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"I remember hearing those newscasts about 45-50 years ago and was like, WTF?!?!?! " Bull gherkins. No you didn't. You just heard the one about the baseball bat in the video and reacted to it. The station did tens of thousands of newscasts that told stories in a way that was unforgettable to the listener and totally in synch with what the station was like at the time. Sure there was a dog or two in the bunch, but CKLW was a screaming success in its day for a lot of reasons. When the style died, it died. It was right for the time and they were doing something no one else was doing. (4/26/16)

I know that this isn't Tech Support central but our breathless wboc.com doesn't work on a Mac dude might want to take a look at this video of my Mac. OS X 10.9.5 with Safari 9.1 no extensions enabled. Java is installed on my Mac. wboc.com works like a charm. Scroll is a bit sluggish but otherwise it works fine. Perhaps the person who is complaining might want to make a screen recording via Quicktime so WBOC can see what is or isn't going on on his machine. Video Link: youtu.be (4/26/16)

[I realize a small market like Salisbury doesn’t really need a chopper. But consider this. The Salisbury DMA is geographically larger than the Baltimore DMA and despite not being part of the DMA, they also cover Dover, DE too and have bureaus there and all the way to southern Delmarva in Virginia too. While mostly, there is no traffic on Delmarva, during the beach season, several major roads to get around can be parking lots at times. I know people who don’t leave their houses to ever get on Rt. 50 or Rt. 404 on a Friday afternoon or Sunday. Also I assume WBOC does not own the chopper and that it is used for other purposes. By the way, the DC and Baltimore choppers could have shot the same video of Trump’s plane landing, but didn’t bother. I did learn something though. The 757 airplane cannot land at Hagerstown’s airport I guess as Trump landed by chopper I read.] This makes sense. The people saying WBOC does not need a helicopter are wrong. They cover all of Delmarva and if they need to get to a scene quickly to report and send live pictures back to WBOC, this probably is the best way. So called know it alls on this site are so lame. (4/26/16)

Is Alfred Liggins at Radio One worth $5.9 million per year? How much does that work out to per hour? I am sure he feels that he is worth it. Do the stockholders feel he is worth it? (4/26/16)

A recent Maryland election poll that polled other statistics proves why The Nationals will ultimately LOSE the MASN lawsuit involving the Orioles. The poll clearly shows the Nats have no strong fan base, which is against many of their claims in the TV rights dispute claiming more than equal share of the markets. Of Marylanders polled 46% were Orioles fans. Only 19% Nats fans! UGH! Sure it’s only Maryland stats, but that’s at least 1/3rd of the DC market if not more. Add that to the Nats having no Baltimore radio affiliate to speak of. If they’re on 99.1 or some other DC station, who would know in Baltimore? www.baltimoresun.com (4/26/16)

So Larry O’Connor of WMAL’s Mornings on Midol and Afternoon Dive fame launches into Target again about its bathroom policy (mean squared) and has on some dudette/dude leading the fight against the poor box store trashing Target: he also has Cruz Control in a canned interview on to tell people to vote for him just in case they are in some line in Maryland and have not decided. At least we don’t have to hear more political ads until the general, not that WMAL is a political ad in and of itself. (4/26/16)

Does Larry O'Connor want the job as "Potty Police Officer" (Can Cop, Toilet Roller, or Rozer le-Pissour) at Target, or what? And speaking of "closeted," there is political rumor that the RNC plans to pretty much give up on the Presidential election after the convention and focus almost exclusively on the down ticket races. They don't like (and they don't want ruining the RNC Brand) Trump or Cruz, so, beefing up the House and Senate before Hillary arrives is their only real option for survival. I would personally like to thank WMAL for all their hard work in getting Democrats elected, and making sure only the worst Republicans are nominated. Getting back to "105.9-The Head," I am sure Larry, Chris and Brian are spending all this time on "Toilet Talk Radio" to help the conservative cause this fall as well as up the WMAL ratings. Keep it up. There is nothing better than non stop talk of what men can do in department store bathrooms, WMAL. Whose idea was it to spend half the morning referencing grown men in public bathrooms? Howard Stern discovered Lesbians are good for ratings, it appears talking about Target bathrooms is good for WMAL's ratings. Who knew? Who wudda thunk it? I tell you, Larry, this Target bathroom idea was genius! Maybe tomorrow Chris Plante can do a live remote for three hours inside the bathroom at the Target in Skyline. He could call it "Politics and a Piss!" Chris' "Number one" should make an appearance for the remote. What a whiz bang idea. Go for it Mr. Hess. (4/26/16)

"WMAL makes it back into the top 10 in the latest weekly DC radio ratings." Admittedly, this blows my theory that the station's endless babble supportive of Trump's candidacy (until recently, when pro-Cruz stuff has started to even things out) had dented the station's ratings for the past couple of books. That's still the reason I listen less often to WMAL, but I guess others are jumping on the Trump bandwagon. (4/26/16)

According to Maryland state records, this Fox news guy, Wayne Shelby Simmons, owes the government around $200,000 in back taxes, fines, and penalties. Did he ever even pay his taxes? He defaulted on loans from Mercedes Benz Credit and Ford Motor Credit, and had his house foreclosed on in 2011. He has also had a hit and run, and ran a closed door gambling parlor out of his Bowie home in the 80's. He has had several other run ins with the law including DWI's. He is an older, white, above the law, drinker and a tax cheat, who like to claim he is smarter than President Obama. Got it. He is the crazy drunk uncle who acts like he is smarter than everyone else at family functions, just like the character on Weekend Update. Is art imitating life here, or is life imitating art? (4/26/16)

“The Essence of Great Radio”? Oh yeah, that YouTube video is all about CKLW news in its heyday. “Blood and Guts” reporting, it was called. “The man proceeded to pick up his gen-u-wine Louisville slugger bat and hit 1.000 on the woman. She’s dead!” I remember hearing those newscasts about 45-50 years ago and was like, WTF?!?!?! (4/26/16)

Attention WMAL sales department: don’t expect your calls to Target to be returned. Larry, Brian and Chris did a ream job (www.urbandictionary.com) on Target this morning over their announced “bathroom” policy. One caller suggested placing a camera in front of the rest room doors for further review, presumably by the WMAL Bathroom Police. Personally, I just use the handicapped room which is usually a single room, very clean and I can wash & flush without hands, therefore, I don’t have to touch anything except my already pristine Johnson. Expect a lot of constipated Christians at Targets across the land: www.msn.com (4/26/16)

FCC News: WKHI 107.7 is now one of Delmarva’s more power FM stations at 23,000 watts, Class B1 awaiting final FCC signature, and WZBH 93.5 The Beach becomes a full Class B at 50,000 watts. No word on the other Adams radio stations and the Bayshore Media station swap. Maybe they found out the land wasn’t included or Vince accidentally backed a pickup truck into one of the towers? Hehe. (4/26/16)

The Essence of Great Radio? Great Storytelling. Take ten minutes sometime today and rewatch THIS: www.youtube.com... Its not a matter of "That's old-time radio," its a matter of "That's how you tell & sell the story". Again you Towson broadcast majors, this one is required viewing. (4/26/16)

Radio One Salaries......read Tom Taylor Newsletter today. The Radio One salaries are very high for a company that has a stock price of just $1.95 per share. If these large companies paid their executives based on performance they would not be making very much. (4/26/16)

"This morning, Holly Morris' "topic of the day" was whether infidelity warrants a divorce..Interesting that she didn't have a lot to say about it and let her co-workers do most of the talking. Interesting because she's the one who usually tries to be the center of attention when doing those videos. Guess the fact that her ex-husband cheated was a contributing factor." So, Sarah Fraser used the same topic in the 7 AM hour as part of the Tuesday talkers? Come on producers, don't duplicate efforts. (4/26/16)

I too noticed that Holly Morris was quite mum on the subject of infidelity being a reason for divorce. People do get involved with co-workers, but I can't believe that with her and her ex husband both working at Fox5, that he'd get involved with someone also working there. AND someone who worked on air on the the same shift!!!! (4/26/16)

Visiting Portland OR all last weekend and found KYCH 97.1 HD2. This is THE BEST mix of songs on a radio station! Made traveling I5 a tad better. Only wish the DC Area had such a radio station on the regular dial. (4/26/16)

Thanks to Gus in Gaithersburg for misleading the WBOC people! WBOC.com simply does not work on Apple Mac computers. Sorry Gus doesn’t even know what that is. Pages just keep reloading over and over until you think your computer is having an epileptic seizure. As a computer tech guy, I know when it’s the computer’s fault and it’s the website. My guess is that it’s an errant JAVAscript line that will not quit running in Safari. I have enough Apple Macs at my disposal to prove this point. Do I need to do a Best Buy video shoot and take some public pics and make an ass of the TV station? I hope not because I posted this months ago as a helpful tip figuring they just hadn’t tested the website on Apple Macs. And btw, an iPhone or iPad is NOT the SAME Gus in Gaithersburg. It is not the same Apple Mac browser. One is a mobile browser, the other is a desktop browser, but I doubt you would know the difference on that either. While I know some HTML coding, I’m not trained in web design or Javascript, but I suggest WBOC TV contact their web designer ASAP or ask for a fix or their money back. Btw, this problem does not seem to occur in Firefox. I’m not the only one who has noticed this. Even Dave Hughes mentioned that the site has some problems as have others. Not everyone uses the same browser anymore whether Mac or PC. As for Safari versions, I”m using Safari 9.1 which is the latest version available. (4/26/16)

Arch, Arch, Arch: Happy 70th Birthday you old codger! WTOP’s Fraley pays his props to the King of DC Entertainment media: wtop.com (4/26/16)

Back when business had me going through that area on a regular basis in the mid-1970’s, WYCR’s branding was a really cool “Rocking the Cradle of Liberty”. Sure do miss Susquehanna. (never the owner of WYCR… but the reason for the travel…) -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/26/16)

Still no idea why they brought Jack D back to Mix 107.3, huh? And adding junior-league sidekicks to the show that are a full generation apart doesn't help. Maybe skewing younger isnt the answer. What if they tried instead to recover and retain the audience that grew up with Mix? To that end, how about a sidekick the same age and with the same experience as Jack? Male-male shows actually do very well in contemporary radio (Bob & Tom), and sports (Mike & Mike). Here in DC we had the Joy Boys and Baker & Burd, both hugely popular. Freshen the content, tighten the delivery, lose the Kardashian Hollywood crap no one in DC cares about and maybe something could emerge. Just tell me where to send my demo. (4/26/16)

This morning, Holly Morris' "topic of the day" was whether infidelity warrants a divorce..Interesting that she didn't have a lot to say about it and let her co-workers do most of the talking. Interesting because she's the one who usually tries to be the center of attention when doing those videos. Guess the fact that her ex-husband cheated was a contributing factor. (4/26/16)

All I can say is that IF Gannett buys the Tribune newspapers (which also includes The Orlando Sentinel and others not mentioned in the story), the first thing they need to do is to undo the "fix" Tribune did to the websites a couple of years ago, and make those sites more easily accessible for stories and comments to the general public (in other words, We The People). The Tribune websites currently SUCK! Tracy in Florida (4/26/16)

I have to salute WBOC if they invested budget in a helicopter. It's a great promotional and news gathering tool. Looks like they've had pretty substantial aircraft in the past but the currently pictured model is a Robinson R-44, a smaller piston model. (There's a slight chance it is a turbine powered R-66. They look alike.) I say go for it! -Pilot of the Airwaves (4/26/16)

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"..."I find it more laughable that stations in larger markets don't have a helicopter." It's all good fun until the helicopter crashes into someone's house and kills all the occupants. News helicopters have a long history of crashes, mid-air collisions, and accidents due to pilot error, poor maintenance, etc..." This and I would imagine in many TV markets such a thing can be a waste of money. Now with Virginia I can totally understand why stations in Hampton Roads would use them such as WAVY's Chopper 10 for example. Traffic in that part of Virginia with all of those bridges and tunnels can be a nightmare plus that metro area really spreads out but with Richmond, Roanoke-Lynchburg or Charlottesville I just can't see that there is really much of a need for their stations to use a chopper. Someone had mention West Virginia earlier. Huntington's WOWK channel 13 once had a chopper. I used to do business there and I can remember what a big deal that was at first. Unfortunately "chopper 13" got old fast and was used less and less until WOWK simply more/less said the heck with it and that was it with their chopper. In regards to the lack of a TV news chopper in Buffalo..wasn't there some kind of an accident many years ago in that part of the country involving a chopper and as a result their local stations had made some kind of an agreement with each other to no longer use them ?? I seem to recall reading about that a long time ago. (4/25/16)

The Dumpster Donaldo Trump will be at DCRTVDJDAVE’s “What’s It Matter” aka James Madison University (BS Communication Arts 1976-1980), where Dave will be Master of Ceremonies: “Trump will stop by the Hyatt Regency hotel near the San Francisco International Airport on Friday for the opening day of the California GOP’s state convention. A day later, he will visit James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Va., for the Republican Party of Virginia’s convention, the people said.” Trump supporters like James Madison graduate DCRTVDJDAVE are a pleasant lot: www.blackenterprise.com (4/25/16)

Note to WJLA brass: Jamie Sullivan isn't meant for mornings. She has the personality of a gnat. I don't know where Julie Wright is but I hope she gets back soon. I had to switch back to Fox this morning. (4/25/16)

"I find it more laughable that stations in larger markets don't have a helicopter." It's all good fun until the helicopter crashes into someone's house and kills all the occupants. News helicopters have a long history of crashes, mid-air collisions, and accidents due to pilot error, poor maintenance, etc. From an insurance point of view, interesting at least. "news websites that do not work on Apple Macs. PLEASE FIX THIS WBOC!"] If there is anyway we can reach out to get more information on this to fix it, that would be great. Let me know what I can do! Thanks!! Laura Landry" Laura, baby, there's nothing to fix. Your website's fine. Gus in Gaithersburg (4/25/16)

RE: “With all this controversy about bathrooms, who is going to be the bathroom checker, to see what gender you are before you can use the bathroom? This could create a whole new industry. This will give WMAL something to talk about.” Well after DCRTVDJDAVE did his infamous Dave TV from the South Lakes Starbucks bathroom I would say they need a bathroom checker (“Hello? Hello? Are you alright? You’ve been in there a long time” said the manager). Bill Hess take note: sounds like a perfect topic for Chris Plante, Larry or Brian. I can hear it now: “Bathroom checkers: who gets to decide and why? Taking your calls now.” (4/25/16)

Cumulus CEO, Berner, who's not shy about her dissapointment in Cumulus-Washington is ready to make some serious changes. WRQX's consistent terrible ratings, and the recent tumble of WMAL couldn't have come at a worse time. Now, more rumors that younger talent is being forced on the aging Diamond. They tried this before, it was a disaster. Same old playbook of tricks for Cumulus. Diamond should be irate, being that the station is nothing more than a HOT 99 clone, with 1/5th of the ratings. Awful. Had they given Diamond a chance, with a station that actually mimicked the original MIX, maybe he'd have a shot. Adding unknown, young talent only unsettles the morning show. Cumulus management continue to lose, and make losing decisions. (4/25/16)

Good Afternoon Dave, I was looking to see if there is a way we can contact this viewer to resolve this issue. Below is the comment that was made: ["I’ve posted this before, but I cannot believe WBOC TV 16 has not fixed their website. IT IS COMPLETELY NOT MAC-COMPATIBLE! It just keeps reloading the page over and over again. It’s impossible to navigate the site. This happens on practically every page. I realize this might only affect Mac users, but this is 2016! There are almost NO websites, especially news websites that do not work on Apple Macs. PLEASE FIX THIS WBOC!"] If there is anyway we can reach out to get more information on this to fix it, that would be great. Let me know what I can do! Thanks!! Laura Landry , Advertising Operations Manager, WBOC Interactive | WBOC Digital, llandry@wboc.com (4/25/16)

RE: "...it is quite laughable that little' ole Salisbury would have a station that has one." I find it more laughable that stations in larger markets don't have a helicopter. (4/25/16)

I follow up on my earlier video about YouTube RVer Nomadic Fanatic as he hightails it back to his home base in Seattle. What's up with that? He said he was going to head up the east coast into New York and New England? Did he run out of money? And what's the deal with his constant critic, Nomadic Fanatic Stickers? In today's "Dave Talks"..... (4/25/16)

2016 is turning out to be a fucked-up year. Charlie Tuna... Ron Jacobs... Prince... and now Billy Paul. His "Me and Mrs. Jones" was the second song I heard on the Top-40 WRC with Bob Gross doing AM Drive before Johnny Andrews came on-board. (The first? “Crocodile Rock” coming out of Bob Means; local news after the network newscast.) -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/25/16)

The Dumpster dumps in Hagerstown: youtube.com (4/25/16)

I realize a small market like Salisbury doesn’t really need a chopper. But consider this. The Salisbury DMA is geographically larger than the Baltimore DMA and despite not being part of the DMA, they also cover Dover, DE too and have bureaus there and all the way to southern Delmarva in Virginia too. While mostly, there is no traffic on Delmarva, during the beach season, several major roads to get around can be parking lots at times. I know people who don’t leave their houses to ever get on Rt. 50 or Rt. 404 on a Friday afternoon or Sunday. Also I assume WBOC does not own the chopper and that it is used for other purposes. By the way, the DC and Baltimore choppers could have shot the same video of Trump’s plane landing, but didn’t bother. I did learn something though. The 757 airplane cannot land at Hagerstown’s airport I guess as Trump landed by chopper I read. (4/25/16)

