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\/ May 24 Messages \/

How fitting that Vince Klepac now owns a station named WSUX. That is all. :-) (5/24/16)

" WMAL has the best coverage on this [McAuliffe] situation. " Problem is, WMAL's "commentators" and the hate-Clinton/Obama crowd have promulgated so many bogus stories through the years (Secret Muslim! Killed Vince Foster! Born in Kenya! Secret plans to take guns away!), nothing they claim can be taken seriously. "You won't believe how much money is in the Clinton Foundation now." If WMAL is talking about it, then, yes you're right - I won't believe it. (5/24/16)

Just saw a WUSA commercial for "Mission Metro" where they're riding the Metro all day up until midnight, asking riders how Metro could be improved. Really?? Why did the powers that be think this was a great idea?. After every incident on Metro, don't the reporters interview riders as to what they want? How is this story going to be any different? (5/24/16)

Dumb and Dumber: WMAL talker Michael Savage was interviewed by RT Television’s Larry King. The Bronx Boy vs. the Brooklyn Boy sparred over “The Don” as King called him, trying to make Savage defend Trumpisims. Ostensibly, the interview was supposed to be about Savage’s new book about his dog, Teddy, but he was sucker punched by King with the majority of questions about Trump. Didn’t see that one coming, eh Michael? (5/24/16)

Terry McAuliffe is being investigated for illegal donations to his political campaign. The Chinese Mogul gave $120,000 to his campaign. However, the same Chinese Mogul gave $2 MILLION to the CLINTON FOUNDATION!! Did McAuliffe accept other illegal contributions? WMAL has the best coverage on this situation. You won't believe how much money is in the Clinton Foundation now. (5/24/16)

[RE: “I believe Mike O'Meara's on 97.1, The Wave is a return to the frequency. If memory serves me correct the Don And Mike show aired way back when the station was owned by Prettyman Broadcasting and was call The Fox. Delmarva Broadcasting took over and took the station Jazz as they dumped Don And Mike.”] Wow MOM lands yet another new gig! And look, here he is in his moving truck... (5/24/16)

From Politico, yet another RIP story on Rush Limbaugh: Rush has been dead & buried by the MSM so many times over the years he could be on The Walking Dead. Politico says: “One thing’s for sure, says just about everyone I talked to: Even though he’s officially reached retirement age, Limbaugh will do some form of audio programming in the years to come. His love for what he does is obvious: On air, Limbaugh often says he’s “having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have.” And he sounds like he means it. Indeed, his infectious enthusiasm is one quality that explains something important that Limbaugh’s detractors miss: He’s really good at what he does. He takes very few callers, and conducts almost no interviews. For three hours, he just talks. And he’s funny, unpredictable, stimulating. No easy feat. But Limbaugh’s raw talent and sheer joie de vivre won’t be enough to save his current business model in an environment where his advertisers and affiliates have increasingly headed for the doors. In that sense, “Flush Rush” appears to be the rare boycott that actually worked. Should Limbaugh leave terrestrial radio, it will be difficult to find a substitute. “Is there a voice that can replace him?” asks Baltimore’s Beaven. “That’s hard.”For KOWL’s Steve Harness, however, it didn’t turn out to be that hard at all: He replaced Limbaugh with Dennis Prager, the cerebral conservative talker who broadcasts out of Southern California. Harness tells me he hasn’t had any problems since he picked up Prager: “I don’t have that issue with Dennis Prager calling people sluts.” They said the same thing about Howard Stern (Rush’s birthday buddy) as they do about Rush: both are still alive, kicking, have hot trophy wives and are multi, multi millionaires. Despite what Politico says, Rush Is Right & Rush Rules: (5/24/16)

I believe Mike O'Meara's on 97.1, The Wave is a return to the frequency. If memory serves me correct the Don And Mike show aired way back when the station was owned by Prettyman Broadcasting and was call The Fox. Delmarva Broadcasting took over and took the station Jazz as they dumped Don And Mike. (5/24/16)

Since the Hope Church is in constant motion with its translators, it’s difficult to say how many translators they own in Maryland but I think they hit 9 at one point. I think they only own 4-5 in the Baltimore area right now and most are commercial, which is kind of disturbing since the ownership is a NON-COMMERCiAL religious entity. (5/24/16)

