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Further evidence Donald Trump has jumped the shark with WMAL’s conservative talk radio: add Savage to his critics. Savaged did his usual savagery on The Don today over Grizzly Mama Sarah Palin, saying essentially who needs her endorsement from Tuesday. Add to that Mark Levin heaping on again tonight (he savaged Trump last week on Conservative Review) calling Trump a “liar” over his slams against Cruz as well Limbaugh chiming in saying Trump has been making serious mistakes of late and you have the perfect storm. Levin trashed Trump again on Conservative Review, which he edits: www.conservativereview.com (1/20/16)

Dave how come all the current weather stories everywhere from CNN to WTOP are calling the impending Washington area “blizzard” as one that could be “record breaking” at only a predicted 24 inches? Seems to me that the record was established in the 2009-2010 winter with 54 inches, more than twice the predicted one coming: voices.washingtonpost.com (1/20/16)

Another spectrum allocation issue that hasn’t been mentioned is not only could 2 stations share a full channel in 1080i HD, but 2 or 3 stations could combine one frequency to carry a dozen or more 480i SD sub-channels with no HD channel at all. For instance WNVC and WETA could share one HD channel both at 1080i and both of all of their sub channels could share another frequency leaving one full channel to sell off completely for BIG CASH. Sinclair will certainly be looking for some kind of deal, but more likely in Baltimore where they own 3 frequencies, 24, 45, & 54, all of which will have to move. Maryland Public TV might get rid of either its Frederick or Baltimore non-maxed out full power stations and just keep WMPT Annapolis, which is substantially more powerful. However only WMPB & WCPB are safe frequencies that don't have to move. The other MPT stations except Garrett County will all have to move somewhere. WHUT is entering the market for sale because they have a valuable frequency. They have a UHF channel that is safe. Commercial stations in DC will all want that channel. There will mostly likely be a bidding war that will almost certainly include WRC NBC 4, which has to move. Its unclear to me whether the commercial vs. non com allocations will be enforced. None of the non-com’s in DC technically have to move off their frequencies. The LPTV stations will be dead last in this rat race and have no priority to even stay on the air. It is most certainly definite that in many major cluttered frequency northeast markets, some stations will go dark or internet/cable only when this is all done. The FCC is making a clear statement and the government has for years. The END of over the air free TV in the US is getting nearer and nobody in government cares. I realize less than 20% of the nation gets TV OTA, but that number is once again growing after a new low with the current CUT THE CORD movement causing increases. (1/20/16)

WAMU's New Programming Schedule: So are we to assume that WAMU's locally-produced, award-winning Metro Connection newsmagazine has become another victim of GM JJ Yore's hatchet? Will it ever return from what the website calls "a break"? Is this another example of how Yore is "re-thinking" local news? Replacing Metro Connection with On The Media, an NPR-distributed program, shortening The Kojo Nnamdi Show by four hours a week to make room for Here And Now, still another NPR-distributed program and reducing or eliminating local newscasts, weather and traffic reports are strange ways to "serve one of the most cosmopolitan and influential cities in the world". I guess Washington needs more NPR fare rather and less local and regional news and talk programming focussed on the region it is licensed to serve. No wonder WAMU's deficit continues to grow larger...$2.5 million at last count. Listeners have fewer reasons to tune in or contribute. All of the new programming can be heard on the internet or on satellite. We hope the programming changes attract more listeners and more members because American University is watching. Its students and bill-paying parents don't appreciate subsidizing a public radio station that once had a budget surplus. Succeeding in local radio is hard enough when you actually program for the audience you serve. It's impossible when you listen to consultants with no skin in the game and whose advice is "Public radio listeners don't support local programming". Wonder how WAMU grew its audience, added new contributors and eliminated its deficit years ago and then banked a surplus? It aired more locally-produced specialty shows, local news and public affairs programming...not fewer of them! (1/20/16)

ABC7 Meteorologist Doug Hill, who has been doing weather for 38 years, says he's never seen a Blizzard watch issued 48 hours before the storm hits. This shows you how confident the meteorologists are as all computer models are agreeing This morning the NWS issued a Blizzard Watch for the DC Metro area (1/20/16)

Concerning WHUT going off the air, this isn't really the case. Howard University has stated that the channel and its programming will continue. It's their UHF channel that will be going away. They are happily anticipating a move to another channel as a subchannel or co-channel. With absolutely no changes to current technology, you really can have two full HD 1080i channels on one UHF channel and that is what WHUT and Howard plan to do. The historical significance is that WHUT will no longer own its own UHF spectrum, which makes perfect sense. -Chainsman (1/20/16)

Dave's response: True, WHUT could make a deal to piggyback its signal on another station's frequency. But that would reduce the bandwidth for that station to run subchannels. For example, WHUT could share spectrum with WETA, but then WETA might lack adequate bandwidth to run its subchannels, a la WETA Kids and WETA UK.....

While oil hit $27 a barrel today, Cumulus stock flirted briefly with 18 cents per share around 12 noon. Common denominator? Both stink up the air something naaaasty. (1/20/16)

When 105.5 relayed WTMD a few years ago I don't believe the 89.7 translator for Liberty University was on the air yet. There is also a Station in Winchester on 89.7. Both of these may present an issue now. I live in Western Fairfax and work in Montgomery County. The translator in Woodbridge causes interference to WTMD in Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria and parts of Bethesda. At my home I have a directional high gain FM antenna on the roof which does a very good job picking up WTMD but there are times Woodbridge causes problems. In my car the translator kills TMD near my house. I have not heard any interference from the Winchester station. Another issue for TMD if there is any ducting at all from the south WCPE in Raleigh NC with 100KW will cause interference in Montgomery County. These all could be issues for a off the air relay for TMD. On the positive side when TMD moved its transmitter a couple of years ago it improved its signal to the south and southwest quite a bit. Bob Fairfax (1/20/16)

RE: "We know the people at the FCC read DCRTV." What proof do you have to support that statement? The FCC staff is primarily made up of attorneys, followed by engineers and economists, not broadcasters. Even in the unlikely event the staff did see your post, there's nothing they can do about it without a formal complaint. (1/20/16)

Dave, did you hear this morning the self described "the Gay One" Larry O'Connor shrug off his and WMALs belief that Obama was born in Kenya? Larry you are birther, own it. It is a conservative value. You spent a long time at Breitbart embracing birtherism. A quick google machine search of the terms "Larry O'Connor and Kenya" will prove that. Don't give up your values Larry. Love your showtunes and Obama's Kenyan birth. (1/20/16)

We know the people at the FCC read DCRTV. Since 2007, iHeart has owned six FM Stations in the DC market. Yes, they put one of them in their "trust" and that made it legal. The maximum number a broadcaster is permitted to own is five FM Stations. iHeart agreed to sell their sixth FM station nine years ago but did not sell it. Is that ethical? When you are the largest radio broadcasting company in the world maybe you don't need to be ethical. The estimated positive cash flow from WFRE 99.9 FM, that iHeart has enjoyed, over the past nine years is $18 million. (1/20/16)

AM REVITALIZATION PLAN...... The date for filing for a FM Translator is January 29,2016. How many AM stations in DC and Baltimore will get a translator under this new rule? None of the AM stations in either market will receive one. All the FM frequencies are taken in both markets. How does this help the weak AM stations in the market? It doesn't help any of them because there is a loop hole in the FCC Rules. People who do not own an AM station in the market have already been granted all the FM Translators. Here are some of them who have taken advantage of this loop hole......iHeart 104.7 in DC, Reston Translator LLC (John Garziglia), with 105.5 and 98.3. In Baltimore, The Hope Church owns every translator except one. How does this help AM REVITALIZATION PLAN? (1/20/16)

DCRTV Mailbaggers beware: there are “25 worst passwords” and yours might be on the list. Oh, darn, now everybody has mine: www.msn.com (1/20/16)

As the late great musician & iconoclast Baltimore’s Frank Zappa sang, “Don’t you eat the yellow snow” to which I would add the brown snow either. So now WTOP warns us to not eat the white stuff either: wtop.com (1/20/16)

RE: OC AM 1590… WIJK & Bayshore Media did receive a warning letter from the FCC that their license might be revoked but they responded by blaming the situation on WRJE, which is not true. Both stations are equally at fault for having improper facilities and Vince Klepac is apparently the landlord for the property that WRJE stands on that is being accused of tearing down their towers and cutting off power to the site. I suspect that both of these companies will end up in court before it’s all over with. The removal of AM 1590 would remove a severe null of WFBR 1590 in AA County towards WIJK that affects reception near Annapolis. AM 1600 removed also impacts where Multicultural could relocate WLXE 1600 which is losing it’s transmitter site in Rockville. WLXE is another station with a long list of STA requests but no deletion has been threatened yet. (1/20/16)

How is it that WSMD 98.3 can't upgrade from 3kW to 6kW because of 'potential' interference to to 98.7, which is many miles away, but lesser power at 98.3 can be allowed only a few miles from 98.7? FCC, do you realize that the 'low power' that you allowed puts a higher mV/m into 98.7 contour than the Class A2 upgrade that you are denying? Gotta love the technical competence of this administration's FCC. (1/20/16)

The FCC has cancelled the license for WRJE in Dover. Here's the post from the FCC: "DE BL-14484 DWRJE 21632 EKO MEDIA GROUP, INC. Section 312(g) letter sent P 1600 KHZ DOVER, DE to licensee on 12/2/15 by certified mail return receipt requested. No response to §312(g) letter. License canceled 1/13/16." Finally, now how about 1590 in Ocean City! (1/20/16)

For the person upset about losing Star 98.3 because of the new translator, don’t worry. SOMAR has been very aggressive in protecting it’s signal against these new translators and they proved it by beating The Hope Church of Christian Church of Marlton NJ already! So they will protest to the FCC for sure. If you look at the signal plots on Radio-Locator.com, you’ll see that just like the Baltimore 98.3, the DC area 98.3 is nowhere near in their signal range. But they got The Hope Church 98.3 FM shut down and maybe this one too. Stay Tuned. (1/20/16)

Dave's response: Here in Reston, where the new 98.3 is licensed, Star 98.3, WSMD, was not regularly receivable. I could hear a weak signal of Kiss 98.3, WKSI, from the Winchester area, however.....

DCRTV Mailbaggers may be interested in improving their potential with Reston Potentialist & friend of DCRTVDJDAVE Ann McGill’s wonderful site as a break from the Drudgery of DC’s radio, television and other media goings on: she can help guide you to improving your skills and life which we all need. Ann McGill’s lively site: annmcgill.com (1/20/16)

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Dave said: "What WTMD needs to do is get an HD Radio subchannel relay via WAMU and then get that relayed by the 98.3 analog signal in Northern Virginia....." WTMD _was_ actually carried by WAMU on an HD subchannel several years ago. When WAMU first launched HD Radio in 2006, it had WTMD on HD2 and BGC on HD3. Eventually, they switched places, and at some other point HD3 became part TMD and part BBC World Service. 2010-ish, HD3 ditched TMD and turned into "Intersection" with talk plus music from XPN2, which shut down about a year ago. Near as I can tell, the 98.3 translator has always proposed to rebroadcast WAMU-HD3. This was Intersection when the construction permit was filed, but it obviously does not exist anymore and there has not been an application to change that. FWIW, when 105.5 broadcast WTMD, it was listed as the originating station, so the owners must have been able to pull in the signal directly. (If it were relaying the HD subchannel, WAMU would be the originating station) (1/19/16)

What has happened to the Star 98.3? I'm a long time listener here in NOVA and now I can't hear it! Some other station is on. What happened to WSMD? Booooo! What is up?! (1/19/16)

RE-PACKING of the TV dial… Unfortunately, the cell phone companies don’t seem to want VHF that much and especially not VHF 2-6, so it’s unclear where all the stations will end up. The Cell companies want UHF from 30s to 50s. Clearly there are not enough discrete channels under this plan for most TV markets to fit in 2-30 something. That will mean unusual deals for frequency space. It could mean such strange things like WRC and WTTG transmitting on the same channel or with 20 and 50. WMAR 2 might have to buy/lease one of Sinclair’s channels, 24.45 o4 54. MPT might have to give up either 22 or 67 for just one station. Many of the current Low Power TV stations will not have a preference in keeping their frequencies and many will go off the air, just like NBC 40 in southern New Jersey. The repacking of the TV dial in New York city or LA will be a complete nightmare. Some stations will have to downgrade from HD to 480i instead of 720p or 1080i. Some predict this might take over 10 years and largely is the warning sign of the future apocalypse of Free TV. And ironically all of this is happening as more and more people are putting the rabbit ears again. Wouldn’t AreoTV be great to have now? Oh well. — BaltoMedia.net (1/19/16)

It’s not only on local stations, but I also heard at least once on CNN & FOX News, Glen FRAY pronounced to my horror. (1/19/16)

R.I.P. Bob Carpenter. Bob and his partner (Bill Tynen ?) built WHFS 102.3 on a small tower on top of a medical building in Bethesda. Bob built a unique stereo console using all transistors. He bragged that there were no transformers between pickup cartridge and input to transmitter. WHFS stood for Washington's High Fidelity Stereo. The format was all classical. There was no audio processing and it sounded wonderful. We at WASH actually had stereo on earlier and were running it part time. We had done some of the testing of various system. WASH was also classical. We could not run stereo full time because much of the programs came via the QXR Radio Network (previously Armstrong) which was an air to air relay from WQXR in New York. The Baltimore affiliate of QXR was WITH-FM on 104.3. (1/19/16)

Today’s FCC notes: W252DC 98.3 FM received its license to cover permit meaning they are at the full 250 watts permanently now. The translator does not appear to be owned by WAMU, so they could relay WTMD if that were possible, but I’m not sure WTMD has the money to do it including the engineering issues. Picking up WTMD as a strong relay signal in NoVA is one problem. It’s a fringe signal there. Getting WAMU to relay WTMD on a WAMU HD signal is probably a non-starter, and using any other HD signal would be costly. WTMD simply does not have the resources to do to that even though I do think it would do well. (1/19/16)

Dave's response: What WTMD needs to do is get an HD Radio subchannel relay via WAMU and then get that relayed by the 98.3 analog signal in Northern Virginia.....

My mother's best friend died about 12 years ago and her friend's son put the Washington Post obit writer in touch with my mother for a comment. What my mother said and what the Post wrote were not even close. Mike in Monument (1/19/16)

Dave Pugh new CBS market manager in Phoenix. Sharks already smelling blood in the water. (1/19/16)

Dan Steinberg is reporting that 980's PD resigned. Isn't that 2 PD's resigning there in the last few months? What a sinking ship. (1/19/16)

There is no excuse for the delay in the Max Cacas obit appearing in the Washington Post one month late. To make matters worse, they even referred to him as "the late" Max Cacas. (1/19/16)

What exactly will be the repercussions of the FCC auctions? Will auctioned station move to streaming video online, or move down in the spectrum, or what? (1/19/16)

Dave's response: Stations can either go off the air or make a deal to be transmitted by another station, a la via a subchannel, I suppose. Even off the air, a former "broadcast" station could remain viewable as a local online or cable-only outlet, I guess. Once those auctioned frequency stations go away, the FCC says it will "repack" the TV bands, moving many current stations' channels around. This won't affect cable viewers, but those watching via an antenna will have to do a "rescan".....

