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DCRTV Mailbag - January 21, 2016 to February 8, 2016

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Even my little beagle "Don O Brien" loves you Dave. Happy Birthday Dave (2/8/16)

For the one posting that the WMAL-AM transmitter site sale has been completed, please tell us what you mean. I've got an above average interest in knowing when the sale actually closes. Do you have some way to know that? Thanks. (2/8/16)

In today's "Dave TV" I chat with Bill Hankes of Sqoop, which provides a single source where reporters can simultaneously search across all the data sources it aggregates, currently the SEC, the Patent Office and most of the federal courts, and allows reporters to set alerts so that they're notified whenever there's a new filing they're interested in..... (2/8/16)

60-70's Beautiful Woman.... Could the person be WTTG-TV’s Meryll Coomer (not sure of spelling) who did on-air work back in that era. (2/8/16)

That beautiful woman could well have been Maureen Bunyan or Chris Curle. I also thought it could have been Greta Kreuz, but she did not appear on 7 until the 1980s. (2/8/16)

No-one remembers WEZR? Was it WGAY's competition? (2/8/16)

Dave's response: When I first moved to the DC area in the 1970s, the two big "easy listening" stations were WGAY 99.5 and WEZR 106.7. WGAY had an inside-the-Beltway signal and always got better ratings than WEZR, which was based in Manassas/Fairfax. Both formats lasted into the 1980s.....

Well DCRTV Mailbaggers please join me in wishing DCRTVDJDAVE a very, very, very Happy Birthday as he turns, well, I’ll let him give his age (never point out a woman’s age): Happy Birthday Dave!!!!!! More: wikipedia.org (2/8/16)

The new WMAL 630 AM proposed signal from Germantown, MD will not cover the following communities that they cover now......Burke, Oakton, Fairfax , Chantilly, Centreville, Manassas, Dale City, Waldorf, La Plata and Gainesville. They will have a good signal up in the Germantown, MD area. (2/8/16)

Dave's response: Honestly, most of WMAL's listeners today listen via 105.9 or the stream. Grunky old 630 could go off the air completely and hardly anyone would notice.....

Among the tunes heard this morning on WKCW: "Bad" by Michael Jackson. Before you utter in shock, "How can that be an oldie?", its because it came out in 1987. That's 29 years ago. Sweet dreams, geezers. (2/8/16)

Dave, Happy birthday from New Hampshire! Love, your friends, Larry O'Connor & Donald Trump Jr. PS: Feel the Bern! (2/8/16)

The WMAL transmitter site application for the WSPZ AM 570 site was submitted in Oct of 2015 and not been approved by the FCC as of yet. They did ask for an expedited approval, given the circumstances, but as everyone knows, government works at 2 speeds… Slow and slower. So they cannot do anything yet. It is a complicated and detailed long application since WMAL as several protections on AM 630, both co-channel and 1st adjacent. It’s hard to say if the FCC engineers have a problem with the engineering study or it’s just taking more time to process.Since no major construction has to be done, I wouldn’t imagine there could possibly any environmental delays. In other FCC news. the WFAX translator for FM 100.7 Falls Church has been refiled to correct the problems, but I still think WZBA will get that shut down pretty quick even if the FCC approves it. (2/8/16)

Another Bill Parris story -- generous, with a sense of broadcast history. He gave away not one but two retired broadcast transmitters when WYRE scaled back its combination studio/transmitter building at the top of Spa Creek, Annapolis. First to go was the station's original Collins 300-G, that went on the air brand new just after WW2. Next, about ten years later, the "new" transmitter that replaced it had now also been replaced, and out the door went a Gates BC1-H. The Collins went to Ohio and has been restored and retuned to frequencies used by licensed radio hobbyists. The Gates went to another licensed hobbyist in Culpeper who already has one just like it, and now runs on more than one shortwave band with it. Bill's calls were WA3VCH. (2/8/16)

I'm trying to remember a beautiful woman 60s-70-s D.C. TV broadcaster. I can't remember what station she was on, but I remember that my uncle tried to talk to her to tell her what a great job she was doing and the station was so protective of her that he was not allowed to talk to her. Any ideas of how I can find out who it was? If I can get a name, I will remember...Could it been Chris Curle from WMAL/WJLA channel 7 ?? That would had been back in the 70s. (2/8/16)

When is WMAL moving to their new tower site in Germantown? The $75 million tower site sale has been completed. Someone posted what their new daytime and nighttime coverage will look like from their new site in Germantown. I can't find it. Could you post it again? (2/8/16)

CNN said today that Ted Cruz lied last night about what he said about the votes in Iowa. If he must win the GOP Nomination that way, who would vote for him? The only thing that I like about him is his 10% flat tax for everyone. Why should 50% of Americans pay income tax and the other 50% pay nothing? (2/8/16)

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RE: “I'm trying to remember a beautiful woman 60s-70-s D.C. TV broadcaster. I can't remember what station she was on, but I remember that my uncle tried to talk to her to tell her what a great job she was doing and the station was so protective of her that he was not allowed to talk to her. Any ideas of how I can find out who it was? If I can get a name, I will remember.” Maureen Bunyan? wikipedia.org (2/7/16)

I'm trying to remember a beautiful woman 60s-70-s D.C. TV broadcaster. I can't remember what station she was on, but I remember that my uncle tried to talk to her to tell her what a great job she was doing and the station was so protective of her that he was not allowed to talk to her. Any ideas of how I can find out who it was? If I can get a name, I will remember. (2/7/16)

RE: “Kinsley & Swaim To Write For WaPo - 2/5 - The Washington Post has added Michael Kinsley and Barton Swaim as contributing political columnists. Kinsley served as editor of the New Republic and the Los Angeles Times editorial page. He's was also host of CNN's "Crossfire." Kinsley is our favorite vegetable: www.odwyerpr.com (2/7/16)

Congratulations to Paul Bicknell for his induction into the Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame. Here's an idea. Maybe Mike Sorce, aka Don Geronimo, can leave his Podcasting strip mall bunker in Sacramento for a few days to introduce Paul with an emotional, touching tribute? (2/7/16)

Former dj and radio personality, DJ Reggie Reg, has died, according to social media reports. Reg was on the air for years at Radio One's 92Q. (2/7/16)

Big night for Bill Hess & WMAL’s current and former talent on the ABC GOP debate: Mary Katherine “Yes Those Are False Teeth” Ham Hamm got to ask questions as a panelist and then Larry O’Connor got to tape a question. It’s like watching instead of listening to WMAL!!! (2/7/16)

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Per WKCW et al............my late f-in-law's urn just fell off the table when reading about how radio stations seem to operate these days. He owned in the days when the FCC enforced rules...and was scared as hell when the Corp of Army Engineers' generator was activated after installation blowing the stepdown transformer in the Collins - which made the station hearable in DC. That's why I helped him connect tower bulbs to the transmitter to act as a temporary stepdown transformer. Them was the days. (2/6/16)

Re: WYRE etc. Why do these AM music stations not take care of things any reasonable capable radio person would do automatically? For example: Summing music to mono instead of broadcasting one channel only... for months on end. Choosing a rational format for the likely audience of music on AM, and setting up a good rotation on automation with awareness of day part repeats. Playing actual hit records (in the format) instead of non-hits or old jock turntable hits, at least in drive time. Aren't most of these stations stand alone operations? They don't have seven stations to care for every day. (2/6/16)

The long running Sportsline show on WBAL AM will now be called the Brett Hollander Show starting Monday. Hollander has hosted the sports talk show the last several years. (2/6/16)

My combined Bill Parris & WKCW story: Back in 2000, I was helping out here & there at 1390 AM, when their studio was in a second floor walk-up on Randolph Rd in Rockville. Bill Parris had an office up there as well. He had his hand in over at WKCW also, back when it was in the old farmhouse on the hill in Warrenton and playing Country music. He asked if I was interested in going out there now again just to "play radio" (his way of saying do a show and enjoy myself instead of following rigid formatics, and being paid very badly for it...HA!). He'll be missed for sure. -- "Ten-Gallon" Allen (2/6/16)

Chris Plante is coming in his pants over Jim Gilmore: www.c-span.org (2/6/16)

2 things: WYRE 810 will never have a more powerful signal due to Class A WGY 810 Schenectady NY nor will they ever be able to be on the air at night unless they were to get an FM translator under the new FCC AM Revitalization Plan, which also will not help since there are probably no frequencies available.. They did once get approval to move to east Baltimore before, but that plan dried up, apparently no money to build a new tower. If anything, they are more likely to lose their transmitter site to development. But that might never happen. They seem to be benefitting from Chesapeake Bay Environmental building restrictions since they are so close to the water and Spa Creek. Just like WBGR 860’s towers practically in Back River at times, the land can probably never be developed, but as existing is grandfathered. God help either of them if any tower falls down. The required permits to rebuild any of them would never be granted in Maryland. As for 98.3 The Gamut, yes it’s been approved, but for how long? WSMD already got 98.3 near Baltimore shut down. Does anyone really think they won’t get this 98.3 FM shut down too? SOMAR has been very aggressive about this. SOMAR is simply waiting for a License to Cover permit to be granted before filing a complaint. Full power FMs have the right to dispute any translator license for interference. Tick tock. (2/6/16)

The gamut format is the worst combination of music that I have ever heard on radio. WTOP should be ashamed of it. No advertiser would ever buy spots on this mess. They go from Hip-Hop to Country to unfamiliar music. They claim that their engineer is programming and it sounds like it . What a waste of frequencies. They are playing it on WTOP-FM HD-3,104.5,98.3 and 820 AM. You would do better to put Classical music on it! How about all Hip-Hop and drive Radio One out of business? (2/6/16)

As much as I enjoy the music played on WKCW, I have to reluctantly admit it is one of the oddest-run stations out there. Write to them and you never hear back. Ask a question via email and you may as well have sent the message to yourself. And if I'm to believe the copyright date at the bottom of the page, the station website (www.wkcw1420am.com) hasn't been updated in six years. Several times in the past, I've offered to go out to where they are, and voluntarily help tweak some music, create some imaging & barebone voicetracking, and assist with a little general engineering. And for not one thin dime in salary or freelance fees: Just for the love of Oldies and the desire to hear an AM standalone still make it in 2016. In all that time, not one peep. If I ran a station and I heard that free help was available from someone with decades of experience, I'd be sending an Uber out to pick that guy up before lunchtime. (2/6/16)

Heard Mr Tony's interview with Hall of Famer Rick Barry from the Super Bowl. Tony asked Rick about playing on the same Basketball team with Johnny Holliday. How cool that must have been. Great interview and Mr Barry had nothing but nice things to say about his former team mate on the KYA Radio Oneders. Here in DC, Redskins Ray Schoenke, Joe Theismann, Mark Murphy, Joe Jacoby, Mark Mosley, Terry Metcalf, Bob Windsor, Monte Coleman, Art Monk, and Brig Owens all played for Holliday's team on WWDC and WMAL. It's all in Johnny book "From Rock to Jock" which has just been re released. (2/6/16)

Re: WYRE: Before they were Spanish, they had an interesting free-form format that was well worth listening to. I wonder why they couldn't make a 'go' at it. If new owners get a hold of the station, I'm wondering if this couldn't be an option. Also, improve that signal! (2/6/16)

"Happy 78th Birthday to Laur Wilson in the Cumulus business management office." Laur being 78 explains why all my sales orders got so messed up and why my clients were always so mad at me. Case solved. (2/6/16)

Would whoever posted Laur Wilson's birthday greeting please correct the age? I assume it was a typo, not a dig, until proven otherwise. (2/6/16)

RE: "However, the fact FOX is bragging about something that there is little competition on is laughable. If they win the 5 AM to 7 AM time slot, when they are competing, then you are making progress. Good Day is intended to be light hearted, and for some people, it works." Here is the promo in question. If you watched, you would see they were also #1 at 6am & 7am. (2/6/15)

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Okay DCRTV Mailbaggers who have “cut the cord” but still want to be men and watch the Super Bowl: “No cable? No problem. Here’s how to stream Super Bowl 50, commercials and all, online” The big game day is almost upon us: Super Bowl 50 will pit the Carolina Panthers against the Denver Broncos on Sunday night at 6:30 pm ET. But American viewers don't need cable or even a television antenna to tune in: CBS is streaming the game online for free. Super Bowl games have been streamed online since 2012, usually on the site of whichever channel has broadcast rights. But there will be at least one significant change for the Super Bowl this year: National ads accompanying the game will be live-streamed along with the main attraction for the first time, according to Variety. So just because you have old-fashioned television access doesn't mean you'll have to miss out on livetweeting about the same Super Bowl ads as everyone else.Fans will be able to watch it on CBSSports.com from their computers or tablets. They can also use the CBS Sports app to stream it to a pretty wide range of connected-TV devices, including Roku set-top boxes, Apple TVs, Google's Chromecasts and Xbox Ones. But only "eligible Verizon Wireless customers" will be able to stream the game to their smartphones, via the NFL's mobile app. And fans outside the U.S. will have to subscribe to NFL Game Pass, a video service with a $99-a-year price tag, to watch the game online. That is, unless they go the somewhat ethically questionable route of using a virtual private network or proxy to make their web traffic look like it's coming from inside the U.S.” More: www.washingtonpost.com (2/5/16)

This morning, the application to move W252DC 98.3 (The Gamut) to Bethesda was GRANTED by the FCC. I believe this is a modification to the existing construction permit, so they have until October 17 to get it on the air. licensing.fcc.gov (2/5/16)

There was a deservedly short-lived post here earlier today regarding WKCW by someone suggesting that the station was off the air because they failed to shovel a path to the door. Perhaps if anyone is 'in the know' and can resist being a Richard, we'll get the straight dope. I know that there are sections of Warrenton that time appears to have forgotten, but I'm pretty sure they have plows, shovels and other hand tools out there :). (2/5/16)

To the person responding to the post re: the Fox5 promo & correcting the spelling of Sarah Fraser's name (hope I got it correct English teacher), are you her new boyfriend or Sarah herself? And although the other local networks have similar fluff talk shows In the morning, I don't think people really consider those morning shows as 'news" shows. (2/5/16)

As others have noted, Warrenton's oldies outfit, WKCW/AM-1420, has been off-air for over a week now. Anyone know what's going on? What a perplexing operation that station has been. They all but abandoned advertising about two years ago--all you'll hear now is the occasional commercial for the "One God Ministry" bible church. News and weather reports were also axed, around the same time they introduced a new suite of jingles. I hope this is only temporary; while apparently low-budget in other regards, the playlist was one of the most expansive I have heard. Oh, and there are no other oldies options in the area. (2/5/16)

When will iHeart comply with what they promised the FCC eight years ago. In order to comply, they agreed to sell WFRE 99.9 because of the number of stations they own in DC. They own 6 FM Stations plus a translator. They have never sold the station and have enjoyed an estimated $16 million in cash flow from it over the eight year period. How do they get away with it? The FCC does not enforce the rules! (2/5/16)

Happy 78th Birthday to Laur Wilson in the Cumulus business management office. (2/5/16)

As of 10:20AM Friday, WTRI is on the air broadcasting a dead carrier, as they did yesterday. They did sign off last night at local sunset, so we know that at least their timer working at the hut in Brunswick. Again, no sign of WKCW. (Was able to pick up ESPN 1430 WVAM out of Altoona, PA though.) (2/5/16)

According to Bloomberg......"iHeart Chokes on Debt".....with $20.6 Billion in Debt, the stock is trading now at just $1 per share. Are they in the same boat as Cumulus? Cumulus now trading at just $0.25 per share. Hope you didn't invest in either one of these stocks. (2/5/16)

Both WKCW 1420 and WTRI 1520 are off the air. It seems like both stations are off the air a lot of the time. (2/5/16)

The local penny saver publication The Washington Post has another “retirement” (kinda like how the Mafia “retires” people) with 24 year veteran Lonnae O’Neil explaining not complaining but I never heard of let alone read her and for some reason her swan song makes for a final column: www.washingtonpost.com... Oh, and it somehow is part of the whole “race” issue with the Bezo owned publication: www.washingtonpost.com... (2/5/16)

"We would be remiss if the passing of former WMAL exec Jim Gallant is not mentioned here. He helped run one of the most-successful radio stations in the country and produced the Redskins Radio broadcasts for years.” He was a great guy….knew him from my work at ABC Radio News……and he was a FORMIDABLE competitor. One of the best spoken word PD’s I have ever seen. -Jim Farley (2/5/16)

Did I just read that Larry Michael is now in charge of all the programming at ESPN 980? Larry “Friiken” Michael” ? What the hell does he know about programming? Have you listened to him call a Redskin game? Have you seen him on television on one of those paid for Redskin shows? He is absolutely terrible. His Q rating in town is a negative. Has anyone ever said they like him calling games? Anyone? I know that he is in the tank with Snyder, but this is ridiculous. I know that jobs are tough to find, but how does he suck up year after year, and ever get a moments sleep at night. What a sad way to live a life! Signed: Anonymous (2/5/16)

