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DCRTV Mailbag - November 22, 2011 to November 30, 2011

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"WMAL mess" I thought moving to the FM dial was supposed to fix everything for them and make them a force to be reckoned with, including bringing a younger audience as well. Gee guess that hasn't worked out yet? Just curious anyone have insight to how WZFT-FM (Z104.3) and WWMX-FM (Mix106.5) compare in their key demo ratings wise. Just wondering because I really don't know of anyone who listens to Mix 106.5 anymore now that Z104.3 is around. (11/30/11)

Another nonsensical phrase from WBAL Radio's website -- "The defense is due to being presenting its case Thursday." They need to hire an editor! (11/30/11)

Congrats to Elaine Reyes on the new gig, although I think the real winner is Angie Goff who was clearly still struggling with the teleprompter this morning. I suspect Elaine will be back on one of the major networks again before long. (11/30/11)

J-O-I-N-I-N-G "Spellcheck Cherokee" (11/30/11)

Last night I dreamed the Washington Post officially ceased publication. And the scary part was, it didn't go out in some grand, well publicized blaze of glory you'd think it would deserve after all these years but with a measlywhimper. The only warning sign was there were some faint rumblings in the news the day or two before, and then the Post came out with an 8-page "Final Edition" containing no photos or ads and the only article paying any tribute to the shutting down of thepaper was one column on the right-hand side of page 1. My 88-year-old mom asked me "Why are they doing this?" and I answered "Well, everybody gets their news off of Internet sites or personal blogs nowadays--nobody reads the paper anymore," and then addedsomething like "They could continue to maintain a Web site but I guess they felt it wasn't worth it--too much competition out there and they just decided to throw in the towel." I'm still shakin' while writing about this! KOF (11/30/11)

Back in the 1970s, I was visiting WRC during the 11pm newscast, when a key-light over one of the anchors blew out. (big ol' thing!) The floor crew brought in a ladder, pulled out the dead bulb and put in a new one during a 2-minute commercial break. Those NBC techs can handle anything -- well, maybe except fire alarms... (11/30/11)

[Wmal Broken Station] Dave good analysis of what's wrong w/Wmal, and the morning show in particular. Hamm is so bad it actually hurts to listen to her. She is unprepared and very flippant in her comments. You said that you are a liberal who enjoys "good" conservative radio. Well I am a conservative who likes "good" conservative radio too. Wmal is not "good" conservative radio! PS - You should have also ranted about the midnight truckers show! Worst POS on radio. (11/30/11)

Dave's response: I agree with you about the horrid "Midnight" show. If I'm awake after 3 AM, I'll have to tune in Charlotte's WBT, 1110 AM, to continue hearing the great George Noory until 5 AM. Or catch him on Sirius XM.....

From the mailbag---“Dave, apologies for my last post. Some of it was in bad taste for a public forum. – ZW- Hey ZW, ALL of it was in bad taste. Why don’t you just disappear? Nighty night!! (11/30/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Why does Rush always refer to himself as "we"? What, is he fat enough to be considered as two people? Sheesh......] Because he's a royale, with cheese. Grosses of them. (11/30/11)

[RE McLean-based Gannett, which recently agreed to pay outgoing CEO Craig Dubow an "obscene" $37.1 million severance package - plus an office, secretary, free tech support, legal and financial services for three years, life and medical insurance, access to Gannett's corporate jet - yesterday announced another round of unpaid first-quarter furloughs for most of its employees, the fifth such round imposed on the workforce over the past three years.] Meanwhile those cocksuckers lay off their minions. And people wonder why this country is so fucked up... (11/30/11)

[RE Gannett furloughs:] Well, you know he earned it by. Well. I don't know how he earned it but if you talk to about half of the people in this country, they'll tell you he deserved it, even though they're worse off or getting laid off. That's what's wrong with our country is the idiots who are hurt most by this "package" are the ones that are defending it. (11/30/11)

Dave, apologies for my last post. Some of it was in bad taste for a public forum. - ZW (11/30/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Why does Rush always refer to himself as "we"? What, is he fat enough to be considered as two people? Sheesh......] well, there is that or the implication could be that he has multiple personalities. (11/30/11)

And now for something other than beating up WTOP...has anybody else noticed intermittent reductions in transmission power and signal clarity during the evening on WMAL-FM? Or is it the old JVC getting back at me for Hiroshima? Genghis Cohen (11/30/11)

Dave's response: I live in Reston, about six or seven miles as the crow flies from the Merrifield "goalpost" that WMAL-FM and WJFK transmit from. And I've always had rather crummy reception of WJFK, even though I'm so close to the transmitter. I do also think that WMAL-FM's signal isn't quite as good as it was when the station first moved to the stick back in September.....

Was looking for something in the archives when I saw that on 9/15/11 someone (unsigned) wrote “I'm a big Ron Smith fan, but even he seems to be losing it a bit. He's a day late and dollar short on hot topics, and he stammers and stutters so much now.” One month later, on 10/17/11, Ron announced he had cancer. Not sure what to make of this, but it is interesting. Bob A. in Pikesville, MD. (11/30/11)

Dave's response: My dad died in 1991 at age 57 of coronary artery blockage on a beach in Florida. He seemingly was in good health beforehand. But, I'd taken a picture of dad about a month before he died. And when I went back to look at the picture a while after his death, I could just tell that something wasn't "right" in his face, his overall appearance. Somehow, the photograph captured "something" that no one close to him could see in day-to-day life.....

I rant today, yet again, about the mess that is WMAL radio - bad morning show, not enough local content during the day, news department needs to get better. Yadda yadda yadda. I know, you may not want to listen, but I needed to get some things off my chest. And I now feel so much better! In today's "Dave TV"..... (11/30/11)

Clearly no one in charge at WBAL listens to what's being said on the air. All morning long this guy filling in for Ron Smith is talking about Penn State and he has most of his facts all wrong. It wasn't until Jayne Miller joined him that the correct facts were presented. What is happening at that place? Thank you Jayne Miller for being one of the few smart broadcasters left in Baltimore. (11/30/11)

Dave, Thanks for listening to 'MAL so we don't have to! (11/30/11)

Dave's response: It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it.....

I'm going to miss "The Voice of Reason" on so many levels, from meeting him in childhood on ACTION NEWS 11 to his deliberate effort to NOT tow the standard conservative line on the radio and express an independent opinion even when it was not the standard Republican talking points. The guy bucked the trend which is not easy to do. Ron Smith will be sorely missed. He was well read, up to speed, not following talking points. He will be sorely missed. :-( (11/30/11)

RE: "What a lively debate..." You and everyone here refers to WTOP as a powerhouse when actually they've had to put together multiple signals to cover the territory. So in effect they really aren't a one signal "powerhouse." Should WNEW take hold they can always change format on another one of their sticks to simulcast as does WTOP. While they can promote the new station on their other signals there are also other ways to promote the new all newser in town, you, TV, cable and the old fashioned newspaper. CBS is run by some savvy folks and they wouldn't be going into this short sighted. I'm sure they have a long term vision to stake out some prime territory. Oh, and to collect those big ad dollars you need to have some substantial numbers in order to do it. This is not the type of format you go in for a year to test it out as you suggest and then go on to something else. Yes, CBS has some deep pockets. Deeper than Hubbard. (11/30/11)

La La La ... Lawsuit (11/30/11)

Brian Williams was just introducing the lead story of the newscast about the American Airlines bankruptcy filing Tuesday night, when a fire alarm sounded in the NBC studio, followed by a voice announcement. Poynter has the story and some video. (11/30/11)

WMAL's dopey Mary Katharine Ham is making fun of Obama for yesterday calling it "England... er.... the UK" after its embassy got attacked in Iran. She says the prez should have called it "Britain." Technically, the country is named "The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland." The term "Great Britain" doesn't include Northern Ireland, just England, Scotland, and Wales. So, calling it "the UK" is probably more correct..... - DCRTV Dave (11/30/11)

Brian Williams & fire alarm - (11/30/11)

WBAL—Mark Unger 9-12p. REALLY? Ron Smith’s diligent research, analysis & commentary potentially replaced by this guy? Hey, Dude! Do your homework and become smart. Then, you will earn caller opinions… pro or con. As Ron said in his retirement announcement, “The curtain is coming down.” The curtain now comes down on WBAL. Nothing intelligent left in any time slot. So sad. (11/30/11)

"WMAL's Mary Katharine Ham detailed her Kenyan vacation this morning. 1)Do any of the station's several dozen listeners care? And, 2) Whydidn't she meet with any of the president's relatives?" Because they're all illegal immigrants in this country, racking up DUI's. "Dave's response: I'm a huge fan of the old "McMillan And Wife" series from the 1970s" Me too, although I watched it for Susan Saint James. Rock was a mega-star, friendly and well-liked, and of course he had Neighbors up the ass. Ha, ha, ha. Credit for the tip-in, so to speak, goes to Rush: "Barney Frank's seat is wide open." Robert G. Kaiser reenacted their youthful "experimentation" with a long lingering blowjob in today's Washington Post Style section. That's not a "Bayonne accent" Robert G., that's the lisp from hell, the lisp your mother warned you about when you signed up for Scouts, catechism, and high school wrestling. Funny, no mention of Frank's relationship with Stephen Gobey, a prostitute who saw some of his clients at Chevy Chase Elementry School in Chevy Chase, MD after hours just half a mile from Chris Matthews' house. I bet there were a lot of tingles going up a lot of legs. In other news, our last remaining George Michael has been hospitalized for "pneumonia". Bye, George. You had a good run. High Five. Wham! - ZombieWoof (11/30/11)

"ADMIT IT, YOU'RE GETTING OLD!" So, Dave, does that mean we can start calling you Old Man Periwinkle? (11/30/11)

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\/ November 29 Messages \/

Dave, with regard to the “roadside litter on sticks” you were recently gifted with, I have three suggestions: Buy a bird and a very large birdcage. You now have not just your first liner, but a long-lasting one; similarly, adopt a cat from Rescue or the Animal Shelter. You now have a base for the litter box; Or, on a beautiful autumnal or springtime Saturday morning, take your “gift” into bucolic Fauquier County. Specifically to Clark Brothers. Bonneville-parent company stockholder John Moses Browning designed two pieces of apparatus which that establishment has been the vendor of, and the use of either is uniquely able to creatively and individually complement the design of your… gift. I think Mary Katherine Ham would definitely approve… –Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/29/11)

Here's hoping the WaPo decides if the animals are "trumpeter swans" or "trumpter swans" before printing another story about them. The embarassment never ends. (11/29/11)

Program Director - (11/29/11)

Did you see the start of NBC Nightly News? The fire alarm went off!! (11/29/11)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: WMAL's Mary Katharine Ham detailed her Kenyan vacation this morning. 1) Do any of the station's several dozen listeners care? And, 2) Why didn't she meet with any of the president's relatives? Hmmm.....] What a tedious dullard. The show would be more lively if she were replaced by the former actress from SNL doing her old Mary Katherine Gallagher schoolgirl character. (11/29/11)

CBS Radio actually has a chance to get something positive done for a change with the birth of WNEW on 99.1 to go up against WTOP. I know I have been a strong critic of CBS Radio on here but I see a good step in the right direction based on how they run all news stations in other markets. Will they overtake WTOP....probably not but it will be nice to see WTOP get a run for their money with direct competition with a all news station as opposed to a news-talk format. This could be very exciting in the long run if CBS Radio plays their cards right. Dan (11/29/11)

Tuned into The Fan today, and at about 5:15PM, they were doing a traffic report. First, the report took about 5 seconds to kick in after the music started, then the traffic reporter's voice was cutting in and out, and cut to commercial mid-report. Gotta love da fan! (11/29/11)

After years of reportedly trying to buy the company's way into an existing all-news station, it is doubtful CBS is worried about affiliate relations with newcomer Hubbard. There's no equity to protect, and everything to gain by getting Hubbard good and pissed off. So go on, cancel CBS, whooopeee ha hahahah now CBS has DC to itself for network radio coverage. CBS has deep pockets, and as "60 Minutes" has shown, the company is willing to stick with a solid product for years, revenue stream notwithstanding. I got the book out just tonight as to how to re-program the dead-center button on my FM in the car. 99.1. Can't wait to hear the product of a professional, grown-up staff and a seasoned broadcast corporate parent. (11/29/11)

Previous poster, "It's going to do a huge belly-flop." That’s one of WNEW’s more optimistic possibilities. It’ll do really well in the first month or two. Sort of like an F3 WJOK. Once the hype and curiosity wear off, it’ll fade faster than a showroom-new 1980 Chevy Citation in a heavy dew. However, CBS is being smart about this. WNEW will indeed hit WTOP’s bottom line, but not its ratings. The whole purpose of WNEW is to go after WTOP’s $60M annual revenue. Remember, Dave, it’s not about ratings. It’s all about getting a piece of the WTOP pie. And, doing so without cannibalizing the gross at CBS Radio Network by damaging WTOP or pissing-off Hubbard. I give it a couple of years at best before either WLZL or WHFS is at 107.9, and Classic Hits is at 99.1. The only thing possibly saving WNEW is that they hit their numbers when they’re supposed to. If they don’t and this time in 2012 we’re looking back at 2011 as having a great economy (as I predict), then all bets are off on WNEW’s future. The only long term ‘safe” formats for CBS Radio in the D.C. area are WPGC and WLZL. Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/29/11)

Dave said "I don't know why I've always remembered that.....". ADMIT IT, YOU'RE GETTING OLD! (11/29/11)

Dave's response: Ah, yes, radio was so much better 30 years ago. Locally owned and locally programmed stations. Not the crap we have today. Ha ha ha.....