[RE the short, "Of Note," obituary for Max Cacas, who died December 8, in today's Washington Post print edition:] I'm his widow and wanted to let everyone know that he died on December 8 and by December 11 I'd submitted obituary information to the Post's obit office. It was weeks before they finally got back to me and promised that a reported would contact me. Last week a very nasty reporter contacted me and dismissively asked me a few questions about Max. He was very rude. And now, 6 weeks to the day that he died they're finally running his obituary. I'm so upset. It's just like salt in the wound. - Lisa Myers (1/19/16)

"who is Bob Carpenter in the Washington DC radio spectrum?" It's a valid question. The man gets props for laying the base foundation for other FMers to come into DC. And since the region was never a ripe market for AM radio, FM was the only solution. Was he a famous talent, like the Joy Boys, or a legendary owner/operator? No. But the DC landscape might be very different today without his fingerprints all over the inside of the original WHFS. The man earned his respect two or three times over from the people most meaningful to him. (1/19/16)

Today's print edition of the Washington Post finally prints an obit on max Max Cacas. What's remarkable is that the other obits they published today are also from December. SMH. (1/19/16)

5:45 AM and no sign of BGC on 98.3. It's back to a mix of WSMD and WKSI. (1/19/16)

Dave's response: The Gamut on 98.3 as of 8 AM Tuesday.....

Woke up this morning to Ashley Madison on WMAR announcing Glenn FRAY had died. Help, I'm running out of credible news readers. (1/19/16)

While I have great respect for the dearly departed, but who is Bob Carpenter in the Washington DC radio spectrum? I respectfully submit this question. -Chainsman (1/19/16)

WHUT 32 isn’t the only station in DC or Baltimore that will be affected by this auction or repacking of the TV channels. At least half of the current UHF TV channels are slated to be converted to cellular phone data and other services. There are few stations in the DC/Baltimore markets that WON’T be affected even if they don’t participate. 7, 11, 9, 13 are safe and MPT on one of its channels, but all the channels being used in the 30s & 40s and up will have to make deals for spectrum since they will ultimately lose them. MPT has a lot of potentially valuable frequency space and could barely afford the DTV conversion on their many stations all over the state. Ironically, 2, 4, and 5 can no longer go back to their former channels since the FCC reallocated them to Delaware and NJ! Isn’t that ironic? The FCC RE-PACKING of the TV Dial is going to be a total MESS for over the air TV, if that even exists in the future. Because the UHF channels are so valuable to the cellular companies, the FCC is striking while the iron is hot because there’s big money for the Club Fed Coffers. The FCC will be HEROES in corrupt DC. For every station forced to sell their frequency space and shut down, a Club Fed FCC Employee will probably get a free hot tub bonus or something! The FCC’s only motive in this is partially technical advancement in usage of the spectrum, but it’s hard to not see the blatant GREED aspect of it by the FEDS. It’s the FCC’s version of the Federal Land Maintenance Land Grabs. :-( (1/19/16)

Dave's response: I wish the FCC would move all of the DC and Baltimore TV stations off VHF and put them all on UHF, including WJLA, WUSA, WBAL, and WJZ. Where you'd need a single antenna type for reception. Which would make reception so much simpler and easier for we cord cutters. I use a cheap shit indoor "rabbit ears & loop" antenna and always have a problem receiving WJLA and WUSA (can't get Baltimore TVers at my location).....

SOMAR’s WSMD 98.3 in southern Maryland filed a complaint and set up their website to let listeners file complaints against The Hope Christian Church of Marlton NJ which had a translator on 98.3 FM SW of Baltimore and succeeded in shutting that down. It’s hard for me to imagine there was any interference within WSMD’s authorized signal plot, but that didn’t mean hundreds of complaints didn’t get it shut down. Post a link to how you complained on DCRTV and get other people to file a similar complaint. That’s what SOMAR did and they BEAT the Hope Church and got Baltimore 98.3 FM from TV Hill shut down! Contact WTMD and have them put in the same complaint referred thing and that other 89.7 will disappear quick. Translators have no guaranteed signal parameters or priority. Complaints will shut it down ASAP. — BaltoMedia.net (1/19/16)

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Very saddened to hear of Bob Carpenter’s passing. He was another of the real radio guys we now have fewer of as time goes by and young people take for granted the appliances we have and don’t bother learning how it works. Besides being a ham, Bob was also an occasional poster to this Mailbag. My prayers and condolences to his family. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/18/16)

RE: WHGM transmitter fire. So, since the AM is off the air, can the FM translator still be in the air? (1/18/16)

I can confirm BGC is loud and clear on 98.3 in Western Fairfax County. Since I can hear BGC on both 105.5 and 88.5HD2 I would rather have WTMD on 98.3. I complained to the FCC about the 89.7 translator in Woodbridge interfering with WTMD last September and have had zero response. Bob Fairfax (1/18/16)

RIP Bob Carpenter: a real friend of radio, both commercial and Amateur. --- Alan KJ4IVD (1/18/16)

Four comments: 1) WAMU must have found that cutting out traffic reports has worked out well for them. Now they've gone a step further: When they give you the weather report, they don't bother telling you the current temperature. Surely they could spend the 2 seconds saying, "It's X degrees outside our building." 2) WETA, which somehow got its press release about "Mercy Street" to be the story in the Wash. Post's TV magazine this week (no byline, and no mention of it being on MPT also) doesn't even broadcast it in its best quality. WETA shows it with stereo sound; MPT runs it in full 5.1 Surround sound, which is why I hardly ever watch WETA anymore or contribute. 3) WCBS-880 in New York now has rush-hour traffic every 5 minutes; their traffic-on-the-3s is called the "Bridge and Tunnel Report". I guess WNEW-FM here provided at least one good new idea to the all-news world. 4) And I also am saddened that Howard University wants to have WHUT sign off forever; many of their programs are unique and very interesting. -- Carl in Olney (1/18/16)

[RE the Reston area relay of WAMU's Bluegrass Country on 98.3:] Hmmm indeed...that's news to me. That 98.3 isn't in my hourly ID during my weekday 3 til 7pm shift. We have a translator at 93.5FM in Hagerstown and in Frederick, but that's it, other than our main 105.5FM signal. Lee Michael Demsey (1/18/16)

DC-area engineer Bob Carpenter died on January 8. He received his BSEE from the University of Maryland. In 1948-1949, he was one of the people who put carrier current radio on the air at the College Park campus, later to become WMUC. After a stint in the Air Force, he went on to work at Hopkins APL and the National Bureau of Standards (now NIST). Of particular note to readers of DCRTV, to quote his death notice, "Between 1960 and 1964 he designed and built hardware for WHFS 102.3, the first FM stereo broadcasting station in the DC area." He was also an Amateur Radio operator, W3OTC. See more at www.legacy.com... Ed Jones, Columbia, MD (1/18/16)

Apparently, ESPN 980 has done some research and decided that just one hour of Al Galdi's "Chin Music" on Saturday is wayyyy too much baseball. When the Nationals first came to town, Phil Wood had a baseball show on a regular basis, and Al koken was on regularly to talk about hockey. 980 might as well not report scores of other sports. (1/18/16)

NEW Low Power FM 94.3 approved by the FCC for Bowie, MD. It will be religious & community programming according to the application. — BaltoMedia.Net (1/18/16)

Listening to Westwood One's coverage of the Play off yesterday on the 1057, The Fan, when I heard the F bomb fly twice. I saw it hit the tv too. My question, aren't the local broadcasters responsible for the content??? Who gets fined, if anyone for this. (1/18/16)

Saw this on "The Point's", WHGM facebook page: "The Point AM & FM - Rouse & Company: We wanted all of our listeners to know that this afternoon, we had a fire in our transmitter room and our AM transmitter caught on fire. No other damage and everyone was safe, however, the AM transmitter is toast. We are not sure how long the AM will be off the air, however, the FM is still on the air and not affected. Thanks for listening!!" (1/18/16)

{I get hunch ESPN980 is itching to take another shot a local morning show. Galdi & Cooley, then reunite Pollin & Czaban in PM drive?} This would be a great change, hope it happens. If they do this, next fix the 2 to 4 pm show. (1/18/16)

I get hunch ESPN980 is itching to take another shot a local morning show. Galdi & Cooley, then reunite Pollin & Czaban in PM drive? (1/18/16)

Really hard to believe WAMU's Bluegrass Country needs 3 FM signals + HD. Putting WTMD on 98.3 should be a no brainer... (1/18/16)

Kane from The Kane Show claimed that he has just been divorced live on the radio. Dunno if it was really his wife, or if she’s really divorcing him, or it was set-up, or what... (1/18/16)

Well, that’s seven more minutes we didn’t have to endure The Three Amigos: “NBC Ends Debate 7 Minutes Early: At 10:53 p.m. EST, NBC ended the Democratic presidential debate. The debate was scheduled to go until 11 p.m.” Seriously, these guys/gal make The Three Stooges look like rocket scientists: www.weeklystandard.com (1/18/16)

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Flipping around today, I unexpectedly heard Bluegrass Country on 98.3. Presumably it is W252DC Reston, with the same owner (Reston Translator LLC) as 105.5, transmitting from approximately the same spot in Great Falls that 105.5 did when it relayed WTMD. I hadn't seen anything in the mailbag recently about it. Looks like their signals have a significant overlap - with their transmitters 10 or 12 air miles apart, 98.3 is licensed for 250 watts, 105.5 for 99. My question for whoever runs those two: How about flipping one of them back to WTMD, hmm? (As Dave likes to say, "ha ha ha...") (1/17/16)

Dave's response: Yup. BCG coming in loud and clear here in Reston on 98.3. Love to hear TMD on that signal since I can already get BGC on 105.5 just fine. Hmmm.....

Adam May has done some pretty good 60 Minutes style reports on Al Jazeera America. See here… america.aljazeera.com... He did a great story, one of the few positive Freddie Gray in depth stories I’ve seen about the riots in Baltimore. america.aljazeera.com... His only problem will be that few local news media companies are interested in longer daily in depth stories like what he’s doing at Al Jazeera America sadly. (1/17/16)

RE: “Demolition Of Old WaPo Building Underway - 1/17 - The demolition of the former Washington Post building in downtown DC is underway and many nearby residents are not happy. Crews are expected to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week through April.” Whatever happened to the OLDER Washington Post Building (the original) that was around the corner on “L” Street NW? The old Evening Star Building was saved because of the Pennsylvania Avenue protections. (1/17/16)

If you look at the satellite map of the WRJE AM 1600 transmitter site in Dover, you’ll notice that none of the 3 towers appears to be still standing. fccdata.org... Now, that contradicts the information given to the FCC in this letter to the FCC fcc.gov... The letter clearly shows pictures of a tower standing yet Google Maps doesn't appear to show any tower. It sounds like Vince Klepac might have ratted them out after tearing down the last tower. Any letter or application submission to the FCC that has deliberate misinformation in it is grounds for cancelling a license. FM 105.1 the translator still on the air transmits from the top of a building, not any of the WRJE towers. I sense some legal trouble brewing here. Since 105.1 is still on the air, it technically has to submit and application to re-transmit a different station or else operate as a pirate radio station and that will not last long. And their complaint to the FCC isn’t going to go far given that what they are asking for is completely against the AM Revitalization Plan. I’m sure they’re going to appeal, but I don’t think it will go far. And WIJK AM 1590 now no longer has any excuse for their STA renewals. If they don’t file a new application to operate permanently under their current STA parameters or something similar, AM 1590 will be deleted also since they’ve been given a last warning by the FCC too. (1/17/16)

Washington Post header: “D.C. area forecast: Some conversational light snow today helps kick off a wintry week”. Would this be the conversation one has in line with another sucker at the Safeway with a shopping cart full of toilet paper, cat litter, bread, milk and beer? God and Mother Nature help us during this “Blizzard of 2016”: www.washingtonpost.com (1/17/16)

["Is Cumulus too big to fail? They owe $2.5 Billion in debt. Their stock seems to go down every day. Now at $0.23 a share. If they started selling off their stations, could they pay back their debt? If you put a value on each of their stations, they would not come close to the amount of debt they owe."] They've already failed! It's a penny stock company with penny stock talent. Look at MIX 107.3 , which has penny-stock talent, both on the air and in Sales. All of their best talent is across the street. There should be an investigation every time an Advertiser spends money on WRQX... you have to wonder what in the hell was promised to convince anyone with a functioning right and left side of the brain that this is a good idea! Jeff predicted this, and was totally correct! Really talented people don't work at Cumulus. (1/17/16)

Radio One stock continues to slide down in price. Now trading at $1.35 per share. They are buying back their own stock and making programming changes in DC. Will they fix the problem? (1/17/16)

Is Cumulus too big to fail? They owe $2.5 Billion in debt. Their stock seems to go down every day. Now at $0.23 a share. If they started selling off their stations, could they pay back their debt? If you put a value on each of their stations, they would not come close to the amount of debt they owe. (1/17/16)

The stock market continues to decline. The biggest loss since 2008! These radio stocks seem to decline and no prospect for a recovery. What investor would want to invest in a sinking ship? (1/17/16)

From MEDIUMWAVE.INFO comes this interesting gem: "...the Dutch government has launched a public consultation on ‘opening up’ the medium wave (AM radio) band for radio and non-radio applications with 'low power' and with limited government regulation ... this means both a power in the range of 1 – 5 watts (site coverage) and 50 – 100 watts (municipal coverage)." Essentially, with the high power transmitters moved off the AM dial, there is massive room for low-power stations to come on line. Rooftop antennas with small-sized groundfields can hit the air with a minimum of money and fuss. If this happened in the U.S., it means entire neighborhoods and micro-cities (like Tysons) could be served with a single 75W transmitter. And the Dutch suggestion that it happen "with limited government regulation" is especially appealing. The Dutch gummint is taking comments until 14 February 2016, and it will be interesting to see what happens next. As Frank Zappa used to sing, "It can't happen here," but it is certainly thought-provoking. (--- A part 15 AM operator in Northern VA) (1/17/16)

Mike Sorce plays the RELM radio martyr card. Demands his listeners start paying for his Don Geronimo Show Podcast. And God damn it, tell-a-friend! #jumpthesharkmarketing101 #CongratulationstoMikeO'Meara30+MillionPodcastDownloads (1/17/16)

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\/ January 16 Messages \/

WTEM 980 has aired its last Saturday morning baseball show, "Chin Music" with Al Galdi, in favor of a new three hour "Redskins Saturday" show hosted by Andy Pollin. Yes, Redskins for three hours every week all year. Because that one hour of baseball talk a week was apparently interfering with the station's main mission of Redskins talk all the time. Thanks a lot, Larry Michael! (1/16/16)

