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DCRTV Mailbag - June 11, 2016 to July 2, 2016

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You might like to take a moment to pray for our dear friend Johnny Dark, he's having some health issues. Undiagnosed at this time. Luckily tests came back negative for Colon Cancer. Thanks in advance. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Johnny. (7/2/16)

Re: the local Emmys, I saw a promo for Fox5 with Holly Morris onstage and I "thought" I saw her holding an Emmy. Then, on her FB page, she said she was nominated twice (or as Dave said, "paid" to be a nominee), but didn't win. So maybe she was a presenter. But showing her holding an Emmy gives the idea that she won. (7/2/16)

One of the all time dumbest commercials I’ve ever seen on TV is a new one by Comcast. It’s almost as dumb as the original song “We Built This City” by Starship. It’s the “We Built This Thingy” (on tech that’s old) TV ad. Not only is it blatant false advertising since cable TV predates wide spread home satellite reception, but cable TV’s content is almost all satellite programming received by satellite receivers that are also affected by wind/rain and the elements. On smaller cable systems without as much redundancy, you often experience pixelation, picture freeze and signal outages from weather, wind, etc just like direct satellite receivers do. Does Comcast think that customers are that stupid to think Comcast gets the channels some way differently? If anything, that ad is so stupid, it makes me more interested in DIREC TV or DISH! HAHA! (7/2/16)

More of my favorite YouTubers, including the disappearance of Spudnik. Plus, Louis has a van fire, more bisexual rumors about Ben, the Woo explores Nevada's strangeness, Adrian ends his brilliant Vlune, Sintax is back, Nomadic Fanatic's toilet video, and more questions for Nomadic Fanatic Stickers. In today's "Dave TV"..... (7/2/16)

How come no mention of the local Emmy Awards last Saturday? Redskins won an Emmy, their 11th. Ravens won their 20th. So did WBAL TV’s Jayne Miller and Kathleen Cairns and Mary Bubala. The broadcast btw, was last night on MPT2. Not sure if they’re going to rebroadcast it. (7/2/16)

Dave's response: If you don't get your station/organization to pay to enter your work then you don't have a chance at winning. It's more of a promtional thing than a true unbiased honor. The Emmys, along with many other awards, just aren't that newsworthy, IMHO.....

Not that anyone cares, but Ocean City’s WGBG AM 1590 and FM 105.1 and 104.3 are ALL off the air this holiday weekend. I’d hate to be one of Adam’s Radio’s Advertisers expecting July 4th weekend spots with 250,000 people in town. It was raining though yesterday. Maybe they have to turn the lights out during the rain, so as to not be struck by lightning. My grandmother always said that. I’m sure the FCC will accept such a sound excuse. :-) (7/2/16)

Blair, If you are not aware Weasel can be heard live on WTMD 89.7 Baltimore Friday evenings. The show is repeated on Saturday at noon. The show is Free Form and he plays what he wants. If you are in a good location you may be able to pick it up off the air, if not they stream on the web. Bob Fairfax (7/2/16)

Dave's response: Can't WTMD find a way to get a better signal in the DC area? For a few years around 2008, they were able to use the 105.5 low-power signal to get heard in parts of the western DC suburbs. And they have, at times, been heard among WAMU's digital HD offerings. Perhaps WTMD could make a deal with WPFW, WGTS, or WCSP to get a digital subchannel which could then feed a low-power analog FMer. Or make a deal with Hubbard to use some of the Gamut's numerous frequencies (98.3, 104.5, 820). Or, heck, buy or lease a grunky old AMer (950, 1390, 1520, etc.), which would certainly be better than nothing.....

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Okay. so the new prime time schedule on WHAG is 'Hill Street Blues,' 'Hunter,' and the news. What's the big deal? They're probably getting them from Heroes & Icons anyway. I'd rather watch 'Hill Street Blues' than 'NYPD Blue' ANYTIME. Unsigned Retired Non-Suit. (7/1/16)

Andy Poli repeats what he does filling in for Mr. Tony in the afternoon later with Czabe. It is very annoying. OOBBEE (7/1/16)

Did you buy the iHeart Stock at $1.12 per share? I hope you didn't buy it. The lenders are in a lawsuit with them and they may declare bankruptcy. They will continue to "fight" with their lenders. (7/1/16)

If you're anywhere over, say, 44 or 45 years old, this may be a shock to your system, but as we prepare to mark the USA's 240th birthday, it means that the Bicentennial is now 40 years into the past...yep, 40. Years. And while you shake your head ruefully in disbelief over that, I have a question/request: As a young lad of 5 at the time, I recall a big deal being made over a gigantic birthday cake that was to float into the Inner Harbor on a barge that July 4th, complete with sparklers all over it. It was to be part fabricated, but also contain a large amount of actual cake. As it goes, heat and rain in the days before the 4th did extensive damage and what floated into the harbor wound up being much less cake and icing and more slapdash painted repairs. Some 17 tons of real cake either had dissolved or eaten by rats. The story behind it here: retrobaltimore.tumblr.com... Now as to what I'm after -- as you see in the story, this was just a portion of a much bigger event, in which Ed McMahon and other celebrities performed from locations around the harbor, Federal Hill, and Fort McHenry that ran for some 9 hours, almost a mini-telethon in scale. I recall this TV special slightly, and as a retro video fan, I've searched high and low for literally 20 years for any remnants of this broadcast, but have come up empty --even in this age of YouTube, nothing, like it never happened at all. So does anyone out there know where this show may be found, or at least who produced it that might have something in their archives? Seems like a bit of B'more history that should be preserved, for better or worse. Thanks! (7/1/16)

RE; RID guy, Dave every so often a total douche comes along and makes his mark on the ole interweb. Case in point with R.I.D. Guy. While its your site and your rules I too would 2nd any motion to delete his posts. Just another Keyboard coward. Thanks...MC (7/1/16)

Are you missing WHFS and Frantic Fridays? Whatever else you do this afternoon, go here: www.nosuchthingaswas.com ~~ These are the real fireworks. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (7/1/16)

Do promises made to the FCC mean anything? NOTHING! in 2008 iHeart said to the FCC......if you approve the sale of our company, we will abide by the FCC Rules and spin off WFMD and WFRE in the DC Market. We already own our limit of FM Stations. ( 5 FM Stations is the Limit). That was eight years ago and iHeart still owns the stations and enjoys the positive cash flow these stations provide. In other words, iHeart lied. They found a loophole. (7/1/16)

Dave's response: Gooooolly. A big American company lied. And got cozy with federal regulators. Will wonders ever cease? I've always said the FCC should be renamed the FCCC. The extra "C"? "Corrupt".....

Lets get RID-of-this-guy: You think radio is dead. We get it. That's just grrrreat. But see, this is a radio site. So, maybe you want to alter your morning routine a bit, because get lost. (7/1/16)

Oh my God you got to meet a couple of local DJ's so that means radio isn't dead? Your evidence is irrefutable! I once met a rooster and then miraculously the sun rose! OMG, OMG, OMG. How did that rooster make the sun rise? You conveniently left out the ratings those two local DJ's garner to back up your claim that "radio isn't dead"!!! Did you Pee your pants, just a little when being the presence of real honest to God DJ's??? As I posted before, anyone with an IQ above single digits can see the reality that RADIO IS DEAD. Put please dazzle us with your in depth research and prove me right yet again! RID-guy (7/1/16)

I wonder why Nexstar chose such third-rate syndicated programming to fill the time around their WHAG newscasts? Hill St Blues? Really? It’s sad that now the other local independent station WJAL 68 has better programming. I give this about a year, at most, before WHAG is sold to a religious or home shopping channel. MLB4 (7/1/16)

[RE: These Channel 6 LPTV Stations are in major markets like NY, Chicago, DC, LA, San Francisco, etc. In DC, the station is leased to a Spanish Broker and they operate on 87.7, their analog frequency as WDCN. These stations have NEVER operated as LOCAL TELEVISION STATIONS, as they promised the FCC.] That's because ~nobody watches LPTV!~ LPTVs don't have must-carry cable status and cover limited areas. With those restrictions, nobody can afford to put anything on them other than brokered crap. Until broadcasters figured out a legal loophole to do something worthwhile with LPTV 6, it was dead in the water. Even the FCC isn't stupid enough to stand in the way of someone who actually engages media consumers within the rules because of arbitrary politically-motivated "promises." Look past the trees to the forest. Don't you get it yet? (7/1/16)

[RE: Sometimes it feels like a media wasteland out here in Frederick County; {WFMD} basically reads the front page of the News-Post for their “newscasts” in between the ranting of right-wing {hosts}] WFMD's talk shows counter the far-left MontCo wannabies who make up the out-of-touch Editorial Board at The Frederick News Post. As Rush is fond of saying, "I don't need to be balanced, I ~am~ balance." (7/1/16)

I can't take it anymore; I have to comment! 1) WDCN on 87.7 is so popular, that when my wife once mentioned in a Communications class she was teaching in Rockville that FM radio goes from 88.1 - 107.9, a lot of students commented that the station they like is at 87.7 (and were skeptical of me, her source of the info). So it really IS popular, and what's so bad about having a station on at that frequency? It's licensed, and who is it hurting. 2) What is it with NPR and WAMU. The former says "Live from Culver City, CA, here's the news" (like I give a you-know-what). Do I really think the news is from 3 days ago, and do I care that their offices are near the Slauson Cutoff? And the latter says "Live, Local, and Left-wing" (I added that last part). Do they think that when they sound like amateurs (with a few exceptions) that it's pre-recorded and fixed up to be that way? Do I think a station licensed to Washington, DC, is in Pocatello, Idaho? Perhaps they could also say on "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me": "This program was prerecorded before a live (not dead) audience, and so it's NOT Live, NOT local but still Left-wing!" 3) "With over 30 million listeners per week, this is CBS News". Is this the way they expect to get more advertisers? Do all these people think that all young people think they are listening to podcasts that have only 20 listeners when they use the radio? Aren't they embarrassed to sound like a small station on 1490 trying to get the local car dealerships on board again? 4) And since no one asked: I am going to miss ol' Garrison Keillor on Saturday evenings; his last show is on tomorrow at 6 PM (5 in St. Paul, 3 at the venue) from the Hollywood Bowl ; and you can watch it on prairiehome.org. It will be "Live and Local" (if you happen to be on the Hollywood Freeway tomorrow) I make no jokes about him being left-wing, because he never has pretended to be a journalist, unlike Nina Totenberg, for example. -- Carl in Olney (7/1/16)

Dave's response: Maybe the FCC should go back to the days of judging licensees on the basis of "public service." Little, weak WDCN on outside band frequency of 87.7 gets way better ratings than Salem's big-signaled WAVA on 105.1. Maybe the FCC should "reward" WDCN for better "serving" the public by flipping the frequencies. Just a wild and crazy thought.....

I see that WHAG-TV Hagerstown now has “270 Edition” newscasts targeted to Frederick and MontCo. Do they really reach many people in Montgomery County? I didn’t realize that the cable systems there carried them. You would think that the DC Metro stations provide more than adequate coverage of news from the immediate Maryland suburbs, in any event. This would have been a chance to concentrate on Frederick, which is pretty much ignored by both the Baltimore and Washington stations. Sometimes it feels like a media wasteland out here in Frederick County; all we have is the laughable Frederick News-Post and the iHeart stations, who basically read the front page of the News-Post for their “newscasts” in between the ranting of right-wing nutjobs on WFMD and the music of the inbred on WFRE. –Mike in Bartonsville (7/1/16)

As a follow up to previous posting about Channel 6 LPTV......None of these LPTV Stations are owned by minorities now. They were originally owned by minorities, but were all sold. Perhaps FCC Chairman Wheeler will take action on this situation because it happened before he came to the FCC. (7/1/16)

PARTY EXCUSE: July 1 is the 75th anniversary (1941) of the very first TV commercial. NBC's New York City station became WNBT and ran an ad for Bulova Watch Company, and NBC was paid $8. (7/1/16)

FOX 45’s Jeff Abel was on The Kelly File live last night about his investigation of Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby facing a Disbarment complaint. The complaint filed was by the same person whole a similar complaint in North Carolina over the Duke University rape case. That State’s Attorney was ultimately disbarred. — BaltoMedia.Net (7/1/16)

FCC Info: Metro Radio is proposing to expand it’s 97.5 translator signal into more of northern VA. That translator has to have a huge null towards Baltimore because of the Hope Church’s 97.5 FM on TV Hill on the monster candelabra tower, but apparently they’ve found some room for Virginia to expand the signal. Would be much better signal to you Dave Hughes if approved. See here… fccdata.org — BaltoMedia.Net (7/1/16)

NBC 25 WHAG, I mean TV 25 WHAG, debuted their new news set this morning complete with new graphics and new theme music. I also noticed that the newscasts are now co-anchored as well. Noticeably missing is the NBC peacock logo. It will be interesting to see how much the station's ratings slide after their loss of the NBC affiliation. (7/1/16)

Most people do not know the background on LPTV Channel 6. When these LPTV stations were issued they were for minorities to gain ownership in television. All of them were issued to minorities who made promises to the FCC to operate as LOCAL COMMUNITY TV STATIONS. The coverage of these stations, as TV Stations, was very limited. The FCC announced that they must go digital by 9/1/15 and turn in the analog channels on that date. The group hired a lobbyist to lobby the FCC and got them to agree to extend the date indefinitely, The lobbyist earned his money. It worked. These Channel 6 LPTV Stations are in major markets like NY, Chicago, DC, LA, San Francisco, etc. In DC, the station is leased to a Spanish Broker and they operate on 87.7, their analog frequency as WDCN. These stations have NEVER operated as LOCAL TELEVISION STATIONS, as they promised the FCC. This all happened before FCC Chairman Wheeler joined the FCC. (7/1/16)

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Update on kane? Did he ever leave that elevator? Lol (6/30/16)

WDCH #40 in it's own market?!!! What a waste of that terrific MARYLAND signal on 99.1 which is clear into Southern PA, like all other BALTIMORE FM signals sans 105.7 WJZ. (6/30/16)

Dave's response: That and 105.1, WAVA, another low-rated magnificent waste of a great signal.....

