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\/ September 2 Messages \/

August radio ratings analysis from Tom Taylor Now: Washington DC – Information is the coin-of-the-realm in Washington, where all-news WTOP and news/talk non-com WAMU are #1, #2 or #3 in every standard daypart, with age 6+ AQH share. For the total broadcast week, Hubbard’s WTOP moves from a June-book 8.5 share to a July-book 8.7, and now an August-book 8.0. American University’s WAMU is close behind, 7.3-8.2-7.7. Tied for third are iHeart’s AC WASH (5.7-6.0-6.4) and Howard University’s urban AC WHUR (6.1-6.2-6.4). iHeart’s rhythmic “Hot 99.5” WITH slips a couple of ranks to fifth (6.9-6.8-5.9). CBS Radio’s urban WPGC is #6 with its best showing since August 2012 (3.9-4.1-4.5). Not a blissful Summer for iHeart’s alternative “DC101” WWDC (3.6-3.0-2.9). CBS Radio’s all-sports “106.7 the Fan” WJFK-FM is the flagship for the baseball Washington Nationals, and it’s off 2.4-2.1-2.0. Rhythmic “Hot” has the largest average weekly cume at 1,290,600. Note that what Nielsen calls the “August book” is comprised of more days in July than August. Data was collected between July 16 and August 12. Thanks to ratings historian Chris Huff for his observations about the various highs and lows in station ratings, and streaks... Baltimore – Another 1-2 finish for iHeart’s country WPOC (9.4-8.6-8.7) and Radio One’s urban WERQ (7.5-7.4-8.1). That 8.1 is 92Q’s best share since September 2013. Third is CBS adult contemporary WLIF (6.6-6.1-6.9) and fourth is Radio One’s urban AC WWIN-FM (5.4-5.2-6.3). CBS Radio’s all-sports “105.7 the Fan” WJZ-FM has the baseball Orioles (5.8-5.2-4.5). (The Birds are fourth in their division.) Hearst’s news/talk WBAL improves (2.8-2.4-3.0), as does WCBM Inc.’s talk WCBM (2.3-2.2-2.7) – and you could speculate about the role local radio plays in the aftermath of the Freddie Gray shooting and subsequent unrest in Baltimore. “Your Public Radio”-owned news/talk non-com WYPR was flat (1.8-1.7-1.7). Radio One recently began doing contemporary gospel on the formerly-country HD2 signal of CBS Radio’s WLIF, and it and its companion translator are flat so far, 0.9-0.8-0.9. AC WLIF holds onto the cume lead at 693,600. (9/2/15)

The answer to Amar's question: (9/2/15)

To the person looking for a portable HD Radio check this one out from Marc B (9/2/15)

RE: “This is an odd debate over "journalist" versus "reporter." To the typical audience they mean the same thing, and probably could include "correspondent" for that matter. For a while in the 1980s and 90s some non-print, broadcast reporters shunned being called "journalists" because of the stigma associated with working for yesterday's newspaper. But now that we have these other text-based outlets that could be seen as journals, maybe the title has regained respect.” While this post basically makes sense, the term “journalist” has become subjective while also attaining a certain status. People like Edward Murrow and H.L. Mencken may have started as “reporters”, but later in life they were considered “journalists”, which in many ways is an honor: there are very, very few “journalists” today. Most in the media who once were a journalist, like George Will, with television, no longer are: they are media figures if not celebrities. Chris Matthews started out as a columnist based in San Francisco and now is just a drooling nut job in Washington: he is not and has never been a journalist. And then there’s DCRTVDJDAVE, who is in his own category I still cannot figure out. (9/2/15)

/\ September 2 Messages /\

\/ September 1 Messages \/

Dave, I know it’s not a D.C. story… but, “WPTK-850”? Bullshit! My God! Is there no end to the blasphemy? The real 850 in Raleigh is, and always shall be… WKIX, “Channel 85”! Yes, it is a station of my jock past. Anyone remember Plough? The St. Joseph’s Aspirin for Children and Play-Doh people? That was Plough! They also owned WCAO AM-FM in Baltimore. Johnny Dark could tell you as many stories as I shouldn’t about the “friendly” rivalry between WCAO and WKIX. WKIX sounded so good for so many years. Drake-formatted with Bill Leslie (later at WRAL-TV), Mike Blackman (later at WPTF), and Doug Limerick (We all know where he ended up!), and others doing the news. There was a blind jock there back in the mid-sixties to the early 70’s, Dale Van Horn, who had one of the bet set of pipes in the business. WKIX was a place you could land your first big gig at after (or even during) college. Or, from a cinder block daytimer with a class “A” FM in a small market. That was Real Radio! And, then Bill Drake came along with automated Top-40 on WRAL-FM. (Three was a WRAL-AM, a graveyarder which had been sold off years before.) The beginning of the end. “Muzakradio”, we called it. But, it was a portent of what radio would be today: Devoid of any personality whatsoever. On an unrelated local note… if WMAL is for “loons”, does that mean it’s only worth a Canadian dollar? –Unsigned Corporate Suit (9/1/15)

So WTTG is de-emphasizing sports. Why? Probably more celebrity gossip, happy-talk chit-chat, teasers, and news reader's opinions. Certainly not more local hard news. (9/1/15)

FCC News… The WQER 96.7 permit for Bethesda has been approved. the Chinese American Community Connection should be on the air soon NW of DC. It will be limited to 21.5 watts. Now why the FCC has decided to license 250 watt translators to religious organizations who then resell then re-lease them for money, yet a real broadcaster with ethnic goals for original programming to a community underserved still boggles my mind. Typical bureaucrats. Don’t care. News about 103.5, the other one, Great Scott’s Class A WJKI 103.5 Bethany Beach DE. It has lost its tower site apparently and wants to move west since the site will be developed for housing. This won’t affect WTOP much in the the DC area, but it might impact your listening traveling to the beach and maybe WJKI in OC too. — BaltoMedia.Net (9/1/15)

