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Someone must be smoking something funny. Why in the world would WVIE 1370 give up 50,000 watts for 1000 watts on AM 1360? Especially since they have permission to upgrade their night time signal now to 24,000 watts from the current 7700 watts. That would be just insane. The upgrade will be an extremely powerful signal that will blanket Baltimore. The only caveat is that the same nulls to the north and west of Painters Mill will still exist, but the signal will be more than 3X more powerful than this, the current night signal and should better coverage to places like Annapolis, Columbia, parts of Harford county and across the bay... (5/19/11)

SNIP f.rom Mailbag...(Strike one.) Man you be one creative mofo..I can see why you never made it in the industry..Out #3 End of game, if you're talkin baseball...stick a fork in yourself, first, put down the brushes...LMAOROTF....oooweeeeeeeeeee! (5/19/11)

RE: WVIE: I, too would like to see 1370 do a music format once again. Of the two suggestions offered, I like the idea of traditional country better. I would suggest playing musioc from the 1950s on, though; and have a playlist of no less than 3,000 titles. Ever since WANN stopped doing such a format (I believe in 1999), I've missed it. WYRE's attempt couldn't compare. The only thing is that with 1370's horrible nighttime signal, it might be worth to either revert to a daytime-only operation, or change frequencies to 1360 at night with a 1,000 or so watts. I might even suggest putting on brokered talk or other programming during those hours. Now, regarding 'EZ-oldies'; that, too, may not be a bad suggestion. What I think might be cool would be to re-create a 'MOR' for today and feature some of the mellower pop from the old days and include some album cuts from appropriate and venerable artists. Again, a playlist of no less than 3,000 titles should be in order. I've heard WROW (Albany NY) on line and I think they've got something good going. If WCAO can't make a got with its gospel format anymore, this might be an avenue for them to consider. What I'd love to see is gospel on 107.9, but that's another story. (5/19/11)

If Lavar says "individuals" or "situation" one more time I'm go-ing to have to kill myself. Oh wait, I am dead now. It's TRUE! Joey (5/19/11)

(From DCRTV's Classified Ads:) Assistant Advertising Director - This 120 year old family-owned market leader in print, digital and radio advertising in Fredericksburg, VA is looking for a dynamic sales leader with cross platform sales experience. We know that our future lies in respecting the old and embracing the new. We were on the web in 1996, went mobile in 2001 and we built the most sophisticated commercial printing plant in the U.S. in 2009. Do you want to be part of our future? If you think you can lead, motivate and manage our proven sales team we want to hear from you. This position requires extensive sales management experience and at minimum, a bachelor’s degree. We offer an exciting work environment, a great benefits package and a competitive base salary plus commission and incentive pay. Please send your resume, cover letter and salary requirements to: The Free Lance-Star is an Equal Opportunity Employer. (5/19/11)

Apparently no one else has noticed, but WYCB 1340 AM's HD hash has been back on since at least Saturday, after I assumed it was shut it off for good as with 570, 630, 980, and 1500. Hope it's not a trend….. KOF (5/19/11)

"At least Paul can afford to have a hangover!!! ROTFLMAO!" Good one, Paul. Swing and a miss....Strike one. (5/19/11)

Clever retort????????????????( Keep struggling to wake up in the morning without a hangover, Paul. TTYLLOLR2D2C3PO-OK JOHN! At least Paul can afford to have a hangover!!! ROTFLMAO! (5/19/11)

Keep struggling to wake up in the morning without a hangover, Paul. TTYLLOLR2D2C3PO (5/19/11)

I wonder if Don Geronimo sits in front of the mirror as makeup is being applied before he goes on television (And before he goes on his radio show) and thinks to himself, "They can say what they want about Sacramento, but at least my only option isn't a piddly little AM station in a place like Pasadena, MD with no signal, listeners, or (occasionally) paychecks." (5/19/11)

That is about the size of your hemorrhoid..fer sure-ROTFLMAO-Keep struggling for a “witty retort” John (5/19/11)

More April radio ratings, for Baltimore full-day men age 25-54, where 98 Rock rules. Plus, KHZ launches its eclectic oldies format on Brunswick MD's 1520 WTRI. Also, Steve Czaban's "beastly" P90X ad on WTEM. And, the Washington Post gets Alexandria wrong - imagine that! As well as an aircheck of the new WCRW, Leesburg's old WAGE. In today's "Dave TV" at (5/19/11)

My newest cap creation....The Real AHHHHH (5/19/11)

Couric’s last newscast is tonight. Scot Pelley has been named as the newest CBS news reader. On June 6th CBS will begin a new philosophy in presenting an evening newscast. Not sure what that means but the hype might attract some new viewers. But in Baltimore WJZ-TV, a CBS owned station, airs the CBS news at 7 p.m . after NBC (ratings leader) and ABC news are broadcast at 6:30 p.m. Since the news junkies already have their news, is there any reason to watch CBS at 7p.m.? Now the question is will CBS force locals (WJZ) to give up local sales avails to carry CBS news head-to-head against their competition? Is it out of the question that WJZ would do a local newscast at 7 p.m., after CBS news to make up sales opportunities? (5/19/11)

Hey, Real AHHHHH, time to pull out the brushes and start painting those Disney Characters on Hemorrhoid caps again!! Your jealousy is sticking out as far as your own hemorrhoids---------ROTFLMAO! (5/19/11)

My curiosity was piqued by all the chatter about the Parris stations, so I checked online to see just what they're pumping out. Unfortunately, I didn't find any live streaming available. (5/19/11)

Is Oprah REALLY Committed To OWN? (5/19/11)

From NewsBlues: As the world prepares to bid farewell to the daily institution known as "The Oprah Winfrey Show," The Baltimore Sun‘s David Zurawik scores a rare and revealing interview with Winfrey in which she reveals the darkest days of her TV WJZ-13-CBS in Baltimore (Market #26). "I came to Baltimore when I was 22 years old (in 1976). Drove my red Cutlass up from Nashville, arrived and was as close to 'The Beverly Hillbillies' as I could be," Winfrey recalls. "I had no idea what I was in for. I came in naive, unskilled, not really knowing anything about the business — or about life. And Baltimore grew me up." She talks of being "humiliated," "embarrassed," and "sexually harassed." Her co-anchor, veteran news anchor Jerry Turner (who soon died), made no secret of his hostility toward her. Seven months after she arrived, she got the boot. "I was removed from the 6 pm. news exactly April 1, 1977," Winfrey says. "The general manager called me upstairs, and I thought it was an April Fool's joke when they told me, 'We have bigger plans for you; we're going to put you on the morning cut-ins.'" In the 1970s, that involved reading headlines for a few minutes at the top of the hour early in the morning — a job of near-invisibility. "I was a terrible writer, terrible writer. I was a good talker, but it would take me much longer to sit down and write the scripts. So I got a lot of the live Action-cam assignments, because I could talk better than I could sit down and compose a story," she says. "But I'd go out and cover a story and then, in that little transition thing where you're supposed to toss it back to the anchor at the end of the story, I couldn't think of anything to say, because I felt I'd said it all in the story. I was like, 'I've already said everything in the story,'" she says, laughing at the memory. "When I came to JZ, I was churchgoing and never cursed. But in a newsroom, everybody is always saying the 'f' word or the 'g' word or whatever word. So at first, I was like, 'The language in here is very disturbing. Very disturbing, the way these people talk to each other.' But after a couple of months, you're in there, too, doing it." And there were the catcalls and the sexual advances. "Oh my God, I was so sexually harassed," she says of her time in the newsroom. “By the time I left Baltimore, I was solidly aware that I no longer wanted to just do television news. I was very uncomfortable doing television news.” (5/19/11)

(snippet)Just where is Crapo?(end snip) It's located in between Paul Bicknell's ears. My Rand-McNally 1978 edition. Dave's purple bulbous pin head. The Real AHHHHH (5/19/11)

When growing up in the 60's and 70's I was a huge Top 40 fan. At that time AM radio was king, and we actually had radios capable of reproducing up to 10 Khz audio. WYRE did a remarkable job for years with just 250 watts, and this station could be heard all the way to Wilmington, and down south to near Norfolk! The "Voice of the Bay" had great jocks, a tight playlist, and one well run operation. As one who grew up on the bay, and later made it a full time career as a survey vessel captain, this was THE station to enjoy on the water. They were smart, most of what they did targeted the Chesapeake. Marine weather from the Thomas Pt Lighthouse, and almost exclusively marine related advertisers. Best of all, WYRE did this with a daytime only signal. When I was working down south, I noticed how the Norfolk/Newport News stations also had a lot of marine related advertisers because of their proximity to the water, same at Ocean City. I often wonder why Baltimore has not done the same given the city's maritime heritage. I'd still like to see WVIE go in this direction considering their signal over the Bay. It's daytime signal can be heard as far down as the outer banks. Perhaps an 80-90's Country format or even an EZ Oldies format for the 35-64 audience. They actually did better years ago with the old Legends format. I can't imagine a 50kw signal not bringing ratings in a city like Baltimore, WVIE has so much potential. Marine advertisers include marinas, boat dealers, fishing centers, insurance, dockside restaurants, marine equipment and supply, surveyors, fiberglass repair shops and more. There may even be some national buys from companies like Shakespeare, Yamaha, Mercury, Stearns, plus various boat manufacturers. So much potential for WVIE if they are willing to make a move, and promote it. Respectfully, Tom Conroy WZBB (still a captain!) (5/19/11)

["Well, WTTR, when they do make a blip in the book, usually land in the low-mid 40's. But that's a bit unfair as their night signal is something like 250Kw"] Whoops!! Thanks Dave....I did mean to type 250W (that's Joules/Second for you engineering types), but I guess I had Khz on my mind (I need to spend less time obsessing over Bill Parris, I guess...)....come to think of it, I wonder if people in Spain would get as much of a kick out of hearing Johnny Dark as I do! (5/19/11)

Prediction: WBAL is gonna lose Sarah Caldwell unless they immediately upgrade her from traffic reporter. Who else saw her w o n d e r f u l liveshots this morning from Turf Valley CC ? I was late to work because of her. She did an excellent interview of a balloonist who's been a pilot for 20 years, and next hour went UP in a balloon carried live on lift off. What made her so good ? She's smart, knows how to ad lib a conversation, is funny -- messing with Stan Stovall about a comparison to the "balloon boy," and wow, nice voice and she sure is easy to look at besides. Just keep her on in the mornings, okay ? Among her, Tony Pann, Stan and Mindy, what a knockout lineup for a newscast. Nothing can touch that group in Balto or DC. (5/19/11)

From Mailbag-(Ed from Crapo, MD ) Hey Ed, I looked at the map of Maryland, Just where is Crapo???? LMAOROTF!! (5/19/11)

WYRE's transmitter was hit by lightning. Will be up and running soon. Thanks for the kind words. The goal is to keep people working..PD (5/19/11)

[From DCRTV's Twitter/Facebook pages: WMAL guest co-host UMD's Peter Marise (sp?) just called Fairfax County police/schools "brown shirts"......] Maybe he will face the same fate as Andy Parks who called Obama Hitler. (5/19/11)

Re: KHZTV, WTRI: I hope Parris et al can make a 'go' with this station. Might I suggest that the network offer as a special feature during the weekends a show spotlighting local, upcoming and underground (music) talent form across the state. I know they did this in the past, but that show went away. Maybe something similar can take its place? Speaking of the network, I've noticed WYRE hasn't been on the air lately. (5/19/11)

Hey Dave, Domain fight to start. As we all know Charles Knepp AKA Vdubman started and owns and is now fighting to get the domain back from the people that he let use the domain. The domain was transfered to keep it alive, but not sold. Will the domain go quietly or in a huge fight? (5/19/11)

RE: “Neither LaVar nor Dukes should be hosting or cohosting a sportstalk show. LaVar would be fine as an in-season football analyst like what Riggins used to do on WTEM”…. FM does not help JFK. You lose that signal on the top of the Beltway. TEM makes it till Baltimore during the day. JFK used to work on radio at work in Rockville near Shady Grove Hospital until three months ago. Now I am forced to listen to the Junks on line with that shitty CBS Washington Radio Webpage. (Same concept ruined CBS NYC station’s individual content.) Shit, at 800 PM NYC sports comes in better around here than our three sports stations. I agree on LaVar but at least Dukes comes up with topics and tries his best everyday. Do you have any idea what he has been through with or without the tweeting incident? (Anyone know when his contract ends?) There is more and more Danny around Dukes these days. Hopefully, not just for stand up. Leave it to CBS to F that up. Both TEM and JFK have terrible mid day lead in to afternoon drive. That is podcast heaven for me. Soft greens and big balls for the MOS Big Duff on Saturday! OOBBEE (5/19/11)

Several Talkers Engaged In War Of Words - Ex-RNC Chair Michael Steele's Views On Redding News Review Draws Response From Rush Limbaugh - -- Rob Redding, RCI (5/19/11)

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Tom R: You're looking for Alan Peterson, who's engineering over at Radio America in Ballston. He's here a lot so you'll hear from him soon. (5/18/11)

Hey Dave, looks like you embedded the video link on the WUSA dog attack story instead of posting the pic I sent that shows a smiley face under their own headline. I've attached it again. I only included the link in case anyone wanted to see the source. (5/18/11)

Sir Dave Sir and mailbag readers, There was a dude, I think his name was Alan who helped build the greasemans studio in his house when he was doing a show after WARW. This guy worked at WFLS for a short time and previously worked in PA. He also at one time worked at radio world mag. I need to talk to him about building some studios. If you know this guy have him call me and leave a message if i do not answer at 703-738-8830. I need to talk to him. Tom R./Fairfax. (5/18/11)

[RE: Big news!!! Network is growing and growing...] I do not understand all the hostility of so many against this expanding radio group. Probably some jealous, unemployed, mad at the world bozos, who have nothing else better to do. At least they are expanding, not cutting staff and shutting down stations. So what if it only AM stations? I fail to see why people have to be so darn hateful. Some of you need to get a life!!! Ed from Crapo, MD (5/18/11)

Neither LaVar nor Dukes should be hosting or cohosting a sportstalk show. LaVar would be fine as an in-season football analyst like what Riggins used to do on WTEM. Like Riggins though, he can't do radio as a full time host. Dukes knows so little about sports it's a joke. To you genius radio programmers who think good broadcasting skills or being entertaining trumps sports knowlege in the sportstalk format, it doesn't. You need all three. Men 25-54 tuning into a sports station can identify a sports dummy like Dukes in a nano second. JFK should be dominating their competitor on the advantage of FM over AM alone and they're not other then a few spring and summer months. Wise is a terrible show host but he has some sports chops. Put him in PM drive. (5/18/11)

WUSA really needs to rethink their generic reporter pic (5/18/11)

Hi Dave, it's your old buddy Stewie checkin' in. I was waiting for the plumber this morning (pooped out one of AHHHH's posts in mah stool!) and I took the opportunity to look into the Sacramento ratings. Turns out that over the past year, Pat Martin, who's best friends of TESLA, has gone from an 18 share to a 10 share (lost almost half his audience) and Don Geronimo on an AM'er has gone from a 1 share to a 7 share. Gotta scoot! (5/18/11)

Dave's response: Hey, to have a 7 share in Sactown, most radio guys would give their left nut for that.....