[Saw a promo on FOX5 where they say that the 9am & 10 am are #1 news..So, I have a question. How is "news" being defined because from 9-11am, the majority of the FOX5 show is celebrity gossip, celebrity guests, Sara Frazier's "Ask Abby" segment, fashion, cooking, movie reviews and maybe 5 minutes of a news story. So, what am I missing?..AND, if indeed they're #1 news from 9-11, it's because no other local station is doing"news" during that time.] First off....it is Sarah Fraser, secondly, Channel 8 has their news and Channel 9 has Great Day Washington in the 9 AM hour, so that is considered competition. However, the fact FOX is bragging about something that there is little competition on is laughable. If they win the 5 AM to 7 AM time slot, when they are competing, then you are making progress. Good Day is intended to be light hearted, and for some people, it works. (2/5/16)

Is iHeart too big to fail? $20.6 Billion in Debt! In 2008, they said the big banks and investment companies were too big to fail.....They would have failed if our government had not bailed them out. Will our government be called on to bail out iHeart? Cumulus Media has only $2.5 Billion in Debt! (2/5/16)

WKCW was nowhere to be heard Thursday in western Frederick County (MD) where it normally booms in during the day. Storm-related xmitter damage perhaps? - what storm? poorly run station. (2/5/16)

Re: Comments about KHZ network. WYRE is a train wreck. Programming, formatic execution and audio are all a disaster. Exactly how difficult would it be for a radio pro to put together a format the available audience for an AM daytime station would listen to? (hint... NOT stale currents) How difficult would it be for someone to set up good sequencing and smart music rotation on automation and keep it fresh? How difficult would it be to get good audio on something so simple and easy to get under control? Yet the thing is a disaster. WYRE should be an embarrassment to any radio pro, especially one who is should know better and can do something about it. (2/5/16)

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WKCW was nowhere to be heard Thursday in western Frederick County (MD) where it normally booms in during the day. Storm-related xmitter damage perhaps? (2/4/16)

Morale at ESPN 980 has never been worse. Having Dan Snyder's henchman Larry Michael taking over programming is the worst possible thing that could happen. The Redskins are panicking after the debacle of the Mancave. Look for him to completely turn the lineup upside down in the next few weeks. (2/4/16)

"Just found out Ed Graham, Paul Bicknell and Steve Rosch have been selected to be inducted into the Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame." --Not much of an accomplishment. Apparently all you've had to done is fart in the state of Maryland to get inducted in that place. (2/4/16)

Saw a promo on FOX5 where they say that the 9am & 10 am are #1 news..So, I have a question. How is "news" being defined because from 9-11am, the majority of the FOX5 show is celebrity gossip, celebrity guests, Sara Frazier's "Ask Abby" segment, fashion, cooking, movie reviews and maybe 5 minutes of a news story. So, what am I missing?..AND, if indeed they're #1 news from 9-11, it's because no other local station is doing"news" during that time. (2/4/16)

A great loss to the entire Baltimore DC Radio market. A true pro. He hired me at WLPL just before leaving the PD job for Michael Q Anthony to take over. I still cherish a document that he gave me. I think it was also his college thesis. It was entitled "FM Rock Radio" and was the birth certificate of Stereo92. WLPL FM. I loved working for United. I just wish that he would have stayed on as PD but he had to move up the ranks of UBC. I enjoyed every time he came "home" to meet with Baltimore management. Scott Fitzgerald (2/4/16)

A few days ago someone asked if 1420 WKCW was knocked off the air following the Blizzard. In far south Fairfax County, I'm unable to hear if they are back or not. What's the word? (2/4/16)

So, lo and behold, this morning at 9:40 WTRI is modulating actual audio content from Radio Chai (formerly Radio Asia). Alas, at 2PM this afternoon, we're back to a dead carrier. But then radio serendipity ensues as I tune over to The Gamut on 820 and there is former WTRI air personality Pete Kennedy sweetly singing with his wife Maura (The Kennedys). Way to go Dave K.; more of that melodic stuff and less atonal 80s-90s bling-bling please! (2/4/16)

Just found out Ed Graham, Paul Bicknell and Steve Rosch have been selected to be inducted into the Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame....Congratulations to all.... (2/4/16)

Some news about ESPN 980. They have hired Chris Johnson as their new program director. This is his 3rd stint as PD at WTEM. He is not really going to be the program director. That will still be Larry Michael from the Redskins who is the VP of all programming, but Johnson will serve as the in house PD under Larry Michael, who is still based at Redskins Park. Michael will make all personnel decisions. Big changes to the lineup will be announced soon. (2/4/16)

I agree 100% about Chad Dukes. What the hell happened there? It's like WJFK is punishing listeners. Last night on the way home from work I heard him repeatedly ordering his engineer to cue up bad records. While each one played Dukes would screech "TURN IT OFF! TURN IT OFFFFFFFFF! TURN IT OFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!" Then he'd mutter "Oh my gawd..." like he was being tortured, and demand that another one be played. It's the worst radio anywhere, ever. (2/4/16)

Bloomberg reports that the debt of iHeart is now $20.6 Billion. They are exploring a way to reduce their debt by $1.4 Billion. They can "erase this amount by shifting it to Broader Media LLC". iHeart has placed some of their assets in this LLC. It is interesting to see how the largest radio broadcasting company in the world can shift money around to make their balance sheet look better. Does anyone understand Wall Street? (2/4/16)

We would be remiss If the passing of former WMAL exec Jim Gallant is not mentioned here. He helped run one of the most-successful radio stations in the country and produced the Redskins Radio broadcasts for years. He was "thrifty" but fair, friendly and a good person. Jim died of an apparent heart attack earlier this week at his home in Delaware. Frank Herzog (2/4/16)

With Bill Parris gone, what will happen with his 'network'? (2/4/16)

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While driving about yesterday I noticed "Calentando la Mañana" , a WACA mainstay, being relayed on 900. After the show ended WILC returned to its normal music mix. In other Spanish-language media news a check with the TV Azteca ownership group indicated they have yet to initiate CP work on their Crownsville signal upgrade. TW in Odenton (2/3/16)

[RE Bill Parris:] So sorry to hear about Bill's passing. He taught me so much about Top 40 and sales when I joined the KHZ Network a few years back...All my best to his wife and his great family... (2/3/16)

Alright DCRTV Mailbaggers, let’s do it again: Wash Poop’s Weather Gang predicting more snow next week. So: Headed to the Safeway now to get water, toilet paper, milk, eggs, more toilet paper, beer, eggs, milk, bread, more toilet paper, beer (MMMMMMMMMM beer), even more toilet paper, some more eggs, beer (did I say beer?), milk eggs and Rolaids. And more beer. More on Snowzilla II: www.washingtonpost.com (2/3/16)

Good to see Sqoop as a sponsor, and like the whole idea. Everything old really is new again. From the 1950's well to sometimes in the '80's, I(sidor) F(einstein) Stone ran the "I.F. Stone Report", a similar agglomeration of sometimes embarrassing information from open government sources in the pre-Internet era. A very valuable source of information for open government types, he became the bane of entrenched bureaucrats and government both Democrat and Republican. Genghis Cohen, making a special (and rare) Second Guest Appearance on this Quinn Martin production... (2/3/16)

Once again it is a severe weather day and NBC 4 sees fit to put a huge color animated weather alert logo with clouds moving in the background. A bit of an overkill? (2/3/16)

DCRTVDJDAVE take note: you ain’t the only one who hates Comcast. This guy figured out a way to let them know too: www.washingtonpost.com (2/3/16)

Very sad to read of Bill Parris' passing. Way too young. Prayers to his family. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/3/16)

[WFAX 1220 AM translator app is very convoluted] – A series of rookie mistakes. They tried to fix the 95.9 application Monday by changing to 100.7 but that had prohibited overlap with WZBA 100.7. Since WZBA is Class B its protection is to the 0.5 mV contour not the much smaller 1.0 mV contour required for most other stations. Ooops. So Tuesday they tried to fix that by inserting a directional antenna pattern to eliminate the interference overlap with WZBA, problem is that they didn’t also include the change to 100.7 in Tuesday’s filing, so the original 95.9 frequency was carried over from the original application. Oooops again, as of now officially they are asking for 95.9 as directional. Wait for it - today (Wednesday) there will probably be another correction to state 100.7 MHz with the directional pattern (2/3/16)

The FCC application search page is on their website. You will find all translator applications there. Most of the recent ones are in the last 3 days. You can search by each nearby state if you do not know the call sign or frequency... licensing.fcc.gov (2/3/16)

I think Kornheiser's show is mostly very good and deserves the Barrett accolades...but, honestly, is there any real local Sports Talk competition? Outside of Kornheiser, it's all garbage. Chad Dukes' daily marathon has degraded to the point that it's unlistenable. The Junks are stale as hell. The rest of the "talent" at ESPN 980 and WJFK are hacks that don't belong on the air. So, hurray for Tony the K, but how about if both stations try to get somebody else worth listening to? Lately both stations are coasting on fumes, and they stink like hell. (2/3/16)

How do you get to the 400 new translator applications that are being mentioned as of having been received by the commission? Is there a link to the ones affecting stations in this region? (2/3/16)

I hope WBAL does bail on Maryland's News Now. I listen mornings and afternoons. I used to love Mary Beth on channel 2, but I swear on the radio she always sounds angry. I guess you need a visual. Go for another host first. Just my thought. (2/2/16)

For those wondering, here is a list of the HOPE FM radio stations in various states. Keep in mind these are only the ones that broadcast religious programming. Their website does not have a list of all the translators that The Hope Church owns, which I don’t think anyone has added up yet. There are plenty in Maryland outside of the Baltimore metro area as well as in PA and NJ. www.hopefm.net (2/3/16)

The WFAX 1220 AM translator app is very convoluted with typographical errors, incorrect station IDs in it. It’s going nowhere in it’s current form. It’s unclear whether they want 100.7 or 95.9. They filed 3 applications in 3 days, all slightly different. And the last one says 95.9 FM but has no engineering study for protection of WWIN 95,9. That will immediately invalidate that one. I’m not sure who’s more confused, Newcomb Broadcasting or their engineering firm. They are clearly not on the same page. It might get approved for 100.7, but WZBA will immediately file an interference complaint as would WWIN depending on which frequency they settle on. (2/3/16)

The cast of some new Fox comedy was on Good Day DC & Kevin McCarthy came in to do,part of the interview. Well, it went bad when During the interview, Kevin said he was engaged & one of the cast members said "what's HIS name"..It was quite awkward & Holly had an OMG facial expression. .Kevin obviously being flustered, said "HER" name is Lauren----. And Kevin said he's hosting a Q & A tonight for this show at Univ of Md. The cast seems like they can easily get out of control, so I wonder how Kevin's going to handle this forum. (2/3/16)

Whatever happened to John Kallimonis, the first Captain 20? I believe that he would also sometimes be Speed Racer at WDCA events at Prince Georges Plaza (in the late 60s, when it was still an upscale, uncovered shopping center). He was part of that great original core of talent at WDCA that included Herb Davis and Anne Shadbolt. Those were exciting days for the station. (2/3/16)

It was Glenn Harris Day in DC yesterday.... wjla.com (2/3/16)

Back in October I had stopped by WAMD to see if Bill Parris just happened to be there, after all, I grew up in Baltimore and remember his name when I was a teenager. Despite a busy schedule and a cold call on my part, he welcomed me in and we talked radio for many hours and had nice words to say of my very brief time on the air at WHGM, he even made me a job offer. I never worked for Bill in the past like many have, but I was impressed with his warmth and understanding, plus passion for the business. My best wishes to his family. Tom Conroy (2/3/16)

Bill Parris and I were friends for over 30 years. I spoke to his wife and the funeral arrangements have not been made yet. (2/3/16)

"As a competitor in the market I hope BAL isn't getting ready to replace marylands news now. it is the bottom in the ratings...Strikes me as a guy stuck in the old past which is killing talk radio..." People like you who post comments like these are the ones who are killing radio. You're the old guy in the sixties stuck in the past and spending your music morning show monitoring WBAL. Your colleague also in the sixties is lucky to be working. Your fellow co-workers who are younger and more hip are getting the ratings and keeping you employed. You have no same music competition yet your ratings have slipped. You're so paranoid that you attack WBAL. It's not BAL stuck in the past. (2/3/16)

[RE Bill Parris:] Wow. He was very kind to me. And many others. God bless Bill's family. (2/3/16)

[RE Bill Parris:] Very sad news. He was a great friend to me for well over 40 years. God Bless Bill. Prayers and Positive thoughts to the family. (2/3/16)

[RE Bill Parris:] Was not aware, a smart radio man! (2/3/16)

Ahh, Dawn Bennett, host of infomercial "Financial Mythbusting" on WMAL. Is she still hiding out Sonny Bloc style? -Chainsman (2/3/16)

When I think of Easy Listening in DC, I think of WGAY. But of course, there was also WEZR! I do remember it vaguely. How much did the two stations compete? How different was their format or style? Wasn't the great Herb Davis (later of WDCA 20 fame) one of their announcers? (2/3/16)

WFAX 1220 AM amended their application today for a new FM Translator on 100.7 in Falls Church, VA. If you look at the WZBA 100.7 coverage, you will see that they cover Falls Church with a primary signal. See Radio Locator. (2/3/16)

Hmm how about a (gasp) woman for the talk show gig at WBAL? Even a woman of color for a little diversity. Yea right. (2/3/16)

As a competitor in the market I hope BAL isn't getting ready to replace marylands news now. it is the bottom in the ratings. For a laff I have attached a peek at their daytime ratings for adults 25-54. mornings are okay. midday is leading the station. afternoon drive is awful and sinking fast.Seeing what CP has done since assuming power nothing would surprise me. Strikes me as a guy stuck in the old past which is killing talk radio. As someone in the market I hope they do soemthing stupid and keep mnn right how it is. (2/3/16)

My Name is Chuck Reid , I worked for Bill Parris over 10 years in Baltimore WSID Radio and WOOK-FM Ok-100- FM I really would like to attend the funeral services / memorial here in the WMV area if there is one Any information, you get would be appreciated... (2/3/16)

/\ February 3 Messages /\

\/ February 2 Messages \/

I saw the flood of translator apps today on the FCC site. Many of them are from one state to another because the AM Revitalization plan allows for several things, moving as much as 250 miles and the rule allowing some frequency changes still applies. I do not see 95.9 FM in DC surviving long unless Radio Ones gets it with WWIN being licensed to Glen Burnie. If anyone else gets 95.9 FM Radio One will shut that down QUICK. Same with the 98.3 FM. That’s not going to last long. I suspect Shamrock will go after any nearby 100.7 too. When WZBA’s transmitter was in Hampstead MD. closer to PA, I could see it happen, but with it being on the MPT tower in Owings Mills, lthough they have switched to a direction antenna, northern VA is still in their fringe coverage range. I still say to open up Channel 6 to another FM band since the cell phone companies don’t really want it and the TV broadcasters mostly have avoided it. WPVI ABC 6 in Philly is the only major market station on channel 6. (2/2/16)

WBAL why place an add for a new talk show host? Have you considered Don Geronimo, or Doug Tracht? If we could unload Chris Plante to Baltimore that would be fine with me. How you doing on idiots, these days? Or, WBAL, if you are looking for an avant-gard, sexually fluid, semi out of the closet Conservative talk radio hosts who can do morning or evening drive, we have Larry we could give you. I'll bet Larry can learn to say the word "Hon" like an expert. Or, WBAL, here's and idea; how about a mature Hollywood conservative showman who brings his wife along for free...You could hire Fred-he is now free www.breitbart.com (2/2/16)

How can WFAX 1220 AM put a translator on 100.7? WZBA at 100.7, puts a primary signal over Fall Church. You can hear WZBA loud and clear in Fall Church now. (2/2/16)

The Baltimore Business Journal reports alleged news radio 1090 is looking for a "contemporary and compelling" new radio show host. According to the story, the GM won't say if the station was looking to fill a specific time slot, replace a show already on the air, of if he was looking to create a show about a specific topic. Well, if it's the latter, I would like to offer some free advice: if the topic is how to tank a once-respected, honored radio station with a strong reputation of professionalism and integrity, save yourself the trouble and expense of hiring yet another loser and go with what you have. (2/2/16)

Thanks to US air strikes in Afghanistan, now we'll never know if that ISIS radio station got the chance to look over Paul Bicknell's job application. (2/2/16)

400 New FM Translator applications filed with the FCC on Friday, 1/29/16. WOW! The FM Dial is going to be very crowded. Three applications filed in DC.... WFAX for 100.7. Radio One for 95.9 for WOL and 95.9 for Hubbard. As soon as the 95.9 frequency is granted then WGRQ at 95.9 will file a complaint with the FCC for interference. They did it before when there was a translator on 95.9. (2/2/16)

Why don't they do something logical and put Donnie Simpson back on in the mornings? (2/2/16)

Just saw the latest WRQX weekly ratings. It took a while to find them because THEY ARE IN 19TH! No wonder why Cumulus is already discussing bailing on the format and Jack Diamond. What's the latest pitch to advertisers: Buy now and we promise our next format will deliver?! (2/2/16)

Someone mentioned before that Norway is planning to do away with FM radio. Here is the IEEE article about it: spectrum.iee.org... How will I Iisten to the radio next time I'm in Norway? And in the UK, there was a plan to take all of BBC Radio off AM and FM by 2017, and just leave those two spectra for private broadcasters. I think lots of broadcast wannabes were enthusiastic about that, because that's a great way to make your new station popular and BBC radio pretty irrelevant. The people who do have Digital Radios in the UK routinely complain that the Bits/second rate of stations like Radio 3 (Classical Music) is too little to even sound as good as plain old FM! And they use a large bandwidth central tower in every region of the UK to provide all the stations (so no one else can set up their own transmitter). And they are the country where their AM sounds as good as our FM. Okay, I'll go back to work now. -- Carl in Olney (2/2/16)

On the subject of WFAX, Newcomb, specifically citing the 2 competing applicants for 95.9, has changed their translator application to 100 watts on 100.7 from Falls Church. Have to imagine that would interfere with WZBA in portions of the Maryland metro. (fccdata.org) (2/2/16)

Cumulus email going around already pushing the panic button on MIX 107.3. Apparently they made an attempt to re-hire Kenny King. Jack will be gone in 3 months. Local management bracing for another embarrassing change. I hope King continues to ignore their phone calls. The best revenge is success, and he certainly shoved it right in their face. (2/2/16)

Hubbard leases their WBQH 1050 AM to a Spanish Broker. They have applied to move their Sterling, VA Translator 104.5 to DC. If approved by the FCC, it will improve the value of WBQH. The FM Dial will certainly be crowded around the 104.5 Translator in DC. Here are the stations......104.5 DC Hubbard, 104.5 WGRX in Fredericksburg/Falmouth, 104.7 DC iHeart and 104.7 WAYZ. This station is 50,000 Watts with a Country Format. (2/2/16)

Dave's response: The corrupt FCC has a habit of fucking up just about everything it touches. Now, it's gonna clutter up the FM band with a batch of low-powered outlets. Pretty soon, everybody will abandon the interference-prone mess that is the broadcast FM radio dial in most metro areas for online streaming.....

