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\/ November 28 Messages \/

The problem I see with phones on the anchor desk is that some anchors get so focused on their phones that they have to sometimes have to be told that it's their turn to read the teleprompter. I don't know, it just seems somewhat rude to have the camera on them and they're all into their phones. And yes, the phones are a source of info from Twitter, AP, etc., but I think that their attention should be towards the audience & not checking their phone for updates. Isn't that the job of the producer or whomever is assigned to keep track of news updates? (11/28/15)

“Enjoy a very special Thansgiving weekend edition of "Dave TV" where I take a look at the many successes of Hubbard all-newser WTOP. But find that the company's DC cluster could make better use of WTOP's extensive newsroom. Including the development of a full-time sports talk stream and political talk stream. Now, all Hubbard needs to do is to find more local signals. Oh, and what to do with Federal News Radio, which has a hard time even showing up in the ratings. In today's "Dave TV".....” Easily the gayest DCRTVDJDAVE ever: stop smoking and watch out for them electrical lines. (11/28/15)

I know this didn’t affect the bottom line for WTOP much, but when WTOP was on AM 1500, it showed up in the Baltimore ratings more than on 103.5 FM. The highly directional FM signal just doesn’t make it to Baltimore as well. It’s more pointed towards VA & southern MD. This is probably why WNEW is making some inroads in the Baltimore ratings. All those I-95 commuters between the 2 cities from Baltimore suburbs have probably switched to WNEW from WTOP. (11/28/15)

I just saw a promo on WBAL-TV for coverage of the Freddie Grey trial. It featured Stan Stovall and Donna Hamilton standing outside the court house. This prompted me to think when was the last time a local TV news anchor actually covered a news story and reported from the scene? Lester Holt covered the massacre in Paris for a week and is receiving high praise for his work. (11/28/15)

Regarding news anchor with smartphones on the anchor desk. The phone is their computer- it allows them to be connected to AP, police sources via Twitter, network news and other local stations. In the event of a breaking story, they would be among the first to know, without having to get the info second hand through a producer, writer, or director in the control room. I doubt they are texting friends or browsing AMAZON for deals. Maybe some Candy Crush lurking in the background, but mainly the smartphone is the link to everything. (11/28/15)

Enjoy a very special Thansgiving weekend edition of "Dave TV" where I take a look at the many successes of Hubbard all-newser WTOP. But find that the company's DC cluster could make better use of WTOP's extensive newsroom. Including the development of a full-time sports talk stream and political talk stream. Now, all Hubbard needs to do is to find more local signals. Oh, and what to do with Federal News Radio, which has a hard time even showing up in the ratings. In today's "Dave TV"..... (11/28/15)

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\/ November 27 Messages \/

WUSA 9 did have a noon news on Thanksgiving. Howard Bernstein of WUSA 9 did work on Thanksgiving just like WJZ’s Marty Bass, but Howard had a second job afterwards… The PieMaster for his Thanksgiving dinner according to Facebook. :-) (11/27/15)

Anchors on Smartphones? Its much worse in New York. (11/27/15)

Rock legend and WHFS favorite back in the day Jimi Hendrix would have been 73 today ("Even castles made of sand fall into the sea, eventually."): (11/27/15)

Re: management requiring anchors to have their phones on the anchor desk, that's fine as long as it's not a distraction. Sometimes the camera pans to both anchors and one is texting or whatever on the phone. And then it's obvious that the director has said in their earphones to get off the phone because the camera's on them. Or the other anchor makes a comment that the other one doesn't hear because he/she is on their phone and has no clue what's going on when the camera turns to them. Well, guess this is just part of the technological age. I have no problem with anchors referring viewers to the station's website, FB page, etc., but not using phones on air. I watch NBC4 for the evening news and I've never seen Doreen or Vance or any other anchor on NBC4 using their phones. Think it has to do with professionalism. Just my opinion. (11/27/15)

Newspeople can use their mobile devices on air as a notepad, too. Hey, I put my grocery note on my iPhone each week. Saving the environment and all that. Could I interest you in buggy whips instead of that newfangled automobile? - - - - - Larry (formerly) in Luray (11/27/15)

I saw the Baltimore numbers and saw WTTR continues to see a showing., higher than WFRE and that monster signal. Good job. Does anybody know if WHGM is encoded yet? I was shocked that they were a no show with Rouse and such. (11/27/15)

Poor Kevin McCarthy had somewhat of a meltdown on the show this morning. He actually had to be told to calm down. Chenevey felt that the new Star Wars trailer was lacking, especially a short clip of Harrison Ford. Wisdom and Annie then said they agreed with Steve. Kevin then went ballistic and was uncontrollable. I've seen him do this before when someone didn't agree with his obsession with something movie related. Steve tried to tell Kevin that Kevin's invested in movies, that's his job. But Kevin is so obsessed with Star Wars that if someone disagrees with him, he just goes out of control. Almost felt sorry for him. But hey, he needs to grow up. He's what, 30 years old acting like he's 10. (11/27/15)

Dave: I'm hanging in the Norfolk, VA area and was at a sports bar last night. They had CSN on with no volume but I saw Michael Jenkins anchoring their highlight show with a plate of food on the desk. What I couldn't believe was that he was talking to the camera and actually eating. I'm glad I wasn't home with the volume up because "are you kidding me"!!!! I guess CSN already knows no one's watching them and at this point, they'll try anything to get viewers. (11/27/15)

Lovely weather today with Eva. (11/27/15)

Somewhat funny moment this morning when Wisdom introduced Grant Paulsen to do the sports report. He said "Grant Paulsen from FOX5".. I think it was supposed to read Grant Paulsen from "106.7 The Fan"..Wisdom had such a look on his face like "huh?"...Kind of like saying, "coming up, Tucker Barnes from FOX5"... (11/27/15)

Anchors keep cellphones close by because they constantly update their social media accounts. While some WANT to do it, most HAVE to because management thinks it's another way to engage the viewer. Another example of more work, same/less money. (11/27/15)

I don't understand why the anchors on channel 5 are allowed to have their cell phones at the anchor desk. Not only are they allowed to have them sitting on the anchor desk, they're allowed to check them and use them during the broadcast!! I don't know if this is common practice for channels 7 & 9, but I don't see the anchors on channel 4 with their phones. Maybe I'm just an old fart, but I feel when at work, cell phones shouldn't be allowed to be used for personal use. I routinely see cashiers answering their phones and texting while ringing up groceries and because of this, have had them ring up some of my stuff twice because they're not paying attention. But I digress..Anyway, again, just feel cell phones shouldn't be used during the news broadcast. (11/27/15)

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\/ November 26 Messages \/

Regarding "I lived in Columbus, Georgia...""I remember the radio show that was hosted by G. Gordon Libby...." Just goes to show it's a different world outside the Beltway, a world where people don't remember your name correctly. Maybe, out there, the canned goods say "Liddy" on the label. (11/26/15)

Wow. Marty Bass is working on Thanksgiving. He must have drawn the short stick this year. Unlike any of the other Baltimore TV stations, WJZ is actually doing a noon news today, I guess mostly because CBS has no network programming until later. What did WUSA 9 do, any news at noon in DC? (11/26/15)

Unsigned Retired Nonsuit... You must not have listened to G.Gordon's show too closely all those years. His name is "Liddy" not "Libby". And the name of his show was -- "The G.Gordon Liddy Show". Because he must have wanted something avant-garde and mysterious, you know. (11/26/15)

Ok in honor of WHFS always playing “Alice’s Restaurant” on Thanksgiving: (11/26/15)

Re:Holly Morris, it does seem as though Fox5 is gradually increasing her exposure, somewhat grooming her for something bigger & better. Kind of like they did with transitioning Tony Perkins from weather person to anchor. She seems to be front & center in promo pics & with other segments. But then again, maybe it's somewhat of a reward for her tenure there at the station. I remember when Lark McCarthy left and Allison Seymour was given her spot, it appeared that Holly was a little miffed that SHE didn't get it. The announcement was during Lark's goodbye festivities & when Allison's name was announced, Holly sarcastically chimed in saying she had been there longer. Couldn't believe she did that. (11/26/15)

Dave you have WMZQ listed twice in your ratings is one of those supposed to be WKYS? (11/26/15)

Dave's response: Whoops! WETA-FM and WKYS are tied for 10th in the November ratings. WMZQ is 12th.....