(From DCRTV's Classified Ads:) JOB POSTING - TITLE OF POSITION: Digital Content Creator... STATION & LOCATION: WFED – Washington, D.C.... HOURS: 40 hour weeks... FLSA STATUS: Non-exempt (Hourly)... POSTED DATE: May 11, 2011... CLOSING DATE: May 31, 2011 or until filled. POSITION OBJECTIVE: Contribute daily to make the leading provider of timely and relevant news and information about the programs, people and policies of the federal government. Write original news articles from exclusive Federal News Radio on-air interviews in a clear, concise fashion, on deadline and in an accurate and timely manner. Edit original articles for publication on the website. Engage with Federal News Radio consumers through various social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook and bring new ideas to the table. Contribute to the understanding of how the human resources, technology, financial management and acquisition policies affect federal managers and contractors. POSITION REQUIREMENTS: 3-5 years reporting/writing/editing experience... Proficiency in Photoshop, HTML and audio editing... Excellent writing and editing skills under tight deadlines... Attention to detail with content, including grammar, punctuation and fact checking, and layout... Understanding of social media and its relationship with news consumers, online marketing and web traffic... Be part of a team to develop new and innovative content for the web and on-air... Ability to thrive in fast-paced, breaking news situations... Flexibility in work schedule... Work in compliance with company policies and procedures... Maintain a positive and cooperative rapport with staff, management and clients... Project appropriate company image with respect to dress and demeanor. PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS, BUT NOT REQUIRED: Degree in Journalism, Communications, or related field... Experience covering the people, programs, and policies of the federal government... Knowledge of Adobe Audition, ENPS and ENCO. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Talking: Expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken word... Hearing: Perceiving the nature of sounds with no more than 40 db loss @500 Hz, 100Hz and 200Hz with or without correction... Repetitive motions: Substantial movements of the wrists, hands and /or fingers... Sedentary work: Exerting up to 10 lbs. of force occasionally and/or negligible amount of force frequently or constantly to lift, carry, push, pull, or otherwise move objects including human body... Visual acuity requirements for machine operators of administrative standard. Apply at (5/18/11)

So I call the promotions dept for WMAL and the voice mail says "you have reached the promotions department for WRQX, WMAL, and WJZW..." WJZW! WTF! Is there a worse run radio group in America? Doin' a heck of a job, Jeff! (5/18/11)

There's a great website that tracks Mark Trail better than any I know: The Bitter Old Bitch. (5/18/11)

Though less than perfect, here's Gracie as Sally Starr substitute. (5/17/11)

Dave's response: Damn, they do look alike. I was right......
Ponderous, simply ponderous. Now that cheap ass Bill Parris has the opportunity to screw not one, not two, not three but four...count 'em FOUR radio stations at once with late payments for LMAs or no payments at all. And as far as an "Eclectic Oldies" format goes, try "Disjointed Musical Clusterfuck" format. I've programmed better with a hangover and a first generation RCS Selector program on a 20 year old Tandy desktop. Listen, I'm all for Mom & Pop owned local radio stations making a go of it, but good gawd this just perpetuates the crapcycle of bad radio ownership/leasing in so many ways. Thank goodness Saturday is the End of Days. (5/17/11)

"Well, WTTR, when they do make a blip in the book, usually land in the low-mid 40's. But that's a bit unfair as their night signal is something like 250Kw and they are not strong towards Baltimore." Low to mid 40's? 250kw? So if it doesn't hit Baltimore, where does that 250 thousand watt signal go? Who writes this shit? (5/18/11)

Dave's response: Yeah, if WTTR was 250-kilowatts it would be heard in Madrid, Spain.....

Gosh, I sure like the continuing updates on WaPo's publication of Mark Trail comics ("In today's 'Mark Trail': Giant mutant squirrels and disembodied eyebrows have a yelling contest... Style section... The Washington Post - If you don't get it, you don't get it."). Kind of disturbing that there are people walking around who can't comprehend perspective, though. I assume you aren't able to get a driver's license? Or do you also have trouble with Charlie Brown's out-of-proportion skull and Hagar the Horrible's feet not touching the ground when he runs? Because that would indicate that you are, in fact, a person with no imagination at all. They're comic strips, dude, not documentaries. Let it go. (5/18/11)

Big news!!! Network is growing and growing. Bill Parris, Davy Jones and the staff have now added another terrestrial station to their growing chain. Currently the line-up of stations include WAMD Aberdeen, WEMD, Easton, WYRE Annapolis/Baltimore and the new addition WTRI Brunswick Maryland. The “Hot Top 40 outlets also stream on the web 24/7. The format is “Top 40” from the 60’s to today, they feature a “Worldwide Web Watch, Top 5 Flicks and a Top 5 KHZTV Hot Hits. (5/18/11)

Listend to the Podcast of the first hour, seems Korny complains more then ever. (5/18/11)

[RE: The junkies can mock Loverero all they want. But from what I understand, ESPN 980 is pretty regularly trouncing 106.7 in the key demos.] Um... you might want to watch today's edition of Dave TV. Or pick any month after the ratings come out. I think you have that backwards. Dave, is it correct that 106.7 regularly beats 980 in their target? It's Men 25-54, right? (5/18/11)

[From DCRTV's Facebook page: Filling up my car ($4.05 per gallon) today and blasting Tony Kornheiser on my radio. Guy in other lane at Sunoco station was doing the same and blasting Howard Stern. Kinda funny......] Blasting Kornheiser? Man, that's a LOT of whining and complaining. (5/18/11)

#4…………………………….More to come-ROTFLMAO! (5/18/11)

All Access DC radio ratings analysis: Hubbard News WTOP-F lived up to its name in APRIL,topping WASHINGTON D.C.’s P6+ PPM rankings with 9.8. CLEAR CHANNEL AC WASH (97.1 WASH-FM) was #2 with 6.1 and CLEAR CHANNEL Top 40 WIHT (HOT 99.5) was #3, scoring a 5.9. #4 AMERICAN UNIVERSITY Public Radio WAMU (88.5) (5.6) and #5 CLEAR CHANNEL Country WMZQ (5.0) were the only stations in the Top 5 to gain share in APRIL. WMZQ Rising: WMZQ is the only station in WASHINGTON trending up at least three months in a row in more than one key demo (see Snapshot Trends below), reaching #3 P25-54 and P35-64. Snapshot Trends (3 consecutive months, up or down)... Trending UP- WMZQ (P6+, P18-34, P25-54, P35-64), CITADEL Hot AC WRQX (MIX 107.3) (P18-49), WA ADVENTIST U Contemporary Christian WGTS-F (P18-49)... Trending DOWN- 97.1 WASH FM (P6+), RADIO ONE Urban WKYS (93.9 KYS) (P18-34), CBS RADIO Hot AC WIAD (FRESH FM) (P18-34) (5/18/11)

Is there a story behind your use of Katie Couric picture? While ominous, it seems increasingly fitting. (5/18/11)

Dave's response: I don't know. I always thought it just "fit".....

My take on the Sports Reporters guests is that whoever kisses up to Pollin best gets the gigs. Most of their guests are beyond lame and really don't add anything. Loverero was good, which I guess is why he got the gig on his own show with Sheehan. I think Pollin has made more than a few enemies over the years, which narrows the list of local sports personalities who would do the show. (5/18/11)

The junkies can mock Loverero all they want. But from what I understand, ESPN 980 is pretty regularly trouncing 106.7 in the key demos. So it is kind of like Avis making fun of Hertz. BTW, did you hear about the new Alex Ovechkin drink? A WHITE RUSSIAN on ice with no Cup! Ouch........................... (5/18/11)

The Junks were killing TEM today. In particular, Thom Loverro, whose impression by Cakes was hilarious! RE: “Here's the obligatory "Then" and "Now" side-by-side comparison of Ms.Slick.”….acid is a Hell of a drug! OOBBEE (5/18/11)

Dave: I'm sure people like Dan Hellie have better things to do than to be a guest on the Sports Reporters. At least Dan's a respectable journalist. Whereas, Pollin and Czaban have zero clue about sports. Also, I'm sure those 5pm guests don't receive much or any payment for their time...that's why it's all Laverro all the time. You would have thought things were going to change when 980 blew the Maryland story, I guess not. (5/18/11)

unbelievable - (5/18/11)

More April radio ratings! Including the male only demos for DC mornings and afternoons. Plus, the midday battle between Mike Wise and Tony Kornheiser. And, surprisingly strong ratings for Baltimore's 105.7 The Fan against the Orioles on WBAL-AM. And, a look at how poorly DC's WMAL does in its key male demo numbers..... (5/18/11)

[RE the "Dave TV" Comcast rate hike rant:] Ever consider how much the cable operators have to pay the cable networks and broadcasters to carry their programmes? And, how the networks also require carriage of an undesireable network, in order to carry a desired network, with the cable system (and their customers) paying for both the desired and undesired? Not long ago, Fox was carrying it even farther by asking on-air that the antenna viewers of WNYW "contribute" cash monthly towards the cost pf "quality" Fox programming. An you thoight PBS & NPR were bad with their tambourines? Don't even suggest "ala carte" cable, or else you'll be called "racist"! Why? There's one network that I understand is the "third rail" of that business and is brought-up as "endangered" if ala carte became law. You can BET on that! (5/18/11)

Mike Huckabee asked to host a Bible Quiz show on GSN? Maybe they could call it "You Bet Your Eternal Life". Say the Sacred Word & the dove will come down & you'll divide an extra hundred dollars between you. It's a common thing you find around the House of the Lord every day. (5/18/11)

Little know fact: I was an alternate for Fairfax High School for It's Academic in 2000. (5/18/11)

Speaking of Grace Slick and the Airplane, if you google, Jefferson Airplane Levi's radio commercial, the voice you hear introducing the group is Johnny Holliday from his days in San Francisco at KYA..Wonder what kind of bucks he got for saying 3 words. NOW..JEFFERSON...AIRPLANE! In his book'From Rock to Jock", Johnny talks about his association with Grace and the Airplane. (5/18/11)

I'm with the poster from yesterday...I'd love to see McLaughlin host for McGarry, too.. It reminds me of the Simpsons episode where they appear as contestants on a Japanese game show - Host: "Your shows reward knowledge, here we punish ignorance!" (5/18/11)

In today's "Mark Trail": Giant mutant squirrels and disembodied eyebrows have a yelling contest... Style section... The Washington Post - If you don't get it, you don't get it. (5/18/11)

Mac McGarry used to due the Voice Over/Intro for McGlaughlin's show. I agree McGaughlin would scare the S%$T out of those Kids!!! GO Mac (5/18/11)

YO' DAVE I just wanted to say thanks to all the fan's of It's Academic out there!!! I guess it's unheard of in this day and age of Radio/T.V. that someone/person can outlast the ENERGIZER BUNNY!!!! WAY TO GO MAC!!!!!!!!! Mark McGarry and family... (5/18/11)

Here's the obligatory "Then" and "Now" side-by-side comparison of Ms.Slick. With their Knee Deep in the Hoopla LP high on the charts, members of Starship appeared on a December 31, 1985 New Year's Eve TV special. Asked by the show host how this New Year's Eve compared with previous New Year's Eves in her life, the Chrome Nun replied, " I've done so many drugs, I can't REMEMBER another New Year's Eve." (5/18/11)

Dave's response: The first time I looked at that pic of Grace today (right), I thought it was Channel 6/WPVI kiddie show cowgirl Sally Star.....

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These days, doesn't Grace Slick sing for Jefferson Wheelchair? (5/17/11)

How come Dan Hellie is no longer a guest on the Sports Reporters? No time or do they not want him around? They have some dude from Deadspin on frequently. He is entertaining as a turd. Anybody know the true story why Lindsay Czarniek would never come on their show? (5/17/11)

Nice to see that WTOP reads DCRTV and finally did a "Search and Replace" mission on the website! I wonder how much longer "The Mormon Channel" will be carried? Also, that clip of "We Built This City" is fuckin' awful (as Dave put it) because it lacks the v/o talent playing DJ towards the end. Unsigned Corporate Suit (5/17/11)

My brother was on IA back in the 1970s... very cool. I'd like to see Ken Jennings or that IBM computer survive against the top teams on It's Academic" (5/17/11)

Marconi plays the mamba. Listen to the radio. Gracie looking smokin' hot at 47. (5/17/11)

Dave's response: "We Built This City" is so fuckin' awful that it's actually kinda cool.....

"It's amazing. The KHZ network with three stations and one that's id mentions Baltimore, WNAV & WTTR don't even show up" Well, WTTR, when they do make a blip in the book, usually land in the low-mid 40's. But that's a bit unfair as their night signal is something like 250Kw and they are not strong towards Baltimore. Also, Westminster is on the far west fringe of the Baltimore market. WNAV on the other hand, from what I've heard from folks who've worked there, has not subscribed to Arbitron for years (if ever) - (Anyone know for sure? Also, even if a station doesn't use their service, would they show up on surveys at all?). However, I've been told that they installed PPM equipment during the past year or so, which may or may not be in use...only Mr. P. Sajak and Mr. B. Kerr know for sure! (5/17/11)

Dave, you're not alone. Cox is also raising cable rates -- they take effect on June 1st. They put the news on a little seen page here: (5/17/11)

The sad thing about Washington radio is that WTOP could go silent for a month and still end up in the top ten, if not remain #1. Remember, it’s not just “radio” any more. Think multi-platform. What I find interestng about WTOP is that “Bonneville Media” is still conspicuous on the WTOP website, and “The Mormon Channel” is still on one of the HD streams, while another runs “big band” music, ala “Music of Your Life”. Finally, Dave, for someone who has such contempt for “corporate radio” in the ‘states, I was surprised to see you listening to one of the RTL outlets. RTL is to Europe not unlike what Clear Channel is here. Except, RTL has been around longer (since the 1930’s) and has dabbled in shortwave. Not to mention being really big in TV. The ubiquity of competitor “Radio NRJ” (As in “energie” en Francais) across Europe is almost as pervasive as that of RTL and its various permutations. Not that RTL has ever lacked competition! From the shipborne pirates of the sixties and seventies all the way back to the days of “Radio Normandie”! (I hope I’m not the only one on the board who’s listened to “Radio Normandie”…) -Unsigned Corporate Suit (5/17/11)

Wait a minute, did someone use the word "fire" in relation to Chris Plante? We have been down this road before. Wait a minute, Someone was listening to Chris Plante? Someone actually listens to WMAL? I have questions for the WMAL listener out there; when's the Freedom Concert? When is Chris' Alaskan cruise? Did Mrs. Fred make a public statement regarding President Obama's long form birth certificate? Do Hannity and Levin still use planted and scripted callers? Is Sean still upset over a Black poet going to the White House? Who is the current morning host? Is Donald Trump still making political comments on Rush's show? Can we all conclude, crap can be heard on WMAL? (5/17/11)

It's amazing. The KHZ network with three stations and one that's id mentions Baltimore, WNAV & WTTR all did NOT show up in the Baltimore ratings. Does/ Can AM music radio still work in 2011? (5/17/11)

Dave's response: There are only two - count 'em - two AMers that get "top 20" ratings placement in the DC market - 630 WMAL and 980 WTEM. And both feature talk formats. Baltimore also has two "top 20" AMers - talkers 1090 WBAL and 680 WCBM. And sometimes gospel 600 WCAO.....

Dave… Comcast will likely take your suggestion about “cutting back” and will likely respond with still more layoffs in a region already glutted with laid-off workers! (5/17/11)

That's Grace Slick, she of the Jefferson Airplane, free love and increasingly erratic behavior. Relatively speaking. (5/17/11)

Dave's response: Jefferson Airplane's "Somebody To Love" is incredibly powerful in the Coen Brothers' "A Serious Man" of 2009.....

