level of homophobia in sports is significantly higher. The same controversy happened with Christian Laetner and Brady Anderson. (9/7/16)

Those of you who still get Washington Post Sunday-only home delivery: Did you receive your Fall Kick-off Issue special edition on Wednesday? Did you know that the Post is going to charge you the Sunday rate for that special edition even though you didn't request it? Guess what: years ago the Federal Trade Commission outlawed companies sending stuff to you that you didn't request then trying to charge you for it. Tell the Post you won't pay! Here's what their email said: "As a Sunday subscriber, you will be automatically charged your current Sunday home delivery rate for this edition. If you're not going to be home on Wednesday, September 7, or you don't want to receive this edition, just let us know and we won't deliver it." (9/7/16)

RE: “How is it 'homophobic' if Aikman doesn't like being labeled as gay when he's not?” Aikman not being happy about being called gay is homophobic: one should be proud to be called gay whether they are or not. We are all gays on this bus, we are all God’s children, we are the people our parents warned us about, yada, yada, yada: get with the program or get off the bus! On Megan Kelly’s show last night, former Washington Post media critic Howie Kurtz said that the presidential & vice presidential debates will feature a great representation of America: a black (Lester Holt), a woman (Elaine Quijano), a gay man (Anderson Cooper) and a regular white guy (Chris Wallace) are among them although missing are a gay black woman, a Muslim, a regular white woman, a gay white woman, an irregular white guy, etc. Trying to figure all this stuff out will make your head explode. (9/7/16)

Tom Taylor Now Newsletter points out something interesting. Today, Apple will introduce an iPhone without a headphone jack. While Apple has never ever enabled the FM circuitry inside every iPhone to work, if the rest of the industry follows suit to make thinner cell phones, FM radio on Cell phones will come to an end as the headphone jack is the only connection that could be used as an antenna as it’s analog, not digital. I wonder how many people listen to the radio on their phone. (9/7/16)

I can't believe we're wasting all this time on an overpaid news reader. I wish that American media would call these people what other English-speaking countries call them: news readers. They aren't "anchors" or "reporters" or even "journalists." They are really just news readers, nothing more. $1.3M per year to read the news my ass. -Chainsman (9/7/16)

How is it 'homophobic' if Aikman doesn't like being labeled as gay when he's not? (9/7/16)

I can answer the reason Greta Van Susteren left FOX News. Apparently, one of Roger Ailes methods of retaining such tight control of FOX News is that he put disclaimers in most of the hosts' long term contracts that had no opt out or void clauses, UNLESS Ailes was no longer with the network. So as soon as they let Ailes go, who was reportedly a friend of hers, and made an apology for what he did, she took it personal. Her contract allowed her to quit on almost no notice. Other FOX News anchors have the same clause, so there are a lot of people that could potentially quit soon. This might only be the tip of the iceberg. (9/7/16)

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RE: "So (one) you’re ‘The Flagship Station of the Maryland Terrapins’ and you don’t even know when their next game is, and (two) once the mistake is pointed out, you’re too damned lazy to look it up" Most likely, this report was pre-recorded, which is why you heard the same content, minus the time reference. The producer just edited the time out of the report. At least they tried. In a situation like that, there is nothing they can do if the report is fed from out of market, or pre-recorded and no on is there to make the edit. Blame Phillips for that....once again, cutting back to a skeleton crew. (9/6/16)

REF: [Bolter Unveils Another "Bottle Proof" Episode] The best episode of Bolter occurred a long time ago when he stumbled onto the set of WBAL-TV to anchor the late night news. After slurring his words, burping and slobbering all over himself, they fired him. Despite failing his heel-to-toe sobriety test, it looks like he has landed successfully back on his feet. (9/6/16)

For the record, TJ Smith is NOT a "chief" in the Baltimore Police Department. He is a civilian "director" of media services. He was on alleged news radio 1090 this morning with a misinformed talk show host who kept calling him chief. The department is run by a "commissioner" and a deputy, but no chiefs. No big deal...just trying to avoid the perception that the department is full of chiefs and no indians. (9/6/16)

