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DCRTV Mailbag - September 10 to September 16, 2001

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After reading the post from Howard Dicus regarding Peter Jennings criticism of his network, I had to chuckle. Tuesday evenings coverage after the President went live with a speech, all Peter did was make subtle cracks about him. Maybe its time for Peter to return to Canada, he lost me as a viewer. Marvin (September 16, 2001)

Long post, apologies in advance. The Baltimore Sun ( has a piece, "News anchor also critic of coverage," in which David Folkenflik notes with approval that Peter Jennings has been criticizing his own network for some of its presentation of coverage. Specific examples cited: (1) the director putting up a picture of Osama bin Laden when Jennings mentions him, even though the point Jennings was trying to make was that excessive focus on bin Laden could convey the probably false impression that neutralizing bin Laden would stop anti-American terrorism...and (2) dissing reporter Lisa Stark for using jargon in a report, recalling the use of the term "debris field" after a previous plane crash. To me it's bad form to make criticism co-workers on the air, and Jennings himself probably wishes he had said those things to his producer while he was off-mike and off-camera. And there are a couple of ways to look at jargon in reports on tragedies. When the Challenger blew up, the space program reporter at the network I worked for broadcast live for hours without once saying the Challenger blew up or exploded, instead using NASA's term "destructive failure." I can't say that he himself probably wishes he had said those things differently, because now he's the voice of Mission Control. But clearly you question someone's bias, even his intelligence, when he skips over the obvious terms all normal people are using in favor of an insider piece of jargon. A second way of looking at tragedy-jargon is that you are trying to soften the impact of a horrible story, perhaps even to comfort the survivors. Apart from the question of whether this is a proper role for reporters, would it work? Jennings, since we seem to be using him as an example, aims to be comforting by remaining calm, not by using weird language. A third take on jargon is more practical: with a story like this, a lot of insiders will do news briefings that are carried live, and they will inevitably use jargon themselves. If reporters use it, too, the public quickly learns the jargon. No, I don't buy it, either. Explain it, yes, but you don't have to embrace it. A final note for "civilians"---gaffes by reporters will rankle less if one considers the distractions of the disaster scenes. I don't know how they're breathing properly, much less adlibbing coherent reports. -Howard Dicus, WTOP. (September 16, 2001)

Paul Mullan, you and I are probably more than 90% in agreement. If DC, Maryland or Virginia had requested an EAS alert for their states of emergency, we would have sent one. If OPM had requested an alert about federal workers leaving, we would have sent it. We certainly would have sent any warning from FEMA. Not one of these agencies requested an alert. But we had all the information on the air immediately because we do not rely on EAS for news coverage. We do it the old fashioned way. We work for it. Jim Farley WTOP (September 16, 2001)

To Carolyn- The term "Props" has nothing to do with Internet jargon but rather goes back to 1967 when Aretha Franklin interpreted Otis Redding's stirring song "RESPECT" for Jerry Wexler at Atlantic Records. She ad libbed the line "You've got to give me my 'propers' when I get home" thus turning Otis' song into a Feminist anthem. "Propers" through Soul and Rap vernacular has been shortened to "Props" and Aretha gets credit for turning an African- America slang term into one which can be found in "Websters." Your friendly Etymologist or Entymologist (I like insects too) Weasel-WHFS (September 16, 2001)

Must be some sort of TIME WARP this morning on WMAL: Tom Gauger and Karen Leggett are on the air and (former GM) Andy Ockershausen called in to chat with Tom. Ahh, for the good ol' days! --Rockville Bill (September 16, 2001)

I believe that the DJ to which the reader from SC refers is Bernie Lucas, WMZQ's production manager (I'm not positive of his title; I'm just a listener) and occasional on-air fill-in. He did a wonderful media re-mix of Garth Brook's song "The Dance" when Dale Earnhardt died. Several times a day WMZQ is playing a re-mix of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA," which sounds like Bernie's work, although I have not heard anyone on the air credit Bernie. On an entirely unrelated subject, would someone please explain the origin/derivation of the term "props," which seems to mean compliments or praise? I am able to figure out most other internet-jargon acronyms or shorthand terms, but not this one. Thanks. --Carolyn (September 16, 2001)

At the invitation of the highly respected Jim Farley, I'll take the bait. I believe the EAS should have been activated under the EAN...Emergency Action Notification. It should not have been the source of all news coverage...only official information. The priorities for EAS messages under the EAN, according to the National Activation Procedures, First: Presidential Messages must be carried live. (This, I assume, would also include the President's representative) Second, Local Area messages. (This could have been used for building evacuations and traffic instructions.) Third: State messages. (The Glendening State of Emergency Pronouncement.) Fourth: National Information Center Messages. (I'll admit, I don't know what they would actually do). I agree with Jim that stations that don't cover their butts with some sort of news investment, be it national or local, leave themselves open. But I also believe no radio listener should be deprived of "emergency information," such as the priorities in the EAN procedures. For the record, we have three stations in the building, all have a national news affiliation for such occasions, and we also have a local news department. And Jim, if you're interested, I have audio with a former Pennsylvania state trooper, who saw the jet in PA just before the crash and gives a play by play of what he saw and heard...a sound he said was like the engines reversing, (perhaps indicating a struggle in the cockpit.) The nose then raised and the jet made a sharp turn to the left and went over the hill and out of his sight. Paul Mullan, WMSG, Oakland, MD. (September 16, 2001)

Activate EAS or not activate EAS during the attack? Major thread on that topic rolling right now in the newsgroup at Broadcast.Net. M2C: it should have been activated on the local level in DC. Al Peterson (September 16, 2001)

All; Let's remember what the 'A' in EAS is. It's the Emergency Alerting System. Do you believe that anyone with a TV or Radio on to hear the EAS tones was not already 'Alerted' ? The system only sends a text message. Later there is supposed to be official information, but there was so much news coverage that I'm certain we found out more from news departments than we would from EAS (September 16, 2001)

Update 9/15: EZ Street is FLy Jock II or III doing the Tom Joyner move of the 1980's. I heard him on the air Tuesday taking calls from listeners about the morning's tragedy on Infinity's WPGC Washington where he is afternoon driver. The next morning I heard him doing the same at co-owned WQSR/Baltimore, the new X1057 which flipped to Urban from Oldies on Monday 9/10. Tom Joyner earned the title fly jock for his commute from Dallas and Chicago for a similar role in the 1980's. And most recently, Konan, PM Driver of Radio One's 92Q in Baltimore did a similar dual-shift stint when the company first took control of WKYS from Albimar Communications 1995. And according to a call to Radio One's Baltimore offices, a receptionist's transfer when you ask for Dion Summers, gets the message that he is infact the PD of 92Q. The station has reverted to saying "20 Jams in a Row", a phrase not heard on 92Q since the demise of V103 in 1997. Then 92Q was known for long music sweeps to keep listeners from tuning back to V103. Ironically the phrase "20 Jamz in a row" may be a counterprogramming move to the X's new phrase of "Always Blazin' 18 Jamz in a Row." (September 16, 2001)

Uh, what? We've got Albie D., not to be confused with Albie Dee... who's not Al B. Dee... or Al "Bee" Deigh... and all of them just LOVE Star 92.1, but don't work there. Well, I'll be D----ed. (September 16, 2001)

Is there a link to Washington City Paper to read the article about Johnny Holliday? (September 16, 2001)

There were six TV transmitters on top of WTC#1. Does anyone know if any of them had any people in them. Also where were the backup TX's. (September 16, 2001)

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\/ September 15 Messages \/

Curious almost all the posts on how some people think EAS should have been used Tuesday are anonymous. It would have been appropriate for any responsible government agency (FEMA for example) to ask that it be used to alert people to take a particular action (stay off the streets of DC, stay away from the Pentagon) just as NWS does to alert people to take shelter or seek high ground. But the responsible government agency triggers the warning, not the radio station. EAS is not a way for stations that refuse to invest in news departments or news services to have stations like WBAL, WMAL or WTOP provide their news coverage for them. The stations that do not invest in news resources made a conscious decision NOT to serve their listeners at times like this. Perhaps the anonymous posters work at one of these stations ? Jim Farley WTOP (September 15, 2001)

Dave's response: Many of the various EAS messages we've received the past few days do appear to have come from different e-mail addresses, for what it's worth.....

If the Greaseman does appear on WKMZzzzzz and their new low-powered 95.9 frequency, it probably will have more of an affect on WQCM than on Star 92.1. WQCM runs John Boy and Billy, so you are dealing with two syndicated shows whereas Star 92.1 has a local show. Also, the 95.9 signal does not carry well into Franklin County (that is probably where the bulk of the Star listeners are anyway.) It is a pretty strong signal across all of Washington County, so it goes more head to head with the QCM signal. It too does not carry very well into Franklin County. In most of Chambersburg, Star will be the lone rock outlet for adults. The Revolution is the only other station that comes in well across most of Franklin county and it's alternative. Overall regardless of programming, the move to 95.9 by WKMZ is probably a positive for for Star 92.1. I am hearing good things about their format from other freinds of mine. Some don't like some of the new music, but overall they think it is better than it was when it was playing a lot of real hard stuff. There seems to be limited Zeppelin, and AC/DC on now and a lot of Eagles, John Mellencamp, CCR, Journey etc. Almost like the old classic hits with a touch of 90s and current music. It's like a Mix 95 for men. Who knows, maybe with the 97.5/95.9 flip, Star will make more adjustments. As for a flip to oldies, I can't imagine they would go back there. It was oldies a few years back as 92.1 Gold and didn't do very well and the Revolution also failed as an oldies station here before going alternative. On a personal note, I think any station in a small market putting the Greaseman on is taking big, big risk. Let's face it, big companies like Clear Channell etc. can afford million dollar fines, I don't think Prettyman Broadcasting would last if the Greese nabs them a fine like that! Let's face it, right now a loose cannon like him has pleanty of stuff out there to offend people with. For the sake of good radio, let's hope this guy learned his lesson while in radio exile. Don't get me wrong the Greaseman, like Howard Stern, Imus, etc. is very talented and very entertaining, but sometimes his good judgement takes a vacation. Albert (Albie) D. (Not to be confused with the world famous Albie Dee....I'm not him!) (September 15, 2001)

Dave's response: I don't believe the FCC fined WARW for the Grease's racist joke of early 1999. Making a racist joke is NOT a violation of FCC regs. Now if the Grease aired a phone caller without first warning that he/she was being aired (as "Don And Mike" like to do), or uttered an "obscene word," then his station might have been fined.....

With Greaseman now on WKMZ, Hagerstown will be the Network Rock Morning Act capital of the world. John Boy & Billy on WQCM. Bob & Tom on WEEO. Grease on KMZ. All of them, by the way, on Class A (small) FM signals, so nobody's got a big coverage advantage. Plus, of course, whoever Star 92.1 has on in mornings. Should be interesting to see how it all shakes out. (September 15, 2001)

I have to totally agree with the EAS statments from earlier this week. If we didn't use it for the events that occured on Tuesday...what do we use it for????? I can understand a news operation like WTOP protecting it's product, but buildings being "bombed" warrents nationwide attention. Furthermore, WBAL in Baltimore should have activated when the govener issued the Maryland state of emergency. This, by far is the biggest event of broadcast career and we carried lots of network and local coverage, but EAS was put into place for a reason and if we are not going to use it, let's dump it. Also, any more on the cancellation of EAS tests? (September 15, 2001)

Regarding WKMZ (95.9) not refering to themselves as 'The Mountain' any longer; it's probably their way of acknowledging the fact that their program no longer radiates from the 'mountain' site near Martinsburg, WV that transmits the 97.5Mhz signal - it now comes from the much-lower 3KW site near Williamsport, MD. (September 15, 2001)

Sweet the greaseman is on the air in Martinsburg. Let's see if "WQCM" and Star 92.1 can deal with that. (September 15, 2001)

WMAL 630, WFMD 930 Frederick, and WBAL 1090 Baltimore most likely aired the ceremony at the National Cathedral as well. Evidently Rush Limbaugh replaced the first hour+ of his show's national feed with the service - no commentary. I wasn't listening to the radio at the hour, but later that day Sean Hannity was explaining to listeners in Dallas (where Rush Limbaugh's show is currently aired on a 3 hour tape delay for some reason) that his (Sean's) show was being run instead of Limbaugh's in that slot for that day only because the Dallas affiliate had already carried the same feed of the service on their own, and so airing the service for the first 90 minutes or so of Rush Limbaugh's show would be deemed repetitious. - Benjamin F. Elliott (September 15, 2001)

In regards to eariler posts: All the Infinity Baltimore Stations, MIX-106.5/ X102.7/WQSR/WLIF/ WJFK-AM carried the entire Memorial Service from Washington live via CBS from co-owned WJZ-TV. Then carried the local WJZ feed covering the Baltimore Memorial Services. Here's a group of stations that care about their city. The engineers hard-wired what they call the "Infinity Baltimore Network". At any time, all 5 stations can take the same audio fed from one main studio in Baltimore. That studio is manned by News Director Matt Tacka. Matt did some fill in work on Rouse and Company a few months ago and Rouse and Company thought it would be funny to name him "Dick Nixon". A typical funny stunt from them. When a contract could not be reached with Linda Sherman Matt Tacka was added as a permenant replacement. Little did they know that there would be an attack of such magnitude it would change us forever. Little did they know it would happen during the morning show. Dick "Matt Tacka" Nixon rose to the occasion and provided 12 straight hours of local coverage with reports every 15 minutes from the same studio on all 5 Infinity Baltimore stations. His work and that of traffic reporter Chuck Lawrence are of Award Winning Quality. And to the person who thinks that Matt is trying to fool you with his name... he's not. 99% of America's air personalities use "Air Names" different than their real names. The reasons? There are several. They have a life too. They don't want you calling them at home, stopping by their home un-announced, stalking them, their wives and kids and more. In addition, Arbitron who rates radio listening will give credit to a radio station if you write down the DJ you were listening to instead of the station call letters. If your real name is "Whacken Slongenmiester" it's very difficult for the average person to write it down correctly. But if your name is "Don and Mike" they'll write it down correctly. (September 15, 2001)

Ok, there is a national emergency and... Mr... Pullman is on the air making no sense what so ever... Mix made the biggest mistake ever when they didn't give Chris Roth a reason to stay in that role... He seems to think Mix needs a half-assed Matthew Blades radio program...well I hate to tell him Blades does it better and makes sense... The Wiggity Wiggity Wack has spoken! -WWW (September 15, 2001)

Some random thoughts ... (1) I think most of the DC area stations have done an impressive and sensitive job in connection with Tuesday's atrocities in NYC and at the Pentagon. Kudos especially to WTOP for its 1st-rate coverage that day and ever since. (2) Johnny Holliday got a deservedly terrific write-up (with photo) in last week's Wasington City Paper. The article focused on his legendary work on radio (Top 40 and sports) and in musical theatre. (3) Baltimore oldies WQSR is coming in reasonably well in Fairfax and even in parts of downtown DC on its new 102.7 frequency. I got to listen to Big Don O'Brien late last night and was very impressed with his high-energy presentation and with the station. Especially welcome is the fact that 'QSR runs significantly fewer commercials per hour than does DC's WBIG. Let's hope that they continue this restraint. One minor complaint: 'QSR is promoting "the new website" on the air despite the fact that the site doesn't appear to be up. - Eli R. (September 15, 2001)

Is this true that only ONE station in the DC area covered the mass at the cathedral today? Here in upstate SC, I couldn't find ONE station that DID NOT cover it. We are in the bible belt here, but I am shocked by DC stations not carrying that. On another note. I hate to mention this, as every dollar will help the relief effort, but Clear Channel's stations here in SC are stating that they (CC) will be donating $100,000 to the relief effort. The first thing that popped into my mind was "What a bunch of CHEAPSKATES!" I certainly hope that I am wrong on the amount of money, or the amount of stations owned by CC... I am going under the assumption that CC has around 1250 stations in the US. If my math is correct, that means they are donating roughly $80 per station. Third.. Anyone know the DJ at WMZQ back in 1991 who put together the "tribute" mixes? I remember them doing EXCELLENT "tribute" songs leading up to and after the Gulf War, intermixing George Sr's speaches with parts of country songs. (September 15, 2001)

Dave's response: I believe the previous message stated that only one DC area FM station covered the prayer service. It was also covered by a number of AM stations including WMAL and WBAL.....

