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"Dave's response: Back when he was on WMAL, I made a post critical of him on Twitter and he accused me of "attacking" him. He's just not cut out for elected political office. Maybe he should stick to what he does best - righty radio huckster....." Respectfully disagree. He absolutely sucks ass at radio. Evolutionarily he's downstream from Hannity and Levin. He may be smarter than Hannity (most people are) but he sucks worse on the radio. When he subs for someone he sucks for everyone. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/31/16)

You said that BGC is selling off their signals in Hagerstown and Frederick. What is BGC? (8/31/16)

Dave's response: WAMU's BlueGrass Country.....

Time for the Amar ramble. I found it fascinating that of all the radio hosts on radio, Chris Plante would get chosen as the guest host for Rush Limbaugh. Not that he isn't a good host--he's fantastic! But I wonder why Rush decided to put him on the station. Usually he put more high-profile hosts on the air (I heard that Buck Sexton will also host while he's away). I wonder if this means that Chris Plante do the show with his format or use the same material Rush would've used. Also, here's another thing I've been thinking about; What do you think would happen the WMAL? They're really boxed into a corner; There aren't really any popular radio formats to flip to because the DC radio market is already ridiculously saturated (and plus there'd be no radio for conservatives; WAMU and WPFW do serve liberals well and no matter what your opinion it would be hard to disagree with WTOP most of the time) so the only thing left to do is go up against the big dogs or change your hosts, and their schedule is already pretty good. The only two shows I want to see go are Michael Savage and the John Batchelor shows. The Savage Nation used to be pretty good; listening to it, you would think that he's either the wisest man on earth or psycho. But ever since his (apparent) secret handshake with Donald Trump early in the election season, it seems as if Trump can do no wrong! Don't get me wrong, I'd vote for Trump. But there are actually some negatives to the guy. As for the John Batchelor Show, it isn't bad, when it's interesting. But I don't really like the material they use. On Point on WAMU? Now that's what I'm talking about! John Batchelor? Not so much. I want to hear about the elections, not the way of the Bionicle. My suggestions as replacements, would be in the place of Michael Savage, do a show with, Brian, Larry, AND Chris Plante, and maybe one other rotating guest, kinda like "The Five, but we all agree with each other." Like The Cycle on MSNBC. In John Batchelor's place, I would love to see Steve Deace. From, Amar (8/31/16)

I guess these off-topic "Gus in the Gaithersburg" posts are supposed to be funny...? (8/31/16)

Sorry, Dave but 40+ years of radio knowledge is not the same as 40+ years of radio experience. The reality is that nothing could have saved WNEW because WTOP is too strong and give the people what they wanted. The Globe was an interesting experiment but Dc has never done a good job supporting that type of format. And, the only way to run Danny out of town is to have him sell his stations. Numbers, schmumbers - it is a marketing vehicle for the cash cow. (8/31/16)

I found out Stash was back in the game and tuned into the Bay, just like old times he is entertaining and hilarious. The traffic girl is ruining the show though, can someone ask her to JUST report the damn traffic? She won't stop talking and trying to be a DJ. I looked her up-Meredith Marx, she refers to herself as a "news personality" "traffic chick" and from what I have been told a "celebrity". That would be a no on all 3, I had never even heard of her as of a month ago and the few people that did know her had some colorful stories. Repeat....Stash is the DJ just report the traffic!!! Bill in Middle River (8/31/16)

If Radio One is granted the translator in DC on 103.1 FM, won't they cause interference to both WAFY 103.1 in Frederick and WRNR 103.1 in Annapolis? There is also a new translator in Baltimore on 103.1 that has been approved by the FCC. (8/31/16)

WAMU Bluegrass Format.....Hubbard should carry the Bluegrass Format on their WTOP HD-3 Channel...... It is leased to 98.3 Translator. They are not making any money with the Gamut Format that is on there now. The Bluegrass Format has a good following in this market. It has been on WAMU for 49 Years! (8/31/16)

SINCLAIR CEO GOES OFF... ftvlive.com (8/31/16)

As an avid Nats radio listener, I'm a little dismayed to see the latest ratings, especially in comparison to what the Orioles pull. According to the Tom Taylor analysis, "Nats baseball has apparently peaked for CBS flagship “Fan” WJFK-FM (2.6-2.4-2.5) – Nights are trending down since the June book." Meanwhile, "The Baltimore Orioles are flying strongly for baseball flagship “Fan” WJZ-FM (CBS, 5.4-5.5-5.3). The Fan is a double-digit #2 at night." Those are different markets, but the total listeners per ratings point has to be close to comparable, right? I don't see a direct comparison between Nats broadcasts and O's broadcasts, only "nights are trending down" at JFK while "The Fan is a double-digit #2 at night," when most baseball games air. So are the O's game pulling double (or more) the radio audience that the Nats games are? I did listen to my share of O's radio games as a kid, but didn't really (re)discover baseball on the radio until Charlie and Dave debuted. That was on Washington Post Radio, if memory serves. In any case, those guys are simply great at what they do. They've been the best thing on the radio the past 10 years. (8/31/16)

Do you have an update on the WAMU Bluegrass/Country Format. They said before, if they can't find a new home for it they would drop it on 12/31/16. Many fans will be very disappointed since it has been on WAMU for 49 years. (8/31/16)

Dave's response: Other than BGC selling off its signals in the Hagerstown and Frederick areas, I have not heard anything about a "savior" riding in to save the station.....

Heyheyheyhey Gus ... don't tick off the Altoids hacker community. I've already built a QRP ham radio in one and made another into an electric violin. Keep us out of this -- we're just having fun. (8/31/16)

Chris Plante haters will have a full six hours to hate him on Friday as he subs for a vacationing Rush Limbaugh: Chris said it is an honor on the level of hosting The Tonight Show for Johnny Carson (Larry O’Connor eat your heart out). What century is Chris living in? We know that DCRTVDJDAVE will be listening to WMAL from 9:00AM to 3:00PM on Friday just to make Bill Hess happy! Dave maybe invite Number One Girl over and make a party of it? (8/31/16)

Dave's response: Oh gawd. Maybe a good time for a nice long afternoon hike without the earbuds.....

Sports radio icon Tony Kornheiser joined Tony Perkins and Gary Stein on “The Tony Perkins Show Featuring Gary Stein” (“TTPSFGS”) to provide insight into his decision to leave his long-time ESPN radio show and enter the world of podcasts. Tony Kornheiser is the co-host, with Michael Wilbon, of ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” (“PTI”), and for many years hosted “The Tony Kornheiser Show” on ESPN Radio. “The Tony Kornheiser Show” will continue entertaining the nation’s capital and the world as a podcast starting in September. In a rare and lengthy interview, Tony Kornheiser talked about his plans and his reasoning for leaving traditional radio and joining the podcast community. “I'm sort of unusual in the sense that I have done writing, radio, and television,” states Tony Kornheiser. “I've been in all three of the traditional mediums. I had a pretty high level of achievement at The Washington Post; I was a columnist there. I do the PTI show; it's a really big deal. And I've done radio and now I'm about to do podcasting.” He goes on to say, “If [listeners] stop listening to regular radio because podcasts are for so many more people, more convenient and better, why do I want to sit on terrestrial radio, I've sat in newspapers and watched them die under me.” Since 1992, “The Tony Kornheiser Show” has been a part of the radio airwaves in different forms and at various stations. And starting on Tuesday, September 6, 2016, “The Tony Kornheiser Show” will be available to fans across the world via podcast – on demand radio. “I’m going to take the daily radio show that I did, the Monday to Friday radio show and we are going to do it five days a week with the same people, with the same breaks, with the same orientation,” states Tony Kornheiser. “The Tony Perkins Show Featuring Gary Stein” (“TTPSFGS”) is a weekly comedy and entertainment podcast featuring comic commentary, interviews, music, laughs, and -- most importantly -- an amazing chemistry between two guys who can and regularly do finish each other’s sentences. The highly produced show has been called “the most entertaining conversation on the ‘net” and is definitely not a typical podcast. It’s a cross between a radio and a television show, featuring popular celebrities and guests that most major talk shows would be envious to book. To date, the show has been downloaded over half a million times! “TTPSFGS” recently celebrated a major milestone of 100 episodes and can be heard throughout the United States and around the world. “TTPSFGS” latest episode with Tony Kornheiser is available at tonyperkinsshow.com..... (8/31/16)

Dave's response: "TTPSFGS." Really rolls off the tongue.....

Radio ratings analysis from Tom Taylor: Washington DC last month revealed what we humorously called a little “weakness” in the fortress station, Hubbard’s all-news WTOP and its regional simulcast signals. Sure enough – this time, ’TOP is tied for the age 6+ total-week share lead with American University non-com news/talk WAMU. They’re both double digits in mornings, but WAMU’s local version of “Morning Edition” tops WTOP. WAMU’s also #1 middays. Total-week, WTOP moves from a June-book 10.3 share to a July-book 9.4, and now a 9.1 for the “August” book that ran July 14-August 10. It’s wins PM drive, night and weekend dayparts. Total-week, WAMU climbs 8.1-8.6-9.1. Chris Huff says this is its first share of first place since December 2013. Third place again is Howard U’s urban AC WHUR (6.5-6.6-6.9). It’s second on weekends and tied for second place at night. WHUR’s followed by Radio One’s urban AC “Majic” WMMJ (5.6-6.1-5.9) and iHeart’s CHR “Hot 99.5” WIHT (5.1-5.7-5.3). Country WMZQ is flat (iHeart, 3.7-3.4-3.4). Cumulus execs will be tickled about the 2.5-2.8-3.2 upward motion of hot AC “Mix 107.3” WRQX. Talk sister WMAL-AM/FM is right behind and flattish (3.0-2.9-3.1). Nats baseball has apparently peaked for CBS flagship “Fan” WJFK-FM (2.6-2.4-2.5) – Nights are trending down since the June book. Red Zebra-owned sports WTEM is flat (1.4-1.3-1.4). DC’s top station for average weekly cume is one we haven’t mentioned yet – iHeart’s AC WASH. It ranks #6 in AQH share (4.4-4.6-5.0) and #1 in cume at about 1.29 million..... Baltimore is the home of the Little Class A That Could. It’s Radio One’s urban AC WWIN-FM, back to #1 (9.8-8.6-8.5). It wins afternoons, nights and weekends, earning double digits nights/weekends. Second is urban sister “92Q” WERQ (8.4-9.2-8.4, and #1 in mornings). Third overall is CBS AC WLIF (7.4-7.8-8.2). It’s #1 middays and is a relatively rare AC station to be as high as #2 mornings. (It’s also #2 in afternoons.) Fourth is iHeart’s country WPOC (7.1-6.8-6.8, and third middays and weekends). The Baltimore Orioles are flying strongly for baseball flagship “Fan” WJZ-FM (CBS, 5.4-5.5-5.3). The Fan is a double-digit #2 at night. Your Public Radio’s news/talk non-com WYPR is rising (1.8-2.0-2.5). WLIF wins in cume at nearly 775,000. (8/31/16)

Ch 4 fine now Tuesday night watched Mel Brooks on Jimmy Fallon talking about Gene Wilder the wonderful actor we just lost. (8/31/16)

"...the "Real Class" award for..." and you get the Long-Winded Award for taking 4 times the space to criticize my post celebrating legal intergenerational relationships by trotting out your one story all your friends are tired of hearing about how once you almost had a date with a girl in her 20s. This week's hacks include repairing or cannibalizing a Water-Pik and an Altoids can guitar amplifier. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/31/16)

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Looks like Dan Bongino came in third in Florida Republican primary. He was running for a US house seat. Dan had been endorsed by Mark Levin and Ted Cruz. Perhaps Ft Meyers -Naples, home of Judge Judy and Phyllis Shaffley (sp), and most of the residents there, saw through Dan's BS. Dan got 17% of the vote. Black Lives Matter, Dan. (8/30/16)

Dave's response: Back when he was on WMAL, I made a post critical of him on Twitter and he accused me of "attacking" him. He's just not cut out for elected political office. Maybe he should stick to what he does best - righty radio huckster.....

Gus in Gaithersburg gets the "Real Class" award for calling out the earlier poster as being a "....fat person who hasn't pulled any trim in the 21st century", for mentioning the age gap between two dating Fox5 personalities. Gus, the person (who could've been male or female really) makes a very valid point, even if they were probably exaggerating the age difference. What would the poster's weight or lack of dating skills have to do with what we're talking about anyway? I can attest, trying to date too far outside my own age range --especially younger --is not all that easy. I'm in decent shape, and much younger in appearance than I really am, but I still found that on a life-experience level, the couple of women in their 20s I dated not long back and I just could not connect. We'd each make references that the other was clueless about... not anything wrong with either of us for that, and they were both intelligent and charming, but it simply doesn't work that well. Connecting physically may happen pretty easily, but once you get past that, there's just dead-end streets. If you're not aware of those truths, Gus, maybe you're not too familiar with 21st century dating yourself, either.... just sayin'.... (8/30/16)

Latest ratings just confirm some things that have been obvious for a long time now. A bunch of people are in the wrong business. Specifically: "15) WWDC [Elliot 11th] and WGTS, 17) WJFK-FM [Junks 12th, Dukes 18th] and WETA-FM, 19) WLZL [Biagi 19th], 20) WTEM [Cooley 20th, Czaban 17th]." Some big paychecks are going to most of those names, and they aren't producing enough for it to make sense. Chris Cooley, in particular, is a disaster. (8/30/16)

Talk radio star Dr. Joy Browne died on Saturday, August 27 at age 71, while on the phone with her sister. Details at campaign-archive1.com (8/30/16)

Bill Phipps, better known to valley radio listeners as “Coach Bill”, passed away this morning after a long and courageous fight with cancer. Coach Bill became a household name to listeners of WSVA, Q101, WSIG and several other stations in the area. Bill moved to Harrisonburg in the early 90’s and worked in several roles over the years from sports reporter and play by play announcer to DJ and morning show host. While best known for his work with play by play of high school and Bridgewater College football and basketball, behind the scenes Bill wore several hats, helping to program stations and choose the songs we played. Bill always brought a smile and a positive attitude to work with him and always had a smile for everyone he met. Bill enjoyed life, loved music and movies and was always ready to tell you his review of the latest movies he had seen. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Paula and his family who stayed strong and brave during his long battle with health issues. -Frank Wilt. Operations/Brand Manager WSVA (8/30/16)

Something is definitely wrong with Ch4 over the air signal I usually get 72% signal strength with small outdoor antenna in Lake Ridge rarely any problem except in high wind today I get nothing today... didn't watch it Monday but worked fine Sunday night... gonna call them if it isn't back to normal tonight. (8/30/16)

Trump just announced that he will be spending $10 million on broadcast ads. We hope he will spend some of that money on radio in Virginia. Hillary has already announced that she will NOT spend any money in Virginia. (8/30/16)

Bottle Proof TV: Blind Tasting Cabernet Sauvignon Under $15 - There's no better way to taste ... then to taste blind. Don't buy another bottle before you see which ones made the cut and which didn't! Four Cabernets. Four brown bags. Four unvarnished opinions. (8/30/16)

Dave, one slight other feather in your cap…had Cumulus allowed you to be a advisor….WMAL would be a live and local news talker with more variety hosts wise than the generic right wing soapbox that it is now. Dan (8/30/16)

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Dave sez "I work real cheap.". We all do Dave; we just didn't know we would be. (8/29/16)

4's over the air signal is currently at reduced power or off the air entirely. I can't get a whiff of it on my TV, and the HDHomerun gives it a signal strength of 54% which is a little bit above where it is on an empty channel. Heard anything, Dave? (8/29/16)

Dave's response: Just checked and I'm getting WRC just fine via antenna here in Reston VA. Where are you?.....

