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\/ July 7 Messages \/

To the poster who said "The (Baltimore) Sun site is a disaster, and similarity the LA Times," I totally agree. The reason, of course, is that Tribune doesn't know shit from shinola when it comes to operating websites. All the newspapers and TV stations that Tribune owns (including the Orlando Sentinel newspaper in my market) have websites and Tribune operates all of them the same way. They all look the same. I have not been on the Orlando Sentinel website since the makeover (I can't make heads or tails from this revamp), and I'm NEVER going back!!! Tracy in Florida (7/7/15)

RE: “You don't agree with Larry & his politics/positions, fine. Frankly, and this goes for anyone in any job, who gives a shit? If the person's qualified and doing what they're supposed to do, I don't care if they're straight, bi, gay, asexual. Who they do or don't bang is of no interest to me.” What really makes Larry O’Connor so funny to jones on(besides his chummy, West Hollywood accent & demeanor) is the way he interacts with Brian Wilson, a man’s man from Texas, who more than a few times has alluded to moving to another studio over Larry’s flagrant Chatty Cathy routine and let’s face it, gay affect in his manner (just watch his “Molly Maid” ad). Okay, so we stereotype (LGBTs stereotype “straights” too if you’ve ever been in a gay comedy or drag club) and we discriminate (everyone discriminates about things like friends, clothing, food, etc.)and we make fun of him (DCRTVDJDAVE has, too) but we love him too. Oh, not that way, you brute, you. So relax pal and I’m sure if Larry reads DCRTV, especially the MAILBAG, which I believe he does since he’s in the “business” and nobody covers the DC radio, television and print market better than DCRTVDJDAVE, he is amused by both the teasing and the speculation. Now here’s the real Larry question: will he continue to use Molly Maid once he’s married, or will he be cleaning the house himself/herself in an apron? (7/7/15)

Dave, I don't listen to Larry often, nor do I think he's particularly good, but I have to say something about the pajama boy with the hardon (pardon the pun) about his sexual orientation. If the situation was reversed and it was a liberal/progressive talk host having the same accusations made about him, the pajama boy would be whining up a storm. You don't agree with Larry & his politics/positions, fine. Frankly, and this goes for anyone in any job, who gives a shit? If the person's qualified and doing what they're supposed to do, I don't care if they're straight, bi, gay, asexual. Who they do or don't bang is of no interest to me. (7/7/15)

WHGM Havre de Grace has received the CP to power up W284BE 104.7 to 250 watts, rebroadcasting programming from 1330am. (7/7/15)

Turned on channel 5 and Scott Smith, the sports director, is one of the three anchors for the 5pm news. And he's not doing the sports. Is this the new thing for their station to have certain anchors do double duty? I saw Caitlyn Roth doing both traffic and weather last week. So should I expect Scott to do the sports later in the broadcast in addition to the regular news? (7/7/15)

Wednesday Martin's memoir about the world of the rich of New York's UES is a sensational hit and I'm happy she will be the guest at The Q&A Cafe on Thursday, July 16. Here’s your chance to connect with the summer’s juiciest beach read, and in time for the beach. "Primates of Park Avenue" is an anthropological exploration of a point in time when the 1% are, indeed, different from the rest of us. Her book, barely a month old, already is sold to MGM. Casting hasn't begun but there's plenty of speculation. Of course, it's also controversial. Check out the take from my New York Social Diary colleague David Patrick Columbia. This exclusive - and sure to be entertaining - Q&A is her only appearance in Washington, where we have a fair share of 1 percenters. Please make your reservations directly with The George Town Club at 202-333-9330, or email at GTCReservations. Seating will begin at 11:30 and the interview will start approx 12:15. The event, including lunch, is $35. Politics and Prose will have the book for sale at the GTC. Wednesday will be signing after the interview. Solid summer fun. - Carol Joynt (7/7/15)

Dave, I have noticed jp the other day and lurch today doing sports updates Is that due to cuts you speak of? (7/7/15)

Re: NBC reporter Meagan Fitzgerald, I didn't see her during the Walter Reed incident, but I've seen her do other stories and am very impressed. She is very professional and very comfortable when delivering a story. One of channel 4's better hires..Also, on channel 4's bio section on their website, I saw that Erika Gonzales is now listed as doing the evening and night weekend anchoring duties and Chris Lawrence is listed as doing the 4pm news. I personally think that when Vance left the 11pm news, Chris Lawrence should've been his replacement. (7/7/15)

I was watching Channel 4 at 11 yesterday during the Walter Reed situation. The powers that be at 4 have a great one in Meagan Fitzgerald. She covered the story and told the story, without tripping over her words or a bunch of 'UUUHHH"s. The best part was she was winging it! Well done, Meagan!!! BB in MD (7/7/15)

The problem with AM 1610 to 1700 is the disparity in the day/night power, 10kw day/1kw night. Why would a station that is now 2500 watts or greater at night want to move there that high on the dial in any large city? Only in severe interference situations would this be advantageous. Maryland only has one such station that jumped on this offer and DC none. The other problem is there are still a lot of cars and radios that don’t even get those frequencies. Two of my parents cars don’t. The FCC often will do stuff and then not make them mandatory for receivers. The 3rd problem is that that high on the AM doesn’t travel as well and 1000 watts at night is not. — BaltoMedia.Net (7/7/15)

