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DCRTV Mailbag - August 2, 2012 to August 14, 2012

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New Mitt Ryan campaign theme, 'Will I See You In September?' (8/14/12)

Tonight before the Orioles game, Brent Hollander on WBAL said that Orioles ratings "are thru the roof this season." If that's so, and if Durian's show ranks 3rd and the station is 7th according to your post today, how bad must the rest of the day be without Ron Smith? (8/14/12)

Murdoch's Sky News itself was hacked???? Oh the irony, the irony I tell you! (8/14/12)

Dave. I don't know what site this guy is talking about having "threats" I don't maintain any website or page. Its not mine. Someone who used to listen to me and wanted to post some of my photo's and audio from the past 40+ years built the page. His is the first complaint I've ever heard and the site has been online for at least 7 yeears. Interesting that claims he doesn't want to 'engage in personal attacks' but charges that myself and Paul Bicknell use "fake names". Not my site, don't care if you go to it or not, but you lied about the "fake names" you're probably lying about the site too. Get a life - Pat Murphy - still not dead, VA (8/14/12)

Kevin Frazier is a Baltimore native its interesting that his son Tony Tull would end up in this area I assume that Mr. Tull has family in the DC/Balto. region. Also how did the new WPGC morning team(P&F)do in the 6 PLUS ratings I did not see them listed hopefully not 18th place. (8/14/12)

Dave's response: PGC placed 7th in mornings, way up from about 14th place back in June.....

[RE Don and Mike:] I, for one, am glad they are apart. Don's tendency to railroad the show with the personal minutiae of his life, his rants and his disdain for those on the show, his ego. I didn't find them entertaining. The only time I really enjoyed it was when Mike would do an impression, he was the perfect guy to bounce the impression off of and take the bit in a funny direction. (8/14/12)

"NewsTalk WMAL has both an AM and a FM signal. It is beaten regularly by NPR's WAMU, two classical stations and a Spanish language signal. And WMAL has the best AM signal in the area. What a disaster! ACH (8/14/12)

Dave's response: That's what happens when you program a talk format that treats most people in the listening area with contempt because of the political views they have. DC, Montgomery, Prince George's, Arlington, Alexandria, and even Fairfax are left-leaning. And WMAL chooses to lean heavily to the right. So, a huge number of potential political talk show listeners go elsewhere, like to WTOP and WAMU. WMAL needs a better "mix" of political ideas, not just a collection of gasbags (like locals Chris Plante and Brian Wilson) spewing righty propaganda, if they want to get some ratings traction in the DC metro.....

If WMAL is dragging down Cumulus as much as they are claiming, perhaps they would consider selling 105.9 to CBS, giving them the better DC coverage they so desperately need to be competitive. (8/14/12)

Is Fox Sports moving to MASN? Will Fox take ownership stake in MASN if the O's can't afford to pay for Nats TV rights? (8/14/12)

What happened to Rob Carson at MIX 107.3? The station website shows him working Mondays from 10-3 which does not seem like much for a former afternoon drive host. Also, has WRC effectively punted on adding permanent staff to work alongside Dan Hellie? The random rotating team covering this role runs the gamut from pretty darn good to "you must be kidding" (Amber Theoharris I am pointing at you) and the whole operation comes across as amateur. Vance doing sports can be entertaining, but the novelty has worn off. (8/14/12)

Now that CSN and FSN have severed ties, my prediction is that the programming replacing FSN on CSN will be replays of all of NBCSN's upcoming studio shows as well as a live simulcast of whatever the morning show will be on NBC Sports Radio. NBC Sports Radio simulcasts wouldn't be on NBCSN because they want to focus on studio shows but it would be perfect filler time on the CSN nets who will have nothing else to put on. Also don't be surprised to see PFT Live with Mike Florio on CSN airing live at 12pm soon. There will also be a continuation of CAA sports being shown on the CSN nets especially since NBCSN owns their rights now. I wouldn't even be surprised if all of the ESPN college football packages moved from MASN to CSN. In terms of MASN, I expect Fox to acquire half of the ownership of MASN to provide a boost for them to keep the Nats TV rights. The FSN package of the DP Show and college sports would come in together with the deal and it's possible that MASN would be rebranded FSN Baltimore and FSN DC or FSN Mid-Atlantic. Hopefully with an injection of money from Fox, MASN's studio programming would become alot better because right now "Mid-Atlantic Sports Report" sucks. The hosts are great, but the production value of it stinks and they barely ever talk about anything other than baseball (which is understandable since it's a baseball network, but it's still boring). Maybe MASN could even begin simulcasting the Junkies, or move them to MASN exclusively if they get fired by WJFK because of the new CBS Sports Radio Net which will probably use WFAN's Boomer and Carton as it's morning show. If I'm a member of MLB Advanced Media, I would use MASN's struggles with financing a Nats TV deal as a way to acquire a stake in the network and possibly test whether you are capable of building an all-sports competitor to ESPN. If there is any league whose production/media company is capable of producing great programming, it's MLB. They've stolen the mantle from NFL Films. (8/14/12)

Pat Murphy has always been a lighting rod for controversy, and with that territory comes the nut bags. Thus the infestation of poltroon's throwing rocks from the shadows. He was a master of it 40-years ago, he's still a master of it. He can still draw them out from under the rocks. Jesus he's still the best! C.B. - Bowie (8/14/12)

Hey Dave: Sean Hannity had broken in to his own show silencing a caller to announce that Maggie Thatcher had died according to Sky News. Then moments later he again broke into his own show silencing another caller to announce that Sky News had been “hacked” and that Maggie Thatcher had not assumed room temperature as previously announced. What gives? Signed: Hacked Off In Hackensack (8/14/12)

(So the move is afoot to pull Rush et all off WABC and move them over to WOR? Good. Its an opportunity for WABC to get off the bird and go all local... a fighting chance for a Cumulus station to do something right) you falsely assume Cumulus would spend money on local talent. Instead they’ll bring in Huckabee, Geraldo and their other syndicated shows. (8/14/12)

""what kind of low life coward posts shit like this...[?]" - Some free speech advocate should give this guy the mirror Mitt Romney isn't using" "Free Speech" does not protect liars, and cowards who slander people from the safety of anonymity. That's not "free speech". Bullshit knows no political party. I agree with the poster who suggested that you should stop allowing chickenshit little assholes to post insults and slander from the safety of darkness. Let them come out in the open like a real man (or woman) and stop hiding. DCRTV would be a lot better place if you stopped giving these assholes posting privileges. Henry Van Andel, Leesburg, VA (8/14/12)

Why does NBC4 continue to hire more general assignment reporters? They need a sports person!!!! (8/14/12)

"what kind of low life coward posts shit like this...[?]" - Some free speech advocate should give this guy the mirror Mitt Romney isn't using. (8/14/12)

I cannot imagine the fiasco CC would make of WIYY. Actually yes I would probably make what Infinifuck/CBS did to WHFS seem intelligent. I rarely listen ( and I mean rarely!) to 98Rock but still hate to see long standing local icons treated like so much trash by wannabe business geniuses attempting to think 'out of the box' who in fact are "thinking(?)" in the box within a box within a box like one of those Russian circus acts -"HEY!"- Although I have to say Clear Channel has gone entirely out of character and, by some fluke, created an almost loyalty inspiring "mainstream alternative" station in Phillys Radio1045....don't ask me how I'm still stunned....I just don't see them treating WIYY very well if they got thier hands on it. Donnie (8/14/12)

Even if D&M were to be re-united, what demo would they attract? Would they steal listeners from the Junkies? Relevance is an issue also, in the four+ years D&M have been gone, satellite radio and 'net media have exploded, there's tons of competition for a listening audience - so assuming D&M could re-unite in say two years, would it be a big deal in the DC market? This is an ancient reference, but returning to a former market does not guarantee success, look at Warner Wolf's experience at WTOP after he replaced the late Glenn Brenner - he was out of DC too long and his bit was old and stale and it didn't work, his old audience was gone or didn't care. (8/14/12)

whats ur beef with junks, remember u promoting knr over them too...or u just doing "a polarizing comment for reaction" bit? (8/14/12)

Do what I do. DonGeronimoShow podcast in one ear and TMOS in the other. If you pause each one correctly it's just like old times! (8/14/12)

get rid of JP and the women-worshiping, and the show has a chance to be good again. Putting drabtshirt on the air would also help. (8/14/12)

Holden & Danny to WJFK mornings? Junks to middays? Maybe it's time.....” what about chad and lavar? (8/14/12)

Dave's response: Reunite Oscar with Chad for JFK PM drive. Give LaVar his own show, like midnight to 3 AM.....

SNIP-(No one's going to remember "The Real AHHHHHHH-SOLE" past this post. Pat Murphy - still not dead)-END OF SNIP- Pat, we all know that creatures like the real AHHHHHH-SOLE-grew up sucking on their Mother’s breasts until they were into their teens. Thanks for the kudos, stay well and stay in touch…ME! (8/14/12)

[RE Don and Mike:] Dave, it would be nice to have them reunited. The odds of that would be a snowball's chance in hell surviving.....but it would be nice. (8/14/12)

Dave's response: Dan Snyder really needs to juice up the ratings for his WTEM, and what better way that to reunite Don and Mike for mornings. I don't know if this would be possible, since Geronimo is still under contract to CBS (KHTK Sacramento), which owns rival DC sports talker WJFK.....

Although I was rooting for Wisdom Martin for the early news anchor chair on FOX5, he seems to be struggling with reading the teleprompter. The choppy reading, missing words or misreading words on too many occasions takes away from the story. I know that occasionally there are errors in the teleprompter text, but can't blame the choppy reading on that. (8/14/12)

WHY? Why do you allow anonymous cowards to slander and smear good people on DCRTV? You see it time after time. I worked with Pat Murphy and he not only was a good guy, he treated everyone fairly and honestly. Then you see some anonymous scumbag post bullshit about him on this site. I think you'd have a lot more people supporting you if you eliminated the nameless cowards who take cowardly swipes at the few good people who are on this site. If they won't put their name to it, DON'T POST IT. What kind of low life coward posts shit like that about someone they don't know? Looks like jealousy and envy to me. Robert W. Smith - Vienna (8/14/12)

white shirt and morning sun allowed us to see Holly's bra, clear as day. And Holly said that she was "not pure." Wow! (8/14/12)

[RE DCRTV"s Twitter & Facebook pages: Holden & Danny to WJFK mornings? Junks to middays? Maybe it's time.....] Holden and Danny are the worst thing on radio. No thanks. (8/14/12)

[RE DCRTV"s Twitter & Facebook pages: Holden & Danny to WJFK mornings? Junks to middays? Maybe it's time.....] Don and Mike back to afternoons? (8/14/12)

[RE DCRTV"s Twitter & Facebook pages: Holden & Danny to WJFK mornings? Junks to middays? Maybe it's time.....] What the hell? (8/14/12)

[RE DCRTV"s Twitter & Facebook pages: Holden & Danny to WJFK mornings? Junks to middays? Maybe it's time.....] I love the Junks, I wouldn't care when they're on, but Holden and Danny? During bridge jumper hours? (8/14/12)

Regarding the rumors that Cheap Channel might buy WBAL. Doubt it, OR I hope not. WBAL and WIYY makes money for Hearst in this market. Has been for years, even when the rumors spread several years ago it was up for sale. The station works well in Bmore, but room for improvement is warranted. Cheap Channel will send WBAL & WIYY to bottom of the Chesapeake Bay as they will with WOR, only there at the bottom of the Hudson Yea some of the weekend air staff is green, but that usually smooth's out one way or another over a few weeks. I am willing to bet that Hearst wished they had held on to some of the radio outlets in certain markets. As for the weekend news guy at WBAL he can improve. Kind of reminds me a little of my first gig at WLPL “back then”. (8/14/12)

Favoritest new phrase from the last few cycles, 'mesh worm'. (8/14/12)

So the move is afoot to pull Rush et all off WABC and move them over to WOR? Good. Its an opportunity for WABC to get off the bird and go all local... a fighting chance for a Cumulus station to do something right. (8/14/12)

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Saw Lou Holder doing sports on NBC4 last night. Haven't seen that guy in ages. Is he also working @ Comcast Sports like most of the other sports anchors who have been filling in? (8/13/12)

I agree that it is very unfortunate that the weekend people at WBAL Radio have demolished the credibility of one of America's most important media outlets. The man anchoring the newscasts Sunday was the worst I have ever heard in my life. The 12 noon was painful enough, but the newscast just before the Orioles game around 1 p.m. would have brought a grown man to tears. The anchor was not just awful in the delivery, but something went even more wrong at the end and he started adlibbing like a talk show host for several minutes. If that were not bad enough, his facts were wrong and information was all over the place. Throughout all of his newscasts, he kept moving from news to traffic to weather to sports and then back to news. I don't know where else to get news on weekends any more, because it can certainly no longer be WBAL Radio. I don't know what has been going on the past several months, but managers need to go back and retrieve his tapes, take notice of the complaints and make changes immediately. Just run national news updates if the anchors are not up to the standards listeners are accustomed to. (8/13/12)

I also heard the weekend news on WBAL. It's terrible. Sounds worse than college radio. It's clear the new leadership is clueless. And it is also clear the news staff never reads their own website. WBAL used to always sound like a winning radio station. No more though. (8/13/12)

From all that I have heard about Pat Murphy, there is less fucking up the ass found on a porn site than on his. (8/13/12)

OK, so Clear Channel buys a big AM news talker in NYC - WOR. So, where else might the radio giant be looking to buy another big city, dominant news talker? How about Baltimore. Might Clear Channel be interested in buying Hearst's only two radio stations in the whole nation - Baltimore news talker WBAL and rocker WIYY, 98 Rock? And, might Clear Channel's purchase of WOR make waves at DC's WMAL, which is owned by Cumulus, which owns WOR's NYC rival WABC-AM. In today's "Dave TV"..... (8/13/12)

[RE Jacqui Jeras joining 7:] I'd even get up at 430a to watch her ! (8/13/12)

[RE Jacqui Jeras joining 7:] What about TVs most enjoyable weatherman, Adam Caskey? (8/13/12)

Dave's response: I did email WJLA news czar Bill Lord to ask about Adam Caskey's status and got no response.....

I went to the site that Pat Murphy linked a few days ago and all I got was "Malicious website blocked". When the computer finds a website shadier than a porn site, you've accomplished something, I guess. (8/13/12)

Man, I hate to do this, but I'm going to defend Steve Czaban. I will readily admit that Czabe has his days when he rolls over anybody who dares question him, but he's at least amusing now and again, and does know his football (although, like most of 980's on-air talent, his baseball knowledge is . . . marginal. Anybody ever notice how many baseball discussions on 980 end with, "I dunno . . . I dunno, either . . . well, howzabout those Skins?"). Sheehanhan gives you all bully, all the time, and NONE of the amusement. Sincerely, TMU. (8/13/12)

Dave: Finally, people are starting to realize that 980 has some bad talent. Sheehan's always been an arrogant, amateur talent that has no business being on the air. Loverro is a true pro and all Sheehan does is talk down to Loverro and is quite unprofessional. Unfortunately, nothing's going to change because Snyder wants Redskins' fans, like Sheehan, to constantly drill home the team name and propaganda. Czaban isn't much better but here's another person who thinks his crap doesn't smell. Czaban's just as arrogant as Sheehan and really thinks he knows it all. Well, nothing's going to change in this market until Snyder cleans-house and people like Doc have their gravy-train derailed. (8/13/12)

Re TMU's "Kevin Sheehan is unbelievably arrogant and nasty...he's wrong ALL THE TIME and barely acknowledges it....[and] I just realized that poor old Mike O'Meara and his manservant Robb are STILL trying to pimp a podcast? Gentlemen, I think the jury of the entertainment industry came in years ago, and they found you both guilty of being REALLY boring." Correct on all counts. I feel bad for O'Meara, because his years with Donnie G were some of the best (and most popular) radio this town has ever seen, but the current configuration just isn't working out. As for the other Mailbagger who praised Sheehan for "...ripping Snyder and Cerrato to shreds for years, pleading on air continuously for Cerrato to be fired...," that simply isn't true. Cerrato was a regular on Sheehan's show and Kevin made his living by kissing the guy's ass. It was only after Cerrato had completed his assignment of destroying the franchise that Sheehan (not coincidentally, staying on the side of Daniel Snyder, the "man" who signs his checks) began ridiculing Cerrato on the air. He's a shameless shill for Redskins Inc., not an actual sports analyst. He has the ability to fill 120 minutes with pro-Snyder propaganda, which is what he's paid to do, but he's too stupid, too arrogant and, frankly, too boring to listen to for more than a few minutes. (8/13/12)

Did anyone hear the WBAL radio newscasts on Sunday? They had a guy trying to read the script. Either he didn’t know how to read or his computer went down and he was trying to adlib the news. He stuttered, he fumbled and he spoke jibberish for 5 minutes.He tried analyzing the stories with his opinions instead of delivering the news. Ever since WBAL hired their current news director, the weekend newscasts have been awful. She must be going on the street asking illiterate people to come in and deliver the news. It is pitiful. Galen Fromme must be turning over in his grave. Larry (8/13/12)

No mention of Chris Plante's idiotic rantings lately. Has everyone, I mean everyone, just stopped listening to him? You may want to listen to Hannity do a victory lap this afternoon after the Ryan announcement this past weekend. Also, Sean should be gearing up to have a Black person call in today and tell Sean why, as a person of color, the caller loves Paul Ryan. I bet Hannity is working on the script now. (8/13/12)

From wiener mobile driver to tea party clown car navigator and career Beltway pol, Ryan's a lipstickless pit bull...convention should make CPAC look like a wine and Brie social. (8/13/12)

