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RE:Why feature Lady Gaga or Keisha followed by oldies? I can't believe it! All this talk about playing current artists like Lady Gaga and "Keisha" on KHZ and none of you arm chair pd's caught the fact that "Keisha's" name was mis spelled. First of all it's spelled "K-e-$-h-a" and it's pronounced "Cash-a". None of you 50 plus old geezers knew that? Just so the air is clear I'm 57 myself but even I knew that! I bring this up simply because if you really aren't familiar with an artist's name and than blantantly mispell it than you have no business criticizing a station for playing him/her. Can anyone name a couple of songs by "Ke$ha" without thumbing thru All access or Let me help you. My favorite two songs by her happened to be "Tik Tok" and "WeRwhoWeR". The only type of genre of music ever discussed/piss and moan about come from the Classic Rock Crybabies. Any of you music experts familiar with the song "Paper Planes" by an artist known as "MIA". If you find that listening to stations like KHZ just grates your soul for playing the Lady Gaga's back to back with the Isley Brothers (even I find that a bit of a stretch) than listen to a good CHR like 92 Moose ( It's really a good CHR out of Augusta, ME and I find myself listening to it a great deal. Now can anyone out there pronounce this lady's name "K-a-t-y P-e-r-r-y". Now get "hip" you bunch of "old" geezers! (6/9/11)

[980AM Korny Leaving 980 For 10 Weeks] I liked Tony's show better when he was off on jury duty yesterday and Al Galdi was hosting the show solo. Maybe Tony can take a few extra months off? (6/9/11)

Anyone on the shore, or specifically in Ocean City, know what has happened to WAMS 1590? No, not WKHZ, anymore. But it was what was left of the Dover AM 1600 station, who has recently reported to have gone Espanol. This week the 80s formatted WAMS 1590 shut down its website and audio feed. MLB4 (6/9/11)

It makes total sense that Tony Kornheiser has the dumbest contract clause I've ever seen. It's June and he's already done all his days for the year? Wow. Nice job ESPN 980. This is the station owned by the Redskins after all, the team famous for their terrible contracts. I guess Albert Haynesworth and Adam Archuleta = Tony Kornheiser and John Thompson. Did Vinnie Cerato negotiate Tony and Thompson's contracts too? Thompson is the highest paid radio host on the station and also the WORST host on the station. Tony had no other offers, yet Red Zebra gave him 100 days off a year. Geniuses. Just geniuses. (6/9/11)

The posters that are criticizing the music mix, programming etc re: mixing Ga-Ga with the Isleys are "in the box" programmers that never ask why? That's why they're at the "cookie cutter" tight lined formatters that never do anything un-expected. Thus, the sad state of radio. As for the KHZ concept, the advertising,is there on some affiliates, and will increase, hell the network itself has spots at the bottom of every hour and live spots throughout the live portions. What I do know is the critics have not listened to either WAMD or WKZH from 7am to 10am. The programming, news, content is all local, school closings, local weather, news etc, and the spot load is heavy on both. The AM Driver at WAMD is Steve Mann, Soon the PM driver will be Maynard. On WKHZ the morning show is the same with Tom Wheeler at the helm. all local, and live til 10AM. The spot content, espcially on WAMD is substantial and growing. The KHZ Network is preeming the 4 current stations to all stand on their own during prime time slots. That will happen soon, As was already mentioned, just get the call letters right. They will take care of themselves and think outside the box. (6/9/11)

WTEM is carefully watching their $$. Billings must be about to go down. Could this be the first tangible success by WJFK in the DC sports radio battle? Looks like it to me but there's one way to know: look for a shake-up in WTEM sales. (6/9/11)

Dave's response: Tony gets paid a lot of dough, skews old demos, and doesn't even air in radio "primetime"" (AM or PM drive). WTEM probably figures it could do "just fine" in the 10 AM to noon time slot with someone who makes 1/10th of Tony's salary. Now, maybe Tony could move over to WMAL. One hour of Chris Plante at 9 AM, and two hours of Tony at 10 AM. That'd been a big improvement in 630's sked. Ha ha ha.....

"If someone else brings them (Kevin and Rock) up in a negative way aren't I as a mailbag poster allowed to say nice things? By the way you can't say you agree with another mailbagger when referring to yourself, I think that is against the rules." Actually, what may be against the rules is one of the show's principals posing as a poster who listens to the show.................... (6/9/11)

[RE Kornheiser leaving for 10 weeks:] This is really bad news for WTEM. (6/9/11)

[RE Kornheiser leaving for 10 weeks:] Well, isn't this bad news, especially for WTEM :-( (6/9/11)

[RE Kornheiser leaving for 10 weeks:] Considering that Mr. Tony seems to use the radio show to brief himself on issues to talk about on PTI, you'd think he'd work the show for a nominal fee. Or isn't the salary he draws to yodel in ESPN enough for him? (6/9/11)

What is the deal with WTEM? Today Kornheiser announces that he was contracted for a specific number of programs and that he has fulfilled the contract and station management said that because of station finances (my words, not exactly his) he will be taking the next 10 weeks or so off from the radio show. Now I know that Tony doesn’t appeal to some who write to the Mailbag but there is something called a “franchise player”. I think that WTEM is making a BIG mistake by keeping him off the air only because of $$$$$. (6/9/11)

The "F-bomb" anchor lives at You Tube: (6/9/11)

Dave's response: We got that up earlier today. Scroll down.....

'Here we go again with the K&R pr machine" If someone else brings them up in a negative way aren't I as a mailbag poster allowed to say nice things? Unless Dave changed the mailbag rules. By the way you can't say you agree with another mailbagger when referring to yourself, I think that is against the rules. (6/9/11)

Viviano leaving the Fan. All I can say for 105.7 the Fan is this 28 y.o. diehard Ravens fan can't wait til the Fan is gone for good, and when the format flip time comes don't let the door hit you in the ass. (6/9/11)

[ Why feature Lady Gaga or Keisha followed by oldies? (End)+Tell us why not????] Well, primarily because it's jarring. Mixing eras and musical styles without some sort of link or transition makes the mix sound unplanned or like a big mistake. There is as much as a 35-40 year spread between Gaga and the Isley Brothers. To put it in the context of the folks mixing the music at KHZ: imagine this is 1984 and you are playing "Karma Chameleon" by Culture Club. The next song on the playlist is "I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts" by Freddy Martin. The spread is no different than the present day example, but you'd be thrown in a padded cell if you went ahead and played that segue. Back when the old Music of Your Life format jumped from a soft 70s tune back to the 40s, there was a transitional element in place (jingle, jock liner etc) that "reset" the listener's ear to accept the retro-trip back through time. Why? Because IT WORKED. Play the current stuff if you think its worth it, but position it in such a way that it works in context; like calling it a "KHZ Future Classic Hit". Otherwise, I'm with these guys: Why do it? (6/9/11)

An AM station (network) playing music and generating no advertising, what's the point? (6/9/11)

Here we go again with the "Kevin and Rock" p.r. machine. I agree with the poster a few weeks ago that said that show's target demographic seemed to be low IQ 20 year olds. Just awful, awful radio. (6/9/11)

" On a serious note, might now be the perfect time to send Dukes back to Baltimore?" God may indeed provide small gifts to the DC Listening Market (6/9/11)

So far I'm liking Jamie and Lisa working traffic together on WMAL. That's a good pairing. But WMAL needs to give them both more time. It's no secret that a key reason WTOP does so well is that its traffic and weather reporting are excellent. On more than one occasion Jamie's ad read was longer than her traffic report. That's unacceptable. People want to know what to expect on the road, and make adjustments when possible (and if possible). The two of them are personable and know the area roads. Give them more time, and my life is easier. (6/9/11) - Memo to channel 4; there are no "poisonous" snakes. Snakes can be venomous, not poisonous. (6/9/11)

Viviano leaving ? So which former/current WNST employee are you gonna replace him with? [Conn for Marx : Haynie for Cunningham] Or better yet, how 'bout gettin' Coleman...."Coleman & "Bulldog"". Now that would certainly be riveting radio. On a serious note, might now be the perfect time to send Dukes back to Baltimore? (6/9/11)

Radio stations that want to be like an iPod is set up for failure. After all, the audience that already wants to hear music from their iPod...well, are already listening to their iPod. The number one reason that people listen to radio over iPods is the local connection...not to hear spots read over song intros. They want to hear some local chatter, traffic, news, information that pertains to their own lives, neighborhoods, etc. Yes, it is novelty concept playing Lady Gaga followed by Isley Brothers...but your listeners don't feel a connection. An adult, lets say over the age of 35, already has at least 6 options in the market to hear Gaga or any other current Top 40 song. BUT, they have NO WHERE to hear Classic Hits...and music from 60s-80s. Sure, Jack FM may play everything-but even they have limits..for a reason. The whole idea of a station is to super serve the community of license. AM needs to do that---this band is restricted by signal distance, audio quality and lack of programming options. To keep people tuned in, you've got to offer gold--and not just foil. Getting web traffic is easy....anyone can set up a streaming radio station. Obviously, making money is the determining factor of success...and if you listen to this station in question (I will not give them a free plug in here), you only hear a few spots over and over..I'm no dummy, but I know those few spots aren't paying the bills for multiple stations. Good ground work, but missing the mark with everything else. (6/9/11)

"I'm still trying to get used to Ms. "jammed" on WTOP." I'd rather hear the word "jammed" than the word "Bowietians" any day!! (6/9/11)

re: Julie Parker Leaving: I for one LOVE Kevin and Rock. What more can you ask for. Two guys who have fun talking about sports, respond to all their twitter and facebook followers as well as do appearances on Comcast, Fox, Sports week with Lavar and do work on Brian Mitchell's IPTV. They can't be all too bad if they have all that going on can they? Must be personal preference or ?? (6/9/11)

[RE Roanoke TV anchor drops the f-bomb! Whoops.....] She won't be leaving the Roanoke market any time soon. (6/9/11)

[RE Roanoke TV anchor drops the f-bomb! Whoops.....] No...she got it right the first time. (6/9/11)

[RE Roanoke TV anchor drops the f-bomb! Whoops.....] That was a Freudian shit... I mean .... slip. (6/9/11)

[RE Roanoke TV anchor drops the f-bomb! Whoops.....] she said what she was (6/9/11)

I noticed on NBC4's traffic report this morning that they used new slick graphics instead of the one that Jerry Edwards had used... (6/9/11)

I assume Julie Parker's departure also means the end of the Parker and Parker radio show on WJFK, 106.7? Too bad. It was a pretty good show for a weekend Program (especially compared to other fare on that station like the unlistenable Kevin and Rock). A creative concept for sure……………………… (6/9/11)

I'm still trying to get used to Ms. "jammed" on WTOP. I have yet to hear a single traffic hit from her that does not include that word. I travel on 270 every morning. After hearing that the road is "jammed," I don't even want to leave the house. (6/9/11)

EXCERPT--KHZ Networks ... Why feature Lady Gaga or Keisha followed by oldies? (End)+Tell us why not???? Also, why is it that when there is no mention of anywhere in the Mailbag, you try your damndest to bring attention to it? As long as you get the calls right, I’m sure they’re happy! (6/9/11)

Roanoke TV anchor drops the f-bomb... (6/9/11)

Dave, to say that Kenny King actually has the skills and foresight to program one station to protect another is giving the guy WAY to much credit. He is as Klueless a programmer as they come. The Edge has done NOTHING since signing on. Sure he hired some out of work marquee names - Cerphe, O'Meara, McEwen - but anyone with a checkbook could have done that. His lack of leadership and coaching skills have the three of those guys talking and laughing behind his back. Meanwhile, he is actually neglecting 107.3 not protecting it, stringing along another part-timer in evenings, letting his talent cross the street to a direct competitor where they will soon put the final nail in the coffin of the Diamond show. The good news is King won't be around much longer as Val Garris has already decided who he is going to install there once Cumulus takes over. (6/9/11)

Dave's response: Sam Rogers gone from CBS DC. And maybe soon Kenny King at Citadel DC. Hope for the betterment of DC radio is not completely lost.....

Since WMAL is having a “predict when Anthony Weiner will resign” contest, I say we do them one better. Submit to DCRTV a $25 dollar donation and your guess the “week of” Bryan Neihman’s firing. The winners will split 50% of the pot and our own DCRTV will get a nice fund raising boost. What do you think, Dave? Thanks for floating this idea. A donation, without the contest entry, will be sent after work today. (6/9/11)

Dave's response: Ha ha ha! I don't think Bryan's going to be fired any time soon. He's the "glue" that holds the "Morning Majority" together.....

(excerpt) KHZ Networks ... Why feature Lady Gaga or Keisha followed by oldies? (End) New slogan: KHZ - It's just like your iPod, set on SUCK! (kiss off, Jack FM) (6/9/11)

Sorry about the mess, Dave (6/9/11)

Dave's response: Hey, your influences increases, your enemies list also increases. In many respects, I'm seeing this "denial of service" attack as a recognition of the power of DCRTV, including what's said here in the Mailbag. Take a bow, folks!