I was listening to Rush today with guest host Mark Steyn. He has some interesting ideas. (I also dig his British accent; I know he was born in Canada). Referring to a Milton Friedman saying he said that sometimes leaders are moved by events to act in a certain way despite their inner beliefs. I think he was saying that the people who stick the most closely to their convictions are not the ones who get the most accomplished. He was talking about both Romney and Newt. Skyliner (11/29/11)

Dave's response: He's Canadian? Ha ha ha. About as British as Marc "Nigel" Sterne.....

[From DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Rush substitute host Marc Steyn just said that Newt is "the Napoleon of our times." Oooooookay......] Able was I ere I saw Elba. (11/29/11)

Snippet-No, try basic show prep for a small market radio station. 4 on the Eastern Shore come to mind now. Ummmmmm hate to dash your snobbish attitude. There a lot of us on the Eastern Shore that enjoy “Knuckleheads in the News”. You might say WTOP understands basic audience reaction no matter where you’re listening from. Top billing/Top ratings..gee I guess your high-brow snobbishness isn’t contagious! Opinions are like Ass-holes, everyone has one. Nitey night!!! (11/29/11)

Carl, the taping that you attended couldn’t have beenin 1987, because Mr. Ludden had passed away in 1981; Bill Cullen was the first fill-in host (in 1980), but Mr. Kennedy became the permanent host later in theyear. (“Password Plus” was cancelled in 1982, but returned in 1984 as “Super Password” [with Bert Convy as host].) By the way, do you remember this from the taping... As always, thanks! EJM (11/29/11)

Hey Donnie...I really do not think that CBS is targeting "Spanish." See--this is the ignorance of Americans. Melting pot my ass. As for WXCY--how can the "Spanish" in Northern VA listen when WXCY does not reach. Keep smoking the HFS pipe dream, the station is nothing more than an HD subchannel simulcast on a low power FM translator. Someday, you'll be harping on the legendary calls W248AO. (11/29/11)

RE: "Knuckleheads in The News Is pretty funny" ... um, you're wrong. It's never funny. It's a waste of air time and amateurish (think: fill copy for a college newspaper)" No, try basic show prep for a small market radio station. 4 on the Eastern Shore come to mind now. (11/29/11)

What a lively debate...A few rebuttals. First, comparing WTOP's move from 1500 to the FM and the launch of a new format is apples/oranges. WTOP was able to tell ALL the people currently listening to that station about the switch. And, kept the simulcast for a while until people figured it out. Oh, and there wasn't an existing mega-mother all-news distracting the cume. Chances are CBS will promote the new 99.1 on the other sticks but its not the same thing..."Give me 22 minutes" is a great old-school news line and worked very well in the day when people had limited choices. I don't need 22 minutes when I get news alerts on my computer and smart phone. I need to be informed, engaged and - yes - entertained. WTOP and WNEW are in the entertainment business because if they aren't interesting no one will listen. Besides, in today's short attention span world who is giving anyone 22 minutes?..You can look at other CBS news properties for clues as to the new sound and it may or may not work. Just because KYW is a success in Phila doesn't guarantee the same sound will translate here. Give WTOP credit - they have figured out a flavor for DC and people seem to like it...When I mentioned the battle on line I was not talking about on-line listening. I said the battle will be fought in "search" - you know, Google, Bing, etc. Already, WMAL is doing a pretty good job there...While Farley & Co have not "beaten back" any competition they have built WTOP from a middle-of-the-pack station into a market powerhouse. Which is why CBS is taking a shot...and, finally, do you really think WTOP would have been better served by selling to CC or Cumulus (how's that WMAL experiment working out for y'all)? Have you looked at how those companies run? If Bonneville had sold to those corporations WTOP would have been gutted and cut to the point where they would be a shell of their former self. Hubbard is a privately held, nimble company that will do what it needs to do in order to protect their #1 asset. (11/29/11)

So, I missed "Cyber Monday." Does that mean it's too late to do my early Christmas shopping? Personally, I'm hoping for a "Wireless Record Player - Plays Records Through Radio With No Connections" for $11.98 from page 37 of the 1939 Radio Shack catalog. (I'm sure the iPad app will be available from Apple any day now.) Browse through decades of Radio Shack catalogs online at: (11/29/11)

Speaking of Gene Rayburn, one of the cleverest "personalities" on radio or TV during his time: I have a personal example of Quiz Show Heaven: I was in Los Angeles on a Saturday in 1987 and got a ticket to see Password Plus (or whatever it was called then). The regular host, Allen Ludden, had been suddenly taken ill (as it turns out gravely ill) and could not be there for the taping. Because he had become ill so close to taping time, the entire set of shows taped that day included: fill-in host Tom Kennedy, and celebrity players Gene Rayburn and Wink Martindale, all well-known quiz show hosts! Unbelievable! And they even taped a few PSAs between show tapings. Wink told us his full name was Winston Conrad Martindale (now it's on the Wikipedia for the world to see), and did a PSA for a hospital in his home state of Tennessee. And they all talked about how wonderful Allen Ludden was, and that they wished him well, that filling in was the least they could do for him, and gave best wishes to his wife, Betty White. Really, it was like a Quiz Show Dream sequence. -- Carl in Olney (11/29/11)

"A big percentage of listeners who ARE Spanish don't have 99.1 on thier presets anymore." Though I have no reason to doubt the results of your research, I'm pretty sure El Zol isn't relying on people born in Spain. Oh, and for the other person who wrote, "Knuckleheads in The News Is pretty funny" ... um, you're wrong. It's never funny. It's a waste of air time and amateurish (think: fill copy for a college newspaper). (11/29/11)

I may have died 12 years ago but never left. Catch the Matchgame with my friends on GSN. And you can stick my mike you know where. Gene (11/29/11)

Dave's response: My mom and dad took me and my sister to Nassau in the Bahamas in 1973. And each day at 3 PM, my sister and I would head from the beach to the hotel room to watch "Match Game" via a very snowy signal from a Miami TV station. I don't know why I've always remembered that.....

A big percentage of listeners who ARE Spanish don't have 99.1 on thier presets anymore. They have WPOC and WXCY of all things. So unless El Zol lands on a frequency that reaches the larger Spanish population of NOVA it isn't doing much of anything. El Zol has its core defenders of course,much as HFS has,but the hype that El Zol is a success is just as much bullshit as the skewed numbers that justified flipping HFS. Although it's flipping to an All Newser I'm glad to see El Zol 99.1 being knocked from its perch,I know it isn't going away just moving to another frequency but it still makes me happy. CBS can pretend they're catering to El Zols audience but if it does not reach the larger Spanish demographic it's just alot of fluff to disguise the fact that it wasn't that great a decision to put it on 99.1. I really could care less if 99.1 WNEW excels or does a rib cracking isn't 99.1 HFS....and as long as I can listen to HFS somewhere on "regular" FM CBS can keep up the fiascos. Donnie (11/29/11)

I bitch more about the Washington Post and how it's becoming a more distant second place paper to the great New York Times. Plus, some Christmas card memories from some DC and Baltimore area radio and TV stations. Also, some 1966 Washington Senators broadcast coverage memories, including Warner Wolf and Maury Povich. All in today's "Dave TV" at (11/29/11)

It should be rather easy and not take long to get people to change buttons in their car radios to 99.1 FM when CBS starts their all-news station in DC. We heard how simple it was for people to lift 1500 off the dial when that station quit doing news, and instead program a scattered hodge-podge of rimshot FMs depending on where they happened to be motoring around the area. (11/29/11)

I’m loving all the WTOP bashing going on. Success breeds contempt. They are without a doubt number one at what they do. Core Values is not a giggle fest,” Knuckleheads in The News” Is pretty funny and has been used on many other stations. The Ratings/Revenue and longevity of the staff kind of speaks for itself. All you “ney-sayers”…will eventually EAT CROW. (I don’t work for Jim Farley, I respect him) Great person to person manager. (11/29/11)

From a mailbag post: "There are a lot of WTOP haters posting here and much of what they predict falls under the heading of 'wishful thinking'." That's how friendly wagers get, you're on! From the same post: "Seems if it was going to be this easy someone would have done it ages ago." Riiight, because DC area broadcasters have such a good record for sound business decisions. "What will the new station do better or differently that will make them stand out? In other words, as a listener - what's in it for me?" First, this isn't about listeners, it's about advertising dollars. Because of Hubbard's undiversified portfolio (really, just one station), once WTOP starts losing a little, it will hurt a lot, which will then affect the so-so on-air product. But, to answer your question about how a competing news station can distinguish itself now from WTOP and draw listeners, take a listen to KNX, WINS or KYW. Serious, succinct, sans happy talk. My prediction is there's a strong market for that in DC, as there is in LA, Philly and NYC. Also, WTOP sounds like a station where the reporters decide what they're covering, rather than assignment editors. (e.g., Burd covering trivial stories from northern Montgomery County, J.J. Green's multipart series on old intelligence strategies). They aren't providing a "give us 20 minutes and we'll give you the world" package -- by delivering that, a rival could capture market share. "A lot of this battle will happen on-line- especially in search." I doubt that. Have you ever heard the invincible WTOP's online stream? The commercial slots are largely filled with brokered spots and PSAs. I understand online is an important investment, but I don't see how success there will have much impact on who "wins" this battle. The one thing Hubbard has going for it, and which might save WTOP, is its stranglehold on advertising for the government contractor market. But, if CBS figures out a way to break into that space, it's all over. "And, whatever you do -don't underestimate Farley & company." Seriously, why not? It's not that they've ever beaten back competition -- they've never had a direct rival for WTOP. The one time they tried to take on competitors (the ill-fated talk radio thing on 1500 AM a few years back), they bombed big time. And, don't forget, the WTOP braintrust made a huge mistake earlier this year: They never should have allowed themselves to be bought by a small-fry like Hubbard. I realize an employee like Farley doesn't dictate who buys his company, but the survival of his station rested on convincing Bonneville to sell to CBS, CC, or even Cumulus. He didn't do, let the underestimating begin! (11/29/11)

WJFK went off-air for at least 5 minutes this morning during the Junkies-Wise crosstalk, starting around 10:05am. (11/29/11)

I agree with Mike in Fairfax. 106.7 did a much better job of covering the Boudreau firing than did ESPN 980. 106.7 treated the firing as the most tenured pro coach in town as the big story it was. ESPN 980 (except for Pollin and Czaban) treated it as a mere side story in their otherwise over the top coverage of a meaningless Redskins win. As far as I'm concerned, the real test of a sports station is their coverage when a big story breaks. 106.7 gets a good grade on this one. ESPN 980 not so much. (11/29/11)

