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DCRTV Mailbag - March 3, 2016 to March 31, 2016

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I think Dave is just warming us up! I'm sure he'll have some very believable fake bits as the day goes on. Just remember: April 1st, suspect everything, trust nobody! (4/1/16)

Happy 73rd Birthday to WMAL/KSFO talker Michael Savage: will Trump call him to wish him well and then call and take it back? (3/31/16)

Hey iHeart, why not voice trak management instead of radio stations. And automate the company's operation instead of human idiots managing. Bye, bye iHeart. (3/31/16)

In FCC records, and on air, 104.3 FM and AM 1590 in Ocean City are now The Ryde. 105.1 is silent. KHz is gone from 104.3, so I guess they can’t figure out what to do with 105.1 FM I don’t know how long a translator can be silent with the FCC legally. 104.3 had previously been using an HD2 signal to get an Easton AM station, but that deal is no more. With the deletion of WRJE AM 1600, most likely another FCC app will be filed for WIJK before June 7. In other shore news. WJKI 103.5 The Vault’s application to move its transmitter in Delaware still has not been approved since last June. Originally Great Scott, now The Voice LLC, has been battling the FCC with WGMD 92.7’s Resort Broadcasting over tower proximity. It appears 103.5 is operating from it’s AUX site for the time being, probably all summer. (3/31/16)

Dave: While grabbing a copy of this week's City Paper, I noticed a Washington Post Extra in the box next door. I never pick up the Extra, but today's edition boasts the cover story: "Burger King Sees Red: Restaurant Chain Heating Things Up." A fan of the fast-food chain, I grabbed a copy of Extra to read more. I opened the paper to discover, on the inside front cover, a full-page ad for ... Burger King! Flipping into the paper, I got to page 13, which was ... the same full-page ad for Burger King. Man, does the Post Extra give the appearance of pay-for-play frequently, or is this just a one-time thing? (3/31/16)

And then we got this.....

Well, duh on me. The Burger King "story" is just a Washington Post Extra wrap! The actual cover is underneath. I'm so slow. (3/31/16)

So, if radio fails, does dcrtv fail? If broadcast media is doomed, Ira Glass claims This American Life generates more revenue through podcasting than over-the-air, is dcrtv doomed? (3/31/16)

Dave's response: We're so much more than just radio. We'll survive.....

The situation is worse than we thought for iHeart. They lost $738 million in 2015. They now have $21 Billion in DEBT! They may be forced into bankruptcy. If so, their lenders will insist on new management at the top. If the largest radio broadcast company in the country collapses, it will effect the entire radio industry. They own 858 radio stations. (3/31/16)

Auto-correct can be both the savior and the crucifier of anyone. Ask anyone who types 70-100wpm without even looking at the keys or what’s typing in print. Often times, auto-correct will completely change a word instead of correcting the spelling. In those circumstances. without autocorrect, you would still understand the meaning even with the typo. With Auto-correct, a sentence can easily be turned into gibberish. Facebook is notorious for this. It simply denies the spelling of some words even though they are correct and wants to make the word something else. Sometimes the item has to be typed 2-3 times over. People who constantly nitpick this as some measure of intelligence either have too much time on their hands and/or are not very intelligent and probably type with 2 fingers. (3/31/16)

THE COMING COLLAPSE OF iHEART MEDIA: Wowee ... this cant be good. www.medialifemagazine.com (3/31/16)

iHeart has a crushing debt of $20.9 Billion. They are only paying interest on the debt. They have not paid down the principal. Now there are law suits and counter law suits on the debt. Are they too big to fail? CBS wants to get out of the radio business. Cumulus has debt of $2.5 Billion. Are radio stocks a good investment now? (3/31/16)

What happened to 99.1 WDCH-FM (Bloomberg Business) in the latest DC ratings? (3/31/16)

Dave's response: 35th.....

Further proof Mark Levin does not really listen to his callers: a woman called in toward the very end of the third hour to say she was very moved by Mark's tribute to Reagan on the anniversary of his attempted assassination. Levin says thank you then launches into how great his Levin TV show will be tonight and asks is she a subscriber: she says no that she is blind. He says stay on the line we'll give you free subscription: maybe she can watch in braille? Sheesh Mark! (3/31/16)

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"The correct term is "moot", as in to render a matter or issue irrelevant, not "mute", which means to silence." Johnny Tonedeaf checking in on a good lookin' Wednesday. The poster was obviously making a pun. Moot = "subject to debate, dispute, or uncertainty, and typically not admitting of a final decision" so that's dos fails por usted. "Once again, the DCRTV Mailbag, where know-nothings come out to display their ignorance." "Dave's response: While Rush and Savage's shows are pretty much infomercials for Trump." My take is that Rush, like you, Dave, is talking about Trump because he is the front runner. Savage has endorsed him. And the poster who thinks Levin's show has been showing "Trump-love" needs to be culled from the herd; it's quite the opposite. Levin favors the ineligible Cruz. Gus in Gaithersburg (3/30/16)

Thanks to the two Mailbaggers (as of 5 p.m. Wednesday) who responded to my post about WMAL's Trump-love. The first wrote, " I’ve listened to Levin a few times in the last month, and he cannot stand Trump." That's true if you've only listened in the last month. But Levin fawned over Trump for months as the candidate's approval ratings rose in the face of criticism from the "establishment," who Levin despises. So he rode the wave - until Trump turned on Levin's beloved Cruz, which caused him to finally stop playing with fire and officially endorse Cruz. Too little too late, it seems. The other Mailbagger wrote a screed listing all the reasons I should've abandoned WMAL long ago - more the sort of reaction I was anticipating from the 'MAL-hatin' DCRTV 'Baggers. I'll just say, again, that I was addressing Dave's comments about the recent decline in WMAL's ratings, and what might account for that among some of the station's longtime listeners, unlike the 'Bagger, who wants to list the same old grievances with the station ad nauseam until someone, somewhere, agrees with him 100%. (3/30/16)

ref: FCC News: So what ever happened to 101.1 fm down the ocean? was it sold or not? Still playing god squad....but that according to history only last until Spring and Spring has sprung...does Adams now control the Ride station on 1590 & 104.3? And what happens to 105.1 does it just go away? (3/30/16)

WMAL talkers Wednesday update: Rush Limbaugh talking trash about Obambi’s prescription meds abuse speech, something Limbaugh knows a lot about, and Chris Plante on FNC’s The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson talking trash on Trump’s & other candidates refusing to pledge to support the GOP nominee. Plante looking swarthy in black with the Uber hot Dem consultant Marjorie Clifton looking radiant as she mocks the GOP’s problems: Number One girl would be jealous. (3/30/16)

Re; WMAL -"They better fix the missing and erroneous engineering stats in their application to move to WSPZ’s site or this will all be a 'mute' point." The correct term is "moot", as in to render a matter or issue irrelevant, not "mute", which means to silence. Once again, the DCRTV Mailbag, where know-nothings come out to display their ignorance. Welcome home! (3/30/16)

Well now we know why we couldn’t get into the Men/Women/Transgendered’s rest room at the South Lakes Starbucks the other day: perhaps the most disgusting DCRTVDJDAVE DAVE TV ever! Did you get Starbucks Reward Points for hogging the crapper? Hope you at least did a courtesy flush afterward and left some toilet paper: did you notice the piece clinging to your boot leaving? Talk about yellow journalism. Sheesh Dave: use Subway’s instead! (3/30/16)

Dave's response: Nice acoustics.....

RE:" Trump-love has been the straw that broke the camel's back. If you're looking for a reason for WMAL's decline, look there first." It was the Trump-Love that got you? Not that Obama was going to take your wealth and redistribute it, since he is a foreign born Muslim? It wasn't Sharia Law is creeping its way into this country? It wasn't the fact that whenever they predict the future they are 99% of the time dead wrong? I thought it might be Chris Plante making health care recommendations to women he hasn't met, but alas it isn't. Are you sure it wasn't "ambiguously gay" Larry O that turned you off? I think I got it - it was the Trump Love and not Plante's recommendation you grab your AK47 and go help out the police, they would appreciate it. Trump-Love finally got you. Thanks for sharing. You lost a listener Bill Hess. Maybe it is time to give Mrs Fred a call and say "all is forgiven, come on back!". (3/30/16)

I thought it was funny when alleged news radio 1090's morning dude Bryan Nehman aired an interview on - of all things - ear infections this morning when he has been giving them for years to anyone who listens. (3/30/16)

I disagree. Montgomery County politicians would love the tax dollars on those 328 homes where WMAL is. It’s the current residents who might not like it. But aren’t these tower arguments getting a bit hypocritical now? One community fights new radio towers while another is fighting them leaving for the EXACT opposite reasons. Kind of makes the NIMBYs look foolish in general huh? Anyway, Cumulus has another thing to worry about. They better fix the missing and erroneous engineering stats in their application to move to WSPZ’s site or this will all be a mute point. I assume they’re waiting to do that around the date of the hearing. (3/30/16)

Per: "If it's a giveaway, it's free" Then you haven't listened to the ads for ProActive on WMAL. (3/30/16)

WMAL Tower Site. Montgomery County does not want 328 new homes on the 75 acre tower site. What happens if the county does not approve it at their 4/9/16 meeting? Cumulus could lose $90 million they have been counting on to reduce their $2.5 Billion debt. Back to square one. (3/30/16)

The poster who refers to himself as “a longtime listener” of WMAL mentions the “Trump love espoused for months” by Levin, Savage and Rush. I’ve listened to Levin a few times in the last month, and he cannot stand Trump. In fact, Levin’s show is almost a 3-hour commercial for Ted Cruz. Roddy Freeman (3/30/16)

Dave's response: While Rush and Savage's shows are pretty much infomercials for Trump. These righty talkers are sleezeballs of the highest magnitude and are probably getting payments and "favors" from candidates for their "endorsements".....

Media article predicting collapse of iHeart from crushing debt - www.medialifemagazine.com - iHeart, according to this piece, is close to hitting a fiscal bridge abutment head on at 80mph (just like Aubrey McLendon did after his federal indictment), yet, according to this piece, Bobby Pittman and his palace entourage are “partying like it’s 1999.” Even a “H&R Block” accountant can figure out that a fire sale liquidation is probably inevitable. This, as CBS says it plans to dump its radio properties. And who is going to buy all of these stations in a world where “stick and mortar” radio is less and less significant? At what valuations? The tower sites are, it seems, worth more than the properties (or the whole market cap of companies.) (3/30/16)

WOW.....WTOP is the number 1 station in the country with $65 million in revenue in 2015! Make that the number 1 station in the WORLD! They get 25% of all the radio dollars in DC. Since CBS could not make it with WNEW, it looks like WTOP will be the TOP Station. (3/30/16)

Note to Fox5: If it's a giveaway, it's free. Free giveaways is redundant, like "free gift." (3/30/16)

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Live from my local Starbucks restroom! Today's "Dave TV" looks at how Hubbard all-newser WTOP blows away all other DC area radio stations. This single radio station billed more in ad revenue in 2015 than five iHeart radio stations - Hot 99.5, DC101, WASH, WMZQ, and Big 100.3 combined. That's nothing new. But it's still rather amazing..... (3/29/16)

Cox in Fairfax has completed its transition to all digital to free up bandwidth. However you now need a box to get any channel, even the broadcast channels, no Clear QAM, everything is encrypted. They have been offering a Mini Box for basic cable channels which is free for a year then $2.99 a month. This doesn’t affect me personally since I already have a DVR cable box and Antennas for OTA reception on TVs that are not connected to cable. But I thought Cable companies had to supply local broadcast channels unencrypted for basic service. Do Fios and Comcast do the same thing? Bob Fairfax (3/29/16)

Dave's response: Comcast did that a few years ago. Everything's digital and encrypted - even the locals and public access. Bastards!!!

WJLA's Jummy Olabanji just got engaged to her longtime boyfriend. It looks like they celebrated the good news in the studio. www.facebook.com/jummytv (3/29/16)

I saw your video about Comcast dumping YES, and it's crazy that for a seriously lower price you can get YES in New York on PlayStation Vue, which just went nationwide a few weeks ago. What do you think about Vue going Nationwide? Also, IMO cable channels could get away with seriously ripping off customers by offering their channels a la carte for like $5/mo or $10/mo. Don't know WHY they don't do it, sounds like a great idea to me. 50 channels would cost $500 at that rate. From, Amar (3/29/16)

Dave's response: A la carte cable isn't for everybody. It you want a lot of channels, the volume discount of the tier makes much more sense. However, if all you want is a few channels, a la carte would certainly save you money. Why can't cable systems offer channels both ways? Hmmm.....

The Mailbagger who noted the Michael Gerson column criticizing Trump is on to something that eluded you, Dave, in your musings about why WMAL has seen a ratings dip/dive recently. As a longtime listener, I can say that the Trump-love espoused for months, across all day parts - but especially during Levin's show and Savage's, and to a lesser degree Rush's - has done something the Left in this country failed to do for a quarter century: It's made me turn off talk radio. Not every day but much more frequently than I have before. I do still listen, but with a lot more suspicion. These men helped define "conservatism" for the past two decades, but their embrace of Trump has revealed that they're really mainly interested in going after the "Establishment" first, and espousing conservative principles only second. Or third, or fourth. I know most mailbaggers don't think these hosts have ever had any credibility on any issue, but for some, maybe many, longtime WMAL listeners who have trusted and supported the station's hosts and stuck by them through various dust-up and personal failures, the Trump-love has been the straw that broke the camel's back. If you're looking for a reason for WMAL's decline, look there first. (3/29/16)

It is amazing that Hubbard takes almost 25% of the market revenue but probably 5 to 6% of that revenue is WFED. It’s still amazing, but more amazing is the performance of WFED. Give these guys credit for building a revenue operation that does not depend on ratings, and ad buyers who are 25 years old, and prefer Pandora. Anonymous (3/29/16)

Dave's response: WFED has about 500 listeners but they are all part of the very powerful federal government-related elite - from politicos and judges to lobbyists and defense contractors. And a few big corporations will pay just about anything to reach them. That's why Washington has its own exclusive news business, which includes WFED, Politico, BGov, the Hill, the Examiner, and, to a lesser degree, the WaPo.....

Looking at your Mailbag header page, with radio and TV listings, and then cross checking with calendars (I found them on the Internet!!! Can you believe it?) I found that the radio listing from Sunday, Jan 11, would be 1925, and the TV listing could be Sunday, Sept. 14, 1947, '52, or '58. Looking at the paucity of programs and channels, it is almost certainly 1947. -- Carl in Olney (3/29/16)

It is interesting to see that Hubbard is getting 24.6% of the revenue with WTOP and iHeart is getting 19.7% with six full power FM stations in DC. Yes, iHeart owns six FM stations in the DC market but they found a loophole in the FCC rules and it is legal for them to own that many stations. Maybe, not ethical, because eight years ago they promised the FCC they would divest their sixth station and never did divest it. (3/29/16)

Dave's response: It's kind of amazing. Hubbard makes more with one station, WTOP, than iHeart makes with five - DC101, Hot 99.5, WASH, Big, and WMZQ.....

Michael Gearson in The Washington Post blames Trump’s rise on Rush Limbaugh (“Rush Limbaugh’s blessing of Trump is killing conservatism”) : actually, Rush, Levin and many other conservative talkers have been cold if not outright hostile toward Trump of late. Only Savage seems under Trump’s spell: what Gearson does not bother to point out is that it is conservatives who are leading the fight against Trump receiving the GOP nomination, including Scott Walker today endorsing the party’s only hope of stopping Trump, Ted “Lover Boy” Cruz. But Gearson’s column has over 2,000 comments so far so it worked: www.washingtonpost.com (3/29/16)

Bad news day for the Dumpster: his campaign manager is arrested for assaulting a female “reporter” and a former female staffer pens letter to his supporters saying Trump only cares about Trump (as Goober might say, “Surprise, surprise”). Trumps’ war on women seems to be backfiring. Campaign manager arrested: www.palmbeachpost.com... Staffer trashes Trump: uproxx.com... There is a God after all: and she’s really pissed off! (3/29/16)

FCC News: New FM for Ocean City for the summer, 105.5 FM moved from the DC area. Was the FM translator for WTRI AM 1520 I believe. Also 104.3 FM in OC is now translating WIJK AM 1590. 105.1 FM appears to be off the air. As for WIJK AM 1590, June is the deadline to fix the station or turn in the license or attempt to file for another in 10 years of STA’s. I guess we’ll see what story the FCC will buy this time around. Who knows? (3/29/16)

Cumulus.....The Analyst Ratings from Moody's downgraded the financial ratings from B3 to Caa1 yesterday. They predict a decline in the cash flow over the next 12 months. Cumulus owns 454 stations. (3/29/16)

Another round in the MASN/Nationals TV Rights fee dispute, this time back to mediation... www.baltimoresun.com (3/29/16)

[RE "Cord Cutter":] Comcast already itemizes out CSN and MASN on your bill. There is a regional sports fee. Neither of the sports networks are included in regular cable anymore so they already are like HBO and Showtime. (3/29/16)

Dave's response: That's true, but unlike HBO and Showtime, by contract CSN and MASN and part of basic tiers and the Regional Sports Network Fee is essentially part of the fee for that tier. They are not a la carte channels (yet) like HBO and Showtime are.....

