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After you've told me you're not talking about getting new tags or a photo ID, "DMV" means DelMarVA Penninsula to me. Of course I'm old enough to know that "grow the business" is just bad grammar and we don't "definitize" things when we can define them. Why be politically correct when simply correct is smarter? Why do some people think stupid looks cooler on them than others? A mystery for the ages... (6/10/16)

Leah Wright Rigueur writes in The Washington Post: “When Muhammad Ali endorsed Ronald Reagan” (in 1984). The Reagan campaign even took out billboards in black neighborhoods touting the endorsement: ballsy! More: www.washingtonpost.com (6/10/16)

Was wondering if anyone might remember/know of a local TV show... … in the DC area from back in the (late) 1950’s broadcast either on the old DuMont (later WTTG and now FOX) Network or NBC(???) called TRAFFIC COURT - featuring JUDGE GROVER LEE SMALL, who at the time was a sitting District Court Judge in Upper Marlboro Maryland…. where case transcripts from his courtroom were taken - edited down - and “re-tried” with actors for the cameras while he tried to look interested. One of the reasons he was hired was because he was the doppleganger for JAMES CAGNEY - back when local TV lighting was horrible. He was my Uncle - and I was hoping SOMEBODY might know if there are ANY surviving tele-cine tapes of that program, which (if I remember correctly - being 5 years old at the time - came on the same time as SUPERMAN right before dinner,… and I preferred watching the guy with the cape that flew thru the air - rather than ‘that guy’ who “just” sat behind the bench wearing his ‘cape’ (robe). Appreciate any help - as I just moved back to DC after 30 years in L.A. because of my music career. And passing of my dad & mom (it was her brother). Thanx, David Alan Gates, singer/songwriter, and longtime friend of ALEX SHEFTTELL from his WAVA days (6/10/16)

Dave, which bathroom did Larry use? Was Chris Plante hanging out in the Women's rest room making sure Larry's cross-dressing "theater friends" didn't use it while they were still in character? Do you think WMAL will get more views if Larry ad Brian sing a show tune or two with a few dance moves at the bottom of each hour? Here is a ratings grabber for video...Have Sylvie secretly enter the studio around 8:50 AM one morning. When Chris Plante walks in right before 9:00 AM, she can surprise him! We can all then get visuals of the sexual tensions between Sylvie and Chris, and Larry can get a few "Real Housewives of Chuck County" fashion tips for the aging graciously Conservative. (6/10/16)

About the only times I ever hear the term "DMV" used in a geographic sense is in DC media circles, as some have pointed out. About evenly spread between TV, radio, and online, but honestly very rarely in the "real" world conversationally. And when I have had it used by anyone talking to me, I just wince. I mean, if you're from Northern Virginia, or PG County, etc. what's wrong with just saying it that way? You tell most people outside this bubble that "I'm going to the DMV tomorrow", they'll just think you're getting some new auto tags. To me, it's the laziness of language that's pervasive the last 10 yrs or so -- we now have to minimalize, shorthand, and hashtag everything. That, and Washington's typical inflated sense of self-importance. Frankly, the first number of times I heard it was even meant to describe an area, and not Motor Vehicles, all that came to mind was "Delaware, Maryland, Virginia" -- DC didn't even occur to me. (May be because I'm an Annapolis resident, though) (6/10/16)

Re: "To Chainsman: Sorry to say it, but 'the DMV' is already a thing. I hate it, I think it sounds dumb, but it's a thing. Too late, sadly. Signed, a media practitioner. " Sorry, but all you've done is help prove the first guy's point. For some reason, know-nothings at a few local media outlets have latched onto this "DMV" thing. Nobody -- and I mean absolutely nobody -- who is from this area has ever used it. Using that acronym is a great way to advertise yourself as a moron who's from somewhere other than the DC area. (6/10/16)

Tuned into WKCW this morning and heard a number of new jingles — a rare sign of life at this mystifying station. Still commercial-free, with the exception of that occasional “One God Ministry” spot. (6/10/16)

Congrats to Drudge for coming in third in the U.S. Media Publishers List with over a billion hits (just behind MSN and Disney): WMAL & DCRTV didn’t make this list but The Washington Times rose (must be all them Chinese). More: www.similarweb.com (6/10/16)

Few things in life are as dull and disappointing as watching a video cast of a radio show. There's never any real action, the single-camera pan-&-follow gets old in a hurry, and the magic pretty much disappears once you see how small and dumpy the real studio is. I cant fault WMAL for wanting to stream a video feed of "Mornings On The Mall", but a little set dressing would have helped; as well as wardrobe recommendations and maybe some graphics. I've been doing video-for-radio for nine years and its all proven stuff. (6/10/16)

Dave's response: Shirtless Larry? Oh never mind.....

I sound off on the strengths and weaknesses of Cumulus righty news talker WMAL, 105.9/630, as I check out some behind-the-scenes scenes of morning personalities Brian Wilson and Larry O'Connor via a Facebook Live in-studio feed. In today's "Dave TV"..... (6/10/16)

I e-mailed Fox 5 asking what happens to TMZ come July 18th? Moved to 7pm (don't need two "Modern Family" reruns)? Bumped to My 20? That's their favorite franchise over there. They seem to love Ronica Cleary. Still way too much duplicate programming on Fox 5/My 20. Now they are rerunning "Good Day DC" on My 20 at 11am! TV on the cheap! (6/10/16)

Was at the WAMU website and checking out the hosts/news people......Rebecca Sheir's picture is still there but one does not have permission to access her link. (6/10/16)

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[RE: Can someone close to Annie Yu at Fox 5 tell her that after her 12 years there she should know by now that NOBODY but out-of-the-loop media morons call this area the "DMV." Stop trying to call this place the DMV. WNEW tried to do this and they went out of business. Stop trying to make "DMV" a thing. It's not going to happen. -Chainsman] Hey Chainsman, I hear people everyday on radio and TV and on the street call this area DMV. Not sure what you are talking about. (6/9/16)

From a previous post " I’m not sure why there isn’t more controversy about small markets losing their only news outlets".......unfortunately I am surprised at all since so many small market newscasts around the country do leave a lot to be desired such as those who spends way too much time reporting fluff.. Since I travel a lot I can't comment about the state of local TV news in the DC-Batlimore-Richmond region but last year I did take a trip out to the Midwest and watched many of their local news. Now I will admit some were pretty good but the others ?? Sorry but if I watch a local TV newscast and if their top "Breaking News" story is about McDonalds selling breakfast all day or the newscast goes on and on and on about another "shocking" incident that had taken place at Walmart then I will tune out. If I had wanted to see stories like this or see a story that will "warm my heart" such a video clip of a little boy sneaking into a neighbor's yard to give a dog a hug then I can go to the internet for that why would I need to see this sort of thing on a local TV newscast as well ?? My parents just got back from a road trip to Florida and even they had noticed how some of the smaller market local TV newscast in the south did tend to well..suck. From what they were telling me one station had done a story about a little girl finding a dead female opossum along the road..but she had saved the babies and the station called this story "breaking news". Breaking news ?? NO !! Oh yes my mother was watching a news report on a small station where the reporter was talking about Orlando's Tidal Wave. No Orlando wasn't struck by a tidal wave but rather this was about an event that was attended by hundreds of fat hairy gay men called a "Tidal Wave Party". When the reporter on the scene had interviewed two young guys from Scranton, Pennsylvania who had just got married and to show "their love" blew cigar smoke into each others faces my mother threw up !! Tell me how this is considered to be..well news ?? I guess if a small market TV station does offer several hours of local TV news especially in an area where not much usually happens such mindless stories are to be expected but at the same time not very many viewers will miss this sort of thing if the newscast is gone especially if such stuff is available elsewhere for those who may be interested like on Facebook for example. Who needs them !! (6/9/16)

This is more a fluke than a trend, I believe. But I've slugged twice this week into DC, and both rides in different vehicles saw the same station playing: Christian WGTS. I never really heard it anywhere until this week. I wouldn't listen to it at home but admittedly it's a very well-produced and imaged station. (6/9/16)

Kudos to WJFK Junkies John “Cakes” Auville for his commencement speech at DAR for MOCO Magruder High School: twitter.com/moneymetalcakes (6/9/16)

Ratings analysis from Tom Taylor Now: Washington DC – How does a total-week 10.3 share sound? It’s a double digit age 6+ AQH share for all-news WTOP and its regional network of signals, amounting to “the station’s largest topline share since March 2011,” says ratings-tracker Chris Huff. Hubbard’s ’TOP achieved a 9.2 in the March book, a 9.6 in April, and a 10.3 in this May book. That’s easy to do, if you’re also #1 in every individual daypart, which WTOP is (again). A solid second again is American U.’s non-com news/talk WAMU (8.0-7.8-8.5). It’s #2 in every daypart except weekends, where it’s third. Total-week, third place belongs to Howard U.’s urban AC WHUR (6.1-6.3-6.5). (It’s the #2 weekend station, and the overall 6.5 is its best since February of last year.) Fourth overall and steady is Radio One’s urban AC “Majic” WMMJ (4.7-5.5-5.5), followed by iHeart’s rhythmic “Hot” WIHT (5.1-4.5-4.7). Hot 99.5 used to place higher, and it could again, if it fixed its 11th place midday performance. The market’s Holiday-book star was iHeart’s AC WASH, but it’s drifting down on TSL issues (5.5-5.2-4.4, now in sixth place). It’s the king of average weekly cume, at 1,324,400. There’s a “Baseball effect” in DC radio, visible with the combination of the Nats and CBS Radio’s all-sports WJFK-FM (1.9-2.5-2.9). That’s the Fan’s best share since October 2014, and at night it ranks #7. Cumulus has made DC a spotlight market for improvement, though the latest scorecard trends are flat for talk WMAL-AM/FM (3.0-3.3-3.3) and hot AC “Mix” WRQX (2.9-2.6-2.6). The Mix cume is rising, but mornings with Jack Diamond were softer in share. Unless otherwise indicated, all shares are total-week AQH for persons 6+, and Nielsen’s “May” book ran April 21-May 18 – so ten days of it were in calendar-April.....Baltimore keeps Radio One’s urban “92Q” WERQ first (7.3-8.3-8.3) and co-owned urban AC WWIN-FM second (6.5-7.1-8.2). Class A WWIN-FM is now in first place on weekends. The 8.2 is its highest share since April 2012. Third overall is iHeart’s country WPOC (6.8-7.1-7.7), followed by CBS Radio’s AC WLIF (7.6-7.3-7.1). WLIF’s #1 middays. Orioles baseball flagship “Fan” WJZ-FM (CBS) grows 3.9-5.3-5.8 total-week – and just like last month, it wins the nighttime hours with double digits. Top cume station is AC WLIF, at just about 850,000. (6/9/16)

From the latest Baltimore ratings: "We're 13th. We're 13th. We're 13th!" The old gray mare ain't what she used to be. (6/9/16)

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In addition to RabbitEars' listing of WHAG-TV 25 as an upcoming affiliate of Weigel Broadcasting's "Heroes and Icons" digital network, the official website for H&I also lists WHAG's channel availability as "TBA" on their affiliate roster (under the heading of Washington, D.C., right before current H&I subchannel affiliate WDCA-TV 20.3). www.heroesandiconstv.com (6/8/16)

From Media Research Center (MRC) a “hat tip” to WMAL talker Chris Plante for – surprise, surprise – his trashing of HRC: “On Wednesday, WMAL host Chris Plante (who has presented at the MRC's annual Dishonors Awards) used his radio show, website, and Facebook page to spotlight how CNN's morning show turned Mrs. Clinton into a "golden god." Plante's website labeled the odd video modification a "propaganda trainwreck." [H/t: Chris Plante's Wednesday broadcast on WMAL]” More: newsbusters.org (6/8/16)

Inside Radio Reports May 26, 2016 - Salisbury-Ocean City, MD – Bayshore Media closes a deal to swap rock “FM 105.1 The Ryde” WIJK, Ocean City, MD (1590) and two Ocean Pines, MD-licensed translators – W286BB at 105.1 FM and W282AW at 104.3 FM – to Adams Radio Group in exchange for adult hits WSUX, Seaford, DE (1280) and the Seaford-licensed translator W242AV at 96.3 FM. No cash is changing hands as part of the swap. (6/8/16)

[RE: Root Boy Slim (July 9, 1944 – June 8, 1993)] Thanks for the tribute, Blair. No doubt Weasel will be remembering Mr. MacKenzie on the former's WTMD Friday night-Saturday noon show soon. (6/8/16)

I look at the DC radio ratings for "money demo" men in May. Plus, some more of my favorite YouTubers, including Nomadic Fanatic's troll, Adrian Bliss, Casey Neistat, and a very cool canoeing video from Joe Robinet Bushcraft. In today's "Dave TV"..... (6/8/16)

To Chainsman: Sorry to say it, but "the DMV" is already a thing. I hate it, I think it sounds dumb, but it's a thing. Too late, sadly. Signed, a media practitioner. (6/8/16)

The WMGM NBC 40 News Facebook page hasn’t been updated since NBC dropped the station. I haven’ read any news of the news team being put back together on any other TV or LPTV. I think all those plans have been shelved. As for WHAG, the plans they have are ambitious, but stations like these are more likely to disappear completely during the spectrum repacking as there will be no available channel space for these stations and/or the amount of money offered to buy Channel 26 will be greater than the value of the station. Stations like this and many others will be going off the air. I’m not sure why there isn’t more controversy about small markets losing their only news outlets, but I found it ironic that the guy criticizing people for talking about area stations like Ocean City’s only AM radio station is also complaining no coverage of BOSTON. Earth says hello. DCRTV is DC NOT BOSTON! This is the summer vacation season. Many people are going to the beaches, so those stations are newsworthy here. NOT BOSTON! (6/8/16)

Root Boy Slim (July 9, 1944 – June 8, 1993) was the stage name assumed by American musician, Foster MacKenzie III. Born in Asheville, North Carolina, he was raised in suburban Maryland, a few minutes from D.C. after his family relocated there. An exceptionally bright child, with parents able to afford a series of costly prep schools, upon graduation, MacKenzie attended Yale University on a scholarship, but returned to Maryland upon receiving his Bachelor's degree. Once back in Maryland, he formed his own alternative rock band, including some young but talented musicians including tenor saxophonist, Ron Holloway, and an ensemble titled Crying Out Loud. Mackenzie's act was from that time billed as Root Boy Slim and the Sex Change Band, and found a dedicated fan base, although it remained confined to the Washington, D.C. area. ~~ You can find clips on Youtube of a few of his songs, but videos in which he can be seen performing are uncommon. I was privileged to see him perform; sadly, that did not happen often enough. He was such a source of joy. I miss him. ~~ www.youtube.com ~~ www.youtube.com ~~ www.youtube.com ~~ Blair in Alexandria (6/8/16)

Not sure why, but iHeart/Clear Channel has applied to the FCC to change the allocation of WKZP 95.9 FM from Bethany Beach DE to West Ocean City, MD. No technical changes to the transmitter location or power are being applied for. I can’t think of any reason to do this unless they might be considering a transmitter move in the future. Maybe closer to Salisbury? Several of the Delmarva FMs have towers between Salisbury and OC to better cover both areas but WKZP is right outside of Ocean City near Route 90 on what I would consider land ripe for development possibilities. Hmm. (6/8/16)

I see we have another wave of posts about WDCN-LP and when or if it will be required to give up its analog signal. The FCC suspended the previously announced deadline for a digital conversion for low powered stations. At the time there was talk that the delay may be related to concerns about the now ongoing digital repacking and where these low powered stations would fit in. In any event we cannot say when the digital conversion will take place or whether someone (not necessarily WDCN) will use channel 6. I know some AM broadcasters want the FM dial to expand to channel 6 and for existing AM stations to get translators in that band but there is no guarantee this will happen or that all these posts about it will mke it more or less likely. (6/8/16)

WMAL talker and conservative pundit Mark Levin may have divorced wife Kendall and is preparing to marry fiancé/girlfriend Julie (whom he mentions often): frostsnow.com (6/8/16)

Does anyone know the date that the TV stations must convert to their digital channels? When they give up their analog channels, do these channels go back to the FCC? (6/8/16)

Dave's response: I presume you mean LPTV, like WDCN, right? The conversion for full-power TVers was in 2009.....

Can someone close to Annie Yu at Fox 5 tell her that after her 12 years there she should know by now that NOBODY but out-of-the-loop media morons call this area the "DMV." Stop trying to call this place the DMV. WNEW tried to do this and they went out of business. Stop trying to make "DMV" a thing. It's not going to happen. -Chainsman (6/8/16)

"Another day, another 15 posts about WIJK and WRJE" and other stuff. Agreed. Nobody cares. So some of you folks can do something better than wasting time writing about those non-topics. And Dave, no more Boston reports? Did all the TV and radio stations there go dark? Not! Not a sermon, just a thought. Thanks. (6/8/16)

DCRTV Boston/New England - What happened it appears to be gone? Thanks. (6/8/16)

Dave's response: I've got to focus on pages where I can grow the revenue and traffic while effectively using my time. I've decided to focus coverage on DCRTV and the regions that immediately surround the DC-Baltimore area (Philly/NYC/central Pennsylvania, Eastern Shore/Delaware, downstate Virginia, northern West Virginia). I'll still be covering major New England media stories on DCRTV's new DCRTV/National page. And, of course, there's always Scott Fybush's excellent NERW.....

