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DCRTV Mailbag - December 22, 2011 to December 31, 2011

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From the mailbag a snippet....(Dave in Glen Burnie- Hey, who the f^^k..... gave you the nod to be the decade evaluator???? You are so full of shit your eyes are brown. Most of the mentioned "failures" were experiments. Unlike the current risk, no creative, no BALLS. At least back in the day broadcasting had the nuts to try new stuff..Crawl back into your cage and vomit...TKX (12/31/11)

At the end of the year Dave puts up his best worst list. So I figured i would post some of the big flubs area radio stations have made over the years. I always had a saying if its not broke don't fix it to bad most radio management doesn't follow this to top my list gutting WPGC in the mid 80's and making it Classy 95 wtf take one of the best stations in the area and make it a WASH clone it flopped. Number 2 All Rock WLPL OK take another station that was popular and make it something like 98 Rock I didn't buy it Kris Earl Philips talking like a pot head right. Number 3 WKTK disco 105 while this was a good idea and gave them a boost its like coming to a new year's eve party at 2 am disco was on the way out at least WKYS did this at a time when they took most advantage of it. Nubmer 4 WCAO FM top 40 this was done while the automation system for was broken it worked well for something they did in a pinch they got good ratings instead of continuing it the launched disco WXYV it was very successful Number 5 gutting B104 not once but twice in 1992 and making Variety 104.3 we know where that led. Number 6 selling WAVA to buy a crappy sports team how dumb can you be. Number 7 the pre B104 formats of WITH and WDJQ while this was a good station for some reason both versions of this station were never as popular as B104 I think it was that B104 had a more consistent on air sound. Number 7 CBS gutting WHFS over many years before flipping to spanish they killed the station over 5 or 6 years Number 8 Georgetown University sell ing WGTB to UDC the excuse was the students weren't involved enough right fact is the school had no control over the station students did rant done happy new year Dave in Glen Burnie (12/31/11)

Found out today that 1430 AM WNAV Annapolis and 107.1 the Duck (WTDK) Cambridge are both streaming. They both work on the application as well. (12/31/11)

It’s time for Joy Boys Willard Scott and Ed Walker and their annual New Year’s Eve skit “New Year’s Eve with the George Washington’s” broadcast originally on WRC, Washington, D.C. Ed Walker gave me this tape when Walker filled in as a guest talk show host for the vacationing Allan Prell at all telephone talker, Radio 9 WLMD, Laurel. Happy New Year everyone! Richard Dahms. (12/31/11)

To Carl in Olney and anonymous, Neither RT, nor any readers on this mailbag really care about your dumb ass right wing preferences, or how you're offended by Thom Hartmann. Jeff Santos shows take up both morning drive, and afternoon drive now, on his network which includes WCTN-950 AM. Thom Hartmann has been moved to evenings taped earlier. I can't support his move, he used to carry it live from 3:00PM to 6:00PM eastern. However, if you like your righty Carl Rove type propaganda, you have plenty of choices in DC, Baltimore, and wherever you go. (12/31/11)

Has anyone ever confirmed whether Oprah in fact moved part time to Baltimore in order to be closer to DC area based Discovery Networks in order to have a place near The OWN Network. There was a rumor way back that Oprah had purchased 2 very expensive Ritz Carlton townhouse/condos in Baltimore's Inner Harbor, but I never saw another story about it since. If she's taking a more active role in OWN, she'd almost have to be living part time in the area. Oh, about that "DCRTV exclusive"... InsideCharmCity claims the WBAL radio story is their scoop. Go figure. But agreed, Zurawik is a slimeball. I never see him credit any blog or any source. He always claims its directly from the horse's mouth and I'm sure the horses have noticed this. And to add insult to injury, David Zurawik never discloses any conflicts of interest. For example... when criticizing MSNBC or FOX News, Z on TV never mentions that he works part time for CNN. Another good example of his cronyism is during the trial of the mayor of Baltimore. Zurawik was adamant that former co-worker Marc Steiner broke the story even though the rumored outcome was on WBAL TV at the same time. Once again, The Sun is a media partner with WJZ 13 and that's never disclosed in stories involving WBAL radio or TV when Zurawik criticizes a WJZ competitor. This always catches my attention because even FOX News, as much as some people don't like them, normally introduces a pundit from The Wall Street Journal with a disclaimer that the paper is owned by FOX News' parent company News Corp. They don't disclaim it every single time, but they often do. Zurawik never disclaims or credits anybody. It's all about Z. (12/31/11)

Dave's response: I did link to the InsideCharmCity report of early December which mentioned that WBAL might expand its newscasts after Ron Smith dies. This was a common expectation. Out of good taste, I didn't want to run a DCRTV newsblurb speculating about what would happen at WBAL radio after Ron died while he was still alive. So, anyway, at about noon yesterday, I did report the fact that the news expansion would indeed happen, along with more specifics about WBAL's sked changes. It was from a very reliable Baltimore radio "source" who tells me that he did not contact Zurawik. And there was no press release. Zurawik, who obviously got the info from DCRTV, had his piece up about two hours later, without crediting us. OK, if this was a "one time" instance with Zurawik, I'd let it slide. But DCRTV has broken dozens of Baltimore media stories during 2011, and Zurawik has frequently covered them AFTERWARD and has NEVER EVER EVER credited DCRTV. Not once. Don't forget that DCRTV links to dozens of Sun stories every year, including many of Zurawik's. But he never returns the favor. Also, I hear from other Baltimore area non-Sun reporters that he does this with their scoops, too. And the fact that the Sun turns a blind eye to his behavior makes the shriking paper's management look petty and parochial. You know, it would actually bolster Zurawik's journalistic "cred" it he'd occasionally reveal the truth about where he gets some of his story ideas. It would probably be a good thing for the Sun and local journalism in general if Zurawik got sent to an early retirement in 2012. Yes, the bad economy and less reliance on the print media is hurting the Sun, but, frankly, it simply isn't a very good newspaper.....

It's already December 31st, for God's sake. When the hell is WASH-FM going to start playing Christmas songs? Stores already have their decorations up! (12/31/11)

Dave's response: You know, that might not be a bad format for some little dinkwatt AMer - "Christmas 365." Hell, with WMAL now on 105.9 FM, maybe 630 AM could flip to that. Ha ha ha.....

Regarding a portion of a previous post, "As far as Thom Hartman being on 1390 radio in Arlington is concerned, it broadcasts "The Voice of Russia", and Mr. Hartman does have a TV show on the "Russia Today" English TV network,". If you want to hear VERY, VERY left wing nonsense this is your guy! (12/31/11)

FROM THE WBAL RADIO WEB PAGE: MORE MISSPELLINGS TO START THE NEW YEAR. THANK YOU ROBERT LANG. "Organzieers say the early start is designed to attract families with children." "Officials say the trolley is not free from the Navy-Marine Crops Memorial Stadium." (12/31/11)

Wow are those TV spots of Mark Seagraves glaring into the camera and reading a few sentences about some two-day-old news story a mistake. Creepy as hell. (12/31/11)

Why is Discovery so surprised that the OWN network is tanking? Everything they are touching lately is awful. TLC used to be The Learning Channel, but I'm not sure what we are learning by 'Toddlers and Tiaras", "Kate plus 8" and "Grab that Dress". Discovery used to be good and about science, but now they've just gotten too big and don't care about anything but ratings and trash TV anymore (12/31/11)

Dave's response: I agree. Discovery is trying to "skew young" by "dumbing down" all of its networks in an attempt to appeal to advertisers. This is causing its older viewers to desert the channels and, in the process, cut back their cable service because once cool channels like Science, Animal Planet, Military, and TLC are turning into over-rerunned garbage. And Discovery isn't alone. BBC America and National Geographic have also been gutted and have little of value to subscribers, like me, who end up having to pay their highly inflated cable TV bills each month for a slew of crappy channels they no longer watch very much.....

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[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Balto Sun slimebag Zurawik again gets story AFTER a DCRTV exclusive-re WBAL radio adding more news-and doesn't give credit.] his Jen_Royle pieces were disgraceful and omitted key information (12/30/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Balto Sun slimebag Zurawik again gets story AFTER a DCRTV exclusive-re WBAL radio adding more news-and doesn't give credit.] Woah. Those are fighting words! (12/30/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Balto Sun slimebag Zurawik again gets story AFTER a DCRTV exclusive-re WBAL radio adding more news-and doesn't give credit.] When does he ever credit ANYONE? (12/30/11)

As far as Thom Hartman being on 1390 radio in Arlington is concerned, it broadcasts "The Voice of Russia", and Mr. Hartman does have a TV show on the "Russia Today" English TV network, seen right here on MHz TV, Channel 30-something. So his radio program may be just part of the Voice of Russia's American service. On RT English, Alyona Minkovski is a lot better looking (and apparently she's a born American citizen of Russian parentage), at least to me, though the politics of both of them is not what I care for. -- Carl in Olney (12/30/11)

Don't forget that a full 25% of their weekday programming was Ron Smith-based, with the rebroadcast of his morning show from 9-midnight every weeknight. It looks like BAL is going to continue to cycle through guest hosts for possible try-outs through the month of January... (12/30/11)

[RE WBAL radio:] Nearly impossible to replace Mr. Smith (12/30/11)

At least as far back as 1984, whoever has owned 99.1 has tried to make it into a DC station, no matter the ratings. The legal ID was always voiced "99-1 WHFS - Annapolis - Washington - Baltimore." I always get a chuckle when someone accuses the FCC of an evil plot (except for the real evil plot against broadcast television). All that happened was an approval of CBS's request to change the COL from Annapolis to Bowie. What positioning is added after is just that - positioning. It would be perfectly legal to say "WNEW-FM, Bowie, Washington, Fredericksburg, Baltimore, Wilmington, New York, THE MOON!" because the legal part stops after "Bowie." Chill out, dude! Nobody erected a huge cage that blocks 99.1 to the north, and Baltimoreans can still tune their radios to 99.1 without them blowing up. Regards, Dave Loudin (12/30/11)

Dave's response: I seem to remember that when Jake Einstein took control of then WLOM in Annapolis in late 1983, his company was called "ABW Broadcasting," for Annapolis-Baltimore-Washington. So, originally, Baltimore took second place, according to my sometimes faulty memory. I also remember that we almost got 1390 WHFS, Arlington, after Bethesda's 102.3 got sold to the Outlet Company (which then owned WTOP) and became adult contemporary WTKS, although it was originally supposed to feature an FM talk format. I guess that format was about a decade before its time.....

Ugh. The online stream of WIAD HD-2 is still a combination of WNEW and HFS. Sounds like one of the graveyard frequencies on AM! Is this how the HD-2 sounds over the air? (12/30/11)

I HATE CBS Washington!!!!!. FUCKING BASTARDS!!!!! (12/30/11)

I know money talks and all that, but -- and I've said it before -- how can Washington DC, Market #8 (Arbs Fall 2011), be assumed so bereft of talent that it becomes almost obligatory to import lousy generic shows, only because they are cheap? There are so many good undiscovered performers here; not just *radio* performers but standup comics and improv actors that would be fantastic if given a radio show. WE should be exporting syndicated non-talk entertainment programming to other markets, instead of sucking in Hollywood celebrity drivel peppered with teeny-pop music. Thank God my parents think I'm a fireman; I haven't had the heart to tell them I've been in radio all these years. (12/30/11)

Please in 2012 replace the elderly Tom Marr on WCBM. His angry rants, mispronunciation of world leaders, (look up the pronunciation of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad there is no "K" sound in the name) also Isreal's leader, (its NET-en-ya-who, not NEEEEETen-yahoo) he doesn't "get" the internet, has a FACEBOOK page but cannot use it, or will not learn how to use it. Sounds like his dentures are loose or maybe missing altogether the last show I heard was very swishy sounding. At one time he was good but its time to pull the plug. Happy New Year! (12/30/11)

[RE WBAL expanding news blocks:] Sounds like they're feeling the heat from the incoming WNEW too. (12/30/11)

My gut tells me that mid-days are gone at RQX. John Martin can voice track, and spend his time doing production. This will give them the resources to get rid of more production people (what that are left). Also, Billy Bush is a prime product for Mix nights. While their night staff is AFTRA, then can just bring in a board op at AFTRA rates and pay them less to babysit the station. Now, I'm not sure if the AFTRA contract will let this happen initially, but then again, AFTRA has not been much assistance to talent for years. I would also bet that weekends will be trimmed pretty soon. I mean think about it, those are 8 shifts that probably cost them in excess of $1000 per weekend to run. In come voice tracks and syndicated shows. I actually like that RQX doesn't run the Billy Bush, Seacrest, Fox Countdown shit that almost every other Hot AC runs...for now. (12/30/11)

If WBAL thinks that C4 is their strength, then they have more to worry about that we initially thought. Mr. "Let me ask you this" is hard to listen to, between his stumbles and frequent trashing of the damn positioning statement. At least Marta is getting her own show...I have heard late night college radio shows sound better. Also, about the HFS feed being bumped off WIAD's HD2--see, I told you that CBS Washington could care less about CBS Baltimore. They do not want to play nicely with their co-workers up the highway. I bet you $100 that 99.1 will not feature as much Baltimore content as you think. Hell, even in their promos they tout "from Columbia to so and so"...not one mention of Baltimore, Annapolis or hell, even Harford County--all places that 99.1 puts an excellent signal in. (12/30/11)

Apparently Channel 7 will let ANYBODY anchor their shows. What is going on in the mornings this week?? Stumbling through every other script and awkward chit chat. Hire a permanent guy and keep some of these reporters out in the field where they belong. (12/30/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Is that a whorehouse near Danny Rouhier's DC apartment building? That's the topic today on the slumping & aimless WJFK. Sad.....] I thought you wanted them to talk about more than sports? You'd rather hear about the Wizards? Or hockey? Or the REDSKINS again? No. (12/30/11)

WJFK should consider giving John Feinstein a regular part time talk show (assuming he’s interested), as he was great filling in for Mike Wise yesterday. Feinstein’s strong suit is clearly his refusal to pull any punches when commenting on a variety of sports issues and personalities, but unfortunately ESPN 980 couldn’t handle his views on Dan Snyder and went out of its way to avoid that topic whenever he appeared on Tony Kornheiser’s show or Sports Reporters (this despite the fact that Andy Pollin and Steve Czaban routinely criticize the Redskins owner). While Feinstein may have as big an ego as Kornheiser, I noticed that he didn’t spend half the program yakking about movies and TV shows nor did he consider it beneath his dignity to talk hockey at any length (Caps GM George McPhee was one of the guests). If memory serves, 980 gave all its hosts the entire week leading up to New Year’s Day off last year (airing ESPN Radio instead), but the station probably realized that it was in effect delivering a significant share of the audience to the competition because it’s been all local from 10 AM to 4 PM this time around. Thom Loverro must really like being on the radio considering all the air time he’s been getting this week, but if he insists on making fun of athletes’ last names at least get the first names right. Last week he referred to New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul as ‘John Pierre-Paul’ and was ridiculing his ‘sissy’ surname – seems a bit inappropriate in view of the fact that Pierre-Paul’s parents came from Haiti which experienced a devastating earthquake two years ago. Marc Sterne should perhaps make a New Year’s resolution to stop treating his sports updates like auditions at the local Chuckle Hut – there’s no excuse for an update dragging on for more than four minutes because he’s deliberately soliciting feedback from the show hosts on his lame attempts at humor. Mike, Fairfax (12/30/11)

[RE: WaPo Makes Front Page Change] So will the new "digest" of news across the bottom of A1 replaces the "inside" feature? Not sure I like the sound of this... (12/30/11)

WCEM AM 1240 in Cambridge has flipped from ESPN sports to "The Music of Your Life" standards format. Out with Mike and Mike and in with Pat Boone for the New Year. (12/30/11)

My guess is that Jack Diamond will be saved from the cuts but that the two women (wishful thinking, perhaps) will be out. I also think John Martin and Chilli Amar will be cut. Cumulus may pull the mid day and evening shows from the bird. There really is a lot of fat on Mix, WMAL has been bare bones for years. (12/30/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Chris Plante's WMAL fill-in has said "poop and urinate" about a dozen times this morning.....] Most of his audience has HAD to poop and urinate about a dozen times this morning... (12/30/11)

[RE Oprah Tasked With Rescuing OWN:] Oprah has finally found the limits of her ego. (12/30/11)

Dave, Thanks for all the hard work you do to keep everyone informed of everything (and THEN SOME) RTV in DC and beyond. There would be a HUGE void in broadcasting without your insight and delivery. YOU ARE VERY APPRECIATED for what you do! Best to you in '12. And PULEEZ keep the news (and HUMOR) coming our way! A BIG Thank YOU ! from this friend, in appreciation - Bill Wood (12/30/11)

Dave's response: Awww schucks. Thanks! Your post along with a secret love note from Betsy Rothstein just makes my day.....