I love it when someone attacks a station like WJLA 7 for getting a story wrong when their leaked report from police was generally correct now in hindsight. The Freddy Gray autopsy report did indeed show that there was no police brutality during the arrest nor injury prior to being put the van and yes the injury occurred INSIDE the van. Whether it was related to a particular bolt in the van was not mentioned, but I don’t see how the medical examiner could have conclusively stated that unless there was evidence to connect Freddy Gray’s injury to some part in the van with blood on it. WJLA should stand by its story because it’s turned out TRUE! The person who said otherwise must have been watching too much of the Al Sharpton Race Bait Show on MSNBC. The findings in the autopsy report were in The Baltimore Sun. Marilyn Mosby claims she did not release it and the police lawyers all claim they didn’t release it either, but obviously someone who saw it did release it in detail. This news is not good for the prosecution’s case. The autopsy concludes homicide only because Gray was not seat belted in, but there was another prisoner in the van who was uninjured and not seat belted either so prepare yourself for this case to crumble. The memo for seat belting a prisoner only came out the week prior. There are almost no legal experts who say this is winnable case unless the jury is heavily biased in Baltimore City. (7/7/15)

I read The Washington Post every day online. I’ve only a few times seen their firewall kick in. Now I realize I don’t have access to their archives or or older stories, but I simply put up with the ads and keep up with the lead stories every day. Their email notice on top stories is excellent. I did a similar thing with The Baltimore Sun, but it’s terrible. I never click on any story because half the time, it won’t even come up unless I subscribe. They are clearly doing it all wrong and this is why The Post still has value for Bezos and Tribune can’t figure out what to do with its newspapers and continues to lose money. If I wanted to read deeper stories pages, I’d probably subscribe, but not living in Washington anymore, what I get is just fine. The Sun site is a disaster and similarly the LA Times. I wish he would buy that newspaper too. To get 7 stories of any kind, I’d have to clear the cookies/cache in 3 browsers! That’s just insane. The annoyances on their site are so bad, they’d make almost anyone not want to subscribe. :-( (7/7/15)

RE: “Larry is engaged to be married, to a woman?” Breaking development on the mystery woman Larry O’Connor is “marrying”. Indentified as an athletic, transitional well known figure: (7/7/15)

The FCC reads DCRTV. The FCC claims that they would like to stimulate AM Radio. There are 30 AM Stations in the DC Metro Area. That means 30 license fees and 30 "regulatory fees" the FCC is receiving just in this market alone. In their 3 year study on how to stimulate AM Radio, one of the suggestions was to open up the AM Band between 1610 AM to 1700 AM and give each station 10,000 Watts Days/1,000 Watts Nights. This section of the Radio Band works and is wide open. Another suggestion is to open up a window for AM stations to apply for FM translators. This will not work in the DC market because there are no FM Frequencies available. (7/7/15)

I'll take Lauryn Ricketts over Amelia Segal anyday. I can't believe Channel 4 and WTOP allow her to broadcast with such horrible diction. (7/7/15)

/\ July 7 Messages /\

\/ July 6 Messages \/

Not local but nearby… I see that WEVD-LP has filed for another STA pending FCC frequency sales. That means pretty much that WMDT ABC 47 in Salisbury doesn’t want the Delaware over the air TV station anymore nor have they switched it to digital. Instead, they just want to sell it for cash for frequency space just like WMGM 40 in New Jersey. Their wikipedia page is rather interesting btw in how they’ve taken FOX 5 and WMAR 2 off of many Eastern Shore Cable systems. www.BaltoMedia.Net (7/6/15)

Glad to hear that Tom Sater has landed back on his feet. First there was the drama with him being married to one anchor & then dating another at the same news station. Then being let go. Then, wasn't he working for a home improvement or tractor company or somewhere? Whatever, it wasn't in the weather business. Anyway, he and Gurvir are still together and working in their fields. So, happy ending. (7/6/15)

Larry is engaged to be married, to a woman? Gosh, I hope larry doesn't have the humiliation of going to a florist or baker to help with the wedding, and being turned away because the baker or florist does not believe in divorced people getting remarried, (Larry, in the past, divorced), or does not believe in homosexual relationships (Larry has, in the past...oh never mind). Enjoy your wedding and marriage, Larry, and I trust no one will suspect a thing when all the songs played at the reception will be by Barry Manilow. (7/6/15)

Is Sarah Simmons back on the anchor desk doing the evening news? If so, I'm sure she feels like a rag doll being bounced from being in the field, then on the morning anchor desk, then BACK in the field and now back on the anchor desk. (7/6/15)

The WUSA family has lost 2 wonderfully talented and generous people in recent weeks in Calogero & Dave Rankine. They will be missed (7/6/15)

Heard CapitalWeather Jason Samenow on WAMU this morning. I guess they're starting a new weather partnership. (7/6/15)

So instead of going back to regular broadcasting, FOX5 has chosen to stay on the air and provide useless information. (7/6/15)

There was a time at Channel 9 when news editors were required to make the transition from film to digital. It wasn't easy but talents like Jerry Gordon, Mike Flynn, Calvin Turner and Jim Pratt did it and did it well. And then there was Al Calogero. He took the digital console and turned it into a personal Steinway, making artistic statements with this new wave in broadcasting as though it was second nature to him. All the while he approached each of us and every story we offered as a new challenge and great opportunity. His enthusiasm for the work and the team he served was extraordinarily. How many reporters are there who will admit he pulled their bacon out of the fire every now and then? Al will be greatly missed by his family and friends but the loss to Channel-9 is immeasurable. Frank Herzog (7/6/15)

I am in the middle of Turkey and watching CNN...Good to see Tom Sater again. lol. Weird surprise...hahahaha (7/6/15)

I just renewed the Post for $99 a year. That comes to about 20 cents a day and 75 cents for Sunday. I think it's worth that. Just tell them you want to cancel your subscription and be adamant about it. I do that every year when it's time to renew. (7/6/15)

Fox5 doesn't want to ''speculate'' on the Walter Reed shooting. Didn't seem to bother them to ''speculate'' last week at the Navy Yard. (7/6/15)

Reported shot fired at Walter Reed hospital..So, let's see how this is reported this time. (7/6/15)

Re.: “WTTG having three anchors” Be thankful it’s just 3. Maybe the ultimate goal is to have 6 or 7, just like all of the unwatchable NFL Pre-Game Shows that each network brings us. (7/6/15)

