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DCRTV Mailbag - July 3, 2016 to July 31, 2016

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Steve Davis is out of another gig? He has to be out of places to work locally right? WBFF - WUSA9 - wbal tv/radio - wjfk . Probably missing one. (7/31/16)

We (10 family members and friends) spent a week down the Ocean ! We listened to Hitmans radio show on The Vault and it was awesome, they still love Hitman down there. How long has he been on Delmarva? He thanked his many listeners and welcomed new listeners according to the latest ratings, and said during a live radio broadcast that his show has increased 10 fold recently. So I guess it’s time to bring on the Hitman haters, right? (7/31/16)

So if my research is correct, WTOP is a CBS owned station. This being said, why is it not a conflict of interest for them to partner with NBC owned channel 4? Just like I don't understand how Michael Strahan works for FoxSports as well as ABC. (7/31/16)

Dave's response: WTOP is not owned by CBS. It's owned by Hubbard, a Minneapolis-based radio/TV firm. Even DC's CBS-TV affiliate, Channel 9/WUSA, is not owned by CBS. It's owned by McLean-based Tegna, which used to be part of Gannett. So, WTOP has no corporate connection to any of DC's TV stations, which makes the news partnership with NBC/Comcast/Universal-owned Channel 4/WRC not a conflict of interest. However, I'm sure that many DC area radio listeners (like me) get somewhat sick of all the "NBC 4" references we have to endure via WTOP.....

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BaltoMedia.Net does a good job of keeping us informed about new Translator applications in the Baltimore/DC area. Are there any new applications filed on Friday, 7/29? This is the date the FCC opened the new window. (7/30/16)

WZBA/The Bay didn't eliminate the job of "Program Director". They eliminated the job of "Off Air Program Director" which will be replaced by "On Air Program Director". (7/30/16)

Is Cumulus making their reps combo remote packages with the "Jack Diamond and the Geriatrics band" with their events? A rep says they have to sell Jack and wife, strumming a guitar or he won't show up? Does Cumulus realize this is a total conflict of interest, forcing the marketing reps to put money in Diamond's wallet, for no gain to station or themselves? Being that it's already being discussed, I'd hope someone is putting a call to someone, not in the DC office, where all the managers are simply email processors, with no authority, or smarts... I'm making that assumption based on years of terrible ratings, and awful revenue reports. I remember Diamond's band in the 90's.... bad then, just a shit show, now. Cumulus.... stop forcing your reps to sell Jack's hobby... you're just punishing them. Where does it say in their employment agreements that they have to speak to clients about Jack's side project? Why should any Cumulus employee have to discuss Jack's private enterprise, in which Jack and musical hacks are compensated, NOT through Cumulus! Embarrassing! More reasons coming to light as to why the best, and most successful sales personas have abandoned WRQX. (7/30/16)

RE Sinclair settlement with the FCC: $9+ million erased from their bottom line to get this behind them. Gawd, can you picture David Smith writhing as he had to write that check? Still, a small price tag for a company that paid almost $billion for WJLA alone to keep doing the scurrilous things that company does. Ptooey. (7/30/16)

Sinclair Settles Outstanding Matters With The Federal Communications Commission - finance.yahoo.com (7/30/16)

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WAMU discusses plans to replace Diane Rehm host. Derek McGinty makes the most sense, hands down. Sounds like either JJ doesn't know what he's doing, or doesn't care or know about well known names in the market, or wants to throw some consulting work to his friends. (7/29/16)

Cumulus Stock Price is up to 38 cents per share. The stock is not doing any better now than when Lew Dickey was running the company. He still owns a lot of stock in the company. The Dickey Brothers are now operating their Atlanta Stations. (7/29/16)

I am a Bluegrass Fan and am very sad that WAMU is dumping the format after 49 YEARS. The format helped WAMU become what it is today! Since they collect $10 MILLION per year in Donations and Sponsor "Underwriting", they could afford to pay another small stations to continue the format. Why are the so cheap? (7/29/16)

WTMD frequently gives tickets away to concerts at 9:30 and Wolf Trap. Weasel is a DC connection. The people at TMD work very hard and have a great station. I’m sure they would gain quite a few listeners with a good signal in the DC area. Weather it would pay for itself in donations is another issue. They probably wouldn’t be happy if XPN took some of their listeners in DCs northeastern suburbs. That said I would welcome local signals from both. I support both of them. Bob Fairfax (7/29/16)

WRBS AM 1230 is looking to get a new low power FM translator on 103.1 FM from the AM 1230 tower off North Ave in Baltimore, same home of the original WITH AM 1230 which used to own WITH FM 104.3. AM 1230 is now called Positive Talk with a religious based talk format. — BaltoMedia.Net (7/29/16)

Dave's response: Huh? RNR can't be happy about that. Doesn't their Annapolis signal make it into Baltimore?

What was the price for the two translators that WAMU sold in Frederick and Hagerstown? They were both good translators. (7/29/16)

You can see the Salisbury Rates at this website... ratings.radio-online.com (7/29/16)

Down goes Don Geronimo's LIVE Podcast - AGAIN! From Mike Sorce's Twitter feed "A tech issue, please bear w us. We should be up and running soon" #adjusttherabbitearsgrandpa #arlojeanstrippername (7/29/16)

[RE: WAMU does not own translator 105.5 from Great Falls. How about flipping it back to WTMD] WTMD markets itself as Baltimore-centric; its HD2 is "The Baltimore Channel"; it consistently meets or exceeds its fundraising goals. Why would it want to expend limited funds on Washington now? Better someone acquire a Washington-market AM or LPFM and a translator or two and make a go at AAA for the DC burbs. Maybe someone can interest Philadelphia's WXPN in expanding into the area beyond a parttime presence on WKHS. (7/29/16)

Salisbury ratings interesting. WBOC-FM, didn't show. Radios share down over all, where did they go? Stations not buying the book? Nielsen only shows those stations that pony up! I would guess some of the stations not showing becuase they don't by the book include WGMD, WTDK, WBEY. Mega 95.5 didn't show? I was told no hispanics were surveyed. Satellite Radio taking a big bite out of the market? Don't know because of the pay to play of Nielsen. It used to be the ratings were honest in the public release 12+ numbers, but not any more. When are Adams, Delmarva, Iheart, and Voice going to learn, they are being ripped off. Dump the book. (7/29/16)

Sorry to hear that WAMU is selling Bluegrass Country's Frederick/Hagerstown translators so that Manning can put more unlistenable dreck on them. WWEG currently has only an HD2 on the air (no HD3 yet), so it remains to be heard what the eventual 93.5 feed will be. With WWEG HD1 struggling to decide whether it's Classic Rock or Hits, "More 102" and "Key 103" being Adult Contempo-noise and WARK and its translator apparently running Fox Sports instead of talk (when did that happen?), I don't anticipate anything of interest coming to 93.5. Hopefully BGC can survive web-only. SiriusXM has canned a lot of niche formats, but they still have a Bluegrass channel on the satellites, so there must be some interest in the format. (7/29/16)

Dave, they tell me that the new WBOC 102.5 kicked ass in Salisbury but I don't see them in your ratings report. Maybe they don't subscribe to the ratings? Heard from a radio friend who works down there that they came in 3rd place right behind Froggy and Magic. And they beat WQHQ in their very first book. Anyway we can get the real ratings for Salisbury/Ocean City? (7/29/16)

WAMU announced that they would sell their Bluegrass Format but it would NOT include the 105.5 FM Translator, owned by communications attorney, John Garziglia. How much is WAMU paying Garziglia to lease his 105.5 Translator? If you got two years free use of the WAMU HD-2 Channel, the programming must be non-commercial since WAMU is "Non-Commercial". (7/29/16)

Storm Team 4, via Facebook, tells us the weekend could be turbulent. That means "Storm Team 4 Weather Alert" top graphics in red, and the weather set also turning red as if it was the starship Enterprise about to go into battle. Why is this needed? Will Amelia, Tom, or Lauryn be launching photon torpedos? (7/29/16)

Lost in the flood of AM revitalization applications this morning, WAMU has sold Bluegrass Country's two translators in the Frederick area to Manning, owners of WWEG. (fcc.gov) They plan to start up an HD3 subchannel on WWEG, which I am not sure currently exists, and rebroadcast it on both translators. As noted previously, WAMU does not own BGC's other translator, 105.5 from Great Falls. (Hey Garziglia, if you're listening: How about flipping it back to WTMD....) (7/29/16)

Dave's response: For that to happen, WTMD would need to get a digital subchannel on a DC market FMer. Maybe they could make a deal with WCSP or WPFW or WAMU.....

A very long post is always a warning sign, often a cry for help. "Good point…Who will hire Brian Wilson after his stint with WMAL? ... send your resume’ to Bill Hess now." While I hold no brief for Hannity, one of the stupidest people in radio, this screed envisioning Rachel "Boy" Maddow as the savior of Fox News is just Ludacris. And in light of the FBI misconduct that's coming out, suspending him because of Bundy and I guess the crazy people who took over the nature preserve looks less like a good idea. Sure, they didn't burn a bunch of innocent adults and children to death like Bill Clinton did, but still the FBI broke the law. There's a lot of whistling past the graveyard on both the left and the right these days, but ratings trump anything the long-winded poster thinks. Most predictions about radio stations are more "what I want and I'm going to stamp my feet because I'm powerless" rather than "what's likely". Gus in Gaithersburg (7/29/16)

It would be funny if this sanctimonious shitheal weren't so unbelievably stupid. www.pressofatlanticcity.com - Chainsman (7/29/16)

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Good point…Who will hire Brian Wilson after his stint with WMAL? People who get fired from WMAL usually do not move on to bigger better things. WMAL is a toilet, and the stink you get from it never goes away. On the same note, Sean Hannity must be quaking in his boots these days. His contract with Fox news is up in a few months, Roger Ailes is out at Fox News, and the Murdoch boys have been told to “clean house.” Michael Clemente and Peter Boyer also quietly exited the building last week stirring speculation of an impending bloodbath at FNC. Who is going to be phased out at Fox News next? The Murdoch boys have no love for Hannity, Goofy Ducey, Kilmeade, and DC based Griff Jenkins. Here is the kicker; Rupert Murdoch and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow are friends, and Rupert respects her enough to have lunch with Rachel when requested. (He has even offered her a job in the past). Rachel convinced Rupert to have Hannity tone down the Cliven Bundy story a few years ago, and Rupert then had Hannity suspended for a couple of days over his obnoxious and dangerous commentary favoring Bundy. Also, The disrespect Hannity received from Jon Stewart, and the patrons of the Center City Wawa, earlier this week cannot be considered brownie points. He is a Pox on the Fox News brand now. So, you have Rupert’s sons tasked with cleaning house, and the smartest person (outside the Fox News headquarters) who knows the players and their actions is Rachel Maddow. Could the Murdoch bros go to Rachel for ammunition or guidance? Would Rachel be a secret confidant in their mission to clean house? Could Fox News end up offering Rachel a big fat contract to beef up its now soiled reputation and credibility? Will Megyn Kelly “smart up” her newscasts during the “cleaning house” phase, possibly auditioning for a potential move to CNN, or will she beef up her show to stay at the rebranded Fox News? It appears many Fox News celebrities are not talking to each other off camera during the DNC. Paranoia, suspicion, fear, and a fear of losing jobs are anxieties of almost all Fox News personalities. I must say, “Sorry, Sean, it was good to know ya.” I hope you get “good luck in your next adventure” cards from Shirley Sherrod, President Obama, Hillary, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and David Axelrod. Thank you Jon Stewart for coming out of retirement and exposing this Hannity- goofballyness to the world at such a precarious time. Griff, send your resume’ to Bill Hess now. (7/28/16)

Even more fun with Rudi and Brian (Lark McCarthy, speak up!) www.nytimes.com (7/28/16)

Andrea Roane should NEVER have been taken off the 6pm news, which happened years ago thanks to some failed long gone manager. Nine has only two talents with any scrap of name recognition left from their glory days in the 70's and 80's---Andrea Roane and Bruce Johnson. The smart move would team Johnson and Roane at six and eleven. Nine's freshmen anchors and reporters have almost no chance to break through because this market thrives on familiarity. Cheap ownership and management working with an outdated playbook are putting 4,5,7 & 9 in a race to the bottom making local TV news irrelevant. (7/28/16)

I Love The 80s!!! www.brooklynvegan.com (7/28/16)

Robert Lang on WTOP: "To be honest with you..." Why would an alleged reporter say that?? Should we question his honesty? (7/28/16)

[RE Andrea Roane downgraded at WUSA:] that sucks (7/28/16)

[RE Andrea Roane downgraded at WUSA:] That really doesn't make me happy. (7/28/16)

[RE Andrea Roane downgraded at WUSA:] Do people still watch channel 9 for news? (7/28/16)

[RE Andrea Roane downgraded at WUSA:] I just can't watch the new people on chan9, they are making a bad decision reducing Andrea's time.....now no one will watch (7/28/16)

[RE Andrea Roane downgraded at WUSA:] This has nothing to do with the Andrea situation, but can I rant for a second, Dave? Channel 9's morning news' bumper music (coming in and out of commercial breaks) is depressing! Meanwhile, why does channel 4 feel the need to bombard us with gimmicks like stingers before every story? Just let the anchors read their scripts. SHEESH. And what da hell is a "live desk" anyway? What, they're worried I might get it confused with the non-live desk? Isn't every newscast live??? (7/28/16)

[RE Andrea Roane downgraded at WUSA:] 9 has sucked since Glenn Brenner died.....and that is a long time (7/28/16)

The most annoying thing nowdays with these local stations? They refuse to send out a camera person with the reporter. Instead the reporter has his cellphone on a stick and expects me to watch while the video is bouncing up and down as they are reporting. Not! (7/28/16)

After an entire day, you still haven’t corrected TENGA to TEGNA Dave? I mean really, it was a simple cut/paste from he mailbag. lol (7/28/16)

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The votes are in. Ch 9 in DC is just another can with garbage management. As one says, TV and radio stations in larger markets are just bigger toilets than those in smaller markets. And so it goes. (7/27/16)

Early this morning I was listening to the forced, very forced and mostly made up outrage about the convention last night on WMAL. They made is sound like those damn Democrats tar-ed and feathered several police officers on stage. But every-time they spoke, I kept thinking that one is the self described gay one who destroyed Shirley Sherrod's life, and the other has been accused of using a casting couch. So their made up up outrage was even more glaringly made up. The winner in all of this is Bell Hess. With the hotel room accusations so public, Brian's employment choices in the future are very limited. So when his contract comes up for renewal, Bill should start the negotiations at $10 an hour. What is Brian going to do? Would a legitimate news organization hire him after the allegations? Could he stomach ending up at WND or some other minor fringe outlet? It appears WMAL is probably the last watering hole for you, Brian. Just keep praying a format change won't happen after the election and let us know if God answered your prayers. (7/27/16)

Further proof that Bill Hess (come on Bill give DCRTVDJDAVE a break or at least another lunch) will do anything to keep Savage or even his sub hosts off WMAL: “Drive at Five” became “More at Four” when WMAL pulled the guy subbing for Savage off at 4:00PM to put Larry on an hour early albeit from Phillie. Sheesh: why not pull Rush, Levin (who technically IS local), and Batchelor off, replace them with area talent like the great Rick Fowler, give DCRTVDJDAVE a slot and make WMAL all local all the time? And is there any truth to the rumor that Brian Wilson is the new CEO and/or spokesman for E-Harmony: www.msn.com (7/27/16)

Hey Dave, Sean Hannity, heard locally on AM 1260, was in a WaWa in Center City last night. Apparently the locals recognized him and “booed him out of the store” because Sean was butting in line, or didn’t understand the kiosk order system and cut in line. This guy heard the fill in the blanks, or used clues from Sean’s radio show to fill in the blanks. Strap yourself in, I think he nailed it. storify.com... Hey, at least Sean didn't invite himself up to a female co-worker's hotel room. On a side note, Sean Hannity's contact with Fox News is up in November. Ailes is gone-dollars to donuts, Sean's Fox News 10:00 PM show is gone, as well, come December. (7/27/16)

Look at this tweet. (7/27/16)

