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DCRTV Mailbag - April 27, 2016 to May 16, 2016

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Good luck with your new DCRTV National Media News Site. I look forward to reading it. Don't forget this is an election year. (5/16/16)

I wonder how much Rouse is paying to do his program on WQLL. God knows Mangione isn't putting any money into that stick at all, or paying anyone to do a show on it. Perhaps they are doing a revenue sharing thing. (5/16/16)

I think we are all fed up with these TV newscasts allegedly doing the news and not completing stories, BUT they do promos. Say in the 5 p.m. hour, they say come back at 11 p.m. for more. NO MORE! If you are not going to give us the news, I'll stop watching. Ch. 4 today at 5:50 p.m. approximately, a consumer gal supposedly reports on two customers have problems with their natural gas bills. But the consumer lady says she'll have the story on the 11 p.m. news. I promise I WON'T BE WATCHING! Hey WTOP, you are no better. From time to time you guys promo stories at :59 and :30 past the hour and one, sometimes, two stories mentioned are NEVER heard. Stop doing headlines if you aren't going to give the listeners what you promise. Mailbaggers, are you satisfied with this going on? (5/16/16)

Spring break at WMAL? Talkers Limbaugh and Savage MIA today: maybe Levin ran off to marry his “girlfriend” and he will be off too? (5/16/16)

Dave's response: They're off together on a gay cruise. On the prowl for some Dominican chickboys. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But the big question is - which restroom do they use? Hmmm.....

Since most websites now are responsive or adaptive to mobile devices is it really necessary for stations to keep promoting their app? Sometimes it's just easier to bookmark the website than to take up storage space downloading the app onto a mobile device. (5/16/16)

Dave: Just got back from Omaha and someone sent me that CSN video of an anchor "drinking" on-camera. I read where he claims it was iced- tea and just a stunt. However, for real???? Does CSN realize they have zero credibility in this market regarding sports news? Second, If I was Channel 4, I would spend the money, bring back sports in-house and never allow CSN to be involved in any editorial content ever again! (5/16/16)

Sue Palka eat your heart out: “KTLA Meteorologist Handed A Sweater During Scandalous Weather”: www.msn.com (5/16/16)

As posted on BaltoMedia, Derek Valcourt, formerly of WJZ 13, has started “Creative Spot Productons, and is already signing up new clients who are familiar with his outstanding creative work. derek@creativespotproductions.com. “ So it’s official. I guess. He’s gone from WJZ as is now GG Barnett, going to Texas. She got a farewell tribute on WJZ. Here’s the link… baltimore.cbslocal.com — BaltoMedia.net (5/16/16)

So WJFK’s Jason “Lurch” Bishop aka “The King of Ashburn” tells a great tale this morning: he was at his local Harris Teeter and walking through parking lot when he finds a credit card with an “Indian” woman’s name and picture on it and turns it into the Teeter office. He must have written down the name and said he Googled it, finding her local Ashburn address. He then goes to the trouble of stopping by her house – a mile from his – and let’s woman know, who said her son must have lost it. Then a week later his wife while walking their dog loses her cell phone in the neighborhood: guess who finds it? The very “Indian” woman who had lost her credit card. Talk about paying it forward! (5/16/16)

WMAL Mournings on the Mall With Larry & Brian got a call this morning from Silvie from Waldorf: long time no hear Silvie! Obviously Silvie is a big Trump supporter and frequent Freeper: www.freerepublic.com (5/16/16)

Re: "Did you see that huge severance package that Lew Dickey received from Cumulus? It was reported to be over $9 million!" Mr. Dickey is a 'job creator'. I I heard Chris Plante say so on the air. And when is Plante ever wrong. (5/16/16)

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I launch a new national media news, commentary, and review site under the almost 20-year DCRTV brand - dcrtv.com/national. Doing what DCRTV's been doing in the DC and Baltimore area but expanding it to a national basis. Covering stuff like YouTube, Comcast, Amazon, Hulu, cord cutting, digital media, and how it all interfaces with politics and business. We'll have lots of cool newsblurbs, a mailbag, videos, and even a dedicated podcast page. More about dcrtv.com/national in today's "Dave TV"..... (5/15/16)

iHeart is suppose to go to trial with their lenders tomorrow, 5/16/16. The trial will take place in San Antonio, Texas. This is still the home for Clear Channel/iHeart.b They have debt of $ 20.9 Billion. Bain Capital, their parent company is a master at borrowing money. If they don't prevail, then they will be forced to reduce their debt. Mitt Romney is still on the Board of Bain Capital. This is how he made his money. (5/15/16)

Who knew? The Washington Post reports that Russia’s Putin may be his country’s first openly gay leader and that Trump if elected POTUS would be the USA’s first openly gay President. Apparently the two have been captured in a serious lip lock: www.washingtonpost.com (5/15/16)

Turned on WTTG tonight, hoping to watch some news. Saw/heard little real news--mostly inane chitchat and Matt Ackland's opinions. Why do these stations insist on hiring multiple "anchors" to chat with each other rather than having a single person spend the time reporting actual news? That way they could cover a lot more real news in the same amount of time (5/15/16)

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I got a chuckle out of the list of best PDs. You can take a heritage station, drive away the best people, eliminate original programming and replace it with television simulcasts, hire the worst sounding talent, create meaningless public affairs shows to repackage old interviews, churn out ridiculous promos for crappy programs, lose the Orioles and in the process drive your station from the top five to number 13 and make it to the list of best PDs. I'd hate to see what a bad PD would do. Hearst has an outstanding PD. His name is Rick Strauss and he works for 98 Rock. (5/14/16)

In your post from May 10 on the radio ratings, you incorrectly have Tom Joyner listed as 3rd for WHUR. It should be Steve Harvey. Joyner is currently suffering on the poorly signaled 1450AM WOL. Does AM even factor into the ratings. Lee in Capitol Heights (5/14/16)

WRQX cannot continue to lose to WASH, 99.5 and FRESH. It's been happening since Kenny King was fired. Golden Boy Jack has not accomplished much of anything. MIX music is terrible, Teeny Boppers for 10 minutes, Baby boomers for the next. LAST against competitors in Nielsen ratings, LAST against competitors in Miller-Kaplan revenue. Of course WRQX is losing massive amounts of advertising revenue... what responsible, successful advertiser would spend their valuable cash on a failing media property? (5/14/16)

[RE: Why not move one of the (Hagerstown translators) to Frederick; hang it off of the 103.1 antenna; cover FREDERICK !! We need more options this side of mountain. ] The "More 102.1" format blasts into Frederick on 106.9 HD2. Can't really tell how it differs from Key 103 content-wise. The 98.9 translator carries WARK which, as near as I can determine, is a cross between a poor man's WFMD 930 and a depository for Fox Sports. Frederick's already got a few religious translators, two fine relays of WETA and WAMU's Bluegrass Country, a WTOP simulcast and The Gamut on 820 AM. What more could you possibly want? (5/14/16)

On the topic of real estate radio, anyone see where Paul "7 On Your Side" Berry has his own real estate program on WWRC 1260 AM? "Streetsmart" airs Sundays at 11AM. Haven't listened to him since his stint on sports radio some years back, but I hope he's improved. (5/14/16)

Hearing Drew Forrester of former WNST fame is going to be doing sports on the new Steve Rouse show starting Monday. Pretty good get for Rouse, as sports was never really his strong point and Forrester had a pretty loyal following in his AM radio days. (5/14/16)

The Washington Post’s Callum Borchers (if that is his real name) reports that Donald Trump used an alias posing as a pr guy on the Dumpsters behalf, including “John Barron” and “John Miller” then lied under oath (“Lying Don”) it wasn’t him: if Trump either loses the nomination (which could still happen) or the general (which WILL happen), at least he has a future in pr. More: www.washingtonpost.com... DCRTVDJDAVE always uses his real name of “Dave Hughes”. (5/14/16)

Dave responded, "I have an indoor antenna here in Reston and get much better reception if the window is open....." A lot of windows have metalized films or coatings to reduce heat transfer. They also reduce RF signals. (5/14/16)

[Dave's response: If you're going to cut the cord and go antenna for the major broadcast networks, you're going to have to live within 20 miles or so of a big city - like DC or Baltimore. A little farther if you have a rooftop antenna.] Not to quibble, but to push "or so" a bit, I'm over 26 miles from all the DC majors and 29.7 from WDCW/50 and I get them all just fine in Manassas. Distances according to TVFool to my street address. I've been cord-free for years. My antenna is a little bigger and a little more visually complex than rabbit ears, but it's no rooftop and I have it on top of one of my living room bookcases. On rare occasions I have to change its angle for a day or two, that's it. -Chriscom (5/14/16)

Dave's response: I also have friends in Manassas who get excellent broadcast TV reception with little more than a $25 antenna hanging off the balcony of their east-facing apartment, which is on the top floor of a building on a hill. I also know people who live a lot closer to DC who can't get shit with their antenna because they're on the lower level of a building and their apartment is west-facing, away from DC. A lot depends on your current situation - height, antenna orientation, clear line-of-sight view in direction of signal, etc. Even placement of furniture can affect reception if your antenna is indoors. I have an indoor antenna here in Reston and get much better reception if the window is open.....

Seriously Dave, have you lowered your standards or something? How is a real estate show on WCBM news? Aren’t there plenty of them already and they’re all infomercials anyway. It’s not REAL programming. Hell, the listener loss for WMAL in moving its transmitter is bigger news! Maybe not your kind of listeners though, but still! Think about it in a positive way Dave. WMAL is driving more Trump supporters away by making sure they can’t hear his message! HAHA! (5/14/16)

Per WPTX...Easy Listening music...seemingly updated geezer muzak....with few if any local anything except for KIK"s Awesome Frank Dawson's voice overs. Programming isn't too tight with numerous multiple feeds especially when the national spots are running. Larry in Leonardtown would have been in heaven if he could have operated a 10/1k 24/7 station by himself. (5/14/16)

[RE: “I'm no expert, but the daytime and nighttime coverage maps of WMAL look like a Rohrschach of heads and three nested bunnies. Backpats to DCRTV management for getting through a day without posting any anti-gay slurs; as a gay man I find them offensive. Gus in Gaithersburg... Dave's response: Cute? Send me a pic.....”] Hey: get a room you two! Not a slur just a suggestion. (5/14/16)

Anyone else remember when Texas Lt.Gov. Dan Patrick was a sportscaster at Channel 5? After watching his presser today encouraging discrimination against the transgenders, because "we can't have boys and girls showering together" it's easy to see his communication skills haven't improved a lot. (5/14/16)

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According to a post on one of the Southern Maryland community forums - Somar's WPTX 1690 in Lexington Park has flipped from news talk to oldies as Legends 1690. I believe they have used this branding before in the early 2000's. No known website or audio feed like their co-owned stations. (5/13/16)

I'm no expert, but the daytime and nighttime coverage maps of WMAL look like a Rohrschach of heads and three nested bunnies. Backpats to DCRTV management for getting through a day without posting any anti-gay slurs; as a gay man I find them offensive. Gus in Gaithersburg (5/13/16)

Dave's response: Cute? Send me a pic.....

Radio Stocks continue to drop in price......iHeart down to 86 cents per share and CUMULUS drops to just 31 cents per share. How far away are they from bankruptcy? Who takes over the companies when they go into bankruptcy? (5/13/16)

The BEFORE / AFTER contour pics for WMAL 630 at the new location looks pretty bad for Northern VA and central Maryland. Not that they had many listeners in Baltimore, but that’s completely gone too. I know the null is protecting 50,000 watt WWJZ 640, but they didn’t have to protect it that drastically when they upgraded from 5000 watts to 10kw, so I’m perplexed why now. Was the WWJZ 50,000 watt signal upgraded with a waiver from WMAL, then both ABC/Disney? If so, that decision has come back to haunt them for sure. They will lose lots of listeners, and some in areas not at all served by FM 105.9 either. 105.9 can’t really be received in central Maryland due to interference with 105.7 in Baltimore. By the way, the night time signal plot comparison looks even worse. (5/13/16)

RE: “To the guy defending Ed Henry, I wouldn't concentrate so much on Ailes to the exclusion of Henry. Ed left one family with children behind in order to marry the woman he's now cheating on with the "hostess" (say, what?) in Las Vegas. Not very much to admire there. In fairness, though, an on-air person's messy private life is his own business unless he's breaking the law. Color me disappointed. (5/13/16)” Looks like Ed’s got other people available toward “defending” him too: www.washingtonpost.com (5/13/16)

Hey radio freaks: get a load of this fully-restored Gates console, still on the air in Avon NY: www.fybush.com (5/13/16)

WMAL Chris Plante alert: bathroom politics equal ratings! Chris in his usual classy style called for a “Wennie wagon” to visit the Sidwell Friends girls rooms so as to shock the Obambis’ kids into submission against transgendered bathroom rights. Then he played a clip of Joan Rivers claiming not only do we now have a gay POTUS (Obambi) but we have a transgendered FLOTUS (Michelle): www.cnn.com... Well at least Texas educators know how to handle things: www.washingtonpost.com... Stay classy Chris! (5/13/16)

Why not move one of the LP fm from hagerstown. To frederick ,hang it off 103.1 antenna ,cover FREDERICK !! We need more options this side of mountain. (5/13/16)

The Hope Church is a "Charity" not-for-profit corporation. It is very easy to form a not-for-profit corporation. It only cost a few dollars to incorporate. DCRTV should become a not-for-profit corporation. You perform a great Public Service for the broadcasting industry. All of your Donors contributions then become tax-deductible and they can write it off as a Charitable Donation. (5/13/16)

Re Morley Safer ... I wouldn't mind still being competent and viable in a broadcast career into my 80s. The radio/TV industry can be merciless to anyone 40+ and so far I've made it almost to 60. I'm still working. Woo-hoo! (5/13/16)

Regarding, "WTOP reports that 'CBS news veteran' Morley Safer is 'retiring': sounds more like CBS is preparing his obit as the poor guy is in his 80’s." Perhaps they are. Andy Rooney died a month after his last 60 Minutes piece. (5/13/16)

Back on May 9, a link to a Barry Richards WINX aircheck was given. It was good to hear some high energy DJ patter from days of old. It also brings up some trivia: how many other DJs influenced Richards' act? You can hear "Your Leader" John "Jackson Armstrong" Larsh, "The Geater with The Heater" and "Boss with the Hot Sauce"Jerry Blavat, and "ooh-pop-a-doo" rhyming Jocko Henderson. Who else did Hairy Barry emulate? (5/13/16)

Does anyone have any explanation why the SD and HD feeds of WETA carry different programs? While I was looking at their FAQ section on their website they also stated that their OTA signal signs off every night from 2-6AM. Is there any specific purpose for this? I thought regularly signing off was a thing of the past as there needed to be checks done (and due to the lack of programming). I can understand once in a while but nightly? www.weta.org (5/13/16)

Dave's response: I've noticed that, too. There's WETA-HD 26.1 and there's WETA-SD on 26.4. They both carry mostly the same programming, but there are differences. In the early evening, 26.1 will carry Tavis Smiley with 26.4 carrying BBC World News. And some other differences, as you note.....