Kevin Sheehan is unbelievably arrogant and nasty; just listen the next time they take calls. I'd rather listen to Loverro for an hour (even with his vocal issues) than Sheehan's bombast for five minutes. And he's wrong ALL THE TIME and barely acknowledges it. Knowledge of baseball? Zero. Knowledge of hockey? Zero. And, not to change the topic, I just realized that poor old Mike O'Meara and his manservant Robb are STILL trying to pimp a podcast? Gentlemen, I think the jury of the entertainment industry came in years ago, and they found you both guilty of being REALLY boring. Sincerely, TMU. (8/13/12)

just saw former Channel 4 anchor Kimberly Suiters as a reporter on Channel 7 (8/13/12)

Could anyone explain the logic behind Clear Channel replacing a station's stream with alternative programming from 12-5 AM? This is apparently a test in several markets. I've heard it on WPOC and WASH. WPOC plays clips from the John Boy & Billy show online instead of After Midnite, WASH plays 60's & 70's oldies instead of their OTA programming. As for replacing music for a talk show, I could understand saving on the music royalties - but in WASH's case, why play oldies instead of the station's own "live" programming? Furthermore, why would CC invest in the I Heart Radio concept, if they were cutting back on their own station's streams? .... On a side note, DC has the best baseball team in MLB right now. Why is it that RG3 eating a Subway sandwich requires a half hour discussion on our sports talk stations, but discussing the Nats is forbidden, save for a 5 minute game preview? Ridiculous. MLB4 (8/13/12)

Hey Dave: “Hollywood” has “reacted” (I knew there were homosexuals in Hollywood, I guess that means they are “Homogenous” in their reactions) on the local news and national cables to Paul Ryan’s being the Veep choice for Romney’s team: DCRTV Mailbaggers have reacted. But as you know: the country is divided. Which side will you, the DCRTV Mailbaggers, and regular American citizens be on if this happens: (8/13/12)

Doreen & Vance doing the 11pm weekend news? Why? Maybe management believes they can recruit more viewers from those who stayed tuned into the Olympics & wanted to see news tonight. And if NBC4 has their "A" team on, that would be an incentive for new viewers? (8/13/12)

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Couldn't disagree more about Sheehan on 980. In addition to being a Redskins puppet, I find the guy to be obnoxious, condescending to callers and generally pretty lame. On the other hand, Loverero. is a real journalist and often has interesting takes on things (at least when Sheehan gives him the opportunity to talk, which isn't all that often). Czaban is really the only thing that station has going for it, and even he's getting a little tiring. They need some new blood. (8/12/12)

Just checked the "Just Played" and WLIF does dip into the same music as WLTF. The last 10 songs played on LITE 97.5 are also played by LIF. (8/12/12)

A memory-packed edition of "Dave TV." Including an audio clip of Pat Murphy on the old WMOD. Plus, classic images from 98 Rock, WAVA owner Arthur Arundel, Scott Muni, WMAR, WRC, WBAL's Rudy Miller, CBS News, DC101's Elliot, WHFS, WDON's Tom "Cat" Reeder, and more. Also, I get my hands on a copy of DC-set mystery novel "Butterfly Knife," written by area radio and TV news great Larry Matthews. In today's "Dave TV"..... (8/12/12)

Dave, you reported awhile back that channel 4 had hired a sports reporter who would be doing news for the station. Can't remember his name & thought I read that he was supposed to start the first week in August. Who's the guy & any word that he's still coming here? (8/12/12)

Dave's response: Keith Russell. The newsblub of late July is now on DCRTV's News Archive page.....

I agree that WTEM 980's Sheehan sometimes sounds like he's related to Mike Shanahan but in his defense, he was the opposite from a Skins' shill when he was ripping Snyder and Cerrato to shreds for years, pleading on air continuously for Cerrato to be fired and professionals like Allen and Shanahan to replace him. I actually think he speaks from the heart more than anyone on local sports radio and is usually quite fair and knowledgable, especially on football and basketball. On the other hand, who at WTEM 980 thinks Tom Lovero's voice is worth airing? I like the chemistry that he has with Sheehan but it seems he would be better as a guest or sidekick when the topic is baseball which seems to be the only thing that interests him. Czaban or Dukes from 106.7 would be better matches with Sheehan. Those 3 are the smartest and sound the best. (8/12/12)

"....This is what WHFS would/should be if it lived. Simply amazing!!! They can have this in the Outer Banks? Why can't we have it in DC? Seriously..." Simple..DC ( and Baltimore ) radio the rule is "must play safe". Why is it that local radio is so much better in Hagerstown or even in Winchester than what one could hear on the air in DC and Baltimore? The rules are relaxed !! What are the odds of hearing a show like Hagerstown's" 106.9 The Eagle Morning Brew" on the air in DC or WASH or WLIF becoming more like the better sounding WLTF "Lite 97.5"? In the world of "playing it safe"..pretty much zero. (8/12/12)

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A lot of discussion about 'classic' WHFS. I grew up on it and loved it. Serendipity... just got back from vacation in the Outer Banks of NC. This is what WHFS would/should be if it lived. Simply amazing!!! They can have this in the Outer Banks? Why can't we have it in DC? Seriously. (8/11/12)

I don't get why channel 7 hired Jacqui Jeras for the morning news weather. Adam Caskey or Steve Rudin as his fill-in are perfect. The problem with the morning news team on seven is the lack of chemistry between Steve Chenevey and the increasingly divaesque Cynne Simpson. Jacqui would be better fit over at Newschannel 8 than Brian Van Der Fat whose jokes are almost as lame as Dennis Ketterer's train wreck attempts at humor when we were subjected to him on various DC stations years ago. (8/11/12)

Fuzzy memories are understandable after forty-plus years. Let's hear the real Miles' long Sandwich Shop commercial as read by "Pearl, the Miles' long Sandwich Girl" herself. (8/11/12)

I truly feel sorry for anyone who relies on The Post for the weather forecast. The weather page is wrong almost every day, and the erros are unbelievable sometimes. (8/11/12)

Re: "Check your facts on WMCA." Murray The K worked at WMCA prior to his stints at WMGM & WINS. Scott Muni jocked at WMCA before going to WABC. Source: (8/11/12)

Hey Dave if Warshingtonians think being a WUSA talent is easy check out what happened on their deck while Topper Shutt and J.C. Hayward were doing the Noon Snooze: It Shutt Topper up and flipped J.C.’s new wig! Signed: Lonely on Fort Reno Hill Since WTOP TV and Glenn Brenner Left The Dancing Crab. (8/11/12)

Scott Muni at WMCA..... (8/11/12)

According to, Scott Muni was the evening dj at WMCA before he moved to WABC. According to (yes, there is such a web site), Murray the K worked afternoons at WMCA before moving to WINS. Just reading the call letters reminds me of how wonderful it was to grow up in a market with three Top 40 stations like WABC, WINS, and WMCA. (8/11/12)

Quick! Someone check Pat Murphy's Depends. I think he may have wet himself defending a merry band of forgettables. (8/11/12)

Blitzer's looking worn and old but without the baby seal look aging Gordon Peterson has shown on my 60 TV hosts never die, they mummify... (8/11/12)

David Zurawik is chiding CNN over Fareed Zakaria's plagiarism- which is pretty rich considering how he often plagiarizes your work. Matt Gonter, Baltimore, MD (8/11/12)

Dave's response: I never said that Zurawik and other "big newspaper" reporters "plagiarize" DCRTV. However, they do frequently use the site for story ideas and then do their own pieces without crediting DCRTV for their "inspiration".....

I stumbled across another "Dave TV, of sorts! (8/11/12)

[RE "Dave TV" from 7/29:] In This Clip, From 8:23 To 8:30, It Was A Photo Of WRC-TV's Newscenter 4 At 11's Jim Hartz And Sue Simmons Promo From The Late 1970's. (8/11/12)

Amazed this morning with Team Obama's successful manipulation of Romney and the Beltway media regarding the leak of the wheenermobile driver and Olympic brown noser as veep...amazing. (8/11/12)

RE: commercials on non-commercial outlets. Thanks to the poster who linked to the FCC's website with the guidelines that supposedly ban advertising. Although the poster seems naive or polyannaish that station management will grasp and comply with regulatory standards, the government itself acknowledges the difficulty allowing such interpretation. The environment was probably made worse as the agency said "In March 1984, werelaxed our noncommercial policy to allow public broadcasters to expand or"enhance" the scope ofdonor and underwriter acknowledgements..." That explains the corporate jingles, product listings, and company sales pitches that now are common in these so called "non-commercial" announcements. Channel 30 and its network will do fine airing such spots as they see fit. Despite agency vows to the contrary, few enforcement actions have taken place in the 25+ years the policy has been in place. Any such actions could be considered a cost of doing business, like parking tickets on delivery trucks. (8/11/12)

I'm sure "The Real AHHHHHH" would appreciate seeing how a real broadcast professional handled his career. DCRTV has a large number of them (real Broadcast Professionals). Johnny Dark, Tom Gauger, Paul Bicknell, Skip McLoskey, Sean Hall, etc........ Instead of sitting around, (probably in his Momma's basement) hammering out insults and invectives on a keyboard to a media blog, he could be working in Radio or TV and building a legacy. Doubtful he ever got past the "empty the trash can" phase of his broadcast career. How sad, all he can do is hide behind a sock-puppet name and pretend he's a media critic. Pathetic little man! No one's going to remember "The Real AHHHHHHH" past this post. Pat Murphy - still not dead, VA (8/11/12)

Dave .. Please check your facts on WMCA.... I don't think Scott Muni or Murry the K ever worked at WMCA....Murry was HUGE on 1010 WINs...Muni I think also..later to WPLJ FM when they turned over from WABC-FM...HOA (Herb Oscar Anderson) was first on WMCA mornings..later over to WABC...Harry Harrison also mornings on WMCA left to become legend on WABC. The WMCA Good Guys reigned tightly with WABC in the early 60s ...running blocks of hits at 54:30 to beat MusicRadio news at 55 and 25! ABC did the same when MCA did their local SHORT news on the hour and half hour...later MCA dropped the news except in morning and evening drive. Big names played the hits on MCA...B. Mitchell Reed and later Gary Stevens to compete with Cousin Brucie! Interesting to note WMCA did a locally produced talk show EVERY night at ten pm (I think, ten but maybe eleven)....That 570 'Powerhouse' never could win over the Lodi Giant..WABC's 50 kw voice...There was a time when WMGM 1050 and legendary Peter D Tripp were the HOTTEST sound in NYC...especially since it was just a dial touch from Murry the K and Scottso on Wins...Check with Pal, Johnny Holiday, for some details--he was there! Heck Johnny's show was also heard on the hugely popular, SPANISH, WADO his show from WINS! Afternoon drive......All this as WABC was growing....Chuck Dunnaway passing the ball to the Newsman at 4:25...fired on the spot! Later to make way for Big Dan...Some great stories of the Naked City...some great ratings wars....WABC, WMCA..WWRL and later WNBC.....they even competed nights with CKLW, WCFL, WLS and Dick Biondi on WKBW! It wasn't until WOR-FM..and Bill Drake put an end to NY AM Rockers about 1967! Some good times! Dave, Lake Frederick, VA (8/11/12)

Dave's response: That info was taken straight from the New York Times article that was linked to in the blurb.....

The Miles' Long Sandwich Shops used to advertise extensively on WOOK 1340 AM. I remember one spot, featuring two soul sisters, began with the first sister telling the second sister, "Girl... Last night I had one that was miles long!" (8/11/12)

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\/ August 10 Messages \/

What is the value of putting most sports players on the air? Usually, they have no articulation or communication skills - that's why they make a living crashing into other, equally challenged people. Their so-called "sound-bites" convey no real information. Many are much like "we gave it a shot, but we couldn't get it together," or if they won, it's the reverse of that. I guess fans have some vicarious thrill seeing and hearing their gridiron or ballfield heroes - and that's all that matters. And when these jocks are done with their sport, or it's done with them, they wind up on TV and radio where they get to contribute their "skills." We have some excellent examples right here in DC... (8/10/12)

Go to for a primer on corporate underwriting mentions on non-commercial radio and TV stations. It's too involved to spell out here, but calls to action, price information, and inducements are not allowed. Also, a non-comm station rebroadcasting such announcements is in violation no matter how they try to lie their way out of it. The fellow who does the announcements for National Public Radio has had a sweet voiceover gig for many years; you wish you had it so good. As for saying "NPR" rather than the name National Public Radio: F. U. Vivian Schiller, the radio towers are still standing. (8/10/12)

Regarding "Here's a fair question guaranteed to trigger Pavlovian reactions": Go ask the same questions of those who regularly attend church. In some parts of the country, such questioning will get you more than pummeled. Beware "religion", no matter what that "religion" might entail. To some, it might be a deity. To others, it might be a Limbaugh, et al. (8/10/12)

Eddie Leonard's Sandwich Shop still has outlets? What about Miles Long Sandwich Shop? Their commercial had a sultry-voiced woman saying "long, longer, longest". Scandalous! (8/10/12)

I've been quietly checking out the mailbag for about a week now and finally came to a conclusion today. That this mailbag is the equivalent of a DJ nursing home! All you dottering old coots with your terrible DJ names are painful to listen to. You may have been entertaining at one time back when the Nazis were running amuck and there were two sets of water fountains, but come on! If it didn't happen after George Sr. was in office, no one cares! Look, I get it, most of you old feebs probably can't be near a functioning radio now due to your pacemakers and all, but there comes a time when those great stories of the past become old, brittle, and pointless, much like your bones. My mailbag Boniva. Dave's Jack Kavorkian signed rainbow bumper sticker. The Real AHHHHHH (8/10/12)

So where is Adam Caskey going and why? This all seems very strange... (8/10/12)

WMAL has been trying for years to build a “conservative” radio station around the Rush Limbaugh Show. They turned MOR host Chris Core into a conservative idiot before canning him. They forced Tim Brandt to quit. They hired Jane Norris to do the morning show, and then hired Bill Press to be a whipping boy for what I believe was twoweeks. Their mission to build a conservative outlet has always failed, so over the last couple of years they became bitter, mean, and hateful. Running syndicated crap, designed for the intellect of a slow fourth grader, from Noon to 5:00 AM is not welcoming for the listener or potential listener. Having a mid morning host say repeatedly, “Shove it, Mr. President,” and pick stories to talk about and give them racial slants is not a good idea in a market that is just shy of 30% Black. Having Larry Kudlow on every Tuesday to spout off predictions that are dire for the Democrats, and of course they never come to fruition, turns listeners to eventually just shake their heads and turn off the station. Unless you are a true believer, it is now a hard station to listen to. WMAL these day is just so darn frustrating and hard to listen to. Here it what needs to be done; Can Hannity first, in all markets, he brings nothing to the table. He is a Liar and an a$$hole and his repetition was old five years ago. Tell Chris Plante the potential audience reads newspapers so, stop the BS. Put Levin on overnights and move up Bachelor to 6:00 PM in all markets. Getrid of Kudlow, he brings less to the table than Charles Krauthammer when it comes to insight. More Wall Street Journal reports, and more features on something that does not have something todo with Obama bashing in the morning. Next, stop that caller guy from Gainesville getting on the air. He is a drone to the right wing talking points machine, and he offers nothing new. Allow different points of view from email and twitter on the morning show and don’t be afraid to question “conservatives,” like CSPAN’s morning show does. Live an local between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM with Mark Davis, (the old) Chris Core (not the idiot one), or Mark Plotkin. "Doin' a heck of of job, Mr. Hess. wanna raise?" (8/10/12)

Whats with the oldies this week on 1420am? is WKCW just filling time waiting for someone to buy blocks of airtime? (8/10/12)

Johnny Dark hits it on the head...again. Love you, JD! Regarding WVIE/WQLL - whatever it is - it should be noted that they did not post for the position of program director of the radio station. They are clearly breaking FCC EEO rules, in addition to just being a shitty operation. (8/10/12)

So you think being a TV weatherman is all fun & games, ya bastards? (8/10/12)

RE: “I guess Johnny Dark's post pretty much summed the whole WVIE/Q1370 thing up! Makes sense!!!” Absolutely! 3rd-Class Q1370 management will try to lure 1st/2nd-Class talent into career ruin. My money’s on ending up with 3rd-Class talent at best. Many numerical combinations exist. Even sage 1st-Class JD the DJ was hired by 3rd-Class WTTR manager. You just never know. (8/10/12)

Re: Jacqui Jeras joining WJLA...any idea where current AM/noon meteorologist Adam Caskey is going? (8/10/12)

I don't think you can blame Rush for a lot of the problems at Citadel and especially at WMAL. That station has multiple issues and to say it sucks would be overstating its quality. Is Rush a factor, perhaps. But it's the least of the issues WMAL should be concerned with. And wonder exactly how much Carbonite lost when it pulled out of Rush...( (8/10/12)

Looks like WVIE has or will change calls to WQLL (according to Radio Locator). Also, sounded like both transmitters, NW and NE location were fired up at the same time around 2:10 pm. What's up with that Eric. Djoldies- Eldersburg MD (8/10/12)

I think I finally understand why I cannot listen to Lavar Arrington 106.7 Fan. I think the guy stumbles and bumbles for five minutes on each sentence because he is actually trying to craft a predator suck-in that works to drain us into his own egoistic cosmic black hole. Arrington is just one of those people who suck your energy and your emotions into some sports deadspin leaving you feeling like some vampire visited. Chad is not that different. These are not nice fun sports people. They are smirky condescending boring insignificant ignorable dark Washington area clowns where the funny is never really funny or fun. (8/10/12)

To the person asking, a commercial, or underwriters credit, on a non-com tv and radio station can not include prices, or mention discounts. For instance, the "15 Minutes can save you 15%..." tag line from Geico can not be included in the Underwriters Credits for non-comms. (8/10/12)

Lew Dicky says that the Rush Limbaugh boycottcost his company 5.5 million. He carries Lumbaugh on 38 stations and 10 of them counted forthat total. They continue to bleed. Ed Graham (8/10/12)

Dave's response: Hey, I did listen to a little but of Rush on WMAL today and heard quite a few PSAs. That's gotta be killin' the stations that are paying top dollar for this righty huckster.....

