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ITC made those reel decks and cart machines. Back in the day, there were few other machines to be found in stations; take your pick from ITC, Sculley, Revox or Ampex reel decks, and maybe a Tapecaster or Fidelipac cart deck. Please donate my extra points to a charity of your choice. -AP (8/18/11)

[No condemnation from Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et. al. Ridiculous.] That's where you lost any argument you might have had. Just throw in Sharpton or Jackson. Kinda like calling someone Hitler, a Nazi, a Communist, a Fascist while attempting, unpersuasively, to make an argument. (Shawn in DC) (8/18/11)

Say... Can anybody identify the studios where this vintage AP photo of Nat Allbright was shot? Intuition tells me that the photo dates to the '70s, but someone who worked in this facility would know better. (Extra points for identifying the maker of the cart machines or the reel-to-reel decks.) (8/18/11)

I think when they finally catch that 50+ year old White guy who robbed the bank in Arlington they should take away his mother’s Medicaid and Social Security, if she is still living. That’ll teach her. Dave is correct on AARP being for people 50 and up. Everyone, I mean everyone, should expect a membership invitation in the mail right before their 50th birthday. Those mailings go out twice a month. AARP; 13 million strong with the common bond of the love of discounted hotel rooms. (8/18/11)

Does the "when is the Freedom Concert?" poster work for Media Matters? You hate WMAL and all things conservative. Fine, we get it. To chime in as often and with timestamps about what gets said when makes me thing you must. (8/18/11)

OMG! What if I were in that bank in Arlington with my elementary age children (they like the lollypops the bank tellers give out) when that 50+ year old White man showed up waving a gun? I said “a gun.” "A Gun!" Because once you have a gun in your hand, the question of firing it is not “will I or wont I,” the question is “when will I. ” Today, he shows up at a Suntrust in Arlington waiving a gun but doesn’t fire. What’s next? Will he show up at an elementary school playground and start streaming bullets all over the place? I am afraid now of older White men with guns. Afraid…Afraid! By the way, speaking of older White guys with guns, when is the Freedom Concert this year? (8/18/11)

"If they were white..." That's funny right there, I don't care who you are. "There was a bank robbery in Arlington the other day by a 50+ year oldWhite guy with a gun. Why aren’t the AARP leaders, or the NRA leaders,speaking out on this one?" Because AARP is 55 and up and the NRA has its hands full with our black attorney general selling guns to Mexican drug gangs. To the Freedom Concert guy, there isn't one. You might as well as when you're going to get laid this year. (8/18/11)

Dave's response: You need to be at least 50 to join AARP.....

Can somebody tell me when are those cheap skates at WKCW (Metroradio Inc) gonna put up a better sounding online streaming channel than the garbage they are using now? I hate to sound crude but what they have now makes a tin can sound like a sub woofer. Have they ever heard of the "stream the world" service? (8/18/11)

If nothing else, here is what media - WMAL or otherwise - is showing us about what politicians like Christine O’ Donnell and Sarah Palin are made of: when things get even a slight bit uncomfortable or difficult, turn around and leave. Just quit. Waah waah waah. Glad they didn't get elected to anything. (8/18/11)

I've listened to 106.7 for the last 10 years and remember (and miss) the good 'ol days of Junkies, Big O & Dukes, Ron & Fez, etc. I kept listening, though barely after the switch, to the Junkies and Lavar & Chad but find that the Mike Wise show is simply awful. His sidekick adds nothing and both of their sense of humor is totally different then other folks on the station. So what are their ratings like specifically? I can only imagine they plummet after the Junkies and go back up again when Arrington & Dukes come on. Am I the only one that thinks that? -Marcus (8/18/11) A DIGITAL LEADER: WTOP-FM DC (8/18/11)

Wow! The Morning Majority bagged an interview with Christine O’ Donnell this morning? Great guys! Who woulda thunk WMAL and the Morning Majority would actually get to host a failed "conservative" politico with a questionable financial history who wrote a book telling us how to make America great again? In [un]related news, JD Hayworth is subbing for Chris Plante today Christine will be in DC at Barnes and Noble Metro Center signing books and not talking about her virginity at 7:00 PM tonight. Please do not give her books on erotica or witchcraft to sign. When is she scheduled for the Mark Levin Show, and When is the Freedom Concert this year? (8/18/11)

There was a bank robbery in Arlington the other day by a 50+ year old White guy with a gun. Why aren’t the AARP leaders, or the NRA leaders, speaking out on this one? (8/18/11)

RE:" For the underage, I want their parents rounded up and their govt sponsored cell phones confiscated." Hey, asshole, I'm black and my cell phone isn't goverment sponsored! I shell out 49.99 every month via my Visa debit card to Sprint. In fact since you are such an expert in black people's lives you'll be surprised to know everything in my home (pc's, surround sound system etc) was all purchased with the income I make from working two jobs! Now as a point of disclosure, I went to school under the GI bill of rights (since my father was killed in active service, my sister and I went to school under his GI benefits.) If you kept your racist mouth shut, people would think you are a lot smarter than you are. I personally think what pisses you off the most is that the peope that did those things were black. If they were white you WOULDN'T be spouting off your one sided crap leveling generalizations you know NOTHING about! F---K you! (8/18/11)

You can add CBS and Clear Channel to that list. Should I go on. Corporate radio has killed radio. Ahhh that feels better. (8/18/11)

That must be the station MO and it ain't new. I remember tuning in to Harden & Weaver back in the late 70s and being shocked that all they seemed to do was read ad copy! This was the great team I'd heard so much about?!? I guess things never change over there. (8/18/11)

Crazy to think that WYSP is being demolished to become a relay for an AM sports talker. When that station aired Stern many ages ago, they were at the top of their game -- remember Howard ID'ing everybody, "92-3 K-Rock, WYSP, WJFK"? Now its a toothless aging rocker ready for that retirement cottage in the Outer Hebrides. Pity. (8/18/11)

DCRTV is plastered with ads. I don't find it offensive. In fact, it shows how successful your product is. We all have to sell ads to survive. The Morning Majority & Chris Plante are in high demand for endorsements. (8/18/11)

Dave's response: Or they work real cheap. Ha ha ha. I guess what bothers me the most are the "compensated personal endorsements" in which a radio personality personally backs a product mainly because he/she got some bucks or a freebie from the advertiser. Especially with these, if you do too many you really come off looking like a "whore." You'll say anything for a buck.....

Are news stations supposed to avoid the G'town story? The FACT is that all the perpetrators were black. it is a fact. I think a big part of this story is that the MoCO police tried to completely ignore this incident. The responding officer refused to take any action. Not until one of the news programs outed this story did the MoCo police spring into action. And where is Ike Leggitt in this? Certainly not condemning the degenerates who did this I guess taking another trip to his golden throne room. To those of us that live here, this is a scary incident. What if I get caught in one of these with my children? First a 7-11 for candy, next the Target, with some violence. Or trying this in a residential neighborhood ( Maybe when this happens - b/c it will - those people will be armed they way my neighborhood is). B/c once you are part of a mob and think you are untouchable, an escalation to violence is inevitable. So the more attention that is brought to this story, the better. These gangs are making usual tourist destinations (City Center, Philly; The Plaza, KC) wastelands. But people in G'town are supposed to just take this in their own backyard b/c too many people are too terrified to mention that ALL those involved were black? How about NOTHING from black "leaders". No condemnation from Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et. al. Ridiculous. For the underage, I want their parents rounded up and their govt sponsored cell phones confiscated. And all involved should be classified as domestic terrorists. That includes their parents for any that are underage. I consider those parents allowing their spawn to wander the streets as conspirators. Anyone with any state or federal benefits of anyone (or their families for the underage) involved in any such action should have those benefits terminated. Talk about state sponsored terrorism. Since MoCo does not care AT ALL about its tax paying resident's safety, maybe it is time to take my tax dollars back down to VA. At least i can get a concealed weapons permit down know, for us LAW ABIDING citizens. (8/18/11)

RE: Denver. No way that is true unless he has a personal connection in a dispensary, giving him MM under that table. It is not that easy to get the MM. Although it seems it is very easy to set up a dispensary. CO has really fallen down on the regulation of that. They set up anywhere. Literally, they have taken over houses in residential neighborhoods. I support legalization, but I would not want a dispensary as my next door neighbor. Some regulation as to location is necessary. (8/18/11)

It looks like CBS will be blowing up another rocker. This time, it's Philly's WYSP, which will become an FM relay for CBS sports talker WIP, an AMer. Plus more on local media coverage of that flashmob in Germantown. And another rant about CBS Radio's grunky cluster in DC, with something "new" for 94.7? Goodbye McFly? All this and more in today's "Dave TV" at (8/18/11)

[From DCRTV's Twitter/Facebook pages: Does WMAL's morning show team do anything but whore products???? Maaaaaaaannn. Citadel sucks......] I will think of your "whore products" comment when I hear a certain morning host do a commercial read. Just sayin'. (8/18/11)

I can't recall the new news anchor's name working overnight's at WPOT, yes, I spelled it right because that's what she said the other morning and someone mus be smoking it there because the past few night's have been an 'abortion' from listener standpoint. Long pauses of nothing where apparently something went wrong. A legal ID at 6 or 7 past the hour, sports starting stopping (yeah, and you thought it was LIVE), same thing with weather. I actually was starting to think maybe that the traffic was also recorded earlier. HA! I could actually starts to hear the mirrors crashing and see the smoke clearing in the studio as the grand illusion of WPOT went to pot. (8/18/11)

"ZombieWoof, what the previous post said WAS indeed an urban legend ...Rick has been known for YEARS to take urban legends and try toturn them into "facts". secretout there that KOA's Rick Barber and former KOOL 105 FM afternoon jock( currently mornings at Denver's "Jammin 101.5" ) "Cha Cha", ... bold face liars on air ... whatever comes out of their mouths ... a HUGE grain of salt. In Rick Barber'scase actually for a very long time KOA would run a disclaimer justbefore the start of his show to remind you that Rick is a STORY TELLER!!". Hey if even his own station tells you that you should take Rickwith a grain of salt well ?" So I guess I DO know what I'm talking about once in a while, even without knowledge of the Denver radio market, and in spite of being so terribly churlish. It's a puzzler! I'm small, but they call me whale because I'm a big boy in the casino! - ZombieWoof (8/18/11)

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Some discussion awhile back about the various radio platforms used by VOA. Here are a couple of links for the latest FM station that went on the air, this one in Africa. (8/17/11)

Re: Denver, Colorado's Cha Cha....if memory serves correctly I believe I had read in the DCRTV mailbag some time ago where WBIG was actually interested in hiring this woman at one point only to back away because of some of the wild as in untrue stories that she had told on Denver' Kool 105. Dittos in Cincinatti where according to my brother who still continues to work in that market, their WGRR-FM awhile back had wanted Cha Cha too and even had a contract ready and everything only to take a pass when they had heard an aircheck of her making wild untrue claims in Denver such as that her uncle is KC of KC and the Sunshine Band and how many years ago that she had babysat a young Seth MacFarlane from TV's The Family Guy. In this day and age of the internet its not hard to prove one wrong with their claims. Sad as this woman could had gone places but at least she is still on the air. (8/17/11)

Sorry if it sounded like I was implying that bug chasing was an urban legend. I meant to say that the idea that someone flies from Fairfax (always a nice touch to add some specificity when you're making something up) to Colorado to get infected was an urban legend. You need to prove Colorado residency to get a medical marijuana card, which isn't difficult, just swap your Virginia driver's license. The unbelievable part is that you have to fly to Colorado to get an HIV infection, when you could just as easily do it here. And then since you only spend a day or three in Colorado, you need to transport the pot, once you get it, back to Virginia. Just buy pot here, you're not going to get arrested. People do it all the time. The story is bogus. One might almost say churlish. - ZombieWoof (8/17/11)