"CC on XM - I thought satellite radio was an ALTERNATIVE to terrestrial radio! " Ehhhh NOPE. From the people who brought us the "Content is Crap" philosophy: Subscription FM. It fits nicely in a world where you need new technology to listen to the free FM stations you once got on your radio,phones you store music on,car stereo systems you make phone calls on and books you cannot read in direct sunlight. Isn't progress wonderful? Donnie...uh...evolve? Snickergigglesigh (6/9/11)

Anyone know why WCAO is in major Decline and suddenly WWIN-AM is getting rating tractions in AM Gospel In Baltimore. This is a new trend developing !John T. Henneman (6/9/11)

Mark Viviano is leaving The Fan. Now....will he please take the Bulldog with him? Please???? (6/9/11)

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Here’s last night’s episode of Parker &Parker featuring Julie Parker’s announcement that she is leaving channel7 next week... (6/8/11)

I was listening to the KHZ network--both on 970 and 810 today and heard no mentions of the numerous school closings due to the heat. How can a station tout themselves as local live with the fact that they have NO local content. All they have is jocks promoting the same two sponsors and washed up features on the website. I would love to hear something more than a tease for "Trisha's Top Box Office Reviews are coming up." Give me some local content. Don't get me started on the music-a total listener turn off. Why feature Lady Gaga or Keisha followed by oldies. What does this accomplish? (6/8/11)

Re: Dave's response "Here's my theory about why 105.9 The Edge sounds so awful musically. Citadel's big ad revenue generator in DC is Mix 107.3, and suits like Kenny King, who run the DC cluster, are scared about "canibalizing" hot adult contemporary 107.3's audience and revenue. So, they've pretty much agreed that 105.9 will play only tunes that 107.3 would never play in a million years. So, that pretty much rules out much of the cool, melodic rock from the 1980s and 1990s"...well, first of all, WRQX is a HOT AC station--and has no reason to be playing cool melodic tunes of the 80s and 90s. They should be hotter in the first place. 80s need to be dropped and reserved JUST for the 80s at 8. They are too vanilla...the whole damn cluster is that way. (6/8/11)

[RE Clear Channel's new XM relays:] Sorry to tell you that it's WGCI. Although these were the call letters when Gannett bought the station way-back-when and now has sold all of their radio stations, the calls couldn't have been better - Gannett Company Inc. (6/8/11)

And they put wcgi 107.5 from Chicago Pretty boring station if ya Ask me (6/8/11)

CC on XM - I thought satellite radio was an ALTERNATIVE to terrestrial radio! (6/8/11)

Just looking at some numbers. The Sports Junkies have now fallen to 6th place in the male 25-54 demo in AM drive. In order, they are behind: WTOP, DC101 (Elliott), WAMU, HOT (Cane), and WMZQ (Boxer). Is it me or have they really been on a downward slide lately? (6/8/11)

A batch of Clear Channel stations, including LA's KIIS and NYC's Z100, are now up on XM. Plus, some more male demo DC radio ratings for mornings and afternoons. Mike O'Meara's got a big motorcycle charity ride this Saturday. And traffic dude Jerry Edwards bids farewell to Channel 4/WRC. In today's "Dave TV"..... (6/8/11)

Here is the link to the DC radio story Don Geronimo told yesterday... Story starts at 3:27 segment 2 "Busy ALL Lines" (6/8/11)

Kirk McEwen & Mike O'Meara were on w/ Mickey, Ameila, and Speigel after 9am this morning for the Kirk McEwen charity event this weekend. It was so sad because both Kirk & Mike sounded so much better in the 5 minutes they were on with the 98Rock morning show than they are on their own. Note to 105.9 & Citadel DC management. PLLEEAASSEEE get rid of the music in the morning & let Kirk & Mike be their-selves and put on a great morning show & let it run til 10am, especially since the music is the same stale 20 songs that 100.3 plays all day. Classic rock sucks and it's time to tweak the Edge into "Everything that rocks the DMV" 105.9 the Edge, with a format that features a mix of 80's Hair, 90's, and current & new rock music as well as mix in a few Alt rock songs here & there, maybe like 98Rock you could say. DC101 leaves much to be desired in any genre of rock they play, and let 100.3 keep spinning those same stale 20 Classic Rock songs that were stale 10 years ago over and over by themselves. (6/8/11)

Dave's response: Here's my theory about why 105.9 The Edge sounds so awful musically. Citadel's big ad revenue generator in DC is Mix 107.3, and suits like Kenny King, who run the DC cluster, are scared about "canibalizing" hot adult contemporary 107.3's audience and revenue. So, they've pretty much agreed that 105.9 will play only tunes that 107.3 would never play in a million years. So, that pretty much rules out much of the cool, melodic rock from the 1980s and 1990s. If it was getting great ratings, I could understand why 105.9 plays what it does. But it doesn't. Ponderous, man, ponderous.....

Hey Billy Sparks, if you don't like sports/weather/traffic updates on WTOP, turn the dial. The format is to give you information day and night and that's exactly what Farley's crew does. I am sure if you're driving around somewhere you go to 103.5 FM for traffic updates; if they didn't have the updates, you would be ticked and that leaves open a chance for road rage. We wouldn't want that, would we Billy Sparks? Cool your tools, pal. (6/8/11)

According to Jeery Edwards Facebook page, he's just moving on. Don't know where he'll pop up next. We'll miss seeing him every morning. ABC7 has Lisa Baden in the morning, so why would they need Jerry Edwards? For 5 PM? (6/8/11)

Dave, just wondering why you listed Czaban for the WTEM segment ratings? I assume it is shorthand for the Sports Reporters, although neither are.... I know Steve has a show on 570. (6/8/11)

Dave's response: Yeah, that's just shorthand for WTEM's afternoon drive show. Perhaps I should change the designation to "TSR" instead of "Czaban".....

Hi, Dave -- You'd mentioned the possibility of a foreign hacker confusing DCRTV for a US state-run broadcast outlet. When you get the chance, give this NPR segment a listen. It's KCRW's To the Point w/ Warren Olney -- where he and his guests discuss state-vs-state cyber warfare and its developing rules of engagement. Your theory may not be all that far-fetched! cheers, champ (6/8/11)

Dave's response: Well, DCRTV is located in the Washington area. We do get a large volume of our traffic from members of the federal government and the media. And I do like to wear military t-shirts on my "Dave TV" video segments. I wouldn't be surprised if we're being targeted by international anti-US groups as a US government/military site.....

This was really funny...when Stern did it Stern had Stuttering John do it 20 years ago. Stern should have retired a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time ago. (6/8/11)

Pitiful Radio Station Management Alert! If you call the promotions department at the radio group over on Jenifer St, 202.895-2405, the voice mail says “You have reached the promotions department for WRQX, WMAL, and WJZW…” WJZW! You would think the promotions department would know there hasn’t been a WJZW in Washington in years! This situation is just another sign of bad management. With all the crap going on at WMAL over the past couple of years, you would think this group would try to deflect all that warranted and justified criticism by promoting their other properties. But you call the promotions department and they don’t even care enough to actually have the right station call letters on their voicemail! Do you think there is another radio group out their that gets their own call letters wrong on their voice mail? Doing a heck of a job there, Jeff, and I thought Chris Plante was the biggest self centered idiot in the building. Keep it up, Jeff! Do you think that the people at Clear Channel, Hubbard, and all the other broadcast groups are laughing at the fact your promotions department can’t even get the call letters of your stations right? The promotions department?!!!! For God’s sake, Jeff, you are making it too easy for us. Speaking of pathetic, clueless, and overall bad management, where’s Mrs. Fred, and how did that birth certificate thing work out for her and your station? When’s the “Freedom Concert” this year? I would call Hannity and Levin and ask, but they both went back to using scripted callers, so I can’t get through. When is Chris’ Alaskan cruise? Why are there so many pictures of a Puerto Rican grandma on WMAL's facebook page? Yes, we laugh at you, Jeff. This message is bought to you as a Public Service by The Association of Broadcast Professionals of Greater DC. Jeff, not a member. (6/8/11)

[RE Jerry Edwards leaving 4:] Probably go join Bob Ryan over @ 7............. (6/8/11)

From Clear Channel has the right to program five channels on XM - but not Sirius - and it has just replaced some generic music services with these terrestrial stations - Los Angeles CHR KIIS-FM (now on XM channel 11), New York CHR Z100 (channel 12), New York AC "Lite" WLTW (channel 13), Nashville's country WSIX (channel 57) and Chicago's urban WGCI (channel 163). This isn't the first time Clear Channel has simulcast at least one of its terrestrial brands in the last decade. CC's John Hogan says "these five stations have fans across the country." (6/8/11)

Saw his farewell this morning but can't find out where he is going or why (retiring, etc)? Thought you guys would have in your posts but can't seem to find. And I always seem to find local stuff there. Keep up good work and thanks in advance. Kathy McCoy (6/8/11)

Dave's response: He works for Metro Traffic, doesn't he?

Stern show staffer crashes Weiner presser - (6/8/11)

I don't know if you can be of any assistance or not, but have you seen Channel 9's news casts recently? If so, what is with all the garbage at the bottom of the screen. They have their logo so many times it is ridiculous and weather temperatures scrolling across as well as other items. We have a 52" HD television and it so distracting that I can't stand to watch it. It takes away from the picture. Any explanations would be greatly apprecitated (6/8/11)

dhav doig davvtv wathout yor shart on iz a grhate eydaa i ahm gonig to du may webr shoe shrtlez thiss frydhay 3 ocock tom (6/8/11)

Dave's response: Tom Gavin shirtless? Ponderous, man, ponderous.....

RE: VOA and shortwave. Sorry buddy, you have really gone out of your way to show that you KNOW little of what you are talking about. Yeah, the Voice of America has been using medium wave and FM transmitters. Trouble is the lion's share of their audience is from the short wave service. The other transmitters have always been used to fill in the gaps! If you really think (and I'm sure you've already drank the kool-aid) that using web streaming is gonna get the same audience reach than your stupidity is truly beyond reach. (6/8/11)

Re: “ Re: "Why do stations that have sports talk all day have updatesevery few minutes…during the day…during the week? TARDS!"'s the same reason that WTOP does weather and traffic updates every 10 minutes: it's plugged into their awful schedule and they have to stick to it, even when it makes them sound like morons. “ They’re called benchmarks...SPONSORED benchmarks. Annoying, but profitable. -Billy Sparks (6/8/11)

When will Keith Olbermann's team of therapists come forward and disclose how BATSHIT CRAZY HE IS!? I think even Rachel Maddow might agree with me there. Seriously, has this man EVER EVER gotten along with co-workers or management at ANY COMPANY he's EVER WORKED AT? HAHA! Put a fork in him or dump the shovel of dirt over him, take your pick. This guy has burned more bridges than in a WWII movie for christ sakes! He's officially turned into THE WORST EMPLOYEE IN THE WORLD and a parody of himself in the process. I know liberals love him, he's snarky, he's witty, appears wickedly smart while behind the scenes being as dumb as a rock as Glenn Beck! Seriously, I'd like both of them in a cage match on SPIKE TV titled, "The Battle of the Morning Zoo Shock Jock Loser vs. The SPORTSCENTER/NBC Sunday Night Football Loser!" I wish BOTH OF THEM were yesterdays news! (6/8/11)

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"You really don't know about VOA's oversea's service do you?" Yes actually I do. "What brand of stupidity do you subscribe to? Uncle Sam's sources have already posted that over 102 million people listen to the VOA's broadcast over seas. The Voice of America uses SHORTWAVE transmitters for that reach!" Since you are so well versed on this, you of course already know then the report says "Radio" and that BBG uses not only shortwave but also FM and medium wave. I'm actually a fan of shortwave and have mixed feelings about what is happening. But the facts are what they are. And something to keep in mind. Just because you are the loudest person in the room or use strong language, does not make you right. Whether it's ignorance or just an emotional outburst, I'm guessing the latter, you are about as wrong as you could have been on all of your points. (6/7/11)

Keith Olbermann breaks his silence on his MSNBC exit. In a sometimes explosive interview, Olbermann details for The Hollywood Reporter how Jeff Zucker turned on him at MSNBC, why he’s not talking to Rachel Maddow, and the surprise name who’ll be his substitute anchor at Current TV. His new nightly news/comment show premieres on June 20th. - (6/7/11)

Re: "Why do stations that have sports talk all day have updatesevery few minutes…during the day…during the week? TARDS!"'s the same reason that WTOP does weather and traffic updates every 10 minutes: it's plugged into their awful schedule and they have to stick to it, even when it makes them sound like morons. Seriously, is there anything more annoying than a traffic reporter saying "no problems on area roads right now," and then 90 seconds of her listing off every highway, byway and intersection in the area that is operating as designed? Ponderous. (6/7/11)

Awesome story Donnie G is telling bout DC radio. WRC,WPGC,WWDC Harv Moore, Eddie Galleger. It will be seg 2 on today's podcast (6/7/11)

Why do stations that have sports talk all day have updatesevery few minutes…during the day…during the week? TARDS! (6/7/11)

Just checked out DC101 HD2 channel. They seem to have dropped Rock Nation (Active Rock) and moved over to some sort indie and electronic rock. It could be back to erockster but i did not hear any ID on the station (6/7/11)

Dave's response: God, I hope the DC101 HD2 goes back to erockster.....