And moving up to #2 as the most hated man in DC TV and Radio (look out JJ "Days of" Yore): Bill "Oh My" Lord. Andrea Roane deserves better. (7/27/16)

Why cooley given special treatment? (7/27/16)

So it looks like WUSA-TV management is trying to cull the herd, so to speak. Andrea Roane, with 34 years at the station as an anchor & reporter, has been waiting for over 2 years for the station to negotiate a new contract with her. Now they have, and it ain't good news. Andrea has been removed as the co-anchor of the WAKE UP WASHINGTON newscast, and has been relegated to doing only the noon show. AND, with this demotion comes a dramatic cut in pay. It looks like the station is trying to save money to hire a few more former Miss (enter the name of the state here) beauty pageant queens, and increase their profit margins in the process. While Bill Lord is thought to have a penchant for hiring the young, cute, and perky, he's missed the boat on this one. Ms. Roane's years of service to the station and the community have distinguished her as a real professional, working among the relative newbies that have proliferated over the past several years. She has weathered many storms in that den of journalistic iniquity, and come out still smiling with nary a complaint, publicly anyway. WUSA/Gannett/TEGNA are very lucky that Andrea doesn't seem to be the litigious sort. That could get very ugly, and revealing. So it looks like her co-anchor Mike Hydeck will soon have another of Bill Lord's bevy of female Facebook reporters to share the set with. Hopefully they will regret this move, and lament the loss of such a professional presence in that seat. If not, they are dumber than they appear. (7/27/16)

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RE: WTTR’s FM Translator: “In the long run it really doesn't matter since it probably won't save the station anyway.” – WTTR-AM on an FM Translator is garbage in, garbage out and an example of the “if you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig” scenario. No talent, no real format, no consistency, no local news, no community involvement and soon no revenue. The late Dwight Dingle who deftly managed WTTR through years of revenue success and positive community reputation rolls over in his grave daily. (7/26/16)

"Fooled me at first as the enunciation sounded almost African-American, which is tough for a synthesizer to replicate because of the breathing patterns. [...] -Unsigned Corporate Suit" Remember that time Sammy Davis Jr. came to your house and you let him sit in your chair and asked if he took cream in his eye? AFRICAN-AMERICAN BREATHING PATTERNS?? Gus in Gaithersburg (7/26/16)

The area of a circle is calculated by pi*(r*r), not 2*pi*r. Go Orange! -- Archimedes of Syracuse (7/26/16)

RE: [WTTR-AM will be on 102.3 in Westminster, a 205 watt translator that should go clearly about 7 or 8 miles in a circle." New Reply: which is about 1.1 miles in radius.] The predicted coverage appears to be roughly a 6.75 mile radius for local reception and a 10 mile radius for 'distant' reception; comparable to 1470's AM coverage as you'd expect. radio-locator.com (7/23/16). Someone didn't get the joke, as it were. The way the original post was written it was unclear as to whether or not they meant that the circle was 7-8 miles in length or if the pattern radii was 7 or 8 miles. To point out this ambiguity, the 1.1 mile radius, based on the area of a circle = 2*pi*radius, was posted OK, so I guess we are all in agreement that what the original poster intended to say "In a circle of radius 7 to 8 miles". In the long run it really doesn't matter since it probably won't save the station anyway. (7/26/16)

Being a spokesperson for "It's Just Lunch", Brian thought it meant "It's Just A Nooner". And now when I listen, all that "innocent flirting" he does with producer Heather will be looked at with a whole new perspective. Since Larry works with him, should the name of the show be changed to "Mornings on the male"? I hear Josh Duggar is looking for work - Mr. Hess, get on that. Think about the fun you could have at the office parties! (7/26/16)

Dave, for the idea of WRQX going into a classic rock-classic hits hybrid…..have deep cuts and also classic alternative along with the mainstream classic rock and classic hits. Stick out in the crowd. Oh wait…nevermind that…corporate radio basically has a set list and that’s all she wrote essentially. Dan (7/26/16)

There should be a new DCRTV ad policy - no endlessly animating ads distracting you as you surf the website. Klug Productions (Zero Ego my ass), and RELM Network come immediately to mind. (7/26/16)

UCS: New “voice” at KEC83 162.40 (Baltimore area) as well, and whichever one from PA I pick up in Harford County . Listened early Sat. evening, as storms were approaching. You should hear how “Havre de Grace” is butchered. Something like “Havre Dela de Grace” (7/26/16)

First, would Larry take him or her to a musical at the Kennedy Center. Second, Bill Hess must be so proud to have Larry "Shirley Sherrod" O'Connor, Brian "Hotel Room, please" Wilson, plus Chris "was it a black man?" Plante on his staff. Maybe considering Larry's orientation, "on his staff" may not have been the right choice of words. (7/26/16)

Noticed a new P.M. drive “voice” on KHB-36 at 162.55 MHz this afternoon. Sounds a little less unnatural than “Perfect Paul” did. Fooled me at first as the enunciation sounded almost African-American, which is tough for a synthesizer to replicate because of the breathing patterns. So far, I’ve only heard the “male” voice. I’m sure there’s got to be a female equivalent waiting in the wings, at least for the “image” of equality, notwithstanding the results of tests showing superior acquisition and retentivity from information conveyed by a female voice. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (7/26/16)

Hey, Dave, Question for you…Are the nice professional “matchmakers” over at “It’s Just Lunch” now legally required to inform their nice single female members that Brian has been accused in the press of being a sexual predator and misogynist, who has been taken to arbitration over sexual harassment in the workplace? I think “It’s Just Lunch” should at least give this warning to the nice women it sets up with Brian. (7/26/16)

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Dave, you're correct. Cumulus mgmt does NOT like DCRTV. Although, I'm sure Billy Hess was asked to send a smooth-over text to you. Cumulus also doesn't like DC ratings, and DC revenue, so you're not alone. WRQX has already been tagged for a format switch. WMAL isn't changing in the political season, too many PAC dollars floating around. WRQX, as a Top 40/ Hot AC, will be gone in August. Look for a 35-64 format, classic hits/classic rock hybrid... I was told 107.3 The River. (7/25/16)

Reason, "Well, let’s just say I want to see the inside of your hotel room.” That does sound like something Brian would say.. The cadence, sentence structure and innuendo sound like Brian. Larry would , at least, have taken her to a musical at the Kennedy Center before asking himself up. (7/25/16)

Junkies now longer playing music on the show as cold open intro. They have some big announcement coming soon too. Do you know anything? (7/25/16)

Dave's response: I've heard they're working on a new podcast.....

I'll jump in the News4 graphics discussion. I have two really minor things that irritate me: (1) the weather conditions that appear under the time/temp are completely useless. It's not as if I'm going to sit and wait for my town to scroll past when I can just hop on my phone...or look out a window. Not to mention the small dark grey text is very hard to read even with good eyes. (2) The ticker at the bottom is literally used exclusively to plug social media instead of as, you know, a ticker. Equally as useless and stupid as the top bar. I don't need constant reminder of what their snapchat handle is. The graphics themselves are visually appealing, it's just the clutter which seems to be all the rage recently has taken hold. (7/25/16)

Interesting to read the comments complaining about NBC4's graphics. For some time I've noticed Channel 4 covering their anchors with video and graphics. Doreen Gentzler and Jim Vance are the two most recognized news people in town and NBC4 hides them. Looks to me like out of town consultants making NBC4 look like any other station in any other city. (7/25/16)

(RE: News4’s new graphics) Agreed. Thankfully they aren’t as bad as the overt use of graphics channel 9 used during their time as “9 News Now”, they could really benefit from cutting down and also getting rid of the ten day forecast which is way too unreliable for that far out. (7/25/16)

It’s not just small operators who violate the FCC’s STA rules. Witness Clear Channel/iHeart missing a deadline to keep WDOV AM 1410 on the air. This station has had tower issues for almost 10 years too just like some other stations. In this case the FCC let them slide by missing an STA Extension deadline by months. Their excuse? They forgot. No, they weren’t too busy fixing the problem. They were too busy ignoring the FCC. Witness it here and in several other letters with the FCC… fcc.gov... Oh, and WDOV is asking for another STA extension. This time they claim the problem will be solved by NEXT WEEK. Can’t wait for how they explain that one away in 6 months. (7/25/16)

I was driving up I 81 yesterday and heard WEPM on 93.7. It must be the new LPFM. Decent signal, I heard it solid for about 12 miles (7/25/16)

Does anyone know (or care) why WBAL radio and TV has stopped referring to their weather forecasts as “Insta-Weather”? (7/25/16)

More fun with Rudi and Brian of WMAL's Maul in the Morning: nymag.com (7/25/16)

Dave, please reconsider cancelling your Post subscription. I need the money. I'm only the 3rd richest person in the world. The Post is a bargain at $2.00 a copy during the week! When I moved to my subdivision, there were newspapers on just about every driveway. Now, you are lucky if you see 1 or 2. I gave up a long time ago. - Jeff Bezos (7/25/16)

I think the goal over at NBC4 is to put as many annoying "top graphics" on everything possible during the news, even though the "top graphic" many times repeats what graphics display on other parts of the screen (like "Decision 2016" or "Breaking News" pulsating). Like watching a letterbox movie. (7/25/16)

[RE "Dave TV" and changes at WMAL/WRQX:] I didn't watch the video, but please don't tell me Cumulus is bringing the Nash FM format to DC. Because what this market really needs is another country station. (7/25/16)

[RE "Dave TV" and changes at WMAL/WRQX:] Ratings haven't changed much since WRQX brought Jack Diamond back last fall. Cumulus struggles to compete with iHeart Media. (7/25/16)

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I say goodbye to the Washington Post after being a paying subscriber for more than 40 years. Do I really need to be paying for news that I get free from so many other places? And, I predict big changes coming soon for Cumulus DC radio stations - news talker WMAL and hot adult contemporary WRQX. In today's DC media news edition of "Dave TV." (7/24/16).....

Tropo is definitely up this morning. In my basement apartment in Cockeysville MD, I just pulled up 53 channels on a scan, including WNVC which I never see here. By the way, message to MPT; how about using that new sub-channel your wasting on doubling MPT 2 and using it for MHz? I like watching the foreign news channels, and WNVC almost never comes up here in Baltimore. (7/24/16)

Some very interesting atmospherics going on this morning! From Aberdeen, using an 8 bay fixed panel antenna, the following long distance shots" WITN-7 Greenville NC, WNCT9, Greenville NC, WAVY-10 Norfolk, WHRO-15 Norfolk, WCWG20 Greensboro/Winston Salem, WTVZ-33 Toledo Oh, and WWSI-62 Atlantic City NJ. This is all with a bearing of 240 degrees. Can't wait to see what's happening on FM. Thanks for the tip Gary! Tom Conroy (7/24/16)

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I wish Tom Shales would tell us how he really feels! (7/23/16)

[RE: LPTV Channel 6 typing monkey] These frequencies serve more of a PUBLIC SERVICE (i.e. attract bigger audiences) when they're operated as FMs, meaningless deadlines notwithstanding. You can stammer on about this ad nauseum every week - you're still WRONG. Drop it already, for everyone's sake. Wheeler the Obama money bundler has caused enough trouble; better he slink away without setting the industry back any further. And you can go with him. (7/23/16)

RE: [WTTR-AM will be on 102.3 in Westminster, a 205 watt translator that should go clearly about 7 or 8 miles in a circle." New Reply: which is about 1.1 miles in radius.] The predicted coverage appears to be roughly a 6.75 mile radius for local reception and a 10 mile radius for 'distant' reception; comparable to 1470's AM coverage as you'd expect. radio-locator.com (7/23/16)

Hey Pilot ... pretty nice score there with KEOM. For anyone not familiar, this station is an educational, non-commercial community station running 61 kW, with the antenna up in the air a good 500 feet. And just take a look at their tower! THIS is a school station??? Dayum!! ---Fellow DXer in Springfield VA (7/23/16)

For fans of atmospheric ducting on the FM band, I've topped all my previous experiences. While cruising out I-66 in northern Virginia yesterday my reception of 88.5 WAMU was 50/50 interrupted by KEOM, Mesquite, TX! Replete with traffic reports for "I-75" (which Google Earth confirms is US Route 75 overlaid on an interstate in downtown Dallas). Please don't tell me there's a pirate in NoVa retransmitting that programming! -Pilot of the Airwaves (7/23/16)

RE: Fox 5 and Roger Ailes: they reported it on air last night several times. I was surprised they did, too. They mentioned the Carlson case as well. (7/23/16)

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RIP GOP: haters are going to hate and proof that Republicans eat their own with “This darkness is called Trump: At a faux wake, longtime Republicans mourn their party”. The area penny saver publication known as The Washington Compost and the local amateur radio band who’s handle is “WPOOP” explain: Wapoop www.washingtonpost.com... WTOP wtop.com (7/22/16)

The FCC needs to be completely overhauled. Before Chairman Wheeler was appointed to the FCC, they announced three years ago that 9/1/15 would be the last day that the Channel 6 LPTV Stations would be allowed to broadcast on their analog channel 87.7 FM. The owners of these stations hired a lobbyist to lobby the FCC to extend their license indefinitely. The lobbyist was good! They are still broadcasting as FM Stations on 7/22/16 and will continue "indefinitely". Most of these Channel 6 LPTV Stations are leasing out their stations for "Big Bucks". IS THIS OPERATING IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST? None are serving their local community. (7/22/16)

Correction! That color tv that I bought at Sears in 1966 was $600.00, not $60.00. JohnnyuinHanover,Pa. (7/22/16)

Dave's response: Back in the day, those old tube TVs weren't cheap. And they were very heavy, especially the Sony Trinitrons.....

I missed this morning's news on FOX5, so I went to the website to see if there was a story about FOX chief Robert Ailes stepping down. Now, unless I missed it, I saw nothing on their website. Are they not allowed to talk about negative stories related to their network?..Now, if indeed they discussed it or it is on their website, then I apologize for misspeaking on this. (7/22/16)

As Mitt Romney learned, If you alienate a certain group of people, that group will not vote for you. So, any money spent by the RNC on Spanish media will be wasted. Jon Stewart crucified AM 1260's Sean Hannity last night. Morning Joe compared the scripting of the RNC this week to the scripting of professional wrestling-I guess Larry played the part of the "surprised" ring commentator. (7/22/16)

"Thanks to the mailbag for the advice about filing complaints with the FCC. I filed several today." Hard to believe you never knew how to do this before. Even plain old paper mail would have been received and ingested by someone over there. (7/22/16)

WMAL reporting today that the last VCR to ever be manufactured is rolling off the assembly line this year. Most home units are still up to the task of digitizing old tapes directly into a computer then cooking to a DVD, with the proper interface and software. But what about transfer of commercial tapes like old movies or workout tapes (*porn!* harrumph harrumph)? Those have a copy-guarded sync track which deliberately botches the ability to dub a commercial VHS tape. By this time, some thirty-plus years after the introduction of the VHS VCR, someone would have figured out a workaround. What's out there that works? (7/22/16)

Regarding "Heads up at Channel 6 LPTV. I am filing a complaint today with the FCC at consumercomplaints.fcc.gov." Teach a man to fish.... (7/22/16)

Old news: "WTTR-AM will be on 102.3 in Westminster, a 205 watt translator that should go clearly about 7 or 8 miles in a circle." New Reply: which is about 1.1 miles in radius. (7/22/16)

DCRTV......DCRTV........DCRTV......This is a great blog and tries to give you the most up to date information on the radio and television industry in the Washington/Baltimore area. Their large staff tries to be fair. BTW.....how many people are on their staff? We want to know! Who is this guy Dave Hughes? Is he a good looking dude? Should he be on TV? Send Money!!!!! (7/22/16)

Dave's response: Wow! I am on TV - "Dave TV".....