DC101 beat WTOP P25-54 in AM Drive. Dave, when is the last time someone beat WTOP in AM Drive with Persons 25-54? (8/17/11)

ZombieWoof, what the previous post said WAS indeed an urban legend only because Rick Barber had talked talked about it on Denver's 850 KOA since Rick has been known for YEARS to take urban legends and try to turn them into "facts". Until recently I have had done some work in the mile high city and I can tell ya that actually its a pretty open secret out there that KOA's Rick Barber and former KOOL 105 FM afternoon jock ( currently mornings at Denver's "Jammin 101.5" ) "Cha Cha", well I don't want to say that they are bold face liars on air but lets just say that whatever comes out of their mouths many radio listeners in Denver, well they take it with a HUGE grain of salt. In Rick Barber's case actually for a very long time KOA would run a disclaimer just before the start of his show to remind you that Rick is a STORY TELLER !!". Hey if even his own station tells you that you should take Rick with a grain of salt well ?.I know that many people here bitch and moan about the quality of late night DC/Baltimore radio, well just be glad you don't have Rick Barber. (8/17/11)

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS ANDY PARKS? I DIDN'T KNOW HE WAS MISSING! The Washington Times has been running front page ads across the bottom of the front page asking the above question. Maybe he is traveling around the world. The ad show pictures of various places including Rome, Mount Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty. Let's hope he is found in time to start his new show on WTNT 730 AM on Monday, August 22nd. We are great fans of Andy and have listened to him for many years on another station. Looking forward to hearing him again in Washington. Good luck with your new show starting at 3 PM on Monday. (8/17/11)

The "poz" parties are also for "bug" chasers, very common in the gay world. This is totally off subject, but why is this in the mailbag? (8/17/11)

""There are some, who are perfectly healthy, who do game the medicalmarijuana system.... InColorado one can simply be tested postive for HIV and right off the batcan get a medical marijuana card. Result? Lots of POZ bareback partiesthroughout the Denver metro area !! .... Some years back KOA's overnight guy Rick Barber haddone a show about this sort of thing including interviewing a man fromFairfax who every month would fly to Denver from Dulles Airport just tohave unprotected sex with a man who is POZ at one of these events justso he could become POZ himself only for the purpose of medical pot.Makes no sense to me..." Probably because it's an urban legend and sounds like a Phil Hendrie ripoff. It's ridiculously easy to get medicinal pot in Colorado. - ZombieWoof (8/17/11)

"There are some, who are perfectly healthy, who do game the medical marijuana system, but you can't really fault them, given the stupid and antiquated pot laws in the United States. ...such as the case in Colorado with their medical pot laws. In Colorado one can simply be tested postive for HIV and right off the bat can get a medical marijuana card. Result? Lots of POZ bareback parties throughout the Denver metro area !! Not hard at all as to finding them as some of those local dispensaries will tell you where to go if one is THAT interested. Some years back KOA's overnight guy Rick Barber had done a show about this sort of thing including interviewing a man from Fairfax who every month would fly to Denver from Dulles Airport just to have unprotected sex with a man who is POZ at one of these events just so he could become POZ himself only for the purpose of medical pot. Makes no sense to me since to my knowledge Virginia doesn't allow medical pot at all so why fly to Denver just to become POZ in the first place? Anyway this sort of thing is yet another reason of many as to why the current pot laws should be changed. (8/17/11)

Dave, WMAL probably is playing up the racial component of the Germantown story. SOME White conservatives seem to think that what happened in the UK is going to happen here and why would they think that? Maybe because when and if the President loses next year`s election they think that black america will riot in the streets of american cities. NEWSFLASH that will not happen some black thugs might but i think that most african american's are not surprised by any of this foolishness that is going on. Question for you Dave has anyone accused you of "playing the race card" yet? That is the response that you always get when you mention that someone is using race in a backdoor way(undercurrent/beneath the surface) SOME not all of the bashing of Obama has the same undertone he should get bashed but when it has a racial component to it you get accused of playing card games. To me if you feel a certain way you should be man or woman enough to take ownership of how you really feel and not say oh they are "playing the race card". Not a play on words(card games) but let`s call a spade a spade the teens in Germantown were thug`s sadly they were african american thugs but not all black people riot,steal, or like Obama. Iam done with the political vent. Radio companies use more than the 12 plus demo to determine if they will flip radio stations this is to the point about CBS Radio and their station`s ratings situation the public only see`s two demo`s at the most their are many more than that. All of them are used in making a call on a format flip. (8/17/11)

Dave muses: "Is WMAL playing up the Germantown flashmob story because of its racial component?" Or is it because it's a local instance of a more violent trend that's been showing up in Chicago, Wisconsin, Philadelphia and other places? Or are the police simply giving more press briefings than usual? What's the racial component, anyway? Where I live the Ethiopians run the 7-11 game. Was the mob white? Might as well ask if all three local tv outlets are playing up the DC bike trail story because of its racial component: Here's a tip: when the Washington Post doesn't mention a suspect's race, they're actually telling you the suspect's race. I have to say I was wrong about the London riots... there's a lot of whities that need killing over there too. I haven't watched the video if it's even available, so I'm not aware of the racial make-up of the Germantown flashmob. - ZombieWoof (8/17/11)

Is WMAL playing up the Germantown flashmob story because of its racial component? I tackle that controversial question in today's "Dave TV"...(8/17/11)

I understand that when Montel campaigns for medical marijuana in DC, he's also going to bring Garfunkel & Oates along to testify. (8/17/11)

Dave's response: Huh? If Garfunkel and Oates are now pairing up, what next? Simon and Hall? Ha ha ha.....

Lesson learned. The poster who referred to ZW as childish and churlish is spot on. It has become clear that ZW loves to see himself in print and simply resorts to the "I know you are but what am I" sort of discourse. He knows nothing about radio and his opinions are as insightful as his lemon pie references. Perhaps he should watch this: before he uses the R word again. Then again, it is people like ZW who make PSAs like this necessary. (8/17/11)

97.5 HFS showing in the Baltimore weeklies already. C'mon people, the only people who really know about this station read this board. None of us could have a people meter. It's a pipe dream to think that station will do anything in the near future. Non radio people will not listen to the static. I was in parkville this morning and Salisbury's Cat Country was walking all over the station. Nice try, but they need a full power tower to even have a shot. (8/17/11)

"Why do people continue to engage with this "ZombieWoof" clown?" I AGREE! - 1059LUVR (8/17/11)

Good for Montel Williams and his efforts to seek licenses to grow and dispense medical marijuana in DC! 18 states plus DC allow it. Researchers are discovering new healing properties of cannabis every day, despite the efforts of Big Pharma (and many law enforcement agencies) to fight progress and medical science. I live in California and I have been a MMJ patient for several years. I can attest to its proven beneficial effects in treating anxiety/panic issues I deal with - and so does my physician. There are some, who are perfectly healthy, who do game the medical marijuana system, but you can't really fault them, given the stupid and antiquated pot laws in the United States. (8/17/11)

100.3 and 105.9 may be changing formats soon, huh? Here's what they should do. Clear Channel should take 100.3 and move it into more of a Jack FM direction. There is a strong need for a station like that. And also, once Cumulus takes Citadel's assets, 105.9 should really take a shot against DC101 by changing their format to Mainstream Rock, play alot of the heavier stuff like Metallica and Disturbed, while still playing Boston and Foreigner. And also get rid of the music from Kirk & Mike!! There are far too many format gaps in the DC area nowadays, and if classic rock is completely taken off the air in DC, I have lost all respect for terrestrial radio..... (8/17/11)

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When it comes to the poor showing of the CBS cluster of stations in DC it reminds me of the movie Major League when Bob Uecker says "One hit....all we got was one goddamn hit?" Sounds a lot like what is going on with CBS in DC right now. Their stations have a good month or two but then fizzle out in the end. El Zol made a dent in the ratings but that dent has disappeared. WJFK hasn't been the same since the days of Howard Stern, Ron and Fez and the Don and Mike show. WIAD made a small dent in the ratings at first but now that has fizzled out. As for WPGC.....their ratings go up one month and then crash back down the next month. I am sure I am not alone in thinking that CBS needs to reboot their DC stations. Wether it's a absolute change in all their stations or just minor tweaks in their current formats.....they need to see that change is sorely needed soon. What is wrong with making changes to some of the stations in the cluster? WPGC should become a full fledged Rythmic Contemporary Hits station and become a alternative to WIHT. If CBS wants to have a all news outlet....send that to 94.7 Put JACK or Oldies on 99.1. When it comes to what used to be Washington's Superstation, let's face the facts here.....once the Don and Mike show went off the air and Howard Stern left for was pretty much all over but the crying. CBS needs to stop the bleeding and stop pretending that sub-par rating are good for the DC market. It can happen but change is needed for it to happen. Until then, expect the same old song from CBS Radio. Dan (8/16/11)

RE: 93.5 The Beach. My guess is the night tool JJ will move to mornings. Heard him mention the other night that he would be off for a week for a much needed vacation.. The station does have it's revolving door of morning shows over the past few years but with the demise of WOSC/96ROCK they are the only station playing that format on DELMARVA. Guess we'll have to tune in and see....DOOODOO WOOF.... (8/16/11)

Rick Sanchez to approach another microphone. He is going to broadcast Florida International University football games on the radio, per the Sun-Sentinel in Ft. Lauderdale. (8/16/11)

Why do people continue to engage with this "ZombieWoof" clown? It has consistently demonstrated that it doesn't have a clue what it is talking about. Not funny, not intelligent, not interesting in any way, but delights in flooding the Mailbag with childish, churlish silliness. For some time now I've checked the final line of Mailbag posts before reading them, and I've found that skipping over anything signed "ZombieWoof" makes the experience a whole lot better. I'd advise everyone else to do the same. (8/16/11)

"Silly me." Correctamundo. "Coaching" Cerphe, "the big picture", that sort of thing. Give my regards to the rest of the staff at 105.9 The Edge, even the retard who picks the songlist. - ZombieWoof (8/16/11)

This book was from before HFS launched. The HFS numbers will be out next week and will only include the first two, maybe three days of the format. (8/16/11)

If I’m reading the ratings list correctly, it lookslike El Zol edged out ‘PGC as the top-rated D.C.-market CBS Radiostation. As always, thanks! EJM (8/16/11)

I'm sure the CBS exec's are doing everything the can to track the performance of'll be interesting to see how it does. So far, the format hasn't been half bad. (8/16/11)

Balto book in? I'm curious to know how W248AO is doing (aka WWMX-HD2). (8/16/11)

Dave's response: Don't see HFS975 or the WWMX HD2 stream listed at all in the Balto book for the first week of August.....

So, after a week of good use of social media, Sirius XM finally announce that BBC Radio 1 is coming back. Ah, yes, now the catch. Online Only. Yes, the now Corporate Sirius XM, taking a leaf from the handbook of robbing users blind, are now insisting users pay extra for online access for something they can get free from the BBC Radio 1 website! What a bunch of turds. (8/16/11)

Picked up WLIF-- 101.9 clearly from 30 miles north of Baltimore all the way to the Washington Beltway and 395. Why does a station with 13,500 ERP have such reach. Skyliner (8/16/11)

Dave's response: Equally important in FM coverage is a station's antenna height and if it has any nearby adjacent channel stations. Many stations in NYC operate off the very tall Empire State with a lot less wattage but have coverage equal to WLIF's. 101.9 covers most of the Washington market because it's a strong signal and there's no DC area station on 101.7 or 102.1 to "bomb" it. That's a problem that Baltimore's 104.3, 105.7 and 106.5 have in the DC market, with Washington area stations on 104.1, 105.9, and 106.7. Here in Northern Virginia's Reston, I can easily get a batch of Baltimore FMers, including 91.5, 92.3, 95.1, 97.9, 100.7, 101.9, and 102.7.....