Pardon me if I don't chuckle at the notion that WRQX might go classic Hip Hop. That format has been tried in several markets and - for the most part - is a flash in the pan. Out of the box strong then fades to a back of the pack position. Now, a Rhythmic AC as seen in markets like Boston, Seattle and, most recently, Detroit might have legs. (8/29/16)

Dave's response: Or a rock/pop/soul oldies format that incorporates some classic hip-hop into the mix. It's like the failed "classic alternative pop" format of a few years back - a la Duran Duran, Midnight Oil, the Smiths, the Cure, Depeche Mode. Those "News Wave" tunes from the 1980s are cool if you include them in a classic hits format, like Baltimore's Jack 102.7. But they don't work well as a stand-alone format, at least on broadcast commercial radio in most major markets. BTW, if Cumulus wants to hire me as a consultant for 107.3, I'm available. I've got 40+ years of Washington radio knowledge and I work real cheap. If CBS had hired me, 94.7 would still be the Globe and 99.1 would still be WNEW and a news talker. And Hubbard/WTOP would be operating a successful sports talker on 104.1/103.9 with the Redskins, having put Dan Snyder's little Zebra to sleep long ago.....

The one time I manage to watch 9 is at 7pm and I've noticed lately it's been a single anchored show again. Apparently, Jan Jeffcoats is anchor mornings "temporarily". I saw via her Twitter she's been anchoring in the mornings for the last two weeks. They have also moved the morning show to the set of Great Day. Oddly enough, the fact they can call the year old Great Day set a "new set" speaks to the lack of audience that show has. I think they should have just left Andrea but at least they put Jeffcoats there, someone who 9's audience seems to like. (8/29/16)

Thrownatbirth's memory of the memorable line is faulty. Renee Poussaint was the anchor who gave away the result of the Miracle on Ice game to D.C. viewers, not Maureen Bunyan. Everett W. (8/29/16)

Previous mail bagger was incorrect about Maureen Bunyan in 1980… Here's the correct version… Keep in mind that Maureen was still at WDVM back then when ABC held the Olympic television rights.. On the game’s 30th anniversary, the Washington Post recounted the story of when WJLA anchor Renee Poussaint spoiled the outcome with the score tied at 3-3 in the third period during a commercial break and we share it with you on the game’s anniversary today as a reminder of how far televised sports has come (at least for the most part): Those who wanted to know, did. Those who didn’t know, didn’t want to. But those who didn’t know they didn’t want to, forced them to. Confused? Not if you were watching Channel 7 last night during the Olympic hockey game between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. The game, which had been played at Lake Placid earlier in the evening, was taped rather than shown live. It aired locally on WJLA-TV, starting at 8:30. In an effort to preserve the suspense for those fans who had not yet heard the news of the U.S. upset over the Russians, ABC’s sports commentator Jim McKay announced he would not give away the outcome of the game while it was in progress. The score was tied 3-3 with about 10 minutes left to play when ABC took a station break. Channel 7’s Renee Poussaint, apparently unaware of ABC’s attempts to keep the secret, announced that the U.S. had scored a major upset over the Russians by winning the hockey game 4-3. WJLA’s switchboard lit up with calls from over 200 irate viewers who had avoided news and sports reports all evening so they could experience the drama of the game on TV. The ABC bureau in Washington also logged over 200 calls. (8/29/16)

Dan - Tru dat. If 107.3 decides to go Classic Hip Hop, their thunder will be immediately stolen by the first FMer in town to do a hybridized Classic + DC + Baltimore format. Part of what made the old (1980s) CBS FM in New York such a major hit was emphasis on NYC, Jersey and Philly sounds, especially the homegrown doo-wop stuff. This is something that can be tried on an HD channel, then moved onto the main signal once it gets legs. Battle brewing? Good, we need it. (8/29/16)

How can Radio One expect to get a new translator in DC on 103.1? There are other stations in Annapolis with 6,000 watts and Frederick with 3,000 watts and a new translator in Baltimore on 103.1. You can hear these other stations on that frequency in DC. (8/29/16)

When WRQX puts their Classic Hip Hop format on they will be in competition with Radio One WKYS and CBS owned WPGC. They will also cut into WMMJ 102.3. (Magic) We need another Hip Hop station in DC!!! (8/29/16)

Very cool to learn that Doug Hill is joining the WGTS morning team. Well done, sir ... and thanks for the heads-up, Dave. (8/29/16)

Congrats to Maureen Bunyan for her NCRTV Ed Walker award which was truly deserved, perhaps for her memorable line "US beats Russia in hockey, more at 11". - Thrownatbirth (8/29/16)

"They're dating?! Isn't he twice her age?" - Said a fat person who hasn't pulled any trim in the 21st Century. How's the low power Takoma Park station doing? Do they have a website? If only I had a computer with the very newest yesterday's operating system! Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/29/16)

So, Cumulus is thinking about putting on “Classic Hip Hop”….slight issue with that as in it’s beamed from Westwood One and also…it’s a generic format. Not what could be something like a Washington’s Greatest Hits with a nod to the classic alternative, classic hip hop, oldies, 70s and 80s hits along with disco and progressive rock but just generic automated classic hip hop. People want variety on 107.3 that you won’t find on the DC dial….not a automated format or something already being done. Dan (8/29/16)

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Re: "So I see that Tucker Barnes & Caitlyn Roth have posted "date night" pics on their Twitter pages. So guess this is their official announcement that they're dating." They're dating?! Isn't he twice her age? (8/28/16)

So I see that Tucker Barnes & Caitlyn Roth have posted "date night" pics on their Twitter pages. So guess this is their official announcement that they're dating. And of course Sara Fraser has launched those podcasts where on-air staff are revealing very personal information about their past and current lives. It appears that the podcasts are getting a lot of views and comments. So I have to wonder if management is going to require that the rest of his on-air staff participate in the podcasts. Especially if it's going to boost ratings. It's obvious that news is secondary to this channel. (8/28/16)

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A "huge investment" from Cumulus is coming from the Classic Hip Hop format... "problem" stations are on the roll out list. WRQX is on that list. (8/27/16)

I'm going to assume that the producer(s) of our local morning shows are responsible for overseeing the program to ensure that it runs smoothly with minimum errors and if errors do occur they're addressed so that they're not repeated. If indeed I am correct, WHY is it that on FOX5's morning news are there routinely incorrect captions for the pictures/videos being shown, pictures/ videos that don't match the story being reported and anchors having to read info on the teleprompter that they have said is either incorrect or doesn't make sense? Also, I know they want to be hip and therefore play popular songs before and after commercial breaks, but do they just pick a title and play it without screening the lyrics?. This morning they played a song that had inappropriate language in it and cut it off right after the word was said. But it shouldn't have been played at all. So after the break, Wisdom read an apology for the language. Why should he have to apologize for someone who didn't do their job?. I don't watch the other morning shows, so don't know if this happens on them. Anyone else notice this or can shed some light on who's responsible for making sure these errors don't occur?. (8/27/16)

"Dave's response: Every radio station that air callers operates with a multi-second delay so that objectional comments can be prevented from getting heard on air." To the delight of some, WCSP opts not to go that route, or at least they used to. The SiP32101, SiP32102, and SiP32103 bidirectional switches feature reverse blocking capability to isolate the battery from the system. www.youtube.com... Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/27/16)

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Ben Rice a tv news photographer from WJLA, and his reporter Tom Roussey, stumbled upon a car crash that had JUST happened, on Monday night. They arrived even before police and fire. Ben, noticed the engine was starting to catch fire and grabbed a fire extinguisher from his tv live truck, and put the fire out. A mini-van had jumped the curb, took down a street light and ran into a Smithsonian Museum guard buggie, driving down the sidewalk. (8/26/16)

Did I just hear WMAL censor a caller thirty minutes ago? Called had not said more than two words when suddenly he's silent and Larry is saying "Okay, no need to get graphic here. I think your wife is listening." I had no idea that local radio stations had censorship provisioning. From, Amar (8/26/16)

Dave's response: Every radio station that air callers operates with a multi-second delay so that objectional comments can be prevented from getting heard on air. The FCC can issue fines.....

FCC News: Baltimore has been granted a new low-power FM, not a translator of another station, but with original programming, on FM 92.7. The Benedictine Society beat out Johns Hopkins & Loyola Universities among others to win and program the station along with The Center for Emerging Media based on a timeshare agreement. No word on what the programming might be yet. The station will cover most of Baltimore City and a part of Baltimore County at 100 watts. Not sure how this will affect WWXT 92.7, Red Zebra’s southern Maryland station. It will definitely limit coverage in northern AA County and wipe out anyone getting it in Baltimore City. — BaltoMedia.Net (8/26/1)

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Interesting article from economist. Foreboding. www.economist.com (8/25/16)

"Re: " IRS would disagree with your assessment of the situation". Nope. The payer of a prize or sweepstakes is required to file (send) the winner a 1099-Misc form if the fair market value is over $600. Otherwise, the IRS does not give a crap." Please stop being an ass. There is a difference between something being taxable (the person you are taking to task was right and you are wrong, ass) and something hitting the level where paperwork is required. On another note, iHeart debt and stock price guy, how about cutting back to quarterly alerts? No one cares. Same goes for Mike Sorce guy. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/25/16)

Underway right now in the UK is the International Beatle Week festival, with historical tours, giveaways, and concerts by music legends (www.internationalbeatleweek.com). This could have been an epic promotions and event opportunity for anyone involved in Oldies or Classic Rock in the Big 3 radio groups (CBS, Cumulus, iHeart). But I've heard nothing at all, even on the national level. Maybe I'm just not listening hard enough and someone's done it without my noticing it. But I doubt it. Every jock at every station in those groups is too busy talking about the Kardashians and Dancing With the Stars to think any bigger. And the corporate promotions people definitely missed a grand opportunity to be part of something globally great. I work in radio and have for years, but when I see blown chances like this there are times I think I'd be happier running a teacup ride at Hershey Park. Would it have killed the budget to send someone overseas with an audio recorder, a GoPro and a laptop, and done daily/nightly reports of the goings-on? Pull your heads out of your asses, fellow broadcasters. This is what we live for. (8/25/16)

Bill Hayes of Figure 8 films is doing a documentary on DeMatha HS basketball legend Morgan Wootten. On 1/30/65 at MD's Cole Field House, DeMatha beat Power Memorial of NY in an epic game before a sold out crowd. DeMatha ended Power's 71-game win streak. Power was led by Lew Alcindor (who later was Kareem Abdul Jabbar). The game was broadcast live on the radio that night. It is believed the game aired on WWDC with Steve Gilmartin doing the play-by-play and then Redskin Rod Breedlove doing the color. Bill Hayes is looking for a copy of that broadcast or any other interesting audio/video pertaining to Morgan Wootten and DeMatha. Bill's e-mail is bill_hayes@figure8films.tv . Thanks for your help! By the way, here is some video of the game in question... (8/25/16)

The problem with the 103.1 drop-ins is that WRNR-FM’s signal goes much further than the FCC plot shows. Their 6000 watt signal goes across the open bay right into Baltimore city very clear. The only area where they fizzle out is within a mile of the tower on 695 by I-70, the “Jack 102.7” tower which wipes out a lot of stations. Other than that I can get WRNR pretty clearly around the Baltimore Beltway and very strong in the city. From Annapolis going towards DC, WRNR makes it to I-95, the last gasp seems to be a small hill right before the New Carrollton exit, so the DC translator won’t do too much damage. The Baltimore signal will shoot right down the open bay and likely interfere with WRNR through a good portion of Anne Arundel County including the BWI region. It will also cause trouble in places across the bay like Chestertown on the Eastern Shore. Using the FCC plots it looks like a 103.1 in Baltimore will fit in fine, but go there with a radio and you can see that this should not be allowed. (8/25/16)

Drew Forrester returning to the airwaves full-time ??? From today’s edition of Drew’s Morning Dish: “….And on Tuesday, September 6, you’ll be able to hear me every day,Monday through Friday. Where? Let’s save those details for another day. But I’ll get you the information” Drew is currently heard Tuesday andThursday on the Rouse and Company program. (8/25/16)

Beasley is buying up TRANSLATORS......$700,000 for a Las Vegas translator and $400,000 for a Boston translator. They have learned from both iHeart and Cumulus. Operate on borrowed money and don't worry about paying it back. Nobody cares, but iHeart reports its debt at $20.9 BILLION and Cumulus reports their debt at just $2.5 BILLION. Do you think their lenders will ever see this money? (8/25/16)

Radio One applied for a new translator in DC on 103.1 for their WYCB 1340 AM in DC. That frequency will be very busy with WRNR 103.1 in Annapolis, WAFY 103.1 in Frederick. a new translator on 103.1 in Baltimore and now 103.1 in DC. BTW, there is also 103.1 in Culpepper. (8/25/16)

Re: " IRS would disagree with your assessment of the situation". Nope. The payer of a prize or sweepstakes is required to file (send) the winner a 1099-Misc form if the fair market value is over $600. Otherwise, the IRS does not give a crap. (8/25/16)

We have all seen the posts trying to convince us that the use of analog TV Channel 6 is a crime against man and nature. before you write to Chairman Wheeler here is a somewhat saner write-up on the practice. tedium.com (8/25/16)

Found this when I got back from vacation today… www,chicagotribune.com... RCN competes against established cable companies in a number of regions. Including this one.. (8/25/16)

The new translator 103.1 in Baltimore will cause interference to both stations that are on the air now. 103.1 WRNR in Annapolis and 103.1 in Frederick. As soon as it starts to broadcast, both stations can complain to the FCC about interference. Use the same tactics that SOMAR uses with WSMD 98.3 FM in Mechanicsville. They encourage their listeners to send in complaints. (8/25/16)

WMAL-AM signal is already problematic in southern Fairfax county. There is a constant whistle/whine heard on-frequency whether its in-car or at-home listening. Almost like the kind of beat-frequency you hear when another station is on or close to the same dial position. (8/25/16)

/\ August 25 Messages /\

\/ August 24 Messages \/

WRNR 103.1 and Frederick's Key 103.1 will be wiped out from Baltimore to DC when/if the proposed Baltimore and Washington 103.1 FMs go on the air. Radio One just re-appled again for FM 103.1 in DC for WYCB AM 1340. WRBS has approval to go on the air already on 103.1 FM retransmitting AM 1230. This will probably even hurt WRNR's signal a bit just west of Annapolis. — BaltoMedia.net (8/24/16)

Listened to Holly Morris' podcast on FOX5 and wow. I remember when that craziness was going on, but to hear more details about Tom's addiction and the mistress maybe being somewhat mentally unstable was surprising. She also talked about how management treated her as "the weatherman's wife" vs. a station employee. I do remember her and the mistress being scheduled to work the anchor desk together. How mean was that??!! Anyway, lots of other surprising stuff. Not a real Holly fan, but she went through some crazy sh---t at the station. AND, she said at the time, pretty much everyone knew about the affair and not one single person (even the ones she felt she was close to) said anything about it to her. How much ya wanna bet that the podcast will conveniently be forwarded to her ex-husband and wife in Atlanta?. (8/24/16)

Just read that Gurvir Dhindsa has left the Fox station in Atlanta. It was voluntary, no reason given and no info on her next move.. (8/24/16)

I seem to notice a different as in better, and sharper, more resonating sound on WMAL the past couple of weeks. Is the station using new microphones, or strengthened its power? Thanks. (8/24/16)

Dave's response: Not aware of more power for the sandwiched in signal of 105.9 (adjacent channel to Baltimore's 105.7). And the AM 630 signal will get weaker in much of the area when they move from Bethesda to Germantown sometime soon-ish.....