Further evidence that WMAL’s Chris Plante is mentally ill: this morning he trashes the Usual Suspects but embraces former VA governor Jim Gilmore. All we need is Silvia from Waldorf to call in!!! (2/2/16)

Dave's response: She did call into Larry and Brian this morning.....

Three DC Broadcasters have applied for 95.9 in DC. Hubbard, Radio One and Newcomb 1220 AM. Remember WGRQ in Fredericksburg is on 95.9. Which of these are best qualified to get it? There was a translator in Fairfax County on 95.9 and they had to vacate the channel because WGRQ complained about interference...... It should be WFAX 1220 because they are a stand alone daytime station. Hubbard owns 6 stations in DC plus a translator. Radio One owns 5 stations in DC. Perhaps no one will get it if it causes interference to WGRQ. They have ratings in the DC Market and an exclusive Oldies Format that serves part of the DC Market. (2/2/16)

[RE: Dave's response: The rumor which DCRTV reported last week is that 50 will be starting a 10 PM newscast later this year.....] This market is already oversaturated with local news and with local news viewership declining, I don't see how 50 can launch a successful newscast. Love 'em or hate 'em, FOX5 has a pretty good lock on the 10:00 hour and for those who need an alternative, Newschannel 8 has a 10:00 newscast as well. (2/2/16)

Dave's response: It's basically a matter of economics. It's cheaper to do an hour of local news than to fork over mucho bucks for syndicated programming, a la off-network reruns, or a court or talk show. Look at how many stations now run 4 PM newscasts. That's simply because it's cheaper to do that than to pay through the nose for syndicated fare at that hour. Plus, with local news, the stations keeps all the ad revenue and don't have to share it with the syndicator. If 50 starts a 10 PM local newscast, that's why.....

Yesterday, Hubbard applied to move The Gamut's current FM signal on 104.5 to Northwest (apparently the Fox 5 tower) and rebroadcast Spanish 1050 WBQH with 250 watts. fccdata.org. Sounds like 98.3 is a much better signal anyway. (2/2/16)

From today's Tom Taylor Now: Be prepared for inspection by the boss – a NOW Reader in the D.C. area recalls when “the bombastic Bob Howard was GM of WPGC in Washington. He was a big baseball fan, and D.C. was then home to the lowly Washington Senators. (The sarcastic saying about Washington was ‘First in war, first in peace, and last in the American League.’) In addition to a couple of UPI wire machines for news, WPGC's newsroom also housed a Sporting News baseball ticker. It was about the size of a portable sewing machine and used inch-wide paper tape. This was a top 40 station and the jocks never gave the scores of games in progress. (You wouldn’t want listeners tuning away from the music.) But Howard would regularly bring friends, guests and business associates to the station for nocturnal tours, including a viewing of the baseball ticker. Woe be to the jock if the machine hadn't been recently cleared or, worse yet, if the ticker tape had run out. A tongue lashing was sure to follow. The whole issue became moot at the end of the 1971 season, when the Senators relocated to Arlington, Texas, and became today’s Texas Rangers." (2/2/16)

Forget the victory or concession speeches, the highlight of election night was hearing Brian Williams apologize (again): “Brian Williams, in his first major prime time assignment of 2016, had to apologize Monday night after a young voter slipped an f-bomb into MSNBC’s live coverage of the Iowa caucus. When asked about Bernie Sanders’ stance on veterans’ healthcare, the young woman chimed in: “The VA is more screwed up than it has been in a while. I am a vet, my mom’s a vet,” adding: “The fact that I haven’t gotten benefits in three months because the VA is so f—- up.” The audio was quickly turned down as Williams took to the air and apologized.” Video: variety.com (2/2/16)

Unfortunately the WDCW 50 News and Weather apps will not download. EPIC FAIL! HAHA! (2/2/16)

/\ February 2 Messages /\

\/ February 1 Messages \/

For-profit vs. non-profit - I've seen any number of mailbaggers that don't understand the concept of "non-profit." When an entity is a "non-profit" that does NOT mean they can't engage in profit-making activities. It means at the end of the year, when they file their taxes, they are not allowed to show they've made a profit for the year, the way a corporation (hopefully) does. Therefore, any "non-profit" organization can sell its translator(s) for any price it wants to, regardless of whether it makes a profit on that sale or not. (2/1/16)

I find it interesting that a station with 0 newscasts (outside of that Eyeopener deal they have from Dallas before Jerry Springer) would have a news and weather app. dcw50.com (2/1/16)

Dave's response: The rumor which DCRTV reported last week is that 50 will be starting a 10 PM newscast later this year.....

REF: [Former BAL Host Runs for Balto Mayor] Sorry it took me nearly two weeks to respond to this, but I have just now picked myself up off the floor with uncontrollable laughter. Alan Walden becoming mayor of Baltimore is about as likely as Martin O'Malley becoming POTUS. (2/1/16)

Radio One has an advantage in gaining a translator on 95.9 in DC since they already own Baltimore's WWIN 95.9, so they can make an agreement on any interference like they did with FM 102.3 in Baltimore. See here… radio-locator.com (2/1/16)

For yours truly at the very least, Terry Wogan will always be remembered as the BBC Radio 2 morning DJ who broke the late great Eva Cassidy to the U.K. in December 2000, and the rest is radio and music history throughout the world. Eva would have been 53 tomorrow. KOF (2/1/16)

If you bought Cumulus stock at 19 cents... it's at 26 cents and going back down. SELL SELL SELL! MIX 107.3 is in 20th place after 2 months of Jack Diamond returning and WMAL is about to drop out of the Top 15. SELL SELL SELL! (2/1/16)

Nobody ever mentions this, but Liberty University is doing the same thing that the Hope Church is doing. They bought a lot of translators as a non-profit and are selling them for profit in Virginia south of DC. All of this is going unnoticed, I guess because of the IRS scandal of them targeting religious political groups that are non-profit. I do not dispute that The Hope Church or Liberty University are non-profits. But I dispute that these translator transactions themselves are non-profit. These are clearly FOR PROFIT excursions in the media. If they were running any of the translators as religious operations, I might think differently, but in most cases they’re not. The Hope Church as far as I know, only operates one of it’s translators to translate The Hope Church’s own FM station in Medford Lakes NJ, WVBV 90.5 Hope FM in Maryland. They do with others in PA & NJ. Even Radio-Locator.com can't keep track of their translators and don’t list Baltimore’s 97.5 FM. radio-locator.com... Does anyone know if Liberty University is broadcasting religious programming on any of its translators? (2/1/16)

Dave's response: Here in Northern Virginia, I try tuning in 89.7 to listen to WTMD but often get Liberty's "The Journey" on the frequency from the Dumfries VA area - www.myjourneyfm.com.....

Radio One buys a translator in Beaver PA, 97.9 for $50,000. They hope to move it to DC. However, it cannot move to DC because of WIYY on 97.9 in Baltimore. What is their next step? Move the translator to 95.9. This would cause interference with WGRQ 95.9 in Fredericksburg. There was another translator on 95.9 and they had to vacate the frequency because WGRQ complained about interference. WGRQ does have ratings in the DC Market. Their Oldies Format is an exclusive format on FM in the DC area. They have coverage in Fairfax and Alexandria. (2/1/16)

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\/ January 31 Messages \/

Dave, I've been road testing The Gamut on W252DC 98.3 with my stock Delco car radio, and the results are pretty good. My commute starts north of Damascus and south of Mount Airy. Here, WKSI Stevens City is dominant and overpowering. The Gamut starts coming in two or three miles south of Damascus as WKSI disappears and by Laytonsville the signal's very good and listenable. Coverage in Gaithersburg and north Rockville is also very good, with only occasional signal blockage from valleys or big buildings. Once I get a few miles south or west of Damascus there are no other stations on 98.3 audible which improves listening greatly. Also, there appears to be a significant delay between what's on 98.3 and what's on 820. Regards, Lw in Mount Airy (1/31/16)

My clock radio woke me last week to a familiar well-modulated voice on Classically Austin listener-supported KMFA 89.5 radio. Longtime DC newscaster (WNEW, WTOP, WTTG, etc.) Judlyne Lilly-Gibson was subbing for the regular morning drive host, using only her Gibson name. Judging by an interview Judlyne did in 2013, it appears she saw the writing on the wall and parted ways with WNEW long before those Christmastime 2015 dismissals. classical895.wordpress.com (1/31/16)

Hey Genghis, I'm "the guy who reviewed WMAL's programming on the 28th". I've always loved your nom de plume (how am I doing now?) but your politics, not so much. I insulted "a whole spectrum of political belief"? WMAL and its Tea Party audience represent "a whole spectrum of political belief"? Only to someone with horse blinders adjusted more narrowly than I ever thought possible. If you can only afford to bribe me with $1 that might help explain why you think "zeitgeist" is putting on airs. My analysis stands, just as it was. (1/31/16)

I'm disappointed that Chainsman thinks so little of the Kojo show. Kojo has a great sense of humor and is willing to bring a lot of solid local reporting to the air. Ditto his frequent guest Tom Sherwood. They are both great assets to this community. I suspect the cutback is more about saving payroll money than about enhancing WAMU's program offerings. Oh, and I do find the Snap Judgment guy annoying. As icing on a bad cake, his grammar often sucks as well. You can call that trivial but someone with bad grammar usually has an inadequate education, which undercuts his brand. Rent an editor. (1/31/16)

An earlier post reported that BIM, the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland, is closing because its owner Mr. Jeppi is retiring and he can't find a buyer. To my mind the logical buyer, if he hasn't considered it would be the former Tesst technical trade school, which is now called Brightwood College. They offer many trade school disciplines and BIM seems to be a perfect fit. Someone should mention this to Mr. Jeppi, as it would be a shame to see one of the last of his type of institutions go. Brightwood College's Baltimore and Beltsville locations could absorb BIM providing training in both the Baltimore and Washington areas. They could offer corporate public speaking classes, radio and TV and even club DJ mix and recording. It would surely be enough to sustain this entity. Yes, the radio industry has changed, but BIM's issue is that it tried to survive on several decades of heritage alone with very little advertising over the years. They also have had opportunities to have their own over the air presence and never tried to grow towards that. Minimally, why didn't they cut a deal with one of the many stations with HD sub channels they're not using and don't know what to do with. Each with as many as three or four channels. This in an effort to continue to supply the industry with future well trained industry starters. Even with fewer jobs people will still be needed and they will require training. (1/31/16)

The Hope Church of Marlton NJ, Inc, which is a NON-PROFIT Corpotation, owns 19 FM Translators. They are starting to sell off some of these commercial translators. What a racket. Where do the profits from the sale of these translators go? They do not own any AM Radio Stations. How does this help the new AM REVITALIZATION PLAN? Will the FCC continue to permit this loophole in the new FCC Rules? I thought the FCC was suppose to be a REGULATORY agency? The problem with the FCC, is that there are NO Broadcasters, working at the FCC. Just lawyers, engineers, politicians and clerks with fancy titles! (1/31/16)

Radio One and Newcomb Broadcasting both applied for a translator in DC for 95.9. It will cause interference to WGRQ 95.9 in Fredericksburg. There was another translator on this frequency that was turned back to the FCC because of interference to WGRQ. They cover Southern Fairfax County and Alexandria and show up in the DC Ratings. You cannot invade another FM listening area and overlap with their signal. (1/31/16)

One of the obits for Sir Terry Wogan of the BBC had a quote that all behind the mic or in front of the camera would do well to remember. When asked how many people he talked to every day, Sir Terry replied, “Only one”… -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/31/16)

Wapoop does a Rehm job on Rehm: www.washingtonpost.com (1/31/16)

Sir Terry Wogan: Veteran broadcaster dies, aged 77 - BBC News Veteran BBC broadcaster Sir Terry Wogan has died at the age of 77, after a "short but brave battle with cancer", his family says. www.bbc.com (1/31/16)

ESPN assholes…scheduled tape broadcast of Australian Open Championship at 9 a.m. – go to Roku ESPN site to watch at 8:55 a.m. and what screen greets me: Djokovic wins Australian Open! I spent all morning avoiding news…ugh! (1/3/16)

Dave's response: Yeah, I just went to the Roku ESPN site and it said "Broncos wins Super Bowl 50." Hmmm.....

Did you hear BIM school is closing its doors? Jeppi is retiring and couldn't find a buyer. (1/31/16)

That idiot hosting "Snap Judgment" has perfected being annoying as an art form, and the last segment that features fictional drek is really inappropriate for that kind of show. Also, scheduling the game show "Ask Me Another" right after the excellent "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" only emphasizes how terribly produced and written the "Ask Me Another" show really is. It's an abomination we are forced to endure all this bad radio content from WNYC. Overall, I'm not liking WAMU's new schedule except that I do like that they shortened the sycophantic "Kojo Nnamdi Show" self-serving racist pretentious stupidity to just one hour which is an hour more than it actually deserves. -Chainsman (1/31/16)

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\/ January 30 Messages \/

Two DC-area AM revitalization actions went down on Friday. Two competing applicants want to build a translator on 95.9: Radio-One, who bought a translator in Beaver PA (~220 air miles away!) intending to move it all the way to Northeast and rebroadcast 1450 WOL (fccdata.org), and Newcomb Broadcasting Corp, who picked up a Loudoun County translator and want to rebroadcast God-caster 1220 WFAX from Falls Church. (fccdata.org). The WFAX translator, if built, would probably wipe out WGRQ Fredericksburg (which does show up in the DC market ratings) in Fairfax County...I'm no fan of this potentially very congested FM band. (1/30/16)

The Gray Lady takes a crap: endorses Hillary “Her Thighness” Clinton and John “My Father Was A Mailman” Kasich for POTUS. Meaningless to Billary, kiss of death to Kasich. Go figure: www.nytimes.com (1/30/16)

Someone wrote, "Say what you will, but this will forever be known as the CBS BLIZZARD PIZZA at WJZ TV Hill thanks to social media! Someone should give it a better name. How about Les Moonves?" How about calling it a Moonves Pie? It's served cold and accompanied by warm RC Cola. (1/30/16)

ESPN980's Saturday morning lineup: 8am, Phil Hawes (Better Golf), 9am, Al Galdi's Chin Music; 10am, Andy Pollin. (1/30/16)

When Allbritton sold WJLA ABC 7 and News Channel 8, they did not sell Politico. There is a big shake up yesterday there. What is the story? (1/30/16)

Dave's response: Unlike his dad, Robert is a terrible businessman.....