NBC to keep the Olympics broadcast rights through 2020 - (6/7/11)

The June 2011 issue of Radio & Production magazine interviews Alan Peterson, production director and staff engineer at Radio America in Ballston. It's his second go-round in RAPmag, having been the subject of an interview in 1992 when he was production director of a local station in Connecticut and a columnist for Radio World newspaper. Link at RAPMAG.COM. (6/7/11)

I will say that stating "Jay Leno Gets into Hot Water with Fox News" is a bit of an exaggerated story title. I did see the RedEye shows in question and it's true Leno stole the joke or one of his writers did thinking no one would notice since RedEye is on at 3AM! HAHA! But, there was no outrage at Fox News Channel nor on RedEye. They instead just made fun of it and blamed it on Andy Levy for using time travel to steal a Jay Leno joke! The funny thing is that the discussion of Leno's theft of the joke was funnier than the original joke itself! LOL By the way the original joke Leno stole was something like "Thousands of prisoners to be released from California jails soon. The good news is that might improve Raiders season tickets sales next year." (6/7/11)

ABC signs Katie Couric the first business day after her CBS contract was up. Several trade websites had sources saying nothing would happen before the contract expired. But David Zurawik says, "Ask yourself why all the Couric buzz about a deal expected to be announced on the same day that Scott Pelley makes his debut as Couric's replacement on the CBS Evening News." How does this guy still have a job at The Sun? I thought newspapers fired people for making stuff up. (6/7/11)

Jay Leno allegedly lifted a joke from FOX News' "Red Eye" recently and didn't credit them. The hosts of "Red Eye" -- Andy Levy and Greg Gutfeld called him out on it in a subsequent broadcast. If you'll recall, this isn't the first time Leno has been accused of using another person's material. Last November he allegedly lifted a joke about Taylor Swfit from a VH1 blogger and was forced to apologize. Here's a link to the story which has video of both jokes: (6/7/11)

I scan the DC radio dial on Tuesday morning and imagine a catfight on WMAL..... (6/7/11)

ESPN 980 Delaying Podcasts. They may want to rethink this one. Arbitron rules are very specific about podcasts and accrediting them. Over 24 hours old and they don't count. As much as I don't like Arbitron that's the rules and they don't change them (coding is time stamped to prevent faking this out). (6/7/11)

You really don't know about VOA's oversea's service do you? What brand of stupidity do you subscribe to? Uncle Sam's sources have already posted that over 102 million people listen to the VOA's broadcast over seas. The Voice of America uses SHORTWAVE transmitters for that reach! Thank you for letting me know you are TRUELY qualified to make decisions regarding things you know nothing about. (6/7/11)

Regarding the comments about VOA in an earlier post, it's widely known tht political appointees to the vaunted Voice of America are little more than political hacks, with little or no journalism creds. WMAL's Bud Steel, who moonlighted as a newscaster at VOA while at WMAL, used to commiserate with me about the sad state of affairs at VOA as far back as the 1970's. Willis Conover was a world-wide icon with his jazz program for decades ending with his death in 1996. He had a wider following than anyone in the U-S radio and his career spanned 40 years. The Voice of America is, or was, a powerful tool for freedom and democracy. Now, what is left? Tom Gauger, ex-WMAL (6/7/11)

(SNIP) What good is that reach if fewer and fewer people have a shortwave receiver? (END SNIP) That's only if you are considering commercially-made receivers. In third-world countries and in oppressive regions of the world, a shortwave receiver can be (and has been) built with parts from a broken CFL lamp, a razor blade & pencil lead, and a coil of wire wrapped around a jar. There is no great magic in receiving a shortwave radio signal. In order to listen to an internet broadcast, you need a device with the equivalent of 14 million transistors, a wifi connection in your proximity or a hardwired network connection, and that's just for a start. Not always practical in the wastelands, deserts or jungles of the earth. IMO, Voice of America *should* plan for the future, but should not be quick to shut off shortwave service to the people who need it most. (6/7/11)

RE: When the new CBS Market Manager comes to town, will he discuss with the PD of the year Chris Kinard why they are only concerned with one demo graphics for their Sports Shows when there are only two in town?..... Great Post. Drab is the fall guy. Danny and Chad are doing comedy shows together. Danny posts on the BO&D podcast. Danny needs to be upped at JFK one way or another. He has enormous talent. Join Chad (Or will B Mitch do it?) or replace Wise. Chad must be counting the hours, or even minutes till he is free of Lavar. Or, could they continue like Roger and Pete? Different hotels, dressing rooms, and planes? To be honest, I think the Chad-Drab show would be strong. Drab has talent, knows sports, has opinions, and great chemistry with Chad. Maybe an ex-Redskin is a “need” for the demo? OK, I said it, CK do it: Junks; Danny with ?;Chad and Drab. Not bad. RE: There is no question 980 is missing the point here. We have to assume one of two causes for this short sighted action. One, advertiser complaints that the podcasts are draining away listeners from the PPM casts…. Another strong post. Mr. Tony, in particular, must be pissed. Who else do you really flock to at night or when away? He usually backs up the Danni for his 1,5. I will do some Czabe or Fix Podcasts but, when away on a place likeChina or Japan, you fall asleep to the stream and want your podcasts in the am. But, 90% of people will wait a day rather than buy them. Ask the MOS or BO&D. People pay for shit ass Cox/Comcast Cable but not $100 for a year of extra podcasts. Ponderous, just ponderous. Saving up my MOS from today and looking forward to the BO&D and new MOS for another all day deal atHopkins. Gold, Jerry, Gold. OOBBEE (6/7/11)

/\ June 7 Messages /\

\/ June 6 Messages \/

"Sadly it must seem that the people advising (sp) the Voice of America have no comprehension of the "reach" of Shortwave transmitters." What good is that reach if fewer and fewer people have a shortwave receiver? (6/6/11)

Sooooooooooooooo, one of the Uncle Sam's own agency's admits that the Voice of America reaches over 102 million people by RADIO and only 2.4 million by internet. Yet they want to shut down the short wave transmitters and roll the dice on an inferior IT infrastructure that would make a Belkin router look real good! Tell me who consulted them on this stupidity? Was it former NPR Czar Vivian "I'm not wearing any underwear" Schiller? Sadly it must seem that the people advising (sp) the Voice of America have no comprehension of the "reach" of Shortwave transmitters. They really don't have a clue. The VOA doesn't beam it's shortwave signals to mainland China anymore but anyone with an inexpensive Sangean receiver can pick up China Radio International with only a shoe string for an antenna. Before any country can step forward and call itself a leader in electronic communications it needs it's governing people to have a good understanding on how it's message reached around the world before the internet came along. (6/6/11)

Hey Dave, You didn't take anything off of MediaBistro (or any other source) to tell us about Katie C. jumping to ABC. MediaBistro had it up at 4:16PM today. I haven't seen anything on DCRTV. Why? Steve (6/6/11)

Dave's response: Frankly, I'm getting sick of Katie. But, DCRTV did report over the weekend that the DC media pixie is starting an afternoon talk show and how it'll probably be seen on Channel 7/WJLA. Want more? Here are 700+ links at Google.....

re:980 podcasts; Didn't someone previously say that Tony K records his show in the morning (8 am?) and it is aired tape delay at 10am already? Or was that just a temporary thing? (6/6/11)

FOX5 announced that Maureen Umeh had her baby, a girl.. (6/6/11)

Papa Joe Chevalie dies at age 62 (6/6/11)

Most people don't remember this but the then Group W/Westinghouse produced show "People are Talking" starring Richard Sher & Oprah Winfrey from WJZ 13 was actually syndicated, sorta by Westinghouse. I have no clue how many stations picked up the show, but I know of one, WMDT ABC 47 in Salisbury/OC. At the time, both WJZ and WMDT were ABC affiliates but that had nothing to do with it since it was not an ABC produced show. When Oprah launched her national show all by herself, WBOC 16 was wise to outbid WMDT for the show. In Baltimore, when Oprah started her show, WMAR 2 was the high bidder and/or had the first right of refusal, beating out WBAL 11 & WJZ 13, Oprah's old home, but WMAR actually bailed on the show and were eventually outbid by Hearst and WBAL in an amazingly stupid corporate decision on contract renewal by Scripps Howard. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's how it happened. Why would WMAR 2 say NO to Oprah in Baltimore of all places? Is that not an insanely poor management decision or what? (6/6/11)

Washington, DC-based radio station WTOP Radio 103.5 FM today announced that the news station received 14 Chesapeake AP awards from the Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcasters Association (CAPBA), including the award for Outstanding News Operation, at the awards ceremony this weekend on Saturday, June 4th, 2011 in Ocean City, MD. The Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcasters Association serves as a connection between AP Member Stations and the Mid-Atlantic Bureau and its staff in DE, MD and DC. Comprised of radio and television professionals, the CAPBA Board meets to discuss issues related to the AP and its members. The Chesapeake AP awards are distributed annually at the Association’s convention. This year, in addition to being honored as an Outstanding News Operation, WTOP was recognized for their Outstanding Website and Outstanding Year Round Local Sports coverage. Reporter Mark Segraves was honored with, not only Best Reporter, but also Outstanding Talk Show for “Ask The…” Among other individual honors: Reporter J.J. Green’s “Escaping the Iron Curtain” won Outstanding News Series, Reporter Andrew Mollenbeck for Outstanding Documentary/In-Depth Reporting “Concussions and Kids,” and Reporter Kate Ryan’s “B is for Bully” won Outstanding Public Affairs. Senior Vice President and General Manager Joel Oxley says, “I am proud to be part of such an outstanding news operation. The superior quality of content that our newsroom distributes never ceases to amaze me and now our peers have recognized it as well.” (6/6/11)

Chris Plante is unlistenable. He's one of the (many) poster boys of what's wrong with right-wing talk radio. And I'm a CONSERVATIVE (Mark Davis of WBAP Dallas is an example of what's RIGHT with right-wing talk radio) (6/6/11)

Dave's response: Or WBAL radio's Ron Smith, who is the intelligent conservative choice at 9 AM weekdays.....

Just curious if you got any Baltimore TV numbers PRE and POST Oprah. Thanks! (6/6/11)

Dave's response: If someone will send 'em, I'll post 'em.....

WAMU 88.5 today announced the WAMU 88.5 News team received four awards from the Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcasters Association (CAPBA). The awards were presented on June 3 at CAPBA’s convention in Ocean City, Md. WAMU 88.5’s David Schultz and Elliott Francis captured the award for Outstanding Spot News for their coverage of the hostage situation at the Discovery Communications building in Silver Spring, Md., in September 2010. Additionally, Virginia reporter Michael Lee Pope’s “Virginia Police Refuse to Release Documents” won for Outstanding Enterprise Report; environmental reporter Sabri Ben-Achour’s “Reduce, Reuse, Re-Oyster” won for Outstanding Use of Sound; and District reporter Patrick Madden received the Outstanding Multimedia/Online Journalism prize for his series, “La Buena Mentira: The Good Lie.” “These honors are further indication of how much the WAMU News team has grown during the past few years in both size and capability,” said WAMU 88.5 News Director Jim Asendio. “These awards further demonstrate our commitment to cover the full range of news throughout the national capital region, from breaking news events to in-depth investigations, both on the radio and online.” (6/6/11)

When the new CBS Market Manager comes to town, will he discuss with the PD of the year Chris Kinard why they are only concerned with one demo graphics for their Sports Shows when there are only two in town? Also will the new Market Manager ask to see the text between Drab and Chad and why Chad was only given a week off, and Matt Cahill moved to a administrative position without being fired? If memory serves me correctly, I believe every contract at the fan expires at the end of this month? If Wise returns that will catapult Chris Kinard to VP instantly. I trust he will be pairing Danny and Chad up permanently at some point which is why Chad appears oddly happy and upbeat on the air today. I will admit those two do have a more fluent show together. Great for a night show. Since PGC is going Hybrid in a sense, shouldn't JFK do the same and utilize their talent the same way with Sports/Guy talk? (6/6/11)

There is no question 980 is missing the point here. We have to assume one of two causes for this short sighted action. One, advertiser complaints that the podcasts are draining away listeners from the PPM casts. If that is the case then there better be a marked improvement in actual ratings...which is doubtful. Second, if the podcasts - especially tony's - are that popular why the hell isn't 980 selling them? If the pod listeners are scattered to the four points of the globe why aren't they selling this to big, global/national sponsors. This is an opportunity! Unfortunately, they are choosing to climb into their shell and pretend this is radio circa 1999. So much for a bold vision. (6/6/11)

Some Channel 9/WTOP video news memories from the 1970s featuring Gordon Peterson, Max Robinson, and JC Hayward. Plus some current news items, including ESPN 980 delaying its podcasts by one day, 17 AP awards for WBAL radio, Lisa Baden debuts on WMAL (is she butting in on Jamee Whitten's action?), and the media is doing cartwheels about Katie Couric's new afternoon talk show. All in today's edition of "Dave TV" at (6/6/11)

Earth to Katie Couric: If you're not standing next to Matt Lauer in the morning and dressing up as Peter Pan on Halloween, no one is watching you. Paul (6/6/11)

Drab's not relevant even for Media Blog fotter but it made me think however. There are alot of "Hughes" in the Media business. Are you all related Dave? (6/6/11)

Chuck Sapienza is a total dumbass! He's sitting on a goldmine and doesn't even know it! So what if those podcast are the only way some people can hear his station. This a perfect chance for him to use those podcast's as advertising vehicles for the other dayparts which aren't available for download! In this day and age no one and I mean no one listens to radio the same way they did 20 years ago. The web has changed all that and Mr. Sapienza needs to understand that. (6/6/11)

Re: Front Page item that you can “Check out a video of the Sinclair station's very first newscast in June 1991.” Don’t bother. It’s only last night’s Cover Story/commercial for how wonderful Fox 45 was then and is now (and it is wrong on both points). (6/6/11)

I emailed WINC-FM about American Top 40. Was told they no longer air it. (6/6/11)

You're falling down on the job, man! What happed at WJFK this week with Michael Hughes and Matt "Drab T-shirt" Cahill? NADA at DCRTV! (6/6/11)

Dave's response: WJFK? What's that? Never heard of it.....