Dave, a question to one of your responses to a post. It said ”Channel 30/WNVC-WNVT (aka MHz Networks) better watch out. They could get in FCC trouble broadcasting RT shows that contain commercials. WNVC-WNVT has a non-commercial license.....” I believe I recall these channels running a disclaimer from time-to-time saying something to the affect that they are merely rebroadcasting the feed that they get and are not responsible for the content. Wouldn’t this protect them from the FCC? (8/10/12)

Here's a fair question guaranteed to trigger Pavlovian reactions: Why is it that people of a particular political persuasion need to have their views and talking points endlessly repeated to them 24/7 on the talk radio airwaves? Is it that they need to be assured that there are others who share these views? Does this boilerplate repetition give them some strength to face the world? Why is it that there is an intolerance for any thought or opinion that deviates from the perspectives so endlessly stated? By even posing these questions, I know I will be pummeled by the very people I'm speaking of. That's fine. I can handle it. (8/10/12)

But Dave, how does the FCC test whether an announcement is a "commercial" as shown on a non-commercial outlet? If you watch any public television, the "sponsor" announcements have long included corporate-branded music, product listings, and testimonials from customers. It's gotten so bad on Judy Woodruff's newscast that the PBS branded music and wording ("and by"...") are completely at odds with the COMMERCIALS that follow. National Public Radio (they hate it when people keep calling it that), has that guy who does nothing BUT read commercials between segments of newscasts. Even though he uses a robot kind of voice like NOAA weather radio, each announcement typically includes a corporate mantra and most include a website reference that all end in "dot com" which has traditionally indicated a profit-based website with advertising. Ch. 30 and its network are on solid ground if they're ever challenged for running "commercials;" ask any communications lawyer. I'm waiting for a good test case to help call a duck a duck. (8/10/12)

Many thanks to Skip McCloskey for sending me the Eddie Leonard's Sandwich Shop jingle. In 1965 I was doing 20/20 news for Jack Alix on WEAM and recording the all-night show as "Terry Knight" in between newscasts. Bob Parkinson was PD. He went on to run the Miss America Pageant for many years. I think there was a period of time when the ONLY sponsor for that All-Night show was Eddie Leonard's. It was a jingle that had and unmistakable catch to it. I may never get it out of my memory. Thanks to DCRTV and Skip for the memories. Pat Murphy-Still not dead, VA (8/10/12)

I noticed the WBAL radio website is sporting yet another new logo. Didn't they just change it a year or so ago? The new one has a font that looks just like a typewriter. What's a typewriter? (8/10/12)

Dave, your 5 step improvement plan for Wmal: 1) fix morning show... 2) more political diversity on talk shows... 3) better 24/7 news... 4) local afternoon drive-time show... 5) fire Plante... these are all smart and self evident ideas. Question - why doesn't management do something about their problems? (8/10/12)

Thanks for the Eddie Leonard's jingles. Now to the news. I saw something on RT I've never seen before: a commercial. The Max Keiser Report has a sponsor. It's an outfit that wants you to own gold. So now Max Keiser is the Alex Jones of RT. Or maybe he has been all along. What would Comrade Stalin think about this capitalism? ~~ Blair in Alexandria (8/10/12)

Dave's response: Channel 30/WNVC-WNVT (aka MHz Networks) better watch out. They could get in FCC trouble broadcasting RT shows that contain commercials. WNVC-WNVT has a non-commercial license.....

“They should stop lying and just call [ESPN 980] “Redskins Radio” so everyone knows what the agenda really is. And 106.7 should NOT try to out-Redskins ESPN 980. They can’t win that battle and would do much better to become the place to go for Nats, Caps, Wiz fans who actually want coverage of those teams.” I think 106.7 The Fan has done a fairly credible job covering the Nationals this year, while the Caps and Wizards got plenty of attention on that station during their respective seasons. While ignoring the Redskins completely would be a recipe for surefire ratings disaster, I find it hard to understand how anyone can argue that Skins preseason football (even with the RG3 factor) is the biggest sports story in a metropolitan area which currently claims the team with the best record in major league baseball as its own. I’ve heard hosts on 106.7 say that “we have to play the hits” (meaning heavy duty Skins talk), but it’s like continuing to patronize a pop star who was at the top of the charts back in the 80s but hasn’t been able to carry a tune in 20 years. Kevin Sheehan (on 980) simply doesn’t know much about baseball and ditto for Andy Pollin and Steve Czaban – they lean heavily on Thom Loverro and Mark Zuckerman for the little coverage they do provide. By contrast, Holden Kushner, Danny Rouhier and Grant Paulsen (on The Fan) can clearly discuss the sport with a considerable degree of expertise. Along those lines, a couple of nits to pick with the MASN telecasts – 1) while F.P. Santangelo has solid baseball insights to offer, it seems like the Nats can’t get a base hit or field a ground ball correctly without him waxing poetic about how great they are (maybe an exaggeration but he needs to tone it down somewhat - we all know they’re an outstanding team and don’t need to be constantly reminded of that fact), and - 2) When something big happens for the Nats in a home game, I’ve noticed that the TV cameras tend to focus on 45 and 50 year old guys in the stands who look like they’re enjoying a pleasant night at the ballpark with the wife and kids after a hard day’s work at the Institute for Advanced Policy Studies - not a big deal but perhaps the MASN producers should make more of an effort to convey the fact that the crowds at Nationals Park represent a broad cross section of the DC area population (not just affluent suburban white collar types). Mike, Fairfax (8/10/12)

I guess Johnny Dark's post pretty much summed the whole WVIE/Q1370 thing up! Makes sense!!! (8/10/12)

Reading the recent posts in the mailbag, it brings to mind one of my all-time favorite sayings..."First class people hire first class people. Second class people hire third class people." Just a thought.....Johnny Dark WTTR and (8/10/12)

All this talk about MKH on WMAL and not one mention of her teeth? They had a special guest in the studio this morning, a comedian named Michael MacDonald. WMAL was kind enough to post a picture on their facebook, see MKH in a not flattering tee shirt and BN in a dorky polo! Heather Smith, to her credit, dressed professionally around the other two who looked like they just rolled out of bed. WMAL – if you are going to post photos on your facebook/webpage, go out and spend the $100 for a digital camera and do not rely on an intern’s camera phone. And as far a BH running the place into the ground – you call that running? If he was running anything, they would not be in the mess they are in today. I heard G & A on WTNT yesterday and even they were laughing at WMAL. Now that is bad. Very very bad. (8/10/12)

Bill Hess & company caused Air America to fly straight into the ground like an airshow disaster. Under his leadership, WMAL is likewise rotting on the vine while two otherwise viable FM channels drift aimlessly. His takeaway is going to be that he came up with the "Washington's Mall." slogan. Seriously, how is it this guy still has an elevator fob to the studios? (8/10/12)

Dave's response: It is amazing how many DC radio execs lead their stations into a ditch, get fired, and then get rehired across the street. It's like a cigar-smoking boys club! Look at who is heading Cumulus's DC cluster - Sam Rogers! He got shown the door last summer after leading CBS's DC radio cluster, probably the company's worst-performing top 10 market cluster in the whole darn country! It is amazing that so many DC radio suits get promoted time and time again - way beyond their level of incompetence.....

RE: Priceless! Cumulus Blames WMAL For Company Slump. Wow, who could have seen that coming? Just a few minutes ago, I heard an ad break with TWO, count them TWO, ads for or against lead paint I don’t remember which. I thought the “for or against lead paint” lobby would be paying big bucks for those. Then I keep hearing ads for BOGOWonderland. This company is advertising for small local businesses to use them as a marketing tool. Hello WMAL! They are going after the same market you are! They are your competition for small business ad dollars. I bet if WNEW wanted to advertise of WMAL, management is desperate enough to let them. I think that is a great idea. Do it WNEW, do it. Call 202-895-2350 and ask for Todd! You are dong a great job over there at Jenifer Street. I think you should ask for a raise. (8/10/12)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Sure sounds like Mary Katharine Ham is now the official "defacto" fill-in AM host on WMAL. Easing her back into the fold? Hmmm.....] or easing Wilson out, pray Jesus (8/10/12)

"Exclusive" interview should mean a onetime chat with a specific outlet or network. It sure has gotten watered down and parsed out, kinda like "breaking news." Yeah, right. Is anyone really impressed? And what's this qualifier when law enforcement uses deadly force. WBAL this morning in the high-crime district of Columbia -- "Police Involved Shooting." Is that different than a "police shooting?" I mean, you find out soon enough whether it's the cop or the perp who got shot. And don't the police get involved in ANY shooting as soon as they investigate? Stupid stupid. (8/10/12)

Drew Forrester is on vacation, and we have the "pleasure" of Nestor filling-in. The usual yelling, screaming, not letting poor Luke Jones get a complete sentence in. I know it's your station, but for the love of God, can you please just GO AWAY !!! (8/10/12)

Hi there Dave. Have a smartphone? Check out the Shoutcast app, or go do a search for SomaFM. Many awesome, commercial free music streams of varying themes and genres. One of which is an Underground UK 80's stream! Imagine broadcast radio around here sounding like this stuff. Groove Salad, Space Station SOMA, Drone Zone, Secret Agent FM, etc., etc. I think you might dig it. Here you go, dude: That, and a LOT of other great options. I haven't listened to regular radio since...a long time. Maybe we can talk Pat Sajak into buying a station inside the beltway and put all the best music and talk DJ's on it, live, 24/7. Every day-part is morning drive. (8/10/12)

Now that we hear that Cumulus is seriously worried about the underperforming WMAL, I repeat my five big recommendations to improve the troubled news talker. Including a better morning show, a more diverse mix of opinion, a fulltime news department, the establishment of a local afternoon drive show, and saying adios to Chris Plante. In today's "Dave TV"..... (8/10/12)

Sheehan is a babbling buffoon and has been long before RG3 came to town. Why anyone pays him any attention is beyond me. He's nothing more than Joe the average fan but with a microphone in front of his yap. Every year we hear how wonderful the Redskins are going to be and every year they fall on their face. There is no moderation from these guys like like suggesting a 8-8 or 9-7 season while the team is rebuilding. It's either Super Bowl or bust. And to our great entertainment, it's been the latter. Stop taking these clowns so seriously, sit back, and enjoy the collapse whenever it happens. It will be even better this year with all the buildup. (8/10/12)

I sincerely wish Maynard the best of luck, the best of talent(s) and I really do hope that the station flies like an eagle. As for my company and it's destiny...We're fine...those that wish us ill will are those that are the closet haters. I've been dealing with them forever. That's life. Good luck Maynard....You're bright, a hard worker and believe it or not we have mutual friends(Shooting Stars) (8/10/12)

IF Maynard actually had any power to hire and fire, do you think he actually knows how to coach talent. Does he understand social media, PPM and how to tie a format, promotions, production, programming, engineering, talent together. No. How much do you want to bet that Ol Niles Seaburg (sp) has more power there than Maynard. BTW, what happened to Terry Troye (sp). Is he still there? (8/10/12)

/\ August 10 Messages /\

\/ August 9 Messages \/

Re:...”Maynard now has a rough idea who NOT to hire and who his REAL friends are. Sad, really sad that fellow broadcasters attempt to bring down a local Baltimore guy and a format that has yet to hit the air. Here's hoping that station is a huge success. Give em hell Maynard. The 1370am, WBAL and WTTR bashers are poor losers. Oldies fan”...1) No broadcast talent with the slightest modicum of integrity is going to apply. 2) The format HAS hit the air. 3) Those hired will be the ultimate losers knowing management’s notorious track record. (8/9/12)

"I think anyone that leaves KHZ has better fortunes." Interesting. "Disasterous" Davy Jones told a friend of mine that he had let three people go at his business. I'm not sure that is a sign of "better fortunes." (8/9/12)

In the midst of those t-storm I used my iphone to check tv radar on the Baltimore tv apps. BAL ok, MAR ok, JZ no radar, BFF would not load. Just sayin. (8/9/12)

The gameday crew overall needs some improvement, but Larry Michael is the absolute worst. Rather listen to grass grow for three hours (8/9/12)

Maynard now has a rough idea who NOT to hire and who his REAL friends are. Sad, really sad that fellow broadcasters attempt to bring down a local Baltimore guy and a format that has yet to hit the air. Here's hoping that station is a huge success. Give em hell Maynard. The 1370am, WBAL and WTTR bashers are poor losers. Oldies fan (8/9/12)

As indelicate as some folks may find the topic, an all-night radio DJ can face certain marital insecurities as a result of his shift hours. Bill Mayhugh and his beautiful wife Shirli joke about that dilemma in this 2009 interview at about the 4:00 point. Paraphrasing Shirli; "She knew where he was (all night), but he didn't know where she was." (8/9/12)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: After a few cryptic mentions about their separate departures from WMAL, Grandy & Andy have the same cool chemistry on their WTNT reunion...] I used to enjoy Parks when he was with Grandy, and as the traffic guy, but he is kind of an unpleasant right-wing moronic know-it-all on the radio without the right partner. (8/9/12)

I tend to agree with the posters who are bashing ESPN 980 and Sheehan for the Redskins over-hype. I’ve been a Redskins fan for almost 50 years and am a club seat holder. I’m as hard core as it gets. And even I’M sick to death of that station’s ridiculous over-hyping of the Redskins. Not to mention that we have a baseball team that could go to the World Series and doesn’t get near enough attention on that station. They should stop lying and just call the station “Redskins Radio” so everyone knows what the agenda really is. And 106.7 should NOT try to out-Redskins ESPN 980. They can’t win that battle and would do much better to become the place to go for Nats, Caps, Wiz fans who actually want coverage of those teams. (8/9/12)

Re: "Sportscrap980's in mid-season form for the first pre-season game." Oh, I don't know about that. I thought their breathless reports about which color pants the team might wear in tonight's scrimmage were really exciting radio. "They might be white!" "We have a report that they might be gold! Or maybe white, as you said!" It went on for five minutes, and in the end...the radio station that is owned by the team had to admit that it didn't know what color the team's uniforms are......That's gold, Jerry! (8/9/12)

Larry Michael is so annoying. I miss Frank Herzog! Time for change! (8/9/12)


I have to agree 100% with the post about Sheehan and 980's absolutely insane over-hyping of the Skins exhibition game and RGIII. To hear that station tell it, you'd think the guy -- who has never taken a snap in an NFL game, exhibition or otherwise -- is already one of the best pro players who ever lived. Sheehan and the entire 980 crew have become a laughingstock, pretending on one hand that the Skins are substantially improved this year while at the same time doing little Danny Snyder's bidding and subtly warning listeners that the team will, yet again, suck. Statements along the lines of "If this team does better than 4-12 this year, every REAL fan will be pleased..." are shilling at its very worst. The current alibi? With the season still a month away, they have lots of injuries to the offensive line, of course! Never mind that the line sucked beyond sucking last year, too. Snyder and his 980 hype-machine are good at what they do, though -- in no other city would fans continue to shell out top dollar to watch a shit team that is always, always, always two years away from contending. (8/9/12)

[RE cancelling the WaPo:] The Washington Post I Pad app is good and it's free. You can always buy a single copy when you feel the need, which may be about 4 times per year. (8/9/12)

Sportscrap980's in mid-season form for the first pre-season game. Right at 4PM, the egregious and horrifying Kevin "Mike Shanahan's Just Wonderful" Sheehan tries to throw it to Chris Russell, and gets . . . silence. So Kevin has to vamp, and immediately launches into how RG3's arrival is the greatest debut in DC history since . . . well, since ever. Bear in mind that Sheehanahan picked the Skins to go 10-6 last year, so he couldn't find his ass with both hands . . . but he sure can find Mike Shanahan's ass. Sincerely, TMU. (8/9/12)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: So, I'm informed by the Washington Post that my credit card expiration date needs to be updated so that they can keep hitting my card every two months for $52. I call their "subscriber services" number and am informed that there will be "extremely long wait times." I hang up and seriously think about whether I really should just "let it go." Is it time to say goodbye to the print Post? Hmmm.....] Just call and tell them you are thinking of ending your subscription and what will they do for you and you'll get a significantly lower rate -- under $100 for the year. (8/9/12)

[RE cancelling the WaPo:] They arent worth it man! Stop the madness! The express is free! Also, just subscribe to the raw AP feed so you can get the real news before its utterly butchered! (8/9/12)

[RE cancelling the WaPo:] Switch to Sunday only and before too long they will offer you Daily for the price of Sunday only for a year. (8/9/12)

[RE cancelling the WaPo:] Just let it go and read it online. (8/9/12)

[RE cancelling the WaPo:] I keep getting the Post delivered because I use the wonderful little plastic bags it comes in to dispose of my frying pan grease... (8/9/12)

The Eddie Leonard Sandwich Shop singing jingle lives on at The Great 98 web site. Surf to that link and look for the jingle roughly in the lower right corner of the page. (8/9/12)

Re: Eddy Leonard's Sandwich Shops. I've haven't heard that term in ages. I was surprised to see that there still are some. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (8/9/12)

Can't wait for the Grandy & Andy reunion this afternoon. It is the perfect time to discuss Andy's firing and Fred's quitting of WMAL. Guys, give us some dirt the way D&M used to; please don't do a regular "Obama sucks big time" Chris Plante- Sean Hannity type show. Let us know some of the dickish things Chris Plante did around the station. Tell us some "Duckman F'ed up" stories. How did it make Andy feel when the station announced he was dead (well, sort of)? What was really going on with the Chris Plante (and sometimes Fred) morning show? How did Neiman handle his morning show brethren dropping like flies? We want dirt and a reunion is the best time to reminisce. Andy should start the show off with a sincere apology for referencing the President as "Hitler," and give us a timeline of management's actions after mistake. WMAL put us all through hell at that time, and management never admitted their mistakes. It is time for Grandy and Andy to come clean and set the record straight on what really happened at WMAL during that time. (8/9/12)

Scott Muni from his WMCA days in the late 1950's ..... Apples for the Teacher (8/9/12)

