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DCRTV Mailbag - February 22, 2011 to March 4, 2011

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Re: Today's DCRTV Flashback… By 1984 hadn't WJMD already switched calls and formats to WLTT "W-Light; Light Rock, Less Talk"? Back in those days that was my favorite station. I always enjoyed "3 for Thursdays". Tom in Wheaton (3/4/11)

Dave's response: 1984 may have been the period where DC's 94.7 was still called WJMD but was actually playing "lite rock" as opposed to "easy listening." It did flip to the WLTT calls, and the W-Lite moniker, sometime during this period.....

Dave, It suddenly hit me when I saw your most recent video - you're secretly Burl Ives as Frosty the Snowman! (Except you need a new hat - and maybe a few more pounds!) (3/4/11)

I don't know for sure, but I believe Fred was asked to remove Mrs. Fred from the Friday show because SHE SUCKED. I think it's as simple as that. (3/4/11)

Dave's response: There should be an FCC rule that prohibits radio personalities from having their spouse on their show or with them in an ad. It's almost always a bad idea.....

WURA (AM), 920 KHz, licensed to Quantico, VA is on the air with Spanish language programming. Some of the announcers have previously been heard on WXLE (AM), and other local Spanish formatted stations. (3/4/11)

Dave's response: Oh, and WDMV, 700 AM in Walkersville (Frederick), is also running regular broadcasts in Spanish these days.....

Charlie Sheen fans who can't get enough of the star's hilarious interview tour have something to look forward to. (And everyone wishing the whole mess would just go away can continue shaking their heads.) Sirius XM is launching a station devoted entirely to everything Charlie, which, according to a statement, includes "breaking news, facts, fallout and career implications." The Hollywood Reporter writes that the aptly titled Tiger Blood Radio will broadcast nonstop for a full 24 hours beginning March 5 at 6AM on Sirius 108 and XM 139. The station offers fans the opportunity to inject their "boring, normal lives" with a healthy dose of "bi-winning" and "Adonis DNA." But it will also touch on the negative aspects of Sheen's recent wild behavior, examining potential mental issues and the negative impact it could potentially have on his career. (Source: Elizabeth Yun (3/4/11)

I was looking at new cars. One car was equipped with an HD Radio. Fellow mailbaggers, what has been your experience with car HD radios? Skyliner. (3/4/11)

Dave's response: I have a home HD Radio and there isn't a lot to listen to. I like WAMU's HD3 news talk channel and WIAD's alt rock HD2 HFS channel. But much of what's offered sounds canned and on the dullish side. I'd go instead with Sirius-XM satellite radio for your car, which offers loads of cool music and talk channels. Yeah, HD Radio has no subscription fee, but sometimes you really do get what you pay for.....

....“My wife and I have used our program over the last several months to warn about the spread of radical Islam at home and abroad." Then, you should have been fired, Fred. You are supposed to use the program to entertain the listener in a manner which the station desires. Probably not your fault. Too many stations let the inmates run the asylum. Fred, you are talented and entertaining and it's a shame the station didn't give you the support that you needed to do radio for them. This would be a great time for CITADEL to take over and program the station. If they know how. Ed Graham (3/4/11)

Not that I care either, but the 3.5" Floppy Disk is NOT dead ... yet, anyway. Three manufacturers (one being Imation) are still cranking out Floppies, as many third-world and underdeveloped nations with older, surplus computers on this miserable planet still create a market for them. Only Sony is bowing out. A few other already dumped the format years ago. In fact, you can still purchase portable floppy drives (which, thankfully, have a USB connection) for those who want to move their old crap onto a modern computer hard drive for eventual storage on other media, since most computers today don't even have a floppy drive option. And by the way ... Sony STILL makes BETAMAX tape, too. I know. I sell it every now and then ... mostly to vintage collectors and video buffs. JA (3/4/11)

Mrs. Fred (!) who is NOT an employee of WMAL has been saying far worse stuff than Michael Graham ever did. She's said overtly that President Obama is aligned with fundamentalist Muslim groups and is actively attempting to covert the USA to Muslim Sharia law. It's downright insane! It's amazing to me that she's been allowed to spew her nuttiness this long. (3/4/11)

Am I the only one still waiting for the punchline on the Fred Grandy story? -anonymous (3/4/11)

Dave's response: Maybe it'll come next month when Citadel flips its headache of WMAL to "WDCC 630 DC's Classic Country".....

Re: "WND: WMAL "Cowardly" In Grandy Firing - 3/4 - Right-leaning WorldNetDaily claims that morning man Fred Grandy got canned by WMAL "after the station's management insisted he avoid discussions of radical Islam, sources close to Grandy say." There's nothing the Right loves more than bizarre, off-the-wall conspiracy theories. Poor Ronnie Reagan must be exhausted from having to turn over in his grave so often. (3/4/11)

Dave's response: Anybody remember when Fred Grandy made the same remark about Margaret Thatcher turning over in her grave. She's still alive. That's one of my favorite Grandy gaffes.....

Dear Dave: With spring training fully underway, what does CSN do with it's Nats beat reporter, Mark Zuckerman? Why, pull him out of Florida and back to DC for a few weeks of course. Mark Zuckerman in his NatsInsider report from Wednesday ( says that he'll be back at the Nats spring training camp in Viera, Florida on the 21st. Since Zuckerman provides probably the best coverage of the Nats in this area, what is CSN thinking? Great site Dave! Sincerely, Joe Kasell (3/4/11)

An so the circus begins....the first quoted statement from Fred Grandy hits the right-wing blogs: If what they have written is true, it appears that Grandy is claiming he quit because WMAL had finally had enough of Mrs. Fred's loopy nutbag conspiracy theories constructed of little more than smoke and spiderwebs. They handed her her walking papers after last Friday's show, telling her kindly to pack her batshit crazy comments back into her tinfoil hat and not to let the door hit her ass on the way out. Grandy quit in protest after WMAL fired his wife. Talk about a temper tantrum! Moneyshot quote: The station, a major source of news and information for the nation’s capital, claims that popular morning host Fred Grandy resigned on his own, but Grandy tells AIM that he was essentially forced to leave after his wife, who is also outspoken about radical Islam, was cut from the program....“My wife and I have used our program over the last several months to warn about the spread of radical Islam at home and abroad. Last week, Catherine (known on the show as Mrs. Fred) delivered a very tough indictment against stealth jihad, and for her efforts she was told she was off the show. I then told management without Mrs. Fred at the microphone, I could not remain either and have resigned effective this morning.” Okay Kiddies...Pop the popcorn and pull up a chair....this could be more entertaining than Charlie Sheen! (3/4/11)

Wasn't the first to feel the heat from Citadel/ABC for saying unking things about murderous Muslims. That was one of the two reasons I was abruptly dismissed as AM-drive at their KSFO in San Francisco a year ago. The other was, Farid Suleman apparently thought I was making too much money. Lee Rodgers (3/4/11)

I'm sure WZHF going to Russian has something to do with CAIR's take over of WMAL and the country. VAST should have Fred check this out with the FBI and CIA right away. Bob (3/4/11)

Dave's response: And another thing for the conspiracy theorists. WMAL's assistant program director, Bill Hess, used to work for lefty radio network Air America before it folded early last year. Could he be a Commie out to ruin WMAL's righty foundation? Inquiring minds want to know. Come on righty blogs, tell us "the truth." Ha ha ha.....

The right wing nutso bloggers are running dangerously out of control with this story. First fact check; they have “WMAL is part of Citadel Broadcasting Company and MediaSpan/MediaSpan Network.” They got that statement from reading at the bottom of WMAL’s website “Copyright © 2011 Citadel Broadcasting Company and MediaSpan.” What it actually means is Mediaspan designed and owns the website format. Mediaspan is not an owner of Citadel Broadcasting or WMAL. Why does the right wing “news” not have fact checkers? (3/4/11)

VAST (3/4/11)

So the cycle begins, just as outlined on this board yesterday; pajamas media blog writes an over the top piece on Fred Grandy to excite the nuts out there. (closer to the truth; WMAL wanted Mrs. Fred out, they ended up with both out). Next fake news service picks it up (as predicted here yesterday, World Net Daily), and soon this fake overblown story will seem legitimate to many. Next will probably be a mention in the Washington Times. (3/4/11)

Dave's response: I'm still waiting for the Drudge link - "Radical Islamists Force DC Radio Personality Off Air." It's just a matter of time.....

Unfortunately, Andy Parks cannot come back. From WMAL's website April 26, 2010. “As is often the case, with all the good news, comes a bit of sad news. Andy Parks, a name synonymous with 630 WMAL for nearly 25 years as morning host and airborne traffic reporter, is no longer with us. “ I know I speak for many of us here when I say, "RIP, Andrew." Dave, if you go to the demonstration next week and report on it with pictures, there will be 20 bucks from me going your way. Who else will help finance Dave's fact finding mission? (3/4/11)

Dave's response: Andy Christ? Oh nevermind.....

Dave – do you think Andy Parks might be brought back to WMAL? (3/4/11)

Dave's response: Wouldn't surprise me.....

Saw something about a protest on Facebook next Wednesday at 10. People who think CAIR and the Muslim discussions got Grandy fired, despite indications otherwise. WorldNetDaily says he was canned over that. (3/4/11)

Physical Media Alert: Not that anyone gives a hoppin' shit, but the floppy disk is dead. Once upon a time, Fidelipac made a "cart machine" that used floppies as the recording medium. Radio Marti in DC had several such decks. Now its just another relic. I'd better start moving all my floppies over to Zip discs soon. (3/4/11)

The latest on Fred Grandy leaving WMAL, the Washington Post's blurb coverage of Grandy, the City Paper's redesign, and Jason Kidd going to PGC. In today's "Dave TV" at (3/4/11)

680 am balto @ 8:06 - No Grandy. What up??? M (3/4/11)

Dave's response: My wild guess is that the lawyers for WMAL nixxed it. Fred is still under contract to WMAL owner Citadel and I'm sure they don't want him talking WMAL "dirty laundry" on another station.....

Looks like it was a stunt.Its Friday and its still called the Grandy Group at WMAL. John T. Henneman (3/4/11)

Dave's response: Fred did a shitload of voiced ads for WMAL, which are still running. I think that WMAL is still calling it "The Grandy Group" for the time being simply to keep advertisers on board.....

Is Fear-mongering considered a legitimate format? What's the abbreviation for it? (3/4/11)

Perhaps I was wrong about CAIR having a hand in Grandy's departure, if WMAL's management can be believed. Chris Plant certainly sounded cocky today about being unfettered by management directives. Mmmmm, cocky. If he keeps going the way he has been, it's good that he already got Joe Hadeed to clean all of his Persian carpets. Anti-Muslim vitriol has been a much more constant theme of his show than of the Grandy Group. Protests are pointless. If you want, call into the show and when you get on the air open with "Good morning, Bryan, Fred. I think..." or work the name into your comment: "I was on the Intercounty Connector yesterday and Fred Grandy the traffic was unbelievable!" If Fred was let go or left because of Mrs. Fred it was too little too late. That woman does not belong anywhere near a microphone. Even an hour a week was too much. - ZombieWoof (3/4/11)

All Access and Jason Kidd himself confirms that he will indeed take over as Assistant Program Director of WPGC. I agree with you Dave i think that he would be better served as the morning man at Fresh but iam sure that the current Fresh PD would not like a PD coming in as his morning man. I would take that nice Baltimore PD/afternoon driver money that he will still be making to wash CBS Radio/D.C. OM Micheal Saunders car. Will this move make WPGC go even more CHR with the Urban format that they have?????????????????? (3/4/11)

[RE WMAL:] I had always thought his batcrap crazy stuff they spewed was to rial up their batcrap crazy base. Now I am beginning to think they really are batcrap crazy. (3/4/11)

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Sorry if my previous post was a bit obtuse. But, it’s no secret that Chris Berry “caved in” to a sponsor regarding Michael Graham’s canning from WMAL. That sponsor sells one of the surviving Government Motors brands. And, if Chevy is the “heartbeat of America”, care to guess the “heartbreak”? Second hint, the sponsor was getting irate calls from customers of its very expensive cars regarding its spots airing on the Graham show. As for the other names, given a popular “topic du jour” among the other “personalities” on WMAL, any of the ones I mentioned could be next. Noory and the trucking show are probably safest. However, while the situation at WMAL is probably bringing some laughs at the FCC, there’s always the potential for an FCC investigation to “finish off” WMAL, “Tiananmen Square style’ (to put “fear” in other conservative talkers) by alleging “improper” or even “foreign influence/control” over programming. That could be such a damning offense that it would call into question a licensee’s qualifications as an FCC licensee, finishing off the chain like the FCC did to RKO General. And, if the Obama FCC doesn’t do it, the FCC of the next administration might take up the matter. One axiom of politics Citadel is ignoring is that today’s government could easily be the next term’s minority. As for “Ottumwa”… that’s the town in Iowa that Corporal Walter “Radar” O’Reilly of “M*A*S*H” was from. And, although he says he’s not currently a candidate for political office, Fred Grandy is smart enough to know that some appointed offices can be more powerful than the Presidency itself. Or, at least as satisfying. Imagine FCC Commissioner Fred Grandy, appointed by a Republican President… Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/3/11)

A couple of funnies on the local news last night-as Jack Paar would say "I kid you not" On the early evening news on NBC4 they were mentioning an upcoming story on hazing at an all-black sorority at UMD. At that point the screen went black for at least 15 seconds. On ABC7 early news they teased about an upcoming story "about the disappearance of a missing pregnant woman." Regards Biff (3/3/11)

Dave a $20 donation to DCRTV if you go down to the Grandy rally and take pics or better yet - do a video and talk to the man on the street and Sylvie from Waldorf. Fellow mailbagers, I challenge you to match my pledge. I double dog dare you! Mark in Annandale... PS I will double my pledge if you can get an interview with Chris Core and Andy Parks in front of the Jenifer Street building. Better yet, do the interview in the elevator. (3/3/11)

Even Wikipedia and google has sparse info on the 3rd Gabor sister, so if that's your bellwether of intelligence, you'd have to be one serious dork. I had to dig deep to find anything the woman ever did acting-wise and I'd never heard of any of it ever before! As for Fred Grandy, I'll be the first to say I support both the Supreme Court decision on the Westboro Church and am against WMAL 630's penchant for firing talk show hosts who criticize Islamic Jihad. But I suspect it's more money reasons and is being used as an easy promotional stunt as someone else suggested, save some money, get some controversy going. I'll go even further. I'm critical of President Obama for not declaring the shootings in Germany or the Ft. Hood incident as Islamic terrorism. It shows what little backbone or will our president has in battling terrorism. As for the Westboro church incident, it's just a simple matter of the law, not a statement of support by the Supreme Court, and a law which Maryland has now changed by the way. But the new law is irrelevant to this case. The outcome might have been different under the new law. (3/3/11)

(regarding a previous post) "I would be interested in knowing how many of those people supporting Fred Grandy's leaving WMAL because of "politically correct muzzling of free speech" and the "assault on the First Amendment" also support the Supreme Court's decision that the Westboro Baptist Church has a right to picket funerals of fallen soldiers because of their First Amendment rights...just wondering..." Unreality comes in many flavors and forms. The people boycotting WMAL over Grandy's departure, are displaying the 'Muslims are out to get us' variety that is merely a re-working of the 'Commies under every bed & they're out to get us' variety that was big in the 40s/50s/60s/70s/80s. The Westboro folks are self-righteous, delusional, paranoid and psychotic sheep, whose every move is influenced their imagined invisible, angry old man in the sky. The WMAL boycotters (and their associates) and the Westboro folks are just different versions of people engaging in crazy-talk. Both groups are unshakably committed to their own version of unreality. In minds of both groups, they're as right as the people they oppose are wrong. Our system allows for this, which is fine -- except for when it isn't. Personally, I prefer engaging in reality-based reality. (3/3/11)

Re: Fred Grandy at WMAL. I guess he is true to the words he spoke several times on the Grandy Group, "Once you throw down you can't throw up!" I will say that Mrs. Fred was way over the top several times and I don't know why WMAL management allowed her on the air for more than 1 or 2 visits except to keep Fred on the air. You can beat the drum too hard and I think this may have happened here. But that said, Fred is sticking by his principles and believes there is true evil coming to the United States via Islamic law. OK. He does have the right to say this but his employer (WMAL in this case) does not have to give him a forum. Sorry that things didn't work out between Grandy and WMAL. Perhaps he will be on the air again. I did enjoy his insights and humor. (3/3/11)

Dave, as the goto guy on inside DC Media, you MUST go down to the protest and file a report. Also, please take lots of pictures. Speaking of crap, Hannity had on a Reverend to talk about Farrakhan today. Hannity asked the guy if Farrakhan was a racist, and quoted a racist quip from Farrakhan's magazine. The Reverend said that didn't come from Farrakhan's magazine, and Hannity argued that it did. Then the Reverend said that the quip was from the magazine in 1932, decades before Farrakhan bought the mag. He then went on to say that some of the things Hannity has said could be twisted to claim Hannity was racist. Hannity said "Like what?" Hey Sean, how about attributing a racist comment to someone that never wrote it. (3/3/11)

Geronimo syndicated scoop?... All this from earlier in the week on the show. 3 stations at first. West coast, midwest and east coast. He tried to avoid saying cities but he said Altimore-Bay in pig latin after the east coast one was mentioned (3/3/11)

I yearn for the drama-free days of Harden & Weaver....but that was an eternity ago, wasn't it? (3/3/11)

If Jason is going to WPGC what does that mean for his slot on MIX? Isn't Albie Dee on the part time bench? He knows how to do afternoons and program. Just look at what he did when he was on 995... (3/3/11)

Breitbart on Grandy and CAIR rumors? (3/3/11)

This should be interesting. On 680 tomorrow: Fred Grandy and his wife(Mrs. Fred) join Sean and Frank to discuss why they were fired from a Washington radio station for exposing the truth of jihad in America(Friday 3/4 8:06am). (3/3/11)

If a morning show resigns and nobody was listening did he really make a sound? all this brouhaha about a morning host leaving a show that ranks near the bottom. Who the eff cares? It's not like we're talking about, oh, Kane here. The Grandy show is an also-ran show on an also-ran station. Hell, they'll probably get more notice because of this and the BS surrounding the 'why' of his departure. Yes, it is an Islamic plot! Because Grandy had so much influence in the court of public opinion the infidel had to be silenced! Puh-leeze. As they used to say - nice spring promotion. (3/3/11)

I would be interested in knowing how many of those people supporting Fred Grandy's leaving WMAL because of "politically correct muzzling of free speech" and the "assault on the First Amendment" also support the Supreme Court's decision that the Westboro Baptist Church has a right to picket funerals of fallen soldiers because of their First Amendment rights...just wondering... -- Bobbie (3/3/11)

Jason Kidd to WPGC as APD… maybe Carson will get his morning show at Fresh after all… (3/3/11)

Dave's response: What does an APD at PGC do? Wash the PD's car? Sheesh. He could be put to much better use doing mornings at Fresh. CBS Radio/DC is run by dopes.....