Not that there’s anything wrong with that as Seinfeld said to George: “Troy Aikman has never really been a fan of Skip Bayless ever since Bayless made an unsubstantiated claim that Aikman was gay in one of the books he wrote about the Dallas Cowboys in the 1990s. So you probably wouldn’t be surprised that Aikman isn’t all that happy to have Bayless as a Fox Sports co-worker.” So the homophobic Aikman is throwing a hissy fit that Fox Sports hired Skip Bayless when he should be pissed that CSN has “hired” the homophobic Sports Junkies beginning today to be on camera for in internet podcast. Now THAT is something to get upset about! More from The Washington Post: www.washingtonpost.com (9/6/16)

In response to Dave's response: "As much as I love WRNR, it has no impact in the DC market radio ratings"... RNR has no impact on Baltimore ratings either. It's a good format, but really super serves AA County and the Mid-Shore. (9/6/16)

Re WMAL-AM transmitter sites I believe they'll be at the legacy Bethesda site for another year, and then decamp to the 570 site in Germantown and, yes, coverage will be compromised, a strategic decision for (you guessed it) $. Too bad. That will leave only 105.9, a signal compromised in the mirror-image opposite way. (9/6/16)

Good thing this forum is anonymous (er, right Dave?) because if Leon Harris was really making $1,000,000+ I'm not surprised that billionaire David Smith would want to push him down substantially. I always thought Harris kind of laid it on a little too thick. Let us say "unctuous". With all the Sinclair defections I'll always wonder if the negotiations insist on a pay cut or just eject people outright. Some employers think a recently demoted employee is a threat to morale and won't even entertain staying on at lower pay. How does that explain Alison Starling's renewal, though? (9/6/1)

Yesterday morning on the 105.7 updates, the ‘talent’ kept saying that the next game for the Terps was against Florida International on Saturday night. Well, actually it’s Friday, so I called in to tell them. And the next mention of the game simply left off the day, i.e. Maryland’s next game is against FI. So (one) you’re ‘The Flagship Station of the Maryland Terrapins’ and you don’t even know when their next game is, and (two) once the mistake is pointed out, you’re too damned lazy to look it up? What a joke of a station. (9/6/16)

The Junkies' EB pens column for Wash Post: washingtonpost.com (9/6/16)

Wash Post Fahri (pronounced “Ferrie”) reports that Old Man Ailes & Gretchen Carlson and/or Fox News have reached a huge settlement and Greta Van Sustren is out “effective immediately” at FNC replaced by Brit “Sandy Hume’s father” Hume. The plot thickens: www.washingtonpost.com (9/6/16)

According to the FCC, there are 4,676 AM Stations on the air now. Many of them are still having financial difficulties. The low power translators are helping some but the coverage of these translators is very limited. In the major markets, there are no FM frequencies available. If the FCC would open up TV Channel 6, they could provide many more new FM Channels. In DC there are 30 AM Stations just in the Metro Area. If you include all the stations that put a signal into the market, there are many more stations. (9/6/16)

Not too surprising, but still disappointing to see two big news outlets in Baltimore with producers and reporters who have never heard of Odenton. Both WBAL TV and I believe the other one was WJZ, in an online story over the weekend referred to the area as Odington. I can almost see mispronouncing the name as WBAL staff has done in the past, but to just outright rename it? (9/6/16)

Dave: I'm finally coming around to the fact 106.7/the Fan is the area's only sportstalk station. The Redskins owner should just buy-time on that station for all games and cut his loses on the rest. You know, Bram may have been a decent TV anchor on ESPN but that doesn't translate to being another Kornheiser or big name talent her in DC. In fact, he's not very good as a talk show host. The amount of arrogance and ego on 980 just represents former athletes and talent who think they're know-it-all...980's an awful listen! Since the Redskins trust everything to their radio voice/play-by- play person, it further adds to the misery the area sports fans have to experience. (9/6/16)

Radio One has applied to move their Petersburg, VA translator up to DC on the 103.1 frequency to simulcast WYCB 1340 AM in DC. (9/6/16)

Hi, As a true news geek, for years I've been curious about what WTOP has sounded like from day to day covering breaking news over the years, specifically from their start as an all-newser in 1969 up until the time I started listening in 2009. So my question is, does WTOP have a news audio archive where I can listen to extensive coverage of breaking news anweather events from the past? That's always been a wish of mine. Since WTOP's been around so long, I think it would be really neat to hear how they've evolved through the years in more than just short clips. AI know the mailbag may not be the best place to inquire about this, but at this point, I'm not sure where to inquire. Any help and insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, The Shameless News Geek (9/6/16)
First Mclaughlin now Schlafly: can Pat Buchanan be next? Hope not! More: www.washingtonpost.com (9/6/16)

