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DCRTV Mailbag - November 16, 2011 to November 21, 2011

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Has John Riggins been dropped from MASN? I'm seeing ESPNews instead of the John Riggins show, which is what should be on according to the program guide. Also, ESPNews replaced his unauthorized postgame show yesterday after the football game. (11/21/11)

I'm lovin' Angie Goff. Hint to Angie: Cover that little beauty mark on the left side of your forehead with make-up. Then pencil in a new one elsewhere on your face. Each time you go on camera, move it to another part of the face. This will drive your enemies crazy! ACH (11/21/11)

Rock actually live at (NYC's) 102.7 until 1999 when hot talk took over, though rock was played on the weekend. Then it was Blink 102.7 from April - November 2003, and Mix102.7 from December 26, 2003 until January 2, 2007 (102.7). (11/21/11)

This maybe a dumb Question, but what does a Low Power Transmitter look like?????????? For instance when i go to that West Springfield Gas station on Rolling Rd and Tune in??? And fence Guy on Poplar Tree Road is Back for Cmas!!!!!!!!!!! (11/21/11)

The name of Paul Anthony was bounced around here as logical choice to voice the liner for all-news WNEW, but why not consider another long-time DC announcer with soothing pipes? I speak of Don Richards, whose pear-shaped tones have filled our airwaves for sixty years. Don talks about his career in this latest installment of "Out of the Past." (11/21/11)

When the CBS all-newser starts on 99.1, where will the transmitter be? That signal has been dicey in Northern VA when it was the old 99.1 WHFS. They used to always state WHFS Annapolis but your recent news blurb seems to say that El Zol will move to 107.9 and be in Annapolis, so where will 99.1 be and what broadcast facility will it use? Thanks. -Chainsman (11/21/11)

Dave's response: All-newser WNEW 99.1 and Spanish WLZL 107.9 will be studioed at CBS's DC radio complex on Parliament Place in Lanham. It doesn't matter which "city" either frequency is licensed to. It's funny, but none of CBS's DC area stations are actually licensed to Washington: 99.1 is Bowie, 107.9 is Annapolis, 95.5 and 1580 are Morningside, 94.7 is Bethesda, and 106.7 is Manassas.....

SNIPPET----(“Do the Republicans work for Fox News or does Fox News work for the Republicans?) My God people can't we have one network that at least knows we exist, the lefties have all the rest - but then again YOU can have 'em - Fox News Channel "where the reporters are as smart as they look" - you can see they have a "leg" up on the competition - It is a visual media you know - CNN, CBS, NBC hint hint. (11/21/11)

Re: "The Bureau of Labor Statistics has several classifications for unemployed." ~~ see regarding October payroll figures. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (11/21/11)

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, now that Dave has been gracious enough to feature 1420 WKCW on his daily video my question is this. When are those cheap skates gonna put up a new streaming link.............that works! Bruce Houston (the head penny pincher?) has already said they won't be making any attempts to up the power to one of other stations because of the cost involved. Whats it gonna cost to contact "stream the world" and get something set up? Hey, I was the one that first got after you for playing that stupid '50's crap. Now you guys have gotten smart and are now playing better oldies. Is that how you treat someone that gave you a push (albeit a smart ass one-smile) in the right direction..........................hummm? Where is the love? Also why are you guys on a 22000 watt daytime signal only getting about 15 to 20 miles of a city grade footprint. There are 4 digit 1kw signals elswhere in the country that can also do that. (11/21/11)

Regarding a portion of a previous post, "WNEW should avoid the mistake of another station somewhere, that years ago used the positioning statement: 'If it's news to you, it's news to us!'" (Or a variation on this "If it's news to you, it's news to me!") Wasn't that a joke from the old show "WKRP in Cincinnati" ? (11/21/11)

Dave, I watched the latest episode of "Dave TV" ( 11-21-11) and at the end you mentioned the home-delivered WaPo wall calendar. Yes, I agree that there are nice pix and no advertising, but (for the 2nd year as far as I recall) they didn't' drill a whole so that the calendar could be hung easily on a wall. I suppose that you could use tape, but I'd guess that this solution wouldn't last too long. So, their year-long advertisement for WaPo when for naught as I placed it into the recycling bin. (11/21/11)

I was listening to 570 today. There was something that sounded like bleed over in the background. It sounded like 980 but not live programming. Anyone else here this? OOBBEE (11/21/11)

[Wmal Get Smart] Dave you are 100% correct. The morning show can be fixed; step one get rid of Mary Hamm, she is a moron. Fire Plante (he is an embarrassment to conservatives). Add a afternoon drive-time program vice Shawn. Broadcast Coast-to Coast "live" from 1am to 5 am (the midnight Truck show is the worst POS on radio, particularly in a market where folks drive SUVs not semi tractor trailer trucks). But I guess all this would take money/effort, something that the owners of Wmal don't have. (11/21/11)

RE: earlier poster on the ESPN "Chris Walken" thing who said: "....isn’t there some sort of ‘celebrity voices impersonated’ disclosure requirement for radio shows that do this type of thing?" Answer is no; you're probably thinking of the requirement for paid radio advertising, where a disclaimer must be inserted before or after a soundalike is heard. No such rule exists for typical broadcast shows. If it did, there'd be a lot of people in trouble... from Howard Stern on down. And Mike O'Meara would be one of the biggest offenders; the D&M Show nor Mike's follow-up shows have ever run warnings before Mike launches into an impression. In fact, his "Regis Philbin" & "Larry King" was so spot-on, they actually got though to executives and other real celebs on the phone. Listeners aren't given notice - you just have to assume there's a staged bit going on, with a cast member doing the voices. As for the imbeciles at Associated Press who fell for the Walken bit, somehow they seem to have survived with their jobs intact -!/jgwhiteap ...!/mccartneyap White's apparently the DC region guy who sourced the story, then forwarded it over to McCartney at the LA bureau. Two filters, and both failed the smell test. Anyone know exactly how this all went down, and better yet, why AP allowed it? (11/21/11)

[I know this isn't a Scott Muni Accuracy Contest, but in my recollection, Scott Muni was on WABC in only one time slot: 7:20 - 10:00 PM, right after their extended news hour (actually from 5:55 to 7:20 PM). Cousin Bruce Morrow (who lived on Ocean Parkway at Avenue C in Brooklyn when I was a teenager in the 1960s, and used the same barber as my father -- he used to have thinning hair) was on from 10 - Midnight.] I don't think that's correct. I recall Muni being on in the late afternoon early evening, followed by Cousin Brucie from 7 to 10, and then by Bob Lewis ("Bobaluayeay, The Big Bob Lewis Show"). (Shawn in DC) (11/21/11)

RE: "As is the government thing."..... Depends on how you interpret the Census data. Much of the private sector jobs in the DC area are still government related or depend on government contracts. Look at Computer Sciences Corporation or Lockheed Martin for instance. The Census would still call those private sector jobs. Even a lobbyist is still a private sector job, but entirely government related. Other metro areas simply do not have as much of a concentration of government related jobs as the DC area does if you add all those up. (11/21/11)

I know this isn't a Scott Muni Accuracy Contest, but in my recollection, Scott Muni was on WABC in only one time slot: 7:20 - 10:00 PM, right after their extended news hour (actually from 5:55 to 7:20 PM). Cousin Bruce Morrow (who lived on Ocean Parkway at Avenue C in Brooklyn when I was a teenager in the 1960s, and used the same barber as my father -- he used to have thinning hair) was on from 10 - Midnight. Then when WOR-FM (98.7) became a Progressive Rock station, Scott Muni moved there, then to WNEW-FM (102.7) when RKO General, the owner of WOR-FM realized it could make more money being a Drake-style Top 40 station. Cousin Bruce graduated to his early evening spot. Who was my personal favorite? B. Mitchell Reed on WMCA, 5,000 directional watts of low-rent production but lots of enthusiasm. I mean who uses the March from the opera "The Love of Three Oranges" as their News theme? But there were horns, cheesy jingles sung by the DJs, phone-ins, sweatshirts, appearances at FreedomLand, etc. -- Carl in Olney (11/21/11)

Angie Goff may be the best thing to happen to weekend morning news since Debbie Jarvis. I'm wondering how many people who work on WUSA9's morning news during the week have submitted their resumes to different places since learning Charlie Rose and Gayle King will be doing the CBS Morning Show. That sounds painful. Gayle King? Paul (11/21/11)

“On another topic, Andy Pollin was nearly insufferable on the station’s Monday morning Redskins show today” – did you expect anything less from him? When will WTEM cut it’s losses…I also think it’s time the whole “Nigel” shtick goes away, it’s just not funny. (11/21/11)

RE:"Some unamed poster obviously has an axe to grind against this Angie Goff. The two posts almost back to back are more than likely the same writer. Weekend early morning is a perfectly good places to paractice her chops, and who really cares what she has to say. Most single women around here don't even look that good, let alone a married woman. I think I just might tune in now for early morning news." Hahahahahahah this post stinks of Angie Goff. I think she had her feelings hurt, and pushed back. First off, so what that the posts were back to back. It was Sunday morning, not a lot of news to be posting about here in the Mailbag. "Practice here chops, who really cares what she has to say" Uhhh, she is newscaster, giving the viewing audience the morning news, sorta important what she has to say, if it was not important, why would anyone watch....... Finally, so because "Most single women around here don't even look that good, let alone a married women." You are now going to "tune in now" great reason to watch, screw the news, just push the mute button and stare right ? You do realize that your post was anonymous right ? Sorry poster, but the Sunday morning program is not a place for Angie to "practice her chops" whatever that means....its the morning news and NBC needs to get its act together. Mark in Ashburn (11/21/11)

“Actually the Walken skit they do isn't part of Mr. Tony's show but airs during ‘The Sports Fix’ with Kevin Sheehan and Thom Loverro from 12-2pm”. But Kornheiser (class act that he is) pilfered the bit from Sports Fix and asked Marc Sterne (as Walken) to comment on the Natalie Wood story last Friday. While I’m by no means a radio insider, isn’t there some sort of ‘celebrity voices impersonated’ disclosure requirement for radio shows that do this type of thing? Sheehan and Loverro always promote their weekly Walken segment as if the actor himself was taking time out from his busy schedule to appear on their program, never even hinting at the fact that it’s an impersonation. Of course Kornheiser’s been keeping up the pretense for years that a Brit named Nigel is producing his show and a chimpanzee from the National Zoo is making football picks, but at least those are fictitious characters (not real celebrities). I understand that these skits can be entertaining when done well, but it’s also true that a joke can be carried too far. Once Walken’s name came up in connection with a serious news story involving the reopening of the investigation into Wood’s drowning death 30 years ago, I think Sheehan and Sterne had an obligation (whether or not legally required) to inform listeners that this wasn’t a real interview – otherwise either cancel the bit entirely or steer clear of any mention of that particular subject. On another topic, Andy Pollin was nearly insufferable on the station’s Monday morning Redskins show today – what kind of Skins fan roots for them to lose all their remaining games so they can gain a (potentially) favorable position in next year’s NFL draft? Not only that, but about 95 percent of what Pollin talks about seems to involve either the quarterback or the placekicker – is he so totally ignorant about all the other positions on a football team that the only two contributions he can make to that show are stirring up QB controversies and calling for kickers to get cut? Mike, Fairfax (11/21/11)

[Some unamed poster obviously has an axe to grind against this Angie Goff. The two posts almost back to back are more than likely the same writer.] I wrote one - and only one - of those posts. I think there really are lots of people with the same opinion. [Weekend early morning is a perfectly good places to paractice her chops, and who really cares what she has to say.] No, this is a major market. Weekend mornings in a small market would be a place to learn and develop anchoring skills. Also, I think everyone who tunes in to the news tunes in to hear what the anchors have to say. Why the f**k else would I be watching? Moron. [Most single women around here don't even look that good, let alone a married woman.] I honestly don't care how good she looks. That has nothing to do with the fact that she is not a good anchor and lacks chemistry with everyone they've paired her up with. [I think I just might tune in now for early morning news] So you admit you haven't been watching her? Tune in and watch the entire newscast for a couple of weeks and let us know what you think. -BG (11/21/11)

SNIPPET----(“Do the Republicans work for Fox News or does Fox News work for the Republicans? David Frum's experience may shed some light.”) Response_”Do the Alphabet Networks work for the Dems??? Or do the “Dems” work for the Nets”. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm??? (11/21/11)

More on that CBS radio newser in DC and how it will be called WNEW. Plus, what should righty talker WMAL, which just moved to FM, do to prepare for the new competition and how it needs to "Get Smart." Also, find out the three people currently on DCRTV's "Sh*tlist." And, another listen to the cool 1970s music on 1420 WKCW. And a pitch for Scott Fybush's wonderful "Tower Site Calendar 2012." All in today's "Dave TV"..... (11/21/11)

[RE: "Complete fabrication. DC area has a substantial population of folks whose families have been here a long time and a substantial number of people who have come here and have stayed."..... CENSUS data would dispute your claim comparatively to other cities of similar size. But, that doesn't mean there aren't a substantial number of people that have lived in the DC area for a very long time either. The two statements do not dispute each other necessarily. No one can dispute that DC has more transient government related workers than any other city in the U.S.] Actually, census date proves that the entire DC area transient thing is way overblown. As is the government town thing. This is 2011, not 1960................. (11/21/11)

Dave: Some old frat buddies got me a ticket to yesterday's Redskins game and we had some fun watching a pretty good game. While stuck in traffic, we attempt to listen to 980's postgame show and I didn't realize how bad things are in this town regarding Redskins coverage. Besides Sheehan, I don't think Al Galdi listens to what he's saying...totally amateur hour! I don't care what Sheehan thinks after a game and what's funny is that he's, once again, totally changed his opinion about the team and drinking the cup of company punch. If you're going to put-on the radio people who can't speak correct English or attempt to be a Dan Patrick sound a-like, why not have Coach Thompson on your postgame show as well? (11/21/11)

First prediction on the ALL NEWS BATTLE: Whenever WNEW launches the DCRTV mail bag will be full of posts bitching about how bad they sound, how awful they are, blah, blah, blah. It won't matter how they really sound - everyone will take shots at them. (11/21/11)

Dave…don’t know how you do it, but your dcrtv is a preem-o source of inf-o. Cheers, Patrice (11/21/11)

Dave's response: Thanks.....

After his WMCA-days (and giving my sophmore-year home room teacher Bob Jones a basket of apples), Scott(so) Munie was one of the finest DJ's in the nation with WNEW-FM one of the best music stations. Scott Muni was also on WABC evenings, later bumped to 10-midnight when a new voice, Cousin Brucie Morrow arrived at WABC to do evenings. (11/21/11)

Regis is gone and this mornings delayed broadcast of "LIVE" on WBAL is a real mess. Contest segment dumped, local spots aired, bars came up, then the show started all over again. Just a disaster. Can't imagine wtf was going on. (11/21/11)

Do the Republicans work for Fox News or does Fox News work for the Republicans? David Frum's experience may shed some light. (11/21/11)

Sure, I remember the Joy Boys (geez alarm goes off here). WWVO in Seagrams, West Virginia. The real Seagrams wasn’t too happy with the reference, so Willard and Ed had to change it to “Sore Gums, West Virginia”, or something close to that. Even back then, corporate America didn’t have much of a sense of humor. Mike in Frederick and the Dashboard DX Society, giving up on (the lack of) local radio programming and going back to monitoring non-directional beacons. Dididahdit dididah! (11/21/11)

It makes sense that 99.1 will use WNEW as its call letters. After all, it will be DC's NEW news station. Besides, three-quarters of the word "news" is "n-e-w". The nature of "news" is that it's something new that has happened or is happening. In addition to the "N-E-W" part of the call letters, they can also capitalize on the W, too - reporting on the Who, What, Where, When, Why aspects. So, WNEW seems to be a good fit. In their updating process with "new details" of an established news story, they'll be smart to not refer to it being "the latest" development in a story, since nobody really wants to be late, when it comes to new news. As with other news stations, a persistent problem will be maintaining a proper balance between "new news" and "old news," which can be tricky. Something might be new news to you and old news to somebody else. And by all means, WNEW should avoid the mistake of another station somewhere, that years ago used the positioning statement: "If it's news to you, it's news to us"! (11/21/11)

With all the chatter about WNEW let's not forget they had one of the finest radio news departments in the country. The new WNEW will have a hard time matching what many of us remember (11/21/11)

(regarding Dave's response) "The news value of the information was deemed by me to be more important than the $25 I would have gotten for the classified ad". You'd think that CBS would spring for a display ad -- cheap bastards! (11/21/11)

RE: HELP WANTED CBS RADIO! I went to that website and I'm willing to bet that notice is nothing but and EOE "catch all" to keep them "legal" in the eyes of Uncle Sam. If anyone does gets hired via that website it will be for a low level support position within the CBS family. Anyone with any REAL experience in radio (sorry Armchair executives) know consultants and the "old boy network" will get you the prime jobs at the new CBS news station in DC. Sorry but that is how the hiring is done in Top 10 markets. Consultants have their fingers in everything. Want to know why WFLS down in Fredericksburg sounds so boring? Simple it's the consultant. As long as nobody is gonna take them (WFLS) head on they will continue to sound that way (yawn!). (11/21/11)

Not happy to hear this. What happens to, btw? I read that site all the time. They warehoused a lot of WNEW-FM content that you can listen to any time. (11/21/11)

Alas, all of the tears in the universe won't change the fact that station calls are nothing more than corporation commodities now-a-days. Let's face it, everything old isn't WNEW again. Fortunately, you CAN get your nostalgia fix at (11/21/11)

Dave's response: The old WNEW-AM was a wonderful nostalgic station. When it flipped to business news as WBBR, the New York Times took up the "American popular standards" format on 1560 WQEW, another magnificent station. But, alas, the Times eventually sold the station and it became Radio Disney.....
I don't know which is more surprising, that CBS didn't buy an ad on the DCRTV website - or that you posted it for them for free. (11/21/11)

Dave's response: The news value of the information was deemed by me to be more important than the $25 I would have gotten for the classified ad here on DCRTV. If you want to make a $25 donation to DCRTV to compensate me for my "journalistic ethics" (ha ha ha), including any CBS Radio suits, you can do so at DCRTV's Support page.....

