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Although it's good to see HFS soon to hit the Baltimore market, it's sad to see it regulated to a LP transmitter, two HD channels and online streaming. If CBS really was serious about this move, they would have started from the ground up and bring it back on a strong signal without the need for two HD channels(one in Baltimore and 94.7 in Washington). I can see the need for online streaming online. Especially now with a soon to be LP transmitter that might cover just the city of Baltimore. I stand by what I have said for years in this fourm. Put HFS back on 99.1 to replace El Zol or 94.7 and get rid of Fresh FM. Both stations are picked up in the Baltimore market. DC 101 could use a swift kick in the balls with their way of handling their lack of knowledge of the full spectrum of alternative rock. They even now play a small bit of classic rock to try to bring back the audience they alienated by going alternative. HFS could come back and shake down DC 101 by playing a mix of progressive alternative to today's alternative rock. It might send DC 101 in due time to a active rock station or just going back to playing classic rock. CBS is mismanaging this legendary station by regulating it to a LP frequency and a couple of HD signals as well as online streaming. It's a sad sight to watch. Here's hoping that CBS will eventually wake the hell up as to how they keep scewing HFS over! Dan (7/19/11)

The Sun's 1970 TV listing for channels 20 and 73 would suggest that 73 was a Baltimore signal. I recall that translator being used not too much later -- in the early 70's -- for Maryland Public Television's channel 67, which had a tough time penetrating downtown Baltimore. This was before the proliferation of cable -- and MPT needed a better way to get their classroom programming *into* the city's classrooms. Ultimately MPT's channel 22 out of Annapolis (originally WAPB, then WMPT) wound up providing superior coverage in many Baltimore neighborhoods than 67 -- which was actually licensed to Baltimore. Once 22 was on the air I don't recall 73 being used anymore. (7/19/11)

Sorry to hear about the passing of Nat Albright. I came to DC just in time to catch the final year or so of his baseball re-recreations and sports reports on WAVA. A bygone era for sure. Miss those distinctive voices coming over the radio Albright and Mutual's Van Patrick, among others. David in Hyattsville (7/19/11)

Recent NPR Piece On Radio Jingles? (7/19/11)

Dave, you are quite correct about the indignation shown by black females when they see a white woman on the arm of one of 'their' men. There is an old saying, 'Hell hath no fury like the fire of woman scorned." It was at the heart of Anita Hill's charges against Clarence Thomas, who is regarded by many of color as a 'race traitor' for marrying a white woman and being tough on sentencing guidelines. I have witnessed a few such racially polarized confrontations working in the biz. The subject of black men and white woman is a hot topic on message boards in the black community. IIRC a black female DJ in NYC was either suspended or fired fairly recently for going on-air and commenting about seeing a man of color with a white woman. Her comments were something to the affect, "whats wrong with him, why can't he pick a sistah rather than white trash, this is diluting our race". Funny thing about racism, when you point a finger at me, three are pointing back at you!! Can't we all just get along? (7/19/11)

The original members of the Big Phat Morning Show (Marc Clarke, Troy Johnson, and Marva Williams) will be on the Styyle Chronicles Radio Show, tonight at 8pm, on (7/19/11)

wow! Did anyone else hear Chad and Lavar interview John Lannan this evening? I cant stand them, but only listened because I wanted to hear Lannan. In my opinion, you would have thought the interview and all news going on between the Nats and O's was new to them. First, Chad mentions that John, "got hit with a line drive earlier in the season." Well it happened right before the all-star break, it was pretty recent. Then Lavar mentions that big brawl between "the Red Sox, and some other team" How in the world can a sports radio host in the DC area NOT know it was the Orioles? Just sayin' do your homework guys. (7/19/11)

WFSI being sold ? Perhaps it could be added to the KHZ empire. Ratings on WFSI would pretty much remain unchanged. Or maybe Donnie could put in a bid and finally bring back his beloved WHFS. (7/19/11)

Dear Unsigned Corporate Suit, Radio One stick with what they are good at? Ha Ha! Everyone of their urban stations I have heard coming out of both DC and Baltimore are staffed by a bunch of CHEAP no talent and NO (or little) experienced jocks who shouldn't be on the air. The only exception to that is what I've heard on WOL. Any company that expects to survive in this fragmented market place had better learn to do something else real fast. How many other major players out there are doing just ONE genre of radio? I'm not talking about the religious operators that primarily offer brokered programming. Radio One needs to understand that SMART operators do more than just one thing to stay financially healthy. I'm sorry but in today's age being just a one trick pony isn't gonna cut it in the long run. (7/19/11)

WTOP is like radio’s nympho cheerleader with big tits, a nice ass, and a cute face. Everybody wants to date her. Only a few get to fuck her. The ones which date her once go ‘wow’! The guys who get to fuck her go ‘wow’! The ones who date her more than once go ‘damn, she’s a bitch!” And, the guy who gets her pregnant or that she actually falls in love with says, ‘damn, now that I’ve got her, what do I do with her?’ That’s the way Hubbard will see WTOP. Maybe not now. But, just wait until that first “headache”! Yes, I know the old song, “Cheaper to Keep Her”. I think Hubbard is in way over their head with WTOP, as they’ll soon see. Oxley and Farley can do only so much in making it palatable to the Hubbard family. I’ve also heard WTOP likened to a British sports car as well… like a cheerleader, a lot of fun, gets a lot of attention your way, but damned expensive to acquire and maintain. But WTOP has a better ROI than most Jags, Triumphs, MG’s, TVR’s, Lotus, etc… And, while CBS would have to spin-off a signal, 106.7 wouldn’t be that great a loss. You don’t necessarily have to fix-up what you’ve already got to improve yourself. You can buy the improvement! Look at AMC… they bought Jeep to grow. And, ultimately survive while the rest of their cars were crap. Then, Chrysler bought AMC/Jeep to grow, while the rest of their cars were crap. Then, (after a couple of other deals along the way) Fiat bought Chrysler so it could have Jeep while the rest of their cars were… crap! Hubbard will use WTOP to pay down the Bonneville acquizition debt, and maybe a few other things. Then, watch CBS buy WTOP/WFED (Yes, it will be a record price which only CBS could afford. 10X? In a Depression? I seriously doubt it.) in a “surprise deal of the century.” Which it really won’t be. Sign of things to come? Compare a 2011 Jetta to the 2010. The 2011 is a slightly lower price than the 2010. But, in addition to being significantly “de-trimmed”, the 2011 is actually is a “cheaper driving” car in ways you can’t see. As the Depression worsens with non-federal unemployment topping 10% (Q4 11/Q1 12), you’ll see a cheapening at WTOP beyond just their website. (7/19/11)

Did I read that correctly or is this a heat fueled halucination? HFS to cover DC AND Baltimore again? And maybe on a main frequency also? YES!!! Spin up Crystal Method-Name of the Game(Listen all you mutha____....Calling All Freaks)!!! RNR on a stronger signal sounds good...too bad someone doesn't buy out Delmarva and put WRNR on 103.7 and maybe bring back WDRE and/or the Y100/Y-Rock/Y Not Radio legacy on 93.7 for Phillys rimshot. But the HFS news is the best I've heard in years!! Eeeeevooooooooollllve!!!! Donnie (7/19/11)

It was spelled Nat "Albright"... with one "L". (You may be thinking of Ed Walker's affectionate impression of "Not All Bright".) (7/19/11)

Your radio guru may need to do some more navel gazing. Based on how you wrote the front page blurb there are a few provisos, a few "quid pro quos" you may want to consider: 1) Swensson ain't sniffing around Idaho Ave looking for a sale. That process starts waaaaaay above his pay grade-like with Dan Mason and Les Moonves. From Hubbard's side I seriously doubt that Joel Oxley has a green light for negotiations. That happens above his pay grade, as well. 2) This assumes Hubbard has ANY interest in selling the WTOP family of stations. Are they expensive to operate? Sure. Are they raking in the cash? As they say, you can read it in the papers. Hubbard probably likes all that cash flow - esp with a new purchase to finance. 3) CBS would have to buy the entire flotilla of WTOP stations and that would likely mean spin-offs. Doable but a consideration. Remember, WTOP was one of the crown jewels in Hubbard's purchase of half of Bonneville. CBS would have to offer stoopid money - like 10 times cash flow - to get Hubbard to blink. At current multiples it does not make sense. CBS needs to fix what they got in DC before they go on a spending spree. (7/19/11)

Who knew Springer was still on the air? (7/19/11)

Radio One doing Oldies/Classic Hits? They’ll sooner do C&W! They know what they’re good at and aren’t going to experiment. I hope the WHFS return to “real radio” (not as an IBOC sub-channel.) is for real this time. Pity it couldn’t be on 107.9… Unsigned Corporate Suit (7/19/11)

Dave's response: Hey, maybe WRNR-FM could move from weak 103.1 to strong 107.9.....