Dick Nixon is really Matt Tacka like Ray Hoffman said, he used to and I think he still does do swing shifts on 101.9 Lite FM, he used to do news for B102.7 but is now doing it for WQSR and can be heard on QSR, bantering just here and there on Rouse and Company. (September 15, 2001)

(From the Friday, 9/14 edition of the Daily Times in Salisbury): DJ resigns after remarks, Listeners find terrorist attack comments offensive, By Brian Shane, Daily Times Staff Writer, GEORGETOWN - A Lower Shore disc jockey resigned Tuesday after his on-air comments about terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center enraged listeners and station managers. Station management of WZBH 93.5 FM in Georgetown demanded that Carl Reed, part of the Murph and Reed morning show, apologize for his remarks. Reed refused to apologize, then quit. ''He was given every opportunity to rectify the situation and stay. Ultimately, it was his decision,'' said Shawn Murphy, his on-air partner of two years and station program director. Murphy said Reed's comments showed he did not take the attacks seriously. He declined to give the exact comments, but acknowledged they came following the earliest reports of the attack. ''I'm totally upset with what he did,'' Murphy said. ''As program director, that's not something I would tolerate from anybody. I'm appalled by it, just like anybody else.'' A female who works in the WZBH building and asked that her name be withheld said Reed was playing an AC/DC song when Murphy came to the microphone with news a plane had crashed into a World Trade Center tower. ''You interrupted the best song from AC/DC for that? Nobody cares,'' Reed reportedly said, according to the woman. Murphy asked Reed to apologize on the air, but he declined. Murphy then told Reed if he didn't apologize his job would be in jeopardy. By the time reports aired about the Pentagon attack and the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center collapsing, Reed still had not apologized for the comments. Murphy said Reed finally apologized in a phone call Wednesday, explaining that he hadn't understood the gravity of the situation. ''I practically had to drag it out of him,'' Murphy said. Murphy also said this was not the first time Reed had been reprimanded for inappropriate comments. ''When you do morning radio, you open your mouth and you put your foot in occasionally,'' he said. ''It's going to happen. You cannot avoid it. You just need to be able to step back and think about what you've done - and fix it.'' (September 15, 2001)

On good authority, Grease starts Monday morning on 95.9 WKMZ--a 3,000 watter in Williamsport, Maryland (suburban Hagerstown). Die-hard Grease fans in the Frederick or Leesburg area might be able to pick him up if they go up to the attic and point their radios JUST RIGHT... otherwise it's a Hagerstown-Martinsburg thang. (September 15, 2001)

(1) A power outage at Rockefeller Center in NYC knocked the NBC-TV Network OFF-THE-AIR shortly after 7 p.m. Channel 4 (and, I presume, the rest of the network) picked up MSNBC live coverage. Nice to have a backup, eh?... (2) I agree with the earlier post about Infinity's 94.7 being the only (commercial) FM in Washington to broadcast today's prayer and remembrance service from the National Cathedral. I also heard it on 94.3 (don't they count as a DC market station?) which probably means it was also on 92.7, though I could not hear 92.7 from my listening post on wheels. Most of the non-comms (88.5, 90.1, 90.9...) carried it. In my travels, I also heard Infinity's 101.9, 102.7 and 106.5 in Baltimore carry it live. Could not pick up 105.7, so I don't know if they, too, carried it. The rest of the Infinity FM's in Washington (95.5, 99.1) were into regular music programming. I also heard live coverage of the service on WMAL, but (curiously) not on WTOP... (3) Tom Kelly played Byron MacGregor's reading of Gordon Sinclair's "The Americans" this afternoon around 4 p.m. on WBIG. Even though it's a bit dated, it's nice to hear it again. --Rockville Bill (September 15, 2001)

Shortly after 6 PM on September 14 I was listening to WMET in the parking lot of Montgomery Mall, and its signal was quite weak. I tried calling them at 6:45PM to inquire about the weak signal. No one answered. Maybe they are busy trying to solve the problem. Also after giving the weather forecast a few minutes after 6PM the carrier signal stayed on, but there was no broadcasting. Finally after about five minutes a network talk show began, at, of course, a very weak signal. Arnie (September 15, 2001)

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I just received note that FEMA has suspended EAS testing TFN. The reasons given: 1) The Public may misinterpret the EAS test for a real event. 2) Emotions are running very high at this time, we need to provide a calming influence. 3) Should the EAS need to be activated, at any level, the channels of communication need to be available to carry emergency traffic, not test messages. According to the PA Assocation of Broadcasters, the FCC is to issue a public notice to this effect next week. Paul Mullan, WMSG, Oakland, MD. (September 14, 2001)

I think it is DISGUSTING that only one FM station, 94.7, broadcast the mass today from the cathedral. This is supposed to be a day for prayer, mourning, and recovery. 10 seconds of silence and "taps" ain't gonna do it. All the other music stations went right into meaningless songs, undermining the moment of silence. I was shocked as I scanned the dial. Anybody who has a soul or heart was either watching or listening to that mass, regardless of creed. Or they should have been. After all the bashing of 94.7 for playing the Rolling Stones 10 times a day, let's give props where they're due. (September 14, 2001)

I just heard Rush Limbaugh eulogize conservative writer Barbara Olson (who died in the plane that hit the Pentagon Tuesday) on his show (via WMAL) on Friday. Only Rush (!) could talk more about himself in a eulogy than about the person he's eulogizing. What an absolutely over-bloated ego! And then his praise for Ms. Olson involved comments like how she was not one who would do anything to get TV "face time" like some others. Talk about faint praise. Thankfully and mercifully, WMAL cut out of this strange (!) talk radio oddity for a Colin Powell news conference. (September 14, 2001)

(Regarding a previous message:) Linda (Sherman) was let go from Rouse and Company, apparently to make room for Kristy McIntyre form B102.7. They broke up the chemistry, frankly I am very surprised, so far it's early but Kristy does not do anything good for the show. (September 14, 2001)

I also agree that WTOP did an outstanding job on this story. The folks at WMAL, however, have nothing to be ashamed of. They did a good job. Does anybody share this impression with me, that WTOP was not nearly as good 5 or so years ago as they are today ? In fact, they were be polite.....not so good ? Lemon (September 14, 2001)

An earlier poster asked if I would agree with the use of the EAS to alert people about government requests to: (1) avoid downtown DC around the Capital/monuments/White House, (2) avoid the area around the Pentagon, and (3) go home if you're at a Federal facility. Yes. All would have been valid uses of the "Civil Emergency" warning that is part of EAS and I don't know why the responsible officials did not trigger the alert for any of those. Other posters here have suggested however that EAS should have been used just because it was a "big" story, and that's what surprised me. Jim Farley WTOP (September 14, 2001)

First, I want to echo what Sean Hall has said about his colleagues at WTOP. I've only been listening on the air these past few terrible days, and worked briefly there a couple of years ago, but its not hard for me to imagine Jim Farley and his fine staff pulling out all the stops to keep us informed. 'TOP was perhaps the most reliable source of information the first two days of this, and they have every right to be proud of the fine journalism they have practiced since Tuesday. On a related note, stations like WTOP and WMAL, plus the fact that television is now more willing to go live, are probably the reason why EAS is now somewhat obsolete. Most news stations are on top of a breaking situation much faster than emergency officials can deal with. To the person who asked about reporters asking the same question over and over again, that is an unfortunate aspect of live coverage of news conferences. It is in a reporters nature to ask questions, and, in some cases, to keep asking until they get a satisfactory answer to their question. I often like to think that stations and networks need to stop broadcasting news conferences, since I liken news conferences to watching sausage being made; neither is ever a very pretty process. Finally, to those of you who would nitpick shortcomings in individual performances by anchors and reporters during the wake of this tragedy, I would ask you to please remember that behind the image you see on the screen, or the voice of the person you hear on the radio, is a human being. What you may not see, or hear, is how covering such a terrible story is affecting that individual. Remember too that some, like Sean Hall's colleagues, will have been putting in long hours behind their microphones, sometimes staked out in terrible weather conditions for hours and days on end. Consider fatigue as a factor as well. Last night, I wanted to tell Brokaw to go take a nap and get some rest, the poor guy looked like he was running on fumes. Finally, I would commend to your reading this Los Angeles Times story from yesterday (9/13) on how news coverage has affected some of the journalists covering this damn story. I was shaken reading this passage from the end of the article: "Whatever images remain with viewers, there is one that haunted correspondent Aaron Brown. Anchoring for CNN all day Tuesday and into the evening, Brown watched the replay of the first plane crashing into the World Trade Center's north tower on the monitor hundreds of times. "I've been doing this a long time, but I can't shake the image," he said. "I was afraid to close my eyes. I felt sick. I finally sat in a hotel room at about 2 a.m., and I cried. I just cried. I didn't like being alone with this story." - Max Cacas (September 14, 2001)

The Washington City Paper gives special kudos to the, WUSA-TV and WRC's Pat Collins in their rundown of the news coverage - --Wesley McGee (September 14, 2001)

Dave's response: This week's CityPaper also features a look at how local TV stations' sports departments covered the Redskins loss last weekend - on page 10.....

I think it would be a wonderful idea if one of our "Patriotic" radio stations opened up a phone/record line especially for messages to be recorded and sent to ben laden and his regime by the listeners and the public.. They could open it for say, 48 hours, then transfer all the comments to a master tape and deliver it to the embassys of the Middle Eastern Countries. And to all of those suspected to be in collaboration with this terrorist regime. Just a thought. PLB (September 14, 2001)

Regarding Mr. Sinclair's dated editorial, the European governments , its citizens, and NATO, today, are expressing grief and compassion for the Americans and are ready to help in any attack against any country that might be behind this. I believe, this tragedy will unite the Western world. According to headlines from various French, German and Danish newspapers, there is grief, shock and compassion throughout Europe. People are praying and putting flowers in front of US embassies. They are ready to send help, money and other resources to help the US. So please rest assured that European continent is here to help. Mr. Sinclair's reading of a Toronto Star's editorial retorting other editorials on the shrinking value of the US dollar, though greatly appreciated in the day, is completely outdated and shouldn't be used, now, to spread misinformation about our brethren in Europe. (September 14, 2001)

As a political conservative, I am SICKENED by what Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell said. His comments are not appropriate at ANY time, especially given the context of what happened on Tuesday. While America may have problems with radical environmentalists, radical feminists and other radical leftists, that in NO WAY justifies the mass murder of 25,000 inncocents. We can deal with other political issues once those responsible for this atrocity ar eeliminated.- BCG (September 14, 2001)

So, is the Infinity news guy's real name Matt Tacka, Dick Nixon, or neither? When I heard that the "Dick Nixon" who kept breaking into the Infinity broadcasts on Tuesday was actually Matt Tacka, I was very dissapointed. On a day like that, when we needed news anywhere and everywhere we could get it, I don't think it's necessary for radio corporations to play these multiple personality games they play to try to trick us into thinking each station is independently run with it's own staff. Besides, from the legal IDs, it was clear that all of the Infinity properties were running the same feed. (September 14, 2001)

What happened to WQSR's Linda Sherman? Does she have a new home yet? Bob (September 14, 2001)

Dave's response: I'm hearing that Linda's no longer working for Infinity in Baltimore. Anybody know more?

Please take the time to review a page we have dedicated to the Pentagon Disaster here in Washington DC. All the Best, Luke Wilbur (September 14, 2001)

While listening this morning to the new frequency of WKMZ (95.9), I heard a station promo with the familiar "bud-bud-buddy-buddy-bud-bud-buddyyyyyy!" of our favorite storyteller, the Greaseman, followed by the voice station saying "Keeping it alive! WKMZ!". Is he about to make a reappearance on FM? I hope so. (September 14, 2001)

This song ~ "I'm Proud to be an American" by Lee Greenwood If you have a way to access all the DC TV and radio stations, Please ask the radio stations to play this to rally Americans. The song speaks of what it might be like if our way of life was changed........It has been a tremendous comfort to our family. "Im Proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free!" ~ by Lee Greenwood Thank you for any effort you provide ~ The Moe Family in Fairfax, VA (September 14, 2001)

Alcohol seems to bring out the creativity in some hitherto silent people: Heard this week in a suburban DC area bar (sung to the tune of "Tubthumping" by Chumbawumba): "We got knocked down, but we got up again, and we're gonna kick some f#$%ing ass -- We got knocked down, but we got up again, and the ba#$%^ds are gonna die..." et al. I'm no music critic, but I kinda like it! If this catches on, you won't be hearing that song played much over stadium speakers during lulls in games ...or maybe we will?... (September 14, 2001)

Dave's response: I don't know - I'm kind of the philosophy "walk softly but carry a big stick." If President Bush isn't going to make some sort of firm but fair response to Tuesday's terror, then all the songs sung by drunken Americans aren't going to matter..... By the way, I flew into London in the early 1990s during a previous batch of world terrorism (some of it against the UK) and when the British Airways flight touched down on the runway at Heathrow some somewhat rowdy (drunken?) young soccer ("football") players who were on the plane broke into a verse of "God Save The Queen".....

Most of the radio and tv stations are doing a good job but when it comes to the reports at the news conferences that's another story. Question? How many ways can a reported rephrase a stupid question? Don't they give any thought what they are going to ask? I wish the people being asked the questions could really say what they wanted to. Like hey stupid if you were listening I answered that question! (September 14, 2001)

First, for Ed Modlin: I heard Harvey's rant. Consider the source. Second: I'd like to publicly praise the people I work with at WTOP for the nothing-short-of-astounding job done the past few days. True; news stations live for stories like this. But this is no longer just a story. It's an event we'll remember forever; a time mark in our lives. If you're old enough to remember the Kennedy assassination, you'll remember where you were and what you were doing when you heard the news. I'm sure you'll do the same with this. At WTOP, people didn't go an extra mile. They've gone an extra TEN miles. Shawn Anderson and Diane Kepley did seven straight hours on the air Tuesday; no commercials; no copy to speak of. Wednesday was more of the same; a radio station truly on the fly. People came in on days off, on their vacations and otherwise extended themselves. Never a complaint; always "what can I do?" It takes real pros to pull that off. People will nitpick WTOP, but unless you're in that newsroom, you'll never know the heat generated by so many people who shifted gears and did it not for the money, but for the love of the craft and knowing they did the right thing. THIS is why we do it for a living. /sean hall (September 14, 2001)

Jim - I respect your statements (as well as those of everyone on this board), whether I agree with them or not, and do appreciate your participation. Please don't take this as an attack, because I only ask out of pure curiosity: What would you consider an appropriate reason for activating the EAS? The specific actions people were told to take, that I can recall from Tuesday, were (1) avoid downtown DC around the Capital/monuments/White House, (2) avoid the area around the Pentagon, and (3) go home if you're at a Federal facility. (September 14, 2001)

I will no longer be watching Dan Rather or Peter Jennings. They ought to be fired! In a time when the nation should be coming together...Jennings, who's voice sounds like some imperialist know it all, was commenting on "The President's Communications Skills..." and down the dial...Rather kept throwing in partisan remarks about "No matter what you think of the guy." Well here's what I think. They should both be sent packing and their tremendously overblow salaries should be given to relief agencies. People are sick to their stomachs from this heinous act of terrorism and these two alleged journalists think the public wants to hear their political 2 cents. They can both stick it, I won't be watching again. And I know someone is going to say that Rush Limbaugh is doing the same thing...and you're right...but Rush Limbaugh isn't pretending to be an objective journalist. If the management of ABC and CBS are wondering why their news ratings are plummeting..they should look at the clowns they pass of as journalists. (September 14, 2001)

Dave's response: I'm afraid that coverage of major crises, after the usually heroic media coverage of the first few days, tends to deteriorate. Already, I've read, CNN and Fox News have been talking ratings. Ads (some still quite tastlessly placed) are starting to come back to the disaster coverage. As the TV channels have less breaking news to report, we start to see the parade of talking heads of (paid?) "experts," some quite moronic. And we also hear more of the "blame game" - read this in the 9/14 Post. Be prepared for it.....
I thought since some folks mentioned it (And many radio stations are reading this as something that has just been said in the last few days) I would post the transcript of Gordon Sinclair's speach of June 5, 1973 on his radio program "Let's Be Personal" at 11:45AM on Canada's CFRB in Toronto. The following is the text of that speech..... Sinclair passed away on May 17th, 1984. A link to listen to the original broadcast is here - (September 14, 2001)

Dave's response: You can view the speech by clicking on the above link.....