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\/ May 23 Messages \/

Not really surprised at Julie Parker leaving. I can only imagine how difficult that job was. Being on the other side at an anchor desk reading a teleprompter or out in the field reporting is completely different. Now, she's constantly having to show up at murder scenes or other serious crimes and being bombarded with questions from the media and be able to keep her cool. After awhile, it had to have taken a toll on her. (5/23/16)

It is OK for the Virginia Governor to make a large contribution to the Clinton Foundation. They are "best friends". It is a CHARITY and this would be a TAX DEDUCTABLE DONATION to this worthy CHARITY! Terry McAuliffe is and has been working for the Clintons for many years. Maybe the Clinton Foundation could buy the iHeart Radio Group? They could certainly buy the CUMULUS Radio Group. Their debt is only $2.5 BILLION. (5/23/16)

The iHeart Stock Price continues to FALL! Price today is down to 77 cents per share! The 52 week low is 72 cents per share. The trial continues in San Antonio between iHeart and their Lenders/Creditors. How long before they go into bankruptcy? Will they be forced to sell off some of their assets to pay off their debt? Their reported debt is now up to $30 BILLION. (5/23/16)

CNN available via your local cable provider has a story that Virginia Governor Terry McAwful is under FBI investigation for donations to the Clinton Foundation. Does it ever end with Virginia governors and federal investigations? Virginia’s getting to be like Illinois! Anyway, McAwful is being looked at because of his Wang: “Among the McAuliffe donations that drew the interest of the investigators was $120,000 from a Chinese businessman, Wang Wenliang, through his U.S. businesses.“ If convicted, at least McAwful will still be able to vote in Virginia and he could pardon himself. More: (5/23/16)

What are these wandering eyes looking at? (5/23/16)

PGPD PIO - Any ideas whose replacing Julie Parker?? (5/23/16)

I am not a fan of alleged news radio 1090, but I have to give the mid-day traffic dude credit for keeping a straight face when he signs off his reports as "Jay Walker," because I nearly pissed myself laughing. I can't wait for the station to air an update on the bathroom bill with "Ben Dover." (5/23/16)

Calvary Chapel, the parent corporation for The Hope Church, is selling off their translators in Florida for big money. They are selling for $250,000 and $150,000 per translator. They put these translators on the air. The last public data shows that The Hope Church owns 19 translators. How many do they own in the Baltimore area? (5/23/16)

An enthusiastic and sold-out house of 400 attended the 7th Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame ceremonies in Baltimore on Sunday. Radio inductees included veteran programmer and personality Ed Graham, former V103 legend and 'High Priest of Soul' JB Brown, DC rock and roll jock Davy Jones/Paul Bicknell (WPGC, XTRA 104 and others), WKTK legend Joe Buccheri, and local radio and voice over artist Ty Ford. Others on hand included radio veterans Randy Dennis, Roy Sampson, Pat O'Brennan, Annie B., and Bob Mathers. Also feted were local musical acts Appaloosa, the Rodney Kelley Experience and the Admirals...and posthumous recognition for innovative guitarist Link Wray. (5/23/16)

I’ve kind of been out of the loop, so this may have already been brought up! But am wondering if anyone knows what is going on with Orioles Play-by Play guy Fred Manfra? I heard the tail end of him talking on Opening Day (he said he’d be back in the booth on April 19th) he did come back, but was only there for that one series; then Jim Hunter came back into the broadcast booth! I take it he may have dealing with health issues? Tom in Denton, MD. (5/23/16)

I just love it when social progressive liberals throw all their belief systems out the window and actually state SEXIST remarks. If Mrs. Smith was a Democrat, same person would be screaming, look at those awful sexist pig Republicans who still think a woman’s place is in the home. Same person would never say a word about Martin O’Malley’s wife being a state judge by crony political appointment & association with her husband would they? Nah, that’s totally normal. She’s clearly very talented and deserves that cushy job. POT MEET KETTLE. (5/23/16)

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\/ May 22 Messages \/

I don't know who the bitter poster is that taking shots at Don Geronimo. Don't you have better things to do? Like milking a bull. Leave Geronimo alone he's had enough pain in his life. Al Gebra!! (5/22/16)

Speaking of the Preakness all bets are off on these horses: (5/22/16)

Joanna Campbell has joined WZBA 100.7 The Bay she announced. — BaltoMedia.Net (5/22/16)

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\/ May 21 Messages \/

"ethics" in state government is one thing - but when Mrs. Smith was hired by the Ehrlich Administration while her husband was on the air shilling for that administration, we knew there was no ethics in the talk radio business. (5/21/16)