"Ref: Gas Price Experts": So Wow, Much Psychopath...Okay, no more caffeine for you. Have a Snickers and stop screaming at clouds. With everything going wrong in the country and world, you choose to literally stand on an internet street corner and scream at random traffic about AAA's gas price and travel surveys? For the love of God, stand up, back away from the keyboard, brush the cheesy poof crumbs from your Charlie Brown shirt, walk up the stairs from your Mom's basement, go outside and play. Organize your wallet, get a hobby, take some anger management classes, anything, just stop. But, then again, since leaving New York City and cutting back my time spent in DC, this is where I tend to run into most of the barely intelligible screamers outside of Brooklyn. You would have really gotten along with the old man who looked like Bernie Sanders and used to walk down Ocean Parkway with a "Justice for Julius and Ethel Rosenberg" sign. He used to terrify people shouting his memories of growing up in Warsaw between the wars. "We had no trees in Poland! The Cossacks came and killed them all!" I really don't know who is greater fodder for satire- you or the "WMAL hates the veterans" guy. Is he still alive? Nonetheless, DCRTV never fails to entertain. See you in 6 months, Dave-Genghis Cohen, recovering from a near extinction event in relatively quiet Prince William County. (8/24/16)

Regarding Mix 107.3: The problem is they have never had any actual game plan. The new PD came in expecting Jack Diamond and a generic Hot AC format would immediately improve the ratings. When it did not, he had no backup plan and has been tweaking the music ever since. First he tried a format that was heavily recurrent/ When that didn't work he leaned CHR playing Drake, etc. After that clearly failed, he is currently leaning AC with more oldies and few currents. With each tweak he seems oblivious to the fact that he just confusing and turning off the few actual listeners he has. At this point, he is just throwing things at the wall, hoping something sticks. It should be obvious by now even to the fools at Cumulus that Mix 107.3 is going nowhere as a contemporary station. Labor Day is traditionally the time when stations switch formats. I'll be shocked if Mix is still around on September 6. (8/24/16)

Larry O'Connor is a cool radio personality, but he's NO journalist. I detail my Facebook feud with the talented half of WMAL's morning show. Also, a new Eastern Shore gig for area radio vet Dave Hovel. Some kudos to another area radio great. Albie Dee. Plus I look more at the talk radio battle in Lewes DE, between WGMD and WXDE. In today's "Dave TV" at DCRTV's Facebook page... (8/24/16)

Is John Keim no longer the "Redskins Insider" on ESPN980? I heard him on with the Junkies last week. But then again I've heard Chris Knoche on with the Junkies as well. Are these guys free to appear on any station? Tom in Wheaton (8/24/16)

"....when a prize is under $600, you do not pay taxes on it." You may not get a tax form from the payer, but I think the IRS would disagree with your assessment of the situation. (8/24/16)

REF: [...gas price experts] This nonsense started with AAA Mid-Atlantic's infamous (now-retired) circus clown, Lon Anderson, and his mediocre media manipulating motor mouth minions around the country pushing their phony gas price survey stories telling us what we already know: what we pay for gas. In Baltimore, for example, AAA's Regina Cooper Averella bloviates this bullshit handed her by the so-called "experts" at AAA National in Florida, and, just like the bogus holiday travel predictions, it's the biggest fraud the media refuses to challenge or question. Listen to how many stations will fall for this shit again hook, line, and sinker during the upcoming long Labor Day holiday weekend. The camera crews will flock to the gas pumps, and ask motorists what they think about the prices, as they stand there pumping dozens of gallons of fuel into the tanks of their gas-guzzling SUVs. Look, AAA is an insurance company, period. Hopefully their shady shenanigans will run out of gas once the media around here finally wises up to their PR propaganda. (8/24/16)

"Can someone tell ABC news that all gunmen are armed?" --- Anything stopping you? (8/24/16)

To the person that likes to bash 107.3 all the time, "MIX 107 doesn't have a loyal audience! They have prize piggies who will do anything for $107, (probably $65 after taxes)"....when a prize is under $600, you do not pay taxes on it. (8/24/16)

See scroll at the bottom... Can someone tell ABC news that all gunmen are armed? (8/24/16)

re: "NOTHING about Joanna Campbell's nuptials over the weekend on DCRTV.com" No, why? (8/24/16)

Dave's response: I wasn't invited. I know nothing. Congrats to Joanna, but is it really news? Now, maybe if she married some other big Baltimore radio personality then it might be "news." I dunno.....

WRQX: Back to 17th in the ratings, where's the PD gloating smile? Did he take the office chickies for drinks? WRQX has run out of their contest cash for Maryland residents over 55.... and DOWN GO THE RATINGS! MIX 107 doesn't have a loyal audience! They have prize piggies who will do anything for $107, (probably $65 after taxes). 17th place... Who says you can't go home?! As the market continues to hear that the PD is still lost.... Most of staff wants Jason Kidd to step in and try to "help" PD, management wants Kidd "more involved"...Jack Diamond disappearing before show ends, wants a new format and new support... Sales department making fun of Jack Diamond 2 week ratings bump "It's because Kane was off, now back to the basement we go"... Management agrees...Advertisers no longer "considering MIX a DC station"... performs better in Fredericksburg, VA... Cumulus blowing salary and contests to entertain small, diary market in Suburban Virginia... Ad rates starting to reflect small market station... "they'll negotiate it down to anything, like a yard sale" .... (8/24/16)

From Tom Taylor Now… Zombie Translators. One such is Ocean City’s FM 104.3. It was on the air, the license is still valid, but it’s not been on the air in months/years, yet the FCC let it be sold from Bayshore Media to Adams Radio Group without even being on the air! Here’s Tom Taylor’s take… ““I see Zombie translators.” A station owner with a strong engineering background has sold several translators in this year’s two AM revitalization windows, and he says “I see two issues coming up next year with translators. One will be ‘zombie translators,’ and here’s what I mean. In the next window, for brand-new translators, there will probably not be a much longer wait time than in this year's window. The FCC staff has been really fast. In the translator sales I completed, the time from application to CP [construction permit] was less than a month for the longest one. Here's the real problem. None of the CPs I've sold have been built out yet. In my home market, two of those channels could be used next year for new translators. But come the opening of the first 2017 window, these channels can't be used until the moved facilities are built and the old licenses cleared out of the FCC database. Hence, Zombie Translators.” Ironically Bayshore is trying to now get 93.9 FM in Seaford, DE as of yesterday’s filing after selling a zombie another zombie translator. (8/24/16)

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\/ August 23 Messages \/

NOTHING about Joanna Campbell's nuptials over the weekend on DCRTV.com? (8/23/16)

Bridge dude: Why aren't you sharing your concerns with WTOP, where it does some actual good? Yelling about it here is the equivalent of yelling at the guy at Koon's Toyota because Subway f*cked up your sandwich. (8/23/16)

So I see on the DCRTV front page that yet another new reporter is coming on board for a local news station. I used to wonder why the local news stations always seemed to have constant job openings for reporters and wondered why they needed so many on staff. However, then on second thought, I realized (and it really makes common sense) that with all of the stations coming up with those "good day" type of morning shows, they bring in the field reporters to staff those lightweight shows and need to replace them..But I have to wonder how long some of these morning shows are going to be around and maintain viewership because once they're cancelled, those reporters are going to either be back out in the field or on to another station. (8/23/16)

You’ve just got to love the news media, and their reliance on so called “experts” Just last Monday (15th) there were many outlets reporting on the low gas prices, and how “Experts say high gasoline production is causing the lower gas prices, which are expected to continue to dropping” Right. The gas stations I pass went from $1.95 on Thursday to $2.09 on Friday to 2.15 yesterday. These “expert” gas analysts are no better than the gambling services that tout their tremendous success in beating the spread on NFL games. Why the news media even gives these people the time of day is beyond me. (8/23/16)

"I notice stations providing credit to the Washington Post for scoops fairly often, maybe we don't have the cache of the Post…” Maybe, do you think, it’s because the author can’t spell cachet??? (8/23/16)

WTOP's Daily Website Fuckup: The lead story today, "Police: Woman sexually assaulted on N.Va. Bridge," is about an assault on the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Which isn't in Northern Virginia ("N.Va"?) or Arlington, as the story claims; it's in the District. Virginia doesn't own the bridge, neither does Arlington, and the entire span is within the District, in the same way that not a drop of the Potomac River, which the Key bridge spans, is in Virginia. They're called "borders." Perhaps look at a map. Or have some basic knowledge of the area. (8/23/16)

So, we were coming back from Ocean City yesterday and heard a Mike O'Meara promo on WAVE saying he was excited about joining the station weekends from 7:00-10:00 Saturdays, so excited he bought a metal detector? Is he now syndicated? Glad he's on his feet, Mike was to me, always a stand-up guy, nothiing like Geronimo, a rude, classless schmuck. (8/23/16)

Dave's response: I'm pretty sure that we reported a while back that Mike was being syndicated on the Eastern Shore radio dial.....

Dave: Last weekend, I was watching the Redskins preseason game from Nags Head and thought I'd give both, tv and radio, a try and both broadcasts were to the point of un-listenable! It's one thing to have Sonny finish up his tenure but allow/give/be courteous and give the man his much deserved respect. Larry and Cooley can't wait to talk over him and if this is going to keep up, I'd replace Sonny now and save all of us from an awful listen. It's bad enough Doc has no clue about the game and just likes hearing himself talk and eat on the air, but, CBS or someone should step up and offer the Redskins owner a professional avenue/product to air the games. Second, the TV broadcast was just as bad and I almost every camera shot was wide and showed the empty stadium. Sometimes the camera quickly turned and the entire sports bar crowd looked like they were dizzy. One things for sure, we're not in a good market for TV or Radio production. (8/23/16)

REF: [I am disappointed that WBAL TV is running a Facebook story...] Station management can't manage on-air product so what makes you think they could care less about their image on the Internet? Despite all the "free speech" advocates who support this biased online behavior, stations and their personnel should stick to the news, and forget all the cyber crap. (8/23/16)

So Mike Sorce is taking more vacation time this week from his SUBSCRIBER FEE Don Geronimo Show Podcast? #notajobjustahobby (8/23/16)

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\/ August 22 Messages \/

"Pooper scoopers" ... okay, that was pretty good. (8/22/16)

Does anyone, including the poster claiming to represent "we", truly believe that WTTR's Jeff Laird looks to the DCRTV Mailbag for suggestions on "improving" the station? Wouldn't you think that if Ken Merson or Mike Kelly were interested in making their services available to WTTR, they would submit a proposal to Mr. Laird? Isn't that how it's done in the "real world"? (8/22/16)

Dave's response: Well, if CBS had taken some of the suggestions found in this here Mailbag to "fix" WNEW it might just still be here. I dunno.....

So there's a dispute about who should get credit over breaking a story on somebody crapping in a park? Would that make them "pooper scoopers"?? - - - - - Larry (formerly) in Luray (8/22/16)

WHERE IS THE MONEY? WHERE IS THE MONEY? WHERE IS THE MONEY? You read DCRTV for free to find out the latest broadcasting NEWS in the DC and Baltimore area. Other NEWS Letters charge you to read their information. It is time for you to HELP now! Please send your check today for $100 to DCRTV. You know where to send it if you read it. THANK YOU. (8/22/16)

Political Ads in Virginia......Hillary announced that she would not be buying any political ads in Virginia. She thinks she has this state "all locked up". This will hurt the radio stations in the state because they were counting on political business this year. Many stations planned their budgets on getting some of this money. In the last two elections, Obama did spend money in Virginia. (8/22/16)

"Watching Wisdom Martin do an interview with a guy regarding natural gas and he asks the guy how do you know if you have gas in your house. He said "I have a gas oven in my house, I think that it's gas". .... So the guy replies by telling him there would be outside gas meters as well receiving a gas bill each month. Duhhhh. Interviews have never been Wisdom's strong point." A rare case of a man who was given a stripper name. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/22/16)

Gawker says “Fuck it”: is that okay to say on DCRTV Mailbag? Anyways: gawker.com (8/22/16)

WRBS got approval for their FM 103.1 translator for AM 1230. It promises to protect WRNR’s contour, but it will wipe out WRNR to anyone south & east of Baltimore who usually now can get the station. I can’t imagine they’d be too happy, but the only thing they can do is wait for the station to go on the air first, and then get listeners to file or forward listener’s complaints to the FCC. fccdata.org (8/22/16)

Watching Wisdom Martin do an interview with a guy regarding natural gas and he asks the guy how do you know if you have gas in your house. He said "I have a gas oven in my house, I think that it's gas". Come on Wisdom, are you really that dumb? Do you get a flame when you turn on the burners or not? Obviously he doesn't do any of the cooking in his house. So the guy replies by telling him there would be outside gas meters as well receiving a gas bill each month. Duhhhh. Interviews have never been Wisdom's strong point. (8/22/16)

No public comment from me for now on the programming and its execution at WTTR-1470 with translator. Outsiders really do not know what if any goals have been set by the Lairds for their station's sales performance, target demographics, financial margins etcetera. I will say that the audio/technical quality remains a problem. Audio levels are low on both AM and FM, with AM levels sometimes seeming to drop below the lower threshold of some kind of gated audio processor or limiter, resulting in dropouts. This is very bad for a weak-signaled AM with a sharp directional pattern from dusk to dawn. Background noise from lights, computers, power lines and the like make all AM a tough listen, and when you add co-channel interference, low audio levels and limp positive modulation, why bother? FM 102.3 still has wildly-inconsistent audio levels, lower overall than any other commercial FM nearby when listening a mile from 102.3's transmitter. Unlike a few weeks ago, levels on baseball games, network news and other voice elements have dropped. On a Sunday morning garden show, the phone calls from listeners were almost unintelligible, and the host's voice sounded almost out-of-phase on FM. The translator actually seems to have a decent signal for its power and antenna height, but a louder more consistent sound could help it hang on to listeners in what the government says is its weaker signal areas. We think Mike Kelly and Ken Merson are great broadcasters who would enhance WTTR or any other station in similar circumstances. (8/22/16)

I am disappointed that WBAL TV is running a facebook story with the headline "if you think Donald Trump is out of touch with the average American...". Who says he's out of touch with the average American? Who's thinking it? Why does a news station feel the need to editorialize hard news stories? Just post a generic, but eyecatching headline and not give readers your opinion. Even for the young, green social media producers at news stations, this is unacceptable. Also in the story, which is actually about his running mate borrowing college money, the numbers in the headline and body don't match up. I often wonder why management never seems to manage news stations websites. (8/22/16)

Scrolling through the mailbag recently, it seems as if we have gone back a few decades with comments on: the weather bunny; the mid-day girl; and the weather chick. Wow. (8/22/16)

/\ August 22 Messages /\

\/ August 21 Messages \/

The Baltimore Sun says Dundalk, Essex, Edgemere, & Middle River full of dumb white people, then goes on to ridicule Trump supporters in Maryland as a whole. I guess that's where their subscription base used to be since they're a bankrupt arrogant large corporation now that can't get any of these people to pay for their rag anymore! I'm sure this story will help with the subscription cancellations. The only thing they forgot to mention is that all of the allegedly more intelligent racially diverse open minded social progressive Democrats in Maryland probably buy The Washington Post instead or no paper at all in the city, since many can't read. www.baltimoresun.com (8/21/16)

WAMU is a great success story. Since they are a "non-profit", they don't pay any taxes on the Hugh amount of money they take in. It is reported to be over $10 million per year in donations and "underwriting sponsorships". Remember, all the donations you give them are tax deductible for you, the donor. What is the story on their Bluegrass Country Format? Have they found a new home yet? BTW.....if they were for profit, they would be paying our Federal Government over $3 million per year. That amount of money could pay a lot of salaries in the Government!!! (8/21/16)

For those of you who were either not invited or able to attend, you can still spend a few hours on a Sunday (beats church) viewing John McLaughlin's funeral service at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, in Washington, D.C. on Saturday afternoon. Pat Buchanan’s humorous eulogy is priceless and famous political type attendees can be seen guffawing in the pews: www.youtube.com (8/21/16)

/\ August 21 Messages /\

\/ August 20 Messages \/

A newweekend weather bunny made her debut on Newschannel 8 today during the noon news broadcoast: twitter.com (8/20/16)

My August 18 interview with Walt Palmer, operations manager for Lewes-Rehoboth Beach area news talker WGMD, 92.7, at his offices/studios/transmitter facility in southern Delaware. We talk about his station's format, storm preparedness, his career in DC area radio and at ABC's "Nightline" program, and the radio biz in general..... (8/20/16)

Intetesting scenario posed to WTTR Westminster, MD owner Jeff Laird. Not only does Iheart DC/SiriusXM's Mike Kelly live in Carroll County, so does CBS Radio Baltimore's Ken Merson. They know radio programing inside out, understand local radio and are committed to Carroll County. These pros could move WTTR's presentation into the 21st century on-air and behind the scenes. Would Mr. Laird entertain this possibility? Couldn't tell you. (8/20/16)

A company called Live Sports Radio LLC is applying for an experimental DTV station on Channel 4 in Washington. No other info available except that the address is K Street, which could be practically anyone. (8/20/16)