Looks like today's wretched ratings were the last straw for the WRQX brain trust as they have adjusted the format to an AC/Hot AC hybrid. It appears to be a clone of WPLJ in NYC which as shown a little life lately for the first time in years. Like all Cumulus music stations, the "new" WRQX is as generic as humanly possible, with a playlist of only the most burnt songs played every couple of hours without any personality or excitement. Nothing is done to localize the station for Washington. Instead, it is so bland it could easily fit in anyway in the country and make not a ripple. Thus, fitting the Cumulus formula to a tee, like all the other Cumulus disasters, it is destined to continue to sit at the bottom of the ratings. (9/1/15)

("Where did Sherrie Lee go?") Sherri Ly is now Medial Relations Mgr for WMATA. Since May according to her Twitter. Saw her on TV last week. Look for her whenever Metro goes off the rail, literally and metaphorically. (9/1/15)

Nats fans whine about Nats losing the NL East Title & Wildcard. Blame it on Orioles and Peter Angelos and the MASN TV Rights dispute. Keep in mind, they out spent the Orioles by MILLIONS of dollars & still lost worse than the Orioles. Expect the DC whining to get worse when they most definitely don't make the playoffs. The O's still have a chance actually despite this past week, dim, but better than the Nats. Why the outcome of this media money case has taken so months baffles my mind. Angelos isn't spending any money as a result and the Nats have overspent, but with no success. Go figure. I really think the judge is just waiting to rule a judgement until BOTH teams are out of the playoffs! HAHA! (9/1/15)

RE [ can anyone explain what WRQX is doing?] The John Dickey answer that was referenced is spot on. John Dickey has been a fortunate in two respects. He was born into a very well to do family with a father who was able to buy his son into Stanford. John also has the great fortune of being the little brother of Lew Dickey. Lew has no idea how to operate any type of business but he is the master of manipulating Wall Street and institutional investors. Sadly, our country is chock full of Lew Dickeys. (9/1/15)

As I’ve posted before, Katie Couric studied English Literature and has a BA degree, nothing else. Anderson Cooper got to go to Yale like Bush because he was a rich wasp VANDERBILT, not because he was smart and made his fame in modeling. Shepard Smith of FOX News actually did study journalism for over 3 years, not just for one year as someone suggested nor was he rich. Brian Williams was a volunteer firefighter and never graduated college either nor studied journalism ever, but through a fluke & political favor became a Jimmy Carter intern. You can make fun of FOX New's Shepard Smith all you want, but he was the only one that made it WITHOUT CONNECTIONS or MONEY. Smith left U of Mississippi with only 2 credits left of graduation of a journalism degree, not just 1 semester. People like to post jabs here all the time. Well look up your damn facts NEXT TIME IDIOT! You defined “stupid” so just look in the mirror. ‘NUFF SAID. (9/1/15)

Brent Harris is not wrong in asking the question, but he should have known what he was going to get in return too. Nothing. Those kinds of questions in the NFL are fineable offenses to coaches for criticizing the officiating. He knew Harbaugh wasn't going to answer that question, so what was the point? Obviously Harbaugh was frustrated, so he blew off the 2nd two questions. Brent Harris should have asked that question last ideally. — BMB (9/1/15)

AM 850/Raleigh becomes a regional clone of The Gamut... (9/1/15)

What HD radio do you have, and do you know where the best place to find portable HD radios would be? I would like to have an HD radio that I could lug around and listen to with my earbuds like I do with my Sony Walkman E Series. - Amar (9/1/15)

Dave's response: I have a Directed HD Radio that was a promotional gift from WTOP several years ago. I have seen one or two table/headphones-type models in Best Buy, but non-car versions seem to be rather scarce these days. Anybody got some advice for Amar?

Hey, leave Kristi King and Neil Augenstein alone. Actually they do a great job painting pictures with words. That's radio. No pictures to look at. If you can tell a story and describe it well, you've done your job. They do it right. Thank you. (9/1/15)

RE "Can anyone offer any clue as to what WRQX is doing?" The answer: probably only John Dickey. He appears to be the common element in all Cumulus missteps. I've never met him but he seems to think only he knows what should be done anywhere anytime within the company so he fails to empower or trust his local managers and everything shrivels to death amid internal strife and recriminations. It is pretty sad and strongly, strongly reminds me of how Dan Snyder tries to run the Redskins. (9/1/15)

I forgot what a pleasure it is to get the weather again from Tony Pann. He's personable, doesn't use the same phrases over and over again, and can keep up with the funny women on WBAL in the mornings. They moved him to nights a while ago, and I lost track of him. But I used to watch him back on WUSA and thought the same thing -- what a warm character and easy to watch. (9/1/15)

This is an odd debate over "journalist" versus "reporter." To the typical audience they mean the same thing, and probably could include "correspondent" for that matter. For a while in the 1980s and 90s some non-print, broadcast reporters shunned being called "journalists" because of the stigma associated with working for yesterday's newspaper. But now that we have these other text-based outlets that could be seen as journals, maybe the title has regained respect. (9/1/15)

So what is up with the mornings at Fox 5. Mike the 430 to 6 weather guy... I know he did 3 weekday days and 2 weekend days.... Now Gary 5 days in the morning... And they should have one additional person on weekend morning news. Love me some Annie but it just flows better with 2 Where did Sherrie Lee go? (9/1/15)