I noticed Donna Hamilton skipped this years Preakness coverage on WBAL TV which is running coverage from 1PM to 5PM today when NBC Sports takes over. I’m kind of surprised no DC media has mentioned that The Preakness might be headed to near DC at Laurel Park soon as the Pimlico Race Track is being evaluated by a Maryland Stadium Authority study which will undoubtedly say the facility is not fixable. (5/21/16)

The Baltimore Sun/Tribune Publishing decision to blow out those IT staffers and transition to a company in India was accompanied by this spokesperson's statement: "We have made the strategic decision to outsource key functions of our legacy information technology department to create a more agile operating environment and to drive our overall business transformation. This decision will allow us to better serve our customers, improve our systems and capabilities and create more opportunity for innovation." A couple of things irk me about this. First is the obvious: if the catchphrase of this year's election is to "Make America Great Again", how does this help? The backlash against the company by readers and patriotic advertisers will be "Yuge" (to borrow a Trumpism) and won't be pretty. But more significantly, has American IT gotten too big, too expensive, and too rude & full of itself that a decision like this had to be made? Go back and watch Jimmy Fallon as "Nick Burns" in some old SNL sketches and you'll see that even 16 years ago IT was molding its own path to disaster. "Opportunity for innovation"? Spare me. The USA is the heart and soul of the Internet and the World Wide Web. Why should that give an entire industry permission to be cocky and artificially pricey that a legacy company like Tribune would turn its back? Union auto workers tried that and see how well that turned out. God help us if the major radio groups also walked away and brought in "Sammy" located in "Tulsa" to handle IT. (5/21/16)

WMAL’s Chris Plante is right: elite media love their lucite block awards! Who knew that FNC’s Greta and PMSNBC’s Rachel were “BFF”? Hope their respective wife/husband know: (5/21/16)

MLB Commissioner Manfred and The Washington Post can whine all they want about the Orioles and MASN, but they’re the ones attempting to kill the agreed to deal and the courts have sided in the Orioles favor. Why? Because MLB itself gets more money if the Nats win. Public sour grapes will get you nothing in court. The deal was a 50/50 split in TV money and a majority Orioles ownership of the network. The Nationals feel they deserve a greater proportion, but have no ratings or market share proof to back that up. The Lerner Group may well be correct, but THAT IS NOT THE DEAL THEY SIGNED ON PAPER! Apparently the Post has been reading the Talk Nats blog, which is mostly conjecture here… (5/21/16)

Did someone just write the phrase “state ethics” and “Maryland” in the same sentence? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Good one. My chest is hurting. :-) As far as I know, any outside for profit job that is non-political would be ok with the State of Maryland, one of the most cronyism infested corrupt states in the country, that is unless it’s affected by some state policy function you have authority over. It’s doubtful Mrs. Smith has any political power in her state job. Getting hired as a secretary for instance doesn’t qualify for being very restricted from making money elsewhere. (5/21/16)

After Sunday, that will be Hall of Famer [HOF] Paul Bicknell. The only chance Don Geronimo [Mike Sorce] has to get close to a media HOF is if Paul leaves him a seat/name plate at his inductee table and post it on DCRTV. LOL (5/21/16)

While they tried to market it as The Baltimore Guide, a city newspaper, it really only ever covered Fells Point, Canton, Highlandtown and parts of Dundalk. It was always called The East Baltimore Guide which WBAL TV didn’t seem to remember since almost nobody has worked there long enough to remember. But that’s what everyone remembers it by. New owner trying to reinvent it fails? Heard that story before? — BaltoMedia (5/21/16)

This will be a long shot, but maybe a DCRTV Mailbagger has this vintage audio on a cassette in a box somewhere. I'm looking for a radio commercial for Calvert Shoes, in the Calvert Village Shopping Center, Prince Frederick MD. It aired on WMJS-FM 92.7 in 1973/1974/1975. If you've got it, I'd love a copy. Thanks! Contact: (5/21/16)

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\/ May 20 Messages \/

I only have 1 thing, the only thing I’ve ever said about Paul Bicknell. Who the hell is Paul Bicknell? I don’t know of any show or station he’s been on. The only thing I know is he’s paranoid from reading DCRTV! :-) (5/20/16)

iHeart Stock Continues to Drop......Down to $0.80 per share. If they go into BANKRUPTCY, it will affect the entire radio industry. I don't know of any company that can operate on all DEBT. With $20.9 BILLION in debt, they are paying just the interest on the debt. They will never be able to pay back the principal. Who will bail them out? The Federal Government should NOT bail them out. (5/20/16)