Radio Insight has CBS parking the [WNEW] calls on 1580 first before going to 99.1. (11/21/11)

Dave's response: OK, so then what happens to the WHFS calls that are currently parked on 1580? It also makes you wonder if CBS will be relaying the new newser on 1580 AM, too? Why not. Nobody listens to 1580 right now. It'll give the new WNEW two signals to WTOP's three in the upcoming pissing contest.....

RE DCRTV's Facebook page: What station should pick up the don geronimo show? Or air the mike omeara show?? (11/21/11)

Dave's response: I don't see either back on the DC area radio dial anytime soon. Wah!

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: What station should pick up the don geronimo show? Or air the mike omeara show??] That's what is wrong with modern radio. Those guys as a pair brought lots of ratings and revenue to CBS radio. Even as seperate entities now they would still garner high male numbers, they should be on somewhere in the market... (11/21/11)

I grew up listening to WNEW when it was the classiest radio station in the world......loaded with the best air personalities, that inspired me to go into the business. I guess whoever owns it can do what it wants with the call letters, but in my heart and mind there will only be one WNEW, 1130AM in New York. Alan Fiel (11/21/11)

Some unamed poster obviously has an axe to grind against this Angie Goff. The two posts almost back to back are more than likely the same writer. Weekend early morning is a perfectly good places to paractice her chops, and who really cares what she has to say. Most single women around here don't even look that good, let alone a married woman. I think I just might tune in now for early morning news. (11/21/11)

Regarding a previous post, "Mr. Tony's podcast is available same-day on iTunes from ESPN. I listen to the same day's show on the way home from work every day." I believe that the ESPN podcasts are truncated to 1 hour. But that said, 1 hour on the same day is better than WTEM's day-or-more delay. (11/21/11)

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I guess it's okay if they're going to haul out the WNEW call. If only they'd also have Klaven & Finch mornings, William B. Williams middays, Jim Lowe afternoons and The Milkman's Matinee overnight. Oh, and Ike Pappas in the newsroom. Nostalgia ain't what it used to be. (11/20/11)

Kirk on WBAL AM? Uh, no thanks. The one thing I remember about his time as part of the 105.7 morning show was that he had a really bad habit of calling in "sick" while sounding, well, hung over. I guess BAL is just looking for warm bodies now. (11/20/11)

I remember when Monday Night Football was kind of the game of the week. Is it me or is Sunday Night Football now THE game (aside from the Colts blowout earlier this season) of the week? (11/20/11)

"because CBS has the double header this week." Does that mean if Fox would have the national game at 4:15 p.m., then DC would have a game on Ch. 5 as well as Ch. 9, at the same time? Or would there have been a game earlier (1 p.m.) opposite the 'Skins on Ch. 5? (11/20/11)

Damn! WNEW belongs in NYC! That is where William B Williams along with Gene Klavin & Dee Finch were mainstays of my parent's listening habits in the 1950's. Geeze, I even remember listening to K&F 'throwing the switch' to put WNEW-FM 102.7 on the air. After his WMCA-days (and giving my sophmore-year home room teacher Bob Jones a basket of apples), Scott(so) Munie was one of the finest DJ's in the nation with WNEW-FM one of the best music stations. (11/20/11)

[RE "Ravens & Redskins both have home games today. Why are there three NFL games on Baltimore TV stations (Ravens at 1 pm and two games at 4 pm) but Washington, DC, stations only have two games (Redskins at 1 pm and one game at 4 pm)?"] --because CBS has the double header this week. (11/20/11)

Somebody call Jim Ryan... and ask hime to move the WWFS calls to (DC's) 94.7 and bring the WNEW calls back to (NYC's) 102.7 PLEASE!!!! (11/20/11)


[RE WNEW 99.1:] I can't wait to hear Roscoe and Allison Steele reading the news. (11/20/11)

That's going to be weird not having those calls in New York (11/20/11)

I wonder if we can get WNBW back from Gainesville, Fla. (11/20/11)

Radio-Info and the Afro American newspaper are both reporting that former WPGC air personality Ranelle"Rane"Skyes has settled her lawsuits against CBS Radio and WPGC its all over and settled. (11/20/11)

Unfortunately for anyone wanting to watch NBC4's morning weekend news, we've been subjected to Angie Goff being a mess alone & lacking any chemistry with the three co-anchors she's been matched with since she started. Yeah it's early, but if she doesn't improve, she may go the route of Kimberly Suiters. (11/20/11)

Neal At the WEEL plays October, ‘68, songs for you! Thanks. Neal Schiff, aka Stevens (11/20/11)

I saw this on The callsign that for years have been used for our 102.7 FM - from its glory days as the place "where rock lives" up until its phase as the area's first FM talk station and its subsequent phase as "Mix 102.7", will be relocating from West Palm Beach to Washington, D.C. as the new call letters for CBS' new all-news FM station due to launch in January. (11/20/11)

Dave's response: I haven't heard that offically confirmed, but they are are "heritage" calls and certainly would be an excellent choice for CBS's new all-newser in DC. I can just hear the official legal ID now: "WNEW Bowie-Washington".....

Ravens & Redskins both have home games today. Why are there three NFL games on Baltimore TV stations (Ravens at 1 pm and two games at 4 pm) but Washington, DC, stations only have two games (Redskins at 1 pm and one game at 4 pm)? (11/20/11)

re: "WTOP Just 'Hazing' New CBS Radio Newser". I hear Steve Swenson and Michelle Dolge are headed over to Idaho Avenue right now to shove a banana in the tailpipe of Jim Farley's BMW. (11/20/11)

Hi Dave, So WTOP is snatchin' domain names of a competitor and callin' it friendly fun. Such humorists. Maybe next they'll be doing their traffic and weather over Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. That'd be sorta funny. Robb de Capitol Heights (11/20/11)

Lots of talk about the weekend morning editions of News4 in the mailbag today. Did anyone notice Joe Krebs anchoring with Angie Goff yesterday? So for the last two weekends, Angie flew solo, but I guess management must have agreed with the viewers that that was a disaster. I don't see why else they'd now be bringing in weekday anchors to co-anchor with her. What happened to John Schiffren? I've given Angie a chance, but she's just not that good at the anchor desk. Like another mailbagger, I'm glad I have another option with Newschannel 8... (11/20/11) is registered to Hubbard Broadcasting with a Utah address, not Minneapolis. Check out this link: or (showing the same Utah address for Hubbard Radio). If this was a "hazing" game going on between two local DC rivals, why would corporate Hubbard be involved in registering a domain address? (11/20/11)

I don’t think the term “hazing” came to mind when several domain names were purchased and registered in Utah by Hubbard Broadcasting. Spin as they wish, I believe your post on Friday drew attention to something WTOP corporate executives thought they would NOT be called out on so quickly, what many would call “cyber squatting.” This was not “hazing,” it was a corporate decision. Don't be fooled by the "friendly competition" and "best of friends" comments. This is going to be a battle royal, and CBS is not starting this station just to give WTOP a little competition, they are in it for the money. Big money that will come straight from the pocket of the highest billing station in the country, WTOP. (11/20/11)

Dave's response: Hubbard in Utah? I thought it was in St. Paul, Minnesota.....

Angie Goff looks like a deer in headlights and needs to get a speech coach. She talks like she is from Glen Burnie. Poor choice for 4 to make her a weekend anchor. She wasn't even a good traffic reporter. Washington, DC can certainly do better! (11/20/11)

OK, so the merry go round continues with " who is on air Sunday mornings with NBC 4". John Schriffen has been MIA now for two weeks, maybe his dad ran out of clean suits for him to borrow...Last week it was Angie Goff by herself....painful. Jim Handley shows up today out of nowhere...And all this after someone decided that Aaron Gilchrist was not a good fit. Well he was a GREAT fit, BIG mistake. Why do they feel the need to change it up every week ? Ugh frustrating....At least I have another option with News Channel 8's Morning Report... (11/20/11)

One of my pet peeves is lack of the text for the teleprompter being checked for accuracy before it's displayed to the anchors. Case in point; this morning on NBC4, Angie Goff said "next is Reporter's Notebook" to which Jim Handley replied "But first, Reporter's Notebook". It just shows sloppiness & lack of professionalism. And on an unrelated note, I had to laugh when Chuck Bell made the comment that he hopes the Skins have a win today over the BULLETS!!!! I truly hope he didn't read THAT from the teleprompter (11/20/11)

Mr. Tony's podcast is available same-day on iTunes from ESPN. I listen to the same day's show on the way home from work every day. (11/20/11)

That shows a tremendous lack of professionalism. Nice Farhi ;-( (11/20/11)

"Dave's response: I love rock music, but my tastes are very eclectic." Show me someone who says their tastes aren't eclectic, and I will pay ex-Mayor Adrian Fenty whatever it takes to make sweet, sweet love to you, or a friend of your choice. Once again Census data proves this too. How come the poster never shows us this imaginary Census data? - ZombieWoof (11/20/11)

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Music Radio will continue to die as long as the IPod thrives. FM in cell fones is a good idea, but probably too little, too late. (11/19/11)

Dave's response: I love rock music, but my tastes are very eclectic. And I rarely hear what I like on the radio. OK, sometimes 100.3, 101.1 or 102.7 will play something I like, but usually in the car I'm turned to some form of talk or news. And, at home, I'm listening to stuff from my own collection, YouTube, Sirius XM, or internet radio. But rarely local music radio. And I don't think I'm all that untypical, even though I am a relatively odd person.....

Verizon's news feed is still running the bogus AP story: (11/19/11)

Dave, I wanted to send you this live journal entry i recently wrote. It was about My 2012 wishlist but ended up being mainly about HFS. Most everyone i know has moved on from HFS. But there are a few fans still out there, and i thought of you. My name is Tony, i'm 27. I was a dc101 kid from 5th grade to 6th grade. I hated HFS, but soon came to realize HFS was the greatest music id ever heard. HFS would become my life, my best friend. I hope that at least came through on my post. I hope you enjoy...... 2012 wish list: HFS to not suck. I mean for the acronym HFS and the calls WHFS and generally the brand that it created 40+ years ago to not suck. Not like brands are anything new, but CBS has the chance to truly make the HFS brand a national one. They own MTV, and they never have anything to do with music anymore. Just as BET is to black music, HFS could be the same for Alternative and Modern rock. Music, music videos, and shows that never last longer than 20 minutes. Like interviews, live show specials, live events. Music and music videos are the bulk. But say every few hours have a 10-15 minute interview/live performance with a band. Give DJ's or VJ's jobs not bc they look good, but bc they know their music. Have a set like Dan Patrick's radio show or Howard Stern. We need to find new music, because honestly magazines and random links are too indie and weird. Oh and siriusxmu just is shitty bands that hipsters, or just weird people who think being a hipster is cool, think is awesome; but really it's shit. Sorry MTV I gave up on you in high school. HFS I haven't gotten anything new from you since 2005. Everyone is beating you to the punch. On the radio you need to be back at 99.1 in regular fm and hd. Amp up the hd signal because truly the hd format sucks. Mainly new stuff on the main, now with 6 more substations lets get creative. Station 2 2000's, station 3 90's, station 4 80's, station 5 70's/60's, station 6 techno/electronic/dance, station 7 reggae shows, indie shows, metal shows. (11/19/11)

Hey Dave. Donnie wouldn't happen to also be the "local radio veteran" you were mentioning earlier this week, would he? (11/19/11)

Dave's response: Nope.....

To: Donnie - Hey, in my opinion, you are right on target!!! The Rock Radio era was magic and could be again. Get rid of PD's that don't know anything about playing the hits and the suits that know even less!!...(Pull out the stagnant "moldy oldies" play More of the millions sellers that are collecting dust.) In other words, expand the The basic ROCK LIBRARY FOR AIR PLAY.....Unleash the real talent, you'd be surprised how many of the great jocks of yesteryear that still can cook! Go local, "hops" PSA's that are targeted to those in need....Local News...1:30 second local, worldwide, still could totally dominate a market...I'm not talking formatic jocks, I'm talking jocks with imagination, a news room that directs it's information to the city it serves....A radio station that informs and's that simple. The real problem is the Corporate Stiffs that don't get it..Keep on bitchin Donnie, I'm on your side. (11/19/11)

"killing off rockers" .....I'm waiting for the backlash of this to kick in. Someday someone who loves Rock in all its subforms is going to posess the means to rescue most of,maybe all, the legendary calls and bring FM back to the basics that MADE FM in the first place! Was is shock jocks and retired sports stars who raised FM to its heights? No it was rockin' DJs like Wolfman Jack and the like who had everyone from preteens to middle age adults tuning in that stereophonic paradise. Small thinking execs have believed that the new world of instant information would be the death of FM but its becoming evident that they were wrong. They just aren't capable of keeping up with the times....evolving....and the biggest reason they panicked was because the old system of music "hits" was not paying out to THEM in piles of cash. Now the artists have more power so the moguls want to destroy the system. Diehard cities like Philly won't be alone in rocking the airwaves forever,every other format has been tried,alot have failed utterly,some have prospered but NONE have ever gone FTL like Rock did. So Long Live Rock! We need it every night....on every give it back or we'll take it! Donnie/E-fucking-VOLVE 99.1 you hacks (11/19/11)

Dave's Response: And then we got this.....

I didn't read far enough down the Mailbag before my pre-coffee rant kicked in....THANK YOU U.C.Suit for beating my drum....even for a moment....even if you rip apart my logic....I remind everyone here that I am a 'mere listener' and my opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of professionals( flat out DON'T huh) but someone has to point out what we mere mortals of the radio universe think and feel. I thank Dave for this forum that allows even a nobody to express his thoughts. No matter the profit margins,no matter the formats,the ins and outs of broadcasting one thing is clear-Without listeners radio is just so much noise pollution radiating into space. If aliens were to follow the signals to Earth would they seek out Howard Stern or those who made all that crazy noise with beats and rythms obviously created by intelligent beings? Donnie (11/19/11)

Does anybody at WTOP proofread the headlines on its website? (11/19/11)

First the abandonded Nike missle silos off of Rt 50 and now CBS....will wonders never cease? :) (DCDAVE NOTED: "Bowie's hit the big time") (11/19/11)

the podcast of this [Sterne as Walken] debacle is finally up! they don't list yesterdays show on the main page but if you click on Hour 2 of the Sports Fix for 11/17 a popup player will open and you will see yesterdays show (11/18) listed there. the Walken bit is in hour 2 and starts about 22 minutes in. (11/19/11)

WJFK can go to 94.7, Fresh Jettisoned, news on 99.1, WHFS, on 107.9. I think that would make the most sense. Although they could put WHFS back in 105.7 and put JFK on 99.1 (11/19/11)

Dave's response: CBS has been busy, over the years, killing off rockers, like NYC's WNEW, Boston's WBCN, and DC's WHFS. They're not coming back, at least on major-powered signals.....

While I’m sure CBS would like to have the URL, they currently use as their web presence in the DC area. I’m kind of surprised, actually, that CBS left unavailable – generally, companies buy up all plausible variations of their own web addresses to avoid the problem Hubbard is now causing them. – Rob in Richmond (11/19/11)

Dave's response: Has anybody bought Or Ha ha ha.....