For the person who asked, "What's’ up with WCTN 950 am? Tom Hartmann." FWIW, Hartmann's show is on 1390 AM, I believe from noon to 2 p.m.. No clue as to why. Sounds like it may be brokered. (12/30/11)

WNEW predictor said: "agency purchasesof air time may come far more easily than for a non-network hodgepodgeof rimshots." If you think 103.5 is a rimshot, you're a doofus. 103.5 is one of the best signals in the market, and blows away 99.1 in DC market coverage. (12/30/11)

Have a question for you. What is the real story about WTTG rasing the price of the channel to Atlantic Broadband cable system? I heard they want a 400% increase, as of 1/1/12 we here in Cumberland will lose WTTG. At least we still have FOX 8 from Johnstown. (12/30/11)

Dave's response: I guess Fox 5 feels that it can get the price since folks in your area want continued access to the DC TV market. Folks in outlying markets often get access to multiple affiliates of the same network. We poor cable subscribers in the DC area only get access to one network station each - those in our home market.....

Promo heard on WNEW: (knock on glass) "Hey, you... come outta there..." Potshot at WTOP's "Glass-Enclosed Nerve Center"? Hmmm... (12/30/11)

I've been hearing promos for Tommy McFly tease ent news "on the new 99.1 WNEW" via the makeshift WNEW stream over WIAD-HD2 (w/ HFS). (12/30/11)

Snippet from mailbag yesterday---(Donnie...see I signed a real person....bitch) Hey, Donnie I am so on your side....I used to post often with opinions, and the same (Bitches) came after me. Your explanation of your behavior, job, relationship with co-workers was right on...Don't know you, but consider you to be Top Notch....Great retort...TKX. (Watch them try to draw me out, SICK FOLKS..LOL!) (12/30/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: It sounds like Mary Katharine Ham is getting better on WMAL. She's not saying as much stupid stuff. Starting to like her a bit.....] You are sleep deprived. (12/30/11)

Very sad to see the leaving of Mr. Cheap Seats from the City Paper. One of the few things left in City Paper that I looked forward to reading these days. Of course, with the closing of Borders very difficult to find city paper out here in the outer suburbs of toothless fairfax. Used to be carried at some county libraries but that was ages ago. Was Mr. McKenna sort of given a gentle shove by the City Paper with the end of lil' danny's lawsuit? Hope he continues writing somewhere! Speaking of sports, sort of, does channel 4 have any plans to replace Universal Sports on its OTA subchannel 4.3 when Universal Sports goes strictly cable January 1? Man I sure enjoyed watching that channel with it's skiing and track and field. Guess i got the jones for those sports from watching Wide World of Sports as a yute. gonna miss it. A blah humbug to channel 9 for not running WASH Xmas all the time programming on its Weather Radar sub channel this year. Did John Riggins get kind of bored of the Redskins? Was listening to a Ncik and Artie radio show a couple months back and Artie Lange said he saw John Riggins roaming around in his neighborhood in NYC this was during the time period Riggins disappeared from the D.C. gig Doubt he'll be heard from again in an on air position in this market? (12/30/11)

Looks like WFMD's "Blaine Young Show" is in big trouble (12/30/11)

A poster wrote about WNEW "WNEW's fortunes will hinge on whether the sales department is any goodat differentiating the station from any competitors". This is very true. The big issue is also "selling on the come", as WNEW is trying to do. They are selling a station (or attempting to), based on ratings success of another station in town. They will both cover the same stories. News doesn't change. Presentation does. The poster also notes "...the number of individual signals that are combined tomake the book. That's something the ratings service really needs torepair." Why would "the ratings service" need to repair that? It is called "Total Line Reporting", and combines all of the signals that do a 100 percent simulcast - - Some stations opt to do this, others do not. It has been an obvious benefit to WTOP. There is no reason to fault them for that. "...WNEW's one,massive signal that a local merchant's customers can receiveregardless of where they are located at any given moment." WTOP's two massive and one miniscule signal do the same thing, but the sales logic is lost for either. Think about it. Tell a "mom and pop" business in Burke that their spot will also be heard on Caton Avenue in Charm City as a selling point, and they'll look at you like you are nuts. WTOP proves a good case. You never hear spots for Warrenton, Manassas or Braddock Heights merchants. "..And, with the network gravitas of CBS, agency purchasesof air time may come far more easily.." I suppose you think that WTOP isn't represented by some sort of agency who is happy to represent their number one ratings? I am sure CBS (whoever reps them - may be in house) and their national representation is going to have a bunch of national buys placed on WNEW. Where CBS wins here is several fold. They have a format, which in this city, regardless of numbers, is a license to print money. They have other stations in which to sell this new format in combo - thus propping up their other sub-par facilities. CBS loses by doing this "on the cheap". Hearing the constant promotion on 99.1 advising that sports will come directly from Washington's "Sports Authority" WJFK, and entertainment news will come from Tommy McFly is just absurd. What is next? Financial reports from the WPGC "Money Girls"? As I do with any competition, I wish them the best of luck. The competition raises the bar for all of us - and it is a bar that needs to rise. - Another Corporate Suit (12/30/11)

I've been looking around online for a way to stream WNEW-FM 99.1, but still haven't found a link to do this. I hope CBS will add WNEW to the News/Talk stations that are available via iTunes. KNX, WBBM, KMOX, WCBS, WINS are already available. Hell, even WMAL, WAMU, WFED and WTOP are streaming there. For some reason, other stations' live streaming in other modes, never seem to work too well with my set-up (iBook G4, OSX 10.5.8, Safari browser). There's always "stuttering" or some other tech issue that screws up the listening experience. Listening via iTunes is always simple, smooth and stable. I hope some local CBS executive reads my post here and adds WNEW-FM to the News/Talk section of the iTunes "Radio" line-up soon. (12/30/11)

Regarding WCTN [they aren't doing a straight simulcast of Boston 1410.] I think you mean Boston 1510, the former WMEX. They simply weren't allowed to. They don't have the clearance rights for the programs in the DC market, don't think they have the rights to Shultz either. Surprised that they are running it. (12/30/11)

WNEW is now simulasting their signal on WIAD 94.7 HD2. I wonder if this is how they plan to solve their signal problem once they flip to all-news? (12/30/11)

Didnt see you report this, but the mighty WJFK was off the air for about an hour between noon and 1 on Wednesday. Does any major marke station in America go off the air more often than them? Worst engineering staff EVER! (12/30/11)

Dave's response: And their ratings probably went up! Ha ha ha. WJFK is a mess. Listeners in Northern Virginia should switch over to WTEM now that WJFK has left Fairfax. Even back when it was "guy talk," 106.7's listener base has always been in Northern Virginia. Shame on CBS for moving the station from 10800 Main Street. Oh, I did Tweet the following on Wednesday: "Lotsa audio dropouts on WJFK in the 11 AM hour today. Wind screwing around with Lanham studio link to Fairfax transmitter, IMHO".....

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WNEW's fortunes will hinge on whether the sales department is any good at differentiating the station from any competitors. One Achilles heel that's already obvious against the incumbent is that the ratings are inflated by the number of individual signals that are combined to make the book. That's something the ratings service really needs to repair. A good pitch to sell air time would point out WNEW's one, massive signal that a local merchant's customers can receive regardless of where they are located at any given moment. They could even dismantle the bundled signals of their rival and say, 'here's their transmitter that serves your area, look at how small the signal coverage is.' And, with the network gravitas of CBS, agency purchases of air time may come far more easily than for a non-network hodgepodge of rimshots. So, even if the ratings game takes a while to show results, the revenue stream will flow far sooner as agile advertisers put their money on the strongest outlet. (12/29/11)

Now that 99.1 WNEW-FM is stunting with music documentaries, I notice that the stereo pilot is still present. Is the all-newser going to be in stereo or monaural? I guess time will tell, but without stereo the coverage will be much broader than with stereo. -Chainsman (12/29/11)

I cannot understand why people from DC continually whine about 99.1 not being WHFS or 102.3 not being WHFS or 107.9 not being WHFS or 94.7 not being WHFS. The very last ratings success that WHFS ever got was in BALTIMORE's ARBITRONS on 99.1 when they actually tied and/or beat 98 ROCK. If anything, Baltimoreans should be pissed that Baltimore has lost not 1 but TWO FM signals to Washington, DC and the BIG GOVERNMENT FCC which flipped 99.1 from Annapolis/Baltimore to Bowie/DC! CBS/Baltimore is doing a much better job running 97.5 HFS than CBS Washington ever did. Hell, I just saw a TV commercial for a 250 watt FM translator running off of an HD2 Radio signal that no one in Baltimore can even get! And apparently they're selling commercials and hiring local radio talent! Imagine that DC! (12/29/11)

Dave's response: There have been rumblings for several years that Clear Channel, which oversees its DC and Baltimore stations from the DC suburb of Rockville, might take Charm City's 102.7 WQSR and turn it into a talker serving both DC and, oh yeah, Baltimore. If that were to happen, Baltimore would lose yet another FM signal to the bigger DC metro. Wouldn't be surprised to see it happen in 2012.....

Dave- What's’ up with WCTN 950 am? Some mornings it’s dead air, others its Jeff Santos on all dayparts, except noon -3 for Ed Shultz. No Stephanie Miller, no Tom Hartmann- so they aren't doing a straight simulcast of Boston 1410. If anyone knows, it must be you! Harley (12/29/11)

To the poster who is comparing the upcoming news battle to the demise of WASH in the 80's - this is an apples/oranges deal. The WASH of the late 80's had gotten a bit bloated and had lost sight of its primary draw - music. While the personalities and news were first rate W-Lite came along and cleaned WASH's clock with the "lite rock/less talk" approach. WLite was radically different from WASH - basically playing all the same songs, just more of 'em. What will WNEW's point of differentiation be? Better news? More news? That is the question. Historical footnote - the PD who led WLite's victory over WASH was the same guy who built WASH - Bob Hughes (12/29/11)

To: Dave in Frericksburg (and his friends) Even Dave Hughes and DCRTV can't show these gains.ACH (12/29/11)

Well, for the one wondering why I am excited about the History of Rock and Roll broadcast --- it may not be clear from the broadcast, but it was made in 1981 -- long before ipods or computers were ubiquitous. They said at the end of the first broadcast of this that it took them 3 years to put this show together (remember, this was before computers). This was the only way to get a history like that in those days. A statement like "Dylan made albums through the '70s" reflected a couple things -- they couldn't spend the time to do every single album, and at that point the '70s were a recent phenomenon (like the '00s are to us now). For me personally, I listened to this then, so there is a heavy nostalgic factor there. I've been trying to reacquire the "time sweep" they had at the end of the show for about 27 years (had it on cassette, which wore out). So for that reason alone I am tickled pink. I'm sorry you don't get it. (12/29/11)

ANONYMOUS/UNNAMED/WHATEVER......First of all I call the "Mexicans" Mexican because they TOLD me that's where they're from not out of an ignorance of countless other Spanish(or Portugeuse) speaking countries. Enough TIME to annoy people? Well it doesn't appear to take long at all to annoy you,not to mention that it takes much longer to reply to my posts than just scroll the fuck IS a public site you know,nobody said it had to be all about what YOU like...Border Patrol....hmmm....maybe you should check out a map and see how far Maryland is from either land based border....Back to the TIME thing....I don't make my living sitting on my I'm not billing my boss or clients for services while I surf the net and find people to bitch about being annoying.....My pasttimes consist of things I like and discussion of those things not seeking out things to act like a dick about....The jocks are only as good as the management allows them to be and if you think it sucks so much DON'T LISTEN!! There are plenty of strong signals broadcasting redneck rock or whatever it is you like. So go get your refill of Zanax or Smilin' Bob pills or just go "hook yaself" but don't think anything you say will change me or my opinions. Donnie...see I signed a real person....bitch (12/29/11)

Source for the WASH airing of The History of Rock and Roll: (12/29/11)

Two whiny complaints: 1) WNEW-FM is over-modulated and just doesn't sound good playing the History of Rock and Roll; then again El Zol was often way over-modulated, too. It's actually a little better on 107.9. And 99.1's stereo signal is on, but the whole program is in mono, which isn't exactly a complaint. 2) Have you ever noticed how weird the traffic reports are sometimes on WAMU? I have heard things like: traffic is backed up on the B-W Pkwy between Laurel-Bowie Road and Laurel-Fort Meade Road, when they could just say 197 to 198. And two days ago, the traffic report mentioned little things like a stuck car at a traffic light, then the news report said that Wisconsin Avenue is completely closed due to a huge bus accident. The traffic report didn't mention it, and the news report didn't even say where the accident occurred, and Wisconsin Avenue is 10 miles long. (WTOP, on the other hand, explained where the accident was, and how backed up the alternate roads around it were.) I think I've even heard: Route 50 is backed up at the Beltway, but don't say in which state that is occurring. Oh, well, back to listening to WCBS 880 on the Internet -- Carl in Olney (12/29/11)

From WBAL's Facebook Page: Probably Master Speller Rob Lang at it again. For the new year can someone please buy this guy a dictionary?!!!! "The governor did talk about the prosepct of a gas tax hike in the new year. He also says there may be higher fees on septic systems and limits on new septic systems. Coverage today on the C-4 Show and Maryland's News Now." (12/29/11)

Specialty programming this weekend...if you have IFC (Independent Film Channel) they're running a 12 hour Three Stooges marathon from 6 PM New Years Eve til 6 AM New Years Day. Nyuk nyuk nyuk woob woob woob! - - - - - Larry in Luray (12/29/11)

Dave's response: The Stooges on the Independent Film Channel makes about as much programming sense as professional wrestling on SyFy.....

re: Atlantic Broadband - the poster who asked about their service area was correct in his guess; ABB does serve portions of the Eastern Shore primarily along the Bay in Queen Annes, Talbot, & Kent counties that are not already served by other regional cable providers. Also they have areas of Delaware north of Dover. Total of about 25,000 Delmarva customers. They already carry WBFF-45, so it could be they're trying to cut out the redundancy of having 2 Fox affiliates. But at the same time, for the MD customers, they carry 3 CBS stations (9,13,&16), yet only one each for ABC and NBC (2 & 11). There was a similar uproar several years ago when Easton's cable service nearly dropped WRC-4 from their list, mainly from DC transplants & commuters with homes east of the Bay. That got resolved, though. (12/29/11)

Seriously? People are actually getting excited about this canned "History of Rock and Roll" thing? Sounds like it was slapped together in a few hours by somebody who was looking at Wikipedia while watching Glee. I just heard this amazing insight: "Dylan continued to release albums during the 1970s." That was followed by a Dylan recording...from 1968. Puh-leaze. This is exactly the kind of thing that has people scrambling for their iPods instead of the FM dial. (12/29/11)

Donnie...I wish I had that much time to annoy as many people as you do with all this HFS crap. Really....setting up your own transmitter to annoy the "Mexicans?" Geez, if you have that much time on your hands, maybe you should volunteer...maybe as border control. That way you can have a true hand at keeping the "Mexicans" from stealing another one of your precious radio stations. I mean, with all of your MP3 audio, you don't need HFS. The jocks aren't that good anyway. (12/29/11)

[RE McKenna leaving City Paper:] I'm sure Dan Snyder is sad to see him go. (12/29/11)

WKYS was dead air just now for a few mins. Any scuttlebutt? (12/29/11)

WNEW-FM has restarted the History of Rock & Roll program. It is back doing Elvis, Beatles, Beach Boys, etc. WOW...3 weeks of this? (12/29/11)

this is cool...Happy New (12/29/11)

SyFy is running the "Twilight Zone" Marathon 12/31 & 1/1, while TBS is having a 5 hour "Big Bang Theory" block 12/31. Anyone know of any other similar special programming this weekend? (12/29/11)

Dave's response: There's a Chris Plante marathon on Comedy Central.....