How convenient that Mother Angelica dies on Easter Sunday 2016. That is obviously a contrived death. Or is it? Belay your sarcasm and blatant cynicism. -Chainsman (3/29/16)

Hi Dave, Wanted to make sure you saw this video from Tommy McFly. He emceed the WH Easter Egg roll today, and I always love seeing what he does every year. Best, Amanda... twitter.com (3/29/16)

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[RE WMAL's afternoon coverage of Capitol shooting:] Where's Larry? WMAL has Brian Wilson on: Larry must still be at Boots & Saddle finishing his drink! (3/28/16)

Could somebody please say that iHeart's stock will be delisted if it goes under $1/share? I missed it the first 836 times it appeared in the Mailbag. (3/28/16)

If you don't watch sports why should you have to pay for sports networks as part of your cable TV package? I look at the brewing battle between cable TV giants like Comcast and the owners of regional sports networks like YES in the NYC area. And how a fundamental change is coming to cable sports networks. Will they soon be treated like premium channels, like HBO and Showtime. In my latest "Cord Cutter" series..... (3/28/16)

With the frequent mentions of WKCW here in the Mailbag, two thoughts come to mind: 1) How much "running" of the station was necessary, or being practiced at all? Oldies around the clock, a badly outdated website, an occasional stopdown for religious programming and that was about it. I'd be afraid to see what's in (or not in) the station's public file. And 2), with such an enthusiastic oldies base checking in here on DCRTV, one or more of us should step up and offer to program the place ourselves. Even a few "armchair PDs" working together could pull off a listenable format, IMO. As for me, I'd happily work with anyone who'd step up. -RVR (3/28/16)

Re the WKCW Broadcast House: 1420 moved out of an old farmhouse with a single tower -- formerly about 800 feet E. of Rt 29 & 673 -- several years back and headed over to the double-tower site at the Rt 29/17/15 split in Warrenton, where WPRZ used to be. Google Maps says the station is still on Rt 673, but the tower came down ages ago and RadioLocator.Net says they're at the split. (3/28/16)

Make it stop Dave: make it stop. ETWN’s Mother Angelica died on Easter Sunday at the ripe age of 92: www.religionnews.com (3/28/16)

Someone said "...Could someone tell Julie Wright that no part of the BW Parkway goes through Howard County..." Just because you're highly paid, doesn't mean you're bright. Correct statement, though - the parkway isn't in Howard County. At all. (3/28/16)

Channel 6 LPTV WDCN is the station that was licensed as a television station but never operated as such. The owners lease it out as a FM Radio station on 87.7 FM. They were suppose to covert to digital on 9/1/15; however, the rule was extended and never enforced. The owners found a loophole in the rules but it is legal. (3/28/16)

Not sure when it happened. But WKIK AM/FM in Southern Maryland is now using the “Nash Icon” network instead of local programming. WKIK was the last of their three FM stations to NOT use a syndicated format. MLB4 (3/28/16)

Some confusion about the two WDCN’s. They are one and the same. Channel 43 is the digital channel they’re supposed to be forced to switch to by now by FCC rules, but haven’t. They had to apply for it to keep channel 6 at all. So yes, Sinclair is apparently using WDCN’s HD channel 43 for testing purposes right now. WDCN doesn’t care because they don’t want to move in the first place. they’re doing well operating as a pirate FM station. Speaking of COFDM for ATSC 3.0, Sinclair fought long and hard for that with the FCC. I remember the CBS suits all looking at a stunning 1080i CBS picture and claiming how much better ATSC was than other ideas. Sinclair the other had was more concerned about the real world, owning lots of small stations in rural smaller cities, with a higher % of people using an antenna vs. cable. They were right then and still are now, especially with the Cable Cutter movement. — BaltoMedia.Net (3/28/16)

Could someone tell Julie Wright that no part of the BW Parkway goes through Howard County? You would think the highest paid traffic reporter in DC would know something so simple. (3/28/16)

WBAL-1090 has basic structural problems beyond being trapped on AM. It continues to change format every few hours, from a newsmagazine in am drive to political talk midday to another newsmagazine to a relabeled sportstalk show to who knows what in the evening. Beauchamp & company were able to make it work in an era of less competition from online sources of news and information. WCBM-680 has been consistent with right-of-center political talk since 1988. HD Radio simulcasting means little without analog FM translators to reach traditional listeners. Ravens-related programming might be the best use of WBAL after dark, supplemented with revenue-producing, bought-time college sports and brokered shows. TV simulcasting is a bad idea, particularly when the radio station's political lean has been to the right. WBAL-TV has an Establishment-liberal news slant with frequent doses of pandering to black urban women. Good night and good luck. (3/28/16)

Looks like WKCW is off-air again this week. Really don't understand what's going on there. Certainly one of the most mysterious cases I've come across in local radio. It looks like their website has been taken offline now, too. I have tried several times to contact the station and its parent company, but to no avail. It has been at least two years since a live personality was heard on-air, by the way. Incidentally, as I was driving back to the area from Charlottesville on Friday, I passed the broadcast house in Warrenton. From the road, it appeared to be an abandoned shack with a fading "AM 1420" banner out front. I nearly turned the car around to go investigate -- perhaps knock on the door. Anyone else tried to look into this? As poorly-run as KCW is, there's just something nostalgic about a locally-run, rural AM radio station playing the oldies crooners and disco favorites in 2016 -- otherwise, probably wouldn't give it any thought. (3/28/16)

Dave's response: From what I understand, Bill Parris's company was running the station. With Parris's recent death, I guess there's no one left to run WKCW. You know, it might be a way for Towson University's WTMD could get its signal into Northern Virginia. Maybe they should look into leasing or buying the station and then use the AMer as the reason to start a low-power FMer in the DC region.....

Sinclair Broadcasting is doing the right thing. One of the most grave errors in the ATSC standard was to use 8VSB instead of COFDM modulation. The ATSC 3.0 standard corrects this stupid mistake, which was made supposedly to increase coverage in "sparsely populated areas" at the expense of giving densely-populated areas poor OTA coverage. The advantages of COFDM are that it is resistant to the Dopper effect (which is why today's ATSC doesn't work very well in moving vehicles), resists multipath (ghosting), and it is extremely tolerant of both adjacent channel and, most importantly, co-channel interference. The terrestrial radio networks of both XM and Sirius Satellite Radio all use the very same frequency band and their contours overlap each other all across the country. These networks work together precisely because they use COFDM. The rest of the world laughed at our stupid ATSC standard and are welcoming us to the real and practical world of digital broadcasting with ATSC 3.0 over 25 years late. Did you know the FCC even implemented the ATSC-M/H standard to add an extra data stream to ATSC (and thus consume more bandwidth from their main ATSC signal) with lower resolution and extra error correction just to serve mobile TV users only? Just silly. ATSC 3.0 can't come soon enough. -Chainsman (3/28/16)

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Not surprising WCBM is doing well, but a quarter of its success is with 75+. That's now they rate higher than WBAL. The pro-Trump push is measurable with the elderly. WBAL is beating them in the money demos, and with young people. Unfortunately for Hearst, the worst hire they ever made, Cary Pahigian, is messing with what is working. He's driven consummate pro Mary Beth Marsden from TV Hill, he's shortened Derek Hunter's show from 3 to 2 hours and given the world what it didn't want, more chuckling Clarence Mitchell. Sources tell me the complaints are rolling in. But Pahigian is immune to reality. That's why Marsden quit. Who is next is anyone's guess. They have a good thing going with their talkers and morning show, but the afternoon drive is destroying their ratings. And that is where Cary is focused, though you wouldn't know it by listening. Colleague tells me New York is not happy with management. Big changes to come? (3/27/16)

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Regarding "The ATSC 3.0 testing link says channel 43 in DC, so that would mean Sinclair is testing ATSC 3.0 on WDCN, which would not necessarily interfere with its analog music operation" and a response "WDCN operates on Channel 6. Wehy would the Sinclair testing on Ch. 43 have anything to do with WDCN or the current programming there?" The confusion arises from there being two WDCNs. The one on Channel 6 is WDCN-LP, an analog low-power station that gets away with acting as an FM station on 87.75 Mhz, just below the official FM band. The one that may be on Channel 43 is WDCN-LD, a digital low-power station that has a construction permit for this channel. The idea would be that the LP would shut down and move to the LD. The ATSC 3.0 tests in the DC area will be conducted on Channel 43, not Channel 6. A Channel 43 will also be put on the air in Baltimore to show that there could be ways of using ATSC 3.0 on the same channel in the region for same and different purposes simultaneously. (3/26/16)

WMAL asked for expedited response from the FCC. Does the FCC consider 4-5 months as expedited? Really? I guess that’s the Federal Worker version of “expedited.” LOL (3/26/16)

"Classic case of having your cake (not endorsing the story) and eating it too (make mention of the story)." Yes, except no. You have to have your cake to eat it. Once you've eaten it you don't have it. What you're groping for is "You can't eat your cake and have it too". Homophobes in the news: Last night Mark Levin did a brilliant riff on the fact that the Natl Enquirer's publisher bears the unfortunate name "Pecker" and went on and on about how "Trump likes pecker." Thought you "Larry Fairy" guys might like that if you can take time out from pooping into Washington Blade machines and tying people to fences. I note that Stock Price Guy is back. Pity. Gus in Gathersburg (3/26/16)

dave, did you hear the caller that dropped 2 f-bombs on news channel 8-"SPORTS TALK" last night around 9:21?? I thought all tv and radio stations had a 7 second delay button??? somebody was sleep on the job last night (3/26/16)

Remember Herman Cain who ran for President in 2008? He was way ahead in the polls, until it came out about his sexual affairs with other women while he was married. He had to drop out of the race. He is now a radio talk host in Atlanta. He had some great ideas about the IRS and a "flat tax" for everyone. Right now, 50 % of the people in the US pay income tax and 50% don't pay any tax at all. (3/26/16)

What has happened to the iHeart Stock Price? Within the past 52 weeks, the price was $8.00 per share. Now it is at just $1.00 per share. If it drops below the $1.00 price, it will be delisted. (3/26/16)

Cruz denial of non-story saga continues at Washington Post with second story in 24 hours: “Cruz denies tabloid’s adultery allegations, blames ‘garbage’ on Trump”. With over 1600 comments and climbing, it is obvious that “hits” are driving these stories by The Post: washingtonpost.com (3/26/16)

I think Sinclair is testing ATSC 3.0 from both Baltimore and Washington stations for a single frequency network. www.prnewswire.com rko (3/26/16)

So Senator Cruz just how long have you been beating your wife: the Washington Post’s Cillizza actually manages to question the National Enquirer story that Cruz had engaged in “five” affairs while at the same time giving it credibility by writing about it, saying “(I am not going to link the story here. If you want to find it, trust me you can.)”. He then goes into a long diatribe that Cruz is accusing Trump of being behind the story (Trump is good friend of The National Enquirer’s publisher, has been endorsed by them, and Trump Trickster Roger Stone is said to be behind the story). Classic case of having your cake (not endorsing the story) and eating it too (make mention of the story). What say you Dave: www.washingtonpost.com (3/26/16)

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\/ March 25 Messages \/

CBS again says it has plans to get out of the radio business and sell its stations. I take a look at what might happen to the company's five DC FMers. Could they go as a package deal or be sold a la carte? Or might CBS not find any buyers willing to pay what they think they're work and end up keeping them. In today's four-minute "Dave TV"..... (3/25/16)

"A dear friend of WMAL's Brian and Fairy" ah yeth, homophobic punth, the one form of humor that never getth old. I didn't hear the thtory about Printh, but everything I've seen pointh to Libya and Nigeria, not Thyria. Guth in Gaitherthburg (3/25/16)

I'm getting the impression that Holly Morris is not too keen on depending on Kevin McCarthy's movie reviews (or any critics) to determine whether she will go see a movie or not. Today, she was talking about how the new Batman/Superman was getting poor reviews from the critics. She then made a comment about not going by the critics' opinion. She also made a similar comment in front of Kevin once. In general, she seems to be somewhat annoyed at his childish behavior when he's on set. But on the other hand, she can be quite annoying as well. (3/25/16)

WDCN operates on Channel 6. Wehy would the Sinclair testing on Ch. 43 have anything to do with WDCN or the current programming there? (3/25/16)

So many people write here saying that famous people die in threes that. last night when both Joe Garagiola and Gary Shandling died, I told the wife, I wonder who is going to be the third person to die, and then this morning, Earl Hamner Jr, the creator of "The Waltons" died. How does that death trifecta happen so often? Three great TV people in 3 days. Nobody ever mentions that Joe Garagiola also did NBC Monitor Radio for years, too. I've visited Mr. Hamner's home town, Schuyler, VA, near Charlottesville, a couple of times; it's still a small mountain town, just like in the Waltons. And to comment on Gary Shandling; he would have been just as good on the Tonight Show as Jay Leno; to me they were equals in quality as guest hosts. -- Carl in Olney (3/25/16)

RE: “Why does maria leaf on 630 always seem angry when reading the news? (3/25/16)” Maria Leaf is not angry, just speaks clearly and forcefully with speed: I think she is excellent as are all of WMAL’s news people. She does have a voice that reminds me of the late, great Mae West and I can almost hear her saying “Why don’t you come up and visit me sometime big boy”. You Tube of famous line: www.youtube.com... And Maria Leaf kinda looks like her too: www.bing.com (3/25/16)

Glad to see Melanie Alnwick didn't drink that extra cup of coffee (or maybe none at all) prior to doing her report from the site of the fallen PG county police officer's funeral. She's usually waaaay too hyper when doing a remote report to the point of her seeming to struggle to catch her breath. Would like to see this more sane Melanie in future reports. Also, looks like Fox5 has gone with casual Friday with Holly and Maureen wearing jeans. (3/25/16)

Is BaltoMedia still in business? (3/25/16)

Is Bloomberg going to buy WDCH 99.1? I know that they are leasing it. Without that station, CBS owns just 4 FM Stations in DC. WIAD 94.7 WPGC 95.5 WJFK106.7 and WLZL 107.9. Who will buy them? (3/25/16)

Dave's response: What do you bet that CBS will still own them in three years. Maybe not 107.9. I doubt they're going to get the prices they want for their radio properties - at least as a package deal. They might trade or sell a few here and there. But probably hold onto the major DC outlets - 94.7, 95.5, and 106.7.....

At 9:40 AM this morning, John Klug announced on 100.7 The Bay that he is leaving the station after 11 years, 7 months and 12 days to focus on his voice-over and production company. Beginning Monday morning, Craig Chambers will move from the afternoon drive to the morning show. Thank You. Scott (3/25/16)

The smattering of English words/phrases was simply meant as an insult. But like most people who talk about WMAL, it’s all just blah blah blah and over your head. If you’re so smart about the FCC un-named person, go back there and work! Otherwise, your comments dispute what’s stated very clearly in an FCC letter & are nothing but rubbish. Continue on and argue with yourself. This horse has been beaten. I posted the FCC letter. The WMAL application is still hung up. Let everyone here decide what it means. Btw. www.BaltoMedia.net is an open page. Anyone can post on it, even you if you could figure out how. But just get your jello from the nurse and relax. It’s only about 9 hours until WHEEL! :-) (3/25/16)

The three local stocks we have been following in DC...... Cumulus $0.48 iHeart $1.00 Radio One $1.47 They all have too much debt to pay off now. (3/25/16)

The ATSC 3.0 testing link says channel 43 in DC, so that would mean Sinclair is testing ATSC 3.0 on WDCN, which would not necessarily interfere with its analog music operation. It’s not mentioned which Baltimore signal Sinclair is using for the test, but Sinclair has in the past, put WNUV’s signal on WBFF’s transmitter before, but that wouldn’t be possible in this case since both channels are running multiple sub channels. Could they be using Channel 43 in both markets? That would explain the interference tests. (3/25/16)

Why does maria leaf on 630 always seem angry when reading the news? (3/25/16)

Obviously, English is NOT "Cheers!" native tongue. All he seems to be able to say is "spot on" along with a few lame insults, primarily aimed the Commission staff. Worst of all, he refuses to understand and acknowledge the difference between MAY (possibly) and WILL (inevitably) in the Commission's Rules and correspondence. He also said nothing in BaltoMedia.net's post mentioned WMAL's application being "dismissed or denied." Here's what that post said, "... but it seems the FCC has preliminarily turned down their transmitter Application for the move citing missing information and incorrect data,.. " Isn't "turned down" the same as "denied"? (By the way, BaltoMedia.net is a shell domain name that redirects you to a Facebook page that hasn't been updated in nearly a year.) What is Cheers!' obsession with the status of WMAL's application? Does he think the AM Branch staff has just been sitting around waiting for the amendment to be submitted, especially during a time of "AM revitialization"? Maybe they have other applications to process. The information hasn't been posted on the FCC's database... SO WHAT?!?! We should pity Cheers! or whomever he is. He can't buy a decent dictionary because his local Books-A-Million won't accept his food stamps as payment. He rags on Government employees because he can't get a job at the FCC. His GED doesn't allow him to compete with others holding engineering or law degrees. Stay tuned for his next incoherent rant. We all know it's coming. And his trash-talking still sucks. (3/25/16)

The Baltimore Sun has tweaked its Paywall. This time they posted a notice on their front page to digital subscribers to explain that non-subscribers will now get access to 10 stories a month as opposed to the 3 they’d locked it down to previously. Of course all you have to do is enable private browsing and the Paywall just disappears.. (3/25/16)

Leave WTOP, WMAL, Larry, Fairy, Farley, Lyin, Brian, Chris, Rush, Savage, Levin and most of all DCRTVDJDAVE alone RIGHT NOW! (3/25/16)

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\/ March 24 Messages \/

DCRTV Dave's optimistic over exaggeration, “...high-tempo, WTOP-style news coverage...” We laugh at WTOP's presentation and call it “Newzak”. Their coffee must still be decaf leftovers from the Bonneville era. (Utah is the only place I've seen “caffeine-free Coke”) If WTOP were any more laid-back, there would either be Barcaloungers or mortuary slabs in the “glass enclosed nerve center”. Totally absent is the urgency that built All-news radio. And, more importantly, brought value to the format. Even the WTOP bulletin bumper has all the immediacy of a daysleeper on Valium. Unfortunately, they are not alone in this. At least WCBS-AM hasn't strayed too far from what all-news is supposed to be. Last time I listened, they were still using the same network exit sounder WAVA was using locally in the 1970's. WTOP bills as well as it does because: (1.) It's the best radio broadcaster in the market. And, (2.) it sells the “power and advocacy” demo, which is unique to the D.C. Market. Alas, radio sells that demo better than TV. Also, an anon mailbagger commented, “...Pretty soon AM630 will be an empty spot on the dial...” I thought it already was. Oh... excuse me... it's that rare combination of modulation absent any discernable intelligence. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/24/16)