Forty seven years ago this week, my family gathered around our color television. I bought it three years earlier at Sears for $60.00. JohnnyuinHanover,Pa. (7/22/16)

Thanks to the mailbag for the advice about filing complaints with the FCC. I filed several today. First, against WDCN as a pirate radio station and for equipment standards, both of which they are in violation of clearly. I also filed several complaints against an eastern shore radio station that is apparently not allowed to be mentioned on DCRTV anymore, even posting FCC public records of the station. I will keep filing these FCC complaints daily to remind the FCC that people know they are not doing their job. It probably won’t make any difference. Who knows? But at least they’ll be int he public record. (7/22/16)

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Political Ad spending on Spanish Radio Stations in the DC area....... During the last election, Obama spent a lot of money on the Spanish Radio stations to reach the Hispanic Audience. The DEMOCRATS did the spending. However, the Republicans did not spend anything. Maybe, that is why they lost the election! Will the REPUBLICANS ignore this audience during the upcoming election? (7/21/16)

Heads up at Channel 6 LPTV. I am filing a complaint today with the FCC at consumercomplaints.fcc.gov ......regarding the fact that you are operating at a higher power than you are licensed. Perhaps you can come into compliance before the FCC does an inspection. (7/21/16)

TV history: Forty-seven years ago this week, the world was gathered around black-n-white televisions everywhere watching Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin bounce around on the moon. Now THAT was "must see TV"! (cue the old retired prune juice jerk for his obligatory rebuttal). (7/21/16)

33 years ago ON A THROBBING Thursday [July 14, 1983], WHFS at 102.3 FM signed off from their Bethesda location. I remember getting home from work and grabbing my last 2 unopened cassettes and started recording! Starting at 4PM was Bob Here playing some acoustic music with a reading of the words by Bob. I remember Jake Einsteins Farewell, as well as The great Daily Feed talking about Wanda and Harry’s Fish and Salad, Weasel popping his Cue and of course the visitors and guests coming by to say farewell. Milo played the vocal version of Old Boiler and finally, listening to the end of the audio, watching the stereo light go off on my tuner and the hiss afterwards. When I got up the next day, there was NOTHING on the radio to listen to. Bob is gone now. Weasel can be heard on 89.7 WTMD. Radio was never the same. Can’t wait to get the Feast Your Ears DVD. From the 2 time winner of Radio Activity, good remembering! (7/21/16)

A lot has been said about Channel 6 LPTV licenses. It is true that WDCN 87.7 FM is running at a higher power than they are supposed to run. It is an FM Radio Station and not a Television Station. It is NOT owned by a minority. It is leased out to a Spanish Broker. It is true that if Channel 6 were opened up it could be used for new FM Radio Stations. The lobbyist who lobbied the FCC did a good job of convincing the FCC to extend their license period beyond 9/1/15 indefinitely. The FCC does not enforce their own rules. Let's hope that when the new President appoints the next FCC Chairman they will overhaul the FCC completely. (7/21/16)

Regarding "People nitpick the stupidest things here. Obviously I know that WMUC didn’t apply for the EXACT TV audio carrier frequency, but the point still stands." Obviously, that was not your original argument. Your original topic was Channel 6 and you said WMUC applied for it. You were wrong. And, in my previous nitpicking post, I pointed out that a similar situation exists in California with KSFH Mountain View on 87.9 and KBKF-LP San Jose on Channel 6, both operating simultaneously with the sanction of the FCC. Apparently, there was no "wipe out" of one by the other. In the DC area, WMUC-FM is second adjacent to WAMU and less than second adjacent to WDCN-LP Fairfax, your so-called Channel 6 "pirate". There is no "wipe out". WMUC-FM's main interference comes from co-channel WYPR Baltimore. I defend the facts, not your "stupid lengths" to brand a licensed station as a pirate. That WDCN-LP and others of its ilk are not operating their audio carriers within the limits prescribed for TV stations is a matter to be addressed by the FCC. File a complaint at consumercomplaints.fcc.gov instead of bitching about it in this forum. (7/21/16)

I don't understand all the shyness about identifying Frank Herzog as the stalwart and beloved color man on the WMAL Redskins broadcast team. That's WMAL! (DCRTV Dave, can't you offer a premium expensive big, bold font?) The Frank, Sam and Sonny team was put together by Andy Ockershausen and Jim Gallant among many other great people at WMAL in, what, the late 70s or early 80s? Incredibly successful for a long time, through the station's loss of the rights in 1992 and beyond. You might be tempted to forget WMAL but it galls me when people skip over its role in many later prominent news. Remember, the now infamous Dawn Bennett was on the air at WMAL as long as she was anywhere else but the call letters never seem to get mentioned. (7/21/16)

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[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] NSM Hearst-Baltimore - Hearst is one of the nation’s largest diversified media, information and services companies with 30+ television stations, and ownership in cable television networks such as A&E, HISTORY, Lifetime and ESPN. Our legendary Baltimore radio stations 98 ROCK & WBAL NewsRadio 1090, are dedicated to extraordinary local content and service to our advertisers. We are in need of an outstanding and experienced leader to direct our significant national sales efforts. We are proud of our exceptional, locally-based programming including: high-profile/prominent personalities, 24/7 news coverage, and Baltimore Ravens and Navy Football. Tell us about your background, achievements and approach to national sales by applying at careers.hearsttelevision.com. Hearst is an EOE Employer. (7/20/16)

From what I've gathered since the Sinclair transition, they simulcast and/or repeat ABC7 newscasts when they are short anchors on NC8 side or when it's breaking news. They also do this often in the evenings where they air ABC7 News at 6 simulcasted then re air it until 8pm. I know in the old Allbrittion days, that was frown upon! (7/20/16)

I usually tune in to WUSA9 for the noon news, unless I caught their early morning broadcast. Then I'll tune to Chan 7's noon news. In either case, at 12:30 I'll often tune to NewsChannel 8 for more local news, but not anymore. Returning from out of town this week, I find that News8 rebroadcasts Chan 7's noon news at 12:30 ! Now I can catch both 7 & 9's noon news. (I imagine News8 now only does 30 min at noon, but I haven't looked) (7/20/16)

I noticed an interesting picture on DCRTV Plus. It’s an old 1949 WMAL TV advertisement for all The Washington Redskins home games on WMAL TV & radio. The interesting part was that it also said simulcast on WBAL TV as well. Now in 1949, Baltimore had the original Baltimore Colts of the AAFL, but I don’t think that team’s games were ever on Baltimore TV and if they were, apparently it was not on WBAL TV. After reading more, I discovered that the Redskins had to be paid $150,000 for The Baltimore Colts to even exist in 1947 because George Preston Marshall continued to claim Baltimore as Redskins territory in the NFL. Similarly, in 1954, a new ownership group that purchased the St. Louis Browns had to pay The Washington Senators money too. (7/20/16)

["People nitpick the stupidest things here. Obviously I know that WMUC didn’t apply for the EXACT TV audio carrier frequency, but the point still stands. 87.75 would wipe out an 87.9 10 watt FM. They’re closer than 1st adjacent. Plus the channel 6 in this case is operating at an illegal higher power against FCC rules. The stupid lengths that people will go to to defend this PIRATES! What are you? A lobbyist or investor?"] At first this harping on the use of Channel 6 for FM radio was a curiosity. But it has gone on for years and has turned everyone off. IF you were trying to alienate people you have done a good job and accusing anyone who disagrees with you of being an investor in such a station is the perfect touch. (7/20/16)

Even I agree, I was not very polite with my comments about Gwen Ifill, when my main thoughts were about the paid article from WETA in the TV magazine. I understand why putting political opinions like that are unnecessary here. And, really the PBS commentary was quite good this week. -- Carl in Olney (7/20/16)

This morning Metro Radio filed to move translator W275BO, currently retransmitting WTNT 730 on 102.9 from Chantilly/Fair Lakes, to somewhere in Reston. In addition to spelling the translator callsign wrong two different ways on the application, they intend to rebroadcast Federal News Radio via WWWT 107.7 HD2. Seeing as this makes no sense (and not just because 107.7 isn't even broadcasting a digital signal last time I checked), it would seem another application to move elsewhere is in the works. Since April Metro Radio has held an AM revitalization permit to move another translator from Winchester to Fair Lakes to replace this one. (fcc.gov) (7/20/16)

People nitpick the stupidest things here. Obviously I know that WMUC didn’t apply for the EXACT TV audio carrier frequency, but the point still stands. 87.75 would wipe out an 87.9 10 watt FM. They’re closer than 1st adjacent. Plus the channel 6 in this case is operating at an illegal higher power against FCC rules. The stupid lengths that people will go to to defend this PIRATES! What are you? A lobbyist or investor? (7/20/16)

Bad news for WBAL TV investigative reporter Jayne Miller. Her partner, Janice Bledsoe will be facing disbarment charges as a result of the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore. Also facing disbarment are State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby & prosecutor Michael Schatzow. The case has been filed by a George Washington University law professor, who has a track record of getting lawyers disbarred for misconduct before. I think that we can bet that WBAL TV will not have Jayne Miller cover this story. www.baltimoresun.com (7/20/16)

Comedycast is once again ruining the cable industry. My e-mail is kaput and I get a popup saying I’ve recently changed my password and to try again. I haven’t changed my password you morons! It worked a few hours ago. If it weren’t for Verizon being worse, I’d get my service elsewhere. I checked “downdetector.com” and it shows significant service problems for Comcrap in different areas around the U.S. I pity the poor bastards in Reston, VA who are stuck with a choice of Comcrap or Verizon and are surrounded by Cox. Must be those dollar store F-59 connectors being crimped on with pliers by contractors instead of having real employees with real tools, equipment, and supplies. And, Comcast is considered fit to be a broadcast licensee? (7/20/16)

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"They talk in detail about the wonderfully brilliant NPR "reporters'", well-known Democrat Gwen IfillI [sic], and how they will criticize everything about it (even the headline says they will be criticizing everything)...blah blah blah blah..." What IS this gibberish? "Known Democrat"? What, has that become a crime now?" What to say about someone who doesn't know the difference between "well-known" and "known"? The poster brings shame to its grade school, its teachers, its race, its nationality, and its species. It puts the lotion in the basket but sometimes gets the hose just on general principles. Gus in Gaithersburg (7/19/16)

Regarding "Channel 6 PIRATE RADIO STATIONS?...Even WMUC in College Park tried to apply for it and was turned down." Wrong! WMUC applied for 87.9 MHz (channel 200) which, by FCC rules applying to Class D educational FMs, it was allowed to do. The application was denied. The audio carrier for analog TV Channel 6 is at 87.75 MHz and can only be used by Channel 6 TV. The only educational FM that was licensed to 87.9 MHz, KSFH in Mountain View, CA, was later crowded by the FCC allowing an LPTV Channel 6 just a few miles away. Both being secondary services, both had to accept interference. (7/19/16)

Make America ______ Again! Did the GOP engage the services of an ex Match Game writer to devise their "Nightly Convention Theme" theme? Here's what they ultimately came up with to fill in the blanks: Safe, Work, First, One. I can think of some others that suggest how a lot of people will react to the proceedings: Laugh, Cry. Drink, Puke. Feel free to add your own. (7/19/16)

Frank Herzog: He was part of our extended family that also included Sam and Sonny. They visited us in our living rooms every Sunday as our real families gathered with friends to engage in a tradition that has faded with time, the generally poor performance of the team, and the loss of Sam and Frank from the broadcast booth. Frank misidentified players from time to time and wasn't immune from the occasional gaffe, but we were as comfortable with him as Sam and Sonny were. Larry bungles things more often than Frank, so the broadcasts did not improve and there was no good reason to upset the chemistry in the booth and with loyal fans. Glad he is getting some measure of recognition for his contribution to the happiness of the sports fans of the DC area. (7/19/16)

Why is everyone here all of a sudden supportive of these Channel 6 PIRATE RADIO STATIONS? It’s not like they’re minorities or the little guys anymore. They are not licensed as radio stations and are therefor BREAKING THE LAW! It’s that simple. In the past this Channel 6 use has been tried a bunch of times by pirates and the FCC has always shut them down. Even WMUC in College Park tried to apply for it and was turned down. Now WMUC as a class D on 88.1 has no protections from interference from another PIRATE! How is that fair? Sure, the channel 6’s have LPTV licenses, but they’re NOT using them for anything LEGAL! I say SHUT EM DOWN, open up Channel 6 for FM radio wherever possible, preferably Digital ONLY radio. This translator bandaid craze also has to stop. It’s not going to save AM radio. It’s just taking up more bandwidth for duplicative services. All of radio needs to go digital in the future. The bandwidth is not going to expand much more, and certainly not just for AM radio. If anything it will contract. Radio is not dead, but it is languishing and falling behind other technologies at a more and more alarming rate. (7/19/16)

Re prune-juice drinking radio dude or fat-assed chicken neck woman: uh, neither. Just someone who recognizes synthetic beauty gone awry. She's as real as his microfollicular transplants. (7/19/16)

The previous poster who pointed out that the FCC commissioner's terms are not co coterminous with the president is correct. Remember though that we have one poster who seems to think that the "issue" of LPTV stations at ch 6 effectively being radio stations is a major concern to all. This poster seems to think Commissioner Wheeler will react positively to these posts. I think he wants that bandwidth used for FM translators for existing AM stations. Not a terrible idea but the way the poster goes about it turns many here off and likely has little to no effect on the FCC. (7/19/16)

To the "Time to get life" poster- well said! Thank you! I taught my kids the real definition of the words "Incredible," and "Fantastic," (not meaning positive 'greatness,' now, I should make sure they know what "Critical" means (not necessarily meaning 'negative'). "We love the poorly educated." Donald J. Trump, February 24, 2016. "You know, in South Carolina, Newt [Gingrich] won practically every, every group there except those with higher incomes and those with advanced degrees." Fred Thompson, January 29, 2012. (7/19/16)

REF: [Watching the RNC convo on TV last night...] Who on earth would write something so stupid like this? Answer: a tired, old, retired, prune-juice drinking radio dude who hasn't been able to enjoy a woody in 40 years or some fat-assed, chicken-necked woman with boobs down to her knees who wishes she could look only half as beautiful as Melania Trump. Grow up, dude. (7/19/16)

If you removed "Ummm" "Errr" and "Wow" from the vocabulary of some of the radio reporters and anchors in Baltimore, they wouldn't have much to say. (7/19/16)

Watching the RNC convo on TV last night, it occurred to me why Melania Trump has always looked familiar to me: her plastic surgery makes her look like a Gerry & Sylvia Anderson TV puppet. televisionpuppets.com (7/19/16)

BIG 98.5 on the shore in Delaware is now advertising their 105.1 FM in Ocean City on the air finally. So I guess Adams Radio has taken full control now. AM 1590 is on the air. Still dead air on FM 104.3. How long can you keep a dead translator licensed without notifying the FCC? Records say its remain silent authority has long since expired but the license is still active and Radio-Locator says it’s still on the air, but it isn’t. FCC records also still show Vince Klepac still owns it, but I thought for sure this was included in the deal with Adams Radio. (7/19/16)

I’m sorry Comcast. John Bon Jovi beats Starship every time. Your commercials suck. How can you do a commercial about old equipment when it’s the SAME equipment Comcast itself uses? And their cable boxes are so buggy and crappy that the only thing I would like to speak to it would be foul language! We have 2 boxes in the house that keep getting deactivated temporarily or freeze for theft of service and we got the boxes from THOSE IDIOTS! Epic fail Comcast. YOU SUCK! (7/19/16)

Dave's response: Tell me about it. When I had Comcast's TV service, the cable boxes were constantly screwing up. Just one of many problems - rRight in the middle of a show you're enjoying, the box would "deauthorize" itself and request you to call an 800 number, which you couldn't reach because it was always busy. After waiting between 10 to 30 minutes, the box would reboot and start working again. But you missed a good chunk of your show. And this happened all the time. Argh.....