Oh, man, that e-mail with the proposed "Call Out" of WMAL and the rally at the studio made me laugh harder than a year's worth of Seinfeld re-runs. Is the sidewalk at 4400 wide enough for the many, MANY, walkers that will come with the WMAL audience? I sure hope their protest signs are written in big bright letters, because most of them may not bring their bifocals! Sincerely, TMU (3/3/11)

Where is VAST's office? I'd like to send them a case of Cocoa Puffs. They're surely cuckoo for them. (3/3/11)

Dave's response: It operates out of Ken Cuccinelli's basement. Ha ha ha.....

The following was forwarded to DCRTV.....

WMAL Radio in Washington, DC, has caved in to CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and removed talk show host and former congressman Fred Grandy from its programming. We need to challenge this outrageous and politically correct motivated muzzling of free speech. That’s why we are teaming up with our friends at the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force (VAST) in an effort to pressure WMAL Radio to reverse its egregious decision to cave in to CAIR. Below is a call to action that has been put out by VAST. We urge you to do what you can to protest this action by WMAL. If what WMAL did goes unchallenged, other stations will be tempted to cave in to CAIR’s assault on the First Amendment. This is why we must act! This latest affront by CAIR is just one more example of its REAL agenda—the imposition of sharia law in America... WAST - The Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force... Former Congressman Fred Grandy is no longer on WMAL Radio in Washington, DC because he and his wife told the truth about the threat which Shariah and Radical Islam pose to America. Fred Grandy and “Mrs. Fred” interviewed former FBI agents, experts on Shariah law and activists who are fighting radical Islamists in their communities. They told the truth about radical jihadists and their plans to gut the Constitution and destroy America. On March 2, 2011, WMAL’s management told Grandy he needed to “tone down” any stories on radical Islam. They also told him his wife, an outspoken critic of Islamist infiltration, could not be included in future programs. Fred Grandy refused to accept those conditions and that was his last day on WMAL radio. The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an unindicted co-conspirator in the federal Holy Land Foundation terror-financing trial, has complained about Grandy’s outspoken criticism of their organization and other radical groups. WMAL has a record of yielding to CAIR demands. On two previous occasions, the station removed talk show hosts who had been targeted by CAIR. Fred Grandy, the First Amendment and the Truth need your voice. Monday (March 7) and Tuesday (March 8) are “Call Out WMAL Days.” From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. each of those days, please call WMAL at (202) 895-2350 and (202) 686-3100 and tell them you will not listen to their station until Fred and Mrs. Fred Grandy return. America expects radio stations to be committed to free speech and the Truth. We expect WMAL to grow a backbone and stand up to CAIR and the other radicals. Call early and often. Then at 10 a.m. Wednesday, we will meet at WMAL’s studios, 4400 Jenifer St. NW, Washington, DC 20015 with signs to demonstrate our support for Fred Grandy and his wife and their courageous stand against radical Islam. WMAL Becomes America’s First Shariah-Compliant Radio Station — No Criticism of Radical Islam and No Women. (3/3/11)

Apparently I'm late on this but I heard part of a station ID this morning which caught me by surprise ".... Augustine Beach and 103.1 WRNR Annapolis" was all I heard so I did a search and found that 105.5 St Augustine FL is simulcasting WRNR and has been since some time in February. Too bad they can't increase coverage locally. Donnie (3/3/11)

Dave's response: We did report about WRNR-FM's Florida relay on the DCRTV Front Page several weeks ago.....

More on Fred Grandy's departure from WMAL, 1390 WZHF in Arlington now carries a Russian network, and a flashback video of weatherman Bill Kamal on Channel 9. All this and more in's "Dave TV" for March 3rd..... (3/3/11)

C.A.I.R. (‘Cause All Islamists Reek) had nothing to do with Grandy leaving WMAL: it’s because he sucks. (3/3/11)

From WMAL's website "WMAL remains committed to its goal of providing a forum for discussing a broad spectrum of issues while delivering compelling programming including Chris Plante, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin. " It appears those at WMAL that wrote and approved this statement don't understand, or can not comprehend, the difference between what a "goal" is, and what a "mission" is. What total dumb f%cks. (3/3/11)

(regarding Dave's response) "Fred's departure has nothing to do with Sharia law. Fred's wanted off WMAL since late last year. Maybe even before." These people who are calling for a boycott of WMAL are completely out of touch with reality. This malady is apparently a prerequisite to be a WMAL listener. Their daily line-up (Chris Plante, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin) serve to reinforce the unreality - as do web reports like this: and this Grandy should be glad he's escaped from that madhouse! (3/3/11)

Dave's response: If the nutjob righties want to boycott WMAL because of imagined pressure from CAIR and other Islamic groups, so be it. Trust me, Fred was tired of getting up at 2 AM to do his show for the clowns that run Citadel, WMAL's owner. We lefties should just kick back and laugh at the kookie righties, again in self-destruct mode. Ha ha ha. If they want to "take down" WMAL, which also airs Rush, Hannity, Levin, and the Potted Plante, let 'em have at it. This should be fun to watch.....

Dave said “Fred's departure has nothing to do with Sharia law.” Well Dave, not according to the right wing noise machine; CAIR is responsible, and CAIR follows Sharia Law. Dave, you can’t be saying the right wing bloggers are spreading misinformation, designed to be picked up by talk radio and/or other rightwing “news” services (WND, Hannity on Fox, the Washington Times, etc.) , so these “news” gathers can state the misinformation as fact, in order to invoke anger and fear among the populous? That is just so far from the truth; wouldn’t be prudent. Silvie, my wife wants to knoiw what you are wearing to the protest. Can my wife and I join you and Chris for lunch afterwards? You know, like a double date. (3/3/11)

Dave wrote "The station needs to attract more youngish men and it can only do that with some fresh morning talent, like Major Garrett" Wasn't it Major Garrett who played Nurse Chapel in the original "Star Trek" series?? Oh, never mind. (3/3/11)

Dave's response: That was Majel Barrett, who was also the voice of the computer and Diana's mom on "Next Gen." She married "Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry.....

To Mark in Annandale; you pretty much have it right. One piece of clarification, though; The last time Brian said Fred was taping the Love Boat Reunion, Brian lied. If you cross reference the Entertainment Tonight stories with what was said on WMAL, the filming of the reunion finished on a Saturday a week and a half before Brian explained where Fred was. Fred may have been hiding out in California because of what was going on at WMAL at the time, but the but he was not taping the reunion. Also, when Fred did mornings with Chris Plante, Fred was to leave the studio at 8:30 AM for Chris’ solo shot. Fred never said goodbye or "Have a good show." I really couldn’t feel the love. And speaking of Fred and Chris, on April 27, 2010, this item was posted in the mailbag; "Good God, it gets better and better! This morning, Plante was railing against the left in Hollywood. He said that the left in Hollywood like to glorify people like Hugo Chavez and demonize great Americans like Thomas Jefferson. "Name me one movie made by leftists in Hollywood that depicted Jefferson in a good light,” Plante yelled. Grandy jumped in and said "I can name two; Jefferson in Paris, and Madison.” This comedy team of Plante & Grandy is better than the Smothers Brothers!" (3/3/11)

I understand why Mr. Haber, during his sportscast on Channel 9 last evening, termed the NFL talks 'an ordeal.' Ordeal sounds dramatic. It sounds big. And it is for those involved. But for a fan like me, this is no ordeal. This is folly. They should all be laughing and giggling at their success, collectively making billions from football games in costumes with all sorts of exotic themes--birds and pirates and Native Americans. But keep this up and all those Ravens and Raiders and Redskins--and their mighty enterprises--might become little more than sandbaggers on steamships. It really isn't that hard to change the channel or find somewhere else to tailgate. It'd be no ordeal for me. Robb de Capitol Heights (3/3/11)

Tim Brandt, Michael Graham, Chris Core, Chris Plante, (on and off), Andy Parks, Randal Bloomquist, Paul Duckworth, and now Fred Grandy and Mrs. Fred; we can’t take it anymore! It appears Fred was forced to resign over the issue of Sharia law being implemented at WMAL! He warned us and we didn’t listen. Now we know better. Please come to the demonstration and demand Fred and Mrs. Fred come back to WMAL so the terrorist don’t win! In order to respect Michael Graham, the Rally to bring Fred and Mrs. Fred back to WMAL will be at the 24 Hour Fitness Center on Riva Road in Annapolis, tomorrow at 10:00 AM. Let’s show Citadel we mean bidness! (3/3/11)

Dave's response: Fred's departure has nothing to do with Sharia law. Fred's wanted off WMAL since late last year. Maybe even before. Remember when he stayed off the air for several weeks last spring, which resulted in the departure of Andy Parks. Fred's getting old and he's probably sick of getting up at 2 AM for his show. WMAL's ratings continue to skew old, real old. The station needs to attract more youngish men and it can only do that with some fresh morning talent, like Major Garrett, and a move to FM. WMAL's owner, Citadel, is a poorly managed company. It should have made all these changes a year or two ago.....

I always enjoy Unsigned Corporate Suit's thoughtful and informed posts, but this latest one reads more like one of ZW's incomprehensible entries. Please elaborate, Mr. UCS. (3/3/11)

Jim Brady - formerly with TBD... Didn't know if you saw his blog where he basically lists everyone who's being laid off at TBD... (3/3/11)

[RE Grandy:] I'm frankly surprised he lasted this long..but not being a listener, what do I know... (3/3/11)

Still Winning! The Real AHHHH (3/3/11)

To Mike In Bartonsville: I thought I remembered something about Happy Johnny being on WFMD..but wasn't sure if I was remembering correctly! Tom in Denton, MD. (3/3/11)

HI Dave, I said last night that I would post something on radio in this area and here it is. Much if not all will be stuff that's been touched on before but what the heck. Most people think radio died when that awful1996 act that was passed. It actually started before that in the 1980's with all the deregulation deregulation during The Reagan Administration. You could see what was coming,mergers between competing companies,even networks. The broadcasters said that in order to save radio they had to be allowed to control more radio properties and that they would help weaker and smaller market stations by using the resources available from the bigger market stations. They did exactly the opposite.The resources (meaning money) and talent were taken from the small and medium markets and given to the top 5 or so O and O's.In short they lied and thus were allowed to destroy radio institutions in markets like Baltimore for example. Take your pick weather it's the demise of V-103,WQSR or whatever,add to that mix, one station is sacrificed to protect another in the local cluster or in another city's cluster owned by the same company. Baltimore and Washington had great radio going from the 50's into the early 90's.It all ended sadly when E.W. Scripps sold B-104 to then Capitol broadcasting's WWMX and also sorry to say when CBS came to town.That company destroyed two institutions namely V-103 and WQSR.This market has not and probably will not ever recover from those format changes until there are management changes at CBS radio or better yet until those stations are sold to new owners with a mission to reverse the damage done by CBS! The F.C.C. must impose strict ownership limits,for instance you can only own 2 AM or FM's in a market and also impose definitive guidelines on serving a market.Jack FM doesn't cut it and yes I know the station is now owned by Clear Channel because of a tax free swap between CC and the eye network.That would go away if I had my way--but I don't. Now, is it any wonder why people are turning to the internet and ipods? These outfits just don't care! Gone are the days of a Bill Quinn or a Bill Drake who cared about putting a decent station on the air in D.C.,Baltimore Philly or Pittsburgh or any city for that matter. Today everything is dumbed down as the late Steve Allen would say and only a few care.These comments can be applied not only to broadcasting but to every facet of our society.You want change you can believe in fight for it! Demand more from these guys and your elected officials as well! It used to be that radio stations had programing that was welcoming,now it seems as though everyone is doing what we used to call draino radio and holding it up as if it's something great,Jack FM is a perfect example of just such a format. Another problem, the investment banker type now runs radio and they just see stations in what ever market as real estate and not as a part of a community,a part of people's lives or routine. It's set it and forget it. One size fits all nothing unique no energy and with very few exceptions no style. I like K-EARTH 101 in LosAngles,a CBS station by the way, still using a lot of Drake format concepts and great Drake PAMS Jingles! Think it couldn't work here? Yes it could and did until CBS pulled the plug to prop up WLIF.Again I must mention something Bill Quinn told me in a late night programing session," Nick,When you own all the horses running at the race track and also own the race track you can decide which ones will win and pocket all the proceeds." Pretty profound and I must say very accurate when describing today's media climate. Another analogy would be a prize fighter being told to take a fall thus throwing the fight.This is what happened here in the V-103/WQSR situation.WXYV was blown up to protect WPGC probably--due to the fact that V-103 got into D.C. like a local. WXYV changes to CHR/POP but hurts WWMX MIX 1065.WQSR is moved to 102.7,while XYV's urban format is moved to 105.7(2001) temporarily as that format will give way to hot talk which of course would die once Howard Stern left.WQSR at 102.7 was in the way of WLIF and thus it sadly became Jack FM. This is how a once proud network, CBS in my opinion destroyed a decent cluster of stations in a market that wasn't that bad. If ever there was a case for arguing against duopolies and monopolies in radio the CBS Baltimore situation is it. This illustrates what can happen when one company has control of so many key stations in one market.The results as we have seen can be devastating. Thanks Dave for all you do! Best regards, Nick L. (3/3/11)

Today “Gopher”… Tomorrow… Rush? Hannity? Levin? Citadel may not be bright enough to know it now, but they were set up by a “Gopher” smarter than they will ever be. It’s one thing to cave in to a sponsor selling vehicles Ralph Nader once called “the heartbreak of America”. But, quite another when the pressure comes from an alleged affiliate of Hammas or Muslim Brotherhood. It’s not what “plays” on Jennifer Street that matters as much as what resonates in Ottumwa… Long term, there’s more to this than meets the eyes. Or, ears. Think “Qualified to be an FCC Licensee”… Unsigned Corporate Suit (3/3/11)

(regarding a previous post) "please call WMAL ... and tell them you will not listen to their station until Fred and Mrs. Fred Grandy return". A few dozen phone calls from a bunch of right wing crazies won't bring 'em back. (3/3/11)

Check – it is official now (3/3/11)

Did you see the "statement concerning Fred Grandy" on the MAL website??? (3/3/11)

Charlie Sheen as a role model? You've got to be kidding. I don't see how anyone,of any age, could mistake Sheen or his characters as role model. Well maybe a young man who aspires to be a womanizing professional boozehound BEFORE beginning to view Sheen with Hero Worship but as a generalized example? No. Don't get me wrong I like Charlie Sheen and his characters but I never once had a thought of following his path and I doubt many kids have either. CBS is not a religion based network so what's with all the outrage? Why isn't the attention on behavior more focused on the Bible thumping haters who plague the funerals of people who died in service to our nation? The media is a joke and a bad one at that. Donnie (3/3/11)

Will Drew Hayes report that Fred Grandy “is no longer with us?” Will he report that Mrs. Fred is “no longer with us” as well? That is a double tragedy. And sadly, Andy Parks cannot return to the airwaves, because as WMAL former Program Director Paul Duckworth reported, Andy is “no longer with us”. For all your accurate news, tune to WMAL. (3/3/11)

Zombie Wolf – regarding Michael Graham and CAIR, WMAL did not cave to pressure. The management at WMAL, Randal B, saw the CAIR complaint and decided to not let a crisis go to waste. They suspended Graham for the publicity and ,milked it for all they could. Sad part is, no one cared. What happens if you try to pull off a publicity stunt and no one shows up? Well you wait it out and then let Michael Graham just go away quietly. (3/3/11)

From Atlasshrugs2000, a blog by Pamela Geller: Fred Grandy, the First Amendment and the Truth need your voice. Monday (March 7) and Tuesday (March 8) are “Call Out WMAL Days.” From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. each of those days, please call WMAL at (202) 895-2350 and (202) 686-3100 and tell them you will not listen to their station until Fred and Mrs. Fred Grandy return. America expects radio stations to be committed to free speech and the Truth. We expect WMAL to grow a backbone and stand up to CAIR and the other radicals. Call early and often. Then at 10 a.m. Wednesday, we will meet at WMAL’s studios, 4400 Jenifer St. NW, Washington, DC 20015 with signs to demonstrate our support for Fred Grandy and his wife and their courageous stand against radical Islam. WMAL Becomes America’s First Shariah-Compliant Radio Station — No Criticism of Radical Islam and No Women. And happy holidays to you too, Ms. Geller. See you at the rally! (3/3/11)

30 ips open reel, eh? I guess you're getting a lot of work dubbing production down to cart at "low hiss." Hope that head-wear thing works out for you when you find a machine... (3/3/11)

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Bring Imus back in AM Drive. The show's got more affiliates than ever & is third in the mornings among NYC stations. Given his many political & media guests, it's stupid that Imus isn't on a DC station. (3/2/11)

DEAL, I was loaned an Otari 5050B over the Christmas break to transfer several dozen miles of tape from my 31-year career collection to digital form. Between lousy backtension, heads in need of relapping, power supply hum and tapes that are past the point of shedding, my experience was quite unpleasant. It was a task I should have taken on ten years ago while the tapes were still in good condition and reel machines received decent care.Everyone who has expressed an interest in owning a 30 ips reel machine, I truly hope you find the one you want, but as for me, I wouldn't want a tape recorder today as a gift. That goes for everything from said Otari right up to a 24-track Studer. Digital audio has it completely over that junk. -AP (3/2/11)

RE: 30ips Reel to reel decks. Hey "smart guy" the biggest reason some stations used reel to reel decks that had the 30ips speed was simply to make a dub without as much tape hiss as possible. That's it. No one is "untalented" as you say just because they used the deck. The pd at the last station I worked at that had a 30ips deck was once the PD at WPGC and spent time at some stations in New York City. I would hardly call him "untalented". His main deal with decks like that was if you were gonna dub your production to a cart the higher the speed the source came from there was less tape hiss. I would hardly call low end bass response suppression a reason not to use it since the audio chain took care of that problem. Like I said in my original post I would love to have an Otari or a Teac that had 30ips capabilities. DEAL WITH IT! (3/2/11)

I hope & pray that WMAL doesn't have that UMD professor Peter Morici on, even for one day. I caught him one Saturday afternoon. I'll listen to most of WMAL (probably second only to Silvie), even if just for background. He made me switch the dial praying I'd find a colon cleanser infomercial. Bring back Andy Parks NOW! (3/2/11)

"Dave's response: And the above is from someone who posts about one-third of the bawdy posts....." --No, no....That's actually me. And you can thank me for raising your site traffic with a complementary year of DCRTV Plus. How about it? (3/2/11)

Dave's response: How about a year of DCRTV Porno, with nude pics of the Junks.....

Sure, the site traffic goes up. But, your credibility plummets. Guess if you find that acceptable, so be it. (3/2/11)

Dave's response: And the above is from someone who posts about one-third of the bawdy posts.....