CBS should dump El Zol on the 106.7 frequency (11/19/11)

Dave's response: I think it probably would if it had somewhere else to move WJFK to. Look, with music radio on the decline, next year at this time we could see 99.1 and 106.7 as the new CBS all-newser. And 94.7 sports talker WJFK. With the dual signals for the newser, CBS could put "zoned" newscasts for Northern Virginia on 106.7, and ditto with DC and Maryland on 99.1. Another "tool" to battle WTOP. Steve Swenson, I await your CBS check for my consultancy work.....

can't take Yolanda Adams on Radio One in the morn too much is good.BUT her talking w/ cackling cohosts (11/19/11)

actually the Walken skit they do isn't part of Mr. Tony's show but airs during "The Sports Fix" with Kevin Sheehan and Thom Loverro from 12-2pm. The bit today aired at about 1:30 or so and I heard the whole thing and have NO IDEA how anyone could have mistaken that for a legit interview. Ed Murrow is rolling over in his grave somewhere. (11/19/11)

Just goes to show ya' 1) the power of radio 2) how stupid the American public is, and 3) how pitifully low the editorial standards of the American press have sunk. Oh, and 4), how insufferably smug Mark Sterne will be from this point on. (11/19/11)

RE: "Complete fabrication. DC area has a substantial population of folks whose families have been here a long time and a substantial number of people who have come here and have stayed."..... CENSUS data would dispute your claim comparatively to other cities of similar size. But, that doesn't mean there aren't a substantial number of people that have lived in the DC area for a very long time either. The two statements do not dispute each other necessarily. No one can dispute that DC has more transient government related workers than any other city in the U.S. To even attempt to argue that point would be pure insanity. Once again Census data proves this too. DC is an anomaly TV and radio market where the standard rules don't generally apply. Some radio formats are on in DC literally from foreign lobbyist funding to influence lawmakers alone with no ratings whatsoever. Name another market like that. The closest would be New York City, but NYC actually has people watching and listening to this ethnic programming. In DC, it's more a government "influence" thing powered by foreign money. I actually wish Donald Trump would run for President honestly. NOT because I think he'd make a good President. I actually think he wouldn't, but he'd shake up the debates in such a way that the debates we're having now would look like grade school and it would be funny as shit and he's obviously a financial guru who's had his ups and downs and is a survivor. (11/19/11)

Anyone listen to WPWC 1480 lately? The programming is an endless loop of what sounds like Lou Rawls singing politically-based rants, while someone is banging on a drum in the background. - MLB4 (11/19/11)

It has been almost a year since Los Angeles public television station, KCET, parted ways with PBS. The one-time Southern California PBS flagship station has lost key programs, corporate funding, many donations from "viewers like you," and is reportedly down to an average nightly viewership of around 20,000. (11/19/11)

/\ November 19 Messages /\

\/ November 18 Messages \/

My partner in profits, ACS, brings up some good points about why WHFS died on 99.1. However, the most salient is about iPods. To beat my aging drum: It’s all about the audience! Forget the music for a second. In an era where people have an ever-diminishing amount of control over their lives, devices like the iPod are a Godsend. When I drive (Yes, they still let me!) unless I’m listening to our air, I’m listening to my iPod. And, I’m old enough to remember WHFS on Cordell Ave in Bethesda. So, it’s not just the music, it’s control. I choose what I listen to and when. Now, to beat Donnie’s drum for a moment, without the exposure broadcast radio provides, what about “new music/new artists”? Good fuckin’ question! Will the exposure be dependent on clubs? The “9:30” is the only one this geezer can think of. Is “Hammerjacks” still around? IIRC, the haunt of my misspent younger days, “The Bayou”, is long gone. Will new music get its start on Sirius/XM? Or, will it be the Internet? I say this as there sure as hell no artist development going on with the “record companies”, such as they are today. About 35 years ago when I was living in L.A., “The Whisky” had an occasional weeknight group called “Chicago Transit Authority” on the bill. Nobody really heard of them. Or paid much attention. They lived together in a house in the Hollywood Hills, with the rent and some groceries paid for by a guy named Jim Guercio, while they wrote and jammed. Their music was at times a mix of the political/social protest rock that seemed to make more sense as you either got more drunk or stoned, or a mix of the two. They would never play a place like “Pandora’s Box” or “Cinnamon Cinder”. You don’t really see that kind of entrepreneurship in music anymore. Donnie may disagree w/me on this, but it’s not just music, expression, or even art: It’s a fuckin’ business! And, don’t give me that mp3 download bullshit, either. It may be my “mono ears”, but I have yet to hear a commercial mp3 download with dynamic range greater than the “Tom Corbett Space Cadet” voice powered phones kids got at Christmas from Woodward & Lothrop’s “Toyland” ages ago. Pete Townshend recently gave a lecture on the music business in which he castigated Apple regarding their treatment of past, present, and future artists. Pete made a good start. But, that’s about it. At the rate things are going, if you want a look (listen?) to drivetime radio of the future could sound like, there’s a scene in the old movie “Demolition Man” which gives a chilling prediction for the few of us who actually care about the business. (Not to mention a warning about the sourcing of fast food…!) The movie is also worthwhile because of Sandra Bullock… -Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/18/11)

Uh, Dave... how about elaborating on your theory that the programming on WCRW and WZHF is "aimed more toward politicos on Capitol Hill"? Inquiring minds would like to know. Can't imagine any legislators or their staffs listening to either of those two AM stations. (11/18/11)

Dave's response: Judging from both stations complete absence from the radio ratings, nobody's listening. But both stations' owners are apparently getting nice checks to run the foreign programming.....

[RE: They're back on the air on 1190 AM from a tower complex in Ashburn as WCRW, Chinese Radio International in English. And, you're right, no local content] Reliant Broadcasting does provide local news and local traffic reports for WCRW during the morning and afternoon drive times. - Zoomzoom Moonchild (Reliant Broadcasting) (11/18/11)

Keepin' it classy? W-T-Opie's annual on-air trashing today of WASH for starting the holiday music. I'm also looking forward to January. (11/18/11)

Calm down on the Mr. Tony podcast angst. ESPN posts an edited version of the show every afternoon. Go in iTunes, click podcasts, search for Kornheiser, subscribe, enjoy. Now, as my dad used to say when I complained about something without doing anything myself to try to fix my problem, "do you want me to listen to it for you too?" (11/18/11)

Fyi - a bit more reasonable if you're into the Xmas mucus... "Santa Claus will push the big button and switch 101.9 Lite FM to 24/7 Christmas music on 11/23/11 at 3pm!!" (11/18/11)

and sometime NEXT week we can hear a Podcast of the Mr Tony Show bit. So stupid that they delay PODCAST postings at least 24 hours of their shows (11/18/11)

An earlier post read: "I'm a little late to this, but do you rember the dust-up with the car maker when the WBMW call was used on a local station? The radio station won". Speaking of which, most visitors to this site are certainly old enough (and locally rooted enough) to remember the hubbub with these infamous call letters: W.W.V.O! (11/18/11)

[In Baltimore, like New York & Philadelphia & Boston, you have a substantial population that has always been here and a lot of people who don't even leave town much, the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of WASHINGTON DC.] Complete fabrication. DC area has a substantial population of folks whose families have been here a long time and a substantial number of people who have come here and have stayed. Suggesting that the DC area is all in and out transients is complete BS that only a jealous Baltimoron would come up with. (11/18/11)

What makes anyone think CBS will effectively pull off an All-Newser in DC/Balt.? Look at the CBS Sports Talk Stations 'round here. Neither can hold a candle to WFAN. As far as Family Radio....get a cheap Shortwave receiver. Family Radio all over the place. (11/18/11)

too funny!! I usually hear "walken" with Kevin Sheehan,but missed it today ..way to go AP lol (11/18/11)

David you are not a "HARMLESS FUZZBALL" you have to be one of the most respected i will call it media renegades in the country. The DC media people might not like you but trust me they respect you. I could tell in your DAVE TV vid from the other day that you were on cloud nine. And you are not done your will have some more first hand news again no question about it. (11/18/11)

Dave's response: Aw schucks.....

In all its glory, here is the technical exhibit file by CBS to change then-WHFS's COL to Bowie, in three parts :,, and Note that CBS had to show one thing: that the change to Bowie would not enable a subsequent tower move that would cover more than 50% of the DC metro area. There are plots of the city-grade signal of a 50 kW facility from all the possible tower locations that would still cover Bowie to prove the point. Note that the real limiting factor is the spacing requirement to WAMU. Now, look up WLZL at the FCC or radio-locator and you will see that it is now a Bowie station. Regards, Dave Loudin (11/18/11)

Dave's response: Wow for little old Bowie! It's the home of the Junkies and Albie Dee, plus the DC Radio And TV Museum, and soon will be the city of license for the new CBS all-newser serving the Nation's Capital. Bowie's hit the big time!

The Junks got away from sports more this week that most. Great old school stuff. Friday with Feinstein is great every week. Speaking of Junior, Mr. Tony’s line of the week about the TV show he once envisioned with Junior: “Two Live Jews”. Second best line on T’s show wasJeanne McManus likening the Bronco’s to The Producers. I just ordered the MOS DVD of Road Trip 2011. If it half as funny as the podcasts from that trip, it is money well spent. OOBBEE (11/18/11)

So what Baltimore TV reporter tweeted this today? "Just hung out with the #OWS marchers on Rt 40...nice bunch." Nice "objective" reporting for WBAL-TV about the Occupy Wall Street protesters. And these folks wonder why they have lost credibility? (11/18/11)

re: "Did you catch the fire alarm on NBC4 last night?" Under NBC's new arrangement, emergency alarms are now answered by an Atlanta fire crew. (11/18/11)

Dave's response: Badda bing.....

Stern did it Walken during Tony K.'s show today. The rest of the show's contributors giggled throughout the bit. Hard to believe an AP reporter, had he/she heard the segment, would've thought it was actually Walken. (11/18/11)

[RE WTEM & Christopher Walken bit:] Ridiculous. If this originated with the bit on Kornheiser a few minutes after 10am, I guess the AP writer got it second hand, because Kornheiser SAID before the guy spoke that it was one of the guys on his staff doing an impression. And frankly, it didn't sound much like Walken. Bad impression and worse reporting by the AP. (11/18/11)

I think the Walken bit is a regular Friday segment in picking football games. Really AP? (11/18/11)

WTEM has been doing those Walken impersonations for weeks. I think its Mark Sterne. (11/18/11)

Re: WAGE is "back on the air on 1190 AM from a tower complex in Ashburn as WCRW, Chinese Radio International in English." Thanks for the update, Dave. I'm sure all six of Loudoun County's Chinese residents are loving the station. But for the other 225,000 of us who live between Leesburg and Fairfax County, the station and all others on the dial fail to serve. We also have no local newspapers. The Loudoun Times Mirror and Leesburg Today report only western Loudoun and Fauquier County news. There are no local news sources of any kind, for one of the fastest growing areas in the USA and one of the most densely populated, highest-income pockets in the region. Is nobody in the industry paying attention? (11/18/11)

Dave's response: WCRW isn't geared to Asian residents or to Loudoun, its paid-for programming is aimed more toward politicos on Capitol Hill. Same as the English language Radio Russia paid-for programming is on Arlington's WZHF, 1390.....

This is "journalism" in 2011, my friends -- some moron(s) at the AP has posted a story this afternoon referencing an interview today on ESPN980 in which "Christopher Walken" comments on his presence onboard the yacht Natalie Wood was on the night of her drowning in 1981. (The story is attributed to AP's Joe White and/or Anthony McCartney) The one thing they seem to neglect mentioning is that ESPN980 regularly has a Walken impersonator call-in to their shows, to give football picks, etc. Anybody over at AP know what due diligence is? Walken hasn't made public comments on the incident since it happened 30 years ago this month.... He's gonna do it now on a Sports Talk show??? Like I said, this is (11/18/11)

Well, goes to some basketball school in Connecticut, who I bet wouldn't mind a "donation" for a domain change.... :) (11/18/11)

[RE WTOP getting] Amazing lol radio wars gone internet style I like it (11/18/11)

I got an idea for a web address they can use, perhaps I should snag it from godaddy, and see if CBS would be willing to pony up some dough. I wouldn't charge them an arm and a leg either, just enough to pay some bills. (11/18/11)

They're best bet is to NOT have a robust web presence. Isn't the goal to get people to listen instead of look?!? (11/18/11)

Love how you dig up the industry scoop Dave. No wonder they're all so afraid of you... (11/18/11)

Dave's response: Afraid of me? I'm just a harmless little fuzzball!

This is going to be a very interesting radio war. Maybe the new station can align itself with WUSA just like what KDKA does with their stations in Pittsburgh. KDKA has a station on television that has a CBS affiliation, a sports talk station on 93.7 FM based out of Pittsburgh and of course the first radio station in the country with KDKA AM. Call the new station WUSA-99.1.....All news all the time and have a link to the station for it's internet stream on 99.1 for those who want to listen online. (11/18/11)

Dave, because CBS is trademarked, WTOP may have to relinquish the website if CBS files a complaint. Cybersquatting law is a bit murky, but I'm betting CBS's lawyers are already preparing a complaint. (11/18/11)

WKDV, the station in Manassas that broadcasts in Spanish to (possibly) illegally-resident visitors to the US calls itself "La Ley", which means "The Law". Isn't that ironic?-- Carl in Olney (11/18/11)

Dave, I have given it some time but now after moving to town about 14 months ago, and being a BIG sports fan (especially now that I am back in my hometown of Baltimore) I am just curious about how 105.7fm "utilizes' Jen Royal - and I use that term loosely. The few times i heard her , made me understand how shallow she is? Does that explain why she RARELY appears on the station? I couldn't care less about how she looks, or who she flirts with. Her "work" sort of speaks for itself, what little there is. I guess 105.7 is waiting for her to go back to her hometown - wherever that is- But her predecessor Anita, (CANNOT believe i wrote that) - was even better !!- that's how horrible royal is to tthese ears . RadioJeff from Parkville (11/18/11)

Anybody know anything new about WAGE in Leesburg? They were off the air for a few years, then there was talk of them coming back on the air but with no local content, and then I never heard anything more about the station. If they're on the air, they have a terrible signal, because I've looked for them a couple of times while near Leesburg the past few days and heard nothing. (11/18/11)

Dave's response: They're back on the air on 1190 AM from a tower complex in Ashburn as WCRW, Chinese Radio International in English. And, you're right, no local content.....

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Torie Clarke is a HUGE improvement over righty "Valley Girl" Mary Katharine Ham on WMAL's morning show......] Mary Katharine Ham is a moron....that's my story and I'm sticking to it. She is making $ean Hannity and Ru$h Limbaugh look like a couple of rocket scientists. (11/18/11)

Dave's response: MKH has gotten where she's gotten because she's beautiful. If she was an ugly guy and saying the same dopey shit, no one would pay any attention to her, er, him.....

99.1 in Mono, running News/Talk, should put a pretty useful signal over the DC/Balto area. Remember, stereo reception degrades usable performance by as much as 90% compared to mono reception. The issue is in how the stereo difference information is transmitted. Its reception and demux raise the apparent noise floor considerably, thereby reducing the usefulness of a signal outside of 60dBu or better. (11/18/11)

Did you catch the fire alarm on NBC4 last night? (11/18/11)

Look it is fun to joke regarding this but in the radio business Christmas Music means ratings and, in turn, more ad dollars. Stations in that format zone would be crazy not to make the switch during this time of the year. (11/18/11)

I'm a little late to this, but do you rember the dust-up with the car maker when the WBMW call was used on a local station? The radio station won. (11/18/11) what happens to Family Radio then? (11/18/11)

Dave's response: After 107.9 goes El Zol in December, you can still hear Family Radio's religious programming on Baltimore's 750 AM, WBMD. Family also programs WBGR, 860 AM, with Asian religious programming.....

Re: Signal limitations of 99.1 vs. WTOP, et cetera. Don’t forgetthat CBS has a full Class B stick in the VA burbs at 106.7 currently suckingwind. Nice simulcast combo. (11/18/11)

Dave's response: If that new CBS all-newser on 99.1 starts showing some ratings "traction" by mid-2012, look for it to move to Bethesda-based 94.7, or get the addition of a Northern Virginia 106.7 relay, with JFK moving to 94.7. Wouldn't be surprised to see Fresh go away next year, despite what CBS is saying.....

According to this coverage map from 99.1 has pretty good coverage. It's coverage goes south to St. Charles County,MD and north to Baltimore. Click here: CORY HABER (11/18/11)

Former State Sen. Larry Young just said on his radio show he plans to join the group marching from NYC to DC (11/18/11)

WNEW BELONGS IN NY, NOT DC!!! (11/18/11)

Dave's response: Hey, WFAN used to be the calls for DC's 100.3, 1340, and TV 14. And now they grace NYC's 660! Give and take!

[From DCRTV's Facebook page: How about these classic CBS/Metromedia calls for its new DC all-newser on 99.1 - WNEW! The calls, which used to grace NYC's 102.7 and 1130, plus TV 5, are now being "warehoused" by CBS on a Florida radio station.] Dave, that would be awesome. (11/18/11)

[RE WNEW calls to 99.1:] I'd think I was listening to a New York based station. (11/18/11)

[RE WNEW calls to 99.1:] I like it, but I don't think they'll do it. (11/18/11)

[RE WASH 97.1 goes Christmas] I go to WTOP and WAMU through Jan. 2nd (11/18/11)

Dave, I was in Jacksonville, Florida recently and there was a station there already playing Christmas Music. That was last Thursday. (11/18/11)

You mean WASH FM, has beaten 101.9 Lite FM WLIF in Bawlmer ?? HON ... Have a great day... (11/18/11)

Has WMAL hired Randi Rhodes' producer? (11/18/11)

Dave's response: I think we reported that a while back.....

