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DCRTV Mailbag - April 28, 2011 to May 9, 2011

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I've read and enjoyed the morning Post for over 50 years and to see what it has become is indeed depressing. I logged on to the website in the afternoon to get an update on the MD hoops job. What I read was a story by Liz Clarke timed at 1:56pm. In the evening I checked back and there was no update. My morning Post carried the same Liz Clarke story. I turned on NBC4 and they were reporting a major change- Mark Turgeon was a major candidate. Logging back on to the website I found the same story from 1:56pm yesterday. This is arguably the most important local coaching story in quite some time and the Post can't keep us updated. Next, in the morning Post there was an account of the Mavs-Lakers Game 4. It was written by an AP sportswriter and contained zero quotes from any player or coach on either team. I guess it was too tough for him to get into the locker room or cover the press conference. Why was there no Post reporter on this beat? I just don't understand any of this. Regards Biff (5/9/11)

Dave, at 5:59 Eastern time today, Don Geronimo announced his new contract with CBS, through 2014. He is also now Program Director of KHTK. There's a press release out there somewhere. Oh, and AHHHH? Yew knowwww! (5/9/11)

Nice to see some parents still allow their kids to use their AOL accounts to send in semi-decipherable attacks on Don Geronimo. 'He's a has been,' 'he's unemployable,' 'he's a loser,' yadda yadda yadda. Meanwhile, Geronimo keeps working, keeps signing contracts, keeps living life...and the kids are in the basement with their pants around their ankles and their mom begging them to apply at CVS for part time work. (5/9/11)

Just turned DC101 on and I realized that they are actually sounding a little better these sum it up they sound a lot better than EDGE and BIG which both seem like they are copying each others playlists. Maybe there is hope for a decent station in DC......... (5/9/11)

Hey, Dave- Did you see Mike/Don G's posting on FB that he just signed a new deal in Sacramento to keep him there thru 2014? Also, he was named PD today. (5/9/11)

From Slate -- Barack Obama's Facebook news feed: The final updates. (5/9/11)

Does anyone know if NewsChannel8 is ever going to go HD and when? (5/9/11)

Dave's response: I've been told that NC8 is planning to go HD, possibly by late this year or early next. The tricky thing will be to get local cable firms like Comcast, Cox, and Verizon to carry NC8-HD, since the channel is 100 percent dependant on cable carriage.....

To the mailbagger longing for his "Home Grown Radio" T-shirt, here ya go! (5/9/11)

Dave's response: That's same shirt I wore on my "Out Of The Past" interview in early 2010. Check it out at
Remember just walking into the original HFS studio in Bethesda and what a party it was..wish I still had my" homegrown radio" t-shirt that I wore til it was threadbare ;-) (5/9/11)

The big DC radio news from 30 years ago today - May 1981! (5/9/11)

To: [Talk about someone getting their bowels in an uproar. You have anger issues and live in a fantasy world! Grow up!] Who appointed YOU the Dr. Phil of the DCRTV Mailbag? Shouldn't you be out in the field tending your corn, cantaloupe and watermelon so they'll be ready for you to sell from your pickup truck along Route 50 this summer? STFU, asswipe!] Sounds like you appointed yourself the head of the society of fools!! (5/9/11)

Now don't get me wrong Cerphe is a legend in this town and radio in general but even me thinks he has got to be tired of playing the same old shit over and over again. Maybe the clown that runs the EDGE might let someone like Cerphe take a stab at getting them out of the ratings shithole that they are in.. Mark/bethesda (5/9/11)

(From DCRTV's Classified Ads:) Do you like to think outside of the box? Always give 110%? Grab the low hanging fruit and still push the envelope? Closing new business excite you or prefer relationship selling or is it six or one half dozen of the other? Do you believe in the 80 / 20 rule? Are you constantly ramping up your enterprise 24/7? Do business clichés drive you crazy? 100.7 The Bay, WZBA-FM is looking for its next sales superstar! If you have high career aspirations, enjoy challenges, and have no reservations about hard work...if being in a fast-paced environment is par for the course for you, have a proven track record in working with local and regional agencies, but get greater excitement in closing new business development...then what are you waiting for? The ideal candidate will need basic business knowledge, good follow-up performance, excellent communication skills, a strong desire to see clients succeed, and the ability to think on their feet. Being customer focused, self-motivated, and having an insatiable desire to win are key. You must be creative, energetic, goal oriented, and have outside sales experience.  Media experience is preferred. You need to tag us and we will circle around for some quality face time. Please email resume and cover letter to Ezio Torres, General Manager – EOE. All replies will be held in strict confidence. (5/9/11)

Any update on WPGC's morning show changes? (5/9/11)

Haven't heard Al Gelid on his Saturday Morning Show on 980 in several weeks. I hope he's OK. I enjoy the broad scope of the show, everything from WWE to NHL (although some might argue the distinction between those two). Tom in Wheaton (5/9/11)

From the Politico's Mike Allen: WHAT A TOP WASHPOST EDITOR THINKS – Raju Narisetti (one of two managing editors) tweets: “Thought encounter of the day: ‘Would be good if our schools are fully funded and DoD has to hold a bake sale to buy its next fighter jet.’” Somewhere in Takoma Park, a Volvo is missing its bumper sticker. (What next: Whirled peas? Arms are for hugging?) Certainly not kicking the Pentagon when it’s down! Raju’s Twitter bio: “I am never speaking for The Post.”... --FLASHBACK – WP Ombudsman Andy Alexander, Sept. 25, 2009, “Post Editor Ends Tweets as New Guidelines Are Issued”: “‘We can incur all sorts of federal deficits for wars and what not. … But we have to promise not to increase it by $1 for healthcare reform? Sad.’ … What makes these tweets significant is that they were written by Raju Narisetti, one of The Post’s top editors. As one of two managing editors, he’s responsible for The Post's features content and oversees its Web site. But he also sits in on news meetings and occasionally gets involved in ‘hard’ news. Narisetti said today he now realizes that his tweets, although intended for a private audience of about 90 friends and associates, were unwise. They were ‘personal’ observations, he said. ‘But I also realize that... seeing that the managing editor of The Post is weighing in on this, it’s a clear perception problem.’” (5/9/11)

(Excerpt) Anyone know how I can file objections to the FCC licenses of several stations in violation of FCC policies?(End) Google is yo' buddy: If the generic online form is not appealing to you, address a hardcopy letter to FCC, 445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC 20554 and include on the envelope, "Objection to Renewal of [station call letters]" It will be routed to the proper department. Several such letters a few years ago held up the renewal of WDMV for a couple of months. (5/9/11)

Re: FCC priorities... I agree with the mailbag comments that have painted the FCC as totally ineffectual, perhaps more than a hint of possible corruption and having a "wink wink nudge nudge" attitude about about broadcasters "serving the public". For at least the past twenty years the FCC has become no more than a rubber stamp for the NAB. Just Rick in Stafford (5/9/11)

Note to Cerphe: 22nd in the ratings doth not a trend make. (5/9/11)

Dave's response: Cerphe said that his show "trends heavily" with the "adult audience." I think he was implying that a lot of "heavy adults" listen to his show, a la fat people. Ha ha ha.....

Of all the talented women they have at NBC-TV why Ann Curry was named co-host of the Today show is beyond me. Longevity doesn't equal best. (5/9/11)

A lot of stuff about the Sean Miller negotiations were misinterpreted. Such as Ravens owner Steve Biscotti flying out to Vegas w/ UMd. Which Comcast Sportsnet.... I mean NBC SportsNet reported. (5/9/11)

Dave's response: Hey, why not just retire the Comcast name completely. How about Xfinity by NBC! Just put NBC's name on everything, including the cable TV biz.....

Internet radio is pretty cool, but nothing can compare to the late great HFS...good article. (5/9/11)

ESPN 980's Director of Programming apologizes for their botched Maryland coaching hire story from over the weekend: And Dave, it sounds like you were right about Free joining Tigger as co-host. The show really needed something. We'll see if this is it. (5/9/11)

Fwd: Cox Communications: Important Notice for Cox HD Customers... Dear Cox Customer, Great news, your HD channels will soon be in the 1000 block of channels! Now HD channels correspond to the channel number of their non HD main channel. For example, the HD version of channel 4 will be channel 1004. This will make it easier for you to find your favorite HD channels and allows us options for future HD channel growth... Some special channel locations: HD Theater - Moves to Channel 1120... Palladia - Moves to Channel 1121... Universal HD - Moves to Channel 1122... Hallmark Movie Channel - Moves to Channel 1175 (5/9/11)

Oh, AHHHH. I'm guessing AHHHH is what you say when you see BBC, and I don't mean the British Broadcoasting Corporation. Dave, you banned ThePenis, why not ban TheReceptacle? Oh, and AHHHH? BBCBOCTCCIMNQNS. (5/9/11)

(From DCRTV's Classified Ads:) FNN Media is looking for experienced radio sales talents looking to expand their horizons by joining a unique upstart sports broadcasting company. We are launching a revolutionary online radio network to compliment or already well established sports news portal. Two NFL players will be among the hosts on the network which is rounded out by veteran journalists from around the sports world. Ideal candidates will be: * Comfortable making cold calls... * Willing to work from home... * Have a proven track record... * Be organized, enthusiastic, energetic... * Be financially driven. About the Job: * GENEROUS / RECURRING COMMISSION PLAN... * Meet with prospective clients... * Sell advertisements for various media platforms including print, radio and video. Send resume and cover letter to: (5/9/11)

The Washington Post. Standard Bearer of liberalism. Hypocritical on environmental issues? Why the shock and awe? Such is the way with a paper that is no stranger to hypocrisy, plagarism, inaccuracy and attempts at social engineering. Perhaps our dear webmaster could clear through the clutter of Pulitzers and link us to all the fanciful journalism provided by TWP 20+ years ago concerning the objective journalism embodied in coverage of the replacement of the Wilson Bridge. Oh wait, maybe those stories are hard to find, somewhere below the fold, crowded out by the extensive coverage of Whitewater. Or maybe they just mentioned, only a few times, that the best replacement bridge would be the high arch. Which was of course the most expensive, and the most destructive option. IIRC, the high arch would have required nearly 4X more land to be disturbed than the current monster. And would have caused the relocation of actual homes, not just apartments (politicians ain't that stupid). But hey, that high arch would have saved TWP millions in barge, truck and transfer fees for shipment of newsprint and ink. The bridge that got built is not one you would have read about in TWP, until is was decided upon. And then TWP took great pains to cover every problem with the construction. TWP, standard bearer for liberal hypocrisy and yellow journalism. (5/9/11)

It's FCC RENEWAL time for the DC/VA/MD area. Anyone know how I can file objections to the FCC licenses of several stations in violation of FCC policies? The FCC doesn't make that very easy I've noticed. (5/9/11)

I think you meant AT&T/T-Mobile not AT&T/SPRINT, correct? Those are the 2 that are merging such that cell phone rates will likely increase. On a side note about FCC corruption, the reason T-Mobile gave up in the U.S. (as opposed to Europe where they will still exist independently of AT&T) is because the FCC did not award T-Mobile any 4G frequencies therefor guaranteeing that only VERIZON, AT&T, & SPRINT would be able to offer 4G service in the U.S. T-Mobile saw the writing on the wall... basically, we're not welcome here, back to Europe. (5/9/11)

Re:: Fox40 demonstrates how The CW's Don Geronimo can be a powerful media personality in Sacramento. So let's get this straight. Fox, a mecca in journalistic fair and impartial broadcasting, NOT, is endorsing a former WB stations assertion that Don Geronimo could be a media presence? The same CW station where Geronimo, the self proclaimed "banana mule" is dressed at 6:00 a.m. in Hawaiian shorts and seated in the corner of the studio like Chuy on the Chelsea Handler Show and where cameramen punk him by shooting his bald spot from atop? Walter Cronkite should have had such media respect. Sadly, the joke is on Geronimo-Sorce - this time it's 3,000 miles away. Dave Hughes has more journalistic clout & integrity than Geronimo - even wearing camo gear. My media malebag podium. Dave's Rules. The Real AHHHH (5/9/11)

ATT is buying T-Mobile, not Sprint. Skyliner. (5/9/11)

If what you say about NBC adding its name to Comcast then is true, Tribune will have to find a new sponsor for the their weekend sports reports on FOX CT here in Hartford. I don't think Tribune would like the name The NBC Comcast Sports Desk powered by Xfinity on FOX CT. (5/9/11)

Anyone remember Harv Moore from when he was on WPGC? (5/9/11)

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\/ May 8 Messages \/

To: [Talk about someone getting their bowels in an uproar. You have anger issues and live in a fantasy world! Grow up!] Who appointed YOU the Dr. Phil of the DCRTV Mailbag? Shouldn't you be out in the field tending your corn, cantaloupe and watermelon so they'll be ready for you to sell from your pickup truck along Route 50 this summer? STFU, asswipe! (5/8/11)

So the OWN is getting lower ratings than expected? It's probably no different than the other chick channels out there (Lifetime, WE, etc), none of which I watch. Never seen Oprah either, which probably makes me some sort of rare species. So what are the chances of Discovery reviving its Health channel, and bringing back all those great medical shows? Dawn (5/8/11)

Dave's response: Discovery has moved many of its Discovery Health shows over to its Fit TV channel, which is now Discovery Fit And Health.....

Is Horace Holmes still the weekend sports anchor at WJLA?? I've noticed that Britt McHenry has been there for the past few weeks...Also, when will Alison Starling get a permanent co-anchor on GMW?? (5/8/11)

In addition to our own Johnny Dark and the evening jock at WMPS, others in top-40 radio have used the name. One of them was at WRKO/Boston and then went to WNBC/New York. After leaving WNBC, he moved to South Florida, where he worked at several stations, including WKIS in Miami. John Borders, a big name in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market, used Johnny Dark when he worked at KLIF/Dallas. Roddy Freeman (5/8/11)

[RE: Do you people on the Eastern Shore share a reading comprehension problem? Since Johnny Dark verified a long-standing urban myth about WEAM, he was asked about another story that's been around for years.] Talk about someone getting their bowels in an uproar. You have anger issues and live in a fantasy world! Grow up! (5/8/11)

Another rant against "big media," including Comcast/NBC and AT&T/Sprint. And how the FCC is corrupt. Plus, news that Comcast will soon be putting the NBC name on Comcast SportsNet. Plus, a recommentation for Showtime's excellent "Weeds"..... (5/8/11)

This is why radio stations without real news departments shouldn't try to report news. From WTEM's on air reporting Saturday and their Twitter page 21 hours ago: @espnradio980 According to sources; Sean Miller will be named new mens basketball coach at the University of Maryland on Monday. They beat everyone to that one! Problem is... they were first to report it because it isn't TRUE! Miller signed an extenstion with Arizona last night - (5/8/11)

"Did another legendary DJ jock get canned after the station's GM found him with an unrelated, underage boy in the studio after business hours?" That was Harv Moore and a shirtless Don Geronimo, who rode his Stingray to the station for a weekend shift. Don often told the story on his old show; Moore wasn't fired for it. (5/8/11)

this could be big - (5/8/11)

Fox40 demonstrates how The CW's Don Geronimo can be a powerful media personality in Sacramento (5/8/11)

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\/ May 7 Messages \/

To Karl of Chester: Do you people on the Eastern Shore share a reading comprehension problem? Since Johnny Dark verified a long-standing urban myth about WEAM, he was asked about another story that's been around for years. Even though Johnny was under no obligation to respond, he chose to do so. Will's post falsely implied that Johnny's class or professionalism was being called into question. And Will also got his panties in a twist because the original post was unsigned, like signing it Will or even Karl makes a difference. There are plenty of other DC radio stories that have taken a life of their own over the years. Did Barry Richards really get fired from WINX for saying "The Supremes make me cream in my jeans" or get blown out of WUST for following a Preparation H spot with "You Can't Sit Down"? Did another legendary DJ jock get canned after the station's GM found him with an unrelated, underage boy in the studio after business hours? One of the few remaining virtues of the DCRTV Mailbag is allowing discussion of all sorts of questions about the industry, and permitting knowledgeable pros, such as Johnny, to voluntarily set the record straight. Will and Karl should take their phony baloney indignity to another site. This ain't Sunday School, sisters! (5/7/11)

[RE: Don't know who pissed in Will's Instant Breakfast this morning...] What is your problem, sounds like you got up on wrong side of bed, Will was simply questioning why someone would come up with that question and Johnny Dark cleared it up. So stop whining! Karl, Chester, MD (5/7/11)

Jay I listened to DC101 all morning and heard the same dead spot you mention, I thought it was interference from something nearby or maybe my radio. Donnie (5/7/11)

Hey there, Been listening to DC 101 Friday night and Saturday morning. On two different radios it sounds like the signal is dropping out for a quarter-second or so. This is happening once or twice a minute. Problem with my radio, my ears, or their transmission? Thx, Jay! (5/7/11)

Don't know who pissed in Will's Instant Breakfast this morning. I've reread the post asking Johnny Dark about his legal name change, and I don't see anything in the post accusing Johnny of doing anything foul or unethical. It's a urban myth that's been circulating in DC radio circles for more than four decades just as was the story about Averill firing his son twice in one day that Johnny was good enough to confirm. And even IF Johnny did make the change the prevent a station from letting use his airname, it would have been a brilliant tactical move. As for not signing posts, those are the rules of the DCRTV Mailbag. How would signing one's name make make it any more credible than signing it... say, Will- Easton Md?. (5/7/11)

re: "suspicious letters containing white powder in WaPo this morning. " Whoops, you are correct. Still, it was pretty easy to miss. Q.E.D. (5/7/11)

tigger is NOT blown out- The bit was a "stunt" for Free addition to the morning show. (5/7/11)