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RE: DCW50 News @ 10 weekend edition: Saturday night it was Angie Miles, Mike Goldberg doing weather, and Sean Robertson doing sports. Sunday it should probably be Tracy Sears or Jake Burns anchoring, along with Mike and Sean doing WX and sports, respectively. It truly looks like as of now, whoever anchors CBS6 that night will also be doing DCW50 as well, which I would like to see eventually moved all to DC once the show gets their feet moved off the ground. (4/24/16)

Teachers leave the kids alone: Washington Post’s Karen Turner reports that schools are working with cops to monitor students’ social media. Maybe they will go back to just talking with each other?: www.washingtonpost.com (4/24/16)

With all this controversy about bathrooms, who is going to be the bathroom checker, to see what gender you are before you can use the bathroom? This could create a whole new industry. This will give WMAL something to talk about. (4/24/16)

Prince tribute on Gamut tonight - Just an FYI, one of our Sunday shows, Anything Anything with Rich Russo, will be doing a Prince tribute tonight. There will be interviews, stories, favorite tracks, covers of Prince songs, Prince covering other artists - a show worth recording, IMHO. Anyways, I thought you'd like to know - it airs tonight from 9-11 PM. Thanks, Dave (4/24/16)

To the dunderhead, the balcony on The Muppets Show is closed. if you haven’ noticed, it’s NOT beach weather, so there would be no souvenir stand open on Assateague Island and the one at the Rangers station is government owned and not even on the island! The reporter who typed that never went there to cover the story and there are no permanent businesses on Assateague Island. There aren’t even hardly any people there yet either! Let me know if the ponies tell you any differently. :-) (4/24/16)

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Regarding "There are NO BUSINESSES on Assateague Island." Then what do you call the snack/souvenir stand in the same building as the showers/bathrooms at the State park? They don't give things away. (4/23/16)

Grade schoolers and Grandpas checking in today. "Jack Mehoff" was so hilarious when it was first mentioned it's great that some super-sleuth is following up on it. WBOC's website is COMPLETELY MAC-COMPATIBLE. Is your computer turned on, sir? "The ever classy Washington Post sees fit to trash poor Prince before he is buried with its “Raunchy Prince was actually a conservative Christian who reportedly opposed gay marriage' ” I don't see how that's "trashing" him. Gus in Gaithersburg P.S. Dave I did send you a contribution. You don't think I'd use my real name here do you? Augustus is my middle name. (4/23/16)

The photo of the WBOC chopper..I am sorry but that pic was hysterical !! Why on earth would a small station like WBOC and in a small city like Salisbury no less would really need a news chopper ?? Far bigger markets such as Buffalo, Colorado Springs and Wichita they don't have a station that uses one so why Salisbury ??. Whats next ?? A million dollar boat for WHAG so they can cruise the Potomac River looking for news ?? Come to think of it I can't think any TV station in either West Virginia or even Virginia that has a news chopper so again it is quite laughable that little' ole Salisbury would have a station that has one. (4/23/16)

Do we know who will anchor DC50 news at 10pm on Saturday and Sunday evenings since that debuts tonight also who will do there weather and sport... (4/23/16)

RE: Joanna Campbell leaving MIX – Joanna’s contract wasn’t renewed due to CBS Radio budget cuts. She won’t be replaced. Expect CBS Radio as an entity to excise other on/off-air staffers to lower operating costs as it heads toward being spun off, parceled or sold by corporate. (4/23/16)

Even Erik The Wimple caught Ian Duncan’s “Jack Mehoff” error (Duncan is a Brit after all what could he know about The States’ humour?) but the best part is that the Sun is actually looking into it and that there is an actual Jack Mehoff in Charm City. From the Sun: “Thanks for pointing this out. Editors are looking into this.” From The Post: “As for Duncan’s interviewee, a search through a people-finding database did turn up one “Jack Mehoff” in Baltimore County, Md. When we called the listed number, no one answered.” You can’t make this stuff up: www.washingtonpost.com (4/23/16)

Southern PA radio news: It appears that Forever Media continues to put it's lame brand names on the stations they recently purchased in the York market. First, the re-branded WGTY to Froggy 107.7. Now, they are putting their corporate classic rock brand on 98.5 The Peak (WYCR). Effective Monday, expect a smaller playlist and a generic presentation as Rocky 98-5. They are running promos between EVERY song this weekend. Maybe someone should teach them how to load a rotator cart properly. (4/23/16)

I’ve posted this before, but I cannot believe WBOC TV 16 has not fixed their website. IT IS COMPLETELY NOT MAC-COMPATIBLE! It just keeps reloading the page over and over again. It’s impossible to navigate the site. This happens on practically every page. I realize this might only affect Mac users, but this is 2016! There are almost NO websites, especially news websites that do not work on Apple Macs. PLEASE FIX THIS WBOC! (4/23/16)

Joanna Campbell is no longer with Mix 106.5 doing afternoons with Priestly. She posted she left CBS Baltimore on April 14th. No reason given. Priestly was solo this week during afternoon drive. Wonder if he will get a new cohost. (4/23/16)

Hi Dave! I enjoy your info site very much. This morning I saw your story on WLIR-FM, and the passing of Elton Spitzer, who you credit with creating WLIR. In actuality, a gentleman named John Rieger owned the station from 1959 to the 1970s. It began as a beautiful music station. In 1970, Dick Neer (a student at Adelphi University) and Mike Harrison, a part time announcer on the station, persuaded Mr. Rieger to switch the station to a progressive rock format. It was the first of its kind in the NYC metro market, and the rest is history. I was also a student at Adelphi University, and briefly held a part time slot on the station. Dick Neer went on to an illustrious career at WNEW FM, and Mike Harrison started "Talkers" Magazine. I went on to spend 3 years at NBC Radio & TV in New York, and 32 years at NBC in Washington, DC. Have a great day! Cole Clarke (4/23/16)

Speaking of The Baltimore Sun, look at this story today. Notice the line, "businesses on Assateague Island". There are NO BUSINESSES on Assateague Island. As in NONE, NUNCA, NADA! It's a National & State park! How could someone type something so stupid? The writer could not possibly have been there. (4/23/16)

If anyone wants to see the Trump plane landing, WBOC TV shot the entire thing live from their chopper. (Pic from Big Don O’Brien). As noted in the video, The 757 is the largest plane ever to land in Salisbury. Now I have no clue what Trump is flying to Hagerstown, southern PA, or Harrington, DE. I know one thing. He’s staying the hell out of Baltimore city and DC. :-) www.youtube.com (4/23/16)

DCRTV Mailbag RIP? If an earlier post about news web sites CHARGING commenters, now comes banning comments altogether: hopefully DCRTVDJDAVE will not follow this trend either way. The Washington Post story header “Comments are making the internet worse. So we got rid of them.”: www.washingtonpost.com... Sheesh: book burners! (4/23/16)

Dave's response: Surprisingly, very few Mailbag posters are also supporters of DCRTV, which is their "voice" in the media community. C'mon guys and gals of the Mailbag, make a donation. Just PayPal it to my dcrtv@hotmail.com address. Or drop a check in the mail. Make it payable to "Dave Hughes" and send it to Dave Hughes, 1981-B Villaridge Drive, Reston VA 20191. Thanks.....

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Derek Valcourt has cleansed his page of WJZ 13 mentions and job information. He's definitely gone. (4/22/16)

[RE ESPN 980:] What happened to Thom Loverro in the ESPN shake up? (4/22/16)

The ever classy Washington Post sees fit to trash poor Prince before he is buried with its “Raunchy Prince was actually a conservative Christian who reportedly opposed gay marriage”: will the PC police only be satisfied when everyone thinks the same? How boring: sheesh. More: www.washingtonpost.com (4/22/16)

Wow FNC is really warming to WMAL’s “syndicated” talk radio host Chris Plante: on Friday he was on “Happening Now” smiling away as he gave the perfunctory trashing of Hillary Clinton while defending Bernie Sanders. Could Chris be a closeted Bernie supporter? Syndicated my ass: how could such a DC centric show possibly play in Arkansas, one of the markets his “syndicated” show airs. (4/22/16)

Well, everything in DC AM radio land is back to normal. 1520’s off the air again today, and 950’s silent carrier and 1420’s reduced power has been going on for a whole week now. KOF (4/22/16)

"Anyone else lose Sirius signal for ten minutes...?" Purple Rain fade. (4/22/16)

How many years of experience is WUSA losing? www.ftvlive.com (4/22/16)

Anyone else lose Sirius signal for ten minutes around 4p yesterday (Thursday, 4/21)? Pretty unusual. Ha, I wonder if the sat coordinating computer running Win 10 can't stop auto updates! (4/22/16)

Dave's response: Maybe Prince had something to do with it. His final goodbye? Hmmm.....

I was going to post about WASH FM yesterday myself, about their handling of the news about Prince. Recasting the playlist to include lots of Prince songs, imaging and tribute audio, all of it just fantastic work and exactly the kind of turn-it-around-now strategy that radio is capable of. Whether it all came from on high (corporate level) or was a local Rockville decision, it worked. Entirely too much whining goes on in this forum about radio's lack of creativity and sluggish inertia when it comes to rapid reaction, and I don't care much for the way iHeart does business in general. But write this down, you Towson broadcast majors: WASH FM did it right. (4/22/16)

After a tip, just noticed. Derek Valcourt’s BIO has been removed from WJZ 13’s page, meaning he’s probably leaving the station. No word on Facebook, but no mention of WJZ anymore except the broken link to his page. Adam May still has Al Jazeera on his FB page, but that won’t last. I don’t delve into their personal lives, but they’ve made it pretty public that they’re raising a child together, so if both of them have no jobs here, it’s only natural to assume they both might be moving out of the Baltimore/DC area right? Hmm. I guess we’ll see. — BaltoMedia.Net (4/22/16)

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WASH-FM did an amazing job today with the Prince news. At one point, Sabrina Conte almost came to tears! (4/21/16)

Comcast says it'll unveil a Roku app so you can watch cable channels on a TV without a converter box, which you have to pay to lease. Will this app feature all cable channels or just a selection? More on Sling TV's plans to offer your local Fox TV station. And, broadcasters are preparing for Ultra High-Def TV and the day when you can get 100+ broadcast channels via antenna for free. In today's "Cord Cutter"..... (4/21/16)

The Salisbury/Wicomico Airport underwent runway improvements in the last 5-6 years. It is certified to land practically anything but the largest Airbus A300. It’s just that no 757 has ever landed there before, not because it couldn’t, but simply because those kinds of flights never arrive or depart from Salisbury and I think the certification is somewhat recent. The Trump people probably didn’t even look into it initially assuming the 757 could not land there. Makes sense that they would assume that. By the way, Trump could have flown any Cesna into Ocean City Airport, much closer. As for people in NYC knowing Trump's every move, what’s new? That’s NYC. If he takes a shit, it’s NEWS! (4/21/16)

With the proper databases handy, and having read the report on Trump's plane being grounded on an aviation news blog as well as in the NYT yesterday, I was able to put two and two together at my desk, in my office. That being said, The Baltimore Sun sent Ian Duncan to cover the rally. Ian wrote " Jack Mehoff, 19, praised Trump as a "hardworking, smart individual that wants the best for all people in this country that are allowed to be here." Ian, you look to be under 30 years old, and even though you were schooled across the pond, you really should have caught that one. (4/21/16)

"The people at iHeart and Cumulus don't like to be reminded about the value of their stock." No one does. Do the right thing and stop. Gus in Gaithersburg (4/21/16)

[RE: “According to flight plan records for N725DT, Trump planned on using his Cessna Citation to fly into Maryland, yesterday. However, It appears Trump took his Boeing 757-200 to Maryland because his Cessna is no longer registered with the FAA, and is in the process of being grounded. There was a private for hire NetJet Cessna scheduled to leave Teterboro around 4:00 PM yesterday going to Salisbury, but apparently Trump wasn't on it. www.nytimes.com”] What a cool post! I am in my mother’s basement with WiFi, pizza and lot’s of time on my hands to research Trump’s travels too! (4/21/16)

Dave, you haven't mentioned yet that Paul Donovan, night slammer at 98.7 WMZQ, has exited the station after 4 years. Chris German is filling in until a replacement has been named. (4/21/16)

With the new lineup on ESPN980 (which won't have any ESPN shows as nearly as I can tell) will Steve Czaban's national show on 570 get pushed aside for "Mike and Mike"? Tom in Wheaton (4/21/16)

At least The Hitman is still outlasting most of the cranky old has-beens on DCRTV! :-) (4/21/16)

According to flight plan records for N725DT, Trump planned on using his Cessna Citation to fly into Maryland, yesterday. However, It appears Trump took his Boeing 757-200 to Maryland because his Cessna is no longer registered with the FAA, and is in the process of being grounded. There was a private for hire NetJet Cessna scheduled to leave Teterboro around 4:00 PM yesterday going to Salisbury, but apparently Trump wasn't on it. www.nytimes.com (4/21/16)

Yesterday, 980 had a great sound..best in years, when they were off the air just after 12noon. Then, Andy proceeds to tell their engineer what to do on the air! How unprofessional can he and 980 be? Ok, don't answer that. Second, who are they kidding about letting Laverro go and editing promos/intros without his name..then, having Sheehan and Pollin still mention Laverro like he's still part of the station. I guess since things are run from Redskins Park, it's status quo for life. Bad for the DC area sportstalk listeners. (4/21/16)

You know, I'm thinking our buddy who enjoys posting the gloom-&-doom stock prices of everybody's two favorite radio corporations should take a look at this article: www,medialifemagazine.com... Radio is still viable and will be for awhile to come. It just needs to be in the hands of smaller operators nimble and agile enough to turn on a dime when the moment calls for it. (4/21/16)

The people at iHeart and Cumulus don't like to be reminded about the value of their stock. Cumulus is at $0.38 per share and iHeart is at $1.12 per share. The good news is...... if you sell your stock, you can write off your loss on your taxes. The bad news is...... that this was a terrible investment. (4/21/16)

The NAB Convention is over today, They reported that they had 103,012 people attend the convention. According to the NAB, this is the "World's Largest Annual Convention". This is very profitable for the NAB. This year it was mostly about TV. (4/21/16)

Hey Radio Freaks! Today's "Pearls Before Swine" in the Washington Post comics pages: totally worth it. (4/21/16)

Another person wrong on Trump. He did indeed land in the Boeing 757 jet. It’s the largest jet to ever land at the airport and a first for a 757, but qualifies to land there due to recent improvements to the runway in just the last 6 years. Stephen Decatur is on Route 50, not in the town of Berlin per se, but within the zip code as stated. Ocean City Airport, another closer possible landing point with the chopper or Cesna is also in the Berlin zip code. Apply whatever semantics you want. But he flew into Salisbury with his biggest jet! The event was over sold, so even if you had a ticket, you might not have gotten in. They stopped letting people in way before the scheduled start time according to local news. (4/21/16)

Nats Park lost to Camden Yards in the best stadium poll, but Camden Yards is still in the Final Four as is Fenway Park. Both could use some help. Kaufman Stadium is NOT nicer than Camden Yards or Nats Park. PLEASE DON’T LET A COOKIE CUTTER STADIUM WIN THIS POLL. PNC Park, while nice should NOT beat Fenway! Voting ends at Noon tomorrow. Kansas City has been stuffing the ballot box all week long with robo-votes. Please help undo this injustice. www.sportsonearth.com (4/21/16)

[It's so like you, Edward Newcomb, Jr. (aka "The Shitman") to think that my post was directed towards you when, in fact, the post I was referring to was not signed by anyone. Get a life, Shorty.] And it is lame to write a post about Hitman and deny it. Take a hike, grease ball. (4/21/16)

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Is WCRW 1190 AM still carrying the "Voice of China" with all the China propaganda? No station is carrying the "Voice of Russia" now. WTOP was carrying it on their HD Channel and leasing it out to them. They are now leasing their HD Channel to John Garziglia for his translator 98.3. (4/20/16)

Dave's response: Just checked. WTOP's HD2 is still Russia's Radio Sputnik and its HD3 is still the Gamut.....