When an unsigned "local radio veteran" (Dave's phrase) begins ranting in ALL CAPS and insinuating that a Wall Street Journal article is false because it is two years old and then changes the subject and distorts 60 Minutes concluding that "every member of Congress" should be in prison well . . . you have to believe that said "local radio veteran" has either become unhinged and if he is still active in the business, his station ranks at the bottom of the ratings pile. ACH (11/18/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Guy gets arrested for shooting at the White House and WMAL morning team cracks jokes about it. Ooooookay......] they re a "news" station. I remember a year ago when Chris Plante was encouraging it. (11/18/11)

Hey who else caught the CBS radio screw up at 7am ? The radio network WAS NOT THERE after the gong went off !! I don't know of anyone else besides WBAL that runs CBS radio news at the top of the hour, but Durian tried to catch up and read the local stories he would have done a few minutes later anyway. This is the same network hoping to do an all-news format around here, right ? Dead air. (11/18/11)

Actually the limiting factor in moving 99.1 closer to DC are not the 98.7 and 99.5's in DC. The old WNAV-FM is a grandfathered short spaced station. However, I believe, the change of city of license will preclude any closer moves. The co-channel spacing to a non-grandfathered station near Altoona, Pa. prevented 99.1 from moving closer to DC so long as the station continued to cover the city of license with city grade signal. (11/18/11)

Another nonsensical sentence from the WBAL Radio website: "Organizer Kelley Brannon says the marchers started crossed the Delaware-Maryland border Thursday." (11/18/11)

The Monday after the Hannity Christmas Show (I don't hay "Holiday," I say "Christmas") tickets went on sale, Sean said to "Hurry" and there were only about 200 tickets left. Since then, I have received three different emails telling me to get my tickets now, they are going fast. Could WMAL and Sean Hannity be lying to me, and the tickets aren't going fast? Has WMAL been misrepresenting facts all along? Given this contradiction about the brisk ticket sales over time, should I now re-consider that fact that Obama wasn't born in this country? What about the fact that Michael Steele was pelted by Oreos by African American college students, Or gas prices will be well over $5.00 a gallon right before Thanksgiving because of Obama's drilling policies? Should I now dismiss the fact that Sharia Law is creeping into this country? And what about the WAR ON CHRISTMAS, is it real or just blabbering nonsensical hype? Is Hannity really a "Great American" like all his callers say he is? Has WMAL been spreading misinformation all along? (11/18/11)

Radio 101! First rule when putting on a competing signal when going after a market leader. You don't go after the big dog in town when you have a signal that is inferior to theirs. That is sheer stupidity. CBS should know better. Right Mr. Mason? For the benefit of you WHFS crybabies: Remember when I told you back in the summer that station would only be on a translator and the web? Did I tell you it was just there to "test the waters"? CBS like everyone is in business to MAKE MONEY. So called "respect" for the 'HFS call letters doesn't pay the damn bills. You wanna hear some rock and roll? Either go online or buy yourself a decenty sized outdoor antenna and have at it. That's all Dan Mason and CBS are gonna give you! (11/18/11)

Dave, actually the present 99.1 site is in Anne Arundel county. I think this has come up before, but it is about 1,800 feet east of the river, and that would be Anne Arundel County, unless the official boundary is not the present riverbed. (11/18/11)

For some reason, DCRTV Dave is allowing posts that have nothing to do with DCRTV. In that spirit, and in response to the previous poster about I-95/I-495, the original DC route of I-95 would not have cut through Southeast DC but through Northeast. This from Wikipedia, "As proposed in the 1971 D.C. Interstate System program, the Northeast Freeway, eight lanes wide, would have separated from the North Central Freeway south of Takoma Park, Washington, D.C., running northeast out of the District in the vicinity of New Hampshire Avenue. Exiting the District, it would have merged with the Pepco powerline corridor and run straight northeast, crossing Northwest Branch Park in the outer suburban area. The route would have merged with the College Park Interchange on the Capital Beltway, joining the segment of I-95 completed in 1971." Even though DC cancelled the North Central Freeway, it would have been advantageous for Maryland to build I-95 southward from the College Park interchange to the Metzerott Road/University Blvd intersection so as to provide much-needed high-volume access to the University of Maryland campus and providing relief to the Route 1 and Adelphi Road/New Hampshire Avenue routes from the Beltway. Alas, it was not to be. (11/18/11)

Although I don't think that WMAL's new ownership has the guts to do this, it would be interesting to have an "old-fashioned radio war" between WTOP, WMAL and the new CBS station. I know that the formats are not the same, but WMAL could bulk-up the news department (not a cheap thing to do for a frugal company or any company for that matter) and not rely so much on Metro; but what fun it would be for listeners. (11/18/11)

I found this FCC Third Ticket Study Guide, published in 1974. I didn't see anything about charging admission for a broadcast in there, but I know that I know about such a rule from somewhere. (11/18/11)

Random thought. Does anyone know what Al Santos is doing these days. Ran across one of his Sunday Jazz Brunch recordings. Charlie/Springfield (11/18/11)

Re: Ray Lucia on WTNT. A few months ago the satellite frequency was moved by the syndicator and the software update that was sent to adjust their receiver crashed the box. We've been running from either their website or a backup phone feed. The units are supposedly back to working. It should be back to normal in a few weeks when a new C band dish installed at Metro Radios HQ in Fairfax goes online. The existing location at the transmitter just barely cleared a treeline reducing the signal in the summer. Charlie / Metroradio contract engineer. (11/18/11)

I see there are a few people that dislike Metroradioinc. Why is that? I agree with an earlier post is that here we actually have a locally owned broadcast company that pretty new from my understanding. I say give them sometime. I am sure they will improve over time. Question for Dave and whomever else may know this. Out of all of the Spanish stations in the DC radio market what station do most Hispanics listen too for music and news? Is 99.1 the top station? Speaking El Zol I heard a Chris Brown remix on there and I was little surprised. Is CBS using both El Zol and PGC to take away some of the audience from Hot 995? (11/18/11)

"Charlie the contract engineer" - You sir, should sit on a tack. Cousin Brucie has owned WTNT for more than a year. Also, the Lucia show at noon has nothing to do with listener programing; it has everything to do with the check that Ray's brother sends to Cousin Brucie to run those three hours every month. Perhaps you should concentrate on making sure that the station actually powers down at night, as recently (as last night) it was coming in 5 by 5 at Dulles Airport at 4am. There is also zero possibility of Cousin Brucie increasing the power of 1460 in Manassas. Let us look at reality. There is co-channel 1460 WKHZ in Easton (75 miles), 1450 WFTR/Front Royal (45 miles), 1450 WOL/Washington (25 miles), 1440 CP/Hamilton (28 miles - will it ever be built?), 1470 WTTR/Westminster (60 miles), and 1480 WPWC/Dumfries (likely the biggest problem at 18 miles). WKDV isn't increasing power any time soon, if for no other reason, WPWC doesn't need or want Cousin' Brucie's competition. Don't get me started on the FM at 102.9! The second that thing comes on, the interference complaints will be loud from 103.1 in Culpepper and Middletown. (11/18/11)

My brother, the Unsigned Corporate Suit speaks of the live sign off (or sign on) of a TV station being mandated by AFTRA. Those were the days, my friend (forgive me Mary Hopkin!) I know we hoped they'd never end. Today's union would allow preplanned burglaries and traffic accidents, so stations could voicetrack news and traffic, if allowed. It isn't that bad, but close. The good old days, my friend. Boy our old LaSalle ran great... Our friend Donnie continues to beat his beatnik drum about WHFS on 99.1. Their "Lanham 'cast" is the same as it has been for the past (at least) 10 years. While the transmitter is just to the northwest of Bowie, the station is still licensed to Annapolis. Even if the city of license is changed to Bowie, it will still have the same coverage, as it is locked in place by 98.7 and 99.5 in Washington. It could certainly go further east, or north, but that isn't part of their game plan. 99.1 as an all news option covers places that WTOP does not cover. WTOP, with their trimulcast, covers places that 99.1 can't. 99.1 is strong east and north, but is limited to the west by, again, 98.7 and 99.5 in Washington. It is also severely limited (stepped on) by 99.3 in Spotsylvania. WTOP covers Frederick on 103.9 with that limited coverage. 103.5 obviously covers DC, and all of the immediate metro counties. 107.7 covers the very fast growing southern and western metro areas. As another poster noted, you need to have that "clock radio" coverage in addition to the "car radio" coverage in this PPM world that we all live in. WTOP easily has the upper hand in most of the DC area in this aspect. 99.1 will cover Prince Georges, Charles, and Calvert counties better than WTOP currently can. They will be a hard "office radio" catch in DC, Montgomery, Northern VA - the same things that plagued WHFS. Even putting 99.1 in mono won't help a great deal in the fringe areas. 99.1 will continue to be heard great in Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Howard, Queen Annes, Talbot, Dorchester counties - all Baltimore metro, and all where the agency ad dollars are much less. Where did WHFS go wrong? Without screaming the word "CORPORATE!!!" - was the issue that it was really a Baltimore station that was trying to masquerade as a DC station - and the ad revenue wasn't there (from DC) to support it? Did the music get so shitty that the format wasn't worthwhile anymore? Was it poor programming? I guess we could all come up with a number of reasons. The climate for rock or alternative programming has changed drastically. Stations have been signing off in droves, migrating to either sports, talk, or even oldies programming. Some have flipped to CHR. Ad buyers buy stations based on ratings. Listeners weren't/aren't listening. Perhaps people that like that genre of music got fed up with programming on the radio, and were early adapters of iPod's and such. Maybe that's why people love the music, and buy (download) the music, but when a station exists with the music, it is either low rated, or an "also run" when there is "nothing else" to do in the market. Regarding the Spanish on 107.9 - this, in my opinion, is merely a formality. You put it there, it fails, and CBS can put a mass appeal music format for Baltimore on that frequency within a year. 107.9 would have no problem moving a few miles to the north to serve Charm City. While it is "making money" for CBS (at least on 99.1), it isn't making nearly enough - and has next to nothing in agency dollars. Between that, and what they are paying their talent - 107.9 is clearly on "apoyo a la vida" - Another Corporate Suit (11/18/11)

ANOTHER EDITION OF DEAR WASHINGTON/LOVE BALTIMORE (yeah I've been slacking for awhile)... It's once again time for that time honored tradition of taking a snobby Washingtonian out to the woodshed. As even Dave Hughes has often said, Washington is unlike almost any other market. The constant criticism of Bawlamorese phrases used on Baltimore television or radio annoys me. Unlike DC, Baltimore has a longer history and a local unique culture, something DC still strives to create unsuccessfully. The problem with DC is not as much the transient nature of the population, but the fact that so many people are there for such a short term amount of time and never assimilate as, say for instance, someone moving to New York city. If you move to New York city, you either assimilate and become a New Yorker or you are thrown under the bus VERY QUICKLY. That doesn't happen in DC, too many people are lobbyists or on short term government contracts. They don't assimilate. Probably the ONLY thing people bond with in DC is government and the Redskins and both might end up on life support at the rate they're going. In Baltimore, like New York & Philadelphia & Boston, you have a substantial population that has always been here and a lot of people who don't even leave town much, the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of WASHINGTON DC. So when you see Thames Street or Lancaster Street in Baltimore, guess what? We're going to continue to call them "THAYMS" & "LAND CASTER" instead of their stiff upper lip proper British pronunciation. So if you have a problem with that, guess what? MOVE BACK TO FUCKING CALIFORNIA, LONDON, OR SOME PLACE ELSE! -- Love, Baltimore. :-) (11/18/11)

/\ November 18 Messages /\

\/ November 17 Messages \/

Hey, "Charlie / Contract Engineer for Metroradio Inc.", how about fixing the satellite receiver used for the Ray Lucia Show? Sounds like a high error rate causing audio garble and dropouts. (11/17/11)

Someone wrote, "Fox45 is airing a commercial for the University of Notre Dame in Baltimore but the voice mispronouces the name of the college." What would you consider to be the correct pronunciation: "no trah dahm"; "note er dame"; "new tur dame"; something else? (11/17/11)

Interesting question regarding the legality of charging admission to a broadcast. I believe you’re referring the old “Element 9” on the First Phone Test. Since I didn’t take mine in the early seventies, I can’t help you with what was on the test then. Are you possibly thinking of what we use to say at what we called a “sign-on” or a “sign-off”? “… Programs telecast by WDCR-TV are intended primarily intended for home reception. No exhibition of the programs broadcast by WDCR-TV may be made where there is a fee for admission, cover charge for entertainment, fee for mechanical operation, or any other fee with respect thereto without the written permission of WDCR-TV.” My God! Except for my obvious callsign pun, I can hear Holly Wright saying that phrase now. And, that was when AFTRA made sure those announcements were live! Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/17/11)

It would be fun and cool if the new 99.1 format were branded "WCBS." That's right. Except for the top of the hour ID, they can call the station anything they want. If WWRC was any guide after NBC corporate sold 980KHz back in the 80s, someone will find a creative way to "bury" the FCC issued call letters so that no one notices them. (11/17/11)

From State of Maryland construction plans I have here at my house that date back to the 1950s/60s/70s from the State Legislature, the entire Capitol Beltway is technically called I-495 long before I-95 was constructed, but was later "dual named". 2 problems with I-95 in this region occurred. Initial plans were to take I-95 right along Boston Street through historic Fells Point/Canton and a bridge right across the Inner Harbor not far from Harborplace. Tons of houses were actually torn down in advance of this plan which was eventually scrapped for a tunnel after public protests. The Baltimore Inner Harbor and HarborPlace would probably not even exist had this plane been carried out. MD Sen. Barbara Mikulski actually was a community activist who's political career actually stemmed from the I-95 protests in Baltimore. Now in DC, a similar thing happened although I don't have as much detail on that. I know the original plan for I-95 in DC was to tear down houses in a largely black neighborhood in southeast DC and just go right through DC near the Anacostia area and across the Potomac with a new bridge. Once again civic activists stopped the plan. At the time DC and Baltimore were roughly the same size, but Baltimore had more power and influence and got the better end of the deal because I-95 was never actually built through Washington DC at all as it was in most other east coast cities like Philly & NYC & Baltimore. They just dumped 95 onto the Capitol Beltway, which turned out to be a planning disaster to this day. IIRC, the last stretch of I-95 to be completed on the east coast was due to delays in building the ridiculously expensive project called the Fort McHenry Tunnel that replaced the original plan to go through Baltimore city. The houses were later replaced after tons of people had been forced to move for ultimately NO REASON! (11/17/11)

@ZombieWolf... About the ONLY THING the "gumbmint" is good at is wasting time filing paperwork. NO APPLICATION FOR 10,000 WATTS HAS BEEN FILED BY WKDV 1460 and only a complete fool would announce it BEFORE FILING! What complete idiots you both are. A smart person would have filed it quietly, not gotten any objections, gotten approved, and then said, HAHA, WE'RE 10,000 WATTS NOW! LOOK AT US! Not that it'll make a damn bit of difference though now that I think of it. LMAO Uggghhh, there are so many dumb people that post on DCRTV that think they are so clever yet have no clue. (11/17/11)

Gotta love Donnie's postings, not that he's nut's but a guy that thinks like a normal person, and like an actual listener. For the record Mervis sponsors and advertises on DC101 these day's. How coincidental, from HFS to now DC101. HFS on 97.5 is just such proof of a sad state of radio these day's old white guy penny pinchers are pulling all the crap format's like New's and Talk to the FM side to replace the music that all normal radio listener's enjoy much more and the advertisers on those stations that the listeners associate with the station and thus do business with. The reason why I say HFS on 97.5 is the perfect example is that fact that the format is great, but being on a low powered transmitter, I never get the station north and west of Baltimore, for me no matter how much I love the station and the music I don't really bother listening anymore because I see no sense in changing a station everyday on the way up to Westminster, MD half way into my drive when the 97.5 signal drops out suddenly in Reisterstown from that light bulb powered transmitter. Maybe Mickey on 98Rock was right in picking on HFS which even I had to laugh about a little when it first came back, for any other reason but just to kick CBS in the nuts for being the idiots they are. Kudo's to CBS Baltimore for giving HFS a small chance and allowing the music to be heard on a standard FM dial, but I give a big screw you to CBS Washington and CBS headquarter's for now not just killing one Baltimore signal but now two on an overgrown armpit of America market in Washington. WTOP has never gotten a moment of my time and 99.1 will not either, why? Simple news and talk makes for the most extremely boring and depressing radio possible, heck I would and have listened to classical music before a crappy AM dial style station. I guess AM format's work better for big corporations too since they just turn the stereo off and go to the 1950's style Monotone audio, I'm sure somewhere they save money for doing that too. In my personal opinion and I think 90% of people who read and post on this site will admit, that 99.1 will be trampled by WTOP forever, realistically it will offer nothing you don't already have on WTOP, and it's not going to supplant WTOP as "DC socially correct" station to listen to. CBS or anyone for that matter waited way too long to get into the New's format game, and as for WBAL-AM, they keep it local and that's what has alway's won in Baltimore rating's so I really doubt 99.1 has any chance in Baltimore either. Another waste of time IMO, and waste of a good FM signal, but I never doubted that a corporate radio company would ever be smart enough to right a ship or upstart an impact station. My wife & I are both 25-54 overall demo (26 & 29 respectively) and neither of us have ever listened to New's or Talk on the radio and I'm sure if these corporate idiots continue to pull music for more news & talk bs that still wouldn't change. We'd both just go to XM, and stream Pandora instead. Guess HFS on 99.1 would have never made my preset anyway even though I love alternative rock and have 97.9 and 101.1 as my #1 & 2 most listened to preset's, well anyway that's what CBS corporate exec's and consultant's tell me since supposedly that being in the 25-54 demo that I don't listen to Rock or Alternative rock from the "research" they've done. (11/17/11)