Did anyone notice that Arlington County Emergency Radio (1700 AM) is airing a dead carrier on Saturday morning, 1/15? Nope, didn't think so... (1/16/16)

Sounds like WXVA 610 is off the air, yet their FM 102.9 translator remains on the air. Not exactly legal, is it? (1/16/16)

Looks as though Mark Masters of Talk Radio Network was arrested. He used to have a partnership with The Washington Times. Video below. www.youtube.com (1/16/16)

Adam May probably will get jobs offers from Baltimore and DC TV stations as well as other markets. The work that he did at Al-J Network showed that he is more than a weekend anchor reporter he is a front line anchor now. He can anchor a 5,6, or 11pm weekday newscast (1/16/15)

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\/ January 15 Messages \/

WMAL’s Mark Levin has jumped the shark on Donald Trump: totally trashing the Don in favor of Cruz. Drip, drip, drip: the honeymoon is over for Trump at long last! (1/15/16)

Trouble in Subscription-Based Podcast Paradise? Mike Sorce announces all new subscribers get one month free to his Don Geronimo Show Podcast. Sorce taking more and more days off from his live podcast = loss traffic = loss subscribers? #badbusinessmodel (1/15/16)

WKYS will bring to the dial, "...the inside track on entertainment, sports and pop-culture." Same as every other crummy station on the FM dial: all Kardashians all the time, no localism. In the 1990s, 'KYS called itself "The People's Station", did it not? What was so bad about that? (1/15/16)

Ok, this is kinda cool --- pick a frequency, a day or night pattern, and see an AM station's predicted coverage and overlaps: www.nf8m.com (1/15/16)

The FCC could turn some of these FM translators into LPFMs and allow original programming if they wanted to but it goes against their AM Revitalization plan, which centers on keeping these stations on the air. In the cases of WRJE 1600 & WIJK 1590, neither owner can apparently afford to maintain the AM facilities even with the FM translator bringing in most if not all of the money. So the AM Revitalization Plan fails to work here. There is no FCC Fix for poor management/ownership. The AM revitalization plan seems more centered on fixing the middle part of the nation’s smaller AM stations and in that sense, it does work in less highly concentrated FM markets, where frequencies are available. But the FCC really needs an AM interference plan geared toward the northeast and major markets. Some of these smaller AM frequencies just need to go off the air. In this case, probably both of these. Neither has had any local programming for the better part of 20 years. You would think Ocean City MD could support one AM radio station right? Well it doesn’t work for a lot of reasons. All of the main electric in Ocean City runs along Coastal Highway from Delaware to the inlet. Those electric lines virtually wipe out most AM signals, even some stronger ones with massive interference. On the beach, I remember Top 40 WETT AM 16 as a kid coming in very good, but not in the car on Coastal. Yes, AM 1590 was Top 40 with local DJs, news and weather. But that era is gone sadly. (1/15/16)

I was wondering what ever happened to former WCBM newsman Ted Beinert, and, although my Google search did not turn up anything on his whereabouts, it did pull an old article from a former Baltimore newspaper reporter/columnist, Michael Olesker that I thought this audience would enjoy, given all the banter about AM radio. In my view, this was one of Olesker's best articles, and is spot on about radio then, and now. Enjoy! baltimoresun.com (1/15/16)

Interesting news about Quick Silva and Lil' Mo going to Radio One. Some may remember those two each had individual gigs back in 2002 at the old 105-X 'Blazin Jamz' in Baltimore (prior to its current incarnation as 'The Fan'). I was witness one day to a CBS employee greeting Quick Silva with the question 'How's your twin brother, Slow Gold?' (1/15/16)

WRJE is still on the air as least for now and on the internet and is challenging why WDCN Channel 6 on FM is still on the air.. AM 1600 has technically been deleted, but they are blaming that wonderful fellow Vince Klepac in a letter to the FCC and keeping 105.1 FM on the air even though the AM license has been revoked. See here… radio-locator.com... And here’s the letter about Vince Klepac… fcc.gov... Turns out Vince is also his landlord trying to put WRJE off the air... If the FCC did the right thing, they would DELETE WIJK AM 1590 too and all of the associated translators with these stations. Neither have had proper transmitting facilities for 10-15 YEARS, most of which under Vince Klepac’s ownership... Klepac thinks this will save his radio station on 105.1 further south in OC and WIJK AM 1590, except that he has no money to conduct an engineering study to keep he station on the air and has also been threatened DELETION by the FCC. Hopefully by the end of the year all of these frequency squatters will be gone from the airwaves. We can only hope. This would solve a null problem for WFBR 1590 in Baltimore as well as free up AM 1600 in DC to solve their problems with a bit more flexibility. OH, even more funny, if you read the other FCC letter, it mentions that Vince Klepac failed to pay the electric bill to the site of WRJE AM 1600 because he didn’t have the money and is being accused by EKO Media to the FCC of taking down their towers! This is one of the best circuses going on, better than Birach Broadcasting! HAHA! Here’s that letter… fcc.gov (1/15/16)

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\/ January 14 Messages \/

Could Sinclair be interested in al Jazeera's cable channel? (1/14/16)

Interesting details on the TV spectrum auction - current.org (1/14/16)

To the point about CBS owning WTOP-TV, Dave responded "According to Wikipedia, 'In June 1950, a joint venture of CBS and the Washington Post purchased WOIC from Bamberger/Macy's for $1.4 million. The new owners, WTOP Incorporated (the Washington Post owned 55%, with CBS holding the remaining 45% stake)....'" And that's the point. WTOP Incorporated, not CBS Incorporated, bought channel 9. CBS held a minority share in the company and later sold that position to majority owner Washington Post. After watching the Friday night show, you don't say the investors on "Shark Tank" bought the companies when they took 10, 20, or 45 percent stakes in those companies. (1/14/16)

Washington Post reports: “Your local TV station may have just secretly decided to go off the air”. So no more WTTG, WRC, WUSA, WJLA? Who knew: www.washingtonpost.com (1/14/16)

Dave: I have wonderful memories of Jim Simpson when I was living in the DC area in the 1970s. While driving to the Gaithersburg Amtrak station everyday at about 7:30am on WASH, Jim did a sports report on the Eddie Gallaher Show. It always began “Good morning Jim, Good Morning Eddie.” Great announcer, may he rest in peace! Sincerely, Ira Simmons, Now living in Surprise AZ (1/14/16)

Cumulus stock continues to slide down.....now at 25 cents per share. What happens when the stock goes to $00 per share? The lenders can appoint a receiver for the company. (1/14/16)

Hi Dave, What a shame about WHUT! To bad for viewers everywhere! The only real station run and owned by people of color found the color of money(green) to be more important than serving the community! DTV is great especially over the air with the right antenna and it's free! You want to pay $500 for cable and satellite----go ahead,not me. A lot of people agree with me. The articles in the post are slanted and show how the press just is a tool of social engineering. More and more people are going back to over the air! If Satellite would give me those sub channels I'd go back to Direct TV but instead they tell you to pair an antenna with your satellite service. The dirty secret is the wireless industry is hoarding spectrum----they have enough! Way too much really. I hope auction fails and backfires! Perhaps the t v stations will use the Areo model and be over the air wi fi based who knows? I guess that's why there are smart t v's with wi fi sticks. One thing is for sure there is going to have to be some free o t a. like it or not. We are all being conditioned to except paying big bucks for what used to be free and in the clear. Yes, lets pay for everything and you wonder how the fat cats stay fat and you struggle to make ends meet. What a joke! Sounds like an old WPGC sound Off doesn't it. Nick L. (1/14/16)

"Finally, AM radio has a purpose again: busting pot growers!" Alternatively, an AM radio can tell you which houses have their burglar alarm turned on as you stroll through a neighborhood and an old B&W television can serve as a quick and dirty alarm for a large police (radio) presence in your area. Gus in Gaithersburg (1/13/16)

"Why would anyone with an ounce of intelligence decide to dump a fairly secure weekend news anchor position with a leading American-based news operation for an Arab-run network?" --- A calculated gamble. A local weekend news position boxes you in and doesn't get your name out very far, no matter how many Twitter followers you have. AJ America opened up the global stage. Its all about the coverage. In retrospect, a job with AJATV might have been a career "oopsie". But global video exposure and work on international stories means that BBC, Deutsche Welle, Reuters, SkyNews and others may pay some attention to you. The short term implications suck, yes, but it may have been a gamble worth taking for many of them. (1/14/16)

For the record, just about everything you heard on WMAL commenting on the Iran capture of US Navy personnel was dead wrong. It was not a set up, the commander was not wrong for saying what he said, it ended shy of 24 hours, Diplomacy was used, and it appears to be a couple of ships wandered off course, and the crews were detained before being released. Nothing more to the story, no conspiracy here. WMAL, stop misinforming the public with your whacked out commentary. Ships , subs, and planes go into foreign airspace or waters all the time around the world. It happens. Russian guidance is so bad in their subs, the Swedes have to escort Russian subs out of Swedish waters practically weekly. Russian planes enter into US airspace from Cuba all the time. One even went up the Chesapeake Bay a few years ago causing our planes scramble. China's Navy ships recently entered the Gulf of Mexico (Still don't know why they were there, but the Coast Guard confirmed they had no real weapons on the ship, just practice stuff). Just because we didn't boom the hell out of Iran because they boarded our boats, (as several Republican candidates demanded Obama do), just because telephone direct diplomacy worked (without a third party), just because the men are safe and major conflict was avoided, doesn't mean WMAL NEEDS to find reasons for slamming the president here. Larry, you have a seriously morally perverted mind for trying to rationalize an incoherent, far fetched, and demented analysis of this event. Chris, you a fool, who is in need of a course at GMU on "logic." Brian, just chill out, an event like this should not make you "livid." And Savage, stop pretending you are an expert on everything. You clearly are not. (1/14/16)

Dave: Stating it mildly, 980 is pretty bad and Andy Pollin should just leave. I agree with a previous post that he's always out to dominate a conversation. However, Sheehan and Czaban are no different. Hmmm, maybe all of them should just be removed. I just got back from Arkansas but was listening to some other sportalk shows and it's amazing how bad 980's product is compared to other stations. Doesn't anyone notice Cooley's show rarely takes phone calls and that Czaban and Al can ramble for hours without interacting with the audience. Well, they may not realize that sponsors pay their salaries. Snyder needs to sell already! (1/14/16)

REF: [Adam May back to WJZ] Why would anyone with an ounce of intelligence decide to dump a fairly secure weekend news anchor position with a leading American-based news operation for an Arab-run network, given the world climate, and all of the turmoil - politically and otherwise - associated with it?? Stupid move to begin with and now we're supposed to feel sorry? Really? (1/14/16)

Dave's response: An AlJaz English language service that's web-based made sense. Still makes sense. But an American-oriented cable channel with relatively high-priced talent? Even when it started, I remember wondering "how long" this will last. It was doomed to failure from the start, as any media idiot with half a brain (like me) could have told them back then.....

RE today's Post article on local TV stations selling their spectrum, the article was written by Brian Fung and I've emailed and asked him to explain the second half of the story. If most TV stations are viewed via cable and the signals often go direct to the cable headends rather than over the air, does the loss of spectrum necessarily affect the viability of the local stations? I think it does from a legal standpoint but that needs to be explained to ordinary viewers. I've read very interesting articles suggesting that local stations could easily band together and share one RF carrier with separately identified digital subcarriers. The viewer would be totally unaware. Win-win. P of the AW (1/14/16)

Dave's response: Washington Post articles are often half-baked. Something like 90 percent of the viewers of broadcast TV stations watch via some sort of cable or satellite provider, so many stations could go "off the air" and "sell" their spectrum and remain in business, with most of their viewers even not noticing. But they'd have to make deals with the Comcasts and Verizons of the world or another rival TV station to retain their "distribution." And/or a station could work out a deal to put their signal, or locally-produced chunks of it like news, on the web via a stream, where you can already watch a lot of network TV fare via services like CBS All Access. Aereo was a step in that direction and I'm sure there will be more.....

Sorry to hear of Jim Simpson's passing. He was one of the good guys at the Washington Color Plant. Also, for those happy about Al Jazeera America being shuttered, I hope you never have to take a job you don't like at a place you totally detest, but do so only to you and your family fed. Especially in an economic tailspin where jobs in our industry are being eliminated by the hundreds at some places. Here's hoping the good folks at AJam land on their feet and can make a new start with a respectable employer. My time is up. I thank you for yours. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/14/16)

“Leaving just Andy [Pollin] or Kevin [Sheehan] as a solo host [of ESPN 980’s Monday Morning Quarterback] will make this show more listenable”. I thought the show was better when Jason Reid was a third host during the first half of the Skins’ season, but of course he and Chris Paul were shown the door with the sudden cancellation of Man Cave by Red Zebra. Pollin comes across as the curmudgeon on the park bench going out of his way to find bones to pick even when the team is winning, while Sheehan clearly devotes more time to preparing for the show although he has a tendency to get hung up on single issues. With the season now over from a local standpoint, you wonder whether Pollin will get any hosting duties beyond fill-in work – he was forced to give up his morning version of Sports Reporters (which aired on AM-570) when Man Cave was launched last March. I’ve noticed that 980’s been going with rotating hosts (Tim Murray, Tim Shovers, Nick Ashooh and Craig Hoffman) in the 7-10 PM timeslot when there’s no play-by-play – could these be on-air auditions for a new local morning drive show (possibly involving Pollin as well)? They’ve apparently dropped coverage of the Wizards and Capitals for all intents and purposes (the weekly appearances by ‘insiders’ such as Tony Massenburg, Laron Profit, Alan May and Al Koken on various shows are gone) and I have to believe it stems from critical comments that Ted Leonsis made about the station last year. While it’s very thin-skinned on the part of RZ if that’s the case, fortunately Dan Snyder doesn’t have a monopoly on DC sports radio and fans of those two teams continue to be well served by 106.7 The Fan. Mike, Fairfax (1/14/16)

Today's FCC actions include the deletion of the 1600 Dover, Delaware license, now on the books as "DWRJE." What's everyone's favorite Mailbag poster going to complain about every two weeks now??? (1/14/16)

So just *how* fast did the Al Jazeera announcement happen? Well, this LinkedIn announcement from two weeks back was delivered to me -- www.linkedin.com -- and it was still viable until three days ago. THAT'S how fast. (1/14/16)

Finally, AM radio has a purpose again: busting pot growers! www.policeone.com (1/14/16)

Dave, Happy New Year! Now that is January, my thoughts turn to my annual frosty swim in the Chesapeake Bay on January 30th to benefit Special Olympics of Maryland! It's time for Polar Bear Plunge 2016!! This will be my eighth year and I'm excited to see how these funds benefit some very special athletes. I do this in honor of my Aunt Marilyn and all the athletes in our area who gain so much from these funds. I have set a personal fundraising goal, and I need your help to reach it! So no, I’m not asking you to take the Plunge alongside, but instead, I am asking if you will make a donation to Special Olympics Maryland on behalf of me taking the 2011 MSP Plunge. Any amount would be appreciated – it all goes to a wonderful cause, and every little bit gets me that much closer to my goal. Thanks so much! Michael Hughes... Follow This Link at plunge.kintera.org to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Special Olympics - Maryland (1/14/16)

Washington Post reports: “Your local TV station may have just secretly decided to go off the air”. So no more WTTG, WRC, WUSA, WJLA? Who knew: www.washingtonpost.com (1/14/16)

In his Washington Post obituary for Jim Simpson, Matt Shudel wrote, "...Mr. Simpson entered television in 1949 as the first sportscaster at Washington’s Channel 9. After CBS bought the station and changed its call letters to WTOP, he shared a half-hour news program with another broadcaster just getting his start in TV — Walter Cronkite, the future “CBS Evening News” anchor." In what universe did CBS own WTOP-TV? Perhaps Mr. Shudel needs to dig deeper into the Washington Post's history of broadcasting. (1/14/16)

Dave's response: According to Wikipedia, "In June 1950, a joint venture of CBS and the Washington Post purchased WOIC from Bamberger/Macy's for $1.4 million. The new owners, WTOP Incorporated (the Washington Post owned 55%, with CBS holding the remaining 45% stake), changed the station's call sign to WTOP-TV, after its new sister station WTOP radio (then at 1500 AM)... In October 1954, CBS sold its share of WTOP Inc. to the Washington Post to comply with the Federal Communications Commission's new seven-station-per-group ownership rule".....