Albert Calogero, a former sports producer for Channel 9, discusses James Brown's stint with the station as the 3rd sportscaster in line behind Glenn Brenner and Frank Herzog. (7/6/15)

Dave, this is an interesting article about the flaws of PPM. Might be interesting to look back at all of the format flips in DC since 2008 and examine which might have been influenced by flawed PPM methodology. Thinking Smooth Jazz on 105.9, guy talk on WJFK, Jack Diamond's morning show, all talk on AM, etc. (7/6/15)

Guess there's some logic for WTTG having three anchors on their newscasts, but I just don't see it. For one thing, it appears that they're constantly competing to talk. And then on the 10am broadcast, they have four hosts who at any given time are all talking at the same time. So, it's difficult to hear what they're attempting to discuss. But hey, the powers that be think this is the way to go. (7/6/15)

Did I hear correctly this morning that theater aficionado, and WMAL morning switch hitter, Larry O’Connor is now engaged to be married… to a woman? What could possibly go wrong, not that there is anything wrong with that. (7/6/15)

While we’re looking at how Channels 5 and 9 “got it wrong” over the Navy Yard non-story, let’s hold Channel 7 to the fire for its apparently wrong reporting that “the medical examiner found Gray's catastrophic injury was caused when he slammed into the back of the police transport van, apparently breaking his neck? a head injury he sustained matches a bolt in the back of the van.” This story went around the world before the truth could put its pants on. I wonder if WJLA stands by it? (7/6/15)

Now you see him: now you don’t. Obama ditches the media: “He took former Hawaii school mate Mike Ramos, pal Marty Nesbitt, the co-CEO of the Vistria group, ESPN's Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser with him to the links for approximately six hours of golfing, before abruptly taking off without the waiting press pool.” DC’s Tony Kornheiser? Well, that’s going to be tough tracking him down: did they duck out to Ben’s Chili Bowl in Northwest or The Boots and Saddle on The Hill? New DCRTV Mailbag contest: where’s Obama and Tony? Sheesh: (7/6/15)

/\ July 6 Messages /\

\/ July 5 Messages \/

Just turned on channel 4 & who is this Lauryn Ricketts person doing the weather & when did she come to channel 4? And is Erika Gonzalez now doing the weekend evenings or is she just doing holiday coverage? (7/5/15)

Dave's response: Lauryn joined 4 from 7 at the same time WTOP switched from 7 to 4 as their TV news partner this past spring. My guess is that since Lauryn does weather on WTOP's mornings, and they wanted her to continue (and she couldn't if she stayed at 7), it was a WTOP condition of the TV news partner flipperoonie.....

It appears The Baltimore Sun has severed ties with The Sports Network for sports scores. The links no longer work through The Sun’s portal. I’ve tried through several different browsers. Cost cutting again? How can you run a newspaper without sports scores? You can however get the scores for practically anything at the same place without The Sun… — BaltoMedia.Net (7/5/15)

RE: “Greg Haber..I retired from broadcasting in 2014.” Falls Church radio station WHBR: (7/5/15)

/\ July 5 Messages /\

\/ July 4 Messages \/

Today's.Giants-Nationals game had some embarrassing moments for Giants starter Madison Baumgarner. The worst (and not his fault) was the constant mispronunciation of his last name as Baumgardner instead as Baumgarner. Some ways to pronounce Baumgarner's'.last name correctly would be::James Garner or Jennifer Garner or old scrap iron Phil Garner. My name is Greg Haber..I retired from broadcasting in 2014.It took me over an hour to complete this e-mail as I am suffering from Parkinson's disease.and do not have access to Twitter or Hashtag nor have my own computer. (7/4/15)

From WXTJ, a radio station run entirely by University of Virginia students, is slated to begin broadcasting at 100.1 FM – supplementing its continuing online broadcast – sometime within the coming months. Originally established in August 2013 as an Internet-only offshoot of WTJU-FM, U.Va.’s non-commercial educational radio station, WXTJ will feature free-form programming curated by more than 100 volunteer student disc jockeys. Its signal will go out over a low-power FM broadcast covering the city of Charlottesville and nearby suburbs. (7/4/15)

Just a heads up for the Oldies Fans in the Mail Bag. I don't know what the plans are for these stations in the future, but yesterday they began playing 50s-60s-70s Oldies.They are WACM 1490 AM West Springfield, Massachusetts and WXCT 990 AM Southington, Connecticut. They're playing a lot of "Oh Wow" songs as in "Oh Wow I haven't heard this song in a long time". There was a glitch and they spent some time off the air late last night (or early this morning). Both stations have some specialty ethnic shows on Sundays. Here's their stream Note: They didn't change the logo from the previous Spanish Format. Marc B (7/4/15)

I usually write here about broadcast usage of the English language. But on Wednesday I was reading a story in the Baltimore Sun rehashing the Baltimore riots. The article talked about the "damages" caused by the rioters. I was amazed that the editors didn't catch that. The rioters caused damage. I was often told by my professors that hurricanes, fires etc cause damage regardless of the number of buildings etc. that were involved. He referred to the juries and judges when talking about damages. (7/4/15)

(RE: WUSA) their “most accurate” forecast is something touted amongst many news-producing Gannett stations. Years ago I was almost loyal to channel 9, but as a station overall they’ve gotten so much weaker. (7/4/15)

[RE: “If Channels 5 and 9 got it wrong on the Navy Yard story, a HUGE shame on them. Every journalism student knows that in 1948 "Dewey Defeats Truman" was wrong. In 1981 when President Reagan was shot coming out of a hotel in Washington, DC, ABC TV News was so wrong when Frank Reynolds said that the President was not wounded and that James Brady had died. Then he learned he was given wrong information and angrily said, "Let's get it nailed down." When will today's media folk learn? Being first is not your goal, getting "it nailed down" correctly is your goal.”] One of the most incredible false reports ever surely is Ted Koppel’s report that the San Francisco earthquake of 1989 had toppled the Golden Gate Bridge: (7/4/15)