Re: "I was just looking at the TV Magazine in the Washington Post. And once again the article is a press release from WETA-26, this time about the Republican Convention, talking about their the PBS award-winning (liberal Democrat) "journalists" who will be arguing with the entire Republican Convention this week. They talk in detail about the wonderfully brilliant NPR "reporters'", well-known Democrat Gwen IfillI, and how they will criticize everything about it (even the headline says they will be criticizing everything)...blah blah blah blah..." What IS this gibberish? "Known Democrat"? What, has that become a crime now? And if you think "the headline says they will be criticizing everything," you really need to go back and re-take junior high school-level English classes -- that's NOT what "Critical" means (the headline is "Critical, Yet Civil, Convention Coverage from PBS NewsHour & NPR"). There is nothing in the article about Ifill (check your spelling, too) or anyone else planning to criticize or argue "with the entire Republican Convention this week," either. You just made all that shit up. Time to get a life. (7/19/16)

We need Yacht Rock in DC! (7/19/16)

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I was just looking at the TV Magazine in the Washington Post. And once again the article is a press release from WETA-26, this time about the Republican Convention, talking about their the PBS award-winning (liberal Democrat) "journalists" who will be arguing with the entire Republican Convention this week. They talk in detail about the wonderfully brilliant NPR "reporters'", well-known Democrat Gwen IfillI, and how they will criticize everything about it (even the headline says they will be criticizing everything). It is so obviously a press release that was not edited that they mention a debate that was held in "Milwaukee, MN" (is that near "Chicago, MI"?) and of course, opposite the story is an ad for the their coverage of the Democratic Debate, which is odd considering that is not until a week later (well considering whom they support, it's not so odd). And, as usual, it's not even mentioned that the exact same broadcast is on Maryland Public Television (why bother when reprinting a press release?). And the TV section is produced by the Tribune Publishing Company, which usually prints honest articles from Zap2It. I guess every once in awhile, Mr. Bezos requires a press release for WETA written by one of its unpaid interns, and this time written by someone who also works for the Democratic Party. At least it's obvious when it occurs; that's a plus, in my opinion. -- Carl in Olney (7/18/16)

Dave's response: Yeah, the Washington Post's TV Week is not produced by the Post. It's a product of Tribune Media Services, which often sells the front cover and the feature article. For the GOP convention, the buyer/sponsor is WETA.....

Happy Birthday to Dave Arlington!!!!! (7/18/16)

[RE Frank Herzog to Hall Of Fame:] Still should be the voice of Redskins (7/18/16)

[RE Frank Herzog to Hall Of Fame:] I heard that he is retired living at edge of a golf course and having lots of fun in his retirement. (7/18/16)

[RE Frank Herzog to Hall Of Fame:] Well deserved. Wish he was still doing Skins pbp. (7/18/16)

[RE Frank Herzog to Hall Of Fame:] Great sportscaster, great guy! (7/18/16)

[RE Frank Herzog to Hall Of Fame:] Just fantastic! A good man, and a solid pro. TO THIS DAY when the Ravens score, (in honor of the fun I had listening to him and Sonny do the Skin's games), I say very formally, "TOUCHDOWN Baltimore Ravens" as he used to say, "TOUCHDOWNWashington Redskins!" Much RESPECT! (7/18/16)

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Not that anyone cares, but WGBG AM 1590 Ocean City is back on the air, along with translator 105.1 FM, at least for awhile. Thought I heard something on 104.3, but I don’t think it was local. (7/17/16)

Many broadcasters make promises to the FCC that they never keep......like iHeart saying they would sell WFRE 99.9 FM in 2007, in order to comply with the FCC Rules, about the number of FM Stations that you can own in the same market. As you know, the limit is 5 FM Stations in a market. iHeart has owned 6 FM Stations in DC since 2007 and have enjoyed the cash flow for 9 years. When the FCC licensed the Channel 6 LPTV Stations to Minorities, when they received the licenses, they promised to do local community programs. It never happened....... They sold these stations as soon as they could for big profits. They NEVER OPERATED AS TV STATIONS. IS THIS IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST? THEY HAVE OPERATED AS FM STATIONS ON 87.7 FM. THE FCC LOOKS THE OTHER WAY! (7/17/16)

WTOP’s former talker Frank Herzog inducted into the DC Sports Hall of Fame: “Touchdown Washington Redskins” and WTOP which never aired their games. Great photo of a bearded Herzog on his last day at WTOP: wtop.com (7/17/16)

[Re: Laurie Baty Leaves NCRTV Museum, 7/11] Dave: DEA is the Drug Enforcement Administration, not Association. Seems they get called everything but. Though they have agents, the name is not 'Agency' or 'Association' but 'Administration.' Mickychas (7/17/16)

Re: Hop on the DCRTV mailbag bus Gus, don't need to discuss Don Geronimo much except for the fact that Mike Sorce " ripping hisis listeners off .50 cents a day" is about ethics. Of course, Geronimo may need the extra "unjust enrichment" to help his son Bart pay a LA lawyer to change the God-awful name he recently gave to his daughter... wait for it, Arlo. Now Gus from Gaithersburg, get off of Dave's bus and remember what Paul Simon wrote, "the problem is all inside your head." (7/17/16)

[RE: LPTV Channel 6s operated as FMs have never operated in the PUBLIC INTEREST as a TV Station. Minorities etc etc blah blah blah....] That's because these frequencies serve more of a PUBLIC SERVICE (i.e. attract bigger audiences) when they're operated as FMs, artificial ownership quotas notwithstanding. You can stammer on about this ad nauseum every week - you'll still be wrong. Drop it already. Wheeler the Obama money bundler has caused enough trouble; better he slink away without setting back the industry any further. (7/17/16)

Hello, Dave, Love your work as always. Just FYI, I am hearing that former WJLA-TV Sports Director Rene Knott, who is sports director at KSDK in St Louis, MO, has undergone heart surgery. He is resting comfortably according to a friend of mine in St. Louis who follows media pretty closely. (7/17/16)

Regarding "FCC Chairman Wheeler will be out of a job on 1/1/17." Why do you think that would be the day his appointment terminates? Has he told you he is resigning? His appointment to the FCC runs to 2018. The new president will be sworn in on 1/20/17. Read before spouting. (7/17/16)

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FCC Chairman Wheeler will be out of a job on 1/1/17. Here is something that you can make right before you leave office. This happened before you joined the FCC. The lobbyist got to the FCC on the Channel 6 LPTV situation. They were suppose to stop operating on 9/1/15. They have used their audio signal 87.7 FM as a FM Station. The date they were to either go digital or turn in their analog license. The lobbyist convinced the previous FCC Administration to let them continue indefinitely. They have never operated in the PUBLIC INTEREST as a TV Station. The licenses were awarded to minorities to give them a chance to OWN a TV STATION. None of these stations are now owned by MINORITIES. Most of them are leasing their stations to Brokers for BIG MONEY! The owners never did what they promised the FCC they would do as TV OPERATORS. (7/16/16)

[RE: WWFD 820 AM in Frederick... never show(s) up in the ratings in Frederick or DC.] WWFD exists to clear Federal News Radio's sports commitments. What they air the rest of the week is apparently irrelevant to the bottom line. (7/16/16)

WRQX: What should Cumulus do? Spinning out of control, and embarrassing company, clients and shareholders. Before someone at Cumulus asks for a reference on this, here it is: Nielsen Audio/Miller Kaplan. (7/16/16)

Hey Dave, what do you think about the Redskins hiring Riggo to do the pregame on the station. He won't even use the term Redskins. Why does he take money from a team that name offends him. (7/16/16)

Dave's response: Hey, you can still like the team even if you don't like the name. No biggie.....

I find Mike Moss' exaggerated delivery increasingly...annoying! Every sentence is delivered with the same over-dramatic...affectation! Not sure what he's thinking, but it doesn't make the news any more...interesting! It just makes him sound like he's gotten really...lazy! Still, it's better than the 'TOP morning team's attempts at...humor! (7/16/16)

Why does thisis guy have such wood for Don Geronimo? Why isis he so concerned the Geronimo isis ripping off hisis lisisteners to the tune of 50 cents a day? Isis it because he's John Normand? In other Don&Mike news you can now see one of Mike O'Meara's demon spawn in the stage production of Hip Shot: Amelia Earhart... In Space! . Go and throw toast at her, whatever, I don't care. Gus in Gaithersburg (7/16/16)

Great. Five more years of having to suffer through that hokey "Hay is in the barn" crap during Ravens games. Hopefully, the on air broadcast team will get an overhaul. There'll never be another Chuck Thompson no matter how hard they try. (7/16/16)

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[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] C-SPAN is seeking one part-time Associate Producer for its radio station WCSP-FM. This person will be responsible for the production of an air shift, including writing scripts, monitoring live and recorded events and researching and gathering necessary information to execute the radio program schedule. Bachelor’s degree in related field, minimum three years related experience, including radio production experience. Demonstrated knowledge of public affairs, public policy and American political history. Schedule includes evenings and weekends. E-mail cover letter, resume, on-air sample and salary requirements to human_resources@c-span.org. EOE (7/15/16)

Glad to see that Brian Bolter has discovered his calling and obviously is enjoying his new venture..Reading that made me think of another "where are they now": former Fox 5 anchor. Will Thomas..Any update? (7/15/16)

Please take a look at the article written by Eric Wemple at The Washington Post posted Wednesday of this week. It details a lawsuit brought against Sinclair Broadcast Group parter and show host Armstrong Williams. The New York Times has also published an article. Williams heads a shadow company of Sinclair Broadcast Group called Howard Stirk Holdings. Stations are located in South Carolina, Michigan and Alabama. Williams also has a show produced at WJLA in Washington, DC and distributed to all Sinclair Broadcast Group Stations. He holds a strong antigay stance and discusses it on his show. Some quotes from the article: Williams allegedly “grabbed Mr. Woodyard’s penis through his pants and said to him, “you got small feet, small hands… and an oversized weapon. How does that work? How is that possible?” “While at the gym, Mr. Williams pressured Mr. Woodyard to accompany him into the men’s steam room after exercising. Mr. Woodyard agreed but kept a towel wrapped around himself. Mr. Williams generally removed his towel and sat naked, exposing himself to Mr. Woodyard. Mr. Williams also made frequent remarks to Mr. Woodyard while naked in the steam room, about Greek and Roman bath houses.” After Mr. Woodyard entered Mr. Williams’s bedroom to discuss business, Mr. Williams asked Mr. Woodyard: “why are you wearing so many layers?” When Mr. Woodyard responded that he was “freezing,” Mr. Williams replied that that he’s “got the heat” and that his “heat is better” than clothes for keeping him warm. Mr. Woodyard ignored the comment, as well as the grunting noises Mr. Williams was making, and instead tried to talk about ways in which Mr. Williams could support Washington Times Live. (7/15/16)

Random thoughts for a Friday. Really? Elliott or Rouse for WCBM? Proves my earlier post. If they’re not 65 already, they’re pretty darn close. However, Rouse would be intriguing. Coleman on 105.7. Well, they didn’t renew his contract around Christmas, and then he’s back. He wasn’t good enough in December, but as soon as baseball started up he was back. What’s up with that? The guys a joke. Whinny, immature little man. Of course this is the same station that at 9:20 Wed. night ran an ad for a pizza shop. The ad was promoting Graduations and Father’s Day. No one at that station monitors their spots. This happens all the time. And if you’ve listened the past 2 mornings, you would think that they dumped CBS Sports and became an ESPN Affiliate. Been talking about the ESPY’s now for 2 days, and other stories already seen/heard on ESPN. I bet CBS Sports Radio execs would be thrilled. (7/15/16)

RE: “With the pending official announcement Friday that Trump's pick for V-P is Indiana Governor Pence, it looks like DC may once again be home to the team Don and Mike. (7/14/16)” Now THAT is funny: funniest quip I’ve seen on DCRTV Mailbag in a while. But it looks like we won’t have the new Don & Mike to start kicking around starting Friday as The Dumpster has postponed his expected announcement due to the horrid murders by The Usual suspects in Nice, France: twitter.com... No worries: there will be months, perhaps years (4? 8?) to use the “Don & Mike” back in DC routine. Thanks though: needed a laugh. (7/15/16)

WWFD 820 AM in Frederick is 4,300 watts days, Non-Directional Pattern and only 430 watts at night with a directional pattern. Very few people listen to the station. They never show up in the ratings in Frederick or DC. (7/15/16)

Hubbard is moving their Sterling Translator 104.5 FM over to Silver Spring on a new frequency 93.5 and will simulcast their WBQH 1050 AM. It is leased to a Spanish Broker. So the Gamut Format will no longer be heard on 104.5 FM. It will continue on 820 AM in Frederick. (7/15/16)

Dave's response: The Gamut can also be heard on 98.3.....

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WWFD hasn't moved its transmitter. Same towers, same site as they've always been. You don't just pick up and move a tower site. (7/14/16)

Dave's response: My guess is that they're on their night antenna pattern during the day, causing the reduced coverage in many areas.....

The signal from 820 AM seems to be coming in a little better down I-270 way. Different directional pattern too? KOF (7/14/16)

Really CBS Baltimore? Jerry Coleman was best the option available to fill in for Rob Long?..he sounds like Arnold Horshack imitating Scott Garceau.. (7/14/16)

With the pending official announcement Friday that Trump's pick for V-P is Indiana Governor Pence, it looks like DC may once again be home to the team Don and Mike. (7/14/16)

I think WWFD 820 AM in Frederick just changed its xmitter site. Until now, the signal always came in best when my radio was turned toward the NW (from Germantown, where I live)—the exact same direction as 930 AM, because both stations’ towers were practically right next to each other. However, last night around 1 AM and again after sunrise, I was surprised to find that now I have to turn the radio to face almost due north for WWFD to come in the strongest—about a 45 degree difference from before. So this is no subtle change. What happened—are they now diplexing from 700 AM in Walkersville or something? KOF (7/14/16)

Dave's response: I usually get 820 quite well here in Reston, but this afternoon it's a whole lotta static.....

Locally, WTOP beat out The Washington Post for first posted story about The Dumpster picking Governor Pence for VP, but the WP gets credit for a two staff reporter story versus WTOP running an AP story. WTOP came in at 12:30PM with the certainty of “Trump Picks Pence”: wtop.com... The WP was less certain about the pick nearly half an hour later at 12:53PM with “Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as emerges Trump’s likely running mate”: www.washingtonpost.com... This things may not mean much to most people/DCRTV Mailbaggers but in the DC MSM world its everything. (7/14/16)

RE: WCBM. Really, WCBM should go after Ed Norris. He is being wasted on a sports station. He would be a strong talk show host. He would also bring a younger sound to the station. WCBM seriously needs to get out of the 1960s. (7/14/16)

From today's Tom Taylor Now: “The owner even traded out his trash service” – Steve Allan, now Programming Research Consultant with Annapolis-based Research Director Inc., says “The wedding trade-out stories this week remind me of my very early days in radio. My first professional gig was at WLMD in Laurel, Maryland, an AM daytimer. The owner traded out pretty much everything. Restaurants, his car and gas and…his trash service. I remember that about every month, I had to write new copy for ‘Norman E. Giddings and Sons trash removal service.’ I’m sure the client never heard the spots because, being young and underpaid, we took quite a bit of license with the copy. We even created a mini-radio serial about the mythical super hero ‘Garbage Man.’ Yes, he vanquished your evil trash problems.” (7/14/16)

BBG head's expulsion from Russia embarrasses US government... bbgwatch.com (7/14/16)

REF:[Does the WCBM vacancy being advertised have anything to do with the passing of Tom Marr?] DUH! The station is obviously in search of Marr's successor and will likely look no further than its own studios. Bruce Elliott, a frequent fill-in, would be an obvious candidate, but the station should take a hard look at Steve Rouse, recently hired as the morning man on WCBM's sister station (1370). With the Geritol-sponsored Mack & Myer show on WCBM in the morning, the station would be wise to lighten it up a bit, reach for some younger demographics, and air a three-hour show with someone who can bring entertainment news, some radio nostalgia, film reviews, etc., and Rouse - with his Baltimore roots - would be the perfect guy to do it. Throw in some Baltimore magazine lifestyle interviews and weekly music industry features with Johnny Dark or Ken Merson to quench the thirst of Baltimoreans starving for some good local radio without all the same 'ole political puke. Come on WCBM! Step up, and shake it up a little! We're tired of the same 'ole shit. (7/14/16)

Anyone know if Fox5 reported and or discussed the Gretchen Carlson's case against CEO Robert Ailes. Or is that off limits because they're a Fox affiliate? News is news, isn't it? Also, on an unrelated note, Ambush King Bob Barnard was on the scene of a man who was killed by a car falling on him while working on it and Bob says "he's giving the family their space because they're upset". Uh, ya think? They probably cursed him out when he showed up & pushed a microphone in their faces. (7/14/16)