While it's amusing to read about the radio is dead guys opinion I can truly say radio isn't dead. At least not Rock radio. I had the absolute pleasure of Meeting (2) of our area's best Rock radio D.J's last night at a show in Silver Spring at the Fillmore. Hanging in the crowd was Kirk McEwen and Stash! By far 2 guys who still kick ass on our local radio airwaves. They were both nice enough to take the time to chat after the show and take a few pix with fans. So maybe the radio is dead guy needs to get out a little more...Rock On& A.M.F.....Mark/Bethesda.... (6/30/16)

I've had occasion to take taxis to two different places over the past couple of days. Both times I had Hispanic drivers, and both times the car radio was tuned in to 87.7 WDCN-FM "La Nueva" ... the Radio Station That Should Not Be. Given the mass number of AM'ers running targeted programming and the presence of CBS' El Zol, it surprised me to see that these drivers chose (not "settled for," but chose) 87.7. In spite of the station's controversial dial position, they are apparently doing something right, and competing Spanish programmers in the DC area would be wise to follow and study what they are doing, rather than curse them for their existence. (6/30/16)

Watching channel 5 reporting on the possible active shooting at Joint Andrews and as usual, the reporters are reading random tweets and Facebook comments that cannot be confirmed. And now they're justifying relaying this information to "keep us informed". Some anchors and reporters are better at relaying information in emergency situations than others. I know that at this point, Fox5 has 4 people on set, but given my preference, I'd rather just listen to Steve Chenevey. (6/30/16)

I agree with the poster on the AAA media hype for the holiday weekend. I woke up to Fox 45 doing a live studio piece on how to safely use fireworks. Next up I expect to hear how to safely grill for the holiday. This is lazy journalism at its best. Watching these so called stories is bad enough on TV, but can you imagine hearing them on the radio especially at a station like WBAL where it seems now full of part-timers and DC transplants who don't know Baltimore and don't care about the listeners interests. (6/30/16)

The Baltimore Ravens won their 20 Emmy Award this past weekend. The story was about Kendrick Lewis and Hurricane Katrina and Steve Smith Sr. www.baltimoreravens.com (6/30/16)

The signal for WMAL has definitely become less listenable towards Baltimore. Cumulus seems to have completely pulled the plug on their HD unit at 107.3 , leaving only analog. Darn, Cumulus needs to revive their HD streams, bringing back WMAL on 107.3 HD2 ...Tracy in Odenton, MD (6/30/16)

" 40) WILC and WPOC and WLIF and WRBS-FM and WVBX and WSMD and WSPZ and WTOPHD3 and WDCH and WKIK....." And to think Larry in Leonardtown was afraid of his 1K daytime WKIK 1370 AM being heard in DC by the FCC ( the Corp of Army Engineers blew the stepdown transformer in the Collins) when installing an Onan backup generator. He normally would have been happy to have been heard in Hughesville. (6/30/16)

Another Mailbag poster asked about Kavitha Cardoza. She is joining EdWeek in August (blogs.edweek.org), so presumably we are hearing the last of her work on WAMU this week. Also, in today's Dave TV, Dave briefly wondered why WETA runs two duplicate subchannels on 26.1 and 26.4. Not that you asked, but this is actually a vestige of one of the weirder DTV channel setups I've ever come across. To this day, WETA considers 26.4 to be its primary channel, and it is the feed that is in WaPo's TV listings and on SD/analog basic cable. (www.weta.org) This is a holdover from the days pre-digital transition when PBS did not have very much first-run HD programming. The network provided an entirely separate feed of archival HD shows (mostly old documentaries, concerts, and so forth) for stations to run on their digital signals as an additional programming source. 26.1 started out running this feed, only breaking off to simulcast 26.4 in primetime. Eventually, this separate feed closed and besides in the mornings - when 26.1 reruns the previous night's primetime while 26.4 shows kids' shows per normal - the two channels simulcast each other nowadays. So why on earth they still have it set up like that I have no idea either. (6/30/16)

Dave's response: 26.1 and 26.4 are almost entirely the same. However, they do sometimes run different things. At 6 PM on weekdays, 26.1 runs Tavis Smiley and 26.4 runs "BBC World News." Go figure. Also, Channel 32/WHUT runs a standard def version of its main HD signal on 32.2. Howard University constantly moans about how it doesn't have the funds to run WHUT and is threatening to sell its spectrum via the FCC's upcoming auction. OK. So why not lease that WHUT subchannel space for some extra dough? I'm sure there'd be plenty of takers to reach the big DC market. Go figure.....

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OK girls and boys, let's get ready for the annual Independence Day holiday weekend travel predictions from the masters of media manipulation, AAA Mid-Atlantic. The circus side show will begin tomorrow and will be timed to coincide with the "mass exodus" of travelers with their bogus surveys and half-assed estimates based on phony telephone surveys, flea-bag one-star hotel bookings and mini-wini weekend rentals. The information is about as reliable as the Ocean City toilet flushes used to count the crowds there. I say flush all the AAA news releases on this crap down the toilet and get past all this shit. (6/29/16)

Hip, hip, hooray! Kornheiser is GONE from radio. He should be GONE from TV. As they say on SNL, "Bye, bye!" "Ba, ba!" "BYE!" Who knows, ratings for 980 AM may even rise above the fishes in the sea. Let us see here...I do not watch PTI (I like Wilbon, but not Korn). I do not listen to 980 AM. Life is good. (6/29/16)

Only one more day to vote in the Radio Hall of Fame: radiohof.org... Michael Savage is asking listeners to be sure and vote for him: no word if Mark Levin (not nominated), Rush Limbaugh (already inducted) or Ham Hannity (nominated this year) will be texting a vote on his behalf, but we do know DCRTVDJDAVE will be voting for Diane Rehm even though he doesn’t text. Here are these year’s nominees: “Music Format On-Air Personality: For Sean “Hollywood” Hamilton, text “HOLLYWOOD HAMILTON,” “HOLLYWOOD” or “HAMILTON” to 36500. For Tom Kent, text “TOM KENT” or “TOM” to 36500. For Kevin & Bean, text “KEVIN & BEAN,” “KEVIN” or “BEAN” to 36500. For Bob Kingsley, text “BOB KINGSLEY” or “BOB” to 36500. Spoken Word On-Air Personality: For Sean “Ham” Hannity, text “HANNITY” to 36500 For Mike and the Mad Dog, text “MIKE & THE MAD DOG,” “MIKE” or “CHRIS” to 36500. For Diane Rehm, text “DIANE REHM” or “DIANE” to 36500, For Michael Savage, text “SAVAGE” to 36500.” Data rates apply: happy texting! (6/29/16)

I honestly have not listened to Kornheiser's radio show in a year or 2. But when he launches the podcast, I'll probably give it a listen as he needs to "introduce" himself and the crew to a national audience. Yes, the show was national at one point, but that's been years. Also I'm going to take a wild guess and say he will not launch it independently. I think it will join the Nerdist network. I don't think TK has the patience to build or even hire someone to build his podcast empire. Chris Hardwick and the Nerdist network already have a national following. They just started their first sports podcast early this year or late 2015 with Jonah Keri, formerly of ESPN and Grantland. And recently, Keri mentioned on his podcast that he was in the DC area and met with TK. He didn't tip his cap on it, but it seemed they may have met a week or 2 before TK's announcement. Just a wild guess. (6/29/16)

Question: I keep hearing Kavitha Cardoza on WAMU—this morning, most recently. Are these just her final pieces before heading to the new job, or might she (fingers crossed) continue doing at least some radio reporting? I think she’s awesome, and was saddened to read your item below. Thanks! Eric..... Kavitha Cardoza Leaves WAMU - 6/13 - DCRTV hears that education reporter Kavitha Cardoza (right) is leaving American University public radio news talker WAMU, 88.5, to be a multimedia reporter at Education Week, edweek.org, which produces reports for "PBS Newshour" and documentaries for PBS. Cardoza joined WAMU in 2008, and, before that, worked at the University Of Illinois' public radio outlet WUIS in Springfield, Illinois. She was also an adjunct faculty member for the university's Department Of Communication. While at WAMU, her five-part series on childhood obesity won a first place award from the Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcasters Association..... (6/29/16)

"Kornheiser, who has been at WTEM since 1992..." But, it hasn't been nonstop since '92. IIRC, he had a stint on the ill-fated WWWT (6/29/16)

Channel 4 debuted new news graphics today at 11 AM. They are atrocious. The newscast now looks like any of the other three local stations. Too much clutter on the screen. (6/29/16)

"There are none so blind ... duhhhh ... you have your head so firmly up your ass ... Are you a used car salesman too?" Yeah, I knew there was a reason I didn't miss you. The only fact worth remembering: Radio will be dead when the dial has gone silent. Not a moment before. (6/29/16)

The Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg column header somehow makes Tony Kornheiser’s radio show ending “A Sopranos moment”: Tony Kornheiser’s radio show ends with a “Sopranos’ moment” (there was an episode “The Two Tonys” wikipedia.org on the Sopranos but otherwise the header makes no sense). Steinberg opines: “Before that sign-off, the previous two hours weren’t a nostalgia-filled look back at two decades in local radio; the whole thing was pretty much just a regular Tuesday show. But Kornheiser did offer a few brief thoughts about moving on, which might be of interest to his long-time fans. “It’s not sad at all; we’re happy,” he said, to a slightly nostalgic Kevin Sheehan, who will remain as a 980 morning host. “Everybody feels a certain amount of nostalgia — when I walk around here and people who I have seen for years say ‘I’m so sad.’ … All the people that I do the radio show with are coming with me, except for Kevin, who’s gone on to bigger and better things. … The only thing that changes is the method of delivery. It is the exact same show. Now here’s what I feel bad about. I feel bad that people my age, who I know listen to me… are too stubborn to even learn how to do a podcast, so they won’t change. …“I’m gonna miss pretty much people my age, but you should understand this: the opportunity to do this, I walked away from two years left on a contact,” Kornheiser said. “I don’t know what is being written or what is being said, but the truth of the matter is, I walked away with two years left on a contract, which at my age is so stupid and an indefensible position. And why did I do it? Because I thought it might be nice to see if I could get [not] people to pay for it on a daily basis, but advertisers who I could bring them a certain amount of listeners: smart, funny, affluent people all around the country. Maybe we could get ads. Maybe we could get a sponsor from all around the country.” Well, if it’s “the same show” why is he retiring from 980? Actually, Tony SHOULD just retire entirely and play golf with his pal Obambi (who will be hanging around DC forever it seems): there’s plenty of sports radio available in the DC market. More: www.washingtonpost.com (6/29/16)

WBAL 11's Jayne Miller wins a regional Emmy Award, the Board of Governors Award, for long time excellent reporting. Mary Bubala of WJZ 13 and Kathleen Cairns of Fox 45 also received reporting awards. WMAR ABC 2 received one award for a news promotion. www.baltimoresun.com... (6/29/16)

Almost two years after I cut the Comcast cable TV cord, I take a look at what free TV channels I can get, plus I talk about my decision to drop Netflix, which seems to be getting more and more like "any old" TV network day by day. In the latest cord cutter edition of "Dave TV"..... (6/29/16)

RE: “WRQX continues to take on water in 18th place”…They are what they are! When upper management continues to place managers in so called leadership roles simply to fulfill the company narrative you will get beat. Cumulus eliminated all of the great leaders inside the company who spoke up and questioned decisions. Today, they employ followers not leaders. Cumulus continues to take on water, and the company is teetering on bankruptcy, yet the SVP’s who worked under the Dickey Dictatorship, and run the day to day operations remain in place. Is the new CEO a puppet? Is the new CEO a sucker? Is the new CEO simply cashing a big check until the bankruptcy occurs? The only thing we know for sure is the fact that as long as those SVP’s in operations, sales and programming running the company stay in place…. nothing will change. Signed, Anonymous (6/29/16)

"We haven't heard from the Radio is Dead guy in awhile. Maybe cuz ... it ain't?" There are none so blind.....duhhhh! Anyone with a pulse can can turn on the AM radio and hear the death, no matter where you tune. And now FM stations are following blindly down the same path. More and more religious beggars infest the FM dial, much like they did AM before it died. Anyone that thinks radio "isn't" dead, can't see the forest because all the damn tree's are blocking the view. Start tuning from 540AM to 1700 and then tell me AM isn't dead? Are you a used car salesman too? The only thing worth listening to on AM are the pirates on 1710 at night. And FM? Really? Same hack playlists churned out at home office and voice over's from God knows where. Local content is dead....so is radio. The reason you haven't heard from me is because its obvious to anyone with an IQ barely breaking double digits, that RADIO IS DEAD. Rigormortise is setting in but you can't tell because you have your head so firmly up your ass! It was a good run but so was the Model T. Radio is Dead Guy (6/29/16)

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"Mass Appeal" WRQX continues to take water in 18th place... 18th! Male-Niched WJFK beats WRQX! MIX 107.3 hasn't had a qualified Program Director since Kenny King. Current PD has been a perennial "losing" Cumulus PD, for years. Revenue, so low! Ratings, invisible! New format waiting to be launched, when will it get the green light?? WMAL continues to be a Top 10 failure, spends more time around 15th. Without Rush, they'd perform even worse than WRQX, hard to comprehend. Why would any agency embarrass their clients on WRQX? What could MIX 107 sales pitch possibly be? Performed better under.... Dickey brothers!?! Yes it's true!!! (6/28/16)

We haven't heard from the Radio is Dead guy in awhile. Maybe cuz ... it ain't? (6/28/16)

Any status update on the “planned vacationing” Kane? Maybe iHeart should call Danni back into action with Rose, Sara and Sammy? (6/28/16)

More of my favorite YouTube Channels, including Adam The Woo, who travels to the very first McDonalds in California. And a look at the very first Ronald McDonald, who was DC TV great Willard Scott. In today's "Dave TV"..... (6/28/16)

Two more Mailbag Lack of Creativity nominations: The WFRE/WFMD trust troll and the Hope Church haranguer. Clearheart won't get anything near what it paid for either Frederick station in a sale today, so they'll remain in the trust. I'm sure listeners of WFMD are happy under the current arrangement - it's a fine local station for a medium market, and there's no assurance that a new AM buyer would maintain it. Letting iChannel reap the benefits of the WFRE cash machine is a small price to pay to keep WFMD in business as it is. The Hope Church applied for and received licenses for a number of translators to repeat its WVBV Medford Lakes religious broadcast. Once the FCC decided to allow AMs to use FM translators, it became financially beneficial for the church to lease the translators to commercial broadcasters. While one could argue that the noncomm FM satellator regs should be changed (I'd agree wholeheartedly), Hope Church isn't breaking any rules. Non-profits don't pay dividends to shareholders; the financial gains they accrue from business transactions are rolled back into operations. Same as it ever was. FM translators were established to fill in holes in primary FM station signals; satellators came later; AMs on translators came less than 10 years ago. There's no connection between owning AM stations and owning translators. Hope Church was simply in the right place at the right time, and they're using the translator proceeds to further their nonprofit mission. Nothing wrong with that. Let it rest. (6/28/16)

[RE: here is a great article about Gram Parsons] Good piece about Gram and Joshua Tree. Thanks, Bob. For afficionados of freeform WHFS, WXYG Minnesota is playing their progressive rock library A to Z this week, including some great deep cuts I haven't heard in years. Here's the link for the playlist as it happens. The station website with stream is accessible from the playlist. Enjoy over the holiday weekend! twitter.com (6/28/16)

CUMULUS STOCK. Could this little stock be a bargain at 30 cents per share? (6/28/16)

Re: NBC4 summer replacements - This past weekend it was Mollette Green and Meghan Fitzgerald doing the AM news, not Melissa Mollet. Melissa Mollet is still out on maternity leave. Lee (Ft Washington) (6/28/16)

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\/ June 27 Messages \/

LOOPHOLES in the FCC RULES......there are so many loopholes around the rules. iHeart owns 6 FM Stations plus translator in DC. The limit is just 5 FM Stations. You just put one of the stations in you your "trust". You tell the FCC you are going to sell it but you never do. FM Translators are used as "fill in signals" for weak AM Stations. You don't need to own a AM Station at all. You do what THE HOPE CHURCH does and lease an existing HD Channel on another FM Station in the market and apply for a translator. How many translators do they own now in the Baltimore area? If you don't want to pay for a FM station in the market, buy one of the LPTV stations on Channel 6 and use it as a FM Station. This is a cheap way to get a good FM signal in a major market like DC. (6/27/16)

NBC4 has a show on Sunday mornings called Reporters Notebook hosted by Pat Lawson Muse where 3 reporters from local radio stations discuss local issues. However, for the past couple of weeks, 2 NBC4 reporters have been at the desk. Just curious as to whether this is the new format or maybe just temporary for the summer. (6/27/16)