Fox45 is airing a commercial for the University of Notre Dame in Baltimore but the voice mispronouces the name of the college. Why doesn't someone do something about this. The same commercial on another station is done correctly. (11/17/11)

Someone please tell reporter at WBAL TV that North Avenue is NOT in North Baltimore!! (11/17/11)

Caution: SEX TALK ahead! "I suggest he stop shooting his mouth off and actually FILE THE DAMN FCC APPLICATION. Yep, no application filed." How about you, sport, wrapping your mind around the idea that just because a gummint agency hasn't updated their website (you did refresh your browser, of course) that means the paperwork hasn't been filed? Until then, to paraphrase Tenacious D, go fuck yourself gently. - ZombieWoof And when I say that I mean rub one out, because you are WAY too tense for the situation you imagine exists. - ZombieWoof And when I say that, I mean pleasure yourself. - ZombieWoof (11/17/11)

Dave, The "all news, all the time" philosophy is the WINS format, the concept of which and that phrase were in place/use long before CBS owned the station. They go back as far as the 1960's, when I was in the Big Apple managing/programming WRFM, one of the top rated music stations at the time. (11/17/11)

I wonder if CBS will also take a look at their all-sports station. It is sad that in a top 10 market we have two sports stations that - combined - might have one competent air staff between them. Things I look forward to on DC sports radio every day....Mike Wise and his trusty sidekick ridiculing listeners who call in. Boys, get yerself a 6 share and then you can flush the fans. Until then, be thankful anyone is listening...John Thompson singing "Everyday People" every day at 2pm. That's some tasty radio....LaVar struggling to make a cogent point...Andy Polley saying "stay with us"...which is my cue to leave EVERY SINGLE TIME...106.7's night and weekend shows who mistake raising their voice to having an opinion. That said, there are things to like about DC sports radio - The Junks, Mr. Tony, Czaban, Tom Loverro and the fact that 106.7 actually tries to be local at nights and on weekends. (11/17/11)

Please edit the mailbag Dave Hughes... It's NOT GERRY SANDUSKY, IT'S JERRY SANDUSKY, NO RELATION to WBAL TV's sports director, yet people keep typing it wrong repeatedly and he keeps getting death threats on TV HILL! (11/17/11)

RE: "The things the radical right try to tell us without documentation: Fact: According to Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal, the George W. Bush administration created 3 million jobs in 8 years, the "worst track record in history." "..... Don't you think quoting an almost 2 year old story is the least bit deceitful if not disingenuous? Don't you think President Obama is now right up there with the Bush record or lack of one? If you want to see how broken government is on both sides, just watch this Steve Kroft clip from CBS's 60 Minutes last Sunday. It basically proves that practically EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS SHOULD HAVE SPENT THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME IN PRISON AS MARTHA STEWART INCLUDING 2 SPEAKERS OF THE HOUSE IF NOT MORE! ... (11/17/11)

Well if METRO RADIO's Bruce Houston intends to upgrade WKDV AM 1460 to 10,000 watts, I suggest he stop shooting his mouth off and actually FILE THE DAMN FCC APPLICATION. Yep, no application filed. If it shows up tomorrow I'll apologize, but so far, it's just PR BS. No such FCC filing exists. True. So yes Dave Hughes, you got duped into reporting a fantasy story from someone wanting to jump on the CBS Radio ALL NEWSER bandwagon for FREE PR. LOL Sorry. -- Joe in Essex (11/17/11)

Paul Anthony explains how he became the voice of the 1010 WINS All-news Radio liner in this 2010 excerpt from "Out of the Past". See the full interview at: (11/17/11)

On the podcast, Dukes was talking about how difficult it was to talk about an issue like Penn State so much, and that the podcast was a nice break. That was the gist. You want to talk about child rape for 5 hours a day? Don't think so. Nice try, though, "Agenda Emailer." Clearly a disgruntled employee. (11/17/11)

I don't think anybody can really lay claim to breaking the new CBS ALL NEWS RADIO story except maybe Tom Taylor from Inside Radio, who really had the scoop that CBS wanted Annapolis/Baltimore's 107.9 FM really bad and that Merlin might have had the cash and got outbid. What is strange to me is that once again CBS is putting a Latino format on a signal NOT NEAR LATINOS! Why would CBS Washington make the same mistake twice? My ideal situation if I were making the decisions would be a FOUR station flip, 106.7 Spanish, 94.7 All News DC, sports to 99.1 (you can actually receive it at FedEx Field, imagine that unlike 106.7), and 94.7's format to 107.9. Doesn't that seem the most logical? Am I crazy? I don't think this new CBS all news station will be covering much Baltimore news even though it will technically be a Baltimore market station according to Arbitron and have a better signal in the Baltimore market than in DC. Maybe I'm not getting something here. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong since I do have more of a Baltimore perspective. 99.1 HFS actually BEAT WIYY 97.9 a few times in ratings, yet failed miserably in DC. Isn't this sorta a re-do with just a different format? I also don't like the idea of Baltimore losing not 1 but now TWO FM stations to greedy filthy rich Washington government McMansion hogs. -- Baltimore Media Blog. ( ) (11/17/11)

Dave, CBS filed to change WLZL's community of license to Bowie (without moving the transmitter again) back in August. It was approved a week ago, so legal IDs should be reflecting that. (11/17/11)

Dave's response: How about this - "WLZL Bowie, Home Of Albie Deeeeeeeee".....

Well if METRO RADIO's Bruce Houston intends to upgrade WKDV AM 1460 to 10,000 watts, I suggest he stop shooting his mouth off and actually FILE THE DAMN FCC APPLICATION. Yep, no application filed. If it shows up tomorrow I'll apologize, but so far, it's just PR BS. No such FCC filing exists. True. So yes Dave Hughes, you got duped into reporting a fantasy story from someone wanting to jump on the CBS Radio ALL NEWSER bandwagon for FREE PR. LOL Sorry. -- Joe in Essex (11/17/11)

Now that CBS owns 99.1 FM and it will be all news, maybe they can just use something similar to its New York call letters, maybe something similar to WCBS like... WCBM, oh, that's no good. How about a switch from WINS to...WINX, no that's no good either. Maybe WFAN can provide the inspiration for...WFAX....nope. How about that's a bad starting point. I've got it: "WNNI, 99.1, Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington, Easton, Kent Island, Crofton, Bladensburg, Morningside" voiced by Pat Garrett, oh wait a minute....And if they move to 105.1, they can be "All News All the Time, WAVA, Arlington-Washington", voiced by Carl Kassel.And the circle comes around, finally! Ba da Boom!-- Carl in Olney (11/17/11)

One thing Mr. Tony said is that DC has 2 all sports stations. This is ture, but he forgot 570 (one of ltlle Danny's stations) which has sports most of the time. So i gusess that DC has 2 3/4 sports stations. (11/17/11)

RE: [RE: "If they can get Channel 4 online, they will have a winner." Though I like the idea, doing that might piss off WUSA as they're the CBS TV affiliate in town. But who would want to partner with them? LOL.] Isn't NBC still wishing to sell off their O&Os? If so, CBS should snap up WRC and pair it up eventually with 99.1. WRC-FM, perhaps? Hmmmm... CBS4, Fox5, ABC7, NBC9, and 99.1 WRC-FM? (11/17/11)

Dave's response: Salem talker 1260, WWRC, is calling itself "WRC" these days. Hmmm.....

I really can’t imagine anyone listening/watching KHZTV. Since there is nothing to see/listen to and hasn’t been for almost 7 weeks. I guess whomever posted they listened between 10A-12N, must be aroused by nothing (11/17/11)

Just sayin….I find it amazing the “liberal posters” can post about anything in the mailbag…local or national, inaccurate or accurate and it’s posted with no comments. However, if a “conservative poster” posts national/local..if it doesn’t mention at least a media name it’s considered unfair and the “liberals” get their panties in an uproar. Facts are facts, if one chooses to dis-regard them, so be it. Take care of your family, your friends and your country. The military is trying it’s best as the hierarchy cuts their spending..go figure??? Live Free, or Die….be armed or unarmed, I know my preference. (11/17/11)

Thus far, only one of the proposed call signs for 99.1 is available. All others are in use by some AM, FM, or TV station somewhere. Go to to find out what's really available. (11/17/11)

Two things: #1. Extremely sad news regarding Ron Smith. If you haven't listened to him, apparently you have very little time to take in his talents. #2. If you don't like what "just sayin" has to say, DON'T READ IT. Or is it that the truth hurts? (11/17/11)

Re: "!- Just sayin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Probably won’t get posted!" Come on Dave...this guy is trolling your site, the manic serial postings don't even have the vaguest connection to a local media story, person, or even prior posting. I guess we are to gather that general political grandstanding is allowed in the Mailbag, without even the courtesy reach-around of mention of Rush, Sean..or alike in one's post. (11/17/11)

Dave's response: I know who posted that and he is a local radio veteran.....

On his podcast this week, Chad Dukes admitted that his show with Lavar Arrington on 106.7 is "boring". And he meant it--so much so that fellow WJFK employee Matt Cahill tried to dump the word but didn't quite catch it all. The Lavar and Dukes show's former producer, Cahill was transferred a few months ago to another position at the radio station, allegedly because he was caught texting Chad racist jokes about Lavar while at work. He would have been fired by most other Program Directors, but Chris Kinard is such close friends with Chad and Matt that it is not a professional relationship--instead, Chad gets away with so much at the station it is amazing. (11/17/11)

Dave's response: LaVar Arrington may be a great football player and a nice guy, but he's rather awful as a radio host. Chad Dukes is solid, but he needs a good radio partner, like Oscar Santana. Pairing Chad back with Oscar or that Danny guy, or Holden, or Wise, or even one the Junks, would be far better afternoon drive radio than his yawn-inducing pairing with LaVar. It's not "fun" listening.....

"WTOP billed $60 million last year and is a steady ratings leader, though All-News 99.1 will siphon away a chunk of those dollars and a not inconsiderable hunk of audience. Where is WMAL in either billing or ratings? Nowhere, really. WMAL amounts to a niche station, at best." SERIOUSLY? Why is anyone comparing WTOP with WMAL? WTOP is an ALL NEWS STATION! WMAL is a NEWS TALK station. Two entirely different formats. WTOP provides news, traffic and weather all day long. WMAL provides news twice an hour and mainly features OPINION shows mainly about politics and it leans to the Right. In New York, no one compares WABC with WCBS. It's fascinating to read some of these comments from obvious leftists who think WMAL is terrible while quoting 12+ ratings that mean nothing. Of course it's terrible...TO YOU!!!!!! Just as those of us on the right think Ed Schultz, Rachael Maddow and what's his name, Olbermann are the ones wearing the tin foil hats....and what station are they on? I'm not sure...I don't choose to listen and I don't sit around pontificating all day about how horrible they are while dreaming of ways to remove them from the air. (11/17/11)

ABC News has a story in which a former FBI agent and expert on child molesters is pointing out the similiarties in stories between Gerry Sandusky and Micheal Jackson. It should also be pointed out how different the media is in handling of the facts, accusations and presumption of innocence between Sandusky and Jackson. Liberal bias at work in the form of reverse racism and politically correct hate speech? (11/17/11)

Dave - Here's my guess on how CBS will make a go of all news on FM here in D.C. They may start out at 99.1 but that signal is still lousy compared to how WTOP covers the area. My guess is CBS will acquire 105.1 in a trade with Salem for multiple signals in return. The only way they can offer any kind of a threat to WTOP is to be on a blowtorch signal so don't be surprised if they do signal swaps to make it happen. Just my $0.02. Tom in Frederick (11/17/11)

Dave's response: CBS could throw in 99.1, 106.7, and 1580 for Salem's 105.1. That would be a fair trade. I've always had a strange feeling that 106.7 would someday go Christian.....

[WASH, 97.1, to go all Christmas on Friday.....] Another reason to stick to WTOP (11/17/11)

[RE 99.1:] Maybe they'll give us more than 48 seconds of news in a ten minute cycle, unlike W-You-Know-Who. (11/17/11)

I'll happily make the switch [to 99.1] if the new station refrains from ending every other story with "go to our website" for the information we're too cheap to give you over the airwaves. Also, it would be nice if their special feature pieces, like J.J. Green' they promote incessantly every hour, would last longer than the promotion itself. (11/17/11)

The things the radical right try to tell us without documentation: Fact: According to Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal, the George W. Bush administration created 3 million jobs in 8 years, the "worst track record in history." The Clinton administration created 23 million jobs. And by the way, a President always has the right to veto any measure that come to his desk. Bush never had the guts to veto anything ever presented by either party. ACH (11/17/11)

Recently, I've been finding myself listening to that 10 A.M. to noon slot on KHZ more often....Just Pointing It Out. (11/17/11)

After a couple of days of contemplating to post this about EL ZOL, I have decided to put my two cents in. PUT EL ZOL ON A HD SUB CHANNEL. BRING BACK HFS TO 107.9! (11/17/11)

Some how, I missed the MEDIA referencebelow. "Just Sayin" seems to have an agenda. Ed Graham ["Gee, I was just going through the archives of requirementsto be POUS and just TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!!!] (11/17/11)

More on CBS's plans to start an all-news radioer on 99.1 for the DC area. And, how DCRTV beat everybody on the big news. Plus, why I think the new newser should align itself with DC's CBS-TV affiliate, Gannett-owned WUSA. Also, more DC radio ratings for middays and evenings. And more in today's "Dave TV"..... (11/17/11)

I vote for WFCT or even WFKT would work. WTOP has the best newser calls ...TOP of the hour....TOP of the ratings....I hate news radio and even I know it would take a much better newser than CBS is capable of to shake the legs of the giant. Several new news stations may dip TOPs numbers combined. If I recall correctly much of DC complained about lack of reception on 99.1 Annapolis ,not sure about 99.1 Lanhams 'cast. Either way I'm going against the grain as usual and my opinion is 99.1 All News will be a disappointment and a topic of "I thought you said" conversations in the boardrooms by summer. Donnie (11/17/11)

Dave's response: How about WMID, for the "middle of the dial"? Anybody remember the late great Atlantic City "top 40" outlet, WMID?

[RE WASH going XMAS:] That'd be great if they didn't play the same holiday songs over and over and over (11/17/11)

[RE 99.1 going all-news:] It was bound to happen, for TOP to have a strong rival, in the DC market. I'm surprised that it hasn't actually happened sooner. (11/17/11)

Starting tomorrow, Nov. 18, WASH-FM 97.1 will be playing holiday music 24/7. One week before Thanksgiving. (11/17/11)

[From DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages:] Chad Dukes gets his parked car towed by NOVA cops for having expired sticker...... (11/17/11)

[99.1 calls:] I thought about WDMV, but when I said it out loud, it was hard to make the "M" to "V" transition sound smooth. So I switched it to "DVM". (11/17/11)

WDVM was used in the 80s by what is now WUSA so that might introduce too much confusion. (11/17/11)

The things the Media don’t tell us…hang on, you WON’T like this if you’re a “Lib”—All FACT!!!-- The day the Democrats took over was not January 22nd 2009, it was actually January 3rd 2007, the day the Democrats took over the House of Representatives and the Senate, at the very start of the 110th Congress. The Democratic Party controlled a majority in both chambers for the first time since the end of the 103rd Congress in 1995. For those who are listening to the liberals propagating the fallacy that everything is "Bush's Fault", think about this: January 3rd, 2007, the day the Democrats took over the Senate and the Congress: The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77. The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%. The Unemployment rate was 4.6% George Bush's Economic policies SET A RECORD of 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS of JOB CREATION!- Just sayin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Probably won’t get posted! (11/17/11)

According to the Post, per Farhi, the CBS station will focus on the DC suburbs, although there will be some coverage of DC news. That strategy makes no sense to me whatsoever, and seems to be conceding the District, with some 600,000 residents, to WTOP. (Shawn in DC). (11/17/11)

Dave's response: Paul is a pillar of journalism. You should believe that everything he writes is completely based in solid fact.....

Re:: News on 99.1. Any word on whether they will (a) actually have a news staff (b) cover Baltimore metro? Seems to me that with their nice clear signal in the Balto area and the (at least anecdotal) dislike of WBAL, they’d do pretty well. Bob A. in Pikesville, MD. (11/17/11)

Yeah Dave. While I'd like to voice it. Paul Anthony, I think, may have been the original voice for 1010 WINS-AM New York. That would be cool if Paul could voice this one in D.C. But still, oh my.. how I would love to voice it. Steve Swenson/Dan Mason here you go... "Ninety Nine WINS News Time.. 4:18.. WHewwwww! Go with the synergy baby!!!! HJ Balto. (11/17/11)

Dave's response: Buzz Burbank would also be a good choice for 99.1's imaging voice.....