Robin Quivers Contemplates Departing Howard Stern's Show (5/7/11)

Former BETer Free to join Big Tigger in WPGC mornings, more rants about Washington Post blunders, including its horrid Style section, a classic Channel 2/WMAR sign-on and some other local TV video clips, shake-up at Discovery's OWN channel, and a new audio processor being tested at classical WETA-FM. These news gems and more in today's "Dave TV" at (5/7/11)

WPGC is running a promo all weekend stating that CBS Radio management has set The Big Tigger Morning Show "Free" i agree with the other poster what a STRANGE way to have it worded. Why do i get the funny feeling that this is a stunt. A few months back former BET VJ "Free" sat in for Tigger could this be a hint that she is joining him for mornings or that she will take over the slot herself? CBS Radio on a second look is not going to flip this station here are the two reasons why number one billing(the number #2 biller in 2010) number two CUME(total number of listeners) with the PPM ratings the station has a very large cume number. The AQH(this need`s work) has the station as the 12th rated station in the 12 plus demo but the cume for the same demo is number four in the market. Cume is used more than AQH which explains why PGC still bills very well the station still has a ton of listeners. Do not be surprised if "Free" shows up Monday morning along with Tigger. (5/7/11)

Has Don Geronimo become the most powerful media personality in Sacramento? - NAAAAAA,just the opposite if you believe the reports out of Northern California. The Sacramento Kings have a one-year relocation extension to Anaheim. Leading the effort for a new arena in Sac is NBA star turned City of Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson. For weeks, the mayor has been on a national and local media tour blitz - except that he has refused? to go on with Mike Sorce."Coodies?" For weeks, Don G and his producer Dave Carmichael, have gone pubic with their displeasure. But to show that even a washed-up dj squirrel can catch a major media nut one time, Mayor Johnson has finally been interviewed. Jim Gray you're not Mr. Geronimo. My malebag. Dave's Mother's Day Rules. The Real AHHHH (5/7/11)

[Since Johnny Dark chimed in to identify WEAM as the station where the GM fired his own son twice in the same day, here's a question for Johnny about himself: Is it true that you legally changed your name to Johnny Dark to thwart efforts by Harry Averill or another GM (perhaps Bernie Millenson at WCAO) to keep you from using the name elsewhere?] So typical people start rumors on the internet that are totally unfounded. Johnny Dark is a class act, unlike the person who wrote this nonsense. Not only that but the person did not even sign his or her name! Will- Easton Md (5/7/11)

What happened to "Sports Talk" on TBD? It remains on the schedule on the web site but hasn't been on News Channel 8 this week. Bernard (5/7/11)

"Maybe Medved and Allen didn't contact those with HIV/AIDS to tell them where they be going after their deaths ( I don't buy it either )" - Yes, "mleach," and you've used that "I don't buy it either" excuse after posting other made-up crap like this here and elsewhere. There's a word for publicly disseminating defamatory information that you know to be untrue: "slander." Shame on you for posting lies and mistruths, and shame on the forums (including this one) who continue to give you oxygen to do it. Time for you to own up to your own homophobia rather than hiding behind "I've heard" and "other people say." That's a coward's way out. (5/7/11)

As a white man who has been a loyal listener of WPGC's for the past 15 years, I'm a little offended by the tone of some of the previous comments. Not all of the station's listeners are minorities and clown-ass "Slim Shady wannabe" whites. I think they're playing the right mix of music now...a healthy dose of songs from the past along with current urban & rhythmic pop hits. They may need to load up on a few more rhythmic pop songs. But I don't necessarily think it would the wisest move to completely mirror 99.5. I like Tigger as a radio personality, but he always seemed like a fish out of water in the mornings. I really think his on air persona is more suited to his former afternoon drive time slot. As for the announcement, I heard it just about an hour ago. The wording of it is really weird. "WPGC management has decided to 'free' the Big Tigger Morning Show..." It almost sounds like a stunt. If it truly IS real, what an odd, clumsy way to word an announcement. It would've been easier to just say "WPGC management has decided to replace the Big Tigger Morning show with..." I agree with the poster below as well, local shows are so much better than syndicated...and I'm sure that's what we'll get come Monday morning. (5/7/11)

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\/ May 6 Messages \/

The Michael Medved/Steve Allen "burn in hell" whatever one wants to call it I believe comes from the fact that both men had ties to the right wing religious watchdog group Focus On The Family since both guys had in the past endorsed books published by Focus and, well Focus in the Family has in past had taken that "you will burn in hell" route so of course there will always be people will try to put two and two together. Actually a few years back I was visiting an used book store in Ohio only to see a book written by Focus about the "evils" of TV and film and their impact on society . I wish I knew the title of this but I do remember on the back of the book there was a photo of Medved ( maybe he did write the book..need to research ) and also on the back cover words of praise from..Steve Allen. I knew both Michael Medved and Steve Allen were very conservative but still I had to question as to why they would had got involved with such people in the first place. Then with Steve Allen there was this ad he had placed in the LA Times which oddly enough was published the day AFTER his death. Maybe Medved and Allen didn't contact those with HIV/AIDS to tell them where they be going after their deaths ( I don't buy it either ) BUT on the other hand both guys did allow themsevles to be associated with a group who I wouldn't put it past them ( the group not Medved & Allen ) if they would had done such a thing. (5/6/11)

There is a lot of racial crap about WPGC and Big Tigger how sad the more things change they actually do stay the same. How the demise of urban/pop WPGC is a great thing i do not see that but iam not surprised. If it goes total pop 995 will still beat them. If the station goes pop what a sad day for its minority listeners. Tigger has nothing on his twitter page probably can not say anything but to me national syndicated morning show`s suck. Their is nothing like a local radio show. (5/6/11)

I agree with Mike. PGC's sister station here in Hartford HOT 93.7 does Slow Jams - Late Nite Love with Linda Reynolds Monday-Thursday 10PM-1AM and Sundays 11PM-1AM. I can't listen to that shit and if I'm up that late I got nothing to listen to on the radio. (5/6/11)

PGC, WAVA, DC101, WHFS: All great stations back in the day and locally owned. Now-a-days, all you get is the same 10 fucking songs over and over and 45 minutes worth of commercials...Ill stick with Sirius Radio... (5/6/11)

Dave, As I read your comments below, did you mean to write that M&M in the Morning on ESPN is 22 and 25 on two radio stations in Baltimore? If so, then tat would mean that combined, its a much more listened overall than for the individual stations. Are there that many people in the Baltimore market listening to DC stations? Thanks [RE PressBox: The latest Baltimore radio ratings are out for the key all-male age 25-54 demo. So, how well are Baltimore's sports talkers doing? For the second week of April, in the key morning drive slot, CBS's 105.7 The Fan, with Ed Norris and Steve Davis, placed sixth. "Mike And Mike In The Morning" on ESPN 1300, took 22nd place. The same show on Washington, D.C.'s ESPN 980 placed 25th in the Baltimore market.] -- Chris in DC (5/6/11)

Dave's response: Surprisingly, a lot of Baltimore radio listeners listen to DC radio, much more so than vice versa. And, DC's ESPN 980, WTEM, is often the second most listened to sports talker in Baltimore, behind 105.7, but ahead of 1300, 1370, and 1570.....

Rush Limbaugh needs to get his facts straight! Yesterday, he said that there are “no rocks at Omaha Beach”, with the rocks Bill Clinton used to make a cross being placed in advance by the White House staff. As one who has been to Omaha Beach numerous times, and was among those covering Clinton for the 50th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, I can tell you Rush is flat-out wrong! Yes, there is indeed sand at the beach. But, there are also plenty of rocks there as well. Rush and his affiliated stations (especially the WABC repeater around here, as the 29th Infantry Division which landed at Omaha Beach was largely comprised of men from this region) owe the surviving D-Day vets and their families an apology. Since Rush isn’t a journalist, he doesn’t have to worry about credibility. WMAL should be mindful of what’s on a sign in our lobby, ‘A Company is Known by the Company it Keeps’ D-Day Family Member (5/6/11)

[RE WPGC:] they are going to try to compete with 99.5. Note how I said "try"'s going to end up like FreeFM and SportsTalk WJFK....a huge failure! (5/6/11)

[RE WPGC:] Get rid of that lovetalk and slowjam show because you know no white people are going too listen too that (5/6/11)

[RE WPGC:] Is the station trying to move to a white audience? (5/6/11)

[RE WPGC:] The same as 99.5.....gotta go with who buys the ads!! (5/6/11)

Really? You had to go back 16 years to find some proof that NPR is biased....and then you had to misquote it to make your point? If you listened to what Totenberg said, instead of hearing what you wanted her to have said, you'd realize you aren't making sense. (5/6/11)

Re: "How about Nina Totenberg saying on Inside Washington that she hopes Jesse Helm’s gets AIDS and dies?" about a lack of auditory comprehension skills! Totenberg never said she hoped she Helms gets AIDS and dies; in commenting on AIDS saying he hoped others would get AIDS and die, she said that if there were divine retribution, it would happen to Helms. To those of us with brains in our heads, it was clear what she said -- and what she didn't say. Get a grip. (5/6/11)

Ref "I was more than surprised to see no mention of the suspicious letters containing white powder in WaPo this morning. The news was reported on TV, around 5pm if not earlier, but couldn't make the next day's deadline?" You need to read the whole paper. I get the earliest edition and the story is on page B3 - Metro section. (5/6/11)

Heard an annoucement on WPGC earlier this afternoon that they were doing away with the Big Tigger morning show...Came in on the end of the announcement, so don't have details..Anyone else hear about this? (5/6/11)

To the poster who wondered about a local radio myth: That, in 1992, WHUR got hate mail about having gay Mel Lindsey on the air from Michael Medved, Mike Huckabee, and Steve Allen: Not a chance in the world. Steve Allen never told anybody they'd burn in hell. From interviewing him several times, I gather he was an agnostic. I've also interviewed Huckabee and know Medved, and neither is prone to such outbursts. However, I knew Mel a little (when he was assistant promotions director at WRC/WKYS radio in the late 70's), and he did take a lot of guff for his sexual orientation once he got to WHUR. (5/6/11)

At 4:20 Eastern Time today, Don Geronimo hinted that his wife and brother will be doing bonghits together when his brother comes out to California. Party on, Janet! - ZombieSureDoMissItWoof (5/6/11)

I was more than surprised to see no mention of the suspicious letters containing white powder in WaPo this morning. The news was reported on TV, around 5pm if not earlier, but couldn't make the next day's deadline? What time do they shut down the presses these days? And then, to see four pages in the Style section about a pair of Republican sisters from Maine? That was half of the section! (5/6/11)

Unbiased NPR (5/6/11)

("other than liberal leaning npr." Let's talk programs and news coverage. Please site specific examples. If you can't, then please STFU. Thank you. John ) How about Nina Totenberg saying on Inside Washington that she hopes Jesse Helm’s gets AIDS and dies? (5/6/11)

WCRW 1190 officially got its License to Cover today from the FCC meaning the 50,000 watt daytime blowtorch facility is officially licensed and on the air, also meaning it must ID on the hour and meet all regulations. Unfortunately though did not get the message... In other FCC News, the FCC continues to grant FM translators to the AM 1600 in Dover, DE even though the station is dark or on STA for 10 years now. How is that possible and why does the FCC do this? It's clear the owners of AM 1600 have no intention of building transmitting facilities for WMHZ AM 1600. They're just running 3 FM stations off the backs of a phony FCC AM radio license with no transmitting facilities. See here... (5/6/11)

Shakes head sadly, tunes up Sirius/XM Book Radio and walks away…Genghis Cohen, still looking for adult conversation in warmer Prince William County (5/6/11)

Since the topic of the 10-watt emergency information stations has come up, I've noticed a new relay of NOAA radio on 1610. Perhaps it's the transmitter for Prince William Park, but I can't tell from my locale? Anybody know? (5/6/11)

From the mailbag: "other than liberal leaning npr." Let's talk programs and news coverage. Please site specific examples. If you can't, then please STFU. Thank you. John (5/6/11)

Reason; “The officer physician you spoke of in rather demeaning terms held a senior position and is highly regarded by his colleagues. He did exactly what an officer is supposed to when confronted with what he believed (rightly or wrongly) to be an illegal order. He risked and lost everything for his principles; were more of us to exhibit that kind of moral bravery, this would be a better place.” Perhaps, if Fox News, Sean, Rush, Levin, and in DC Plante and Mrs Fred, weren’t disseminating misinformation about the President’s birthplace he wouldn’t have acted the way he did and reported for duty as instructed. Or, he just didn’t want to go to battlefield. Either way, he was wrong, and those on WMAL were wrong. (5/6/11)

“MAL provides a rare and necessary counterpoint to an overall biased and one-sided media, and that's why I listen to them.” Good Grief! From planted scripted callers, doctored tapes, The War on Christmas, and misinforming the public on legislation, WMAL is not a “valid” counterpoint to the “one sided media.” Are you saying Mrs. Fred is a valid counterpoint to All Things Considered? Mark Levin is a valid counterpoint to Kojo Nnamdi? Chris Plante is a valid counterpoint to Eugene Robinson? Sean Hannity is a valid counterpoint to who, Frank Rich? When was the last time any of these "liberal" newsies used the airwaves or print to openly beg for political donations to a particular candidate? Happens on WMAL every election cycle. Your argument sailed off into the sunset long ago. (5/6/11)

FCC is out and about with their Fabulous Fine Machine. Nothing happening locally to speak of, but take a look at some of the most recent fines and Notices of Apparent Liability (NALs) they've been passing out: A few more stations like these and the National Debt will be wiped out once and for all ( you may want to go out back and check your tower lights this evening...) (5/6/11)

Folks, lets face it, from 9am to 9pm, as well as from 3am to 5am, WMAL is the "I hate Obama Radio Station." I say that not as a liberal Democrat, but as a "card carrying" Republican who was a Schedule-C employee in the Bush 43 Administration. While there is a lot to criticize on how Obama is running the country, over 12 hours a day of mad dog foaming incoherent rhetoric by Plant, Rush, Shawn, Levine, and those two midnight Trucker idiots is not going to help elect a Republican President in 2012. All it does it makes us "normal" Republicans look like fools. there has to be a place on the radio dial -- other than liberal leaning npr -- to listen to some intelligent conversation about the important issues facing the country. (5/6/11)

Dave's response: You just have to face the reality that WMAL is a crappy radio station. That doesn't mean it isn't occasionally entertaining, if taken in smallish doses. It could be so much better with an improved "mix" of political views, a local afternoon drive show, and being available on FM, too. Citadel is a poorly managed company, and WMAL is just a symptom of that. Sigh.....

(regarding Dave's news item) "Is the Washington Post, which comes delivered to your doorstep in a plastic bag, somewhat hypocritical in editorializing in favor of a retail "bag tax" on plastic grocery bags, a tax that wouldn't apply to the Post's bags?" I had a Washington Post paper route 40-some years ago and I can state with certainty that on a rainy morning, tossing the newspaper on your doorstep in a paper sack won't keep it dry. For that purpose, plastic bags are necessary. Of course, back in the day, on rainy mornings carriers actually put the newspaper inside, between the storm door and the entry door, which kept it dry - the good carriers did, anyway. Rather than tax plastic grocery bags, they should do as many places here in California are doing and ban them altogether. Paper sacks are fine for toting the groceries home and they're eco-friendly, not petroleum based and wouldn't be targeted for an eco-tax. (5/6/11)

Dave's response: As I said in my rant, I am against ALL bag taxes. I think there are better ways to discourage the use of plastic bags, which can damage the environment. It just seems hypocritical for the Post to editorialize in favor of taxes for grocery store bags but not for newspaper bags, too. They're pretty much the same thing when floating down the Anacostia River.....