I remember the radio show that was hosted by G. Gordon Libby, though I don't remember the name of the show. I lived in Columbus, Georgia from 1983 to 1995 and the show was on a AM radio station in a time slot that directly competed with that gasbag Rush Limbaugh who was on another AM radio station. Libby's show ran 2 or 3 hours, and in the first hour, he would read articles from the Washington Times and comment on them. If he had time left, he would read from the Washington BLEEP! (Washington Post). Why would he read from that paper when (it seemed to me like) he didn't like that paper? The remaining hour(s) he would either have guests or callers or both. Unsigned Retired Nonsuit. (11/26/15)

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\/ November 25 Messages \/

Does this mean Erika Gonzalez is leaving 4? Job Description: Perform on-air consumer reporting responsibilities for daily NBC4 newscasts or program across NBC4’s multiple platforms... (11/25/15)

Does anyone else watch FOX5's morning news? And if so, does else anyone sense that Holly Morris believes she should be the center of attention?. I know that this morning, they had a Thanksgiving feast where everyone said what they were thankful for and I found it interesting that she was the last one to speak.. She sort of made it like everyone else was the opening act and she was the main attraction. (11/25/15)

RE: WBOC 102.5: There is no FCC news or any hint that WBOC 102.5 FM will move their tower north or closer to OC/Salisbury, but I suggested that being a full Class B at 50kw, they might have some wiggle room to study the possibility. The previous owners would have not have had the money to even look into it. WBOC might want to look into it as their translator on 94.9 might be deleted or have serious interference now that a new FM is approved south of OC on 94.7 FM. WBOC FM doesn't have a great signal to OC without the 94.9 FM, at least not on the beaches. I suspect something might happen over the winter. Check out their current signal here… (11/25/15)

Davidson Media Group sells remaining 4 stations in New England to Red Wolf Broadcasting for $2.9 Million. Story from The Bristol Press in Connecticut focuses on Southington, Connecticut's WXCT 990, which runs Oldies programming from WACM in West Springfield. The other stations are Oldies WACM 1490 in West Springfield Mass, Spanish Tropical POWER 1270 WSPR in Springfield Mass, and Spanish Tropical Latina 100.3 FM WKKB in Providence Rhode Island. (11/25/15)

I'm just trying to understand why there would be any confusion about "mug guy" s identity. This here is the actual Jack Diamond from WRQX, in a photo taken during his WLS stint last year : Jack's on the north side of 60 -- "mug guy" was probably still in elementary school when Jack started in radio... How could these two men be confused for each other? (11/25/15)

Dave, I'm not one of the WBAL bashers, but I did get a chuckle out of this yesterday afternoon, "One of the stories we're following coming up after the ABC news, a police officer in Dundalk today shot a man with a knife." Pretty cool trick, don'tcha think? (11/25/15)

For all you DCRTV Mailbaggers who, like DCRTVDJDAVE has invited a Chris Plante conservative like me to his sister’s Thanksgiving and need to know what to do if politics come up from Bump at the Wapoop: (11/25/15)

Im showing two LPFMs in or near Woodbridge: 106.3 "JPN" and WJEV at 97.7. How could either be causing interference with 94.3 WWXX? (11/25/15)

[RE: "The smiling young lad with the mug is Franklin Raff, former executive producer and engineer of the G Gordon Liddy Show when it aired on Radio America. He is a Diamond show alumnus.”] Raff looks like he could be Sports Junkies “Cakes” twin brother with some hair left: maybe separated at birth? (11/25/15)

TEGNA invests in The Video Call Center... Take what you will from this, but the key is cost cutting. I.e. Fewer people to do the same job? (11/25/15)

The new low power FM Station in Woodbridge blocks out the Red Zebra Station in this area. Red Zebra owns 94.4 FM WWXX in Warrenton. Now we will need to listen to the Redskins on 980 AM. (11/25/15)

Dave's response: Try tuning to 94.3.....

FYI: Turkeys can indeed fly in the wild. Just not Arthur Carlson’s turkeys. :-) (11/25/15)

Happened upon 106.7 today and I heard Chad Dukes crowing about some new ratings that apparently showed him ahead of 980. Apparently this is something unusual and he went off talking about how he beat 980's payroll and superior (Redskins) access. Some truth to that I guess, but it was real low class for him to be gloating like that. When you score a TD, you calmly hand the ball to the ref and act like you've been there before and will be there again. Someone needs to explain that to Dukes. (11/25/15)

The smiling young lad with the mug is Franklin Raff, former executive producer and engineer of the G Gordon Liddy Show when it aired on Radio America. He is a Diamond show alumnus. (11/25/15)

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\/ November 24 Messages \/

To the poster who said that the dude in the big picture holding a 'DIAMOND IN THE MORNING' coffee mug with the American Flag in the background is NOT Jack Diamond, than who is he? Unsigned Retired Human Non-Suit. (11/24/15)

Thanks Dave, for the Kerby "Scott" Confer interview. He was a great talent to Listen to, Watch or Work for. He was always ready to help anybody who REALLY wanted to be in the business. I was a "Jr" Dancer on "Wing Ding" at Channel 20 and later worked for him at WYRE. So good to see him again. Big Don O'Brien (11/24/15)

i did not republish anything from Donald Trump. Even the Washington Post writer has admitted to writing the story and then not following up on it. There is no mistake here from The Post confusing the Palestinians and people in Jersey, so don’t even bother going there. What Trump said is still exaggerated, but not completely false or worthy of 4 Pinocchios as The Post’s own words proved. There were some things posted this week about such U.S. towns as Little Mogadishu and another town doing this sort of thing. (11/24/15)

Hi Dave, Saw your cord cutter segment about channel 7. Stations don't reduce power like that. I think you need a better antenna---preferably one that's amplified. Reception issues in Reston could be the problem as well. Lately I'm getting a rolling pattern of interference on r f 29 which is WMPB re-mapped 67-1,+sub channels. Something is stepping on that r f 29 signal yet the meter reads 100%. They are aware of it. Channel 7's frequency has a lot of interference on it and a lot of short spaced stations on it as well. Try amplification and even call them(WJLA) I'm sure they would like to know and maybe they are on a back up transmitter. WBAL does this quite often without notice. It would be nice if stations would run a crawl for o t a viewers but they don't. Take Care, N L in Baltimore (11/24/15)

I see that WASH is in third place in the November ratings, little of which account for the Christmas-music surge, right? Has WASH been trending up the past couple of years at 107.3's expense? I hadn't really noticed, but that #3 placement got my attention. (11/24/15)

Rush said today that the Washington Post reported in 2001 that "Muslims" were celebrating in New Jersey on 9-11. The piece never mentioned ANY ethnicity or religion of the anyone that was detained that day in New Jersey. Rush later went on and said by the Washington Post calling Mr. Trump a liar, now, and having that reporting done by its own news organization in 2001 come out, is the reason people don't trust the mainstream media. Boy, Rush had to make a real effort in twisting the facts in order to blame someone else for twisting the facts. And before I forget, As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly. Happy Thanksgiving, Arthur Carlson. P.S. Whose Thanksgiving Dinner is Chris Plante going to ruin this year? (11/24/15)

Traffic Jam Jimmy's not the only one being caught on camera at FOX45. The control room staff at WBFF Baltimore had a little fun with FOX45 News anchor Jennifer Gilbert. After reading a story about Carly Simon revealing that part of her song "You're So Vain" was written about actor Warren Beatty, Jennifer breaks into song during the commercial break that followed. Unbeknownst to her, she was being recorded by the crew who freely shared it LIVE on the air upon return to the broadcast. Co-anchor Kai Jackson approves. (11/24/15)

Is the new 102.5 WBOC signal going to be moved further north? I thought I had read that it was a while back. (11/24/15)

Oh NOW you tell us: where was Bill Hess when you needed him? A little less lunch: more reporting. [“RE: Jamee Whitten Back To WMAL - Jamee Whitten returns to Cumulus news talker WMAL to do morning traffic. She used to be heard on the station when it subscribed to Total Traffic, but left to handle family matters when Cumulus switched to a different traffic service.....”] (11/24/15)

On today's DCRTV Plus page, there's a glimpse of "Kerby Scott" Confer's teen dance show at WBAL-TV. Here's a 2014 interview in which Kerby relates his career in broadcasting starting as a DJ working for free to becoming a multimillionaire owner of a chain of stations... (11/24/15)

I do another Cord Cutter episode. This time, focusing on how things are going almost 15 months after cutting the Comcast cable TV cord. Looking at all the many ways I'm getting free TV these days - Roku, YouTube - and saving well more than $100 every month on my Comcast bill. And, how I've transformed an old Windows XP laptop into a cool video "machine"..... (11/24/15)

Re: NPR. I wasn't as clear as I ought to be, I suppose. Take Car Talk. I think WAMU is stuck airing reruns of Car Talk because.......CarTalk has been there on Saturday morning since the 1980's. If they ditch it, you know all the Baby Boomers would bitch and moan about how public radio is "abandoning" them. Same thing with MPT- why are they still showing episodes of 70's Britcoms? Cause if they got rid of it, the ageing boomers would complain! Maybe the solution is for bothNPR and PBS to just a museum piece until the last boomer passes, and turn out the lights and the tower. (11/24/15)