(snip), “…why is it the Washington/Baltimore area has only one AFTRA-franchised agent while Philadelphia has nine?” Because Philadelphia is a major market, that’s why! (7/19/11)

To the respondent the other day who made a case for the importance of AFTRA: why is it the Washington/Baltimore area has only one AFTRA-franchised agent while Philadelphia has nine? That seems a little lopsided to me. If a DC broadcaster/actor/voiceover artist was seeking representation, are they necessarily obligated to look out of town? (7/19/11)

RE: WFSI. Dave you suggested that Radio One get their hands on that frequency and carry gospel for Baltimore? It's time that Radio One spread it's corporate wings and try something else besides making a mockery of the once great Urban format. If I were in "Slick" Alfie's (as he was known here) and make that station a late '60s/70's (Classic Top 40) oldies station. Baltimore already has enough Urban signals and one more (as only Radio One can "do it") isn't gonna make them any money. Radio One at one time had a couple of CHR's in it's portfolio. It's high time they try something else and actually hire a proven programmer (complimented with a decent sounding staff................even if it's voice tracked). Now that's what Mr. Liggins should do. Baltimore doesn't need any more cheap no talent Urban jocks stinking up the airwaves. (7/19/11)

I suppose the Borders that was freshly planted in the middle of Newark,Delaware to take advantage of Uof D is now a tax writeoff. Well at least a bunch of construction guys got some overtime building it. I was looking forward to a shorter trip to Borders...oh well...Donnie (7/19/11)

Regarding the Baltimore Channel 73... It couldn't have lasted long because I was born in 1966 and used to watch Captain 20 when I was a kid because 45 always sucked and 20 had better cartoons and kids shows. Getting 20 was very tough even with a rooftop antenna. If there had been a channel 73 relay of WDCA 20, I would have definitely found it because I was a channel surfer practically out of the womb! LOL So I figure it had to be gone by 1972 at the latest. Other things of interest is that 22, 45, 50 & 54 are all not on the air yet nor is 88.1FM or 92.3FM although I seem to remember The Sun's radio/TV listings back then used to have lots of errors. The earliest Radio Highlights I saw as a kid from the Sun also used to list many of the DC radio stations too because I remember channel surfing and not being able to get many of them on AM or FM. We didn't even have an FM radio in 1970 I don't think, certainly not in the car, but I do remember the beginning of WLPL 92.3, Baltimore's 1st rock station that I remember when we finally got one in the early 70's. WLPL carried Dr. Demento as I recall and me and my buddies used to listen out in the back yard. Then I got hooked on WKTK 105.7 when it flipped to rock which in 1970 I see was WBMD AM/FM. Oh, one last thing... WFSI 107.9 is definitely being sold, it's confirmed. I don't know who, but definite. (7/19/11)

DC morning and afternoon show radio ratings for the first week of July. A WGMS bumper sticker memory and a WMAL Harden and Weaven video ad memory. Goodbye Borders. Goodbye Nat Albright. And WFSI up for sale. All in today's edition of "Dave TV" at (7/19/11)

Hi Dave, I'm employed as a bicycle mechanic in this season of my life and I try to spend an hour each evening reading cycling magazines and manuals so I can, cue the band, be all that I can be. And I will miss Borders a lot. I'd stop in regularly to do some reading and enjoy a brewed cup of coffee and I'd often made a purchase or two--just got the latest issue of Road Bike Action magazine. The whole having-an-entire-store-to-browse-with-coffee experience has been remarkable and I am thankful we still have Barnes and Noble. Still, the loss of Borders is a big one for those of us who were their customers--and an even bigger one for the thousands of people who are losing their jobs over this. I hurt for them. In other news, I've been listening to WTOP for traffic and weather and jokes on the eights, but all I seem to get is traffic and weather. I guess I'll have to stay tuned. And regarding the Family Radio sale, one wonders whether this is the result of Mr. Camping breaking format with his late-night chatfest. As a fan of Christian radio--and a long-time Christian radio broadcast professional--I still cannot believe that nobody in his circle called him out and took away his mike. But in terms of which entities may want that big signal in Annapolis, I would think that Salem would toss their hat into the ring. They tried to reach Baltimore with their WAVA-FM programming by buying AM 1260 in the 90s, but WRBS at 95.1 FM had a similar format and a greater signal--and a decades-long relationship with Baltimore--and, I suspect, that was enough for Salem to ease off the gas and leave Baltimore. Now, with WRBS re-branded as Shine FM and spinning Christian pop--and enjoying very good ratings, kudos to them--and with a huge FM signal on the table and with a Christian talk-and-teaching void on the FM dial in Baltimore, it would seem to be a perfect fit for Salem. And good for them. But it would be a good fit for WTOP, too. And they have jokes. So we'll see. Robb de Capitol Heights (7/19/11)

Very sad to read of the passing of Nat Albright. Like the recently departed Jay Perri and his hunting & fishing shows, Nat also did the selling of his sportscasts on WAVA. No doubt he did the same thing on WPIK and WEAM. IIRC, he also worked for awhile at WDCA-20 and probably at WTTG-5 as well. He was indeed a self-promoting hustler. Probably too much of one for the other TV’s whose sports anchors of that era were polished to a spit-shine, compared to the gravelly-voiced (probably from either to much PBP or too many decades of smoking (the WAVA production studio was like a room-sized ashtray.)), Brooklyn-accented Nat Albright. Nat once commented that Mad magazine once captured the image of his Brooklyn days in a cartoon. But, he was a helluva guy to work with! As Ed said, he could be exasperating. But, he was always fun to work with. A lot of the old WAVA crew has left the studio of late. Arthur W. Arundel, Bill Ashley, Jay Perri, and now Nat Albright. Last I heard, Dennis Daily was at KNX in Los Angeles and Howard Dicus is at KGMB-TV in Honolulu. And, of course, Dick Uliano is at WTOP. Not many of us are left… JFP (7/19/11)

Dave's response: Is it "Allbright" or "Albright"? I see it spelled both ways on the web.....

Did I hear things right, or is ESPN 980 really running old Tony Kornheiser shows at 5am in the morning? I listen on my early drive to work to hear about all the sports I missed last night. ESPN radio from 5-6am is a great show! They're like the TV sportscenter. They sum up everything from the night before. But of course, the idiots at ESPN 980 would rather run old Kornheiser shows that no one cares about or are relevant. Really? Really? Well here's one listener who you've lost in the morning. (7/19/11)

If Craig Melvin were engaged to a younger Rene Pouissant there would be no chatter in the mailbag. Black man x White Woman = Welcome to Montgomery Alabama. (7/19/11)

Dave's response: I know a white woman who is dating a black man. And she tells me that she gets the most scorn from black women, who are angry that she's "taking" one of "theirs." Ha ha ha.....

So David Zurawik complains about the British and Italian accents on PBS Masterpiece's "Zen" that aired Sunday night. Well, uh, it's a British drama shot in Rome. The actor who plays Zen is British and the lead actress is Italian. When did Zurawik turn into The Sun's version of Les Nessman? (7/19/11)

Dave's response: Don't you get it? David Zurawik is "playing" a pompous ass TV critic for a newspaper that looks like a supermarket circular. He's a parody of himself.....

My thoughts this morning; as the inquiries open up in London, and polling vividly displays the public is more upset with Republicans on how they are handling this debt ceiling thing, Chris Plante starts off this morning talking about what the public wants to talk about-Sharia law in the United States. He doesn’t even have Mrs. Fred on as an expert witness for God’s sake. Speaking of B.S., after all the shilling Sean Hannity did for the movie “Undefeated,” the movie averaged about 35 patrons per screening over the weekend. So, Sean has a plant caller yesterday afternoon call and praise the movie even more, and encourage people to go see it. Good Grief, Sean, the Palin craze is gone, she can’t even attract crowds at book signings anymore. You and Sarah Palin need to part ways. In the past, you tried to create stars out of Carrie Prejean and Christine O’Donnell, (and for some unknown and possibly sick reason “Joe the horny Plumber”), which all ended "badly" for you. Sean, it is time to get over Sarah Palin before you embarrass yourself again. Let’s us now go on to Fox 5 Morning News. This morning, Sarah was talking about the Facebook Fan of the day and said the fan (a woman) just got married July 1st. “ Congratulations to you and your new husband” Sarah said. Sarah, is impolite and not proper to say “Congratulations” to the bride, you say it to the groom, but not the bride. To the bride you say “best of luck to you for years to come” or something like that, but to say “congratulations” implies she was lucky to get the man, and is insulting. However, to imply the groom was lucky to get the bride is not insulting, it is a compliment to the bride. Get it? Now, as a reward for reading my thoughts, this morning's Washington Post had a wrap around offering a free pizza from Papa John's for signing up for the Post's new deal site, Sign up and get a free pizza! (7/19/11)

Here's probably the last full-blown interview that Nat Albright gave about his remarkable career in baseball and broadcasting... (7/19/11)

Save The Outdoor Sun - The Baltimore Sun plans to eliminate Candy Thomson’s Outdoor Column. Please send a firm e mail and a letter to the editor requesting the Sun reinstate their Outdoors Section to: Sun Publisher, Tim Ryan: Write a Letter to the Editor including your name and address, along with day and evening telephone numbers to: Talk Back, The Sun, P.O. Box 1377, Baltimore, MD 21278-0001... E-mail: Fax: 410-332-6977... The loss of Candy’s voice will create a void in the flow quality information for the many who enjoy Maryland’s great outdoors including: *Over 10 million Maryland residents and 1 million visitors that use our state parks... *1,491,000 bird and wildlife watchers... *645,000 recreational sport fishermen... *Over 188,000 pleasure boat owners... *163,000 hunters... *Everyone that participates in outdoor recreational activities (more than 3 out every four Marylanders) Please act now to stop this. Candy Thomson is the only remaining journalist in the region possessing the depth of knowledge to cover our interests and our outdoor passions. Join Save The Outdoor Sun on Facebook (7/19/11)