I rarely say anything about radio, but I've been wanting to say something about WTTR. I'm all for local owners. Jeff bought WTTR from Pat Sajack, who lives in .Annapolis, but he was not a local owner. Jeff needs to hire a broadcast professional, who can find and develop local raw talent. There's plenty of fresh, hungry youngsters who are willing to absorb criticism and advice from professionals who can pass on the craft. He has a chance to build, once again, a great local radio station. STOP IT! Get someone, who's not a dick. You know who I'm talking about. Bruce Main does great traffic, but he's the WORST in morning. Jack Edwards is death on a dead AM frequency. Jeff, come on. The midday girl can be good with some direction. I'm impressed. My advice, Mike Kelly from iHeart. Lives here, loves here and will be here when all the baby DJ's can'y get in when there's 3 inches of snow. I'm rooting for you Jeff, but remember, shit in shit out. (8/20/16)

I am even more saddened now. I was kind of hoping for "The Buchanan Group" to come to the rescue. With Trump's near certainty residency at 1600, the time is now for Pat's "America First", and the pope is too liberal agenda. Elanor could spar with other panelists like Sarah Palin, Josh Dugar, and Chris Plante. Oh to see Plante say "Shove it, Elanor! Shove it" would be near priceless. And Pat could continue taping on Friday nights to keep the Jews off the show. (8/20/16)

Re:"it's clear Erin Como is receiving immense and undeserved favoritism from management over at 5 likely because she's dating the producer", I have to agree. I think she should stick with doing traffic, at least for now. The constant immersion of her into the Good Day segments comes off as forced and awkward. I've yet to hear her really bring anything of substance to the conversations. However, who knows what management had in mind when she came on board. This may have been the plan when they offered her a contract. Let's not forget that when Tony Perkins came back, it started to become obvious that he was being primed for more than just doing the weather. And look where he is now. Erin seems nice enough, but to put her on the fast track for a Good day regular at the expense of a seasoned professional like Steve Chenevey is just wrong. (8/20/16)

/\ August 20 Messages /\

\/ August 19 Messages \/

It's clear Erin Como is receiving immense and undeserved favoritism from management over at 5 likely because she's dating the producer. I generally like Allison and Steve in the morning, but when Erin comes on for traffic I flip over to Julie on 7. She just has not meshed well with the group in my opinion. Moving Steve off Good Day in her favor would just make the show more unwatchable. He's one of the last few good anchors they have over there. (8/19/16)

"With the stock market at an all time high, you probably wonder know how our two favorite stocks are doing now." Wrongerino. Don't care. Get some bare wires or household chemicals and do the right thing. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/19/16)

Question: "Where’s the DCRTV anti-WBAL guy?" He's hanging out at Starbucks with me and the Radio Is Dead Guy. ---Mark Trail Guy (8/19/16)

No more McLaughlin Group??? I am Morti-FIED! My second favorite line, John; "Pat, we do not get paid here to discuss catechisms." Third, by Jack; "while these two yahoo’s run wild with it," pointing to Mort and Fred on their unannounced last show before they jumped to Fox News Channel. Honorable mention goes to Eleanor, in November of 2000 while Florida was being contested "Listening to you guys, you are making it sound like we don't have a president now, we do, and his name is Bill Clinton." Another honorable mention goes to Chicago's Jim Warren, "it's good find out that Boris Yeltsin is doing some free-lance writing for you guys with that intro." And who cannot give a special place in their hearts for John looking at Tony, and saying "Wrong!" (Jack’s comment about dumbing down the world, for obvious reasons and fallout, was never in contention). Vanity Fair called The McLaughlin Group" "Pro wrestling for the political inteligencia." Another Washington Institution I knew growing up fades away. Say Hi to Agronsky & Co., Bozo, Captain 20, Inside Washington, Panorama, Bluegrass on WAMU, and Petey Greene's Washington. (8/19/16)

DCRTV Stock guy, DCRTV Ch. 6 guy, DCRTV Sorce/Geronimo guy. Where’s the DCRTV anti-WBAL guy? BTW, good old ‘BAL has brought back Tamara Nelson to do traffic this week. Fill-in, or Permanent? (8/19/16)

Re: Don Geronimo renews his California Medical Marijuana Card. Translation: Follows son Bart to Denver. Open new Mike & Bart Sorce, 'your new pot Sorce' pot shop (8/19/16)

Re: Don Geronimo renews his California Medical Marijuana Card. Translation: Mike Sorce to launch new strain of pot and name it ARLO JUNE after new granddaughter because you gotta be high to give a child that boys name. (8/19/16)

Re: Don Geronimo renews his California Medical Marijuana Card. Translation: To launch new 'Blunt for Trump' Campaign. (8/19/16)

There is no chemistry between Cooley and Kevin. It is uncomfortable… (8/19/16)

Wow, TMOS was bad this week. One day with Mike, who is not well, and a Friday Best of. How long can it last? (8/19/16)

Brazil overthrows an elected president in a political coup. Larry the closeted "conservative" is OK and says nothing. Brazil drags two US swimmers off a plane, and Larry obfuscates the facts, declared Brazil a banana republic, gives the White, lying, drunk American vandalizers a get of jail free pass, and pretty much threatens war with Brazil over Americans' rights in Brazil to breaking and entering, destruction of property, pissing on a bathroom wall, and lying to law enforcement officers. We got this all on last night's Live at Five. Really! Is there something wrong with Larry's brain and his ability to function logically, or is the chant "USA, USA!" from the last Republican Convention still circulating in Larry's head, like a hamster on a treadmill, blurring, or blockading, any rational thought? (8/19/16)

I think we all know that when we start seeing less and less of an anchor, it's a sign that he/she is on their way out or sent out in the field. So I've noticed that over on Fox5, Steve Chenevey's been off the past couple of Friday's. They've had Paul Warton (think that's his name) on Good Day the past 2 weeks and it's obvious he would love to be a permanent fixture on there. It also seems like they're grooming Erin for a more visible role on Good Day. And like a previous post, Steve's been somewhat excluded from regular segments on Good Day. Maybe because it's summer, he's taking time off, but that doesn't explain exclusion from in-studio stuff. I really would be disappointed to see Steve leave. (8/19/16)

How much money did the NAB spend in the last 12 months lobbying the FCC and Congress? According to their report, it was $17,360,000. That is a lot of money to "buy" influence. They did buy a " reverse", on the decision to stop Channel 6 LPTV Stations operating as FM Stations on their audio channel 87.7 FM. That would be WDCN in Washington/Fairfax. The Channel 6 LPTV Stations were suppose to discontinue operation on 9/1/15. They are still operating on 8/18/16! Because there are no other stations on that FM frequency in this area, the signal goes out much further than normal. The Lobbyist did a good job on the FCC. (8/19/16)

With the stock market at an all time high, you probably wonder know how our two favorite stocks are doing now. iHeart is trading at $1.19 per share and Cumulus is trading at just 36 cents per share. Neither company is paying down their debt. They are just paying interest on it. (8/19/16)


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Re: "Why did Chad need a Robin?" To put it simply, because Chad Dukes has become an unlistenable bore on his own, and the station doesn't have anybody else to plug into that slot. Dukes spends an ungodly amount of time on the air every day babbling about bullshit that listeners enjoy turning away from. He spends too much time talking to people in the studio who aren't mic'd. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. To make a long story short, he sucks and fewer people are listening to him now than a year ago. Time's running out on him. (8/18/16)

RE: “WTTR needs to get an FM signal into the southeast corner of its home county, the area around Eldersburg and Sykesville, a region that for some time has had considerably more population than Westminster and has higher income and education levels as well. Coverage there could lead to real economic success at a time when free-over-the-air radio overall continues to circle the drain. (8/17/16)” – WTTR’s product is inferior due to horrendous deejays Bruce “The Master of the Run-on Sentence” Main, Sing-SongyTonya Stevens (pre-recorded FYI) and Cliché King Jack Edwards (time for him to retire), little local content, no local news presence save for two afternoon reports delivered in monotone by Tom Burnette. Owner Jeff Laird continues to demonstrate his inability to manage talent, program music, market his radio station and invigorate a failing revenue. Residents of Eldersburg/Sykesville don’t listen to WTTR. They choose Baltimore/DC stations by far. WTTR-AM’s simulcasting on 102.3 (or any other FM frequency) is a perfect example of the adage, "You can put lipstick on a hog and call it WTTR, but it is still a pig." And who makes you an expert? Maybe you are a disgruntled former employee.Or one of many who think they know it all about the radio industry. Find something else to do, get a job and you will get a life! Bob in Baltimore (8/18/16)

RE: “WTTR needs to get an FM signal into the southeast corner of its home county, the area around Eldersburg and Sykesville, a region that for some time has had considerably more population than Westminster and has higher income and education levels as well. Coverage there could lead to real economic success at a time when free-over-the-air radio overall continues to circle the drain. (8/17/16)” – WTTR’s product is inferior due to horrendous deejays Bruce “The Master of the Run-on Sentence” Main, Sing-SongyTonya Stevens (pre-recorded FYI) and Cliché King Jack Edwards (time for him to retire), little local content, no local news presence save for two afternoon reports delivered in monotone by Tom Burnette. Owner Jeff Laird continues to demonstrate his inability to manage talent, program music, market his radio station and invigorate a failing revenue. Residents of Eldersburg/Sykesville don’t listen to WTTR. They choose Baltimore/DC stations by far. WTTR-AM’s simulcasting on 102.3 (or any other FM frequency) is a perfect example of the adage, "You can put lipstick on a hog and call it WTTR, but it is still a pig." (8/18/16)

Last night, on MSNBC, Mark Halperin did a great tribute to John McLaughlin where Mark highlighted the end of McLaughlin Group show's "predictions" segment, and saying everyone who watched that show religiously looked forward to that part of the show for backroom Washington knowledge. I had to laugh because I can recall back in the early 1990's on most Friday afternoons, Fred Barnes would run around the WS office saying "I need a prediction for tonight, anyone got one?" And Jack Germond told me after he retired, if he didn't have a prediction, his fall back, which he used often, was "Two senior members of the administration will resign in the next six months." I will always remember when Monica Crowley was starting her career in radio in the mid 90's, and the "conservative's" considered her a rising star, John had her on a few times to fill the Mort Kondracke seat. When Monica Crowley crossed Eleanor Clift with some carefully worded Republican talking point, Eleanor said, "I am the investigative reporter here, not you." The tempers were high between the two after that incident, and they refused to work with each other. Within a week, John dropped Monica (she was not under a contract) because she added no "unique insight" to the show. It was several years before Monica returned. RIP, Sir, and I hope you are tossing a ball to Oliver right now. Bygones be bygones; I trust you will be having steaks and a couple of cold ones with Jack later tonight just like you last did in San Diego,in 1996. (8/18/16)

Channel 5 does a remote segment on Friday (Zip Trip) where they send the morning anchors to different parts of the DC area. Well. one anchor they've stopped sending is Steve Chenevey. Also, although he's one of the permanent anchors on Good Day, they've inserted Erin Como more and more on segments in which Steve was a part. Hope they're not phasing him out. Yeah, he's more laid back than the rest, but I believe that cool persona is actually an asset to the team. I also think they should replace Holly with Allison. The group seems more balanced when Allison's on there. Holly is probably a nice person, but her "all about me" attitude takes away from Good Day being a group thing. (8/18/16)

Looks like WJLA as well Sinclair Broadcast Group is becoming the Fox News Channel of broadcast media: wjla.com... Yes, it was egregious editing and yes, CNN is in the tank for BLM/Clinton/Obama/et al, but Sinclair is really beginning to show their true colors which is good. (8/18/16)

Now that we have grieved for the loss of John McLaughlin, there is another Old Goat who has, as Rush would say, “Assumed room temperature”, that being Billy The Goat 35, mascot for the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis. Since celebrities tend to die in threes, who will be next? One of the National’s mascots (not Teddy!)? The Georgetown University Bulldog? Maybe since we recently lost the Redskin’s Chief Zee (whose burial was paid for by the despicable Dan Snyder), we have already reached the critical mass of three. Annapolis radio station WNAV’s reporter Holly Batista (get it, NAV as in Navy) reports on the dead goat: “The Naval Academy announced that Bill XXXV has moved on to greener pastures. Bill had health issues when he came to the Naval Academy in 2015, but several days ago things became more serious. Caretakers made the call to end Bill 35's suffering following care and treatment at the New Bolton Center in Pennsylvania. Bill, 35 is survived by his brothers, Bill 36 and the recently retired Bill 33 and Bill 34.” These would be the kind of stories one can expect to be reporting on should they apply & secure for the available WNAV coveted reporter position. More on Billy, including a photo: www.ask4direct.com (8/18/16)

The link below talks about Randy (James) Fitzsimmons who was a onetime PD of WRQX. Recently he faked his death and is now robbing banks, according to this report. journalstar.com (8/18/16)

Junk's bobbleheads... (8/18/16)

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Chad Dukes Versus the World (CDVW) is now Chad Dukes and Chris Russell Against the World (CDCRVW)….Or maybe “The Chad and Chris Show”? Or “Dukes and Russell”? Or, “Russell and Dukes”? Maybe, “I have to pay for the damm pool” show? Any other suggestions? Why did Chad need a Robin? Speak CK…. (8/17/16)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] This is your opportunity to join an award-winning news operation. Full service radio station in Maryland’s capital city has immediate opening for a part-time News Anchor/Reporter. Along with anchoring newscasts, you must have knowledge of writing for broadcast, audio editing, social media and audio board operation. Applicant must have flexible hours, weekdays and weekends. Knowledge of local area helpful. Email a résumé and a short (2 minutes, max) mp3 to jobs@wnav.com. (No calls please) Or send to: Jane Schlegel, News Director, WNAV Radio, 236 Admiral Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401. (8/17/16)

JIS? Junkies Involved Shooting: “Three people shot in Southwest Washington”? According to The Washington Post: “Three people were shot and wounded early Wednesday in Southwest Washington. Their injuries are not life-threatening, according to D.C. Police. Few details were immediately known. Police said when they arrived near 1st and O streets SW near Nationals Park they found three people suffering from gunshot wounds. They were transported to an area hospital. Their exact conditions were unknown early Wednesday.” We know there are only three Junkies this week with J.P. Flame off vacationing in the Florida Keys (hey now). More: washingtonpost.com... (8/17/16)

WTOP dropped its text news alert service as of July 31. KNX/LA did, too. KNX gave notice about this, directing users to the CBS Local app, while WTOP gave no notice. Any idea why these (and other?) stations discontinued text alerts? The KNX change is particularly annoying because the CBS Local app supports only one market selection. Now I can’t monitor more than one CBS market when I used to get text alerts from multiple CBS stations. (8/17/16)

A curious comment or two in the Carroll County Times interview with WTTR's general manager. Jeff Laird is quoted as saying that adding FM helps listeners of late-night West Coast baseball games, because AM stations reduce power at night. That reduction takes place for most stations at local sunset, so most of the Orioles games start on the day pattern and end on the night pattern of transmission for AM stations, such as WTTR-1470 and its Pennsylvania neighbor WHVR-1280, which also carries Orioles games. Unless there have been recent changes, WTTR appears to be among the relatively few AM's that actually INCREASE power at night. The AM station had been licensed to use 1 kilowatt daytime non-directional for decades, but at some point after the then-solo tower was replaced by a taller one with the 100.7 power increase in 1966, the government required 1470 to transmit somewhere around 500 watts, because the new antenna was too long to use 1 kw and prevent interference to other stations. In later years when the Scranton Times family added night operation with a three-tower directional pattern, 1470 transmitted a full 1kw...at night. Rising noise levels and a sharply-directional pattern have limited the effectiveness of the night signal, a familiar AM story. Laird is also coy in the Carroll County Times interview about possible future improvements in AM and FM coverage. WTTR needs to get an FM signal into the southeast corner of its home county, the area around Eldersburg and Sykesville, a region that for some time has had considerably more population than Westminster and has higher income and education levels as well. Coverage there could lead to real economic success at a time when free-over-the-air radio overall continues to circle the drain. (8/17/16)

Did someone just call someone at WBAL a “yahoo?” Hey hon, take a chill pill and stop pickin on da Bawlamore accent! Oh, and Ward and June just called. The “Beave" needs his 1950s dictionary back. :-) (8/17/16)

Most young people or millennials, if they even know who he is, remember John McLaughlin from the great SNL sketches with Dana Carvey, as the show wasn’t as widely watched across the country as it was in DC other than public TV. Here’s one of the best ones… www.nbc.com (8/17/16)

Used to enjoy watching the McLaughlin Group on channel 4. Especially at the end when he asked the panel for "Predictions" and then tell them they're all wrong and give his own. (8/17/16)

Does anyone know why 1420 AM WKCW Warrenton, VA signal keep going screwy/shifty???? (8/17/16)

John McLaughlin R.I.P.: www,nydailynews.com (8/17/16)

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Oops, The Washington Post printed Monday's TV Schedule in today's paper (8/16/16)

Dave's response: The Post's print edition is increasingly an afterthought. Under the "forward thinking" Bezos, perhaps the Post will be the first major US daily to completely go online-only.....