Voicemails for Indian Radio?? Is anybody else receiving these phone messages in the Washington, D.C. area? This was at least the second time we’ve gotten this call. Friday’s call came from (605) 477-5099. dropboxusercontent.com... Any ideas? Thanks, Alan (1/30/16)

Say what you will, but this will forever be known as the CBS BLIZZARD PIZZA at WJZ TV Hill thanks to social media! Someone should give it a better name. How about Les Moonves? :-) (1/30/16)

Hi, I'm a longtime fan of WCBS-AM, and I wonder if you have heard any inside infomation as to *why* WCBS cut Pat Carroll. It's really shocking that they cut her without any public explanation, let along tribute - she was legendary, not only given her longevity but her epic anchoring on 9/11 with Jeff Caplan, her co-anchor at the time. You could also point out that this leaves WCBS with only one woman left in its weekday lineup. I'm sure Pat will land on her feet and maybe even find her way to a network job, but it seems she was treated horribly in this instance. Thank you for all you do with your site! (1/30/16)

For those wondering what WSMD Star 98.3 is doing to get FM 98.3 translators shut down, see here on their website… www.star983.com (1/30/16)

If this is approved, shouldn’t WSMD Star 98.3 get approval to upgrade to 6000 watt full Class A status for southern Maryland? This is far worse than what The Hope Church tried to do with FM 98.3 from TV Hill in Baltimore. Somar probably already has the interference complaint letter printed up! This is not yet approved, but if the FM protection rules are getting this loose, I see no reason why WSMD 98.3 couldn’t be a Class A station serving DC or in Baltimore! This brings up another point. People at UMCP have complained on DCRTV that WMUC 88.1 has nowhere to go on the dial. I said that was a phony hogwash complaint then and I’ll repeat it again. Obviously, others are finding ways around the rules. WMUC is only 10 watts! These new translators operating as radio stations have much better coverage! (1/30/16)

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\/ January 29 Messages \/

To the poster who started his post, "And the song remains the same ...'" I don't think that it's the complete the story of the car accident that took the life of Jessica Savitch. Sure, Jessica and her dog died in the accident, BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, she was NOT the driver. Martin Fischbein, the VP of the New York Post was the driver and also died in the accident (Jessica and her dog was in the back seat). Throw all the stones you want, but the accident was NOT Jessica's fault. The blame goes to Martin. Deal with that! Unsigned Retired Non-Suit. (1/29/16)

1/29/16......Today is the first day that AM Stations can file for a new FM Translator. It is called the AM Revitalization Plan. Someone reported that there are no new FM Frequencies in the Washington area. Evidently that is not correct. John Garziglia has applied for 98.3 in Washington to go with his 105.5 translator leased to WAMU. He does not own a AM station in the market. He is using the same business plan that The Hope Church uses in Baltimore. Lease a FM HD Channel and apply for a translator. The Hope Church owns every FM Translator in Baltimore except one. WTRI 1520 in Brunswick has applied for 93.9 in Frederick, MD and 1520 is not even on the air now. How do either of these translator applications help AM Revitalization? Is there still a loophole in this FCC Plan? (1/29/16)

Kanye West. Is any radio station in Washington playing his "music"? Who cares what his sexual preference is? He has a great meal ticket now. (1/29/16)

Leave Chris Plante, Larry O’Connor, Rush Limbo (as Al Sharpton calls him), Mark Levin, Savage and especially the Gentleman of Talk Radio, John Batchelor alone RIGHT NOW (1/29/16)

I look back at Blizzard 2016 coverage in the DC market. The Gamut gets a new signal on 98.3. How cable TV companies rip you off with converter box rental fees. And the Washington Post's new headquarter facilities. In today's "Dave TV"..... (1/29/16)

Not much political posts on the old DCRTV Mailbag of late but certainly bound for WMAL fodder (Levin is off tonight and Savage has already spoken of it) but Her Thighness next Mao suit might just be an orange jumpsuit. Seems her e-mails have been deemed too hot to handle: Dave, do you have some hot e-mails you want to share? More: www.foxnews.com (1/29/16)

RE: Translator in Warwick, MD sold for $25k. The company you were referring, Astrakel International, is owned by ALTMAN, GARDNER H, JR Registered Agent. He is the license holder of WHGM in Havre de Grace, so it looks like they gobbled it up to add to WHGM 1330, which would be in addition to 104.7. The funny thing is, 1330am is OFF THE AIR, while the 104.7 FM translator is ON THE AIR. (1/29/16)

One of the most disturbing things I have heard Chris Plante say this mornoing: He was on his Democrats are racists rant and he said that Treyvon Martin destroyed George Zimmerman's life. The rant continued blaming Democrats for the water for shooting the occupier in Oregon. At what point does his show cease to be "entertainment" and cross the line to become "dangerous"? And would Zimmerman be better off if Treyvon shot him? (1/29/16)

I don’t see how the 93.9 FM frequency could be approved for Frederick. What’s more likely to happen, as is allowed in the AM Revitalization plan and other FCC Translator rules, is that they will move the frequency somewhere else up or down a notch, but I don’t see any such request in the application just yet. WKYS signal is distant coverage to Frederick, so they most certainly would shut it down ASAP unless there is some deal worked out like with the other translator that did the 2 step switch to another frequency. As for The Gamut FM 98.3, that is actually closer to WSMD 98.3 than the Hope Church’s 98.3 that was in Baltimore and they managed to get that shut down quick. In the Baltimore case, WSMD is nowhere near in the signal range of WSMD and they still got it shut down. The same thing will probably happen in DC. (1/29/16)

To Webcasters and people who love them: new music licensing structures are taking webcasters off the air by the truckload. Its become too expensive to run a niche web radio station. It may not be a huge help, but read and sign the petition at Change.Org: www.charge.org (1/29/16)

And the song remains the same...checking in from snowy and icy Prince William County with a couple of quarterly observations...(1) I grew up in Central New Jersey and followed the sad and tragic trajectory of Jessica Savitch from beginning to end. She died when I was finishing up my assignment as an Army Judge Advocate at Fort Dix. Yes, the rumors about her difficulties were known to anybody who cared to listen and were bandied about everywhere there gathered politicos, journalists and media types- I graduated a local College (now a University) that had a pretty good journalism department (anybody remember Willard Lally?) and they used to keep up on such things. It didn't make her ending any less sad. By the way, she and her dog both died of drowning when she took a wrong turn out of a famous Delaware River restaurant's poorly lit parking lot on an apparently foggy night (which happened more often than you'd think in January on that part of the river) and drove into a portion of the Delaware and Raritan Canal that had no barrier protections for or from errant drivers. Similar accidents (and, sadly, fatalities) would occur at the same site at least twice more in the succeeding years until the safety hazard was finally corrected. It was really easy to happen if you were unfamiliar with the area, or were tired, or preoccupied, or had one too many, or for a hundred other reasons. By the way, neither of the subsequent fatalities at the same site were related to excessive alcohol nor intoxicant intake. (2) To the guy who reviewed WMAL's programming on the 28th...nice job gratuitously insulting a whole spectrum of political belief while incorporating the word "Zeitgeist"-very postmodern, much pseudo-intellectual. If I promise to send you a dollar, can you manage to work the word "Weltschmertz" into a subsequent insult? I'll even throw in a "So Wow". Genghis Cohen, still alive and smirking in...well, you know the rest... (1/29/16)

Wonder how much coffee Melanie Alnwick drinks each morning because she is super hyper & talks a mile a minute! (1/29/16)

Alright, enough with the 93.9 translator in Frederick; obviously the channel assignment is going to have to change before the move gets granted. Now what frequencies are still available out that way that aren't first adjacent to DC or Balt? I don't see any. But I can't wait to see WTRI's silent carrier lighting my stereo indicator. Turning to a signal that normally has actual audio content: what happened to WKCW this time? Off the air this week I think. Snowed under? (1/29/16)

Unobstructed View: Taking the Local Out of Local Radio - www.washingtoncitypaper.com (1/29/16)

WTRI 1520 AM in Brunswick, MD has applied for a translator on 93.9 in Frederick. If approved, the translator will be worth more than WTRI. The station is built on a Toxic Landfill. Their tower site is built on the former city landfill in Brunswick. This translator could cause interference with WKYS on 93.9. (1/29/16)

Make it stop Dave: make it stop. First Bowie, then Frey, now Paul Kantner of the Jefferson Airplane/Starship. Bob Dylan call your office: “Paul Kantner, one of the giants of the San Francisco music scene, died Thursday, Jan. 28, of multiple organ failure. Mr. Kantner, founding member of the Jefferson Airplane, was 74 and had suffered a heart attack earlier this week. His death was confirmed by longtime publicist and friend, Cynthia Bowman, who said he died of multiple organ failure and septic shock. Mr. Kantner suffered from a string of health problems in recent years, including a heart attack in March 2015. With Jefferson Airplane, Mr. Kantner pioneered what became known as the San Francisco sound in the mid-1960s, with such hits as "Somebody to Love" and "White Rabbit." The Airplane was renowned for thrilling vocal gymnastics by singers Marty Balin, Grace Slick and Mr. Kantner, the psychedelic blues-rock sound developed by guitarist Jorma Kaukonen and bass player Jack Casady and the LSD-spiked, '60s-era revolutionary fervor of its lyrics.” www.msn.com (1/29/16)

FCC Finally Drags Political Ad Transparency Into 21st Century While there's more to do, unanimous vote will help expose "vital information about who's seeking to influence our elections." www.commondreams.org (1/29/16)

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\/ January 28 Messages \/

Hey, I didn't have a chance to check out 'TOP today, could someone please let me know what things they described as "dangerous," "highly dangerous," and/or "extremely dangerous"? To give you a starting point, the last time I checked was sometime Wednesday morning, and at that point they were warning about "dangerous" things including snow, ice, shoveling, not shoveling, plows, spreading salt, not spreading salt, wind, cold, warmth, water, flooding, driving, walking, glare, cats, poinsettias, exercising, not exercising, fast food, homemade food, seafood, red meat, eggs, pre-packaged salads, vitamin deficiencies, dehydration, computers, earbuds, alcohol, public places (esp. intersections, restaurants, homes, workplaces and bus stops), emotions and the Zika virus. I spent the day watching out for all of those scary things, so I missed the new list. Help! (1/28/16)

Before WTRI 1520 AM starts foolin’ around with a major D.C. FM frequency, tell ‘em to clean up their OWN xmitter backyard first!! They’ve been broadcasting a silent carrier at least 2 weeks now and next to nothing the last 3 years. Hypocrites! KOF (1/28/16)

(RE: WDCW possibly launching 10pm newscast): I wonder if it’ll be outsourced to WRC/WUSA, or an in-house operation? (1/28/16)

FCC Note: The Hope Christian Church sold another translator FM 100.5 Warwick, MD for CASH to some company I’ve never heard of, Astrakel International for $25,000. This is one of their many < 100 watt FMs. Still decent money. That’s in Maryland but near norther Delaware. (1/28/16)

MORE FCC: DC market's first AM Revitalization application… WTRI AM 1520 wants to move FM 93.9 Bishopville, MD on the Eastern Shore, to Frederick. — BaltoMedia.Net (1/28/16)

Dave's response: WKYS will love that.....

Baltimore City Paper: Blizzard newsroom conditions at WJZ worse than previously reported - www.citypaper.com... (1/28/16)

Bluegrass is coming to Delmarva! delmarvapublicradio.net (1/28/16)

"The woman died over 30 years ago. Let her rest in peace." Know who else died thirty years ago? The Challenger Crew. On this date. How come no one's talking that up, preferring instead to go after Savitch? Man, the priorities of some of the posters here... (1/28/16)

Hi Dave, The Poster talking about SBG and the CODFM DVB-T format for ATSC is correct! Reception would have been more robust as well. ATSC 3-0 is not backward compatible which means you'll need a new tuner box of course. More money again that we'll have to spend. The commission will sell it as giving the consumer more choices again while they sell off more channels to the wireless companies----what a joke! Imagine you buy a new UHD 4K capable television and you'll have to get a set top box---great---only in contemporary America. (1/28/16)

[A little insight into the often "erratic" behavior of the late Jessica Savitch....I worked with her in 1979 & 1980....no doubt in my mind that she was always a little unstable, but I know to a certainty that what pushed her over the edge was her use of amphetamines....she thought they made her "sharper," but what they did was made her irrational and boarderline psychotic.....whoever was writing her the prescriptions for that junk bears a huge chunk of responsibility for the way her life went to hell.] Stop trying to be a gossip reporter. The woman died over 30 years ago. Let her rest in peace. (1/28/16)

An interview with Diane Rehm was shown on the BBC News World America broadcast, the hour with the ubiquitous Katy Kay shown also on PBS; it was quite good, about her radio program and her new book. I can't find it on the BBC Web site, but it should be mentioned in DCRTV. I saw it because I got sick of the snow reporting and wanted to see what was actually going on in the rest of the world. -- Carl in Olney (1/28/16)

John Garziglia applied to move his Reston Translator 98.3 over to the River Rd Tower in Bethesda. It looks like this will cause interference with the Somar station WSMD on 98.3 in Mechanicsville. If this translator move is not approved by the FCC, then Somar could increase the power of WSMD from 3,000 Watts to 6,000 Watts. Is this fair to Somar? (1/28/16)

Yes, WMAL's ratings probably improve when the tea party pundits go after each other but doesn't your conscience bother you that you're even paying attention? After reading today's Post article on the growth of the Breitbart organization I feel compelled to state the obvious. The tea party pundit business is controlled by an army of poorly adjusted, mean spirited, squishy, middle aged white men (and Ann Coulter). They do great harm to the zeitgeist of this country. Larry O'Connor is truly a nice guy but by throwing in with the Breitbart people he sold his soul. Shame. I've worked with Stephen Bannon but had to forcefully wriggle out of the role after just a few encounters because he was such an unreliable, demanding cyclone of narcissistic crazy. (1/28/16)

It is nice to see the big bonuses that the RADIO ONE people will receive. Their stock is at just $1.49 per share now. This is an all time low for the stock price. They are buying back their own stock to try to prop up the price. Are bonuses based on performance? If so, the people should be taking a salary cut. (1/28/16)

On Good Day DC, the discussion was about some ridiculous back and forth tweets between two rappers. So I think it was Wisdom who asked why that was news. I've also heard Maureen and Holly make similar comments. All of you obviously forgot that stories of substance isn't the primary goal of the show. (1/28/16)

"I see the "new" Mix 107.3 is back in 20th place"... what's so funny is they have no excuse. They are dying to blame the blizzard, but nope... no blizzard on this ratings week. Amateurs. If you listen, they try to ignore the old, and stale Jack Diamond by using rhythmic Top 40 imaging with an irreverent tone, along with the same Pop music that at least 3 other stations are playing. This is nothing like how Jack Diamond was presented on MIX 107.3, and if you're going to roll with Jack, you have to go all the way. The PD is too busy getting his orders from Atlanta. I agree with the poster who said a new format is coming, but, Cumulus can't wait until Summer. Jack is back, and MIX 107.3 is back... and 20th place is back! Save your money, advertisers. (1/28/16)

Whoever suggested a translator moving from 103.7 near Cambridge MD to Richmond VA needs to know that that translator will need to change frequencies as there is a full-power 103.7 Richmond (WURV). So we need more data on that deal, otherwise the FCC will be quick to deny it. Stephen (1/28/16)

From Tom Taylor Now: “85% of maximum bonuses” for the top brass at Radio One... Though the board’s compensation committee raised the bar for founder Cathy Hughes. It noted that her maximum cash bonus hadn’t been updated since the expiration of her latest employment agreement, back in 2011. So it doubled Cathy’s possible max bonus from $250,000 per year to $500,000. For CEO Alfred Liggins (her son and the exec who engineered Radio One’s buyback of Comcast’s interest in TV One), his maximum bonus couldn’t exceed his annual base salary of $1,250,000. Given that Radio One delivered adjusted EBITDA (cash flow) of 94% of last year’s budget, did a successful re-financing, and showed strong expense management, the committee awards cash bonuses to Hughes and Liggins at the rate of 85% of their maximum. For Cathy, that’s $425,000. For Alfred, it’s $1,062,500. CFO Peter Thompson and Chief Administrative Officer Linda Vilardo also got an 85% payout of their maximums - $297,500 for Peter and $255,000 for Linda. Late last year, Radio One elevated Reach Media syndication chief David Kantor to “Chief Executive Officer-Radio Division.” But since that occurred so late in the year – no bonus for him... (1/28/16)

The 98.3 Reston translator plot thickens: It applied this morning to move to Bethesda co-located with 105.5, giving The Gamut a metro-wide FM signal. fccdata.org (1/28/16)

A little insight into the often "erratic" behavior of the late Jessica Savitch....I worked with her in 1979 & 1980....no doubt in my mind that she was always a little unstable, but I know to a certainty that what pushed her over the edge was her use of amphetamines....she thought they made her "sharper," but what they did was made her irrational and boarderline psychotic.....whoever was writing her the prescriptions for that junk bears a huge chunk of responsibility for the way her life went to hell. (1/28/16)

Apologies if you already knew about this, but it's a great app. I downloaded it to my iPhone and Chromecast this past weekend. Locally you can only get WUSA and WBAL, but there's a plethora of other stations, including all ABC O&O's. blog.roku.com (1/28/16)

I watched the drunken Jessica Savitch NBC News Digest video clip, but there were a couple clips that showed up on the same search. In her last recorded broadcast, she predicted end of the world scenarios due to Global Warming by the 1990s. How sad. Even when she was sober, she was nuts. There was another one of her throwing a hissy fit on the set because there was no set manager there to give her a correct countdown on her timing. Very Dan Ratheresque. And you wonder why people in the media are distrusted? Hmm. Btw, no toxicology reports were ever released after her death. NBC News keep that quiet as well as her family. So much for freedom of information. The official cause of death was drowning for all involved with no other top screen details, not trauma from the car wreck. To make it more poignant, NBC said that her dog “Chewy” also died, named after the Star Wars character I imagine. (1/28/16)

