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Someone asked, "Why is it that, when I'm parked on the Rockville campus of Montgomery College, I can receive Federal News Radio 1500 on 1700 AM?" It may be campus radio station WMCR. Many years ago, they ran a station on 88.1 (or was it 87.9?) MHz that was not FCC licensed and not operating within low-power rules. During the times that they weren't locally programming it they used WTOP as filler. That signal went away. Perhaps they moved to 1700 kHz. Go to campus after 6 p.m. to determine if the broadcast has changed from Fed News Radio to music. If it is WMCR, it would be interesting to know if they have Hubbard's permission to rebroadcast its copyrighted programming on their 1700 kHz. (10/18/11)

To the poster slamming DJ picking their own music. Okaaaaaaaaaay, I reread your post and you admit you've never worked in radio. The other stuff you mentioned about programmers blindly picking the tunes just doesn't hold up. Let me tell you something, once between radio gigs I spent some time at a radio research company. It was there that radio stations sent us their playlist for us to playback the hooks off the songs to see how their audience would react to them. That is not blindly picking as you say! The station I work at now does the same thing. The songs are researched before they are added or dropped off the playlist. It's things like that that helped my station tie the market leader for the number one spot in the last Arbitron ratings. Before you decide to post about something you know nothing about take the time to do some simple fact digging before you make the outrageous claims your post listed. (10/18/11)

I just came across this clip on the early days of television in Central Virginia... Other than news, is there any local programming anymore? (10/18/11)
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RE:To the poster slamming DJ picking their own music. Dude, you flat out don't know what you are talking about! Have you even worked in radio? Any person that has worked commercial radio knows good and well it's the PD and the consultant that picks the music. I've been in commercial radio since 1975. It was that way than and it's that way now in 2011. Dude, get a clue! (10/18/11)

And the poster said "As an advertiser, I don't care if 100 listeners listen to 100 different signals or just one signal." Well an astute business person would care. The problem with aggregate ratings is that they do not reveal the ratings for the signal the client's customers are most likely to receive. If I were a merchant trying to hit my local area, I would not want a ratings claim to be inflated by a more concentrated population elsewhere, listening to some other signal that happens to have the same programming. Bad deal for the advertiser, and possibly deceptive marketing. (10/18/11)

Why is it that, when I'm parked on the Rockville campus of Montgomery College, I can receive Federal News Radio 1500 on 1700 AM? Any RF gurus checking in who can explain this? (10/18/11)

To the poster slamming DJ picking their own music: From what I can remember, there were program directors who guided the DJs in programming their shows. The DJ made his presentation based upon the format. The scenario that the writer of the earlier post supports, is the reason why the fare on the radio is so flat. The only people who have any input into the programming are the program directors and the consultants, who may, or may not have a relationship with the record companies. How did they get their experience? If their only claim to fame is the ability to play to the lowest denominator, then what does that make the people who tune them in regularly? Today's Radio audience has no idea of what radio could be, because the consultants, program directors, and computer programmers blindly pick one from column A and 2 from column B'. If the people who make the programming decisions don't listen to the music, then what you wind up with is crap that passes for entertainment. I live in Philadelphia. The music stations are so bad, that the only reason that I listen is because someone else has the radio on. The DJ's of today, probably have no idea what the computer just played. They just look at the screen, and read what it says. I did not work in radio. I was just a fan of the music. (10/18/11)

Re: "I think it's unfair to standalone stations to be graded the same as a "station" needing a bunch of low power rimshots into a given market to accumulate enough listeners. I'd like to see ratings broken out for each signal, with a diary entry as to what frequency a respondent listens to." But the purpose of ratings isn't to settle some "who's got the biggest" debate in a high school gym shower, it's to provide a baseline for billing. As an advertiser, I don't care if 100 listeners listen to 100 different signals or just one signal -- I just need to know that they're listening at the moment my spot is broadcast. If I'm selling time I know that, and just want the most succinct report indicating what numbers my program is pulling. (10/18/11)

To the poster slamming DJ picking their own music: From what I can remember, there were program directors who guided the DJ in programming their shows. The DJ made his presentation based upon the format. The scenario that the writer of the earlier post supports, is the reason why the fare on the radio is so flat. The only people who have any input into the programming are the program directors and the consultants, who may, or may not have a relationship with the record companies. How did they get their experience? If their only claim to fame is the ability to play to the lowest denominator, then what does that make the people who tune them in regularly? Today's Radio audience has no idea of what radio could be, because the consultants, program directors, and computer programmers blindly pick one from column A and 2 from column B'. If the people who make the programming decisions don't listen to the music, then what you wind up with is crap that passes for entertainment. I live in Philadelphia. The music stations are so bad, that the only reason that I listen is because someone else has the radio on. The DJ's of today, probably have no idea what the computer just played. They just look at the screen, and read what it says. I did not work in radio. I was just a fan of the music. (10/18/11)

Is this rank for WIYY correct? Mikey and Amelia are 2nd while the station is 5th? The rest of the station must be seriously tanking. (10/18/11)

How is WJFK keeping its head above water? Month after month after month of the same dreary ratings...not sure what they're billing, but it can't be much. And if they overpay the rest of their on-air talent the way they overpay the junks, they've got to be losing money hand over fist. Of course, every time anybody mentions the junks/WJFK and ratings, somebody squeaks that the station actually does great in its key demographic. Don't bother: they don't. It's a puffed-up mediocrity, nothing more. (10/18/11)

All this talk about NBC Monitor (still my 2nd favorite radio program of all time - Stan Freberg's CBS show being #1 in my heart), reminded me about the great tribute site, loaded with audio clips and great pix! Thank You, I'm sure. Mr. Tweedly. (10/18/11)

Ummmmmmmmm, whatever happened to “Freedom of Speech?” You, sir, don’t understand how the courts have defined what” Freedom of Speech” is, and is not. You can’t use “freedom of speech” to deflect debate on what was said. The American Nazi’s in New York City during WWII would stand on street corners and yell at people about why Germany was correct and why the US was wrong to interfere. They were arrested by the New York police, and they claimed Freedom of Speech as their defense. The courts ruled because they used speech not as an instrument “of or for debate,” but as propaganda to further an agenda, squashing debate in the process, it was not a freedom of speech issue. The Earlier poster used what Plante said, and asked “how far will they go?” There is the debate; “how far will they go?” You cannot argue Freedom of speech now, because you are limiting the freedom to debate, which actually is the free speech you speak of. Mr. Cohen, sir, Sean is tickled pink to be on a FM in DC and he scheduled his one of his dufus concerts here. Will Hank Williams Jr. Show up? Anyway, I bet Hammity will be surprised at how few tickets he will sell here. Will he rent a private jet from the proceeds of the concert to fly his whole family down for the show? (10/18/11)

Hey Dave, on combined signal ratings, which do you think would be most accurate: One rating per signal, or one rating per combined signal. I think it's unfair to standalone stations to be graded the same as a "station" needing a bunch of low power rimshots into a given market to accumulate enough listeners. I'd like to see ratings broken out for each signal, with a diary entry as to what frequency a respondent listens to. (10/18/11)

The call letters for 96.7 fm in Halfway are WDLD. WQCM is a rock station on 94.3 fm in Green Castle, PA. The Bone in Winchester got separated. The 104.9 frequency is country wzfc, and the 105.5 frequency is WXBN the bone. (10/18/11)

Since this country was born, critics have called Presidents, VP’s, Congressmen and Senators much worse than SOB! Even the people in office have called their colleagues horrible names. Now, that all is stifled (PC) no one can call anyone anything. Again, what’s happened to “Freedom”? I mean, Libs and Conservatives just moan and groan…come on MAN UP! America is dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weak, no ethics…no B***s. Just sayin!!!! (10/18/11)

1.) Nice to know the local CBS brass read your site, Dave. You complain about 94.7 HD, and the next day it's fixed. I complained about the outdated 105.7 website, and within a few days, it was updated. 2.) Good concept by Adrian on a list of where to find local sports, but it's next to impossible to keep up. Use The Ravens as an example. They are on CBS TV, unless they are the national Sunday Night game, in which case they are on NBC, or the Monday Night game, in which case they are on ESPN, or the team coming into M&T Bank Stadium is from the NFC, in which case the game is on FOX, and then there's the Thursday Night game which is on the NFL Network, and simulcast somewhere locally.....oh, never mind. 3.) WBAL isn't THAT BAD. I don't care for the afternoon drive either, but it's how it's formatted, not so much the reporters. 4.) Stay Positive Ron Smith ! (10/18/11)

I couldn't agree more: "Here we go...Chris Plante calls the Prez an SOB and other such stuff. Someone complains about respect and appropriateness. And, like clockwork, some right winger reminds everyone about when the left wing yahoos were calling George W names and slamming him in a disrespectful way. This comes under the heading of 'two wrongs don't make a right'...Name calling may inflame the masses and get ratings but it is no substitute for thoughtful commentary." Well said. Luckily, the vast majority of people in this country remain sane. That is just one of the reasons that the far Right and the far Left invest so much time, money and effort into politics, but generally fail in getting their way when it comes to policy. They're a a bunch of spoiled, childish brats, all anger and selfishness. I've gotten better at blocking out their ranting and raving, and hope that media outlets will learn that lesson sometime soon too. (10/18/11)

Here we go...Chris Plante calls the Prez an SOB and other such stuff. Someone complains about respect and appropriateness. And, like clockwork, some right winger reminds everyone about when the left wing yahoos were calling George W names and slamming him in a disrespectful way. This comes under the heading of "two wrongs don't make a right". The lunatic fringes of the left and right frequently take the low road. Unfortunately, both sides attack the other for such behavior without taking responsibility for their own. Plante is free to call Obama an SOB. All that shows is just how shallow someone like Plante is. Name calling may inflame the masses and get ratings but it is no substitute for thoughtful commentary. (10/18/11)

hey.. curious.. how would WMAL rank if the AM and FM ratings were combined, as they should be? (10/18/11)

Dave's response: Both WTOP and WTEM are each "one station" on three signals. WMAL is now "one station" on two signals. The ratings need to reflect that. I just heard from WTOP's Jim Farley who tells me: "You have to have a 100% simulcast for 3 months before Arbitron starts to combine them." So, if WMAL-AM ranks 20th place with a 2.2 overall age 12+ share and WMAL-FM ranks 21st place with a 1.8 overall age 12+ share, added up that would give it a 4.0 share, putting WMAL-FM/AM in an 8th place tie with WMZQ and WPGC. Hmmm.....

[At 1135 am Chris Plante called POTUS a despicable man and a "SOB". How far will they go?] Oh how quickly we forget the nasty insults thrown at George W. Bush during his Presidency. Liberals are such a joke. (10/18/11)

I rant about the Washington Post's Lisa de Moraes for reporting news three weeks after DCRTV did and not giving the site any credit. Plus, CBS fixes its 94.7 HD3 relay of WJFK after I bitched about it yesterday. Also, ratings firm Arbitron annoyingly continues to run the ratings of WMAL-FM and WMAL-AM as two stations even though both run the same programming. And, WNST's Glenn Clark gets written-up in this month's PressBox. And more in today's "Dave TV" at (10/18/11)

NBC Monitor - I remember the old weekemd Monitor NBC network radio network program from the early 1960's. I use to listen to it on NYC's wnbc 660AM. They use to have comedy sketches by Elaine May and Mike Nichols. (10/18/11)

Wmal - At what point does the management of wmal realize that there is a difference between having a radio station with conservative hosts giving/presenting a conservative/republican views on the issues facing our nation and a station that has hosts that are stark, raving, bat-shit crazy, lunatics who think that Obama and the Democrats are not just wrong on policy but want to destroy the very foundation of our country (e.g., Plante, Hamm, Rush, Levine, Midnight Truckers)? I would think the latter programming strategy would have a more limited appeal? Am I wrong? Note I give Hannity a pass since because even though he is a total fraud, he does occasionaly have lucid moments and has Liberals/Dems on his show (e.g., Lanny Davis). (10/18/11)

From the “Mailbag”--- At 1135 am Chris Plante called POTUS a despicable man and a "SOB". How far will they go? - Ummmmmmmmm, whatever happened to “Freedom of Speech?” Just askin!! (10/18/11)

I have to agree wbal news just doesn't sound very good and needs help. The voices overall are weak and the content needs improvement too. Just sayin! (10/18/11)

I'm a longtime follower of DCRTV and appreciate all the TV & radio news you keep us up to date on. I have worked in the television industry here in Washington for over 40 years. You do a great job...thanks! You have a Station List which I've referred to on several occasions. One way I use it is to figure out what radio stations to preset in my car. You've made it easy to see what type of stations they are and where they're located so I can determine how well I'm likely to receive their signal. What I'd like to suggest is a "Sports Coverage List"...a list of radio and TV stations that cover live sports events (games) for local pro and college teams. I'd like to be able to go to this list and discover, for example, which radio station(s) carry Redskins games. I could go to your list and see perhaps a couple of stations from which I could choose. The same for other local pro and college teams (football, basketball, hockey, baseball, etc). I know coverage changes from year to year so it would require updating each season but you seem to be the only reliable source for current and accurate information. Following are some examples (the stations I've listed may not be correct but you get the idea): NFL FOOTBALL - Washington Redskins - Pre-season: TV - WTTG-5 Fox Washington, DC... Radio - WJFK-FM 106.7 Washington, DC... WTEM-AM 980 Washington, DC... Regular season: TV - WTTG-5 Fox Washington, DC... Radio - WJFK-FM 106.7 Washington, DC... WTEM-AM 980 Washington, DC... Baltimore Ravens - Pre-season: TV - WJZ-13 CBS Baltimore, MD... Radio - WIYY-FM 97.9 Baltimore, MD... WJZ-AM 1300 Baltimore, MD... Regular season: TV - WJZ-13 CBS Baltimore, MD... Radio - WIYY-FM 97.9 Baltimore, MD... WJZ-AM 1300 Baltimore, MD... COLLEGE FOOTBALL - Maryland Terrapins - Regular season: TV - WTTG-5 Fox Washington, DC... Radio - WJFK-FM 106.7 Washington, DC... WTEM-AM 980 Washington, DC... and so on, for Basketball (Wizards, Maryland, Virginia Tech, March Madness), Hockey, etc. Include as many local teams for major sports as possible so you become "one-stop shopping" to find whatever team someone is interested long as they're local to the DC/Baltimore area. Thanks for your consideration. Adrian (10/18/11)

Dave's response: Thanks Adrian. And I could also include digital subchannels for both TV and FMers. It would all be cool, but a lot of work to keep everything updated.....

Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy!!! Hannity bringing a concert honoring the military to DC; time for the delusional guy in Mom's basement to trundle out the "Hannity and WMAL Hate the Troops" mantra again!! Genghis Cohen, just keeping on troubling the waters, in still seething Prince William County.. (10/18/11)

At 1135 am Chris Plante called POTUS a despicable man and a "SOB". How far will they go? (10/18/11)

Dave's response: This morning, the horrible Mary Katharine Ham called Obama "the little one".....

NBC has served up more than a few news magazine shows since 60 Minutes began on CBS in 1968. Long before that, primetime documentaries and white paper reports dotted network airwaves in the 50s and 60s. David Brinkley's Journal was an early one on NBC. (10/18/11)

I don't see the comments about WBAL as being any kind of piling on. They are the only real radio news operation in Baltimore so they win by default. If anybody else started a legitimate news operation on the FM dial, WBAL would be in trouble. I think many fans are disappointed that for the first time in a long time, the news product seems to be getting worse. The number of mistakes is on the rise, and the bottome line for me is they just don't sound very good. They alsohave a lot of techincal problems and mis-cues. My guess is the resources just aren't there for them to hire newscasters who sound "major market" so they have to settle for second best. But hands down, their traffic reports are the worst. The other day, in the same report, first Dave Sandler said everything was great on the JFX and then, not ten seconds later, the woman traffic reporter said there was a back up, a disabled car, and an accident. They don't even listen to each other, so why should we listen to them. Baltimore deserves better. Any guess on the over-under for the new news director? There is no sign that she really knows what she's doing. (10/18/11)

we had a good laugh at this 1 in the newsroom this AM. (10/18/11)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: I just "love it" when the Washington Post reports news THREE WEEKS after I first reported it - and then fails to credit DCRTV. Classy journalism, huh!] The Post probably didn't know about WRC's investigative unit until the station started on-air promotions for it. (10/18/11)

I would love to hear Glenn's comments on the NON talented, big mouthed Jen Royle and her lawsuit(s) or did she go back to Boston - yet to peddle "Fenway Franks" ? - marcus in parkville (10/18/11)

I would like to add "1986" and "NBC Magazine" to the list of failed NBC News magazine shows. Tom in DC (10/18/11)

I've noticed that WASH-FM plays a different mix of music late night. It plays a lot of classic rock. Skyliner (10/18/11)

DEAR DAVE - Why would someone tune-in WMAL and their loonies over WTOP??? Maybe because one doesn't care to listen to traffic and weather and reports of apartment fires for 35 minutes and then commercials for government IT vendors for the balance of the time. WMAL entertains (and even informs). Why would someone tune-in WMAL and their loonies over WAMU? Maybe because AMU quit bluegrass and the real freak show can be found on the Jazz&Justice station (as opposed to the stick-up-their-ass leftist phonies on 88.5 pontificating about sham DC politics as if it mattered). UN-SIGNED CORPORATE DRAWERS [m]. PS - Jazz&Justice has dozens of programs weekly but only 2 DJs play white artists - Whazzzzzzuppppp? (10/18/11)

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Sorry to hear about Ron Smith. Pancreatic Cancer is the most difficult to detect and there is no cure. There are assorted treatments to slow the inevitable and palliative measures that can be taken to relieve the pain. Our prayers and blessings go to Ron and his family at this time. I know something of what they’re going through as I lost my father to Pancreatic Cancer back in 1989. And, Dave… the pancreas is the organ which secretes insulin, which allows the body to use sugar. John Pinckney, from “the real” Pasadena (10/17/11)

(regarding a previous post) "I can't believe someone remembers NBC's Monitor! I interned on that show back in the early 80's at 30 Rock. After year one, the name changed to First Camera". That's one NBC magazine show I had forgotten about, though I do remember the one called Monitor. Apparently First Camera wasn't memorable enough for many viewers either! (10/17/11)

I can't believe someone remembers NBC's Monitor! I interned on that show back in the early 80's at 30 Rock. After year one, the name changed to First Camera. It was good, but short lived. Hillary (10/17/11)

Look, I get it that not every radio broadcaster is every listener's cup of tea. I mean, how boring would the world be if the only ice cream choice was vanilla? But I've about had it with the constant haranguing of WBAL's Robert Lang, Ann Kramer and Jenny Glick (not to mention station traffic reporters). They work very hard, they do good work and, in a market in which radio news is an afterthought, constantly put on air a good product. That's why when there's a major event - i.e., hurricane, snowfall, etc. - in Baltimore, WBAL makes its hay in ratings. Yes, Merrie Street has her work cut out for her, between her long layoff and the too-big-to-fill shoes of Mark Miller. Sure, there are going to be some bumps in the road. But all the never-ending criticism - about their diction, their voices, their spelling on Facebook ... hey, if you don't like the station, you don't have to listen. In fact, don't - the world will continue to spin in the appropriate direction without your ears to be counted in the ratings.I guess you've never made a mistake, spelled something wrong or tried to promote your own work. Makes me think that the critical parties (or party, since it could be one person posting over and over and over again) is someone who didn't get the gig that went to Street and is just grinding sour grapes into even more sour wine, er, whine. (10/17/11)

Why does newschannel 8 some mornings just broadcast the ABC7 morning program and other days they do not. Also why is it a different anchor every morning for ABC 7 as well on the weekends as well? (10/17/11)

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, former Tribune and Clear Channel honcho, Randy Michaels was arrested for drunk driving early Friday after he sunk his car in mud and water in a Middletown, OH, construction zone. (10/17/11)

WIAD 94.7's HD3 signal has been malfunctioning for a weekish and, apparently, no one - listeners and station management - cares. Some Channel 11/WBAL news memories in light of Ron Smith's health news. And my rant about why Ron is one of the greats of local radio. Also, Lindsay Czarniak and Craig Melvin get married. Some Harrisonburg/JMU recollections of DC TV sportscaster Steve Buckhantz and more in the second DCRTV "Dave TV" for October 17..... (10/17/11)

[RE Ron Smith:] Very sorry to hear. A really good guy. (10/17/11)

[RE Ron Smith:] I will say a prayer for him and his family...hoping he has tremendous support... (10/17/11)

This morning,WBAL's Ron Smith announced he has stage 4 pancreatic cancer . (10/17/11)

Dave's response: Really, I hadn't heard that. Sheeeeeeeeesh.....

[RE Ron Smith:] Hearing it's a health issue - cancer-related. Not sure but assume that means his show must be ending. (10/17/11)

Dave's response: Pancreatic cancer is one of the nastier types of cancer to get. And most people, including me, don't even know what a pancreas does.....

[RE Buckhantz's Woe: Underemployment] Dave – I didn’t write the piece, nor was I the subject of it, but I think your take on Dan Steinberg’s Sunday article is quite a bit off. I doubt Steve is looking for employment. The article was just about how Steve – who has had a great off-season personally – is disappointedby the NBA lockout and can’t wait for it to end so he can return to his “dream job.” The way you present it, he is looking for work. (10/17/11)

Dave's response: I dunno. That's the impression I got after reading Dan's piece.....

Those whacky guys and gal at WMAL! Chris Plante said the President’s secret service code name is now “Hugo Chavez.” To pay tribute to Weekend Update; Ra-EA-LLY?! Bryan said this morning that we out to have a serious discussion about shutting down the Department of Energy. RaEA-LLy?! This morning, Mary Katherine sang the Hadid carpet jingle. They also spoke on why we need to listen to the political wisdom Ann Coulter. Ra-EA-LLY?! I have come to the conclusion that WMAL is trying to tell us what to think, and NOT presenting a legitimate, cohesive argument for the “conservative” side. Why must we be told by WMAL that Ann Coulter is a prescient and logical political pundit, and we have to listen to what she says? I mean, Ann Coulter has been proven dead wrong, and has disingenuously manipulated more facts, more times, than even Bill Kristol. Do they really need to create a Ann Coulter soundbite and hammer in that her words are well thought out and designed for what is best for the country? Do most people believe that? This is a woman who chastised Canada, saying they didn’t help us after 9-11, for not going into Iraq with us, even though Canada sent thousands of troop to Afghanistan from the beginning. This is a woman who uses a thesaurus to distort political quotes. This is a woman that doesn’t know the difference between a footnote and an endnote, and never formats or standardizes endnotes to display clearly where she got her “quotes,” or facts. This is a woman that goes to other countries and doesn't respect their laws because she is "an American." Do those running WMAL really think shoving down our throat the wisdom of Ann Coulter is a method of communication that will pose a serious threat to WTOP and WAMU? WMAL is full of clowns! They are not stepping up to the plate to be a serious contender to WTOP or WAMU. Let's take bets on when the next full scale implosion of WMAL will be? I take March 2012. (10/17/11)

Baltimore native (and former WYRE PD) changes up FOG-gy music in SF: (10/17/11)

Yeah, damn shame about Ron Smith. I already was missing him from afternoons when they pushed him earlier to mid-day to make room for Maryland Snooze Now and its predecessor. As others have said, even if you don't agree with his point of view, he presents it in a respectful, intelligent way and challenges guests on both sides to do the same. That makes for good conversation and it becomes worth listening to. Here's hoping he gets the most out upcoming treatments and that he'll be with us for a while. (10/17/11)

Dave's response: Woody Allen used to joke that because he kept in so much of his rage and anger, he'd probably die of "a tumor" (or as Woody would pronounce it "toooomah"). While Ron and I are political opposites, I have always have enjoyed listening to his show because it's classy and intelligent, and lacked all the anger and rage that you hear from so many other radio talkers. If Woody's right, WMAL's Chris Plante will probably live to be 105 since he regularly vents all that health-harming anger via the airwaves. It's probably healthier for Plante, but it probably isn't so good for the blood pressure of his mostly older male listeners.....

Wow. I don't agree with him all the time, and I'm certainly not nearly the fan of The Oregon Grille he seems to be, but I don't mind having Ron Smith on if only for background noise. This sucks. (10/17/11)

[RE Ron Smith:] This is so sad. (10/17/11)

[RE Ron Smith:] Damn. (10/17/11)

[RE Ron Smith:] Very sorry to hear that. (10/17/11)

Sad to hear it. Rarely agree with the guy, but still a fan of the show. Get well Ron! (10/17/11)

[RE Ron Smith:] Devastating (10/17/11)

[RE Ron Smith:] Really sad news. This is what took Steve Jobs' life. (10/17/11)

WBAL radio host Ron Smith revealed at the top of his 9 AM show Monday that he's been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer that has spread to other organs. He says that he'll be continuing to do his political talk show, but will be absent when the effects of chemotherapy become too severe. Smith has been heard on WBAL radio since 1984. Before that, he was a news anchor at sister Channel 11/WBAL. Here's live audio of Smith's announcement.....

Can anyone explain what is going on with the morning news at newschannel 8 and ABC 7? (10/17/11)

Dave's response: Like what?

Rex Grossman and Jack Diamond are the Rex Grossmans of morning radio. (10/17/11)

For your list of stations: 1450 WTHU Thurmont, MD... Matt (10/17/11)

Dave's response: What's the current format? Talk? When I tune in 1450 I get WOL.....

