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When it comes to keeping us up on our own station or somebody else's, Dave is the guy! Happy Birthday, Dave... (2/9/11)

Happy Birthday, Dave! I may have stolen your birthday wish with my hopes that the Orioles would return to WBAL. To think, a listenable pre & post game show, no more re-joining the game late on the flagship of the team and a chance to listen to the games live again at the ballpark. As for the fan, don't surprised to start hearing a lot of ESPN after dark. Just a guess, but I think after 6pm, 1057 will learn what its like to be on the bird. Gimme an O! (2/8/11)

In the ESPN era, the difference in the coverage of Snyder, Modell and Irsay is enormous. Everyone knows about Modell & Snyder, but almost no one in DC or elsewhere knows about Irsay. But how come no one from Cleveland can rant on about Modell endlessly like The City Paper did about Snyder with dozens of stories? Because the man never did anything but shock you and MOVE out of your population losing city after being saddled with debt by the city of Cleveland with a falling down stadium. Sell outs? Yeah, those $15 metal bench seats earned lots of cash for Modell! I think you got a free hard hat with each purchase in case any of the bricks fell on you. HAHA! Yes, Modell owned a falling down stadium dumped on him by the city of Cleveland that he had to repair/maintain, Irsay didn't own Memorial. Having been to both Memorial and Municipal, I can tell you, Memorial and even RFK in DC were/are STILL PALACES COMPARATIVELY TO THAT MISTAKE ON THE LAKE DUMP! HAHA! And Angelos is in his 80s now, he'll be dead soon. You should have said, "ENJOY SNYDER FOR MANY YEARS TO COME!" LOL Oh for the record, the Cleveland Browns faced a blackout of MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL! The Baltimore Ravens have never had a TV blackout in their history. And yes, I'll repeat again, The Baltimore Colts once held the longest running sellout record in the NFL at old Memorial, a stadium not even built for football, that didn't even have 40 yard upper deck seats on both sides! (2/8/11)

any insight on why Scott Garceau was among the missing today? And does anyone know why Riggo doesn't invite phone calls on his show? Rusty (2/8/11)

Hey DAVE, Happy Birfday... Mark in B-Town (2/8/11)

Channel 11 just announced the Orioles will be on WBAL this season. (2/8/11)

Yes..but as I said in the Mailbag..the problem with WBAL AM (at least where I am)..although the signal is good, at night there's that fight between the ground wave and sky wave, causing the "busted speaker" affect; this will usually happen..just when something excitting is going on! But because of that "ground wave/sky wave thing, you can't understand nothing that anybody is saying! (2/8/11)

The Principality of Outer Baldonia started as a practical joke among friends on a fishing trip and it became a country. (2/8/11)

Happy Earth Day Dave, keep up the creative work that makes for good radio/tv in the old days. Billy Ray (2/8/11)

Back in its "All News, All The Time" days, WAVA's studios were "high atop the capitol" in the RCA sky-rise on Roslyn's N. Moore Street. In 1974, I toiled daily on the building's fifth floor in a non-broadcast job, so I knew from reading the lobby directory that the station's penthouse quarters also housed the "Embassy of Outer Baldonia". One fine day, I happened to share an elevator ride with Arthur W. Arundel, and as a cocky young lad of 22, I boldly inquired, "How are things in Outer Baldonia?" Thirty-six years later, I still remember Arundel's silent, stone cold stare. Googling "Outer Baldonia", I learned Nick's dad Russell Arundel (who is also credited with inventing the term "doodle" in 1937) " ...declared a small island off the coast of Nova Scotia an independent country in 1949, naming himself Prince of Princes of the Principality of Outer Baldonia. Arundel wrote a bill of rights that applied only to fisherman, including the freedom from 'nagging and interruptions' and the right 'to lie and be believed'. So all hail Outer Baldonia, the only nation in the world where lying is protected by a bill of rights. In all other countries, lying is protected by the people in power." (2/8/11)

Hey, how cool, I share a birthday with a genius! Make it a great day! (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday ! DCRTV IS THE S**T ! Thank YOU! (2/8/11)

I sort of have mixed feelings about the Orioles' move to WBAL; first of sure they'll get more coverage with their 50 thousand watts; the problem I have is: I'm just far enough away night, I get that stinckin' "skywayve/ground wave" stuff; you know..the thing that makes the radio sound like it has a bad tube..or a busted speaker? Oh well..since I normally have the game on MASN, guess it won't bother me too much! I wonder..does WBAL have that "delay" 1057thefan has? Sure hope not, for I'm hoping to get back up to Camden Yards to see another O's game..and would be nice to be able to hear the action in "real time!" In closing..HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dave! Tom in Denton, MD. (2/8/11)

Have a great birthday, Dave! You rock! (2/8/11)

Nah, 105,7 will be fine. People still like to chat about sports and with BAL having the games, they won't have much sports talk. (2/8/11)

Happy birthday, Dave! I'll just have to staaayyyy tuned! (2/8/11)

HaPpY BiRtHdAy, DcRtV DaVe! (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday - thanks for dcrtv! (2/8/11)

Happy B-day Dave from WNHS Northwood High School (2/8/11)

Guess this is the beginning of the end for 105.7 The Fan (2/8/11)

Very sorry to read of the passing of my old colleague, Arthur W. Arundel. And, how many of WAVA's alumni are still in the media business? I can immediately think of WTOP's Dick Uliano and Howard Dicus. Any others? And, he wasn't as much a "maverick" as he was a responsible visionary. Just remember to keep those carts bulked and "that in the event of nuclear war, payday will be Thursday." Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/8/11)

Dave's response: I worked at Arundel's Reston Times newspaper fresh out of college in the early 1980s. A very nice guy. Did not micromanage. Gave his newspaper's editorial staffs a lot of latitude. Also, gave everyone a free turkey at Thanksgiving.....

Dave honey, hope you are enjoying your birthday. Kemi in Canada... I love the Jays here in Toronto but it's Baltimore all day! (2/8/11)

Could we see the Ravens headed back to CBS Radio(Baltimore) after tonight's announcement about the Orioles i think so Hearst does not have the outlets to cover both the Ravens and Orioles properly and now you have WJZ-FM and AM free its a no brainer for the Ravens. Even though CBS Radio(Baltimore) sucks the sports stations anyway and Bob Phillips is not a Ravens(front office) favorite. Why does Bob Phillips(Baltimore))and Sam Rodgers(DC) still have their jobs? (2/8/11)

WBAL AM Radio announces three year Baltomore Orioles deal John T. Henneman (2/8/11)

If you've ever wondered where Glenn Beck comes up with his crackpot ideas, here's a little secret: He uses the Glenn Beck Conspiracy Generator. It's a handy gizmo that delivers fair and balanced paranoia on demand. Beck consults it every day to decide on which inane conspiracies to tout. Put On Your Tinfoil Hat & Give It A Try! (2/8/11)

Turn up the radio...hope your day's been great! Rock on Dave. (2/8/11)

Dislike...AM radio sucks around power lines..but I guess the O's fans in NC will be happy. The signal comes in loud & clear there (2/8/11)

"The guy started blasting away at Michelle and food stamp recipients, but he wasn’t reading the script very well. Mark had to jump in and say “and you are a Doctor, right?” and the guy said “yes I am.” So, Mark started agreeing with this “Doctor.” Memo to Mark Levin; Doctors are trained to identify themselves not as “a Doctor,” but with their field of practice or expertise; “I am a …”_ (General Practitioner, pediatrician, cardiologist, surgeon, OB GYN, etc.). The answer “Yes I am.” Is not acceptable...[blah blah]" First, it sounds like the discussion was on public policy so who cares what the guy's specialty is? Second, this could have been a screener error. Third, it could have been a frequent caller, and Levin knew who he was dealing with. Fourth, of course it could have been a plant call. Michael Savage used to have his producer call him. Fifth, without going to Wikipedia, what are the medical specialities of Ron Paul, Howard Dean, and the King of Jordan? Stockard Channing on the West Wing? Anne Archer in Patriot Games? Sixth, in a lot of states, acupuncturists, chiropractors, ND's, podiatrists (that's foot doctors for those of you in Rio Linda) can call themselves "Doctor" but then they have to explain that "yes, I'm really a doctor!" Sounds like your TSL is pretty high since this happened halfway thru the show. At what point did you get out the beach towel? - ZW (2/8/11)

Have a great birthday, Dave! (from someone who is just slightly younger than you...) (2/8/11)

Thank God. Now I can at least hear the on the radio in Frederick! Looking forward to bounce between the Nats on AM 820 and the Os on AM 1090. (2/8/11)

After a four-season run on 105.7 The Fan, the Orioles have decided to return their radio rights to WBAL-AM 1090, the Hearst-owned station that has had a partnership with the club for much of the past six decades.The financial arrangements haven’t been disclosed. The decision, which comes after several months of the organization's shopping its radio rights, is somewhat surprising, considering the rocky parting between the Orioles and WBAL after the 2006 season. WBAL had served as the club’s flagship station for 19 consecutive years when the club moved to the CBS-owned 105.7 for the start of the 2007 season, the first time in nearly 40 years the Orioles weren’t heard on the AM John T. Henneman (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday from me and my 3 readers at VARTV! 2/8/11)

I think I've figured it out! KHZTV's own PD Davy Jones has said that BIG things were coming for that station...He's RIGHT! First they broadcasted from a condo in Ocean City. Then, from a strip mall in Pasadena. What's the BIG thing he keeps referring to? A brand new studio conveniently located in a public storage facility in Towson! -ZombieLoofAHHHHH (2/8/11)

Entertaining 2010 feature on the late Arthur W. Arundel, founder of all-news WAVA. (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday Dave from WPRS, Praise 104.1 (2/8/11)

More listening to 700AM today while on the Beltway. Didn't hear a legal ID at 4PM. Are we sure this is WDMV and not someone else who 'hermit-crabbed' onto the frequency? (2/8/11)

I've never heard the "Hitman", but judging from the mailbag, he must be the greatest broadcast talent in history. Either that, or a very large attention whore. Upside: at least he seems to be keeping his right-wing politics off the board. That's something, I guess. Hitman: do us all a favor....stop. No one cares. (2/8/11)

General manager Sue Timmons is leaving Great Scott Broadcasting for a management position at Comcast. The hot rumor is that Mitch Scott's first choice is the ex-general manager of Clear Channel Frank Hamilton that is now the sales manager for WBOC television. Clear Channel is no longer the powerhouse it used to be since Frank Hamilton left and this could put the final nail in their coffin and leave Great Scott atop the radio market on the shore. (2/8/11)

Happy birthday to the man who's better than Drudge! (2/8/11)

RE: “I love reading these Balamer guys who go on endlessly about Irsay yet ignore that Modell did the exact same thing to Cleveland. Even worse, because Cleveland WAS still selling out Browns games, unlike what was going on with the Colts at the time Irsay moved them. A little hypocrisy anyone?” Great call! Baltimore should have gotten an expansion team! To steal a team the same way was immoral. The only difference is they left the name behind in Cleveland. Also, as a Yankee fan who heard about Steinbrenner for years from DC and Baltimore fans, enjoy Angelos and Snyder for many years! OOBBEE (2/8/11)

"Get your facts and your novelists straight; then you can distort them any way you want. (Shawn in DC)" Dude, I had to read all that stuff in junior high school. Bet you didn't know that Malcolm X and Redd Foxx worked at the same restaurant (w/o going back to Wikipedia). I especially liked Brown's description of the breasteses of the Jewish girl he was banging. My father was less pleased, and complained to the school. To paraphrase Ice-T, "I'm a man-child in America and that much I flaunt Cause when I see what I like Yo I take what I want I'm not the only one That's why I'm not bitter Cause everybody is a man-child to a man-child!" "Man-child" in Rush's usage is simply short-hand for "the least competent person in any room he walks into" and as you adeptly pointed out with your explication of Baldwin's work, it's not a racist term. Dave, I note that the mailbox has been hijacked recently by birthday wishes. If I'd known I would have baked a cake! - ZW (2/8/11)

Have a great birthday Dave! Hope it's a good one. Pete & Brenda (2/8/11)

Happy birthday Dave! I hope you have an incredibly special birthday! -Lisa (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday!! I watch ur youtube videos every day. (2/8/11)

Dave, you've survived another year in spite of all that can happen. That is an accomplishment by itself. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/8/11)

Arthur W. “Nick” Arundel passed away today at the age of 83: (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday, again, Dave! Hey, just wanted you to share the agony. Current headline in WaPo Online: "Protesters surge into Tahrir Square as tens of thousands return to Tahrir Square" Oh, the humanity. -- Uncle Frank in Arlington (2/8/11)

It’s official Mancow out – Hitman in at WQMR-FM in Ocean City “Hitman & Company” with JJ McKay, Glenn L. Martin, Carlos and the rest of the gang will take over weekday mornings 6-9am on Monday February 14th, JJ McKay and Jack Gillen (owner) hook-up again, as they worked together years ago at 100KHI, The New Q-10l-fm “flipped” from News/Talk recently to all music of the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s & Today. Jack and Kevin follow 9-11am with their local “Power Talk” show on Q-101-fm (2/8/11)

Hi, Dave. Happy Birthday to my favorite merchant of venom. UJ (2/8/11)

"Radio Broadcast Communications (KHZTV) is being sued for $$2529 by Sea Watch Condo in Ocean City (the former WKHZ studio)" --How great is this news?!?! It's Mr. Medium's birthday....But WE get the gifts!! AHHHHH (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday, Dave--Keep Up The Video Rants~~ (2/8/11)

Dave- Have a Rockin' Birthday! (2/8/11)

Hope ur having a SuperFantastiCal Birthday!!! Make a wish iiii Happy Birthday!! xoxomino (2/8/11)

All of you need to get on the bandwagon here, first you bitch about no good radio in the morning, then you offer up a perfect partnership with Kirk&Mike, then you don't listen and the ratings tank. Listen to Kirk&Mike- We might actually get to keep them on the radio for awhile. Patricia lenahan (2/8/11)

Where's Scott Garceau? (2/8/11)

Hey Dave...Happy Birthday from The Herm and Rayce Show! (2/8/11)

[Please remember that it's always racist to describe a black man as a man-child, except when James Baldwin or Claude Brown does it. Definitely racist when Rush does it.] You'd better be real careful in citing black authors to justify your pique at the perceived treatment of the wingnut radio broadcasters. Brown's reference to a manchild is to Harlem kids robbed of the innocence of their youth and forced to be adults before their time. Baldwin's references are: 1) a short story in which there are no black characters, and; 2) a novel where the term refers simply to a boy child as opposed to a girl child -- no connotation at all. As for Rush and others, well context is everything, and it's not the context of Brown or Baldwin. Get your facts and your novelists straight; then you can distort them any way you want. (Shawn in DC) (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday Dave **HUGS**...."Pouring Just A Tad Bit Of Tequila In Your Coffee Cup...LOL (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday Dave! Celebrate your greatness! (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday! Love (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday, Media God! (2/8/11)

Hope you get the "scoop" for a great Birthday! Happy, happy! (2/8/11)

Mott the Hoople: "The television man is crazy saying we're juvenile delinquent wrecks. Man, I need a TV when I've got T. Rex" - All the Young Dudes. Happy Birthday. ~~Blair in Alexandria (2/8/11)

I'm hoping you have an awesome Birthday!! :o) (2/8/11)

I love reading these Balamer guys who go on endlessly about Irsay yet ignore that Modell did the exact same thing to Cleveland. Even worse, because Cleveland WAS still selling out Browns games, unlike what was going on with the Colts at the time Irsay moved them. A little hypocrisy anyone? As for Snyder, most Redskins fans hope he would move the team because there would be a new team in DC (with presumably a better owner) quicker than you can say Jack Kent Cooke. But Snyder is making so much money, there's no way that would ever happen. Even now, with all the mismanagement, the team is still a gold mine........ (2/8/11)

Happy B-day, Mr. DCRTV. Appreciate all your hard work (and especially the *rants*!). (2/8/11)

Happy birthday Dave. Bless you for all that you do. Many more. (2/8/11)

Dear Dave, I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday, and I want to wish you a year full of good health, joy, prosperity, and peace! With peace, Henry (2/8/11)

“WLTF, Lite 97.5 is accepting resumes and air checks for the position of Program director/morning drive announcer.” Uh oh. What happened to Joe Sanchez? Have they installed a revolving door in that building or what? (2/8/11)

Not everyone who used to work for the Washington Times Sports section needs a job anymore. But some former employees are talking about returning. And the guy in charge of hiring (the new SE) is top notch, well-liked, and universally respected in the print media circles. He's also originally from Falls Church. Hiring him is a huge, huge, HUGE step to establishing credibility. He'll attract a very good staff to the paper. (2/8/11)

Duke Brooks is out as weeknight host at news/talk WGMD.... Plus.... Radio Broadcast Communications (KHZTV) is being sued for $$2529 by Sea Watch Condo in Ocean City (the former WKHZ studio) Complaint Information Complaint No:001(COUNCIL OF UNIT OWNERS OF SEA WATCH COND) Vs:(RADIO BROADCAST COMMUNICATIONS INC ) Type:REGULAR CLAIM Complaint Status:ACTIVE Status Date:1/27/2011Filing Date:01/27/2011Amount$2529.6Last Activity Date:02/01/2011 (information available at Maryland Judiciary case search) (2/8/11)

