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Hey, "Mark in Ashburn," catch a clue: Mike Wise's terrible radio ratings have nothing to do with people being angry, beating their wives, etc etc etc. They have to do with the fact that only you and about six other people are listening to his piece of shit "lighthearted show." And the reason he was suspended from the WaPo a few months ago and the paper had to issue a correction last week has nothing to do with people being "haters." It has to do with Wise being a charlaton who keeps getting caught lying in his column. (11/5/11)

I'm confused by what is going on over there at Nat Geo. Very knowledgeable sources said that the head of Fox Sports was brought in to fix the programming. He watched the channel and declared that the programs were junk and that they should go back to real, traditional National Geographic type know, like the real documentaries of yore. Well, that didn't happen. They tried that big Migrations thing which was a ratings disaster. (Pretty pictures but no plot.) Then they said that they were going to use more outside producers and get less stuff from Nat Geo TV. Now the head of the channel is out and a guy who specializes in reality shows in brought in. Does anyone else get the idea that the channel is floundering around like a drowning man? (11/5/11)

I also heard Rush Limbaugh's threats to anyone who comes forward with information that Herman Cain's sexual harassed them. I heard it in the office the other day. He kept saying "destroy them," and "they will be destroyed." Our laws are clear; if anyone used those same words towards a judge, juror, or witness, in a court proceeding, they would be thrown in jail. PERIOD. It is "extortion," and jury or witness tampering. I guess it is OK in the political arena to to threaten and threaten to harass and "destroy" over the airwaves any victims who may be a potential threat to a "Conservative" Koch Brothers' sponsored candidacy. Hell is too good for Rush Limbaugh. (11/5/11)

Discount WaPo Print Subscriptions are back for 7-day or Sunday-only delivery...this time on an annual basis. (11/5/11)

WKDL: I think ... their owners should be asking for less money. What a fair price for WKDL is I don't know; but I believe $300K is too much. (END) Does that price include the real estate and assets of the station? That is a pretty prime chunk 'a mud that station is sitting on at the 15/17/29 fork. Agreed, Warrenton is a nice little town surrounded by a whole lot of nothing, so it is not like the station is going to have considerable appeal to a lot of people. I think they should play to their local immediate audience the way WRAA plays to Luray residents, or WFTR - with its naaasty rusty towers - plays to Front Royal. Not everything has to be a potential WHFS. (11/5/11)

Dave's response: Exactly. Poor little Warrenton has a batch of local signals - including 94.3 WTEM's relay and 107.7 WTOP's relay, but could use at least one signal that would provide something specifically targeted to the community.....

Some Channel 45/WBFF video memories of Captain Chesapeake and Ghost Host. Plus, a classic Channel 54/WNUV sign off. A memory of Channel 56/WNVC's launch in 1983. Also, some cool TV history books from the DCRTV Library. And, WMAL classic veteran Tom Gauger's key lime pie recipe. In today's edition of "Dave TV"..... (11/5/11)

I have read now for the 2nd time that Mark Unger is auditioning for the night show (9 pm - midnight) on WBAL. He may be under that impression, but the truth is that WBAL has no intention of creating a night show. Ron Smith's illness has created a 6 hour blank space in their programming (Ron Smith 9am - 12am/Ron Smith replay 9pm - midnight). So the plan is to groom a stable of shows/talent during that 9pm - midnight spot. There are 3 goals to this strategy. First, they will have multiple fill-in hosts to pull from if there are illnesses, vacations, departures, etc. Second, they will groom talent for premium shifts. If a great show develops at night I would imagine they would be first in line if one of the other 4 spots opened. Finally, paying multiple part-timers versus a full-time employee saves the station a bunch of money. They will not have to provide benefits, union scale pay, etc. If they were to create a 9pm - Midnight show it would be in direct contradiction to what they are trying to achieve. WBAL's approach is smart one. This time slot is not a money generator. So if they use this time to develop talent it is the absolute best use of the time. In my opinion Mark Unger is pretty low down the list regarding shows they see having a future with the station. (11/5/11)

Despite all the negative comments about the Washington Post, I still cant imagine ever dropping my subscription...there's just something about having the print newspaper at my doorstep every morning that I enjoy... (11/5/11)

Dave's response: I agree. There are days when my print paper arrives late and surfing just ain't a substitute.....

Andy Rooney, Mainstay on ‘60 Minutes’, Dead at 92 - (11/5/11)

Did anyone else catch that blurb in the Post this morning about a woman that accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment over several months has declined to step forward even after the National Restaurant Association released her from any contractual gag order? Since Rush Limbaugh threatened on the air to “Destroy!” anyone that comes forward about personal harassment complaints against Mr. Cain, does anyone blame her for heading to Rush’s threats, bullying, and demands? God is working on a special Hell for Rush Limbaugh. Rush’s terrorization, blackmail, threats, and extreme demands against anybody who wants to go against his political righteous scenario can be heard on WMAL. (11/5/11)

[RE Andy Rooney:] i think some people cant simply retire! I seriously think he lost his will to live because 60 minutes was his life... (11/5/11)

Wait! Which photo of Dave is real: This one: davetv15.jpg... Or this one: Or maybe this one: Boy for a web site that really puts Dave down, they sure run a lot of stuff about him! (11/5/11)

Dave's response: That pic that FBDC keeps running of me was taken in the 1990s, back when I had hair on my head. Don't much look like that any more.....

Dear Carol Joynt: Take 50 of those dollars and BUY AN AD on (11/5/11)

Andy Rooney was of a generation that had a tremendous work ethic, a funny and insightful writer, whose career spanned 70 years. Not a bad record! I've heard several of his former co-workers speculate that he knew something was up, healthwise. So he worked pretty much right up to the end. They say that he really wasn't somebody too well-suited for retirement. (11/5/11)

Surprised you haven't reported on the changes announced at National Geographic Channel yesterday. Lots of changes, lots of people in, lots of people tossed, including the president of the channel... (11/5/11)

Dave's response: Another channel that I don't watch any more. It seems that about 75% of the shows on the National Geographic Channel deal with street gangs and prisons. Another gutted and dumbed-down channel from what it started out as - and it didn't even take Discovery's doing. Imagine that.....

I'm not surprised at the Post's losses. The print paper is so terrible I don't know why I don't cancel it. They don't cover anything of any substance and their Style section needs a complete overhaul. Get rid of Katherine Weymouth. The paper has sunk ever since she took over as publisher. (11/5/11)

Dave's response: The Style section is absolutely horrible. There's barely three pages of even readable stuff in today's edition, with the rest obviously "filler." Does the print Post really need to carry complete - and quite duplicative - local movie listings seven days a week, when that almost-full broadsheet space could be used for some other cool local content instead, especially Mondays through Thursdays? Movie seekers could easily get their listings from the Post's website, other movie sites, or the theaters' websites, instead. And, I'll say it again, I really miss Rob Pegoraro's personal and local tech column. Dropping that was an incredible blunder. They should have kept Rob and canned Paul Farhi. No one would have missed him. Ha ha ha.....

Perhaps Washington's most notorious former lobbyist, Jack Abramoff will be the guest at our Tenth Anniversary of The Q&A Cafe, happening Tuesday, November 29, at the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown hotel. In those ten years more than 300 notable individuals have appeared for an interview, and so it is exciting to begin our second decade. Seating will begin at noon, the interview will start approximately 12:30. The fee, as before, is $50, all inclusive of lunch, tax and tip, and valet parking is available at a discount. Reservations are required. Please call: 202-912-4110. Abramoff's new book is "Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth About Washington Corruption From America's Most Notorious Lobbyist." He served almost six years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy, mail fraud and tax evasion. Many others were caught up in, served time or lost their jobs due to the case. Abramoff has a lot to say about how Washington really works. Don't miss this one. (11/5/11)

[RE the Washington Post's slump:] The most worrying thing here -- online revenue dropped??! The typical problem is that online revenue isn't rising fast enough to offset the losses in print revenue. For online revenue to drop -- that's a serious problem. (11/5/11)

Dave's response: I've had a lot of problems with the Post website, including very very slow-loading internal pages. I'll often have to wait 30-45 seconds to get Erik Wemple's blog or the Capital Weather Gang page to load. Sometimes I get frustrated and don't feel like waiting. The site is way too "heavy," poorly designed, and has way too much clutter, including too much advertising that's intrusive and annoying. Also, many articles/topics are too hard to find or not there at all, including an alarming number of stories in the print edition. As for overall content, the Post's site has a lot of competition both nationally (Huffington Post, Politico, etc.) and locally (all DC TVers' sites plus WTOP), which are often better designed and faster loading. Plus, it's evident that Post management doesn't know whether the site should lean local or national. It kinda comes down "in the middle somewhere" and I think that confuses many visitors and advertisers.....

Great top story post on Andy Rooney's death. Website is full of its usual errors! He covered World War III for "Stars and Stripes," and was a writer-producer for such broadcasting icons as Arthru Godfrey and Harry Reasoner. (11/5/11)

Just read the news flash. He recently did his last commentary on 60 minutes and I could not help but remember how many times he made me smile, think and talk with others about what really mattered. R.I.P. Mr. Rooney. (11/5/11)

[RE the Washington Post's slump:] Dropped my subscription more than a year ago. Don't miss it at all. (11/5/11)

Dave's response: I'm always entertaining the notions of cutting back my Comcast cable TV service (I don't want or need all those channels), dropping my Verizon landline (which you kinda need if you run a home biz like me), and cancelling home delivery of the Washington Post (but I still like that print version on the dining room table each morning with a cup of hot tea). We'll see. Maybe 2012 will be the year.....

[RE the Washington Post's slump:] well deserved.... (11/5/11)

The following is from the website TV SPY. Small market TV stations appearantly used verbatim copy from a CBS feed. NOTE: all the stations are in small markets or small stations in large markets. Except WUSA..... Conan O’Brien poked fun at content-sharing in local news this week, showing a clip on his show of several anchors repeating the same phrase — “push the envelope” — while reporting on the late night host’s plans to officiate a same-sex wedding on his show. The original source of the copy was CBS Newspath, according to staffers at two stations featured in the clip. Although “Conan” only showed 18 stations, a search of reveals that 27 stations reported the story using identical wording (a full list, including markets and affiliations, is after the jump.) The script was tease copy for Monday’s “Eye on Entertainment” package, filed by CBS Newspath correspondent Sandra Hughes. The full version reads: “Conan O’Brien may be about to push the envelope on late night television. And British songstress Adele seems to have pushed her voice too far. CBS’ Sandra Hughes has those stories and more, in your Monday morning ‘Eye on Entertainment.’” South Bend’s WSBT, which was featured in the Conan clip, addressed the situation on the 6 a.m. newscast this morning, calling it the “dark secret” of the news business. “We take wire copy and we try to rewrite it,” anchor Kirk Mason said. “In this case clearly many of us didn’t rewrite it well enough.” All but four of the stations are CBS affiliates, and most are located in small markets, where production staff is usually smaller and can be stretched thin. CBS Newspath is a content provider for NNS, which is used by CBS, Fox and ABC affiliates, and is likely how the non-CBS stations ended up with the same copy. The stations were: WDJT Milwaukee, WI (CBS)... WNAC Providence (FOX)... WRBL Columbus, GA (CBS)... WTAJ Johnstown-Altoona-State College (CBS)... WMBD Peoria, IL (CBS)... WKYT Lexington, KY (CBS)... WSBT South Bend, IN (CBS)... WLFI Lafayette, IN (CBS)... WLNS Lansing, MI (CBS)... WHBF Davenport, IA (CBS)... WFMY Greensboro, NC (CBS)... WSAW Wausau, WI (CBS)... WUSA Washington, D.C. (CBS)... WWJ Detroit (CBS)... KBAK-KBFX Bakersfield, CA (CBS) (FOX)... KBOI Boise, ID (CBS)... KLBK Lubbock (CBS)... KFMB San Diego (CBS)... KGBT Harlingen, TX (CBS)... KGAN Iowa City (CBS)... KGWN Cheyenne, WY (CBS)... KLFY Lafayette, LA (CBS)... KLSR Eugene, OR (FOX)... KOTI Medford, OR (NBC)... KTAB Abilene, TX (CBS)... KVAL Eugene, OR (CBS) (11/4/11)

College Radio Heads - Off the Dial Bob (11/5/11)

[RE the declining Washington Post:] So how much will Katharine Weymouth raise her own compensation this time? (11/5/11)

Re:WTNT, WRNR-AM: With both of these stations now being granted FM translators, may I suggest that they strongly consider shutting down their nighttime AM operations. This will help in clearing up some of the clear channel interference on those respective channels. Now with regard to the tentative sale of WKDL, I think that many of these smaller AM facilities are overpriced and their owners should be asking for less money. What a fair price for WKDL is I don't know; but I believe $300K is too much. I also think that many of said facilities might want to try doing specialty programming that mainstream broadcasters won't touch with a 20' pole, but that can still draw an audience. (11/5/11)

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I can't help but wonder if David Barrett, now the big cheese at Hearst in NY, ever reads the educated comments posted here on the mailbag about WBAL radio. He once was the GM at BAL radio. Better yet I wonder if he ever listens to his product which has gone so far down hill over the last year that I doubt even a blizzard will bring it up. School closings are readily available on line now. On another issue, we are pulling for Ron Smith and his fight against cancer. (11/4/11)

RE":Mike Wise's staff wrote that Wise "is probably the smartest and most professional radio we have in the DC sportstalk market." Now THAT is funny. If Wise was actually that witty, maybe somebody would be listening to his show. But if you've checked out ratings, they aren't. Nobody reads the WaPo anymore, nobody listens to Wise's radio show, and nobody -- NOBODY -- watched his crappy TV experiment. The guy is a non-entity." YEAA brother !! Rage on man. Hate Hate Hate. Dude go home and beat your wife/dog and stop taking all the anger you have about your crappy life out on sports talk radio. I listened today and I read the WaPo everyday. Wise references his crappy ratings weekly, and the show is trying to improve. Man the negativity towards 106.7. Wise and the Junks have lighthearted shows that try to have fun while covering sports in DC. Jeeeezzz, just turn the dial you bitter bitch and don't post the same crap everyday in here. Next time you want to rage in the Mailbag, stop and ask yourself why you are REALLY so angry, guarantee its something going on in your life and NOT whats coming out of your radio. Stay positive DC.... Mark in Ashburn (11/4/11)