Nat Albright was, indeed, a true character. He was fun, exasperating and filled with a real zest for life! For years, his daily routine began at WPIK's old Virginia Theatre studios in Alexandria then, up the GW Parkway to WAVA in Rosslyn and finally, to WEAM, on the Arlington/Fairfax County line. He'd turn around and reverse the trip for his late rush hour sportscasts then, do it all over again in the afternoon. When he had trouble with a Spanish surname, he'd hold up the copy and yell, "Hey, Rodriguez... how do ya say this guy's name?" right on the air. He bought his shapely, much-younger wife a pink Lincoln Continental. When he showed it to me, he explained, "Now, you see pink Cadillacs all the time but, never a pink Lincoln. That's 'cause there's only one other one, babe. And, Elvis owns it!" But, the best Nat Albright story was about working a major golf tournament at Congressional Country Club around 1961 or 62. The weather was a miserable hazy, hot, humid 100 degrees. So, when he and his and his partner spotted a kid in a golf cart, Nat waved him over and started yelling at the kid, "Where the Hell have you been? We've been waitin' for you for over 45 minutes! Come on, let's go. You can walk back to the clubhouse. Okay?" And, with that, the kid gave up the cart that Nat and his buddy used for the rest of the round. It's nice to know that he lived long enough to enjoy most of that energetic life of his... on his terms! ~ Ed. Rodriguez (7/19/11)

[RE Snyder suit:] Maybe WUSA should focus more on their Abysmal newscast and basement ratings. (7/19/11)

Craig Melvin IS the worst news anchor in DC in a long time. I hated him from the first few minutes of trying to watch his newscast. His grating voice and exaggerated delivery is so small market and has not gotten better over time. The CM "turn-off" was immediate and has nothing to do with his girlfriend, etc. If I see him on a newscast, I immediately go to another local station. For WRC to think he has any future in this town is down right laughable! (7/19/11)

why don't u do a story on how tommy mcfly pays a company to get him followers on twitter. 80% of his followers don't live here (7/19/11)

Nat Allbright was a real character. He was also one of the great hustlers of our time when it came to creating income. Last time I saw Nat was some years ago at the food court in Crystal City. I was behind him in line at the BK. I said, "holy crap--it's Nat Allbright!" He turned around, said, "HEYYY BUDDDY! WHATCHA UP TO THESE DAYS?" I then asked him what HE was doing. "LEMME TELLYA SOMETHIN! THE CAR MARKET IS GANGBUSTERS! IF YA NEED A CAR...COME SEE ME AT JERRRRRRYS FORD!" Then, he gave me his card. And disappeared. He probably deserved a better end to his life but it didn't seem to bother him. sean hall (7/19/11)

Dave - Legendary sportscaster Nat Allbright passed away yesterday. He lived in Arlington and my guess is that he was about 93 years old, maybe 95, when he passed. Very legendary sportscaster with the Broookyn Dodgers and here in the DC area with WEAM. He worked with my ball club, the Alexandria Aces, back in 2008, in our inaugural season for a few games. Nat was a character, that's for sure. They don't make sportscasters like him anymore. God bless Nat Allbright. - Pat Malone, Co-Founder of the Alexandria Aces Collegiate Summer Baseball Club (7/19/11)

This is very serious. I feel it is unfair to impugn my integrity by opining that the reason I hate Craig Melvin is because of his romantic relationship with Ms. Czarniak. Let me be clear: he could be having romantic liaisons with the entire WRC news staff, including Vance and Doreen... or none of them and it wouldn't change the fact that he is the worst news anchor (meat puppet) that I have ever seen. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. (7/19/11)

So, sad to see [Borders] go. The only bookstore left in Woodbrige, is the Books-A-Million in Potomac Mills Mall. Would be nice to see Barnes & Noble move into Borders spot. (7/19/11)

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RE: Craig Melvin. Have you noticed it's usually the same bunch of old geezers that have been giving Craig Melvin grief all this time? Lindsay Czarniak was just a convenient excuse for those old fools to keep pouring it on. Let's face it any time a guy (who is scorned by his detracters) gets next to a hot lady he is gonna get all kinds of grief. Craig Melvin's critics will ALWAYS have their fists to "ease" their frustrations every night of every week. (7/18/11)

I was surprised to see an open Borders near Springfield Mall yesterday...I guess it will be gone too... (7/18/11)

I always preferred B&N to Borders. The times I've been in Borders, it's hard to find help in there. (7/18/11)

B @ N won't be to far behind them! (7/18/11)

One of the funniest signs I saw was on a bookstore that was going under. It said, "NO PUBLIC BATHROOM. TRY AMAZON.COM" (7/18/11)

Bye bye, Borders... (7/18/11)

Yes isn't funny how after "thuh desodder" "desodded" that Saddam had to be taken out, and WAS taken out(unlike Bin Laden), with a "jest in case" mentality following "irrefutable evidence" on WMDs that proved very refutable and repeated denials that oil had ANYthing to do with it the GOP wagged the dog on us with the "imminent(and well planned) bubble burst" and the upcoming invasion of the White House by an illegally immigrated as far as threats to our nation Republicans are silent...not a word about Iran and thier secret-that-everyone-knows-about nuclear (nookyalerr?) program...ditto on North Korea...but HEY those benefit packages for workers look suspiciously like a terrorist plot to destroy the free market!!! And how DARE you try to give citizenship to the underworld work force Republicans make a killing off of? That would cause them to PAY TAXES!! THEN they'd want MORE PAY!!! We can't have people in control of thier financial possibilities in a FREE MARKET can we?!? If there are any talk show hosts addressing these issues let me know......Donnie (7/18/11)

Whats with all the hating on Craig Melvin - is it because he's engaged to Lindsay Czarniak? (7/18/11)

(The service part is gone. If you want full service, you’ll find it at a gas station in New Jersey. Not at a radio station!) Unsigned Corporate Suit, you are invited to WTOP’s blood drive: The Annual WTOP Blood Drive will take place Friday August 5 from 10:30 to 4:30 at White Flint Mall. We do this in partnership with Inova Blood Donor Services (who provides blood to most of the area hospitals) and ABC 7. The need for blood is critical in the summer months so anyone who is willing to donate, you will be potentially saving a life! You can even schedule an appointment online or call to reserve your time..more details here: (7/18/11)

Paging UCS... Looking at the TV page in the Baltimore Sun from June 1970, WDCA is shown broadcasting out of Bethesda on channel 20 as well as on translator channel 73, (presumably out of Baltimore). Any idea how long this arrangement lasted? Does anyone remember? (7/18/11)

Do you suppose WDCA's translator on Channel 73 was broadcasting from Scranton PA? Wikipedia shows that Channel 73 was once a Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania-based translator for WNEP-TV (ABC Scranton). (7/18/11)

Interesting photos of WFFV !! My then-girlfriend worked part-time at WFQX ( WFFV ) back in the mid 90's when 99.3 was known as "Froggy 99". I actually can remember seeing this same control room board in the production studio at WFQX that is in these old WFFV pics !!! Of course by that time the board wasn't used as then owner Benchmark Communications as I can recall didn't allow any production to be done there instead everything was done at Winchester's Q102 even though the main on-air studio was still in Strasburg. My girlfriend left WFQX in August of 1995. Shortly afterward Benchmark would move WFQX into the Q102 complex in Winchester BUT not before she and I were invited by the the staff of Froggy 99 to destroy more/less everything in that Strasburg building including this RCA control board !!! Looking back now I believe that "lets destroy this place" party at WFQX had left behind a big stink in the region as a good chunk of equipment and other things that wasn't even owned by Benchmark was destroyed anyway including local announcer , the late Don James' and his record collection. Sad !!! (7/18/11)

It is sad to hear of Kelly Saunders passing. She was great to work with at 104.3 in Baltimore. She always had positive look on things. She was a great person to work with. Mr Radio (7/18/11)

Don't watch channel 7 news at noon that much, but thought I read that Cynee Simpson was being switched to that time slot..But, the times I have watched it, someone else was anchoring..Is she still doing the noon news?..And it seems that every time I've seen Pamela Brown on tv, she's struggling with trying to get a hairstyle that works.. (7/18/11)

A racy video for DC's old country outlet, KIX-106. Is the Washington Post overcovering the Murdoch controversy via Paul Farhi and Erik Wemple? And we throw in David Zurawik for good measure. Plus, 94.7's Tommy McFly gets an expletive from a movie star. Also, should WMAL's Chris Plante be taken away in a straightjacket? Oh, and get ready for lots and lots of heat hype from DC's weathercasters this week. And a shout out to Joann at Purpleology. All in today's "Dave TV" at (7/18/11)

I am not getting 980’s signal in my office this radio am. JFK is getting worse up here inRockville. I need to go to that shitty CBS website to get the Junks now that they are back on, thank God. What’s your worst radio commercial? My worst lately….(1) Coakley Realty’s 60 day obscure appraisal law in MD (2) McDonalds mango/pineapple (3) We buy any car (4) Any commercial using a voice synthesizer OOBBEE (7/18/11)

Dave's response: Hey, as long as advertisers are willing to buy ads, does it really matter whether anyone can actually hear the fuckin' station! Quit complaining. Radio is NOT for listeners.....