To Mark in Annandale: Wow, just wow; you're proving my point everytime you post here. I'm not going to get into a feud with you; it's your right to believe whatever you want, no matter how deluded. Granted, WMAL's not the place it was when Trumbull and Core or Harden and Weaver reigned supreme, but gone are the snows of yesteryear; that's why I subscribe to satellite radio. WTOP ain't no WCBS either, but that's life as well. Nonetheless, MAL provides a rare and necessary counterpoint to an overall biased and one-sided media, and that's why I listen to them. They may carry Rush, but they also carry John Batchelor, one of the most informative and professional newshows on the radio waves today (even taking into account the over-dramatic sweepers and music breaks). Just a note about your obvious expertise on military justice; your insistence on a quaint amoraility conforms to the leftist, one-dimensional bias that portrays a military officer as brainless automaton. Now, I'm obviously missing something that's evident to only those at your level of intellectual excellence; I was only a Judge Advocate, military prosecutor and magistrate for a few years in an otherwise mediocre professional career (or no doubt that's what you would consider it). The officer physician you spoke of in rather demeaning terms held a senior position and is highly regarded by his colleagues. He did exactly what an officer is supposed to when confronted with what he believed (rightly or wrongly) to be an illegal order. He risked and lost everything for his principles; were more of us to exhibit that kind of moral bravery, this would be a better place. Now, back to the regularly scheduled nonsense…Genghis Cohen, still loving DCRTV and the Mailbag, in surprisingly sunny and mild Prince William County... (5/6/11)

Is the Washington Post, which comes delivered to your doorstep in a plastic bag, somewhat hypocritical in editorializing in favor of a retail "bag tax" on plastic grocery bags, a tax that wouldn't apply to the Post's bags? That's my rant in today's "Dave TV"..... (5/6/11)

There is absolutely no truth to the story you heard about my legal change of name. When it was done, I had never met Harry Averill and Bernie Millenson wasn't the kind of person to do underhanded things. As a matter of fact, the national PD for Plough liked the name so much that he used it for his night jock at WMPS in Memphis. The change to make it legal was mine and mine alone. One of the reasons was it became a hassle getting checks (For personal appearances and talent fees) in two names. Also, for the sake of my children, I had two sons at the time. It amazes me how these falsehoods get around. Johnny Dark WTTR & (5/6/11)

Since Johnny Dark chimed in to identify WEAM as the station where the GM fired his own son twice in the same day, here's a question for Johnny about himself: Is it true that you legally changed your name to Johnny Dark to thwart efforts by Harry Averill or another GM (perhaps Bernie Millenson at WCAO) to keep you from using the name elsewhere? (5/6/11)

(From earlier message) Fairfax County maintains a (licensed) network of emergency radio stations ... one of the transmitters is in fact located at the George Mason library branch in Annandale. That's likely what you're hearing. (end) That would surely seem to be it. Thank you. Hey Fairfax County - why the difficulty in keeping your emergency stations running? Where do I send my resume? (5/6/11)

Tonight around 8:55 PM, while driving through Rockville, I caught 700 AM WDMV playing its peculiar format of Spanish Polkas. I seem to recall WDMV is a daytimer; in which case they should have signed off at 8:15. FCC data doesn't indicate that WDMV has post-sunset authority. Anyone know for sure? (5/6/11)

About the alleged coverage of the new “full-power” channel 5 DTV station in Seaford, Delaware… the caveat is that the FCC “predicted” coverage maps for DTV stations are for RF only –not reception! Those maps are fanciful at best and deceitful at worst And, as far as "full power" with DTV is concerned, I know hams who run more ERP than some VHF DTV stations, –Unsigned Corporate Suit (5/6/11)

I'm really happy for Scott Pelley, finally taking the CBS anchor chair after the company's boneheaded move to overlook him the last time they had a chance. According to people who work with him, and I mean grunts in the trenches chasing news, he's a genuinely nice guy. This comes across to the viewer as part of his conversational, intelligent, warm presentation we've enjoyed for years on 60 Minutes. I look forward to watching The CBS Evening News, starting next month, and not a day earlier. (5/6/11)

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The NEW Channel 5 for Seaford, Delaware has been officially approved by the FCC. It will be a full-power TV station and will be received in parts of the Baltimore and DC markets. No word on programming or when it will go on the air, but since it's to use an existing antenna structure (the new 96.7 tower), could be soon. Hmmm, wonder if they could get a network affiliation. After all, it's technically in the Salisbury market which has no NBC affiliate. Could be potential bad news for WBAL TV11 as far as cable coverage on Delmarva if that happens. (5/5/11)

Anyone know who the current producer is for the LaVar and Dukes show? And what type of work does the former producer Matt Cahill (Drab) do at 106.7 now? (5/5/11)

To the person who mentioned the AM 1670 transmitter in Annandale: Fairfax county maintains a (licensed) network of emergency radio stations on 1670 ( which is supposed to rebroadcast NOAA weather radio and "emergency announcements" from sites located at various library branches. One of the transmitters is in fact located at the George Mason library branch in Annandale. I'm about 2 miles away from the Centreville 1670 transmitter and it hasn't been broadcasting anything for a few months. That's likely what you're hearing. (5/5/11)

Dave, a couple of things on my mind… First, as for the $424K in "Public Broadcasting" money being vetoed by McDonnell, keep in mind that while you can barely buy a townhome or condo in Northern Virginia for that money, if you look at the rest of the state –with the further exception of the Hampton Roads area- that is a lot of money! Don’t forget that places like Wise County, Pulaski, Wytheville, etc., make up the bulk of Virginia. Remember “The Waltons”? Don’t forget that in the part of Virginia where the series was set, they were the local aristocracy. That $424K is also about equal to eight double-wides. Awhile back on WTOP’s talkback, a poster said that if Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads were to secede from the rest of Virginia (politically impossible), the remainder would be so poor that Haiti and Bangladesh would be sending foreign aid to it. It is basically very unfair to compare Northern Virginia to the rest of Virginia. Second, in the “XM/Sirius Relignment” the DCRTV region gets screwed because Atlanta traffic reports are now added to the channel for D.C. and Baltimore. So, if you miss a report, you have to wait eight minutes for the next report. A wiser move would’ve cut the number of cities covered and selling two :30 spots between reports. But, whoever said Sitius/XM was being run wisely? Unsigned Corporate Suit (5/5/11)

"OTOH Steve Allen DID write a letter to Boston's WBZ 1030..." David was a good friend of mine, and I miss him dearly. I was working at WBZ when David's illness became public. Had there been such a letter from Steve Allen, it would have been the talk of the station. But there was never any such letter from Steve Allen, nor any such response from WBZ. The only reference I can find anywhere to any such letter is a message-board posting from a poster who seems to get his/her jollies from making repeated postings about how "some people" hold bizarre beliefs. I'm increasingly convinced that most all of those "people," and probably most of those beliefs, exist only in that poster's mind, just as this story does. - Scott Fybush, NorthEast Radio Watch, WBZ 1992-1997 (5/5/11)

To “seething Prince William County”, Yes WMAL has seen better days. After a Long drive with my iPod this morning, I switched on WMAL to see what that racist, anti-military, etc etc etc dude had to say. The moment I tuned in, he disparaged the Latinos and then in the next sentence disparaged a proposed Latino museum supposedly next door to the “American Indian Museum and Casino on the third floor”. Wow, two race statements in one sentence! And yes, a lot of things he says are anti military. He is just so anti-Obama, he will take anyone’s side over the President’s. The DUDE even supported a nutcase who thumbed his nose at the military brass during a court proceeding. When you support someone who fails to obey reasonable orders, are you yourself supporting or thumbing your nose at the military? I say you are thumbing your nose at the military. And that is what he did. Mark in Annandale (5/5/11)

Erection in men? Typo on baseball ratings story… (5/5/11)

Dave's response: Or was it?

Re: Melvin Lindsey and WHUR, well Mike Huckabee really believed back then that teen AIDS victim Ryan White had caught HIV/AIDS through barebacking in the showers at "Indianapolis Gay Bathhouse"..I wouldn't be surprised if he had wrote a letter demanding that Melvin Lindsey be fired from WHUR for having AIDS. OTOH Steve Allen DID write a letter to Boston's WBZ 1030 asking them to fire then evening host David Brudnoy when had had came out as both being gay and having AIDS only to have to WBZ tell Steve Allen to well "..go to hell". Anyway all of this was 20 years ago, hopefully we have come a long way since then. (5/5/11)

You may want a quick proof-read of your front page item post titled: "MASN Sees Ratings Surge For Orioles & Nationals - 5/5" Unless the item is sponsored by Viagra, or something. (5/5/11)

Dave's response: "Ratings erection." What's wrong with that?

I'm impressed (for lack of a better word) that anybody could listen to Mike Wise long enough to figure out what he's talking about. I gave up on him months ago. I can only think he won a bet or has some incriminating photos stashed away, because there's no other reason WJFK would put him on the air or the WaPo would give him a column. He can't write, he's lousy at the mic, he isn't funny, he isn't insightful -- hell, he isn't even particularly well informed. He just kind of fills space until the station/newspaper can hire some actual talent, I guess. That said, I do kind of like to see somebody biting the hand that feeds them. Unlike Grandpa Korny, who has made a career out of kissing the asses of the powerful and ridiculing the man on the street. (5/5/11)

Tickets for this year's DC-SPJ Hall of Fame dinner are now on sale. Washington Post reporter Martin Weil, Fox News Channel White House correspondent Wendell Goler, CCH Washington Bureau Chief Paula Cruickshank and Washington Blade reporter Lou Chibbaro, Jr., will be inducted into the Hall of Fame of the D.C. Pro chapter of Society of Professional Journalists on June 14, 2010. The D.C. chapter’s 2011 Distinguished Service Award will go to Barbara Feinman Todd and Asra Nomani of Georgetown University. Together, they founded the Pearl Project, organizing more than 30 students to investigate the 2002 kidnapping and murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in Pakistan. Tickets are $80 for members and $110 for non-members. The invite can be found on our website: (5/5/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter/Facebook pages: The Caps won last night in JFKer Mike Wise's twisted little universe. Ha ha ha......] There's still a WJFK? I thought they closed the doors on that station a few years ago? I used to listen all the time until they shut it down. (5/5/11)

I doubt he's got even 6 listeners...WJFK stinks 'cept for Sports Junkies :) (5/5/11)

Worst. Shtick. Ever. Someone should e-mail Ted and tell him...I have a feeling they won't be the flagship station for the Wizards for long after he hears about this one...He's got very thin skin. (5/5/11)

Dave's response: I do think that the first part of Wise's fake Caps victory show on WJFK was funny, for maybe 30 to 45 minutes. But it's now dragging into the second hour of the show. The "funnyness" has eclipsed. Also, Wise should watch the "fako" stuff after getting suspended from his other employer, the Washington Post, last year for those phoney Twitter postings.....

Here is another local radio myth..or is it? Back in 1992 the host of WHUR's "The Quiet Storm" Melvin Lindsey had died from AIDS. For many years the story I have heard from many including from a number of my friends who work with those with HIV and AIDS was that about a year or two before Melvin's death WHUR had actually received letters from people DEMANDING that the station fire Lindsey ONLY because he had AIDS and how Lindsey will "burn in hell" and by having a gay man on the radio with HIV/AIDS would be a major risk to everyone within signal range of that radio station. As strange as this sounds ( well maybe not for 1992 ) what is more stranger well its been said that among those who had sent WHUR such letters included talk show host Michael Medved, future presidental candidate Mike Huckabee and even great TV legend Steve Allen, yes THAT Steve Allen. Myth? Or did this actually happened at WHUR? (5/5/11)

To the "WMAL hates the troops" genius who obviously overcame the child-lock on the computer in his mom's basement: hike your pants up from around your ankles and put on your acne cream, McDonald's is hiring. Look, I've lived down here awhile and the station has obviously seen better days, but your constant laughable "WMAL, the Republicans and George Bush hate the troops, kill cuddly puppies and eat fuzzy kittens" routine has long since gotten old. You're pretty much a joke; go cry somewhere else, Emo Kid. Provided that your Mom will let you borrow the van, which is after all a lot less mainstream than the school-bus….Genghis Cohen, hankerin' to give just one more wedgy in cool yet seething Prince William County (5/5/11)

ESPN 980 running commercials this morning for Window Nation and the chance to win Caps playoff tickets. Dickheads...(Caps & 980). (5/5/11)

John (and I'm sure he is one occasionally) wrote: "To the old angry white guy who wrote, 'Keep preaching that left wing b-s of yours...' Through your delusional fog, try to remember that public education is a state/local function." So you, a John, are in favor of abolishing the Department of Education? Good for you! "The state should double or triple their contribution to public broadcasting." "The state"? Which state? Your state? My state? Or just THE STATE? "I contribute to my favorite news sources: WETA, WAMU and DCRTV.COM." Well, you're free to do what you want with your money, but I prefer not to reinforce the bad behavior known as Pledge Week. More money for beer and the TV magically keeps on coming. I note that you don't contribute to WPFW. Interesting. White much? It's okay, I don't like the blacks either. You and I are alike in that. - ZW (5/5/11)

deserting the sinking skip (5/5/11)

We've got the latest Baltimore morning show radio ratings today on "Dave TV" at Plus more on the new line-up at Sirius XM, Virginia cuts public broadcastings funds, a death at WPGC, and the Washington Post sees its print circulation slump yet again..... (5/5/11)

The question about the GM who fired his son is an easy one.....Harry Averill at WEAM. Do I get a prize? Honestly, anyone who every worked for Harry could probably write a lengthy essay about him, However, I really can't complain about my 15 months with him ('65-'66) as he treated me very well. I was well aware that others didn't get the same treatment. FYI...I was there when he fired his son. The other thing that comes to mind when I think about Harry (Mr. Averill) is that almost every room was wired so he could listen in on everything that was being said at that beautiful house at 2131 Crimmins Lane in Falls Church......Johnny Dark WTTR and (5/5/11)

Anyone know what station this might be: No special treatment for family - A D.C. reader of TRI says "There was once a guy around here whom you might call a crazy general manager. The studios were at the transmitter site, on a big plot of land. The owner had apparently given his teenage son the job of mowing the lawn. But the owner didn't like something about the way he was doing it, and he comes out in late morning and fires him. Son goes home, and then the dad calls him at lunchtime and says something like 'I hope you learned your lesson.' So the kid comes back, finishes the mowing job - and his father fires him again that night. The local myth – or is it really a myth? – is that when this GM died, the news of his death was never made public, because of the number of ex-employees who had threatened to [urinate] on his grave.” (5/5/11)

To the old angry white guy who wrote, "Keep preaching that left wing b-s of yours..." Through your delusional fog, try to remember that public education is a state/local function. The easiest way to teach the masses is through "mass media." Reaching 10 to 20 thousand people at a time is much more economical than 1 teacher per 28 people, face to face. The state should double or triple their contribution to public broadcasting. Best investment they can make. Although education should be a public function, I think that it is important enough that I contribute to my favorite news sources: WETA, WAMU and DCRTV.COM. I will add MHZ networks to the list, now, and I suggest everyone who finds a world of perspectives interesting should do the same. Always keep your mind open to other ideas. John (5/5/11)

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OK, there is *definitely* someone with a low-power AM transmitter set at 1670 kHz in Annandale. All the way through the very heart of that community, I am receiving an unmodded carrier on my car radio. I dont know if someone is gearing up to do some local short-range broadcasting or if there is some RF device that is putting a spurious signal onto that frequency, but it is there and it definitely is not your basic Part 15 rig -- that's supposed to go about 1/4 mile and I had signal for up to a mile and a half. More TK... (5/4/11)

[RE First Wave's move:] "(44+22)/2=33 hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Conspiracy! (5/4/11)

I wish xm never merged with Sirius (: (5/4/11)

Good thing the [Sirius XM] merger went through. The two companies never would have survived separately with the combo of the iPod phenomenon and the economy tanking. The anti-competitive argument doesn't hold water. There's PLENTY of competition and to consider satellite radio an industry unto itself is unrealistic. (5/4/11)

Keep preaching that left wing bullshit of yours on why Government should fund "public TV and radio". Keep pointing out that Fox 5, the evil Rupert of the world had a Osama/Obama gaffe, when if you Google that phrase you see a lot more of it from some of your left favs. You are, in your old age becoming that old man in the corner house that yells at the kids every time they step on your grass. You feel that public TV and radio will miss out, open up YOUR checkbook and help them out. Or you come beg for them on your website. (5/4/11)

Dave, today I received from WMAL this poorly written piece of crap email. You are an editor, can you fix it for them? It is for our troops, Dave, and it appears those at WMAL hate our troops so much they gave to a fourth grader the assignment of writing a thank you email for Military Appreciation Month. Thanks, Dave, and God bless our troops on the ground, and may WMAL be in 25th place for the disdain and contempt they give our fighting men and women each and every day. From WMAL: "They stand at attention, their uniforms tell stories of courage and commitment. They are members of the U.S. Military, prepared to risk their lives for our liberty. For that, we are forever grateful. Normally it doesn’t take an entire month to say thank you, but this is anything but normal. In fact, when you’re trying to thank all of the men and woman of the military whose limitless sacrifice allows us the freedoms that we enjoy every day…one month may not be enough. From those who currently serve the red, white and blue at home and abroad, to our treasured veterans, and the families and organizations who support our military effort. To those for whom the scorching desert sun, the rough and rocky mountain terrain, the hallowed halls of the Pentagon, and the bedsides at Walter Reed Army Hospital have become their second home – We Thank You! You are all heroes." (5/4/11)

[RE today's "Dave TV":] Love the comments on the original WHFS. WHFS was my first tour of duty as a Chief Engineer of an *FM* station. I loved every moment there. I built the studios heard on your clip, high atop Triangle Towers @ 4853 Cordell Ave in 1976 (5/4/11)

Actually, according to Dave's newsblurb from 4/25, Kingston is flipping that FLorida station from its relay of WRNR to an oldies format. Looking back, I can't really remember too many of the commercials the Underground ran. I'm guessing it was typical rock-station fare: beer, bars and cars, nothing really overly dowdy or downmarket. Still miss that station sometimes, and wonder how an updated version of it would do, but obviously, with prevailing attitudes being like the ones expressed on the Mailbag yesterday, that'll never happen. And, anymore, I'm cool with it. Plenty of other sources for music. Doghouse Reilly (5/4/11)

There is at least one radio network in town with a fairly well tricked-out video production side, and airing its morning show via UStream. That set me to wondering: are there any live & local radio shows here in DC/Balt doing any sophisticated video work on-line; like live real-time switching between show ensemble members, graphics, etc? Sure like to know. (5/4/11)

According to his Facebook page some months back, Elwood King/Ben Gates has NO desire EVER to return to radio, not at WXVA or even WLTF "Lite 97.5" who did had a posting here looking for help.. Of course does he feel this way now? (5/4/11)

The age 25-54 DC morning radio ratings for the second week of April, Scott Pelley to replace Katie Couric at CBS News, and some audio memories of the old WHFS when it was at 102.3 in Bethesda..... (5/4/11)

"I will not become some sort of "political correctness officer" of the Mailbag." This is clearly true....But beware mailbaggers. He WILL give your email address out if you piss him off enough. (5/4/11)

“You get the government you deserve”. Remember, as Ron Smith says all the time, “If voting were important, they wouldn’t let you do it”. (5/4/11)

{(SNIPPET) "Right. They heap praise on a president no longer in office. Meanwhile, the same people let him skate for the deficit. Which one is it? Dave's response: Exactly. As high as gas prices are right now, they were even higher under Bush in 2008....."] You can't be serious? Apparently, the spin doctors are hard at work. Whatchu smokin'? (5/4/11)

Dave's response: I remember paying $4.49 per gallon during the summer of 2008 here in the DC area.....