Last broadcast of the Washington Senators September 30 1971 on WWDC . Play by Play Tony Roberts and the late great Ron Menchine (11/4/11)

One last thing from the most unusual station I've ever listened to, WNOP...they prided themselves on having and using on the air a Gates ST 101. This thing was built like a brick dog house...weighed about 75 pounds and featured a 13 inch wide piece of audio tape on 2 rollers. There was a little handle on the front that allowed the operator to move the head to one of 101 spots. Each slot held a piece of audio that was up to 90 seconds long. Audio response went all the way out to 8 kHz. Obviously, the spots couldn't be played back-to-back because the machine had to rewind the big roll back to the beginning. The rewind function was loud and the worst sound in the world was the flap-flap-flap as the end of the tape broke off the take up reel. Ah, horrible pioneering memories. (11/4/11)

Legendary Bad Ideas: New Coke, the Edsel, Jar Jar Binks, and Aretha Franklin in spaghetti straps: You have been warned. (11/4/11)

It's a shame that The Washington Post TV column couldn't have had anything about Mac McGarry and "It's Academic" in one of their columns. I know the Post did a feature, but the TV column should have some local news as well. All they cover is crap. Do we care if Simon Cowell's X factor is renewed? Do we give a crap about Kim Kardashian's reality show? I wish the powers that be at the Post would get Lisa DeMoraies to do her job. I still miss John Carmody, Captain Airwaves. He did it right! (11/4/11)

Wise is fine. It's Korny who is not worth listening to; 980 am is not part of my radio selections. The question is what if Wise gets wind of an exclusive story of one thing or another? Does he save it for the Post the next morning or does he talk about it on 106.7 FM in the afternoon? (11/4/11)

(SNIP) Love the anchors on WTOP, but some of their reporters ... make me want to drive my car into a tree.(END) Have at it, Mario. We'll be hearing about it On The Eights, no doubt. (11/4/11)

I learned long ago, never confuse "on-air talent" with having talent on the air! It's no wonder the FCC only recognizes board operators and secondary functions as announcer. As for fishbowldc, it was accurately described. (11/4/11)

Dave's response: FBDC's Betsy is just plain kookie! If someone sends out a press release or a job change memo on a particular day and she gets it up 10 minutes before DCRTV does, she accuses me of "stealing" it from her. Earlier this year, her partner in crime, Matt, accused DCRTV of "pre-stealing" his "scoop" about POTUS's Joe Mathieu jumping to a Boston station, even when the news appeared on a Boston newspaper's website several days (!) before FBDC had it. Oooookay. A few weeks ago, Betsy accused numerous online publications of "stealing" her "scoop" about that plagiarism incident at Politico - even when Politico reported it on their site some two hours (!) before she had it. She claimed that it was impossible for Politico to "scoop itself," so she officially had the "scoop" even though she had it two hours later! Plus, there have been many times when DCRTV has printed news that FBDC ran later, like Bill Press starting a video feed for his DC-based radio show, which Betsy ran the next day uncredited. But I didn't accuse her of "stealing" it from DCRTV, although, in Betsy's crazy little universe, I probably could have. There have also been many times when DCRTV has broken news that has appeared days later on FBDC's sister Mediabistro sites, like TV Newser and TV Spy, without credit. Even with all of Betsy's bitching, there have probably been more than a dozen times in the past month that I've credited FBDC and other Mediabistro sites for being the source of various news items. And they're returned the "favor" zero times. Sheesh. FBDC would do much better with someone else as its top blogger - someone who isn't such a "bridge burner".....

R u watching ch 4 right now - They are airing "unlicensed" video feed of Cain accuser lawyer. Very odd. Ck it out (11/4/11)

Dave, the Flashback for The Big 4 (WRC NewsCenter) in the 1970s, brought back memories of the futuristic sci-fi looking set they were using in the mid-70s. Wooden desktops on curved brushed aluminum bases. The weather section featured rotating map/stats boards atop a similar base. The news desk was in the middle, with a sports section and a weather section on the left and right. I couldn't find a photo, but you probably have one somewhere in your vast archives. You can hear the funky disco music theme that was used then at this website It features a show open for Thursday, January 23, 1975. Search "WRC" and it's the first audio link on the page, which was apparently used from 1975 to 1977. (11/4/11)

Hi I just got confirmation on the Start date of Bounce TV on WUSA 9.2 from there fan page on Facebook. They told me it should be available by the end of the year. (11/4/11)

Dave's response: I just hope it doesn't fuck up Comcast's carriage of 9's excellent weather radar channel, which will be moving to 9.3. But, having been a longtime Comcast subscriber, I'm pretty sure it will.....

Mike Wise sings! Hat tip: Dan Steinberg's Sports Bog. (11/4/11)

Dave Statter penned: "Did DC Police also order the encryption of the City Council hearing on encryption? The audio is so distorted on the web it might as well be." Actually it's because the City Council members were all former METRO drivers and station attendants...."Plzz step awfgiowewnwe from thwoei dooroiuoiuoiu [crackle] ew0jwej,,,,,for your protection, thank yoiwtw" (11/4/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Are WMAL's Nehman and Ham (both married to other people) flirting with each other on the air? Hmmmmm.......] It works for Scarborough and Mika... (11/4/11)

Okay, I'll bite: what is "fishbowldc"? Before you respond, let me say that if it's yet another self-congratulatory blog written by some blowhard nobody, I couldn't care less. Couldn't. Care. Less. (11/4/11)

Hi gang. This is the most amazing piece of television I've ever seen. 5,000 people involved who were pissed because Grand Rapids was described as a dying city. The TV types watching this should be awed by the logistics involved in what appears to be a single shot. Enjoy! (11/4/11)

The glitches on WRC-TV's newscasts are not restricted to the midday newscasts. Last week, Doreen Gentzler's mic was dead for 30 seconds while she read her headlines at the top of the 6 P.M. newscast. The weekend morning newscasts are comedy fests from minute one to the end. Perhaps most annoying is the fact that typographical and factual errors in the morning crawl seem never to be corrected even as they scroll across the screen for hours. Guess management is so happy with the bump in ratings in the 4-6 P.M. timeframe that they don't realize that the increase is the result of Oprah leaving WJLA. Is anyone at WRC even slightly proud of the product they are putting on the air these days? (11/4/11)

Looking at DC Fishbowl today it seems that Betsy Rothstein is attacking you and now Carol Joynt for the Washingtonian piece. (11/4/11)

Dave's response: Poor Betsy. She's just very very jealous of DCRTV's incredible success, to the point - even - of being borderline psychotic about it. We should take pity on her poor tortured soul. Hell, I hear she sleeps alone at night with a manekin that has a picture of WJLA reporter Stephen Tschida's face on it.....

Did DC Police also order the encryption of the City Council hearing on encryption? The audio is so distorted on the web it might as well be. Dave Statter (11/4/11)

MPD encrypted their radio system in August. Media members are advocating a timely media access plan to allow timely and unflitered access to information. This allows accurate information to be broadcast to the public pertaining to a wide range of interests. Including traffic information and neighborhood crime information. Most major law enforcement agencies have worked with the media to enact an access policy. (11/4/11)

Oh, nooooooo, it's the start of the "Christmas Eve in Washington" ads on DCRTV! Nooooooooo! Can "Christmas Shoes" on WASH be far behind? Sincerely, TMU. (11/4/11)

Dave, Just wanted to share this little vignette with y'all. Last night, a young (really young, like 21) friend called me. He remarked that he had found a really terrible radio station. Pause here for background... the young friend is a conservative Christian, no drinking or smoking, no sex before marriage, you get the gist... and fairly naive, certainly when it comes to the world of broadcasting. At any rate, he, quite seriously, went on about how horrible this "new" radio station was. Then he told me where he found it: 105.9 FM. Surprised? Uh, not really. Not really at all. Many wonderful DC Radio talents of yore are spinning in their respective graves about now. Even the alive ones. --Uncle Frank in Arlington (11/4/11)

I'll add my few cents to the ongoing discussion here about WBAL. I've always been a big fan of the week in review show, but today was the end for me and I flipped over to public radio. One of the panelists on WBAL was a state senator who tried to sound like he was the king. Then there was this Unger guy who calls himself a writer, actor, producer and comic. All he did was drop in a mediocre one liner here and there. It wasn't informative. It wasn't entertaining. It was just bad. WBAL is in deep trouble. Their morning show sounds old and tired. Mary Beth Marsden's show still sounds bad and they are not doing anything to showcase her talents. Poor Ron Smith will be a hard act to follow. Their sports talk programs sound minor league. I'd expect to see a continuing slide for WBAL in the ratings, as they fall even more behind WJZ, WIYY, and even WLIF. A few snow storms here and there might help, but slowly, it's a sinking ship. And I agree with others who sound their talent just doesn't sound very good. The one guys yells through his newscasts, one guy stumbles constantly, and one woman goes so fast I can't understand what she's saying. I find myself listening to more and more satellite radio. What used to be one of the finest radio stations in Baltimore, and in the country for that matter, is really fading fast. (11/4/11)

Interesting posts about WNOP though not sure about the start of that thread. I see that WNOP was on 740. If memory serves me right, back in the late 60s those calls belonged to a TV station licensed to the Ft. Campbell/Podukah, KY area, as TV channel 74. Wonder if it was ever actually on the air? Of course the FCC took away those high channels sometime down the road so ch. 74 had to go away. What is it about those calls and the number 74, eh? Bill Powers, Los Angeles, CA (11/4/11)

Sad to read about Ted Jaffee’s passing, even though I had never heard of him nor have I had the pleasure of hearing his voice. I didn’t grow up in Baltimore, so I missed out on hearing this legend. From all that I gather, he was very well regarded by everyone so will be very much missed. I liked what Jack Edwards and Ken Merson wrote about Ted, and it sounds like they were both very lucky to work with the man. When I first came to Baltimore in 1997, both these guys proved to be consumate pros who I’m sure learned a lot from Ted and others, and I even had the honor to work with Jack briefly at now-defunct WGRX “Froggy 100.7.” I also got to work in the same building as Merson, and he’s a fantastic jock, but my experience with him is tainted since he unceremoneously “unfriended” me in Facebook, something I don’t think Jack or Ted would have done. I certainly came to the market too late to hear or know Ted Jaffee, but at least I did get to work with some great radio pros while I was there and consider myself extremely lucky. As time goes on we are losing more and more of our radio legends, so we should savor every day we have with any who are left. Bill Powers, Los Angeles, CA (11/4/11)

Mike Wise's staff wrote that Wise "is probably the smartest and most professional radio we have in the DC sportstalk market." Now THAT is funny. If Wise was actually that witty, maybe somebody would be listening to his show. But if you've checked out ratings, they aren't. Nobody reads the WaPo anymore, nobody listens to Wise's radio show, and nobody -- NOBODY -- watched his crappy TV experiment. The guy is a non-entity. (11/4/11)

Comedy is one thing. TALENTED comedians are another thing. Seems to me that WBAL just thinks trying to be funny will attract a new audience. But I think it will do damage to their news and information brand. An earlier poster mentioned Chip Franklin. Did you ever hear him do a talk show? He had some funny bits, I'll agree. But he always only had the story half right. Never sounded like he did his homework and his views shifted all over the place. I think he left WBAL before they made a change since his ratings were never really that good as I recall. Ron Smith will be a difficult act to replace. Marta Mossburg has done a good job filling in and it's nice to hear a woman fill that role. Chris Core's "Core Values" are getting better and better. Didn't like em at first, but now I do. Love the anchors on WTOP, but some of their reporters make me go "OUCH!" Neal Augenstein, Adam Tuss, and the whine of Kristi King all make me want to drive my car into a tree. (11/4/11)

Re: " It's quite amusing to see all of the comments about Mike Wise becauseMike's probably the smartest and most professional radio we have in the DCsportstalk market." Really? It never comes across on his show. (11/4/11)

Re: "It's quite amusing to see all of the comments about Mike Wise because Mike's probably the smartest and most professional radio we have in the DC sportstalk market. "--- This is behind the ages-old "the one-eyed man is ruler of the blind" method, we should "appreciate what you have"? And a "journalist" who admittedly and obviously MADE UP A STORY counts as professional? Really??? Simply you'll tell me to enjoy my 1989 Crown Vic with the bad transmission because it's better than a Model T with no engine... (11/4/11)

Dave: It's quite amusing to see all of the comments about Mike Wise because Mike's probably the smartest and most professional radio we have in the DC sportstalk market. He certainly blows right by any talent over at 980 and most of his co-workers as well. During a 10-minute drive yesterday, I heard Rick Walker give as many generic answers about the Redskins as Mike Shanahan offers during a postgame press conference and worst of all, it was by phone! Doc probably got caught at some free golf event and couldn't make-it to the station and he added his two cents by phone? Second, If you listen to other sportstalk stations like 790 in Miami or ESPN1000 in Chicago, you get the sense it's a "team" effort toward covering area sports. I think Czaban put it perfectly yesterday, "It's all about me." For you anti-Mike Wise fans here in DC, appreciate what you have ! (11/4/11)

We get a cool classic WWDC 1260 radio memory from Johnny Holliday featuring "Lew" Katz, Ed Graham, Ross Elliott, and Fred Fiske. Also, AM talker WTNT will get an FM relay. Plus, more rants about WMAL's loony morning show. All this and more in DCRTV's "Dave TV" for today at (11/4/11)

Re: Wise... I was thinking the same things... the pro-Wise mailbag posts are written in such a way that I, also, wouldn't be surprised one bit if they were written by Wise himself. "Conservative political bent" and "dullard loser sports town" sound exactly like something Wise would say, as he has shown his contempt for D.C. and its sports fans over and over again in his columns and on the air. And Mike, you should know that bad parody songs on the radio are not cutting edge. Maybe 40 years ago. What anyone saw in this guy I will never understand. (11/4/11)

Dave's response: You mean that radio personalities actually post Mailbag pieces that are critical of themselves? Man, I thought that only Geronimo did that back in the day. Ha ha ha.....