{Snip}My game. My mailbag turf. Dave's rules. The Real AHHHH. If this is all you have to keep you insane, so be it. Editors big mistake. The "old JockS" toy with the IN=BREDS. YAWN (3/2/11)

Sandra Shaw-Leaving Baltimore for Florida! (3/2/11)

I would really like to punch this "AHHH:" clown right in the mouth. Hard. (3/2/11)

[RE Grandy gone from WMAL:] That boat has sailed. (3/2/11)

I wonder what job he is gonna Go Pher now?? (3/2/11)

Dave, do you ever wonder what the mailbag would be like if you moderated it and snuffed out the pointless, attacking posts? Forget all the 'free speech' lip service you usually give when this forum spirals out of control and your called out on it. Does it ever cross your mind the negative effects these meaningless posts have on your site as a whole? Why on earth would you allow the site you work so hard to maintain be lowered to cesspool levels? It boggles my mind that you allow this stuff. Sure, I know I'll get attacked for this post and branded something along the lines of unpatriotic or such because I dare question where 'free speech' ends and 'nonsense' begins. So be it. I fully expect no response from you either, as I certainly am not the first to take you to task on this subject. Just imagine how much better this site would be if this mailbag was an honest to God forum, and not some haven for egomaniacs, aggressors, and hate mongers. Oh well, like one of the offenders has said, "His game. His turf. Your rules." Or so we're led to believe. (3/2/11)

Dave's response: The Mailbag daily traffic count jumps substantially when you old radio guys go back and forth and back and forth.....

Put your big-boy pants on:: Criticize, chastise or roast Geronimo-Sorce and his third winner, winner, lottery winner wife and watch a few staunch pro 'paint your ball spot' supporters [or Mr. & Mrs Sorce themselves?] call for mailbag censorship. Once again, long-live radio/tv themed free-speech in the mailbag. My game. My mailbag turf. Dave's rules. The Real AHHHH (3/2/11)

I don't think that Tom Fitzgerald's nuts have dropped yet... (3/2/11)

[How about this for WMAL] Dave, even though I might quibble w/some of the details of your proposed line up, I will take it to get more local programming and to get rid of the midnight truck show. But really, can't we trade Plante for something better, he is such a clown. (3/2/11)

I really hope the rumor about Jason Kidd is true. It will be so nice to have him on a morning show on a station I don't listen to. I used to listen to Mix 106 a lot on my drive home but he was so dull! He didn't have any personality. He seems like the perfect fit for one of those at-work stations. (3/2/11)

Hey Dave. Glad to see the mailbag quality has greatly improved in my absence. Guess the naysayers were right. Sorry to hear about Grandy. If they let him go maybe Plant can do seven hours on one subject instead of three hours on one subject. I guess CAIR finally got to them. It's the same pattern we saw with Michael Graham; station gives air talent a long leash, then CAIR, which is a front for the Islamic Brotherhood cracks the whip and the station caves. Dave, I see your proposed schedule for WMAL cuts Sean Hannity back to 2 hours, on tape. The 8-10 timeslot might be better used for a really locally-focused (not just locally produced) call-in show, covering issues relating to DC and the surrounding area rather than national news. Helpful? Rotate hosts, use guests from local government, showcase local events, anything not national. The Washington Post's douchiest contract writer, GeNe WeInGaRtEn, continues to diagnose serious medical problems at a distance in his monthly Tuesday morning chat. This week he advised someone who had good reason to suspect a melanoma to observe it for a couple weeks then forget about it. Where is the WaPo's new Ombudsman? Gene Weingarten is a menace, an admitted heroin abuser, and most importantly NOT a doctor. And Dave, like Farhi, he copied from you, when he said his comic strip is deliberately bad. - ZombieWoof (3/2/11)

Totally agree with this post (SNIPPET)-My game? My turf? Suddenly posters have resorted to catchphrases? What the hell is this? Pro wrestling? This place has turned into a complete joke.(Editor's thought process???) (3/2/11)

"Give it up your chains being yanked-YAWN" --I said dance for me, monkey! Get in there, slap on some Wham, and shake that one foot on the grave ass of yours! (3/2/11)

Hey, why don't you practice what you preach? Enough is enough.Alll this stupid bickering (no pun) Just Sayin'(Dave's response: That's not nice. It's now March. Almost spring. Let's think nice thoughts about our fellow radio guys, huh. Time to release all that negative jealousy..... (3/2/11)

My game? My turf? Suddenly posters have resorted to catchphrases? What the hell is this? Pro wrestling? This place has turned into a complete joke. (3/2/11)

Fred leaving WMAL? Didn’t that already happen once? No one knew where he was and then finally Neahman said he was out in California at a Love Boat reunion. Andy Parks, God rest his soul, filled in like the trooper he was and was rewarded for his loyalty by one Paul Duckworth who towed the company line and too was rewarded for his efforts during the confusion. .Then Grandy came back and was paired with Chris “Love the Love Boat Guy” Plante where they together created radio magic for a few weeks. Do I remember this correctly or not? Mark in Annandale (3/2/11)

You should have an rss feed for this site, or at least for the home page. (3/2/11)

[RE "Dave TV":] You should have a radio show. Either online, or on the radio. A show where fans can call in all talk with you. (3/2/11)

Thank you, Comrade Dave. (3/2/11)

As a former announcer on Crimmins Lane, I salute you. (3/2/11)

So 1390 is once again the home of the Redcoats? (3/2/11)

Dave's response: Ha ha ha. The old WEAM is once again "red" with Voice Of Russia programming.....

Fred is in trouble? Even his and Mrs Fred, Cynthia Mann, comments together would not equal the hate speech Plante has spewed about Islam. But maybe Plante is in trouble too because the little I heard of his show he was ranting about "Obama hates Israel" instead of "Obama is a Muslim". (3/2/11)

Re:: WMAL (630 AM) morning man Fred Grandy (right) made an announcement at the end of his Tuesday show saying that he could no longer discuss "radical Islam" topics on the air, a frequent focus of his show, especially when his wife, "Mrs. Fred," appears on Fridays." Seeeeeee, albeit "Mrs Fred" or "Mrs Jan Geronimo-Sorce" the FCC and all Networks, should BAN ALL DJ FAMILY MEMBERS FROM GOING ON-AIR - aside from the fact that it is really bad, ear-bleeding radio. My game. My Mailbag Turf. Dave's Rules.The Real AHHHH (3/2/11)

You never quit…a bit PARANOID NOW AREN’T YOU??? (Snippet) PLeBes against AHHHH (Employed, not hate-filled, moved out from the parents, not mentally challenged and no such siblings)You’re parents recognized damaged goods immediately,huh? Give it up your chains being yanked-YAWN (3/2/11)

Re: Mailbag…I’m done. I’ll come back in a few months and see if it’s gotten any better. I’m feeling dumb just for reading the crap. (3/2/11)

I hope Andy Parks still has the bus... Nehman & Parks has a nice ring to it. On a Nehman note, can he be ANY more f*ing annoying with those mortgage commercials? Casey Kasem's daughter is bad enough but Bryan is horrid faking excitement on those. Most of those mortgage commercials are bad, but that one has to be the worst. (3/2/11)

The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming! Voice of Russia, government-owned successor to legendary Radio Moscow, is being heard this week on WZHF-AM1390 in DC. The Spanish music/talk has disappeared. VOR seems to be airing fulltime on the station owned by Multicultural Broadcasting (Arthur Liu). It remains to be seen whether station's weekend programs, consisting of Spanish and African languages, will also be given the axe. VOR appears at a time of increasing, almost insatiable, public appetite for additional coverage/perspectives on upheaval in the Arab world. Al Jazeera English, once dissed as mouthpiece for Osama & anti-Western propaganda, has taken on new respectability and seems to be the "go-to" place for live news/interviews of global events, on Fairfax non-comm WNVC-TV and local cable systems. VOR on WZHF now adds a Russian accent to current event coverage. All the while local network outlets & CNN, CNBC, et al. concentrate their bright lights on the other urgent and important news of the day, such as drug addition (Charlie Sheen's meltdown), and skyrocketing commodity prices (Lindsay Lohan's yen for precious metals). (3/2/11)

"Anyone care to second the motion? - PLeBes against AHHHH" --I'll second that motion! -bAHHHHHbAHHHHHlooooooooo (3/2/11)

Memo to WRQX’s PM Drive jock Rob Carson – Are there ANY stations left that you haven’t pitched for AM Drive yet? Hmm, let me guess – AM 1190 WAGE? Two suggestions – first, get a new agent and secondly, be thankful that your PD is too busy worrying whether HE’LL have a job once the merger is complete to even worry about you. Pathetic. Mike in Fairfax (3/2/11)

"Now you know how your listeners feel." Actually, I do find that witty. Especially given how low their ratings are, as discussed earlier. Waiting for Paul to act as the arbiter of "witty" is just another form of his Bicktation. Anyone care to second the motion? - PLeBes against AHHHH (Employed, not hate-filled, moved out from the parents, not mentally challenged and no such siblings) (3/2/11)

Things weren't always happy for Johnny. (3/2/11)

"Keep it up, we’re all watching your jealousy mushroom!!!- BTW, YAWN!" --Clearly no one is watching you. Now dance for me, monkey. (3/2/11)

Dave, I would make a couple of changes to your suggested WMAL lineup. First, get rid of Chris Plante (sp?) again. His “red meat” attitude towards everything gets very old, very quickly and I, for one, will not listen to him. Do keep John Bachelor at night. While I don’t much like his dramatic break music, he is smart (a Princeton grad, so I’m told), talks about international affairs (kind of important considering what’s going on in the mid-east now) and other interesting topics which aren’t found on other stations. Finally, I DO AGREE that the “Midnight Network” (or whatever the name of the program is) aired from 3 to 5 am is truly overfull! I have thought that the only reason that WMAL carries it is because if comes from a co-owned station (WBAP perhaps) and they needed clearances in major markets. (3/2/11)

Dave's response: OK. How about this for WMAL, 105.9 FM and 630 AM - 5 AM: Major Garrett and Bryan Nehman (local), 9 AM: Chris Plante (local), noon: Rush Limbaugh, 3 PM: Brian Wilson (local), 6 PM: Mark Levin, 8 PM: Sean Hannity (tape delay), 10 PM: John Bachelor, 1 AM: George Noory. That's 10 hours of specific local programming for the station.....

Hey does your ass feel? WBAL kissed it enough yesterday. I wonder if he heard all of the dead air? (3/2/11)

YOU think he’s easy to string along????? LMAO (Snippet) "YAWN-GETTING DESPERATE AREN’T YOU!-(SNIP) "BOREDOM CONTINUES" --Now you know how your listeners feel.YAWN!" --Wow, stringing you along is just too easy! Say....Do you do any other tricks? Roll over? Fetch? Play dead? I know....I know....Yawn.....we get it.(Just keep on posting, you that hates openly, attacks senselessly and has no brains TO BOOT! -Keep it up, we’re all watching your jealousy mushroom!!!- BTW, YAWN! (3/2/11)

".....could no longer discuss "radial Islam" topics on the air" What's that you're always saying about the Post making errors, Dave? (3/2/11)

Dave's response: No typo. "Radial Islam tires".....

Snippet(--Wow, stringing you along is just too easy!) You really don’t get it…YAWN (3/2/11)

"...Doesn't CBS know that Charlie Sheen is a role model for millions of kids? .." LOL that is funny !! Considering that we are talking about a man who during an interview some years back had actually ATE a pack a cigarettes, well I doubt that there are very many parents out there who believe that Charlie is a role model and the same goes with most of the other stars too. And besides do any of them play with a full deck? I used to be a big fans of both Hal Holbrook and the late Dixie Carter, that is until one night back in 1994 when I was in LA I had seen them in a restaurant with their teen daughter. A woman with down syndrome comes into the restaurant only to have the daughter of Holbrook/Carter throw a cigarette lighter into her face scream " go fix your f**king face you ugly retarded whore". As shocking as this was, even more shocking was that these the two famous actors felt that the whole thing was hilarious as they were sceraming in laughter towards the woman with down's. Nah most of these people don't play with a full why should we be concerned about Charlie Sheen or anybody else who appears on TV? (3/2/11)

[RE Fred Grandy:] He may have to run and hide in his Gopher hole..... (3/2/11)

Breaking news from DCRTV. Could Fred Grandy be leaving WMAL? What should 630's new line-up look like according to DCRTV Dave...... (3/2/11)

Junks are continuing to be the old junks today. I got stuck in a deli for 30 minutes this AM. BIG was on. I rarely listen to BIG. I really liked seven of the eight or so songs I heard. Maybe the EDGE should take a listen. I am in the male demo, 25-50. OOBBEE (3/2/11)

"All right, is everybody ready? YAAAAAAAAAAY!" FROM THE STUDIOS OF BIG 16, HERE'S THE WINX WAX TO WATCH THIS WEEK!!! "Aright now, here we go!" Ahhh, memories of 1966. In case you're under 50, the beginning and end of that were taken directly from the intro to Smokey and the Miracles' "Mickey's Monkey." KOF (3/2/11)

"YAWN-GETTING DESPERATE AREN’T YOU!-(SNIP) "BOREDOM CONTINUES" --Now you know how your listeners feel.YAWN!" --Wow, stringing you along is just too easy! Say....Do you do any other tricks? Roll over? Fetch? Play dead? I know....I know....Yawn.....we get it. (3/2/11)

YAWN-GETTING DESPERATE AREN’T YOU!-(SNIP) "BOREDOM CONTINUES" --Now you know how your listeners feel.YAWN! (3/2/11)'s "Dave TV" for 2 March features some WBAL radio and TV jingles, plus a news intro for the old WASH featuring Eddie Gallaher and Barton Eckert. And a salute to new WTOP morning traffic lady Reeda Kessler, plus a rant about the egos of Capitol Hill journos and the idiot websites that cover them...... (3/2/11)

"Doing a beeper" was spawned by a significant court case that led to a ruling allowing people to hook their own devices up to their phone lines. Do a search for "Hush-a-Phone" and find some interesting reading. Also, can't imagine why anyone would want a 30ips open reel machine. Teac, Otari and the best Studers of the day pointed out the loss of bass response at 30ips. Typically, speeds higher than 15ips prevented the tape from fully taking low frequency magnetization. The prevailing thought was that 30ips was primarily offered for untalented people who needed more physical slop for their grease pencil and (dull) razor blade to slam an edit together. (3/2/11)

Way to go WBAL! Your first 15 minutes of your first spring training game broadcast really set the stage. A whole 15 minutes with a top-notch guest on "Orioles On Deck." Orioles outside counsel Alan Rifkin. Really WBAL??? A lawyer??? And he talked gushingly about the "great personal and financial sacrifices" of Peter and John Angelos in their support of the team and their new spring training facility. Oh, and a minute or two on the legal and regulatory hurdles they had to overcome to make modifications to the stadium in Sarasota. Nice job, it's just what we would have expected. (3/2/11)

"BOREDOM CONTINUES" --Now you know how your listeners feel. (3/2/11)

When is the WJFK moving sale? I'd sure like a crack at some old Don and Mike stuff, Howard Stern pictures or old autographed junkette calendars. Or how about some stuff from the Pete Rosenberg or Unzipped programs! (3/2/11)

Ted Landphair, Records were also the "stacks of wax" and the "picks to click". Records climbing the "top 40 survey" were often said to be "#6 with a bullet" or "#13 with a bullet", giving both the position on the chart and the fact that they were climbing rapidly up the survey. The new record considered most likely to do well on the chart was proclaimed "the pick hit of the week". In commercial production, a "donut" was a jingle bed with vocals at the beginning and end, and the announcer was to fill the middle (the hole) with spoken copy over an instrumental bed. (3/2/11)

{Shhhhhhhhhhhhh....go to sleep, sweety.} "(YAWN) A bit desperate aren't you, boring too."BOREDOM CONTINUES" (3/2/11)

While watching the Charlie Sheen interview on TV tonight, it does make me wonder. Doesn't CBS radio/TV have some kind of morals clause that is in place in their contracts for all of their employees including those who work at WJFK where if they "step out of line" and if they should go against the morals of CBS.....FIRED !! I believe such a rule goes back to the 1940's. Doesn't CBS know that Charlie Sheen is a role model for millions of kids? CBS should just come right out and fire him for his disgusting behavior. Chet (3/2/11)

"Happy Johnny" Zufall ended up at WFMD in Frederick where he ruled morning drive through the 60s and early 70s. Never forget that when Tommy Grunwell (son-in-law of owner Jim Gibbons) replaced him a number of farmers called in to complain that their cows didn't like him and weren't producing as much milk. Mike in Bartonsville (just east of beautiful Fredneck) (3/2/11)

/\ March 2 Messages /\

\/ March 1 Messages \/

Attention Charles in Winchester: I have been in commercial radio since 1975. The station I work at now uses Maestro automation (live assist). We still have reel to reel machines (cassette decks,too) in our production rooms but nobody uses them. All prod is done on Cool edit pro or "Saw" (a big pain in the ass!). There aren't even any splicing blocks or splicing tapes in any of the rooms. Every now and than some client will want to use a jingle or bed from the old days that we still have on reel to reel. Even now CD players are virtually useless! If we need to use a bed off a CD we just put it in Cool Edit and digitally extract it from the CD (in full CD quality). As far as the music we play damn near everything is downloaded (in .wav or mp3) from two or three different download centers. One record company has announced they will soon discontinue sending out the actual cd. There have been times when a major artists new release hasn't been sent to the download centers. The last time that happened I pulled out my credit card and got it from Nowadays your consultant's worth is based on how many hard to get major artists releases he can get you before everyone else gets them. Getting back to actual production, I have no idea what these kids today are being taught. The chick that does nights for us can't even dub something into the maestro from a cd or even edit down an aircheck in cool edit. I learned cool edit by getting a copy myself and putting it on my pc and laptop at home so I can hone up my skills. Would I like to own an Otari or Teac reel to reel (30ips) sure I would! You have to pay homage to what you first honed your skills on! (3/1/11)

Dave: I have heard of "Happy Johnny" before (this is in response to your "Dave TV for March 1st)..don't actually remember him..but seem to remember my father speaking of him; I somehow was under the impression that he did a "country" show! But he still could have been on WBAL as they could have programmed country music back then! That reminds me; for a time in the early 70s, WBAL did program a couple hours of country music during the early evening hours..between 7 P.M. and 9 P.M.; think the host was Bob Jones. Tom in Denton, MD. (3/1/11)

"(YAWN) A bit desperate aren't you, boring too." --Shhhhhhhhhhhhh....go to sleep, sweety. (3/1/11)

“Do they even teach people how to edit reel-to-reel tape anymore?” Um, not for at least a dozen years, Charles. In many, many radio stations now you won’t even find a reel-to-reel machine. These fancy new gizmos called “computers” can do the work of a roomful of multi-track reel-to-reel behemoths in 10% of the time, 1% of the space and .5% of the cost. (3/1/11)

I have to say hi to my friends in Baltimore, my hometown. Over many years it was great to work with PD's like Clark West, Larry Clark, Lou Krieger and Johnny Dark. Hopefully I have learned a few things from each of them! We are now streaming in this SW side of Va, Back in the Baltimore days, radio was still corporate owned, but we were all family. At WZBB, it's family owned, and lot's of fun. Great facilities and quite successful with a mix of country from the 80's thru today. Baltimore could use a similar format. By the way, if you make a trip down this way, bring some steamed crabs hun! Tom Conroy, 2-7pm WZBB-FM (3/1/11)

For Landphair's listing of old radio lingo, how about "doing a beeper." The term refers to a reporter on a telephone line, going live on radio or television, or delivering a report to be tape-recorded for later playback. It apparently dates to the days of the Bell System, which had required the rental of a telephone company box that imposed a "beep" every ten seconds on any phone calls that were to be recorded or broadcast. The idea was to alert the calling party that their phone call could be stored, retrieved, and/or distributed. (3/1/11)

Hey Dave - I keep seeing that ad for Spewak and his wife. I'll have to try to listen. I miss Andy Poolie. Junks kicked ass this am. Let the Junks be THE Junks. BO&D and MOS podcasts are better than ever. Extra content is fantastic. The post sucks but I still pay for it. It is hard to crap with a laptop. Also, you come home from a computer and it's nice to open the arms to a paper. Wish it was The NY Times but too expensive. Prediction: Dukes re-ups with JFK…with B Mitch as his partner. Junks split into two. Lurch gets to sleep to do 10-12, which Junkie moves with him?…. OOBBEE (3/1/11)

{Time for Matlock and beddy bye.}Yep, Still waiting. For witty retort!(YAWN) A bit desperate aren't you, boring too. (3/1/11)

Yep, we're still waiting...Tomorrow's forec ( CREATIVITY HERE???LOL!!!--- (Tomorrow's fore ast just came in! Sacramento, California - Some rain and a high temperature of 57 degrees. Pasadena, Maryland - Cold and bitter, particularly between the hours of 10 A.M. and noon). YAWN! (3/1/11)

So “Pot it up (or down)” has become “old-time” radio lingo. I know I have been out of the booth for about a dozen years, but this still surprises me. Do they even teach people how to edit reel-to-reel tape anymore? I guess it’s time to go to the home. Charles in Winchester (3/1/11)

Tomorrow's forecast just came in! Sacramento, California - Some rain and a high temperature of 57 degrees. Pasadena, Maryland - Cold and bitter, particularly between the hours of 10 A.M. and noon. (3/1/11)

wow your viewers work fast .. thanks! uncle johnny may wanna change his name to grandpa johnny! (3/1/11)

"(Still waiting. For witty retort!(YAWN)" --Tired? Yeah...Running a radio station into the ground really takes a lot out of a person. Time for Matlock and beddy bye. (3/1/11)

All right Dave, I can't stand it anymore. Who, who, who in the world is this smoking white hot chick I keep having to pass by every day on your site for the last month or two? Not specifically DC, but it could be go info for people that read Sports Illustrated or watched the Daytona 500 (3/1/11)

Hey Dave, Is anyone carrying the Orioles spring training games on the radio in the DC area?? (3/1/11)

Dave's response: You can probably hear most of the games on Balto's BAL, 1090 AM, which covers a good chunk of the DC metro.....