Nice to see our union president, Julie "Windows Update" Wright. See attached. (10/17/11)

I see by this NY Times article that NBC will be trotting out yet another news magazine program, in its 43-year effort to present one that can successfully vie with 60 Minutes on CBS. This time, it's Brian Williams hosting something called Rock Center. Over the years, there have been many, many others. The first one I can remember was First Tuesday, which was hosted by Sander Vanocur, in the late 60s. Linda Ellerbee & Lloyd Dobyns tried for a while in the 70s with Weekend. Dobyns made a brief solo effort in the early 80s with Monitor. Also in the 80s, Ellerbee and Andrea Mitchell went head-to-head against 60 Minutes with something called Summer Sunday USA, which featured a live satellite remote truck that went from city to city each week. In the early 90s, Dateline NBC with Jane Pauley and Stone Phillips premiered. It's still around, with hosts Lester Holt and Ann Curry. It has been NBC's most successful and long-lasting magazine show so far. I may have missed a title or two. Can anyone think of other tried-and-failed NBC news magazine shows? (10/17/11)

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The Post has done it again. Two articles in today's Metro section were printed not once, but twice on both C5 and C6. How could they not have caught this?! The Post REALLY needs to get its act together... (10/16/11)

In my copy of the Washington Post, the 2 stories on page C5 are also on page C6. The headline of the story about redistricting on the bottom half of C6 is slightly different the the one on C5 and they managed to somehow squeeze 6 columns into 5. By making it into 5 columns on C6 they were able to get one small story in. (10/16/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: DC TV sportscaster Steve Buckhantz under employed? Why doesn't 9 hire him to replace Brett Haber?] Wondered the same thing when I read that this morning... (10/16/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: DC TV sportscaster Steve Buckhantz under employed? Why doesn't 9 hire him to replace Brett Haber?] How about bringing Joyce Jackson back to Sports! Someone also knowlegable about DC sports. (10/16/11)

I agree with the previous poster about the high number of errors on the WBAL radio website. You would think that with the Sun building the pay wall, the folks at WBAL would really step up the quality of the website. But it would appear the news director never looks at it. It's gotten worse since she came on board, so clearly, she doesn't believe it's important. And I agree as well with the comments about Robert Lang's constant self promotion. Again, the news director should put an end to it. His self promotion and weekend programming guide is a misguided waste of his energy. I was hoping for a revamp of the station. I thought they would shed some dead weight. But it doesn't look like that will happen. Between Robert Lang, Ann Kramer, and Jenny Glick, I can't listen. And with all the errors on line, I can't rely on the website anymore. And it looks like they stop putting up new stories after 5pm most days. Does anyone know if they even fully staff their newsroom anymore? WBAL just ain't what it used to be in the quality department. (10/16/11)

How self serving that WBAL Radio's Robert Lang posts on the station's Facebook account "This is Robert Lang in the news room". Does anyone really care? It should say "This is Robert Lang in the news room who is a horrible speller on Facebook and on WBAL.COM". His stories are full of typos just like Jenny Glick's. They are like bad temp workers or inexperienced journalists. The morning and afternoon people do a fine job on and off air and I appreciate the web updates and social media posts during the day that are strictly news updates, without the bs. In addition on Facebook and Twitter can the station please can the Saturday news roundup posts from the 70s era. Does anyone really care? (10/16/11)

[RE Czaban:] the morning show is keeps me laughing all day. his afternoon show is the only reason i put with 980's podcast delay. hey i have to sleep sometime. (10/16/11)

I agree that there is a lack of chemistry between John Schriffen and Angie Goff on the weekend morning news on NBC4...just like the lack of chemistry between Matt Lauer and Ann Curry on The Today Show...both shows are hard to watch for the same reason... (10/16/11)

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So WWIN FM usually tops the ratings in Baltimore. Why hasn't Radio 1 moved it to 92.3 for a stronger signal? I know 92 q does well in the ratings too, but I'm sure it would do just as well on 95.9. Radio 1 could easily relay the new 95.9 on 92.3 hd2 to give it a little bit of a stronger signal. They could also relay WWIN AM on 95.9 hd2 to give it better sound quality. (10/15/11)

Does anyone else see the lack of chemistry between John Schriffen & Angie Goff on the NBC4 weekend morning news? Since their pairing, I've not been able to watch the entire newscast. I usually just wait until the 6 or 11pm broadcast. (10/15/11)

Hanover PA.....No Dave! It's pronounced, "H-A-N-G-O-V-E-R"! Say it like a native!!!!! :-) (10/15/11)

105.9 the Edge wouldn't last 6 months in the York/Hanover, PA market. 98.5 is probably the best of all the classic rockers in region including DC and Baltimore area. Variety of music is key and that's something that Little100.3 and the Bay 100.7 lack big time. As for classic on DC101 that's a horrible idea for sure DC 101 actually plays good music now. Less classic rock the better!! (10/15/11)

Dave's response: I like DC101 a lot now, too. It plays a lot of tunes that WHFS would have played if it were still on 99.1.....

I have a question? Just why does this AHHHHHH character post the drivel he/she posts (maybe a switcher?). I mean,'s just total blasphemy. Maybe a frustrated writer? Don't know, but the posts bore the shit out of me, how about you? As for Mike O'Meara, you know he's accomplished much more than any of you ney-sayers ever will. All of those in the industry have their "ups and downs". The winners continue to work, the sarcastic, sit at home and criticize. Just sayin! (10/15/11)

Do the anchors at WTOP just make up weather reports off the tops of their heads? Within a 45 minute stretch this morning they've said today's high temperature will be 80 degrees, then 82 degrees and just now 70 degrees. They may as well just admit they don't know; at least that forecast would be accurate. (10/15/11)

Huh? What was the point of the post ranting about RFK, WTOP and mislabeling places? Since when does the physical location of the facility trump the market served, when the relationship is obvious? The Redskins, last I checked, are called the WASHINGTON Redskins. Their facilities are in the Washington DC AREA, both Maryland and Virginia. It was ownership's choice to use a stadium in Maryland, but that doesn't suddenly make it a Maryland team. Nobody outside of the poster's small world who even know where RalJon, Maryland is,,or care. MY God, by that poster's logic, Washington DC doesn't even have an airport, since two are in Virginia, one is in Maryland, and only one is even inside the BW. There is nothing at all wrong with how WTOP and others reference the team, the weather and whatever. That poster needs a checkup from the neck up. I would hate to be sharing a highway with you, God only knows what would happen when you came upon an 'improper' Exit sign. "Sh***T I wanted the exit for Chevy Chase, Maryland,,,but the signs says Washington DC..AHHHHHH...CRASH!" (10/15/11)

Dave's response: If we want total honesty in place names, maybe WJFK could start bragging about be Lanham's best sports talker. Or is it still in Fairfax? And, Hot 99.5 could claim that it's Rockville's best source of today's hits. Ha ha ha.....

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WFRE using 94.3, why rebroadcast same station two spots??? put on new station!!! (10/14/11)

"One year of pure hell, one year of total misery." Pretty much how the listeners would describe it too. (10/14/11)

Now that The Edge is gone, DC101 should play some of the classic rock tunes that were on The Edge's playlist. Does anyone have any statistics on the breakdown peercentagewise of the radio audience between home, car, office, streaming computer, mobile phones, and other. Skyliner (10/14/11)

Dave's response: I think that DC101's classic rock/hits "sister" WBIG is doing just that.....

WTOP's web site says the "Eagles head for DC hungry for a win." Oh? Is the game against the Redskins at RFK? Just as WTOP anchors OFTEN give wrong time checks (alleging they are on time when they are not), here's more misleading stuff. Hey, is someone from Ch. 5 now calling the shots inside the very thick-glass enclosed studio? (10/14/11)

If you're looking for a station that 105.9 the edge should have been similar to, then you might want to try 98.5 the peake in Hanover, Pennsylvania. They play a lot of classic rock from the 70's and 80's, but they also play some more modern artists like Greenday, Nickelback, and Perljam. Their signal reaches a majority of the i-70 corridor from Hagerstown to Baltimore. You can stream them live at (10/14/11)

Dave's response: How many times did I jest that 105.9 The Edge would have been the perfect station for Altoona PA! I should have said Hanover PA. Ha ha ha.....

Word just in from Satan… “So Mike O’Meara says working for Citadel and Cumulus is ‘pure hell’? I’m calling my legal team. (After all, I do have most of the lawyers that ever were, and will inevitably get most of those who are and will ever be!) How dare he slander, defame, and disparage hell and the fame and reputation I’ve worked so hard for by associating it with those pretenders Citadel and Cumulus!” (10/14/11)

OK enough with the idea of more all news stations on fm they did that in the 70's those stations flipped to AOR. What is really needed is someone who knows how to program a radio station. Unlike today when 3 or 4 company's run most everything Ok Rant done. On the WWIN 95.9 proposal first off the station is licensed to serve Glen Burnie with an elliptical pattern with 5,000 erp combined vertical and horizontal. got that from a station engineer at Z96 back in the 70's . they turned the antenna WTF. Oh on the guy posting about 103 underground you got it in reverse. originally the station was on the air using the WSPH transmitter at Dundalk high school at night . Kind of like the brokered air time that was popular in the mid 70's but with different call letters. (10/14/11)

Great day of radio on the dial and over the net in DC last twenty four hours. Last night’s MOS adventures of live video streaming from a Motel 8 inJoliet was classic. Three hours late; it was real pirate radio. Feinstein on Junks is must hear radio. EB’s effort to read his latest book before it is released makes for a great interview again this week. But, I had to laugh when he announced to all that JF’s father was once the director of the NSO and Kennedy Center; he said it must have been cool to see him up there waving his arms. I almost ran off the road with him confusing the director with the conductor. My Tony then wanted a dumb phone instead of the IPhone. Interesting TV interview with Mike. Thanks Dave. Worst year ever? Think about poorChad entering year three with LaVar??? MOS live show from KCJJ about the road trip was great! I know all about AM stations every one. My point was how bad AM sports coverage is locally. OOBBEE (10/14/11)

This just in. Randy Michaels arrested in NJ for drunk driving (10/14/11)

So I hear the ESPN 980 constant ads for them being the "home of the MLB playoffs". They play that thing to death. So last night I get in my car after work to listen to the game, and lo and behold, no MLB playoff game! They have a show on instead. Are they serious? Why beat us over the head with promoting the baseball playoffs, and then not even air the game? Yet another example of why ESPN 980 is a third rate station run by idiots. (10/14/11)

"I agree that O'Meara thought doing his morning show was ''pure hell''. It was ''pure hell'' the 4 or 5 times I listened to it. I find it hard to feel sorry for him after listening to the show he attempted to do after Don left. He should've known his glory days on radio were done. Speaking of pure hell, has NBC4 simply given up programming anything at Noon that makes ANY sense? I happened to catch a few minutes of ''Access Hollywood Live''. What a complete piece of shit. Paul"... OK Sunshine (I mean Dave) thanks for checking's a thought...maybe Mike O'Meara needed or wanted a job? (10/14/11)

Yea, that’s KHZ’s problem – jock’s picking the music! (10/14/11)

From FMQB: Merlin Media head Randy Michaels was arrested early this morning for an OVI (Operating a Vehicle Impaired) in Middletown, OH. (The state of Ohio officially re-named a DWI offense to OVI in 2005.) According to WCPO-TV, Michaels was pulled over at 2:05 am and released from jail on bond of $615 at 5:20am. (10/14/11)

10) WTEM [M&M 17th, Korny 14th, Czaban 9th] Dave, for radio ratings, I am assuming you are referring to "Czaban" as the PM drive Sports Reporters show, correct? You wouldn't know where Czaban's AM drive show on WSPZ ranks, would you? I would give up an appendage to get the abominable M&M off TEM and Czaban's AM show on TEM. Thanks. -Pat in SW DC (10/14/11)

Dave's response: WSPZ ranked 38th in the latest radio ratings (age 12+), with Czaban's morning show in 26th place. That's the highest rated show on the station, which ranks 50th in middays and 40th in afternoon drive.....

I agree that O'Meara thought doing his morning show was ''pure hell''. It was ''pure hell'' the 4 or 5 times I listened to it. I find it hard to feel sorry for him after listening to the show he attempted to do after Don left. He should've known his glory days on radio were done. Speaking of pure hell, has NBC4 simply given up programming anything at Noon that makes ANY sense? I happened to catch a few minutes of ''Access Hollywood Live''. What a complete piece of shit. Paul (10/14/11)

THANK YOU to whoever posted that LA Times link!! That's exactly the spirit of radio and its importance I'm talking about. If DJs didn't promote music when FM was new there would never have been any superbands or classic albums. Today only a fraction of artists get air play which is ridiculous in the age of information! DJs perform a service to the public and no amount of condescending attitude from suits can change that fact. It should be DJs who climb the ladder to management because of thier experience and talent rather than cloned yes men fresh out of turd polishing school. Donnie (10/14/11)

FBI listening to news talk radio listeners. WMAL reports the FBI is giving $524,927 to Virginia company to record talk radio news (10/14/11)

Hi Dave. I think that many people are not surprised that CBS might attempt to put an all-news format at one of its D.C. radio stations. CBS/Infinity operates several all-news stations in New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles. Moreover, the D.C. area has had more than one all-news stations previously. WTOP and WAVA were both all-news operations for several years from 1969 through the 1970s. NBC radio had an all-news format for a few years in the late 1970s, which was carried by WRC (980-am), too. There was probably a glut of all-news stations then. WAVA and WRC eventually changed their formats. Now, the D.C. area has grown considerably since the 1980s. I think that the market could support two all-news radio stations now. (10/14/11)

Radio One should buy 600AM then switch calls with 1400 AM.Then put WWIN-FM Simucast on 600AM .John T. Henneman (10/14/11)

Are there more specifics for anyone not in that market?? I liked Kirk and Mike separately and didn't get a chance to hear their show before it was axed. (10/14/11)

In today's "Dave TV" at we play a Channel 50/WDCW "NewsPlus" interview WTOP/WJLAer Mark Segraves does with DC radio great Mike O'Meara, who has some very interesting things to say about the ending of his most-recent broadcast radio gig at classic rocker 105.9 The Edge, which had its plug pulled in September...... (10/14/11)

OK, all you folks mourning the lost days of freeform FM and letting jocks pick the music, buck up. This article is for you: (10/14/11)

Small correction to the NOVA tower post - WKDV's antenna patterns have not been changed in years. The daytime pattern is mostly to the west, with sidelobes to the northeast and southeast, while the nighttime pattern is a very tight one to the east. Regards, Dave Loudin (10/14/11)

Dave's response: I'm sorry, but 1460 in Manassas will always be WPRW in my heart. And 1310 will always be WEEL. And 1390 will always be WEAM.....