/\ July 4 Messages /\

\/ July 3 Messages \/

"The FCC should hold an auction on the 87.7 FM frequency" Who sits around obsessing about this shit? Seriously who is it that keeps posting about this non-issue? There are some really important issues facing AM/FM & TV broadcasting right now, and this ain't one of them. Do you stress over the NOAA sunrise info being off by a minute in the morning? Now that's an important issue. Jesus, give it a rest, NO ONE CARES BUT YOU and to keep posting about it week after week, month after month, year after year isn't going make anyone else give a shit. The FCC doesn't care. Why the hell do you? (7/3/15)

If Channels 5 and 9 got it wrong on the Navy Yard story, a HUGE shame on them. Every journalism student knows that in 1948 "Dewey Defeats Truman" was wrong. In 1981 when President Reagan was shot coming out of a hotel in Washington, DC, ABC TV News was so wrong when Frank Reynolds said that the President was not wounded and that James Brady had died. Then he learned he was given wrong information and angrily said, "Let's get it nailed down." When will today's media folk learn? Being first is not your goal, getting "it nailed down" correctly is your goal. (7/3/15)

I read Farhi's piece and there were some good points. Not only are the networks competing against each other to be the first to broadcast the story, I noticed yesterday that the anchors (at least on channel 5) seemed to be competing against each other regarding their sources. Maureen reported from her reliable source (that has never let her down) and then another anchor with his high level sources reported a different story. Then Emily Miller came out of nowhere with another source with conflicting info. So when it came back to the studio anchors, they were broadcasting all sorts of conflicting and unconfirmed info. Stations and reporters have just become too dependent and trusting of pretty much everything and anything on social media without doing any research. But, hey, if they take time to research it, then they won't be first! (7/3/15)

So channel 5 has three anchors on their 10 pm broadcast?..Uh, yeah, why? That channel seems to have this need to have multiple anchors on their broadcasts. They have three on their early morning broadcast and then have four on that Good Day show. And speaking of that Good Day show, the only one on there who's reasonable and senseable is Steve Chenevey. . And Holly needs to stop trying to play matchmaker when it comes to finding Steve and Maureen a date. It's not cute. (7/3/15)

Dave, I know you like to bash Paul Farhi, but he did a great job at breaking down the absurd TV coverage of the Navy Yard lockdown. Fox5 and WUSA9 were absolutely reaching, they had the BREAKING NEWS banner with ACTIVE SHOOTER text for hours on their coverage, even after radio was reporting that it was probably a false alarm. WNEW's anchors were doing a great job of noting the TV reports, but coming in with their own information. One of WNEW's reporters did a report from the scene talking about how it appeared that it was a false alarm, while TV reporters were speculating and trying their absolute best to make that story something it wasn't. WTOP did a good job too with the NBC4 folks. Radio>TV on that story. Not even a question. (7/3/15)

[RE WaPo article on TV mistakes on Navy Yard:] In the article it says WUSA9 GM Bill Lord claims the station has accurate reporting. Bill Lord was the former GM of WJLA7. Channel 9 also claims to have the most accurate weather forecast. This is why I don't watch WUSA9 News. (7/3/15)

So for the CSX train crash in Rosedale today, WJZ is using on its website a photo of the Philadelphia train tracks where the Amtrak train derailed... (7/3/15)

The FCC should hold an auction on the 87.7 FM frequency and also open up the 87.9 FM frequency in markets where there is a LPTV Channel 6 licensed. These "FM Stations" had a free ride as FM Stations for many years. They were told 3 years ago that there analog license would go away on 9/1/15. The FCC needs more money to operate as a "enforcement agency". There are so many FCC rules now they need many people to enforce them. (7/3/15)

Kevin McCarthy must be the bastard child of Matthew Lesko after seeing the suit he is wearing on the Good Day Today DC trainwreck. (7/3/15)

I am watching WBAL TV and Jason and Mindy are at the Bay Bridge Toll Plaza for this week's Workforce Friday. I agree with the poster who thinks this is a bad idea. News people should not be promoting any business or government agency they could potentially have to report on. This sounds like something the sales staff has its paws in. Doesn't anybody in that building remember that news people do news and not infomercials! (7/3/15)

So Fox5 has done yet another musical chairs with their anchors. How many times are they going to move Tony Perkins? Just saw a promo of him and Shawn Yancey now doing the 10 and 11 pm newscast. This means that Will Thomas has been bumped from the 11pm news. So have they switched him to the 5pm news? I also think I may have seen Sarah Simmons on the 6pm newscast. So is she back on the anchor desk? Why so many changes and so often? It reminds me of when I was working of a rotating schedule where I'd work days for a certain amount of times and then rotate to an evening and sometimes night shift. And wonder if Caitlyn Roth is being paid extra for doing both traffic and weather (of course I'm being facetious). (7/3/15)

Why are there now three anchors on Fox5 at 10pm? This is the second night that Will Thomas-Tony Perkins-Shawn Yancy on the new set? Will seems to pop up as a third arm after the first news break. Awkward to watch though I like all three normally.. thanks (7/3/15)

Is it me, or is there something wrong with Alexandra Limon's (Ch. 5 news) voice? Very grating and hard to listen to. (7/3/15)

Dave; a note to all the Twitter bashers out there. "Tweets" and Twitter comments from the verified accounts of local police & fire agencies, education systems, political leaders, etc are in fact, valid news sources. Reporters include Twitter as a news resource along with phone calls to spokespersons, interviewing individuals, and the other traditional sources. It's a digital age and reporters utilize more tools than ever gathering news in the field and in the newsroom, including the immediate updates Twitter provides. (7/3/15)