"..Col. Albertazzie started Martinsburg's former FOX 60 (now an ION affiliate), but the station fell on hard times during the economic downturn ..."True statement BUT at the time of WYVN in the early 90's you could NOT tell the town of Martinsburg, West Virginia that at all as they really would scream "bullshit my friend" to you. Forgotten now but around the same time WYVN had went on the air, the local Martinsburg Mall had their grand opening. My family was there !! I still can recall hearing the then mayor of Martinsburg screaming to the audience with banners for "Power 97.5 WKMZ" and "FOX 60 WYVN" all over the place "...Ain't no recesssion here in Martinsburg and Berkeley County...BOOOOO to Winchester !!! BOOOOOO Hagerstown !!...MARTINSBURG IS GOING TO BE RICH !!!" ..and they he starts waving a wad of cash and goes into Walmart while thousands followed. Of course Martinsburg Mall is still around today but they, well there is a reason why the mall pops up on all of those dead mall websites but those other plans for Martinsburg.... United Airlines building a maintenance facility in Martinsburg, local factories making jet planes, Continental Airlines offering non-stop flights from Martinsburg to Las Vegas and Phoenix, Disney looking at Martinsburg for a theme park ( this was after that so-called Disney America ), GM to expand to hire 10,000 more employees in M'burg, upscale stores such as Saks Fifth Ave and Nordstrom coming to Martinsburg....etc and etc.WYVN? My brother still can recall having some sales chick coming into this then-business in Hagerstown saying how WYVN "..will be the next Superstation WTBS" and how viewers as far away as Idaho and Florida will learn about Martinsburg and West Virginia. Ida was bizarre then and still bizarre now. Living in Martinsburg at the time I can still remember my late father reading this stuff in the Journal with Ken Bethany on WEPM in the bakground more/less saying how things "..are going to be great here", looking at me in the eye and say "..other than than god-damed mall ain't no way in hell any of this will happen !!". He was right since amost of this stuff either fell through ( United would go to Indianapolis ) or they were just stupid rumors ( Nordstrom ) since as it turned out Martinsburg was in a downturn just like everyone else afterall, it just took that area a little while longer to know it. (8/16/11)

Ralph Albertazzie died Monday. He was our boss (owner) at WYVN-TV in Martinsburg, and piloted Richard Nixon's Air Force One from 1969-1974. He founded (won the license for) Channel 60 in Martinsburg- at the time, WYVN-TV. He got into the TV business because he was infuriated that no West Virginians had put in bids for the channel 60 license. He put in a bid, and won. We went on the air in October, 1991 with Fox network programming, and 6pm and 10pm local newscasts to compete with WHAG-TV in Hagerstown. The TV station went bankrupt 2 years later, and was later bought by Pax TV. A good commentary: - Jeff Hertrick, former news director at WYVN-TV (8/16/11)

Retired Colonel and former Air Force One pilot Ralph Albertazzie died recently at his home in Berkeley County, WV at the age of 88. Col. Albertazzie started Martinsburg's former FOX 60 (now an ION affiliate), but the station fell on hard times during the economic downturn and was sold to PAX. (Source: Martinsburg Journal, Page A1, Tuesday, August 16, 2011) Al McGilvray (8/16/11)

Silly me. Here i thought old Zombie Woof was actually interested in an intelligent discourse. Clearly. That is not the case. He bandies about words like "retard" and "gay" in the hopes of bolstering his points. He claims any of the talent on 105.9 could do a better job of it yet he offers no concrete thoughts that would actually show he knows what he is talking about. Like so many, what he lacks in knowledge he makes up for with what passes for wit. to be clear, i paid no attention to your lemon pie as there was far too little fruit and far too much pectin for it to be consumed. But, you are entitled to your opinions even though they lack any sort of intelligent substance to make them stand on their own two feet. I shall now yield the floor so he can call me names and shout down my fact-backed statements. Of course, if ZW actually had something concrete to add to the discussion we would listen. As it is his robe is woven from rotted fibers and will diminish when shown the light of logic. (8/16/11)

The NY Times recalls Nat Allbright's recreated Dodger games. (8/16/11)

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Our Fox 45 family lost a very very special person over the weekend. Fox-45 Photojournalist Chris Monroe passed away suddenly. If you knew Chris at all, the man always brought a smile to your face. He truly was a strong, inspirational and beautiful human being. He endured many "tests" in life with divine strength and always, ALWAYS with a smile. Never complaining. We will miss him terribly. We expect him to come through the newsroom any minute now with that hearty laugh he always brought to work with him. Our prayers go out to his friends and family. Chris, thank you so very much for sharing your "gifts" with all of us. All of us are better people because we had the blessing of knowing you. Good bye to our dear friend and colleague. God speed Chris Monroe... (8/15/11)

Has the afternoon guy at WNST Rex Snider been replaced / let go? His blogs have been removed from the website (always a bad sign on NST) and Glenn Clark was on the afternoon again today with no mention of Rex. Love your website! (8/15/11)

"Not that I wish to get in a flame war with ZW but let's [see if I can take up an entire browser window full of real estate]." Then more blah blah that sounds like it was written by the retard that runs 105.9 The Edge. Culminating in the idea that Cerphe needs "coaching", and two references to "the big picture." Why all the focus on Cerphe? You didn't get that from my lemon pie. Any and I repeat ANY of the on-air talent at 105.9 The Edge could program it better than the retard currently doing the job. Are you gay for men who eat a lot of carrots? - ZombieWoof (8/15/11)

Not that I wish to get in a flame war with ZW but let's stick to the topic. Comparing pot to DJs picking their own tunes is an analogy that lacks purpose. There are many reasons why you never let personalities pick all their tunes. First, the self-indulgence mode. They would pick what they want to hear and not care if it was something their listeners want to hear (its a human nature thing). Now, should some people - read Cerphe - have more freedom than others? Absolutely. with good coaching and an understanding of the big picture a little input can go a long way. The second is organization - who will know who plays what and when? I know, today's playlists are so restrictive and repetitive, etc. The fix for that is not anarchy it is looking at the bigger picture. The reason you hire personalities is because of what they bring besides the music. you are not hiring them because they have the ultimate playlist. The reason the classic rock stations do not work in DC will not be fixed because you let the people on the air choose the music. A good personality can relate to any music and engage you in the process. This is not happening. ZW is over simplifying the situation. The bottom line is that everyone has their own perfect playlist and few of them agree with each other. Radio has become a victim of music research. Sadly, in any classic rock test songs like Stairway to Heaven ALWAYS rise to the top. Why. Because people like those songs. What radio has forgotten is that people like a lot of songs - especially those of us who were weaned on rock music. Stations like WBIG and 105.9 rarely surprise us anymore. And that is why we are bored. (8/15/11)

Another previously unmentioned vacation day for Czaban. Sure seems like a lot of them this summer? And Pollin has had a few himself. Is this some kind of cost cutting thing by Chuckie. Sucks that Feinstein has jumped ship but looks like Sports Reporters' also don't have the gentleman from NFL films as the NFL Insider this year. I enjoyed his insights about specific player skills and not gossip centered money/contract stuff the new guy talks about. Is this trip to South Africa with Ronnie Mervis a moneymaker for someone? 7 months of constantly plugging the trip gets awfully ponderous! Is Artie Lange really coming back to radio in Sept. on Fox Sports Radio with another comic? I listen to the Robert Wuhl sports show carried evenings on 570 am. Geez, what a major league butt kisser. And for a comedian he don't seem to funny to me. Wombie Poof . where's my goat (8/15/11)

From 93.5 The Beach's Facebook page: "August 22nd at 6am its the debut of "The worst show ever"...tune in to find out who and what the show is all about !!" Wait, isn't EVERY SHOW on that station the "worst show ever?" (8/15/11)

Man, I'm slacking off. Even JC Hayward has a blog/website now! I gotta trade in my typewriter for an iPad or whatever it is these kids are using today. (8/15/11)

Okay, it's been three days since the Redskins first exhibition game. Has Joe Theismann stopped talking yet? (8/15/11)

I kinda think Bob Marbourg looks like Mr. Spock... just a little bit.... (8/15/11)

Dave's response: Yeah, if he dyed his hair black and put on pointy ears he'd look exactly like a 1960s-era "Star Trek" vulcan. Live long and prosper, Bob.....

Just wanted to make sure that you saw David Broughton’s stories on the top minor league markets in the nation ranking 241 markets from across the country. Listed below are the top ten along with link for the complete stories and rankings in this week’s SportsBusiness Journal. Hershey Kissed: Hershey-Harrisburg, PA., repeats at No. 1 in SBJ’s ranking of the nation’s top minor league markets. 1) Hershey-Harrisburg, Pa.... 2) San Bernardino County, Calif.... 3) Providence-Pawtucket, R.I.... 4) Reading, Pa.... 5) Portland, Maine... 6) Syracuse, N.Y.... 7) Charleston, S.C.... 8) Modesto, Calif.... 9) Idaho Falls, Idaho... 10) Spokane, Wash. (8/15/11)

"for those like ZW who want their [DJs] to pick the music - memofrom 1970. That has not happened at rock radio in about 35 years." Yeah, and how's that working out for you? Is this the retard who runs 105.9 The Edge? Marijuana hasn't been legal in about 80 years. Doesn't mean it's not a good idea. - ZombieWoof (8/15/11)

BTW...It's "Yardley" PA and not "Yardly" PA......EO?M (8/15/11)

My summer road trip was to Texas, and it's the focus of my two most recent columns on New York Social Diary: Part One, Dallas (with some Nashville & Memphis) - Part Two, Austin - Best regards, Carol (8/15/11)

As of this morning (around 10.30a), the HFS feed disappeared, and HD2/HD3 are no longer available. 94.7 HD1 is still on. -Peter (8/15/11)

Dave's response: You are correct, sir. Just checked at 1:27 PM and 94.7's HD2 of HFS97.5 and HD3 of WJFK are gone. But the WIAD main HD Radio digital signal remains activated. Ain't CBS Radio great!

For those who may not have seen it, this is the video project WFED Digital Writer Jolie Lee did for her grad school class at American University. (8/15/11)

Dave's response: I just love Bob Marbourg's hair! Best bangs on an older dude.....