Looks like Cumulus Corporate offices are pushing for ANOTHER format change of WRQX. What format may we hear over the holiday weekend? Apparently some "up the ladder" folks have conversed about an 80-90's Hip Hop station on 107.3FM. Whatever they do, and whatever BS they are telling their clients, whom constantly get screwed by WRQX (mis) management of the station, it can't be ANY WORSE than this embarrassing version of MIX 107.3.... Ok, it is Cumulus, I take that back. (6/27/16)

Seems like every week or every other week, the news stations for channel 5 and 7 are announcing the hiring of new reporters. I think channel 7 has had a number of people leave, but why is channel 5 hiring so many new reporters? When Wisdom Martin returned from his vacation, Holly asked where he went and when he didn't answer, she asked where he went to interview. And again, he didn't respond. Not that he may have been interviewing anywhere, but he would want to stay put as he's been lucky to have been given an anchor position. Especially since he seems like a work in progress as he still seems to struggle somewhat with reading the teleprompter as well as doing one on one interviews. (6/27/16)

For those of you who remember The Byrds, The Flying Burrito Bros. & like Alt. Country here is a great article about Gram Parsons. Bob Fairfax www.npca.org (6/27/16)

It's obvious that summer time is here as the local tv stations are bringing in the replacements. Channel 4 brought in Melissa Mollet & Meghan Fitzgerald for the weekend morning news. Then this morning on Fox 5, no Allison or Steve, so they alternated the early morning crew: Holly, Wisdom & Maureen ALL morning and brought Erin Como over to join them in "The Loft". (6/27/16)

The Mailbag Lack of Creativity Award should go to the stock troll, the STA stammerer and the LPTV 6-on-FM whiner. We know that several broadcast companies are bankrupt and living on cash flow because there won't be any buyers. We know that Big Government is broken across the board (which has never been so painfully obvious as during this past week - Orlando response & Brexit). We know that LPTV 6 broadcasters were clever enough to find a ~legal~ loophole around the increasingly meaningless FCC rules to create a broadcast on LPTV 6 that people ~actually want to tune in to~. As if there's something wrong with that. I know a lot of broadcasters grew up under arbitrary government rules and learned to love them, but that doesn't make those rules good, productive or in any way desireable in a technologically expanding age. They're just politics, and most happy people learn to accomodate the stupidity of politics, or live their lives outside of politics altogether. Politics is interesting in the way any freak show is. Like a car crash. Like a zoo. Like DC. With all that's going on in media today, the mailbag can't rise above zoo-level? I don't believe it. (6/27/16)

I’m not the stock guy. If I wanted to post about stocks, they’d be ones I’m making money off of, not the ones he’s ranting about! I point out the STAs because it’s a metaphor for broken government in general. What the FCC approves is almost comedy. In one STA app, the FCC said, “We suggest you sell the station to keep the license”, then right after that line state, “Therefor, we the FCC have approved this request!” HAHA! It’s hysterically funny reading them. I mean Birach blamed his tower loss to kids playing baseball and the FCC actually bought that story! Locally, Multicultural has blamed its landlord repeatedly (which is their problem, not the FCC’s) and on another site said vandals are stealing the copper, but apparently they don’t have it fenced off properly, so once again THEIR FAULT! As for the WMAL transmitter site and the move, their final proposal to Montgomery County has been submitted, but I don’t think any decision has been made, but the opposition doesn’t appear to have a good case against it unless they can afford to buy the land, which they already proved they cannot. It’s not zoned for houses or this development specifically, but it’a actually zoned for something technically worse, so I don’t see how they can win this, the community that is. Here’s the website… www.bethesdaneighborhood.com (6/27/16)

Dave, pardon me, I may veer toward the ungentlemanly here. "As usual, Gus is still living in his Assisted Living ancient past. Dave Marish pretty much said what I said and his Wikipedia page quotes him as saying while he liked the idea of Aljazeera English, he couldn’t vouch for many of the stories and content they were putting out, meaning he quit because it was ruining his credibility." Assisted living? What do you bench, friend? What's your 10 mile time? Can you hold your breath for 4 minutes? Do a handstand? Okay, enough about your disabilities. As I see it, your position is Dave Marash [NOTE CORRECT SPELLING] roont his career by quitting a job that paid him a buttload of money because his credibility was more important. Do you see why that makes no sense? How does quitting because of ethical or moral reasons ruin a career? I mentioned Nightline (a lot of people have heard of it) because of this: "I also told him that might wreck his career as it did for the WRC 4 guy David Maresh who ended up banished to Santa Fe New Mexico on public radio or something." Again with the misspelling, but at this point what can you do, you're probably a chronic alcoholic. To sum up, Dave Marash is a 74 year old retiree living in a warm climate, keeping his hand in in an industry he seems to like, and seems to be employable in. Hard to reconcile that with the idea that he "wreck[ed] his career". What station did you say you work for? That's right, you didn't. Tell you what, friend. Go piss up a rope, won't you? Gus in Gaithersburg (6/27/16)

RE: Dave's response: WMAL tries to sell its weekend slots and they do run "reruns" of Plante on the weekends sometimes. They're not to be referred to as "best of" shows because, with Plante, that's impossible..... OMYGAWD DCRTVDJDAVE even Chris Plante like a broken clock can be right twice a weekday or even on a weekend! LEAVE CHRIS PLANTE ALONE RIGHT NOW! Just admit you have a “thing” for him and would take out Number One Girl in a minute f you could. Signed: Not Silvie From Waldorf. And here is the handsome stud... (6/27/16)

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\/ June 26 Messages \/

I found it interesting that WMAL had Chris Plante reruns on for quite a while today. Usually he’s not even aired on Sunday. From, Amar (6/26/16)

Dave's response: WMAL tries to sell its weekend slots and they do run "reruns" of Plante on the weekends sometimes. They're not to be referred to as "best of" shows because, with Plante, that's impossible.....

"Who's the bigger asshole; the stock price/bankruptcy asshat or the STA troll?" The stock price/bankruptcy asshat. Then again it might be the same person. (6/26/16)

"While the recent tornado was raising a few roofs in the area, Mr. Iannelli was raising a few eyebrows among residents there over his coverage." Oh good heavens, such drama! If that's the worst thing in your life, count your blessings. And if it offends or bothers you that much, turn it off. (6/26/16)

To the poster mentioning Nathan Hager on WTOP, you should have listened on Saturday because Mr. Hager did a "Bloomberg Market Minute" report that airs on the weekends at :25 and :55. Now how weird is that? (6/26/16)

People that work for Cumulus and iHeart don't want to hear about the massive debt that these companies have. No one wants to hear about our National Debt. That is someone else's problem. The fact that both companies may go into bankruptcy, is someone else's problem. I would rather just hear about who is one the radio and if I like to listen to that "personality". (6/26/16)

As usual, Gus is still living in his Assisted Living ancient past. Dave Marish pretty much said what I said and his Wikipedia page quotes him as saying while he liked the idea of Aljazeera English, he couldn’t vouch for many of the stories and content they were putting out, meaning he quit because it was ruining his credibility. Adam May doesn’t seem to have Marish’s intelligence. He didn’t quit. They booted him and went under at the same time. He was totally fine overlooking AJ America’s anti-gay and anti-women slant. Why? AJ America was well financed by Arab money and they paid him oodles of cash to shut his piehole. At least Marish had the guts to just up and quit on his own. As for Nightline, is it even on anymore? OH, Gus probably has all the re-runs from the 1980s on VHS, which he’d probably argue is more inherently trustworthy than those shiny flying saucer discs. :-) (6/26/16)

Possibly the weirdest header ever from WTOP: “Pesky geese to become food for the homeless”. Like “the homeless” would eat pesky geese: wtop.com (6/26/16)

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Elvis has left the building: Washington Post columnist and Fox News Sunday panelist George Will has quit the GOP. Will the last conservative Republican leaving the party please turn out the lights: hotair.com (6/25/16)

"the FCC is supposed to just yank the licenses of these facilities for not serving the public interest." There are dozens of AM stations within 100-miles of the FCC in DC that are so far out of parameters (for DA stations) that if it weren't so serious it would be funny. The FCC has pretty much given up on "enforcement" of commercial radio stations, relying on self enforcement. I'm not trying to be insulting but can you point to any real meaningful "enforcement" by the FCC to any commercial AM or FM station in the past 5-years in the DC to New York metro markets? Just reading the AM revitalization plan should have been proof alone. Good luck on getting the FCC to enforce anything, much less STA's. There has been spotty enforcement actions because someone complained loudly. But keeping things like STA's straight have been ignored. If no one is paying attention, why not abuse the system? Broadcasting is a revenue driven business. If you can drag something out ad infinitum; and not have to spend money why not? The stations will be sold long before anyone at the FCC wakes up and does anything. In fact your record keeping is far superior to anything the FCC does. The FCC my generate the reports but they aren't paying attention. (6/25/16)

Someone who got butthurt because someone unfriended him on Facebook wrote "Look at Dave Marish from WRC 4, who ruined his career. Went from a network O&O to tumbleweeds." The "network O&O" called NIGHTLINE? Mr. Marash's career is fine, how's your Facebook friends list? Gus in Gaithersburg (6/25/16)

NBC 25 WHAG soon to be TV 25 WHAG, has started airing their newscasts from a temporary news set (their newsroom) while their main news set is being remodeled. Staff at the station says the new set will make its debut next Friday July 1st. (When they lose NBC). Will it be their current set without the NBC logo or something different? Hmm... (6/25/16)

The STA information IS FCC information, public information dummy! They’re actually admitting publicly that their radio stations are falling apart and they’re not fixing them. The reason for the outrage is that by law, the FCC is supposed to just yank the licenses of these facilities for not serving the public interest. If you can’t fix a radio station’s facilities in 10 years, you’re either not trying at all or is there is no way and the allocation should be deleted. (6/25/16)

RE: WMAL… Has the development on the property even been approved? If Montgomery County zoning rejects that plan, which has lots of NiMBY people fighting it, will WMAL AM 630 even move to WSPZ 570? I haven’t read anything that says that close to being decided. Someone enlighten us please on that. (6/25/16)

Geezus H Chyist. Would the WTOP employee who is talking to themselves about Nick Iannelli just do the world a favor and tell him in person instead of bothering us with this pathetic charade. As far as former WNEW heads I believe I heard Jenny Glick the other day too. They would be wise to rehire Nathan Hager. Jerry Boothe is one of the I'd say more credible traffic people and he's been there a few years now. John Doman is also a NEW transplant. (6/25/16)

According to Adam May's Twitter feed he's freelancing for CBS Newspath. twitter.com (6/25/16)

WJFK’s “Cakes” and “Ewadd” played a one-on-one basketball game at 7:00AM this morning in the parking lot of their studio: sports.cbslocal.com (6/25/16)

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\/ June 24 Messages \/

I seriously doubt WMAL AM is in position even to test from the 570, let alone move permanently. The station is now using a temporary Nautel transmitter from the parking lot but that shouldn't affect coverage unless it was not matched correctly to the phaser. (6/24/16)

REF: [GLENELG] Somehow, I feel certain WTOP's director of news and programming has already approached Mr. Iannelli to watch his Ps and Qs while on the air...and, of course, his Gs. (6/24/16)

Re: "The STA troll only posts FCC data. So if you don’t like that, you should vent your frustration on the FCC, not the messenger or the various stations that evade FCC rules and probably shouldn’t even be in the air." So, the STA troll now speaks in the third person? No, troll, you only post YOUR personal interpretation of FCC actions. In Game of Thrones-speak, "You know nothing, Jon Snow!" It is NOT the job of the FCC to routinely revoke licenses. Staff engineers do not have the delegated authority to order stations off the air. I could explain it to you, but I can't make you comprehend it. Who does the troll think he/she is to determine who keeps their licenses? The troll needs to stop acting like an elementary school safety patrol. (6/24/16)

RE: "the STA troll only posts FCC data." Maybe the date should stay on the FCC site. If anyone cared about small nightlight powered stations, then they would already be on the FCC site. (6/24/16)

"Can someone please inform WTOP's Nick Iannelli that the Howard County, Maryland area of Glenelg is pronounced "Glen-EL," without the g?" Here, do it yourself: mmcmearty@wtop.com (Director of News and Programming). (6/24/16)

Good article this morning from Tom Taylor on "The FCC NEEDS REORGANIZATION". There is NO transparency at all at the FCC. The lobbyist can influence them about things that should have been changed last year. For example, Channel 6 LPTV Stations operating as FM Stations on their audio frequency of 87.7 FM. On 9/1/15 they were suppose to go to a digital TV Channel and discontinue their analog broadcasting. The lobbyist convinced the FCC to let them continue operating and are still operating today. WDCN should have be gone last year. See what money can buy! (6/24/16)

Can someone please inform WTOP's Nick Iannelli that the Howard County, Maryland area of Glenelg is pronounced "Glen-EL," without the g? He also needs a lesson in how to pronounce another Howard County community, Ellicott City. It's "Elli-CUT," not ElliCOTT!!!! While the recent tornado was raising a few roofs in the area, Mr. Iannelli was raising a few eyebrows among residents there over his coverage. (6/24/16)

I was driving home between 10:30 and 11 tonight, and I could have sworn the anchor sounded a lot like Jenny Glick, who used to do mid-mornings at WNEW. Have you heard anything about any former WNEWers landing on WTOP or doing free lance work for them, other than traffic reporter Jerry Boothe? (6/24/16)

The STA troll only posts FCC data. So if you don’t like that, you should vent your frustration on the FCC, not the messenger or the various stations that evade FCC rules and probably shouldn’t even be in the air. (6/24/16)

I told Adam May just as he joined AJ America that he was probably making a bad career decision. Look at Dave Marish from WRC 4, who ruined his career. Went from a network O&O to tumbleweeds. Adam May said AJ America was “very gay friendly.” I said, "yeah right." He said it gave him an opportunity to cover issues never covered in America before, even gay issues on a national platform. I said, "It won’t last." Then he unfriended me on Facebook. So I’m not surprised he didn’t exactly post correctly on Facebook that he was NOT hired at CBS News, but WJZ 13 took him back out of sympathy as a part time reporter. I hate to rub it in and am glad they took him back, but still. Talk about bad career moves. (6/24/16)

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Who's the bigger asshole; the stock price/bankruptcy asshat or the STA troll? (6/23/16)

Interesting that Holly Morris' subject of the day was employees hooking up with each other at work. She said her producer was the one who came up with this subject. Guess he didn't know that Holly used to be married to the channel 5 weather guy and that HE hooked up with one of the anchors at the station. And she worked the same shift!!!! Also regarding the said producer, don't know if it's the same one, but supposedly Erin is dating the Good Day DC producer..If so, why would he suggest the subject of employees hooking up at work? Hope their relationship works out as if could be quite akward seeing and taking direction from him on a daily basis if things go sour. (6/23/16)

Poor Jayne Miller of WBAL TV. Her girlfriend/wife is probably going to be the 1st causality of Marilyn Mosby’s failed Freddie Gray cases. Mosby herself will never take any blame. She’ll blame it on the media, and her prosecutors like Janice Bledsoe that she told what to do. (6/23/16)

WMAL’s ace newswoman Maria “May West” Leaf just announced that “Drive at Five” will be “expanded” to start at 4:00PM so as to cover the “Freddie Gray case”: Bill Hess loves Larry “Birthday Boy” O’Connor over Michael Savage any day of the weekday. Poor Larry will have to cut his nap short though. (6/23/16)

WMDT has filed to move their new Low Power Channel 32 to their tower in Sharptown... (6/23/16)

Happy 49th birthday to WMAL talker Larry “Broadway” O’Connor. Check with DCRTVDJDAVE for gift suggestions. (6/23/16)

Dave's response: Wow. I thought he was 45. I guess that skin crap cream he advertises must really work. Makes him look four years younger.....