I forgot to mention. Marquee Broadcasting, owner of WMDT ABC 47 on the Eastern Shore is also keeping it’s analog signal on WMDT ABC 27 / Dover too for now, just like Channel 6 in DC. So others are evading the FCC’s plan to turn in the analog signals too, not just stations on channel 6. The FCC at some point is going to have to make a decision on this. How could they allow the FM Channel 6’s, yet take away all the other analog LPTVs? They’re putting themselves in a Catch 22 lawsuit either way. The compacting of TV allocations will require almost every available TV frequency. (7/14/16)

"So Don Geronimo drops his PAID Podcast for a FREE model - mid month! I'm sure he's going to do the right thing & reimburse those existing listeners who pre paid for a full month? #VegasOdds (7/13/16)" If I understand things right, I think you have to watch his show live to see it for free, otherwise, you pay for the replay via the subscription. (7/14/16)

REF: [To the person who did not know about DeRay McKeson must not be well informed] Hey, back atcha, to the person who doesn't know him well enough to even spell his name correctly. (7/14/16)

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Does the WCBM vacancy being advertised have anything to do with the passing of Tom Marr? Whether yes or no, you have to admit the juxtaposition of the two articles on the Front Page seems a bit insensitive. (7/13/16)

Love the DCRTV Job Ads for WCBM. I always feel that they should add this disclaimer. “In order to fit in with our current on-air staff, those under the age of 65 are strongly discouraged from applying.” I really wish they’d make a push for Ed Norris though. Ed is so much better in this format than in Sports Talk. (7/13/16)

So Don Geronimo drops his PAID Podcast for a FREE model - mid month! I'm sure he's going to do the right thing & reimburse those existing listeners who pre paid for a full month? #VegasOdds (7/13/16)

Marcus Lemonis wont confuse him with being a savvy businessman:: Mike Sorce drops paid subscriptions for his LIVE Don Geronimo Show Podcast because it's always been a broken business model and well, nobody was willing to pay for it. Still trying to charge for downloads which wont go well either. #ReuniteWithMikeO'Meara (7/13/16)

OC/Salisbury news: Marquee Broadcasting, owner of WMDT ABC 47/Salisbury got approved for a digital companion channel for it’s analog Dover LPTV channel 27 on channel 3 at 3kW. The interesting thing about this DTV station is that it’s further north in Delaware and will reach Wilmington, unlike WMDT ABC 47 or analog WEVD 27. I wonder what the folks at Philadelphia's WPVI ABC 6 and ABC TV think about this. Here’s the specs and signal contour… fccdata.org — BaltoMedia.Net (7/13/16)

Dave: I've been in Georgia most of the month finishing up a work project and have been listening to 980 and JFK for the past two weeks and I hate to say, I found myself tuning into WIP in Philly most of the time. You would have thought Pollin's first demotion would have humbled him...but no, he's as arrogant as ever and knows it all and better than all of us..a pretty awful listen. Second, I guess since 980 brought back a former PD[when 980 was still bad] he continues to allow unprofessional things to go over the air like Doc eating out loud...say what?? Are these radio hosts so above everyone that they think it's ok to eat/chew on the air? Keep Bram and clean house. (7/13/16)

Don Geronimo just announced that you can now enjoy his live morning show FREE without a subscription at Pod-God.com (7/13/16)

(Question) Do the stations have any responsibility for carrying the show? (Answer) "The views & comments expressed by the hosts and guests of [show name] do not reflect those of [station], its management nor its advertisers." Whee-ee, we're off the hook! (7/13/16)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Talk Radio 680 WCBM, the #1 News-Talk radio station in a top 25 market has a rare opening for an Air Talent who can inform, stimulate and entertain an audience. Interested candidates should know that this is not just a job but also a lifestyle and should be well versed on current events and topics in the news. The next great talk show host will have a special relationship with our listeners and sponsors and will be able to do remote broadcasts, public appearances and personal endorsements. Five years major market experience is preferred with a proven track record of success in generating ratings and revenue. Extensive knowledge of social media and audio editing is a plus. If you want to work for a great family-owned company in an environment designed to encourage creativity and personal growth, rush your air check and resume to: Sean Casey, Director of Programming & Operations, WCBM Radio, 1726 Reisterstown Rd., Ste 117, Baltimore, MD. 21208. Or email at: sean@wcbm.com. No calls please. WCBM is an Equal Opportunity Employer. (7/13/16)

Why did both WMAL and WWRC 1260 AM carry the Dawn Bennett Show? Didn't they check her out? Do the stations have any responsibility for carrying the show? (7/13/16)

The Stock Market hit an all time high yesterday! Yet, iHeart Stock is down to just $1.15 per share. What does this tell you? CUMULUS stays the same at $0.37 per share. Are these stocks a good investment? (7/13/16)

To the person who did not know about DeRay McKeson must not be well informed. He was a prominent figure during the Baltimore Riots, was a mayoral candidate who had enough recognition to qualify for mayoral debates and currently is employed on an interim basis as a cabinet employee for Baltimore City Schools. (7/13/16)

With regard to Bluegrass Country. I am currently a supporter and have been a supporter for several years. That said, I think the format is too narrow. While I like Bluegrass I also like lots of other genres of music as well. I have suggested to the station in the past that they expand the format and rename it America, Roots or Singer Songwriter. This would attract more listeners. The other issue with Public Radio in general is that only a small percentage of listeners donate. WTMD produces a free out door concert every First Thursday from May to September at Canton Waterfront Park but only about 2% that attend the concert are members of the station. I wonder how many BGC listeners donated to the station. The non members then complain when the format is gone. The letter I received from JJY stated that the study they did showed a decline in listenership for the future. He also said they wanted to concentrate on the news and info which may really be the issue. They just don't want to bother with a music station even if it did pay for itself. If you listen to public radio you should be a member otherwise don't complain when your format disappears. FYI if you were a fan of Mary Cliff's Traditions she is back on the air on WERA-LP FM in Arlington VA. They also stream online. Bob Fairfax (7/13/16)

Pertaining to the article about Cat Country I think it's great they are making some changes. I listen to the local stations all the time and I like the direction the station is going in. DBC didn't seem to care about it and now they have a caring and involved owner. I was impressed when I saw Robin and the "computer guy" in Dewey Beach. Both are professional and nice as could be. I used to listen to the "inexperienced computer guy" Travis on Bay Country 97.9 when he did mornings and afternoons. He might be young but he is experienced and a very nice young man and personally I couldn't stand listening to Glassman on Cat Country. Yes I will miss EJ but Robin Rothschild picked a winner with him because trust me he's going places with his career as a broadcaster. Robin keep up the great work! (7/13/16)

It never continues to amaze me the depths of lack of knowledge of many who post on this board. Regarding the proposal by WAMU/American University to drop the HD feed (augmented by a rather potent translator) and local origination of Bluegrass Country. Just because WAMU is a non-profit; they maintain every right to maximize their income be it by corporate underwriting, individual gifts or money generated from programming spin offs such as books, DVD and clothing. If WAMU can generate greater revenue with another format. So be it. Just because the station is non-profit puts no greater burden on them to serve some particular niche than that of a for profit station. As weird as it seems. I'd bet they would garner a larger audience with classic hits (Oldies) than bluegrass. In New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Milwaukee...Classic Hits place either first or second. When commercial radio abandoned Classical and Jazz. The torch was picked up by public stations. 4 decades later I'll wager Classic Hits could be a real moneymaker for pubcasters. The demos would be slightly younger too. (7/13/16)

FNC’s sexpot Gretchen Carlson’s bitching she’s “Hardly working” versus FNC’s Bill “Phone Sex” O’Reilly bitching he’s “Working too hard”: “Bill O'Reilly: 'I Don't Want to Work This Hard Much Longer’” Wimpers O’Reilly: “"I don't know. I go day to day. I don't want to work this hard much longer. I know that," O'Reilly told AdWeek's Chris Ariens.”These guys are both multi-millionaires and one would think they have better things to bitch about, like what to do with all their money. Sheesh: www.newsmax.com (7/13/16)

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"Bennett is not fit to remain in the industry in any capacity." A U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission judge has banned radio host and investment adviser Dawn Bennett from the securities industry after she protested the regulator's enforcement case against her by ignoring it. She didn't even bother to show up. Classy. Bennett used her radio show, heard locally on WMAL, to "...exaggerate her firm's assets under management and investment performance, in order to attract and retain clients." More at: yhoo.it -Chainsman (7/12/16)

'Mark Trail Guy' has to be in a good mood today. Today in the Post, the strip went back to its roots: improbable perspective. A hot chick in a bikini and beach hat is being taunted by a songbird the size of a Saint Bernard. (7/12/16)

RE: Sangean HD receiver.....The Sangean HDT-1 can pick any and all HD channels being broadcast. (7/12/16)

Concerning Bluegrass on WAMU-HD2 (and teeny-tiny 105.5 FM): 30,000 listeners isn't bad for a pair of transmitters that either cannot be heard because almost no one owns an HD radio or, in the case of 105.5 is in Bethesda and can't be heard 15 miles away from that hotbed of Bluegrass listeners. Whatever they replace it with (more of "This American Life", maybe?) will never get more than 30,000 over-the-air listeners either. Hardly anyone can get it with out using their computer or TuneIn on their phone. Also, I thought WAMU was a non-profit broadcaster serving the public interest. It shouldn't matter all that much how many listeners there are if they are passionate about it and the broadcast performs a useful service. I'm guessing that it's a "profit" maker for the executives who run it (meaning a nice high salary) and to hell with the little people who happen to like music that hipsters don't care for, except ironically. -- Carl in Olney (7/12/16)

Looks like the Orioles will enjoy the All Star Break a lot more than the Nationals. The O’s and MASN won’t have to return to MLB arbitration with the Nats according to a NY judge: www.baltimoresun.comM. As always, I enjoy the site. (7/12/16)

Re.: “If anyone wanted to know just how incompetent, ignorant and clueless the Baltimore broadcast market has become, all they had to do was tune into WJZ and WBAL over the weekend…” Oh, I don’t know. Just this past Friday on 105.7 when the traffic reporter finished the report and went to read the commercial copy, it went like this: Ace hardware…blah, blah, blah…sale…blah, blah, blah…Sockets with SURROGATE jaws. Um, could it have been ‘SIR-RATE-ID’ Jaws ? Geez (7/12/16)

Another sneaky Paul Farhi piece [washingtonpost.com] at the Washington Post. This one starts out as a journalistic look at the increasing costs for news pool feeds and transforms itself into a Post PR piece against those rising rates, since the paper uses some of those pool feeds on its website. Plus, Bram Weinstein's jump to ESPN 980, WTEM's midday slot. Will the Redskins-owned station eventually make better use of him to boost the fortunes of its low-rated drivetime slots? In today's "Dave TV".....

I like reading the mailbag because I always find it interesting how many write in talking about all the hate spewed by this host or that host on some radio station. And yet, they start their letters off with some insulting hate laden derogatory remark. I guess hate and anger, like racism, only live on a one way street.. Finn (7/12/16)

RE: WAMU Bluegrass- there is still one source for Bluegrass in the area. WSDL, 90.7 FM from Salisbury University plays three hours of bluegrass every Sunday night from 7-10 PM. The show is Steve Martin 's Unreal Bluegrass www.unrealbluegrass.com... The signal can sometimes be hard to pick up, but it's online streaming at delmarvapublictadio.net... Hey, here's an idea...maybe WAMU could save some cash by dumping 88.3 FM, their Eastern Shore repeater, which is just making life difficult for the already established public radio stations on the shore... (7/12/16)

Bluegrass Fans, here is a way you can keep the format alive. Form a non-profit corporation and buy the 105.5 translator from John Garziglia. ( He owns it.) WAMU has agreed to let the new owner continue to use their HD-2 Channel for two years at no charge. They also agreed to donate their Bluegrass Music Library. They really want to get rid of the format! (7/12/16)

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If anyone wanted to know just how incompetent, ignorant and clueless the Baltimore broadcast market has become, all they had to do was tune into WJZ and WBAL over the weekend when each station led their newscasts with the arrest of DeRay McKesson, the so-called "peaceful" Black Lives Matter activist arrested in Baton Rouge. First of all, no one in my neighborhood ever heard of this dude nor did they - or anyone else I know - give one rats ass about this troublemaking punk. This, in the aftermath of a random murder in the fancy, affluent Roland Park neighborhood just a stone's throw from these stations where a 59-year old woman was fatally stabbed while walking her dogs. Even this morning, WBAL Radio - known for its ineptness - did nothing to advance the story, burying it in all the other rip-n-read copy rewritten from the weekend. News has become a joke in this city. As Dave Humphrey wrote last week acknowledging Tom Marr's death, the competition was fierce between WCBM, WBAL, WCAO and WFBR in the 70s and 80s, as Marr, Matz, Humphrey and Lattanzi pounced on news with passion and professionalism that is nowhere to be found. No one calls banks to speak to the robber (Dave Bryan, WCBM), or looks up an address in the Criss-Cross Directory to interview witnesses to what is known as "breaking news," or breaks an exclusive story. It's sad to listen and even more upsetting to watch. Thank God for Twitter and Facebook. They'd go off the air if they didn't have the thoughtless tweets and meaningless posts to steal from each other. (7/11/16)

Looks like the ax is swinging at newly acquired 97.5 CAT COUNTRY in Salisbury. New owner Robin Rothschild gave her two full time on-air people walking papers on Friday. Today the air shifts are being covered by a weekender and a computer guy with no real experience on the air. After 22 years at Cat Country, listeners will be pissed when they learn veteran EJ FOXX was one of the people to get cut. The music is changing too. Cat Country may be the only country station in the world playing Achy Breaky Heart. What asshole thinks that song wants to ever be heard again? The couple of remaining people are comparing the place to Hell itself and Robin definitely is wearing the horns. "don't break my heart, my achy breaky heart." Goodbye Cat Country and hello FROGGY! (7/11/16)

WTTR-AM will be on 102.3 in Westminster, a 205 watt translator that should go clearly about 7 or 8 miles in a circle. (7/11/16)

Let the bragging begin: WMAL talker Michael Savage beat out former & current WMAL talkers Sean “Ham” Hammity & Mark “I hate Savage” Levin by being inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. But Savage, who has no kind words for Levin, seemed to warm to The Hamster: “Savage complimented Hannity. “I admire the strength of his convictions and his message, and how hard he works — TV and radio, I don’t know how he does it,” Savage said. Noting he’s more than 20 years older than Hannity, Savage said Hannity and others in the talk-radio industry “who don’t even like my politics should take their hat off to me.” “They should say, ‘You know what, this guy’s an inspiration to all of us, for what he’s overcome. It should inspire all of us to keep fighting for what they believe in.” More: www.wnd.com (7/11/16)

Bram Weinstein seems to be a good choice to replace Kornheiser. Local guy, knows teams and market. Most importantly, he always used to talk about ALL the local teams and wasn't a mere Redskins drone like of much of 980's current guys are............... (7/11/16)

I just visited a McDonalds, and before I purchased my Egg Mc Muffin, and coffee I asked the manager if they advertised on WMAL. He said yes, and as a matter of fact just purchased a new roof for his restaurant from an ad he heard on the station. I was so excited I purchased the extra value meal! Signed, Anonymous (7/11/16)

Dave's response: I haven't heard McDonalds advertise at all on WMAL. I think you're confusing where they really run their ads - like WTOP and WJFK.....