Hope yours was a Merry Christmas. You've got to help me - my ears won't stop ringing. The new radio (screaming) voice of the Caps just won't stop hollering! He hollers (and forgets to describe in any detail the shot or the play) when the Caps score, no doubt trying to get his voice on the evening game replay shows, he hollers when there's an offside, he hollers when a fan spills mustard from their hot dog! The Caps radio broadcast has just become unlistenable. Please make the hollering stop. Poor Ron Weber. He worked so hard to combine enthusiasm with an intelligent game call....and it's ended up with this. I never imagined anyone could make Steve Kolbe sound like Edward R. Murrow, but the incessant shouting on the current Caps radio call has done so. Radio is by far my favorite way to follow the Caps, and I'm really suffering now. Help! (12/29/11)

Donnie, you brain-dead moron, the Community of License and station ID for 99.1 has ALWAYS, until the move to Bowie, been Annapolis... whether WLZL, WHFS, WLOM or WNAV-FM! WRNR (previously WXZL, WBEY, WAQA) 103.1, is the ONLY radio station ever licensed to, or identified as, Grasonville! I know. I worked for both. Now, please go away or sit in the corner and listen while the grownups talk. PS- WHFS is NEVER coming back, no matter how much you kick and scream and whine. - Jake (12/29/11)

Hey thanks for the Free Music Archive link!! I've had "WHFS" on my MP3 players since the flip,complete with every station ID,liner,bumper or other HFS audio I could dig up online should have seen the look on some peoples faces when "99.1 HFS" would blare out of my work radio.....the Mexicans who worked nearby,listening to El Zol,would just grin and shake thier heads...we'd always rag each other ,they'd call me "pirate" or "crazy American" and I'd tell them " you guys stole so many stereos you had to steal a station to go with them"....yeah it was slightly racist but all in good fun.... I even used one of those FM transmitters and put it near thier radio so El Zol was blocked sometimes LOL........anyway I've wondered how many other people "broadcast" thier own "HFS" on MP3s...By the way I'd like to thank anyone who ever posted any audio of WHFS online since it was thier generosity that made my "station" possible. Donnie (12/29/11)

Having a few days off, I've been driving around doing chores and visiting friends and relatives over quite an area. 99.1 has really been coming in well in a region from Frederick, to Baltimore, to DC and Northern Virginia. There's nothing like a high powered, Grade A signal to provide the strength and presence for listeners who want news and information wherever they happen to be. I wish the best of luck to WNEW. I laughed at the comments that suggest the other station in town has too much of a head start, somehow insulating that station from competition. Anyone here remember WASH-FM ? They too, were a news and music powerhouse in the late 1970s and 80s that no one could touch for many years. Good signal and a winning formula will be an ominous sign of things to come against a rival that today has neither. (12/29/11)

The "money demo" age 25-54 December monthly radio ratings for Washington and WTOP isn't at the top. Dave McKenna leaves the Washington City Paper. More WNEW news. And DCRTV launches a Drudge-ish DC-Baltimore local news site, And more in today's "Dave TV"..... (12/29/11)

Atlantic Broadband serves the Cumberland,MD area. They don't want to pay the 400 percent carriage fee increase WTTG wants. Both parties are taking out full page ads in the local newspaper. See post down the page in 12/28. (12/29/11)

OK, so freeform WHFS will not return to the air anytime soon. Hit this site and make your own WHFS inside your portable MP-Threepio pocket musicalogical doodad: (12/29/11)

Dave's response: For most of the 2000s, WHFS was playing fairly standard alt rock. If DC's WHFS was still around it would be probably sound a lot like DC101 now does.....

Funny or odd reading the posts regarding the coming newsradio battle. Odd because all the analysis or guessing is emminating from the broadcast community. That's who reads this website. And odd because no one seems to embrace the big fact that CBS is actually hiring radio folks. They aren't rolling in another computer and generating some format with voice tracked liners. How many markets in this country are this lucky? Beyond NYC, Chi town and Philly (assuming Merlin goes all news on 106.9, I can't think of any. Have at it but be thankful for the oppertunities this presents. (12/29/11)

I found this notice via an ad stating WTTG may be pulled off of Atlantic Broadband. Hmmm, what and where does Atlantic Broadband service? The Eastern Shore? (12/29/11)

Is it really that difficult for FOX5 to show the correct caption with the picture being shown or the correct picture with the story being read? I've noticed on the morning news that at least once per newscast (mostly in the very early hours), this seems to be a challenge. Maybe they're tired or feel not too many people are watching, so it's no big deal. In any case, it's quite tacky. (12/29/11)

Hi Dave, Much is happening in SW Virginia for the Roanoke market. Wheeler is the major group. It has acquired 97.7 and moved closer to cover Roanoke with 260w, 470m HAAT,1036m AMSL. WVBB relays Wheeler owned urban WVBE-FM out of Lynchburg. In addition, the now own W297BE, 125w at 107.3. This now relays their heritage news talker WFIR-AM. Clear Channel also increased their signal into Roanoke recently with the addition of 107.9, WYYD-FM1. 2.5 KW. They broadcast the primary signal based in Amhurst, near Lynchburg, also at 107.9. The primary signal is 19kw. They were good moves for everyone in order to get into Roanoke with a stronger signal. (12/29/11)

Re: "nobody CARES about the content anymore"... I don't think it's that nobody cares, it's that you can't please ALL of the people ALL of the time. For every person who hates the chit-chat on WTOP, there's one or two that like that. And if WTOP just played it straight and conservative, you'd have people crying for them to loosen up. No station gets unanimous love so you do what everybody successful does: know your audience and cater your product to that. Considering their ratings, they're doing just fine in that effort...regardless of what some of the haters up here think. (12/29/11)

Before moving the stick closer to DC the Top Of Hour Station ID was WHFS Grasonville/Annapolis. I believe WRNR used the old HFS array until recently. Donnie (12/29/11)

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Is it just me, or does channel 9 sports hottie Kristin Berset bear a resemblance to former channel 4 sports hottie Jill Sorenson? Howard in Frederick (12/28/11)

WRT the 99.1 WNEW signal: I took a day trip to Wilmington DE today, and decided to listen to The History of Rock and Roll as long as I could while traveling there. Well, I was able to listen to it all the way to a point between Oxford and Avondale PA on US 1, and to the Delaware border when coming back on I-95. Or. more simplfied, about to the location where PA, MD and DE meet. Seems like a pretty strong signal to me, at least in that direction, much better than WTOP. WTOP fades out on I-95 just northeast of the Baltimore Beltway on the northeast side of Baltimore. WNEW should be real helpful to me when driving back from there to find out how DC traffic is. (12/28/11)

"..Re Dick Clark joke: If Don & Mike told it over the air in 1997, it would have been freekin' hilarious." No it wouldn't, because he wouldn't have the stroke for another 7 years, in 2004. And it's current because he keeps insisting on coming back. Dick Clark himself, America's Oldest Teenager With A Speech Impediment keeps it current. "I have to wonder about the mental faculties of someone who would post something like that on a public forum. They must be a very sad, troubled individual. John in So. Central PA." Congratulations. You've just described most people on the internet, television, movies, and the radio. Not to mention in government, your race, your neighborhood, your family and whatever religion you belong to. It don't make 'em a bad person. Lighten up, you're harshing the Baby Jesus's mellow. - ZombieWoof (12/28/11)

Any idea where someone can download or purchase a copy of the Bill Drake History of RNR that WNEW is running? I haven't stopped listening in two days! -Jon D. (12/28/11)

[RE 7's Micklos To WNEW - 12/27 - Speaking about WNEW, DCRTV hears that Gregg Micklos jumps from senior assignment editor at Channel 7/WJLA to be assistant news director at the new CBS all-newser.....] I CALLED WJLA'S DESK ABOUT 6 PM AND GREG MICHELOS ANSWERED THE PHONE .... I ASKED "ARE YOU BACK?" AND HE REPLIED "YES" BUT DIDN'T ELABORATE ..... WONDER WHAT HAPPENED? (12/28/11)

Donnie, WHFS was in Annapolis not Grasonville. WRNR is in Grasonville. (12/28/11)

Dave's response: WRNR-FM's city of license is Grasonville, on the Eastern Shore, but its studios are in Annapolis. Often, the city of license is a joke. WJFK is licensed to Manassas, but its studio is about 40 miles away in Lanham. Ha ha ha.....

Blowhard Arrington. Santa Clause, please circle back around and give me late present and elevate and propel this self-inflated wonderment back to Pennsylvania. Nothing personal but I don't like this guy. Lavar is a corporate and he proved it by shielding Dan Snyder from difficult radio row superbowl interview questions. Arrington can dish out journalist opinions but when sports news came back on him in form of Penn State Sandusky, he went silent. Had much to say about DC teams and character, but Lavar caved into silence when the issue turned back on him. Character. Plenty of radio up in Pennsylvania. Big wide DMV gift if Santa gave Lavar a ride north. (12/28/11)

Bill and Lavar simply don't work. Bill lets Lavar talk too much and Lavar loose on the mic is just ear bleeding radio. At least Dukes does a decent job of keeping this overrated fool in line. (12/28/11)

Dave in Fredericksburg: You base your Google+ opinion/research on "hardly any of my friends use it" and "they're just fine with Facebook" while I presented real numbers from several authorities. Really? I'm sure the MySpace people said the same of Facebook five years ago. Actually, Facebook is stalling out and lost seven million users alone in May of 2011. Here's my source on that Now, who are your friends--the Winklevoss twins? ACH (12/28/11)

The comparison of Google+/Facebook to WTOP/WNEW is an apt one. Facebook has 800 million users. Google+ about 60 million. While Google+ has some interesting features it is not different enough for people to add it to their social networks. especially since they also have Twitter, Blogs, etc. In the upcoming news war, assuming CBS will spend the marketing dollars necessary to make the market aware of the new product - they will take a bite out of WTOP. However, for long term success they will have to be different enough to matter. Sorry, playing down the "chit chat" nature of WTOP is not a significant enough difference. Their current promos talk about being in our neighborhoods getting the news. This will end up being more smoke and mirrors than actual delivery. I cannot imagine they will staff up with enough reporters to cover a metro this vast to any significant degree. Oh, they'll do a lot of "street" reporting and talk about it incessantly. But, is that a difference maker? Everyone talks about how much money WTOP makes. No one mentions how much they SPEND to be where they are. An all-news operation is a very expensive proposition. you can be sure their internal models they know profitability is at least 12 months away. WNEW is going against an entrenched giant who has a huge head start. They have a steep hill to climb. They will need to get at least a 4 share- and quickly - for this to work. And, that assumes that WTOP drops from their lofty double digits into the 6 share range. The reality is that WNEW's emergence will grow the total shares for news in DC. Lost in all this war talk is WMAL which is likely to suffer collateral damage from this battle. (12/28/11)

Has anyone noticed the new weekend anchor guy on Channel 7 saying “duces” at the end of the newscast followed by a peace sign? Sounds trashy. (12/28/11)

ACH: Google Plus' numbers may be increasing, but it will always be second fiddle to Facebook. Hardly any of my friends use it, and most people I ask about it don't even know it exists or even cares about its existance since they're just fine with Facebook. WNEW is in the same boat IMHO. Unless listeners do a band scan they won't even find it. The presets are already on WTOP or WWWT. WNEW may get a slice of the pie but it won't be that big of one. Dave in Fredericksburg (12/28/11)

Wonder why the new CBS all-newser is on 99.1 instead of 94.7, the far superior DC signal? 94.7 is the CBS cluster’s only AFTRA station. The rest, including WJFK, WPGC and El Zol, are non-union. I would suggest that may have something to do with the signal choice. (12/28/11)

"Google+ is there, but hardly anyone even knows about it or cares . . ." Please try to keep up, Dave in Fredericksburg... ACH. (12/28/11)

Looking at Arbitron, Elliott does very well in the key demos and just doesn't do very well in the 6+ / 12+ category. I guess there are not a lot of 6 year olds listening to him. In all the key male demos (18-34, 18-49, 25-54) he is #1 for the month of December and is #1 for the quarter except men 25-54 where he is #2 behind WTOP. And in Persons 18-34 and 18-49, he is #2 for the month of December and the quarterly. Persons 25-54, he is tied for #2 in December and #3 for the quarter. So, forget about the the "overall" number that shows up on the front of DCRTV, no one really cares about that. Advertisers care about 18-34, 18-49, and 25-54. (12/28/11)

I see the upcoming WNEW's competition to WTOP as Google Plus is to Facebook. Facebook was the first and has enormous market share, even though people complain about it every time they force a change. Google Plus on the other hand is there, but hardly anyone even knows about it or cares. It will always be second fiddle to Facebook. I see the same with WTOP & WNEW. WTOP has been around for MANY years. WTOP is synonymous for news radio in DC. Even though people complain about the content, it will always outpace and outnumber any ratings (and probably ad dollars) for WNEW. It is too little, too late for CBS to make any sort of a major dent in WTOP. Sure, it will have its set of dedicated listeners - proclaiming that it is better than the chit-chat banter that's on WTOP. But when people want to get the news & traffic, they'll go to WTOP. Besides, it looks like for at least a while that WNEW won't have the Top of the Hour CBS radio newscasts. And coverage won't be the same with the blanket "From Richmond to Baltimore" and "The Chesapeake to the Shenadoah" coverage we get now with WTOP/WWWT unless CBS flips a DC station to have a simulcast of WNEW. Will CBS make money? Probably, and that's the key. Will they make gobs of money like WTOP? Probably not, but enough to make it worth their while. But it won't overtake WTOP unless for some reason Hubbard does something really stupid. Just my 2 1/2 cents. Dave in Fredericksburg (12/28/11)

So I ask again: is it really possible for Elliot to be number one in every important demographic, and consistently 6th-9th in overall? I see on DCRTV's front page he came up 7th overall in the latest ppms. Are the non-prime demos really so weighty that they can bring the man who some are claiming owns the key demos to such mediocrity overall? Or are they overstating his hold on the key demos? I don't get to see books anymore so I don't know the particulars...but based on the way the numbers would fall out when I did see ratings, I think Elliot's key demo numbers aren't nearly as strong as his defenders believe. (12/28/11)

Dave's response: Elliot was 2nd in the MF 25-54 demo for December. I'll have more "money demo" numbers in an upcoming "Dave TV".....