Re: "...WTOP anchor intro'd one story, then played the Arenas tape from December, then went to a commercial...." I heard it too, but not quite like that. At about 12:10 a.m. they talked up one story but the tape they ran was for Gilbert Arenas's trade back in December. They played about 15 seconds of that; pause; then talked up another story. The tape that followed was yet again wrong; pause; then into spots. I went to bed then, so I don't know if anything more was said about it on air. Happy birthday, Dave! (2/8/11)

The birthday edition of's "Dave TV" with some classic WHFS featuring Weasel and "Bob Here," plus some WCBM memories, and my take on the HuffPost-AOL marriage...... (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday, and many more!!! Genghis Cohen, still older than you, in seething Prince William County (2/8/11)

(From DCRTV's Classified Ads page:) WLTF, Lite 97.5 is accepting resumes and air checks for the position of Program director/morning drive announcer. Please send information to (2/8/11)

Enjoy the birthday fun! (2/8/11)

Hi Dave. I looked at DAVE TV for the first time at home last night. I looked at the one when you showed your record collection. I saw that you had Ian Gomm’s album “Gomm With the Wind”. I have the original 45 of his only claim to fame from that album “Hold On”. I enjoyed that episode, and will look at some more of DAVE TV. Ed Jones, Bel Air MD (2/8/11)

Happy B-Day Dave. love your website (2/8/11)

TO: Unsigned Corporate Suit, etc.... Never said DC wouldn't have an NFL team, that's a no-brainer and there are at least 2-3 NFL teams looking to move. My point was simple, Daniel Snyder would pull the trigger for quick cash, ticket guarantees, and a Dallas style monster stadium deal in LA in a heartbeat just like Irsay in a paranoid frenzy if things get that bad. Even Irsay didn't sue for defamation of character and far worse things were said about him for sure! But, never forget those famous Bethesda resident Paul Tagliabue lines... "I envision Ohio as eventually having just one NFL team" and better yet, "Maybe Baltimore should consider building a museum or something." 98 ROCK's morning show once gave out Tagliabue's home address by the way and encouraged people to show up and throw toilet paper or something on his lawn. Does anyone remember this? I didn't hear it live, I only heard about it later from other people. I don't know if it really happened or is an urban legend. As an aside note to Dave Hughes... How could Keith Olbermann be more "overtly political" on Current TV? He'd have to stage a hostage crisis at the RNC HQ to do that! LMAO Oh, almost forgot, Happy Birthday Dave. :-) (2/8/11)


Happiest of birthday wishes, Dave, and thank you for keeping us all in the loop all these years! I hope it's a terrific day, brother! (2/8/11)

Way to get old, Dave! Better than the alternative... (2/8/11)

Greetings & salutations on this exceptionally joyous observance of the anniversary of your most glorious and blessed arrival upon sweet Mother Earth... Also, Happy Birthday from all of your fans @ ABC-7 Sports! (2/8/11)

Dear Czar - thank you for all that you do - and all that you won't allow to go unnoticed :) Happy Birthday, Dave! (2/8/11)

Right before the 7:50 PM break on the Mark Levin Show last night, Mark was rambling on about Michelle Obama talking with the National Restaurant Association about offering healthier foods for kids’ meals. Then Mark took his plant call from a guy in Milwaukee. The guy started blasting away at Michelle and food stamp recipients, but he wasn’t reading the script very well. Mark had to jump in and say “and you are a Doctor, right?” and the guy said “yes I am.” So, Mark started agreeing with this “Doctor.” Memo to Mark Levin; Doctors are trained to identify themselves not as “a Doctor,” but with their field of practice or expertise; “I am a …”_ (General Practitioner, pediatrician, cardiologist, surgeon, OB GYN, etc.). The answer “Yes I am.” Is not acceptable in the medical field when identifying yourself and communicating with peers, other Doctors, patients, potential patients, the general public, or staff the doctor may not know. By identifying yourself with your line of specialty, you identify where you are an expert, and where you are not. If we had Doctors running around identifying themselves as just as “a doctor,” we would have mayhem in this scientific field. Or, perhaps he wasn’t a medical doctor at all. No, it was just a bad script. (2/8/11)

Peace and happines to you Dave from the Frozen North. (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday Dave. Have a great day and an even better night.... (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday Czar Dave!!! (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday - Hoops and Yoyo Style! (2/8/11)

Yo .... Dave!!! You may want to plug your ears cause I got a little song for ya.... "Happy birthday to youuu … Happy birthday to youuu … Happy birthday to DCRTV Daveeeeee .......… Happy birthdayyyyy ................tooooooooo youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! And many moreeeee!!!! thank you ... thankyouverymuch!!!" (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday to the Julian Assange of local media! (2/8/11)

Dave's response: Huh??????

Happy birthday, DCRTV Dave! I hope the coming year is a great one. (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday Dave!! Thanks for all the hard work you do on DCRTV!! (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday Dave and here's to many more!!! (2/8/11)

Former Redskin/Eagle Brian Mitchell and Holden today from 10a-2p on 106.7 The Fan. Looks like Wise is out today. Sounded sick yesterday. (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday, Dave! May you find an old WHFS Aircheck to listen to at some point. (2/8/11)

Dave's response: Good idea. Maybe on today's "Dave TV".....

Happy birthday, Dave! Do something outrageous! (2/8/11)

Dave's response: I could do today's "Dave TV" shirtless? Ha ha ha.....

Happy Birthday! The BEATLES birthday song... (2/8/11)

Dave's response: One of my favorite lines from "I'm Alan Partridge" with Steve Coogan: "Wings, the band the Beatles could have been." Still chuckling at that one.....

"A tip of the rabbit ears" to you on your birthday, Dave! (2/8/11)

Enjoy your day Dave! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!) (2/8/11)

Have a great Dave Day! (2/8/11)

50 Thousand Watts of birthday cheer! Hope it's a great day. (2/8/11)

Dave's response: Gee. I hope it doesn't drop to 50-watts at night, like some DC area AMers do. Ha ha ha.....

Happy Birthday Dave!!! You're one of the coolest people I've never met. (2/8/11)

Dave's response: Ha ha ha.....

On Feb. 8, 1996, in a ceremony at the Library of Congress, President Clinton signed legislation revamping the telecommunications industry, saying it would "bring the future to our doorstep." (2/8/11)

Happy Day, David! (2/8/11)

[RE the AOL-HuffPo merger:] I hope any expanded news sites/content aren't by subscription. I remember hearing horror stories when AOL customers tried to close their account. (2/8/11) is a daily present to the TV/radio community. Thanks, Dave and Happy Birthday! (2/8/11)

DUUUUUUDDDDDDDEEEEEE!! happy birthday!!! (2/8/11)

Do it Dave. Happy Birthday! (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday, Dave!! May you get crystal clear reception all day! (2/8/11)

Dave's response: Hey, if I could get WRNR-FM here in Northern Virginia, I'd be happy with that.....

Best comment on Twitter: Olbie would have higher visibility in Witness Protection. (2/8/11)

Here's hoping for a Very Happy Birthday, Dave! :) (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday Dave!! I hope you have a great day today! All the best! (2/8/11)

Happy B-Day Dave! Keep up the good work. (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday chief! Hope you're taking a (small) break today! :-) (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday to the cutest fuzziest radio guru - Cheers!!! (2/8/11)

As Robert Gibbs prepares to leave the White House, POLITICO has put together a must-see video that takes a look back at all of the things Robert Gibbs has said he's NOT at the briefing room podium... such as a 'Chinese historian,' 'a Parliamentarian,' a 'member of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee,' a 'document veracity person'... WATCH HERE: (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday to thee! (2/8/11)

Have a Great Birthday Dave (2/8/11)

And here to another oribt of the Sun, and another year of making News Directors, and GM's shit in their pants!!! (Still one of the best lines ever!) Have a great day, Man. (2/8/11)

Have an awesome birthdeeee today! (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday, Dave...enjoy your day... (2/8/11)

Have a fantastic bithday, Dave! (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday Dave! Enjoy your special day! (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday DCRTV Dave from the sunny caribbean! (2/8/11)

FOX Super Bowl telecast beats MASH - Most Watched TV show in history (2/8/11)

Motley Fool Money is featured in USA Today’s monthly edition of “What to Watch, Listen & Read”. (2/8/11)

Dan Snyder becoming another Bob Irsay? Will the Mayflower moving vans circle Redskins Park on a snowy night like the Colts’ move to Indianapolis? I don’t think so. While L.A. is probably the largest media market without a team of its own, the NFL knows they have to have a team in the D.C. area, whether it is the ‘skins, a team moved from another city, or an expansion team. Otherwise, the political damage would be immense. And, well deserved. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday, Dave! I'd sing it to you on the air, but they discourage musicality here. (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday to you Dave! (2/8/11)

Olbermann (2/8/11)

Dave's response: Olbermann's move would certainly put the little-watched Current TV channel "on the map." And, I think, he could even be more overtly political, without interference from the NBC and Comcast suits.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE! Love the website :) (2/8/11)

Dave's response: Again, thanks all.....

Happy birthday, Dave...sending wishes for many more! :-) (2/8/11)

On this day in 1922 President Warren G. Harding had a radio installed in the White House. The stations that became WTEM, WMAL and WFED signed on in 1923, 1925 and 1926, so it doesn't sound like there was much worth listening to - pretty much like today. I heard or read that George HW Bush liked WMZQ. I wonder what stations the various other presidents listened to? It's possible that FDR listened to Godfrey and I've heard that LBJ listened to WAVA, but I have no idea about the rest. (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday, Dave!! I hope it's a good one!! (2/8/11)

HB bro-siff (2/8/11)

Enjoy your day, fellow Hornet !! (2/8/11)

Dave's response: Go Herndon High.....

HAPPY BDAY (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday, Mr. DCRTV. Have a wonderful day and enjoy! (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday Uncle!!!! :-) (2/8/11)

[RE Olbermann:] wow..that's Current tv on anything?? it sounds like one of those religious nutjob after 2am channels (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday!! I hope it is a great day for you. (2/8/11)

Dave...long-time listener...first-time caller. (You know what I mean!) Keep up the good work, and happy birthday (2/8/11)

Happy Happy (2/8/11)

[RE Olbermann:] Perhaps this is tantamount to Don Imus doing 2 years penance at RFD-TV. (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday to a guy who remembers a simpler and better time: the thrill of tuning in the signal of a distant AMer late at night which added to that sense of how much bigger and diverse the world is beyond what one can see in his neighborhood. Many happy returns, Dave! (2/8/11)

Yeah..there is an irony about a guy whose frequency of contributions comes up just short of answering his own posts and who uses Asperger Syndrome as a semi-regular punchline. (2/8/11)

Guess you got your wish, Dave. Looks like DCRTV's page has been [deleted]. " This page has been deleted. The deletion and move log for the page are provided below for reference. 02:15, 8 February 2011 Versageek (talk | contribs) deleted "DCRTV" ? (A7: No explanation of the subject's significance (real person, animal, organization, or web content)) (2/8/11)

Dave's response: Ha ha ha.....

[RE the Washington Times:] I loved the times sports section..good writers, wish they had more local highschool coverage, then I could cancel the Post Democrat (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday! (2/8/11)

Dave's response: I won't post 'em all, but thanks for all the birthday wishes. Me and Ted Koppel.....

Happy Birthday Dave! (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday... that's off the record isn't it??? (2/8/11)

Dave, Happy Birthday! (2/8/11)

Happy Bday Dave! (2/8/11)

Happy Birthday, Mr. Hughes (2/8/11)

Happy Happy Birthday to you Dave. The first of many more to come. (2/8/11)

HBD2U, Dave!!! :>) (2/8/11)

("You're telling me a guy so worried about what a free newspaper says about him isn't going to worry about what HIS RADIO STATION says about him? Really?") You could not have stated this more clearly or succinctly. The Sports Reporters almost completely ignored this topic with precious little commentary. As for the poster who wrote to be careful what you wish for, I do indeed hope the malignant dwarf moves this club to LA. Do you really think the NFL will not either move a team or award an expansion franchise to DC? The revenue generated in this area for professional football is certainly not ignored by the NFL, and there are a number of franchises looking to move. For example, the Vikings, Chargers, and Jaguars. (2/8/11)

/\ February 8 Messages /\

\/ February 7 Messages \/

Re: 980's "unbiased" coverage... I don't know what you're listening to, but here's my take on 980. No DC sports coverage in morning drive, except Mondays during football season. Kornheiser is so past his prime, and so clearly biased given his relationship as a friend AND employee of Dan Snyder that I can't listen to his show anymore. Not to mention that when I try, he's talking about anything but local sports. Can't he talk to his friends on the phone on his own time? Kevin Sheehan is so far up Snyder's ass it's hilarious. The team has won 10 games total the last 2 seasons but this guy always finds the bright side to everything. And his partner is one of the worst radio hosts in Washington radio history. Could John Thompson and Doc Walker mail it in any more? They only work 2 hours a day yet they have to have their producer host the show and they just sit back and comment. It's unbelievable. This is a major market?? The Sports Reporters are the only thing remotely unbiased on that station, but imagine what they'd say if Snyder wasn't writing the checks. I imagine that the only reason they even feel somewhat comfortable being critical is that they look around at the Titanic of a radio station they work at and say "There's no way they're getting rid of us when we're surrounding by THIS crap!" Then at night... again, pipe in the national crap. Same with weekends other than the Saturday morning show hosted by that robot voiced Al Galdi. To top off the "unbiased" Redskins coverage, they have one of the biggest Redskins homers in town, Chris Russell, as their Redskins beat reporter. Have you heard this guy host a show? You'd think the Redskins just won the Big Game in Dallas as much as he gushes over the team. And if you really buy the company line that Snyder doesn't meddle in the affairs of the station, I give you exhibit A: Snyder vs. The Washington City Paper. You're telling me a guy so worried about what a free newspaper says about him isn't going to worry about what HIS RADIO STATION says about him? Really? (2/7/11)

Holy Editorial Content, Batman! Looks like the Wikipedia entry for DCRTV "may not meet the general notability guideline ... if notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be merged, redirected, or deleted." By the way, whoever created the entry needs to add that after a pleasant break - maybe a week - the DCRTV Mailbag has once again been hijacked by ZW. (2/7/11)

Dave's response: Ha ha ha. Frankly, Scarlet, I don't give a damn whether DCRTV has a Wikipedia entry or not.....

"They (106.7 WJFK) base their whole existence on being the anti-mouthpiece station. They give us both sides of the Redskins story." I listen to both sports stations and I'm not sure who the 'mouthpieces' at ESPN 980 are. Their hosts are just as critical of the Redskins as WJFK and they do it better. Most of the hosts and reporters on WJFK don't really seem to know much about the team or sports in general. Mike Wise is dispassionate and his partner knows so little about the local teams it's painful. LaVar Arrington is passionate but so inarticulate that it's tough to stick with. The Junkies can be funny but with the exception of Lurch, aren't that smart. Anybody that listens to both stations for more than a day or two would know that ESPN 980 is not a "mouthpiece" of the Redskins. Yes, some of their hosts are fans of the team and yes the station is owned by Dan Snyder but I am consistently amazed at how critical of the Skins their hosts are and they do it so much better because they seem to genuinely care. Steve Czaban and Kevin Sheehan are more passionate, better organized, and more thought-provoking than anyone at WJFK and they never give you a contrived position which you hear all the time on WJFK. Doc Walker and Andy Polin are critical of the team as well. The Arrington interview of Snyder on Friday was more of a "mouthpiece" interview than anything I've ever heard on 980. For a few years now, 980 has asked brutally tough questions of coaches like Zorn and players like McNabb. I couldn't believe how much 980 pushed McNabb this year in their interviews with him. "Mouthpiece" of the team is really an unfair characterization of 980. (2/7/11)

"But a worthless fat slob like Haynesworth gets press like he's a celebrity. Chris Hanburger is a class act and deserved more appreciation from the media, but the media thinks we care more about some selfish fat man-child." Haynesworth gets press because he had a $100 million contract, which pretty much makes him a celebrity; also because Shanahan can't handle his business. With Capt. Queeg stepping on his own crank in the media, what are the odds on Shanacan't returning next year? "some selfish fat man-child"? Please remember that it's always racist to describe a black man as a man-child, except when James Baldwin or Claude Brown does it. Definitely racist when Rush does it. Did you run into Mr. Haynesworth on the Old Dominions highways and/or byways recently? - ZW (2/7/11)

No facts were distorted, but some were missing. The 1970s Baltimore Colts were a media circus act for like a decade and Robert Irsay threatened to move the Colts for years and publicly shopped the team around the country in a ridiculously embarrassing fashion helicoptering into different stadiums/cities with great fanfare and all manner of drunken erratic acts that make Danny Snyder look like a hero! Can you imagine what those things would do to Redskins ticket sales and how different that was than The Browns move from a media perspective? The media circus here began in 1972 with a TRADE of NFL TEAMS! And culminated into a winless 1982 season that would have been record breaking if not for a 2 month strike. Not to mention Johnny Unitas was the Cal Ripken of a generation in Baltimore. Just as Orioles attendance tanked after Ripken, so did the Colts after Unitas. The actual details of the team's performance can be found here But there is no website that details the story of the crazy circus that was Robert Irsay himself because there was no ESPN, no media attention back then from like the NY Times or even The Post so no national media have any clue what a nutjob the man truly was. Oh and for the record, The Ravens have sold out every game in their history... including 8 non-playoff seasons and 7 .500 and sub .500 seasons. Meanwhile, the Redskins claim to have a 200,000 person waiting list yet are dumping returned tickets to ticket brokers. Go figure. You want Danny Snyder gone? Be careful what you wish for DC. You might get more than you bargained for. (2/7/11)