WTTZ 93.5 in Baltimore is only 4 watts but it’s about 500 feet up the WBFF FOX 45 tower on TV Hill, so the height alone gives it pretty good coverage. Even though it is run by the MTA/State of Maryland, there is no requirement that it be a non-commercial radio station, but I assume it is operated that way. (3/24/16)

A dear friend of WMAL's Brian and Fairy, I mean Larry, Victoria Toensing is now the lawyer defending Erik Prince over a federal investigation into money laundering, and illegal negotiations with foreign governments over militia and weaponry. (He seems like a catch!). Anyway, Mr. Prince, founder of the now defunct Blackwater USA. You remember Blackwater, the private security contractor during the Iraq War that messed everything up, and got a pass because Erik was good biblical friends with George W. Bush, yes that Blackwater. Well, Erik has moved to Hong Kong, and is apparently negotiating with Syria for some equipment, troops, and mercenaries, and laundering money from Syria through the Bank of China. Ms. Toensing, wife and legal partner to WMAL regular Joe DiGenova, is claiming Mr Prince did nothing wrong. Has WMAL's Larry and Brian covered this story of espionage, ex pats, war, middle east and a George W Bush pal? The last time Mr. DiGenova was on WMAL he was talking Hillary emails. Why wasn't he talking about his wife's nice and law abiding ex pat living in Hong Kong just playing nice with the Syrians when the big old, bad old US govnent under Obama, because the government is too big and too Obama, decided to smear the nice taxpayer, (scratch that), "former USA job creator," Mr. Price? Larry and Brian could have had an exclusive, but they decided to let the Huffington Post drop the big news. You wanna know why WMAL has dropped in the ratings, because most people in this town know Hillary is not going to be indicted for emails and a private server. But Lyin' and Fairy, I mean Brian and Larry, keep shoving it down our throats (do not insert a visual of Larry here) that she will be indicted. Brian Larry and Chris are just not that smart. I am sure thousands of radio buttons are being pushed to select another radio station when one of those clowns says something stupid, which is, whenever their mike is turned on. (3/24/16)

Taking a walk in a woods on a March 2016 day (even though I say 2015), I find a paper containing the DC market "money demo" radio ratings for late February and early March. And discover a substantial surge for long-slumping WRQX, re-christened Mix 107.3. With the station and returning morning man Jack Diamond both in the top 10. What? Yup! In today's "Dave TV"..... (3/24/16)

My bro is a HUGE fan of the Washington Capitals and listens to 106.7 The Fan every day. What will the selling of the CBS radio stations mean for 106.7 The Fan, and what changes might come to the channel? From, Amar (3/24/16)

Dave's response: While 106.7 The Fan doesn't get the best ratings, it does serve its young male demo well and generates more than adequate ad revenue. From what I read, CBS is exploring the sale of its entire radio division as a package deal. But it could be years away. If it happens, it will most certainly be to some large media corporation that will be very cautious about making changes.....

Channel 9 did a story about a Muslim girl being bullied at her school in California. They said she didn't want her face shown, but the anchor gave her name. I've seen reporters do this before. What sense does this make? I think giving a name is more revealing than showing a face as in this day of technology, one can find where someone lives as well as retrieve a picture. (3/24/16)

The WMAL FCC letter and interpretation is spot on. The only thing missing is including the interaction of lazy ass Federal Workers who’ve not yet posted any response in the database, whether it be a letter or an amendment. Once again, I don’t see ANYONE saying the application has been dismissed or denied except the idiot complaining about said imaginary statement I assume that person is a former CLUB FED member, so he should know how much he sucks. QUOTE: "Failure to respond or file an amendment within this time period [30 days] may result in the dismissal of the application pursuant to Sec. 73.3568 of the rules." Why don’t you spend the day looking that up? A whole lot about nothing you are. By the way, it’s been 38 days. Let’s see how long it takes the Club Fed Monkeys to file the response. Nothing today as of yet. Cheers! (3/24/16)

The Junkies had a “contest” this morning to determine which person had the best “Reggie Bush”: that is, who was best groomed with their, well, pubic hair (this is so gay). So they all lowered their pants to reveal their upper groin area and voted on best groomed. Talk about a monkey circle jerk. The EB had the audacity to call his poor mother to explain the contest live on air and she refused to participate in the speculation. WJFK has come a long way from its Howard Stern days when he brought huge fines for such antics: Cakes claimed CBS executives actually encouraged them to do “creative” radio. Thank God Pappa Lurch is on vacation. (3/24/16)

Pretty soon AM630 will be an empty spot on the dial, how the mighty have fallen. (3/24/16)

Did you hear Larry O'Connor comment this morning that David Hasselhoff could use some "man-scaping"? Oh Larry, come out. Come out, wherever you are! (3/24/16)

There's plenty wrong with the WMAL letter interpretation. Just because the response hasn't been posted in the FCC database doesn't mean it hasn't been received. There is almost always a time lag between receipt and posting, especially when the FCC has requested additional information. It will also take time for the Commission staff to review the amended application. None of this means the application has expired. The letter also states "Failure to respond within this time period MAY result in the dismissal of the application... " It doesn't say the application WILL be dismissed. The letter points out "deficiencies", most of which were omissions, not miscalculations or other engineering errors that would render the application "patently defective." The FCC simply told WMAL its application was incomplete. gave them a time period to amend it, and get it right. I don't have to call the FCC. During my years there, I wrote many such letters. I know the jargon, and how it's meant to be interpreted. I'm also familiar with the Commission's inner workings. Further, I don't drink tea. When it comes to trash talking, yours really sucks. Quoting from a recent Mailbag post, "The DCRTV Mailbag, where know-nothings come to display their ignorance." You should feel right at home. (3/24/16)

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FCC news: 104.7 FM has received a license to cover from the FCC and should be on the air almost immediately if not already. I see no active complaints yet from WAYZ 104.7. So no, they have not been shut down by WAYZ. Northern VA is not really in WAYZ’s signal plot hardly. The fact that you can get it now doesn’t mean you’re entitled to. If you were to file a complaint, say from Fairfax or Arlington, the FCC would simply laugh at you. (3/23/16)

There is nothing wrong about the FCC/WMAL letter interpretation.. Obviously you did not read the FCC letter. It’s been more than 30 days and no amendment has been submitted. No one ever said the application was rejected, but the latter said if the information was not submitted in that time frame, the application would expire. Obviously something is going on since no FCC action has yet occurred. Read the words next time, not the voices in your head. The letter clearly states the application is deficient. What did your call to the FCC get you? Uh huh, nothing. Go back to your tea leaves. (3/23/16)

Channel 5 is reporting that they can't get a response back from MPD regarding what security measures are in place in response to the Brussels attack. They also said they didn't see any Metro transit police all day at Gallery Place. To be fair, Gallery Place is one Metro station of, how many in the Metro system? Also, why would MPD make their security secrets public?. Now, the reporter did say his not seeing police doesn't mean that they aren't on the trains, but he did make a point of sensationalizing it initially and through most of the report. (3/23/16)

You know what, it's funny because once I heard someone mention that whenever media people talk about eighties, they says things like 'Republican Senator so - and - so". Yet, they never mention the political party when it is a liberal. I say this because I could only laugh when for the first time in a while I looked at this site and saw Dave post about 'righties talker WMAL.". You know why there are no liberal stations? Because it is boring! You can't sustain a station or network on 'Bush Sucks!'. Look at MSNBC! Why do you think they are trying to change? (3/23/16)

In a speedy four-minute "Dave TV" I look at at a surprising ratings slump for righty political talker WMAL in a busy, newsy political election year. Is the programming getting predictable and stale? And, what's up with its Cumulus sister, hot adult contemporary WRQX. A slight rise? Is Jack Diamond's return helping? In today's "Dave TV"..... (3/23/16)

Someone posted about the new iHeart Translator on 104.7 in Rockville. The reason it is not on the air is because of interference to WAYZ 104.7. They have 50,000 Watts and a great signal in Northern Virginia and Rockville. I like their country music format better than either WMZQ or WFRE. Both of these stations are owned by iHeart. (3/23/16)

[RE: Is it just lousy atmo conditions that I can't hear 1420 WKCW in Annandale Va, or is the station off the air?] They've been on and off at low and full power over the past two weeks. Sounds like they're on today with a dead carrier, adopting 1520's old Dead-Air-By-Day format. WTRI, by comparison, has actually been able to connect program source to transmitter throughout the day for the past few weeks. (3/23/16)

Q&A Café with Carol Joynt - Guest: John Donvan... (3/23/16)

Is it just lousy atmo conditions that I can't hear 1420 WKCW in Annandale Va, or is the station off the air? If the latter, how long has it been silent and (if applicable) has the FCC been notified? (3/23/16)

Dave's response: I can usually hear it well at my location. It's gone.....

iHeart has filed for a license to cover for W285FA, its 104.7 translator from Silver Spring. (fccdata.org) It should be on the air with something, but I'm out of its range so I can't tell what it is. Coincidentally, the FCC database is down right now as well, but previous applications have listed DC101 as the primary station so my guess is its HD2 active rock channel. (3/23/16)

Dave's response: Good luck with that. I'm currently getting a very listenable signal from Hagerstown's country WAYZ on 104.7 here in Fairfax County. I presume that WAYZ is even stronger in Montgomery County. Hey, FCC, go ahead. Clutter up that FM band so that even the analog powerhouses will be unlistenable.....

So how does every Washington-area radio station's TV commercial begin? "HEY DC, I'M BACK!" I think we deserve better. (3/23/16)

CBS wants to get out of the radio business. Who will buy them? How much interest does Cumulus pay each year on their $2.5 Billion Debt? iHeart is still in trouble with their Bondholders. How much interest does iHeart pay each year on their $20.7 Billion Debt? (3/23/16)

Cumulus is trying to sell part of their $2.5 Billion debt to other lenders. Some of their interest rates are at 11%. If they are successful, in unloading some of their debt,it would be called......"The Greater Fool Theory". (3/23/16)

Once again, BaltoMedia,Net has demonstrated that the ability to navigate the FCC website is one thing. Accurately understanding and reporting on the content is something else. The Commission's February 16 letter to WMAL did NOT "preliminarily turn[ed] down their transmitter Application for the move... " The letter simply asked WMAL for information that wasn't included in the original application, and gave them 30 days to comply. Had WMAL's application been "patently defective", it would've been dismissed outright. In all likelihood, WMAL submitted the requested info within the 30-day window. It might take a few days for the database to be updated, and more time for the amended application to be evaluated Too much is riding on WMAL's application for them to risk dismissal for failure to reply to the Commission's inquiry. Had BaltoMedia.Net really wanted to accurately report on the story, he could have contacted the FCC for the status of the application or called the engineer processing it. Both telephone numbers are right there on the letterhead. (3/23/16)

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["It's obvious that MIX 107-3 is not a good performing radio station. Let's not let WMAL off the hook either. If you look at DC Market share by ownership clusters, CUMULUS is down a full point from November 2015 to today. 7.1-6.1 .... That speaks volumes about the failure of Cumulus in DC. The addition of Jack Diamond (well below average results) and the inability of WMAL to grow, actually they've taken big losses, even in this hot political climate. The reality is that Cumulus can't afford to keep MIX, it will need to be spun off, or LMA'ed. It's taken losses, month after month for years, and now has to carry more payroll (debt) into 2016. A format change is probably more likely, as Jack Diamond appeal is skewing to people older than 50 years. There's also no long term viability of that format in sight. They are all of a sudden going to beat Fresh and Wash? No way. Advertisers can't waste money on a station that falls so far behind their competitors. WMAL better figure it out, too. Cumulus had a taste of the good life with WMAL, they won't want to hear the excuses in recent ratings recessions. Cumulus hasn't changed, they've just amped up their PR machine to make the top brass look better. The real story is the same, if not worse."] ---This Post was SPOT ON! You're welcome! :) Cumulus is facing even MORE market share loss in DC! A bag of pretzels and a PBR may buy the cluster! (3/22/16)

Speaking of WMAL, I didn’t notice this until just now, but it seems the FCC has preliminarily turned down their transmitter Application for the move citing missing information and incorrect data, mostly in the daytime signal, not the night time signal. The letter is dated Feb. 16 and a Dismissal of the application was supposed to happen in 30 days unless the application is amended with corrections or changes. Now it doesn’t appear that anything has yet happened, but here it is if you want to read it. licensing.fcc.gov — BaltoMedia.Net (3/22/16)

So WMAL’s Larry O’Connor has had a busy day: he said he was up prepping at 4:00AM, did his Morons on the Mall show from 5AM to 9:00AM, then was on FNC’s Gretchen Carlson’s show (from FNC Hill studio) trashing Obambi, muslims, the usual suspects shortly before 3:00PM and then has his Drive at Five at, well, 5:00PM until 6:00PM. Sheesh: when does he see his new bride let alone sleep? All this and he keeps a current Facebook page: www.facebook.com/thelarryoconnor (3/22/16)

Dave's response: He's cloned. There's an army of him.....

Well, whoever's left at what used to be WNEW doing occasional newscasts in the AM (I wouldn't know. Amy Morris?)... they are sure killing it. First week of March (25-54 demo): 0.0 to tie for 48th. How do you tie with zero? (3/22/16)

Looks like former CNN anchor/George Washington Univ Prof Frank Sesno wasn't the only local journalist featured in this season's House of Cards 9th episode. www.washingtonpost.com - Voice of America's Carolyn Presutti is featured in a scene with Kevin Spacey (President Frank Underwood) and Paul Sparks (Speechwriter Tom Yates.) She's a "fake" TV anchor on the TV set in Spacey's hotel room. Presutti says she was assigned to read a page and a half news copy pertaining to the convention as Robin Wright (First Lady Claire Underwood) directed the scene. Alas, we hear none of it, only see her. Presutti is a TV reporter with VOA and this year's President of the Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcasters Association. (3/22/16)

Just saw that the former mayor of Toronto has died of cancer. Although not local news, I think he was on or called into the Junkies show one morning for what was an "interesting" conversation. (3/22/16)

Dave's response: From Wikipedia - "The Junkies created an international controversy on December 5, 2013, when they interviewed Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto, Canada. At the time of the interview, Ford was embroiled in a scandal resulting from his admitted use of drugs and alcohol. The interview was conducted while the Junkies were hosting their periodic gambling tournament at The Borgata. Producers Matt Cahill and Matt Myers arranged for the interview by appealing to Ford's interest in the National Football League and most of the interview focused on Ford’s predictions for that weekend’s upcoming NFL games. During the course of the interview, Bishop asked Ford to confirm the latest press accusations that he had tried to buy the incriminating video that allegedly showed him smoking crack cocaine. Ford denied the accusation and shifted the interview back to the topic of football. Canadian media closely followed the interview especially since Ford had yet to respond to their questions about trying to purchase the incriminating video.At the end of the interview, Ford invited the Junkies to host the show in his Toronto office and also agreed to come on the show periodically to discuss football. Within hours, major American media outlets, including CNN and NBC, featured news stories about the interview".....

"Can AM Radio be revitalized? Is it too late? The FCC ended the comment period yesterday. In DC, only about 4% of the people are listening to AM Radio. What is the solution?" While we're at it can we bring back public phone booths too? Get with the times people. Dave, curious to know your site's demo. (3/22/16)

RE Radio One selling transmitter sites: They don't own the towers for WMMJ and WKYS. I guess they must own some dirt under AM sites in other markets. If the sites can earn income from other tenants why aren't they doing it already? I've always seen transmitter site sales as a last gasp of a failing business model (a la Cumulus). In other words, eating the seed corn. In what way is it a good thing to turn over ownership to a tower company which will spin around and start gouging you on rent rates? (3/22/16)

Can AM Radio be revitalized? Is it too late? The FCC ended the comment period yesterday. In DC, only about 4% of the people are listening to AM Radio. What is the solution? (3/22/16)

Good Lord, Sir or Madam. Here is what you wrote: "Gus, you’re wrong about everything. #1 Clearing cookies is like that magic word you got from the Microsoft support team since you’re probably on the phone with them 24/7! HAHA! You obviously know nothing about computers. Internet Explorer is NOT the preferred browser amount computer experts, Mac or PC." Dude, I've been building, programming and working with computers for over 40 years, since the days of punch cards and paper tape. I do not call Tech Support. Here is what I wrote. "The default thing to try is clear all your cookies, but I would also advise that you stop using Safari. Safari is for people who don't have Internet Explorer and are willing to settle for settle for the next crappiest browser." -- Clearing cookies is an excellent first step that a professional would recommend and fits with the principle of doing the least intrusive thing first. Internet Explorer is a crap product which Microsoft is discontinuing and I refuse to code for it. Safari is the slowest of all commercially available browsers and I actively discourage its use. What part of "next crappiest" was difficult for you to read? And then you shat out this nugget: "More people have iPhones than most other smart phones" In the sense that iPhones means Samsung, yes, because Samsung has had double Apple's market share since 2012. I may not be the one who's wrong about everything. Frankly, I'm surprised your family and neighbors let you live. Strictly speaking they messed up. Gus in Gaithersburg (3/22/16)

"Ahhh, the DCRTV Mailbag, where know-nothings come out to display their ignorance. Today's example; "Fresh has taken a bit of a hit in the ratings." The 3-month trend for Fresh goes 3.5-3.8-3.9 So, where's the "hit", genius? (3/21/16)" The "Geniuses" are the MIX 1073 crew who have decided to use the trades to cover up their ongoing pathetic situation. MIX gets beat by EVERYONE, EVERYONE that is even closely aligned with a Contemporary, Top 40 or AC Format. The sales idiots there spent almost three years telling you why Jack needed to go, how bad his ratings were and how hard he was to work with... NOW, they are wheeling' and dealing', talking about how he's gonna save DC radio. Well, the numbers speak for themselves. Jack should either split, or threaten to leave... no way, just no way that group of clowns could spin another terrible decision. Jack, your ticket to a ton of cash is simply tell Cumulus that you're walking out of the door on April 15th! Either they put you in a bigger tax bracket, or they'll be paying to switch a format. Your numbers aren't going anywhere, so you need to utilize timing as your biggest asset. Do it before the evil Cumulus see that after 6-9 months, they won't need you anyway. Life... it's all about timing. By the way... don't really love your show, babe. (3/22/16)

WGMD veteran broadcaster Duke Brooks, M-F 3p-6p, Saturday 7a-noon, suffered a Trans Ischemic Attack (TIA, aka mini-stroke) while on-air Saturday morning 3/19. The event occurred during the 8 am hour while Brooks was interviewing veterinarian Dr Erin Giebel. Brooks was rushed to the local hospital within minutes of the attack to receive expert care. Doctors have released Brooks from the hospital and Duke will return to the platforms of WGMD and WGMD.com Tuesday at 3pm. (3/22/16)

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\/ March 21 Messages \/

Any numbers on the Tom Joyner Morning show since moving to the the AM dial? (3/21/16)

Dave's response: WOL didn't even rank in the latest batch of monthly radio ratings.....