The death of former Maryland Governor Marvin Mandel proves, once again, how pathetic the Baltimore broadcast market really is. The man's name was mispronounced, the stories written by kids, most of whom were not even around when Mandel ruled or were still sloshing around in their father's balls. I can't think of more than one or two broadcasters and/or print reporters who could recollect the rich history of this man's legacy with any degree of understanding and competence. The weak, clueless coverage brought back memories of the death of another Baltimore icon this year, Blaze Starr. What a bunch of misinformed boobs. (9/1/15)

Good God, the T-Shirt ideas just keep rolling off the Mailbag, don't they? (9/1/15)

/\ September 1 Messages /\

\/ August 31 Messages \/

Okay now we know something is fishy with Larry: he had a "coming out" call-in segment on Dive at Five. Unfortunately, the "coming out" was for Trump supporters but we are getting closer: Meredith call home. (8/31/15)

So Chris Plante called Hillary Clinton "wretched swine" on WMAL this morning. He's sunk to a new low... Animal Defamation! Shame on you. May you never eat barbecue or cracklings ever again! -Unsigned Corporate Suit (8/31/15)

Re: "...Katy Couric never studied journalism nor Anderson Cooper or Brian Williams, yet they all claim to be 'journalists.' Meanwhile Shepard Smith of FOX NEWS actually studied journalism. Who knew? He didn’t get the degree but he studied it and they didn’t. ‘Nuff said..." That is funny, funny stuff. "He didn't get the degree but he studied it..." By that definition, everyone who ever attended the first week of freshman classes at any university is a biologist, and a mathmetician, and an athlete, and a writer, etc etc etc. What did you study in college? Because it's pretty clear that you are, as college professors like to say, "stupid." 'Nuff said! (8/31/15)

Fun with Google Maps. Sometimes you can get some interesting photos from Google maps. This is the 3 tower array of now WFSI AM 860, which does put a good signal towards DC daytime only. The interesting thing here is that if anything happens to these 3 towers, they would NEVER EVER be approved again. If you look carefully at the pic, you can see the Chesapeake Bay. All of the towers are basically in swamp land bordering a bay tributary. Environmentally, this would never be approved today. There are waterfront houses all around it, but if these towers fell, nothing could be built on this site under current laws. I just thought that was interesting. (8/31/15)

For the past few years Neil Augenstein and Kristi King have been having an unofficial competition to see who can file the most self-absorbed, misinformed, unattributed and boring stories at WTOP. Lately, Augenstein has been winning by default, because lazy-ass King is doing even less work than usual. Luckily, 'TOP will broadcast any piece of shit story anybody files, even if it's just a paraphrasing of something from an old magazine, or vague memories of the reporter's that nobody else cares about. So, job security. (8/31/15)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: WMAL's Chris Plante just called Hillary "wretched swine." It's fine to disagree with her, but Plante is a perverted creep.....] Last week Plante denounced Democrats as attacking marriage (between men and women). Plante himself has never been married. (8/31/15)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: WMAL's Chris Plante just called Hillary "wretched swine." It's fine to disagree with her, but Plante is a perverted creep.....] Is he still on the air? Haven't heard him in years. (8/31/15)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: WMAL's Chris Plante just called Hillary "wretched swine." It's fine to disagree with her, but Plante is a perverted creep.....] WMAL is for loons... (8/31/15)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: WMAL's Chris Plante just called Hillary "wretched swine." It's fine to disagree with her, but Plante is a perverted creep.....] Here's my thing. I like WMAL, but I dont like Plante, and I dont like Levin. so you know what I do? I don't listen. That's how it works. Dave posts every day about stuff that Plants says that he doesnt like. I get it, it's his job and "he listens so we dont have to," blah blah blah. I would ask anyone who agrees with the original post, how do you feel when the comments are turned around? Are you saying "Oh yeah! Of course conservatives are losers! Go Harry Reid!" OR are you saying, cmon dude, that;s over the top, dont be a perverted creep. That's all Im saying. That's the problem. Mopst people cheer when they agree, and get insulted when they disagree. Like I said, I find Plante to be obnoxious anyway. So I look forward to him not being on. (8/31/15)

This New York Times opinion piece, Let Consumers Use Better, Cheaper Cable Boxes, makes some valid points. Connecting a set-top box should be as easy as activating a new cellphone on a wireless network. (8/31/15)

Dave, with the Junkies making over a million a year along with WJFK having their own Skins reporter, you would think they could come up with their own “scoops”: so why do the Junkies have to announce that Kirk Cousins will be the starter quarterback via a tweet from an ESPN reporter? All that money gets WJFK nothing: just saying. (8/31/15)

Can anyone offer any clue as to what WRQX is doing? Seems like an eternity since they have been relevant in DC?! How could a once great POWERHOUSE have fallen, and stay so irrelevant. How much longer are they really going to tolerate it? We hear that the underperforming morning show gives Jan Jefferies the "Talk To The Hand" treatment, while the other DJ's are so vanilla, no one knows who they are. The format seems like a black hole in the universe of no-where. With Jefferies being labeled such a Cumulus robot, maybe they will bring the Nash country format here, or finally just go oldies and roll the dice on Jack Diamond?! What advice is their for WRQX, I just plain feel bad for them at this point. (8/31/15)

It would seem that only WBAL-TV had the smarts to have prepared a thorough obituary on former Governor Marvin Mandel who passed away Sunday at age 95. The obit aired first on MeTV at 10p, but football delayed 11 pm newscast on CH 11. Now that's a newsroom! The others just floundered around using a new file clips and full screens of quotes from various officials. (8/31/15)