It is MASN's responsibility, They take the feed from CBS. CBS just takes care of the radio side, MASN is responsible for the TV side and filling the time. It was well known ahead of time that Scott would be on the road today, but obviously MASN dropped the ball on that. (2/7/11)

Will MASN and CBS ever be on the same page? When a host or co-host is unable to do his/her show, you might think that with all of the new ways of communicating (i.e. twitter, facebook, DCRTV etc) They could come out with a statement, "The Scott Garceau Show" will not be seen on MASN today, However you can listen to the... show on 105.7 the FAN..Scott is enroute to Baltimore from Dallas, Jeremy Conn the co-host will be looking forward to taking your calls and talking sports. Thank You - MASN/CBS (heard mumbling under their breath) NO SCOTT - NO SHOW just have the kid whats his name, oh yea Jeremy get a guest or two and put 'em on radio this mic on? Just a thought from The Hitman (2/7/11)

Dude, you can "listen to the logger" all you like, it DID happen. I heard it sometime between midnight and about 12:15am. Live. WTOP anchor intro'd one story, then played the Arenas tape from December, then went to a commercial. If you weren't listening, you don't know what you're talking about. Period. (2/7/11)

So which news sources around here are trustworthy? "Body found along Suitland Parkway" or similar words headed several news stories today. In general, they agreed that a body was found near Metro tracks along the tree line separating Suitland Parkway from National Park Service woods, in Temple Hills. Some reports added that it was the 3100 block of Branch Avenue. Patch and the Gazette correctly reported that the body was found near the Naylor Road station, which is at at the intersection of Suitland Parkway and Branch Avenue where the tracks run along the parkway. The Post, the Examiner, the AP, and WTOP all wrongly reported that it was near the Branch Avenue Station, which is a half mile from Suitland Parkway, not on Branch Avenue, not in Temple Hills, where the tracks do not run along the parkway, and three miles from the correct location. I guess the answer to my question is to not trust the Post, the Examiner, the AP, or WTOP to bother getting their facts right. Diane in PG (2/7/11)

Sounds like "[deleted]" has threatened legal action. Dave, it's your website and you have to do what you have to do, or just want to do. I respect that. Google cache on the other hand, is the gift that keeps on giving. And to anyone who's wondering (and if you are, consider your priorities) I am able to edit Wikipedia pages in spite of being blocked by NeutralHomer, who I have no reason to believe is "[deleted]". Good try, dude. It took all of three seconds. On the lighter side, I would also like to sign the meta-card for Chris Hanburger. That's a childhood memory, right there. - ZombieWoof (2/7/11)

(From DCRTV's Classified Ads:) FULLTIME SALESPERSON - WTTR RADIO - WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND - If you are a people person, love consulting businesses with a 'fire in the belly' attitude, and understand the process and importance of tailoring a marketing plan for a business of any size, then this position may be for you. You must be promotionally minded and a creative thinker. A Carroll County resident is preferred, along with connections in the local business community. Previous sales experience helpful. Position includes a base salary, billing accounts plus commission and other perks. Application deadline is 2/21/11. To request an interview or to send a resume and cover letter, contact Station Manager Bob Mathers by writing to WTTR/Sajak Broadcasting is an Equal Opportunity Employer (2/7/11)

I agree with Mike, Fairfax about the disrespect local media has shown to Chris Hanburger. His HOF selection was buried in the Post and on WTOP's websites and barely mentioned on local TV. But a worthless fat slob like Haynesworth gets press like he's a celebrity. Chris Hanburger is a class act and deserved more appreciation from the media, but the media thinks we care more about some selfish fat man-child. I for one don't and I'll bet most of us don't. Congratulations Chris for a long deserved honor. (2/7/11)

Remember when the new owners announced that they were going to restart the sports section and said they wanted to get back the people who used to work there. So much for their truthfulness. The new sports editor and his deputy have been hired from the outside. (2/7/11)

Dave Wazzup up with NO Scott Garceau Show on MASN, they pull the plug or what? (2/7/11)

Dave's response: MASN has an annoying habit of not running Scott's show (not even a "best of") when he's out - a la traveling from Dallas today. That makes viewers think his show has been cancelled. Not so. Scott will be back later this week, we hear.....

Lavar lost cred. by screwing his employees @ his failed restaurant (2/7/11)

(This morning at about 12:15 am WTOP ran the fast-breaking story about Gilbert Arenas being traded to the Orlando Magic. You'd think that if you accidentally played a nearly two-month old tape on air, you'd acknowledge the mistake to clear up any confusion. A real news source would, anyway.) Just listened to the logger. This is total B.S. Did not happen. (2/7/11)

"Hitman": Scott Garceau was still in Texas. He did a quick phone-in earlier, but then had to board the plane. The show is still on 105.7 The Fan with Jeremy Conn, Mike Preston from The Sun, and another guest. I guess MASN feels no Scott,. no Show?? (2/7/11)

@ Do-I-Really-Need-To-Tell-You?...I meant more recent history. Its as if they are trying to go back to 1985. I feel like they played better music - and less old stuff - a few years ago or for that matter a few months ago (2/7/11)

Get a Podcast of the LaVar/Duke show today (Monday). It was as painful as LaVar's sellout last Friday. For some reason WJFK's braintrust thought they could cover both Lavar's and their own butts by staging a shoutup wrestlemania match tween Holden and LaVar to cover for LaVar's disasterous corporate suckup for Dan Snyder last Friday. Didn't play. Didn't work. In the Snyder interview, LaVar was exposed as the corporate suckup that he is and that is a big problem for WJFK 'THE FAN'. This whole sequence is a clownshow credibility meltdown. It would be one thing for LaVar to play lapdog for Snyder, but it is a total 'nother level for WJFK to stage an ugly lame transparent dishonest radio act act to cover Friday's damage. WTF is going on with 106.7? Are we listening to a freakshow masquerading as a sports station? (2/7/11)

Dave give us the skinny, NO Scott Garceau show on MASN today, they get canned or what? Love the show JJ "Hitman" McKay in Ocean City, Md. (2/7/11)

"I personally think that anyone who signs a post on a website forum designed solely to personally attack another person, then admits they're spoofing an IP address should have their post removed." You missuh point, Glasshopper. The point was that the deranged freak Neutralhomer takes ANY edit of radio pages he considers in his jurisdiction to be a personal attack, and this is the sort of response he gives. Did I say I spoofed an IP address? No, I did not say that. "hide from potentially the law"??? Where do you get that? You've just described most posters on this board, including yourself. As another poster pointed out, has a lot of good radio stuff both content-related and technical. "Dave's response: [deleted] has asked me to yank three Sunday posts about him, claiming that they contained too much personal info about him. Which I have done." Perfectly reasonable. As I said, I have no reason to believe that this [deleted] person, whom I had never heard of before, is a deranged Wikipedia editor. I trust your judgement on that, of course, but when I went to the Google-cached version of yesterday's Mailbag just now and copied those posts to my files, I see that they contain NO personal information. Still, your website, your call; no argument there. Did I mention the Google-cached version? Someone mentioned the City Paper articles about Courtland "Write Like a Racist" Milloy. Here's an easy way to find them: type "courtland" into Google, without the quote marks. - ZW (2/7/11)

we like ice (2/7/11)

We now have 2 WTOP Traffic Spotter vehicles on the road. Here is the second one. Brian (2/7/11)

LaVar lost ALL credibility of being a tough guy during that [Snyder] interview! (2/7/11)

LaVar helped advance the stereotype from trained journalists of why athletes seem such wimps on interviews. That they are too close to teams or players. LaVar's can spin it any way he wants on his show, but he should never have jumped in to protect Snyder from tough questions. He'd have been better off letting Snyder get up and walk off (2/7/11)

AOL buying The Huffington Post is like Border’s buying Blockbuster. (2/7/11)

Confirming the earlier report of activity on WDMV 700 AM - Spanish music format coming in loud & clear near the Mixing Bowl in Springfield. The Birachs have to thank their lucky stars that their POS transmitter site came back to life after being idle for almost a year, following a ridiculously hot summer and biting cold December. Anyone taking odds as to how long they'll be on the air before dousing the lights for another 11 months? (2/7/11)

98Rock became stale and repetative after 1979 and continually repeated that trend year after year. I jumped ship for good around October/November 1983. In 05 they danced on the grave of the station that know-nothings considered thier competitor but the joke was that it was a corpse of a station dancing on a station that was merely in transition. I guess it "really rawks" for those drinking beer and leaning against thier up-on-blocks Ford pickups with the Pioneer Supertuner One maxed out. Do-I-Really-Need-To-Tell-You? (2/7/11)

Not only did Dan Snyder appear on 106.7 The Fan last Friday, but he went out of his way to mention LaVar Arrington's show while being interviewed on his own station (ESPN 980) the same day. Why would Snyder give his sports radio competition the time of day no less a full scale interview? - perhaps he has designs on acquiring WJFK as was rumored shortly after it switched to a sports talk format back in 2009. While Doc Walker and Chuck Sapienza seemed uncomfortable asking him about the City Paper lawsuit and anxious to move on to other topics, John Thompson (to his credit) insisted on pressing the issue further and even opened the phones for listener reaction after the interview was over. Not only that, but he criticized his show's production staff on the air for limiting Snyder's appearance to ten minutes (although that was probably out of their control). Speaking of the Skins, Channel 4 gave very short shrift to the election of Chris Hanburger to the pro football Hall of Fame on its 11 PM newscast Saturday (not even mentioning it until well into Hakem Dermish's sportscast late in the show). Considering the fact that meaningless Redskin preseason games routinely lead newscasts on that station, I find it somewhat mystifying that they turn around and treat the story of a defensive legend from the 60s and 70s (who spent his entire 14 year career with the team) getting the NFL's highest honor like a minor afterthought. If memory serves, similar disrespect was shown for Russ Grimm when he was elected to the Hall a year ago - somehow I doubt that any of this would have happened were George Michael still around and running the sports department there. Mike, Fairfax (2/7/11)

This morning at about 12:15 am WTOP ran the fast-breaking story about Gilbert Arenas being traded to the Orlando Magic. You'd think that if you accidentally played a nearly two-month old tape on air, you'd acknowledge the mistake to clear up any confusion. A real news source would, anyway. But the gas-engulfed nerd center just jumped to commercials and then moved on with their 8-minute schedule. Nice. (2/7/11)

And Steve Case may be going to the Smithsonian. I think Egypt style protests may be in order. (2/7/11)

Courtland Milloy has been the subject of his own City Paper article, not too flattering. And the guy clearly has no credibility on anything related to race if the City Paper is accurate on his views. And one correction needs to be made of a prior post. The Colts were hardly bad when they weren't selling out in Baltimore. They weren't selling out friggin' playoff games. One can argue whether Irsay should or shouldn't have moved the team. But let's not distort the facts…… (2/7/11)

I hope you'll please reserve a seat for our next Q&A Cafe taping, Friday, February 25, when the guest is Howard Fineman of AOL's Huffington Post and also MSNBC/NBC. Lots to talk about with Howard, making for a great way to wrap up the week. The fee is $50, all inclusive, seating begins at noon. Reservations can be made at 202.912.4110. If there's no answer, please call 202.912.4100. On New York Social Diary today, an interesting night at the Kennedy Center with, among others, Luci Baines Johnson and Lyndon K. Boozer, and some time-traveling. Also, what's with Dan Snyder and that lawsuit? (2/7/11)'s "Dave TV" for 7 February with memories of Chris Core on WMAL and the old WTOP tower in Wheaton. Plus more on how to get Al Jazeera in the Washington area. And an obit for Bob McBride. And more selections from Dave's record collection. (2/7/11)

When wikipedia wants to be it is a good place for some pretty good info. I frequently go there when I'm looking for info on 60's bands (e.g. The Box Tops,Buffalo Springfield etc) or R&B vocal groups. Trouble is Wiki is now becoming increasing like Craigslist's Rant and Rave section. There are people out there who's only source of power come from deleting posts. It's not because they think it's inaccurate it's just because if it goes against their "agenda" than down it comes. As long as that kind of crap goes on with wiki, those assholes will never get a dime from me. I'm sorry I didn't see the new info about WRQX that was posted. Wiki has become just another arm of free publicity for the current crop of entertainers. You can tell it's all written by their publicists. All things start out with noble beginnings. Remember the days before National Public Radio became "corporate"? (2/7/11)

I finally read the entire Washington City Paper blog by McKenna on Daniel Snyder, I have to say that I just had this immediate flashback to the late 70's/early 80's when the entire Baltimore media just lambasted former Baltimore Colts owner, the late Robert Irsay. He was called a buffoon, an alcoholic, mentally unstable, erratic, incapable of running an NFL team, other than into the ground. And that was just from his PLAYERS! Haha! In the media it was once reported that he traded away John Elway in a drunken stupor before noon without consulting anyone in team management at all, that he cut a player at halftime in a drunken fit of anger, stole his father's business and left the family so penniless that he was disowned by his own mother, once said, "No, I'm not a Jew damn it, I'm Catholic" after his mother stated in an interview that he was raised Jewish, came off a plane at BWI in a drunken stupor and started cursing out local media on live TV, among other strange actions. WBAL & and a cartoonist from the Sun were particularly harsh. The cartoonist created a Big Bob doll, which was based on his newspaper cartoons that made fun of Irsay daily and WBAL 11's the late Chris Thomas took the doll all over town, showing Big Bob getting drunk and puking in the Inner Harbor after a long day of drinking, all kinds of crazy stunts to ridicule the hapless owner. As the Baltimore media intensely ratcheted up the criticism over the years, attendance fell. The once proud Colts that had once held the consecutive sellout record in the NFL at the World's Largest Insane Asylum became a quiet old stadium of disheartened fans. It was reported years later that Irsay moved the team to Indy, not because of poor ticket sales or even the stadium (he would have gotten substantial stadium renovations at least), but because of his drunken paranoia over the possibility of the state of Maryland seizing the team and the vitriolic personal attacks on his character by the local media (many of which were justified, but some definitely over the top). The McKenna column was mild in comparison. Snyder needs to grow a pair. But, it's important to note that history does repeat itself. The Redskins are a cash cow right now still, possibly Snyder's only cash cow left. And it's well known that Snyder has Dallas stadium envy. I would put nothing past this man. He closed the New Orleans Six Flags after Katrina! If the Skins fan base were to start to decrease, I could easily see the weasel jumping on a monster stadium deal in LA with all kinds of ticket guarantees, etc. That's sort of what Robert Irsay did back then. Indy guaranteed sellouts and paid Irsay when the Colts didn't sell out I think for like 10 years (keep in mind those were pre-Peyton days when the Colts were still bad). I doubt this would happen in today's NFL for a variety of reasons but look at The Browns move. That was certainly a shocker. This Snyder media frenzy is starting to get eerily similar to The Colts in the early stages of the meltdown, hence my flashback. (2/7/11)

All this Dan Snyder bashing? Don't worry, there's talk of an NFL lockout next year. You know what happens when there's a shortened season. REDSKINS WIN THE SUPER BOWL!!! See NFL shortened seasons 1982 and 1987. Steve Willett (2/7/11)

Congratulation''s to the Green Bay Packers and there President and CEO Mark Murphy!. Yes. Mark Murphy the former Washington Redskins Safety who also played for the WMAL Radio Oneders and helped Johnny Holliday's basketball team raise Thousand's of dollars for area high school's. One of the great guy's to represent the Skin's on those WMAL teams that also had big names such as Hall of famer Art Monk, Joe Theismann, Joe Jacoby, Rich Milot, Mark Mosley, Eddie Brown, Terry Metcalf, Bill Brundidge, Monte Coleman, Don Warren, Jeff Bostic, Jerry Smith, Brig Owens, Tony Peters, Ricki Harris and Pete Wysocki! Way to go Mark Murphy.... (2/7/11)

I personally think that anyone who signs a post on a website forum designed solely to personally attack another person, then admits they're spoofing an IP address should have their post removed. If someone is spoofing to leak a news or media tip, that's one thing. To do it just to wage a personal war on a website and hide from potentially the law, that's just bad editorial judgment in my opinion to allow it to continue. I don't know if it's illegal or not, but it's certainly unethical. Same thing with the sycophants Redskins owner Daniel Snyder puts on his payroll to prop up his horribly bad image. (2/7/11)

Anyone know what happened to 98 Rock in Baltimore? Its as if they decided everyone that listens to Rock Radio is 65 years old. Don't get me wrong - I like Kansas as much as the next guy (and YES I heard them play Kansas recently)...but we already have about a dozen classic rock stations. (2/7/11)

was it his bow tie..or as gordon liddy would say the jamming frequencies on top of the wapo building? (2/7/11)

WaPo's Courtland Milloy chimes in on Dan Snyder in this morning's column. Also, nice "we've heard you" full page ad from Pepco's Chairman/Prez/CEO Rigby on page B2. "We're working on the problems you've identified." Certainly, Pepco couldn't identify them. Maybe, like BP, they're hoping advert dollars will soften any future WaPo's criticisms. (2/7/11)

Dave's response: Is it just me? But I'm so sick about reading anything about Dan Snyder after last week's big lawsuit news. Dan, please, just go away for a while. Sheesh.....