Ahhh, the DCRTV Mailbag, where know-nothings come out to display their ignorance. Today's example; "Fresh has taken a bit of a hit in the ratings." The 3-month trend for Fresh goes 3.5-3.8-3.9 So, where's the "hit", genius? (3/21/16)

Got to respond to the guy sourly criticizing Jack Diamond as if to justify his being fired a couple of bad years ago. I like people who are winners but a close second for my praise are people who have the wisdom to avoid doing ridiculous damage, and the Citadel-Cumulus Unbrain Trust are so guilty of ignoring the latter that criticism of Diamond pales in comparison. Each time Cumulus fired or pushed out someone of obvious accomplishment and talent, there would be a rah-rah staff meeting to introduce the replacement. The newcomer would be so far short of the job requirements that the sad disappointment in the room was thick enough to cut with a knife. (3/21/16)

Throughout the country, the LPTV stations on Channel 6 now operate as FM radio stations on 87.7 FM. Even though licensed as television stations, they have never operated as such. The reason these low power television stations were licensed in the first place was to encourage minority ownership. However, minorities own none of these stations. The FCC announced that Sept 1, 2015 would be the deadline for these LPTV stations to operate as analog stations. They were ordered to convert to a digital operation on that date, which of course would prohibit them from operating as FM radio stations. However, the Channel 6 owners hired a lobbyist to lobby the FCC and as a result, the deadline was never enforced. Instead, the order has been suspended indefinitely. It was never intended that these "television" stations would operate as FM radio stations. They found a loophole in the rules. The FCC announced a new "rule-making" on this matter; however, nothing has been done. Should these television stations be allowed to operate as FM radio stations indefinitely? If so, shouldn't they have to follow the same rules as other radio stations--such as, for example, maintain a main studio and public inspection file, and provide programming to address community needs/public service, etc? The majority of the LPTV stations currently masquerading as FM stations are in Chicago, Washington, DC, Cleveland, Memphis, New York City, Los Angeles, Syracuse and Lafayette, LA. We hope Wheeler, the new FCC Chairman, will enforce the original order. (3/21/16)

I have been extremely critical of 107.3 for the last three years. With its mixed up hybrid CHR/HotAC playlist and obtrusive in your face station announcer, "We're DC's 1073, aren't we cool" style, it was arguably the worst sounding CHR in the country. And the ratings showed it. This new incarnation of Mix 107.3 doesn't sound too bad. They seem to be emphasizing new music and the sound of the station is much less in your face and is musically consistent. While the ratings provide some evidence of an upsurge, the clearest evidence is the reaction of Fresh which appears to be feeling the heat. They have already changed their music rotations to emphasize recurrents and familiar music and almost completely stopped adding new music. Fresh's problem is that the station has no real identity. It has moved between AC, Hot AC and Adult CHR so many times over the years that it has no real brand to rely on. If it had any confidence in its marketing or business plan it would have stuck to its guns and not quickly shifted into defense. Now it's changes may only confuse or turn off listeners. I think it is in trouble. (3/21/16)

Melissa Mollet should never do this again... (3/21/16)

I thought a sperm check was part of the vetting process for new DJs at JFK. (3/21/16)

WASH FM must be sequestering. Look at who's listed under "airstaff" for Sundays - absolutely nobody! washfm.iheart.com (3/21/16)

[Siragusa Leaves Fox Sports - 3/18 - Tony Siragusa, the former Baltimore Colts and Ravens defensive tackle who has been a roving sideline personality for nearly a decade on Fox Sports, won't return next season. More at thebiglead.com.....] Hey, I am from Baltimore, and I grew up with the Baltimore Colts, so I understand making that mistake. But, we know that the Goose played for Indianapolis. (3/21/16)

To those complaining about 107.3, All I see from this site and others is the report that 107.3 is on an upward trend so don't count them out yet. Fresh has taken a bit of a hit in the ratings. WMAL's problem is more probably people are tired of ad nauseam election talk for the time being. But hey Jack has better ratings than Bobby Bones over at WMZQ (hey that's a plus). To see results from this, maybe patience is in order. Mix is at least trying. As we've learned from a few years of watching the PPM results, things can fluctuate (look at WETA-FM's nice February book). I'd say wait until May to see a trend, but so far the early signs may be encouraging for 107.3. Maybe some slight ratings improvement will lead to some increase in ad revenue, who knows. (3/21/16)

Tony Siragusa was in HIGH SCHOOL when the Colts were in Baltimore, Correct the news blurb. Even the link doesn’t say he was on the Baltimore Colts! Btw, he was the best thing that FOX NFL crew had going for them. (3/21/16)

Regarding WCBS-FM not running classic hits, whatever they're playing now isn't what they were playing pre-2005. In 2005 they switched to Jack FM, and two years later switched to whatever you call rock and roll from the 1970s to early 1990s (Classic Hits, I guess. The pre-2005 CBS-FM was not Classic Hits. It was more like Classic Rock Oldies, or whatever you call rock music from the mid 1950s to late 1970s and very early 1980s from bands that were around in the oldies period (Buddy Holly, Beatles and their solo work, etc., but not Yes or Genesis). -Chainsman (3/21/16)

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It's obvious that MIX 107-3 is not a good performing radio station. Let's not let WMAL off the hook either. If you look at DC Market share by ownership clusters, CUMULUS is down a full point from November 2015 to today. 7.1-6.1 .... That speaks volumes about the failure of Cumulus in DC. The addition of Jack Diamond (well below average results) and the inability of WMAL to grow, actually they've taken big losses, even in this hot political climate. The reality is that Cumulus can't afford to keep MIX, it will need to be spun off, or LMA'ed. It's taken losses, month after month for years, and now has to carry more payroll (debt) into 2016. A format change is probably more likely, as Jack Diamond appeal is skewing to people older than 50 years. There's also no long term viability of that format in sight. They are all of a sudden going to beat Fresh and Wash? No way. Advertisers can't waste money on a station that falls so far behind their competitors. WMAL better figure it out, too. Cumulus had a taste of the good life with WMAL, they won't want to hear the excuses in recent ratings recessions. Cumulus hasn't changed, they've just amped up their PR machine to make the top brass look better. The real story is the same, if not worse. (3/20/16)

["Why would Jason Kidd try to change Mix 107.3 to CHR? First off, he is NOT the PD, nor the music director. Second, Cumulus tried the CHR experiment and it bombed. They are in a good spot right now. Just let it be."] A good spot? They can't even get 3 shares after Diamond has been on for 5 months? They get beat by ALL their competitors, week after week. The PD is a McVay Yes-Man. MD has no experience, other than taking orders from the McVay YES-MAN. Kidd SHOULD be the PD, from an experience perspective. Why are you celebrating a station that can't beat ANYONE ELSE in their format? Sounds like you are giving out participation trophies, instead of Winner trophies ; Typical Cumulus/WRQX philosophy. (3/20/16)

Dave, Quick correction on your Tony Suragusa item. He never played for the Baltimore Colts. It was the (as much as it pains me to say this) Indy Colts. (3/20/16)

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Why would Jason Kidd try to change Mix 107.3 to CHR? First off, he is NOT the PD, nor the music director. Second, Cumulus tried the CHR experiment and it bombed. They are in a good spot right now. Just let it be. (3/19/16)

DaveTalks 2.3 - I review some cool TV I've been watching, including HBO's "Vinyl," AMC's "Better Call Saul," FX's "Louie," Netflix's "House Of Cards," and YouTube vlogger Ben Brown. In the March 19, 2016 edition..... (3/19/16)

[RE: “Dave's response: Look, I love Wendy. But why do so many people in the media find the need to show off what they have in public photo spreads? Sure, nice digs. But a lot of people in the DC area aren't so well off. Like so many of the people that you cover on your newscasts. Yeah, you make a good salary and can afford nice stuff. Great. But really? You need to make a public display of it? Cringe.....”] DCRTVDJDAVE that is a great response worthy of praise and a great example of what you are saying can be found in the same publication’s Saturday, March 19th edition featured in their “Free for All” section: there you can find a fellow Virginian pointing out how The Washington Post (their print edition)covered with photos the elaborate state dinner for our Canadian neighbors with our & their FLOTUS wearing expensive gowns with white orchards as a backdrop as well as a heartbreaking photo of a crying homeless woman being evicted from her tent but blocks away. The letter writer (“Same day, same city, different worlds”) Martha Powers puts it well: “Marie Antoinette eat your heart out”. The more things change the more they stay the same (web version): www.washingtonpost.com (3/19/16)

Just in case DCRTV Mailbaggers were wondering how Wendy Rieger is doing these days the Washington Post includes her in their “Homes of Notable Washingtonians” photo spread including a great pix of her & her pussy (cat): www.washingtonpost.com (3/19/16)

Dave's response: Look, I love Wendy. But why do so many people in the media find the need to show off what they have in public photo spreads? Sure, nice digs. But a lot of people in the DC area aren't so well off. Like so many of the people that you cover on your newscasts. Yeah, you make a good salary and can afford nice stuff. Great. But really? You need to make a public display of it? Cringe.....

You telling me nobody else anywhere applied for that WRQX midday gig? Does this open up nights, or are they going with Mister Roboto for the evening shift? (3/19/16)

So, Jon Miller is a VP at Nielsen, and he has a skiing accident, and he needs a GoFundMe drive to pay his medical bills????? Seriously, Nielsen is such a crap company that a VP doesn't have decent health insurance??? What up wiff dat? (3/19/16)

Dana Priest and Michael Hayden at the upcoming Sadat Forum talking cybersecurity… merrill.umd.edu (3/19/16)

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Gus, you’re wrong about everything. #1 Clearing cookies is like that magic word you got from the Microsoft support team since you’re probably on the phone with them 24/7! HAHA! You obviously know nothing about computers. Internet Explorer is NOT the preferred browser amount computer experts, Mac or PC. If a website works on just one browser but not others, it’s called BAD CODING, not a cookies problem. Dave Hughes knows this. WBOC.com webcams are clearly used on Maryland.Gov websites as are many other traffic cams and video. But whatever cams the State accesses, the same problems will occur from the original site. WBOC.com just simply SUCKS. This is no longer a Mac vs. PC argument. More people have iPhones than most other smart phones and ALL iPhones and iPads use SAFARI as well as Apple Macs. So if you’re not coding your news site for SAFARI compatibility, you’re not a REAL NEWS WEBSITE. (3/18/16)

I have always enjoyed Tim Brant's calls of college football and basketball. When he didn't re-sign with WJLA the stated reason was station management wanted him to give up his announcing duties. Now I understand he will no longer be doing ACC games. Something doesn't add up here. Does anyone know the real story? Tom in Wheaton (3/18/16)

Re to: Why didn't CBS turn 99.1 into a classic hits station? Well, it's the same reason CBS-FM in New York City doesn't play classic hits anymore. I’m curious. When WCBS FM stop playing classic hits? I checked their website, and I didn’t see any changes in their playlist. Ed Jones Bel Air MD (3/18/16)

I know this is a little late, but I’ve noticed that Jason Kid is on MIX 107.3 in the afternoons. I wonder if he’s gradually going to change 107.3 into an CHR or CHR hybrid like he did at MIX 106.5 in Baltimore. Hmmmm. (3/18/16)

Hi Dave, CBS selling radio hopefully Cox comes in here. Have you noticed the new 93.5 on with traffic/MTA info also simulcast on 107.3! The FCC is really killing radio! Lets have more interference guys. I hope Hubbard protects 103.5 as they already have enough junk on their frequency. Nick L. (3/18/16)

Yesterday was a good day for the stock market. There are three local DC stocks we have been following......iHeart $1.25 per share......Cumulus $0.55 per share and Radio One $1.45 per share. iHeart is still having problems with their Bondholders. (3/18/16)

Looks like Channel 9 got a newbie - twitter.com/MelissaNordWx (3/18/16)

If you were looking for the classic archives of the late and great 1130 WNEW Radio in New York City, popularly heard as Metromedia Double-Ewe...En-Eee-Double-Ewe, they are actually at wnew1130.com and wnew1130com.ipower.com/history - Chainsman (3/18/16)

"WBOC CBS 16’s website WBOC.com is completely not Apple Mac-compatible or Safari compatible and if you persist in trying to use it you will get a NASTY MESSAGE... ["Your access to this site has been limited"]... Just trying to get weather radar." The site works beautifully on my Mac. The default thing to try is clear all your cookies, but I would also advise that you stop using Safari. Safari is for people who don't have Internet Explorer and are willing to settle for settle for the next crappiest browser. "Now this is also important because The State of Maryland also uses some of WBOC’s webcams for traffic and the OC beach. Therefor, the same problem and warning will occur on any State of Maryland .Gov page that accesses the WBOC.com website." I suspect you are wrong about that. Gus in Gaithersburg (3/18/16)

Ever Google WBIG? 100.3's website comes up... no, not first... or second (which is the Wiki entry for 100.3)... not in the top 5 or 10... 11th! (3/18/16)

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Ref – Who is taking who for a ride? After reading Inside Radio this week – Looks like Salisbury-Ocean City, MD – Bayshore Media swaps rock “FM 105.1 The Ryde” WIJK, Ocean City, MD (1590) and two Ocean Pines, MD-licensed translators – W286BB at 105.1 FM and W282AWat 104.3 FM – to Adams Radio Group in exchange for adult hits WSUX, Seaford, DE (1280) and the Seaford-licensed translator W242AV at 96.3 FM. No cash is changing hands as part of the swap. Questions - Does Bayshore Media still own 101.1fm? If so, Will they hook up with 105.1 and simulcast The Ryde (Alternative) format and drop the religious music ? (3/17/16)

WBOC CBS 16’s website WBOC.com is completely not Apple Mac-compatible or Safari compatible and if you persist in trying to use it you will get a NASTY MESSAGE... ["Your access to this site has been limited"]... Just trying to get weather radar. Now this is also important because The State of Maryland also uses some of WBOC’s webcams for traffic and the OC beach. Therefor, the same problem and warning will occur on any State of Maryland .Gov page that accesses the WBOC.com website. This has been going on for awhile. You would have thought someone would have noticed right? Nope. Typical government asleep at the switch. I don’t know whether this happens on iPhones or iPads, but it’s definitely troubling. Same problem does not happen on WMDT ABC 47. The Reason is classic: “exceeded the maximum number of page not found errors per minute for humans.” Only problem it’s the human at WBOC who WROTE the BAD CODE! HAHA! — BaltoMedia.net (3/17/16)

Dave's response: I've had the same occasional problems accessing WBOC's site including the failure of its videos to load. And I'm using Google Chrome on Windows 7 & 10. It's just a POS site, if you ask me.....

Why didn't CBS turn 99.1 into a classic hits station? Well, it's the same reason CBS-FM in New York City doesn't play classic hits anymore. It starts with stu and rhymes with pidity. The upcoming Sumner Redstone debacle is going to be a hoot!! -Chainsman (3/17/16)

97.5, 104.9, and 106.1 are technically not new radio stations. All 3 are translators of HD Radio stations, which are not considered newly licensed radio stations. 93.5 however, can program itself with whatever it wants and is not translating anything. It’s a true LPFM. The others are not. There has been a long running battle to put 92.7 FM on the air in Baltimore but that might not happen until later in the year. So the Sun is pretty much correct (3/17/16)

RE: “[RE Will Thomas:] Bet he has a portrait in his attic of himself as a really old guy because he looks exactly the same as when he started 19 years ago. (3/17/16).” Leave Will Thomas and Dorian Gray alone RIGHT NOW! wikipedia.org (3/17/16)

[RE Will Thomas:] Bet he has a portrait in his attic of himself as a really old guy because he looks exactly the same as when he started 19 years ago. (3/17/16)

The Baltimore sun was in error in reporting that 93.5 is the first new station since 1998. 97.5, 104.9 and 106.1 are three LPFM's that have hit the air in the past couple years. (3/17/16)

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I was in OC today and at 6pm, 101.1 was still Gospel. (3/16/16)

The important thing to note is that the WIJK 1590 license must not be revoked for 105.1 FM to stay on the air. Now 104.3, I have no idea what signal they’re translating for that. It can’t be the signal in Easton. June 7 is the last waring from the FCC for license revocation of AM 1590. (3/16/16)

Yes, 102.7 WNEW FM was famous in NY, but the real fame came from the AM station, www.wnew1130.com (3/16/16)

WTTZ 93.5 FM has been on the air for more than six months, and has already been reported in this mailbag and your front page. Not sure where this info about it being "new" is coming from. (3/16/16)

Dave's response: From the Baltimore Sun. Don't they tell the truth?