Reason; "In Jersey City, within hours of two jetliners’ plowing into the World Trade Center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.” This piece was published a week after the attacks, and the origins, it later turned out, came from a police report about Israelis being questioned in New Jersey, and a viral email taking liberty with those facts (complete with 10 year old pictures of a Palestine demonstration labeled “Patterson NJ, or “Jersey City, NJ”). To be clear, the excerpt to which Trump is pointing to, and you republished here, characterized individuals (No nationality or religious origins given) who "allegedly" celebrated the attacks on rooftops in Jersey City (emphasis on “allegedly” indicating that the event was not confirmed to have happened). Trump’s claim was to have witnessed "thousands and thousands" of individuals in New Jersey on television “cheering.” This claim is not in reality on the record in any broadcast or cable news archive or Lexus Nexus search. If the claim were true, Fox News would have the archived footage, and we would see it played on heavy rotation all day today, don’tcha think? For the record, there were five Israeli’s who were detained for “archiving” the World Trade Center events, (and being downright giddy while doing it), from the New Jersey shoreline that morning, but there were not “thousands of people cheering as that building was coming down.” Finally, it's unlikely “thousands” of any group of people could physically and safely congregate on a rooftop. (11/24/15)

Re: Jamee Whitten. I called it the day she left Total Traffic that WMAL would hire her. Add her to the list of traffic reporters who will be camped out on WTOP's Twitter feed all morning stealing their information. (11/24/15)

Read on your DCRTV.COM about Tribune doing buyouts of some of the reporters at their newspapers. While I don't know the full circumstances, so far I have seen 2 columnists at The Hartford Courant say they have done their final columns for The Hartford Courant - a guy who had a consumer advocate column called The Bottom Line and Mary Ellen Fillo who wrote an entertainment column called Java. (11/24/15)

None of the below: Mouring on the Mall has Jamie Whitten back on traffic. (11/24/15)

So Chris Plante asks who will ruin Thanksgiving dinner at your house: DCRTVDJDAVE showing up at Chris' Thanksgiving would be a hoot! (11/24/15)

As we prepare to give thanks in a couple of days, I would like to thank Brenda Carl for bringing mornings back to alleged news radio 1090. For the past few weeks, she co-anchored morning drive with John Patti with the kind of authoritative, professional delivery that actually made me want to tune in again; no motormouth, speed-reading, slap-happy style so popular among so many others there. Unfortunately, her appearance has ended with the return of Evelyn Wood, and the resumption of what I like to call NASCAR NEWS: give it to 'em fast and furious. I guess we should really be even more thankful for the freedom we have each morning to avoid this train wreck by simply tuning out. So, until Carl's next fill in, CLICK! (11/24/15)

at 8:45am Mornings on the Mall will announce a new addition to their show. Who will it be? Popular guess and odds below: Mary Katherine Hamm 2:1... the ghost of Austin Hill 100:1... Michael Graham 22:1... Mrs Fred 3:1... Andy Parks 82:1... Gopher 10:1... Michael Steel 15:1 (we know about Larry's feelings on that)... Let the betting begin. (11/24/15)

On September 18, 2001 The Washington Post forgot that it wrote this in an article… "In Jersey City, within hours of two jetliners’ plowing into the World Trade Center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.” Apparently The Post didn’t read their own story before giving Donald Trump 4 Pinocchios for his allegedly false statement that NJ Muslims celebrated the WTC attack. This would have and is still not being fact checked by the MSM, but others found it without their help. (11/24/15)

According to the FCC, iHeart got approval for the 104.7 FM in DC. Also according to Twitter, WBAL’s iPad scripting system went down during this morning’s news and Jason Newton tweeted that he’s glad he kept his Paper Cut Insurance policy as they are apparently temporarily back to working with paper scripts at WBAL 11. — www.BaltoMedia.Net (11/24/15)

Did I miss a posting? Where are there giant pictures of Jack Diamond? Cuz the dude with the mug aint him. (11/24/15)

/\ November 24 Messages /\

\/ November 23 Messages \/

Points to ponder: (1) A poster complained about some NPR shows being hosted by DEAD PEOPLE; the same is true of some shows you see on PBS and some non-commercial educational stations not affiliated with PBS. (2) You know, it's bad enough that a big picture of Jack Diamond is on DCRTV's Front Page; why is it on the Mailbag Page too? One thing for sure, he definitely has the face, if not the voice, for RADIO! Unsigned Retired Human Non-Suit. (11/23/15)

Loves me some NPR haters. You hate 'cause you care and that's what makes you so special to all of us who hope you can continue to turn your angry side towards a more gunless peaceful non-militaristic sweeter side of your caring special dark self. (11/23/15)

In 2006 I flew from BWI to DFW, and was glad I decided to take most of my more delicate items on board the plane myself in a separate tote bag. I was shocked by the way the luggage handlers manhandled mine, slinging it in with the rest like last year’s trash. The impact cracked several cassette tapes I had in there, one of them beyond repair. Imagine what would’ve happened if I had my radio, camcorder, binoculars, and electric shaver in that luggage! After that I swore I’ll never resort to flying again unless it’s across either big pond. And take less along. KOF (11/23/15)

No….. And we will never see another Glenn Brenner…..Ratso (11/23/15)

Congratulations to Bill Hess on his many titles at Cumulus. The Cumulus stock is now at just 19 cents per share. It continues to slide down. WRQX continues to lose money. Not much to shout about! (11/23/15)

Scott Garceau has done contract work for WMAR TV after his leaving the station, not on their daily news, but with certain Lacrosse broadcasts WMAR has shown over the years since he “retired”. And he was the Ravens play by play guy under contract with The Ravens at one time. I don’t think there’s a lot of bad blood there. Garceau pretty much does his own thing. Between Garceau Reality and 105.7 The Fan, I’d say Scott is doing quite well away from WMAR ABC 2. WMAR & Scripps simply cancelled their entire sports department. If WMAR ABC 2 ever bid and won The Ravens broadcasts, I’m sure The Ravens & WMAR 2 would take him back in a heartbeat. (11/23/15)

Come on Ch. 4, WRC-TV: in the 4 p.m. hour today Adam Tuss did a puff piece from Reagan-National Airport. He was on the tarmac. Good piece about airport handling crowds, except, when video showed the baggage handlers. (personal note - when we are traveling, don't we often see these guys throwing luggage every-which-way and hither-and-yon) Not on Adam's report. The luggage was lifted slowly and loaded onto the plane with care. Maybe tomorrow Ch. 4 can do a story on how nasty the baggage handlers handle bags. I look forward to the I-team's report. Thanks. (11/23/15)

Add another "station" to the roster of Christmas-formatted positions on the dial: the Cardinal Forest Shell service station in West Springfield VA. Their synchronized music-&-light show on 100.7 FM is back again for another year and can only be heard within about 700 feet of the intersection of Old Keene Mill Rd and Rolling Road. (11/23/15)

I am surprised to see Scott Garceau doing Ravens stand ups for his former longtime station, WMAR. This is considering he is employed by 105.7 (11/23/15)

Thanks to some 20-something doink texting while driving on the Beltway, my nasty little Chevrolet is in the body shop for the next few days. The insurance company is loaning me a 2016 Impala in the interim. The radio is tricked out with FM, CD and the trial XM stream. And to my surprise and delight, the AM receiver actually sounds really good during the day on strong signals. I'll be interested to hear how it behaves in the evening when the DX skippers start bombing in. As Ive said before, AM will truly be dead when they stop building the receivers. Today ain't that day. (11/23/15)

What do you mean, how NPR starts? They have been playing off Baby Boomer Nostalgia for years. Why is Car Talk, now hosted by a dead guy and his brother, still on the air? Why is Piano Jazz, hosted by a Dead Woman, still on the air? Why is a Prairie Home Companion, which may as well be hosted by a dead guy, still on their air? I do agree that the future of all radio, and NPR in particular, is very grim- and it's their own fault. They have had 30 plus years to work on newer programming, but instead just keep feeding us the same tired reruns of show hosted by DEAD PEOPLE! (11/23/15)

RE Bill Hess promotion at WMAL-WRQX, remind me what space there is for an "Ops Manager" between Program Director and Market Manager/GM. What, he adds management of the vehicle fleet? He's still not managing sales or the business department, right? Engineering? Promotions? Must be the role in a station whose true GM is absent most of the time. (11/23/15)

This is how it starts. NPR doesn't want so many older listeners. They begin programming to younger listeners who don't respond. Older listeners tune out or subscribe to satellite. Pledges go down because the majority of donors are over 55. And on and on... (11/23/15)