I find the article about the Hoffman family donating WGGM and WZEZ to the Delmarva Educational Association to be quite interesting. Last year, reported that the Hoffman family was selling WGGM to Edosomwan’s Radio Companion and WZEZ was being donated to Edosomwan’s One GOd Ministry church. Edosomwan is the one that took over WKCW for a few months while it was urban gospel. (10/14/11)

I saw the mailbag posters comment about WBAL traffic. Funny, I was thinking the same thing yesterday regarding their traffic. There was a rather bad accident around Eastern Blvd on the Baltimore Beltway yesterday. The traffic on the inner loop of the Beltway was at a virtualstandstill. What did WBAL traffic say about it? Basically, “Accident around 702 on the Beltway. Some backed-up traffic. Left lane closed, stay to your right” or something close to that. The report never even approached how slow the traffic was or recommended people avoid gettinginto that mess. Maybe it is that the WBAL format doesn’t allow for extended traffic reports for “bad” traffic days but I have driven in rush hour traffic, heard several traffic reports and never heard them report accidents or slow traffic I have seen. I have come to not rely on WBAL traffic most days because it really isn’t that good anymore. (10/14/11)

Dave's response: OK, now that we're on pet media peeves, mine is when news people refer to a county name like "Fairfax" when they could be using the more than a dozen local place names instead. Some local radio and TV people use the term "Fairfax" when they refer to something happening in McLean, Chantilly, Annandale, Falls Church, Alexandria, Lorton, Springfield, Reston, Herndon, Great Falls, Oakton, Centreville, Clifton, Vienna, or Burke. Come on! It's a county with more than a million people. Please be more specific. Sheesh.....

[RE the "tower porn" on yesterday's "Dave TV":] Just to update you. Even when the photo you have there was taken, WFTR was 1450 AM ONLY The FM side, which was an oldies station had a different call Today it's WZRV and is still oldies That situation still exists. WFTR is one of few stations in the region that does not even have a website. WKCW: The tower you show is gone. They now share a pair of towers with AM 1250 which has gone back to the WPRZ calls, and for now relays the current WPRZ on 88.1 That tower complex is the one across the highway from the Ford dealer as you are coming into Warrenton. WKCW is only 60 watts at night, and does not even reach Remington. I am essentially AM free at night, only 1490 gets through both day and night on AM. They now use a directional antenna at night. A directional antenna on AM means multiple towers. Rule of thumb, 1 main tower, and each additional tower equals a "Null" in the signal. Not a hard and fast rule, because there are some "positive" towers, but generally, second, third etc towers tend to be Negative towers. 94.3 is on the same tower as 107.7, but not as high, or as powerful. One problem WTOP has with 107.7 is that they don't have "real time' monitoring on 107.7. They have a remote in Manassas that is not quite real time. At the WTOP studio, Go to the chief engineer's office, go to the window, and look straight up. what you will be looking directly at is 107.3s transmitting antenna. Sooo, if they lose it, they only know when they start getting calls. Given how much lower the power is on 94.3, I would not be surprised if the situation were similar at the WTEM studios. I'm told it is farther from the 94.3 transmitter, but does not have that other "little" problem. AM 1460 Is still WKDV, and still in Spanish. The directional antenna has been changed, however, to point west, instead of east. Most of the interference is to the north and south, and now with the growth in the western suburbs, that's no longer as weird as it sounds. (10/14/11)

re:Shutup already: Sadly you're right. This practice falls under the same moronic idea that you can train people to "manage" something they have no clue about. And that's why today we have crappy radio,shoddy construction,ineffectual doctors,etc. (10/14/11)

Adding 2 cents on the all-news battles in the 70's. In that era, other major stations, which also offered music, provided exceptional news coverage....WMAL-AM, WASH-FM, and WWDC -AM had incredibly talented and well staffed news departments.. Their news teams and hourly and half hourly newscasts fed the information appetites of their large and loyal audiences. None of that exists today leaving the news door wide open for stations like WTOP. (10/14/11)

This is Skyliner. The unsigned writer who questioned my intelligence about not trying AM radio to pick up the Yankees/Tigers game didn't realize that I was at home in a hi-rise building in which AM reception is very bad, and the reception of distant signals is impossible. AM has a big disadvantage is metro DC because of all the hi-rises. Also, there are many parking garages where the AM signal is not cleaer. Further, many AM stations have very poor signals at night. Even 1500AM has nowhere near the clarity of an FM station, especially at night. Skyliner. (10/14/11)

If you let the jocks pick the music, you would get KHZ. Look how well that has done. (10/14/11)

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\/ October 13 Messages \/

Whatever happened to the DC Punk radio show that used to be on WJFK? Is it available on the web? (10/13/11)

Following-up on Jim Bohanon's history lesson: WAVA's Nick Arundel, with the help of VA. Congressman Joel Broyhill, inspired an official Federal Trade Commission investigation into the legality of WTOP's shift from Talk Radio to an All-News format. Read about it here: (You'll need to scroll down to the third article.) When the Washington Post-owned station switched to all-news on Monday, March 10th, 1969, resilient Eddie Gallaher was initially retained as an anchor. The overnight Music 'til Dawn show was shifted to the FM side which didn't exactly mesh with their automated "Young Sound" format. Talker WAGE bought a Post ad to shout that they would gladly welcome WTOP's old audience. Of course, the last article on the page explains how WTOP's all-news format almost shifted to FM in 1982! (10/13/11)

Why is it that every time someone posts about the "ultimate" album rock format be it Classic or Active rock or even METAL they think the individual jocks should program the music. Have you arm chair radio execs ever worked at a REAL station? At real stations the music is the responsiblity of the PD and the consultant. Back in the '70's Kent Burkart practically built an empire of high performing current based AOR's by having a say in what was played on the air. They (the pd and Burkhart himself) didn't give a shit what the jocks thought. The jocks were hired to execute the format not dictate it. I mean WTF how many stations can you think of (that are doing well ratings wise) where the jock picks the tunes to play? Shut up already! Granted back in the early days of free form AOR the jocks did have some sort of say but nowadays they play what they are told to play! Please shut up with this shit about jocks programming their own shows IT AIN'T GONNA F-CKIN' HAPPEN! (10/13/11)

First of all, anybody who says "Oh, metal's dead" doesn't understand the genre. The issue with metal these days is that they're mostly on indie labels. The big guys (Cheap Channel, CBS, Cumulus, Entercom, etc.) won't play with the indies (Century Media, Nuclear Blast, Nightmare, Frontiers, Metal Blade, etc.) and vice versa. There are some sub-genres of metal (primarily power and progressive metal) that sound very much like rock, and if no one told you any different, you'd think it was rock. As someone else pointed out - any genre that becomes a radio format would have a super small playlist and be played to death - and DJs are what makes or breaks a station. The idea of variety is long gone, thanks to "market research". Regular radio these days is just a medium for delivering commercials, not music. That's why I've pretty much given up on radio (and even SiriusXM) and primarily use my iPod or Pandora and now Spotify. Sadly, narrowcasting is the future. Long gone are a few stations and formats serving large numbers of an audience. The only thing I listen to on the radio these days is WTOP since they haven't messed that up - yet. But I do wonder what would happen if CBS put a WCBS-like station in town. Things might get interesting. Just my 2 1/2 cents. Dave in Fredericksburg (10/13/11)

Skyliner: Thoughts on why WAVA-FM failed as an all-newser. 1. It wasn't just FM. It also had the 780-AM daytime signal, back when AM was more important than FM (For years, AM-1050, also a 1 kw daytimer, was the dominant signal for WGAY, not 50 kw at 99.5-FM, and that was beautiful music). 2. It didn't really fail. With virtually no budget, but a small, very dedicated staff, WAVA carved out a niche as the only all-newser for a while. It was in 1969 that Katherine Graham, aware of all-news WINS in New York, declared that "We're Post-Newsweek. We should be doing this". And, in one book, WTOP talk radio (then beating WMAL for #1 in DC), cut its ratings in half switching to news. But WTOP (1500-AM only til it began simulcasting half the time on its old 96.3 WHUR frequency) had the money to cover the city, and, of course, the resources of the Post and WTOP-TV-9. WAVA owner Arthur Arundel even sued the Post for what he considered their antitrust-violating format switch, to no avail. Then, along came NBC's WRC allnewser. At that time, in the mid-70's, we had 3 allnewsers, pulling about a 12 share combined. Finally, WRC and WAVA gave up, leaving only WTOP. Interestingly, as competitors peeled off, the all news audience dropped, too. You'd think people would listen to formats, and the WRC and WAVA listeners would have all gone to WTOP. They didn't. It's as if people were listening to frequencies on the dial, regardless of what was being programmed. The WAVA all-news saga is one worthy of being written, and one of their alums, Howard Dicus, would be the perfect person to do it. FYI, as far as I know, only Bill Torrey hit the trifecta, anchoring on all 3 allnewsers at one time or another. I got 2 thirds of the way, but never worked for WAVA. Jim Bohannon (10/13/11)

The problem with the Metal format is the same problem as with the Modern/ Indie/Post-Punk/ TechnoIndustrial/Shoegazer/Nuwave/ Progressive Rock( all that seems to come under "Alternative") and most other formats as well: The Suits. Radio stations need to find DJs and staff that actually love the music they play,that know about artists and material NOT because they are paid to but because they have a TALENT for it. Let them program the music and the content will draw the audience. The audience should draw the clients IF the sales people know how to sell the fact that people are listening to that station. If they aren't going to advertise where the crowd is they may as well invest in some billboards on one lane gravel roads or go back to the old posters on a stick along a corn field. Having people in charge of content with no skill or passion for that content is the reason we have tight,boring playlists and those playlists are the reason most people have MP3 players. There is enough material in almost every format to avoid repetition between the mandatory heavy rotation tracks. We listeners know we're going to hear the newest songs 8 times a day but at least the music between the cash drops could be alot deeper into the archives. Anyone can program a playlist of thier own so give them something worth tuning in for. Donnie (10/13/11)

[RE today's "Dave TV":] Dave, FYI- Thom Loverro's column runs in The Washington Examiner and not The Washington Times. Been in the Examiner for about a year now. (10/13/11)

There have been complaints of the quality of the streaming on WTNT. Adjustments have been made and now much cleaner and more FM like. Charlie / Springfield (10/13/11)

Thanks for the info on Z-Rock (which I had heard of) and some of those independent AM stations (which I hadn't). What I meant was that nobody has seriously tried that type of format since the originals went away during metal's lean years in the mid-'90's. Metal is arguably more popular now than it's been since its MTV heyday, albeit in a different, heavier form, yet continues to be ignored by the industry, who keep on insisting "Oh, metal's dead." Plus, the fanbase from the old days is still very loyal (and twenty years older now). Many more have fallen victim to the "metal's dead" myth because they don't know any better. To quote Ian Christe in his book Sound Of The Beast: "Grunge didn't kill metal; it simply gave the media and the industry an excuse to go back to ignoring it." BTW, L.A.'s KNAC is online as well (, as is that city's short-lived Pirate Radio ( Doghouse Reilly (10/13/11)

Is WMAL making a mistake by taking the station in more of a bombastic righty talk direction instead of going for the "more balanced" news and talk road and aiming more at WTOP's huge ratings and revenue? Also, we look at all those local radio ads that run in the Washington Times these days, including several that hype Andy Parks' new show on WTNT. Plus, some signal problems for WTEM's 94.3 today. And, some Northern Virginia radio and TV tower "porn," with pics from WFTR, WINC, WKDV, WKCW, WKDL, WDCT, WZHF, WUST, WNVC, WNVT, WJFK, and WMAL-FM. All this and more in today's "Dave TV"..... (10/13/11)

The Post lists only 1500/820 AM as the radio station for the Caps game. I thoght WJFK also broadcasts the Caps games. Am I wrong? I would think that the Caps would want an FM signal and that the people who listen to Federal News Radio would not tune-in to hockey. Also WSPZ - AM 570 is broadcasting the ACLS game today instead of the more powerful WTEM and its FM relays. Red Zebra musf think their regular programming will get higher ratings. Why does ESPN radio allow Red Zebra to move its broadcasts to a station with a less powerful signal? Skyliner (10/13/11)

Dave's response: According to, WFED is the team's flagship and only station in the immediate DC area carrying the games. I think WJFK carries games at the end of the season, when the team is near or in the playoffs.....