There’s little doubt that 106.7 The Fan skated circles around its sports radio competition with coverage of yesterday’s Capitals coaching change – within an hour of the news breaking, the Junkies had already gotten reaction from Sky Kerstein (the station’s Caps beat reporter) and CSN hockey analyst Craig Laughlin. Heavy duty attention to the story continued throughout the day on the various talk shows, with live coverage of both the George McPhee and Dale Hunter press conferences, interviews with experts like Al Koken and ample opportunity for callers to chime in. By contrast, you had to wait until around 5:20 PM (more than nine hours after the firing of Bruce Boudreau had been announced) before ESPN 980 finally opened its phone lines on the topic for a full segment. Kevin Sheehan seemed to think a ten minute interview with Caps TV announcer Joe Beninati (at the start of Sports Fix) and a few minutes of discussion with his co-host Thom Loverro were all the time he needed to give this topic - there were two call-in segments on that epic Redskins win over the Seahawks but none on the firing of the coach who turned the Capitals’ fortunes around and the hiring of a local hockey legend to replace him. At least 980 carried the McPhee Q&A session, although Tony Kornheiser was complaining this morning about his pre-recorded interview with ESPN’s Michael Wilbon getting preempted. The only show on that station doing a fairly decent job was Sports Reporters which provided an interview with Hunter in addition to the caller segment referred to earlier and scheduled appearance by CSN’s Alan May - and Al Galdi deserves some kudos for breaking format on his Skins recap show to deal with the Caps story. Mike, Fairfax (11/29/11)

[Everything else on the station (and I mean EVERYTHING) has devolved into some pretty crappy fluff. "Knuckleheads in the News"? "Core Values"? The gigglefest that is supposed to be the weekday morning news? All that Christy King shit about her favorite apps and magazines? Seriously, who gives a shit?] Clearly, you don't. However, just because you hate WTOP does not mean that their listeners will desert them when presented with a new option. Your opinion does not necessarily reflect the masses. I know, you and everyone you know feels the exact same way so it must be true. but, with well over a million listeners every week there is a chance, a possibility, a thread of potential that many of those people are perfectly satisfied with what WTOP delivers. There will be some audience attrition but there will not be a mass exodus. Keep in mind, also, that those who post here actually pay attention to what is on the radio. Most everyone else turns it on and takes it for granted. Currently, they get what they need from WTOP. Getting people to change years of ingrained habits is very, very hard to do. (11/29/11)

"Dicky Dawson is still with us" I was speaking of Dick Martin (who was a regular in the later years of the afternoon show). But, a good try never the less! (11/29/11)

Dave's response: I'm a huge fan of the old "McMillan And Wife" series from the 1970s, and Richard Dawson stars in one cool episode playing an American agent pretending to be British. A classic. Nice that they finally released all six seasons of the NBC show on DVD, but they're hard to find in stores. Gotta get 'em online.....

Re: Columbia area commute to DC... Dude, you're preaching to the choir--I made that commute for years and I know it's hell. 95, 29...either way you're on the brakes. The point I'm making is that A) you know before you get in the car it's gonna be heavy so hearing your exact location on the radio ain't gonna make it better and B) a DC station isn't going to spend a whole lot of time on stuff north of Beltsville if it's not something major. Advertising dollars aside (again...not sure where that comes in to play), it stands to reason that the focus would be on the most traveled routes in and out of the District. 95 in Columbia isn't going to outrank 66, 95 in Virginia, or the Beltway unless nothing is going on on the aforementioned roads and/or 95 is shut down at 175. It's unfortunate, but Howard County sits right between two major cities and doesn't get the level of coverage as some would like. (11/29/11)

Is anyone else having a problem getting on Mediaite's website? (11/29/11)

Dave's response: Didn't work for me at 9:15 AM. Oh, the horror, the horror.....

Here's Gene's microphone. Also, Dicky Dawson is still with us, born Nov. 20, 1932. Alas, Gene, Charles, Bret, Bert, Nipsey, and Johnny O are on that big Goodson-Todman game show set in the sky. (11/29/11)

[""Regards.....Gene Rayburn." Good to hear from you, Gene. So glad you're feeling better since your death exactly 12 years ago today (Nov 29, 1999). (11/29/11)"] Please say "Hi" to: Charles, Bret, Bert, Dick, Nipsey, and Johnny O. for me! (11/29/11)

Dave's response: Whenever I hear the name Gene Rayburn, I think back to my many years listening to the Don and Mike show on WJFK. And how Robb Spewak actually knew the technical name of the type of skinny microphone that Gene always used on "Match Game." Why does that piece of useless trivia stick in my mind? I don't know. But I do miss Don and Mike on the local radio airwaves. Together, they were oh so special. Boo hoo hoo.....

I hope some advertising folks are looking in --- ABC-TV here in town just ran a commercial for Cracker Barrel, and the whistling jingle in the background was nearly identical to the old Ken-L Ration commercial jingle "My dog's better than your dog", from the late '60s. See you in court, sonny. (11/29/11)

"..I hope the person who wrote that realizes that much of Howard County (regardless of median income...wherever the hell he/she was going with that little tidbit) is considered more Baltimore territory. I'm the person that wrote that and the fact is that most of Columbia and area commutes to DC. And if sitting in traffic for 2 hours is an easy commute (one-way) I want what you are smoking. Personally as an advertiser I would love to know that my P1's listening to my station had an average salary of $76k per person (not family). If WTOP would get remotely smart they would cover the traffic for that area correctly. Knowing and targeting a demo is important in adverstising dollars. CBS does that (traffic) and they will be off to a good start right out of the gate. (11/29/11)

"WNEW is NYC and only NYC. Regards.....Gene Rayburn." Good to hear from you, Gene. So glad you're feeling better since your death exactly 12 years ago today (Nov 29, 1999). (11/29/11)

The beginning of theGeorgetown game on 570 was a joke tonight. I though Marconi was transmitting it! Their games usually sound like they are from 1955 but this was bad. Then, you could here people talking and playing with wires. It got back to 1955 then by 715. Lavar, noChad, more relaxed but real bad. Chad cover’s his ass. Caps up Skins win by firing coach Monday AM. OOBBEE (11/29/11)

Hello, Please know I read your column at daily and I look forward to it in order to stay apprised of all that's going on in radio and tv in our area. Thanks for all that you do to keep us informed. I have a question for you about someone I've not seen on the air for a number of weeks. Do you know if John Schriffen is no longer on Channel 4? I checked the Channel 4 website and I see his picture is still there, but since he has not been on the air, I didn't know if he had left from the station. I certainly hope not as he is a great reporter, anchor and sportscaster. It's bad enough Craig Melvin left, so I hope John Schriffen has not vacated the premises as well. (lol) Thanks again and I hope you can mention it in your column as I will definitely be looking daily. (11/29/11)

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\/ November 28 Messages \/

I will not listen to WNEW in DC unless William B Williams is in midday and Ted Brown hosts PM drive. WNEW is NYC and only NYC. Regards.....Gene Rayburn. (11/28/11)

WNEW might not need to be as fully staffed as WTOP for two reasons. 1. Assuming WTOP continues some sort of CBS affilation, they already provide content to CBS. And CBS probably already has some assets in DC for the National network, that can now also do local. (11/28/11)

Re: "Many predict that large segments of the WTOP audience will move en masse to the new product because, well, because. If my current news station delivers on what I need and expect - what motivates me to change?" I don't think you have to be Einstein to understand that people who say they aren't happy with WTOP and will change to WNEW, myself included, do not agree that the current news monopoly in this market delivers on what they need and expect. Personally, I'll dump WTOP because they simply don't deliver anything beyond the current time and what has gotten to be some very suspect traffic reporting. Everything else on the station (and I mean EVERYTHING) has devolved into some pretty crappy fluff. "Knuckleheads in the News"? "Core Values"? The gigglefest that is supposed to be the weekday morning news? All that Christy King shit about her favorite apps and magazines? Seriously, who gives a shit? (11/28/11)

[From DCRTV's Facebook page: Tomorrow's DC area forecast at the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang blog: "Showers likely, possibly heavy. 60-65." Heavy showers? Is that anything like "rain"? Sheesh......] One day last week Accuweather said we were going to have "rain, followed by showers." (11/28/11)

Showers might be rain without thunder, as opposed to thunderstorms, but if rain can be followed by showers, I don't know. (11/28/11)

Wow. I love how all the pundits are predicting a swift and significant success story for WNEW. Seems if it was going to be this easy someone would have done it ages ago. There are a lot of WTOP haters posting here and much of what they predict falls under the heading of "wishful thinking". Here is what you can expect. 1) WNEW will NOT be as fully staffed as WTOP - at least locally. Expect many a reporter from other CBS all-news operations to file stories as if they were local. 2) WNEW will have to spend a TON of money marketing the new station. Mainly, because the 90% or so of the local population who is not Hispanic does not have 99.1 on their pre-sets. So, they will have to be prompted to change. 3) What is the unique benefit WNEW will provide that convinces said listeners to choose them as one of their sacred pre-sets? What will make them uniquely different from WTOP? What will the new station do better or differently that will make them stand out? In other words, as a listener - what's in it for me? 4) Many predict that large segments of the WTOP audience will move en masse to the new product because, well, because. If my current news station delivers on what I need and expect - what motivates me to change? Do not count on a mass exodus from 103.5 to 99.1, 5) While advertisers will take a flier on the new station they will be doing so at a greatly reduced rate. That ALWAYS happens in a format change. Rest assured, CBS will lose money on WNEW for AT LEAST the first 12 months. 6) That said, advertisers buy time to sell stuff. They will expect results from the new station. If CBS starts packaging WNEW with the other stations it will devalue the new product. WNEW will have to stand on its own. 7) WTOP is not going to sit idly by and wait for the launch. They have a tremendous head start in market equity, recognition and credibility.They will fight and fight hard (despite all that you've heard). They are the leaders in the clubhouse and will win all ties. 8) WNEW better have a clear product description because any marketing they do will make people think WTOP first. Confusion is their ally. Heck, many people will just think 99.1 is yet another frequency in the WTOP network. 9) A lot of this battle will happen on-line- especially in search. Watch that one. In the end, how this battle progresses depends on CBS' strategy. Are they looking to crush WTOP like a grape or will they be happy carving out 3 or 4 shares (which would make them the #1 CBS station in the cluster...) However this plays out, it will be fun to watch. And, whatever you do -don't underestimate Farley & company. You can be sure CBS isn't. (11/28/11)

Didn't Jefferson Ward have a brother named Montgomery? MLB4 (11/28/11)

Regarding a portion of a previous post, "I'd be willing to lay a small wager with the unnamed "DC radio veteran and current WTOPer" (Burd or Core?) predicting a CBS newser bellyflop." My money goes on Burd. It sounds like something he'd say. Now I will say that I have never met the guy and I'd guess that he's a very nice person, but on-the-air he comes off as an arrogant asshole, IMHO. (11/28/11)

[RE Ron Smith:] class all the way but no act. (11/28/11)

From the Mailbag---[What else for 2012?-] Zombie Wolf will have his fingers amputated-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, will continue to be chastised at home and The US will have a dramatic recovery from this current batch of Politico Criminals. (11/28/11)

I'd be willing to lay a small wager with the unnamed "DC radio veteran and current WTOPer" (Burd or Core?) predicting a CBS newser bellyflop. But, first, let's define terms: Does "not bellyflopping" mean supplanting WTOP in the ratings within six months? Or, does it mean taking a good chunk of TOP's revenue? If the latter, I'll take that bet. WTOP's on-air presentation makes makes it vulnerable. The station's story selection and presentation seem to get dumber by the day; assuming CBS doesn't make the same mistake (I know, it's CBS, that's not necessarily a sure thing), they will attract many of the most valued listeners from WTOP. Just as importantly, as we know, CBS goes after niches and sells ad slots that way. Hubbard is saddled with the huge handicap of having just the one station in the market. Had Bonneville retained 104.1 and not stuck 1500 AM with a less-interesting-than-watching-paint-dry format, maybe there would be some hope. But, as it is, if you want to advertise on WTOP you pay a hefty single-station price. You want to advertise on the CBS newser, you can get a package deal that gets you on the sports station, the light rock station, the CHR station and the espanol station. Maybe throw in a Baltimore station or two for good measure. The CBS newser may not win the ratings battle at once, but they are going to hurt WTOP's advertising revenue almost right away. As such, the CBS station is in a pretty good position to win a war of attrition. My prediction is, rather than bellyflopping, within 1 year, DCRTV will post an announcement that CBS has purchased 103.5. (11/28/11)