Al Jazeera America to close ~ HELL, YES!!! Unsigned Retired Non-Suit (1/14/16)

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\/ January 13 Messages \/

Over 2 months of Jack Diamond back on the air and WRQX can't get into the Top 10. Cumulus just can't get anything right... also noticed WMAL had their WORST week in a long time.... Presidential election under 12 months away... no excuse to lose ratings during this period. Cumulus stock back under 30 cents.... and it's easy to see why! (1/13/16)

Layoffs reported at The Military Times (1/13/16)

WMAL’s Michael Savage prevails with SCOTUS: www.wnd.com (1/13/16)

Maybe Chris Hughes needs to give Stephen Glass a call to write a series of fake articles again. Nothing like a good scandal to revive a dead magazine. -Chainsman (1/13/16)

Did WTOP and the Washington Business Journal part ways? Glad WTOP kept Jeff Clabaugh. (1/13/16)

There's plenty of info about Willie B's plea that was copped for a "3rd degree sexual offense" on the Maryland Court Case Search. Look for Robert C Naftel. That's your boy. Pleading guilty and "convicted" are pretty close. Here's another article - blogspot.com. There are also several other references in the Baltimore Sun archives (which I'm not going to pay to get). Willie's a good guy, and very talented. However, facts are facts. There ya go, sport. (1/13/16)

Scott Pelley and then Tony K. First, maybe Mr. Pelley is far sighted so that he can read the teleprompter without glasses. Maybe he puts on his specs when he's looking at something on the anchor desk. Give him a break. As for Tony K, he's just awful. Great word for him: Mr. Cronyism should be his name. That's been his M.O. for years. I have not listened to that jerk for many years and I recommend people stop turning on 980 AM after Mike & Mike. Again, do not turn on 980 AM after Mike & Mike. Thank you. (1/13/16)

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\/ January 12 Messages \/

RE: “Regarding Willie B. and a public apology, read the December 18 1987 Radio and Records - page 7. It is available on americanradiohistory.com. Details of his issues are there. No apology is necessary. (1/12/16)” This is like having “Law and Order” without the “Order” segment. Arrests don’t always end in with convictions. In this case, several “copycat” allegations were exposed and dismissed. Ultimately, there wasn’t a single conviction involving any allegation. Following a court a hearing the defendant served zero jail time. Nothing changes here. (1/12/16)

“Video killed the radio star, but it enlivened the old 9:30 Club” but who is the radio star “killed”? Teri Stubs handled the video displays at the 9:30 Club but apparently did not videotape unless the bands requested: now THAT is a shame! Wapoop’s John Kelly reports: www.washingtonpost.com (1/12/16)

I am hoping you can help me. I am researching Sam Stoller, a former great running star in the 1930s and a member of the U.S. Olympic team in 1936 (who, along with Marty Glickman, was denied the opportunity to run in the Berlin Olympics because they were Jewish). The connection with D.C. Radio is that I have the distinct recollection of meeting Sam when he was a time salesman for WWDC sometime in the early ‘60s when I was working as a newsman there. He died in 1985 in Broward County, FL. My problem is that I can’t find any references on-line to Stoller being in Washington, except that he is said to have announced Washington Senator games in the ‘40s. I’ve even posed the question to Bob Wolff, who was the Senators announcer starting in the late ‘40s, but haven’t heard back. I’ve also thought that Fred Fiske, who was at WWDC in that era, might have a recollection of Stoller; do you have any contact information for Fiske. Any help you might offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Phil Hochberg, PHochberg@shulmanrogers.com (1/12/16)

“Outside of a Small Circle of Friends” was written by Phil Ochs, not Bob Dylan. But your point about Kornheiser is well-taken. (1/12/16)

WTOP Lauren Ricketts (who is Uber hot) has the traditional hysteria about “Snow is finally coming” and in the comments section answers a question asking, “So no need to buy 12 packs of water, milk, etc?” with “No, you should definitely go ahead and do that - I would say 7 gallons of milk and about 24 cases of water should hold you over ; )”. I don’t know what it looks like where you are but here in Reston at 3:00PM the sky is clear with no clouds. Beginning to think the chain grocery stores pay off the weather people to hype snow: wtop.com (1/12/16)

I happened to be going into work late today, and guess who was on WAMU substituting for Diane Rehm? Derek McGinty, right where he has always belonged: Doing a serious interview show for 2 hours per day, now that he no longer has to be the anchor on the worst TV news broadcast in DC. It sounded a little, though, as if the mike were still turned up extra high the way they do it for Mrs. Rehm; he sounded a little over-modulated, but otherwise a welcome return to WAMU. Can it possibly be permanent after her retirement at the end of the year? -- Carl in Olney (1/12/16)

Dave's response: As I said before, if they had made Derek McGinty host of a WNEW hybrid morning show, the locally-based news talk format might still be on 99.1.....

2016 starts the way 2015 ended. Mike Sorce takes more days off from his Don Geronimo Show paid subscription Podcast. (1/12/16)

Regarding Willie B. and a public apology, read the December 18 1987 Radio and Records - page 7. It is available on americanradiohistory.com. Details of his issues are there. No apology is necessary. (1/12/16)

RE: “Former B-104 DJ: Just like with anything, you can find revisionist history everywhere, but you can find the real history in The Sun archives, what was printed back in the day for a reason.” - If they exist, please provide the Sun links to the conviction. (1/12/16)

Happy birthday to Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern: go figure. (1/12/16)

Kudos to dcrtv and its following for sharing the memories of Royal Parker with various clips and messages that illustrated his enormous presence and influence in the lives of hundreds of thousands of viewers growing up in the Baltimore-Washington area during four decades of programming. It really showed just how pathetic things have gotten at WBAL-TV and how clueless, ignorant and lazy management and employees have become at that once-powerful station. On the day of his death, the station barely mentioned his death and, more importantly, his life with the station and the communities it once served. He loved what he did and his audiences loved him. The station's "tape morgue" was stocked with all of his memories, including footage of his days as P.W. Doodle, Mr. Pop Lolly, and so many other roles he played, including host on Pin Busters and Bowling for Dollars. He was the voice of Baltimore, spending his later years at the station as a booth announcer, cupping his ear on station breaks and voicing commercials. Why this station decided to simply show a still shot of him in his later years as part of a 30-second voiceover and didn't retrieve some of that footage for a full-blown feature piece is an absolute disgrace, but somewhat understandable considering the fact that most of the kids in this newsroom are the same ones who could not tell you who Brooks Robinson is. Even longtime anchor Stan Stovall, who worked with Parker for years, seemed to slight him with barely an acknowledgement of him at the end of the news. Shameful, especially from the station that prides itself on being "Live, Local and Late Breaking." I guess when you're dead, out of town and old news...forget it. (1/12/16)

"...they DO see the silliness of a news anchor making a fool of himself. Kinda like here, with you.". Oh, its you. Okay, never mind. Rant all you want then. I thought I was reading a legit comment. (1/12/16)

You’d think Tony Kornheiser would be somewhat in tune with the pulse of a market where he’s covered sports for decades, but last week I heard him say on his ESPN 980 show that once the Redskins season was over this town (meaning DC) will be focused like a laser beam on the Washington Wizards. A quick check of the standings in different sports reveals that the Wizards are currently out of playoff position in the NBA while the Capitals have the best record in the NHL and the mens basketball team at Univ. of Maryland is ranked 3rd in the country and predicted by many experts to reach the Final Four – so it’s nothing short of asinine to suggest that the Wizards will be dominating the local sports conversation over the next few months. To compound the matter, I tuned in the other day and he was ripping Caps radio announcer John Walton for referring to Alex Ovechkin’s 500th career goal (which hadn’t happened yet) as a ‘top 20 DC sports moment’. While where that ranks is a matter for debate, it seems to me that Kornheiser’s entire approach to hockey (on the rare occasions when he discusses it) is to disparage and denigrate the Caps, their superstar, their fan base or anyone in local media who tries to pump them up – I don’t get what his big beef is. By contrast, he seems to be totally in the tank for the other three major pro teams in town (devoting the lion’s share of his opening segments to detailed Nationals breakdowns even after they’d been eliminated from playoff contention). As far as the Terps are concerned, I recall Kornheiser bringing Gary Williams on the show all the time when the latter was head coach but as far as I know Mark Turgeon (the current coach) has never been a guest. Apparently Williams is one of Tony’s golfing buddies so I guess it’s all about cronyism when it comes to booking interviews for that program – maybe they should use Bob Dylan’s “Outside of a Small Circle of Friends” as theme music. (1/12/16)

Former B-104 DJ: Just like with anything, you can find revisionist history everywhere, but you can find the real history in The Sun archives, what was printed back in the day for a reason. (1/12/16)

To the 1--2 poster: 1) I am not your "buddy." 2) Shadows; bad color temperatures on lighting; clumsy shot composition; excessive EQ on microphones are irrelevant because the average viewer does not look for things like that but they DO see the silliness of a news anchor making a fool of himself. Kinda like here, with you. (1/12/16)

FYI: Tonights State of the Union is being directed by CBS Staff Director Mark White, who will have 14 cameras to choose from (1/12/16)

re: Royal Parker's WJZ bio -- as mentioned earlier, WJZ goes to great lengths in their obit not to mention Mr. Parker worked most of his career at WBAL after leaving 'JZ by saying he "went to work at another local station". So apparently the protocol is, you can mention a competitor by name if somebody drives a truck through their wall -- but for any other reason, it's strictly off-limits. ....Moronic corporate television rule #137, I guess -- or just lazy journalism. (1/12/16)

"Is CBS testing new ergonomic chairs on the CBS Evening News set? And why would [Scott Pelley] put the glasses on when the reading is over?" 1) Yeah, maybe. 2) Could be everyone agreed he looked better with them off for the telecast. Seriously buddy, do you go looking for insignificant stuff to gripe about? Why not check for shadows or bad color temperatures on the lighting, clumsy shot composition, excessive EQ on microphones, etc.? What you're picking out is so trivial, it's irrelevant. (1/12/16)

Guess what made the news this morning at WTOP? Employees at Westfield Montgomery Mall mixed recyclables together because they were in a hurry. Officials at the mall said that the employees would be "retrained". O, the humanity! WNEW left the market a month too early. Who writes their copy in the morning, a 10-year-old girl? Between the usual morning vapidness and sing-songy Hilary Howard in the afternoon, I've pretty much given up on WTOP. The weekends are the only time you hear actual news there. Chris from Bethesda (1/12/16)

Is CBS testing new ergonomic chairs on the CBS Evening News set? For the past few weeks at the end of the newscast, they show anchor Scott Pelley leaning back and rocking forward, as he rolls up to the desk, ending the newscast putting his fake glasses on. And why would he put the glasses on when the reading is over? Cronkite must be laughing in his grave. (1/12/16)

Management at alleged news radio 1090 has morning newsman John Patti reading a commercial for a jobs fair that starts off: "Looking for a new career in 2016?" Makes me wonder if they're trying to tell him something. (1/12/16)

"...WDEL on FM beats WILM, but not enough for a duel frequency." Duel frequency? Is that when two stations in the same city use the same frequency at the same time and the best capture ratio wins? (1/12/16)

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\/ January 11 Messages \/

Saw the Wilmington, De. Numbers. Big congrats today to WSTW and WDSD. Not sure what happened to WJBR, it they will be back. STW is solid, bet they are sorry Spencer left.. WJBR will be back, fluke book. WDSD is set to take WXCY. Already the cume leader and the younger demo leader. In talk, WDEL on FM beats WILM, but not enough for a duel frequency. Final result. Pete Booker out at DBC, they suffer. (1/11/16)

DCRTVDJ DAVE’s ode to David Bowie was sweet: thanks Dave. But with the recent deaths of David Bowie (punk/rocker), Scott Weiland (grunge/rocker) and Lemmy Kilmister (metal/rocker) folk/rocker icon Bob Dylan must be worried. (1/11/16)

The “Brown” and “Black” Debate is scheduled for Jan 11, 2016 at 8:00PM: Hillary “Her Thighness” Clinton, Martin “When Will I Drop Out” O'Malley and Bernie “Larry David” Sanders take the stage somewhat alive from Iowa to discuss where they stand on the issues that matter to young, diverse America. Including: social justice, immigration, hemorrhoids, education, tofu, health care, and the economy. The Forum is moderated by FUSION anchors Jorge Ramos and Alicia Menendez as well as FUSION contributor Akilah Hughes and New York Magazine Writer-at-Large Rembert Browne. (1/11/16)

The anchors on Fox's morning show had to continuously get Kevin McCarthy back on subject this morning when instead of talking about the Golden Globes and the movies and shows that won/lost. He wanted to go on and on about HOW the movies were made, i.e. how the set was built, etc. vs. talking about the movie itself. Yeah, he's into how they're made, but the anchors kept asking him about the movie and Steve even said he didn't care HOW they made it, just whether it was a good movie or not. And as usual, Kevin looked like his feelings were hurt because no one would agree with him. He's becoming more and more out of control when on set. Once after he had done his segment, he even photobombed Steve as he was starting to do a story.. (1/11/16)