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What is the status with WMAL 630 AM? When do they move their tower site up to Germantown, MD? The coverage at night will be terrible from that site. It will not cover most of DC. Any programs on the station after sunset will only be heard on 105.9. (9/5/16)

Sad to hear that WAMU is dumping the Bluegrass/Country Format on 105.5 FM. They announced they would dump it on 12/31/16. It has been on WAMU for 49 years! The longest running program in the DC Market. Since they collect over $10 million per year from donations and sponsor "underwriting" they could afford to pay a small station in the market to continue this format. Why not place it on WKCW 1420 AM in Warrenton or 88.1 FM in Warrenton WPRZ? (9/5/16)

The only reason that WRNR hasn’t filed a complaint against the DC area 103.1 is because it doesn’t show up in the FCC database under DC or Maryland or anywhere near DC and they didn’t know until now. It shows up as Petersburg, VA. With translators moving 250 miles, that often means state to state, so the application shows up in another state. This is why some stations are getting blindsided, not knowing these new channels might be going on the air until they’re already approved. The FCC set up a notoriously bad method of moving these FMs around in secret. It might not have been their original intention, but it is the result. (9/5/16)

I think Steve Kingston is going to fight BOTH 103.1 translators because the DC one will yank listeners just west of Annapolis and probably some car dealer advertisers and such as well. It’s not so much the range that these signals could be listened to. It’s more the range that they can cause static and interference on WRNR and if you combine the 2 together, it really impacts AA county not only to the north but also western AA county. I would bet that a significant portion of WRNR’s advertising revenue comes from AA county. I can easily see why he’s pretty mad. (9/5/16)

Leon's only problem was that he was making too much money in a business where money is getting tighter these days. He probably wouldn't take a pay cut, so he was cut. He's been a quality anchor for years. Will be odd not seeing him on 7, they'll miss him more than he'll miss them. He'll land on his feet. (9/5/16)

Opera singer arrested for performing without a permit. The real crime is that she had a bigger audience than WRQX. www.nbcwashington.com (9/5/16)

Wash Post header: “Thanks, Obama: This presidency has been comedy gold, from SNL to ‘Anger Translator“ Obama to Wash Post: “Thanks SNL: your groveling and avoidance of trashing me is appreciated!” Sheesh, what bootlicks: “He presented a unique challenge as the first black president and someone who lacked the personal scandals or catchphrases that easily opened him up to ridicule. But his own reliance on humor to deliver his message helped shape the comedic persona of the administration.” More drivel: www.washingtonpost.com (9/5/16)

Steve Kingston is very smart - He's going to let the owners of "Key 103" fight the DC translator since they have a more valuable signal to lose in Montgomery County than WRNR has in P.G. County. Nobody in P.G. is listening to WRNR and the only thing that the translator will affect is that anyone driving to DC from Annapolis will lose WRNR a few minutes earlier than the current situation. The Baltimore translator will interfere with a lot of WRNR's listeners in northern AA County and Baltimore City, plus places like Chestertown right across the bay from Baltimore. It's a much bigger threat for them than DC. (9/5/16)

Dave's response: As much as I love WRNR, it has no impact in the DC market radio ratings. The only 103.1 I ever see is WAFY, Frederick's Key 103, which often shows up among the top 30 stations. I would think that WAFY would be far more alarmed about a DC low-power signal on the same frequency. In the Baltimore market, WRNR does show up usually somewhere down around 25th or 30th.....

Seems as though FOX5 encourages their on air talent to post activities, videos and pics of their personal life on FB and Twitter. I also know that there are podcasts on the website that have been pretty candid and in general, I was wondering why management felt the need to put all of the employees' business out like that. I felt that it was only a matter of time before something really crazy is posted that probably shouldn't be on the employee's work account. So a group went out to Cambden Yards to celebrate Tucker's birthday and posted pics and videos of the event. Well, in the video, Mike (meteorologist) looked like he was totally wasted!!!..He obviously was enjoying himself and was off the clock, but wonder how management is going to respond to this. (9/5/16)

All this hand-wringing over a guy with a nice personality, friendly smile, who reads a teleprompter for a living. Get a grip people. (9/5/16)

Speaking of Sinclair, that's a typical chicken s**t move to announce the departure of a main anchor the Friday before a holiday weekend. (9/5/16)