THE HOPE CHURCH is a 501 C3 Not-For-Profit Corporation. Therefore, all the money you donate to this corporation is tax deductible to you. Their best translator for Donors is their Baltimore Translator 97.5. One of their translators is leased out to Radio One on 106.1. How many translators do they own in Baltimore? (5/13/16)

Is BaltoMedia still around? I see postings marked as BaltoMedia. (5/13/16)

To the guy defending Ed Henry, I wouldn't concentrate so much on Ailes to the exclusion of Henry. Ed left one family with children behind in order to marry the woman he's now cheating on with the "hostess" (say, what?) in Las Vegas. Not very much to admire there. In fairness, though, an on-air person's messy private life is his own business unless he's breaking the law. Color me disappointed. (5/13/16)

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In other FCC news… WMDT 47ABC, which still has an analog LPTV station WEVD-LP 27 in Dover, after many many extensions and delays, has been granted a new low power TV station for Dover as a replacement for analog channel 27. It’s only 3kw but it’s on Channel 3 oddly. WMDE is on channel 5 at full power and is only 10kw and nobody seems to get that, so I’m starting to wonder what the usefulness of these LPTVs are. It doesn’t guarantee them cable coverage, but I guess it adds some leverage. The FCC has provided no contour yet, but I doubt many poplar will receive this low power digital station. I guess WMDT ABC 47 did it just to hold onto some frequency space for the spectrum repacking since many of these LPTV stations are all going to go by the wayside then. (5/12/16)

THE HOPE CHURCH is a "Non-Profit Corporation". That means they don't pay any taxes. Yet, they own 19 Translators. They have been selling off some of these translators for a Hugh Profit. My questions is, where do these profits go? They found some loophole in the FCC Rules so that they could lease FM Channels and lease antenna space on FM Towers. They don't own AM Stations; however, they own most of the translators in Baltimore. These FULLPOWER FM stations do not need any "fill in translators". It is time for the FCC to review their rules and stop listening to the lobbyist. (5/12/16)

Recently, Mary Berner, CEO of Cumulus, talked about a rebound in "endorsement business". Some on here don't know this but for years Cumulus has offered the services of some air talent in all the markets that it operates in as endorsers. If anybody remembers when Don Geronimo used to mention his time at WPRO-FM in Providence RI and how the mobsters would offer the air talent a fee for an endorsement of a mobster-run business, by doing what was called a "billboard" (the endorsement or "Billboard" usually occurred when a DJ "talked up a record" IIRC). This would be similar in some cases (I heard a similar "billboard", not mobster-related, on a Myrtle Beach SC station in 2010 and it's been preserved in an unscoped aircheck of said station.) Go to www.cumulusradio.com and see that they are still encouraging endorsement business, even if some of their air talent listed now work for IHeart or are out of radio or are now living in other markets (i'm looking at you Washington DC). (5/12/16)

Bill Hess please note: get parking for your staff at WMAL. Poor Larry Nancy Boy O'Connor tells the tale on Drive at Five how he had driven to the Jenifer Street studio and saw a street parking spot opening up in front of the building. He said a nice colored lady was leaving but flagged him down to let Larry know there was time on the meter. Larry was beside himself with glee: really? Bill get him a limo or reserve him a spot will ya? (5/12/16)

WMAL’s move of AM 630 to the WSPZ 570 transmitter site has been approved by the FCC. So the only thing left is the zoning approval for the housing development, which is likely. Look for a significantly worse signal on 630 in 2017. — BaltoMedia (5/12/16)

Happy Days? Who knew Scott Baio was a Fox conservative? He was today’s “One Lucky Guy” on FNC’s “Outnumbered” and would have made Chris Plante proud trashing all things liberal. As the gals gloated over him with their folded legs and dyed hair it sounded like Scott was a Trump supporter, saying the voters have spoken and what a great POTUS he will be. Does this all sound too familiar in the Mailbag (hint: Joe Theismann). Trending Baio: www.cnn.com (5/12/16)

I do not think anyone expressed skepticism about how the TV repacking will work. All I see is a post that says that the FCC may be delaying action that would stop the use of channel 6 as FM radio until after the repacking is worked out. (5/12/16)

Dave, the translator at 100.5 in Halfway/Hagerstown will be Manning's third in the Hub City, including Talk/WARK(AM)'s repeater at 98.9 as well as the aforementioned AC/102.1 "More FM." Don't dismiss the possibility of using another HD channel to extend coverage of Frederick's Hot AC/"Key 103" or ... what's left? A pop CHR? Another rocker? FWIW, the 250 signals of 98.9 and 102.1 from the city-based WARK stick are fine. Not quite the range of a normal "Class A" FM, but covering the county very well. (5/12/16)

WTOP reports that “CBS news veteran” Morley Safer is “retiring”: sounds more like CBS is preparing his obit as the poor guy is in his 80’s. More: wtop.com (5/12/16)

The iHeart trial with their lenders is on Monday, May 16 in San Antonio, Texas. This is still the home for iHeart. If the court rules in favor of the Lenders, what will this do to iHeart? Their stock price is still below $1. It is listed at just $0.92 per share. (5/12/16)

This is great ! This morning around 5:10 WBAL Radio ran a promo for the 2016 Ravens opening day PRE-GAME SHOW. Hey, it’s only 4 MONTHS AWAY ! Never too early, I suppose. I guess this is preparing us for Christmas commercials starting August 26th. Outstanding job, former “Mighty 1090” So is 980 in DC starting with similar hype ? (5/12/16)

Did you see that huge severance package that Lew Dickey received from Cumulus? It was reported to be over $9 million! No wonder that their stock is trading at just 36 cents per share. How soon before they declare bankruptcy? (5/12/16)

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I thought this was amusing. This is a pic floating around on eBay and used in Sony HD Radio brochures. (5/11/16)

FCC News: The application for WOOK-LP, lower power FM 103.1 Washington DC, has been dismissed. It appears to be due to bickering between the ownership interests resulting to not responding to FCC notifications and there were some interference complaints on this too. It was initially approved though. I don’t know if that makes 103.1 FM available now in the DC area or not, but for those who have trouble receiving WRNR 103.1, this should be good news. (5/11/16)

I must agree with person who liked Bloomberg 99.1. I enjoy "Surveillance" in the morning.Amy Morris , Nathan Hager .Nancy Lyons and Chris Barnes from the old WNEW crowd are so professional.As a matter of fact the whole Bloomberg staff are top notch.Too bad they will never garner any ratings. Cory Haber (5/11/16)

FNC Founder and “Head” Roger Ailes is such a scumbag. He has the balls to say the following about Ed Henry, a very decent guy who gave his all to FNC having to cover that bitch Hillary Clinton and that other scumbag Bill Clinton (according to Eric The Wimp at The Washington Post www.washingtonpost.com) : “In light of the National Enquirer’s reporting, the network is taking it up a notch: “This raises serious questions about Ed’s lack of judgement, especially given his position as a journalist,” reads a statement from Roger Ailes, chairman and chief executive of Fox News.” Nothing about top FNC rated Bill The Perv O’Reilly: www.liveleak.com (5/11/16)

WTEM's Sports Reporters show is so much better than the Drive was! Czaban and Pollin have great chemistry together as opposed to the forced trio of Galdi, Cooley and Czaban. I gave the Drive a shot a number of times, but usually ended up turning the dial. Especially when Cooley spent two hours a week going over a game film ON THE RADIO. (5/11/16)

RE: “14) WMAL [MOTM 7th, Rush 4th, Savage 14th],” What about Plante, Mark Levin, Batchelor and Red Eye? How about Saturday Update? Inquiring Mailbaggers want to know. (5/11/16)

Dave's response: I don't get a breakdown by show, only time slot. In the age 6+ numbers for the month of April: 6 AM to midnight 14th, 6 AM to 10 AM 7th, 10 AM to 3 PM 4th, 3 PM to 7 PM 14th, 7 PM to midnight 15th. Weekends 20th. No number for overnights.....

It's the last thing I expected, but I think I like Bloomberg's 99.1. I turned it on a couple of days ago and have been impressed with a show called "Bloomberg Surveillance" (despite one co-host's voice reminding me of an actor in old black-and-white sitcoms who always sounded drunk) and the show co-hosted by the "Game Change" co-authors. I've yet to figure out if either or both are radio shows or are simulcasts of TV shows, but I find both a refreshing change from the same ol' same ol' on WTOP. (5/11/16)

If you have a Windows 10 smartphone, 1) What the hell were you thinking?, and 2) Don't be in a hurry to download the latest build because you'll lose FM reception: www.windowscentral.com (5/11/16)

Dave: Quite hysterical listening this morning on 980. I'm not a Sheehan fan. However, he was perfect regarding the line of questioning about the Caps game last night with Joe B. Problem was, Joe stuck to his politically correct line of answers [being an employee of the Caps doesn't help] therefore, we couldn't get an honest analysis of last night's game. Joe needed to be an analyst instead of team employee and otherwise, a waste of airtime! Kevin tried to get the anaysis and Joe stuck to his guns...well Joe, that's why you'll never be a national talent. Mike Emrick or "Puck Daddy" would have been the people to interview. Since moving back to the DMV, there's not one part of the day I can listen to 980..just awful programming and re-hashed and arrogant talent who have zero clue. Oh well, back to WJFK and reading the internet. (5/11/16)

Ratings analysis from Tom Taylor: Washington DC starts today’s ratings parade with a familiar winner – Hubbard’s all-news WTOP and its regional network of signals. It’s #1 in literally every daypart, and double-digits in both drive-times. The numbers? It’s moving from a February-book 10.1 share with age 6+ AQH share to a March 9.2 and now a 9.6. The capital city’s appetite for news/talk keeps American U.-owned news/talk non-com WAMU a strong #2 (9.2-8.0-7.8). It’s second everywhere except nights and weekends, and its “Morning Edition”-led AM drive daypart earns double digits. The first music station is #3-ranked urban AC WHUR (4.8-6.1-6.3, owned by Howard University). Fourth is Radio One’s urban AC “Majic” WMMJ (3.9-4.7-5.5). Chris Huff says the 5.5 is Majic’s best since February 2014. #5 this time is iHeart’s AC WASH (5.3-5.5-5.2). Once-high-flying rhythmic “Hot 99.5,” iHeart’s WIHT, is now sixth (5.3-5.1-4.5). Both cume and time-spent-listening seem to be issues. Also softer is iHeart’s country WMZQ (3.4-3.5-3.1), now in 16th place. Cumulus will be watching hot AC “Mix” WRQX (2.9-2.9-2.6). Its talk WMAL-AM/FM holds 3.2-3.0-3.3. AC WASH holds the lead for average weekly cume at 1,291,500 – though it’s not far ahead of rhythmic “Hot” (1,257,800) and all-news WTOP (1,204,400)..... Baltimore won’t give CBS Radio’s AC WLIF a repeat win. This time the market’s topped by Radio One’s urban “92Q” WERQ with a big number (6.9-7.3-8.3). Second-place WLIF holds 7.4-7.6-7.3. (WLIF does win middays.) There’s a tie for third with iHeart’s country WPOC (7.7-6.8-7.1) and Radio One’s urban AC WWIN-FM (6.1-6.5-7.1). Fifth place is won by Hearst’s rock WIYY (4.4-5.3-5.5). “98 Rock” wins again in morning drive, and the full-week 5.5 share is its best PPM ever. The Orioles baseball flagship is CBS Radio’s “Fan” WJZ-FM (4.3-3.9-5.3). You can see the baseball in the numbers, because the Fan is #1 at nights, with a double-digit share. AC WLIF wins in weekly cume at nearly 830,000. (5/11/16)

"Makes Nixon’s 18 minute gap of the Watergate tapes look tame." A white flash versus a gap of nearly a third of an hour? Easy on the over-inflation mate. They're not even in the same league. Exactly. There's no comparison between abetting nuclear weapon development by angry Islamic hardliners and a decades old "third-rate burglary" - Thrownatbirth (5/11/16)

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Re WINC-FM: I suppose the question becomes what they are doing that sets them apart from the DC-based stations that we already hear. In a perfect world, WJFK is in a better position to be a NoVa powerhouse than WINC is. (5/10/16)

MMJ's dramatic jump is kinda a surprise in my opinion. Don't know what happened to Joe Clair in the 12 + demo for April who knows PPM (5/10/16)

".. I've never been able to understand why the owners of WINC-FM waste that signal by focusing on Winchester VA..." Actually the reason for that is quite simple. WINC still makes money serving Winchester and the surrounding towns such as Martinsburg and Front Royal as well." - I am not arguing that they continue to make money - however, the could EASILY move the programming from WINC-FM over to their Country duo that even you admit no one knows is there - and put something focused on Northern VA on WINC-FM targeted at a much more lucrative market. Then they'd be making the money they make on WINC -FM on their two Class A signals (together they DO cover the market) and use their huge signal to go after one of the US's wealthiest suburbs. Sure it would require an effort - but the pay off makes it seem worth it to me. (5/10/16)

WRQX... 17th, and barely missed 18th. AWFUL. It's terrible what is going with Jack here. They have basically used his name to sell a few (low dollar) endorsements, but cater the station to the same audience as Fresh and HOT... no way Jack is connecting with that audience. Is the PD too dumb to realize what Jack's strength's are... I know he never had any success as PD before, but it seems to make too much sense. Return to the original MIX 107.3. It's not working folks! (5/10/16)

Anyone go to that WHFS benefit concert at MC? How was it? (5/10/16)

More comments about the new line-up on 980AM: Al Galdi is a true professional. Totally prepared every morning for every topic no matter what the sport. Its two hours of quality programming every morning. Kevin and Cooley are below average. I feel sorry for Kevin who had the ex Redskin shoved down his throat by Snyder’s henchmen. Cooley is a waste of an open microphone armed daily with frat type stories which are funny to some, but usually equal a 1 or a 2 share at best. Tony Kornheiser is a pro, and very interesting at times. He has unfortunately surrounded his talent with a liberal elitist gaggle of geese. It’s the reason I don’t like Rush. One sided political views are for the ignorant, no matter which side you are on! Maybe they are kidding because it is hard to believe that in 2016 people really think that way. Evolution has proven to be a wonderful thing Tony….perhaps you should investigate. Brian Mitchell and Doc Walker simply should not be on the air in DC or any market for that matter. Andy and Steve. Let’s see, it didn’t work 3 or 4 years ago so let’s bring it back….brilliant! Signed , Anonymous (5/10/16)

Who knew Joe Theismann was a Fox conservative? He was today’s “One Lucky Guy” on FNC’s “Outnumbered” and would have made Chris Plante proud trashing Her Thighness aka Hillary Rodham Clinton over her missing e-mails and Facebook’s biased “Newsfeed” censoring conservative stories. As the gals gloated over him with their folded legs and dyed hair it sounded like Joe was a Trump supporter, saying the voters have spoken, admonishing that pussy Ted Cruz for leaving open possibly getting back in the running for the nomination if he does well in Nebraska primary today. I hear the show’s encouraging producer told Joe to “Break a leg”: www.youtube.com (5/10/16)

"Makes Nixon’s 18 minute gap of the Watergate tapes look tame." A white flash versus a gap of nearly a third of an hour? Easy on the over-inflation mate. They're not even in the same league. (5/10/16)

A few comments on ESPN 980's new lineup - Kevin Sheehan and Chris Cooley would be advised not to try and compete with the Junkies on their own turf (i.e., raunchy or zany fare) because that would be a surefire recipe for ratings failure. The Junks are an iconic radio brand in this market so the only hope for a rival show is to appeal to the hardcore sports audience (especially Skins fans) which I think has been the case thus far. Reuniting Andy Pollin and Steve Czaban in afternoon drive is definitely a bold move since it's been three years since the old Sports Reporters show was cancelled by a previous PD - the big difference this time around is that Czaban's been given the driver's seat with Pollin now a passenger and cast as the "old timer" who can spin yarns about DC sports going back to the 60s. Bringing Loverro back as a frequent sit-in guest is a good idea and Knoche's fine but they should consider reaching out to some media figures (including women) who may not have been part of the program's previous incarnation. The new evening show co-hosted by Tim Murray and Nick Ashooh is still awating an appearance by the latter which seems odd - I know he was on his honeymoon but the timing of the program's launch could have been handled better. Oriole games have been moved to 570 over the past two weeks so there've been no preemptions - I'm sure that's a temporary move to help jumpstart the show but the O's would definitely have grounds to complain if it continued because live play-by-play of a local team should normally have priority over talk content. Mike, Fairfax (5/10/16)

It’s not nice to fool with mother nature nor for the State Department to edit their videos of news conferences The Washington Examiner reports: “A State Department video has been altered in what could be an attempt to hide a 2013 discussion with reporters about whether the Obama administration lied about when it first began the Iran nuclear talks. Fox News reporter James Rosen reported Monday night that a section of a Dec. 2, 2013 press briefing was somehow erased from the State Department's own video of the event. In the section that was erased, Rosen was interviewing then-spokeswoman Jen Psaki about when the talks started. Rosen pressed Psaki in 2013 on whether the talks really started in 2011. While Psaki made no clear admission that the talks started two years earlier, she did seem to admit that government officials might not tell the truth in order to maintain the secrecy of an event. "Is it the policy of the State Department, where the preservation or the secrecy of secret negotiations is concerned, to lie in order to achieve that goal?" Rosen asked. "James, I think there are times where diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress. This is a good example of that," she replied. When pressed again, Psaki said she had no more information. Still, Rosen reported Monday that Psaki's comments were essentially an admission that the administration lied about when the talks started, and the circumstances under which they began. The entire exchange, and some comments leading up to and following the exchange, don't appear on the State Department video that was up Monday night. Instead, a white flash is seen where the edit was made, at about 26:55 into the video.” DCRTVDJDAVE never edits his “DAVE TV”. Makes Nixon’s 18 minute gap of the Watergate tapes look tame. More: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/edited-state-dept.-video-hides-key-admission-on-iran-nuke-talks/article/2590837 (5/10/16)

iHeart stock still selling at 95 cents per share. Is the trial with their lenders still on for May 16? I read that they are now going to try mediation with their lenders. If they can't keep their stock price above $1 they will be delisted. (5/10/16)