All this brouhaha on 105.9 is amusing. Why? First, this is a station that has been on the air for two years and can barely summon up enough ratings mojo to beat a station from F-burg. Now, i'm sure the "internal" lament is that the station has not been marketed. Fact is, their ratings were higher earlier but have fallen as their fans have let out a collective: "Meh". The Edge flavor of classic rock is not something DC seems to care about. And, it will not change...that is, until they start simulcasting WMAL on the FM when Cumulus takes over. for those like ZW who want their "dee jays" to pick the music - memo from 1970. That has not happened at rock radio in about 35 years. Should "dee jays" have input - especially when they have market knowledge like Cerphe's? Absolutely. However, the reason those "dee jays" are there is to entertain, inform and create something between the songs that makes you pay attention. THAT is where the Edge fails big time- not utilizing their "personalities" (Side bar to ZW: DJ's spin at dances and clubs). Go back the the recent posts on WCXR - they won because they got the music AND the entertainment right. Today's music radio thinks that the music IS the entertainment and have forgotten that us listeners have choices beyond radio's control that will entertain us if all we want to hear is music. Classic Rock radio stations need to have fun - something neither WBIG or 105.9 seem to know anything about. If you want the definition of corporate, soulless, play-it-safe radio - they are exhibits A & B. (8/15/11)

I agree with you take on programming for classic rock stations. I can speak for the Stones in particular since I’m a huge fan and am well aware of their output. There are literally dozens and dozens of lesser known tracks on their albums that rarely get airplay but are great tunes. If stations played those tunes once in a while, listeners would get exposed to some great music they may not be familiar with (or they once knew but haven’t heard for years). I’m sure the same is true with a lot of the classic rock bands that were or have been around for a while. Dylan, the Who, Zep, the Kinks, ACDC, etc. (8/15/11)

DCRTV penned..."Dave's response: I should have mentioned the Residents. Didn't that San Francisco band do an album of 40 songs, each exactly one minute long" Yes Dave, the album was called....."The Commercial Album" - consisting of 40 one-minute tunes. This came about because of an avante guarde artist/muscian by the name of Morgan Fischer who released a similarly formatted compilation lp callend "Miniatures", wherein the Residents contributed a one-minute medley of The Ramones "We're A Happy Family" and "Bali Hai" from (I believe) "South Pacific". For their album, The Residents took 5 or 6 basic melodies and reworked each one in different ways to come up with 44 songs (the extra 4 ended up on various EPs and compilations). For the curious, look up the video "Perfect Love" and "The Simple Song" on YouTube as an example. (8/15/11)

I rant on the Washington Post, Verizon, and Discovery Communications. Also, a new FM all-newser is born in NYC and it's borrowing heavily from DC's WTOP. Is rock radio endangered in the DC market? Are format flips coming soon to DC's 100.3 and 105.9? Is Steve Swenson sorry he left NYC to come to CBS's grunky DC cluster? And some memories of DC101's rock music magazine of the 1970s, Phonograph. Plus more on FBDC's Betsy Rothstein. In today's "Dave TV"..... (8/15/11)

Dave! "Lust" can't wait to sign up for that TV package! Much "lust" to you brother! Thanks for the giggle&snort. Kimmell (8/15/11)

The poster who said the WBAL website needs corrected hasn't been to western Pennsylvania, where they talk like that ordinarily. The person needs cultured. (8/15/11)

Dear dcrtv, I am looking for some of the old clips of Rhea Fichken and Jp the puppet and The old Pete the Pirate kids show. I am a member of a group called If you gre up in Canton and we have been posting these nostalgic things on there for all to enjoy and was hoping you might be able to make some of us a little bit happy with some of the old shows. Thanks alot, John Wolferman (8/15/11)

RE: "the right mix of listeners for his commercials". Dude what have you been smoking? In the 35 years I've been in commercial radio no PD I have ever worked for has ever cared about getting cume for the spots ran on the air! Dumb ass, programmers set up their programming to get the widest possible audience for their target audience. Who ever should pay attention to the spots played is a side issue. If that were paramount to the station's sound as you seem to imply, than damn near ever spot aired would have to go thru extensive focus groups. No station is gonna play a song to intice people to sit thru their spot set. You are just another classic rock cry baby who isn't getting what he wants from stations like 105.9. That's all it is. Find something else to cry the blues about! (8/15/11)

Anyone know why O'Meara is missing from the Kirk and Mike show on 105.9 this morning? He was supposed to be back on the air today after being on vacation last week. Kirk is there with Shamrock, but not O'Meara. (8/15/11)

Dave's response: According to Mike's Facebook page, he's feeling a bit under the weather. That's all.....

The headline of the first story on WBAL Radio's website says "Maryland Man Held In Aruba Wants Released." Huh? Doesn't anybody proofread what they put on that station's web site? (8/15/11)

In America, businesses are run “scientifically” to maximize revenues. How to do that is taught in business schools that crank out MBAs like McDonald’s cranks out Big Macs. Your generic MBA running a radio station isn’t interested in entertaining his audience. He’s interested in gathering the right mix of listeners for his commercials. If Stairway to Heaven five times a week accomplishes that task then he declares “Mission Accomplished,” and takes his bonus check home. It has been a long time since broadcasters were perceived to be users of a publicly-owned natural resource (spectrum space) operating in the public interest as a public trustee. Now they are simply business operators who will do what it takes to keep advertisers happy. Advertisers don’t care whether you are entertained or not. Just listen to their commercials. That’s *ALL* they want. (8/15/11)

Dave, Are you ever going to give us a break with hyping Don Geronimo. The guy isn't even in the market anymore and for good reason. No one wants to hear about him except for a select bunch of groupies like you and his other 5 P1's. And his buddy Mike can't even cut the grade here either. Let them die off with some self respect. And as far as radio programming rock for the listener vs. PPM. The ppm IS the listener. If they played some variety the PPM Listener would tune in and they would get some ratings (provided some morning jock blowhard didn't talk to long and screw up the PPM registering the station), Me I'll keep my Pandora - Led Zeppelin programmed rock with my Santana, etc...on my smart phone like just about everybody else nowadays. Bottom line is less talk more music. This means the age of the jock is gone, unless s/he talks about something relevant to music instead of who won dancing with the ducks or how to kill a millionaire. (8/15/11)

Dave's response: I do think it's newsworthy to provide career updates on folks who have worked in the DC-Baltimore market a long time but no longer do.....

Let the record show that months ago I passed on the announcement of the Don Geronimo Show getting a Reno affiliate, in this very mailbag. - ZombieWoof (8/15/11)

Dave, In your estimation do you think a connection exists between the complete disappearance of Freedom Concerts this year and the criticism coming last year from a conservative woman commentator about Hannity's alleged spending habits in relation to the concerts? The criticism of him came in early 2010 and the concerts continued last summer. But it seems striking that they are not to be found at all this summer on the Hannity airwaves given how heavily he promoted them on radio and TV. The concerts aren't even listed on the Freedom Alliance site now, just the upcoming Freedom Alliance cruise in the fall. Someone on Hannity's site was asked a question about the concerts and simply said there wasn't information for this year and noted that Hannity had just been a participant and was not an organizer of the concerts. That claim certainly contradicts comments of Mark Levin at a Sept. 11, 2007 Freedom Concert in New Jersey (on YouTube) that the concerts wouldn't have happened were it not for Hannity's efforts. Any insight you may have would be appreciated. (8/15/11)

Dave's response: I dunno. I try to keep my life as Hannity-free as possible.....

"Hundreds" of songs might apply to the Beatles and the Stones, but not Steely Dan. They only did 7 albums through "Gaucho," and not a whole lot since. You might get to 100 if you include Fagen's solo stuff. (8/15/11)

Dave's response: I should have mentioned the Residents. Didn't that San Francisco band do an album of 40 songs, each exactly one minute long.....

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I hate to say it, but KBZZ is in Reno—not Las Vegas. As always, thanks! EJM (8/14/11)

I just hope with all the WHFS talk, that WTMD and WRNR don't change to try to compete. The only change they should both make is to be less programed and more free form. (8/14/11)

Dave! I think the station Don Geronimo is going on - KBZZ-AM is in Reno, NV; Las Vegas. Americom is based in Las Vegas. Still good news for "fans" of Donny in Reno! Thanks, Richard Eisenberg, Reno, NV (8/14/11)

Dave's response: Gotcha.....

Hey Dave, too many drugs. It must have been later than 1981 that I came across KRBE playing "Classic Rock" in Houston. I have some aircheck recordings I was hoping to dig up, and in the meantime found this blurb on a classic rockers website to explain how the programming was defined. "The first station to broadcast the format full time, and the first station to use the term "classic rock" on the air was KRBE-AM (Houston) in 1983. Program director Paul Christy designed the format to play only early album rock, from the 1960s and early 1970s, without any current music or Top 40 material." (8/14/11)

KIMBERLY SUITERS SEEN ON WETA-TV: I saw ex-NBC4 news anchor Kimberly Suiters co-host a fundraiser on WETA-TV Friday night at the end of Washington Week in Review. She and Paul Anthony shared an "anchor desk" for a few minutes enticing viewers with gifts in return for making contributions to support the PBS program. (8/14/11)

NEW WTOP REPORTER: I heard ex-Voice of America White House and Capitol Hill correspondent Paula Wolfson reporting on WTOP Sunday afternoon. She filed a two-act wrap on the risks copper thieves take. (8/14/11)

"I would go on with my idea on this subject but it's well documented on how I feel about this format....Dan" Thank the Jeebus that someone's on top of documenting that. Otherwise historians of the future would be SOL. As much as I would like to see a classic rock format with deep cuts and trips to the back of the rack (I'm still talking to you, retard who runs 105.9 The Edge!) I wonder if it would actually sell, but we'll never know because management at 105.9 The Edge couldn't come up with two balls if they were wrapped in winning lottery tickets. Case in point: I once recommended Exile on Main Street (hardly obscure and universally recognized as kind of good) to a boss of mine and he said "I like the Greatest Hits." Dave, I think you're approaching your ideas about programming from the wrong end. You want to hear Joy Division or Johnny Cougar or whoever, I want the deejay (not the retard at 105.9 The Edge) to select what I hear. If I want to hear my record collection, well, I have a record collection for that. - ZombieWoof (8/14/11)

Dave's response: How many songs did the Rolling Stones or the Beatles or Steely Dan produce during the careers? Hundreds. And, yet, most classic rockers probably play fewer than five songs from each band on a regular basis. OK, maybe a dozen Stones songs in total. It just seems a shame that only the "well researched hits" from each band are played and nothing else. I am not asking a radio station to play my record collection. But I am asking stations to take the intelligent rock music listener into consideration when they make their playlists - and not just the advertisers. Too many stations today, especially classic rockers, play a generic, conservative version of classic rock that "defines" the station to advertisers. Nothing controversial. Nothing too unpredicatable. Yeah, it may drive in the revenue, but, as 105.9's consistent 22nd place rating over two years show, not a lot of listeners. That's the problem with radio today - too many stations are programmed for advertisers or the PPM technology and not the listeners. It makes for rather crappy-sounding radio. Boring, dull, and uninteresting. Financial dudes in suits are programming radio stations the same way they'd stock a shoe store at the mall. They're businessman - not music lovers. And you can hear that all over the mediocre American music radio dial. I am not naive and know that we'll never go back to the mythical day when only music lovers programmed rock radio stations. But when you've been running a classic rocker for two years and haven't seen a significant ratings upswing, maybe your programming balance isn't enough in the music lover's direction. The ball's in your court Kenny King - and Cerphe's up.....

Dave, did I miss your item on the resurrection of former DC-based Fox Sports Radio team "Kiley and Booms" as a local morning drive show in Cleveland? Starts 8/29: "Nationally-known talent Kevin Kiley will team up with Cleveland's own Chuck Booms weekday mornings from 6:00-10:00AM for the area's only local morning drive sports-talk show. Kiley & Booms previously co-hosted a national show on the Fox Sports Radio Network." (8/14/11)

Dave, classic rock radio is going to be the same old recycled crap until the format is changed. It's a sad sight these days. I really don't care to hear Stairway To Heaven five times a week. I know it's a classic but it's overplayed. I could go on about this topic but I fully agree with you.....recycled classic rock is overplayed and it needs to be changed for it to do well in the ratings. I know for some people on here it's going to be a hard pill to swallow but you know folks......the format needs to change in DC for it to make a huge dent in the ratings. I would go on with my idea on this subject but it's well documented on how I feel about this format. Just safe to say that the format changes would shake up the PPM's and that would be a good thing. Until that happens though.....expect the same old crap. Dan (8/14/11)

I first encountered "Classic Rock" in the summer of 1981 at KRBE Houston, credited by many with inventing the format. Hard to believe, even at the time, but the music of only a dozen years earlier was "classic" in the sense it compared very well to the disco era we had just survived by the early 1980s. WCXR, and to a lesser extent, Westminster's WGRX, each successfully played to audiences longing for music of substance. Now, 30 years later, the genre remains a time-honored classic indeed. (8/14/11)

Dave's response: Was driving around this morning and just amazed at the crappy diet of classic rock served up on the radio around DC - 100.3, 105.9, even DC101 - on the old car radio. The same 50-ish or so overplayed tunes endlessly recycled. Ugh.....