Cumulus hires a new CFO overnight to try to deal with their $2.4 BILLION DEBT. The stock drops to 30 cents per share. Is bankruptcy in the near future? If they sold all of their radio stations, would they ever be able to pay off this massive debt? (6/23/16)

On the early Fox5 news this morning, Erin Como had on a sparkly dress that also looked to have a leather component. Come 7am, she had changed into a basic black dress. Hmmmm. Wardrobe malfunction or complaints? There was quite a high thigh split though. However, I've seen Holly wear some questionably short dresses along with low cleavage tops/dresses and there was no wardrobe change. (6/23/16)

Is WMAL AM now on the air from its new shared tower site? A few friends north of DC have noticed improvement in their reception, while points south and west of Annandale are hearing the signal turning to s***. (6/23/16)

C-SPAN, according to Politico, garnered as much attention Wednesday as the House Hijacking Democrats experiencing what Communications Director Howard Mortman described as a “Milestone moment”: “Congress’ tight control over what its viewers see has long been a source of frustration for C-SPAN, which has been trying to get its own cameras on the floor of since 1984. But congressional leaders, whether Democratic or Republican, have maintained power over the cameras, the audio, the angles and when they’re turned on and off. That all changed on Wednesday afternoon, when members of Congress themselves became the cameras, using their smartphones to broadcast the sit-in live directly to C-SPAN after the network’s access to video feeds from the House floor was cut, despite the fact there were dozens of Democratic lawmakers still there, making speeches and making news. Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) blasted the move, calling it a “publicity stunt.” His spokeswoman, AshLee Strong, said that because the House had gone into recess, the feed had to go. Rules are rules. But C-SPAN soon found a way around those rules. “This is a milestone moment,” said C-SPAN spokesman Howard Mortman, who said he was inundated with calls and interest on Wednesday. “We’ve got a commitment to C-SPAN as a public service, a privately funded public service to connect Americans to Congress to show what's happening in Congress … this certainly rises to the event of something happening in Congress." www.politico.com... The Washington Post reports that the Democrats’ sit in continues: www.washingtonpost.com (6/23/16)

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Blair, I noticed the same thing I think channel 22 took a hit and was off the air (6/22/16)

RE: "So LEAVE WMAL BEING JUST A LITTLE BIT CONSERVATIVE ALONE RIGHT NOW". They can be conservative all they want. I just don't like them saying outrageous things or things that are just not true. The classic examples are telling us that DC is exporting its rats to VA, or that the police would "appreciate" you and your guns help if they are engaged in an active shootout with a bad guy. When a caller says she she was a victim of rape and the first thing the radio dude says is "was it a black guy?". There are 1000s of more examples. But maybe you are right if by "a little conservative" you mean "a little racist and a whole lot of stupid". (6/22/16)

An early Throwback Thursday photo from the FCC archives. The original analog TV Table of allocations for Maryland. It was designed mainly to give every market a full compliment of 3 network stations plus a public station. Notice Hagerstown/Cumberland was supposed to be a separate TV market with all 3 network stations and an independent and a public. Of course that did not happen, hence WHAG’s current woes today. If there were 2 network stations in Cumberland, WHAG would not lose NBC because of WRC NBC 4. Also note Waldorf, MD was supposed to have an MPT station which presumably would have served both southern MD and DC and northern VA. That would have solved your MPT reception issues Dave Hughes. That was obviously never built. Yes, the mythical Channel 58 and the mythical channels 52 & 65. Not pictured here, but Seaford DE was also given 2 allocations, one never used. A channel 38, presumably an NBC Salisbury market station was also in the allocations. So unlike the current madness at the FCC with this haphazard re-packing of the TV spectrum, the FCC did have an original good plan. — BaltoMedia.net (which now has an administrator after a year.) (6/22/16)

For DCRTV Mailbaggers who spend their Wednesday afternoons watching C-SPAN, you know by now as The Washington Post reports www.washingtonpost.com that the Democrats have hijacked the House floor, C-SPAN’s normal live coverage has been shut off, but a smuggled camera is broadcasting the events live via Pinterest and Facebook: www.c-span.org (6/22/16)

I was watching channel 22 last night. That's Maryland Public Television (MPT). Until last night, the PSIP has always said that I was watching channel 22-1 (or 22-2, or 22-3). Last night it said I was watching 67-1. When I changed channels via my TV's remote, using the channel up or channel down buttons, the MPT channel was between channel 20 and channel 26. My life does not get much more exciting than this. Back in the analog days, channel 22, in Annapolis, was among the strongest stations I could get in Alexandria. Oddly, Baltimore stations came in better than DC stations. Even so, I don't recall seeing channel 67, in Baltimore. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that some studio problem, possibly storm-related caused channel 22 to "borrow" a signal from channel 67 and transmit is as its own, without changing the PSIP. Searching for new channels on my new (to me) flat screen TV is an awkward procedure. I might try to see if channel 67 can be tuned in at its actual channel, UHF 29. ~~ wikipedia.org ~~ Blair in Alexandria (6/22/16)

Dave's response: Let's see. Via my antenna, I now get DC's Channel 5/WTTG on 36, which is the station's real channel. Channel 7/WJLA still has the worst signal, by far, at my location in Reston. And Channel 14/WFDC, usually the best signal at my location, was completely off the air last night. Storm problems? I can't get any of MPT's signals at my location.....

Dear Kane, Tough break, my friend... you should have used a yule log. Regards, Tom Leykis (6/22/16)

WHGM AM 1330 is looking to add 100.5 FM to its translators, in Warwick, MD. That’s on the Maryland upper shore. (6/22/16)

The Art Deco Society of Washington, DC and the National Capitol Radio and Television Museum present: John Vassos: Industrial Design for a Modern Life. A lecture and book signing by Danielle Shapiro, author of John Vassos: Industrial Design for a Modern Life. Come join the Bowie Branch Library, the National Capitol Radio and Television Museum and the Art Deco Society of Washington, DC in celebrating John Vassos' enormous contribution to modern design. The lecture and book signing will be held at the Bowie Branch Public Library, on July 16 from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Following the book signing, the National Capitol Radio and Television Museum will be hosting free tours of the museum's extensive collection of modern radios and televisions. Both Lecture and Museum Tour are free, but donations are encouraged. Advance Registration is encouraged but not required. Drop ins are welcome. Bowie Branch Public Library, 15210 Annapolis Road, Bowie, MD 20715. National Capitol Radio and Television Museum, 2608 Mitchellville Road, Bowie, MD 20716... (6/22/16)

Plenty of talk here is devoted to how stupid, foolish or just plain wrong people in broadcasting can be, primarily based on what a station or channel puts on the air that a poster just doesn't seem to agree with; or with the internal workings and policy decisions of the owners/managers of said operations. Well folks, let me introduce you to the stupidest bastards on the planet that are involved in electronic communications. This photo was taken Tuesday afternoon at a cell tower site at the intersection of Backlick and Braddock roads in Annandale (google maps 38.813382, -77.186861). The man in the crane is servicing an antenna cluster near the apex of the tower. Behind him, less than 15 miles away is a fast-moving storm with considerable lightning -- one of several that hit our area that day. I don't know what idiots ordered this mindless drone to the top of a crane to do this work when life-threatening weather conditions were imminent, but it proves that, to some, a human life is worth less than the public's need to Tweet while driving. When broadcast engineers are sent to a radio tower site to restore operations following a weather incident, they make sure storms have passed before touching anything remotely "hot". This isn't just stupid or foolish, this is reckless and absolutely unforgivable. (6/22/16)

Too bad about Morris Jones. You could count on him for a straightforward reading of the news--and just the news. Much better than the so-called "news" programs with pairs of people spending much of the time exchanging idle chit-chat, opinions and gossip. Diane in PG (6/22/16)

There is no doubt Rick Fowler on WMAL early in the morning would be much more interesting than the two jugheads filling 630 AM with garbage hot air. It is election time...Fowler or the two on now? Vote. Vote often. (6/22/16)

The only liberal talker I remember doing really well in this area was Allen Prell. The fact is that mostly elderly conservative type people listen to political radio shows and call in. It’s very hard for any liberal to get anyone young off of their Podcast today to listen to anyone on WMAL radio. Even Dave Hughes is proof that liberals will listen to Conservative talk, even if only to make fun of them and get mad. I don’t know why, but they do. (6/22/16)

ESPN’s Chris Berman was honored by The Newseum here in Washington last night even though “Berman’s future with the network has been in the news as of late, but at the Newseum in downtown D.C. Tuesday night a humble Berman was presented with this year’s Al Neuharth Award for Excellence in the Media, the first sportscaster to do so.” More: wtop.com (6/22/16)

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[RE: WMAL needs to put some libs on, especially on its local morning show, and have some serious discussions.] Yeah, and if my aunt had a pecker she’s be my uncle: with WAMU and WHUR leaning left and way ahead of WMAL in ratings what’s the bitch here Vern? WTOP – even with that moron Chris Core – leans left as well. The Washington Post, three out of the four local network affiliates (maybe WTTG can be called “conservative” but no more so than Fox News is supposedly “conservative”), the entire DC/MOCO/Arlington/Fairfax governments, all area places of worship, school teachers & administrators, Starbucks, Whole Foods and YOU DCRTVDJDAVE are all raving lunatic liberals. To be a conservative in the old DMV is to be quiet and keep it to yourself: no conservative in their right mind would be seen reading The Washington Times on the Metro. So LEAVE WMAL BEING JUST A LITTLE BIT CONSERVATIVE ALONE RIGHT NOW! I will say that WMAL should put Rick Fowler to better use than 6:00AM Saturday mornings as he is a true gentleman and was great filing in for Larry. However, if Bill Hess were to consider bringing a liberal onboard, may I suggest a really good guy who already has proven radio and television experience: billpressshow.com (6/21/16)

Dave's response: The Washington Times? Is that still in print? Haven't seen one in years.....

Re: Jennifer Donelan being escorted out of the building, I understand the logic when this is done. I've worked at places where this has been routinely done. However, this is the first time I've heard of someone who was leaving from channel 7 or any station being escorted out. Or at least remember seeing it in print. (6/21/16)

"...there’ve been on-air personalities in radio & TV fired for much less serious issues than this, such as Wendy Bell from Pittsburgh’s WTAE/ABC4 who was let go after controversial Facebook posts.." or if you wanna go WAY back I can remember back in early 1987 when WFAX the Fairfax religious station fired one of their employees because he/she had went to a rock concert at the Warner Theater. No it wasn't Stryper but rather the band WASP !! Considering that WFAX and a number of other religious stations I seem to recall tried stopping the show ( though they weren't successful )and considering the band had such tunes as "FUCK LIKE A BEAST" and other songs about sex the fact that a station like WFAX wouldn't approve that is hardly a shocker nor was it a shocker to a lot of people that the station would fire someone because they paid money to actually attend the show the station was protesting against. Whoops !! (6/21/16)

The station will not take the heat,and must part company with Peter. (6/21/16)

Didn't care for Kane when he first got to DC, grew on me even tho you could tell his bits were scripted when he used the same voice actors multiple times, then Sarah left and I was done. There's a lot of smoke... (6/21/16)

WRQX, maybe DC's most irrelevant radio station, soon to be joined by the curiously timed ratings drought of WMAL. I'd imagine having some of the worst ratings during the most relevant political era in America can't look good. (6/21/16)

Dave's response: In terms of population, the DC media market leans heavily to the left. DC, Mongtomery, PG, Arlington, Alexandria, and Fairfax are all solidly Democratic. With Loudoun and Prince William now "swing" counties. WMAL needs to put some libs on, especially on its local morning show, and have some serious discussions. Not just the same old same old righty voices over and over and over again. Face it - Brian and Larry are sounding kind of tired. But that could be having to "mouth" their support for "Republican" Donald Trump who is a racist ding dong.....

It's not unusual in radio to see a DJ go on vacation and return to find themselves fired. See ya Kane. (6/21/16)

Kane should be taken off the air until the case is resolved, at least. The details are not good and he looks to be toast. (6/21/16)

[RE today's "Dave TV":] To add to your point about a FOX sports reporter getting canned for solicitation, a top anchor at the FOX station down in Houston was recently fired for making sexually suggestive comments about his co-workers in emails, more specifically commenting about the "assets" of one of those reporters. (6/21/16)

Tommy Chuck of iHEARTMEDIA and HOT 99.5 FM, told FOX 5 by phone that Peter Deibler was on a scheduled week vacation which started on Monday. Chuck told us that they do not know when Deibler will return from vacation. www.fox5dc.com (6/21/16)

Spousal abuse charge for Hot 99.5's Kane. What does it mean? Could he get fired? A whole batch of old timers leaving WJLA, including Morris Jones and Jennifer Donelan. What's up with that? Is Sinclair staffing the station with younger reporters from small markets who'll work real cheap? Also more of my commentary about some of my favorite YouTubers, including Nomadic Fanatic, Zack And B, Adrian Bliss, and Fun For Louis. In today's "Dave TV"..... (6/21/16)

RE Kane: I hate to say it but Kane is probably finished. Right or wrong, guilty or not guilty makes no difference. Once the sponsors receive heat from the consumers ( and they will) they will bail out immediately. Domestic abuse is a lightning rod topic and clients want not nothing to do with it. The only thing management can do is tell him to shut up, and go away for a few weeks and hope that maybe the story goes away. Anonymous (6/21/16)

Ahh, the old "stuck in an elevator with my smart phone" gag. Seriously, how stupid does "Kane" think we are? -Chainsman (6/21/16)

From the Sinclair Broadcast Group Wikipedia entry: "In April 2004, Sinclair's ABC affiliates refused to air an episode of Nightline that featured a reading of the names of soldiers killed in the 2003 invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq." Six months later: "Later in October 2004, ... it was reported that all 62 of Sinclair's stations would preempt prime time programming to air ... a documentary critical of U.S. presidential candidate John Kerry's anti-Vietnam War activism." ~~ wikipedia.org ~~ Now Sinclair Broadcast Group owns WJLA. ~~ wikipedia.org ~~ Nonetheless, this weekend I saw a PSA on WJLA with one those hashtag things, like #WeRememberOrlando, or close to that. The Pulse shootings in Orlando have affected even some I thought would not pay them so much attention. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (6/21/16)

Pubradio blogger Ken Mills on Murray Horowitz to WAMU's Big Broadcast acrnewsfeed.blogspot.com (6/21/16)

[RE Kane's legal problems:] I don't think we will be seeing him again as a guest on the our local NBC-TV affiliate anymore after this. This maybe too hot for 99.5 to deal with after the news hits the streets. (6/21/16)

All the Glen Echo spots you could ever wish for. Harv Moore, Bob Raleigh (original), Bob Raleigh (#2) & Marv Brooks... webradioclassics.com (6/21/16)

Well everyone knew this was going to happen. Adams Radio continues the 10 years of STA’s for AM 1590 Ocean City, now WGBG AM. They’re claiming they need time to determine the best course of action to get AM 1590 functionally sound. I wonder how many years this will take. The FCC should change it’s policy of resetting the clock during any station sale. If you buy a clunker, sue the person who sold it to you. Don’t waste the public’s airwaves for years of STA’s, off the air every other week, etc, etc.., etc. (6/21/16)

Separated at birth? Jennifer Donelan was with an ABC affiliate (WJLA Sinclair). Wendy Bell was with an ABC affiliate (WTAE Hearst). Both women, both hot... (6/21/16)

RE: Kane’s legal troubles: How convenient is it, that this all happened right around a “planned vacation”. I know the show brings in decent ad revenue & ratings for iHeart, but at what stage will they say enough is enough? There’ve been on-air personalities in radio & TV fired for much less serious issues than this, such as Wendy Bell from Pittsburgh’s WTAE/ABC4 who was let go after controversial Facebook posts, so it’ll be interesting to see how corporate handles this, even if they do at all. (6/21/16)

RE: Jennifer Donelan. Women television reporters get canned all the time as did Wendy Bell in Pittsburgh, whom the Washington Post profiles: www.washingtonpost.com (6/21/16)

Dave's response: With Morris Jones and Jennifer Donelan leaving JLA/NC8, my guess it's all salary, salary, salary. Sinclair has been doing a lot of hiring of late for its new DC acquisitions and they're almost always younger folks from small/medium markets who are probably "just darn thrilled" to be working in big, high-profile, major market DC. And are probably working a helluva lot cheaper than the old guard from the Allbritton days.....