"We had a CE who watched a tower fall in Texas a number of years ago, which had a crew on it." ~~ I've read about that collapse. Google "antenna tower texas fall" ~~ ~~ Blair in Alexandria (7/18/11)

Bill Rohland not returning to JFK barely raised an eyebrow in the mailbag but Wise being resigned also flew under the radar which tells me his show may not be as bad as some say. Granted he appears to still be uncomfortable in his own skin, still stumbles when putting together a thought and has some of the worst shtick on the radio, he's doing well in his demo. I doubt you see Rohland over at 980, but he does have a 980 sound and would probably be a good fit for fill in work. (7/18/11)

To my dear friend Zombie Wolf; What Mark Davis said was mind blowing. Look at forest and not the fallen branch. For two and a half years we had conservatives and republicans shoving down our throats “Osama and Saddam,” and “Iraq and 9-11,” as if Saddam and Iraq had something to do with 9-11 and Osama. Meanwhile, we were told over and over about Iraq’s nuclear build up, fifteen minute strike capability, chem. Labs, missile silos, and aluminum tubing that would be used for long range missiles, among other nonsense, to scare the bejebees out of us. (some Democrats made the same mistake, but remember, at the time, Bill Kristol was blanketing each Capitol Hill office with multiple copies of the The Weekly Standard magazine which every month, like clockwork, carried a fake “urgent report,” on Iraq and its WMD’s, current terror connections, and nuclear ambitions). Most of these articles were written by Douglas Feith, and they all claimed first hand knowledge of huge weapons programs in Iraq that in reality didn’t exist, and terror cells operating in Iraq. Over 2,000 copies of these magazines, many issues containing the fake Iraqi news, were doled out to Capitol Hill offices each week. Then, after two and half years and a war going badly, we were told by the President that Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. We should be past that now, Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11 as the intelligence agencies in Germany, Italy, Israel, and even Iran told our government. But we ignored them and went to war. For Mark to bring up Saddam, WMD’s, and 9-11 in the same sentence, as if Saddam and 9-11 were somehow related, was a throwback to the propaganda leading up to the Iraq war. The debate is over, Saddam had nothing to do with 9-11. The only connection between Iraq and Al Qeada was akin to a schoolboy calling a girl for a date, and having her say “I’m busy,” over and over. Mark was wrong for attempting to blur the lines between Iraq and 9-11 which took so long to finally clear up. (7/18/11)

I cannot believe this...are people complaining because Craig Melvin is OFF? Lord, a-mighty. When a miracle happens you embrace it. Don't complain about it. First time I've been unafraid to watch channel 4 in quite a while. John (7/18/11)

God, does Tommy McFly have shit for brains? One might thinkthat a guy with his toe in “show business” as a major-market jock—evenone at 94.7—could have some built-in consideration for privacy issues fora fellow show business guy who has to put up with 24/7/365 spying—and havinghis every fart and burp reported in “People,” “Us,” anddozens of other voyeur rags and TV shows. Geez, man, hasn’t the tinytaste of “local fame” you’ve stumbled into at WIAD taught youto have the least bit of common courtesy for someone in similar—but muchmore magnified—circumstances? Or are you one of those “milliondollar voice, ten-cent brain” types? (7/18/11)

Would someone please explain to me how it's possible that WJLA - abc7 isn't allowing more face time for Jennifer Donelan? She is smart, great voice and camera friendly. PLUS she refuses to give the stock "here's tragic story for ya' " smugness.... (7/18/11)

In the same vein as "Rule #15 in radio: If [you] get someone to do fill-in work, make sure that they don't sound better than you do" (see someone else's July 15 Mailbag post, but swap "radio" with "TV"): I wonder whether the powers-that-be at WTTG will be actually watching the traffic reports on their morning edition this week with an eye toward making a cool change. (7/18/11)

Back when what has become Comcast's NBC used to have a radio network, they were quite proud of the "reach" it had, and touted it in a feature film that someone recently sent me a link to. Very enjoyable. There's a reference to "owned & operated" at around TRT 4:50, to point back from a discussion on here the other day. (7/18/11)

Is it possible that a collapse of Rupert Murdoch's unfair and imbalanced $32 billion empire might get channel 5 and channel 20 to stop showing so many infomercials and run some regular programming, then I'm all for it! Is Larry Kudlow the Smuggest man in the world? Dude is totally humorless unlike the King of the Dittoheads. Now Chris Plante's humor is pretty lame but smug no I'd say he's something different than that. Sorry Mrs. Mundy my grammar stinks or maybe I don't care, I don't care, nod to Kevin Meany. Caught a few moments of Inside the Dreadskin's on channel 4 Saturday. I must say, I hadn't seen Larry in awhile. He is aging well. What?.And there was some blonde chick on the show. I think her name was Amanda? When does she go to ESPN? Flipped by WMAL Saturday afternoon about 1:15 p.m. and heard some kind of screaming festival called the Mortgage Show. Call in now to lock in that 3.99% mortgage loan before the end of the world. I'm sure management at WMAL is very proud of this show. (7/18/11)

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\/ July 17 Messages \/

I had to wait until I got to Syracuse NY in the late 1980s to inherit a production room with multitrack recording and a synthesizer (we had a MiniMoog instead of WFFV's ARP unit). For a Front Royal/Middletown station to be so equipped back in the day is ambitious and very forward-thinking. My congrats. -Al Peterson (7/17/11)

Hi Dave. I just did a google search and found the source of the pictures I sent earlier. According to the notes they were taken shortly after WFFV went on the air by the overnight announcer, Mark "Grudnick" Garland. Norman Henry Schmidt, WJEJ (7/17/11)

[RE Kelly Saunders:] i was going thru some old vhs tapes last week and found her doing news updates for MPT and wondered what became of her....remember her great voice on DC101 and 98Rock (7/17/11)

I wanted to send you a thank you for posting info about the RCA lecture at the Radio and TV museum in Bowie. The talk was great and the museum has some really excellent stuff. I've driven by the place a million times and never stopped. Glad I went to the lecture. I'll be posting pics on my [Facebook] wall shortly... (7/17/11)

I used to call Kelly Saunders just about every afternoon. I couldn't wait to get home from school and turn on DC101 and listen to that sexy voice and some good ol' rock and roll. To this day, I still wonder if I annoyed her by requesting ''Calling Dr. Love'' by KISS every single day. RIP Kelly and thank you. Paul (7/17/11)

Check out the WaPo Magazine's SECOND GLANCE feature in for this week; it is not yet online. Featured are the satellite dishes of WJFK in Falls Church. (7/17/11)

Was Paul McCartney was killed in a car crash in November of 1966 and replaced with a double? This film suggests just that and that the remaining Beatles tried to signal fans with lots of clues on album covers and in songs. I recently found it on Netflix. I don't believe a bit of it, but it's pretty entertaining. Turn me on, dead man! (7/17/11)

I remember working with Kelly and was sorry when she moved on. Over the years I would catch her on the radio occasionally and once while she was volunteering for a telethon on MPT. She will be missed. I was part of the original crew when WFFV 99.3 signed on in January 1973. The station was licensed to Front Royal but the studio was located in the old wine cellar of the Wayside Inn in Middletown, VA. There was a picture window from one of the dining rooms into the main control room. The attached picture is a view from the dining room. I'm not sure who took it. I stumbled upon it cruising the internet and it brought back memories. Most of the equipment, including the control board and transmitter were from RCA. Must have been a package deal. Behind the turntables, through the next window and down three steps, from left to right is part of the reel-to-reel automation that was used for some of the broadcast day, the modulation monitors and the RCA transmitter. Yes, that's an oscilloscope on top of the automation rack. It's a long story... (7/17/11)

Dave's response: During my first year at JMU in the late 1970s, I didn't have a car. And sometimes took the bus home. It would often take Route 11 up the valley to Winchester and Route 50, and some side roads, down to Fairfax. And I do remember passing by the WFFV studios and tower in Middletown.....