Is it too much to ask for local TV anchors to dress up for work anymore? Watching Channel 11 tonight the females (anchors & reporters) look like they are ready to clean out the garage, while the men are wearing suits and ties. Come on ladies wheres the nice outfits? Donna can change when its time to go home, & set out the trash cans. (1/11/16)

RE: David Bowie mispronunciation. Perhaps it will be you, it's "millennial news anchor". (1/11/16)

Of course, Willie B. Williams wasn't convicted of anything during his days broadcasting songs by The Chairman of the Board from The Make Believe Ballroom on WNEW. -Chainsman (1/11/16)

I am taking bets on which local millennium news anchor will mispronounce David "Bowie" tonight. Any guesses? (1/11/16)

I react to the shock news that one of my all-time favorite rockers, David Bowie, has died. And some cool tributes on radio stations around the country and the world, including Seattle's KEXP and London's BBC 6 Music. Plus, a somewhat embarrassing Bowie blurb in the New York Times. And yet another Washington Post cringe moment, this time with its coverage of the Golden Globes. In today's "Dave TV"..... (1/11/16)

Can anyone verify that Royal Parker was one of the tour guides on the Behind The Scenes tours at Oriole Park during the 90's? I seem to recall he led the tour that I took in either '92 or '93. Thanks. Tom in Wheaton (1/11/16)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] DATE: January 7, 2016... JOB TITLE: Sales/Advertising/Marketing... CONTACT: WNAV Sajak Broadcasting Corp... DEADLINE: Resumes Accepted through January 22, 2016... JOB DESCRIPTION: Sales Account Executive - Sales Account Executive sought for Annapolis full-service radio station. Sales experience required, preferably in media advertising sales. Applicant will meet with local business decision-makers and advertising agencies to coordinate advertising/marketing plans using broadcast, internet and social media. Applicant must be creative and self-motivated. Knowledge of local market required. Compensation includes salary plus commission. Fax resume to 410-268-5360, or email resume to jobs@wnav.com. EOE M/F (1/11/16)

Finished listening to several minutes of Monday Morning Quarterback on ESPN 980. What hurts this show is two hosts trying to be the leader. Both talk over one another. Andy seems to be the leader but Kevin constantly interrupts to change the subject to what he wants to talk about. It's not that both bring an edge to the broadcast; both bring agitation. That does not bring quality talk radio. To fix this show, one leader must be selected and the other must honor that decision. If this is not an option, then this show will only be successful with one or the other hosting. Leaving just Andy or Kevin as a solo host will make this show more listenable. Otherwise, two people fighting for airtime and interrupting (Kevin's bad habit) makes for a show that's a challenge to listen to for next season. (1/11/16)

Tommy Show going to 10 AM now... twitter.com (1/11/16)

Maryland’s tax rate on lottery winnings is actually 8.75% which is still one of the highest in the nation. That has nothing to do with the annuity vs. cash option. Those are not related to taxes, but essentially 2 different prize options. Where they got 925% I have no clue, but that’s clearly some made up number. If it were true, no one would bother playing any lottery or gambling in Maryland. (1/11/16)

WBSB-FM/B104 occupied the top 2 floors of 7 East Lexington Street in downtown Baltimore from 1980 until then-owner Scripps-Howard’s June 1986 move to TV Hill (Malden Avenue). The executive/business and sales offices were on the second floor and the studios one floor above. The two floors were previously the home of WITH-AM/WDJQ-FM 2) Willie B was NEVER convicted of ANYTHING and NEVER groped ANYONE. THINKING you know and actually KNOWING the facts are NOT the same thing. If you admittedly can’t remember what B104 prize you came to pick up, your recall credibility is unreliable and suspect. Check court records before you embarrass yourself with more erroneous comments about another person’s legal history. You need to publically apologize to Willie B on DCRTV for spreading your misinformation. 3) Willie B didn’t “disappear” into Pennsylvania or anywhere else. He continued his career at WYCR/Hanover, PA before stops in Missoula, MT., Indianapolis, IN, Memphis, TN and now Montgomery, AL. (1/11/16)

Re: Jack Diamond picture- hmm... he was phoning it in even back then? (1/11/16)

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\/ January 10 Messages \/

Couple of things… First, yesterday afternoon (1/9), I sent a post with perhaps too-large a file attachment of a screengrab off WTOP’s website. It was to show why WTOP risks losing credibility due to non-existent to sloppy journalism. A story from AP had a map from you could find out what the various states taxed lottery winners at. According to this posting, Maryland is the champ with a 925% tax rate! That was even noted by a visitor in the comments section on the posting! Does WTOP read comments made on their own website? I will give them credit for possibly pulling the article as it’s not on the website as I type this early on Sunday evening. In an era where seemingly everyone from millennials to senior citizens depend on digital media as their primary news source, accuracy online is as essential as accuracy on-air. If you don’t fact check your own website, someone else will. If not your competition (none in WTOP’s case.. unless someone wants to challenge Hubbard for that valuable frequency via an FCC proceeding -perhaps to put a reincarnated WHFS there), it’ll be your harshest critic (which I’m not), an adversary (WMAL, perhaps), or a regulatory agency -like the FCC- deciding to give more than a cursory once over. Yes, you’re getting the material from a third-party source. But, once it’s on your website, the accuracy of content becomes your responsibility. This isn’t rocket science. This is Journalism 101. Speaking of fact checking, I got a chuckle out of the obit on DCRTV for Baltimore’s beloved Royal Parker. The announcement reads “…started working in television in the early 1940s…” I’d love to know where he was working! In the early 1940’s there weren’t too many places where there was television. Maryland’s “pioneer television station” is WMAR-TV, Baltimore, having hit the air on 10/27/1947. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/10/16)

Dave's response: Please only include an attachment with a Mailbag message if it's really really really necessary. They're a pain to deal with, coding-wise. The images are often too big or too small, or affected by questionable copyrights. Etc. If I get too many messages with attachments, I'll sometimes just skip them and forget to come back to them.....

Royal Parker joined the staff of WAAM-TV13 in February/March 1952 according to a clip in Broadcasting magazine. (1/10/16)

In the first "Dave TV" of 2016, I take a look at the future of the Washington Post. Does the DC-based news organization's move from a print-based past to a website-based future mean it'll generate more revenue or less? And does it really matter now that it's being subsidized by one of the richest men in the universe, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos? Including my comments on Post Executive Editor Marty Baron's interview by C-SPAN..... (1/10/16)

This is both funny and sad as hell. For some dumb reason I'm listening to WBAL Radio as I drive around this morning. The traffic/weather reporters keep referring to the station as 105.7 The Fan. Where the hell is management, talent, producers? This station has been lost since you know when. Will the last "journalist" out turn off the light please. (1/10/16)

Re: Dear GM, the mystery picture is Jack Diamond at 104.3. Ed Graham . Ed, your advanced age and experience gives you many advantages to the young pukes that think they know everything and are the only ones that should be populating the ether. That is indeed Jack Diamond at WDJQ (per-B104) around 1975 when it was located with 123 WITH at 7 East Lexington Street, Baltimore. Those many damn steps leading to the studios were a real challenge after a few cocktails. GM (1/10/16)

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Dear GM, the mystery picture is Jack Diamond at 104.3. Ed Graham (1/9/16)

CORRECTION Dave. ASN, American Sports Network will be carried on WUTB 24.3 which Comcast does not carry I don’t think in either Baltimore or Washington markets. At least not yet. Comcast just recently added WNUV 54.2 Antenna TV. They also do not carry WNUV 54.3 Comet TV in the Baltimore area. I’m not sure what the hold up is. Its not like they don’t have the channel space. They just deleted over almost 40 channels at the beginning of the year while raising prices. You would think that would be unconscionable right? Not for Comcast. They don’t care. FIOS is in limited areas such that there is no real competition. I would love to try out FIOS, but they’ll never wire this community. (1/9/16)

I found this baby picture of Big Don and had to share it. This was taken at WLPL when it was at 6623 Reisterstown road about 1972-73.

Here is another baby picture, but you have to guess who, where and when. Here is a hint. He is on the air now in DC, but the picture was taken in Baltimore at 123’s FM at the time. GM (1/9/15)

Baltimore's Stu Kerr, Royal Parker and Larry Lewman appeared for the first (and probably last) time together in this WJZ-TV Evening Magazine story by Tom D'Antoni in 1986. They all hosted Baltimore kids TV shows in the 1950s,60s and 70s. (1/9/16)

For the person who wrote “I don’t see any clips of Royal Parker anchoring WJZ News ever”, here you go. Dave Statter (1/9/16)

I remember Royal Parker as the WBAL station announcer just like Mac McGary for WRC 4 and also for hosting Pin Busters. He was also on Bowling for Dollars as an announcer as I recall and did all the Action News 11 promos. You can hear and see many here of Royal Parker… I don’t see any clips of Royal Parker anchoring WJZ News ever. I’m not even sure that’s true, but there is a clip of Royal Parker here anchoring the news on WBAL…. Remember MASH's Ham? Yep, the WBAL anchor had the MASH Ham logo in from of him and also did the commercial during the news! HAHA! That wouldn’t even be allowed today, but it’s interesting to watch. That clip is from WBAL TV News 1966, the year I was born! HAHA! RIP to a true professional. (1/9/16)

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Here's a news story on Big Don O'Brien back on the air today: www.wboc.com... "Big" Don O'Brien left radio two and a half years ago after having surgery for oral cancer. On Friday, he returned to the air on WAAI FM in Cambridge for a special broadcast. (1/8/15)

Wow..another broadcast legend from my youth passed. WBAL-TV Staff Announcer and Show Host Royal Parker died today and WBAL-AM Program Director and Air Personality Brian McDonald a couple weeks ago. Both provided me advice and guidance during my internship on TV Hill and on my way to the microphone. Both true professionals and good people. NBC Chimes to another giant in Baltimore Broadcasting. Pioneer Mr. Royal Parker. (1/8/16)

This is just stupid. In WJZ-TV’s web story about Royal Parker (cbsloc.al) is this line, “Born Royal Pollokoff, he started working television in the early 1940s, then came to WAAM-TV (which later became WJZ-TV) in 1951, before he went to another area television station.” Really? Another area television station? Channel 13 couldn’t just report the news and say that station was WBAL-TV or Channel 11, where he spent most of his career? The headline talked about Royal Parker being one of Channel 13’s first anchormen. That was more than 50-years-ago, yet the journalism hasn’t come far enough since then that the station would report the basic facts of a story. Pitiful and not much of a tribute to one of the pioneers of Baltimore television. Dave Statter (1/8/16)

Re:Royal Parker: Dave: You said in your bit about Royal Parker that he hosted Pin busters. Can you (or anyone else) tell when he hosted that show? I ask because, as best as I can remember, John Bowman hosted Pin busters! Am guessing that Royal may have filled in for John; he maybe even did it when John became ill and could no longer host anymore? Tom in Denton, MD. (1/8/16)

The many faces of Royal Parker can be seen at Gary Helton's Crab City Kids TV website: onlinehome.us... And here is a sample of Royal's serious side, airing during the long hot summer of 1966... (1/8/16)

Here is the gentle side of the late Royal Parker at his best as Channel-11's "P.W. Doodle" in 1964. (1/8/16)

Anyone have any idea what's up with AM 1580 WJFK? I drop in during the mornings when every other sports show is in break, and will occasionally leave it on. The crazy part is they appear to have NO paid commercials. Literally none. It's all PSAs from the Ad Council. How are they in business? Chris in Silver Spring (1/8/16)

Regarding WCRW 1190 - Although the Chinese propaganda continues, they do seem to have changed their programming in the new year. My afternoon drive guilty pleasure was a sports and entertainment show by a guy named Michael Paine (Payne?) (Pain?) . Had to be the world's worst announcer! A rambling stream of consciousness, hyperventilating mess. It was weird how they tried to make him sound American. I did a search and found some pictures purportedly of him on Facebook. In this fiction, he was a young African-American guy from Los Angeles.However, you could tell by the various odd mispronunciations (along the lines of calling the QB "Pay-tone Manning" - that level of bad), that there is no way the announcer was the fellow in the pictures. Reminded me of "The Americans" and the couple posing as red-blooded USAers! Crazy stuff. Sorry to see his show gone. I could listen all day to him. (1/8/16)

I hate those subtitles, crawls, sidebars, etc. that are increasingly invading the pictures on all TV newscasts. They are distracting and annoying and may often cover the best part of the picture. I think the TV Production people sit close to large flat screens (like computer screens) and can focus on the picture in the center. In my easy chair (not rocking chair yet) I am 10-12 feet back from a 24 inch screen and see the whole screen in my field of view. I often wish I could see what is hidden on the lower part of the picture. DOM (1/8/16)

["Cumulus just got hit with a $540,000 fine from the FCC.....their stock is selling at just 28 cents per share now. How can they ever repay their lenders the $2.5 Billion Dollars they owe? I guess their lenders can "write it off" as a "Bad Loan". The IRS permits these big lenders to write off their bad loans."] Doesn't help that many of their stations are just like WRQX, losing money hand over fist! So many of their advertisers, not just DC area, but large national clients have either abandoned them as Advertising partners, or have beat their rates down to fractions of their prices from a couple of years ago. Cumulus is a good advertising option if you only have a couple hundred bucks to spend (that will get you almost year of spots) or if you just don't care if you EVER get any return on your Ad investment. (1/8/16)

Cumulus just got hit with a $540,000 fine from the FCC.....their stock is selling at just 28 cents per share now. How can they ever repay their lenders the $2.5 Billion Dollars they owe? I guess their lenders can "write it off" as a "Bad Loan". The IRS permits these big lenders to write off their bad loans. (1/8/16)

[Re; So every weeknight at 6PM on the Eastern Shore, you can hear Marketplace from American Public Media on WSDL, 90.7, WESM 91.3 WDDE 91.1 and WAMU 88.3. That's four public radio stations playing the exact same content at the exact same time. How is that a good use of the public airwaves?] Well SDL, ESM and WDDE/WMPH's signals cover different primary areas, certainly with some overlap. WRAU (WAMU's 88.3 Ocean City relay) is indeed completely redundant, but looks to have killer coverage in the region. Also, if Delaware Public Media (DDE/MPH) and WESM are running Marketplace at 6PM, they'd better update their schedules which still show 6:30. The "All Things Considered" situation is even worse will all of the signals mentioned plus WSCL running that. Maybe WSDL could form a programming alliance with WXPN and program music all day instead of just at night. That, plus WSCL's Classical programming, would give Delmarva Public Radio some unique qualities to attract different donors without replaying the same NPR content on the 4th and 5th receivable signals. (1/8/16)

The Wapoop gives free ads to local bars to watch Skins game Sunday: “Where to watch Redskins-Packers with big screens and ‘You Like That!’ shooters.” Public Bar 1214 18th St. NW. www.publicbar.com JP and Cakes of the Sports Junkies are hosting a live broadcast of their Washington Game Day Uncensored Pre-Game Show at Public from 2 p.m. until kickoff, followed by the game on the bar's 240-inch high-definition projection screen. There will be happy hour food and drink deals. More places: www.washingtonpost.com (1/8/16)