Re: My dad read 2 newspapers. Your dad is a very wise man. The truth is alway somewhere in the middle. Finn (6/21/16)

Dave's response: It's a proven fact. It all you consume is news media that you agree with, you will get go insane. It healthy to be politically challenged.....

Re: " I thought when someone was escorted out, it was when it was suspected that someone was going to act out once told they've been terminated. Or is it just routine protocol?" There are several reasons you escort out an employee, and them freaking out and doing something irrational is just one of them. Another reason is you want to make sure that they have no oral contact with former coworkers at this particular time. You don't want them stealing stuff or taking anything that is proprietary or could be used against the company (IE emails, paperwork etc). Also sometimes, if fired for cause, the escorting one out puts on a show and the other employees see it and are on notice. (6/21/16)

Kane is still off the air today. Don't know when he'll return. No posts on his Facebook or Twitter since yesterday. The station must have taken him off the air temporarily due to his arrest Friday. (6/21/16)

[RE Kane's legal trobles:] I wonder what it means for the future of the show. (6/21/16)

[RE Kane's legal trobles:] I call BS! There have been other things that have been happening over the last year that would lead me to make that conclusion. (6/21/16)

[RE Kane's legal trobles:] He should be taken off the air!! What an idiot!! (6/21/16)

[RE Kane's legal trobles:] Having worked inside a radio station(s) for close to 30 years, I bet the staff especially the women were none too pleased when he showed up for work this morning. I feel bad for Tommy Chuck and co. He should be off the air until this is cleared up. (6/21/16)

Fifty years ago, you could have tuned in AM 1260 to hear "Fun is where you find it. Where do you find it? Glen Echo Amusement Park. The Coaster Dip is cool, so's the Crystal Pool. For excitement and fun in the sun or after dark, Glen Echo Amusement Park." Tiger Bob Raleigh was broadcasting live from the park on weeknights. Save your Pepsi bottle caps for free admission! (6/21/16)

In May, a pilot for the sitcom "Bennie's Gym", starring Ed Asner, was shot in Columbia in what was described as a former dollar store. Anyone know exactly where that location is? (6/21/16)

Death of Steve Douglas from "Saturday Magazine" this month in 1982 I recall this story from June of 1982, where the host of WDVM TV Channel 9's "Saturday Magazine" died from an ultralight aircraft accident just days after accepting a local Emmy: www.washingtonpost.com... The next week's episode of the show was a very somber tribute. Saturday Magazine continued with a new host for a few year's after that, but eventually fell victim to the ratings and product cost trend against locally-produced programming (see also Evening Magazine, PM Magazine, etc.) in favor of nationally syndicated content like "A Current Affair": www.youtube.com... Government investigation after the crash concluded that the aircraft had been flown beyond performance limits and against instructor advice, causing a wing to fold, and the pilot, who had not been wearing his safety harness, to be bounced out of his seat, falling 1000 feet to his death: www.upi.com... Steve Douglas, born Ronald Statzer, was 41, and had come to DC from a career as a radio and TV journalist in Cincinnati (including WLWT). According to his Cincinnati obituary, he had been married and divorced twice, and left behind three young daughters: www.newspapers.com (Subscriber Paywall)... Last year he was memorialized on the wall of fallen journalists at the Newseum: www.eptrail.com... Thirty four years after the fact, we can wonder about his judgment, the safety of ultralight aircraft in general (see also John Denver), and the wisdom of any news producers who allowed him to perform such a potentially dangerous act in the name of journalism. (6/21/16)

RE Post Coverage: I remember growing up asking my Dad why he always read 2 newspapers. After all, wasn't the news just the news? He said intelligent people form their own opinion based on facts and one paper presented a story one way and the second the other way and he made up his own mind after reading both. Pretty sage advice for people who only read the Post or NY Times or only watch Fox News. My only problem with any news source is that they all claim to be fair and balanced and they are anything but that! They all have a slant just look at what happened to Facebook a few weeks back. (6/21/16)

So Jennifer Donelan was "escorted out" of the building?? I thought when someone was escorted out, it was when it was suspected that someone was going to act out once told they've been terminated. Or is it just routine protocol? (6/21/16)

"Latest version" = the one with the highest number after the last decimal point. You really have it in for old people...where did your grandfather touch you? And no, I never let anyone I employ use the latest version of anything, and any "Apple Mac" <--- I know, right? Does anyone really say that? certification I don't have, I've got someone who does. Let other people do the beta testing that isn't labelled beta testing. I do appreciate your subtly acknowledging your already admitted ignorance of JavaScript. Maybe you and I should meet in another forum where your delusional haranguing will seem more like normal behavior; I'm sure the whole discussion about why you're the only one who can't get the the website du jour to work is becoming tiresome to others. You've just been grownupped. Gus in Gaithersburg (6/21/16)

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RE: “no computer professional uses the latest version of any consumer product.” Really Gus? That is the actual business of computer professionals! I don’t know what else to say but if the old clunker works for you and gets you where you wanna go, that’s all that counts for you and Congrats. As for Javascript, there’s a difference between recognizing a Javascript error and being an expert in Javascript programming. But I realize that distinction is far above what you’re talking about. Btw, WMDT.com works fine on every single test I’ve done on various Macs, no accidental reload errors for no apparent reason. The Baltimore Sun also does automatic reload on their website as do most newspapers, but if it’s not done right, it goes crazy and keeps reloading over and over again. This is what the fine folks at WBOC,com need to learn. Some days on WBOC.com, you have to be a speed reading expert to read the page or click on anything before it reloads. WMDT.com does not do that. Sometimes other sites goof up on this too. If you keep The Baltimore Sun in a background window or in the dock, it still auto reloads even though you can’t see it updating. Eventually this bogs down your browser crash and forces a cache clearing. I guess only professionals who use a latest product notice this more than people comfortable with the old shoe with a hole in it. :-) (6/20/16)

FCC NEWS: WMDT 45/ABC got approved for and DTV translator at 15 KW on channel 32 right off the Salisbury bypass. Since the tower/antenna is already there. I assume they’ll power up channel 32 very soon. Scan for that if you’re in the Salisbury area. I assume it will be an exact copy of all of WMDT’s current channels and sub channels including the CW and MeTV. You’ll only get this right around Salisbury. WMDT’s main 1000 foot tower, one of the tallest in Maryland is in Sharpton, MD, not that far from Salisbury, but I guess they were getting some signal issues in the city. WBOC’s tower is in Delaware, but they’re lower on the dial at channel 21 and I guess have no OTA issues. I don’t see any mention of this yet on WMDT or its website. Here’s the data: fccdata.org (6/20/16)

Looks like former WRQX personality "Marco" has dipped into political waters and taking on political correctness, officially challenging the trademark for the use of the term "Redneck"? This specific trademark is owned by Jeff Foxworthy, "You might be a redneck". The argument is that if you replace the word "Redskins" with "Redneck" that the trademark would also have to be yanked, for many of the same reasons. The link is medium.com (6/20/16)

"Gus’s Bondi Blue iMac is still alive after resuscitation, but Gus still didn’t get his jello, but he got WBOC.com to work. Oh happy day. Of course it’s not working in Safari 9.1.2. But oh well" Sounds like you don't read good. The blue iMac is someone else's. I don't have one. I thought I'd moved on, but recent delusional haranguing from a delusional haranguer have forced me to repost this: You're confusing me with one of several right-thinking Americans who have no choice but to think you're coming across as a huge douche. You're the guy who said he didn't know JavaScript, right? You've certainly got me Cecil Beaton on credentials. There are many things I don't do on the internet. Among them are measuring contests of any kind, issuing or accepting challenges to fight, and caring what you think. It's not a problem with the website, it's a problem with YOU. You are the common denominator. And absent a compelling reason, no computer professional uses the latest version of any consumer product. Gus in Gaithersburg (6/20/16)

Come join the National Capitol Radio & Television Museum at the Prince George's County Stadium to watch the Bowie Baysox take on the Richmond Flying Squirrels on July 16th! Day of game tickets are $17 per person, but by going with us you can save up to $4 per ticket: Members pay $13 and friends pay $15. Join the Museum and save the additional $2 on the price of the ticket and fully enjoy the benefits of being a member. Game starts at 6:35pm, so we will meet at will call at 6:00PM. Please visit here to fill out our registration form. We look forward to seeing you at the game! Go Baysox! (6/20/16)

“DMV Cornhole Fest?” Oh my! (6/20/16)

Another STA and station that should go is Cheap Channel’s WDOV 1410. They’ve been fixing a transmission problem for 8 YEARS. Now how is that not either mismanagement or defying the FCC regulations on purpose? They don’t have a tower down. At least it doesn’t appear that way on maps. But whatever problem it is, it’s something they clearly are defiant in not fixing. The FCC should send them a final warning level to repair the station of the license will be DELETED. Maybe that will get Cheap Channel’s engineers off their asses. (6/20/16)

Hot 99.5's Kane has been going through a messy divorce over the last year. He was mysteriously missing on Friday and today doing repeats eve though they are in the middle of a cash giveaway. This morning he tweeted saying he was stuck on an elevator, which clearly looked fake. A quick search of Maryland court records showed he was arrested last Thursday for domestic violence. There is also a separate incident listed for May 26 as well. Just a tip in case no one else has reported. (6/20/16)

WMAL “Mornings on the Mall” hosts Brian “Not That Brian Wilson” Wilson and Larry “Don’t try to figure me outed” O’Connor have been replaced. At least for today. Instead, WMAL head wiz Bill Hess has the great Jenifer Street radio veteran Rick Fowler www.wmal.com, host of the wonderful “Saturday Update” on WMAL, along with the very easy on the eyes GOP strategist Lisa Boothe, a frequent Fox News talking head: lisaboothe.com (6/20/16)

I checked with the Assisted Living Nurse in Gaithersburg and Gus’s Bondi Blue iMac is still alive after resuscitation, but Gus still didn’t get his jello, but he got WBOC.com to work. Oh happy day. Of course it’s not working in Safari 9.1.2. But oh well, Rain Man said he’s still a good driver and Toonces, the Cat Who Could Drive also said hi. Don’t feel bad Gus. They didn't make any money off of eBay either. :-) (6/20/16)

If you appreciate DCRTV, and all the information it brings you on a daily basis, then send a check today to Dave Hughes. He does not receive any funding or government money. This is not a political site. If he goes away, think about what you will be missing. (6/20/16)

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Speaking of The Washington Post bias… They have been pounding the BAN GUNS movement and supported largely Hillary against Trump on gun violence while taking the White House talking point that terrorism is NOT a talking point but GUNS, but while the allegedly unbiased paper did multiple stories on the Democrat filibuster in the Senate in favorable ways, the Posts Pinocchio team quietly gave the Democrats and by extension Obama and Hillary THREE PINOCCHIOS on the gun stats that they all quote. It turns out that gun violence is actually LESS in states that support Gun Rights vs. States with Gun-Free zones and Gun bans. But in this media era, it’s the talking points that win, not the facts. And of course Trump looks like a buffoon again, but in this case, he’s actually correct, maybe by accident! If he wasn’t so stubborn, he would probably quote the Post story on the campaign trail! LOL If you think I”m crazy, read it here… www.washingtonpost.com (6/19/16)

Well, I looked that the WBOC website today and there were SERIOUS problems. Psych! Just kidding, the page is fine and clearly they didn't find their coders on Ebay. "The e-mail address that came from is liz@buckingham.uk.co. I dunno. I guess she's a secret fan of DC area AM radio. " Inconsiderate, Dave. Oh wait, I get jokes! Dammit! "The voters really appreciate Tom getting to the bottom of this question" Tom Sietsema lives to get to the bottom. If you believe that article you probably believe that she goes to yoga classes. From a Republican it would be labelled a "dog whistle" aimed at black voters. Besides, everyone knows Scotty brought the hot sauce. DailyOM - What Mama Taught Me by Tony Brown dailyom.com... Gus in Gaithersburg (6/19/16)

I don’t see him posting anymore, but this is a question that probably only someone like DCRTV’s old tech guru Dave Loudin would know the answer to. With WMDT applying for an LPTV on channel 3 at 3KW non-directional, isn’t that too high of a power for an LPTV? For instance WMDE is only 10KW, also on VHF on channel 5. I’m pretty sure other “Full Power” DTV’s are also only 10KW or less. WMDT 47/ABC’s translator signal will rival some full power TVs and reach as far as the suburbs of both Philadelphia and Baltimore. The only reason for this filing that I an think is that they want full coverage on cable TV and drive out the Philly, DC, & Baltimore stations from even north of Dover. I realize and LPTV doesn’t necessarily get must carry status but the location of the signal does generally hold weight with the FCC. Witness the FCC’s handling of WMDE and DC forcing it onto cable by putting its offices in DC! The application does not specify a Virtual Channel. I assume WMDT realizes that a signal that goes anywhere near south central PA would cause an objection for any Channel 27 virtual channel from WHTMl and of course KYW would certainly not allow a network station using channel 3 as a virtual channel either that covers Wilmington, DE. (6/19/16)

RE: Stations that will go dark… I didn’t write the original post, but I’ll chime in. WLXE 1600 is running out of time with the FCC. If they can’t find another station to diplex with soon or find away to operate at the current location (which seems impossible now), the license is going to be cancelled. The’ve been deliberately BSing the FCC for years now and eventually the FCC will give an ultimatum especially since their current tower is essentially in violation of FCC rules and not even safe to the public. The other stations all have transmitting facilities all in order, so only a land sale will put any of them off the air. And that’s possible as some of them are on land more valuable than the stations themselves. The FCC doesn’t care about programming so there will always be some material someone wants broadcast near the nation’s capital. The FCC won’t be putting any of those stations off the air anytime soon. Look at WIJK 1590 in Ocean City. It’s now WGBG, but still operating under the same expired STA. The new owner also owns FM 104.3 which is licensed but still off the air. On another topic, 93.5 FM, with WZBH’s recent 50kw upgrade, I would think that signal might make it to Kent Island now, especially during the hot summer months. The only other 93.5 FM would be the Traffic Information station in Baltimore. While it has a very weak powered signal, it is coming from the top of TV Hill at a very high height, so I guess it’s possible it might drift and/or carry along the Chesapeake Bay. When not broadcasting traffic info, like on weekends, the station is programming sort of free form from other free sources. (6/19/16)

Well in defense of The Washington Post they still have hard hitting, investigative news stories (as they have on Trump), like Investigative Reporter Tom Seitsema’s “Why Hillary Clinton eats a hot pepper every single day”, destined for a Pulitzer Prize. The voters really appreciate Tom getting to the bottom of this question they have had about Her Thighness: www.washingtonpost.com (6/19/16)

I'm not a fan of Donald Trump, but after reading the Washington Post this morning, I can certainly agree with his criticism of the Post. Although the Post claims to separate opinion from reporting, the front page Brexit story proves the opposite. Post editors oppose Brexit. Post "news" staff obviously is strongly opposed. The front page story by propagandist Ylan Q. Muir is about 97% devoted to a number of people who oppose Brexit and gives numerous arguments against it. Roughly 3% mentions, dismissively, some of the types of people who favor Brexit. Only one sentence in the whole long story cites only one reason some people support Brexit. One of the most one-sided Post "news" stories I've seen in a long time. (6/19/16)

Dave's response: The Post has long had a list of "people we like" - local and national politicos, entertainers, community leaders, media types - that they always cover very favorably. It's always been a very "cliquish" news organization, even more so under Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who is definitely using it for his political purposes. It's pretty obvious.....