Z Rock wasn't the only SMN syndicated service that Lee Abrams "watered down". Back in 1986 I started listening to their "Rock n' Hits" CHR service. It was CHR with some post modern (now known as alternative) thrown in. It was a good sounding service because the jocks were doing all the fun things "traditional" CHR jocks had always done. Around 1990 Lee Abrams got his hands on that format and started adding AOR flavored tunes into the mix. After about a year and a half they went back to a more traditional CHR sound but it was too late. Nirvana had already exploded and CHR stations started sounding more and more grundge/alternative. By the summer of '92 CHR on the SMN network was switched over to AC. Lee Abrams literally destroyed a good sounding service in his quest to bring in non CHR listeners. What an asshole! (10/13/11)

I finally broke the code for WBAL Radio’s traffic reports. They said the Jones Falls Expressway southbound was backed up due to an accident in the northbound lanes, but I took it southbound anyway and found no problem in either direction. Apparently, if you assume conditions will be the opposite of what they say, all will be well. Bob A. in Pikesville, MD. (10/13/11)

Exploring the Cafe Milano buzz connected to the alleged assassination plot, today on New York Social Diary: Carol (10/13/11)

From TRI’s “No Names, Please” on Thursday – "Getting the newscaster/DJ to lose it" - TRI reader Steve Allan says yesterday's story about the female newsreader calmly dispatching the male co-worker during her live newscast prompts him to say "Gawd, you're opening up a Pandora's box of stories...At WBIG in Washington DC, our news director Ira Mellman was notoriously solid as a rock when it came to pranks. One time when I was filling in for the morning show host, I crept into the news booth. Ira was standing there holding his written copy and delivering the news. So, of course, I lit his copy on fire. As the flames slowly went up the page, Ira calmly blew them out and finished his newscast without missing a beat. Needless to say, we were quite impressed." Go your own true story? Share it with the industry, and email (10/13/11)

At one time, AM was the more popular band and FM stations simulcast what were prmarily AM signals. FCC rules then limited simulcasting.Now the tables are turned. Why doesn't the FCC limit simulcasting now? Realistically the additional uses of AM would not be attractive to the masses. AM would feature more brokered programming, more foreign language and foreign news programs, and possibly some local community news. The only real advantage of the AM signal is the skywave, which enables free reception of national stations such as WCBS-AM and the reception of sports events throughout the country. Also many of the AM stations such as WMAL that are now being relayed on FM were on HD FM previously. This further obviates the need for HD radio. Changing gears, with all the talk of another commercial all-newswer in Metro DC, does anyone have any thoughts on why WAVA-FM failed as a second all-newswer. Skyliner (10/13/11)

ref "Answer to OOBEE re Yankees/Tigers game: Tried to get the game on WCBS-AM stream. It wasn't on. The news was on. Playoff games must not have been on the teams' flagship stations. Games were on for a fee. Skyliner (10/12/11)" Have you ever heard of an AM radio? At night you can, if you try, hear the Yankees, Mets, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Baltimore, St. Louis, and other MLB teams. Sometimes I wonder about people. I've see so many posts online where people say, "wow, when I got home I turned on the tv and the Caps, Redskins, Nats, were leading!". Hello? Your car radio has an AM band and can pick up all of those games. (10/13/11)

Re: The Underground/Rock 103: To 'Doghouse Reilly' et al, I have to differ with you in that a 'hard rock/metal' format hasn't been 'seriously attempted'. Yes, the powers that be may not have had been the most savvy of broadcasters, but I think they made a decent 'go' at it. If you think about it, don't forget that there was another FM, KNAC Long Beach CA which made a serious go at it and was probably one of the most successful operations with such a format; yet they're long gone too! I believe that KNAC was one of the few, if not the only other, true and serious FM hard rock/metal station in the country that was locally run and programmed. Moreover, there was a syndication service from ABC's Satellite Music Network, called 'Z-Rock' which got its start around 1986 or 7. During its early years, it was struggling. Major FM stations were resistant as the revenue to service their debt was enormous. Z-Rock in late 1987 made a pitch to struggling AM stations to pick up their format and some did. From 1988 to 1991, Z-Rock picked up well over a dozen AMs willing to make a 'go'. During this time, a number of independent AM stations created tehri own hard rock/metal formats. These included San Jose CA's 1500 X-Rock, Buffalo NY's 14X, Chicago's 1330 G-force (later became Rebel Radio). By 1991, Lee Abrams, who took over programming duties at Z-Rock, decided that he wanted the format to become more commercial and on FM. In order to do this, he needed to 'water down' the format, which angered many loyal listeners. During the last few years that the format was in existence, it became more geared towards alternative rock. It died at the end of 1996. After Rock 103 met its demise about 1993, the station was resurrected for awhile as what I believe to be a Part 15 operation which was broadcast form Dundalk High School which remained on the air for some time. While The Underground/Rock 103 is gone as is Rebel Radio - at least form terrestrial radio, both of these 'stations' exist on line. The interest in this music is not what it was in the mid- to late-'80s and early '90s. Outside of having such a format on a marginal AM operation today, I can't see this working. (10/13/11)

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This is an interesting discussion on college radio. I think that the student run example is a good approach in that it represents a certain segment of the school's student body (albeit with the risk of the inmates running the asylum). I also think the professional model works in that it attracts a higher level of student who is learning more about the fundamentals of broadcasting. The college station where I worked (WUVT at Virginia Tech from 1985-1986 before launching my commercial career) kind of fit the middle ground between the two. It was completely student managed and programmed so the programming reflected a certain segment of the population and not that of the administration. It was also not funded by the school meaning that the students were forced to run it professionally in order to go out and earn the grants and other funding to keep it on the air. Also, by having a student "sales" staff, it taught students a vitally important lesson in that it takes more to run a radio station that goes out over the air. Keith Thompson, WCTR in Chestertown, MD (10/12/11)

In Fact, WMZQ AM did broadcast a separate afternoon show with Dino DelGallo from the Crimmins Lane studios in the mid 80s. It was a combination of music and comedy. Regular bits included call-ins from Phillipines President Corazon Aquino who would request "I Can Help" by Billy Swan. Dino was a funny guy! (10/12/11)

I'd like to compliment Bill Rohland on 106.7 for his memorial tribute to the late Al Davis that aired at the beginning of Bill's show on this past Sunday morning. It ran the whole first segment of his show. That is not the kind of thing that one would normally expect to hear on the Washington dial since the story really has no local angle. I'm not a Raiders fan. I just thought it was a classy thing to do. IMHO you'd be hard pressed to find anyone on 980 other than maybe Mr. Tony to do anything similar. Tom in Wheaton (10/12/11)

I would actually tend to agree with Donnie about active-rock stations: I'd just as soon not hear any alternative rock on an active-rock station either. But that would whittle the typical active-rock station's playlist down to "Back In Black," "Enter Sandman," "Welcome To The Jungle," and a half-dozen Buckcherry songs. And so here we are, with all these bands that sound like Nirvana but like to erroneously claim some heritage from Guns n' Roses or Motley Crue, because instead of only singing about killing themselves, they sing about strippers, killing themselves, killing themselves at strip clubs, strippers who kill themselves, etc. What was "alternative" has become the mainstream. As far as college radio goes, well, I worked at a college station in Pennsylvania from 1999-2003. It was treated as an extracurricular activity like any other (and was actually the biggest on our campus. We had a news department, boradcast our basketball games, had a rotation of music to be played between the hours of 10:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. (the rest of the time it was free-form), and had overnight automation. I had a blast, personally, and looking back, it was run as professionally as you could hope for. Any serious license-losing antics were kept in check because our faculty adviser took a "Scared Straight" approach. He let us think far less would be tolerated than actually was the case, or would be noticed. He would say things like, "because we are a non-commercial station, you are not allowed to express any sort of opinion on the air," or "there are people sitting in jail right now, their lives basically ruined, because of some stupid stunt they pulled on the radio." His favorite two words were "absolutely forbidden." Looking back, it was laughable, but by the time most people figured it out, they were seniors. Doghouse Reilly (10/12/11)

Hi Dave, I'd like to express my appreciation of Diane Sawyer and her ABC Evening News team for their series of reports on the derth of products made in our nation and for their appeals and recommendations to reverse that trend and get Americans making products for Americans--and everyone else--again. Not long ago, I noticed a cool vacuum cleaner in a thrift store--it was made in Torrence, California in the 1950s and it still worked. And I got to thinking that the fabricators were probably buiding planes, trains, and automobiles in their garages at night. We do need to make more of the goods we need and it is nice to see ABC calling for that. Robb de Capitol Heights (10/12/11)

I enjoyed seeing the WMZQ studio photos on DCRTV Plus. When WMZQ was also on AM, did the station use the old WEAM studios on Crimmins Lane? Does WZHF use the studios now? (10/12/11)

Dave's response: I can't remember the actual dates, but WMZQ was relayed on 1390 for a few years in the 1980s. I don't believe they used the Crimmins Lane studios since WMZQ simply simulcasted the 98.7 signal on AM. As for WZHF using the Crimmins studios now, I think the station - mainly just a feed of Radio Russia - comes from studio facilities in Rockville. Doesn't Jim Weitzman's New World Radio (or whatever it's called these days) use the Crimmins studios to feed ethnic WUST 1120 AM and Radio China International on WCRW 1190 (the old WAGE)? Anybody know?

Dave, how did WTNT rank & Andy Parks in the October ratings? (10/12/11)

Dave's response: 730 AM, WTNT ranked 43rd in the age 12+ numbers for the "first week" of October, with Andy Parks' afternoon show in 37th place.....

Sorry to hear about Frank Kameny. He was a good guy. - ZombieWoof (10/12/11)

I take a look at the first FM ratings numbers for WMAL on 105.9. And some more criticism of WMAL's programming and personalities. Plus, a tribute to DC's top-rated all-newser WTOP which's success, so far, has eluded copycats in NYC and Chicago. And maybe some new efforts here in DC, too. Also, one more reminder of DCRTV's 14th anniversary DCRTV Plus special. All in today's "Dave TV"..... (10/12/11)

re: "You would be hard pressed to find a college that does not ascribe to the requirement that any use of university funds and facilities must constitute an academic purpose." That's a false premise. There are many activities on every university campus that serve non-academic functions. College activities such as a student-run radio station may or may not be tied into an academic or career oriented program, but they provide interested students with an opportunity to entertain themselves and serve the community. It's not any different than the school newspaper or drama club or (to use the biggest non-academic example on most campuses) the football team. (10/12/11)

Further to college radio: From 1967-1971, I worked as a student at WXPN, which had a current-carrier AM station at 730, and a 3000-watt signal at 88.9. The AM station was run to be like WFIL and WIBG, with all the professionalism that that entailed. Our FM used block programming, classical, show music, talk shows, everything run like a professional station, with everyone having 3rd Class commercial licenses. Eventually, WXPN did the same as WGTB, had people, often non-students, take over programs, run them "non-professionally", and get threatened with license loss by the FCC. WXPN-FM decided to go professional. I personally think that if students were still given a chance to run a real FM or AM station like business professionals (business majors running the back office, people with integrity being on the air as both engineers and personalities), that would be a much better of a college station than just running a plain radio business with a donation business model (like WAMU. Much as I dislike WPFW's advocacy, it's the closest to a station with professional integrity run by interested amateurs. -- Carl in Olney (10/12/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: It's funny that "lefty" DC PBS outlet WETA/26 is now advertising on "righty" talker WMAL. Hmmmm.......] Stupid WMAL wants to abolish funding for Public Radio and TV (10/12/11)

[RE Gannett's Dubow:] Never in any country does a ceo get paid for screwing up... (10/12/11)

[RE Gannett's Dubow:] He does leave a great place for the next guy to start up. You figure if the new guy can get the stock up $1, he will receive a crazy bonus. (10/12/11)

[RE Gannett's Dubow:] But he is a job provider...a turk...a driver of the economy...we should all love and embrace him... (10/12/11)

If corporations are people, its blood is its earnings for it cannot long survive without any. Who can blame Mr. Dubow for trying his best to keep his corporation alive? The problem with this, of course, is that corporations are NOT people. In fact, as Mr. Lewis succinctly points out, corporations are entities which benefit a small group of people to the detriment of anyone else. They are predatory in the capitalistic sense that they must compete for dominance unlike most people who must cooperate to survive. Corporations are more like bacteria than people: the beneficial ones should be encouraged but the destructive ones– companies like Gannett– should be treated as harmful to human society and treated with a suitable antibiotic as quickly as possible. (10/12/11)

[RE Gannett's Dubow:] He resigned due to his of his wallet. Bastid! (10/12/11)

Active Rock stations slip in Local H,The Toadies,Social D and lots of generic Nirvana in an attempt to make real Modern/Alternative fans believe they actually give a crap about us. Here's a simple and easy to understand rule: If a station plays Metallica or AC/DC they have NO business playing ANY Alternative or at least no valid reason to position themselves as Modern/Alternative in any way,shape or form. Active is a good term for that type of format because anytime I hear ANY of those old,overplayed and cliche songs I act FAST to change the station!!! That also goes for the new music that mindlessly follows the same old boring formula. To all the Active stations I'd like to say this " go ahead you're as good as dead ..." As for 103.1s crappy signal-I've been grabbing that sketchy signal from Grasonville/Annapolis since 1983 and it was,and is,well worth the static to hear even a half decent independant station...even if it is the 'ghost' of 'whfs'(note the lower case letters) and the former radio gods of pre Infinity/CBS HFS. Donnie (10/12/11)

Dave, The poster who tried to update you on Fredericksburg radio was working with old information. First off, 99.3's last three callsigns have been: WYSK-FM (1996), WWVB-FM (2008), and WVBX (2009 to today.) The AM station on 1350 started as WFLS, then switched to WYSK in 1996, then switched to WNTX as of three months ago when it picked up the daytime talk lineup abandoned by WFVA (other times are ESPN radio.) The first source is always the FCC's station search ( Regards, Dave Loudin (10/12/11)

Regarding College Radio.... Do we learn nothing from history? It was the antics of Ken Carpenter and crew at WGTB that caused the loss of that licensce and gave credence to the fears of academics and adminstrators as to what a 'free form' station might do, and the liabilities that would be assumed, if left unsupervised. There were seven serious violations of FCC rules under that mgt. I recall that legacy being sited as a reason that the admin. of Wm. Paterson College was against acquiring a broadcast signal (as opposed to carrier current) for many years in the instance of WPSC. (10/12/11)

I got my start in radio by working at 4 different college radio stations. Two were 10 watt FMs, one was AM carrier current and one was a Low power AM whose signal was also carried (via 15khz phone line) on one of the suburban cable outlets. The entire purpose of all of those stations was to train you for working in a real world broadcasting. We had student generated Top 40 playlists and we did all the promotions that actual broadcasters do. To me it was the best radio training a person could get. People that worked along side of me went on to work in markets like, Kansas City and Los Angelos. One day when I was still living in the dorms I got a call about a job from a PD in Hartford. A year later when he went to DC he called me again about another job. What perked his original interest in me? The air check I first sent him from a 10 watt FM station. The kind of drive that my fellow college broadcasters had back in the day doesn't exist now. Don't believe me just listen to the kids on the air that are working at their first or second job in radio. If the kids don't care why should the schools. College radio today does it's students a dis service by regulating them to online streaming only. That crap about college students today not owning radios is totally bogus. I know kids that attend the local university that quote back to me some of the things I say on the air. Where ever the Post got that mistaken notion is beyond me. (10/12/11)