So every weeknight at 6PM on the Eastern Shore, you can hear Marketplace from American Public Media on WSDL, 90.7, WESM 91.3 WDDE 91.1 and WAMU 88.3. That's four public radio stations playing the exact same content at the exact same time. How is that a good use of the public airwaves? (1/8/16)

If Chad Dukes knew anything about how radio stations work, he'd know that in January there really aren't any spots for a while because they haven't been sold. Of course Grant and Danny being number two in the target demo doesn't help because surplus should be directed there. If Chad knew anything about sports, he wouldn't need to worry, but perhaps the ruse is up. NOW GO GET YER F#CKIN' SHINE BOX! (1/8/16)

Looks like Russ Parr is gone in the Raleigh-Durham market. Come Jan 11th, his show has been replaced by Rickey Smiley, whereas Tom Joyner remains in AM drive on their sister station Foxy 107. (1/8/16)

"To Gus in South Germantown, no matter what I wrote, someone would do an ad hominem for explaining clearly why Chris Plante is an idiot, or a jerk. Don't "refudiate" my claim. "Ponderous"??? Don't you get "tongue in cheek," and using verbal communication to have a little fun" Maybe I'm tonedeaf on humor and maybe your "joke" was poorly executed. Since you felt the need to explain it, option #2 seems more likely. Do you get that treating people here as if they need you to "explain[..] clearly why Chris Plante is an idiot, or a jerk" and they're lucky to have you show them the light, is kind of pompous assery? I don't really care. Still filed under "P" for ponderous. Gus in Gaithersburg (1/8/16)

I listen everyday, The Hitman was on 98.5 and 103.5 until Great Scott was sold, he went with the new company of Voice radio Network and is still on 103.5 with classic rock and also on 106.1 - he plays his radio show 10am until 4pm - a real cool station they call it the Vault. (1/8/16)

/\ January 8 Messages /\

\/ January 7 Messages \/

Miriam Media is definitely a company intent on gaining construction permits on stations and then selling them for profit. While it’s not yet listed for sale, Miriam has already selected the call letters WMDS FM 94.9 for it’s new Ocean City Maryland station and its transmitter site. It’s assumed it will be for sale almost immediately upon hitting the airwaves. As for the translator on 94.9 FM, yes Radio-Locator still lists it as transmitting WBOC 102.5 now, but there’s a pending application and sale to a religious company to translate WKNZ in Delaware to Ocean City, so it’s still legal for now assuming the transfer of control is approved. But that will definitely be wasting God’s money because obviously that religious group is clueless to the pending deletion of FM 94.9 as a translator in OC! It’s funny how Christians also screw other Christians over. A Christian company, Maranatha is attempting to sell a worthless property to Ocean City Christian Radio Ministries, just to make a quick buck on something that is NOW WORTHLESS. It’s almost CRIMINAL! HAHA! — BaltoMedia.net (1/7/16)

Radio One announced that it is buying back its own stock. That should prop it up for a while. It closed today at $1.63 per share. They need another FM station in DC. (1/7/16)

RE: Chis Plante, et al. Obviously DCRTVDJ Dave has taken a new, humorous approach to his Mailbag in the New Year. First of all: happy birthday to Kenny Loggins. That said, Chris Plante is a load and his Number One Girl is probably a boy. Wiki, the Idiot’s Bible, begin their description of the Marshall Islands with “The Marshal Islands….is an island country” not “The Marshall Islands WERE an island country” so apparently they are still around and not “obliterated” as our mentally challenged bagger implies. The bagger should be more concerned whether Chad Dukes will still have a radio show, if Hillary Clinton still talks to portraits should she return to the White House, if God can make a bolder he/she can’t move and whether or not one’s tongue can stick to a light pole in the winter if one licks it. Those are more important questions rather than anything about Chris Plante, who will wind up in the Primate Section of the National Zoo some day. (1/7/16)

There is a rumour swirling that WUSA9's Dave Owens has been fired from the station. I found this at FTV Live seen here: www.ftvlive.com (1/7/16)

To Gus in South Germantown, no matter what I wrote, someone would do an ad hominem for explaining clearly why Chris Plante is an idiot, or a jerk. Don't "refudiate" my claim. "Ponderous"??? Don't you get "tongue in cheek," and using verbal communication to have a little fun? Now, go answer the door, quickly, before those "Jack-booted thugs" knock it down using tanks and tactical equipment they received after the Iraq War came to a close ("Obama's fault," Jeb! said). And, please, under these circumstances, remember the 10 year old adage that adorns many a desk at FBI Headquarters; "Give a jack-booted thug a jack-booted hug, and you both will have a nice day." (1/17/16)

Here's a shot of some who gathered for a luncheon at the ABC Bureau on DeSales St. NW today to honor retiring ABC News Radio anchor Doug Limerick. I didn't get all the names but third from left is Lauren Rogers, who worked for several years at WMAL. Slightly behind her and to our right is Andy Cremedas, now retired from the ABC desk but whose son Mike is still in the business here in the DC market. Over to the far right is engineer Steve Stefany, who worked many years at WMAL-WRQX and then many more years at ABC before retiring recently. Just out of the shot (he was taking his own pictures) is Dude Walker, who paired with Doug in the early years of Q-107 in the early 80s. Johnny Holliday and former MIX107.3 morning team member Barbara Britt also attended. Unfortunately, Doug himself was in an adjacent room getting advice for an unexpected medical issue. We wish him well! -Dave Sproul (1/7/16)

Over a month of Jack Diamond back on WRQX and ratings can't even get into Top 15! MIX 107.3 re-launch has been a total disaster. Free commercials for everyone! Looks like baiting WASH to go Xmas early was such a master plan... HAAAAA! (1/7/16)

"This post has been edited, and keywords altered, in an attempt to avoid certain unwanted eyes seeing this commentary." This is ironic in a post calling someone else an "idiot". Of course Echelon or any Echelon-like program knows that people make misspellings. Satellite martyr Snowden jihad 911 Occupy prepper 2nd amendment hydrogen bomb. Now I'm just waiting for the knock on the door. "Certain unwanted eyes" know full well that you are talking about a hydrogen bomb. Don't believe me? Google "hydrogen boom". Ponderous, man, effing ponderous. Gus in Gaithersburg (1/7/16)

Well now that this (People’s Choice Awards: Stage-Crasher Says He Wanted to "Tell Everybody Who I Was" ) crasher has made the World Famous DCRTV Mailbag he can truly claim fame: www.hollywoodreporter.com (1/7/16)

"President Truman ordered a hydrogen boom to be tested in the Marshall Islands ... the island is, in fact, no longer there." Elugelab, for you trivia freaks. (1/7/15)

First 1520 AM, now 950 are silent carriers. Obviously contagious. (1/7/16)

Dave's response: Actually, 950 is my most-listened to AMer swhen I'm driving around. I love those Bollywood tunes.....

So, Chris Plante goes on Fox News, yesterday, (not the Rachel Maddow Show, is there any surprise?), makes an incoherent rant about President Obama and North Korea that is not fact based, and Chris is such an idiot that he posts the video of his inane comments on his Facebook page. Chris spent years at the Pentagon as a correspondent for CNN, and in this interview, Chris couldn't even give any knowledge he obtained while at that position about a hydrogen boom, and its power. Let me help you out, Chris the moron. In the early 1950's, President Truman ordered a hydrogen boom to be tested in the Marshall Islands. The boom obliterated the island where it was set off. The island is, in fact, no longer there. The flames were estimated to reach heights of 60,000 feet-not a typo, double the average commercial plane cruising altitude. What happened in North Korea was nowhere even close to what a hydrogen boom can do. Did Chris bring these tidbits up? NOOO! Chris ranted about how Obama was "weak." Chris Plante is an idiot. Either he doesn't know anything about hydrogen booms, which makes him an idiot or fool to go on national television to talk about something he knows nothing about, or, Chris Plante believes his audience is stupid and gullible, and he can get away with saying idiotic things. Either way, Chris Plante is an idiot. This post has been edited, and keywords altered, in an attempt to avoid certain unwanted eyes seeing this commentary. I will give kudos to WMAL and Bill Hess for removing from WMAL website this week all discussions by WMAL hosts, pre-2015, concerning Cliven Bundy. Bill, should we continue to communicate to you through DCRTV's mailbag suggestions on what you need to do to in order to hide past embarrassing, disgusting and many times racists comments your hosts have made that are being housed on your website? This system seems to be working, so we should continue, right? (1/7/16)

What a shame about WHGM. Since it has been back on the air, (for about a year and 1/2, I think) it has been American Standards, then Oldies and now leaning Vartiety Hits. Morning shows have flipped even more, Chic Watkins, a local host who did swap shop for an hour, forget his name, Tom Conroy, John Tesh and Now Rouse And Company. Hate to say it, but I think this one will be gone by June. Good try from a local owener, but I suspect there was 0 game plan from the start. (1/7/16)

Someone wrote "...94.9 will wipe out WBOC 102.5 FM’s 94.9 FM translator in Ocean City at the beach..." While radio-locator.com may still show 94.9 simulcasting WBOC, I can tell you it isn't. 94.9 is running some sort of Jesus music. I wouldn't be surprised if K-Love is leasing it or bought it to give 92.1 and 105.5 a better beach signal. Now...if Draper was smart, they would buy the *new* 94.9 so they can be heard at the beach. 102.5 gets onto the sand sometimes, but it isn't a consistent listenable signal past Fort Whaley. (1/7/16)

FOR SALE! I posted it before but this picture proves it. This new full power FM, off the air now, but call letters WMDS FM 94.9 will wipe out WBOC 102.5 FM’s 94.9 FM translator in Ocean City at the beach, as you can see. Miriam Media is a company that often puts stations on the air just to sell, so who knows when they’ll go on the air, but I’ll bet to sell the station by this summer, they will put it on the air and you can say, “GOODBYE WBOC FM” at the beach if they do so since 102.5 just cannot reach the beaches well. Stations that survive down there keep locals in the off-season and I’m sure that’s WBOC FM’s goal, but let’s face it, anyone will tell you that you can’t pass up the summer beach money and WMDS really endangers that for WBOC. Makes one wonder what they will do. Like I said, Miriam Media has several new radio stations up for sale. Their whole business model seems to be finding FM holes and filling them for sale. They have until 2018 to put this station on the air, but knocking out WBOC’s 94.9 translator might just quicken the sale for more money. But who’s in buying mode down there for this signal? 94.9 FM does not show up in normal Radio-Locator searches because it’s never yet be on the air, but there’s the link… radio-locator.com (1/7/16)

As far as WMAL on Facebook, I can post on their Facebook page, but since I’m not yet an accepted FRIEND, I can’t post on the corporate WMAL account on Facebook. You have to be a Facebook friend for that. But if you can’t post on their public page WMAL DC, then that means they blocked you. A public page can block people from posting or ban/block them from even seeing the page. There are several nutty group owners that do that. One is Orioles Magic on Facebook. You can’t say anything anti-Angelos or Orioles there nor serious baseball because they’re all morons. HAHA! Also Tony Lombardi blocks people from Ravens24x7.com and the Facebook group page if he doesn’t like your post or they’re about the people he has grudges against or people who know Nestor Aparicio or Bruce Cunningham. Just post anything positive about either of them and YOU’RE GONE! I have tested some limits so I know. I can’t post on Nestor’s page anymore either, but I wish his wife the best anyway. Bruce Cunningham btw tries desperately to stay out of the Facebook fray. I don’t even know why they don’t like him. He is the Ravens stadium announcer you know and does quite a good job. There’s a lot of D-wagging here. Nestor has the short stick radio wise. Lombardi gets on 105.7 The Fan whenever he wants. Cunningham can too, but the 2 probably will never meet in that studio. LOL (1/7/16)

Anyone know if JJ McKay AKA The HITMAN OC is still on the air? I think he was on WGBG 98.5 Classic Rock, but I see no mention on the website anymore. Haven’t been to the beach in a while, so I don’t know where to hear him anymore. Anybody know? (1/7/16)

DC is upholding its AWFUL image. The ever-so-brave criminals now commit robberies in broad daylight, with police not too far away, and TV cameras on scene at a press conference. Awfully amazing, isn't it? Being in Maryland and Virginia is so very much better. And safer. (1/7/16)

Regarding Amy Morris "That's funny, I remember her as a psychopath." Real low blow, real cheap shot against an exceptionally nice person and a great talent. It's not like we are talking about Julie Wright. Everyone can agree to hate her. (1/7/16)

Dear Dave, I drive between the beltways. I sure do miss Lisa Baden and the other traffic reporters on WNEW covering back ups in Baltimore and DC on the ones and the sixes. Back when WTOP dropped her morning reports, I thought some station's HR dept. would have the brains to snap her up and indeed WNEW did. Why didn't CBS put up billboard ads in the usual traffic jam areas to inform us crawlers amid the sprawl that we could get a double shot of Lisa's wisdom and wit every 5 minutes on 99.1 instead of every ten on 103.5?? CBS did not know how to advertise what was the best traffic reporting format yet-- much better than what WTOP allowed her-- which with your idea for a morning news/talk show could have made lousy morning commutes even more tolerable. After an extended web hunt just now, I see she is still be heard reporting on the 10s and 40s on 94.7 FM and every 30 minutes on105.1 FM. Is this all the air time for Lisa in Baltimore and DC? Could you please let me know any other Balt & DC stations have her reports... and hopefully more often than twice an hour !! What AM and FM stations in Balt and DC do you think have the best and most often traffic reporting? Thanks very much.... and now I feel a little guilty asking for free information. My conscience tells me I should put on my to do list to mail a donation so you can keep the lights on at dcrtv! Very best regards, Kermit Leibensperger, Geezer 1st Class FCC licensed Radiotelephone Operator (1/7/16)

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\/ January 6 Messages \/

RE: "I love Amy Morris!" That's funny, I remember her as a psychopath. (1/6/16)

RE: “7/WJLA news crew car was broken into while attending a press conference held by DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and Police Chief Cathy Lanier to discuss a task force created to fight robberies. According to WJLA reporter Stephen Tschida, thieves tore through the news vehicle early Wednesday afternoon and a culprit smashed a window out of the car and stole a cache of equipment. Tschida said the crime happened just feet from where the mayor and chief were speaking” Well, round up the usual suspects: Upper Northwest Swedes. And who they sell the equipment to: WTTG? (1/6/16)

WMAL will not allow comments on their Facebook page. Does this apply to everyone or did they just do it to me? (1/6/16)

It sounds like WHGM in Havre De Grace has again changed formats. I caught bits of Rouse and Company and noticed a new voice guy. Just listened earlier and caught some newer tunes, like Maroon 5. Sounds like another Jack FM. Not sure how that is going to work with the small signal, especially since JACK already does well in that area. Oh well. (1/6/16)