Happy Fathers’ Day to all you DCRTV dads and I hope you, your family and friends have a great day. (6/19/16)

WTOP uses the term “DMV” as to mean District/Maryland/Virginia for “Cornhole Fest” (and we all know how painful that can be) in header and story: “Beyond beanbags: DMV Cornhole Fest offers fun, cash prizes”. More: wtop.com. Based on photos, kinda looks gay. (6/19/16)

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"Here are some of the stations in the DC area that we think will fold"... always love it when one person uses the first-person plural when referring to their singular thoughts, experiences, etc. Reminds me of what I heard a fellow “suit” say awhile back at the NAB, “If the IRS taxed schizophrenics for each separate personality, the disease would be eradicated overnight because schizophrenics may be crazy. But, they are not dumb.” As for WWFD, it has a devoted following as apart of a profitable cluster. Two things that few clusters can say about all of their products in this market. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (6/18/16)

Re: "Here are some of the stations in the DC area that we think will fold and go dark within the next 12 months... " Who are "we", & what is the basis for your theory? (6/18/16)

Does anyone know anything about 93.5 FM in the Annapolis / Kent Island area? For the last few months their has been a solid signal on there relaying random (so it seems) stations from around the country. Today they are relaying WTMA-AM from Charleston SC. When I first noticed a signal on there it was just playing random music from what seemed like a CD changer, judging by the time between songs. The signal is solid on Kent Island, but it makes it into Annapolis and Severna Park pretty well too. (6/18/16)

"Here are some of the stations in the DC area that we think will fold" ... Who's "we"? Is there some sort of Camera Stellata (look it up) under some office building where these proclamations are made by actual broadcast pros? (6/18/16)

Dave's response: The e-mail address that came from is liz@buckingham.uk.co. I dunno. I guess she's a secret fan of DC area AM radio. Who'd have thunk?.....

Regarding stations going off the air, someone wrote a list of stations and then said "All of these stations continue to lose money..." Another clueless poster. These stations aren't going "off the air". Will they be sold? Maybe. Will they disappear? No. Clueless. (6/18/16)

[Dave's response: They're trying to go up against Hot 99.5, 94.7 Fresh FM, and WASH - three very successful stations. And consistantly coming in fourth. Cumulus needs to give the DC radio market something it doesn't already have - a Jack-type oldies outlet, an adult alternative rock format, or a great-signalled Anglo/Hispanic contemporary hits outlet. Duh.....] *** Cumulus' WRQX is a loser, it's proven every week in Nielsen's PPM, and every time a Miller-Kaplan ( Revenue Report) is released. The music is so bad. Jack sounds 90 years old (unless he's talking about the weather, and sounds like a high school kid on his first date). They can't beat ANY of their competition, ANY of them. Diamond should draw a line in the sand: "Either give me a format that I can help you win with, or I'm walking out of the door!" This crap format is making Jack look like a washed up, has been... What a terrible disservice for their clients, to get beat by every, EVERY, other Adult Contemporary based format in Washington. I'd love to hear their spin on it, although all of their truly successful executive marketers have left, to re-invigorate their careers at I heart or CBS, winning members of the DC advertising pie. Diamond is slowly losing any trump card he may be holding; Cumulus would look worse (if that's possible) if Diamond left, but the more time that goes by, and he can barely score in the Top 20, then Cumulus would welcome Grandpa Jack to hit the eject button. Jack, get them to get you a winning PD, a format that actually has some unique qualities, and surround your show with broadcasters, not millennials who don't understand the actual business of radio, both in personalities and sales-marketing Pro's. MIX looks terrible, just so terrible at LIVE events, concerts, etc. Embarrassing. It's magnified by how good their competition looks, and that's the general problem. MIX can't compete with top players. They are only 6-7 ranks lower in the Baltimore market than DC... AWFUL. Try to comprehend that... weekly flirting at 18-20 in DC, and hovering around 26 in Baltimore?!?! MIX is a DISASTER. They need to get serious (after getting rid of Kenny King) after so many embarrassing, problematic and disastrous years, that just keep continuing. At least the CEO is being informed of what the pig looks like, without all of the make-up.... ch-ch-ch-changes.... coming to a WRQX near you... sooooooooooooooon!......... (6/18/16)

Here are some of the stations in the DC area that we think will fold and go dark within the next 12 months......1600 AM WLXE, 1520 AM WTRI, 1480 AM WPWC, 950 WCTN AM, 820 AM WWFD, 700 AM WDMV. All of these stations continue to lose money. (6/18/16)

Gus, Gus, Gus: “A people (or an individual) should know when they are defeated” from Gladiator. Learn it, love it, live it: www.youtube.com (6/18/16)

"For the pocket protector crowd - may I suggest that everyone using this site upgrade to a Commodore 64? Problem solved - - - - - Larry (formerly) in Luray" Never owned one but had one on loan. Wouldn't mind having another one. I generally use a Raspberry Pi for the internet because I'm smart and experimental and don't spend my life fixated on one website seeing me for what I am and quite properly not liking me. Also a computer that small and cheap is kind of cool. Gus in Gaithersburg (6/18/16)

Gus is like a Snickers commercial. Gus, you’re not you when you don’t have your Jello. If you can make $100k off of eBay, get back to me, but just stick to 500 rummy in the home’s rec room. Is that where you have your Bondi Blue Apple iMac on display to the amazement of 100 year olds? I proved my point with reputable tech sites. You haven't disputed anything except to shoot your mouth off with insults. You just did the usual thing, deflected to an insult. If you have something to dispute me, knock yourself out. Otherwise, you’re just some old fool ranting about computers that clearly knows nothing! Oh, and when you can travel around the country all year long off of daily eBay sales, get back to me. It’s not very common, but I did it. What is your computer experience? The common denominator here is that you started this argument way in over your head and you’re computer dumb! If you don’t believe me, ask the nurse. :-) (6/18/16)

Adam May posted that he’d be on WJZ 13 last night. He might have stories on CBS local stations, maybe even WUSA 9 if they want the report, but he probably won’t be on The CBS Evening News as he’s not a national or international correspondent for CBS, at least as he said on his Twitter page. Jeff Barnd took a similar job for Sinclair in DC. It probably pays more than being a local anchor in Baltimore I’d imagine. Adam was a Facebook friend at one point but I criticized Al jazeera America for being anti-American and anti-gay and he didn’t like that so he deleted me long ago. I also told him that might wreck his career as it did for the WRC 4 guy David Maresh who ended up banished to Santa Fe New Mexico on public radio or something. He particularly didn’t like that. So I’m glad he faired better. I’ll say what everybody is thinking but nobody will say though. If he wasn’t gay and worked for AJ America, CBS probably wouldn’t have hired him back. But he fits their politics perfectly. Like Jeff Barnd, he’ll still probably live in Baltimore rather than DC. Hmm. I wonder why. (6/18/16)

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\/ June 19 Messages \/

The soon to be divorced according to some sources WMAL talker Mark Levin is spending as much time on air hawking his LevinTV.com as he does trashing Obambi. Now is pitching his pay internet tv show as "the perfect fathers' day gift". Shesh: what a smaltz. (6/17/16)

An EBay business? Wow, you've put me in my place. You might want to consider sending one of your employees (yes, we're all laughing now) to go through the "Apple Mac" <-- I know, right? Does anyone actually say that? Service Tech training. It's surprisingly affordable. I never said I had an "original iMac" whatever "original" means in that context. You're confusing me with one of several right-thinking Americans who have no choice but to think you're coming across as a huge douche. You're the guy who said he didn't know JavaScript, right? You've certainly got me Cecil Beaton on credentials. There are many things I don't do on the internet. Among them are measuring contests of any kind, issuing or accepting challenges to fight, and caring what you think. It's not a problem with the website, it's a problem with YOU. You are the common denominator. Gus in Gaithersburg (6/17/16)

Not necessarily DC related, but still a face-palmer. Thirty years ago, "up and coming comic" Jay Leno recorded a campaign for the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) called "I saw it on the Radio". Surprising to find out it's still on the air in Rome NY on WKAL-AM. From the sound of the hissy audio, it might still be on a cart too. (6/17/16)

For the pocket protector crowd - may I suggest that everyone using this site upgrade to a Commodore 64? Problem solved - - - - - Larry (formerly) in Luray (6/17/16)

Leave Gus alone RIGHT NOW! (6/17/16)

Hmmmm.....a lengthy argument about html code....? With over the top boasting about meaningless resume-filler? Why does this sound so familiar? And so boring? (6/17/16)

Just give it up Gus. I made fun of you with real benchmarks from a reputable site and proved you wrong and now you’re Grumpy Gus again. Having an original iMac hardly makes you an expert! I ran the largest Apple Mac Graphics Upgrade business on eBay for 5 years, but no one can upgrade Mac graphics anymore since even Apple’s Mac Pro’s cannot easily be upgraded by any user. Apple has virtually deleted the upgrade businesses, except for a few with external storage. Most Macs aren’t user serviceable at all anymore, even for memory, let alone graphics. My website was www.MacGeniuses.com, which no longer exists. Since I had to extensively benchmark graphics on upgraded parts to test improvements over stock Apple graphics cards, I’m very knowledgeable about various benchmarks. I also wrote my own website code so I know a Javascript or HTML error when I see one. Both of the websites I mentioned have the same error on various pages from time to time. (6/17/16)

Dude, take a deep breath and untwist those panties. I've been using "Apple Macs" <-- I know, right? Who says that? for 30 years. Benchmarks are all well and good but they were not as clearcut as you present them. In my experience Safari is painfully slow and I'm an adult so I make my own decisions rather than depending on you. Again, the common denominator in your website problems is YOU. Gus in Gaithersburg (6/17/16)

(QUOTE) I actually ran an actual Apple Mac business, not just a BLOG or radio streaming site! If you don’t believe me, read actual test results and benchmarks…(END) I'd rather read what your "actual Apple Mac business" was by name, and where. Dealer? Reseller? Service & Repair? None of the Above? I have a 1990's vintage blueberry-bubble iMac running in the basement as a file server -- taken at its face, that would also make what I do an "Apple Mac business". (6/17/16)

[RE C-SPAN's "Washington Journal":] www.c-span.org - While I despise and would never own let alone shoot a gun, he does know what he is talking about and represents millions of law abiding Americans: it’s a complicated issue. (6/17/16)

What's the deal with Lauryn Ricketts? This week, she was only on WTOP one day this week (Wednesday)? (6/17/16)

Random observations for a Friday: 1) Chris Core (shilling for) is out of control on WTOP. It seems every time I am tuned to that station, he is pushing something. Is that a "Core Value"? 2) Klug Productions ad on the mailbox page: The ad says "zero ego", yet it is the most obnoxious, endlessly animated ad on DCRTV. 3) DCRTV stock ticker app (under Dave's face on the main page) is needed for real time media prices. That will reduce the postings in the mailbag! (6/17/16)

Jenny Glick on WTOP tonight. Youthful, energetic - a breath of fresh air. (6/17/16)

Anyone who claims to be a Mac user and says that Safari is the slowest browser on Macs obviously is a PC TROLL! HAHA! Firefox is NOT faster on Macs, nor is Chrome. NO ONE EVER SAYS THAT! I use all of these browsers daily so I don’t know who you think you’re fooling by trolling here, but you’re only fooling the old geezers with ancient machines not updated in ages, which I suspect you are one of. The last thing I would do is take computer from a radio DJ, the dumbest computer “experts” around. I actually ran an actual Apple Mac business, not just a BLOG or radio streaming site! If you don’t believe me, read actual test results and benchmarks… www.zdnet.com... You’ll notice that Firefox didn’t win any benchmark test available! If you can disprove the benchmarks from the Gaithersburg assisted living facility, let me know. :-) Btw, today NewEnglandOne.com is working too, but the link I looked at yesterday from a story there did not. Same issue as WBOC.com occasionally, but not today. (6/17/16)

The Orioles and MASN have two disputes on their hands. Not only is Angelos suing MLB and the Nationals, he also sent cease and desist orders and might be suing Pabst Brewing Co. for misuse of Oriole trademarks. Of course Asbestos Pete signed a huge concessions deal with Budweiser, which tossed Natty Boh Beer (now owned by Pabst) from Camden Yards to the dismay of fans. Angelos claims pics on cans of Natty Boh showing Mr. Boh as a baseball player in orange violate his copyrights. Meanwhile is using the Mr. Boh image/logo at the beginning of every Orioles telecast. So it looks like Sleazy Pete is going to be embroiled in another lawsuit. Not much is in the news. No one will talk, but The Sun pulled some public records just to even find out this was going on. Now I see today, MASN has removed the Mr. Boh sign logo from its telecasts. I’m surprised The Post hasn’t picked up on this story yet because The Sun is not going to pursue it. Hell, they just inducted Angelos into The Sun Baltimore Business Hall of Fame! HAHA! Someone please find out what Sleazy Pete is up to. Even if you don’t like the beer, but don’t like Angelos even more, its worth signing the petition… nationalbohemian.com... I wonder. Do they have Natty Boh at Nats Park at all or ever? (6/17/16)

In Today’s Baltimore Sun, WBAL TV investigative reporter Jayne Miller’s partner Deputy State’s Attorney Janice Bledsoe is accused of misconduct in the Freddie Gray case. WBAL 11 has previously removed Jayne Miller from covering the Freddie Gray case. While Jayne Miller is not covering the case, it does lead one to wonder what information she has shared with the WBAL news department that maybe only she would know. Hmm. More in The Sun. www.baltimoresun.com (6/17/16)

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\/ June 16 Messages \/

A Cumulus corporate Executive recently described WRQX-MIX 107.3 as "Lacking", "Unfocused" "Disappointing"... ... Hey there, Sherlock Holmes... what took you so long? What's funnier, this was on a phone conference meeting with The CEO. (6/16/16)

Dave's response: They're trying to go up against Hot 99.5, 94.7 Fresh FM, and WASH - three very successful stations. And consistantly coming in fourth. Cumulus needs to give the DC radio market something it doesn't already have - a Jack-type oldies outlet, an adult alternative rock format, or a great-signalled Anglo/Hispanic contemporary hits outlet. Duh.....