Dave, you may have covered this already, but I thought this story about WTEM's new podcasting policy was pretty interesting: There has apparently been a listener/blogger uproar over their decision to delay posting podcasts for 24 hours in an attempt to get more people to listen on the radio. I understand where their PD is coming from, in that they make most of their money from the radio station, but I think this policy is just too late. People expect to get content on demand when they can't catch it live. You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube on that one. Sounds like they're at the point where they'll try anything to attempt to get the ratings up. (6/6/11)

If Katie Couric gets a talk show as expected syndiacted from ABC WMAR (Baltimore) needs to go all out to get the show for their 4pm slot. Their ratings are BAD and they need help for their 5pm-6pm news block. (6/6/11)

Just in case it was overlooked earlier, WFRE’s gettinga new MD/midday host: I’m glad that you’re back up—even thoughyou’re still not at 100% yet. EJM (6/6/11) Check this page out at TV Ark for a treasure trove of Channel 9 promos goingback to the 70s! Tom in DC (6/6/11)

/\ June 6 Messages /\

\/ June 5 Messages \/

Just wondering ... did any other DC stations submit for Chesapeake AP awards? Or did WJLA win everything by default? (6/5/11)

Well sadly looks like WETA-TV is in infomercial mode again for the month of June. Seems like 4-5 months a year now they are in fundraising mode. I'm at point that allowing commercials is the way to go if this fundraising crap is the norm. Heck maybe with commercials the programming might become interesting on WETA TV which even when not in fundraising mode is deadly dull. How about dropping a subchannel and thus not the need to fundraise so much. Ugh! WHUR TV for me! (6/5/11)

Oprah was also on WBOC16 (a CBS affiliate) so there's another example of Oprah not being on just "ABC affiliates. Tom in Denton, MD. (6/5/11)

"..Dave, with all due respect, DCRTV is a major news organization. Get used to it. Also, in spite of the occasional gaffe, it's trusted and respected..."well between that and in this day and age where more and more employers are doing the Google/Facebook thing when it comes to trying to find out more info about you I would not at all be the least bit surprised if there are a number of PDs & GMs who go straight to the mailbag of DCRTV ( or similar sites ) to see what is being said about you BEFORE they would even listen to your aircheck. My 24 year old son works in human resources for a large bank ( OK Wells Fargo !!! ). From what he has told me many of times his company no longer contacts the former employers for reference checks, instead its Google, Facebook and a credit check all the way. As my son says "..if you aren't mentioned on a Wikipedia page and have a Facebook account, looking for a job? You are pretty much fucked !!". Sure its the same in broadcasting too. (6/5/11)

Hi Dave, I found this on line when searching for your site during the outage. The threat report indicates the host name has been added to a network worm reported on June 2nd, This might mean that the PCs infected by that worm might be one of the the sources of your attack: Love your site, hope you can get fully back on line soon! (6/5/11)

Dave's response: I know nothing about internet worms. Anybody know if they could be the cause of DCRTV's current problems?


Negotiations between the Union and WJLA resumed Wednesday, June 1, 2011. Despite all efforts, the Company conditioned any changes to the Union’s acceptance of the Company’s proposal to allow daily-hires to remain while laying off staff employees. From the onset, the Union’s team attempted to restore the members give-back of 3.9% of February 2009. Meanwhile a number of employees received significant raises over the past year. Our WJLA members of course have had none since our generous give-back of 2009 despite the wage freeze being lifted. In addition the Company has started two new enterprises; one of which failed miserably. An important membership meeting was held this Saturday June 4, 2011 at Local 31 office. The Union's members discussed several alternative strategies to move the negotiations forward. Stay tuned! Moe the Union Guy (6/5/11)

Dave you should make DCRTVs theme song "50,000 Unstoppable Watts" by Clutch. I sincerely hope the cyberpussies get thier junk stuck in thier Dyson during thier next regular Saturday night thing. Donnie (6/5/11)

NOTE Rupert Muroch and NewsCorp do not own or control WBff in baltimore. It is simply a Fox network affiliate. (6/5/11)

Dave's response: Correct. Fox 45 is owned by Sinclair, but My 24, WUTB, is owned my Murdoch/News Corp......

A couple corrections: Oprah did not air exclusively on ABC affiliates. It was syndicated. For instance in Baltimore, Hearst had a deal for Oprah/Ellen, and I think that was for many of their stations, many of which were different networks. Oprah just happened to be on WJLA in Washington because Allbritton put up the big bucks for it. And most certainly Katie Couric won't be exclusively on all ABC affiliates either, although there is a rumor that WMAR ABC 2 wants the Couric show. Most stations that had Oprah and Ellen are putting Ellen in Oprah's spot before the local news. Secondly, I gotta laugh at these nutty Murdoch conspiracy theories people throw out. FOX, Inc. has absolutely no influence on the FOX 45 News at 10. FOX doesn't own the station and has practically no involvement in its news operations. In fact, I think Sinclair has its own Washington news bureau for national stories so its rare that they pick up FOX News Channel stories. I don't even think FOX 45 even picked up the FNC live feed when Bin Laden was killed. By the way, speaking of FOX 45 and WMAR 2... I believe FOX 45 has stolen away from WMAR 2 both Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy for this fall. This is funny because WMAR originally had Oprah, but the folks at Scripps Howard are like the gang that can't shoot straight and keep shooting themselves in the foot and lost that show too. It's as if they don't care anymore really. (6/5/11)

I tuned in to KHZ to see what the video feed was like. All I got was Anthony Weiner's package on the screen. (6/5/11)

Dave's response: I'm almost afraid to ask - and then what did you do? Ha ha ha.....

You spelled 'camo' wrong, Paul. Might I suggest a "Bictionary" next time you submit a Corona fueled post? (6/5/11)

Dave's response: It's "camouflage," so I just dropped the "uflage." I always thought that was correct shortened version.....

["Couric began her TV career at NBC's Channel 4/WRC in DC before moving on to the network's "Today" show in NYC....."] Couric's first job was at the ABC News bureau in Washington, D.C., later joining CNN as an assignment editor. Between 1984 and 1986, she worked as a general-assignment reporter for WTVJ in Miami, Florida. During the following two years, she reported for WRC-TV, the NBC owned-and-operated station in Washington, D.C., work which earned her an Associated Press award and an Emmy. (6/5/11)

I am never up early on the weekends, but I ought to be. Apparently WBAL puts Sarah Caldwell in the anchor chair ? Certainly nice to wake up to. (6/5/11)

A shirtless DCRTV Dave delivers the latest local media news, including Katie Couric to do a talk show for ABC and probably be seen on Channel 7/WJLA. More on Lisa Baden to WMAL's morning show. And Tommy McFly's new morning show on 94.7 Fresh FM. Plus, kudos to DCRTV's advertisers and to our server provider, Pittsburgh's (6/5/11)

Thanks for the 20 year retrospective of WBFF's commitment to TV news. Unfortunately, as the clip illustrates all too well, we can see the degeneration from legitimate-looking coverage to the sort of freaky, out-of-mainstream slant that Murdoch apparently insists be brought to all his outlets. Damn shame. It could be worse. Check WTTG, now owned by Fox. An even heavier dose, every newscast. (6/5/11)

Katie Couric coming to ABC, WJLA? An announcement is expected Monday that Katie Couric will host a new talk show to be syndicated by Disney/ABC beginning in September 2012, according to the Hollywood Reporter and the Wall Street Journal. (6/5/11)

DENIAL OF SERVICE. DENIAL OF HIJACKED USER NAMES. No posts in the past few days by me, the Real AHHHH. But of course, if you're a DJ Horse like Sorce and his black rainy cloud was the reason Sacramento was flooding in June, you'd want to hijack my DCRTV user name and post false threads too - allegedly. Of course, the most likely culprit of my "hi-jacked" malebag user moniker is the Chinese Army hackers who are leading massive cyber-attacks in the U.S. - maybe against DCRTV. Keep posing as me you blue hacker commies or Dave will stop proudly wearing his U.S. military surplus cammo that was made in your Chinese sweatshops. My original malebag user name that this webmaster knows is me. Dave's loyal reader cyber-army. The Real AHHH (6/5/11)

Sorry someone tried to hack your system but happy you won! You mentioned that you were asking the FBI to investigate. While you are at it; will you ask them to look into Weinergate, too? Good luck and keep up the valuable work you do!! (6/5/11)

/\ June 5 Messages /\

\/ June 4 Messages \/

Hey, Dave...I'm happy your site is back up...missed you. When I tried to go to it and got the message "The Internet can't connect blah blah blah" I was afraid it was due to my computer problem (I've been having virus issues lately). I'm glad it wasn't my computer problem, but I'm sorry it was yours. Welcome back. -- Bobbie (6/4/11)

Mystery solved. I figured out where The Real AHHHH got his name. (6/4/11)

To throw in whatever two cents is worth today… I also remember Phineas Fogg’s in Tysons. I only went there once as the food was overpriced for what you got. IIRC, an eyeglass shop is the building now. That area looks like a war zone these days with all the construction. And, there is a Roy’s on Route 1 down by Woodlawn Plantation. When Marriott got out of the fast feeder business, they sold Roy’s to Hardee’s. When the parent company of Carl’s Jr. (which had later bought Hardee’s) got over-extended, they sold the local corporate Hardee’s to McD’s, with franchisees being allowed to choose whether go with Ronald or Roy. Finally, as for COG’s indirect and subtle media influence on traffic reports, it began when a regional magazine reported in its pages that a very well known restaurant chain took Northern Virginia off its list of potential HQ sites when their execs saw a “normal” PM rush while their corporate jet was en-route to HEF. I’ll let someone else name the chain as they had to hire the then AM drive voice of a local FM to do their spots to fit their image. I’ve also heard that there’s been subtle pressure on the CATV’s not to start a “Transit and Traffic” channel which I’ve heard one of the local systems briefly had –to the infuriation of their government overseers. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (6/4/11)

Re: roy's. They actually opened a new one on the pa turnpike westbound at Somerset. Now, if someone could bring back Fogg's Fine Fast Food. A local chain in the 1980s that had locations on Rte 7 in tysons and one in Annapolis. I'm probably the only one that remembers them. Btw that Roy's in Cumberland is about as an original of a roy's as you can get - painted green sidewalks, fireplace in the dining area, the wagon wheel chandeliers and the red bricked kitchen are all still there. Just like most of Cumberland - the year 1976, never really left. MLB4 (6/4/11)

Dave could the fact that you wear that USMC tea shirt have something to do with the attack on the site. Just thinking out loud of why there be an international attack. Take care and God bless! John Henneman (6/4/11)

Dave's response: I do like to wear camo pants and military t-shirts in my "Dave TV" segments. Hmmm. I proudly proclaim the US military with pride - and won't stop any time soon.....

Seems like all the Geronimo apologists have taken time away from their busy weekend schedules to kiss the impeccably waxed ass of our fearless leader Dave Hughes. Put a sock in it you fruits. It's just a website. Go back to your Judy Garland and Cher albums. Got it? Good! My onion smelling malebag, Dave's new found hatred for all things with the word "International" in the name. The Real AHHHH (6/4/11)

A couple (few?) months ago I remember you posted that Carl was moving to work for the Pat Sajak owned stations on the eastern shore of MD as their News Director. I happen to tune into WSVA a couple of days ago while driving up the interstate (81) when I got out of range of my 'normal' station that I tune into locally, and there was Carl, doing news... any buzz about why he's back in Harrisonburg? just curious. Rick in VA (6/4/11)

Dave, with all due respect, DCRTV is a major news organization. Get used to it. Also, in spite of the occasional gaffe, it's trusted and respected. You cannot buy those at any price. And, it celebrates the still-Constitutionally-protected freedom of expression. There are those in this world who believe the former and the latter as an anathema. And, who wish to destroy it. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (6/4/11)

Instead of speculating on the locations and operations of Roy Rogers restaurants, you could, y’know, just look them up on the web. While the bulk of them are in Maryland and Northern Virginia, there are nearly 50 locations in the northeast from Massachusetts to Ohio, including several on the PA and NJ turnpikes and NY thruway. (6/4/11)

Hey Dave, Sorry to here about the denial of service attacks on your site I run a number of forums for the Celtic Woman Ladies I've had this happen to me before once they took the site off line for 24 hours until it stopped it stinks this is the world we live in these people need to get a life !! Dave (6/4/11)

The issue where a previous poster is having with the Baltimore Sun's David Zurawik with censoring and the blocking of emails somewhat sounds like a current trend since even though DCRTV doesn't do this ( at least I don't think they do ) I can think of a number of other websites who DO trace back ISP addresses, the blocking of emails addresses to prevent postings from "questionable people" and all other kinds of censorship. Reason? Usually its the same old "..well we don't want to get sued for slander so we have to protect our ass" line even though most of those same webmasters really have no idea as to what is/is NOT considered slander in the first place. For example for many years I used to belong to a site about roller coasters ( ) that was until last year I had mentioned in a post that "Six Flags sucks donkey ass". OK I will be the first to admit that WAS tasteless on my part but still a member of their staff showed his ass by saying how Six Flags can SUE ME for slander for making that statement so to protect their ass I was "banned". OK how can Six Flags sue over this? Yeah Coasterbuzz couldn't answer it either but I was still banned anyway. Their loss !! Whatever !! (6/4/11)