Ah yes, just like all rich, profit-making companies, Radio One wants back in the District AND demands a tax break. Reminds me of a question: when do poor people, and just plain regular people not making millions, get a tax break? Cathy Hughes and family have a lot of spunk to screw the taxpayer so they can lounge in plush offices. DC to MD and back to DC. I'm sure Radio One isn't on food stamps or anything close to something like that. Too many governments give in to the rich and famous and not help those who do need a break. Thanks. (8/16/16)

Why does the weather chick on alleged news radio 1090 drop the letter "A" in the station call letters when she signs off the weather?? "Miri Marshall, dub-ya B L." The dub-ya, which she may have inherited from that other yahoo who does sports, is hard enough to listen to, but mumbling through the station call letters is just pathetic laziness. (8/16/16)

Things may suck here, but just be glad you don't work for Cumulus in San Francisco: www.sagaftra.org... www.sagaftra.org... (8/16/16)

Cumulus put up an announcement for Summer & Fall interns. Man, those poor maggots are going to be run ragged -- they'll be assisting sales, writing commercial copy, working the social media structure, screening calls (yeah, good luck dealing with those loons), and gathering stuff for remotes and live events. Yep, that's what interns do. And unlike some companies looking for free labor, Cumulus is real careful about drawing a line as to the duties of said interns; the minute one is asked to board-op an airshift, they've crossed over into employee territory (is WMAL still a union shop?). If it were me going in there, I'd ask to intern with the WMZQ sales and advertising division. Because if I'm to believe half the Mailbag postings here, those folks have very little to do. (8/16/16)

What gives with the TV newschoppers in DC? Seems WRC no longer shares with the other stations. Did WUSA get a new one? Does JLA and TTG continue to share a helo? (8/16/16)

Dave, I think you're missing the point about the Junkies TV show. As always, this is a business, and the most important thing is the money. Whether it has a positive impact on the ratings or not isn't the point... it will no doubt have a positive impact on CBS's (and the Junkies') bottom line. You never mentioned money in your video. That's the most important factor in business, period! WJFK gets to make more money off of a show that it's already producing and that's already profitable, the Junkies get a second income for doing the same show, and clearly CSN sees a business value in eschewing paid programming for the Junkies. And true, no one watches CSN... but if they had better programming, more people would. They clearly believe that or they wouldn't be doing this. This is a step in the right direction for that network, and I would imagine it's a big win for CBS. TV money is on another level than radio money, even at the local level. (8/16/16)

Dave's response: I agree with you that the CSN deal has its positive monitary aspects for the Junks, WJFK, and CBS. In my vid, I just thought that Dan Steinberg's WaPo article was a bit over-the-top proclaiming that the Junks have somehow reached the pinnacle of radio success with this deal. They're still pretty much what they've always been - a solid DC morning radio show team. Which is just fine. But that's all.....

Good article this morning from Tom Taylor about the noise level on AM Radio. There are so many things that contribute to it now. Very few people are listening to AM Radio now. It can still be used for a talk format. Forget about a music format! (8/16/16)

RE: Paul Longo comment in Mailbag - Actually, it's ADAM Longo, not Paul. (8/16/16)

"Re: Where is WRC Dopplar On Wheels": Doubt anyone over at WRC knows how to use that thing. Plus...what are you going to do? Send Doug out of the studio during severe weather? Not going to happen. (8/16/16)

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I don't know whether you've heard about this... that WUSA 9 morning anchor Nick Giovanni may be on his way out at the DC station, and has landed a job at a station in Boston. So far, WUSA has made a couple of on-air personnel changes, including moving Andrea Roane off mornings, and reassigning her to Noon newscast. Last year, Derek McGinty departed after 12 years, and was replaced by Paul Longo... Bruce Johnson moved to weekday shift... and Mike Hydreck reassigned to newly relaunched weekend morning news... to name a few. If Giovanni is leaving, the question would be which Boston station is hiring him. There's WBZ (CBS O&O property), WCVB (Hearst ABC station), WHDH (Sunbeam NBC station), and WFXT (Cox Fox station)... and there's also NECN/NBC Boston. It's worth noting that NBC is ending its 21-year affiliation with WHDH, which is slated to become an Independent station on January 1, 2017. Meanwhile, Cox Media Group has had some recent misfortunes with its Boston station lately. We don't want to speculate too much. Even though NBC is slated to debut on WNEU in January, things could be subject to change between now and the end of this year. (8/15/16)

Monday offered a great opportunity for WRC to show case their new Doppler on Wheels vehicle. There are not many days in a year where four or five severe warned thunderstorms pass into the immediate metro area. Monday was one of those days and the Doppler on wheels or WRC storm tracker was MIA. Why? (8/15/16)

DCRTV Dave, by now others may have let you know that Karen Whitehair, newly onboard at the NCRTV 'Museum did not come from the Montpelier of James Madison fame in Orange, VA. They sent a correction a few days ago. I'll try to grab it. (8/15/16)

The Godfather (besides Agronsky & Buckley) of the political talk show, John McLaughlin, missed his first show in decades this past Sunday and Pat Buchanan was there to pick-up the torch. McLaughlin’s show, The McLaughlin Group, now seen on PBS and some CBS affiliates Sunday morning, was taped at the WRC studios on Nebraska Avenue in DC for years. McLaughlin has appeared frail of late and apparently is ill: please pray for the old codger, a great guy who, like Buchanan, once worked for Nixon and was also a priest. More: deadline.com (8/15/16)

The Ann Thomas from Fayetteville is the same one that was on WKTK and WCAO. Arrangement information is here www.jerniganwarren.com (8/15/16)

106.7 The Fan's Sports Junkies will now be simulcast on Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic. Is that really the big deal the Washington Post's Dan Steinberg makes it out to be? I think not in today's DC media edition of "Dave TV" at DCRTV's Facebook page. Friend us if you haven't yet done so..... (8/15/16)

I'm getting reports that former Baltimore host Ann Thomas died over the weekend in Fayetteville, NC. She worked at WCAO back in the day. Caution: there are a number of Ann Thomases out there. (8/15/16)

Huh. I just noticed that 106.7 EZRadio does not transmit a stereo pilot. Makes sense since they transmit mono sprots blah-blah anyway. (8/15/16)

Is the guy who posts on Don Geronimo okay? I worry about his declining mental state. Maybe someone needs to include a hotshot in his Meals on Wheels. I wonder if he's someone who calls but can never get on the air...Dave, are you hip to If You Care brand sustainable sandwich bags? If you are you'll surely be getting some for all your Davenephews and Davenieces in their back to school gift bags. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/15/16)

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If Somar’s WSMD 98.3 has anything to do with it, DC’s 98.3 FM won’t be around for long. They’re still soliciting listeners to file complaints for interference on 98.3 FM See here… star983.com... They already successfully took off the air the Hope Church’s 98.3 in Baltimore permanently and it had to be moved back to the Eastern shore. Tick tock. (8/14/16)

WUSA 9 weather banner continues today shrinking down the screen while trying to watch the nationals game. Needless to say I switched over to MASN. Mr. Bill Lord, who probably came up with reviving this idea needs to be emailed! I have no problem giving you his email address from Channel 9's page. Dave it's up to you if you want to post it: blord@wusa9.com (8/14/16)

So Don Geronimo, aka Mike Sorce, was re-issued a California Medical Marijuana Card? Considering leaving the Don & Mike Show was sure to cause career anxiety, pain, uneasiness, distress, bitterness, and confusion, I see him stirring the shit Podcasting from a Sacramento strip mall homeless encampment "pot." (8/14/16)

It is highly, highly unlikely that WZBA or its parent company in Scranton, PA. has signed STASH (or anyone else) to a five year deal. One or two years - maybe maybe maybe. (8/14/16)

It’s odd that Delmarva doesn’t have an OTA affiliate for Redskins and/or Ravens games, seeing as Charlotte NC’s ABC affiliate WSOC airs Redskins preseason games and have for the past few years. (8/14/16)

WUSA 9 is back shrinking the screen down to put a first alert weather banner at the bottom. Here we go again. Bill Lotd strikes again! (8/14/16)

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There are only a few counties on Delmarva that are in the Baltimore TV market. If you live by the Chesapeake Bay, sure people on Delmarva can pick up Baltimore and sometimes DC stations over the air even if not on cable, but the number of people left with outside antennas has dwindled significantly, even on the shore. so that means a lot of people could not get the Ravens game over the air in 2 parts of the state. WMAR ABC 2 has been totally knocked off pretty much every cable system within 30-50 miles from Salisbury due to WMDT TV filing a complaint with the FCC. I’m surprised none of the 3 Delmarva TV stations will become Ravens or even Redskins affiliates. It’s not like there aren’t enough fans on the shore. The Ravens even have a parade in Ocean City every year. (8/13/16)

"Re: "Why I can't stand WMAL's Brian Wilson and Larry O'Conner any more." Well I mean the show is total crap/propaganda or just stupid. Last week, [stuff] Well I heard enough and called in. The lady who screened the call asked me what I wanted to say. I said "[stuff that was arguably true but just went on way too long].... " She interrupted me sternly and said "Sir, I don't remember hearing any of those things on this station!" The WMAL alternate universe getting even more crowded. " Wasn't there a guy a couple years ago whose thing was to post about all the times Chris Plante's call screener thwarted him? Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/13/16)

WRQX: One weekly, and WRQX is 'surging'? By the way, loooook into the numbers and see that the station is carrying Jack Diamond. Poor Jack can't get into the Top 15 and his laughing, cackling cast of radio DJ's just show up, print the prep and add their shallow and boring commentary. It's the worst... looks like listeners agree. Oh, and the "guru" is right... WRQX is blowing through Cumulus contest cash, like no other station. This doesn't impress advertisers... WRQX is full of a bunch of contest players, not radio fans like WASH, WIHT, WTOP... and to some extent WIAD. Contests just show that there are still desperate people who listen to the radio, watch Judge Judy and feed their 9 cats... but advertisers aren't fooled, the old, tired , MIX audience doesn't help buy their products. MIX has miserably failed at trying to return to what it actually was... can't go back in time, and you can't fool the advertisers. It just does NOT work for advertisers. (8/13/16)

Haven't listened to this since going from FM to AM (reception is horrible) , but any numbers on how the Tom Joyner Show is doing since it's moved to the AM dial? (8/13/16)

Is WTOP still leasing their HD-2 Channel to Russia? They are leasing it out for Russian Programming. They lease out their HD-3 Channel to John Garziglia for his 98.3 Translator. He has the Gamut Format on it. (8/13/16)

And I just found The Gamut on 98.3 FM!!!! It comes in just barely!!!! (8/13/16)

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Re: "Why I can't stand WMAL's Brian Wilson and Larry O'Conner any more." Well I mean the show is total crap/propaganda or just stupid. Last week, Brian and Larry were acting like victims and complaining that the President plays the race card, is divisive, and pits races and classes against each other, blah blah blah. Well I heard enough and called in. The lady who screened the call asked me what I wanted to say. I said "I really do not think they are the right people to talk about being divisive. It was WMAL who told us Obama was not born in the US and was not a legitimate president. It was WMAL who told us Obama was a socialist and is going re-distribute our wealth. It was WMAL who told us the New Black Panthers..... " She interrupted me sternly and said "Sir, I don't remember hearing any of those things on this station!" The WMAL alternate universe getting even more crowded. (8/12/16)

Well now you’ve gone and done it DCRTVDJDAVE: just when Larry O’Connor thought you were behind him, you Savage him with “Why I can't stand WMAL's Brian Wilson and Larry O'Conner any more.” which also sent Brian looking for the nearest hotel. Where’s the love Dave, where’s the love: www.youtube.com (8/12/16)

A truly horrendous headline currently at the top of 'TOP's website: "Police: People still in remains after Silver Spring blast." (8/12/16)

When was Chris Russell forced on Chad as a side kick? Did CK demand this? (8/12/16)

Word on the street says WUSA was caught napping when an Explosion-fire in Silver Spring destroyed several buildings leaving at least 2 dead and dozens injured. Several employees said the station did a run around using network feeds to make use of exclusive WJLA video of flames and rescues. Any verification? (8/12/16)

RE: "For those on Delmarva, there is no over the air broadcast outlet...." I live on Delmarva and pick up WMAR ABC 2 and WBAL 11.2 just fine (which are my local stations too) and WJLA ABC 7 as well. There is nothing stopping those signals from crossing the bay ya know... (8/12/16)

Dave - +1 on your WMAL rant. Gay jokes, like dick jokes, are easy to write by untalented people (like Wilson and O'Conner) and tedious to listen to (again, like...). Its hard to believe these two conservative, politically savvy hosts are ignoring the fact Milk died in a POLITICAL ASSASSINATION, along with the mayor of San Francisco. I cant wait to hear what hilarity is in the works about Jim Brady, Gabby Giffords, Jim Ryan, MLK, RFK or even Ronald Reagan. Start writing boys, you're on a roll! (8/12/16)

Why I can't stand WMAL's Brian Wilson and Larry O'Conner any more. What's up with WJFK's Junks simulcasting on Comcast SportsNet? Will that help or hurt their ratings? And why I cancelled my subscription to the Washington Post. In today's "Dave TV" via Facebook - facebook.com/dcrtv/videos (8/12/16).....