There's a "war of full page ads" going on in the Cumberland Times-News. The local cable company is accusing WTTG/Fox of an exhorbitant carriage price increase of 400 percent while WTTG/Fox is telling the viewers that they will lose Fox's popular programming if the cable system doesn't pay up. They say other systems carry WTTG. The Cumberland system already carries Fox programming via WWCP/8 from Johnstown. (12/28/11)

Don't get me wrong I am grateful CBS/Baltimore is giving HFS a chance. There's even the nostalgic feeling of fighting with the antenna, just like the Grasonville days, to lock in the High Fidelity Stereo sound. HFS has evolved "back" into the hometown-ish station it once was,at least for the years I have been a listener. I'm sure there are those who consider 99.1 the imposter of 102.3 but I couldn't,and can't,pick up Bethesda broadcasts. The day I stumbled across "Progressive 99 FM" my radio habits changed forever. All my friends liked 98Rock and ragged me about "that wierd shit" and stations that don't come in clearly but I stubbornly abused the antenna until I got what I wanted. I know it's a business,I know WHFS was always more popular in Maryland than in DC,I know we're lucky to have HFS on 97.5 but some things you just never let go your grandmothers cooking....the first girl you acted like an idiot over....that badass bike when you were a know it's never coming back but letting go of that wistful wishing is beyond your control.....Every time I hear the station ID I hear the echo of 99.1 HFS and I don't think that will ever change. We all have to have our lost causes don't we? Just to keep sharp y'know.....Wouldn't wanna go all complacent and docile now would we? So forgive me if I go a little overboard,sound a little insane,chew on the keyboard sometimes....just a little HFS helps keep all that in check....Donnie (12/28/11)

After reading the posts regarding WTOP’s content (or lack thereof), it just reinforces why terrestrial radio sucks so bad…nobody CARES about the content anymore. You could have chimps farting and snoring 24/7 and if the station bills huge revenue, that’s what they are going to continue to do. Its all about the dollars, not about what anyone likes. My guess with WTOP is that they are billing just off the call letters alone…if you can say you advertise on WTOP, that still carries some weight, but I bet none of the advertisers care a damn about the content, or the newscasters ability, or anything like that. I will watch with interest to see if the new WNEW bites into that situation a bit…nothing says “pay attention to content” like true competition for your listeners…unless of course WNEW starts putting chimps on the air. But that’s just my opinion…I could be wrong. (12/28/11)

I read with amusement the comments re: “The Rock and Roll Generation” on WPGC. I beg to differ. That was a well researched and well produced chronology of the birth of rock and roll, from the early days of R&B to the evolution in to rock including country crossovers, artists like Jimmy Burnette, Bobby Fuller and many others. The music included everything from The Mike Pedicin Trio to Johhny Ray. The narrations were done by the late “Big Wilson” Tom Tyler, research was done and music was supplied from jocks Harve Moore and Davey Jones’, personal collections. It was far from your description. In many cases it was localized with talent from this area such as Link Wray, Bob Brady and the Concords….etc.. True the Rock and Roll Generation was a masterpiece, but, WPGC, went the extra yard to make it local. It truly stood on It’s own merit. I’d love to listen to it once again. TKX. (12/28/11)

About the Dick Clark joke...the belief that because someone has had something bad happen to them they lose all sense of humor and should only be spoken of in maudlin terms -- as if they are already dead and canonized -- has always struck me as childish. I'm sure Dick Clark realizes that his speech is different than it used to be, and he doesn't need the rest of the world to pretend otherwise. He has a medical condition; that doesn't mean he wants to be treated like a five year old. And, by the way, it WAS funny. (12/28/11)

"..Re Dick Clark joke: If Don & Mike told it over the air in 1997, it would have been freekin' hilarious. The passage of 15 years certainly can tilt one's personal prism to a whole new view..."...pretty much it the same with everything else D&M had said back in those days, and the others too. Jokes that were funny then, for one reason or another just aren't funny now. Take the Greaseman for example, my 18 year old daughter the other day was listening to a tape from his DC101 days that I had in my collection. Grease going on about the Village People and how he was the construction worker. Back then we got the joke, however today well my daughter starts calling Grease a "damn liar" because according to Wikipedia the construction worker in the Village People was David Hodo not Greaseman. Jokes about Tammy Faye Bakker, teen AIDS victim Ryan White, Rock Hudson's "blue jeans" with the zipper in the back, Clinton/ Monica and cigars,..etc....etc...good luck telling any of those jokes on the air today. and expect to remain on the air (12/28/11)

There goes another showbiz great: (12/28/11)

I remember listening to Pat Gates on the Voice of America for many years. She was professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to listen to. If more DJs were like her, we would have better radio. –The Airless Cubicle (12/28/11)

Re Dick Clark joke: If Don & Mike told it over the air in 1997, it would have been freekin' hilarious. The passage of 15 years certainly can tilt one's personal prism to a whole new view. (12/28/11)

Ed Graham - THANKS SO MUCH for posting a site with the audio for The History of Rock and Roll. The "php" stream for WNEW that someone pointed to yesterday doesn't work with my recording software, and I'm not keen on downloading something else. So I've been up all night listening to it since I have no idea what's coming up or how long it is on. I really want to get that montage of #1 songs, and the site you pointed to has it. I've been wanting to get that for over 30 years. (12/28/11)

"(regarding a previous post) "What's 200 years old and goes, 'HatnyNoo Eyuhhh'? Dick Clark". There is absolutely nothing funny about thispost." Nah, it's funny. Kirk Douglas too. In other news, BBC 6 will be playing only vinyl on New Year's Day. Online? Shortwave? That's for you to research. - ZombieWoof (12/28/11)

Dave's response: Ha ha ha. Great station!

A quick listen to 99.1 sounds like it's running El Zol at about 7:15 am (12/28/11)

Dave's response: Just checked at 8:10 AM and it's the Beatles via "THOR&R".....

I have to agree with the person who took exception to the "joke" about Dick Clark. The entire post was in poor taste, not just the "joke," and it violates your own rules, because in addition to being in poor taste and unfair to someone, it has nothing to do with local media. I haven't posted anything here in years, and rarely look at the mailbag because of things like this, so I must be pretty steamed to even bother. I have to wonder about the mental faculties of someone who would post something like that on a public forum. They must be a very sad, troubled individual. John in So. Central PA. (12/28/11)

Bill Drake History of Rock and Roll. Ed Graham (12/28/11)

WPGC NEVER broadcast "The History Of Rock and Roll." Mac Richmond and Bob Howard were too cheap to pay for the Drake-Chenault syndicated version that became available in late-1969. Instead, in 1970, WPGC ran "The Rock and Roll Generation", a homegrown weekend special that consisted of little more than playing hit songs from given years based on Joel Whitburn's Record Research book supplemented with whatever anecdotal information the DJs could muster; no interviews, no vignettes. Any attempted to compare "Rock and Roll Generation" with "The History of Rock and Roll" is laughable to say the very least. In 1978, when Drake-Chenault produced a new stereo version of "The History" narrated by Bill Drake, it was broadcast by WASH-FM. One puzzling side note: Drake-Chenault never trademarked "The History of Rock and Roll." (12/28/11)

(regarding a previous post) "What's 200 years old and goes, 'Hatny Noo Eyuhhh'? Dick Clark". There is absolutely nothing funny about this post. It is wholly inappropriate and you should be ashamed of yourself for allowing it in the Mailbag. If someone thinks that Dick Clark should just retire, that's fine, but to make fun of a stroke victim is beyond wrong! I'm sure some people question Dick Clark's motives for continuing to appear on the New Years Eve broadcast on ABC. Here's what he says about it, in a recent NY Post interview: "I look forward to the Times Square appearance for two reasons. One . . . I’m honored to be a part of the event. And two, I’m really touched by the many people who tell me I’m an inspiration to them." (12/28/11)

Good call on the local announcer barking "History of Rock" when the program is known as "The History of Rock and Roll." Bad calls about WMOD and WPGC carrying the show. The original "Rockumentary" was run on WASH to introduce Metromedia's new adult/contemporary format when they acquired the station in 1968. The show was leased by Drake-Chenault for two plays. WASH repeated the broadcast about six months later. Humble Harve was NOT the original narrator. It was the late Robert W. Morgan, then doing mornings at KHJ in Los Angeles, which Drake-Chenault consulted. When Elvis Presley died, D-C created an Elvis biography show that Bill Drake narrated. It was so well received that the company decided to update the original "History of Rock and Roll" with some new segments and new editing. Since Robert W. Morgan had moved on, Bill Drake chose to record the show himself. The show ran, again, on WASH. Later, D-C made it available for weekly and daily airing in timed strips. Unfortunately, the program became over-exposed that Drake-Chenault pulled it from syndication around 1984. For those familiar with the Drake-Chenault consulted radio stations, it was Bill Drake's unique voice that announced the immortal phrases, "And the hits... just keep on comin..." "Ladies and gentlemen... the beat goes on..." and, "And now, ladies and gentlemen..." with the jock's name just ahead of the station ID jingle. (12/28/11)

I mentioned earlier that I heard this particular version of The History of Rock and Roll in early 1981. I heard it on WAMS 1380 in Wilmington Delaware (that station is long gone now); was not down in DC at that time. The version they are playing now on WNEW 99.1 is definitely the version I heard then, but what they are playing here is abridged (as I mentioned before, each year -- at least after the Beatles arrived on the scene -- had 3 hours of coverage). The last hour of the show was an hour long montage of every Billboard #1 hit from 1955 to early 1981, which I had recorded on cassette. The mini-montages they are playing for each year are edited exactly the same way as I remember. I learned a LOT about pop music from 1955-1981 from this show (I was born in 1967, so I only have personal memories back to about 1972). (12/28/11)

Rock Center was sooo bad. They couldn't come up with anything more interesting than that ? Ughh going to switch the channel. (12/28/11)

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\/ December 27 Messages \/

Rock Center started off with great stories. But Monday nights program was so boring it made me wish for 60 Minutes 2 again (12/27/11)

Today's Post Sports section again-2 huge, unnecessary, stupid photos just there to take up space. Regards Biff (12/27/11)

"...The History of Rock of Roll...WPGC DID NOT run this version. They ran the original "mono" version narrated by Humble Harve...." Was that before or after Harve murdered his wife? If a DJ does that and says he did it because the wife "just wouldn't listen to him", does he get the double entendre award? (12/27/11)

Unless someone out there has heard different, Allbritton and RCN also have yet to come to an agreement on carriage of WJLA and NewsChannel 8 after December 31. As usual, it's not a question of if, but when an agreement is reached. An overbuilder like RCN might like to think they can play hardball, but I doubt they'd survive for long in this market without making its ABC affiliate available to customers. (12/27/11)

I am so psyched The History of Rock and Roll is on WNEW 99.1 during this transition period to the January 2012 news operation. I heard this particular The History of Rock and Roll radio show in early 1981 -- I remember that it was to commemorate the 25th anniversary of rock and roll, and was quite long (about 3 hours a year for all 25 years). I have not heard it since. Will probably try to record as much as possible, but I wish there was a way to know what is coming up. Terence Moore (12/27/11)

Cox and WJLA may have worked out their differences, but it appears nearly certain that ABC7 is off of Shentel Cable in Shenandoah County (think Strasburg and Woodstock) on Jan. 1. So that means no more checking the weather with Doug Hill each night at 6:15. This from a cable system that has already indicated it will never get MASN unless it can put it on the sports tier and also doesn’t carry the alternate feed of CSN (so the Wizards’ return means fewer Caps games). Arrrrrrgggg. Never thought I’d be happier to have Comcast at home. Charles in Winchester (12/27/11)

Donnie, I love HFS as much as the next person. Hell, I always dreamed of working there. But, I know that at some point you have to let go of the past. For instance, I also loved WQSR and I loved KML....but all of those things are gone. Lucky that HFS has resurfaced the way it has, cause in reality corporate did not want it. This is why CBS is gobbling up the low power frequencies, to "bring to life" formats that had little commercial viability but can still bring in some revenue and listenership, while promoting the HD side channels. Its a with it. (12/27/11)

The version of The History of Rock of Roll that 99.1 is running is the late 70's-early 1980's version that ran on WASH FM in DC and WBKZ 95.9 Baltimore/glenburnie (13WFBR's then sister station) and is narrated by top40 radio guru Bill Drake WPGC DID NOT run this version. They ran the original "mono" version narrated by Humble Harve Miller..WMOD 98.7 ran that one as well as WYRE Annapolis and WCBM Baltimore in the late 60's /early 70's (12/27/11)

To: Blair in Alexandria- Blair, I was part of that extraordinary presentation.....I'd love to own a copy.....You should send one of your copies to they would put it up on the site. Thanks for the opportunity to find a copy....Davy Jones/PLB!! (12/27/11)

Any info why 107.3 WRQX has been with carrier but no audio the past hour or so?... Audio JUST now came back at 5:09pm... (12/27/11)

Dave, I know alot of your readers want to see HFS on 99.1 for the next two weeks if not permanently (the old style HFS I presume). Like someone noted, if CBS could Kick ass with it they would have done it already. I am really enjoying hearing the history of Rock (and Roll) on 99.1. Not sure I am in anyones demographics anymore (If so, then just barely..) I am enjoying hearing this program while we await the new All News All The Time on 99.1FM. Tom R/Fairfax. (12/27/11)

Dave: Does 99.1 WNEW have a website yet? I've been google searching for it all day with no luck. Any info would be helpful. Thanks (12/27/11)

Dave's response: As far as I know, it'll be part of

What's 200 years old and goes, "Hatny Noo Eyuhhh"? Dick Clark. See you in hell, folks. (12/27/11)

Let's hope CBS' attention to detail with the all newser is little better than how they are handling their current special. They keep re-introducing the segments as "The History of Rock" and Drake immediately labels the special as "The History of Rock AND ROLL". Yes, a nit-pick but it is about the small things, isn't it? (12/27/11)

"Will you all please put the pipe dream of HFS coming back to 99.1 to rest." Uhhhh NOPE. We won't just shut up because you don't like HFS or care which frequency it's on or you're alright with whatever bullshit gets funneled down your throat.....we're not...... If you don't enjoy reading our opinions about it there are several controls on your device to scroll past it. Donnie....W H Fucking S Listener (12/27/11)

It was painful and embarrasing to sit and watch Mike Omera on The Arch Cambell show a few nights ago on cable access channel 8. What? Thats not cable access? Oh yes, youre right ... Cable access has better production. This was beyond sad..watching the once "radio god" try to convince Arch and anyone else watching ...but probably mostly himself, that THIS podcast thing he is currently boring people with, is the funniest show he's ever been part of. How many times did Mike take veild shots at his former master, Don? know? The guy who made Mike Omera rich and significant in DC radio? It was like watching a jilted ex-husband telling his better off ex-wife how happy and secure he is with a new chick. Even tho, we all know the truth. Shame on you Mike. You would leave behind your former punchline buddys in a heartbeat if your Master called you to join him out west. But Don wont. He doesnt need you or the rest. The make makes gold wherever he goes...proving it had nothing to do with Rob or Mike. BTW, Arch looks like a fucking alien. Has to be the oddest looking human on this planet. T-Rockets (12/27/11)