I am not exactly a fan of Limbaugh and I happen to be a conservative. Politico was doing a story that fell into their lap. It doesn't matter who runs the story first....the rest of the media is going to catch onto it with a 24-7 newscycle. (11/4/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Cain threatens to sue the Politico for the sexual harrassment story. He's a POLITICAL PUBLIC FIGURE and can't sue for that. What an IDIOT!] ?4 out of 5 of his supporters do not know his lawsuit would have no merrit. And they are unlikely to hear this fact on WMAL. (11/4/11)

From Baltimore Media Blog... WJZ 105.7 HD3 is now WVBV, Medford Lakes, New Jersey and is being relayed on 104.9 & 106.1 FM in the Baltimore metro area. This explains the deal CBS Baltimore made to get a hold of 97.5 HFS with The Hope Christian Church of Marlton, NJ. This should be illegal, but it's not. Yes, a New Jersey radio station looking for money is on the air in Baltimore to raise money for their church. Just wrong. Amazing that CBS is in bed with them. :-( (11/4/11)

Dave's response: We did report that a while back.....

Re: Mike Wise -- I'm certain the mailbag entries slurping Wise are being sent by either Wise himself or someone closely associated to him and his show. Most writers would get a pass for a minor factual inaccuracy, but this is the guy who fabricated a story. That's the cardinal sin for a writer. His credibility is shot to shit and any benefit of the doubt he could have enjoyed over such a minor gaffe in the Shanahan article died when he pulled that Roethlisberger crap. I mean, what if a traffic reporter made up a crash "just because"? What if a weatherman made up a storm just to see how many people would rush to the store to buy water and batteries? You'd never believe another word out of their mouths again; or at least you'd think twice before you did. Many people suspected Wise of being a hack long before that incident and all he did was give his detractors all the ammo they'd ever need. As for his schtick, on a good day he's fairly entertaining but for the most part he's smarmy and pretentious. You can get away with smarmy and pretentious if you at least have credibility. Without credibility, it's just annoying. No hate, just callin' it like I see it... (11/4/11)

I was at a taping at WBAL 11 many many years ago. But yes, Zurawik not mentioning WRC NBC 4 is kind of understandable since WRC and WTTG have always been the toughest stations to receive in Baltimore and I'm going back to my days of living in Baltimore City AND with an outside antenna. Even WDCA 20 came in better. I used to call Captain 20 on the phone long distance to try to win prizes as a child before Dad found out I was making long distance calls to Washington! LOL Now, the question begs, will Hillary Howard be doing the Baltimore version too? I've not watched the show recently. Ironically, even though the show debuted in Washington first, I'm pretty sure it was produced by a Baltimore company. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the former Bowling for Dollars company produce that show? It would be great for McGarry to show up in Baltimore for one last show. So many of my high school buddies fondly remember him. Congrats on 50 years Mac! -- Joe in Essex (11/4/11)

What WMAL needs is a "Ron Smith" type local host, someone who's somewhat conservative, but pragmatic, well read, knows local issues well, and is not afraid to go against the establishment, be it Republican or Democrat, locally or nationally. Ron Smith is exactly that type of talk show host. That's why he's so popular on WBAL in any time slot he's put in. WMAL needs that type of a local talk show host in my opinion. -- Joe (11/4/11)

Dave's response: It used to have a host just like that - Chris Core. But he got canned back in 2008.....

I think it's very fitting that WRGB, Schenectady, NY is now owned by Sinclair. When WBFF 45 first went on the air, the first successful UHF station in Baltimore, it was owned by fledgling Chesapeake Broadcasting and its chief engineer was the actual OWNER who tinkered with the station himself! Imagine that today. (11/4/11)

If CBS buys 107.9, they should use it as a flagship station for a new national network of all-news stations. Maybe something along the lines of NBC's 1970's effort, the News & Information Service, which I think was a good idea that was a little ahead of its time. This plan would leave the other CBS O&O newsers as they currently are and would simply be a method of making a new "format" available to stations around the country who wish to fill a news hole in their market. Over the past 15 years or so, hundreds of capable radio news anchors and reporters have been axed, so there'd be no shortage of talent to staff 107.9 and affiliates in large/medium/small markets. (11/4/11)

Dave, Dave, Dave, it is so easy for you to be critical of other people when you aren't in their shoes, but here is the reason that HD signals are not as dependable as the analog mainstays. Most major players in the DC radio market have backup analog transmitters, antennas, even towers. I doubt ANY of them has a backup HD rig, though. When maintenance has to be done, the HD rig gets turned off. Until the underlying financial return justifies the capital outlay required to build a second HD plant, there won't be one. Simple as that. (11/4/11)

Dave's response: If HD Radio is ever going to be a commercially viable alternative (ha ha ha), it's going to need to be available 24/7. Not there sometimes.....

Hi Dave, Just saw NBC4's Morning News recently. Eun Yang looks beautiful. Has she always had that flowing long hair? I couldn't stop watching her. -Chris in DC (11/4/11)

/\ November 4 Messages /\

\/ November 3 Messages \/

RE:"Wise's lack of professionalism make us so angry" speak for yourself and don't attempt to make people think you are out in front of some movement to get Wise fired. Mike is funny, his show is ok, he keeps it light and gets some great guests. At a minimum he doesn't come across as bitter like Chad Dukes and you !!! Aloha Asshole :D (11/3/11)

I don't understand all the negativity about the Mike Wise Show. Mike does not take himself seriously, he seems to just want the show to be fun, and for the most part it is. So he screwed up with his article ? Are you perfect ? Would your boss say you have never made a mistake ? Didn't think so. So to the guy who called Mike a "Bum" today, you come across as angry. Just flip the station when his show is on, and stop all the negativity in the Mailbag. "Are you Serious ????" Hahahahah (11/3/11)

What is wrong with Wendy Rieger? She is looking a little frail on the 5 pm broadcast.. She has been off a couple weeks and came back this week looking as if she has been sick. She seems to have lost 15 pounds. She seems to be edgy and is beginning to stumble over her words during her broadcasts. (11/3/11)

Actually listening to WMAL-FM this afternoon shows one of my predictions coming true: A bumper making no mention at all of “AM 630”. I think it’s only a matter of time before the AM is either spun-off and ‘re-manufactured’ or is sold off outrught. If it’s sold, my money would be on Salem being the buyer. Finally, Jim Farley’s “welcome” of possible competition from CBS isn’t completely unexpected. He knows it’s one thing to go after the top revenue station in the U.S. And, quite another to actually succeed at doing it. He knows what happens if you either become a “one book wonder” or loose your ass outright trying: Nobody will ever try challenging you again. (Would’ve loved to have seen the litigation, though…!) My prediction on 99.1/107.9: 99.1 stays the same. Changing it after Obama’s certain re-election is even more unlikely. 107.9 could become a Baltimore-focused classic hits (more “lifers and locals” than D.C. will ever see) and it’s cheaper than All-News or News-Talk. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/3/11)

Re: "I enjoyed the previous posts regarding the Wise show. All of themtraced back to his WAPO connection and betray a conservative politicalbent (including opinion of the DCRTV site originator)...Do youhave any idea how difficult it is to write or talk to a mass audience?"".....seriously? That's your defense of this guy? It's okay for him to make things up in his columns because it's "difficult" to write them? What are you, five years old? I wrote one of the criticisms of Wise in today's Mailbag, and I stand by it. He's a bum. A lot of people who frequent the Mailbag have exactly the kind of media experience you allude to; perhaps that is the exact reason Wise's lack of professionalism make us so angry. And, by the way, while I've been called many things in my life, "conservative" isn't one of them. (11/3/11)

I know that some insist that TV broadcasting started here in DC but it really started in early 1928 at what is now called WRGB in Schenectady NY which wasa GE owned experimental station at the time. Hard to believe thata station with that history will noe be run by Sinclair but that seems to be the case. (11/3/11)

I think Mike Wise was confused. Imagine that. Kyle Shanahan and Chris Simms were roommates in college and have their initials tattooed on each other's legs. OOBBEE (11/3/11)

I enjoyed the previous posts regarding the Wise show. All of them traced back to his WAPO connection and betray a conservative political bent (including opinion of the DCRTV site originator). The tell is that they all run back to a weak Wash Post protest. What is this 'Washington Post God Complex' ? Obviously god freak conservatives are good with the God angles, but grow up. We are adults here. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to write or talk to a mass audience? Do you listen to the Wise show? Did you listen to the '7-9 video- song this week? You think someone who takes chances at expanding into a whole new muchly different media comes along every year in our button down cowardly blue shirt city? Not a God complex, more a smart sports-experienced group (CJ among my favs) doing their weekday best to entertain a dullard loser sports town full of button-down weird loudmouthed conservative lip smackers. (11/3/11)

Rush said that Cain should have put together a “Bimbo Patrol” to trash all of Cain’s accusers. Let’s see, I am reminded of Valarie Plame, Joe Wilson, Scott Ritter, Anita Hill, Mother Theresa, The Dixie Chicks, Cindy Shehan, Al Gore, Elizabeth Warren, Bob Woodward, Acorn, Al Franken, poor people, President Obama, the list goes on and on. On the other hand, Rush speaks highly of Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell, Dick Chaney, Ann Coulter, Michelle Maulkin, George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, tax cuts for the super wealthy, David Vitter, and Red State. Yes, Rush, go Fuck yourself so hard it bleeds! (11/3/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: Rush just said that the Washington Post is using the Politico to do political sleeze (the Cain story) without tarnishing their masthead.....] Rush Limbaugh just needs to go fuck himself. (11/3/11)

I enjoyed Cerphe on the Edge. I know he's got a podcast. Is he doing any work on broadcast or satellite radio. I live inside the Beltway; I enjoy WLIF-FM on weekends, which plays a classic hits from the 60s, 70s, and 80s format. I can't believe WMAL's ratings haven't improved much since it has been placed on 105.9. There are a lot of seniors in hi-rise buildings who can now pick up WMAL who couldn't pick it up before. Skyliner (11/3/11)

Dave's response: Check out "Cerphe's Progressive Show" at WMAL does pretty good in the age 12+ demos, which include older folks age 55 and over - a large chunk of the station's listeners. The station doesn't do as well among the age 25-54 or other younger "money demos" that are favored by advertisers. I argue that WMAL should "rethink" righty talk radio to attract those younger DC area demos, such as by featuring less "socially conservative" crap on the morning show, and by ditching the already overexposed Sean Hannity and starting a live and local afternoon show.....

What the fuck is going on at News 4 during the Midday show? All kinds of technical difficulties, Barbara Harrison botching her lines left and right...Oh that's right...this is par for the (11/3/11)

How would you like to own your own radio station? It is possible at a very low cost! How many times have you said if I owned my own station I would play Bluegrass Music, Classic Country or maybe even Show Tunes? You say but I can't afford to pay $23 million for a station. How about for less than the price of a townhouse in Fairfax County? WKDL 1250 AM in the Western Suburbs of Washington, DC. is for sale. WKDL is licensed to Warrenton, VA. Yes, you can operate the station with just four people. Maybe I could get two other friends to go in with me and share the cost? The price for WKDL is just $300,000. If you are an entrepreneur or want to own your own business you can call Metro Radio at 703-659-0406. (11/3/11)

What bothers me most about Wise's screwups in the WaPo is that these aren't misspelled names, transposed scores, confused chronologies, etc...they are stories that he appears to just make up, assuming that everyone is just too lazy or stupid to find out what he's done. Everybody makes the first kind of mistake and newspapers run corrections for them all the time. No harm no foul. But I don't think a guy who fabricates "facts" belongs on the payroll of any credible newspaper. (11/3/11)

WTNT 730 is back down in the noise where it should be with their night signal in Potomac. As Larry's post infers, someone from 'TNT and 'NOP must be reading DCRTV and took action before the FCC stopped by as they probably read this, too. Also, fun memories from ex-WNOPers. H (11/3/11)

Dave, I agree with you 100% ("Mike Wise suffers from 'Washington Post God Complex,' which many Posties suffer from. They feel that since they're superstar human beings - as confirmed by their employment at the prestigious Post - they can do anything and many things and be great at all of it.") Yesterday Wise spent time thrilling the junkies with a tale about how he is constantly pestered by publishers begging to give him just about anything to bless them with a book, but he doesn't write them because he "just doesn't feel it." What a load of BS. The guy can't get his facts straight in his column, is hard to listen to on the radio and is downright disturbing to watch on television. He should go back to writing quick summaries of NBA games. That's where he did the least damage. (11/3/11)

Congrats to Hillary Howard for officially getting the "It's Academic" chair! She and I worked at RKO in New York years ago, and I've always been a fan of hers. Now, I hope, she can fulfill a fun fantasy - and invite John McLaughlin to guest host once in a while just to pummel those kids with his bombast! (11/3/11)

David Zurawik did another half-assed copy and paste job regarding Mac McGarry's retirement from It's Academic. He didn't even mention that McGarry worked for WRC. One commenter said that he thought McGarry retired years ago because he doesn't host the Baltimore version anymore- which is understandable since WRC doesn't reach Baltimore and points north. (11/3/11)

Dave's response: Zurawik's piece got posted after everyone else's - this morning. And you're paying for this, Baltimore Sun readers? Sheesh. Z is a perfect symptom of the Sun's sad downfall.....