To answer your Mailbagger’s question- The Chris Plante Show airs on WMAL and is currently syndicated to more than 20 additional stations. (4/20/16)

Dave, on Fox News Channel’s Gretchen Carlson show today she had Chris Plante and Leslie Marshall on to discuss Hillary Clinton’s dwindling popularity despite her winning in New York last night: Chris did the usual trashing and Leslie was at best tepid with her support for Her Thighness. But what caught my eye was that they both were described as “Syndicated Talk Radio Host”: Leslie Marshall does have about 25 different stations tunein.com... Chris Plante has 11, of which 6 of the listed are WMAL and include his weekend “Best Of” airings tunein.com... How is Chris Plante a “Syndicated Talk Radio Host”? (4/20/16)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] 2016 Producer-Board Operator Position - WCBM has an opening for a PT weekend producer. Experience preferred. Interested persons should be able to monitor transmitters, operate an audio console, screen calls, and edit audio. Must have reliable transportation. Please submit resumes to:WCBM,1726 Reisterstown Rd. Suite 117, Baltimore, MD. 21208 or to sean@wcbm.com. WCBM is an EOE. (4/20/16)

Happy to hear that Andy Pollin will be back on the airwaves regularly starting next month because, darn it, I don't hear Joe Gibbs' name mentioned enough on our sports stations. Andy's good for a handful of such mentions on a daily basis. (4/20/16)

Trump will not be riding in a Boeing 757 to Maryland tonight. It will most likely be a Cessna, probably rented, since the Donald's Cessna did not renew its registration back in January, and will most likely be grounded by the FAA until its paperwork is up to date. Could he helicopter it on one of his Sikorsky's? (4/20/16)

New revenue stream for DCRTV: charging Mailbaggers for their posts? Adds new meaning to the phrase “A penny for your thoughts”: from Bloomberg comes “News Sites Start Charging Readers to Comment on Articles”. The Washington Post where online stories can receive thousands of comments could retire their print editions: published “Letters to the Editor” could cost more. Bloomberg reports several newspapers are already on board with more to come: “One big news company is already on board. Tribune Publishing, which owns the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times, turned on SolidOpinion’s software for the San Diego Union-Tribune’s website over the weekend. Readers can earn points, which can be used to buy more prominent placement for their comments at the end of news stories, by posting comments, visiting the site regularly, or spending real money. The newspaper sells 800 points for $10. The minimum price of a promoted spot is 15 points. Tribune isn’t using the software on its biggest papers at first.” You can’t make this stuff up: www.bloomberg.com (4/20/16)

The Teacher’s Union and Baltimore protestors are taking a day trip to Worcester County today to protest the Trump rally. It will be a circus alright. Talk about a clash of cultures. Haha! (4/20/16)

RE: “To the smart ass, even the Ocean City Airport is in Berlin, MD. Obviously you do not know the area well. The high school is a Berlin zip code just like the airport is, but it is not in the town of Berlin, MD anymore than it is in the Ocean City City limits. No news media has stated that Trump is flying into Salisbury, but I surmised that was possible too. Maybe you need to put on your reading glasses too!” Well The Dumpster is scheduled to be in Berlin (how appropriate for a man accused of being a Nazi) this evening at a high school. But the breaking news is that he will be landing at/on Michelle Fields... (4/20/16)

It's so like you, Edward Newcomb, Jr. (aka "The Shitman") to think that my post was directed towards you when, in fact, the post I was referring to was not signed by anyone. Get a life, Shorty. (4/20/16)

[The Radio Television Digital News Association gave Sinclair's Channel 7/WJLA five regional Edward R. Murrow Awards...] Did they get one for excessive infomercial overload? (4/20/16)

WTRI has filed another STA Extension request. It’s been about 6 years now of STA’s, but this application appears to show some progress being attempted. (4/20/16)

Nobody said Stephen Decatur High School was in OC....get a new pair of glasses - sounds like somebody pissed in your breakfast bowl this morning pal - I too am glad I am not a NEWS REPORTER, have a nice day and in the morning try and grab a box of cereal with some sugar in it pal..sounds like you can use it - I signed my post The Hitman in Ocean City, Md - perhaps you missed that too ! (4/20/16)

Even Ham Hammity (Sean Hannity) is getting sick of Cruz: politi.co... That leaves him The Great One (Mark Levin). (4/20/16)

The "Unsigned Corporate Suit" continues to amaze all with stupidity. Recently he said "... Owner deceased? Last I heard, the Peoples Republic of China is alive, well, and expanding..." A person who claims to work with who he worked with, has the engineering and management level he claims to have - would certainly know that TPROC is not the owner of WCRW and does nothing but lease time. You're letting your ass show, UCS... (4/20/16)

To the smart ass, even the Ocean City Airport is in Berlin, MD. Obviously you do not know the area well. The high school is a Berlin zip code just like the airport is, but it is not in the town of Berlin, MD anymore than it is in the Ocean City City limits. No news media has stated that Trump is flying into Salisbury, but I surmised that was possible too. Maybe you need to put on your reading glasses too! (4/20/16)

Hack Check: The Best of the Worst in Mainstream Media heatst.com (4/20/16)

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\/ April 19 Messages \/

Previous post, “...Is WCRW 1190 going to go off the air at night after November of this year? They only have through Nov. to build 2 more towers in Leesburg for their nighttime signal to remain a Class B station under the terms of their Construction Permit and I see no building or land clearing going on at the present time. Since their principle owner is now deceased...” Owner deceased? Last I heard, the Peoples Republic of China is alive, well, and expanding. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/19/16)

Dave, thanks for your acknowledgement of WTOP’s Murrow awards (who cares about WJLA): they ALL deserve it on Idaho Avenue. Don’t you think that DCRTV Mailbag can help acknowledge ALL the news team at WTOP who helped garner the award? Here is the current staff line-up: wtop.com (4/19/16)

Hey Dave...long time no hear from ! I have my ticket for the Circus tomorrow night at Stephen Decatur High School of which all 3 of my sons graduated, I am going to listen to someone who is running for office that has NOT lied to me, yet - I will pay close attention and if he lies he is done ! I wish Bernie was coming too ! How damn funny would that be - The Mutt & Jeff show in Berlin, Maryland. Under the big top! Hitman from 103.5 & 106.1 "The Vault" Ocean City/Salisbury (4/19/16)

To the person who plans on going to the Ocean City, MD airport to watch the circus surrounding Trump's plane landing....pack a lunch and dinner, buddy. First of all, Trump is not going to be in OC...his function is happening in Berlin, MD at Stephen Decatur High School. Second of all, he'll be landing at the airport in Salisbury. I'm glad you're not a news reporter. (4/19/16)

Dave, I think you're being spammed. Re: "Despite the stock market going up, iHeart stock continues to fall. Today the iHeart stock is selling at just $1.20 per share. Can a company survive wilth all debt? They report....blah blah yakkity yak yak...." Fyi: while iHeart absolutely is killing itself with debt, its stock has NOT been falling. It has been on a gradual rise for about two months now, and is about 60% above its 52-week low. As for surviving with all that debt...no, they can't. Bankruptcy will eventually dissolve a huge chunk of both the company and its debts. And as for servicing the debt, it took about 25% of iHeart's 2015 revenue. Unsustainable in any market. (4/19/16)

Dave's response: Speaking of Spam, see the post below.....

How do you do, sir, madam. I come from mainland China, our company is engaged in professional production and wholesale timing bell FM transmitter. The transmitter without need to any external timing bell instrument, avoid because of external timer and transmitter system is not uniform, resulting in receiver interference. No timing bell software to be installed in the computer, avoid the computer to install software caused computer crash brought unnecessary trouble. The transmitter using phase locked loop technique and stable emission frequency, clear sound. From time to time to play 100 tasks, each task can be more songs. The transmitter uses wireless speakers, wireless sound column, wireless suction a top horn receiver. Other intelligent broadcasting instrument can only be connected to the power amplifier machine, only the use of wire connected to the speaker and amplifier expensive. The transmitter power two files can be adjusted, the transmission power of 6 watts, 10 watts, 15 watts of.6 watts of minimum power of 1 watts, 10 watts and 15 watts of minimum power of 5 watts. Emission frequency range: 76 MHz ~108 mhz. Audio input by line, microphone, USB input. Customizable RDS addressing. Thank you for your attention! Mr. Xu, Best ask Hou, happy every day! (4/19/16)

WRQX now starting to dry-rot in the ratings. WMAL can't get back into the Top 10. Are they going to force younger talent on Jack Diamond, who is a 50+ demo player? The midday liner jock and afternoon 1980's radio dude seem to only promote Jack, but it's not helping! Jack should demand a return to the original MIX, or else he'll continue to look like the problem here! Only true opportunity is classic hits. If Kenny King wants the Cumulus PD/OM job, it's his! (4/19/16)

“They were processed on the scene and released.” Back in the 80’s, Amy and Chip Carter were arrested demonstrating in front of the Embassy of South Africa. The DC police officers loaded them in a cruiser, and went off to booking. The two police officers made a change of plans, and pulled into the McDonald’s on New York Ave NE (on the hill) by North Capitol St. They opened the back door, uncuffed their “prisoners,” and asked them politely not to leave. The officers then went into McDonald's, sat down, and had lunch (or dinner, I don’t remember). They didn’t return to their cruiser until after a car picked up the former fist children and fled. Their arrest made international news, their escape from the police went unreported for years. (4/19/16)

Despite the stock market going up, iHeart stock continues to fall. Today the iHeart stock is selling at just $1.20 per share. Can a company survive wilth all debt? They report their debt at $20.9 Billion now. How much is the interest on that debt? (4/19/16)

Local DC all-news station WTOP reports that Ben & Jerry were detained at the Capitol building because “U.S. Capitol Police say those arrested were charged with crowding, obstructing or incommoding, which is unlawful demonstration activity. They were processed on the scene and released.” In other news, Baskin & Robbins were arrested at Ben & Jerry’s corporate offices for trespassing after demanding that the ice cream company either stop selling “Cherry Garcia” or donate profits to the Dead’s own AA organization, The Wharf Rats: wikipedia.org (4/19/16)

Imagine being a Tegna employee that just made it through the buyouts. Now you wake up to this. www.ftvlive.com (4/19/16)

Interesting morning on the AM dial through Annandale --- no sign of WKCW, which is maybe 31 air miles from town. But WFIR 960 kHz out of Roanoke was very audible. And they are about 180 miles door-to-door. Hey, I'm just happy to find something on AM that isn't Sports, Spanish or Jesus. (4/19/16)

WCRW is licensed as a Class D. The B is a CP, that will probably never be built. (4/19/16)

RE: “Watched the debut of WDCW’s new 10pm news tonight. Overall a good newscast, however given time, I would like to see Tribune move all production and studios to the Tribune DC building” Actually WDCW should BROADCAST news in Spanish and move studio to Mount Pleasant or even Manassas. Just how are they going to compete with WTTG/WUSA/WRC/WJLA otherwise? (4/19/16)

I guess this WDCW 50 News at 10 is a soft launch or a surprise launch even to them? It’s not even mentioned on their website, not even a link to it! HAHA! (4/19/16)

With NBC/Universal/COMCAST already being sued by WHDH Boston for violating its affiliation agreement promises made to the FCC as part of the merger, why doesn’t NEXTAR’s WHAG join in the lawsuit and maybe the WMGM TV 40 people up in Atlantic City and put some pressure on this corrupt semi-monopoly that COMCAST is fast becoming? WHAG would be stupid to not sue WRC TV 4 and the company over this. Comcast only allowed WRDE NBC Delmarva to exist as a concession to the FCC for taking WMGM TV 40 and also because they weren’t very successful getting WRC NBC4 coverage on Delmarva outside of the western counties of the Eastern Shore and WCAU NBC 10 is only watched in upper Delaware mostly. Wildwood NJ is almost 90 miles from Philadelphia. How could Comcast/NBC/Universal claim they are adequately served by WCAU NBC 10? That’s like claiming WCAU covers Baltimore adequately too! (4/19/16)

Watched the debut of WDCW’s new 10pm news tonight. Overall a good newscast, however given time, I would like to see Tribune move all production and studios to the Tribune DC building. (4/19/16)

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["Fox 5 had a nice surprise birthday party for Allison Seymour's 50th birthday..However, on a somewhat downer note, rumor has it that Sarah Simmons is no longer married as she's been seen not wearing her wedding ring for quite awhile.. "] With the recent rash of bobbleheads on the local news racing out to get married last year like it is fad (Lauren DeMarco, Eileen Whelan, Jamie Sullivan, Julie Wright, Brianne Carter to name a few), I suspect we will be reading more posts like this in a few years. (4/18/16)

Donald Trump is coming to Ocean City, MD on Wednesday according to WBOC TV. I wonder how many of the DC and Baltimore TV stations will trek down here to cover the rally. Not sure where the TrumpPlane is touching down. I guess it could land in Salisbury right? I know you can’t land a commercial large jet at the Ocean City Airport, at least not currently. It’s not HUUUUUUGE enough. Should be interesting. I might go just to experience the circus atmosphere. Hehe (4/18/16)

Hey, Dave, I just spent $1,800.00 to join “It’s just Lunch,” and was excited to get an email from none other than legendary Beach Boy Brian Wilson! I jumped on the lunch date immediately. Well, we planned to meet at Mykonos on Rockville Pike. I get there for lunch and in walks this guy claiming to be “Brian Wilson, but he did not look anything like the Beach Boy. He then sits down at my table and proceeds to tell me a little about himself like how he hates sharing an office with a closeted man. He then goes on several rants about Hilary Clinton’s emails, Benghazi, how Obama is a socialist, and this guy he knows named Chris who is about ”the dumbest guy on the planet,“ according to this guy claiming to be “Brian Wilson.” “I paid $1,800.00 to ‘It’s Just Lunch,’ for this?,” I am thinking to myself. Anyway, he just talks and talks and talks about everything he hates about Obama and Hillary for like an hour, and took a break ever 10 minutes on the fives. Once he was finished telling me all these half-truths about Obama and Hillary, I said, “well, that Ted Cruz guy is really dangerous,” and I spelled out several reasons, including his father’s religious beliefs, his beliefs on how to “fix ‘the Middle East, what he did to Dr. Carson, and his shutting down the government. This guy, Brian, then proceeds to minimize everything Ted Cruz has done, and tells me Ted will make a great president. I then said after George W. Bush, I will never vote for anyone for President who was from Texas. Brian then said, condescendingly and in a low tone “you forgot he ‘H’, it was George Herbert Walker Bush.” I said “no, his son, ‘George W.,‘ you know the one who invaded Iraq for no discernible reason, costing the US taxpayers over four trillion dollars… that George W. Bush.” Brian then said to me, “Never heard of him,” and asked if I was sure we invaded Iraq, because, he said, “ I am looking around, and we got nothing for it, if we actually did invade.” I then said “exactly.” Brian then said ”I can prove we never invaded Iraq, and he goes over to the TV and turns on Fox News. He said, “if we did invade Iraq, it would have bought stability to the region, stopped renegade military and religious sects, and would have brought Freedom to the people of Iraq.” “None of that is happening,” he declared by yelling at me. “He then called me “misinformed,” and “a lib,” walked out, leaving me the lunch tab. Can you believe it? I then got back to my office, and I had a package on my desk. I opened the package, and it was Pajamas, from Pajamagram.com, with a note from “ Bill in Fredericksburg,” wanting to meet at some firehouse subs place, before taking me to some gun show in Chantilly. I then got an email from William in Mananas, asking to take to me out to some stupid thing called "Politics and a Pint," because he was mad at what he called "illegals." Anyway, I paid $1,800.00 to “It’s just Lunch,” and all I got in the last two weeks were deranged and angry, misinformed and politically inept, older men asking me out. Why or how did this cycle start, Dave, and who is this “dumb as a household fichus- ‘Chris,’” Brian kept mentioning? Dave, I need answers..... (4/18/16)

Not sure about The Hope Church’s status. The majority of their translators are not used for Christian music, but for profit. They’re about as non-profit as The Church of Doctor Johnny Fever! What do they say on the tax returns? That Jesus told them in a dream that his will was that CBS Radio have alternative rock on their radio station? Seriously, how can a non-profit broker time to a for profit programming source and still tell the the government that their operations are non-profit and religious? Speaking of brokered radio, Is WCRW 1190 going to go off the air at night after November of this year? They only have through Nov. to build 2 more towers in Leesburg for their nighttime signal to remain a Class B station under the terms of their Construction Permit and I see no building or land clearing going on at the present time. Since their principle owner is now deceased, I don’t see any progress happening there. Looks like WCRW will become a Class D daytimer at the end of the year. And finally, on translators again, how can someone sell a translator who’s license has expired and is silent? 105.1 FM Ocean City appears to have been sold to Adams Radio but yet the license should have expired and it’s not been on the air for awhile. See here… fcc.gov... Now I have no idea what the part about the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 means. Maybe someone can explain that part. (4/18/16)

Man bites dog: “Post wins Pulitzer Prize for project detailing fatal shootings by police”. According to The Post: “A team of journalists won in the national reporting category for work on a database and series of articles detailing 990 fatal police shootings across the nation in 2015.”. www.washingtonpost.com... No word on a Pulitzer for The Washington Times series on shootings OF police: www.policedefense.org (4/18/16)

[RE today's Cord Cutter video:] I think Sling TV adding more channels for $20/mo is a great idea, as it creeps closer to offering channel selection comparable to the PlayStation Vue. However, some things about the new package are confusing. For instance, why are only some Fox stations included, like Fox & FS1, while FS2 & FNC are missing? After all, like you said, they are the #1 news channel. Also, they should add the ordinary channels to the “Beta” package. Why should I have to choose between ESPN & FS1? One thing I would like to ask you; will you consider getting Sling TV with the new packages, and what would make you want to get Sling TV or even Playstation Vue for that matter? From, Amar (4/18/16)

Amazon announces plans for a monthly $8.99 option for its video streaming service, going directly up against Netflix's monthly plan, which jumps from $7.99 to $9.99 per month for many come May. Also, SlingTV adds a new $20 package of channels featuring many Fox-owned networks, including the local Fox broadcast station in many markets. And more in today's "Cord Cutter" episode from DCRTV Dave..... (4/18/16)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Full service AM station in Maryland’s capital city has an opening for News Director. Along with anchoring drive time newscasts and managing your department, you must have knowledge of topics of interest to our local audience to include: politics, the environment, business, and local sports. The applicant must be competent on digital equipment, computer use, social media and have flexible hours. CD’s and résumé’s (No calls please) to: Bill Lusby, Program Director, WNAV Radio, 236 Admiral Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401. Or email a résumé and a short (2 minutes, max) mp3 to jobs@wnav.com. Sajak Broadcasting Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer, M/F (4/18/16)

Re: "'Oh God, not more Andy Pollin? Can you say old guy radio?....' Then don't listen. Find something you do like It's not so hard to figure out. Or does your mother need to dress you in the morning too?" That kind of help ESPN980 doesn't need, because everybody is following that advice. The station has never pulled a decent number, and they've been on a slow decline for a few years. And before somebody pipes up about key demos, or Redskin months saving the annual book, or listeners moving over to WJFK.....No. All wrong. Both DC Sports Talk stations are dreadful, and if you describe their ratings/revenues as "anemic," you're being charitable. They both need drastic changes in both management and on-air talent, but nobody has the guts to do it. (4/18/16)