This Friday, Dr. Sarcofiguy (from Spooky Movie Television, will be at the West End Cinema in Washington, D.C. for the D.C. premiere of HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, presented with the Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival ( Free swag will be had by some! Showtimes at 9:15 p.m. and 11:15 p.m. Tickets are now available online (5/17/11)

I'll give a nickel to the first person who identifies this foxy 69-year-old. (5/17/11)

Dave's response: That's easy. The eyes give her away. "When the truth is found to be lies, and all the joy within you dies..."

Re: ""Ratings for Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and other hyperpartisans are declining as listeners seek honest talk" - "April Radio Ratings 5/17 WMAL [Rush 4th]" What was that you were saying????" ....Yes, Professor Einstein, you understand the situation well...a single month's ratings for a single program in a single market prove that the year-long nationwide trend for the entire format is incorrect. Please get back to splitting the atom and leave the radio business to the rest of us. (5/17/11)

WTRI-------------------------------- BRUNSWICK?????? WTF????? And the beat goes on!!!!! (5/17/11)

Dave's response: What? The next KHZ network station? That'd be cool. Great coverage into DC's western suburbs.....

"Ratings for Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and other hyperpartisans are declining as listeners seek honest talk" - "April Radio Ratings 5/17 WMAL [Rush 4th]" What was that you were saying???? (5/17/11)

(snip) Lavar was thirty years old today, They took away all of his toys (end) Whoa, talk about an obscure cultural reference! The Nose Solo is especially moving. (5/17/11)

The April monthly radio ratings are out and we have the "money demo" age 25-54 morning show rankings for the Washington market...... (5/17/11)

Once again (Mailbag Illiterate snip) I really like Albie Dee's radio work. As such, I hope the Parris family pays him more for his voiceover work on WAMD than they paid for the station. AHHHHHHmegeddon- It’s NOT! (Start painting your Disney Characters on the hemmerhoid caps)..ROLTFLMAO!!! (5/17/11)

"Mac [McGarry] is a first round Hall of Famer! RESPECT" - Aw, c'mon. Don't you have a sense of humor? I'd still love to see the "It's Academic" kids cower under their desks as John (the former Jesuit) McLaughlin pounds them with his loud bombast. To pun the Post, if you didn't get it from the Jesuits, you wouldn't "get it." (5/17/11)

"It's Academic" debuted Saturday September 23rd, 1961 on WRC-TV. (5/17/11)

Did somebody mention WLMD "Progressive Country"? (5/17/11)

Nominations for the 2010 Emmys for Baltimore stations stack up this way: WBFF 55 entries 22 nominations, WBAL 5 entries 1 nomination, WMAR 17 entries 3 nominations WJZ 5 entries 0 nominations. (5/17/11)

I really like Albie Dee's radio work. As such, I hope the Parris family pays him more for his voiceover work on WAMD than they paid for the station. AHHHHHHmegeddon (5/17/11)

Mac [McGarry] is a first round Hall of Famer! RESPECT (5/17/11)

Jerry Lewis retiring from telethon (5/17/11)

[From DCRTV's Facebook/Twitter pages: Fire alarm going off at WMAL, but the brave Chris Plante remains in studio doing his show! What courage!!!!!] This happens all the time on NewsChannel 8. Obviously not a loyal viewer (5/17/11)

[From DCRTV's Facebook/Twitter pages: Fire alarm going off at WMAL, but the brave Chris Plante remains in studio doing his show! What courage!!!!!] That happens all the time. It is a drill (5/17/11)

From DCRTV's Facebook/Twitter pages: Fire alarm going off at WMAL, but the brave Chris Plante remains in studio doing his show! What courage!!!!! (5/17/11)

I always thought it would be hilarious to have John McLaughlin (from "The Mclaughlin Group") fill in some day for Mac McGarry. Imagine those kids cringing on-camera when they give an answer and McLaughlin thunders "NO! THAT'S STUPID!" You'd have to mop the floor under the contestants... (5/17/11)

Lavar was thirty years old today, They took away all of his toys. His mother sent newspaper clippings to him, About his friends who had stopped being boys. There was Harwitz E. Green, just turned thirty-three, His leather chair waits at the bank. And Sargent Dow Jones, twenty-seven years old, Commanding his very own tank. But Lavar still finds it a nice thing to do, To lie about nude in the sand, Drawing pictures of mountains that look like bumps And thrashing the air with his hands. But wait, oh Lavar's productive you know, He produces the finest of sound, Putting drumsticks on either side of his nose, Snorting the best licks in town, But that's all over... Lavar was thirty years old today And Lavar came foam from his tongue. He looked at me, eyes wide, and plainly said, "Is it true that I'm no longer young?" And the children call infamous, What the old men call insane. And sometimes, he's so nameless, That he hardly knows what game to play, Which words to say. And I should have told him, 'No, you're not old.' And I should have let him go on... smiling... babywise. (5/17/11)

I rant about Comcast's latest rake hikes in today's "Dave TV"...... (5/17/11)

Nice to see the posting and photo from David Tate during the WOHN era. Among the talented air talent from that station was Rich Hodge, who went from WOHN to next join the famous (around Laurel) WLMD 900Kc. That station, under Rich's talented ear, went from "progressive country" to a more conventional progressive format, then AOR, right as the station's owners prepared to make a push for the new audience in Howard County's Columbia (Md.). Hodge by this time was WLMD's Program Director, along with DC's Steve Alan as Music Director, and the station really rocked. It was a daytime-only AM station, but the signal reached from DC to Baltimore, covering a strong demographic. Although Rich got out of the business after an ownership change, Steve, if I remember right, went on to program WLTT, WBIG and several other stations in the area. (5/17/11)

Dave's response: In the WOHN pic, David Tate looks like he's 12. Did WOHN employ kids as DJs? Ha ha ha.....

Re: WHMM in Spotsylvania - OK, now we know the what and some of the why. But does Virginia Tech really think Spotsylvania county is underserved by the current NPR stations out of DC (WAMU) and Richmond (WCVE)? Why would someone in Spotsy want to listen to a station that's home based in Roanoke? I understand the network of stations in the western part of the state, far away from a metro area, but Spotsy just seems a bit too close to DC and Richmond. In this day and age, I'm surprised that publically funded radio stations are growing. I'm sure keeping the transmitter on the air, even a low powered one, costs a decent amount of money. Not a sermon, just a thought. Dave in Fredericksburg (5/17/11)

[RE "Dave TV" episode 96 which featured a movie clip from Metromedia's Channel 5/WTTG:] I put that movie memory around 1981 or 1982. The logo was a standard metromedia graphic used on WNEW and KTTV. The DVE was first introduced around 1982. Could you post that on Youtube (5/17/11)

I don't happen to believe that Jesus is coming back on May 21st. But the buzz about it lately makes me wonder if news executives have done any special coverage prep, just in case. I'd imagine the sudden departure of millions of folks from this earthly plane, would make for some interesting and dramatic story possibilities. I've heard that years ago, when Bonneville bought some stations in Kansas City, some said the purchase was connected with a religious belief that when Jesus returned, he'd be touching down in Independence Missouri. (5/17/11)

Northern Virginia… It hasn’t been the same since WOHN’s demise. It’s been a long time. To show you how long its been since I last drove in Northern Virginia, I saw a car that still had a “Nixon-Agnew” bumper sticker on it! Greetings from Pasadena from one of those “young DJ’s” Robbie Norton hired. John Pinckney (5/17/11)

The link for the WOHN aircheck doesn't work. (5/17/11)

Dave's response: It's fixed.....

"Sometimes the paid stuff takes a while but it is worth every penny. Leave Oscar alone A hole. Essadee to all MOS Haters!" And sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie but I'd never know because I wouldn't eat the filthy motherfather. I can't even hear the free stuff, why should I pay for still more stuff I can't hear? I hate Mike O'Meara so much that I try to listen to his show every day, and I CAN'T, so go screw, fanboy. Oh, and Dave? It's your old buddy Stewie here. I was dropping mud this morning, and I thought to myself "AHHHH". (5/17/11)

DAVID TATE RESPONDS TO WOHN EMAIL INQUIRY: I just got an email from a WOHN listener! She emailed me at this evening and told me that she actually heard my 22nd birthday broadcast on this very day, May 16, 1974, which can be heard right now, via the internet, at I won't mention my email correspondent's last name, but her first name is Eileen and she did, in fact, call me on that day in 1974 to wish me a happy birthday. Small world. Anyway, Eileen asked me to send her a photo of the WOHN studios. Here is a photo of me at the control panel of WOHN, reprinted from a news article about WOHN in The Herndon Times newspaper in April, 1974, about a month before my birthday broadcast: (the photo is also attached to this MAILBAG email). As you can tell, the WOHN broadcasting equipment was not the best (except for that Sennheiser MD-421-U microphone), but the station was awesome. The WOHN Program Director, Rob Norton, is the unusung hero of WOHN: He created a great little radio station, hired some of the best young DJs in DC and programmed nothing but, "The Big Hits Only". I loved listening to it, except when I was on-the-air, of course. David Tate, Microsoft .NET Developer, Dallas, TX (5/17/11)

/\ May 17 Messages /\

\/ May 16 Messages \/

For what it's worth, WUSA's Brett Haber was nominated for the "Best Sports Anchor" Emmy tonight at the NATAS Capital Region shindig -- and no other nominees were picked in the category. That makes 5 years in a row he will win that award. Pretty decent run. (5/16/11)

Lavar kept saying the word “fair” but it sounded like “Fear” today. He even pointed it out. Funny. Re: “DCRTV hears that former Channel 5/WTTG reporter Roby Chavez (right) has joined the campaign of Bevan Dufty, who is trying to be the first gay mayor of San Francisco.”…tough gig? Re: “The Bulls win over Miami on TNT the highest rated NBA game in cable history”…No surprise. Re: “Never had any problems streaming TMOS, either from home or from work. Have not tried the BO&D podcast yet, so I can't comment.” …..Sometimes the paid stuff takes a while but it is worth every penny. Leave Oscar alone A hole. Essadee to all MOS Haters! Radio message board and complaints…That’s a new one. OOBBEE (5/16/11)

Dear Friends: Thanks to all of the DCRTV folks who sent me, David Tate, birthday greetings, today. Yes, today, I turned 59 years-old. As it turns-out, on May 16, 1974, I was working as a radio DJ at a Top 40 station in the Washington, D.C. area and the Program Director insisted that I celebrate my 22nd birthday on-the-air. Little did I know that a station listener, a Mr. Gary Blau, was recording the broadcast in his Northern Virginia home on that day and has published my on-the-air birthday celebration on the internet. It was not one of my best performances, but here's the link to the actual recording of WOHN-AM, Herndon VA, on May 16, 1974. Click the following link and you'll hear, among other people, the great Don O'Brien imitating the great Ed Walker imitating Ed Sullivan, during one of the "fake telephone" bits: Gary Blau is now the Chief Engineer of WLYF-FM, Miami and a former Washington radio person like myself, although I have never met him. So, to all my radio friends, please heed my following advisory: be careful what you say and do on-the-air, because you never know when someone will publish a recording of your embarrassing performance on some website, so the entire world can laugh at your incompetence. Warm regards, David Tate Analytical Associates of Bethesda, Maryland On Assignment in Dallas, TX (5/16/11)

My Unseen Journey's website expired in late April. Dead link. (5/16/11)

Boy Dave: Betsy sure is pissed at you! But she forgot the long white beard: (5/16/11)

Dave's response: I don't talk to Betsy. But, if Matt would ask real nice, and send me a shirtless pic, I might occasionally link to that site. Hey, seriously, I got the news item from someone who tipped me midday Monday and I sourced it on my own. I didn't get the item from Fishtank.....

RE: 7 - Have some pleasure!!!. (5/16/11)

About the contest involving Weasal and a trip to Joe's Record Paradise for a record shopping spree. Does the winner have to go and pick up Weasal over in Bethesda and drive him over to Silver Spring and back again? Does the winner get to actually meet Joe Lee( I thought he was semi-retired) and Damian, who I believe is working at Joe's these days? Has Dave TV considered some light weight lifting to tighten the stomach and chest area? AAAAHHHHH-Chew Of whom is this don Geronimo you speak of? A ghost from radio past? a wise sage or complete dullard, can't misremember anymore, said Live In The Now! no matter how boring it is, be good little sheep (5/16/11)

Kel in Suitland finally flames out. Sad to hear. One week after calling in with two 'promising women- Pusseycat and Redlips- who were interviewed on the Wise show, the Suitland yourth football coach called into the Wise 'JFK sports show today and said that gay team members had no place on any sports team. So Kel wrote this poem for tomorrow's Wise show: ' From Suitland my name is Kel, and into Pussycat's and Redlip's threesome I done fell. But after I done, it was the Wise radio show I chose to stun, with some Suitland on-air gay stupidiodums I just had to sell.' (5/16/11)

Was so very pleased to hear Hillary on TOP today. She sounded so happy to be there as was I. BD (5/16/11)

Regarding the WWBT reporter whose hair was sampled by the camel…. Not bad… But, long-ago WWBT weathercaster Jennifer Smith was much easier on the eyes! I’m sure Doug Hill and I can’t be the only ones on the board who remember Ms. Smith and her “attributes”! She could’ve put to shame the bumper guards on a ’57 Bel Air! –Unsigned Corporate Suit (5/16/11)

The Bulls win over Miami on TNT the highest rated NBA game in cable history - (5/16/11)

[RE: WJLA weekend news] I was actually disappointed to see Horace Holmes leave [as sports anchor]...I never noticed the "uncomfortableness" you mention. It looks like Britt McHenry is going to be the replacement, but I noticed that Horace was filling in for Britt yesterday evening, so apparently he's still second in line. (5/16/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter/Facebook pages: WMAL local news at 2 PM: "Donald Trump announces whether he's running for president." Hey, why not say he's not running!!! Dumb newscast!] WTOP did the same thing at 1:59. (5/16/11)

Is it me, or did Julie Bandares of Fox News look like she was topless during a newsbreak yesterday? It appeared that she was wearing a light beige top, but it looked like she was bare-shouldered or was wearing a tube top. (5/16/11)

Rane is joining DJ Flexx in afternoons as The Home Team (5/16/11)

Dave, There are two other public stations in Orlando, at least one of which has said that they will pick up the PBS presence in the market after WFME-TV is sold... (5/16/11)

FROM Mailbag: RE: Does this mean that no EVER steps on an gawd, I never realized that before.(snip)- sure, people step on intros---JUST NOT WITH EVERY FUCKING SONG.(Obsession and envy, You are a SAD case!! do something constructive like paint Disney pictures on hemmorhoid caps! ROTFLMAO!!! (5/16/11)

Richmond VA NBC12 Reporter attacked by a camel... (5/16/11)

Still no signal from 106.9 WYPO in Ocean City.....huh, how many days do you have to off air before you get in FCC trouble? (5/16/11)