Dave, I read the response that WR has to your “inane posting”. I used to check the mailbag out regularly, but now due to so much “off topic” Junk. I don’t and neither do a lot of my colleagues. The broadcast arena is a very small place. Saying you won’t be politically correct is just wrong. All of us that love the industry are turned off by the likes of AHHH and ZW..and probably by me occasionally. I do stand up for myself. Those two don’t stand for anything about broadcasting. Just thinkin! Stay well! (5/4/11)

Dave's response: Unbelievable! I'm not going to reveal the identity of the above post's author, but he's actually one of the folks responsible for about 30 percent of the "off topic junk" postings that he slams. If he stopped posting his stuff, "AHHH" and "ZW" would probably follow. The future of the Mailbag rests with you. Don't let us down.....

I remember when Clinton's mother died. In the first segment of the show, Rush did his usual number on Bill for 20 minutes & going into the break he mentioned she had died & gave some B.S. condolences. What a c*nt! (5/4/11)

Sunday night, I was watching the US networks covering the Osama death. There was a lot of Rah-Rah...America-F_Yeah. I turned over to MHZ networks and watched RT and Al-Jazerra. It was pretty amazing. A-J had gotten a live shot up from LaFayette Park. Sure, it showed a bunch of drunken college students ripping their shirts off...Good for the rest of the world to see. Then, this morning, I noted that our illustrious governor had deleted state funds for public broadcasting in VA. What a douche nozzle. If it wasn't for the MHz, those channels and a lot more, wouldn't be available to the 6 million people in the area. I guess the Republicans want to keep us stupid and docile. As they say, "You get the government you deserve." (5/4/11)

Classic Rock hater – You clearly have an agenda and an IQ lower than room temperature, so I’m done with you. Sorry that some long haired Led Zeppelin fan kicked your butt around in school, but it’s time to let it go. “Doghouse Reilly”, I don’t have exact billing numbers, but I know that when 103.1 was “The Underground” they hovered around a 2 share 12+ and did fairly well in the young male demos against 98 Rock. The billing was not good though, as Annapolis is not really a hard rock town, and local businesses weren’t advertising. When Jake Einstein flipped them to “Progressive” WRNR, the ratings dropped in half, but revenue went up from the Annapolis businesses coming on board. Basically, they lost Baltimore listeners and gained Annapolis businesses. It must be doing well these days since the current owner just bought another station down in Florida and flipped it to the AAA format as seen on this very site. (5/4/11)

It has been stated publically on Facebook and Twitter & privately in studios and broadcast offices for a few months now that DCRTV has lost it's mission. In spite of previous periodic bouts with trolls & off topic threads, Dave usually gets the mailbag back on track within a few days. Despite Dave's reasoning that by publishing some of the more idiotic posts he's exposing the inane and offtrack for what they really are, it has made the mailbag unreadable for many. I personally have reduced my 3x's a day check-in to maybe once every other day, and rely on MediaBistro's morning email blast for my regular TV, radio and media/press news. It's Dave's site. He can do with it what he wants. But it's now a far cry from the DCRTV I've bookmarked at almost every TV & radio gig I've worked in DC over the past decade + ...don't encourage the trolls & shitstirrers. I wish Dave nothing but success, because on those rare days of major format flips, buyouts, deaths of colleagues & other major DC/Baltimore media news, he is lightspeed ahead of traditional outlets and still the "must read" site. A little self-control and maturity may be asking a lot, but it's what is necessary for many who toil everyday out here to think seriously about making the mailbag ...and even the front page... a regular read again. ~ WR (5/4/11)

Dave's response: WR, if you don't like the Mailbag, stick to the Front Page. Just skip it. Hey, the Mailbag is what is always is/was. Some good stuff, some wacky stuff. If you don't like a particular post or posts, all you need to do is scroll down to the next. Despite your pleading, I will not become some sort of "political correctness officer" of the Mailbag. By the way, you're not going to find much DC media news, expect maybe for nutty Betsy's wackjob rants, in that Mediabistro mailing.....

Governor McDonnell Signs Budget Bill; Includes Line Item Veto of PBS Funding - Governor Bob McDonnell yesterday (May 2, 2011) signed House Bill 1500, the appropriation bill amending the 2010-2012 biennial budget. The governor made one line-item veto, eliminating Budget Item 123. The veto reduces state funding of public television and public radio stations by $424,001 in fiscal year 2012. (5/4/11)

Dave's response: You can't buy a single family house in Fairfax County for $424,001. When you divide up that money among all the public TV and radio stations in the state, it really isn't all that much, isn't it? Perhaps an extra week or two of pledge begging will make it up, doncha think. I guess Lil' Bob McDonnell is trying to make it look like he's making a big cut to "evil lefty" public broadcasting. All he does, with me anyway, is look like an idiot along with Clown Cucci. What do they put in the water down there in Richmond to make these guys so friggin' stupid. Maaaaaaaaaaaan.....

Hello, I work in Baltimore radio and want to note your posting mistake regarding PPM weeklies released yesterday. WWIN-FM and WPOC are tied for the #1 position 12+. You have WPOC as #1 and WWIN-FM as #2. As a matter of fact, it seems that each time WWIN-FM does take the top spot, I feel you "downplay" the news. Probably just my imagination, but I did want to express that. I've been a fan of your blog for years. Thank you. (5/4/11)

Dave's response: In the age 12+ numbers that I received, WPOC is first and WWIN-FM is second for the "second week" of April. Perhaps they're tied in the 6+ numbers, which many other radio websites report. I don't think I "downplay" WWIN. Frequently, they are the top station in the Baltimore 12+ numbers and I report that.....

So.......when you said, repeatedly, that it is impossible for Classic Rock stations to make any money because all of their listeners are poor people, what you really meant (after being confronted with the fact that CR stations do, in fact, make plenty of money) is that they don't always make as much money as the top billers in the market. Funny how you can't even agree with yourself on this topic. (5/4/11)

RACY CONTENT ALERT: If you are offended by salty language, do NOT click on the upcoming link. The following link contains, possibly, the funniest car commercial ever made; an "outtake", by the great TV broadcaster, Chick Lambert. Set your speakers to medium-high and click here: Warm regards, David Tate, Dallas, TX (5/4/11)

What's going on with Baltimore's FOX SportsTalker, renamed V1370? Are they losing their FOX affiliation? (5/4/11)

Dave's response: We got up a newsblurb yesterday that the station's added the "America's Morning News" program for morning drive, which the sports talk starting at 9 AM. 1370, WVIE, has just not managed to get any ratings traction with sports talk. Even the big Baltimore sports boys like 105.7 are seriously slumping now that they've lost the Orioles to BAL-AM. I also hear that some big changes could be coming to Nestor's WNST. He might even be moving the sports talk completely to the web and doing something else with 1570.....

Snippet-(Dave's gentle, loving hands. The Real AHHHH)-Now we ALL understand why you don't post your real name-We just don't understand why Dave (Hughes) bothers posting your junk-GOD (5/4/11)

This whole classic-rock debate is getting pretty high-school, isn't it? What it boils down to is that some of you insist that only dirtballs listen to REO Speedwagon, while all the best people listen to the perennial DCRTV sacred cows WTOP and any AAA-formatted station. On a semi-related topic, I've always been curious: does WRNR fare any better (ratings and/or revenue) under the current format than they did in the Underground/Rock103 days? Doghouse Reilly (5/4/11)

Putting the "dic" in predictable! It's Paul Bicknell and the Just for Men morning zoo crew broadcasting live from the Efferdent studios. My knobby, arthritic knuckles. Dave's gentle, loving hands. The Real AHHHH (5/4/11)

Re:: Malebag ID Theft Bastards! The Real AHHH, me, hasn't posted in over two weeks. But you'll know when I do. My authentic malebag, Dave's Psychedelic Mushroom Rules where anybody can pretend to be anybody. Where Geronimo can pretend that moving to Sacramento wasn't a radio career mid-life crisis. The Real AHHH (5/4/11)

OK now that we are past with Leesburg's WAGE now WCRW what about Winchester's new 610 AM? The "new" WXVA 610 AM !!! Format? Towers up? Why the pick of WXVA for calls when WXVA was a CHARLES TOWN, WEST VIRGINIA radio station? Hell if one is to bring back classic call letters why NOT bring back the orginial calls of Winchester's 610 which was WHPL? Staff? Well according to the WXVA website which is in place the latter claims that has already been taken care of Elwood King ( Ben Gates ) formally of local 99.3 The FOX WFQX doing mornings perhaps? Let the guessing begin. (5/4/11)

I am SO sick of OOBBEE, AHHHH, Zombie Woof & all references to PLB! When they're not spamming the Mailbag, it's usually not a bad place to spend some time, but when they engage in their pissy little swordfight, day after day, it gets very tiresome. (5/4/11)

Are Talking Heads Blowing Hot Air? That the title of an interesting study about political pundits on TV. People who aren't lawyers & who tend to be liberals, have an edge when it comes to prognostications. (5/4/11)

Today (Wednesday) is Star Wars Day. May the 4th ... be with you. (5/4/11)

Listen, Mary (as in Poppins), you're just another all or nothing Classic Rock crybaby. You're no better than the others that cry the blues on this board. All you did was give me every reason under the sun why Classic Rock doesn't do well in DC or Baltimore. Untill the listener base starts making a decent money making living nothing is gonna change. You'll just be you wishing upon a star! No matter what you say or what YOU WANT TO BELIEVE, classic rock DC listeners DON'T have any money and show no reason to think it's gonna improve. You can say station "A" should do this or that but it ain't gonna change. It is what it is a format for over the hill dead beats with nothing of substance to show. Did you read the post from the guy who vacations in SW Florida. Even down there the format draws nothing but deadbeats. The advertising he heard on that station SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. Dude, just grab a hundred bucks, go to a strip house and let those dancers wiggle and grind your troubles away! (5/4/11)

The Podcast poll: This WAS a poll conducted by iTunes through their facebook page. The winners have been featured on iTunes' main podcast page. OOBBEE (5/4/11)

/\ May 4 Messages /\

\/ May 3 Messages \/

[Re: Top Podcasts. Whats their source or yours? I looked and maybe they meant someone specific's top podcasts. Not Apples.] Just like was said below, they were voted Top Podcast according to's a small, up and coming application, perhaps you've heard of them? If I recall correctly, there were 5 podcasts nominated, and Big O & Dukes and TMOS got about 99.9% of the votes, out of over 200,000 votes, last time I looked. Don't remember all of the others that were nominated, I know one was Adam Corolla's podcast, think another was an NPR podcast. Either way, congrats to both shows! (5/3/11)

I see Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has today vetoed $424K in funds for “Public” broadcasting in Virginia. Given the amount of tambourine banging these stations do, this cannot be the “major hit” some claim. Also, between public access channels on cable (the progeny of a shotgun marriage right at home in the hills and hollars of the Old (Fashioned) Dominion –and likely doomed with a well-reasoned lawsuit likely reaching the Supreme Court), the Internet, and personally-formatted electronic media, is “Public Broadcasting” by the 1968 definition still relevant. let alone necessary? Or, has it (d)evolved into “Government Broadcasting”? Unsigned Corporate Suit (5/3/11)

Hey Tool - I've worked at Classic Rock stations that have been top billers in their markets. The reason that the classic rock stations here don't do as well isn't because the people listening don't have money, it's that the stations are horrible. WZBA up in Baltimore is a classic hits station that is, and always has been, poorly programmed and managed. They are too concerned with becoming "Jack-102.7", only without any music variety. WBIG is a little better, but not much. WVRX sufferes from a horrible signal that is spotty on the Maryland side, and because of that - they will never be a top 10 contender in this day of PPM. PPM's show what most of us already knew, that people listen to stations that come in strong over weak signals. The only way to get people to tune to a rim-shot like that is by being very different from everyone else. It still won't get big ratings, but will get a loyal base that can be targeted to a money demo like 34 - 54 professionals. AAA would be a good idea since there isn't one there, but it would have to be done correctly and not like "The Globe" which was more of a Rock A/C classic rock hybrid that played what was on WBIG and Mix 107.3. If they kept with classic rock, then a deep cuts hits 50/50 mix might help them grab listeners, while not scaring ones away. The promise of something interesting is what keeps listeners tuned in, and a station like WBIG can't promise that since they only play the tired hits that everyone expects to hear. The "Urban" comment was a baseless comment from me, just like your comment on classic rock, not true. (5/3/11)

Re: Top Podcasts. Whats their source or yours? I looked and maybe they meant someone specific's top podcasts. Not Apples. Maybe it was Chads top Podcasts and they included the Mike O show in there. Don't believe everything you hear. Chad's #1 in ratings every week according to his ledger. Chad. You are beloved with Oscar and hated with Lavar. Go where you are appreciated and enjoy your work with Geeks of the Round Table. Sports is making you an angrier person than you have to be broham. (5/3/11)

Hey, Mary Poppins? Was that you that posted "And WVRX made $7.2 million in 2010. That's an awful lot of money for a station you claim only the homeless listen to and where nobody wants to advertise." I hate to burst your reality but WKYS on it's own did just over 10 million and somebody else mentioned 'PGC did what 19 mill? In a market the size of DC 7 million a year will barely keep a GM his or her's job when the ownership was expecting a lot more. Remember I never said Classic Rock listeners were homeless. I just said they have no discretionary funds to spend. TRANSLATION: they barely have beer and cigarette (legal or otherwise) money to spend. (5/3/11)

Oh yeah, forgot two things. Mike’s Motorcycle Club is named Sons of Obesity and Oscar Santana Is the most famous podcaster in the world! OOBBEE (5/3/11)

I vacation is Southwest Florida almost every year. When visiting Naples, I listen to a Beasley classic rock (hits) station (It is better then the Talk Radio Network crap they run on FM down there). While listening to the classic rock, and telling my kids all about the bands they are hearing (I filter out some of the details about Stevie Nicks walking around Greenbelt in her nightgown, and yes, she did wear a nightgown, but, I digress), I notice their commercials are in five or six categories: second chance car finance dealers (like Eaterns’ her in DC), nightclubs and strip clubs (and casinos), beer, concerts, and check cashing/instant loan places. Here I am listening to their station, and not one advertisement is geared for a married forty something with two kids looking for something to do with his family. (5/3/11)

Props to Big O and Dukes and Mike O’Mera and the gang for being selected the best Podcast’s on iTunes. Also, congratulations to BO&D on their new advertiser: Gomez Brothers and Family. I just hope they pay their bill. I hope Drab is ok. OOBBEE (5/3/11)

So its been said by one of the proud racist teabaggersthat WJFK is the brother man station. I wasn't clear on if this meant listeners who call in or their on air personalities. If its the listeners have you heard TEM lately? They call everyone from Coach to Sheehan. I dont even think TK takes calls. If the teabagger means on air talent, WJFK only has Lavar which has been the topic of much criticism last week and this, Brian Mitchell and Rocky from Kevin and Rock. I hardly call three blacks a brother man station. Please clarify unless it was just more ignorance being spewed. (5/3/11)

Hey ahhhhh, just saw your amusing post about me. Do you ever constructively do anything but anonymously bash people on Dave's tit----ummmmm, mailbag? As others have said, your a waste of flesh. Do something creative like find your brain, that should take you away from your PC for days-Bicknell (Can't wait for your clever retort, the word CLEVER was meant to be sarcastic, worked for me!. BYE! (5/3/11)

And WVRX made $7.2 million in 2010. That's an awful lot of money for a station you claim only the homeless listen to and where nobody wants to advertise. Again, facts beat opinions. Works every time. (5/3/11)

So now Urban can't bill either? How do you explain WPGC pulling in $19.2 million last year, the second highest of any station in the DC market? And WKYS ($13.4 million) being number six? Sorry to inject actual facts into this conversation, but you had to expect somebody to do it sooner or later. (5/3/11)

Snippett: (Here in the Mailbag, use of the word "Bicknell" is used to describe someone who is a self important zilch. My Ben-Gay, My Matlock VHS Season 2 set, Dave's man tits. The Real AHHHH.Question??? Hey, AHHHHH, do you swallow too, you seem impressed with Dave's tit's???? GOD (5/3/11)

Dave's response: Hey hey hey, watch it.....