From YouTube: A Baltimore Ravens sideline reporter got the bad end of an interview with head coach John Harbaugh on Saturday night. During halftime of the team's preseason game against the Washington Redskins, Comcast SportsNet's Brent Harris asked Harbaugh about the incident that led to the ejection of Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith and a confrontation between Harbaugh and Redskins head coach Jay Gruden. Harbaugh was having none of it, scolding the reporter and saying he only wants to talk football. Harris kept his composure during the interview, but after Harbaugh barely answered his other two questions, the reporter just ended it altogether. Yeah. He's definitely a Harbaugh. (8/31/15)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Are you hungry, need to make money? Centennial Broadcasting has one opening for an experienced sales person. We can train you to talk intelligently about Radio and our digital products, you must have the built in drive to make calls and want to be successful. This is a great company, insurance, 401k with a match from the company, vacation, most weekends off, regular office hours, and an encouraging environment. Don’t apply if you're just looking for somewhere to plant yourself for a while; Want a career? Then we want to speak with you. Our average sales person makes over 50 thousand dollars with benefits. If you want to work and have built in drive and determination and not afraid to cold call; then drop us a, tell us why we should hire you. Centennial Broadcasting is an equal opportunity employer and slackers need not apply. (8/31/15)

/\ August 31 Messages /\

\/ August 30 Messages \/

WBAL TV has a Facebook post up about the almost one year anniversary of city state's attorney, Marilyn Mosby. What a celebration! The post runs down all of her positive accomplishments. There is no attribution whatsoever. What it is is a p.r. person's dream come true. Mosby is one of the most controversial politicians in Baltimore right now, yet a local news station promotes information that seems to be written straight from a news release. (8/30/15)

WMAL 630 AM.....When the towers are demolished, WMAL could diplex with 570 AM in Germantown, MD. It is 30 miles away but does have 50 acres of land. It is the only tower site that has enough land to work for 630 AM. They need a lot of land and tall towers at that frequency. The new signal will not be any better than 570 AM is now. (8/30/15)

Dave's response: I bet that WMAL could shut down the 630 AM frequency right now and not see a significant dip in the ratings. Even with the dips currently heard there.....

The only broadcaster in the market that could afford to buy Red Zebra is Hubbard. They like sports programming. If they did buy them they would own......103.5 103.9 107.7 1500 AM ..... - RE: Hubaard is swimming in debt much like Cumulus and Clear Channel, what in gods name are you talking about when you say Hubbard is the only market that can afford buying Snyder's signals? WTOP is not the only station owned by Hubbard & they are making payments year after year to get back to the surface of being debt free. Hubbard wants nothing to do with a handful of crummy AM signals just for the rights to Redskins. Gotta love these DCRTV whiz kids, Dave you've got a great audience! (8/30/15)

Jack Diamond in a bear costume chases me? Jokes about Don Geronimo, Hillary Howard, and Storm Team 4. Plus, why Dan Snyder should sell ESPN 980 to Hubbard or maybe CBS or Cumulus. And what's up for Derek McGinty after WUSA? How about a midday show on WNEW? Plus more hilarity in today's "Dave TV"..... (8/30/15)

Red Zebra wants to sell their stations. They lose so much money with those inferior stations. Cumulus cannot afford to buy them. The only broadcaster in the market that could afford to buy Red Zebra is Hubbard. They like sports programming. If they did buy them they would own......103.5 103.9 107.7 1500 AM 1050 AM 820 92.7 94.3 980 AM 570 AM. A total of 10 stations. They would probably spin off their two weakest AM stations which are 820 AM and 1050 AM. The key is to have the exclusive rights to the Redskins. (8/30/15)

Dave's response: Maybe they could transfer 820 to the Gamut Trust. Ha ha ha.....

Caitlin Roth mentioned when Erin Como was introduced she wouldn't be starting weekend weather until mid-September. (8/30/15)

Oddly Dave H., The monster 50kw WMET signal is highly directional and does not reach Baltimore much, except on the west side of town. I guess they have to protect Delmarva’s WDEL 1150, which by the way was supposed to go to 10kw, but now can’t even run at 5kw. They’re another station on life support with Special Temporary Authority for over 7 years at least, maybe 10. A person from Delmarva Broadcasting I think posted here complaining a year or so ago when I said the FCC should pull the plug on them. At that time, he claimed all the problems would be fixed in short time. Uh huh. Where is he now? (8/30/15)

REF: [WBAL Radio: "The criticism that appears so frequently in this mailbag is apparently accurate and on the mark."] Not only is it accurate and on the mark, it is well deserved. This station had a very proud past with some great talent and management that produced excellence on the air involving people that not only sounded good but who knew what they were doing. For the most part, many of them were locally rooted and understood the market and its uniqueness. Now, you have out-of-town people with weak voices who are clueless about radio in general, and, more importantly, what made this station so successful. The station has truly lost its luster, and will never get it back as along as you have a motor-mouthed woman in morning drive, a hog-caller sitting next to her, a clueless, egotistical morning show host, and boring, old and tired talk show hosts with their own, personal agendas. Once Baltimore's broadcast blowtorch, this station is nothing more than a fucked up flicker. (8/30/15)

No Caitlyn Roth doing weather this weekend on Fox5'5 morning news. Mike Thomas did both days. I'm betting that as announced earlier in the week, as well as on the day Erin Como was introduced, that Csaitlyn will be on the evening news and not the weekend (as was originally reported). (8/30/15)

Dave, on the 28th, you said you wouldn't be surprised if Dan Snyder sold off his properties to "another local broadcaster". What prospects are there instead that a company not now in the broadcast arena - or even just a lesser player - could swoop in and make an offer? There are many MD- and VA-based non-broadcast corporations who might do well dropping a dollar or two on these properties just to diversify (among them, fittingly, the home office of Rent-a-Wreck...HA!) Adams Radio Group or Saga, if poised to enter a major market, seem like they'd make good owners. Its not so far-fetched, really... if you had told me three years ago that Comcast was going to own NBC and Universal, I'd've laughed 'til I yacked. (8/30/15)

Dave's response: I guess that's a possibility, but the only way the Snyder sale works, since the radio signals are kinda crappy (two grunky AMers and two weakish FM rimshots), is to package the Redskins radio rights with the deal. That's something that Saga or Adams don't really need and couldn't afford. Snyder is gonna take a big loss on the sale of the signals, a loss that could be minimized with the inclusion of the team's radio rights as part of the package.....