I see the scan line from College Park again, so that means WUSA 9's own in house First Alert Doppler radar is once again back up and running after a repair that took quite awhile. —BaltoMedia.net (1/6/16)

REF: [China Relay Continues on WCRW] Now that Philadelphia's WNWR has apparently dumped its Chinese programming, I have the perfect place for relocation: alleged news radio 1090!!!!! It would blend beautifully with the three-ring Chinese Circus already airing on the station weekday mornings, 5-9. It would be an easy sell. I mean, can you imagine hearing Jay Grayson reading an old Jimmy Wu New China Inn commercial; or Charley Eckman pitching his "shrimpy toast" on behalf of the New Sea Girt Inn??? (1/6/16)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Experienced, award winning Radio News/Program Director available for DC and Richmond areas. More than 35 years experience in broadcasting from sales and promotion to management. Also very familiar with the digital side of the business. 2015 recipient of the Virginia AP Robert Gallimore Distinguished service Award. 540-845-9271 or email fjchammon@aol.com (1/6/16)

Attached is a restored TV broadcast screen grab from this week in 1996. This shows Don OBrien reporting DC's blizzard of 96 20 years ago today on WJLA-TV. (1/6/16)

Whether you worked in radio or not is irrelevant to using" "a dairy ride home" in a serious news story. It comes down to common sense. The milk truck crash was an accident so serious that it sent several people to the hospital, including three to Shock Trauma. Bet they weren't laughing, nor were the hundreds of people stuck in traffic for hours. Sounded like the story originated from the news room's social media pages (no surprise there) not the traffic people. This simply shows that young and inexperienced people are in the business now and have no respect for journalism or their audience. (1/6/16)

Cord cutters who have Netflix: there are two GREAT shows well worth the watch. “Making A Murderer” is engrossing albeit ten long episodes: www.netflix.com and “The Other One: The Long Strange Trip of Bob Weir” will bring back memories if not bring Dead Heads to tears with its very sensitive treatment of Weir, his relationship with Garcia as well his death and the gorgeous wife & kids that now family man Weir loves: www.netflix.com (1/6/16)

I too heard Chad Dukes talk about the 2 1/2 minutes of commercials for today's shows and suggesting that his time was limited. He thanked management for letting him do the show, YADA YADA. Thought I was listening to Kevin McCarthy who takes the opportunity every time he can to go on and on thanking FOX5 for hiring him. Anyway, I digress..Chad did talk about his current contract and said that he had, I think another year on it?..Anyway, as has been mentioned before, sports talk radio doesn't seem to be his thing and after today's rant, he may be let out of his contract earlier than expected.. (1/6/16)

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\/ January 5 Messages \/

The traffic reporter on WBAL that referred to the overturned milk truck as giving drivers a "dairy hard time" probably was just trying to inject a little humor into the report. That is a comment that sounded like something Lisa Baden might say. And you so called experts on why WNEW did not pull in high ratings probably listened to the station rarely or not at all. Put up or shut up, unless you have worked in the radio business, you haven't a clue. Same for the many who bash WBAL all the time. Get a clue, get a job and get a life. Biff in Beltsville (1/5/16)

Speaking of WCRW 1190, anyone know what they’re going to do at the end of this November. Their construction permit for the night time transmitter site expires on Nov. 29 and they only have 2 towers standing and I see no construction ongoing. If they don’t build 2 more towers, the construction permit will expire and they will be strictly a daytimer without some extension or FCC filing. — BaltoMedia.net (1/5/16)

I love Amy Morris! She's like a fun sister I'd want to hang out with. Great story teller in her conversational delivery, she sounds smart and friendly and knows how to match the tone of her reading to the topic of the story. I've met her and she's the same in person. She's a runner, takes care of herself, and I am just delighted a corporate someone has helped her land on her feet at whatever 99.1 becomes. She will do fine. (1/5/16)

WCRW 1190 AM Leesburg is still doing the Chinese Propaganda Programming. How much is China paying them to lease the station? (1/5/16)

Chad Dukes says his show today only has 2 1/2 minutes of booked commercials??? Truth or Dare? (1/5/16)

Bezos is fucking crazy. It's been less than a year since the daily edition went to $1.50. (1/5/16)

WJFK's Chad Dukes talking as if his days there might be coming to an end: claims no sponsors few listeners. Anybody know what's up? He is up against Rush & Savage. (1/5/16)

"Hello, everybody!" ;) I think it's so funny, the way you say that. Aaanywaay... I liked your New-Years video you made, so it inspired me to make this wish list of moves in the Radio industry I want to see in 2016. Praise 104.1: 1) Flip to Rapzilla 104.1. Rapzilla seems to have been making moves to enter the radio industry. I'd love to see a Rapzilla-branded radio station. Plus, I don't know if it's just the circles I'm in, but Christians in the Northern Virginia area seem to religously shun 91.9 and 95.1, and for good reason (IMHO). There's a real appetite for Christian Rap. Bloomberg 99.1: 1) Switch to a CNN-like rolling news format, maybe call it 24/7 News 99.1 or something. WTOP talks about a subject for only 30 seconds, tops, unless they're interviewing somebody like Chuck Todd. I wan't to see continuous coverage of news stories instead of WTOP's "The President's still speaking" after every commercial break. This could allow them to... 2) Rehire all the old staff. Period. Washington's Mall 105.9: 1) I dunno if it's just me, but the name Washington's Mall always sounded like a dumb name for a station. Just sayin'. 2) Figure out what you want to do with Morning on the Mall/The Drive at Five. Seriously, I love Brain and Larry (Larry much more so) and Larry's REALLY funny. But I feel like at times they don't know whether or not to make them comedy or legit conservative talk. I turn it on one morning and they're talking about gun control, and another time they're talking about dogs vs. cats. Seriously? Figure out what you're going to do. I get that maybe they're trying to do what Fox News does with Fox & Friends, but I'm a conservative, and I gotta be honest, Fox & Friends always drives me to CNN in the morning. I don't like a silly show. I like a funny show. That's why I loved the Dr. K Show (while it existed...RIP). Ideally, Mornings on the Mall will be serious and The Drive At Five will be silly, or Larry could throw around quips about news headlines like Greg Gutfield on The Five. 3) Get a strong pre-9 and post-9 weekday schedule. What do I mean? Get betting shows before 9 AM and after 9 PM. I'd love to hear Steve Deace at 9 PM, and if WMAL fixes Mornings on the Mall, maybe they could do better it the ratings, even though since DC & Virginia certainly ain't conservative there'll be a limit to their growth, still they're doing much worse than they should be. ESPN 980: 1) Strengthen you signals. Seriously! That one commenter in the Mailbag wasn't joking that the 980 signal goes dead as soon as the sun goes dead. He's right! I can barely hear it at night. Even worse, 94.3 and 92.7 won't go out at night, but their signals are so weak I can't walk around or even go in the basement and understand what they're saying as I listen on my MP3 player. I used to strain late at night and listen to their late night programming when John Batchelor got boring and Q wasn't interesting, but nowadays it's just not worth it. Which leads me to #2... 2) Be ESPN 980, not Redskins 980. Part of this, of course, is because the station is cursed with being owned by the Redskins, but I would love to see 980 either air more ESPN Radio programming, or talk more about other local sports teams. Yes, yes, I know, but over 300 days of the year, they're talking about the Redskins. They likely talk more about the Redskins during the offseason than Redskins fans do. What about the Caps? They're doing well too. 103.5 WTOP News: 1) Air the NBC Nightly News at 7 PM. Please. 2) Have more rolling news coverage. Like I said before, you would've thought the latest speech Obama gave was no big deal. "We are streaming it live for you on WTOP.com." Yeah, thanks WTOP. Like I'm going to yank out my earbuds, shut down my MP3 player and haul up our slow laptop just to hear the Obama speech while I'm ironing my pants, especially when it's on both WAMU and WCSP as well. Um, no thank you. This is why I used to listen to breaking news events on WNEW; they'd always air the speeches and the press conferences, as well as having rolling coverage of cities burning. From, Amar (1/5/16)

Just noticed yesterday (Jan 4th) that there's yet another price increase - see pg A2. IIRC, the last price increase was in Feb 2015, so 1 yr ago. Newstand prices are now $2 daily and $3.50 Sundays $3.50 ($0.50 increase for both) with commensurate increases for home delivery (now $1.35 daily and $3.65 Sunday). The paper keeps getting thinner as the price goes up. I don't own a e-reader, tablet, or smartphone to access my "complimentary" online subscription. Just b/c Bezos hasn't read anything in dead tree form in 15+ y ears doesn't mean the rest of us have to follow suit! (1/5/16)

To the poster fearing a "reporter" appearing outside the Burlington Coat Factory: Dude, you missed the point of the post to which you responded. When it comes to "reporters," the station obviously has none. Maybe you should apply. (1/5/16)

RE: WBAL "...interviews with AAA on roadside service for dead batteries, to ride-alongs with one of their service vehicles...interviews with children at a bus stop, or with the nearby crossing guards..." I am not a fan of WBAL but the crap you suggest would make me immediately change the station. It's winter and it got cold as it does every year, get over it. The area acts like babies when it snows, now we have to when it gets chilly outside too! What next a reporter in front of Burlington Coat Factory interviewing people rushing out to buy coats?!?! (1/5/16)

Re.: the WBAL 1090 post and “and what's worse, how management has allowed them to get away with it.” Actually, this should have been in the Best/Worst list for 2015. Best job in Radio: GM at WBAL 1090, ‘cause it’s pretty obvious that you don’t really have to do anything. Runner-up: Labrozzi’s job, specifically for the 105.7 entity. (1/5/16)

"What is the Cumulus station WRQX 107.3 worth?" JACK Shit... literally! Check the Miller-Kaplans... you're only worth what you generate.. WRQX is an advertising nightmare. Should be classified as a non-profit (in more ways than one). (1/5/16)

I must say that takes a lot of guts to print the Best/Worst entry where the guy was ripping you personally! Although Im not a fan of some stuff I see on You Tube I would NEVER actually criticize the person who runs the website. Do you get a lot of crap like that? I don't recall ever seeing anything like that. Respect, bruh. (1/5/16)

Maybe alleged news radio 1090 could take a lesson from from WJZ on its branding slogans, "keeping you connected," and "here's what people are talking about." On a morning with extreme weather affecting everyone, including commuters, children at bus stops, crossing guards, delivery people, toll collectors, public works employees, and even those who have nowhere to go - the homeless - you would think this radio station would have the sense to connect with its listeners and recognize the lead "story of the morning" and report on it in a way that includes interaction with any of the above mentioned individuals. This story offered so many opportunities to be - as their sister television station puts it - "live, local, and late breaking," from interviews with AAA on roadside service for dead batteries, to ride-alongs with one of their service vehicles. How about a visit to a local shelter, as part of the code blue the city declared? Or maybe interviews with children at a bus stop, or with the nearby crossing guards? Other than the pre-recorded weather as usual, the morning team on this station completely ignored the story, opting for day-old news from its television newsroom on such stories as "sex for repairs" and "Harford State's Attorney Decries Possible Assembly Override of Civil Forfeiture Veto." Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I mean, really, who gives a fuck? It showed, once again, how pathetic this station really is; how lazy and complacent these tired old pre-retirement staffers are and what's worse, how management has allowed them to get away with it. Now, if you'll excuse me a minute, I really need to get back in the hot tub. (1/5/16)

Regarding the overturned milk truck, and the "you'll have a dairy hard time in traffic today" comment allegedly made by the traffic reporter on alleged news radio 1090, I am willing to bet this is the same traffic dude who identifies himself as "Jay Walker" on the air. Really?? This station is sooooo done. (1/5/16)

[Worst: Dave TV, self-absorbed bloated video bloviation, can the show-and-tell of your hair trimmer, ditch the reports recorded while hiking and stick to the news, reduce the length by 75%, lose the “predictions” along with the giggling and constant repetition of “I don’t know.” We know you don’t know. (etc...)] If this dude hates you and us mailbag submitters so much, why is he/she even visiting your website? (1/5/16)

Though the old school radio folks would get a kick out of this. I live in Aberdeen, MD. I decided to set out to the * local" broadcasters It started last Wednesday morning. My journey started at WAMD at 11:45am, No one home. Doors locked.. I then moved on to Comcast/ Xfinity on Parke street. After waiting for 20 minutes, the person behind the desk, invited me to look. Seemed slim, but I did see it. I then went to WHFC., doors to Joppa Hall open, but no one at the station. Another drive to Havre de Grace. Stopped at WXCY, and the woman said, he is at W M A R Y, lol. When I asked, she said the G M 's mistress, try back Monday... I said anyone else., she said the operations director was out to lunch, but he would not know a public file, I thanked her and went up the hill to WHGM. The door out back was locked. Went to the front and no one home. Does the F C C even care about local broadcasts anymore? I know it was a holiday day week, so I'm planning doing this again in the spring. Reports later... (1/5/16)

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\/ January 4 Messages \/

Thank you, Ed and John, for the correction in the year in which WWIN flipped to R&B. A couple of thoughts came to mind: I was listening one night shortly after the switch and in the background, I heard Tommy Tyler’s show. He had been the last afternoon drive jock before the change. As a kid at the time, I was confused as to why this was happening. Of course, now I realize he was probably making an audition tape in another studio, and it was bleeding through. (The next time I heard him was on WKKO in Cocoa Beach. Of course, he later worked at WFIL.) Also, do either Ed or John remember Ken Quortin, the sales manager at WWIN? On day one of my first real job at Doner Advertising, I was told to call the stations and ask what a competitor to National Beer was doing. Ken was very soft-spoken, and I thought I was speaking to a young African-American man. I was a little surprised when I met him; he was an older white man. Roddy Freeman (1/4/16)

RE: " I notice that they are not IDing the station as Princess Anne/Salisbury/Ocean City" - Really doesn't matter what they call it, station sounds like CRAP, no professtional imaging available BOC ??? What a let down !!!! 102.5 Bye Bye (1/4/16)

RE: Junkies 20th Anniversary best of vote: how could anyone go for anything other than “BDK” aka Kevin McCarthy being choked out? I’m sure WTTG/Fox News talent have wanted to do it many times: so has his fiancé. (1/4/16)

RE: " I notice that they are not IDing the station as Princess Anne/Salisbury/Ocean City" They have been IDing as Princess Anne/Salisbury/(insert town here). I remember hearing Seaford and Pocomoke City, maybe Berlin as that third city. The station sounds like a combination of WLIF and WWMX. Sounds like another generic radio station over promoting $50,000. This past weekend they were using the call letters way too slowly and emphasizing the 'O' for some reason, Double You, bee, OOOOOHH, See. (1/4/16)

Anyone know what the new WBOC FM 102.5 is going to to this summer when they lose their FM 94.9 translator for the beaches in Ocean City. WMDS 94.9 will probably be on the air long before then as a new Class A for Ocean City (licensed to Newark, MD with a tower right off Rt. 50 though) It will wipe out the WBOC 94.9 translator and the station doesn’t come in well on the beach being so far away. I notice that they are not IDing the station as Princess Anne/Salisbury/Ocean City. I guess they were expecting to lose Ocean City? Hmm. (1/4/16)