My 2012 predictions, lets start early. WNEW will make good progress against WTOP. By mid 2012 WTOP will make heavy cuts to costs and newsroom as revenue will fall. Channel 7 & 9 should merge newsrooms as both products stink. Both will see new News Directors as have failed to catch up to 4 & 5. Angie Goff relegated to live traffic reports by the new ICC on 4. What else for 2012? (11/28/11)

When CBS soon powers-up its all news outlet the audience won't hear very many commercials. That alone will help distinguish it from any competitors. Eventually the sales department will fill out the clock, but enjoy it while you can. Maybe it'll be worth it to keep listening even WITH a heavy spot load. Not tru elsewhere. (11/28/11)

With all the discussion of Ron Smith, I would like to point out that November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month and the designated color is purple. The five year survival rate for pancreatic cancer is about 4%, which is completely unacceptable. To learn more, please visit Education, awareness, funding for research...these are all key factors in raising that survival rate. Thank you. Sincerely, Jennifer Ashley Durand (11/28/11)

Hmmmm...I wonder why Lavar Arrington was associated with a foreclosure? Damn...dude must need those JFK dollars pretty badly. I wonder what they pay him? (11/28/11)

So sad about Ron Smith, he's a great guy,and a true gentleman (11/28/11)

[RE Ron Smith:] You said it all "a real class act" ..Ron will be missed on the air. (11/28/11)

The new WNEW = The old National News and Information Service. Now who remembers that?......Thought so! KOF (11/28/11)

Does CBS usually let their employees - like 105.7's Jen Royle appear on NON-owned stations, like WEEI Boston - or NESN like she is doing now? At least via her twitter-it seems odd, or is there more too it? Marcus (11/28/11)

The WTOPer's "bellyflop" statement sounds like somebody's trying to convince themselves of something they don't really believe. It's easy to be number one when you have literally no competition in format on the FM dial. Everyone I know is eager to change presets to an FM newser -- ANY FM newser -- to get away from the childishness of WTOP. It's had great ratings and has billed great for years but, like any monopoly, it has gotten worse and worse and worse. The CBS newser would really have to be horrendous for me not to become an instant fan. (11/28/11)

Massachusetts congressman Barney Frank to retire. Tune to WMAL at 3pm and listen to Sean Hannity's head explode. (11/28/11)

Re: "WTOP constantly ignores or screws up the northern corridor of I 95 in their traffic reports"...I hope the person who wrote that realizes that much of Howard County (regardless of median income...wherever the hell he/she was going with that little tidbit) is considered more Baltimore territory. WTOP is a DC station. Seems to me a DC station would focus on areas that are of interest to most DC commuters. Plus, there's nothing happening on 95 in Columbia that compares to what routinely happens on 95 south of Springfield, damn near all of 66, and the Beltway. From what I've heard, that's about 2 minutes worth of stuff right there. So if the choice is scant coverage of Howard County or 6 minute traffic reports, even if I'm driving to Columbia I'm taking the former... (11/28/11)

The age of the PPM has changed the dynamics of ratings and revenue. The Internet, as a muliformat delivery platform, has changed radio distribution. Talk radio in general does well because while it may have a small cume, it has a high TSL. News gets you up in the morning, goes with you to work and goes home with you at night. It has loyalty. Either can be background noise in the office at very low bandwidth and potentially not offensive to others. News provides you with something of local relevance you cant get anywhere else. It becomes a question of what sort of news content do you want? And how reputable of a source? CBS isn't going to have to work that hard to take some ratings and revenue away from WTOP. Which carries more weight "From CBS News in Washington" at the front of every story, or "This is WTOP, and now for CBS News" at limited junctions in the hour. WTOP is getting that rate because there is a demand for the outlet of spot content on news stations. They don't get that rate because they are a great news station. They get that because they are, up to now, the only game in town. You want your spots on a news station, you pay WTOP. And WTOP can keep raising the rates until the advertisers refuse to pay it. CBS only has to show consistent, respectable ratings in desirable demos to pull a huge chunk of advertising. They may not take ads away from WTOP, but WTOP will not be able to keep its rates in place, regardless of ratings. Don't discount the use of the Internet for office listening either. There is a lot to be said, in the PPM age, for paying as much attention to your web stream and web content as your OTA broadcast. While I think CBS made a mistake in letting their plans be known so soon, I am sure they did their market research. CBS former CEO, Mel Karmazian noted that traditional media is all cash, and no growth, while digital media, is all growth and no cash. The balance continues to shift toward digital content. If CBS can provide a locally branded product, which they cannot do now, and offer it on the Internet, for locals who listen when out of town, they will have growth which can be translated to a very competitive advertising rate, and that rate will reflect the OTA competition with WTOP. Nobody outside DC knows what a "WTOP" is. But everyone has heard the opening line "From CBS News in Washington". They have brand, they will have growth and they will get the dollars. They do not have to have a huge impact on ratings to have a huge impact on revenue. If you think I am wrong, some of use remember when WGMS, that used to occupy 103.5, was the top biller in the market, despite having mediocre ratings, because it was the background for elevators and dentists offices and yet the top rated station couldn't even crack the Top 5 in revenue. Advertisers have grown very aware of good books vs bad books, and they want consistent books. CBS is going to do just fine. (11/28/11)

I was in Baltimore last week and listened to Z104.3. They’re going for a very young audience, and that’s fine. But I thought their execution was pretty bad. I listened in the morning, and the show sounded voicetracked. I would have even preferred syndication. And they’ve built their main contest around their VTed morning guy, Jackson Blue. I listened at night, and that guy sounded voicetracked, also. I listened a little to Nicole Shay in midday (love those CHR names). Their jocks all have that young CHR sound but for the most part are bad versions of it (although Jackson Blue sounded pretty good as a talent). They must have a least 1 live jock for appearances. Does anyone know what’s live and what’s voicetracked? Roddy Freeman (11/28/11)

more Ron Smith stories: (11/28/11)

The new CBS all newser a 'belly flop?' This is typical of the WTOP staff and their arrogance. Sure they're #1 in DC, but they've always had a target on their backs and now a true 'sharpshooter' is stepping into the picture. WTOP has gotten away with repackaging wire copy as a voicer and adding sound effects as if they're out on the beltway when in actuality their sitting in a cozy studio recording a repurposed PR release from VDOT, Metro or some state agency. For the most part there's little enterprise on the reporting staff's part other than their Cap Hill guy. People for the most part tune to WTOP for the traffic in the drive time, not the banter and in the morning all the listener needs to know is what happened while I was a sleep. If the new guys can do traffic better and enterprise better, then the listener benefits. I'm sure some of the music stations will be rooting for WNEW knowing that if the CBS crew takes a chunk out of WTOP's ratings it will knock them down to size. Trust me, the folks over in NW are sweating. They're just trying to figure out what they can do to stave off real competition for the first time beyond the shenanigans over web site monikers and liners. Sorry that's so juevenile it's not even funny. (11/28/11)

Well, if Jefferson Ward is a “realF*&^%$ Tool of a manager” like you say, then he fits the bill at ‘ZBA. They have a long history of hiring people like that in their management positions. You get what you pay for, and they don’t pay well. (11/28/11)

Ron Smith has been a close friend for more than 40 years. We never agreed politically but it never made any difference in our friendship. He was always respectful of others with different political views and enjoyed hearing the reasoning behind my thinking on an issue. You would never know that Ron only completed 10th grade and never went to college. He is the most brilliant human being I know. All of his knowledge was "self taught." He devours books, magazines, newspapers, the internet. He is ALWAYS learning. When we talked last week, Ron comforted me and said he and June are at peace. Through my own cancer battle, Ron was always present. WBAL will never be the same without Ron Smith. He has been a true gift to the city of Baltimore. I love you, Ron, and will see you on the other side. You and June will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for the gift of your friendship. I have never taken it for granted. (11/28/11)

[RE Ron Smith:] The man is irreplaceable. (11/28/11)

Good luck to the staff @ WZBA Baltimore. Jefferson Ward is a real first class prick. Worked for him when he was with Clear Channel and he never ever had the time to say hello. Granted he was around during the day and I was on-air later in the day but a real F*&^%$ Tool of a manager. Heads up everyone in Balmer!!!! (11/28/11)

Live coverage on Monday morning, November 28th, of Ron Smith announcing his retirement from Baltimore's WBAL radio. Smith was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in mid-October..... (11/28/11)

Ron Smith of WBAL just announce he will no longer do his show stating he cannot continue because of his illness. (11/28/11)

I just wrote a history of WHFS from memory. What do you think? (11/28/11)

to the person who asked about the comcast redskins postgame show. I was there several years ago when they started doing the postgame show and I think it has something to do with NFL rules essentially not allowing them to show highlights. I think because it is considered "a magazine show." I dont watch and completely disagree with it. A total waste to do a postgame show when you cant show highlights and do nothing but talking heads. (11/28/11)

Belly Flop for CBS? Not so sure about that. WTOP constantly ignores or screws up the northern corridor of I 95 in their traffic reports. Who cares that Howard County is one if not the richest county per capita in the US.All we hear about is VA. And if they do some real news gathering instead of the stay tuned shock crap they could take a nice bite out of WTOP. Always good to ignore a demo that buys a lot of stuff. Advertisers don't want them anyway, right? (11/28/11)

I just made it through today`s Post funnies. Was it *always* possible to see Margaret's frilly undies in "Dennis the Menace"? In light of recent news stories about child molestation, that's really kinda icky. (11/28/11)

I hope CBS's all-news station doesn'tv belly-flop, for one reason only: to put a rag in the mouth, however temporarily, of the always-smug WTOP'ers who love to use DCRTV to toot their own overrated horn. as for Coldplay on DC101, I think of it as a continuation of what happened in the mid-'90's. With Top-40 stations moving in a more "urban" direction, grunge on life-support, and more traditional hard rock something of an anathema, these guitar-based pop bands found themselves being played on so-called "rock" stations. So you had AC/DC, GnR, Metallica, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, and then more and more of this sissy-rock like Matchbox 20, Fastball, Counting Crows, and later, Coldplay. Doghouse Reilly (11/28/11)

Help me out here. How is that Comcast Sports Net can have an hour long program after every Redskin's game but cannot show the highlights that they are talking about? Yet channels 4, 7, and 9 seem to be free to use the highlights on their local news shows? (11/28/11)

""Belly-Flop" Predicted For CBS All-Newser" I think that's wishful thinking or rank stupidity on the part of whoever it was at WTOP. They are very good at what they do, but I think there's room for somebody to take a different angle. And much as I like WTOP (and I do) it gets irritating when they do the same stuff over and over without going into depth on anything. I could do without the talkback line too - if I wanted to listen to phoned-in rants, I'd be listening to WMAL. If CBS tries to do exactly what WTOP is doing, then that's one thing and they may well fail at it. I think they're smarter than that though - I expect that they'll go for their own niche. If history is any guide they'll do well at it. At the least, I think it's going to be a lot of fun to watch. Maybe we'll get lucky and CBS will do some combination of what WTOP does now and what Washington Post Radio was supposed to be - hit the headlines but get into the background on the major stories. Just please leave out all the fluff and paid programming.... (11/28/11)

Regarding the 980 stream - "it takes the AGC about a minute to recover" - You are assuming that their is processing on said stream. Bad assumption. (11/28/11)

All this DC101 bashing! I just found an old DC101 Greaseman tape from the 80s, and they're playing "Union of the Snake" by Duran Duran. (Steve Willett) (11/28/11)

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\/ November 27 Messages \/

I would hardly call a quote from someone at WTOP saying new competition is going to do a belly flop. Of course they'd say something like that. They're not going to bite the hand that feeds them. I think the new CBS competition has a decent shot if they get some decent personalities on the air in the morning rush hour slot as Mike Moss and Bruce Allen come off as two buffoons. I spend that the morning rush hour drive catching up on podcasts now because Mike and Bruce make me vomit in my mouth with their half-assed morning zoo lite show, especially the stupid criminal bit they always do. Richard Day partnered with somebody else who is not half an asshat should be in that slot. Shaun and Hillary are palatable enough in the afternoon that I listen to bits of their newscasts while alternating with music on my iPod when the stories get banal. I agree that Chris and Elaine were great on the AM news shows this weekend on Channel 4. Note to Ms. Goff, you should be afraid when your temporary replacement is better than you are. (11/27/11)

Can't agree with the WNEW belly-flop assessment. CBS has proven in NYC it knows how to do all-news. Technically they can pull it off in DC; its the public perception that has to be overcome. And if this town didn't bitch and moan and cry when WTOP left the AM band, then DC is amenable to anything. (11/27/11)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: I used to be able to find the freebie Washington Examiner at my local Reston VA Safeway - but not in the past week. Not a big loss. The paper is pretty awful.....] I still get one in my driveway here in Rockville's King Farm neighborhood. You can have mine. (11/27/11)

I like the Examiner. It's the Post that seems pretty bad to me. (11/27/11)

[The Examiner] definitely doesn't cater to us Democrats but I used to write for them and I thought there were some very good writers on staff. For example, Marta Hummel and Luke Broadwater were hired by other papers after the Baltimore paper folded. (11/27/11)

Listening to the Redskins on the 980 streaming signal and every time Rick shouts it takes the AGC about a minute to recover. (11/27/11)

Ron Pitts and Jim Mora Jr are doing the Skins game? How low can they go? OOBBEE (11/27/11)

Dave's response: With two "who cares" teams playing, no wonder.....