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\/ January 27 Messages \/

Re:Please Stop. Um, Ch. 4 young anchors. Carry on. Finn (1/27/16)

WMAL talkers on fire: boy, Bill Hess must be loving the ratings! Mark Levin on fire against Trump with Rush doing back-up: Savage had Trump on Tuesday and ran interview again today. These conservative talkers are nuts! (1/27/16)

"You saw that a lot when Stern's Captain Jenks did his infamous stuff." Captain Janks was even better. (1/27/16)

Please STOP complaining about one TV station or another on how they covered the snowstorm. They all did a great job. They all worked very hard getting you as much information as they had. Sure there may have been glitches, but everything was fluid, and sometimes, and you all know this, live TV is never perfect. That is okay, by the way. And everyone has their own style and way to do things. That is good. That way no two stations look/sound alike. From Collins' creative yardstick to Ch. 5's young anchors not listening to someone on the phone, live. The good, the bad but nothing ugly...kudos to all for a job well done. Thanks. (1/27/16)

Here's the famous Jessica Savitch "drunk" newsbreak. She wasn't fooling anyone. Supposedly it's also known as her last broadcast. Colleague Mort Crim says that she attracted tragedy like a magnet. www.youtube.com -Chainsman (1/27/16)

I see the "new" Mix 107.3 is back in 20th place. That is no surprise. The station claims to play more variety but literally repeats the same burned out songs every couple of hours. There are no surprises, no excitement and little or no interaction with callers. The sad truth is that Mix 107.3 is superfluous. It offers nothing that is not already available on the other metro CHRs and Hot ACs. Moreover, its current PD who guided his last station in Dallas to 20th place (I sense a trend here) apparently has no ideas how to fix things. Expect a format change by Summer. (1/27/16)

WAH WAH WAAAAAAAAAH! Poor Washington Nationals cry wolf in The Washington Post blaming Orioles for their poor on-field performance. Meanwhile, The Nationals, claiming they don't have enough money to operate properly, spent more on payroll than most teams in MLB and The Orioles, but they put together a hodgepodge team of ego maniacal malcontents that fought each other, instead of winning. WAAAAAH! BOO HOO! Feel happy you have a team DC! It's not The Orioles fault you have bad management that overspent on players who didn't win. I always thought Angelos was bad news, but Al Lerner just joined the club! Same dysfunctional type organization. His son in law made the statement. Hire baseball people instead of relatives. The Orioles learned that lesson the hard way. Blaming The Orioles is NOT the National’s problem any more than Angelos blaming The Nats hurting the Orioles is. Whether the Nats deserve more TV money is irrelevant to the deal they signed. Crying wolf in the media is not going to change a judge’s mind on a legal agreement that they willingly signed. (1/27/16)

Guess it's raw fish and seaweed on the lunch menu at Channel 4 this afternoon? (1/27/16)

Erin Como was doing traffic on Fox5 & had Paul McConagle on the line talking about his commute. Well, he's the Fox5 news director and starts off thanking her for having him on the "best morning show in town". As I was listening, his voice sounded the same as that guy who called into NBC4 with that prank call claiming to be from VDOT! (1/27/16)

AM Revitalization Plan......how many Baltimore or Washington AM Stations will apply for a FM Translator on 1/29/16? None, because there are no new FM frequencies available in either market. (1/27/16)

Jump: unjump. Trump: unTrump. Okay “conservatives” try to figure this one out: Mark Levin, Rush and Savage all jumped the shark on Trump heard locally on WMAL in the past weeks. Levin & Rush continued to do so Monday, as well Rush again today (Tuesday). Meanwhile: Savage has unjumped the shark on Trump and has him as a guest Tuesday. So let’s recap: Levin, Rush, Beck, God, leaning toward Cruz trashing The Dumpster, with Ham Hammity neutral so far and O’Reilly claiming he is impartial (right). Savage back on the Trump bandwagon probably because Trump on his show bolsters ratings and it is the opposite of Levin, Rush & Beck. Conservative talkers fan’s are going to need a scorecard soon: my head is spinning, my ears are bleeding. Hmmmmm: maybe NPR? (1/27/16)

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\/ January 26 Messages \/

There have been a couple of comments here that constant, schedule preempting coverage of the snowstorm was overkill. I can understand why some would feel that way, but I bet a lot of folks who rarely watch the local TV news had their sets glued to these stations. There's something about the communal experience and the sheer spectacle of the storm and its impact all over the region that motivates people to watch. Just as some annually lament the shift of WASH to Christmas music around Thanksgiving, you can't argue with the ratings. (1/26/16)

[RE: Can't believe there hasn't been more outrage over Channel 9 bumping the CBS telecast of Saturday's Georgetown-UConn basketball game to a non-HD cable channel so as not to interrupt its nonstop coverage of the snowstorm.] That's because the feeling of trepidation is replaced by the feeling of relief when the viewer switches to 9-2 and the game is actually there. I couldn't quite believe that whatever lowly person at WUSA who was responsible for flipping the switch actually flipped the switch. Two notes about Channel 9's snow coverage. On the positive side, on Friday night WUSA stayed with CBS (at least in the 9 and 10 p.m. windows) and ran a crawl saying the storm coverage was bumped to 9-2. Thank you!! On the negative side, Monday morning in the 10 a.m. hour, the D.C. ran a press conference. I flipped around the dial while it was going on. At one point, WUSA had a helicopter shot of a couple of plows trying to clear a cul de sac. Fascinating! You could feel for the poor drivers as they tried to push the snow to the end of a winding street without flipping the trucks into a possible drainage ditch that I'm sure neither driver knew the location of. The problem was that although a third of the screen was covered with the useless junk that WUSA loves to display, there was no identification of the location that we were watching. Why bother to pay for a helicopter if you don't tell us (via caption) what the helicopter is capturing? (1/26/16)

Hi Dave, Baltimore was no better regarding snow coverage last weekend! First channel 13(CBS owned),screwed us out of a lot of KOJAK binge on Decades by doing non-stop coverage of redundant reports. Many times the reporters were just standing around in the snow telling us what we already knew! They pushed CBS over to the sub channel---not needed! You are watching something on the sub and on comes basketball! Nothing should have been preempted on either just run a crawl like the other guy said. Heard from a friend in New York that WCBS channel 2 in The Big Apple did not preempt anything except the CBS Morning show. Baltimore stations have to act differently unfortunately. Over on channel 11,they preempted NBC on 11-1 and took out ME-TV on 11-2 all day and into the evening simulcasting what was on WBAL 11-1! Fifteen hours of unnecessary coverage! Again why don't these stations fire up another sub channel at least for antenna viewers at least? They can do it very easily. Antenna TV 54-2 ran non-stop with no interruptions however. Kudos to Sinclair here. Thanks, All The Best to All my Friends in Washington! (1/26/16)

Actually, several of the Baltimore stations did move network programming to sub-channels, including CBS O&O WJZ 13. With the fierce competition between WBAL & WJZ, WJZ had no choice but to hang with the local coverage, especially when FOX 45 even went all news too along with WMAR ABC 2, which doesn’t even have weekend morning or evening news normally on Saturday. It would have very noticeable if WJZ had played CBS programming when the other 3 were all on news all day. WBAL even kept doing local news on 11.2 during the NBC Nightly News. — BaltoMedia.Net (1/26/16)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] JOB OPPORTUNITY AT WBOC-FM 102.5 IN SALISBURY, MARYLAND - On Air Talent - Part Time - The New 102.5 WBOC Salisbury/Ocean City has immediate openings for Part-time Air Talent. We seek a dynamic communicator with at least three years on/air experience. Applicant should have a good working knowledge of social media. Must be able to work weekends and holidays. If this job is for you, please send resume, cover letter and air check to: jedwards@wboc.com or WBOC-FM, Attn: Human Resources, 1729 N. Salisbury Blvd., Salisbury, MD 21801. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. We are an equal opportunity employer. (1/26/16)

You would think that someone with UCS' supposed expertise would know that Beck spells his first name with 2 "n"s. His reference to "my old RKO General colleague, 'The Real Don Steele'" further gives credence to the rumor that UCS was tasked with delivering the weekly Boss 30 music surveys to the L-A record stores. (1/26/16)

Can't believe there hasn't been more outrage over Channel 9 bumping the CBS telecast of Saturday's Georgetown-UConn basketball game to a non-HD cable channel so as not to interrupt its nonstop coverage of the snowstorm. The two markets with the most interest in that game were of course DC and Hartford, CT yet viewers in the former were either deprived of it altogether or forced to put up with a technically inferior product. I don't know how much snow Hartford got but you can be sure the CBS affiliate up there wouldn't have moved that telecast elsewhere for anything short of Armageddon. All 9 needed to do was provide a continuous crawl over the two-hour duration of the game showing essential information such as forecasts and closings - 95% of the wall-to-wall snow coverage provided by TV stations in Washington and Baltimore is needlessly repetitious and superfluous. (1/26/16)

Snow Coverage: A mailbagger asked about Wendy Rieger. Saw her at the anchor desk on at least one of the snow days. I mainly watched Channel 4, but also skipped around to 5, 7, and 9 a bit. Didn't see Doug Hill on, but didn't watch that much of 7. How large of a role did he have in their coverage? He's my favorite DC weathercaster, now that Ryan's retired, with Sue and Topper close behind. Doug Kammerer does a good job and is growing on me, but not sure where I'd rank him just yet. (1/26/16)

Dave, I am a friend of a former engineer at WNEW who is very hurt that you were unable to receive the station until it changed formats. He tells me the format should not really affect reception, so we have to think the problem was at your end. Please adjust things. (1/26/16)

Dave's response: Huh? I was always able to receive 99.1 WNEW. But its signal was not as strong as WTOP's 103.5 here in Fairfax County, which has a population of more than one million - way more than DC. I said that because WNEW's signal was not as strong as WTOP's, it needed to do something better or different than what WTOP was doing. And that's why it failed. Listeners will tune in a weak-ish but listenable signal if it features something unique in the market, a la perhaps a cool adult alternative format for the DC area. Maybe time to being back WHFS on 99.1. Hmmm.....

I saw Doug Hill for about an hour or two Friday night, it was surprising not to see him covering this more, albeit in his lessened role at WJLA now. (1/26/16)

So glad Al Galdi's " chin music" will return on Saturdays at 9am. Andy Pollin corrected the promo coming out of the break that his Washington football team's show would be 2 hours rather than 3, with Galdi starting at 9. I like hearing Galdi with his "age 27 season" when referring to baseball player's ages. (1/26/16)

That prank phone call to NBC4 from the guy saying he was with VDOT who slipped in the prostitute and drug dealer comments has made it to the Yahoo home page. As per the article, supposedly a colleague tried to get the anchors's attention but couldn't. Then why didn't the producers cut the call?.....On an unrelated note, is Kevin McCarthy's constant hand clapping not a distraction in the headsets of the people behind the scenes? And finally Dave, thanks for that Wendy Reiger clip. I think that's the same one where she went on and on about a college boyfriend and at one point was leaning on the anchor desk. Classic!! (1/26/16)

Dave's response: You see that a lot. Many TV reporters or anchors are so busy thinking about their next question or other production-related things that they don't really "listen" to what the interviewee is saying. You saw that a lot when Stern's Captain Jenks did his infamous stuff. He'd often say crazy things that the anchor/reporter didn't catch at first.....

We know that Good Day DC is nothing but fluff and now they've added Sarah Frazier for MORE fluff. (1/26/16)

Channel 5 just did a "thank you for watching" during the snowstorm and Steve Chenevey says " we were inside here dry most of the time while you were out there trying to dig out". Uh, who's brilliant idea was it to write THAT line for him to say? Unlike the anchors who spent their time in a nearby hotel w/no shoveling duties, those of us who did have to dig ourselves out & still have non-plowed street, truly didn't need to hear about the comfort of the news studio. (1/26/16)

[RE WFDC:] They probably have system problems and a general lack of engineers who can slog their way through the snow to their facilities to fix the problem. (1/26/16)

[RE WFDC:] I'm getting Univision on 15.1 and one of their English subchannels on 15.2, and the 14 channels are just like you said. (1/26/16)

[RE WFDC:] not sure what they are doing but 14.3 and 4 loose sound its all messed up or maybe its channel re alignment? (1/26/16)

FYI - This week’s Q&A Cafe, with Cathy Merrill Williams and Katharine Weymouth, will go on as planned on Thursday, Jan 28, at lunchtime, at The George Town Club. To reconfirm your reservation please call 202-333-9330. See you there. (1/26/16)

Re: Wendy Reiger, I didn't watch much of NBC4 during this snowstorm, but I remember her being on air for the last big snowstorn and she was a hoot!!! Don't know if she had engaged in some libations or was just tired, but she was quite entertaining! (1/26/16)

Dave's response: I'll never forget her during Hurricane Sandy at the beach.....

RE: Storm Coverage. I agree with the poster who said Newschannel 8 had the best coverage. They went live at 12 noon on Friday and stayed on for at least 48 hours without a break. They had anchors, meteorologists and reporters out all day and night throughout the storm. They were all hands on deck, but I wonder where Doug Hill was as he wasn’t on air at all. You would think their chief meteorologist would have a prominent on-air role, but he was nowhere to be seen. To make this more odd, I heard one of the anchors at one point introduce Steve Rudin as “chief meteorologist.” Hmm. Channel 4 was good too, but they were the only ones who broke away from coverage on Saturday afternoon as they carried NBC’s coverage of soccer and figure skating. Channel 9 had good coverage, but I was waiting for poor Topper to collapse from exhaustion. All the other stations have large weather teams (5 or more on-air meteorologists/weathercasters), but WUSA just has Topper, Howard and Allyson as they still haven’t filled the position Erica Grow left last fall. Howard’s been doing mornings some weekdays and evenings/nights on weekends and that’s got to be tough. Anyway, all in all, all the stations did a good job but ABC7/Newschannel 8 was the winner in my book. (1/26/16)

LOL..."Raging righties"...that's catchy. ;) What about the "livid lefties" and the "mainstream moderates?" :D Anyways, what's up with WMAL airing ads for The Rachel Maddow Show? Totally hypocritical and ironic, almost to a level of parody, since the first time I heard it was during the -- get this -- Chris Plante Show. From, Amar (1/26/16)

Today, Neil Augenstein did something very unusual in this business. He not only has the professionalism to admit when he’s wrong, but to share it with others lest they have the same thing happen to them, perhaps with worse consequences. So, I salute him for being the professional that too few are these days. The only fault I found with his report is that in all probability a Hyundai Santa Fe doesn’t have a “frame”. It’s probably a unibody with front and rear sub-frames, at best. As for former WPGC jock Glen Beck… the previous poster omitted the other endorsement made on that occasion: Glen Beck’s preference of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders if the U.S. Presidential race is Sanders vs. Trump. And, I saw the Tina Fey appearance as Sarah Palin on SNL this past Saturday night. At one point she sounded like she was channelng the spirit on my old RKO General colleague, “The Real” Don Steele! -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/26/16)

RE: “Channel 4 Blizzard coverage - where was Wendy Reiger? We missed her.” Well, we did see her during the Bob Ryan shoveling segment but since that she’s probably “At home on the water”: www.washingtonpost.com (1/26/16)

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\/ January 25 Messages \/

Delmarva Storm Coverage - Resort Broadcasting's WGMD (92.7 FM)-Rehoboth Beach (Salisbury-Ocean City, MD Market) went into Storm Coverage Mode covering Winter Storm Jonas beginning at 3pm on Friday and stayed Live and Local on the air until Midnight on Sunday Morning. Morning Show host Mike Bradley, Mid-Morning host Bob Steele and Afternoon Host Duke Brooks pulled double duty along with the four news staffers to bring all the coverage to the Delmarva Peninsula, specifially Sussex and Kent County in Delaware and the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland comprised of Wicomico, Worcester and Somerset Counties along with Caroline County, MD. WGMD aired top and bottom hour news updates, provided constant updates on power outages, road conditions, took calls, talked continually with Accuweather. WGMD also had guests on like Ocean City, MD Mayor Rick Meehan and when Bradley, Steele and Brooks were not on the air along with the news staffers they were calling in reports from the road. By far WGMD had the most storm coverage of any station in the market. Their main competition WXDE cut off local programming Friday at 7pm and did mostly cut-ins during paid programming on Saturday morning with only two full hours local on the storm from 11am-1pm then they went back to syndication with no further reporting. In total WGMD had 33 hours of dedicated local coverage. (1/25/16)

Notice the screwed-up signals on channel 14's four subchannels - A tip for you: Normally, over-the-air channel 14 would have four separate signals: 14.1 Univision... 14.2 Get TV... 14.3 GRIT... 14.4 Escape... Friday night and Saturday daytime, as the storm raged, they were down to one signal: 14.1, which stayed with Univision. Sunday, they made a fix which was not a complete fix, and as of now (Monday evening during the 7 p.m. hour), the problem remains. 14.1 is not carrying Univision but is presenting a duplicate of 14.3, the GRIT channel. The latter, channel 14.3, has the correct signal. 14.4 is showing the correct program lineup, that of Escape. 14.2 is messed up: the picture on 14.2 is that of Escape (duplicating what is on 14.4), but the sound is that of Get TV. Try tuning in yourself: for a day and a half now, the picture is unrelated to the sound (not even presenting a semblance of synchronization) because the sound and picture are originating from two different programming sources. I wonder if anyone has alerted them to the problem. I assume that someone was in the station's control center after the storm ended, because there was a change from when 14.2, 14.3 and 14.4 were dark (as they were Friday night into Saturday), but the problem created after the storm hasn't been fixed. (1/25/16)

Dave's response: I complained about this a few days ago on Twitter and Facebook and everyone who responded said I was nuts. As of tonight, via WFDC's over the air reception, I get Grit on 14.1 and Escape on 14.2. I can't even get the main HD Univision signal. This station needs to replace its technical engineering staff. They're complete idiots. How do you say that in Spanish? Sheesh.....