I'm betting Holly Morris is the mastermind behind the attack on DCRTV. Behind that perky pluck of hers is the heart of EVIL! Beware of overly perky blondes. Paul (6/4/11)

Missed you! (6/4/11)

What is it with these hackers? It just proves there are some people in this world who are willing to act out of sheer malevolence. At any rate, Dave, I'm glad it's just your web site that was atttacked and that you're alright. It was a long 18 hours without my dcrtv! (6/4/11)

If memory serves me, the Roy Rogers chain bought a bunch of Gino's outlets in the 80's and flipped them to Roy's before Hardees took them over, and then in turn Carls Jr. bought out Hardees. Someone in Frederick somehow got use of the Roy's name and there are several Roy Rogers restaurants still operating that I know of - one is in the Festival at Manchester Lakes shopping center where the Fairfax County Parkway (Rte. 7900) ends beyond the mall at Beulah St. in the Springfield area. Another is in Brunswick, MD a little ways off US 340 and Rt. 17, and there's also one in Frederick on E. Patrick St. just off I-70 near the airport (I believe there's another location in Frederick but not sure where). I think there's one in Alexandria just off US 1 but I'm not sure exactly where that one is, either. Howdy, partner! Grab yourself a Double-R-Bar Burger! - - - - - Larry in Luray (6/4/11)

To the Unsigned Corporate Suit: What would the Council of Governments have to do with the frequency of traffic reports or even putting them online? The government doesn't control the content or does it? Mike/Fairfax (6/4/11)

To the fellow mentioning Roy Rodgers. There is a Roy's in Frederick, possibly several and I believe there is still one in Leesburg, Va. Westminster, Md. also has one. A number of rest stops on the Pennsylvania Turnpike also have Roy"s. Here in York County, Pa. and neighboring Adams County, there are a number of Hardee's. Going down the Eastern Shore on Route 50, you will find several. JohnnyuinHanover,Pa. (6/4/11)

Hugs to ya, Dave (6/4/11)

The last time I passed by Cumberland MD on the way to a ski trip, there were 4 things that caught my attention. The city is an incredible pic snuggled between mountains from the highway and WTBO. But the other 2 are why I jumped off the National Highway because there was both a Hardees AND a Roy Rogers restaurant! LOL And this was before Carl's Jr. bought Hardees and changed the menu and the Roy Rogers still had the original menu too mostly. I was like OMG, I'm like in fast food/heart attack heaven here! There are almost no Hardees or Roy's in the DC/Baltimore market anymore. I have no clue why Marriot Food Service, which owns the Roy Rogers chicken recipe & brand doesn't sell it. I don't even think Hardees uses it anymore, but there are still some Roy Rogers franchise owners that legally still get to stay in business, but it's very rare to find one. Other than Cumberland, I only know of a Roy Rogers in Harford County way northeast of Baltimore and Hardees now only carry the Carl's Jr. menu, if you can find one around here. (6/4/11)

Dave, go get em when you find out who is messing with your business. I do not know you personally but you seem like a GOOD GUY. Hang in their bud. (6/4/11)

Dave, you really need to create a Facebook DCRTV media site from your Dave Hughes FB account. Then just duplicate all the news items from DCRTV on there. Then if anything happens, at least you got Mark Zuckerberg covering your ass! LOL Of course nobody will see the advertising, but it sounds like a good backup plan to me. By the way, you're sorta lucky, the Sony PS2 site that was hacked was down for almost 2 weeks! Imagine that loss of money. (6/4/11)

Dave's response: Well, advertising revenue from DCRTV is a major source of my income. I don't mind "teasing" some big stories and placing video news updates on Facebook, but I need people to keep visiting the website. That's a problem that a lot of self-employed web gurus like me have - "social media" sites like Twitter and Facebook are great places to share info and promote yourself and your stuff, but you ultimately need to use them to direct traffic to your website, which you can monitize. Gotta eat and pay the bills.....

Nearby news - WTBO in Cumberland is now back doing the Dial Global America's Best Music satellite format, heard also on WFVA in Fredericksburg regionally. They were running automated oldies days and Fox Sports Radio nights. Any radio fan loves to see the neon WTBO calls lit at night high atop the hilltop overlooking downtown Cumberland. MLB4 (6/4/11)

"It's as if they're just talking to themselves or a wall in La La Land." It's very much like doing a radio show every weekday from 10am to noon on a series of stations that nobody listens to. Right, Jonesy? (6/4/11)

Glad you are back DH. Very Cool! (6/4/11)

Hey Dave, it looks like you'll need to handle a few "make goods" for the advertisers! Just like radio... Glad to see the site back up and running! Tom (6/4/11)

I'm sorry, but the only thing David Zurawik said that was probably truthful is that fixing his blog is beyond his pay grade. In reality, the man deletes and censors comments from his blog routinely and more often than possibly any other Baltimore Sun columnist or website I've ever posted on. He's also so thin skinned that he even bans people permanently. I haven't been able to post a comment under one of my email addresses for almost a year. Clearly he censors or he sets people's email addresses that he disagrees with as SPAM so that he never sees them again. I wouldn't even be surprised if the buffoon accidently set his entire IN-BOX as JUNK MAIL in an attempt to censor out one person posting a comment he didn't like or agree with. He really does seem that dumb as a rock. And don't even get me started on Zurawik's media ethics conflicts of interest! That's like a whole other paragraph! (6/4/11)

I find it interesting that several people continued to post their babblings to the mailbag without even noticing the site was down for an entire day. Kinda doesn't speak much to their intelligence ya think? It's as if they're just talking to themselves or a wall in La La Land. I bet if DCRTV was down for weeks, some people here would be babbling to outer space thinking they're making valuable points the whole time. LOL (6/4/11)

Dave's response: Even though the site was down for most of Friday, DCRTV still kept going on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. I've never appreciated "social media" as much as I did yesterday.....

Sorry to see that dcrtv was down do to a cyber attack. Hope that the site will soon be up and running again. Btw I love the videos you do on youtube! (6/4/11)

Dave's response: Thanks! The attack continues, however has put DCRTV on a server that can better withstand all the "denial of service" traffic. All the site's page text seems to be loading, but we're still having some problems with graphic images. As soon as this "settles out," and gets a better idea of just where the attack is coming from and who might be responsible, I will be contacting the FBI and maybe an attorney. I have received several confidential tips. This is a criminal act and you can be sure I will pursue it.....

[RE DCRTV outage:] Could it be the ghost of Kevorkian? (6/4/11)

If you subscribed to Sirius XM or Sirius XM Satellite Radio, you could be included in a class action lawsuit , radio settlement (6/4/11)

It's really a shame to see WUSA has lost the last tiny bit of decency and integrity it had by now running ads for its brands and local businesses on the screen during news reports. If it were a story on the murder of my relative or on the search for a missing friend I wouldn't want to be, or want others to be distracted by an ad for a local cleaning company or USA Today at the bottom of the screen. Why not just sell ad space for online casinos on your reporters' foreheads, WUSA? Not only is it insensitive and shirks journalistic integrity, it also seems borderline unethical. (6/4/11)

bye Sam Rogers...bye FAN... (6/4/11)

Dave's response: CBS Radio's decision to create a batch of FM sports talkers in many markets was way beyond Sam's pay grade. 106.7 will stay sports talk. Err, it might get moved to 94.7, which has a better signal.....

Usually, I try not to post twice in one day. But, with Lisa Baden going to WMAL, I couldn’t resist! All kidding aside, WMAL needs all the help it can get. There might be TIS stations that pull better full day numbers than WMAL. Lisa Baden is a good start. But, for $hitadel to depend on AM drive on its “flagship” market stick to carry the broadcast day shows how locked into the 1970’s micro-market mindset that company is. D.C. isn’t Turlock, Fairfield, or Stockton. If they truly wanted to build revenue and share while pissing-off the political “establishment”, they’d can Rush & Hannity, shift Brian Nehman and the “Morning Mess” to 9-Noon and Chris Plantain to Noon-3 and run non-stop updated traffic, weather, and headline news with a local news push (Hire Ira Melman…) during both drives. And, skip the politics, philosophy, etc. Done right (including big-buck talent and promotion) this would be what could knock WTOP on its ass in drives and revenue. WMAL has the signal to succeed at this. But, WTOP also knows $hitadel won’t spend the money to do it. And, WTOP also knows $hitadel doesn’t have the balls to stand up to COG when it comes to traffic reports at less than ten minute intervals, and putting them live on the web. Petitions to deny license renewals can be messy. Unsigned Corporate Suit (6/4/11)

"We know you lost a gig to him...I guess that's real bitterness!!" Shoot. You got me, Paul. You're right. You beat me out for a Depends undergarment modeling gig. God how that stung. Oh well. Can't fault them for wanting someone who actually uses their product. Incidentally, how is that bed wetting problem going anyhow? (6/4/11)

Way to go Dave, Don't let those Jerks get you down!!!!! (6/4/11)

I can see your sight Dave.... You realize you can now advertize that you get a bazillion hits a second ;) (6/4/11)

/\ June 4 Messages /\

\/ June 3 Messages \/

Why does WMAL need to do traffic? The audience consists of old white retired geezers who no longer drive to work. (6/3/11)

Again, our anonymous hater-""Stay bitter" Stay old and talentless. "Jones won...face it." Oh, he won alright. An all expenses paid trip to obscurity" Um he still gets a lot of print with his name on it (and signs his name guess it still stands. He won, who are you????? We know you lost a gig to him...I guess that's real bitterness!! (6/3/11)

maybe the chinese thought you were a defense contractor (6/3/11)

Dave's response: Hmmm. Maybe I am.....

The following was forwarded to DCRTV.....

From: "Oliger, Brian"... To: WTOP_Newsroom... Subject: How Heat and Humidity Affect FM Radio... A reminder from last year. We are seeing this again now that the heat and humidity are back… We have had reports of poor reception, bad-sounding audio and interference from other stations on 103.5 and 107.7. As often happens in the summer time, FM radio signals can experience a phenomenon calledtropospheric ducting. This ducting, or the “bending” of FM and TV transmission signals, can occur during periods of abnormally high heat and humidity, when the transmission signal encounters warmer rather than cooler air in the atmosphere. You can find more info at the link above. If we get calls from listeners complaining about the signal, I would just explain that the heat and humidity affect radio signals in unusual ways and this can result in poor reception. It normally doesn’t last too long in any particular place. (6/3/11)

"Both Baden and Whitten work for Metro Traffic....." Not for long. bwahahahahaha!!! Sincerely, Cheap Channel (6/3/11)

Well you are back up. Were they able to figure out where it was coming from? (6/3/11)

Dave's response: We're on a different server that's better able to handle the surging traffic, but does seem to miss about half the graphics. No, the attack was coming from a large number of overseas countries.....

was wondering waht was going on...glad you're back up (6/3/11)

"Stay bitter" Stay old and talentless. "Jones won...face it." Oh, he won alright. An all expenses paid trip to obscurity. (6/3/11)

"Just where DCRTV's audience ain't!" Utter, purile bullshit, Dave! You might be very surprised where DCRTV is read... Not all connections are direct... Besides proxy connections, there are things like "Ghost Surf" to spoof ISP's. The site carries more influence in the political and corporate worlds than you might realize. you might be surprised to know who reads it every day, if not several times a day... (6/3/11)

Nice to see DCRTV back online. And, may colonies of fire ants infest the pubic regions and adjacent orifices of those responsible for the attack. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (6/3/11)

Dave's response: The fine techs at have moved DCRTV to a new server to better handle all the attack traffic. I'm getting partial (not quite total) page loads. Sure better than nothin'.....