RE: [With all due respect, screw you. I'm 'incensed' at some of his policies, not the color of his skin.] Could you speak up a little louder please? It seems that with all the background noise emanating from Faux News and right-wing talk radio, I'm having a little auditory challenge comprehending the source of your indignation. Examples of what I am talking about include Trump accusing Obama of faking his birth certificate and branding a man who at one time served as editor of the Harvard Law Review as having been "unworthy" to attend Harvard; Hannity and almost all of Faux News echoing the thoroughly debunked claim that a kindergarten Obama attended four decades ago was some sort of a secret Muslim-teaching "Indonesian Madrasa"; Gingrich calling Obama a "food stamp President" with a "Kenyan-Anti-Colonialist" attitude; and Huckabee claiming Obama "Was raised in Kenya with a father and grandfather who obviously had a different view than 'the rest of us' (wink-wink) about the "mau mau revolution". signs of any covert racism at work intentional dog whistles being blown through a megaphone. Give me a friggin' break. The people repeating this obviously racist bullshit do not represent some "fringe element" of the conservative movement - they are the friggin' leaders. When it comes to President Obama, it appears that the vast majority of the topics that Faux News and right-wing talk-radio yakkers choose to discuss have absolutely nothing to do with "policy" and everything in the world to do with covert - at times bordering on overt - racism. With all due respect Pal, when you tacitly allow that much of your side's "policy discussion" to drop smack-dab into the lowest point of the gutter, stop whimpering like a nine-year-old girl when somebody has the temerity to point out that your shoes are obviously caked in shit. - Jeff in (With all due respect, screw you.) Bowie (5/16/11)

I am not sure if everyone has heard that Jiffy Lube Live will no longer allow tailgating in its parking lot this year. With WMZQFest sold out this weekend, I hope everyone attending has heard about this new policy. (5/16/11)

Hillary Howard returns to WTOP after brain tumor surgery, former Channel 5/WTTG reporter Roby Chavez becomes communications director for San Francisco mayoral candidate, more changes at WPGC including DJ Flexx being moved to afternoons, and we salute the top radio station in Berlin, Germany, 104.6 RTL..... (5/16/11)

Looks like The Star Radio group in Fredericksburg is making some more changes. Geoff Moore is out at Rock 96.9 afternoons 2-7 pm and Kay Thomas has moved from mid-days at 93.3 WFLS back to Rock 96.9 where she was before Geoff Moore was moved out of Mornings with Jessica Cash on 93.3 WFLS to Rock 96.9. WFLS has hired Steve Waters to be paired with Jessica Cash mornings. (5/16/11)

Do you glue yourself to KHZ? No job? No future? From what I’ve heard you failed the industry YEARS AGO, and hear “voices in your head” ROTFLMAO! (5/16/11)

Please... WXPN, WTMD or Weasel take control of WFSI on the 21st. Bob Fairfax (5/16/11)

Hey, from snip:( but who am I to judge- If you’re so perfect, send him a resume, you might get a job-NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!rolflmao! (5/16/11)

RE: Does this mean that no EVER steps on an gawd, I never realized that before.(snip)- sure, people step on intros---JUST NOT WITH EVERY FUCKING SONG. (5/16/11)

Does this mean that no EVER steps on an intro…my gawd, I never realized that before…(snip)- but who am I to judge) Damn’ right who are you to judge…Nameless f**k! (5/16/11)

I think it is funny how a certain "jock" that steps all over intros calls himself a PD of a jukebox station...I have never heard a PD with such bad formulas before, but who am I to judge. (5/16/11)

1590 no longer carries KHZ programming............ correct?------ Correct/PD KHZ (5/16/11)

Your Orlando PBS news item is exaggerated at best, just plain non-factual to be honest. The Orlando/Daytona Beach/Melbourne TV market is served by a PBS station in Daytona Beach, one in Melbourne, one in New Smyrna Beach, and another near Orlando. If ANYTHING THERE ARE TOO MANY PBS STATIONS ON THE SAME CABLE SYSTEMS IN ORLANDO! In other words, "Don't Cry for Me Argentina." Nobody will miss a beat down there and nobody cares. PBS programming will be available to everyone. All you're doing is creating a phony political storm all about NOTHING! The only news here is that one PBS station in a major market has a bad accountant or can't balance its books or fund itself properly. It's Darwin, survival of the fittest, let WMFE TV die so that the other better run PBS stations will live. (5/16/11)

Dave's response: Hey, don't blame me. It's from NewsBlues.....

Never had any problems streaming TMOS, either from home or from work. Have not tried the BO&D podcast yet, so I can't comment. I wonder if the problem resides more with users browsers and/or ISPs than with the TMOS website itself. (5/16/11)

The Washington Jewish Radio website lists the station WKHZ as being on 1590 in Ocean City. lists those calls as now being on 1460 and liscensed to Easton. My understanding is the station on 1590 no longer carries KHZ programming............correct? (5/16/11)

In the 1970s at WPIK/WXRA, there was a Black guy who was a top salesperson for the station. I've been racking my brain, but I can't remember his name. Can anybody help me with this? (5/16/11)

WRAU does run it's legal ID WRAU Ocean City, and most of the time it does "liners" and Promos for 88.3, but the Washington news and especially Traffic is a pain, who care about a back up in Tyson's Corner. They run a weekly snow "Coastal Connection", similar to "Discussing Delmarva" which WYPO aired for a while, but then cut for budget reasons. I do listen to their Noon to 2pm show sometimes, but most of there programming is the same as the well established WSDL 90.7. I have not heard any local "underwriters", and believe if they would switch to their WAMU HD2 Bluegrass Nation programming. I'm sure they could fine local underwriters for that programming, especially with their coverage. This would give them a change on the shore. (5/16/11)

I have also had problems with the Maybe it's time for the VP of Marketing for ManGrates to step in and solve this problem. I've seen a lot of people complaining on their message board. (5/16/11)

What's up with the musical chairs of the male weekend anchors on NBC4? More and more, Aaron Gilchrist or the Schiflin guy are "in" for Craig Melvin. And today Schiflin did the morning news. Then again, maybe since it's summer, the musical chairs are due to normal summer vacations. (5/16/11)

Hold the phone! DCRTV giving front page props to an Engineer (WTOP/WFED). The people that actually run the radio station. This is news. Wow what's next? Actually thanking one for driving out at 4 am on a cold rainy night risking their life because some jock hit raise instead of lower and burned out the line. The world is brighter already.Funny I remember the mute look on the face of a smart aleck jock when I explained that if we went away the station goes off the air. If the jock goes away people get to listen to music. (5/16/11)

Dave - WTOP FM, 103.9 in Frederick, was knocked off the air at approximately 4:30 p.m. when storms rolled through Frederick county. They just came back on the air at approximately 9:30 p.m. Tom in Frederick (5/16/11)

in honor of (5/16/11)

/\ May 16 Messages /\

\/ May 15 Messages \/

Frank Howard, Washington Senators 1969 Commercial for Nestle (5/15/11)

Dave, long time no see, in fact never! First things first: I am "best friends of TESLA" not some loser DJ who doesn't even have a Wikipedia page. Second, kudos to Ed Walker, the host of WAMU's The Big Broadcast for saying on air that The Lineup is not as good as the Dragnet episodes they used to air, and they will probably be going back to Dragnet sooner than later. It just gives me more time to catch up on all the How I Met Your Mother episodes I missed. Third, and most importantly, I'd like to express my recent disappointment with one of your advertisers, The Mike O'Meara Show. The podcast has become virtually unstreamable and undownloadable. I'm lucky to hear the show all the way through twice a week. Multiple reports of this from multiple listeners on the show's comment board have not resulted in a solution. Markc Ronick has done his best, I'm sure, but I'm not sure he has pursued it with their streaming provideder, This is a problem shared with the Big O and Dukes show, which also uses the same streaming provider. Why would I subscribe to a show (even two shows I like very much) when they can't deliver the free content? It shouldn't be a struggle, and it didn't used to be. Other radio shows stream just fine. - ZW (5/15/11)

"People like you are just so incensed that someone other than a white Republican sits down on the White House john" I hear this in various media forums, that because I don't agree with Obama's policies that I must be a closet racist. With all due respect, screw you. I'm 'incensed' at some of his policies, not the color of his skin. I would have the same reaction to a lot what he's doing if he were black, brown, green, whatever. He could be whiter than Dick Van Patten and I would have the same reaction. Sorry to vent here but I am sick of the "you disagree with Obama so you are a racist" drivel. (5/15/11)

Appreciate the Unsigned Corporate Suit for his observations, including Harold Camping's prediction concerning May 21. For his astute insights, he gets a Joseph A. Bank special this week enabling him to add a few more of their specialties to his corporate world. Sorry, can't afford Brooks Brothers this week. Pronouncements such as the one attributed to Mr. Camping usually invite ridicule and in many cases deservedly so. Only the Lord knows the times and events of His return and chooses not to reveal it to any man. It is however prudent to never lose sight that a 'personal May 21' awaits for each of us. That's a discussion for another time. - Bob Mathers (5/15/11)

RE: "Wonder what Virginia Tech wants to do with a noncommercial FM construction permit in Spotsylvania?" Virginia Tech, shelling out $135K, says it will use WHMM/88.3 to relay its Classical/Jazz/NPR WVTF Roanoke... (5/15/11)

[RE: "What's going on with WJLA/Channel 7's weekend evening news? They keep switching between Pamela Brown, Natasha Barrett, Rebecca Cooper, and Caroline Lyders as anchors..."] This is the same station that took nearly two years (I believe) to name Cynee Simpson co-anchor at 5:00 when Kathleen Matthews left. They also haven't settled on a permanent co-anchor for their morning show, several months after canning Doug McKelway. It's also been nearly six months since Newschannel 8 (then TBD) evening weathercaster Joe Witte retired, but they still rotate between Steve Rudin, Chris Naille and Devon Lucie in that role. I guess these types of decisions are not a priority for the the big wigs on Wilson Blvd. Going back to their weekend news, I am so happy that they aren't having Horace Holmes do weekend sports anymore. He's a good reporter, but he was awful and looked so uncomfortable anchoring the sportscasts. -BG (5/15/11)

The tall guy with curly dark hair on the far left in the back row of the Celebrity All Stars photo is likely Mitch Kupchak. He played for the Washington Bullets from 1976 - 81 and is now the general manager of the Los Angeles Lakers. Teams assembled to play athletic games to raise funds for charities often had a mix of media personalities and sports stars. Anyone have photos of any of the WWDC Radio Oneders basketball team? They usually had a few Redskins play for them. (5/15/11)

What's going on with WJLA/Channel 7's weekend evening news? They keep switching between Pamela Brown, Natasha Barrett, Rebecca Cooper, and Caroline Lyders as anchors... (5/15/11)

While driving to Dulles a few days ago, I decided to listen to WFSI. And, I did luck out and get to hear one of their apocolyptic programs. As a Bible-believing, born-again Christian, I couldn’t help but think about the sctriptural warnings by Jesus and the apostles about men who said that they “knew” the time of Jesus’ return. In essence, this is something no righteous man nor woman can know, because it’s quite literally something that only God knows! What needs to be remembered is that once again, this is the “Gospel according to Harold Camping”, and nothing more. In my years in the business, I’ve lost count of the number of times Family Stations has announced the date of Jesus’ return. And, missed… This is one delay you can’t blame on Southwest Airlines! It’s just not time. Yet. As for WFSI, here’s my take: Harold Camping and Family Stations remind me of Dr. John Brinkley and Dr. Norman Baker of my younger days in terms of being qualified FCC licensees. (Read your history, and Know The Naked Truth!) And, to resurrect an old urban myth, while the FCC has yet to consider a ban on Christian broadcasting, think about this: When I hear a Christian program in the 88-92 region of FM, saying that the “program is sponsored by the generous love offerings” I have to wonder why it’s on a “non-commercial” station when on a commercial Christian station, it’s likely logged as a “CA” just like a spot for a business! As for “local” origination or community service at 107.9, I’m sure WFSI has it. It’s just that it’s as heavily promoted as “Music and the Spoken Word” was on “George 104”. As for 5/21/2011 being the day of Christ’s return, I wonder if Harold Camping & Co. have considered the possibility of what to do if Jesus does return that day… and they are still on this Earth come Sunday 5/22/2011? Talk about “ooops”! Unsigned Corporate Suit (5/15/11)

Hi Dave - as a boy born and raised in Hartford, halfway between these two cities - I was always conflicted who to root for. So it was cool to voice these promos airing on ESPN for the game tonight. - Dude (5/15/11)

My "top 10" movies of all time, in Sunday's "Dave TV" at (5/15/11)

I'd like to join that previous poster in challenging WFSI's licence renewal. It's unbelievable to me that one of the best signals in the area goes to some religious nut who has absolutely no audience to speak of. I have many Christian friends who have never heard of the station, and now that Arbitron lists non-commercial stations in their ratings, it's apparent that no one listens to it in Baltimore or D.C. The station provides no community service at all, not even so much as an EAS alert for a tornado warning, so what grounds do they have deceiving the public and renewing their licence. (5/15/11)

Between Core & Trumbull, former Channel 9 VO guy Mike Lewis; "Eyewitness News iiisssss next!" (5/15/11)

"From WUSA 9 meteorologist Howard Bernstein to Chief Meteorologist Topper Shutt with love..." That's "From WUSA 9 meteorologist Howard Bernstein to Chief Meteorologist Topper Shutt, whose real name is Charles Shutt, with love..." if you're nasty. (5/15/11)

Dave's response: Ha ha ha. We hear that Howie never posted that. Looks like "Baltimore Mediaresponse" is trying to stir up a little trouble.....