There are a couple of items in today's (11/22) Mailbag that I want to respond to. (1) To the poster that said that WRIC in Richmond was showing the Atlanta game and WUSA was not ~ There is this website called 506 Sports, and each week they post maps for where every NFL Sunday early (1 PM) and late (4:05 or 4:25 PM) games are televised. Changes made after the maps are posted (usually on Thursdays) are also noted. (2) We all know that the Tribune websites for their newspapers TOTALLY SUCK! They basically changed their websites from being accessible to totally inaccessible. I haven't been on any of those sites for well over a year now, and until Tribune changes them back, I never will go back. Unsigned Retired Human. (11/23/15)

The NFL chooses most games for most markets unless a station specifically requests a game and it fits within the NFL TV rules. Here are the maps. They are updated every week. (11/23/15)

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(RE: News4 using CSN for sports reports) My understanding is that WRC has one full-time and one part-time sports anchor, Jason Pugh and Carol Maloney respectively. For quite a while recently, they had WTOP sports anchors Dave Johnson and George Wallace doing the sports on weekends. Some folks on here may remember a year or two ago when the station resorted to having Jim Vance doing the sports segments. Since NBC owns WRC and CSN, this arrangement makes sense. It's been reported that Peacock-owned stations in other markets have been using their local CSN folks for sports reports for quite a while now. I know San Francisco is one market where this has been happening. Why spend money to hire sports anchors when they have plenty of them on their payroll already, just in a different studio? Just to show everyone how much things have changed when it comes to sports on local news, the late great Glenn Brenner was being paid nearly $1 million per year by WUSA (along with having his kids' college paid for) in the early '90s, shortly before he fell ill. We'll never see anything along those lines ever again. (11/22/15)

The WNEW tower is 463 feet tall and 515 HAAT, so it was presumably built for an FM radio station, but which station? The construction permit for the move states WNEW moved to an existing tower, so it was not built for WNEW. Just curious since CBS didn’t build it, what could have broadcast from that tower previously or concurrently? Maybe one of the area’s LPTV stations? (11/22/15)

How come WRIC in Richmond is showing the Atlanta game, but WUSA is not? They're both CBS affiliates. (11/22/15)

Noticed the last couple of weeks that along with cutting her hair, Angie Goff has significantly cut back on her make-up. However, on the other end, it appears that Babs Harrison has had a mini touch up or maybe fa facelift. (11/22/15)

Do you know what broadcasting company bought the "Daily Bible"? Was it Salem? (11/22/15)

That picture of WNEW's tower answers the questions about their poor signal. They're broadcasting SIDEWAYS! (11/22/15)

To the previous posting about a subsidiary of everyone's favorite religious group......that purchased "Daily Bible" .....what is the religious group? The posting was confusing. (11/22/15)

Just wondering… This pic is the re-located WNEW 99.1 FM tower site that puts the transmitter in the DC market, but it doesn’t look new. Anyone know who/if anyone previously owned this tower site? (11/22/15)

Dave's response: Does CBS-WNEW own the site? They probably are leasing space on a tower owned by someone else.....

The Baltimore Sun website now forces videos to play on your PC without you clicking play, JUST LIKE VIRUS WEBSITES DO! Does Tribune have any clue how annoying their newspaper websites are? And the video starts playing AFTER you’ve clicked off the 3 other pop up windows! Do they really think this is the best method of gaining subscribers? It’s no wonder The Sun is laying off workers again and facing bankruptcy again. The Sun barrages you with pop ups and unwanted audio/video. The Orlando Sentinel requires you to register to read anything. Will they EVER LEARN? The later is probably more acceptable, but still it’s down right harassing and intrusive. (11/22/15)

(RE: WNEW’s weekend coverage or lack thereof) I’m wondering what they will do, if anything, if we have a major breaking news event? I’m positive most folks will tune to WTOP in such a situation, but I often wonder what ‘NEW would do. (11/22/15)

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Wow, WNEW is going downhill fast. Looks like they’ve pretty much gone down to a bare-bones operation on weekends as there’s a lot more infomercial-type programming on now. I tuned in at 4:30 p.m. Saturday and they had a quick news update that was obviously pre-recorded (no time check, anchor introduced traffic report by saying “let’s go to the traffic center” and not mentioning the traffic reporter’s name). 30 seconds into the traffic report, the reporter dropped off and the traffic sounder kept going for another 20 seconds or so, then they joined whatever paid programming was on in progress, literally in mid-sentence. Pretty damn sloppy for a major market radio station. (11/21/15)

Who is this Chris Miles on channel 4 doing the sports? Erika Gonzalez said he's from CSN. Is CSN a subsidiary of NBC? (11/21/15)

One of my favorite sayings is, “Hades Hath No Fury Like a Little Babe Scorned!” Well, it looks like a subsidiary of everyone’s favorite religious broadcast group (-Most Definitely Not!), Salem (licensee of local WAVA AM-FM) has raised the ire of Christians worldwide after buying an Android app called “Daily Bible” from an outfit called JoanSoft. “Daily Bible” provided a Scripture verse, with buttons for the Scripture to be read aloud or to read a brief daily devotional. While JoanSoft occasionally asked for small contributions at Christmas, Easter, and such, as well as having a “support” button, there was no advertsing. Salem immediately “updated” the app the first of October. And, has repeatedly found it necessary to revise it. The first “update” put a large ad on the Scripture page. Righteous Hell was immediately raised in the Android store to a degree many an ex-wife would be envious of! The best comment I saw was, “You’ve taken My Father’s Word and turned it into a marketplace!”, which of course was a good parody of John 2:16. Subsequent revisions reduced the ad size (Which still brought complaints) and then put up the Scripture with the ad on a timed popup. Are the ads all Christian? No! While there are some Christian book, music, ministry and charity ads, other ads are just as secular as the ones on DCRTV, WTOP, WMAL, etc., with some of them being the same. And, if the Scripture verse of the day is a long one, you have a good chance of being bit by the alligator, as we hams used to say, with God’s Word being interrupted by a commercial! While there is now an “ad free” option, it no doubt comes at a price. I notice the latest revision allows in-app purchases up to $100.00. Needless to say, this Christian has gone with a different app. While still ad-supported, in this “replacement app” the ad takes maybe only the bottom 5% of the screen at worst. So, at Salem, it seems to be not as much about Discipleship as it is about Dollars. As Maude used to say, “God will get you for that!” -Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/21/15)

From Facebook, so it must be true. Scott Garceau and Jeremy Conn on 105.7 beat out Tony Kornheiser in the Sports Talk Heavy Hundred rankings for 2015. Scott and Jeremy #47… vs. Kornheiser at #50 — (11/21/15)

WBOC FM 102.5 FM is sorta in the FCC’s CDBS limbo at the moment. Nothing comes up under WOLC or WBOC in FCC records. I assume that will change on Monday. (11/21/15)

I think Rob Bamberger has the same problem during "The Big Broadcast" as he does with "Hot Jazz Saturday Night:" he talks too much. Last week, he took too much time talking about dress sizes, Greek plays, and who knows what else as introductions to his segments. Just play the darn shows, Rob! Compare "Big Broadcast" to the jazz on WFED's Saturday afternoon program from GWU, which is virtually all music and no talk. WFED knows why we listen: for the music, and not the host. And he should stop playing "The Joy Boys." I didn't find them funny decades ago, and they're not funny now. Play tapes of Robin Williams or Jonathan Winters if you want to include improv comedy in his show. (11/21/15)

New Jersey folks on here may recognize the recycled call letters headed for a low power FM station in NoVa as coming from a onetime powerhouse on AM. The station went off the air about 20 years ago, according to a friend of mine who was a technician there. Sticker attached. (11/21/15)

Drive Time Radio host continues to complain about traffic... (11/21/15)

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Delmarva flame thrower WBOC-FM flipped the switch today covering the peninsula with Ho, Ho, Ho! (11/20/15)

Watching NBC4 & Jim Vance says "We're going over to CSN studios with Sebastian Salazar" to do sports. Huh??..When did channel 4 start partnering with CSN to do their sports? (11/20/15)

WERA proposed schedule... 5:00 AM-10:00 AM mornings in Arlington with Bob Edwards and Sarah Frazer... 10:00 AM to Noon. Live from the Peoples’ Assistance Network Arlington Homeless Shelter... Noon to 3:00 PM the Republican Lone Voice Show with Mark Kelly... 3:00 PM-6:00 PM Arlington’s own “The other Mark Levin.” (not that one, the other one).... 6;00 PM-8:00 PM Club Latino with Walter Tejedo... 8:00 PM Arlington High School Basketball call in show with Paul Ferguson... 10:00 PM-1:00 AM Clarendon Jams with DJ JC and Mixologist Trevor... Weekend shows with Patrick Moran on dating. Jack Taylor on Business, and S.E. Cup's Take on politics. It's Radio Gold! (11/20/15)

Local WMAL talker Limp Rushballs on Fox News Sunday: (11/20/15)