Accu Weather's Molly Cochran to ABC 7 News (8/12/16)

TO: Snobby DC people... I have moved to the Eastern Shore, so if I want to post stuff about radio here, I will. Enjoy it while waiting in traffic and/or Metro delays. :-) (8/12/16)

From Chicago television archive FuzzyMemories.tv: A rare 1976 aircheck of a commercial break from Channel 7 (then-known as WMAL-TV before becoming WJLA in 1977) during the station's airing of the 1962 film adaptation of "State Fair" from August 12, 1976. Contains an animated "Money Movie 7" bumper! fuzzymemories.tv (8/12/16)

Listening on ESPN radio to what could be Sonny Jurgenson's final season on air, this the first preseason game of 2016-17. Sonny's struggling. Voice high-pitched and weak. Poor old bastard... (8/12/16)

To the previous poster about WAMU......they sold their translators in Frederick and Hagerstown. They announced earlier this year that they would "sell their Bluegrass Format". They don't own the 105.5 Translator. The format has been on the station for 49 years! (8/12/16)

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NFL Pre-Season Football TV Update: Tonight's Baltimore Ravens game will not be on WBAL TV due to the Olympics but instead will be shown in the Baltimore metro area on WMAR ABC 2 in HD & WBAL 11.2 in SD. For those outside the Baltimore area, DC will be WJLA ABC 7, PA WHTM ABC 27, all in HD. For those on Delmarva, there is no over the air broadcast outlet but the game will be on The Comcast Network on all Comcast systems. FIOS has a Comcast overflow channel CSN+. CSN's Redskins broadcast also bumped the Ravens. Those who don't have Comcast or have another cable service might be out of luck in some areas, particularly Western MD and the Eastern Shore. I don't yet know if Mediacom systems have a CSN overflow channel and/or carry The Comcast Network..... NFL Pre-Season Football TV Update #2: Tonight's Redskins game is similarly bumped by the Olympics on WRC NBC 4 to WRC 4.2, no HD over the air in DC. But it will be in HD on CSN Mid-Atlantic on most Comcast and other systems in the region. In Baltimore, the Redskins game will also be on WNUV 54.1 in HD and PA's FOX 43.1. Like the Ravens, no broadcast affiliate on Delmarva or Western MD. -- BaltoMedia.Net (8/11/16)

I wondered into the morass that unfortunately has become local news WJLA in poarticular .Some blow hard who claims to be an "investigative reporter" unturned the following regarding the Silver Spring fire. 1. The ATF is investigating this fire. He claims this is very rare and can't remember another such case. Really? It is not odd, especially in the Capitol area where ATF plays an integral role in such investigations,because the agency is part of the Capitol Region investigate task force . I'll bet the reporter isn't from our area or had much experience here. Otherwise he might deduce that the explosion and fire was also "local" to BATF. 2. He showed a Google Street View picture of the building as it appeared Wednesday. The problem-there was little foliage on the trees. 3. Finally he recited information about a call for a "gas leak" at the same building in July. That information was on the Washington Post website at noon. In short the report served to only put space between a Renewal by Anderson and a similar ad from a company called Luna. (8/11/16)

I don’t quite understand what WAMU is doing. They are dumping bluegrass, but they’ve spent a lot of money on satellite stations from Ocean City to Hagerstown. They own 2 FM translators in Frederick and Hagerstown and are spending some money on upgrades for them I’m reading in recent FCC filings. Those 2 FMs would be perfect for the Bluegrass format. I don’t understand who the hell would buy the format if no FM translators are included. GEEZ, they own enough! Somebody explain what their doing. I don’t get it. (8/11/16)

Hey, Dave, word out of NY media is that Sean Hannity has been in meetings with the Murdoch boys yesterday and today. The boys are not happy with Sean's on air antics lately, as well as his twitter fights, on air man-crush of Donald Trump, his media relationship with Alex Jones, and the media criticism Sean has been getting everywhere from the Wall Street Journal to Gawker. It appears the word "fire" has been used, and Hannity's program at Fox News is on the line. Hannity's contract is up in November. Could he be leaving sooner? Hannity can be heard locally on AM 1260. (8/11/16)

I’m still wondering how David Zurawik is keeping his job at The Baltimore Sun. He did the unthinkable a week or so ago. He wrote that Hillary Clinton is by far the worst Presidential Candidate on TV since Richard Nixon! Isn’t that grounds for dismissal at The Calvert Street Democratic Club? (8/11/16)

To the person that obsesses with the crappy Ocean City station...you are right, we don't care. The FCC doesn't care. No one listens to them. Please, for the love of Christ, move on. Get a job. Find a girlfriend. Something. (8/11/16)

Dave's response: Or a boyfriend.....

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WAMU.....what is the status of the Bluegrass Country Format on WAMU? It is very sad that they are dumping it after 49 YEARS! WAMU takes in $10 Million per year in donations and "underwriting". They could afford to move this format to a smaller station in the area. It should be on FM. (8/10/16)

Not that anyone cares, but Adams Radio's WGBG AM 1590, FM 104.3 & FM 105.1 Ocean City MD are all off the air again. Now I reported 104.3 FM to the FCC before it was sold to them, but the FCC did nothing. It’s been off the air for at least 6 months so far. The FCC gives out translators like the government cheese. They don’t really care if goes to the deserving or what’s done with it when or after it’s handed out. I still can’t believe they let 104.3 FM to be sold when it wasn’t even on the air for so many months! It’s ridiculous. Why don’t they give the FM to another deserving AM station in the area. (8/10/16)

What is this current obsession with "Fluff"? I just read the third mention of it in only a handful of days. If you REALLY want to feed your Fluff fetish (the marshmallow creme, that is), here: i.imgur.com (DEFINITELY NSFW) (8/10/16)

On Sara Fraser's podcast, she introduced Erin Como as "soon to be anchor & reporter". Hmmm, interesting. Does that mean she's moving from traffic? It does seem like they're grooming her for that vs jdoing traffic. I have noticed that more and more she's introducing stories & pretty much replaced Steve whenever they have their celebrity talk and other panels on Good Day. And speaking of Steve, he' obviously the best interviewer on the morning show; so natural. I think he genuinely likes his co-workers, but seems like a waste for him to have to deal with such fluff. (8/10/16)

The estimated average audience for Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic is a couple hundred people when it isn't showing an actual game. When the Sports Junkies is on, the number drops to, uhhhh....four people. Nobody gives a damn. (8/10/16)

Dave's response: If CBS Radio thought the CSN simulcast would hurt the Junks' WJFK radio numbers, which are not the greatest in the market, they probably wouldn't have allowed it.....

WTOP's revenue in 2011 was $64 million. In 2015 it was $65 million. They're bragging about growing 1.5% over a four-year period? There's no growth and no innovation. The product itself is good. But they're gradually being left behind by changing technology, consumer trends and demographics. 1.5% growth over four years: perhaps the axe should drop on management? (8/10/16)

WGMD does not really have a local coverage signal in Ocean City. In fact it’s almost a fringe signal. See here… radio-locator.com (8/10/16)

Manassas, VA is not in the protected coverage are of either 98 Rock or WTVR 98.1, so the only way they can fight the station is to wait until it goes on the air and then get listeners to file complaints. This is how SOMAR put the Baltimore 98.3 off the air. (8/10/16)

Re: "at least that's what ratings and revenue tells us." 2015 billings: $65M... 2014: $63.5... 2013: $63.5... 2012: $64.6... 2011: $64.0... Is that what growth and innovation looks like? (8/10/16)

Now that Stash has a new gig is he quitting his job over at Fantasies Strip club? Bob, SE (8/10/16)

Dave, Not sure if you posted anything about this but I ran into an old colleague of mine who works over at MASN and he told me that at the beginning of this season that they decided to drop Jim Hunter from pre and post game shows on the television side of things. The main reason being that basically almost the entire staff can't deal with his ego and what an asshole he is behind the scenes. He fills in on occasion when Gary Thorne doesn't want to do certain games on the road. For now he mainly does radio which is where he should stay. (8/10/16)

Regarding WTOP...someone said "...I suppose that worked well in 1978..." Seems it works well today, as well. At least that's what the ratings and revenue tell us. (8/10/16)

First off, not a 'TOP'er' as you said, just someone who drives from Urbana to Bethesda everyday and won't turn my nose up at a resource to help me to or from work. I have the WAZE app and just don't find it helpful. If it improves in the future, I may use it again. I use google maps and tune into WTOP on the 8's for details on anything that may be on 270, 355, etc. BTW, I checked WTOP's website yesterday at work and went to the traffic page where they had what I assume was their latest traffic report streaming. Tried it on my phone too and it worked, so from now on it'll be google maps and the WTOP website. (8/10/16)

RE the new James Robinson to sales at iHeart DC: Don't we need to make clear this is a different person than the beloved and admired Jim Robinson who came up through sales at MIX-107.3 and served eventually as GM before heading to Dallas? (8/10/16)

I don't know about WAZE for traffic, I just use my phone, which is mounted on my dash, for traffic and I can see everything I need to see. But the point about WTOP being prisoner to their clock is the issue. Wait 30 minutes for sports? Really? Wait 30 minutes for business? Really? I suppose that worked well in 1978. I want information when I want it -- and they simply can't deliver. That's why I don't listen. If it makes the folks at WTOP, clinging to yesteryear, any solace, I don't bother with WAMU either. (8/10/16)

Is this going to become another "let's fight about Mac operating systems" thing? I hope not. "Did WGMD report that 5 Ocean City employees quit right after the mini-riot? Nope. Did anyone? WBOC or WMDT? Nope. I didn’t see that anywhere? Nope." So we can safely assume it didn't happen. There, sorted. "And yes, to the WGMD person, I googled that and most of them were from DC, 9 of 12. NOT BALTIMORE!" I think that was me, 'the omnipotent Gus.' Why don't you go back to my original post and see if you can figure out what flew over your little Zika-sized head; failing that, try not being such an obstreperous pussy, Sir or Madam. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/10/16)

I've found The Gamut to be an enjoyable listening experience via TuneIn for about a week now. I've noticed something though -- despite listening almost every day, I don't recall hearing them play a Beatles record. Is there a reason for that? (8/10/16)

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C'mon now Popo... WGMD has, at best, secondary service to Ocean City (or any city) in Maryland. To say it gets into Ocean City "just fine" is a bit of a stretch. I only know that...as a local - it's difficult to hear Limbaugh down there - especially with the summertime tropospheric conditions on the water. (8/9/16)

In response to the (presumably WTOPer) who posted "Re: WTOP traffic vs WAZE. I think JT is missing the big picture." What the 'TOPer misses is that WAZE, which is fairly new, will only improve as it continues to refine and innovate. It's far better than listening to a radio station for ten minutes in the off-chance that they might mention what's important to me. Added bonus: the ten minutes I can avoid listening to WTOP's fluffy content Not only is the product I need better, it's delivered constantly. As mentioned before, WTOP is trapped in a half-century old format and they don't know how to innovate beyond it. I think the poster from WTOP is missing the big picture. Scratch one listener in a valuable demo. (8/9/16)

Seems like this new podcast on channel five is yet another gimic to get people to go to their website. And maybe after hearing the anchors' personal stories, decide to tune into their broadcasts. (8/9/16)

Bram Weinstein’s been back on the air in ESPN 980’s midday timeslot for about a month but I’ve yet to hear him open the phone lines on any topic so you wonder if he (much like his predecessor Tony Kornheiser) is one of those hosts who think callers would bring down his show. Don’t get me wrong – Weinstein’s mature, “no-nonsense” approach to sports issues is a refreshing contrast to certain other hosts on that station, his ESPN connections have enabled the booking of some big name guests and Scott Linn’s a good choice as co-host but I don’t think taking calls every now and then would somehow be the end of the world. Not sure the morning drive pairing of Kevin Sheehan and Chris Cooley is working out too well thus far – Thom Loverro brought a lot to the table (especially when it came to baseball) that Cooley can’t come close to matching and I’ve been hearing way too much idle chit-chat on borderline inappropriate topics that never seemed to happen on the old Sports Fix show. With football season just around the corner, one would of course expect Cooley’s strong suit (i.e., breaking down NFL games) to be featured prominently over the next several months but perhaps Loverro should co-host with Sheehan between the Super Bowl and the start of Skins training camp with Cooley re-assigned to Andy Pollin’s “Redskins Saturday” program during that period. Mike, Fairfax (8/9/16)

WURA 920 AM in Quanticio VA will not get approval on the new application for a translator at 98.1 in Manassas. WURA does not put a 70 dBu over Manassas and they will receive objections from both 98 Rock in Baltimore and 98.1 WTVR in Richmond. The translator would also provide interference to WMZQ. (8/9/16)

I too listened to some of Sara Fraser's podcasts and the anchors surprisingly revealed some VERY personal information. Usually the anchors are gossiping about national as well as local celebrities, not their own back stories. And although they talk about their professional paths, they also don't hold back on talking in detail about their past personal relationships. I wonder if management is making it mandatory that the anchors participate in this podcast and whether there's anything that's off limits. (8/9/16)

You got a mention in Tom Taylor News Now Dave! :-) ----- D.C.-based Mike O’Meara “has found a home on the web,” says Jonathan Hunley of the Washington Post. The former “Don & Mike” syndicated show host was dropped by CBS Radio’s WJFK-FM/106.7 when it went full-time sports in 2009. O’Meara was early into podcasting and used his radio expertise to make it sound professional – to the point where he and his cohorts have generated nearly 33 million downloads, and even sell the online show to at least on terrestrial station. O’Meara’s onetime living-room operation now has a real office in D.C., a staff, five other download products, and plans to offering streaming. Still, DCRTV.com’s Dave Hughes says he misses hearing Mike over-the-air. Read about Mike O’Meara’s reinvented life from the Post here. (8/9/16)

To respond to the last poster---WGMD gets into OC just fine. Considering I live in OC and have the Mayor on every other Monday, the Worcester County Commissioner representing OC once a month and one of the State Delegates representing the area I think I know plenty about the town and we cover plenty in the town. No media outlet was there the night it happened, we just don't have people on a Saturday night at 9pm randomly strolling the boardwalk waiting for news to break. Most outlets don't have an endless supply of employees out at all hours and days of the week. We did not have the OC employees quitting because unless they hold a press conference or send out a media release that they left how are we to know they quit and the town is not allowed to talk about HR matters. There was no cover up. The bottom line is the allegation that we cover up news stories because its bad for business is false. How about the story the other day about yet another major fight with a police office being assaulted in Dewey Beach. That's one of like four stories we have reported on this summer where there have been big incidents. How is that good for business? Again I cannot speak for every outlet or what happened in the past but we have covered up nothing nor will we. -Mike Bradley-WGMD (8/9/16)

I'm not so sure how 98 Rock will like this but one of the recent FM translator moves from the Maryland Eastern Shore to Manassas, VA on 98.1 will affect their signal around DC.. See the specs here. This hasn't been approved yet, but it might. fccdata.org (8/9/16)

I've been enjoying listening to music on 820 AM Gamut every day!!! Those other AM stations Sports/Talk, Arabic, Chinese/Korean, Spanish are boring to me!! (8/9/16)

WGMD’s 92.7 Class A weak signal barely reaches Ocean City. What the hell would they know about the OC riots? Does anyone even think they had anyone on the scene or interviewed any real witnesses? I live here, I could do a better job just by riding the damn TRAM and asking Ocean City workers! HAHA! As usual clueless Gus with all his vast experience in once again another field, chooses the outside source that matches his viewpoint. Did WGMD report that 5 Ocean City employees quit right after the mini-riot? Nope. Did anyone? WBOC or WMDT? Nope. I didn’t see that anywhere? Nope. Did you omnipotent Gus from Gaithersburg? And yes, to the WGMD person, I googled that and most of them were from DC, 9 of 12. NOT BALTIMORE! www.wgmd.com (8/9/16)

In regard recent post on a translator for WTTR-1470: the translator appears to have started operation on or around July 17 or 18 of this year. It is directional, with 205 watts effective radiated power from around 300 feet above average terrain. It seems to be using one of the three towers of WTTR(AM) in the western part of Westminster. This means the translator suffers from the same terrain-related signal problems as the old original WTTR-FM 100.7: blockage and reflections from hills and ridges in Carroll County that in some cases rise 900 to 1100 feet above sea level. 100.7 started with 4600 watts ERP with a lower tower at the same AM site, went to 20,000 watts at 350 feet in 1966 and then moved to 50,000 watts at the same height eight or nine years later. The next owner of the station (by then called WGRX) finally moved 100.7 to a new site along one of those high ridges in Hampstead MD, a move that forced use of a directional antenna due to pre-1964 grandfathered short-spacing (look it up). Remember that 100.7's goal was to cover the Baltimore metropolitan area, not Carroll County alone. The new WTTR FM translator on 102.3 is sandwiched between WCAT-FM Carlisle and WMMJ Bethesda, standard sized Class A stations that both use directional antennas. Audio quality is decent, but levels on music are all over the road, especially in monaural. Voice is strong and clear on baseball games, network news and commercials. A fan or blower can be heard at times when announcers speak in-studio, and equalization of audio sources is uneven. No comment for now on the quality of programming and marketing of what could be a real opportunity for a tiny AM station to put its product in front of more listeners. (8/9/16)

WBAL TV is promoting an exclusive interview with Michael Phelps' mother, Debbie Phelps. Exclusive?! By now, most of the world knows that Mrs. Phelps has never run away from a news camera or microphone. I watched her last night after her son's 19th medal win hugging and kissing Michael's baby mama when she knew the camera would be on her. These baby journalists are killing the industry. (8/9/16)

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Good TV ratings news for The Baltimore Orioles from the season mid-point. In local RSN ratings, the Orioles are #4 in the country and have been bouncing between 3 & 4 all year long. This is better than any other AL East team (no Toronto ratings are available). The Yankees, due to a dispute with Comcast and a poor season have dropped way down to #23 this season, even below the Tampa Rays! The Washington Nationals aren't much better at #19, up from #21, according to The Post & Sports Business Daily. This does not bode well for the MASN lawsuit, where the Nats are claiming they want more money from MASN because they generate more money, which these ratings don't seem to support. More detail in Forbes Magazine.. (8/8/16)

Dave's response: No link for Forbes. They won't let me look at stuff with my AdBlock on.....