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: Don't get me wrong. I like Coldplay and its new tune, "Paradise." Nice catchy pop ditty. But I just heard it on DC rocker DC101. OK, I could expect to hear it on Hot 99.5 and Mix 107.3, but on an alleged "rock" station?!?! I dunno.....] Dave, Coldplay is first and foremost ROCK. There is no limit to what rock music is. WHo's to say CSN&Y should be played on Big 100.3 but not Rolling Stones when clearly the Stones "rocked" more than CSN&Y. Se my point? Just because DC101 plays harder rock at times doesn't mean it shouldn't play a core modern rock artist like Coldplay. (11/27/11)

I dunno Dave. Coldplay's "Yellow" (their first single) was a staple on Modern Rock and AAA radio. (11/27/11)

DC 101 has always been a fraud...I can remember when they wouldn't touch Springsteen while HFS was playing him in heavy they act like they discovered (11/27/11)

DC radio is too muddled when you hear the same song on DC101 and 107.3 (11/27/11)

DC101 is the sorriest station for so-called "modern rock". It's pathetic. (11/27/11)

The problem with DC101 is lack of viable competition. Other than WIYY, there is no "rock" station. The Bone in Winchester COULD have been just what we needed, but alas we're stuck with Clear Channel and their sorry excuse for entertainment. Sadly, I find myself less impressed with satellite radio every day as well. (11/27/11)

Yes! No Angie Goff on 4! I'm loving two professionals doing the news-- Chris Gordon and Elaine Reyes! Please keep them on the weekend anchor slots! (11/27/11)

A memory-packed "Dave TV" today, including remembrances of legendary DC and Richmond "top 40" radio and TV personality Jack Alix. Including WEAM, WEEL, WDON, and WWDC. Plus,a WMAL road sign. Hot 99.5's Kane. Some Washington TV listings for 1968. And, my nephew cuts the TV cable. At DCRTV's "Dave TV"..... (11/27/11)

RE: "Rouhier would be a great replacement for LaVar Arrington on WJFK's afternoon drive show withChad Dukes......" I have been saying that for six months Dave. He has great chemistry withChad. This chemistry is apparent when he sits in on the BOAD podcasts or when he opens their kick ass live shows. It would be an immediate jump in lower age male ratings. A week ago Chad brought in Danny 30 minutes early to go against LaVar on a topic. It was hilarious. LaVar asked Danny to stop twisting things around. Give Chad Danny and a little bit of the rope the Junks get and ratings will jump. But, CK will keep him on like JTII hangs on at TEM. I can’t wait for the up coming MOS and BOAD live events at Jammin Java and Jimmy’sOld Town. I am looking for that perfect holiday sweater. Dying to watch the MOS Roundtrip 2011 DVD. It is a great stocking stuffer for any old JFK listener. Watching Fox TV. BDK gives the Muppet movie 5 out of 5 stars. Imagine that? OOBBEE (11/27/11)

Dave's response: LaVar is very intelligent sports-wise and deserves to be heard on the radio, but he just doesn't have what it takes to be a show host. I do not find it "fun" listening to him. I think JFK should pair Chad and Danny in afternoons and let LaVar be a "roaving football expert" on all of JFK's shows, including its Skins gameday efforts. But he should be relieved of the "heavy lifting" in afternoon drive for someone more entertaining.....

Chris Plant a lefty? Could be. Regardless, he's entertaining as hell. Much more than the true lefties on the radio. (11/27/11)

Dave's response: For a lot of these rabid righty radio talkers, it's just an "entertaining act." I really do believe that.....

Dear all: I used to be able to watch the Vietnamese TV 4 SD on channel 30-9 but not anymore. Has this channel been moved to different Frequency or it is no longer Free. 30 WNVT MHz Goldvein VA - DTV 30.... 30-6 SABC News International SD.... 30-7 France 24 SD... 30-8 Nigerian Television Authority SD... 30-9 Vietnamese TV 4 SD... 30-10 Euronews SD... website: (11/27/11)

Dave's response: Yeah, MHZ added two channels from mainland China a while back, which saw the discontinuation of the Vietnam channel.....

Oops to Here is the top headline on its web site: "What to do in an desolate District" (11/27/11)

It's obviously the holiday because FOX5 has Paul Raphel ( the male Holly Morris & just as silly when he fills in for her) doing a 'real' story. And a kidnaping story just came on being reported by some guy named Dick Krantz. Never seen him before. A new reporter? (11/27/11)

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If this is the correct address to request assistance with the issue of the incorrect time displayed on the on-screen dtv-air program guide every time the clocks are moved forward or back, would you please rectify the problem? If not, would you please, if able, contact someone who can? (11/26/11)

Barry Richards back in town on Friday, in the Examiner! (11/26/11)

You can't make this stuff up. This morning on the Brian Mitchell show they ran a Trojan condoms ad that segued right into the "Willllieees" spot. The junior high boy inside of me couldn't help but laugh. (11/26/11)

funny that the big Angie Goff fan can't tell her apart from Elaine Reyes on NBC4... (11/26/11)

Re: "any time an woman does sports they get beat on by everyone." Does anybody recall a woman sports anchor employed by a Baltimore TV station before THIS gal came to Charm City in 1974? (11/26/11)

CBS can't put WHFS calls on 97.5 That frequency is a translator, and if you knew anything about radio (imagine that, since this is a radio and tv board), standard broadcast calls can not be slapped on there. They can not also use those calls for the HD signal originating from WWMX. So, get it through your head, calls do not mean as much as you think to corporations. They still have the "HFS" brand, so let it be. The calls are not going back unless "HFS" lands on a full power stick--and it is NOT. (11/26/11)

Saw where the DC Surplus Property Division is ditching a really nice Sony audio console at auction ( Nice looking board and it still works. All you armchair jox looking to launch that pirate radio station: start here. (11/26/11)

I see that Angie Goff took my advice on the DCRTV mailbag and covered up that little beauty mark on her forehead this morning. Now, wonder what would happen if I lobbied for a little cleavage with my coffee ( Just kidding, AG!). (11/26/11)

Regarding the WNEW & WHFS call's, If CBS doesn't just swap 1580's & the Palm Beach call's around, one positive option would be to slap the call's on 97.5 to match the current format, what good is "HFS" without the actual call letter's backing it. Translator laws may block that I believe. At some point CBS has to stop all of the WHFS swapping around, from 99.1 to 105.7 to 94.7 HD2, to 97.5, and the call's parked on 1580. If I was CBS I probably would have just left the call's on 105.7 to begin with, even with the FM sports format & left HFS as the HD2 of 105.7, instead of swapping it all around non stop like musical frequencies. Then you would be left with WHFS-FM HD2 via (translator call's) Baltimore HFS-97.5. CBS has done everything right with the new HFS-97.5 except for Chris Emry, it's just a shame that the signal doesn't do better in the Annapolis area & north west of Baltimore so that some of us would never have to change the dial where you shouldn't have to. As far as those WNEW call's CBS should definitely be using the call letter's on 1580 since it'd make the most sense format wise to connect 1580 and the new DC news station together. Not sure why everyone hates on Amber Theoharis, it's like any time an woman that does sports they get beat on by everyone. Maybe it's the armchair TV Anchor's/DJ's on this site that are angry that a Woman get's air time before they ever have. I never found a problem with Anita Marks either and considering she often seemed more in tune to the Ravens & sports than Scott Garceau did and does. Garceau seems to like to play along with the listeners way too much, IMO. Finally AMEN! To the poster commenting on the Ravens to Redskins comparison, so true, so true! (11/26/11)

Took me a minute this morning to figure out what day of the week it was when I turned on NBC4 to see Elaine Reyes & Chris Gordon anchoring. And I'm liking Elaine Reyes on there & wouldn't mind seeing her be the regular werkend anchor. And I've found Chris Gordon always to be professional, but doubt they'd make him permanent (or whether he'd even want to). So with the number of male anchors they've been rotating through on the morning weekends, until they decide on a permanent male co-anchor, will we soon see Vance make an appearance? LOL. (11/26/11)

Why was there no Real Estate section in today's Washington Post? (11/26/11)

Dave's response: My guess is that since there's probably little real estate activity on the extended Thanksgiving holiday weekend, with many people (buyers, selllers, and agents) away from home, there are probably too few real estate ads to run and no need for the Post to run its weekly section.....

[RE WBAL's caption:] They didn't want to offend anyone by using the word "Friday" ! (11/26/11)

[RE WBAL's caption:] Sounds like a lot of "to do" over nothing to me! (11/26/11)

[RE WBAL's caption:] Think maybe someone got a little toooo politically correct ??!! ;) (11/26/11)

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\/ November 25 Messages \/

Tony "the Turkey" Kornheiser in full feather on ESPN's Pardon The Interruption... (11/25/11)

Sean, God Bless...mend quiclky. Friend for life...PLB/DJ (11/25/11)

Hi Dave, Just a note during this weekend of thanksgiving to say thanks for your fabulous site. And a thanks to those who regularly post their insights and opinions and recollections here in the mailbag. Even those cats who sorta ramble. But don't we all with the predictability of a rogue joke at the end of a traffic report. And I just hope the Suit continues to enrich us with his posts to Another Suit, his 'partner in profits.' Robb de Capitol Heights (11/25/11)

This Slate article explores the "soft porn" connections of a song, long associated with the G-rated Muppets. Longtime DC radio news listeners, might also remember it from a promo for Jim & Camille Bohannon, back when they were on WRC News/Talk 98. (11/25/11)

Thanks so much for all the nice get-well wishes! I got an out-of-the-blue leg infection (cellulitis) last Friday night that got worse very fast. Went to Loudoun ER Saturday evening. Was surprised when I got admitted. In the past, it's been ER visit/meds/go home. Now, I have a PICC line (home IV therapy) and will finish my antibiotics at home. I will say Inova Loudoun was very good to me and has grown immeasurably over the past decade. No longer the country hospital; Inova Loudoun does just about everything now. Alas, insurance apparently decided there was no need for me to stay if I could do the same thing at home. Leg is improving and, hopefully--this won't come back for a long while. Thanks again! sean hall (11/25/11)

More harassment for Alan Henney who has a press pass! (11/25/11)

Chief Lanier, On Wednesday, I was the first photographer to arrive at the carjacking where the baby was still in the vehicle on Kennedy St. When asked twice who I was, I showed my MPD media pass and remained outside the police-line tape at all times. I was surprised when a member of your command staff -- a captain -- told a patrol officer I could not shoot video. What is your department's policy on the public/media videotaping police activity on a public street? Is there a policy? What does the department's general orders state? Anything? As you might recall, I spent several years working for one of the local TV stations. I now shoot freelance video and report for other media. This is a chronic problem faced by news photographers in the District. The lack of a clear policy hampers news gathering efforts in the city. Many of my news colleagues simply choose not to report such incidents because their news organizations are concerned it might strain their relations with MPD. My colleagues and I are frustrated this problem continues to persist in your agency. Please review this YouTube video:

Sincerely, Alan Henney (11/25/11)

Heard on XM Radio Channel 69 at 2:07p Eastern Time, Friday, November 25, 2011, the day after Thanksgiving: “This is Sirius-XM Escape, celebrating…(pause)…Easter!” Music following: Lawrence Welk’s theme “Bubbles in the Wine.” Ah, the wonders of automation! (11/25/11)

RE: Best Buy/Bi Polar: Sorry, the guy who's sister manages a Best Buy was at best "foolish" for allowing some idiot to yell the "F" word because she said she is Bi polar. I, too work at a Best Buy and our store manager would have been well within his right to call the police on that individual for creating a disturbance! In fact something similar to that happened at my store. Once the police came in they took that idiot into custody. Nothing more was ever said or heard from that customer. Once you let the screwballs have "the power" they will walk all over you. That type of behavior is not permitted by law in any pubic place. (11/25/11)

Why would Katie Couric be eyeing Diane Sawyer's anchor chair? She's already proven with The CBS Evening News that she can't do serious news. Their ratings tanked when she was the anchor. She should stick to cute fluff which she is good at. (11/25/11)

The Daily Mail is a far right London tabloid that is frequently linked with the Drudge Report. When you look up the story be sure and note the comments. Nearly all of them come from crazy people in Texas. Hmm, Texans writing notes to a U.K. newpaper. How does that happen? ACH (11/25/11)

Dave's response: Ah, when dippy Drudge links to it. Ha ha ha.....