RE: Kelly Saunders: I was saddened to hear of Kelly's Death. IIRC she was on 98 Rock from about 1980 to 1985 and left to go to WBAL after they went News/Talk sometime later. Moreover, I believe I recall her mentioning she didn't have an easy life... It's a shame she left us so soon. :( (7/17/11)

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\/ July 16 Messages \/

T minus two hours to "Back to the Bunker" at Jammin Java. OOBBEE (7/16/11)

Yes, Kelly will be sadly missed. I had the pleasure of meeting her during her "DC-101" days in the 70's. What an outstanding lady! Has anyone noticed that MASN's coverage of tonight's Oriole game is not including any play-by-play or color announcers? Perhaps both Thorne and Hunter have seen their best days. Rusty Gibson (7/16/11)

Can someone please tell me where I can get a job like Craig Melvin? I can’t remember the last time that I saw him on tv. I know that Lindsay left on Wednesday. However, he hasn’t been substituting in the morning or the evening. Now they have Wendy Rieger doing the Saturday news. Thanks! (7/16/11)

I see rhat Wendy Reiger is on the 6pm news. So Craig Melvin's off AGAIN. So has he gone to only anchoring once or twice a month on the weekend now? (7/16/11)

Does the fact that Red Zebra fulltime hosts are AFTRA members mean anything? Absolutely. Even in these troubled times, the union can sometimes get you pay increases or avoid pay cuts. Especially in these troubled times, AFTRA can see that you get your full severance, which can often be enough to keep the company from letting you go in the first place. As for the WJFK move to Maryland from Virginia, Virginia is a right to work state, which means that even in stations which vote for a union contract, staffers may refuse to join the union and just be parasites on the organizing and solidarity of the others. Maryland is not a right to work state, which means that, in shops which vote for the union, AFTRA membership is a condition of employment. If you ever have the choice of AFTRA or not, you're always better off going with the union, from pay to severance to health benefits to retirement, as more than a few former AFTRANS have found out the hard way. (7/16/11)

I see on the AFTRA webpage ( that Red Zebra Full Time Hosts are covered by contract. Does this actually mean anything? And when CBS finally moves WJFK out of Fairfax and heads to Maryland, will staffers there be required to join the union? AFTRA members, chime in please. (7/16/11)

An aircheck of the new oldies WKCW in Warrenton. TNT cancels "Men Of A Certain Age" and where's the Sun's David Zurawik's reporting about a show he heavily hyped when it launched. One of the DC-Baltimore area's first rock DJs Kelly Saunders dies. More on local radio rumors - including the latest about WJFK and WTEM - and how DCRTV first reports stuff long before anyone else. In today's edition of "Dave TV"..... (7/16/11)

["Regarding John Thompson's contract . . . I do believe he signed a lifetime contract. The job is pretty much his for as long as he wants it (a.k.a. doesn't expire for "some time") "] Luckily, a lifetime contract doesn't really mean "lifetime". Even the stupidest of radio management (Clear Channel-then Red Zebra) aren't dumb enough to give anyone an actual lifetime deal. He signed his deal in February 2006, so it looks like it'll expire in February 2012. Thompson would have to take a huge paycut if he were to sign a new deal. When they say "hey coach we're losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on your show by paying you this much", maybe he'll understand, but I doubt it. It's an embarrassment that one of the worst radio hosts in the DC area is the highest paid. (7/16/11)

Bitter Failure wrote "Mark [Davis] said “Remember, Sadam had over two years after 9-11 to hide hisWMDs.” Mark is a sell out; a $150,000.00 Bentley driving sell out, buta sell out none the less." You say you knew Mark back in the 980 days; we know you're not Joel Spivak, so care to leave a name, or should we just stick with Bitter Failure? What Mark said was true, although any WMDs Saddam (double D's if you're nasty) had were probably transported overland to Syria. He certainly had time to bury jet fighters in the desert. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. For example, we have no evidence that Barack Obama attended Columbia University. Yet he did, right? On the other hand, according to Wikileaks, WMDs were found. Your concern about what Mark drives and the success it implies marks you as a loser. I am making an "L" sign with my fingers on my forehead right now. - ZombieWoof (7/16/11)

Any chance Ken Beatrice might be taking over for the old Ball coach at 980? Might Mike O'Meara be Lavert Arrington's new radio partner? I see channel 7 dropped the 1 am rerun of Oprah for infomercials. I'll miss my Oprah late night drinking game. Every time she did something that pissed me off. going thru a 24 pack a couple times a week. Oh well, maybe for the best. When does Britt McHenry go to ESPN? (7/16/11)

Dave's response: I've been listening to Don Geronimo's new morning radio show on Sacramento's KHTK and his radio sidekick sounds a lot like Mike O'Meara. Not nearly as talented as Mike. But I guess Don knows what he likes.....

I love Aaron Gilchrest. However, worried that he is being overworked. I know it is summer. I saw him this week and now I am seeing him this morning. (7/16/11)

Dave i did not see Dukes named in that contract renewal for 1067 The Fan. Is he gone? or will he be gone? (7/16/11)

Dave's response: While my source said that all major JFKers had their contracts renewed, Dukes posted a few Twitter messages that he was not included. I guess he's working without a contract.....

Echoing the Aaron Gilchrist commentary. Shortly after his arrival I wrote to WRC explaining that he should be the heir apparent for the 6 and 11 broadcasts. They responded that I was going to see a lot more of him in the future. Now that he's had the chance to interact with other anchors as well as solo, he's shown he's not an empty suit. He also has an incredibly kind but intelligent face, with a soothing voice. I truly believe Kimberly Suiters was holding him back. She seemed so medicated. (7/16/11)

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\/ July 15 Messages \/

When we worked together at WWDC/DC101 we had so many great laughs since I was Linda Kelly and she was (Linda)Kelly Saunders. We always got each others phone messages! She was an amazing human being. Miss you, girl. (7/15/11)

The Frederick News-Post has a profile on former WHFS alum and current WFMD/WFRE national sales manager, Josh Brooks. Brooks started his Frederick job in 1987, when the stations were owned by Jim Gibbons (WFRE was known as "Stereo 100" before it became country-formatted in the early 90's). He left the Gibbons combo for the position of general sales manager for WAFY, "Key 103.1" in 1990. He came back to FMD & FRE, which were bought by Clear Channel. According to the article, Brooks re-joined those stations, persuaded by WFMD talk show host and future Frederick County Commissioner Blaine Young (Young should be known as "the son that Fred Grandy never had"). Read more here: (7/15/11)

Just to clarify, Linda "Kelly" Saunders worked at a station (or two) in Front Royal before joining WEAM. She arrived when WEAM was an album rock station and left when it returned to a Top 40 format. R.I.P. (7/15/11)

Many thanks to “Tom in D.C.” for posting that link to the tower fire/collapse in the Netherlands. Reminds me of the Ostankino fire in Moskva some years ago. That is indeed a broadcsaster’s worst nightmare for a lot of reasons. Sure, you’re off the air –probably for months- but think of whomever is on the tower as it’s going down! You’re belted-on and riding it down praying all the way, knowing that survival is unlikely. We had a CE who watched a tower fall in Texas a number of years ago, which had a crew on it. Not only was the crew killed, but also there were casualties on the ground. Messed him up so bad he had to take early retirement. Finally, keep in mind that outside of the U.S., TV towers are usually of much different design/construction. The support structure is usually tubular or cylindrical, either of rolled steel or pre-stressed concrete, which while lowering your construction and maintenance costs, can catch fire and burn under the right circumstances. Think Ostankino again. Also, outside of the U.S., it’s not unusual for TV towers to be tourist attractions with observation decks and restaurants. Cologne and Tokyo are good examples. Thus, when they catch fire, casualties go up. Before I forget, IIRC, Ostankino has something like 20 TV channels on it and 24 FM signals. In North America, we mostly have tower collapses. The “big” collapses in my memory are Emley Moor, KDUH-4, CKWS-11, and WSKY-4. Unsigned Corporate Suit (7/15/11)

Reason; "Rule #15 in radio: If get someone to do fill-in work, make sure that they don't sound better than you do. Rush used that rule today. Mark Belling is the living embodiment of that. Only decent fill in host Riush [sic] has is DC's own Mark Davis. Everyone else makes me grab my Ipod quick.” I knew Mark back in his 980 days, and knew Mark to be very intellectual, a master if inductive logic, and well read. Two months ago Mark was subbing for Rush, and Mark said “Remember, Sadam had over two years after 9-11 to hide his WMDs.” Mark is a sell out; a $150,000.00 Bentley driving sell out, but a sell out none the less. Mark is too smart and well read to make a comment like that, and I was very disappointed in hearing him say such nonsense, keeping the misinformation alive. There is a right for conservative argument to be made, just like the right for a liberal argument, but there is no room for factually baseless comments like that in the debate. The way I figure it, give the guy a Bentley and he will say whatever you want him to say. Kinda like the flip side of “torture a guy and he will tell you exactly what you want to hear,” but the torture argument is for another time. (7/15/11)

From the person whose girlfriend was fired by WFAX for attending an AC/DC concert: "Actually looking back now I am surprised she had never sued WFAX over this since such firings are, of course illegal." Such firings may be stupid. But not illegal. Virginia, like almost every state in the U.S. (I believe Montana is the exception) is an "employment at will" state -- meaning, unless you have an employment contract, you can be terminated for any reason the employer wants, as long as it's not discriminatory, based on a "protected class" status -- that is, for example, being the member of a minority group (race, nationality, religion), female, disabled, pregnant, above the age of 40). Strangely enough, status as a AC/DC concertgoer isn't a protected class under the law. By the same token, you, as an employee, can quit for any reason you want and go work anywhere else ... again, unless there's an employment contract in place. You see people all the time saying "They fired me illegally." That's almost never the case. "They fired me unfairly/unethically"...well, that's another story... (7/15/11)

Very sad to hear Kelly (Linda) Saunders passed. What a shame. We were friends since the 70s. One of the most talented people I've ever known. She had lots of friends here and I'm sure everyone is devastated. Wasn't aware she was that sick. We just don't know how long we have. Sean Hall (7/15/11)