Former Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd has been named as the new MPAA chief. (3/1/11)

Forget Lady T. I don't have to look at the rest of the anonymous woman above to get my motor racin'. Especially with her fingers to her lips like that soooooooo seductively. At the very least, please satisfy me, Dave (my curiosity, that is)! The Big Bad Wolf (3/1/11)

To the poster asking about Uncle Johnny and Adam Smasher…Uncle Johnny is on a country station in Shenandoah Valley (96.9 FM). Adam Smasher (a.k.a. Asher Benrubi) was on the air in St. Louis at least until a couple of years ago, but I think he's not on the air any longer. Tom In Wheaton (3/1/11)

I don't use "knowledge of Gabor sisters as a bellwether of intelligence" either...but when somebody has a history of mouthing off about topics they don't know much about, as Plante does, this kind of thing just cements that reputation. (3/1/11)

Where is UNCLE JOHNNY? ...right here... (3/1/11)

From today's NTS Media Online: WTOP/Washington recently hosted a group of regional leaders for a special show, Hands Across The Potomac. The hour-long program allowed three state governors and DC’s mayor to take calls, emails and Facebook questions from listeners as they discussed solutions to regional problems. Pictured (l-r) are Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, Washington, DC mayor Vincent Gray, WTOP morning traffic maven Reada Kessler, and Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell. All three political heavyweights have been known to count on Kessler’s on-air reports to keep them from being late to meetings by guiding them through the region’s well-documented traffic snarls. (3/1/11)

Snippet(["Still waiting for a witty retort from either of you, hsn’t happened yet???"] --Still waiting on that Sacramento clock.(Still waiting. For witty retort!(YAWN) (3/1/11)

For what it's worth Frederick's 93.5 translator of WFSI "Family Radio" has been off the air for weeks. I should try to pick up the Catonsville transmitter when I get home, long shot since it'll have to overcome a distant WTPA from Harrisburg and Leesburg's translator of WPER. Speaking of HD tests it's been awhile since I've heard any tests on AM-1670 from WWFD's site. Is that still licensed? (3/1/11)

"Having the Nationals, versus WTEM re-signing with the BALTIMORE Orioles is just another in a pretty long list of advantages that "The Fan" has been able to establish over their Dan Snyder-owned competitor. Add to that a successful, local morning show, late night local programming, and largely local weekends, plus the Washington Wizards, and Capitals playoffs, and you have a pretty strong sports station." You'd think that Redskins coverage would be the one area where ESPN 980 still had a clear advantage over its competitor, but 106.7 The Fan's beat reporter Grant Paulsen was covering the NFL's scouting combine live from Indianapolis over the past weekend while his counterparts at WTEM (Al Galdi and Chris Russell) were left home with the latter apparently reduced to monitoring the event via internet and NFL Network feeds. I know that Larry Michael did some reporting for 980 from Indy, but he's a Skins employee whose trip was almost certainly paid for by the team and not the radio station. Not surprisingly, only one of the two stations was all over the story of George McPhee's wheeling and dealing at the NHL trading deadline and it wasn't the one owned by Dan Snyder. During his opening monologue this morning, Tony Kornheiser announced that he'd be commenting on the 'three big stories' involving local teams. I naively assumed that one of them would involve the trades made by the Capitals yesterday, but they turned out to be Clinton Portis being released by the Redskins, the buyout of Mike Bibby's contract with the Wizards and Bryce Harper's debut in a Nationals exhibition game. In other words, roster moves that could play a key role in the Caps' playoff success (or lack thereof) this year were so far beneath Mr. Tony's notice that he wouldn't even dignify them with a passing mention. So I flipped over to WJFK where Mike Wise and Holden Kushner were not only breaking down McPhee's transactions but taking calls on them (something Kornheiser hasn't done with any topic for about a decade). Mike, Fairfax (3/1/11)

I think the Nationals made an excellent move moving to WJFK 106.7 and yet still keeping AM 1500 and AM 820. The combination of the 3 signals gives the Nats a huge advantage over Danny Snyder's Skins Radio that carries the Orioles and even WBAL. There's only one problem though... The Orioles are predicted to be a much improved team this season and have already caught national attention up to Buster Olney. Angelos is an ass, but the bottom line finally kicked him in it and it didn't go unnoticed that he finally spent some money this off-season. While the Orioles no longer have an FM signal partner, they will once again be the most watched MLB team in the region just like they were last season. (3/1/11)


(Snippet)-“Whoever made this statement about Davy Jones needs to grow up and smell the coffee”.(They will be coming after you next) (3/1/11)

Yes, I often use knowledge of Gabor sisters as a bellwether of intelligence. (3/1/11)

Dave's response: Hey, if you're sloppy with your Gabor sister facts, you're probably sloppy with your Obama facts, too.....

[From DCRTV's Facebook page:] WMAL's Chris Plante wonders in a station promo if Arianna Huffington is the mysterious THIRD Gabor sister. What? There were three Gabor sisters - Zsa Zsa, Eva, and Magda. He must mean FOURTH. What a dope! (3/1/11)

LOVE me some Dave TV (3/1/11)

Thought it was Chili....but no, Carson wants to have a MORNING show so he is leaving... Really... Jack Diamond won't give up his throne just yet. PL (3/1/11)

["Still waiting for a witty retort from either of you, hsn’t happened yet???"] --Still waiting on that Sacramento clock. (3/1/11)

I'm a Voice of America reporter (and ex-WMAL-AM news director). In my VOA blog, I'm going to be writing about some old radio lingo and trying to explain terms such as "slip cue" and "pot it down [or up]" to our overseas audience. I'd welcome a few terms that you used in your day-to-day work in "old-time radio," and, of course, your definition of the terms. And I'd like some help properly defining the terms "hitting a post" and "posting" a record, since I was a news guy rather than a deejay. Are they the same thing? Also, I could use a few groovy deejay-type synonyms for a vinyl phonograph record. "Platter," I guess, is one. I'm posting my blog early next week, so replies asap would be appreciated. Thanks. Ted Landphair (3/1/11)

[Whoever made this statement about Davy Jones needs to grow up and smell the coffee.] Thanks so very much, it’s appreciated-Davy Jones (3/1/11)

Nice to see the company [WTOP] gets compared to..... (3/1/11)'s "Dave TV" for 1 March with the latest radio ratings for DC, plus a video ad from the old WRC radio, plus some memories of Baltimore's WWIN and WBAL radioers..... (3/1/11)

Dave: In response to the post below about the Nats on 103.5 HD-2 (in case this hasn’t been answered yet by anyone over here): Yes the Nats will be on HD channels that WFED is on …1500 AM, 820 AM, 107.7 FM HD-2 Manassas and 103.5 FM HD-2 Washington. (3/1/11)

[After 35 years in the business, has Davy Jones finally realized that his career was nothing more than a poo stain on the bottom of someone's shoe? His Metamucil, his Depends, Dave's rules. RedrAHHHHHbin....Yum!... Dave's response: That's not nice. It's now March. Almost spring. Let's think nice thoughts about our fellow radio guys, huh. Time to release all that negative jealousy.....] Sounds like someone is just downright jealous, and stupid as well. These days anyone who has been in a business that many years, obviously has some talent as well as longevity. Whoever made this statement about Davy Jones needs to grow up and smell the coffee. (3/1/11)

Ibiquity's experimental station, WD2XAB 93.5 Catonsville, is back on the air. I heard this one while driving last Friday afternoon in the Annapolis area, and earlier this morning in Rockville. They are still running a short interview loop about HD radio with occasional IDs as "WD2XAB Catonsville" on top. They appear to be endlessly renewing their annual experimental license. The last FCC page I saw about them said they are running 2KW, completely obliterating the WFSI repeater in Frederick and the "Positive Hits Radio" repeater in Leesburg (no big loss on either). Too bad they can't find anything more imaginative to play besides that stale tape loop, like, say, the real WHFS? Larry in Mount Airy (3/1/11)

WTMD has an op ed piece in the Sun today about how federal funding Helps the station produce their First Thursday concerts. Great story and the concerts are really cool. Too bad DC doesn't have a station like WTMD. (3/1/11)

2 Mailbag Snippets + comment-----“It's pretty simple. Don Geronimo=radio legend/success. AAAAHHH (real or otherwise)=wannabee/failure. Sincerely, TMU-After 35 years in the business, has Davy Jones finally realized that his career was nothing more than a poo stain on the bottom of someone's shoe? His Metamucil, his Depends, Dave's rules. RedrAHHHHHbin....Yum” Hey TMU/AAAAHHH-(Did your parents have any children that weren’t born brain-dead hate filled and unemployed? Get a freakin life!)Still waiting for a witty retort from either of you, hsn’t happened yet??? (3/1/11)

Dave... Re: "... create the right-of-center political talk program.." Whoa! What a mind-blowing concept! Why hasn't anyone else thought of that??? Rick the Rat - Stafford (3/1/11)

Junks acting like old Junks this am…LTC with a stripper, Charlie Sheer update with Radar Online, air head actress….. Keep it up boys. (3/1/11)

It's pretty simple. Don Geronimo=radio legend/success. AAAAHHH (real or otherwise)=wannabee/failure. Sincerely, TMU. (3/1/11)

After 35 years in the business, has Davy Jones finally realized that his career was nothing more than a poo stain on the bottom of someone's shoe? His Metamucil, his Depends, Dave's rules. RedrAHHHHHbin....Yum! (3/1/11)

Dave's response: That's not nice. It's now March. Almost spring. Let's think nice thoughts about our fellow radio guys, huh. Time to release all that negative jealousy.....

For those interested, Gawler's is handling arrangements for WGMS' Bob Davis. (3/1/11)

So long Don Geronimo? After only a few weeks, is Mike Sorce leaving his Good Day Sacramento TV morning gig because he is too old and too fat to handle that two hour cameo and his four hour chuckles radio gig? Get some rest you Old AARP fool. My game. My mailbag turf. Dave's rules. The Real AHHHH (3/1/11)

/\ March 1 Messages /\

\/ February 28 Messages \/

Recently someone asked what happened to Angie Goff and said he was seeing her everywhere but on WUSA. I am not sure where he did see her but as of today she is back on WUSA. (2/28/11)

I've noticed that Federal News Radio 1500 has been simulcast on 103.5 HD-2 for the last six months or so. Anyone know if they'll simulcast the Nats' games on there when they're on 1500? They carry the Caps games on the subchannel already. (2/28/11)

Another great performance. Today's outstanding DaveTV episode deserves a bearded Oscar. Question: At around the 1 min. mark, we are treated to brief shots of a couple of space themed paintings hanging on your wall. Pretty cool. Inquiring minds what to know more -- did you paint them? (2/28/11)

Dave's response: Got 'em at Target.....

Former Hot 99.5er Mark Kaye was on Good Morning America today. He's gonna be on 20/20 tomorrow... (2/28/11)

Re: Peeps contest; the Sunday WaPo article says, in #5: The grand prize winner will receive a $100 American Express gift check and an executive Peeps gift box courtesy of Just Born, the company that owns the Peeps brand. Four semifinalists will receive $50 American Express gift checks and an executive Peeps gift box. (2/28/11)

I have been a nationals fan since the team came in 2005 I will say this is now this is Christmas for the nationals fans because we got a christmas gift from the nationals today called a dc radio station 106.7 and that also is beating Daniel Snyder horrible stations who cares about the overated orioles the nats are dc's team now zimm werth and larouche make the fans proud and get to the playoffs before the orioles are again (2/28/11)

Numerous newpapers in the US run the Peeps contest as does WaPo. The prizes are supplied by Peeps' manufacturer, Just Born. Other papers disclose this fact. In ancient times, this was considered to be paid advertising; WaPo hasn't. Gather I should understand that a contest supported by the product's manufacture is not advertising. (Just like the weekly film industry $ income.) Per the WaPo Peeps Contest Online Chat 02/28/2011... Why does The Washington Post not disclose the participation of of Peeps' manufacturer, Just Born, in the spsonsorship of the contest? The contest is in actuality advertising. WaPo Response: Holly Thomas : I'm not entirely sure I understand your question -- we actually started this contest five years ago without any input from Just Born, the company that makes Peeps, because we thought it would be something fun for readers. To this day, the Peeps company provides prizes to the winners, but that's the extent of any sort of "sponsorship." (2/28/11)

[Dave's response: I dunno. The Nats games would air on 1580 when there's a sked conflict with a Wizards, Caps, or college game.] Caps remain on WFED (2/28/11)

Dave's response: But the Caps' season finale games usually end up on WJFK, too, right? Damn, Bonneville should never have sold 104.1. It could have a powerful sports talker today on 104.1 and 103.9 as "Score 104".....

Great news on The Nats to The Fan. Hey Dave, you write: "Some games will air on 106.7's CBS sister station, talker WHFS, 1580 AM, which has a weak night signal." Any notes from your sources as to about how many games they mean by "some" games airing on 1580am. From where I sit that's a difference between a fire hose and a squirt gun! (2/28/11)

Dave's response: I dunno. The Nats games would air on 1580 when there's a sked conflict with a Wizards, Caps, or college game. By the way, CBS should move WJFK to 94.7, which has a better signal - what the hell since JFK's moving from Fairfax to Lanham. And then run the overflow sports games on 106.7, which would become reborn alt rocker WHFS.....

Time for Deborah Adler Myers to stop defecating on the Science Channel and to turn her feculent influence on OWN where it belongs. (2/28/11)

Dave's response: Amen.....

Rob is not a candidate for the weekend sports position at 45. He's still working for MSG Network covering the New York Islanders, this was just a fill-in gig. (2/28/11)

Re: Nats to WJFK is another solid move for the station. Having the Nationals, versus WTEM re-signing with the BALTIMORE Orioles is just another in a pretty long list of advantages that "The Fan" has been able to establish over their Dan Snyder-owned competitor. Add to that a successful, local morning show, late night local programming, and largely local weekends, plus the Washington Wizards, and Capitals playoffs, and you have a pretty strong sports station. Impressive in just a year and a half. (2/28/11)

CAT 2011 has been canceled…..OOBBEE (2/28/11)

It is interesting to consider, the extent to which an audience will follow a free-media superstar to pay-media. Whether Oprah or Howard or anyone else gets what they want is for them to decide, but they do leave a void, certainly. Like with Oprah. I doubt that a 51-year-old white dude is her target demo, but I like her show and I really enjoyed her conversation with Diana Ross last week--and the surprise reunion with Billy Dee was one of those special Oprah orchestrations, nice to see. I hope Oprah does well with her new channel and all of that, but she will be missed on free afternoon television. I'll miss her, at least. Robb de Capitol Heights (2/28/11)

dvvy jjhonz is gooig tu hyrr may ohn khztv shoen tom g (2/28/11)

Dave's response: Tom Gavin, I presume.....

Not to go OT, but doesn't Discovery also own Planet Green? What happened to that channel? This weekend featured a documentary-fest about topics as eco-conscious as Jesus Christ and Nostradamus (2/28/11)

Dave's response: Planet Green has been turned into a catch basin for a variety of Discovery shows while the channel awaits a complete makeover.....

A Johnny Dark aircheck from WCAO in 1972 that I contributed is on Reel Radio’s homepage this week at Actually listening requires a contribution to the site to become a member. But if you’re not a member, you can still read the description and the comments from members. Johnny sounds great as always. Roddy Freeman (2/28/11)

I live in Ffx Cty inside the Beltway. My WP has all the Oscar results including Best Picture. Oscar coverage was extensive, but its not replacing any great pearls of wisdom. JFK becoming Nats flagship station is yet another sign of the decline of the AM band. Near my home play by plays on 980 come in better on 92.3, and I don't lose the sound when I'm in my condo's garage. Skyliner (2/28/11)

Dave's response: That's 92.7 not 92.3.....

Hey Dave… 105.3 is WVMA not WKUS… Hope all is well!! Bob (2/28/11)

Dave's response: I checked and that's what Google said. You mean, they lied? Ha ha ha.....