Just another "SNIP"(and you can't find a job because these companies own everything, you'll find out the true meaning of Jealousy!) Come on love letter to Harvey...just straight truth. AS I SAID, shit floats to the top. Cumulus is NOT the only company that's riffing, it's a broadcasting trend. Sad, but true. I had one of my younger individuals announce that she wanted to get into broadcasting, my response WHY? What used to be an honorable profession is no longer. But you that bitch, chose that road. I got out years ago. Saw the writing on the wall..and I was one of those that did do well-Just sayin.... (11/3/11)

DCRTV gets results! 730's pre-dawn power today was more in line with a licensed 25 watts - nothing listenable until I got to Fairfax Co. Pkwy/Lee Chapel Rd. between Burke and Springfield. But then, they were running Michael Savage, and though I'm pretty rock solid conservative he is just plain unlistenable but I 740 from Toronto had no co-channel interference from the Cincy area station. Dave, never underestimate the reach of this site! - - - - - Larry in Luray (11/3/11)

It's not the Junkies and Chad that CK should get rid of. It's Mike Wise. Another Wash Post correction? Does that guy EVER get anything right? The only reason he's on the air is the "credibility" he brings to the station by virtue of his Post gig, yet all he's done the last 2 years is get suspended for fake stories, and write incorrect info in his columns. He's trying to be Tony Kornheiser with his band of wacky characters like that lame comedian that comes in all the time, but it just isn't working. He's not very well-spoken, either. And not as bright as it appears he thinks he is. He might be a good 2nd or 3rd contributor like he was when he guested on the Sports Reporters, but that's about where he maxes out. As far as the Junkies go, they keep getting lucrative, multiple year deals. And it seems like they're on every commercial. So ratings must be pretty decent, and clearly advertisers like them, which is most important. (11/3/11)

Dave's response: Mike Wise suffers from "Washington Post God Complex," which many Posties suffer from. They feel that since they're superstar human beings - as confirmed by their employment at the prestigious Post - they can do anything and many things and be great at all of it. Including TV and radio hosting gigs. As confirmed by the now-defunct Washington Post Radio a few years ago, most Posties are rather terrible when they do things other than writing/reporting. Wise, I do think, has some radio talent. But he spreads himself "too thin." He can either be "OK-ish" if he divides himself between the Post and WJFK, or be great if he focuses his energies on one of the two.....
"Actually if wdsd 94.7 and Froggy 99.9 are simulcasting now that's pretty smart. 94.7 covers the whole state Delaware while 99.9 covers the lower eastern shore. coverage only overlaps in Sussex county." From a coverage standpoint, maybe. But the ratings would not increase much in the Salisbury/Ocean City Metro, if at all, because of DSD's location in Kent County, DE which is only a TSA county. And blowing up the billing of one of those stations would be absolutely insane. It's never gonna happen. joe e/Salisbury (11/3/11)

Was Mike O'Meara considered for the " It's Academic" job? (11/3/11)

Hey it really means a lot to my family that someone "prints the truth".. You sir are a true professional. Thank you dave. Mark McGarry and family...... (11/3/11)

/\ November 3 Messages /\

\/ November 2 Messages \/

(regarding a previous post) "For several years, it was located in a group of three large barrels that floated on the Ohio river. I don't know how they kept the tone arm on the record." WNOP was housed in what was referred to as The Jazz Ark. As for the tone arm situation, in the Leo Underhill interview that was posted here earlier, he mentions lots of concrete ballast in the three oil drums, that kept the structure fairly stable and says the turntables were specially designed. By the time I worked there in the late 90s, the studios were in a stately old brick home, in the Camp Washington neighborhood in Cincinnati, that we called The Jazz Mansion. (11/2/11)

Actually if wdsd 94.7 and Froggy 99.9 are simulcasting now that's pretty smart. 94.7 covers the whole state Delaware while 99.9 covers the lower eastern shore. coverage only overlaps in Sussex county. (11/2/11)

The people who were furloughed from Clearchannel and Cumulus last week were not "Paper Pushers"...Many of them have families, mortgages, car payments, etc...And now they are out on the street. I have news for you "Just Sayin"...Cumulus is known for taking once vibrant radio stations, like that place on Jenifer Street, and turning them into empty, cavernous museums of what once was! With a few exceptions, they're not into paying high wages to ANYONE!! If I were you, I'd cease with the gushing love letters to Harvey Fisher and join him in looking for a few empty boxes to pack your things. The "Paper Pushers" you mentioned were just the first round. When you're out on the street and you can't find a job because these companies own everything, you'll find out the true meaning of Jealousy! (11/2/11)

[RE McGarry retiring:] Andy Pollin mentioned this on The Sports Reporter this afternoon and gave DCRTV.COM credit. (11/2/11)

Hey Dave, I want you to hear it straight from the horse's mouth On Behalf of the entire McGarry family. "It's Official, Mac McGarry is retiring from "It's Academic" after 50 years today. It has been reported by local T.V/Radio this evening that his health is an issue. I can tell you that for a man of 85 years old his health is excellent at this time. My father would like to thank all of those who have been involved with It's Academic over the past 50 years. From the Schools/teachers/students/cheerleaders/bands and everyone on the school side of things. He would also like to thank all of those who helped make the show what it is today. Especially the entire Altman family,the shows founder the late Sophie Altman and her Daughter Susan who now handles the show along with Joel Kemelhor and Susan Lechner the shows prinicipal question writers. Of course it would not have been possible without all of the support from WRC/NBC4 Washington D.C. along with Giant food and the many other sponsors over the years and the fine folks behind the scenes who made the show come to life on T.V for 50 years. Mac plans to stay involved with It's Academic for as long as it is possible to do so. Thank you all very much for 50 of the greatest years ever." Mark McGarry/on behalf of the entire McGarry family.... (11/2/11)

To the Mark Levin stalker claiming the plant call: Scroll down to Page 7, The slide that asks "Is This Sexual Harassment? Yes or No" Question: An employee posts a swimsuit calendar in his work area. Answer: Yes. Under the EEOC definition, posting a swimsuit calendar qualifies as “a visual display of explicit or suggestive materials.” Entirely plausible that an attorney would file suit, knowing that it would settle (i.e. "go away") before court, especially in DC, where the NRA (the food one not the gun guys) is located. DC is notorious for being liberal with jury awards. I heard the segment too (though I wasn't taping and taking notes like the good little Media Matters tool that you are); Mark sounded kind of bored since the guy wasn't very focused. (11/2/11)

Regarding the previous post, "In the late 90s, I worked at WNOP, back when it was still playing straight-ahead jazz. There's no way their nighttime signal could be heard in the DC area, unless somebody didn't power down." I can't speak to the station's night signal but I do remember that in the '70's during the day the station had a hard time getting out more than 100 miles. (11/2/11)

[RE McGarry:] I hope he has a good retirement, I was excited to be a contestant in 1979. (11/2/11)

[RE McGarry:] Has anyone lasted longer as a host? (11/2/11)

740 WNOP ID: "This is Shelly Winters on WNOP...We Need Obsolete Privies." It was an incredible station. For several years, it was located in a group of three large barrels that floated on the Ohio river. I don't know how they kept the tone arm on the record. (11/2/11)

I always thought that Hillary Howard's nasal, sing-song, giggly delivery was best suited to a kids' TV show. But, I was thinking more of young kids on "Romper Room" not old kids on "It's Academic". After Mac McGarry's stellar work on the show all these years it is an insult to the viewers and to Mac to make her his replacement. (11/2/11)

Dave, As sad as it is to see an era end with Mac McGarry’s retirement from “It’s Academic”, it’s even worse that Hilary Howard will take over. Oy Gevalt! I’m sure she is a nice lady and all, and she’s been through health challenges, but she is so annoying on WTOP. After all this time on the afternoon shift, she STILL talks all over Shawn Anderson. You don’t hear that on any other WTOP two-anchor shift. I know she has a personal services contract with WTOP as a legacy of her WFED days, but does she have to ruin my ride home AND “It’s Academic”? Ugh. Chris from Bethesda (11/2/11)

Overheard on my lunch break: Rick Walker declaring that college football conferences can make changes of any kind now, "because the iPad means ya don't have to go to school no more." Seriously, how can a human being be as stupid as this guy and still find employment? (11/2/11)

So how long do you think it will take before Delmarva listeners realize that WWFG and WDSD are playing the same songs at the same time? Gotta love those Premiere Choice playlists. Stupid ass Clear Channel. (11/2/11)

“The suits in NYC should exert some control over CK and make him take his buddies off the air. It is long overdue!! Please, make it happen!” I’ve got an easy solution for you, if you don’t like them, listen to another station. (11/2/11)

It’s just another SNIP: (Sad to say, but the person shuffling papers in the office doing support is far more replaceable than the on air talent.) I have to totally agree!!!! (Loved the)--- “your post sounds so jealous it should have been written in green.” The jocks that fill the coffers will win everytime..Keep Sales HAPPY—Keep Management HAPPY—Keep Audience HAPPY- it’s a win, win proposition. Just sayin!!! (11/2/11)

Hey ZW-----pompous assholes--shit floats--douchebags. Just sayin!!! (11/2/11)

Just for the record; Nearly two decades before Ted Jaffee's wife got the "Mary Landis" gig on Channel 11, the Betty Crocker-like homemaker hostess was created for WBAL Radio 1160 AM. (Channel 2 also had a homemaker host. Theirs was named "Ann Mar," after the state capital.) "Mary" appeared on radio from September 1934 to January 1942. Shortly after the start of WWII, the character was retired, but then had a good run on TV from 1951 until being retired for good in 1956. "Mary" was being played in 1938 by Kitty Dierken who would have her own WBAL-TV show in the '50s. (11/2/11)

RE: WBOC Hires Beer Model For Weather "She announces the gig in her blog at and misidentifies the station as being located in "Dover, Delaware"....." WBOC has a office/studio on Rt. 13 in Dover, perhaps she will be doing the weather from there? (11/2/11)

Dave, just looked at the Washingtonian article. Noticed the author's name. Good to see you're finally getting paid for all the free advertising. Oh, and one more thing: "SNIP-SNIP... Just sayin!!!" I can't bring myself even to quote the offending bits. Is DCRTV taking a turn for the fecal? Whoever wrote that is quite a potty mouth, and has no writing talent or zazziness about him at all. - Zombie Woof (11/2/11)

More erratic HD Radio in the Washington area. Plus, some Mac McGarry memories with the news that he's retiring from "It's Academic." And, my reaction to a write-up about me and DCRTV at Also, Channel 9 to add Bounce TV to one of its digital subchannels. More on WBAL's Ron Smith. Plus, memories of WSVA, WDVM, and WJLA in today's "Dave TV"..... (11/2/11)

When you think of Shirley Povich, you naturally think of his contemporaries in DC's sports reporting game... like (left to right) WRC-TV's Jim Simpson, the Post's Bob Addie, Povich and the Daily News' Mo Siegel in this 1959 photo. (11/2/11)

""These radio companies who pay Windbags like Jack Diamond million dollar plus salaries and then turn around and treat the people who do all the work like shit!" "This isn't about Jealousy. This is about radio companies and radio station management crying about the bottom line and slashing the wages and jobs of people who bust their asses so they'll have enough cash to overpay some obscene wage" This isn't about jealousy???? Ummm maybe it's just me but your post sounds so jealous it should have been written in green. "Obscene wage"? Wow class warfare is working. What's is a "fair wage" for an on air talent in drive time? I'm not a Jack Diamond fan (I listened a few times when an ex girlfriend had it on...he sounded fake and boring), but if he, or any other broadcaster, draws listeners (and advertisers) then he should get whatever he can. Sad to say, but the person shuffling papers in the office doing support is far more replaceable than the on air talent. (11/2/11)

Here's an interview with WNOP's Leo Underhill, that ran on a Cincinnati-area public TV outlet. He was quite a character! (11/2/11)

I was laughing all the way home over a plant caller to theMark Levin Show last night. He called into say A) He was a small business owner, B) he has about 80 employees, C) Hetreats his employees well, D) he was sued over sexual harassment because he had a “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar” in his office. E) the young woman suing was a disgruntled employee that he never dealt with, E)His insurance company lawyers told him that the insurance industry standard payout for sexual harassment complaints is $35,000.00 to avoid any litigation. F) If he went to court, any award above $35,000.00 the small business owner would have to pay. “That is how it works,” he told Mark. “Most lawyers know the $35,000.00 number and will agree to it. It is a game,” he explained. I am not bashing the actor; he was pleasant, well spoken, and calling in just before the long break, he was punctual. His script, however, was totally full of crap. He kept emphasizing the payout of $35,000.00 just “to go away.” That number, coincidently, had been reported earlier in the day to be the payout for one of Cain’saccusers. Mark was fascinated with his account. Now, lets look at this scenario; a swimsuit calendar is not “sexual harassment,” and a lawsuit would have nomerit unless the woman repeatedly asked that the calendar be removed, she was ignored, and the calendar caused problems with her ability to do her job. MarkLevin’s crap can be heard on WMAL. (11/2/11)

Regarding Lisa Rodriguez misidentifying WBOC-TV’s location… WBOC used to have transmitters in both Salisbury and Dover, and ran legal ID’s for both cities. That was 20 years ago, so things may have changed since then. (11/2/11)

In the late 90s, I worked at WNOP, back when it was still playing straight-ahead jazz. There's no way their nighttime signal could be heard in the DC area, unless somebody didn't power down. Great little offbeat station, with a colorful history - but it went to Hell once it went religious. In its heyday, it was the hippest spot on the dial. The legendary morning guy, Leo Underhill, would announce "bar closings" on snowy days. (11/2/11)

According to the It's Acaedemic Facebook page, Mac McGarry has decided to retire- Hilary Howard is now the permanent host: You knew it was coming, but it's still sad- the end of an era in DC TV... -David from Davidsonville (11/2/11)

Re: WBAL and the audition of a comedian….If my memory serves me right. Wasn’t Chip Franklin a “comedian”? Oh, yes, oh yes, we forgot that didn’t we. Some of the earliest talkers were comedians….Mort Sahl, Morton Downey Jr. Gee, ya think maybe it’s not such a dumb thing? Just sayin… (11/2/11)