So…I was listening to radio coverage of what ended up being pretty much a non-event at the Navy Yard Thursday morning on my way into work. A little after 8:30, WTOP had Mark Seagraves on and they introduced his as part of their news partners at NBC4. As soon as the interview was done, I flipped to WNEW and they went to a live report featuring…Senior Correspondent Mark Seagraves. Seagraves had new developments (that authorities were talking to the person who made the original call to authorities) and even though he works for WNEW, he fed the story to their competition first. Very interesting. -BG (7/3/15)

So what's supposed to be the difference between a journalist and a news personality? For example I see that on their FB pages, Will Thomas, Matt Ackland & Melanie Alnwick are listed as journalists. But Allison Seymour, Shawn Yancey & Steve Chenevey are listed as news personalities. (7/3/15)

/\ July 3 Messages /\

\/ July 2 Messages \/

....Jerry Coleman was doing updates on 105.7 and WNEW the past two mornings. Pete Medhurst was doing the same in pm drive yesterday. Anyone know if this is permanent? ...can't speak for Coleman, but I know Pete Medhurst is supposed to be calling the races at Laurel for the next few weeks.. (7/2/15)

RE: "Is this for real?! WTOP's owner - Hubbard - is showing support for Donald Trump and will be airing his pageant. Is this a wise move Hubbard?" The pageant attracted over 7 million viewers last time it aired so, uh, yeah it's a wise move for Hubbard. Despite the press's knee-jerk hyperventilating, Trump's error was in appearing to blame the illegals rather than the gatekeepers who opened the door to flood the field with sub-G.E.D. Democrat chad-punchers. I mean, c'mon, it's not like Reelz contracted with Brian Williams. That was Trump's weak and foolish former employer, Comcrap. And you know ~they're~ following the dollars. They'd rather dump Williams on Titanic MSNBC, which is collapsing by double digits in-demo, than pay out tens of mil$ in a lump sum. Credibility risk? What difference at this point does it make? (7/2/15)

RE: "Dave's response: Well, Hubbard does get paid to run Vlad Putin's Radio Sputnik Russian government propaganda network on one of WTOP's digital subchannels. I guess it's all about the almighty dollar....." Yeah, and non-profit MHz runs the disgraced Russian video propaganda tool RT. Maybe they should pick up the pageant in the public intetrest and to support women. Then they could afford to hire Dave Kolesar to start a Gamut Video Channel - GTV on MHZ13. (7/2/15)

RE: "Something to ponder over the 4th of July holidays......Channel 6 LPTV Stations like WDCN 87.7 in DC. These stations have never operated as TV stations as intended...." What I'm going to ponder over the holiday is what goes through Rainman's mind when he hits send on the same post every 3 weeks. "LPTV on FM! Against the rules - not as intended - not fair! BAM!" Let me do this once and then I can just resend it every time this topic is regurgitated (alternating with 1600/1590AM's towers and Aloha's WFRE): LPTVs are ~worthless~. Nobody watches them. Nobody's ~ever gonna~ watch them. Cable/satellite doesn't carry them. They maybe cover 3 miles clearly if you have a 10-foot rotatable yagi on your roof. That's why they're all infomercial garbage. And, Catch-22, because they only air crap, nobody watches them. So, somebody got clever and figured that Channel 6 could be heard on a lot of FM radios and, through a burst of entrepreneurial acumen, programmed the frequency with something people ~actually wanted to tune in to~. They did it without breaking FCC rules. And this is bad, why? Because the numb-nut bureaucrats ~didn't intend it~? Seriously? You wanna play by knee-jerk rules? Okay, let's change the stupid rules then. The FCC chould shut down all LPTVs on Channel 6 and hold a profitable lottery to assign 87.7 MHz in markets where the allocation is available as an analog FM audio service. New radio stations receivable on many if not most radios, and no more infomercial-laden wastes of RF on Ch. 6! Or, look at it this way: If the FCC authored rules intending that in order for you to take in a gorgeous view you had to jump off a bridge, and you figured out that, as written, you could legally enjoy the view from the bridge deck and stay dry, would you jump anyway? I can write that headstone right now: "A Loyal Serf: Followed the FCC Rules To The Letter. R.I.P." (7/2/15)

This may be the only surviving clip of Jean Ramsey spinning the WTTG Weather Wheel on May 29, 1957. (7/2/15)

Re: "If indeed the news stations don't want to report inaccurate info, then maybe they shouldn't solicit & then depend on those random Twitter comments that can't be confirmed." That's the best thing anyone has said in the Mailbag in years, and it should be pounded into the thick skulls at WTOP, CNN, etc all day, every day, until they cut this shit out. Tweets have no more credibility than graffiti or messages scrawled on the underside of a desk in a second-grade classroom. BE A REPORTER. DO YOUR JOB. STOP BEING LAZY. Cue the "Yeah, but..." reactions from lazy reporters who don't know how to do their jobs. (7/2/15)

Looks like CBS-Radio found a way to save some $$$. Jerry Coleman was doing updates on 105.7 and WNEW the past two mornings. Pete Medhurst was doing the same in pm drive yesterday. Anyone know if this is permanent? (7/2/15)

Chris Russell seems like a genuinely nice guy when I met him once. Knowledgable, knows the Skins pretty well. But, he was tough to listen to. I'm not surprised by this. Now time to get rid of the horrible Man Cave. (7/2/15)

Teenagers pose for stomach-churning selfies at the top of a 600ft television tower in Tartu - the second largest city of Estonia. (7/2/15)

Whatever happened to Jean Ramsey, who used to do the "Weather Wheel" on Channel 5 in the late 1950's? (7/2/15)

Dave: Just got back into town and catching up on your mailbag. Yes, 980 is an "tough" listen but realize this, the people doing the hiring don't know the definition of good talent? I know ignorance is no excuse but between Sheehan's nonstop um's, Galdi going nonstop for over 10-mins, and Andy Pollin reminding us he used to have his own radio show, what do you expect? Furthermore, asking Doc to comment on hockey and the NBA, what does that tell you. Remember, we've had re-cycled talent in this market for nearly 15 years and all have new contracts. Vinny Cerrato's way of doing business may have had a bad influence on 980. (7/2/15)