Poor FAILED HD-RADIO. Is there any legitimate well known company that even makes them? GEEZ. Put a fork in it industry and come up with something new that’s ALL DIGITAL Otherwise, you’re going to forever lose the kids to music streams in the car. Does anyone in radio think that any teenager knows where to buy an HD-Radio from “Sangean?” (typo?). I have a very good Denon AV receiver that needs no replacement, and even they don’t have an HD-Tuner available to buy to add to it. They once had one, but I read it’s DISCONTINUED. I’m not saying the future of radio is dead, but it’s increasingly becoming irrelevant to millennials. They already don’t care if there’s an AM tuner in a car or cell phone or any other music device. I will not say radio is dead, but ANALOG IS DYING QUICK. And the radio industry is so far behind the curve, it’s possible that any of these big radio companies could fail at any minute. (7/11/16)

Gus in Gaithersburg is correct. The guy who’s glad he cost WMAL money is fooling himself. He didn’t cost them a dime and most likely got ripped off royally. I once had one of my biggest sales at the expense of a total racist, homophobe, woman hater, and all around bigot. As soon as I walked in, I sized up the surroundings. Location: Cecil County. Home: decorated with NRA stuff and Civil War Memorabilia. Being gay, I simply wanted to walk out on the appointment, but that was not my job. So I went on to agree with all his gibberish rantings about MLK and all kinds of BS, until I shook his hand and came back to the office with my biggest commission in 6 months! A moral person who’s also a bad salesman would have stormed out without the sale and giving him a piece of his mind. That was not my job. Nothing I would have said would have had any impact on this old man. And yeah, I didn’t feel guilty ripping him off either. :-) (7/11/16)

[Does anyone know where I can find information on the supposed move for WTTR 1470 AM to ###.# FM?] I’ve been hearing rumors of this for over 12 months, now they are dropping hints on air about a big change coming. Nothing in the mailbag archives or over at the FCC website. Many thanks… (7/11/16)

WAMU......what does it cost to operate the Bluegrass Country format on WAMU? According to their press release, they took in $187,000 this past year and had a deficit of $142,000. So the cost to operate it is $329,000. With WAMU collecting $10 MILLION this past year, they certainly could afford to carry the format if they really wanted to carry it. It has been on the station for 49 YEARS! Where are all the Bluegrass Fans? (7/11/16)

RE: To the buffoon who bought a roof based on politics… Boy I wish I was that salesperson because boy did you get ripped off! HAHA! He sized you up and saw a Grade A sucker. I used to work for a home improvement company so I can tell you that you did not cost WMAL any money at all. Most ad spots on radio are purchased up front, not paid for based on, how well the ad does. How a company judges an ad’s success is based on the number of leads that are brought in, not necessarily on the success of the sale. Every salesman, before he even comes to your house knows whether you heard the ad on WMAL or the lead came from somewhere else. At least they did at my company. In that way, the sales man walks in with an advantage, already knowing possibly your political beliefs, some likes or dislikes ahead of time. Your salesmen would have never, if he was a good salesman, ever tell anyone he doesn’t like a radio station’s politics unless he already knew you didn’t already. Just like if I went to an appointment referred by a black radio station and the person asked me about WCBM or Right wing talk radio, I would have lied and said we didn’t advertise on them ever. But in reality, a good successful company does not pigeon hole itself into niche groups and probably advertises as many diverse places as possible. (7/11/16)

I don’t know about the Baltimore TV stations, but the DeRay McKesson arrest has already hit the front page headline of The Baltimore Sun. Nothing will happen to McKesson. I’m not even sure any city employee can be fired for having a criminal record, except Mayor and even she ran again. Just like DC’s Marion Barry, the school system parents will only like him more. He’ll actually be better positioned to run for mayor again. (7/11/16)

I'm pretty sure Bluegrass Country is also relayed on two 93.5 translators, one in Frederick, and one in Hagerstown. What I think would really be cool is if either Verstandig or iHeart bought both translators and combined them into one 250-watt signal from on top of South Mountain. It would cover all of Frederick and Hagerstown, and most of West Virginia's Eastern panhandle. WFRE or WAYZ could use it to relay a bluegrass format via an HD subchannel. If iHeart were to buy it, WUSQ in Winchester could relay it on either 102.1 and/or 98.9, both of which are relaying The Journey from Liberty University. They could also buy 105.5 and relay through an HD subchannel of WMZQ. Why not create a mini bluegrass network that reaches the core of the DC Metro, plus Frederick, Hagerstown, and Winchester. I doubt all that will ever happen, but it makes good sense. (7/11/16)

"Covering my bases, , before I signed the paperwork, I asked him “do you advertise on WMAL?” and the answer was, “No, I don’t like their politics.” “You’re hired,” I said, and I signed. My 3,800 square foot house will now be getting new gutters, a new roof, and some painting, and WMAL gets nothing." Nice upsell. If that's the company I think it is, they owner is very pro-life and anti-LGBT. You couldn't have asked about the sponsorship over the phone? You do understand you didn't deny WMAL any income, right? Gus in Gaithersburg. (7/11/16)

HD Receivers......Does anyone know how many HD receivers there are in the DC market? I have never seen any research published on this. You would think that Nielsen would put out this information if they have it. (7/11/16)

(regarding the Mailbagger's query about the Sangean HDR 16 specs) Here's a link to see the user manual ... www.sangean.com (7/11/16)

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Hey Dave, On Friday, I noticed a patch of shingles had been sheared off my roof. Over the past couple of weeks, hail, heavy rains, and high winds have struck easternmost Loudoun County, and most likely caused the damage. So, I called a roofing company. Did I call any of the roofing companies which advertise on WMAL? NO!!!!! I called a roofing company that I don’t remember ever advertising on WMAL. Over the phone, the district manager asked the size of my house, he then came out here personally with two other men, and by 8:30 PM they were on my roof surveying the damage. Covering my bases, , before I signed the paperwork, I asked him “do you advertise on WMAL?” and the answer was, “No, I don’t like their politics.” “You’re hired,” I said, and I signed. My 3,800 square foot house will now be getting new gutters, a new roof, and some painting, and WMAL gets nothing. (7/10/16)

I hope the media in Baltimore runs like hell with the story about DeRay McKesson being arrested in Baton Rouge Saturday as part of a Black Lives Matter protest. McKesson recently ran for mayor of Baltimore in April and lost, but hold on to your hat. He was named on June 28 as the interim human capital officer for Baltimore City Public Schools. This guy is the head personnel director for thousands of teachers, principals and students. The incoming CEO must owe him something, otherwise why would you do it? Would you want a top administrator making close to $200,000 annually parading around in a blue vest and orange sneakers, on the ground getting cuffed, representing an already troubled school system? Where is the outrage from school leaders and parents? (7/10/16)

Interesting article today in the Washington Post about WAMU and the Bluegrass format. According to the Post, WAMU has 30,000 listeners per week with the Bluegrass Country format and received donations of $187,000 during this past year. Is the station going to return this money? They certainly have a large amount donated to the station during this past year with $10 Million. Remember, the entire $10 Million is tax deductable to the people that donate it. (7/10/16)

Dave, Could you or one of your dcrtv readers tell me if the Sangean HDR 16 HD Radio FM Stereo/AM Portable Radio. Can pick up HD2, HD3, HD4 digital signals. I cannot find any specs on this. I would appreciate any info from you or any of your readers. They can post in the readers portion if you like. Why can’t I heart Baltimore put I heart 50’s or Standards on HD sub channels. Heard 50’s on HD2 WMJI Cleveland and it sounded great. Dave from Buffalo (7/10/16)

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WAMU will not carry any program that doesn't get good ratings. They are tied with WTOP for the #1 position in the DC market. Bluegrass appeals to only a small segment of the audience. It has only been on the station for 49 years! WAMU has the largest donor base in the country. They don't run commercials as a non-profit station. They call it "underwriting". (7/9/16)

Crack the piggy bank and gather your pennies: “CBS Corp's radio unit files for IPO”. You too, like WJFK’s Junkies, can now own a piece of CBS Radio: www.reuters.com (7/9/16)

I look at as some aspects of the media's coverage of the latest round of shootings and how I can't stand cable news. Plus, a review of Washington Postie Paul Farhi's coverage of the media's coverage of the shootings. Also, what's up with WAMU's decision to put Bluegrass Country up for sale and its threat to end it. In today's DC media edition of "Dave TV"..... (7/9/16)

funny but I thought wamu was supposed to carry programing that wasn't widely popular why donate money if they are going to take programs off the air (7/9/16)

Is the Washington Post’s Erik Wimple banging Gretchen Carlson? His story/blog “Lesson from Gretchen Carlson’s sexual harassment suit: Roger Ailes is very, very powerful” could not be more biased” could not be more biased: “A second wave of refutation is now making the rounds. The New York Times’s Jim Rutenberg quotes Washington-based Greta Van Susteren, host of the nightly program “On the Record”: “She’s disgruntled she didn’t get her contract renewed and the timing is very suspicious.” On the question of Ailes’s alleged behavior, the host commented, “I’ve been here 15 years I haven’t seen it and frankly I’m rather outspoken and I don’t think I’d stick around for it.” Van Susteren declared that she’d decided on her own to speak out, without prodding from Fox News HQ. Jeanine Pirro, who hosts a weekend show at Fox News and has known Ailes for decades, told Rutenberg, “This is something that is totally inconsistent with the man I’ve known probably longer than most people who work in that building.” That Van Susteren and Pirro would speak up for Ailes is helpful, though scarcely dispositive. The corner-office creep depicted in Carlson’s complaint needn’t have harassed every woman in the joint to establish his bona fides as a corner-office creep. More pushback: Fox News shared with Rutenberg “handwritten thank-you notes” that Carlson sent to Ailes after a fateful meeting cited in her lawsuit. “I’d love to stay at Fox,” said one of the notes, in Rutenberg’s telling. That meeting occurred in September 2015 and was punctuated by this alleged statement by Ailes, according to the suit: “I think you and I should have had a sexual relationship a long time ago and then you’d be good and better and I’d be good and better.” The back-and-forth between Carlson and Fox News proves something that we already knew: Roger Ailes is a very, very powerful man. He sits atop a network estimated to rake in $1.5 billion in profits in 2015. He can decide that they’ll anchor specials, or have a role in the primary debates. He can bump their pay. He can put them in advertisements and promos. He can help them corral high-profile interviews. A remarkably involved executive and plugged-in mogul, Ailes can flick his wrist and make life miserable or wonderful for his people. Make or break.” Sheesh Erik just because you are never asked on FNC does not mean you need to trash Ailes and prop up Carlson: www.washingtonpost.com (7/9/16)

Hey, will the last person leaving WAMU please unplug the banjos and turn off the internet and lights to help lower the electric bill. (7/9/16)

I had the opportunity to meet Tom Marr at the F.A.I.R. broadcast in DC a few weeks ago. I was thrilled and honored to meet him. He was extremely cordial and gracious. I had the chance to have several drinks with him, and I feel honored to have met him. Regardless of your politics, Tom Marr was a terrific broadcaster. He breathed rare air as a respected and admired host. I feel very blessed to have been able to get to know him although briefly. God bless him. (7/9/16)

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As an avid sports radio listener I have a hard time tuning in 980. Losing Mr. Tony was bad enough. But five hours a day of Andy Polley? Too much. Sorry, but he is just not interesting. I can only take so much of his holier-than-thou "get off my lawn" rants. At least Czban keeps the afternoons somewhat interesting. Note to AP: Reading articles verbatim from the Post is lazy show prep. At least when Mr. Tony does it he has an interesting take. But, what do you expect when a station builds its schedule around an ex-jock's desires? Cooley does a great job with his film breakdowns but is otherwise not as good as he thinks he is. It takes a while to learn the business, son. Maybe Coach Kevin can learn you a few things. That's all I have. I'll hang up and listen to your comments... (7/8/16)

Wisdom Martin seems like a nice guy, but he really should not be allowed to ad lib on serious news stories. He is truly struggling. Now they're doing a segment on which hashtag is trending. Really??!!! Monitoring hashtags?? (7/8/16)

(QUOTE) Here's a "source" for you... their Nielsen numbers, WHICH SUCK. Any more questions? Nah, there's no more questions. (END) Nice deflection, Trump Jr. If you can't attribute quotes, don't post 'em. (7/8/16)

Most despised person in DC radio? JJ "Days of Yore", destroying WAMU. (7/8/16)

Too bad about WAMU dropping the Bluegrass programming. Their new digs included a dedicated music recording studio ostensibly geared towards live bluegrass sessions. Seems a shame to let such a beautiful recording space go to waste now. (7/8/16)

Dave's response: Just like that beautiful new newsroom that CBS built for WNEW near Nationals Park, just months before pulling the plug on the all-newser.....

FCC news… Someone already posted about the 93.5 FM for WBQH 1050AM so I won’t repeat that, but WHGM AM 1330 also got approved for a 100.5 FM translator in Warwick, MD which is on the other side of the upper bay from Havre DeGrace. It won’t really help WHGM much in Harford County, but I guess if you live on the sparsely populated Delaware line, it would be your only local signal. (7/8/16)

[A lot of Bluegrass fans are going to be very disappointed with the loss of this format on WAMU. It has been around for 49 years! I don't know of any other music format that has been around that long. The format needs to be on FM.] Can't think of any FM that would pick up this format. They are all making too much money now. (7/8/16)

HERE WE GO... people wanting "sources" on the WRQX comments. Here's a "source" for you... their Nielsen numbers, WHICH SUCK. Their Miller-Kaplan Revenue numbers, WHICH SUCK! Don't believe what you hear about WRQX, ok, just look at their results, THEY SUCK! WRQX SUCKS! Source: Nielsen/Miller-Kaplan (as subscribed to by Cumulus). Any more questions? Nah, there's no more questions. (7/8/16)

Dave's response: I doubt a commercial broadcaster would be interested in a bluegrass format, except for stupid Cumulus, which could try it on 107.3. Ha ha ha. Just joking. Seriously folks, how about WETA, which runs classical music. Putting a bluegrass/Americana/folk subchannel on 90.9 might not be a bad idea. Or perhaps WPFW. They run blues and jazz and BGC might make a nice addition, at least via a subchannel. However, Pacifica is pretty much broke, so I don't know if they'd want to assume the extra expenses of buying and running it. Maybe some local non-radio group could buy it, or perhaps a local BGC organization created specifically for the purpose which could pay to run it and pay WAMU to continue carrying it on their HD2 subchannel. I dunno.....

RE: Baltimore news coverage of the Freddie Gray case. Why should it not be news when the trials are still ongoing? Protestors are still downtown. Just because people in DC aren’t paying attention anymore hasn’t stopped CNN & FNC from still mentioning it every now and then. If you don’t think the news should cover it, maybe you should talk to that dimwit prosecutor Marilyn Mosby who’s so far botched every case, if there ever even was any case to prosecute in the first place. (7/8/16)

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What's the deal with WAMU? They keep cutting shows and ending programs. Never a word about something new and creative at that station. (7/7/16)

A dear old-friend and mentor, Tom Marr passed away earlier this morning at the age of 73. We worked together back when both were working for Orioles flag-ship WFBR. While saddened by his passing, his death has brought back a flood of wonderful memories. RIP Thomas Aquinas Marr! www.pressboxonline.com (7/7/16)

WMAL’s Mark Levin gave a sorrowful acknowledgement of his death and shared his admiration for the great Tom Marr in the first segment of his show tonight. Although Levin has cooled toward Trump, Marr was a big supporter so they would spare over his candidacy. Levin: “Honestly, I’m speechless.” That’s a first! Levin says he will play in entirety the last Tom Marr sub-hosting of Mark’s show next Friday, July 15th, so don’t get spooked if you hear Marr’s gravely, deep voice once again on WMAL. Semper Fi Tom! Some great photos: www.tommarr.com (7/7/16)

Gamut Format will no longer be heard on FM Translator 104.5. Hubbard, the owner of this translator, has applied to the FCC to move the translator to Silver Spring, MD and simulcast their WBQH 1050 AM on a new frequency 93.5 WBQH is leased to a Spanish Broadcaster... WAMU announced today they will drop their Bluegrass Format after 49 years. It started in 1967. They are looking for a new home for the format. It will not be carried on the WAMU HD-2 Channel or on the translator 105.5 FM owned by John Garziglia. (7/7/16)

Dave's response: Well, maybe the Gamut could move over to 105.5. By the way, I like the Gamut, but I'm strange. Everybody I talk to thinks it needs to become more of an alternative progressive rocker, like WTMD. Many people say they dislike the variety, especially some of the "disco stuff".....