Out of curiosity, well really out of being nosey, I listened to some of Sara Fraser's new podcasts on FOX5's website today. There are a number of interviews listed and they're pretty much "gossip" in nature. Some of the discussion includes Allison talking about her first marriage, Maureen talks about her daughter's father, Wisdom talks about all the women he had in college, Erin and her boyfriend Chris are interviewed together and talk about their relationship (she even says they're looking to move in together). In the latter interview, when asked about office romances, the Holly Morris drama comes up. Holly Morris is on schedule to be interviewed as well. So, the interviews are quite personal and I wonder if they're opening a can of worms with this. (8/8/16)

Re: WTOP traffic vs WAZE. I think JT is missing the big picture. While WAZE gives you a thumbnail of what's happening everywhere, WTOP and other traffic services give you the details. WAZE can tell you there's an accident in front of you, but there's no difference in their crash icon if it's minor and off the road or if it's closing the road. You get the exact same info from google maps and WAZE. Broadcast traffic, while far from perfect, can tell you if you need to find and alternate, or that WAZE icon is bogus, which also happens frequently with WAZE. Good luck JT. (8/8/16)

"How does the omnipotent Gus in Gaithersburg know that the boardwalk rioters in Ocean City were from Baltimore? I didn’t read that in any news story I read." Uh, by googling "Ocean City Disorderly WGMD"?? But the rest of it flew right over your little head. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/8/16)

Perhaps I'm in the minority here but I don't find Fox 5 to be that bad in certain doses. I rather enjoy their mornings with Allison and Steve but agree Good Day DC is far from quality. Compared to Great Day Washington though, it's much better. Everyone here is complaing about the screen clutter and and yet 5 has stayed away from this except for the harmless small ticker at the bottom with the exception of that new show at 6:30 which I'll agree is a little too clutter filled. The 10pm is fine with Tony and Shawn, yes a little fluffy, but fine. Still prefer Doreen over on 4 at 11pm though. They're not up to NBC's quality standards and yes a little more fluffy, but I wouldn't group them with ABC or CBS. (8/8/16)

I wanted to address these posts concerning the incidents that took place on the boardwalk in Ocean City. I cannot speak to all the media outlets at the beach but I can tell you that my station and my show talked about the incidents on the air and they were in our news. I also know the MD Coast Dispatch also did many articles on the situation. When I get back from vacation, the Mayor will be on my show as he is twice every month to talk about the situation. I had the PIO of Police on the phone the day after the event. Whoever is spreading rumors though that ALL media on the Shore covers up stories or does not ask the tough questions or has covered up info to help the towns is so far off base its not funny, where do you get your info from? Its also 2016, with the internet and social media even if you wanted to you can't cover up stories anymore without at least some outlet covering it. In all my time interviewing the OC Mayor, I have never been told not to ask certain questions or avoid certain topics. Before you paint a broad brush I would ask that you better check the facts. -Mike Bradley-Mornings on WGMD Radio (8/8/16)

It’s sad to say that DCW50’s little half hour 10pm newscast has put out a better quality newscast than FOX5, ABC7/NC8, and WUSA9 lately. Even with it being produced down in Richmond at CBS6, they’re doing a great job at a basic newscast with one anchor, and very little fluff, if any. Granted the sidebar is a bit annoying (reminds me of what 9 used to do during the 9 News Now era), but overall I do enjoy their newscasts. (8/8/16)

Yes, inequality of income is a growing problem in this country. Here's another inequality problem: the difference in beauty between who is on camera at a TV station and who is off camera. Every time I see a candid photo taken of staff events at TV stations I'm aghast at the gray hair, no hair, paunch, sag, running-shoes on people who don't run, bewildered looks. The Sinclair-style of on air hiring seems to have physically sucked the beauty from everyone else! Ha, you think I'm signing THIS one? -Retired gray/bald paunchy bewildered person. (8/8/16)

To those who are annoyed by the over-the-top news crawls on local newscast, watch Anchorman II. There is a spot in the middle of the movie that explains the crawls and why local news directors seem unable to control them. The truth in humor is surprising. EA (8/8/16)

I have a 2009 Zune HD that can receive HD on FM only. I also have one of the first Sony units that does both AM and FM and I can tell you that as bad as HD is on FM, it is worse than worthless on AM where it doesn't even work after the sun goes down. Also, during sporting events, radio producers discovered that they must turn off the HD signal because there's a 20-second delay. Ever wonder why you have been 20 seconds late for everything since 2005? It's because WTOP is always 20 seconds behind, and they *still* report the time without considering the 20 second delay. -Chainsman (8/8/16)

I turned on Fox 5 "Local News" tonight (something I do less and less these days) hoping to get some local news. Mid-program they went on and on about some Chicago Lyft driver's podcast. Where's the local? Where's the News? If what they call the show is untrue, how can we believe anything they report in the show? (8/8/16)

The first thing local stations ought to do to bring back real news would be to dump the dual anchors and have one person read the news, thus eliminating the main opportunity for idle chit-chat, happy talk, and editorializing. Of course that would mean they might have to add more real news to fill the time now wasted on nonsense. And of they really want to have some editorial commentary, they ought to have seasoned reporters do some real analysis replacing the pretty boys and girls giving us their off-the-cuff opinions about pop stars or whatever... (8/8/16)

"...I would also be interested to know how WHAG is doing one month after they lost their NBC affiliation."..ah I would wait at least wait a year, six months at the earliest to ask that question. Way too early to know right now. I caught some of their newscasts recently and I was impressed but what will WHAG be doing a year from now is really anyone's guess. I wish them success but on the other hand just like someone had posted in here awhile back I also wouldn't be surprised if WHAG does end up becoming down the road a 24/7 religious station just like the route South Jersey's WMGM had taken. Ask this question on 8/7/2017 we might get a better idea as to exactly how well WHAG is really doing. (8/8/16)

How does the omnipotent Gus in Gaithersburg know that the boardwalk rioters in Ocean City were from Baltimore? I didn’t read that in any news story I read. Did FOX 5 make that up? What if they were from the DC area? Speaking of that, a lot of that story went unreported as in no one mentioned that 5 Boardwalk tram drivers quit their jobs that night fearing for their lives. The Old Boy network still exists down here. You do not report what they don’t want you to report or else you’ll never get another interview with ANYONE down here. WMDT and WBOC didn’t ask any tougher questions either. They know better. A good reporter would have interviewed one of the Boardwalk drivers who QUIT for the REAL story, but it’s tourist season and no news is good news down here. Just like the funnel cloud storm the past week that did damage at the inlet and flooded some areas. I sent flood pics into the TV stations. CRICKETS. It hath been written in stone down here. No BAD NEWS doth be printed during the tourist season! (8/8/16)

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Heyfrase podcast with Sarah Frasier has been signed to the PoscastOne network. Has all the big national names. You can go to PodcastOne and under the comedy shows see it... They loaded all the shows this weekend and cats out early. (8/7/16)

Dave, "going into panic mode" is such a perfect way to describe the antics we're seeing at channels 5,7 & 9. It's so obvious and pretty pathetic. It seeme like the powers that be are hiring on looks vs. quality. Sad state of affairs. (8/7/16)

I'm 34 and stopped listening to WTOP a few months ago and thought I would tell them why: I loaded WAZE on my phone and it blows their skimpy traffic reports away. Who wants to wait 10 minutes in the hopes that they might talk about I-395? They're prisoners to a 50-year old business model and don't now how to innovate their way out. Young listeners -- bye bye. JT (8/7/16)

Dave's response: A quick memo to WTOP - those Long Fence "jingle bumpers" that are placed between news segments and run a few seconds are really really really really annoying. They make the station sound cheap and unprofessional.....

Dave, great points regarding the status of local news. NBC4 is the only channel that refuses to stoop to the gimics the others feel they must do to woo viewers. Channel 4 obviously has a management team and on air talent that can be successful on their own merit. They don't need a "Good Day" show or a bunch of entertainers in studio with the anchors fawning all over them and the airhead banter going back and forth. Also, Holly Morris has a question of the day each day that sometimes is just a bit much. Some of her subjects are of an inappropriate nature which I think she asks for shock value or maybe to get attention. However, now that I said that, I think I might have heard her say once that the producer gave her that question. BTW, producer being a young guy who's dating Erin Como. So maybe he's trying to appeal to a younger audience? Anyway, all in all, local morning news pretty much sucks. (8/7/16)

Dave's response: I would like to see a local TVer do a "no nonsense" newscast. Get rid of the consultants who demand glitzy sets, silly sound effects and music, "pretty" anchors, and way too much information on the screen. And just do a basic, almost old-fashioned newscast with straight news, sports, and weather. Just a news reader with a minimum of make-up on a plain set delivering solid news and utilizing a team of experienced, to-the-point reporters. No "happy talk" or silly chit-chat. No stupid features. Maybe even do it directly from the newsroom with no set at all, like some stations did back in the 1980s. I think this would really have a big impact if someone like 5 or 9 tried this.....

[Using an "Is this real news" link from "surv.es"] Hmmm, looks 9 is researching its product to see if a story they've been promoting heavy is what people want to see. Sometimes I think if you have to ask it's probably not! The last time I saw one of these it was about Mike Hydeck and the guy they temporary replaced him with! The good thing is you might win $50 for your opinion! (8/7/16)

[RE: Quote "I don't think I've ever disliked DC TV news more than what I see now. Apart from 4, the other stations are just complete jokes. 5 and 9 are merely "happy talk" clown-fests and 7, run by the really evil meanies at Sinclair, is replacing all the veterans with cheap but pretty out of town interns. It's even a bigger joke than 5 and 9 are. People are starting to abandon local TV news big-time, especially the younger crowd, and you can see the stations going into a rather desperate panic mode…..”] Please talk about this on a future Dave TV. I would also be interested to know how WHAG is doing one month after they lost their NBC affiliation. They expanded their news coverage and weather coverage to cover not just the four state area, but northern Virginia and Montgomery County despite the fact that only viewers who have Dish Network can see the station AND there is no reason to watch their station outside of news now as well. (8/7/16)

RE: “Dave's response: I don't think I've ever disliked DC TV news more than what I see now.” Gee Dave, you forgot the “R” (for radio) in DC TV: always be closing (ABC). WTOP & WMAL use “Breaking News” all the time too. Anyway, yeah, the “Breaking News” scroll has gotten out of control on the verge of “crying wolf”: CNN uses it so much that their favorite chili recipes are given the treatment; FNC uses it for its most mundane fluff pieces; and Drudge uses his flashing police light for his “breaking news” as long as its slamming someone or something he don’t like. Although I find PBS television & radio a boringly biased version of C-SPAN, one feels compelled to go to them for sane, rational news. The most annoying is The Washington Post using their red banner crap for a pedestrian story moments later. Thank God DCRTVDJDAVE does not use gimmicks other than this: “Ends August 8: 2 Years Of Plus For Price Of One” (8/7/16)

Tried to watch the Olympics on NBC Friday and Saturday. It was painful, the TV was on mute most of the time. It was nice of NBC to give us glimpses of the opening ceremony's and events between the steady stream of commercials. Time to stream from other countries good by NBC. Bob Fairfax (8/7/16)

That Fox t-shirt is too funny!!. As time goes on, channel 5 is adding more and more fluff and reducing the time they spend on actual news. It seems like the only time they want to dedicate any times to news if it's "Breaking News". Otherwise, it's fluff on top of fluff. They even seem, particulary Holly Morris and Kevin McCarthy, annoyed when they DO have to cover a breaking news story; less time for them to try and be the center of attention. And now, starting Monday, they're having some new podcast. Just feel like they have too much stuff going on at once.Just do away the news and become an entertainment show. (8/7/16)

Dave's response: I don't think I've ever disliked DC TV news more than what I see now. Apart from 4, the other stations are just complete jokes. 5 and 9 are merely "happy talk" clown-fests and 7, run by the really evil meanies at Sinclair, is replacing all the veterans with cheap but pretty out of town interns. It's even a bigger joke than 5 and 9 are. People are starting to abandon local TV news big-time, especially the younger crowd, and you can see the stations going into a rather desperate panic mode.....

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Are we going to start getting daily bulletins about how the FM band is full, like the stock ticker guy? "just two weeks after this resort was turned upside down in a hushed-up skirmish this mayor, city council and local media s wept under the boardwalk that resulted in the arrest of a dozen individuals in what was described by residents there as a mini riot involving a gang of thugs." Fox 5 in DC covered it. 12 arrested after 2 boardwalk confrontations with police in Ocean City Baltimore Mayor Diane Fossey was not available for comment. Gus in Gaithersburg (8/6/16)

"Whatever channel 5 is showing at 6:30...[I] saw nothing but crap and fluff." Ohh-hh boy, do I want THAT T-shirt! (8/6/16)

The FM Band is full now. According to the FCC, they have issued 1,500 new LPFM Stations and 6,675 new translators. There is no room left for anymore FM licenses. Is this a cure for AM Stations? (8/6/16)

Saw Kevin McCarthy do one of his interviews with Will Smith and as usual, he brought a movie ticket stub of some movie he saw a zillion years ago in which Will had appeared. He's such a suck up with these celebrities and bringing ticket stubs to these interviews is getting pretty old. Yeah, he's living his dream and God bless him. I just wish he'd man up and stop acting like a 10 year old. (8/6/16)

Whatever channel 5 is showing at 6:30 plain sucks.i gave it a week and saw nothing but crap and fluff. (8/6/16)

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WOWD 94.3 in Takoma Park is a LPFM operating with just 20 watts.(Non-Commercial). They must protect the Red Zebra Station in Warrenton, WWXX at 94.3, a Class A Station operating with 2,000 Watts. This seems to be one of the best Class A Stations in the country. Before Red Zebra bought the station, their coverage was very poor. It is "outside the metro area". (8/5/16)

"After reducing his hours to 1 per day...why isn't "Kojo Nnamdi" being considered to take up old battle axe Dian Rehm's timeslot?" Why do you think they cut his hours back to begin with? Dude is going on 72 years old. This is probably a phased retirement thing. I can understand why WAMU, which seems to be in a bit of a rebuild mode right now, would want to install someone who was born after WWII. (8/5/16)

Is longtime Hearst employee John Patti leaving alleged news radio 1090 to become Ocean City (MD) public relations manager, or was he just sucking up to Mayor Rick Meehan during an interview this morning for a front-row seat on the mayor's Harbor Island balcony overlooking the White Marlin Tournament? He conducted a 10-minute Kum Ba Yah interview about how beautiful the weather was going to be for this annual fish frenzy just two weeks after this resort was turned upside down in a hushed-up skirmish this mayor, city council and local media swept under the boardwalk that resulted in the arrest of a dozen individuals in what was described by residents there as a mini riot involving a gang of thugs. It's not the first time these roving groups of trouble-making punks have crowded the boardwalk, intimidating, touting, and using foul language and smoking dope. You know, the real "family image" resort. Something else Patti should have asked Mayor Magic about is the current controversy over an Ocean City marina selling T-shirts featuring the phrases "White Lives Matter" and "Blue Lives Matter," allegedly to spread awareness about the conservation of marlins. (wink wink) Shame on you John Patti, and shame on this station for miserably failing its listeners once again. When is management going to wake up over there and get this train wreck back on track before another storm blows into town and washes this place down the drain for good? (8/5/16)

Was watching Pres. Obama's news conference on FOX5 and right at 5pm, they cut off the speech to begin their 5pm newscast. Switched channels and see that 4,7 & 9 chose to stay with the news conference. So, guess channel 5 felt whatever they had to broadcast was more important. Or, maybe they did that as an option for whomever didn't want to listen to Pres. Obama.. (8/5/16)

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I suppose Sinclair's $9 million FCC fine will mean pay cuts and, sadly, layoffs. Of course, top management will probably get bonuses. (8/4/16)

I thought the failed Sinclair News Central idea was a brilliant idea btw. Sinclair has stations in some markets that are so small, there’s often no TV news at all. If something like that adds a TV news source or a 2nd source in a market, what’s so bad about that? The stations that didn’t like it were markets that felt they were big enough to have their own weather and sports people. That part I understand. (8/4/16)

Sinclair weather - www.ftvlive.com - A reminder not mentioned in this FTV piece: Sinclair hubbed weather in its News Central program. It was a key to saving money on a large scale. Stations hated it. (8/4/16)