I saw your posting about the D&M computer game. Ican’t believe that was 1995. If I remember correctly, the end gamewas a video of Strip Trivia. (10/12/11)

College Radio has only itself to blame for the state of affairs. There are in fact many small college stations that understand their role and function as part of the community. You would be hard pressed to find a college that does not ascribe to the requirement that any use of university funds and facilities must constitute an academic purpose. That is what a student station should be for. To Train students in proper broadcasting operations and journalism techniques, using the affairs about campus as content. But that is not what most college stations are willing to do. They want to be agent provocateur, they want to be 'free form', they want to waste $$$$$ in trying to acquire licenses and coverage which they do not need, cannot afford and which distract from the academic focus. You do not need an LPB, LPFM or a Class B signal to teach students how to properly engage in the activities of broadcasting. I find it disingenuous that the same folks who think Internet radio is cool will demand their academic purposes require a broadcast signal. It does not. The student station has no need to, nor should it be allowed to, competes with full service signals. If that need is genuine, then buy a struggling AM! No, the folks complaining about college radio have no interest in the students or the academics. What they are hoping for is a full market signal that is somehow 'free' of any responsibility to anyone, free to the public and yet, somehow, free, will pay its bills so that the listener does not have to. Chances are that listener isn't paying any of his other bills either. Chances are also good that such a station is incurring liabilities for the university which leads to a drain on university funding and resources for fines, claims and avoidable repairs and compensation. These champions of student stations are not interested in the academic advancement of the institution. They want a university setting (which they believe is free of business interest) to provide a free form forum for their alternative and usually political desires that will somehow remain on the air regardless of funding (IOW,,paid for by students, parents and alumni without oversight) and do all the cool things like remotes, concerts and coverage of protests. Stop whining and grow up! As the ranks of personnel necessary for radio stations decrease, there is a drop in demand for that major and thus there is no academic purpose provided by 'student' stations. The funds are not there. On the other hand, a full service professional run station does provide a genuine service to the community and serves as a recruitment tool. It generates income and pays its bills. The income realized to the university by those professional stations are more likely to be funding classes (beyond broadcast) and underwriting support activities, rather than relying on the college for support. At some colleges, the tower used for that professional station and rental tenants actually contributes quite a bit of money to non-broadcast academic and non-academic functions. That is what the station is for, to contribute to the academic advancement of the university community. It is a privilege and responsibility. It is not a free toy. The comments of some here make it clear that you could not and should not be trusted with any broadcast station. (10/12/11)

[RE DCRTV's Station List:] Walkersville MD's 700 AM is currently being leased by a Spanish talk/music programmer as "La Jefa 700". (10/12/11)

Radio’s Forgotten Giant - On Saturday, October 15th, at 2pm, at the National Capital Radio & Television Museum will host a talk on Edwin Howard Armstrong (1890-1954). Armstrong is sadly all but forgotten today by all save those really into the history of radio.  Yet we use his innovations on a daily basis...especially FM radio, which commands 80 percent of total national radio broadcast time.  George Washington University's Chris Sterling (also Chairperson of the Museum's Board) will present an informal talk about Armstrong's busy and ultimately tragic life. The Museum is located at 2608 Mitchellville Road in Bowie, Maryland. The numbers is (301) 390-1020 or visit us on the web at (10/12/11)

Skyliner...the game was not on WCBS-AM's stream because the MLB requires stations to cover up the game on their website with alternate programming. Looks like the only chance was on AM 880. (10/12/11)

Not that one week makes a book, they've got to be concerned with the downward trend at news/talk WBAL in Baltimore. Is this what the new PD is doing for that station? (10/12/11)

Dave's response: Hey, Hearst needs to buy 107.9 in Annapolis and give old 1090 an FM relay. That would shoot the news talker to the top of the Charm City ratings, and maybe even give the fabulous Ron Smith more of an audience in the DC market....

The Washington Blade is reporting the death Tuesday of gay rights pioneer Frank Kameny. For those who aren't familiar with his life and work, this 2010 Washingtonian article tells his amazing story. From the 1960s on, Kameny was a frequent guest on area radio talk shows and was seen via local TV news accounts. He was 86. (10/12/11)

Dave's response: More at

The Mike O'Meara show will originate from KCJJ's Iowa studios this Friday. The Podcast and Robb Spewak's weekly show can be seen Live Friday @ Saturday Mike will lead Iowa's Hawkeye Marching band on the field of Kinnick stadium. (10/12/11)

Dear Dave, It's that time of year again - HOMECOMING! We're all dying to hear your annual rendition of "I'll Get That Bastard Some Day". Hell, we all know the story but I still get shivers when you get to the part about when the star high school quarterback (some fellow named Plante if I recall) stuffs the vice president of the HAM radio club into the gym locker....GEE GUYS - THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT!!! m (10/12/11)

Answer to OOBEE re Yankees/Tigers game: Tried to get the game on WCBS-AM stream. It wasn't on. The news was on. Playoff games must not have been on the teams' flagship stations. Games were on for a fee. Skyliner (10/12/11)

Hi Dave! Thanks for the October update to the list of local TV, AM and FM stations. This list repeats a mistake from the previous edition in reference to the FM stations in Fredericksburg, VA. The station at 99.3 is listed as WWVB but this is the call sign for a U.S. Government time station on 60 KHz in Fort Collins, Colorado. I have attached a page from "OnTheRadio.Net" which shows 99.3 in Fredericksburg, VA as being named WYSK with the format "Alternative." The AM side is also WYSK on 1350 KHz and the format is listed as "Spanish." This station is not on your list of locally available frequencies. Maybe it's not receivable in the Washington, DC area. I enjoy reading the website; I used to work in broadcasting in the Washington, DC area on the technical side (10/12/11)

Dave's response: Thanks. I've made the changes and also added Fredericksburg's 1230 WFVA, which I also left off the list.....

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"Hard rock can only sell bars, tattoo parlors and beer." "Its audience is mostly males 18-27." Nice stereotypes. Does that mean country stations can only sell farm equipment and craft stores? Urban radio can only sell malt liquor and sneakers? Let's move into the 21st century, shall we?. So 103.1 has a crappy signal, fair enough. But what about, just hypothetically, on a decent signal in a large market? Without resorting to outdated stereotypes: why not? Does the industry just plain dislike or misunderstand the music? Hey, it's no skin of my ass, in the grand scheme of things. I don't need radio. Plenty of other options. I've just always wondered, and never really heard a good, up-to-date answer: why not? And on a related subject, why do active-rock stations play so many has-been one-hit wonder songs from the mid-'90's? I don't recall Local H's "Bound For The Floor," "Possum Kingdom" by the Toadies, or "Cumbersome" by Seven Mary Three, being such huge hits to warrant heavy airplay fifteen years later. Doghouse Reilly (10/11/11)

The guys at Arbitron are kind enough to send stations a list of all the entities who carry their station. They range from the local cable systems to universities and apartment buildings. Some DC stations are carried by cable systems in Fredericksburg and Shenandoah in VA. as well as Frederick and the Del Mar VA. Cable systems in West Virginia and southern Pennsylvania also carry the stations. Only the local systems are fed by direct lines. All the rest of the systems pick up the stations over the air, in full digital quality. When the transmitters are gone, there will be no way to distribute the signal to those disparate systems. That will certainly be a game changer. John (10/11/11)

Tom in Fairfax and DCRTV Dave (Both below in quotes.) pose in an earlier post today, and yesterday’s Dave TV some points on 107.9 which are worth discussing: Tom: “Perhaps CBS might make an offer to Howard university for 96.3 and throw in a chunk of cash with a swap.” Sorry, Tom, but Howard University has been offered progressively record-setting amounts for 96.3 for many years. And, they refuse to talk to anyone. They are either not interested in selling, or perhaps can’t sell it because of confidential restrictions in the transfer from Post-Newsweek to the University. They have as tight a grip on 96.3 as Salem has on 105.1 –perhaps for similar reasons? How much were they offered? One reliable source said $30 million several years ago. “Perhaps, Salem might move to 107.9 from 105.1 with a chunk of cash and move to 107.9 or maybe, but doubtful, Hubbard might want to dump 107.7 for a big chunk of cash and CBS would bump it back to a class A, etc and bump up 107.9.” And, Dave adds, “Salem has an excellent DC signal via WAVA-FM and can't seem to do shit with it ratings-wise.” CBS would be willing to deal with Salem –but there’s no need for Salem to- or Hubbard, under the right terms. As for Salem, WAVA-FM exceeds the corporate cash flow and pull/draw goals. And, it provides a political presence 107.9 wouldn’t. And, at this time, a credible opposition presence which neither WMAL nor Fox News can boast fulfills part of Salem’s “mission” to use the religious term regarding a station I do not consider to be religious, let alone Christian. For a broadcaster like Salem, ratings are completely unimportant. Remember that reliance on ratings is a throwback to the 20th century era of cart machines and turntables. This is the 21st century and the wise are already planning at least their industry placement for the 22nd. For a broadcaster like Salem, ratings are completely unimportant. As for Hubbard, the only interest CBS would have is a buy of the cluster. But, after long consideration, I don’t see Hubbard selling because of their strong DFL connections. That is, unless CBS truly offers them a deal they can’t refuse. Given their focus and the economics, I don’t see Hubbard doing anything (except a desperately needed callsign change) to 107.7 Also, CBS would have nothing to gain in improving 107.9 solely by neutering 107.7 as there are other stations involved which would likewise have to be emasculated to provide better coverage. A CBS buy of 107.9 would be more evolutionary than anything else. I could see it becoming a Baltimore-focused all-news or news/talk operation. Face it, the “Baltimore signal” is better than its “D.C. signal”. And, being Baltimore-focused would escape the “WTOP cannibalization” factor. Or, classic rock ala WOGL, WCBS-FM, or KRTH. There’s even a scenario where I could easily see a “WHFS-FM” on 107.9. The caveat I have in the scenario is that Family Stations conveys the translators currently carrying WFSI instead of making them sat-fed relays of another Family Stations operation. One thing to keep in mind in all this is that there are other suitors that Family Stations might be willing to deal with –albeit at a “premium”. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (10/11/11)

Masn, has got to do something with the studio set, on the Mid Atlantic Sports Report. Looks like they are at a piano bar. (10/11/11)

Looks my crazy pills give-away worked. I could almost see the nervous tic in this guy's eye pulsating as he typed. "I've said it before and I'll say it again, because it's true: I have never heard Chris Plante mentioned anywhere -- ANYWHERE -- except in the DCRTV Mailbag. Those of you who think he's in some way popular, influential, a player or whatever are living in a dreamland. Same holds true for Bicknell and the "radio station" he worked for. But at least Bicknell has an excuse; he was somebody once upon a time and he operated under an alias. Plante doesn't have that to fall back on. He's just a Limbaugh wannabe that has about eight listeners, all of whom write into this forum twice daily. Watch, they'll be calling me a Leftist Nigerian Socialist Pansy before the day is done. Which, they think, will make Plante something special." (10/11/11)

RE: “Have had a lot of trouble being able to listen to playoff baseball. Had trouble getting the Yankees/Tigers game on radio.” At night listen to the NYC stations. Clearer in most of the area than 980 or 570. OOBBEE (10/11/11)

[RE WMAL:] Too bad they still have Lisa Baden. WTOP improved considerably when that change was made. (10/11/11)

Inside Radio Rips Off Your WTOP Story & Makes No Attribution?... From today's issue: Evidence is mounting that Washingtonians may get another all-news station. Hubbard Radio’s WTOP-FM (103.5) was radio’s top-biller in 2010, pulling in $57 million in ad revenue, according to BIA/Kelsey. Shaving off some of that may prove irresistible for a competitor with deep news roots. A survey in circulation in the Washington market asks participants if they’re familiar with CBS Radio all-news stations like WINS, New York or KYW, Philadelphia — and if they’d like a similar station in the D.C. market. The questionnaire also includes numerous inquiries about WTOP and American University’s NPR affiliate WAMU (88.5). Is CBS Radio behind it? No one is saying, but it’s no secret the company has thought about an all-news station in the Washington market for years — even making offers to buy WTOP dating back a decade. Unlike other markets, CBS doesn’t own a television station in Washington — although it has a sizable network news bureau in the nation’s capital. Merlin Media may also be looking at the market as it seeks to grow beyond New York and Chicago with its FM news product. Both Merlin and CBS are believed to be bidding for Family Radio’s WFSI (107.9) in the market. One other option: whoever is looking for an opening may opt to do something else entirely. (10/11/11)

Dave's response: Ha ha ha! They also "ripped off" TRI's Tom Taylor. I did take some of the above info from Tom, but, at least, I came him credit.....