So: license renewal applications for radio stations in Maryland, DC, Virginia and WV are due in early June. Wonder what WFSI's renewal application will look like...and whether anyone will try to challenge it on the grounds that the whole "the world is ending!" business constitutes a broadcast hoax that violates FCC rules and renders Family Radio unfit to be a licensee. It would be an interesting challenge to mount, and it could open up a lot of frequencies. (And as a heathen sinner, I know I'll still be here May 22 no matter what, as will all the lawyers...) (5/15/11)

Ratings for Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and other hyperpartisans are declining as listeners seek honest talk from hosts like Michael Smerconish over angry rants. A more civil conversation will add value to our political debate, writes John Avlon. (5/15/11)

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Services for Tina Gulland will be at Holy Trinity Church in Georgetown, Wed 5/18 at 10AM. (5/14/11)

In looking at the WOHN page on DCRTV+, and the station’s coverage, that DA must’ve been nasty to keep in tune. Especially with just three towers. The only DA I’ve heard of that was as tight as this one appears to have been was the chicken shack, “Radio California”, KACY on 1520 in Port Hueneme. Even when the FCC OK’ed the 50 KW day power, the station was not only restricted to 250 watts at night but with a very tight null to protect a nearby U.S. Navy communications/electronics lab. Also, as a Christian (Sorry, Bob, you’re not unique here. In fact, I think were more of us to admit here on the board that Jesus Christ is our personal Lord and Savior (as He is mine), we might all be (pleasantly) surprised!), I find it funny that a station dependent on religious programming would have as its mailing address “P.O. Box 666”! Then again, God does send “signs”… Finally, in that team photo, that is indeed Henry Tennenbaum in the back row, third from rigjht. Unsigned Corporate Suit (5/14/11)

From WUSA 9 meteorologist Howard Bernstein to Chief Meteorologist Topper Shutt with love... "The Happy Storm" (5/14/11)

Is the guy third from the right in the back row of the softball photo Henry Tenenbaum? -- Bobbie (5/14/11)

To the person who can hear WYPO: Can you hear WAMU's repeater WRAU? Does it have a local insertion of hourly station identification as "WRAU Ocean City"? Or, does it repeat what's coming from DC which is usually "WAMU Washington at 88.5 and at 88.3 in Ocean City" which does not constitute a legal ID for WRAU? (5/14/11)

I guess WYPR has given up on their Ocean City station WYPO @ 106.9, since no audio for at least 14 hours. This is what happens when you have a waiver to operate a station with no local studio, or personnel. (5/14/11)

The Brian Mitchell Show on JFK this morning sounded terrible. I think Brian was calling in his own show. I guess he learned it from JTII. It seems like most of the shows on TEM except the Junkies are disjointed like these days. How can people podcasting out of their basement and living room sound so good and JFK sound so bad? Seriously, the Mike O’Meara does call in flawlessly with an IPad and Skype. Is the equipment at JFK that bad? Will Lurch call in after the move? Speaking of Lurch; great job stirring the old “Dani Soup” this week. But, he needs to replace his mug shot on the website. That is a scary pic. OOBBEE (5/14/11)

Dave.... Here's a good one for your readers.... Its the 1980 Celebrity Softball Allstars made up of both TV and Radio personalities.... we played charity games in NW DC each year. While I can't ID all the players, among them are Glenn Brenner, Jackson Bain, Chris Core, Bill Trumbell, Don O'Brien, Bob Duckman, Adam Smasher.... Maybe your readers can remember the others... (5/14/11)

Wow… A cloudy morning and 59 degrees outside. I get up early, check the web, and what do I find on DCRTV? One of the toughest AM DX catches ever: WOHN! Yes, Dave, WOHN had to protect WOL because of being “first adjacent” with WOL being “grandfathered”. WNAV was too far away to be a factor. Also, it should be noted that when built at daytimer WHRN in the mid-1960’s, “Pre-Sunrise Authority” didn’t exist. So, when granted a PSA (as WOHN), the power was 500 watts until legal sunrise. Some stations had truly bizarre PSA powers, not unlike what’s seen today with the night powers of former daytimers. Also, I nearly choked on my breakfast of Farmer John sausage, eggs, sourdough toast, and juice a few minutes ago when I heard Dave say “March 14th”! Dave, unless my Spiro Agnew watch is wrong, today is May 14th… At least it is here in Pasadena! John Pinckney (5/14/11)

Putting a subchannel on another stations HD2 or HD3 is a pretty good idea. Now if they'd only put HFS on 105.7s HD2 or another Baltimore frequency ...if HFS is going to remain on the spaces in between it may as well boast the old 2 city listening area!! "Baltimore and Washingtons Number One Alternative HD multicast...." nnnn...nnnnn...nnnnnnnaaahhh too smart a move....Donnie PS: I'm not one who "lives for the glory days of HFS" I'm simply a former and current listener who refuses to swallow the bull fed to us by suits stating why a thriving format is shunned while shabby formats live on and on. Same crap fed to us by the rich and powerful on any number of subjects....just because they can get away with it doesn't make it right or just makes it the bullshit we have to put up with because they have the money NOT the brains or moral integrity or manifest destiny.... (5/14/11)

Dave: Now, I kind of understand things. The DC Radio market doesn't have a respectable sportstalk station. We're in the middle of the NBA Playoffs and the National are flirting around .500, and Czaban chats away about golf? I don't know what's worse, Doc trying to fool the audience about his NBA knowledge or Pollin saying "well I think so" when responding to a Czaban trick question. I really thought Snyder would clean house by now. This is why ESPN dominates the morning drive. Say what you will about "Mike and Mike," however, they get-it and know what the listeners want to hear. Back to the internet for sportstalk radio. (5/14/11)

Happy to hear Bob Mathers and God are on such good terms. Maybe Bob can persuade God not to kill billions of us starting next Saturday, as the full page ad in yesterday's "USA Today" indicates He plans to do. (5/14/11)

My rant about the media covering the media - and how the media fawns over itself. Via websites like Mediaite. Also, the much heralded TBD continues to collapse with the departure of yet another media star of the Allbritton local news site. And what should Allbritton do now? Maybe launch a national Political TV service? Plus, some memories of Herndon's now defunct WOHN radio. In the Saturday, May 14 edition of "Dave TV" at (5/14/11)

So all you mailbagers who live for the glory day of WHFS can can actually go in a time warp for real. WTMD is offering a record shopping trip with Weasel. Just cough up some bucks and bid on a trip with him to Joe's Record Paradise. (5/14/11)

Re: Dave Loudin's post - Was this in reference to my post earlier today regarding the construction permit from VT in Spotsylvania? I was just wondering why Virginia Tech would want a station so far away from Blacksburg? Are they starting some sort of a network of stations? Or do they already have one that I'm not aware of? That was my original intent on my post. Dave in Fredericksburg (5/14/11)

To understand how low-power FM stations that rebroadcast another station are permitted, start with the basic premise that the relay (translator) must be able to pick up the source over the air. That source could be the originating station or its HD subchannel or another translator. For the non-commercial part of the FM band, the source can be delivered via satellite. This provision was meant to help statewide public station networks feed remote relays, but there is no language in the rules that requires the source to be in the same state as the relay. Several large noncommercial broadcasters have used this loophole to salt the whole country with low-power relays. Of course, broadcasters can buy or rent stations in neighboring markets to extend the reach of a station, and you see this on both the AM and FM bands. Regards, Dave Loudin (5/14/11)

The NEW WWMX HD-2 MIX 2 97.5 FM Dance/Hip Hop music station's signal reach in Baltimore compared to MIX 106.5 itself. Notice the difference in the original application for 8 watts vs. 250 watts... (5/14/11)

I'm a very harsh critic of the federal government, but there's really no reason to bring partisan politics into the discussion at all really. The FCC is so screwed up on so many levels, it doesn't matter WHICH party you belong to to be disappointed. When will we get back to having engineers and technology people running The Federal Communications Commission instead of lawyers and various political favors? Just think if Steve Jobs ran the FCC... we'd have better HDTV, cell phone service, cable TV, internet service, and lots of bureaucrat lawyers would have been fired like YESTERDAY and the U.S. would have the best internet/cell phone & TV infrastructure in the world! Basically, right now, the U.S. is borderline 3rd world on many tech levels thanks to LAWYERS. Bush was a tech idiot and Obama has provided no change from what I can see in the FCC. (5/14/11)

DON GERONIMO GETS PUNKED IN SACRAMENTO BY TEXTING: Happy Saturday malebaggers. As you pour the first cup of coffee, digest another heaping spoonful of Special K while smoking your fifth cigarette and scratching your itchy ass with your spare hand,take note to the latest on this very lovely dj story. Remember earlier in the week, when we broke the news that Geronimo-Sorce was kicked-out of the massive NBA sponsored 6500 deep Kings rally? You know, when Sacramento's own band TESLA refused to go on stage unless Sorce was gone from the park - as new details emerge, it gets better. Turns out, while Sorce was begging to go on stage and become part of the festivities, he was, as an out-of-the-loop media newcomer, overheard by many bashing TESLA and their lead singer. Now get closer to the screen, this is where it really gets good. Turns out one of the people who overheard Sorce was no other than Sacramento rock dj legend Pat Martin of epic 98 Rock who is no competitor to Geronimo - who by the way, is best friends of TESLA. Afraid Geronimo-Sorce was going to try to embarrass TESLA on stage [wrong time, wrong place] Martin begins texting TESLA members to let them know what this out-of-towner was up to. No sooner than Sorce could say "don't you know who I am" KHTK management and his own show producer Dave Carmichael, escorted Geronimo to his car. Paybacks are a bitch, even when its 3,000 miles away. My Mentos in Geronimo's carbonated career drink malebag. Dave's Rules. The Real AHHHH (5/14/11)

Wonder what Virginia Tech wants to do with a noncommercial FM construction permit in Spotsylvania? Dave in Fredericksburg. (5/14/11)

Re: "The H in Jesus H. Christ stands for Hallmark. Because God cared enough to send us the very best" Hmmm and all this time I thought it was Bob Mathers!' I am not sure why this individual posted my name in the thread but I want to thank that person. Jesus Christ IS the very best. He's the Savior of the World. He died for our sins. He has been so merciful and forgiving to me for the many times I've screwed up in my life. He has saved me and given me joy. Which he offers to anyone who asks Him. I can never thank Him enough. However, since Mr. Hughes prefers on-topic discussions here at the ol' 'bag, I'll tie it all together into a radio relate. The Lord answered my prayers by allowing me to work in this business. I'm blessed to have the job I have, to work with professional broadcasters who are not only some of the best these markets have ever heard, they're wonderful people too. My station plays oldies, not Christian music. The lyrics of these songs are not evangelistic in nature, but they all deal with the human experience. The Lord uses these experiences, positive or negative, to speak to a person's heart and mind and many times through these life events, will draw that person unto Himself. Bringing this full circle, if the person who introduced my name is who I think it is, then people need to know the Lord laid it on your heart many years ago to help a young Baltimore kid who wanted to get into radio but didn't have the confidence, contacts or training to know where to start. You spent hours talking radio with him, you allowed him to come and sit in on one or two of your air shifts, you encouraged him when he was down, you patiently listened to his awful sounding airchecks when he found that first gig working weekends at $2.25 an hour in Seaford, Delaware and you gave him honest and helpful critiques. You told him to keep at it and never give up. You asked nothing in return. Some 34 years later, that one time 18-year old radio rat is still keeping at it. That was a magnaminous and unselfish thing you did back then, and the kid you took under your wing will always thank you for that. To paraphrase Sam & Dave, 'You didn't have to help me, but you did, but you did, but you did, and I thank you!'. Yes, the Lord does work in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. Have a great weekend. - Bob Mathers (5/14/11)

what happen to glenn harris and sports talk at 9 p.m. Wednesday thru friday??? on news channel 8? (5/14/11)

Reference to scrotum + reference to Dave + AHHHH's signature = -Sonny Jurgensen voice- Not funnih. (5/14/11)

When nominations of persons of the other party are handed up to the White House, they are put forth by the party that the potential nominee is part of. They are almost never directly named by the West Wing. As for confirmation, note the number of Republican votes in the Senate that Baker received. sought out by the West Wing. You keep trying to insinuate that Baker's performance is indicative of corruption or malfeasance by the administration in this specific matter. I, and many other people, won't accept that assertion. People like you are just so incensed that someone other than a white Republican sits down on the White House john. But that's adds flavor to the national discussion. A very specific one. (5/14/11)

Thought that you would be interesting in running this. (5/14/11)

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Regarding "First, are you aware that Merdith Baker was one of the FCC's two Republican appointees? Perhaps not." Were YOU aware that "Baker was nominated for a seat on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by President Barack Obama on June 25, 2009. She was unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate on July 24, 2009, and sworn in as Commissioner on July 31, 2009.(per Wikipedia). Perhaps Not. Logic would dictate that since she was NOMINATED BY OBAMA, she is therefore a member of HIS Administration. Party affiliation has nothing to do with the discussion. Never let FACTS get in the way of an argument. (5/13/11)

From BREAKING NEWS: Get ready for a new radio station Baltimore! The FCC has approved WWMX 106.5 to broadcast MIX 2, its dance/hip hop HD Radio 2 channel on FM 97.5 @250 watts from TV Hill. Signal coverage will not be nearly as large as 106.5 itself, but will still cover the city & a lot of the metro area. By the way, the translator will be atop the FOX 45 tower on TV Hill where WWMX 106.5 is currently, but the station is technically not owned by CBS Radio. In fact MIX 2/97.5 the frequency is owned by The Hope Christian Church of Marlton New Jersey. Just weird. I'm not sure what to make of this. I assume they couldn't pull off the required # of translators to rebroadcast WVBV in NJ in Baltimore, at least not yet. If CBS Radio Baltimore was smart, they'd just buy this station permanently, but we know that's not the case. So Baltimore gets a new dance/hip hop station for now! (5/13/11)

Someone of "great wisdom" posted this: "Concerning the blurb about Meredith Attwell Baker, this appears to be in violation of the post-employment ethics regulations for government employees." There could not possibly be any ethics violations. This was clearly not going to happen in the Obama administration." First, are you aware that Merdith Baker was one of the FCC's two Republican appointees? Perhaps not. Therefore, your attempt to taint the West Wing with Baker's behavior is specious. Also, remember human nature, regardless of party. Power corrupts, as the ancient saying goes. The opportunity to trade position for a substantial sum of money has been a part of government since Babylon. (5/13/11)

"The H in Jesus H. Christ stands for Hallmark. Because God cared enough to send us the very best" Hmmm and all this time I thought it was Bob Mathers! (5/13/11)

Regarding Harry Averill, "the king of calm," is there an article that went along with that photo? Roddy Freeman (5/13/11)

I echo the sentiments of Jim Bohannon in regards to the passing of Tina Gulland. Tina did the news during my morning show on WWDC and you could not have asked for a nicer and professional broadcaster than Tina. She was a delight to work alongside with and possessed a marvelous personality along with a sense of humor and a smile that would light up a room. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. Johnny Holliday (5/13/11)

[RE: I have what many people here may think it a "dumb question" but its on that I have often thought about. I travel around Maryland a lot, frequently from the Baltimore/DC area to the Eastern Shore and doing so I listen to the radio a lot. Is there a reason that keeps a station from putting up relays of its station on the same frequency, if available, around the state to improve coverage?] I thought this was a great question. After TOP switched to FM a few years ago, I could get the signal well on 103.5 around Easton but as soon as headed back towards Denton, I would lose the signal. A repeater station could be the answer, say somewhere in the mid shore area. Of course now, if you have a smart phone or something similar simply plug in to your car's speaker stem and you can hear the station most anywhere. I still listen to TOP often out here in NM. Burt/Rio Rancho (5/13/11)

More 1983 memories of WHFS, then on 102.3 in Bethesda. Plus, recollections of WMAL in 1933, Don and Mike on WAVA in the 1980s, Channel 11/WBAL when it was a CBS affiliate, "WUSA" on Channel 5/WTTG, a WKYS card, "The Channel 20 Club," the Maryland Center For Public Broadcasting, Hagerstown's WJEJ, plus WANN and WITH. And some recent news about the deaths of Washington Post media's Tina Gulland and WGTS President J. Neville Harcombe. In the Friday the 13th of May edition of "Dave TV" at (5/13/11)

"Concerning the blurb about Meredith Attwell Baker, this appears to be in violation of the post-employment ethics regulations for government employees." There could not possibly be any ethics violations. This was clearly not going to happen in the Obama administration. (5/13/11)

Meredith Attwell Baker's move from being a FCC regulator to representing the regulated, namely Comcast, reminds me of the Air Force - Boeing scandal in 2004. That involved an Air Force procurement official, Darlene Druyun, who left her USAF post and surfaced at Boeing. This, as Boeing was trying to nail down the contract to build new tankers for the Air Force. Darlene not only got fired by Boeing (to save its own image), but also a short stretch in prison. As for Ms. Baker, in March 2011, she stated that the review of the Comcast NBC merger "took too long." Meredith Baker should be fully investigated, and if there are indeed post-employment ethics violations, vigorously prosecuted. (5/13/11)

The H in Jesus H. Christ stands for Hallmark. Because God cared enough to send us the very best. (5/13/11)

Concerning the blurb about Meredith Attwell Baker, this appears to be in violation of the post-employment ethics regulations for government employees. The Office of Government Ethics, as well as the General Council for the FCC need to investigate. The fact that she pushed so hard for the approval of the merger and then goes to work for Comcast leads me to believe that she had already discussed getting a job with Comcast many months ago. Something is definitely wrong with this picture. (5/13/11)

Re "Jesus H. Christ", According to Cecil Adams, author of 'The Straight Dope': "The H stands for Harold, as in, 'Our Father, who art in heaven, Harold be thy name.'" Guffaw... Read the whole answer at (5/13/11)

I have what many people here may think it a "dumb question" but its on that I have often thought about. I travel around Maryland a lot, frequently from the Baltimore/DC area to the Eastern Shore and doing so I listen to the radio a lot. Is there a reason that keeps a station from putting up relays of its station on the same frequency, if available, around the state to improve coverage? Lets take 103.5 for example. I listen to it frequently for traffic and on the way back from the lower Eastern Shore I usually try to start tuning in around Easton to see how traffic is. Is it possible to put a relay on the Eastern Shore or north of Baltimore on the same 103.5 frequency to improve coverage and become more of a "regional" station? It seem that Christian radio stations do this a lot with low power stations, usually with a different frequency, but I don't know of any commercial stations that do this. (5/13/11)

RE: [RE: JESUS H. CHRIST. (end) I've always wanted to know: what's the "H" stand for?] My personal hope? It secretly stands for HUSSEIN....I hope this just so I can enjoy the pyrotechnics show that is sure to occur as the rest of us earthbound misfits watch the bible-thumping right-wing "tea party patriots" being raptured into the sky this May 21st. Upon achieving full spiritual enlightenment as they ascend into the heavens, as they learn this Holy truth, their tiny little lizard brains will be unable to process the undeniable fact that THEIR chosen Lord and Savior just happens to have the same middle name as Obama. This will naturally cause their thick-sculled cromagnon heads to spontaneously explode. I personally enjoy the mental image of the entire WMAL and FauxNews broadcast staff providing the staccato "big bang" finish to the fireworks show. Reply Reply to all Forward (5/13/11)

The Real AHHHH.... Yet another liberal who IS what he projects others to be. (5/13/11)

RE:: Re:DC Radioers Refuse To Promote Christian Rock Fest. JESUS H. CHRIST. (end) I've always wanted to know: what's the "H" stand for? (5/13/11)

Dave's response: Horacio.....