[Ref: Adams is already putting the 104.3/105.1/1590 The Ryde alternative rock format on 101.1] - I understand giving GOD the boot...from 101.1 - Who now owns the 101.1 signal? wouldn't that give Adams 5 fm/MHZ signals in the market? (3/16/16)

Adams is already putting the 104.3/105.1/1590 The Ryde alternative rock format on 101.1 FM. The gospel format is getting the boot. MLB4 (3/16/16)

[RE Will Thomas leaving 5:] He always seemed like a real nice guy. I would occasionally see him here and there throughout the city, and he always had a kind word and a smile on his face. (3/16/16)

[RE new calls on 99.1:] How about getting WHFS calls back in DMV and putting it on a decent signal. I can't get 104.9 or 106.5-2 in Annapolis (3/16/16)

Will says goodbye on Fox 5 last night. Shawn Yancy broke down. fox5dc.com (3/16/16)

Reason, “Chaos at Breitbart? Could not possibly think of a more deserving organization.” Larry O’Connor used to work at Breitbart, and there are court records and a major lawsuit against Larry and Breitbart’s widow to prove it. As a matter of fact, Larry is under court order to not ever publish or use mass media to convey the name Shirley Sherrod because of the Slimy hit job he did on her when he worked at Breitbart. Larry and Brietbart didn’t part on good terms (go figure), because “real Conservatives” really are bad people, even toward each other. Don’t believe me, listen to Mark Levin, or look at what Ted Cruz did to Ben Carson. Anyway, getting back to Fairy, I mean Larry, Larry is not very bright. This morning, Larry posted on his “Twitt machine,” “Hey POTUS, if Merrick Garland is so great why'd you pass him over TWICE for SCOTUS?” Some say “There are no dumb questions.” They are wrong. The question Larry asked on the Twitt page” is mind-blowingly myopic and dumb. The other day, Larry was spouting off some nonsense about how Obama was responsible for the fights at Drumpf rallies. The next day, on Fox News, Eric Bolling, you know, the idiot who called Sesame Street a “left wing Communist diatribe,” gave pretty much the exact same rant. It was creepily almost word for word. It was like they were both reading the exact same script it was so close. Could it be there is a building in DC, perhaps by Union Station, that provides “conservative “news” outlets their script on a daily basis, and these conservative “actors” on radio and/or TV are not really smart enough to come up with their own partially coherent argument, so they use the argument sent over from a “Heritage” “think tank,” who has a name, but I just don’t know it????????????? Oh, and Larry thinks Hillary Clinton will be indicted from her email situation. Larry is living an another world. Seriously, should Larry write and direct a play based on the carer and life of Ken Mehlman? It would be fabulous! Or, better yet, Larry can write and star in a screenplay about the life of Kelsey Grammer. He can call it, "Cheers!, I was Caitlyn, before Caitlyn," I am sure Larry can really make those cross dressing scenes sing out! (3/16/16)

(regarding Dave's Response) "Oh, the good old USA is still stuck in the 1940s and 1950s when it comes to broadcast radio....." True enough - at least in terms of technology. Personally, I'd be fine if the good old USA would go back to the rules & regs of an earlier era too, when it comes to broadcasting. Everybody seemed to be making money hand over fist, back in the days of 7 AMs -7 FMs -7 TVs corporate ownership caps. Come to think of it, the companies and the listeners had more variety and radio had more devoted listeners, back when the Equal Time provision and Fairness Doctrine were in effect as well. Instead of a small corporate handful of mega-owners, there were thousands of station owners, and Radio/TV were better overall, at least compared to today. (3/16/16)

Is CBS obligated to sell the stations as a group? Seems to me a buyer with the bucks can cherry-pick the stations they'd want and leave the rest for someone else. Its too bad ... CBS was the last of the great groups, what with NBC and ABC vacating long before now. There are a lot of broadcasters I know that would have liked very much to have been part of that greatness, to have said they were part of CBS, before it all went to s**t. (3/16/16)

The 99.1 signal is not good in the western suburbs. WDCH will be bought by Bloomberg. The Business News Format will not do well if they don't cover Fairfax and the Western Half of the DC Market. They should also buy WFRE 99.9 and simulcast the stations. ( iHeart still owns six FM Stations in the DC Market.) Their new slogan......99.1 in Maryland & DC......99.9 in the rest of the market. (3/16/16)

Hey a new radio station in Baltimore! "The Maryland Transportation Channel " on WTTZ-93.5 FM — the first new radio station in Baltimore since 1988 — will offer traffic, transit and Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport information, the MTA said. www.baltimoresun.com... Are people seeking this information underserved? I think not, with the internet, phone apps and existing TV/radio stations. Are there no potholes left to be filled? (3/16/16)

WUSA claims to have the most accurate forecasts in DC for the past five years. According to who? How did they determine that? What do the other stations in town say? (3/16/16)

Who will buy the 117 CBS stations? If you have $3.15 Billion, it could be you. The price is based on their cash flow. If they can find a buyer, the price of CBS stock should go up. How will this effect the radio industry? Warren Buffett should buy the CBS radio group for $3.15 Billion. He can afford it. (3/16/16)

Ratings analysis from Tom Taylor Now. Washington DC bestows double digits (age 6+ AQH total-week share) on Hubbard’s all-news WTOP (plus its regional simulcast signals). Yesterday we talked about the “Election Effect” on some non-commercial news/talkers and perhaps selected commercial all-news stations. The #1 and #2 stations in DC could be today’s Exhibit 1. Commercial WTOP moves from a Holiday-book 7.5 share to a January-book 9.9, and now a 10.1 for February. It literally sweeps every daypart, and ratings record-keeper Chris Huff tells NOW “This is WTOP’s largest share since September 2011.” American University’s non-com news/talk WAMU is second, 6.9-9.1-9.2. That’s its best since April 2013, and it’s #2 in all dayparts. While we’re scanning the talk sector, Cumulus talk WMAL-AM/FM loses last month’s bump (3.3-3.8-3.2). Back to the upper echelon – tied for third are iHeart’s AC/formerly all-Christmas WASH (12.0-5.3-5.3) and rhythmic sister “Hot 99.5” WIHT (5.2-4.9-5.3). Fifth is another non-com, classical WETA (4.6-4.2-4.8, owned by Greater Washington Educational Association). It’s been a while since we checked in on iHeart’s country WMZQ (3.1-3.8-3.4). Howard U’s urban AC WHUR holds (5.2-4.9-4.8). But Radio One’s urban WKYS slips 4.4-4.2-3.3 (and especially in mornings). No doubt Cumulus is searching for new vital signs at the revived hot AC “Mix 107.3” WRQX, and it’s up to its highest topline in nearly three years, since May 2013. The numbers - 2.6-2.1-2.9. (Mornings with the re-hired Jack Diamond are likewise up.) The sports rivalry is CBS-owned “Fan” WJFK-FM (1.9-2.0-2.0) and Red Zebra’s post-football WTEM (1.6-1.8-1.4). All-news WTOP is tops in average weekly cume at 1,255,000. Nielsen’s “February” ran January 28-February 24..... Baltimore – The top five repeat in the same order from the January book. iHeart’s country WPOC seized the crown in January and adds to its share (5.6-7.4-7.7). Second is CBS AC/formerly all-Christmas WLIF (15.0-7.2-7.4), followed by Radio One’s urban “92Q” WERQ (7.3-7.0-6.9). Fourth is Radio One’s urban AC WWIN-FM (6.1-6.2-6.1), and fifth is a commercially-operated contemporary Christian station owned by not-for-profit Peter & John. That’s “Shine” WRBS-FM (4.8-5.7-5.6). AM sister WRBS/1230 is Christian teaching “Positive Talk,” and it’s up 0.1-0.2-0.8. The new #6 station is a talker – WCBM Inc.’s WCBM (3.6-4.4-5.0). Maybe there’s some Election Effect here – it’s winning mornings with Sean & Frank. Chris Huff says the 5.0 constitutes “its largest share in either PPM or diary since Winter 1993.” Nice comeback for Shamrock’s classic rock “Bay” WZBA (2.8-3.2-4.0). AC WLIF has the cume lead at 741,200. (3/16/16)

Hmmmm... "DCH" - DC's Hits? District's Classic Hits? (3/16/16)

Whether 99.1 FM’s signal is stronger in Baltimore or Washington is pretty debatable. From the FCC signal plot, I’d say it’s about even, not perfect in either market. You could make an argument it’s actually better in DC. Look here… (3/16/16)

Dave's response: The largest population jurisdiction in the DC metro is Northern Virginia's Fairfax County (1.1 million souls) and the 99.1 signal ain't so strong there. Especially when WTOP's 103.5 nails it. Just sayin'.....

I’m equally amazed at the people that read DCRTV and the people that don’t. The history of Bayshore Media and Vince Klepac is clearly a history of people that DON’T! Yes, Vince has gotten his hands apparently on AM 1280 WSUX in Delaware (what a good starting point for call letters). I would think that the Adams Radio Group might have someone that reads this page. The history of the new owner of WSUX 1280 and new investor in The Adams Radio Group includes the deletion of 2 Delaware AM stations and many FCC issues, all documented publicly. Remember WAMS AM1260 Newark? DELETED. WRJE AM 1600 Dover? DELETED. WIJK has a license cancellation date of June 7, 2016. Have they read all the public letters on the FCC site about him not paying the electric bill to keep the station on the air? All I have to say is if you didn’t buy the land Adams Radio, boy is this going to turn out bad for you. That is not my opinion. It’s just a history from FCC records about this guy. It seems they might not have checked just like EKO Media. Oh well, here we go again. Enjoy the ride. I hope Adams Radio survives this one. EKO Media did not. (3/16/16)

Bob Crane of the C Crane Company, asks: "Is AM Radio Still Relevant?" His blog post offers a look at the FCC's AM Revitalization Plan and how it will affect the 50kw clear channel stations, their listeners and, presumably, his clientele. news.ccrane.com (3/16/16)

Dave's response: Many western European nations are in the process of shutting down AM radio completely and have made significant strides in converting FM from analog to digital. Oh, the good old USA is still stuck in the 1940s and 1950s when it comes to broadcast radio.....

Chaos at Breitbart? Could not possibly think of a more deserving organization. Why any grownup with a conscience would ever go to work there completely escapes me. You certainly don't want your children to learn there are adults who seem to thrive on being paid to cause trouble and consternation for others. Ugh. (3/16/16)

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ref: FCC News: I didn’t see this one coming. Bayshore Media (Vince Klepac) sells WIJK 1590 Ocean City, WRYD 101.1 Pocomoke City, and the 2 translators he owns, 104.3 & 105.1 near OC to Adams Radio Group. Question: Was the 101.1 signal sold or swapped? for WSUX 1280am in Seaford, De. ? (3/15/16)

We have been following three local radio stocks in DC. Cumulus $0.47...... iHeart $1.21 and Radio One $1.48. How will the sale of the CBS Radio Stations effect these stocks? (3/15/16)

Another famous quote from CBS’s Les Moonves when asked a question as to why Donald Trump gets too much news coverage compared to other Presidential candidates… “He might not be good for America, but he’s good for CBS.” That pretty much sums up the whole Trump phenomena. CONGRATS! You scored high in the Trump Presidential ratings to the detriment of your country. What a scumbag! (3/15/16)

As to The Baltimore Ravens buying a CBS Radio station. I seriously doubt that Steve Bisciotti buys into businesses that LOSE MONEY. He would never buy into a losing deal like Red Zebra. Danny Snyder will NEVER get his money back on that deal! HAHA! This is why The Ravens win and the Skins LOSE. Sorry... (3/15/16)

I’m not surprised about WCBM 680. WCBMS's daytime signal is the same or better than WBAL’s and they both have problems at night yet WCBM adds populous areas that WBAL cannot be received in. WBAL’s nighttime signal hits New England fine, but WCBM hits Carroll County and Howard County, places WBAL doesn’t do well in. WCBM is also easter to get on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. (3/15/16)

Wow! The radio industry is changing fast. CBS is going to sell their 117 radio stations if they can find a buyer. What group has enough money to buy this group? iHeart on the verge of going into bankruptcy with $20.7 Billion in debt. Cumulus stock at an all time low price! Can you buy radio stations today with all debt? (3/15/16)

Think the Ravens would be interested in buying a CBS radio Baltimore clusters... (3/15/16)

Has anyone heard what NBC affiliate will take the place of WHAG-TV on the Cumberland, MD (Atlantic Broadband) cable system? (3/15/16)

Analysis of the February DC radio ratings, including a surge for classical WETA-FM. Plus, CBS strips the WNEW calls off 99.1 after the demise of the all-news format in December. And, CBS announces it wants to unload its radio division later this year. And more in today's "Dave TV".....

[RE moving WNEW calls to NYC:] Good move!! Now all 102.7 in NY needs some ratings to go along...not even as good as Fresh in DC!! (3/15/16)

[RE moving WNEW calls to NYC:] It's a shame that CBS couldn't bring back the WHFS calls to 99.1..... (3/15/16)

Wow you have a lot of big news today Dave who could buy the CBS DC and Baltimore clusters? COX Media, Hopefully not Cumulus, Clear Channel already is full. Who i wonder (3/15/16)

Dave's response: Hubbard (which owns WTOP)? Maybe Radio One? Cumulus would love to have 'em.....

[RE moving WNEW calls to NYC:] If ever there were a case study of what not to do with a frequency/station, this would be it. Unless I am in range for WRNR or WTMD, I just don't listen to terrestrial radio anymore...well, sometimes WTOP if I'm in traffic. I listen to out of market stations almost exclusively via streaming and a little bit of satellite radio if I can stand the repetition. (3/15/16)

The only thing is the WNEW call letters in New York are strongly associated with the rock format, and that is not coming back. (3/15/16)

I don't understand how CBS has neglected 99.1 as long as it has. A signal that covers both markets reasonably well should be a moneymaker for them. Nobody was asking for a second all-news station. Some form of classic hits, or a very gold based a/c would work well. (3/15/16)

Wow! All these mailbaggers who say you have to be on FM to compete, and now WCBM jumps to 6th place! The uncontrolled tailspin continues for WBAL as Mary Beth Marsden departs and they are doing even more simulcasting of local and national TV news. Wonder what your bonus is if you're the GM and PD who screw up what was once a powerhouse? (3/15/16)

FCC News: Have to admit. I didn’t see this one coming. Bayshore Media (Vince Klepac) sells WIJK 1590 Ocean City, WRYD 101.1 Pocomoke City, and the 2 translators he owns, 104.3 & 105.1 near OC to Adams Radio Group. I assume they have an engineering team already at work considering the WIJK license expires on June 7 for non-repairs to the station’s towers over 10 years+. The last station Mr. Klepac sold was WRJE AM 1600 Dover, which is now deleted ( fccdata.org ). He sold them the station, but not the land, then helped force them off the air by being a bad landlord. This was his plan all along, to make some money off of WRJE, then trash it, and double the value of WIJK and his translators to resell it as well. What a great radio owner this guy is. I hope Adams has good lawyers. Here’s the transaction. I didn’t check whether the land is included but I sure hope they did. fcc.gov — BaltoMedia.Net (3/15/16)

Why would CBS want to sell 99.1 to Bloomberg rather than use the frequency to launch a classic hits station like the ones in New York and Philadelphia that are the company's highest-rated stations in those markets? (3/15/16)

Dave's response: The signal is controlled by CBS-DC but has a better signal in the Baltimore metro, which is the territory of CBS-Baltimore. Problematic for the company. Bloomberg, which is obviously not worried too much about 99.1's ratings, is probably offering above market value for it. Now, what about 107.9, which has a worse DC signal than 99.1? Maybe CBS could offer Cumulus a pretty penny for 107.3 and move El Zol there? Hmmm.....