[RE WBAL's caption:] Politicaly incorrect and probably somewhat true :) (11/25/11)

[RE WBAL's caption:] I don't see this as news worthy. It was just a minor mistake on the chyron text on the bottom of the video, no one said anything inappropiate. (11/25/11)

[RE WBAL's caption:] Tosh.O could have a field day with this one....oh boy... (11/25/11)

[RE WBAL's caption:] It seems the local news station have nothing else to talk about, so they just report on Black Friday shoppers (11/25/11)

RE: "The orioles have a Frederick home on Thurmont's 1450 AM WTHU. I think they increased their power a little bit to cover the southern end of Frederick County." WTHU, Thurmont is licensed for 500 watts day/400 watts night as they have been for many years. If they’ve increased their power, it was done so without authority from the FCC. (11/25/11)

Besides working full time in radio I work part time at a "Big Box" Store. I can tell from spending 3 previous Holiday seasons there the so called best prices don't often fall on Black Friday. If you think they do, you're a damn fool! The so called "best prices" are what retailers call the "door busters". They are there for one reason get you off your butt and into that store. Once they are gone (most carry the bare minimum quantities to keep the law off their backs) that' it. That's all that stuff is there for. The other items that are on "sale" that's the crap they want you to break down and get. Stores like mine get every cheap ass of every persuasion trying their best to nickel and dime you us to death! If you think I'm gonna give you a break on a price after you've given me nothing but grief, you're an idiot! We honestly don't care that you don't have that much money to spend. We've heard it all before! Do what I did, get a second job! Oh, one more thing! Thinking about "hitting" on that hot cashier? Forget it, she's currently sleeping with me! (11/25/11)

"..Touch a customer and you're fired,possibly sued, so the entire situation was a sick joke from the start..."Ah actually chances are one WOULD get sued if he/she would touch a screaming and threatening customer. All they have to do is to say that they have bipolar disorder, get a lawyer involved and that alone would scare the hell out of most chains. My sister is a manager of a Best Buy and last year she had to deal with this sort of thing. A customer had came into the store, started screaming the word "fuck" over and over at other customers and employees. When my sister told her to stop with the potty mouth and show respect to others the customer told her that since she has bipolar she had the right to tell everyone to "fuck off" including small kids and yes she did bring up "..I'll call my lawyer and sue you" line. Best Buy pretty much left her alone to continue screaming fuck at everyone. Have a feeling had you or me had did this sort of thing say back in the days of Woodward & Lothrop or Garfinkles,, neither business would had no problem tossing our asses into the street, bipolar or not. (11/25/11)

[RE WBAL's caption:] That is the funniest mid-caption I have seen in a long time. Someone will have a meeting with management on Monday. (11/25/11)

[RE WBAL's caption:] Politically correct fail! Hysterical! (11/25/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages:] Did Jim Russ just call WMAL "103.5 FM"? Too much WTOP on the brain!] You are sitting too close to the radio. (11/25/11)

The new woman who did sports on channel 4 (Amber somebody) did the whole opening segment without her mike! The anchor kept trying to go to commercial but the woman kept talking and you couldn't hear a thing she said! When the returned following commercial, she had finally put her mike on but she still looked like a deer in headlights. She stumbled and bumbled and kept looking at the anchor and into the wrong camera. It was really bad. Angie Goff and now this woman! Makes you ALMOST wish for Craig Melvin to come back! (11/25/11)

At one time, the Orioles were on both WFMD and WTHU. This was because, at night power and pattern, at the time, WFMD could not get a (listenable) signal up to Thurmont and the northern part of Frederick county. So little ol' THU with 100 screaming watts at night would fill in the gap. Regardless of what the FCC coverage map says, I tried to tune in to 1450 while cruising on the Golden Mile (outside Frederick city) after dark this past summer, and all I got were the sound of three stations at once ... which would have most folks tapping the 'Search' button within seconds. Why WFMD decided not to carry the O's is a mystery. They'd been carrying the O's games since Jesus was in high school. From what I heard, Orioles games were a cash cow. An easy sell for top dollar. But maybe that was in the days when they were a winning team, and WFMD was a real, local radio station all day and all night. (11/25/11)

Dave, I'm not surprised that Amber would fill in on another TV station like WRC in D.C. Last year she was no longer under a contract at MASN. She worked as an independent contractor. That is why you didn't see her work all the road games and home games as the previous 4 years. Also she had mentioned to co-workers at MASN that she wasn't happy with the place and was looking for work at other local stations. She lives in Annapolis so D.C is as close to her home as Baltimore is. I wouldn't be surprised if she left MASN for a full-time gig somewhere else. Bob, Southeast (11/25/11)

Black Friday is ironically the best name for this day. Otherwise decent people, and those who aren't so decent, "blackout" any shred of compassion,manners or basic human decency they posess and dive headlong into the insane cluster of corporate induced's like a piranha feeding frenzy...I call it "Greeding Frenzy" .....I had the honor and pleasure of being an overnight stocker(oh just fuckin' shoot me) at Walmart a couple years back and witnessed first hand what people will sink to just to save a few bucks....the worst part is that it is NOT the poor and downtrodden who make up most of the mob,it's the "comfortable"...the "well off" who show exactly what people can become when given the chance. They claw,scratch,punch and stomp one another for the opportunity to save 11 dollars on a gift they will present to someone with that self important smugness and fake generosity they excel at fooling the world with. The looks they give other shoppers and store employees would be perfect in some post apocalyptic movie.The mood it creates in invasive and contagious,I had to control myself just to avoid choking some of the more enthusiatic ones and I wasn't even shopping! One man ,who looked like the "let's talk this out" type on any other day,actually threatened me when he was told not to remove the plastic wrapping because it was not time yet. My manager wisely sent me to the back to "help unload trucks" other words-Don't Pummel The Morons- ....employees were instructed to keep the customers from grabbing items that were not "available" until 10:00PM....but we all knew the policy too: Touch a customer and you're fired,possibly sued, so the entire situation was a sick joke from the start. I'd love for the media to cover Black Friday in all its glory editing out the nastiness,no skipping the bad scenes...put it ALL out there for people to see how they look and show it for days after Black's sickening....Donnie (11/25/11)

Dave: Did you see this item on WBAL's "Black Holiday Shoppers" typo? (11/25/11)

RE: Today’s "Dave TV"! Dave you are so right about Black Friday. The holiday season for many (most?) is a season of personal GREED. Walmart is at the top of the list of places I won’t shop between Thanksgiving and the middle of January. And at the risk of being called a hypocrite, I too joined the frenzy when my kids were growing up. I shutter from all the money I pissed away for my kids on so called Christmas gifts they did not need . During this holiday season, reflect on your life and the loved ones in your life. They may not be here for the next holiday. I avoid TV and most radio during this time because of the AWFUL ad’s.Newspaper insets and mail advertisements go right in the recycle bin. Satellite radio is my friend during this time. (11/25/11)

On this "Black Friday," check out the special deals at's "Dave TV," including a local radio station for just $25!!!!! Yes, you heard that right! As I rant about how crazed capitalism has gobbled up the Christmas season's spirit here in the good old USA and it ain't sitting too well in the nation's collective tummy. In today's "Dave TV"..... (11/25/11)


After over a week still no MASN HD on Comcast Annapolis HD channels 844 845. Analog channels 4 & 21 are ok. Not that they have anything worth watching this time of year. I wish FOX Sportsnet would buy them. Happy Thanksgiving. Ron in Annapolis (11/25/11)

Dave's response: Did you call your local Comcast system and complain? There may be a signal problem to your home. By the way, MASN 2 (SD and HD) is basically a baseball overflow channel. Now that the baseball season is over, it carries a 24/7 relay of ESPN News via my Comcast system.....

Baltimore you sure looked good in the National Spotlight on thanksgiving, what a huge win for the Baltimore fans. Please compare teams and perception: Redskins - turkey for an owner - acc talent on the field vs Ravens - awesome owner - all star talent on the field - perception is reality - Ravens Rock - sorry that one of the folks from a great family had to take one on the chin - Happy Anniversary to the Harbaugh's from Ocean City, Maryland. (11/25/11)

The orioles have a Frederick home on Thurmont's 1450 AM WTHU. I think they increased their power a little bit to cover the southern end of Frederick County. Washington's ESPN 980 covers most of Frederick County too. I think they are also on Hagerstown's 1490 WARK and Hanover's 1280 WHVR. (11/25/11)

Is the woman doing the sports on NBC4 the new sports anchor? (11/25/11)

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\/ November 24 Messages \/

"Note to ZW: Mozart, Lincoln, and Einstein are examples of great men.Alice Cooper? Uh, not so much. (P.S. Here's how you do it. If you cansay the surname of a great person and everyone knows who you're talkingabout, you're identifying greatness. Say Cooper to someone and they'lleither say Gary or James Fenimore)." Einstein stole from both Poincare and his own wife, banged his cousin and was a serial cheater. Lincoln wanted to send the Negroes back to Africa. Mozart was a long time ago and he failed to thrive, to use the medical term. Gary and J.F. Cooper great men? Hardly. Here's how you do it. If you post the material in quotes above, except to demolish it, you are a loser (makes "L" sign over forehead). Someone who issues an album with the disc wrapped in a pair of ladies' panties is a great man, even if the album is recalled because the panties aren't flame-retardant. The correct answer to the Cooper Conundrum is "Sheldon" and I'm off to smack your mom's ass, again. - ZombieWoof (11/24/11)

Amber Theoharis doing sports on NBC4 tonight… odd that they would get someone from MASN, instead of from their new sister station CSN. (11/24/11)

Note to ZW: Mozart, Lincoln, and Einstein are examples of great men. Alice Cooper? Uh, not so much. (P.S. Here's how you do it. If you can say the surname of a great person and everyone knows who you're talking about, you're identifying greatness. Say Cooper to someone and they'll either say Gary or James Fenimore). (11/24/11)

Hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving...and that the WKRP turkey's didn't hit you. (11/24/11)

Cerphe is going to help Santa light the Christmas Tree at Reston Town Center Friday. (11/24/11)

"Note to Mr. Woof and his "only women bleed" quote. Alice Cooper is a great man? Really?" Yes. And I say that without hesitation. My lack of hesitation is such that I actually travel back in time. Therefore there is no point in you and I comparing scrota. I could just as easily have been referring to the co-author of this, one of the first songs about domestic violence, Mr. Dick "Dick" Wagner. You may be familiar with his work on the long intro to Sweet Jane on Lou Reed's Rock'n'Roll Animal. I believe it's rather well known among the cognoscenti. Bazinga. - ZombieWoof (11/24/11)


Note to Mr. Woof and his "only women bleed" quote. Alice Cooper is a great man? Really? (11/24/11)

Dave's response: Did you hear that Alice Cooper's music rights radio copyright payments have dropped 75% since the 105.9 The Edge went belly-up in September. Ha ha ha.....