RabbitEars lists WHAG as carrying Heroes and Icons "soon", although I can't find another source to confirm it right (rabbitears.info). Very ironically, H&I also is already in the DC market on channel 20.3, but I doubt they care one percent as much as NBC does. Whichever diginet it ends up with, it seems certain WHAG is going to end up being a moribund waste of spectrum - much like WMGM or the former Albritton-owned ABC stations in Birmingham and Charleston, where due to FCC rules Sinclair had no choice but to yank their affiliations and sell them off. (6/8/16)

To the poster who said about WHAG ~ "It is very hard going the independent route these days" ~ Well all you need is to see how WJXT (Jacksonville, Florida) handled the situation years ago after losing the CBS affiliation. The station's doing fine with its mix of local news and syndicated programming. In the same post, DCRTV Dave responded, saying, in part, "Or maybe eventually affiliate with a religious network, like South Jersey's WMGM-TV, which lost its NBC affiliation in 2014 and is now carrying SonLife." Well Dave, after WMGM (Atlantic City, but in the Philadelphia DMA) lost NBC, they affiliated with Soul Of The South, but went to SonLife after SOTS went belly up. On the last day with NBC the news department of Channel 40 promised their viewers that they will find a place in the Atlantic City area to do their newscasts. It's been close to 1 1/2 years since then; has it happened yet? and if so, what station? Unsigned Retired Non-Suit. (6/8/16)

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Another day, another 15 posts about WIJK and WRJE that no one, even the FCC, care about. Oh, and can't forget the Hope Christian Church posts. Now where is the WBAL complainer and the guy stuck on the Cumulus and iHeart quotes. Phil Connors, Punxsutawney PA. (6/7/16)

RE: “June 7th. Happy Birthday Freda Wright Sorce (Geronimo). Gone, but not forgotten” And Happy Birthday Prince, who the governor of Minnesota Mark Dayton has honored by declaring it a state holiday: www.msn.com (6/7/16)

The FCC is going to require all TV stations to move to their digital channels. This includes Channel 6 LPTV. They were suppose to move to their digital channel on 9/1/15 but the FCC gave them an extension. When they move to their new digital channel they will lose their analog frequency of 87.7 FM. So there will no longer be a WDCN. (6/7/16)

June 7th. Happy Birthday Freda Wright Sorce (Geronimo). Gone, but not forgotten. (6/7/16)

WHAG (Hagerstown) has started running promotions featuring their new channel logo (without the NBC peacock) in preparation for them becoming an independent station after they lose their NBC affiliation later this summer. One of the promotions is for a 7:30 AM and 7:30 PM newscast focusing on Frederick and Montgomery counties. The station hasn’t said how they are going to fill the rest of their time-slots that are currently occupied by network programing. IMO they really need to affiliate with some other network ABC/CBS/FOX/CW or something else. It is very hard going the independent route these days- WJAL comes to mind. Dave, your comments please. (6/7/16)

Dave's response: With Hagerstown technically part of the DC market, I can't see WHAG affiliating with any network that's already represented here. Including ABC, CBS, Fox, or CW. They'll probably end up as a mix of local news shows and paid infomercials. Or maybe eventually affiliate with a religious network, like South Jersey's WMGM-TV, which lost its NBC affiliation in 2014 and is now carrying SonLife - wikipedia.org.....

[RE: “From what I understand, Melissa Mollet is on maternity leave. Per her Facebook page, she said her &I her husband recently adopted a baby girl.”] Well Melissa won’t be going to cover the summer Olympics either: NBCers are dropping like flies – so to speak – going to Brazil. Now add Savannah Guthrie to the list. Nobody wants small headed babies: www.hollywoodreporter.com (6/7/16)

From what I understand, Melissa Mollet is on maternity leave. Per her Facebook page, she said her &I her husband recently adopted a baby girl. (6/7/16)

@ Melissa Mollet/Ch 4: Has she left the NBC building ? She’s been gone for almost two weeks with nary a word. This morning Chuck Bell (may have slipped and) said ” here’s Jack Taylor [WTOP] for Melissa with the traffic “. Let’s face it, she’s one of the few on that morning shift that doesn’t constantly trip over her (written and scripted) words. (6/7/16)

WIJK 1590’s STA expires today. I don’t know what’s going to happen. WRJE 1600 is now deleted. So while that interference is now gone, the STA is still expired with no extension yet requested. I would think some filing would be required to still stay on the air and/or keep the license or does Adams Radio have a grace period as a new owner to file such things? The WIJK FCC STA letter: fcc.gov (6/7/16)

Salem is a religious broadcaster with 86 owned radio stations. They are a for profit corporation. They are also a public company so every aspect of their company is open to the public. There is a BIG difference between Salem and THE HOPE CHURCH. They are a NOT-FOR-PROFIT CORPORATION, affiliated with Calvary Chapel. They have 19 translators just for The Hope Church. (Commercial Translators). Calvary Chapel has many more translators. They are now selling off their Florida Translators for BIG PROFITS. Where do these profits go? Is this legal? The Hope Church owns the majority of the translators in Baltimore. The Calvary Chapel says they have 1600 churches on their web site. (6/7/16)

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I meant to type expiration, not expulsion. Sorry, I must have Trump on my mind. LOL (6/6/16)

I think I can answer a question. The FCC repacking will result in TV stations being originally 2-30, now 2-26 debatably if possible. But that means more than half of the area TV stations will have to move. Here’s a list of stations that will have to move, but not all that might… WMAR, WRC, WTTG, WDCA,WMPT, WHUT, WBFF, WDCW, WNUV, WPXW. The stations that don’t have to move have the option to sell off some of their sub-channels and/or lease them. The thinking is that ATSC 3.0 will allow multiple stations in HD on a 6MHz frequency, at least 2. This has been demonstrated before, but rarely done on the current technology. My prediction is that the northern VA signals for WNVC and WNVT will become very valuable in the auction process as will WFDC. Low Power stations will have no priority in this or protections from going off the air so stations like WRDE NBC COAST TV are most at risk. I don’t think the details are solid yet, but I’m guessing there will be a process for LP stations to move afterwards to an available sub channel or if they find an available frequency, which is unlikely. The irony here is that the FCC has discouraged ATSC on low-band VHF-2-6. Few stations kept those frequencies and even the high-band VHF stations complained about the outcome after staying. But now there’s a consolation prize for staying. For instance WJZ sold WMAR Channel 38, giving WMAR the strongest 1000kw HD signal in Baltimore by far. Now they will lose that but WJZ will keep Channel 13 and not have to even participate in the repacking auction. WJLA, WUSA, WBAL & WJZ are all on 7, 9, 11, 13, so they are immune to this. — BaltoMedia.net (6/6/16)

Re the letter about WAMU that you posted recently. Lauren Landau still hosts weekends. As far as I know, Sabri Ben-Achour was not fired but took a job with Marketplace. Martin Di Caro is a full-time reporter as well. And the station still has regular weather reports. (6/6/16)

Google TV might not get “Seinfeld” reruns without parentheses: seems Google had to shut down a weird anti-Semantic feature of Google Chrome (“Google bans plug-in that picks out Jews”). Naturally, it’s all the fault of Trump supporters: “Much of the hate appeared to come with "self-identified Donald J Trump supporters" - and many had Twitter names which included the US presidential candidate's name.” More: www.bbc.com (6/6/16)

With WDCW’s 10pm newscast being almost 2 months old now, I wonder how their ratings are compared to WTTG? (6/6/16)

It’s that awkward moment when somebody throws the TROLL word out on a message board. 99% of the time, it’s an actual TROLL! Vince are you there? HAHA! At least someone knows how to read FCC letters on the website. Apparently not you. Speaking of the FCC, tomorrow the STA for WIJK 1590 in Ocean City, MD expires. I’ll admit I don’t exactly know what the FCC does when this happens, but THE LAST FCC letter threatened expulsion of the license. Somehow, I’m sure the FCC will overlook their own words. but if an STA extension is not filed or something, that would mean not 1 but 3 radio stations in Ocean City, including 104.3 & 105.1, which are both not on the air anyway that I can tell. (6/6/16)

All you have to do is just google the WLXE site and you can see cars/trucks parked within almost touching distance with a long pole as someone already posted here. They’ve admitted the site is not up to standards. Geez, are people that dumb that they’ve never heard of Google Earth? Outside of major metro areas the satellite maps are more dated and/or if you use Bing or Mapquest, but generally in major metro areas Google keeps the maps as current as technologically possible since it affects their Android phone platform when things change as far as directions. Ask Apple. They dumped Google and their Apple Maps/Directions thing on the iPhone bombed shortly afterwards to complaints. (6/6/16)

WCTN’s been broadcasting a silent carrier for most of the past week. 950 AM has become the new 1520. (6/6/16)

Life imitating art. Has anyone in the mailbag compared the relationship between Brian Wilson and Larry O'Connor to the relationship between Mr. Carson and Thomas Barrow from Downton Abbey? I mean, one gets up early to suck up to the half percenter man, the other gets up early to...Never mind. (6/6/16)

While I can appreciate the "resume-added value" of those self-serving, "pat-me-on-the-back" Chesapeake AP Broadcasters Association awards, they have little or no value to listeners. They DO, however, buy time to paint the newsroom, as they provide a classier way to hide wall cracks and crevices that would otherwise be covered with old "commitment to excellence" banners or duct tape, which is preferably reserved for the worn-out carpeting. Thanks to the riots, the paint job and new carpets just got delayed another year. (6/6/16)

Rush Limbaugh haters you finally got your wish: Rush is off the air this week. On vacation for the whole week. The question for “Dittoheads” who listen to Rush’s “Week In Review” on WMAL Sunday’s from 4:00PM to 7:00PM is: what are they going to air if there is no Rush week to review? “Best of Chris Plante”? (6/6/16)

Dave's response: I'm sure there's a "Best Of Week In Review".....

For those keeping track, WHGM has changed formats and names, again. Oh, and a new morning guy. Rouse and Co, which had a local brand didn't even work on that station, so how can a guy from New York that has NO idea about the local market survive. So, Smash Hits is the 5th format and third name in 2 years. (6/6/16)

Does anyone know of a good article or website explaining how the current FCC TV spectrum reallocation process is likely to affect the DC/Baltimore region? (6/6/16)

To the indicvidual commenting on WJLA looking for another meteorologist please be aware that both Jacqui Jeras and Devon Lucie have left the station. (6/6/16)

Hey Dave! What the heck's going on at WAMU? The news readers were beyond bad this weekend. (6/6/16)

The pot calling the kettle “black”? On this morning’s WMAL MOTM Larry O’Connor made a light in the loafers comment about Miss USA judge Joe Zee who questioned winning contestant Miss DC Deshauna Barber (who is in the service) on her thoughts about women in the military: “During the pageant, announcers called her “the most disciplined contestant this year.” Her background added context to her much-applauded answer during the Q&A portion of the evening, as her question covered women in combat. “The Pentagon recently made the decision to open up all combat jobs to women,” judge and stylist Joe Zee said. “Now, some have questioned whether this has put political correctness over our military’s ability to perform at the highest level. What are your thoughts?” Larry said leave it to a gay sounding judge to ask such a question: Brian Wilson was chortling in the background as if to say “Larry, please, what do you think you sound like asking that question?”. Larry said he would love to be a Miss USA judge: www.washingtonpost.com (6/6/16)

Dave's response: Getting kinda tired of listing to "Grumpy Grandpa & the Self-Hating Metrosexual".....

WBAL TV is now doing the news from a virtual green screen set while their new set is being built says Sarah Caldwell. Quote: “Welcome to our green room :) Serving coffee and danishes lol I wish! It's our temporary home until the new set is complete!” (6/6/16)

"Too bad the station is no longer around to celebrate.” In fact, nearly 20 former members of the WNEW Newsroom got together in Ocean City to celebrate the irony. There is an amazing bond that develops among people who are part of a hard-working effort to establish a News Organization only to have the plug pulled. I know. RIP NIS. Jim (6/6/16)

WJFK’s Junkies keep saying this morning that they are “live” from their Junkies Poker Open in Las Vegas: they are actually taped from after 9:30PM EST Saturday night. They even took calls Saturday night: don’t bother calling this morning. Sheesh. (6/6/16)

Sarah Fraser - A small article about the podcast: www.examiner.com (6/6/16)

How much is Bloomberg paying CBS to LMA 99.1? They are suppose to file the LMA with the FCC. Nielsen shows them with almost no audience. (6/6/16)

iHeart reports their debt is $20.9 Billion. You can read their information, since it is a Public Company. Look at their SEC Report. Why is this important? If they go into bankruptcy, it will effect the entire radio industry. (6/6/16)

WBAL Radio 1090 AM - WBAL NewsRadio 1090 received awards for coverage of the Baltimore riots, and the aftermath, as well as for Maryland's News This Week. The awards were presented Saturday night in Ocean City. (6/6/16)

Just because they pulled the plug on WNEW does not necessarily mean they are no longer around to celebrate their awards at the Chesapeake AP Broadcasters convention in Ocean City. A number of former employees attended the convention, and still keep in touch and get together regularly. The spirit of WNEW lives on, even if the station itself is no longer heard on the air. (6/6/16)

"...tower #1 is encroached beyond FCC rules and is grounds for dismissal of the license." Not sure that I get this. What kind of encroachment are we talking about, and what FCC regs are being affected? (6/6/16)

Just like you, DCRTV Dave, I paid attention to the Richmond radio scene in the 60s and 70s while I attended Randolph-Macon College. Loved WGOE's assorted contortions, WANT 990, WLEE. WRVA morning man Tim Timberlake was a classmate. I put a yagi TV antenna in the attic of my fraternity house to pick up WMOD 98.7, blazing a trail up in DC as an early pioneer of the oldies format. -Pilot of the Airwaves (6/6/16)

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\/ June 5 Messages \/

Re: "I read the FCC letters on WLXE. There are claims that the #1 tower is threatened too and that the 2 other towers cannot be rebuilt. While the other towers are gone, nothing is in their place, but tower #1 is encroached beyond FCC rules and is grounds for dismissal of the license,... " You haven't the slightest fucking clue what you're talking about. Please get lost you pathetic, annoying troll. (6/5/16)

Shout out to Andy Pollin who did a nice tribute on Muhammad Ali this AM on ESPN 980... (6/5/16)

iHeart Stock Guy: your figure for the debt is off by 10 billion dollars, so why should anyone listen to your tiresome ravings? If you bought the stock, sucks to be you. If your pension plan owns a position in a company that owns a position in iHeart, you're not a "shareholder". Enough already, you made your point scores of posts ago. Dave, I salute you for the picture for the current video. Kubrickian! Gus in Gaithersburg (6/5/16)

I read the FCC letters on WLXE. There are claims that the #1 tower is threatened too and that the 2 other towers cannot be rebuilt. While the other towers are gone, nothing is in their place, but tower #1 is encroached beyond FCC rules and is grounds for dismissal of the license, hence the claim in the STA. So, no, this is not very different from WIJK or WRJE, all similar dog ate my homework stories, although more similar to WRJE where Vince Klepac, the landlord actually bulldozed the towers himself to put the station off the air and have it deleted for WIJK 1590 so he could sell the station to Adams Radio for CASH! HAHA! That is a claim made in an FCC letter by the owners of WRJE AM 1600. Whether it actually happened that way is well, probable. :-) (6/5/16)

Re: WLXE/WZHF - You cannot make a comparison between WZHF triplexing along with WUST on the WJFK-AM site and Multicultural's inability to find a new transmitter location for WXLE. The effort to relocate WUST/WZHF was spearheaded by the late Jim Weitzman, owner of WUST's licensee, New World Radio. Jim did all of the requisite engineering and legal legwork for the move from Falls Church to Morningside. WZHF just went along for the ride after the landlord of the Crimmins Lane property notified both stations that there would be no extensions of the lease when the existing agreements expired. Remember, years earlier, Weitzman duplexed WUST on 1390's tower #4 when the station was Viacom-owned WMZQ-AM, and increased WUST's power to 20kW. Absent Multicultural piggybacking on Jim Weitzman's efforts, WZHF might likely now be duplexed on the WFAX tower in Falls Church, operating as a 250w daytimer. WLXE is in no imminent risk of losing its Rockville transmitter site. For now, the zoning/utilities issues preclude the property from being used for anything else. The last time I peeked through the fence, it appeared that the entire tower field had been paved. Unlike WIJK or other stations that seek repeated STAs to remain silent for extended periods, WXLE remains on the air with its full, licensed daytime power, but reduced nighttime power with a non-directional antenna. As long as Multicultural continues to maintain it's looking for, but unable to find, a new site, it's unlikely the FCC will shut down an operating station. Unless the Commission tells WLXE to cease operation from its current site, what incentive does Multicultural have to move? One final note, WXLE's filings with the Commission maintain that its tower #2 was felled after a truck took down a guy wire. There has never been an explanation why tower #3 was dismantled. Bill Parris is no longer around to tell us. (6/5/16)