Me, clueless??? Once again, Mary Poppins, you knew exactly the point you were making! You're just another crybaby who thinks "oh, gee whiz if we just believe in it it will make money!" You're a "pie in the sky" dreamer. That's all! Let me say it one more time so you can curse me with "soul". Classic rock listeners DON'T have any money and most likely never will. Stations that cater to that group WILL ALSO NOT make any money! Just ask any DC/Baltimore GM. Since you want to drag "hip hop" into this, the Urban stations in DC billed more than 105.9 last year. Remember 105.9's music (even though they don't target the "true classic rock listener") is still classic rock based. Now why don't you run a comb thru your pony tail and try to look somewhat respectable when you have to tell the clerk you need a stereo that's less than 200 dollars. (5/3/11)

What do white supremacist David Duke, the Democratic Party of Nevada and Matt Drudge have in common? They (and more than 200 other bloggers) have been named in federal lawsuits, brought by a company called Righthaven, for posting material from newspapers without permission. (5/3/11)

OK, I've watched the back and forth on this long enough, I have to jump in. When you say "A classic rock station that played less pop...and less burned-out tracks...for deeper cut Rolling Stones, Kinks, Who, Traffic, Sly, and better 80’s than Aerosmith and Bon Jovi would hold onto their audience and attract people with money – whether you believe that or not," what are you basing that on, other than your own opinion? Where is the evidence? Because everything I'm seeing in ratings and billing books, demographics, etc, says there is nothing to the spiel you're pedaling. Just saying something emphatically and repeatedly doesn't make it true. (5/3/11)

"My Ben-Gay, My Matlock VHS Season 2 set, Dave's man tits. The Real AHHHH." If that's your zesty session planning for today, you might want to go with Prell. That Ben-Gay'll sting you down there. Oh, and AHHHH? BBCBOCNQNS! (5/3/11)

Here in the Mailbag, use of the word "Bicknell" is used to describe someone who is a self important zilch. My Ben-Gay, My Matlock VHS Season 2 set, Dave's man tits. The Real AHHHH. (5/3/11)

A lot of people are weighing in on the Lavar/Dukes situation and here's the bottom line, they are both in the wrong. Chad's in a business, has been for years, and despite the often creative/funny/jocular way you can be on air, behind the scenes it shouldn't, and for certain you shouldn't be wasting time ragging on a guy who is three feet from you and with whom you could just as easily say something to his face, perhaps even in a positive way with some advice or guidance, you have been doing this a lot longer than he has Chad. At the same time though it's not like Lavar has been improving, or even seeming to want to, he seems fine just treading water with whatever cred his name can bring him and not once trying to expand his skills as a broadcaster. His ability to go to his verbal crutches of "at the end of the day", "that's an interesting question", "it is what is", or "fram-a-lam" (okay, that one is at least sort of funny) is amazing, but they show not only a lack of depth in his opinions but any ability to express them as well. Chad is right to be upset about being sidled with a lazy co-host, especially when Mike Wise, who isn't any better than Lavar as a starting broadcaster, is easily matched alongside Holden Kushner. The issue for Chad is he sticks with his snarky, I'm-the-greatest-and-you-are-worst mentaility that worked well enough for a guy talk station, but has no place in the current format, and proves he is a coward when put to the test. Have it out with Lavar Chad, he deserves it for rambling through ever show, but have the sense of mind to do it to his face, the worst that could happen is maybe he gets better. I guess at the end of the day it is what it is though. - Jason (5/3/11)

My newest drinking game: take a shot every time Lavar uses the word "individual". By 2:15 today I was c$&fe@#$vzsvdsfqefkjnl (5/3/11)

“Mary Poppins”? Clearly you are not just clueless, but a tool as well. You completely missed my point. The Hits-based classic rock stations like “The Bay” bill poorly because of the pop-rock audience. The music fan-based formats would bill higher, even if their numbers were lower. A classic rock station that played less pop (Bryan Adams, Foreigner, Heart, Journey) and less burned-out tracks (Boston and 80’s Aerosmith, etc) for deeper cut Rolling Stones, Kinks, Who, Traffic, Sly, and better 80’s than Aerosmith and Bon Jovi would hold onto their audience and attract people with money – whether you believe that or not. Geez, you must be a hip-hop fan. I hear they don’t have any money. Geez. (5/3/11)

Hey dude, acts like McCartney, U2 and the Stones have HUGE audience and fan bases that more than dwarfs their "true" classic rock fan base. So in short they don't need the "pony tails" to buy their tickets. Classic rock stations can't depend solely on ad dollars from traveling carnival shows (concerts) that come to town. When people like Home Depot and high end car dealerships take them seriously than station GM's will start flipping them to classic rock. (5/3/11)

So classic rock listeners are "down on their luck" and have no money to spend? Huh? What drivel. Bands like the Stones, U2 and McCartney charge exhorbitant ticket prices for their tours, yet consistently sell out. So the claim is that the down on their luck folks are spending their welfare checks on the concerts? What nonsense. (5/3/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter/Facebook pages: WJFK's Mike Wise just said that half of his listeners are gay. Ha ha ha!] Is it his sexy voice and bad-boy persona? (5/3/11)

And the other four are ambiguous...? (5/3/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter/Facebook pages: JFK's Junkies claim that media NEVER gives them credit for breaking news.....] You can't, or shouldn't be surprised when a simplistic program designed to appeal to the lowest of common denominators is, in fact, treated as such by the media. (5/3/11)

Chad is back on the show. Drab is off the show but still working for CBS. Chad is off the Sports Talk show. (5/3/11)

Look, Mary Poppins your statement :"Tune into a Classic Rock/Hits station like “The Bay” and its beer, fast food, motorcycles, cheap mortgages, cheap car insurance, sell your jewelry ads, etc." I notice that the word "cheap" was used more than once when discussing products pitched to the core classic rock devotee! That's fine when you say any devoted listener of any music genre can lend his true support but CLASSIC ROCK listeners are generally a sub set that is more than often down on their luck. Listen I've worked in retail (as well as radio) long enough to know those pony tail wearing biker types DON'T have any extra money to spend. If they did you would hear the same ads that WTOP or even the other top 5 billing stations that make up the DC or Baltimore markets on WZBA or any other classic rock station. You really think you're gonna hear ads for Crystal City shops and Corporate high rises on WZBA? Of course not! Any time buyer that would even dare to put those type of spots on WZBA would find themselves out of a job pretty fast. I don't mean to seem cruel but ad dollars are a CRUEL mistress. They only go where the liquor taste right and the high heels and short skirts are expensive and tight! (5/3/11)

Just curious why no one from Fox45, or Sinclair Broadcasting has tried to explain why the station didn’t carry the Fox News coverage of the Bin Laden death. According to an insider, Sunday night at 45 is staff devoid. A Half-hour newscast ends at 10:30. Only sports people remain usually. Now comes the other part of this. According to this insider, Fox News has an affiliate alert system which has 2 categories, a number 2 gives local stations the option to carry an upcoming report and a number 1 alert is for mandatory carry report. Don’t know what numbers were sent, or if anyone at Fox 45 heard the alert. The writer was told the station usually doesn’t preempt programming for anything other than the mandatory number 1. As one poster on the mailbag said he was watching sports and then went to bed and had no idea of what had happened until the next day. (5/3/11)

Funny -- When the Navy Seals transmit the word "Geronimo", it's used to indicate a successful conclusion to the mission. Here in the Mailbag, use of the word "Geronimo" is usually in a derisive sense. The world is an unfair place. (5/3/11)

I’m not sure why the mailbagger who thinks that “your typical hard core classic rock listener these days has NO disposable money to spend” thinks this, but he/she couldn’t more off about that. Hard-core music listeners of any genre tend to be more supportive of the arts and specifically music related things than a background music listener, which is what the classic hits stations attract. A music fan will spend the extra money on a better sound system, on an IPod, on CDs. Mp3’s, go to concerts, plays, and go out to eat more often than an average Joe. The reason that the AAA format (Adult Album Alternative like non-comm WTMD or WRNR locally) exists is to cater to these people. Tune into a commercial AAA station (either local or on the web) and when the ads run, you will hear high end car ads, maid services, high end restaurants, investment companies, etc. Tune into a Classic Rock/Hits station like “The Bay” and its beer, fast food, motorcycles, cheap mortgages, cheap car insurance, sell your jewelry ads, etc. Both can be profitable, and the “hits” based station will get better ratings, but the AAA can bill well with less people listening because they have the money demographic. The “hits” leaning station with better ratings will make its money from beer companies and fast food nationals simply based on their numbers, while the specialty station will make its money on local ads and high dollar products. Both are profitable. Usually what happens is that a station with a spotty signal will use a AAA type format because they know they will never get ratings with a mass appeal format since there is already a strong signal doing the format. Music lovers will go out of their way to listen to the weaker signal if it’s playing something of quality…and they will buy better equipment to tune it in! A ‘real’ classic rock station that doesn’t play the same 200 old pop-rock songs over and over would probably not improve 105.9’s overall numbers much, but it would target a much wealthier demo and if marketed like a AAA – it would make money. -RJ (5/3/11)

More WAMD. To put their signal in a driving perspective. Aberdeen is exit 85 off of I-95. By the time you hit the Bel Air Exit (77), the signal is starting to fade. By the time you hit the Fallston exit (74) it's barely distinguishable. By the time you hit the county line (70), it's completely gone. Not sure how much better it is ant night. I wish them luck, but I would think it would be difficult to sell ad time on a station that doesn't even effectively blanket the county. (5/3/11)

Breaking news: Listening to WMAL's Chris Plante will lower your intelligence. Plus, more on that Fox 5 anchor who made the Osama/Obama gaffe yesterday and the Washington Post's questionable coverage of it, David Letterman airs Will Thomas's gaffe, WTOP to add beer and lottery ads, and some changes in the MHz Networks' international TV line-up in the DC market. All in today's "Dave TV" at (5/3/11)

If you look at the FCC records for Delaware's AM 1260 & 1600, you'll see that these 2 stations get sold & flipped about once a year. Why? Because their Special Temporary Authority has run out and neither has had towers or transmitting facilities up to their specs for 10 or more years! If you click on their transmitter site on Google Maps, you'll find a housing development that's been there for a decade! In order to get around the FCC regulations, they keep selling the stations, sometimes even to family members or friends and the FCC lets them get away with it. And the other trick they play is they've applied for lots of FM translators, so they're really only using the weak AM stations with no transmitting facilities as a front to run low power FMs. The FCC should NOT be giving out FM signals to AM stations that are chronic STA abusers. It's almost like giving your son his 10th car after he's wrecked 9. The FCC should yank the licenses of these 2 frequencies and take 1260 & 1600 off the air. All they are doing is clogging up the dial. (5/3/11)

TV, or not TV? The NY Times explores the question and news that TV ownership in the U.S. is declining. (5/3/11)

WaPo itself screws up the Obama/Osama gaffe... This was a tweet from @DCwireblog ... their local breaking news blog... Celebrations in front of White House after Obama killed: Crowds gathered in front of the White House to celebra... (5/3/11) Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin will be on hand at the St. Petersburg Times Forum as the Capitals take on the Lighting in a pivotal game three with Washington down 2-0 to Tampa Bay. Caps fans can use a little home town karma and Joe. B and “Locker” will bring the games to Capitals fans tonight and tomorrow on CSN. Capitals Central will air for a at 6 p.m. Capitals Postgame Live will follow the game these shows – hosted alternately by Al Koken and Russ Thaler and they will feature analysis from Alan May and a variety of special guests. Tonight and Tuesday radio wise pregame will be 6p.m. on the “Flagship”1500AM WFED, FOX Sports 1370AM and the entire Capitals network. Ice Man” Steve Kolbe will handle the play by play along with his insightful sidekick and analyst Ken Sabourin. Joining them as always will be Mike Vogel, Jonathan Warner and Ben Raby will handle all the period breaks as well post game show. (5/3/11)

HAAAAA, lemme see where can I find Looking Glass/Brandy followed by "I Second that Emotion/Smoky,, followed by Katy Perry's ET, follwed by "Born This Way?....Ummmmmmm, dang it girl...I'm A "Ssxy Chick...Nite all...YOU'RE NO PLACE-Deeds...WHAT IS THIS DUDE TALKING ABOUT?????-DOG (5/3/11)

Nice to see Will Thomas make the big time, appearing on Letterman last night. Ouch. Also, has it been mentioned here that the Washington Post made the same gaff on page A5 of yesterday's edition ("Bush put down the marker not long after the Sept. 11 attacks, saying he wanted Obama 'dead or alive.'") It's a simple enough mistake to make in passing, but when it is published in a newspaper, it's just further evidence that they don't proof their copy anymore. (5/3/11)

As documented here (, Salem has applied to modify their request for more daytime power. They are now looking for 25 kW using a pattern with shallow nulls to the NE and SW. More power to the east is part of the result, and this is made possible by WNWK finally agreeing to turn in their license! Hooray! No more STA parade! Regards, Dave Loudin (5/3/11)

Would someone please give Julie Wright a cardigan if she is to continue on TV in the morning? Cover those arms, baby! (5/3/11)

HAAAAA, lemme see where can I find Looking Glass/Brandy followed by "I Second that Emotion/Smoky,, followed by Katy Perry's ET, follwed by "Born This Way?....Ummmmmmm, dang it girl...I'm A "Ssxy Chick...Nite all...YOU'RE NO PLACE-Deeds... (5/3/11)

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"Sorry I'm not signing some cutesy nick -- I'm an adult." Of course you are, Dear. Who's Mommy's longwinded little man? - ZombieTooCuteForWordsWoof (5/2/11)

Oh please tell me SOMEONE caught the expanded 1-hour ABC World News Report this evening on their DVR? Go back and watch the last minute or so -- you'll see a handmade sign proclaiming "America Fuck Yeah!" in the nighttime crowd shot, partially hidden behind an American flag. Way to make those edits, network... (5/2/11)

RE: Nothing but Rolling Stones tunes for a month. Hey 'Stones guy didn't you read the post I posted about 10 days ago? You say you didn't? Let me refresh your memory. The owners and operators of 105.9 never meant for that station to serve the whims of hard core/psuedo classic rock listeners. They are after the guy that walks that fine line between AOR(as it was than called) and Top 40 when he was growing up! As someone that has done his far share of retail (mainly electronics) your typical hard core classic rock listener these days has NO dispolsable money to spend if they want to buy a stereo they don't want to spend over $175 dollars for one and even than they'll expect the "works"! Station manager types don't want those cheap butts stinking up the place at station remotes. I've said this all before. Somehow there are too many of you wishing upon a star for something that ain't gonna happen! Hard core classic rock listeners generally (and this board certainly proves it) are nothing but cry babies that are NEVER satisfied. Pay providers like XM radio have just what those blowhearts are looking for. Only problem is they DON'T wanna pay for it! I defy any GM in the DC/Baltimore area that can say what I just posted ISN'T true! If it wasn't you'd have your PSUEDO classic rock station and Cerphe would be playing a list sooooooooooooo broad,artists like Jimi Hendrix would find themselves on the outside looking in! (5/2/11)

Hey, I'm with you. If 105.9 played the only the Stones for a month, I'd tune in a lot more during that month than I do now. There are only a few bands I'd say that for, but the Stones are number one on the list because they are the best ever and their catalogue is huge. I'll bet any casual classic rock fan could listen for an hour and discover at least a couple of terrific lesser known Stones album tracks that they haven't heard before (or haven't heard for years). Great idea…………………… (5/2/11)

Ladies and gentleman, note the date and time, because we have all just witnessed the single dumbest comment made on the internet this century: "...'Just making shit up as he went along' is what broadcast professionals do." Congratulations to "ZombieWoof," who continues to mouth off about things as if he knows what he's talking about, while simultaneously demonstrating that he hasn't got a clue. No, clownie, broadcast professionals do NOT just make shit up, not if they're presenting themselves as reputable sources of worthwhile information, and NOT when they're talking about real life. Maybe that was the point of the original post, which you obviously couldn't comprehend: little brains who spend 99.9% of their time bitching about holding penalties and team uniform colors are out of their league when they try to be actual journalists. Sorry I'm not signing some cutesy nick -- I'm an adult. (5/2/11)

"Between the two of them [Chad and Lavar] they have about 1/2 a brain and absolutely no radio talent." So you're saying that WJFK management made the same mistake multiple times by hiring Chad, or a one-time mistake by hiring Lavar, or both. Which is it? "just making shit up as he went along" is what broadcast professionals do. Sorry to argue with someone who is so clearly an expert on radio talent, but you seem like a dumbass. - ZombieWoof (5/2/11)

Finally had all of my sense of intelligence completely and utterly zapped out of me after listening to Sirius XM DC traffic this afternoon. Sirius XM runs promos about "veteran" traffic reporters. What an absolute streaming pile of crap that is. This afternoon there was a big wreck on I66 westbound that closed the entire roadway. Obviously I turned the traffic on to hear how bad the other roadways were that had to take the overload. I hear. "I66 is sickening... just sickening this afternoon. You'll get off at Route 50 and you won't be able to get onto I66 at Fairfax County Parkway". WTF does any of that mean to anyone. What about saying "I66 Westbound closed at Route 50, all traffic must exit ---." Hullo? After beating my own head on my steering wheel and switching to the 70s station to hear the wheel of cheese song Vickie Lawrence's The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia, I decided to hear the next update. Surely, it'll be better, right? Wrong again! Now the report starts off with slowdowns on the Beltway referred to by it's nickname "the inner". Then the reporter suggests "while sitting in the backup wave to the drivers on the other side of the road". Hullo? This is traffic reporting? Hullo? Air checks? Anyone listening? Apparently no one but me. I hope Clear Channel actually has someone that LISTENS to the reports that go out on their stations. Time will tell. (5/2/11)

Robb, from Capital Heights, sent us this message about his package of cool radio/media stuff that we opened "live" on the second edition of Dave TV for 5/2.....