Was watching channel 5 news and had to turn it off when the reporter Alexandra Limon came on. It's quite painful trying to listen to her relay a news report as it seems like she has some sort of speech impediment resulting in it being difficult to understand what she's saying. Not that she shouldn't be hired because of that, but if her main responsibility is to report the news to the public, she should be able to speak clear enough to be understood by the viewers. (7/7/16)

FNC’s Shepard “Shep” Smith probably was never hit on by that walrus Roger Ailes (well, who knows?) but he did show some stones versus all the other FNCers other than Howie Kurtz (who just did a blog mention) who have been silent by facing head on the Gretchen Carlson allegations albeit mostly airing a statement from Ailes: twitter.com... And apparently Carlson’s weak ratings were hurting Shep’s, who’s contract is/was also up this year: www.hollywoodreporter.com... The plot thickens! (7/7/16)

Anonymous poster, “…you should really think about bringing Mrs. Fred back. She would fit right in with the crew you have now and bring in at least 23 more listeners…” F-cking optimist! -Unsigned Corporate Suit (7/7/16)

Did Mike Sorce announce today that he was cutting an hour off his 5 day a week Don Geronimo Show Podcast; still charging subscribers same monthly rate? #5LessHoursofContent (7/7/16)

It's a sad day for the legions of friends and fans of Tom Marr who passed away today. Tom was at WFBR during the 70s and 80s at a time when WFBR, WCBM, WCAO and WBAL were fiercely competitive in the news arena. Tom was one of the best-recognized voices on Baltimore radio. Not only was he a well-respected reporter/anchor/news director, he was also one of the "stars" of the long-running noon-time call-in show "Conference Call" one of WFBR's most-listened-to programs. Even as rivals, Tom and I shared a love of Baltimore sports-- especially the Colts and Orioles. Long before he became a broadcaster for the Orioles, Tom and I would sit in the stands at Memorial Stadium as he did play-by-play into a tape recorder. He would later send the tape to CBS Radio Sports for inclusion on "Sports Central USA," hosted by Win Elliot. Tom was a joy to be with when we on the road with the Colts for the better part of a dozen years. Perhaps one of Tom's most lasting audio memories was the fake "Manager's Corner" show with then-Orioles Manager Earl Weaver. The profanity-laced show was never aired but in this digital age can certainly be found with a quick Google search. With almost 50 years on Baltimore radio, Tom can certainly be called a "legend." Dave Humphrey, WCBM (1968-1985), Hilton Head Island, SC (7/7/16)

"[RE June radio ratings:] The decline of MAL continues." Hey Bill Hess, you should really think about bringing Mrs. Fred back. She would fit right in with the crew you have now and bring in at least 23 more listeners. www.youtube.com (7/7/16)

People who keep looking for solutions for DC 101 and WRQX really need to have a awakening of sorts. Corporate radio will limit any playlist of a good format. If you wanted to turn WRQX into a DC’s Greatest Hits like format but have it signal the days of when DC radio was great before the corporate takeover….you’re asking way too much. Basically, the Classic Hits format goes from around 1967 to about 1989(Give or take a few years on either side…some stations under Classic Hits segue into the early 90’s and leave out the 60’s). You don’t segue it into what New Wave was being put on there or ska or reggae…it’s just the generic classic hits format. DC 101 could do a few things: I’ve suggested a Mainstream Rock format and turning WBIG into a golden oldies station. Mainstream Rock has a few current rock songs but basically is a classic rock format a lot like WDVE in Pittsburgh. They could go Active Rock and be like 98 Rock out of Baltimore. They could go the AAA route ala KFOG out of the Bay Area as well. However, with all three formats along with their current alternative rock format…it’s all confined to a limited playlist. The deep cuts…not in a corporate format. iHeart and Clear Channel before them had limited playlists and still do. Corporate will remain that….I’ve said it time and again….limited to what they want to play. Dan (7/7/16)

WCBM has posted a message on its Twitter page that its longtime talk show host Tom Marr has passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with Tom, his family and his broadcast colleagues and friends. RIP Tom. (7/7/16)

[When will the Baltimore TV and radio stations call a halt to their breathless coverage of every step in every additional trial in the Freddie Gray case?] It's an ongoing story with continuing developments. News doesn't stop being news when some viewers start to find it "boring"....it's not a video game that you put away when you get tired of it. News remains news as long as it's relevant, involves something that people need to know about, and continues to unfold or develop.This is why any real news organization doesn't just give the masses what they think they want to see; it strives to keep people informed. That's the difference between news and entertainment. (7/7/16)

WCBM.com is reporting Tom Marr has passed away. (7/7/16)

I look at the June DC area radio ratings in my latest DC/Baltimore media edition of "Dave TV." And gander at the slumping righty talker WMAL, and how to fix it. Plus, continued woes for WRQX, DC101, and ESPN 980. And more of my Neal Augenstein "problem"..... (7/7/16)

Pretty funny that on this forum, where most people make a living under the 1st Amendment to the Bill of Rights that when someone posts something they don't like or disagree with the first thing they do is scream that that poster should be deleted or banned. Boggles the mind. Free speech is even more important when you don't agree with what is being said. This concept apparently is foreign to some of the people that post here. Looks like some here should think twice before hitting the "send" button. It only makes you look more foolish than the person you are whining about. TC (7/7/16)

When will the Baltimore TV and radio stations call a halt to their breathless coverage of every step in every additional trial in the Freddie Gray case? Does anyone really care? We've seen and heard enough already to form our own conclusions. It's time to move on. (7/7/16)

Re WRQX rant posting: to what source are the quotes attributed to and how were they obtained? Without that footnote, none of it is real. (7/7/16)

[June radio ratings analysis fFrom Tom Taylor Now:] Washington DC hands Hubbard’s all-news WTOP and its regional network a second-straight 10.3-share with age 6+ total-week AQH share – meaning it holds at a five-year high. That’s its best since March 2011, says ratings-tracker Chris Huff. Over the last three Nielsen books, ’TOP’s moved from an April 9.6-share to a May 10.3 and now a repeat. It wins every single daypart. The #2 through #7 stations occupy the same positions as last month - American U.’s non-com news/talk WAMU (7.8-8.5-8.1) is not only second total week, but #2 in morning, midday and afternoon. Third overall is Howard U.’s urban AC WHUR (6.3-6.5-6.5), then there’s Radio One’s urban AC “Majic” WMMJ (5.5-5.5-5.6) and iHeart’s rhythmic “Hot 99.5” WIHT (4.5-4.7-5.1). #6 is iHeart’s AC WASH (5.2-4.4-4.4) and #7 is classic rock sister WBIG-FM (3.8-4.2-4.3). Yet another iHeart station shakes off a recent rough patch (country WMZQ, 3.1-3.3-3.7). In the Cumulus world, talk simulcast WMAL-AM/FM is back down to its March-book low (3.3-3.3-3.0) and hot AC “Mix 107.3” WRQX isn’t budging (2.6-2.6-2.5). Checking the “average weekly cume” column, AC WASH holds its usual lead, at 1,341,700 Washingtonians. All shares in this section are total-week 6+ AQH, and Nielsen’s “June” survey ran May 19-June 15..... Baltimore makes little Class A WWIN-FM a nearly 10-share radio station. Radio One’s urban AC is even an under-powered (3,000-watt) Class A, and yet it’s up 7.1-8.2-9.8. “Magic 95.9” is #1 for the first time since June 2014, with its largest share in nearly six years (July 2010). Next comes urban sister “92Q” WERQ (8.3-8.3-8.4). Third is CBS Radio’s AC WLIF (7.3-7.1-7.4 and winning middays). Fourth and steady is iHeart’s country WPOC (7.1-7.1-7.1). The baseball Orioles keep CBS Radio’s all-sports “Fan” WJZ-FM in fifth place overall (5.3-5.8-5.4) – and #1 at night. #6 is Hearst’s “98 Rock” WIYY (5.5-5.2-5.1). The talkers are WCBM Inc.’s talk WCBM (4.4-4.1-3.7) and Hearst’s news/talk WBAL (2.6-2.6-2.8). “Shine” WRBS-FM, a commercial contemporary Christian station operated by the not-for-profit Peter & John, loses some luster, 4.2-3.9-3.2. AC WLIF’s market-leading cume is 792,000. (7/7/16)

Describing DC101's playlist as wandering and unlistenable is spot on. Either be a male-oriented hard rock station again or go to full-on "AAA" (not that the huge conglomerates can do AAA very well either, but it would be better than this), but don't try to do both and throw a bunch of shitty pop songs in for good measure. They are trying to appeal to way too broad of an audience and clearly failing at appealing to anyone. For my money, I and several people I know who were big DC101 fans in the past now listen to 98 Rock or 100.3 more often. Also, FCC news: Hubbard has filed to move the Gamut's current translator (W283CD 104.5 Sterling) to 93.5 Silver Spring (fccdata.org), superseding an earlier conflicting application at 95.9. It would start rebroadcasting WBQH 1050. As previously discussed in the mailbag, for a few months there has been a permit to build the Gamut a new metro-wide translator on 98.3 from Bethesda - the same facility that was briefly on the air from Great Falls in the winter. (7/7/16)

Your MPT story was not quite correct... It is indeed four channels during non-primetime. For example, the ID codes for the Annapolis station are: MPT-HD 22.1... MPT2-HD 22.2... V-me 22.3... MPT2-SD 22.4... See www.mpt.org (7/7/16)

Dave's response: The info in that blurb was straight from an MPT press release. Looks like MPT2 is carried twice - in HD and SD. The release said that MPT2 will be Create for 20 hours a day.....

Isn’t it just possible that the average person outside of corrupt snobby phony DC actually thought the PBS/WETA fireworks were live and that’s why people were mad? I mean in most other markets where local fireworks are live, they show that night’s fireworks, good or bad. Only in DC does the government TV like in China have to fake the weather! and fireworks to give the public the impression that everything is fine, when it is really all fucked up. Some of us aren’t used to “The Club Fed Way” of doing things. (7/7/16)

WRQX PD "socializing, not strategizing". OM "Scared" . GM "looking the other way". Sales "Can't compete, clueless". Diamond "Blaming everyone, EVERYONE". Advertisers "laughing WRQX off of avails". Corporate office "Change it now". Investors "How could it have gotten so bad?". WRQX has settled in to 18th place. 18th. 18th. 18th. 18th. 18th. 18th. 18th. 18th. 18th. (7/7/16)

/\ July 7 Messages /\

\/ July 6 Messages \/

[RE June radio ratings:] It's pretty sad that two once-great radio stations, 107.3 and DC-101, continue to flounder and stumble. DC-101 has a wandering, difficult-to-pin-down and often-unlistenable playlist, and 107.3 suffers from the same--all over the place, no identity, no feel of any type of radio station people would listen to on a regular basis. Both have a big name in the morning--but not much after that. (7/6/16)

[RE June radio ratings:] WRQX is still stuck at 18 hasn't moved since Jack Diamond came back, while the iHeartRadio stations continue dominate the ratings. Alllot of people may have stop listening to 107.3 after they ditched the Sarah,Ty & Mel show last year. (7/6/16)

[RE June radio ratings:] Kane is the #1 non ethnic music show...explains a ton in this market. Going up against WTOP is so tough for everyone. One of the better run stations in the country, and best sounding! (7/6/16)

[RE June radio ratings:] The decline of MAL continues. (7/6/16)

The Washington Post’s Paul Fahri (pronounced “ferry”) reports what everybody else and their mother is reporting about FNC’s Gretchen Carlson making that old fart Roger Ailes all hot & bothered to no avail which resulted in her contract not being renewed and now her lawsuit: “Carlson, 50, who co-hosted the “Fox and Friends” morning program and later an afternoon news show on Fox, was dropped by the network June 23 when her contract expired. She alleges that her contract was not renewed because she challenged unequal treatment of women at Fox. She also alleges that Ailes, 76, suggested that they have a sexual relationship during a meeting last year to discuss Carlson’s complaints, according to a statement issued by the law firm representing Carlson.” Carlson, no relation to fellow FNC star Tucker Carlson, is the second at FNC to leave as a result of sexually related problems after Ed Henry got sidelined for an affair with a Vegas stripper. FNC certainly does not mean Family News Channel and may now mean Fucked News Channel: www.washingtonpost.com (7/6/16)

(QUOTE) AM RADIO IS DEAD. The interference to the AM Band prevents you from getting a signal in your home. (END) *Sigh*...OK, so if AM radio is dead in DC (Philly/NYC/Chicago/name your favorite city), the solutions are simple and manifold, assuming you WANT to listen to AM radio: 1) Get a directional antenna from C.Crane and adjust it as needed to listen; 2) Put your radio in a location where interference is minimal, like a receiver on the garage workbench; 3) Move out of the city to a suburban house that's not under utility wires or high-tension AC power lines; 4) Move to the Outer Banks. No background noise whatsoever; 5) yank out your home data network wiring and go wi-fi. Radiating wires in the walls are no fun and 5 GHz is nowhere near the BC band; and 6) Ferrite Beads. Look 'em up, ya lazy bastid. Now as the alternative, if you DON'T want to listen to AM radio, fine. Don't. If you think its dead, stop yelling at us about it. Buddy Hackett is dead and I don't see you screaming about him. The manned moon program has been dead since 1972 and you're not upset about that. Kids can have their technology that "just works." For those of us who find something relevant on the medium wave band (& others who still derive a living from it) and are not concerned with the effort to receive it, back off on the pants-peeing and let us enjoy ourselves, willya? (7/6/16)

CORRECTION......The new tower site for WMAL is in Germantown, MD. They will diplex with WSPZ 570 AM. (7/6/16)

AM RADIO IS DEAD. The interference to the AM Band prevents you from getting a signal in your home. It is nice that Cumulus will collect $75 MILLION from the sale of their WMAL Tower Site. Their new tower site in Gaithersburg will be terrible. They will only cover Gaithersburg at night. Their daytime signal will not cover the entire market. It is a good thing they have a FM Station. (7/6/16)

FCC CDBS news: Speaking of WFBR, the other one, AM 1590, Way Broadcasting (Multicultural WLXE 1600’s owner) has requested another STA Extension for 1590. The interesting thing about this one is it shows no updates or progress, still citing the current winter weather as the reason they’re not able to make immediate repairs. Now the question is, will the FCC even notice it’s the middle of summer or just rubber stamp this? The Vegas money is on rubber stamp. fcc.gov (7/6/16)

So refreshing to hear John Patti back in the lead chair this morning on WBAL! With a consummate pro like him on board, why do they even need the other folks. All they do is turn the news into an inane, banal, vapid gigglefest. Just give us the news and stop with the other nonsense like talking about yo yos, juggling and hula hoops. And while you're at it, tell the afternoon chick there's no need to make noises (grunts, laughs, giggles) after Bill Vanko reads a story. By the way, there's no need to give us your feelings on a story either. No one cares what you think. (7/6/16)

Unless you live in a very pristine technology free home with little interference, the problems with AM reception today are endless. Most houses today have too many sources of interference to receive almost any AM radio station. At the house I just moved to, there is virtually no indoor AM radio reception at ALL! Not even 1 AM radio station! If you have any fluorescent bulbs in the house, forget it. Computers and even today’s Digital TVs with WIFI or even your stove could interfere, virtually any electrical appliance. Have you been to Walmart lately? Try and find an AM radio that works. I bought one. It was around $30 AM/FM and got NO AM radio stations in the house or even around the outside of the house, not even WBAL AM just outside of Baltimore. I took it back and got my money back. Kids today are used to technology that just works. Now if I get in the car and drive out of the city or the lights and power lines, off a highway or road that has no power lines, all of a sudden AM gets quieter on noise and comes alive with sound. But until they can figure out a way to isolate AM interference digitally or something, I see no future in AM radio. As for getting AM 1300 in Cape May NJ, that’s not surprising. They have a very odd cylinder shaped signal contour that is long running northwest by southeast with the southeast tip of their maximum range barely touching Cape May NJ and also Ocean City, MD, but like the other person said, only in the car away from everything. (7/6/16)

Dave, If you are interested in Sinclair’s sci-fi sub channel but don’t get the sub-channel (WNUV 54.3 or WJLA 7.3) or don’t have cable TV, you can now Livestream the channel directly from Sinclair. For instance, on the eastern shore, the DC & Baltimore sub-channels are not received and only some of the same networks are available. Here it is directly now… www.comettv.com/watch-live (7/6/16)