Congratulations to 99.1 WNEW for winning four Chesapeake AP Broadcasters Association awards, including Best News Operation. Too bad the station is no longer around to celebrate. CBS Radio pulled the plug on the ratings-revenue-challenged format six months ago. And Washington's "other" all-news station, WTOP, was honored with nine awards. Drip, drip, drip. Full list is here: washingtonpost.com (6/5/16)

As an iHeart stock holder, I follow their stock. They never explain to their stock holders, how they are going to pay back their $30 BILLION in debt. If they sold off all their radio stations, they could not pay off this debt. What is their future? Why would the lenders loan this much money to Bain Capital? Bain has always been a master at borrowing money. (6/5/16)

A word of praise for Tony K. He brought non-sports fans to WTEM. He appealed to a broader audience with his segments on politics, law, movies, television, the culture, and fear of the weather. Knock Mr. Tony all you want --- but many of us think he's the most talented sports guy since Glenn Brenner --- and for the same reason: he appeals to non sports fans. Without Mr. Tony, why would anybody tune in the static on 980 AM? (6/5/16)

The Hope Church owns the 104.9 FM Translator and leases it to CBS for the HFS Format. The Hope Church owns the commercial translators in Baltimore. Since they are Not-For-Profit Corporation, how do they get away with owning all these commercial translators? Is The Hope Church part of Calvary Chapel? Calvary Chapel is selling off all their translators in Florida for big profits. (6/5/16)

The Amazing Mr. Vince puts one station that SUCKS on 101.1 so now there are two that SUX…just saying, when does this party end? Is there really an FCC (6/5/16)

CBS’s HFS is still on 104.9 FM. 104.9 FM is only 10 watts, but has an interesting history. Originally, the signal was from the old WZFT 104.3 tower in Kingsville, MD, which I think is still standing as a AUX facility for 104.3, which moved to TV Hill. 97.5 FM is 250 watts from TV Hill and much better signal than 104.9. However, since that move of HFS, 104.9 FM has moved from Carney to Towson and to the WNST 1570 tower (which is next to the WLIF tower). Still 10 watts and only an almost 400 foot tower, terrible area coverage. Now what’s most interesting is that The Hope Church had a Construction Permit or application for 250 watts at the current location, but let it expire or had some kind of trouble. By the way, better than Radio-locator.com is Recnet.com. Much better information about applications and permits and even better signal plots now. What’s good is they have signal plots for older facilities if you want to compare old vs. new. Radio-Locator automatically deletes previous signal plots and info after the facilities are certified. Recnet.com has recently put on file stuff that predates any FCC electronic records from FCC file cards! Now that’s probably a treasure trove. — BaltoMedia (6/5/16)

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Baltimore Translator 97.5 is on the WWMX Tower and leasing the HD Channel from WWMX. The station is owned by CBS and did the HFS Format. The translator is owned by THE HOPE CHURCH. (6/4/16)

So, our favorite YouTube RVer Eric, Nomadic Fanatic, has decided to return to the road this summer, heading eastward from Washington state to Maine. And he's gonna finance it all by selling t-shirts featuring Jaxx, his RV cat buddy. What? Will he really be able to raise enough dough? Or maybe he should look for sponsors of his videos instead. Also, more clues that some of his "hater" videos are an "inside job." Plus, Casey Neistat angers some of his viewers. In today's "Dave TV"..... (6/4/16)

POLITICO......All the top management people have left Politico. We hear that Allbritton is a difficult person to work for. He makes all the decisions now. (6/4/16)

Who owned the translator in Baltimore that was doing the HFS Format? Was it the one that THE HOPE CHURCH leased to CBS? They ran the HFS Format for three years and had excellent ratings on 97.5 FM. CBS was leasing this commercial channel from THE HOPE CHURCH. They now have the Calvary Church Programs on 97.5 FM. Their antenna is on the WLIF Tower and they are using the WLIF HD Channel. (6/4/16)

Is THE HOPE CHURCH a division of CALVARY CHAPEL? They say they have 1600 churches. If so, this is a very large Non-Profit Corporation. They are selling off their translators in Florida. They are selling their commercial translators for big profits. Is this legal? (6/4/16)

The Washington Post reports in elaborate detail that the punditry class has reached critical mass (probably upset few of their writers make it on television): www.washingtonpost.com (6/4/16)

My theory about WLXE and why they can’t find a new transmitting site is not that they can’t. They just don’t want to until the FCC forces them to. It’s not like they don’t have experience at this. They already diplexed WZHF 1390, which they also own, and a lot of the same excuses were used there before they had to make the move. The FCC moves on STA’s about as fast as a slow boat to China. They haven’t even gotten a final warning by the FCC yet and it takes about 6 of them before the FCC actually gets serious. Ask Bayshore Media and Vince Klepac. The FCC has been threatening him with every single radio station he’s ever owned for over 20 years, and the only consequence he ever got was being forced to sell for profit after he was done draining the life out of the station. WIJK 1590 in Ocean City should have been off the air and deleted years ago! Instead he got Adams Radio to pay off the fines and give him another golden parachute. Speaking of WIJK 1590, their STA expires on June 7, 3 days from now. I wonder what they’ll do. My personal opinion is that Adams Radio only wants FM 104.3 and FM 105.1 in OC, both valuable translators, but I don’t see how they can keep them without keeping AM 1590 afloat. Re-building a 3rd tower doesn’t seem to be a viable option. (6/4/16)

WERA goes “retro” with “The Hawk Chronicles”: www.arlnow.com (6/4/16)

Yes, Clay aka Ali is R.I.P. and expect an All Ali Weekend in the national and local media: it will be a nice break from All Trump/Hillary. But what we won’t hear much about Ali is that he was such a contrarian that he became a Republican and campaigned, touted, even attended GOP conventions on their behalf. (6/4/16)

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Dave, your videos are entertaining but the most recent included few facts. While Kornheiser was the cash cow for 980, he didn't get the best ratings. As a former programmer in the market and a fan of Kornheiser's show, I was always surprised that his show didn't rate as good as the pure sports shows on 980. The afternoon show with Czaban-Cooley (or before that with Pollin) and the Sheehan-Lovero show always did better than Kornheiser in the ratings. What you said about 980 never getting ratings after Snyder purchased the station is also false. I was in the market from '10-'14 and can recall four sportstalk shows consistently finishing in the top 5 in the male demo and 2 of them were on 980. The Sports Junkies and Chad Dukes-Lavar Arrington on 106.7 were always in the top 5 and Czaban-Cooley and Sheehan-Lovero did the same on 980. I always thought Kornheiser would've gotten much better ratings in morning drive but his high IQ listeners were at work in the middle of the morning. Kornheiser's show will do very good as a podcast but it never seemed to fit as a midday show on a sportstalk station. (6/3/16)

WXLE 1600 AM and 1590 AM Glen Burnie are owned by the same company. Multicultural Radio owns both so they don't worry about interference with the two signals. (6/3/16)

W.B.A.P is a cumulus owned station so savage may be a goner soner than we all think (6/3/16)

Radioinsight reported today that 91.9 WNRN Charlottesville (IMO, one of the best music stations in Virginia) bought what Dave likes to call a grunky AMer, 1590 WFTH in Richmond. They already have an FM translator in Midlothian with mediocre to poor coverage of the city on 103.1. So I have to think the only endgame of this is either upgrading that FM translator or grabbing another one under AM revitalization rules. (6/3/16)

Dave's response: Anybody remember progressive rock WGOE on Richmond's 1590 in the 1970s? I do. wikipedia.org/WGOE.....

Politico’s Ben Schreckinger’s story “Trump security removes POLITICO reporter from rally” omits that the reporter was him: www.politico.com... AP reports “Politico reported that Ben Schreckinger had been typing on his laptop at the event at the San Jose Convention Center when he was approached by a Trump campaign staffer. After consulting with higher-ups, the aide and a private security staffer reportedly escorted Schreckinger out of the venue. Schreckinger had entered on a general admission ticket after repeatedly being denied press credentials for Trump events.” ap.org... Wouldn’t it seem ethical to report in your story “I” instead of “a POLITICO reporter”? What say you DCRTV Dave? (6/3/16)

Slam Uncle Tony all you want, but he pulled in ratings for WTEM that the station doesn't get in any other daily slot. Mike & Mike caught some flack in the Mailbag too, but they make money like nothing else on WTEM and the ESPN network extras that came with them gave the station some credibility. With Kornheiser and M&M gone, what's left? Outside NFL season...not much. The in-house "talent" is horrendous. WJFK is already pulling better numbers and that's going to inflate until the Redskins are back on the air. WTEM is dead in the water. (6/3/16)

Tribune Publishing's name is being changed to "tronc"? "TRONC"??? Wasn't that the name of the creature that Joan Crawford tried to domesticate in her last film? How ridiculous... (6/3/16)

WJLA posted they are looking for another meteorologist even after the Veronica Johnson anoucement. How else could be leaving? (6/3/16)

Tony Kornheiser's 2002 book was "I'm Back For More Cash," so is there more money in a podcast than local radio? How do free podcasters get paid anyway? (6/3/16)

Dave's response: Either via subscriptions or via ad/sponsor revenue. I guess Tony's got a big enough name that he could do a deal with a sports-oriented website to host a podcast for them for a salary.....

WTEM going down??? They have the Skins. That is all they need. Danni can always flip it for a profit with the skins or get out and sell the rights to JFK . Good thing they kept Andy Poli around. I feel the chemistry between Poli and Czabe is not what it once was. It’s almost uncomfortable until the third wheel comes on. That is the best part of the show. I miss Cooley in the afternoon. Sheehan and Cooley don’t seem to have the chemistry that Czabe and Cooley had. The Junks still rule in the AM. Only Cooley’s film breakdown during football season will cut into that. That is brilliant if you know football. I have said it for years….We have two sports stations that have one station’s worth of talent. That talent went down with Mr. Tony leaving. Bitch all you want about him but his ratings speak for themselves. Go to Grant and Danny…LOL Mr. Tony should talk to Donni G about starting a podcast. OOBBEE (6/3/16)

Dave's response: Maybe Bezos could buy WTEM (and maybe the Redskins, too). The Washington Amazons? Hmmm. His unlimited wealth comes in mighty handy for media properties that are grunky, old fashioned, and failing.....

Kinda sad about TK’s departure. I listened to 570/980 since the beginning. Loved his early shows when he would take calls and my buddy “You da man Sam” would call in Now it sometimes can be a tedious listen so I listen elsewhere. Maybe it’s time for him to hang up the radio mike. At least he can do his podcast from his house, beach house, country club or at his table from the Palm. Side note: Time to move Al Galdi to a real spot instead of burying him at 5:00 AM. Chop Cooley and Kevin to 3 hours, insert Galdi from 10-1 and keep the other shows where they are. Ratings gold Jerry! (6/3/16)

Looks like some NBC staffers are fearful of working the Olympics because of the Zika virus: thank God the Olympics are not going to be in Chicago home of deadly shootings or nobody would go. More: www.nydailynews.com (6/3/16)

I'm sorry that Mr. Tony is departing terrestrial radio. I wonder if this was in the works before the time change in his show came about. Also regarding Biff's earlier comments "Who wants to hear somebody brag about their purchases of cars, tvs, and home improvements. No "sports" radio personality that I've ever heard does this shit." While not exactly the same thing, clearly Biff has missed out on "Lurch" from The Junkies regaling the listeners about getting "hooked" for golf rounds, meals, etc. Tom in Wheaton (6/3/16)

This has rarely been mentioned, only recently in The Baltimore Sun, but the $5 billion dollar Baltimore City Port Covington development just getting started by UnderAmour CEO Kevin Plank clearly involves the demolition of The Baltimore Sun printing plant. The plans show a park there. Now The Sun/Tribune has a lease there for the land for several years that is guaranteed but it means the paper printing plant will certainly be torn down within the next 5-10 years, maybe even as little as 3 or sooner with any agreement. Hmm. Will The Sun end its print edition like the Seattle newspaper did? More here. Watch the video with Morgan Freeman. buildportcovington.com — BaltoMedia.Net
So what's up with Tony Kornheiser leaving ESPN 980, WTEM? Will Redskins owner Dan Snyder's sports talker survive the loss of its highest-rated personality? Or will Tony's departure be the first step in the demise of the poor signal-plagued outlet? Maybe it's finally time for Snyder to dump the station. Maybe Hubbard could pick up the pieces of Snyder's Red Zebra radio arm and secure the Redskins for WTOP? In today's "Dave TV"..... (6/3/16)

Former WTRI 1520 Brunswick, Maryland owner Martin Sheehan is now involved with WSTC 1400 Stamford, Connecticut which is in the process of being sold by Sacred Heart University. radioinsight.com (6/3/16)

[RE Kornheiser leaving WTEM:] Time to blow up station and get fresh talent that can talk sports other than Skins. NY/Philly stations give pretty equal coverage of all their teams. 980 is skins and old guy radio. (6/3/16)

Despite all the cuts at WAMU, their ratings in the money demo are huge. They are #1 25-54. (6/3/16)

I feel the need to add another annoying commercial to the list, this time from TV. PenFed bought a pile of "bookend" ads on the Channel 4 morning newscast, and the jingle is basically a rough rewrite of "Down By the Riverside" (you can save a lot of money using public domain tunes as the foundation of a jingle campaign). Trouble is, when the spot comes on, all I can hear is a former McDonald's jingle -- "McDonald's is Your Kind of Place" -- from a much earlier era. It's likely I'm well beyond the demographic PenFed wants, but for folks my age, "Down By the Riverside" was used to hawk hamburgers. That, and they bought way too many of those ads and the repetition began to turn my brains into shredded cabbage. (6/3/16)

I’ll correct a previous poster. WMAR ABC 2 may be on cable systems on the mid-shore, but nowhere near Salisbury or Ocean City anymore, nor in southern Delaware. WMDT 47/ABC has gone to the FCC and had them first blacked out on network duplication, then syndicated programming, and now, completely gone from the channel lineup. Comcast is getting close to pulling the plug on WJZ next I think. Much of their programming is blacked out already. Also all the out of town stations left have been moved to higher tiers. And only WTTG FOX 5 and WBAL 11 are in HD I don’t think WRDE NBC can make exclusivity claims being an LPTV, but WBOC has managed to get WJZ HD taken off Comcast too. The situation might be different for subscribers to Mediacom or other companies and those further away from Salisbury beyond 50 miles. I imagine WMAR could have fought to stay on cable in some areas, but they either didn’t or couldn’t make their case for significant viewership. (6/3/16)

Another thing about WLXE AM 1600. It’s not going silent that soon. The FCCs standard rule of thumb on STA Extensions is running about 10 YEARS now of extensions. Now they might be forced to sell the station though, but then the clock ticks all over again. WLXE also operates under short-spaced contour protections related to its proximity to WFBR AM 1590 and possibly other stations. But the problem with moving the transmitter is that it would have to meet all current requirements for a new facility, which might mean the station might not even be possible to exist anymore. Same problem that WFBR 1590 would have with WJFK 1580. Are there even any 2nd adjacent protections on AM anymore? Because if so, WJFK would also impact WLXE. (6/3/16)

Tony K is gone. Glory be! Many thanks to everyone involved. Hard to imagine a market for this insufferable whiney New Yorker. He is the left wing version of Rush….both narrow minded idiots. Nothing like some guy on the radio bragging about their beach house, Cadillac, dinner at the Palm, golf at Columbia, and his money. I hope he takes his band of laugh track cronies with him. Didn’t Tony say that he supports, and will be voting for HRC? Kind of explains everything. While we are at it, please remove him from PTI! Signed, Anonymous (6/3/16)

Is Washington DC such a needy NFL town now that it needs to cover THE CLEVELAND BROWNS? You only play them one game this year! It’s not like Johnny Unitas traded to the San Diego Chargers HAHA! And I thought Baltimore had a complex. GET OVER RGIII! HE WAS A LOSER AND HE’S GONE GONE GONE! GET OVER IT! www.washingtonpost.com (6/3/16)

"To Tony Kornheiser's departure, I say TFG. He is the most annoying, egotistical braggart to ever hit "sports" radio. Who wants to hear his cackling group laughing at his every thought. Who wants to hear somebody id well-known rock songs and recite lyrics. Who wants to hear somebody brag about their purchases of cars, tvs, and home improvements." I never listened to his show but I know a passionate informed critique when I hear one. Sadly you could substitute "Mike O'Meara" and "comedy" for "Tony Kornheiser" and "sports" and you'd have an equally trenchant analysis. Gus in Gaithersburg (6/3/16)