This is too good to be true! WBAL Radio's Jenny Glick has a story up on their web page (WBAL.COM) with a picture from the Charlotte Observer showing people in a Zumba class, yet her story focuses on a local Zumba class. At least use a generic AP Photo like the web writers usually do. Maybe if the news director would get off the air and stop fulfilling her dream of returning to the airwaves, she would take notice of it. I hear that Jenny Glick is heading to new station WNEW in a few days. She is now their problem. (12/27/11)

It's time for WTOP's sales department to stop responding to every dis of the station's news reporting with boilerplate like "...well there's no disappointment in what WTOP labels ratings and revenue!!" Yes, yes, yes, we can all read and we all know that the station gets big numbers and steady revenue. That has zero to do with the level of journalism being practiced there, which is strictly bargain basement.. You're comparing apples to oranges, or to be more accurate, you're defending crap with cash. They aren't the same thing. (12/27/11)

"I've lived and worked in a few different radio markets and have become increasingly disappointed with the product that WTOP labels as news."...well there's no disappointment in what WTOP labels ratings and revenue!! (12/27/11)

"doing a little search for 94.7 HD-2 I found this link that is actually the 99.1 stream." I'm hearing WNEW audio mixed with lower-level HFS audio on that stream. Great engineering! And, the local voice is calling it "The History of Rock" when it is "The History of Rock and Roll". Oh, dear, if we add "and Roll" it's like we're playing old fogey music. Can't have that! Does Drake-Chenault still license the playing of the program or has it fallen into public domain? (12/27/11)

Hearing Drake's History of R&R on 99.1 points out the glaring hole in DC radio - a great classic hits/oldies station. The opportunity awaits those with the courage to exploit it. Wait, we're talking corporate radio. Never mind. (12/27/11)

Will you all please put the pipe dream of HFS coming back to 99.1 to rest. If CBS wanted to do it, you know, it would have been done by now! HFS is now controlled by CBS Baltimore, which we know well that CBS DC could not give a shit about. If so, they COULD have simulcast WLIF on 99.1 instead of putting on tunes to stab them right in the back. Face it, HFS is nothing more than an LPFM station....with commercials. (12/27/11)

Re: 99.1 Airs Rock History. WPGC did that between Christmas and New Year's Day back in 1968. I made lots of monaural 3-3/4 ips tapes of the broadcasts off my five-tube RCA Victor table radio. They started in the early 50s and worked their way up to 1968. Such wonderful memories. I might still have them. Joyous holidays to all, and a happy new year too.~~Blair in Alexandria (12/27/11)

I wonder if you know where Kelly Saunders real name Linda Saunders is working now. I've lost touch with her. (12/27/11)

Dave's response: Kelly passed away in July. Her obit is in DCRTV's news archive here.....

The Washington Post continues to deteriorate, with today's edition being a perfect example. Today's paper was more of a pamphlet than a newspaper (only 14 pages in the "A" section). Not to mention that their Sports section, as a fellow poster noted, is now rarely more than 6 pages. And the Sunday paper is nowhere near where it used to be. Book World, TV Week, and SundaySource are gone and the useless "Sunday Style" has been added. Meanwhile, the Travel and Arts sections rarely have anything of interest anymore...I wouldn't be surprised if Travel is the next section to get axed (if it does, that'll be the end of me paying the ever-increasing rates for a subscription). Maybe if they would stop trimming the paper, they wouldn't loose so many subscribers! (12/27/11)

Dave's response: I know. This morning's print edition was barely a 10-minute read. It's kinda shocking how fast the paper is sinking. Even the website misses a lot of stuff that you see on other DC area sites, as I'm finding when doing links for my new

I am sure that the WMAL people will try to make a move over to WNEW if they can I am sure there are resumes piled sky high on SS desk (12/27/11)

doing a little search for 94.7 HD-2 I found this link that is actually the 99.1 stream: (12/27/11)

Dave's response: I get a nice strong signal of WIAD 94.7 here in Reston but it doesn't seem to be running a digital HD Radio signal right now. So, no HFS975 on the HD2 or the WJFK relay on the HD3. I wonder if the broadcast HD2 will become a relay of WNEW.....

I read the post about WRNR moving out of downtown Annapolis, to a location on Admiral Cochrane Drive. That was a very interesting article about WRNR. I had overlooked the Annapolis Capital as a news source since i moved to the Albuquerque area in 2010. It also brought back some not so fond memories of working for a company on Admiral Cochrane Drive in the mid and late 90s. (12/27/11)

Re: "About copying the Washington Post...often wire copy (AP and formerly UPI) would put out verbatim text from the Post or other newspapers in other markets. Ask any TV or radio newsperson...they've all seen it and sometimes read it on the air...maybe because they had not read the paper up to that point." .....that's because wire services and the newspapers had reciprocal deals. When WTOP just paraphrases a WaPo story and justifies it to themselves by saying at some point in their story "according to the Washington Post," that's just lazy reporting. (12/27/11)

Hello Mr. Suit, I just installed on my LG Optimus V on Virgin Mobile (Sprint's network) and it works great with those stations you listed. Only thing worth listening to are news stations, though. Sticking with Pandora for music and uncensored comedy bits. (12/27/11)

Sad news indeed about Lynn Samuels. A cautionary tale about how a basically mercenary industry treats its more innovative and brilliant practitioners. I used to listen to her constantly when she was on WBAI (pre-ABC), the Pacifica station in NYC. I completely disagreed with her politically, but loved her style and wit. I also sympathized with her weekly described struggle to get through Law School while working full-time (since I was doing the same thing). To die alone and prematurely after all those years as a New York institution is just chilling, and somewhat reminiscent of Allison Steele's passing. Genghis Cohen, without a snarky comment for once (12/27/11)

It would have been nice if CBS used 99.1 to simulcast hfs97.5 just to throw 97.5 out there. However 10 out of 10 listeners would say just put HFS back on 99.1. History of rock and roll sounds great but obviously sounds extremely piped in thus what would keep that exact format from working in the long run on a different signal. (12/27/11)

Dave's response: While Clear Channel runs DC/Baltimore as one big megacluster, management-wise, for CBS, DC and Baltimore are two very distinct, different markets, with completely different (and sometimes competitive) management. To have CBS-DC (99.1) run something from CBS-Baltimore (97.5) is probably about as likely as CBS-DC running something from Radio One-Baltimore - zilch, nada.....

Anyone still looking for total X mas music. Driving into work this morning, 101.9, LITE FM was still spotting Holly Jolly X mas. (12/27/11)

Thanks to Gary Helton and WHFC for the Christmas "Old Time Radio" marathon. Very enjoyable !! (12/27/11)

Dave's response: I did get into the "Christmas spirit" a few days before the 25th (not a few months) and did really enjoy listening to the traditional classical fare on WETA-FM, 90.9. Listening to the XMAS stuff on WASH eventually makes one sick, like eating too many candy canes. Oh, has anyone ever noticed that "Feliz Navidad" has kinda stooooopidly repetitive lyrics.....

I like the idea of 99.1 running a variety format for a few days. It would be neat to hear news start popping in here and there. Then some traffic and weather and sports. Might be a way to get the new staffs feet wet before the launch. Also, someone was complaining about WBAL in Baltimore. I don't mind the anchors, I just like hearing local news. It depresses me more when I am listening to the Ravens Post game and WBAL rolls into CBS news at the top of the hour (late) and then back to sports talk. The mighty 1090 should be local around the clock. (12/27/11)

I stupidly dared to hope that CBS would simulcast HFS on 99.1 if only for a short time. But I gave them too much credit. Instead it's something you could watch during the insomniac hours on VH1. Donnie (12/27/11)

Hey Dave, From the no one except someone who works in media department. Driving home to DC from NY last night, I noticed WXCY has added Graffiti radio to it's HD 2 channel. Sounded like a college progressive free form format. (12/27/11)

Why is this the top story? WJLA is a joke. - "Humphries (-Kardashian) hears boos, leads Nets past Wizards 90-84" (12/27/11)

The production company which shoots those "Bob's Furniture" ads needs to invest in a light meter. A recent commercial for bedding shows Bob and his female sidekick against a high-wash white background with a white mattress. The image is so blown out, not only can you not see the bed but the poor woman standing behind it looks like she lost her leg in some tragic accident. (12/27/11)

The History of Rock and Roll is a great transition from music to news. CBS really knows how to start up a new station. I only wish it could be WNEW FM Annapolis,Washington,Baltimore. Ron in Annapolis (12/27/11)

Long-time NYC liberal radio talker, Lynn Samuels, is dead at 69. Over the years, she was heard on WABC-AM and WBAI-FM. She was also heard, for the past 8 years, via Sirius XM's Left-of-Center channel. (12/27/11)

Interesting: WNEW 99.1 - despite not currently having a stream (that I know of, anyway) at the moment is listed on Their format is "Christmas" but when I punched it up, their song "now playing" was "The Beatles - She Loves You" and now is "Can't Buy Me Love". I'm guessing they're in all-Beatles mode starting today. (12/27/11)

Listen closely to the "History of Rock & Roll" being played on WNEW-FM 99.1...if there are slight skips and a vinyl-like tone to it it's the version I transferred from Humble Harve's copy in the 1110/KRLA vaults to CD backup. You could buy that entire set/version from "KenR" the jingle dealer out of Ohio until recently. There are a number of bootleg & legit copies out there, but this set of CDs has the additional 2 LPs added a few years later to extend the series deeper into the 1970's. Great listening. ~ SR (12/27/11)

99.1 FM plays Bill Drake's outstanding History of Rock and Roll. Finally, real radio in DC. News is coming and maybe CBS will put these great oldies on another tower. Here's hoping. (12/27/11)

As of midnight Tuesday, 99.1 is running the history of rock and roll. (12/27/11)

It appears that WNEW-FM is now stunting with varying rock & roll music, educating listeners on the history of rock & roll, as of 12:12AM. Cool!!! (12/27/11)

Does anyone know if it is possible to listen to 99.1 WNEW-FM online yet? doesn't seem to list it. The listing for El Zol 99.1 plays what is now on 107.9. (12/27/11)

Could the Christmas present from 99.1 to Washington and Baltimore be a temporary return of 99.1 WHFS? Maybe put HFS back on a signal that covers both markets for a few weeks, see how the PPM ratings look, and then unveil 107.9 HFS when all news WNEW takes over the 99.1 frequency? I just don't see El Zol working on 107.9 for the reasons others have covered. It's signal blankets the exact wrong part of the market. (12/27/11)

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\/ December 26 Messages \/

Has NBC4 permanently hired the female sports anchor named Amber who I saw on there today? (12/26/11)

Dave's response: Amber Theoharis was previously seen on Baltimore's Fox 45 and MASN.....

To the poster who commented on my previous ‘LIF blurb, thanks for that. Glad to know the station went back to using live humans when Fran’s not on. It was horrible when the station made Fran pre-record the weekends because any audience is smart enough to realize everyone has to have a day off and can’t expect someone to be there every single day. The recorded shows could never match what she could do live, and all we could do as board ops then was busy out the phones and listeners knew they were being played. I wonder if the ratings actually reflected that or if someone merely realized it just was better business to go back to the way it had been done before. When I was at ‘LIF, yes a few of us got to fill in for Fran, and those of us who did varied in our talents, but I don’t think any of us could pull it off like Fran, but then she did it every night for lots of years now. I certainly remember that while it was an honor for me to contribute my part, it was terrifying because I knew I sucked at it, and knew I was out of my element doing that kind of show, but at least we were allowed to be human and try to fill the void. And after doing that shift I have a lot more respect for those who do request shows because it IS hard work. But it’s also rather hard even board opping for a show like that because you have a cache of phoners and you have to try to match one of those phoners to a given song you already have to play, you don’t just find a phoner and then think of a song you want to pair it with. We initially did her pre-recorded shows from reel on those old Studers and inserted the phoners on the old 360, but the 360 was terribly difficult for yours truly to read with my 10% eyesight (and no way to hook up a larger monitor to the unit), so doing things like finding a file, editing a file, etc., was really challenging for someone like me. Yet watching Fran do her magic, she made it look so really simple. Such fun memories anyway. I’m not sure who the poster is, but glad you’re in the complex and hope everybody over there is well and happy. And hopefully all you DCRTVers had a wonderful Christmas and you all will have a super New Year. I still miss the Balto market and wish you guys all the best. Bill Powers, Los Angeles (12/26/11)

The Washington Post continues its downward spiral. I remember when it was exciting to grab the Post from my doorstep and open its nice and big fat sports section. Anyone remember when they used to print the results of late games on the front page of the Post? It was wonderful to get the score of a late Dodger game! Now here's what we have-Yesterday's NBA preview took up 1 page of the sports section. You'd think a paper from a city with a franchise would have a whole section for this. The one page preview capsuled 16 teams. Last I heard there were 30 teams in the league! Today the Post treated us the the Wizards preview. Lately the Post has reverted to one of their old tricks-putting a huge photo on the first sports page-a picture that is perhaps double or triple the needed size. They used to do this in late editions when the photo would appear instead of usual game reportage that had to be shortened due to the late hour. Now we see large photos all week instead of copy. Today's picture of John Wall was totally unnecessary and downright stupid. As for the team outlook-didn't you expect some predictions from Michael Lee and maybe some out-town-experts? Nope not a peep. I guess he was afraid a 20-46 prediction might lead to some"unpleasantness" between him and the team. Regards Biff (12/26/11)

Has anybody been able to get the latest version of the app to receive broadcast station audio on an Android phone? (Some of the “Internet only” streams do work…) It worked fine on my old Samsung Gem (WCBS, KCBS, WPHT, KNX, WOGL, KRTH, etc, were all OK...), but isn’t worth a tinkers damn on my new Samsung Conquer phone when I changed over to Sprint. I’m beginning to think of it as the smartphone that isn’t. Any thoughts on how to get the POS to work would be appreciated. Damned sales twink thought it was for one of my grandchildren. Tried to sell me a fuckin’ “Cricket”! I may be old enough for Social Security, but I a’int brain dead… yet! Unsigned Corporate Suit (12/26/11)

Bill...I work for CBS now, and have since 2000. I remember the days when Fran was on seven days a week and on reel during the weekends and when she took off. Now, Fran can actually be human. As a matter of fact, she is off this week and will have actual bodies filling in. The only rare occasion when she might track it is during a holiday when there is no one avaialble to fill in--but that has only happened twice in three years. (12/26/11)

There was a nice article in The Sunday Capital about WRNR's move out of downtown Annapolis. It is at Happy New Year Dave. Ron in Annapolis (12/26/11)

I've lived and worked in a few different radio markets and have become increasingly disappointed with the product that WTOP labels as news. The anchors' primary concern seems to be to make lame jokes. The only ones laughing are them. The afternoon (4-7 p.m.) anchors inject their opinions and emotions in every story -- hardly objective reporting. Do they know that listeners want to hear news, and have no interest in their personalities? Hillary in the afternoon seems to be a nice person but she needs to lower her volume at the mike and stop giggling, particularly when Doug Hill takes the stage for his round of jokes. The place has become a land of features -- David Bird reports from Frederick, MD on the opening of a new Walmart and about a Frederick town staffer who gives pickles as Christmas gifts (why so much reporting from Frederick? Have that many people migrated there?) and the weekly Friday report, disguised as news, promotes deals at local stores and on-line merchants. Sales pitches disguised as news. Half the time the news reports are so superficial that I am left with more questions than answers. I look forward to hearing a true, serious news outlet that will be a viable news competitor to WTOP. (12/26/11)