Sports Junkies got a day named after them - www.instagram.com (3/15/16)

What's up with 106.9, the Eagle? Just heard Red Red Wine by UB40 segue into BTO's Takin' Care of Business. Earlier heard Gloria Gaynor & I Will Survive. Almost sounds like Lite 97.5 about 10 years ago. Interesting. (3/15/16)

Re: "Unless, of course, you (Larry) and Brian are full of crap, and you know it." The problem is they do not know it, and neither does fearless leader incompetent, Mr. Hess, know it either. Last week Larry was bragging about how much a big follower of the "10 Commandments" he is. When I called, the screener asked me what I was going to say. I said one of the commandments is about bearing false witness, and din't Larry bear false witness against Shirley Sherrod...? The call screener got angry and said "I don't think that is true" and hung up on me. So Larry, give your lady call screener a raise. She thinks that hit job you did on Shirley Sherrod was completely 100% accurate, and a true representation of the facts. Shirley Sherrod is why you were hired at WMAL - they needed a bigot to replace Mrs. Fred. Own it, Larry. Be loud and proud or your past birtherism and other racist things you have said and done, Larry. Not that there is anything wrong with that, if you know what mean, Larry (3/15/16)

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\/ March 14 Messages \/

"Interesting, looking into it more closely MIX 107.3 is finally really moving back in the right direction. The year-to-year shows this: The real story for Mix 107.3 is A25-54. M-Su 6a-12m is now a 3.6 share. A year ago it was a 1.7. Mornings now are a 3.1. A year ago they were a 1.4. Mid-days now up to a 3.1 and were a 1.9. And afternoons were a 1.6 a year ago and are now a 4.4. Bringing the format and Jack Diamond and company back might be just the thing to turn it all around." --Actually, You're looking at a weekly, which isn't the real story. Furthermore, you're ignoring the rank... MIX is in classic JOKE status. Furthermore, the last Miller-Kaplan showed WRQX in No-Man's land. Cumulus isn't going to give this much longer as the salaries added, along with the salaries being paid off are monstrous. Sounds like more chest beating from 4400, as MIX continues to get waxed by WASH, FRESH and HOT. Sorry, when all of your competitors destroy you , week in and week out, you should stay off the message boards and do some work. (3/14/16)

Whatever happened to the morning show on WWEG, 106.9 in Hagerstown? (3/14/16)

Interesting challenge for Brian and Larry. If they are so sure of what they are talking about, (Hillary will be indicted), then I recommend they take the challenge and talk about the challenge on the air tomorrow morning. Call the original poster(challenger) here a “liberal,” and have Joe and Victoria on the air to tell the OP he/she is a dumb leftist. Since the WMAL crew is so sure Hillary will be indicted, they should have an additional challenge. Larry and Brian will donate $500.00 to Planned Parenthood Action Fund if Hillary is not indicted by election time, if the OP, or someone else, agrees to donate the same amount to the NRA-ILA f she is indicted. Larry, just think about the hype, publicity and the ratings you will get when she is indicted! Larry and Brian could go on Fox News and talk about the $1,000.00 donation to Fisher House and the $500.00 donation to the NRA-ILA and the Hillary indictment all with a common denominator. These challenges have all the markings of a great Fox News story. Larry, jump at this challenge, and accept it. Unless, of course, you and Brian are full of crap, and you know it. (3/14/16)

In my "DaveTalks 2.2" I follow up on "Dave Talks 2" of last week and talk more about some of the YouTube vlogs I like. Including Nomadic Fanatic, Eric Jacobs, and how he gets into trouble posting his videos weeks after he shoots them. As I continue to defend his "e-begging" and dismiss his entertaining and colorful "haters." I compare him with Casey Neistat, who does a beautifully-produced daily vlog about his life and family in Manhattan and his frequent place trips around the country and the world. I wonder what Casey will do as a follow-up to his one-year daily vlog - another year? Or will he move onto something else? Or will the monetary temptations of getting paid for the more than one million views for each of his videos as well as lining up prestigious sponsors, like Samsung, be too much for him and his "company." In today's "DaveTalks 2.2"..... (3/14/16)

Interesting, looking into it more closely MIX 107.3 is finally really moving back in the right direction. The year-to-year shows this: The real story for Mix 107.3 is A25-54. M-Su 6a-12m is now a 3.6 share. A year ago it was a 1.7. Mornings now are a 3.1. A year ago they were a 1.4. Mid-days now up to a 3.1 and were a 1.9. And afternoons were a 1.6 a year ago and are now a 4.4. Bringing the format and Jack Diamond and company back might be just the thing to turn it all around. (3/14/16)

Cumulus—the Billy Martin of mega-corporate radio. (3/14/16)

So, I turned on WMAL Friday, and ass-hat#1 and Ass-hat # 3, Brian and Larry, were talking with Joe DiGenova (you know, husband of the pathological liar Victoria Toesing of “Scooter Libby was framed” fame…), about the FBI investigation and Hillary’s upcoming indictment (As if the ass-hats haven’t driven this pile of crap into the ground already). Saturday, I attended a reception for a very well-known author columnist, historian, and public figure, and I see a friend who is an attorney with the justice department talking with a women, with a few others watching and listening to their conversation. I went over to say “hi,” to my friend, he and this other woman (who it turns out is an attorney for DOJ as well), are talking about some media spreading false information about a FBI investigation-“Hillary Clinton is not part of the investigation,” the women told the people surrounding her…She then went on and said “I am getting tired of saying this.” She concluded, “They are wrong,” talking about certain media to the few standing around. Could WMAL and the conservative media be exaggerating a news piece to put Hillary Clinton in a bad light? Could Fairy and Lyin, I mean, Larry and Brian, be misrepresenting the truth? It has happened before, lots of time before, as a matter of fact, it happens all the time on WMAL. So why should we consider this piece of crap the one thing said on WMAL to be legitimate? Let’s have a challenge for Larry and Brian. I will donate $1,000.00 to Fisher House if Hillary is indicted by the FBI before the November elections. If she isn’t indicted, you two bozos will go on the air, and admit you were misleading the listeners, and you were getting your talking points from some clearinghouse in basement of a building that houses the office of Jim Demint. You will then apologize to President elect Clinton for you two being lying bozos. Here is how it can work. I will send a money order for $1,000.00 to a private attorney (who is a Republican), I will inform Larry and Brian of his name and contact information). I will instruct this attorney to mail the money order to Fisher House if Hillary is indicted before the November elections. If she is not indicted, he is to mail the money order back to me. Upon proof of the attorney’s receipt of the money order via affidavit, Larry and Brian will sign a contract saying they will apologize to Hillary Clinton, on the air at 8:30 AM on a weekday, for spreading false and/or extremely exaggerated claims about her, over a long period of time. There is no debate, Larry…. Put your honesty and integrity where your mouth is. Write to Dave and say “Challenge on” under your Cumulus email, Larry, and I will prepare the money order with instructions for the attorney. I will mail you photocopies of the money order, the instructions, and a statement from the attorney saying he has the money order and the instructions. You two can then sign a contract promising to say on the air what is mentioned above, right after the November elections, if she isn’t indicted. $1,000.00 bucks to Fisher House, Larry and Brian??? Game on? (3/14/16)

Wow, it's not often you hear a radio CEO admit they made two bad mistakes: Firing Jack Diamond and then rehiring him. (3/14/16)

Dave's response: Well, it's a lot easier if it didn't happen on your watch.....

REF: [Mary Beth Marsden Leaves BAL Radio] A sudden, quiet departure without any on-air opportunity for listeners to bid farewell? There is allot more to this, and I bet it has allot to do with recent rumors regarding station plans to shake things up. If this is a sign of a station shakeup, I hope it signals warnings of a major earthquake for mornings that jolts that three ring circus and its ring leader Bryan Nehman out the door. I heard Brenda Carl on the news over the weekend. If management had even the slightest clue about running a successful radio station, they would plug her in during prime time and stop burying her on a Sunday morning. She would even make a great afternoon anchor, given the fact that she was born and raised here, has proven herself as a drive-time anchor at that station; she knows the town, its politicians, its history, and its politics; and, understands news and the demands of this market for it. Better yet, fire the alleged news director and give her that job. In the meantime, stay tuned. There is another shoe about to drop on television hill regarding this station. I hope Carl is given a fair opportunity to fill it, and run with it. (3/14/16)

"Jacks compensation was never an issue." And you know this to be fact... how? "The new CEO has either been lied to or she is lying. Pick one." Another option: You're lying -- or, at least, wildly speculating. (3/14/16)

[RE Will Thomas Leaves 5:] BOO to Fox 5. Will is MUCH better than that guy they have brought in doing weekends. He SUCKS! (3/14/16)

RE: Cumulus CEO Jack Diamond. The new CEO states that it was a mistake to fire Jack Diamond, and it was a cost cutting move. Jacks compensation was never an issue. The 4 specific reasons are as follows. 1) His ratings were in a steady decline for years. 2) Jack refused to follow any instruction to make changes in his show from local management, and he only wanted to report to John Dickey at HQ. 3) There was a long list of formal complaints from co-hosts past and present regarding serious issues. 4) HQ desperately wanted to showcase The Bert Show in DC because of the ratings success in Atlanta. The truth is if Jack had simply complied to the local management desire to evolve his show he would have kept his job and his hefty salary. The new CEO has either been lied to or she is lying. Pick one. Signed, Anonymous (3/14/16)

Nearby news I didn't see mentioned in here: Last month Piedmont Communications purchased a Liberty University translator on 95.3 in Culpeper. This translator was then flipped to simulcast 105.5 WOJL Orange which runs a not-that-bad classic hits format as 105.5 Sam FM. 1490 WCVA Culpeper is now also simulcasting WOJL to feed the translator, and according to Wikipedia 1340 WVCV Orange is supposed to now be a relay of country 103.1 WJMA Culpeper, although it seems to be off the air. (3/14/16)

What is to be gleaned from WAMU having to extend its spring fundraiser to at least this Monday, March 14? Bad fundraising techniques, getting sloppy with meeting interim fundraising goals, listeners’ sudden loss of ability to contribute due to middle-class income stagnation? From what I recall, the fundraiser was supposed to last nine days, only cover one weekend and end on Friday, March 11. It began either on Thursday or Friday, March 3rd or 4th, I can’t remember. It took a hiatus over this past weekend, although there still were national cut-in requests to donate, I guessed because other public radio stations had different fundraiser end dates. But now AMU is again fundraising full-tilt-boogie this Monday morning, to make up the apparent deficit in their funding goals from last week. What goes on? (3/14/16)

Maybe it's just AM. WVCV-1340 and WKCW-1420 seem to be off air all weekend WCVA-1490 now Rebroadcasts WOJL-105.5 (3/14/16)

I'm an avid listener of 105.7 and I've noticed the last few weeks that the late night shows (typically 10pm to midnight on weeknights and 9pm to midnight on weekends) have been replaced with additional simulcasting of CBS sports Radio, which obviously is there down time to carry them until the morning. It started during the week of February 29th, when a few of the weekday guys took off for mini-vacations and obviously the weekend hosts fill in where they are needed. I was disappointed when they skipped their end-of-night programs for CBSSR, so I hoped that it was temporary. Apparently, it may not seem as such because this past week, WJZ-FM is still cutting their nights short as opposed to after midnight. Is this a permanent change in their schedule and why would they do this? I liked Ken Weiman at 10 during the week... it's sad to see him get pushed to the curb if this is really happening. (3/14/16)

Ratings question. Is it ok for an on air person to post something about "ratings" on their facebook page? I thought mentioning anything about ratings is a no-no. Any idea? (3/14/16)

Dave's response: If you work for a radio or TV station, you could get into serious trouble. Also, ratings companies could get upset if you post proprietary info that's too specific. But, otherwise, it's probably OK.....

/\ March 14 Messages /\

\/ March 13 Messages \/

WMDE Channel 36 (5) has a DC-based Facebook page, but nothing local to Delaware that I can tell. Just shows a couple local DC shows. (3/13/16)

There is no Soul of The South on DC T. WWTD used to act as a relay of WMDE back when WMDE had Soul of the South but it no longer carries WMDE or soul of the South in this area. (3/13/16)

WMDE Stopped carrying Soul of the South severla months ago. Not sure about it's carriage status these days. (3/13/16)

Dave's response: Wikipedia says it's running infomercials. OK, so the FCC spent all that time getting poor underserved Delaware (how many stations are in the Philadelphia market?) its very own VHF outlet for local stuff. And guess what? Nothing local on the new channel 5. Is the FCC corrupt or just really stupid? I dunno.....

WMDE 36 (RF 5) has dumped Soul of the South, but WWTD in DC still is carried in DC and carries it. As far as I know, only Dover DE Comcast carries the WMDE directly unless somebody knows something I don’t know. I don’t see it listed on any Comcast channel lineups practically anywhere. The transmitter is technically in the Baltimore DMA, but the city of license is Dover. DE, the only Comcast lineup I can find the channel on. Anyone getting it? (3/13/16)

Farewell Tim Brant, I've enjoyed your broadcasting off ACC games since I was a kid. (3/13/16)

Will Thomas is really GOOD and I always heard he worked hard and was great to work with. Damn! This shocks me and pisses me off because I have no doubt Fox 5 management messed this up somehow. I never heard good things about Fox 5's GM and so on. I always wondered why Will stayed at Fox 5 so long. If he doesn't move I hope he gets back on the air soon. (3/13/16)

Tuned in to channel 9 shortly before 9:00 Sunday morning and caught the end of “Wake Up Washington.” Has Derek McGinty’s “Capital Download” been canceled? (3/13/16)

I’m listening right now to “Hot Jazz Saturday NIght” on WAMU 88.5. It’s the Bix Biderbeck yearly edition. AMU also has a sustaining membership from me, too. I love all their weekend shows, although the show realignments they’ve done I don’t all agree with: “With Good Reason” is a show I just don’t really understand. Sarah McConnell’s light, sing-song voice is a little hard to handle. They could drop it, as far as I’m concerned. But putting “Interfaith Voices” into the 5:00 a.m. Sunday graveyard, unconscionable!! Bad move! I can’t tolerate “Latino USA” on Saturday, and “Marketplace Weekend” on Sunday, both at 6:00; I listen under protest, but I make sure not to ENJOY them, so AMU knows my displeasure! Both should be later in the day. Marketplace Weekend should be flipped with “On Being”, at least. “On the Media” on Saturday is a show I really like, and if it was paired with “Marketplace Weekend” on Sunday, I would listen, at 7:00, but again, listen under protest! They should make more room later in the day on Sunday. They repeat both “Wait, Wait….Don’t Tell Me!” and “RadioLab”, although they both played the day before! If a game show played the day before, why do I need to hear it again, in almost the same slot, on Sunday? AMU has heard my complaints and constructive criticism and suggestions, and I also heard an update the other day that the listener contribution online pages are going to get a complete overhaul. That’s partly from my complaining, because I’m incensed that contributors can’t now login to “My Account” and see what their current contribution status is. Well, that’s it for now. I urge you to listen to the great little story from Morning Edition from Tuesday (?) last week, about how Kurt Andersen & Graydon Carter needled Donald Trump constantly with their “SPY” magazine in the 1980s, & got him with their epithet that stuck, calling Trump the “Short-fingered Vulgarian”! Hilarious, compelling radio! Enjoy! (3/13/16)

I found this interesting letter from COMCAST to the FCC regarding MUST-CARRY status for WMDE TV in the DC and Dover/Kent County DE markets. It’s a year old but curious what has changed since. Is WMDE being carried on COMCAST around all the DC market? They were even seeking coverage in West Virginia & Hagerstown! What’s really odd about this is that WMDE is not on very many cable systems on the Eastern Shore nor even in Delaware, except for Dover itself. It’s as if they don’t even want the channel carried on cable TV on Delmarva outside of their city of license. Is this not weird or what? fcc.gov (3/13/16)

Dave's response: I don't get Comcast cable TV any more, but I do believe that WMDE, "Soul Of The South," is carried by Comcast systems in the DC area.....

Is Tim Brant retiring after calling the ACC final? Kudos on a fine career. (3/13/16)

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\/ March 12 Messages \/

Sorry to see Will Thomas pack it in over at Channel 5. Admittedly, it was hard for me to take him seriously. No doubt he is good at what he does, but visually he reminded me of Davy Jones of the Monkees and/or Walter Koenig of the original Star Trek series. (3/12/16)

Is it just my radio or has anyone else heard gaps & pops all day on WTOP? Almost like the power cord is loose! (3/12/16)

WRDE NBC Coast TV is broadcasting the Ocean City St. Patrick’s Day Parade LIVE and while done on a very low budget, not that bad if you like small town stuff. WRDE doesn’t have a chopper like larger WBOC CBS 16, but they’re actually shooting areal footage from an drone camera with 4K video. Not too shabby for small town news on a shoe string. Of course in any major city, you could not do this without expensive editing and a delay for obscenity, none of which is necessary for this event. (3/12/16)

Not surprised that Will Thomas is leaving. Moving Tony Perkins to nights was somewhat like the child's game musical chairs and Will lost. Considering his time with Fox5, he probably expected a permanent, prominent spot. As with most jobs these days, loyalty and "time served" isn't guaranteed job security...As a side note, at least Will and Emily Millier made an announcement of their leaving, unlike Julie Wright. Has there ever been any info on exactly what happened with her exit? (3/12/16)

Hey Dave, thought you might be interested in this story from the New York Post. "Chris Matthews at center of NBC's latest news scandal" nyp.st (3/12/16)

Am I the only one who sees this as a second casualty of Tony Perkins? Steve Chenevey left the morning show gig he shared with Tony (which Steve appeared very unhappy) and took the 7 WJLA gig. When nightshift opened and Tony took evenings (and Chenevey boomeranged back to am's), the PD had no idea what to do with Thomas-they made him a 3rd string anchor without a desk of late. I like TP a lot but it appears he's got a brutal side I was unaware of...Now, does Thomas stay local with all the 10pm news buzz that other stations are trying to emulate? Does he go national? -leigh (3/12/16)

"Mike And Mike" are syndicated by ESPN. They air on a non-ESPN affiliate, 96,1 WKZQ Forestbrook/Myrtle Beach, an "Alternative Rock" station, now owned by Alpha Media. (3/12/16)

CMLS spiked at the close to finish at 39 cents Friday. On Feb 27, it was .25. Ten thousand shares would have been $2,500 in, and $3.900 out if sold today. $1,400 for reading the funny papers and watching CNBC. Some people who look at the 1 month chart, 3 month chart, might suspect a "pump and dump," a common pennystock game. The 52 week high on CMLS was over $3. The floor on this might be in the teens depending on performance numbers. Like playing games of chance? Call your broker. (3/12/16)

/\ March 12 Messages /\

\/ March 11 Messages \/

If WDCW can gain traction in the ratings against WTTG, I’d eventually like to see them bring the entire show in-house and even get a morning newscast going in place of Eye Opener and the 8am Springer episode. While I don’t mind FOX5’s newscasts overall, it would do them good to have competition and I believe if Tribune promotes this right, it will make some sort of impact to WTTG in the long run. (3/11/16)

I've seen many complaints over the years in this mailbag concerning the Redskins overkill on the two local sports talk radio stations 106.7 and ESPN 980. Interesting that the Washington Capitals have started their own p.m. drive time talk/interview show on the team's internet station, Caps 24/7, which is apparently intended to provide relief for the team's fans from that situation. If the Caps have done it, can their arena-mate the Wizards be far behind? And what about the Nats? 106.7 and 980 have had something of a captive audience because they have heretofore been the only real options for sports talk. But if the local teams start providing viable alternatives? Hmmmm. (3/11/16)

["It is interesting that iHeart still owns six FM Stations in DC. The limit is just five. How do they get away with that? In 2007 when the Bain Capital Group bought the Clear Channel Group, they agreed to sell WFRE 99.9, in order to comply with the FCC Rules. They never sold it. It has been nine years and they still own it. They placed it in "their trust" but they still receive the $2 million per year in cash flow from it. Does anyone care? Maybe they are so big that everyone is afraid to challenge them?"] Nope, not interesting at all. Totally legal and following the rules set up for the trust. You are the only one who cares.... (3/11/16)