RE: "WMAR ABC 2 is not carried much on the eastern shore.....no eastern shore person can get any FOX Network NFL game in HD over the air..." Here we go again another genius trying to lump the entire Eastern Shore into some far off island thousands of miles out in the Atlantic. I live on the Eastern Shore and can pick up WMAR perfectly fine via cable, satellite, or and even over the air. Some of the counties on the Eastern Shore are in the Baltimore DMA, so WMAR (along with the rest of the Baltimore stations) are considered a local channel to some on the Eastern Shore. Including WBFF which too can be picked up via cable, satellite, and easily via antenna for some. Additionally WTTG is carried on some cable systems and can be picked up with an antenna. Not sure why you would think we have no access to WMAR or any FOX station in HD..... (6/3/16)

WLXE 1600 AM operates with one tower non-directional on half acre of leased land at $10,000 per month for the half acre. Their other two towers were taken down many years ago. Multicultural Radio owns 1600 AM. They also own 1390 AM in DC. (6/3/16)

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\/ June 2 Messages \/

Three cheers...Kornheiser off 980 AM very soon...hurry Tony. You are horrible. Maybe that radio station will have one good show when Korny is gone. Goodbye forever! And as for 630 AM...get rid of Savage, Core, and that Kids/Kars spot. I am good at changing stations! (6/2/16)

To Tony Kornheiser's departure, I say TFG. He is the most annoying, egotistical braggart to ever hit "sports" radio. Who wants to hear his cackling group laughing at his every thought. Who wants to hear somebody id well-known rock songs and recite lyrics. Who wants to hear somebody brag about their purchases of cars, tvs, and home improvements. No "sports" radio personality that I've ever heard does this shit. And then of course there's his window commercials where he tries to be a fucking comedian. Who TF wants to hear about his fear of flying, bridges, tunnels and animals etc. Joe Theismann once called him "the most neurotic person" he's known and it shows. I will say that he's far less annoying on PTI, except for his obsession with any sexual sports story and his shout-outs. How fucking juvenile is this shit? Plus the fact that his show is not by any means "sports" and doesn't fit on 980. That's enough. Regards Biff (6/2/16)

In FCC News: WMDT ABC 47 / Marquee Broadcasting has applied for a more powerful DTV translator right off the Salisbury By-Pass (Rt. 50) on channel 32, WGDV-LP. Not sure why WMDT is filing for a couple translators now, the other one north of Dover on channel 3, but I assume their signal from Sharptown MD on 47 is not reaching Salisbury very well via antenna over the air? If that’s not the reason, anybody know why? Rival WBOC of course got a better ATSC channel allocation on channel 21. — BaltoMedia.Net (6/2/16)

[RE Kornheiser leaving ESPN 980:] Extra hours for Cooley/Sheehan and Locker Room or maybe give new talent a shot at 11-1? (6/2/16)

[RE Kornheiser leaving ESPN 980:] Not a fan of new lineup kevin and thom should be reunited (6/2/16)

[RE Kornheiser leaving ESPN 980:] That is a shame. (6/2/16)

[RE Kornheiser leaving ESPN 980:] I wish someone would put Feinstein back on. He's fantastic. (6/2/16)

Wbap here in texas doesn’t air savage nation (6/2/16)

I'm not an attorney and don't play one on radio. That the WLXE licensee suffered two antennas being knocked down, accidentally or purposefully, by the landlord and then the licensee didn't take the landlord to court for the towers' destruction, is station negligence. That the FCC continues to allow this STA nonsense is negligence. And, why can a third party interfere with the operation of a Federally licensed broadcast station without the FBI investigating? When 1600 AM was put on the air in Rockville in the early 1950s by Richard Eaton, his United Broadcasting (or similar entity) owned the transmitter site's land. United Broadcasting sold the 10+ acres of land in February, 1998 to Stonestreet Avenue Venture LLC for $825K. This was after Mega took over operation of the station. Stonestreet sold to Rankin Development in October, 2001. Rankin sold to Interstate Westmore LLC in November, 2007 for $7.35M. Where was the licensee in all of this? Apparently not protecting his interests. A teacher doesn't allow a student to get away with "the dog ate my homework" and the FCC shouldn't allow a licensee to get away with "the landlord ate my towers". (6/2/16)

Chris Cooley, who may be the single least charismatic broadcaster of all time, had the gall this morning to poll his three dozen WTEM listeners on 'which sportscaster should quit or be fired?' What a punk this has-been is. Complete no-talent calling for guys with experience and a following to be fired. Somebody at that POS station ought to give Cooley a swift kick in the nuts and then show his lazy ass the door. I guess when everybody keeps telling you that you're an insufferable jackass and you're stuck on a station nobody listens to, sometimes you just figure...what the hell. (6/2/16)

Morris Jones is the best anchor I have ever worked with and I have worked with many. Smooth, can handle any on-air glitch, writes his own material. Truly a class act! I hope he is back on air in DC somewhere. Good luck Morris! Signed a former Morris Producer. (6/2/16)

Listening to Rush today (who appears not to understand that Vince Foster was a murder victim, not a suicide) because Mike O'Meara couldn't make it to his spare room studio; of course it gets called "technical issues" on the webpage he was able to update. Four people, more computers and they can't upload an mp3. Ponderous man, effing ponderous. Gus in Gaithersburg (6/2/16)

[RE "Dave's response: "Talk to your doctor about your poop" is always a station-changer for me. "Kars For Kids" is a chronic top candidate....."] Me too. I can't reach the presets quick enough. As I've said before, I'm sure Kars for Kids does wonderful work. But their commercials have pushed me to that point that I would douse my used car in gasoline and set it on fire before I would donate it to them. (6/2/16)

There is quite a backstory to the WLXE transmitter site. The property is NOT owned by the radio station. The land sits just outside the Rockville city limits. Several years ago, the property owner wanted to construct warehouses on the property, but wanted Rockville to provide water & sewer service to the new buildings. (The city provided water & sewer to the transmitter building.) Rockville refused to expand services unless the property was rezoned residential as the Lincoln Park Neighborhood Plan called for residences on the land, hardly an ideal location as the plot is surrounded by a Washington Gas Light pipeline property and a Suburban Propane storage facility. CSX Railroad & Metro tracks separate the transmitter site from MD Route 355, meaning fire & rescue vehicles would have to travel through Rockville and Lincoln Park to reach the property in the event of an emergency. A few years back, a lawsuit was filed by the property owners against Rockville. Unsure how or if the matter was resolved. Today, the property is surrounded by a chain link fence which blocks off the former driveway from Stonestreet Avenue to the transmitter building. Judging from tire tracks, it appears access to the building is currently through the side yard of the last house on Stonestreet before the property, and around the fence. Only one of the original 3 towers remains standing. One tower was accidentally knocked down by construction equipment. Don't know how the second tower came down. As noted in the Mailbag on many previous occasions, the station has been on a series of STAs since January 2007 allowing it to transmit on the remaining tower with its 1kW non-directional daytime signal, & the STA allowing non-directional nighttime power of 125W, while it "attempts to restore licensed facilities." If you go to Mapquest.com, enter the coordinates (39.097912, -77.151526), switch to Satellite view, and zoom in to the max, you'll clearly see the remaining tower. Apologies for a UCS-length post about a radio station that wouldn't be missed if it went silent tomorrow. (6/2/16)

The Belvita Breakfast Biscuit commercial was a dial-turner for me a year or so ago. The jingle was written by a chimp with a Casio keyboard. (6/2/16)

Re: WMAR on the E.Shore -- I know from friends that WMAR's carried on systems like Atlantic Broadband & Easton Cable, and I've seen WMAR myself as far down as Ocean City --definitely had to be a cable system, as it wouldn't be over-the-air at that distance. So where on the Shore are you saying it's not carried? (6/2/16)

The FCC application that Multicultural submitted clearly states that 2 of the towers have been removed by the landlord and that the remaining tower is in danger of being removed too. I don’t know if that constitutes negligence since it’s admitted. That is presumably what their STA allows for a so-caled temporary situation that has been going on for years. They claim they can find no other station to diplex with in the DC area that would keep all the necessary protections in place. That is possible considering the short spacing to WFBR AM 1590 just up in Glen Burnie but any protections for the AM 1600 in Delaware are now gone. (6/2/16)

[RE: "Is there a name for a radio commercial that is so annoying, it makes you change the station? I change stations pretty much whenever the "not a sermon, just a thought" guy come on because, it is a sermon and his voice is kinda whiny. Would a station even play it if they knew people changed the station when it come on? Dave's response: "Talk to your doctor about your poop" is always a station-changer for me. "Kars For Kids" is a chronic top candidate....."] Kars for Kids for me as well as ANY time I hear Chris Core. I can't take that guy anymore (6/2/16)

Re Savage: he's not losing his deal because of a conspiracy. He's losing it because the show is unlistenable, and advertisers don't want to be anywhere near it. Local ad revenue disappears when his show is on the air. Of course, he will never see it that way. Everyone's out to get him, just ask him. (6/2/16)

Dave's response: I know that the powers-that-be at DC news talker WMAL would love for Savage's show to completely go away so they could program the entire 3 PM to 6 PM afternoon drive slot locally. It took a lot of convincing the Cumulus company suits just to get the 5 PM hour for local WMAL programming. The guys on Jenifer Street would love to have all three hours.....

Is there a name for a radio commercial that is so annoying, it makes you change the station? I change stations pretty much whenever the "not a sermon, just a thought" guy come on because, it is a sermon and his voice is kinda whiny. Would a station even play it if they knew people changed the station when it come on? (6/2/16)

Dave's response: "Talk to your doctor about your poop" is always a station-changer for me. "Kars For Kids" is a chronic top candidate.....

Re: WAMU- here's a crazy idea How's about WAMU's JJ Yore stops laying off newsroom folks(thus pissing off his core audience) and saves money instead by ditching those totally unnecessary repeaters 89.5 in Fredrick and 88.3 in Ocean City? All he has done is hurt other local public radio stations' bottom line like Delmarva Public Radio and WESM in Princess Anne. (6/2/16)

The Bing Maps Aerial Birdseye view of the WLXE (formerly WINX) Rockville tower site shows all three towers standing. That makes the pictures years older than the 2016 copyright date. You can get an even better view by using the compass symbol on the right side of the view to rotate the view 90 degrees counterclockwise. These older pictures are prima facia evidence that the license holder is negligent in allowing the transmission system to deteriorate. (6/2/16)

DC TV news vet Morris Jones announces that he's leaving Channel 7/WJLA and NewsChannel 8. And I look back at his career, including the good times at Channel 5/WTTG when he was hosting the 10 PM news with Tracy Neale. Plus, some memories of Morris on WJFK's "Don And Mike Show." What next, Morris? In today's "Dave TV"..... (6/2/16)

First on my list for "Worst of 2016:" JJ "Days Of" Yore, destroying WAMU. Where is all the money saved going? (6/2/16)

Former WMAL talker and current FNC host Sean “Ham” Hannity according to The Washington Post may have had a conflict of interest: “Hannity defended Trump’s handling of donations to veterans groups. He didn’t mention his personal ties to one of them.” More: washingtonpost.com (6/2/16)

WMAR ABC 2 is not carried much on the eastern shore, so most people will not get the Ravens game that way. I sure hope CSN gets the HD feed not like that Redskins boondoggle with one in HD, other in SD. And no one one will get it over the air at all since no Salisbury market TV station is interested. Speaking of the NFL, no eastern shore person can get any FOX Network NFL game in HD over the air since WBOC.2 FOX 21 is only SD. I’m surprised WHTM is picking up the game but more surprised no Salisbury station is. Also, after careful inspection, I do see the 1 tower for WLXE boxed off surrounded by cars, definitely against FCC regulations and dangerous, but I still do not see the other 2 towers and Multicultural has said they’re gone, so if you’re seeing them, you’re seeing an old pic. The WFBR 1590 site is totally wooded. The towers might be there, but it’s nearly impossible to see them. No wonder their signal is so terrible. Can’t be much of a ground system with all those woods around there. And nothing appears to be properly fenced in either. Mistake to suggest signal upgrades there. It’s amazing the towers are still standing. And with the severe WJFK 1580 null and AM 1600 null, they better hope none of them fall down. One tower might be in a creek now. No chance they’d ever have of rebuilding that. Just like WIJK 1590, too many wetlands rules in place now that didn’t exist when the towers were built. There’s no way to rebuild any tower that falls. I think WIJK 1590 has until June 9 to submit something to the FCC either in letter form or application form as to what Adams Radio intends to do with the mess that Vince Klepac sold them. Can you say, SUCKER? :-) (6/2/16)

Ref: "Great DCRTVDJDAVEDAVETV: Trump has Bozo Bezo eating bugs!" Well, I guess that's better than your brain being eaten by bugs (the premise of the upcoming CBS series "Brain Dead"). IMO, "Brain Dead" will be DOA on CBS. based on the promos I've seen. Unsigned Retired Non Suit. (6/2/16)

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\/ June 1 Messages \/

We hear the hatchet fell again this week inside the WAMU newsroom. It came with the pink-slipping of Senior News Editor Ashley Dejean, the remaining news manager there. GM JJ Yore continues to dismantle what once was an award-winning news staff. Dejean joins Rebecca Blatt, Matt Bush, Meymo Lyons, Michael Pope, Elliott Francis, Bryan Russo, Sabri Ben-Achour, Bill Redlin, Lauren Landau and Tara Boyle. And whatever happened to Metro Connection and its host, Rebecca Sheir, who were supposed to return to the airwaves after a "re-imagining"? The news department once had reporters covering many beats: DC City Hall, Montgomery County, Northern Virginia, Annapolis, Richmond, Baltimore, the environment, education, the arts and labor. And remember when it had regular traffic and weather reports? Now it only has three full time reporters: Armando Trull, Kavitha Cardoza and Patrick Madden. WAMU's frequent newscasts, daily reporting and in-depth local and regional coverage...along with NPR's Morning Edition and All Things Considered...help lift the station from being an also-ran to #1 in the market, beating WTOP. It remains #2 but how long will that last with The Kojo Nnamdi Show reduced to an hour, The Diane Rehm Show soon to lose its host and local/regional news being gutted? Perhaps they should just go "All NPR, all the time". (6/1/16)

Wednesday 4:44 pm Michael Savage as much as said he'll be losing his radio deal in a few months as part of what he sees as a decade long conspiracy against him and either moving to satellite or podcast. I only listened because I knew it wouldn't be Best Of: Monday the 5 o'clock guy on WMAL informed me that humans are "made in God's image"! I'm not buying that nonsense for a minute. "Beware the beast Man, for he is the Devil's pawn. Alone among God's primates, he kills for sport or lust or greed. Yea, he will murder his brother to possess his brother's land. Let him not breed in great numbers, for he will make a desert of his home and yours. Shun him; drive him back into his jungle lair, for he is the harbinger of death." Is this the beginning? Gus in Gaithersburg, Team Harambe (6/1/16)

["There goes another channel shot to hell with V. Johnson on there for weather very poor choice and we will be watching another ch"] Maybe you can take grammar lessons with your extra spare time. (6/1/16)

A bit earlier, Bing.Com/Maps got mentioned. Their aerial photography must be pretty old because if you view the Rockville 1600 tower site in that, you'll still see all three towers standing. Better look fast, as I dont know how long that's going to stay up. (6/1/16)

Great DCRTVDJDAVEDAVETV: Trump has Bozo Bezo eating bugs! pbs.twimg.com (6/1/16)

Regarding "...AM 1600 in DC which seems to have no tower...." WLXE Rockville does have a tower; I visited it last year. But, the angle of the Google Maps satellite view does not show it. Go to Google Maps and input 39.097912, -77.151526 then look at the zoomed-in satellite view. It shows a small, fenced-in area. To the left is a mass of black objects which are discarded tires. To the right is a trailer and and some cars. If you stood on the trunk of the white car, you could use a long pole to touch the tower (and get quite a shock). Neither the tower area nor the entrance gate to the open field that used to be the three tower array and where the transmitter is still located have the FCC-required signs to identify the tower's registration and the dangerous RF energy. Rules? We don't care about no stinkin' rules... Come to think of it, as Fybush likes to document tower sites, maybe he should start a "Shameful Site of the Week" showing how owners have allowed towers to deteriorate. He can start with WLXE and WIJK. (6/1/16)

WMAR-TV will be carrying the first 2 Raven preseason games. [RE "The first two Baltimore Ravens pre-season games will apparently be preempted by Olympics coverage on NBC. WBAL-TV is only carrying the 2nd two games. CSN is also carrying them, but so far no local Baltimore TV station has been secured for the 1st two games. PA's WHTM ABC 27 and WJLA ABC 7 will again have all four games. Surprisingly, no local Eastern Shore coverage outside of CSN either, assuming you have the right cable package"] (6/1/16)

I wonder if WBAL will put the Ravens Game on its sub channel and blow off ME TV for 2 nights. Just a thought. (6/1/16)

Found 'em, using Bing.Com/Maps "Bird's Eye View". Man, dey be some skinny-ass towers! More amusing in the Google view however is that some guy named JON apparently stomped his name into the ground about 100 feet NW of the Google stickpin. (6/1/16)

REF: [WFBR] The towers are located across the street from the old Maisel Brothers Inc., construction supply company on 8th Avenue, just off Crain Highway in Glen Burnie, where a country station (WISZ) once aired. I remember going in there to watch a friend of mine, Bill Bondurant, run the board Saturday nights when they carried the Grand 'Ole Opry. I think the sight of the AP machine in a back closet inspired me to go into radio news. (6/1/16)