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\/ September 4 Messages \/

It's always interesting to see the reaction on DCRTV when an anchor or reporter is let go. Reminds me of a saying a former boss had. "Everyone believes the last smart thing management did was hire them." (9/4/16)

I cannot believe how stupid WJLA and Sinclair are not to renew Leon Harris’ contract. He is one of the best anchors they have. I guess this leaves Maureen Bunyan in the weeds again like she was when Gordon Peterson retired. Leon was a mainstay of the evening news. They’ll probably move Jonathan Ellis to Leon’s spot but honestly he’s just not that good. I think I’ll quit watching WJLA if they’re going to keep screwing up and firing good anchors. (9/4/16)

Can anyone explain to me why WJLA needs THREE anchors at 4pm. I get Michele and Jonathan but why is Allison Starling sitting in as well? It looks like the 2 new anchors have no idea what they’re doing and need Allison to prop them up. It really looks silly. My other complaint is Good Morning Washington. They have at least 6 people at the desk at one time which is pretty confusing. I get it that they’re doing the cable news as well, but how about just the regular 2 and the Eileen or Veronica on weather. That would make a lot more sense. (9/4/16)

Channel 4 has rapidly become the only station in town producing watchable local news. Leon Harris would fit Channel 4 and help solve their problem replacing Jim Vance. (9/4/16)

On Sundays, NBC4 has a segment, Reporters Notebook, which has local reporters talk about issues of that week. I used to enjoy watching this until they changed the moderator (previously Pat Lawson Muse) and the panel (now only NBC4 anchors). My main issue is having Tom Sherwood on the panel. Each week, he monopolizes the conversation, can be quite confrontational, and the moderator (lately Aaron Gilchrist) cannot reel him in and get the conversation under control. This morning Aaron even said he had two more subjects to discuss, but time ran out. The latter has never happened before. Well, at least Pat Lawson Muse never said it during the broadcast. Now, I do feel that Sherwood is a good reporter, but on this panel, he doesn't know how to "play with others", let others speak and realize that the show isn't all about him. Maybe this format was just for the summer. I hope so because his personality and behavior take away from having a PANEL discussion. This show isn't a one on one interview. (9/4/16)

Seriously hope CNN hires back Leon for a DC anchor role. He was part of the old guard that made CNN great and unstoppable in the 90s. Now that Ashleigh Banfield is moving to HLN there has to be an opportunity for this. There would be a good deal of daytime shows from the DC bureau but that seems to be where all the strong CNN reporters are based. (9/4/16)

The Hispanic People in Northern Virginia are good people. They are hard working and care about their community. Most of them are legal!!! The Prince William County Government does not respect them..... They don't like Trump and are afraid of what he might do to them. Let's support them. (9/4/16)

Leon Harris is a good man. He will probably get a good job with NBC. He has had good ratings and that means money! WJLA does not like to pay big salaries. We don't need to pass the hat for Leon. (9/4/16)

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It was inevitable that Leon Harris would leave WJLA. He is everything that Sinclair is not. Leon is high-class, a proud professional, committed to personal and professional excellence and accustomed to getting paid for that. Sinclair demands low salaries, minimal benefits, short vacations, quiet followers. David Smith often talked with astonishment about the nice workplaces at WJLA and KOMO (Seattle). He never understood why companies like Allbritton and Fisher would treat their people well when they could get by with so much less. Smith, of course, always demands the finest for his personal life. Leon was a bad fit for Sinclair. He will find a better fit. Sinclair will find a cheaper anchor. (9/3/16)

WRNR 103.1 FM Annapolis......If Steve Kingston, the owner of WRNR, were smart, he would object to the application that Radio One has filed with the FCC to put a new translator on 103.1 in DC. After the FCC has approve it, then it is very had to get it changed. They will definitely cause interference to WRNR as soon as they get it on the air. (9/3/16)

Re: Leon Harris, I doubt we'll be seeing him at any of the local stations. As for replacing Jim Vance, I initially thought channel 4 was grooming Chris Lawrence for that spot, but it seems like they have Jim Handley in mind. Probably has to do with seniority. As for going to channel 5, I just don't see him fitting in with what is routinely a circus. (9/3/16)

I hope WRC 4 hires Leon Harris. He would be the perfect heir apparent to have on board for when Jim Vance eventually retires. (9/3/16)