When the FCC passed the AM Revitalization Plan recently, they must have had small markets in mind. There are no FM frequencies available in major markets, so this plan only works in small markets in states in like Wyoming, Nebraska and Texas. The FCC was under pressure to try to help AM stations because many are on the verge of going out of business. One of the reasons programming is so poor on AM is not because of incompetence but rather because of a lack of money to hire good talent to compete with FM. It always takes money! Many consulting engineers have suggested that the best immediate solution nation-wide would be to take TV channel 6 and divide it up into new FM stations, using the frequencies of 87.7 or 87.9, and permit only AM stations to apply for these new FM frequencies. This is a solution for AM stations in major markets across the country and could be implemented in a short period of time. Remember, before the current FCC chairman was appointed, the previous FCC announced that on September 1, 2015 all of these low power TV stations on channel 6 must either go digital or turn in their licenses. But this directive was never enforced. It appears that the low-power TV lobbyists won again! (11/20/15)

Welcome WERA-LP Arlington. Long Live Local Radio in all its forms. -AP (11/20/15)

Hi Dave - thought you might like to see this. I was on WBAL-TV during the Pet Question segment of the Noon news yesterday. Here's a pic of the gang: Lisa Robinson, my lovely wife Trice, me and the puppy Sammy, Sarah Caldwell, and Falls Road Animal Hospital owner Dr. Kin Hammond. I was very tempted to grab a mic and go to work! best, Dude (11/20/15)

RE: DAVE TV… Dave, don’t assume everyone in the local media is gay-friendly these days. It might be more true than ever , but certainly isn’t totally true. I know of at least one sports media website who’s owner would just tell you, “Go play with your little dolls like you’re supposed to.” Yes it’s true, there is still homophobia in sports media and sports in general. I should know. I heard that line directly. (11/20/15)

Don't walk, run from any job ad using the term "impactful". Even my spell check throws up. [From DCRTV's Job Ads:] LSM & DSM - Hearst Radio, Baltimore MD - Hearst is one of the nation’s most diversified media, information and technology companies and we believe in impactful live and local radio.... - George (11/20/15)

Dave, You forgot Spiegal on 98 ROCK’s Morning Show. I also spun records once on WLOY AM carrier current, but in a non-speaking role so that doesn’t count. LOL (11/20/15)

Dave: best of luck to Jack Diamond, but as much as I miss them I don't see Don and Mike coming back anytime soon. Witness this cringeathon that someone from Facebook sent me.,com. It's 4 minutes you'll never get back. Oh, and can we all lay off people's sexual orientations? It's really not important. Gus in Gaithersburg (11/20/15)

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Was out in the car this morning and punched up 1090 and heard a new voice doing the 11am newscast. Didn't catch the newscaster name but he is a huge improvement. I think I read here that he came from WNEW-FM. What was really stunning was when he introduced a story voiced by another, I think his name was Robert. Never had I heard such a significant difference in vocal sound from an anchor to a reporter. (11/19/15)

Once again, WMAL Noon talker Rush Limbaugh is right: says DCRTVDJDAVE is Starbucks sucking Uber liberal who hates Chris Plant. The truth hurts Dave. (11/19/15)

So, 94.7 Fresh FM morning man Tommy McFly announces that he's engaged to be married to another guy. What's up with that? Also, a new Annapolis radio gig for former WTOPer Ari Ashe. And, I remember WMAL frequent fill-in host Austin Hill, who recently passed away. In today's "Dave TV"..... (11/19/15)

Well, color me red! I thought WMAL was the only station in DC to have a gay Republican man as a morning host. Now we know we have at least two gay morning drive hosts in the market! (11/19/15)

I can see why it's called the JACK DIAMOND SHOW... all Jimmy says is "Hmm mmmmmmm" and the giggle woman adds nothing. All the talk about people who were formerly on his show is worthless too, This version of WRQX may make it until Easter. Maybe. (11/19/15)

What is Larry's take on "The whole 'proposing to a dude' market hasn't quite caught up," comment? (11/19/15)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] LSM & DSM - Hearst Radio, Baltimore MD - Hearst is one of the nation’s most diversified media, information and technology companies and we believe in impactful live and local radio. Our Baltimore stations are news/talk powerhouse WBAL-AM and the legendary 98 ROCK, and we are the flagship for the Baltimore Ravens and Navy Football. We need both a Local Sales Manager and Digital Sales Manager who share our desire to combine superior local content with exceptional sales leadership. Our team is determined and energetic, and our work environment is respectable with a high standard of excellence. Learn more about Hearst and these leadership opportunities at: EOE (11/19/15)

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Where is Stan Stovall the principle anchor on WBAL-TV? He hasn't been on all week and this is the November sweeps. (11/18/15)

Did you know.......that there are 18 AM Stations in Baltimore and 30 AM Stations in Washington? How many of them will get an FM Translator under the new AM Revitalization Plan? None of them will get a translator because there are no frequencies available. The FCC does not have any broadcasters working there. Yet, they regulate an entire industry that they know nothing about. Who are the people working at the FCC? They are political appointments or lawyers to understand the thousands of regulations or clerks. (The clerks are called executive assistants.) Sometimes they are called specialists. (11/18/15)

NBC4's Doug Kammerer and WUSA9's Topper Shutt's Winter Weather Forecast are different. Doug says we could get more snow this winter than what Topper Shutt thinks. - (11/18/15)

WNEW Reporter Jim McKay tweeted out congratulations to Troy Johnson who apparently has now landed at WBAL. His Twitter profile also says that. (11/10/15)

The FCC CDBS database seems to be down. Can’t pull any application information yesterday or today for any radio or TV station. Did I miss a government holiday or something? (11/18/15)

I read about the podcast numbers released by WTEM. That appears to be an amazing number, to me. Are there numbers to compare these too? I know there had been a longtime battle among Kornheiser and his listeners and WTEM about having his podcast delayed and wondered if this is related to no longer having the delay. Thanks. (11/18/15)

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MIX 107.3 sounds terrible. Their Volt-Air is disrupting the audio chain. Not only that, Jack needs to get his throat checked, sounds like polyps or something, or maybe it's because he's pushing 70, but it's fairly annoying. Furthermore, the new liners sound robotic and the way MIX is said comes off as an attitudinal delivery. Are the other on the air DJ's local? They sound disconnected, and really out of place. Is this an Adult station to go against 97.1 or is it a Pandora station with a hodge-podge of different voice trackers? This is not like the real MIX 107.3 (11/17/15)

Sarah Fraser's next gig - (11/17/15)

Saw Sarah Frasier on Fox5 this morning confirming what was reported here that she turned down the mid-day gig she was offered. When initially asked what she wants to do, she "joked" about getting a job with Fox5 (hint, hint to the powers that be). She went on to say she would like to have her own talk show & do it the way SHE wants to do it.. Allison did make a comment about Sarah turning down a job without having another job in the wings. But Sarah seemed ok with her decision. Stay tuned, I guess. (11/17/15)

Did you see the article today in Tom Taylor NOW about the status of translator in Baltimore & DC? This effects every AM station in the market. The FCC did not think through the new AM Revitalization Plan. (11/17/15)

With all the changes, all for the worse, at WAMU, I'm wondering how they did in the October pledge drive? If they hadn't already alienated a large chunk of their listeners, on all their channels, dropping traffic reports completely will be a huge step in that direction. I have many friends and business connections who say they won't support WAMU any longer - not that this is a statistically accurate sample, but I'm sure they represent a much larger crowd who have also come to the same conclusion. (11/17/15)

Traditional holiday commercials are moving online — away from TV ~~ ~~ By Drew Harwell November 16 at 9:37 PM ~~ Shortly before Hallmark would have traditionally launched its seasonal commercial heart-warmers, the greeting-card giant made a surprising confession: This year, for the first time ever, it would spend nothing on holiday TV ads. ... Instead, the struggling keepsakery will go all-digital, spending on cheeky YouTube ads and partnering with bloggers to sing the brand’s praises. It is also paying the photo-sharing app Snapchat to plaster Hallmark’s logo onto family pictures taken beneath America’s big downtown Christmas trees. .... The networks’ feared mass expansion of “cord-cutters,” who slashed their cable bill, and “cord-nevers,” who ignored them altogether, has yet to fully materialize: The number of American households with Internet but no TV service grew 12 percent between 2013 and 2015, according to media researcher SNL Kagan — but that’s only 3 percent of the households tracked by Nielsen, recent data show. ... “We’re seeing the cresting of the hype that digital will kill off TV,” said Jim Nail, principal analyst for Forrester Research. “These kinds of social components can add an extra bit of juice, but very rarely can they stand on their own. . . . This is Hallmark, this is mainstream America, and these are real people who still consume a lot of regular TV.” ... TV-industry stocks have been roiled in recent months over fears of accelerating cord-cutting, with weak ad sales damaging the revenue of networks such as Comedy Central-owning giant Viacom. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (11/17/15)