I look at Donald Trump's attack on reporters and his ongoing feud with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who owns the Washington Post. And how the Post's quality is declining as it relies more on non-local sensationalist click-bait stories. Also, I get close to cancelling my subscription to Nomadic Fanatic's YouTube channel. And some other cool YouTubers, including a dude who eats 50+ year-old military MREs (field meals). In today's "Dave TV"..... (6/1/16)

People who invested in iHeart stock are asking why would the lenders loan them $30 Billion? Now they can't pay it back. Now what? Bain Capital is a very large investment banking company in Boston. Is Mitt Romney still on the Board and Officer of Bain Capital? What will this do to the radio industry when they go bankrupt? (6/1/16)

To answer a previous poster question, about Liberty University translators in Virginia. All of their translators carry religious programming. THE HOPE CHUCH owns commercial translators and leases them out to commercial companies like Radio One and CBS in Baltimore and other markets. (6/1/16)

Speaking of WFBR AM 1590, they probably don’t know it, but they have no daytime null due east anymore as AM 1600 in Dover, Delaware is deleted. but just like AM 1600 in DC which seems to have no tower despite claims to the FCC, see if you can find the 5 towers for WFBR AM 1590 in Glen Burnie. It’s like a page in a WHERE’S WALDO BOOK! See here… www.google.com (6/1/16)

All this talk of The Hope Church being a non-profit makes me wonder. What is Liberty University doing with all its Virginia translators scattered all over the state (except near DC)? Are they all religious or programmed commercially too like The Hope Church? Just curious. (6/1/16)

The 1st two Baltimore Ravens pre-season games will apparently be preempted by Olympics coverage on NBC. WBAL-TV is only carrying the 2nd two games. CSN is also carrying them, but so far no local Baltimore TV station has been secured for the 1st two games. PA's WHTM ABC 27 & WJLA ABC 7 will again have all 4 games. Surprisingly, no local eastern shore coverage outside of CSN either, assuming you have the right cable package. If WBOC and WMDT are going to file complaints to kick off the Baltimore TV stations, it’s about time they pony up and PAY for the programming. —BaltoMedia.net (6/1/16)

"...We still have found no worthy successor to Bob Ryan in D.C. Doug and Topper may have experience but IMHO are nowhere near as engaging, knowledgeable, and entertaining as Bob was. Wish we had someone on the same high level as Tom Skilling in Chicago or Gary England in OKC.."...or perhaps Don Slater who is the weatherman on Norfolk's WAVY channel 10 going on over 30 years now.. One would think he would be doing the same on TV in DC by now. For what its worth my father was in Denver, Colorado recently on business and according to him the big rumor in the Mile High City is that both Steffan Tubbs and Mandy Connell from Denver's KOA Radio were both offered jobs to do radio in DC recently of course neither had said such a thing so far on KOA. OK which station is interested in Tubbs & Connell ?? Granted both are in their 40s ( younger than many talk radio hosts ) and apparently both are doing well in the Denver book but I can't see either of them making the move to DC. (6/1/16)

there are people who subscribe to Sirius radio to hear glenn beck and Anthony cumia so how can they take both off the air I don't subscribe and I never will (6/1/16)

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\/ May 31 Messages \/

Regarding "1590am BIG CLASSIC ROCK ???" To which 1590 AM do you refer? Surely not Soul Classics WFBR Baltimore (where you hear only one of the stereo channels all the time). No, I would guess you mean Ocean City's WIJK. Wikipedia has the info: "On May 25, 2016 WIJK changed their format to a simulcast of classic rock-formatted WGBG 98.5 FM." So, no, probably no translator for an AM that's simulcasting an FM. (5/31/16)

iHeart Stock drops another 9.8% today. Down to 92 cents per share. When they declare bankruptcy, this will effect the entire radio industry. They are the largest radio broadcasting company in the WORLD! They have $30 BILLION in debt. The lenders/creditors will never get their money back. (5/31/16)

1590am BIG CLASSIC ROCK ??? can a translator me far behind? (5/31/16)

We still have found no worthy successor to Bob Ryan in D.C. Doug and Topper may have experience but IMHO are nowhere near as engaging, knowledgeable, and entertaining as Bob was. Wish we had someone on the same high level as Tom Skilling in Chicago or Gary England in OKC. KOF (5/31/16)

WMAL’s Michael Savage drooling with anger over the poor gorilla Harambe’s death after rescuing a 4-year-old and screaming “Where is the mother”, “Why hasn’t the media shown pictures of her?” Well Drudge has a link to a Daily Mail story that has photos of the parents: www.dailymail.co.uk... And The Washington Post hysterical header proclaims “‘Zoos aren’t your babysitter’: Parenting critics flay mom after gorilla shot to protect her preschooler” www.washingtonpost.com... Kinda makes one happy Savage is only on for two hours: sheesh, can we get back to politics? (5/31/16)

So Veronica Johnsons is "thrilled" to move on..Hmmmm. Of course I don't work there and don't know anyone who does, but was channel 4 that bad to want to move on? Is going to channel 7 morning show a better fit? From what I've seen, it's just a knock off of channel 5's wacky morning show. Well, obviously she felt channel 7 works for her. Good luck to her. (5/31/16)

There goes another channel shot to hell with V. Johnson on there for weather very poor choice and we will be watching another ch (5/31/16)

So has it been confirmed that Jacqui Jeras will be returning to Atlanta? I know right now that WJLA has a vacant weekend evening meteorologist slot open ever since Devon Lucie took the job in Salt Lake City, I wonder if she would take that spot since VJ is now doing mornings with Eileen Whalen? (5/31/16)

WMAL’s Chris Plante read from an e-mail he received from a military chaplain who had to deliver the news to a family of their son’s death in combat: Chris, to his human credit, got so choked up reading from the e-mail that he had to stop several times (leaving what they call in the radio business “dead air”) to compose himself. Very moving Chris. (5/31/16)

Baltimore TV May Sweeps - Any numbers from the Baltimore stations? (5/31/16)

Dave's response: I'm always looking for DC and Baltimore local TV news ratings. If you send 'em, your annonimity will be assurred.....

Is this DAVE TV for Fast Food Dave Hughes? Are you sure this wasn’t you having the Popeyes Magnolia Chicken? Same production quality. haha! (j/k) :-) www.youtube.com (5/31/16)

Adobe, Cool Edit, all the same, for radio production anyway. Abobe just has prettier colors that you can assign to every feature. However Fraudacity is exactly what it is, junk. It's the leading choice of bottom 100 markets and Podcasters everywhere! (5/31/16)

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\/ May 30 Messages \/

Sad but true. Both Cumulus & iHeart stock continue to drop. Cumulus at 31 cents and iHeart down to just $1.02. (3/30/16)

No, Rush Limbaugh is not in trouble. Limbaugh’s overall national ratings continue to lead talk radio as they have continuously for more than a quarter of a century and no one else has come close. In the last year alone, his numbers in 25-54 audience is up 37 percent across the United States. Critics, including Epstein (who penned the Politico piece), have been dismissive or reluctant to note this in their analyses. www.breitbart.com (5/30/16)

Re: Veronica going radio silent as to her next job, is it common protocol for on air talent being prohibited to say they're going to a rival station? Or is this a WJLA thing since the same thing occurred with Julie Wright. She even said she wasn't allowed to say anything. I know when people are switching stations at the national network level, it's routinely announced. (5/30/16)

I really enjoy reading DCRTV every morning. This is the best source for local radio and television news. This site is funded by your financial help. Please remember the person who works hard to bring you this information. Thanks Dave. (5/30/16)

Dave's response: Thanks! Just PayPal your donation to my dcrtv@hotmail.com address. Or drop a check in the mail, made payable to me. Dave Hughes, 1981-B Villaridge Drive, Reston VA 20191. Thanks.....

May not be doing TV, but still doing phone shout outs always appreciated in ole DC... One of the most contentious and controversial conventions in Nevada history. Maybe old news - two weeks ago - but the Nevada Democratic Convention had a huge impact on the way I view the fairness of our society and viciousness of politics. Even after spending much of my career in the media, I was still shocked at how badly a story could be twisted and easily the mainstream media would report lies. Wish I could of had this on earlier, but in the less than $15 an hour world you have to put in a lot of hours. This is worth five minutes of your time ... I'd love to know what you think? The way I saw events of the day as a Sanders delegate using only my phone. Oh and ... #?FeelTheBern... - Kick Clyatt (5/30/16)

Is Rush Limbaugh in trouble? www.politico.com (5/30/16)

"Kornheiser is a 15 handicap but his scores this spring have ranged from 92 to 101, suggesting Obama might win some money today while also talking Chicago White Sox baseball." Maybe Obama can reminisce of his days watching the Sox at Cominskey Park. - Thrownatbirth (5/30/16)

I like Bernie Sanders.......everything will be free! The only problem is...."PRETTY SOON, YOU RUN OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY". Do you know who said that? Margaret Thatcher. She was a very wise woman. This is not a Political Site. Please only quote from a DC Radio Station. (5/30/16)

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\/ May 29 Messages \/

Memorial Day weekend beach news. BOTH 104.3 FM and 105.1 FM are now off the air in Ocean City. WIJK 1590 is still up and running, but how long can you keep a non-transmitting translator? It’s been months on 105.1 FM and now 104.3 FM added to it. You would think they would have gotten this all figured out before Memorial Day weekend huh? Nope. OH, but WIJK 1590’s STA runs out on June 9 I think, so expect something to happen there soon. If they don’t extend the STA, the licenses expire for ALL THREE STATIONS given whatever automatic station sale extensions are granted. (5/29/16)

Tony Kornheiser Plays His 15th Round of Golf With the President - May 28, 2016 - Mark Knoller, a White House correspondent for CBS and the unofficial chronicler of President Obama’s travels, says the President is playing golf today at Fort Belvoir, an Army post in suburban Virginia, with Tony Kornheiser, the former Washington Post sportswriter, now a talk show host at ESPN. Knoller says it’s the 15th time Obama has played golf with Kornheiser since becoming President. It’s probably a relief for the President to play with someone he can talk sports, not politics, with. Golf Digest estimates Obama’s golf handicap at 17, which means he’d shoot around 90 for 18 holes. Kornheiser is a 15 handicap but his scores this spring have ranged from 92 to 101, suggesting Obama might win some money today while also talking Chicago White Sox baseball. (5/29/16)

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Channel 33, part of Bill Simmons new ringer podcast network interviews Warner wolf about history of sports highlights. Channel 33 - Ep. 116: ‘The Press Box’: The Life and Death of the TV Sports Highlight: soundcloud.com... Ringer editor-at-large Bryan Curtis explores the history and uncertain future of the television highlight package. (5/28/16)

How can THE HOPE CHURCH, a not for profit corporation, own these Commercial Translators in Baltimore? They have some of them leased to CBS and some to Radio One. They do not own any AM Station in the market. They own 19 FM Translators. Some of the Translators they own in Baltimore are 97.5,101.5, 102.3, 104.9 and 106.1. Since they are "Non-Profit", if I send in a donation, and become a donor, can I take a tax deduction for it? (5/28/16)

I hope Veronica knows what she's jumping into. That channel 7 morning show is a snake pit... and I think their ratings are bottom of the barrel... (5/28/16)

Re: ..."Washington Post reports that the likelihood of a Sanders/Trump debate are not likely-- But you can bet it will take place on Saturday Night Live." Really? SNL shut down for the summer hiatus a week ago, and by the time they're back it'll be just a few weeks from Election Day. By then Sanders and/or Trump will be old news. What are you suggesting--that NBC's going to drag cast and crew back from vacation to do one measly sketch??? (5/28/16)

Is going to WJLA a promotion or just a lateral move for Veronica Johnson? Of course we don't know the situation at NBC4 that promoted her move, but she must've thought it was a better fit. We may never know though just like I don't remember anything co ing out as to Julie Wright's move. It's just that when you see people leave a news station in the middle of the night, it looks suspect...On an unrelated note, I too saw Holly Morris with those two kids this morning and quite painful to watch. Not a real fan of her or Kevin the movie guy. Kevin mentioned the other day that he was bullied as a child and now wants everyone to like him & I think awhile back, Holly also said she wants to be liked. So, it seems like they both suffer from sort of insecurity which comes out in their going overboard when on tv to be the center of attention. Kinda sad. (5/28/16)

Dog days of May: two WMAL talkers or their family have dog books out this month. Mark Levin’s father Jack Levin has “My Dog Spot” www.amazon.com.uk and Michael Savage has “Teddy and Me: Confessions of a Service Human” www.conservativebookclub.com... All Chris Plant has is a dog of a girlfriend. Woof!!! (5/28/16)

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\/ May 27 Messages \/

WMAL Mike Love interview was LIVE: he was even late calling in. Mixed Up Jack had to be the taped one. Of course Larry made the usual Brian Wilson joke and claims his kids listen to the beach boys while surfing in SoCal. Oh sure, Larry: and you ain’t gay either. (5/27/16)

I felt so sorry for the two spelling bee winners that had to sit through being interviewed by Holly Morris this morning. Her interview was like watching a stand up comic. She would throw little zingers in there & then say "no, I'm just kidding". Then tried to somewhat shame them when they said they were looking forward to going on Jimmy Kimmel & Live with Kelly vs saying they were excited to sit there and listen to her ramble on and on. They were respectful, but obviously just not getting humor that would've been more appropriate for someone older. (5/27/16)

WPOC has applied to move its transmitter just a few blocks away to an adjacent tower that is slightly taller. I’m guessing this is the old WNUV 54 tower since it seems to need FCC re-certification. No reason is given, but I assume it would be a newer tower as WPOC pre-dated WNUV 54 and WUTB 24. CW 54 no longer transmits from that area since the big HD switch as they moved to TV Hill and the much taller FOX 45 tower. The new WPOC contour seems to show a directional null towards DC and Fredericksburg’s WFLS 93.3 so WPOC might be slightly weaker around DC afterwards assuming its approved. (5/27/16)

(Beach Boys Intvw) "If one or both were pre-recorded ... what do you folks think?" Its a non-issue and happens a lot more than you think. Morning shows routinely record an interview after the show is over, tighten it up and then air it the next day. This assures the guest is wide awake and coherent and doesn't drop any ca-ca words. (5/27/16)

Live or recorded? Both Jack on Mix 107.3 and the two loonies on WMAL had the Beach Boys' Mike Love on air at the same time, right after 7:30 a.m. today. Different interviews, of course. For honesty and fairness, if one or both were pre-recorded, both Jack and Brian & Larry should have indicated that. What do you folks think? (5/27/16)

WMAL Silvie in Waldorf alert: she calls into The Don “I Was a USSS agent” Bongo this morning (he is subbing for Chris Plante who is off to the Stonewall NPS dedication www.nps.gov). Silvie naturally trashed Obambi and endorsed Trump: the more things stay the same the more they don’t change. Silvie: www.freerepublic.com (5/27/16)

Dave's response: Recommended viewing for Chris and Silvie - "Play Misty For Me".....