I would like to see Leon Harris end up at WRC to properly replace the great Jim Vance when he retires altogether or perhaps even over at FOX5 to give Shawn & Tony a break from doing the 6, 10, and 11. It’s a damn shame Sincrap is letting him go, but I know great things are upon the horizon for him. (9/3/16)

Here's the actual Application for Reconsideration from Empire Broadcasting to the FCC. Of note, it states that they had no way of knowing that this application was for Baltimore, but that's not really true. There was a window of opportunity for them to have fought this, but they were asleep at the switch and apparently still are about the DC 103.1... licensing.fcc.gov (9/3/16)

WRNR 103.1 to fight Baltimore 103.1 translator for WRBS saying it will wipe out 20-30% of their northern signal. Because of the Chesapeake Bay, their signal travels as far north as Harford County to Baltimore City, which are technically out of their service area. With the WRBS AM 1230 on 103.1 FM, that will most likely be wiped out along with interference in parts of AA County. Baltimore's 103.1 FM has already been approved but not on the air. It's unlikely the FCC will take any action until the other 103.1 goes on the air, but meanwhile Radio One is applying for 103.1 in DC also!. Here is WRNR complaint to the FCC... More as we hear it. licensing.fcc.gov (9/3/16)

Dave, what do you think of this scenario: Jim Vance retires for good soon, and NBC4 hires Harris to replace him? Could this be the real reason and Leon just can't comment yet? (9/3/16)

Dave's response: That's a VERY interesting scenario. Or maybe even a move to 5 or 9. You know, Bill Lord used to be 7's news czar and now works at 9. And 9 desperately needs a ratings boost. I'm thinking 9 would be Leon's most likely landing place.....

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] He's a good anchorman maybe he goes back to CNN... (9/3/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] This was a move that they really banked on working, on putting them at the top of the local news heap, and despite his likability and professionalism, it never really did. What a biz. (9/3/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] Those 13 years flew by I remember him at CNN I think this is a mistake but who am I... (9/3/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] WJLA sucks loosing a good one. He is the only one I like besides Doug and Steve and ugh forgot his name. (9/3/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] You can bet someone's gonna snap him up real quick. (9/3/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] Always enjoyed Leon Harris. He was also a fixture at community events. It was a bad day when Sinclair Broadcasting took over WJLA. (9/3/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] CNN could sure use Leon again! Once a very competent video tape librarian, our on-air promo department at TBS helped to announce Leon's amazing talents to the rest of the company. He was the darling of many promo spots, then auditioned for an on-air slot at CNN and well - the rest is history! Whenever I see Leon I still kid around and ask him for some video tapes he never delivered! (9/3/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] Jim Vance needs to retire. (9/3/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] Would like to see him go to channel 4 as a replacement for Vance when he retires. Some of the new folks 4 is hiring aren't of the same quality of the old folks. (9/3/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] Vance said he was retiring after the elections. Harris leaving in October. I am sure there is a non-compete but I wonder if the folks on Nebraska Ave will reach out to him. (9/3/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] Also this news comes a day after it was announced that Starling's contract was renewed... (9/3/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] My BW2016 list just got even longer. He deserved a lot better treatment than what $inclair did to him. (9/3/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] I am sure he's probably making 500 thousand plus so salary is playing a part in this but I think it's a mistake
[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] Maybe he's going podcast-only, like his buddy, the old, bald, orange man. (9/3/16)

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Dave and other faithful readers of DCRTV, I was actually there the day Leon Harris got hired by WJLA. It was a Monday and they flew him in to do a promo about his hiring. The cold thing that they did was never tell Del Walters about it who was the anchor at 5pm at the time. They told Del not to come in that day. Than when Del came into work on Tuesday, he was told to pack his office and leave. Del had worked at WJLA for 18 years and at the time wasn't working under a contract. Now that was stone cold. I remember learning about how cold the news business can be that day. So I'm saddened by not surprised that the same thing has happened to Leon after all these years. He was making over 1.3 million a year so I'm sure he will be fine. He is one of the nicest anchors I have ever worked with so I'm sure he will find a new gig soon. God Bless. Bobby, SE (9/2/16)