What is going on over at Storm Team 4 (besides getting the cool new "Storm Ranger")? Veronica leaves (for whatever reason) and heads to WJLA. Chuck has not been seen in the mornings for a few days again, and Chief Meteorologist Doug has been out all week and has not posted anything to his Facebook account since last Friday. He was on a week vacation just recently. Tom, Amelia, and Lauryn are pulling triple shifts. (8/4/16)

Is "Kojo Nnamdi" (real name Rex Paul), chopped liver or something? After reducing his hours to 1 per day and even less on "Science Fridays," why isn't "Kojo Nnamdi" being considered to take up old battle axe Dian Rehm's timeslot? Interesting. -Chainsman (8/4/16)

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Saw a new commercial for a FOX5 podcast. Is this really something new for them and I've just missed the fact that it exists? (8/3/16)

Same ole' Same ole' - Twitter "Don Geronimo ?@DonGeronimoShow 1h1 hour ago - We know the levels on today's show R funky. Had a few tech snafus right before the live stream today. Looking at recording We're on it, thx" (8/3/16)

As Tom Taylor said yesterday in his News Letter, most of the FM Frequencies are gone now in the major markets. With thousands of LPFM Stations and new translator applications, there are no FM frequencies available now. In DC there are no FM frequencies available now. (8/3/16)

RE: Sinclair Eyeing Weather Channel - Lets hope this goes through and they bring decent weather segments to FOX 45! It has to be the worst TV weather in Baltimore, and that's comparing it to WJZ's neon forecasts.... (8/3/16)

Ratings analysis from Tom Taylor Now: Washington DC gives Hubbard’s all-news WTOP and its regional network a tiny bit of weakness – if you can call dropping from first to second in the midday and weekend dayparts “weakness.” WTOP’s still #1 with double digits in both drive-times. Checking the last three months, ’TOP’s moved from a May-book 10.3 with age 6+ total-week share to a repeat 10.3 in the June book, and now a mere 9.4 share. American U’s non-com news/talk WAMU is within a point of ’TOP, going 8.5-8.1-8.6. Its “Morning Edition” is also double digits, and it wins middays. Third is Howard U.’s urban AC WHUR with a third-straight 6.5 (and first-place ranking on weekends). Then Radio One’s urban AC “Majic” WMMJ does something special (5.5-5.6-6.1). Ratings record-keeper Chris Huff says the 6.1 “is WMMJ’s largest topline in exactly six years, since June 2010.” Fifth (and rebounding) is iHeart’s rhythmic “Hot 99.5” WIHT (4.7-5.-5.7, and second at night). The Cumulus stations are talk WMAL-AM/FM (3.3-3.0-2.9) and hot AC “Mix” WRQX (2.6-2.5-2.8). Washington Nationals baseball flagship “Fan” WJFK-FM (CBS) drops 2.9-2.6-2.4. Radio One’s African-American talk WOL has been missing the book, but recently has climbed 0.1-0.3-0.9. Rhythmic “Hot” leads in average weekly cume at an estimated 1,343,300..... Baltimore gives #1-ranked urban “92Q” WERQ its best share since May 2013 (8.3-8.4-9.2). Daypart-wise, it’s #1 everywhere except middays (second). 92Q is tied with urban AC sister WWIN-FM at night, and total-week, “Magic” WWIN-FM is second (8.2-9.8-8.6). Third overall is CBS AC “Today’s 101.9” WLIF (7.1-7.4-7.8, and #1 middays). Fourth is iHeart’s country WPOC (7.7-7.1-6.8), followed by CBS sports “Fan”/Orioles baseball WJZ-FM (5.8-5.4-5.5). Hearst’s news/talk WBAL regains altitude (2.6-2.8-3.3). Shamrock’s classic rock “Bay” WZBA is level (3.9-4.0-4.0). Bay GM Jefferson Ward tells NOW that he’s promoting APD Craig Chambers to PD, succeeding Dan Michaels. Baltimore’s cume leader is AC WLYF (827,300). (8/3/16)

RADIO FIGHT! Former Don & Mike Show producer John Normand calls out Don Geronimo on Twitter @JormandBigCat "For no reason at all, I was just casually sitting here thinking what a cunt Don Geronimo is, that is all." Time for a Dave Hughes DCRTV 1 on 1 Interview Exclusive with DC based Normand. #juicy (8/3/16)

WBMD AM 750 is on the same tower as 105.7 The Fan on Gunther Hill right behind the Hip Hop Fish & Chips (seriously), so if they were struck by lightning, both stations would have been hit and possibly off the air at the same time. 105.7’s backup I think is on TV Hill, but only at 430 watts non-directional. But thank God they don’t have studios on Gunther Hill anymore. Can you imagine that? “Just pick up your prize right behind the Hip Hop Fish & Chips. Now you be careful white people.” LOL As for AM 860 WFSI, their towers are in swamp water. They were probably flooded out, but a Google maps and FCC filing suggest something else maybe? They say a picture is a thousand words. Is this a fallen tower? This was not on Google Maps last year. In the FCC filing they say a power module failed but it’s supposed to be fixed. Hmm. fcc.gov... Of course Family Radio on God’s advice told them to put a disclaimer in that this is confidential information and should never be made public. But, umm, it’s FCC public info. HAHA!(8/3/16)

What is this DC nuttiness about Steve Davis covering up for Ray Rice? The Baltimore Ravens have never been found to have covered anything up ever, unlike the New England Patriots. If anything they were harsh on Ray Rice and many would say appropriately so. But what the hell does this have to do with Steve Davis gone from a nationwide budget cut at CBS Radio before a possibly failed IPO try? That he’s knowledgeable about the Ravens more than he ever was about the DEADSKINS on WUSA 9? DAMN RIGHT! What the hell good is there to cover about that team except LOSING and Danny Snyder’s an asshole gossip eery day? (8/3/16)

Greetings. I enjoy reading your blog every now and again to see what's going on. Perhaps you might be able to make a quick tweak to this story. Dry 85 is a bourbon bar. (quite a good one.) Red Red Wine Bar is a wine bar :-) Best, Marshall [RE: Bolter Starts Booze Video Company] (8/3/16)

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The new July ratings came out today for DC. The station that has grown the fastest in the market is WMMJ 102.3 "Magic". This is just a Class A FM Station with 3,000 Watts. They are beating all the 50,000 Watt Stations except WTOP. Congratulations! (8/2/16)

Hey Dave! I was wondering if you’ve heard anything about WTTR in Westminster, MD (Pat Sajak use to own with WNAV) going to an FM signal? I’ve heard that they’re also on 102.3 FM and I wanted to know where that tower if out of? Since it was my first radio gig, I try to keep up with them. I’ve searched the web and found nothing and WTTR’s website is down….i know you also have the info on DC/Balt/MD stations! Thanks! Mac (8/2/16)

After watching NBC 4 news for the last 15 years, since I moved here, I may be ready to change channels, probably to ABC 7. The endless top graphics (letterbox news) are driving me nuts. Just about every story has to have a top graphic on it. The ticker on the bottom is one long useless social media shill. In addition to that, management at that station now thinks it is necessary to put a Rio countdown clock continuously on the screen. I would bet this graphics package has been crammed down every NBC owned and operated station. (8/2/16)

I heard on WPFW this afternoon that Blues DJ Da' Gator has passed away. May he rest in peace. (8/2/16)

Former WMAR Reporter and current MPT Reporter Lou Davis has passed away. Thank you. Anonymous (8/2/16)

This is not a new translator request, but I noticed that Radio One has to put it on the air by this Nov. or they will lose FM 95.9 in the DC area. When I first saw this, I didn’t think it would get approved but the FCC did approve it, probably with a waiver from WWIN Glen Burnie, which Radio One already owns. See here: fccdata.org (8/2/16)

Methinks that perhaps Rush should have consulted with “The Official DCRTV Stock Guy” before signing anything long-term with iHeart. (8/2/16)

Former WMAR Reporter and current MPT Reporter Lou Davis is very ill and needs your prayers as he is near death. Thank you. Anonymous (8/2/16)

He’s back for another 28 years? “Rush Limbaugh Signs Multi-Year Extension With iHeartMedia, Premiere Networks”. Just when you thought Rush was dead, just when rumors of his demise & decline were rampant in the DCRTV Mailbag, just when DCRTVDJDAVE was hoping Rush would join the graveyard of failed talkers, Rush does it again: www.allaccess.com (8/2/16)

I had WCTN on my car radio when it got knocked off the air. Probably a result of the storm that came thru late Sunday afternoon—the main part of it passed right over Potomac. I was driving up I-270 at the time, and right in the middle of the intro to “867-5309/Jenny”—boom, they wuz gone. KOF (8/2/16)

You are only interested in radio stocks if you invested in iHeart Stock at $6.10 per share because you believed in the company. Now you find out that this was a terrible investment.Your stock is now worth only $1.23 per share. Why is this? Poor Management? Too much DEBT in the company. You say no one is interested in their debt or the National Debt. Someone else will pay for it! WHO? When their $20.8 Billion Debt comes due, will the company go bankrupt? (8/2/16)

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Hello Dave, Not that anyone but us DXers have noticed, but we have three new entries in the Dead Air contest this week. WCTN 950 has been off the air for the past couple of days. Also, both "Family Radio" outlets in Baltimore, on 750 and 860, have been off since at least Sunday. Regards, Lw in Mount Airy (8/1/16)

We listeners are certainly fed up with WTOP 'reporters' taking audio from Ch 4 reports and then producing their own stories...with borrowed audio. That should not be. The folks at Ch 4 work very hard. Why should those at WTOP take the very low road. It's OK for Ch 4 reporters doing reports on WTOP. They are doing their work. But those at 103.5 FM taking parts of Ch 4 and then using same in their own reports is really bad. WTOP needs Jim Farley back so that station can go back to being a news radio station without all the little features and too many non-interesting interviews that are allegedly in-depth. They are not very in-depth, really. And 'for your health' fills time. And what about that business guy who was hired? He is not always on at :25/:55. ? ? ? ? (8/1/16)

First off, great site Dave! Secondly, a quick suggestion (that may be out of your hands), could you add a link to Loverro's ad for his podcast? I see the ad when reading your page, it reminds me to check for his new podcast, then I have to go googling for it. I don't mind frequenting your sponsors and this will make it a bit easier. Have a great weekend and keep up the good work! (8/1/16)

Dave's response: Done.....

That would be Bruce Elliott's return to WCBM. His first job in Baltimore was at the old WCBM in pm drive playing the Greatest Hits of All Time as Elliott in the Afternoon. I guess he'll now be doing the Joe Knight time slot. Perhaps he can feature Mr. History? (8/1/16)

Anyone watching Fox5's 6:30 political newscast "5 @ 6:30"? Haven't seen that one, but saw about 10 minutes of their Sunday political show with Ronica (whatever her last name) & talk about a snooze fest. Also, is it true that Sarah Simmons is getting or has gotten a divorce? (8/1/16)

Re:: WaPo Profiles Mike O'Meara's Podcast...somewhere in a dark Sacramento closet, Don Geronimo/Mike Sorce is once again, left in the fetal position. (8/1/16)

Steve Davis will probably get a well paying gig with the Ravens as he helped them cover themselves in the Ray Rice video issue. (8/1/16)

So glad that The Gamut is now available via TuneIn! I'd be willing to sit through a couple short spot breaks an hour, to ensure this will be a permanent listening option. (8/1/16)

RE: “Not sure when hell froze over, but I'm listening to the Gamut on Tunein right now.” Well you will know hell has indeed frozen over when Hillary Clinton goes on The Howard Stern Show. The Washington Post in an “interview” with The King of All Media got Stern to open up about the possibility of Her Thighness (“Howard Stern makes his pitch: Why Hillary Clinton should do my show”) being subjected to Baba Booey Breath with an in studio interview. Washington Post: “If Hillary agrees to come on, do you do that interview in your studio or do you go somewhere?” Howard Stern: “To me, I’m on satellite radio and that’s the best place to do it. Having said that, if there was some kind of concept of doing it somewhere else, I’d do it.” What say you DCRTVDJDAVE, do you think there is a chance in hell Mrs. Clinton does any interview with Stern let alone an in studio one? Full Stern Washington Post interview where he also Talks Trump: www.washingtonpost.com... (8/1/16)

Eun Yang to FOX5?. Please..Truly can't believe she'd consider the down grade. She's got a nice Mon-Fri anchor position and has been at channel 4 for about 15 years. If she were to leave, can't see her going to FOX5. To do what?. I've noticed that lately they've added some new field anchors, but don't see her doing that. And although I don't have the inside scoop on what's going on over there, it doesn't appear that there are any opportunities for her to sit at the anchor desk on any of the newscasts. Particularly on the morning shift as they seem to be pretty successful with their current cast of characters. However, one day Holly did jokingly asked Wisdom who he interviewed with while on vacation and he shrugged it off. And although Eun leaving seems more like a rumor vs. fact, we've seen Veronica Johnson as well as Julie Wright disappear in the dark of the night to rival stations, so who knows. Time of course will tell. (8/1/16)

People confuse network affiliation with ownership all the time. A lot of people in the area think that all stations are owned by their network and that everything that appears on a station is part of the network. They often even think that local news people work for the network but are somehow assigned to a given market. As for Strahan working for Fox and ABC that is not a "conflict of interest" He hasa contract with ABC to appear on GMA. He may have a contarct with FOX or the Fox Sports cable networks to appear on them as well but neither deal is exclusive and neither conflicts with the other. (8/1/16)

Did you know that Tim Wesolek WHAG TV's national sales director joins Roanoke's WDBJ TV today? He gave up his post as a longtime Trustee of Frederick Community College. (8/1/16)

Someone told md Eun Yang was jumping to FOX5 in August. Is there any truth to this rumor. (8/1/16)

Re: “Steve Davis is out of another gig? He has to be out of places to work locally right?” I recommend law school. There are lots of law firms. It worked for me! (8/1/16)

Norman Chad - His column “Couch Slouch” is missing from today’s Washington Post Sport Section. Cheers, Allan (8/1/16)

Dave's response: Well, if he was just away on vacation, you'd think there'd be a short notice in the print edition. But there wasn't. Hmmmm.....

iHeart is still fighting with their lenders. According to the report, they have a debt of $20.8 BILLION. Bain Capital has always been a master at borrowing money. The people that work at iHeart don't want to hear about this. (8/1/16)

Not sure when hell froze over, but I'm listening to the Gamut on Tunein right now. (8/1/16)

"said during a live radio broadcast that his show has increased 10 fold recently. So I guess it’s time to bring on the Hitman haters, right? "I'm not talking about hate, I'm talking about eight... dinner at eight. But "increased 10 fold"? Who listens to the radio at the beach aside from the Shipping Forecast to check the weather in the Channel or the Irish Sea? Congrats to Don Geronimo for using the cover story of "technical difficulties" ripping his listeners off for 50 cents apiece so he could NOT do the one thing he loves in life. 38 cents a share? No one comes here for stock reports. Just stop. Gus in Gaithersburg (8/1/16)

Bianca Hood is leaving promo assistant position at iHeart/DC after two years to go to New York. For what, don't know. Here's what she writes: facebook.com (8/1/16)

Is it just me or do Boris Epshteyn and Katrina Pierson seems like pretty lightweight surrogates for the Trump campaign? They can't do any better than that? (8/1/16)

Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) owns 30 TV stations. 16 of them run CBS and are as thus, CBS Owned and Operated Stations. That includes WJZ 13 in Baltimore, but NOT WUSA 9 in D.C., which is a CBS affiliate owned by TEGNA. As for the other 14 stations, 8 of them run the CW Network, and since CBS owns 50% of CW (Warner Bros. owns the other 50%), those stations are set up as CW O&O Stations. The CW stations in D.C. and Baltimore are not in those 8 stations, which means that both of them are affiliates. That leaves 6 stations; 2 run My Network TV, and the other 4 are Independent; none of those in D.C. or Baltimore either. From 1950 to 1978, WUSA 9 had the WTOP call sign. Unsigned Retired Non-Suit. (8/1/16)

So, it took Hitman 45 seconds to thank all of his listeners, one by one? (8/1/16)

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