Why is WFRE also on 94.3? They don't need two frequencies in the same area. They should use it to give WFMD an FM translator. I guess it could be used as a translator for WFRE hd2, but it seems more logical to put WFMD on it because it is one of the top stations in the Frederick market. (11/24/11)

[Re Riggo:] On Tod Castleberry FaceBook page. TJRS will be back next week on MASN (11/24/11)

To Angie Goff, if you're reading this, please pay no attention to the hate-monger cyber-bullies who are constantly putting you down. You are doing a fantastic job. I hope to see you as an anchor for many years to come. You have a fan club. I'm a proud member! HLD in Fairfax. (11/24/11)

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[Dave's response: Zombie, you're late. It's all old news by now. Yawn. You bore me.....] Dave he bores everyone!!!! Such a snit. (11/23/11)

"We're told that Sterne's impersonation of Walken actually took placeduring WTEM's "The Sports Fix" show, which follows Kornheiser at noon.And once again, the Washington Post's Paul Farhi does a piece at without crediting DCRTV for breaking the story....." Dave, saying "it was on the radio" hardly counts as "breaking the story". If anything, the story was "broken" by an anonymous Mailbag poster on 11/18/2011. You think Farhi doesn't have people emailing him, or doesn't talk to actual people at the water cooler? I think you have a thing for Farhi, and that thing is, in the words of the undead Geoff Peterson, "in your pants". Why don't you two just make out already? You want to break a story? Call up Associated Press writer Joe White in Bethesda, MD and interview him. He wrote the story. No charge, always happy to help. - ZombieWoof (11/23/11)

Dave's response: Zombie, you're late. It's all old news by now. Yawn. You bore me.....

RE: WFSI antenna - someone wrote "Replacement with another directional is going to be looked on disfavorably if it changes the make, model or pattern of the antenna" What armchair wanna-be engineer wrote that???? A directional antenna change to another make/model is permissible and routine. The manufacturer's measured pattern must fit inside the on-file allowable composite pattern. Just file for whats called a "modified license" with a few exhibits and call it a day. Its done all the time - nothing disfavorable about that. Doubters can check out FCC rule section 73.1690(c)(2). See-ya. PS: The free advice given in the mailbag is worth every penny - zilch. (11/23/11)

.......great to see the names of all those I knew and worked with in this crazy business....and the names of those I wish I worked with....thanks for the memories and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!....Chuck Davis (WPRW/WEEL/WKYS/WMZQ/WBIG/Metro Traffic (reporter and pilot).....30 years ago????? (11/23/11)

"Washington Post laying off employees, women and minorities hurt most." As a great man once said, only women bleed. - ZombieWoof (11/23/11)

Washington Post laying off employees, women and minorities hurt most. (11/23/11)

Since everyone else is suggesting new formats for 94.7, here’smy idea: Ditch the “Fresh” AC format/branding and shifttoward a Modern AC format along the lines of, say, the current version of HamptonRoads’ 96X ( and the “Click”-brandedstations in Dayton ( Seattle ( While I agree with ACS’s general comment that 94.7 should edge closer to Hot99.5, a Modern AC format might allow 94.7 to occupy a space between most of CC’sarea stations (not only WASH and Hot, but likely also DC101 and maybe evenWBIG)—while also not duplicating Mix’s format. Also, especiallyif “HFS at 97.5” ends up not working over the long haul—and ifthey’re not lost during its efforts to bring the WNEW calls here—CBScould take it a step further and restore the WHFS calls to a Bethesda-licensedstation. That said, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to,instead, flip 94.7 to either Adult/Variety Hits or Classic Hits. As always, thanks! EJM (11/23/11)

Interesting comments about how WFSI might optimize their antenna. While I am well aware of the engineering tricks, having played them myself, for WFSI this is probably not going to happen for four reasons. 1. As Dave Loudin pointed out, with regard to the change of COL (which makes Lanham a viable main studio), CBS had to specify that the application was not intended to allow a transmitter move. So the FCC will be watching any activity there that might optimize the signal with a close and prejudiced eye. 2. If WFSI were non-directional, it is illegal to directionalize a non-directional. 3. WFSI is in fact a directional. The current licensced antenna and pattern already favor DC about as much as possible. Replacement with another directional is going to be looked on disfavorably if it changes the make, model or pattern of the antenna. I have not checked the glide slope, but my guess is proximity to BWI makes a taller tower unlikely, and the reduction in power from a higher antenna placement is also not advisable. Conversely a higher antenna, of suitable lower gain to not overshoot the horizon, would require a higher TPO. 4. The demographics of the Hispanic market do not justify the cost in resources necessary to such a change, unless CBS needs a fixed asset deduction on their taxes. CBS would get a better ROI on any attempted improvement by putting the signal in mono, and maybe running the processing to favor the boom box and auto sound listeners. However, companies do spend money when it is sometimes beneficial to the bottom line from a tax standpoint rather than ratings and revenue. If CBS was Greater Media, they would probably sink $2M into the site without a second thought. (11/23/11)

In a city where minorities are in the majority, it makes sense that a RIF would have a majority of minorities. The complaints against the WP are off base given the demographics of the area. Welcome to the post racial reality. This isn't the 1950s any more. (11/23/11)

There are some that don't always have something good to say about Metro Radio. I am not one of those. Back about 2006 or so, I was involved in diplexing 1420 onto the1250 sticks. Metro Radio used only the best equipment to do this, including a new 30 KW Nautel transmitter, which I helped install. That's one of the top transmitter manufacturers in the world. He hired a few of the best DC/Baltimore engineers too. I was especially impressed when Bruce Houston came by and helped my son and I to carefully dig up the crossover strap buried under some hard red clay in the middle of the summer, no doubt this was an expensive undertaking. I have only the highest of respect for Bruce and Metro Radio. Radio is a business, and successful business owners in any industry do what's needed to make a reasonable living. Have a great thanksgiving! Tom Conroy, afternoons WZBB-FM (11/23/11)

Hi Dave, just wanted to let everyone know, again, "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly." Thanks, Arthur Carlson, WKRP, Cincinnati, OH. (11/23/11)

Memo to Allan Horlick: Enclosed is your membership to 'The Best/Worst Name Of All Time Club'. Our board of directors cannot decide if you have one of the greatest or most unfortunate last names of all time, especially when said slowly as two separate syllables. Anyway, welcome to the club. Sincerely, Pres. Dick Trickle and V.P. Fair Hooker. (PS - visit this webpage for possible future members: (11/23/11)

A DCRTV'er expounded regarding WFSI yesterday, stating "Nothing else sounds like that any more". Well, if you are looking for a close alternative, there are stations across the US with similar formats that also stream on the web. My favorite is KLUX (yeah, I know) in Darnestown, TX (near Corpus Christie). It's run the local catholic archdiosese, there. A typlical hour consists of: 40-45 minutes of very light Adult Pop and Easy Listening (Barry Manilow, Ray Coniff, Roger Williams, Dionne Warwick, etc.) peppered with three or four two-minute forays into religous dogma (readings from The Bible, religious history, recitations of The Rosary Prayer, etc.), PSAs and news at the top of the hour (IRN). I've been listening to it at work (for years now and it's quite a relaxing diversion and a 180 degree alternative when listening to WFMU online or my Nurse With Wound or Throbbing Gristle CDs don't quite cut it. Their website is WWW.KLUX.ORG (11/23/11)

While the comments about Family Stations operating in archaic mode at best are quite accurate, I am told they did purchase a new transmitter within the past year or so because what they had could no longer be serviced. Beyond the transmitter, chances are anything else needed right now could be found in surplus or is serviced by another trade. Speaking of transmitters, which 'Made in USA' brand did 'local small broadcaster' Bruce Houston buy? Oh, wait, he didn't! Comments about supporting this small local startup are off-base for just that reason. (11/23/11)

A poster wrote - "So WNEW can fill up their availswith $900 spots from DC or $300 spots from Baltimore." LOL! Now I've heard it all! ONE station with DIFFERENT RATES for DIFFERENT MARKETS! Oh, that would fly over well at the agency. As Ted Striker once said "Wow! What a pisser!" (11/23/11)

["While there will be expense for studios and staff to lauch the news format, CBS should see no expense on the transmitter site acquistion and content changes except due diligence"] Family Radio has a history of using archaic equipment in their operations. CBS will see a lot of expense upgrading the 107.9 transmitter site to something that is close to usable. Family Radio always modulated that transmitter very low. Normal to high modulation on that rig would certainly kill it in short time. CBS can count on a new transmitter for 107.9, likely a new antenna system optimized to the area that they want to hit, a decent STL, processing. Probably looking at nearly a 500k investment at the site. I would think that wouldn't be complete before the format change. (11/23/11)

Now that the deal for "99.1 WNEW" (what a hard thing to say) seems done, people are clamoring for a new station on 94.7. Everyone says this station is a "failure", "doesn't work" and the like. It really doesn't matter what the Arbitron numbers tell you when it comes to this station (or frankly any station). The numbers that matter are the numbers that are associated with dollar signs, and WIAD is showing plenty. They have a very low overhead, and they show very good revenue with both national buys and local direct. The fact is, CBS needs WIAD to sell in package sales. WPGC caters to a certain audience, as does WLZL. WIAD is a broad (pardon the pun) appeal station, and with a "sell on the come" news station (with a sub-par signal) about to appear, they need a "female-friendly" format to sell in combo, or on it's own. Without WIAD, CBS has a new(s) station with no traction in the market, an urban, a sports, and a foreign language station. WIAD is there for combo sales. If they flipped to oldies, the perception (that I don't even closely agree with) is that they'd have yet another male skewing format - this one to an older audience. WIAD's smart move would be to move even closer to CHR, and emulate WIHT. Now that Steve Swenson has shown his hand - that he is not afraid to take on the number one station in town, I don't see why he wouldn't eventually take on number two, as well. - Another Corporate Suit (11/23/11)

Just saw a promo for FOX5's Stuff a Truck with the morning crew "riding/driving" a truck. So funny to see them bobbing up & down like they're actually moving along the road. (11/23/11)

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Dave, Though I am not religious and have no inspirational interest in Christian programming, I decided to catch a little more of WFSI 107.9 while it is still there. Why would I do this? It is fascinating to listen to the style of a station that has remained unchanged since early 60's when it was founded. The deep voices, musical flourishes, pauses between elements, quiet uncompressed audio, and un-hurried pace are reminiscent of FM in that era. Most FM stations then played some mix of light MOR, easy-listening, and classical. Religious stations had a very calm, old-fashioned style, focused on the teachings of their faith and "church music", and not on politics or other earthly matters. Nothing else sounds like that any more. While I have never been a regular or frequent listener to WFSI, it still seemed like one of life's constants that would always be there. Though I will miss them little, still, it is worth a bit of listening for this last week of their broadcasts. ...Sam (11/22/11)

Dave's response: WFSI has been simulcasting on Baltimore's 750 AM, WBMD. I assume that will continue after 107.9 flips to El Zol on December 1.....

Re previous post with picture, "This just in... a photo of the new Fox 5 Investigative Team." Well, the little critter did get to drink Folgers's Coffee. (11/22/11)

Where's Riggo? It's like "Where's Waldo?" Two weekends ago, Riggo's Postgame Xtra was on, only without Riggo there. They were evasive on the air as to the reason for his absence. This Sunday Riggo's Postgame Xtra was not on at all, replaced by ESPN News. And, finally, this afternoon, I checked MASN and ESPN News is on again in Riggo's slot where the John Riggins Show usually airs. Looks like the show got cancelled. But, nothing on the Internets at all about this. Maybe you check your sources on it. Thanks. (11/22/11)

Actually, my insurance *IS* like a burrito --- it gives me a bellyache, and burns my tush the day after I have it. (11/22/11)

It is very hard to believe about this day 48 years ago. I was in the 9th grade at SSPS in Easton, Md. As we were taking mid-terms, one of ths nuns rushed into the room saying JFK had been shot and there was little hope that he would survive the shooting. By the time school was over, JFK had passed away, and LBJ had taken the oath to become President. Then 2 days later, my father switched on the TV for us to watch Oswald being moved from one jail to another. A man stepped out of the shadows and fired at Oswald at nearly point balne range for all of us to see. JFK's funeral the next day ended maybe the worst weekend in American history at that time. (11/22/11)

With WNEW coming in January and El Zol moving to 107.5 it makes great sense to dump Fresh 94.7. It's a failed experiment folks....just look at the ratings. If CBS doesn't move WJFK to 94.7 then they should consider a oldies format like what CBS Radio has with WCBS-FM and turn 94.7 into a oldies format. These days, a oldies format covers a broad specturm given that the 80's are added now into the playlist. They could brand it as DC's Greatest Hits....WIAD-Oldies 94.7 and I bet that the ratings would spike for CBS Radio. I would either put a oldies format which the DC market is seriously lacking or put a JACK-FM station on there and add in some of the great new wave-classic alternative music alongside the usual playlist that a JACK station has to offer. It sure beats the current Fresh FM format and would get better ratings than what is on there now. CBS has already made a good move by putting WNEW on 99.1 and this is a move that they could make if they decide not to move WJFK from it's 106.7 frequency to 94.7. Time to get rid of what doesn't work and time to do something that would work. Dan (11/22/11)

Dave's response: WLZL is moving to 107.9, not 107.5. I don't think Jack Diamond at Mix 107.3 would like El Zol so close.....