I still hear Ron Smith's widow doing endorsements on the radio for a financial services company. Yet I've read that she is now working in the Hogan administration. Is it appropriate for a state employee to this type of ad on the radio? Seems that might violate some state ethics rule. (5/20/16)

RE: Sunday, the Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame will induct broadcasting legend Paul Bicknell (Davy Jones). Upon hearing this news today, Don Geronimo (Mike Sorce) was last seen at his run-down strip mall, homeless infested Sacramento Podcasting studio in the fetal position clutching his Bart Starr Packers jersey. #LLPaulBicknell #KARMA (5/20/16)

WMAL’s Rush Limbaugh keeping the transgendered bathroom issue alive right through Drive at Five correctly reported that the leader of the North Carolina effort is a convicted child molester: (5/20/16)

Sunday the Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame will induct two broadcasting legends, Ed Grahm and Paul Bicknell (Davy Jones) the Event will have dinnter, dancing and an awards presentation. Congratulation to two of the very best broadcasters in the DC/Baltimore marketplace. Al Gebra....! (5/20/16)

Dave's response: Cue the haters.....

Carl in Olney is on to something: “The current producer of CBS's "60 Minutes" was reminiscing on NPR this morning about the late Morley Safer. He mentioned that Mr. Safer's reporting during the Vietnam War caused "the President" to try to get CBS to fire him. He used the phrase "the President" 3 times before the NPR interviewer, to her credit, said, "You mean LBJ", and he mumbled, "yes, Johnson". Well, LBJ’s press secretary at that time would have been none other than PBS’ Bill Moyers, well-known for quashing negative stories about LBJ: Good catch Carl! Now if NPR/PBS (which even the Uber liberal PMSNBC sought fit to do) would do a story about LBJ’s racism: (5/20/16)

Here's an interesting little story: The current producer of CBS's "60 Minutes" was reminiscing on NPR this morning about the late Morley Safer. He mentioned that Mr. Safer's reporting during the Vietnam War caused "the President" to try to get CBS to fire him. He used the phrase "the President" 3 times before the NPR interviewer, to her credit, said, "You mean LBJ", and he mumbled, "yes, Johnson". I can only assume that he was trying to avoid telling the truth, that a Democrat would do such an underhanded thing; he was most likely trying get the public to infer, incorrectly, that it was Pres. Nixon he was talking about. I guess being a Democratic Party protector is just an ingrained habit at CBS. -- Carl in Olney (5/20/16)

Stephan Williams, General Manager of WESM 91.3 in Princess Anne is moving on to WMUK in Kalamazoo Michigan (5/20/16)

For Lee - Devon Lucie now works as a meteorologist in Salt Lake City for the ABC station there. Surae Chinn, his wife, left WUSA last week and will move herself and the kids out there. (5/20/16)

So The Washington Post’s Fungus reports “The FCC’s chairman insists he’s a ‘happy Comcast subscriber”: Wheeler must not have been reading DCRTVDJDAVE’s “Cord Cutter” series and surprise, surprise, HE is satisfied with Comcast’s service. Comcast probably has a service truck parked outside his Georgetown home: Wheeler also was a cable industry lobbyist back in the day. Sheesh what bullshit: (5/20/16)

CBS says a lot of people are interested in buying the CBS Radio Group. They have excellent cash flow. Other companies, like iHeart and CUMULUS must use their cash flow to service their HUDH DEBT! Their stock continues to drop each day now. iHeart down to $0.81 per share and Cumulus at just $0.30. They both must be at $1.00 per share in order to be listed on the stock exchange. (5/20/16)

So on WMAL’s MOM (Mornings on the Mall) this morning Brian may have let the cat out of the bag in terms of his co-host Larry O’Connor, who was off today. In the middle of yet another transgenders’ use of local bathrooms discussion, Brian turned to substitute co-host the wonderful Susan Ferrechio of The Washington Examiner (married to WTTG/FNC’s Doug McKelway) and called her “Larry” to which he immediately apologized. Susan said, “It’s okay Brian, you can call me Larry”. So now we know: Larry O’Connor is the transgendered Susan Ferrechio. I just hope Doug knows and is alright with this and explains why she retains her maiden name. The Washington Post story for discussion was about the poor Giant security guard, now charged with a hate crime and assault, just trying to do what she thought was her job keeping a man out of the ladies room: (5/20/16)