WBAL traffic and weather together on the 5's has to go. I can understanding it during rush hour but trying to listen to a talk show in the middle of the day is frustrating. News at the top of the hour, followed by commercials at 4 minutes past, then traffic/weather, followed by more commercials. It's sometimes 8 minutes of mostly commercials and information that is useless. Host gets about 6/7 minutes before the mindless drivel starts all over again. And the segues - because the host has to talk to the traffic person 30 times a day - "Speaking of the Governor, I guess the Guv doesn't want to be on I95 north right now, huh?" Good grief. (11/2/11)

[Someone wrote, "Here at VOA...there are still piles of 10.5” reels and tapes. Even 'pancakes.'" If you're talking new tape, can I meet you in back of the building for an exchange of cash for tape?] And if its old tape (older than a few years) and manufactured after 1975-77, you may want to invest in a convection oven and expect only a few record/playback passes out of each tape (regardless of the brand or density, what environs they were stored in, etc.) due to that horrible little phenomenon known as "Sticky Shed Syndrome"! I have over 200 reels of AMPEX/QUANTEGY 456 and 499 in both unopened pancakes and used reels; all kept in a pretty stable environment, humidity-wise, and I am still having to bake my tapes before use (mind you some of them are 25+ years old). Signed-Return Of The Son of The Unsigned Monster Corporate Magnet. (11/2/11)

Regarding the lack of hit music on HOT 99.5--maybe Bill Parris is programming it as the latest addition to the KHZ Network. (11/2/11)

I too have recently noticed 740 from the Cincinnati area (a religious station) overriding Toronto's 740 on my pre-dawn commute along I-66. Very odd if they're licensed @ 30 watts night power. Plus, 730 in Alexandria came in fairly clear in Centerville around 5:30 this morning. Hell of a 25 watt blowtorch there - - - - - Larry in Luray (11/2/11)

SNIP-SNIP FROM MAILBAG-"OF COURSE I WOULDN'T HAVE TURNED IT DOWN! I also wouldn't treat people like they are beneath me if I were fortunate enough to be in such a position. Hey angry one....the industry has had overpaid, pompous assholes that treated people like they are beneath them since the beginnings. Who know's, you might have been one of them if you'd ever had enough talent to get to that pinnacle. BUT you didn't so you're a nice guy??? In broadcasting, mediocrity reigns supreme and some shit floats to the top. Usually douchebags. Just sayin!!! (11/2/11)

Re:730 WTNT at night. I've been wondering about their night signal, too. Not too long ago, when they went to thier night power, they disappeared here in Potomac. Now they are very readable at night. They do reduce power; however, I don't think they are lowering it to 25 watts. I've also wondered about WNOP, 740 in Newport, KY (Cincinnati) which is supposed to be running 30 watts at night. I regularly hear them under (and sometimes over) CFZM, Toronto. I fully realize that propagation conditions allow for these things to happen, but when they happen all or most of the time, I begin to question if these Class D stations are really reducing their power to their licensed nighttime power. H (11/2/11)

FYI. The "Ron Smith Health Blog" is now available on the WBAL Radio website. (11/2/11)

Talking about the on-air staff of the WBAL radio news department...I was once told that while the existing people are OK there are always folks out there who are better and affordable. And from the way some of them sound that was never more true. I rarely tune in anymore...but did listen for a few minutes yesterday afternoon and there was "the shouter" doing the news again, followed by the worlds worst traffic report. Fortunately I can turn it off with the tap of the button. (11/2/11)

Looks like more cuts at Metro - Rich Wiedemann says he just got his walking papers. IIRC, he's been there since the Shadow days. (11/2/11)

Dave dude, Congrats! (11/2/11)

Snip from Mailbag: I also wouldn't treat people like they are beneath me if I were fortunate enough to be in such a position: BUT YOU NEVER WERE, HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE DONE?????? Just askin, could be right or wrong??? (11/2/11)

I just checked the Media Base current chart for WIHT and I really can't believe some of the songs they have listed as currents on their chart. You've got old ass stuff like Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" and Flo-Rida "Club Can't Handle Me" (do any of you old geezers recognize these titles?) . It just blows my mind they have "Teenage Dream" listed at the 44th chart position UP from 47. WTF!!! That song is now even too old to be a recurrent! Get rid of it! THIS is Clear Channels vision of "CURRENT HIT RADIO"? WTF! I can hear a better representation of today's hit music on 92 Moose up in Maine! (11/2/11)

Farhi in the Washingtonian piece: "It’s true that we don’t have someone on the beat full-time..." Why the hell not? Just easier and cheaper to have Dave do all the work? (11/2/11)

Dave's response: That's how many "journalists" work today. They troll around the internet and look for stories that were broken by the hard work and better sourcing of "bloggers." They then do some research, usually make a few phone calls, and run the story as if it was their own idea without crediting their "inspiration." And, because they work for a "widely respected" news organization like the Post, they get all the credit for breaking the story via a batch of internet links that the original blogger source didn't get. It's not technically plagiarism, per se, but it is highly unethical. It's the mark of a mediocre reporter. And I "call it out" every time it happens to me.....

/\ November 2 Messages /\

\/ November 1 Messages \/

"So,I guess you’d have turned it down???? Jealousy will get you nowhere!~ just sayin, not sayin it’s right" OF COURSE I WOULDN'T HAVE TURNED IT DOWN! I also wouldn't treat people like they are beneath me if I were fortunate enough to be in such a position. This isn't about Jealousy. This is about radio companies and radio station management crying about the bottom line and slashing the wages and jobs of people who bust their asses so they'll have enough cash to overpay some obscene wage to someone who is referred to as "A douchebag" behind his back! And I'm not talking about Jack Diamond although if the shoe fits! (11/1/11)

Not really local, but interesting: DirecTV and Fox have reached a deal and called a truce to their public fracas. (11/1/11)

Washingtonian has uncovered the reason why Fresh FM's ratings suck. If the mag is to be believed the station's frequency is 95.7! Woo-ha-ha-ha-ha! (11/1/11)

"Tuned into 105.9 at 1:00. Rush was playing " Barack the magic negro"wow WILL NOT make the mistake of tuning in again. Regardless of whereyou stand, how disrespectful as an American to degrade the POTUS likethat. Jay" So people are digging the new FM signal! Jay, your beef is with David Ehrenstein, the black LA Times writer who departed from his usual 'homosexuals in culture' beat (or did he?) to write the article on which the song is based. "According to Ehrenstein, the magical Negro is a non threatening black hero in the popular media, usually the cinema, who was invented to ease feelings of white guiltover slavery and racial injustice. He is noble and devoid of sexualmotives, and appears suddenly, out of nowhere, to magically solve theproblems of white people." I guess you're feeling guilty about feeling guilty about President Bagger Vance. "Black political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson,who is the author of the forthcoming book, "The Emerging Black GOPMajority", called the song "crass, tasteless, and race tinged, but ...accurate." Camille Paglia of called the song "very daring and funny"[.]" Spank me, Dave. - ZombieWoof (11/1/11)

Dave's response: I heard that, too. Rush delivered a sermon on how he's not a racist and then played, yet again, the "Magic Negro" song. Whatever. Yet another "proud moment" for WMAL.....

Interesting how Chad "Dukes" is silent on how low the ratings are for his and Lavar's show in the Men 25-54 demo. He and the Junkies are waaaay overpaid. Why does there need to be four Junkies talking over each other? They are super rich already, it is sickening hearing them do ads for Porsche and Mercedes dealerships. Do they really need to rub it in our faces about how wealthy they are now and how much stuff they get for free, like lavish dinners at the Palm and Bonefish grill? What a waste of money for CBS. Get rid of 2 of them, and save the station more than $500,000. Maybe use some of it to raise the pay for the rest of the staff. But due to the fact that Chad (more than $100,000 per year for his over emoting drivel) and the Junkies are close friends of Program Director Chris Kinard, they will never be fired. The suits in NYC should exert some control over CK and make him take his buddies off the air. It is long overdue!! Please, make it happen! (11/1/11)

Someone wrote, "Here at VOA...there are still piles of 10.5” reels and tapes. Even 'pancakes.'" If you're talking new tape, can I meet you in back of the building for an exchange of cash for tape? (11/1/11)

Why would CBS move El Zol to 107.9, which has just about the same coverage area as 99.1? Maybe to move HFS back to it’s home frequency? That’s the only logical reason that I can think of. Wait, this is CBS, so logic doesn’t apply. Also, why would they put Spanish on a station that reaches both Washington & Baltimore when Baltimore doesn’t have much of a Hispanic population? Answer: CBS doesn’t know how to deal with a station that reaches two markets. It doesn’t fit into their nice neat cookie cutter world. --JK (11/1/11)

Dave's response: The problem with the 107.9 signal is how it runs up against the adjacent channel WTOP relay on 107.7 in Northern Virginia. Moving El Zol to 107.9 would give it approximately the same coverage area it now has, with 99.1 a better place to launch a new format (news?) that would cover more of the entire DC metro, including Northern Virginia.....

Geez. What are they thinking at WBAL? Putting a comedian on to talk politics? Will the Ron Smith faithful take WBAL seriously after a step like this? Ron is passionate, thoughtful and maybe the brightest and most intelligent voice in talk radio not just in Baltimore but in the country. Is this the direction that the GM and thePD see for WBAL? Expect the slide to continue in the ratings. I do like the guy Doug Gill that has been a frequent guest. (11/1/11)

Dave's response: Gee, a comedian talking politics - like Dennis Miller, Bill Maher, Jackie Mason, or Jon Stewart. Marc Unger doing evenings on BAL is a tryout. He hadn't landed a permanent role.....

Danny Bonaduce gets a Seattle radio show - (11/1/11)

Tuned into 105.9 at 1:00. Rush was playing " Barack the magic negro" wow WILL NOT make the mistake of tuning in again. Regardless of where you stand, how disrespectful as an American to degrade the POTUS like that. Jay (11/1/11)

Seven billion people, and WMAL STILL can't find listeners (11/1/11)

so they're off by 1.3 Billion..... no biggie :) (11/1/11)

WMAL is going to become the new Clear Channel. They're going to buy all the radio stations so that way someone has to listen, right?! (11/1/11)

As the world's population approaches 7 billion, the Washington Post's freebie tab, the Express, comes up just a little short. Apparently, the front page error was caught and corrected after yesterday's press run started..... (11/1/11)

So sad to hear of the passing of Baltimore broadcast legend Ted Jaffee. Like many of his on-air contemporaries who also inspired me, Ted's classy delivery and personality came through clearly and naturally during the formative years I spent listening and learning from him on WITH, WCAO and WJZ-TV. When I finally had the wonderful opportunity to meet him years later, Ted made me feel like I was the pro (I wasn't) by affirming me. He was professional, selfless, supportive and funny as hell. I regret that we never had the chance to work together and that I didn't get to know him better. As clichéd as this may sound, they don't make 'em like Ted Jaffee anymore and that's a real shame. R.I.P. Teddy! - Ken Merson - 94-7 FRESH-FM, Washington, DC (11/1/11)

Marc Unger really is getting a WBAL tryout? haha! the guy based on what i have heard , can barely do 5 minutes of "funny radio " much less 3 hrs. I Have seen his'act' - aka tired, in addition nfor thisb area he's too NY (where he would not last a NY second:) and yes, too self serving. The dude didn't make it at WNST . end of story. Josh in Columbia (11/1/11)

I just had a brainstorm: Maybe "Playboy Club" was too tame. They could have a TV show about Hustler Clubs, like the one on the Block in good ol' Baltimore. They could show what everybody thinks goes on in the back rooms. Or what was that place in San Francisco where a lot of crazy trouble occurred? A weekly series about that would really get those "Men 18-34" ratings. It could star Charlie Sheen! (Just a little humor on this cold November day...)-- Carl in Olney (11/1/11)

[Dave's response: Look, when the baseless rumors are reported about President Obama, WMAL calls it the truth. But, when baseless rumors are reported about Hermain Cain, WMAL calls it lies. WMAL is little more than political propaganda. They'll never beat or even come close to WTOP's ratings and revenue until they "smarten up" for the intelligent DC market. And that means a better, more balanced morning show, a live and local afternoon show, and a full-fledged news department. All of that will take some investment. But don't expect that from the short-sighted, penny-pinching clowns at Cumulus] Help me here, then why did they buy the station from Citadel, if not to improve the ratings an increase listeners/ad revenue? Everything you said is true and more. It could be a great station with both right/left -- but rational -- views on politics. Instead, it is 18 hours a day (the Batchler and Coast-to-Coast programs being the only 6 hour window of sanity) of non-stop far/far right wing garbage and very little useful local content.. (11/1/11)

730WTNT has one loud a** signal for a 25 watter at night. I thought it was 250 watts and was amazed at that thought. After checking out my radio book site and then reconfirming with the site, I realized this bad little mo fo is puttin' out 25 measley, but loud watts!. or is it? Did the automation or someone forget to lower power at night.... Tsk tsk. But its loud every night so I have to believe it really is only 25 watts. If this station is really only operating on 25 watts at night it must be the best frequency on the AM dial. It is a Canadian clear with a 50KW both in Montreal and in Vancouver. The seals on the Artic Circle are probably jamming on the 50K blowtorch. I pick it up in North Stafford and the signal is strong to at least Fairfax to the West. The radio-locater site shows the coverage map to the North pretty much inside the beltway. Any engineers got a take on this? This signal is better that a couple of local 5Kers at night I can think of. Tom R. Fairfax. (11/1/11)

Snip-(To the Jack Diamond defender!!) So,I guess you’d have turned it down???? Jealousy will get you nowhere!~ just sayin, not sayin it’s right. (11/1/11)

The "money demo" age 25-54 DC radio ratings for October. Memories of Baltimore radio and TV great Ted Jaffee, who died yesterday. And, I rant about the crappy little Washington Examiner. Oh, yeah, more "love" for Comcast. All in today's "Dave TV"..... (11/1/11)