Poor Steve Kingston. He’s fighting the Baltimore 103.1 which is already approved, so he missed that window to file an objection there, and now he’s also missing the 103.1 FM near DC too which might be approved any day now. The problem with his fight though is that people in Baltimore that cannot get WRNR is no concern of the FCC. They’re not SUPPOSED to get it. If he was a smart businessman, he could have gotten a translator in Baltimore or DC. However, SOMAR got 98.3 shut down too, but I suspect it will take him at least 6 months or more AFTER the 103.1’s get on the air to dispute Baltimore. He’s already running out of time to dispute DC’s 103.1. (9/2/16)

Friday entertainment headline from WBAL RADIO: 'Mario Marketing in Rio Olympics Closing Cost Nintendo Nary A Gold Coin' WHAT??? (9/2/16)

CBS Radio to become Infinity Radio all over again. Sure, that’ll fix things. Maybe Don & Mike will come back? HAHA! (9/2/16)

Sorry to hear about Leon Harris at ABC7, and this made me wonder about how contracts are handled at some stations vs.others. At some television and radio stations, it seems that now you're very lucky to make 10 years, or for that matter, even 5 years is an accomplishment at some places. But how is it that some places hang onto talent for 15, 20, or in some cases, 30+ years while others have much more frequent turnover? I don't know how much the bottom line comes into play, because if it did, what explains some anchors, meteorologists, etc. lingering on for decades without bankrupting a station? Or does it boil down to some management/owners just being more fickle than others? (9/2/16)

Loved watching Leon on CNN and WJLA. Somebody is going to hire him real fast. Won't be surprised is Sinclair keeps him off air now after that Tweet. Here's hoping to see Leon back on air soon at a big news place like CNN or Fox. (9/2/16)

Newsroom staff are angry, upset and livid at the decision to fire Leon Harris. Leon is loved by everyone and a consummate professional. There was nothing to justify this. Staff were sent a copy of the press release in their email this morning. There was no personal message or newsroom meeting from GM Dan Mellon or News Director Mitch Jacob. It was cold and impersonal. It's how they do most things. (9/2/16)

WRNR in Annapolis on 103.1 should also fight Radio One for their application for a new translator on 103.1 in DC. This will cause interference to WRNR. They operate with 6,000 Watts. (9/2/16)

RE: Chris does Rush. Plante did as well as expected but alas Silvie from Waldorf was unable to get through. Surprises: Plante did the show live from the EIB NYC Command with Bo Snerdly producing in studio and that Plante chose to trash his host city about dirty homeless people: how crude, how cruel, why doesn't he beat up on DC's homeless sleeping on Metro grates near WMAL instead? Goofs: kept calling Bo Snerdly "Mike" his WMAL producer which proves Plante is color blind and mixed up Rush's caller number with WMAL's. Low point: his tired story about how he once gave Monica Lewinsky a ride to her diggs at the Watergate from the Pentagon where they both worked in the 90's and she rewarded him with a box of POTUS M&M's. High point: Plante's Number One Girl ate the M&M's. Overall rating: C minus. Don't quit your morning job Chris! (9/2/16)

Just heard that crazy and very dumb @morningmika had a mental breakdown while talking about me on the low ratings @Morning_Joe. Joe a mess! Donald J. Trump (9/2/16)

Mike in Fairfax mentioned that John Riggins got his start in DC radio on the Czaban and Pollin show 15 years ago. I think the best part of his participation in that show was the regular "Ask Riggo" segment when he would answer caller questions about hunting, beer drinking, and other areas of Riggo expertise. Good stuff. (9/2/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] Where is he going? (9/2/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] that is a name I remember...good luck to him (9/2/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] The story was that Leon Harris was a news executive at CNN, and he was asked by a lighting director to sit behind the anchor desk for a couple of minutes so they could relight the set. He grabbed some news copy that was on the desk, and began reading. He so impressed folks who happened to wander by that he was offered an on-air slot. That's the story I remember. (9/2/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] I hope he's ok, health wise. (9/2/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] Is he leaving of his own accord? (9/2/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] Used to see him often when I worked in Rosslyn. Hope all is well with him. He's been there for a while. (9/2/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] I like Leon Harris, one of the reasons I still watch Channel 7. (9/2/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] Shocker! I worked with Leon at 7 almost a decade ago. He is a great guy and class act. Him and Jim Vance are the late of the great Anchormen in this market. He will surely be missed! (9/2/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] We'll miss watching him. (9/2/16)

[RE Leon Harris leaving WJLA:] I have little love for channel 7 since it was bought by Sinclair... Leon was the exception. Whatever is next in your life Leon I hope it's exactly what you want. (9/2/16)