Who's that ragging on Cool Edit? Have you read Radio & Production magazine's survey on digital workstations? Cool Edit Pro is still a viable choice at many major stations and production houses. Its continued popularity makes it the most pirated and torrented audio editor on the Web. The fact is, if you know Cool Edit, you know the basics of most all others. You may also have noticed the ad mentioned Audacity, so why aren't you ripping the ad over the use of Free Software ("you get what you pay for")? Tell you what: just don't send them your resume. They probably wouldn't put up with your 'tude for more than a day or two anyway. (5/27/16)

From Tom Taylor Now: Breaking News, over and over - NOW Reader Bill Prettyman says “in the 1960s, I was jock ‘Doug Vanderbilt’ on Washington DC top 40 WEAM (we all had fake names). There was no news staff, so news on the hour was rip-and-read at a fast clip in the ‘WEAM Style,’ with echo and telegrapher's key sounds between each story. The news printer was three doors down the hall, and between records we exited the control room, raced to the UPI machine and dragged a long strip of paper back to the control room. There we found the text just in time to hit the news intro – ‘First with the news on Dateline Washington.’ In my recurring dream, the intro ends, but my eyes cloud up and I can't see the newsprint. I blink - still can't see. Worse, suddenly my mouth won't work and I can't make words come out. The dream never progresses past that point.” Remind you of your own radio dream, the one you can’t shake? Share it with the industry – email “You Can’t Make This Up” – Tom@RTK-Media.com (5/27/16)

Dog days of May: two WMAL talkers or their family have dog books out this month. Mark Levin’s father Jack Levin has “My Dog Spot” www.amazon.co.uk and Michael Savage has “Teddy and Me: Confessions of a Service Human” www.conservativebookclub.com... All Chris Plant has is a dog of a girlfriend. Woof!!! (5/27/16)

Re:Veronica Johnson, on her Facebook page, she said she'll be popping up in a few days. That's similar to what Julie Wright said after going MIA from Fox and "popping up" at WJLA. (5/27/16)

FCC just got their budget cut by 12% by Congress. It is now down to just $315 Million. To make up for this cut, the FCC is now raising the "Rugulatory Fees" and " License Fees" for radio and television stations. (5/27/16)

News4 posted a postion online for a meteorologist today assuming they would be replacing Veronica Johnson, only question were is she going? (5/27/16)

Re: "[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] The Radio America Network in Arlington VA – a producer and syndicator of national network radio programs – is in need of local weekend board-ops and technicians... Basic digital audio editing (Cool Edit, Audacity or equivalent) is preferred" You're looking for applicants proficient in using Cool Edit? That hasn't existed since Adobe bought it in 2003?? Maybe it's time to update your editing software, or whatever job posting document you've been using for the past 13-plus years. Admit it - if you got a resume listing Cool Edit as a skill, it'd go right in the trash. (5/27/16)

The Washington Post reports that the likelihood of a Sanders/Trump debate are not likely: “The Trump-Sanders debate may not happen after all. Here’s how yuge it would have been.” But you can bet it will take place on Saturday Night Live: www.washingotnpost.com (5/27/16)

FYI, in today's Tom Taylor on Radio: Tom Davis sells his other FM in Columbia, South Carolina, and the buyer knows what it’s getting – Kirk Litton of buying group Midlands Media Group is a former GM and part-owner of country “94.3 the Dude” WWNQ. (Litton’s also known from his years in sales and management in Washington DC for Radio One and CBS/Infinity.) WWNQ’s a Class A licensed to Forest Acres, and Davis Media bought it plus what’s now adult alternative “92.1 the Palm” WWNU Irmo back in 2012. Davis paid the Bob Pittman-connected Double O Radio $1.1 million for both Class A FMs, and it’s exiting with two checks totaling $1.9 million. “The Palm” is pending-closing to Jim Campbell’s not-for-profit Radio Training Network for $1.1 million (April 22 NOW). And the latest development is “Dude” WWNQ going to Midlands Media Group for $900,000. Williamsburg-based Davis Media’s concept is to marry radio stations with local news sites, and its ColaDaily.com is part of what Kirk Litton and his associates are getting. Davis Media agrees to a two-year non-compete, barring it from any local sales efforts that compete with WWNQ or the website. Broker for the seller – Doug Ferber of DEFcom Advisors (5/27/16)

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\/ May 26 Messages \/

REF: [I noticed Donna Hamilton skipped this year's Preakness coverage on WBAL TV] I think WBAL TV skipped Donna Hamilton, given the fact that she's been back in the saddle there a long time. Let's face it, compared to the younger faces in the station's paddock, "the old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be." (5/26/16)

I thought when AAA Mid-Atlantic's longtime loudmouth Lon Anderson retired, we would see the end of the holiday highway traffic safety show this media-hungry circus clown would stage with local media every holiday weekend, but I see his former AAA colleague in Baltimore has picked up his twisted torch with yet another episode of worthless highway hype. There she was...Regina Averella standing at the old highway homestead, "Hemmingway's," on Maryland's Eastern Shore, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge in the background for the ambiance of holiday travel, puking up all the same 'ole poppycock predictions for motorists setting out on their holiday journeys with families and friends. Look, AAA is in business to sell insurance, period. They are not highway safety experts but rather slick media manipulators who dupe local media into covering their side shows every holiday period with all their bogus surveys and travel predictions. They even teamed up with Ocean City officials who showed off their new 100 passenger buses which have absolutely nothing to do with highway safety and everything to do with an egotistical mayor who managed to get his mug on television as part of this mess. When will local media wake up and realize the free ride they are giving this organization and make them buy the airtime instead of giving it away? Gas price surveys are meaningless to people who gas up their vehicles every week and who know what they're paying or how much the price has changed; to motorists who know the traffic is or will be heavy; and, to traveling families who don't need a lesson in how to reach the beach. Now, if you'll excuse me a minute...my car just died and I may need a hot shot or a tow. Can anyone help me? (5/26/16)

Now that Adams Radio owns Ocean City’s WIJK 1590, I have a suggestion. Bring back the vintage call letters WETT, back when it was a Top 40 station at the beach. If they ever get the 105.1 FM back on the air, the transmitter is right on the beach at the top of the Sea Watch condo, so it has a very good beach signal when it’s on the air. WETT is being used by an FM in West VA, but not on AM, so it would require permission or a deal, possible. I know people say call letters don’t mean anything, but WETT is a cool beach name. (5/26/16)

Saying Safari is the slowest browser clearly shows someone who doesn't know Apple Macs well, at least not current ones. Firefox might be faster on Win PCs, but it certainly isn’t on Macs mainly because Firefox still uses a cross platform coding that slows it down instead of being written totally Mac native. Btw, I checked WBOC.com on various other browsers too and it seems to work fine with them, albeit slower. (5/26/16)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] The Radio America Network in Arlington VA – a producer and syndicator of national network radio programs – is in need of local weekend board-ops and technicians. Applicants must have knowledge of any major radio automation system. Knowledge of ISDN, Comrex Access. Basic digital audio editing (Cool Edit, Audacity or equivalent) is preferred, as well as running a smooth and confident board. Applicants must be punctual, flexible, and have dependable transportation or access to mass transit within the DC metro area. EOE and competitive hourly pay. Please send your resume to rmcfadden@radioamerica.com (5/26/16)

I don’t want to get Dave Hughes involved really, but he once said here on DCRTV that WBOC.com was buggy. As for today, WBOC.com appears to be working fine as they changed the ad material again, but it’s certainly buggy. Some days, the problem just will not quit. (5/26/16)

Thanks Gus! Bob Fairfax (5/26/16)

Washington Post reporting the guy didn’t jump and the Bay Bridge is open again: www.washingtonpost.com (5/26/16)

I take a look at some more cool YouTube channels, including a gay dude in Alabama in Adventures of Zach & B. Plus, another cool "living in a van" channel from the Bay Area's Dave2D. Some realities about running your own small business in Asian Efficiency Vlogs. And, get this, Nomadic Fanatic Stickers, which slams Nomadic Fanatic for e-begging, does a video that e-begs. Shazam! Plus, Techmoan, Photonicinduction, and Sintax 77. In the May 26, 2016 "Dave TV"..... (5/26/16)

WJFK’s Jason “Papa Lurch” Bishop aka “The King of Ashburn” will host an event tonight at Top Golf Ashburn between 6:00PM and 8:00PM: good chance to meet him, hit some balls (not his), have some “dranks”, and hang. Top Golf: topgolf.com (5/26/16)

WTOP and The Washington Post reporting “police activity” on the eastbound lanes of the Bay Bridge has closed it down this morning. The Sports Junkies report it’s a jumper. Better check gas and use restroom if you are headed that way: www.washingtonpost.com (5/26/16)

What have we learned today? Brian and Larry are mad at President Obama for his decision to move to Kalorama because President Obama is Black, and Kalorama is over 90% White. Larry suggested the President move to Anacostia when he retires (presumably because the President is economically challenged?). Larry and Brian not only have jumped on the racist White guy train, they are now talking about how comfortable it is, and offering free rides to anyone who slightly agrees with them. Justifiable racism, pragmatic separation, or knuckleheaded pandering to the angry, White, and stupid? You be the judge. Bill Hess, you hired these clowns. There are dozens of Supreme Court decisions that allow the President to live in Kalorama after he retires. I am sure the neighbors are excited a President is moving in. The only ones who are upset are Brian, Larry, and "White Privilege doesn't exist" Tucker Carlson, who Larry and Brian got the story from. Tucker, if a White guy moved into Kalorama, would you and the bozos on WMAL be as upset as you are now over Obama moving in? (5/26/16)

[RE: "Quite a bit of separation between WJFK and WTEM, with WJFK nearly in the top 10 in 12+ for the last few weeks, and WTEM languishing at the bottom of the full market stations. When's the last time WJFK was that highly rated? Very surprising to see them beating mainstream music stations like DC101, WKYS, WMZQ, and WPRS, especially outside of football season."] Caps games dummy....And good on WJFK for getting strong books for those! (5/26/16)

"I’m actually also a beta tester for Apple, so I definitely know more than anyone here. You said the key words, “my spare”, meaning you’re afraid to go to a website on your main machine. That tells me you’re scared of your own shadow."I’m actually also a beta tester for Apple, so I definitely know more than anyone here. I’m actually also a beta tester for Apple, so I definitely know more than anyone here. I’m actually also a beta tester for Apple, so I definitely know more than anyone here. I’m actually also a beta tester for Apple, so I definitely know more than anyone here. I’m actually also a beta tester for Apple, so I definitely know more than anyone here. I’m actually also a beta tester for Apple, so I definitely know more than anyone here. I’m actually also a beta tester for Apple, so I definitely know more than anyone here." -- Sorry to harsh your jizz, but back in 1993 we had a technical term for beta testers. We called them "asses". -- So now you say I'm afraid to go on a website? No one in their right mind runs a production machine, a client facing machine, with the newest update. But I tested the website with the newest possible software and it worked just fine! And Safari is indeed what old people use, it is the slowest commercially available browser. Professionals code for it but don't use it, at least not in my shop. The problem is either with the computer or with you (SUPERLIKELY because you are an ass) not with the website. "I definitely know more than anyone here" BASED ON BEING AN APPLE BETA TESTER is some funny ass shit. Maybe the folks from WBOC realize it's your problem not theirs. Gus in Gaithersburg (5/16/16)

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I’m actually also a beta tester for Apple, so I definitely know more than anyone here. You said the key words, “my spare”, meaning you’re afraid to go to a website on your main machine. That tells me you’re scared of your own shadow. And it’s like saying, I dusted off the Model T and it runs just fine. I have multiple Mac Pro systems with the latest OS X installed. There was update in just the last couple weeks. I’ll bet money you didn’t do it. If Apple believes my bug reports, then I would think WBOC would too. But since there are so many outdated geezers on sites like this who don’t know what they’re doing or what operating system they’re using, I guess WBOC will side with outdated and incorrect information. They have a javascript error that keeps reloading the page over and over after the side panel ads show up. While it makes for a great strobe light, it makes it nearly impossible to read any story, let alone pull the weather radar up. If you click on stop loading at the right time, you can make it stop, but that’s hardly a great workaround. The current Safari is now 9.1.2, but WBOC.com also did not work with 9.1.1. It does work with older versions of OS X, but that is not what Apple is shipping or Best Buy is selling on new machines. By the way, anytime there’s been a glitch on DCRTV.com, which is rare, I’ve reported it to Dave Hughes also. (5/25/16)

CONGRATULATIONS to iHeart.....you won the lawsuit. It is nice to see that the BIG GUY can still win! The legal battle with their lenders is over. Now iHeart can continue to own and operate six fulltime FM Stations in DC. Did I mention they also have a translator here. iHeart owns the following stations in the DC Market...... WASH, WMZQ, WBIG, WIHT, WFRE, WWDC, and Translator 104.7 FM. (5/25/16)

Radio One jumps on the vacant frequency 103.1 immediately. When the LPFM, WOOK 103.1 was denied by the FCC, Radio One jumped on it within 24 hours! They have applied for a new translator on that frequency in DC. How is the Radio One stock doing? (5/25/16)

I just tried WBOC.com on my Macs 10.11.5 with Safari 9.1.1 (No Extensions/Add Blockers) and it works fine. The adds on the side load okay no problem, no reloading. My ISP is Cox communications. Bob Fairfax (5/25/16)

Wow! The KHZTV Network had a cume of 2 today! (5/25/16)

Funny, last night I had a dream in which I was sitting in someone’s living room telling some younger folks about Harden & Weaver and how they were such great DJs and considered as superstars in this area way back when. KOF (5/25/16)

["WBOC.com added their side panel ads back in and yep, the website no longer works on Macs again."] Just checked and it works great on my spare (not production because that would be stupid) Mac running the latest update of OS X. You sound like a woman with a series of bad boyfriends who doesn't realize the common denominator is her. Gus in Gaithersburg (5/25/16)

RE: KHZ Network. I just tuned in at 11:28am, and the all of the stations are running the same thing as the network...which is a Rihanna song right now. But I did find it disturbing that in the middle of the day, there are no live bodies to be seen. (5/25/16)

[RE: “Hi Dave, today at minute 75 The Mike O'Meara Pretend Radio Show took you downtown, saying "you know what he does" and to be honest I don't but I don't care what a washed up drunk thinks. Apparently you didn't reproduce their "press release". On May 18 he was outed as using the same prep service as an iHeart country station, rather than doing "hours of show prep". I need my iHeart stock reports!!!! Gus in Gaithersburg”] Not very nice thing to say about DCRTVDJDAVE, but just out of curiosity: what IS “it” that you do? And how did you date with Gus in Gaithersburg go? Curious in Clifton (5/25/16)

Rush's ratings have actually been sagging for about a year. If you want to get your product in front of a few million paranoid men age 70+, he's still a great place to buy spots. But that's about it. (5/25/16)

“WMAL has the best coverage on this situation.” No, Fox 5 actually had a reporter sit down with the Governor yesterday. WMAL’s coverage is simple-slam non conservatives at every step, and cheer and defend “conservatives.” Remember their nonstop going to war “propaganda” with Andy Parks and Chris Core? Andy Parks an Chis Core should be ashamed of their actions and words during the build up to the Iraq War. It is despicable they both were willingly used as cheerleaders, sending 4,000 soldiers to their death in Iraq. To delve in closer, the way they both treated on the air anyone who disagreed with the GWB War policies, is, in retrospect, completely shameful. WTOP, I change the channel every time I hear that sanctimonious ass say ”Core values.” The name “Chis Core” will always be associated with “war propaganda” by me, and I get sick to my stomach every time I am reminded of the build up to the Iraq War (and Chris Core ’s willing participation in the propaganda), whenever I hear his voice. Speaking of Chris “The Ass,” Core, remember the awful time he questioned having a holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr., that even Howard Stern slammed him for a few days later? Remember Andy Parks saying of President Obama, “Hitler is in the White House”? Remember Dan BonBozo’s interview with his “dear friend” Josh Duggar slamming the homos? Remember BonBozo and Closet Larry slamming Black Lives Matter, blaming them for the murder of a cop which turned out to be a suicide of cop who was embezzling funds from police charities? Remember the antics of Michael Graham and Mrs. Fred? And don’t get me started on the syndication crap they have been running for the past 15+ years. This country would have been a much better place without WMAL over the past 15 years. Anyone care to defend WMAL? (5/25/16)

Not really sure what's going on with the "KHZ Network" AM stations these days. The web TV channel is running music totally different from WAMD 970, and the other two AM'ers -- WKHZ and WYRE -- sound like they're running Spanish Religious. Click in at khztv.com and see what you're hearing. (5/25/16)

Quite a bit of separation between WJFK and WTEM, with WJFK nearly in the top 10 in 12+ for the last few weeks, and WTEM languishing at the bottom of the full market stations. When's the last time WJFK was that highly rated? Very surprising to see them beating mainstream music stations like DC101, WKYS, WMZQ, and WPRS, especially outside of football season. (5/25/16)

Dave's response: Gotta be Nats coverage.....