WRQX did not play this very well. Xmas music on WASH is going to soar the ratings...and make Diamond's launch look bad. The fact is, Diamond's launch was not marketed, and the audience make-up of the station was a bunch of 19 year old girls. WASH has a huge pool of Adults, and is much more capable of controlling the messaging. Point is, you tried to goose WASH's audience that you were gong xmas, which many of them didn't hear. The one's that did, only got Xmas music for 3 days?! Then the same format returns that's been losing for several months, with a throwback 65 year old morning host that calls you "babe". Typical Cumulus mentality. You programmed your station to try and get Kenny King to do something... how about programming to your audience? (11/17/15)

I listened to Jack Diamond's return debut yesterday morning and he and the crew signed-off at 9:45, and then just music or ads until 10:00; seem to recall that he did that when he was on previously. Just wondering...does anyone know why they don't wait until the program's end at 10:00 to sign-off? (11/17/15)

I am getting tired of hearing about WRQX. There are 27 other FM Stations in DC. I do like Xmas Music. Maybe all the FM stations should go to Xmas Music! (11/17/15)

From Tom Taylor Now: Take a market like Baltimore, where there are eight Class C or D AM stations that could use an FM translator. None of them will get one, because there are no frequencies available. One operator, the Hope Christian Church of Marlton, NJ, owns all the translators in the market except one. Hope does not own a single AM station in the market. In nearby Washington DC, I count a total of 14 Class C or D AM facilities. None of them will get an FM translator out of any of these windows the FCC proposes to open, because there are simply no FM frequencies available. In small markets, maybe the FCC’s plan to let AMs apply to move translators from as far away as 250 miles will help. But not in the big markets. Those AMs are going to be out of luck. (11/17/15)

Looks like the Christmas music head to head with 97.1 WASH-FM lasted only one day. 107.3 changed back to Mix format (11/17/15)

I see that former WRNR morning guy Rich Fisher is now on 98 Rock. I was wondering where he went. (11/17/15)

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WAMU dumped traffic reports on the *very* day that much of downtown D.C. was gridlocked. WTOP now owns another hill unopposed. Mike McMearty learned from some good teachers. No bragging on his part. No drama. He just keeps doing his job well. (11/16/15)

This post is abt the radio station sale of Kat Country in Salisbury MD to RR. I am not in the radio business but am a resident and business owner on Chincoteague Island. Obviously the news abt the sale to Robin is big news down here and when I heard abt the post regarding her sale and collection practices I didn't quite understand. Robin was an asset to our lil island and when Chincoteague needed Robin, She Brought It! We miss Robin and I speak for Many! If Robin sticks to how she sold here and with what she did for the town of Chincoteague then all I have to say is Salisbury is lucky to have her and wish her all the best! (11/16/15)

WTOP, where you wait for the 'top story.' This morning at 8:00 CBS had the "war" stories. When it was time for local stuff, the lead was Paris and more war-related stories. Took a few minutes to get to the major and important downtown DC traffic problem. Many streets blocked by police and traffic obviously was horrible. But there was Mike Moss at 8:04 repeating stories CBS did at the top o' the hour. What do mailbaggers here feel about that? (11/16/15)

A few years ago cbs did the same thing in Chicago when 105.9 played a trick on 93.9 on November 1st to play Christmas music and they played holiday tunes for 2 months while 105.9 played Normal music as fresh 105.9 that station is now a simulcast of wbbm (11/16/15)

So, basically WRQX is the same HOT AC it's been; playing the same Recurrent/Gold music that keeps them in last place among them WIAD, WASH AND WIHT?! The difference is you bring back the oldest morning show, among those stations and that's it?? This format has been getting beat for the last 3 months...why stick with it? (11/16/15)

Heard Ari Ashe doing morning drive news on WNAV this morning. (11/16/15)

It's called a screen cap. Easy. (11/16/15)

Liberty University's translator in Culpeper is currently relaying its network, "The Journey." For some reason, the paperwork lists the feed source as WPER "Positive Hits," but this is just on paper. The Journey is what is found on 95.3 in Culpeper. (11/16/15)

Former talk show host Austin Hill dies (11/16/15)

Bits and pieces: (1) Total agreement about Chris Core's cringeworthiness. My wife and I both change the station whenever we hear his condescending voice yakking. (2) Total agreement about WAMU dropping traffic reports. Personally I've never had any use for them on 'AMU or anywhere else, but they are clearly a draw, especially for fogies. Seems like WTOP won't have to beat it's perennial rival for No. 1; WAMU is just going to give it to them. And (3), I was in a lobby downtown Friday night and so had no choice but to watch the Paris coverage on pre-set CNN. Absolutely the worst news source in this country now. They vet NOTHING, just throwing whatever they hear on the air. They read Tweets live on the air without any idea who sends them; they pass along rumors; they treat people on the street as experts on international politics and security issues. At one point Friday night they said "about 200" people were dead in Paris, while a static graphic on screen said 149 were dead and the endless crawl at the bottom of the screen said 60 were dead. Three pieces of contradictory information being reported simultaneously, and none of them attributed. CNN's policy is something along the lines of "Be first with anything anybody says and if we're wrong we'll correct it later...but we never correct or take responsibility for anything." It's not a news network anymore. It's just some kind of anonymous bulletin board. And, as such, it has no credibility. (11/16/15)

["First, it is spelled Sarah Fraser, secondly, please cite the tweet that was tweeted for everyone's benefit."] I saw the tweet too. You don't really "Cite" tweets, it's 2015, you merely scroll through what's called a "Feed", a twitter "feed". You can see that she responded to one her, what's called "followers", that's someone who can see all the content that she posts. Anyways, her response was a denial that she would be doing middays on MIX 107.3. Maybe you should just turn on the radio and listen, that sounds like it would be less complicated for you anyways. By the way, who cares how someone spelled her name? Did you know what they were talking about... yes...yes you did. (11/16/15)

I "like" the Diamond [Facebook] page, but find it interesting that I can't comment or like any of the posts. I've never seen this on any other fan page? Anyone else? (11/16/15)

RQX just bait and switched WASH. Well done.. Well done. (11/16/15)

I think Bill Hess will march over to Diamond and say "Listen to this guy called Plante. He calls people Hitler. He hates black and brown people. He really disrespects women. I want your show to be just like that!". (11/16/15)

"On Twitter, Sara Frasier denies doing middays for WRQX? What in the hell is going on with WRQX?" - First, it is spelled Sarah Fraser, secondly, please cite the tweet that was tweeted for everyone's benefit. (11/16/15)

On Twitter, Sara Frasier denies doing middays for WRQX? What in the hell is going on with WRQX? What an embarrassment! Day 1 of MIX 107.3 and it's already falling apart. Either she was too smart to stay with that losing operation or Jack didn't approve of a successful woman on his station... Why would Cumulus have misled their own people? Nothing has changed and Atlanta is still calling all the shots! They just can't get it right! AWFUL WRQX, JUST AWFUL! (11/16/15)

Welcome back Jack, Jimmy and Erica to Mix 107.3. On your first day on the job, I think a song is in order.....:)

Ballad of Jack and Jimmy

Standing outside a door in Bethesda
Morning morning at five am
A man with a back pack
With the name of Jack
It's Deja vu all over again

Christ you know it's been crazy
On the airwaves in DC
It's great to be back here
Mix 107.3

Taping on the glass for attention
Security guard let's me in
" It's been a long while "
Shakes my hand with a smile
"About time man. Where the hell have you been?"

Christ you know it's been crazy
On the airwaves in DC
It's great to be back here
Mix 107.3

Entering the elevator
Turning round and who do I see
Half dressed out of bed
With one white shoe and one red
Jimmy shouting "Hold the elevator J.D."