Hey, Dave, thanks for putting up that Galen Fromme audio file I sent you a few weeks ago, plus the neat newspaper ad from the 1940s. I’ll let you know if I get my hands on any more for the memorabilia file. BTW, Galen’s wife, my father’s sister, Margaret, just turned 93, and is doing great and still living independently in her apartment in Pottsville, Pa. A SECOND FLOOR apartment, mind you! (8/14/11)

Dave, saw your piece on the Skins and Ravens preseason skeds. Any info on why WRC wasn't in HD and wasn't CC? Pretty bad to watch. Didn't know CSN had it, or I would have checked there..., -Lee (8/14/11)

Dave's response: It's a promotional thing. The game is still available to everyone via Channel 4, even if they don't get cable, but Comcast SportsNet can promote the fact that it's the only place to watch the Skins' pre-season games in HD.....

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What has gotten into CBS? Not only was Spam on HFS today but he mentioned that Zoltar The Subterreanean would be on tonite! Did CBS execs get thier own TARDIS? Or get shot through a wormhole?!? I wouldn't be suprised to hear Kath announce Coffee With HFS at this point. Or Weasel doing a shift. How about some Shrunken Headbangers? Where's that crazy Asylum Wake Skate Snow commercial? HFS seems to be truly back...and it's about time.....don't forget-time heals all wounds....or is that time wounds all heels.....HFS!!!! Donnie (8/13/11)

HFS 97.5 is set up well already with DJ's and Music IMO. I don't think the station could get much better other than going back to it's old stick so I have the signal past the MD/PA state line, compared to 97.5 which becomes in & out past Reisterstown to completely gone past Finksburg & Hampstead northwest of Baltimore. Can't wait to see some PPM numbers for 97.5. (8/13/11)

I check out some classic newspapers from World War II, the first moon landing, and major political events. Including rare editions of the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun, and the Philadelphia Inquirer...... (8/13/11)

How come the redskins game want in HD? (8/13/11)

Dave's response: Huh? If you were wondering why last night's Redskins game wasn't in HD, you were probably watching on Channel 4/WRC. The game could be seen in HD on Comcast SportsNet.....

The downfall of WCXR started in 1991, well before the departure of Paul Harris. In fact, he contributed to its demise. The decision to move Harris In The Morning more in a "talk" direction along with the addition of unfunny sidekick Dave The Predictor made AM drive virtually unlistenable. Harris later struck out at WTEM, DC101 and Arrow 94.7. After HITM departed to then-startup WTEM, matters were made worse by his WCXR replacement, Paul Barsky. Barsky had no background in or knowledge of classic rock, and his faux shock jock act was so bad, he was gone after less than two months. WCXR's decline was also brought about by the war in Kuwait, when 'CXR's male audience would rather watch CNN than listen to classic rock, and those men didn't come back after the war ended. The number of titles in the on-air library was greatly reduced and the rotations were tightened making the station's music sound overly repetitive. The once-innovative promotions also became repetitive as the station began almost exclusively using giveaways of restored classic Corvettes for its ratings book contests. The arrival of WBIG as the market's first full-signaled and well-programmed oldies station provided new competition for WCXR, further eroding its audience. An out-of-work PD brought in to "fix" 'CXR caused more damage by hiring the Herman & McBean morning show, who thought amusing each other was more important than entertaining the audience. Of course, the final nail in WCXR's coffin was the station's swap from Group W to Viacom for stations in Houston to take advantage of the FCC's new duopoly rules. Except for overnighter Tom Grooms, the fulltime airstaff, including the very talented Mark Kessler, was let go, and replaced by a handful of talentless, liner card-reading 20-somethings who came of age well after the classic rock era, and had no grasp of the classic rock lifestyle. WCXR's 12+ AQH share slumped to below a 2, where it remained until the station abandoned classic rock for smooth jazz, less than year after the Viacom takeover. Stations like Arrow 94.7, The Globe, the current WBIG and 105.9 The Edge that have subsequently attempted classic rock failed to respect the lessons that led to the extinction of WCXR; narrow playlists that don't acknowledge the heritage and breadth of the genre, the hiring of burned-out or "vanilla" air talent, and uninspiring programming that fails to attract and maintain a competitive audience. (8/13/11)

"What lie has Obama told that cost 4,500 Amertican lives and cost billions of dollars?" He's not even been in office 3 years but he's off to a good start. Give him time. On second thought, let's not! (8/13/11)

"it is on group,facilitated by WMAL, shoving down our throats, and bringing into the debate,crap, pure crap." I didn't quote your entire poorly written post, and I assume you mean "one group". If someone is shoving something down your throat you don't want, try stepping away from the glory hole. - ZombieWoof (8/13/11)

"Back in the late 80's through the early to mid 90's there was a classic rock station on - shocker - 105.9 that was called WCXR." And the first song they played was LA Woman by the Doors. (Points to head and say "yeah, I know things"). Snaps all around for the ZW! It's true that the problem with present day 105.9 is the repetitive and unadventurous playlist. Additionally they need to decide if they want to be a suck morning drive music station or a kick ass morning drive talk station. Right now they're trying to sit between two chairs. I'm talking to you, whatever retard makes the decisions at 105.9! You have the team, just need to let them play. I have it on good authority that some of your staff actually have experience in rock radio. Let them take the incredible burden that you carry off your shoulders. - ZombieWoof (8/13/11)

Dave, Regarding tonight's Redskin game. The coverage had so many missed sure looked like Comcast missed Ernie Baur! Steve (8/13/11)

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Tim Virgins Evening Drive style playlist on HFS Morning Drive is perfect. Leave it alone. Of course I'd still love to have WHFS back at 99.1 but I think they're doing a fine job on 97.5. I haven't turned on my MP3 player in 2 weeks! Donnie (8/12/11)

I have to disagree with the poster who said DC has never been a classic rock town. Back in the late 80's through the early to mid 90's there was a classic rock station on - shocker - 105.9 that was called WCXR. Great personalities, fun promotions, relatively broad music library. They were VERY successful for quite a few years. Their decline started when they got rid of their personalities - like Paul Harris and Mark Kessler- and lost their fun edge. (8/12/11)

Dave's response: I've lived in the DC area almost 40 years and I know that a cool classic rock format could work here. But, we want a deep and wide playlist, lots of fun, and an intelligent presentation. Not Alice Cooper's "School's Out" and "No More Mr. Nice Guy" five times a day.....

Suggestion for the new 975 Hfs: Simulcast The Kirk and Mike Show out of DC's 105.9. 105.9 then changes its format to fit what HFS is doing. This way, HFS will have a presence in DC once again, Mike O'Meara will reach his fan base in Baltimore, and Kirk can compete against his old stations in both markets (DC101, 1057 and 98 Rock). Thoughts? (8/12/11)

Dave's response: I can't see CBS Baltimore picking up a Citadel DC morning show that doesn't play much alt rock. Frankly, CBS could probably get better ratings on the low-powered 97.5 by simply using it as a relay for DC alt rocker DC101 or Philly alt rocker WRFF, 104.5. But both are Clear Channel stations and not much chance of CBS doing that. A better idea: Maybe CBS Baltimore could relay CBS Chicago's adult alt rocker WXRT on 97.5. That'd be cool.....

Happy Birthday to 105.9 The Edge. Home of good personalities but a playlist that is in dire need of readjustment. There is a simple solution to the problem but Citadel and Cumulus won't make the changes needed for this station to flourish. What is needed is a tweak in the playlist instead of the same old classic rock. If people want to look for that, they should turn the dial to WBIG. If Cumulus or Citadel really want this station to become a ratings powerhouse, they need to add 80's alternative to the playlist. They already play Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and the usual classic rock bands but if you are going to play grunge then why not add in 80's alt into the mix? I have nothing against 90's alternative music but more variety is needed so The Edge can stand out as a great classic rock station with good ratings and not just another failed experiment for example The Globe which never reallly took off. The Edge can beat WBIG if a tweak in the format happens......until that is done though, expect the same cellar ratings that they have now. Dan (8/12/11)

I love seeing all the venom being spewed about WMAL. They made a decision to target a specific audience that has a specific and tightly held view of the world. Their goal is to feed those people what they want. A very simple formula. If you don't agree with their views - don't listen. They do not care. The analogy is country music. Whether WMZQ is "good" or "bad" is immaterial because if you don't like country music you won't listen anyway. Now, if the right wing zealots who lap up WMAL's content don't think the station is good or delivering on expectations - then WMAL has a problem. Rush, Plante, etc are not talking to you and really don't give a crap about what you think. However, it is clear that many lefties do listen just so they can complain about the distortions. WMAL loves that because you increase their ratings. You have to understand that their true fans do not care if callers are fake or facts are distorted. They only care about having their views verified in an entertaining way. Hell, people love "War of the Roses" on the Kane show and that is completely fake. The bottom line is you're not going to change what WMAL stands for because you think Mark Levin sucks. (8/12/11)

105.9's ratings suck so bad because Washington has NEVER been a classic rock town. Look at WBIG, whose ratings tanked as well when it jettisoned classic hits for classic rock. Now 105.9 as the True Oldies Channel got the same ratings as The Edge, without local DJs and without any publicity. If the owners had bothered to promote the station, it could have been a ratings leader, just like oldies stations in every other city that has one. (8/12/11)

{I find Limbaugh, Plante, Hannity, Levin, etc., unlistenable. Not just from a political perspective (and I am a conservative), but from a presentation perspective.} All I can say is amen, these guys give "thinking" conservatives/Republicans a bad name! (8/12/11)

Get your head out of the sand, the Fox News scripted plant was in the news. I saw and heard the Rush IM with my own eyes and ears. Listen for the plant callers yourself at 52 past the hour most days. Here is a plant call that is so over the top someone went to the trouble of putting it all together and putting it on youtube. That is one unbelievable scriped caller. Telling us the President is a marxist, socialist, kenyan, and dictator is crap. It doesn't belong in the argument, but those guys keep inserting it. And by the way, stop editing what Mr. Van Hollen said. The tag line was "as we know it." And he was right. What lie has Obama told that cost 4,500 Amertican lives and cost billions of dollars? (8/12/11)

["Hey Dave who do you think is the most hated personality in DC radio today?... Dave's response: Easy. Chris Plante....."] Only by WMAL's many listeners who post on DCRTV. Why someone claims to listen to someone they claim not to like after the comedic value is gone is beyond me. Easily more hated is Chris Kinard of WJFK and that black lady who owns that station, Cathy somebody? - ZombieWoof (8/12/11)

...."No, we are angry with others that lie, and misrepresent the truth. Fox News was caught this week using ascripted plant to disparage the Wisconsin protesters a few months back. This plant, .." I appreciate your response but again, see how you ended your response: "crap, pure crap.." Why the nasty ending, for what purpose? I understand you are angry but with due respect, you have no proof of these accusations. If anything, as a concerned citizen you should have been angry at Van Hollen during the Cut, Cap and Balance debate, lying to everyone by claiming the Republicans wanted to kill medicare (lie) . It is Obamacare which will eliminate parts of medicare not the republicans. Read the bill for yourself and you will see. As far as your accusations it has been the Democrats using the race card. Now that the race card excuse is no longer working they are using class warfare--again a disgrace. Blaming the Tea Party for their own spending is ludicrous. If it weren't for the Tea Party we probably would have been downgraded to a zero credit rating. Would the bank allow you to keep your home when you are further and further in debt?!! Of course not! I could go on and on but regardless of your position the Democrats of today remind me of the vicious attacks on Bill Clinton by the Republicans, no different only more nasty. The point of my response to you is that you are posting angry accusations against Fox and WMAL with no proof. I heard the Mass Media again lie about Romney's appearance by playing a piece which featured an agry constituent yelling at him. The media did not play the crowd then cheering for Romney, that part was left out. Interesting, wouldn't you say? This person who yelled at Romney sounded like a Democrat Activist Plant but I can't say for sure BECAUSE I HAVE NO PROOF!! Ergo, unless you have proof it is all hearsay. (8/12/11)