Another Commercial Radio Station gets TAX-EXEMPT STATUS......WCVO 104.9 in Columbus, Ohio will pay no taxes on their $2 million in revenue. They have a Christian Format. However, they are not a Church and have no Worship Service. According to a court ruling, "Christian Radio is Public Worship". The Hope Church, with their 19 Translators, have the same Tax-Exempt Status. (4/18/16)

I don't really want to gang up on the New (or should I say Classic) B105 in Winchester - but the recent format tweak does not seem to be all that well coordinated. For example - read this gem of a quote from the Market Manager " "After careful analysis it was determined that what's hot in Hollywood or Nashville or American Idol doesn't necessarily translate to the tastes and desires of Winchester or the Valley." - interesting - especially when you head to their new website and there's a module near the top of the page devoted to the "Hollywood Report". Well done! (4/18/16)

While the folks in Winchester make the bi-annual format change for B105 they should also do something about WINC FM. It has gone from an interesting Hot AC that usually placed about 20th in DC to a hybrid AC/Hot AC mess playing primarily songs burned out months ago that now finishes about 30th in the DC ratings. Yes, it is a suburban station, but with such a powerful signal, if it actually moved to a format that is not offered in the area, it could become meaningful again. How about classic hits or soft AC? Even San Francisco just got a soft AC station last week. Instead it has Barry Lee in the morning and recycles his taped bits in the evening. What creativity! It is sad what garbage music radio has become. (4/18/16)

Easter Sunday , April 18th 1965, 1010 WINS in New York City was in it's final day as a music station. The last song played on WINS before the switch to all news the morning of April 19th, was " Out in The Streets by the Shangri-la's".The disc jockey who played that record was Johnny Holliday! The General manger of WINS at the time was Joel Chaseman who later became the GM of Channel 9 here in Washington and then President of Post Newsweek. It was Joel Chaseman, who is retired and still living in Potomac, who hired Holliday for his New York station, then later Glen Brenner for Channel 9. (4/18/16)

Read with great interest the story of Winchester's B105 tweaking their format to Classic Country. Especially loved the well crafted storyline that Patsy Cline recorded in "our" building. Hey B105...if a locally castigated "alleged" trollop of a superstar (see, Patsy never lived up to WInchester's high standards) gets her record played on Winchester airwaves, and nobody knows, did it actually make a sound? You actually spent more time preparing a quote for DCRTV about the flip than you did updating your website! How can you miss the basics? The first place any of the kids go to learn more about their favorite radio station these days is the inter-webs. So, travel over to truecountryb105.com and you will see zero mention of the format tweaks, new imaging or anything. Come on radio, get the basics right! -Guglielmo "Walkin' After Midnight" Marconi (4/18/16)

While DCRTV thrives news web sites are floundering: “The business of online news has never been forgiving. But in recent weeks, what had been a simmering worry among publishers has turned into borderline panic. This month, Mashable, a site that had just raised $15 million, laid off 30 people. Salon, a web publishing pioneer, announced a new round of budget cuts and layoffs. And BuzzFeed, which has been held up as a success story, was forced to bat back questions about its revenue — but not before founders at other start-up media companies received calls from anxious investors .“It is a very dangerous time,” said Om Malik, an investor at True Ventures whose tech news site, Gigaom, collapsed suddenly in 2015, portending the flurry of contractions. The trouble, the publishers say, is twofold. The web advertising business, always unpredictable, became more treacherous. And website traffic plateaued at many large sites, in some cases falling — a new and troubling experience after a decade of exuberant growth. Online publishers have faced numerous financial challenges in recent years, including automated advertising and ad-blocking tools. But now, there is a realization that something more profound has happened: The transition from an Internet of websites to an Internet of mobile apps and social platforms, and Facebook in particular, is no longer coming — it is here. It is a systemic change that is leaving many publishers unsure of how they will make money. “With each turn of the screw, people began to realize, viscerally, that this is what it feels like to not be in control of your destiny,” said Scott Rosenberg, a co-founder of Salon who left the company in 2007. Audiences drove the change, preferring to refresh their social feeds and apps instead of visiting website home pages. As social networks grew, visits to websites in some ways became unnecessary detours, leading to the weakened traffic numbers for news sites. Sales staffs at media companies struggled to explain to clients why they should buy ads for a fragmented audience rather than go to robust social networks instead.” More at “Media Websites Battle Faltering Ad Revenue and Traffic”: www.nytimes.com (4/18/16)

VArch Campbell and the Film Fest DC feature one entitled “How To Tell If You’re A Douchebag” like you need a movie to explain it to you: Arch never disappoints! More: wtop.com (4/18/16)

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WBFF posted a retrospective of 45 years on the air on their website. foxbaltimore.com (4/17/16)

WKCW was on the air on Sunday but at severely reduced power. In Annandale, the station was barely audible. (4/17/16)

From a previous post regarding WRQX, “...Embarrassing..... Annoying... Cheap...” Nice to see someone describing the positives of the O & O. And, to use another word from the posting, remember that there are those in this profession as well as in life who strive to achieve “Mediocrity” -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/17/16)

Fox 5 had a nice surprise birthday party for Allison Seymour's 50th birthday..However, on a somewhat downer note, rumor has it that Sarah Simmons is no longer married as she's been seen not wearing her wedding ring for quite awhile.. (4/17/16)

MIX 107.3 FM events look like they belong in York, PA. It's a college radio set up with embarrasing giveaways and annoying "Do you wanna sign up for a pen and a T-shirt?" No one showed up of their Friday "Bar" event to see the station... just passers by who were confronted with annoying cheap prize opportunities. Their "LIVE" events have been going down hill, for the past couple of years, I remember when they were the best station at hitting the streets, 5 years ago and beyond. Are they just settling for mediocrity? (4/17/16)

OMYGAWD you’re right: Laura, Laura, Laura! Will LifeZette.com post this on their site? Does this mean Laura is really the mean bitch she’s known as? Will the FCC fine her? Inquiring minds want to know: www.dailynews.com (4/17/16)

Laura Ingraham had a meltdown on Friday and eff-bombed her crew on-air. Google it, its hilarious. (4/17/16)

I didn't know this, but apparently somebody noticed. WBFF turns 45 years old. Apparently they're running some 45 on 45 promos. I haven't yet seen them yet. (4/17/16)

"Oh God, not more Andy Pollin? Can you say old guy radio? The man has more lives than a cat. Old and tired. Let me guess more count and amount on the horizon." Then don't listen. Find something you do like It's not so hard to figure out. Or does your mother need to dress you in the morning too? (4/17/16)

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Loo and Chilli, in the broadcast booth at the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade this morning. (4/16/16)

Today they delivered the Friday Washington Post instead of the Saturday Washington Post. But, I still got the Sunday ads. (4/16/16)

WILC América 900 now streams at: www.america900.com (4/16/16)

[“Today they delivered the Friday Washington Post instead of the Saturday Washington Post. But, I still got the Sunday ads."] Well since The Washington Post print edition is always the previous day’s news, that means that Monday is Sunday’s news, Tuesday is Monday’s news, Wednesday is Tuesday’s news, Thursday is Wednesday’s news and Friday is Thursday’s news: so if you were to get your Saturday edition it would actually be Friday’s news so consider it a wash. (4/16/16)

Re:”Today they delivered the Friday Washington Post instead of the Saturday Washington Post. But, I still got the Sunday ads.” The WaPoop is doing its best to kill the print version of its product. I live in Fauquier County and the Saturday newsstand versions are curious. If I go East I can only buy a early version of the Sunday paper with some Saturday content and Sunday ads for $3.50. If I go West into Warrenton I can get the regular Saturday version at $2. Not a good deal either way. --nokesvillejr (4/16/16)

Dave's response: Both the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times still take some pride in their print product. For the Washington Post, print is all too often a slapped together afterthought. I think Bezos would actually be happy if all the hassles with unions, presses/plants, delivery trucks, and carriers would just go away. But he probably made a promise to the Graham family to keep it going for a number of years.....

If I am warming to Obambi then that must mean hell is freezing over: for once, I finally agree with and appreciate something Obambi is proposing with his “cable box reform”. But leave it to that capitalist tool, Forbes, to throw cold water on his initiatives: www.forbes.com... And you can read his proposed executive order for yourself: www.whitehouse.com (4/16/16)

re: Erica Hill - "Hill, who joined Weekend Today in 2012 after a 4-year stint at CBS’s Early Show, will increase her anchor hours on MSNBC and reporting for Nightly News which has more closely aligned itself with NBC News." www.adweek.com (4/16/16)

What is NBC doing to their weekend version of TODAY? Erica Hill has been missing a lot lately & now I see they are promoting a new Sunday morning show???? .....jeff (4/16/16)

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As soon as the Ravens ticket price blurb was up Dave, The Baltimore Sun immediately investigated the Ravens season ticket deal as did some other blogs. I”m sure they ALL saw it HERE first! There was no immediate or public announcement of this btw yesterday morning. Normally I see this stuff in the news BEFORE or about the same time I get an email. A little slow-jammin’ the news for the team & The Sun huh? Some people are not exactly happy camper. It is a round about way of raising season tickets too since next year there will probably be an 18 game season. :-) (4/15/16)

I know DCRTV deals more with radio and TV, but I have a question about newspapers. So do they ever put out their subscription numbers (online and actual newspapers)? I am just wondering because after The Baltimore Sun/The Aegis (Harford County's paper that the Sun now owns) requested and then published dash cam footage/audio from the killings of the 2 Harford County Sheriffs Deputies in February, there was a major backlash from the police themselves and the entire community with many people saying they were cancelling their subscriptions. WMAR-TV originally published the video too, but later removed it from its website and issued an apology, but of course the good old Baltimore Sun did no such thing. They really are a disgrace and I was just hoping to see if there is a way to see if this actually hurts their numbers. (4/15/16)

RE: WMAL / FCC… WMAL filed their amendment today, about 30 days late, but accepted by the FCC. It appears to correct all the deficiencies in the previous application as well as point out some FCC deficiencies in not applying the AM Revitalization rules to the app. Might be approved before the Development meeting on the land. Overall, the new signal will lose Baltimore completely as well as parts of Virginia south of DC and areas towards the Chesapeake Bay & Maryland’s Eastern shore. It will pick up a few places, but only near WSPZ’s site in Maryland and NW parts of VA from DC. The overall signal in the district will of course be weaker. — BaltoMedia.net (4/15/16)

Also from the FCC today: Multicultural’s WLXE AM 1600 filed for another STA extension claiming they can find no transmitter site or site to diplex with in the DC area. Now we know there have been 3 diplexes in the DC area in the last 2 years alone. And this has been going on now for 9 years now. Isn’t it time for the FCC to pull the plug on WLXE like they did WRJE AM 1600 in Delaware? Multicultural’s phony excuse isn’t even as creative enough as WRJE. There’s plenty of objective outright proof that their claim is just plain false. They have provided no proof of even looking for another site. Yet the FCC hasn’t even sent them a warning letter. Is it because of who they are? Hmm, ponderous. (4/15/16)

[How come nobody in the media is touching the story about the The Baltimore Ravens first saying they weren’t raising ticket prices for this year, even in a Baltimore Sun story, then raising them 12% secretly without any announcement except to season ticket holders just yesterday?] Simple it's not a price increase it's a realignment of prices... regular games go up and preseason games drop significantly so season ticket prices remain the same and now they might sell out the pre-season games (4/15/16)

[RE WTEM's new sked:] Oh God, not more Andy Pollin? Can you say old guy radio? The man has more lives than a cat. Old and tired. Let me guess more count and amount on the horizon. (4/15/16)

How come nobody in the media is touching the story about the The Baltimore Ravens first saying they weren’t raising ticket prices for this year, even in a Baltimore Sun story, then raising them 12% secretly without any announcement except to season ticket holders just yesterday? (4/15/16)

I have to say that CSN Mid-Atlantic does a terrific job with the Caps playoffs games. Pre-game, In-game, Post-game. Really good. Sorry to interrupt the usual Mailbag complaining with some praise. (4/15/16)

NAB reports that 100,000 people will head to the NAB Convention this weekend in Las Vegas. They include FCC people, Broadcasters and Lobbyist. All the big companies like Hubbard, iHeart, Cumulus and CBS will be there. The small AM Radio Stations cannot afford this luxury. One subject that is suppose to be discussed is the Channel 6, LPTV stations operating as FM Stations on 87.7 FM. This is the audio portion of their TV License. Why not take these frequencies and turn them into many FM stations to help the AM Stations that are DEAD. Another proposal, is to let AM Stations, who have translators, originate their own programming if they turn in their AM License. (4/15/16)

Os Radio News at the beach? wgmd.com (4/15/16)

For the Trump voters that cannot understand English or economics or science (and a few other things), many billionaires have personally donated tons of their PERSONAL money to charities. It’s not that Trump didn’t do what they did. IT’S THAT HE OUTRIGHT LIED ABOUT IT! Even his campaign admitted he didn’t give any money to charity, but yet it’s in his campaign speeches. Why is it that STUPID TRUMP DRONES have an alternative TV reality? Oh that’s right, they still think they’re watching a reality TV show. Arguing with a Trump supporter is like arguing with my brother in law. While watching WMAR TV Metro CrimeStoppers once he yelled at the TV, “Why didn’t they catch that guy?” Someone pointed out that it was a reenactment and he yelled back, “I KNOW, but they got him on TAPE! WHY THE HELL DIDN’T THOSE IDIOTS CATCH HIM?” Simply didn’t quite grasp the concept ya know? :-) (4/15/16)

Unreported in the media, April 12-13 was the 2 days for the MASN/Nationals MLB Mediation private meetings. As far as I know, neither made a public statement, that is if anyone was covering it. I think most sports people have gotten tired of covering this since it keeps going in circles. At the end of this season, the next round of negotiating will begin. (4/15/16)

You do know that Frank Ski used to work in at V103 Baltimore back in the day (the late 1980's), correct? (4/15/16)

We all know that Jim Vance will be retiring soon which is probably why he rarely see him more than a couple of evenings a week. However, I wonder if Doreen Genztler's considering retiring as well since I've noticed that she too has cut back from her regular 5 days a week. (4/15/16)

Sorry to see that we won't be able to reach the license plate unit or get a driver's license at the DMV because of the Verizon strike. You would think a state agency might have a backup system, even something IP-based on another provider, to keep the phones going. (4/15/16)

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RE: “Never thought I'd see "Sinclair" and "Refined" in the same sentence.” Maybe Sinclair’s gasoline is refined. (4/14/16)

No justice, “No Big Mac or Verizon Servicing Thursday”: looks like a “Burger King Comcast Thursday”.“Why tens of thousands of workers, from Verizon to McDonald’s, are walking off the job Thursday”: washingtonpost.com... (4/14/16)

So, if Donald Trump donates $102 Million, but not a dime is of his own money, does that mean Prof. Obama gets no credit for 275,000 hires in January 2016, because not one of those were hired with his personal money? There is the real reason AP never ran with a story that the muckracking WP chose to lead with. There is no story because regardless of how the money was provided, it was provided under his leadersip. IF Obama gets credit for showing leadership in fixing the economy without any money of his own, then there can be no arguement that Donald's leadership contributed $102M. Facts, hard to acquire, easy to conspire. (4/14/16)

Hmmm. Never thought I'd see "Sinclair" and "Refined" in the same sentence... (4/14/16)

I'm a bit creeped-out by that TV commercial for a streaming music service reprising the movie "Never Ending Story" with the title song performed by Limahl. Actor Jonathan Brandis performed the role of Bastian in the 1990 sequel "Never Ending Story II", and he committed suicide in 2003. Its just really cringey to see his character still flying around "after 30 years" as they say in the ad copy, when the poor bastid's been dead for 13 years. (4/14/16)

The locally based "Refined" brand.sounds like PM/Evening Magazine all over again. (4/14/16)

I'm impressed that the ownership of KLIV kept it going for so long. It is what DCTV Dave would call a “dink watt AM”. Anything less than 10 KW is one step away from Part 15 in my book. And, as a badge I saw a guy wearing at the Hamvention a few years ago said, “If it isn't running on 3-phase 4160 VAC it's only QRP”. Face it, San Joe is in the shadow of how many San Francisco 50 KW blowtorches? Not to mention a slightly well-known All-Newser colloquially known as KCBS? Economic Euthanasia is tough. I've been on both ends of it, both getting and giving the news. But, there are places where All-News simply doesn't work. San Jose is quite likely one of them. It's not just that the economics aren't there, but the culture militates against it. The old NBC NNIS helped prove that. At least its demise helped begat a durable quality rocker, WIYY in Baltimore. Had NNIS not happened, who knows what Hearst would've done with it? As for markets where All-News works, it's a rare market where two will survive and thrive. Yes, D.C. had three at one time. But, WAVA was hobbled by the AM being a daytimer when FM dominance was still on jackstands with traction far in the future, IIRC, WAVA tried getting an antitrust investigation going in 1969 against WTOP when it went all news because of the dominance of the Post owning not just the newspaper, but the then WTOP AM-FM-TV. Needless to say, the complaint didn't go anywhere. Had it happened later in the Nixon Administration, something could've happened when the Post was on the “Enemies List”. (Not to be confused with “Emily's List”...) The viability of a second All-Newser is something to consider in analyzing the failure that was WNEW-99.1. It wasn't just the signal. It wasn't just the promotion... or lack thereof. It's just that in a time where ad-supported media is trying to survive in an increasingly fragmented marketplace, it takes more than merely being an alternative to survive, let alone thrive. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/14/16)