So PAID subscribers to the The Don Geronimo Show Podcast, how lazy is Don Geronimo-Sorce? He goes on another Hawaiian vacation and unlike more "responsible" podcastors, doesn't pre-record a series of new shows or fill-in guest host[s]. Instead, Sorce re-directs you subscribers back to the archives of old, tired, regurgitated show content from decades ago. A fool and his money are soon parted. (8/30/15)

I hate to see anyone's career path disrupted and their livelihood compromised. But as someone whose car radio is tuned to WAMU almost exclusively, I found Elliott Francis unlistenable. With absolutely no personal ill will toward the gentleman, I found his halting delivery non-communicative and his sibilant speech pattern grating to the point that I had to silence the volume of the radio until I estimated his segment was over. I wish him well in his future endeavors but will not miss his presence on my favorite station. Perhap GM J.J.Yore's decision is not totally budgetary. (8/30/15)

I'm curious how do the Ravens/Redskins preseason match ups do in ratings where the games are broadcast on two stations in both markets? I imagine the Ravens focused broadcast on WBAL will be much higher than the Redskins focused broadcast on WNUV. Likewise the Redskins broadcast on WRC and Ravens on WJLA. (8/30/15)

/\ August 30 Messages /\

\/ August 29 Messages \/

So I'm stuck in the car on the road and tune to the Ravens pre-game show on WBAL 1090. What a disaster. So many technical miscues it sounded like children were running the station. Plus they added the morning guy Brian Nehman and the shouter to their coverage. Needless to say after about eight minutes I was back to Pandora. The criticism that appears so frequently in this mailbag is apparently accurate and on the mark. (8/29/15)

The posts about Channel 6 don’t all come from one poster or the voices in my head would tell me, but YOUR POST comes from ABUSING THE LAW. Id’d bet money on that. The FCC should repurpose Channel 6. It’s perfect for FM. WPVI is the only station anyone can name on the channel. I’m sure there's a workaround for that one station and a few others. If a Channel 83 once moved, I would think a Channel 6 could too. It’s not like ABC/Disney wouldn’t want it. They wanted to leave Channel 6 in the first place but they couldn’t in the DTV BIG SWITCH HAHA! (8/29/15)

The Catholic Diocese of Baltimore once bought WTOW, now WNST 1570 AM and lost a bundle on that deal. That’s how Nestor got it so CHEAP and why he’s still on the air, well kind of. Let me rephrase that. Nestor is still paying the electric bill. Good luck Arlington Diocese. The Catholic Church’s media skills in America, except for EWTN, on cable are a disaster. Even EWTN is a bad network name. Al Jazeera America gets better ratings! HAHA! (8/29/15)

Dave's response: We do get Catholic radio here in the DC area on Gaithersburg's WMET, 1160 AM, which is a whopping 50,000-watts by day.....

[RE Elliott Francis getting pink-slipped from WAMU:] Yeah, this is bad, although they probably figure they can get someone much cheaper? I have no idea was Francis was paid, but considering his veteran-broadcaster status, I'm guessing this might have been a cost-driven decision. (8/29/15)

Baltimore pronunciation: Morrell is pronounced moral. Just ask a resident of Morrell Park. (8/29/15)

Compliment? Really? "As we continue to evolve our broadcast sound and style, we will also evolve how our new local anchor compliments NPR's revamped host lineup for All Things Considered." (8/29/15)

To the person posting about left out one of the FM Stations they own. WWWT-FM 107.7 FM in Manassas. So if you don't count 94.3 in Buckland, VA, not in the Washington Metro Area, they would own 4 FM + 94.3 and 5 AM Stations. (8/29/15)

/\ August 29 Messages /\

\/ August 28 Messages \/

The following WAMU staff memo was forwarded to DCRTV.....

I would like to share with you that we have decided not to renew Elliott Francis's contract as host of WAMU's afternoon drive shift. Today is Elliott's last day at WAMU. Elliott began his career at WAMU as a part-time reporter in 2009. He was made full-time in 2010 as a reporter and weekend afternoon anchor.He became host of our local presentation of All Things Considered in 2014. We thank him for his 6 years of service to the WAMU community and wish him well in his future endeavors. As we continue to evolve our broadcast sound and style, we will also evolve how our new local anchor compliments NPR's revamped host lineup for All Things Considered. (8/28/15)

I wouldn't be surprised if Tony Perkins jumped ship. WTTG brought him on board to do the weather with the intent of priming him to be an anchor. They gave him the morning spot with Allison and from what I saw, it was working. On his last day of doing mornings, it was obvious that he wasn't too pleased with going to evenings and made a comment that it wasn't his decision, but management's. I really like Steve on mornings and feel they could've kept Tony and had three anchors on mornings vs. sending Tony to evenings. For the evening news, I watch NBC4 and unfortunately don't see Tony anymore. I feel it would be a loss if he left, but with all of the changes going on almost every other month these days, employees at that station have to wonder about their job security. As an aside, I see no reason to have three anchors on their early news. I would've gone with two and sending Holly to do that Good Day DC show. (8/28/15)

Dave's response: I'm hearing that Tony has denied having lunch with Bill Lord or eating in the resturant named in a previous post.....