Your post made me think of Kelly Knight. I heard she had cancer, how is she doing? (7/15/11)

So sad. Kelly (real name Linda) was my very dear friend. What a sexy voice she had. We once were on a movie date and she said something out loud with THAT voice; rows of people around us turned to see her. RIP my old friend, you were special to me. (7/15/11) Check out this link for video of a TV tower fire and collapse in the Netherlands, a nightmare for broadcasters. Tom in DC (7/15/11)

"Rule #15 in radio: If get someone to do fill-in work, make sure that they don't sound better than you do" Rush used that rule today. Mark Belling is the living embodiment of that. Only decent fill in host Riush has is DC's own Mark Davis. Everyone else makes me grab my Ipod quick. (7/15/11)

Aaron Gilchrist is amazing. The 6pm newscast with him and Jim Vance was fantastic and I would have no gripe with Gilchrist taking the big chair once Vance moves on. Hey WRC, how about putting him on with Gentzler so we can see how that would flow? (7/15/11)

Dave: 980 management isn't happy because they dont know how to tackle "crisis management." Thy are so blind and full of people who are stealing Snyder's money{Pollin, Sheehan, and Czaban} that they think their s--t doesn't smell. (7/15/11)

Dave, Regarding John Thompson's contract . . . I do believe he signed a lifetime contract. The job is pretty much his for as long as he wants it (a.k.a. doesn't expire for "some time"). (7/15/11)

Dear Dave: Here's another example of why baseball fans in this town feel that the Post and other local media outlets give single A coverage to a major league sport. In today's article ( about the Washington Nationals and top questions for the second half of the season, the section dealing with second baseman Danny Espinosa and his rookie-of-the-year chances included "Espinosa’s rookie of the year chase will provide a rare thrill. The last time Washington claimed an MVP, Cy Young or rookie of the year was 1925, when shortstop Roger Peckinpaugh won the American League MVP." Yeah, well the 1958 and 1959 American League Rookie of the Year awards went to Washington Senator players Albie Pearson and Bobby Allison. Does Adam Kilgore or the editors over there check details like this? Great site Dave! Sincerely, Joe Kasell (7/15/11)

"What's the deal with [Tony] Kornheisers "vacation" ... until the end of August? ... Is espn980 really furloughing?". On his last show before going on extended leave, Kornheiser remarked that he'd like to be back on the air in September but left open the possibility that his employment with ESPN 980 is coming to an end. Andrew Siciliano (who's been filling in for Mr. Tony this week) is a former Fox Sports Radio host who currently works for the NFL's Red Zone channel. At the end of today's show, he made some remarks suggesting that he's in line for a permanent gig with the station. Should both Kornheiser and John Thompson leave, that would free up a boatload of shekels for Red Zebra to bring in new talent - maybe Bill Rohland will resurface there after being let go by WJFK (and extending an olive branch to Al Koken might not be such a bad idea either). As far as John Feinstein's concerned, I suspect that financial compensation wasn't the only issue leading to his recent parting of the ways with WTEM. It's no secret that Kornheiser wouldn't let him discuss Dan Snyder on his show - while Feinstein (an outspoken critic of the Skins owner) agreed to that restriction, he couldn't have been very happy about it. The fact that Snyder owns the station hasn't prevented other hosts (such as Kevin Sheehan and Steve Czaban) from criticizing him harshly at times, so how does one explain Kornheiser's adamant refusal to allow any forum for anti-Snyder viewpoints? A good choice to replace Feinstein on Sports Reporters might be Dave Zirin, who writes for The Nation (a liberal publication) and appears regularly on CSN's Washington Post Live. While politics should never be a big part of sports talk radio, there are times when it intersects with sports and some of the more entertaining moments on Reporters arose from the "arrogant lefty vs. ignorant righty" dynamic with Feinstein and Czaban. Clearly 106.7 The Fan regards Danny Rouhier as a rising star in this market - I wouldn't be surprised if he eventually finds his way to the afternoon drive slot. While WJFK's Kevin & Rock have been ripped for factual sloppiness and their show called amateurish, I noticed that two grizzled DC sports radio veterans (Czaban and Andy Pollin) not only weren't aware that Serena Williams plays for the Washington Kastles but couldn't name the girl (Ali Krieger) who scored the decisive penalty kick goal for Team USA against Brazil in the Womens World Cup despite the fact that she's from the local area and was a guest with Siciliano the following morning. Speaking of the WWC, this 'Gunter Reinhardt' character who's supposedly serving as a stringer for WTEM from the site of the soccer games in Germany sounds suspiciously like Marc Sterne - for the station to be pulling a stunt like that is a bit insulting to those who take this competition seriously. Mike, Fairfax (7/15/11)

Please tell me again that John Thompson might be leaving. It sounded soo good. And if he could only take TK, Sheehan, and Loverro with him. What a wonderful world this would be. I know...I don't have to listen.. Regards Biff. ps Andrew Siciliano is well-remembered as Tony Bruno's sidekick on his WTEM morning show. I enjoyed this show greatly and miss it. (7/15/11)

This is to report the death of Kelly Saunders of cancer at 62, early this morning at home. She leaves her Mother and one Brother and a sister-in-law. Kelly started in radio at WEAM. Then, she worked for WAVA also in Arlington when it was a rock station. Then DC101. Recently she was the voice of underwriters for WAMU 88.5. In Baltimore she worked for WBAL, WIYY. Intelevision she was a reporter for channel 13 WJZ TV. She holds the distinction of being the only woman to be the public address announcer for a Baltimore Orioles baseball game. Before getting into broadcasting Kelly was a school teacher in southwestern Virginia. She was a personal friend of mine and will be greatly missed. Ed Walker (7/15/11)

Question: How can there be a talent management "purge" at 980 when there is neither to begin with? (7/15/11)

Dave's response: You gotta love the management at 980. Tony gets on the air and bitches about management and then folks comment about it here at DCRTV and then WTEM management gets mad at DCRTV. Those clowns at the Zebra won't even send me their fuckin' press releases. But, then again, neither do Clear Channel, CBS, or Citadel. Kinda funny, this local radio biz.....

The real rising star at 4 should be Aaron Gilchrist. Hopefully Kabletown management will recognize that he's the one who should be groomed for the inevitable day when Vance decides to step down. His weekend appearances when the full-of-himself Craig Melvin is away are a breath of fresh air. Can't somebody pull some strings to find Melvin a job in Connecticut and make Gilchrist the unquestioned heir apparent? (7/15/11)

Dave: Come on!! 980 may have fooled some of the people but we all know Tony's "vacation" goes back to the original contract issue of working too many days and they don't want to pay him over his deal!!! It's funny how management has gotten in trouble by those dumb comments and Tony's absence...and Snyder hasn't fired anyone. I really hope there's a talent/management purge at 980 and may be we can have a real sportstalk station in the market. (7/15/11)

[RE John Thompson:] His show is going downhill. And he probably makes a load of cash at that place. (7/15/11)

“Horrible Bosses”! I think everyone has those bastards to deal with along the way, regardless of industry. I’ve used them as a learning experience on what not to do or be as I grew in the biz. The ones I particularly despised were the ones with selective memory/ reality/truth. Especially where those items are on a shifting landscape, at best. Then, there’s also the “hatchet man/bitch” who’s simply there to “clean house” by firing people. That is, until they get fired themselves as is usually the case. Of course, there’s also the “fault finders” who do this in an effort to deflect attention away from their own errors/incompetence. Not to mention the Robert Ringer wanna-be’s who rule their staff through fear or intimidation. Especially where a “thug” persona is present. That’s where you have the difference between mere mis-management and “toxic management”. As a Christian, I don’t believe in “karma”, per se. I’ve always found comfort in Scripture like “Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord”. (Romans 12:19) Now, would you really want to risk pissing-off the One who accomplished so much with His Word, His Hands, and so few raw materials all on a six-day work week without a government permit? I say not because the “Vengeance” could be rather… “creative”! One sure sign of a place going down the tubes because of “Horrible Bosses” is when an outside consultant like a CPA firm is brought in to do a “BPR”, or Business Process Review. There was once a major media firm (note the past tense…) who decided to do this on the cheap by corporate having the cluster do it themselves. The corporate office not only thought this would “save” money, but would make the local employees feel like they had “control of their destiny”. Bullshit! All it did when the inevitable layoffs hit was create mutual distrust and disunity to such a backstabbing degree that it was unrecoverable with the previously highly profitable cluster eventually being sold off. Sad thing is, so many “Horrible Bosses” are trying to out-do their own “Horrible Bosses”, rather than “not-do”. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (7/15/11)

No big loss if ESPN 980's days were numbered. (7/15/11)