Hey, Dave. Karl Magenhofer appeared and is now back on WSVA, effective this morning. (2/28/11)

Dave, you missed WTOP breaking the News that the Commonwealth of Virginia's governor has switched parties; From the piece; "The House and Senate did give the Democratic governor a victory by passing the transportation funding package he proposed, including about $3 billion in debt. It represents the biggest state cash infusion for Virginia highway upkeep and construction in 25 years." (2/28/11)

[RE WJFK carrying the Nationals:] too bad ron and fez arent calling the games : (" (2/28/11)'s "Dave TV" for Monday, 28 February, with the official news that the Nationals will be jumping to WJFK. Plus a rant on the print Washington Post's Oscar coverage...... (2/28/11)

This most recent crop of posts - PWB vs ZW - are more tedious than last night's Oscars telecast (if that's even possible!). Dave, isn't it about time to call these stupid back-n-forth posts "done"? (2/28/11)

Hey Dave, it looks like CBS has finally made the official announcement about 106.7 The Fan becoming the new flagship station for the Nats: (2/28/11)

Aaaggh! My eyes! My eyes! : (hit slideshow) Just burn it down and start over! (2/28/11)

Imagine being the poor bastard who had to record the commercial for this product --- AND the client wanted the slogan included in the read: (2/28/11)

Hey, the reall AHHHHHHH-(Did your parents have any children that weren’t born brain-dead hate filled and unemployed? Get a freakin life!) (2/28/11)

"Shitty retort, as expected." Shitty DJ'ing, as expected. (2/28/11)

Dave, is it coincidence that someone mentions Paul Bicknell and the overtly trashy posts suddenly start popping up on the mailbag again? Why does it always seem that he is connected to the degradation of this site? What say you? (2/28/11)

Dave's response: What goes around comes around.....

Don't count on a format change on BIG with Tommy's syndication to another market. He will not be "live"..but will be piping in pre-recorded segments to the CC station. It is the same thing that Ryan Seacrest does for his nationwide show. That way the station can still keep its localized format. (2/28/11)

No-Did your parents have any children that didn't turn out to be a bad DJ? Shitty retort, as expected. (2/28/11)

Apparently the news staff at nbc 4 was too busy watching the Oscars to find out the protesters in Madison were not kicked out of the capitol building...very impressive...of course they are all over the Charlie Sheen story...and thats important... (2/28/11)

And the Oscar for Best Supporting Spinster in a washed-up radio DJ Mini-Series goes to...Jan Sorce for 'I Won The Lottery 3' The Real AHHHH (2/28/11)

Dateline Los Angeles:: The 83rd Academy Awards failed to award an Oscar to ' Relocation: The Don Geronimo Story' Like it had a chance. The Real AHHHH (2/28/11)

/\ February 28 Messages /\

\/ February 27 Messages \/

Did your parents have any children that didn't turn out to be a bad DJ? (2/27/11)

CNN getting beat. My point is that they were getting beat doing "hard news" before. HLN had turned into something that was only watched on "bad" news days (like the weather channel - who has also branched out to silly-ness over the last couple of years) tabloid journalism came into vogue. You wanna go back? Is there anything else to do to beat FNC? How about "why does FNC beat everyone else?" (2/27/11)

Dave's response: It's simple. People only watch "cable news" when there's "big news" going on. So, Roger Ailes at Fox News figured out that "entertainment" is what's needed to keep viewers tuning to his channel even during "slow news" periods, which is most of the time. So, he hired a bunch of entertaining TV "carnival barkers" like Beck, O'Reilly, and Hannity. MSNBC and CNN are doing the same thing, although not with as much success.....

The word is that a new weekend sports chick has been hired at WBFF-TV Fox 45. The opening was created when Kristen Berset departed to take a job in DC. They're using a fill-in, Rob Carlin, until chicky can start. We also hear that the one-man band concept is coming to 45...trouble is no one there is interested in working three times as hard for the money being offered. CH 2 has been using photogs as reporters for a while with questionable results. (2/27/11)

An odd duck for "Sunday Show & Tell." This r2r deck feeds from right to left. (2/27/11)

The announcement on states that Tommy Griffiths will be doing morning drive on that station beginning on Tuesday. On - it states that the morning show will be simulcast from WBIG. Magic 105.3 (in Hampton Roads) is a much more of an "oldies" station than WBIG is - playing The Beach Boys, Smokey, Aretha Franklin and more within the last hour. Even going as far as using "The Greatest Hits" as a jingle and image line. Does this mean a change in the musical direction for WBIG on Tuesday? Let's hope so. Let the speculation begin. (2/27/11)

Hey zAHHHHHmbieWelfareCheck (Did your parents have any children that weren’t born brain-dead hate filled and unemployed? Get a freakin life!) Eagerly await your "witty retort" (2/27/11)

WRNR has always had an odd format IMO. Rod Stewart, Sheryl Crow, Elton John, John Mellencamp doesn't sound like out of the norm for the station probably in years at least. RNR should try to capitalize on the lack of a true Alternative Rock or Oldies/Classic hits station and make a format flip. Oldies/Classic Hits probably would be the most successful of the two given the area the station is located in. They probably would do a little better with a format doesn't jump all over the place song to song. That's the main reason I don't like AAA stations. (2/27/11)'s "Dave TV" for Sunday, February 27 looks at the broadcast digital HD Radio offerings available at DCRTV's Northern Virginia HQ..... (2/27/11)

This is a great Video of old radio equipment back in the day... (2/27/11)

Dave, Please find a picture that was taken in November 2005 in the WAGE Main control room. In the background is the Rockwell-Collins 10 channel main control console. The microphone was a Sennheiser variable tone broadcast microphone. The turntables used for "Jim's jukebox" were located just below the phone and MARTI console and were coved by a box enclosure when not in use.
Here is another photo taken in November 2006 during "Jim's Jukebox". To the left is a Spotmaster cart machine that had record capabilities. It could be used for recording METRO traffic until we obtained another computer with audio record capabilities. Above the Spotmaster is a digital phone modem called the "SMARTI" that we used for remotes and High School Sports broadcasts. I am pointing to the on air computer that used the Broadcast Engineering AudioVault software to play the spots, and when on automatic, would run the station when WAGE was unmanned. just above my head is a three position cart machine, a CD player, and a cassette player.
A picture taken in the WAGE main control room in November 2005. Here the cover has been removed and the two turntables are in use for "Jim's Jukebox". The turntables were TECHNICS SP-10MKII made by Panasonic. They were direct drive with quartz phase locked control. The wooden tone arms held diamond styli which fed pre-amps fed by the Rockwell-Collins main control console. Jim Purks (2/27/11)

/\ February 27 Messages /\

\/ February 26 Messages \/

"Contact Davy Jones Program Director at No phones please." I see the job description fails to mention that prospective candidates must be willing to work though a pending litigation. -zAHHHHHmbieWelfareCheck (2/26/11)

Note: the last time that i checked CNN is still getting killed in the ratings and the point is WHAT? (2/26/11)

(Just noticed Steve Kingston is in sales at RNR. Their music has gotten horrible. Know anything about it?) Kingston owns WRNR and I think he's owned it for quite a few years. The music has gotten terrible quickly. I heard John Melloncamp, Elton John, Sheryl Crow, and Rod Stewart all in the same 45 minutes on my way home the other day. It's now a bad mix of 100.7 The Bay and DC101, crappy tired classic rock and wimpy alternative rock. Sadly, I think I'm done with 'RNR. Do they have a new programmer in there with no clue about the format? -Scott J. (2/26/11)

RE: "Radio DJ Nepotism is on the rise and continues to denigrate the medium - and make our listener ears bleed" Well it IS "sunny" days for a certain program director, ya think? (2/26/11)

I find it interesting that when people are critical of Paul Bicknell in some way, he automatically presumes that they are unemployed. If this were true, we'd have an unemployment rate of a third world country. - Gainfully employed (by a business that's not being sued) (2/26/11)

Worst Editing....Dave Hughes....Ocsar???? :) (2/26/11)'s "Dave TV' with DCRTV Dave's Oscar top picks for Sunday's ceremony...... (2/26/11)

John Horan might have been the same guy Weasel was calling "Jumping John Horan" when WLOM/WNAV were sharing the news staff in Annapolis. Had a very stiff, slow and formal style of reading the news, which was why Weasel called him that. (2/26/11)

C'mon Wash. Post. The Arts section was 5 pages long on top of that pointless entertainment ''magazine''. You mean that not 1 person working there can figure out that your ''improvements'' aren't improvements at all. Paul (2/26/11)

Radio DJ Nepotism is on the rise and continues to denigrate the medium - and make our listener ears bleed. Enough is enough! Take a minute and help [us] identify in the next few weeks those lazy jocks, their flagship station and networks around the country who put their talentless wives, kids and other relatives on the air. I feel a new grassroots bowel movement coming on. Post your suggestions in here Mailbag - we'll be watching. (2/26/11)

As seen in the Jobs forum: is searching for on air personalities. Must be experienced in both Radio and Television. We are web based and Radio station outlet. 4 Decades of Top 40. Sales experience is a big plus. You gotta be a "rocker". We are a start up operation. Salary plus commission. Contact Davy Jones Program Director at No phones please. (2/26/11)

An earlier poster asked why DaveTV doesn’t have black bars in the nostalgic videos he presents. First, most (if not all) PC monitors use progressive scanning as opposed to the interlaced of the former analog broadcast systems. (They also process the color differently with something akin to an electronic version of the old CBS mechanical field-sequential system, as opposed to the dot-sequential system of NTSC.) The reason for this is that the need for bandwidth conservation is unnecessary in a closed-circuit system, as opposed to broadcast. That’s why 720 is progressive over the air and why 1080 is interlaced, with 1080p remaining a non-broadcast format until someone comes up with better compression than what we have today. (But, it makes those blu-ray DVD’s look so nice!) Thus, you have no “rolling bars”. Second, most monitors have a higher refresh rate than the 30hz frame rate of TV. I hope that answers the question. What would be slick is for Dave to go to an HDMI camera with an HDMI source for the videos, using a switcher (w/a handheld remote) to go between the camera and the old videos. J.P. of Pasadena (2/26/11)

Dave's response: Buy me the gear and I'll do it.....

More AM facilities news... Salem has applied to raise the daytime power of WWRC to 20 kW and make adjustments to the radiation pattern. This will mean much better service to Montgomery County and better service to the south and east (marginally better to northern VA.) To make this possible, Metro Radio has agreed to lower the power of WKDL, Warrenton, to 3 kW from 7.9 kW and adjust the radiation pattern to be much more directive away from the northeast. Metro is essentially giving up service to Prince William County via 1250 kHz with this change. Regards, Dave Loudin (2/26/11)

Dave's response: That's 1260, which I still call WWDC-AM.....

As others have said, very sorry to read this morning of the passing of WGMS’s legendary Bob Davis. There are three stories which I’ll share here about Bob: One Saturday afternoon, C&P Radio Center dropped the patch from the earth station at AU to the WGMS studio at One Central Plaza, across from White Flint on Rockville Pike. The feed of that afternoon’s Metropolitan Opera performance was lost about 30 minutes into the program. I was in Production Control while Bob was in Master Control. When the feed dropped, I was immediately on the phone with Radio Center. While I was arguing that the tech had a clerical error and needed to restore the patch, Bob ducked in to see if we were going to have the feed restored soon. When I shook my head and “flipped the bird” at the phone, he grinned and went into the record library and pulled a copy of that day’s opera and put it on air as closely as he could to the point where the feed was dropped. That was an example of Bob’s “The show must go on” attitude. Having made the “technical difficulties beyond the control of WGMS” announcement several times and having developed and implemented a “Plan B”, things sort of got back to normal until the next program aired. Later that afternoon, after Bob had told me “you’re not the first this has happened to” for the umpteenth time, Bob turned serious and had to ask, “I wonder what they did in Norfolk?” First, Bob said “Norfolk” with the second syllable as “folk” as in the type of music, as opposed to the “four-letter Anglo-Saxon epithet for sexual intercourse (as the FCC used to call the “F” word…) Second, the reason Bob was asking about Norfolk was that WGH-FM down there was also a commercial classical station. And, not having the comparatively unlimited engineering budget of an RKO General to have access to an earth station, got its feed of the “Met” by an off-air relay of WGMS’s FM air from Fredericksburg, demodulating it and microwaving it in stereo down to their studio. Crude and rude. But, it worked! And, when Bob said, “I wonder if they even noticed (given the emphasis WGH’s AM still had)”, we both busted-up in laughter! Another episode involved the day one of the sales people came to the CE, “Chic” Leyh w/an aircheck and asked why she was still getting airchecks she no longer wanted or needed. “Chic” asked her if she’d filled out a ‘WGMS Aircheck Request Cancellation Form’. When she said she had not, “Chic” said, “That aircheck will continue to come to you until you complete the form and submit it.” After she walked away, Bob and “Chic” started laughing. Bob then asked “Chic” if there was really such a form. When told there wasn’t, Bob told “Chic” he’d better create one. Otherwise, she’d spend the day looking for one. So, “Chic” created the ‘WGMS Aircheck Request Cancellation Form’, distributing copies around the station. A final story comes from a WGMS tradition, the “National Symphony Radiothon”. In 1984, after I’d left radio to pursue a career in television, I was asked by “Chic” to come back to WGMS and assist with Radiothon remote following the sudden death of the much-beloved Fred Siffrin. That year, Radiothon was being held in a lower-level court of Montgomery Mall. On a Sunday afternoon, while I was running the “board” (a couple of Shure M67 mixers), Bob was interviewing the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. of that era, Ms. Jeanne Kirkpatrick. During the interview, a large nut, like a lug-nut, bounced off the table, between Bob and Ambassador Kirkpatrick. Just as the nut hit the table, the three of us were covered by plainclothes security people. In much less time than it takes to type it, Bob had resumed the interview. And, with his usual unflappable professionalism, made no mention of the incident on-air. However, when we’d switched back to OCP for a spot cluster, Bob smiled and said, “This job is getting dangerous. Must’ve been some hack who didn’t like my review!” Along with Doug Clark (Who, like Bob, was another vet of the old WOL.), Dennis Owens, Win Clearwater, and Renee Cheney, Bob Davis helped make WGMS be the part of the community which it was. Very sorry to read of this on a dreary and cool day in L.A. where still more rain is expected. John Pinckney, Pasadena… (2/26/11)

I do miss Keith Olbermann. Very much. Signed, Joseph Stalin (2/26/11)

CNN = Hard news. Why did they change HLN and the night shows on CNN in the first place? They were getting their brains beat out by FNC. Think you need another idea (2/26/11)

Dave i agree with you about CNN they have been trying to out FOX FOX News by being them. They need to go HARD NEWS in prime time no question. If not they will keep losing to FOX News and play musical chair`s with their prime time line-up. (2/26/11)

There are children who were born employed?!?? Oh OK...Silver Spoons...I guess that could be considered a type of career..... A.P. the first robin I saw this year was bouncing off a tree in a 50mph gust...ominous signs huh? So MIX and FRESH are being blended together? Would that make it FRIX FM? Donnie (2/26/11)

If you've been missing Keith Olbermann, check out his blog ... (2/26/11)

Dave, I don't quite know what to think of this: I saw my first official robin of 2011 this morning, but he was in the mouth of a fox running down my driveway. There's a weather report you're never going to hear from Doug Hill. - A.P. (2/26/11)'s "Dave TV" for 26 February features some outtakes from a "bring back baseball to Washington" promo shoot in 1991-ish with 9's Glenn Brenner, 4's George Michael, 5's Steve Buckhantz, and 7's Frank Herzog, with former DC Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly. And the latest media news for DC and Baltimore..... (2/26/11)

Hey,PLeBes against AHHHH! (Did your parents have any children that weren’t born brain-dead hate filled and unemployed? Get a freakin life!) Eagerly await you "witty retort" (2/26/11)

Ahhhhh,s career finally divulged. I'm the person that stands on the side of the street dressed up as The Statue of Liberty and touting a party store or tax office,AHHHH! (2/26/11)

I think Bruce Cunningham leaving 105.7 shows even more that the ship is sinking fast. Seriously who's Bob Haney? He's a sidekick that only showed up about a month ago. It could be that Bruce couldn't "do the grind" anymore because of all the hilarious armchair coaches & general managers listeners that call into these shows. I think that would be enough to drive anyone away. 105.7's first loss was Anita Marks who I thought was better than Garceau and made the show run. Then loss of the Orioles, and now Cunningham leaving and throwing a newbie in as the main show host, I think 3-6 months from now 105.7 will have a new flavor of the weak format. (2/26/11)

RE: Another 107.3er Jumping To 94.7? They try to MIX and FRESH (en), and still get WASH (ed) out! Nothing happening deee-j's is the ONLY thing these empty suits recycle. Does it really matter though? They'll just fail up to some Radio One property in 9 months. I LOVE THIS BUSINESS!!!! -Billy Sparks (2/26/11)

The delivery and placement of the Sunday sections in my Saturday-delivered paper made it hard to find a particular section. The WP didn't list the guests for This Week in it listing of Sunday talk shows. Went to Dallas last week. The DMN doesn't compare to the WP in the scope and depth of coverage. Its opinion page is a joke. But the DMN has a lot more advertising in its weekday editions. Skyliner. (2/26/11)

Dave's response: We here in the DC area may bitch a lot about the WaPo, but when you travel and see how bad many major dailies are in other big cities, you realize how good we have it here in DC. Even with the overall decline of the Post in the past few years, it's still one of the best print rags out there. One reason is that the Post is the flagship paper for a local company, the WaPoCo. It's not merely a "cog" in a Gannett, Scripps, Knight Ridder, Media General, or Tribune "chain".....

In defense of Bruce Cunningham... He is also the M&T Bank Stadium announcer & does the Sports Unlimited wrap-up on Sundays in addition to his weekday sports gig on Fox45 & sports reports. I'm shocked he even took the 105.7 gig honestly. When exactly WAS his day off??? And now FOX45 has no weekend sports person since WUSA 9 grabbed her and it's uncertain who they're hiring, if at all. Rob Carlin (formerly of WMAR) is filling in this weekend. Compare that with Scott Garceau who got let go from WMAR and has no other gig other than the occasional lacrosse/HS football gig. I'm sure the 105.7 thing is a piece of cake for him. And congrats to JJ "The Hitman" McKay! All I wanna know though is do I still get in for free this summer at The Purple Moose now that you're a big shot again guy? -- Joe in Essex :-) (2/26/11)

Just noticed Steve Kingston is in sales at RNR. Their music has gotten horrible. Know anything about it? (2/26/11)

I was thinking, the person that stands on the side of the street dressed up as The Statue of Liberty and touting a party store or tax office, probably gets more views daily than KHZTV's website. - PLeBes against AHHHH! (2/26/11)

Guess there's no chance that any of the Baltimore channels will pick up this "Antenna TV"..or for that there? I sometimes can pick up channel 7 in Washington..down here on the Eastern Shore..but often I don't; I like RTV (7.3)..but as I said..can't always pull it in! (2/26/11)

/\ February 26 Messages /\

\/ February 25 Messages \/

Channel 9's doppler 9000 on its new web sight no longer animates. Booooooo Bob Fairfax (2/25/11)

What a great week for the former (Well, most are former) JFK gang. The Big O and Dukes Podcast and new added bonus material all just kicked ASS! They bring an energy you don’t find in radio anymore. Their extra “Rally the Hoard” show where Lloyd and Zohan and two listeners critique the show was great. (Zohan just read this and got an instant woody.) Then, their latest show, analyzing the Hoard show analyzing their show (Follow?) was so epic that even Mike (MOS Podcast, The Edge) realized everyone should get along. That's gold, Jerry! Gold. Mike and Oscar both praised Sir Dukes for his abilities in brining along new talent. I am getting more of my MOS gang fix and BO&D fix these days. The money I spend on extra material for both is probably my bang for the buck I spend for entertainment. (And, that includes my NFL Ticket. Well, sort of…it’s the NFL and NOT the SKINS.) Both shows are killing me at work. When I had then on for hours at JFK I could work and come and go. Now, it is must hear, don’t miss a minute. I just play Solitaire and listen. It’s a good thing I own the company. I schedule meetings around the podcasts. I have said it again and again. Take a signal like 1500 and bank role them in this area. I am too busy with two other start ups. Their fans are passionate and more intense then those listening on TOP. Advertising with them is likewise. It is a no lose proposition. But, I think it would be harder now that they see their power and following. They are on the edge, get it, of a new frontier as Dukes said today. BO&D say we could never be as big as MOS. Stop the BS. You can and now you know you can. But, being brothers in arms makes sense. MOS should think of satellite stuff….. Hoard, soda and snacks. Talent is wasting. Bob and Buzz have time on their hands. So does Chronic. Junks – You listening? But it would take hard work. The new contracts of Junks and Dukes are almost up. This is fun! Should DCRTV be changed to DCRTVP??? OOBBEE (2/25/11)

“Ho hum! I never watched him. Will someone pleeeeeeeeease make CNN a hard news channel again!” Actually “Parker” is Kathleen Parker, a “she”. But Dave I COMPLETELY agree, CNN should dump the pithy pundits and get back to doing what they built their reputation and success on: hard news. Lose Parker Spitzer, Nancy Grace and all the other blathering idiots and actually do some friggin’ news. They could regain their lost glory and make a serious run at FNC if they did that. At LEAST make HLN “Headline News” again! (2/25/11)

New HATE IT! Do all the local news site have the same web designer now? (2/25/11)

Dave's response: Looks like TBD..... has gotten a facelift. I feel like they've gotten rid of the "Community" news tab and are just sticking to dividing the news by state, at least I haven't been able to find community news yet. Everything else looks like it's the same content, just better presentation-wise. Chase (2/25/11)

Dave's response: WUSA's website was always hideously ugly. A big improvement.....