To the Jack Diamond defender....Let me tell you what's "Plain Sick"....These radio companies who pay Windbags like Jack Diamond million dollar plus salaries and then turn around and treat the people who do all the work like shit! I'm thinking of another pretentious windbag on one of the sports stations here who makes more money in a month than the average Joe earns in a year. And when it's time to tighten the purse strings, who gets kicked in the teeth?....The poor sap who already has to work a second or third job just to be able to afford to live in this overpriced, overtaxed, pretentious dump. It's nice to see some tired, self absorbed, has been finally get treated the same way! (11/1/11)

Fun looking at the TEAC pictures. Here at VOA, they cleared out quite a number of gorgeous Studer decks on roll-around carts a couple of years ago. Who-knows-where they went after being declared surplus. With open reel tape no longer in production, all of these machines are essentially “bricks.” But here in our building, there are still piles of 10.5” reels and tapes. Even“pancakes.” And in the corners and cracks, zillions of well-used razor blades…. (11/1/11)

The 10pm entry into prime time on NBC appropriately as rock in its name since it is sinking just that quickly as a rock in a pond. The ending segment with Jon Stewart was an embarrassment for both he and Brian Williams. The reporter packages were interesting but its clear to this viewer that Kate Snow is the rising star at NBC News. And to think they dumped Playboy Club for this... (11/1/11)

You know, the attitude of some of the posters here in the mailbag is just sick, plain sick. Jack Diamond may be on his way out and there are those that are "dancin like giddy kids" thrilled at the prospect..WHY? If anything, Jack and company have reached a plateau that not many ever reach in this business it's called longevity, he's certainly done that, and done it right. He kept management happy, the sales department happy and more often than not, the audience. Now, to you, the "dancers"....Just what have you done? Proud to have known Jack through the years- Just sayin~! (11/1/11)

I was barely out of a time of having homework and term papers when I met and worked with Ted Jaffee, one of the many larger-than-life characters at The Big 60. He had great stories, that booming voice, and was genuinely a big-hearted guy. I only wish I had the chance to work with him longer than I did. RIP, Ted. What a pro! Bill Worthington (11/1/11)

This morning, The Morning Majority was saying “it is all about jobs Mr. President”. I just could not help myself, and chuckled. I wonder if something happens to Brian or Mary Katherine or the other guy, will they blame themselves as one presidential candidate suggests? (11/1/11)

Dave's response: Look, when the baseless rumors are reported about President Obama, WMAL calls it the truth. But, when baseless rumors are reported about Hermain Cain, WMAL calls it lies. WMAL is little more than political propaganda. They'll never beat or even come close to WTOP's ratings and revenue until they "smarten up" for the intelligent DC market. And that means a better, more balanced morning show, a live and local afternoon show, and a full-fledged news department. All of that will take some investment. But don't expect that from the short-sighted, penny-pinching clowns at Cumulus.....

Earlier posting, “Why would CBS purchase such a monster signal just to waste it?” Three reasons: “El Zol” makes money; It would be corporate political suicide to dump “El Zol”; and, most importantly, because it’s CBS! -Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/1/11)

We've lost another radio great. Tom Keith, for years a sound effects genius and master of voices on Prairie Home Companion, has died at the early age of 64. Keith was the headwaiter at Garrison Keillor's favorite French restaurant Cafe Bouef. Was he also the voice of "Dusty" on lives of the cowboys? A full story here: (Thanks to Max Cacas for spreading the word.) Tom Gauger (11/1/11)

I guess the "big guys" at Cumulus that Jack Diamond was sucking up to on Facebook don't care if he thinks they are "geniuses." There is so much dead wood on that show that it's not funny! What talent does the Ally chick have anyway other than appearing brain dead? Women acting (or, in this case actually being) stupid is NOT funny! When the pink slips finally come these people will never work in radio again...thank God! (11/1/11)

I second everything that Jack posted about Ted Jaffee. Not just one of the finest radio talents that I've ever worked with, but one of the finest people as well. R.I.P. Theodore Roosevelt Jaffee....Johnny Dark (WTTR and (11/1/11)

Sorry to hear about Ted Jaffee. Ted and I worked together at WCAO and WITH. A gentleman and a scholar with a resonant voice that was worthy of network radio in its heyday. But he managed to sound up to date always. Long retired but not forgotten. Alan Field (11/1/11)

Find it quite funny that FOX5 and NBC4 are BOTH doing the same investigative story on a guy who owes the city over $17 million in taxes (11/1/11)

Ok, fuck that idea of El Zol going to 107.9. They need to put that shit station on the shit signal of 106.7 Which would serve the fastest growing Hispanic population in the nation. Why would CBS purchase such a monster signal just to waste it? (11/1/11)

So rumor has it that we might get another news and/or talk station. Yipee. Just for kicks earlier tonight, I tuned to 105.9 as they ran a spot touting that "common sense is now on the FM dial," immediately followed by another ad that began "This is Tom Graham, president of PEPCO..." Now that's pretty funny! Then I flipped to WTOP just in time to hear Chris Core bragging about the "pleasure" and "satisfaction" he gets from his new windows. Kinda reminds me of this scene... (11/1/11)

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\/ October 31 Messages \/

You think Cumulus is making cuts now? You ain't seen nothing yet, brother! I am told that Cumulus is now dragging their feet in paying commissions to their sales people and paying it's account receiveables to their venders. This is looking more and more like the guy who saved up the down payment for his McMansion and now has trouble making the note each month. Did someone in the radio biz bite off more than they can collectively chew? (10/31/11)

It's been years since I last worked with Ted Jaffee at WCAO and WITH radio in Baltimore. It was an absolute joy to be associated with Teddy. A first class newsman, announcer and a twinkle in his eye when he was a dj for a few hours on many Sunday mornings. Off the air, he was the best and many many one liners we exchanged and set up "traps" for our co workers like making up names for phony birthdays on a studio list. Ted and I walked in a huge Baltimore snowstorm our first day at a new place of employment WITH radio in February 1979. Ted must have walked forever to find a parking spot close to the station and man did I feel guilty getting off the subway at Baltimore and Light block from work. Yes, I remember Ted's wife Anita (Mary Landis) who did the first live cooking show on wbal-tv in black and white tv and another very warm host stood out with a huge warm personality. Ted Jaffee, former marine, was a broadcasting icon and not one bit of ego. 92 years young and he will be missed. Jack Edwards WTTR Radio Westminster (10/31/11)

[From DCRTV's Classified Ads page:] Openings at America's Radio News Network. Looking for two host/anchor positions working out of our DC studio for the network, which continues to grow. Also looking for vacation relief for the holidays for producers and board ops. Contact (10/31/11)

[RE U of MD to create Shirley Povich Center For Sports Journalism, named for WaPo great and father of Maury.] The press box at Nat's Stadium is also named for Mr. Povich. (10/31/11)

Re: Vance & Gentzler - Was wondering the same? Why didn't Aaron Gilchrist anchor the news after the game? He anchored the 6 pm newscast. Seems very odd for Jim & Doreen to come in and anchor the 11pm news on a Sunday Night. Dave any ideas on what is going on at NBC4 regarding the anchoring assignments at NBC4. Gilchrist seems to be getting the short end with anchoring duties since he was moved to nights. Even when the morning people have been off, either Jim Handly or Pat Lawson-Muse appear to get the assignment. (10/31/11)

NEWSFLASH - Baltimore listeners want nothing to do with DC-centric talk radio - be it local interest or sports. Only politics would bridge the gap but that's already being discussed on BAL and WCBM ad nauseum. Agree with the poster who points out that DC is more transient and Baltimore is more settled - the market barely tolerates what they consider as "out-of-towners" as it is. Someone pointed out Don and Mike - that was LONG ago now. I would also point out that they were in many other markets they made fun off (Sacramento comes to mind how ironic) and most of their fans "got it" anyway. A talker trying to cover both markets would never work (especially considering a good chunk of the Baltimore market is northern Balto County, Carroll and Harford counties - even farther from Northern VA and DC. ) (10/31/11)

I can't understand how 105.7 in Baltimore gets decent ratings. Some of the talent they hire is beyond questionable. From Rob Long (butchering the English language) to Glen Annuss (almost as annoying as Jen Royle) who tries way too hard to use a DJ voice this speaking way too fast. What happened to standards and integrity? (10/31/11)

[RE Next up for Cumulus cuts - Jack Diamond's show on Mix 107.3?:] And give three more staff the the greatest show on earth The WMAL MOURNING SHOW (10/31/11)

[RE Next up for Cumulus cuts - Jack Diamond's show on Mix 107.3?:] I'm sure that Harvey will land on his feet– even if he hasn't seen them in quite a while. (10/31/11)

Did Julie and Lisa make the cut this time at Metro Traffic? (10/31/11)

Dave's response: So far.....

I agree with the poster that’s just plain sick of ZW…he never contributes anything in reference to the industry. He takes up space in the broadcasters arena (Mailbag). And it’s always in some way sexual. Your response makes one think you know him/her. Get rid of him. We’d all be much more prone to post our thoughts In other words…ZW is a testament to futile recognition. Just sayin! (10/31/11)

Re: "Boo effing hoo. You were disappointed by your SatSunterday paper. No one cares. I would play the world's tiniest violin, but I'm putting it to good use, massaging my prostate. I will send it on to you when I am done. To repeat, no one cares. - ZombieWoof" -- Dave, is this what the Mailbag has devolved to? Childish verbal attacks on other Mailbaggers? I think we've all put up with this 'zombiewoof' bullshit long enough, haven't we? He/she doesn't even pretend to address media issues, just dishes up obnoxious insults. Time to pull the plug on it, dontcha think? (10/31/11)

Dave's response: ZombieWoof needs a good spanking.....

Dave, were you aware of this? A November 9th National EAS Test. ( First heard about this on "Coast to Coast" over the weekend. It's going to last 3 minutes, +/-. Speculation out there on the web is that it will impact cell phones & internet as well. (10/31/11)

[RE: So, that must mean that CBS is planning something new for 99.1. Possibly a rumored news talker? A new oldies outlet? Stay tuned.....] Does Steve Swenson seem like the kind of guy who would launch a music station or news/talk? Entire career spent in all-news radio until he came to DC... all-news not the same thing as news/talk (10/31/11)

Dave, My fiancée lives right around the corner from you, hasComcast, and has channel outages all the time, including CNN, ComcastSportsNet,and TNT. Comcast has been unable to diagnose the problem after many phonecalls, new cable boxes, and box refreshes. Her program guide also has to bereset once a week. These channels have been missing for several months. She’smoving in with me next month and I have FiOS. Comcast sucks. (10/31/11)

Big 100 has been “dark” for about 5 minutes now. Cut out in the middle of Stones’ “Street Fighting Man”. Their iHeart stream is off, too. Oops! (10/31/11)

Dave's response: Tommy Griffiths must have kicked out the plug.....

If El Zol flips over to 107.9, you think 99.1 might come back as HFS? (10/31/11)

Dave's response: I doubt it. The new 99.1 would probably be a news talker or an oldies outlet.....

I rant about Comcast outage problems Sunday, including the mysterious disappearance for a while of Channel 7/WJLA from my system during prime time. Plus, more cuts at Cumulus's DC radio complex, including at WMAL and WRQX. Plus, more rumors that CBS will be moving El Zol, WLZL, to that new 107.9 signal out of Annapolis. In the Halloween edition of "Dave TV"..... (10/31/11)

Laura and Tony Gonzalez are married. BOTH losing their jobs the same day. WOW. Lori Ricca's dad played for the Redskins. Carol and Charlene are real pros. Really sad day. (10/31/11)

With all the talk about Sean "Hammity" (which only a middle schooler at an all boys school would think is funny) it's telling that no one has mentioned his long-time caller "Carpet Kitten". Hannity is down with the lesbians! Like any good Oirish lad would be if he thought there was a chance of a three-way. He'd swing a hammer. He'd nail that sheetrock DOWN. A sign of mental health in my book. - ZombieWoof (10/31/11)

"I guess 'cause it was cold outside last night I got treated thismorning to an early deadline edition of the Post-no Caps, Stanford,Clemson, etc- Just "late,late,late" This is horseshit. Don't let thebedbugs bite, Post staffers! Regards Biff" Boo effing hoo. You were disappointed by your SatSunterday paper. No one cares. I would play the world's tiniest violin, but I'm putting it to good use, massaging my prostate. I will send it on to you when I am done. To repeat, no one cares. - ZombieWoof (10/31/11)

What's up with Jim and Doreen anchoring the late Sunday edition of News 4? (10/31/11)

Tony Gonzalez in charge of IT at Jenifer Street? See once again you are mistaken... IT was really run by engineering as they were the ones that truly fixed things with the computers here. (10/31/11)

Looks like CNN has plans to dump American Morning. The show has had 10 anchors over the same number of years. Reports say the new weekday morning approach will feature Ashleigh Banfield from 5 to 7 a.m. and Soledad O’Brien, from 7 to 9 a.m. (10/31/11)

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\/ October 30 Messages \/

As if the Ravens did play bad enough the TV play by play team was even worse! (10/30/11)

Will someone please tell Lisa Robinson to stop making verbal grunts when doing interviews on television.It is annoying to the point of having to switch channels. (10/30/11)

Second attempt to send picture of WMUC TEAC A-7030s. (10/30/11)