Hi Dave, I like your idea about opening the box live and I would suggest you set it up something like this-- You could say folks such as Robb de Capitol Heights appreciate that dcrtv serves as a repository--or museum--of local media history, and that such folks recognize that media memorabilia is in good hands when it is in my hands--I will present the finds for all to see at dcrtv. And Robb has sent me some of his finds from local flea markets and thrift stores, with an item or two from his personal collection. Let's see the new additions to the dcrtv museum of media memorabilia... And one quick bit of info on one of the items--an Xtra 104 keychain. What is significant about that, to me, is that those were the station graphics when Wolfman Jack was doing his live Friday night show there. And that was, sadly and literally, his last station--he had a growing number of affiliates at the time of his death but as I recall, he continued to host the show from DC, the Hard Rock Cafe, with Xtra as his station of origin. And some interesting background on that relationship--Wolfman did his first weekly show for Xtra on April 15, 1993. It was a brilliant move by the station, which got him to come up from North Carolina for only $500 a week. Not sure how long his pay was that low, but it speaks of his class and love for radio that he was willing to work for that. Clap for the Wolfman. Surf a big wave, Robb (5/2/11)

Dave's response: Thanks Robb.....

WAMD operates with 300 watts daytime, 500 watts night, directional. When Salem had it, they re-engineered it to its current power levels in order to increase the DAYTIME signal on WNYM in Hackensack, NJ, the night signal basically started the same with 5000 watts. WNYM is now 50000 watts daytime... (5/2/11)

The front page quote about Cheap Channel buying Metro Traffic says, " no 'significant' layoffs. : My ass. Trust me on this, to those being laid-off, it's significant. When you hear "efficiencies" that really means "job elimination". Whenever there's a merger, acquizition, or consolidation, that what it's really all about. Eliminate jobs. Make the survivors who currently do the work of three employees become "more productive" by doing the work of five, six, or maybe even seven employees! After all, it's been proven to be cheaper under current law to pay frequent overtime than to retain employees, let alone even considering expanding a staff! (5/2/11)

Did some punching around this morning to see how Osama Bin Laden's killing was going to be handled. It's amazing to me that once again, when the time calls for it, Elliot's show gets it right. It was the only show that was able to have an intelligent and responsible conversation about what happened, why it took so long, and what the appropriate reaction could or should be. He may be high as a kite 364 days of the year, but the one day he needs to be grounded, he and his show pull it off better than anyone else. Props to Elliot, Diane, Tyler and the rest of them. (5/2/11)

You can really tell Chad is trying his hardest to be a team player/professional today. Having Lavar attempt to weigh in on something as massive, multi-layered, and far reaching as the death of Osama Bin Laden is akin to having a sleepy child give his thoughts on the Franco-Prussian war. The previous poster hit nail on the head with the Michael Jackson, Tupac, "NON 11" stuff. As he rambled, Chad did his best to find usable points amongst the dribble to create conversation, and what does he get in response? "From my point of view, my opinion is that, where I stand, my standpoint, is that you can look at it multiple ways, since all things considered, the fact of the matter IS...I dunno". Incredible stuff, very insightful. Kill the ISDN feed, and let Chad do his thing. (5/2/11)

There are a LOT more people talking about LaVar Arrington and Chad Duke's awful program in the Mailbag than actually listen to it. Between the two of them they have about 1/2 a brain and absolutely no radio talent. Scanning in the car on my lunch hour today I caught Duke explaining how world opinion of the death of Bin Laden had changed "in the last few hours." He sounded like a complete idiot; just making shit up as he went along. The two of them should stick to what they're good at...whatever that is. (5/2/11)

We open a package of DC and Baltimore media nostalgia from a DCRTV contributor, plus more on Chad Dukes' return to WJFK after his mysterious absence..... (5/2/11)

AS a matter of fact, Lavar Arrington does the show from Lanham (an empty studio ISDN'd into Fairfax) and Chad Dukes is in Fairfax. (5/2/11)

I bet Chad was wishing for another suspension by 2:25 as Lavar began verbally meandering on Bin Laden's death, seeing Michael Jackson's dead feet sticking out from a white sheet, "all that happened to our country on NON 11 and what not," something about Tupac (by this time I was laughing too hard to hear well), and how Obama wasn't involved in "all this the whole time the other president was president." That's gold, Jerry. Radio gold! (5/2/11)

It is true, as stated below, that Fox 45 in Baltimore did not carry the President’s Bin Laden announcement. It was not, however, preempted by a Ford INFOmercial. It was preempted by a Ford COMmercial, which somehow seems worse. There was no info in it at all. Bob A. in Pikesville, MD. (5/2/11)

It's funny to read the comments from the politicians. The republicans who were loyal to Bush throw accolades with his name tossed in, those who are thinking about running didn't thank either Bush or Obama, and the democrats pretty much just gave congrats to current admin. All thanked the troops, though. (5/2/11)

I just read on Mediate Rush Limbaugh's comments congratulating President's the end of the world as we know it. -- Bobbie (5/2/11)

Dave's response: I saw that too. Mediaite is edited by idiots. Rush's "congratulatory" comments were a backhanded slam, if you bothered to turn your brain on when you listened. Which the dipwad who wrote that Mediaite piece didn't bother to do.....

So the show starts today without any reference to the problems from weeks before regarding Lavar & Chad. It's apparent if you have an ear for radio they aren't in the same studio and there is no warm and fuzzy feeling going on with the discussion taking place. How long will this last? (5/2/11)

Chad Dukes is back on JFK today. No mention of his "vacation." He sounds really dull and disinterested. I don't usually listen. Is he usually this way? (5/2/11)

I doubt anyone would argue that the death of Bin Laden was a major news story, perhaps the biggest since 9/11. NBC dumped Trump, after running a crawl, Fox News Channel reports congressional source confirms death, perhaps first. All local affiliates take network coverage at about 10:45 pm on advise from White House that president’s statement was coming in minutes. All Baltimore network affiliates EXCEPT one, WBFF-TV continues sports program, then at 11 p.m. goes to paid program selling cars. WBFF-TV finally carries president’s statement at 11:30 p.m. Can’t imagine what the thought process was in not reporting such a major news story for nearly an hour. I wonder what the Ford dealership thinks about this. Certainly no one was watching. (5/2/11)

I know that Obama defeating Usama is the topic dujour, but I wanted to comment on Chad Duke's if I may. I do think it's totally butch what he did, and it seems as though that he still has not gotten over how his radio career took a step back when his role in radio was reduced by being relegated to co-host after being equals with Oscar Santana of the prior show and seemingly having carte blanche over programming before the format change. It's also apparent that he's not having fun, and it's definitely not fun to listen to. It does seem to me that he's just going through the motions. I find the show un-listenable. It seems forced, the chemistry is not there and the tone is always too tight and serious. Sports radio needn't be so serious. Mike Wise gets this and is able to have a little fun even in his own "mambsy-pambsy, PC" way. Dukies - I know you read this. If and when you come back, try not to be so angry. It doesn't help your current radio gig or the people in your work environment. It most definitely translates on-air. I know it worked great for you to being and playing the "angry white guy" role in your prior gig, and you may be able to play that again. But in the meantime, I just want to remind you that everyone has their "aha, eureka" moment to learn from. I hope you find yours here. Sincerely, Mike Sorce, AKA your Daddy. (5/2/11)

While WJLA did stay with live coverage last night, it was Carolyn Lyders mishandling the anchor duties. Gorgeous woman. REALLY BAD anchor. Paul (5/2/11)

Now that US special forces have attacked Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan, maybe they should now go after Rush Limbaugh's compound in Palm Beach. (5/2/11)

How the local media covered - and sometimes botched - the big news about Osama Bin Laden, more on how 105.9 The Edge should just play the Rolling Stones and nothing else, good thoughts go to DC radio vet Rusty Gibson who is facing some health issues, more criticism of the obscene White House Corresponents' Association Dinner, WAMU yanks Capitol News Connection's "Power Breakfast," and Aberdeen MD's WAMD returns to the airwaves. All this and more in DCRTV's "Dave TV" for 2 May..... (5/2/11)

Those in th DC area who are happy Bin Laden was caught to detract attention from them? The Democrats and Chad Dukes. Those who are pissed? The Redskins. (5/2/11)

Speaking of radio - someone might want to put Viagra in Rush's caffeine today. These non-stop Obama victories will cause serious "wilting." ;) (5/2/11)

Were you aware that WBFF / Fox 45 stuck with a Liberty Ford infomercial at 11pm last night? While many of your “mail baggers” are tearing up Will Thomas for getting a bad case of tongue-twist at the wrong time, nobody is taking WBFF to task for covering (arguably) the biggest story of the decade with an infomercial. (5/2/11)

"RE: 'USAMA' instead of Osama?] Um, well the FBI spells it Usama. See See-ya. " Does the FBI also spell it ObamaCare and Demcrat Party? Sees ya. Wouldn't want to ever bees ya. (5/2/11)

It was only a matter of time before someone,or several someones,made that blunder. Given the similarity of the names, and the attempts during the elections to mentally connect the two in voters minds,there is bound to be countless true errrors and deliberately accidental slips of the tongue. (5/2/11)

"It had to start somewhere".....excellent logic....except that you don't acknowledge that the Depression,too,had to start somewhere.....Bush did this nation many dishonors and used a horrific event to wrench more control into the hands of financial tyrants. The extermination of one cowardly psychotic killer cannot return the thousands who have died because of his actions. The spins and reverse spins that will be used by the greedy and selfish among us are nearly as sickening as unedited footage of carnage but are also to be fully anticipated since we know the manipulators will use ANY means to thier self serving ends. I will not give respect to a has-been,especially one who had been as bad as the criminals,for an action began and completed by the current man in charge! I'll stop there because my thoughts could be viewed as treasonous on the surface while they are more patriotic than Bubbayuh could even pretend to be. Donnie (5/2/11)

Reason; But to not at least acknowledge Bush's role in enabling bin Laden to be killed is to be extremely, and probably hatefully, myopic. Bush didn't do EVERYthing wrong, and Obama doesn't do EVERYthing right. Uh, I remember this - (5/2/11)

Geraldo did the same thing on Fox News last night... (5/2/11)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter/Facebook pages: Just what we need more Redskins talk, how much can be said about the draft? Oh, I forgot, this is Redskins radio.....] Just what we need more Redskins talk, how much can be said about the draft? Oh, I forgot, this is Redskins radio....."
They weren't the only one FOX 40 did so as well. It said at the bottom of the screen, President Obama Bin Landen is dead (5/2/11)

ZW and I are leading a Klan rally this afternoon, anyone want to come? I am the king of all racists? No, I listen and comment. Bill, ummm, ummmm, ummm (He says it a lot) Roland and no Mr.Tony on a dead Bin Laden day? Sucks big time. OOBBEE (5/2/11)

To be Fair and Balanced yourself you should note that Norah O'Donnell Tweeted that President Obama was dead. "Obama shot and killed," O'Donnell posted on Twitter, citing NBC Chief Pentagon Correspondent Jim Miklaszewski as her source. O'Donnell, 37, later removed the post. To be live on the air in a breaking news event and make a mistake is do it Twitter is just plain stupid. (5/2/11)

Dave's response: Hey, I've always liked WTTG's Will Thomas. He's a solid news anchor and reporter. And I do feel for him with his Obama/Osama gaffe. Heck, I'd probably do the same thing in the heat of the moment. Something about being on "live" can get your mouth moving independently of your brain.....

No one deserves to have praised heaped upon him except for the hero servicemen who put their literal butts on the line on the ground. But to not at least acknowledge Bush's role in enabling bin Laden to be killed is to be extremely, and probably hatefully, myopic. Bush didn't do EVERYthing wrong, and Obama doesn't do EVERYthing right. (5/2/11)

Want to bet that Rush will some how find a way to open his show at noon with a criticism of Obama. No way will he give the President any credit for the fantastic success of the Bin Laden mission. Also, watching Trump and the Saturday night WHC dinner I thought his head would explode. What a f**king jerk. (5/2/11)

Dave's response: Rush doesn't just disagree with Obama, his dislike of our president is pathological. I'm certain Rush will find a way to completely minimize Obama and his order to eliminate Osama.....

[RE DCRTV's Twitter/Facebook posting: WMAL's Chris Plante praised George W. Bush for yesterday's death of Osama. Oooookay......] Obama deserves credit for giving the go-ahead and being the CinC when it went down, but he campaigned against pretty much everything that enabled the intelligence to be gathered to pull off this operation. It had to start somewhere... (5/2/11)

They'll twist themselves up in knots to avoid crediting Obama. (5/2/11)

I can't wait to hear Hannity's reaction knowing the gigantic tool he is he'll give Bush all the credit. (5/2/11)

it's Plante so you can't pay too much attention (5/2/11)

George got the ball rolling, and Obama followed through with the plan. It was a good team effort. (5/2/11)

Right. They heap praise on a president no longer in office. Meanwhile, the same people let him skate for the deficit. Which one is it? (5/2/11)

Dave's response: Exactly. As high as gas prices are right now, they were even higher under Bush in 2008.....

Will Thomas is almost as bad as Craig Melvin. Hey, Will, no one cares about your personal opinion! Stop giving editorial comments when you are supposed to be reporting the news! Just read the prompter and shut up! (5/2/11)

Fox 5 was quick to declare that Obama hadn't given full credit to Bush and then got back to a very important "Everybody Loves Raymond" rerun. Fair and balanced, my ass. (5/2/11)

Did anyone else hear Mike Moss almost intro Lisa Baden on WTOP at 7:38 this morning? Coming out of a Q&A, Moss decided to use a live open to traffic. He got as far as "Let's get an update on traffic from Lisa... " before he caught himself and intro'd Reda Kessler. Priceless! (5/2/11)

I like to think someone at the CIA was a fan of Doctor Who. (5/2/11)

Fox 5's Will Thomas makes the Obama/Osama error with last night's big news... (5/2/11)

An interesting fact about Clear Channel buying Metro Traffic and other radio companies using their service. When I worked for Citadel, corporate had us carry Clear Channel traffic reports. We provided the information ourselves from their internet site for our market. We then ran their commercial sponsors. Clear Channel paid us to run their service and made money from sponsorships. Finally after a couple years our Market Manager dropped the service and we got our own sponsorships. But in this day of corporate radio it seems like everybody is using each other's services. (5/2/11)

[RE: ""USAMA" instead of Osama?"] Um, well the FBI spells it Usama. See See-ya. (5/2/11)

Am I the only one that noticed reporters/anchors saying Obama when they meant Osama? If I was playing a drinking game, I'd have been drunker than Teddy Kennedy after a night at the Old Ebbitt (Teddy DID make the same slip). (5/2/11)

[From DCRTV's Twitter/Facebook pages: Osama Bin Laden's USA intelligence code name was "Geronimo." I wonder what Don (Mike Sorce) thinks about that?] Operation Ham And Eggs!... They shot him with jelly bullets! (5/2/11)

WAMD 970 AM Aberdeen Returns to Local Airwaves. More here: (5/2/11)

Why does FNC keep posting the spelling of bin Laden's name as "USAMA" instead of Osama? To spell out USA? How idiotic and unprofessional. But as some conservatives love to say, it is what it is. (5/2/11)

Re: Chad Dukes. Like so many relationships that change over time, personal, business, professional, sometimes it's very hard to take the high road and address issues or concerns up-front with honesty and candor. Obviously, unless this is a one time event, to speak disparagingly of, or to spend time mocking your on-air partner is going to have a pretty short shelf-life. A lot has been said in this forum about who is doing the heavy lifting on the Arrington/Dukes show, and we know Arrington is not a polished performer. But, Dukes signed up for the gig, and while maybe expectations were different when the show started; and who really knows the inside story and all the machinations which led to the current drama, but it's probably safe to say, Dukes is a guy who doesn't really want to be doing radio with Arrington, and maybe he does not want to be part of a Sports based show either. Arrington is a figurehead, whose aimless ramblings concerning his "feelings" on one thing or another almost always concerning the only thing he has any knowledge about, football, are pretty ponderous. But John Thompson has been hanging on for years, so on some level it works. And they will find some professional who needs a paycheck to work with Arrington. Maybe Dukes just got tired of selling his soul every day for a paycheck and had to take the low road for financial or contractual reasons. What was it ? A year and half ? That's not too bad for a forced marriage. (5/2/11)

Osama Bin Laden is dead….the biggest news event of the year…and the Monday Washington Post is nowhere to be found in downtown DC. Epic fail, Katharine Weymouth. (5/2/11)

I was awake when I heard the news on the radio about Bin Laden's death. Around 1am I started dialing around local TV to get some kind of report. Channel 4 was locked into sports playback, channel 9 was running some stripped syndicated show, 5 was airing a weight control infomercial... only channel 7 was giving me any kind of news I could hang a hat on. It was especially depressing to witness that here in DC, a city directly affected by the actions of Bin Laden and where the area around the White House was filled with thousands of people celebrating. It was not only news, it was history. Only one channel had the resources to actually *report the news locally* to its city of license and service. Tough shit, channel 4 and 9; there's a new news champ in town, and it's WJLA. In spite of their abortive "TBD" project, they're now the guys doing it right when it comes to TV. Start taking notes. (5/2/11)