Re Gordon Sinclair If I recall Gordon Sinclair died in the early 80's. Re EAS, Here are a few specific action suggestions: Leave DC Metro as it might be a target! Non Military personal leave military installations as they might be targets! Might want to consider evacuating high rises in case they are about to target others! Leave Airports, might be more crazies there that did not get a chance to hijack their plane? If a missile (in this case a plane) hits the Pentagon isn't there a chance another might hit somewhere else? After the second plane hit and word of other hijackings spread I think it became obvious that more than NY were in being targeted. Did anyone know at the time that plane was going to be the only weapon? No. Alert people to be aware of their surroundings! If there ever was a need for EAS this was it! Chris (September 14, 2001)

For most of the past few days, every spare moment I have had, I have been glued to the television. I noticed that everytime I turned it on, whether it be at 2 in the morning, or 2 in the afternoon, PETER JENNINGS was there. I think he worked a 24 hour or more shift...Did anyone else notice this? He didn't even look bad...Dan Rather and Brokaw looked fatigued and they didn't even work as hard. I think Jennings did a great job and I look up to him, he is the best out there in my opinion. (September 14, 2001)

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\/ September 13 Messages \/

Dave, You had a posting in the last few days, inquiring about the "Blue Room" at the "Roosevelt Hotel" in New Orleans. The Roosevelt is now the Fairmont Hotel on Barrone Street, in downtown NO. It is a showplace and the "Blue Room" still exists, though under a different name. I only know this, because my son attends Tulane and we're down there, staying at the Fairmont, quite a bit. Hope you're well. I am. Best in these troubled times, Ken Broo, WLWT Cincinnati (September 13, 2001)

My thanks go out to WETA-FM for putting a bit of the Voice of America's continuous coverage of the terrorist strikes on their air (alternating with the BBC). All our broadcasts are public they could just pull us from the satellite or from our website. Anyone with Internet audio capability can listen to us on the web at We do at least one call-in show every day -- getting opinions from around the world. Yes, we have a lot of friends out there. --Dave Arlington (September 13, 2001)

I've been turning the dial since the tragedy happened, and the only station I've heard play "The Americans" is 94.7 warw. It sounds like the original version with all the pops and scratches in it. I've heard it at least twice on 94.7. That version is also in text form and circling the globe as emails, I have gotten many forwarded to me. (September 13, 2001)

Well, I'm in the middle of updating the tech details. For consistency's sake, I'm not changing the source FCC data during the process, so everything will be consistent at what was in existence on September 5th. I note in querying the FCC data base today that the call-sign switcheroos in Baltimore and Martinsburg have not taken effect yet. To me, it's very strange to hear the rushed, but clearly audible "102.7 WXYV Baltimore" immediately followed by the redone top-of-the-hour jingle/ID for "WQSR" that would qualify as a legal ID. There's gotta be a law..... BTW, Dave's NYRTV has a broadcast TL map for NYC. It's a little out of date and WCBS-TV's backup site on the Empire State Building wasn't in the FCC database when I did the map. If you don't see an "aux" for a station there, that means the aux TL (if one exists) is (was) co-located with the primary TL. Regards, Dave Loudin (September 13, 2001)

It was kind of nice NOT having Dr. Laura on WMAL the past few days. MAL did excellent coverage of the disaster. When I turned on 630 at about 10:15 AM today and heard her I immediately flipped over to 1500. I think that WMAL ought to become MORE news and less TALK. (September 13, 2001)

1) To WTNT: bring back Phil Hendrie...your disaster "coverage" isn't event worth it. By the way...replaying TV audio on radio (yes, even YOU WETA), is a cheap solution, sounds awful and usually doesn't do a good job conveying the story. Sure saves ya from hiring real radio broadcasters though, now doesn't it??? 2) re: EAS discussion...broadcasters, emergency officials and schools have failed miserably in letting the old EBS and Civil Defense System become a relic. We need a reliable, nationwide system of warning for ANY kind of major crisis. We've become lazy and vulnerable, even to natural disasters, because there is no cohesive and prominent warning program. 3) Rush's voice: he is clearly having problems with it. Given how long it's sounded scratchy (much of the summer), I suspect its a reaction to regular, prescribed medication. I hope it's nothing more serious. Have any of his callers have asked about it? Al Petersen made a good point..his voice DOES sound deep, but it's scratchy. Rather than any sort of technological alteration, what he's probably doing is the old gimmick of pulling your chin closer to your chest as you speak, giving it a more forced sound...but easing some of the scratchiness and croaking. Rush..fess up, buddy...what's the deal? Bill (September 13, 2001)

I am suprised at all the folks who think that EAS should have been activated Tuesday. For what ? When there is a tornado warning or flood warning, people know to take specific action (take shelter, get to higher ground etc.). What specific action should people have taken ? EAS is not a substitute for news coverage. Stations that don't invest in news departments and resources such as the Associated Press or a network news affiliation can't adequately serve their listeners. That is a conscious choice they make. EAS is not a substitute for news resources. Jim Farley WTOP (September 13, 2001)

I just got done listening to Kyle Shannons tribute to the terrorist attacks in America, and again his is one of the best. I remember his Princess Diana tribute set to Enigma's Return to Innocence If I can find it I will get it out there again. When I was in Ocean City in June I heard WKHZ's version of The Graduation Song, that too was phoenominal, you can get this tribute at his web site All The Best Mark R (September 13, 2001)

I have not posted here for a long time because of all the sniping that was going on, but I cannot stomach "Dan's" props to Harvey "Jack Diamond" Fischer's performance this morning on WRQX. I have known him for long, long time and was appalled by his blatant racist rant! He went on and on about "anyone who is in this counrty illegally" and kept invecting "If you want to be a part of this country, learn the friggin' language." I have a number of friends who had to enter this country in the 1960's illegally to escape the yoke of tyranny that was Fidel Castro's Cuba. I have in-laws who came into this country from Mexico illegally because it was starve or cross the border. My uncle's grasp of English was minimal when he served his country admirably during the Korean War. And, my mother was still grappling with the language when she arrived from Puerto Rico at the end of World War II. Unless, Mr. Diamond/Fischer's relatives learned Sioux, Iroqouis or some othe First Nations language upon arrival in this country; a nd unless he can produce verifiable documentation that NO ONE in his family did anything outside of the letter of the law to get into this country, I suggest he SHUT UP. For his kind of racist diatribe only reduces him to the level of the evil scum who attacked our country and the trash who killed innocent civil rights workers during that struggle. God Bless America! The Land of the Free... no matter what they speak! And the home of the BRAVE- not cowardly effete little mudslingers.- Ed Modlin de Rodriguez (September 13, 2001)

I have been receiving numerous emails regarding this wonderful "new" tribute to the United States by Gordon Sinclair. The fact of the matter is, this "new" tribute was actually done in the early 70's during the Viet Nam war. It was recorded and distributed. When I was doing talk radio, I played it on numerous occasions. I just wish one of our local radio stations would find it and play it. It really brings out the Patriotism in Americans. Paul L. Bicknell (September 13, 2001)

I'm quite interested in the post that claimed the EAS was not needed because the situation was "under control." The president made his "apparent terrorist attack" remarks before the Pentagon was hit and more than an hour before the crash in Somerset, PA. I would counter that even under the most generous of assessments, the situation was not "under control" at the very least until all planes had been accounted for. And if things were "under control," why didn't President Bush return to Washington until late in the day? The EAS should have been used as both a warning of potential imminent danger for all Americans and a source of official information. Even on a day when most broadcasters made me proud, we still had information such as the "car bomb at the State Department" and "smoke coming from the White House" being reported. The question isn't whether the EAS should have been used, it's: Why wasn't the EAS used? If the consensus in government is that it's not needed, let it go the way of Duck and Cover, Fallout Shelters, and siren tests! (September 13, 2001)

I thought I'd mention that longtime WNET-13 (Newark/New York) transmitter engineer Rod Coppola was in the transmitter room of that station on the 110th floor of WTC tower #1. Rod hasn't been heard from since early Tuesday morning. Channel-13 lost it's transmitter and is off the air too. Staff at WNET-13 hold out some fading hope that he got out in time, but it looks grim for poor Rod. Regards, Jim Seaman/PBS, Alexandria, VA (September 13, 2001)

(Regarding a previous message:) Dick Nixon is Matt Tacka now on WQSR. Ray Hoffmann (September 13, 2001)

You've described WLTF (now at 97.5) as "oldies/adult contemporary" but I don't hear anything but a straight-ahead mainstream AC, pretty much like WASH (or WARM in York, or WTVR in Richmond). Eighties and nineties pop with a few seventies songs and the requisite currents--'N Sync, BS Boys, Faith Hill. No oldies to speak of. Regarding WXVA 98.3, it would make more sense for CC to flip that one to CHR and take a chunk out of WINC. As it is, WFQX will pick up the abandoned rock shares in Winchester anyway... they don't need another frequency to scoop up the 2 shares left by KMZ. (September 13, 2001)

Regardless of some posters defending the non-use of EAS during the attacks, this certainly qualified for activation. My God, the Pentagon was attacked, maybe 10,000 dead in New York, the White House and President targeted for attack, all airlines grounded and EAS is SILENT? If this doesn't qualify as "Civil defense", what on earth does??? John (September 13, 2001)

Just a quick note to let you know I'm providing daily updates on the aftermath of the WTC tragedy, from the broadcast perspective, at NorthEast Radio Watch ( Things look pretty grim right now, with at least 5 of the TV stations' engineers unaccounted for and six of the seven NYC VHF TVs now without any transmitter site. What a nightmare. - Scott Fybush (September 13, 2001)

I wanted to thank WJFK management and hosts for going commercial free and providing such a great forum for listeners. We bitch a lot about how everybody is going national and abandoning us locally in the D.C. area. In this case, all of these shows provided a real local public service, sometimes to two major cities at once. Stern, Don and Mike, O and A, and the Sports Junkies have shown for the last two days that there is a reason they are nationally syndicated... they're simply damn good at what they do. They have offered a different and unique perspective and given voice to the every man. People have given kudos to D & M and O & A, and they did a great job. I was, however, particularly impressed by the intelligent and insightful discussion on the Junkies the last two nights. I wasn't sure they could pull it off, but they have proven that they are not the joke/flash in the pan that everyone in our industry thought they were for some time. God bless the victims of these horrific tragedies and their families. Our prayers are certainly with you. Jeremy, Alexandria (September 13, 2001)

I really appreciated Jack Diamond and gang's coverage of the tradegy on Mix 107.3. I felt he had good things to say, and covered it well, also carrying the ABC Radio feed. He also managed to get some top notch reporters and authorities to interview himself. Very impressive. Also, they had listener call-ins to let people react on the show today, and callers handled themselves well and had good things to say. At first I was surprised that all the music -format based stations were carrying all this, but soon after it made sense to me. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone. -Dan in Bethesda (September 13, 2001)

Dave, Please put a link up to our WTC tribute montage song at, all access has over 10 songs on its site but this is the only LOCALLY produced (DC/BALT) one out there. Also about Don and Mike, there are two other times when Don and mike really showed their true human spirit, that was with the Challenger Explosion and the begining of the gulf war. Don and Mike are truly talented radio people and human beings Regards, Kyle Shannon (September 13, 2001)

Hello, I don't know if I'm selfish in asking this request. But I am a Navy veteran. During boot camp, I remember when they made us carry the U.S. flag and listen to a recording of Lee Greenwood's song "Proud to be an American". It didn't mean much to me then. I realize now it means everything. Is there any way for all of the stations to play this song at 0845 on Friday? Everyone has heard news. It's time we heard a song that has lasted over the years. I believe it is as important now as it was when it was released. Thank you, Elaine Aleshire (prior) AT2 USN (September 13, 2001)

Dave - It can't be said enough - I'm deeply sorry to anyone that lost someone in this attack - I know all of America lost something. I may be missing something, but do you have a search for your site? It is so comprehensive that i would be at my horribly slow computer for weeks finding a specific query. Specifically, I'm interested in finding out more on "Dick Nixon" - heard him often yesterday - on quite a few Infinity stations. Thanks - and to everybody - I wish the best during this worst of times. (September 13, 2001)

Dave's response: A search function on DCRTV would be nice. It's one of the many things on my "to do" list.....

A couple of articles about the tragedy in NYC: NEW YORK STATIONS STRUGGLE TO STAY ON AIR, Michael Grotticelli and P.J. Bednarski (Broadcasting & Cable)..... As New York City emergency teams burrowed through the wreckage of Tuesday's jetliner attacks on the Twin Towers, the signals of three local stations resurfaced on Wednesday morning. WPIX-TV, the WB outlet, came back on air, while WABC-TV and WNBC-TV were being carried on UHF outlets WNYE-TV and WPXN-TV. All stations were providing local news coverage of recovery efforts in the wake of the Twin Towers disaster. Their carriage had been restricted to cable in the immediate aftermath of the towers' collapse, which carried the stations' transmitters with them. With the main broadcast antennas on top of the World Trade Center destroyed in the terrorist attack, most New York TV stations were knocked off the air and forced to rely on cable as their lifeline to an anxious city, and nation. Stations previously broadcasting from the center and knocked off the air were WNBC-TV, WNYW-TV, WABC-TV, WWOR-TV, WPIX-TV, WNET-TV, WPXN-TV, and WNJU-TV. FM radio stations affected were WKCR, WPAT, WNYC and WKTU. Apparently, only WCBS-TV and WXTV-TV were able to maintain television signals by using alternative sources. WCBS-TV was able to go back on the air within hours of the tragedy by utilizing its digital facility (WCBS-DT) located on the Empire State Building. Robert Seidel, VP of Engineering for CBS, said the network has made a deal with the co-owned UPN network in which UPN will carry CBS' national prime time schedule for the next few days while CBS provides non-stop news coverage of the crisis. An engineer from WNYW-DT, the digital Fox affiliate that also broadcasts from the Empire State Building, said they are making plans to distribute their NTSC signal from there within the next few days until an alternate transmission site is located. And..... TV ENGINEERS MISSING IN COLLAPSE, from Newsblues, 9/12..... Two WCBS-TV engineers who were located on the 103rd floor of the South Tower called on their cell phone to say they were trapped minutes before the building collapsed. A WPIX-TV engineer, who had an office on the 110th floor of the the North Tower had still not been accounted for. A WNBC-TV technician housed on the 104th floor of the same building was in contact with the station immediately after the plane hit the building, but hadn't been heard from since. "He was above where the plane landed so it was probably difficult to get out," a spokeswoman said. (September 13, 2001)

The DCRTV mailbag is now, again, running non crisis related messages that have accumulated from the past few days. They are below....

All's quiet here in the Cumberland valley so far today (9/12). I did want to let you in on a radio note as I was flipping through the dial for information. 97.5 and 95.9 are set to swap frequecies. It appears from the on-air announcements that at midnight tonight the WKMZ calls and format will move to 95.9 and the WLTF calls and format will move to 97.5. I think it's a good move, in fact I suggested this way back when the old WWMD format went away. The Mountain has never been a threat outside of the Martinsburg area as far as a classic rock station and it can continue to serve that need on 95.9 while the "Lite" FM music will reach more offices on 97.5 and pick up a lot of the old WWMD crowd. It's not the same music, but other than oldies it's the best "easy lsitening" choice in the area. Also, speaking of changes. I have to say I am very impressed with the new direction of Star 92.1. I am 43 and I love everything they are playing now...even the new songs. Someone has really found a great direction for the station. It's good rock and roll with being too lite like "The Bay" in Baltimore or too hard like the other rockers in this market (except KMZZzzzzz of course!). At night I have heard some harder tunes from Zeppelin and more classic rock stuff from Pinik Floyd and even that works with the new music they have picked. I really liked Star before and I honestly think it is even better now! Kudos to Verstandig! Albie D. (September 13, 2001)

Call letters - there are few i can update you on...firstly, WQCM in hagerstown was originally a country station, and the call letters stood for the Queen of Country Music.......WEPM stands for "Eastern Panhandle-Martinsburg", WAYZ stands for the community of license (which is no longer, since the switch of 101.5 and 104.7 upon the buyout of VerStandig broadcasting of 104.7) but WAYZ stood for the community of license, Waynesboro PA... when Gene Manning originally put WARX on the air, it was an album rock station and the slogan was "where the X marks the rock" so, WARX meant Album Rock is now an oldies station...that ought to do you for now:) Ben (September 13, 2001)

The is very, very minor compared to the greater scheme of things now, but a constant flow of news all types is important. WKMZ's website ( has their changed their logo to include the new 95.9 FM frequency and gives information about the frequency change that is to occur Thursday, 9/13/01 at 12 AM (Midnight). On another note, I want to say that I must commend my local school district and the school that I work at for helping keep this as close to normal as possible on Tuesday. I know that for children normalcy is important when they cannot fully comprehend the events that are taking place. I hope that we have as smooth a day as is possible on Thursday when we return to school. Plans are in place to have all the support that is necessary for that staff and students of our school. God Bless America. (September 13, 2001)

Getting a Baltimore NFL team to have a DC radio affiliate is tough but its been done before, the 1970 Super Bowl 5 Champion Colts games were on then MOR formatted WWDC-AM 1260. (September 13, 2001)

I listened to saturday night programs in the 40's and 50's from the Blue Room in the Roosevelt Hotel, over WWL 870 AM - New Orleans. I have contacted WWL trying to find out what happened to the Blue Room, only to learn that the person I spoke with didn"t reven remember the Roosevelt Hotel. Any help here. - EFT (September 13, 2001)