RE: WHGM: Rouse an easy sell? Who are you going to sell to when almost no advertisers or people can receive your station? It’s not a coincidence that WHGM 1330 went dark for financial reasons before. They’re gonna need a better translator than that one to salvage it all. They lost Rouse because they cannot afford him. Mangione can, but the question begs. How long will he pay that much for shrinking returns? WQLL has a better FM, but how much money will that station bring in in advertising when most people can only get it on AM 1370, and probably not at night well, if at all. The 2 transmitter location thing has its issues. Where the station is strongest daytime is nowhere near where it is at night. They’re 30 miles apart! It would be ideal if they could broadcast both day and night from Reisterstown, which is WCBM’s old transmitter location, but that’s not possible because the Delaware DOT owns AM 1380 with daytime protections and has no intention of getting rid of the Class D AM. Their transmitter is in the middle of an I-95 interchange, so they obviously own the land. (5/20/16) works as of today ONLY because they made a change to the website since I posted and I’ll be the first to thank them for it. What did they change? They deleted the 2 side panel ads that loaded last on each page on both sides. It must have been the coding in those ads that caused the constant page reloading. Apple did nothing to fix anything. I have multiple installs of 10.11.5 so I can attest to this. I didn’t change anything to my systems. The website itself visibly changed. Hopefully, if they put the advertisements back, they will code them properly next time. You can all thank me another time Gus and Bob and all the others who denied this was even happening. Obviously WBOC finally checked themselves. :-) (5/20/16)

I posted on Facebook that 9 of 10 Native Americans don’t care about the Redskins name and was immediately attacked and unfriended in a vicious manner with people citing polls from a laundry list of K Street lobbying interests all with wonderful American Indian names that allege to represent all Native Americans. They all already have talking points in place to debunk the poll. And of course, the person who attacked me first was a white anglo-saxon social progressive liberal who’s never ever met a single native American Indian. Go figure. (5/20/16)

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\/ May 19 Messages \/

Dave I am confused. Veronica Johnson is heading to wjla? What happened to Devon Lucie and is Surae Chin still at wusa9? Thanks! Lee (5/19/16)

Re: "Did you see that huge severance package that Lew Dickey received from Cumulus? It was reported to be over $9 million!" Lew Dickey was robbed! (5/19/16)

Just tried on my MBP Mid 2015 & iMac Late 2012 both running 10.11.5 Safari 9.1.1 & Firefox 46.0.1 Everything works just fine & dandy. Also tired on my MacMini Late 2014 running 10.11.4 Safari 9.1 and everything works just fine and dandy. Bob Fairfax (5/19/16)

Okay, I am sorry and I know we have all been stereotyping poor Larry O’Connor but one has to wonder if he KNOWS just how gay he comes across and that even the “bumper” music he uses for Dive at Five is, well, gay. “I Want To Be A Cowboy”: really Larry? Would he be the cowboy or the cowgirl? He must know that was the gay anthem of the late 80’s: (5/19/16)

My guess is that if Veronica Johnson is headed to WJLA it will be to replae the departed Devon Lucie not Doug Hill. (5/19/16)

Dave's response: I'm pretty sure that we reported that WJLA signed Doug Hill to a new contract last year. So he's probably contracted to do several more years with the station.....

Morley Safer should have taken a cue from fellow CBS Sixty Minutes colleague Andy Rooney and have not retired: kiss of death. Rooney according to Wiki: “Andrew Aitken "Andy" Rooney (January 14, 1919 – November 4, 2011) was an American radio and television writer who was best known for his weekly broadcast "A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney," a part of the CBS News program 60 Minutes from 1978 to 2011. His final regular appearance on 60 Minutes aired on October 2, 2011. He died one month later, on November 4, 2011, at age 92.” Morley would have been Safer staying on the job. (5/19/16)

CBS News 60 Minutes Correspondent Morley Safer dies at the age of 84. (5/19/16)

WMAL’s Chris Plante had a total audio meltdown at 11:07AM this morning when he could not hear himself: all that could be heard was Chris clicking something and the apologizing. Must be that East Germany radio technology G. Gordon Liddy used to complain about at WJFK. Or Cumulus creditors have a lien on WMAL’s equipment: either way, pretty damn funny! (5/19/16)

Speaking of Amelia, the Weather Person: Apparently she is now Amelia Draper; from the last line of her WRC-TV bio, "Draper lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband." Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Draper. I assume the Segal Family is "quelling" as are the new machatunim (look it up).-- Carl in Olney (5/19/16)