Why didn't Mix call the Morning Show the Jack and Jimmy Show? Hahaha... They wanted to do so. Jimmy wanted it. But jack nixed it so jimmy wasn't going to come back. So then they paid jimmy more and he eventually gave in to jack. Crazy. (5/10/16)

".. I've never been able to understand why the owners of WINC-FM waste that signal by focusing on Winchester VA..." Actually the reason for that is quite simple. WINC still makes money serving Winchester and the surrounding towns such as Martinsburg and Front Royal as well. Another thing to factor in is that while Winchester really does have way too many radio signals ( same thing can be said about Harrisonburg too BTW )...to the local business community and the many people who live there Winchester is still considered to be a two station market between Q102 and WINC-FM and nobody else. OK maybe to some degree 99.3 The Fox and The River 95.3 but they are Front Royal stations not Winchester's. 98.3 KISS-FM ?? The kids know them but not many others. Wouldn't surprise me at all if there are quite a few adults in the valley who still think of 98.3 as being a Charles Town station speaking of which Winchester's 610/102.9 WXVA ?? Unfortunately they have so few if any listeners that if they would go dark tomorrow nobody would even notice. B105 ?? Pretty much just an excuse to give Chuck Carroll a job and many locals probably never heard of B105 either. Winchester's MIX 95.7 ?? Few know who they are !!, So despite all of those signals Winchester radio is still after all of these years between Q102 and WINC-FM. More proof ?? Look at the ratings. For the last 30 years the number of times another station had beat WINC for the number two slot one could count on one hand and still have many fingers left. Now if a station is a solid number two in a market and is still making money why would they give it all up for the unknown ?? Yes WINC could make money being a NOVA station but then again would anyone in NOVA really care other than some DCRTV posters since so many have been used to listen to DC radio for so long ?? Just because you may care doesn't mean that your neighbors or that business down the street would. (5/10/16)

Here is a sample of the fruits of Barry Richards' lifetime labors that he has collected on DVD for nostalgic consumption by the likes of the geezer who remembers BR on WEAM. (5/10/16)

Barry Richards also worked at WUST as well as stints at WITH/Baltimore. WYRE/Annapolis and WMID/Atlantic City, NJ. He currently lives is Los Angeles, and is president of Reazar Productions. Find out all you wanted to know about BR and more at barryrichardsshows.com (5/10/16)

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Barry Richards was on WINX, WHMC, WEEL, WMOD, and even WDON in the ‘60s and ‘70s. Here’s several minutes of him at WINX in April 1967: www.musicme.com (5/9/16)

Previous poster expresses skepticism about re-packing “all of the existing stations” into channels 2-30. Sorry to bust your bubble... but nobody ever said anything about re-packing all existing stations. There are stations that will go away under this plan. There isn't a city that isn't glutted with stations. Some stations will disappear entirely. I expect others to make a deal to piggyback as sub-channels on remaining broadcasters. The part that bothers me about that is I can see the FCC officiating over “shotgun marriages” to enable “essential” (i.e. politically favored) stations to survive in some form. I can also see some stations going cable-only Perhaps with the FCC “encouraging” satellite carriage. (More FCC shotgun marriage possibilities...) In the D.C. Market, I expect WHUT to become cable-only. Perhaps only in D.C. Maybe in the immediate suburbs. Perhaps with satellite carriage, as well. In other places, those stations bought on spectrum speculation will likely go. Of course, all of this is contingent on willing buyers coming up with sufficient cash to hit that sweet spot above what the FCC says the auction is worth and what the broadcaster thinks it's worth. Obviously 6 MHz of spectrum in a major market like N.Y.C. or Los Angeles will be worth more than in a medium market like D.C., let alone a market like Toad Suck, Arkansas. As for the auction bids, in this “once in a lifetime opportunity” (as some have called it), will there be TV stations that are analogous in a way to more than a few AM stations with their spectrum being more valuable than the station license? Could be. But, I doubt it. In their mad dash to gobble-up spectrum, that economic law that iHeart and Cumeuless are now dealing with in their similar mad dash to gobble-up stations could well hit the wireless companies. And, that is “diminishing marginal rate of return”. Basically both of the broadcasters I mentioned own more stations than they can ever make money with. The wireless companies could end up with more spectrum than they can make money with. Also, I can see channels 2-6 possibly becoming viable once again if all of ATSC 3.0 gets adopted. The glitch in that might be that the legacy stations from that spectrum might not want it back, given the history of occasional interference due to propagation. That could make things interesting. Perhaps WETA might finally get the VHF channel they tried gerrymandering into D.C decades ago with an “experimental” station that the FCC of that more naïve era saw right through and dismissed. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (5/9/16)

I was reading the Adams Radio/Bayshore Media radio station sale terms and found some interesting things. First off the deal has still not gone through or been approved by the FCC. I don’t know why, but one of the stations is off the air, 105.1 FM, which violates the terms of the sale since it faces fines most likely by the FCC if not revocation. As stated in the last FCC notification to Bayshore Media, ‘ Notivithstanding the grant of this Special Temporary Authority, the broadcast license for Station W286BB will automatically expire as a matter of law if broadcast operations do not commence by 12:01 a.m., November 19, 2014.2 See Section 3 12(g) of the Communications Act, 47 U.S.C. § 3 12(g). This station is not on the air still and hasn’t been for quite some time. The other interesting thing about the sale is that it only includes a LEASE for the AM 1590 tower site. It’s unclear who owns the land and/or how long the lease lasts. This is a big deal since Bayshore Media just several years ago sold WRJE AM 1600 to EKO Media Group, also without the land the towers were on, then canceled the lease and ultimately evicted the tenant causing the station to go off the air permanently. This complaint is documented in FCC records. Adams Radio should be scared to death the same fate could occur with AM 1590 as well as its 2 FMs, FM 104.3 & 105.1. What is to prevent Bayshore Media from taking the land away when the lease is up as happened with AM 1600? WIJK doesn’t need 3 towers anymore now that WRJE is gone, but they’ll still need the 1 tower to keep the station on the air. — BaltoMedia (5/9/16)

(regarding cord cutting and indoor antennas) While I can't personally attest to the efficacy of the ReLeaf Indoor HDTV Antenna, I do admire their marketing savvy: "Relief from Cable. Free TV, lower energy bills and reduced waste. Based on our award-winning Leaf™ Antenna" -- built from recycled set-top boxes. releaf.gomohu.com (5/9/16)

where is barry Richards a dj that was in dc in the early 70's? I think he was on WEAM (5/9/16)

The Washington Post says one should only order Number 8 from Column B and not wear plaid when at a Chinarician restaurant: “Four diners, three of them wearing plaid, were ready to enjoy a meal Saturday night at Peter Chang in Arlington, the authentic Sichuan outpost opened by the Chinese embassy chef turned serial restaurateur. But the dinner took a left turn when the server brought out a family-style bowl of rice. One of the diners, who had lived in Beijing for much in the 2000s, was surprised by the rice presentation and made a comment to the server, saying "'Oh, you guys don't serve them in individual rice bowls?'," related another diner in the party, who asked to go by his first name, Matt. The server told the group that when rice is served to three or more diners at Peter Chang, it comes in a large bowl. The former Beijing resident thought that was odd, considering the family-sized portion ran counter to the personalized bowls he encountered in China. The server then asked if the foursome would like individual rice bowls instead. They declined.” Maybe order take out: www.washingtonpost.com (5/9/16)

Seems like Fox5's Tom Fitzgerald was a little salty towards the new Metro Exec this morning re: video that someone at Metro "leaked" to NBC4 and wasn't made available to Fox5. Now, how many times has channel 5 or other networks received info or videos from their "un-named sources"? Sources who probably shouldn't be giving out that info. Sounds like sour grapes to me that NBC4 scooped them. And then Holly Morris swoops in with her cell phone to do a live video stream via Facebook. The whole interview seemed quite contrived with Tom Fitzgerald seemingly ready to jump out of his seat to make sure he grilled the GM..Don't know how long the Metro guy has given to other outlets, but channel 5 got 30 minutes. If this is more than other networks, I'm sure they will mention that which each newscast. (5/9/16)

While I disagree with his wide programming plan - I do think Unsigned Corporate Suit's idea for WINC-FM is a solid one. I've never been able to understand why the owners of WINC-FM waste that signal by focusing on Winchester VA. Lovely Apple Blossom Festival, great hometown Patsy Cline story, but not exactly a financial hotbed and the market is already over saturated with radio stations. Seems to me the best thing for that signal is to focus on where the money is - Northern VA. As for the wide ranging 'Oldies to Country" format like the old WASH-FM, well, there's a reason radio evolved away from that "all things to all people" format - and its not just because everyone else is stupid. (5/9/16)

Even WMAL’s Chris Plante like a broken clock can be right twice a day: he rightly trashed Spring Brucestein aka “The Boss” for boycotting North Carolina because men can’t use the girls showers or their bathrooms but he will be performing at Nationals Stadium come September where I dare men to go in the women’s room (hell, some of the broads in DC might actually kick their ass). And look, CBS is giving away tickets to the show: washington.cbslocal.com (5/9/16)

Any news on the status of the OTA spectrum reallocation and accompanying auction? Just curious. i admit to some skepticism about the ability to repack all of the existing stations down to channels 2-29----and the AM broadcaster's request to use Ch. 6 might make that somewhat harder. I guess we will see how it works out. I suspect though that is one reason why attempts to repurpose the frequency at Ch. 6 is ona back burner. That VHF bandwidth may become more important in the world of ATSC 3.0. (5/9/16)

Under the FCC rules, a broadcaster can only own 5 FM stations in a market. If CBS bought Cumulus, they would own 7 FM Stations in DC. If they sold 99.1 to Bloomberg and 107.9 to Radio One, they could buy Cumulus. However, CBS Stations are For Sale and they are not buying anything now. (5/9/16)

Dave's response: CBS could put 99.1 and 107.9 in a trust like Clear Channel did with Frederick's 99.9 and 930. So the FCC would see it as a separate company even if it is still "operated" by the original owner.....

RE: “Greta Sells Anapolis House - Fox News personality Greta Van Susteren's Annapolis house finally sells - for significantly less than listing price. At washingtonpost.com.....” DCRTVDJDAVE: one more “n” for Annapolis. Just saying….it’s an “n” word. (5/9/16)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Sports and News Account Representative - SFMSports.Net, Maryland's only high school and college sports network, is seeking an experienced media sales representative. Our company is growing and adding a second network with affiliate radio stations throughout Maryland. Primary responsibilities will include generating network revenue, achieving sales goals, growing and deepening customer relationships that translate into sales and the assistance of content development that support sales. You will have the ability to sell statewide. Applicant should have prior sports and spoken word format sales experience, reliable transportation and the ability to generate sales out of the gates. Salary and commission is negotiable based on experience. Please, send resumes to steve.clendenin@sfmsports.net. Sound Foundations Media, LLC is an equal opportunity employer. (5/9/16)

CBS is not going to buy the Cumulus Stations in DC. They already own five Full Power FM stations in the market. Remember, they still own 99.1 and are just leasing it to Bloomberg. Bloomberg not buy the station from CBS. Their ratings are terrible. (5/9/16)

Dave's response: If you listened to my latest "Dave TV" I did address that. Sell 99.1 (to Bloomberg) and 107.9 and then put El Zol on 107.3 and keep WMAL on 105.9. That would give CBS-DC three inside the Beltway FM signals, with 105.9 and 106.7 being just a few feet outside the Beltway.....

Wow is the new lineup on WTEM a disaster. Drivetimes are both unlistenable. (5/9/16)

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I recently moved to the Eastern shore and used Antennaweb.org to look for over the air TV stations to cut the cord from this location. Doesn’t seem possible from near Ocean City, MD. No indoor antenna on the website would get any TV stations. Is that even possible or not? The website seems to suggest that to get stations just 35 miles away, I’d need a 30 foot tall antenna! Is that true anybody? (5/8/16)

Dave's response: If you're going to cut the cord and go antenna for the major broadcast networks, you're going to have to live within 20 miles or so of a big city - like DC or Baltimore. A little farther if you have a rooftop antenna. Anywhere else, you're going to need to subscribe to basic cable to get ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, PBS, etc. Sad but true.....

The problem with the DaveTV suggestion for CBS/Cumulus is that with the FCC City of License changes on both stations, 99.1 & 107.9 (neither are licensed to Annapolis anymore), neither could just be flipped to CBS/Infinity Baltimore even if they wanted to. If the Cumulus/CBS Radio merger were to happen. 107.3 should revert to its former WMAL FM and do more news. 105.9 should become El Zol since it mostly covers Latino areas. There are few Latinos in Maryland, and even fewer in Baltimore which 107.9 covers nicely. 107.9 is still worse than 99.1 for DC coverage too, at least by proximity from the tower. But yeah, only the selling of 99.1 & 107.9 would work because the stations will still reside in the DC market regardless of which office runs them. (5/8/16)

Happy Muthas Day to DCRTV Mailbaggers who are mothers: Dave, how many do you think that could be? (5/8/16)

What do iHeart and Cumulus have in common? Both have the Hugh DEBT! This is reflected in their stock price today. They will never be able to pay down this debt. The lenders are to blame for loaning more money than they could ever pay back. Both companies are selling stock now below $1 per share. Under our tax laws, the lenders can write off their losses on this investment. (5/8/16)

WTOP reports that the local “Crown Prince of Punk” aka DC punk rocker Johnny Stabb has assumed room temperature: wtop.com (5/8/16)

I take a look at some possible big changes in the radio biz and what they could mean for the DC radio dial. Might CBS Radio get split off from its parent company and be re-christened Infinity? And might it then acquire stations from Cumulus, which is teetering on bankruptcy? If this happens, what will happen to both companies' stations in the DC market? In today's "Dave TV"..... (5/8/16)

So there appears to be a baby boom, as well as shotgun weddings, at Fox5. Tisha Lewis announced that she's pregnant. Looks like she's pretty much along. Oh well..Seems like that's the trend these days. Get pregnant, then get married. Oh well, to each his own.. (5/8/16)

I like a previous poster's idea of “Boxing the Compass” with AM's to bring a Classic Hits/Oldies format to D.C. My, “If I Were to Win the Lottery” broadcast fantasy would be to buy WINC-FM from Centennial, do a “Ted Turner persuasion” with that station in Mount Vernon, Illinois to change its call and put a NOVA-oriented WNVR-FM, “Northern Virginia Radio” on 92.5. It would be NOVA-focused in sell, news, traffic, with live/local entertainer/personality jocks and a broad mix of music. By broad, I'm talking from country to oldies. It would also have a real news department -again, NOVA focused- with an :00-05 newscast which would make the CBS network hourly sound like a 1,000 watt daytime- only coffee grinder by comparison.. (Including an investigative reporter to keep the “Big Boys” a little less dishonest.) In a lot of ways, it would be like the great WASH of the early-mid 1970’s with a little bit of the old WMAL thrown in. (A dedicated “Community Service Director would do something like Charlie Warren’s old “Charlie’s Intelligence Agency” bits from the old WMAL.) One thing I'd copy for it from the late lamented WHFS would be create not just a radio station, but an active community that would hopefully span age, ethnicities, etc. Why? My station would have three purposes: Make a profit sufficient to reward and retain employees; Serve the community (which would be ensured by making a profit); and finally... to p-ss-off the political establishment! -Unsigned Corporate Suit (5/8/16)

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Cumulus CEO claims that WRQX has gotten endorsement money back. She forgot to mention that WRQX ranks dead last...LAST, among any other contemporary music station in Washington. She also didn't mention the enormous payroll weight added by re-hiring Diamond, "happy" Jimmy, and the old woman who laughs, plus the new woman who is there to pour Jack's coffee. Diamond's return was announced before Thanksgiving, it's mid-May and 107.3 can't get into the Top 15. Cumulus also lost millions of dollars last quarter, again! Mary, no one, who knows the business of radio is falling for "We've gotten some endorsements"... (5/7/16)