(original posting) I am now wondering if Rush is doing something to his audio processing to make his voice sound deeper, and theoretically more masculine. (clip) It is more than possible. Numerous companies manufacture digital devices that electronically shift formants in the voice up or down to sound more masculine or feminine. We use one on the Greaseman Show for Grease's "Toe Monster" bit. Among the companies that make them are Antares and DigiTech. But whether or not Rush is using one is a secret held by him and his producer. Al Peterson -"The New Greaseman Show" (September 13, 2001)

Enjoy reading all th ehub-bub about the Infinity switch in Balto. Here's updated info for your website re: 1570 am in Balto. WNST - "Sportstalk 1570", 1550 Hart Rd., Balto, MD 21286, 410-821-9678, (f) 410-828-4698,, Steve Hennessey, General Manager, PS. - Nestor and I would both have to be dead for Jim Rome to come back on 'NST :-) (September 13, 2001)

/\ September 13 Messages /\

\/ September 12 Messages \/

I noticed WUTB 24 Baltimore switched to Chris Craft co-owned (now FOX owned) WWOR 9 New York's local news coverage of the tragic events for a time. This is interesting to note since all master control of UPN 24 in Baltimore actually happens in NYC at WWOR, NOT here in Baltimore. There is almost NO local presence here except for an office. The only area station to NOT show any news coverage for the most part in the area, sadly was WB 54 in Baltimore. Seems they could have picked up a CNN feed or something. :( tecnicaljoe (September 12, 2001)

I have appreciated the even-handed coverage of the events during the past 36 hours. It seems that even the most outrageous of folks know how to tone it down when needed. I work in Arlington, and a co-worker witnessed the plane hitting the Pentagon, so we may have heard before it made the airwaves. My wife and dozens of friends work for the Federal Government, but evacuations were generally handled in a smooth way. Upon departing from work early yesterday (9/11), I saw dozens of people walking up and down the stretch of Washington Blvd in Arlington, away from the Pentagon. Turning on the local stations, I found, as reported by others, coverage of various network feeds on the stations. From the point of view of one hearing these transmissions only, it seemed that the ABC/Jennings coverage was quite even, while the NBC/Brokaw and CBS/Rather coverage varied between calm and near-hysterics. Whgile I was continuing home, I switched between all my pre-sets, eventually not turning to the CBS one or the NBC/WRC local after a time, because the hosts kept referring to what was "on the screen" which I obviously could not see. The NPR coverage was also quite good, with a real calming effect. Upon arriving home, I found the Network TV coverage to be a real mix. MSNBC seemed to be continually fresh, as was CNN. NBC and ABC seemed to repeat info quite a bit. FOX Cable was a notch or two below. UNI showed people jumping from windows, so I flipped away from that. Brian Williams (MSNBC) handled coverage well once again. Most of the other network staff (outside the anchors) did not stand out. Of the local channels, NC8 did better than expected, and the better broadcasts seemed to be on Fox5 and Channel 9, which seemed to have better coverage of the Pentagon info. I noticed some of the locals shifted to the networks after a time, but found that each channels' "A team" came in and did the broadcasts after a bit. As the evening progressed, I felt the local coverage did improve. David B, Arlington. (September 12, 2001)

I got a last glimpse of The World Trade Center Buildings yesterday leaving for work at 7:30 am from lower Manhattan heading to my job in Beltsville, MD. I was in NYC nearly an hour before the tragedy happened, my car parked less than 3 blocks away from the WTC buildings. I had gone to the Michael Jackson tribute Concert at Madison Square Garden the night before. During the ride home I was able to listen to WCBS 880, WABC 770, and WFAN 660 (which picked up a CBS News feed which seemed SO strange to me). I sorta feel like I narrowly escaped it all. If I had overslept, my car would be total rubble now. What a tragedy! :( Tecnicaljoe (September 12, 2001)

Hope everyone you know is okay. My wife and brother were evacuated from their jobs in DC & Pentagon City, respectively, but thankfully no problems. Ratings are probably the last thing on people's minds right now, but there were some interesting trends: * the HUT level at 8:30pm was 80.6..... * most of the day, roughly 60-75 percent were watching either Ch. 4, 7 or 9..... 4-5pm: Ch4 11.8 rating/17 share, Ch7 13.4/20, Ch9 11.7/17..... 5-6pm: Ch4 14.3/21, Ch7 10.2/15, Ch9 14.1/20..... 6-7pm: NBC4NWS 16.1/22; ABC7NWS@6: 9.3/13, ABC WNT(630p) 11.6/16; 9EWN: 12.4/17, CBS NWS 13.6/19..... 11pm: Ch4 9.2/17, Ch7 10.8/20, Ch9 8.2/15..... (September 12, 2001)

As much as I don't like O&A...I felt their show was exactly what I needed. The TV media could not echo the feelings of the common man. My fiance (3 weeks to go) was in the Pentagon and I saw the plane flying before it hit. The lack of information that I had was almost enough to kill me...she is OK, but think of all those who died. Think of our freedom and way of life. Revenge is an absolute necessity and a very real feeling. Steve, Fairfax (September 12, 2001)

Don & Mike deserve kudos for the last two days of 5 hour shows with no spots they've done. Once again Don has shown he is the pro's pro, seamlessly directing the flow of calls, news, and cuti ins from White House briefings. Mike has also been insightful, and Buzz has been great as well. Who would think the most listener friendly coverage would come from D&M? Very classy job indeed. A new level of respect for the guys is coming from DC and NYC as well. (September 12, 2001)

It is my opinion that the EAS system was not needed yesterday. Nor was it needed recently in Baltimore during the train incident. The EAS system is designed for Civil defense and governement agencies to notify the media and the public of a life threatenting situation that requires the public to take immediate precautions to protect themselves from harm. Yesterday, and recently in Baltimore, officials had the situations quickly under control and the EAS system wasn't needed. The alert system is designed to "Alert" not add drama to situations that are under control. How would things have turned out any differently if the EAS system were activated?...I suggest that it might have made things even worse. (September 12, 2001)

EAS is a joke. When I worked at WOEL in Elkton MD from 1985-1998, I can't remember when it ever went off, even the old EBS. I remember in 1992 when the remains of Hurricane Andrew blew through Maryland. We had tornados popping everywhere in our area and EBS/EAS (whichever it was then) NEVER PEEPED ONCE. I don't remember it being used in 1979 when Three Mile Island had their problems. And I never heard one EAS activation during the attacks, even when states of emergency were declared. What on earth is EAS good for if it is never used? Stations were forced to shell out hundreds of dollars to upgrade from the old EBS equipment- for what? John, Smyrna DE (September 12, 2001)

To symbolize this horrible tragedy, please wear a black ribbon this week. Wear it on your clothing, tie it on your car, put it on your door until next Tuesday, or just for today. Share your grief with the world. Please pass this suggestion on to others, and if you see someone wearing a black ribbon today, spend a moment of silence with them. (September 12, 2001)

As someone already mentioned, the Baltimore Infinity stations carried the audio from CBS TV and WJZ yesterday. However, when they broke in for local updates, the announcer's name was "Dick Nixon." I never figured we would hear that name as air talent - especially on a station called JFK. (September 12, 2001)

I see WMAL has dropped out of continuous coverage of the terror attacks to carry Rush. They did a nice job but they just don't have the resources of WTOP, which did a superb job in my opinion. Lemon (September 12, 2001)

Thanks JR Richardson for confirming my suspicions on the EAS. I suspect EAS isn't even on the checklist used for national emergencies, nor is in on the Maryland state checklist, since Glendening announced a state of emergency and it was not activiated. So EAS is not used after an "act of war," the weather warnings are usually not issued by the NWS until the weather is actually occuring, and now, we'll have missing children alerts. Does anyone fear, despite some great intentions, those "Amber Alerts" will wind up being overused and misused? Would you be the police officer to tell a frantic parent that their missing child doesn't fit the criteria for activation? After a few false reports, the public will mentally tune them out and the purpose will be moot. In response to an earlier post, the EAS technology works, it's the people that fail it. The FCC did an inspection sweep last fall on EAS compliance. Any station that was fined or cited should have their money returned and their records cleared in light of what didn't happen Tuesday. (September 12, 2001)

I am so saddened by the loss of life, injury, and the deminished quality of life this tragedy has forced on all of us. However, I must say, Opie & Anthony using the word revenge so early in their broadcast was shameful. Using mass media to introduce the concept of "revenge" DURING a national emergency, a tragedy of this magnitude, presented a danger to the already mentally exhausted members of our society. The timing was way off, it was not the moment for a political editorial. What is said on the street of Brooklyn is usually said to only a handful of people. verbal used on the public airwaves during a national emergency should be approached with care. (September 12, 2001)

WTOP just aired an EAS test around noon... Now I wonder what they're bothering to test for. --Russ (September 12, 2001)

Someone asked today how WCBS-2 is still on in NYC. According to engineer Robert Meuser in NYC, WCBS has a backup transmitter on the Empire State Building. The NYC TV stations also have direct fiber feeds to the cable systems. John Davis (September 12, 2001)

My job as a police and fire dispatcher for Fairfax County, Virginia has opened my eyes over the years to a lot of the bad side of human nature, but yesterday's events in New York and here in our area were absolutely the worst thing that could happen. My squad was on the job yesterday morning for the day shift. It was our last day of the four day "tour" and our spirits were high, looking forward to our days off. I was assigned to the fire side - fire dispatch. We had the TV on and saw the news out of New York about the World Trade Center, and were suitably shocked, but we continued to do our jobs in between sneaking looks at the news coverage. Then a little while later, one of the calltakers working near me stood up, with a quizzical look on his face, and said something about "there's an explosion at the Pentagon" - he had someone on the phone reporting this to him, and he said those words as if he were asking a question. I briefly thought "Oh, he's got a nut on the phone" (a rather uncharitable thought to be sure, but we do get our share of calls from these unfortunate souls). We then realized that it was true, and we swung into action and answered the calls and requests from Arlington County Fire to send as many of our fire and EMS units as possible. The hectic pace continued all day until the end of our shift, and everyone really pulled together to get the job done. People were showing up at work who weren't even scheduled to be working, to help out wherever they could. It wasn't until we were getting ready to go home that the reality and the enormity of the situation hit us, and there were a few tears and lots of hugs going around. As busy as we were, it doesn't compare to what Arlington County was going through, and I give thanks to all of them for doing what needed to be done, under very trying circumstances. (September 12, 2001)

Before I offer my comments, I want to offer my condolences and prayers to those who may have lost, or had hurt, loved ones, friends, and colleagues in the events in NYC, D.C., and Pa. As it is becoming horrifically apparent, there will be so many casaualties, most of us will likely personally know someone directly involved in yesterday's events. That said...I too, was wondering what happened to EAS yesterday. I'm not familiar with the new setup since they switched to the new digital system, but it was always my understanding that someone in the government, either on the local or federal level, had to make the request to invoke EAS. I certainly would have expected it here in D.C., because of what happened at the Pentagon. If any chief engineers can enlighten us about how the new EAS is supposed to work, I'd appreciate hearing that. Monitoring cable TV yesterday, I was astounded at how the latest round of corporate acquisitions affected what we saw: multiple channels of CNN available on WB50, TBS Superstation, Headline News, and other AOL-Time Warner co-owned channels; the NBC network feed available on PAX45 here in D.C., along with MSNBC and CNBC; the CBS feed available on UPN20, and in some places, MTV and VH1. In surfing around, I did find it disturbing that UPN20 did not deviate from its usual midday fare of re-runs in the early hours of the tragedy, and didn't take CBS until late. I found it unusual that WARW/94.7 took Fox5's tv audio feed, when they could have been running the CBS TV network feed (they are owned by CBS/Infinity/Viacom). I thought it was a nice touch that Cerphe took the time to break into the coverage to air a phoner from a listener who was all broken up over yesterday's events, and then played the National Anthem after airing the phoner, and returning to Fox5. (I didn't hear what the other Infinity stations were doing, so its likely that the CBS feed ended up on one or more of those here in D.C.) Z104 simulcasted Bonneville-sister station WTOP, interspersed by Nolan their news man, and the Z sounded great. For the most part, the local TVs did great yeoman work covering this story, and it was great seeing Gordon Peterson reporting live from the Pentagon. Finally, kudos to Jim Farley and the troops at WTOP; they were my radio station of choice yesterday, and they had just the right mix of local and network to help tell a big story right in their backyard. Max Cacas (September 12, 2001)

I just want to say that all of the local radio and TV stations in the District did an excellent job at covering the attacks here and in New York. I already noticed this morning that some of the music stations are returning to their formats, ableit playing some softer, somber music. I also wanted to give thanks to CSPAN for giving us coverage of how other international news networks covered the disaster. They carried CBC's 'The National Report' for several hours last night. I was interesting to see how this horrible event affected those to the north of us. Finally, my condolonces and prayers go out to all of those touched by this event. This will not be something that we forget soon. -- Rich Keller (September 12, 2001)

While every other station was covering the attacks on the World Trade Center at 9:10am, NPR (90.0FM) was discussing public school funding. Is this what donation money gives the public? Dan Cohen, Derwood, MD (September 12, 2001)

Mega 92.7/94.3 as well as Radio Capital 730 have done an admirable job in covering this horrible news development. They have for the most part used feeds from their sister station WNNY Noticias 1380 as well as covering our local concerns. (September 12, 2001)

Regarding a previous message, part of which appears here in quotes: "Opie and Anthony in the first five minutes or their show used the word Revenge. How shameful and disturbing. Ken Stevens, take a look your so called air talent, and show them the door." -here's another way to look at what Anthony said...Anthony said it's time for revenge indeed. He's from Brooklyn, he was in grade school when the twin towers were built, and there's a good chance someone he knows was lost in the disaster. When I heard him say that, I totally felt him. I'm from Alexandria, I was in the Army, and some coward rammed a plane into the Pentagon! I too, want revenge, because of the way I feel about these events. One of the reasons Anthony got a syndication deal is because he's not afraid to say what's on his mind, or as in yesterday's case, what's in his heart. -Bud (September 12, 2001)

Where was the eas system yesterday. Not once did I hear an eas tone go off. If this was not a case where the system should have been used, there never will be one. Of course, during the train fire in Baltimore, the EAS system never was used. Broadcasters without the input of the the EAS system carried they day. I suggest that everyone take their EAS equipment and use it to water the daisies! Thank you, J.R.Richardson, Contract engineer (September 12, 2001)

Up in Baltimore, the Infinity cluster of WWMX, WXYV, WQSR, WLIF, and WJFK all carried the CBS TV feed (CBS being their parent company) as well as local stuff from CBS-owned WJZ. In addition, every half hour, someone from Infinity-Baltimore broke in after station IDs to give the latest list of closings, cancellations, etc. Overall, that worked pretty well, since none of these stations really have their own news departments. WPOC and WOCT were carrying WPOC's feed. All I heard the few times I checked WERQ was music. Let's just hope the local TV stations maintain the spirit of cooperation and in a few weeks when the dust has literally settled, don't get into a spitting match over who was first to break the story, or who was first to carry live coverage. This was a terrible tragedy, and I'm just glad that I could turn just about anywhere on the radio or TV dials to get information. Also of note, several cable networks who couldn't get new feeds simply stopped operations and displayed messages that in light of the tragedy, the would not carry regular programming for the remainder of the day. I belive QVC, HSN, and HGN were among the cable networks to do that. (September 12, 2001)

Did anyone see the news piece by Jane Pauley. DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!! Her voice sounded like she was taking a walk in a candy store. Made me sick!!! I'm going to e-mail NBC and tell them not to rerun that again or have someone else dub in the vocal part. NBC needs new people both Tom B and Jane P make me sick I put on CNN I think all the local stations did a good job radio and TV. D&M, O&A, Core and others kept it on a even keel. Thank god no jerks tried the prank phone calls! (September 12, 2001)

Hey, Well, because every TV station in New York is, excuse me, WAS on 1 WTC, I don't understand something. The only channels FROM THE CITY that weren't on the WTC are 25, 41, and 68. My grandparents, which live up there, could only get 2, 25, 41, 50, and 68. Does 2 have a backup transmitter? Over here in Roanoke, CBS 7 has been airing CBS NEWS since it started (and still is), NBC10 has been airing NBC NEWS, ABC13 has been airing ABC NEWS, FOX21/27 aired FOX NEWS CHANNEL, PAX38 aired NBC NEWS, PBS15 and UPN24/54 stayed normal. - Mark Ericson, formerly of VARTV (September 12, 2001)

Someone requested on the mailbag to see some photos of what the antenna situation was on top of the World Trade are some that I rounded up from this website: (September 12, 2001)