This morning, Brian said that those people who work hard and don't get in to Georgetown because of their new policy should be very angry. Hey, Brian, you know who else should be angry? Let's see, how about a woman who works hard as a stringer in DC, and is offered by the bureau chief a full time gig, and as a thank you she has to show him "the inside of [her] hotel room." (9/2/16)

"Will the Spanish Stations in Northern Virginia change format when they all leave?" HAHAHAHA! That hadn't even occurred to me! RadioLocator.net shows at least 11 Spanish or Mexican-formatted AM stations in the DC listening area, not counting FMs like El Zol and multicultural AM stations like WUST. Most of the AM dial here would go very quiet. Wow ---imagine this: stations would go dark and their transmitter sites be abandoned. Undocumented landscapers would no longer be available to trim the grounds around tower sites and the overgrowth would choke the towers. Power would be cut off from the tower lights, causing navigation hazards. Commercial planes on approach going over Walkersville, Manassas or Alexandria wouldn't see the dark towers, clip a guy wire and ... oh brother. If there was ever a reason why AM station owners shouldn't vote Trump I dont know what a better one would be. (9/2/16)

Leon Harris to leave WJLA Is this the tipping point? Or has it already happened? Sinclair is living up, or maybe living down, to their reputation. (9/2/16)

So Chris Plante bailed on his show and the dreadful Mary Walter is doing her best imitation of The Frother: can Chris do his best Rush? (9/2/16)

I don’t think The Baltimore Sun has ever made any mention of this in any public way, but in email news alerts in the evening they are once again using The Evening Sun name again. (9/2/16)

If Trump sends all the Hispanic people in Northern Virginia back to Mexico there will be a lot of empty houses in Manassas and Herndon. Hillary has all the movie stars voting for her. Things could get a lot worse. The Hispanic community will vote for Hillary. She said she is not going to spend any money in Virginia because she thinks she has already won that state. Will the Spanish Stations in Northern Virginia change format when they all leave? (9/2/16)

So Comcast SportsNet will start simulcasting the Junkies’ morning drive show next Tuesday (9/6) – the Fab Four stand to benefit from the expanded exposure (CSN’s viewing area extending as far south as North Carolina) and no doubt entertain hopes of their program eventually being picked up by a national channel such as the NBC Sports Network. Meanwhile, CSN clearly anticipates a major ratings boost in the 6-10 AM timeslot which currently consists mainly of infomercials and reruns of shows that aired the previous night. Heard John Riggins co-hosting ESPN 980’s Skins pregame show with Bram Weinstein for 90 minutes yesterday and could have sworn he never mentioned the team name (using ‘Washington’ instead) – might he have joined the ranks of prominent sports media figures such as Bob Costas, Peter King, Mike Wise, Christine Brennan, John Feinstein and Mike Greenberg who’ve been deliberately avoiding the term since the controversy flared up a few years ago? The perception of Dan Snyder being vindictive and unforgiving must be somewhat exaggerated because I recall Riggins once famously saying that the Skins owner had a “dark heart” – now he’s making weekly appearances on several ESPN 980 shows but interestingly not with Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin who helped launch his radio career about 15 years ago with those Thursday segments during football season (which eventually expanded to two hours). Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Riggins bolted for Snyder’s new Red Zebra venture when it started in 2006 and (with Kevin Sheehan and Gary Braun as his sidekicks) competed directly with Sports Reporters in afternoon drive – when the two sports radio outlets were merged two or three years later, the decision was made to retain Pollin and Czaban and cancel Riggo’s program. Inasmuch as Riggins was willing to rejoin the station that dumped him back then and Pollin’s the ultimate company man, I have to believe it’s Czaban who’s still bitter about the Skins legend’s original betrayal and standing in the way of any renewed association between him and Sports Reporters. Mike, Fairfax (9/2/16)

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"Gus -- two things:" Only twice as long as the post that inspired it, but still Long Winded. On the internet no knows that you look younger than your years, that you pull 20 something trim whenever you please, and that your friends are endlessly fascinated by the stories that follow. Unless you make sure they do know by going on and on about it in a Long Winded fashion, amirite? Celebrating legal intergenerational relationships without making it all about me, Gus in the Gaithersburg (9/1/16)