From the mailbag: (Hey hotshot, truth is Harve wouldn't bother. He's been friends with Paul for decades. Stay bitter, we're still waiting for the lost, Jones won...face ) I want to thank you personally, you finally got it. Bridges???? Jones Also, Dave glad your site is up and running again, I'm sure it's one of the "haters". Probably the idiot that can't do anything but take anonymous shots. Again....Bridges? (6/3/11)

5:42 and I am getting most of, save a few ads/images...... (6/3/11)

Its amazing that Jamiee Whitten has managed to stay out of the right wing tirades all these years (6/3/11)

[RE Lisa Baden to WMAL:] Will she be required to blame traffic tie-ups on Obama? (6/3/11)

[RE DCRTV outage:] If all else fails, crank up the fax machine! (6/3/11)

[RE DCRTV outage:] File a lawsuit against WMAL. (6/3/11)

WAMU News Department has also won the Outstanding Spot News award (for our coverage of the Discovery Building gunman incident) in addition to the three others the newsroom will receive Saturday night. Congrats to Elliott Francis and David Schultz who were our reporters on the story. (6/3/11)

[RE DCRTV outage:] Considering the DDOS is coming largely from overseas, it seems even more pressing to contact the FBI if you haven't done so already. (6/3/11)

[REV DCRTV outage:] Say...isn't Don Geronimo out of the country on vacation? (6/3/11)

[RE DCRTV outage:] You need to file a federal report-- (6/3/11)

[RE DCRTV outage:] If nothing else, this has ended all the tiresome OOBBEE, AHHHH, ZW & PLB posts. (6/3/11)

[RE DCRTV outage:] Clearly it's the same evil people who made WTEM delay the podcasts by 24 hours. (6/3/11)

Eh. Don't mind Lisa Baden. WMAL is crap these days. (6/3/11)

[RE Lisa Baden to WMAL:] Yet another reason not to tune in. (6/3/11)

[RE DCRTV outage:] Take pride in the fact they may think you're a national asset. (6/3/11)

Breaking news from DCRTV: Lisa Baden will join the WMAL morning traffic team on Monday, with Jamee Whitten. Also, we're hearing that the "distributed denial of service" attack against continues Friday afternoon. Since the attack traffic is coming from a variety of overseas countries, the thought it that some hackers have mixed up DCRTV as being a US government or military site. Until this attack ends, the site will offline. Stay tuned to these YouTube updates for more..... (6/3/11)

After reading Chuck Sapienza's comments in today's Post I understand where he is coming from. He is [quote] protecting his product [end quote]. a noble effort that is misguided. He suffers from what too many radio people suffer from today - they think it is all about their broadcast property. The world has changed and the transmitter is only one way for people to sample what you do. The digital world has put the consumer in control. A radio station is in the content business, not the radio business. Their goal should be to provide that content to an audience when and where they want it. To delay a podcast as popular as Kornheiser's is old school thinking. Do they really think this will force people to listen to the show in real time? This is what radio does not get. Consumers time shift. They demand their content on their schedule, not the station's. The goal is to expose as many people to your content as possible. If this is a reaction to advertiser complaints then 980 has deeper problems. If they think this will increase ratings the are missing the bigger picture. (Oh, and BTW -there is a typo on their audio vault page announcing the new policy.) (6/3/11)

Surprised Tommy is moving to mornings. So apparently his comment about Charlotte was to throw everyone off. Crazy. (6/3/11)

The site may be down this morning, but the local media news continues! Tommy McFly to mornings on 94.7 Fresh FM, another award for WAMU's Diane Rehm, Jason Kidd elevated to the program director post at WPGC, and more. In a June 3 edition of DCRTV's "Dave TV"...... (6/3/11)

/\ June 3 Messages /\

\/ June 2 Messages \/

Having done it for real ages ago, I have no need to be an armchair PD or GM as a senior citizen. But, let’s consider some things, which could happen with the changes at CBS in D.C. Especially for those who think CBS could go with a “simplified” all news format on 94.7 and profitably cut into WTOP’s billing. (BTW, the reason 103.5 has a poor signal towards Baltimore looks like it’s because they have to protect something in the Harrisburg/Hanover/Lancaster area. Dave Loudin likely knows who/where.) We called it “Newsak” when we looked at the numbers of doing all news. And, it would sound like cheap small-market shit. It would die fast in D.C. As one whose resume (if I needed one) would carry a pioneer of the format, I can tell you that this is an expensive format to air. If the CBS D.C. management went all-news on say, 94.7, without clearing it with the net, three things would likely happen: Messrs. Oxley and Farley would execute the early termination clause in the WTOP affiliation contract with CBS; The honchos at Black Rock would go “WTF” and summon those responsible for the decision to New York for “career counseling”; DCRTV would then report that the former CBS executives would be offering great deals on cellphones, mp3 players, and digital cameras from the Radio Shack stores where they would now clerk. CBS takes the potential loss of WTOP as an affiliate as seriously under Hubbard as they did under Bonneville. Why? Both Bonneville and Hubbard have done major network disaffiliation deals, so it’s in their corporate DNA, although both deals were for TV. (And, CBS-TV was the loser in the Bonneville situation.) CBS would much rather buy WTOP than compete against it. But, unlike most acquisitions of this type, a CBS buy would improve WTOP, rather than kill it. In fact, I bet soon after arriving in D.C., Steve Swenson pays a “courtesy call” on WTOP’s management. Why didn’t CBS buy WTOP when Bonneville was shopping it around? Bonneville wanted out of the East Coast real bad. And, with the exception of WTOP, the properties were of low comparative merchantability. So, if you wanted WTOP, you had to buy the other stuff. Don’t forget that it wasn’t long ago that CBS itself dumped unwanted radio properties onto the market. The other stuff Hubbard picked up in the Bonneville deal are profitably saleable, but iff Hubbard gets enough of a premium on a WTOP sale. The other stations also make a better fit in Hubbard’s portfolio than WTOP. Finally, CBS is the only potential buyer willing to pay what WTOP is really worth. My instincts not only tell me that a CBS buy of WTOP could set a new record for a single station sale (and unlikely to be exceeded for a long time, if ever), but will establish a “super station benchmark” for computing a station sale. If you use the usual 3X gross, you’re talking about $200 million +intangibles and real estate. I’m thinking it could go for 4X or perhaps even 5X, taking it into the $250 million to $300 million range, although I don’t seriously see it going to the half billion category. However, factor in a major national governmental crisis, a national economic disaster, or another devastating terrorist attack on the U.S. mainland, and all bets would be off. Why? Because WTOP would become an asset of almost unaffordable value to a U.S. corporation. Who would buy it then? That’s for the conspiracy theorists to think about. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (6/2/11)

Hey hotshot, truth is Harve wouldn't bother. He's been friends with Paul for decades. Stay bitter, we're still waiting for the lost, Jones won...face it. (6/2/11)

"Bitterness will get you nowhere-get a job, if you can) HM" Now, now Paul. Ne need to go and pretend to be yet another radio personality. What would the real "HM" think if he knew you were pretending to be him? Perhaps we should ask him! Now, do all three KHZ listeners a favor and get some talent....if you can. (6/2/11)

From mailbag:---Do you think the new guy in charge of CBS D.C. radio will bring back Davy Jones and Harv Moore to WPGC?" Nah, Davy Jones burned too many bridges.(Care to mention whichbridges????? Evidently he put you out of work. You don't have the balls........ mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, good! (6/2/11)

Here's some interesting reading... Enjoy. Unsigned Corporate Suit (6/2/11)

From "Bag"--"Do you think the new guy in charge of CBS D.C. radio will bring back Davy Jones and Harv Moore to WPGC?" Nah, Davy Jones burned too many bridges.(I Understand you lost the Music Directors job to him at a certain DC station, guess he knew more about it) LOL (6/2/11)

1.Get rid of 94.7 FRESH! Park the WHFS calls at 94.7 with the tag line "WE'RE NOT FRESH ANYMORE!" 2. DUMP EL ZOL and put The True Oldies Channel on 99.1 with the WODC calls! (6/2/11)

" That would make the station Annapolis & Baltimore based, more so than a Washington station." Yes. Exactly. WHFS Annapolis....Baltimore....Washington that order of community service. Or as the band Eggs once sang " Fifty thousand watts between two big cities WHFS sure sounds pretty"...not sure about the 50k but it did sure sound pretty....awesome.....Evolve (6/2/11)

From Mailbag post:"Do you think the new guy in charge of CBS D.C. radio will bring back Davy Jones and Harv Moore to WPGC?" Nah, Davy Jones burned too many bridges.--------Well evidently he burned you (Bitterness will get you nowhere-get a job, if you can) HM (6/2/11)

Well it's definitely true that CBS's 94.7 has a better signal than WTOP 103.5. I immediately noticed this when WTOP left AM 1500 because that killed much of the Baltimore reception which sucks for commuters to DC from Baltimore and you can clearly see that here... 94.7 versus 103.5 Notice the much weaker signal towards PA and the Baltimore suburbs for 103.5. I realize that's technically out of the DMA, but it's become clear to most advertisers that these 2 markets are almost one now. Census data has already made us one market. It's only the FCC and Nielsen and Arbitron that are left in denial at this point. (6/2/11)

BJ on Wise’s show made a crack about David Aldridge laughing non-stop at Mr. Tony who is on vacation again. After Junks it was a choice of Wise or Fill in on 980. I was straight to BO&D Podcast followed by MOS. Why 980 doesn’t do best of I don’t know. JFK did the same BS when the Junks were off. Someone posted here that all the contracts are up next month at JFK except the Junks. Can someone verify? I know Dukes signed a two year contract and even stated it here. It flipped in July, 2009. Anyone know what Drab is up to? If I was CBS, I would definitely add a news station here. They have enough national news to fill half an hour. Then, just read stories from the Post or local TV news like TOP does all day. Hire Metro Traffic. Get weather from the NWS website. Do traffic and weather on the sevens. Find some people with speech impediments. It is not that difficult. How much could CBS be making off TOP? Their two newsers in NYC make cash. Bring in some assistant producers down here. OOBBEE (6/2/11)

With all the talk shows on in the morning on the rock stations both DC101 & 98Rock, Baltimore & Washington could use a station that sticks with Rock/Alt Rock music in the morning instead of a bunch of talk. I love MA&S on 98Rock, but there's plenty of times where given the choice between MA&S and Music, I'd take the music first. DC101 never plays anything outside the box unless it's the 90's at noon or if it's early saturday mornings. I would still love to see HFS return to 99.1 where it should be. ElZol is a DC only thing, but the 99.1 signal blankets Central & Northern Maryland, it just seems like very much the wrong signal to place anything Washington-only on, after-all isn't the 99.1 tower off of I-97 around Crownsville about a couple miles north of 50/301? That would make the station Annapolis & Baltimore based, more so than a Washington station. CBS has 4 FM stations in DC so they could really improve the stations formats from where they are now, 95.5 PGC goes Hot AC/CHR a-la Mix 106.5, Fresh 94.7 gets dumped for all News, 106.7 stays The Fan, 1580 becomes ElZol w/ ElZol on the HD2 signal of 95.5 as well, and Dance on 95.5 HD3. 94.7 HD2 would carry Sports 106.7 The Fan w/ All News 94.7's sports reports being brought by 106.7 the Fan. I think solid ways to promote each format and blend listeners of the main FM signal's to their sub channels each respectively. As for WWEG in the Baltimore books, WWEG is a fringe signal to the western edge of Baltimore and is pretty much clear in towns west of Baltimore, WWEG's tower is on top of South Mountain right off of Alt US40 so I'm sure the mountain can boom the signal well enough towards Baltimore, and I'm sure there's probably protection for 106.7 towards Washington so it probably isn't as strong in the Washington direction. I personally am not surprised to see WWEG on the Baltimore PPM at all. (6/2/11)

Note to DCRTV`S mailbag commenter's WPGC is the least of CBS Radio`s DC problems. The fact that it basically is the money bread and butter their makes it the least of their worries also ratings need to get better but the 12 plus demo will not be the only thing used as a judgment on the station`s performance. Their are other demo`s that are not seen ie: 18-34 and 18-49 were the station does better. Congrats to Jason Kidd on his promotion iam sure that despite comments to the contrary that he is not a stupid guy. Good luck to him. (6/2/11)

(edit) Why is it that even looking at Jason Kidd makes me think he knows absolutely nothing about music...? (end) You can tell that from a 96-pixel photograph? Damn man, look down Wilson Blvd and tell me how many fingers I'm holding up. (6/2/11)

"Do you think the new guy in charge of CBS D.C. radio will bring back Davy Jones and Harv Moore to WPGC?" Nah, Davy Jones burned too many bridges. (6/2/11)

Why is it that even looking at Jason Kidd makes me think he knows absolutely nothing about music and even less about the kind of tunes WPGC spins. He looks like the perfect example of why radio is being dumbed down more and more. Paul (6/2/11)

The classic American Top 40 rebroadcast on Saturday mornings was missing last Saturday from WINC. Does anyone know if it was moved to a different time slot or did the station dump it entirely? - Tom in Wheaton (6/2/11)

Hey Dave, Don't know if you caught it or not, but during TMOS yesterday he dropped some insider knowledge about MIchael Hughes maybe having gotten a big ole dose of karma as well as hinting that at 106.7 the fan things were being shaken up. Any more insight into that on your end? (6/2/11)

Steve Swenson isn't stupid. New York City can support two news stations. Can DC? CBS has plenty of money; it knows just how expensive this format can get. Lots of questions. If you're old enough to remember when WFIL went up against WIBG--that's how this will have to shape up if any CBS-owned station here intends to get close to WTOP. It will need to have a fearless staff with plenty of money and support behind it. WTOP could use some good competition. Key word is GOOD. If CBS does, indeed, put a news station on-air here and puts forth a crap product, it will drive WTOP's audience into unreachable numbers and WTOP will have ten new part-timers. A more plausible prediction: One of the CBS FMs goes Classic Hits with full-service drives and gets involved with the community. Do not be surprised if Donnie Simpson returns in some capacity. (6/2/11)

One reason CBS will not go all news in D.C.: 7:02 AM ET, M-F. Any idea what that net avail goes for because of WTOP? And its impact on CBS revenue? WTOP would not just survive, but thrive without the network if CBS were to go all news here. As I’ve said before, CBS knows what the loss of WTOP would do to their bottom line. There are some non-competes which need not be written down. However, given the “logic” of some recent CBS decisions, I wouldn’t be surprised if CBS didn’t dump WTOP and go news on 94.7 while ignoring the brand that is WTOP. Sad thing about stupidity: It often rises to the top. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (6/2/11)

Will CBS Radio start a rival all-newser to WTOP with a new DC honcho? Plus, some May key male demo morning and afternoon drive ratings for DC radio. And the silly Washington Post finds Katie Couric shopping in a CVS. And more in DCRTV's "Dave TV"...... (6/2/11)

I always hear manure on WMAL. (6/2/11)