RANT: Belittling Baltimore is not necessarily the problem for cross-marketing a station to both DC & Baltimore. Don & Mike successfully proved that. They made fun of Baltimore all the time, even the classic Bawlamore accent, and yet every Vegas style show they did here was SOLD OUT. They never had commanding ratings success only because they were on little ole AM 1300 which they also made fun of, which while I like the WJZ calls (a Dave Hughes suggestion as I remember), still should be called WFBR, see that's Baltimore for ya. However, they made fun of everything up to and including their own station, so it was expected. In any other type of format, belittling Baltimore would be a problem as Baltimore is a very provincial market compared to DC and far less transient. Much higher rate of people who've never left the market and/or possibly even visited DC and are more easily offended by DC-centric programming. I know that contradicts ratings info as far as facts on the ground, i.e.: Arbitron, but you have to factor in the fact that Baltimore has less TV/radio stations for a market its size than almost any other in the country, yet can easily receive DC TV & FM. For TV for instance, when the TV allocations were given out, Baltimore was a larger metro area than DC, yet DC got 4 VHFs and Baltimore 3 VHFs because DC was the nation's capital. As pointed out in the mailbag by someone, even an Annapolis TV allocation was stolen to DC. Only in AM radio did Baltimore fare better, but almost no one lived in DC back then. Not long before AM radio, there were stories of people walking up to the White House in person and knocking on the door to see the President! Oh wait, that just happened again recently didn't it? LOL (bad joke) In FM radio, once again DC was dealt the better hand in allocations, meaning Baltimore is missing formats that other cities of its size or even smaller have due to a lack of stations. I remember being in Cleveland back in 1996 and I saw a billboard on the side of a bus that said POLKA MUSIC on FM and I was like WTF?!? So could an ALL-NEWS station that covers both markets possibly work? I think so with people on the ground in both markets, but I don't think CBS has the balls or wants to spend the money to risk it even though WTOP routinely gets ratings in Baltimore. Most likely, with 107.9, DC will end up getting a 2nd news talker, probably on 94.7, and 107.9 will become 94.7 or something else. I was talking to someone in the know recently and they made a very simple point. If you had to choose between guaranteed money of some kind with a DC-oriented format with 107.9 in a bigger market vs. a who knows what will happen outcome in Baltimore, which would you choose? It's a no-brainer. And honestly, from a tech standpoint, even 99.1 has a better signal towards DC than 107.9, so there might be multiple format flips if a new NEWS station happens in DC or DC/Baltimore. -- Baltimore Media Blog (10/30/11)

Dave's response: The more I think about it, it just makes financial sense to put 107.9 under CBS-DC's control. A new news talker would make sense for 99.1, with its "center of the dial" position, closer-in northern PG transittter, and a mono signal that would reach the entire DC metro. Plus, it would not have the adjacent channel problem with WTOP's Northern Virginia relay on 107.7 that 107.9 would have. Then, I'd put El Zol, WLZL, on 107.9. It would lose a bit in its Northern Virginia coverage (which could be remedied in part by a relay on 1580 AM, which no one currently listens to) which would be offset by a slight gain in its Baltimore market coverage on the new signal.....

I guess 'cause it was cold outside last night I got treated this morning to an early deadline edition of the Post-no Caps, Stanford, Clemson, etc- Just "late,late,late" This is horseshit. Don't let the bedbugs bite, Post staffers! Regards Biff (10/30/11)

Hey Dave.......I do believe that WFRE is 99.9FM, not 99.1 FM, like you put on the front page... (10/30/11)

Dave's response: Whoops.....

Lots of folks quite angry at Albritton owned WHTM, Harrisburg, PA. Seems the station was unable to air the first hour of the Penn State-Illinois game Saturday afternoon. The problem: WHTM lost power and does not have a back up. Lots of negitive comments. Heavy snow blanketed that part of PA. and thus a bigger than normal audiance was expecting to watch the game. (10/30/11)

Cut my teeth on TEAC A-4010. (10/30/11)

There is no way that CBS would do a Classic Hits station on 107.9 if they are aiming at Baltimore. CBS sold 102.7 to Cheap Channel a few years ago and that was and still is a classic hits station ("Jack"). Yes, it's horrible and so is the other (rock leaning) classic hits station "The Bay", but as bad as they may be and even though their ratings stink, a third classic hits station would be going up against too much competition for a fairly small audience. My bet is that 107.9 will be some kind of rhythmic oldies station to take on Radio One's in DC outlet "Magic 102.3" and Baltimore's "Magic 95.9". Both of those stations do very well and they both have lousy signals. 107.9 would blanket Baltimore and have a strong signal in PG County and DC proper. It would do very well in both markets. (10/30/11)

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DC talkers don't do well in Baltimore because more times than not they try to belittle Baltimore to DC on the air, obviously that's not going to go over well for them (Junkies). Elliott I believe did and does do OK with Baltimore since he doesn't seem to hold much bias, problem was the music on Channel 104.3 couldn't even match up to DC101's level. The playlist after the station was on about 3-6 months became about the same 20-30 songs over and over, and with all voicetracked DJ's having absolutely no personality or common sense, except for Bailey who was the only one that brought life to sound of the DJ's there, Channel 104.3 & Elliott actually on a Baltimore station had no chance due to the entire setup of the station. Needless to say Z104.3 was the right choice at the right time there and thank god for Baltimore finally getting a CHR/Top 40 that wasn't named Mix 106.5!!! Just one thought to throw out there for CBS possibly picking up 107.9, what if everyone is wrong and they go Classic Hit's/Oldies a-la WCBS/WOGL. CBS is very successful with classic hits format and with Baltimore being a market that really bought into the oldies format with WQSR, and DC who which is a top 10 market with no true Classic Hits/Oldies station at some point it has to be an idea that would find a way onto the radio dial. (10/29/11)

To add to the UCS Channel 50 post, the old GE transmitterfrom WGSP was retuned to Channel 53 and installed at Independent Hill VA for use by WNVT-53. The chief from 50, Ray Harrison, took a job with NVETA,the original operators of 53 and built the studios at the Annandale campus ofNVCC, and also taught broadcast engineering classes there. Channel 53 wasoriginally allocated to Fredericksburg, and according to FCC rules at the time,the city of license could be 15 miles from the allocation, Goldvein VA was approximately 14.9 miles from Fredericksburg. In addition the transmittercould be 15 miles from there, which ended up being Independent Hill. That’show you move a station from Fredericksburg closer to the DC market. I wasin high school at the time in Fairfax County and 53 paid to have special UHFantennas installed at schools since the tower was south of the schools insteadof the north facing antennas used for WETA. We had one inch tape machinesat Hayfield High school which were used to record educational programs off 53. Tom in DC (10/29/11)

To the person who wrote, "I cut my teeth on a kissing cousin of this TEAC [A-4010] at UMCP's WMUC-AM": In 1971, WMUC was using TEAC A-7030s in the newsroom. Here's a picture from of them as seen in the February, 1971 edition of the IBS Journal of College Radio. Ed Jones, Columbia, MD (10/29/11)

Dave's response: No picture with message.....

Confirming Roddy Freeman's observations... an article from 1969. (10/29/11)

To the anonymous traffic pilot (I do remember you) - Thanks for the kind words. Thanks to you and all the other pilots who over the years kept us clear of all other aircraft, vertical obstructions, low clouds and all manner of foreign object debris while we attempted to do our job. Some days, it wasn't easy, but most days it was fun. Anything I know about aviation and the airspace around DC I learned from Bob Marbourg and the pilots of WTOP's Flight 15, John Kirby and Gay Williams. Thanks also to Stan Fetter for all of his efforts over the past 14 years. Frequency change approved. Good day. - Jim Russ (promotional consideration paid for by Stan Fetter Airlines, offering more non-stop flights between Clinton, MD and Clinton, MD than any other airline) (10/29/11)

OK, let's see ... Cumulus DC ditches its internet technology guy and webmaster, so there goes consistent and competent web maintenance. The FM's music director is gone, so playlists will now originate from the corporate HQ office, eliminating all local music influences. The overnight jock is toast, which means no more friendly voice when you are driving home at 3AM after the worst evening of your life. The promotions director is out, so I guess that means we wont be seeing a remote van, t-shirt patrol, instant turn-on-a-dime contest or stunt ideas, or jock-living-on-a-billboard ever again. Cumulus, please tell me again: exactly what business are you in? Cuz it sure doesn't sound like radio to me or to anyone I know. (10/29/11)

It's all over folks, Cumulus now has stations in New York, LA, & DC.. I can now officialy say that commercial radio has hit rock-bottom (10/29/11)

Did you know Radio One's Alfred Liggins lives in DC a block from WTOP? (10/29/11)

Bryan Sears breaks more good stories than all the Sun reporters combined. They should have promoted his from his Patuxent gig and never let him get away. Sears may be the best nuts and bolts reporter, print or broadcast, in Baltimore. (10/29/11)

"The NY Postreports that Amanpour has been "miserable" anchoring the Sundaypolitical talk show and contacted Turner CEO Phil Kent about gettingback to reporting on her passion - international affairs....." I suspect she wants to be back in New York with her family and get some more international travel in. And of course, get as far away from AHHHH as possible. Bring back Georgie Boy! - ZombieWoof (10/29/11)

To Carl in Olney: Yes, that’s the same Bill LeFevre who was PD and did afternoon drive on WFMM and was the original voice of WBFF-TV. However, he did not found either station. WFMM and WBFF were founded by Julian Sinclair Smith and Fred Himes. They were former engineers at WFBR and had started a school for broadcast engineers, the Commercial Radio Institute. WFMM was on Biddle Street and I believe was in the same building as the school. As I recall, students of CRI sometimes “worked” at WFMM. I have always wondered how this small operation managed to parley itself into Sinclair, a major owner of TV stations and eventually radio stations. Perhaps some of the initial financing came from the sale of WFMM to Nationwide in 1974. It was the children of Smith who built the company into the major ownership group, though sometimes controversial, that it became. Roddy Freeman (10/29/11)

Hi DCRTV Dave, I’ve never written to you before. I hope I’m sending it in the proper format. I saw your posting about 7 getting canned from Cumulus today, and wanted to let you know the sales assistant was Kedeesha Campbell – a fine individual and talented voice actress. Also, thanks for the shout out in September when I got canned. Thanks also for the “cute” adjective. Still unemployed as of now – Perhaps I will become a housewife and stay at home, watching my stories. Keep up the great work. Dave Linn (10/29/11)

Dave's response: Best of luck in your job hunt, Dave.....

Shari Gonzalez is the director of sales for the CBS DC she definitely wouldn't have been laid off....could have been Laura Gonzalez, who is married to Tony Gonzalez. Either way, long time employees of those stations. (10/29/11)

Dave's response: Thanks. The item has been corrected.....

Dave, I thought I would help you out with the story on the cuts at Cumulus today: Laura Gonzalez, General Sales Manager (not Shari who's at CBS)... Tony Gonzalez, IT and also married to the aforementioned Laura... Kedeesha Campbell, Sales Assistant... Christopher Morales, Digital... Carol Parker, Music Director (saves Kenny King's job for another quarter)... Lorrie Ricca, GM Assistant... Charlene Meyer, Promotions Director... Not sure which is worse, firing a husband and wife combo or firing Charlene via phone while she's on vacation. You decide. (10/29/11)

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The “curse” of channel 50 in D.C.? Could be… Ted Granik was a New Deal Democrat who had some success in broadcasting, on both the local and national levels. After being a failed applicant for an FM in Bladensburg, he went on to build WSNL-TV in Patchogue, NY which was a phenomenally successful station. The “G” in the WGSP-TV callsign was supposed to mean “Granik”, and he was going to reveal the meaning of the call in the station’s debut, which of course never happened. As I understand it, the WGSP-TV transmitter was a secondhand (or maybe more hands) GE with undocumented modifications which would dramatically (and violently) reveal themselves with copious smoke. I’ve also heard that the WGSP-TV facilities made WFAN-TV look like WRC-TV, by comparison. IIRC, WGSP-TV was going to use the old “Wardman-Park” studios and tower used by WNBW/WRC-TV until the Washington Color Plant was built in 1958. As for “Super TV”, the audio was on a 15.7345 KHz subcarrier, and the video had the amplitude of the sync pulses reduced below the threshold of where a TV could detect them and the image inverted so you had an out of sync negative image. The regular audio carried information how to subscribe to Super TV. I guess the “Super TV” boxes are probably a macabre collectors item of sorts these days. Mine had roughly the “footprint” of a telephone directory, and had a pushbutton switch on top to go from “regular” TV to “PAY”. It was powered by the biggest “wall wart” I’ve ever seen which ran extremely hot. Back when “Super TV” was big, a friend of mine and I saw an unemployed ham operator selling his own version of the Super TV box at the Manassas Hamfest. On his table, he had one of his boxes opened up next to an opened “Super TV” Zenith box. The illegal box was actually superior in many ways: It had a reasonably high-gain RF amplifier, which the Zenith box lacked; the power supply was in-board (on a separate PC board) and was designed to be repaired while the Zenith wall “hemorrhoid” was potted. (When mine went “cold”, the tech tossed it in the waste can. So, I tried opening it up…); instead of being single-channel like the Zenith box, his had a simple toggle switch to go between 50 and 54; instead of the mechanical switch to go between “Super TV” and “normal TV”, the bootleg box used PIN diode switching; finally, the bootleg box was much smaller, about the size of an old-fashioned UHF converter. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before he got caught and put in jail. I also remember the “microwave” HBO carrier around here in the days before cable. It was called “Marquee TV”, and started out serving hotels and apartment complexes before branching out into private homes. It started out as HBO only, but later started carrying WTCG-TV (as WTBS was then) when HBO (mainly evening/late night only back then) wasn’t operating. “73” magazine carried at least a couple of articles related to building downconverters from an adjacent ham band to channels 3 or 4. Along with “73”, “Radio-Electronics” was another magazine of that era which carried articles on some very interesting video projects. The one I found most bizarre was for a “TV Commercial Killer”. The theory behind it was sound: It sampled the video, looking for the 3.5795459MHz color burst, which would come up only when color material was broadcast. That was the limitation! It was designed to work only with B&W movies! However, long before the article was published, most TV stations simply left the burst on at all times. Thus, the product was DOA. Ahhh… the crap that was peddled to the public back then! How about the various schemes/products to put “color” onto a B&W TV? Reminds me of the comment I recently made about the layoffs at Cheap Channel. I had to explain what “Muntzing” meant… Unsigned Corporate Suit (10/28/11)

RE: "WJLA just ran a promo touting their reporting of the Robby Wood rescue. They should be ashamed of themselves for exploiting a situation like that for their own gain!" WRIC down in Richmond did the same thing, claiming they were first on the scene. So it's not unique to DC. Dave in Fredericksburg. (10/28/11)