Greetings from Orlando, Florida. I've looked at all the chatter in the Mailbox about the PBS decision to air fireworks from prior years instead of this year, as well as DCRTV Dave's response, and it's time to get in my two cents. It's not as if it's the only fireworks show on TV on July 4th; it isn't. NBC does a Macy's show from New York City, and CBS does a show from Boston with the Boston Pops Orchestra. My Graham owned (as in Washington Post/Newsweek) CBS affiliate, WKMG, did a local show from Lake Eola in Orlando from 8 PM to 10 PM (The CBS show aired on a 1 hour delay, and the two comedies before it ran in the overnight). So PBS ran taped fireworks because of weather problems. So what? It's not as if 'Live With Kelly And ?' is always live; sometimes portions of the show are taped in advance, and sometimes the entire show is taped in advance (like the July 4th show was). Look for the disclaimer as Kelly and her guest host walks on the stage; (1) if there is none, the entire show IS live (2) If it says "Portions Prerecorded," than part of the show is live and part of it was taped earlier for broadcast at this time, and (3), If it says "Prerecorded," than the ENTIRE show was taped in advance. Now, I did not watch any of the fireworks shows (I had the Orlando City SC @ Dallas FC [MLS Soccer] game on; have to watch my Lions), but if PBS did not put a "Portions Prerecorded" disclaimer on the screen at the beginning of the show, they should have. BTW, I don't know why CBS promos 'The Talk' as a live show; it never is, and there are no disclaimers. Tracy in Orlando (7/6/16)

RE: “I had the opportunity to hang with Tom Marr at the F.A.I.R. broadcast in DC two weeks ago. He is an amazing, genuine and kind person. He bought me a drink, and we talked for several hours. He is a legendary figure, and it was a thrill to talk to him. I've successfully transitioned away from music radio, so I look to those who came before me. Tom Marr is an amazing success story. Prayers for he and his family.” Prayers indeed: Mark Levin gave kudos and prayers for Tom Marr tonight (Marr frequently subs for Levin). Like him or not (I love him!) he is a seasoned pro, a Baltimore radio legend, a tough Marine, and a patriotic American: www.baltimoresun.com (7/6/16)

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RE: “Due to popular demand, I did a DC AM radio bandscan to accompany the FM scan I did yesterday. Listen for yourself and see why the old band is gravely ill and near death. In this July 4, 2016 "Dave TV".....” So DCRTVDJDAVE do you occasionally have to MOVE your car to get better reception? I remember when I went to Ocean City in the summer you could not get WJFK to hear Howard Stern where I stayed but if I went out to my Jeep and drove across the street to a parking lot it came in clear. Kinda like having to have someone hold the rabbit ears and move to your commands to get better television reception in the old days: or just tell the rabbit on top of the tv to move (7/5/16)

Dave's response: I remember trying to listen to Stern while on vacation in Cape May NJ. No luck getting 92.3 WXRK from NYC. 94.1 WYSP from Philly was sketchy. There'a local South Jersey 106.7 so no chance of getting WJFK-FM. But I did get Howard nice and clear on WJFK-AM, 1300, from Baltimore. Imagine that.....

Re:"...You'll have a few odd ball hobbyists that will listen to it, but people just don't listen to AM/FM radio's in their homes anymore." Really? What's that statement based on? Everyone I know listens to FM all the time. So do I get to claim that "Everyone everywhere listens to AM/FM radio in their homes"? (7/5/16)

Oh, the Washington Post covers the big scandal of how WETA/PBS used stock fireworks footage in its July 4 "A Capitol Fourth" national special. Ahhh, this is something WETA/PBS does every year. Duh! And more of why I can't stand the Post these days..... (7/5/16)

I had the opportunity to hang with Tom Marr at the F.A.I.R. broadcast in DC two weeks ago. He is an amazing, genuine and kind person. He bought me a drink, and we talked for several hours. He is a legendary figure, and it was a thrill to talk to him. I've successfully transitioned away from music radio, so I look to those who came before me. Tom Marr is an amazing success story. Prayers for he and his family. (7/5/16)

(QUOTE) I hardly ever watch WETA because it is always just plain old stereo (END) Really? "Plain Old Stereo"?? Wow. (7/5/16)

Heh heh ... Glassdoor Alerts sent me a job announcement: The Kane Show is seeking paid interns. Can't imagine there's a whole lot for them to do these days. (7/5/16)

Thank you Dave, the Bandscan you did was very revealing. Face it, it the auto manufacturers take the radio's out of cars (as some are doing now), commercial broadcast radio will go the way of shortwave. You'll have a few odd ball hobbyists that will listen to it, but people just don't listen to AM/FM radio's in their homes anymore. Won't say its dead, but its getting real close. PM (7/5/16)

Watching the special report on Fox5 on FBI director talking about the Clinton e-mail fiasco and is there really any need to constantly do a split screen showing the FBI director on one side and pics of Clinton campaigning, meeting with people, etc? Can we just focus on the speaker?? (7/5/16)

"What we're saying is that you're not sufficiently coherent to make an argument." WE? So now you presume to speak for others? Really. Gotta love the megalomaniacs that infest the board. What a jackass. You are starting to believe your phony posts are really other people. Bet you're a riot at family gatherings (assuming they invite you). Interesting article in Radio World. You know that publication that covers "Radio". Or is that too far outside the grasp and not sufficiently coherent for you Schizo-boy? May 11, 2016, front page. "The AM radio preservation Alliance in April told the FCC that some of its AM Revitalization proposals would a "potentially irreversible step toward extinction" My, "extinction"? For something that isn't on its last leg? Oh and DAVE TV did a superb job of doing a bandscan of the AM band in DC. Hmmmmmm, if that ain't dead someone is an idiot. And the FM bandscan shows signs of going the way of AM. Don't like my comments, don't elicit them and don't read them. So far the only sufficiently coherent argument you've offered in proof that Radio isn't dead is that you met two DJ's. OMG how can anyone who is sufficiently coherent argue with that logic(?). But trying to silence me because you don't agree or like what I post is right out of the Taliban, ISIS playbook. I'm just hopping that you'll blow yourself up putting that vest before you get to the mall. SOON! (7/5/16)

Looking more closely at the MPT website, I retract about 2/5 of my previous comment: MPT2 (mostly PBS-Create) is going full HD, so there will actually be 4 separate feeds on their stations. It's MPT-HD, MPT2-HD, MPT2-SD, and V-Me. I apologize profusely, and hope that they will maintain 5.1 sound on their main channel during prime time. -- Carl (head bowed in embarrassment) in Olney (7/5/16)

Dave's response: Channel 66/WPXW, DC's Ion station, runs five or six subchannels and it definitely degrades their main HD signal over-the-air. MPT is seriously risking the same thing by adding another subchannel. But, probably 95 percent of MPT's viewers watch via cable (landline feed) so the broadcast signal compression probably won't affect them. And, since I do most of my PBS viewing on PBS.org, it really doesn't matter to me.....

Not to be picky, but it actually looks like MPT2, which used to show "encores" of all the stuff normally on MPT (I still always think "Ch. 67") is now showing PBS-Create from 2300-1900 instead. Which means that there is no fourth subchannel being added, just less work to program the MPT2 channel (cost-cutting by laying someone off, I'm guessing). Other than losing a good source of repeats of their best stuff, it still allows their main programming to remain in full 5.1 Surround sound all the time; I hardly ever watch WETA because it is always just plain old stereo. Also, I'll trade the self-appointed censor from a couple of days ago one mention of Nina T. for 2 mentions of Mara Liasson. -- Carl in Olney (7/5/16)

Regarding the PBS fireworks controversy, WTF did they think they were doing? If they couldn't show this year's fireworks, would it have really been that difficult to put up a caption indicating that prior years' fireworks were being shown due to poor weather? Did they think they were fooling people? Or did they think it was so obvious that no caption was necessary? Either way, an incredible lapse of judgment. PBS deserves all the heat it is taking over this. (7/5/16)

Dave's response: The clickbait douchbags at Washington Post, which is a really half-baked news org under Bezos, gets it wrong again. WETA/PBS uses stock fireworks footage every year. It's done because it looks so much better than "live." No one notices because the weather is usually good. But, yes, maybe WETA/PBS should put a disclaimer that the fireworks do contain some "file footage" just for accuracy's sake.....

Kane Show still not on today after 2 weeks vacation. Past summers they only took a one week vacation and on Kane posted on his Facebook page that he was doing his Sunday night show. So, I wonder if they not allowing back on until his court matter is resolved. (7/5/16)

Due to popular demand, I did a DC AM radio bandscan to accompany the FM scan I did yesterday. Listen for yourself and see why the old band is gravely ill and near death. In this July 4, 2016 "Dave TV"..... (7/5/16)

PBS or the local public TV station tonight (July 4th) pulled the wool over our eyes. During the live broadcast of fireworks on the National Mall, interspersed were fireworks from a clear night in another year. Seems to me that if it's live, you go with the flow. Cloudy weather? Live with it! Anyone else get wind of this farce? (7/5/16)

Dave's response: There've been articles in previous years about this. When WETA produces "A Capital Fourth" for PBS, the actual fireworks event which follows the concert is a compilation of shots from previous years. Apparently, it's not easy to shoot live fireworks for a TV broadcast and make it look visually appealing. It looks better if you show an edited version of previous events.....

If you thought some of the fireworks on PBS’ “A Capitol Fourth” looked familiar, no, you hadn’t had too many beers: “PBS used some stock footage for its fireworks show, and people were not happy”. The Washington Post reports: “The actual weather in Washington was cloudy and misty, making it quite difficult to view the fireworks. But on “A Capitol Fourth,” the annual concert special that airs live from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol, many of the fireworks (primarily in the second half of the display) looked glorious in a clear sky. Immediately, people started commenting on Twitter. As soon as the show ended, producers from Capital Concerts owned up to the fact that not all of its footage was from the live fireworks show. (In the first segment of the display, while singer Cassadee Pope was singing, some scenes did show a cloudy sky.) “We showed a combination of the best fireworks from this year and previous years. It was the patriotic thing to do,” the “Capitol Fourth” account tweeted. ” No word on whether or not Cassadee Pope was lip-synching. More: www.washingtonpost.com (7/5/16)

From Phillip Bump of The Washington Post: “How to not die from fireworks, courtesy of the Clinton administration” If you are into blowing up dolls, mannequins watermelons then the videos (courtesy of C-SPAN) included in the story are for you: www.washingtonpost.com (7/5/16)

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MPT added a fourth programming stream 11pm-7pm , the PBS national feed call Create TV. (Of course, primetime hours are not carried so the bandwidth can be re-allocated to the main HD channel.) www.mpt.org... Hmmm - still haven't added the Create stream to MPT's online scheduler. It already has full cable carriage: www.mpt.org... Tracy in Odenton (7/4/16)

HAPPY 4th of July. The fireworks may be canceled tonight because of weather. Nobody ever said radio is dead. What he said was that AM RADIO IS DEAD! FM Radio is alive and well. How many of the 30 AM Stations in DC are making money? The answer is NONE. (7/4/16)

Turned on channel 5 & see a new reporter named Anjali Hamphill. When did SHE come on board? So funny how people just pop up. Do these stations really need so many reporters on staff? Or is it just to have a reserve staff? (7/4/16)

While we’re at it, let’s ban all Trump supporters, & Crooked Hillary supporters and her so-called “open-minded” social progressive heroes that want to ban all other people. Don’t you all realize how silly you all sound? If I owned this site, I’d ban all the people that want to BAN PEOPLE FIRST! You can’t possibly be credible journalists or even retired ones for suggesting such a thing. (7/4/16)

Every summer, I tune up the DC area FM radio band and show you what I can hear. This time, I do it from the VW Rabbit/Golf, where I get much better reception than in my condo. In today's "Dave TV"..... (7/4/16)

Radio Bilingüe, a sort of nascent NPR for Spanish-language radio is doing live remotes at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in the "Sounds of California" section of the event. Based in Fresno, the station has affiliates across California and distributes some programs nationally via satellite. For more details see: radiobilingue.org (7/4/16)

Who is editing at WTOP.com tonight? See last sentence.... "Heavy rain is expected in the region on Monday, but forecasters say it’s hard to determine when it will arrive. Will the big fireworks show be canceled? National Park Service Spokeswoman Nany Murray says the Park Service make its decision Monday evening." (7/4/16)

Happy 4th of July! Mom, Baseball, Apple Pie, Hot Dogs - and DCRTV. Speaking of Hot DOGS, did you hear that Don Geronimo's DOG died? Np PETA award for Geronimo though as its rumored the day after Oscar was diagnosed with terminal cancer a few weeks ago, Mike Sorce went on vacation to Hawaii - ALONE leaving his 3rd wife to tend to the ailing dog. I'll have a little more mustard on my next DOG. By the way as I slice open the cold, crisp watermelon, when are O'Meara & Sorce going to announce the new Don & Mike Podcasting Network? In the name of 'merica, that's always been their best career solution since Sorce imploded the team years ago. That and DCRTV starting a big money making radio industry funeral home / cemetery where old DJ's and their 'time has passed you by' careers are buried. Besides, that DCRTV obituary ad revenue would be impressive. Time to slice the apple pie...and fix another DOG (7/4/16)

Let's Get RID-of-this-Guy: [Wonderful you've got one.... who 2nd's his own post.] Don't pretend that you know who's posting what on this board, solon. If you look closely, you'll see the seconder signed his post "MC." I don't sign my posts. There are certainly valid pro and con arguments to be made regarding radio's current health. What we're saying is that you're not sufficiently coherent to make an argument. Apparently, you can only troll. Flashback: [Did you Pee your pants, just a little when being the presence of real honest to God DJ's???] On this Independence Day, I declare that the board should be free of this vapid crap! Straight to the Spam Bucket! (7/4/16)

Flipping channels this evening, and somehow some setting over at 32 has been screwed up enough that both 4:3 sidebars are on the left side of the screen, so the entire 4:3 picture ends up in the rightmost 2/3 of an HD screen. Stupid aspect ratio crap like that used to happen on MPT in late night when no one was paying attention, but how does 32 not notice that in primetime? Frankly it's a miracle the transmitter hasn't caught fire over there yet. (7/4/16)

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Let me 2nd the motion by the RID guy to delete the posts of the the idiot who can't answer the RID guy! (7/3/16)

" I too would 2nd any motion to delete his posts. Just another Keyboard coward. Thanks...MC" Wonderful you've got one moron who 2nd's his own post. How creative! If you will recall,, I was responding to someone goading me to post. So you disagree with my opinion and your answer is to silence me? So who's the "coward" now? What better place to proclaim the demise of a once great industry than an industry site? Duhhhhhhhh Just more proof that RADIO IS DEAD! If this is the best the brain trust in the industry has to offer its just more proof that RADIO IS DEAD! Dream on morons. Oh let me make a motion to delete the posts of the guy (no woman would be so stupid) who first taunts me then when he can't provide a factual answer, other than he met a real life DJ, wants my posts deleted. RID Guy (7/3/16)

Donald Trump interviews Mike Pence as a possible VP candidate. So...in this zoo of an election year...the GOP may nominate Don & Mike! (I'm here all week...try the veal) (7/3/16)

WMAL talker Mark Levin quoted in a USA Today story: "FBI should have read Clinton her Miranda rights and taken her into custody,'' tweeted conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin.” Pundit Bill Kristol used the old “the dog ate my homework” routine: "FYI, I gave a 'voluntary interview' the other day to a policeman who pulled me over for (alleged!) speeding on the way home.'' Hillary & Bill Clinton are living rent free in their minds: www.msn.com (7/3/16)

Well, it's been a while, but after some of the answers I've seen, I thought I'd chip in my two cents. There is a tie for most annoying poster...Unsigned Corporate Suit for his monologues, Gus in Gaithersburg for HIS monologues, the guy who can't stand Gus in Gaithersburg, the guy who hates Don Geronimo, the one who hates WBAL (Former employee? Still mad, bro?), Carl in Olney (who has a bizarre fixation on Nina Totenberg...stalker much?), the stock price guy (day trader, I'll bet), the guy who tracks every day Diane Rehm takes off, the guy who has a sick fascination with the Baltimore DA and her girlfriend in the media (issues, perchance?)...and worst of the worst is Radio is Dead Guy. Dave, you need to set up a Bitch Board, where all these people can go scream at the wall and leave the board to real discussion. The RCL (7/3/16)

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