Dave's response: Yes! 99.1 should get DC TV and radio vet Paul Anthony to be their imaging voice.....

[99.1 calls:] WOMP-All the newscasters can do a nice catchphrase after the news like, "man gunned downed in supermarket. Woomp, there it is." WHUT- thing with a "you've GOT to be kidding me" southern drawl type of "whut?" after someone makes a point. WING-Pull off a whole flying high on the wings of an eagle for truth and justice. Or keep it if you flip to sports talk and hand out buffalo wings at station events. WHOA-Bill has his no spin zone but the buck stops here, pal. Whoa. Whatever it is should look great on a 3 button polo worn by a grumpy engineering staff as well as a coffee mug gripped tighter than the suit fits the robust listener who is wearing it. (11/17/11)

Dave's response: Cool Vegas rocker back in the day - KOMP.....

[99.1 calls:] Whatever they call it they should stay far, far away from WUSA9 news. Kiss Of Death (11/17/11)

[99.1 calls:] they should buy WDMV from Birach (11/17/11)

I predict CBS will do this 99.1 All Newser in thier usual belly flop style. They're already making a blind,deaf and dumb move by putting El Zol on a stick that reaches LESS of its heaviest demographic than 99.1 does. The second idiotic move is going up against WTOP which is the news giant and shows no sign of weakening,in fact if WTOP decides to even acknowledge the new kid on the block they,and thier fans,will decimate CBS attempts at drawing the core audience away. And last,but definitely in my opinion never least, the failure to return Baltimore and Washingtons Number One Alternative Rock to its rightful stick is the pinacle of seven years of utter stupidity and insult to an entire multigenerational and cross-class demographic AND a local institution!!! I noticed someone mentioned putting the WHFS calls back but not the format? Whose pinheaded idea would THAT be? That would be like Mervis Jewelers deciding to sell fried chicken or Fox Auto selling wristwatches!!! Yes CBS continues to make one dumb decision after another. HFSat97.5 is evidence of a glimmer of intelligence that was buried under the detris of Clueless Broadcasting System in high flying full color stereophonic moron style!!!! SMART MOVE: Put WHFS Alternative Rock BACK on 99.1 FM,put El Zol on 106.7 FM and put ALL NEWS UPSTART AMATUER CHALLENGER on 107.9 FM IF and WHEN it is actually BOUGHT!!!!! But Hey I'm just a guy who can recite all the commercials on 97.5 ....I don't listen to commercials at source of revenue for HFS advertisers here at all,nope.....By The Way where's Asylum Wake Skate,Snow and Ronnie Mervis and all the other advertisers I never even paid attention to on 99.1 these days? Donnie. PS: Hey CBS: Who Has any Fuckin' Sense over there? (11/17/11)

Dave's response: A radio ratings guru once told me that in order to get good ratings you need to be have a strong enough signal to be received on cheap clock radios that people have by their beds. This is even more true in the PPM era. And 99.1 is just not that strong in Northern Virginia - and Fairfax County has almost twice as many people as DC does. But 103.5 comes in great, even on the cheap equipment.....

Some of the posters lately seem amazed that the average WMAL listener (or host, for that matter) is correctly viewed by people with even two viable brain cells to rub together, as a bunch of baggers and crazies. Like that's an assessment that is somehow outlandish and inaccurate, or simply not possible. WTOP billed $60 million last year and is a steady ratings leader, though All-News 99.1 will siphon away a chunk of those dollars and a not inconsiderable hunk of audience. Where is WMAL in either billing or ratings? Nowhere, really. WMAL amounts to a niche station, at best. (11/17/11)

Gee, I was just going through the archives of requirements to be POUS and just TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!!! Especially the Parental Requirments: The actual text of the THIRD CONGRESS in 1795 states, "...children of citizens [plural = both parents] of the United States...shall be considered citizens of the United States; Provided That the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons, whose fathers have never been resident in the United States..." (THIRD CONGRESS Session II. Ch.21. 1795, Approved January 29, 1795, pp. 414-415. Document margin note: "How children shall obtain citizenship through their parents" Document margin note: Ummm, don’t meant to stir up the “Libs” Just sayin!!!! (11/17/11)

I’ve been wondering why CBS didn’t put all-news on 94.7, which has the intensity inside the Beltway to compete with WTOP. I’m thinking maybe it’s because AC is a big format in offices, which of course means it needs to penetrate buildings. Perhaps all-news is a bigger in-car format. I still wonder though whether 99.1 has the signal intensity to compete with WTOP in DC. Roddy Freeman (11/17/11)

Dave's response: In order to get the maximum coverage from 99.1's northern PG signal, it'll need to be run in mono. And if CBS put the newser on 94.7 and moved Fresh to 99.1, Maroon 5 would sound completely flat if it's not in glorious stereo.....

[99.1 calls:] How about WDCRTV?? Oh, too long. (11/17/11)

[99.1 calls:] WDVM--District, Virginia, Maryland. Perfect! (11/17/11)

Dave's response: Or WDMV, which would probably be more popular with PGCers down the hall.....

I like watching WUSA in the morning because there seems to be a lot LESS commercials. NBC4 will come back on after a plethera of commercials just to say, "When we come back...." and cut to a dozen more. (11/17/11)

Ron Smith (1090 WBAL) making an announcement @ 9:00am... His last column for the Baltimore Sun will be this Friday. Other stuff also. (11/17/11)

Hi Dave, I'll put a record on the turntable and needleskip through a few thoughts. First, I appreciate the recent blurb about next week's Barry Richards meet-n-greet in Silver Spring ( I wasn't in the area during his boss jock heyday back in the day, but he ruled the school during Father's Day Weekend 1994 when he participated in X-TRA 104's Big Daddies of Rock-n-Roll Radio Reunion with several other notables of DC radio from the Sixties and Seventies. Second, I welcome the arrival of CBS 99.1. We've had TOP and their traffic-and-weather on the eights forever, and that's great, but it'll be fab to have CBS news on the dial 24/7, too. Third, speaking of CBS, their evening newscast last Friday ended with a feature piece on a short-order eatery in Spartanburg, South Carolina called The Beacon. CBS was in town for the Republlican debate the next evening and their piece on the Beacon and one of its employees was a big happy blast from the past for me. I was a ten-year-old kid in Spartanburg in 1970 when my Dad was in town to build engines for the Bud Moore Engineering race car team which fielded the Boss 302 Mustangs on the Trans-Am circuit that year. And we lived around the corner from the Beacon and those folks were incredibly kind to us Californians who sure enjoyed their big onion rings and big sweet teas. Fourth, I see a post in this forum about terrorism and its roots, and on that subject, I would recommend a watch or two of a documentary titled The Baader-Meinhof Complex. It tells the story of West Germany's Red Army Faction in the Seventies. And fifth, I resonate with some of what JGFY posted yesterday. It is tough to be tossed onto the street by the corporate people in the corner office and I say that from experience--I got my cheery send-off the day before I went on 'vacation' and just like that, the end of sixteen years of distinguished service. Still, radio and television remains a gift to the audience and these days, I appreciate tuning in to Scott Shannon's True Oldies Channel or NPR's Garrison Keillor and Snap Judgement or Christian station WCRH at 90.5 FM. And at the gym, as I generate the proverbial monster wattage on the cardio bike, I watch a bit of the telly as Sirius XM is blasted through the sound sytem. Sort of a wild mash-up but it is there and I make the most of it. Robb de Capitol Heights (11/17/11)

RE: . The vituperative, vicious, nasty slander against WMAL and Sean Hannity by many posters here is proof of the lack of fair, fact based comments by many posters”. I think you do what Hannity does and take a little smidgen of truth or perceived truth and apply it globally. All OWS are evil violent rapists and thugs and all tea party are respectful and non violent and a racist thing has never been said. When I hear Sean speak on the radio he over generalizes things. One particular thing he said that gave me a chuckle was “Conservatives it is ‘til death do us part’. Liberals it is ‘till I get tired of you’. Coming up next, the architect, Karl Rove”. This was just a few days after Rove filed for divorce. Or just a couple days ago when Rush said “Imagine what Brian Williams would have said if NBC hired one of the Bush Girls!”. There are issues that need to be talked about. But to paraphrase “when we cannot even agree on the facts…” (11/17/11)

SNIPPET----(Why the media silence about this explosive issue?!! ) This is just a small slice of what I've been trying to say. I sent an unemployment stats email to DCRTV yesterday it was the % of unemployment in 10 Major cities.... OVER 14% in ALL of them!! Never got posted??? The crime in this current government puts to shame any in the for the "occupiers" they bring filth, degradation, sex, violence and laziness to our front pages cloaked in correctness. And you LIBS keep on drinking the Kool Aid---Just sayin!!! (11/17/11)

Hard to believe the calls WUSA and WUSA-FM are actually going unused by any stations in the U.S. Are they 'parked' or reserved by someone? This is the same reason no radio station has been able to call itself "WNBC" since 660 in NYC changed calls to WFAN. (11/17/11)

Dave's response: Since Gannett has dibbs on WUSA for its DC TVer, if anyone else wanted to use them for an AMer or FMer they would have to get their permission.....

[RE 99.1 as WUSA-FM:] I like the idea. I'm a big Howard Bernstein fan but it seems that he/WUSA are alligned with WASH-FM for weather. The morning newscast at WUSA is the strongest in D.C. as far as I am concerned. The news is lively, fun and not recycled like NBC4. (11/17/11)

Dave's response: Hey, have Howard and Topper doing the weather for 99.1. That would be even better.....

Wow Dave - you are so giddy about this new news station and calling it WUSA-FM. (11/17/11)

Dave's response: I think it's a brilliant idea. It would link 99.1 to CBS even without carrying the CBS radio newscasts (which WTOP has until 2013), since WUSA/9 is a CBS-TV affiliate. It would be great for WUSA-TV, which is struggling with its ratings and could use the promotion via the new 99.1. And it would be great for 99.1 to use the news resources of WUSA-TV, even with a radio news staff much smaller than WTOP. WJLA is already aligned with WTOP, and since WRC and WTTG are owned by rival networks to CBS, Gannett's WUSA seems to be the best "marriage" for the new 99.1. Yup, 9 & 99.1 - not giddy, but I like it.....

[99.1 calls:] I say WDCR. Then get DC's CBS-TV affiliate, WUSA-TV, Channel 9 to change to WDCR-TV. ha ha ha (11/17/11)

Does CBS actually own 107.9 yet? I'm getting lost in the FCC pages trying to find out. (11/17/11)

Dave's response: No. WLZL will move to 107.9 on December 1 according to a lease agreement with Family Radio, pending the closing of the sale sometime in early 2012. Anybody know the price CBS is paying for the signal?

I was reading your mailbag email with much frustration. Are people really that naive? They teach broadcasters to communicate with the mentality of a 12 year old in college. The experts are correct in this assumption based on your mailbag. The vituperative, vicious, nasty slander against WMAL and Sean Hannity by many posters here is proof of the lack of fair, fact based comments by many posters: fact: Wall Street protesters brought violence, rape, robbery and murder during their actions. Fact: There was no rape, murder, violence or robbery during the Tea Party Gatherings. Fact: The Book "Throw Them All Out" hit the bookstores and is selling big time. Where is the coverage about this book on WTOP radio, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and MSObama? Here is a book that names names: Senator Baucas earned thousands. Most important Senator Kerry who is on the Super Committee, has earned hundreds and thousands of dollars with Congressional Legal inside trading--where is the outcry about this deceptive Senator who also tried to avoid taxes on his yahat?!! Where are the 99% Wall Street Protesters who should be protesting Senators Kerry and Baucas? They should be outside Kerry's office door, demanding that Kerry transfer his hundreds of thousands of inside trading dollars to the reduction of our national deficit!! They should be demanding that Kerry be thrown off the Super Committee. They should be demanding that Baucas and others return every penny they earned as well and demand that these Congressional crooks use their trading money to pay down the deficit!! Why the media silence about this explosive issue?!! (11/17/11)

Fasten your seat belts, kids, its going to be a wild ride. An actual head-to-head format battle right here in River City! One thing you can be sure of - it will get expensive. If CBS is serious about making this a battle they will spend big $$ on TV and other marketing. They will start appearing on your Google searches and probably Facebook, too. Will is all work? It depends on what their definition of success is. As the UE mentioned - the rules have changed. There was a time when these types of battles were about winners and losers. In CBS' case - will they be happy with parity? Or, even being a reasonably close #2? Time will tell on that. Either way they are going to spend a lot more money than they make for some time. Will advertisers buy the new station? Of course, at a fraction of any other station in town. There is a segment of the ad community that would love to "stick it" to WTOP because their rates are so high. Of course, their rates are high because they deliver a huge audience that buys stuff. Advertisers will look for a cheaper alternative - whether it works or not. The other question is content. What will the new news station deliver that WTOP does not? We already know that their staff will be a fraction of WTOP's. Does the new station need to be a "better" WTOP or will they thrive just because they are an alternative? There is no question that a portion of WTOP's current audience will settle on this new flavor as its favorite. The question is - how big a portion? One last thing - the new news will not try to be a BaltWash hybrid. They are two different markets and you cannot adequately please both. Will they get ratings in Charm City? Sure. And maybe some ad revenue, too. But their focus will be DC and WTOP. Let the games begin! (11/17/11)

[99.1 calls:] WBWN or WWBN for Baltimore and Washington News (11/17/11)

[99.1 calls:] WCAP is taken. WFPN Front Page News. WCNR Capital News Radio. Would W495 be a legal name? (11/17/11)

Dave's response: The legal call could be WFNF, but the station's slogan could be "W495, Beltway News." I like it. Although half of Beltway is I-95, not I-495.....

[99.1 calls:] I like - WRIP (11/17/11)

[99.1 calls:] WDCN (DC News), which is also a vacant call sign. (11/17/11)

Dear Dave, Thank you for your efforts. I'm so much into your nostalgia as I am interested in "Ratings". However, breakfast is not the only meal on the radio menu. Thank you for recently addressing the "afternoon" numbers. Now if only we could also get a look at the midday folk who carry us through our workday...and while you're at it how about evenings, 7 to 12. MADRADIO (11/17/11)

Dave's response: I'll do it in a future "Dave TV." Stay tuned.....

[99.1 calls:] WNDC ( News DC) (11/17/11)

Call letter contest. What should the call letters of CBS's new DC all-newser on 99.1 be? I say WUSA-FM, with the new station aligning itself with DC's CBS-TV affiliate, WUSA-TV, Channel 9. - DCRTV Dave (11/17/11)

Hey CBS! Get Bob Marbourg, Jim Russ and possibly Lisa Baden for you traffic reports. Definitely a winning team for a all news’er (11/17/11)

Dave's response: Jim Russ, who was recently pink-slipped by Metro Traffic, is a definite possibility for 99.1.....

About those domestic terrorists. Sometime back, there was a vibrant discussion here about all of those extremist right-wing zealots who go around bombing this country in the name of their religion. Well lookie what do we have here. Seems them right wingers had a perfect left wing wacko model to learn from. Unlike those old guys, who only thunk it but didn' do nuthin', this left-wing vegan zealot, Daniel Andreas San Diego, actually did explode bombs. Funny how the media that managed to mention other right wingers over and over again failed to note that while William Ayers may be retired from terrorism, the left wing still has its operatives in the field. This is how you distort the news, by only reporting what fits the agenda. (11/17/11)

If CBS pulls this off the right way, they can be a strong challenger to WTOP and to WBAL. The 99.1 signal is strong in areas where WBAL's signal is weak, not to mention it already has the benefit of being on the FM dial. This could hurt WBAL just enough to drop it from the top ten. WTOP could fall to third or fourth. (11/17/11)

On November 17, 1968 NBC outraged football fans by cutting away from a game between the NY Jets and Oakland Raiders, to air the children's film, "Heidi," on schedule. This caused viewers to miss the Raiders scoring two touchdowns in the final minute, beating the Jets 43–32. The following night, newsman David Brinkley explained what had happened and showed the pivotal final moments of the game. (11/17/11)

Does WIYY flip to WBAL FM before the new year. The Hearst folks must be thinking and thinking hard. All news on 97.9 and the talk on 1090, and they join together at the top of each hour. (11/17/11)

Soooooo, 107.9 will go from a station that no one listens to, to a station that no one listens too. Great plan. (11/17/11)

I was driving near 395 and Shirlington. I was listening to WFED, 1500AM. The signal didn't come in as well as the other local AMers, including low-evening power 730. Has the nighttime signal strength of WFED been reduced. The station had some cool stuff on from Voice of America about the extinction of rhinos in Africa. Skyliner (11/17/11)

I thought that we were finish with the 95.5 conversation of anything else being on that signal than what is currently on it. The current format on 95.5 again bills very well and has great young demo ratings 18-34 numbers to be anything else than what it currently is Rhythmic/CHR . Plus the numbers in the other demos are much better its just not happening. (11/17/11)

Quote: [If I were CBS, I would move sports to 94.7, to compete against Red Zebra, and simulcast Spanish on 106.7 as well since both 106.7 and 107.9 are at one end of the band] On, I suggested something similar although instead of 106.7 going Spanish, it could simulcast 99.1 and thus compensate for 99.1's weak coverage in Northern Virginia and vicinity. (11/17/11)

That is why I am saying CBS needs to buy Channel 9, because I don't think CBS would image a radio station using call letters for a TV station they don't own. (11/17/11)

It used to be that way a long time ago. Remember WTOP-TV 9 and WTOP 1500. (11/17/11)

TOP is still a cash cow. (11/17/11)

This is from the team reason page on facebook: "June Smith - Greetings, Team Reason. Ron will be making a very important announcement at 9:05 a.m. tomorrow. Please know we could not have made it this far without your love and support. Be sure to read Ron's final column in Friday's edition of The Sun. Please know we are at peace." thought you should know... (11/17/11)

Dave's response: God bless WBAL's Ron Smith. A legendary broadcaster.....