I love it when someone cares enough to restore a classic piece of equipment. (I cut my teeth on a kissing cousin of this TEAC at UMCP's WMUC-AM around the time this unit was built.) And catch some classic '60s sounds of the late Paul Desmond to boot. (9/28/11)

re: Jay: Anger and self medicating? You gather that from a post on Mailbag? It's called an "Opinion" and if you'll level your face out a bit and stop looking down your nose you may realize there are alot of opinions on this particular website. It is also very possible,probable in fact,that you'll witness some opinions that do not align with your own,although they are probably victims of self medicated anger as well...or at least you'll attempt to discredit them as such...The fact is the Sports Junkies drove listeners away from WHFS for the morning drive and perhaps those listeners didn't bother to switch back later either. I haven't read many good comments on here about thier show on WJFK for that matter. Maybe if thier biggest asset wasn't ridiculing anyone who didn't call their show and worship them they wouldn't get such harsh reviews here. As for your analysis knock of the Doctor Phil bullshit and don't twist "successful" into what YOU prefer rather than what obvious facts demonstrate. didn't understand "Spanging" it is slang for "spare change bumming" which is what MOST people whose only talent is Gift of Gab/Persuasive Speaking do. The majority of people who make a living talking about something have some field of expertise or skill BEFORE they talk about it.... my comment required several leaps of logic....sorry if it left you hanging.....Donnie (10/28/11)

WJLA just ran a promo touting their reporting of the Robby Wood rescue. They should be ashamed of themselves for exploiting a situation like that for their own gain! (10/28/11)

Just a curious observation of sorts, With all of these cuts at all of the local radio stations lately Who the F&^% is left anymore?? I got whacked not once but twice from those assholes at Cheap Channel a few years ago and haven't looked back. So I am curious whose left to do anything with regard to the public's interest???? A.M.F from Delmarva...... (10/28/11)

Re: "Re:'Feel free to run spellcheck on this message, but facts are facts: the junkies are less than impressive. ' So they are unimpressive because of their numbers ? That makes it a fact ? Good radio is still good radio. If their show is not for you, than that's ok. But it doesn't make it a fact bud. And did you mean to write spell-check ??." First: yes, in the business of radio having mediocre numbers DOES make them unimpressive. Those numbers are, in fact, the ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. The fact that you enjoy it is fine for you, but does nothing for them or their station without those numbers. You'll learn all about this in Communications 101. Second: no, I did NOT mean to write "spell-check." The word is "spellcheck," or"spell check" in MS applications, and "spell checker" in many others. I'm sure there are other variations. But you don't just hyphenate words to make them sound more impressive when you're confused about their spelling. You'll learn that in English 101. Finally, "good radio is still good radio" is a fact, and if you like it, go enjoy. They need listeners. But your opinion about the enjoyability of it doesn't change the FACT that they don't get anything other than middle-of-the-road ratings. This is the part where you frantically search through my message for spelling errors. Enjoy. (10/28/11)

Seen enjoying a nice autumn walk along Twin Branches near Reston’s South Lakes Shopping Center: DCRTV’s very own Dave Hughes! (10/28/11)

Dave's response: Don't remember doing that. Must have been sleep-walking. Ha ha ha.....

Re:"Feel free to run spellcheck on this message, but facts are facts: the junkies are less than impressive. " So they are unimpressive because of their numbers ? That makes it a fact ? Good radio is still good radio. If their show is not for you, than that's ok. But it doesn't make it a fact bud. And did you mean to write spell-check ??...... (10/28/11)

Ed Norris to WBAL? He didn't really have much success alone on the FM dial. Why does anyone think he'd make WBAL a winner? If you really pay close attention to him, he's not all that smart. Or entertaining. Norris always sounds like he doesn't do his homework. And his schtick about being a cop and a pol gets very old very fast. I do agree with the previous poster about Jim Russ. WBAL would be much improved if they hired him. He is far superior to both Dave Sandler and that other traffic woman they have. Those two are so wrong most of the time, and when Jim Russ filled in, I actually found VALUE in the traffic reports. That alone could help WBAL in the ratings. (10/28/11)

.....Jim Russ....what a guy!!!!!!.....taught me lots when I was at Metro back in the 90's.....when I was a reporter and as a pilot when I few him around DC for thousand hrs or so??....kept my ass out of trouble with National apt (DCA) and (IAD) and most of all the ya buddy...tell em to shove it up their ass!!!!....and best to you in what I know wil be a successful future!!!! (10/28/11)

Jay, ridicule other posts for minor spelling and grammar errors all you want, but it's very telling that you ignored the substance of the guy's note ("It's been obvious to most how boring and irritating the Dork Junkies show was,and is apparently, since they first started 'hooking themselves' on 99.1 WHFS and driving off music lovers in favor of donkeys... was SILLY to put a group of sophmoric A.D.D. victims on a music station in the morning when most listeners wanted some coffee for thier ears...."). He was right, putting the junkies on a music station made no sense. And the fact of the matter is that their supposed "creativity," which amounts to little more than talking over each other and aping dialogue from "Swingers," has never pulled in particularly impressive ratings. Their overall number is abysmal and their money demo -- despite their on-air claims -- is middle of the road at best. Feel free to run spellcheck on this message, but facts are facts: the junkies are less than impressive. (10/28/11)

Dave's response: A lot of the talent on DC area radio today is "good enough" but not great. Face it, the Junks have tried to expand their show outside the DC market, but it just didn't work. Ditto with DC101's Elliot, except for Richmond. Nice local guys, nice local shows, but not rockin' the national radio world like Howard Stern did or Don and Mike could have done with better "management".....

I feel physically sick ! Barbra Harrison is showing cleavage, in a leopard print dress on NBC 4 at 11. GROSS !!! (10/28/11)

Dave's response: Waaaaaaaaaay more gross - Regis Philbin shirtless!

I always has the hots for Stephanie Edwards... Charlie / Springfield (10/28/11)

An optimistic debut of Baltimore's WMET-TV 24 in 1967. (10/28/11)

Russ and Frawley got what they deserved. All they cared about was themselves when they were firing others. They need a course on "Management 101". Former employee. (10/28/11)

Oy. Tom Marr is unlistenable. (10/28/11)

[RE:It's been obvious to most how boring and irritating the Dork Junkies show was,and is apparently, since they first started "hooking themselves" on 99.1 WHFS and driving off music lovers in favor of donkeys. I only know anything about them these days by what I read on Mailbag but it was SILLY to put a group of sophmoric A.D.D. victims on a music station in the morning when most listeners wanted some coffee for thier ears. I always wondered if they hung out in stadium parking lots spanging or trying to sell thier neighbors lawn ornaments for thier next fix. Donnie] Donnie, you were drunk when you wrote this, right ? "Spanging" ?? "Coffee for their ears" ?? "thier" did you mean their ?? "sophmoric" hmmmmm....maybe you meant sophomoric. Either way, The Junkies are entertaining and have been for a long time. Sounds like you are dealing with a lot of anger and self-medicating Donnie. Direct your anger at getting some help and not the guys who have a successful radio show. Jay (10/28/11)

Before Good Morning America came along in the autumn of 1975, ABC's early morning effort against NBC's Today Show was AM America. Here's about 10 minutes of the April 25, 1975 episode, hosted by Stephanie Edwards, with some Monty Python cast members as co-hosts. Peter Jennings handled the news from the old ABC bureau on Connecticut Avenue and he's definitely not amused. (10/28/11)

Dave's response: Absolutely brilliant.....

Hey, Dave...I totally agree with your comment about "The Office." I was thinking the same thing as I watched it last night. Robert California is no Michael Scott, much to his (and the show's) detriment. It used to be's not any more. (10/28/11)

Dave's response: The show has completely run out of "creative steam" and should have not been renewed after last season. James Spader, as "Robert California," is fascinating in a strangely "whacked out" kinda way, but the show's just not funny any more. It's sad when sitcoms run too long and die convoluted, unfunny TV "deaths." Like "The Office" is doing this season.....

The Junkies and WJFK make Channel 4/WRC's news after a car crashed into their Fairfax building Thursday..... (10/28/11)

It's been obvious to most how boring and irritating the Dork Junkies show was,and is apparently, since they first started "hooking themselves" on 99.1 WHFS and driving off music lovers in favor of donkeys. I only know anything about them these days by what I read on Mailbag but it was SILLY to put a group of sophmoric A.D.D. victims on a music station in the morning when most listeners wanted some coffee for thier ears. I always wondered if they hung out in stadium parking lots spanging or trying to sell thier neighbors lawn ornaments for thier next fix. Donnie (10/28/11)

Would the last traffic reporter please turn the lights off when they leave the building. I do believe there is a special place in Hell for corporate radio suits and wall street run radio companies. Thank God for the internet and cell phone apps where GOOD radio can be had around this country. At least WTOP still cares about reporting the traffic nightmares. Do what I did and move away from all that mess.-- Rob Edgar, Fort Payne Alabama. (10/28/11)

Brian Williams doing the Today Show shows how desperate NBC is to promote their 60 Minutes copy program set to air Monday night. The shill laugher in the background off camera must get extra pay today! (10/28/11)

Dave's response: Speaking of Comcast-NBC, what's up with "The Office"? It seems to completely lack humor this season. Hmmm.....

I don't know if DC folks have ever heard of the Los Angeles radio team, John & Ken on KFI, but they did a broadcast Thursday from the Occupy L.A. site. If the conservative clowns at WMAL ever try a stunt like that, I hope everybody in the crowd has sense enough to loudly chant "Fuck WMAL" during the broadcast, making all their live audio unusable and screwing up the entire remote. It's surprising that the crowd in L.A. didn't to that - at least this newspaper article didn't mention it, if they did. (10/28/11)

There have been many posts on the "SuperTv" subscription channel that was available in the DC and Baltimore area in the very early 1980's. The SuperTV sales people came door to door in those early days. We were one of the first subscribers to the service. They placed an antenna (a 5 element) on the roof, pointed at a then unheard of WCQR-TV Channel 50. We were also given a Zenith decoder box, which allowed access to the service through only one television. Since we actually had the setup before the service was active, we had a great view of Washington from the Channel 50 tower - day and night. Soon, SuperTv programming started, and enjoyed "First Rate, First Run Motion Pictures" - like Tears of Endearment, Tootsie, On Golden Pond, and Porky's. The "porn" service was indeed late on some weeknights, and on weekends. It was very soft core stuff. Playboy Playmate profiles, VERY edited harder (pardon the pun) porn. We did not subscribe. Eventually, WCQR picked up programming from FNN (the Financial News Network) during the daytime, and kept SuperTV at night. They eventually ditched SuperTV, and techs all over DC were dispatched to point rooftop antennas toward WNUV-TV 54 in Baltimore. While WNUV-TV was doing SuperTV at the same time as WCQR-TV, WNUV was showing a the morning show from B104 from 6am to 10am each weekday. Just a camera - pointed at the studio. They reverted to religious stuff in the middle of the day, and I believe some westerns as well. They stayed with SuperTV until the end of the service (at least locally). During the scrambled time on WNUV-TV, you'd always see the scrambled video, but aurally, you'd get something different depending on the day. Sometimes, you'd get the SuperTV audio with the scrambled video. Other days, you'd get the Channel 54 jingle over and over and over. Other times, you'd get audio from B104. A couple of fun facts - when they switched our antenna over from 50 to 54, somehow our converter started picking up the "Night Life" service. I wasn't going to complain. Also - perhaps some remember when HBO had a similar service in our area. They did it via microwave link, however! They had what looked like a smaller STL antenna that they placed on your roof. Our trees were too tall - and it was line of sight - so we couldn't get it. They had an office in Rockville, on Twinbrook Pike, next to Jordan Kitt's music. - Another Corporate Suit (10/28/11)

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but isnt the WBAL tower still on Television Hill and being used by a radio station, maybe WYPR ? And I once thought I read that WMAR's original TV tower was hoisted atop the tallest building in Baltimore, the old bank building that is now Bank of America. There appears to be some type of tower up there. WMAR's original studios I believe were right around the corner. Every now and then I catch the WMAR sign off video and you can recognize that the studios were in the heart of old downtown Baltimore. I wish that was on Youtube so I could freeze frame to identify the locations. Speaking of buildings, while The Baltimore News American building is long since gone. It was right on Pratt Street in the Inner Harbor, the much older Baltimore American building I believe still stands across from city hall and I guess has been renovated for offices. I saw it years ago and saw a plague on the side. I was fascinated by that because I have The Baltimore News American Bicentennial edition that Hearst put out as a collectors item. It has stories from the 1700s, 1800s, early 1900s as the paper pre-dated The Sun by quite a bit. My dad and I still miss that newspaper. It had a great sports section and John Steadman and quite a few other people (who went to The Sun or elsewhere after Hearst folded the News American). (10/28/11)

The Despicable Bloated Contract Junkies Who Don’t Care That Their Title Mocks Drug Addicted Actual Junkies Because They Live In Million Dollar Houses Did The Old “Okie Dokie” On The Uber Hot And Equally Vacuous WUSA’s Kirsten “I’d Do Anything For An Emmy – Even Blow A Junkie” Fisher This Morning And Lurch Had To Go To The Girls Room To Wank Off Afterwards: Disgusting Perverts. (10/28/11)

Johnny Dark - thanks for the kind words! Quite an honor coming from you. I spent a lot of time listening to you during my misspent youth, growing up in Charm City. If I am not mistaken, on the last morning we worked together, Lisa Baden got stuck in the elevator at Metro's studio. I split my time that morning yelling down the elevator shaft to reassure Lisa that help was on the way and running back to my office to do your traffic reports. I think Robert Workman did WTOP's traffic until Lisa got un-stuck. One of the things I liked most about my former job was that I never knew what was going to happen next. I'm glad you've found a spot at a place near and dear to my heart; WTTR in Westminster. Take care of yourself. - Jim Russ (10/28/11)

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