On one of the most important news events in recent American history and Fox5 decides to go with The Simpsons and That 70's Show. Good job. Paul (5/2/11)

"Well I guess I can respect Zombie for being blatantly racist..." Finally, I get some respect! I sure do hate black people. Everyone in Anacostia should be sent to a relocation camp. Nelson Mandela should be dug up and made to finish his sentence. Finally someone really gets me! Rush Limbaugh is a race traitor for having a black call screener and "show observer." That's code for "picking up white women on the request line and sitting around and doing nothing." - ZombieWoof (5/2/11)

At the risk of sounding racist, I heard Eleanor Nomes Horton tell the Channel 9 guy that "No region has suffered more" from the events of 9/11 than the DC area. Really, Eleanor? Really? Really? Lose the moustache. You're no Barbara Mikulski. And of course the Channel 9 guy had to mention "the men and women" who pulled off the operation. Dude, there weren't any women except the one OBL was using as a shield, just a bunch of combat studs with ragers that will probably last more than four hours. - ZombieChrisPlanteWoof (5/2/11)

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I think the topic at hand is Chad doing inappropriate things in regard to his co-host. Its been said many times before Lavar is not very good at what he does. That story is old. The headlines were not look at how bad Lavar is with or without Chad it was Chad being suspended due to his actions. You can't choose to change the topic or headlines based on news that is old. If the Redskins lose 53-0 that is the headlines. You can't switch the news back to "Look how bad Daniel Snyder is because the Redskins lose 53- 0. If you dont like the person you work with, get another job. Don't stab him in the back with your sidekick while your co-host is right there. Whatever happened to accountability and taking responsibility. If a young child is in a wheelchair and struck by a Metro Bus, do you blame the child because of their handicap or the bus driver for their error in judgement? (5/1/11)

Regarding Lavar Arrington, although it was Chad Dukes who has been suspended and who's messages have brought to the forefront the mailbag discussion the issue we mailbag posters are debating is not about Chad but whether or not Lavar Arrington has the radio chops to host a talk program. Xm Satellite Radio pays big money to folks like Eminem & Tom Petty to put their names on a channel but neither has the ability to host a show. If CBS radio wants to display Lavar's name maybe to show a connection to the Skins that is fine but should not putting out the best programming possible be most important? Address the Lavar issue posters, talking about Chad Dukes is just someone with a grudge avoiding what is actually the topic at hand. (5/1/11)

Hi Dave, Enjoy your site .. thanks for being there! My big gripe with Comcast right now is the lack of "xfinity" features to date. The phone app doesn't work, apparently (according to the Reston office) because we have outdated routers (apparently, they only work with Cisco routers, which we don't yet have. This goes along with our outdated DVR and tv listings interfaces -- a friend in the Philly area has been telling us for *years* that our menus are antiquated. You'd think with FIOS available in Reston that Comcast would be making an attempt to upgrade services, but apparently not. Don't they want our business any more? Deb (5/1/11)

Dave's response: Hey, I keep getting error messages when I try to watch HBO shows on Xfinity.TV, even though I subscribe to HBO. I'm also bummed at all the duplication of channels in the Comcast line-up. Many HD cable nets are available both in the 200 range and the 800 range. I guess Comcast thinks that if they give us the Science Channel HD on 217 and on 872 we must think that we're getting two channels instead of just one - twice.....

"Washington journalists give Americans the impression we have shed our professional detachment" while that may be, I have to chuckle at Milbank's ignorant statement.. Biased reporting and a lack of journalistic credibility are what show us "professional detachment." And it's not just an impression anymore. (5/1/11)

I am skeptical that Clear Channel is going to keep the Metro Traffic hubs open for very long. It just doesn't make sense on paper. Every single market that Metro Traffic services (Winchester, Richmond, Raleigh, Baltimore, DC, all of them) have Clear Channel stations. They have an infrastructure in place that erases the need for the traffic / news hubs. (5/1/11)

Well I guess I can respect Zombie for being blatantly racist more so than OBE who tries to hide it, although neither would ever admit such in public to a black person. However Chad will not be returning to the Sports Show with Lavar on television, so that gives him much more time to spend on his Dungeons and Dragons, working on his podcast's and demo's with Drab and Oscar or harassing famous people on "The Tweeter". From Baltimore to Arizona, back to DC he better hope his contrived "rant" a few months back carries some weight with a strong AM station, because the end of his career is near. The Edge could use him, since Mike & Kirk are carrying it so well. Perhaps they can be the new Guy Talk on the dial if they decide they want to remove the music or let their on air guys talk. Chad's treated alot of people like they are beneath him for many many years through the halls of JFK and kharma is showing its face as those halls begin to empty. It's probably better for Chad if he worked around less folks he really doesn't get along with over in Lanham. He wouldn't survive there very long. (5/1/11)

Are you kidding me?????????? Lavar SUCKS. Bob, you must love BBC. ZW??? I expect more from you. Without Chad's help, he could not turn on the radio in his car. Lavar is to sports radio what he was to the restaurant business. He mumbles, bumbles, and can’t get an intelligent thought out. His prep is lazy. He was over rated as a player and got down on two knees when Dani boy came over to speak to them live. He has no talent or balls. You can say what you want about Chad. But, where he is, there are always decent ratings. He is a radio pro. The Big O and Dukes podcast is growing. TEM should sign Chad and Danny Rouhier to replace M&M or JTII now before stumbling and bumbling CBS gets a clue. OOBBEE (5/1/11)

In my opinion Lavar Arrington is a marble mouthed, slow brained ex-football player that has no right being on the air PERIOD. Everyone knows it but is afraid to speak the truth. Lava Arrington is only on the air because he is a black man and is a recipient of CBS Radio affirmative action. Everybody knows and few are not afraid to tell the marble mouthed emperor that he has no clothes. You are not racist to think this. Lavar does not have the talent or ability to be on a radio show speaking everyday period. Lavar Arrington ruins what could be a good show. Some people have radio talent some do not. Some folks are naturals for talk radio some are not. Larry King never tried to join the Redskins. (5/1/11)

The latest on Chad Dukes' "suspension" at WJFK, a 1980s video clip from Channel 4/WRC's news, Dana Milbank slams the White House Correspondents' Association partyfest, a rant on the Rob Pegoraro-less Sunday Washington Post, Empire Carpet man dies, new logo for Washington Blade, and more on the Clear Channel purchase of Metro Traffic in the May 1 edition of "Dave TV" at (5/1/11)

“Power Breakfast” is now on a power nap. (Friday) was supposed to be the final segment to air on WAMU-FM. But it was nowhere to be heard… (5/1/11)

So, Bob from College Park. You're saying WJFK management made a bad decision when they decided on "The Grady Show With Chad Dukes"? I agree, but in a different, better, more correct way. - ZombieWoof (5/1/11)

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Did anyone notice that WTTG Fox 5 changed there opening graphics and bumper today? Michael (4/30/11)

Child please, let's get serious now. Who listens to Dukes? Who cares about Dukes? People listen to that show for Arrington and Dukes is along for the ride. Dukes carries Arrington's water and he doesn't do a very good job of it. He's an obnoxious personality who, IMHO, has neither the understanding or appreciation for what a pro athelete brings to a sports talk show. If not for Arrington, Dukes would be a stringer somewhere as he does not have the following to carry a show on his own. Instead of texting negatives about Arrington, he ought to be writing his praises because without Arrington, Dukes is working at a 7-11 and not in a managerial position. Bob from College Park (4/30/11)

Here's more on the life and career of Elmer L. Hauldren, the Empire Carpet Man (4/30/11)

Has anyone else noticed this on ABC? When they go to something recorded and go back live, the live picture is blurry for about 10 seconds. Thought it was my tv or Comcast. but checked on another tv with rabbit ears/converter box and the live pic was blurry for a few seconds there too. (4/30/11)

Did you know the Empire dude died? (4/30/11)

Kevin and Rock on at 1pm Danny Rouhier (Rue-yeah,to me). He'd be better if he'd dropped his 'voices'. The Jon Gruden, Charles Barkley, etc impersonations are irritating and overblown. I always switch stations whenever he starts that up. (4/30/11)

This week's Post magazine, which I received with my Saturday print edition but can't find online, has some reader responses to the magazine's "Whatever Happened To?" profile of Weasel. (4/30/11)

Chris Plante is unmarried, and despite his pro-military stance, has never served. Maybe he got five deferments like Donald Trump or maybe he's physically impaired. My guess is he's a radio coward, who talks fast and loudly on the radio about subjects of which he knows little but is afraid to do anything of consequence outside the studio. ACH (4/30/11)

The chronically embittered and petulant Plante is envious because at age 28 Prince William is now married and he, twice as old, never has been and has to rely on somebody he strangely calls "number 1" to show he has any female companionship. (4/30/11)

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Regarding Chad & Lavar: I hope it wasn't anything racial. If you're going to split them up, put the strongest duo in drive time. Lavar is dead weight. Chad & Danny Rouhier from 2-7 would be a LOT stronger than Danny & Lavar. I can see them having good chemistry. (4/29/11)

To Larry in Annapolis: No one cares. "Mike started calling one of the members Gadfly". The word was used once. It's a word in the English language, and is a reference to Greek mythology. Mike does impressions too. Better alert Frank Gorshin. "Adam Carolla did a voice of 1930's James Cagney type charactor". Well, why wouldn't he? After all, he invented doing that voice. - ZombieWoof (4/29/11)

Thanks for letting us know that longtime WWBT/Richmond anchor Gene Cox will step down in June. Before joining WWBT, Gene did various news work, including some anchoring, at Baltimore's WMAR-TV. I worked with him at WNAV in the early 70s. He was not the warmest, friendliest guy, but he certainly did well. I saw him on Richmond's channel 12 a few years ago, and he had really come a long way. Roddy Freeman (4/29/11)

OH, and I forgot to mention... This is not the 1st time the State of Maryland has paid bribe money to Radio One to stay. The same thing happened many years ago under Governor Paris Glendening. At one point, way way back, Maryland was even going to fund Radio One, or whatever it was called back then as a minority information news network. That plan got nixed, but they still got state money that time too! How many people does this company really employ or how much taxes do they pay compared to say a Fortune 500 company like Constellation/BGE, which the state is letting leave town with THOUSANDS OF JOBS? This is just insane! It's so insane it should be investigated by the FEDS as political corruption and bribery! And yet no media organization is even bothering to take a look at the comparison. (4/29/11)

It's sickening that Gov. O'Malley took campaign contributions from Constellation Energy/BGE execs and is now going to sign off on them leaving Maryland and taking thousands of jobs, and at the same time pays off Radio One $400,000 to stay with their few jobs and little taxes paid. And yet there is like NO MEDIA COVERAGE OF THIS??? CRICKETS!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? DO WE HAVE A NEWSPAPER AT ALL AROUND HERE ANYMORE??? DO TV STATIONS EVEN CARE ABOUT POLITICAL CORRUPTION ANYMORE?!? UGGGGHHHHH!!!! (4/29/11)

To Larry in Annapolis. Years ago if you copied material from someone in your market, it was stealing (and stupid). If you copied from someone in another market not heard in your area, it was called research. Now with streaming and podcasts - - it's stupid again. Besides, aren't these professional radio people smart enough to do their own stuff. Ed Graham (4/29/11)

[“Dave's response: Now, will someone please tell BBC America to go back to its roots and stick to cool British telly instead of Hollywood TV classics like "Star Trek," "The X Files," and, coming soon, "Battlestar Galactica." Sheesh.....”] What you said, Dave! I don’t watch BBCA to see American movies and programming; there’s plenty of that on other channels. The whole point of BBCA was to bring British teevee to American audiences. Or so I thought. Laura (4/29/11)

I have a daily routine of listening to various shows over the internet. Some are live, some are recorded. They all have the talk radio shock jock comedy leaning format. I am starting to think that they all also listem to the same shows because simaler content seems to pop up on the various shows that seem too far fetched to be a coensidence. Several weeks back, Adam Carolla did a voice of 1930's James Cagney type charactor making fun of the topic. The following week, Mickey, Amelia and Speigle and The Don Geronimo Show started having very simaler sets. I was listening to TMOS 4/28 show and Mike started calling one of the members Gadfly. Don Geronimo has been calling his Partner that for about a month now. My point is most of these shows will deny stealing from other shows and claim they are often stollen from. Larry Annapolis, MD (4/29/11)

Clear Channel has just picked up a ton of new affiliates to add to their 1100 CC radio clients and they will be able to get economies of scale (read: layoffs). CC’s Total Traffic Network invested much more heavily in technology and their business is cars and GPS systems not just radio. Westwood will concentrate on their network business (they rep the CBS Radio Network, for example). Here in DC I guess they will consolidate on Rockville Pike, not Silver Spring. Now there are only 2 main traffic providers: CC and (which has very little here in DC). (Or doing it yourself like WTOP...) (4/29/11)

On royal wedding day, DCRTV Dave recalls some of his British radio memories. Plus, will Clear Channel buy Metro Traffic. And Radio One will move its corporate HQ from Lanham to Silver Spring. In today's "Dave TV" at (4/29/11)

Dave: Marc Fisher left his Metro column to take over the enterprise reporting division at the Post. If he's been replaced in that role, what's he doing now for the Post? He didn't take a buyout, did he? Christian (4/29/11)

“WMAL's Chris Plante just said that that Prince William is "buck toothed" and a "product of inbreeding".....]” That is just Shocking! Someone sane in this market actually listens to WMAL? Speaking of crap on the radio, Shiloh Baptist Church in DC received over 100 calls and faxes they considered threats after Sean Hannity’s tirade on the air about their Reverend Charles Wallace Smith. The Reverend gave a speech where he talked about racism, and Sean, who has never, ever, agitated race in his commentary, was outraged. As we all know, a few months back President Obama visited Thompson Creek Window factory in Landover, and they received threats as well. What do Sean Hannity and Thompson Creek have in common? WMAL. When will WMAL learn what they are spouting off is reckless and dangerous. (4/29/11)

RE: [ " Flash forward 10 years later and under Snyder the Washington Redskins were worth $1.5 billion " ].... I'd be willing to bet The Redskins either lost value or haven't kept pace with the increase in value of other NFL teams since 2009. It seems like the last 2 years has really been the tipping point. Plus I wouldn't put it past Snyder to fudge the numbers. After all we are talking about a team that claims to be sold out indefinitely with a ridiculously high waiting list, yet was dumping tickets to ticket brokers last year. We'll see what the Redskins are valued at this year. I think everyone from the average fan all the way up to the financial people are on to Snyder's tricks. He's not fooling anybody anymore and I think even he's come to realize that, hence the lawsuit. If he wins that, the little man will jump for joy in his little fools paradise and claim victory and think he's protected his mismanaged property from the possibility of any devaluing. Make no doubt, Daniel Snyder can always make a fortune selling the Washington Redskins. The bigger question is what is his debt level from all his other failed ventures? (4/29/11)

So Maryland's Governor says to Radio One, "I'll spot you 400 grand but you've got to come up with 1.25 million dollars to cover your move which will keep your tax dollars in my back pocket!" Wouldn't another name for that kind of transaction be known as "Loan Sharking?". Tax credits would have been a better deal. A few years back the city of Kansas City, Missouri gave ABC affiliate KMBC-TV all kinds of tax breaks to keep them on the Missouri side of the state line. Unless I'm mistaken the city also gave them a new building to boot. All that station literally had to do was move their stuff to their new digs and all was good. Sorry, Mr. Liggins I think you should shop for a better deal! (4/29/11)

lol Plante rocks! (4/29/11)

Looks like Chad Dukes will also not be on the "Sports Week" show that he hosts with LaVar on Ch 50 this week. (4/29/11)

[From DCRTV's Twitter/Facebook pages: WMAL's Chris Plante just said that that Prince William is "buck toothed" and a "product of inbreeding".....] He's a shock jock. What do you expect him to say, nice things? That's not what he's paid for. (4/29/11)

As others have said host country TV supplied dazzling video & audio to US networks. I thought ABC had the most spectacular sound which apparently was 5.1 stereo. Perfect timing with lingering shots and not overly directed with fast cuts. They let the picture tell the story. But unfortunately, ABC still has Diane Sawyer attempting to be an anchor. Total confusion in the booth at times and hogging air time hurt ABC's otherwise professional work all week with Robin Roberts, Jane Seymour, David Muir and others. Tom Gauger (4/29/11)

Chad probably loves the attention he is getting here. The hoard doing their job in the mailbag. His contract is up soon so forget the move to Baltimore. Lavar and Roland? Doesn’t roll off he tongue, does it? (Nothing rolls off Lavar’s tongue, does it?) CBS can not be thinking of continuing on like this with Lavar and fill in the blank. That is suicide. But, then again, it is CBS. Does Sam like BBC? Or, is this the separation needed before Lavar gets the ax? Either way, it is great DCRTV fodder. Chad deservers credit for what he did to keep it afloat. In fact, he has taught Lavar everything he knows about talk radio even if only 10-20% was absorbed due to post NFL head trauma. TEM should jump and get Chad and Danny to replace M&M or JTII if Sam stays obsessed with BBC. Forget the racial overtones. JFK has become brother sports radio. Ever listen to the Junks in the AM? Where did the hotties and fatties go? By the way, Danni has one corporation pay another. Win win. It is done all the time. Did TEM over cover the draft? Yes! Holy over analysis batman! Mr. Tony or DT vs QB over analysis? I’ll take Mr.Tony. Did JFK under cover the draft? Yes. OOBBEE (4/29/11)

Regardless of what was twittered between Chad and Drab, I don't see how or why Lavarr would re-team with two guys who obviously think he's a clown. And in radio when something like this comes up, it screws up a lot more than the show. You put a full plate in front of the PD to deal with, the sales people who are selling "Lavarr and Dukes" are put in a position where they don't know if that will be the show's name next week so they can't really sell it, and you upset station morale as well. If Chad has a strong contract, the company has to figure out if they pay him for not working or fire him, or ship him to another slot. You create "work" for people who would rather not be put in these positions. Chad has told so many people off air, that he's just doing this to get by and doesn't care about sports, so that's bound to have gotten around, and he's another part time radio guy who would rather run home and do a pod cast, so I wouldn't be surprised if JFK let's him go... (4/29/11)

Re: "Maybe a few that have recently commented on Dan Snyder . . ." If you judge success by dollars, then Donald Trump is a saint and Mother Teresa was a chump. Dan Snyder is a proven artistic failure (his team's won-loss record tells that story) and is a proven personal failure (he can't appear in public without being reviled). Rush Limbaugh is more beloved by liberals than Dan Snyder is by football fans. (How's that for working in a radio analogy, Dave?) ACH (4/29/11)

A tip of the ol' rabbit ears to BBC America's coverage of the Royal Wedding. They knew all the faces in the crowd and, of course, the history of all the scenes and landmarks along the route. The hosts and reporters told the story of a joyous day and did it without all the inane babble of the U.S. networks. The Beeb might be "the old gray lady" but she's still got a lot of class and style. (4/29/11)

Dave's response: Now, will someone please tell BBC America to go back to its roots and stick to cool British telly instead of Hollywood TV classics like "Star Trek," "The X Files," and, coming soon, "Battlestar Galactica." Sheesh.....