The Washington Post in a new poll reports that 9 in 10 Native Americans are not offended by the name “Redskins”: In other Native American news 1 in 10 deaths are from drinking: What you mean “we” white man: (5/19/16)

Hey Gus in G'burg. If you're so hot to be in the loop in iheart's debt I have a radical idea for you. Set up a Google alert. Or, Dave could be your personal news reader. Whichever works best for you. (5/19/16)

RE: “I wonder if Doug Hill is retiring…” The “Hill” might as well be retired since he works at best maybe 3 days a week. Enjoyed “liberal leave” even back in the Channel 9 days. As for VJ, she was not all that bad – relatively speaking – except for that annoying lisp. Like shnow and schleet in the winter and thunder schtorms in the summer. Her apparent replacement Amelia whatever is just God awful as is her boss. Too bad they can’t get the Rug Man out of retirement… (5/19/16)

I wonder if Doug Hill is retiring and Veronica Johnson will become WjLAs chief meteorologist? (5/19/16)

Veronica Johnson is going the exact same route as Julie Wright when she left Fox5. In fact, her comments on her FB page seem to be the exact same words. She says all she can say is stay tuned, she'll let us know soon, she loves DC, not going away.. When Julie finally announced her job at WJLA, she made comments that she wasn't allowed to say anything about her move. So more and more it sounds like she's going to move to a local station. Otherwise, why all of the secrecy..I rarely watch channel so, but at one time didn't they have a zillion weather people?.. (5/19/16)

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\/ May 18 Messages \/

"Since the latest release of Mac OS 10.11.5 by Apple several days ago, the website is still not working on Apple Macs. " I installed 10.11.5 on a spare Mac (not production because that would be stupid) and the WBOC website works fine. Dave, why do you censor posts about iheart's debt? I really need to know and stay current on the status of that issue. Is there any way you could provide biweekly updates on it? Thanks, a concerned Gus in Gaithersburg (5/18/16)

Dave's response: Haven't censored anything lately.....

Has anyone noticed some tension or frustration with Fox5's political reporter Ronica when she's on the morning news? She's on there to report political issues, but a lot of the time the other anchors, specifically Holly, is interrupting her. It just seems like it's difficult for her to get her points across. (5/18/16)

RE: Mallow in the Morning on WHGM. I give this show 4 months, tops. This station couldn't even hold on to Steve Rouse. Steve should have been an easy sell. They couldn't keep advertisers on, with the poor 104.7 signal and the AM being off the air for almost two months. I'm sure he won't be able to sell, will blame the morning guy and will be looking for his 5th morning show in two years. (5/18/16)

WMAL and all talk/news/sports radio stations take note: we the consumers are bored and that may be why the ratings are taking a dive. We don’t care about politics/news/sports (Nats are sucking) now that Trump, Clinton et all dominate. Notice that the topics have shifted back to the “social issues” like who craps where. Even DCRTVDJDAVE is bored and is more focused on national media. For one, I have forgone Levin at night for Netflix Sons of Anarchy re-runs: even they bored me despite my binge. Seriously considering sleep. Sorry Bill: watch ratings sink in the months ahead. (5/18/16) are right! The Navy is on "Board". Thanks for your knowledge. (5/18/16)

Love all the hatred for "Hitman". you wimps just don't get it....He's been a fixture at the ocean for decades, keeps a job, delivers for clients and lives the good life. Jealous failures always nit-pciking simply because you can't say you've done anything even close to success with your keyboard sarcasm. Bunch of pussies...Al Gebra. (5/18/16)

[RE: “The new Secretary of the Army is gay......Openly gay. When will the Navy get on Board?”] Oh the Navy’s on board: (5/18/16)

RE: Hitman. My experience on the shore is that most people down here do like The Hitman or he wouldn’t still be on the air and a survivor. I sense that it's people not from the shore who gripe about him or people who’ve gotten run off the air down here that hate him. Trump reminds me of an old boss I had. He was rude to EVERYONE, men, women, racial and ethnic & sexual slurs, but if you did good work, you got promotions and his attention regardless of his, what he thought were motivating comments. People today looking to get into the work place need to put on their big boy pants. Whatever Trump was doing wrong, he was doing right since it got him rich and quite a few women he promoted along the way and most of them do not have really bad things to say about him. Just my 2 cents — Joe, formerly in Essex, now Ocean City. (5/18/16)