Dave, I'm the Director of Engineering at WJLA Channel 7. We'd like to figure out why you are having problems receiving our signal. We are transmitted off the same tower and in the same RF as Channel 9 WUSA. There shouldn't be any difference. Can we send someone out to investigate? (1/25/16)

Channel 4 Blizzard coverage - where was Wendy Reiger? We missed her. (1/25/16)

Dave's response: I'm pretty sure I saw someone who looked like her. Maybe it was Savannah?

Hi Dave…first, it’s great to be back at ABC7 & NewsChannel 8, arriving back at the station mid-October from the ABC station in San Diego (I was here previously 2003-8)…and, even though out of the area, I’ve read DCRTV faithfully each day! Second, I am disappointed to see your note regarding not being able to see ABC7 & NewsChannel 8’s unparalleled coverage of #Blizzard 2016, especially when our local news programming is available streaming online. As a recap, we had 24 crews spread out across the region, going on the air at noon on Friday, and broadcasting for 56 hours straight. I offer huge kudos to my competitors, and gratitude as a resident for what they did, but hope next time you will seek out ABC7 & NewsChannel 8’s streaming coverage…I promise you won’t be disappointed. Thank you again for what you do, my friend! Stan (1/25/16)

It's interesting to note that when the 4 DC TV stations gave their winter weather outlook in late November/early December, Doug Kammerer at NBC4 was the only meteroligist to predict that we would have above average snowfall this winter and he thought we could get a big snow in February. Everyone else at Channels 5, 7 & 9 said it would below average to average snowfall. Not all El Nino winters have had big snow storms... (1/25/16)

Channel 9 News Director letter - Steve Jobs was quoted as saying, "it doesn't make sense to hire smart people then tell them what to do..." (1/25/16)

You know, someday some manager is going to get the idea to send out common memos to different departments with different grammar or some deliberate typos. Then when a Bill Lord-like dictate comes down from on high and ends up verbatim on DCRTV, said manager will have a good idea which department is good for the leak. That's when I swoop in with tape and resume in hand, cuz someone will be cleaning out their locker. (1/25/16)

The Hope Church really pushes the limit on the non-profit status since all they’re doing is profiting in the radio biz. Most of their translators do not even carry any religious programming. At least the other religious stations have actual religious programming on them, well most of them. Let’s face it though. If the FCC were to crack down on them in any way, there would be outrage among evangelicals and lawsuits. (1/25/16)

Sorry. No tricks from SOMAR. The fact is that the various entities who have owned 98.7 over the past 30+ years have fought to keep 98.3 at 3kW, and outside the beltway, otherwise it qualifies for 6kW. So, how is it that 98.3 in Mechanicsville is a threat to 98.7, but a 98.3 in the backyard of 98.7 is not? The only trick here is either the incompetence or the lack of ethics, or both, on the folks at the FCC who allowed this 'translator' to happen. Did money change hands to turn a blind eye to justice? If that abrogation of engineering is allowed to continue on the air, then Somar should be allowed 6kW. Regulation of the public RF spectrum. What a joke, what a waste, what an administration. (1/25/16)

The memo from Channel 9 management may be a good object lesson of why their newscast is so awful. When I turn on the news, especially in a storm situation, I want Information from people who know what they're talking about, not man on the street fluff. I watched a little bit of Channel 9 (and 7 - never got around to 5) during the storm, and a lot of Channel 4 - in terms of professionalism, information, and watchability, it was no contest. The folks at 4 knew what they were doing. You gotta feel sorry for a good guy like Topper Shutt being surrounded by such a second rate operation (and dreadful promo campaign). (1/25/16)

WTOP’s Neal Augenstein has today’s winning header for self-proclaimed lameness: “This morning, I was that jerk whose 4-wheel drive didn’t save him”. Says Augenstein: “You know that annoying reporter who says “don’t drive if you don’t have to”? Well, this morning I’m that jerk who figured, “Oh, I’ve got 4-wheel drive; it doesn’t matter that my street hasn’t been plowed yet.” I had spent most of Sunday shoveling my driveway and digging my work SUV out of a 6-foot drift so I’d be ready for WTOP snow patrol. My wife wondered aloud how I’d be able to get to work, since the plow hadn’t been down our subdivision street. I assured her my trusty work vehicle could bust through the snow so I could get onto the larger roads, which have been plowed. Instead, within 40 feet of my driveway, I was grounded. I grew up in Connecticut, where we know how to drive in snow, and where learning to “rock her back and forth” is a rite of passage, I was sure my Yankee finesse and the pure power of my monster truck (OK; it’s a Hyundai Santa Fe) would let me bust through, and I’d be on my way. Umm, no. Despite making sure my wheels were straight, rocking forward and back, accelerating lightly, accelerating strongly, I wasn’t moving, and I was starting to smell more car exhaust than I should. So I turned off the engine and realized I was stuck. On the upside, I wasn’t exactly stranded in remote wilderness. I could walk through my garage and be in my heated bathroom in 30 seconds. On the other hand, I had to make the sheepish phone call to my boss and tell him I wasn’t able to be on the roads by 5 a.m. And I could envision the scorn of neighbors if a plow driver decided to skip our street because of the SUV stranded in the middle of it. So there was only one solution — dig myself out, so I could retreat to my driveway. According to my calculations, it wasn’t the slipperiness that was spinning my wheels — I had too much snow under the car’s frame. It didn’t take long, but was a bit awkward, scooping as much snow as possible from under the car, and around the tires. This time, when I started the car and shifted into reverse, I could feel momentum, which turned into movement, which turned into reversing through the snow, and backing into my driveway. Relief. My neighbors will likely never know that I was stuck in the middle of our street at 4:30 in the morning, and that my car’s presence could have delayed the snowplow. But, my wife knows, and there’s no way she’ll let me forget it.” Go figure: wtop.com (1/25/16)

Every political endorsement is turning into a clown event. Now ex-morning B-104 jock Glenn Beck has endorsed Ted Cruz. Somebody pinch me. Just when I thought Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin was hysterically funny, 2 more clowns! Well not counting the extra voices in Beck’s head. HAHA! (1/25/16)

TO Unsigned Corporate Suit: Sinclair Broadcasting fought the FCC for years arguing that the European standard, CODFM via DVB-T format for HD would be better suited to most cites in America. People forget that SBG was founded initially by a broadcast engineer, not a lawyer or media person. They put up a good fight but as always the more connected "special interests” won out. The FCC is very prone to give preference to American companies vs. better standards developed in others abroad. ATSC had too many American interests lobbying for it, and the FCC is nothing but lawyers and accountants. They go for the money over the better technology. At the time that ATSC 1.0 was approved Zenith was the only American TV manufacturer and they chose ATSC over DVB-T/CODFM. Zenith is now owned by LG, but it’s too late. That’s why ATSC is a bungled mess. I suspect ATSC 3.0 will be botched too. ATSC 2.0 updates were largely backwards compatible to ATSC 1.0, but ATSC 3.0 will require mostly all new equipment for the new features at least. I did once read something about a united HDTV standard combining ATSC and CODFM formats, but I don’t think that has gone anywhere. (1/25/16)

Do you have the full name of the Hope Church? It is called, The Hope Christian Church of Marlton New Jersey, Inc. Listed as a Non-Profit Corporation. (1/25/16)

So WUSA9 is bragging that Topper Shutt's forecast was the most accurate. Is there any data to support that? (1/25/16)

[RE storm coverage:] NewsChannel 8 was the best. It was different enough from WJLA and more continuous. (1/25/16)

[RE storm coverage:] Love the snow stick shtick....throwback to better times....as is Pat Collins....I remember him from his days at Ch. 9....Snow coverage gets real old real quickly....glad we are all safe.... (1/25/16)

Is it true that, if the Washington Post stopped publishing a printed edition, the Wilson Bridge doesnt need to be a drawbridge anymore? There's got to be more cargo floatin' down de Ole Potomac, other than large rolls of newsprint paper. (1/25/16)

Dave, do you download the Post on an iPad? I find reading the regional print edition on my iPad to be very satisfying. I've been doing it that way while out of town so I'm already in the habit. Pictures are much more crisp and beautiful, too, than on newsprint. I hope that as long as the Post is in business I can remain a loyal subscriber. Think how much they could save by scrapping the paper distribution network. The subscription isn't cheap so you'd think it is a sustainable business model for them. -P of the AW (1/25/16)

Dave's response: I do spend a lot of time on the Post's website and also read the print edition. With the lack of a print edition the past few days, I have enjoyed skimming through the paper via the e-Replica edition on the site. Like the print edition, it gives you a good view of the mix of stories the paper is carrying. That's still hard to do when you view the Post's website and use its tablet app. A tiny screen can only show you so much - and that isn't much.....

[RE storm coverage:] NBC4's Doug Kammerer doesn't believe the measurement of 17.8 inches at Reagan Airport. The team of weather observers at Reagan National Airport reportedly lost their snow-measuring device to the elements midway through the blizzard. The National Weather Service is investigating. (1/25/16)

[RE storm coverage:] I usually watch 4 for my news and have to say Pat Collins was tolerable as well this time. He usually is so annoying I have to switch over. Haven't got my Post either since Friday but I wasn't really surprised and I don't want them risking their lives for something that's not really a priority. (1/25/16)

[RE storm coverage:] Down here in South Carolina we watched WRC streaming..they were excellent! (1/25/16)

[RE storm coverage:] Have you seen the NewsOn channel in Roku?? Local news. All over. we were watching the NE version but stuck with Ch 7 WABC as they seem to be live more. (1/25/16)

MASSIVE DEBT......iHeart lists its debt at $20.588 Billion. Cumulus Media has outstanding debt of $2.5 Billion. Are these companies too big to fail? That is what our government said about the big banks in 2008. If the government had not stepped in to bail them out that year they would have failed. Will our government need to step in now to bail out these companies? (1/25/16)

The Hope Church is selling off some of their translators for $150,000 each. This is a non-profit corporation in New Jersey. Since it costs approximately $25,000 to put a new translator on the air, where are these profits going? I wonder if the IRS is looking into this? (1/25/16)

Good article in Tom Taylor's Newsletter today, written by Art Sutton, on why both Cumulus Media and iHeart should go into bankruptcy. According to him, it would help the radio industry. (1/25/16)

The new weather guy on WMAR has been there for a few months now and has not improved. The first thing is he looks like a 12 year old and that knocks down his credibility. Watching Lynette Charles early in the morning is no picnic either because her voice never matured. She sounds like a wind up doll. Little wonder why many producers and reporters have moved to WBAL TV and WJLA recently. (1/25/16)

Missed in all the snow hype, a tweet from Al Galdi: #ICYMI #ChinMusic is back on @ESPNRadio980 on Jan. 30! It all went down with Larry Michael on #FMQB (Friday Morning Quarterback) (1/25/16)

What is the worst local "closings and delays" ticker? NBC-4 - squashed screen? Fox-5 and ABC-7 - overlay bottom of screen? or WUSA 9 - shrink screen down? (1/25/16)

The following WUSA memo was forwarded to DCRTV.....

From: Lord, Bill... Sent: Friday, January 22, 2016 8:27 AM... To: WUSA-News Reporters... "Please take a look at the 11pm newscast last night. You have heard me say 'people stories' more times that you can count. Last night’s eleven may be a great object lesson. Look at it. Do that. Do people stories. Dump the public officials from your stories whenever you can. You will be judged on your ability to do these types of people stories. If you want pay raises and career stability you have a clear path. If you do more stories with multiple public officials in front of mike stands your managers will be getting in your face. I don’t want to be rude but my patience has worn out this on this issue. Please. By the way…last night’s 11pm newscast doubled its lead-in among Adults 25-54. Maybe that was a fluke. But it sure looked good. Bill..." (1/25/16)

Dave's response: As a cable TV cord cutter, I watched a lot of 4, 5, and 9's coverage of the blizzard (7's signal is rather crappy at my location in Reston). Easily, 4 was the best. Their mix of anchors, reporters, and weather folks was pretty near perfect. I really like Doug Kammerer. OK, the Pat Collins "snow stick schtick" is getting kinda old, but it was tolerable. 5 & 9 weren't bad, but they were far more "silly" and "jokey" than 4. I couldn't watch either for more than a few minutes. As always, 9's Topper and Howie were great. Most of the time, though, I was getting info from the WaPo's "Capital Weather Gang" and weather.com. I probably spent the most time listening to radio coverage on WTOP, which is always excellent, although somewhat repetitive at times. Also listened to some WMAL, when then they were interrupting their "raging righties" for some storm "variety." I haven't gotten my print Washington Post for the past few days. I really thought I couldn't live without it, but I'm actually finding that I can. Quite well. Hmmm.....

To the people discussing 1080i channels on a single frequency. Here's a link to RabbitEars.info that lists stations that broadcast Dual HD on a single channel. It seems a lot of the Univision and UniMás stations simulcast each other's 1080i signals and two 480i signals. To be honest I don't know why Univision does this as many of their channels are on the UHF spectrum which is easier to receive than VHF. There are instances where Fox/MyNetwork duopolies simulcast their stations where one is VHF and the other is UHF to ensure reception. In the Bay Area the NBC, KNTV, affiliate on VHF channel 12 simulcasts their Telemundo station, WSTS, on UHF channel 49 in 720p. Likewise WSTS a simulcasts KNTV in 720p. I think the reason why they are doing this is the sheer distance between the transmitters which is 33.5 miles apart and the difficulty to get signals in difficult terrain. I still think the picture quality will be diminished but it probably can be depending on the content. If it's news or daytime type of shows it should be okay but I imagine if they are broadcasting sports simultaneously the picture will be crap. RabbitEars.info list of Dual HD Channels: www.rabbitears.info... Map Showing the Difference Between KNTV and KSTS: www.rabbitears.info (1/25/16)

While channel surfing the blizzard coverage I caught WMAR-TV and the new their new weather guy who had no experience with a nor'easter'. Why was he even on the air? Great hire MAR. (1/25/16)

To the poster that responded (1/23) to my response (1/23) to a poster who, at the end of his post (1/22) mentioned Jessica Savitch, here's my response: (1) you said "She was a Godless bitch who stepped over people." Ever watched the movie "Network" (1976)? Faye Dunaway played a character who was WAY WORSE than Jessica ever was! (2) You said "You probably hate Nixon & Reagan and they are dead." Well. you're only HALF RIGHT. Even though Nixon put an end to the Vietnam War (which both Kennedy and Johnson escalated) I definitely hated Nixon for the Watergate Scandal. Reagan, on the other hand, was a damn good President who, with the help of Congress, got a lot of good things done for the American people, and I appreciate that. By the way, I've been a member of AARP for over a Decade now, so don't slam them; they do a lot of good too! Unsigned Retired Non-Suit (1/25/16)

RE: “From WashingtonPost.com, "DC area likely to be hobbled for days." When did Greaseman start writing their headlines?” Well, yeah: www.greaseman.org (1/25/16)

Just listened to the clip of the VDOT crank call to NBC4 and it just proves what I've noticed so many times. A number of anchors just DON'T LISTEN to what each other says as well as callers or when they have guests come to the studio..True they can't research and screen every phone call, but after the "drug dealer and prostitute" comment, you would think that SOMEONE would've caught it. But no, not only did the anchors not catch it, those behind the scenes just let the call continue..So that shows they weren't paying attention either.. (1/25/16)

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Looks like WTOP flipped 98.3 from The Gamut to WTOP News. From, Amar (1/24/16)

Dave's response: 98.3 transmits from the Great Falls fire station. There was a neighborhood power outage there yesterday causing the receiver to switch from 103.5's HD-3, the Gamut, to 103.5's HD-1, WTOP's main signal. Just my wild guess.....