All the market tongues are wagging that Steve Swenson will take one of the poorly performing FMs up against WTOP. Could happen especially since 94.7's signal is much better than 103.5. However, keep in mind a few things. 1) WTOP is not broken. They aren't getting those 10 shares by accident. 2) Mounting an all news operation is very, very expensive. 3) It will take a serious investment in time, people and marketing to do anything but trail in WTOP's wake. 4) The folks on Idaho Ave aren't stupid. They see this, too. You know they will aggressively defend their turf. What is more likely to happen in the short term is that Swenson will fix up that dog of a station at 106.7 (outside of the junks), they will make one final push to get Fresh to be competitive with and/or beat Mix, they will seriously focus on fixing WPGC. With all the troubles facing the CBS cluster taking on the task of launching an all news station is not the #1 item on their agenda. Will they investigate it? Sure. But at the very least they will need to fix up what they have and get that revenue up before they embark on a money pit expedition. (6/2/11)

In order for CBS to have the same impact as WTOP in DC, there are two primary things they need to overcome. 1) Signal spread. WTOP is a micro-network of several stations feeding the distant 'burbs. If you can't hear one station, you can hear one other, so you can have your WTOP fix all the way into town from as far off as Warrenton or Frederick. 2) A CBS newser would need a new sound, as WTOP's packaging, music elements and delivery are heavily inspired by WCBS 880 in New York. There are more, but those two will be enough to chew on over a weekend. (6/2/11)

This whole Weiner thing is giving me shpilkis. On "Not Fired This Time" some guy called "Tom" claiming to be a cop and quite likely jacking off called in and told all sorts of lies. Chris Plante called him "seasoned" which is a big-time leather-sniffer code word. If Weiner sent a picture of his underwear to someone, so what? He's handling it so badly that I can only assume that it is a distraction campaign. What are the Democrats trying to shift the focus off of? Don't get me wrong, Chris Plante is no fag. No Siree. He has a fiance in Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada, and keeps his 7+ Persian rugs clean for her eventual visit. I just hope Dawn Cumia doesn't get wind of it! Chris Plante selectively and savagely edited a clip of Rachael Maddow (a boy) face to face with Weiner, interviewing the congressman. I have heard the whole interview and she did an incredible job, one that would have made John McLaughlin or Tim (not Luke) Russert proud. In general she sucks, but that was a home run. Poop in Chris Plante's mouth for editing the clip like he did. - ZombieWoof (6/2/11)

Dave's response: I really think the media looks like clowns covering crap like this. Journalism isn't sick. It's dead.....

"Ann Taylor leaves DC-based NPR." A resident of NYC, she's been commuting to DC. -- That sounds like a taxpayer funded npr salary. And for a voice that sounds like sandpaper, at that. (6/2/11)

RE: [ " Dave's response: How does WJFK make the Baltimore radio ratings? Someone from Columbia takes their PPM meter with them to work in DC and listens to Mike Wise at lunch." ].... You make an interesting point Dave Hughes. You know they could very easily put GPS tracking on the PPM meters and tweak the ratings to reflect THE ACTUAL MARKET. But apparently the PPMs are not as smart as a $49 FREAKING iPhone! (6/2/11)

Dave's response: Hey, if you're riding on a bus and reading a newspaper, your PPM meter will register you as a listener to the radio station the guy with headphones is listening to across the aisle.....

[From DCRTV's Twitter/Facebook pages: No joke: Just heard a manure ad on WMAL. Ha ha ha.....] Are you sure it wasn't a promo? (6/2/11)

It is Friday. Has Bryan been fired yet? My prediction – Bryan will be fired before the end of the month. Chris Plante will be suddenly fired and replaced with Austin Hill before the end of the summer. Ok I have no inside knowledge, but I can have fun and try and predict what the capable and classy management at WMAL will do next. Sorry, your loyalty to the management will not be taken into consideration Bryan. (6/2/11)

I had never ever heard of Logan Field before as Baltimore's 1st airport. I always thought of Logan Village shopping center as the best cheesesteak outside of Philly, Captain Harvey's! LOL Seriously, I once embarrassed myself. I said, "I'd like double cheese" and the woman said back, "Sir, are you sure you want SIXTEEN slices of cheese on this?" And everyone in the place laughed at me! I knew about Harbor Field at the Port of Baltimore because some of the hangers are still there and even the Airport tower structure was there not many years ago, but I had no clue Winston Churchill flew out of Baltimore instead of DC during WWII because we apparently had a better airport than DC at the time that could handle international flights. I imagine this was due to all the military use of our airport along with the Glenn L. Martin Airplane company being HQ'd in Baltimore, yeah, sorta that same Lockheed Martin. While going down airport memory lane, it should be noted that Glenn L. Martin Airport, which was built during WWII for testing airplanes is still open to this day and can still land 747's and C130's or other larger aircraft. I believe it is an emergency destination for flights that cannot make it to BWI, Philly, or DC's 2 airports. Due to lack of use though, that airport's claim to fame in recent times is that its hangers have been used for the creation of some Hollywood movie sets of shows/films taped/filmed in Baltimore. And the beauty of that airport is that you can fly a Hollywood star in and out to the set via private jet and not a single person in the media will find out. It's still got an Air Force reserve fleet there, so access is limited. (6/2/11)

Dave: Yes, the 980 debacle over delaying their podcasts is simply's another example of poor management. Furthermore, I've never heard of a station who promotes a rookie producer to being a beat reporter and then suddenly, the station calls that person their "NBA" about a total lack of credibility!! I really can't listen to 980 from 12n-7p anyway. Finally, others have recognized how Sheehan is simply agenda driven and will only talk about what he thinks he knows...and Loverro just goes along with everything. It's quite obvious there's no management oversight and The Coach can do/say whatever he wants. Folks, the above doesn't equal a quality sportstalk station. (6/2/11)

How sweet! I think it's touching when a dusty, old DJ sends a post in suggesting that he be offered a real gig. (6/2/11)

Some interesting notes about the Baltimore ratings... First off, the ratings increase on streams does not surprise me. I rarely turn on the radio in the house anymore, only in the car and hit the streams at home. The sound quality is normally better for many AM radio stations that stream compared to what you can receive at home with so much electronic interference around. WZBA 100.7 @ #6. Is that not their highest rating ever? WCBM is back in the Top 10. More and more DC stations in the Top 20 while some Baltimore stations didn't even rate at all. WCAO has now dropped to #25. It has always been a Top 20 station in Baltimore and at times even a Top 10 and with the Gospel format. One wonders if Clear Channel will pull the plug or sell. Ever since CC bought WCAO, it's always been rumored they wanted to sell it, but it's always had good ratings and made money. Not sure now. I've always said that would be a great signal for a local sports talk station, but geez, Baltimore has enough already. There are several stations on the list though that boggle my mind... WWEG #43, WPRS #43, WJFK #47. None of these stations can really be received in the Baltimore market, especially WPRS 104.1 and WJFK 106.7, which are totally wiped out by WZFT 104.3 and WWMX 106.5 respectively here and WWEG is out near Hagerstown! I actually had to google it! LOL Meanwhile, there are several Baltimore stations that continue to not make the ratings at all, most notably Fox Sports 1370 and WNST 1570, not to mention religious stations WFSI, WBMD, & WBGR. And WNAV 1430 did not make the list yet WTTR 1470 did? Just doesn't make sense to me. Did Pat Sajak pull the power plug on WNAV that week? (6/2/11)

Dave's response: How does WJFK make the Baltimore radio ratings? Someone from Columbia takes their PPM meter with them to work in DC and listens to Mike Wise at lunch.....

A quick reality check for Chris Plante: 1.) When Management announces a sudden and unforeseen "downsizing" of the workforce, however the sum of the announced position cuts totals one - you. And; 2.) After your abrupt departure, the job you used to hold remains, the only noticeable difference now being that Management is paying somebody other than you to do the job you once held. And, 3.) You were not given advance notice of your impending termination and you were asked to leave the premises immediately...No matter what form of self-delusion you employ to rationalize it in your own frightened little mind, you need to face it: you got fired pal. You just need to Cowboy up and accept it, Scooter. (6/2/11)

I was messing with my portable HD radio this morning on my walkabout. I discovered that WASH now has a sub channel that plays '70's oldies. The station sounds a lot like the one that BIG 100 use to have. I forget does WASH and WBIG have same ownership? Problem being with the HD signal on WASH it is much more difficult to get here on the fringes of toothless fairfax than the BIG 100 HD2 signal. I also discovered that WTOP 103.5 does still have the same sub channels just a lot more difficult to receive. Perhaps they've been cutting the signal strength on HD sub channels? Surfed by WJFK yesterday afternoon and hear Mr. Arrington is still taking the very long road to make some kind of point. What! Say with Mr. Rogers apparently leaving the neighborhood any chance in HADES that WJFK will remain in toothless fairfax? Has most of what's left of the old WJFK sales staff already made it's way to Lanham? Do you think the new guy in charge of CBS D.C. radio will bring back Davy Jones and Harv Moore to WPGC? Also heard on WJFK yesterday the obligatory station renewal spiel and how old WJFK serves the community. Well would this be a good time to make comment to the FCC about the move of WJFK and also their only community oriented program at 6 am Saturday mornings seems to have been dropped. It's so nice top be nice to the nice. Who said that Frank Burns or Eddie Gallaher? Ah-chew (6/2/11)

Dave, I'm very pleased to see the item that Glenn Harris is doing better. Here's hoping he's fully back in the saddle soon. I also enjoyed seeing that Terry Cornwell still knows where at least some of the video is hidden from NC8's days of yore. I still think hiring Glenn was among the 10 best things we did in starting up NC8 all those years ago. Best regards, John Hillis (6/2/11)

Dave, you have GOT to check out the drama at WTEM. Late last week someone at the station (or ESPN corporate) decided it was a great idea to delay online/podcast versions of all their shows by at least 24 hours. You want to know how it's working out? Click open iTunes and check the last 20+ reviews of Tony Kornheiser's show. It's a series of 1-star reviews blasting management for their decision. Check it out. This is a story right up your alley. Love your site, keep up the great work. Mark in Arlington (6/2/11)

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\/ June 1 Messages \/

"to the guy who just wrote about WMAL and said Alaska was in the eastand mentioned Sarah Palin--- What the hell are you trying to say?" Are you new, or just thick? I was saying a) Alaska is the easternmost state in the United States and b) Sarah Palin never said she could see Russia from her house. AHHHH's scrofulous scrotum, Dave's reliable indicator, your tedious questions. (6/1/11)

Let me add my two cents in as to what CBS should do with it's DC cluster. First of all flipping WPGC-FM to a CHR is a big mistake. Why? Would you flip a station that is the second hightest billing in the market? It's not EMOTIONS that pays the bills. Any urban station competing against 3 others and can generate revenue like that is far from being on the critical list. Remember back in the '80's when Z 100 was competing with WPLJ in the New York CHR wars? 'PLJ always had mediocre numbers but they continually outbilled Z-100 handily. It's the same situation in DC. If you want to improve 'PGC's numbers put some better talent on that station. CBS has the resources to put some first rate jocks on that station but yet they don't. Playing occasional songs by artists like Katy Perry isn't gonna make WIHT quake in their boots. If it were me I would put Scott Shannon's True Oldies on WPGC's AM frequency and simulcast it on an FM translator (let's say like 250 watts at 1000 feet?). This time around it wouldn't be hamstrung by carrying Don Imus in the morning. Some of you keep clamouring for some type of AOR/Classic Rock format on one of the FM frequencies. I'm sorry but I think AOR (regardless of the genre) has pretty much run it's course in the DC market. There you have it, I've spoken my peace and now let the classic rock cry babies line up and throw stones at me (ha ha)! (6/1/11)

"21st Century HFS" BBRRRNNNK WRONNGG. Put any kind of talk on your Modern Rock/Alternative station and you will have a station that Sports/Talk fans gripe about for half the day and NO MUSIC LISTENERS. Say what you like about not needing listeners but No Listen No Ratings No Selling Points with potential clients. Either leave HFS right where it is with NO COMMERCIALS I might add(pssst hey CBS...thaaaannnks) and the high tech/hardcore HFS crowd will keep listening OR put it BACK on that 2 city signal like it deserves. El Zol reaches only certain parts of DC and it isn't where the Spanish speaking listeners are concentrated....but hey want lower numbers than you flipped HFS for have it your way....I just see it is a waste of potential. Donnie (6/1/11)

Here’s what Steve Swenson needs to do beginning June 10: Buy WTOP/WFED from Hubbard ASAP and obey the first law of engineering. In other words, don’t fuck with it; Not touch El Zol. Ratings aren’t as important as CFCF. Plus, you “own” a politically significant audience; “Amp” 95.5 for a defined “make or break” period. If it fails, take it personality oldies/classic rock ala WCBS-FM/WOGL/KRTH-101; 94.7 is in need of investment to succeed. If investment doesn’t help and “Amp” works on 95.5, take 94.7 oldies/personality/classic rock; 106.7 is one I’ll go out on a limb on. How about a “merger” of a “free-form guy talk” (with the freedom WGTB-FM had) with “free-form music”? Think of it as a “21st Century WHFS”. That’s the only way I think a “revived WHFS” might make it. If you simply re-did the old WHFS, your target dems wouldn’t be that much different than WMAL. As my old colleague Ed Murrow, might’ve put it… “I can hear it now… a Catholic Cemeteries spot going into “Mass for the Devil” by The Electric Prunes”. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (6/1/11)