Inside Radio: Judge approves severance package for Nassau employees. The bankruptcy auction that saw most of Nassau Broadcasting’s 49 stations spun into the hands of six different new owners could leave some employees without a job. Under a plan approved yesterday in a Delaware courtroom, any of Nassau’s 216 full-time employees who aren’t brought on board by the new owners for a salary of at least 75% of their Nassau paycheck will be eligible for severance. U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Kevin Gross approved the plan that will pay laid-off workers a week’s salary for each year of work or two month’s base salary — whichever is less. It’s estimated that will cost Nassau’s debt holders about $359,000 based on the assumption that one in five employees will either not get a matching offer or be dismissed by the new owners outright. An estimated $241,000 in severance will be split among eight upper managers. Court filings indicate the lenders have not reached any financial settlement yet with CEO Louis Mercatanti. The debt holders say the severance package is part of their plan to provide “appropriate incentives” for Nassau employees as they work through the company’s final days. Six deals totaling $99.4 million involving a variety of buyers were also struck at the auction of Nassau. Ten other stations ended up in the hands of the debt holders. They’ll be put into a holding company called NB Broadcasting. It will be run by Douglass Pluss, managing director of P.E. Capital, which like its partner Goldman Sachs, has had controlling interest in Nassau since February 2010. (8/9/12)

R. Peter Strauss RIP - WMCA’s disc jockeys, known as the Good Guys: Brings back memories of growning up in suburban NYC in the 1960's. I actually remember his editorials. (8/9/12)

Britt McHenry was gone from 7 and 8 for maybe 2 weeks. Seems like horseshit that she came back because she ''loves DC sports so much''. You mean watching the Redskins suck year in, year out and watching the Capitals constantly lose in the playoffs is riveting? Train wrecks are more fun. I'd like to know what really happened in San Diego. Paul (8/9/12)

WTNT 730 AM or 102.9 FM....tune in at 3 PM today to hear Fred Grandy and Andy Parks together again! A great team that we always enjoyed for many years. You can also listen live on line at When will they be back together permanently? (8/9/12)

To the poster who asked, "Can someone explain to me the definition of "exclusive interview" in the world of media?" . I've always taken it to mean a one-on-one interview with a newsmaker, as opposed to a news conference (or "gang bang") where everybody in town gets the same stuff at the same time. I think it's a subtle distinction that is lost on most people not-in-the-media. (8/9/12)

I checked WJLA's schedule and they will be airing "Rookie Blue" overnight at 2:30am along with "The Middle" at 3:30 that was pre-empted Tuesday. Of course the weekend afternoon schedule is as usual, chuck full of infomericials. (8/9/12)

Still a big fan of 100.7 but they really need to get rid of Meredith Marx. She is really hurting the station trying to be a personality. I drive 45 minutes to work everyday and hit backups on the beltway every evening I find it amazing how she never mentions even one of them! What is the point of having traffic? Caroline (8/9/12)

So I was listening to Radio Russia (voice of Moscow) on AM1390 earlier this week for the first time and heard this exchange: thought it was the best/funniest radio I'd ever heard, some real crack journalism. Figured you'd like it (I forget the names, so made some up. Doesn't matter). Announcer: "You may have heard of Victor Goofenof - he's a self made millionaire in Moscow, owner of a number of companies that sell widgets and other holdings throughout Europe. He's outspoken and recently ran into trouble with the law, and he's now in prison awaiting trial for his troubles. He's recently issued a serious allegation, stating that the Russian government has stolen billions in US dollars from the US government. Mr. Goofenof claims he has proof, and will bring out the proof if necessary." Announcer: "To discuss this, we've got Professor Serge Ovechkin, who teaches Russian studies at the University of New York. He's an expert on Victor Goofenof and is here to addess the latest claims. Welcome Professor Serge." Professor: "Good morning, thank you for having me." Announcer: "So professor Serge...Victor Goodenof is now making new claims that he knows of the Russian Government having stolen billions in US dollars directly from the US government. He says he's got proof and is threatening to release it. What are your thoughts on this shocking allegation?" Professor: "I'm sorry, you broke up...what was the question again?" Announcer: "Sorry Professor Serge. I was asking about Victor Goofenof and his latest claims. He says he knows the Russian government has stolen billions in US dollars from US government coffers. We know you're an expert on Mr. you think he will be able to produce evidence of this?" Professor: pause..."Well, I..." Then silence for a few seconds. Announcer: "Looks like we're having some technical difficulties....we'll be right back and talk to Professor Serge about the claims by Mr. Goofenof" Ads run, maybe 4 of them. They all seemed to be promos for other Radio Russia shows or just the station itself. Annoucer: "OK, welcome back. I'm joined by Professor Serge, Russian specialist at the University of NY. Professor Serge, we've gotten reports about Victor Goofenof making claims. He says the Russian government has stolen billions in US dollars from the American Government. He says he's got proof and he intends to release the proof. Professor Serge, you've met Mr. Goofenof - what do you make of this?" Professor Serge: "When was this news released?" Announcer: "This was on the AP wire....looks like yesterday morning. Your thoughts?" Professor Serge: "Hmmm. I don't know. I hadn't heard this." (8/9/12)

WJLA, I hate it when you pre-empt ABC programming for your own programming or Football. I want to see Rookie Blue at 10PM tonight, not the football game. Unlike other networks, ABC programming is new tonight, so you have to show it. (8/9/12)

By the mid-80s, WMCA's luster was gone...but still, Peter and Jeanne Straus were great people to work for - and be with. My trophy from that time is a mint mid-60s yellow-and-black WMCA "Good Guy" sweatshirt that Jeanne gave me after I told her that I worked several times with one of the station's legendary jocks-turned-Doubleday-executive, Gary "Woolyburgers" Stevens. Sorry to see Peter pass... (8/9/12)

They need to put older and more out-of-touch geezers on WCBM and just push what listeners are left onto the Internet, back to TV, even out to buy a newspaper. The world doesn't need anymore erectile meds, nursing homes or denture makers. Music on AM is a refreshing change from the elder-hours. (Unless thats their target audience, then God bless 'em.) (8/9/12)

To the poster here who began his post speaking nicely about radio broadcaster Bob Benson and his taking time to speak with you about radio and his career many years ago. You began in a comlimentary tone only to follow it up with trash talk about the man's wife, which was obviously relayed to you by someone with just as little class as you. I never met or knew Mr. Benson, but whether true or not, your comment should never have been shared in an open forum like this. He seemed like someone who showed you respect. Shouldn't you have shown him respect as well? Class is something you'll obviously never know. May you very much enjoy your eternal air shifts at wKFC and wHEll. (8/9/12)

Re Stern: - "Murray the "K", Wolfman Jack and many more before him could have run circles around him". Yes. Because that's what we need to hear. Murray Kauffman, Wolfman Jack, Robert W Morgan, Johnny Holliday, and Harden and Weaver having various women of the day sitting on the sybian and getting off. (8/9/12)

I think anyone that leaves KHZ has better fortunes. (8/9/12)

Can someone explain to me the definition of "exclusive interview" in the world of media? Someone posted (and I'm sure these were the words of the radio station) that WTOP had an exclusive interview with Olympic swimmer Ledecky. Well, she was interviewed yesterday on NBC4 & this morning on FOX5 so how exclusive could WTOP's interview be? Just askin' (8/9/12)

R. Peter Straus, who took over WMCA in New York in the late 1950s and turned it into one of the nation’s most innovative radio stations, broadcasting what are regarded as the first radio editorials and political endorsements and helping to popularize rock ’n’ roll, died on Monday at his home in Midtown Manhattan. He was 89. (8/9/12)

The ballots are now out in the mail for NABET 31 President. Union Members Vote Now! It's your franchise. More at Facebook: - Moe the Union Guy (8/9/12)

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\/ August 8 Messages \/

Had my DVR tuned to WETA-UK. At 8pm went to watch Last of the Summer Wine, only to see it had already started. So I went back and saw it started at 7:52. This has happened a few times with WETA-UK. Another thing, why do they air the same episode back to back at 11:30 and Midnight? I love Allo Allo, but airing the same show again is stupid. (8/8/12)

[RE Howard Stern:] The only reason he is delievering is because of a 1..(one) year $15 million contract. That he said is the only reason he is doing the show! You could put Bozo the clown on there, and still have the same audience. They watch the success and failures of the acts. Not what the judges, who's comments are scripted by the producers, have to banter about! (8/8/12)

Cut the b.s. Stern is an extremely professional broadcaster with a deep respect for his audience. He is also a consummate businessman. (If you're a staffer, you know not to be late to work.) Name another person who has had the kind of impact he has. You may not agree with his humor, but he doesn't earn the kind of money he makes because Of "technology." Note to Dan and the other skeptics: NBC is also paying him a fortune, right now in this decade--and once again, he is delivering. (8/8/12)

Sirius was in trouble before Howard arrived. I was one of those who followed him from terrestrial radio. Whether he deserves it or not, in today's radio climate, I say get what you can!!!!! (8/8/12)

The ONLY reason Stern is where he is today is because of technology. Not because he is a gifted and or talented DJ. Internet, comsat, myspace and youtube. And let us not forget cell phones. When all this was coming together in the 90's and up till now, is how he gained his fan base. Plus his loud mouth and testing the water's with what back then would have, and was considered taboo.Too say the least! Murray the "K", Wolfman Jack and many more before him could have run circles around him. AM-FM radio back then was limited to say the least! Only those old enough to remember what is was like to have 4-7-9 as your only sourse of outside news and entertainment....would understand. (8/8/12)

[RE Howard Stern:] I do hope he wins the lawsuit, but then again, I don't know what all is in the suit. Funny to hear him dog the company now when at the beginning he was praising it all up the ying yang. Only issue I have with Howard is was he really as naive about this happening? I think not. (8/8/12)

Howard probably has never heard of you, Dave. Without him, there'd be no SIRIUS. A contract is a contract - I'd think someone like you who is involved in media issues would appreciate someone who actually stands up for his rights against management. The radio industry is notorious for the way their management screws the talent. (8/8/12)

Ah, Howard Stern...the Prince of All Media. Or is it the Prince of Armenia? Stern is about as relevant, i.e. the 90s are OVER, friend. (8/8/12)

[RE Howard Stern:] I just wonder is anyone would recognize him on the street without his wig. (8/8/12)

Interesting to see that despite the vast improvement fr the Orioles this year, WBAL was still only 8th in the ratings. A far cry from the old days when baseball on the radio meant a firm perch at number 1 for them. Where will they be once baseball is over? (8/8/12)

Dave, when Davy Jones left KHZ, you posted his statement saying that he was leaving to give more attention to his business. So, what has happened in the interim? Have his business fortunes changed? (8/8/12)

My obligatory Bob Benson story: Sleepy little WSMD in LaPlata got their EBS feed from a receiver tuned to WMAL-AM on a rack next to the main board in the air studio. At one point during the '70s, I was the weekend evening jock working my way through college and for some long forgotten reason, I would have to telephone Radio 63 from time-to-time at the end of my Sunday night shift. I remember making one of those calls and having a pleasant conversation with Bob Benson who talked about the many little stations he had worked at, including Charles County's WSMD, 1560AM/104.1 FM. (Add those call letters to the infinite places Benson hung his Third Class Radiotelephone Operator's License.) Well, on Monday morning, I returned to my day job and mentioned in passing to a younger colleague my fascinating chat with Bob Benson. Upon which my colleague commented, "My goodness, that's a coincidence. I happen to be screwing Bob Benson's wife!" I believe Bob Benson left for parts north not long after that. (8/8/12)

IIRC, Bob Benson worked at WINX Rockville in the mid- or late 1960s. He did both morning and evening drive shifts on weekdays. I think that was during Ron Starr's days as PD of WINX, before he went to WWDC, and could have led to Benson going to WWDC. (8/8/12)

Regarding legendary local radio all-night people: There was Earl Robbin of WWDC-AM-1260, who set an all-time world record for the number of commercials for Eddy Leonard's Sandwich Shops. He must have run 8 an hour, 6 hours a night! Then, Earl would go home and run his photography shop. Camille Bohannon worked Saturday nights all night on WWDC AM-1260, and Sunday evenings 6PM-12Midnight, before leaving music for all news at WTOP and WRC, WCFL in Chicago, then stints at UPI and NBC Radio, before her final gig, AP Radio. Camille is now retired, pursuing voiceover work. And when WPGC-FM first went 24 hours, in late 1968, they did so with 2 overnight jocks, 12Mid-3AM Famous Amos, and 3-6AM Handy Andy. Handy Andy was almost Jim Bohannon, who turned down the gig to stay at WGAY, before turning to news and talk. Jim had been a rock jock in Springfield, MO, at KICK Radio, where the evening jock was Les Garland (later founder of MTV), middays was Michael Wolfgang (later production director at WCXR and Q-107 here, and WLS Chicago), and the newsman was some guy named Charles McCord. And in the late 60's, here in DC, there was an all-night network--off the air. Seems one of those jocks had a friend at the phone company who set up a nightly conference call. People such as Bob Fish of WGAY, Camille Bohannon (then all nights at middle of the road WHFS 102.3-FM) and half a dozen others would shoot the bull during records, coming and going to announce, all night long. Sometimes they'd even grab breakfast together at an Eddy Leonard's. As far as I know, no boss ever found out that their talent wasn't paying full attention. (8/8/12)

RE: WVIE – “How cheap do you think they got Maynard for? You get what you pay for! Maybe they should simulcast WTTR!” - Let’s not! With the exception of Johnny Dark who sounds as good as ever, the rest of the jocks sound small market. They even have Annie B who is karaoke jock working weekends. Then there’s sleepy old Jack Edwards “onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn” WTTR. RE: “They hired a side-kick to program it who can’t even follow a format.” – Couldn’t follow a format and was often late for and sometimes failed to show up for his 5:00 -5:30am pre-Rouse and Company solo shift. RE: “They will NEVER spend the bucks necessary to woo great talent for the music format...” – 1370’s train wreck Oldies format from several years ago would underscore that statement. A generic, talentless, piped-in network Oldies format will never win favor in Baltimore – a market which had a rich history of Contemporary (WCAO, WCBM, B104) and Oldies (WQSR) radio. (8/8/12)

WTOP Radio 103.5 FM today hosted special guest, Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer Katie Ledecky. The 15-year-old Bethesda, MD native stopped by WTOP to share her experience at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and how it feels to bring home the gold for her swim in the 800-meter freestyle race. In an exclusive interview with WTOP Anchors Shawn Anderson and John Aaron, Ledecky discussed her plans for the future and even responds to her critics... Below: Gold Medalist Katie Ledecky with WTOP Program Director Laurie Cantillo (8/8/12)

RE: WVIE – How cheap do you think they got Maynard for? You get what you pay for! Maybe they should simulcast WTTR! (8/8/12)

SNIP-( All the pieces to the WVIE puzzle are on the table. All we need is a licensee willing to try something new and exciting to put them all together by thinking fresh, thinking creatively, and thinking big about owning the market, not just a station. END OF SNIP- To this poster, either you don’t know the history of WCBM/WVIE or you’ve been smoking something..There is no way in hell this “new format” will even crack a number. The management at the station(s) has no concept of how to run a music format. Proof? They hired a side-kick to program it who can’t even follow a format. They will NEVER spend the bucks necessary to woo great talent and the sales staff is a loose term for the music format. On the other hand, the Talker, has done well sales wise and the personalities (Local) are really good at stirring the pot and getting their fair share of the B’more market. (8/8/12)

In my view, WVIE is poised to lift Baltimore radio’s window of opportunity to bring a long-overdue, fresh broadcast breeze to the metropolitan area’s airwaves to jump-start a market that is ripe for aggressive competition, courtesy of the old, tired, same-‘ole sounding cast of broadcast characters, some of whom have been holding on for dear life for decades with jobs in an industry that typically carry a three-to-five year life expectancy. The days of working 40-hours, for 40-years, and a gold retirement watch from the same company, are long gone in every other industry, but for some reason, this town holds onto newscasters, talk-show hosts, traffic reporters and others for decades, and, unfortunately, for many, they, and the stations, sound like it. WBAL Radio is particularly vulnerable with Durian finally leaving what was once regarded as the most powerful radio anchor chair in the area, not to mention the lame mid-day talk shows and weak, nonchalant afternoon drive anchor who is surrounded by a noticeably inexperienced air staff of “readers” who painfully deliver – and post – news and information rife with mispronunciations and errors. The maid should also visit their sister station, WIYY (98Rock), and clean house, now that the station’s afternoon drive slot is open. Finally, speaking of sister stations, the sister to WVIE, WCBM, is probably the best example of the need to pump new life into a nearly dead lineup with a more energetic-sounding drive-time air staff driven by an aggressive sales, marketing, and promotion team that’s prepared to dump the hearing aid, colonoscopy, and podiatrist-driven “bunion” commercials in favor of advertising that reaches out for the entertainment, food and beverage industries, not to mention the retail merchants who make Baltimore and the surrounding communities what they are today. True, this station has no match for the signal strength and regional reach of the 50K stations, however, if this station aggressively targets a three-or-four-county area surrounding Baltimore and forgets about whether it reaches Smith Island, Trappe, or some other one-horse town in BFE, it could dominate this city with a special appeal for commuters, professional and working class families that are ready for a station they can call their own here in good 'ole Balwmer. All the pieces to the WVIE puzzle are on the table. All we need is a licensee willing to try something new and exciting to put them all together by thinking fresh, thinking creatively, and thinking big about owning the market, not just a station. (8/8/12)

You sure WVIE doesn't mean cookie burgers? KOF (8/8/12)

I remember that Bob Benson had a Sunday night jazz show on WMOD, '70-'71. In the early 70s, he was also among the overnight voices on WWDC, along with Easy Ed Hartley and Camille Bohannon. I'm a little fuzzy on the dates and the order in which they occupied the time slot, but all three were live and local there. For a time, Ed did afternoons on WPIK. In the mid-70s he did a call-in talk show on WLMD. Some other talented DC overnight voices were Stan Karras on WRC, Karen Henderson on WMAL and, of course, Bill Mayhugh, also on WMAL. (8/8/12)