Reason; “Are you that angry with others who disagree with you?” No, we are angry with others that lie, and misrepresent the truth. Fox News was caught this week using ascripted plant to disparage the Wisconsin protesters a few months back. This plant, a “concerned mother, ” wasdisparaging the unions with complete lies and fabrications on how unions are indoctrinating young children. Just about every day, Hannity, a Fox employee, has on his radio program a “concernedmother” call about something terrible and awful Obama has done, or is doing, that will negatively impacther child’s future. On the radio it is always the same outline, and it was also the same outline the Fox plant used. Guilt by association? Yes. Hannityand Levin use plant callers to further their agenda (sometimes they even use the same caller and script). Rush uses instant messaging to repeat was isfed to him by lobbyists and PR people (I have seen it). Rush has also called Obama a marxist, a socialist, a dictator, an Arab, a Kenyan, a communist, and "a boy." Plante over generalizes and demonizes anyone that disagrees. All four have called for unneeded wars, allfour have slandered military families, all four have called members of ourmilitary “bad apples,” all four have extended the lie that Obama was not bornin this country, and Obama is a secret Muslim. All four use race baiting as atool to get the audience angry at a type of people. All four have used an edited a comment NancyPelosi made, and then slanted and paraphrased it, to make like she said something different. All four used a clipped quote from thePresident making him sound like he was ready to raise everyone’s taxestomorrow. All four claimed to know wewould be paying $5.00 a gallon by August 1, 2011. All four claimed the gulf oil spill was not an environmental problem (oil leaks naturally from the seabed) . And all four claim a President Sarah Palinwould be great for this country. I can go on and on, but I wont; I think you are getting my drift. It is not a disagreement; it is on group,facilitated by WMAL, shoving down our throats, and bringing into the debate,crap, pure crap. (8/12/11)

[RE today's "Dave TV":] Spot on with your comments about the Citadel FMs. Neither has life or any level of excitement about them. do not blame the on air folks because they are all capable of being interesting. blame management - they do not want anyone talking or doing anything that takes away from the music. They still think this is radio like 1999. If people want to listen to their favorite songs they can with iPods, Pandora or Spotify. People listen to radio to make a connection, But, radio is so PPM paranoid they will not risk being interesting because taking a risk could not work. Never mind that for every person you may lose because a jock talks longer than 10 seconds would be made up by people who actually found it worth their time and became true fans. That requires a level of creativity, vision and confidence that is lacking. Do not expect Cumulus to change that mold, either. They will come in with people who are even bigger "yes" men... (8/12/11)

Hey Dave who do you think is the most hated personality in DC radio today? (8/12/11)

Dave's response: Easy. Chris Plante.....

On the second anniversary of 105.9 The Edge, I wonder why the classic rocker's ratings still suck so bad. Some 1970s promo videos of Channel 13/WJZ with Richard Sher and Oprah Winfrey. Plus, no paywall for the Washington Post's website. And more cuts at the Baltimore Sun. Also, I rag on Comcast again - why no BBC America and Smithsonian Channel in HD? All this and more in today's edition of "Dave TV" at (8/12/11)

Regarding 1090/WBAL reception in Baltimore County,it has always been lousy when the station is on the night pattern. From thetower site at 695/795 the signal has always shot east, northeast and southeast.That was okay 60 years ago when nobody lived to the west, northwest andsouthwest, but not today. Hearst could solve the problem in a number of ways,but nobody at the top understands how engineering really works. Dave, as foryour comment about the degradation of AM signals, it has just as much to dowith the lousy AM radios being made today. Manufacturers figure that AM doesn’tmatter, so they do it as cheaply as possible. (8/12/11)

Dave's response: I do agree with you that many AM radio receivers are terrible. They're added as a requirement with the realization that most people will only listen to FM on their radios.....

In response to the last two posters who criticized WMAL: "...only place you can survive the turmoil that is your own gullible stupidity. You know...If you listen to Chris Plante and find what he says "intellegent or entertaining", that is a clinically recognized symptom that you obviously have a severe issue with reality. As for Limbaugh, face it, Sunshine...he's really little more than a plus-sized Jim Jones.." Why do you make your points with vicious name calling? Like the bullies in Middle School who get cornered after getting into trouble, you attack with vicious, hateful name calling trying to blame others for your own shortcomings. This vitriol must stop, for the sake of our industry and for the sake of humanity! How can we expect our teenagers to stop bullying others when posters like you two make your points using nasty, hostile, language?!! Your attitude is begging for another Columbine. Is that what you want? Are you that angry with others who disagree with you? Are you aware that throughout our American history there has always been disagreement with dialog. Respect for the other side. You and the Democrats of today (Van Hollen, Senator Kerry) act worse than the Republicans did during the Clinton Administration. Do you remember the calls for civility? You don't like WMAL fine but that is not a reason to viciously and personally attack the air talents on the station. You don't like them then don't listen. If you have an honest criticism then post it using civil language. Again, how can we expect our teenagers of today to stop bullying when adults like you continue the vicious cycle? (8/12/11)

Bob Ryan debuted at WRC-TV 4 on Monday, March 10, 1980... the same day Willard took official possession of the NBC Today Show weather map. This TV GUIDE ad appeared two weeks later. (8/12/11)

From The Washington Post: “Thank you very much. I just want to tell you, I tried." Richard Hottelet’s entire acceptance speech at the National Press Club Journalism Awards Wednesday. The legendary UPI and CBS newsman, 93, (he covered D-Day, the Cold War and much more for seven decades) brought down the house with his twelve word speech after a lengthy introduction and walk to the podium. (8/12/11)

It is interesting how Bob's television persona differs so much from his real life personality. A hard worker at Channel 4, his ego and eccentric attitude became a burden on his colleagues and a sticking point with management. He was insubordinate and turned into a pariah. In his later years, he became fixated on little projects to the tiniest of detail, so much so, he could barley hold it together for a simple weathercast. He practiced before his presentation, but you would never know it. Why Channel 7 thought he would be a draw over Doug Hill at 11:00PM remains a mystery to many of us, as he now delivers consistent third or fourth place ratings. His name may be worth five stars, but what he brought to the overall product is one, if any. (8/12/11)

“comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable”. That is pretty much liberal dogma. The embracing of that activist philosophy is exactly the liberal bias in the media that many observe. I prefer 'report, don't distort the facts'. When you have an activist philospohy that edits and editorializes based around Mencken's ideals, where the reporter inserts their ideology into the story, its hard to see how you will report more than one side of a story, or even realize there is more than one side. (8/12/11)

"This talk in the Mailbag about WMAL proves that they have a significant audience". Sorry, but WMAL hasn't had a significant audience since the 1970s and 1980s. What they've got now is wigged out listeners and hosts that encourage that mindset. And the audience the station still has is mostly old and many of the hosts are also past their prime. WMAL - Where radio goes to die. (8/12/11)

RE:[This talk in the Mailbag about WMAL proves that they have a significant audience. There is a serious need in D.C. for intelligent conservative talk radio which is also entertaining.]. Hate to tell you, but your statement is kind'a like celebrating being named the skinniest teen at fat camp. While you consider yourself a hero within the insulation of your flock, the moment you step outside the warm protection of your fellow chunkies, you once again become the center of scorn. That's why you far-righties hang out so many hours a day listening to people who only think just like you and say the things you want to hear. it is the only place you can survive the turmoil that is your own gullible stupidity. You know...If you listen to Chris Plante and find what he says "intellegent or entertaining", that is a clinically recognized symptom that you obviously have a severe issue with reality. As for Limbaugh, face it, Sunshine...he's really little more than a plus-sized Jim Jones, lining up the faithful for their daily dose of tainted kool-aid. And Hannity? Bitch, pleeze. If he were to ever make it through more than the the 2:30 of actual show run time between the fifteen commercial breaks per hour for his snake-oil huckster sponsors without uttering the phrase "[He/She] is the most liberal [fill in the blank] in the history of the [fill in the blank]," I swear I will eat Joe the Plummer's Flannel Shirt. [BTW, Whenever the "Freedom Concert" is being hosted by Hannity, the proper spelling is not "Freedom Concert".... it is "Free-Dumb Concert".] And Levin? If you leave a phone of the hook too long, you will hear a sound far more pleasant than Mark Levin's voice warning you that you need to hang up. Here's a clue...of the few people who actually DO tune in to Dubbya-Emmay-Yell, I'd peg about 30% as "True Believers". Another 20% would be willing to listen to three hours of a talking duck, just as long as the duck kept repeating the same stupid "...and then the Pope tossed Obama out of the Airplaine, turned to the Rabbi and said..." joke on an endless loop tape. The rest of us are the people who laugh like hyenas at people like you while watching you shop at WalMart and mock you for the variety and assortment of nascar stickers on the rear window of your truck. That's why we affectionately call Chris Plante's program "Homeschooling for yokels". The only reason that listening to WMAL makes you feel "smarter" is, quite frankly, you have not really set the intellegence bar all that high to begin with. WMAL seems to appeal to folks like you simply because it has discovered the right formula of hate and paranoia to successfully strike the balance between amping you up with just enough "angry-crazy" that you'll whip out your gun and shoot a hole in your radio, without turning you so so ugly that you' ll actually drive out to the Home Depot parking lot and point that same gun at 3 hispanic-looking workers who are guilty of nothing more than breathing your air. Face it...MAL is a joke and their audience are hapless rubes. (8/12/11)

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"I hate all the WMAL bashing. I am a conservative. Without WMAL I wouldnot know Hitler is in theWhite House, Obama is a secret Muslim" maybe he just wishes he was, "Obamais an Arab" No. "Obama is a socialist," Yes. "Obama is a racist," No, that's Eric Holder you're thinking of. Funny how they all look alike, isn't it? "... Obama wantssocializedmedicine," Bingo. "Obama wants the government involved in every aspectof our lives" Bingo again. "Waterboarding is nottorture," Of course it is. Any of the tens of thousands of U.S. military personnnel who have graduated from SERE training could tell you that, because all those U.S. military personnel have been waterboarded. "Obama didn’t make an Easter proclamation" He didn't. "Michael Steele was peltedwith Oreos at a Black College" Naw, BY Oreos. "Bristol Palinis wonderful for not aborting herbaby" So you're saying BP SHOULD have aborted her unfortunate offspring? Why the hate? Maybe the baby can still be aborted. "The Left want us to be likeFrance" True, but they don't keep their promises to move there. "Jeff Gannonwas a journalist" You're saying homos can't be journalists? "There is a real Shiria law threat in thiscountry" There is, and the first order of business will be to round up people who can't spell Sharia. "Obama did nothing to help ourally Hosni Mubarak in the Middle East whowas being overthrown by his people" Not only did nothing, but called for him to step down. "Obama snubbed the poor families ofthe NavySeals by going to Andrew’s AFB the other day" Of course when you say Andrews, which is in Maryland you mean Dover, which is in Delaware. Less a snub than a photo op for the boy-man. And by the way, it's spelled SEAL. "... Can't wait for the Freedom Concert this year, anyone know whenare where it will be?" Asking about the Freedom Concert doesn't get any less old. - ZombieWoof (8/11/11)

From the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang: In a recent weather segment, NBC4 meteorologist Chuck Bell encountered some major technical difficulties. See for yourself... (8/11/11)

To Carl in Olney who said he listens to BBC London 94.9: Give a listen to Danny Baker, their 3-5pm (10 am-12 noon here) guy. He is perhaps the best comic broadcaster I've heard in my 52 years, and that includes people from my youth in New York like Jean Shepherd, Gene Klavan and Bob and Ray. He consistently makes me laugh, and laugh hard. He also tried his hand at podcasts a while back. They're all online at (for All Day Breakfast Show). Jerry (8/11/11)

Dave's response: When I was in London in the mid-1990s, I caught one of Danny Baker's TV shows on the telly there and it was a bald-faced ripoff of David Letterman's show. Other than that, Baker seems like a pretty decent chap.....