Constant audio problems on WBFF FOX 45's HD telecast of the Super Bowl, sound kept going very loud and very soft every time they switched cameras or in and out of the studio or to commercials. No way for me to tell if it was a FOX network issue or simply a problem at FOX 45 or Comcast playing games again, but it was annoying as all hell. I know it wasn't my HDTV because it wasn't happening on any other channel and didn't even happen during Glee on Fox after the game. I'm sure some people didn't notice it since many new TVs now have automatic decibel adjustment, but my HDTV does not have that. So what a crappy production. Definitely the worst sound ever during an NFL game I've ever seen and I watch practically every game during the regular season. (2/7/11)

Great day yesterday for Baltimore/Washington Sports fans as the Caps kicked Pittsburgh's ass & the Packers did what they did. But the 1/2 time show !! wow did it last two hours or waz dat just my imagination running away with me? The twit the forget the lyrics should have used the Presidents teleprompter it's almost "fool" proof, but then again nothing is perfect and she just sucked. Yesterday was really must see TV. Thanks to my DVR I am going to go watch both games again. Yep - I need a life - (p.s. can't wait for the arrival of the Squeeler fans this summer - look for me - I will be wearing my PURPLE "cheese-hat") JJ "Hitman" McKay in Ocean City, Maryland. (2/7/11)

another company AOHell will tear apart like they did with (2/7/11)

From NewsBlues: You think you've had shitty weather? Check out last week's forecast at Sunbeam's WHDH-7-NBC in Boston (2/7/11)

OK, let's try this again without getting anyone's knickers in a twist about personal information: Wikipedia has a problem, and it's bullies like the editor (I'll be a nice boy and not name him) who's driving potentially useful contributors away by overly protective edits to pages like the one on WRQX. When your biggest concern is making sure that your 26,000 arcane rules are being followed at all times, the only people who are going to bother to contribute or edit are the kind of people whose only purpose in life is keeping tabs on 26,000 arcane rules. Here's someone else who could have been a useful contributor but was bullied away from the site: I wouldn't be surprised to find out that "the editor in question" nuked that article, too. (2/7/11)

I watched the Super Bowl on Baltimore's Fox45 via Comcast (Hi-def). I was recording it on the DVR which was especially important as there's no time to jump up and do anything as you want to see the commercials as much as the game. The DVR recording kept "breaking" - i.e. it would stop and start a new file at seemingly random times. Did that happen to anyone else (Howard County/Comcast)? I'm trying to figure out if it was the channel - it seemed to happen when Fox45 broke in with local commercials - or the underpowered DVR, or Comcast's signal, or something else. It really screwed up in the second quarter as we were about ten minutes behind the live broadcast and then all of a sudden it blipped out and threw us live to the half time show. We ended up missing a bunch of football and commercials at the end of the 2nd half. It seemed like it was a result of the way Fox45 randomly broke in with their local ads so I'm wondering if other people experienced weirdness as well - like if you had Fios. (2/7/11)

If you think Wikipedia's info about WRQX is effed up, take a look at entry about the JFK assassination. Oswald = lone nut, "magic bullet" theory is right, etc. (2/7/11)

This MAY be my last comment on this issue. Neutralhomer eliminated the entire text of the WRQX Wikipedia page late on Sunday. Upon reversing that, I received this: "Attention: This IP address, [], is registered to Cricket Communications Inc.. In the event of persistent vandalism from this address, efforts may be made to contact Cricket Communications Inc. to report abuse, which can be done here. Contact information can be viewed in the WHOIS report. If you are an unregistered user operating from this address, note that it is possible for the owner of the IP, Cricket Communications Inc., to determine who was making contributions from this address at a given time." Like I care, you Asperger's riddled freak. You really think the gentlemen from south of the border that I may or may not get my internet from are going to give you my information? Do you really think I gave THEM my information? Do you really think I can't spoof an IP address? - ZombieWoof (2/7/11)

Dave's response: The author has asked me to yank three Sunday posts about him, claiming that they contained too much personal info about him. Which I have done. Usually, if someone complains about a posting that involves them and their personal info, I will pull it.....

It's not quite DX'ing, but I like to listen to the C-SPAN morning call-in show, American Journal. Things I listen for: mentions of Don and/or Mike (haven't heard any yet), obscenities and racial slurs (there is no dump button), accusations of bias (both left and right). Every once in a while someone works in a bababooey, which is sooooo last century. The other thing? Familiar voices. In spite of the "once in 30 days" rule, some people call a lot. Once in a long while, a celebrity will call in. The first caller Sunday morning sounded a LOT like TV's John Goodman (Roseanne, West Wing, Flintstones). Ah lahk to swan! - ZombieWoof (2/7/11)

Sunday marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan. You couldn't turn on a TV this weekend, without seeing gushing tributes and revisionist history being spewed out by his former cronies. I have absolutely nothing good to say about the orange-haired, senile, demented, cadaverous old fool. During his entire 8 years in office, he chose not to utter the word “AIDS” even once - much less do anything about it. By late 1985, AIDS had killed some 6,000 Americans, yet Reagan failed to acknowledge the epidemic's existence. That’s twice the number of people who died on 9/11 and those deaths were met with indifference and silence. He chose to say nothing and do nothing, to keep the political support of religious fanatics. That is shameful and I see no good reason to commemorate or celebrate what would have been Reagan’s 100th birthday. (2/7/11)

/\ February 7 Messages /\

\/ February 6 Messages \/

Who the hell dreamed up the worst half-time Super Bowl show seen in years? Only on Fox, I suppose. Really bad direction, lousy audio and a horrible concept. (2/6/11)

Was it FOX or Comcast. But the sound was bad with the half time show (2/6/11)

Well if I my alter ego kept calling ME NeuteredHomo I'd take out my festered mental revenge on unsuspecting contributors by deleting or editing anything that I could bear my mighty mouse upon!! Take THAT you fully functional snots!! DAAARRRE to post something intelligent!! I shall strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger...cough cough choke....yourrrre desssspicable...E9 (2/6/11)

Dave, moments ago I heard some sad news. Former Thin Lizzy, Spooky Tooth (& solo) guitarist Gary Moore has passed away while on holiday in Spain at the age of 58. A terrible loss! Rusty (2/6/11)

Walkersville's AM-700 WDMV is fired up this afternoon with Spanish music. I heard a promo touting "Maryland, DC and Virginia", not sure if this is relaying an existing station or something new. (2/6/11)

Just in case you've missed them, there is a new series of Partridge online ---"alan partridge mid morning matters." And Coogan had a wonderful article in the Guardian today, ripping the recent Top Gear episode that contained a really unpleasant slur on Mexicans. I enjoy the program and don't mind Clarkson's usual blowhard stuff, but have a feeling bbc-am won't be showing that episode (2/6/11)

Dave's response: I usually like Jeremy Clarkson, but in the new season debut that BBC America will carry on Monday at 9, the three "Top Gear" UK guys make the trek from southern Virginia to NYC, and pass through DC. And Clarkson, in his typical "we Brits are superior" manner, makes DC seem like a blighted ghetto and nothing else. Sometimes he is a fuckin' bonehead.....

[RE "Dave TV":] Hey Dave, I saw Mott the Hoople at the Capital Center when they opened for Jethro Tull during one of several times I saw JT at that late venue. It was probably in the 80's. Mott was not disappointing when they performed their hit "All the young dudes." I recall a second piece they performed that night which was very good; it was an extended, improvisational. high tempo rock/blues instrumental. (2/6/11)

[RE "Dave TV":] Lemme get that bong fired-up, before taking Dave's trip! Uh, I mean tour...... (2/6/11)

Update...according to Katie Carrera of the Post, "Although Joe Beninati is one of many out at Versus, that change does not affect his position on #Caps CSN broadcasts." (and the original blog post from SB Nation is updated too) (2/6/11)

Heard anything about this, Dave? (2/6/11)

The Washington Post has run the same picture of Dan Snyder with just about every article about his suit against City Paper this week. You'd think they'd have a few more pics of the Redskins owner, and not have to keep running the same one over and over. (2/6/11)'s "Dave TV" for 6 February 2011 with some selection's from Dave's record collection, a tour of the media center, and a rant about the future of cable TV..... (2/6/11)

Lark on Inside E St. - Yikes! How old we're all getting! I hosted Good Morning Washington for a few weeks in the 80s and got to know Lark McCarthy - she was doing weekend news on WJLA, and my radio partner Doug Limerick was the weather guy. Fast forward, and now I'm her announcer on Inside E. Street. Also doing the VO for My Generation with Leeza Gibbons. Great bunch of people producing these shows - and believe it or not, most are under 50! All the best, Dude (2/6/11)

some uv us r ahead ov de game, Happy B'day my bruddah, Hitman in OC (2/6/11)

Wow! Dave, I just had an interesting experience on Wikipedia. Just for grins, I entered the callsign, "WRQX" in Wikipedia, and rather than finding an encyclopedic description of WRQX, I was greeted with a highly inaccurate article that was mostly nothing but a promo for the current morning show. Historical "facts" appeared to be pulled out of the air, and obviously written by a person who was not on-board in the time periods of "The Soft Explosion," or Q-107 days. Less than 15 minutes after I added the correct history and corrected technical errors, my changes were gone, and the article was once again a self-serving, unabashed promo for the current morning show. This certainly does not serve the public or those looking for accurate background information very well. However, it does serve the interest of one, and only one person. As the man who build (and operated) the station on Jenifer Street, consolidating it from American University, and Connecticut Avenue, I was present when a number of major station events transpired, I can tell you that the Wikipedia entry is inaccurate, counter to the Wikipedia policy, and the obvious product of one more radio ego-maniac. (2/6/11)

"Dan Snyder wife battling Breast Cancer " If the Washington Post is to be believed, she had surgery at the Mayo Clinic in May of 2008. I hope she is doing well. I have nothing bad to say about her. On the other hand, I have nothing good to say about her husband. - ZombieWoof (2/6/11)

I'm Margee Frame, the Executive Producer of the weekly public affairs program Inside E Street, targeting the baby boomers. I wanted you to know that Lark McCarthy, former longtime anchor of Fox Five Morning News, is the host for the new season. New shows begin airing on MPT2 this Sunday, February 6th at 10 a.m. Inside E Street is produced by AARP and seen on some 200 Public TV stations around the country. Maryland Public Television is the presenting station for this broadcast. The show airing this Sunday on MPT2 affects millions of people. It's about when to hang up the car keys and how families should have the conversation. Lark interviews the chairman of the NTSB, Deborah Hersman and you'll hear a mother and son having that difficult conversation... (2/6/11)

/\ February 6 Messages /\

\/ February 5 Messages \/

With the opinion in the mailbag running about 100% against Snyder, and the overall public opinion seeming about the same, one has to wonder who if anyone is advising the guy. I don't think Snyder has ever learned that operate successfully beyond the world of private business. The owner of major sports franchise is held accountable and put under microscope for a host of reasons, with the main one being whether one's team is successful or not. Since day one, Snyder has tried the Win Now approach, with poor results, and he seems apparently is too prideful admit this mistake and rebuild in a manner used by the teams which are consistently better. Yes, he has splashed money around and we could perhaps attribute a little bad luck here and there, but he has also created a fair share of enmity along the way. His attempts to squeeze every penny from the fans, the ticket debacle, the failed big money signings and high draft picks, the merry-go-round of coaches....this defamation lawsuit seems like the act of a guy cracking up. Whether he truly feels aggrieved or he is being vindictive, he has really missed to boat psychologically. Either he has surrounded himself with Yes-Men or he is out on an island acting as his own lawyer. This guy has all the signs of a guy who could spend a little time in a therapist's office. (2/5/11)

"Hell, Im more a Dan Snyder fan than a redskins fan now. Good job Mr. Snyder. Hope you stay in the spotlight. You have more backbone than anyone at WJFK. More entertaining too." This must be another one of Snyder's bowel-movement eaters from Extremeskins who are paid to make posts wherever they are raking the cancerous gnome over hot coals. He certainly has balls, whenever they are not in your mouth, to only speak to carefully selected media in completely scripted segments. Furthermore, the pestilential dwarf needs to have bodyguards wherever he goes in DC because of his popularity. (2/5/11)

Dan Snyder wife battling Breast Cancer (2/5/11)

RE: “Well, yesterday sure was interesting on Washington sports radio. Dan Snyder's PR tour was notable for the fact that he appeared on BOTH stations. Did Doc Walker sound like he was reading scripted questions?” And “Just listened to replay of Snyder on with Mike Wise & Chad. Lavar knows when this contract at WJFK is over he's done. He wants to play for the 'Skins again” Both are right on target, thought out, and well written. Is Lavar going to TEM next? He was softer on Snyder than TEM was. B Mitch or Danny would make better partners for Sir Dukes anyway. TEM folks have to be pissed. They talked it up like an exclusive. Dani’s PR guy is an idiot. He was almost reformed in some people’s eyes. OOBBEE (2/5/11)

Thank you Frank R, we definitely had fun doing The Fitz Mix Retro show. I'd sometimes listen to The Edge or Big 100 and my heart just sinks, because I know they can do better, but they don't seem to have the desire to improve their playlists. So that's where we come in. Key words entertaining and stuff you rarely hear on terrestrial radio. That's why Radio Fairfax is so unique. Next friday, it's back to bluegrass and the regular Fitzgrass program on WEBR. Happy trails Fitz (2/5/11)

Dave, Tanya Snyder has indeed had breast cancer. Not sure of her status with the disease at this time now though. (2/5/11)

Dave's response: Thanks for pointing that out. I did not know that.....

I doubt Wise will call the Post out on a correction concerning himself but in the Snyder article it says: "In an interview on WJFK-FM, Post columnist and radio host Mike Wise asked Snyder whether his complaints about the illustration carried some irony considering that Native Americans have sued the team over its nickname, which some find demeaning." One small problem: it was CHAD DUKES, the only one at the table with balls, that asked that question. And they wonder why they're tanking.... (2/5/11)

Dave's response: I just saw a TBD-TV interview where Snyder claims his wife is "battling breast cancer." I think he meant that she's fundraising for the cause, and does not actually have the disease herself. You know, as any decent attorney will tell you, if you a file a suit, you simply don't discuss it in the media. If you say something stupid before the case goes to trial, it can impact the outcome of the legal proceeding. Not sure which is worse - Snyder's legal eagles or his PR people. Both seem to be giving him absolutely terrible advice. Or maybe he's not taking their advice.....