Versus gets first two Caps - Tampa Bay playoff telecasts (4/29/11)

"Could there be any racial undertones or overtones or just blatant racial comments made about Lavar?" Are you suggesting that Chad and Drab suggested they all go sniggling on the weekend? Or that they snickered at Lavar? Or accused him of being niggardly? Or that one of them said "eeny meeny miny mo"? Which could lead to remarks about Lavar being no Big Tigger. Of course, you do raise a valid point. Whenever a black man is offended, there's usually a racist in the woodpile. - ZombieWoof (4/29/11)

Maybe a few that have recently commented on Dan Snyder must have forgotten that in 1999, Snyder purchased the Redskins for $750 million. Flash forward 10 years later and under Snyder the Washington Redskins were worth $1.5 billion and were the highest grossing franchise in the NFL at $345 million in 2009. I could only wish I was that big of a failure. (4/29/11)

Meredity Viera is reportedly officially leaving "TODAY": Rudy (4/29/11)

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Greta Kreuz is the best, professional, energetic, accurate, on the go, tip top, A#1 reporters in the DC market. (and no she didn't pay me to say this....i know her personally and she is just a great real person who does an outstanding job on the air). (4/28/11)

The "2011 Early Television Convention" takes place this weekend at the Early Television Museum in Hilliard, Ohio. One of the presentations will be "Granville Klink’s Wonderful Collection of Broadcasting Memorabilia and His Involvement in Early Television" to be given by James O'Neal, technology editor for TV Technology and a frequent Radio World contributor. Here's a small glimpse of Granny's memorabilia as described by the master himself in 1994. (There's also a second half-hour show that can be streamed or downloaded.) (4/28/11)

Am I the only one who's starting to view Danny Snyder as like CUSTER'S LAST STAND at the Battle of the Little Bighorn? This little man got booted by the board of Six Flags, he's run every organization he's ever run into the ground practically. His companies are all going down the drain or done. What does he have left but The Redskins and WTEM and the millions he's stolen from unsuspecting people? People in Baltimore hate Peter Angelos as well as do people in DC, but Daniel Snyder takes the cake on this lawsuit thing! C'mon, when Peter Angelos isn't the sleaziest lawyer in the room, what does that say? (4/28/11)

Dan Steinberg today: Redskins say City Paper lawsuit was a warning to the media. Wyllie also compared Snyder to truth-seeking Egyptian protestors. “All we wanted was the truth, the same thing that occurred up in Egypt where people were trying to find one thing -- people getting hurt and beat up to find one thing -- the truth,” Wyllie said. “And that’s what this is all about.” (4/28/11)

There appears to be many Chad defenders in the mailbag today who by all means only use Lavar's radio personality or lack of it as a justification for Chad and Drab making inappropriate comments.Obviously there is a history many are not aware of between this group and if Lavar and Chad were high in the ratings or the lowest in town, it doesn't give one a right to make certain statements. Who knows how long they happened, who knows to what extent? Could there be any racial undertones or overtones or just blatant racial comments made about Lavar? Don't be quick to assume that Chad and Oscar were the best of friends. If you can't trust your radio partner what reason is there to do a show together? (4/28/11)

Regarding the afternoon drive show, WJFK management should replace Chad Dukes with Bill Rohland. Bill sounds great with LaVar. Chad was making light of his suspension during his weekly podcast with Drab and Oscar, joking about how many days they would be off air and how much drinking he would be able to do. After all, it is really just a paid vacation. Chad has also barely concealed his disdain for doing a sports show with LaVar during previous Big O and Dukes podcasts. Why not put Chad on at night with his close friend Danny Rouhier? Danny was on the Big O and Dukes podcast this week, and would make a great partner for Chad. (4/28/11)

Huzza to WUSA9 for the best storm coverage last night, followed by WTTG 5. The tornados skated us by 5 miles, and WUSA was able to punpoint them for us exactly! Huzza, I say, Huzza again! Genghis Cohen, in still damp and cloudy Prince William County... (4/28/11)

I'm sure this has been asked before, but why would text messages be leaked by Chad Dukes and his producer? If these were texts between the two, no one else would see them. Either the producer ratted, or they were accidently sent to someone else who got them in trouble. (4/28/11)

RE: WBAL Radio-- I must say I agree with you WBAL and the re-airing. It's amazing that WBAL picks up the best of Ron Smith after the game at night. Same thing on weekends. Isn't there something "live" you can run at these times. I used to love WBAL and it was my go too station. Now, I just turn them off. I must admit, I do like listening to the games again on AM 1090. The coverage is so much better than the Fan. (4/28/11)

Thanks to the Today Show for showing us dramatic video of a southern tornado. No thanks for being so dumb as to keep the lower third banner up throughout the dramatic video. Now what kind of sense is that? (4/28/11)

Dave, listeners don't give a who ha if their favorite station has been moved to a different part of their (arbitron) defined metro. All they care about is that they can pick it up with a good signal and they can depend upon it for local type news,weather, info and such. Although the aforemention is pretty much a joke these days, stations like WPGC or WIHT will still be perceived as Washington, DC area stations. It's only radio freaks like us will notice the "dual" city of liscense ID. Notice how nobody really gives a shit about that string of ID's WTOP uses to get all of their secondary signals ID's out there to keep them legal. All the listener knows is any where within 60 miles of DC,WTOP can be heard with a good signal. By the way isn't the rent cheaper where CBS moved their stations ? Makes sense to me the way ad dollars are scattered around. (4/28/11)

"Dukes claimed that Arrington "butchered" that day's show"; I'd ask which show but that's every show with Lavar on it.... (4/28/11)

Dave's response: Fairfax County is the most populous jurisdiction in the Washington area, with more than 1 million people. And it has only one major radio station - WJFK. ..but what about WFAX and WAVA? With so many people out there who really really believe that the world will end next year and that Jesus will "return"..somehow I wouldn't be surprised that in 2012 WAVA or even WFAX will catch up with WJFK. (4/28/11)

Dave's response: WFAX is in Falls Church, an independent city that's not part of Fairfax County. And WAVA is in Arlington County.....

LaVar "disrespected" by another on-air sports talk talent? Hey LaVar, give Jen Royle a call. She knows a good lawyer. Don't worry about Chad. If they do get rid of him, he'll probably wind up back in Baltimore yet again. He was shipped there when 1300/105.7 flipped to sports talk, did horribly with multiple partners, and unceremoniously wound up back in DC. Does he really get along with anyone other than "Big O"? And regarding WBAL, when they don't have an O's game, they should just turn out the lights at 6:15. Hollander isn't that good, and he's followed by the Ron Smith show re-airing, which is so horribly edited that if it were to receive a grade, it would be an "F". They even run the same commercial twice in a single break. Happened 2x on Monday in the first 35 minutes. Mornings are still good, Ron's good, but after that we see a once proud station going down the tubes. P.S. on WBAL. I really don't think they were ever the same after they let Prell go. While I didn't share his views on much, he certainly always did an entertaining program. (4/28/11)

(SNIP) Rogers' ... decision to move WJFK out of Fairfax is just the latest mindless stumble he's made (END) Interesting. Why is that? Is having WJFK's studio in Fairfax really that big a draw? Just about every other station in town changed locations over the past 15 years with little impact. Hell, WDMV proved you don't even *need* a studio. More opinion on this, please Dave. (4/28/11)

Dave's response: Fairfax County is the most populous jurisdiction in the Washington area, with more than 1 million people. And it has only one major radio station - WJFK. Montgomery has Clear Channel's five and WTEM, Prince George's has Radio One's five and CBS's other four, and DC has Citadel's three, WTOP/WFED, WAMU, WPFW, etc. It's just a damn shame that CBS is taking Fairfax County's only major radio station away. I really do think that listeners from McLean to Herndon, from Chantilly to Springfield, and from Annandale to Great Falls should switch to ESPN 980 when 106.7 moves to Lanham.....

A 1982 "Batman" memory of Channel 5/WTTG, props to local DC TV weather folks for their storm coverage, another rant asking WMAL to move to FM, more about Chad Dukes getting "suspended" at WJFK, a preview of the upcoming White House Corresponents' Association Dinner, a WTOP ad in the Examiner, the Ehrlichs debut on WCBM, and much more local media news in today's edition of "Dave TV" at (4/28/11)

If Chad Dukes said anything in regards to his partner Lavar that was critical, I know came from a place of professional frustration, and desire to make his show as good as it can possibly be, in the face of exceptionally difficult working conditions (a borderline worthless partner). This is CBS in all their glory, taking the guy who carries the show, makes it listenable, carries his mumbling, bumbling partner, tries to get him involved (seriously, how many times have you heard Chad try and involve a half passed out Lavar by asking him a question, and get an almost inaudible "Mmm-hmm..." in response)...and they suspend HIM, instead of the overpaid, under-talented former NFL linebacker that de-rails conversations, callers, and topics everyday. Now I would understand if Chad had been suspended for walking out on his own show mid-broacast, as THAT is grounds for suspension in my opinion...oh...wait...Lavar did that, and no repercussions resulted. (4/28/11)

Dave's response: I am not a big fan of Sam Rogers, who runs CBS's DC radio cluster (into a ditch). I've heard some rather unpleasantly unprofessional stories about him from some CBS DCers over the years. And I think his decision to move WJFK out of Fairfax is just the latest mindless stumble he's made with his five stations in CBS's Washington cluster. I guess what really matters in this Dukes-Arrington dispute is who is better "connected" to Sam. And that's probably LaVar. Chad, over the years, has said some not very nice things about me and DCRTV, but I do think he's a real radio "trooper" and knows the local talk radio biz inside and out. And, it seems fairly obvious that he has had his share of friction with LaVar, who, while he may be a football expert, is obviously rather clueless about radio broadcasting. My guess is that Sam will probably make the wrong decision yet again, and find someone else who can "work with" LaVar. Isn't it "The LaVar Arrington Show With Chad Dukes"? CBS Radio President Dan Mason really needs to find new upper management for his DC radio cluster. And soon.....

La Plata Tornado - April 28, 2002 ~~ ~~ Nine years ago today. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (4/28/11)

If Chad Dukes does get fired I hope that he gets picked up at The Edge 1059. Cut the 2 old fogies that make up the listener-free morning show and put on Dukes. It's time for a younger man to take the time slot. (4/28/11)

Dear any and all radio stations. I would listen to Chad Dukes everyday if he had his OWN afternoon drive show and even better if it was the old BO&D show. I will also support any sponsors of this show. CHAD IS AN ENTERTAINING MF’er! (4/28/11)

There's still a station at 106.7? (4/28/11)

Y'all may be missing the subtext on the Red Zebra/Redskins announcement. While Danny does own both they are technically separate companies. And, by guaranteeing the Skins will be on 980 until 2015 it might make it easier to sell those properties. Everyone knows Snyder took a bath when he seriously over paid for Red Zebra. And, while the station does make money it does not cover that huge note. He may be looking to cut his losses while guaranteeing he wouldn't have to go hat in hand to CBS or Clear Channel or Hubbard looking for a Redskins outlet. Plus, he still controls the Redskin radio revenue - the one cash cow for Red Zebra. (4/28/11)

I wonder, what could Chad Dukes say that would make it justifiable to suspend him? Isn't he allowed to be critical of his partner? Unless it was racial or crossed some other line, I don't get it. Or, maybe it was the long reach of Danny standing up for his BFF LaVar? (¬_¬) (4/28/11)

Danny Rouhier was on the on the Big O and Dukes podcast this week. Taped at Sir Phukes house and not Oscar’s place… Interesting. Junkies this am promoting every person at JFK this morning. Most were nicknamed by Chad. Caller discussed Mike and Mike’s Redskin’s draft pick. LOL OOBBEE (4/28/11)

Where is "Mr. Tony" today on the ESPN980 webstream? It seems as if they are carrying a simulcast of ESPN NEWS. Tom in Wheaton (4/28/11)

Dave's response: Gee, I hope he didn't get sucked up by one of this morning's area tornados. But seriously folks, ESPN 980 is doing an NFL draft special from Redskins Park. I guess they gave Tony the day off. Or maybe his contract forbids him from crossing the Potomac.....

Re: Dave H in Towson (if that is really his name) who says “Congratulations to the staff at WJZ for keeping their mouths shut when it counted!” Now if only they wouldn’t talk so much during their newscasts. Bob A. in Pikesville, MD. (4/28/11)

I think the draw of Lavar was his 'name' and that he could pull some top NFL guests. (4/28/11)

How could anyone butcher that show more than LaVar? I've never quite understood why he was put on that show anyway. Was he recognized during his playing days as an intellect? A great communicator? How about just plain entertaining? Anything?!? I listened to that show for a few weeks when it started and was shocked at how little Arrington contributed to it. I was left to believe that his hiring was nothing more than a publicity stunt to attract Snyder-haters away from listening to Pravda... I mean ESPN 980. (4/28/11)

Wow. Dukes IS that show. Sucks if they let him go... (4/28/11)

Regarding the Schaefer funeral coverage, WJZ-13 excelled when it decided to let the pictures tell the story. All to often the anchors/reporters feel they must fill all air space. This was the case at WBAL-TV. All I could wonder was when will they stop with their blabber and let me hear the sounds of the church service. Apparently someone at WJZ decided the story was so powerful it needed no play-by-play. Congratulations to the staff at WJZ for keeping their mouths shut when it counted! Dave H in Towson. (4/28/11)

Speaking of weather coverage. Did anyone notice how absent WBAL radio seemed last night during the Orioles game. The EAS system kept kicking off in the middle of the game and commercial breaks with the automated Tornado Warning. At one point it simply mentioned a Tornado Warning for Baltimore County and that was it. What a waste and no help at all. This really shocked me as WBAL touts themselves as the only station that matters. Sorry guys, not even close. (4/28/11)

You won't be hearing any grousing coming from me today regarding yesterday's weather coverage. All stations involved did exactly what they were given a license to do. Any storm big enough to evacuate a National Weather Service office and knock the Browns Ferry nuclear station on its ass ( deserves wall-to-wall attention. It was not what you'd call "kite flying weather". (4/28/11)

I miss the days when TV stations sent cameras out to record storm damage. Now I get hours of Doppler Radar images and Anchors begging me to send them my storm pictures. WHAT? You want ME to go outside - and I dont even get a cool raincoat with the Station Logo on the front? Carl (4/28/11)

During my drive home last night I heard the same female traffic reporter doing what sounded like voice tracked traffic reports on a few CC stations in DC and Baltimore. I say that because the reports on WPOC and Jack FM sounded identical. The information was not accurate for what I saw and the reporter sounded very young and inexperienced. I know CC is known for cost cutting, but this is stuff that listeners rely on to get to and from work. Can't they find someone who knows what they're taking about? (4/28/11)

oh and dave remember a while back i'd asked about the whereabouts of antena tv here in richmond well on xfinity it finally popped up tonight on channel 207 that's in the entire richmond area that's serviced by xfininty (4/28/11)

Anyone heard anything from Mrs Fred lately? (4/28/11)

WUSA 9: Alwert! Ruh Roh, Scooby scared. Needs a Scooby snack. :-) (4/28/11)

Apparently WPFW has dropped the long time afternoon broadcast of the Gary Null show. Bummer! I guess he's viewed as a bit of a whacko but I always enjoyed hearing an alternative voice on many issues. Is WJFK selling some of the studio equipment at the toothless fairfax studio or taking it all over to Lanham? I'm not Lewis but I find myself annoying. (4/28/11)

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