On Friday, the BBC's Portuguese voice to Africa went silent. The service went off the air as a result of deep budget cuts to the British Broadcasting Corporation's World Service. The BBC Serbian and Latin American services also ended more than 70 years of radio broadcasting. Latin American services online will continue. In January, the BBC confirmed plans to close five of its 32 language services in January, part of a bid to save the broadcasting service some $74 million a year. The five were Macedonian, Albanian, Serbian, English to the Caribbean and Portuguese to Africa. Further cuts are expected to end radio programming in Azeri, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Spanish to Cuba, Turkish, Vietnamese and Ukrainian in favor of more online, mobile and TV content. Shortwave transmissions in Hindi, Indonesian, Kyrgyz, Nepali and Swahili, and for Rwanda and Burundi also are scheduled to end, in March. (2/25/11)

WTOP is reporting that CNN is reporting that Parker is out at that ridiculous train wreck show on CNN. (2/25/11)

Dave's response: Ho hum! I never watched him. Will someone pleeeeeeeeease make CNN a hard news channel again! Away with all the political carnival barkers and celebrity shiiiiiite stuff.....

The bearded gentleman who joined Andrea Roane for that '80s WETA TV/26 pledge break in today's "DaveTV" episode was none other than the late Ken Alvord, who worked (at various times) for WRC-TV, WRC-AM News/Talk 98 and WTTG's Panorama. Also, the voice you heard give the station ID just before "Cosmos" began was Lee Reynolds. (2/25/11)

''Topper is one gorgeous, manly man''. Wow. He might stand up on a milk crate and kiss your cheek for that. Paul (2/25/11)

Dave, I enjoy your work very much. Any idea what happened to John Horan who was a DJ on WJZE Jazzy 100 about 17 years ago. I remember his working out of the studios in the Alexandria Court House that once housed WRQX 105.9's classic rock format. I can't recall if John was working for 105.9 after the format change from classic rock or just what. Perhaps he was on WJZE earlier and 105.9 later changed to a smooth jazz format, and that's when I recall his being on air. Any ideas? Thanks, "Governor" Burke (2/25/11)

Dave's response: Anybody know?

Stations on Delmarva don't seem to be concerned about FCC rules and regulations. This morning I found WYPO with no audio, no legal ID's, just a dead carrier. Same thing with WXSU-LP at Salisbury University, no audio, no legal ID, just a dead carrier. Move over to the new K-Love on 92.1 , I looked at it on a Frequency monitor, over modulating, the pilot inject (this is the 19khz tone that the receiver uses to know if the station is stereo or not), it's not to be over 10%, it was "modulating" at about 35-40%, causing splatter two frequencies above and below 92.1. Oh and then there is 90.3 which was over modulation on the left channel, and no audio on the right channel. TV, how about WDCO-LP on channel 6, they have a license, but are never on the air. If the rules don't matter to you, Delmarva is the place for you. (2/25/11)

Dan: "The Grind" Bruce referred to is his 70 hour work weeks, You are aware that he also does weeknight sports at Ch 45 too, right? I found it refreshing that he mentioned all of this on the air today, as say maybe the WNST hosts that got let go without a word, which allows everyone to speculate and come up with their own scenarios. Big winner in all of this would appear to be Bob Haynie. (2/25/11)

Quick question. Just what “grind” is Bruce Cunningham referring to? It’s not like his show carries any substance or requires any pre-planning. He just takes the same phone calls, day in and day out, from the same confused Ravens fans voicing their repetitive concerns and often humorous solutions. It’s like a scene from Groundhog Day. Maybe the “grind” is putting forth the effort to act like each call is a good one and worth discussing. Only a matter of time before most, if not all, 105.7 The Fan’s shows succumb to the same “grind” I would guess? Dan (2/25/11)'s "Dave TV" for 25 February with video of a Channel 26/WETA pledge break from 1980s with Andrea Roane, plus today's media news, including the death of WGMS veteran Bob Davis, plus more of Dave's record collection...... (2/25/11)

Bruce Cunningham just announced this is his last show on 105.7 the fan. But he will be on 12-3 on Saturdays sometime in March. Bob Haney is taking over Bruce's shift. Burt in New Mexico (2/25/11)

The Amazin' $1 Radio Station: (2/25/11)

Hey, ZombieAHHHHHH, Did your parents have any children that weren’t born brain-dead hate filled and unemployed? Get a freakin life! (2/25/11)

Bruce Cunningham just announced that he is leaving 105.7 The Fan effective today. His decision. Bob Haynie will take over starting on Monday. On March 19th, he will start a noon to 3:00pm Saturday Edition, and will also do fill in work. Quoting Bruce "I just can't keep up the grind anymore." (2/25/11)

Am I really seeing a self promoting mailbag post sent in by the sHitman referring to himself in the third person? Wow....just when you thought someone couldn't sink lower. Who does he think he is? Paul "Davy 'Hit Me' Jones" Bicknell? ZombieAHHHHHH (2/25/11)

Bob Davis and Henry Schaliziki nullified their adoption arrangement by court petition prior to their marriage. (2/25/11)

Re: "Help me out here; am I forgetting any wars?" Yes, the war on the shift key. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (2/25/11)

Q101's very own JJ "Hitman" McKay has accepted the position as the new "Voice" of the Delmarva Shorebirds - JJ accepted the PA annoucers job offered by GM Chris Bitters of the Orioles class "A" team in Salisbury. JJ will be working directly with Shawn Schoolcraft Director of Community Relations and Marketing for the Delmarva Shorebirds - Hitman & Company in the mornings WEEKDAYS on Q101fm and back to the boardwalk as Manager of the Purple Moose Saloon too (most likely) - You can never have too much fun, huh? Hitman (2/25/11)

Re: "Dave TV" for 24 February. How does it happen that you can shoot video off the screen of your TV without having black bars move slowly vertically on the image? I am used to seeing this effect in motion pictures and television. I'm sure there's a technical explanation for this. Is that an LCD screen? Does the answer involve a refresh rate about 60 Hz? ~~ Blair in Alexandria (2/25/11)

Dave's response: I dunno. It is an LCD screen.....

Boy, Sportsyak 980 is advertising that Larry Michael is covering the NFL combine for them. How can Larry cover an event when he doesn't know yet which asses need to be kissed? Sincerely, TMU (2/25/11)

Someone correct me on this if I'm wrong. In order to have a financial contract between the two of them didn't Henry Schaliziki adopt Bob Davis (Henry had the bucks) and then Bob turned around and adopted Henry? These were the machinations gay couples had to go through fifty years ago. One story about Bob and Henry that I'll share and don't think they'll mind. Sometime in the mid-'70s, Bob had to take an auto dealer and his wife out and WGMS had a trade with an expensive Italian restaurant in Arlington. As the auto dealer's agency rep.I was along and wasn't sure if the car dealer knew about Henry and Bob's relationship. So the check came and it was hefty. Worse came to worse when the manager refused to recognize the barter arrangement and Bob didn't have the money and said so. Before I could do anything, Henry whipped out his wallet and put two $100 bills on the table. As we walked out, Bob turned to the auto nabob and said, winking, "rich husband." The look on the car guy's wife: priceless. ACH (2/25/11)

Reason;" when we are not "allowed" to say Merry Christmas or any other Christian holiday...when we treat each other with suspicion and contempt." You are absolutely right, sir. That is why WMAL has THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS every year. The problem is, on December 23, 2010, I received a "Happy Holidays" email from ...WMAL! Those dam liberals even got to WMAL. Donnie, if anyone listens to WMAL, they know there is a WAR ON CHRISTMAS, a WAR AGAINST UNIONS, a WAR AGAINST LIBERALS, a WAR AGAINST DEMOCRATS, a WAR IN IRAQ, A WAR IN AFGHANISTAN, a WAR ON DEFINING WHAT MARRIAGE IS, A WAR ON REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS, a WAR AGAINST THE MAIN STREET MEDIA, a WAR AGAINST CAP AND TRADE, a WAR AGAINST SHARIA LAW IN THE USA, a WAR AGAINST MUSLIMS, a CULTURE WAR, and a WAR ON GOVERNMENT SPENDING. Help me out here; am I forgetting any wars? Mrs. Fred, Catherine Mann, is absolutely right; we have all these wars. No wonder government spending is out of control. (2/25/11)

(regarding a previous post) "Does Rush Limbaugh belong to a union?" I worked at KMBZ in Kansas City in the late 1980s. Limbaugh had worked there a couple of years before I did. It was an AFTRA shop, so he was in the union, at least at that point in his career. (2/25/11)

Does Rush Limbaugh belong to a union? (2/25/11)

Dave's response: I don't know. But here's a blowhard who probably makes $35 million a year with his radio contract bitching to holy hell about school teachers in Wisconsin who make $35,000 a year who retire with a rather meager pension by private company standards. Maaaaaaan.....
Muslim extremists win when Americans turn on one another with ridiculous accusations. The actual success of Muslim assimilation of the US has already been going on for years....when we are chastised for our own long standing traditions by well meaning idiots too short sighted to see the result of thier actions...when we are not "allowed" to say Merry Christmas or any other Christian holiday...when we treat each other with suspicion and contempt...when we let moronic leaders use our fears to make us exactly what the accusers say we are...The real agenda is hidden and working while the issues that talk show demigods push on us are simply tactics to make us what THEY want us to be ...and they seem to be working as well...Wake Up you dumb fucks! You don't need an overpayed loudmouth to tell you what's wrong with our society you need to simply open your eyes and see what's happening EVERYwhere your office,on your street,on job applications,credit applications,banking policies,school policies and every disclaimer you ignore!!! Donnie (2/25/11)

Dave's response: Even Fox News anchor Bret Baier was trying to shut up Mrs. Fred this morning on WMAL. She's so over the top with her rants that she actually hurts the causes she campaigns for. You can just see Mr. Fred rolling his eyes, even via the radio.....

Very sorry to read this morning of the passing of my former RKO colleague, Bob Davis. If anyone earned the title, “Mr. WGMS”, it was Bob. Few in this business today display the consummate professionalism, which was so much a part of Bob. And, that so many of us took for granted because the business used to be much different. There are also few in this business today who are as kind and gentle a soul as Bob was. My favorite memory of Bob Davis is from the later years of RKO General. Jerry Ross Lyman was on vacation and Bob aired the full soundtrack of the Broadway musical, “A Chorus Line”, including the song “Tits ‘N’ Ass”. After I’d heard about it, the next time I saw Bob, I asked him if he feared repercussions either from “Himself” or the FCC. Bob’s response, “Jerry was out-of-town and nobody called. And, as for the FCC, they’re going eventually to take our license anyways!” Bob wasn’t just an entertainer; he was also skilled as an interviewer, newswriter, and newscaster. With the possible exceptions of engineering (I have a tough time imagining Bob even taking meter readings…) or perhaps sales, Bob was truly a multi-talented broadcast professional. One of the last, alas. May God bless your soul Bob and grant you eternal rest. Sympathies, condolences, and prayers go to Henry. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/25/11)

Not to put too fine a point on this but with the advent of the PPM the term TSL (Time Spent listening) has gone the way of successful AM signals (ouch). The proper term is ATE (Average Time Exposed). As you can see by the terminology change Arbitron is less concerned by how long you listen that by how long your metering device is exposed to the embedded signal. The changes PPM has wrought are hefty. While you have not necessarily changed your listening habits - the way Arbitron measures those habits has. As a result, cumes sky rocket and TSL (now ATE) plummets. The game radio programmers try to play - since they really can't make you 'listen longer'-is to get you to come back for more visits - called occasions in the parlance. So, if you listen to my station - say - 5 times a week my goal is to get you to listen 6 times a week (assuming I can get you to listen at all). (2/25/11)

(From DCRTV's Classified Ads:) MarketWatch Radio Network seeks freelance anchor- The award-winning MarketWatch Radio Network is looking for a freelance anchor for assignments starting in March. Ideal candidate must have network and/or major market experience. Must know how to handle fast-moving deadlines, work independently on story selection, and file multiple newscasts an hour. Flexibility with scheduling important. Please send resume and short aircheck to (2/25/11)

[From DCRTV's Twitter/Facebook pages: The police across the USA are aligning with Muslim groups, so says Mrs. Fred on WMAL today.....] What is scary is that people buy this. I think it was Plant who said that a Muslim cab driver refused to pick up a drunk guy so that is proof Sheria Law is "creeping" in this country. (2/25/11)

On CUME vs AQH: If you're a station like WTOP which gets a lot of listeners who tune in for 20-minute chunks, you want and sell a high cume. If you're a music station like WASH, you want to be able to show listeners who tune in for long stretches of time, thus a high AQH. It's good to have both of course, but both measurements are important and you emphasize the numbers that make you look the best. BTW, when you hear a claim like "Rush Limbaugh has 20 (13? 16?) million listeners a week" the speaker is referring to cume--that is, listeners who tune in for at least 15 minutes a week. The average AQH on Limbaugh is estimated to be under 3 million. I say estimated because Limbaugh is syndicated and some of the small market stations he's on don't have regular ratings, sometimes only once or twice a year. ACH (2/25/11)

More changes in clientele at WTOP: A VA Lottery spot for the games and jackpots aired in the 0707 cluster this morning. Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/25/11)

"$28K? Seriously?" Actually, there are attorneys who would pay $28K to defend CP on the Snyder case. A win (virtually assured) gives the lawyer a life-long notch on his belt and the riches that come with it. Case in point: Lead O.J. attorney Robert Shapiro, on TV daily, hawking Legal Zoom. an online law center, 20 years later. ACH (2/25/11)

Here's a game for everyone to play today. Which Mix on-air personality is the only one to have not interviewed with Fresh 94.7 over the past few weeks? Could more be jumping ship in the near future? (2/25/11)

[RE "Dave TV":] Dave, It's a day I will never forget also, I worked for American Airlines and I was the last person to work that flight. I seen the crew thowing snow balls like they had never seen snow before and to my surprise the CEO of American flew in t...o DCA and told all of us on the flight line if we open our mouth to the media he would fire our ass and let the union get our jobs back. I was on Pacifica/Wpfw at that time and wanted to talk about that day not only was there a metro crash but also is a bad accedent on the Baltimore Washington Parkway and I used my Cb Radio to call in the Emergency from my taxicab and got my picture in the Washington Post for first time. I will say the NTSB got the cause of that Air florida Crash Right on the Money.>>Billy Ray (2/25/11)

Is there a proposal by the Obama administration that would allow tv stations to sell their over the air frequencies? I dropped cable over 2 years ago because of the dumbing down of many of my favorite cable channels. Even Turner classic Movies disappointted with what seems a repetition of the same movies despite a huge library. I miss sports quite a bit but gives me an excuse to get out of the house and have a few beers. If tv stations are allowed to sell off over the air is this government telling folks like me to just eff off? Radio sucks, cable sucks, newspapers suck, well fine then! (2/25/11)

Dave, this AHHHHH fellow is a real up and comer, just like a male Elizabeth Smart. I hope we will see more of his work in the mailbag. The rest of us can only aspire to be such a wordsmith. He's clearly a tortured young man, but I hold out hope that when he leaves the nest that is mom and dad and high school for college or medium security incarceration he can be who he is on his terms and continue to produce his wonderful (is there any other word for it?) typed word art. Meanwhile, I look forward to his continuing contributions to the mailbag. I'm not one of those closeted homosexual naysaying NancyBoys who complain about [insert name into glory hole here] "hijacking" the mailbag/malebag. Let's face it, you gentlemen WANT AHHHHH to hijack your malebag as he cranks it in his lonely poster-besplattered panel walled bedroom with the shag carpeting and mom and dad yelling downstairs. The mailbag is better for his admittedly limited contributions. In other news, Joe Ardinger revealed on the Don Geronimo Show on Thursday that he does like the anal sex. Sadly, Tracee Babee is a cloud of dust in the rearview mirror, but the Joe-man is not one to rest on his laurels: that's right, he's got some new trim! - ZombieWoof (2/25/11)

"5 Seconds Of Every #1 Song Ever" was interesting. Part 1 started as smooth crossfades (very time consuming) from a well-played tape and progressed to hard cuts. Whoever did it forgot to include "People Got To Be Free" by the Rascals. Part 2 got sloppy with upcuts and downcuts. Part 2 was also full of video sync buzz, though that could be eliminated with the judicious use of a noise removal tool. All in all, a work worth having in one's library. Hats off to the person(s) who took the time to make it. (2/25/11)

The first appearance of DC radio's Bob Davis in the Washington Post is the October 1951 radio listings as host of ":Musical Bazaar" from 9:30 to 11:00 am weekdays for WOL-AM 1450. The next mention of his name comes in September 1955 as an on-air announcer at WGMS, involved chiefly with their "On Stage" program. (No mention of his involvement with WQQW, the predecessor of WGMS.) (2/25/11)

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\/ February 24 Messages \/

$28K? Seriously? That ought to get them a lawyer for…oh, about a week. (2/24/11)

Regarding Nats coverage in VA, if you feel like investing in an HD radio, you can hear them loud and clear on 107.7 HD2, which is a relay of WFED. (2/24/11)

Dave's response: It's hard to hear the HD Radio digital signal of Warrenton's 107.7 here in Fairfax County.....