After all this talk about WGTS I saw this about part of their "Morning Show" today in the May/June 2011 Viva Tyson’s Magazine on page 94 - (5/13/11)

Picture the king of calm... circa 1966. (5/13/11)

More from Tom Taylor's TRI: TRI’s “No Names, Please” – More about Washington’s former WEAM-AM – One TRI Reader says “Dr. Harold Thoms, owner of WEAM, was indeed quite the character. A bulletin board behind the automation rack in the WEAM transmitter room held a memo from Thoms chiding GMs, PDs and engineers of all Thoms' stations for allowing low levels of modulation. The memo instructed that modulation monitors be installed in the homes of the GMs and PDs to allow them keep an eye on modulation levels. The memo went on to instruct the spouses of the GMs and PDs to pay attention to the monitors when their husbands weren't home. Regarding the ‘revolving door’ aspect of WEAM, in the late-1960s there was a styrofoam pith helmet (jungle hat) in the production room that bore the names of all the departed jocks and PDs, with new names added whenever a DJ or PD left the building. No one seems to know whatever became of the helmet. I wonder if somebody still has it?” (5/13/11)

Re::DC Radioers Refuse To Promote Christian Rock Fest. JESUS H. CHRIST. If Jesus wants to promote another event to its white, religious-right, homophobic, war-profiteering, and weak sheep, have her pay for some god-damn ads on DCRTV. My malebag Promise Keepers. Dave's Church of the Media. The Real AHHHH (5/13/11)

I'm so sorry to hear of the death of Tina Gulland. I knew Tina from her WWDC days and worked with her at WRC All News 98 in the late 70's. You couldn't find a more pleasant and professional person, and one who always added to, not subtracted from, the morale of the newsroom. She was a lovely woman. --Jim Bohannon, Westwood One Radio. (5/13/11)

WTTG supports cause for abused & homeless kids. "BUILDING GREEN TO BUILD FUTURES”... OUR HOUSE - CELEBRATING 18 YEARS OF SERVING DISADVANTAGED YOUTH... Our House takes in abused, homeless, and orphaned male youth from Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC. They are working to raise funds to expand by building a new 100% Green self-sustaining dorm so they can increase the number of disadvantaged youth they serve, giving them a chance at success in life. Oprah helped buy their current facility in 2000. Now we need YOU so we can help more kids! live and silent auction, open wine/beer bar, LIGHT FOOD, LIve Musical entertainment. Friday, May 20, 2011 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm After 5/Cocktail Attire... TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE OR RESERVED... PURCHASE: RESERVATIONS: 202-731-8566... Honorary Chairs are: General Colin L. Powell, Sheila C. Johnson, Vice Chairman of Monumental Sports & Entertainment, Ken Harvey, Ken Harvey Companies, Eddie & Charrisse Jordan Sue Palka, WTTG Fox5 Weather Anchor, Jhoon Rhee, Tae Kwon Do Master... Honorary Host Committee are: Congressman Chris Van Hollen, The Honorable Connie Morella, Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett, Montgomery County Police Chief J. Thomas Manger, Director of the DC Dept. of Environment, Christophe Tulou, Motivational Speaker Willie Jolley, Celebrity Chef Rome... WTTG Fox5 Personalities: Brian Bolter, Shawn Yancy, Laura Evans, Will Thomas, Tony Perkins, Allison Seymour, Steve Chenevey... EMCEE: Gwen Tolbart - WTTG Fox5 Weather Anchor/Reporter... LIVE AUCTIONEER: Steve Little... Musical entertainment by the very talented Strathmore Artists In Residence: Chelsey Green – soul-fusion violin, Matt Wigler – jazz & blues piano, Alicia Ward – cello, The Jolley Brothers – jazz duo... Featuring: The dynamic Daryl Davis, known for his performances with the likes of Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Chuck Berry, and Mavis Waters former Jazz singer on the BET Jazz Channel . (5/13/11)

Paul, your responses are weak and often redundant. If you need help writing better material, meet me at the Amphora. Your treat. Shecky (5/13/11)

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I would like to just take a moment to clarify something posted today about WGTS 91.9FM based on the City Paper Article. As soon as some listeners pointed the article out to us this morning we contacted Mr Slye immediately from Spring Jam. Mr Slye said he had not contacted us himself but said others had on his behalf. We questioned everyone on our team at WGTS and reviewed all phone messages and emails and simply could not find any contact to us for this event. Mr Slye told us was going to try and find out who on his team said had contacted us and who they talked to. If they can let us know who they talked to we will be able to take further action to correct this issue internally with our team. In the mean time, Mr Slye’s event is on our community calendar at, and our Morning Show, Brennan and Amanda will be talking with him tomorrow morning on the air. As for Mr Little at the City Paper, I am looking to see when he called, there are no messages he called which is why we were not able to respond sooner to him or Mr Slye. Thanks for the time to provide a response. We wish Mr Slye the best and hope the event is awesome for him and that if he does this next year we can be a bigger part with him. --John Konrad, WGTS 91.9, Vice President/General Manager, Washington DC (5/12/11)

As for Harry Averill’s final resting place, I was thinking of it more so as a cross between an application of weed killer and the recycling of Canadian Club Blue Label (found in better liquor stores…) Unsigned Corporate Suit (5/12/11)

"During his days on the air, Paul [Bicknell] was nearly responsible for the demise of Steven Stills, alienating a female co-worker at WBIG, and, in 1994, committing the cardinal sin of radio by walking out of one gig only to show up at a rival station mere hours later." So what's your point? That sounds like someone I'd like to hang out with. Will you be at the Coleman family reunion this year, Craig? - ZombieWoof (5/12/11)

Harry Howard Averill of Annandale died July 10, 1994 at age 74. SOURCE: Social Security Death Index (5/12/11)

Unsigned Corporate Suit wrote, "As for Harry Averill, does anyone here know where he’s buried? Like some others, I made a promise long ago that I would briefly visit his grave." UCS, you know there are laws against public urination! (5/12/11)

Unsigned Corporate Suit looking for Harry Averill's gravesite? Go to There are a number of listings including one for Harry Parker Averill in Arlington Cemetery. (5/12/11)

Was listoning to the Lavar and Dukes podcast from yesterday and heard a caller do the bestest Lavar impression I've ever heard. Lavar and Duke seemed pretty pissed off about it but it will still amazingly good of how Lavar just rambles and goes nowhere most of the time. I choped the audio to a clip if you all want to here it. Thanks, Joey (5/12/11)

Re: "Lavar Vice: he would have said "individual" at least 3 times...." True that, but he also would have shown off his brain power by identifying when the conversation occurred, and pointing out whose thoughts he was expressing. ie: "Now, this is just my personal opinion at this particular moment in time: look at dat individual. Dat individual is on fire at this particular moment in time, in my personal opinion. Dat is a most interesting question, in my personal opinion, why dat individual is on fire at this moment in time." (5/12/11)

Amanpour conflict of interest - (5/12/11)

(From DCRTV's Classified Ads:) Business Development Consultant, Cox Media - Join an elite group of sales professionals at Cox Media, one of the most-respected media teams in Virginia. We are looking for highly qualified Account Executives to help achieve local advertising revenue objectives. Develops prospects and sells marketing solutions to new Cox Media clients across a range of industries. Successfully transitions ongoing client support and subsequent account development for new accounts to the sales associate who will have primary responsibility for the account after the initial contract is signed. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED: 1 year successful business-to-business field sales experience with cold calling; Reliable transportation; High school diploma, GED, or equivalent work experience; 3 years business-to-business sales experience with quotas; 1 year or more media advertising sales experience; Knowledge of local media market, local contacts; Bachelor’s degree in related field; Knowledge and/or experience in business marketing. We offer competitive salaries and outstanding benefits including medical/dental/vision benefits, 401K, pension plan, tuition reimbursement and discounted phone, internet and cable. Cox Communications, Inc. and its subsidiaries are Equal Opportunity Employers. EEO/AA MFVD. All candidates MUST apply online at (5/12/11)

Lavar Vice: he would have said "individual" at least 3 times. "Look at dat individual. Dat individual is on fire. Dat is a most interesting question why dat individual is on fire." (5/12/11)

Interesting article in the new City Paper about the Spring Jam Fest, an outdoor Christian Rock festival this weekend at Bull Run. The promoter, a 17-year-old, tried to enlist DC101 and WGTS to promote the event, but both stations declined. The arts editor at is also quoted in the piece: (5/12/11)

Lavar says, after the usual few minutes of nonsensical rambling, that reports of McNabb not wearing a wrist band "just don't add up." Really, my man? Doesn't that also apply to 2 + 2, restaurant book keeping, the number of seconds before you step on a break, etc. etc. (5/12/11)

So Lavar and Chad are dressed in Miami Vice garb (Chad never plays the Crockett character) sitting in Lavar's Black SUV - the one with the expensive Annapolis rims- outside the Redskin building. Lavar's sound system plays the Miami Vice theme. Smoke is starting to issue forth from the front door. Looks like the building is on fire. Chad looks over at Lavar and asks, "you think we should go in?" Predictably, Lavar launches into a seven minute soliloquy on why some fires 'just look like fires'. During the third minute, a secretary runs from the building and rolls on the grass. Chad is getting nervous and turns the 'Vice' music down. "Lavar, I think the building is on fire." Lavar says,"it just depends," and launches into another five minutes that starts with his past contracts with the Redskins and continues with concerns about smoke getting his SUV dirty. Chad finally panics and bails and runs to help the secretary on the ground. Chad yells, "are you ok?" She answered, "yes I'm ok." Chad asked if there was a fire. The secretary said," oh no, we set off the fire extinguishers and ran from the building because the Lavar Arrington radio show was show was on the intercom. (5/12/11)

WMAQ is reporting that their sports anchor, Daryl Hawks, has died suddenly in Atlanta while covering the Bulls: In '02, WMAQ lost former WRC sports anchor Darrian Chapman to complications from previously undiagnosed Sarcoidosis. Both were roughly the same age, both were Buffalo natives. (5/12/11)

Dave's response: Channel 5/WMAQ is the NBC station in Chicago.....

Local [Sacramento] D.J. Pat Martin(KRXQ) threw Don under the bus. I am shocked that someone from Entercom Radio would do that. Hate on the guy who dominates in the ratings. (5/12/11)

Very sorry to hear that Tina Gulland has passed away. When she was News Director of NBC-owned WRC radio, she brought me in from a station in Baltimore and I was eventually hired as full-time staff in the final couple years of NBC's ownership. Wow, that was a BFD for my career, and her faith in me really boosted my confidence to this day. (5/12/11)

To Mark in Springfield…you can get the stream for WTEM directly at There is a LISTEN LIVE tab on the homepage. Just click that tab and the ESPN Radio Player should open up directly to WTEM. I have never tried it through Firefox however. I use IE. Maybe it's a browser issue? Hope this helps. Tom in Wheaton (5/12/11)

For more than 3 years, I've listened to WTEM, WMAL, WIHT, and WASH online. During that time, WMAL, WIHT, and WASH have changed their live stream URL exactly once each. I've lost track of how many times WTEM has changed their URL. I made a point of counting recently and it is at least 7 changes since the last week of March, including changes every day this week. What is truly odd is that the old link that no longer is correct usually points to another station, usually WTNT but sometimes an out of market station. I know Red Zebra is using ESPN for web support. The technical folks at ESPN were very gracious to deal with when they first took over in dealing with a problem where the server was running commercials at random times in the middle of programming. It took them months to finally fix that, but they finally did. Now I can't connect to the problem reporting link through either of the browsers I use (Firefox and Safari). I've sent a message to the WTEM web site, but of course they don't operate the live streaming portion. I've tried to call WTEM but the studio and office lines are always busy. Am I the only WTEM listener who is annoyed by this? In the room where I have my computer, my radio is too close to listen to AM without noticeable static so as soon as I sit down I click on one of my radio bookmarks. What does the GM of WTEM think about this? I generally am a set it and forget it listener when it comes to in home listening, but I am starting to wonder if I should cross WTEM off the list since it is highly annoying to try to listen (often while the station is in commercial break) only to find out I have reached a station with some annoying brayer like Colin Cowherd. Then I have to go to the ESPN web site and hope that they have updated the link in the dropdown list for WTEM (sometimes they haven't). In this modern day and age, if someone is running a high billing locally focused radio station, why would allow your tech people to annoy the loyal listeners? Thanks for letting me vent. Mark, Springfield (5/12/11)

Heard this: LaVar is doing the show from a studio in Lanham while Dukes remains in Fairfax. Unconfirmed but worth sharing (5/12/11)

A little known fact. The co-founder of Orban, John Denantoni, died very young. He bequeathed his entire estate to a foundation that provided funds to News Hour for about twenty years. The money ran out a few years ago, but I wanted to mention John's legacy. (5/12/11)

Dave are you and Don "back on" as a couple? LOL (5/12/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter/Facebook pages: One of the Junks on Chad Dukes this AM on JFK: "He's got a sports show he can barely tolerate." Ha ha ha.....] Maybe it is just me, but Chad comes across as a dude who is NOT HAPPY deep can't stand listening to the show because of it... (5/12/11)

[RE Chad Dukes:] He's never been happy "deep down", but at least with the old show it was entertaining to listen to him bitch about it. Plus I think it was good therapy for him. (5/12/11)

Come on, Paul L. Bicknell! You couldn't come up with a more original fake name than "Patricia L." Another pseudonym exposed means a social in the DCRTV drinking game (Looks like Paul got a head start based on yesterday's picture). (5/12/11)