Merrill Professor Dana Priest has been working hard with the American Society of News Editors to host a two-day program for mid- and senior-level editors to teach them why cybersecurity is such an important national security issue. The program is supported by the HP Foundation and will occur in early June at Knight Hall. Registration is limited to 36 editors. Some travel reimbursement is available from the HP grant... asne.org... (4/14/16)

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I agree with some other post 106.9 is trying to force two formats into one station.A smart move find empty FM space in Frederick, they can find if they really look, match with 102.1 they have in Hagerstown keep classic rock on 106.9 (4/13/16)

What is Birach going to do with those AM signals should he get them back on the air? I can't imagine a worse money-waster these days than new AM construction, which this essentially is. (4/13/16)

Good move for Rouse to Q1370. Im shocked they picked up Tracy too. She seemed like a duck out of water who had trouble reading things. Maybe just me. Not a shock on no mention of Maynard. He already bombed there with Sherry Ellicker (sp?), when the station launched. (4/13/16) I wondered why Rouse and Co. did not go to WGLL in the first place. Now they are where they should have been and with a 50,000 watt signal as well as coverage on 99.9 FM in Harford County, they should do better in the ratings. If promoted well enough, they will also do well on the internet. Former Marylander who lives in the Southwest (4/13/16)

Birach "is a stranger to the truth". Note to the FCC......Don't believe everything he says. (4/13/16)

Another all news station bites the dust... www.kliv.com (4/13/16)

Maybe this is why local DMV Verizon workers are on strike: Kramer vs. the cable guy. The cable guy sure was sorry he was out on strike and Kramer waited for him all day: www.youtube.com (4/13/16)

Birach begs FCC for mercy. Read the last paragraph for a laugh. fcc.gov (4/13/16)

If Q1370 were smart they would beg Maynard to come back to join Rouse. Maynard was actually a pretty good DJ on HFS 97.5 and Mix106.5. I read a post Questioning Jason Kidd's ability to PD a station. He did a good job with Jack-FM in 2008 up til it was sold to IHeart and I believe he was PD or at least MD of Mix106.5 as the transitioned from Hot AC to CHR that turned out to be a success. WPGC there is no helping. They strive for an audience that doesn't exist in large numbers. You can't be Urban & CHR and succeed like a CHR would or a Urban would. In Hagerstown if Eagle 106.9 has transitioned to Classic Hits it's probably a good thing. They were typical Classic Rock and the definition of Classic Hits seems to be a mixture of Classic Rock & Top 40 from late 60's, 70's & 80's. To me their product was too bland and typical to listen to. (4/13/16)

If B105 thinks they've gone "classic country" they need to fire their Music Director. Wednesday morning they played "All Summer Long" by Kid Rock and then a 5-year old Craig Morgan song. It's hard to imagine they could bottom out any more since they're already scraping the basement floor, but no plan + no clue = no chance to succeed. Merle (4/13/160

Re: Latest radio ratings. Worth mentioning that Donnie Simpson is doing quite well in his return to radio. (4/13/16)

Don’t bother waiting for “the cable guy” from Verizon today: “About 39,000 Verizon landline and cable workers on the East Coast walked off the job Wednesday morning after little progress in negotiations since their contract expired nearly eight months ago. The workers, members of two unions — the Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers — represent installers, customer service employees, repairmen and other service workers in Connecticut, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., for Verizon’s wireline business, which provides fixed-line phone services and FiOS Internet service.” Kramer, call your office: wtop.com (4/13/16)

Re: Tommy McFly - "He is his own brand and could care less about the station overall." Dammit, people, it's "couldn't care less"... "COULDN'T"! (4/13/16)

To the poster that said this: "Since he's a staff entertainment reporter at WUSA, he doesn't need the money spent there since he's already got it covered with his ace entertainment reporting which makes Kevin McCarthy look like a rookie from the Hagerstown TV market. Someone remind him he isn't bigger than the rest of his station, or the Junkies for that matter! Maybe some new koozies and some Tommy show T-Shirts will get him a ratings bump." Are you saying that Tommy and Kevin have ego's, or just one of them? (4/13/16)

Who's the mole at CBS? And how much longer will he/she still have their job after that post? (4/13/16)

As Broadcasters, FCC and Lobbyist head to the NAB Convention in Las Vegas, I hope they will discuss the Channel 6, LPTV situation. The lobbyist have done a good job of lobbying the FCC. Before Chairman Wheeler arrived at the FCC, the lobbyist were successful in getting the FCC to postpone the 9/1/15 date that these stations were suppose to give up their analog channels and go digital. This was never enforced. These low power television stations were licensed so that minorities would have a chance to own a television station. It never happened. None of these stations are owned by minorities. The 87.5 FM Frequencies were used as FM Radio Stations and are still operating as FM Stations today, rather than television stations. MR CHAIRMAN, WILL YOU PLEASE TAKE ACTION ON THIS SITUATION? (4/13/16)

March ratings analysis from Tom Taylor: Washington DC gives its two top-rated news or news/talk stations a bit less love this month, but the age 6+ AQH share total-week score-card still has Hubbard’s all-news WTOP (plus regional signals) and American U.’s non-com news/talk WAMU in commanding positions. WTOP’s moved easily from its January-book 9.9 share to a February 10.1 and now a March-book 9.2. It’s #1 in every daypart except weekends. Second is WAMU (9.1-9.2-8.0, and starting to think even harder about retiring midday star Diane Rehm). WAMU wins on the weekends. Up to third is Howard U.’s commercial urban AC WHUR 4.9-4.8-6.1), followed by iHeart’s AC WASH (5.3-5.3-5.5) and rhythmic sister “Hot 99.5” WIHT (4.9-5.3-5.1). Radio One’s urban AC “Majic” WMMJ is back to its late-2015 form (4.1-3.9-4.7). And contemporary Christian non-com WGTS (Washington Adventist University) is back to its early-2015 form (3.3-3.4-3.9). Checking the Cumulus duo, talk WMAL-AM/FM is off a tad (3.8-3.2-3.0), while hot AC “Mix 107.3” WRQX holds last month’s gain (2.1-2.9-2.9). We always give you the market’s total-week leader in average cume, and DC is basically a tie situation between rhythmic “Hot” (1,314,400) and AC WASH (1,307,600). Nielsen’s “March” covered February 25-March 23... Baltimore - Better time-spent-listening puts CBS’ AC WLIF in first place (7.2-7.4-7.6). Its #1 ranking in middays looks like what many AC stations almost automatically used to enjoy. Radio One is second with urban “92Q” WERQ (7.0-6.9-7.3) and former champ WPOC (country, iHeart) is third, 7.4-7.7-6.8. Fourth place goes to Radio One’s urban AC WWIN-FM (6.2-6.1-6.5, and second at night). We’ve got a tie in fifth place between iHeart’s improving top 40 KZFT (4.7-4.7-5.3) and Hearst’s “98 Rock” WIYY (4.9-4.4-5.3). According to Chris Huff, this is a PPM-best for WIYY. AC WLIF is the highest-cumeing station at 836,200. (4/13/16)

Good move for Rouse to Q1370. Im shocked they picked up Tracy too. She seemed like a duck out of water who had trouble reading things. Maybe just me. Not a shock on no mention of Maynard. He already bombed there with Sherry Ellicker (sp?), when the station launched. (4/13/16)

Last I checked, FM 105.1 Ocean City, translator of WIJK 1590 The Ryde, is still off the air, now for quite awhile. Since there is no silent request that is not expired long ago, how can they sell the translator and how could there not be a fine? And who pays it? Adams Radio Group or Bayshore Media? The license should have expired awhile ago. See here… fcc.gov (4/13/16)

RE: Tommy McFly...he has always had an ego bigger than DC, especially back when he was at WRQX. He is his own brand and could care less about the station overall. (4/13/16)

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So the other day in a big meeting at CBS radio, Tommy from the Tommy Show asked the CBS CEO when they would give him money to fight back against the return of Cumulus radio's Washington messiah Jack Diamond. He asked the CEO to give him money to ward off Jack and his evil forces off with Facebook advertising for his own Tommy McFly Show Facebook page and for TV advertising on networks like NBC, FOX and ABC. Since he's a staff entertainment reporter at WUSA, he doesn't need the money spent there since he's already got it covered with his ace entertainment reporting which makes Kevin McCarthy look like a rookie from the Hagerstown TV market. Someone remind him he isn't bigger than the rest of his station, or the Junkies for that matter! Maybe some new koozies and some Tommy show T-Shirts will get him a ratings bump. (4/12/16)

Does anyone know what's going on with WWEG 106.9 The Eagle? They've gone from classic rock to "classic hits". So you can hear Madonna & Lionel Richie along with classic rock. If I want to hear AC I will tune into WASH FM. This is an odd format and one that will be removed from my preset. (4/12/16)

Regarding Jason Kid(d) "I wonder if he’s gradually going to change 107.3 into an CHR..." I'm not sure what liberties an afternoon show host could take when he is nowhere near being the program director. He failed programming WXYV, WWMX, as well as was an unmitigated failure at WPGC. He is an adequate talent, but not much beyond that (sans a few tiny stations that have bought into his "format" he is selling). (4/12/16)

Previous poster, “…WKCW is off the air about 50% of the time. It is a joke. There is no management...” And, what make you think WKCW is any different than most other radio stations today? If it isn’t “No Management”, it’s “Crisis Management”, or usually “Mis-Management”. One of radio’s problems today is that there’s an absence of management leadership. That takes courage. And, risk-taking. Both of which can lead to failure… or success. No matter how strong the potential of success is, the fear of failure is so strong as to deter even many veterans from chancing it anymore. Everyone wants to go with what “works” rather than what has worked. That is why I use WCBS as an example of what All-News should sound like. They haven’t really changed in decades. No, it’s not the top biller. But, it’s a consistent biller. That’s what real business people look for whether their business is broadcasting or brassieres. And, long-term investors. But, it’s the “quick-kill” investment mentality that has so poisoned the marketplace. I saw yesterday where one much sought-after (by the suitor) merger has gone away because too many people were saying no. Especially the sought-after company. Fortunately, broadcasters in the U,S. have foreign ownership limits. (They’re just not always enforced…) I mention this because in the proposed merger I just mentioned, it was a Canadian company attempting to acquire an American company. But, cable is different. A major French cable operator, Altice, has acquired Suddenlink and is in the process of acquiring Cablevision. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/12/16)

Implosions bring down 48 VOA towers in Beaufort County ~~ www.witn.com ~~ Updated: Thu 4:02 PM, Apr 07, 2016 ~~ Blair in Alexandria (4/12/16)

I take a look at the "Winter Book" of DC radio ratings for the January, February, and March period of 2016. With more good news for WTOP, WAMU, WHUR, WASH, and Hot 99.5. And some not so good news for DC's two sports talkers, WTEM and WJFK, plus DC101, WMAL, and Mix 107.3. In today's "Dave TV"..... (4/12/16)

WMAL FLOPS in latest ratings! If It wasn't for RUSH (Non-local) WMAL wouldn't be in the Top 20! WRQX is a sputtering nightmare... Jack Diamond down to 18th (getting beat handily by 10th place, syndicated BOBBY BONES).... WRQX has no identity, Top 40 for 20 minutes, then a sleepy AC, terribly mismatched promotions, and a morning show that is so awfully out of sorts. It was no secret that new Cumulus CEO was becoming exhausted with the lack of progress with WRQX, and now WMAL is in a free-fall. The uppers at Cumulus were hoping for good news, they know it's time for some changes (yes, MORE changes coming to WRQX). If commercials aren't free by now, who knows what it will take! (4/12/16)

WMAL’s own Larry O’Connor on The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson this afternoon to chat about “Trump Would Consider Walker, Rubio or Kasich as VP”: if my aunt had a pecker she’d be my uncle as Larry don’t think so. Wonder if the FNC car will wait outside of Remingtons on the Hill so Larry can down a quick drink before heading uptown for “Drive At Five”: doh! Somebody tell Larry it closed a year ago: www.washingtonpost.com (4/12/16)

Noted in the Tom Taylor radio newsletter - "For Sale. Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia. We will be at the NAB Convention, please contact if you would like to have a discussion..." The only company (outside of the biggies) that fits that bill is First Media. I wonder if Alex and company are calling it quits... (4/12/16)

LOL, Rush Limbaugh just complained about his show losing seconds off its intro. Cumulus’ money problems must really be hitting them hard. From, Amar (4/12/16)

MIX 107.3 (on Facebook) just asked what musical instrument you'd want to play if you could pick any?! WOW, that's a Social Media strategy for you. I'm imagining pages of responses saying "Trumpets, Drums and Clarinet!". So far... 1 response. My GOD... is everyone asleep at the wheel there? No wonder why advertisers are petrified of being on that station! MIX 1073, posting Myspace updates on Facebook in 2016! (4/12/16)

WJFK’s Sports Junkies throw like girls at Nats Stadium last night... (4/12/16)

WKCW is off the air about 50% of the time. It is a joke. There is no management. (4/12/16)

AM dial is kinda quiet today ... both our favorite stations, WKCW 1420 and WCTN 950, appear to be idle. I may be wrong, but neither signal can be heard this morning at my listening post on a Ballston hi-rise rooftop. (4/12/16)

There are tons of problems with WHGM. First off, the pea shooter FM signal barely reaches Aberdeen clearly. Sure, you can hear it in the middle of the Susquehanna. Second, the format offers NOTHING for the area. It's a duplicated format that you can hear on much more powerful and better produced stations. There are other issues, but I'll just stop while I'm ahead. (4/12/16)

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Should we buy radio stocks now that they continue to fall? Do you think they will go up? iHeart is at $1.15 per share and Cumulus is at just $0.41 per share. iHeart is going to trial on 4/16 with their lenders. If they lose, the stock could go down even more. They have $20.9 Billion in debt. Can a company survive with all debt? (4/11/16)

Yep, the Rouse & Company Page now says Page Not Found. My personal opinion is that they confused Steve Rouse into thinking he’d still get some of his Dundalk listeners & at least Bel Air, but that is ONLY on AM 1330. The FM translator has a great signal in nowhere land. More Chickens in Delaware can get it than people. I think he finally figured that out. Radio people are different than engineering people as well as management people. Obviously the management gave him some fairy tale engineering story. Hehe. Like another person posted, WQLL 1370 blankets his old stomping grounds and Bel Air, and the FM does pretty good too. He definitely picked the wrong radio station up there. (4/11/16)

WMDT ABC 47 has applied for a digital low power translator/TV WGDV-LD on Channel 32 right in Salisbury, MD. Speaking of Marquee Broadcasting, they also have not yet turned off the power on WEVD-LP Channel 27 in Dover, DE. Is the WMDT 47 signal so poor that they need these translators? Anyone know what their purpose is? WMDT’s signal plot seems to fully cover Salisbury at least. — BaltoMedia.net (4/11/16)

RE: Rouse. I'm shocked it took this long for Rouse to move. WHGM is an LPFM with no direction. I think Rouse will pop back up in Baltimore, maybe Q-1370. WHGM should go to brokered programming. It makes $$ and you do know have to know the market. (4/11/16)

Better link for that WMAL anthropology You Tube segment: youtu.be. Sorry, the earlier one worked only if your device was already logged into a Google account. -P of the AW (4/11/16)

The Washington Post’s Brian Fungus tries to tell its dwindling readers why LinkNYC is both good and bad but I think it will wind up being a huge hacker target. Imagine the date trove such a thing would be in already over hacked DC: www.washingtonpost.com (4/11/16)

Chill with the rude commentary, Squire. WMET is not brokered and hasn't been since all-religious Guadalupe came into the picture. Had you turned on the AM radio that's factory-standard on your high horse, you might have noticed. Even if it was, shouldnt there be some correct contact info up there on the website for people looking to buy brokered time? The website has obsolete information and is generally ignored by its placeholders. And since websites are designed for listeners and customers and not "someone in radio", this is not a good use of the domain. If a listener wanted to find out more about the station, linking to pages filled with the wrong info isn't the way to go. Did you know a global search for "dcrtv" could send you to an interior designer in Louisiana? WKCW had the good sense to turn off its website so as not to look like *total* fools -- WMET ought to consider the same. (4/11/16)

Here is a message from Devon Lucie's Facebook page, no mention of what Surae will be doing in Salt Lake: "After 5 1/2 years on-air in Washington D.C., I'm sorry to say I'll be leaving ABC7 and News Channel 8. Let me start by thanking the nearly 700 people who have joined in on following my page over the past year and a half, not to mention all of you loyal friends and viewers who have been here from the start nearly 5 years ago. It has been a great run in covering Commuteageddon for my first work at ABC7/News Channel 8 as fill-in on WTOP, from the Derecho, to the active tornado summer a few years back, and to the blizzard of 2016. You have all made this an active forum when weather strikes in sharing your own information and beautiful pictures that truly made this a place a neat little corner of Facebook for weather. It is true, on Sunday, April 10th at about 11:20 I will deliver my last weathercast on ABC7. I have accepted a position as the weekday morning meteorologist for KTVX, Good4Utah channel 4 the ABC affiliate for Salt Lake City. This will be my first ever full time position on a network affiliate that's not weekends, which means I will have a set schedule where I won't have to fill-in on all the other time periods that continually screws up your sleep schedule. Plus, it means with two young children of almost 2 and 4, I'll be able to spend lots of quality time with them in the afternoons and evenings before all going to bed at the same time (at least me and the children). Chief meteorologist Doug Hill gave me an incredible opportunity, and with his mentorship brought me to a new level of on-air delivery that enabled me to fill-in on Good Morning America a couple of years back. Meteorologist Bob Ryan also played a role in taking me under his wing as well that added an ever increasing and more skillful forecasting that I hope will aid me in the difficult mountain prognostications in Utah. I hope you choose to keep me in your news feeds, but I understand if you unfollow me in the future. I will provide year round, day-to-day weather coverage for not only Salt Lake City, but for the entire state of Utah that has some of the best outdoor activities year round, from the snow in the winter and the great ski resorts such as Park City, and the spring/summer/fall spots of Moab, Zion National Park, and Arches National Park just to name a few. I also hope to keep new photos coming of my new city, state, and family as they grow up on the West Coast. Thank you so much for being such big champions of my work. I wish you all the best, with good health, happiness, and longevity in the future. With much gratitude, Devon" (4/11/16)