I remember something on my FCC 3rd Class test in the early 70s about charging admission to a broadcast not being allowed. Of course, that was probably dropped during deregulation in the 190s (as was the 3rd ticket) - or if the rule still exists, a "taping" skirts the rule because it's not technically a "broadcast". Somebody ask Unsigned Corporate Suit, he'd know. (11/17/11)

/\ November 17 Messages /\

\/ November 16 Messages \/

I can understand news on 99.1 but moving El Zol to 107.9 is a mystery since that signal is much better toward Baltimore and the Eastern Shore rather than toward northern Virginia where the target market should be. The 99.1 signal is much weaker on the Eastern Shore since the last transmitter move but we get 107.9 loud and clear with little or no Spanish speaking audience! A very large chunk of the new El Zol coverage area will be wasted. (11/16/11)

WKDV to hike power. Really? It's news to the FCC. Checked the FCC site, and nothing appears to be on file in the way of such an application as of today. Seems to me the press release should go out AFTER the application has been filed. Doubt the hike will happen anyway but sure makes for good sales talk to the clients. (11/16/11)

[WUSA-FM] would also give 99.1 credible call letters. Giving "All News 99.1" the WHFS calls just doesn't sound right, IMO. (11/16/11)

CBS made the announcement. Anyone curious about advertiser response? Consider this: If client response is positive. If based on pre-air pre-sell CBS feels they can really be a player. Then, perhaps, they'll actually debut the all news format to 95.5. or 94.7 That way they would have full market coverage and downtown DC penetration. 99.1 would cover most of the strong WPGC zipcodes. (11/16/11) - Steve Swenson did a live interview on 9 News Now at 7PM totalk about the new CBS All News station, this clip is just an ISO camera on him, Derek McGinty is the interviewer. (11/16/11)

(From Front Page) WKDV plans to increase power from 5 kW to 10 kW ... Bruce Houston [hopes] that his Hispanic station fills the gap caused by CBS Radio's plans to move WLZL, El Zol, from 99.1 to 107.9. (END) Oh sure, as we all know, WLZL is the only Spanish station on AM or FM in this burg. What "gap"? (11/16/11)

"CBS will be launching an all-news-formatted station in January 2012 on 99.1 FM. The El Zol move will take place on December 1." So what will be on 99.1 in the interim? Best of Greaseman? (11/16/11)

I for one am glad to see TOP have some competition. Their new traffic department sucks. Now maybe we can get traffic every five minutes between the two. Do you think they will hire speech impediments like Farley does? No Mr. Tony yesterday because no PTI? He is busting balls about podcasts again. Anyone know when his deal is up? Chad was ranting today about Jason Reed being blocked on JFK. Anyone got skinny? Speaking of Chad, he must be DYING with holding in his real opinion of the PSU shit with LaVar’s take on it. I have to give it to him to have Cooley on for a long time followed by Boudreau after a loss last night. That was good sports radio. OOBBEE (11/16/11)

Dave, I've noticed that both MASN HD feeds have been down on Comcast in Annapolis since Monday. The regular channels are working. Have you heard anything? Ron in Annapolis (11/16/11)

Great idea, especially during severe WX situations, they [99.1] could simulcast WUSA's audio, proving effective for those without power or who are traveling at the time. (11/16/11)

Dave - I wasn't meaning coverage wise. I'm sure 99.1 can hit both DC and Baltimore with no problem. I meant news wise. Can a station "serve' both markets with Baltimore news and DC news and do both well? (11/16/11)

I know that CBS can do news well. I've heard WCBS a few times and was quite impressed. I'm just worried they may not have enough focus if they plan on serving two markets at the same time. (11/16/11)

Concerning WTOP’s current affiliations, it alsocarries content from (at least) the radio arms of CNN, the AP, MarketWatch, andBloomberg. While Dial Global (by way of Westwood One) also handles CNNand MarketWatch (see,my hunch is that those deals aren’t dependent on ‘TOP’scurrent deal for CBS programming. (Of course, I could be wrong.) As always, thanks! (11/16/11)

Bad part is that I can't get 99.1 down in Freddyburg. I can get 103.5 pretty well and 107.7 very well. Would be a shame if WTOP does eventually go under. (11/16/11)

Can an all news station serve two markets at the same time successfully? DC and Baltimore are as different as night and day. (11/16/11)

Dave's response: 99.1 has a great signal into much of the Baltimore market. Should WBAL-AM be just a little bit worried? I think so.....

Getting a quarter of the market share away from Hubbard would be a win for CBS, but knowing them, they would want to ascend to the throne. Dave, how long do you think it would take for CBS to pull off taking that share of the ad revenue? (11/16/11)

Dave's response: A year?

It's just me, but I think if CBS is serious about making this FM news station work and becoming the powerhouse they think it can be, they should just go after Gannett and buy WUSA off of them. This way CBS could leverage coverage with two major TV stations covering the entire region. (11/16/11)

CBS likes to reuse the same people. Im waiting for traffic with LaVar! (11/16/11)

What CBS doesn't have is the repeaters and simulcasts that WTOP has. True, 99.1 is far better than sticking this on, say, 1580... but WTOP has an advantage when it comes to the immediate DC market penetration. (11/16/11)

Dave's response: Hey, you don't need to beat WTOP. The new CBS all-newser on 99.1 just needs to take about one-quarter of WTOP's ad revenue ($60M X 0.25 = $15M) and that'll be pretty good for the outside-the-Beltway 99.1, which was originally an Annapolis-based rimshot.....

What the intelligensia here fail to realize, in this discussion of WTOP, CBS etc, is that the market has changed. The discussion here is centering on absolutes, winner take all, one to a market, and other concepts of a bygone era. Has it occurred to anyone, and I think Mr. Farley hinted at this, that perhaps CBS will continue to provide content to WTOP AND CBS will add the ability to have its own news or news/talk station? Has it occured to anyone that 99.1 puts a signal into BOTH DC and Baltimore? I see WBAL being the possible bigger casualty than WTOP or WMAL-FM. Just as NPR affiliates may have overlapping signals that carry similiar content for much of the day, and even the same content at certain times, that dynamic may work for CBS. One has to realize first how the market has changed. "Talk", be it news, politics, sports, religion or whatever else can be done in a talk format, is what sells radio now. The difference in how people consume 'media' in the current age led to the development of PPM, and the reality is that PPM provides a much more accurate representation of the consumer's profile. The trend towards FM-talk, rather than FM-music, reflects that difference. Talk sells because it is local, timely, topical and invites dicussion. Talk generates the extend listening and repeat listening that music no longer provides. This is because 'talk' is not music which tends to be broader in appeal and more of background drone to life. Music thus works great on the Ipod. Music on the radio is pretty much done except for some niches. While radio still has more consumers per capita than other media, the overall numbers are declining. Yet, within consumers of media, talk is declining less or increasing, while music continues to slide. Music niches may add something, they may help in some aspect, but they do not pay the core costs of running a broadcast facility. Note, I didn't say running a radio station. Because radio now is more than broadcasting. The term is broader-casting. Broader-casting includes HD channels, Internet channels, Podcasts and subscription services that allow the pull or push of content. Not all content is even 'over the air' while it may still be 'on the air'. The news or talk station becomes a content provider, from source to warehouse to multiple distribution channels. It is not how many listeners you have now per quarter hour, but how many subscribers you have and how often do they come to you for content. CBS didn't make this decision in a vacuum at any level. CBS could very well decide to leave their national placements on WTOP alone on the known brand, thus freeing the new station for MORE national spot revenue as the brand expands. CBS could very well offer the national advertiser both broad (WTOP) and targetted (sponsorship) placement of ads. At certain times of the year, such as holidays, and times of interest to federal vendors, WTOP and CBS may be turning away ad placements that both could now benefit from with the increased channel capacity. Then the fight is for the local inventory. That places the 'station' fighting against dead tree, dead tree web, and other Internet media possibly more than fighting against other news-talk and possibly taking sales away from music stations more so. I expect the new station will go after Baltimore and the Maryland counties, where Hearst has been shy of mounting a serious news/talk station on the caliber of WTOP. So now each region will have a news/talk primary station, WMAL-FM for Virginia, WTOP for DC and WCB? for Maryland. Dan Mason isn't Mel Karmazian. Where as Mel was all about sales, and destroyed the product, Dan understands the Steve Jobs mantra that product drives sales. CBS has a product person at its helm, don't underestimate his understanding of the bigger picture. I do think CBS has another shoe to drop, but we shall wait and see. It makes total sense to NOT put the new station on 107.9, where in spite of PPM, the listener may get confused hearing news talk on adjacent channels. Spanish on 107.9 insulates the new station from such confusion. It also puts the new station closer to the almight important middle of the band, where neither WMAL nor WTOP are. If I were CBS, I would move sports to 94.7, to compete against Red Zebra, and simulcast Spanish on 106.7 as well since both 106.7 and 107.9 are at one end of the band. I doubt CBS is putting, or pulling, all of its eggs at one basket. Unsigned Engineer. (11/16/11)

RE: "If they can get Channel 4 online, they will have a winner." Though I like the idea, doing that might piss off WUSA as they're the CBS TV affiliate in town. But who would want to partner with them? LOL. (11/16/11)

Dave's response: Maybe the new CBS all-newser could align with the Gannett-owned CBS TVer in town for news and promo purposes. How does 99.1 WUSA-FM sound? Hmmm. 9 and 99.1? Even a bigger hmmm.....

CBS having two all-newsers in the same market? Where have we seen that before? Hmmm. (11/16/11)

Dave's response: NYC is big enough for two all-newsers. I don't know if DC is.....

[RE: Hey, it might just be a good time for Hubbard to sell WTOP to CBS. A big giant hmmm.....] Why? (11/16/11)

Dave's response: With CBS starting a competing news station, WTOP's ratings and revenue will never again be as high as they are right now.....

Exciting radio news from CBS! With a start date in just a couple months, who will the anchors be? Will Frank Herzog come out of retirement? Will they use AccuWeather (just like the CBS stations in Chicago, NYC and Philly)? How about brining Lisa Badin in for traffic for instant recognition and some star power. Will they align with a local television station, similar to WJLA and WTOP? If they can get Channel 4 online, they will have a winner. (11/16/11)

Re: "WTOP has had the CBS affiliation for as long as I can remember. " Actually, WMAL originally had the CBS affiliation for DC. It wasn't until October 19, 1932 that the station which would later be known as WTOP (nee WJSV, nee WTFF, nee WTRC) became the Nation Capital's CBS outlet after being acquired by CBS. (11/16/11)

Dave's response: Hey, it might just be a good time for Hubbard to sell WTOP to CBS. A big giant hmmm.....

With CBS Radio putting a all news station on 99.1 in January, you can pretty much stick the fork in WMAL. I know that some people here in the mailbag are going to take offense to what I am about to say but tough shit, here we go. CBS Radio has a great record when it comes to all news operations. If you need the proof, listen to WCBS-AM or WINS online sometime and see how well they do with their news operation. It's smooth, late breaking and without a lot of spin if at all. I know that some people are going to be upset that it's run by CBS Radio but it's going to do just fine. Just give it a chance folks instead of listening to the kooks and whackjobs on will end up having WMAL gone from your presets and locking in this station in place of it. What's better folks.....a bunch of conspiracy theorists from the far right who just suppprt what happens on the extreme right talking points or a balanced station that covers news in a timely manner? You make the call for yourselves but for's not WMAL. Dan (11/16/11)

WTOP still is contracted to CBS Radio News because Dial Global (the former Westwood One) independently distributes and handles the contracts for all "CBS Radio News" affiliates. CBS Radio just can't up and cancel WTOP's "CBS Radio News" affiliation outright, they have no control over that at all. And they haven't since WW1 took over and absorbed the former "CBS Radio Network" in 1997; WW1 still operated under the whole Viacom banner until WW1 was spun off into its' own entity. What CBS Radio might do is probably operate 99.1 just like the former Westinghouse all-newsers like KYW/1060 Philadelphia and WINS/1010 New York. With no top-of-the-hour network newscasts but in the "you give us 22 minutes, we'll give you the world" 20-minute long newsblocks. And of course counter-programming to WTOP by having traffic/weather every ten minutes on the 1s (or 3s?), etc. Only thing is, what call letters does CBS attach to 99.1? WHFS??? (11/16/11)

Ok. CBS is going to make changes in formats and signals in the DC market; but NO WFHS-FM on a big stick. Will you holders-on PLEASE get over it! Isn’t going to happen. I’m an old fart who did listen to WHFS, but I’m not going to the Black Cat or the 9:30 Club now. What you really want is a WHFS that exists only in your memory. That is called “alternative oldies” (11/16/11)

As to which NOH cast will be featured on all-news 99.1, here's a logical option as noted in Tuesday's DCRTV Mailbag: "The NBC Radio Network, which IS (present tense) 85. It now offers ... hourly one minute newscasts throughout the day, provided by the Dial Global Radio Networks. NBC-TV reporters anchor most of these newscasts, which are written out of the CBS bureau in Washington." (11/16/11)

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has several classifications for unemployed. While 'U3' is the official rate you hear all the time. There are other classifications like 'U6' which is defined as "the U6 unemployment rate counts not only people without work seeking full-time employment (the more familiar U-3 rate), but also counts "marginally attached workers and those working part-time for economic reasons." Note that some of these part-time workers counted as employed by U-3 could be working as little as an hour a week. And the "marginally attached workers" include those who have gotten discouraged and stopped looking, but still want to work. The age considered for this calculation is 16 years and over". Many people consider U6 to be a truer measure than U3. The U6 for October of 2011 was Rush was right... Check out for more. (11/16/11)

Wow. This is a game changer. WTOP has had the CBS affiliation for as long as I can remember. What will it be without it? Much the same, I suppose, but it just doesn't seem like it. Wow. (11/16/11)

I do like the idea. It gives them a chance to cover not only DC, but Baltimore to. I just hope it will not be yet another CBS Radio trainwreck... (11/16/11)

Hope the competition prompts WTOP to do some upgrades. Turning on an all news station in the morning and listening to their anchors fake laugh their way through every story has never worked for me. (11/16/11)

So Dave: what your are saying what with 103.5 and 99.1 both having CBS “news” at the (W)top of the hour and what not is that if you have two FM radios and place them by each ear at say, Noon, tuning into those two stations you will be able to hear CBS news in STEREO!!! Way cool (and not waaaayyyyyy off supposed DCRTV topics): just think, the Junks will be in the same building as REAL RADIO PEOPLE! (11/16/11)

Dave's response: WTOP is under contract to carry CBS Radio news for the next 19 months. CBS's new all-newser will have to carry something else. Since WMAL carries ABC News, maybe the new 99.1 will carry Fox News Radio at the top of the hour? Ha ha ha.....

Hoping you didn't take this seriously...on the WBAL-TV 5pm news tonight Donna Hamiliton was reporting on the accident of the night, without the chopper, involving an armored car that was blocking the road. She made a comment "if you're driving in that area". Now who is watching a tv newscast and DRIVING. Good grief (11/16/11)

Here's my suggestion to CBS Radio... 106.7 El Zol, 94.7 either sports or all news, then throw the other 2 formats left over on 99.1 or 107.9 Don't you agree Dave? (11/16/11)

Dave's response: Well, 106.7 would be a good frequency for El Zol, with better coverage of the Hispanic neighborhoods in Northern Virginia. But WJFK would suffer with a move to 99.1. As I've said, the current plan to put the new newser on 99.1 and El Zol works as well as anything. Maybe a WLZL relay on 1580 might be good to give El Zol better coverage into Northern Virginia during daytime hours. And many Latino listeners still listen to AM, since the DC AM band kinda sounds like Mexico City these days.....