I've said it before and I'll say it again, because it's true: I have never heard Chris Plante mentioned anywhere -- ANYWHERE -- except in the DCRTV Mailbag. Those of you who think he's in some way popular, influential, a player or whatever are living in a dreamland. Same holds true for Bicknell and the "radio station" he worked for. But at least Bicknell has an excuse; he was somebody once upon a time and he operated under an alias. Plante doesn't have that to fall back on. He's just a Limbaugh wannabe that has about eight listeners, all of whom write into this forum twice daily. Watch, they'll be calling me a Leftist Nigerian Socialist Pansy before the day is done. Which, they think, will make Plante something special. (10/11/11)

Someone mentioned WHVY, rock 103. Very loyal listener fan base, but small and all males 18-27. You could sell three things at that station, bars (bad pay), tatoo parlors (bad pay) and beer ads. Concert advertisers too (bad pay, unless you get it up front). Prior to metal/ rock. 103.1 was Country, WBEY, Bay Country 103. Never sold, but it could have. Even earlier, 103.1 was known as Aqua 103. I thinki it was WAQA, but don't quote that. Aqua was a pop 40. Way back when, it was the sister station to WYRE. (10/11/11)

Dave: The 98 Rock memory pictures you had in your 10.10.11 Dave tv were as follows: picture 1: Jenn and Mickey they did 7p-12m Jenn later went on to work at the old 104.3 in Baltimore when it was rock then 99.1 whfs and now she is doing afterenoons with Priestly at WWMX.... picture 2: Jenn and Mickey with Chad and Ryan of Nickelback.... picture 3: Jenn and Mickey with Wes from Puddle of Mudd.... picture 4: Stash.... picture 5: Myself (Rob Heckman) with Stash snd Ozzy with our friend Tom Hughes.... picture 6: Dennis Miller and Stash.... picture 7: Trish (Stash's wife), Steven Tyler and Stash.... Thanks for showing them! Rob Heckman, APD/MD, 98 Rock/WIYY, 1995-2008 (10/11/11)

Dave's response: Thanks Rob. You can check out yesterday's "Dave TV" with all the 98 Rock pics, plus some WHFS and Mix 107.3 memories, below.....

I am very familiar with 103.1 transition from Bay Country to WHVY "The Underground" The problem with the format is it appealed to a very narrow demographic. It was doomed from day one. The new owner dumped a ton of money into the station, moved the studio to Annapolis and overpaid all of the "talent". The sales staff ran into each other at random clients around town. They gave away 5000 black t-shirts the first couple of weeks including one to a young man in handcuffs who had his picture in the local newspaper just days after the format switch. Hard rock works for internet or satellite radio because you have the whole country to draw from but how many hard rock fans live in Annapolis and Queen Annes County? At least RNR is a bit more accessible with its local quirky format now. (10/11/11)

If you analyze who owns the radio stations serving DC, you will find that most are either absentee-owned or owned by large publicly traded companies. I'm happy to see that WTNT 730 AM is a locally owned and operated station. So are WKDV 1460 AM in Manassas with their Regional Mexican format and WKDL 1250 AM in Warrenton. (10/11/11)

Dave's response: Well, as for additionally locally owned and operated radio stations, there's always religious WFAX in Falls Church, American University's WAMU, and Howard University's WHUR. Should we include Radio One's five local stations, with the firm based in Lanham? I do think that we can say that Red Zebra's WTEM and WSPZ are, indeed, locally owned and operated by Redskins owner Dan Snyder.....

Hey Dave, Does Steve Czaban's morning show on Yahoo Sports Radio, heard in this area on am 570 (callsign?) get any ratings traction? I don't think I see the station or that particular show listed when you release the weekly ratings surveys. (10/11/11)

Dave's response: 570 AM is WSPZ and it ranked 38th in the latest radio ratings (age 12+), with Czaban's morning show in 26th place. That's the highest rated show on the station, which ranks 50th in middays and 40th in afternoon drive.....

When I want to make vodka soaked gummy bears correctly, I tune in to WTOP, on air and on the web; The American Spectator editor, pretending to be a protester, crashed through security at the Air & Space museum and tried to make it look like all the protester were forming a mob to crash the gates as well. They were not. From his account: "I forced myself into the doors and sprinted blindly across the floor of the Air and Space Museum, drawing the attention of hundreds of stunned khaki-clad tourists … I wasn't giving up before I had my story," he wrote."I strained to glance behind me at the dozens of protesters I was sure were backing me up, and then I got hit again, this time with a cold realisation: I was the only one who had made it through the doors …" The museum ended up closing because of this clown journalism. Didn't hear about it on WMAL. (10/11/11)

I'm sorry to write again so soon, but the cwazy wabbits defending the "99 percenters" are just so Crystal Koons cute! Lemme get this straight: agent provocateurs from the American Spectator trying to stir up trouble? What did they do, pelt the police with Bow Ties? Genghis Cohen (10/11/11)

Chris Plante. Chris Plante. Chris Plante. (This is for those who hate Chris Plante so much that they listen to his show every day. Just wanted to give you a few more crazy pills.) (10/11/11)

That's right, WRNR used to be WHVY/WXZL, a hard-rock/heavy-metal format. And who's to say it won't work in 2011? It hasn't been seriously attempted. Take a look at your Billboard album chart. Do 98 Rock or DC101 play new Anthrax? Dream Theater? Machine Head? Mastodon? (All of whom debuted inside the top-30 in the last month.) More and more metal names appear in the higher ranks in the past few years. Sure, sales are down across all genres, but metal, not quite so much. The audience still supports the music, unlike radio, which jumped off as soon as possible. Look at the guest list for the late-night funnyboy shows? Who's performing on Kimmel, Fallon, even Leno and Letterman? All the above bands, plus ones that even I wouldn't think of as remotely mainstream (Kylesa?!). Meanwhile, your "active-rock" stations push the same, dreary fourth-rate Creed knockoffs day in and day out, because programmers "can't see that working in 2011." And wonder why ratings and revenues are down. Why not take a chance and serve an audience that's been historically underserved. Doghouse Reilly (10/11/11)

From yesterday’s mailbag; “Well, it turns out there were infiltrators right there from the right wing media (American Spectator) egging on and getting physical with the guards [at the Air & Space Museum] and the protestors. Will the Morning Majority mention this tidbit tomorrow?” Well, here’s what I know; during the 8:05 AM segment of the Morning Majority, Brian, Bryan, and Katherine decided to complain about and disparage the protesters. They forgot to bring up the conservative from the American Spectator who infiltrated the crowd and accosted a security guard to try and frame the protesters. Hannity didn’t mention this on his TV show last night, deciding to claim there were “free sex” areas and “drug distribution” centers at the protests. Amazingly, Hannity never mention the book donation and give away centers at OWS. Oh those wacky guys and gal who spread their crap over at WMAL; don’t they realize other media are out there feeding us legitimate information, and opposed to their misinformation, slant, and right wing PR hackery? Bill, you are digging your own grave by allowing such sophomoric and one sided arguments on the air by total news "hacks." (Look up "hack" in the dictionary- it fits perfectly here). Bill, you wanna compete with WTOP and WAMU? Then get in the game, Mr. Hess, otherwise, all we know now is "you have Bozos on the air." Is anyone else getting sick and tired of "Jason in Centreville?" They take his phone calls to the Morning Majority and the Chris Plante Show practically every day. Is he scheduled or what? WAMU and C-SPAN have 30 day call restrictions. Why doesn't WMAL? Oh right, WMAL just doesn't have the listener base WAMU and WTOP have, even though WMAL is now on FM. Bill, again, get in the game; you are playing with the big boys now, and the "sandbox" logic and rules your host use are no longer applicable. (10/11/11)

I remember buying that crappy Don and Mike computer game. Dumb concept with really bad graphics. (10/11/11)

No, I don't want Glenn Beck on WMAL. I'm sorry, but crying guys pretty much turn me off. I don't want political commentators crying, I don't want Speakers of the House crying, I don't want hypocritical preachers or their punk-ass wives crying. Enough already! Shut the "F" up, get a mind and grow a pair! I don't care how you feel; give me critical analysis, or go back to sitting in the wet spot. Glenn Beck is just the Al Sharpton and Ed Schulz of the opposite end of the spectrum (minus the failed communist doctrine and blatant Jew-hating of those two outstanding moral thinkers). Given a choice between the two, I'll take Chris Plante every damned day; contrary to the weepy whiners, he's pretty thoughtful and a local originator to boot. Now I'll just sit back, fire up some deep-fried hot dogs on New England buns and watch me a bunch of leftist heads explode! "Doesn't like either Beck or Sharpton...Jewish Tea Partier...,Married to a Black Woman...part Hispanic...Both Republicans...DOES NOT COMPUTE! DOES NOT COMPUTE! NON-STEREOTYPE OVERLOAD! WARNING, WARNING WILL ROBINSON! " The ever-hateful Genghis (I am part of the 50% that still pays taxes) Cohen, stockpiling ammunition while the rest fiddle and it all begins to burn, in sunny and mild Prince William County... (10/11/11)

Have had a lot of trouble being able to listen to playoff baseball. Had trouble getting the Yankees/Tigers game on radio. AMs wouldn't come in in my hi-rise condo. FM relay of ESPN 980 erratic. Yesterday game between Tigers and Rangers: First, WaPo didn't state whcih radio station it was one. Couldn't find the game driving back from Baltimore, until I got to Springfield. Game was on WSPZ, AM 570, with a weak signal. Snyder needs to buy a stronger FM. What about 107.9? I've noticed that writers to the Mailbag, almost never write about many stations such as WASH, WHUR, WBIG,WETA, etc. Once in a while, I turn on Delilah. Kind of mushy, but sometimes I'm in the mood for those mushy e-mails, and she plays some good love songs. Skyliner (10/11/11)

Dave's response: Annapolis's 107.9 would not be a good "fit" for Snyder's WTEM. He desperately needs an "inside the Beltway" FMer. Maybe he could do a deal with Family Radio and Salem to move Salem's WAVA-FM to 107.9 for better coverage of the Baltimore market, and then he could take 105.1 for WTEM. Maybe Snyder could also transfer 980, 92.7, and 94.3 to Salem, too, since he wouldn't need them with 105.1's killer signal - which Salem has been unable to use for any ratings advantages.....

Any rumors of Beck being picked up by a local station? (10/11/11)

Dave's response: So far, it's been dead quiet about any new DC area radio station for Glenn Beck. I've said it would be a smart move for WMAL to pick him up and jettison the idiotic Chris Plante, but that doesn't seem to be happening. I guess Beck could move to CBS's 1580. And there is talk that CBS might start a new FM news talker in DC. Maybe they've potentially lined-up Beck for that.....

On New York Social Diary today, a few thoughts on MLK, the Washington establishment, "Occupy Wall Street" and whatever happened to our energy for outrage? Plus, some parties. Have a good week, Carol (10/11/11)

It's amazing how one individual follows Paul Bicknell! Seems to memorize his every move, statement..etc. I read resignation post, to me it was an honorable decision, family, co-workers, personal business. (10/11/11)

[RE WHFS:] Yawn, its been downhill ever since Cerphe Colwell left (10/11/11)

Re: WRNR, going back to 1991 to 1993? The station had a hard rock/metal format. IIRC it had the calls WHVY initially and later WXZL. Umm... I can't see that working in 2011. (10/11/11)

On September 24, Paul Bicknell (Under a different identity, posted, "I had one of the most wonderful experiences of my life last night at 11PM, the "Other Guys Show" was not on the was euphoric...breathtaking, such a relief. We all know the old saying, "Poop moves downhill". Thanks to the management of WEBR. Genious prevails. KHARMA IS A BITCH, AIN'T IT!!!!!." On October 5, he posted on the KHZTV Facebook page, "Davy Jones resigns to get his company back on track. Hated to leave, but Read Street Sound and Video was hurting. Will still help out where needed!" So, the very people he trashed still do new shows on another site while he is no longer on the air. It's clear to see which way the fecal matter is really flowing. He's derisively suggested that the Facebook pages of web-based programs are friended only by friends and family. Yet, the "network" of stations that he ran has only 38 friends. Clearly, they had trouble getting the friends and family of the employees at multiple stations to "Like" their page. Individual DJs and shows garner far more followers than he was able to do in his lackluster stay at KHZ. They showed their command of this social media site by not posting on their page from April 2010 until August 2011. Their playlist came under constant criticism from numerous people in this forum. His predictions of a "radio revolution" have been, at best, a laughable sham. It's obvious that he's as effective in a management role as Isiah Thomas. Perhaps, if he's nice, he can beg his way onto one of the web-based programs he's previously looked at with disdain. They, at least, are still doing new shows unlike blowhard Bicknell. (10/11/11)

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"Actually, the story, Chris, proved the government IS fiscally responsible." Please tell me you're F'ing kidding right!? How many trillion in debt are we? Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid hemorrhaging red ink, millions of dollars in fraud. (10/10/11)

WRNR SHOULD go back to the station it was in the '90's ... specifically '91-'93. 98 Rock and other active-rockers are just background music. Adopt a format whose audience is famously passionate about the music. Play all the stuff that's too heavy or too adventurous or without big-label backing (payola?) behind it. It's out there, and so are we. AAA = coffee-shop rock = postgraduate college radio. Doghouse Reilly (10/10/11)

Has anyone noticed how in the last week, is highlighting a bunch of stories as "ONLINE ONLY?" Nice ploy, but it ain't going to make me buy your digital subscription. The newspaper is virtually worthless, and the on-line product is equally as poor. (10/10/11)

Dave, just thinking about what CBS might do with 107.9, News on 107.9 is probably not a legitmate option. WTOP would kick their ass mostly due to signal superioroity and WMAL might as well. But what if there were a bigger deal in the works. Barring a musical chairs amongst CBS stations which may happen, perhaps CBS has another game in mind. Swap 107.9 for another station and throw in some cash. Perhaps CBS might make an offer to Howard university for 96.3 and throw in a chunk of cash with a swap. Perhaps, Salem might move to 107.9 from 105.1 with a chunk of cash and move to 107.9 or maybe,but doubtful, Hubbard might want to dump 107.7 for a big chunk of cash and CBS would bump it back to a class A, etc and bump up 107.9. Its tough to figure out what CBS might do but I think they have a plan in mind and their plan might end up being a surprise. after all, D.C. is radio market #9 and Baltimore is twenty something. Tom R./Fairfax (10/10/11)

Dave's response: Interesting. I could maybe see Salem swapping Arlington's 105.1 for 107.9 in Annapolis, for better coverage of the "Washibal" mega market. Salem has an excellent DC signal via WAVA-FM and can't seem to do shit with it ratings-wise. Hmmm. Oh, Arbitron has upped DC to market number 8 for 2012.....