I do not listen to Tony K because he is so within himself and obnoxious. But hearing recently how WTEM bagged his second hour for news of RGIII being released, that sounds like a relief to anyone tuning 980 AM. As for the locals obsessed with RGIII stories, YES! So many things happening in sports, and really not much Redskins stuff. The locals are so lazy, incompetent, and not too smart. Let's see, Nats in Spring Training, ACC hoops at The Phone Booth at 7th & F Streets, and the down and up Wizards. But RGIII? Forget about it already. Thanks for the Internet and out-of-town radio stations at night. (3/11/16)

Someone asked about WIJK AM 1590. Yep, they’re back on the air. It’s Spring. What would you expect? They only shut down every winter. For those who want a good laugh about WIJK Ocean City and WRJE, the now deleted AM 1600, read this public letter. Its quite funny. He sold (scammed) the poor Latinos the station, who had no clue what they’d gotten themselves into, acted as their landlord to “protect” the station. In another letter to the FCC, WRJE’s “protector” and landlord advised the station be DELETED! HAHA! These people should have talked to somebody else in the radio biz down there. As a result of this deletion, WIJK will probably now be able to let their downed tower lay in the swamp and just broadcast permanently under their STA. Assuming the FCC allows it, but most likely they will. This is all public info btw, not opinion, in their own words. OH, WIJK 1590 is on the air currently, but I didn’t hear FM 105.1. Also 104.3 FM is still on the air. My new car has HD-Radio. So far I notice few sound improvements in the car, only the drop outs from switching digital to analog and that is very annoying. Here’s the FCC link... fcc.gov (3/11/16)

What is wrong with Washington DC sports media? Seriously, Every friggin day, another RGIII story. Yesterday, there were THREE! Umm, HE’S NOT EVEN PLAYING ON YOUR TEAM MORONS! DUH! It’s like a running joke. There’s still a new RGIII story every day in the Post. Meanwhile I’m having a hard time finding any Kirk Cousins stories. None of them even show up in my daily Washington Post Top Sports stories. DC is such a screwy market. I’ve heard of hero worship, but LOSER worship? HAHA! (3/11/16)

It looks like Birach Broadcasting duped the FCC again. They have no permanent transmitter site that they are looking to move to even though they keep claiming they just need zoning approval. Remember this tactic in Montgomery County? Sure having a site in mind is fine, but different than GETTING IT. Once again Birach has no site for the 2 Norfolk AM stations. The one site, Birach claims was vandalized by kids. Truth be told. The local kids baseball EVICTED HIM and his transmitter! He was forcibly removed from the site! The 2nd site he claims to be waiting zoning approval for is the parking lot of an auto parts place that isn’t about to be torn down. Did he really trick the FCC into thinking he’s bought a shopping center and is going to tear it down for his two radio stations??? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (3/11/16)

[Re: Rather glad I didn't buy one of those Internet-Only receivers when they came out. With all those streams drying up, what's the point?] Yeah, with roughly 5 - 7,000 stations shutting down or making other arrangements out of 25,000, that leaves around a scant 18,000 stations to choose from on an internet radio. Tough sledding. Not that there's anything wrong with DXing via a SDR, but when you want to settle down and listen to something in reasonably high fidelity, that Reciva/equivalent-driven internet radio is still the way to go. While we're speaking of DX, I took advantage of a half-hour power failure earlier this week here in the beautiful Middletown Valley to power up the Superadio and Tecsun portable. It's amazing how many clean signals you can pull in on the Amplitude Modulation band when there's no masking computer, lighting and HVAC noise. Makes me want to get outside to an isolated high vantage point and enjoy the tropical March weather whilst drinking in the MW and FM bounty. (3/11/16)

Wow. Did Tony Kornheiser wake up one morning recently and think song parodies make for awesome radio? Welcome to 1985, Tony! Ponderous, man, f***ing ponderous. (3/11/16)

I read a response the other day by DCRTV Dave where he said that the "Mike and Mike" show is syndicated. Well, the real truth is that "Mike and Mike" is NOT syndicated; the show is owned be ESPN Radio and is aired on the ESPN O&O stations and the ESPN Radio affiliate stations. So is "The Dan LeBatard Show" that follows 'Mike & Mike." On the other hand, "The Tony Kornheiser Show" IS syndicated. The point is that any radio market that does not have a ESPN Radio affiliate will not have "Mike and Mike" or "The Dan LeBatard Show." Unsigned Retired Non-Suit. (3/11/16)

/\ March 11 Messages /\

\/ March 10 Messages \/

She said he said: was Michelle Fields “roughed up” by Trump campaign manager (she has photo of bruise to “prove it”) or is this a classic pr ploy? Trump campaign totally denies it. Inquiring DCRTV Mailbag readers may want to know: “Donald Trump's Campaign Manager Under Fire After Roughly Grabbing Reporter”. More from Huffington Puffington Post: www.huffingtonpost.com (3/10/16)

1420 AM’s been operating at reduced power this week. I can get it from upper Monkey County but not very good. Hear that, WKCW? The Big KOF is checkin’ up on you!! (3/10/16)

Rather glad I didn't buy one of those Internet-Only receivers when they came out. With all those streams drying up, what's the point? My new favorite general-coverage receiver right now is a software-defined radio (SDR) somewhere in the Netherlands that can be tuned and monitored over the Web, and allows tuning from the long-wave end of the dial well under the AM band all the way up to 30 MHz, including the ham bands. Listening to European commercial and shortwave stations can be very entertaining (no FM though). websdr.ewi.utwente.nl (3/10/16)

June 6th at the University of Maryland golf course is the 11th annual Johnny Holliday Scholarship Classic to benefit The Youth Leadership Foundation. Over the past 10 years, over a Million dollars has been raised to help over 3,000 kids further their Education. 30 Celebrity's give of their time to play in the tournament, each foursome has one of the celeb's join their group. Among those on hand this year, Gary Williams, Leon Harris, Kristen Berset, President of the Maryland Senate, Senator Mike Miller, Montgomery County States Attorney, John McCarthy, John "Cakes"Auville, Ray Knight, Doc Walker, Larry Michael, Bob Milloy, Scot McBrien, Walt Williams and Chris Knoche to mention just a few. This years honoree will be legendary DeMatha basketball coach and hall of famer, Morgan Wooten. Details can be found at www.helpingkids.org. It's always a great day for a great cause…the Kids!! (3/10/16)

Not a big fan of the Best/ Worst for WTOP. For a station that has been on top for quite a while. Does it matter what we think? They make the money and they have proven they are the best. (3/10/16)

Dave's response: I think even a successful station, if it wants to remain successful, has gotta care about what its listeners think. You know, maybe someone like CBS will come along and start a rival all-newser and deliver a knockout punch to WTOP. Oh wait, they already tried that and failed miserably. Nevermind.....

Will iHeart go into default on their debt? They have debt of $20.9 Billion. If this company should crash......it will effect the entire radio industry. Lenders like to be paid. What happens if you don't pay the mortgage on your house? (3/10/16)

Hi Dave, I was talking to Bill Quinn my former PD and mentor who is a great broadcaster the other day about internet radio devices such as the Grace Internet Radio. This unit has every bit of software plus IHEART. Having said that I have noticed that some internet streams are gone. We all knew this was going to happen. Now thanks to the RIAA and Sound exchange and other greedy royalty outfits have caused some over the air broadcasters to geographically limit their internet streaming to their over the air foot print---meaning the affected station would only stream to whatever their daytime contour is. One such station is WPTF 680 in Raleigh,NC as well as all the other curtis media stations. Point here is why stream if you are going to limit your station to the immediate area? It's all about greed isn't it? How much of those fees internet,and terrestrial stations pay will actually go to the artist---not much I suspect. Everyone agrees including me that artists should be paid but there should be a reasonable equitable system that is fair to internet radio broadcasters as well as terrestrial broadcasters---i.e. a reasonable schedule of payment amounts that will not disadvantage the artist and broadcaster and most importantly the end use listener/audience. Write your congress person and give the an ear full or letter full(respectfully) of course. Tell me how else can one hear The American Popular songbook of big band music 24/7 or the Beautiful/EZ music format or Oldies without internet radio? Thanks Dave, NL (3/10/16)

/\ March 10 Messages /\

\/ March 9 Messages \/

Re: Doug Kammerer (sp) providing temporary coverage in Philly, channel 4 has also "loaned" Angie Goff to the NBC network in NY to cover early mornings a few times. However I think the difference between Angie and Doug, is that given the opportunity, Angie would jump at the chance to work at the network. (3/9/16)

Just saw a clip of a segment on Good Morning Washington where everyone was dancing and lip syncing. Guess they're trying to stay competitive with Fox5's morning craziness. (3/9/16)

This guy has a popular car show on cable… restoring old classic cars… on velocity... www.bubbascustomers.com... From City Of Fairfax Police website, March 9, at www.fairfaxva.gov: False Pretense Arrest - 16-02032 - 3180 Draper Drive / Bubba’s East Coast Rods & Customs – As the result of investigation by the Criminal Investigations Division into events which began July 5, 2013, the owner of the business, Thomas Lloyd, 54, of Brentwood Road, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, was charged with obtaining money by false pretenses for accepting payment for services which were never performed on a vehicle. The warrant was served at the Adult Detention Center on March 8 and bond was set at $5000. (3/9/16)

[Re: Actually channel 8's ten pm newscast is pretty good. Way better than Fox Five. Sign me: just a viewer.] Please. News Channel 8 is as relevant as floppy disks in this market. There is a reason Dave "forgot" it. Half the people who live in this city don't even know it exists. And their news is as dry as a desert. If I have to watch news at all at 10pm Fox 5 has the best coverage, if only to get me through until 11pm when NBC 4 comes on. Sign me: an actual viewer. (3/9/16)

I've been E-begging since 2003 and it's been a major source of income for me. Is there anything really wrong with that? I look at some fellow "e-beggers" on the web and YouTube (a la Nomadic Fanatic) and see what's up with them. In the second edition of "DaveTalks"..... (3/9/16)

As I was driving from Frederick to Rockville this morning on 270, I was listening to 100.7 The Bay in Baltimore, as I often do. All of a sudden, another classic rock station began popping in and out with The Bay. Turns out it was WRDU in Raleigh/Durham, NC. I’ve heard this station many times before, but this was the first time this year. I guess the “silly season” has begun (enhanced propagation, coastal tropo, sporadic-e, DX, whatever). Mike from Frederick and the Dashboard DX Society, chasing those elusive electrons to and fro (apologies to the Joy Boys). (3/9/16)

Actually channel 8's ten pm newscast is pretty good. Way better than Fox Five. Sign me: just a viewer. (3/9/16)

Ed Christian, President of Saga, has a new name for translators...... He has named them "Metro Signals". This is a better name foe these signals. These are small FM Signals, with 250 Watts, that can cover many Metro Areas (3/9/16)

Is iHeart in default on their debt? The Bondholders say yes. iHeart reports a very large debt of $240.9 Billion debt now. Their stock is trading at $1.10 per share. This could effect the entire radio industry. How can a company buy all their stations with debt? Cumulus also has a very large debt and their stock is down to just $0.33 per share. (3/9/16)

As for Will Thomas, I think he's been a little dissatisfied with his role at Fox5 for awhile. If I remember correctly, he's been considered for a couple of permanent anchor seats (one being on the early news) and was looked over for someone else. And wasn't he the regular 10 or 11pm co-anchor at one time and then they brought in Tony Perkins as a third wheel. Then, it looks like they went with a two anchor show, pushing Will aside to only be seen every now and then. (3/9/16)

Hi Dave…regarding WDCW giving the "market its second 10 PM newscast” — and, with all due respect to our friends at channel 50, and their good colleagues in Richmond — I would like to note that NewsChannel 8 already beat them to it, airing NewsChannel 8 at 10pm (powered by ABC7) weeknights, anchored by veteran ABC7 journalists Jonathan Elias and Michelle Marsh, with StormWatch7 Meteorologist Steve Rudin providing late and overnight forecasts. Elias and Marsh also anchor ABC7 News at 4pm. Thanks for all you do, my friend! Stan (3/9/16)

/\ March 9 Messages /\

\/ March 8 Messages \/

Re WTEM Morning Programming. Agree with Dave that it would be far better for WTEM to air Kornheiser live starting at 7 or 8 AM. Of the two shows, it would be better to air Mike and Mike on a delay. (3/8/16)

Re Danni at WIHT someone said "Her union will be involved as well..." Please. AFTRA won't do shit. The union as we knew it is powerless, and gets worse every single year. (3/8/16)

To: FCC Chairman Wheeler: Before you joined the FCC Staff, the other members of the staff, agreed to end LPTV Channel 6 on 9/1/15. The FCC promised that they would no longer be allowed to use their analog frequency 89.7 to operate as a FM Radio Station. That never happened......They are still operating as FM Stations and have never operated as they were licensed as a Television Station. In DC the station is WDCN. As indicated before, the 9/1/15 date was announced, and they were told that they must give us their analog frequency and go to HD or turn in the analog license. WDCN is operating at a higher power on their audio than they are licensed. Do you still have an enforcement bureau at the FCC? If so, why are you not enforcing the rules? (3/8/16)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Frederick talker WFMD (20th) beats ESPN 980 (21st) in DC market? Humiliating!] That's sad AND funny. Bet they get more listners than viwers get WUSA9 at 5 too. (3/8/16)

WUSA9 dropped Jan Whatever for a complete freaking tool at 5PM. Leslie Foster kinda blows too. (3/8/16)

[RE Danni gone from Hot 99.5:] It's got to be a legal thing. Her union will be involved as well. (3/8/16)

The Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcasters Association wants to remind everyone that the deadline for their annual contest is Saturday, March 12 at midnight. www.capba.org for rules and categories. To submit entries: betternewspapercontest.com... Winners receive awards at the annual CAPBA convention at the Dunes Manor Hotel in Ocean City, June3-5, 2016. This year’s CAPBA Board of Directors are VOA’s Carolyn Presutti, President; WBAL’s Greg Ng, Vice President; WTOP’s Mitchell Miller, Past President; WBAL’s Tim Tunison, Treasurer; WDEL’s Amy Cherry; WJLA’s Gregg Micklos; WBAL’s Rob Lang; WSCL/WSDL’s Don Rush; WMDT’s Sarah Truitt; WNEW’s Amy Morris; WJZ’s Mitch Friedmann; WAMU’s Matt Bush. (3/8/16)

[RE: “Just watched Dave TV episode 81. As we all know, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos acquired the Washington Post from the Graham family for $250 million in 2013. DCRTV Dave has had going-on three years to learn to pronounce the Bezos name; Bay-zoes. Just think of the Chesapeake Bay and Bozos. Bay-zoes. Practice saying the name before your next DaveTV video hiking through Reston. Your credibility will suffer when you criticize Bezos and the Post if you can't be bothered to learn his name.”] Given how horrible for the most part (save John Kelly, Paul Fahri and some others) the Washington Compost is these days DCRTVDJDAVE should pronounce Jeff Bezos: Jeff BOZO. (3/8/16)

Just watched Dave TV episode 81. As we all know, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos acquired the Washington Post from the Graham family for $250 million in 2013. DCRTV Dave has had going-on three years to learn to pronounce the Bezos name; Bay-zoes. Just think of the Chesapeake Bay and Bozos. Bay-zoes. Practice saying the name before your next DaveTV video hiking through Reston. Your credibility will suffer when you criticize Bezos and the Post if you can't be bothered to learn his name. (3/8/16)

I heard a tip that Will Thomas at Fox 5 hasn't shown up for work in about a month and has been dissatisfied with his role at the station. I've noticed that I haven't seen him on the 10 o'clock news the past few weeks. He's still on the Fox 5 website. Has anyone heard if this is true? Or could it be something else like a vacation or illness causing the absence? (3/18/16)

"... WTEM cuts out on Mr. Tony while I was waiting for Wilbon to start The Fix and hour early without one of the hosts because RGIII is cut like it’s a surprise????????????? My God!". If one needed any further proof that Kornheiser's show is pre-recorded, it's the complete lack of reaction by the host and his sit-in guests after Tim Murray broke in around 10:45 AM to announce that Griffin had been cut. I can understand ESPN 980 wanting to go live with this story (involving the departure of a quarterback once regarded as the savior of DC sports) as quickly as possible so as not to give its competition a head start, but by airing a daily talk show on two-hour delay you run the risk of (every so often) producing content that's never heard. The huge mistake 980 made yesterday was in choosing not to carry the Peyton Manning retirement press conference from Denver at 1 PM (staying with Kevin Sheehan and Thom Loverro babbling about RGIII instead). I once heard Andy Pollin say that DC's not just a Redskin town - it's a great all around football town. If that's the case, then it's the height of provincialism for a sports talk station to blow off the farewell announcement of arguably one of the five greatest quarterbacks in the history of the game so as not to interrupt its wall-to-wall Griffin coverage for even ten minutes - and no one has ever accused the capital of the free world of being a parochial, provincial town a la Baltimore or Cleveland. I understand that 106.7 The Fan aired the Manning presser live so score one for the station not owned by Dan Snyder in this instance. Mike, Fairfax (3/8/16)

Dave's response: Why does ESPN 980 record Tony's show at 8 AM and run it taped at 10 AM? Morning drive is the key time period at any radio station. And they have a live and local show at 8 AM that they don't run until morning drive is over? Instead they run the syndicated "Mike And Mike," who are lucky to get 20th place in the time slot. Why not run Tony live from 8 AM to 10 AM, or better yet, 7 AM to 9 AM, and put a taped "M&M" in late mornings, when the ratings don't matter much. Sure makes more sense than the "Man Cave" fiasco of last year. Sheesh. Dan needs to find some professional broadcasters to run his crappy little station.....