"...'(Remember when Jerry Falwell sued Penthouse magazine?)'..ah that was actually Hustler Magazine and Larry Flynt who Falwell had sued." <-- Like you, I am one of those who forgot about Jerry Falwell suing Penthouse in 1981 for printing an interview conducted by two free lance journalists which was sold to Penthouse. - ZW (2/5/11)

Bob, you are so right about Eddie. (Some other time us “old timers” should reminisce about Eddie’s sense of humor! Remember his part in the “Ballad of the Blackout”?) But, it was really when Eddie pitched anything he believed in that had an appeal that was so special. Especially when it came to food! My God, could he eat! Whether it was at 1500, 96.3, 97.1, or 1260, Eddie Galliher brought the client an honest warmth that was truly special. Eddie was able to do with his voice what an artist does with brush & palette or with a chisel. Not even the venerated Harden & Weaver could do a spot like Eddie did. Unlike so many of his younger counterparts, Eddie reveled in that anachronism known as the “like copy spot”. Eddie could make each read either sound so different that it didn’t seem like you were hearing the spot again, or do it identically –as the client saw fit, if intentional or as Eddie saw fit if there was no instruction. Eddie understood this business like few do today. He understood that while he worked for the client, it was his responsibility to not only deliver the client’s message but to provide an attentive and receptive audience for that message. It’s not rocket science. It’s what commercial broadcasting is supposed to be about! Alas, the radio business of Eddie Galliher is not the media business we’re stuck with today. Face it, on either side of the frequency display, there just aren’t “so many nice people” around today as there were then. And, we’re the poorer for it. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/5/11)

Just listened to replay of Snyder on with Mike Wise & Chad. Lavar knows when this contract at WJFK is over he's done. He wants to play for the 'Skins again, but offensive line this time. I haven't seen anyone on the 'Skins block as effectively as Lavar blocked Chad & Wise just when they were starting to ask hard hitting questions. Wish there was video so I could have seen Chad's head about to explode.... (2/5/11)

On Friday's sports segment, Brett Haber made an offer to give Dan Snyder thirty minutes on WUSA to tell his side of the story. He also revealed that Snyder's complaints about the City Paper making fun of his wife are absolutely false, it didn't happen. (2/5/11)

Well, yesterday sure was interesting on Washington sports radio. Dan Snyder's PR tour was notable for the fact that he appeared on BOTH stations. Did Doc Walker sound like he was reading scripted questions? Yes. Did Lavar back down from his usual rhetoric and softball Dan? Yes. Did Dan Snyder change anyone's opinions of him or the lawsuit? No. He had well organized and focused talking points -and that was to be expected. He went to radio and took on the print media - that was to be expected since he owns a radio station. Radio and print have never been friendly - especially in this town.(Note the complete lack of reaction in today's Post) He came across as sincere and professional and gave us nothing of any real value. The two take-aways are: 1) This will continue to spiral and continue the circus-like atmosphere surrounding Redskins Park in the off-season. There is no benefit to be gained - for the team - from this. Dan Snyder's a 'big guy' and fans always root for the 'little guy'. Plus, with the labor strife on the front page this makes people like owners even less. 2) Under 'unintended consequences' Dan may have stolen a little of 106.7's thunder. They base their whole existence on being the anti-mouthpiece station. They give us both sides of the Redskins story . Well, Dan has gone on their air to talk face-to-face. Unfortunately, 106.7 did not take the same strident stance they do when talking behind the owners back. (Though Mike Wise did try). This was an opportunity to prove just how 'tough' they are and they did not deliver. I'm sure they will continue to position themselves as the 'real' voice of Redskins opinion but 980 is just as negative and they have better access to information. There are moments in the development of any radio station that can define them for the future. This was one and I'm afraid 106.7 fumbled the ball. They can attack what Dan said after the fact all they want but when they had him across the table with a live microphone they shrank from the task. (2/5/11)

..."(Remember when Jerry Falwell sued Penthouse magazine?)"..ah that was actually Hustler Magazine and Larry Flynt who Falwell had sued. Another somewhat recent example of this sort of thing and one people seem to forget is the case of of the family of the late Terri Schiavo vs Seth MacFarlane & FOX over that scene on Family Guy where the Griffins had went to see Stewie in a school musical making fun of Terri Schiavo. I assume the Schiavo family had taken the advice not to sue Family Guy since, well nothing was ever said about the result. However I did find this... (2/5/11)

Dave - I'm surprised you didn't post the link for the legal defense fund How about on the front page? Come on people...even if it's $5 - $10, send a message! (2/5/11)

Dave's response: Just did. Oh, an interesting line in Farhi's piece today: "Separately, the rabbi who issued a statement on Snyder's behalf denouncing the illustration as anti-Semitic said Friday that he was not paid or compensated in any way for his statement (in support of Snyder). Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, said he issued his statement calling the illustration 'inappropriate and unacceptable' after it was brought to his attention by Tony Wyllie, Snyder's spokesman".....

Yesterday was Déjà Vu day on DC sports radio. Snyder does TEM. Snyder Does JFK. Snyder is repeated on TEM later. Adam Sandler does TEM. Adam Sandler does JFK. Mike Florio does JFK. Mike Florio does TEM. Mike Florio does JFK again. JFK screams about Snyder for two days and then has a love in with him one on one. Lavar melted. Holy shit! It was unbelievable. Even when it got a bit tight at the end, he jumped in and took in all of Danny's four inches. Is he realizing his days on the air are numbered? He needs to play nice with the Skins to keep relevant in the area for endorsements, etc. It is going to take some scratch to keep phukes doing this torture every day. He sounds so happy on his podcast with Oscar. Mike Wise had one ball. Dukes had three quarters of a ball. Love the WUSA screen captures. WTF are they thinking? Re Dan Snyder buying City Paper? He has bought enough bad companies since he was handed the Redskins by the other owners. Guess who is paying the lawyers for this lawsuit? Skins fans! No one pressed him on the cancer/wife issue. He was fined for something. If you pay it, you admit guilt for it to go away. Sixth grade horns? Are you kidding me? You go to LA to find a rabbi to back you? I think money was exchanged here. No DC rabbi’s? No, they are Skins fans. OOBBEE (2/5/11)

Thanks "Frank R" for your kind words. Fitz is a great guy to work with, and we certainly had fun during our time on the air together yesterday. Hopefully soon we can provide another episode. All the best, Rusty Gibson, WEBR RadioFairfax (2/5/11)

RE: Snyder Press - I wonder if John Riggins would have gotten down on his knees and treated Mr. Snyder the same way Lavar Arrington did during yesterdays interview?? I doubt it. I know Lavar is a sensitive kitty cat...but man, that was just humiliating. Im sure Mr. Snyder enjoyed laughing at him after the interview. Snyder is used breaking grown men down and stripping them of their dignity in public. ( see Jim Zorn) I've lost a lot of respect in Lavar and WJFK station.If you would like to sell-out and kiss Mr. Snyder's ass, please do it on your own time. Next time, try separating your personal issues with the guy and ask him real questions! Spare me the " we have to be nice to him or he'd walk out " - line. Who cares if he walks out? At least you would show yourself and listener that you have integrity and a backbone. Instead, you've proven once again to the Nation's Capital that you are a self serving, money chasing clown. In fact, I used to dislike Dan Snyder. But after yesterdays interview rounds, I am a fan of his. He has balls. He showed up. Did his thing., and proved to everyone what a bunch of coward bullies the DC media really are. Easy to talk smack when the man isn't standing in front of you. Hell, Im more a Dan Snyder fan than a redskins fan now. Good job Mr. Snyder. Hope you stay in the spotlight. You have more backbone than anyone at WJFK. More entertaining too. (2/5/11)

Congrats to Rusty and Fitz on a great collaboration this afternoon on WEBR! Even if it isn't terrestrial radio, it was some good listening. Without access to all the radio numbers out there, I've looked at other sites to see what some of the radio stations out there average in terms of internet hits in a day. If the numbers that I've seen are true, then their show can pull the same numbers as some sites for local low watt AM stations. Keep fighting the good fight! - Frank R. (2/5/11)

Re: "But spare me the nonsense about the Redskins name. That name is intended to honor Native Americans, and given the Sports Illustrated and University of PA polls that found overwhelming support for the name among Native Americans polled, they get it." It's not about political correctness, it's just about being correct. The name is NOT intended to honor Native Americans, unless George Preston Marshall was a Native American in "paleface". Considering that the federal government had to intervene in order for him to integrate his team, I think it's safe to say he was a bigot. Now while I don't think most Native Americans are losing sleep over the name Redskins, I notice in your post you called Native Americans, just that. I have an idea: Why dosen't Shelia Johnson re-name the Washington Mystics, the Washington Bitches? You know, there's a lot of women who might feel empowered by that. I'd love to see the results of that SI/Penn poll! -Billy Sparks (2/5/11)

I think you'll like these...WUSA needs to take a look what's on their Facebook page before they throw it on air. (2/5/11)

[RE "Dave TV":] The Eddie Gallaher piece was wonderful. That show was part of the WASH-FM Sunday Night Thing of the Past (TOTP) a weekly thematic oldies show we produced and I hosted from 1974-1983. Without question, the most fun I had during my years at WASH. That show was sponsored by Ledo's in Adelphi. Eddie wouldn't do the spot unless he ate there. We went and he loved his sell of the copy was incredible. Nobody could pitch a restaurant like Eddie G....BD (2/5/11)

/\ February 5 Messages /\

\/ February 4 Messages \/

If Dan Snyder had been smart, what he would’ve done is bought D.C. City Paper and simply fired Dave McKenna or shut it down entirely. Between the 2 Live Crew Supreme Court case which affirmed satire as protected free speech and established case law regarding public figures and libel (Remember when Jerry Falwell sued Penthouse magazine?), the decision to sue City Paper for libel is consistent with many of Mr. Snyder’s other business decisions. Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/4/11)

I agree with the comment about the Redskins name. Bringing it up in the context of Snyder's lawsuit is a completely false analogy. But putting that aside, I've never heard anything as awkward as today's "interview" of Snyder regarding the lawsuit by Walker, Thompson and Chuck Sapienza. Talk about walking on eggshells. Of course, no difficult questions. They just let Snyder spout his stuff about being called a criminal, his wife supposedly being insulted and that drawing that he considers to be anti-semitic. (I didn't even know he was Jewish).. Only after Snyder left, did they start bringing up issues. Like perhaps the lawsuit being a case of an elephant going after a gnat. Or questioning exactly what the supposed falsehoods in the article were. Of course, the few calls they took blasted Snyder. By the Way, Thompson admitted on air that he hadn't read the article that he was supposedly interviewing Snyder about. He takes his radio gig real seriously, huh? (2/4/11)

was listening to Wise today on the FAN, (yes I admit that I like the show), but did anybody catch his lead tongued producer BJ ask Miss American... "duhhhh how long have you been hot?" or some shit like that? Douchbag....the "joke" dropped like a turd in a hot tub... Seriously dood, there's a reason why you are a producer, it's because you think a 20 year old, Howard Stern throw away joke is still funny and we could tell you just had to throw it out there. Seriously, go get yer fukkin' shine box! (2/4/11)

It's not too late to get your tix. The Beach Boys, the Fab Four, and Gore (before she was gay). (2/4/11)

"'People have been putting horns and mustaches on pictures for years.' Exactly so next year when you have had enough of this little man and what he's done to your beloved team, show up at FedEx with that picture on a sign." <-- Can't do it. Signs are forbidden since fall 2009 at FedEx Field because too many fans in years past brought signs slamming Snyder. He's a sensitive li'l fella. As someone earlier mentioned, Moses is traditionally depicted in Western/Christian art as having horns due to a mistranslation of a passage in the original Hebrew. The Van Dyke on the picture makes it clear that the reference is to the Devil. The Simon Wiesenthal center notwithstanding, NOT anti-semitic. The Tribe has spoken. - ZombieWoof (2/4/11)

"People have been putting horns and mustaches on pictures for years." Exactly so next year when you have had enough of this little man and what he's done to your beloved team, show up at FedEx with that picture on a sign. The Skins will never be a class organization, like both teams playing this Sunday, as long as Snyder owns the team. How much more are you people going to take? At some point even the Egyptians had enough. (2/4/11)

ABC7 Mourns lose of long time co-worker (2/4/11)

I think Snyder is a jerk and his lawsuit is both obnoxious and counterproductive. But spare me the nonsense about the Redskins name. That name is intended to honor Native Americans, and given the Sports Illustrated and University of PA polls that found overwhelming support for the name among Native Americans polled, they get it. On the other hand, the drawing that Snyder is complaining about was hardly intended to honor him. The political correctness wackos never miss a chance to regurgitate their crap do they? (2/4/11)

106.7 Super Bowl Radio Row Snyder Interview: OMG what a self involved corporate suck up is LaVar. The interview was painful to hear. 'Sell out' Arrington slobbered his pig english all over the billionaire. Wise and Chad showed some backbone and stood up and asked some respectful direct questions. Millionaire LaVar jumped in with self absorbed sugar slobber and cut off Chad's sharp question (Chad's question charged hypocrisy against Snyder's claim of antisemitism in his media lawsuit while continuing to use the racial name 'Redskins'). Good job Chad. Wise supported and continued the question. Good job Mike. Please just shut up about your self-concerned healing moment Lavar. You covered for a nasty corporate billionaire for your own corporate-climbing reasons. . Own it Framalam. (2/4/11)

Dave: Did you see Nate Beeler's Latest 'Toon in today's Washington Examiner ? Sure tells the story re: Snyder !! Of course we all know, the Redskins will not be a winning team again until Snyder is ousted. (2/4/11)

"Gimme a break! Now I'm subjected to Mailbag posts about "Reada Kessler." Please, somebody spring for spelling lessons!" Um......that is how she spells her name. I think she is very good. Give me the traffic info, not so much schtick. (2/4/11)

Dave's response: I like her. Nice banter this morning with Mike Moss and Brian Van de Graff.....

Just had a chance to listen to Dan Snyder on LaVar and Dukes' show on 106.7 The Fan. I've got blistex in the mail for LaVar. Dukes had a great point about the implied slur in the name "Redskins". I wish he would've corrected Snyder about the "fight for old DC" line. Let it be known that line used to be "fight for old Dixie". Pre- Atlanta Falcons, the Skins were the (old) South's team. Snyder tried to make Dukes seem misinformed, but it is he, who is. I understand Mr. Snyder's points about settled lawsuits and judgments, but the morality of it all is still in question. Mike Wise's appearance on the show was surprisingly not a detriment. Good job Chad and Mike. Meanwhile, LaVar Arrington seems to be preparing for a future career as a greeter at FedEx field. When is that contract up again? -Billy Sparks (2/4/11)

(From DCRTV's Classified Ads:) Job Title: News Anchors. Contact: America's Radio News Network. Seeking experienced news anchors for the launch of the new nationally-syndicated America's Radio News Network, based in Washington, D.C. Ideal applicants will have a grasp of both broadcasting and current events, foreign and domestic, with a particular knowledge of the White House, Congress, and top federal agencies. The ability to conduct compelling guest interviews is a must. Send tapes/CD's and resumes to America’s Radio News Network, 2020 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 906, Washington, DC 20006. Or email resumes and short mp3's to EOE MF (2/4/11)

Has Dave McKenna ever appeared on Pardon The Interruption? Kornholio does appear to be a petty person at times but shirley not as bad as the Wee Lil' Danny. How many tv's will get smashed when the dork shows up on them NFL jersey commercials. Wonder if Shanahan has an opinion on lil' danny's actions? (2/4/11)

Gimme a break! Now I'm subjected to Mailbag posts about "Reada Kessler." Please, somebody spring for spelling lessons! What has happened to internet trolling as an obsession with standards? (2/4/11)

In a Washington Unplugged piece where our CBS News correspondents told their favorite stories about Ronald Reagan, we got a spot on impression of "The Gipper" from CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante. Check it out. (2/4/11)

Gimme a break! Now I'm subjected to Reada Kessler not just in the mornings, but every hour I have to hear her present "a moment in black hishtry." Please, somebody spring for elocution lessons! What has happened to broadcast announcing as a profession with standards? (2/4/11)

(From DCRTV's Classified Ads page:) Great opportunity for someone ready for their first Program Director gig! This is a dynamic opportunity for someone with passion and energy. We have an opening for a Program Director for our Hot AC/Triple A hybrid that needs someone devoted to both growing and making the station a part of the community. Duties include: Afternoon Drive, Music selection and scheduling, Website content management, commercial production, live broadcasts and more. Qualifications: Knowledge of Selector, ability to problem solve and multi-task, great production, driven to succeed, team player, comfortable interacting with both advertisers and listeners, ability to do great remotes, working knowledge of website content management, familiar with both Hot AC and Triple A formats Also helpful: Any Maestro knowledge and the ability to pull off the occasional shift on our country station. What we offer: This is truly an opportunity which you will get out what you put in to it. You will be able to contribute heavily to the direction of the station and implement and execute your ideas. This big opportunity lies in a small market and the salary range is 25,000-30,000 depending on experience. We offer health, dental, 401k and paid vacation. You’ll work for a great small company and enjoy a relaxed work environment with a solid team ready to work with you. We are located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and there are no relocation funds available for this job. Send your package to: NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. My 95-5 WBOP, and Real Country 96.9 WSIG are equal opportunity employers. (2/4/11)

As a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, I hope Dan Snyder owns the Redskins for the next 100 years. Our season sucked too but this is beautiful to watch. Go get em Danny. (2/4/11)

Has 105.9 changed the song lineup? It seems every time I flip over there is a song I like. I don’t remember that. PS – Snyder sucks, Skins suck, DCRTV rules…. OOBBEE (2/4/11)'s "Dave TV" for 4 February with memories of Eddie Gallaher, his "Moondial Matinee" on the old WASH, plus the DC area radio news from 1984, and some more errors in the Washington Post. And Channel 9er Brett Haber's excellent rant on Dan Snyder..... (2/4/11)

"You knew exactly where to put the tone on the end of a carted song." I was never a DJ but I watched through the window from the news booth. Certain songs when I hear them today, I can see the light going on in the air studio warning the jock the song was about to die. TER and SEC forever ! (2/4/11)

I think Snyder’s suit against the City Paper is more of a warning shot for the Washington Post or any other local area media sources. Why else would he go after such a small paper for such a (relatively) small amount. The anti-semitism charge is a joke. People have been putting horns and mustaches on pictures for years. (2/4/11)

Daffy Duck, did you work at 30 Rock? (2/4/11)

Been hearing Michael "Bradley" on WCEI PM Drive recently, and Michael Popovec doing the 9-12 PM shift on 105.7,The Fan. Great to see a young talent getting so much air time. Commuting, or doing this from a studio somewhere, Mike? Looks like it could be lots of mileage racking up if not. On another note, been having a frequency battle late nights on 740 AM between the Canadian station that plays a complete mix of music, and a station out of Tulsa, OK., KRMG. Don't ever recall picking up a station from OK. Finally if Snyder is successful, can "PLB" take his detractors (or you Dave) to court for the comments on this site? Hmmm (2/4/11)

On page A19 today, the Washington Post calls McLean "McClean"..... (2/4/11)

Must miss the old producer - 3 disconnects in the course of an hour or so this a.m. (2/4/11)

Dave: Misery certainly loves company!! First, Leave-it to Haber to get some attention by slamming Snyder. Brett's needs to resolve/correct/improve on his own reputation so he's in no position to editorialize or place judgment upon anything related to Snyder. Second, and I'm not totally defending Snyder here, however, would this lawsuit be getting this much attention if the Redskins were winning or made the playoffs and we didn't go through the recent drama surrounding Haynesworth and McNabb? Like-it or not, Snyder is a "high-power" businessman that has a few not surrounding himself with the right people{managers} to run his business or his media/public relations. If The Caps or Wizards had the same type of problems or bad press, "their" owner would probably do the same as Snyder. Yes, everyone, including local fans, is tired of losing and the un-necesary drama that's followed the Redskins. However, Rome wasn't built in a day and it's going to take several more years before the Redskins are a NFL powerhouse...let's try to remember this! (2/4/11)

Redskins owner Daniel Synder sues DC city paper for “anti-Semitic depiction.” Native American groups chuckle over the irony. (2/4/11)

In your note yesterday you said Imus announced that he was leaving Fox Business. What exactly did he say? All I heard was him denying it. (2/4/11)

This just proves how much of a DBag Dan really is, how many tv stations let viewers voice their disgust for this man yesterday? He is out of touch with reality and the teams performance showes it! Time to Sell the Team Dan. Party's Over. (2/4/11)

The City Paper should create a way for people to donate to a defense fund. It would be remarkable to see how many people put their money where their mouth is in their dislike of Dan Snyder. (2/4/11)

Snyder has an uphill battle. He's a public figure and has to prove malice meaning "a reckless disregard for the truth" by the paper. Good luck. (2/4/11)

Is Snyder going to sue Haber next? (2/4/11)

Dave's response: There's plenty of stuff Snyder could do to "punish" Channel 9, like not giving its sports reporters access to team players and officials, or not renewing the deal for Channel 9 to continue running Redskins TV programming, a la those weekly team chat shows. Or maybe withholding owner's box tickets for Channel 9 management at FedEx Field.....