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: I am soooooo sick of those singing State Farm car insurance ads that I now change the radio station whenever they come on......] I am always tempted to drive at high speed into the nearest bridge abutment every time I hear Ronnie Mervis come on the radio to spin some folksy yarn about the adventures of he and his brother Zed in the South African diamond mines. GAH!! (11/22/11)

I'm getting a kick outta listening to PEPCO's Tom Graham saying "storms are inebbitabull." I love it when Ronnie Mervis says "Duck Waukha." (11/22/11)

not as bad as the Kaiser Permanente commercials with the lady who whines. (11/22/11)

Kohl's commercial sings Rebecca Black's song It's Black Friday It's Black Friday which is getting annoying and stuck in my head (11/22/11)

"I like my insurance like I like my burritos..." (11/22/11)

Sigh. I wish people would scroll down the mailbag before posting. I gave the answer about possible moves for 99.1 back on the 18th. When CBS asked to change the city of license to Bowie, they had to prove to the FCC that they could not use it to enable a tower move that would cover more than 50% of the DC metro. Regards, Dave Loudin (11/22/11)

"As I've said, the smartest scenario may be to put the new WNEW on 99.1 (for MD and DC) and 106.7 (for VA) and move WJFK to 94.7. That would give WNEW Virginia coverage equivalent to WTOP, including well into the Winchester, Warrenton, and Fredericksburg areas." I'm not so sure that's a smart move. Though 99.1 and 106.7 reach different fringe areas, their core signals overlap. That means collapsing two revenue streams into one. Once WTOP starts losing some of its billing power, ask Bonneville's buyer how well reducing three fairly popular stations (WTOP, WGMS, Z104) to two (WTOP, WFED) worked for them. Can't imagine Winchester or Warrenton coverage will generate much in the way of ad revenue. The benefit of having two signals, I assume, is to allow the user to flip to signal 2 when signal 1 starts to fade. But, we live in a presets age. How many users will allocate two presets to the same station? If you're listening to 99.1 and it starts fading out, are you really likely to re-tune to 106.7? "Also, CBS should relay El Zol on 1580 in addition." Again, disagree. There are so many PG-based Spanish signals on AM (900, 1030, 1050, 1560), LZL wouldn't be much of a draw. I'd go for the WNEW relay on 1580 because of the law of presets: You want to be a preset. Listeners who don't want to clear an FM preset for 99.1 probably have presets to spare on AM for 1580. The current lamestream right-wing talk on 1580 has never even shown up in the ratings. I'd also take advantage of the now-available WHFS calls and move them to 94.7 and reboot as an oldies station. (11/22/11)

Radio One Starts BlackPlanetRadio - RACIST!!!!!!!!! (11/22/11)

Christopher Walken to be on 980AM again today... it's 1:45 pm! (11/22/11)

A poster writes: “The smart thing for CBS to do with the new 99.1 isto program it as a Baltimore All-News station.” Nope. Three times theradio money in DC, with rates 2X to 3X those in Baltimore. So WNEW can fill up their availswith $900 spots from DC or $300 spots from Baltimore. The smart thing is to focus on DCand cherry-pick Baltimore.Ratings success will happen in Baltimorefirst with no FM news competition and that will help WNEW move quickly intoprofit. (11/22/11)

This just in... a photo of the new Fox 5 Investigative Team. ("Fox Noose - Fair and Balanced") (11/22/11)

What I don’t understand is the LACK of mentioning the Assassination of JFK in the media, if anything it’s a one liner..This was a pivotal event in the history of our United States. Basically, there is nothing mentioned other than a news nostalgia, no fond memories of his charisma, nothing. And, now look at the mess we are in. Hated globally, on the brink of failure, skyrocketing unemployment and a President that is NEVER doing anything but campaigning. Did you see him last night?????? 4 minutes to blame Congress, took no questions. Flat our RUDE! (11/22/11)

Dave's response: It's rather amazing to think about how our history would have been different if Kennedy has served out his full first term. Would he have been re-elected? Probably. No Nixon election in 1968? No Watergate? The whole history of American presidents during the past 50 years would have been different. No Presidents Johnson, Ford, and Carter, for sure. Might we have had a President Bobby Kennedy in the 1970s? Might Martin Luther King have been our first black president in the 1980s? Would the Vietnam war have ended sooner? Everything would be different.....

The transmitter sites for 107.9 and 99.1 are not going to change with a format change!! It is true that 99.1 moved to a new site, somewhat closer to DC, within the past five years. Not sure if a change in COL will allow a further move closer in, however, that costs millions of dollars, and takes years in the regulatory process, so it won't happen until the news format proves viable. Second, any move closer to DC is going to reduce the footprint in Balto and Eastern Maryland (although it might improve Southern Maryland) so there may not be a compelling reason to move at all. 99.1 has a backup transmitter site co-located with 107.9's transmitter site. 99.1 will get new studios, and 107.9 will takeover the studios used by 99.1, all of which is likely to be at CBS Lanham. There is little reason to move the current 107.9 studios. While there will be expense for studios and staff to lauch the news format, CBS should see no expense on the transmitter site acquistion and content changes except due diligence. Probably use the 99.1 backup site STL for 107.9. (11/22/11)

It's hard to believe, but JFK was killed on this day, 48 years ago. I was in the 4th grade in Alexandria. School let out early. I had a Washington Daily News paper route and the papers were really late because they literally stopped the presses to re-do the paper, to include the breaking news from Texas. By the time I got my papers and began delivering them, it was dark. People were waiting by their doors for me to arrive, but nobody was mad. Many wanted to talk about what had happened. I'll never forget that day - or two days later when Oswald was shot on TV and then JFK's funeral on Monday. A scary & surreal few days! I don't think anybody was really happy or shaken out of a lingering grief until the Beatles showed up on Ed Sullivan's show, in February '64. It was as if they gave us a reason to smile again. (11/22/11)

[RE DCRTV hears from a source that former CNN TV news anchor Jeanne Meserve is jumping to WTOP to be a radio news anchor] so thats what 2 in the last 2 or so years (11/22/11)

Re: 99.1's reach in Northern Virginia: I remember a few years back, it was a struggle to get a nice signal if you were out in Loudoun County. But if I'm not mistaken, they upgraded the transmitter and/or moved it slightly closer to DC not too long ago. I was able to pull in a listenable signal on 99.1 in my car on I-66, just east of Front Royal just a couple days ago. It came in about as well as 103.5 did. If they're running mono, it shouldn't be too bad in most of Northern Virginia. (11/22/11)

Dave's response: Here in Reston, 99.1 comes in fine in the car or on a "good" radio at the home office, a la one with a "pole-type" extendable antenna. It's not so good on "cheap" clock radio-type receivers, which often use their power cable as their antenna. On those, 103.5, 88.5, and 105.9 all come in fine at my location. That will definitely be a problem for the new CBS all-newser, since Northern Virginia has about 2 million of the DC metro area's population. Or, as I've said, the smartest scenario may be to put the new WNEW on 99.1 (for MD and DC) and 106.7 (for VA) and move WJFK to 94.7. That would give WNEW Virginia coverage equivalent to WTOP, including well into the Winchester, Warrenton, and Fredericksburg areas, and give it better coverage than WTOP in the Baltimore and eastern Eastern Shore areas. Also, CBS should relay El Zol on 1580 in addition to 107.9, and bid farewell to Fresh. Tommy McFly could move over to WNEW to do local entertainment news reports.....

The smart thing for CBS to do with the new 99.1 is to program it as a Baltimore All-News station. WTOP, is after all the highest rated DC station in the Baltimore Market. It has better ratings up there than any of the Baltimore Stations have in the DC market. This may well be a legacy of WTOPs days on 1500 AM, where, from their Wheaton transmitter site, with the nighttime directional antenna pattern that "protects" St Paul's KSTP, 1500 actually delivers a better signal to places like Dundalk and Catonsville than it does to places like Manassas and Gainsville. When they were 1500 only back in the early 90s, one night I actually pulled up to the light at Reston Parkway and Baron Cameron Ave, at 10:00 PM our time, and got a positive ID from KSTP, with a time check in Central Time. One of the reasons WHFS didn't do better than it did in the ratings was exactly that. The signal was actually better in the Baltimore market as a whole than in the DC market as a whole. It's audience was so divided between Baltimore a and DC that it didn't get any decent ratings in either one. Despite good overall audience numbers. WWUZ 96.9 down here in Virginia has the same problem with Fredericksburg and Richmond. Also Baltimore has more of a need for an all-news station DC already has one. If, as expected they insist on pushing it as a DC station, don't be at all surprised, if it cuts into WMAL more than it does into WTOP, because to anyone north of about Beltsville, WMAL is still basically an AM station, and also because it is more vulnerable in other ways than WTOP. (11/22/11)

Dave's response: The highest-rated DC stations in the Baltimore market are WHUR and WPGC, not WTOP. Although, when WHFS was on 99.1, it often was the highest-rated DC station in Baltimore.....

To the poster recalling that the Monday NIght Football game used to be the game of the week, but now it seems like the Sunday night game is: That is, in fact, the case. When the big shift took place, with Monday nights going from ABC to ESPN, and Sunday nights going from ESPN to NBC, part of the deal was the THE game would be Sunday night, with NBC having the right to change the schedule past a certain point in the season, to see that they got the best matchup. (11/22/11)

That's great info on the studio, but where will 99.1 CBS newser *transmitter* be broadcasting from? The old WHFS 99.1 signal was crap in northern VA. -Chainsman (11/22/11)

Dave's response: The 99.1 transmitter is about 20 miles northeast of DC, in Anne Arundel County, just across the Prince George's County line. The signal may be a bit better in Northern Virginia if CBS runs it in mono, which provides better coverage than stereo. The more and more I think about it, CBS should be using an inside the Beltway signal for the new news station - 94.7.....

Just saw a commercial on FOX5 saying "FOX Investigates". So who the heck is investigating? Didn't their entire investigative team jump ship? (11/22/11)

("they didn't' drill a whole so that the calendar could be hung easily on a wall. ") Hole punch? Binder clip? Ice pick? Magnet clip? DeWalt cordless drill? I used a binder clip last time but might have to outsource the project this time. It just take too much of my time. ("why not have Coach Thompson on your postgame show as well? ") Really? He regular admits, albeit humbly and perhaps disingeniously, that he doesn't know football on his regular gig with "Doc". Frankly, I do like Al Galdi, too bad 980AM fades out after dark unless I want to listen in my car; and I really dislike Danny R aka notFunnyDanny. He's all about himself, delivering his opinions from on high, does awful cringe-inducing voices, and just generally being the pompousness of Danny. Hate to see him taking all the evening slots weeknights on WJFK. (11/22/11)

"My God people can't we have one network that at least knows we exist" - I would assume or at least hope that conservatives would be repulsed by this type of attention. Fox News and the Limbaugh/Hannity school of talkers aren't conservative in the sense of having a political philosophy, unless one defines conservatism very generically as opposition to change. It's basic demagoguery, telling older white people (particularly men) that they should fear and resent anyone not like them who has more education or authority. There's no political thought behind Limbaugh ridiculing Michelle Obama as "uppity" as though he was in 1950s Alabama. As someone who isn't aligned with either party, I hope there are plenty of conservatives who are offended by such naked appeals to racial hatred, and offended that he would assume such appeals would work on them. (11/22/11)

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