First off, a hearty thanks and round of polite golf applause to the poster who took the boring stock guy to school. Truly Allah will reward you in Paradise for that mitzvah. As for NewEnglandOne.com, I just tried it using the browser for rubes, literally the slowest browser in the world, the browser you use when you don't know about computers, Safari, and the website works perfectly. The common denominator here is YOU, WBOC Guy. Or perhaps your "Apple Mac". <-- I know, right? Who says that? "...what supposedly passes for full-time talent on some other stations and they all sound like they are 12 years old & dumber than a bag of hammers (heard someone the other day pronounce Tuscon as "tuck-son"). " I know, right? Why, just today I saw someone spell "Tucson" as "Tuscon". Gus in Gaithersburg (6/16/16)

Stash returning to the Baltimore airwaves via WZBA?? Sure, why not?? All Baltimore area airstaff seem to rotate throughout all the stations eventually...once again, no thought of maybe bringing in a fresh voice/talent to the market? I'm happy that Stash has gotten a handle on his life and is rebounding, but this is why terrestrial radio is getting stale. Same people on the air...maybe different stations, but still in the market...or is it a cost-cutting measure? Up in PA, the new "Rocky 98.5" chooses to keep their female part of their "morning show" Stevie Lynn on throughout the middays...8 1/2 hours of the same voice (and relatively boring at that)?? Whatever happened to personality radio?? Whatever happened to new voices in the market? However, on the flip side of this point, I have heard some of the part-time talent and what supposedly passes for full-time talent on some other stations and they all sound like they are 12 years old & dumber than a bag of hammers (heard someone the other day pronounce Tuscon as "tuck-son"). Is there an answer (and yes, that's a rhetorical question). (6/6/16)

"Delilah says her listeners are still out there - they're just not being detected by the ratings methodology....." Isn't that what they always say when the ratings drop? It couldn't be that her act and her format have gotten a little old, could it? (6/16/16)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] This is your opportunity to join an award-winning news operation. Full service radio station in Maryland’s capital city has immediate opening for a part-time News Anchor/Reporter. Along with anchoring newscasts, you must have knowledge of writing for broadcast, audio editing, social media and audio board operation. Applicant must have flexible hours, weekdays and weekends. Knowledge of local area helpful. Email a résumé and a short (2 minutes, max) mp3 to jobs@wnav.com. (No calls please) Or send to: Raychel Harvey-Jones, News Director, WNAV Radio, 236 Admiral Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401. (6/16/16)

(QUOTE) no one there was allowed to view DCRTV or post on such websites (END) Birach & company did the same thing in 2002 when WGOP AM was at 5028 Wisconsin Ave, down the road from Fox TV: blocked DCRTV.COM right at the router. No idea what they're up to these days, other than still stewing over the Damascus tower fight of a decade ago. (6/16/16)

All good points Dave on why CBS or ABC would not be interested in WHUT 32, but WHUT also has a maxed out 1000kw signal right in DC already. NBC is spending all that money in Boston for what doesn't seem like nearly as sensible a plan. The new NBC Boston station will not even be in Boston, but New Hampshire and will not have a receivable OTA signal by anyone. Hmm, maybe Comcast likes that? Comcast is just pulling one sleazy near anti-trust maneuver after another. And yes revenues might be down for TV stations, but NBC is putting out of commission TV stations that are NOT in financial trouble. I wonder if people will petition the FCC to allow them to get an out of town NBC signal since while technically via Nielsen in the Boston market, WNEU has no real ratings history in Boston that would even show up, nor does its signal reach the city. (6/16/16)

I’m pretty sure someone (I won’t name names so as to not cause trouble) from Sinclair’s FOX 45 told me years ago that no one there was allowed to view DCRTV or post on such websites. For awhile at Sinclair, no one was allowed to be on Facebook at ALL, let alone post anything about the station. One Sinclair person said, no I can’t friend you because I can’t let them know I’m at this kind of bar. Then Sinclair eased up on that, but you were only allowed personal Facebook friends and nothing about its stations could be posted. Lately, I see their news people posting more than ever, but there is a paranoid culture at Sinclair. WBAL TV is the exact opposite. I heard the WUSA 9 suits get nervous when anyone posts anything about any problem or news at the station. Like for instance WBAL TV let someone post that they were building a new news set. If someone at WUSA 9 did that, they would probably be called into an office. However at one time, CBS suits had DCRTV.com blocked from the company internet access, but allow them all over Facebook. Marty Bass however despises DCRTV. :-) (6/16/16)

WBOC.com appears to be working correctly today since the ads are gone for now, but I noticed accidentally that NewEnglandOne.com also has the same issue in Safari, pages constantly reloading repeatedly so fast you can’t even read the page. So some other news organization must use the same bad web coding company! It’s too distinctive a flaw to not be a coincidence. They’re both making the same coding error at the very least or not testing them on Apple Macs. :-) (6/16/16)

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\/ June 15 Messages \/

(regarding a previous post) For purposes of clarification, here's an item with additional information about Apple's plans for Flash in its upcoming software updates. www.cnet.com (6/15/16)

It seems as though WJLA's brass does not read your mailbag, Dave. If they had, they would know that whoever the girl is filling in for Julie Wright this week has been unwatchable. Simply unwatchable. Julie brings life to that show. This girl not so much. Flipping back to Fox 5 now. (6/15/16)

Okay, so the iHeart troll is a lot dumber than I realized. "If iHeart has 29.99 MILLION SHARES OUTSTANDING........with a value of $1.00 per share that means that all of their outstanding stock is worth just $29,990,000 Million. Their reported debt is $20.9 BILLION. The math cannot be correct." First off, I'll guess that when you typed "$29,990,000 Million," (which equals 29.99 zillion), you actually meant $29.99 million. But you'll have to explain why you think the value of a company's debt should equal the value of it's outstanding stock. Because I've never heard that one before. Btw, iHeartMedia's market cap is $87.2 million. Oh, wait -- you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, do you? (6/15/16)

Anyone donate to WAMU? Why? Mornings used to be a smooth-running broadcast with local and NPR stuff, including traffic. Can you believe no traffic/Metro info? And at 9 a.m. it airs Brit news (not Barbara Britt). That's crazy...we want America news. That said, the best program on 88.5 FM is on after the 11 p.m. news, "As It Happens." American news reporters...print/radio/TV...should listen and learn how to do interviews. Relevant questions "As It Happens." Thanks to WAMU for that show. And please bring back Sam Litzinger's animal program. Thanks. (6/15/16)

If iHeart has 29.99 MILLION SHARES OUTSTANDING........with a value of $1.00 per share that means that all of their outstanding stock is worth just $29,990,000 Million. Their reported debt is $20.9 BILLION. The math cannot be correct. There is a BIG difference between a Million dollars and a Billion dollars. One of your posters does not have the correct information. He also does not want to hear about the iHeart DEBT. He probably works for iHeart of Mitt Romney's company Bain Capital. (6/15/16)

IHeart Radio is trying to change the city of License of one of there stations on Delmarva to a non existent town. The want to license WKZP 95.9 from Bethany Beach to West Ocean City, Maryland. The problem there is no town of West Ocean City, Maryland. It stead of picking a real town with out a station, they pick "west ocean city" The only reason for this is to close there "Main Studio" in Ocean City, because the real studio is in Salisbury, Maryland more than 25 miles from Bethany Beach. The FCC is accepting comments through July 11, 2016. (6/15/16)

Here’s an interesting thought. What if ABC or CBS scooped up WHUT’s spectrum for an O&O CBS or ABC station and yank the affiliation from Tegna or Sinclair? NBC is doing something similar in Boston right now starting in 2017. CBS might have some issues with all the radio stations they already own, but they’re already talking about spinning that off to a different company anyway. ABC however has no issues on starting its own O&O in DC if they wanted. I realize it’s a non-commercial allocation, but DC already has 3 other TV non-coms not including MPT or WHUT, so I would think the FCC wouldn’t have that much of an issue with that. Just an idea. (6/15/16)

Dave's response: Traditional TV, whether broadcast or streamed, is quickly becoming an outdated technology. I don't know if a major network would want to spend all that time and effort required to start a new station in DC when they already have affiliates here. Plus, that would hurt their relationships with the companies (Sinclair for ABC, Tegna for CBS) that they already have many affiliations with. Look at Fox. They could have easily made Baltimore's WUTB 24 a Fox network O&O but didn't want to damage their affiliate relationship with Sinclair, which owns Fox 45, WBFF, and many Fox outlets across the country. Also, if ABC really wanted to own its DC station, it could have shown more interest in WJLA when it was up for sale three years ago.....

The guy who gives the breathless twice-daily iHeart updates is getting dumber by the minute. Re: "iHeart reported that their debt is $20.9 BILLION. Their stock is trading today at just $1.00 per share. Since it is public company, the total number of share should be easy to find. However, it is not easy to find..." Only if you're stupid. Smart people use this new invention, called "Google (www.google.com)," which shows in about 50 different places that there are 29.99 million outstanding shares of iHeartMedia Inc. As for your fast-breaking news about iHeart's debt, that hasn't changed, so please stop cluttering the Mailbag with the same message day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day after..... (6/15/16)

Re: WAMU's dwindling news staff...Lauren Landau is a part-time weekend host (who no longer does the sorely-missed Art Beat daily report). Martin Di Caro is a part-time Transportation reporter (who also works part-time at the Associated Press). Sabri Ben-Achour left for a free-lance position at Marketplace when WAMU failed to put him on budget after a grant for an Environment reporter was not renewed. And now Kavitha Cardoza leaves for Education Week. And why has it taken the station so long to find an Editorial Director (news manager)? The job has been posted since February! No qualified candidates? (6/15/16)

The other night the world's worst excuse for a newsman, Wolf Blitzer, issued a truly scumbaggish warning/tease before CNN showed a video clip from the Orlando shooting. "We have to warn our viewers! What you are about to see is GRUESOME!" Then they ran the video, apparently taken by a bystander with a cellphone, that showed a line of police cars a block away and an occasional popping noise in the distance. There was no way of knowing where or when the video was taken, no people were shown in it, the videographer was not named, etc. This is a credible news network? (6/15/16)

Lately there has been a lot of discussion concerning the operating condition at Cumulus (Jenifer street and all the other markets). Let me make this perfectly clear. The only people that can save that company is Scott "true oldies" Shannon and Dan "WPGC" Mason. Any questions, Lew? (6/15/16)

iHeart reported that their debt is $20.9 BILLION. Their stock is trading today at just $1.00 per share. Since it is public company, the total number of share should be easy to find. However, it is not easy to find. Even if they sold off all their stations, they would never be able to pay off this kind of debt. It is like the USA saying, we are going to pay off our national debt. It will never happen! (6/15/16)

Couple of things on Stash. First. So glad he is back and ready to roll again. If memory serves me correct, after his 98 Rock departure, didn't he appear for a short time on the KHZ TV/ radio network? I also recall reading a while back he was doing a weekend talk show at WCBM. Didn't hear it, but I think I read it in the mailbag. Good move for The Bay. Stash will fit right in (6/15/16)

A computer note to sites like DCRTV and others… The next MacOS operating system will deactivate FLASH by default as a security measure. That means some videos posted here and many places will no longer work. This is a major thing and one of Steve Jobs last wishes, to KILL FLASHPLAYER because ti comprises most of the security problems in most computers, both PCs and Macs and Jobs famously wrote an open letter saying he wanted FLASH to die so that Apple and Microsoft didn’t have to keep fixing all of its problems and holes and bugs and security leaks. Well FLASH outlasted Steve Jobs, but won’t much longer. This Apple decision will make MLB TV and many other lame streaming sites not using current superior HTML5 technology have to take notice. Even HULU will not be Mac compatible after this unless they convert all their videos like YouTube did years ago. By the way FLASH is already discontinued on all smart phones, so websites are going to have to play catch up. (6/15/16)

From recent FCC news: For those that might be wondering about poor reception issues of WJZ AM 1300 Baltimore or WFBR AM 1590, both are operating under extended STAs now. However WJZ just filed a report that its problem is nearly solved and just about to submit paperwork. I think the AM 1300 site is practically original to when the station first moved from an Inner Harbor transmitter way way back. As for WFBR AM 1590, they claim that copper thieves are digging up and stealing their ground wires. Maybe someone else more knowledgeable can comment on the veracity or probability of that happening. But judging from the heavily wooded transmitter site, it would be difficult to see any thief. Of course AM 1300 used to be WFBR before they let the call letters go for different names a couple times. If anyone has that story about the station staff tying a copper ground wire to the number of an old Cadillac and pushing it into the Inner Harbor, I’d love to hear the details on that again. (6/15/16)

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GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump gets all upset about a clickbait headline in the Washington Post and ramps up his feud with the newspaper's owner, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Can Post media reporter Paul Farhi fairly cover the dispute? Also, is Baltimore rock radio legend Stash on his way back after addiction treatment? And, I take a look at some classic "Dave TV" episodes dating back to 2011. In today's "Dave TV"..... (6/14/16)

Today, WTOP's Mike Moss introduced Chuck Todd as the moderator of "Face The Nation". At least he didn't say "Press The Face." Ha! (6/14/16)

Stash returns? My guess is The Bay, mornings. Just a hunch (6/14/16)

Gateway Pundit – a so called “conservative” blog site – editor Jim Hoft “comes out” in the wake of the Orlando murders: good for him. These murders have stirred a mare’s nest: come out Larry! More: www.mediaite.com (6/14/16)

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I wish I was able to watch Washington area coverage of what happened in Orlando. Here in Harrisburg only the ABC station, WHTM carried the awful news starting very early in the morning. The other two stations, WIP (CBS) and WGAL (NBC) had cartoons and paid program-length commercials until well after 7am. Tonight (Monday) WGAL chose to pull NBC’s slow-moving list of those who died at the Pulse back to a small box in order to air the day’s winning lottery numbers. It’s amazing how insensitive Hearst Television is in matters like this. What follows is a note I sent to WGAL. "Is anyone with a degree of sensitivity at the controls of WGAL? Where is senior management? Near the end of NBC Nightly News tonight (6/13/2016), the network ran a crawl of the names of the 49 victims of the nation's worst shooting. WGAL chose to ignore the sadness surrounding NBC's tribute by pulling down the network program to a box in order to air today's numbers. I continue to believe that WGAL is anti-LGBT. On the day of the Orlando horror, WGAL chose not to air network coverage for hours while WHTM was on the story very early. There's something wrong at WGAL. The owners should look into this." Tom Gauger, Shermans Dale, PA (6/13/16)

Running silent movies on Channel 6 LPTV is not exactly in the Public Interest. How is this serving the Public Interest with all the promises they made the FCC when they got the TV license. The Audio has nothing to do with the visual they have on the television. Another loophole to past the FCC Rules. A previous poster says this is the way they" get around the rules." What about the Spirit of OPERATING this station just to get around the rules? (6/13/16)

Dave's response: Are all those many hours of paid infomercials 4, 5, 7, 9, 20, and 50 run every week also in the "public interest"? Hmmm.....