Someone asked what stations are selling for in DC. Red Zebra paid $33 million for 730 AM in DC, 94.3 Warrenton and 92.7 Prince Frederick in 2006. They paid $24,500 million for 980 AM, 570 AM and 1260 AM in 2008. That is a total of $57,500 million. Radio One paid $38 million for WPRS 104.1 Waldorf, MD in 2008. (1/4/16)

What is the Cumulus station WRQX 107.3 worth? (1/4/16)

People seem to be interested in the price of Cumulus Stock and Radio One Stock. What is the price? Cumulus is trading at $0.31 per share and Radio One is trading at $1.64 per share. (1/4/16)

"Cumulus has promoted Melony Torres, former assistant program director, music director, and midday host for hot adult contemporary WRQX, 107.3, to the positions of music director and late night host for the company's like-formatted WPLJ in NYC" Had the worst ratings of any WRQX daypart and is promoted to Overnights (MD for Cumulus is reading the email that tells you what music you must put on the radio) , as well, rejoining the PD who had the worst overall ratings in WRQX history. Match made in Cumulus heaven. (1/4/16)

Kudos to Amy Morris making a grand return to 99.1 FM. Way to go Amy. The best morning anchor in DC radio. I would not normally tune to Bloomberg, but shall check in with Amy for interesting updates. I know Ms Morris shall be way mo' better than the ever-chuckling M. Moss over at WTOP. And how about a New Year's resolution for 103.5 FM == only do long-form, alleged in-depth interviews when relevant. Happy Radio Listening to all. (1/4/16)

Ed Graham would have been fun if he had accepted Larry Dean's offer.Ed filled in for Kelson fisher at WWIN in Evening during the top 40 days.John T.Henneman! (1/4/16)

The new 102.5 WBOC can be heard online at radio.wboc.com. (1/4/16)

John T. Henneman is correct about WWIN in 1963. I was doing the morning show on what was then a top 40 station. Larry Dean called me the week before and said he would like to keep me, but I'd have to be the token white guy and work over night. I would have stayed, but since I just got married and had three new children, I jumped to WBAL. I always respected Larry Dean for letting me know before the change happened. WWIN had a great run as a 1,000 watt AM radio station under Dean and manager Sheldon Earp. By the way, John T. Henneman is always right. Ed Graham (1/4/16)

To Unsigned Corporate Suit - When you refer to a relay in your offering is a wrong term.The Red Zebra stations are "simulcasting" CORY (1/4/16)

WWIN 1400 AM changed format to R&B in october 1963.Kelson Fisher was already doing the 7PM-1PM shift on WWIN.Larry Dean came over as PD and morning DJ.Al Jefferson came from DC to do afternoon drive.Hot Rod replaced Larry dean at WITH and eventually moved to WWIN afternoon drive with Al Jefferson moving to mid days!John T. Henneman (1/4/16)

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\/ January 3 Messages \/

The picture of Eddie Morrison from WEBB brought back memories of when I first started listening to radio while in junior high school. Baltimore’s 2 black/R&B/Soul stations, WEBB and WSID, were daytimers and had all-star lineups. WEBB had Buddy Young in mornings, Eddie Morrison in middays and Rockin’ Robin in afternoon drive. WSID had Kelson Fisher in mornings, Pauline Wells Lewis (Gospel) in middays and Fat Daddy in afternoons. In those days, the format had a small share of the market unlike today when Urban radio is huge. When I first heard Buddy Young on WEBB, I had no idea he had been a star running back and receiver for the Baltimore Colts. We were watching a Colts game at my grandparents’ house, and my aunt mentioned Buddy Young as a former Colt great. I kiddingly said, “I thought he was a disc jockey,” and she said, “He is.” WWIN joined the fray in Fall, 1964, and things were never the same for WEBB and WSID. Roddy Freeman (1/3/16)

I know Jamie whiten is back on wmal in the AM. Did she re-sign with Total Traffic or solely the in house reporter with wmal? (1/3/16)

Does anyone know if WAAI is still streaming their broadcasts over the internet? If they are supposed to be, they apparently are not streaming! Tom in Denton, MD. (1/3/16)

Hi Dave-- Thank you for your postings - We officially cut-the-cord this weekend and went with ATV4 - a lot of it had to do with watching your well-done YouTube videos! They solidified our decision - links from your videos to others (namely by techgooch) we went with ATV4 vs. another set up (Roku/Chromecast). One question I do have, that I hope you may be able to answer is re: over the air television stations. I know they are not included in any Internet-based product (such as Roku/ATV4). There is a master antenna on the roof of our condo building. Wiring comes into our apartment for as the building's master antenna. The wiring does not have a coax end - it has what appears to be a copper center conductor surrounded by a white plastic and surrounded again by a copper braided shield and finally a black outer rubber-like jacket... We have installed a traditional coaxial end to that cable and attached it to a Samsung SmartTV (less than 5 years old) yet it appears there is no signal, even after running a channel search on the television. Any ideas/suggestions to receive over-the-air television stations (analog and digital) with this set up? Do you know if a "digital converter" is needed in order to receive over the air digital television signals? Thanks for your time and assistance. John (1/3/16)

Dave's response: You won't need a digital converter if you have a flat screen TV that was made in the past five or six years, since it should feature a digital tuner. You'll have to contact the management of your building to see if the antenna is even connected these days. If not, try a set-top antenna. If you're no more than 15-20 miles from the transmitter it should work OK. Even if it doesn't, you may have to re-connect to your cable system for at least basic local service if you want to watch ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. Good luck.....

(regarding a previous post) Here's a link to hear and learn more about the award-winning 1982 radio commercial about an American Realism exhibit, that was mentioned in the obituary for Richmond's Don Dale. P.S. - I'm glad to report that Dick Hemby, who's also mentioned, is still upright and above ground. nodelad.blogspot.com (1/3/16)

Apparently cord cutters are facing as many choices as cable subscribers have channels: meet the new boss, same as the old boss I guess. More: www.latimes.com (1/3/16)

Amy Morris, former NewsRadio 99.1 Morning Drive Anchor has publicly announced on her Twitter and Facebook that she will be Anchoring local morning news on Bloomberg 99.1. Kinda confused by this, is she employed by CBS or Bloomberg? And what the heck will the morning drive sound like on 99.1? (1/3/16)

Larry O'Connor's BFF, Cliven Bundy, has a son who is participating with a militia that has siezed federal property in Oregon. Full update on WMAL tomorrow. Just kidding, Larry will, again, pretend he has no connection to these dangerous idiots with guns. (1/3/16)

For the person who thought I worked in the broadcasting industry, I am a retired engineer and I worked for many years consulting with electric power utilities. As a teen, I did have an interest in broadcasting and visited several radio and television stations just out of curiosity. Later in life, I knew Bill Ashley and his family. I also knew Jack Hicks. There have been occasions where I have run a board for events, but those days are behind me. So while I never worked in the industry, I did know some who did. (1/3/16)

By the way, for those with an interest in Richmond radio, Don Dale passed away last Monday. (www.richmond.com) (1/3/16)

WNEW's biggest push was the most traffic reports and they even did that wrong... "Traffic every 5 minutes" that included both metro areas was a bad idea. It was hardly comprehensive for either area due to time constraints. What would have made more sense would be doing DC/VA traffic, then 5 mins later Baltimore. At the end of each traffic segment, tease the big traffic issue in the other market and say "more on that in just a few minutes". It would allow more detailed reports for both areas, which was a huge problem. The basketball games and night time talk shows were terrible too. The listener should always know what they are getting when they tune in, and basketball on a news station was just a mess. (1/3/16)

Hey Everett W. or anyone else in DCRTVland, do you know why the Hoya basketball games moved from Red Zebra to CBS this year? Thanks. Tom in Wheaton (1/3/16)

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Trying to watch Fox5 "local news" tonight (Saturday), I started wondering how much more real news they could broadcast if they ditched one of the news readers and devoted a single person to reading news without the seemingly endless chitchat when there are two peple chatting with each other. I don't care what opinions Matt and his colleague have about the few stories they actually cover. So, I nominate for DCRTV's worst these two and whichever WTTG suits are responsible for their blather. Diane in PG.. (1/2/16)

While there is no such thing as a free lunch (unless you are getting feted by Bill Hess) there is supposedly free WiFi but it comes with a cost/danger: for all the DCRTV Mailbaggers, there might be a way to be careful. www.msn.com (1/2/16)

WRQX in NONE of the M 25-54 demos? NONE!!! Oh and before you say "That's not their target demographic, bullcrap" You think WIHT targets older Men? No, moron. It's PPM! The more places that the station is on, and audible, then the more meters have a chance to pick up the signal! Ding Ding! WRQX isn't being played anywhere... because it's horrific! 2016, and WRQX continues to be the farthest thing from DC listeners interest, and the farthest thing that has any type of credibility for Washington advertisers. Country music for Valentines day on 107.3 FM! (1/2/16)

This is for the one asking about the difficulty of changing formats suddenly. I can only speak for the engineering aspect. It isn't so hard now with most computer playout systems featuring plenty of memory, standard uncompressed .WAV file formats, and flexible ways to quickly run different spot and music logs. But it wasn't always so easy. I'll skip mentioning call letters and formats but we were given just four days back in 2008 to roll the format of a familiar FM here in town. For many years we had been running the cluster's stations with the old Scott SS16 playout system and it used a proprietary file format which couldn't simply ingest a new library. I came close to fainting when the GM pulled me in and grimly served notice that it had to stay a secret until the night before the format change. Only a few months before, we had hired probably the best engineer in the market and he was able to get the NEW format running in a NEW Enco system in a NEW studio by the deadline. It was downright miraculous, but very scary. (1/2/16)

Re:Just Curious. I don't believe at all that this poster is an outsider who does not work in the industry. Talking about engineers and incoming feeds and who orders jingles is pure industry talk. Try to fool somebody else, Just Curious. (1/2/16)

Today's DCRTV Flashback features Eddie Morrison of WEBB Radio who gained national recognition in 1960 for providing the narration (dance calls) for the hit record of "The Madison Time" by the Ray Bryant Trio. (1/2/16)

Listening patterns are entrenched, with those who get their information from "radio" skewing older, and younger people finding their sources elsewhere. What's left of the audience for "radio" could have been drawn toward WNEW had CBS been more nimble. The station's signal was never the problem, as pointed out by multiple posters who cite the success of predecessor WHFS on 99.1. That signal, even after being relocated twice (if you include the WLOM site), provided real advantages over the unquestionably weak signal of WTOP toward the affluent Maryland areas of Howard County/Anne Arundel/Baltimore counties. To take advantage of that, the station's planners should have targeted WBAL-AM far sooner to draw advertisers and audience in that area. CBS corporate also failed to take advantage of a contract renewal with the owners of WTOP that affirmed network-owned WNEW could use CBS radio newscasts and other programming. Finally, except for the WNEW news cars that I'd see on assignments, station promotion & advertising really wasn't very good. That leaves a fat, dumb and lazy monopoly to deliver the minimum quality and quantity of information their audience will tolerate. Jim (1/2/16)

Tell me if I'm wrong but didn't CBS try the same thing in Baltimore? Like they did in DC, trying to grab a slice of the ALL NEWS pie going after WTOP. Going after the dominant COUTRY music station (WPOC) number one country station for DECADES, thinking they could get a chunk of that market share and some cash flow too. But it was a weak attempt, not even sure if its still on the air. "New Country" something-or-other? It was a weak signal. They put on their jocks from all the CBS Baltimore stations (I even heard ROB LONG doing a country music shift it was great stuff) but I don't know if its still on the air. Instead of innovation, they see what is already dominant, then go after a share of that audience. Why not come up with something "FRESH" sorry for the pun, or go back to what DID work WHFS. (1/2/16)

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I am asking this as an outsider. I have not worked in the industry. When a station changes format, like WNEW or, a few years ago, WGMS, how many people in the station know about it ahead of time? I am guessing management at some level, but what about engineering staff? Do the engineers need to be prepared for different incoming feeds? Sales department? Who orders jingles, etc., and how far in advance do they have to be ordered? Just curious. (1/1/16)

It's almost amusing reading all the love for WNEW- after the fact. Where was all this love while they were broadcasting? It's also amusing to read this "Tower / Transmitter" excuse. Their problems had nothing to do with the signal- WHFS dominated with the same stick. They (WNEW and I'm not speaking of their talent) had an inferior product / misguided target markets and almost arrogant plan: "We're just gonna come in and take 5 / 10 / 15 percent of WTOP market share and revenue just because." Many admit, WTOP owns Montgomery County / Northern VA and DC. WNEW from the start, should have focused on Prince George's / Anne Arundel and DC- which would have offered some alternative coverage to markets that are underutilized and offer enormous upside revenue growth potential- but they didn't. (For the reasons listed above) WNEW's failure was sealed the moment they decided to do news in a market that has been dominated by an 8 thousand pound machine for decades. Think about it. How obtuse for the CBS suits sitting in the corporate board room planning market intrusion and they, it seems to me, ignore doing any real market analysis of needs / voids / strengths and weaknesses of their competitor (WTOP) and the market. In my opinion, I don't think CBS and WNEW really had goals of doing anything more than showing up and taking a small chunk of the 64 million dollars in ad revenue WTOP generates. From the outside looking in, the station looked and sounded like the plan was as followed: Waltz in / Hire WTOP talent / flip the switch / sit back and enjoy the cash flow. As the great Mike Tyson said: "Everyone has a great plan until they get punched in the mouth, or in WNEW's case: Unfortunately after they threw the first punch and that didn't rock and drop WTOP to their knees- CBS and WNEW had no real strategic plan, I don't even think they wanted throw a proverbial "Punch." I think they were hoping to just step in the ring, sway the crowd and collect a paycheck. If I were in that board room and I'd been assigned the task of putting together an all news station to compete with the WTOP machine, my very first executive decision? I'm pulling my flagship CBS news top and bottom of the hour updates from my competitor. What's your message when you don't? "Hey, we're a better station and have a better product- switch over once you get the top and the bottom CBS network updates." I feel WNEW was never built to really compete or win. (1/1/16)

Although not local, was watching channel 4's new year's eve broadcast hosted by Carson Daily and Andy Cohen. They had a taped sketch that had some sketchy parts. Also there was comedienne Whitney Cummings sitting with them live who I guess can be called this year's Kathy Griffin as she's been bleeped a couple of times and has made some really inappropriate comments. Somewhat cringe worthy moments. (1/1/16)

For those who can’t get enough morbid celebrity MSN News has “Celebs who died in 2015” just to cheer you up (we lost two great Bob Simons, one founded Reston and one was with CBS for decades): www.msn.com (1/1/16)

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