Just wanted to mention these: 1) what will happen to CBS (Radio) News is CBS spins off it's radio division. And why are most of the anchors ending at :03 (at least on WTOP) with "with 30 million weekly radio listeners, this is CBS news"? 2) according to the Arlington Catholic Herald, we now know why Chris Cooley wanted to move to mornings on ESPN 980. He's going to be an assistant football coach at one of the Catholic high schools in Northern Virginia. Don't remember if it's Bishop O' Connell High or Bishop Ireton High. (5/7/16)

Reviewing some of my favorite YouTube channels as of May 2016. Should Nomadic Fanatic get his sh*t together and get back on the road? Is Casey Neistat becoming YouTube's top narcissist? As Fun For Louis does a fascinating round-the-world tour. Also, Dan Bell's brilliant Film It "abandoned Americana" really packs a powerfully understated punch. In my latest "DaveTalks"..... (5/7/16)

I see that the head of Metro will be doing the TV rounds starting tomorrow including making an appearance Monday on Fox5. I truly hope the latter doesn't think their trying to shame him to come to the studio with their "empty chair with the mic" foolishness worked. That was so juvenile. Have to wonder what person in charge approved that crap. It would be great if he mentions that he saw it, but had no impact on his appearance. (5/7/16)

iHeart stock drops to 95 cents per share. They must deal with their Hugh debt of $20.9 Billion. If their mediation goes in favor of their lenders, they will need to pay down their debt. (5/7/16)

Man bites dog as The Washington Post’s Paul Fahri (pronounced “fairy”) says that the Obama administration’s Ben Rhodes played the media like a fiddle on the phony “Iran nuke deal” and other stories: well, duh. It’s like saying “Boy were we dumb” and then saying “But we’re smarter now” by running a story on how stupid we were but not no more. According to Fahri: “In the article (in the Sunday New York Times Magazine about Rhodes gloating over manipulating the media), Rhodes speaks contemptuously of the Washington policy and media establishment, including The Washington Post and the New York Times, referring to them as “the blob” that was subject to conventional thinking about foreign policy.” The dog bites back: www.washingtonpost.com (5/7/16)

Someone signing himself "bag of dog crap" posted "I will donate $1,000.00 to Fisher House if Hillary is indicted by the FBI before the November elections." And jeez, it went on forever, I didn't read the whole thing and the bumbaclottery gave UCS a run for his money in long-windedness but it sounds like a sucker's bet. Does the FBI indict people? Gus in Gaithersburg (5/7/16)

Facebook is a remarkable social media connecting and re-connecting people from all over the world. LastApril, I posted a happy birthday message to my very first boss, WLMD Radio Chief Engineer Scott Standiford. Today, I noticed an unread FB message in my mailbox from a friend of Scott's stating that she had seen my birthday message to him and regrettably informed me that Scott had passed away on January 4, 2016. I am passing this information on to anyone who may have known or worked with Scott in the broadcasting industry. In 1972,Tropical Storm Agnes came to shore and hit Maryland causing the banks of the Patuxent River to overflow in Laurel, Maryland where Radio Station WLMD studios, transmitter and tower fields were located. The flood knocked the station offthe air. A photo published in the local Laurel Leader Newspaper showed the two story “A-framed” building surrounded by a sea of water and radio towers that appeared be drifting in the sea. A station radio personality’s car was submerged under water in the parking lot (I believe it was former WASH personality and voice actor James Herron’s car if memory serves me correct). When the waters finally receded, the station was caked in mud and so were all of the broadcast equipment, records and tapes. A temporary site was located at nearby Laurel Shopping Center to help the station get back on its feet. A transmitter was borrowedfrom WDON Radio while a new transmitter was being prepared and emergency shipped to the station. In Herculean strength, Chief Engineer Scott Standiford worked around the clock to re-wire the WLMD studios, tune the borrowed/newtransmitters, dealt with the tower issues and got the station back on the air broadcasting remotely from Laurel Shopping Center until the studios were finished. The day afterthe storm passed, a sixteen year old Laurel High School student ventured down the “Ho Chi Minh Trail” to WLMD to see if the station needed any help. Scott Standiford hired me on the spot to help clean mud. It was everywhere – even on the ceilings. I found myself cleaning all the 33 and 45 vinyl records. For about a month, I was the copyrunner driving back and forth between the Shopping Center and the Station. Finally, I must have impressed Scott in some way because when the station was finally fully operational and back in the A-framed studio, Scott trained me onoperating the Boards, and I became the Broadcast Engineer for Art Gliner’s “Confidentially Feminine” sex talk radio show. Later, Scott contracted me to perform freelance engineering with him wiring circuitry for broadcast equipment. In the 1970s (in addition to WLMD Radio), he was employed by Burleson Associates, Consulting Engineers, designing and constructing facilities for the Turkish Armed Forces, KTPK-FM at Topeka, Kansas, and the National Theater of Guatemala. For four years heserved as an Owner and Station Manager of WBME, Belfast, Maine. From 1978 until 1992 Scott was Engineering Manager for WKYS-FM designing and supervising construction of studio and transmission facilities for the station. Upon NBC’s sale of its radio properties, he advanced to Technical Manager, NBC News where he was Pool Representative for the Capital Hill Fiber Optics Project, obtaining licenses for an 18 GHz Microwave system used throughout the Washington Metro area. He retired in 2006 after 13 years at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development where he was Director of a Nationwide Television training system designed by him and used for training of Government employees. After retirement, he founded and ran a public radio station in Rehoboth Beach. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Scott attended the University of Maryland, University of Baltimore studying electrical engineering and marketing. He held an FCC Extra Class Amateur Radio License, W3YTW,and a General Radiotelephone License. Scott Standiford was my first boss, and I am very grateful to him for giving me my very first job and for whatever it was that he saw in a sixteen year old high school kid in 1972. After Scott left WLMD Radio, I went on to become producer/engineer of other telephone talk shows on WLMD including the Alan Prell Show. My WLMD employment lasted from 1972 to 1976. Richard Dahms (5/7/16)

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Yeah yeah, that CNN story about the FBI story does not say Hillary Clinton is off the hook, just that they found no evidence of a deliberate attempt to break the law. As you know, blatant ignorance of the law is still a crime. I might not know the speed limit is 45mph, but if I get caught doing 100mph, I WILL GO TO JAIL. Of course I’m not the Queen B either. As for the bigger news story of the week, how about NBC holding the Hillary email hacking story for a WEEK in an attempt to bury it? If not for The NY Times getting wind of it, that story would have been buried along with more Brian Williams war stories. In local news, I’m guessing Derek Valcourt, formerly of WJZ 13 is officially going to be the Mom in the relationship now that he’s posting anti-Trump stuff from Mother Jones. Can’t be looking for a news job with that stuff up can you? Or does that earn you Bias street cred now? Adam May’s last Al Jazeera related post was on April Fools Day and that network is long gone now, so no news on that front either. Unless Adam May hit the Saudi Oil Lottery or something, I assume one of them will turn up somewhere right? (5/6/16)

I suspected WQLL 1370 was about to do something soon. I noticed they sponsored something at the Ravens FlockFest thing at M&T Bank Stadium this weekend. They rarely sponsor anything major sports. Their problem will always be signal, better than WHGM by far, but even people listening to that era music have left AM Radio largely. 99.9 is fine for parts of Eastern Baltimore county and Harford County, but they really need a translator somewhere else around the city. (5/6/16)

The local news stations keep repeating that they can't get any information on the people who were killed or shot today at the two malls. I'm sure they're desperate to learn their identities so that they can rush to their houses and ambush the already grieving relatives with questions. AND be able to say they were the FIRST to arrive at the residence and interview the family. If they don't get to interview the family, they'll knock on everyone else's door in the neighborhood until someone's willing to go on camera. Guess that's called getting the story. Oh, and how much you want to bet that "over the top" Shomari From NBC4 wil be one of the first trying to get a family interview and say "NBC4 is the first to arrive at the victim's family's home" ? (5/6/16)

WILC AM 900 should take note of the downgrading of AM 900 in Georgetown DE to Class D status. When finished, it will have no night time protections to the east where WILC 900 has a severe null. During the day, WJWL is also downgrading from 10,500 watts to 1000 watts also requiring less protection. WILC wouldn’t have to build any new towers to take advantage of this, just increase its power output in those directions by changing the directional pattern. (5/6/16)

Looked like NBC4 only camera at MoCo shooting arrest. Newsroom erupted in cheers when they saw they had live video of arrest. (5/6/16)

Kudos to channels 4 & 7 on their live shooter coverage. Both got video of the suspect being taken into custody. Fox managed a still picture. Nine had neither, but crowed about their live Facebook coverage. (5/6/16)

So, Larry Refused to wear a (Mexican) sombrero for a Cinco de Mayo party. Just curious, what did Larry wear to the Gay Pride Parade last year? what did Larry wear to the courtroom when he was being successfully sued by Shirley Sherrod? I hear Larry has no problem, however, wearing a French Maid's uniform around the house, or a British school lass uniform when entertaining Kelsey Grammer. (5/6/16)

Steve Rouse and Tracy Hart of Q1370's all new "Rouse and Company" join Bruce Elliott on WCBM 680! (5/6/16)

iHeart stock drops to just $1 per share today. They are going to mediation on their debt with their lenders. With $30 Billion in debt, the mediation could require them to pay down a large portion of their debt. (5/6/16)

By now I have gotten to the point in life after years of being in radio where I am beyond that prime radio/TV advertising demo of 25-54. Radio has forgotten us and tossed the boomers and our music. Yet, as much as advertising agencies denounce any demo besides 25-54, why do the commercials, which are paid for by the advertisers still feature occasional 60's and 70's songs? And no, I am not talking about spots specifically targeting an older demo. There are at least three currently on air with 60's songs. Recently Clinique (NOT Old Spice) used the Turtles "Happy Together". Dr. Pepper-"You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate. Fidelity Investments "Time of the Seasons" by the Zombies plus "Nothing from Nothing by Billy Preston. GE used "Sixteen Tons" by Tenn. Ernie Ford and others.. Check out this website, you'll recall the commercials. oldies.about.com... I am seeing mainstream spots here, not thosejust for the boomers. If the music of the 60's and 70's is so irrelevant, help me understand the use of the songs that are 40+ years old in current spots. Certainly I have been flamed by some who look down on veteran air personalities, but we are ALL aging by the minute from the time we're born, like it or not. Even DCRTV Dave is not the young pup he once was! Thank God for Spotify, Pandora and a huge choice of excellent internet radio offerings that still provide an alternative, same with some of the college stations. I have no intention of going back to commercial radio. Oh yea, I still spend money on nice toys like many boomers. Tom Conroy (5/6/16)

I dont want to be one of these guys who slams wtop everytime there is a minor glitch with the WTOP website. But really. Its about time they decide if they want to be a web destination for local news or not. Difficulty with their site today as presumably they're taking a lot of traffic from people wanting to know about the Monto Mall Shooting. 504 Gateway Time-Out. Its about time to work on website scalability WTOP -rdm (5/6/16)

OMG!!!!! OMG Sirens! OMG!! CNN Is reporting the FBI found “No criminal wrongdoing” concerning Hillary Clinton’s emails. Brian and Larry will have this story tomorrow with apologies to everyone in town for ignoring all the people who told Brian and Larry “there is not ‘the,’ there.” [just kidding!] As we all know, Brian and Larry, fueled by the nuts in the “Freedom Caucus” and Heritage Foundation have been blowing his whole thing out of proportion for years now in order to make Secretary Clinton look bad. I dared Brian and Larry in the DCRTV mailbag six weeks ago with this challenge; “Let’s have a challenge for Larry and Brian. I will donate $1,000.00 to Fisher House if Hillary is indicted by the FBI before the November elections. If she isn’t indicted, you two bozos will go on the air, and admit you were misleading the listeners, and you were getting your talking points from some clearinghouse in basement of a building that houses the office of Jim Demint. You will then apologize to President elect Clinton for you two being lying bozos. Here is how it can work. I will send a money order for $1,000.00 to a private attorney (who is a Republican), I will inform Larry and Brian of his name and contact information. I will instruct this attorney to mail the money order to Fisher House if Hillary is indicted before the November elections. If she is not indicted, he is to mail the money order back to me. Upon proof of the attorney’s receipt of the money order via affidavit, Larry and Brian will sign a contract saying they will apologize to Hillary Clinton, on the air at 8:30 AM on a weekday, for spreading false and/or extremely exaggerated claims about her, over a long period of time. There is no debate, Larry…. Put your honesty and integrity where your mouth is. Write to Dave and say “Challenge on” under your Cumulus email, Larry, and I will prepare the money order with instructions for the attorney. I will mail you photocopies of the money order, the instructions, and a statement from the attorney saying he has the money order and the instructions. You two can then sign a contract promising to say on the air what is mentioned above, right after the November elections, if she isn’t indicted. $1,000.00 bucks to Fisher House, Larry and Brian??? Game on? “ I never heard from Brian and Larry…Is it because they knew they were exaggerating and lying to make Hillary look bad? Larry O’Connor tried to destroy Shirley Sherrod’s life, and Larry O’Connor tried to destroy Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Larry ‘Connor (with Dan bonBozo) blamed a dirty cop’s suicide on “Black Lives Matter.” Larry O’Connor is an a$$hole to the nth degree. If Larry O’Connor is as example of “True Conservatism,” than “True Conservatism” is a flaming ( "flaming," get it?) bag of dog crap. (5/6/16)

So Larry O'Connor refused to don a sombrero at Hot Air cinco de mayo party out of fear of reprisals: the terrorists have won! (5/6/16)

RE: Cumulus CEO Mary Berner and WRQX "turnaround"... Unicorns farting rainbows. (5/6/16)

Former DC kiddie show icon Pick Temple's Kensington home goes on the market: www.washingtonpost.com (5/6/16)

So Radio One is going to both own a casino and take ads from a casino. Doubling down on the income. Their PIF should keep a team of lawyers busy. (5/6/16)

I'll tell yew whut ... Fantasy QB'ing much like the long and detailed posting set forth by UCS is what the DCRTV Mailbag needs more of. Far too many participants (or just lots of postings by the same three guys) put up rants filled with moaning and groaning and no substantive suggestions or ideas, beyond "bring back WHFS". My own grand - though impractical - idea for DC radio would be to LMA four marginal AM stations handling the approximate compass points leading into town and simulcast a local Classic/Oldies format on all. Each one takes local traffic and weather breaks relevant to their signal locations and super-serves their close-in advertiser base. Jocks would be live, local and DC-centric, and the entire operation targets professional men & women 35 to 60 that commute to the Greater DC area. Stations best suited to the task - after possible necessary tech upgrades - would be WCRW (North/NorthWest), WACA (North), WURA (South) and WWRC (East/Southeast). Does this sound like what MHZ Networks is trying to do? Yeah, a little. But it'd be fun to try it my way. If I hit the Powerball, that would just be "found money" and I'd happily throw $2M at this for one year, just to see what would happen. (5/6/16)

On the topic of AM stations near DC: if WILC 900 AM Laurel MD ever gets tired of its slogan "Romantica Siente tu Musica", they could easily go with "Pequeño Pato de Color Rojo" ("The Little Red Duck"). Check out the station's daytime pattern. (5/6/16)

Did new Cumulus CEO Mary Berner just say that WRQX is ‘turned around” on the earnings call yesterday? That’s the best you got? A station that ranks below the top 15, and is soundly beaten by all its format competitors is not “turned around”. A turnaround is moving a station from second tier to first tier or second ten to top ten. The former CEO cited the same turnaround in DC multiple times during his last year on the earnings calls. WRQX is a definitive last in the ratings when compared to its format competition. WRQX is a definitive last in revenue when compared to its format competition. WRQX is the only major FM in Washington DC that actually loses money which is very hard to do. This was like saying a baseball team has turned it around because they finished in last place, but instead of 40 games out of first place like the previous year, they were only 30 games out of first place this year! Last is Last. I don’t know who is making the decisions for WRQX these days, but it is safe to say a gorilla with a notebook and a pencil would do a lot better. Signed, Anonymous (5/6/16)