Point one; Don Geronimo was covering a restaurant opening for TV morning news and being whacky about it? Wow! Holly Morris must be laughing her ass off right about now (remember Don’s “Wheel of Holly” a few years back?). Point two; Speaking of Holly, anyone else catch Holly referencing her underwear yesterday? Point three; the Washington Post should have come down harder on Sean Hannity's for his fake outrage over the poetry thing at the White House. Sean Hannity gave the crappy story 10 minutes of TV air time each day for the last three days, and lots of time on the radio this week. Sean devoted all that time to this issue, but never told the full story. Typical Sean BS. Sean's crap can be heard locally on WMAL. (5/12/11)

Lurch Papa breaks a big story today on the Junks today..”That is the word on the street and according to “inside sources” as described by the Sports Junkies on 106.7 FM the Fan in Washington, D.C. Is there more to the McNabb/Shanahan story than we know? The story stems from a dinner during Super Bowl week in Dallas between Dan Snyder, Mike Shanahan, Bruce Allen and Fletcher Smith (McNabb’s agent). Apparently while discussing future plans moving forward for McNabb with the team it was uncovered that Donovan McNabb refused to wear a play sheet wrist band when asked by the coaches. The reluctance stemmed from McNabb “refusing” to tarnish his image by wearing a “cheat sheet”. When learning of this, owner Dan Snyder lashed out against his head coach and berated him for not succeeding in enforcing the issue on McNabb. All this goes on while Allen and Smith awkwardly sit in silence.” Mr. Tony discussed the new coach at UMD first press conference and then went to break with bumper stating that TEM was all over the coverage as UMD searches to replace a legend. They did not get it right until his next break. JFK was the first to announce Tiger’s withdrawal from the TPC way before Mr. Tony. OOBBEE (5/12/11)

Good grief already Dave, Give this asshole the real AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH his own page so the rest of us don't have to read his posts. I too am growing tired of his useless input. Yes I know I can scroll down much like I already do from time to time but GEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZUSSSS enough is enough. Go away real AHHHHHHHHHHHHH to wherever you came from or move to fucking sac'o balls and stalk geronimo in person...... (5/12/11)

Snippet from Mailbag-(The Real AHHHH and god damnit, I am The Real AHHHH) And who gives a flying F__K!(Note God is not in Caps!) (5/12/11)

Don [Geronimo] looks great! Excellent TV presence. Funny story, too. (5/12/11)

a government official leaving goverment for a cushy job with one of the comapnies she was appointed to oversee? DUCK!!! (5/12/11)

A while back you said something about not wanting to run a "politically correct" Mailbag. That's fine, but don't you think it's really time to put an end to all the goddamned nonsense posts, before this forum loses its last shred of credibility? (5/12/11)

Erik Wemple is a great guy and a good reporter. Hopefully he'll do for the what he did for the city paper and (Wait, uh, that doesn't sound good at all... disregard.) Typically, the Post saves a few bucks by hiring somebody on as a blogger, because that job is not covered by the old union rules that govern salaries. As for Style, the ouster of editor Martel is awkward, all around. He has friends in high places, and all that. Still, the presidential campaign beat is a darn good consolation prize. Most probably a more enjoyable gig than trying to figure out a workable solution for the style section. (5/12/11)

My rants: Washington Post Style section editor out, Erik Wemple leaves TBD for the Washington Post, WPGC's tweak to rhymic contemporary, and FCCer who voted for Comcast-NBC merger joins Comcast. In the May 12 edition of "Dave TV" at (5/12/11)

The Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Tom Hanks and The Real AHHHH walk into a bar. Hours later AHHHH's lifeless body is discovered in the men's room. Reached for comment, the Office of the Dalai Lama says only "Even His Holiness has his limits. Besides, Hanks helped and Mandela was watching the door." AHHHH's scrotum, Dave's not-the-cool-yellow-HFS-shirt-from-the-70s rules. Really Dave, all GeronimAHHHH all the time? (5/12/11)

[Snippy (Geronimo, GO HOME. My malebag white-out. Dave's living XL website. The Real AHHHH] My response.....You are one loneley mo-fo. MAY THE LORD HAVE PITY ON YOUR SOUL. God (5/12/11)

I wonder when Tesla will stop by the KHZ studios? Oh, wait, they would probably expect to be paid for their experience. Never mind. (5/12/11)

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The 'source' claims to have worked at WEAM, but is somehow unaware of the proper spelling of the name of a key person at the station. C'mon! That's not all that uncommon. A frequent poster to the DCRTV Mailbag consistently misspells the name of a former co-worker and "good friend." (5/11/11)

TELSA & NBA 1. DON GERONIMO 0:: The cold, hard facts regarding yesterday'S EXCLUSION of Mike Sorce from the rally proceedings are this. Sorce, being the veteran sports broadcaster he is [attention starved fat DJ ] wanted to get on stage and say a few words [ translation, fuck up a great time by all] but TELSA and allegedly NBA, said no, keep da ass off the stage. In fact Mr. Geronimo, GO HOME. My malebag white-out. Dave's living XL website. The Real AHHHH (5/11/11)

Comcast now owns NBC, right? And NBC owns the "30 Rock" TV series, right? And the "30 Rock" TV series dreamed-up "Kabletown," right? So, why doesn't Comcast ditch its bad customer service reputation by completely re-badging itself as Kabletown? Looks like they may already be doing that in West Virginia: (5/11/11)

Granny Klink (God rest his soul) was a good friend and colleague of mine. We used to have a regular six meter sked on Sunday evenings. And, for DCRTV Dave, regarding the FCC commissioner leaving the government and joining Comcast/NBC, this is the modern version of what was “normal” way back when I started in this business. Only difference was, the next career move after the FCC was to become a member of the RCA Board of Directors, back when RCA was the corporate parent of what was then proudly called, “The National Broadcasting Company”. The more things change, the more they decline as well. Unsigned Corporate Suit (5/11/11)

[RE FCCer to Comcast:] You've got to be freaking kidding me!!! This should be flat out illegal. (5/11/11)

Rhythmic/CHR is a real format CBS did not make it up several major markets have this format in their market. It consist of a bunch of Urban and Pop hits. There is also a Rhythmic/CHR airplay chart you will see Britney Spears,Kayne West,Adele,J-Lo, and Kelly Rowland all together on this air chart. I think that because the area still has a LARGE black population and the fact that PGC is still a money maker that CBS does not want to go all the way pop radio(as some seem to want it to so badly)they want to be a cross-over hybrid format. A cross between WKYS and Hot 995. (5/11/11)

Here's the real STORRRRY: My recollection is that the radio show ran its normal course (i.e. wasn't cut off before its normal end) but apparently AHHHH is the 4 Hour Club member here. Dave's dwindling patience, my shweaty BOC. (5/11/11)

This week's edition of DCRTV's "Where are they now?" focuses on local DJ Paul "Black List" Bicknell. During his days on the air, Paul was nearly responsible for the demise of Steven Stills, alienating a female co-worker at WBIG, and, in 1994, committing the cardinal sin of radio by walking out of one gig only to show up at a rival station mere hours later. Today, Paul resides in Pasadena, MD where he spends a great deal of time doing arts and crafts (see photo), dancing to A-Ha songs at his pseudo station located in a mall across from Fishbone's Bait & Tackle, and conversing about the most beautiful cities with his many alter egos. Paul's personal favorite is fantastic Sacramento, CA. Paul can be found each and every weekday morning on, so long the power hasn't been shut off (again). Drop by next week for another breathtaking edition of "Where are they now?". My lump covered mailbag, Dave's infatuation with The Amphora. The Real AHHHHH....and when I say real...I mean The Real AHHHHH daggumit. (5/11/11)

[RE FCCer to Comcast:] More proof of how crooked the FCC is! (5/11/11)

Note to UCS: You wouldn't doubt Granny Klink's memory, would you? He was definitely working for the station at the time of the WTOP call change, and at 18:55 in this interview, he explains how Dr. Frank Stanton paid off the Tiffin Ohio Police Department. Also discussed, the woman who could receive 1500 AM on her false teeth. (This is part two of the interview seen here last week.) (5/11/11)

[RE FCCer to Comcast:] Everybody loves Kable Town! (5/11/11)

(regarding a previous post) "One has to guess that Tom Taylor based his spelling of Harold Toms (sic) on his source." The 'source' claims to have worked at WEAM, but is somehow unaware of the proper spelling of the name of a key person at the station. C'mon! (5/11/11)

[RE FCCer to Comcast:] I smell a rat. (5/11/11)

Citadel/ABC at it again… as for call letters beng “intellectual property”, that claim is nebulous as call letters are actually assigned by the FCC, and are thus federal “property”. While it’s true that its rare for an applied callsign to be denied, it has happened. But, a broadcast callsign has to be applied for. That’s why Ted Turned had to pay a few dollars to a college FM to get WTBS has the call for his old channel 17 TV in Atlanta. And, why there’s an urban legend that CBS paid an Ohio police department some bucks for the WTOP callsign which had been theirs. One of the few third-party objections I’ve heard for a callsign was back in the 1970’s when the Disney corporation objected to an Orlando FM wanting WDIZ! IIRC, the objection was disregarded and the callsign change approved. As for Harry Averill, does anyone here know where he’s buried? Like some others, I made a promise long ago that I would briefly visit his grave. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (5/11/11)

DON GERONIMO KICKED OUT OF NBA/KINGS RALLY: 6500 loyal Kings fans and all Nor Cal media showed up for yesterday's wild rally but which media figure was shown the gate during his live remote? You guessed it, Don "black cloud' Geronimo. Turns out, Sacramento based band TESLA refused to go on stage unless Geronimo was thrown out of Ceasar Chavez Park. The last anyone saw Mike Sorce, KHTK station management interrupted his show, whispered in his ear, and then walked him off the KHTK stage and to his car. Today, Geronimo said in regards to yesterdays events, he was more "sad, than mad" We are more "happy,happy, happy and its not even Friday" No word if My mailbag Geronimo gift that keeps on giving. Dave's XL shirt. The Real AHHHH and god damnit, I am The Real AHHHH (5/11/11)

[RE FCCer to Comcast:] Back in the 30's and 40's, there was a pipeline between the FCC and RCA. Sarnoff would buy their vote with a job. (5/11/11)

[RE FCCer to Comcast:] The greatest government money can buy... (5/11/11)

[RE FCCer to Comcast:] That sounds like a politician joining his investors (5/11/11)

DC based FCC Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker is planning to leave the Commission as soon as this week to join COMCAST. Oh, it is all so incestuous. (5/11/11)

Dave's response: Yup! The regulatory agencies are populated by folks who have worked for or soon will work for the companies that they regulate. I hear the FCC will soon change its name to the Federal Comcast Commission.....

If PGC is trying to chase a new demographic by mixing other formats in does that mean they will soon be slipping Salsa and Merengue in between Brittany Spears and NWA? Sounds like another winning CBS decision to me!! FreeFM and The Fan have done so brilliantly why not continue the roll? Donnie (5/11/11)

This just in: " The Real Ahhhh and Mike Sorce ( Geronimo ) to tie the knot this weekend in San Francisco, Geronimo plans to continue working ( at least till 2014 ) while the " Real Ahhhh" will be a stay at home husband. Patricia L (5/11/11)

Jim Morrison's ghost haunts his old Arlington home! (5/11/11)

If only WKHS 90.5 could move their transmitter HERE, WXPN would be all over Bmore & more parts of DC... (5/11/11)

Dave's response: I don't think Fredericksburg's WJYJ and Williamsport MD's WCRH, both also on 90.5, would like that. What would be nice is if some DC non-commer, like maybe WPFW or WETA-FM, could relay WXPN on one of their HD Radio subchannels.....

One has to guess that Tom Taylor based his spelling of Harold Toms (sic) on his source. Dr. Thoms has been dead for decades, and has largely been forgotten except for those who worked at his stations. Also, one has to wonder if Harry Averill changed his story about Bill Drake over the years. When I interviewed with Harry, he mentioned firing Drake from KYA-AM in San Francisco. That would make sense as Harry worked at KYA (but only as Sales Manager) in the early-'60s, the same time Drake did mornings at the "Boss of the Bay." Urban myth has it that Drake was later asked if Averill fired him in SF, to which Drake replied, "Harry who?" Drake never worked as a jock or PD at CKLW. The station was consulted, however, by Drake-Chenault, but by then Harry was at WEAM, and had long-since left CK. (5/11/11)

I guess since DC is now just 50% Afro-American, WPGC can now do away with the urban sound, lol. (5/11/11)

You mean someone is actually taking credit for "The Ed Show?" HAHA! (5/11/11)

[RE WPGC:] Add Pitbull with T Pain and Enrique with Ludacris too (5/11/11)

RE: "Why it is hard to trust the MSM, Part 8,967. This morning News8 is showing a "news" report about "new" Metrobuses. The accompanying video shows an Exxon station sign in the background. Price of regular gas: $2.95. Can't help wondering how old their so-called "news" really is." ....It's called B-roll. It's stock footage that is used to illustrate the story. Just because the 2-second clip of a passing bus is old, it doesn't mean the story is. Please grow up. (5/11/11)

Dave does it prove that Caps and Nats aren't doing what people at CBS thought it might if they are last on weekends since JFK doesn't have much talk radio anymore except in the morning? Or would CBS care since they are being paid to air those games? Or does this prove that not many PPM holders who are sports fans keep their device on them during the weekend? (5/11/11)

notice the reference to Citadel breaking office and tower leases in DC..... From today's Inside Radio: "With no opposition and both sides agreeing it was the best solution to their differences, U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Burton Lifland yesterday approved a settlement between Citadel Broadcasting and the Walt Disney Company. It preserves some of radio’s iconic brand names. The disagreement stems from Citadel’s $2.7 billion buyout of 22 ABC Radio stations and the ABC Radio Network nearly four years ago. The two sides have been sparring over how big a post-closing capital price adjustment would be. Disney was awarded $11.2 million in arbitration, but Citadel moved to have that figure set aside during its bankruptcy reorganization. It also asked Lifland to allow it to break leases for Disney-owned office and tower space in Chicago and Washington, DC. But Disney wanted the cash from the settlement and damages for breaking the leases. It also argued Citadel broke the terms of the sale of the company, a contract that included giving the radio company use of intellectual property rights to such things as station call letters and ABC News. The just-approved agreement gives Disney the original $11.2 million as well as $533,337 to settle the real estate dispute, plus another $2.5 million in damages. Citadel will also give Disney an “advertising credit” for $1.5 million worth of commercials at market rates on its radio stations. In exchange, Citadel retains the right to use some of radio’s most revered brand names, such as WABC, KABC, KGO, WLS, WJR and WBAP among others. As Citadel itself says in court filings, the intellectual property has “considerable” value. “They help listeners identify with Citadel’s strong brands and ensure listener loyalty,” the company told the court. In a three-page ruling, Lifland agrees, ruling the settlement is in the “best interests” of all the parties." (5/11/11)

Yes, Dave, I should have included the penis talk on the Junks. Classic, non-sports stuff that rocks. Almost sounded like a podcast. New name of your site: DCRTVP? OOBBEE (5/11/11)

Americans should file a class-action lawsuit against Michael Queen for bringing us "The Ed Show." (5/11/11)

Pgc now playing: Britney spears, Katy perry, Edward maya, Far east movement... Looks like The jason kidd effect has begun! (5/11/11)

Czab sounded like he was in his bathroom this morning. Doni TV was uncomfortable to watch. If I recall, he was PD at JFK at least once. No Mr. Tony for this dribble about the new coach at UMD???? Down loading Big O and Dukes as quick as I can. Can’t wait for MOS after that. OOBBEE (5/11/11)

Dave's response: Yeah, no Mr. Tony today. But the Junks were great with ample talk about Mr. Blue Shorts' penis.....