I hate all the WMAL bashing. I am a conservative. Without WMAL I would not know Hitler is in theWhite House, Obama is a secret Muslim, Obama is an Arab, Obama is a socialist, Obama is a racist, Obamais uppity, Obama was born in Kenya, There is no birth certificate, Obama is theworst President ever, Obama wants to destroy our country, Obama wants tobankrupt us, Obama’s spending is out of control, Obama wants socializedmedicine, Obama wants the government involved in every aspect of our lives,Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell are smart women, Having health insurers or the guvmint provide birthcontrol pills to the insured at no cost is socialism, George W Bush made no longlasting mistakes (except wanting immigration reform, that was a big mistake) duringhis tenure, Waterboarding is nottorture, 36,000 women between the ages of 33-38 signed up for AshleyMadison.comthe day after mother’s day because they were pissed at their husbands, breast feeding in public is akin to peeing inpublic, Obama didn’t make an Easter proclamation, Michael Steele was peltedwith Oreos at a Black College, Bristol Palin is wonderful for not aborting herbaby, The Left want us to be like France, James O’keefeis a skilled investigative Reporter, Jeff Gannon was a journalist, There is a real Shiria law threat in thiscountry, Obama did nothing to help ourally Hosni Mubarak in the Middle East who was being overthrown by his people, Obama snubbed the poor families of the NavySeals by going to Andrew’s AFB the other day, The debt ceiling should neverhave been raised, Iraq had WMD’s and wasworking with Osama bin Ladin, and it was the Blacks, Hispanics, and poor peoplethat caused the economy to collapse in 2008. I am a better person forlistening to WMAL. Can't wait for the Freedom Concert this year, anyone know when are where it will be? (8/11/11)

Noted with interest: in the last week or two, the Chris Matthews commercial about "American Exceptionalism" on (P)MSNBC has been edited to remove the bit about "You can't go to China and do that" referring to Obama becoming President. Apparently someone figured out that it implied that Obama didn't actually come from the United States, after it had aired for weeks (months?). Or maybe someone remembered that Peru had a Japanese President long before Obama's ascension. Chris Matthews was at one time a guest host on the Rush Limbaugh show. A nice guy in real life, but batshit crazy in front of a camera. Morning Joe has the best bumper music in the business, and Mika Zerbrrrritsky gives me wood, rubber balls and liquor. - ZombieWoof (8/11/11)

Read the Phily Inquirer print edition today. It has considerably more advertising than the Post. It's a decent rag. Good news coverage. Like the Post, its business section is inside the front page section. Opinion page is poor. Coverage of Phillies and Eagles is excellent. Skyliner (8/11/11)

The discussions about non-partisan or non-political radio combined with the discussion about BBC Radio and phone apps has moved me to write about both. I find that programs on LBC 97.3 and BBC (Local) Radio London 94.9 and BBC Radio Five Live (other than sports programs) are much more interesting because they still discuss things in the old way, a moderator talking about all sides of an issue with all kinds of people. I find myself listening to those more and more. The only American stations like that seem to be KFI (in the morning), and KGO. I listen to Rush, and he is one-of-a-kind, but the rest of the day, if I want discussion, I find these four that I listed more interesting. Oh, for the good old days of Brad Crandall on WNBC-660. -- Carl in Olney (8/11/11)

"I am fiscally responsible and frugal, socially aware, read thenewspapers every day, and look to science and not the bible foranswers. These used to be conservative values back in the last century.Now they are the values of the extreme liberal." Yes, dear. "And by the way, Chris Plante’s rant against the “free birth control”last week was some of the most despicable things he has ever said. Thefact that a man could spew such lies, misinformation, and downrightgarbage on the public airwaves literally bought me to tears. Yes, I didshed a tear or two. He has said some very despicable things in thepast, but that rant upset me so much I can’t even listen to his showfor the comedic value it once had." Comedic value. Yes, dear. - ZW (8/11/11)

Just a comment on the posts by UCS and Dan about Intelligent Conservative Talk Radio: (I’ll ignore the obvious cheap shot) I agree that WMAL is a great example of what not to do. Rush Limbaugh’s insane popularity really ruined the future of talk. He was a one of a kind phenomenon. Unfortunately, every borderline hack started to imitate him. The even imitated the bad things he did, like banging the desk, rattling paper, and long pauses. Naturally, they didn’t know how or why he did this, so they just did it and sounded stupid. During the beginning of the talk radio era, it was a daily occurrence for me to talk to one of my hosts about rattling papers for no reason. But the real problem was the shift in focus on AM radio from entertainment and information to political agenda. UCS is right about where radio has gone wrong. Is it too late to get back to good radio? Yes and no, Yes on AM - - it is now a fragmented shell of what radio was. Anything that will help an owner survive is acceptable. It is not too late for FM; it just requires that politics is not a programming ingredient. Some of my best friends are conservatives, and they can do remarkable radio. I’m an extreme liberal, and have no problem creating great, non-partisan radio. Politics should not be a factor in producing a top rated radio station. DC has some really bad stations (music and talk) that could be vastly improved by having a programming direction. Forget about WMAL-AM, CBS could produce FM talk (not sports) and bury them. Just do it as an entertaining and informative station that is apolitical. Ed Graham (8/11/11)

DCRTV Dave: "I'm noticing how much worse AM radio sounds just about everywhere"; Dave! Don't forget about IBOC and all of the other AM frequency interlopers that have crept in from everywhere over the past 20 years! (8/11/11)

(I had an English Comp professor who said that the duty of a free press is to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable”.) UCS, your Prof was quoting H. L Mencken. (8/11/11)

Have the Ravens cut into the Redskins popularity in the region? Undoubtedly. But so have the Caps stolen some of the Redskins thunder. And the Nats are on the verge of doing so with Strasburg and Harper. But given all that, the respective fan bases of all those teams are still a pimple on the ass of an elephant compared to the Redskins. Snyder has done a good job of frittering away the goodwill of the Cooke-Gibbs era. But, amazingly, there is still a lot left. (8/11/11)

To unsigned corporate suit. Yes I am well aware of the liberal/conservative heart/brain saying. But that was said decades ago. The term “conservative” today, at least in talk radio, means something very different from what it meant that many years ago. I am fiscally responsible and frugal, socially aware, read the newspapers every day, and look to science and not the bible for answers. These used to be conservative values back in the last century. Now they are the values of the extreme liberal. So at nearly age 50, if I do not find Chris Plante and his views not my cup of tea, it does not mean I don’t have a brain. It means I do have one. And by the way, Chris Plante’s rant against the “free birth control” last week was some of the most despicable things he has ever said. The fact that a man could spew such lies, misinformation, and downright garbage on the public airwaves literally bought me to tears. Yes, I did shed a tear or two. He has said some very despicable things in the past, but that rant upset me so much I can’t even listen to his show for the comedic value it once had. (8/11/11)

Today is the day I realized that the Orioles have become a second rate team in Baltimore. WBAL will air three hours of pre-game and then a post game for the Ravens and in between they will the air the Orioles Game. So, the flagship of the Baltimore Orioles feel comfortable running O's game and with no pre or post game talk, in-fact they will run best of talk shows. I know the Orioles are bad, but come on, they are still in Baltimore. (8/11/11)

You can listen to BBC Radio 1--and all the BBC Radio stations on Tune In app for your smartphone. I listen to BBC R1, R2 and BBC 5 Live all the time. Just plug it into your car aux input--and the audio quality is much better than Sirius/XM. (8/11/11)

Dave: It's quite funny how there's no sportstalk radio listener who's noticed that 980 pulled "a fast one." Yes, Kornheiser max'ed out his working days but it's spun into "he's on vacation." To be fair, yesterday was the first time in two-weeks that I've listened to the station and nothing's changed. From 12p-7p, the station is un- listenable! Finally, Laverro tries to put an arrogant Sheehan in his place and that's just a terrible listen...then Czaban gets behind the mic and makes sure we all know he's better than everyone. When I visited Baton Rouge last week, I listened to one sportstalk station that had 100x better personalities than 980. I thought the Washington, DC radio market was in the top 20...not for sportstalk! (8/11/11)

So much for the mystery of whether Tony Kornheiser will be coming back to ESPN 980's airwaves following his lengthy summer hiatus - the station's been running a promo touting Aug. 29 as his return date. While Andrew Siciliano (who also works for the NFL's Red Zone channel) has done a solid job in the 10 AM to noon timeslot over the past five weeks or so, he hasn't exactly honored Mr. Tony's 'sports is only part of what we do' philosophy - those looking for a continuation of the weekly chats with Anne Hornaday about the latest cinematic offerings at your local art house or Howard Fineman breaking down the national debt crisis have no doubt been disappointed. What's made John Feinstein a popular talk radio guest over the years is not just his expertise on a number of sports topics (most notably golf and college basketball) but willingness to go for the jugular when called for. Whether or not Darren Rovell (whose specialty is sports business issues) can come close to filling that void on WTEM remains to be seen. An interesting tidbit about Steve Kolbe's 13 season tenure as Capitals radio voice is that they won three playoff series in his first year doing the games (the '98 run to the Stanley Cup Finals) but have only managed to win two since then despite lofty recent expectations. Speaking of the Caps, CSN's Washington Post Live had a web poll the other day regarding the most popular athlete in DC and despite the fact that Alex Ovechkin won by a substantial margin over his competition (Brian Orakpo, Stephen Strasburg and John Wall), Mike Wise chose to practice his own personal version of jury nullification by suggesting that only a Redskin can enjoy that status and (Skins tight end) Chris Cooley would surely have won had he been one of the choices. Apparently Wise didn't learn anything from all the negative backlash arising from his "with all due respect, it's hockey" reply to a serious Caps related question on a Post online chat a few years ago. A fact that most Washington media outlets have consistently failed to respect or even acknowledge is the extent to which the Ravens have cut into the Redskins' popularity in this market since relocating from Cleveland to Baltimore in 1995. The explanation is simple - they've had much more success on the field (including a Super Bowl win) than the Skins over that period while also cleaning Dan Snyder's clock in the public relations and stadium experience departments. For a network affiliate in DC (Channel 7) to make a deal to to air Ravens' preseason games while no station in Charm City is carrying the Redskins should tell you something about the relative status of the two franchises in the Baltimore-Washington area right now. Mike, Fairfax (8/11/11)

Has anbody noticed how hard it is to get WBAL in Baltimore County. They used to always come booming in on all my radios, but now, it's always static. Seems like the signal just ain't what it used to be. I have a hard time getting them here in Reisterstown. The whole station seems to be having problems, and I noticed that WCBM is breathing down their backs. The morning news with Bill Banko, when he's not stumbling, is more commentary than news. And the female news anchors don't sound major market. They can do better. I look for WCBM and WYPR to top them in the ratings soon. (8/11/11)

Dave's response: I'm noticing how much worse AM radio sounds just about everywhere in the DC-Baltimore area, and I'm not talking about programming. The generalized signal degradation has to do with simply more sprawl - concrete buildings are not good for AM reception - and way more electronic interference from all the devices we use. Even strong stations at my location, like WMAL, feature an incessant buzzing underneath. Perhaps budget cuts have hit stations' engineering departments, and they're not keeping their AM signals optimized. Maybe the FCC should shut down the AM band before listeners completely abandon it - at least in heavily congested urban/suburban areas. Or maybe get rid of most stations, and then allow the three or four remaining stations per market to jack up their wattage to overcome all the signal disadvantages.....