From the now sure anyone cares files: looks like Rouse and Company are done at 1330/104.7 The Point in Havre De Grace. The only glimmer of hope for that station has faded. Can anyone predict the next format for it? (4/11/16)

Hey, Dave! Great work, as always, on dcrtv.com, one of my favorite sites. I have 2 quick comments on your recent davetv piece on the changes at espn980. One, the name of the co-host of the evening program, in case you haven't already been told this, or didn't already know (but were just being silly) is prounced Nick Ash-shoe. Secondly, the sports reporters is not a new show, of course, and it is significant in that it brings Andy Pollin back to the mothership, to a role that many people, including myself loved (even though he sure did have many detractors). (4/11/16)

Hey Don Geronimo monthly Podcast subscribers. Is Mike Sorce & his 3rd wife preparing for another Maui vacation? #suckers (4/11/16)

Well, that WMAL Youtube link didn’t work any better than WMAL’s transmitter re-location application with the FCC! Continue listening to your 75 years of WMAL. At this rate, nothing will change by mid-summer 2017! HAHA! (4/11/16)

Another correction for OLD GEEZERS… WMET.Radio.Net is NOT WMET’s website nor is ANY radio station with the Radio.Net domain. Radio.Net is just a streaming site. Streaming sites often have incorrect website and format information. They say this about car keys and I think it’s true for computers and smart phones. Some people should just NOT be allowed to use a keyboard, computer or smartphone if they don’t know what they’re doing. These are the people spreading all the computer viruses around because they do not know any better. WMET only has a facade website. It clearly says they don’t accept any advertising meaning they don’t want you to contact them. Why? Because they are brokered. All the time is bought by other people. How could someone in radio not get this? (4/11/16)

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Closed circuit for all WMAL anthropolgy lovers: I've posted this on FB, but for those of you who don't roll that way here's the link to a very short video based on the drone sequence Brian Wilson and I shot about this time last year. I had never gotten around to supplying any audio track for that "footage" so I've added some stills from our archives to make the duration match the classic "We Like To Be In Washington, DC" anthem the station played thousands of times in the 60s and 70s. It looks now like the Bethesda transmitter site will have to be decommissioned by mid-summer 2017. 75 lovely, aromatic acres sitting there for 75 years. Now THAT'S a significant run. -Pilot of the Airwaves www.youtube.com (4/10/16)

WMZQ's morning jock, ladies and gentlemen: iheart.com (4/10/16)

Sunday morning funnies from SNL which was aired on local NBC affiliate WRC last night: www.youtube.com (4/10/16)

any word in the new shown with Loverro, Jason Reid, and Mike Wise? I hear they're going to call it "Hate! Hate! Hate!" (4/10/16)

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("If only I could get their streaming to work well") You can get both 980AM and 570AM on the TuneIn Radio app. That's what I do. (4/9/16)

RE: “Granddaddy, what's a newspaper?" -Unsigned Corporate Suit”. Well Mr. Suit you may want to tell your grandkid to not bother reading The Boston Globe which has gone The Onion according to Drudge with a phony edition trashing Trump (not that he does not deserve it): twitter.com/DRUDGE (4/9/16)

As a Washington Sports fan - I welcome a daily afternoon show with Andy Pollin and Steve Czaban. If only I could get their streaming to work well - I can't get AM radio in my office. (4/9/16)

From Talk Stream Live, our local boy Chris Plante jumps in the online streaming ratings: “Michael Savage scores big again with a 27 share and #1 ranking at Talk Stream Live and leads all other talk shows by wide margins and extends his undisputed and unprecedented dominance in the streaming online talk domain. Rush Limbaugh is #2 and has gained ground with a 15.6 share, followed by Laura Ingraham #3, Mark Levin #4, and Glenn Beck at #5. Howie Carr moves up to #7 and Chris Plante jumps 9 spots to #16. The TSL 1st Q 2016 report sample size breaks new ground by surpassing the 2 million mark.” No word on DCRTVDJDAVE DAVE TV. More: blog.talkstreamlive.com (4/9/16)

"Granddaddy, what's a newspaper?" -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/9/16)

I had a quiet few minutes today working the Saturday shift, so I thought I'd scope out some websites of AM stations in DC that maintain active pages. WMET 1160's current website (wmet.radio.net) plays the station's audio, but the "other" WMET website (www.wmet1160.com) has to be one of the most peculiar and badly-written sites anywhere in the industry. It appears to have been abandoned in 2010, even though it carries a 2016 copyright footnote. Everything is written in past tense, the beauty shot of the radio console shows a missing module, the top story on the whole site is Rush Limbaugh's drug issues, and there are names but no active links on the "Contact WMET" page. The owner appears to be in Australia and probably doesn't give a wallaby's ass about the status of the site. Any other questions as to why AM is dying? (4/9/16)

While cable cords are cut and DCRTV.com thrives, online newspapers are going the way of the horse & buggy: www.medialifemagazine.com (4/9/16)

Al Galdi is still on Saturday mornings, 9am-10am, doing Nats talk. A Gald-send, imo. (4/9/16)

Letting Thom Loverro go is not only a joke, but typical of what that station does. They let the wrong guy go! TK and Loverro were the only reasons to listen, neither seems to play the Skins game like the others do. There must be a reason the station doesn't break the Top 20 in ratings. (4/9/16)

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Love seeing Galdi in the AM replacing the over done Mike & Mike show..maybe now having local competition 106.7 will replace the juvenile junkies with adults! (4/8/16)

WTEM and WSPZ really ought to swap nicknames and become "ESPN 570" and "SportsTalk 980" (powered by ESPN). (4/8/16)

What is the news that I apparently missed ? WTEM has been one of the most poorly managed stations I have ever tried to listen to. If Thom is really being let go, that is not her reason not to listen. Already too much Redskin shit. Maybe he will be replaced by the Man Cave. That was really well received. Hope to bump into Thom sometime in Frederick and spill a couple together. (4/8/16)

You serious about Cooley calling the shots at 980? He's a buffoon. Lover to was the only voice of reason there. Is that why he was fired? Thank you Dave (4/8/16)

Dave's response: Source's opinion. Not mine.....

My position on ESPN 980 is simple: If you toss out the ESPN Radio Network programming for local and Tony K (which is syndicated; not ESPN), then you can't call yourself ESPN 980 anymore. Go with Red Zebra 980 or something else; no more ESPN 980. Unsigned Retired Non-Suit (4/8/16)

re: New 980 lineup: notice how all show times are staggered vs. WJFK's schedule. Also does Murray/Ashooh show mean less Orioles? (4/8/16)

It looks like 980 already has less Orioles. All but one game the first two weeks is on 570 instead. (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] Will miss hearing Galdi, but at least I'll never again have to decide between the Junkies and Mike&Mike in the morning. (4/8/16)

If the WTOP website has been put out of service by ISIS due to their frustration at having to hear the "1-877-Kars-for-Kids" commercial just one time too many, where can I send a contribution? ~~ Not Blair in Alexandria; no way whatsoever. (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] Well at least they’re doing SOMETHING, unlike 105.7 in Baltimore, which goes on and on and on with the same tired, repetitive, worn-out, shtick-filled programming. (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] czabe wz horrible w/Cooley,w/ Sheehan wud b a very good combo.Kevin is 980's best host.Cooley their second best athlete. (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] Where is Thom Loverro?? Andy Pollin? I was happy when he got axed! 3 hours of Bmitch...ugh (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] 3 hrs of the locker room? Ouch. The rest looks fine. Thom Loverro was getting too grouchy unfortunately. (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] Hate the time shift for TK... Will miss Tom Lavero with Kevin Sheehan...Glad Andy P has a regular gig...That's all I ever listen to (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] Worst news of the day! Kevin and Cooley sounds better! Bring back Loverro! Less Andy Polin!! (4/8/16)

I take a look at the new ESPN 980 line-up, which goes into effect on May 2. Chris Cooley moves mornings, to be paired with Keven Sheehan. While Steve Czaban remains in afternoons, but is now paired with Andy Pollen. Tony Kornheiser's midday show will now air an hour later, at 11 AM. All this and more in today's "Dave TV" at DCRTV.com, in conjunction with PressBoxDC..... (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] re: WTEM---Tony Kornheiser tapes his show from 8 to 10 am so he probably doesn't care when they air him. His national podcast listeners don't care either. (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] Not great but still better then the Mancave. (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] Will listen to Junkies in the AM but like Czabe and Pollin together (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] its a start. 3 former Redskins and no former anything else from other teams? Need to fix that. (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] Oh no, they forgot The Man Cave! (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] not bad at all. I like the morning option (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] Loverro gone. But did Galdi piss off Cooley that much to get the 5 to 7 shift sheesh (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] No Mike & Mike in sight, TK @ an hour I can hear, Andy & Czabe back together -- this would be great, if true! (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] Splitting Czabe and Cooley is wise. Czabe needs a governor, not an enabler. Plus, the return of Andy Polley! (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] Loverro "retired"? I guess his #MakeSarcasmGreat again campaign didn't work. (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] So 980 is canning Loverero? That's one of the few guys there with any personality, not to mention the only one with any baseball cred. Kind of like shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic. It is 2016, not 1983 and having the rep of doing all Redskins 99% of the time is not the place to be..... (4/8/16)

(RE: 980 Changes Line up) Cooley in the morning? He sounds like he is a spoiled rich teenager most of the time who happened to play for the Redskins. Not a lot there except for burp and fart jokes. It has been my experience that if Danny Snyder likes you, that is a really bad sign. Let’s review the people Snyder has grown close to over the years….Vinny Cerato, the ill-fated GM, RG3 the ill-fated, and bitter supposed savior of the franchise, Clinton Portis, the dead broke running back, Albert Hainesworth, the most over paid, and over rated NFL player in history, and now Chris Cooley the solid Tight End who played for a bunch of really bad Redskin teams. Nice group to be associated with Cooley. Signed, Anonymous (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] Czabe and Andy back together in the afternoons!!! Any idea if Mr. Tony was forced into moving back an hour, or did her sign off on it? (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] So WTEM took their dull lineup and made it a little duller. Same old bores in a different order. Cooley still imagining that he's popular. Who cares? (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] Permanent change? Loverro piss off Snyder? (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] Yea thom been off air and gut told me something was up Can u confirm dave? He's been let go????? Thanx (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] The jackson show is terrible by the way Bmitch and doc are bad (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] so is Thom loverro fired? Been wondering where he's been (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] u say Cooleys influence but 7am wow I'd never get up that early (4/8/16)

[RE new WTEM line-up:] Czaban & Pollin together and no Cooley? Looks like I'm listening in the drive home again. (4/8/16)

WTOP.com came back up sometime last evening with no explanation that I could find. You would think they would release a statement right? I mean “days" is different than a few “hours." Or maybe they paid ransom? Haha. (4/8/16)

So Geronimo is STILL butt-hurt that he got fired from CBS Radio 1140 Sacramento. Is there a cream for that? (4/8/16)

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[As a competitor, why do I feel sorry for WTOP? Because the same thing could happen to us! Besides trying to unf--k whatever is f---ed (which I won't get into), as anyone who runs a commercial website knows, absence risks irrelevancy. Which risks those eyes going elsewhere on a long-term basis. Perhaps never to return. -Unsigned Corporate Suit] Finally a sane answer about WTOP's website issues. It could happen to anybody! You so called radio station experts know nothing. If if was your business or personal computer some of you would whine like babies. Some people really need to get a life! Get over yourselves. (4/7/16)

Yeah, it's ISIS going after WTOP's website. Because they want to cripple America's ability to hear sanctimonious Chris Core and panicky weather on the eights. Top motive of violent international terrorism. More likely: somebody doesn't know how to work with the new server. (4/7/16)

Not to be outdone by WTOP (as usual) WNEW wiped out all content from their web site: radio.com... If a tree falls in the forest….. (4/7/16)

Has DC all-newser WTOP been hit by another cyber attack? Some of my sources say so. Possibly orchestrated from China or Iran, they say. Lots of listeners say that they've been unable to reach the station's wtop.com website the past few days. The station has confirmed some sort of web issue on its Twitter feed, but so far nobody's talking much. WTOP was hit by a publicized cyber attack back in 2013. More in today's "Dave TV"..... (4/7/16)

[RE WTOP's website woes:] I saw a very sketchy website when going to their address yesterday that had several links one of which said something like Bush Killed By ISIS. Definitely looked like something malicious. (4/7/16)

[RE WTOP's website woes:] Dave, I just tried to get to their website using my iPhone and I'm getting server not found again. I was able to get to their website earlier today on my phone. (4/7/16)

[RE WTOP's website woes:] Likely out of either DPRK or ISIS "cybercaliphate" perhaps either out of Iran via proxy or direct. We're also healing this one is one of worst yet since Stuxnet. (4/7/16)

I see WTOP's website is down again today. And I'm realizing that when their website is down, it doesn't affect me one iota. I'm not missing anything. Lesson learned! (4/7/16)

WTOP web site still down as of Thursday morning: Jim Farley call your old office. Perhaps it has been hacked like this station: denver.cbslocal.com (4/7/16)

As a competitor, why do I feel sorry for WTOP? Because the same thing could happen to us! Besides trying to unf--k whatever is f---ed (which I won't get into), as anyone who runs a commercial website knows, absence risks irrelevancy. Which risks those eyes going elsewhere on a long-term basis. Perhaps never to return. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/7/16)

People seem to get LPFM Stations and Translators confused. There are now 1,516 Low Power FM Stations. The maximum power for a LPFM station is just 100 watts. It is non-profit and non-commercial. They can originate their own programming. The maximum power for a Translator is 250 Watts and they must be tied to an AM Station or use an HD Channel from an FM Station. For example, iHeart is using their HD-2 Channel from 99.5 to broadcast their new DC Translator 104.7. (4/7/16)

So tell us how Jack is doing in the ratings in the morning? Same, down or up? Kane in the morning? Has he slipped without Danni (4/7/16)

Can I have some of what Unsigned Corporate Suit is smoking?? Because that appears to be some DYN-O-MITE shit!! Wow. Share please. (4/7/16)

RE: Farley: More Podcasts For WTOP. Podcasts. Really? Perhaps we should reopen the C&O Canal to horse and boat traffic too. Welcome to my granddad's 1966 Delta 88 as well. (4/7/16)

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I actually feel sorry for WTOP with their website being unreachable for over three and a half hours as of this writing. Pity Don Pardo is no longer with us. Remember his SNL bit of how many days “Paul McCartney (was) Without Marijuana”, following the arrest of the ex-Beatle in Japan? As for my CONELRAD post, I neglected the part the listeners got to see every time they tuned a radio: The “triangle” or a “triangle in a circle” at 640 kc and 1240 kc on the dial of every radio sold in the U,S., as required by law until about 1965. (I don't recall seeing them on the “Sonomatic” AM/FM Stereo in my 1966 Buick LeSabre.) Those triangles lead to the memorable recurring appearance of the AM radio in the dash of a 1962 Mercury Monterey in the equally memorable motion picture, “Panic In Year Zero” as seen here www.youtube.com - Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/6/16)

Dave's response: One of my favorite movies of all time. Frankie Avalon in that white t-shirt was an early confirmation of my sexual identity. But seriously folks, before the film came out on DVD, I'd relied on a VHS recording I made from Channel 11/WBAL. Sometime in the late 1980s. And for the first minute of the movie, WBAL ran the warning: "The following movie is in black and white." As if I couldn't tell. Whatever.....