The top story on WBAL Radio's website is about the anthrax attacks a decade ago. Thank you Anne Kramer for making your top story a story that was in the New York Times SUNDAY. Guess no one at that station reads the Times on Sunday, or any other day of the week. (10/10/11)

Thanks for the list of TV stations. I did notice one thing. The FCC is trying to eliminate all stations in the upper UHF band and repack them into the space between 2 and 30. First, the channels between 2 and 6 are totally unusable for digital TV because of skip in the summer. In this area that leaves 32 stations to fit in 23 channels. Currently, 16 of the 32 stations are in the area above 30. As you can imagine, there are several metro areas, that have it a lot worse. The politicians at the FCC are out of their minds. I'm just sayin'. John (10/10/11)

Dave's response: I wouldn't be surprised to see American broadcast TV completely go away in a decade, with everyone plugged into cable, internet, or satellite.....

The ULTIMATE would be having WHFS back on 99.1 FM main signal with a subchannel (or 2) for Freeform,Nuwave,etc. Not as good but better than anything since 1/12/05 would be WHFS planted, or HFS relayed, on 107.9 with nearly identical range as 99.1........Either way HFS Annapolis,Baltimore,Washington DC would just sound so much better even with top of hour legals resembling WXPNs mouthful of IDs. I get the feeling we'll be hearing "W" HFS soon on a stick of its own. CBS underestimates the impact of a true resurrection of WHFS along with the return of alot of events,personalities and commitment to fans that made the station so great before the corporate soylent green machine processed the originality out of it. Broadcasters have been treating new technology and social structure as doom to radio instead of riding the cutting edge into its future. Instant feedback and listener involvement plus truly talented DJs who love the music could build a station and network that is much more than the sum of its parts. But I'm just listener,not a corporate suit or a number cruncher,I'm told radio isn't about the content or listeners it's about commercials...well think about this: When a commercial comes on TV what do you do? Around here we mute the TV or go get a drink. Do you take the time to read an ad in the paper or magazine? Slow down for a billboard? But how many of you actually turn down the radio during commercials if the volume button isn't within reach? Radio delivers more information to consumers with the least ways to ignore it than any other media. And why would a person even have a radio on if not for the content they enjoy? Back to the main point-Put WHFS BACK on 99.1,put the HFStival BACK to Memorial Day Weekend and BACK in a stadium venue,bring BACK the Nutcracker,Just Passin' Thru sessions and let the DJs do REAL SHIFTS instead of voice tracking. Donnie (10/10/11)

WMAL never ran a $16.00 muffin retraction. The muffin misunderstanding was from a little detailed hotel invoice, submitted by the private sector to the government. No retraction or clarification from WMAL’s Morning Majority or Chris Plante about the story they spent so much time on, not actually being a story. Actually, the story, Chris, proved the government IS fiscally responsible. Chris, you forgot to tell us “the rest of the story…” I guess you never will. propagandist jerk! Now, WMAL’s Chris Plante and the Morning Majority went off on the protesters in DC at the Air & Space Museum. Well, it turns out there were infiltrators right there from the right wing media (American Spectator) egging on and getting physical with the guards and the protestors. Will the Morning Majority mention this tidbit tomorrow? Will Chris Plante complete the news story tomorrow. Doubtful. For years, WMAL has been throwing out crap, and has never felt the need to clarify or run corrections. Will they change their policy now that they are on FM with a much broader reach of listeners? I doubt it, but with the muffins and the protesters, they are distinguishing themselves not as a news station, but as a crap station to a whole new batch of listeners. Bill, you are digging WMAL’s grave. Because you don’t demand these bozos make necessary corrections when their assumption are proven wrong or when it comes to light they were misled, it is only a matter of time before one of the egotistical bozos pulls a Greaseman type joke or Andy Parks “Hitler is in the White House” rant, and the whole place starts to go down in flames. That’s what happens, Bill, when you have no morals about what is presented on the air. Remember what did Andy Parks in? Remember what happened when Opie & Anthony were put under a very weak on air manager (one like you)? Remember Michael Graham or Mrs. Fred? This morning, WMAL’s management has proven, again, they have no morals about what is said on the air, as well as no cares about how it is presented on the air. Do I see another Opie and Anthony, Michael Graham, or Andy Parks situation at WMAL very soon? You Betcha! (10/10/11)

What do the Oakland Raiders and KHZTV have in common? Both organizations got better over the weekend with members of management moving on. My black and silver malebag. Dave's love of Jim Plunkett. The Real AHHHH. (10/10/11)

[RE DCRTV's Facebook page: I want CBS Radio in Baltimore to buy the up-for-sale big signal of 107.9 in Annapolis and put cool alt rocker WHFS on it. In today's "Dave TV" at] You've been reporting, though, that they're looking at another all-news or news talk station. (10/10/11)

No put el zol @ 107.9... And relaunch WHFS on 99.1 (10/10/11)

Dave's response: 99.1 is controlled by CBS Washington, which, I feel, is responsible for HFS's downfall from 2003-2005. I propose that 107.9 be controlled by CBS Baltimore, which has relaunched an all musical (no talk!!!!) HFS on the low-powered 97.5.....

Put El Zol on 107.9.....HFS on 99.1 and flip 94.7 into a all news station. Keep 106.7 as The Fan. That is what should happen but given the track record of CBS Radio these days in DC and Baltimore....they won't use common sense. (10/10/11)

Go ahead and praise WTMD to the high heavens, but know this: They are licensed to Towson University, yet do not allow actual students on the air. You read that right, there are no Towson students on their air. This is inexcusable, and that's being kind. B***S*** is another word that comes to mind. Their playlist is awesome, but whenever I listen I feel kinda guilty for supporting them. So I turn the dial. Every time. If you're in broadcasting right now, you should really take that into consideration. (10/10/11)

What's going on with WPWC? They promised something very cool recently. (10/10/11)

UHG !! If you made the mistake of giving the WashPost your email address with your subscription information, you now are getting unsolicited junk mail from them. The newspaper calls it "Afternoon Buzz," and it's about half text, half advertising. I get only text format, not HTML do I can do without the graphics clutter, thankfully, and I got through it very quickly to delete it. The paper also forces a valued customer to participate in an unsubscribe field form, which I do not do for security reasons, consequently, since my email kicked back replying with an UNSUBSCRIBE box, I next will waste the time with a phone call to get to the bottom of their unauthorized use of my information. T H E Y A R E S I N K I N G F A S T glub glub glub (10/10/11)

"The protesters are just a bunch of yahoos with no real message". Much to say but your words and post regarding the WRNR/'Occupy' subject are 'just' perfect. The sad reason that WRNR is perceived as a progressive beacon is that the camouflage pants and the freaky christians bought out all the rest of the DC area stations. (10/10/11)

"Chris gonna find Ray Charles!" Man, that's one obscure cultural reference. Forty years old to boot; no wonder your 30-ish buddy behind the counter had no clue. Can't wait to see what line gets trotted out for Hallowe'en. (10/10/11)

What is the story behind WKCW and WKDL? WKCW was urban gospel for a while and flipped to oldies. WKDL is now up for sale. According to and other sources, Edosomwan filed with the FCC to purchase both stations on February 6, 2010; however, I think it was in January 2011 that the WKCW actually switched to urban gospel. WKCW then flipped to oldies in July. What happened to the sale of the stations to Edosomwan? Did Edosomwan back out of the deal? As far as I can tell WKCW's license is still assigned to Edsomwan's company (Radio Companion LLC). (10/10/11)

I want CBS to buy 107.9 in Annapolis and put cool alt rocker WHFS there. Plus, we take a look at computer video game "The World Of Don & Mike" from 1995. And, a look at DCRTV Dave's 3rd class FCC licence from 1978. More: Paul Bicknell gone from KHZ radio. Also, more on that 3rd annual Haloweeny Roast for Mike O'Meara and more, with Tommy McFly, Jim Farley, and Robb Spewak. And some DCRTV Photo Gallery Archive memories of the old WHFS, 98 Rock, and Mix 107.3. All in today's "Dave TV" at (10/10/11)

I think LaVar Arrington is getting dumber with each passing day. I just listened to him tell a caller that Tony Romo has taken the Cowboys to the Superbowl. He said it twice. Huh? Dallas last went to the Superbowl in 1995, when Romo was 15 years old. Arrington can't formulate a thought or learn to speak into a microphone correctly; if he also doesn't know anything about sports, what's the point of having him on the air? (10/10/11)

"WTMD's audience has been growing and has a ton more listeners than WRNR". Not really. WTMD is 25,000 watts right in the middle of the market and only has a .8 share at best. WRNR is way out in Grasonville and just 6,000 watts. Half of their signal goes out of market across the Eastern Shore and is not measured. They easily could have more listeners than WTMD. (10/10/11)

Re: the new Post crossword puzzle format -- it's also printed in larger type, which is a good thing for old people like me. I agree, someone gave it some thought so the Post should get a little credit for something. Now, I suppose this praise will be the kiss of death, and it will return to the old format. (10/10/11)

Aside to UCS: I mailed a package on Friday at the counter of my local PO. The thirty-ish clerk took time to remind me that there would be no deliveries on Monday, so I calmly looked him in the eye and said "Chris gonna find Ray Charles!" Sadly, the clerk stared back like I was a lunatic. I guess the only saving grace was that a fifty-ish clerk standing next to him got a wide grin on her face. (Damn, I feel OLD.) (10/10/11)

The Washington Post takes it in the nose a lot - sometimes deservedly so, other times not fairly. This morning I want to voice a little praise to the paper for what I consider a clever bit of 'engineering' in its redesigned layout of the Style section: when you fold the paper into fourths to do the crossword puzzle, the entire puzzle falls neatly inside the quadrant without any slop or bleed into other parts of the page. It is not an earth-shaking event I grant you, but is one of those little details that shows some brains were at work. I don't know if this will be a permanent decision - today was the first day of the new layout and they probably went through a lot of practice dummy pages before it hit the presses - but clearly someone over there is thinking like a reader on a train. ---> Radio/TV Guy with a Publishing Background (10/10/11)

RE: Station List - 95.9 WGRQ's COL is now Fairview Beach, VA and the format is Classic Hits. 101.5 WBQB is now Adult Contemporary (same for 92.5 WINC). 104.5 WGRX is now just Country (no longer "country rock"). BTW, I'd consider WBIG 100.3 "Classic Hits" as well. They may call themselves Classic Rock but with such a tight playlist of only playing the hits, I find it difficult to call them a Classic Rock station. Dave in Fredericksburg (10/10/11)

Dave's response: I do check 92.5 and 101.5 all the time and both still sound kinda "hot AC" to me, so I'll keep that format for them. Yeah, you could call WBIG "classic hits." They do play "I Melt With You" every now and then. Although 100.3 does seem to have slipped in a few more harder classic rockish tunes since 105.9 The Edge went belly-up a few weeks ago.....

WTMD's audience has been growing and has a ton more listeners than WRNR. (10/10/11)

wweg-myersville not hagerstown about two years (10/10/11)

Dear Sir, [Corrections to] DCRTV Station, List 97.7 - WMDM - alternative rock - Lexington Park MD: actual format is classic rock. 101.1 - WWDC - alternative rock - Washington DC: actual format is active rock. 104.9 - WZBN - classic rock - Strasburg VA: station is actually WZFC - country. 105.5 - WZNB - classic rock [WZBN relay] - Berryville VA: actual call letters are WXBN. (no longer relaying 104.9 WZBN) 106.9 - WWEG - classic rock - Hagerstown MD: actual format is classic hits. (10/10/11)

Dave's response: DC101 is not "active rock." I heard Depeche Mode's "Enjoy The Silence" on WWDC last week. Yeah, it occasionally throws in an "active rock" nugget, like some Led Zep classic, but I think it wades rather heavily in the alt rock range. Also, I was not aware that 104.9 in the Winchester area had actually switched to country, even though we did report the rumors of the flip. And, as for WWEG being "classic hits" or "classic rock," the two formats largely overlap. My format test - if they're playing Modern English's "I Melt With You," they're "classic hits." Otherwise, they're "classic rock." Ha ha ha.....

The protesters are just a bunch of yahoos with no real message. It's a damn shame because there is a lot to protest right now, but these clowns don't have a real message and only give fuel to the conservative tools that want to make all free thinkers seem like stupid nut-jobs. WRNR used the "Occupy" thing as a joke, poking fun at the moronic protesters. The problem isn't that WRNR is conservative (and they aren't), it's that you don't have a working sense of humor or the brains to see that these people are nothing but morons protesting just to protest. And John Hall was just a yammering blow-hard that shouldn't have been on a music station. If you liked that, you liked talk radio. WRNR is a jewel on the dial that many outside of their coverage area would love to be able to listen to. It's AAA, but goes far beyond that rather dull format. 6000 watts from the Eastern Shore and they own Annapolis. They must be doing something right. The "new" light-bulb powered HFS is just a low rent DC101 for Baltimore and WTMD is college radio playing a by the numbers AAA format which is quite boring and the reason why no one is listening. And there it is. (10/10/11)

Not every jock is so talented as to get a day honoring them, let alone a holiday… Bill Price… today is indeed your day! Unsigned Corporate Suit (10/10/11)

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