Earlier, someone wrote “I thought for sure someone there would have taken a simple walk to the Best Buy and checked out their website on a Macbook or iMac, but I guess not. :-( “. Why don’t you take a walk to a Best Buy and check out WBOC.com on a Windows-based system, and give this topic a rest? Most of us here have grown tired of the constant complaining. (5/25/16)

Clearly the Mission Metro is a sweeps stunt. Also, how to some of the people slamming Maryland State Government being crooked - how many of our past and present governors, elected officials have been or currently are being investigated? I can only think of two - the former Anne Arundel County Ccounty executive and former mayor of Baltimore - recently but that's it. (5/25/16)

Hi Dave, today at minute 75 The Mike O'Meara Pretend Radio Show took you downtown, saying "you know what he does" and to be honest I don't but I don't care what a washed up drunk thinks. Apparently you didn't reproduce their "press release". On May 18 he was outed as using the same prep service as an iHeart country station, rather than doing "hours of show prep". I need my iHeart stock reports!!!! Gus in Gaithersburg (5/25/16)

WBOC.com added their side panel ads back in and yep, the website no longer works on Macs again. Can’t even get the weather radar. I thought for sure someone there would have taken a simple walk to the Best Buy and checked out their website on a Macbook or iMac, but I guess not. :-( (5/25/16)

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" WMAL has the best coverage on this [McAuliffe] situation. " Problem is, WMAL's "commentators" and the hate-Clinton/Obama crowd have promulgated so many bogus stories through the years (Secret Muslim! Killed Vince Foster! Born in Kenya! Secret plans to take guns away!), nothing they claim can be taken seriously. "You won't believe how much money is in the Clinton Foundation now." If WMAL is talking about it, then, yes you're right - I won't believe it. (5/24/16)

Just saw a WUSA commercial for "Mission Metro" where they're riding the Metro all day up until midnight, asking riders how Metro could be improved. Really?? Why did the powers that be think this was a great idea?. After every incident on Metro, don't the reporters interview riders as to what they want? How is this story going to be any different? (5/24/16)

Dumb and Dumber: WMAL talker Michael Savage was interviewed by RT Television’s Larry King. The Bronx Boy vs. the Brooklyn Boy sparred over “The Don” as King called him, trying to make Savage defend Trumpisims. Ostensibly, the interview was supposed to be about Savage’s new book about his dog, Teddy, but he was sucker punched by King with the majority of questions about Trump. Didn’t see that one coming, eh Michael? (5/24/16)

Terry McAuliffe is being investigated for illegal donations to his political campaign. The Chinese Mogul gave $120,000 to his campaign. However, the same Chinese Mogul gave $2 MILLION to the CLINTON FOUNDATION!! Did McAuliffe accept other illegal contributions? WMAL has the best coverage on this situation. You won't believe how much money is in the Clinton Foundation now. (5/24/16)

[RE: “I believe Mike O'Meara's on 97.1, The Wave is a return to the frequency. If memory serves me correct the Don And Mike show aired way back when the station was owned by Prettyman Broadcasting and was call The Fox. Delmarva Broadcasting took over and took the station Jazz as they dumped Don And Mike.”] Wow MOM lands yet another new gig! And look, here he is in his moving truck... (5/24/16)

From Politico, yet another RIP story on Rush Limbaugh: Rush has been dead & buried by the MSM so many times over the years he could be on The Walking Dead. Politico says: “One thing’s for sure, says just about everyone I talked to: Even though he’s officially reached retirement age, Limbaugh will do some form of audio programming in the years to come. His love for what he does is obvious: On air, Limbaugh often says he’s “having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have.” And he sounds like he means it. Indeed, his infectious enthusiasm is one quality that explains something important that Limbaugh’s detractors miss: He’s really good at what he does. He takes very few callers, and conducts almost no interviews. For three hours, he just talks. And he’s funny, unpredictable, stimulating. No easy feat. But Limbaugh’s raw talent and sheer joie de vivre won’t be enough to save his current business model in an environment where his advertisers and affiliates have increasingly headed for the doors. In that sense, “Flush Rush” appears to be the rare boycott that actually worked. Should Limbaugh leave terrestrial radio, it will be difficult to find a substitute. “Is there a voice that can replace him?” asks Baltimore’s Beaven. “That’s hard.”For KOWL’s Steve Harness, however, it didn’t turn out to be that hard at all: He replaced Limbaugh with Dennis Prager, the cerebral conservative talker who broadcasts out of Southern California. Harness tells me he hasn’t had any problems since he picked up Prager: “I don’t have that issue with Dennis Prager calling people sluts.” They said the same thing about Howard Stern (Rush’s birthday buddy) as they do about Rush: both are still alive, kicking, have hot trophy wives and are multi, multi millionaires. Despite what Politico says, Rush Is Right & Rush Rules: www.politico.com (5/24/16)

I believe Mike O'Meara's on 97.1, The Wave is a return to the frequency. If memory serves me correct the Don And Mike show aired way back when the station was owned by Prettyman Broadcasting and was call The Fox. Delmarva Broadcasting took over and took the station Jazz as they dumped Don And Mike. (5/24/16)

Since the Hope Church is in constant motion with its translators, it’s difficult to say how many translators they own in Maryland but I think they hit 9 at one point. I think they only own 4-5 in the Baltimore area right now and most are commercial, which is kind of disturbing since the ownership is a NON-COMMERCiAL religious entity. (5/24/16)

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Not really surprised at Julie Parker leaving. I can only imagine how difficult that job was. Being on the other side at an anchor desk reading a teleprompter or out in the field reporting is completely different. Now, she's constantly having to show up at murder scenes or other serious crimes and being bombarded with questions from the media and be able to keep her cool. After awhile, it had to have taken a toll on her. (5/23/16)

It is OK for the Virginia Governor to make a large contribution to the Clinton Foundation. They are "best friends". It is a CHARITY and this would be a TAX DEDUCTABLE DONATION to this worthy CHARITY! Terry McAuliffe is and has been working for the Clintons for many years. Maybe the Clinton Foundation could buy the iHeart Radio Group? They could certainly buy the CUMULUS Radio Group. Their debt is only $2.5 BILLION. (5/23/16)

The iHeart Stock Price continues to FALL! Price today is down to 77 cents per share! The 52 week low is 72 cents per share. The trial continues in San Antonio between iHeart and their Lenders/Creditors. How long before they go into bankruptcy? Will they be forced to sell off some of their assets to pay off their debt? Their reported debt is now up to $30 BILLION. (5/23/16)

CNN available via your local cable provider has a story that Virginia Governor Terry McAwful is under FBI investigation for donations to the Clinton Foundation. Does it ever end with Virginia governors and federal investigations? Virginia’s getting to be like Illinois! Anyway, McAwful is being looked at because of his Wang: “Among the McAuliffe donations that drew the interest of the investigators was $120,000 from a Chinese businessman, Wang Wenliang, through his U.S. businesses.“ If convicted, at least McAwful will still be able to vote in Virginia and he could pardon himself. More: www.cnn.com (5/23/16)

What are these wandering eyes looking at? www.facebook.com/wbalradio/videos (5/23/16)

PGPD PIO - Any ideas whose replacing Julie Parker?? (5/23/16)

I am not a fan of alleged news radio 1090, but I have to give the mid-day traffic dude credit for keeping a straight face when he signs off his reports as "Jay Walker," because I nearly pissed myself laughing. I can't wait for the station to air an update on the bathroom bill with "Ben Dover." (5/23/16)

Calvary Chapel, the parent corporation for The Hope Church, is selling off their translators in Florida for big money. They are selling for $250,000 and $150,000 per translator. They put these translators on the air. The last public data shows that The Hope Church owns 19 translators. How many do they own in the Baltimore area? (5/23/16)

An enthusiastic and sold-out house of 400 attended the 7th Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame ceremonies in Baltimore on Sunday. Radio inductees included veteran programmer and personality Ed Graham, former V103 legend and 'High Priest of Soul' JB Brown, DC rock and roll jock Davy Jones/Paul Bicknell (WPGC, XTRA 104 and others), WKTK legend Joe Buccheri, and local radio and voice over artist Ty Ford. Others on hand included radio veterans Randy Dennis, Roy Sampson, Pat O'Brennan, Annie B., and Bob Mathers. Also feted were local musical acts Appaloosa, the Rodney Kelley Experience and the Admirals...and posthumous recognition for innovative guitarist Link Wray. (5/23/16)

I’ve kind of been out of the loop, so this may have already been brought up! But am wondering if anyone knows what is going on with Orioles Play-by Play guy Fred Manfra? I heard the tail end of him talking on Opening Day (he said he’d be back in the booth on April 19th) he did come back, but was only there for that one series; then Jim Hunter came back into the broadcast booth! I take it he may have dealing with health issues? Tom in Denton, MD. (5/23/16)

I just love it when social progressive liberals throw all their belief systems out the window and actually state SEXIST remarks. If Mrs. Smith was a Democrat, same person would be screaming, look at those awful sexist pig Republicans who still think a woman’s place is in the home. Same person would never say a word about Martin O’Malley’s wife being a state judge by crony political appointment & association with her husband would they? Nah, that’s totally normal. She’s clearly very talented and deserves that cushy job. POT MEET KETTLE. (5/23/16)

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I don't know who the bitter poster is that taking shots at Don Geronimo. Don't you have better things to do? Like milking a bull. Leave Geronimo alone he's had enough pain in his life. Al Gebra!! (5/22/16)

Speaking of the Preakness all bets are off on these horses: www.washingtonpost.com (5/22/16)

Joanna Campbell has joined WZBA 100.7 The Bay she announced. — BaltoMedia.Net (5/22/16)

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"ethics" in state government is one thing - but when Mrs. Smith was hired by the Ehrlich Administration while her husband was on the air shilling for that administration, we knew there was no ethics in the talk radio business. (5/21/16)

I noticed Donna Hamilton skipped this years Preakness coverage on WBAL TV which is running coverage from 1PM to 5PM today when NBC Sports takes over. I’m kind of surprised no DC media has mentioned that The Preakness might be headed to near DC at Laurel Park soon as the Pimlico Race Track is being evaluated by a Maryland Stadium Authority study which will undoubtedly say the facility is not fixable. (5/21/16)

The Baltimore Sun/Tribune Publishing decision to blow out those IT staffers and transition to a company in India was accompanied by this spokesperson's statement: "We have made the strategic decision to outsource key functions of our legacy information technology department to create a more agile operating environment and to drive our overall business transformation. This decision will allow us to better serve our customers, improve our systems and capabilities and create more opportunity for innovation." A couple of things irk me about this. First is the obvious: if the catchphrase of this year's election is to "Make America Great Again", how does this help? The backlash against the company by readers and patriotic advertisers will be "Yuge" (to borrow a Trumpism) and won't be pretty. But more significantly, has American IT gotten too big, too expensive, and too rude & full of itself that a decision like this had to be made? Go back and watch Jimmy Fallon as "Nick Burns" in some old SNL sketches and you'll see that even 16 years ago IT was molding its own path to disaster. "Opportunity for innovation"? Spare me. The USA is the heart and soul of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Why should that give an entire industry permission to be cocky and artificially pricey that a legacy company like Tribune would turn its back? Union auto workers tried that and see how well that turned out. God help us if the major radio groups also walked away and brought in "Sammy" located in "Tulsa" to handle IT. (5/21/16)

WMAL’s Chris Plante is right: elite media love their lucite block awards! Who knew that FNC’s Greta and PMSNBC’s Rachel were “BFF”? Hope their respective wife/husband know: www.washingtonpost.com (5/21/16)

MLB Commissioner Manfred and The Washington Post can whine all they want about the Orioles and MASN, but they’re the ones attempting to kill the agreed to deal and the courts have sided in the Orioles favor. Why? Because MLB itself gets more money if the Nats win. Public sour grapes will get you nothing in court. The deal was a 50/50 split in TV money and a majority Orioles ownership of the network. The Nationals feel they deserve a greater proportion, but have no ratings or market share proof to back that up. The Lerner Group may well be correct, but THAT IS NOT THE DEAL THEY SIGNED ON PAPER! Apparently the Post has been reading the Talk Nats blog, which is mostly conjecture here… www.talknats.com (5/21/16)

Did someone just write the phrase “state ethics” and “Maryland” in the same sentence? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Good one. My chest is hurting. :-) As far as I know, any outside for profit job that is non-political would be ok with the State of Maryland, one of the most cronyism infested corrupt states in the country, that is unless it’s affected by some state policy function you have authority over. It’s doubtful Mrs. Smith has any political power in her state job. Getting hired as a secretary for instance doesn’t qualify for being very restricted from making money elsewhere. (5/21/16)

After Sunday, that will be Hall of Famer [HOF] Paul Bicknell. The only chance Don Geronimo [Mike Sorce] has to get close to a media HOF is if Paul leaves him a seat/name plate at his inductee table and post it on DCRTV. LOL (5/21/16)

While they tried to market it as The Baltimore Guide, a city newspaper, it really only ever covered Fells Point, Canton, Highlandtown and parts of Dundalk. It was always called The East Baltimore Guide which WBAL TV didn’t seem to remember since almost nobody has worked there long enough to remember. But that’s what everyone remembers it by. New owner trying to reinvent it fails? Heard that story before? — BaltoMedia (5/21/16)

This will be a long shot, but maybe a DCRTV Mailbagger has this vintage audio on a cassette in a box somewhere. I'm looking for a radio commercial for Calvert Shoes, in the Calvert Village Shopping Center, Prince Frederick MD. It aired on WMJS-FM 92.7 in 1973/1974/1975. If you've got it, I'd love a copy. Thanks! Contact: TheOldSmiler@yahoo.com (5/21/16)

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I only have 1 thing, the only thing I’ve ever said about Paul Bicknell. Who the hell is Paul Bicknell? I don’t know of any show or station he’s been on. The only thing I know is he’s paranoid from reading DCRTV! :-) (5/20/16)

iHeart Stock Continues to Drop......Down to $0.80 per share. If they go into BANKRUPTCY, it will affect the entire radio industry. I don't know of any company that can operate on all DEBT. With $20.9 BILLION in debt, they are paying just the interest on the debt. They will never be able to pay back the principal. Who will bail them out? The Federal Government should NOT bail them out. (5/20/16)

I still hear Ron Smith's widow doing endorsements on the radio for a financial services company. Yet I've read that she is now working in the Hogan administration. Is it appropriate for a state employee to this type of ad on the radio? Seems that might violate some state ethics rule. (5/20/16)

RE: Sunday, the Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame will induct broadcasting legend Paul Bicknell (Davy Jones). Upon hearing this news today, Don Geronimo (Mike Sorce) was last seen at his run-down strip mall, homeless infested Sacramento Podcasting studio in the fetal position clutching his Bart Starr Packers jersey. #LLPaulBicknell #KARMA (5/20/16)

WMAL’s Rush Limbaugh keeping the transgendered bathroom issue alive right through Drive at Five correctly reported that the leader of the North Carolina effort is a convicted child molester: www.breitbart.com (5/20/16)

Sunday the Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame will induct two broadcasting legends, Ed Grahm and Paul Bicknell (Davy Jones) the Event will have dinnter, dancing and an awards presentation. Congratulation to two of the very best broadcasters in the DC/Baltimore marketplace. Al Gebra....! (5/20/16)

Dave's response: Cue the haters.....

Carl in Olney is on to something: “The current producer of CBS's "60 Minutes" was reminiscing on NPR this morning about the late Morley Safer. He mentioned that Mr. Safer's reporting during the Vietnam War caused "the President" to try to get CBS to fire him. He used the phrase "the President" 3 times before the NPR interviewer, to her credit, said, "You mean LBJ", and he mumbled, "yes, Johnson". Well, LBJ’s press secretary at that time would have been none other than PBS’ Bill Moyers, well-known for quashing negative stories about LBJ: wikipedia.org... Good catch Carl! Now if NPR/PBS (which even the Uber liberal PMSNBC sought fit to do) would do a story about LBJ’s racism: www.msnbc.com... (5/20/16)

Here's an interesting little story: The current producer of CBS's "60 Minutes" was reminiscing on NPR this morning about the late Morley Safer. He mentioned that Mr. Safer's reporting during the Vietnam War caused "the President" to try to get CBS to fire him. He used the phrase "the President" 3 times before the NPR interviewer, to her credit, said, "You mean LBJ", and he mumbled, "yes, Johnson". I can only assume that he was trying to avoid telling the truth, that a Democrat would do such an underhanded thing; he was most likely trying get the public to infer, incorrectly, that it was Pres. Nixon he was talking about. I guess being a Democratic Party protector is just an ingrained habit at CBS. -- Carl in Olney (5/20/16)

Stephan Williams, General Manager of WESM 91.3 in Princess Anne is moving on to WMUK in Kalamazoo Michigan wmich.edu (5/20/16)

For Lee - Devon Lucie now works as a meteorologist in Salt Lake City for the ABC station there. Surae Chinn, his wife, left WUSA last week and will move herself and the kids out there. (5/20/16)

So The Washington Post’s Fungus reports “The FCC’s chairman insists he’s a ‘happy Comcast subscriber”: Wheeler must not have been reading DCRTVDJDAVE’s “Cord Cutter” series and surprise, surprise, HE is satisfied with Comcast’s service. Comcast probably has a service truck parked outside his Georgetown home: Wheeler also was a cable industry lobbyist back in the day. Sheesh what bullshit: washingtonpost.com (5/20/16)

CBS says a lot of people are interested in buying the CBS Radio Group. They have excellent cash flow. Other companies, like iHeart and CUMULUS must use their cash flow to service their HUDH DEBT! Their stock continues to drop each day now. iHeart down to $0.81 per share and Cumulus at just $0.30. They both must be at $1.00 per share in order to be listed on the stock exchange. (5/20/16)

So on WMAL’s MOM (Mornings on the Mall) this morning Brian may have let the cat out of the bag in terms of his co-host Larry O’Connor, who was off today. In the middle of yet another transgenders’ use of local bathrooms discussion, Brian turned to substitute co-host the wonderful Susan Ferrechio of The Washington Examiner (married to WTTG/FNC’s Doug McKelway) and called her “Larry” to which he immediately apologized. Susan said, “It’s okay Brian, you can call me Larry”. So now we know: Larry O’Connor is the transgendered Susan Ferrechio. I just hope Doug knows and is alright with this and explains why she retains her maiden name. The Washington Post story for discussion was about the poor Giant security guard, now charged with a hate crime and assault, just trying to do what she thought was her job keeping a man out of the ladies room: www.washingtonpost.com (5/20/16)

RE: WHGM: Rouse an easy sell? Who are you going to sell to when almost no advertisers or people can receive your station? It’s not a coincidence that WHGM 1330 went dark for financial reasons before. They’re gonna need a better translator than that one to salvage it all. They lost Rouse because they cannot afford him. Mangione can, but the question begs. How long will he pay that much for shrinking returns? WQLL has a better FM, but how much money will that station bring in in advertising when most people can only get it on AM 1370, and probably not at night well, if at all. The 2 transmitter location thing has its issues. Where the station is strongest daytime is nowhere near where it is at night. They’re 30 miles apart! It would be ideal if they could broadcast both day and night from Reisterstown, which is WCBM’s old transmitter location, but that’s not possible because the Delaware DOT owns AM 1380 with daytime protections and has no intention of getting rid of the Class D AM. Their transmitter is in the middle of an I-95 interchange, so they obviously own the land. (5/20/16)