Hope there's room in the Mailbag for this musical holiday greeting by Tom Lehrer. (12/26/11)

Hey Mr. Dave Hughes, wishing you and your family and friends & fans the very best this holiday season from Be sure to check out John Waters' Holiday Greeting as well as the Jewish Holiday Greeting and of course last but not least, the Newt Gindrich Holiday Greeting, all for a good laugh of course. Best Wishes! PS: I'm told personally that WMAR ABC 2's Justin Berk found the Jewish Mariah video in poor taste, specifically the line "killed your Savior", but it was sent to me by a Jewish guy in NJ! So what am I to do? :-) (12/26/11)

It is clear WBAL Radio's Robert Lang is back on duty: Do you really think the average listener cares about this lineup on any given day, especially a busy day like Christmas Eve? What "reporter/anchor" would even care? Trust me, listeners just want to tune in and hear the shows, not analyze the programming schedule. This makes a person's head spin. Get rid of this guy. Between this, the constant website misspellings and wrong dates about when Johns Hopkins was born and died, this should be a wake up call to his bosses. WBAL Radio: "Some programming changes on this Christmas Eve on AM 1090 WBAL. Jimmy Mathis is in for C4 starting at 7 a.m. Brian Kroneberger's Financial Hour airs at 9 a.m. Ravens-Browns coverage starts at 10 a.m. Kickoff is at 1 p.m. Keith and Brett take your calls after the game. Christmas in Maryland with John Patti starts at 7 p.m. and runs through 7 a.m. Christmas Day. There will be an encore broadcast from noon until midnight on Christmas Day." (12/26/11)

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I like the new WBAL.COM, except Critter Corner. It sticks out like a sore thumb and seems to be a misfit among all the other categories. Not to mention the poor formatting, cheesy pictures and lack of attribution on the "stories". Are the humane shelters supporting the station? Where are these factoids coming from? It is obvious that the person who is responsible for this section of the website is not working in the news room there, otherwise it would match up to the real stories. Either do it right or put it where it really belongs, a small market station's website. (12/25/11)

Hopefully I am not the only one who finds it PERFECT that the Christmas edition of NPR's "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" was brought to us by the American Jewish World Service AND The Doris Duke Foundation For Islamic Art, I know there may be some that are offended by the thought, and I apologize in advance, but I'm gonna say it anyway. Peter Sagel, (Host) as well as everyone involved in the show, plus the folks at NPR and the BBC should be proud of the fact that they brought Christians, Muslims and Jews together for one hour of laughter ... What better celebration of the season!! ... ... (12/25/11)

Merry Christmas, everyone! Didn't get what you wanted from Santa? It's not his fault. Blame it on the Martians. (12/25/11)

The top 10 biggest DC and Baltimore local media stories for 2011 is the topic of the Christmas Day edition of DCRTV's "Dave TV. Merry Christmas everybody..... (12/25/11)

I know it's Christmas Day, but is WUSA9 just in automation mode. Asleep at the switch? No one home? It's 9:45am and still has a BREAKING NEWS banner on their website saying: "Authorities Search for Missing 2 Year Old Boy." It links to an old story because last time I checked, the boy was found at MIDNIGHT. Hello? 10 hours later and WUSA still has the old story up? Really? This is also the news website with Ashley Jennings, the relatively new employee who plagarized a Tom Jackman article from the Washington Post. I'm sure it was an accident. However, someone is going to need to explain to me why I should ever trust Channel 9 for news coverage. It seems to me that WUSA is a joke compared to WJLA, WRC and even to WTOP on the radio. Days like these are why I have to laugh when WUSA runs a promo to position itself as the best TV station in town. I wonder if THEY even believe it. I sure don't!! Joel from Arlington (12/25/11)

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The previous station that held the WNEW calls was urban B106.3 in West Palm Beach, so I'd imagine that the info hasn't been adjusted properly yet on RadioLocator. Nice thought though as I think 95.5 would make a nice and better home for the News format. (12/24/11)

Dave's response: It would make surprising sense for CBS to move urban PGC to 99.1, which blanket covers PG and DC, plus has excellent reach into Baltimore, to better battle Radio One's urban WERQ, 92.3. CBS hasn't had an urban outlet in Baltimore since it blew up X105.7, WXYV, back in 2005-ish. That shift would give new CBS all-newser WNEW an "inside the Beltway" DC signal on 95.5.....

The Junks crazy schedule this week had me listening to BOAD Reloaded on the way to work Friday AM. I forgot three were coming back on Friday. I love Danny, and wish he was Dukes partner, but give me best of when they are on vacation. Shit, they could have replayed the drinking show again three times it was so good. What's wrong with CBS? Rough week for talk radio this week all around. TOP’s traffic sucks now, especially in the AM. I saved the MOS Friday and bonus show for the ride to Granma’s house tonight. If the new CBS news channel wants instant ratings, do traffic and weather on the “Threes”. Any idea how many people put on TOP a minute or two before eight after or forget to change after traffic and weather? I would really put strong focus on traffic. I think JFK has stepped it up and it is helping. OOBBEE (12/24/11)

About copying the Washington Post...often wire copy (AP and formerly UPI) would put out verbatim text from the Post or other newspapers in other markets. Ask any TV or radio newsperson...they've all seen it and sometimes read it on the air...maybe because they had not read the paper up to that point. "Just sayin' " as the saying goes. Or, "and so it goes." (12/24/11)

May all your blood...and your holidays be warm! Count Gore De Vol (12/24/11)

To the poster who commented that Fran Lane’s show is live, yes indeed, most of the time it is. When I worked at WLIF, at first there were only a couple of us that filled in on occasion for her (this was quite an honor!), but after a PD change, if Fran couldn’t be there she had to pre-record the VT on reel which a board op mixed into the normal playlist. Fran made running a show like that a “piece of cake.” How they do it now I don’t know, since they do have AudioVault, which we barely had by the time I left in ’03. I would think they would still have to have someone in the studio in her absence because you pick the calls from a stockpile of phoners and match them to the music you’re playing, which seems easier to do with a live body instead of pre-programming it all into the automation system. So much better a show than Delilah ever was or ever will be. And as far as I know, Fran is still going strong there at LIF and hope she will for many more years. And BTW, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all you DCRTVers! Bill Powers, Los Angeles (12/24/11)

To the Christmas lister seeking a nostalgia station: WHLI on Long Island probably comes closest to what you are after, without crossing the Canadian border. Hit the Listen Live click-a-roonie and enjoy. (12/24/11)

1580 AM in DC still dark as of 9AM Saturday morning. "Silent Night", indeed... (12/24/11)

Dave's response: They're preparing for the grand debut of "1580 WNEW-AM, CBS's Capitol Hill Radio," with former WFEDer Amy Morris in mornings, come January. Or something like that.....

I just saw Jim Russ's post on Facebook that WBAL is his new home. Good for him and WBAL. Did he replace someone? (12/24/11)

Dave's response: We have reported that Jim is working for both WBAL radio and WMAL since getting cut from Metro Traffic.....

My Christmas list for DC Radio: (thanks to Dave Hughes for voicing most of these ideas I've shared): 1. An oldies station that is extremely local. This would be a 24/7 station to include some of what WPFW does on the weekends and with local personalities like Johnny Dark, Scooter MacGruder, Goldy and such. Play Marvin Gaye, The beatles, sponsor concerts and don't heavy rotate stuff like "bridge over troubled water" - make it an upbeat, party station - see Philly for inspiration. 2. A nostalgia station on AM630, much like DC101's Buddy Rizer was running on his "Vegas Radio" AM1420 for a while out of Brunswick MD - but add in syndicate big band shows like the one on AM740 out of Canada, or like Hot Jazz Saturday night on public radio in addition to the normal crooners and newbies (like micheal Buble). Play "bridge" here if it must be played. There's lots of room for fun with a format like this, just listen to what 740 does at night. 3. A general improvement and localization to the radio stations - if they're playing rock music, how about live remotes from rock shows? How about local experts getting behind the mic? WPFW does a great job of this but is talk in the AM drive and Jazz the rest of the day - neither my cup of tea, but the localization is good. 4. A quasi-alternative station that plays a mix of old alternative (like the cure) and new, and a mix of well known and obscure - like HFS did at times. Make Weasel the PD and get Mr. Enzo Adamari, Sluggo and Ken Dawg in there with Cerphe and new guys. Santa, that would be a good start. Another newser and simulcasts on 3 frequencies aren't doin it for me. (12/24/11)

Donald Fagen on Jean Shepherd's A Christmas Story. A rerun worth a reread. Comcast's On Demand has a few Doctor Who Christmas episodes for free too. - ZombieWoof (12/24/11)

Mervin Conn, who was the accordionist at Washington Senators baseball games from 1964 to 1969, is dead at 91. He taught the instrument to the Nixon daughters, as well as to scores of other budding young musicians, at his Columbia Heights studio. He began playing the accordion as a teenager and got his start as a professional musician playing local events and on radio programs. He also appeared on The Glenn Brenner Show, as its musical director, when it graced the airwaves of Channel 9. Conn was also the subject of a 2007 documentary by Jeff Krulik, "The Legend of Merv Conn". (12/24/11)

I’m not condoning it, but the reason that layoffs seem to always come right before the holidays is a matter of the calendar. For a business that has a fiscal calendar that coincides with the yearly calendar, and that wants to “adjust” the fiscal landscape within the current year, it just naturally happens right before what we consider our special holiday time. It sucks, yes. But that’s the biz. I’ve seen it at company after company. For entities operating on a different fiscal calendar—say October to October, it just happens at a different time of the year. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah. John (12/24/11)

"Dave, A very well-placed source tells me next month, Cumulus isdropping "Coast to Coast AM" from its N/T stations, and will replace itwith its own similar show to save costs. It's apparently all about therevenue (or lack of it) from the comparatively small audience C2C hasin raw numbers." Insert witty insult involving the word "douche" here. While Noory is by far the worst host ever to host Coast to Coast for an extended period and has driven the show into the ground, I'd be curious to know what overnight show has more listeners, and how Cumulus would save money by mounting their own such show, with salaries and office supplies and stuff. Tell me again about this "comparatively small audience" Coast to Coast has. Is your well-placed source by any chance...rectal? - ZombieWoof (12/24/11)

[RE: It is being reported at and I heard it on the ESPN radio affiliate at AM 1380 in Hagerstown--today is the last day of work for Dan 'The Duke' Davis at ESPN. Colin Cowherd called him 'the voice of God' as he thanked the Duke for his years of service at the network.] Wow! Someone actually listens to this station and can "pick it up" on their radio. (12/24/11)

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Has anyone noticed that radio-locator has WNEW's format listed at Urban Contemporary? Could be CBS be making the big switch? 95.5 moves to 99.1, which could compete with WERQ in Baltimore and the news goes to 95.5 Just a thought. (12/23/11)

Dave's response: Wow.....

After listening to Weasel on WTMD you can find more Free Form Eclectic Christmas music on WXPN's "The Night Before" with Robert Drake. He does a 24 hour marathon on Christmas Eve beginning tonight at midnight. WXPN is on 88.5 in Philadelphia, 90.5 in Baltimore/Kent County MD and on the web @ More info on the show at Bob Fairfax (12/23/11)

Broadcasters plagiarising a newspaper? I'm shocked! Shocked, I say!! (12/23/11)

Hmm.. I wonder how much WTOP "borrows" from the Washington Post? (12/23/11)

I noticed the story about the plagerism at It appears from the Poynter story that as assignment editor copied and pasted the story into an email without attribution. The web producer simply posted the email in web form. I'm curious why the web producer is singled out for blame. If it came from an internal source inside the newsroom...the production team could deem it had been vetted. So often material is copied and pasted and no one knows the difference. This time it was a local publication and again the cats out of the bag. (12/23/11)

Dave, A very well-placed source tells me next month, Cumulus is dropping "Coast to Coast AM" from its N/T stations, and will replace it with its own similar show to save costs. It's apparently all about the revenue (or lack of it) from the comparatively small audience C2C has in raw numbers. No reaction yet from Richard C. Hoagland. :-) (12/23/11)

Firing someone on their birthday and three days before Christmas? That’s what CBS is all about these days. The professional sparkle and shine once associated with the “Tiffany” of broadcasters has been replaced with shame, rust, and tarnish… -Unsigned Corporate Suit (12/23/11)

[RE: Did DC's Channel 9/WUSA plagiarize the Washington Post?] Well, probably first time they got caught doing it. (12/23/11)

It is being reported at and I heard it on the ESPN radio affiliate at AM 1380 in Hagerstown--today is the last day of work for Dan 'The Duke' Davis at ESPN. Colin Cowherd called him 'the voice of God' as he thanked the Duke for his years of service at the network. (12/23/11)

The Junkies are all 41 years old. I've heard them say they were all born in 1970. (12/23/11)

YES!! Santa remembered the old HFS this year!! A Baltimore/Washington tradition is back...A Very Special HFSmas Special Dysfunctional Family Special Holiday Special kicks off on Christmas Eve (wow I sound like a station liner lol) I think they added the Dysfunctional Family part this year but since this Xmas is sort of a mashup of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Fight Club and The Twilight Zone it fits perfectly!!! Here's wishing everyone survives Christmas without murder charges or divorce. Merry Christmas(that's right I said CHRISTMAS!!!) .....Donnie..... (12/23/11)

Also, Happy Festivus! (12/23/11)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Dave, and thanks for the publicity. When you are a supporting cast member making the stars look good, you take whatever glory and praise you can. God knows the critics can be real bastards --- The Giant Talking Animals; Mark Trail, Washington Post (12/23/11)

Unlike Delilah, Fran Lane on 101.9 LITE FM is live. The show is not voice tracked. She does take calls. When she can't do the show, they actually have live bodies fill in for her. The very few occasions that she is voice tracked (maybe once a year), she tells her listeners that she is not live. (12/23/11)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all in DCRTV Land. It is going to be hard for me now that the 2011 edition of THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS is almost over; I still haven't received my annual Happy Holidays email from WMAL yet. Perhaps budget cuts? I think MKH is going solo Monday morning, and will be on with DWTS Tucker Carlson on Tuesday. At the 8:00 AM hour should I listen to MKH, or watch Jerry Springer on channel 50? Perhaps I can finagle both. Channel 50 is doing the yule log fireplace thing starting at 11:00 AM on Sunday. (12/23/11)

What’s going on with “Red Eye Radio” and the“Midnight Radio Network” is that the two are essentially beingmerged—even though the latter was actually distributed by Dial Global(and not by Cumulus). Original “Red Eye” host Doug McIntyreis moving back to mornings on KABC, while the current “Midnight”hosts are moving over to “Red Eye” (which is officially aCumulus-distributed show)—with the “Midnight” show/brandingapparently being discontinued. As far as ‘MAL goes, I assume thatthe 3:00-5:00 slot will be used for the new “Red Eye”—althoughI wouldn’t be surprised if more of the show got cleared (at the expenseof “Coast to Coast AM”). Again, thanks! EJM (12/23/11)

Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and HappyNew Year! (12/23/11)

Re: I understand it, they're really designed to keep people from leaving their gigs to go work for the competition, and to dissuade competing stations from persuing each other's talent. Non-competes are seldom enforced when someone is let go, unless of course the parting was less than amicable... (12/23/11)

I'm surprised that "most of the intelligent Americans" watch Barbara Walters specials. Even more surprising that they have so much trouble cobbling together a sentence without screwing the English language into the ground. (12/23/11)

Dave..."Kornheiser is way past 50"...? Was that sarcasm? Grandpa Tony will turn 64 in 2012. He only acts like he's 103. (12/23/11)

Barbara Walters interview with the Obama’s. She asked Michelle the following questiont(Barbara Walters, ABC News: "What is your biggest peeve of each other?Michelle’s response in reference to Barry--- Michelle Obama: "My list is too long."- Hey Michelle…stand in line. That’s how most of the intelligent Americans feel too. (12/23/11)

If CBS is supposed to be the 800-lb gorilla when it comes to radio, then, 1) Why is 1580 stone silent as of 10AM, and 2) Why doesn't anyone over there follow FCC guidelines and either put up some audio or take the transmitter off the air? (12/23/11)

Dave's response: The hampster in the "power wheel" at the Morningside transmitter shack died. It was named Wendel.....