Christ you know it's been crazy
On the airwaves in DC
It's great to back here
Mix 107.3

Saving up all my jokes for a rainy day
You can never go home again some say
Last night Lisa said
As we went to bed
Don't worry Jack they will still "Love your Show, Babe"

Made a lightning trip to the bathroom
Not because I had to pee
Just had to check
To hear that old click
"Yes. They didn't change the executive key"

Christ you know it's been crazy
On the airwaves in DC
It's great to be back here
Mix 107.3

Playing songs and lively banter
Erica and Jimmy I know will concur
You guys are the best
Who all wish us success
Our 13 Arbitron listeners

Christ you know it's been crazy
On the airwaves in DC
It's great to be back here
Mix 107.3
You know it's been crazy On Mix 107.3 (11/16/15)

I need to retract a bit of my criticism from yesterday. The Washington Post guy, Jason Samenow, who often does the weather report on WAMU in the morning, is actually very good on the radio. My apologies for painting with such a broad brush. Could one of Dr. Gridlock's assistants do the traffic reports? -- Carl in Olney (11/16/15)

WAMU eliminates traffic reports: Today's a great example of how WAMU has screwed it's listeners by eliminating live morning traffic reports from Jerry Edwards. Thank goodness for WTOP's frequent reports of this morning's ongoing barricade situation in downtown Northwest! My wife listens to WAMU and did not hear about the situation until I told her about it after hearing WTOP's frequent traffic reports. She alerted more than 35 employees because their building is within the restricted area. Had I not been listening to WTOP, her alert would have been delayed and her employees would have been stuck in traffic or standing in the cold. Great job WAMU! (Heavy sarcasm here). Traffic reports ARE important, even to public radio listeners. (11/16/15)

[RE WRQX drops XMAS tunes after just 3 days, with Jack back this AM:] And it sounds like an AM frequency. What gives with the transmitter over there? (11/16/15)

[RE WRQX drops XMAS tunes after just 3 days, with Jack back this AM:] they forced 97.1 to play Xmas music earlier this year (11/16/15)

[RE WRQX drops XMAS tunes after just 3 days, with Jack back this AM:] this is what Jack said:what a great way to start with 3 days of holiday music especially for our friends on rockville pike ( WASH) (11/16/15)

[RE WRQX drops XMAS tunes after just 3 days, with Jack back this AM:] Brilliant move for WRQX. Why in the hell did WASH think they had to be first with Xmas? Just like many of us thought, they got deaked. (11/16/15)

Add WARM 103 in York to those playing all Christmas. Not sure exactly when it started, but I first heard it Friday evening. Leads me to a programing idea. Around Midnight on Halloween, play “Thriller”, then immediately go all Christmas. Why not ? On Halloween morning, I found Reese’s Christmas Tree shaped Peanut Butter ‘Cups’ mixed in w/ the HW candy at my local supermarket. (11/16/15)

Listening to Jack Diamond shortly before 7AM. He sounds good. Two questions: Why did they play Christmas music for the weekend and go back to regular programming and why in the world didn't they switch to an oldies format..oldies meaning "classic hits" similar to what 1370 in Baltimore is doing. This is a major format hole in DC. Jack, who is probably in his mid sixties is playing music that targets people in in their 30's and 40's. A classic hits format that is so successful in New York, Philly and LA on CBS FM,WOGL and KRTH would have been such a nice segue from their questionable Christmas stunting. Yeah, it's nice and nostalgic to have the Mix 107.3 moniker back,but Cumulus missed the boat big time playing music that can be heard on WASH,WIAD,WBIG and several other stations. Scott Shannon in New York went from a similar sounding station WPLJ to a station that fit Shannon's age, similar to Diamond's and a station that plays a lot of 70's and 80's music WCBS FM with music New Yorkers grew up listening to on WPLJ, and before that CHR Z100 with Shannon.. A similar scenario with 107 3 and Diamond would have been ideal. Can't imagine WRQX getting any ratings traction with this questionable move back to Hot AC. (11/16/15)

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Dear WAMU: When I retire from my current full-time job, I'll volunteer to do traffic reports for you in the mornings and evenings. I have some radio experience (from the 1960s), and I drive a lot. After listening to weather reports from Post reporters, I'm probably as experienced in radio as they are. (Best Wishes, Mr. Edwards, you have always been the clearest, most professional local announcer on WAMU for a long time.) -- Carl in Olney (11/15/15)

WMAL fill-in talker Austin Hill "passed away unexpectedly." (11/15/15)

Just got word that Austin Hill died unexpectedly Friday. Porter Jervis (11/15/15)

Robin Rothschild. I wonder if she will make collections and bring on new clients with her previously established practices? I hope DBC got cash and didn't accept paper for the sale. (11/15/15)

Sounds like WRQX may end xmas tunes on Monday with the launch of geriatric Jack.They are playing the same 65 songs over and over! Can't wait for 2 weeks of old grannies calling to blow jack kisses. Could they not find any younger talent to put with Jack? Jimmy isn't young and the woman probably drinks tea at noon so she can be in bed by 5pm. The median age of this morning show is older than WASH! WRQX is going to DOMINATE 55+ (11/15/15)

DCRTV Dave sings "The Ballad Of Jack Diamond" to honor the radio great's return to the DC radio dial. In today's very special edition of "Dave TV"..... (11/15/15)

I've been watching the coverage of the Paris terrorist attacks on Fox News' "parent", Sky News, off and on today. Where FNC seriously overdoes breathless sensationalism, Sky News is drier than a desert and as exciting as watching paint fade. Plus, the "filler" in their U.K. spot clusters is junk. Like treating the recent crash of a Rusdia-bound airliner as current news. This is EJ that's so bad, I'm surprised it's not on MHz. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/15/15)

JJ Yore has replaced traffic with pledging and whining on the 8's. Are we that surprised that suits make dumb decisions? The loss of HUMAN reporting and eyes in the sky are the reason traffic reports are not as accurate as when I used to circle the beltway at 1500 feet. Rob Edgar, DeKalb County Daily News, Fort Payne, AL--Jerry probably is enjoying the wine and cheese. (11/15/15)

Saturday night, the blondie anchor on WUSA-9 actually said while pitching to weatherman Howard Bernstein, “this has been a season for explosions”. This, the night after the Paris bombing. What an idiot insensitive comment... As I turn the channel. Bring back the classy anchors, where is Jennifer Ryan anyway? (11/15/15)

Reading the "Delmarva" story. Nice to know Milford and Havre re Grace are markets. They are stations in the middke of no where with a sound that matches. For the record, Wilmington is a market, nmedium, but a Market. (11/15/15)

RE: Kat Country… It’s not a question about whether the new owner knows the market. The station simply doesn’t have a signal that covers the whole market vs. a Class B or B1 competitor that’s in between Salisbury and the beaches. It’s just at a major signal disadvantage that can’t be technologically overcome. (11/15/15)

Reference: Unsigned Corporate Suit ~ There are 10 MHz Networks subchannels on 2 stations (5 per station) in the D.C. area .If one of them is France 24, watch that. MHz Worldview (aka MHz 1) ran France 24 wall to wall until about 6 PM EST tonight (11/14) pre-empting their regular programming. Better coverage than ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and the U.K.'s Sky TV, for sure. Unsigned Retired Human. (11/15/15)

To all the posters who complain about WQRX and WASH playing All Christmas music too early; take a break before Thanksgiving and vacation here in sunny and warm Orlando, Florida. We only have 2 FM stations here (WPOZ 88.3 and WMGF 107.7) that play All Christmas; however, the GOOD NEWS is that they don't start until BLACK FRIDAY. Tracy in Orlando (11/15/15)

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There are eight AM stations in Baltimore that qualify for a FM translator under the new AM Revitalization Plan. However, none of them will get a translator because one company, The Hope Church, owns all the FM Translators in Baltimore. They do not own a single AM Radio Station. How could this happen? The FCC missed the loophole in their rules. (11/14/15)

Re. The sale of Cat Country....whoever thinks the buyer doesn't know the market hasn't met the principal of Rothschild Broadcasting...this woman is about to put the cunt back in country...she'll kick ass and take names (11/14/15)

Reading the news about Delmarva selling the Salisbury stations. It looks like Joe Edwards was in the "know" with what was going on, good for him. Best wishes to EJ Foxx who I remember from the days at 92 Star. Question about the sale. Since they are selling WICO AM to one company and WICO FM to another, will one or both have to vacate the calls for something different. I'm thinking Country will be gone from 97-5 and I doubt the new owners will keep talk on both the AM and FM since the market is pretty well covered already. And one more thought, Delmarva will two oldies stations in Milford. Cool 101.3 and 97.1, The Wave. More changes? (11/14/15)

Fox5 has changed the picture on their webpage to Laura Evans & Sara Simmons. And maybe it's the picture, but Laura's teeth are HUGE in that pic. (11/14/15)

WAMU - "We sent Jerry a nice wine and cheese basket". Well that certainly makes up for the years of service Jerry Edwards has given. Perhaps many WAMU listeners should do the same for Mr Yore in lieu of sending a pledge. One other thing. Perhaps JJ Yore doesn't travel the beltway often and hasn't seen the signs posted that using a smartphone while driving is against the law. Next time I get pulled over for using my cell phone I'll just say JJ Yore said it was ok. (11/14/15)

Are you kidding me, WAMU? No regular traffic reports? Way to send listeners to other frequencies. And you don't want your listeners who are driving to check their smartphones, do you? That's the same as texting while driving. You leaders at WAMU need to apply at Cumulus. You would be hired immediately! As for the Mailbag...I agree enough already of Jack and 107.3 and Don and Mike. They were a long time ago and believe me, no one talks about them anymore. Why am I talking about them? 'Cause the Mailbag is full of their garbage and honestly, no one cares. (11/14/15)

I've been watching the coverage of the Paris terrorist attacks on Fox News' "parent", Sky News, off and on today. Where FNC seriously overdoes breathless sensationalism, Sky News is drier than a desert and as exciting as watching paint fade. Plus, the "filler" in their U.K. spot clusters is junk. Like treating the recent crash of a Rusdia-bound airliner as current news. This is EJ that's so bad, I'm surprised it's not on MHz. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (11/14/15)

I think WRQX is going to switch out of Christmas music on Monday morning. Their bumpers and website says "Until Monday 6am, enjoy Holiday Hits from 107.3…soon to be mix1073". Your thoughts? (11/14/15)

Dave's response: It doesn't make much sense to play Christmas tunes for three days in mid-November and then drop 'em. Yeah, as I said earlier, it would have been smart for Cumulus to have said it was going all-XMAS and then not to have flipped, and be the only place to hear WASH-type office music now that WASH has flipped early to holiday tunes. But having WRQX flip to holiday tunes for a few days and the back away from them is just confusing to a lot of listeners. It means that WASH will probably rule the "Holiday" ratings "book" and WRQX will probably be 15th or 16th - better with middle aged gals.....