I just have to say how embarrassing it must be for Clear Channel Washington, with 8 stations in tow, to have to relay NBC's Channel 4 when Clear Channel Baltimore, with a measly 3 under it's fold, were able to simulcast audio from WPOC's coverage of today's horrific scene in New York on WOCT and WCAO. (September 12, 2001)

I don't have much to say, but I do remember while watching the coverage as it was unfolding in my Government class that CNN was carrying footage of Channel 9. -- Allen Seth Dunn (September 12, 2001)

Perhaps the most surreal experiecne in initial coverage could be found on Rev. Pat Robertson's "700 Club" broadcast on WDCA-20 and other stations. Most of the show consisted of Robertson using his expertise as a licensed pilot to explain that the first World Trade Center crash couldn't have been accidential followed by Robertson repeatedly pointing out that he had sensed America would be hit by a terrorist attack. The um... "coverage" was scheduled for a second hour but WDCA switched over to "Sally" after the Club's regularly scheduled first hour ended. (September 12, 2001)

Don & Mike took phone calls and tried their best to disseminate the information to the callers, They displayed genuinely GREAT concern over this senseless tragedy, Opie and Anthony in the first five minutes or their show used the word Revenge. How shameful and disturbing. Ken Stevens, take a look your so called air talent, and show them the door. (September 12, 2001)

Hampton Roads... With a large military presence here, most local channels were broadcasting continuous news about the tragedy at the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC. WTVZ 'WB33' was using WPIX's 'WB11' New York feed, WGNT 'UPN27' had regular programming, WAVY-TV 10 (NBC) national NBC feed and local 'drops', WVEC-TV 13 (ABC) national ABC feed and local drops, WVBT 'FOX43' using the FOX News Channel and local drops, WPXV 'PAX49' using national NBC feed and WAVY local feed and LNC5 (Local News on Cable 5) was simulcasting WVEC. WHRO-TV 15 and WUND-TV 2, both PBS, regular programming. At 5PM, the following cable networks were broadcasting news instead of regular programming... TLC using BBC America, MTV/CMT/VH1/BET using national CBS feed & HSN (Home Shopping Network) using NewsWorld International. The following suspended programming all together... QVC, HGTV (Home & Garden Television) and PIN (Product Information Network)..... Robert F Corbin (September 12, 2001)

Did anyone in DC fire off their EAS boxes when the Pentagon was hit? Those damn things go off when there's a thunderstorm over a deli in Greenbelt. But an airplane crashing into the Pentagon??? Now isn't THAT an emergency??? Doesn't the system work??? (September 12, 2001)

In Richmond, the network TV stations went immediately to their networks, including Fox35 (relaying Fox News Channel). UPN65 stayed with entertainment. On radio, the Clear Channel group all relayed WRVA/1140 (which alternated between ABC and Richmond-based coverage) until early evening, the Cox group were left to their own devices (K95 picked up a Cox Atlanta station, B103.7 pulled in NBC through its deal with WWBT/12). Radio One and the smaller local groups pretty much stayed with entertainment. I did notice the Tom Joyner show finally signing off Power 92 at 12:30pm. Anything else would be repeating what's been said here -- but this deserves repeating: GIVE BLOOD SOMETIME THIS WEEK, please. -- Rob Hoffmann (September 12, 2001)

Dave, First of all, glad to see that you are ok. I think this has been a horrible day for every American. I know that I have a friend in NYC who fortunately was alright. However, he's working...he's a CBS cameraman. His wife is alright too. I have to proclaim that this historic event really made radio history as well. It seems that every radio station (except for a select few) in Pittsburgh was tied into CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS...etc. They also did an excellent local coverage. We, of course, were effected when one of the planes went down two counties east of Allegheny County. I was also deeply moved this evening when Congress and The House spoke. I saw them all there on the steps and thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if they broke out in song...such as 'Let There be Peace on Earth.'" The next thing I know, they are singing "God Bless America!" To all of you who have suffered a loss in today's tragedy, I offer my condolences and prayers to you. Eric O'Brien PBRTV (September 12, 2001)

As some of you may know, the top floors of the first WTC tower to be hit contain the primary transmission facilities for nearly all the VHF, UHF, and DT television in NYC and a very few FM stations. The plane impacted in the vicinity of the transmission equipment. The radio tech list-serv reports that at least two engineers from CBS are confirmed dead. Given the location of the impact, it is likely they were all dead long before the structures collapsed. It is unlikely that rescue workers would have gotten to them in any event. EB (September 12, 2001)

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Yes, I'm OK here; still processing things. We had a couple in our co. working at The World Trade Ctr today (a ground floor retail store). They called in on their cell phone a few min. into it & said to turn on the TV; all they mentioned was a fire & that they were OK. Four hours later they called and said they were walking they knew not where (Finally they said 15 th St): In shock. Since they can't get back to Queens, I've invited them to use one of the empty apts. in my building (I'm the Super, you see). Outside, the masses of people walking North (I'm in 55th St)--since the subways are out--is extraordinary! Folk are starting to check in, saying they're OK. Then they're rehearsing where they were when it happened. A friend was on the F train from Brooklyn, and during its above ground segment, he heard the noise of one of the crashes. Then the train went into the tunnel and the chaos without further explanartion (except the gossip each new group of riders that got on and passed on) began. When he finally got to a friend of ours' apt., he saw it replayed on TV and became a basket case for a bit. I guess I would've too if I had been through that sequence. I'm sure many others did that. I don't think life here has changed fundamentally. I hope not, anyway! Who know what all this portends. Well we have life. Let's hug it and our friends as we can! Chet Copeland (September 11, 2001)

Id like to say on behalf of that I am truly devastated by this tragedy. I give to whoever has loved ones who were injured or killed in this mess , my best wishes and I just hope that we (as americans) can put this behind us. ----wjzfan.....(r.i.p. people who passed away) (September 11, 2001)

Overall, Washington-Baltimore's radio and TV stations have been doing a good job today. On TV, all seven local VHF stations (2,4,5,7,9,11,13) have been running news all day. The UHF stations had Sesame Street, Jenny Jones, old re-runs etc. I guess it reminds us who the "real" TV stations are. On radio, every local station has been all or mostly news, EXCEPT WAVA (Salem's religious-right Christian station on 105.1 and 1230) and WFSI (Family Sations' traditional Christian station on 107.9). Some of the stations without news departments have been simulcasting TV news or going to network news. Z-104 has been mostly simulcasting sister station WTOP (now if they could just leave it that way!) and just now at 16:00 has split off and is playing the Star Spangled Banner before returning to regular programming. Thank you to all the local stations who did care enough to give us information today. ...Sam (September 11, 2001)

Once again its time for radio stations to broadcast, "The Americans", by Gordon Sinclair, in light of the sad state of Wall Street and the most recent cowardly terrorist acts like those that occurred today at the World Trade Center and elsewhere! Timothy J. Syzek, CPT(Ret)USAR (September 11, 2001)

Not long after crap hit the fan this morning, I saw helicopters flying towards the Blue Ridge. A drive up Rt. 601 confirmed that Mt. Weather, the major relocation facility for members of congress, President, etc, is activated. As I approached the facility, armed guards had the road closed. They weren't carrying pop-guns. There were armored personnel carriers parked in the road. I would not be surprised if they sneak Pres. Bush in here sometime today. That place is heavily guarded, and most likely, there are quite a few government officials there. It is also the emergency command post for FEMA, and probably abuzz with activity. (September 11, 2001)

In Connecticut, we've been put into an emergency state. Schools and gov't buildings shut down. Interestingly it is primary day. At one point the primaries did go on. Of course, I've been keeping track of the media and it has been crazy. TV and radio stations even some cable channels went from their programming to all news mode. I'm going to tell you how the regional media covered what the Washington Post's Howie Kurtz described as "A war movie, a seemingly far-fetched war movie." I couldn't agree with him more. TV/Cable: Local stations in and out with national coverage from their networks. Interestingly, WTXX WB 20 was carrying Fox News Channel and its sister station WTIC Fox 61. Cablevision's News 12 has had live local coverage even getting Rebecca Suran and David Smith of the Exchange to the News 12 desk. The MSG metro channels have also gone from their programming to a news mode, even going to News 12 Westchester, Long Island or New Jersey. Ball games cancelled, even Disney World closed (it's THAT bad). Cable channels have suspended programming like ShopNBC carrying NBC news coverage. WHSI carried local broadcasts, even WXTV 41 its soon to be sister station for Telefutura when it hits October 1. Channel 47 was off the air and at one point was carrying Univision's coverage called BAJO ATAQUE [Under Attack] (a shock since it is a Telemundo station). At some points some of the TV stations had their reception affected as the XMTRS for these stations are at the top of the WTC. Shop at Home displayed a message. ESPN and ESPN2 have gone to ABC news coverage. All Fox Sports Affiliates have gone to Fox News Channel. Even Kevin Frazier had to go from sports reporter to news reporter. FX, Fox Family and the Health Network also went to FNC. TNT and TBS suspended their programming to go to CNN. Even Court TV broke into programming. VH1 and CMTV went to WCBS-TV Channel 2. Interestingly MTV has stuck with its programming, more proof of why MTV is just plain no good! EWTN aired live masses for the victims. And NECN provided coverage as one of the planes hijacked left Logan Airport in Boston. WWOR and WPIX also had local coverage but UPN 9 was off the air for a bit on cable. Only one PBS station, WLIW 21 through the BBC has been carrying coverage along with other NYC TV stations. Radio I've been up and down the dial. WABC 770 simulcasted on new sister station ESPN 1050 with talkers Curtis and Kuby, John Gambling, Richard Bey and Sean Hannity who is doing his national show from WLIR 92.7 on Long Island (what a way to be welcomed to national talk radio!). WCBS-AM was simulcast over WCBS-FM. Top 40 stations K 104, Z 100 and 106.1 BLI all had coverage from CNN or ABC. WSTC/WNLK simulcast over 95.9 the Fox and Kool 96.7. WEBE and WICC also did the simulcast. Star 99.9 was with ABC. Jammin 105 and102-7 WNEW aired audio from the TV networks. And yes NPR got in the act. WNYC, CT public Radio and WSHU had local and network coverage while WFUV had local cut-ins. WALK 97.5's local news has had the island covered this coming off them being named AC station of the year at the Marconi Awards. WFAS/WFAS FM and WFAF simulcasted for Westchester along with Peekskill's WHUD 100.7. WGCH had local wall to wall coverage. - Bob Porrazzo (September 11, 2001)

Dave's response: It's an emotional time for us all. I'm very interested in your impressions about how the local media is covering today's horrible tragedy. I will not run any expressions of anger (a la "nuke 'em"). We all need to keep "clear heads" until we know who is really responsible for these acts of terror.....

well this is now one of the worst thigns i've lived through. Right now my computer room is like a command center studio i have 6 radios on with different stations and i have all 4 stations WUSA 9 (btw C-Span is relaying the WUSA so channel 9 is relaying on C-Span as well), WRC 4, WJLA 7, WTTG 5. This is such a tragedy like they've called this the next worst after pearl harbour. I mean i nthe mornign I'll be at every newstand getting at least a copy of the USA Today, NY Times and NY Post as well as the Washington Pst and Washington Times. If anyone else knows of a good major newspaper be sure to post it and i'll get the info out. I've never been so scared in my whole life before and I mean i have friends who are scared and i'm on the phone with them to keep them calm. Well I've gotta head out i've gotta get back to my little radio/tv newsroom. R.I.P. all the people who passed away. Stay safe America..... Mr Tom Major (September 11, 2001)

Excellent job by WTOP. They are being simulcast on Z104 and if I am not mistaken, I heard a little of WTOP on WJFK. Is that possible ? Lemon (September 11, 2001)

Dave's response: It is kinda interesting that Clear Channel, the largest group owner in the DC area with eight radio stations, doesn't even have a news department up to the job of providing its own stations with coverage, and instead relying on an audio feed from NBC's Channel 4.....

WMAL was indeed very good this morning. I was driving up from Springfield. To see people like Tim Brant, Andy Parks, Pete Medhurst, even Doug McKelway on the phone as reporters shows their talent and versatility. Chris Core and Andy Parks have been fantastic about getting information out without alarming the populous. Also, Laura Evans on Fox 5 used the Spetember 11, 9-1-1 line in her report and Lark said yes, 9-1-1.....Earth to Lark.........Lisa D. (September 11, 2001)

In addition to stations previously mentioned, WTMW 14 is simulcasting Univision's spanish language news coverage of the blast, while WPXW 66 is simulcasting WRC 4's coverage (national and channel 4's local segments). WNVC 56 has tried to keep live feeds of foreign newscasts on the air, all of which seem to be covering the New York and DC attacks. - Benjamin F. Elliott (September 11, 2001)

No one has said anything about this but todays date September 11, 2001 is 9-1-1 (September 11, 2001)

Dave, Could you or Dave Loudin list all the TV & FM stations that had their primary facilities on WTC. I understand that at least the TV stations usually had 24/7 operators in secure facilities because of concerns about terrorist attacks trying to take over the sites. Given that the first plane hit in that area of the tower, we can only imagine the loss of life. EB (September 11, 2001)

Dave: This obvious terrorist attack on the US has disreupted programming on the following channels: TNT, TBS (Airing CNN), VH1/CMTV(Airing WCBS-TV coverage), ShopNBC Carring NBC news, HSN and QVC (both have messages), ESPN/ESPN2/ESPN Classic (showing messages at bottom of screen, while the first two have gone to ABC News, The area radio stations are goin all out w/coverage WICC From AP, WSTC/WNLK From CNN, WFAN Imus expands programming, WABC--Talk hosts Curtis and Kuby and John Gambling on the air, WOR--Own coverage with CNN/AP, WNYC/WSHU-FM/WNPR (CT Public Radio)--NPR coverage from Morning Edition, WFUV--Local coverage, WFAS/WFAS FM WFAF--Coverage from sources, WEBE simulcasting WICC, WTJM Jammin 105--NY 1, WCBS-FM Simulcasting WCBS-AM, Z100--Possibly off the air due to the tower collapse heard a faint audio signal, WEZN Star 99.9 Carrying ABC Audio coverage, WALK 97.5--Local coverage, WKHL/WEFX--simulcasting WSTC/WNLK, WBLI--Local coverage..... Bob (September 11, 2001)

WMAL AM630 is providing very good coverage as of 11:47AM. They're getting reporters and witnesses on who experienced the crashes. They aired ABC's radio coverage earlier in the morning when it was a New York story, but are now focusing on the local angle. I haven't had the chance to tune in and check yet, but I'd assume WTOP will also be putting on a good job of this terrible crime against the country. - Benjamin F. Elliott (September 11, 2001)

Dave, let us go one further! Have WHFS (and their pathetically always predictable, dismal ratings) simulcast WJFK. This would even bring them up to a 2 share in Washington competing with WJFK (Bringing HFS numbers up and not affecting JFK), not to mention big numbers in Baltimore. When was the last time HFS had a 2 share, 198_???. Instant win for the Infinity Suits and the people of Baltimore. Even Mel and Ken will finally look like they know a thing about radio. As an added Bonus we could get the new "WJFKaravan", A WHFStival beer guzzling type event, held in RFK and PSInet stadiums changing every other year, With Howard Stern doing say a beauty pageant or a celebrity Boxing Match or something, Followed by D&M Las Vegas style show with a 200 person strip-trivia gave, then Opie and Anthony will come on and I guess we could just throw water bottles, Frisbee-s, or old sneakers at their heads. To headline this "Magical Event" The Sport Junkies will play a game of "paint-ball to the death" with G Gordon Liddys staff!. I know Gordon is at another station, but work with me here..... Marky (September 11, 2001)

Jim Rome will never be on WNST. Nasty Nestor hates Jim Rome's guts because Rome likes to rag Bmore. Nestor dumped Rome when he previously ran a sports station on 1570 and now competes with him on the network. Larry Dobres (September 11, 2001)

Dave's response: It was just a joke.