Dan Snyder is a sad little man. He always wants the spotlight shining on himself. He needs all the attention. Why else would he file this lame lawsuit about this months old story few had read during Super Bowl week? So all the talking heads will be talking about Daniel Snyder instead of the Packers or the Steelers. Pathetic. (2/4/11)

Haber can be a doink sometimes, but his critique on Snyder was spot-on. Crisply written, well-delivered, and from the read of the transcript, practically untouched by the editors/news director at WUSA9. Good work, sir. (2/4/11)

Dave's response: It was a City Paper article for Christ's sake. Print circulation 50,000 - if that. Most people read that paper for the sex advice columns and "escort" ads and then trash it. Can't imagine the website gets all that much traffic. That article's long been forgotten. Now, Snyder's suit has generated a huge wave of new readers for the McKenna piece. Backfire!

Good Morning Dave: gotta couple of ideas for ya, I check in once in awhile because after I read a couple of posts I can feel the love. I know exactly what is going on or not going on with the KHZ thing. But here is the idea: take the MAILBAG and split it up into 3 sections, 1. MAILBAG (actual broadcasters) 2. WINDBAG (actual NON working assholes that just want to vent) and 3. SKUMBAG (for those that are working with a paper hat at a fast food drive thru restaurant and know everything there is to know about radio and tv in Maryland, DC and the Eastern Shore.) Thanks for your time and for those in the "paper hat" section, fire at will. lol JJ "Hitman" McKay/Ocean City, Maryland (2/4/11)

[RE Dave TV:] you are a wild dude (2/4/11)

Channel 9's 11 pm news covered the Snyder lawsuit aggressively at the top of tonight's broadcast, being careful to keep the devil picture in almost every shot. They brought out a Jewish guy, chief of something or other on the broadcast (sorry, J.G. but I missed your name) to deliver a long commentary about why Snyder is so disliked and tell him he's being a silly goose about the Jewish thing... Well done, WUSA! (2/4/11)

Dave's response: Well, no Redskins "exclusives" this season for Brett Haber and the rest of the Channel 9 sports team.....

Attention: ROSEBUD, In your post about Daniel Snyder you made some interesting points. The one that really caught my eye was how it could effect the other owners in the NFL. Now here is my question to you. Why are you discouraging Dave from using Snyder's team's name concerning this case? Is it not a legitmate news story thats already out there in the open. Remember all the commotion other owners like George Steinbrenner and Charles O. Finley use to create? Neither of those two went after news organizations for using their copyrighted team names in news stories. Now this thing about Snyder's suit effecting the other owners. Why would they even care? We're not talking gambling, racketerring etc. It's just one reporters recap of the mis deeds Snyder was connected with. (2/4/11)

Dave, With the whole situation going on with Dan Snyder, I started thinking of Kornheiser. Actually wrote an article about it (linked it). Snyder and Kornheiser are very similar. And look who they both went after-Dave McKenna. What do you think? Thanks. Darren (2/4/11)

Dave's response: Tony Kornheiser is a paid employee of Dan Snyder. There's no denying that.....

/\ February 4 Messages /\

\/ February 3 Messages \/

Why is Comcast cable breaking in to programming every 10 minutes with emergency alert "tests" on every channel? (2/3/11)

I thought I heard a promo for Snyder appearing on JTII's show on Friday tonight. A train wreck like no other. Nothing like having a paid employee interview you for unbiased reporting. Not surprised it is phone it in Thomson. JFK must love it! More fodder for them. The lawsuit is a bad decision on so many levels. Is he still in middle school? Obviously he does not have one advisor that he listens to. OOBBEE (2/3/11)

heard on WTEM that they are carrying the Super Bowl, which is cool because that's what a sports station should do. Why does it matter to me? Because I might actually be on the road coming back into DC around game time. I'm not a big sports guy but that's the kind of thing that legitimizes a station, to me at least. (2/3/11)

Dave, An Old burned out jock sent this to me(It could have been the other way around). I thought some of your mailbag readers could relate... You Know You Are A Radio veteran When: You were first hired by a GM who actually worked in radio before becoming GM. Radio stations were no place for kids. You got off on the sound of "dead air" on the competitor's station. ... Sales guys wore Old Spice to cover the smell of liquor. You were playing Elvis' #1 hits when he was alive. Engineers could actually fix things without sending them back to the manufacturer. You worked for only ONE station, and you could name the guy who owned it. You remember when normal people listened to AM radio, and only"hippies" listened to FM. Radio stations used to have enough on-air talent to field a softball team every summer. You're at least 10 years older than the last two GMs who fired you. You used to smoke in a radio station and nobody cared. Engineers always had the worst body odor, not because they worked too hard, but because they just didn't shower that often. You know the difference between good reel-to-reel tape and cheap reel-to-reel tape. Religious radio stations were locally owned, run by an old Protestant minister and his wife, never had more than 20 listeners at any given time ... and still made money. You have a white wax pencil, a razor blade, and a spool of 3M splicing tape in your desk drawer - - just in case. You know people who actually listened to baseball games on the radio. You can post a record, run down the hall, go to the bathroom, and be back in 2:50 for the segue. The new guy you're training has never listened to an AM station. You knew exactly where to put the tone on the end of a carted song. You spent most of the time on Friday nights giving out the high school football scores. And when they weren't phoned-in, you got really pissed off. You only did "make-goods" if the client complained. Otherwise, who cares? You can remember the name of the very first "girl" that was hired in your market as a DJ. Somebody would say, "You have a face for radio," and it was still funny. Sixty percent of your wardrobe has a station logo on it. You always had a screwdriver in the studio so you could take a fouled-up cart apart at a moment's notice. Agents were people like James Bond and the Man From Uncle. You would spend hours splicing and editing a parody tape until it was "just right," but didn't give a damn how bad that commercial was you recorded. You still refer to CDs as "records." Dinner? Let's see what the last shift left for me in the refrigerator. The only interaction between you and someone else prior to bedtime is, "Thank you. Please pull ahead to the second window." Your family thinks you're successful, but you know better. You played practical jokes on the air without fear of lawsuits. You've been married at least three times, or never married at all. You've answeed your home phone with the station call letters. You used to fight with the news guy over air time. After all, what was more important: your joke about your ex-wife, or that tornado warning? You knew how to change the ribbon on the teletype machine, but you hated to do it because "...that's the news guy's job." You had listeners who only tuned in for the news ... and not you. You could never figure that out. You know at least three people in sales who take credit for you keeping your job. You have several old aircheck cassettes in a cardboard box in your closet that you wouldn't dream of letting anyone hear anymore, but you'll never throw them out or tape over them. Never! You can still see scars on your finger when you got cut using a razor blade and cleaned out the cut with head-cleaning alcohol and an extra long cotton swab on a wooden stick. You still have nightmares of a song running out and not being able to find the control room door. You've ever told a listener, "Yeah. I'll get that right on for you." You have a couple of old transistor radios around the house with corroded batteries inside them. People who ride in your car exclaim, "Why is your radio so loud?" You remember how upset people used to get about Richard Nixon. You have at least 19 pictures of you with famous people whom you haven't seen since, and wouldn't know you today if you bit 'em on the ass. You wish you could have been on "Name That Tune" because you would have won a million bucks. You even REMEMBER "Name That Tune". You were a half-hour late for an appearance and blamed it on the directions you received from the salesperson. You've run a phone contest and nobody called, so you made up a name and gave the tickets to your cousin. Tom Robinson/Fairfax (2/3/11)

(As any union member can tell you…you don’t go to the president with a grievance, gripe or complaint.) Unless the "president" is also masquerading as the shop steward, which is the case at Metro Networks Washington. Zach (2/3/11)

Paging Mr. Jacoby. (Dig the guy at :34 smoking a pipe as he assembles your set!) (2/3/11)

Dave, in your comment about the Dan Snyder lawsuit, you are making one rash presumption: What if someone doesn’t care about their “reputation” or “image”? All one needs to do is look at what’s been going on with the football team you mention (You’ve got to be careful in using its name as it’s a registered trademark! But, that wasn’t the only reason why WTOP didn’t use the name when it was owned by Cook Inlet…) and you can see that the individual doesn’t care. The filing of this lawsuit could make things interesting given the image it conveys of owners of the other teams in that sport. Also, broadcast and cable networks which carry the games of that league and have news operations (especially if they have co-owned print media) should be taking this to the Owners Executive Council of that league because it this action implies that impartiality on coverage of the sport is to be discouraged. Indeed, it also begs an examination by an activist U.S. Congress in regard to antitrust status of that sport. In the hands of a creative and competent attorney, this lawsuit could upset so many apple carts that the league might conceivably buy the team from the plaintiff in this lawsuit and re-sell it. It is one thing to be rich and powerful. And, quite another to be right, Rosebud. (2/3/11)

Dave while I do agree with you that Snyder won't win a nickel I do have to admit that I would NOT be surprised if Dan Snyder gets something out of this as in "out of court settlement". Why? Its simple...people are just too scared of being sued so in many cases they are willing to do anything to settle even if chances are the case would be thrown out. For example several years ago I can recall some midwest TV news anchor who was upset thanks to him reading a letter in a local paper that was published syaing how he "sucked on air". Yes the letter did "hurt his iddy biddy widdle feelings" but it didn't stop him from hiring a lawyer and file a lawsuit between both the newspaper and the letter writer for libel. Of course this would had been thrown out of court had it went there however again because they didn't want to fool with it both the letter writer and newspaper had settled out of court with the news anchor. Some websites ( I can think of three theme park related sites ) who would actually ban you if you would say something like "Hersheypark sucks" in their forums because, again those webmasters have this idea that such a statement like "sucks" could lead to a lawsuit between Hersheypark and their website so in order to play safe..can't use the word "sucks". (2/3/11)

Fascinating to hear the radio talk regarding Terp's basketball tournament prospects. Harsh reminder is that for the past 40 years, Carolina and Duke have always pulled the ACC train along as a basketball conference. Maryland has always been a sad dark losing third basketball sister wannabe parasite and this season is another example of Maryland pulling the ACC conference RPI down. No ACC team wants to travel to College Park because it is an awful Route 1 PG county tattoo-alley smudge in a boring cold increasingly dangerous suburban map. Despite reputation, UMD is actually a very good academic school in some disciplines, but UMD won't ever shake a lousy location and the anemic athletic history. (2/3/11)

Late news coming out of Egypt; a Fox News team was severely beaten by Mubarak supporters. But Hey, Sean Hannity has been saying they don't need elections over there in Egypt, it is the protesters that want free elections that are the radicals, and the Mubarak government is doing just fine. Memo to Fox News; Fire that clown's Hannity's ass. He obviously cares more about taking money for slanting his opinion then he does about the safety of his Fox Bretheran. (2/3/11)

(From DCRTV's Classified Ads:) Date: February 3, 2011... Job Title: Sales Account Executive. Contact: WNAV Sajak Broadcasting Corp... Deadline: Resumes Accepted through 2/9/11. Candidates selected for interview through 2/11/20011. Interviews conducted through 2/16/2011. Job Description: Sales Account Executive sought for Annapolis Full-Service radio station. Sales experience required, preferably in media advertising sales. Salary plus commission. A limited number of qualified candidates will be selected for interview. Fax resume to 410-268-5360 or send resume to EOE M/F (2/3/11)

(From DCRTV's Classified Ads:) Date: February 3, 2011... Job Title: News Anchor/Reporter... Contact: WNAV Sajak Broadcasting Corp... Deadline: February 18, 2011... Job Description: Full service AM station in Maryland’s capital city has an immediate opening for a full time news anchor/reporter. You will be responsible for on-air newscasts, outside news reporting, remote assignments, researching and writing local news stories, interviews, and production. Applicant must be knowledgeable on topics of interest to our audience to include: politics, the environment, business, and local sports. Must be competent on digital equipment, computer use, and have flexible hours. Send Tapes/CD’s and résumé’s (NO CALLS) to: WNAV Radio, PO Box 6726, Annapolis, MD 21401. Or a résumé and a short (2 minutes, max!!!) mp3 to EOE M/F (2/3/11)

WTEM 980AM: Sports Reporters discussed Snyder/City Paper within the first 15 minutes of the show. Called it 'aiming a bazooka at an ant'. Also, said Snyder reopened attention to an article long forgotten. Skeptical of DS chances of winning suit. I guess this announces the end of Danny's Media Charm Offensive. (2/3/11)

As any union member can tell you…you don’t go to the president with a grievance, gripe or complaint. You go to your shop steward. He/she is the one who monitors and enforces the agreement (contract), represent and defend fellow workers, communicate and disseminate official union policy and promote union consciousness and values in the workplace. That’s the way it was in all the locals I’ve been a member of. Now I sit quietly retired, in Florida, collecting generous pensions from AFTRA, Cleveland Local and NABET Local 11 New York, NY. Signed, Daffy Duck (2/3/11)

Aren’t you the guy who keeps knocking WAPO for minor editing errors & omissions? Let me point out one made on Dave TV this morning – perhaps you have some contact with the perp and can pass it along. In the Dave TV (?) obit noting the passing of Bob McBride, the Bearded Guy on Dave TV showed two photos. On the top photo, Bob was identified as the fellow on the left. But the Bearded Guy was wrong (as is sometimes the case) because the fellow on the left actually was Marty Levin who anchored at Ch 4 in the early 80’s before returning to San Diego where the surfing is much better. Marty is alive and well, having retired just last spring from a long stint at KNSD, regarded as the Dean of SD anchors. But, take comforted Bearded Guy, Bob McBride was correctly identified in the lower photo, a 2-shot in which he is not Vance. Sarcasm aside, McBride was a courtly gentleman, respectful to and respected by his colleagues. And now Dave TV can go sit in the corner and do goof up penance with WAPO. (2/3/11)

Dave's response: The correction will be duly noted in the next edition of "Dave TV." Also, I will have a dominatrix spank me as on-camera punishment.....