Amen to that guy wanting to rid the airwaves of Chris Core. Whatever pay he gets from the sponsors and Hubbard, he's way overpaid. As soon as I hear his voice I turn off the home radio or hit the button on the car radio. He is horrible and needs to go, far away. And speaking of bad radio, I was listening early this morning to the Clark Howard Show on 99.1 FM. In the middle of Clark giving outstanding advice on one thing or another, he's gone! Then there is a traffic sounder. The first time, the traffic guy wasn't ready. The second time he was. But come these non-welcome, middle-of-the-night traffic reports can't wait until a break in the Clark Howard Show. WNEW sounds like a college station. Pretty bad. And CBS owns this clutter of the air? (11/14/15)

(RE: Delilah) For her affiliates don’t air Christmas music or choose to do so at a later date than the main show, they offer a best of feed for them. (11/14/15)

For all that has been said and written about the Christmas music competition between 97.1 vs 107.3 one thing is true. The audio processing on 107.3 is just over the top. Come on guys, it's Christmas music. (11/14/15)

Saw the news about the cuts at WTOP. If I were the one swinging the budget ax on Idaho Ave., Chris Core would be my first target. Whatever he gets paid, it’s too much. His stupid segments are nothing more than personal rants. A couple of weeks ago, he went on about how the end of Daylight Savings Time meant he had to change nearly two dozen (!) timepieces in his home, and it’s always hard to see the little black button on the black surface of the alarm clock, so why aren’t those buttons orange? Good grief, put this whiner out to pasture. Please. (11/14/15)

["Radio is not a good way to get routine traffic updates." Radio was the best way to get traffic updates as of five years ago. But times have changed. Everyone has a smart phone nowadays. Even the most comprehensive traffic reports fail to mention everything that's actually going on. That's if you're willing to wait through commercials to get it. "Waiting for information" is not something people are willing to do these days especially not those who are sitting in traffic. Jerry Edwards and the like were deans of traffic not too long ago (and are deserving of many accolades) but today's technology has provided a better means of distribution. The traffic GPS data on mapping apps is real-time and available any-time. Times are a'changing.] No - everyone does not have a smart phone. Secondly, you shouldn't be looking at your phone and driving anyway. Third, using Waze or other traffic apps KILLS your data plan, if you are not on a restricted one. Sirius has a channel for traffic that has DC, Baltimore, Miami and Orlando. Sirius also has other channels for other major cities in the US for traffic. Traffic reports on radio are not going away and nor should they. (11/14/15)

Delmarva is giving up on KAT Country because it’s about to get pounced on by a 2nd Class B Country station on Delmarva, technically B1, but still a much more powerful station than Class A 97.5 FM which is basically just a Salisbury station and doesn’t reach the beaches well. That’s why they’re selling quick. The buyer probably doesn’t even know this yet. Hehe. (11/14/15)

Yep, there's nothing quite like looking at your phone, trying to comprehend a micro-sized map and read text even smaller than classified-advertising typefaces WHILE YOU'RE DRIVING. Really, nobody considered that little wrinkle? I would rephrase that poster's comment to read, "today's technology has provided a *faster* means of distribution", but IMO not a *better* one. We are creatures designed and tuned to comprehend and respond efficiently to human voice, so radio (audio, more accurately) remains the efficient way to get the info inside your skull. Besides, cops are still gonna ding you if they see you looking at your phone, no matter what's on the screen. Perhaps someday, WAMU's decision may prove correct in the end; but, like Christmas music on the FM band, the decision came entirely too early in its evolution. (11/14/15)

Here's a crazy about WAMU drops their repeater signal, WRAU 88.3, and uses that money to hire back Jerry? The folks on the Eastern Shore don't need or care to hear about beltway traffic, and all WRAU has done is chased listeners away from the local NPR stations in Salisbury and Princess Anne. (11/14/15)

Dear Dave/DCRTV, WHAT is it with these newbie newscasters/reporters these days and the o.v.e.r. pronunciation/enunciation? Are they skipping J-school these days? Or just not practicing their deliveries, or have standards fallen so low that anyone can become an on-air reporter? I miss the days of professionals like Susan Kidd, J.C. Hayward, Derek McGinty, et al. Fortunately, vets like Bruce Johnson, Shawn Yancey, and Tony Perkins are still around. The biggest offenders, in my opinion: Fox 5 - Alexandra Limon (TOO NASAL and sounds like she is straining all the time to project her voice, IT is too high and sharp to be on air) Tisha Lewis (NASAL AS ALL GET OUT, I don't know where her voice comes from, the back of her throat??? And that affected accent seems unnatural, too wanna-be "important breaking news," all the time) Tom Fitzgerald and Marina Marraco (another voice strainer) Allison Seymour (GOODNESS GRACIOUS, sometimes she cannot even get a complete sentence out) Lauren DeMarco (not the worst, but guilty of this punctuated newsspeak.) Wisdom Martin-he has his moments, not the worst either, but occasionally too choppy with his delivery. NBC 4- Doreen Gentzler (on occasion, along with the "ums" and "uhs") Are these pauses just ways of stalling as they read the teleprompter, or their news directors instruct them to robotically read the news? I'm not in the business, just a regular news watcher. Just wondered if you noticed this also...or even bother to watch the so-called "news." Ciao, Linda (11/14/15)

"Radio is not a good way to get routine traffic updates." Radio was the best way to get traffic updates as of five years ago. But times have changed. Everyone has a smart phone nowadays. Even the most comprehensive traffic reports fail to mention everything that's actually going on. That's if you're willing to wait through commercials to get it. "Waiting for information" is not something people are willing to do these days especially not those who are sitting in traffic. Jerry Edwards and the like were deans of traffic not too long ago (and are deserving of many accolades) but today's technology has provided a better means of distribution. The traffic GPS data on mapping apps is real-time and available any-time. Times are a'changing. (11/14/15)

The Al Gore internet urban legend is not originally from an Ann Coulter book. Sorry. Gore made a speech about the internet where he claimed it was a government program pushed for and headed by him that increased government spending and ultimately resulted in the public getting widespread access to the internet. He didn’t exactly say he invented it himself, but he alluded to his influence directly. His comment was on the news long before Ann Coulter’s book. I know because I never read any Ann Coulter books nor do I pay attention to her. Gore, like Biden was well known for his foot in mouth disease, giving an incorrect impression of what he meant. (11/14/15)

How does someone as stupid as JJ Yore survive as GM of WAMU? Please show Jim Battagliese and Bob Marburg this quote from JJ Yore. "Radio is not a good way to get routine traffic updates." WTOP is a great way to get traffic for thousands of listeners every day. And they make darn good money from it. Get JJ Yore out of there, and bring back Jerry Edwards (11/14/15)

WAMU's dropping traffic reports and telling people that they can get this information from smartphone apps is just another in the ongoing examples of broadcasters abandoning their responsibility to use the public airways for the public trust. Just like winter school and gov't. closings stations tell their listeners to check the website for closings and then use the additional free air time to cram-in more commercials- what do we do if there is a power outage? I just happened to tune-in to WAMU and now feel fortunate that I was able to catch Jerry Edwards last traffic report just before 10:00 this morning where he signed-off with a thank you to his listeners- a class gentleman. Congratulations and thank you Jerry for your many years of providing us reliable information. (11/14/15)

So Jack Diamond is coming back Monday a.m.; I remember previously when he was on the air the reverb on his voice was set at an annoying level. I always wondered what that was about; can any of the broadcast techs out there explain what the purpose of that was? (11/14/15)

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