The Sun finally got around to reporting on the changes on the Infinity stations...and still got it wrong. Stacy Lyn did not come over from WXYV, she just moved from nights to mornings. Hawaiian Ryan did come from WXYV and wasn't mentioned. Also, JoJo and Kenny just said this morning that Scott Davies was let go. So, I guess once the dust settles, the casualties of all of the format flipping and tweaking are Linda Sherman, Scott Davies, Michael Filippelli, and Mary Street. By the way, the WWMX morning show has been having fun with all of this. They've made a couple of jokes about "Blazin' Jams" today; they seemed as surprised as everyone else that 105.7 went urban rather than talk. (September 11, 2001)

Well, Infinity left a CHR hole in Baltimore, and maybe Clear Channel is already trying to fill it. No, not by flipping 104.3...yet...but with 99-5. About an hour ago (on 9/10) I heard Marc Anthony refer to Hot 99-5 as "Washington's, and now Baltimore's, Real Hit Music Station." By the way, isn't 105.7 in York also known as 'X?' I wonder if they'll have nasty words for Infinity over this? I remember up in Philly, when 100.3FM flipped, it was originally called Z-100. They had to change the calls to WPLY and the name to Y-100 within a few weeks when NYC's Z-100 threated legal action due to the two stations' proximity to one another. Baltimore and York's 105.7s are even closer and one basically fades into the other as you travel along Interstate 83 in northern Baltimore County. If I owned WQXA, I'd be concerned about confusion...especially since QXA is a rock station and XYV is urban. It doesn't seem hard for listeners to get confused if they hear one instead of the other and think that the format has flipped. (September 11, 2001)

Many, many listeners of WQSR are wondering where Linda Sherman is.... do you have any knowledge? Thanks. (September 11, 2001)

(Regarding a previous message:) sorry "PHEZZ"...but radio hasn't been about the listener since 1996. New? (92Q's been doin it better and will continue to), Fresh? (see previous point...), FUN!?! (Board-operators ALL-DAY and seeing friends career's crushed...cough...Priestly...cough...sounds like a riot). Give it a couple a weeks for some new jocks to be shown one side of the door and you and other people at the bottom to be shown the other side of it... (September 11, 2001)

There was only one person that could have pulled off such a secret sucessfull switch from 105.7 to 102.7 in Baltimore. My friend Steve. We go back all the way to Z104 in Frederick and we sporadically have kept in touch over the past 20 years. Steve is a class act. He always says exactly what's on his mind (cover the kids ears in mixed crowds)but he always straight with you. He's been programming/imaging WQSR for 10 plus years but it wasn't untill they went to 102.7 (I can finally hear them at home! Yeah!)that I began to understand what WQSR does and how they have maximized their audience with a small signal. Wow! Now, I understand Clear Channel is about to make my friend a offer he can't refuse. I hope he doesn't sell out. (Skyking DON'T SELL OUT!) I just got WQSR at 102.7 and I love it! By the way you never signed of the log at Z104 "that night" in July 76. Lots of love to ya Sky! A.L.B. (September 11, 2001)

Simulcasting WJFK on WHFS, what a concept. So then, the GM who didn't want to compete with a FM hot talker in Baltimore suddenly is out of a job because powers decided to discontinue his operation by using his station as a satellite FM. As the kid on the Simpsons would say, "HA HA!" The law of unintended consequences......Oh well. If Infinity did this move, they could add the low numbers from both stations for O&A's coveted slot, and spin that the show is a somewhat hit. Still miss Don and Mike. (September 11, 2001)

Bob Mathers has put together a first class awesome web site for "whatever became of" Baltimore/Washington radio/TV personalities with detailed bios and airchecks. Seems like it grows everyday with more jocks and photos and lets support Dave here with his web site and send him the couple of bucks for all his hard work. There is no other place to get this up to the minute radio/tv news in our area. p.s. Ed Graham: who is Snooky Lanson?..... I forgot to mention Bob Mathers Oldies site is: Sorry and thanks, Jack Edwards (September 11, 2001)

Dave's response: I asked my ma (this was way before my time) and she says Snooky was a red-haired singer on an old radio show called "Your Hit Parade." By the way, Snooky lived in Hartsdale NY, only a block away from where my grandparents lived. And once my grandmother (who passed away last February) was backing her car out of the driveway and accidently ran into the school bus carrying one of Snooky's kids. No one was injured.....

As regards the item in the news section about WMAL's new slogan: 'Today's news, tomorrow's opinions' -- Nice try but I'm not sure that'll result in 'yesterday's ratings'. Too bad really, I recall when WMAL had double-digit shares of the audience, not to mention a real news department and an emphasis on being a LOCAL station. Sad to say, in recent years WMAL has become nothing more than a conduit for national shows. (September 11, 2001)

Made a call to WJFK (AM) today, looks as if things are in the works to put Don and Mike on live in a couple of weeks , maybe a month. The guy I talked to said a couple people asked about that possibility. It makes sense at least, you have Howard Stern, Don and Mike, then probably the Jim Rome Show on tape delay from 3-7pm (however the last hour of his show from the West Coast could be heard live in the 3pm hour), then Baltimore Sports Night. So you go hot talk into sports instead of mixing and matching. That is better, at least we hear Don and Mike live. Man they really blased Infinity today and WHFS, and rightly so, boo hoo HFS and their lousy ratings. Man when a CC station (DC 101) is beating you, you are in trouble. -Michael (September 11, 2001)

Dave's response: Hey, if Baltimore's not gonna get an FM hot talker, then, at least, why not make WJFK-AM just a relay of WJFK-FM with Stern, D&M, and O&A all live. Jim Rome can move over to Baltimore's only real all-sports radio station, WNST (1570 AM).....

A good Tuesday Morning everyone and how are you doing? So I now see the 411 in Baltimore with the earthquake/shuffle but then again we had that with Clear Channel stations here in DC with 570 moving to 1260 and than 570 and 99.5 getting new formats. Now about the Satellite Radio I went to their website XM Radio and it says I could go pick up a receiver anywhere but I went to a few places and no one had it. I wanted to say congratulations to Clear Channel for letting XM carry a few of their owned stations. But I was told from someone that Clear Channel also owns XM Radio. Today I was at my broadcasting course which is taught by Mr. Jim Lashley and I noticed his post here in the mailbag a few days ago. I'm enjoying my time at Columbia School of Broadcasting and making my way up to what it takes to be a Radio Annoucer/DJ. Well, it was a big upset to the redskins fans to see them lose. Earlier yesterday minute Frank Herzog got on to do the sport around 5:10, Buck was like WHAT HAPPENED!?!?!?!?!?!? and Herzog was like all right calm down. That was just hilarious. Wouldn't you agree Mr. Korie Rose? Well I'm gonna get going everyone see ya all later... Mr. Tom Major (Fairfax VA) (September 11, 2001)

Dave's response: Yes, I do believe that CC owns a piece of XM.....

Just wanted to say your site has been extremely valuable to me. I posted a message on your website back in march and I included my email in the address. A day later, the program director at WNAV 1430 in Annapolis emailed me back and said that the station uses interns and that I should give him a call to set up an interview. The next week later I started there as an intern on Thursday and Friday afternoons. By Memorial Day weekend I had my own part time air shift on Sunday nights from 9 to midnight being announcer. To this day I continue my work as an intern and now have my own airshift at the station. All of this may never of happened had it not been for your website. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication that you put into the site..... Keep up the good work and hopefully the contributions will continue to roll in so that DCRTV can continue to be a free website. John Shafer (September 11, 2001)

Dave's response: Thanks John! Glad we could be of help!

At WNAV in Annapolis there appears to be two antennae. One looks like a host for multiple utility services, the other is a well-supported "stick" that almost looks like a VHF or low band UHF-TV antenna. What is it? ... Is that really the AM antenna... It looks rather funky, not like a traditional AM tower seen at such as WFAX, WUST, etc. TK in Alexandria..(September 11, 2001)

I don't understand why Infinity took off the only Top 40 station in Baltimore. I can't understand why they wouldn't scrap WLIF 101.9 or WWMX 106.5 Which by the way has NOT changed it's still the same old tired mix. From what I understand pop music is quite a money maker these days. Why would they go back to their original format of urban contemporary and leave Baltimore having no Top 40? Basically having to try to pull in Z104 or HOT 99.5. Good Job Infinity! (September 11, 2001)

The ownership of WRBS Baltimore is Peter and John and not Peter and Paul as you have listed. (September 11, 2001)

Joe-when the Ravens are CHAMPIONS three times over like the Redskins,maybe THEN you can rub it in... KJ (September 11, 2001)

Dear Dave - It seems to me that Rush Limbaugh's voice has become husky and raspy. Anyone else have the same opinion? Arnie (September 11, 2001)

Dave's response: I am now wondering if Rush is doing something to his audio processing to make his voice sound deeper, and theoretically more masculine. (Isn't Howard Stern doing kinda the same thing?) Is there such as thing as audio processing or a particular microphone that will give a male radio personality "bigger balls"? I wonder why Rush feels that he needs 'em?

From the VARTV page editor... Hampton Roads... WVEC-TV 13 (ABC) drops Tom Bergeron & Whoopi Goldberg at 'Hollywood Squares', which moves to WTKR-TV 3 CBS at 4PM, for a 5:30PM newscast called 'The Newsroom At 5:30". With this move, Sandra Parker is now co-anchoring the 5PM newscast with Regina Mobley; the first full-time all-woman co-anchoring team in Hampton Roads news. David Alan now handles the 5:30PM segment solo. They have him standing up in the newsroom following him around with a mobile camera. Regina and David continue to do the 6PM half hour. Channel 13 now joins WAVY-TV 10 (NBC) and WTKR-TV 3 (CBS) with one and a half hours of continuous local news starting at 5PM..... Robert F Corbin (September 11, 2001)

/\ September 11 Messages /\

\/ September 10 Messages \/

I don't have too many good things to say about Infinity, but they did fairly well on the frequency change. They gave a full weekend and monday morning-drivetime of overlap with increasingly-frequent announcements to 105.7 listeners to make the changeover. This is an effective technique of spreading the word, rather than leaving a bunch of confused oldies listeners spinning their dials and having a 50/50 chance of finding the new WQSR or WBIG. Over the last few weeks they have added some variety to the music, with a 50's tunes and more 70's material. I had gotten so tired of their overplayed songs that I found them completely unlistenable, but now they are somewhat enjoyable again. The mystery is why 105.7 changed over to rap at 10:00 today, instead of the 15:00, the time which had been heavily promoted. WWMX now has a CHR-like sound without any truly offensive material, but it still has that silly "Mix" name; all they need to do is make it B-106 to fix that. It is clearly WHFS that should fully simulcast WJFK, bringing the talk format and Redskins to the Maryland FM dial. Infinity is paying for a lot of expensive programming on 'JFK that can barely be heard outside of Northern VA. WHFS'es coverage would fill in MD and DC, and may even allow eventual transfer of 106.7 to something else (perhaps simulcast 106.5). ...Sam (September 10, 2001)

Actually, EB, WGMS was always much more "populist" in its approach to classical music than, say, WETA. Except that in the 70's and 80's (when Renee Chaney was at the helm), its definition of populism was not "the masses are stupid so give 'em what they want" but, "the broadest public deserves quality, in-depth programming." Their educational programs about classical music were exemplary and served to introduce many people to the music who would not otherwise have been exposed to it. Now that is populism I can agree with, but not this presentation of truncated masterpieces. WGMS is actually gyping the public out of the best that classical music has to offer. How it could win such an award, and against far better classical commercial stations, is a mystery to me. And resorting to the blanket term of "elitism" will not help matters: in the U.S. we have taken to using that word the way that the Soviets used to use the word "bourgeois capitalist" to dismiss critics. Frankly, WGMS has become one of the most irritating and banal stations in DC. (September 10, 2001)

Re QSR - I tuned in for the first time this morning, on the way to work from Herndon to Annandale. Very strong signal, it came in great all the way around the Beltway and good tunes too! (September 10, 2001)

Dave's response: Here in Wild West Fairfax I get good reception of the following Charm City FMers - 91.5, 93.1, 95.1, 97.9, (formerly 100.7), 101.9, and 102.7. I have problems with 92.3 because it's close to Winchester's 92.5, 104.3 which is close to Z104 at 104.1, 105.7 which is close to 105.9, and 106.5 which is right next to 106.7. I can't get 88.1 because of a same frequency station in Frederick, and have trouble with 88.9 because of a WV public station, and have trouble with weakish 89.7.....

The new X105-7 might very well be stunting. I mean, if it was to stay, chances are they would've had an elaborate format change at 3PM as announced, not at 10AM or whenever X105-7 started. It is though interesting hearing a female announcer on an urban station like X105-7 has! DLP In Woodbridge... (September 10, 2001)

To Technical Joe - Then why isn't this market called the BALTIMORE market, instead of the Wshington, DC market if this is the tower situation? Sounds to me like Dave is going to have to change the name of his website to BRTV-Baltimore Radio and TV, regardless of his location in "Wild West Fairfax". Gremp (September 10, 2001)

Dave's response: Personally, I think Fairfax County should be the "center" of the Washington/Baltimore megaplex. As a single jurisdiction, Fairfax County has a population (950,000 to 1 million) that exceeds any other single jurisdiction - any city or county - in the DC/Baltimore area.....

Re: WMUC and WGMU: WMUC at 650 kHz (may it rest in peace) was always carrier-current and never licensed. WMUC-FM at 88.1 MHz is licensed as Class D NCE. It is not LPFM. The FCC databases do not show a licensed station with call sign WGMU. An old web page says "The all new WGMU on 88.1 fm heard ALL over campus!" then quickly reroutes to If they are covering the entire campus over-the-air, then they must be using multiple Part 15 transmitters, because a single Part 15 transmitter doesn't cover much distance in an urban environment. Of course, we know they would NEVER run a single transmitter at an illegal power level. That would be "piracy" (or is it "free speech"?). (September 10, 2001)

I hope the hot talk doesn't happen! I still listen to D&M on 1300am driving home. I can't stand O&A! Is there any talk about getting 570am more power like 50,000 watts? Would like to hear from anyone who has been to pier 6 in Balt. to hear any live group. I went to see Tull a few fridays ago and the sound really stunk! everyone with me thought so too. Is this normal for pier 6 or did I just happen to be there on a bad night. (September 10, 2001)

Urban? CHR/Rhythmic? What's the difference? Don't they play the songs and esentially the same type of music? Aren't they really the same black hit music format? The answer-from someone has listened to a lot of black radio in his day-is a resounding YES to the last two questions..... Another but more important reason that Mix 106-5 is not CHR is that isn't current-based enough..... To add another point: competition is the hallmark of true capitalism. Monopoly isn't any more capitalism than 92Q is true CHR. - Gremp (September 10, 2001)

Why not have WHFS become the hot talker, that way they keep their demos. Infinity has to make a move here, there is a large market for Infinity Hot Talk. They need to get in gear and right the ship. I think you are absolutely right, Mix and Lite FM should combine playlists to have an AC/Hot AC playlist. Even if they give up the CHR, as long as X1057 makes a dent in the ratings at 92Q, why should Infinity care, some of the CHR songs are in the Hot AC rotations anyway. If X1057 cannot get the job done then make it a CHR, I would not worry about CC putting CHR on 104.3, look what they did with 99-5. My idea make 101.9 Q102-WQMX-Balitmore w/ The Best Variety. Then 106.5 could become the hot talker. I would think that if WHFS does not improve eventually Infinity will tell HFS to get lost and put Hot Talk on there..... Not so sure 104.3 will go CHR. My generation does not remember the old B104 and the great morning show on there. It is the 30-54 demographic that does, not kids in their teens or early 20s that a CHR would also look to capture. Kids in their teens and early 20s know 104.3 as Classic Rock not CHR. So to think that that the dial position and the name B104 would help is simply not true. CC I would think is waiting to see if this Classic Rock and More format will work out, I am not sure they will abandon it so quickly. As far as the 100-7 Bay goes, they may not necessarily change either because they are waiting to see what 104.3 does and 2) they may think they can capture some of the 106.5 audiance and beat out 104.3. -Michael (September 10, 2001)

Remember Bailey Goss and his afternoon show. We used to simulcast this show on WMAL TV back in 1950. Bailey had a "Go fer" who had the right stuff. His name is Jim McKay. He did a long time gig for ABC's "Wide World of Sports". (September 10, 2001)

So, if indeed 105.7 stays urban contemporary, should the folks at WBAL and WPOC send floral arrangements to Bill Pasha? If the new station cuts numbers out of WERQ's base, that might just be enough to let either WBAL or WPOC finally achieve that number one 12+ they've been yearning for. This would not surprise many, that Pasha in his short sighted bid for more market share is actually helping the competition over the top. Then again, this could all be a massive stunt (still!) and something else may rear its ugly head! BTW, did Bicknell run out of Ritalin or something? Whoops... (September 10, 2001)

This is the second time infinity programmers have had impecable timing. The first was when they originally flipped XYV on, 92Q PD Tom Calicocci was in California for the Network 40 summer games, this time around, as many of us know 92Q PD is leaving for Dallas while their MD has already left for m2 Hmmmmmmm......i think they call that getting caught with their pants down... (September 10, 2001)

Nick in rockville/boston, the point of sending the picture of the men wearing 102.7 was to note they were wearing 102.7 the rest of the van wasnt purposely omited. Also this weekend while they are simulcasting they were required to identify both stations by call letters and cities of liscense. In fact well into monday morning at the top of the hour they still said WXYV Baltimore and WQSR Baltimore on 105.7. Im guessing very shortly after the FCC aproval they will have all the call letters right. And station identification is just that legal ID. (September 10, 2001)