Tony Perkins to 9? Doubtful as ftvlive is reporting that Phoenix anchor Adam Longo is packing up and coming to WUSA to replace McGinty. Regarding Erica Grow, she used to weekend evening weather but recently got demoted to weekend mornings when Howard Bernstein got demoted from weekday mornings to weekend evenings. If that happened to me, I'd get out too. They do have a good weather team but the only person they promote is "Tenacious Topper." Over at WRC, their promos of their weather team include the entire weather team. I like Topper but those promos make him seem pretty egotistical since it's all about Topper and not the rest of his team. (8/28/15)

Baltimore Sun owns City Paper now. They don’t need B the Hipster paper that was supposed to BEAT The City Paper. Can you say Antitrust? (8/28/15)

The Sun just cancelled it and the boxes are being taken up around town. B the millennial newspaper is no more. Tribune pulled the plug. They hid the thing on The Sun site, but it’s now gone. Now they’re posting B stories on the Sun site like it’s still there, but it’s NOT, No print anymore. (8/28/15)

Someone said "they would need to sell two AM Stations, to comply with the FCC Rules" regarding Hubbard buying the Zebra. Why would they need to do that? 94.3 is in Faquier County and doesn't count as a DC stick. This theoretical world would give Hubbard 570, 820, 980, 1050, 1500, 92.7, 103.5 and 103.9 (taking 94.3 out of the equation) (8/28/15)

Dave's response: "Faquier"? It's Fauquier. You don't spell Loudoun "Loudon" do you? That second "u" is important. Sheesh.....

C’mon Dave Hughes. The Sun cancels a newspaper in Baltimore and has to take down all the orange boxes around town and not even a peep from DCRTV or a news blurb? Yep the orange boxes are going away all around town. (8/28/15)

In tragic situations such as a death, I believe family should be allowed some privacy from the media although the media tends not to respect this request. Therefore, I found it interesting that the news director at the Roanoke TV station asked the media to respect the privacy of the deceased photographer's fiancée. Is it because these two are one of their own and deserve privacy that other "regular" people don't? We know it's all about the ratings and who's going to get the first interview. (8/28/15)

To the person continually ranting about “journalist” vs. “reporter”… How the hell do you know they didn’t study journalism and who are you to decide? You never know. Katy Couric never studied journalism nor Anderson Cooper or Brian Williams, yet they all claim to be “journalists.” Meanwhile Shepard Smith of FOX NEWS actually studied journalism. Who knew? He didn’t get the degree but he studied it and they didn’t. ‘Nuff said. I can’t stand these people in the mailbag who are this close to the coffin who nitpick about spelling and pronunciation and are out of touch with reality. Just take your Alzheimers pills and get over it man! (8/28/15)

When/IF The Redskins win, Danny Snyder will make a deal with his sports radio properties & Redskins rights. Right now he would be in BAILOUT MODE! Like I’ve said before, every business this man has touched except his original money making business that made him rich has been a FAILURE! Fired from Six Flags, Johnny Rockets bankruptcy, etc. If it wasn’t for the Redskins fan loyalty, this guy would have been in bankruptcy YEARS ago! He’s like a tiny little Trump Wannabe or the tiniest little violin, take your pick! HAHA! (8/28/15)

What's up with the weather merry-go-round at WUSA? I assumed that Howard Bernstein's demotion to the weekend shift was to allow Erica Grow to get more airtime? I guess I was wrong, since she is still going to be doing weekends albeit in a bigger market and for an O&O. Tom in Wheaton (8/28/15)

Apparently WTTG’s Tony Perkins is in play. He was spotted at Charlie Palmer’s with WUSA VP, Bill Lord recently. Now that Derek McGinty is out, could he be going there? There’s also rumor that since WTTG’s late news has been on the rise, WRC is re-thinking its late news line-up now that Jim Vance is cutting back. Perkins would be an excellent choice there and better used if they need someone to fill-in on TODAY given his history with GMA. (8/28/15)

FCC NEWS: Just from a glance, it looks like all the original licensees of Potomac Radio WCRW 1160 have all now DIED! At least that was sorta of in the last FCC filing. I’m not making a joke. I’m just curious who owns the company or station now and/or will it/the company be sold by a trust? Hmm. (8/28/15)

WAMU has laid off afternoon news anchor Elliott Francis. GM JJ Yore apparently is now making cuts in the award-winning newsroom. (8/28/15)

Hubbard should buy the Red Zebra stations. It would be a good match. They own three FM Stations and three AM Stations in the market now. If they acquired the Red Zebra Group, they would need to sell two AM Stations, to comply with the FCC Rules. However, they could do like iHeart and put them in their "trust" and never sell them. (8/28/15)

The Catholic Diocese of Arlington has an article ( in the diocesan newspaper about low power WJPN (106.3), scheduled to go on the air in October at St. Paul the Great High School in Dumfries. Highlights: Catholic Radio Association is pushing schools to establish stations, CRA head says radio consumption is increasing, donations (mostly from one teacher) paid the $25,000 cost to put WJPN on the air. (8/28/15)

Sorry Dave, I forgot that part of sending pics, the hassle. What I should have done was just post the text… “Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage. To continue, reload or go to another page. If you’re seeing this message frequently, try these suggestions (link)” and with a sad folder face. I think this is a message from CHROME, which is both PC and Mac, but I mean obviously The Baltimore Sun website and Tribune’s websites in general have many problems. And it’s just not with one browser. It’s slow on Firefox, hangs in Safari on Apple products too. (8/28/15)