Is this for real?! WTOP's owner - Hubbard - is showing support for Donald Trump and will be airing his pageant. From TMZ: "After being dumped by Univision and NBC, Reelz swooped in and will broadcast the pageant on July 12. In announcing the move -- which made no mention of The Donald or the controversy surrounding him -- CEO Stan E. Hubbard said, "As one of only a few independent networks, we decided to exercise our own voice and committed ourselves to bringing this pageant to American viewers everywhere." Is this a wise move Hubbard? (7/2/15)

Dave's response: Well, Hubbard does get paid to run Vlad Putin's Radio Sputnik Russian government propaganda network on one of WTOP's digital subchannels. I guess it's all about the almighty dollar.....

Something to ponder over the 4th of July holidays......Channel 6 LPTV Stations like WDCN 87.7 in DC. These stations have never operated as TV stations as intended. They were licensed so that minorities would have an opportunity to get into TV ownership. It never happened......These LPTV stations have operated as FM Radio Stations since they went on the air. The FCC announced several years ago that on 9/1/15 these stations would need to give up their analog license and convert to digital. What happened? Then this group of LPTV stations hired a lobbyist to lobby the FCC to lift this deadline and let these stations continue. The lobbyist did a good job because the FCC now says they can continue with no expiration date. I would say the lobbyist did a good job and earned his money! Is this fair to the other FM stations in the market? Why can't the FCC operate as "Regulation Agency" for the US Government? (7/2/15)

So Maureen Umeh says that it's irresponsible of those who said that this was a hoax. About 5 minutes later, Emily Miller shows up at the scene and says that her police source said that this all "could've" been a hoax and an overreaction. (7/2/15)

If indeed the news stations don't want to report inaccurate info, then maybe they shouldn't solicit & then depend on those random Twitter comments that can't be confirmed. (7/2/15)

Lynne Russell's name rings a faint bell. Wasn't she the early evening anchor CNN's Headline News? If I recall correctly, she was also a licensed private investigator as well. I used to enjoy that channel, back in those long ago days before it completely went to shit. (7/2/15)

watching channel 5 report on the Navy Yard situation & talk about conflicting info! Maureen Umeh is going on and on with info from her "reliable" police source who's never failed her and then a few minutes later, Paul Wagner calls in with HIS high level resource with info that's different than Maureen's info. And now Melanie Alnwick is reporting that she's trying to read the police officer's body language to gauge their next move. Stve Chenevey seems to be the only anchor with a demeanor of calm and reason. (7/2/15)

Re: asking about requirements to become a traffic person, no interest for this job. Just wondering. I remember a female being hired awhile back for one of the stations when they were doing helicopter reports & she was horrible. She kept making mistakes about street names, locations & just wasn't qualified and/or trained properly before she was put on the air. (7/2/15)

So there are reports that there was a shooting at the Navy Yard & Melanie Alnwick is reporting from there. She's so hyper, yelling and talking extremely fast that her head's probably about to explode. (7/2/15)

The person asking "what type of experience or training is required to become a TV traffic reporter" --- are you asking because you want to audition, or because you're questioning the competency of those now on-air? If the former and you are a beginner, you need to be articulate (no errs, umms or "likes"), confident on camera, know the roads in the area or at least know where to find the highway cameras on the Internet, and you have to have a demo reel ready to send them. Demos are easy to make if you have a friend with a camera and he/she can do green-screen on their computer. If the latter, then its a mix of the same with the addition of "its who you know" and the ability to hammer out a good contract. Happy Motoring. (7/2/15)

From Tom Taylor Now: When Jim Weitzman (R.I.P.) bought Philly's 1540 AM - Jay Meyers, now CEO at Adelante Media and BMT LLC, shares one of his favorite tales about attorney and New World Radio station owner Jim Weitzman, who died last week - “When Jim bought then-WPGR in Philadelphia in the early 1990s, the station was doing oldies, featuring among others the legendary Jerry Blavat, 'The Geator with the Heater.' Jerry was rumored to have been friendly with the mob. So when the story broke about the sale and the fact that the station was going ethnic, I called up Jim, using my very best Marlon Brando 'Godfather' impersonation. I said 'Mr. Weitzman, we understand that you have purchased WPGR, where our beloved Jerry Blavat works,' and Jim says 'Yes, I have.' I said 'And we understand that you have chosen to remove our beloved Jerry from the airwaves. I want you to know that my associates and I would be quite displeased if this were to happen.' Jim starts stumbling - 'Well, it’s a work in progress and we’re analyzing...' I interrupt, 'I’m sending a couple of my associates to visit you in Washington. Should they meet you at your office or your home?' Silence on the other end of the line, and after a few seconds I said, 'You may know one of them, Jay Meyers.' Then I dropped the character and said 'Gotcha!' We had a great laugh on that one.” (7/2/15)

I was watching channel 7 this morning, and instead of the beautiful, blonde, busty, amazonian Jamie Sullivan - we were treated to the rehashing of the Rachel Dolezal of the traffic world, Julie Wright. I can only imagine that she has a thyroid issue or something. She is seriously beginning to look like the moulinyan Veruca Salt, bless her heart. WJLA - "Where Julie Looks Awful". no longer on my side. Toby in Tidewater (7/2/15)

Out of curiosity, what type of experience or training is required to become a TV traffic reporter? (7/2/15)

Your previous poster does not like Red Zebra. No one listens to AM Radio anymore unless it is a Redskins Game. The FM stations are poor facilities with 92.7 in Prince Frederick with just 2,900 watts and 94.3 in Warrenton with 2,000 watts. Even with the two FM stations they cannot cover the market. If Red Zebra were serious about broadcasting they would buy WRQX 107.3 and cover the entire market. (7/2/15)