I don’t think this has gotten any media coverage on the eastern shore or anywhere, but WMDT 27ABC Salisbury as I previously reported has filed for a new digital low power translator for WMDT to replace channel 27 Dover on channel 3 north of Dover. I finally got a signal plot and it’s a much bigger contour than channel 27, covering northern Delaware from Wilmington all the way south of Dover. This covers parts of Delmarva that WBOC doesn’t even come close to. This has not yet been approved, but it’s a low power low-band VHF DTV that has nearly a full power signal. as you can see here. It’s unclear whether this station is simply a translator or originating TV station as the FCC is less clear on that vs. FMs, but WMDT has used the branding CW 3 before for its cable and now DTV sub-channel CW Network station. No clue what Marquee’s plan is for this. More soon I guess if it is approved. — BaltoMedia (5/18/16)

Someone has it in for Jason Kidd, Louie Diaz, and Steve Davis who has ZERO to do with the WRQX/WMAL situation. Interesting (5/18/16)

iHeart is in the third day of trial in San Antonio with their lenders/creditors. If they lose the fight, then they could be forced into bankruptcy. This would be Chapter XI. They have debt reported to be $20.9 BILLION. They will never be able to pay off this debt. How many companies can operate with 100% DEBT? CUMULUS is in the same boat, with $2.5 BILLION of debt. (5/18/16)

The new Secretary of the Army is gay......Openly gay. When will the Navy get on Board? (5/18/16)

["REF: Oh boy, here comes The Hitman - Somebody pissed in somebody's cereal this morning, huh? - such a nice site to visit....I'll stop back again in another 3 years. Thanks Dave - Hitman"] No, Eddie, thank you for promising at least 3 years of silence from your egocentric posts! (5/18/16)

Joanna Campbell is on the air again! Even if it is for only a few seconds: (5/18/16)

REF: Oh boy, here comes The Hitman - Somebody pissed in somebody's cereal this morning, huh? - such a nice site to visit....I'll stop back again in another 3 years. Thanks Dave - Hitman (5/18/16)

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RE: Cue Jason Kidd to the corner office! Musical Chairs, and a format change assured to 107.3 - Given his track record of success in Baltimore and in DC, that makes so much sense. Jason guided WPGC to the best ratings ever (the bottom) and they rewarded him with a trip to the shore! He was so great as PD at Mix in Baltimore (oh yeah he wasn't PD). With that winning record, it's a sure bet "The Legend" Louie Diaz will be just fine unless CBS and Cumulus merge in Washington in which case get ready for "Super" Steve Davis to make everything better on Jenifer Street! Mix will be back. Believe it. Jack Shines On like a crazy Diamond and everyone will see how great his return has been for Washington airwaves soon! (5/17/16)

As per Veronica Johnson's Facebook page, she posted a weather report about 4 hours ago. Maybe she's now freelancing?..Someone left a comment regarding her not being at channel 4 anymore, but she didn't respond. (5/17/16)

Re:Feels like there's more to the story of Veronica Johnson's departure from channel 4. Why no send off? Why the vanishing in the night? This is unusual for 4", I agree that this is unusual for that station. I can't remember the last time someone left and their co-workers not giving them some sort of send-off. Not only was she doing the weather, she hosted another show (I think it came on before the weekend morning news) that recapped the news of the week. Her NBC4 Twitter account is still active with the latest tweet being last Friday..Hmmm..Strange. (5/17/16)

Oh boy, here comes The Hitman with his "lamestream media" crap. Go back to playing classic rock on your small signals with shit audio quality. (5/17/16)

16) WMAL, 18) WRQX, ....... They have it all figured out at Cumulus DC. WMAL is about to get a colonoscopy from Corporate... hottest political climate EVER, in America, and the lowest ratings in years. WRQX has found a new home in the ratings toilet. Jack Diamond, almost 6 months, and no impact. CEO Mary must be thrilled! Man, are they already 'soft' interviewing for the PD seat again at 107.3... Cue Jason Kidd to the corner office! Musical Chairs, and a format change assured to 107.3... (5/17/16)