I really enjoyed RTE while I was honeymooning in Ireland. I occasionally listen online. (12/23/11)

You can't voicetrack and take requests, too. VT'ing is the American way. (12/23/11)

[RE RTE:] Fran Lane on the Night Lite. She's always talking ot kids and families about the music. (12/23/11)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: Listening to Christmas song requests on RTE Ireland via World Radio Network on XM120. Great stuff..... American Christmas formatted stations could take a lesson from RTE rather than just playing long chunks of automated tunes. Having a DJ and having callers talking about the music and making requests adds a nice, personal touch. But I guess US radio is just too f*cking corporate these days to do that. Wah!] 95.1 Shine FM in Baltimore has been doing stuff like that. I think last night they (Jack & Erin) were taking calls from people who were sharing what they were grateful for this holiday season. It was a nice touch. (12/23/11)

Dave's response: "Shine FM." That moniker always makes me think of Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining." Not a terribly "Christian" mental image of a crazed, ax-wielding Jack Nicholson screaming "Here's Johnny".....

Dave here lately WPGC has been in the top ten not 15th or 14th. The format is Rhythmic/CHR a cross between Urban and POP radio but you are correct they are stuck. They are already getting flack from some in the black radio listenership for the pop music that is being played there. What it comes down to is that Steve Swenson and Jason Kidd and other CBS executives have to decided if they want to totally abandon the region`s black radio listeners and go with a straight white format lets not sugar coat it that`s what it comes down to. I do not think that 995 has a giant black listenership or a diverse listenership so that is what they have to decide. And they may flip it I can not see who they could hire for mornings that would do much better in the ratings outside of the 18-34 demo than Big Tigger. Doing well in that one demo is not good enough for the execs because 18-34 is the one demo where Urban and Urban/POP stations do really well. We will see stay turned. (12/23/11)

Dave's response: I punch up PGC frequently when I'm in the car and it always seems far more "urban" than "rhythmic" to me. I think the station is due for a complete "fresh" imaging, along with Mix 107.3. Heritage stations run the danger of sounding "stale" after so many years of doing the same-ish thing. I think that's part of PGC's problem.....

Dave, Here's why the Post didn't run the Big Tigger story in the print edition today. Since you were the only source for the item, Farhi probably figured not to do anything. Nobody from CBS/PGC is talking and there's no press release. So, rather than give you any props, he passed on the news. That's quality journalists/journalism for 'ya. Love DCRTV! Keep doing the great work, and keep tweaking these so called "journalists" at the big rags. They deserve it. (12/23/11)

Dear DCRTV Mailbag hater, I have noticed that of the last couple of weeks you have been slacking off on the WBAL/AM bashing. Perhaps you have not found the time during this busy holiday season. Whatever the reason is I hope you are having a great holiday season and I expect a full list of grievances when I return form the break. All the best, Dave “Rock n’ Roll” Hill, Program Director, 98Rock WIYY/Baltimore, 1090AM WBAL/Baltimore... P.S. when referring to me as a “rock n’ roll PD” just use just use “Rock PD”. Referring to it as “Rock N’ Roll” makes you sound old.
Dave, early this morning on the Midnight Truckers show, one of the hosts - I don't remember which one, they both are terrible - said that starting in January the show would become the Red Eye Radio program (and I inferred that the Midnight Trucking branding would go away). What do you know about this? Will Wmal still carry this renamed putrid POS radio show instead of broadcast AM Coast-to-Coast live from 1am to 5am? (12/23/11)

Dave's response: The only reason that Cumulus's WMAL carries the show is that it's a product of Cumulus's WBAP in Dallas. I suspect that MAL will continue to carry it under its new name. Sigh.....

[RE DCRTV's Twitter page: Chris Matthews has his wife, former WJLA anchor Kathleen Matthews (now with Marriott), on his MSNBC "Hardball" show tonight......] Way back as a WJLA intern, I brought Krispy Kreme for staff and Kathleen Matthews "asked" to take leftovers bc her kids loved them. (12/23/11)

Gene Burns lands new talk show in san Fran - KGO Talkers move up the dial in San Franscisco Take care and God bless! (12/23/11)

Dave's response: Some other interesting rumors out of San Francisco. Cumulus's KSFO may lose Rush Limbaugh to a Clear Channel station. Hmmm. There's always been a rumbling that Clear Channel might flip one of its five DC FMers over to talk (WBIG?) and steal Limbaugh from Cumulus's WMAL. Hmmm.....

WPGC lets Big Tigger go - news DCRTV broke yesterday. And why the declining Washington Post didn't cover the story in today's print edition. And what challenges face WPGC and CBS Radio's other DC area stations, including WJFK. Also, what cool stuff should Santa bring the Washington radio market? A cool oldies station? A better rock station? Big band? A new WMAL or WRQX? DC's XPN? A big FMer for Dan Snyder? All this and more in today's "Dave TV" at (12/23/11)

[RE Man injured after WMPT-TV tower jump:] Dumb ass! He is lucky he is alive (12/23/11)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: The Washington Post (not Farhi, BTW) actually credits for breaking the "Big Tigger Gone From PGC" story today. Amazing. And thanks!] Channel 9 gave you credit as well. (12/23/11)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: The Washington Post (not Farhi, BTW) actually credits for breaking the "Big Tigger Gone From PGC" story today. Amazing. And thanks!] a true Christmas miracle, right Dave? lol (12/23/11)

Merry Christmas to you, Dave...from The Washington Post...about time... (12/23/11)

Watching Mike O'Meara on Arch Campbell's show at this very moment, I don't think I have ever seen Mike on TV, ever.. (12/23/11)

Dave, just wanted to alert you that Lisa de Moraes' TV column appeared in Thursday's Post, but WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION BY THE POST. Also last week Tom Sietsema ended his chat after 30 minutes with "thanks for a lively hour!" and this week Jen Chaney begged off of hers because she was "under the weather" (i.e. wicked office party hangover), had work to do (the chat is work, Jen) and had to go Christmas shopping. How much of a work ethic does it take to soldier on through a headache, queasiness, and shakes for an hour of typing nonsense? Clearly I can do it. Ha ha ha. Oh yeah, some of the WaPo chats still show the times and dates in Chinese. I for one welcome our new Chinese overlords. Ha ha ha. - ZombieWoof (12/23/11)

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Hey Dave: I think Ed Walker is blind. He's always wearing sunglasses to hide it but I'm on to him now: just wanted to bring it to the attention of your readers. (12/22/11)

Albritton must have picked up former Channel 4 weekend morning anchor Kimberly Suiters - just saw her doing a report on NewsChannel 8. (12/22/11)

Lot's of people have asked about my annual Weasel Christmas specials and thanks to WTMD the Yuletide will be merry and bright and Chanukah too. There are two 3 hour segments and you can hear them Friday from 7:00 to 10:00pm, Saturday Christmas eve from Noon until 3:00p and all 6 hours on Christmas day Sunday from 11:00am to 5:00pm. All at 89.7 FM and you can listen live online at A very special thanks to Steve Yasko, Scott Mullins and the entire staff of WTMD for a wonderful year, for making me feel so welcome and for allowing me to continue the legacy of a style of radio that I first started doing back in 1970. Weasel-WTMD (12/22/11)

Dave's response: God bless you, Weasel. A true local radio legend. Oh, here's a pic of us back in 1999. I've gotten much better-looking since then.....

Big Tigger was overrated. Lesson to Mike Wise doesn't matter how many celeb #'s in the Rolodex, if you suck you can be replaced. (12/22/11)

Dave's response: Steve Swenson is fixing PGC first. Next up, JFK. Both 106.7 drivetime shows need "major work." The Junks are sweet guys, but just sound too "laid back" and "yesterday." And Chad and Lavar don't "work well" together. I originally thought that Steve was kinda gonna to keep the chair warm, like Sam Rogers did, but it looks like he's gonna really shake up CBS's DC radio cluster big time in 2012, starting with the gutsy launch of WNEW. And it's about time. There are so many weeks when none of the cluster's four major FMers make the "top 10" in the DC radio ratings.....

I am sad to hear that Big Tigger lost his job today one word WOW. That is radio these days. The thing about WPGC,Hot 995, and WKYS is that the simple fact is that MOST MONTHS WPGC beats WKYS in the 12 plus demo in the overall ratings. What was posted on DCRTV recently was the "WEEKLY RATINGS" not the "MONTHLY RATINGS" were WKYS has not beaten WPGC in months. WKYS lets be honest other than the 18-34 demo they are not a real player in the overall DC radio ratings. HOT 995 is a MAJOR PLAYER so that is who WPGC HAS decided to go after. I do not know who will join FREE but i guess that it will be some crossover male air personality. With ratings in the teen`s this really is not a surprise however. (12/22/11)

"..“Baltimore is a huge city, and it is second behind Denver as the largest market without [its] own all-news station”:.." Even though they don't have one now about 20 years ago Denver actually had their own all news outlet with KDEN. "All News All the Time for Denver..K D E N !!". Didn't last very long though. KOA could easily do the all news format there with its monster signal and chances are it would be a success but KOA is owned by Clear won't happen. (12/22/11)

[RE Big Tigger:] I guess they operate their fiscal years based on the end of the calendar year so they need to get within budget? I could never understand why a lot of people behind a mic get the ax this time of year either. Happens in the world of PA announcers too. (12/22/11)

It's such a shame about Big Tigger. And on his birthday too. Now THAT'S cold!! My opinion only... Out of all of the morning shows in DC that focus on entertainment & playing music, his show and his on-air persona has been the least irritating to listen to. For all of his talent, I don't doubt that he'll be back on the air again fairly soon...just not in the DC area. I can't see WKYS jettisoning any of their air talent to make room for him...and his on-air talents skew too young for him to be a fit on WMMJ or WHUR. Something I heard on the air this morning as I was on my way to work around 7:30am now makes sense. Tigger was thanking a whole laundry list of people and talking about how much he has enjoyed being on the air and getting to entertain everyone. At the time he said it, he chalked it up to it being his birthday. He must've known prior to this morning's broadcast that he was being let go. However they replace him, hopefully it'll be with a localized morning show and not some sort of syndicated, voice-tracked show. (12/22/11)

[RE 93.5 WFSI:] Frederick's translator of WFSI at 93.5 is still off the air. What is being heard in some places is the Leesburg translator of WPER which is also at 93.5. Since Frederick's 93.5 has been silent it's usually a fight between the Leesburg translator and a distant "Hot 93.5" from Harrisburg, PA. (12/22/11)

Dave, those so-called "non-competes", is it just me but it sure does sounds like its just a CBS thing. While I am sure the other stations in the market have them but it just seems to be that CBS is really the only one who really enforces them. For example when Bob Ryan left 4 to go to 7, never heard a peep on DCRTV or elsewhere about his non-compete clause.WRC doesn't use them? Isn't Chris Roth heard on multiple of radio stations in the area? I would imagine he isn't under any non-compete clause either. otherwise he wouldn't be doing all of those jobs. When WBIG killed its oldies format many years ago, didn't a number of their jocks soon after the change had found jobs at Baltimore's WQSR when they were oldies? Again if WBIG had their jocks under this non-compete thing, they wouldn't be on WQSR. Maybe with all of their cash, CBS Radio is the only one who really afford to enforce such contracts. (12/22/11)

99.1 will never evolve into a Baltimore news station. That frequency is controlled by the DC market. The DC managers could care less about Baltimore, hense they are taking a shit on WLIF by stunting all Christmas..and the Baltimore managers were NEVER alerted of the format. As long as 99.1 is under the "successful" thumb of DC, it will never be a top contender. I mean, look at the stunning success of WJFK and Fresh! (12/22/11)

Just how many stations has Jason Kidd been at? Has he been overly successful at any of them? (12/22/11)

[RE 99.1 post XMAS:] promotional announcements loop (12/22/11)

[RE 99.1 post XMAS:] clips of the greatest news events of the the last 99 years (12/22/11)

[RE 99.1 post XMAS:] DC could use the voice of Bill Shibilski 24/7 at 99.1! (12/22/11)

[RE 99.1 post XMAS:] Oldies music. (12/22/11)

[RE 99.1 post XMAS:] A relay of WCBS AM out of New York a sign of things to come!! (12/22/11)

[RE 99.1 post XMAS:] Chinese Gong music LOL :) (12/22/11)

[RE 99.1 post XMAS:] Tuvan scat Throat Music! (12/22/11)

Ah yes, canning Big Tigger. Wasn't a big fan of his show, but sad really. It's funny, WPGC is doing so much "redesigning" yet, they are still behind KYS and WIHT. Hmm - Clearly something is not working. Oh well. Part of the problem is that there are changes every other week it seems, It hasn't been two years and the morning show has changed twice. I know where I am in Prince Georges County, we all have basically given up on PGC. Well, best of Luck to Tigger and it SUCKS that it is on his birthday. - Christopher from Upper Marlboro (12/22/11)

[RE Big Tigger:] They fired the dude on his birthday!!! (12/22/11)

Dave's response: Yup! He was born on December 22, 1972. Happy 39th.....

From Lt. Gen. Ronald Burgess, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, takes a tour of WTOP studios in the District of Columbia. WTOP's National Security Correspondent J.J. Green led Lt. Gen. Burgess through the "Glass Enclosed Nerve Center," where he met station staff, crew and correspondents. (12/22/11)

Saw this and HAD to ask---------------SNIPPET--(Re: JM on KHZ: I can't quite figure out what Parris and Company are trying to do with this 'network'! IMNSHO) I searched the mailbag and couldn’t find a post by JM on KHZ---someone imagining a “ghost post”…IMNSHO! There is not a mention of that plagued concept (at least anything I could find???) (12/22/11)

[RE Big Tigger:] They always (Radio Stations) seem to let people go this time of year, never understood it, think it's just plain cruel. Imagine the impact of knowing you're not working when the holidays are here. I wish him luck, though I've never me him. God has a bigger plan. (12/22/11)

[RE Big Tigger:] dislike, he's a good guy, but also confused, I thought they canned him last year or the year before? (12/22/11)

Re BigTig - Are non-competes still enforceable in Maryland? As I understand it, ain't no such animal in DC or Virginia. (12/22/11)

Dave's response: I'm pretty sure they are. Both Don Geronimo and Donnie Simpson were CBS employees who were not allowed to work anywhere else locally for at least a year after they left their stations, WJFK and WPGC, respectively.....