How sad will WTOP be over this news - no more competing radio ads! (2/24/11)

Oh my ... wasn't this unfortunate? (2/24/11)

Looks like Bob Ryan is staying now - @BobRyanABC7RT @mjenkins: I meant Mandy not myself RT @BobRyanABC7: TBD to eliminate staffers, including yours truly (2/24/11)

Many beginning to wonder if Bob Ryan's first anniversary at ABC7 in May will be his last. He has been very open about his unhappiness and constantly utters "I don't need these headaches at my age." (2/24/11)

Re:: "Long time Mailbag readers know of a pompous, old fart of a DJ who does that exact same thing in here. "PLumBers never say AHHHH" Hey Mr. Poster. You know why I use the ending moniker that I do ? It's for guys like Geronimo when I have him strapped in the DCRTV dental chair. "Open up and say AHHHH" as I cram down his throat all of his bull shit radio history, current career fuck-up's as well as for inserting my timely radio opinion, witty jabs and insight - all of which, you and Sorce's third wife enjoy as digital masochists. Don't hate this messenger and I won't judge what objects over the years, you and Sorce may have taken in your mouth while on your knees behind [your] local radio dumbster[s]. The REAL AHHHH (2/24/11)

Don talk to Joe Ardinger today (2/24/11)

Donnie just said that a member of the old show would be on his KHTK show this hour...someone "he has kept in touch with the entire time" - whoever that is... (2/24/11)

[RE "Dave TV":] wow gordon barnes brings back memories...after brenner died 9 wasn't the same (2/24/11)

[RE "Dave TV":] I remember that day so well. Had gotten off the air at Xtra-104 and was very pregnant with my first child. Sat on the beltway in the snowstorm for many, many hours. Just as I reached my exit at Conn. Ave. news of the plane crash came on the radio. Then not long after that the Metro accident happened. People on the beltway sat crying in their cars. Some got out and just banged their fists on their windows. What a dark day in D.C. It's a day I will never forget... (2/24/11)

OK I'll bite on the previous post, "Dave with the PPM numbers which is more important AQH% or CUME? Dave's response: I dunno. Anyone want to tackle that?" The actual data collection method (PPM vs. diary) doesn't matter for this question. First let's all be sure that we know the difference between AQH and cume - a lot of people (including senior radio managers) in the industry don't. AQH is the average number of people who listened to a particular station for at least 5 minutes within a 15 minute period and is usually reported for standard dayparts such as morning drive or an entire 24 hour period. (A listener can be counted more than once in AQH.) Cume, on the other hand, is the total number of DIFFERENT listeners for a given daypart or 24 hour period. Media buyers generally feel (though not always depending on the media plan's goals) that AQH is more important. The ratings that DCRTV Dave cites are based on AQH. Having the highest AQH rating allows a station to claim, "We're #1!!!" In contrast a station with the highest cume, though not necessarily the highest AQH (something that is often usual for all news stations) can rightly claim, "More people listen to our station than any other!!" Both statements are true. If there is a station that is both #1 in AQH and cume (perhaps WTOP, but I don't know that for sure) they have a printing press in the basement that spits out tons of money. (2/24/11)

This person needs a job and a shrink badly-(POST)--- Re: Sarah Palin's alternate Facebook name. Long time Mailbag readers know of a pompous, old fart of a DJ who does that exact same thing in here. "PLumBers never say AHHHH" (2/24/11)

Bob Ryan out at TBD!!! @BobRyanABC7TBD to eliminate most staffers, including yours truly..... (2/24/11)

Dave's response: Huh? He'll be staying with Channel 7/WJLA, right? With TBD becoming a local entertainment news site, why would they need a weather guy.....

Arrrggghhh!! I hope things get sorted and that the Nationals are heard on 106.7 The Fan. None of the affiliated stations in the Nats network cover anywhere west of Gilbert's Corner (Routes 50 and 15 in Aldie VA). People who live near Warrenton, Middleburg, Winchester, are totally out of luck. There ought to be a station of decent power in either Warrenton or Winchester that could pick up the Nationals. Otherwise Fauquier, Rappahannock, Clark and Western Loudon counties are without any coverage. The Fan, despite the dubious "talent", has the juice to cover these areas. The team should be working to get better NoVa coverage. (2/24/11)

Dave's response: Putting the Nats on 106.7 would be a brilliant move. So it probably won't happen, judging by the less than stupendous management team currently in place at CBS Radio DC.....

[RE today's "Dave TV":] This is great! Thank you, Dave (2/24/11)

Dave's response: Kind of nice to see a local TV newscast without a whole bunch of creepy crawly textie thingos at the bottom, on the sides, and at the top of the screen.....

[RE "Dave TV":] That Carvel ad made my day - I remember those old styrofoam sundae cups (2/24/11)

Billboard Magazine: Telecom 1996, 15 Years On - (2/24/11)

Re: Sarah Palin's alternate Facebook name. Long time Mailbag readers know of a pompous, old fart of a DJ who does that exact same thing in here. "PLumBers never say AHHHH" (2/24/11)

WAGE Closer To Being Back On The Air... It looks like WAGE is getting to closer to one day coming back to the airwaves. This morning on the website DCRTV a post showed up in their mailbag section saying "WAGE was given Program Test Authority for the 50 kW day facility yesterday and has filed for the license to cover today. They can start permanent daytime operations at any time now." Since the road to 50,000 watts for the former Leesburg station has been a painfully slow process, I checked with New World Radio president Alan Pendleton to see if this was actually the case. He emailed back "'Tis true." This does not suggest WAGE will be back on the air any time soon. The station still has quite a bit of work to do on its audio chain and transmission systems as well as a tweaking of components. And there still seems to be no decision on exactly what the format will be for WAGE when it does start broadcasting. But it appears they've crossed a regulatory hurdle and if they wanted, WAGE could begin broadcasting at 50,000 watts this week (2/24/11)'s "Dave TV" for 24 February features a morning newscast from the old Channel 9/WDVM in 1982 (Air Florida crash) with Andrea Roane and Gordon Barnes, plus a Carvel ice cream store ad. And, a quick look at the Washington radio dial in 1980...... (2/24/11)

[RE "Dave TV":] Hey! I have one of those spheres on my desk! How cool is that? It's my Glowing Orb Of Inspiration™! (2/24/11)

Dave with the PPM numbers which is more important AQH% or CUME? (2/24/11)

Dave's response: I dunno. Anyone want to tackle that?

are you going to do anything on the passing of dc radio icon bob davis (2/24/11)

Dave's response: Anybody know anything?

RE: DC-area print and broadcast has truly fallen to a sad and lowly state...What does that mean? I see people here and other places lamenting the loss of newspapers and further commenting on how print and broadcast have turned into a "sad and lowly" compared to what? The past? When you waited 24/12/6 hours to get a rag delivered to your door that was biased and late with news? Not trying to spur scorn here - if you're sad to see print go - fine. I guess people were sad to see the buggy whip, rotary dial phones and floppy discs go too? Its another generational thing...Dave commented on how he liked getting, reading and the feel of a newspaper. People 10 years or 15 years younger than him, don't. I used to love getting the Sunday post - because I remember my dad getting it. After a while (years) I figured I read most of what was in it the week before and since I now find the Post biased - why read it? Newspapers and AM radio are about done...How about the general trend whereby all printed "reading" material is going away (along with it Borders and such). How long will it be until someone quaintly remembers book binding? (2/24/11)

Another WJLA pre-emption this Friday. Arch Campbell's Oscar preview special will be on, generating local ad revenue for Allbritton. Arch is a nice enough guy, but why do we need this "special" on? I can catch all the Oscar buzz on TV via ET and Access Hollywood. (2/24/11)

So has the deal to put the Nationals on 106.7 fallen through? We're days away from their first Spring Training game, and no official announcement has been made. What's more, the official broadcast schedule on the Nationals' Web site still lists 1500 as the flagship and makes no mention of 106.7: (2/24/11)

Re: "Regarding the attraction to Sue Palka: I've had a crush on her for years. Love her personality and looks. Besides, she's much better looking than Topper." That's heresy and insulting! Topper is one gorgeous, manly man. /s/ Cooper Anderson (2/24/11)

Whoops! (2/24/11)

Here in bucolic and literate Prince William County, the Baltimore Sun is available (not that I'd get it) 7 days per week in my local CVS and Shoppers Food Wharehouse, and I'm in the south-eastern portion of the county between Woodbridge and the Stafford line-the Fredericksburg paper is routinely available at the 7-11's and vending machines just a little south of me, but I never bother getting it because it's just a damned democrat mouth-piece. The Richmond paper doesn't make much of an appearance anymore north of Stafford Court House, but that's because the social breakpoint between Tidewater and Northern Virginny has become so apparent there's little in common with the two regions. All in all, I'm an Examiner man- free and just a little to the right of Harry Byrd spells an irresistable impulse to me…Genghis Cohen, waiting for the next Haymarket Riots with Zen-like patience (2/24/11)

Look at this funny thing off of the listing site Radio-Locator. It says WMAL's city of license is Las Vegas, Nevada! (2/24/11)

As for the mention of newspapers, I remember being able to get The Washington Star in Baltimore as well as The Post and occasionally even The Philadelphia Inquirer. Now even finding the NY Post or Daily News can be difficult. At one time, Baltimore had 4 dailies, The Baltimore News, The Baltimore Post (owned by Scripps Howard interestingly), The Baltimore American (which dated back to 1773), & The Baltimore Sun (A.S. Abel who started WMAR TV). 3 of the newspapers eventually merged after Randolph Hearst took control. I have a copy of The News Post from the day JFK was shot. Eventually it became The Baltimore News American (which started WBAL TV), and I remember they had a better sports section than The Sun by far. The News American building in the Inner Harbor was torn down for a development that never happened and I believe remains a parking lot to this day on Pratt Street. Strangely though, The old historic Baltimore American newspaper building still stands with a plaque on the cornerstone of the building mentioning the newspaper. It's since been remodeled into something else and if I remember correctly is right near City Hall. After Hearst Corp threw in the towel, most of their best writers went to The Sun. When The Examiner came to Baltimore briefly, I immediately suggested on DCRTV that they make an offer to Hearst to buy the name because Baltimore is such a provincial town that hates carpet baggers and I knew it would fail as The Examiner, but they chose to fail and they did just as I predicted. Clearly they did not do their homework on running a newspaper in Baltimore. Not to mention, The News-American was the more conservative paper compared to The Sun so it would have been a no-brainer. To its credit, the Hearst Corporation donated its archives going back to 1773 to the University of Maryland. See here... UniversityofMaryland and here... Wikipedia (2/24/11)

Funny that Zurawik is like a month late on why the Julia Louis-Dreyfus HBO show is being shot in Baltimore. I could have penned that piece a month ago and not even have had to contact anyone at HBO. Oh, that's right, I already did write a comment on Baltimore Media Blog saying the same thing! HAHA! Obviously, it's cheaper to film in Baltimore than DC and less restrictive and less costly. Duh. Z needs to get back to what he's good at... Kate Gosselin gossip. Also missing in the story is that it's easier to build huge sets in Baltimore either in vacant warehouses or at the 2nd airport's largely empty aircraft hangers (sleepy Martin State Airport which can land a 747 if necessary and empty hangers big enough for one). And you can fly in actors directly to the set by jet if necessary with no media access, attention, or paparazzi photos. Try doing that in DC. Fat chance. (2/24/11)

Has anyone heard anything about what plans, if any, WJLA might have for filling the old Doug McKelway anchor slot on GMW? At first I thought that the rotation of Scott Thuman, Pamela Brown and former GMW anchor Greta Kreuz might be an audition of sorts but it has gone on forever. Are they looking outside or are they just content with Alison Starling and the rotation? (2/24/11)

WAGE was given Program Test Authority for the 50 kW day facility yesterday and has filed for the license to cover today. They can start permanent daytime operations at any time now. Regards, Dave Loudin (2/24/11)

Hey Dave, we would like everyone to check out Herm and Rayce Radio. We've expanded from a weekly show to now streaming music commercial free from independent and unsigned artist 24/7. Still in its infancy but we're getting better software that will label each song with the artist/song title and where it can be purchased. Listeners will also be able to request songs and have them played directly thru their computer. We're still non-profit and are footing the bill out-of-pocket for everything but we think it's worth the effort. Artists have been extremely generous with providing music. So much that even right now, you shouldn't hear any repeats for 6 or 7 hours and the playlist is growing every day. We welcome any reviews/comment/suggestion from the good folks at DCRTV. Thanks for posting and hope everyone enjoys music that you won't hear on terrestrial radio. Herm...Herm and Rayce Radio... (2/24/11)

"Ok, so VOA's website was hacked early Tuesday and the Feds couldn't find an IT expert to un-hack it until Wednesday evening? Are you kidding me? What kind of IT monkeys do the Feds hire?" OK genius go back and reread the story. They hacked into the Network Solutions DNS. No internal VOA servers or systems were touched. (2/24/11)

This is pretty kewl.... Separated in 2 parts, here is 5 seconds of every #1 song from 1956 until 1992... (2/24/11)

I'm old enough to remember when DC had three daily newspapers and the various burbs offered a thriving crop of newspapers as well. There was an abundance of radio stations, several full-service, with locally relevant hosts and content. DC-area print and broadcast has truly fallen to a sad and lowly state. (2/24/11)

Dave's response: Hey, I remember when my mom and dad would get the Washington Post delivered on the doorstep in the morning and the Washington Star in the afternoon. One related musing: I used to be able to reliably find the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the Baltimore Sun, and the Philadelphia Inquirer on Northern Virginia newsstands. No more! Now, it's just the DC papers (Post, Times), the NYC papers (Times, Daily News, Post), with the WSJ and USA Today. But none of the other "regionals." Hmmm.....

With all this talk about The Washington Post and Baltimore Sun, I have to wonder how are the other smaller newspapers are doing out there? Here in Berkeley County, WV there have been rumors floating around that there had been some recent layoffs at both our local Martinsburg Journal and the Hagerstown Hearld-Mail while both the Winchester Star and Northern Virginia Daily are "struggling" if some of those posts on city-data are correct,. Of course none of those papers will ever admit to any of it in public if it is true for the fear of spooking away advertisers. What abut the Frederick News-Post? I assume the Fredericksburg Free Lance Star with money coming in from WFLS should be doing OK in the money department. The Cumberland (MD) Times-News considering their bad local economy, wouldn't be surprised if there weren't any cutbacks there..but as of yet heard nothing. (2/24/11)

From WFLA in Tampa -- An interview with Ron Reagan by some right wing cretin named Tedd Webb. WRC/Great 98 jock, Jack Harris, is also heard in the clip. (I think Tedd has a crush on Ron.) (2/24/11)

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\/ February 23 Messages \/

well, TBD is living up to its name, THE BIG DISASTER. I just feel sorry for the poor saps that Allbritton and Satan, err, I mean Bill Lord hired to come over and work for 5, 6 months, thinking that they would have a career and now they are out flat on their asses. Another feather in the cap of Allbritton Communications!!! (2/23/11)

DCRTV, this isn't local but just another reason to hate Citadel Radio:: KGO Radio Shelves Leukemia Cure-A-Thon after 30 Years KGO Radio a San Francisco 50,000 watt powerhouse has pulled the plug on its yearly "Cure-A-Thon", a 24-hour radio charity that benefited the Northern California Leukemia Society. Begun in 1979, the annual charity raised well over $18 million and was a key part of KGO's March schedule, both in terms of popularity and as a valuable tool to the charity that was dependent on both its monetary contribution and promotional pull. (2/23/11)

RE:"One of a Kind Love Affair-The Spinners". I had a copy of that single with the questionable word on it. At the time I thought the word was on it but I just couldn't see them allowing that (being 1973 and all) so I just mentally blew it off! At that time I worked at a AM college carrier current station that was also carried on one of the suburban cable systems. We didn't have one complaint on that word or song ever! In fact the student PD "thought" it was the "F" word but like me he couldn't see them allowing that ever. We just played that version from sign on till sign off. (2/23/11)

Ok, so VOA's website was hacked early Tuesday and the Feds couldn't find an IT expert to un-hack it until Wednesday evening? Are you kidding me? What kind of IT monkeys do the Feds hire? And shouldn't the U.S. government and/or the media consider this as a terrorist attack? I'm not even seeing much of any news coverage of this. I think it's a bigger deal than is being portrayed in the media and yet I see nothing on the news. Social media and worldwide internet news is the spark that caused all this. Maybe we don't want democracy in the Middle East after all? I think President Obama finally kept a campaign promise! HAHA! (2/23/11)

I have a better story... The Baltimore Sun delivered newspapers to my house for over 6 months and when I called to cancel multiple times, they told me "we don't have you listed as a subscriber, but we have a current deal we're offering... blah blah blah." I hung up multiple times, the paper kept coming. Finally, my Mom visited and saw the pile of newspapers I'd not picked up on my porch and she just went postal on their asses and The Sun cancelled my non-subscription that I never paid a dime for. And you wonder why Tribune is in bankruptcy? The pic below is just like a month's worth! Speaking of The Baltimore Sun, I recently posted some negative comments about a Dan Rodricks article and The Sun on Dan's facebook wall and he deleted them all saying something like "I don't want my Facebook to turn into The Sun's COMMENTS section." I was like "WTF?" Isn't that just like condoning censorship while pretending to be open minded publicly ? (2/23/11)

This article reminds me that John Kluge was owner of Metromedia. Too bad about the wine... Va. winemaker's painstakingly built empire crumbled in months amid recession (2/23/11)

I must admit that we still have a subscription to the WP so the dawg can go out and get the paper every morning. Every dawg must have a job. (2/23/11)

Being an iconoclast, I just started a new weekly subscription. $50 for six months of Boswell on the morning train is still lots cheaper than buying an iPad and downloading it. (2/23/11)

Dave's response: Hey, I'm a huge consumer of free news on the web. And I spend a lot of time at, which is an excellent site. But I also like a print newspaper on my doorstep each morning. I like having those big, broadsheet pages spead out on my dining room table as I sip my breakfast tea. It easier to scan the day's news that way than by clicking on a bunch of links on a website. I would find it hard to go web-only or print-only for my news. I like having a combination of both.....

The Washington Post's race to irrelevancy beat me years ago. It's a sad shell of it's former self. I thought it was pathetic watching the idiots destroy the radio industry, but this is truly embarrassing. (2/23/11)

I wonder how many of those who still subscribe, actually read it, or just let it sit on the driveway LOL (2/23/11)

Agree re: Howie Kurtz. The fact is that print media as we know it is dying a slow death. So is the music industry as far as brick and mortar sales. (2/23/11)

I had called to cancel, and they gave me a 6 month 'retention rate' that is cheaper than just getting the Sunday paper delivered. I still skim through it most days, but there are fewer 'must reads.' (2/23/11)

[RE today's "Dave TV":] whats that multi-color sphere light on the a/v shelf? (2/23/11)

Dave's response: It's an electronic thingo I picked up at Target a few years back for about $10.....

[RE the WaPo's continued subscriber/advertising slump:] Doesn't surprise me. I've been a subscriber for 35+ years; they have fired all their seasoned professionals, and the grammar and fact mistakes are just awful. It's almost not worth reading! (2/23/11)

Dave's response: I really really miss Howard Kurtz's media pieces. With him no longer there, the value of the Style section has dropped about 80 percent for me.....