I still have to belive 105.7 is stunting. Doesn't it seem funny that all weekend we heard to listen at 3 o Clock Monday...then this switch happens at 10am and at 3:00...nothing...not even a legal ID. Plus, with everything they did over the weekend, frequency flips, jocks changing stations...etc., don't you think this would sound better. I've heard loose board op-ing, weak sweeps and a guarentee of 18 songs in a row 24/7, yet they are running 2 stopsets an hour, plus really fake listener calls. I'm not sure hot talk is coming, but I do not think the changes at 105.7 are done. (September 10, 2001)

I am writing on behalf of the DC Ad Club. We would like to place a calendar or event posting on one or both of your web sites. - On Wednesday, October 31, 2001 the Ad Club proudly presents its prestigious 2001 Silver Medal Award to Cathy Hughes, Founder and Chairman, Radio One, Inc. The program will feature keynote remarks from Ms. Hughes, who oversees the largest African American owned and operated broadcast-company in the nation. To register please visit Sincerely, Akilah Foster-Bey (September 10, 2001)

(Regarding previous messages:) I am not one of those who thinks WGMS is a dumbed-down product. Radio is broadcasting. Broadcasting has to reach the masses. WGMS was for a long time considered quite elitist and did not play to the masses. You have to play to the 100,000 ears rather than the 10,000 if you are going to succeed in broadcasting. EB (September 10, 2001)

Those who are often accused of burning bridges most often have already had those bridges burned out from under them by the other party. Very often, one has to give credit to those who hold grudges for having the courage to admit reality. Even further, people who screw others with impunity for years at some point go too far. Yes, the past does come back to haunt us. Recognize cowards for what they are. They keep running away from their mistakes while ridiculing the aggrieved. Eventually, they run out of options. What does this posting have to do with radio? Everything. (September 10, 2001)

Just a little tidbit, i think that keeping Josh Medlock at Infinity and Dir of FM ops was a very smart move. Although he is still relatively young, josh was raised up by some of the best CHURBAN/Rhythm PDs in the country. He was involved with Russ Allen and 92Q when they took the reins from V103 originally, he's been at PGC as well. He knows what he's doing--kyle shannon (September 10, 2001)

Dave's response: I think that all of Infinity's moves in Baltimore are smart except one - not installing an FM hot talker. It was smart to move oldies WQSR and the Ravens onto 102.7 which provides a better signal into the DC metro. It was smart to install hip-hop on 105.7 and challenge Radio One for the top spot in Charm City radio ratings battle. And moving some of the old contemporary XYV staff over to 106.5 is great too. But I still think Infinity needs an FM hot talker in Charm City. Either Infinity buys or leases 100.7 and does it there, or merges the hot AC 106.5 with more laid-back AC 101.9 on 101.9 and puts Stern, D&M, O&A, etc., on 106.5. OK, so HFS might lose some young male demos - at least they'll be going to ANOTHER Infinity station, not over to Clear Channel or Radio One or to someone else. So what.....

Dave,Your response (about MAL and Hannity) was well said, I could't have done it better. It seems to me the more they talk, the less we listen. It is really a boring radio station,(WMAL) and getting better at that every day. Rush DOES sound "rode hard, and put away wet". What we need is some good old fashioned resignations on the air, to kinda spark up the troops..whoooooooops! (September 10, 2001)

From what people have described here it seems like Mix 106-5 has taken on a similar format to Mix 98-5 here in Boston, which is also owned by infinity. They go by "Today's Best Variety." They still play some 80s songs, but mostly on specialty shows like "Back to the 80s Friday Night," and "Retro Pop Reunion." They are definitely hotter than your average Hot AC, but I still would not consider them a CHR, since they don't play the rhythmic music. Jeff Lehmann - Hanson, MA (September 10, 2001)

Hi Dave...although it's a day late, I thought Id give you 'The Switch Report' from the Ravens game at PSINet Stadium. First, someone sent you some photos of the Radio Stand with men wearing 102.7 WQSR shirts. But if you look behind them, you can see a sign in the background with the 105.7 frequency. This stand had a truck advertising the QSR. It obviously at one time had 105.7 on it. However, at the game the '5' was molded over and it really looked like they simply drew a number '2' over it with a marker (!!). The stand also gave out white mini-posters advertising the two flaghip stations, 1300 WJFK-AM and 105.7 WQSR....whoops. Infinity also paid for a plane advertisement to fly over the stadium reading 'Good Time Oldies is moving to 102.7'. BUT, when the stadium screen advertised which stations the game could be heard on, once again is was 1300 and 105.7. Lastly, when the radio broadcast paused for station identification, they actually mentioned BOTH stations (102.7 and 105.7)...102.7 carried the XYV call letters and 105.7 had QSR. So Id have to say that Infinity's marketing push of 'The Switch' was lackluster, especially with 70,000 Raven fans, who certainly are affected by the change at stake. That's about all I noticed at the is pretty nice to know that in Rockville now the games are loud and clear...and I didn't realize that QSR actually was a decent oldies'll stay put on the presets, replacing B102.7. (Oh yes, and on a side note...on my drive back to New England, I heard WTOP on AM 1500 all the way up in Cherry Hill, NJ (!!)...interesting.). Take care, Nick from Rockville and Boston (September 10, 2001)

Well, Baltimore is "switchin" QSR is BOOOMING. The old signal 105.7 is JIVIN...and D&M are AYEMMING!! After all that the dust settles, so...? Heard Rush for the first time in ages today, he sounds terrible...was slurring his words, had no spark, no humor, sounded 15 years older than the last time I listened. SUP? Finally in checking out another site I see a morning man in Syracuse resigned on the air (Big Mike) of Y-94...I wonder if he'll "be accused of burning his bridges?" and create a hate cult?(hahahaha-(whoops) Paul L. Bicknell (September 10, 2001)

Dave's response: Three frigging hours of Limbaugh and then two more gosh darn hours of Hannity on old 630. It's just too too too too too too too too much of the same damn thing. Even if I was a conservative it would be way too much. Hey, I enjoy Breyers ice cream. But bowl after bowl after bowl after bowl of it makes me wanna puke! MAL's new slogan ought to be: "So much of the same thing you'll want to vomit!"

Dave, You are missing the point. The fact that the GM had the guts to ask ANYTHING of his partners in crime at infinity is absolutely incredible. Let us be honest, while HFS does OK in Baltimore - just good enough- they have stinked for the past many years in Washington. In their Home area - they are located in Lanham a couple of miles to DC - they are consistently dead last of all FMs, except for the religious station. This does not really bring any bargaining power for the GM at HFS. But it does give you some insight into infinity. The same people who made the disastrous decision (imho) to move Opie and Anthony into D&Ms spot, are now taking orders form the lowest rated non denominational station on the airwaves. If we could just bottle this genius that is known as Infinity Radio, we could all die rich! Mark (September 10, 2001)

No matter what happens to WXYV 105.7 at 3pm on Monday, September 10, 2001, it will be New, Fresh and Fun! Plus, I still have a job. For anyone that is going through this change, don't be scared. Everything happens for a reason. If WXYV, the new X105.7, stays the way it currently is, we will all have a blast. Remember, you may not like the format, but you need to respect it, after all, it's there for the listener, NOT you. ---Phezz (September 10, 2001)

Everyone keeps raggin' on Clear Channel, well, I think Injfinity just made a huge mistake! Lets rewind to 1998, the entire reason that 102.7XYV took the minoker B is becuase they feared a format flip on 104.3 to B104 (a stupid idea that I am sure was not Dave Fergson's, but Bill Pasha's)..... So by taking the moniker first, they tried to beat then to the punch. It was also that summer that they tried to vote AFTRA out..... 102.7 is the only union shop, in the building. How does the format flip affect that..... they probably will have enough votes to get it out now. Then in ealy '99 there were rumors of 104.3 flipping to JAMN Oldies, so Pasha was willing to sacrifice 102.7 by putting 70' songs in rotation on a CHR. It was also at this time that 105.7 WQSR was saying something like Oldies that Jam or whatever. Pasha is weak as a PD but I'm sure this flip thing came from further up the chain. Flipping the 105.7 and 102.7 accomplishes many things, better signal for a more proifitable format, Ravens coverage near DC, and getting rid of AFTRA. I would bet that the urban format on 105.7 is hear to stay, 106.5 will be a rock leaning pop/alternantive thing! And I predict that the real B..... B104 Baltimore will be back within 2 months. Clear Cannel (if the didn't smell it before), smells blood in the water, and you can bet they will strike. (September 10, 2001)

Dave, you are absolutely correct about why WHFS is not able to even compete in Washington, DC. DC 101 is ranked #1 Men ages 18-34, the music buying/listenining age section of the population. WHFS is ranked #9, Men 18-34. As for female listeners in the same demo, WHFS ranked #11 and DC101 ranked #4. The moral of the story is when hitting on 18-34 year old chicks in Washington, DC, tell them you favorite radio stations are WAMU and DC101 (Intelligence and a party animal). Do not tell them you listen to WHFS or the chicks will perceive you as pathetic. Also, so what you are telling us is even the GM of WHFS thinks his station's bit success in the Baltimore market is so delicate that he is depriving all of Baltimore of a hot talk FM station? Hey buddy, if true, that action is shameful. With real competition comes better product all around. Denying access to real competition tells me you and your station are week and have no intention of getting better. What you are doing is called protectionism, and it doesn't work. (September 10, 2001)

Dave's response: Look, if DC101 went all-polkas tomorrow, I guarantee WHFS's ratings would immediately soar.....

(Regarding a previous message:) Most minor league teams I.E. Keys, Baysox, pay to have the games on the station they are on and control the sales and inventory. The Baysox do that.......Sports Jam PR Dept. (September 10, 2001)

EB wrote: "You know, with Clear Channel and CBS out of NAB, and given how few commercial classical stations are even in existence, how much competition did WGMS have? I bet they had NONE. It's easy to be voted best when you have no competition." Clear Channel is still in NAB. Both WMZQ and WBIG were nominated for Marconi Awards. In fact, Clear Channel probably won more Marconis than any other group. WGMS was up against some tough classical competition including WQXR in New York, WFMR in Milwaukee, WRR in Dallas and KDFC in San Francisco (another Bonneville station). Some classical giants like WFMT in Chicago did not make the final 5. And it is not a case of NAB "rewarding" a station or group as you claim. Marconi winners are selected by ballot: GM's and PD's nationwide vote for the winners out of the 5 stations nominated in each category. EB, you are probably the single most inaccurate poster on DCRTV. You just plain get it WRONG. And in fairness, you should disclose your reason for holding a grudge against Bonneville. Jim Farley WTOP (September 10, 2001)

I have to agree with the crabbing about WGMS and their "classical music"- it occasionally makes it to Delmarva and I have yet to be impressed with the format. There are very few commercial classical stations to begin with and even fewer of them that do it right. Most of their format is light classical or "pops". The heavier stuff is often chopped up and not always played in its entirety. Many classical compositions can go on for 30-45 minutes, which cuts into ad time, so to fit in as many ads as possible, the longer pieces are seldom played in their entirety. The best "commercial classical" station I know of is WMUU-94.5 in Greenville SC- they do a decent job. Of course, the non-comms do it much better. I think the best classical station in the country is WCPE in Wake Forest NC, with KING-Seattle a close second. John, Smyrna DE (September 10, 2001)

I just got off the phone with Don and Mike...I called them to ask about the radio flips here in Baltimore. Don said that they are "screwed" that the GM of WHFS cried to CBS and thus they won't make it Hot Talk. He said WQSR was going to Hip Hop.... What a shame - Steve (September 10, 2001)

Dave's response: So what does that mean for Howard Stern? He'll be staying on 1300? And what about D&M? Will they remain tape delayed on 1300 during PM drive? Sounds like D&M are getting into a habit of being "screwed" by Infinity. Losing PM drive in DC, getting nixxed in Philly, and now in Baltimore too. They must really enjoy it.....

Dave, This Infinity thing is upsetting me. I was really looking forward to Hot Talk not X105.7, this is bull crap, we have enough rythmic or urban stations as it is. I am very dissapointed! I am confused as to why they started playing the X at 10am when all the announcements said to wait for 3pm, maybe it is a stunt but not if D&M said the Hot Talk thing would not happen. What happens to WJFK now, no all sports. Now what is the difference in formats between Mix1065 and X1057. -Michael (September 10, 2001)

If 105.7 goes urban or at least heavily CHR rhythmic, Infinity may be trying to emulate its new station in Hartford which has kicked butt on the CHR Pop station there. If, at the same time they take 106.5 Adult CHR (which looks like is occurring), they would probably try to fill the CHR Pop hole, and send a message to CC, that there is no room for it to switch 104.3 to CHR. Andy in Reston. (September 10, 2001)

Mr. Farley, the original poster indicated that he had talked to someone at WTOP and was told that WXTR essentially had to carry the Ravens because of an existing contract, "How nice that WXTR 820AM can carry the Ravens games because of a "contract" but dumped the Frederick Keys after 10 years" would indicate the contract was an excuse rather than a reason. You might want to be sure that whomever that fellow talked to made it clear that WTOP intentionally renewed the contract rather than simply falling back on the "its out of our hands because there is a contract" excuse in explaining to a complaint which is what the poster implied. I think I mentioned that it was quite likely, as you noted, that people asked for the Ravens coverage and that is why it was being provided. I know you and Bonneville Int'l have high standards but maybe someone answering the phones is not aware of the integrity issues contained in your core values. EB (September 10, 2001)

EB: I think you are right about the AM campus stations at Univ. of MD and George Mason- they are not licensed. They run at such low-power that they do not have to be licensed with the FCC, but must accept any and all interference from licensed stations. Such stations used to be called "carrier current" and could only be heard on campus. This only applied for AM stations and not FM stations. If the George Mason station went to 88.1 then if would have to be licensed even if it only ran 10 watts. But their 1370 outlet would not need to be licensed. Ditto for UM's 650 (is that the right freq?) outlet. And the AM callsigns are not "legal" either since they would not be assigned by the FCC since the AM station was never licensed to begin with. But the FM calls would be legal since those stations are licensed...John, Smyrna DE
EB wrote: "I do think however that WTOP is being disingenuous about the Ravens "contract". Most such affiliation agreements do not automatically renew from year to year so this year's carriage had to have been signed this summer." What are you talking about ?!? We renewed the Ravens on 820AM this year because we heard from both listeners and advertisers in and around Frederick that they wanted to be able to hear their world champs. We never said we did it because there was a previous contract in place. Nobody here is "disingenuous" EB. Jim Farley WTOP (September 10, 2001)

You know, with Clear Channel and CBS out of NAB, and given how few commercial classical stations are even in existence, how much competition did WGMS have? I bet they had NONE. It's easy to be voted best when you have no competition and the panel of judges is pretty small. More importantly, WGMS is owned by Bonneville. Senior executives from Bonneville are very active in NAB and support many NAB initiatives nationwide. Bonneville may very well be the last privately held group that is so active in the NAB and can afford the full cost of membership. Given the lack of competition, this was an easy and safe way for NAB to reward Bonneville's loyalty and support..... I may be mistaken, but since WMAL & WTOP are the EAS LP-1 stations for Washington DC, then actually ALL stations that monitor WMAL and/or WTOP will become participants in the Amber system and will rebroadcast the alert unless they choose to ignore it. EB (September 10, 2001)

No Hot Talk on FM in Baltimore. Straight from the mouth of Don Geronimo: On the air said that he and Mike (and Howard Stern, and O&A), are "screwed" out of FM in Baltimore, because the GM of WHFS didn't want Hot Talk to compete for HFS's demos, and Infinity bowed to his request. HFS said that their ratings in DC are poor because of WJFK, and that a similar station in Baltimore would "kill" him there too. Don says Urban on 105.7 is for real. -Ari (September 10, 2001)

Dave's response: Oh come on! The reason HFS has such poor ratings in DC is because of DC101 - a better alternative rock product, a (OK I'll admit it) pretty good morning show, and a much better signal. HFS does so well in Baltimore because WIYY choses to stick with the harder rock stuff, rather than heading in an alternative direction.....