Aw Gus where’s the love? I know that you are nobody’s dancing monkey! But we do have one thing in common: I too tune into KSFO (no problem using a HP PC) for the good Dr. Savage’s third hour as I too have had enough of Larry by 5PM. Did it today and he was great sticking it to Barry Obambi. Did you know that you can hear “Best of Savage” on KSFO on Saturdays? As for all the DMV, DC-MD-VA-WV, yaba dabba do I give up understanding it all: I accept you explanation. Best: Your Pompous Pal (6/13/16)

"Well Gus, these are known as “Combined Statistical Areas” or CSAs and frequently have shared media markets (which is why you will hear political ads in Maryland for Virginia candidates): “DMV” may mean “District/Maryland/Virginia” rather than Delmarva because Delaware is really more associated with Pennsylvania and the southern part of New Jersey or maybe DPNJ? (Philly/Trenton/Wilmington)." The CSA (Combined Statistical Area") for DC/Balt is called: Washington-Baltimore-Arlington, DC-MD-VA-WV-PA Combined Statistical Area and consists of the following MSAs (Metropolitan Statistical Areas): You can find the whole list here: www.whitehouse.gov... Baltimore-Columbia-Towson, MD Metropolitan Statistical Area... California-Lexington Park, MD Metropolitan Statistical Area... Cambridge, MD Micropolitan Statistical Area... Chambersburg-Waynesboro, PA Metropolitan Statistical Area... Easton, MD Micropolitan Statistical Area... Hagerstown-Martinsburg, MD-WV Metropolitan Statistical Area... Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV Metropolitan Statistical Area... Winchester, VA-WV Metropolitan Statistical Area... So, I'm not sure why the author thinks "DMV" refers to a CSA. It's doesn't. As you can see, the CSA for the area extends north to Baltimore and PA, as far west as WV and as far east as Cambridge and Easton. The reason you can hear (or see) political ads in Maryland for Virginia and vice versa has more to do with the Nielsen market definitions (Metro and DMA) than the OMB CSA and MSA definitions. (disclaimer: was the Market Definition Analyst for Arbitron ages ago) (6/13/16)

"Well Gus how do you pronounce Lewes, Delaware? Lewes as in Lou’s or Lewes as in Lewiz? Your Pompous Pal." I pronounce it correctly. I'm not your dancing monkey. Your journey to irrelevance will be solo. On another note, I tuned away from WMAL when they started Jive at Five and found KSFO's site was still apparently overloaded (or maybe it's just not optimized for Macs like that mean station in Baltimore, right guys?) but found the last hour of Savage on another site. Gus in Gaithersburg (6/13/16)

CBS News available locally on WUSA reports that Seddique Mir Mateen, father of Orlando gunman Omar Mateen, claims "God will punish those involved in homosexuality," saying it's, "not an issue that humans should deal with." Why drag God into this when it’s Allah’s fault? And this guy actually has a television show: “Seddique Mateen hosts a program on a California-based satellite Afghan TV station, aimed at the Afghan diaspora in the in the U.S., called the "Durand Jirga Show." A senior Afghan intelligence source tells CBS News correspondent Lara Logan that the show is watched by some in people in Afghanistan but the primary audience is ethnic Pashtun Afghans living in the U.S. and Europe.” More on this nutcase: www.cbsnews.com (6/13/16)

Another look at the increasingly strange case of YouTuber Nomadic Fanatic, the Washington state-based RVer who travels the country with his cat. And seems to have attracted an army of critics, led by the mysterious Nomadic Fanatic Stickers. Why, I ask, does Nomadic Fanatic seem to do things in his videos that tend to "bait" or "fuel" his critics? He seems to want to attract the troll-ish behavior. And more in today's edition of "Dave TV".....

WDCN 87.7 FM is running at much higher power than they are licensed. If you measure their signal, you will see what I mean. This is Channel 6 LPTV, using their audio analog channel as a FM Radio Station. I realize, that because there are no other radio stations on this channel, the signal goes out further. The FCC should have an inspection on this operation. (6/13/16)

Radio station in PWC - I know you had a blurb about this, in case you wanted to add this to it: www.washingtonpost.com (6/13/16)

Latest research on the life of radio and TV news directors... rtdna.org (6/13/16)

"you are likely remembering the Traffic Court produced at WRC-TV's Nebraska Avenue studios in the early 1960s." There was a Court show on WTTG-5 back in the mid-60's. I know because I was on it! I had tried to find films or tapes of the shows when I worked at WTTG in the mid-70's but no one knew of any archive of the old programs. If you find some tapes or films let all of us know, I'd like to get a copy for myself. Pat Murphy -OuterBanks NC (6/13/16)

The 87.7 signal does include video. It's just running a loop of old public domain silent movies like we used to see in those coin-operated movie boxes at the boardwalk. They're following the letter of the law, but not the spirit. They get to take advantage of that loud audio signal which sounds like overmodulated crap on even the highest quality FM radio, but it reaches really far. -Chainsman (6/13/16)

Re.: DMV. So do media types in Minnesota refer to Minneapolis-St. Paul as MSP ? How about in Florida? Tampa-St. Petersburg as TSP? Or how about NC….Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill? Do media types refer to that area as Research Triangle Park, RTP, or RDCH? Just wonderin’ (6/13/16)

I think that ABC has done an excellent job of reporting on the Orlando mass shooting. The gunman's former wife said this morning " he hated gay people". He killed 50 people and hurt another 53 people according to reports. ABC also reported this morning that he was a Islamist Sympathizer. The radio stations in Orlando dropped their regular programming to report on this mass shooting. (6/13/16)

RE: “On a positive note you spelled "Delmarva" correctly while completely missing my point. Pompous is as pompous does. Gus in Gaithersburg” Well Gus how do you pronounce Lewes, Delaware? Lewes as in Lou’s or Lewes as in Lewiz? Your Pompous Pal. (6/13/16)

WMAL’s Larry O’Connor and Brian Wilson immediately dismissed the Tony Award winning Hamilton’s cast & director decision to lay down their arms in honor of the Orlando murders for their Sunday performance. The local Washington Times (which probably has more readers outside than inside the DMV region) reports: www.washingtontimes.com (6/13/16)

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"Well Gus, these are known as “Combined Statistical Areas” or CSAs and frequently have shared media markets (which is why you will hear political ads in Maryland for Virginia candidates)" same as you can receive French and Dutch radio stations in England... so what? But thank you for your pomposity to our country. How did I ever make it to adulthood without your pompous input? On a positive note you spelled "Delmarva" correctly while completely missing my point. Pompous is as pompous does. Gus in Gaithersburg (6/12/16)

ATTN: David Alan Gates... You are likely remembering the Traffic Court produced at WRC-TV's Nebraska Avenue studios in the early 1960s. In the beginning, the program aired Friday evenings, but I recall watching Saturday night at 6:30 pm. Assuming the show was pre-recorded, there is no chance those two-inch quad tapes were preserved for half-a-century. (6/12/16)

Prior to the creation of metro, there were several bus companies serving the area. In Virginia, there was AB&W (Alexandria, Barcroft, and Washington) and WV&M (Washington, Virginia, and Maryland). WV&M was a division of DC Transit. There was also WMA which I think served parts of DC and Maryland. (6/12/16)

iheartmedia class action settlement... www.classactionrebates.com (6/12/16)

ABC 7 priorities at noon: drop network coverage of the mass shooting for a special on Estonia followed I am sure by their Sunday informercial marathon. The Allbritton influence lives on. (6/12/16)

Pulse of a nation: www.pulseorlandoclub.com... Everybody from Drudge (who has Pulse logo on cover page) to local WRC (who has reporter Pete Williams, who is openly gay, reporting) to The Daily Mail (“Suspected Islamic extremist shoots dead at least 20 dead at Florida gay club”) even Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” are making one thing clear: we are all Americans now. (6/12/16)

Dave: Has anyone taken notice about the all-new level we've sunk to regarding sports coverage on any local station. Meaning, how bad or [not] credible has CSN become and that NewsChannel 8 has a better look on the weekends than any other local station. It's bad enough that we can't listen to any sportstalk station without hearing ex-players complain or eat on the air. However, I wonder why our market is sooo bad when it comes to solid sports journalism. I was in Richmond last night and someone told me their local TV do a better job covering Redskins camp than the DC stations...I had no comeback for that comment..it does make sense! (6/12/16)

Regarding "Instead of DMV, why not use WV&M? Some of the old timers here will remember that term." I'm a DC native and have never heard that term. Back in the '70s, Channel 9 used the call sign WDVM. On this side of the Chesapeake Bay, people call the eastern tri-state peninsula "The Eastern Shore", but over there they call it "The DelMarVa Peninsula." AM 540 in Pocomoke City, MD, used to have the call sign WDMV. After Birach bought it and AM 570 in Walkersville, which was once WGOP, he swapped the call signs. Speaking of "tri-state" there is a local auto dealer in the area that runs ads that it serves this tri-state area, much to the surprise of DC residents. With a metropolitan area so full of transients who are ill-informed or don't care, it is easy to lose track of regional history. (6/12/16)

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Well Gus, these are known as “Combined Statistical Areas” or CSAs and frequently have shared media markets (which is why you will hear political ads in Maryland for Virginia candidates): “DMV” may mean “District/Maryland/Virginia” rather than Delmarva because Delaware is really more associated with Pennsylvania and the southern part of New Jersey or maybe DPNJ? (Philly/Trenton/Wilmington). And then there’s what is called “The Tri-State” area: New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut all have NYC suburban cities & towns. Then there’s “The Twin Cities”: Minneapolis & St. Paul. In California, there are really three states: “The Southland” (Santa Barbara to San Diego), “The Bay Area” (San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, all the way up the coast), and the “Central Valley” (Fresno to Bakersfield to the Nevada border). Even the Midwest has their nicknames for clustered cities: “The Quad Cities” are Iowa’s Davenport & Bettendorf, while Illinois has Rock Island and Moline... wikipedia.org (6/11/16)

This might sound like a dumb question, but how many people can really get FM 87.7. I haven’t bought a new car in awhile, but none of the ones I have now (3) even tune down that far, only to 87.9. Btw, the same people that own WDCN Channel 6 also own WDCO-LP on Delmarva. Anyone know if they’re doing the same thing? It also says they have no visual power output. Sounds like the same thing. See here… fccdata.org (6/11/16)

Dave's response: Here in Reston, about 10 miles west of WDCN's transmitter, I can get the 87.7 "radio" station just fine. But I can't get anywhere near regular reception of the channel 6 analog TVer.....

Instead of DMV, why not use WV&M? Some of the old timers here will remember that term. (6/11/16)

Glassdoor.Com is reporting that a board-op for iHeartMedia makes approximately $9.25 per hour. That's for waking up early, manning the studio console, overseeing the obscenity delay, screening calls, maintaining EAS compliance, and staying on top of social media. That's horrible. No wonder there's no good talent on the way up. (6/11/16)

What's with all the dead air on WAMU today? Enough donations to the silent campaign? -Chainsman (6/11/16)

The WDCN audio channel 87.7 signal is going out much further than they are licensed. There are no other FM stations, in this area, on that channel. (87.7 FM). Furthermore, they are operating with more power than they are licensed. This Channel 6 LPTV is licensed to Fairfax, VA. However, they are covering the entire DC Metro Area. They have never operated as a television station. The owners lease it out to a Spanish Broadcaster. (6/11/16)

DMV. Some there are who say that it originated in online ads of filles de joie of color, then into the online escort review boards and the larger community of color then just like with jazz lingo the white man was last to the party. "On point" sounds similarly skanky because of its early use as a grading of certain skills best left undescribed. DMV. I can't imagine anyone using it instead of Delmarva. It doesn't save any time. Of course in Maryland there is no DMV, so in Maryland does MVA mean Maryland and Virginia? Gus in Gaithersburg (6/11/16)

OK, late FCC news from yesterday… WiJK AM Ocean City is no more. It’s now WGBG-AM and OC’s FM 105.1 is now a translator for WGBG FM 98.5 Seaford DE via 1590, which Adams Radio also owns. WGBG FM Seaford has a very poor signal at the beach. 105.1 FM solves that problem. Unclear what will happen with 104.3 FM in OC. (6/11/16)

does wamu pay for This American Life because the only episodes broadcasts are repeats I will never donate to public broadcasting too many repeats on television and radio (6/11/16)

Rooted in Radio (still my first love), but working in TV for way too long (because the bux are better), I'm going to sound off a bit about the local incarnations of why the government will further destroy what had once been the most universally available broadcast TV service in the world. First, WDCN-LP. That (and their brethren) should've been euthanized ages ago by failing to meet FCC technical standards when they broadcast their audio in FM Radio Stereo and not BTSC Stereo, as required for TV stations. Expect “Mr. STA” here on the Mailbag to get a new subject when the FCC issues an STA to WDCN and the other channel 6 LPTV's, to remain on-air in analog indefinitely. The rationale will be that they are providing a “unique”, “vital”, “underserved” (pick one or more) service to their community. Next, WHAG-25. I almost feel sorry for that station. Commercial TV in a Small Market (or less) has always been a tough go at best. That WHAG-TV has survived for so long is testimony to: Lack of cable carriage for WRC-TV, WRC-TV's infamously poor signal for ages until they built onto their tower in the 1980's -not to mention pulse QRM in the video in analog days from PEPCO's and VEPCO's unmaintained aerial plant; the staff and community service of WHAG-TV; the loyalty of their clients; and finally the patience of WHAG-TV's ownership. Few successful Small Market TV's originated their own local newscast let alone programming. Yet, WHAG-TV did. For the NBC-TV network, WHAG-TV served for ages in much the same way as things like WVIR-TV Charlottesville and the long-defunct WHFV-TV Fredericksburg. But, given that Comcast likely owns most of the CATV's in WHAG's OTA reception area, it's probable that a Network Exclusivity carriage deal is involved in Nexstar not fighting the disaffiliation. Had Hagerstown-Chambersburg been declared a separate market, Nexstar could've had ground to stand on. As it is now, it doesn't. When I look at small market TV's I think of things like KGTO-TV in Fayaetteville, Ark when devolved into a satellite of PBS via the AETS Network (whose channel 2 in Little Rock during the analog era gave fits to many commercial stations on channel 2 when propagation was “right”), or KAYS-TV in Hays, KS or KYUS-TV in Miles City, Mont, which while remaining commercial, no longer originate local programming, becoming full-time satellites of “major” stations. Ever watch “KELO-Land News”? Perhaps my earlier joke on changing WMAL's call to “WABC/R” was somewhat prescient in that it could apply theoretically to more than a few TV's with the end of local TV. I say that as the government has by regulation as much as by merger killed local broadcasting in this country. Ask the Master Control staff who report to work daily at 4001 Nebraska Ave. to operate WRC-TV what I'm talking about. Yet, the unions were silent with the FCC and Congress when these rules and regulations intended to eliminate jobs were proposed. As the likely most senior citizen on the Mailbag, I've always found it interesting over the years that the government looks out for protecting “competition”, “the marketplace”, “consumer choice”, and against “market dominance and influence” when it comes to approving acquisitions and mergers, not to mention rules and regulations. Yet, they've never given a tinker's damn about jobs and employees. Every “efficiency” that's ever been touted as a “benefit” of any merger should be regarded as jobs destroyed. Whether the job is custodian or CEO, a job is a job. And, in my decades of experience in business, I've never seen an eliminated job restored. Nor, have I ever seen a laid-off employee brought back. Unless government realizes that it's employees who create the buying power in the marketplace and starts mandating numerically enforceable “job creation” and “job growth” guarantees in approving acquisitions and mergers instead of wink and nod “job elimination” by “efficiencies” being codified by unenforceable and often unrelated “goals”, we are doomed to see not just jobs eliminated, but entire industries. And, this is not limited to broadcasting. Government doesn't seem to realize that it's working employees who buy goods and services in the market place, but also pay taxes. And, without employed consumers buying goods and services, businesses will be unable to pay those cherished fees and taxes levied upon business at every level. Sorry for the long rant -Unsigned Corporate Suit (6/11/16)

People from Boston might not care, but people vacationing at the beach do. The Merry Go Round continues in Ocean City. First 105.1 FM was off the air for months with no report to the FCC. Now 105.1 is back on the air, but 104.3 FM is still off the air. 105.1 is simulcasting WIJK 1590 which is still operating under an expired STA that is apparently acceptable to the FCC. This seems to change daily in some way. How the FCC works is mind boggling. (6/11/16)

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