"What the heck is going on with WTEM?" First andforemost, AM radio baby. We're in our third decade of AM ratings irrelevance in DC. That WTEM even shows up in the rating is testament to the allure of the sportsformat. RedZeb's big mistake was not buying 104.1 when it was for sale. Theprevailing logic seemed to be it was a lousy signal. But, that hasn't kept WPRS, with an even more narrow format than WTEM's, from occasionally landing in the top 10. Second, Orioles baseball. The Nats have beenthe biggest story in DC sports for the past couple of months. WJFK is the flagship station, while WTEM offers O's games -- and segments aboutthe Orioles. That may be a winning strategy in Baltimore, not so much 50 miles to the south. And third, the diminution of the Redskins. Yes, the Redskins are the biggest team in town, just like Giant is still the biggest grocery store in the area. But, like Giant, the Redskins' dominance isn't what it used to be, and WTEM's "Redskins First" policy in the midst of exciting seasons for the Caps, Nats and even the O's is a major turnoff. And, as another poster pointed out, M&M in the morning doesn't help either. The only thing keeping WTEM afloat is the general ineptness of WJFK. (8/8/12)

[RE: What the heck is going on with WTEM? 1.0 share 12+, losing to WINC and WFRE, not even DC stations! They aren't even top 15 in most of the male demos. And both WJFK and WTEM are way down from where they have been the last few years. Do people not care about sports anymore, or is there something going on with PPM?]. Start with the drag that Lame and Lamer have been in morning drive for years. Add a two month vacation that WTEM has required Mr. Tony to take again this summer. Stir in an increased level of Redskins offseason and training camp coverage to the extent than many of the most loyal fans find excessive and the ratings start to bleed in all dayparts. As for WJFK, I suspect that they are still shedding listeners who took some time to realize that Howard Stern is no longer on the station. The good news for both stations is, as Unsigned Corporate Suit could tell you, is that the more listeners leave, the profits zoom to the moon. (8/8/12)

Just read through the WVIE ad in search of a morning host and co-host. Looks like management wants a multi, multi, multi, multi-tasker to do news, sports, production, personal appearances, has a proven track record and strong storytelling skills, can produce all facets of a daily show production, know Baltimore, etc., etc., etc. That’s quite a bit to ask for $10.00 hour. Would love to know who applies for this once in a lifetime opportunity. And for the love of God, please get rid of that imaging liner that touts “Berger Cookies and crabs”. What a gross menu choice that would be. Makes me want to down a gallon of Pepto Bismol. Who writes this crap? (8/8/12)

AM 1370... 12 transmitter towers, NICE, The cost?, EXPENSIVE, The return on investment... PRICELESS because they haven't made a dime on it! (8/8/12)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Major Garrett co-hosting WMAL morning show today. Sooooooooooooo much better than the vacationing Brian Wilson......] Major Garrett was a frequent guest of Jim Bohannon in the 90s. He learned from the best (8/8/12)

Thanks to whomever had the update on Bob Benson. Really nice guy with a good voice. Ed BonGiovanni, Potomac Falls, VA. (8/8/12)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Major Garrett co-hosting WMAL morning show today. Sooooooooooooo much better than the vacationing Brian Wilson......] And Bryan was confused this morning because Cameron van der Burgh, a South Africa Olympian, had a "Dutch sounding name". (8/8/12)

I caught Maynard on LITE 101.9 last week. It was like a car crash-you know, the horrible one to look at, but you have to see whats going on. There were a few times that he went right from a song into a commercial, not a promo, but a commercial; he missed the top of the hour talk over and the weather talk over a few times. If this guy knows radio, then we are all in for a special treat. (8/8/12)

Why would anyone in their right mind check WBAL.COM first thing in the morning and weekends for area news? Today alone, there is yet another special session story posted. Tell us what's going on when the session starts, please. Under the local news section, there is an international story about Cameroon Olympians missing. The story is from yesterday. Most of the world saw it on CNN or some other national news outlet. Why, a day later, WBAL Radio thinks they are so smart that the rest of us don't know that is insulting. There is even a piece on a national texting contest being held - in New York - with no area competitors named. Nice story, but I live in the Baltimore area. I want news that impacts my life and my family's life. I am tired of news people producing stories that they care about and not what impacts the people who watch or listen to them. Aside from the web, a day or so ago, there was an interview running with the president of the University of Md. Balto County on being named to an Obama commission. If my memory serves me correctly, I saw other stations and print produce that story well over a week ago when the announcement was made. Thank God I did not see it pop up on their website that day. I would have thrown my computer in the river. (8/8/12)

KHZ is making money??????? (Stifled Laughter) by who's bookeeping, accounting? The Federal Government? Maynard knows Radio??? (Stifled Laughter) He couldn't program his ass on a toilet seat!!!! Bill Paris knows radio???? (Stifled Laughter) About as much as Barney and Friends!!!! (8/8/12)

What the heck is going on with WTEM? 1.0 share 12+, losing to WINC and WFRE, not even DC stations! They aren't even top 15 in most of the male demos. And both WJFK and WTEM are way down from where they have been the last few years. Do people not care about sports anymore, or is there something going on with PPM? (8/8/12)

Has Maynard started at Q1370 yet? He is still on 97.5HFS this morning. Do you know what the new call letters will be on 1370? Happy 15th Dave. Ron in Annapolis (8/8/12)

I look at trends in the just-out July radio ratings for DC, including the continued lack of traction for new CBS all-newser WNEW and what it needs to do to get better numbers - better signal, better website, and start "selling" their personalities. Plus, upward trends for WKYS, WPGC, and WLZL. Also, Baltimore's 1370 flips from talk to oldies as it looks to staff a new morning show. In today's "Dave TV"..... (8/8/12)

Not sure if this is going on all week, but Chris Core is guest-hosting "Showdown 2012" right now on SiriusXM POTUS Channel 124. (8/8/12)

When the news stops on 1370....the music begins! Haven't I heard that before? Oh well, here we go again, format of the month. How could we forget the last oldies format disaster with missed IDs, voice tracking, wrong versions of songs played and Mr. GM running the show. I wouldn't be surprised to hear a nice Spanish format or religion in the near future. Stay tuned... (8/8/12)

To Ed, asking about WEEL alum Bob Benson. He regularly did Sun nights, 12Midnight til 6AM on WMAL. Then he'd leadfoot it on the beltway over to WEEL for a weekday morning shift starting at 630AM, at least on Mondays. After voice-tracking at WMOD, Bob became a radio salesman in Portland, Maine. After that, I'm not sure. (8/8/12)

Re: "On WUSA this morning, Delia Gonçalves constantly mispronounced the work ‘SIKHS’ as ‘sicks’. Aren’t the producers listening to their reporters? By the third time, shouldn’t they have whispered in to her ear piece that she’s an idiot?" Listen moron, it's been well vetted that 'sicks' is the proper pronunciation... wait a minute, I see a bunch of other folks have already corrected you. Well screw it, you are still a moron. So there! (8/8/12)

[Maynard knows radio, he'll be a great PD] Buzz! I know Maynard, Maynard doesn't know radio. Maynard was a sidekick, at best, and wouldn't "know radio" if it bit him in his ass. This is like saying Bill Parris knows radio. (8/8/12)

"On WUSA this morning, Delia Gonçalves constantly mispronounced the work ‘SIKHS’ as ‘sicks’. Aren’t the producers listening to their reporters? By the third time, shouldn’t they have whispered in to her ear piece that she’s an idiot?" ZombieWoof is right, as is Delia. This person is absolutely wrong. "SEEK" is an Angelicanized version of a Hindi word. It gets complicated for journalists because the AP and a lot other mainstream organizations have accepted it as the proper pronounciation. However, if you ask any Sikh American, and I know several, they would tell you that SEEK is wrong. has a good explanation on the issue. --- Joe (8/8/12)

"So WTOP is 16th in Baltimore. Wonder what would have happened if CBS had launched WNEW on 99.1 with a focus on Baltimore news? I wonder how they would have fared in Anne Arundel, Howard and Baltimore Counties, and how that might have impacted Baltimore ratings." What makes it ever worse for WNEW is that they cover Anne Arundel and Baltimore stories much more than WTOP. 99.1 is trying to appeal to both markets. And with all that, listeners haven't really changed from WTOP to WNEW in the Baltimore market. Remember, WNEW got a 0.9 during "The History of Rock and Roll". They're still doing worst 7 months later than the filler they used. Yes, it's a marathon, not a sprint, but at some point, serious questions need to be asked. (8/8/12)

Hey Dave how funny is it that the lead in ads WJLA runs on their web site story “Northwest D.C. carjacking leaves neighbors on edge” are for cars and feature yuppies entering their fancy cars: I guess it’s not very funny if you are on the dumb end of the carjacking. Silly white people: DC’s criminals know no boundaries and why not carjack an Audi 6 over some hoopdee in Anacostia. But boy them honkies sure is scared now! Signed: Scared White In Upper Northwest (8/8/12)

Has the new guy NBC4 hired who used to do sports, but won't be doing sports started yet? Thought I read that he'd be starting this week. Not sure though. (8/8/12)

I grew up in the 60's and 70's and can see why the so called oldies formats disappeared. There were thousands of Top 40 hits covering those years. Oldies stations only played a few hundred tested songs. Listeners simply burned out. I'd bet if listeners had a huge playlist with the Top10 of 4 decades, they would bring in listeners. Local jocks who know the music and have the passion for it, an original jingle package with the energy of years past, are all important. The old WQSR 105.7 had the sound, and a very talented staff. I was there in the early days when Lou Krieger had much to do with the format change. They did well for quite a few years. It would be great to have the old WLPL playlists, so much music that we haven't heard in years. Now that was a great station when FM came along! WVIE has a respectable signal, but they have to make the commitment to make it work. Yes, that means spending money to make money. Will they do that? I don't know. But I do know they spent a lot to build 3 new transmitter sites a few years back. That's only one part of building a successful operation. Promotion and a carefully executed plan is what's needed to have an impact. (8/8/12)

Memo to the "New" KHZ(TV) radio. Tell the lady that records those updates on new movies and TV shows to get closer to her mic! It will reduce all that room reverberation noise that makes it hard to understand some of the words she's reading. Just get closer to that mic! Secondly, why can't your station just concentrate on being a good 70's (with some '80s) station and forget about the current CHR songs you are playing. You are playing some songs back to back that have as much as 35 years between them. It makes your station sound like a "mish-mosh" (no direction). Do that and maybe you could finally crack the Baltimore arbitron. As I am typing this your station has segued from Men At Work to One Direction's "That's what makes you Beautifull". You are going from one extreme to another. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay to jarrring. It's like a current based country station going from Johnny Cash to Jason Aldean. (8/8/12)

I can barely pick up WVIE 1370 here in Herald Harbor,Md. at night. Anyone else tried "The Dock" 96 kbps? Lorrie. (8/8/12)

What happened to Sierra from the Key103 Morning Show? Not that I miss her seemingly affected accent, but all of sudden she's gone and there are almost no indications on the stations's web site that she ever existed, save from a few photo descriptions. Any idea what happened and why? Doug (8/8/12)

/\ August 8 Messages /\

\/ August 7 Messages \/

So WTOP is 16th in Baltimore. Wonder what would have happened if CBS had launched WNEW on 99.1 with a focus on Baltimore news? I wonder how they would have fared in Anne Arundel, Howard and Baltimore Counties, and how that might have impacted Baltimore ratings. (8/7/12)

I just have to vent. Local TV news in Baltimore. There was a major traffic issue due to an overturned tractor trailer leaking fuel in AACo, where I live, and I got home at 6pm... put "LLL' CH 11 on... nothing. So, at 6:30 I switched to WJZ Ch 13... watched till the end of the newscast: nada. Channel 11 will put the helicopter on a fender bender somewhere and call that "Breaking News" yet I see NOTHING on this thing? Granted, they may have said or shown something in the 5-6pm newscasts, but what about those of us who get in later? This is why I don't watch LLL anymore unless I hear of a tease that interests me. Major grrrr. OMG - Channel 13! Bob Turk REALLY needs to retire. Mary Bubala is refreshing but the rest of the team? Snoozefest. I haven't watched that channel for years. Used to watch the morning show when they were "relaxed" in the 0500 news hour. Once they started wearing jackets - well I felt weird walking around in my altogether getting ready for work! I liked that relaxed time. I get my news on the internet now. I rarely watch local news anymore and tonight reminded me why. (8/7/12)

The problem with 1370 WVIE isn't the management, it's the ownership. They need to fire their incompetent General Manager and replace him. Someone who would be creative in programming 1370, which will never see a .5 share under the current management, and someone who can begin to rebuild a very aging WCBM. WCBM could again become a very real AM powerhouse in the market and some creativity could make 1370 very unique and profitable. But until Magione in charge makes a change at the GM slot, look for both stations to keep spinning wheels. Nick, you should start making calls now before the value of the licenses plummets even more. (8/7/12)

1370 WVIE: Oldies so overplayed you can hear the cue burns at the starts of the digital files. (8/7/12)

"Oh BTW, the KHZ Network is making money!" - This is probably true now that they finally jettisoned "Disastrous" Davy Jones from their network. (8/7/12)

Thing about 1370 they forgot to put in the ad; there is no pay! The last "program director" was Brenda who is ALSO the full time News Director for WCBM for no additional compensation from what I have heard. Look for folks to be "let go" from 680 to cover the cost of bringing new people on-board for the little sister station. How these people have run radio stations for so many years is criminal. They expect the money to pour into their pockets without any effort, and nothing trickles down to staff. Hiring Johnny Dark, Merson, really? There's no money to be put into it! (8/7/12)

"On WUSA this morning, Delia Gonçalves constantly mispronounced the work ‘SIKHS’ as ‘sicks’. Aren’t the producers listening to their reporters? By the third time, shouldn’t they have whispered in to her ear piece that she’s an idiot?" - That's the correct pronunciation, so you can suck it. Indian languages do have a short "i" sound. - Timmmmmmay! - ZombieWoof (8/7/12)

Below is the official statement received from Secretary General of the World Sikh Council - America Region (WSC-AR): Thank you for your inquiry. The pronunciation of the word "Sikh" is as follows: "Sikh" pronounced as "Sick" and "Sikhs" pronounced as "Six". I hope this helps. Please feel free to contact me for any further questions. (8/7/12)

Deejays for WVIE aka Q1370? Big Don O’Brien mornings, the Merson Person middays and Johnny Dark afternoons which would cover the major daytime shifts. Each is still around, fun to listen to, can talk the talk, entertain the listeners, know Baltimore and can tell stories about the music unlike the “say nothings” I’m hearing via their syndicated service. And now that I’ve attempted to project a modicum of logical sense, don’t count on WVIE management to pursue it or even understand that fans of this era’s music want local voices who can relate to them. Wonder what format will follow this one next year? (8/7/12)

I personally believe that WVIE with the new music format will work just fine....nice to hear great oldies once again. Maynard knows radio, he'll be a great PD, and I know the best talent will be found there for mornings. Oh BTW, the KHZ Network is making money! (8/7/12)

Delia got the pronunciation correct on Sikh... (8/7/12)

Delia was correct in her pronunciation, the leadership of that group wants it pronounced that way as Scott Pelley reported last night on the CBS Evening News. \Other stations and cable outlets also have decided to pronounce it the same as well. Tom in DC (8/7/12)

In reference to WVIE. You do know that Maynard is now the PD????? That in itself is cause for alarm. He couldn’t program an IPOD let alone a radio station. UGH. Kind of reminds of the the success KHZ is having NOT!!!! (8/7/12)

On WUSA this morning, Delia Gonçalves constantly mispronounced the work ‘SIKHS’ as ‘sicks’. Aren’t the producers listening to their reporters? By the third time, shouldn’t they have whispered in to her ear piece that she’s an idiot? (8/7/12)

Re: 1370, WVIE: the greatest hits from the 60s through the 80s. It's on AM. Not sure why. Don't see the logistics of that from a programming standpoint, since the music is programmed for a demographic that is well-aware of FM radio. Novelty? Perhaps, but then what after a few hours? Is there something I'm missing? I'd listen if they hire Johnny Dark away from WTTR, which is a hard catch from Baltimore county. (8/7/12)

Here are Jim Henson's Wilkins & Wontkins Muppets that Blair referred to. (8/7/12)

Sorry, but getting the "breakfast surprise" of Mary Katharine Ham back on my radio causes a gag reflex like this. (8/7/12)

WVIE. This is what you've come up with? Cumulus Media Networks’ Classic Hits syndicated service. Should have just signed on with the fabulous KHZ Network ! (8/7/12)

Hi Dave, Thought you might be interested in a presentation this Saturday on Pick Temple. I pulled the following from our website at: Remember Pick Temple’s Giant Food Ranch Show? The Museum is sponsoring a presentation and exhibit on Pick Temple’s Giant Ranch Show at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention at 9:00 a.m. this coming Saturday, August 11, at the Hunt Valley Inn, Hunt Valley, Md. Pick Temple was a local star during the advent of television in the Washington, D.C. area in the 1950s. He hosted the immensely popular Pick Temple’s Giant Ranch Show from 1952 to 1961. The show was a favorite of children and adults alike and featured interviews, games, shooting contests, episodes of Western serials, and live puppet shows. Some lucky members of the audience even enjoyed pony rides on the set! Parker Temple, Pick Temple’s son and also a stage hand on the show, will give a multimedia presentation on his father’s career. He’ll start with a brief background on Pick including his ties to Temple Business Schools, how he got his name, and what he was doing before he became THE Pick Temple. The presentation will continue with a history of the show using photos, video clips, recordings, artifacts, and other materials, much of which have never been seen by the public since the show went off the air. Parker will also provide “behind the scenes” and “in front of the camera” recollections and anecdotes and will answer all your questions about the show. Thanks, Bill McMahon, National Capital Radio & Television Museum (8/7/12)