So tell us how Jack is doing in the ratings in the morning? Same, down or up? Kane in the morning? Has he slipped without Danni (4/6/16)

Correct. I read it backwards. Sold the other way. so clearly not a Baltimore issue at all. But it does raise the issue of an alleged “non-profit” making tons of profit off of selling frequency space on the public’s airwaves. It’s funny though that nobody even noticed that The Hope Church even owned 93.7 FM in Glen Burnie. That would have added to their # of FMs in the market if not for the 93.5 approval. (4/6/16)

The gas-engulfed nerd center's website has been down all afternoon. Maybe they're switching to something that doesn't look like it was built in 1995? (4/6/16)

Speaking of lame station owners, Birach is back in the news today, more STA extension requests for WBVA and WVAB coming in the Norfolk area. This is the one where the Little League team “allegedly” tore down their tower by cutting the wires so they could play baseball. Seriously, someone from the FCC actually accepted this as a valid excuse. Someone should write a book about these crazy stories, almost all of which are untrue. Well the FCC has bought this story 4X before. Will it work again? Tick tock. Haha! (4/6/16)

It's a few minutes after 3pm. WTOP's website has been down at least 10 minutes. Ha ha! (4/6/16)

I once saw a stripper named Arlo in Vegas. She came out with nothing on but chaps and a straw hat. (4/6/16)

The previous Mailbag poster got it backwards. West Virginia Radio Corporation purchased the Glen Burnie translator from Hope Christian Church. A construction permit was granted in February under AM revitalization rules to move it to Martinsburg and rebroadcast 1340 WEPM on 93.7 FM. The application to transfer control to WVRC was just granted today. fccdata.org (4/6/16)

Looks like someone got to WTOP's website today (4/6/16)

"Sorry for this long reminiscence. [UCS]" Don't be. For once it was justified. I'm studying electronics so the technical stuff is interesting; it was long but not tedious. Also thanks to the guy with the story about syncing 4 track tape to video. As for the Mike Sorce guy, Arlo is not a bad name for a girl. Is this John Normand or Craig Coleman or Charlie Broyhill, all part of Don's on-air circle at one point? Or just a deranged fan? Whatever. I'm wishing death by bone-eating cancer on you because your posts are so tiresome. Don't make me be a bad guy. Stop. Gus in Gaithersburg (4/6/16)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Research Director, Inc. has a position open for a Research Specialist. Must have experience in radio sales environment (i.e., Sales Assistant). Research Specialist will provide support to Research Consultants in the management and execution of media research projects. Must have the ability to create customized sales research materials for radio clients in order to help position their audience to potential advertisers using internal production software and vendor software such as TapWeb and Media Audit. Proficiency in Nielsen Audio Ratings and Scarborough. Strong analytical skills and attention to detail. Position is located in Annapolis, MD. For complete details regarding the position, visit www.researchdirectorinc.com. (4/6/16)

The Hope Church has just purchased a new translator, 93.7 FM for use in Glen Burnie MD at 250 watts. It’s supposed to be rebroadcasting a Martinsburg, WV station, but I’m sure that will change. No more details yet, but maybe a new more powerful HFS again? My only question is, what are the protections for the new Baltimore FM 93.5 FM that just went on the air? Do LPFMs have more protections than translators? As of now from TV Hill at just 4 watts, I’ve received 93.5 FM as far as Middle River, MD! (4/6/16)

950 AM audio reappeared shortly after 10:00 this a.m…..Yes, it looks like they’re Korean to stay, at least until tomorrow, I’ll never fall in love again..…HARUMPHFFT…excuse the digression……Instead of “Hum”ing, we’ll have to get used to hearing what sounds like “kiss-me-da” at the end of every other sentence. Anyone wanna guess what “da” might mean in English?? KOF (4/6/16)

Are there any local stations using the BARIX box to relay signals from the studio to the transmitter? If so, watch yer ass: denver.cbslocal.com (4/6/16)

When Home Team Sports started, it was not only a premium channel, it was a premium channel that carried commercials. It was also mainly a part-time channel with games in the evenings and on the weekends. There was almost no other programming... Remember “Home Team Sports Wire” which was the filler, and gave the old XTRA-104 an audience up and down the east coast as they were on the audio of the CG video? Los Angeles has a situation like New York with Time Warner Cable, Charter, and Bright House as the only ones carrying SportsNet L.A. which is the Dodgers network. But, who's the #2 pay TV operator in the Los Angeles area? DirecTV, which refuses to pay what Time Warner (owner of SportsNet L.A.) wants per subscriber per month. That might be why Charter is getting Time Warner Cable at basically a fire sale price (less than what Comcast was offering) perhaps due to financial losses. In this region, don't forget that Ted Leonsis (owner of the Caps and Wizards) has talked about starting his own RSN based on his teams. If he does that, where would that leave CSN Washington? Remember that CATV sports is also a flawed marketplace. There used to be an FCC rule that required a satellite-delivered RSN to be made available to all CATV and satellite companies regardless of who owned the RSN. While that meant CSN Washington (the old HTS) was on DirecTV and Dish due to satellite distribution, CSN Philadelphia wasn't because it was distributed strictly by terrestrial fiber and microwave. So, what does the FCC do? In their socialist way, they change the rules and require all RSN's to be made available to all competitors. That meant Comcast has to sell its channel to its competitors. A good analogy would be requiring Arby's roast beef sandwiches to be made available to McDonald's to sell because Arby's has a roast beef sandwich and McDonald's doesn't. Never mind that Comcast likely invested a ton of money in CSN Philly and endured losses until it matured. Regarding YES, you mentioned the tying of other Fox networks to Comcast carrying YES. One channel you didn't mention is WNYW-TV from New York City. A similar argument in that region (not to mention others) could be made regarding ESPN and the Disney/ABC O&O's. This also goes back to the whole thing about CATV customers who complain “Why am I paying for a channel or channels that I never watch?” Of course many channels exist solely due to cross-subsidization. They don't have the audience to merit ESPN-like monthly charges or ad rates. There have even been some that argue that without cross-subsidization, many “niche” channels would die of financial starvation. There have been calls through the years to have Congress get involved and render these “tying” contracts null and void by legislation if the FCC won't do so by regulation. But, quiet mention of one channel in particular makes it a sure BET that ala carte will not becoming to the U.S. anytime soon because of the political impact if that one particular channel went away. (4/6/16)

On the topic of WCTN AM 950, isn't there an FCC rule that states if you have no audio programming to put on the air and you are unable to take remote control your transmitter, you must take action to turn it off and clear the frequency? Today is the second day I am aware of that there is hum and a dead carrier on 950 AM. I smell a big honkin' fine coming their way unless someone hacks through the underbrush at the Falls Road Golf Course and throws the switch. (4/6/16)

Not only is WDCW NOT advertising that a 10 PM weekday newscast is coming but they are still advertising "Seinfeld" reruns at that time. I am not saying it is not happening. Just a bit surprised that they are not promoting it any way. (4/6/16)

So, Mike Sorce/Don Geronimo forgot to have “the talk” with his son Bart. No, not “the birds & the bees” talk. The “when you have a kid, don’t fuck them up by giving them a stupid name” talk. So, Bart Sorce had a girl and named her Arlo – a dude’s name. Whatever. The bigger issue is Bart Sorce should immediately have the “Dad, after a new round of massive on-air talent firings, CBS Radio Sacramento will never rehire you. Leave Sacramento” talk. (4/6/16)

FIOS is the only system in the area that I’m aware of that carries WMDE. It’s basically non-stop infomercials outside of an evening simulcast of the righty news station, Newsmax. I have no idea why FIOS airs it, seeing as we already have a full-time (albeit non-HD) version of Newsmax already. (4/6/16)

I’ll chime in and agree with a previous post. No translator, past or future is stopping WSMD 98.3 from upgrading to 6000 watts. Their proximity to the DC 50kw stations is the reason and always has been and will most likely never change. The mileage distances are different for low power translators compared to full power FM stations. A 250 watt translator does’n’t have the same ability to interfere with WMZQ 98.7 as much as a 6000 watt station on 98.3 FM. SOMAR makes a good argument that the rules are too lax maybe for translators and/or too stringent for full power FMs, but those are the rules. Nothing has been done specifically against SOMAR here that is not legit. If SOMAR has any point, it’s that some of these translator’s engineering studies weren’t exactly first rate, particularly The Hope Church, which often did the bare minimum and just hoped there wouldn’t be a problem. The failed Baltimore 98.3 FM proves that point. SOMAR proved it has loyal listeners. If they get a few of them to lie and make up stories of getting interference within WSMD’s protected contour, they could get it shut down quick anyway. — BaltoMedia.Net (4/6/16)

950 am used to have an oldies collection that they played between every Le Format du Jour they tried. Maybe they saved the reels. These were the guys that soured me on "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes" because of its frequent recurrances. Sometimes 3X in one hour. (4/6/16)

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The owner of 950 AM is no less psychopathic than WKCW’s. After two days of Korean traditional Christian broadcasting, they were back to a silent humming carrier this morning. But then, you hear a lot of hums on Indian ethnic stations….Get it? “Hum” is the very common Hindi word for “we” or “us.” Who knows, they may be back with Radio Zindagi tomorrow. Why not? Just expect the unexpected with them. Hummmmmm…..We should be used to it by now. KOF (4/5/16)

Is "religious Korean" a euphemism for "dead carrier"? Cuz that's all I'm hearing on 950am on Tuesday afternoon. (4/5/16)

Dave's response: If you're not a "religious Korean" you can't hear it.....

interesting move. Pride is programmed out of WIHT. Might cannibalize some of their momentum with similar rotations. (4/5/16)

re: 98.3 Reston translator... Under FCC rules it could be moved 7 miles towards WSMD and still be approved. No translator is keeping any class A,B or C station from moving or upgrading, as translators are not protected from full power stations facilities or changes. The translator may receive overlapping interference but may not cause interference...In the case of a class A FM (like WSMD) the translator's 40 DBu contour cannot overlap the Class A's 60 DBu contour, but the translator's 60 DBu contour may be overlapped by the Class A's 40 DBu contour. If a full power station can sufficiently prove to the FCC that it has regular listeners that the translator is causing interference, the translator may have to reduce power, add or change directional pattern, or go off the air. The WSMD 40 DBu (very fringe, especially for an urban area) contour just gets to Capitol Hill, so the interference will probably be insignificant. I guess we'll find out. (4/5/16)

When John Garziglia moves his 98.3 translator from Reston over to the River Rd 700 ft tower in Bethesda, he will cause interference with Somar's WSMD 98.3 coverage and prevent them from going from 3,000 watts to 6,000 watts. Look at the WSMD coverage map. (4/5/16)

The MASN case was referred to private mediation agreed upon the judge and both sides. There won’t be any news leaked most likely or at least there shouldn’t be. If the mediation fails, it will go back to the court and the judge may accept MLB’s Arbitration ruling for the Nats, demand another arbitration, or simply deny MLB’s award to the Nats. Of note though is that the Orioles asked for independent mediation outside of MLB’s Arbitration panel and the judge accepted that request and then so did the Nats. No telling what’s going to happen in the end. (4/5/16)

Former DC/Baltimore talker Chip Franklin survives the reshuffle at San Francisco's KGO/810, moving from mid-afternoon to afternoon drive starting today: www.kgoradio.com... "KGO 810’s The Chip Franklin Show moves from weekdays, Noon to 3PM, to Afternoon Drive, weekdays from 4PM-7PM." (4/5/16)

(QUOTE) ... nobody else will have the patience to put up with the psychopath who owns [WKCW] (END QUOTE). You sure you're talking about WKCW? That sounds more like Birach Broadcasting. (4/5/16)

As I always say, Wikipedia is the encyclopedia for dummies and is often wrong. Both Nielsen and the FCC list Kent County DE (where Dover is) as the Philadelphia DMA (See previous FCC links posted here). Nowhere is WMDE officially listed as in the Salisbury DMA. However Nielsen made an exception for WMDE and put it in the Washington DC DMA simply because their offices are there and they requested it. This is the point Cox Cable was making. The station has no real connection to the DC or Baltimore markets. By the way, WMDE has not even requested Must Carry status within the Baltimore, Salisbury or Philadelphia DMAs. Checking to see if they’re transmitting or not would be easy by the way. Their tower can be seen from Rt. 50. Just park and test. If they’re not transmitting, they could be fined. It’s hard to say what Comcast is retransmitting. Could be WWTD 14 in DC or a satellite feed of the network WMDE is not even carrying anymore. (4/5/16)

Unlike WSMD who complained about interference on 98.3, the 98.3 in Baltimore was really dipping down into southern MD being on a nearly 1000 foot tower west of Baltimore with few obstructions. The complaints were in WSMD’s signal area. The iHeart 104.7 signal barely reaches WAYZ’s distant signal plot and is obstructed not only by terrain but also a highly direction signal. Now, WAYZ travels much further due to the lack of interfering stations. However, people in NoVA really have no complaint that’s valid with the FCC because you’re not within WAYZ’s signal range. IN other words, you can’t complain about not getting a signal you’re not supposed to get in the first place. Plus, I’m pretty sure iHeart Radio conducted a better engineering study than The Hope Church! (4/5/16)

As we pass the 11th anniversary of the signing of the MASN Agreement between MLB and Peter Angelos, there's little if any local coverage of the court case. I regularly have to follow blogs in Baltimore to get up-to-date information. Can anyone tell me where this case is at right now? I know that both MASN and the Nationals filed appeals, but have those motions been argued? If so, when? If not, when will they be argued? And why does local media not cover this story more than it does? It has a great hook: rich DC family vs Mr. Burns. (4/5/16)

Obsessed Fan and Complete Scumbag Post of The Month Award goes to: "Holy Shit, Batman! Did you see where Bart Sorce, Don Geronimo's son, had a baby girl and in narcissistic Hollywood fashion where he and his wife live, named her, wait for it, Arlo. Mom and baby may be doing great now but this kid is going to need with that name, extra Grandpa trust fund money counseling with Dr. Drew. Tragic and sad that Bart didn't think about honoring his late mother Freda. A girl named Arlo LOL" What the fuck, dude? Your hatred of Geronimo has taken you to such a depth that you're going online to ridicule a baby and a dead woman you know absolute zero about? Maybe take some of the time you waste researching anything and everything you can find about Geronimo and invest it instead in a basic English composition course at NOVA. By the way, "Arlo" isn't that unusual a name. But that doesn't matter, does it, because you need something about Geronimo to JO to every morning...? (4/5/16)

{104.7's license application changed its primary station from DC101 to 99.5. >99.5's HD2 channel is Pride Radio (LGBT-oriented dance/pop) right now, no? If >that ended up on the translator, would be a first nationwide...] Actually, no. iHeart is already using HD2's and HD3's in Austin (97.5) and Minneapolis (96.7) to feed the Pride format to analog translators. I agree with others' sentiment that it does fill a niche market. If you haven't heard the Pride format, it's a really solid product. (4/5/16)

Congrats UCS - your Conelrad post was entertaining and factual. Albeit long, it was a good read and what I expect out of you. More...please! (4/5/16)

iHeart Debt......Could $12 Billion in debt be due in 60 days? Read Tom Taylor's Newsletter today. iHeart is back in court over their debt. They now have $21 Billion in debt! (4/5/16)

RE: WMDE "...was told I should just get an outdoor DTV antenna..." I live 10 miles from the transmitter in Wye Mills and can not pick up WMDE anymore. I could when they were testing and first went on the air. (4/5/16)

Dave, Did you always know you wanted to run your own business/website? Do you love what you do? (4/5/16)

Dave's response: I absolutely love it. It's not "work." I really like not having a (stupid) boss. I just kinda fell into it in the 1990s and decided to monetize a hobby site about radio. I've always loved radio. I have made enough money to live on, but I'm not rolling in dough. But I do have that freedom since I'm single and have no kids to support. I couldn't do this if I had kids to put through college and other family obligations.....

Ok, this question is a bit odd, but Brian Wilson keeps going ads for 'It's Just Lunch.". And he does them he sounds like he is single and looking. He talks about how they set him up, all he did was call to get started, etc. This is awful, but is he no longer married or just talking? (4/5/16)

Dave's response: I'm pretty sure he's said on the air that he's divorced. Maybe he can find a nice liberal woman who'll help him make a significant change in his way of seeing the political world.....