"Also you gotta remember that employment in Virginia is "at will"meaning one can be let go at anytime for any reason and employersreally can tell ya what to do and what you can not do even when you are" the clock"." Ah, dcrtv, the LegalZoom of media sites. All 50 states are "at will" states. It's a common principle in U.S. law. You are perhaps confusing "at will" with "right to work" which is a common mistake, often made by children and the feeble. The original poster's sister didn't sue because she knew the law better than her brother. "Actually looking back now I am surprised she had never sued WFAX over this since such firings are, of course illegal." You, Sir, are a dumbass. In other news, either pronunciation of "negotiation" is correct. Time to put on your "I'm not a waste of my daddy's man-juice pants" and stop niggling. In still other news, how about Channel 9's Kristin Fisher? That's one hot summery bit of lady-booty. Gripe of the day: Why is the first hour of Morning Joe a rerun of the third hour? To quote Dear Leader, "my expectation" is that a 3 hour show will have 3 hours of content. I've already savaged myself to the first hour of Mika, so hour 3 is a bit of a letdown. - ZombieWoof (7/15/11)

[RE John Thompson maybe leaving WTEM:] Thank god. Show is almost unlistenable when he is on the air. Give Doc his own show. (7/15/11)

As a huge fan of Mickey, Ameila, and Spiegel, the problem I see with WIYY throughout the day and why I often turn the station after the morning show ends is all of the old stuff they play. WZBA beats them because 98Rock plays too much Classic rock to the point where you almost think that it's actually a Classic Rock station. On top of that they hardly ever play Alternative and if they do than it's stuff that leans hard rock. Simple, Keep the 80's hair, keep the new music, replace the older than dirt 70's metal with 90's-current Alternative. The daytime DJ's at 98Rock are awesome but the playlist absolutely sucks. That's why I usually go DC101 after 10am no matter where I'm at in or around the Baltimore area. As for Justin Schlagel he ruins 98Rock all together. He's not local when he's on the air, he has absolutely no clue about Baltimore when he's on the air in LA, and he speaks as if 98Rock is a station in LA. It should be a surprise that DC101 doesn't own 98Rock in Baltimore these days too, but I guess that's where Mickey, Ameila, and Spiegel and the daytime DJ's make the difference. (7/15/11)

Kornheiser vacation? I checked the site and looked through the archives back to January, but couldn't find a posting: What's the deal with Kornheisers "vacation" he seems to be going on until the end of August? I found a mailbag item questioning where his replacement (some andrew guy) came from, but nothing about what this all actually is. Is espn980 really furloughing? (7/15/11)

Re: Fairfax, Virginia's WFAX-AM I am starting to show my age here but I believe this was the radio station who back in the Spring of 1987 who had actually not only had managed to "ban" the Beastie Boys from doing a concert at GMU's Patriot Center but also at the same time helped fuel the rise of Prince William County Republican Bob Marshall too ( do a Google on this guy and just see how he feels about gays, lesbians, those with HIV/AIDS and even those with bipolar disorder too..unreal !!! ). Anyway my sister had won front row tickets to this show at the Patriot Center from the old B-106 ( now WJFK of course ) only to find out later on from the old Hecht Company that the show was cancelled and was to be rescheduled later on at Maryland's Capital Centre due to "..strong homosexual overtones which was brought to our attention by WFAX radio and such disgusting conduct isn't allowed in Virginia". That was exactly what Hechts had told her. As I can recall something about the Beastie Boys having a giant inflatable penis on stage that was to "shoot" OK we are all adults here... "come" confetti to the audience ...OK now why in the hell should it really be a surprise to anyone that the very same radio station and at the same time frame too would had fired a member of their own staff just because they had attended an AC/DC show? Also you gotta remember that employment in Virginia is "at will" meaning one can be let go at anytime for any reason and employers really can tell ya what to do and what you can not do even when you are " the clock". Just why do you think that Virginia often makes Forbes Magazine's list as one of America's most "business friendly states"? Think about it !!!!! Duh !!!! (7/15/11)

I've had my share of horrible bosses, but one 1980s standout tops them all. I was handling morning duties at a New England CHR. The PD position worked its way thru a number of staffers there due to attrition (I held the position for 3 years myself before handing it off), and the current PD in 1987 wanted to hold an aircheck review session with me. Spotlighting a produced comedy bit I had done, he commented, "I don't want that - give me something different". I asked, "Like what?" He replied "Not that." To shorten the story, each time I pressed him for what he wanted, his reply was simply "not that". He couldn't tell me what he wanted, only that he didn't want *that*. I left the station in 1987 for broader and greener pastures. Last I heard, he was filling vending machines near UMass Amherst. (7/15/11)

I too was stunned and amazed at the chemistry between Jim Vance and Aaron Gilchrist on the 6pm newscast. From the start of the newscast - the dialogue between the two regarding Vance's interview with President Obama was very inviting and kept me in tune to the broadcast. I was also surprised, being that Gilchrist worked the morning broadcast filling in for Eun Yang. I do have a question - Has there ever been a time, on any newscast, when both anchors were African-American men. I do not recall ever seeing this before in my 30+ years. - Lee(Ft Washington) (7/15/11)

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Horrible Bosses: Back in the 'day I was working at a live assist station (remember reel to reel operations?). I discovered if I changed all the reels at a particular time each day they would run out one by one in the 9am hour. That was the first hour of my "horrible boss's" air shift. The morning man told me he would get pissed each time he had to change out a reel. He had a total of five reel changes that hour. I kept that schedule right up untill the time he fired my ass about two months later. We never had got along and this was something he really couldn't make a case on. He fired me simply because he hated me! My next gig involved working for a much nicer and better PD. I worked my ass off for him! When we went thru an ownership change and he got canned! His replacement was another dickhead. Within a year of that I found myself another job. Two years later that station went satelite (sp). (7/14/11)

DCRTV Dave says, “Clear Channel's Rush Radio in Boston has been a ratings disaster. But it's on AM.....” Ratings??? That business mindset is as old-fashioned as local air talent and fulltime staff engineers! In today’s diverse media landscape, with considerable non-ad-supported competition and end-user control unimagined when I got in to the business, it comes down to just that. Business. The operative question is “Does it make money?” That is the reason commercial broadcasting exists. To make a profit. Keep in mind that one of the best–signaled FM’s in the D.C. market is always near dead last in the ratings, but is a consistent top cash generator for its owner. One report not likely to ever be created is an accurate list of the most profitable stations in this market, let alone in the nation. Dave, with all due respect, broadcasting is really nothing more than yet another government-regulated industry. The service part is gone. If you want full service, you’ll find it at a gas station in New Jersey. Not at a radio station! (Hey… now that I think about it, wasn’t there a SW broadcast station built some years ago with the transmitter in a former gas station?) –Unsigned Corporate Suit (7/14/11)

For what it’s worth, I don’t think CC/Premiere could pull Hannity from ‘MAL — even if they wanted to. Unless something’s changed, the deal that was struck a few years ago allows Citadel to continue handling syndication on stations that it owns. (See the original CC press release, at Of course, that begs the question: Will anything change after the Cumulus-Citadel deal closes? As always, thanks! EJM (7/14/11)

Truly enjoying the Jim Vance/Aaron Gilchrist anchoring team on the 6pm news. He's quite professional & seems very comfortable working with Vance, which doesn't always seem the case with other anchors who sub for Doreen. (7/14/11)

CBS will not be switching 94.7 to News/Talk. I repeat, 94.7 will not be a News/Talk station. CBS makes too much money on having their national spots run on WTOP. They aren't going to cash that in for anything. WTOP runs too many of the CBS features (with adjoining network spots) for them to make any moves. Hypothetically, if 94.7 went News/Talk, took CBS news with them, the network features, and network spots - several things happen. One - CBS loses a ton of money for their network inventory. Two - CBS loses an audience that is almost double what the next station in the market has (by share). Third - WTOP will have even more inventory available to them in house, instead of giving it up for a network. Four - WTOP becomes a better operation, because they are no longer saddled with things like "Reporters Notebook". Fifth - 94.7 will be it's wounds less than a year after the flip. To summarize - Steve Swenson is a smart man. He knows all about the inside of WTOP. He won't be making changes to 94.7 that touch the bottom line of the CBS News a major way. Likely...even if he wanted to, he wouldn't be allowed to. (7/14/11)

Re: Siciliano sitting in for Tony and why/where, Andrew started at WTEM and was with the station in its early years and was on Tony's show once or twice at least. Ralph (7/14/11)

DCRTV Dave says, “A new talker on 94.7 could effectively kill 630.....” Dave, with all due respect, a talker on 94.7 would have no impact on 630. A talker on 94.7 would build its own audience. Especially a locally programmed one with political and regional diversity. 630 does not have an audience. It has true believers. We call their programming formula “beacheading” because their goal is “holding their ground with no significant losses” in listener loyalty/retention –not growth! WMAL’s #1 threat in retaining the listeners they currently have is the finite mortality all human beings face. WMAL believers listen to the signal for self-reinforcement and self-aggrandizement. That’s about it. Why do funeral homes and cemeteries advertise on WMAL? Because, their listenership is quite literally dying. Why do you think WMAL tried “Morning Joe” 10-Noon? Low overhead and another “national soapbox” for their listeners to try calling into. The sad thing about that once grand radio station is that those in charge at WMAL haven’t a clue on running a successful, full-service, major-market radio station. Right now, WMAL’s biggest competitive threat from a “programming perspective” is “America Right” on (Are you) Sirius/XM. That is, unless Clear Channel does “Rush Radio” or such on 100.3, pulling its Limbaugh, Hannity, and Noory products (of its Premiere division) off WMAL. If CC did that, WMAL would have to cast about for the second and third string syndicated talkers currently on WTNT and WWRC. That would actually benefit WMAL from a business perspective because of more attractive carriage conditions by lowering its overhead still further. Of course, what would make “Rush Radio” on 100.3 even more interesting would a local sports talk show done by an enthusiastic fan! Will CC do that? No. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (7/14/11)

Dave's response: Clear Channel's Rush Radio in Boston has been a ratings disaster. But it's on AM.....