WMAL had a brief report that there were calls to ban large busted women from certain establishments because they draw the worst kind of men, including those with newly purchased weapons. There could have been more but I hit the button. (8/7/12)

Someone beat me to it, but my first thought for WVIE's morning show was Big Don. The only way they have a chance is to get some ratings in the morning. Oh, and don't eff it up. I would add to the suggestions, Stash, Steve Rouse, and TMOS. Still they should be happy if they crack a 1.0 share. (...and don't forget to actually pay the morning person) Ed Graham (8/7/12)

[Mary Katharine Ham was back on WMAL this morning, and maybe the rightly talker should seriously think about replacing Brian Wilson with her on a permanent basis. She and Bryan Nehman have great chemistry.] Dave, have to semi-disagree w/you. While the Brian/Bryan 's chemistry is not great, Hamm as a terrible radio presence. Her voice is too high and squeaky and even worse, she sometimes gets her facst wrong which in turn undercuts her conservative opinions. But I agree with you Righty Talk radio is ok as long as the meanness is kept out. That seems to be a bridge too far in today's political environment. (8/7/12)

Hey Dave, WMAL ran commercials for a gun show at the Chantilly Expo Center at the end of July. A 36 year old doofus from Manassas purchased agun at that show on Saturday, July 28, 2012, and then went with his buds to a nearby Hooters restaurantfor dinner. At the restaurant, thisgenius attempted to remove the tie holding back the trigger mechanism of hisnewly acquired firearm, and he accidently shot a 20 something woman in theankle. Some reports claim the victim wasa waitress at Hooters, but that fact hasn’t been confirmed by Fairfax Police. I was out of town on vacation last week. Since the story involved one of WMAL’s advertisers,since the story involved buying a gun at a gun show (a very hot topic these days), and since thestory involved a woman at Hooters restaurant (always good for news), does anyone know if the cracker jack aces overat the WMAL news department reported on this gun accident? (8/7/12)

I recommend Big Don O'Brien who recently beat cancer for the WVIE 1370 morning spot! :-) (8/7/12)

[RE 1370:] It's going back to oldies? Legends Oldies? If so I am stoked that my AM only Philco can get music (besides urban gospel) on it again in Balt. city!! (8/7/12)

SNIP-( Just imagine how great your day would have been with a Jack Edwards T-shirt. Ed Graham)END OF SNIP-Ed, I’d still be watering the lawn!!!:) (8/7/12)

Note to WVIE: Fix your audio stream for stereo compatibility. Some of the syndicated music is missing complete instruments and voices. Hire a professional imaging/production voice and give that person something better to read than “From Dundalk to Downtown...”, “Sing-a-long on the Beltway...”, etc. One wonders why this mess went on the air without local imaging cuts ready to roll. Welcome to another cheapo production from the the Mangione-Pettit think tank. (8/7/12)

"Just imagine how great your day would have been with a Jack Edwards T-shirt. Ed Graham" ... I can't, like Edwards, I have no imagination! Beefeater, VA (8/7/12)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Host & Co-Host Needed for WVIE morning show in Baltimore. Must be able to handle news and sports duties, production and personal appearances. Successful candidate should be able to engage the listener in fun & intelligent conversation. We are seeking an applicant with a proven track record and strong story-telling skills along with a professional, warm and conversational delivery. Must be able to handle all facets of daily show production. Credibility and creativity are a must. Intimate knowledge of Baltimore and surrounding area a plus. Women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply. Send demos (links are ok), resumes and cover letters to (8/7/12)

WBAL RADIO WEB PAGE: MSP Blame Erratic Driver in Muliple Injury Crash (8/7/12)

"I got my "Murphy in the Morning - WEEL 1310 Golden WEEL" t-shirt yesterday! It has changed my life. Just wearing it out in the yard, I have neighborhood women begging me for sex." Just imagine how great your day would have been with a Jack Edwards T-shirt. Ed Graham (8/7/12)

Too bad Edwards, Townsend, Wallace and Cronkite aren't around to report on the Mars Curiosity landing. (8/7/12)

Man, the Washington Post's print ad base is shrinking fast. Also, Mary Katharine Ham was back on WMAL this morning, and maybe the righty talker should seriously think about replacing Brian Wilson with her on a permanent basis. She and Bryan Nehman have great chemistry. More: Former WMAL morning team Fred Grandy and Andy Parks to reunite on WTNT. And, I give another listen to the fabulous Gamut on WTOP's HD3. In today's "Dave TV"..... (8/7/12)

Elliot in the Morning bobblehead given out by the Bowie Baysox on August 1, 2012. (8/7/12)

"Has CBS Radio dropped all it's HD Radio sub channels for good?" No, CBS hasn't. As I write this at 7:35 Tuesday 08.07, I am listening to WPGC's HD-2 Dance Tracks station, Area 95.5. Sometimes it's not on, but most of the time it is. Now I wish one of the stations in the market would get serious with Dance and make it its primary programming. Lots of us are totally exhausted with whatever passes for "Urban" these days, which seems to be "sample another tune's hook and repeat it endlessly..." (8/7/12)

Dave's response: Just checked the CBS DCers and WJFK's HD subchannels are on this morning. Ditto with PGC's. But not Fresh FM's (wah - again no HFS975). I agree with you, the sometimes there, sometimes not status of area HD Radio channels is no way to build an audience for this struggling new service.....

My youth space memories in this very special edition of "Dave TV" including old space models, memories of the moon landings, old NASA brochures, and my autograph of Buzz Aldrin. From my youthful days in New Jersey..... (8/7/12)

I got my "Murphy in the Morning - WEEL 1310 Golden WEEL" t-shirt yesterday! It has changed my life. Just wearing it out in the yard, I have neighborhood women begging me for sex. Wore it to get gas for the Bunny-Mobile last night, the cashier pleaded with me to "take the gas for free"! On the way home, one of Fairfax's finest stopped me for doing 68 in a 35. Saw my shirt, said, "oh I used to listen to that guy when I was a kid". He let me go with a warning. I slept in it all night, my dreams were happy and full of unicorns and monkeys making politicians do real work, laughing while working. This morning, my coffee taste's sweeter, the air is cleaner and for the first time in my life, I greet the day with an optimistic hope. I have a doctors appointment later today, and will report if my "Murphy in the Morning - WEEL 1310 Golden WEEL" t-shirt has cured my keraunothnetophobias. Just getting my shirt yesterday has already cured my chronic telesphobia. I'm hoping that wearing my new "Murphy in the Morning - WEEL 1310 Golden WEEL" t-shirt will enhance my pogonology watching "Dave TV". Is my "Murphy in the Morning - WEEL 1310 Golden WEEL" t-shirt a miracle cure? Who knows, but it has made my life more comfortable, and its more than a coincidence that all of these wonderful things have happened in just the 16 hours since it arrived at my home. Thank you Dave for making me aware that this life giving, "shirt of shirts" is available for us lowly DCRTV readers and posters. My only problem now is waiting for the 2-dozen I've ordered online. I don't want to take mine off until they arrive! CB - Fairfax (8/7/12)

Has CBS Radio dropped all it's HD Radio sub channels for good? Out of last 3 weeks+ only had them on 2 days at the end of 2nd week. I like listening to WIP Philadelphia(was on WJFK subchannel 4) overnites with Big Daddy Graham versus JT The Brick. from Fox Sports Network, which is carried on the regular WJFK 106.7. I've noticed the other CBS Radio stations in area have also been without the HD Radio sub channels they use to carry. Had been pretty consistent but over the last few months the HD channels have been spotty. Well a month without RetroTv and I still think it sucks WJLA dropped the channel for this LiveWell Network. This station must be lacking for programming. They run the Steven and Chris talk show at least 3 times a day. The same goes for the show Mexico One Plate At A Time. That show already had wide exposure on PBS. LiveWell also runs infomercials not overnights like RetroTV but what I'd consider prime viewing time in the early evening. Man I sure miss The Naked City and Peter Gunn versus this abomination of a channel. Some muckity muck at ABC/Disney headquarters order WJLA to carry this glop instead of RetroTV? (8/7/12)

Re: Dave's response, errr The Real AHHH's response: I guess it just kinda shows how washed up his [DON GERONIMO'S] career is, crawling back to [CBS RADIO] to\host a station all the way in Sacramento [KHTK 1140] ; a network that [HELD GERONIMO TO A TWO-YEAR NON COMPETE AGREEMENT WHILE TEACHING HIM A LESSON BY NOT BRINGING HIM BACK ON THE AIR] years earlier..... My malebag 'book of quotes' Dave's Reference Library. The Real AHHHH (8/7/12)

Was at the O's game tonight, so had a chance to listen to View 1370. What a train wreck. Missing local ID's, dead air and a blah feeling. Why does 1370 simply think throwing a format on the air will work. C'mon. Womens talk, talk, Sports, News and sports, news and business news. Here's a solution for you. Put on something you care about and support it. View 1370 will fail like all the others under the current game plan. Maynard was a producer for Rouse and Company, not a PD. (8/7/12)

Re: "August 6th, 1956 - DuMont Television Network goes dark...." Thanks for that. My family's first TV set was a DuMont. We had (probably still do, somehwere) a wooden block with the DuMont logo on it. I still have my Wilkins and Wontkins puppets. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (8/7/12)

I tried rescanning my Zenith DTT-901 to see if I could get MHz's "upper" channels. No dice. Channels 30-1 through 30-6 come in fine in Alexandria, but that's because they'e coming from Merrifield, where the channel 24 tower is located. The tower sending the upper channels is too far away for me to get. Earlier, I tried on a Digital Stream (Radio Shack) set-top box connected to another TV, with similar results. The Zenith lets you add channels, but the Digital Stream does a reboot; you start from scratch. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (8/7/12)

/\ August 7 Messages /\

\/ August 6 Messages \/

[RE: "Watched NBC4 weekend morning news this past Saturday & what a train wreck."] Why are you so surprised? This IS the same network that keeps Jim Vance on the air, isnt it?? (8/6/12)

[RE: "It'll be interesting to see if this truly lasts after the Olympics As soon as ol' Joe gets some informericals in the noon and 5pm slots, I'd bet you can kiss those newscasts goodbye."] Yes, yes I understand good ol' Joe likes his commercials. Joe also likes to preempt ABC programming so he can show a movie that was popular 25 years ago. (8/6/12)

For anyone looking OTA for the Skins' first preseason game @ Buffalo, it will be on Ch. 4.2 this Thursday because of the Olympics. (8/6/12)

Watched NBC4 weekend morning news this past Saturday & what a train wreck. Really strange newscast. Erika Gonzalez seemed to be flirting w/Richard what's his name, touching his arm a few times. He seemed to enjoy it, acting kinda giddy to the point of seeming to blush. I've not seen him this extroverted since he started. And the guy they had doing the sports seemed totally unprepared as if they called him in 5 minutes before he sat down. He struggled with both his print copy & reading the teleprompter. THEN during the food segment, Erika just wouldn't shut up to let the chef talk. Whew. But I must admit, it was entertaining. (8/6/12)

The Post is toast if they can't garner more than two ads, one of which is the smallest one they sell, in a 16 pg. sports section during the Olympics. (8/6/12)

Here’s the link to 1370 WVIE’s stream: They are running Cumulus Media Networks’ Classic Hits syndicated service - The Network jocks are neutral at best and that’s being generous. Imaging is nothing to write home about. Can’t see this becoming a ratings or financial successful. (8/6/12)

[RE: As DCRTV prediced would happen, it looks like Balto's 1370 has dropped righty talk for oldies from the 60s thru 80s.....] Good. Love to see a trend towards less talk more music stations (8/6/12)

[RE: As DCRTV prediced would happen, it looks like Balto's 1370 has dropped righty talk for oldies from the 60s thru 80s.....] I am thankful to have oldies in Northern VA on 1420 WKCW. While its better than nothing, they really should work on the presentation of it! (8/6/12)

[RE: As DCRTV prediced would happen, it looks like Balto's 1370 has dropped righty talk for oldies from the 60s thru 80s.....] Aren't we all about burned out on oldies from the 60's through 80's (8/6/12)

[RE: As DCRTV prediced would happen, it looks like Balto's 1370 has dropped righty talk for oldies from the 60s thru 80s.....] Wait, the 80s are now oldies? WTH!?!? (8/6/12)

[RE: As DCRTV prediced would happen, it looks like Balto's 1370 has dropped righty talk for oldies from the 60s thru 80s.....] And why does the oldies format have to get banished to AM in the Dc market anyhow??? (8/6/12)

Dave, did you hear that your favorite girl, MKH, is guest hosting the WMAL B&B morning show on Tuesday? I called it B&B because you may want to go the ABC store tonight and get a bottle before the broadcast. (8/6/12)

Dave's response: I guess it just kinda shows how washed up her career is, crawling back to guest host with a station that canned her just months earlier.....

Just checked at the Fox45 iphone app. It's terrible and could it be any more bland. No images, weather radar doesn't animate, and there is no ability to provide weather radar on my street. There are no traffic cameras, and in the Fighting Back page the top story is from December 2011. On the Cover Story page its not a cover story at all but a story from August 4. This is the worst app in Baltimore. Fortuntely I won't have to waste my time,since there are three other local tv apps that provide superior information. (8/6/12)

In re: Hey, Dave: The guy on WMAL last night complaining about Congress WAS Larry Kudlow... (8/6/12)

The Post today: 16 page Sports section, only 2 advertisements. (8/6/12)

The Travels of Don Geronimo : Mike Sorce un-apologetic in "using" wife's medical "note" to "wheelchair" them first onto US Airways flights. Karma, Mike Sorce still needs to use seat-belt extender. My malebag TSA pat-down. Dave's air traffic controller tower. The Real AHHHH (8/6/12)

(Why does WJFK (CBS) play Fox Sports on the weekend, especially with their new CBS Sports radio venture?) Because the CBS venture has not yet launched. (8/6/12)

Hey Dave: I still want to know what it’s all about! Signed: Alfie. (8/6/12)

August 6th, 1956 - DuMont Television Network goes dark after final broadcast of "Boxing from St. Nicholas Arena" with Chris Schenkle. If you follow the thread through Wall Street, DuMont is now Fox. DuMont was the original owner and operator of Washington, D. C.'s WTTG-TV. (8/6/12)

I guess I'm the only one to check in on 1370 today. Oldies! 60s-70s-80s so far. Plus an on-air reference to a non-existent web site at (registered to WCBM). The old WVIE site's still up and the Listen Live link still works. ~ Sam (8/6/12)

AM 1370 appears to have made the flip to music. Sounds like they're using a syndicated service (8/6/12)

Why does WJFK (CBS) play Fox Sports on the weekend, especially with their new CBS Sports radio venture? (8/6/12)

"oicher's duel" - Some heavy prancing for Mittens this week while I'd prefer Chuck Todd with one huge gold hoop and mascara... (8/6/12)

Hey Dave, last night on one of those money talk weekendprograms on WMAL, a commercial (PSA) was ran talking about the benefits of thenew health care law for those that are 50+ years old. The commercial didn’tuse the words “catastrophic,” or “ Government take-over,” or any of the otherphrases strewed around by the WMAL weekday hosts. Odd,very odd; we all know “ObamaCare” (registered trademark) is socialist and willdestroy humanity as we know it because Michele Bachmann on Sean Hannity’s show told us it will. So, that’s that. Anyway, next a caller to the money guy askeda question on infrastructure bond financing and the host said it was a good idea, but the “House”will not vote on it. He then said peoplewho think we are in a recession and think the economy is dismal are “out ofthis world,” and “delusional.” He was thenvery clear that it is the Republicans in the house that are stifling this economyand limiting growth to 1.5-2.5%. OMG, Bill Hess, you need to getrid of that guy immediately and run repeats of Larry Kudlow’s show in that timeperiod. Larry is so informative. WMAL, if youadd Larry to Sunday nights Larry can tell us again how the Dow with slusharound between 10,500 and 11,000 until a Republican is in the White House. He was very clear about that fact just last August because he repeatedly said it on WMAL’smorning show and on his own Saturday night show. Larry can also tell us on Sundays, why “ObamaCare”gives us an economic disadvantage overCanada, and to “look out for $5.00 a gallon gasoline” by this summer. “It’s coming,” he informed us on his Tuesdayreports with Brian and Brian and on his Saturday show just last April. Larryis so informative when it comes to the economy, unlike this other money guy. Getrid of this other dufus, WMAL, and give us more Larry on Sunday nights. I followed Larry’s advice last August and dumped all my stocks. I am glad I didbecause the DJIA, as Larry repeatedly predicted on WMAL, hasn’t moved above 11,000 since. Thank God for Larry and WMAL, they are doingus all a great service. (8/6/12)

More former WEEL names: Geezing along and showing my extreme age: back in the early 70s when I was selling for WEEL/WEZR and subbing once in a while on-air, we had guys like Bob Kerns, Bob Benson (who also occasionally got an overnight shift at WMAL when it was still MOR), Don Markey, Bob Ducibella doing sports, and, of course, Mr. Carmichael. Don’t know what happened to any of those folks except Warren(Carmichael). Ed BonGiovanni, Potomac Falls, VA. (8/6/12)

Dave, an additional comment of agreement on a previous post, “. . . I discovered . . . DCRTV about nine years ago. I log on about four times a day. I'm sorry, I cannot push the arrow on the ad for The Eagle.” Now Dave I understand that advertising is part of your business-model, but this is a particular creepy one and I’m saying this as one pushing the demo depicted in the photo. (8/6/12)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: JFK's Junks talking about peeing in the ocean today. Damn, this show's far (!) more intelligent than nutty Chris Plante on MAL.....] Oh come on, Dave...just give yourself over to the Dark Side...Follow Haymarket Joe's advice...To truly understand Plante, you must first abandon all common sense, logic and reason, then close your mind and just let his crazy train of thought ooze over effluent gushing from a backed-up septic system. Only THEN will you truly discover the "Zen" of Plante! (8/6/12)

Dave's response: Oh, I get it. Plante is playing/parodying a nutty right-wing talk show host. Kinda of like Colbert. Brilliant.....