Didn't they just... start TBD? (2/23/11)

Dave, thanks for posting the radio ratings yesterday. It's always interesting to see where the stations rank. Paul Bicknell has told all of us that we are not allowed to judge his station yet. By their absence in the ratings, it appears others already have. (2/23/11)

Dave's response: To be fair, KHZ radio is on some piddly little rimshot AMers. It just can't compete wattage-wise with the region's major big city FMers, no matter what programming it runs.....

The 23 February edition of "Dave TV" from features the latest Washington-Baltimore area media news, including big cuts at, new ombudsman at the Washington Post, new gigs for Kirk Clyatt and Jerry Hoyt, Iranian problems for the VOA's websites, and more January radio ratings..... (2/23/11)

Joe Bastardi has one of the best names in media and popular culture today, surpassed only by Dick Trickle (NASCAR), Dick Button (skating) and Haywood Jablomie. (2/23/11)

"(Am I the only one here who remembers WGTB-FM?) ... Unsigned Corporate Suit." Not as long as I have hours of it on open reel tape. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (2/23/11)

wage testing - at 10-15 am tuned in to 1190 and hear wage I believe testing playing jazz music still on at 10-20 right now. chris ramsay (2/23/11)

[From DCRTV's Facebook/Twitter pages: WMAL's Chris Plante is such a sad little man......] Yes, but he does have a job on a major market radio station, a job that those of us in a small market would covet (2/23/11)

[RE Plante:] Been "listening" this morning. Yes, I enjoy the sounds of trains wrecking in the morning. (2/23/11)

[RE Plante:] The path to the major markets is clear: stop taking your anti-psychotic meds. It's been a winning strategy for so many WMAL hosts (2/23/11)

VOA is under attack by Iran through more than its websites. Satellite broadcasts of VOA-TV's Persian News Network beamed into Iran are being heavily interfered with - as is BBC's Persian TV service. It's all apparently connected to heavy coverage of the uprising in several Arab states. Clearly, the Iranian government doesn't want its nationals seeing that other people are taking to the streets to topple oppressive governments. (2/23/11)

You're on hallucinogenic tablets if you think Shawn Yancy looks manly. (2/23/11)

I'm sure that Baltimore journalist, H.L. Mencken, had Rush Limbaugh in mind when he wrote: "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public." (2/23/11)

Dave's response: I hear that slogan has just been erected in the lobby of the Discovery Communications building in Silver Spring.....

Regarding the attraction to Sue Palka: I've had a crush on her for years. Love her personality and looks. Besides, she's much better looking than Topper. (2/23/11)

Dana Milbank on Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and Michelle Obama. 'Nuff said (2/23/11)

Re: website of the DC-based Voice Of America,, was hacked "by Iran" on Tuesday. All VOA websites are being cyber attacked by a force or forces from within the Persian nation, we're told. Obviously VOA must really be touching a nerve in Tehran… good to know VOA doing its job and proving to be a threat to the Iranian hierarchy (2/23/11)

I am so disappointed in my shinehead. Tuesday night Derek McGinty promised his viewers "new evidence" in the Bradford Bishop case. What this turned out to be was a rehash of material that's been known for decades. Very disappointed in my shinehead. You owe me, Derek McGinty. Then, later, I was trying to watch Poker After Dark (Leeann Tweeden is a Nova girl and has fantacular breastesses) when some joker decided to test the Emergency Alert System. I missed a rather absorbing hand. Anonymous wrote: "During his report he said that he noticed that "on the road to Poolesville" that there were trees trimmed to prevent trees from coming down on power lines. He signed off by saying, "Evan Haning reporting from Poolesville". One problem Poolesville and the rest of upper Montgomery County is served by Allegheny Power and not Pepco." Guess what, Anonymous? River Road in Bethesda is "on the road to Poolesville". Further, Pepco does indeed serve a significant portion of Poolesville. That's a little thing called a fact. Might want to look that word up. Bazinga. - ZombieWoof (2/23/11)

Mike has pulled in consistent ratings below 20'th place in Arb ppm postings. Alright Dave, will you finally admit that Don and/or Mike are done? (2/23/11)

I think I am mildly sexually attracted to Sue Palka. It appears she has a decent body for an old broad. I liked her outfit tonight. Shawn Yancy needs to stay out the gym and get some feminine fat. She looks a bit manly :l (2/23/11)

My favorite “F***” song of the 1970’s is “(One of a Kind) Love Affair” by The Spinners. The “line” (first one after the bridge) was “One of a kind love affair is…makes you wanna love her. You just gotta f*** her, yeah!” I was in my Caprice the first time I heard it, and I thought, ‘did they just say f***?’ And it was on WASH! Yes, WASH back when Metromediocre owned it with Eddie doing AM drive. IIRC, just about everybody was playing it. Our MD was on vacation, so our PD and I went into the production studio and played it. Our copy was a typical WEA “radio station” copy in that it was Stereo on one side and mono on the other. And, the “f***” was as plain as day. Not long afterward, a “sanitized” version was released. The cart with the “original” version was soon marked ‘10PM-6AM ONLY” while the “sanitized” version was ROS. Last time I heard it on-air locally was on 99.5 during its brief incarnation as an oldies station. Of course, that was tame stuff compared to what airs today! Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/23/11)

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Hi Dave, Anyone in radio has had to sit down with a "consultant". This link may possibly be a "consulant" session with a future Rush Limbaugh/Sean Hannity/Glenn Beck. Brilliant glimpse into the future from Rod Serling circa 1957... (2/22/11)

RE: WKHI upgrade. Great, just what the Eastern Shore needs...another non-live station feeding in generic satellite programming. Can Great Scott really afford the power bill for that increase? I mean, come on. (2/22/11)

In the past I have read in here where WTOP will NOT air spots for the Charles Town Races & Slots. Since Bonneville has ties with the Mormon Chruch I can see that HOWEVER this morning I was talking to a friend of mine who used to work at WTOP but now lives in Arizona and does TV work in the Phoenix market. He was telling me that this was NOT the case or as he said "..It's bullshit my friend..pure simple was Charles Town who didn't want to advertise on WTOP since WTOP was outisde their demo..not the other way around.." He was also telling me that the Mormons has ZERO influence when it came to WTOP and that anyone who believed such shit needs to "get bent". Salt Lake City's KSL? Oh according to this former Bonneville employee KSL had recently aired ads for Las Vegas, Denver and Reno/Lake Tahoe area casinos so why would WTOP say no to Charles Town Races & Slots?. OK, can't speak for KSL since I have never seen that station but with WTOP I do have to admit that in the past I have seen postings on other sites from fans and employees of Bonneville who flat out deny any Mormon influence at WTOP or any other station owned by them...and they tend to get nasty about it too. Don't these people know that when a church gets involved with a broadcast company..well here come the "rumors". (2/22/11)

There will be no changes with WMAL. Cumulus is a small market operator, so they do not want to invest money in making the stations live and local. They will continue to pipe in the out of town garbage that is on 80% of the AM dial. A small market operator buying a small market operator that has failed trying to play in the big market. Ugh. (2/22/11)

Actually, rather than have “public broadcasting”, I’d rather have “community broadcasting”. You don’t have to have slick production to have an audience. (Am I the only one here who remembers WGTB-FM?) And, if audience numbers are what you’re looking for, you should be in commercial broadcasting, which lives and dies by it. And, that’s another thing, which gripes me about what’s not happening in radio: Everything I hear about “community broadcasting” (like LPFM) is about non-commercial broadcasting. While there’s a place for non-commercial community broadcasting, I think there should also be commercialized community broadcasting. Why? It’s good for business! Not every business can (or should) advertise on the remaining “big guns” in broadcasting. But, they still need promotion. And, broadcasting is still the best way to promote a business. But, it doesn’t have to on a “major” station to get the job done. The only other electronic media, which could do this as well, would be cable. But, the cable operators have never had the balls to demand more inventory from the networks they carry other than the couple of minutes per hour they currently get, which is less than broadcast TV stations get from their nets. So, the cable people can’t give their clients the exposure repetition which community broadcasting could. And, I think a 72-hour per week local origination requirement would be fair for a station whose ownership is non-profit and isn’t facing the many expenses a commercial broadcaster deals with daily. Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/22/11)

WKHI 107.7 Fruitland, MD is applying for an upgrade to Class B1 status from Class A. The highly directional signal would basically protect WFSI 107.9 in Annapolis while blanketing the Salisbury/OC market much more thoroughly by going from 5300 watts to 22,000 watts if approved by the FCC. (2/22/11)

Evan Haning of WTOP did a story today about the fact that Pepco had fewer power outages today than they did the last time that it snowed. During his report he said that he noticed that "on the road to Poolesville" that there were trees trimmed to prevent trees from coming down on power lines. He signed off by saying, "Evan Haning reporting from Poolesville". One problem Poolesville and the rest of upper Montgomery County is served by Allegheny Power and not Pepco. (2/22/11)

The history of “F*** You” songs can be traced to 1972, when my friend picked up Harry Nilsson’s “Son of Schmilsson”, hoping to hear more pop friendly songs like those of “Nilsson Schmilsson”. Instead, when he popped it on, we were treated to this... Which was fine, because we were 12 and thought it was hilarious. His Mom was not so amused and the record disappeared the next week. (2/22/11)

"The public stations need more than ever. They need to get listeners so they program formats that have listeners who have money. News is the clear winner. With commercial stations abandoning classical (I'm looking at you, Bonneville), public stations are the last bastion. In most big cities, where it is feasible, the public stations have banded together to provide news on one channel and classical on another. As you can see, public stations are the savior for classical music." Bull crap. It used to be in the late 70's early 80's that most public radio stations were music stations with a bit of news. Then as they discovered that all news formats were more profitable, they began dropping classical like mad. Hmm...and I thought NPR folks were above profit margins. If the demographic for classical music listeners isn't 'profitable", isn't it the job of the job of the stations to figure out ways to expand the demographic? Of course, playing classical music to baby boomers is pearls before swine, anyway. Public Radio completely abandoned their ideal of being an outlet for music that cannot survive elsewhere. As for putting it on 'one channel"- whoop-de-doo. HD radio is a total scam. (2/22/11)

{impending sale of radio giant Citadel Broadcasting} - Dave, if this sale goes thru, what kind of changes -- if any -- would you expect at Wmal? Any chance they would add some local shows in the pm drive time, as well as getting rid of the beyond dreadful midnight truckers show (am I the only one out there -- w/insomnia -- who thinks that is the worst radio show ever)? (2/22/11)

Dave's response: Honestly, I have no idea what possible changes will come to WMAL if Citadel and Cumulus merge. I do think that the Midnight truckers show is awful. WMAL should go back to running "Coast To Coast AM" with George Noory straight through to 5 AM..... If the recently announced acquisition of Bonneville International stations was, by all accounts, an agreement made in heaven, then the impending sale of radio giant Citadel Broadcasting could be — to borrow a phrase from Sam Zell — the deal from hell. After months of fighting off unwanted overtures from smaller rival Cumulus Media, Citadel confirmed last week that it had entered kicking and screaming into exclusive negotiations for a potential merger. (2/22/11)

Dave's response: Interesting. Chicago media columnist Robert Feder says that all of Citadel's Chicago radio stations seem to be firing on "all cylinders." That would seem not to be the case for Citadel's DC stations. WMAL is attracting loads of old men and little else, Mix 107.3 seems to be on the losing end of the chick-attraction battle with both Clear Channel's WASH and CBS's Fresh 94.7, and the music mix I'm hearing on the Safeway in-store station is better than what low-rated classic rocker 105.9 The Edge is playing.....

I wonder the relationship really is between Don Geronimo and the rest of the Don and Mike Show Players. They seemed like a small group of close friends on their show. I am a listener of both the TMOS Podcasts and The Don Geronimo Show on KHTK. When something good or bad happens to Don Geronimo, TMOS usually mentions it and sound very sincere when they wish him their best. Maybe because they do not take calls, it is not a fair comparison. When someone calls Don and even remotely mentions members of the old show, Don makes a sarcastic comment about it. Someone mentioned Buzz when he was sick and Don went off, never acknowledging Buzzes illness. The other day, someone mentioned the Old show and Don sarcastically said he was close with the old team and talk to them everyday. It would not change my opinion of Don if he hates the old crew, loves the old crew or just considered it a job and they were only work friends. Nobody cared once Ricky Martin or Clay Akin came out. I just wish I understood what happened between them better then I do. Everytime someone calls Don and he goes AHole on them, I find myself ticked wishing I only knew the truth. Did they have a falling out or what happened. (2/22/11)

Dave's response: I think that Don and Mike do like each other and I also think that Don and Mike don't like each other. If that makes sense.....

Doug at 7 nailed the Germantown forecast. (2/22/11)

Are you including Capital Weather Gang? They generally give the full range of possibilities. (2/22/11)

Dave's response: Don't get me started on them. They'll predict something like "3 to 10 inches-plus," so they can't be "wrong"......

Just out today! The January monthly radio ratings for DC - morning and afternoon shows in the 25-54 "money" demo..... (2/22/11)

Predicted 5 to 8 in Harford County and we got 7, so that's pretty dead on. (BUT, they changed the forecast from a light coating early yesterday morning, so not that impressive) (2/22/11)

[RE "Dave TV":] Dave, I love this. You are too much. You are you and I love it. Blessings (2/22/11)

Dave's response: Awwwwwww.....

I see that Blockbuster is closing about 600 stores in light of the bankruptcy. I have been renting BDs (Blu Ray Discs) form Netflix and I see Redbox all over. Does anyone know how many brick and mortar blockbusters there still are in the DC area. (2/22/11)

Dave's response: Here in Reston, Blockbuster closed its store south of the Toll Road late last year and is currently in the process of closing its store north of the Toll Road. We lost Hollywood Video in 2009. I can't think of any full-service video rental stores remaining in Reston, apart from those automated machines at area grocery stores.....

As much as we would like to blame NPR for killing Classical and Jazz, the facts dispute it. First, formats wax and wane over the years. Now days, you don't hear very many Beautiful Music or Free Form stations...or any. In the case of Classical, the fans are all between the age of senility and death. The public stations need more than ever. They need to get listeners so they program formats that have listeners who have money. News is the clear winner. With commercial stations abandoning classical (I'm looking at you, Bonneville), public stations are the last bastion. In most big cities, where it is feasible, the public stations have banded together to provide news on one channel and classical on another. As you can see, public stations are the savior for classical music. As for Jazz, with all the spare capacity on the HD channels, maybe someone will put that format on the air...but I doubt it. Nobody likes that crap. Find your over the air classical station: John (2/22/11)

Washington-Baltimore media news headlines for 22 February via's "Dave TV." Including a possible morning change for WFLS, a CSPAN veteran passes away, a new midday personality for WPGC, and a change for the BBC's DC-based newscast...... (2/22/11)

[RE: The collective DC media weather forecasters got one of this season's five or six storms right - the January 26 thunder snow event. The other storms, including last night's, were, for the most part, far more hype than reality. I give 'em a collective "C-" grade for their winter 2010/2011 forecasting.] Use They have predicted it right every time. (2/22/11)

Foot's Forecast has NOT predicted it right every time. They've bombed BIG TIME at least three times this winter (2/22/11)

To be fair, the forecast called for 5 to 8 inches in Carroll County, and that's exactly what we got. (2/22/11)

You mean I bought all that milk for nothing?!!! (2/22/11)

[From DCRTV's Twitter/Facebook posting - Will someone tells the guy substituting for Mike Wise on WJFK that the Soviet Union died in 1989. There is no "Soviet" language. Sheesh....] Damn...and I was on my way out to get a Soviet/English dictionary! (2/22/11)

that is Danny Rouhier who does overtime will Bill Rohland at night (2/22/11)

Why even be discussing stuff they do not know about, should keep it to mostly sports. Maybe he thinks he is Tony Kornheiser who talks about everything else and not enough sports. (2/22/11)

" Large stations can and do provide local content. Smaller stations can't. PBS/NPR fill the void...and fill it damn well." You're right- larger stations can produce local programming far easier than small public radio stations which have very little funds and very small staffs. It is far easier for a station to take network programming from NPR or APM or PRI than it is to produce local music or news show- and that's exactly what many have done. The end result is in effect nearly every public radio station (except for all classical and jazz formats) are more or less cookie cutter sound a-likes. NPR did, I think more to kill classical music and jazz in this country than any neanderthal right winger ever could. (2/22/11)

Good old Hillary Howard was talking about up to 8 inches yesterday in Montgomery Co. She must have been talking about something other than snow. Did any of the weather guys get even close to getting this forecast right? Regards Biff (2/22/11)

Dave's response: The collective DC media weather forecasters got one of this season's five or six storms right - the January 26 thunder snow event. The other storms, including last night's, were, for the most part, far more hype than reality. I give 'em a collective
"C-" grade for their winter 2010/2011 forecasting. Now, I'm sure their stations/newspapers are quite happy with the increased ratings/traffic they generated. And, you know what, that's all that really matters any more. Sigh.....

RE: Dave TV... I agree with the other posters about the video length. I think the videos have a lot of potential. I'd like to see more analysis and thoughtful commentary about the business. For instance, on the video ranking the top afternoon shows, it would be nice for you to add some analysis of why certain shows are ranking well, and why others are not. Who is on the rise, and who is on the decline. What are the stations doing that might be impacting ratings, and what does that mean for the marketplace? If you're going to just list them, you could easily do that in print on your page. The videos should add more opinion and perspective. Enjoy the site, as always. (2/22/11)

Happy Birthday to SNL announcer Don Pardo, who turns 93 today! (2/22/11)

Sue Palka can go to hell. Fox 5 has waited nearly an hour to give snow totals. And Sue thought it was compelling tv to bring in an ice tray with some sleet pellets to show what was happening outside. (2/22/11)

Well, Unsigned...or should I call him, Mr. Suit, brings up some interesting ideas. In an era where costs are rising, donations are decreasing and colleges are selling stations to K-Love (Ohio State bucking the trend), Mr. Suit wants public broadcasters to do 72 hours a week of local programming. This is, I believe, his "Mission Accomplished" moment. Look at the purpose of public broadcasting. It is, basically, to educate and entertain the citizens. People listen to high production value media. Having the students at the University of Southern North Dakota at Hoople, playing their favorite records, is not going to be educational or entertaining. Large stations can and do provide local content. Smaller stations can't. PBS/NPR fill the void...and fill it damn well. Statewide networks can amortize the costs over a larger area and provide as much local content as they can, given the financial constraints. Where does Unsigned expect public stations to get the money? Maybe it would be better to get rid of these stations and put the onus on commercial broadcasters to provide educational segments throughout the broadcast day. This would be their little contribution to the community for getting free access to the public airwaves. Yea, I like that. Commercial stations must program 72 hours per week with local content of an educational nature. Mrs. Fred doesn't count. John (2/22/11)

Re: Dave TV Dave, you need to be suitably attired in tuxedo and top hat or at least a sport jacket over a T-shirt. You can be in gym shorts under the desk. (2/22/11)

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