Why it is hard to trust the MSM, Part 8,967. This morning News8 is showing a "news" report about "new" Metrobuses. The accompanying video shows an Exxon station sign in the background. Price of regular gas: $2.95. Can't help wondering how old their so-called "news" really is. (5/11/11)

Why WMAL is still so crappy, the weekend radio ratings for DC (and, surprise, WTOP isn't number one), a batch of Oldies 100 WBIG jingles from 1993, new duties Clear Channel's DC market manager, and more in the May 11 edition of "Dave TV" at (5/11/11)

I am surprised that Taylor on Radio-Info didn't double check the info about the former owner of WEAM. It was Harold Thoms -- not "Toms". (5/11/11)

How embarassing is this for Geronimo. The Real AHHHH (5/11/11) (5/11/11)

Dave's response: Hey, if Don dropped another 20 pounds, he'd actually be kinda good looking.....

I hope the employees at WFSI/107.9 stay away from the Kool-Aid, the water cooler, or any free lunch that is brought in on May 21... That's some crazy Hale-Bopp mentality stuff going on there. A test tone on that huge signal would get more listeners than the wack-job religious nuttery that's on there now. If only they did all go away, WRNR could get a signal upgrade for all of us sinners to listen too. (5/11/11)

The Shady Acres Assisted Living Community listens to KHZ! But we think Davy Jones should act his age. (5/11/11)

Re: Mike ("Don Geromino") Sorce. "F" him! But, I'm glad he found work for the next few years. At his age, it's tough to find employment in the radio business when you've been away for as long as he has. But, its Sacra-fucking-mento! He's been at both ends of US Route 50. For someone who's been tops in Chicago and Washington, DC this has got to be a let down. He hated PDs and now he is one. Without his talented team of Mike O'Meara, Buzz Burbank and Robbay he's just ordinary. Wish him luck though. Most other DJ's who've been past it would have retired and found a new line of business by now... (5/11/11)

From TRI: The stories keep coming about onetime Washington, D.C. WEAM-AM - Yet another TRI reader pops up to say "those stories you've run about the GM firing his son - we called him Spike - and eavesdropping on the staff, those have to be about GM Harry Averill. I worked for him, and he was an incredible guy. He was working for one of the biggest nut-jobs in the country, the owner Harold Toms. To give you an idea of what Harry had to put up with, Mr. Toms always arrived in a limo. I happened to be there one time when he drove in. Climbing the back stairs to Harry's office, he was screaming 'All the way in from the airport and I didn't hear the f-ing call letters once!' We found out later that Mr. Toms had been listening to WEEL in Fairfax (1310) not WEAM (1390). So Harry had his own cross to bear. But that didn't stop him from being crazy. When he interviewed me for the job, he bragged about how he had fired Bill Drake at CKLW. I was 'impressed', but took the job anyway. The station was in a Williamsburg-style two-story house, and it was easy to see that every mic in the station went to an amplifier that split the signal 3 ways - into the board, upstairs to Harry's office, and to a telephone interface that allowed anyone who had the number to the interface (Code-A-Phone) to listen to what was going on in that room. It didn't matter if the mic was on or not. I remember keeping track of how many folks went through there in the year I was there, but no one would believe it." (5/11/11)

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The flipside of WXPNs stream is Y Rock on XPN formerly which was known as "the bunker" which was the remnants of WPLY 100.3 "Y100" Media PA. Y100 was Phillys Modern Rock which many HFS fans turned to when they were beyond the 99.1 signal in the Maryland,Delaware and Southeast Pennsylvania areas.Y100 was in turn the remains of 103.9 WDRE which Radio One flipped to Urban. Most of the jocks at DRE moved to WPLY and Y100 went from popish alternative to full blown modern/alt/indie with the change of crew. Radio One repeated thier purge later when 103.9 went Christian and the Urban format followed the DRE jocks to once again kill the modern rock format. With that change Philly was left with No Alternative on FM radio while diehard Y100 jocks and fans 'broadcast' from the bunker at 96kps. WXPN stepped up a year later and saved the music by putting Y Rock on its streams and later on subchannel HD2 at both 88.5 Philadelphia and 88.7 York....unfortunately 90.5 WKHS has no HD xmitter or Baltimore could enjoy Y Rock on the strong signal KHS casts across the bay. I'm sure I've bored most of you to comas by now but the HFS/Y100 crowd can appreciate it. Now as the Y100 announcer once put it: "Hey corporate....UP YOURS!!"....Have a niiiice daaayyy....good thing we ain't bitter....Donnie (5/10/11)

[Dave's response: Liddy's radio show is still on? Do any local stations carry it?" --Ummmmm....isn't it your job to tell us this info? Dance for us, medium shirt boy! My fish smelling malebag. Dave's Chaz Bono sounding voice. The Real AHHHH] Sounds like another wise ass, talking out of their ass, just like "are you the Dr. Phil of the Eastern Shore" person going postal. (5/10/11)

Gordon Liddy isn't on any local DC properties, but he's syndicated nationwide and is streamed on UStream video. National gig with real credibility, ya'll; not like you're doing coffee runs for the Junks. BTW, not rumor - it's true. AL. (5/10/11)

Since the WSFI studios, offices and the rest of the station will be vacant after May 21 how about putting XPN's audio feed on 107.9 and turn it into a repeater. Bob Fairfax (5/10/11)

Need another reason to tune-out broadcast entertainment? Gizmodo reported today, "Library of Congress Debuts 'National Jukebox' Crammed with Rare Sounds." Here's a sample... (5/10/11)

google: "Jeff Gralnick, a television news executive who had worked for ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC, died at his home on May 9. He was 72." covered Gemini and Apollo space, Vietnam and natiopnal politics. he has many friends in DC. i worked with him in CBS News Special Events in NY 68-72. jim obrien (5/10/11)

Medium shirt boy, now that’s funny! (5/10/11)

"Dave's response: Liddy's radio show is still on? Do any local stations carry it?" --Ummmmm....isn't it your job to tell us this info? Dance for us, medium shirt boy! My fish smelling malebag. Dave's Chaz Bono sounding voice. The Real AHHHH (5/10/11)

Dave's response: May you rot in Hell, smart ass.....

According to the Wasington Post, "Federal officials and leaders of the nation’s largest wireless telephone companies are set to announce Tuesday that they’re launching a new mobile telephone emergency alert system by the end of the year in Washington and New York." You'll remember that the radio station owners were lobbying congress to mandate FM radio receivers in all cell phones. That plan was very unreliable. You would have to have headphones attached to the cell phone to get the radio station. The antenna is in the headphone cable. This new alert system is reliable and already available in every cell phone. Big winner: the public. The big losers are the radio station owners who must now find another industry to give them wider reach and relevance in this changing world. John (5/10/11)

Pretty credible rumor on the streets that G Gordon Liddy is looking for a new producer. Time to hit Kinko's. (5/10/11)

Dave's response: Liddy's radio show is still on? Do any local stations carry it?

[RE the 5/10 edition of Dave TV:] Your theory about Rob Pegoraro could be correct. The Post's current publisher did spend most of her career in advertising and she has been known for taking a hands on approach to what the paper decides to cover. She makes no secret about having a preference for happy, advertiser-friendly copy. Some of her moneyraising schemes for the Post have seemed a bit shady, too. Seems like those various dots might connect. - Maybe there was a firewall between the news side and the advertising side at some time, but if that firewall is anything like today's Post, it is full of holes. Amazing to think that Rob P is gone and [pick a name from the Style section and insert it here] is still there. A few years back, Dave, I would've thought your theory was a little nutty. Today, I would bet money that you're right. That's sad stuff, man. (5/10/11)

Dave's response: I wouldn't be surprised if pressure some of of the Post's major tech advertisers - Comcast, Verizon, Sprint, etc. - kind of forced Pegoraro out. It's a damn shame, if true.....

Consider yourself warned Mr. Plante....**then the sound of crickets. FCC doesn't care. One person's racism is another person's free speech...take you time transcribing that. Make sure you giggle like a mad man while you're doing it too - for the full effect. (5/10/11)

People forget about full power WKHS 90.5 in Kent County, MD which has no 1st adjacent FM to interfere with it on either side of the dial in the DC/Baltimore area and also relays Philly's WXPN most of the time. It's easily picked up around most of Baltimore and I'm sure can often be received in places like Bowie and Laurel and certainly Annapolis. (5/10/11)

It's good to see that Don Gernomio is indeed working in the business after all these years. My hat's off to anyone who can still be in radio as it is today, ask Johnny Dark, a man I am proud to call a friend. There sure seems to be lots of continuous bashing of veteran broadcasters by only a few, they may or may not be in broadcasting. It's been ongoing for a long time. By the way, I have a son with aspergers, he is often hyper-focused on one subject, and it can drive me crazy at times. Every now and then, a bit of redirection is needed. We may just be witnessing some of this on DCRTV, but there is help. (5/10/11)

Legendary CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN executive Jeff Gralnick Passes Away - (5/10/11)

V1370 - That's how WVIE is branding the station now. (5/10/11)

This is strange; I haven’t heard anything on the Sean Hannity Freedom Concerts this year. The Freedom Concerts are (were) an annual tour to five or six locations that Sean Hannity hosted. Usually, the acts were countryish has-beens, and only a small fraction of the money raised actually went to the charity Sean said the proceeds went to. Sean would rent a gulfstream 5 using the charity’s money, and fly his friends and family around the country to attend the concerts. Also, Sean used the charity’s money for lavish hotel suites and a fleet of rented SUV’s while on tour. Lawsuits were file last year claiming the Freedom Concerts were a scam, and there were complaints against the Freedom Concerts, and the controversial charity it was aligned with, filed with the FTC and the IRS. Several acts had also complained that they were doing the shows for free because it was for charity, and Sean was using the money raised to rent luxury jets. So, is the scam finally over? Are there no Freedom Concerts this year? Did Sean Hannity cancel the 2011 Freedom Concerts because he was caught being a d%ck? ? Is this cancellation and tacit notice further proof Sean Hannity doesn’t support or respect our troops? Sean Hannity's crap can be heard on 630 WMAL. (5/10/11)

Listening to WAMU this morning. Seems that someone fell asleep at the switch. The tones were ringing to connect the BBC show, but no one was there to answer. After about 3 minutes, you could hear someone on the mic and then the show switch on. Don’t ask me why I was up at 4:30 this morning (NPR puts me to sleep but the tones woke me up) (5/10/11)

Upcoming news headlines from AHHHH: "Don Gernomio Kicks Newborn Puppy, Cackles in Glee." "Geronimo Tells New Mother Her Baby is 'Butt-Ugly'." "Geronimo Overheard Saying Tsunami Victims Had It Coming." "May 21 Doomsday All a Plot by Geronimo." (5/10/11)

To the “Objection to Renewal” poster, thanks! I just had a great idea. I am going to download the Chris Plante show from and make note of EXACTLY his words (a courtesy he does not give anyone) and write down his and his callers racist words and send it to the FCC. Since the work will already be done – I will mail it to his advertisers as well so they are aware of the hate-speech he spews. Again, I will quote exactly what is said, word for word, so there is no confusion. Consider yourself warned Mr. Plante. (5/10/11)

Bad enough having your smartphone tattle on where you are at any given moment -- how about the company that sold you your GPS device selling your speeding habits to the cops? At least my old fashioned AM receiver wouldn't cheat on me like this... (5/10/11)

I rant and wonder just why exactly is tech columnist Rob Pegoraro gone from the Washington Post. Could it be because of pressure from the Post's big tech and communications advertisers? Also, my take on WMAL's morning show and how I think Michael Steele would make an excellent choice for permanent co-host..... (5/10/11)

Oh, AHHHH. Your fascination with Mike Sorce is just so cute! While I enjoy Leo LaPorte's radio show from time to time, I'm not familiar with his podcast. It targets a specific audience just like WFED, so similarly could command a higher rate with a small listenership. Typically his listeners won't be going to the Junkies Poker Open or buying Thompson Creek Windows. Since you're so well informed, how many listeners does he have? Be a good lad and do my research for me. "With gross earnings of $5.5M last year with only $400K in expenses" Of COURSE he's clearing $5 million a year. How could that NOT be true? All this talk about "malebag" is mildly disturbing. Are you still processing mortgage applications? BOC of course goes without saying. (5/10/11)

Someone wrote, "...some parents still allow their kids to use their AOL accounts...." Chris Core's parents included. Look at his ad on the main DCRTV page. (5/10/11)

Any word yet on how the FCC will distribute the station and translator licenses when the Family Radio folks leave us on 5-21-11? Also, do you know of any End of Days parties locally? (5/10/11)

Regarding, "WaPo Unions Want Same Raise As Publisher Gets - Union leaders representing newsroom and other employees at the Washington Post want the same 16.4% pay raise that Publisher Katharine Weymouth received this year . . ." The problem is that Katharine is a member of the family which controls the WaPo, the union workers are not. Sorry, nice try but this is not going to happen. (5/10/11)

Dave, don't you think everyone who even remotely cares knows by now that Don Geronimo's "real name is Mike Sorce"? You don't say "Larry King, whose real name is Larry Zeiger" or "Jon Stewart, whose real name is Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz" or "Topper Shutt, whose real name is Charles Shutt". What is the fascination? (5/10/11)

Dave's response: Take a chill pill or have a bong hit, dude. You're too wound up. Maaaaaaaan.....

Will Marijuana Ads Make License Renewals Go Up in Smoke? Broadcasters don't know it yet, but recent actions by the Department of Justice suggest that the federal government may be moving closer to raining on their upcoming license renewals. The reason? Medical marijuana advertising. (5/10/11)

Re:: GERONIMO-SORCE REMAINS STUCK IN THE 80'S AS THE MODERN RADIO DIGITAL HIGHWAY PASSES HIM BY. "Nice to see some parents still allow their kids to use their AOL accounts to send in semi-decipherable attacks on Don Geronimo. 'He's a has been,' 'he's unemployable,' 'he's a loser,' yadda yadda yadda. Meanwhile, Geronimo keeps working, keeps signing contracts, keeps living life..." Ah malebaggers, if it was 1979, today's announcement that Geronimo has signed a new contract with CBS Radio until 2014 and now is the PD for KHTK Sports Talk 1140 would be signs to pop a good bottle of Boone's Farm. The problem is, it's 2011 and in this age of digital radio where content in king and terrestrial radio is as outdated as a Merry Poppins costume at a Halloween Party, Sorce's indentured servitude to CBS is nothing to celebrate. It's talent's failure to adapt to his industry's changing scenery. Case in Point. Leo Laporte is a modern media mogul. So much so that starting at $40 per thousand listeners, TWIT’s ad rates are among the highest in American pod-casting and are considerably higher than commercial broadcasting rates, which are typically $5 to $15 per thousand listeners. With gross earnings of $5.5M last year with only $400K in expenses, Laporte is now building new state-of-the-art digital studios - paying cash! But you keep living the life Sorce while pretending you know anything about modern media - and sports. Enjoy your career wake. My malebag content that I own. My adult swim not produced from some kids parents basement. Dave's Digital Rules. The Real AHHHH (5/10/11)

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