So, the Anderson Talk Show will remain on ABC7 this fall. I saw a commercial morning indicating they are moving to 3PM. I guess this is to make room for Katie Couric's new talk show at 4PM. (8/6/12)

"Here is the latest embarrassment. "The Broadneck High School graduate,who father was on the 1976 Olympic team that went to Montreal,qualified for the semifinals on Friday by placing 22nd overall."Apparently either proofreading is a skill not required to work at WBAL,or Ebonics is becoming the new standard language." - You incredible racist C-sucker. Dave, I can't believe you allow this sort of non-sense. DCRTV is rapidly becoming "editing". These posts make The Mark Trail Guy look good. - In other news, last weekend (7/29) the WaPo magazine pulled the column of the dirty old man in residence, Gene Weingarten, and ran a rerun from 2002. The reason? The column that was pulled was all about penises. In the rerun column DOMINR talked about how he knows nothing about medicine. Yet astonishingly, he continues to dispense medical advice in his chats on the WaPo website. Stuff along the lines of "it's probably not skin cancer, just ignore it". How the Post doesn't see this as a huge liability issue is beyond me. - Timmmmmmay! - ZombieWoof (8/6/12)

SNIP: [RE WJLA's new noon newscast:] According to a tweet from Kendis Gibson, it's to compete with the Olympics? It'll be interesting to see if this truly lasts after the Olympics As soon as ol' Joe gets some informericals in the noon and 5pm slots, I'd bet you can kiss those newscasts goodbye. WJLA: Joe Loves Ads. And I see another local fundraiser is on Thursday, again pre-empting ABC programming (yes, I know it is repeats of ABC shows). (8/6/12)

Looks like NBC-4 is getting the short end of the stick again for Redskins pre-season games, getting only an SD feed, as CSN (same parent company) boasts about them being the exclusive HD home of Redskins pre-season football. This is total bs. If it were 1966, CSN would be boasting about being exclusively in color and relgating WRC to a dingy black and white telecast. (8/6/12)

Not only are there constant typos and grammar errors on the weekend on the wbal website, but on the station's official Facebook page as well: "It took 10 innings, but the Orioles outlasted the Rays in a oitcher's duel. The Orioles head home now for ten games over the next 11 days." (8/6/12)

We remember well when tiny 250 watt WYRE had a killer signal at 810khz. Over the years, quite a few AM owners have let the sites deteriorate. That may or may not be the case with WYRE. A good grounding system is just as important as the vertical antenna. They are still in Annapolis, not diplexed from the 860 site near Essex despite an earlier CP.. Tom Conroy..... Licensee: BAY BROADCASTING CORPORATION 810 kHz Licensed Domestic Station Class: D Region 2 Station Class (corresponds to W. Hemisphere): B Coordination Status: Canada: - Mexico: - Region 2: - File No: BL-- Facility ID No.: 70352 CDBS Application ID No.: 305455 38° 58' 13.00" N Latitude Power: 0.25 kilowatts (kW) Daytime 76 ° 30' 28.00" W Longitude (NAD 27) NDD - Non-directional Antenna: Daytime only RMS Standard: 0.00 mV/m at 1 kilometer RMS Theoretical: 297.73 mV/m at 1 kilometer (8/6/12)

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This hits keep on coming from the WBAL radio website. It appears Robert Lang has been training Kenneth Burns. Here is the latest embarrassment. "The Broadneck High School graduate, who father was on the 1976 Olympic team that went to Montreal, qualified for the semifinals on Friday by placing 22nd overall." Apparently either proofreading is a skill not required to work at WBAL, or Ebonics is becoming the new standard language. (8/5/12)

Oooy Vey Fly 1st class...Mister I’m ex-Baltimore TV weatherman who likes to fly places--or maybe if you kid grew up in the city like I did when I was kid--he be able to deal with smell--in the city you have all types of smells but.. no in York pa..when they spray air fresher 2-3 times an hour to make the air small like can one stand some bad kung pow beef on an airplane—and for this he wants sympathy because he had a bad 2 hour flight… (8/5/12)

What is going on with the 20-2 channel? It just has channel 5 now. Just curious. Ron Anderson (8/5/12)

Dave's response: It will be a new Fox Spanish language network which launches later this month.....

Pat Murphy: Great memory post about WEEL-1310. You mentioned a nearly lifelong friend of mine, Mike Wolfgang (Dan Alexander), when you worked with him at WROV, Roanoke. Mike was production director at Q-107 and the old classic rock 105.9. He also did production stints at WAPE, Jacksonville and WLS, Chicago, plus morning wacky dude gigs in Denver, Charlotte, and Spokane. Mike is now retired from WLS, and living in Panama. Happy as can be. We should all find tropical bliss. (8/5/12)

Dave, I discovered this DCRTV about nine years ago. I log on about four times a day. I'm sorry, I cannot push the arrow on the ad for The Eagle. JohnnyuinHanover,pa. (8/5/12)

Looks like we have a new county in Maryland acc to WBAL.COM: Much of the state is under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 9:00 p.m.; Parts of Frederick, Carooll and Baltimore Counties are under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning until 4:45 p.m. (8/5/12)

Just FYI, there was an Editor's Note on page E7 of Saturday's Real Estate section notifying readers that The Post is seeking to make some changes to the print and online editions of Real Estate come this fall. The editor went no further than "We hope to introduce some new features and subtle changes to the Saturday Real Estate print section." So I guess we can interpret this to mean more downsizing? (8/5/12)

WJLA's official TV schedule for next Saturday again shows a noon newscast. Looks like it's here to stay? (8/5/12)

Re: Washington Post: I could see myself cancelling my subscription because of what happened last week. I went out of town and put in a request to stop the paper for 9 days, and what do I come home to? More than a week's worth of Posts lying on my doorstep! I am shocked that the carrier wouldn't have taken a second to think that maybe something was wrong, seeing that many papers gathering. But no, I guess it's too much trouble to go back and check to make sure that the papers weren't supposed to stop. Over the years I have never had this happen before, but if The Post has become so third rate that it can't even honor a temporary cancellation request, they're in some trouble. Every day The Post seems to be losing its value, and frankly, The New York Times might become my only home-delivered paper if The Post continues on its downward spiral. Has anyone else here had problems with Post vacation stops? (8/5/12)

The Washington Post Magazine has really gone down the drain in recent years. The stories are incredibly bland and the fact that what is really a 24 page pamphlet is being called a "magazine" is disgraceful. (8/5/12)

It is difficult to fathom why WJLA wants to add a noon Saturday newscast and a 5 PM Sunday one after having canned their GMW Weekend newscasts three years ago. I don't see why this approach would be any more successful. (8/5/12)

Dave: Remember the TRS-80? (8/5/12)

Last week there was a question whether WYRE Annapolis was still transmitting on 810Kc AM from its original tower at the top of Spa Creek. As of Saturday, I don't think so. Here I was, and the signal wasn't very strong. Probably have moved to the new tower in Essex or wherever. (8/5/12)

[RE WJLA's new noon newscast:] According to a tweet from Kendis Gibson, it's to compete with the Olympics? It'll be interesting to see if this truly lasts after the Olympics... (8/5/12)

Hey Dave: whether DCRTV Mailbaggers like Rush Limbaugh or not, there was a lot of noise in the Mailbag about how his ratings and sponsors would be diminished when he made his remarks about that loverly sexpot Saundra Fluke. Seems just the opposite turned out to be true: his rating are up (with new listeners too) and now some of the sponsors who bailed regret it! What gives? I thought he was supposed to be destroyed by Media Matters and the like? Signed: Puzzled in Peoria. “During the height of the Rush Limbaugh/Sandra Fluke controversy in March, software company Carbonite announced it would no longer sponsor the conservative radio host. As CEO David Friend said at the time: No one with daughters the age of Sandra Fluke, and I have two, could possibly abide the insult and abuse heaped upon this courageous and well-intentioned young lady. Mr. Limbaugh, with his highly personal attacks on Miss Fluke, overstepped any reasonable bounds of decency. Even though Mr. Limbaugh has now issued an apology, we have nonetheless decided to withdraw our advertising from his show. We hope that our action, along with the other advertisers who have already withdrawn their ads, will ultimately contribute to a more civilized public discourse. Liberals touted the action as proof that Limbaugh was becoming toxic and his show was in danger. So how has dumping Limbaugh worked out for Carbonite? Not so well. Turns out alienating Rush’s fans may have been more damaging than alienating his critics. As the blog Legal Insurrection noted today: On August 1 Carbonite released its 2d Quarter 2012 results, the first full quarter after dropping Limbaugh in March. The results shocked Wall Street, as Carbonite did not meet its growth targets, causing multiple analysts to drop the target price. The stock dropped 15% in a day. What’s more, in a conference call, Friend linked the decline to the Limbaugh action: Yeah, I’d say it turned out to be a bigger issue than we had anticipated. Because you know at the time there was a lot of noise, I mean we had a huge spike in web traffic around that time just because of all the interest in the whole subject. And it took close to a month for that to sort of die down. And meanwhile our metrics were, we really couldn’t see what was going because there was so much noise around the website that we had no idea what the ultimate impact was going to be. It turned out to be a bigger hole in our revenue than we had thought when we initially did this.Friend added that he was “not regretful of the decision. I think things would have been worse had we not done that.” Legal Insurrection’s William Jacobson calls that “laughable” adding: “It’s too convenient now to say things would have been worse, when Friend completely misjudged the impact of dropping Limbaugh.” (8/5/12)

"In a community like this where blacks are the distinct minority, yet are constantly prominently featured as criminal suspects, the distinction is critical." Think about that statement for a minute. I don't know how things work out in the Mojave Desert, but here NOT naming the suspect's race is code for black. - "Now, you and I know that the CBS snippets are copyrighted material" Yet you insist on using them without permission. What does that say about you? - "For many years, naming an uncharged suspect was strictly prohibited in journalism" Hard to call someone who's been arrested "uncharged". - "BTW, I recently had the news director of the NBC affilate here apologize to me over my complaint to the station" Based on your long-windedness it was probably one of those "anything to get this guy off the phone" situations. Timmmmmmmay! - ZombieWoof (8/5/12)

Just another nonsensical and poorly constructed weekend news story from WBAL RADIO WEB (WBAL.COM): "Victim was stabbed in Northwest Baltimore July 23 dies this past Wednesday. The victim was reportedly talked to three suspects in a nearby 7-Eleven before getting stabbed in the chest by one of them." (8/5/12)

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HI, Dave. I hope the shirt arrived OK. Pat and I have exchanged many e-mails of the last week or so, and he thought I should ask you to promote the shirts on your site. You know, for the (ahem) millions of Murphy fans out there who've been waiting their whole lives for them. Anyway, if you agree, here's the link to the site - (8/4/12)

Hi, there, Dave: I see that you recently pointed out journalistic ethics gaffes in a TV report: 2 Media Outlets ID Murder Suspect Even Though He Hasn't Been Charged - 8/2 - From Tom Jackman at We all want to know who killed journalist Sarah Greenhalgh in her Fauquier County home on July 9. So when police searched a suspect's home, and then arrested him 10 days later on a completely unrelated court violation, two major media outlets in our area - and Channel 7/WJLA - publicly identified the man, though he still has not been charged with murder. For many years, naming an uncharged suspect was strictly prohibited in journalism, which could create legal liability for the newspaper or broadcaster by falsely accusing someone, Jackman adds..... So, I ask this question and would like a response from you: Why are CBS News snippets featuringing their anchor Scott Pelley stating "The US is having the worst econonic recovery ever" INCLUDED IN MITT ROMNEY POLITICAL ADS THAT ARE NOW AIRING? Now, you and I know that the CBS snippets are copyrighted material, meaning that either the Romney campaign is using the ads ILLEGALLY [and if this is the case, why hasn't CBS demanded action on this and another Romney ad showing Bob Schieffer?] or more ominiously, has CBS abandoned its ethically historical stance of non partisanship in political campaigns and is in fact ALLOWING the Romney campaign to use copyrighted snippets of their broadcasts? We retired journalists out here in the Mojave Desert in the city of Las Vegas would like to know. BTW, I recently had the news director of the NBC affilate here apologize to me over my complaint to the station for his reporters violating long-standing rules about identifying suspects racially on air. As he said, "no, we can not just call a suspect an African American without other qualifying info such as his height, weight, clothing, etc." In a community like this where blacks are the distinct minority, yet are constantly prominently featured as criminal suspects, the distinction is critical. Even though I am out of the game, gotta keep folks honest and true to the journalistic ethics we all learned but apparently forget for the sake of expediency. (8/4/12)

That is not Judy KELLAR, not Keller. Wrong person. (8/4/12)

Dave, You look very manly in your Murphy in the Morning - WEEL 1310 t-shirt. I've heard that it increases your IQ by 50-points and has aphrodisiac powers. Women swoon in its very presence. (8/4/12)

Dave's response: The only woman I'm interested in swooning is Betsy Rothstein.....

Dave, not sure if you posted about it earlier, but WJLA now has a Saturday noon newscast anchored by Melanie Hastings. (8/4/12)

CBS has kept the WHFS calls on various stations, which have no real tie to them, for a reason. They could now stand for "Home Field Sports" as someone on another forum said but I think it's just another convenient way to park the calls until whatever CBS is waiting for happens. The only real value of the legendary letters is the original slogan for them- Washingtons High Fidelity Stereo- and the legacy that went with them. The HFS brand lives on even without the actual calls and- despite what the "professionals",self proclaimed geniuses and the music haters have said over and over in the Mailbag for years -there is a reason for THAT also!!! Eventually HFS will reclaim the WHFS FM identity and most likely lose the fractured,multiple space/time list of frequencies. HFS is the station that won't die. That isn't wishful thinking,it isn't circular logic or twisted's the truth and the evidence is the history of location and frequency changes since January 12 2005. As for its profit potential,or alleged lack thereof, HFS has advertisers which means it pulls its weight. WHFS will one day meet up with HFS again and the world will make just a little more sense,at least to a bunch of freaks who don't need thier own opinions spouted back to them by a raving asshole or those who think sports should be seen not heard. HFS Live Long,Live Loud. Donnie (8/4/12)

ABC7 is doing an hour-long noon newscast today (Saturday). Is this new, or was Joe just not able to find enough infomercials to air this weekend? It's being simulcast on Newschannel 8, and 8 is superimposing their logo and crawl over 7's info. Notice in the pic that you can see 7's time and temperature graphic above the Newschannel 8 logo, with 8's time and temperature on the left. Although they agree on the current time, they must be using different thermometers. 8's crawl also covers up parts of 7's graphics, so you can't see all the information when they display a name or location on the screen. (8/4/12)

Judy Keller today: (8/4/12)

(Quote) In that picture with John Popp, Liddy’s head looks like it is photo shopped on his body! (End) No, it's really his head. It's just that the camera was afraid for it's life to take Liddy's picture. (8/4/12)

[RE Washington Post:] I finally cancelled last week after many years. Print edition is terrible, is ever-shrinking, and price keeps increasing (8/4/12)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: WHFS, the call letters that used to grace DC's legendary rocker, get placed on CBS's new sports talker in Tampa.] BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! (8/4/12)

[SNIP-(What brings you here today Mr. Trail?" SIMTG - Timmmmmmmay! - ZombieWoof] Dave, Just what does this have to do with LOCAL MEDIA?-Just askin? (8/4/12)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: WHFS, the call letters that used to grace DC's legendary rocker, get placed on CBS's new sports talker in Tampa.] I guess now we know New Yorkers feel about WNEW (8/4/12)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: WHFS, the call letters that used to grace DC's legendary rocker, get placed on CBS's new sports talker in Tampa.] High Fidelity Sports? Ugh. (8/4/12)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: WHFS, the call letters that used to grace DC's legendary rocker, get placed on CBS's new sports talker in Tampa.] Makes no sense (8/4/12)

Friday's Mark Trail opened with Rusty announcing "I got a couple of good face shots." I bet you did, Rusty, I bet you did. Dateline's Chris Hansen needs to ask Mark Trail to take a seat. "What brings you here today Mr. Trail?" SIMTG - Timmmmmmmay! - ZombieWoof (8/4/12)

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Re: In that picture with John Pop, Liddy’s head looks like it is photo shopped on hid body! RE: “all the love for Ken Beatrice” I love it! Who cares if half of it was made up? It was great radio and he was way ahead of his time. He would get ratings today. Didn’t he take calls after the show from twelve year old kids? RE: “Michael Phelps as a commentator? Are you kidding me”….He is still better than Lavar! (BTW, where is Chad Dukes today???) And, try to listen to today’s MOS podcast to hear what his water logged fellow swimmer Ryan Lochte sounds like in Robey’s Audio Vault. It is slap nuts funny. Phelps sounds like an English professor compared to that guy. RE: “I've listened to a couple of hours of WTEM's new NFL/Redskins show from 10-12 with Dave Ross”…Tell me about it. With the music in the background and sounding like he is in a can. I think he is trying to copy the original Junks concept. It doesn’t work without theBowie accents. Speaking of The Junks, the phone situation on Thursday was so unprofessional. Is it me or is Valdeez jealous of old Drabby???? The Junks need more Drabby! JFK’s best 80 Skins is a really bad idea. NFL channel does these concepts in groups of ten. And, for Lavar to announce his position (#41) during his show was bush league. Can B Mitch and Doc Walker call in FROM TRAINING CAMP when their number’s come up? Danni did take his ball and go home on that one, heh? 1-800-KARS4KIDS = Ice Pick headache OOBBEE (8/3/12)

Great picture! I loves me a Gates Dualux board. Judy Keller isn't bad, either. (8/3/12)