Because I no longer make the daily trek to 4400 Jenifer St. N.W., I'll do some armchair quarterbacking of a competitor, namely Cumeuless Washington. And, were I their Market SVP/GM (that's what we call them), what I would do to fix things. First, the AM. I would do one thing they’ve done that's still in process. Sell the transmitter site. Yeah, it would've bothered me from a historic, nostalgic, and open spaces perspective. Having grown up in farming country, that's still important to me. But, face it, the land is worth more than the license. So, I would've bought into being diplexed with 570 in Germantown. But, I would take it one step further. I would seek afterward to sell the AM for the highest price I could get for my company. Who would buy? Perhaps Salem, Family Stations, or another religious or Christian broadcaster. (Both Salem and Family have a history of being successful with once-great AM’s that have fallen on hard times. The neutering of WAMD by Salem excluded, of course.) Perhaps Hubbard. Or, someone specializing in ethnic or brokered formats. Before selling the AM, I would shift the WMAL format to... 107.3! A much better signal than 105.9.. And, blowing-up the music format would be the kindest thing to do to 107.3. I would make some changes. “Mornings on the Mall” would go. I would pair Harvey with Brian, and the rest of the “Jack Diamond” team. It's called “E & E” - Entertain and Engage. The show could be called “Jack Diamond and Friends”, or something like that. As obnoxious as he is, I would keep Chris Plante where he is. He does an excellent job at what he's supposed to do: Create and retain a loyal audience. I would also buck Corporate and try getting a local origination competent and entertaining conservative host for PM drive. That might mean moving a voice in from another city. But, I would have them move here. No remoting-in from God knows where. I'd look for an “Austin Hill” or “Bruce Williams” type of host. Perhaps a woman to liven things up. As an example, I like Tammy Bruce, Sarah Cupp, Sarah Durand, Scottie Hughes, Jodi Miller, Anna Marie Murrell, April Gregory, Bettina Inclan, Lila Rose, Katie Kieffer, Jedediah Bila, Dana Loeesch, or Kayleigh McEnany. Notice I mentioned only one WMAL alum, Ms. Bruce. I'd really prefer someone who would “grow” with a station that itself would be growing and stay instead of being another notch on a resume. Also, once the format went FM-only, the WMAL call would vanish from the AM. Yeah, I know... history. I'd throw a big zero-budget (We're talking Cumeuless, here...) public blow-out/wake for WMAL-AM. The AM would get some anonymous call and a low-overhead/high margin format until sold. Why sell the AM? To send cash to Corporate. At my level, that kind of “resource re-purposing” makes for a better bonus, if there is one to be had at all. (Right now, the only bonus we get is still being employed at the end of the day.) By itself, the AM would likely be negative cash flow. And, there are few formats that meet the financials I would want. So, it would go. As for 105.9, I would go with a corporate Classic Hits format, perhaps live at drive. And, for God's Sake, don't even mention “True Oldies”! The net result would be a profitable and prestigious two-station “Micro Cluster”, if you will, in a high-ranked medium market. Can it be done? Hubbard proves it every day with essentially two stations. One of which could go online-only outside of drive and still be super-profitable. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (5/6/16)

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Doesn't WASH do commercial free hours every weekday at 8 AM and 10 AM? All stations give away cash at some point during the year, whether it is a national contest or local contest. (5/5/16)

One of WMAL’s Chris Plante’s most hated Washington Post writers Dana Milbank will be literally be eating his own words now that Trump is the nominee: “A promise is a promise: Trump is the GOP nominee and I will literally eat my words”. Milbank even has a poll for what the newspaper should be served with: what an idiot. More: www.washingtonpost.com (5/5/16)

WKHZ AM 1460 Easton MD has filed for another STA extension. They’re still listed as having the FM translator 104.3 in Ocean Pines, but that ended long ago. 104.3 Ocean Pines, MD is now WIJK 1590 exclusively. No word on the 105.1 translators on Delmarva. There were two. one operated by WRJE AM 1600, now deleted, and assume the translator as well, although their outdated websites disagree. The other 105.1 FM, WIJK’s is now a mystery. No clue. It’s part of the Adams Radio sale package, but doesn’t exist as in not on the air for awhile. Not even sure if the license is valid. Is this why that sale transaction has not been approved by the FCC? One wonders. (5/5/16)

Cash giveaways may be dated strategy but commercial free hours still work. You can look that up (assuming you have access). As for the demise of WRQX - that began before Cumulus was on the scene...it dates back to Citadel. (5/5/16)

I see the great and powerful Jack Diamond is lagging behind WRQX 6+. He may make it through his contract, but he'll never be where he was in the early 90's. As far as Tommy McFly asking CBS for more money to ward off the return of JD, if he can't beat Jack Freakin' Diamond, no amount of money is gonna propel him over Jack. It shouldn't even be a challenge for someone 30-something years his junior. Tommy is GREAT at building his personal brand and getting some TV, but it appears it never has made him a ratings ICON in DC. He's always existed in the squishy middle: not big and yet not at the bottom of the pile either. (5/5/16)

RE WRQX: Giving away money, and commercial free hours is a dated strategy. This may have worked years ago in the diary world but this is a PPM world. The content and music must be spot on to make a station successful. What good is commercial free if the music is wrong or already available on other more successful stations? In addition, commercial free is pretty easy to do when you don’t actually sell commercials because of poor demand. As for the poster blaming the demise of WRQX on Kenny King…that argument has zero merit. Kenny went kicking and screaming when Cumulus execs forced the changes that led to the demise. He fought the decisions so much he was fired. No one on the local level since Cumulus bought the station is responsible. Corporate Cumulus is, and was the culprit, and there is only one measuring stick in radio and that is the Miller Kaplan revenue report and WRQX is ranked last. Signed, Anonymous (5/5/16)

So much hate for WRQX. First, I agree with the other poster that everyone inside the industry thought that changing the station to CHR was a dumb idea. Second, the station is in turn-around mode. Of course its Miller-Kaplans are low. That...is...why...they...changed...back...to...Hot AC. Third, we could show you ratings improvement in certain demos for Jack and the station but Nielsen would not like that and Dave could get into trouble for publishing them. (5/5/16)

Tribune Publishing rejects Gannett's bid: “Tribune Publishing, which owns the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and nine other daily newspapers, said Wednesday its board of directors has rejected Gannett's $815 million offer to buy the company. Tribune Publishing’s board has unanimously determined that Gannett’s opportunistic proposal understates the company’s true value and is not in the best interests of its shareholders," Tribune said in a statement.” More at www.usatoday.com (5/5/16)

RE: “Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC's DC-based "Hardball," was caught on a hot mic ogling Donald Trump's wife Melania Tuesday night. "Did you see her walk? Runway walk. My God is that good," Matthews said. "I could watch that runway show." Well, after Chris’ alleged drunken binge after his wife lost her congressional nomination race in the Democrat primary looks like he’s back on the sofa for another week! Levin clarifies: www.youtube.com (5/5/16)


iHeart is the largest radio broadcasting company in the WORLD. They also have a very large debt of $30 Billion. Many people can't imagine how large it is now. The interest they paid in the first quarter of 2016 was $649 Million. That averages out to be $2,596,000,000 per year in INTEREST! That is why they cannot pay any principal on their debt. (5/5/16)

WUSA - The station that just let a bunch of super experienced journalists go is giving away a Mercedes if you watch their news. The One and Only. (5/5/16)

iheart makes bank? - www.insideradio.com (5/5/16)

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6+ numbers don't mean shit. As a matter of fact, it's a waste of time even publishing them on here. Us "radio guys" never thought it was a good idea for WRQX to go CHR. We said this from the start that it was a dumb move. Every station adjusts it's music each week...it's called research. Some songs come back as not testing well...you drop them. Other songs come back as being tested well, you add or increase them. I have taken the time to screenshot Mediabase. If you look close, the station is a signature Hot AC. This screenshot shows the top 14... (5/4/16)

Dave's response: I'll skip the Mediabase graphics. Don't want a "lawyer letter." While the overall 6+ numbers are not the best for media buyers, they do show general trends for the armchair PDs that frequent media sites like this one.....

Following up on the post about the Eastern Shore Orioles Radio Network, the situation is indeed a shambles. I haven't found a game yet on WBEY-FM 97.9 Crisfield or 96.3/1280 WSUX Seaford, DE. WGOP-AM 540 Pocomoke City usually carries the games but not always. On Sunday they switched to the NASCAR race right in the middle of the game! I can't pick up WJDY-AM 1470 in Salisbury at my location to check but at night they are at lightbulb power anyway and the other poster indicated that the Ocean City affiliate isn't carrying the games. WGMD-FM 92.7 in Rehoboth Beach did carry the Sunday game but they will only carry the Sunday games the rest of the way. I can pick up the flagship on 105.7 well at my house but good luck if you live from Cambridge south and east or in southern Delaware. Getting the games back on 960 AM in Salisbury and 106.3 FM in Cambridge like they used to be would solve most of the issues but those stations obviously aren't interested at this point. The Nationals aren't even trying on the Eastern Shore but the Orioles need to do better for all of the fans at the beach in the summer Instead of worrying who will carry the Orioles games, 20 bucks will get you a subscription with MLB/At Bat and you can hear games not only the Orioles but all of MLB. The app is good on your computer, ipad, cell phone etc. (5/4/16)

Maybe this is fantasy land, but I still think AM ALL DIGITAL is the only future for AM radio besides Channel 6. The interference will only get worse and there are only 2 solutions, Digital with tons of redundancy to handle drop outs or moving to FM. And many of these “radio operators” are nothing but frequency squatters looking for a Golden parachute. Those stations should be taken from the owners like DC’s AM 1600 and a few other AMs around that serve no purpose or are not even maintained, let alone programmed. And I think FM should go to all digital too. Getting rid of the old analog signals significantly compacts space in the frequency. I don’t understand why the FCC is not encouraging this. HD Radio with the analog still hanging around is not the ultimate solution nor does it help AM Radio. And btw, when I said AM radio might turn into shortwave I meant more in the programing rather than the technology. (5/4/16)

"To the flamer who is trashing WRQX for their recent moves. The station is far from desperation mode. First, giving away money is a way to attract an audience. Second, so is the use of commercial free hours. Third, in a new launch (or re-launch) cume is the coin of the realm. And, to say the station has seen no ratings lift since the switch is also not accurate. Since you seem to know the industry lingo then you should also be aware that no one gives a rat's ass about 6+. To suggest that WRQX lean rhythmic is idiotic. That is not their lane. This person is also likely the one who is lauding the work Kenny King did at WRQX. If you closely examine the record you would know that he was one of the architects of the station's demise. To paraphrase the eloquent philosopher Rasheed Wallace: "Numbers don't lie" (5/4/16)" REALLY? Ever heard of The Miller-Kaplan report? It's the revenue tracker for radio stations, WRQX is at the bottom of the barrel! The revenue is below ALL of their competitors. WRQX has more sales people interviewing than actually working, and tho one's they do hire are 23 years old and stay for 6 months. So, if the numbers don't lie, then why do ALL their competitors beat them in the $ demos (Nielsen), and the actual financials (Miller-Kaplans)... you're right... those numbers NEVER lie. WRQX is on life support! (5/4/16)

So Dave overall since their recent slump, would you say that WMAL is on an upward tick: “The Washington market radio ratings for the "third week" of April. Full-day, age 12+: 1) WTOP, 2) WAMU, 3) WHUR, 4) WMMJ, 5) WASH, 6) WIHT, 7) WBIG, 8) WPRS, 9) WMAL and WPGC”. And what happens to WMAL if Cumulus goes Chapter 13? Would it be sold to say, Bloomberg? What say you DCRTVDJDAVE? Inquiring Mailbaggers want to know. (5/4/16)

Dave's response: CBS will spin off its radio division, re-christened Infinity, and it will acquire bankrupt Cumulus's stations. So, the new Infinity will have 105.9 WMAL and 107.3, the new El Zol WLZL, in addition to 94.7 WIAD, 95.5 WPGC, and 106.7 WJFK. They'll spin off 99.1 (to Bloomberg) and 107.9 (maybe to Infinity Baltimore as the new HFS).....

OK, let's discuss TV Channel 6, since there seems to be some chatter about it. (1) The VHF Lo-Band has TV Channels 2 to 6. The VHF Hi-Band has TV Channels 7 to 13. In between Channel 6 and Channel 7 are the FM Radio Band (88 MHz to 108 MHz) and the Aircraft Radio band. The UHF Band currently has TV Channels 14 to 51 (used to be 14 to 83, but the FCC cut off 70 to 83 in the late '70s or early '80s, and the FCC cut off 52 to 69 with the Digital TV Conversion in 2009). When the Auction and Repack is done, UHF will be TV Channels 14 to 29 (we lose Channels 30 to 51 no thanks to Congress and the FCC). (2) Some people want the FCC to take Channel 6 off TV and use the 6 MHz bandwidth (82 MHz to 88 MHz) to move AM Radio stations to FM Radio. A lot of things would have to occur before that to happen, chief among them is coordination with Canada and Mexico, and that could take YEARS, if ever (so WPVI in Philadelphia is safe). (3) One poster said that the AM Radio band (540 KHz to 1700 KHz) is Shortwave ~ INCORRECT ~ AM Radio is Medium Wave. Shortwave is approx. 2000 KHz to 30,000 KHz and Long Wave is approx. 200 KHz to 500 KHz. Long Wave stations are popular in Europe even though it's basically voice only; if you want music you go to AM Radio (if you're not picky about the sound quality) or FM Radio (if you are picky about the sound quality, like I am). Unsigned Retired Non-Suit. (5/4/16)

There is nothing better than being lectured to by "professional" radio people regarding my comments that WRQX is in desperation mode. While I don't have access to the demo ratings and I am not in the industry. I have been listening long enough to know some things. First of all, if WRQX was doing so well, they would not constantly be fiddling with the music every week. Second, they would have shown some growth in the 6+ ratings. Third, show me the ratings growth that Jack Diamond has provided. I would be happy to admit I'm wrong. The sad part of being lectured to by radio guys is these are the same people that thought it was a great idea to make WRQX CHR when it was one of the most successful Hot ACs in the country, and who decided to make WNEW all news when it couldn't be heard in Northern.Virginia The truth is, the last creative idea you radio guys had was in the early 80's with Mike Joseph's "Hot Hits," but keep plugging! (5/4/16)

do u know how many listeners/viewers the Wizards average per game on radio & tv? (5/4/16)

RE: "Its clear that WRQX is in desperation mode, and if ratings don't quickly improve it is destined for the Cumulus dustbin." You sir or madam have no knowledge of how radio programming or sales work. Point 1: Stations, no matter how bad they are run, ever forego ad revenue for commercial free hours. The cost of these hours is either added to the ratecard, or stopsets are doubled going in our out of the hour. Additionally, they sell entitlements. Look it up. Every major company has commercial free hours. It hooks listeners during key hours. 2) What does giving away money have to do with anything? Even number 1 stations give away cash..look at the iHeart stations, even the #1 stations give away cash each hour. It is a revenue generating promotion (once again, refer to entitlements) and generates TSL, or appointment sets. Again terms, I am sure you have no idea what they mean. 3) The music is on key for Hot AC. You obviously have no access to Mediabase, do you? Hot AC is not like it used to be...Hot AC is more adult CHR. -Steve (5/4/16)

Another one bites the dust: WMAL and The Washington Post report that Kasich cancelled an IAD presser to return to Ohio. There, he is expected to announce the end of his campaign: www.washingtonpost.com (5/4/16)

To the flamer who is trashing WRQX for their recent moves. The station is far from desperation mode. First, giving away money is a way to attract an audience. Second, so is the use of commercial free hours. Third, in a new launch (or re-launch) cume is the coin of the realm. And, to say the station has seen no ratings lift since the switch is also not accurate. Since you seem to know the industry lingo then you should also be aware that no one gives a rat's ass about 6+. To suggest that WRQX lean rhythmic is idiotic. That is not their lane. This person is also likely the one who is lauding the work Kenny King did at WRQX. If you closely examine the record you would know that he was one of the architects of the station's demise. To paraphrase the eloquent philosopher Rasheed Wallace: "Numbers don't lie" (5/4/16)