Something I find interesting is that WWTDM charges about $25 to attend the taping of their show in Chicago. I’d guess that the underwriters don’t cover all of the costs of the show; just the same the admission fee is steep. But on the other hand I’d sure like to hear the comments that don’t make it on air. (11/16/11)

If Rush is one of the clowns declaring the unemployment rate to be "13+%" then, yes, he's a liar. The unemployment rate isn't some mysterious equation found on the dark side of the moon; it's readily available to anybody looking for it. Using some backroom formula to come up with a different unemployment rate to satisfy your own political agenda isn't just wrong, it's stupid, because it makes it impossible to make true apples-to-apples comparisons to past and future unemployment rates. And anyway, if you seriously think Rush Limbaugh hasn't lied about a myriad of things in the past, you're only kidding yourself. Just for starters, were you listening back in the days when he talked about his own drug problems? He might be good for a few yucks, but the guy's credibility was shot to hell many, many years ago. (11/16/11)

Once again no respect or love for HFS. CBS would better served by restoring HFS back to the regular radio dial. (11/16/11)

Dave, I see there's been a lot of partisan vitriol, repetitive postings, threats of violence, and SEX TALK since I've been gone. Good to see I'm not the cause. Anything going on in the news these days? "[From DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: "......"]" Everyone else was quoting it so I thought I'd pile on. Just sayin'. - ZombieWoof (11/16/11)

Considering the coverage of 99.1 compared to 107.9, that makes a lot more sense than putting the station on 107.9, not to mention 107.9 being just one tick away from WTOP relay 107.7. I'm sure you, and a lot of others will agree when I say that hopefully WTOP will pick up ABC Radio News updates and not FOX News Radio updates when CBS yanks it from them for their own station. (11/16/11)

But no more Siempre el Fiesta?! (11/16/11)

Dave's response: Chill, padre! El Zol will be moving to 107.9 on December 1st.....

I thinks its funny when people write statements that someone's a liar but never offer one example. Take Rush for example. All we see here are comments that he's a liar but no REAL examples. And no, examples that just disagree with your world view don't count. (11/16/11)

Big question of the day - will WTOP be allowed to keep the CBS top of the hour newscasts? Or will WTOP need to find a replacement? It will be a lose-lose situation for CBS *and* WTOP. (11/16/11)

Dave's response: WTOP is under contract to carry CBS Radio newscasts for another 19 months.....

[RE 99.1:] Kind of ironic that's the frequency for "alternative" news stations (11/16/11)

Finally, some good news: "CBS makes it official late Wednesday - it will be launching an all-news formatted station in January 2012 on 99.1 FM in the DC area..." THANK GOD. I'll be changing all my presets the split second we get an a competing news station in this town. G'bye, WTOP! G'bye, all panic all the time weather reports! G'bye, laundry lists of intersections masquerading as traffic reports! G'bye, Christy King and your dumbass summaries of month-old magazine articles! G'bye, moronic "Core values"! G'bye, "news updates" about iPhone apps! G'bye, interviews of one WTOP reporter by another WTOP reporter! G'bye, goodbye, GOOD BYE AT LAST, WTOP -- and don't let the door hit your smug, self-satisfied asses on the way out! (11/16/11)

If I were WTOP, I'd be very worried about a competitor at 99.1. TOP's success rests on traffic/weather on the 8s. If a rival comes in offering a similar service (hint: traffic on the 1s on ninety-nine-one), I think many of TOP's listeners (including me) could be lured by a, well, less stupid presentation. And by that I mean...less inane smalltalk between anchors, less reliance on the Washington Post for news stories, an actual editorial calendar (instead of, say, whatever David Burd feels like reporting about that day from Frederick, Md. And, seriously, does anyone care about the stale terrorism pieces that J.J. Green throws out there on a regular basis?), sharper writing and less pointless commentary pieces (you know who I'm talking about -- mindless commentaries are a Core Value). My theory is WAMU does so well in this market because, particularly during morning drive, once you get the traffic report, it's hard for serious listeners to tolerate 103.5. I'm very interested to see the impact once there's a way to both get traffic updates and not have your intelligence insulted.. (11/16/11)

Congrats Dave, you called it. With Jim Russ roaming around out there - the new CBS News station in DC should have world class traffic to rival WTOP in no time (11/16/11)

[From DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Rush just called the WaPo's Anne Kornblut "a highly-skilled partisan liar"......] Rush is a jerk (11/16/11)

[From DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Rush just called the WaPo's Anne Kornblut "a highly-skilled partisan liar"......] And Rush is diff how... (11/16/11)

[From DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Rush just called the WaPo's Anne Kornblut "a highly-skilled partisan liar"......] Shemp Limbaugh ! ! (11/16/11)

[From DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Rush just called the WaPo's Anne Kornblut "a highly-skilled partisan liar"......] Rush Windbag. (11/16/11)

” … the story about [Wilson] Ramos' kidnapping has been covered plenty, you just have to open your eyes and look at them”. While local media outlets (including sports talk radio) did cover the kidnapping, I don’t think they gave it nearly the prominence you’d expect a story involving a local pro athlete in a life threatening situation to receive. Had it been a Redskin instead of a National, there’s not much doubt that we’d have seen 24-7 saturation coverage and you need only go back to the shooting death of Sean Taylor in Florida four years ago for supporting evidence. Recall that the Skins defensive star lingered in critical condition for about 24 hours before being pronounced dead, and it was wall-to-wall Taylor talk on both WTEM and Triple X (the sports talk stations in DC at the time) not to mention breathless, over-the-top coverage on CSN as well as channels 4, 5, 7 and 9 over that period and for several days afterward. There’s no way Penn State would have remained the lead topic on ESPN980 or 106.7 The Fan had a member of the Redskins (even a backup player) been kidnapped and held for ransom, but because the stations assumed that not too many people care about the Nats or even know who Ramos is, they chose to give this episode (which thankfully ended happily) secondary level treatment at best. Mike, Fairfax (11/16/11)

YAWN-( Another Snippet----- Unemployment 13+%-fact!". Link please-ABC-NBC-CBS-Fox-Nightly news )weekly-YAWN-Another Snippet- NOTHING to do with Washington area media. Just typing "Rush/Michael Moore/-MEDIA" –So….. neither of those mentioned are in the MEDIA???? Where do you live??? In Occupy Wall Street—Just sayin!!! (11/16/11)

I agree 100%, these "political" posts (which have very little to do with politics and a whole lot to do with childish jerks yelling past each other) have NOTHING to do with Washington area media. Just typing "Rush/Michael Moore/-MEDIA" in the middle of your tedious screeds doesn't make them about media. A five-year-old would understand that. (11/16/11)

From a previous post "...Unemployment 13+%-fact!". Link please ? Tried to find this "fact"...I just can't find it though I have seen postings on other sites who claim the number is actually 30 percent then again, of course those who post such stuff believe that the 40,000 folks who had applied for jobs at Phoenix area McDonalds some how affects the economy of Fredericksburg ( does WFLS know about this ? ) OK if the unemployment rate is really that high, then why in the hell is WTOP even bothering to do traffic reports since everyone is laid off and at home..well why bother? Better yet how come we haven;t seen Jim Vance and Gordon Petterson going on the air to discuss successful ways of suicide by those hurt by this "depression" the same way WJSV did back in the 30's? (11/16/11)

SNORE—Another Snippet---(I'm truly sorry to see the Mailbag has become a dumping ground for the looney-tune fringe from both the Right and the Left. I thought posts were supposed to have some connection to media?) Ummm, hate to put your panties in a wad…but Rush/Michael Moore/-MEDIA???? Also, (Prohibits Drilling, FACT..Unemployment 13+%-fact! Stop it already… Love pushing your buttons--- Just sayin!! (11/16/11)

I can tell you that your speculation about Phil Boyce is incorrect - at least at this point. Boyce left TRN to get out of TRN… and possibly before he was asked to leave. That said Boyce would be a good choice for a startup news operation in DC. He knows news-talk like few others. (11/16/11)

I look at more juicy rumors about CBS starting a radio all-newser and/or news talker in the Washington market. Maybe on 107.9, 99.1, or maybe 94.7. As well as the "ad economics" behind the decision. And, more about talker WTNT, AM 730, moving to FM 102.9. And more in DCRTV's "Dave TV" today..... (11/16/11)

Dave, I'm truly sorry to see the Mailbag has become a dumping ground for the looney-tune fringe from both the Right and the Left. I thought posts were supposed to have some connection to media? Instead we're getting a flood of things like "[Obama] prohibits drilling until AFTER the elections....Has gotten unemployment to 13+%...." etc etc etc. Not only are they wayyyyyyyy off topic -- most of them are outright lies. Why do so many stupid and/or evil people mouth off about politics? Even the "Rick Walker is a moron" posts had more brains than this. (11/16/11)

[Re:"In answer to a poster yesterday, yes, Steve Kroft’s 60Minutes story on congressional “insider” securities trading wasSHOCKING, and yeah, they’re ALL DOING IT, but it is perfectly legal.Should it be legal? Probably not. But right now it is LEGAL. So it’s kindof like doing a story about members of congress gambling at Charles Town. Thestory might trigger legislation to ban the practice, but at the moment there isnothing illegal about what they’re doing."] Way to miss the entire point of the story and the post....if I had to guess, you didn't even see the story. and this post had to be from a Congressman ! (11/16/11)

"Dave's response: I agree that it's a rather tough read, but it doesn't make a specific threat against anyone and it is someone's point-of-view. I'll keep it up....." Dave, how do you handle say that in the event where your site DCRTV does receive a specific threat? Do you contact the person/persons who were targeted? Contact the police? Simply just delete the email ?? Several years ago when I was running a site similar to DCRTV every once in awhile we actually did receive threats against our local TV & radio people, usually trash such as "...gonna beat the shit out of the retard at W***. I want to KILL HIM". Even after tracking down the email right down to the poster ( remember emails can be traced ), funny how the police still did NOT want to get involved when we had offered the information to them. Only in the event of threats against government officials and children is when they do get involved, otherwise it's "..get over it..its just an email..", at least that's how it was in my area anyway. (11/16/11)

Dave's response: There have been a few "borderline" situations when I've had to delete a post after a reader concluded that it contained a veiled threat that I didn't catch in my "moderation" duties. Sometimes, it's difficult to tell whether a post was made in a humorous or malicious vein. More often, I will trash posts before they get posted if I suspect that they contain what could be viewed as a personal threat. So far, I have never had to contact the police regarding the contents of a post or been contacted by authorities regarding any post in the DC Mailbag. During the past 14 years, I have received two "lawyer letters" regarding posts, which I promptly deleted.....

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, someone had picked up Rush’s Alter ego…just one of the many---(Snippet)—( Michael Moore. The image is equally revolting, but now its fair and balanced.) Have to totally agree, and he’s only one of the dang Libs that’s spewing green vomit- come on- play nice….Just sayin!!! (11/16/11)

94.7 would be a better signal for a news talker for CBS Radio. Send El Zol to 107.9 and put the news talker on you it gets better ratings than WMAL!! (11/16/11)

Dave's response: OK, how about this: 94.7 News 24/7, 99.1 DC's Real Oldies Station, and 107.9 El Zol.....

Rush in panties? Everytime someone gets a political leaning to comment on Rush, I just substitute Michael Moore. The image is equally revolting, but now its fair and balanced. Given Moore's issues, he is probably more likely to be in a diaper however. (11/16/11)

Maybe I overlooked it, but you have 5th place listed twice and nothing for 3rd place in the weekly ratings. Interesting how Elliott shot up. (11/16/11)

Dave's response: 3rd place in morning drive age 25-54 was WAMU's "Morning Edition." The two 5th place stations were tied in morning drive. Elliot does really well in the 25-54 demo because his listeners tend to skew youngish, which advertisers love.....

SIGH----Another Snippet---(idiot who posts here as "just sayin" will ever realize how he is being fooled by Fox news, Rush, Hannity, and other conservative media outllets) You DARE to call me an idiot because I think differenlty than you??????? I watch the "Alphabet Networks as much as I watch Fox News. FYI...I don't listent to Hannity/Rush etc. You're the problem in this great country of ours, You follow a LEADER??? that says "Americans are lazy"....prohibits drilling until AFTER the elections....Has gotten unemployment to 13+%, Golfs instead of leads???? I look at both sides of the aisle...we need to clean house, senate, and yes the White House-Just sayin, you lazy ass American "occupier".....just sayin!! (11/16/11)

(regarding a previous post) "the post in today's mailbag is truly disturbing and violent". Maybe the poster meant to send it to Rants n Raves on Craigslist. There's a lot of crazy shit posted over there -- even more than is usually found here that's sent in by WMAL baggers and crazies. (11/16/11)

Metro Radio. The criticism was justified. (11/16/11)

Good call Steve on changing the GSM at 94.7 (11/16/11)

Comments dissing Metroradioinc are just off base. Everyong is crying that radio is owned by Cheap Channel or Infinity, Here is a small locally owned station group that is just getting off it's feet. WTNT hasn't been on the air under the current owner for a year. And the 102.9 signal will be at a higher power and higher tower than it's original location serving the people where they live at night where the AM signal doesn't make it during power down. As to the coverage of WTNT during the day, I was able to listen all the way into north Baltimore. Not bad for a short stick at just 8K watts. Let's give the local team a break and help them become bigger by giving them a chance. The Andy Parks show was positioned at the time it was because going political head to head against Rush is not possible, so an alternative money show there makes sense, giving the listener options for what type of program to listen to. Charlie / Contract Engineer for Metroradio Inc. (11/16/11)

That's our Tucker . . . . (11/16/11)

Dave, the post in today's mailbag is truly disturbing and violent. I hope you will remove it promptly... I was referring to the long message stating how sick someone was and signed it go f yourself. John (11/16/11)

Dave's response: I agree that it's a rather tough read, but it doesn't make a specific threat against anyone and it is someone's point-of-view. I'll keep it up.....

"Re: Hannity/Heritage mentions. I believe those are ads that Heritage pays for. Rush and Levin do them too." Of course those are ads. That was not my point. Hannity believes in everything the Heritage Foundation stands for; and yet never mentions that they were pushing for the individual mandate in health care before Obama became president. Heritage, Hannity, and other Republicans now condemn what they once embraced. The individual mandate has been the core of Republican thinking since the days of Richard Nixon, prized by conservatives as a way to keep the private health insurance industry alive and well, and to ward off Democratic demands for a public system like those in Great Britain or Canada. In other words, conservatives promoted the concept of a mandate for decades because it wasn't socialism and, in fact, it would prevent socialism. The mandate was seen, by many Republican theorists, as a reasonable alternative to a public option, with the great virtue of keeping our health care system a market-based enterprise. Nowadays, of course, such thinking will get you burned as a heretic. It is a shame that Hannity will not tell his listeners these facts. I wonder if that right wing idiot who posts here as "just sayin" will ever realize how he is being fooled by Fox news, Rush, Hannity, and other conservative media outlets. (11/16/11)

"Print Is The Past"...! I know Virginia is a place that revels in ancestor worship. But, hearing this in 2011 is truly amazing. Why? I first said that in the 1950's when TV was regularly covering more news stories than the four daily newspapers we had back then...- Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/16/11)

I'm sick of going to a webpage about local media and reading mostly Republican based rants about Obama, about how tough Republicans have it, about how low and vile Democrats and liberals are when they are the ones who do the fucking dirty work(dirty meaning actual dirt not verbal sewage and total lack of ethics or decency) I'm sick of hearing from cushy assed bean counters and finger pointers that radio of any type must conform to a narrow minded talentless "norm" and that listeners mean nothing-try running any other business that way-let's see grocery chains,restaurants and merchandisers use the same corporate policies and attitudes toward those who make the whole goddamn thing work,treat them the way big business treats its trickle down piss puppet employees. I'm sick of the rich demanding to live tax and law free just as the illegals they employ, the ones they so publicly deny exploiting, and having the nerve to demand that those who do any sort of actual work pay the piper while they flit thier useless asses from country club to golf course to day spa. I'm sick of hearing and reading about liberal owned media when it is,and has been,obviously conservative owned media all along. I'm sick of the mess these spoiled sissy dictators create and then manipulate events in order to blame everyone but themselves and I'm sick of the idiots too fucking stupid to know they are supporting them and that system. I'm sick of refraining from putting my work calloused hands around thier powdered mushy little diet starved necks and most of all I'm sick of not making them turn purple and kick thier last pitiful twitch so that there is one less piece of shit in this fucked up world to help in enslaving us. Just Go Fuck Yourself (11/16/11)

What happened to rock music on FM? Slate offers a piece by Christine Pawlak, We Won’t Rock You, which recounts the sad, unwarranted decline of rock music on FM radio. (11/16/11)

"Everything Metroradioinc does is always half-ass!" AMEN They had a GREAT alternative to Hannity, The Jerry Doyle Show, and they gave it the ax. I know they'll say Jerry didn't get ratings. 2 reasons for that: 1. The signal sucks. I can't hear the station when I go under a bridge, near a power line, after about 5:12 PM (when the signal power drops), or whenever a neighbor turns their blender on or vacuums their carpet. 2. They did NO promotion for his show whatsoever. He was in the DC area for a book signing a few years back and they made zero mention of it. His show does great ratings in other markets. Why they couldn't leave his show where it was and put Andy Parks on at noon is beyond me. A financial advice show doesn't gel with the rest of the lineup. Some people have a theory; I don't necessarily agree with it unless I'm wearing my tinfoil hat... (11/16/11)

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