I get a cool "Murphy In The Morning" t-shirt honoring Pat Murphy on Fairfax's old WEEL radio in the 1970s. More bad news for the Washington Post, whose print circulation and ad revenue continue plunging. The WHFS call letters live on - but not here in the DC area. A new Tampa gig for DC-Baltimore radio vet Kirk McEwen. In today's "Dave TV"..... (8/3/12)

You can retract this...Kane addressed it on Twitter. He has strep throat. (8/3/12)

Re: "Re Blair on MHz alert--tonight I'm getting all original MHZ channels and then some,..." Thanks. My Zenith DTT-901 has always had MHz's upper channels in its inventory, though they would be blank every time I cycled past them. I have two channel 30-6s. The first one is in use, but the second one is not. I know that sound weird, but the Zenith does things like that. It also has two channel 26-1s. If I could upload a video of that ot YouTube, you'd see what I was talking about. I'll do a re-scan tonight when I get home. Thanks again. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (8/3/12)

Re: "Example: The Atlanta "suspect" made some money off outlets who were forced to compensate him for their bad judgment." He showed up on Saturday Night Live in a segment of Weekend News Update in which he was finally given an apology. I'm sure that was part of a settlement. I just now looked on YouTube for that, but I couldn't find anything. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (8/3/12)

Yes, it is the Cal Ripken World Series. This is under the Babe Ruth League and NOT the Little League. (8/3/12)

"more honorable to disappear" - Remember when TV used to snicker and jammie mock the blogosphere before the old webs started to disappear? (8/3/12)

Michael Phelps as a commentator? Are you kidding me, this guy can not be understood when he talks and he always sounds high. I admit, he is a great athlete, but not the right fit behind a mic. (8/3/12)

“How Low Can Geronimo Go? For decades, Don Geronimo has complained about people in wheelchairs being allowed to board planes first. So, milking his wife's breast cancer scare as a fake backdrop, did Mike Sorce on the way to a Pittsburgh wedding this weekend, have his healthy wife Janet escorted through the airport in a wheelchair so that they could board the plane first? Bad job by you Mike & Janet Sorce. My malebag moral compass. Dave's confessional. The Real AHHHH” This poster says: “milking his wife's breast cancer scare as a fake backdrop”. How insensitive can men get? What if someone said: “I hope you get bad meat in the can” in reference to what this poster will likely die from? I mean, its gotta be a man posting this and he has a prostate the size of a grapefruit and can barely sit in his chair to make such posts. Live by the meanness, die by the meanness I say. I am off with Janet to the Kiss In at No Real Chicks Filleted! Signed: Butch The Dyke (8/3/12)

Anyone know what's up with Kane being out the past few days? Usually, he announces when the show is on vacation, but not this time. (8/3/12)

"crawl for three days" - Take away the stick leg and a nine is just a zero. And, so like totally uncoordinated, KKKarl Rove's PAC has been burning up the morning commercial breaks here in Middle Swing Berg, sadly all they have is Romney. (8/3/12)

Quote "Ouch - Why is she insulting herself writing for Patch? LOL - Former Channel 9 news lady -" - You are SO RIGHT! Because when our employer decides to dump us after more than 20 years because college kids come cheaper (where is Lindsey Mastis again?) it is much more honorable to disappear, or better yet, commit suicide, than to do a little side work in a local website where some of the best local stories are broken (then gobbled up by the clueless college kids.) Yes LOL indeed, you moron. (8/3/12)

SNIP-(How Low Can Geronimo Go? The Real AHHHH-SOLE)END OF SNIP-He’s been places you’ll never see that’s for sure. Now, go slap your monkey and stay away from your keyBORED! (8/3/12)

[RE Kirk McEwen:] He sounds good this morning. (8/3/12)

Anyone catch the TV commercial for the Room Store's going-out-of-business sale? I'm surprised no one at the agency, the store, the TV station or anywhere else showed one of the stores being in LAMHAM, Maryland. I wonder how things are going at the stores in Falls Crutch or Anal-dale in Virginia... (8/3/12)

Dave. You may want to change your term "Cal Ripken Little League World Series". "Ripken Baseball" and "Little League" are 2 different entities in the world of youth baseball. "Little League" is very protective of their trademark. Don't want to you get in trouble. Congrats to Albie Dee. (8/3/12)

channel 9 has been running the same "news" crawl for 3 days and spelling "sandwich" wrong! (8/3/12)

Re Blair on MHz alert--tonight I'm getting all original MHZ channels and then some, including (finally) something on the new 30-11, namely another Asian broadcast in a language I can't make out (Cambodian? Laotian?), plus NHK on a new 30-12. By the way, how many freakin' subchannels can MHz have? Not that I'm complaining. - Chriscom/Manassas (8/3/12)

Pat Murphy: Does the name Judy Keller ring a bell? You're right about her being a pain. Carmichael had the heaviest footsteps. The whole building shook when he went tearing thru the lobby. (8/3/12)

On the newspaper editorial musing about the naming of suspects, it's too late to put the genie back in the bottle. During the area's anthrax scare, the media should have refused to buy into law enforcement's coining of the term "person of interest," which has since caught on across the country as a pressure tactic against real or perceived suspects. That's where your blame can be placed. Beyond that, if an outlet has developed a strong basis to believe someone's about to be charged, it's up to that outlet whether to risk a libel suit if they go with that information before law enforcement makes its move. Example: The Atlanta "suspect" made some money off outlets who were forced to compensate him for their bad judgment. (8/3/12)

Hi DCRTV Dave! This probably has little relevance, but I read through the Tom Jackman hand-wringing over not naming suspects in murders if they have been arrested on other charges but not charged with the murder. But on The Post's Web site and in print today, it does exactly that in another case: It identifies the suspect in the Arlington jewelry-store murder even though he's only been charged with a parole violation, not murder. Ironic. But then most of what The Post does these days suggests they don't have a lot of self-awareness over there, and that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. (8/3/12)

I can't believe this piece of news is nowhere on your site yet. Guess what call letters Tampa's new 98.7 The Fan is sporting? That's right: WHFS! It's the station that won't die! (8/3/12)

Dave reports." The "Grandy And Andy" former WMAL morning show team re-unite on Andy Parks' show on WTNT, 102.9 FM/730 AM, on Thursday, August 9th, from 3 PM to 6 PM." That's cool. I liked Fred more than Andy on their show, but PLEASE keep Mrs. Fred off this broadcast! (8/3/12)

How Low Can Geronimo Go? For decades, Don Geronimo has complained about people in wheelchairs being allowed to board planes first. So, milking his wife's breast cancer scare as a fake backdrop, did Mike Sorce on the way to a Pittsburgh wedding this weekend, have his healthy wife Janet escorted through the airport in a wheelchair so that they could board the plane first? Bad job by you Mike & Janet Sorce. My malebag moral compass. Dave's confessional. The Real AHHHH (8/3/12)

Sorry, but if you think 105.7 the fan's Glenn Aynuss is talented, you must be on goofballs. This little Richard's phony delivery and lack of clear knowledge is all that it takes for me to tune off. I mean, what makes Jeremy Conn a decent broadcaster is that he doesn't attempt to speak in that "radio voice" and sounds like a down to earth guy. This clown is a wannabe. Look at the national radio talent - you usually find real gems covering home-town sports for a decent-sized AMer or now the trend is sports on FM. The person that posted on 7/30 (sorry just catching up) what a talent he is also probably bought Debbie Boone records. I don't seriously want to insult anyone, but using that dude's name in the same sentence as talent is really giving sentences a bad name. Oh and since Dave won't decide to give the H goof a fond farewell, here's a trick - when you stumble upon any post with more than two H's (and they are capitalized) you know to simply pass it by. Here it is 8/2, I'm reviewing comments down to 7/30, and fairly certain I was able to visually ignore at least two comments. Try it, it works! (8/3/12)

Let's hope Kirk McEwen can lay off of those, ah em - late nights while he accrues some sick days (with pay) so he can call in and take off for that nasty "strep throat" that kept him off of 105.7 so many times before he was eventually canned. (8/3/12)

WHFS - is now WHFS The Fan 98.7 (8/3/12)

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Jared Morris quit on the air at WGMD-FM, Rehoboth Beach, DE on Tuesday at the very end of his shift. Signed off and walked out. Follows morning show host/PD Dan Gaffney out the door...and perhaps to the new Delaware 105.9 talker coming on Sept 4 to Lewes? His departure met with the sound of crickets chirping for the most part. You can see it/hear it here: (8/2/12)

While much has been said about the clients of the alleged “News Talk” station in D.C., one must also give credit to WTOP where it is due. On Tuesday, 7/31, during their “Ask the Governor” program (with Virginia’s Bob McDonnell), WTOP aired a spot for an impotence clinic. I have to admit that I like that kind of spot placement, considering what I think of politicians. In that vein, I think it was wasted in a way during a political show as I’ve yet to see a politician of either party who was impotent at ultimately screwing everyone! -Unsigned Corporate Suit (8/2/12)

Why do so many radio station (Clear Channel) voice track all parts of the day. To me, that's giving up and saying, there only one guy that can talk and lets put him on 20 different station at different times. Take Big 100.3. Tommy left or fired, which ever and they now voice track Ron" big rig" Michaels in the mornigs. Ron big rig Micheals is also voiced tracked on so many other station Q97, Q95, X 106.3 107.5 some where and 99.5 some where else. In afternoons same thing, Marc Copolla voice tracked here in DC on Big 100.3 and other stations too. Toby Knapp from Hot 99.5 I guess live in the afternoons here but Voice tracked in the mornings on a station in NJ and other stations at different times across the country. Why can't they have some one, say in Florida be live here on the air as well as 10 other stations say on the east coast in the morning and a different person midday and and then afternoons from a rock station or hit music staions and hell play the same some going in and out of breaks so he/she can talk them up and give the time.. just be a live person talking and forget the voice tracking sh*t. There is so much of it going on people think that person they her is live but they are from some other state and they did there voice tracking the day before. It can be done.. It's really not syndication but just having some one live on air. If all else fails just drop in a live syndicated radio show. They have them for all day parts. I think here in DMVA espeically morning should be LIVE!! JUst my thoughts... Jeff in Fredericksburg (8/2/12)

Did anyone ever hear about how well Donny G made his recovery from that nasty stage fall in Sactown? (8/2/12)

Dave- This is not really radio or tv, but I snapped this picture near Glebe road and Rt 50 a couple hours ago. Thought your readers might want to see it. Could this Grandy & Andy reunion thing be a test? Will they talk about “old times” or do a regular show like they did in the past? Will Mrs. Fred be part of it? Now I just jest. But really, could this become a ongoing thing and if so, would it cut the ratings of the competing WMAL show in half? (8/2/12)

Good for Kirk McEwen. He’s a talented guy, one of my favorite local jocks. Tampa is a great market to live in…congrats and best wishes to him. (8/2/12)

I remember when The Today Show said farewell to Ann Curry a few weeks ago, Matt Lauer said she'd be joining them in London for the Olympics. I haven't been watching much of The Today Show during the Olympics, but I haven't seen Ann Curry yet. Is she there with the show? (8/2/12)

In this Tuesday's chat, the WaPo's creepy old man in residence, Gene Weingarten, told us that it's okay for middle aged men to be turned on by Olympic gymnasts' butts, in spite of their middle-school age. Additionally he belittled rape and rape victims by referring to shucking corn in a grocery store as "raping" it. This man is simply appalling. - Mike O'Meara continues to refer to his (rental) motorcycle as a "scoot" in an effort to be the gayest podcaster ever. Don't gay it up, Mike. G. Gordon Liddy rode all the way to Sturgis (Mike is flying to Denver), and as he is today could take FatAss in a fight without breaking a sweat. - In Mark Trail news, Cherry (what does that name mean?) recently told the old man "It's time to eat. Where's Rusty?" There's a whole lot of molestation going on in that strip. What kid who hasn't been touched names his dog Sassy? - Kudos to Unsigned Corporate Suit (cough, Administrative Assistant) for his recent embrace of brevity. The Real Ahhhh's fantasies about neighborhood moms' hands and his penis, Dave's wonderful website. Timmmmmmay! - ZombieWoof (8/2/12)

Thought you’d like to know…… (8/2/12)

I know there's alot of effort being put into "Spoiler Alerts" so radio and television can report on the Olympic results and at the same time give someone who does not want to know the results until they see the delayed broadcast a chance to turn the sound down or the channel. I had to laugh at NBC4 this morning. Dan Hellie does his live shot at 6:50ish, gives his spoiler alert and says something to the effect - you don't have to turn us off - just turn the sound down - we won't give anything away visually...then they promptly cut to a graphic with results. Oops. (8/2/12)

MHz update: Checking last night, I see I'm getting channel 30-6 now in addition to channels 30-1 through 30-5. Nothing beyond that. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (8/2/12)

Congrats to Kirk... but he's missed around here (8/2/12)

Way to go Kirk! (8/2/12)

SNIP—(The Real AHHHH-SOLE, Zombie WooS are up to on the DCRTV Mailbag, but it offers no clue why Dave continues to allow his readers to be subjected to it. To my way of thinking he THINKS it brings hits to the site??? (8/2/12)

I've listened to a couple of hours of WTEM's new NFL/Redskins show from 10-12 with Dave Ross, and it's just brutal. Do you like vanilla ice cream with burgundy-and-gold sprinkles? Wanna eat it every day for two hours? Bland, bland, bland, homerism, and the host couldn't be duller. Waiting for the return of Mr. Tony -- not always great, but rarely dull. Sincerely, TMU (8/2/12)

Yeah until the PUBLIC associates the new highway number with what they still know as 7100, use both and go easy on either. Only way I know there's trouble on NY Ave is if I know where it is in relation to the "beer distributor" (near Anacostia) and/or "the Scot Gas station" (at the bridge near Florida Ave.). And my GPS still screws up when I enter "70-N" and "70-S" on the way to Frederick. (8/2/12)

Just came back from a couple of weeks in Toronto, Canada. They've recently fired up a new 24 hour all-classical radio station up there, the only one in the city. Both in the selections offered and general timbre of the station, it outshines any OTA equivalent in the DC and surrounding markets. The hosts sound like they enjoy the music and keep extraneous comments to the minimum. A fair amount of advertising as well. Full movements aren't consigned to the afternoon or overnight, either. All in all, a really class job. Been a long time since I heard a first-rate commercial classical station, and I hope it succeeds. Wish the same could be said for NY or DC. Now back to beating up WMAL, those icky white Republicans and worshipping at the altar of political correctness....Genghis Cohen, yearning to give y'all a great big hug with his nuclear arms, in ridiculously warm and humid Prince William County (8/2/12)

Ouch - Why is she insulting herself writing for Patch? LOL - Former Channel 9 news lady - (8/2/12)

I wouldn't be so tough on the traffic folks for referencing Rt 7100. How many of us still slip up and say "Nissan Pavilion" or "MCI Center"? It's way too easy to do. (8/2/12)

"I know it's tough to get used to, but our traffic reporting professionals should be on top of it, especially after a month..." Not defending, but you have to remember these folks have been doing things the exact same way for YEARS. Change is hard for them. Also remember, by and large, most traffic reporters just read the screen and couldn't point to an intersection or freeway exit if they had to. Unless someone tells them what to say, they can't retain that Prince William Pkwy is now VA-294. They're preoccupied with Nutty Buddy's and Tony Perkins. (8/2/12)

If Gayle King was a Caucasian pixie would the pure blood Village notice her starlight? And though I'm super progressive, I'm enough of a foodie to be uncomfortable watching sexually uptight wingers gorge on diseased, hormone-packed chicken. (8/2/12)

News crews were all over the near miss story this morning @ National airport. (8/2/12)

Dave Hughes To Speak At 2013 NAB Convention In Las Vegas - or he should be! The National Association of Broadcasters is looking for active participants in the development of the overall education program for the 2013 NAB Show. Those interested are encouraged to submit technical paper or session proposals for the convention, to be held April 6 - 11, 2013, in Las Vegas, by entry deadline of Oct. 19, 2012. Submissions must be relevant to the creation and distribution of all media and filmed entertainment content, or address emerging trends and their impact on the media business. Event organizers will consider proposals on new media for multiple platforms, new business models, and the impact of new technologies and marketplace realities on existing businesses and creative processes. My malebag convention with hookers. Dave's 2013 NAB 'I have a dream' speech. The Real AHHHH (8/2/12)

Pat Murphy recollections. I wondered about the background of Warren Carmichael. Never knew he was on this side of the news business. Yes, he was the chief spokesman for Fairfax Country Fire. Same vintage as famous local overnight crime reporter Larry Krebs. Carmichael had an official plastic vest pocket name badge with the Great Seal of Fairfax County. Had this one threadbare navy blazer coat that he would wear to all the fires and big wrecks. He'd stand there regarding the media, hands and arms locked behind his back, and would revolve back and forth to tell us in the latest fire jargon what had gone on. Few useful sound bites. Reminded me of the geeky, but sincere kid who wanted to be the best Boy Scout there ever was. Hope he's enjoying retirement somewhere with an on-line fire radio in the background. (8/2/12)

Why does anonymity and an audience bring our the absolute worst in people? According to this piece, Internet trolls can’t help themselves. I guess that helps explain what OOBBEE, The Real AHHHH, Zombie Woof are up to on the DCRTV Mailbag, but it offers no clue why Dave continues to allow his readers to be subjected to it. (8/2/12)

So how long will it take for our crack traffic reporters to stop referring to the Fairfax County Parkway as "7100?" In addition to being a hotspot for traffic issues itself, this road is a common landmark when referring to delays along I-66 and I-95. But as of July 1 (a month ago!), it is now Route 286. VDOT made the change due to the the designation of the road as a primary road, which meant it needed a new route number as primary routes are numbered under 600. The signs have all been updated, and 7100 is history. However, WNEW's Julie Wright referred to 7100 in one of her reports Tuesday afternoon. I heard Bob Marbourg do it last week, and I've also heard Jamee Whitten do the same. I know it's tough to get used to, but our traffic reporting professionals should be on top of it, especially after a month... (8/2/12)

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