Yuck: WMAL talker Mark Levin says FNC will be “rubbing their own faces in their own feces” for tacitly supporting Donaldo Trumpo. On his show Tuesday night as the election results came in showing Trump the winner in Indiana, Levin threw a hissy fit, saying of FNC: “You’re not a not a news channel anymore. You’re the Fox channel.” Levin, who has his own internet television show available for nearly $70 a month used to be a regular on the Sean Hannishitty Show but no more. Now Levin has good reason to trash FNC: self-profit. More: www.breitbart.com (5/4/16)

Did someone mention Dan Bongino? Dan, being Josh Duggar’s BFF? Background. The Duggars mission was simple; create a media empire (TV, books, radio appearances, political rallies) which will allow them a showcase for the (white) American evangelicals that having lots of kids, raising those kids to be evangelicals, not sending them to college, and training them to vote "conservative," when the reach the age of majority, when they be was the best way possible to raise kids, and will ultimately save this country from the non-conservatives. Unfortunately, access for all women to Health insurance subsidized birth control, (not “government paid for”), would get in the way of this master plan to take back this country. So, Jim Bob, Michelle, Josh and the lesser Duggars went into action. They campaigned for Huckabee and Santorum in 2008 and 2012 respectively. Both those candidates wanted more dialogue on birth control, and both talked about the physical and moral dangers of birth control, especially the pill. The Duggars campaigned for Ken Cuccinelli and other “social conservatives” in 2013, and they supported Hobby Lobby’s nonscientific based view of the pill being an “aborticide.” So, in walks Dan Bongino and his WMAL weekend show, giving this scientific nonsense a legitimate forum by hosting Josh Duggar to discuss “the pill” in May of 2015. Keep in mind, Josh Duggar at the time was a used car salesman turned family advocate, not a doctor, scientist, public policy expert, or even an economist. The fact is the pill is a health benefit for a plurality of women, ask any GYN. But, Dan Bongino, on WMAL, gave an uneducated used car salesman a forum on Dan’s radio show to spout anti-women’s health nonsense. And, Josh Duggar did spout nonsense. Do we need people like Dan Bongino, who ignore science for political gain in the United States? Is it a good thing to have men in Congress like Dan Bongino questioning basic science when it comes to women’s health? These are decisions Maryland voters already made, and said “no” to, and Florida voters may have to wrestle with in 2018. Dan Bongino and his “conservative values” screwed up in May of 2015 by giving a platform and credence to the views of Josh Duggar on women’s issues. Anyone with any real knowledge on the subject of women’s health and contraceptives would have never hosted a used car salesman to discuss women’s healthcare, and the pill’s medical problems, on a DC radio station. But hey, Dan Bongino did just that, and called Josh Duggar “my friend” in the process. Josh Duggar’s objective, using Dan Bongino’s radio show as a platform, was to have Josh Duggar’s religious beliefs trump science, and squelch women’s rights for family planning. But, as long as Josh Duggar is “a true Conservative,” Dan the Flam gave him a welcoming stage. On a related note, Dan, George Will is not a medical doctor. To quote George Will’s stand on “the pill” as “science,” in supporting Josh Duggar’s claims, was inexcusable. Dan made the decision to give Josh Duggar’s view on women’s health a platform, and he called Josh Duggar “my friend” in the process. I am holding you accountable for your words and actions, Dan Bongino. You called Josh Duggar “My friend,” Dan, you now own it. (5/4/16)

Following up on the post about the Eastern Shore Orioles Radio Network, the situation is indeed a shambles. I haven't found a game yet on WBEY-FM 97.9 Crisfield or 96.3/1280 WSUX Seaford, DE. WGOP-AM 540 Pocomoke City usually carries the games but not always. On Sunday they switched to the NASCAR race right in the middle of the game! I can't pick up WJDY-AM 1470 in Salisbury at my location to check but at night they are at lightbulb power anyway and the other poster indicated that the Ocean City affiliate isn't carrying the games. WGMD-FM 92.7 in Rehoboth Beach did carry the Sunday game but they will only carry the Sunday games the rest of the way. I can pick up the flagship on 105.7 well at my house but good luck if you live from Cambridge south and east or in southern Delaware. Getting the games back on 960 AM in Salisbury and 106.3 FM in Cambridge like they used to be would solve most of the issues but those stations obviously aren't interested at this point. The Nationals aren't even trying on the Eastern Shore but the Orioles need to do better for all of the fans at the beach in the summer. (5/4/16)

Happy Birthday today to WJFK Junkie Jason Bishop aka “Lurch”: as King of Ashburn he plans to celebrate his birthday there on Cinco De Mayo at Uncle Julios. Can’t make this stuff up. Say Happy Birthday to him there Thursday... (5/4/16)

Its clear that WRQX is in desperation mode, and if ratings don't quickly improve it is destined for the Cumulus dustbin. How do we know this? First, it is constantly giving away money: Second it is forgoing advertising revenues with many commercial-free hours per day: Third is a new focus on recurrent music, literally playing hits from 6 months ago in power rotation to be as familiar as humanly possible trying to increase cume in the short-term (while sacrificing time spent listening). However, there is little evidence the plan is working. The station has been Hot AC for more than 6 months now with no ratings lift. Moreover, the great Jack Diamond experiment has apparently failed. He would be so much better suited to a classic hits format that it seems just crazy the station doesn't move in that direction. If it stays Hot AC, how about moving in a Rhythmic direction or even going the other way and adding some AAA hits. Anything that would distinguish it from the other contemporary stations and give it a unique identity would have to be better ratings-wise than playing burned out Taylor Swift songs over and over. (5/4/16)

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While I don't listen to Mr. Plante anymore, he's right about the Secret Service. Foreign national prostitutes overnighting in hotel rooms full of equipment during protective missions, ammunition left in hotel room across from White House (and what jellohead leaves one round behind?), drunkass drunkard Secret Service agents driving through a crime scene right outside the White House then trying to cover it up.... Gus in Gaithersburg (5/3/16)

WRQX is building a house in the ratings neighborhood of 17-19th place. WMAL fighting to get back into Top 10. While CUMULUS CEO is preparing a Bankruptcy speech, clients should be wary of advertising with properties who are getting no support from their corporate parent. How can a radio station be intelligent in advertising, when it's own property is a crumbling disaster. You can make a clients business improve, but are incapable of improving your own business?! No Thanks, I'll go with a winning station, that has had a long term winning strategy. #NeverCumulus (5/3/16)

Both 93.5 The Beach and 107.7 FM, now country I think, will be program testing at a much higher power soon, so those on the eastern shore and taking trip over the bridge should notice the better coverage. After having a look at the Orioles Radio Network, they better make contact with some of those listed stations because a lot of them on the eastern shore are NOT carrying The Birds. After losing the Orioles from WNAV 1430AM, 980AM DC, and `105.7 The Fan in Baltimore, no Salisbury or Easton station had the game on, not even WTGM 960 which does FOX Sports NASCAR on the weekends. And the stations listed near Ocean City, Vince Klepak’s old AM 1590 and 104.3 also didn’t carry the game, but guess who did? Not listed on the Orioles Radio Network, Birach’s WGOP AM 540 came to the rescue. Yep, they seem to be one of the more reliable Orioles stations on the shore from my short experience, except for the 20 minutes of dead air. :-) (5/3/16)

I have a question I’ve never seen answered to talked about. Let’s say the entire AM band moves to Channel 6. What could the AM band be re-purposed for? More shortwave? Neighborhood radio? Would the cell companies be interested? With all the analog interference from other devices, I couldn’t imagine anything non-digital surviving on the frequency space. Speaking of driving out of the city, even that isn’t so true anymore. Even at the beach, you would think no interference right? Wrong. All the power for everyone on the beach runs on high power lines running up/down Coastal Highway up into Delaware and back. You cannot listen to practically anything on the AM dial while driving near the beach even. Most major suburban communities now have such same above ground electrical wires. Only when I’m driving out in the country or away from the wires or they’re buried underground with natural shielding does this not happen. Since we’re not going to really start using less electricity (forget that fantasy world), interference will only get worse on the AM band. If you have an AM radio though ever on the beach itself, near the water, try it. You’ll be amazed what stations you pick up even daytime from the salt water path. New York to Norfolk easily. (5/3/16)

WMAL’s Rush Limbaugh today correctly called the Trump supporter in Indiana an “idiot” and “brain dead” for the way he conducted himself with Ted Cruz: the guy looks like something out of “Deliverance” as do his buddies. Rush as Levin and others may be joining the ranks of anti-Trump pro-Cruz supporters. CNN reports: www.cnn.com (5/3/16)

It sure looks like one of your posters has a grudge against WKCW. They asked, "why don't they use their aux transmitter"? Many small AM Stations cannot afford to have a back us aux. transmitter. They have trouble just existing. (5/3/16)

I beg to differ with the comment on Sheehan being the best on ESPN 980. He might be the weakest of a whole bunch of weak broadcasters. Cooley would top that list. Put him with Sheehan and that spells disaster! One good move by the station was to bring back Thomm Lovero who in the opinion of most so called experts, was and is the best voice of reason on the station. There really is nothing to listen to on that station and thats why 106.7 The Fan has much more appeal. (5/3/16)

A posted said about my earlier WKCW post "...Or is this the point where you go mute?" That's correct. My involvement is simply helping a friend keep his radio station on the air. However, I'm happy to answer most questions. (5/3/16)

Re: "Is there a Black Man [wandering] around in the White House? How did he get in? Who let him in? Bad Joke on WMAL!" It was NOT a bad joke. It was Chris Plante pointing out the ineptitude of the Secret Service. It was just another way for Plante (and WMAL/Bill Hess ) to show how much they disdain anyone who serves this country: the military, government employees, the law enforcement, and now the US Secret Service. It was also a swipe at the most famous Secret Service agent Dan Bongino who Plante has absolutely no respect for. Either the above is true, or Plante is a racist. And until Bill Hess tells us differently, I am going with Plante/WMAL/Hess hates those who serve. (5/3/16)

RE: Chris Cooley. He is strong on football. He is also a very weak and an ill prepared broadcaster. He really sounds like a college kid on the air who grew up on a mountain somewhere. We all know he is on the air because of Snyder. This is good for Redskin season but nothing else. They don’t care and Doc Walker is evidence of that! Feel sorry for professionals like Galdi and Sheehan. Cooley really has nothing to offer that is different than the has been drunk at the bar in unwashed clothes and gets divorced three times before he is 40 and thinks that is funny. It is funny for a beer or two but then you move on. Signed, Anonymous (5/3/16)

The Washington Post reports that one might not want to wear a hijab when at Starbucks. No report what might happen if one looks like DCRTVDJDAVE but he might want to stay out of the restroom: www.washingtonpost.com (5/3/16)

Chris Cooley is strong on football. After years in the game, he knows his X's and O's. But he has no depth (or apparent interest) in other sports. Kevin Sheehan, who may be ESPN 980's best all-around talent, is going to have to work very hard to keep the conversation moving on the new show. (5/3/16)

iHeart trial is coming up on 5/16/16. Their senior note holders say that they are now in default on their debt of $20.9 Billion. If the lenders win in court, then iHeart must restructure some of their debt. The stock price is $1.12 per share. (5/3/16)

Relax, Chuckles. No one's looking to cause trouble with the owner of WKCW, and Im not exactly sure how you extrapolated that idea from earlier comments. But if someone runs a radio station - "licensed as a public trustee to serve the public interest" - shouldn't someone at said station respond to public inquiry, whether the owner, manager or appointed representative? Since the owner of record is based in Fairfax City on Chain Bridge Road, that's the primary point of contact - knocking, phoning or emailing - before embarking on a fruitless hike to Warrenton. Since you raised the vocal objection and invoked the first epithet, tell us what your connection to the facility is. Or is this the point where you go mute? (5/3/16)

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Someone said "...if you know this to be fact..." regarding KCW's transmitter problems. Yes, it's a fact. And regarding your inquiry of the aux transmitter, that baby is toast as well. If you want to make trouble for the owner by saying "knocks on the door go ignored every day" (as if you are on Hunton Street every day...)have at it. Get it turned off, apply for the license and do better. Until then, Have a Happy Day! (5/2/16)

Jack is getting the blame for no success at 107.3FM . New PD wants a spy in the studio. Current afternoon DJ is preferred to take over as PD, among many. Music is a mess. Sales are stuck in the gutter. Promotions/Contests are tired, same old thing from 2 decades. "MIX" continues to get beaten by HOT/WASH/FRESH... Can't even top ZOL on a weekly basis. It's Christmas, everyday, for people like Kenny King, who managed an unstoppable station. It's just a faint, tired shadow if itself, now. (5/2/16)

"Did it ever occur to you that maybe the transmitter was broken or awaiting new parts? Try being compassionate instead of being an asshole." ----- You may want to get a refund from that etiquette school you attended, Mooner. When was the last time anyone on this list was compassionate towards an AM radio station? Especially WKCW where phonecalls, emails and knocks on the door go ignored every day. My comment is about as neutral as its going to get. As for repairs, if you know this to be fact, what kept WKCW frrom firing up its Aux transmitter? And if that WAS the Aux transmitter we were listening to, then that stick's got a lot more problems than they're owning up to. (5/2/16)

insidemusicmedia.com - The April 29th story highlights the rash of Lawsuits about to hit Cumulus. Looks like you need to be a member, but you can read the highlights without membership. Cumulus continues it's nasty business practices. If you're considering a lawsuit against them... better get on it before they have Bankruptcy protection... Bankruptcy IS coming to Cumulus.(5/2/16)

RE: “Another "Nerd Prom" - 5/1 - Dubbed the "Nerd Prom," journalists, politicians, and entertainers came together Saturday night to poke fun of each other at the annual Washington Correspondents' Association Dinner. Comedy Central's Larry Wilmore delivered the keynote comedy monologue.” Omitted from DCRTVDJDAVE’s report (probably because it’s a family friendly web site) were Wilmore’s parting words to Obambi. Suffice it to say that his final word rhymes with “Bigger”: www.eurweb.com (5/2/16)

WTOP’s great writer/editor Kelley Vlahos nails it with her recap of the Grim/Watters boxing match after the WHCD Saturday where at the PMSNBC post event party at the “Institute of Peace” they went several rounds: Fox News vs. Huffington post was a knock out for Watters. Vlahos details: wtop.com (5/2/16)

Looky, the WKCW apologist is back: { Did it ever occur to you that maybe the transmitter was broken or awaiting new parts? } Are you the same guy who said KCW was off the air during the blizzard because they couldn't find a shovel? Now they need a shovel and a parts kit, plus an engineer. Put that on your FCC-wants-me-to-do list. { Try being compassionate instead of being an... *hole. It just might improve your life.} How would you know? You first, Mr "Compassion." Doesn't your station exist solely to run a noontime church program? Grow up and act the part. (5/2/16)

First 950 AM drops Radio Zindagi, then simulcasts some Korean religious west coaster for several days, then flips to a jockless pop music/standards groove for a couple days, and in between all that including today has been the now legendary silent humming carrier. 950 AM’s really in limbo. How low can they go? KOF (5/2/16)

Somebody said "Also, it looks like someone found the Raise/Lower button on the transmitter at WKCW -- the station is back at full bore and can be clearly heard here..." Did it ever occur to you that maybe the transmitter was broken or awaiting new parts? Try being compassionate instead of being an asshole. It just might improve your life. (5/2/16)

I have a couple of questions: 1) Does Neilsen aggregate OTA ratings from connected TVs? 2) Where do you find the ratings for the various dayparts in the DMV? P.S. Seems like Hulu is set to offer packages of cable channels streaming online. From, Amar (5/2/16)

Oh boy….it’s May. So now we get bombarded (in the Baltimore market) with spots all over the AM and FM dials for “Mike and Molly”, “ Modern Family”, ”Wheel”, “Jeopardy”, “Feud”, and seemingly any other syndicated evening program, plus the local Fox News Programs. Question for mailbag experts. Does Sinclair pay full ad rates for these spots, or is there some type of trade-off involved ? By next week, I’ll be changing stations as soon as any of those annoying ads start. (5/2/16)

Dave's response: Lotsa DC market scary radio spots, too, from Sinclair's WJLA about consumer horrors found by "7 On Your Side".....