MSNBC continues to call the two Roanoke shooting victims "journalists", not "reporter" and "cameraman". In the face of common usage, may as well go with the flow; Journalists they are. I hope they are properly included on the Newseum's Memorial Wall during the next inauguration. (8/28/15)

The comments about "abuse" of Channel 6 by LPTV stations are getting more frequent. I really think they all come from a single poster. I do not think that site management is interested in censoring them (and I can see the point in not doing so) but does the source realize how these posts actually turn people off? Has anyone been convinced that there is anything to be alarmed about by these posts? (8/28/15)

TBD blast from the past... (8/28/15)

This is one of the new messages I get on the Baltimore Sun website. The site is just so buggy. All of Tribune’s newspaper sites are. They’re trying hard to make them all very media intensive, but it’s like they just don’t know what they’re doing or trying to do too much and then you have the interfering pop up windows and videos auto-playing all at once. Then it’ll skip to another page for no reason. It’s like circus. I have plenty of browsers, so this has to be happening to other people since I’m seeing it in several browsers. Within minutes, you get too aggravated to even read the headlines, I mean if you ever get to read the headlines. Ugh! (8/28/15)

Dave's response: He included a graphic of an error message but I didn't feel like taking 10 minutes to copy, process, code, and upload the graphic. But trust me, it was an error message.....

Dave, Looks like another step backwards for WTEM. They are so in the red in money that they have begun "downsizing" their office space. So many firings there have led to empty offices and cubicles. They can barely pay their rent while still sending a big bag of cash to Ashburn every month to make the higher ups happy. Red Zebra has returned a huge chunk of their office space back to the building owner and now are renting less square footage every month. In a building that is already half empty, they have resorted to this. Sales staff have been displaced from their cubicles while construction occurs. When it's done they'll have fewer offices and cramped cubicles, all in the name of saving a few hundred bucks a year. It's ironic, since at Redskins Park they've been spending milions on construction to revamp the place and spruce it up. The end is near for CEO Rick Carmean. He wont make it past this Redskins season, and the same may be said for the whole company. (8/28/15)

Dave's response: I wouldn't be surprised to see Dan Snyder sell his DC area Red Zebra stations (WTEM's 980, 92.7, 94.3 and WSPZ's 570) to another local broadcaster. Along with the Redskins' radio rights. I would have said Cumulus would be the most-likely candidate but the company is pretty much flat broke. CBS is a slightly more likely possibility, but the firm is currently in a budget cutting mode and would have to sell some local signals or take a loss on Snyder's signals. But it would get the Redskins back on WJFK and make it the market's exclusive sports talker. Probably, the most likely deal-maker with Snyder would be Hubbard, which basically has only WTOP here and could use some more stations, perhaps even keep the sports talk format to synergize with its all-newser. Remember when Hubbard predecessor Bonneville was planning to launch Score 104 here before it sold the signal to Radio One for Praise? Hmmm.....

FCC Chairman Wheeler, before you joined the FCC, they announced three years ago that 9/1/15 would be the date that Channel 6 LPTV stations must turn in their analog license and convert to digital. Now they have extended that date with no explanation. These low power television stations have been operating as FM Stations on their audio channel 87.7 FM. They have never operated as TV Stations as it was intended at the time they were licensed. They were a new class of TV license that would provide minorities an opportunity to own a TV Station. The experiment did not work. None of these LPTV Stations are owned by minorities. It is time for the FCC to keep their word and discontinue their operation on 9/1/15. None of these station have provided a Public Service as a TV Station. (8/28/15)

If you’re complaining about The Washington Post revamp, that’s minor compared to the disaster that is Tribune. The Baltimore Sun site doesn’t work in the new Safari hardly at all, isn’t compatible with the Chrome browser either, and evades all pop up blocks. But what’s worse is that it will do Triple Pop-ups. That means you have to click off 3 things just to read the front page! And Flashplayer periodically works or doesn’t work, plug-in compatibility issues. Oh and The Sun quietly canceled the companion millennial newspaper “b”, their free paper, for lack of interest, advertising, or downright even notice. The Sun claims the publication was only created as competition for The Baltimore Examiner at the time, which is now gone. Now, that’s an interesting way of spinning it because that is not what The Sun said when they announced the free paper. It was then supposed to be a hip competitor to the Baltimore City Paper too, so really, they bought the competition and now folded “b”. Ironically, now The City Paper website has the same problems as The Sun site. It’s too annoying to read. — (8/28/15)

1. The poor news anchor who was "madly in love" with the slain reporter should be left alone. May those two journalists rest in peace. 2. Dave should put an app on the mailbag page that shows the current stock price of Cumulus so we don't need the daily update. 3. WUSA should bag the 7pm news. There is way too much local news on in the afternoon/early evening in the DC market. (8/28/15)

Dave's response: Regarding #3, I think that's what's probably behind McGinty leaving his anchor gig at 9.....