Dave, I also heard urban tunes on 105.7 at noonish. They identified themselves as the new X105.7. Maybe the WXYV calls are moving here? Ric W. (September 10, 2001)

Yo, Technicaljoe, While 106.5 in Baltimore does have a great signal, 105.7 does not by virtue of it being directional, protecting not only 105.9 from D.C. (Merrifield, VA), but as I recall, as station in PA as well. (I was C.E. of 105.9 from '86-'93). The reason D.C. does not have any tall towers is that the F.A.A. will not permit any towers over 750 feet AMSL. because of all the airports in the area; Dulles, Reagan National, Andrews AFB, plus the restricted federal airspace. John Diamantis, Chief Engineer, WBQB/WFVA, Fredericksburg, VA. (September 10, 2001)

Reading all the posts from others I had to post this tidbit. Driving home last night around 11 or so I was listening to 102.7 and the DJ said he had to explain to the kids that were calling him that B102.7 was gone, but that Mix was there for them and they would play some of the music that B102.7 played. He then told everybody to to tune into 105.7 tomorrow at 3 for a major announcment. Since it was late and I figured that most people wouldn't be on the request line I called the DJ up. I said the signal was great I was near DC today and heard the Ravens game loud and clear and that I was looking forward to finally being able to hear Don and Mike on FM....the DJ kinda laughed and said "I think you'll on to something...keep in" Hmm. Steve (September 10, 2001)

Amber aletr - FYI a similar alert system was established and announced in Fredericksburg in May. Named for 3 local girls who were abducted and slain, it is being broadcast on 4 local radio stations, WFLS, WYSK, WBQB and WJYJ, and one of the local cable systems, Adelphia. While the name is different, the structure is the same. Thankfully, it hasn't been used yet... (September 10, 2001)

Yay!! I still have a job! its 10am and i turn to 105.7, i hear Trick Daddy - I'm A thug, and DMX - Party up Yah.. its Urban. With 18 Jams in row. Sounds great.. and sounds like 92Q will have a big run for their money! (September 10, 2001)

(Regarding a post from Steve McIntosh) WSKY 'Sky 4' (IND) definitely has unique signal coverage. At this time, they have been having transmitter problems so their signal is very weak. At full power, they will put in a decent signal here on the Southside of Hampton Roads (Norfolk/Virginia Beach). Because of this (FCC must-carry rules), Cox Cable was forced to shuffle some channels (Southside only) on August 1st to accommodate WSKY-TV 4 (Cox Channel 4, a premium slot). At the same time, Cox had to make room for another NC station because WUND-TV 2 (PBS) boosted their power. WUND now has a huge(!) coverage area; more than 70 miles away from Hampton Roads! They're located on another premium Cox channel...6. As far as FOX jumping to channel 4, NO WAY! As you stated in your post, WSKY doesn't cover the entire Southeast corner of Virginia plus WVBT-TV, the current FOX affiliate, has very good signal coverage in this entire area. Robert F Corbin (September 10, 2001)

IF, Frederick WANTED the Keys on WXTR 820, they would be there. Wanted means footing the bill folks. Wanted means local advertisers supporting their local station. Wanted does not mean you get the games carried for free with the station providing equipment and barely, if at all, covering its costs. It is quite probable that the Ravens are on WXTR because some local businesses are sponsoring that affiliation. If you want the Keys, then get local businesses to support it. WTOP spent a fair amount of money on making WXTR a simulcast, they are not going to break format because they are nice guys and it gives them a happy feeling. It's a business decision. Nothing happens for free. In other words, they make money with the Ravens and they do not make money with the Keys and found advertisers to sponsor one program but not the other. Yes, they do get compensation as well from the Ravens Network. I do think however that WTOP is being disingenuous about the Ravens "contract". Most such affiliation agreements do not automatically renew from year to year so this year's carriage had to have been signed this summer. The Ravens are an affiliation agreement. The Keys are a production agreement and production is always a liability. It is not accurate to compare carrying the Ravens with carrying the Keys as being an affiliate takes far less effort than being a producer. The actual cost per program to carry the Ravens is probably significantly less than the cost to produce the Keys. If you want the Keys, stop blaming station management for making good business decisions, get some local businesses to support the product and be prepared to pay the price of the ticket for admission. Local radio only happens when the local community makes it happen. EB (September 10, 2001)

I'm trying to learn the whereabouts of Anne Jones Sweeney. She was an A/E with WPOC, WQSR and I think WLIF before moving to New Orleans.... Thanks! Teri (September 10, 2001)

I don't believe that posters are correct in using the reference LPFM for the stations at George Mason and U-of-M CP. I do not believe they are licensed as LPFM. While they indeed operate at low power, they are NCE (aka Class D IIRC, non-comm educational) and usually are assigned enough power to cover the campus. My alma mater was an NCE 1kW. The designation LPFM refers to a specific sort of allocation and I don't believe any are on the air in this area yet. Perhaps someone could check the FCC database and confirm it either way. EB (September 10, 2001)

All Access is reporting on the winners of the NAB's Marconi awards. For classical music station of the year--it's DC's own WGMS. Bob (September 10, 2001)

Dave's response: We got that on our news page on Sunday.....

Kenny of JoJo and Kenny on WWMX offered an "explanation" to a listener of what happened this weekend. When she asked if B102.7 is gone, he said it's history, but listen to 105.7 this afternoon. That lead me to believe that they may reincarnate it on 105.7 Right after he said that, though, he told the story about how he had to call his daughter from work on Saturday and tell her that her favorite station (102.7) was gone. He said he told her she'd have to tune to York (presumably 98YCR) from now on to hear Destiny's Child. So, maybe 105.7 is not going to rhythmic CHR? One thing that sounded pretty clear is that the strategy is to bring some listeners who left WWMX for 102.7 back to Mix. They've been running liners stating that Mix is back on 106.5, as if it had been gone. To me that means that they are catering to an audience who left them for a while. In addition, when Kenny was talking to this woman who was looking for B-102.7 but ended up on Mix, he made a point of telling her that Mix was here for her, welcomes her back, and won't be going anywhere. In addition to less 80s on Mix (there is still some, I heard the Police last night), there is also less rhythmic stuff. Not they were ever heavy on it, but they did play some TLC, Mariah Carey, etc. on occasion. Since the switch to Mix1065, I haven't heard anything from rhytmic-leaning artists. Could this mean 106.5 will be the rock/pop adult CHR while 105.7 will be the rhtymic CHR? Isn't speculation great? I guess we'll know at 3pm. It seems that if Infinity can duplicate their WPGC success in Baltimore, they could give WERQ a run for its money, or coexist with it at the top of the ratings. Finally, more on the lineup changes at Mix. JoJo and Kenny start 30 minutes earlier now and are on from 5-10. They officially introduced Sarah Jacobs as the new news person and said that Tamara Nelson moved a couple stations down the dial, which we know is WLIF. Also, Stacey Lynn is now part of the morning show. They didn't say who replaces her at night, but my guess it's someone from WXYV. Maybe Priestly, since Fast Jimi and Hawaiian Ryan already showed up over the weekend? Also, they've been promoting Maria Dennis' Cyber Cafe from 12-2. I'm guessing she'll be on from 10-2, though. (September 10, 2001)

Dave's response: I still think Infinity's gonna have to find a place for a hot talker with Stern, D&M, and O&A. See below.....

If 105.7 becomes B102.7 type of station and not hot-talk, then what is going on with WJFK wanting to go all-sports and then what was the point of getting Jim Rome and bumping off Liddy, I guarantee Rome is not getting any better ratings than Liddy. The point is it makes no sense that WJFK is combining sports talk with hot talk. It is weird that they are making the switch at 3pm that's what worries me, it seems it may not be hot talk. However on the other hand Mix 1065 would not be changing their imaging and liners in my opinion if the B102.7 playlist were not coming over. If Mix and Lite FM combine, and become more hot AC, then what happens to the AC format, there would be no AC format in town..... I doubt Alan Lee would give misinformed info about the B102.7 listeners tuning into 105.7 at 3pm today. Remember management gives the DJs the info so it's not made up by the DJs. This would lead me to believe that 105.7 unfortunately will not be hot talk. But one possibility is maybe Howard Stern will be the morning show on 105.7 and Don and Mike will be on tape delay in the afternoon with the new format music mixed in middays, at nights and weekends. The other thing is if 105.7 does go hot talk, I wonder what the programming would be for nights after O&A and on weekends. -Michael (September 10, 2001)

Dave's response: Now THAT'S a possibility, Howard Stern all morning and "something else" all day and night.....

The problem of 750 interfering with 1500 in NE Baltimore is 99% likely to be the fault of the person's radio receiver. Most solid state AM car radios are very susceptable to overloading - creating the second harmonic INSIDE the radio - which in the case of 750 lands on top of 1500. Push in you car's antenna a lot of the way and you'll probably find that most of the interference will have gone away, even though 1500 will be weaker. I used this approach when listening to 1260 and driving near 630 - back when 1260 had anything worth listening to. (September 10, 2001)

Regarding the new WSKY TV 4, Outer Banks NC/Norfolk, VA.....very interesting to see a market like that get a independent VHF station. I checked out their signal contours posted on Their tower is right on the banks of the water body between the mainland and the barrier island. They virtually put out NO signal to the east with their east contour right over their tower location. According to their website, they are marketing themselves to Norfolk even though they are that far away, but their directional pattern caused a rather large north and south lobe. Looks like they cover Norfolk/VA Beach fairly sufficiently but not Newport News. I wonder how they think that they are going to pull that off. Any thoughts about this station?.....could Fox move off of UHF in Norfolk and go to Channel 4? Surely it wouldn't be a superstation. - Steve McIntosh (September 10, 2001)

Dave, Oops, Norman found a typo on the tech changes page: instead of defining L1 in the key, I have F1. L1 in the table means 100 watt LPFM service. Hmmm, if folks want to view the relative performance of DC and Baltimore stations, they should visit the tech specs page. There are approximate coverage plots for most FM and TV stations there. Case in point: 105.7 in Baltimore. While it may be on an impressive tower, it must employ a freakin' directional antenna that limits radiation towards York, PA (at about 3,000 watts) and WJZW's tower (nearly the same level). In fact, 105.7 is "50,000 watts" only in two small sectors to the northeast and southeast. For the record, 105.9 and 106.7 also use directional antennas to protect Baltimore. Technicaljoe, go look at the coverage plots yourself. Regards, Dave Loudin (September 10, 2001)

Does it seem that V-103 (formerly WXYV-FM Baltimore) will really make a comeback? (September 10, 2001)

Sunday evening at 7:10, Alan Lee announced on WQSR that younger listeners who missed hearing hip hop and Mariah Carey on 102.7 should tune to 105.7 on Monday at 3 P.M. Hot talk? Ed J.--Columbia, MD (September 9, 2001)

Dave's response: OK, how about this - rhythmic contemporary on 105.7, hot talk on 106.5, move "Mix 106.5" to 101.9?..... Hey, I'm not making any more speculation until the dust settles. This is getting kinda nutty!..... Maybe Infinity could do some musical chairs in DC. Let's see - move HFS to 106.7, PGC-FM to 94.7, ARW to 1580, and the gospel sounds of PGC-AM to 95.5. Hmmm.....

I believe I just heard a major format announcement by a DJ on WQSR 102.7 that they will be changing the format of there old frequancy to what B102.7 had. I literally heard this a few minutes ago (9/9) on air at around 7:20pm! Anyway he said on air, "If you're a kid unexpectantly tuning in to his show expecting to hear Mariah Carey or Eminem all I can say is be sure and tune into our old frequency come Monday." BTW, I'm not sure how much credance I should put on what this DJ says. He only works there on Sunday nights. Well since he said it must have been okayed by someone. willisgirl (September 10, 2001)

Bill Pasha or his lackeys must be posting on here, because only he and those talentless hacks (who kiss his butt to maintain their meaningless jobs) would profess that Infinity has made some good moves in Baltimore. Granted, WXYV needed to be killed, but that is only because Pasha destroyed it. He has tanked every station in his cluster. This big frequency/format shuffling is designed to draw attention away from his COMPLETE failure as programmer. It will not be long before another company brings some truly talented people into town. Then, the s**t storm will surely begin. (September 10, 2001)

How nice that WXTR 820AM can carry the Ravens games because of a "contract" but dumped the Frederick Keys after 10 years and depriving their fans of following the team. How could 3 hours in the evening hurt them? (September 10, 2001)

(Regarding comments on my comments) 1370 WGMU is a MOOT point. I didn't necessarily mean to imply they WOULD be protected, but it doesn't even matter now. They're NOT ON 1370 anymore. THEY ARE ON 88.1 FM just like LPFM WMUC College Park. Check out their website. The LACK of nearby stations on 1370 makes the frequency change a SWEET move for WWLG Legends Radio. And they INSTANTLY become a bigger player in the Baltimore/DC market in a BIG WAY soon! In fact with WCBM's power increase, they BOTH become bigger players! That was the intention of my comments. Plus they even get rid of the harmonic interference problem with WCBM 680 (680 + 680 = 1360 = interference). Since they are co-owned i believe this solves a problem for BOTH stations at once. I have trouble picking up WTOP mornings on the way to work on I95 2 miles before the Fort McHenry tunnel. lil WBMD 750 BLANKETS WTOP 1500 on that stretch of I95! One minute i'm gettin traffic info, the next minute it's spiritual guidance! And sometimes BOTH at same time! LOL I'm surprised more weak AMers don't investigate freq shifts more thoroughly (ala WTNT 570 ? i work in BELTSVILLE and can't get them sometimes!). So many AMers have gone dark in the last decade, ala 1260 WNRK Newark! The AM stations in Baltimore have life a LOT EASIER than in DC. But of course in the 1920's when most of the FREQ's were handed out WESTINGHOUSE, HEARST, RAILROAD money were big here and Baltimore was TWICE as big as DC then, the inner harbor REAKED of dead fish and port cargo, and uptown Mt. Vernon was the place for the B & O railroad Corp money movers and shakers to live large. If u ever wanna see a glimpse of the "roaring 20's", check out The Belvedere Hotel's wall of pics. U would be amazed how many Hollywood/radio stars/authors and even ROYALTY of that era came to/lived in Bmore back then, even F. Scott Fitzgerald! Sorry, me thinks i've gotten off on a rant like Dennis Miller now. :) - Tecnicaljoe (September 10, 2001)

To all the wonderful people inhabiting NOVA. Please THINK before posting. NEITHER 105.7 NOR 106.5 are WEAK SIGNALS! I've travelled around the area in sales for MANY years and even lived near DC. In College Park and Beltsville, the Baltimore stations are STILL stronger than ur so-called DC stations. BOTH signals blanket this market TOTALLY, unlike the so-called DC area stations on 105.9 and 106.7. WWMX 106.5 transmits from the TALLEST TOWER in the Baltimore/Washington/Philly/Virginia AREA to my knowledge, the WBFF FOX45 bad boy MONSTER stick on TV HILL at over 1100 FEET! And I grew up practically next door to WQSR (was ROCK WKTK/disco WKTK then, i stole all the old bumber stickers outta their dumpster when they switched and vandalized an entire wall of my grade school with them i was SO upset! The nuns are still lookin for me i think! lol) Their tower is fairly new also. I remember the old red and white one from when i was a kid. The flashing light used to keep me up at night it was so close! BOTH towers are in BALTIMORE CITY. I live out in Baltimore county now near the bay and can STILL SEE BOTH towers from in front of my house!! Can 105.9 or 106.7 say that? I think not. Finally, ONE thing IS true about the BIG Infinity switch here in Baltimore. NFL MONEY TALKS BIGTIME ESPECIALLY AN NFL WORLD CHAMPION (sorry to rub it in Redskin fans, i couldn't resist! lol) and 102.7 does not have a 105.9 gnat bitin it's ankle and thus blankets both markets, hence bigger ad revenues = MO MONEY! When is a DC station of ANY KIND gonna build a decent TALL TOWER??? Baltimore has 2 TOWERS over 1000FEET tall! Can u NOVA inhabitants say "TOWER ENVY" ??? LOL It's all in fun. Dont go crazy on me people. :) - Tecnicaljoe (September 10, 2001)

Hampton Roads... WVEC-TV 13 (ABC) drops Tom Bergeron & Whoopi Goldberg at 'Hollywood Squares', which moves to WTKR-TV 3 CBS at 4PM, for a 5:30PM newscast. Channel 13 now joins WAVY-TV 10 (NBC) and WTKR-TV 3 (CBS) with one and a half hours of continuous local news starting at 5PM..... Robert F Corbin (September 10, 2001)

In addition to Saturday night on the SportsJam, I heard Phil Wood with John Thompson one day last week for an hour in the studio. I can't remember the last time that happened. Maybe he really is coming back. Gambrills, MD (September 10, 2001)

Re WGMS Award: I'd imagine that only commercial stations were in the running for any NAB award, and maybe only NAB members. So how many commercial classical stations are left - not very many. Gone in Miami, Detroit, Philadelphia, Denver, moved to a far-out rim-shot class A near Cleveland, down to one in Chicago, and I think gone in a couple of the major west coast cities. Commercial classical station remain on the air in Boston, New York, Washington, Dallas, Chicago, and where else? WGMS may have dumbed-down, but I'm willing to accept that instead of them becoming the 25th rock station in the area. (September 10, 2001)

I just found out today that WQSR has taken the 102.7 slot in order to reach a larger audience. I do not like the oldies and just want to find out what station, if any, that they are currently on. (September 10, 2001)

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