Someone should alert Rabbi Abraham Cooper (Cooper? Reeeeeally?) to the cover of Sigmund Freud's violently anti-Semitic work, Moses and Monotheism. or to the case of Sam Sheinbein, a local lad who killed and dismembered Freddy Tello and whose father Sol whisked him off to Israel where he is due get out of prison soon. You know, the important stuff. Snyder is simply a bad person and it is appropriate to depict him as the devil. Perhaps we could make a gholem of Johnnie Cochran, or maybe Robert Shapiro needs another high profile case. Unser FedEx Field verbrennt. (2/3/11)

Nice to hear 'Mystery Guest' Jim Nantz on with Kirk and Mike this morning "a tradition like no other" & I hate to say it - but I find myself listening more and more, bye Junks! (2/3/11)

Hell, at this point, I think some season ticket holders might be willing to put their season ticket money in a legal defense fund if there was a chance it could force Snyder to sell the team. Same goes for Angelos up in Baltimore. I'm shocked he hasn't sued anybody yet. Maybe he will now. These 2 need to go on a Mediterranean cruise together and have it taken over by Somali pirates never to return! (2/3/11)

While I've seen the pic and read many anti-Snyder stories over the years, I have to admit something... I never once even noticed or knew that he was Jewish, so how will he be able to prove this case? Clearly, the little man knows he can bankrupt this newspaper even without winning. This is the poster child case for why the U.S. needs tort reform and loser pays legal costs changes. But it'll never happen ever because most of our Congress is either lawyers or lawyer influenced by money and even our media now has many lawyers in it as opposed to REAL journalists. Just sad. (2/3/11)

Steve Czaban mentioned the Synder, City Paper feud on his SNR show this morning. Poked fun at Snyder and all that. I assume the Sports Reporters will cover it this afternoon as well. I gotta give credit to WTEM, they have not traditionally shied away from being critical of Dan Snyder. Hope that holds true for this issue. (2/3/11)

Up here in the Borough of Hanover, in the beautiful Commonwealth of Pennshylvania, we know very little of Daniel Snyder.After reading all these posts, it seems to me that there are a lot of people out there who are very jealous of Snyder and his billions. Maybe the rest of us don't have squat but we don't need all this hatred. (2/3/11)

Dave: Dave McKenna has another WONDERFUL column in today's City Paper about local big-screen TV company Theater Vision and its series of ads during the Redskins' Super Bowl era. I always loved those ads. Christian (2/3/11)

To bad it can't be a fond farewell to Barbara Harrison! They move her to 11am and she still can't read the tele-prompt. It pains to watch her!! (2/3/11)

Sports fix died from radio row too today. But, they did touch on Snyder very briefly and both thought it is a bad move PR wise. I don’t think Mr Tony covered it. OOBBEE (2/3/11)

Hey Dave, it appears another one of Hannity's proud radio advertisers is being accused of fraud. There seems to be a pattern here. Is the Sean Hannity radio show (heard locally on WMAL) a marketing platform for really gullible people? Do I now need to re-think that "food insurance" program I was evaluating? Should I stop and ask myself "do I really need to attend that Tea Party Patriots Convention?" Are Life Lock and Sleep Number Beds worth it? What about the company that makes up a will for you, or the company that reduces the money you've owed to the IRS for years; ? Are they scammers to? Should I use that PC "like-new again" service? What kind of gold should I now buy? I get so confused. (2/3/11)

Snyder is always the foot stomping and petulant cry baby! (2/3/11)'s "Dave TV" for 3 February with more ranting on Dan Snyder's suit against City Paper, plus memories of legendary DC rock DJ Weasel, and a fond farewell to former WRC-TV anchor Bob McBride..... (2/3/11)

Julie Wright is one of the truly good people in our business today. Very unfair potshots at her in the Mailbag. (2/3/11)

Dave's response: I'll second that sentiment.....

Washington Post "Breaking News Blog" item by Washington Post editors directly references and links to Washington Examiner story. Is this what we've come to? (2/3/11)

Just had a thought about the Snyder lawsuit. If it does go to trial, don't you think it would be eerily reminiscent of the final "Seinfeld" Episode, where they call as character witnesses all of the people he's done wrong along the way? (2/3/11)

February 3rd?!? For Annapolis,Baltimore and Washington DC listeners January 12th is The Day The Music Died. Then like a vampire it came back after dark. Then as a weekend warrior. Then it made erratic appearances between sports events,infomercials and radio based automotive sellathons.Then it died again. It disappeared for months. Then one spring day it reemerged in a hidden closet inside a feminine hygiene factory. Now if you listen very,very closely ....or buy an HD radio...or click on an internet can hear the music as it was for many,many years...there are even some voices of the past ...and a few new ones that have fallen into the subspace void that was created by Ibiquity. Or you can just read blatantly infactual comments posted by some nutcase on DCRTVs Mailbag. And if you're unlucky enough to stumble into this nutcases life you may hear echoes(and station IDs,bumpers and liners) of the long lost legendary whispers(and sometimes shouts) .....h.....f........s.........Youknowwhothisis (2/3/11)

The late Bob McBride was a graduate of Woodrow Wilson High and George Washington University who got his broadcasting start on morning drive at WPIK-AM 730kc, Alexandria. Check-out another photo at: (2/3/11)

My journalism ethics classes taught me he (Snyder) can't win this. But what he can do is make these businesses spend their own money and time defending themselves. (2/3/11)

Junks just went dead at 950 am in the middle of a Cooley interview at radio row in Dallas…. OOBBEE (2/3/11)

"If today (Feb 3) truly is "The Day The Music Died", what have we been listening to for the last 52 years? With a few rare exceptions, it sure sounded like "music" to me." Hear Hear! Don McLean and his little early 70s ditty are full of it. I'm not the only one whose sense of "music" is not defined by three late 50s artists who were stupid enough to fly a private plane into a snowstorm. Oh, and Don - "Vincent" wasn't that impressive, either... (2/3/11)

I'm listening to "Imus in the Morning" - Dave, why do you think Imus never made it on radio in DC? I have been an Imus fan since a kid growing up in NY. I thought his political interviews/guests were always top notch. Sad that in a town where politics is the main business, it is the Plante's, Hannity's, Rush's, and Levine's of the world who get the ratings. Its not their politics that I mind, its just that they don't know very much on how things really work and hour after hour of Obama bashing is just boring. (2/3/11)

Dave's response: Imus did appeal to the "Capitol Hill crowd" when on the air in DC, many years on WTNT and later on WJZW. But it was too much of a "niche" audience to compete with the WTOP steamroller, WMAL's righty talk, NPR, or the plethora of "zoo shows" on the morning DC radio dial.....

To the guy complaining about "Driving to avoid Black Guys": in the words of Woody Allen, "Jew eat yet?" Genghis Cohen, still percolating as a member of the Tribe, in icy Prince William County (2/3/11)

Dave's response: Or Hendrix's immortal lyric: "Skewze me while I kiss this guy".....

Zach... First of all I did NOT work my way into any story about anyone...not only was it Lisa Badens last day on WTOP but it was the last day for ALL of us at Metro Traffic who perform traffic duties on the about what you know...not what you THINK you know. Second...I have been one of the shop stewards for Metro since we joined AFTRA...this is not breaking attention son...try to keep up. I take my responsibilities as President of the DC/Baltimore local seriously...I have helped many and continue to do so when asked...if you or anyone else would like to nominate and vote for someone else to represent this local by all means do appreciation for the union will not waver. --Julie (2/3/11)

RE: [ " Can't say I blame him (Snyder). As someone who was directly affected by the horns stereotype, I was visibly upset when I saw those illustrations last November. Also you can't drag a guys wife through the mud. Families are off limits and if I were Snyder I would probably do the same thing. " ].... Wow, Satan himself actually has responded on DCRTV. Oh, or he could just be a sleazy LAWYER! Oh, that's right, same thing!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! (hell fires smolder in the backround) (2/3/11)

If today (Feb 3) truly is "The Day The Music Died", what have we been listening to for the last 52 years? With a few rare exceptions, it sure sounded like "music" to me. (2/3/11)

"I never heard about this story and it was never talked about on 106.7 or 980, now its hugh, big mistake (2/3/11)

[RE the "Dave TV" 2/1 edition:] remember that picture well at WINX. We did charity games all over Montgomery County.Loved my two years there. But Pierre and Bob Edson hogged the ball. :) Good times. (2/3/11)

"I hope for the sake of Freedom of the Press, a good lawyer will defend City Paper pro bono in the Dan Snyder lawsuit." Either that or set up a legal defense fund. I sure as hell would contribute to it and I know I'm not alone. Snyder, what a jackass. (2/3/11)

You heard it too, eh? Thought it was just me. Performance critique for assignment reporters at channels 4, 5 7 and 9: the weather phenomenon we had to deal with this morning was "black ice". We were not driving carefully to avoid "black GUYS". When spoken quickly, and with traffic noise behind, that's how it comes across, providing endless amusement for middle school children and office wiseasses. Just FYI... (2/3/11)

A greedy, soulless little man. Good on Weingarten today. (2/3/11)

Hey Dave, While listening to Hannity's crap on WMAL for the last few days, I was lead to wonder why Hannity is defending Mubarak and the lack of legitimate elections in Egypt. It is like the Egyptian government hired a political PR firm to write scripts praising the existing government/defaming the non violent protesters, and paying Hannity to read the crap on the air. (2/3/11)

Has anyone on Snyder's ESPN 980 mentioned the lawsuit against City Paper? Will Tony Kornheiser mention it - or he is too afraid to? Don't want to anger the boss, huh. (2/3/11)

A big "Thank You" to Gene Weingarten and WaPo for bringing this story to my attention and to Dave McKenna and The City Paper for writing/publishing it in the first place. I've always said that the 'Skins will never win another championship with Danno as owner but, until now, I didn't truly understand the depth of his incompetence nor the height of his ego. (2/3/11)

Snyder should just go up to his Potomac mansion (with no trees to block the view), put his feet up on an ottoman and hang out with his hot wife putting cold towels on his forehead until he calms down. (2/3/11)

I think Snyder's lawyers need to read the law. You can't make yourself a public figure and then sue newspapers because they hurt your iddy biddy widdle feelings. He won't win a nickel. (2/3/11)

Dave's response: He won't win a nickel. But he will cost the struggling City Paper's parent a bunch of legal fees.....

Broadcast legend Larry King will join Greg Bicouvaris on a special edition of Sports Scene on February 14th during the 3pm hour.Clark Kellogg from CBS Sports will be the first guest that hour & King will be on after that. Sports Scene airs on 102.1 FM, 1490 AM and is part of Red Zebra Broadcasting in Virginia Beach, VA. (2/3/11)

I'm listening to "Imus in the Morning" and he's lamenting that the show has been "canceled," and wondering aloud if the show can go back to RFD. I didn't hear the context, but I'm guessing Fox Business Channel gave the show the axe? I can't confirm, but you might want to check into this if you're interested. Christian (2/3/11)

I read the article by McKenna and I see nothing wrong or offensive about it. It is basically all true and just echoes what people say out loud about DS anyways. One area he missed in the article is the part about the team saying for 'X' number of years they haven't raised ticket prices. That is true about general admission seats. However, when it comes to premium, club, loge and other overpriced seats, they go up 3% to 6% per season and with the exorbitant prices already being charged for those seats, those yearly increases adds up to a nice chunk of change for DS. So glad I bailed out of my club seats last year. As a fan of the team for 53 years, I could care less now about the team and the doings of DS. He was lucky to make his money when he 'unloaded' his communications company just before the bust. Almost everything he has touched since then has turned not to gold but to sludge or bust. Bob K (2/3/11)

Dave's response: Snyder suing City Paper is going to be a PR disaster for the Redskins owner. The few sports journalists and columnists who don't already dislike him will now dislike him. As a team owner, he's a public figure, and, in America, public figures have a very high bar to prove defamation. His suit will be almost certainly be dismissed, but not before it has cost City Paper's owner a bunch of legal fees. Which I guess is Snyder's point. Almost everyone had forgotten McKenna's pieces about Snyder. Now, with the suit, they're all being brought back into the public eye. Millions of people around the country who didn't read McKenna's November cover story now will.....

I hope for the sake of Freedom of the Press, a good lawyer will defend City Paper pro bono in the Dan Snyder lawsuit. Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/3/11)

Snyder's PR people released a statement from the Simon Wiesenthal Center condemning the City Paper cover illustration: a photograph of Snyder doctored with scribbled-on horns and facial hair. Rabbi Abraham Cooper called it "inappropriate and unacceptable when a symbol like this - associated with virulent anti-Semitism going back to the Middle Ages, deployed by the genocidal Nazi regime, by Soviet propagandists and even in 2011 by those who still seek to demonize Jews today - is used on the front cover of a publication in our Nation's Capital against a member of the Jewish community." When I read that in the Post article, I hadn't actually seen the illustration of Snyder. I half expected to see something like the artwork issued by George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party, back in the 1960s. Turns out, the City Paper photo of Snyder is simply juvenile, more than anything else. It's a fanciful stretch to label the cover art even remotely close to being "anti-Semitic". (2/3/11)

Dave's response: And even if it was "anti-Semitic," City Paper still has the freedom to run the scribbled pic, especially regarding a public figure like Snyder. That's all covered in Journalism 101. Sheeesh. Snyder, who has delt with the media for many years, should know that.....

Sounds like someone is a little sensitive . If you involve yourself in anything where you cause attention to yourself ,be prepared to hear everyone's opinion of you . Not everyone will like you & know your family will probably find a way into the limelight . None is safe from criticism ,some just can't deal with it . And how about freedom of the press ,they were reporting an opinion not an statement. (2/3/11)

Can't say I blame him (Snyder). As someone who was directly affected by the horns stereotype, I was visibly upset when I saw those illustrations last November. Also you can't drag a guys wife through the mud. Families are off limits and if I were Snyder I would probably do the same thing.(2/3/11)

Dave's response: The wife of a public figure, like Snyder, becomes a public figure herself if she gets involved in public issues, like Snyder's wife has. You may disagree with McKenna and may find his article offensive and tasteless, but he still has the complete American press freedom to have written and published what he did.....

Dave, I noticed that all the local news shows were talking about how there would be a lot of black guys out on Thursday morning. What's up with that? (2/3/11)

Memorial Service Plans for Jerry Thompson: Friends and Family, please join us at Jerry's memorial service this Saturday February 5th at the Northern Virginia Baha'i Center... 21415 Cardinal Glen Circle, Sterling, Virginia 20164... (2/3/11)

Weingarten's Snyder column... priceless.... Also, new story Farhi story on litigation: (2/3/11)

Dave's response: Hey, with the teetering on bankruptcy Washington City Paper bleeding funds to fight the Redskins owner's meritless lawsuit, maybe the freebie tab go out of business. And the Washington Post's ever-slimmer Friday Weekend will get some extra ads. This could be a good thing for the Post's bottom line.....

Gene Weingarten on Danny Boy (2/3/11)

I dont know if you have discussed this before, but can you please tell me why WJLA is continually preempting prime time network programming for their infomercial? The Middle is supposed to be on right now, and it is another airing of the Operation Smile infomercial. And beyond why they do it, how is it that ABC allows them to do it? It is beyond annoying. It only serves to make me less inclined toward these charities. - C. (2/3/11)

/\ February 3 Messages /\

\/ February 2 Messages \/

The new team at NBC, Versus, Golf Channel, CSN Regionals - (2/2/11)

As for “Al Jaz” on cable, it’s slippery slope and a minefield for both WNVC/WNVT and the cable systems carrying it. If for example, Al Jaz runs a “tape” from Al Quaeda (or something similar) calling for the violent overthrow of the United States government, terrorist attacks within the U.S., etc., in a foreign language, then the broadcaster carrying that program and cable operator carrying that broadcaster could be in a world of serious hurt. There’s no immunity for corporations from any of the laws of the United States. That includes sedition, aiding and abetting the overthrow of the United States Government, treason, the commission of felonies, among other things. A broadcaster must be really careful about airing programming in a foreign language. WNVC got some very unfavorable publicity a number of years ago in Readers Digest and elsewhere about a program they supposedly aired in Farsi without an independent pre-screen. Seems the provided translation and English sub-titling was very different from the actual program audio. Remember that the broadcaster and cable operator has the final control and responsibility on what goes on either their air or their network. It’s one thing to have a “wardrobe malfunction” during a dance, or an “F-bomb” during a press event, but quite another to advocate murder (or worse) in a foreign language. Broadcasters and cable operators alike know that for a grave violation there are more immediate means of license and franchise termination than the “usual processes”. That is in addition to the “power of the marketplace”. Also, suppose a cable system, cable network or broadcaster drops or even announces plans to drop “Al Jazzera” for whatever the reason? Care to guess the “response”? As one who worked for a media targeted by the “original” Weather Underground, with secure facilities built as a “precaution”, I find the current media attitude to be rather naive at best when it comes to what’s been going on in the world since the late 1970’s. Alas, the lessons of George Syvertsen, Welles Hangen, my old colleague, Ted Yates, not to mention Daniel Pearl has been lost on the current generation in news. –Unsigned Corporate Suit (2/2/11)

BZ back to Red Zebra? I’d find that difficult to imagine. Chuck is a good guy and I hope he continues in his current position and prospers... (2/2/11)

Re: "The Associated Press is looking for a temporary radio newsperson and a temporary newsperson/radio coordinating producer for its Washington DC bureau." That's great... now if we can just locate some temporary people... LOL. (2/2/11)

Dave: It's really too bad nothing's improved on the sportstalk radio front. First, if you remember, Dennis Glasgow was "dismissed" from 980 because of budget cuts and Chuck was promoted to VP of Ops/Prog. I find it very hard to believe Snyder would re-hire Zier based-on his past of taking advantage of Snyder. Former 980 people told me Bennett used to travel in limo's separate from the team and live life like Snyder. Anyway, I cannot understand why Snyder would pay for the 980 on-air talent to travel to the Super Bowl and all they do is complain about the town and's just nails on a chalkboard when listening to that station. Also, it's quite unfortunate Galdi and Sheehan have the worst use of the English language and it continues to be a tough listen. If Snyder wants to hold onto his radio properties, he really needs someone who can crack the whip...problem is, he runs 980 like his football team. (2/2/11)

From the DC Sports Bog: It's now been more than a month since Chick Hernandez made his ill-fated promise to stop cutting his hair until the Wizards won on the road. And while his Chia Chick look continues to drive ratings at Comcast SportsNet, he isn't alone in hatching a follicle-related Wizards proposition. Turns out that Mike Wise, his co-host Holden Kushner, and their producer Chris Johnson have all agreed to keep growing their facial hair until the Wizards finally win on the road. I think I might have promised to join them, for everyone who's interested in my own facial hair. And there are potential prizes! Via WJFK..... (2/2/11)