Back when I started in this business, I was still in college (Never encountered anything like “Columbia School of Broadcasting” (“Not to be confused with the Columbia University School of Proctology”… Let’s see if anyone remembers the movie which inspired that line!)), I had an English Comp professor who said that the duty of a free press is to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable”. In the decades since, I’ve not forgotten that. The pity is that so many of my peers have. While Dan is right in that there is a need for an intelligent conservative talker, the anon poster who laments the absence of a variety of viewpoints is also right. Where radio has gone wrong is that rather than being a presenter of opinions, it has become a reinforcer of previously held beliefs. And, in the process, it does this while failing to entertain, which is a primary mission of commercial broadcasting. I find Limbaugh, Plante, Hannity, Levin, etc., unlistenable. Not just from a political perspective (and I am a conservative), but from a presentation perspective. Hannity really got my goat awhile back when he lambasted Mitch McConnell for some “conservative” U.S. Senators who voted to represent their constituents, rather than vote the “conservative line”. While on a bit of a philosophical pulpit, I’ll share one more: “If you’re not a liberal by the time you’re 25, you haven’t any heart. And, if you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 35, you haven’t any head”, while my contention is that neither side is correct all the time. And, knowing the difference as to when “liberal” or “conservative” is the best course to take represents two other things woefully lacking in American broadcasting today: Maturity and courage. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (8/11/11)

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"Well WETA tv is back in the fundraising mode! ...? ...? ...! Wombie Zoof" Somewhere there's a dead donkey whose boyfriend is jealous. - ZombieWoof (8/10/11)

(Where are CSB teachers now?) Former chief engineer & radio/tv instructor (2001-2007) Alan Peterson engineering for Radio America these days. Who else is out there? (8/10/11)

[" ...... Sad. I loved listening to BBC Radio 1 via Sirius XM. You can still listen to it at, although it's not time-shifted like the Sirius XM feed was, so the Chris Moyles morning drive show runs in the wee overnight hours ....."] You can listen again to BBC Radio 1 shows for a week after they're broadcast using the i-player tool that can be downloaded from the website. Only works for radio (i.e. not TV) though, but it supports most of the radio stations (Radio 1, 2, 3 4, 6Music etc.etc.). (8/10/11)

Hmm. Something decent apparently came out of that NBC-Comcast deal. - MLS, NBC announce three-year broadcast deal (8/10/11)

Sirius XM has dropped BBC Radio 1 from its lineup and will replace with some shitty Disco channel. Facebook group alreadyactive. (8/10/11)

Dave's response: Sad. I loved listening to BBC Radio 1 via Sirius XM. You can still listen to it at, although it's not time-shifted like the Sirius XM feed was, so the Chris Moyles morning drive show runs in the wee overnight hours - 1:30 AM to 5 AM - via Eastern time.....

Well WETA tv is back in the fundraising mode! Just had 2 weeks of fundraising in June. So I guess it's a bi-monthly thing. Kind of ridiculous. And the line about "so we can bring you this wonderful type of programming" what bullshit. They only show this programming during infomercial time. Just show commercials already and drop this constant fundraising junk. Did WRC consider offering Czarniak an anchor position? After the initial splash at ESPN won't she start to fade and just be another blonde from D.C. at ESPN? What's the story behind Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil flipflopping stations this fall? Man that DishNation is utter crap. I enjoy the TMZ but DishNation seems to have picked out the worse elements of TMZ and is running with it. And Father Time is certainly catching up with Scott Shannon and his rosy cheeks. come on channel 5 let's have an hour of Simpson's! Wombie Zoof (8/10/11)

It's very rare when I agree with Unsigned Corproate Suit on something but Washington DC needs a intellegent conservative talk radio station. It would also help if they had a PM drive show that isn't syndicated. No whack jobs needed on the air but have personalities that people can not only listen to but also respect. I am a conservative but I HATE Rush Limbaugh. I would go further but as my parents raised me....if you can't say anything nice then doing say anything at all. I have nothing nice to say about the man so I had better just keep my opinion to myself on that moron. Dan (8/10/11)

So.......I spend 45 minutes at the local Comcast office to pick up two digital converters for the radio station. I finally get to the head of the line with all the proper paperwork, and the nice "customer service representative" tells me she can't do anything for me because I represent a "business" and not a "residence." So I have to call an "800" to get "business service." Yeah, I got the "business." Al McGilvray (8/10/11)

Slightly off topic but I saw something interesting on the Forbes magazine website the other day. It noted that since Newsweek magazine's website has merged with The Daily Beast's site that the combined traffic to the site was down 24%. (My observation - Duplication of the two couldn't be this much.) It went on to say that when the Washington Post Company owned Newsweek they were buying web traffic from some company for Newsweek's site for as much as $1 million per year; presumably to boost the metrics for advertisers. Dave, how does something like buying traffic work? And a bigger question (and, to be clear, I'm not accusing anyone by asking this), how can web advertisers rely on information from comScore or Nielsen if a site is buying traffic?? (8/10/11)

Dave's response: I don't "buy traffic" and I don't know how it's done.....

re: "There is a serious need in D.C. for intelligent conservative talk radio which is also entertaining." NO, there isn't!!!!!! The last thing DC (or the country) needs is more ideologues preaching to the choir. What is needed is Intelligent Talk Radio that is entertaining, but neither liberal nor conservative. Let's hear a balanced set of views from across the political spectrum - and perhaps even intelligent and responsible dialogue from people who can debate different perspectives without name-calling, and selective (or dishonest) facts, and demonization. Let's have hosts who, even as their voice their own opinions, are open to the whole range of ideas and solutions - and who aren't beholden to an conservative or liberal ideological theme. I wouldn't be caught dead listening to the rhetorical and intellectual cesspool that the once great WMAL has become, but I'd listen to a talk station that really was fair and balanced. It's probably naive to hope that someone will have the guts to program it on a decent signal, and put big promotional dollars behind making it a success - but one can dream. (8/10/11)

"I guess the confusion is that Chris Plante calls everyone who is not just like him "the left" so it has lost its meaning." In the realm of politics it's generally true, so how could it lose meaning? "I used to listen to him for the comedic value, but the last couple weeks he has really gotten mean, nasty and angry." Of course, dear. For the comedic value. Of course. He's gotten mean, nasty and angry in the last couple weeks? How long have you been a faithful listener? He was much more vitriolic early on. But of course you know that. "And by the way, Chris Plante reads Media Matters to get his talking points." Of course he does dear, just like Rachel Maddow listens to Michael Savage to get her talking points. Seriously? "Obama failed to make an Easter proclamation" is technically true, but a stupid point to make, since Presidents generally don't. Besides, Obama was too busy killing innocent Libyans, or was that when he was backing the Muslim Brotherhood's play to take over Egypt? So hard to keep it all straight...but anyway, how are things at the assisted living facility? - ZombieWoof (8/10/11)

We have the male age 25-54 radio ratings for DC - full-day, mornings, and afternoons. Comcast customers cut cable cord. Dave's favorite cable TV channels. Kat Jackson leaves WMZQ. Steve Kolbe is out as the Capitals' radio voice. And I rant again on WMAL and WJFK. In today's "Dave TV" at (8/10/11)

What would the correct metaphor be for what Marcus Brauchli is doing to the Post: "Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic", or "ripping out the floorboards of the Titanic to use as kindling"? (8/10/11)

re: Missing blonde's boyfriend; Fox5 Morning News had him on yesterday morning. (8/10/11)

Kudos and the Nancy Grace Shameless Award goes out to The Junkies for their coup in having Richard Forester, the roomie of the “missing blonde from Maryland” (aka Robyn Gardner) as well her alleged real boyfriend on their show this morning: even though the guy sounded drunk or drugged, maybe he was the real thing (how does Brett confirm he is who he says he is?) and was authentically upset over her whereabouts. The usually crude Junks stayed away from grilling the guy over his & Robyn’s sex life, with the only discussion of pussy being her cats that remain with him. BTW: it was fun for me & my daughter to actually meet DCRTV Dave the other day at the Reston Festival and he is scarier in real life than his pictures let on. (8/10/11)

“This talk in the Mailbag about WMAL proves that they have a significant audience.” Huh? (8/10/11)

Good to see Andy Parks has landed a new gig. Agree or disagree with him, Andy is a good man and DC benefits from an experienced pro like Andy. (8/10/11)

Dave's response: I rarely agreed with Andy's politics, and some of the stuff he said on his WMAL show was quite boneheaded and downright cruel - like his jestful advocacy of shipping "illegals" back to "Mexico" like they were cargo. But I also thought he got a raw deal from WMAL. Fred Grandy left and Andy took over the morning show for a while. And then Andy got uncerimoniously canned, with Fred (and his wife) coming back. Downright nutty and not the way to treat a 25-year veteran of the station.....

Zombiewolf, I guess the confusion is that Chris Plante calls everyone who is not just like him "the left" so it has lost its meaning. Big Government people, the left. No government people, the left. Rich people that do not agree with him, the left. People who live in caves, the left. I used to listen to him for the comedic value, but the last couple weeks he has really gotten mean, nasty and angry. Even more than usual. And by the way, Chris Plante reads Media Matters to get his talking points. More than a few times I have heard Chris Plante saying something on the radio that had been on the front page of MM and was debunked just moments earlier. The most blatant I heard was "Obama failed to make an Easter proclamation". (8/10/11)

This talk in the Mailbag about WMAL proves that they have a significant audience. There is a serious need in D.C. for intelligent conservative talk radio which is also entertaining. With a few brief exceptions in AM drive and Coast-to-Coast AM, WMAL is none of these. It is a train wreck in progress the likes of which Gomez Adams would be proud of. Also, one our TV CE’s e-mailed me about my suggestion of putting the 162 Mhz NOAA WX radio on the audio of our “Radar Weather” sub-channels, and says it’s illegal! And, our FCC attorney says it’s OK in emergencies, “but is researching the matter”. I know the NAB has had a horsefly up its ass about TIS stations repeating NOAA transmissions, but is it really that serious a beef? -Unsigned Corporate Suit (8/10/11)

Re; WINC & Centennial.....WKSI "tiny"? Well compared to WINC-FM's monster signal yes they are but WKSI's target demo could care less about that as long as they can get Winchester's 98.3 Kiss-FM which many of them obviously do anyway since that is why WKSI is at number two in 12+. WINC-FM losing their overnight guy had affected their ratings? Well Winchester's Q102 had got rid of that slot YEARS ago, say about TWENTY years ago and I can see that Q102 hasn't "suffered" as a result and besides even when they were live and local overnights with Bruce Allen and later with Mike Evans well WINC never did promote that fact either, anyway that is hardly a "loss". WINC-FM should become Northen Virginia's version of New Jersey 101.5?....I agree with that and it would be nice HOWEVER Northern Virginia is NOT a radio market of its own as if it were no doubt that WAGE would still be, well local WAGE out of Leesburg and Tom Cat Reeder would still be doing the mornings at "Big K" WKCW not too mention perhaps one could still find music on 107.7 but as it is now to the advertiser WINC is strictly Winchester/Frederick County, Virginia and they really don't care how WINC does in Fairfax or Leesburg as long as they do well in Winchester and besides even though WINC sucks in the 12 plus numbers how do we really know for sure what WINC does in the other demos? To the best of my knowledge WINC had never fired anyone strictly due to ratings so perhaps....well OMG...maybe just maybe 92.5 WINC-FM could really be doing well afterall. WINC should go oldies on the weekend? OK..but Winchester/Frederick County is already served by noless than THREE oldies stations with WZRV "The River 95.3 ", WXVA AM 610 and to a much lesser degree WICL "Oldies 95.9 so how in the hell can WINC make any money at all by doing that format?. I agree with that previous poster as to give WINC's AC format a chance, I would and besides what else can they do? "Smooth Jazz on the WINK"? "..Hip Hop on the WINK"? "Jesus Christ on the WINK"? Ah..well NO !! One last thing, those who post info about WINC, Q102, WLTF, TV 3 Winchester and the others in the valley..have any of you had actually even been to the Winchester/Martinsburg area anyway? If you had well you just maybe able to answer your own damn questions before you would press the "send" button to DCRTV !!!. (8/10/11)

A true "radio revolution" would update a Facebook page more often than every couple of months. (8/10/11)

Comcast Offer $10 Internet Plan to low - Income Familes (8/10/11)

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