Holy Shit, Batman! Did you see where Bart Sorce, Don Geronimo's son, had a baby girl and in narcissistic Hollywood fashion where he and his wife live, named her, wait for it, Arlo. Mom and baby may be doing great now but this kid is going to need with that name, extra Grandpa trust fund money counseling with Dr. Drew. Tragic and sad that Bart didn't think about honoring his late mother Freda. A girl named Arlo LOL (4/5/16)

WJZ 13 had a bad time of it today during Opening Day for the Orioles broadcast. The 2 rain delays impacted their CBS programming and news as the game lasted over 7 hours! They had to move the game to WJZ 13.2 (4/5/16)

Re: WMDE (PSIP 36, Digital 5) in Dover, Delaware ~ I looked it up in Wikipedia, and the article has the station being in the Salisbury, Maryland/Dover, Delaware DMA. Sister station WACP (PSIP 4, Digital 4) in Atlantic City, New Jersey is in the Philadelphia DMA according to Wikipedia. Unsigned Retired Non-Suit. (4/5/16)

"Cumulus up to $0.46 now and iHeart up to $1.20. They are headed in the right direction. Why do people not want to invest in these companies?" When more of Cumulus' sales reps are either spending more time hanging out at Podcast tapings, or quitting to try and sell a Podcast... that's a great reason to not invest. Never thought I'd see the day when people who have no business in the radio business, tell Cumulus to PEACE OUT.... HILARIOUS! (4/5/16)

Yes, I do remember the time when WMAL (among others) shut down at night during the Cuban Missile Crisis. (The State Department also forced the FCC to permit WLW to fire-up its 500KW rig during the crisis and bought airtime on it from sunset to sunrise for VOA to broadcast to Cuba. This was before VOA Marathon at 1180 came along.) I also remember WMAL and other AM’s (including several of ours) getting clobbered by the Cubans one night in 1983, when they turned-up their megawatts to protest the start of “Radio Marti”. Needless to say, our VP of Government Relations had appointments the next day with the State Department as well as the FCC. Somewhere in my archives, I have a recording of a “National CONELRAD Test Broadcast”, which the old timers here may remember. Some of these used music from bands and orchestras of the various military services, while I also recall one that used C & W music as it was supposedly “least offensive”. The reason for the shifting transmitters on 640 and 1240 was in that pre-GPS era, aircraft navigation was strictly manual, with the primary electronic means being ADF on frequencies from 150-1600 KHz. Thus, the perceived need to use multiple transmitters, shifting every few seconds. It must be remembered that the primary Soviet bombers form the fifties into the sixties were the TU-95 “Bear”, Tu-16 “Badger”, and IL-28 “Beagle”, which weren’t nothing more than derivatives of the Tu-4 “Bull”, itself an almost faithful copy of the WWII-era Boeing B-29, several of which had landed in the Soviet Union due to battle damage. (Back when I was started flying in “Row 0”, seeing a Soviet “civilian” aircraft was quite an experience for an American pilot. The joke among American pilots back then was “When a Russian pilot says he’s ‘flying IFR’, what does he mean?” The response was, “I Follow Rivers”…) While speaking of CONELRAD, hams were also supposed to go off the air if CONELRAD was activated. I had a Heathkit adaptor that connected to the AVC circuit of a GE AM radio that I left tuned to the main CONELRAD frequency (when I was a Novice it was WPTF in Raleigh) and you plugged your transmitter into it to kill power in the event of a CONELRAD activation. There were also “professional” receivers that “listened” for the dropping of carrier, return of carrier, and 1 kc. tone sequence that was a CONELRAD activation. Some stations used these antiques (including the Heathkit adaptor) until EBS went to the “Two-Tone” system in the mid-1970’s and required new receivers to be installed. Back in the early 1970’s, one local TV used a modified National NC-300 ham receiver to monitor WMAL going into a homebrewed CONELRAD detector. When the two-tone system came along, we bought a bunch of McMartin EBS receivers for all of our stations. Problem was, they went nuts with false alerts if the station they were monitoring ran the Kahn AM Stereo system! (Until a suitable mod came along…) To close out this Cold War memory, techs hated retuning rigs from their usual frequency to 640. 1240 was much preferred. If you look at the typical rig of the era, you can see why. It was much more than switching from one crystal to another. In addition, you also had the VSWR problem to deal with -not to mention tuning plate and load like on an HF ham rig of the era, plus the ATU at the tower base. Some of those rigs were impossible to retune in a hurry! As for the VSWR situation, some stations built matching networks to match their antenna to 640 or 1240 while others just reduced power. Don’t forget that if you were DA, you were supposed to go ND under CONELRAD. FM and TV were supposed to be off completely. Finally, there were to be no station ID’s or other mention of station location during a CONELRAD activation. 640 was “supposed” to be the “National” channel and 1240 the “Regional” channel. However, there were local and regional variances to these rules. Usually, operation was 640 only in those cases. And, yes, there was a “Godfrey” tape. There were also supposedly other tapes with Howard K. Smith, Chet Huntley, and Walter Cronkite. They were supposedly distributed regionally. As for the EAN “Red Card” and “White Card” messages, we had those on cart per corporate policy because we didn’t want the obvious emotions of an announcer thinking they were about to die telling the audience they were about to die. The biggest drawback of CONELRAD wasn’t just the Soviets supplementing bombers with missiles (havng a horrendous CEP: Of three targeting D.C., one might hit D.C. with the other two possibly hitting Hagerstown or Fredericksburg), but its inflexibility. EBS partially cured this for weather or “civil emergencies” with EANS taking it a step further, being Zombie attack capable. At least in Montana. Sorry for this long reminiscence. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/5/16)

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Look for WAYZ 104.7 to file a complaint with the FCC due to interference from the new iHeart DC Translator on 104.7. It is causing interference now that it is on the air. iHeart owns two country stations WMZQ and WFRE. (4/4/16)

Watching the WUSA Sunday evening news story about the incident in which the Amtrak train collided with a backhoe on the tracks, I was astonished to see all the Amtrak cars on the ground. Then I noticed that WUSA was showing footage of last year's Frankford Junction Amtrak wreck. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (4/4/16)

Without Bill Parris, rest his soul, nobody else will have the patience to put up with psychopath who owns [WKCW]. Look for format to change often. On a related note 1520 AM in Brunswick is back from the dead with simulcast Indian programming from New York. (4/4/16)

This is about DCRTV Dave's selection of the 1973 WMAL-FM 107.3 "In Concert" newspaper ad for his mailbag's DCRTV Plus teaser. Anyone so bored that you want to hear how that worked? We had a big Ampex four-track reel machine at 4400 Jenifer and ABC would ship us the "In Concert" tape. Two tracks were the stereo sound track of the simulcast concert. I think one track was a mono mix. The fourth track was a 60 Hz tone. Channel 7, sister station WMAL-TV at the time, would send us a 60 Hz sync signal from their video playback at 4461 Connecticut Ave. via a non-EQ program line through the telco. We had a heavy and complicated RCA power supply for the Ampex reel's capstan motor which could vary the speed and keep the two signals locked so that sound and video matched, like keeping gears meshed. One sad night Channel 7 mistakenly stopped the video tape during a spot break so we lost sync, and when we came out of the break, were forced to try and visually match video to audio. The featured band was singing a song with many repetitive refrains which all looked alike. We got it wrong. The cut-loose screams would come one bar after you saw them on TV. Statute of limitations expired? -P of the AW (4/4/16)

This may be of some interest to people whose relatives have been affected... 'The Brainwashing of My Dad' explores the scary influence of Right-Wing Media. Filmmaker Jen Senko examines the effect of conservative media through the lens of her own father's radicalization and its impact on her family. Available on YouTube, Amazon Video, Vudu & Google Play. Watch this film to discover how your relative got brainwashed & how deprogramming is possible. www.youtube.com (4/4/16)

WJZ 13 is doing an hour Opening Day special interrupting CBS programming. Will WUSA 9 be doing that on Thursday for the Nats? (4/4/16)

Dave's response: According to the Washington Post's TV Week for Thursday, "Game On, Play Ball" airs at 3 PM on 9 with the game at 4 PM.....

New iHeart DC Translator 104.7, with Pride Radio in DC, on their HD-2 Channel 99.5. With their six full power FM Stations that gives the 18 HD Channels. They are doing the Pride Gay Format in other markets. They are filling a void in the market. (4/4/16)

Dave: This is about a "bloodbath" at an all-news radio station in San Fran, but I thought it might be of some interest to DCRTV readers, especially those late of WNEW.. www.sfgate.com (4/4/16)

No more samoas for you! 950 AM seems to have switched its format to religious Korean. They’re certainly not simulcasting Radio Zindagi anymore. KOF (4/4/16)

Dave's response: Damn! That was my favorite DC area AMer, just ahead of 1420.....

Is WDCW still planning a 10 PM newscast starting this month? I have not seen even one ad for it. (4/4/16)

The stock market is improving. Cumulus up to $0.46 now and iHeart up to $1.20. They are headed in the right direction. Why do people not want to invest in these companies? (4/4/16)

104.7's license application changed its primary station from DC101 to 99.5. 99.5's HD2 channel is Pride Radio (LGBT-oriented dance/pop) right now, no? If that ended up on the translator, would be a first nationwide. (4/4/16)

UCS, speaking of jamming, I doubt even you recall that WMAL got on the paranoia bandwagon in the months after the Cuban missile crisis. During the evening Felix Grant show they would actually invite listeners to listen carefully as the transmitter was turned off for a while, hoping to catch Cuban jammers on the frequency. A big file of listener letters was among the stuff I turned over to the NCRTV Museum a couple of years ago. - P of the AW (4/4/16)

Would be nice to see one of the iHeart "format lab" stations on 104.7 - Foggy Mountain or Cool Oldies? (4/4/16)

I totally agree with UCS. I frequently see a headline on WTOP's homepage, but the link to the story is dead. (4/4/16)

I noticed something interesting about WMDE TV. WMDE TV 36 (RF channel 5) is not licensed to any DMA according to several FCC places. Type in any DMA you want, DC, Baltimore, Salisbury, or Philadelphia. Nope it’s not listed in any of those TV markets. See here... fcc.gov... And it’s not even listed as being receivable OTA via another FCC search. Type in Salisbury, Dover, even Wye Mills, where their tower is and to the FCC it’s like WMDE doesn’t even exist. Check it out… fcc.gov... Anyone have an explanation for this? The Comcast website itself uses these links to say that WMDE is not must-carry in any of these markets. But the FCC seems to show that Dover, DE, the city of license is in the Philadelphia market. I contacted WMDE TV directly via email and actually got a response on why Comcast doesn't cover in Baltimore and was told I should just get an outdoor DTV antenna, so obviously they don’t care except for being on DC cable. Now to complicate matters, Cox has filed a petition to drop or not carry WMDE and claimed that Nielsen is to blame for erroneously putting WMDE in the DC market despite the FCC still considering Dover, DE in the Philadelphia DMA. Is this not weird? fcc.gov... (4/4/16)

New Orioles radio affiliates for 2016 include not only WJDY 1470 Salisbury, but also WIJK 1590 / 104.3 Ocean City, and WSUX 1280 Seaford DE according to the Orioles. If there are any new Nationals affiliates, they didn’t note any this year. (4/4/16)

I liked the RFE comment about Don & Mike. Whenever I hear “On Broadway” by The Drifters, I think back to this “PSA” www.youtube.com which we used to air during “Shut-Eye Cinema”, which what we called it. I wonder if anyone actually sent contributions to RFE? It must’ve been a threat because there was a nasty jammer on their 701 KHz service with a loud daytime signal in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Speaking of jammers, anyone besides me remember the jammer from Cuba years ago on 1140 (aimed at a Miami station), but loud enough at night to drown-out WRVA in downtown Richmond? -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/4/16)

WKCW was owned by Parris beginning in 1996 until sometime in the 2000's. He had (up until his death) no part in the operation after that. (4/4/16)

If the Adams Group hasn’t purchased the transmitter sites, i.e. land, for the stations owned by Bayshore Media, they are going to be one sorry radio group. Think DWIJK AM1590 just like DWRJE AM1600, D as in deleted. I seriously doubt this will happen, but it’s happened before at least twice with Bayshore Media’s people. The corporate names might change, but it’s the same dog & pony show people. Remember AM1260 WAMS Newark DE? Also deleted. These people are like radio wrecking balls and yet they still always end up making money off other clueless victims. Sad. (4/4/16)

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WKCW - Did Bill Parris ever own WKCW, either directly or indirectly? Was he involved with WKCW prior to its current ownership? (4/3/16)

WTOP is showing today how Hubbard is neglecting this prime property. Since it was first posted, the front page hyperlink on WTOP.com for today’s Amtrak derailment in Chester, PA takes you to a transcript of Terry McAullife’s most recent appearance on “Ask the Governor”. I first thought it was a glitch with my Android tablet. But, same result on my W10 desktop. I know the Hubbard family bows at the altar of the DFL party. Otherwise, Hubbard wouldn’t have been able to build its KSTP complex, let alone merely survive in business in Minnesota. But, this kind of neglect is why had CBS actually cared to go after WTOP with WNEW, it could have easily beat WTOP. Not just in ratings, but revenue. Alas, CBS didn’t want to win. That’s what it boiled down to. Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/3/16)

The "oooh,THIS would have been a killer April Fool's joke" guys make me miss the stock guy. Guys, you're telling bad St. Patrick's Day jokes on the 4th of July, bad blonde jokes at Braille Camp, you're Bernie Sanders saying George Bush looks like a chimp. You're the reason old people get thrown from the sleigh to be eaten by wolves. On Sunday afternoon C-SPAN 3 had an hour show called "Radio and National Heritage" about archival preservation of audio. NPR sent a really hot Iranianish woman who really gave her mouth a workout as she wrapped it around the English language; distracting but in a good way. I assume it's on C-SPAN's website. Gus in Gaithersburg (4/3/16)

Looks like WJDY has picked-up the Orioles baseball on I-heart radio, will they still be around in 2016 - when is the over & under on I-heart radio going BUST ? ....where do the birds go from there...they have been playing games (pun intended) for years with on again - off again 1590am...any idea Baltimore media guy....and are your sure 101.1 was part of that sale to Adams? they already have 4fms ?? (4/3/16)

The iheart 104.7 translator is on - simulcasting the main channel of 99.5 WIHT. (4/3/16)

Dave's response: Hearing it in Northern VA.....

Re: WKCW - "With the owner's recent death... " If you're referring to Bill Parris, he was NOT the owner of WKCW. It's just one of several local AM stations run on the ultra-cheap by Parris. The station is licensed to Radio Companion Limited Liability Company, whose sole principal is Dr. Johnson Edosomwan, the "apostle, chairman and trustee, of One God Ministry, a global church." Dr. Johnson is that "barely intelligible" African minister who co-hosts the One God program. (4/3/16)

Confirming that WCKW is indeed back on-air today (Sat.) loud and clear. With the owner's recent death, it would be great to see someone with a bit of radio experience come in and bring some sophistication to the outfit. Also -- does anyone listen to the half-hour "One God Ministry" Bible Church talks that play at noon and 5 pm? The African minister who co-hosts is barely intelligible, especially on AM radio. (4/3/16)

101.1 is part of the sale on Delmarva, but there’s been no format change so far. But the sale hasn’t been completed yet. I wonder if Vince Klepac disclosed the defective facilities of WIJK AM 1590 and its missing tower and June 7 FCC deadline. I’m sure the FCC will give them more time but still. Considering what he did to the buyer of WRJE AM 1600, nothing would surprise me. (4/3/16)

Forget Voice Of America, UCS, an even better Don & Mike AFD joke would have been being hired by Radio Marti! ~ Unsigned Retired Non-Suit. (4/3/16)

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Cumulus DC, falling to only 5.5% of the Washington revenue pie?!?!?!?! I wonder who Gary Pizzatti will try to recruit via LinkedIN, next? He's been shot down by two Sales managers, within the past 6 months... maybe he can go to area drive-thru's and try to get some leads?! WRQX continues to LOSE cash, and WMAL is in a death spiral (ratings-wise), so the lost revenue is a couple of months away. All WRQX does is make Jack Diamond give away money, which furthers the revenue problem. Diamond has seen "some" ratings growth, but it's all 50+... old, cranky women with 3 or more cats. Red Zebra almost takes the same money from the market... My GOD... Red Zebra! WMAL- Old Talent/Old Ideas/Non-Local Content/Even traffic reports come from out of state?! WRQX- Diamond sounds like he's 80. Music is awfully un-balanced, one day a top 40, one day WASH-- Stupid contests, and DJ's (not personalities) that talk for 4 seconds, about the awful contests. UGH! Either hire back Kenny King to save WRQX (and WMAL) or sell the stations. You brought Jack back, Might as well consider getting the whole band back together. At least Kenny is a real radio guy, not a corporate robot. (4/2/16)

Ref: More FCC - Ocean City/Salisbury radio - was 101.1 part of the sale/deal down the ocean? And who is in control of that station. (4/2/16)

Reporting that 1420 WKCW is back on the air on Saturday morning, Apr 2. This is no day-late April Fool's joke, the station really is up and running. There is, IMO, an extended emphasis on Soul and R&B hits of the 70s, but meh... its their station. What'm I gonna do? (4/2/16)

Let's hop into the WABAC machine with Mr Peabody & Sherman & set the dials for 1961, to enjoy WETA's first broadcast on October 2, 1961. watch.weta.org (4/2/16)

More FCC info about WIJK AM 1590/FM 104.3 / 105.1… The sale has not yet been approved by the FCC, so its unclear who’s running all the stations. — BaltoMedia.net (4/2/16)

A better Don & Mike AFD joke would’ve been their hiring by Voice of America exclusively for shortwave and mediumwave broadcast.. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/2/16)

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A Don & Mike reunion for April Fools? Dave you are living in the past. You should have gone with something like "Larry O'Connor and Chris Plante Officially Dating." Or "Jack Diamond and Andy Parks to Syndicate Weekend Radio Talk Show, Sponsored By AARP, Focusing on Men 60+ Issues." Or, “Hillary Howard to Emcee Plushie Convention Awards." or "99.1 FM going Heavy Metal." Or, “Cox Media Buys Cumulus DC Cluster, New WMAL Morning Show to Be Named 'Mornings on the MAL, Presented by DC Cox." Or, "After Last Night's Storms, Core Values Chris Core's Roof Collapsed and Windows Caved In." Or, “Garage Door Repair Company goes Chapter 11, Threatening Half of WMAL’s Billings for 2016.” Or, “WMAL Runs Gun Safety PSA four times an hour.” Or , “Tucker Barnes Caught Flirting with a 16 Year Old Girl” (oh that actually happened, nix that). Or, “Erin Como Punches Tucker Barnes in the Face Live on the Air after Inappropriate Comment.” Or “Holly Morris and Sarah Simmons to Mud Wrestle For Charity.” Or “Emily Miller Mistakes UPS Driver for Home Intruder and Shoots Him.” Or, “AM 1260 Goes Off the Air, Waldorf Resident only one to Complain to Salem.” Or, “Dan Snyder Sells Red Zebra and Five Years of Redskins Radio Broadcast Rights for One Dollar.” (4/1/16)

WMAL’s always frothy Chris Plante wishing PMSNBC’s Rachel Maddow a very Happy 43rd Birthday on this, no April Fool’s Day joke, by playing an audio clip of her in one week saying “vaginal” dozens of times: you can’t make this stuff up! Happy Birthday Rachel: wikipedia.org and once upon a time she was a hot blonde www.reddit.com (4/1/16)

DC101 Hires Don & Mike For Mornings – nice April’s Fools gag, too bad it is not true. (4/1/16)

Re: Don and Mike. Nice try Dave. An "A" for effort. J (4/1/16)

Was that Don & Mike story an April Fool's joke? IF so you should have said they were coming back on WDCN-LP. And yes I just poked the troll. (4/1/16)

April Fools Joke - They always get me for a second-good one this year! Thanks for your awesome website! (4/1/16)

I don't know if anybody mentioned this yet, but Tony Perkins does a great interview with Cerphe on the latest episode of his podcast. (4/1/16)

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