I think that the FCC is waiting to take Ch.6 out of the TV spectrum until they see how this repacking work. It is lightly used now but it might be a partial solution to the problem. It is good to see AM broadcasters at least being open about their desire tog et this spectrum though. And repurposing it in that manner is definitely something for the FCC to consider. (5/2/16)

On the ongoing topic of the Joys of AM Radio: Twice in the past 15 days before 7:30 AM, WFIR 960 out of Roanoke was heard in Annandale, with a signal more robust than that offered by 1260 WWRC, just up the road. Also, it looks like someone found the Raise/Lower button on the transmitter at WKCW -- the station is back at full bore and can be clearly heard here. (5/2/16)

How come there is no outcry from the NAB, FCC et al, to build better computers and cellphone power supplies? That's where the noise is coming from. (5/2/16)

AM radio began to be unlistenable once Harden & Weaver, Tom Gauger, Trumbull & Core, Felix Grant and Bill Mayhugh stopped being frequently heard on WMAL AM63. That moment marked the beginning of the end on the AM dial, in DC anyway. (5/2/16)

Dave's response: How about the early 1970s when WPGC became one of the first "top 40" outlets anywhere to get big ratings on FM.....

Is there a Black Man wondering around in the White House? How did he get in? Who let him in? Bad Joke on WMAL! (5/2/16)

There is a lot of discussion on AM Radio on DCRTV. Do you realize that only 4% of all radio listening in DC in now on AM Radio. 96% of all listening is now on FM. That is not the way it is in all markets. Remember when WMAL 630 AM was the number one station in DC. Without their FM Station they would be gone today. There are only a couple of AM Stations that are strong enough to cover the entire market. The interference is so bad now that you cannot listen to AM in your home or apartment. You can still get it on your car radio. Almost all the AM stations in this market must reduce their power at night or have a directional signal where you can only hear it in part of this market. (5/2/16)

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Burt in Rio Rancho said, "Like most of us now i either listen on the computer or a mobible device." No modern-day Evangelical would hit the road without his Mobible! (Darn! I was going to copyright it until I found it's an Android app.) (5/1/16)

When the entire AM band fom 530 to 1710 kHz is awash in buzz, hum and noise, to the point where legitimate radio signals are swamped and completely inaudible, it will then be dead. Not a moment sooner. I agree that AM stations need help, and that current owners are accountable for the technical shortcomings of their properties. But drive 15 miles out of DC and the dial opens up nicely. You cannot apply what happens here as a general indictment against the AM dial everywhere in the US. (5/1/16)

I had to chuckle in agreement with the mildly sarcastic criticism of Rick Fowler made by a commentator on the 30th, who noted that on "Weekend Update" paid 15 minute ads now masquerade as interviews. But I'll be a little more critical: if WMAL continues to ruin "Update" with ads instead of commentary, I'll stop listening. (5/1/16)

[RE: But the problem with AM radio today is that in most major metro areas, ...interference from various computer and phone devices & CFL bulbs... & power lines, makes AM radio virtually unlistenable to the average home anymore...] I have always wondered about this. This might not be the cure all for AM, but it makes sense. AM radio is only good in the care it seems, too much interference otherwise. I have 2 radios in my house and neither do well with AM. Like most of us now i either listen on the computer or a mobible device. Burt in Rio Rancho, NM (5/1/16)

A previous poster has a good solution for the AM problem. There is so much interference now with AM that it is DEAD. Use the Channel 6 Band Slots to relocate the spectrum. For every AM Station that turns in their license, they would receive one of the Channel 6 Band Slots. This would be an advantage over what they have now. (5/1/16)

To the person who thinks a web stream is the answer for AM radio woes: That might help, but IT ISN'T RADIO. It is just another source of web audio among millions. Over the air radio is a local business, at least at the tail end of the corporate conveyor belt, and derives its value from its unique RF footprint. A stream goes almost everywhere in the world (short of geofencing, which has never seemed to catch on). That basic conflict requires different marketing and advertiser massaging. Besides, I've heard very few web streams which match the complexity and (potential) audio quality that broadcast processing can (can!) deliver. My august advice: Give AM stations TV channel 6 band slots which replicate their present coverage, surrender the present AM band back to the government and stop badmouthing analog FM stations, which can sound every bit as good as the PPM-carrying listeners of all ages will like. -P of the AW (5/1/16)

Regarding WMAL and the timeline for its occupation of the 7115 Greentree Road (Bethesda) AM transmitter site: That was the location for all the main daypart music programs from 1960 until the summer of 1973, when operations moved to 4400 Jenifer St. NW in DC. In the Greentree years the newscasts came from a union-operated booth in the Channel 7 "ice palace" at 4461 Connecticut Ave. NW via telco-supplied equalized program lines. WMAL-FM (the "Soft Explosion" format) studios were also with Channel 7 on Connecticut Ave. but their music automation was located out at Greentree so that the FM station could avoid having to pay anyone during overnight shifts. We overnight NABET union engineers at Greentree would take liberties with the FM playlist, sticking our favorite carts in the playback decks. Nobody seemed to mind. That was the summer Stevie Wonder's "Sir Duke" was new, so one of our techs gave it a really, really big rotation. P of the AW (5/1/16)

The Washington Post’s Emily Heil aka “The Reliable Source” reports at the “Institute for Peace” post WHCD event that you gotta fight for your right to party: “Nerdy fight breaks out at WHCD after party between Fox News and Huffington Post reporters”. Heil reports (at 4:44 AM) that “For an event held at the soaring U.S. Institute of Peace building in Foggy Bottom, the swanky after party hosted by MSNBC following the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner sure saw some conflict. In the early-morning hours of Sunday, a scuffle broke out between Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters and Ryan Grim, the Huffington Post’s Washington bureau chief. The fight — unusual among a tuxedo-clad crowd more used to venting their differences with Twitter snarks — briefly caused ripples in the party, where political staffers and journalists were grooving to tunes spun by DJ Biz Markie and noshing on mini servings of chili cheese fries. Here’s how it went down, per several witness: Grim and Watters were among a group located in a heated tent just outside the main party area. The two apparently don’t have a personal relationship, but Grim realized who Watters was and recalled a beef he had with the “O’Reilly Factor” correspondent that dated back to 2009, when Watters, known as an “ambush journalist,” had engineered an on-camera confrontation of writer Amanda Terkel, now a HuffPo colleague of Grim. Terkel’s account of the incident was headlined “I Was Followed, Harassed, And Ambushed By Bill O’Reilly’s Producer.” My favorite quote from Heil’s report: “Punches were definitely thrown,” said one witness.” As Austin Powers might say: “Oh, behave”. More: www.washingtonpost.com (5/1/16)

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[RE: But the problem with AM radio today is that in most major metro areas, ...interference from various computer and phone devices & CFL bulbs... & power lines, makes AM radio virtually unlistenable to the average home anymore. I can’t think of any technical way to turn this around.] I can. They're called webstreams. Almost every AM station with programming worth listening to has one. So: use AM radio in the car, on the road away from interference, and webstreams at home with increased fidelity and no interference. Other than the political appeasement of existing AM owners, there's no real need for any AM "Revitalization" program. By using what's available to us, the FCC can reallocate spectrum to serve the devices consumers really want to use, and old-technology fans can still get their fix. Only entrenched broadcasters will have to update. That's called 'the cost of doing business.' (4/30/16)

Last new company-built computer I bought for myself was in 2002. After that, it became cheaper and more efficient for me to buy parts and construct my own, based on my need -- multimedia computers need a lot of horsepower, home servers can be as feeble as a Pentium 4. And they work on a mix of Windows 7, AVLinux, Ubuntu Server and FreeDOS, depending on task. The DIY route isn't for everyone, and the best you can do is coax maximum performance out of the hardware you already have. But I hope somewhere along the line, everyone gets their stuff running to their satisfaction and the folks at WBOC have been definitively told what platform(s) their page isn't working well with. --- Rolling Valley Radio (4/30/16)

Hey just discovered your website and the story and photos of the inside of the old WMAL transmitter building on Greentree Road..... I'm going to join up... Very interesting site.... and I've looked around and found a fews vids on Frank Harden (still living I believe).... Do you know the last year they used that building (the transmitter building) for Harden and Weavers broadcast? Just loved them... I know Jackson died in 1992... Love to hear from you... Bill.... Thanks Dave. (4/30/16)

WMAL talkers like Rush and Mark Levin have a great knack for seguing into an ad from content: one moment they are trashing liberals the next moment they are hacking blinds, flowers or gold. But we have to hand it to WMAL’s Rick Fowler whose Saturday morning show just out and out “interviews” a client who runs ads on the station: not that there is anything wrong with that. This morning he went from interviewing K.T. McFarland to interviewing a member of regular WMAL sponsor Cascades Dental’s “team.” Well done Rick! (4/30/16)

The Nationals have priority over Capitals regular season games on 106.7 while Capitals playoff games have priority over the Nationals there. Any games subject to preemption off 106.7 are carried via 99.1. Unfortunately, neither 99.1 nor 1500 fully propagate in the Northern Virginia suburbs. 99.1 used to be simulcast via 94.7 HD2 but that was lost when 99.1 flipped formats to Bloomberg. 1500 does have a simulcast via 107.7 HD2 that more distant NoVA residents with HD radios may be able to receive. Everett W. (4/30/16)

Today is Millie's Mellow Moment radio host Millie Ware last day on WPFW 89.3 radio station in DC the only listeners supported station in the area. Info by Mr. LaGrand and Millie Ware time slot was from 5 to 7 am Saturday. (4/30/16)

While driving back from Florida along I-95 through areas with few strong local AM station, I could easily pick up AM 1500 and WBAL 1090 too in Georgia as well as the NYC Class A radio stations as well as Boston & elsewhere too. Had my pick of baseball games. But the problem with AM radio today is that in most major metro areas, the interference that the FCC has allowed from various computer and phone devices & CFL bulbs (thanks to Obama/Bush), along with above ground power lines, makes AM radio virtually unlistenable to the average home anymore. I can’t think of any technical way to turn this around. Without creating Cuban style 100,000 watt blowtorches or a technology interest in Digital AM, the future will not get better even with the FCC AM Revitalization Plan. If anything, it causes more harm than good. The perfect solution would be for the FCC to open up Channel 6 for FM use, but they won’t. They’re too busy auctioning off spectrum for more interference on AM radio for profit I might add! Haha! But don’t laugh, none is going to the deficit. (4/30/16)

Nationals Radio... Glad the games are on 1500am... Station can be heard in Baltimore and at the Beaches. Even better at night. I have listened to the Nats in Florida and Upstate New York at night... No need to had a lot of station when the games are on 50,000 watt 1500 am... Patrick Pesrtree (4/30/16)

RE: “Trump will not get any of the Hispanic vote in Northern Virginia. There are thousands of Hispanics here in Manassas, Herndon, Reston and Fairfax County.” Gee, I dunno: just saw on The Drudge Report the header “Rush to naturalize immigrant voters before election...” so Rush Limbaugh is trying to help “Hispanics” out becoming citizens. And then there’s this header where Trump is trying to register Hispanics as well: “Trump prompts rush to citizenship”. I think conservatives are warming to Hispanics: www.pe.com (4/30/16)

This is to the poster who said (on 4/28/16) "I've recommended PCs for people too and I wouldn't wish a DELL on my worst enemy!" I hate to break the news to you, but did you know that DELL and HP are the best sellers for PCs? You know why? Because both Companies have products of HIGH QUALITY, whether it is Computers, Printers, or Accessories. I'd bet that the Computers that DCRTV Dave has are either DELL or HP. My Computer is a 2013 DELL, Inspiron 3646. Originally, it had Windows 8.1, but I upgraded to Windows 10 when it came out, and I have NO PROBLEMS with it. I'm very satisfied with it, so I'm in DELL HEAVEN. Unsigned Retired NonSuit. (4/30/16)

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It’s that awkward moment when a bunch of GEEZERS get into an argument about who has the oldest machine that will work with a website! Even the weather gal is out of date, missed Windows 10! Does anybody here do regular updates? The WBOC.com website also works on an Apple PowerMac G5 running Mac OS 10.5 Leopard and Safari 5.0.6 too! YOU GET A COOKIE! The point was it doesn’t work in the LATEST Safari 9.1.1 on the LATEST Apple Macs, me having one of them as do many people. Should I check Mac OS TIGER next? I have Panther and Jaguar too. but what’s the point? Few people are using any of these machines. But yes, WBOC.com is officially assisted living approved as certified by the DCRTV mailbag. :-) (4/29/16)

Trump will not get any of the Hispanic vote in Northern Virginia. There are thousands of Hispanics here in Manassas, Herndon, Reston and Fairfax County. He should do a commercial and tell the Hispanic voters that he is not going to deport all of them. WLZL 107.9 does not cover this area. CBS does not realize this yet. Perhaps Trump should be advertising on WTNT and WKDV both serving Northern Virginia very well. (4/29/16)

To the earlier poster griping about the Nats radio coverage, try 1500 AM. I know most people on this board have no use for AM but there is still a fair amount of sports to be heard all up and down the AM band. While 1500 doesn't have the coverage that it used to have (I recall listening to O's games on 1500 while vacationing in Georgia back in the day) it comes in pretty well on my commute from Howard to Montgomery in the evenings. Tom in Wheaton (4/29/16)

DCRTVDJDAVE’s alma matter James Madison (www.linkedin.com) is experiencing some controversy over Trump being at the university Saturday: some are also protesting Dave being the Master of Ceremonies. There were so many protestors at Trump’s appearance in Burlingame, California Friday he had to enter via the back door (As Letterman would say, “And we all know how painful that can be!”). Let’s hope Dave is safe and that he is not cut off introducing the Trumpster! More from The Odyssey Online (Dave was a Communications Arts student): theodysseyonline.com (4/29/16)

FCC news I missed (don’t search PA often)… WFSI AM 860 has managed to transfer a translator from the State College area of PA down to Baltimore on 106.9 FM from the AM 860 tower site in Essex, MD This is part of the AM revitalization plan relaxing translator rules to help AM stations. As everyone knows, Family Radio used to own WFSI 107.9 in Annapolis, now WLZL. So now they’ll be on 106.9 FM. The signal though is poor to the west and northwest, so there it will be difficult to receive even as close as Towson, and certainly not Owings Mills. — BaltoMedia.net (4/29/16)

99.1 isn’t even listed by The Washington Nationals themselves as a broadcast affiliate. It amazes how haphazard the Nats radio schedule is. How could anyone keep track of it? It’s worse than NFL TV rules! I realize DC has an NBA and NHL team, but can the Nats really not find a station that will build out a radio network for them and give them exclusivity? I mean Peter Angelos got mad at WBAL simply from the Ravens which are rarely a conflict. If CBS Radio Baltimore were to preempt the Orioles for anything, I think Asbestos Pete would pop a vein in his neck! The Lerners do not appear to be good negotiators. They got screwed my MLB, screwed by Angelos, screwed in their radio deals. You would think they would consider buying radio time in the Baltimore market just for some additional fan base. Danny Snyder has before. It’s no wonder only 19% of Marylanders are Nats fans. They’re on a Virginia radio station that you can barely get in Maryland and that’s only sometimes! Geez. When will the Lerners get their act together? (4/29/16)

DCRTV media market outlets report that Hillary Clinton’s new Trump card is her “Woman’s Card”: www.breitbart.com... But the real card she will need is: monopoly.wikia.com (4/29/16)

Just for laughs-Check the year or the OS on your 2006 Mac Pro again. I got rid of my Mid 2007 Mac Pro because the latest OS it would run was Lion 10.7.5. OSX-10.8 Came out in 2012. (4/29/16)

Did Don Geronimo "Twitter-Beg" for more paid Podcast subscribers while vacationing poolside in Maui? #MikeSorceshouldhavebeenapreacher #canihaveapassthecollectionplateAMEN (4/29/16)

FNC/”Outnumbered” Uber hot info babe Andrea Tantaros according to reports is suspended due to “contract” issues, not her support for Trump. Besides being a Foxette, since 2015 she started dating Jane's Addiction and former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Dave Navarro. More at The Examiner: www.examiner.com (4/29/16)

Bad thunderstorms passing through Charlottesville wreaked havoc with the local TV stations last night...CBS and ABC affiliates WCAV and WVAW both lost their network feeds right at 6:30. After 10-15 minutes of nothing but a black screen on both stations, WCAV started their 7pm program early (pushing CBS news to 7) while WVAW managed to join the ABC news in progress. Those two are both really bush league operations, even 12 years after going on air - I have seen WCAV lose its network feed in the middle of primetime when the weather is not nearly as bad. NBC affiliate WVIR, the established operation in town, joined the network at 6:30 no problem, plus a full set of backup affiliates (WTVR, WWBT, WRIC, WTTG) are still on the local cable.... Also, another poster asked about Nats on 99.1. Even during the Caps regular season, they take priority on 106.7 and push the Nats to 99.1 and 1500. At least you don't live here, where nominal Nats radio affiliate WCHV (107.5 and 1260) has them on the lowest rung on the ladder - first priority is Westwood One, then Wizards(!!), then Caps. (4/29/16)