WBOC.com works as of today ONLY because they made a change to the website since I posted and I’ll be the first to thank them for it. What did they change? They deleted the 2 side panel ads that loaded last on each page on both sides. It must have been the coding in those ads that caused the constant page reloading. Apple did nothing to fix anything. I have multiple installs of 10.11.5 so I can attest to this. I didn’t change anything to my systems. The website itself visibly changed. Hopefully, if they put the advertisements back, they will code them properly next time. You can all thank me another time Gus and Bob and all the others who denied this was even happening. Obviously WBOC finally checked themselves. :-) (5/20/16)

I posted on Facebook that 9 of 10 Native Americans don’t care about the Redskins name and was immediately attacked and unfriended in a vicious manner with people citing polls from a laundry list of K Street lobbying interests all with wonderful American Indian names that allege to represent all Native Americans. They all already have talking points in place to debunk the poll. And of course, the person who attacked me first was a white anglo-saxon social progressive liberal who’s never ever met a single native American Indian. Go figure. (5/20/16)

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Dave I am confused. Veronica Johnson is heading to wjla? What happened to Devon Lucie and is Surae Chin still at wusa9? Thanks! Lee (5/19/16)

Re: "Did you see that huge severance package that Lew Dickey received from Cumulus? It was reported to be over $9 million!" Lew Dickey was robbed! boingboing.net (5/19/16)

Just tried WBOC.com on my MBP Mid 2015 & iMac Late 2012 both running 10.11.5 Safari 9.1.1 & Firefox 46.0.1 Everything works just fine & dandy. Also tired on my MacMini Late 2014 running 10.11.4 Safari 9.1 and everything works just fine and dandy. Bob Fairfax (5/19/16)

Okay, I am sorry and I know we have all been stereotyping poor Larry O’Connor but one has to wonder if he KNOWS just how gay he comes across and that even the “bumper” music he uses for Dive at Five is, well, gay. “I Want To Be A Cowboy”: really Larry? Would he be the cowboy or the cowgirl? He must know that was the gay anthem of the late 80’s: www.youtube.com (5/19/16)

My guess is that if Veronica Johnson is headed to WJLA it will be to replae the departed Devon Lucie not Doug Hill. (5/19/16)

Dave's response: I'm pretty sure that we reported that WJLA signed Doug Hill to a new contract last year. So he's probably contracted to do several more years with the station.....

Morley Safer should have taken a cue from fellow CBS Sixty Minutes colleague Andy Rooney and have not retired: kiss of death. Rooney according to Wiki: “Andrew Aitken "Andy" Rooney (January 14, 1919 – November 4, 2011) was an American radio and television writer who was best known for his weekly broadcast "A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney," a part of the CBS News program 60 Minutes from 1978 to 2011. His final regular appearance on 60 Minutes aired on October 2, 2011. He died one month later, on November 4, 2011, at age 92.” Morley would have been Safer staying on the job. wilipedia.org (5/19/16)

CBS News 60 Minutes Correspondent Morley Safer dies at the age of 84. (5/19/16)

WMAL’s Chris Plante had a total audio meltdown at 11:07AM this morning when he could not hear himself: all that could be heard was Chris clicking something and the apologizing. Must be that East Germany radio technology G. Gordon Liddy used to complain about at WJFK. Or Cumulus creditors have a lien on WMAL’s equipment: either way, pretty damn funny! (5/19/16)

Speaking of Amelia, the Weather Person: Apparently she is now Amelia Draper; from the last line of her WRC-TV bio, "Draper lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband." Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Draper. I assume the Segal Family is "quelling" as are the new machatunim (look it up).-- Carl in Olney (5/19/16)

The Washington Post in a new poll reports that 9 in 10 Native Americans are not offended by the name “Redskins”: washingtonpost.com... In other Native American news 1 in 10 deaths are from drinking: nbcnews.com... What you mean “we” white man: www.youtube.com... (5/19/16)

Hey Gus in G'burg. If you're so hot to be in the loop in iheart's debt I have a radical idea for you. Set up a Google alert. Or, Dave could be your personal news reader. Whichever works best for you. (5/19/16)

RE: “I wonder if Doug Hill is retiring…” The “Hill” might as well be retired since he works at best maybe 3 days a week. Enjoyed “liberal leave” even back in the Channel 9 days. As for VJ, she was not all that bad – relatively speaking – except for that annoying lisp. Like shnow and schleet in the winter and thunder schtorms in the summer. Her apparent replacement Amelia whatever is just God awful as is her boss. Too bad they can’t get the Rug Man out of retirement… (5/19/16)

I wonder if Doug Hill is retiring and Veronica Johnson will become WjLAs chief meteorologist? (5/19/16)

Veronica Johnson is going the exact same route as Julie Wright when she left Fox5. In fact, her comments on her FB page seem to be the exact same words. She says all she can say is stay tuned, she'll let us know soon, she loves DC, not going away.. When Julie finally announced her job at WJLA, she made comments that she wasn't allowed to say anything about her move. So more and more it sounds like she's going to move to a local station. Otherwise, why all of the secrecy..I rarely watch channel so, but at one time didn't they have a zillion weather people?.. (5/19/16)

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"Since the latest release of Mac OS 10.11.5 by Apple several days ago, the WBOC.com website is still not working on Apple Macs. " I installed 10.11.5 on a spare Mac (not production because that would be stupid) and the WBOC website works fine. Dave, why do you censor posts about iheart's debt? I really need to know and stay current on the status of that issue. Is there any way you could provide biweekly updates on it? Thanks, a concerned Gus in Gaithersburg (5/18/16)

Dave's response: Haven't censored anything lately.....

Has anyone noticed some tension or frustration with Fox5's political reporter Ronica when she's on the morning news? She's on there to report political issues, but a lot of the time the other anchors, specifically Holly, is interrupting her. It just seems like it's difficult for her to get her points across. (5/18/16)

RE: Mallow in the Morning on WHGM. I give this show 4 months, tops. This station couldn't even hold on to Steve Rouse. Steve should have been an easy sell. They couldn't keep advertisers on, with the poor 104.7 signal and the AM being off the air for almost two months. I'm sure he won't be able to sell, will blame the morning guy and will be looking for his 5th morning show in two years. (5/18/16)

WMAL and all talk/news/sports radio stations take note: we the consumers are bored and that may be why the ratings are taking a dive. We don’t care about politics/news/sports (Nats are sucking) now that Trump, Clinton et all dominate. Notice that the topics have shifted back to the “social issues” like who craps where. Even DCRTVDJDAVE is bored and is more focused on national media. For one, I have forgone Levin at night for Netflix Sons of Anarchy re-runs: even they bored me despite my binge. Seriously considering sleep. Sorry Bill: watch ratings sink in the months ahead. (5/18/16)

Yes.....you are right! The Navy is on "Board". Thanks for your knowledge. (5/18/16)

Love all the hatred for "Hitman". you wimps just don't get it....He's been a fixture at the ocean for decades, keeps a job, delivers for clients and lives the good life. Jealous failures always nit-pciking simply because you can't say you've done anything even close to success with your keyboard sarcasm. Bunch of pussies...Al Gebra. (5/18/16)

[RE: “The new Secretary of the Army is gay......Openly gay. When will the Navy get on Board?”] Oh the Navy’s on board: www.youtube.com (5/18/16)

RE: Hitman. My experience on the shore is that most people down here do like The Hitman or he wouldn’t still be on the air and a survivor. I sense that it's people not from the shore who gripe about him or people who’ve gotten run off the air down here that hate him. Trump reminds me of an old boss I had. He was rude to EVERYONE, men, women, racial and ethnic & sexual slurs, but if you did good work, you got promotions and his attention regardless of his, what he thought were motivating comments. People today looking to get into the work place need to put on their big boy pants. Whatever Trump was doing wrong, he was doing right since it got him rich and quite a few women he promoted along the way and most of them do not have really bad things to say about him. Just my 2 cents — Joe, formerly in Essex, now Ocean City. (5/18/16)

I don’t think this has gotten any media coverage on the eastern shore or anywhere, but WMDT 27ABC Salisbury as I previously reported has filed for a new digital low power translator for WMDT to replace channel 27 Dover on channel 3 north of Dover. I finally got a signal plot and it’s a much bigger contour than channel 27, covering northern Delaware from Wilmington all the way south of Dover. This covers parts of Delmarva that WBOC doesn’t even come close to. This has not yet been approved, but it’s a low power low-band VHF DTV that has nearly a full power signal. as you can see here. It’s unclear whether this station is simply a translator or originating TV station as the FCC is less clear on that vs. FMs, but WMDT has used the branding CW 3 before for its cable and now DTV sub-channel CW Network station. No clue what Marquee’s plan is for this. More soon I guess if it is approved. — BaltoMedia (5/18/16)

Someone has it in for Jason Kidd, Louie Diaz, and Steve Davis who has ZERO to do with the WRQX/WMAL situation. Interesting (5/18/16)

iHeart is in the third day of trial in San Antonio with their lenders/creditors. If they lose the fight, then they could be forced into bankruptcy. This would be Chapter XI. They have debt reported to be $20.9 BILLION. They will never be able to pay off this debt. How many companies can operate with 100% DEBT? CUMULUS is in the same boat, with $2.5 BILLION of debt. (5/18/16)

The new Secretary of the Army is gay......Openly gay. When will the Navy get on Board? (5/18/16)

["REF: Oh boy, here comes The Hitman - Somebody pissed in somebody's cereal this morning, huh? - such a nice site to visit....I'll stop back again in another 3 years. Thanks Dave - Hitman"] No, Eddie, thank you for promising at least 3 years of silence from your egocentric posts! (5/18/16)

Joanna Campbell is on the air again! Even if it is for only a few seconds: www.instagram.com (5/18/16)

REF: Oh boy, here comes The Hitman - Somebody pissed in somebody's cereal this morning, huh? - such a nice site to visit....I'll stop back again in another 3 years. Thanks Dave - Hitman (5/18/16)

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RE: Cue Jason Kidd to the corner office! Musical Chairs, and a format change assured to 107.3 - Given his track record of success in Baltimore and in DC, that makes so much sense. Jason guided WPGC to the best ratings ever (the bottom) and they rewarded him with a trip to the shore! He was so great as PD at Mix in Baltimore (oh yeah he wasn't PD). With that winning record, it's a sure bet "The Legend" Louie Diaz will be just fine unless CBS and Cumulus merge in Washington in which case get ready for "Super" Steve Davis to make everything better on Jenifer Street! Mix will be back. Believe it. Jack Shines On like a crazy Diamond and everyone will see how great his return has been for Washington airwaves soon! (5/17/16)

As per Veronica Johnson's Facebook page, she posted a weather report about 4 hours ago. Maybe she's now freelancing?..Someone left a comment regarding her not being at channel 4 anymore, but she didn't respond. (5/17/16)

Re:Feels like there's more to the story of Veronica Johnson's departure from channel 4. Why no send off? Why the vanishing in the night? This is unusual for 4", I agree that this is unusual for that station. I can't remember the last time someone left and their co-workers not giving them some sort of send-off. Not only was she doing the weather, she hosted another show (I think it came on before the weekend morning news) that recapped the news of the week. Her NBC4 Twitter account is still active with the latest tweet being last Friday..Hmmm..Strange. (5/17/16)

Oh boy, here comes The Hitman with his "lamestream media" crap. Go back to playing classic rock on your small signals with shit audio quality. (5/17/16)

16) WMAL, 18) WRQX, ....... They have it all figured out at Cumulus DC. WMAL is about to get a colonoscopy from Corporate... hottest political climate EVER, in America, and the lowest ratings in years. WRQX has found a new home in the ratings toilet. Jack Diamond, almost 6 months, and no impact. CEO Mary must be thrilled! Man, are they already 'soft' interviewing for the PD seat again at 107.3... Cue Jason Kidd to the corner office! Musical Chairs, and a format change assured to 107.3... (5/17/16)

Hi Dave It's been awhile....this is bathroom material for some...I have been communicating with my FRIEND a former Bikini Contestant back in the day in OC. of which I have Mc'd many - Ms. Rowanne-Brewer for the last couple of days....she is the young lady and friend of mine for years...and former "girl" friend of Mr. Donald Trump who was the subject of the MEDIA HIT interview via the RAG called the NY TIMES....she has been on The Fox News Channel with all of the heavy weights...when she is rested she has promised me an on-air interview on CLASSIC ROCK 103.5 & 106.1 "The Vault" - she is on FOX with Greta Tonight..flies back to Raleigh, North Carolina and will hit the air with me real soon....should be interesting...I will ask the questions the "LAME STREAM" media wouldn't even try to touch...stay tuned, ie or tune-in www.thevaultrocks.com - thanks /Hitman (5/17/16)

Since the latest release of Mac OS 10.11.5 by Apple several days ago, the WBOC.com website is still not working on Apple Macs. We all know it works fine on older Macs & OS's. The assisted living crowd here has already vouched for that, but I find it hard to believe that someone from WBOC can’t just walk into the Salisbury Best Buy, go on a Macbook and clearly see that WBOC.com does not work! It just keeps reloading over and over again as if a script will not stop running. In other WBOC news, they are advertising that they have a NEW chopper equipped with a higher resolution HD camera now. It’s painted differently than the old chopper but looks like the same type of chopper. The info on their website does not appear to be up to date yet as its from 2010. (5/17/16)

Feels like there's more to the story of Veronica Johnson's departure from channel 4. Why no send off? Why the vanishing in the night? This is unusual for 4. Dave? (5/17/16)

CUMULUS STOCK CONTINUS TO DROP. Now down to 29 cents per share. It is sad but true. At this rate, they will probably be in bankruptcy in 30 days. They have $2.5 Billion in debt and can't pay it back. (5/17/16)

If you are viewing NSFW and running for congress, be sure to close those tabs if you are sharing your desktop: former VA GOP congressional candidate now an independent candidate, Mike Webb (no relation to Jim Webb, trust me), left tabs open of porn sites which he said he was “researching” (like DCRTVDJDAV does searching for potential DCRTV ad clients) while sharing on his Facebook his desktop screen shot. Mike, a fundamentalist family values type (ain’t they all) has no idea why people are amused: www.nydailynews.com... Dave always close his tabs and zips up his pants before taping DCRTVDAVETV. (5/17/16)

Veronica Johnson once worked for Sinclair when she first came to this region in 1991 at FOX 45 in Bmore so joining ABC 7 is a reunion of sorts for her. She also worked at WMAR briefly before going to Channel 4. (5/17/16)

The Washington Post beats itself up over not catching the Dylan wave back in the 60’s: look for a story saying The Post missed the Nazi war on Jews too soon. So fifty years later, who cares: www.washingtonpost.com (5/17/16)

Updates on some of my favorite YouTube channels, including Dan Bell, Casey Neistat, Fun For Louis, Ben Brown, Into The Mystery, and, yes, even Nomadic Fanatic, who's getting boring. Plus, the Washington Post sells out. Google bans payday loans. And why I'll probably be cancelling Netflix. In my latest "Dave TV" or whatever I'm calling it..... (5/17/16)

Somewhat surprised at the news of Veronica Johnson leaving channel 4. As soon as I read this, I went to the NBC4 website and yep, she's no longer listed. Also not in the Storm Team pic on FB. For it not to be announced (unless I missed it), brings back memories of the Julie Wright exodus from channel 5 to 7 where she couldn't have a farewell sendoff or talk about it publicly. This must've just happened because she was posting weather comments on her NBC FB page as late as last Friday. And I think I heard her giving weather reports on WTOP. Well, if indeed she's going to channel 7, time will tell.. (5/17/16)

Congrats on going national, Dave, great idea. Also when people see the "tease" on the early news, urging viewers to come back at 11, or tomorrow morning at 5 am, etc. keep in mind that May is sweeps month, where the ratings are calculated. I think thats the reason WHY they do that but of course you don't have to tune in later. (5/17/16)

Radio One has jumped in quickly on the FM 103.1 frequency in DC applying to move an FM translator from Virginia up to DC to take the place of the dismissed WOOK LPFM. It would be retransmitting WYCB AM 1340. Also the Adams Radio purchase of WIJK AM 1590 and its 2 FMs has been approved by the FCC despite the fact that one of them is not even on the air. Also, Multicultural’s WLXE AM 1600 got another STA approved. The FCC approved them for 125 watts on Tower #1 which Multicultural claims is still standing. However Google Earth shows no such tower, but an auto parts store at that location. You would think that the FCC would check on minor things like the accuracy of filings before it approving them right, simple things like, is the station on the air as licensed and such. But apparently, not. (5/17/16)

Veronica Johnson no longer works at NBC 4. Probably will end on WJLA. (5/17/16)

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