Concerning “Baltimore is a huge city, and it is secondbehind Denver as the largest market without [its] own all-news station”: Actually, the Atlanta, Miami, Phoenix, Minneapolis, and San Diego metros areall larger than either Denver or Baltimore—and none of them currently hasan all-news station. You could argue that Tampa should also be includedin that list, as its all-news station (WWBA) is heavily dependent on America’sRadio News Network programming. As always, thanks! (12/22/11)

[RE 99.1 post XMAS:] Howard Stern in the morning, Don and Mike in the afternoon....and G. Gordon Liddy midday. (12/22/11)

Re: JM on KHZ: I can't quite figure out what Parris and Company are trying to do with this 'network'! IMNSHO if they really wanted to have an impact, they could and maybe should consider going to an alternative/free-form format perhaps featuring artists from mostly the local area. Alternative talk might also be 'part of the formula'. A few examples worth considering this include WBZH Pottstown PA, KKSN Vancouvber WA (Portland OR) and KVOQ Denver (12/22/11)

It is nice to see that MKH, BW, and CP have all graduated with honors from the Chris Core Whoring School. I find those commercials where BW and MKH "Chat" about windows more annoying than the CP show itself. And in just about every ad they say they use the service or product. And one word comes to my mind, "tradio". Remember the radio station sales manager who got mugged? The robber got $55 in cash and $400 in trade. (12/22/11)

RE 99.1 post----24 hours of Obama’s accomplishments since taking office=24 hours of SILENCE-MM (12/22/11)

Good Lord, I live right around the corner and slightly down the street from 1480 and literally pass it every time I travel from my home to the PX and Commissary at Quantico. I can barely get the damn thing on my car radio for all the static, and reception at the house (7.5 miles northwest) is likewise problematic at best. A real addition to Stephanie Miller's network, that'll be! By the way, where are the "studios" for that thing? I know the transmitter and stick are right off Rte 1 in the Dumfries marshland, and there used to be a portable electrified sign for the station in the middle of the village (where the barber shop that got routinely taken out by drunk drivers and was the scene of at least one murder formerly was located, now occupied by a shifty-looking appliance store with a madrassa out back). Dumfries, the "oldest town in Virginia", has definitely seen better days; it appears seedy at best, and the town council/police department have been the source of some really embarrassing scandals over the past few years. It's sort of like the Camden, NJ of the South, minus most of the crime and the ambience...Genghis Cohen, longing for the old RCA laboratory days of Major Armstrong, in still preternaturally warm Prince William County (12/22/11)

Liberals and Christmas - It's not Christmas itself they don't like. Too much of DC is uncomfortable with the idea of celebrating something that involves 3 wise men and a virgin!! :) (12/22/11)

From Sinclair on Fios status. Please note that they want to "memorialize" the agreement. They what? "We are pleased to announce that we have reached agreement in principle with Verizon FiOS for a new deal which will provide for continued carriage of our stations on the FiOSt systems after December 31, 2011. We are currently working to memorialize this agreement, but no longer anticipate any interruption in carriage. We appreciate your patience and your support of the great programming that we endeavor to provide our viewers every day. Thank you!" (12/22/11)

"And, once in a while, particularly when ABC network programming is in reruns, they pre-empt the sked and run their "own" movie." Once in awhile?!?!?! WJLA does this A LOT. And they don't just preempt reruns. They have often preempted new, original run shows. And even when they preempt reruns it is annoying. At least once they preempted the second half of a two-parter. Not all of us have DVRs or cable w/ ondemand. I hate WJLA and all their preemptions - particularly for the infomercials. And I agree with the original poster; I have never experienced the preemption of prime time content (except for sports) in any other area I have lived. (12/22/11)

[From DCRTV's Facebook page: OK, so CBS will probably stop running Christmas tunes on the DC area's 99.1 come DEC 26. What should the station run on the signal between then and the mid-JAN start date for the new all-newser?] Cut out the obvious Christmas tunes, and just play "winter" songs like "Baby, Its Cold Outside." (12/22/11)

[RE 99.1 post XMAS:] Greaseman reruns (12/22/11)

[RE 99.1 post XMAS:] CHR/Pop! (12/22/11)

[RE 99.1 post XMAS:] Please don't have them stunt " Another New Year's eve" looped!! (12/22/11)

[RE 99.1 post XMAS:] HFS (12/22/11)

[RE 99.1 post XMAS:] Jean Shepherd monologues. (12/22/11)

[RE 99.1 post XMAS:] How about another of call letters, like WGSM at 1580 and WNDC or WDCN at 99.1? (12/22/11)

[RE 99.1 post XMAS:] Howard Stern all morning and Don and Mike all afternoon (12/22/11)

I remeber listening to Shepherd on WOR in the 1970's. I can just hear what the response Ralphie is going to get when he asks for that Red Rider BB Gun..... (12/22/11)

[RE 99.1 post XMAS:] Don and mike (12/22/11)

[RE 99.1 post XMAS:] Rock songs that don't normally get played on the radio. Indie stuff, obscure stuff, etc. (12/22/11)

[RE 99.1 post XMAS:] Opie & Anthony (12/22/11)

[RE 99.1 post XMAS:] How about a tribute back to the old days of radio when you could pretty much hear any kind of music. Rock and Roll, Country & Western (yeah, I played that card), Modern Rock, etc. Play it all. (12/22/11)

[RE 99.1 post XMAS:] Harden and Weaver reruns (12/22/11)

Anne Curie is the worst. Did you see her annoying segment with the chef? She was constantly interupting him and making assumptions which were wrong. And then she introduced a group that was going to perform The Christmas Song, and gave the wrong song title. Enough to make me group the remote. (12/22/11)

I notice on WTTG that Tony Perkins, Alison Seymour and Steve Chenvey are no longer used to say what will be on their morning show. How come they are only now using the young girl Annie for that? I think she is replacing Holly Morris but she does not say she's replacing Holly so does that mean Holly is not coming back ?? I hope Holly comes back soon, not enjoying this girl. Where is Sara? (12/22/11)

Dave's response: Well, Holly just had a baby. She'll probably be back after a few months of maternity leave. I haven't heard any word that Holly will be leaving her Fox 5 morning gig.....

Cumulus finds a new way to save money on a morning show team, AND train up and coming broadcasters at the same time : (12/22/11)

From the mailbag: (RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: WMAL morning show team suggests that we should all try to convince our relatives at XMAS dinner that Obama's a jerk......] Retort: Unless your entire family are JERKS, they already know that!!! MM (12/22/11)

I was wondering what Alan Christian, former top rated talker, is doing these days. He was highly regarded and preceeded Ron Smith by many years. If he is still around it might be worth it to WBAL to find out. (12/22/11)

Who do you think is better...the Bush daughter or the Clinton daughter on NBC. Nice of the network to maintain "fair and balanced" politically. Whoops that's another network. (12/22/11)

Well no disgussing politics AFTER you say grace. (12/22/11)

Sounds like that 93.5 former WFSI 107.9 translator in Frederick is now relaying Christian contemporary WPER 89.9 in Culpeper/Warrenton. (12/22/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: WMAL morning show team suggests that we should all try to convince our relatives at XMAS dinner that Obama's a jerk......] 2 things you don't discuss with family - politics & religion. Merry F***ing Christmas (12/22/11)

[RE 99.1 WNEW:] Epic fail. Should say WHFS. (12/22/11)

Dave's response: Hey, I'm so old that I still call 102.3 WHFS.....

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: WMAL morning show team suggests that we should all try to convince our relatives at XMAS dinner that Obama's a jerk......] Peace* on earth, goodwill* to men (12/22/11)

I think that whether cbs should use 106.7 as a relay for wnew really depends on their priorities and goals for the station. I think 99.1 is the perfect signal to use if they want to cut some of wtop's revenue but set themselves apart from wtop by covering Baltimore in their programing. I think it should be on 94.7 if they really want to cut wtop's revenue by covering D.C. and northern Virginia in their programing. I don't know if having it on 99.1 and 106.7 is the best idea because that means that they would have to cover D.C., and , but they would also have to cover northern Virginia in their programing more than they would if it were just on 99.1. I think that would make the traffic and weather reports rather lengthy. Flipping 99.1 into mono should pretty much do the trick. You could argue that 99.1 doesn't reach Winchester, Culpeper, and Frederick like wtop does, but to tell you the truth wtop hardly ever mentions Winchester and Culpeper verry much, so it wouldn't really matter if wnew's signal doesn't cover Winchester, Culpeper, Fredericksburg. I would encourage them to compete with wtop, but also be unique as well. (12/22/11)

I really think 99.1 will evolve into an all-news station for BALTIMORE!!- Even if that is not their intention right now. WTOP is so dominant in DC and is the highest rated DC station in Baltimore. Also, CBS owns WJZ-13, and the cross-marketing possibilities are endless. Baltimore is a huge city, and it is second behind Denver as the largest market without it's own all-news station. One thing that took WTOP so long was no clear connection to any TV news station. While I don't see them doing what they did in Omaha in the 1960s where WOW-590AM and WOW-TV6 shared a 6PM newscast, I still think the possibilities for resource-sharing are too great to ignore. (12/22/11)

I was listening to Current TV's David Shuster on Dial-Global's "Stephanie Miller Show" Tuesday and he "spilled the beans" about the show's newest affiliate before the host made the formal announcement: Stephanie Miller returns to the D.C. area Jan. 2 over "AM 14-80." She was last heard over WWDC-1260 before it dropped liberal talk. This follows a Facebook campaign to bring her "Sexy Liberal Comedy Show" to a Washington venue (fans will have to settle for Philadelphia in February). More info at or on Twitter @smshow. Yours in radio, ---Dale Park of IRCA (12/22/11)

Hi Dave- Had to jump in again regarding Baltimore vs. D.C. coverage issues. People in both cities listen to each other's stations. Be glad you live in an area that will have two decent all news stations and as I have said what ever the coverage are problems they will be negated by translators,simulcasting and webcasting. Last time I checked Baltimore was a big Federal Government town as well and there is World famous Hopkins too. So much for Baltimore not being worth the effort.I listen to both markets-----WTMD a lot of late.Can't wait for their signal upgrade then they will get into D.C. Jon does a great show there. Lets face it in general except for the all news stations and some of the non commercial stations both markets are very lacking. To help with that try these For jazz KKJZ,WWOZ,WBGO,and WDCB.If you want,, The True oldies feed on WPLJ HD-2 and of course WABC Music radio77 IR and KYA IR where you'll hear Johnny Holiday on some spots and promos from time to time. Happy Holidays! Nick L. (12/22/11)

I think the Elliot ratings were bad last year and have consistently gone up and the Junkies had better ratings last year and have consistently gone down... (12/22/11)

Why so much pub over Jen Royal leaving town...Ronnie Duncan had more of an impact. (12/22/11)

"Dear Tommy Show: Your spam is showing up in my inbox. ...waa waa waa waa... Thank you. Signed, NOT A Friend of or Listener toThe Tommy Show" Clearly you sent your email address to the station's website or to another website dealing with local radio that may or may not have sold your address to the station. Or maybe they're just messing with you because you're a crying little baby who just can't figure it out. "I believe the ads are from Joe Kennedy's Citizens Energy Corp. I reallylike Joe maligning the "Big Boys" of Wall Street in those ads. Youmean, like your Grandfather, Joe?" It's fun to hate successful people, isn't it? While you occupiers do that, the killers, rapists, and lobotomizers of the same family went free. Best wishes to Barney Frank for a speedy recovery from his tragic fisting accident. Say what you will about Mary Katherine Ham, but her voice has an "I just rolled over do me now" quality that I find intoxicating. "On your Andy Parks ad it still says Coming soon to FM (12/21/11) Dave's response: There's a batch of ads. Haven't gotten around to updating all of 'em yet....." Have you gotten around to cashing the checks? Just sayin'. "That bitter Junkies employee has plenty to be bitter about. There is ashow that is a former shadow of itself. Looking at their male numbersin Arbitron: M18-34 = 9th, M18-49 = 7th, and M25-54 = 8th." That's wonderful dear. Now tell us what they're billing. Dave, you're blowing up on! In other news, Anne Hornaday of the WaPo scooted her vag over to the keyboard like Dan Ackroyd or Eddie Murphy in that movie one time to camel-type a review of Tintin that criticized a 3D movie for not being 2D like the comic book. - ZombieWoof (12/22/11)

Dave said: Might have been smarter for Gannett to put Russ Mitchell on its down-in-the-ratings-dumps Channel 9/WUSA here in DC, a substantially bigger market than Cleveland..... Yeah, but worse for Mitchell. He'll have a bigger audience at WKYC. Though thinking about it, I don't think Gannett sees WUSA as its flagship station anymore. Bad ratings have tarnished the station, but I noticed something else. I am on record for saying the new Gannett standardized graphics and open were crap when they premiered. Gannett did a refresh on them. They're improved -- still crap, but better than the original. (See WXIA's April 2011 open for example: ). WUSA, however, is still using the open introduced in 2008 -- or worse, they are using what looks to be a cobbled together cold-open. ... Or compare to what the Denver graphics people give their home station, KUSA: If the graphics indicate anything, WUSA is the market #84 country station to the company. (12/22/11)

Dear Dave: I know there have been some comments of late having to do with the WJFK signal in Loudoun County. I live in beautiful downtown Ashburn and can tell you that I have had no issues at all during this time receiving WJFK's signal on several radios at home nor while tooling around Ashburn, Sterling, and Leesburg in my car. Great site! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Sincerely, Joe Kasell (12/22/11)

There a new transmitter at the Verizon Center that will allow fans to pick up Caps games inside the arena on 87.9: (12/22/11)

Hey Dave, I first wanted to wish you and all the DCRTVers a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year...I rarely post anymore but I still read everyday...I wanted to send my thoughts and prayers to the Smith family and WBAL on the passing of Ron Smith. I have been a radio geek nearly my entire life and even as a kid I remember listening to Ron as I was always into politics and world events at an early age. I think I even called in one time if memory serves. I remember listening to Ron originally in the 1-4pm timeslot after Allen Prell and before the WBAL News Journal. In keeping what many have said, he was well read, knowleadgeable and forthright but also entertaining in the fact that he did a good job of walking the line of being serious and yet intertwining a light side as well...I admit being such a sports talk fanantic as well, having lived in OC the last six years and working long hours myself in radio I listened less frequently in the last few years but that had nothing to do with Ron...I met Ron just once and very briefly last August when I was visiting my radio friends Mickey and Amelia at 98 Rock and he dropped in the studio for a quick listen and came over to see what logo I had on my shirt and what it said (as the Ravens had a pre-season game that night) and once he saw the Ravens logo he gave me the thumbs up, I shook his hand and he was off across the hall to do his show. He will be greatly missed and leaves a big hole in the market with all due respect to the other news/talk hosts in the market. For a second putting my part-time CBS cap aside which I think under these circumstances its ok to do, I have enjoyed and appreciated the job WBAL has done in honoring Ron Smith, very well done...If there's one thing I have taken from Ron as a talk show host in this market (outside of being well informed and having facts to better state and argue your opinion) is the power of pause. The importance of taking a little time to think things through when a story breaks, to see both sides first, study it and then give an intelligent and REASONable opinion. Thank you Ron, your job is done here but there is still much for the rest of us to do here in carrying on the mantle of solid, entertaining and informative talk to our listeners but there will only be one Ron Smith.-Mike Popovec-CBS Radio-105-7 The Fan (12/22/11)

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