Hi Dave It's been awhile....this is bathroom material for some...I have been communicating with my FRIEND a former Bikini Contestant back in the day in OC. of which I have Mc'd many - Ms. Rowanne-Brewer for the last couple of days....she is the young lady and friend of mine for years...and former "girl" friend of Mr. Donald Trump who was the subject of the MEDIA HIT interview via the RAG called the NY TIMES....she has been on The Fox News Channel with all of the heavy weights...when she is rested she has promised me an on-air interview on CLASSIC ROCK 103.5 & 106.1 "The Vault" - she is on FOX with Greta Tonight..flies back to Raleigh, North Carolina and will hit the air with me real soon....should be interesting...I will ask the questions the "LAME STREAM" media wouldn't even try to touch...stay tuned, ie or tune-in - thanks /Hitman (5/17/16)

Since the latest release of Mac OS 10.11.5 by Apple several days ago, the website is still not working on Apple Macs. We all know it works fine on older Macs & OS's. The assisted living crowd here has already vouched for that, but I find it hard to believe that someone from WBOC can’t just walk into the Salisbury Best Buy, go on a Macbook and clearly see that does not work! It just keeps reloading over and over again as if a script will not stop running. In other WBOC news, they are advertising that they have a NEW chopper equipped with a higher resolution HD camera now. It’s painted differently than the old chopper but looks like the same type of chopper. The info on their website does not appear to be up to date yet as its from 2010. (5/17/16)

Feels like there's more to the story of Veronica Johnson's departure from channel 4. Why no send off? Why the vanishing in the night? This is unusual for 4. Dave? (5/17/16)

CUMULUS STOCK CONTINUS TO DROP. Now down to 29 cents per share. It is sad but true. At this rate, they will probably be in bankruptcy in 30 days. They have $2.5 Billion in debt and can't pay it back. (5/17/16)

If you are viewing NSFW and running for congress, be sure to close those tabs if you are sharing your desktop: former VA GOP congressional candidate now an independent candidate, Mike Webb (no relation to Jim Webb, trust me), left tabs open of porn sites which he said he was “researching” (like DCRTVDJDAV does searching for potential DCRTV ad clients) while sharing on his Facebook his desktop screen shot. Mike, a fundamentalist family values type (ain’t they all) has no idea why people are amused: Dave always close his tabs and zips up his pants before taping DCRTVDAVETV. (5/17/16)

Veronica Johnson once worked for Sinclair when she first came to this region in 1991 at FOX 45 in Bmore so joining ABC 7 is a reunion of sorts for her. She also worked at WMAR briefly before going to Channel 4. (5/17/16)

The Washington Post beats itself up over not catching the Dylan wave back in the 60’s: look for a story saying The Post missed the Nazi war on Jews too soon. So fifty years later, who cares: (5/17/16)

Updates on some of my favorite YouTube channels, including Dan Bell, Casey Neistat, Fun For Louis, Ben Brown, Into The Mystery, and, yes, even Nomadic Fanatic, who's getting boring. Plus, the Washington Post sells out. Google bans payday loans. And why I'll probably be cancelling Netflix. In my latest "Dave TV" or whatever I'm calling it..... (5/17/16)

Somewhat surprised at the news of Veronica Johnson leaving channel 4. As soon as I read this, I went to the NBC4 website and yep, she's no longer listed. Also not in the Storm Team pic on FB. For it not to be announced (unless I missed it), brings back memories of the Julie Wright exodus from channel 5 to 7 where she couldn't have a farewell sendoff or talk about it publicly. This must've just happened because she was posting weather comments on her NBC FB page as late as last Friday. And I think I heard her giving weather reports on WTOP. Well, if indeed she's going to channel 7, time will tell.. (5/17/16)

Congrats on going national, Dave, great idea. Also when people see the "tease" on the early news, urging viewers to come back at 11, or tomorrow morning at 5 am, etc. keep in mind that May is sweeps month, where the ratings are calculated. I think thats the reason WHY they do that but of course you don't have to tune in later. (5/17/16)

Radio One has jumped in quickly on the FM 103.1 frequency in DC applying to move an FM translator from Virginia up to DC to take the place of the dismissed WOOK LPFM. It would be retransmitting WYCB AM 1340. Also the Adams Radio purchase of WIJK AM 1590 and its 2 FMs has been approved by the FCC despite the fact that one of them is not even on the air. Also, Multicultural’s WLXE AM 1600 got another STA approved. The FCC approved them for 125 watts on Tower #1 which Multicultural claims is still standing. However Google Earth shows no such tower, but an auto parts store at that location. You would think that the FCC would check on minor things like the accuracy of filings before it approving them right, simple things like, is the station on the air as licensed and such. But apparently, not. (5/17/16)

Veronica Johnson no longer works at NBC 4. Probably will end on WJLA. (5/17/16)

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