The Nationals radio network is looking pretty shabby this season. No Baltimore station, no Maryland eastern shore or Delaware, no southern MD. This cannot possibly help them in the MASN lawsuit in proving greater market share. Sure DC may be a bigger market, but the Orioles are winning over a lot of that market still. See here. Nationals: washington.nationals.mlb.com vs. Orioles: baltimore.orioles.mlb.com (4/29/16)

Curious quote from the FCC's letter to Birach Broadcasting re WVAB: "It is imperative to the safety of air navigation that any prescribed painting and illumination of the station's tower shall be maintained until removed." Last I looked, the station is dark because it *doesn't have* a tower. (4/29/16)

It is not the MASN Broadcasters with the "There goes the no hitter" line. It's one broadcaster..FP Santegelo! Need I say more! (4/29/16)

It looks like the FCC is finally getting tough on Birach Broadcasting. Sure, they got another STA/Remain Silent Extension, but this time it came with a final warning of license expiration. fcc.gov (4/29/16)

The Daily Beast is reporting that twelve DC-based employees of Glenn Beck's "The Blaze" are being cut, along with layoffs in NYC and Ohio. Anyone speaking out? www.thedailybeast.com... (4/29/16)

Okay, forget the WBOC webpage, Apple Computers and browsers. Look how the clowns from Microsoft botched on-air weather reporting: www.techspot.com (4/29/16)

Are radio stocks a good investment now? For example, Cumulus is at 38 cents per share. You would be betting that it will go up. iHeart is at $1.12 per share now. If they don't go up then they will probably be worth nothing. This is legal gambling. (4/29/16)

What is the story with 99.1 carrying Nationals games? (4/29/16)

To the MASN Nationals team: Stop saying "there goes the no-hitter" when a player gets a hit in the first inning. It's really not relevant until at least the fourth inning. You're a great broadcasting crew (please update the outdated graphics and music) but you sound like amateurs when you mention that. (4/29/16)

Of note from even WJZ’s Chopper shots, the WBFF FOX 45 complex is significantly larger than WJZ 13’s CBS Baltimore facility with more than a dozen satellite dishes on the roofs of various buildings. Even WBAL TV / radio / 98 ROCK doesn’t seem bigger.. (4/29/16)

Today’s TV Hill hostage thing showed some bad things about network and syndication exclusivity. For instance on much of the eastern shore, WJZ 13’s coverage was BLACKED OUT even though it was local, not network or syndicated. Same with WBAL TV because of Ellen, which I assume wasn’t even aired. WBOC has everything blacked out on the eastern shore. WMDT has a more limited blackout, a couple shows. WRDE NBC Coast TV, as a low power TV station has no exclusivity rights under current rules so no NBC programming from WBAL TV can be blacked out on the eastern shore and I assume same with WRC TV. (4/29/16)

I see Julie Wright is back on WJLA. Thank God! The other girl is just not that good! I'm hoping the bosses there saw my comment earlier this week and had her cut her vacation short or something! (4/29/16)

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When I first heard of a hostage situation at FOX 45, my first thought was OMG, that farmer that Sinclair’s David Smith robbed of his livelihood is BACK! I would never wish any harm to anyone, but I’ll say it couldn’t have happened to a better, sleazier TV station. Glad everyone is safe and glad everyone got to see on national TV what a run-down shit hole FOX 45’s studios are! Btw, FOX News used WJZ’s video & coverage because it was better. Hehe. (4/28/16)

The alleged computer experts here are obviously all long since retired and too busy receiving their jello from the nurse, so I’ll be very specific to WBOCTV.com. The website incompatibility is with Safari 9.1.1, the current Apple build in Mac OS X 10.11.4. Build #11601.6.17. Front page either doesn’t finish loading or reloads excessively over and over or both. WBOC.com however does work correctly in the Apple Safari Technology Preview, which is a BETA release. Maybe that will help them. Nothing else here by anyone else was of any help, that’s for sure. (4/28/16)

"I will not re-copy Gus’s entire post, but that says a lot right there that he felt a need to re-copy mine. " It's called "providing context" Shortbus, but I'm certainly not going to repost your ropy strands of Chlorox-smelling long-winded nonsense from today. Suffice it to say, a professional tests the newest version, OS or application, but doesn't use it in a production environment if there's any alternative. A lot of people learned that the hard way with Windows Vista and early versions of OS X which wasn't really ready for the enterprise until 10.4. I'm familiar with your company and running a Five Guys doesn't make you a veterinarian. You sir, are an overly wordy space-hogging windbag and I bid you good day. Gus in Gaithersburg (4/28/16)

Just for laughs I loaded the WBOC site on my 2006 Mac Pro with 10.10.5 safari 9.1 worked fine for me... (4/28/16)

RE: “Earlier in the evening, before the polls closed, Chuck Todd reported that Matthews was one of three leading candidates to replace outgoing Representative Chris Van Halen. Her name was never mentioned again the remainder of the evening. Chris Matthews took the evening off from MSNBC's "Hardball" to be with his wife.” Sounds like Chris MAY (allegedly) have taken the night off not to be with his wife but returned to the bottle: www.msnbc.com (4/28/16) Sabrosa Radio is still advertising it’s on Dover’s WRJE AM 1600 and 105.1 FM (the other one on Delmarva). I don’t think the stations are on the air, but it seems to suggest they are still fighting to keep the radio stations. Hmm. www.sabrosaradio.com (4/28/16)

WBOC site works fine with slightly older Firefox browser under Linux. Take that for what its worth. (4/28/16)

The trial for iHeart lenders is on 5/16/16. These lenders hold "Priority Notes" and clam that iHeart is in default on their loans. If the court says that the lenders are correct, then they must pay up on their loans. I hear that iHeart has not paid any principal payments for eight years on their loans. How long can they go on paying just interest on their $21 Billion debt? (4/28/16)

i’ll resist a PC vs. Mac war, but I’ll say most PC users don’t even know whether a website is operating correctly or not they are so dumb! HAHA! Btw, there’s at least one mention in the mailbag from DCRTV Dave who said WBOC’s website was a bit buggy and Dave’s a PC user! So there! Btw, I have complained about problems on various websites including the Baltimore Sun, which at one point was completely unreadable. The pop-up ads literally froze your browser or your computer if you weren’t on the fastest machine. And even then, it was too annoying to even try to read it. Everyone has a tolerance point at which they will just click something off and give up trying. That’s lost business. I’ve reported the rare error on DCRTV as well. Finally, while not in this case, any error in Safari could also affect iPads and iPhones. That’s a lot of people. OH, one last thing, I’ve recommended PCs for people too and I wouldn’t wish a DELL on my worst enemy! :-) (4/28/16)

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To all the people who bitch about the Apple computers and the WBOC website I have a simple solution ~ Dump your Apple and McIntosh computers and go PC instead. I have a Dell desktop with Windows 10 and I have NO PROBLEM at all accessing or using the WBOC website. Unsigned Retired Non Suit. (4/27/16)

With Plante's jokes about a black man being evicted from public housing on January 20, 2017 yesterday, and his joke about about the Secret Service locking down the White House after seeing a black man wandering about; I wanted to share a joke with you. Here goes: A gay guy, a southern idiot, and a racist walk into a radio station. And Bill Hess says "You're Hired!" (4/27/16)

Last thoughts to the wboc.com guy. You've spent a lot of time attempting to make yourself look like some sort of awesome Mac guy with all your stats and comments. The fact remains that you are talking about a non-working web site for you on DCRTV. Nothing against DCRTV but this isn't the place to get attention from WBOC on the supposed problems you are having with their web site. A while back an employee of WBOC invited you to contact them to relay the issues you are having. Have you done that? Or does it seem better to you to continue to talk about the problem in a web forum that you say is "a thing of the past"? Lastly the latest OS is not always your best choice. As you noted my Mac is running OS X 10.9.5. Haven't had an issue with the OS or the computer since I bought it in 2013. Best computer I have ever owned. The features and design introduced in 10.10 and beyond do not appeal to me or are of no use to me. Until Apple stops releasing security updates for Mavericks I'm sticking with it. It works and it works well for me and so does the WBOC web site. Something you are still unable to resolve. And now I change the channel back to DCRTV media discussions. (4/27/16)

Somebody correct if I’m wrong, but didn’t The Sun’s David Zurawik jump from CNN to FOX News last year? And now he’s back at CNN and saying they’re the best again after a year of defending FOX? Zurawik, the master of conflicts of interest did not mention FOX News today on election coverage. Some kind of clause in his contract? And only lavish praise for NBC/MSNBC going after John Kasich. Even Kasich doesn’t care because nobody saw it! HAHA! But Z did go after Sinclair today for airing an election special with former Gov. Bob Ehrlich on WUTB 24 last night at 9pm. He criticized Sinclair for not using the FOX 45 news team, but wouldn’t that be against Sinclair’s many secret deals with the FCC to keep running 3 TV stations in Baltimore which is clearly agains FCC rules? Now we know WNUV 54 is African American owned (wink wink from the grave), but even Sinclair’s deal with the FOX network might be infringed it they aired a FOX 24 News at 9! I guess this is not exactly Zurawik’s range of expertise huh? www.baltimoresun.com (4/27/16)

I will not re-copy Gus’s entire post, but that says a lot right there that he felt a need to re-copy mine. I’m sure Gus in Gaithersburg believes he’s right, but he, like some older people, probably hasn’t updated his system in ages. On any Apple Mac running the current OS which is, Mac OS X 10.11.4 El Capitan and Safari 9.1.1, the WBOC.com website constantly reloads its front page and generally most pages you click on. The Baltimore Sun and many website autoupdate their news pages to stay current, but WBOC’s reloads like every 3 seconds, which I’m sure it’s not meant to do. Also, occasionally, the page appears to not fully load at all, but appears complete. The problem is semi-persistent as in I find it every day, but eventually seems to calm down if you reload the page like 10X. If this problem doesn’t affect you, then your system is outdated and it will soon happen when you do software updates. On average, most Mac users stay pretty current on their Apple software, but there’s always the exception like Grumpy Gus. The WBOC.com problem still exists today. I’m not bragging, but I used to run a Mac sales company called MacGeniuses.com and do Mac upgrades and repairs. To the other person. no one is running OS X 10.9.5 anymore. You are 2 OS’s behind. No Apple Mac ships nor has shipped with OS X 10.9 Mavericks in nearly 3 years. Step into 2016. I’m giving WBOC advice for the future, not retirement and death planning advice. And also, the other websites that auto re-load/update their websites do not have this problem, only WBOC. I also have Mac OS X 9.5 too and it’s true, it doesn’t have the same behavior, but it’s doubtful filing a bug report with Apple will solve the problem with current Macs. I’m running a 2009 era Mac Pro, so mine is not the latest, but my software is. Unfortunately, the average DCRTV Mailbag person apparently doesn’t stay up on their computers. After all, billboard style discussion groups in general are a thing of the past. It’s just that there are few websites in existence that have the info found here. Btw, El Capitan is a free upgrade to the 2 people running the outdated slower Mavericks. I did not notice the problem in Apple’s Technology Preview Safari, but that changes every month, but all knowledgeable web designers should be testing their sites on that since it’s where Apple is going with Safari on the Mac, iPhone, iPad. I could not reproduce the problem on an iPhone, but auto reloading might be disabled for speed/internet rate reasons. Feel free to give out my email to anyone at WBOC Dave. (4/27/16)

WCTN is now a mix of current pop music, 80’s, and 70’s Top 40 standards. No announcers. Same lousy piped-in phone quality audio. Just a simple synthesized orchestrated top-of-the-hour ID. Never know what 950 AM’s gonna do next! Gotta love ‘em. **HARUMPHFFT** KOF (4/27/16)

Thank you, Chris Matthews. You promised me I would get more votes in Maryland if I had people go on your show and then donate money to my campaign. They went on your show, and I then f'ing lose to Raskin even Trone in Montgomery County! You blew it, Chris! You also didn't tell me I was the warm up act to Chris Van Halen, associating me with that Democrat hack. Are you an idiot, Chris? Why do you make true limo liberals like me look like a potty-obsessed, prepubescent girl infatuated with fools, Chris? Did your mother potty train you too early, Chris, and we all now have to suffer from that decision 65 years later? PMSNBC might ignore my loss but you will sleeping on the couch for the next year. You are not helping my cause, Chris. Signed Kathleen Matthews (D-WJLA/Marriott). www.washingtonexaminer.com (4/27/16)

So even if I am a loyal WMAL listener and actually like Chris Plante, even this old conservative finds his comments to be beyond the pale from time to time: this morning with breaking news of a White House lockdown while Obama is within the house, Plante said “That’s because the Secret Service found a black man walking around inside.” Chris, Chris, Chris: don’t feed the bear with accusations of racism with such comments. Sheesh. (4/27/16)

There's an announcement I saw on the web for a part-time call screener and board op "Near 14th and K NW". My two questions are: 1) What station/studio is over there? Radio America used to be at 15th and L but aren't anymore, so who's running the ad? And 2) Why didn't you maggots run the ad here on DCRTV? (4/27/16)

Thank you, Larry O'Connor. You promised me I would get more votes in Maryland if I went on your show yesterday. I went on your show, and I then f'ing lose to Trump John Kasich in Montgomery and Prince George's Counties! You blew it, Larry! You also didn't tell me I was the warm up act to the guy who is spearheading the Target bathroom boycott, associating me with the organization that once praised Josh Duggar as a "Christian man of Principle." Are you an idiot, Larry? Why do you make true Conservatives look like potty-obsessed, prepubescent girl infatuated, fools, Larry? Did your mother potty train you too early, Larry, and we all now have to suffer from that decision 40 years later? You are not helping our cause, Larry. Signed. Senator Ted Cruz (R. Calgary). (4/27/16)

Alvin Jones' triumphant return to DC area radio on WERA 96.7 FM Arlington, VA with sidekick, Ulysses E. Campbell. The pair discuss current events of the day including the nation's very first Energy Lending Library, the death of musical sensation Prince, the debut of the new season of HBO's Game of Thrones and much more! www.mixcloud.com (4/27/16)

I try to keep it short on general principles but sometimes pomposity brings out the UCS in me. I've cut some of the poster's more irrelevant nonsense. Anonymous wrote "WBOC.com simply does not work on Apple Mac computers. Sorry Gus doesn’t even know what that is. Pages just keep reloading over and over until you think your computer is having an epileptic seizure. As a computer tech guy, I know when it’s the computer’s fault and it’s the website." || Ah, whipping out the digital penis for a measure-down. || "My guess is that it’s an errant JAVAscript line that will not quit running in Safari. I have enough Apple Macs at my disposal to prove this point." || Guess, followed by digital penis tip-in. || "And btw, an iPhone or iPad is NOT the SAME Gus in Gaithersburg. It is not the same Apple Mac browser. One is a mobile browser, the other is a desktop browser, but I doubt you would know the difference on that either." || That earns you a 'go eff yourself.' I know the difference between a Mac and an iPhone and an iPad: one is a computer, one is for sending sex pictures, and one is a terrorist drone controller. || "While I know some HTML coding, I’m not trained in web design or Javascript..." || Imagine my surprise. || "Btw, this problem does not seem to occur in Firefox. I’m not the only one who has noticed this. Even Dave Hughes mentioned that the site has some problems as have others. Not everyone uses the same browser anymore whether Mac or PC. As for Safari versions, I”m using Safari 9.1 which is the latest version available. " || Great, the latest version of the slowest commercially available browser. I just tested the site AGAIN on a Mac NOT iPHONE or iPAD using Safari and it worked fine. Because I know the technologies you say you don't know I'm used to testing across browsers, operating systems, and platforms. Sorry for the long post, but I invoke the Responding to a Douchebag Protocol. Now let's get back to Adult Sexy Bathroom Talk. Gus in Gaithersburg (4/27/16)

The helicopter WBOC uses is an R44 Newscopter. The helicopter is very cheap to run compared to the ones used in Baltimore and Washington. www.robinsonheli.com (4/27/16)

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