From WashingtonPost.com, "DC area likely to be hobbled for days." When did Greaseman start writing their headlines? (1/24/16)

Has MD Governor Larry Hogan been drinking the Weather Channel's Kool-Aid? During a Sunday morning press conference, he referred to the blizzard as "Winter Storm Jonas." (1/24/16)

RE: “Anyway, she died in a traffic accident on October 23, 1983 which was 32 YEARS AGO. Let her rest in peace, OK? Unsigned Retired Non-Suit.” So what: she was a Godless bitch who stepped all over people. You probably still hate Nixon & Reagan and they are dead. Apparently AARP thought she was worth commenting on thirty years later: aarp.org (1/24/16)

Surprising that no one called the blizzard what it is: The Storm Of The Century. Speaking of which, while you're trapped inside, time to watch the mini-series of the same name based on the Stephen King novel. Remember: give him what he wants and he'll go away. (1/24/16)

There was a poster to the Mailbag who ended his post by talking about the late Jessica Savitch which was linked to a webpage on the Orlando Sentinel website, so bring curious, I looked into it. It was titled "Jessica Savtich Movie Is Simply Bad News." It was written by Hal Boedeker, the Orlando Sentinel Television Critic and was posted to the website on September 3, 1995. 1995? That's 20 YEARS AGO! The topic of the article was a review of the Lifetime TV-Movie "Almost Golden: The Jessica Savtich Story," and based on the headline you knew that it was going to be a VERY NEGATIVE review on the TV-Movie in which Sela Ward played the role of Jessica Savtich. Anyway, she died in a traffic accident on October 23, 1983 which was 32 YEARS AGO. Let her rest in peace, OK? Unsigned Retired Non-Suit. (1/24/16)

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WRC-TV this morning got punked by a caller who claimed he was from VDOT. He mentioned that his drug dealer couldn't make it to his house because of the snow. The WRC anchor team didn't catch it... Wow! (1/23/16)

So the mayor is telling people to stay off the street, but the media is making a point to interview people thus pretty much encouraging them to come out. Many like the fact of being on tv and once the reporters identify where they are, they're like a magnet for those wanting media attention. But somewhat in defense of people out and about, people do get cabin fever and just want to get out. (1/23/16)

RE: “I was amused with the comment that WMAL should have gone live all day yesterday with snow alerts. I mean, what were they going to say? Chris Plante having a diatribe that this proves Global Warming is a hoax? Larry O’Connor claiming the white snow is God being mad at Black Lives Matter? Brian linking the snow to Hillary’s email? Mark Levin blaming the blizzard on what we still don’t know about Benghazi? I mean nonstop invective on how Obama is personally responsible for the blizzard would just make WMAL look ridiculous” Well, yeah! What’s your problem with us conservatives liking our kinda guys? They could read the Yellow Pages and we would listen. And Larry was on the job today (Saturday) with great interviews, including Congresswoman Comstock and MOCO Executive Ike Leggett, who are concerned about their voters, I mean constituents . Oh, just go lay down and leave us alone. What did NPR have: www.nbc.com (1/23/16)

AFAIK, 1080p is single stream only. Look on-air at WETA or the “MHz” stations. and you’ll see what a disaster multicasting can be. Without new encoding or other transmission technologies, 19.2 MB doesn’t have the bandwidth for stable multi-stream reception. Especially in areas where the reception topography cause errors beyond the current FEC configuration. One problem is the FCC limitation at 6 MHz bandwidth per TV channel. That’s harking back to the original NTSC standard of 1939. Talk about ancestor worship! I’m surprised the FCC didn’t require digital TV use scanning disks, neon tubes, and AM audio! Funny that the FCC will force broadcasters to spend big bucks to stay in business by imposing unfunded new technologies within ancient limitations, but not the cellphone industry. Plus, the FCC -either directly or by “committee”- rejects technologies that would improve the audience experience. In the 1950’s it was phase error correction which would’ve improved color TV. Rejected by the NTSC, the Germans wisely adopted it for what became the PAL color system. Then, in the 1990’s, the FCC rejected “COFDM” -which is used in the rest of the world in the DVB-T and ISDB-T standards- and makes OTA digital TV work wonderfully elsewhere. As for the limitations of bandwidth, that’s likely why the cable people are doing “channel bonding” as they call it to achieve the wonders that they are. Not to mention consigning analog to the boneyard and opening up real estate by moving to a digital architecture. Think of what could’ve been done on-air with digital TV if the FCC had scrapped the 6 MHz limit and gone to something else? There’s no reason why TV has to be “locked” at 6 MHz. For many years the French successfully used an analog TV system that had channels 14 MHz wide, video bandwidth at 10.4 MHz, and would be described today as “737i” because of the number of active lines for viewing. Yes, if 720p is today considered HDTV, then the French had HD first… starting back in 1949. I saw it back in the 1960’s, and it looked damn good. Why “737i”? Like NTSC having 480 active lines out of 525 transmitted, the French system transmitted 819 lines with the other lines lost to sync and other technical uses. Why the tight bandwidth in the U.S.? “Diversity”, it would be called today. But, it’s not like we need as many broadcasters as we have. How many broadcasters do we have right now that are truly viable from a financial perspective as an independent business without cross-subsidization or as a broadcaster in terms of local programming -especially local news and/or public affairs for the station’s primary service area? With the reach and flexibility of cable, is there still a need for stations like the LPTV’s? Perhaps some of the “public” broadcasters? Might their programming and audience best be served by cable, rather than broadcast? As for “diversity”... Yes, there is a right called “Freedom of Speech”. But, there is no guarantee to be heard -except by the government. (Note I said, “heard”. Whether government “listens” is problematic at best and is beyond the scope of this board.) A good argument on this would be “full-power” broadcasters like the WNVC/WNVT duo There are also college/university broadcasters that would fall into this category, as well as more than a few religious broadcasters. As much as I have to say this as a broadcast professional, in a way, I can see the business logic of Howard University offering to take WHUT-TV off the air and get cash for the spectrum. If the dollars happen, I’m sure they’re going to create a cable service to push ala what they have on Sirus/XM. That will be one benefit of “re-packing”. But, will it be “survival of the fittest” or “survival of the twittest”? Look at broadcast TV in D.C. right now and you’ll see what I mean. Sorry for the long rant. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/23/16)

I was amused with the comment that WMAL should have gone live all day yesterday with snow alerts. I mean, what were they going to say? Chris Plante having a diatribe that this proves Global Warming is a hoax? Larry O’Connor claiming the white snow is God being mad at Black Lives Matter? Brian linking the snow to Hillary’s email? Mark Levin blaming the blizzard on what we still don’t know about Benghazi? I mean nonstop invective on how Obama is personally responsible for the blizzard would just make WMAL look ridiculous. (1/23/16)

At this point in time on this early Saturday afternoon, it's time to abandon the Baltimore TV stations blizzard coverage. It's the same old same old from reporters and anchors. Unless there is a major development why keep repeating the same things nonstop. On top of it, they keep the closure/cancellations screen at the bottom. It's a state of emergency and a blizzard, of course everything is closed! (1/23/16)

Sherrie Williams is back on "w-BEE-a-l radio" isn't she the one who was calling it "105.7 the fan" a couple weeks ago and is just not a major market reporter. Sounds like a high schooler trying to do traffic but I guess on a snow day they can take who is available at the time. Really too bad to have that person on, alongside of the likes of John Collins, Jane Miller, etc. Why do they have the TV reports on the radio don't they have the radio reporters to cover the storm. Take off the talk show people and let the news department do the news. (1/23/16)

SOMAR is up to their old tricks. They own WSMD 98.3 in Mechanicsville, MD, This is a Class A station with 3,000 Watts. They run spots on the air to encourage their listeners to file complaints against any translator on their frequency. They collect the complaints from listeners and then file them with the FCC. They are after the new translator 98.3 in Reston now. (1/23/16)

As far as I know, there is a 1080p standard within ATSC 1.0, but no network chose the standard to broadcast in. I don’t think 1080p allows for any sub-channels. CBS & NBC chose 1080i instead. I have a feeling that the FCC will use ATSC 3.0 to virtually obsolete free TV intentionally by not mandating tuners in new TVs. They already allowed all the cable companies to encode all channels and require subscribers to pay to rent the box that is not even necessary!. If there is a way to make ATSC 3.0 consumer un-friendly, you can count on your corrupt Federal Government to suck up to the media companies' demands. (1/23/16)

Thank you DCRTVDJDAVE for the amusing Dave TV with Bob, Jim, Doreen and Doug yucking it up: hilarious and Vance’s choppers seemed to stay in place for once and Doreen looked sober. But poor Doug looked like he wanted to be anywhere but there being upstaged by Ryan during this “historic” blizzard. And Dave where do you live: in a cave? Half of the footage was dark if not black. Let’s also get out there in the snow and do some original reporting, will you? Some man on the street interviews of people walking to the Safeway! At least your power is on. (1/23/16)

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Retired Channel 4/WRC DC weather legend Bob Ryan phones in a guest appearance during the "Blizzard Of 2016" coverage on his old station at 6:40 PM on January 22nd. Joking with his old buddy, Jim Vance, about his classic "Golden Snow Shovel." And I managed to "run tape" of the event. In today's very special "Dave TV"..... (1/22/16)

Historic snowstorm today and WMAL is running Rush and Savage. WRVA in Richmond pre-empted Rush today for a local three hour show taking phone calls from listeners and supplying information. Richmond is getting a lot of snow too,but not as bad as DC. Hmmm..WMAL Cumulus, WRVA IHeart. WMAL should have wall to wall coverage today. Shameful. I would imagine evfrybody is listening to WTOP today. (1/22/16)

It is the end of the week and the Cumulus stock continues to slide. ( Now at just $0.22 per share). What happens when it goes down to $0.00? If the stock has no value, then how are the assets of the company valued? (1/22/16)

Take a look at the Radio One Stock. They have been buying back their own stock to try to prop up the price. Despite their effort, it is trading at just $1.50 per share. (1/22/16)

Evidence that the folks at WTOP are bored out of their minds and soon to be stranded on Idaho Avenue comes this: “Vote for impending blizzard name”. Their rational for such a contest? “The Weather Channel has dubbed the event Winter Storm Jonas, but here in Washington everybody is used to more exciting names. Snowmaggedon? Already taken. Snowpocalypse? Been there, done that. This storm needs a new name, so we’re reaching out to you to decide what to call it.” I vote for “The Grocery Chain Stores Clean Up Storm”. If Mailbaggers are bored and stranded you can vote here: wtop.com (1/22/16)

Two DC media outlets of note: WMAL and Wash Post. WMAL canned Savage at 3:00PM replacing his last hour on the station with Larry O’Connor being all upbeat about “Snowzilla” proving once again that Bill Hess must despise Savage and loves Larry: doubt it hurts their ratings as people would rather hear about the weather over Savage. The Washington Post announced on their web site that they have lifted their paid firewall so that people can access information about the storm: probably won’t break Bezo and they still have plenty of ads. That’s it from snowy Reston: about three inches as of 4:30PM. (1/22/16)

Tuned in to EPSN 980 this morning hoping to hear Mr. Tony only to hear Dan Le Batard referring to the local NFL team as the "Washington Racial Slurs".. The fact this was airing on the team's official radio station made the morning commute all the more enjoyable.... (1/22/16)

The window of FM translators must have opened. FM 103.7 on Maryland’s Eastern Shore has been applied to flip from East New Market MD near Cambridge, MD to Richmond VA for WVNZ AM 1320 for a 5000 watt Latino station that is Class D and only 18 watts at night. This will put the station on FM and with a decent night time signal. This would be a good usage of FM translators to keep AM stations on the air. — BaltoMedia.net (1/22/16)

My translation of the Post email, which I also received. " We're delivering the Marketplace section to you a day early. Otherwise our advertisers would be pissed as shit that their ads didn't get delivered until early next week. " Regards Biff (1/22/16)

DCRTV Mailbaggers please note: Ron Burgundy is alive and well but under arrest. Apparently is was the alias used by a Reston man running a brothel not far from DCRTV World Headquarters: no word if DCRTVDJDAVE was among his clients. More: kmph-kfre.com (1/22/16)

Gotta say, I would enjoy toggling back and forth between 99.1 and 103.5 during storm coverage. WTOP always sounded more straight forward with all the local heads of transportation departments and WNEW always was a little crazy with all their reporters scattered all over this place. Looks like only 103.5 FM on my battery powered radio this weekend! -Ted M in NW DC (1/22/16)

re: Unsigned Corp. Suit--- Not sure where you got that Royal Parker had ever been with WMAR, because his bios only mention a brief stint with WAAM (that later became WJZ) and then from 1962 on up to his retirement it was WBAL. 'MAR would've been the only of the big three he didn't work for. But yes, overall it's been a bad month for losing Baltimore broadcasting alumni. (1/22/16)

Enjoyed the clip of Jack Bowden, really a true professional and capital J Journalist. At the top of the first clip is a pretty young woman working away in the newsroom and she appears to be Susan White, later White-Bowden. Also, the announcer sounded like Jack Dawson, former WMAR Sports broadcaster, who like Jack and Susan, was later poorly treated by management. Far as I know Dawson is still with us. (1/22/16)

There is no broadcast standard for 1080p. Some stations broadcast in 1080i but not 1080p. As for two 1080 (i or p) subchannels it might be possible but I do not know of anyone who does it. There are some stations with two 720p signals but none with two 1080 ls as far as i know. (1/22/16)

Is Tucker the new Holly? This morning,when Tucker handed of to Erin to do traffic 7:40ish AM, Tucker said to Erin something like "You know Erin, when we have weather like this, nobody talks about the rise in the number of births nine months later." (1/22/16)

(Regarding previous posts) Well, there's now ANOTHER thing I'm apparently not ready for, in terms of technology for my gizmos and gadgets -- ATSC 3.0. I checked the owner's manual for my late-2014 vintage HDTV, but didn't see anything concerning this new (or even the current) standard, in terms of what it's capable of receiving, signals-wise. According to this mid-Summer 2015 article in Consumer Reports, once the new standard is adopted, some older TVs will require a converter. No word yet where the FCC will come down on this or if there'll be a subsidy program offered to assist consumers in the purchase of the converter or dongle necessary for making their current TV compatible with the new standard. www.consumerreports.org (1/22/16)

So John Pinckney comes up Rochester way and doesn't call to say hello? Ah well. Brockport is the weak spot for most Rochester TV and FM signals because of terrain. The escarpment ridge that runs a few miles south of the Lake Ontario shore (along NY 104 much of the way) creates a shadow zone for signals from our Pinnacle Hill tower farm. Add to that the directional antennas that most of the Rochester DTVs have to use to protect Canada and reception gets bad very quickly going west and north. To the south, WXXI and other stations have regular viewers as much as 80 miles away up in the hills that rise in the southern Finger Lakes. Location, location, location.... - Fybush (1/22/16)

Not a good month for alumni of WMAR-TV. First, Royal Parker. Now, Jack Bowden. Not good. My prayers go out to the families and teammates of these legends. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/22/16)

Thanks for the Jack Bowden clip. If Jack was a great reporter and good guy to hang with, his bizzaro world opposite would be the also late Jessica Savwitch, I mean Savitch (who my also late father dated but then, who in DC didn’t). She was a disaster: orlandosentinel.com (1/22/16)

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Tonight, Channel 9 has got the entire bottom of the scene filled with three lines of the same repeating information about closings that everyone's already seen a hundred times. Yeah, we know the snow's coming, it's gonna be bad and everything's closed. But enough already. To add insult to injury, the clutter makes the closed captioning virtually unreadable. Doesn't anyone at the Worst TV Station in DC ever look at their Air? (1/21/16)

The four Major Broadcast Networks broadcast their ATSC 1.0 HD signals in the following formats: ABC 720p, CBS 1080p, FOX 720p, and NBC 1080p. There's been quite a bit of chatter (and confusion) concerning WBOC and their transmission formats. All you have to do is to go either to Wikipedia or RabbitEars (use .info, not .com cause if you use .com you'll get info about rabbits and not TV), and type in the calls of the station you're looking for. WBOC is PSIP/Virtual Channel 16, but they actually transmit on Digital Channel 21. However, they use PSIP 16 for 2 of their programming streams and PSIP 21 for their third programming stream. PSIP 16.1 is CBS transmitted in HD 1080p in 16:9 widescreen. PSIP 16.2 is Antenna TV transmitted in SD 480i in 4:3 fullscreen. PSIP 21.2 is FOX transmitted in SD 480i (not the 720p that FOX wants) in 16:9 widescreen. Unsigned Retired Non-Suit. (1/21/16)

While ATSC 3.0 is worth waiting for (especially if your receiver can be updated -and part of the original architecture was that the flash memory inherent in the system would be updatable). keep in mind that DTV doesn’t suck everywhere. Recently, when visiting family in Brockport, NY (a Rochester suburb), I brought along my “field portable” ATSC recording setup. I was impressed with the results. Using an Insignia branded DTV converter and a GE branded VHF-Hi/UHF indoor amplified antenna, I was able to get rock-steady reception of the Buffalo DTV’s at 45 to 51 miles away and CIII-DT, channel 27 from Peterborough, Ontario at 61 miles. Not bad for DTV. But, nothing like the glory years of analog TVDX where reception could be measured in hundreds, if not thousands, of miles. While I initially tried this experiment with the antenna in the window of my north-facing second floor hotel room, I soon found that this was unnecessary. However, except for the occasional PSIP frame out of WXXI, I had no reception of the much closer of the Rochester TV stations. I guess the best you can say about an antenna is that while you might get reception you like, you might not get the reception you need… John Pinckney (currently back on the least coast…) (1/21/16)