Leave Emily Miller alone RIGHT NOW! (8/28/15)

What do you think the chances are that Scott Smith with jump to WUSA to replace Derek? The timing seems perfect and it seems he has chemistry with anyone he crosses. (8/28/15)

I work in media and wanted to give this to you. As far as I know, no one has reported this. The station is trying to cover it up by having Hoffman delete all of his old tweets about the team but I was able to get screen grabs. This is explosive stuff and you are the right person to report it. It's seems Dan Snyder fucked up again. The new ESPN980 Redskins beat reporter Craig Hoffman has tweeted in the past that the Redskins team name is offensive and has gone so far to call the team owner a snake on Twitter. See attachments. How can Snyder allow such incompetence that station management would hire someone with these views without doing a background check? Snyder can't be pleased that his station manager would hire someone that would openly call him a snake for such a prominate role. How can the football team allow Hoffman to work in their building after he has called the station owner a snake and has publicly called the team name offensive and says it has put us back 50 years? Yet another black eye in a year full of them for Red Zebra. (8/28/15)

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\/ August 27 Messages \/

Not surprised that Scott Smith is leaving. When channel 5 put him on the anchor desk with the other news anchors, I found that really strange. Obviously that was done just to have him do something before he left. (8/27/15)

FOX 5 DC Reporter/2nd amendment rights activist Emily Miller 5 has changed her Facebook cover photo to a memorial of Alison Parker and Adam Ward. Didn’t she write a book called Emily Got Her Gun? Seriously? (8/27/15)

I noticed that within minutes of it being reported that the female reporter in Roanoke had been killed, her boyfriend made a statement that it "wasn't publicly known" that he and she were madly in love, had moved in together after 8 months and were planning on getting married. He also seems to be willing to tell this story to anyone who will listen. This morning, he brought what looked like a scrapbook to an interview to share the pictures. Guess this is just how he deals with grief? (8/27/15)

Derek McGinty leaves his anchor gig at WUSA. A new gig for WJFK's Junks on Comcast SportsNet. A new gig for Chas Henry after WNEW. Some cool memories of the old WBMW, 106.7. And I take a look at some recently re-designed DC area news websites with lots and lots of white space. In today's "Dave TV"..... (8/27/15)

Congratulations Washington! You are #1 in the country in traffic congestion and traffic gridlock. Something to be proud of when you beat LA and New York. Why is this? (8/27/15)

Something doesn't ring quite true or maybe just not complete. Troopers are known for lots of things, but generally disobeying regulations and/or making it up as they go along are not included in those traits. There would be no logical reason for them to order the tape erased - the guy was dead. Then again, there is always a possibility that the fast-moving case caused a Trooper to act completely contrary to their training. Then again, somehow the reporters said that they still had their cell phone footage of the incident. If their story is true, I would think that they might be posting the video - and the corrective action would be quickly taken by VSP. If VSP clears the Trooper, of course it is because they are covering up. If they find misconduct, then either the discipline will be considered insufficient, or the Trooper is being used as a scapegoat to cover up the larger conspiracy. Glad I am retired. (8/27/15)

[RE McGinty:] Prior to joining Channel 9, he worked at WJLA/7. (8/27/15)

[RE Junks to do football show for CSN:] 4 hrs/day isn't enough? (8/27/15)

Mixed in with the carnage and sadness yesterday were two very different reactions to the news media. In the first, the BBC claims a news crew was ordered by a Virginia State Police trooper to erase the video of the Flanagan suicide scene or risk having the camera seized as evidence. If this outrageous order is true, I would hope someone investigates the trooper for conspiracy to destroy evidence. And then there is this marvelous video from Polk County Sheriff's Office and Sheriff Grady Judd. Having been in the news business since the 1970s, I've never heard anything quite like it from a police chief or sheriff. Watch it here- (8/27/15)

This morning Cumulus stock trading for $1.41. How pathetic. Years ago, I worked for Star Broadcasting. I used to believe that they were the cheapest, worst run company, but Lew & John win the prize for that one. (8/27/15)

What is the next AM Station in Washington to go dark? WPWC 1480 is dark and WTRI 1520 AM are dark. It will happen soon. (8/27/15)

The FCC brought Sinclair and Dish to agreement by using the most effective tool government has: The potential of imposing a settlement that not only neither party would like, but would be so far-reaching that it would've made each a legendary pariah in their respective industry. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (8/27/15)

-snip- WRNR had the best morning show that I've heard on there in a long time this morning. -snip- Is that WRNR in Martinsburg or Annapolis? (8/27/15)

Melanie Alnwick just interviewd the boyfriend of the Roanake reporter who was killed and something seemed a little off to me with him. I guess he feels doing the interview is therapeutic, but can't put my finger on what seems odd about him. Also, I'm sure the news industry is a tight one, so it had to be known that the guy who killed those two employees had a troubled employment history at other stations, but hired him anyway...Finally, Melanie said that she met her husband at Fox5. Anyone know who's her husband? (8/27/15)

More drama and changes at WTTG...I saw reports online that FOX5 is eliminating the sports director position as they plan to place less emphasis on "traditional sports." Scott Smith will likely be gone in a few weeks when his contract is up. (8/27/15)

End of an era or a return to Sunday morning preaching? “MSNBC is moving reverend and talk-show host Al Sharpton's PoliticsNation to Sundays, network president Phil Griffin said in a memo on Wednesday. Its last weekday airing will be on Sept. 4. After four terrific years – or as Reverend Sharpton said, 'a full first term' – PoliticsNation is ready for its next chapter. Beginning on Sunday, October 4, the show will move to Sunday mornings at 8:00 am," Griffin wrote. The show has aired at 6 pm ET on weekdays and will now move from five days a week to one day a week. "I want to congratulate Al and his team. For four years they have done a terrific job bringing his voice and a big spotlight to issues of justice, civil rights and equality. And as many of you know, The Rev never missed a show. I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do with a Sunday morning newsmaker program." Sharpton tweeted: "That new Politics Nation w/ Al Sharpton will premiere on my birthday weekend. I am honored with now being a Sunday Morning TV host, Great!!" The one-hour Politics Nation began airing on MSNBC in August 2011. It will air its first Sunday edition Oct. 4 at 8 a.m.” Thank God: now we all have a reason to get up early on Sunday morning. NOT! And is Al Sharpton’s head too big for his body? More: (8/27/15)

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