While GSM Sam Rogers was certainly the gloved fist behind the sales growth at CBS DC, he was not the grinder that turned out the mega motha called WPGC. That credit goes to the former GM E. Ben Hill who often ran plays from his own rule book and bucked the play book of his 'boss' down the hall, Dan Mason. As Ben said when Mel/Infinity purchased WPGC, "I hope they follow us around with clip boards and not stop watches to learn how we did it." Sadly, such was not the case. The first mistake was changing the research methodoly. Dan Mason himself has coached folks to go into sales rather than content if they want a career in radio. (6/1/11)

this comes at a VERY VERY odd time for CBS as the word around the halls is that they asked Sam to take an assignment in another Market and he didnt want to go. The odd part is EVERY SINGLE PERSON other than the Junkies Contracts are up at the end of this month. CK doesn't control the money. Corporate does, so he may be able to handle negotiations, but who says Swenson doesn't go another direction with the current line up. especially because of new contracts, not just optoin re-ups. The junkies are up in September and where once many felt comfortable, not many do now. (6/1/11)

RE: Dave's response: Here's what the new head of CBS's DC radio cluster needs to do - 1) restore the WHFS rock radio heritage to DC's FM radio dial (not a digital subchannel), 2) make 106.7 a hybrid sports talker/guy talker and keep it in Fairfax,…..BINGO! OOBBEE (6/1/11)

Time for 94.7 Fresh and 99.1 EL Sol TO GO!!!!!! BRING BACK HFS NOW!!!!! (6/1/11)

CSN and World Team Tennis - it amazes me how CSN continues to find and broadcast sporting events that only the family and friends of those participating would care about. What possible interest would John Q. Nielsenhousehold have in watching the Washington Kastles? CSN = Crappy Shitty Network. -- DM (6/1/11)

Regarding the previous post, "Are you aware of ESPN980's new 24 hour podcast delay policy, announced this past Friday? I don't see it anywhere on your web page." Korny addressed this on his show this morning saying it was a station management decision in an effort to get the most people to listen to the live broadcast and, oh BTW, the local ads. Tony said that he was opposed to this but could understand management's position. He also said that if podcast listeners, or anyone else for that matter, could email their opinions to his show and they would be passed along to the suites. Now my opinion. I think that this policy is really stupid. Either you can listen to the show live or you can't because of some circumstance - you work during the show's live hours, having dinner when the show is sometimes rebroadcast at 7PM or live outside of the WTEM listening area. I do understand that the ESPN Radio network does offer a somewhat truncated podcast version of Kornheiser's show on their website. I'm presuming that it is from the current day, but don't know for sure. (6/1/11)

"The idiots at ESPN 980 have done it again. They'renow delaying their podcasts 24 hours after they happen. Hello?? Talk radio is a time sensitive, up to the minute, new thing. That's why people listen.No one wants to hear a show 2 days after it happens." Not only thatbut the station played "Best of Kornheiser" on Memorial Day (spillingover into the noon hour which isn't even part of his timeslot). The show featured such timely segments as bracket breakdowns for the NCAA mens basketball tourrnament (which if memory serves finished up two months ago) and a Super Bowl preview from February. When the blockbuster story of Jim Tressel resigning as head football coach at Ohio State due to NCAA violations broke on Monday morning, 980 should have instantly scuttled the 'best of' program and gonewith syndicated ESPN Radio fare instead (Colin Cowherd may not be everyone's cup of tea but he's good on college football). An even better idea would be to provide live, local programming on these weekday holidays but apparently that's just not how they operate. Over at 106.7 The Fan, Danny Rouhier(who I understand is a part time standup comic) was actually hosting alive show and kicking around the hot sports topics of the day in an entertaining way (what a novel idea). On a related note, someone should tell Kevin Sheehan that the Redskins and basketball aren't the only two things that sports fans in the DC area care about - the nearly complete lack of attention on Sports Fix to both the mens and womens lacrosse teams at Maryland playing for national titles over the weekend, the upcoming Stanley Cup Finals, Jayson Werth's outspoken criticism of his own team (the Nats) last week or anything golf related (with the US Open at Bethesda just around the corner) is indefensible. Sheehan's co-host Thom Loverro (a longtime baseball writer) deserves criticism for not twisting Sheehan's arm for more coverage of that sport on the show. Mike, Fairfax (6/1/11)

Dave I'd expect better from you. I know you don't like Plante but implying incest & taking a shot at his family is a bit low.... (6/1/11)

Dave's response: You read it wrong. I was not implying incest. Heavens no! Didn't you get the "not that there's anything wrong with that" reference? You must not watch a lot of "Seinfeld".....

Sincere thanks to Tom Gauger for confirming the voice of "over-caffeinated Bill Trumbull" in that early-'70s TV spot. In this 2007 interview, Bill cites his original "Two for the Road" pairing with George Wilson as a disappointment to WMAL-AM suits because they couldn't tell Bill and George's voices apart. (And I used to think I was the only listener who had that problem!) (6/1/11)

RE: [Chris Plante reminded listeners this morning that he was not fired...Silvie] Chris Plante? fired? Heavens no! What could make you think that???? The management at WMAL simply abruptly terminated Plante's show without notice, wiped all reference to him from their website, stopped issuing him a paycheck, confiscated his building key and identification card and tossed all his shit in the parking lot without permitting any opportunity say "goodbye" to his "loyal" listening audience. What about that totally unrelated chain of events would give any sane and reasonable person the silly notion that Chris Plante got fired? (p.s.....correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the same Silvie who posted all the comments on the "CHRIS PLANTE GOT FIRED" comment threads at Free Republic...or might it be the Silvie who threatened to protest WMAL studios for firing Chris Plante? I get the two confused. (6/1/11)

What does Sam Rogers' departure mean for CBS Radio's DC stations? That's the big topic in today's "Dave TV" at (6/1/11)

Kudos to you Dave on the CBS Radio D.C. news the first to report this. We will see what Steve Swenson does with the cluster all of his experience is in news radio i see no music stations on his resume which is interesting. He certainly as far as we know is not a champion of the urban/rhythmic format on 95.5 as Sam Rodgers was the only thing that MIGHT save the format again is ad billing. The champions of a flip to all out pop may get their wish after all with a new market manager ya never know Iam sure that Radio One hopes that it is flipped to all pop but we will see. I guess now we know why their has been a delay on an announcement on who the new 95.5 PD is. (6/1/11)

Dave's response: Steve's got a news radio background, and Hubbard's WTOP is the largest ad revenue producer in the market - in the whole friggin' nation. Why the hell not go for a good chunk of WTOP's ratings/revenue treasure and launch an all-newser on the excellent signal of 94.7? If I was WTOP's management, I might just be a little nervous.....

Dave -- Are you aware of ESPN980's new 24 hour podcast delay policy, announced this past Friday? I don't see it anywhere on your web page. (6/1/11)

Dave's response: No, I headn't heard anything about it. What's up?

There are two formats that consistently are at the top of the ratings in Arbitron's top 20 markets. CHR and classic hits (oldies). CBS in DC for some reason, refuses to offer either. They could easily move Fresh to classic hits. Why on God's earth does DC need a second ultra-boring Hot AC station? Does Fresh actually offer listeners anything they don't already get on the equally ultra-boring Mix? If anyone remembers, when Fresh first signed on, it was more of an AC station taking on WASH. That clearly failed and they moved to Hot AC. That is failing also. Why continue? And PGC should clearly move to CHR. Yes, their current revenues are high relative to their actual ratings. But revenues will almost certainly fall over time as long as their ratings are middle of the pack. Moreover, why should Hot at the very top of the music ratings, have zero competition? If CBS was smart, and they have clearly shown they are not, they would give Tommy McFly the morning show on the new Top 40 PGC. He is clearly more of a CHR then Hot AC guy. Why exile him to Charlotte? Andy in Reston (6/1/11)

From Clear Channel's WBIG-FM/100.3 HD2 Washington DC has pushed the Cool Oldies format to sister WASH/97.1 HD2 Washington DC. That move displaces a Hot ACformat that WASH HD2 was running. Back at WBIG HD2, it's now running "Vietnamese DC Radio;" a simulcast of VNDCRadio. The format changes happened on Friday, May 20. (6/1/11)

Dave's response: Making DC's HD Radio choices sound like its almost dead AM band is really really stoooooopid. Nice parting move, Hartley.....

The resignation of Sam Rogers is bigger than most people realize. Sam Rogers over a month ago held an All Hands meeting because his cluster was doing poorly revenue wise. I gather all those hip hip hooray attempts will be thrown out of the window, however where does that leave the famed DC CBS Radio Market? Will the new Prez be ok with Tigger's ratings and the addition of Free? Will he deal with all the Shannigans over at Dan Masons favorite gem WJFK? Junkies trashing the studio, Chad trashing CBS Radio on his Podcasts, Chad demeaning his co-host. 3/4's of the sales staff having left. So much turmoil. What could have caused such an unexpected and sudden departure? (6/1/11)

Dave's response: Here's what the new head of CBS's DC radio cluster needs to do - 1) restore the WHFS rock radio heritage to DC's FM radio dial (not a digital subchannel), 2) make 106.7 a hybrid sports talker/guy talker and keep it in Fairfax, 3) give DC a cool oldies station like NYC's WCBS-FM or Philly's WOGL, and 4) take PGC more in a contemporary hits direction, a la "Amp" or "Now." And, if he's really got big balls - 5) buy another FM signal and start an all-news rival to WTOP.....

[RE Chris Plante:] I only know of him from your occasional mentions on DCRTV or on Facebook. I assume you'd take his mention as him having returning the favor and mentioning your website to a radio audience most of whom probably had never heard of you. Done and done. (6/1/11)

Chris Plante reminded listeners this morning that he was not fired and made some vague reference ala Don & Mike to the guy with a “tv, radio, something” web site living in his mother’s basement who keeps spreading such rumors: now Dave who can that be he’s referring too? Silvie? (6/1/11)

The Ann Taylor who's leaving NPR worked for WTOP AM-1500 and WTOP-TV-9 in the early 70's. She did midday radio anchoring Tue-Fri and the Sat 6 & 11P tv newscasts. Later she was an NBC Radio news anchor in NYC. Interesting sidelight: The judge in the corruption trial of Maryland Governor Marvin Mandel was her father, a judge in Knoxville, TN, where Ann grew up. He was brought in because Mandel knew all the judges in Maryland. (6/1/11)

[RE Chris Plante:] I'd wager he checks your site 20 times a day. (6/1/11)

The thing I've noticed about Chris Plante is that he is always well scripted/prepared to look good when he gets a coveted appearance on FOX News and yet on his daily show, well, umm, not. (6/1/11)

There would be more listeners to the station if a house-plant was hosting the show. (6/1/11)

[From DCRTV's Twitter/Facebook pages: Chris Plante just called DCRTV a "weaselly little website." Ha ha ha!!!!!] Hmm, maybe so weaselly that the criticism of him has gotten a little under his skin? Ya think Dave? Gotta love the irony there (6/1/11)

Dave's response: Chris just told a story on WMAL about an event he attended with his "special girl." Had to be either his mom/aunt/sister. Not that there's anything wrong with that.....

Hey AHHHH, I see you WHERE one...Man you're one hateful twit. A person falling off a stage reminds you of an insignifigent event? Your WIFE??? Should be embarrassed, if he's even real. Yipee ti yi yo!!! (6/1/11)

Any Baltimore May ratings? (6/1/11)

The roster of notable names interviewed by Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air is unrivaled: former presidents, Oscar-winning actors, renowned journalists, authors and writers, millionaire moguls, and – ahem – colorful musicians (we mean you, Gene Simmons). Hear the stories behind these and other broadcasts during “This Is NPR…An Evening with Terry Gross” on Thursday, June 9 at 7:30PM at the historic Lincoln Theatre, 1215 U Street NW in Washington, D.C. The event is one of several in celebration of NPR’s 40th anniversary. Michel Martin, host of the NPR news and talk program Tell Me More, and WAMU’s Diane Rehm and will also participate. Tickets for this one-night engagement are on sale now. Seating is general admission. Tickets are $40 (a dollar for each year NPR has been on the air), and will be available for purchase through TicketMaster and three weeks prior to the event at the Lincoln Theatre box office... (6/1/11)

to the guy who just wrote about WMAL and said Alaska was in the east and mentioned Sarah Palin--- What the hell are you trying to say? (6/1/11)

The intern Katherine on the Kirk and Mike show sounds a lot like intern Katy "Grrl" Cole on the Mike O'Meara Show. (6/1/11)

Hey Malebaggers, did you watch America's Got Talent last night? See those two contestants fall off the stage? Flashback to when Geronimo-Sorce took a nose-dive off the 2-foot platform in Sacramento and chuckle? Me too. My malebag platform where my wife now makes me where one of those dog cones on my head because I keep giving myself oral DCRTV pleasure at my haters expense. Dave's throw-back OG rules. The Real AHHHH (6/1/11)

[RE WBIG's HD2:] Its sounds like Vietnamese (6/1/11)

Here's tonight's episode of "SportsTalk with Parker & Parker" with Glenn Harris in the studio discussing his illness, his recovery and his return. - John (6/1/11)

The idiots at ESPN 980 have done it again. They're now delaying their podcasts 24 hours after they happen. Hello?? Talk radio is a time sensitive, up to the minute, new thing. That's why people listen. No one wants to hear a show 2 days after it happens. They're talking about games, stories, and events that are now old! How stupid is this?? You're going to lose hundreds of listeners. This is so ridiculous, even for ESPN 980. (6/1/11)

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