I believe he meant "#1bufoon." But seriously, a couple of questions here. will Silvie have to phone in using Rush's 800 #, or will Chris give her another # to call in so she can praise him on the air on how well he is doing filling in for Rush? Will Silvie use "Silvie in Waldorf," or will she use a different moniker to stay under the radar of DCRTVers? Let's play a political game; count how many times Chris says "The Left!" tomorrow on Rush's show. After the show, tally them up, and send one dollar for each time he said it to the Democratic National Committee . So, Chris, you now know, the more times you say "the Left," tomorrow, the more money will be going to the DNC. Good luck tomorrow, and perhaps you can use this time to do another interview with Sarah Palin and talk about Constitutional issues. The last interview you did with her went swimmingly. Or, you could replicate all the press you got after the Palin interview by doing an interview with Trumpo tomorrow. Get him to start talking about the Constitution...It's a Win-win, and what could possibly go wrong? (9/1/16)

RE: Chris Plante, Chris Plante lovers, & Chris Plante haters. Chris on Friday can: “call it in” ala Rush on a bad day & take lots of calls; repeat the third hour as Savage frequently does; just run his entire 9:00AM to Noon WMAL show again (who would know other than WMAL listeners), go DC centric (only local DC news & callers); impersonate Rush’s voice (bloated & pompous); bring back classic Rush bits (“Homeless update”, “Feminazis”, “You don’t own me”, “Football predictions” based upon the mascot’s pc viability i.e. Redskins bad, Seahawks good); or he can just be his usual, obnoxious self. “I knew Rush Limbaugh: you, Chris Plante, are no Rush Limbaugh”. Good luck Chris: DCRTVDJDAVE will NOT be listening! (9/1/16)

Dave's response: I'll probably be listening but I won't admit to it. Maybe he'll do an on-air meltdown. Cue the waltz music. We can only hope.....

RE "Of all the people he could tap, how on earth did he or his staff choose Plante. The guy is awful. I babbling buffoon." He's not that bad. One of the few cons to the show is that he's so snarky and degrading that you can't listen to the show if you disagree with him. Apparently you're one of those people. And I DO hope that you're not referring to yourself when you say "I babbling buffoon." That would be weird. From, Amar (9/1/16)

Gus -- two things: Reading skills are to be embraced, don't fear them. And while you're at it, tone down the baseless assumptions, too. You're the one that hurled the "fat" insult at the original poster for some odd reason. I said two (not one) young women I did date, (not almost dated) . One pursued me initially, the other I went after first. Only point was that it's great when it's all raw chemistry, but then you've got to have more in common, I don't think too many would argue that. And I've got no reason to bore my friends with the stories now, anyway - I'm happily with a woman actually 3 yrs. my senior. (kind of a Katie Couric-ish type --Or media pixie, as Dave would say) So all's well that ends well....Quit being so cynical. (9/1/16)

Maybe it's me, but there seems to be some tension or maybe some jealousy going on with Holly Morris in regards to Erin Como. Today there was discussion promoting Erin's podcast with the main subject being Erin dating the morning senior producer. When Erin said she never dated co-workers as she felt it could be disastrous, Holly let out a loud laugh. She eventually said she wished Erin and Chris many years of happiness, but it truly didn't sound sincere. She then made a sarcastic remark regarding someone having knowledge of something going on at the station but not saying anything. I think Holly doing her podcast may have opened some wounds and knowing of and seeing Erin and Chris dating brings back bad memories. (9/1/16)

The old Suit is saddened to read of the death of one of my favorite talkers, Dr. Joy Browne. Somewhere in my collection of airchecks I have a memorable one of her on KFI during PM drive. I don’t remember why I chose that day to record her. Or, why I left the tape running in my office when I left for home. But, I was LOL (and thankful I left the tape rolling!) while in traffic on the NB 5 Fwy when I heard her tell a caller, “The difference between a first marriage and a second marriage? In the first marriage, the diamonds are fake and the orgasms are real. In a second marriage, the diamonds are real and the orgasms are fake!” I probably still have the tape. One of these days I’ll have to digitize the tapes I’ve accumulated in my 50+ years in this business. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/1/16)

"MAL's Plante to Sub For Rush Friday" Jesus Christ you have to be kidding! That would have been a great April Fools joke Dave. I love Rush. Of all the people he could tap, how on earth did he or his staff choose Plante. The guy is awful. I babbling buffoon. (9/1/16)

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