I’ve been told by many friends that they have not received my information from the Kintera site about this year’s Polar Bear Plunge….And as we all prepare for Winter Storm Jonas Brothers, I’m thinking about next Saturday! This will be my eighth year for my annual frosty swim in the Chesapeake Bay on January 30th to benefit Special Olympics of Maryland! It's time for Polar Bear Plunge 2016!! I do this in honor of my Aunt Marilyn and all the athletes in our area who gain so much from these funds. I have set a personal fundraising goal, and I need your help to reach it! So no, I’m not asking you to take the Plunge alongside, but instead, I am asking if you will make a donation to Special Olympics Maryland on behalf of me taking the 2016 MSP Plunge. Any amount would be appreciated – it all goes to a wonderful cause, and every little bit gets me that much closer to my goal. Just click on the link below and make your donation with my sincere thanks! plunge.kintera.org... Thanks so much! Michael Hughes (1/21/16)

Depending on how the head end encodes the stream, both 1080i and 720p have close to the same bandwidth requirements. Some channels were always 720p, like ESPN and most other Disney/Hearst properties, but nobody really notices or complains about it with today's televisions. For your current UHD television to support 4K HD over ATSC 3.0 you should check with the manufacturer if a software update is even possible because the compute requirements for the H.264 in MPEG-4 are far more demanding than MPEG-2. It will be interesting to know if the tuner in today's televisions will be strong enough to support it because the 4K HD you see today is being decoded by another device, not the television. -Chainsman (1/21/16)

To the person asking who else was on 107.3, it was Melony Torres who was on mid day's and as Dave posted a while ago, she took a job in NYC for a different radio station. (1/21/16)

WRC nbc4 5pm report. Just saw new reporter Susan as the new Consumer Reporter instead of Erika Gonzalez. Is Erika gone? (1/21/16)

Just got this e-mail from the Washington Post: "In an effort to get ahead of the forecasted storm, the Post Marketplace package with coupons, advertisements and The Washington Post Sunday Magazine that is normally delivered on Saturday will be delivered tomorrow, Friday, January 22, 2016. Our delivery team is committed to providing you with exceptional service and will do their very best to deliver your newspaper throughout the weekend." (1/21/16)

Very sorry to learn of the passing of Jack Bowden. One of my favorite evenings as a reporter was having dinner with Jack and Pat McGrath in Ocean City while covering a storm. I had watched and admired both men while growing up in Baltimore and I was eager their stories about Baltimore TV. Some were quite memorable, including Jack's recounting of this night anchoring when nothing went right (this is an edited version of that awful newscast). But the one that got me laughing uncontrollably was the story about George Collins glasses problem during a report from the set. Jack is also in the movie "Forrest Gump" doing a stand-up in front of The White House. Jack Bowden was a really great reporter, anchor and always a good guy to hang with. (1/21/16)

As always Scott Fybush is correct. Licensed Full Power stations will not be forced off the air, but they might get new channel reassignments they might not like, that is for stations not participating in the auction and that’s another point. We have no way of knowing which stations are even participating. (1/21/16)

There seems to be a big misunderstanding about how the TV spectrum auction and repack will work. It does not matter what channel a station now occupies - EVERYONE is subject to being shifted around following the auction. The only thing the FCC guarantees is that stations won't have to change bands unless they've agreed to do so as part of the auction. Just because WRC is currently on 48 and WFDC on 15 doesn't mean that's where either one will end up after the repack, and just because WRC is on 48 doesn't mean it will have to pay another broadcaster to get to a channel below 38 or 30 or wherever the new top of the band ends up. Assuming NBC doesn't put WRC in the auction, it will simply get notified at some point in a year or two by the FCC that its new assignment will be some other lower UHF channel. Or at least that's what the plan currently looks like. Your reality may vary. - Fybush (1/21/16)

Also...it's very possible, and widely done now, to have both a 1080i stream and a 720p stream sharing one ATSC channel, sometimes with another 480p thrown in for good measure. Even before the move to ATSC 3.0, the compression technology at the transmission end has improved dramatically in the nearly 20 years DTV has now been on the air. www.rabbitears.info is THE source for how each DTV station configures its bitstream. Look at stations such as WENY-TV, WWNY-TV and WHAM-TV up my way for examples of multiple HD on one channel. The 720p downconverted CW on WHAM's 13.2 here in Rochester looks just fine OTA almost all the time, except when they're trying to cram a baseball game on there. - Fybush (1/21/16)

"If their website is any indication as to the sustainability of the Mix 107.3 format…. It won’t last much longer. The only “shows” listed is the Jack Diamond Morning Show. I know Ashley Nickels is still on at some point in the day. But who else is actually on the air? There was this very obnoxious woman on middays not that long ago, possibly still is, that hung on to every syllable at the end of the sentence. Similar to that annoying contestant on Jeopardy. Still say they should have gone with a heavy 80s 90s classic hits/pop format as Q107. They can keep rearranging and appointing management at Cumulus DC but what’s the point? MLB4" Everything sounds voice-tracked, it's a bunch of girls reading boring stations liners about Jack Diamond. New "Market Manager" is a Sales manager with a title, has no real authority. New Sales Manager is a ex-CC manager who hires children to pitch $300 sponsorship deals. Cumulus DC is an absolute nightmare. MIX 107.3 is temporary! They have no choice but to get out of the contemporary music world in DC... especially when Grandpa is your morning show host. Oldies, or Classic country would suit Santa Claus much better. (1/21/16)

Good for Alan Walden. I remember him as an NBC radio network news anchor back when it was corporate-owned instead of syndicated. Didn't realize he's been gone from WBAL-AM for so long. Then again, WBAL has been gone for so long, I haven't been listening. (1/21/16)

As I mentioned already, HDTV most certainly can fit two 1080i channels on one 6 MHz television channel. www.hdtvprimer.com - Chainsman (1/21/16)

Ia m pretty sure that WBOC transmits Fox in SD not HD. a 1080i transmission of Fox would be unusual . I think that most if not all Fox affilaites broadcast in 720p. (1/21/16)

To the poster from yesterday confused about DC snowfall records: You're confusing total winter season snowfall with total snowfall from a single storm. It's true that the snowiest winter season total was 2009-2010, over 54 inches, which "Snowmageddon" was a part of, but that counts ALL of that winter from start to finish. The main "Snowmageddon" storm was Feb.5th & 6th, 2010 and was just shy of 18 inches (the second snow that piled on top of that came a few days later, but was less). As individual storms go, that puts that first "Snowmageddon" storm as DC's 4th largest single snowfall on record, being beaten by Feb.1979, Feb.1899, and the biggest was January1922 (the Knickerbocker storm) at 28 inches. So this coming storm has the potential to at least land in the top 3 if it doesn't break the 1922 record. That's what they're talking about. But even if this one tops out over 28", we could still wind up with a season total that's not a record breaker. (1/21/16)

Hey Dave your fans at DCRTV trust that your DCRTV Command Center has both a satellite dish and one of these in order to provide uninterrupted service to your loyal readers should both power & internets go out in Reston during our horrid impending storm... (1/21/16)

Dave's response: DCRTV is hosted on a server farm in Pittsburgh, so unless the power goes out there, we'll still be in business. If I lose power at the DCRTV World HQ, I won't be able to update the site, but it'll still be "up".....

Well that didn’t last long: now Savage has re-jumped the shark over Donald Trump. Now he is supporting the Dumpster on WMAL because Fane Jonda is against him: www.newsmax.com (1/21/16)

Available on local DCRTV market internets is an Info Wars aka Alex Jones story about how crazy the DC area has become over a few flakes while Dave is out walking in the woods: www.infowars.com (1/21/16)

Dave's response: I hear that if the DC area doesn't get at least 15 inches by Saturday evening, all local weathercasters, including the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang, will resign and go do something else.....

From the FCC: W252DC 98.3 FM will now officially be translating The Gamut from WTOP HD3 from now on. No more blue grass. — BaltoMedia.net (1/21/16)

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but WBOC TV on Delmarva broadcasts both CBS and FOX in 1080i on Channel 21. At least they seem to be advertising that both signals are 1080i on CBS16 & FOX21, which are both technically on Channel 21. However I think FOX is compressed down to SD from HD. So apparently 2 HD signals on the same channel will not be possible until ATSC 3.0, which is a work in progress. The ability to transmit one 4K signal OTA would certainly mean that two 1080i HD signals would also be possible. Remember the TV repacking plan is said to possibly take as long as 10 YEARS! (1/21/16)

If their website is any indication as to the sustainability of the Mix 107.3 format…. It won’t last much longer. The only “shows” listed is the Jack Diamond Morning Show. I know Ashley Nickels is still on at some point in the day. But who else is actually on the air? There was this very obnoxious woman on middays not that long ago, possibly still is, that hung on to every syllable at the end of the sentence. Similar to that annoying contestant on Jeopardy. Still say they should have gone with a heavy 80s 90s classic hits/pop format as Q107. They can keep rearranging and appointing management at Cumulus DC but what’s the point? MLB4 (1/21/16)

For the one that keeps posting the price of Cumulus stock (perhaps a cousin to the poster who tracks STA's on the Delmarva Peninsula ), the good news is that the music on hold at WMAL/WRQX isn't playing "Nearer My God to Thee". Yet. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/21/16)

Leave Track Palin alone RIGHT NOW: “To continue on the "Conservatives" now trashing their once-darling spokeswoman, Sarah Palin, Larry and Brian this morning reported on Track Palin's alcohol induced domestic violence and murder suicide threat against his girlfriend”. (1/21/16)

To continue on the "Conservatives" now trashing their once-darling spokeswoman, Sarah Palin, Larry and Brian this morning reported on Track Palin's alcohol induced domestic violence and murder suicide threat against his girlfriend. Saintly Sarah suggested yesterday Track may have PTSD , and blamed it on President Obama's treatment (or no treatment) of our war veterans. [Track, as we all know, has a long history of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as had several brushes with the law over anger management issues]. Waiting to hear Larry side with Sister Sarah, I was surprised when Larry said her argument was a "stretch," and Brian agreeing with him. Wow! the "Conservative," (and as Mark Levin anointed her, "one of us"), Sarah Palin, is now persona non gratta in "Conservative" talk radio. Should Mark Levin now admit he knew Sarah was an idiot from the get go, and he tried to mask it by pre-recording all his interviews with her in 2008, and he provided her the answers beforehand? Should Sean Hannity come clean and admit the "liberals" were right in questioning her intellect? Should Chris Plante admit what "Sarah Barracuda " said on his show in 2008 about "her First Amendment rights" displayed clearly she didn't know what the First Amendment is? Oh, and Congratulations Grandma Palin on your third grandchild, and wont it be nice when you finally have a grandchild and you wont have to hire a lawyer over custody? Will Sarah's next book, after the one on going rouge, and the one on the war on Christmas, be on Palin parenting skills and techniques? (1/21/16)

Looks like Fox5 was the only station nimble enough (today) to take advantage of the marketing boon last night's weather/traffic mess offered up. I don't work there. I don't usually watch them. WRC & WJLA stayed with their networks while WUSA is in pay for play at 930am. People want info about the storm. (1/21/16)

MIX 107.3..ummmm, it ain't workin' folks! Format change in 3...2... (1/21/16)

According to the WWRC AM website (am1260theanswer.com), Paul Berry returns to DC radio this Sunday at 3PM. (1/21/16)

Towson University’s Low Power TV station WMJF-LP 16 (now 39) has already been sold for cash explicitly for the TV Repacking Auctions. WMJF is not getting rid of its TV studios or TV station. It will simply just be on the internet streaming the programming and on cable TV. WFDC 14 (actual 15) is sitting pretty on that frequency at channel 15. The initial repacking will be the auction off of Channels 38-51. That means even WMAR 2 might lose it’s prized Channel 38 and Scripps might be looking to share with another station. At maxed out 1000kw on UHF Channel 38 at 1000 feet, they are easily the easiest Baltimore TV station to receive even with a tin foil antenna! Eventually, the FCC says it would like to shrink the TV dial down from 2-35 to 2-31 in recent documents I’ve read based on how many channels go off the air and sell or relocate. But in the 1st round 38-51 are going. Keep in mind, none of the TV station companies want channels 2-6 since they are technically just not viable for ATSC from every study I’ve read and the complaints from ABC’s WPVI 6 in Philadelphia. Speaking of Channel 6 the FCC should repack the FM dial in digital and offer stations, both AM & FM to apply for it. ALL DIGITAL IBOC, NO ANALOG. This would allow 5-6X the number of stations. There is also something else upcoming in the works ATSC 3.0, which will allow for 4k video on one HD channel still with the ability of 480i sub-channels. This might also allow for 2 1080i signals plus sub channels too with new compression techniques. Except for the 4K video, I don’t think you’d need to buy a new TV for ATSC 3.0, at least from what I’ve read so far. Many HDTV sets have downloadable firmware updates. I know my Sony does. (1/21/16)

Ratings analysis from Tom Taylor Now: Washington DC – The all-Christmas bonus for iHeart’s AC WASH falls in between last year’s Holiday-book blockbuster (13.6) and the previous year (10.6). This time, WASH turns in a 12.0 share, with age 6+ AQH for the total broadcast week. So to put it into perspective over last three books, WASH did a 6.1 share in the November book (in its usual range), a 7.0 for Nielsen’s “December” book that was mostly November. And now a 12.0. That eclipses Hubbard’s all-news WTOP (plus its regional signals), down 8.9-8.2-7.5. ’TOP still wins morning drive. Third is American U.’s non-com news/talk WAMU (7.4-7.9-6.9), and fourth is Howard U.’s commercial urban AC WHUR (4.7-4.9-5.2). iHeart’s fifth-ranked rhythmic “Hot 99.5” WIHT may be feeling some Christmas chill (5.9-5.8-5.2). It’s a strong book for Greater Washington Educational’s non-com classical WETA (3.7-4.2-4.6) – another exemplar of the rule that classical can benefit during the holiday season. Conversely, there was less interest in commercial talk on Cumulus talk WMAL-AM/FM (4.5-4.0-3.3). Sister hot AC WRQX, which restored the “Mix 107.3” branding, hasn’t taken off yet (2.6-2.4-2.6). iHeart’s country WMZQ (3.6-3.6-3.1) may have felt the loss of listeners to Christmas music elsewhere. WASH rides the Christmas wave to an average weekly cume of 1.975 million. Nielsen’s “Holiday” book covered December 3-December 30... Baltimore – If CBS thought last year’s blowout 14.6-share was terrific for AC/all-Christmas WLIF, check this year’s even-better 15.0. WLIF has moved 7.6-9.1-15.0. It’s not only #1 in all dayparts, it earns double-digits in all dayparts. Second is Radio One’s urban “92Q” WERQ (7.2-6.9-7.3) and third is urban AC sister WWIN-FM (5.9-6.5-6.1). Was there a Christmas effect on iHeart’s country WPOC? Last August it pulled an 8.7, but in the last three months it’s down 7.6-6.6-5.6. WCBM Inc.’s talk WCBM holds 3.1-3.8-3.6 to rank as the top talk-based station. Maryland-pointing all-news WNEW (1.8-1.7-1.2) observes its last partial book as CBS LMA’d it to Bloomberg for business news on December 18. WLIF’s market-leading cume tops 1.1 million. (1/21/16)

This is for all of the programming "geniuses" here and on DCRTV Dave's Facebook page who thought WRQX's two-day holiday music stunt was such a brilliant tactic. They may or may not have motivated WASH to make an early flip to all-Christmas. (Other iHeart stations around the U-S made the shift at the same time.) The Holiday Nielsens were released earlier today. WASH ranked first in the market with a 12 share. Mix placed 15th with a 2.6. Wow! That early start really hurt WASH, now didn't it? Truth is, although radio types and wannabes hate all-Christmas, the audience loves it. WASH and other stations around the country that adopt the holiday format come out winners every year. (1/21/16)

Read closer, bud. That 54 inches is a seasonal cumulative amount, not for a single storm. (1/21/16)

What a sweet, almost innocent moment in history, this day, 35 years ago, as described by a young and eager Ted Koppel . . . marveling at television's ability to be in all of the places where the day's new occurred . . . and how young is Jennings here . . . (1/21/16)

Dave, I don't know what is going on up here, but we've lost a number of the news staff in recent months, and now uber cutie anchor Taniya Wright is leaving - but not yet telling us where she's going. Check her FB page out for more, and the WHAG Facebook page to get caught up on the others that have recently left. (1/21/16)

RE: 2 stations can each share one channel in FULL 1080 I HD. You are very wrong about that. There is simply not enough bandwidth for 2 FULL 1080 I HD signals on one broadcast TV channel. You can get 2, 3 or more 16X9 SD channels, but not more than one FULL 1080 I HD. You are talking 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound sack. GM (1/21/16)

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