I was going to say that if WBBM can simulcast on FM then they can finally ditch their accursed AM HD signal. But suppose--and it will happen before long--780 AM is switched to some other, less important format--a laFederal News Radio here in D.C., what's the point of AM radio in Chicago anymore, period? Might as well turn out the light, turn out the light, 'cause this is the end, my friend. J.M. (7/14/11)

(From DCRTV's Classified Ads:) 1090AM/WBAL Radio, a Hearst owned 50,000-watt heritage news/talk/sports leader seeks a high energy news leader to guide a veteran staff of award-winning broadcast journalists. The News Director must have a strong working knowledge of community issues and needs, understand sound journalistic principles, and oversee all content gathering. The New Director is responsible for developing and executing short and long-term programming, internet, and social media strategies. Additionally, the News Director must have strong computer skills, and be competent as a network administrator for ENPS and ENCO. Please email your resume to: 1090AM/WBAL Radio is an EOE. (7/14/11)

Andrew Siciliano grew up in the area and attended South Lakes High in Reston IIRC. So it's not impossible that he might actually be doing the show from Rockville while on visit back east. Tom in Wheaton (7/14/11)

Umm, my point was that 98 Rock has good jocks other than the night guy - and that shift isn't really all that important anyway, so not a big deal... The music is not very friendly for the masses though. (7/14/11)

" two new vice presidents of general audience programming" Wonder how the math works out -- 21 actual, working positions where people accomplish something, gone, as a way to underwrite the cost of these two. (7/14/11)

"....Any thoughts of radio horrible bosses, past or present, in this forum?"...Don't have any myself but my then girlfriend back in the late 80's was fired from her job at Fairfax's WFAX radio for attending an AC/DC rock concert at the old Cap Center. I don't recall who she had said was the PD or GM at WFAX at the time but she was quite pissed not only at her getting fired over something silly but how WFAX had found out she had went to the concert in the first place.. Actually looking back now I am surprised she had never sued WFAX over this since such firings are, of course illegal. (7/14/11)

[Dave sez] "A new talker on 94.7 could effectively kill 630" [End quote] Leaving 630 AM wide open for WKCW to simulcast its hybrid nostalgia format! Same age, same demographics -- what's not to like, Gramps? (7/14/11)

Goodbye To 'Fresh' In Chicago, As WBBM-A To Simulcast On FM (7/14/11)

Dave's response: It makes you wonder if CBS might now put its WINS AM all-newser in NYC on 102.7, where NYC's Fresh is. Hmmm.....

So PBS get rid of 21 posts! Hardly scratching the surface are they. Still an organization set in 1980's ways of doing things. Bring in a consultant that knows commercial TV and how they've been screwed in the last 5 years, and watch them go through PBS like a dose of clap in a whore! (7/14/11)

RE: “John Feinstein has called into the Junkies on a regular basis for some time now. More important, will Feinstein continue his weekly call-in appearance on The Sports Reporters”….I thought the same thoughts you did when I saw that. Wise is going to suck the wit out of JF. No more golf nerdiness. This sucks. I always liked him on the Junks, with Czabe, and Mr. Tony. Each brought out a different side of him. Wise will screw it up. OOBBEE (7/14/11)

Dave, Radio-Info is reporting that CBS will blow up FRESH-FM in Chi-town and simulcast WBBM-AM on the FM signal i know that your insiders have told you that CBS will not detonate WIAD but i thought that you would find this interesting. I would assume that the difference is that CBS already has a news staff and resources in place at BBM-AM. (7/14/11)

Dave's response: My sources tell me that CBS might flip DC's 94.7 to some combination of news and talk, and position itself "between" all-newser WTOP and news talker WMAL. With news veteran Steve Swenson now running the cluster. That's why some of my other sources tell me that WMAL might start a relay on 105.9 to discourage CBS's FM talk plans. A new talker on 94.7 could effectively kill 630.....

WBBM to get FM - It's Official. CBS Chicago To Simulcast All News WBBM-AM on FM... Anticipating a battle with Randy Michaels, on one of the two FM's he's purchasing from Emmis, CBS is officiallty moving All News WBBM to the FM dial. The change begins August 1st on 105.9-FM. (7/14/11)

Anybody know if Craig Orndorff is still at WSVG? I have not heard him in over a week. There's been a syndicated program on the last few mornings. (7/14/11)

John Feinstein has called into the Junkies on a regular basis for some time now. More important, will Feinstein continue his weekly call-in appearance on The Sports Reporters. I love it when he and Czaban totally nerd out on golf topics. Really, regardless of topic, he works VERY well with Andy and Steve. Hope that continues.... Oh, never mind, I really should have read the link to Dan's story before posting. That's too bad, his Wednesday segment with The Sports Reporters was appointment radio. (7/14/11)

What is the deal with Andrew Siciliano supposedly filling in for Kornheiser on WTEM between 10-12? Where the hell did he come from ? Everything that I have found shows that he is west coast guy so is this show coming from LA? He makes it sound like he is in Rockville but I wonder. WTEM has plenty of talent that could have done this show. Al Gahldi in particular is very good and focuses on local issues. Ths Siciliano guy talks about national crap that no one cares about. (7/14/11)

[RE Borders:] You hearing anything? My sources are telling me that a closed-door hearing got underway in NYC at 10 this AM to force a Chaper 7 action, per creditors as a venture capitalist bid (ala Cerebus/Chrysler) failed... (7/14/11)

The newspaper is to be forgiven for calling Ch. 4 an "affiliate," rather than by its corporate ownership. Does it matter much anymore? The cachet of working at "an O & O" used to really mean something.Thinking back, after CapCities bought ABC, people gradually stopped making a distinction among their Owned & Operated Stations, at least for radio, such as WMAL and WRQX. It was like no one cared anymore, since the "network" had been subsumed into another company. Later when Disney came into the picture, I know a few people actively suppressed the fact their station was owned by Mickey Mouse. So, I wonder how long it will take before WRC will start getting tagged with references like "owned by the hated cable company, Comcast..." Or maybe WTTG should worry that people will say "owned by the trouble flamboyant media mogul Rupert Murdoch..." (7/14/11)

My horrible boss story has to do with a program director I had in the mid-80s at an adult contemporary station in the Midwest. He decided to institute a dress code for the airstaff. No jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, sandals, etc. - just standard business attire was permitted. I can see a policy like that being in effect during regular business hours, but I worked the overnight shift. The only people I ever encountered at the station (aside from the occasional groupie) was the evening jock who I took over for, the morning news guy and the morning co-hosts. Being a radio station, the listeners didn't know or care about what the night crew wore. Before his tenure was over, he got rid of most of the decent air talent and managed to completely tank the station's ratings, but we all were nicely dressed. (7/14/11)

NBC4 says Goodbye to Lindsay (7/14/11)

"Horrible Bosses" is opening at theatres this week. Any thoughts of radio horrible bosses, past or present, in this forum? (7/14/11)

Dave's response: Ah, please keep your posts free of slander/libel. Ha ha ha.....

Looks like Sarah Simmons @ Fox 5 Morning News (early segment) is sporting an engagement ring. ??? (7/14/11)

Dave, why in the world was Mancow on this morning instead of America's morning news?? (7/14/11)

I was listening to TOP Monday when they had their little incident. Wondered what had happened, but I never heard no apology when they came back on the air....Jeff n E'burg (7/14/11)

"....Wow - 98 Rock really needs to tinker with the music and drop the sludge rock a bit. The on-air staff is good (other than the night guy),.." There are some neat inventions out there called a TELEPHONE and EMAIL !! Why NOT contact WIYY 98 Rock or even the jock in question and tell them that they suck. You could very well see some changes !!!! If I hear a jock that sucks I know he/she would it hear it from me. (7/14/11)

A drop in the ratings for WMAL. Bloomquist must be consulting from afar. In reality, if any station/company hires Loser Bloomquist then they should be ready for a ratings decline. (7/14/11)

My sources are saying all sorts of things about where this [investigation of Rupert Murdoch] is going to go. Besides a Commons investigation where Rupert will be summoned to appear, Sen, Jay Rockefeller wants the FCC and DOJ to investigate. This is going to be unpleasant for Rupert and Co. A big question will be what gets leaked by them as a diversion? It's going to be 'earth-shattering" and "devastating", from what I hear. But, the consensus is, if Rupert feels threatened enough that he thinks he's going down, he's taking others with him. But, it doesn't work every time. The attempt to discredit former PM Gordon Brown today has been discredited and largely ignored otherwise... (7/14/11)

Dave's response: I have never liked Rupert Murdoch. It's kind of fun watching him self destruct. Wonder what they're thinking at his Washington area properties - WTTG, WDCA, WUTB, and Fox News' DC bureau.....

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