"Dave's response: A minor typo. Sheesh. But thanks for lumping little old me in with the WaPo, a world class newspaper....." If you made this goof, it was corrected by the time I looked at it: "Redskins owner Dan Snyder (right) isn't happy about a Washington City Paper cover story in November..." Strictly speaking, NOT a typo but a deviation from accepted style, and since the little man's first name is mentioned in the title of the CP article, who cares? - ZW (2/2/11)

For what it's worth, I too am sick to death of reading about "Hitman". Seriously, who cares? What an attention whore. (2/2/11)

Dave, what is wrong with Comcast in Arlington? Everybody complains about how slow the electric utilities are in restoring service, Comcast is far worse. Their lines came down during the snow a week ago, and Comcast has yet to restore service, despite repeated phone calls. Sometimes they would claim that the service was restored even though the cable was still in the middle of the street. Since the cable boxes and cable modems are addressable, they could check to see if a specific customer was back online. (2/2/11)

Oh boy. Someone has let their really, really, REALLY old dog off it's leash again. Looks like the nice tame mailbag is a thing of the past. (2/2/11)

(From DCRTV's Classified Ads:) The Associated Press seeks a temporary Newsperson (Radio) for its Washington, D.C. location. This position requires in-depth knowledge and skill at recording and editing news stories using electronic newsgathering and production equipment. Applicants should be able to write and edit broadcast-style stories, scripts and advisories for broadcast members/clients, conduct telephone and in-person interviews, voice live and recorded reports, and assist members/clients with coverage. The successful candidate must also have solid organizational and planning skills. This is a 3-month temporary position. QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates must have at least 3 years of experience working in a broadcast news organization. He or she should have excellent news judgment, perform effectively in a high-stress, deadline-driven environment, and the ability to coordinate coverage of breaking and developing stories across various news formats. The ideal candidate will have solid experience in all aspects of broadcasting, should be skillful in digital audio editing, writing broadcast copy, voicing news reports, doing live air work and street reporting. Applicants must have solid knowledge of domestic and world affairs. The incumbent must be able to work all shifts, including overnights, and all days of the week, including weekends. Advanced-level professional competency in written and spoken English language is required. Authorization to work in the U.S. will be mandatory. The Associated Press is the essential global news network, delivering fast, unbiased news from every corner of the world to all media platforms and formats. Founded in 1846, AP today is the largest and most trusted source of independent news and information. On any given day, more than half the world's population sees news from AP. AP seeks to build an inclusive organization grounded in respect for differences. We support all aspects of diversity and provide equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability or status as a veteran in accordance with applicable nondiscrimination laws. For consideration, apply at or m(2/2/11)

(From DCRTV's Classified Ads:) The Associated Press seeks a temporary Newsperson/Radio Coordinating Producer for its Washington, D.C. location. This position requires in-depth knowledge and skill at recording and editing news stories using electronic newsgathering and production equipment. Applicants should be able to write and edit broadcast-style stories, scripts and advisories for broadcast members/clients, conduct telephone and in-person interviews, voice live and recorded reports, and assist members/clients with coverage. The successful candidate must also have solid organizational and planning skills. This is a 3-month temporary position. QUALIFICATIONS: Candidates must have at least 3 years of experience working in a broadcast news organization. He or she should have excellent news judgment, perform effectively in a high-stress, deadline-driven environment, and the ability to coordinate coverage of breaking and developing stories across various news formats. The ideal candidate will have solid experience in all aspects of broadcasting, should be skillful in digital audio editing, writing broadcast copy, voicing news reports, doing live air work and street reporting. Applicants must have solid knowledge of domestic and world affairs. The incumbent must be able to work all shifts, including overnights, and all days of the week, including weekends. Advanced-level professional competency in written and spoken English language is required. Authorization to work in the U.S. will be mandatory. The Associated Press is the essential global news network, delivering fast, unbiased news from every corner of the world to all media platforms and formats. Founded in 1846, AP today is the largest and most trusted source of independent news and information. On any given day, more than half the world's population sees news from AP. AP seeks to build an inclusive organization grounded in respect for differences. We support all aspects of diversity and provide equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability or status as a veteran in accordance with applicable nondiscrimination laws. For consideration, apply at or (2/2/11)

I have 800 foot tall, 50,000 watt stick with ratings...who am I? NOT Hitman. (2/2/11)

Some a-hole mentioned the "Hitman" was possibly heading for the "Q" Does anybody care? I'd guess he does, his family does and lot's of people that like him do. Hey AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSHole, get a freakin job. You plague this site with your trivial hate..GO AWAY! JCH, darn-it! (2/2/11)

Dave: I have a 500 foot “stick” & 1,200 watts at my disposal & a stack of Music from the 70's, 80's, 90's & today – Who am I ? Right away you know I am NOT khz – correct answer – I am the new Q-101 – in Ocean City, hear me roar !! OK, all the haters can jump in now…ready, set, go !!! (2/2/11)

"Could The "Hitman" be headed to the Q for mornings?" -Even more important....Does anybody care? AHHHHH (yes, the real one) (2/2/11)'s "Dave TV" for 2 February with some 1980 ad memories of Channel 13/WJZ, a look back at the Washington Post's "TV Week" for 1987, and a rant on Dan Snyder threatening to sue the Washington City Paper..... (2/2/11)

I have been trying to read the City Paper article about Dan Snyder online, and am having trouble getting into it...I get a message that the internet can't connect. Is this because too many people are trying to read it, or because Dan Snyder is messing with my computer? -- Bobbie (2/2/11)

Veteran Announcer Paul Berman receives billing in the credits of Woody Allen's "Radio Days" along with Don Pardo of Saturday Night Live, Suoerman Annoucer Jackson Beck and Wendall "Windy "Craig. Paul was one of the really good guys in the business in Baltimore-Washington. We worked together at NBC 11 WBAL-TV in he days of "The Midnight Special," Johnny Carson and Tom Snyder. Paul also was the voice for Utz Potato Chips and Crown Petroleum in an era gone by. He is well remembered as noted by Nick L in a previous item entered here...... And happy to say, in the movie which Dave mentions in one of the recent editions of "Dave TV" on ... bill quinn/MQA (2/2/11)

"Q-101 Ocean City "flips" from Talk to Music of the 70's, 80's, 90's & today - Could The "Hitman" be headed to the Q for mornings? Stay Tooned as they say !!! Q-101fm ??? and heard worldwide on the web at (2/2/11)

For a bright guy, Snyder sure is an idiot when it comes to PR. Doesn't he realize that his whining about the article just kind of proves McKenna's point. And that it just perpetuates his image of a spoiled brat and all around bad guy? Mind boggling........................ (2/2/11)

I can tell you first hand not only is the JFKer not behind on child support, his situation has absolutely NOTHING to do with domestic violence. He simply missed a CIVIL court date (clerical error) and was released within minutes of being before a magistrate. The JFKer also has full custody of all but one of his children. Misunderstandings happen. We should not be so quick to judge before we know the facts. (2/11/11)

Snyder story makes the front page at Yahoo. The most embarrassing franchise in the league. OOBBEE (2/2/11)

Has anybody tried one of these? (2/2/11)

At the rate things are going, the local news morning shows will come on right after the late night talk shows are done. It'll only take 1-2 more "weather events" for it to happen. Talk about overkill. (2/2/11)

I'm proud to say that I've been on the anti-Snyder bandwagon for some time -- (2/2/11)

Interesting silent film (there was no live video/sound back then) posted on a website... The 1933 Hurricane that both destroyed and created Ocean City, Maryland as we know it today. The boardwalk was destroyed and the island was cut in half creating the inlet as well as a separate Assateague Island and you can see the railroad bridge floating in the ocean and Model T Fords sunk in sand... (2/2/11)

HAHA - I love it! More of the same for Danny Boy. He's over here having his temper tantrum again, trying to sue everybody. Meanwhile the team is light years away from being a good organization, such as the case in this years Super Bowl teams with Green Bay and Pittsburgh. Dan-Jazerra is at it again, more worried about what's being said about him and less concerned with putting a winning product on the field. As long as he's in charge of the team, he will NEVER win a Super Bowl. Karma's a bitch. But hey, as long as he keeps making $$ and marketing the hell out of the next sexy free agent signing TBD to help him sell more Jerseys at his stores and club seats, that's all that seems to matter to this guy. So go ahead WASHINGTON. Continue enabling the dysfunction that is the Burgundy and Gold and keep buying up the merchandise and season tickets and buying into the annual off-season free agent hype that will inevitably occur. Just writing about this team makes me want to wretch... (2/2/11)

Danny being Danny (2/2/11)

Dave [McKenna's] been taking shots at him for years, many of which were far worse than those leveled in November. Sometimes his "Six Flagging" articles have nothing of substance to say and are just intended to beat up DS with clockwork like regularity so his readers don't forget what a 'bag McKenna thinks Snyder is. If Danny didn't constantly have his head up his backside he might actually know most of the local population regularly says things about him that make McKenna's article seem trivial. If he wants it to go away he should sell the 'Skins to someone possessing at least a very basic level of intellectual competence and genuine conscience. (2/2/11)

Re WLBW Fenwick Island, DE: EMF is following the letter of the law in its compliance, but is providing only the bare minimum to fulfill its local obligations under the K-Love proposal. I say nuts. Either a station is local or it isn't, and IMO a California operation can't service the needs of that long strip of mud. Frankly, if its too expensive to keep the station afloat, turn out the lights, turn in the license and let a 100W LPFMer have that frequency. Stick an antenna on the roof of the Fenwick Crab House and get on with it. (2/2/11)

Speaking of Dan Snyder.....did anyone see that he had a starring role in Mel Brooks' sci fi comedy, "Spaceballs'? He played Dark Helmet....Go back and watch, i swear it's him!! (2/2/11)

Steve Case is being considered for the Smithsonian Board of Directors. What is next, Dan Snyder leading a Buddhist temple? Chris Plante teaching an anger management course? The Greaseman publishing a book on what it REALLY means to be Catholic? Abramoff lecturing about truth and ethics in our government? Look Steve Case made a lot of money, but his business practices, creative accounting skills, and outright lies have cost billions of dollars and soured the people who believed in him. I recall hearing a story from someone (cant verify story, but I can vouch for the source) “in the room” of a big meeting at Warners. Numbers, goals, and “we need to make more money” stuff was discussed when the head of one division could not take it anymore jumped up, pointed to Case and said they are all making our numbers here except his group and then said screamed AOL was dragging the whole company down. A “m-f” term was used, and I don’t believe it was “my friend”. Listen, Case grew his company through lies and deception and unethical business practices and always blamed “growing pains” when caught. Is this what we need to bring to the Smithsonian? Mark in Annandale (2/2/11)

RE: It drew hundreds of comments on City Paper's website, almost all of them praising McKenna and condemning Snyder. Snyder is so mad that he has threatened legal action against the freebie tabloid and is seeking the dismissal of the article's author, staff writer Dave McKenna. The full name should come first in any article. The Post is famous for missing this. OOBBEE (2/2/11)

Dave's response: A minor typo. Sheesh. But thanks for lumping little old me in with the WaPo, a world class newspaper.....

Punxsutawney Mubarak peered out of his burrow and did not see his shadow this morning, so it's not likely we'll be seeing him in charge in Egypt for six more weeks. (2/2/11)

FM translators located in the commercial band above 91.9 MHz must receive the originating station (AM, FM, or another translator) over-the-air. The ones located in the non-commercial band can also be fed via satellite. The non-comm provision was meant to enhance state-wide public radio networks, but other non-profits jumped through this loophole to establish nationwide networks. Regards, Dave Loudin (2/2/11)

Daniel Snyder continues to be delusional about his place (and his team's place) in the world. Also, he's dumb as a post. (2/2/11)

Every time I hear someone up here in Baltimore moan about how the Ravens "only" stay interesting, competitive and make it to the playoffs year after year, I have one retort: Just be thankful you're not a Redskins fan. Snyder is such a quintessential douche nozzle I feel sorry for the people who cheer for his football team. (2/2/11)

Here's another FCC app that needs to be DISMMISSED... YEAH RIGHT, people in Fenwick Island, Delaware wanna hear programming from California with not only no local programming, BUT NO LOCAL STAFF OR EVEN AN OFFICE!?! RIDICULOUS! How would someone locally be able to even inspect records or file a complaint or ask to see records? What? You have to fly to California??? UNBELIEVABLE! (2/2/11)

FYI - (2/2/11)

Dave's response: Dan Snyder, a public figure, is still angry about a City Paper cover piece in November making fun of him and his business moves? And he's threatening a lawsuit against the paper and trying to get the author, Dave McKenna, canned? Oh, come on. The grudge-holding Snyder is simply proving the article's main theorum.....

(excerpt) You’re not trying to bust through a pileup on 14.244 (end) Hahahaha ... one doesn't often see references to the 20 meter ham band in DCRTV. That's a whole 'nuther radio animal. (2/2/11)

Not local but still amazing that it happened at a Comcast/NBCUniversal network, MSNBC... Rachel Maddow is duped by a satirical website into slamming conservatives for suggesting that Sarah Palin propose a U.S. invasion of Egypt! What's next? Rachel reports stories from The Onion? Too funny, roll the tape... (2/2/11)

This FCC application just needs to be dismissed by the FCC... #1: They're never going to build any towers and this station will just be back on the air under STA littering the public airwaves and not serving the public interest in any way shape or form. #2: The station went dark a long time ago. A empty license shouldn't be allowed to be sold for such a junk low power station as this. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH FCC! DENY THIS APP PLEASE! (2/2/11)

While I would not mind seeing local cable systems carrying Al-Jazzera, I think it’s more important that DirecTV and Dish Network carry the “multicast” channels of the local stations . Reason: Let’s be realistic, Digital TV simply does not have the coverage. The satellite providers have higher market saturation farther out in the suburbs. The farther out you go, the higher their saturation gets, and the worse bang for the buck, and the more people say “F*&U% This” and get the satellite. Especially in HD, where €DirecTV’s Picture quality leaves Comcast digital eating dust. During “Snowmageddon” last year, most of the stations went “all snow” on their main channel, and moved their network programs to their multicast channels. You can only watch that stuff in short spurts, then you need something else. The network programs were unavailable to those of us out beyond the “secondary” signal. Also, there are now real, locally produced programs on the multicast channels, and we still can’t get them without an outdoor antenna so large it is an engraved invitation to lightning. (2/2/11)

Dave's response: The only reason AlJaz is carried by cable systems in the DC area is because it's available via a multicast of Channel 30/WNVC. The station is actually two stations, WNVC in Fairfax and WNVT in Goldvein and each features five standard-def digital channels for a total of 10 foreign programming services, including the main "mix," Worldview.....

It appears the majority owner of WMDT ABC 47 Salisbury/OC has died? I'm not an expert on these types of FCC applications, but it appears ownership control has been turned over to an estate. Possible sale of WMDT pending? Hmm. I wonder who would be interested. (2/2/11)

Are the local tv stations seriously thinking of starting their morning newscasts at 4 a.m.? I know they're doing it now cause of the snowapocalypse thing but could they possibly be toying with starting at 4 a.m. all the time? I'm all for Al Jazeera if it means more viewing time of news presenter Ghida Fakhry! Is Sir David Frost the British version of Larry King master of the softball question? Is KCAL's weatherperson Jackie Johnson really going to be taking over for Doug Kammerer? Hey I kid. I think but I sure wish. With the new hire at WUSA tv sports department shirley this doesn't mean that Greg Toland or Dave Owens will be departing?!!! Not fair. I don't think channel 9 should be a farm team for blondes(bottled or natural) with aspirations of getting a job at ESPN and that goes for channel 7 too! Might we see Tom Gavin as a guest on Dave TV one day discussing his days performing on the old Don and Mike show and his tv series "Rescue Me"? (2/2/11)

"Pioneers of Television," on PBS, has so far offered episodes on Sci-Fi, Westerns and Police Dramas. Next week, they look at Local Kids' Shows. The preview indicates that some DC connections will be featured. Willard Scott as Bozo and some of Jim Henson's early efforts on Washington TV. The next episode is on February 8th (check your local listings for time & channel). (2/2/11)

It's Groundhog Day and the start of Black History Month on DCRTV:: Hey Punxsutawney Don Geronimo, you ever going to emerge from your burrow and hire a black person? just sayin' THE REAL AHHH IS COMING BACK BITCHES (2/2/11)

That chick doing traffic in the morning on WTOP is making the ice cream that Mike Moss's grating voice always does even worse. They should hire Lauren DeMarco. Also, what is up with that gay music WUSA is using for the new teasers. And Fox 5, I'd take Sarah Simmons over Guvhir any day of the week. I find myself straying away from the Fox 5 morning news more and more these days between the annying Guhvir and the wooden Tony Perkins. (2/2/11)

With Dennis Glasgow boxing up his Red Zebra crap and heading to Oregon, two questions come to mind: 1), who is taking/has taken his place, and 2) whatever became of Tod Castleberry after he left the Zeeb and his endeavor with the Birachs turned to s#i7? (2/2/11)

Dave's response: Tod's been working with Riggo on his MASN show. I hear it's allegedly being broadcast on WTOP's HD2 but I just don't believe it.....

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