Some say that the best gun control is being able to shoot straight: good thing former CNN anchor Lynne Russell’s husband can do so. Apparently they were being robbed in a Motel 6 (I guess they forgot to leave the light on) in New Mexico and her husband got the drop on the robber after being shot himself: “A road trip down old Route 66 led to a Wild West-style motel shootout for a pioneering CNN anchor and her former-soldier hubby. Lynne Russell — the first woman to ever solo-anchor a primetime network news show — and Chuck de Caro, 65, had stopped at a Motel 6 for the night in Albuquerque when an intruder slipped into their room as Russell went to grab something from the car around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday. “I opened the door and he materialized out of nowhere; he was inside,” she told The Post. “And he pushed me into the room and onto the bed and closed the door.” De Caro, who was in the shower, emerged completely naked and tried talking to the gunman, who was demanding the couple fork over their money and valuables.“We tried to calm the man, ask him not to point the gun because we really couldn’t think what we could give him,” Russell said. “It felt to me he was used to doing this, that whatever happened wouldn’t bother him.”De Caro stood in front of a nightstand, where they had placed their legal, .35-caliber handguns. When the thug grabbed a briefcase and began firing at him, De Caro shot back as Russell ducked behind a piece of furniture. “It was a gun battle, and Chuck was bleeding heavily, but he didn’t stop firing because the man was firing on him, and he was looking for me,” Russell said. De Caro was shot twice in the abdomen and once in the leg — but managed to kill the gunman with his return fire. The intruder fled the motel room and collapsed in the parking lot, where cops later found him. De Caro, a former special forces officer who now works as a national security strategist, was “bleeding profusely” just after the shootout, Russell said. He was rushed to University of New Mexico Hospital, where he underwent surgery and will continue recuperating for several days. Russell credited her cool-headed husband with saving their lives, saying, “I just admire him so much.” “My husband is a hero because he really saved our lives,” she gushed. De Caro said he called upon his special forces training in the moment, and insisted there was “no way” he would’ve let the gunman harm his wife. “I was determined to save my dream girl’s life — even if it cost my own,” he told The Post, adding that his injuries “hurt like hell.” Cops say the shooting was justified: (7/2/15)

I saw this while driving to a friend’s house this afternoon (July 1st). To paraphrase a term of one of my clients… ‘Cord Cutting with Extreme Prejudice’. This is in a Comcast neighborhood. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (7/2/15)

Dave's response: Don't trash that old box, even if it's a piece of junk and doesn't work. Comcast will hit you with a $500-ish failure to return equipment fee.....

/\ July 2 Messages /\

\/ July 1 Messages \/

Birach began to lose any hope for WDMV when every respectable engineer refused to do work for him. Jim let those he was friendly with know who they were up against, and that's a fight you don't want. As for WGAY, the FM had moved out long ago, probably gone by 20 years ago, replaced by a succession of recording studios. The vinyl left even before that. The AM studios lasted through a succession of owners but fully vacated the building by September 2008 when Red Zebra combined Mega and CC purchases at 1801 Rockville Pike. (7/1/15)

This is highly recommended by intelligent radio listeners: do not tune to 980 AM, 94.3 FM, 92.7 FM, or 570 AM, all allegedly ESPN Radio (really Danny 'Boy" Snyder's stations). Lousy/poorly programmed stations with awful hosts. And that includes Tony K when he feels like working. He is as much as a schmuck as Snyder and those running those radio stations. So great tuning to sports radio stations around the country either via the Internet or when traveling. Outstanding discussions of various sports issues. Around DC, very few opportunities for callers to have a chance to give opinions. That is how WFAN in New York does's the station of the listeners. (7/1/15)

Scott Van Pelt has a DC/Baltimore connection - he grew up way out in Montgomery County (the Brookeville/Olney/Mt. Airy area) and is a UM-College Park grad. He started out at DC's Fox 5 in the early 90's. Said the combined radio/TV gig at ESPN was a little much so he's concentrating on the TV side - - - - - Larry (formerly) in Luray (7/1/15)

Scott Van Pelt announced a couple of months ago that he was quitting the ESPN radio gig to do SportsCenter weekdays at midnight. On a related ESPN's 94.3FM never going to revamp? That is one disaster of a radio station. The morning show is amateurish at best and afternoon drivetime is the worst sports radio I've ever heard. Whoever put that lineup together shouldn't just be fired, they should be banned from broadcasting for life. (7/1/15)

Is Julie Wright now doing traffic on that new WJLA morning show? (7/1/15)

The way to tell the difference between a WTOP report and a report from Total Traffic or any TV reporter in the DMV? WTOP reports are accurate and well delivered and everything else is vomit in a gutter. (7/1/15)

Who and/or what is "SVP"? (7/1/15)

So didn't WJLA start their "Good Morning Washington" (or whatever it's called) this morning? Anyone watch it? (7/1/15)

Hey man, so I'm curious, any idea what happened to SVP on ESPN Radio in the afternoon or where he went? (7/1/15)

I think WTOP’s traffic is still in house 24/7. I saw a post in the mailbag a few weeks ago mentioning Bob Marbourg pulling 3rd shift (7/1/15)

"Sutro Tower: The Origins of an ‘Eyesore’" ~~ Sort of far from DC, but here's how a tower in San Francisco got built. Hat tip, The Wireless Estimator, ~~ ~~ Blair in Alexandria (7/1/15)

Gelfman also worked for WBAL 11 before switching to WJZ 13. Most people don’t remember that. — BaltoMedia.Net (7/1/15)