Why are radio ratings so important? All the National Media Buys are based on the Nielsen Ratings. Remember, Nielsen is a MONOPLY! The "Time Buyers" at the advertising agencies, must justify their buys to their clients. If an advertising campaign does not go well then the Time Buyer can say, " I bought the advertising by the numbers. Every rating point is important to a radio station. (3/8/16)

Why are ratings so important to radio stations? Nielsen Rating Company is a monopoly!!! As a former Media Buyer, I can tell you that they are very important. When a advertising agency makes a media buy, they must justify it to their client. If the advertising campaign does not go well, the Media Buyer can say, "I bought the top rated stations in the market". Every rating point counts. (3/8/16)

Regarding Danni's departure from HOT 99.5. I wonder if is some legal matter as they aren't talking about it or maybe because they are allowed: 1. On the All Access post, it doesn't say why Danni left 2. Kane isn't saying anything about why Danni isn't on the show any more except that she is busy with her TLC gig 3. People's post on the Kane Show Facebook page were suddenly removed without explanation 4. Danni isn't posting anything about what happen on her Facebook page. (3/8/16)

Dave's response: The All Access piece did seem to suggest that she is still under contract to iHeart and could end up at one of its stations in another market. Therefore, she wouldn't be able to comment publicly about what's going on.....

It is interesting that iHeart still owns six FM Stations in DC. The limit is just five. How do they get away with that? In 2007 when the Bain Capital Group bought the Clear Channel Group, they agreed to sell WFRE 99.9, in order to comply with the FCC Rules. They never sold it. It has been nine years and they still own it. They placed it in "their trust" but they still receive the $2 million per year in cash flow from it. Does anyone care? Maybe they are so big that everyone is afraid to challenge them? (3/8/16)

Marco ended up in Vegas - Marco Radio X1075 - @TweetMarcoNow - Host of Marco & Jeetz Radio Show, every morning on @X1075 in #LasVegas. #Redskins fan! #HTTR. Adopt a shelter dog. Love your kids, drink your beer! Butt guy. Las Vegas, NV - x1075lasvegas.com (3/8/16)

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\/ March 7 Messages \/

Could Sarah Fraser return? Show was much better with Sarah. As for Kane, you know his show isn't going anywhere. They are Syndicated in too many markets for that. Kane's got the on-air ego to match IMO. His show used to be much better before Sarah and Melanie left. Also less airtime to John is much needed. He's become too involved to the point where he and Kane's gloating about him all the time is super annoying. I really don't listen anymore at all after listening often. Forces me to Mix 106.5 even though 104.3's product is put together better. (3/7/16)

[RE Danni Starr:] Her page is gone from hot995.com. I didn't like her. The Kane Show wouldn't say why she was gone. They would only say she was busy with other stuff such as her TLC TV job. Like Kane, she recently got a divorce. A week or so ago, I did here Danni's voice when they did War of the Roses, but she wasn't live on the air with the show. (3/7/16)

Living in Fredericksburg, we get WTVR on Fios here along with the DC stations and I enjoy their broadcasts. I think that given time, WDCW may succeed with a second bonafide 10pm newscast. Candace, Zach, and Lane are all great people, this is a good omen for WDCW. (3/7/16)

Channel 50/WDCW plans to give the DC TV market its second 10 PM newscast. But it will do it from its Richmond station. Also, Danni Starr is gone from Hot 99.5's Kane morning show. Why? Budget cuts? DC TV great Don Richards dies. And, the DCRTV Best/Worst list is back with WTOP the hot topic. In today's "Dave TV"..... (3/7/16)

If you watched 60 minutes last night, to follow is some additional information on Massey Energy they left out. In the summer of 2009, environmentalists in West Virginia gained momentum in their battle against mountaintop removal by coal companies. In response to this environmental pressure, the king of unsafe mines, Don Blankenship, Head of Massey Energy, decided to hold a giant "Friends of America" rally, where he paid and flew in right wing entertainers and Fox News celebrities to denounce horrible government mine regulations and promote Blankenship’s political agenda. Paid speakers and entertainers at this rally included Ted Nugent, Hank Williams, Jr, Big and Rich and noted global warming denier Lord Monkton. But the Hutzpah event of the day was when FOX News' Sean Hannity came out and gave a right wing pep talk to the Blankenship crowd, calling Mr. Blankenship “a Great American,” spoke in platitudes about Massey Energy, and told the crowd they don’t need unions. The rally, in one of Blankenship's many attempts to screw unions, was deliberately scheduled against the United Mine Workers' (Union) annual Labor Day picnic (a 75+-year WV tradition in which local leaders meet with the workers). Blankenship's event cost Massey and Blankenship $1 million dollars, according to a speech by Don Blankenship. That money could have otherwise been spent on bringing mines up to code. But it wasn’t. How much of the One Million dollars did Sean Hannity get for himself remains unclear, but according to his outdated Speaker’s bio, Sean also requires a private jet to ferry him to and from speaking engagements. On April 5, 2010, less than seven month's after the rally, The Upper Big Branch Mine in West Virginia exploded due to a gas leak and extremely poor ventilation, killing 29 mine workers. Three federal investigations, as outlined on 60 Minutes last night, concluded Massey Energy, under the leadership and thumb of Mr. Blankenship, disregarded federal mine safety regulations repeatedly, and put those mine workers' lives in peril. Massey, before the explosion was in fact fighting with the government over 40 million dollars on fines for mine safety abuses. Blankenship will be going to jail for his actions and inactions regarding mine safety. For the past five and half years, Sean Hannity has been pretty silent on the mining disaster, and his “Friend’s” Don Blankenship’s civil lawsuits and criminal issues. Sean Hannity's crap can be heard in DC on AM 1260, The Answer, and at 10:00 PM daily on the Fox News Channel. You know, Fox News, Fair and Balanced. Oh, and by the way, Mr. Blankenship's other friend, WMAL's Mark Levin, has removed from Marklevinshow.com his interviews with Mr. Blankenship from 2011 and 2012 where Mr. Blankenship downplayed the mining disasters. Aren't Conservatives "cute" when what they say comes back to bite them in the a$$? (3/7/16)

WTF….WTEM cuts out on Mr. Tony while I was waiting for Wilbon to start The Fix and hour early without one of the hosts because RGIII is cut like it’s a surprise????????????? My God! OOBBEE (3/7/16)

["They (WTOP) need more African American anchors, editors, and reporters. Oh my gosh, do they even recruit black reporters? Look at their roster. Anyone in management care enough to do something, or just offer platitudes about how diversity is important, we're trying, won't be overnight, and other non-serious bullshit?"] I love how you preach diversity but say nothing about Latino, Asian, or other cultures. Everything is black and white! Some of you who preach "diversity" are the most racist people out there. (3/7/16)

This may be dumb question but is the Tony Kornheiser show taped daily? If so, when do they do the taping? (3/7/16)

Dave's response: I was under the impression that the show was taped at 8 AM daily with a taped version aired at 10 AM daily.....

Not that anybody cares, but Birach Broadcasting is making a last ditch effort in this past week’s FCC filings to keep it’s 2 Tidewater area AM stations, WVAB and WBVA. Both licensees will be revoked in late March or early April if the FCC doesn’t give them another STA Extension based on all kinds of lies that he’s found a transmitter site and is just waiting on zoning approval. Heard that one before? Uh Huh. It’s a funny read if anybody’s interested… fcc.gov (3/7/16)

Will Thomas has been off air since February 3rd. On Twitter, HE said HE was sick, but everyone in the newsroom knows he is just fine and squabbling with management over his daily duties at the station. In other words, cards and flowers have not been sent to encourage a speedy recovery from a severely bruised ego and big head. (3/7/16)

Believe me when I say I'm sad that Bill Paris is gone. So who's now running the KHZ radio stations? The streaming cameras show empty studios in morning drive. If there's nothing to see, why keep them on? And those music streams are about to get very expensive to maintain, with the new streaming rates that just commenced. I hope they can make it. (3/7/16)

New lineup starts today on Delaware 105.9: Dan Gaffney - 5:30-9 a.m... Susan Monday - 9-Noon Simulcast on WDEL Am Wlimington and WDEL-FM Canton NJ... Noon News Hour with Allan Lodell - Noon -1 p.m. Simulcast on WDEL Am Wilmington and WDEL-FM Canton NJ... Rick Jenson - 1-4 p.m. Simulcast on WDEL Am Wlimington and WDEL-FM Canton NJ... Jared Morris - 4-7 p.m. (3/7/16)

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\/ March 6 Messages \/

Sincerest condolences to gentleman Bill Mayhugh on the passing of his wife Shirley (a.k.a. "Miss Tap-a-Cola of 1954"). Here is an excellent 28-minute exploration of their lives recorded in 2009. (3/6/16)

Congratulations are in order to all 117 on being inducted in the Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame! And very special congratulations are in order for Paul Bicknell for being the very first inductee in the Hall's "Blacklist Wing". Finally some well deserved recognition for your career ending stunt back in 1994. (3/6/16)

/\ March 6 Messages /\

\/ March 5 Messages \/

Just saw a channel 4 promo thanking the viewing audience and at the end it shows that they're number one for morning, evening and 11pm news. Channel 5 is also making the claim for number one in mornings and evenings, but specified times. Channel 4 didn't specify the time. I'm curious as to how these ratings are determined (possibly polls?), how legitimate they are and if by polling numbers, just how many people were involved. (3/5/16)

Would have loved to see Russ Ptacek end up over at FOX5. It would do them good to have a real investigative reporter instead of the blowhard righty Emily Miller. (3/5/16)

Davearino, Davearooney, McValta Davearoonimo, some might consider the word "Heeb" offensive. Gus in Gaithersburg (3/5/16)

Don Richards was also a news anchor at channel 9 when it was WTOP-TV. He was also the house "voice" for the spots produced by Rosenthal Automotive Group's in-house agency. Very sad. A gentleman and a professional. A great guy to work with and to be around. Prayers for his family. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/5/16)

/\ March 5 Messages /\

\/ March 4 Messages \/

Don [Richards] was one of the nicest guys I ever worked with, we did 100's of commercials together! Total pro! RIP old friend! (3/4/16)

Sad to hear it. Don Richards hosted the original Washington, DC version of "Bowling for Dollars" on Channel 20. Johnny Holiday hosted the second one on WTTG. (3/4/16)

This is heartbreaking for me. Don [Richards] worked for my fathers ad agency in Baltimore for many years. Later, we both served on the AFTRA board together. He was an incredible man with amazing talent. We will miss you, Don (3/4/16)

[RE Don Richards:] One of the great voices...and he loved to re-create old time radio shows. (3/4/16)

Oh man, I'm devastated! I got to know Don [Richards] while he did uncounted spots at the WDCA studios and on the AFTRA board. My condolences to his family. He was a real pro. (3/4/16)

On the talk of these low power FM translators, I have to say the worst translator allocation (next to 104.9 and it's fridge light bulb signal) is 104.7 for WHGM in Havre De Grace. You can't get the station clearly in Bel Air, and even parts of Aberdeen. 104.7 WAYZ from Hagerstown blasts into Harford County and pretty much kills 104.7 outside of HDG. Who wants to place bets on how much longer this station will be here? (3/4/16)

Ocean City bayfront home of the late Mitch Scott now on the market for $949,000. The former CEO of Great Scott Broadcasting died at 56 in 2013. www.flexmls.com (3/4/16)

I just heard that another of the true legends of DC broadcasting died this morning in Northern Virginia; Don Richards. Don studied broadcasting at Syracuse University with classmate Dick Clark almost 70 years ago. When you get confirmation of his passing from your various sources and post the news on your site, here is one of the most recent interviews he gave about his career. The tail end of that interview includes a reel of his performances over the years. (3/4/16)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: "If we could only get rid of Bill Hess, everything would be fine," jested Mark Levin on WMAL from CPAC with Chris Plante. Ha ha ha...] Why?? Bull Hess has morning meetings with Plante and approves eveyrhing Plante says. When has Bill Hess ever had Plante or anyone else apologize or clarify? (3/4/16)

To the person that said Emily tweeted about interviewing trump, that was a long time ago: #TBT 2014 - Interviewing Donald Trump at CPAC. We clearly don't see eye to eye. (3/4/16)

When the 94.7 studios were located in the office townhouses on Hubbard Drive, near Rockville Pike and Montrose Road, the STL was on top of the adjacent high rise, giving it a clear shot to both Kenwood Country Club and the Channel 20 candelabra. In the early-2000s, excavating contractors severed the cable carrying the signal from the townhouses to the high rise. The station was knocked off the air for several hours until an overhead cable was strung from the studios to the high rise. A week or two later, a truck took down the temporary cable, again silencing the station until the cable could be repaired. (3/4/16)

/\ March 4 Messages /\

\/ March 3 Messages \/

Still on the Kenwood golf course transmitter site, as the poster said the older tower there, now gone, was the main for WBCC AM (later WUST) and FM (later WJMD, WLTT, WIAD) before the main moved to the River Road tower to share a mast with WGAY 99.5. I heard that when the 94.7 studios were in the townhouse in Rockville a single STL transmitter could hit both the Kenwood and River Road towers because they were close enough to share a beam. My elders might correct me. (3/3/16)

The tower used by WAVA-AM at Kenwood Country Club is NOT the same structure formerly used by WBCC/WUST/WJMD. That stick was demolished about 15 years ago, and replaced with a new tower. The primary tenant is Montgomery County Government communications services. In addition to WAVA-AM, the tower is also the auxiliary site for WIAD. (3/3/16)

Oh, and one more correction for UCS. The WAVA-AM 780 transmitter site used to be on a shunt fed wire on the old WAVA-FM tower at the corner of Lee Highway and George Mason but that tower came down years ago. It was just north of the still-going-strong WETA-FM tower, now host to WAVA-FM and other tenants. As an interim way to stay on the air they installed unipole wires on the adjacent former AT&T Long Lines tower. I don't know if they retain that for a backup AM site but I saw the wires are still intact just a few minutes ago as I drove by on Lee Highway. P of the AW (3/3/16)

Guess Emily Miller's announcement was effective immediately since she's disappeared from Fox5's website. However, I see where she posted on Twitter that she interviewed Trump. So she must've picked up a new gig already. (3/3/16)

The Unsigned Corporate Suit is wrong. Again. WWRC is 35,000 watts pushing out Salem Corporate programming. They aren't selling it. The value of the network spots on that station is too valuable. WAVA is 12,000 watts, low on the dial, and printing money. It isn't for sale. Also, the WAVA transmitter was moved years ago to Kenwood Country Club on the old WBCC/WUST/WJMD tower. Salem is in acquisition mode, not liquidation. The stations on that site have been up there for years - and are WPRW and WURA. If only we lived in a world where you could send an email and get any answer you need. (3/3/16)

Paging journalism 101... Yes, WTOP just aired an interview with Mike Litoris. You can't make this stuff up... (3/3/16)

WMDE Channel 5 RF is a full power TV station. Therefor it is must carry on Delaware cable systems and whatever market Dover, DE falls into. I don’t really understand what the company is doing as far as the marketing of this station. It was licensed to Seaford DE, which would have made it must carry in the Salisbury DMA, but they moved it out of there. Claiming its a DC station is ludicrous. I don’t think anyone in DC or Baltimore can receive this TV station OTA. However the transmitter is clearly in the Baltimore DMA. (3/3/16)

Note that the listing doesn't say anything about "market", "area", "suburban", "region", etc. These are for signals that are "Washington, D.C" receiveable. 570 and 980 fit. Unless Hubbard is dumping 1500 and 1050, which I don't see happening. The $900K would fit 1050. But, the 1500 XMTR site is worth more than $2.5 M. WFED makes too much money to consider selling. The only other AM duopoly that would fit would be WAVA-AM and WWRC. Which is what my gut is telling me, despite what I'm hearing. In thinking about it, the listing doesn't mention real estate. And, IIRC, doesn't iHeart own the WWRC site? And, isn't WAVA-AM on a wire tied to the Arlington tower originally built for WTTG and owned by GWETA? -Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/3/16)

"Bruce Houston's stations are not for sale. To the poster that posted this..... try guessing again..." Then I'm not sure why Bruce calls me every other week trying to offload them. "We just don't need them anymore. Do you know anyone that would..." If it truly isn't Cousin Brucie's stations (and we'll take you at your word Kelly/David - despite the repeated calls) then it would be 900k for 1480 and 2.5mm for 920 down Quantico way. These stations are worth about 150 and 250 respectively. Either way - "The Heeb ain't sellin' The Zeeb" - at least not at those prices. (3/3/16)

Since we are playing a guessing game as to what two AM stations are for sale, I guess WPWC 1480 AM for $900,000 and WURA 920 AM for $2.5 million. Do I win a prize if I am right? (3/3/16)

Dave - Don't know if you've seen this or if it's good news or bad news for the growing legion of cord cutters ... According to this piece in WIRED: "AT&T may be taking a major step towards a future where TV moves beyond TV—not only for consumers but for the television business itself." Apparently, the AT&T-owned satellite service DirecTV, will offer several differently priced tiers of service that will bring much of their line-up to TV & digital devices, without an annual contract, set-top box or even a TV. www.geekwire.com (3/3/16)

Bruce Houston's stations are not for sale. To the poster that posted this..... try guessing again. Please don't post false information. (3/3/16)

WMDE has a transmitter in the Wye Mills MD (former home of the Maryland State tree) , can be seen OTA by some in Baltimore but calls itself a DC station. While it is one of the few stations actually broadcasting from Lo VHF (RF 5) the PSIP data identifies it as 36. It has not shown Soul of the South programming for quite some time now. DISH Network carries it but local companies are hesitant to carry it. Not much on it these days but Doctor TV, as well as Newsmax TV infomercials and the Liquidation Channel. Besides I f do not think Low power stations can require "must carry" and a station like this might have trouble getting the signal to cable and satellite companies. Briefly it was viewable in the DC area but only because WWTF-LD dedicated one subchannel to it but used the PSIP da ID 36-1 for it instead of the 49-x IDS used by its other subchannels. (3/3/16)

OK, seems to be a bit of disagreement as to whose stations are for sale. Anyone know for certain? (3/3/16)

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