RE: “Among the things I remember about Eddie Gallaher was the way he would advertise certain restaurants. He had a way of describing their dishes that made you hungry. I remember in particular his spots for the Bread and Chocolate cafe chain. Made your mouth water! You just knew that he had tried the food himself before he endorsed it. It sounds like he had a fabled early career--arriving in DC in 1947, after the war, when the city was at its most vibrant and beautiful, then working for CBS and WTOP throughout the 1950s, interviewing the nation's most popular entertainers. Handsome and dapper, he was truly one of Washington's most interesting figures. It must have been depressing for him to see radio go into such decline by the 1980s. I hope that he didn't die broke and sad”. Odd: this Mailbag post seems to echo this blog (which also makes mention of DCRTV) that includes parts of the Washington Post obit. But since Eddie Gallaher “left no immediate survivors” and “His only marriage, to Mary Gallaher, ended in divorce during that period” nobody’s bitching or even knows if he “died broke and sad”, but on the other hand, he did once worked at a radio station whose call letters were WGAY. This is odd: (7/1/15)

One of my favorite things about the Mailbag is that no matter what topics are being discussed, not matter what time of year it is, not matter what's going on in the world, the "AM is D-E-A-D!!!" guy finds a way to interject that totally worthless opinion, circa 1978. Here, watch, he'll even respond to this message with his boilerplate e-mail, even if my only point is: Nobody. Gives. A. Flying. Fuck. (7/1/15)

This morning, Gretchen Carlson from the Fox network was "co-host" on Good Day DC..She really should've just been a guest as she didn't really contribute anything until about 10 minutes left when she talked about her book. I had to laugh when she made the comment of going to Fox, the bimbo network. (7/1/15)

STA.....what does it mean? "Special Temporary Authority". MultiCultural Radio, the owner of WLXE 1600 AM in Rockville, Md has been operating under an STA for years. It is licensed for 3 towers with 1,000 watts days and 500 watts nights. The FCC has permitted it operate with just one tower in Rockville for many years. It is very easy to get an STA. You apply for it and renew it every three years. If the owner is not going to operate as the station is licensed the FCC should require them to turn in the license. Someone should challenge the license and apply for it. (7/1/15)

is wtop's overnight traffic reporting now handled by Total Traffic? Hear rich Hunter and others heard from that outlet (7/1/15)

Dave's response: WTOP News Director Mike McMearty says that's not true.....

After reading about the sale of WCTR Chestertown, I did a "swoop" over the station via Google Earth. Looks like the entire facility -- offices, studio and transmitter -- are all inside a one-story Cape Cod-ish house structure right under the antenna. I love finding stations like this, where everything is crammed into a single building. WFTR in Front Royal is like this, as was the old WUST and WAGE facilities, and WKCW back when it played Country from a hilltop farmhouse. In an age of super-consolidation, its refreshing and fun to find a real live radio "shack" still in operation. I wish I could see the inside of WCTR, whether in person or in photos. (7/1/15)

WRJE AM 1600, which does not have 3 towers anymore just like WIJK AM 1590 in Ocean City, has been given its final letter of warning by the FCC via letter. The letter states that no further STA’s will be granted to the current owners as the station in Dover has been on Special Temporary Authority for SIXTEEN YEARS now at 1.25kw instead of 5000 watts. A similar but less final letter was sent to WIJK AM 1590 a couple months ago suggesting the station should be sold to someone who can afford to fix their facility problems. The 2 seem to be battling each other as to which station should go dark. I don’t know if this has any implications for WFBR AM 1590 or WLXE AM 1600, but it’s likely one of those 2 stations will go dark early next year. The deadline in the final warning letter for WRJE AM 1600 is late December. The FCC gives out final warnings like breath mints at a doctor’s office so don’t hold your breath. After 16 YEARS, they should stop calling it Special Temporary Authority and call it Special Ed Authority or The Short Bus Authority. Haha! Neither of these 2 station owners have any intention of making any repairs to these stations ever. Both are very happy operating their 250 watt FM stations instead. Personally, if I were running the FCC, I would just DELETE both AM stations and give them both the FMs as LPFMs instead of as translators but that would make sense and as we know the FCC never makes sense. (7/1/15)

Excellent article by Tom Taylor this morning in his newsletter.....NOW. He talks about how iHeart is holding on to some of the stations they agreed to spin off 8 years ago when Bain Capital bought Clear Channel. "Aloha" means never saying goodbye. iHeart has held on to WFRE 99.9 FM and WFMD 930 AM in Frederick, MD all these years because of the tremendous cash flow these stations produce. Estimated at $18 million to $20 million over this period. iHeart now owns 858 radio stations. (Read the Tom Taylor article). (7/1/15)

This video won Ch. 5 an Emmy!!! This is riddled with video shot by Bob Pugh on 9/11/2001 at the Pentagon with Ch.5 photographer Mike Rickard doing commentary about how he covered 9/11 while Pugh's video is playing! Ch. 5 posted on their web site today (Monday) how proud they are of their professionals for their great work. (Pugh's video: 19:03, 19:10, 19:24 and perhaps other shots. (7/1/15)

/\ July 1 Messages /\

\/ June 30 Messages \/

Was looking through your website and noticed that WHUR-FM did not appear in the June Week 3 ratings. Was there a problem with them that week? (6/30/15)

Dave's response: They were fourth. It's fixed.....

I noticed that WHUR is missing from your weekly listing of radio ratings. Is it an oversight or has something newsworthy happened to WHUR? Week after week WHUR has posted ratings in the top five. (6/30/15)

Among the things I remember about Eddie Gallaher was the way he would advertise certain restaurants. He had a way of describing their dishes that made you hungry. I remember in particular his spots for the Bread and Chocolate cafe chain. Made your mouth water! You just knew that he had tried the food himself before he endorsed it. It sounds like he had a fabled early career--arriving in DC in 1947, after the war, when the city was at its most vibrant and beautiful, then working for CBS and WTOP throughout the 1950s, interviewing the nation's most popular entertainers. Handsome and dapper, he was truly one of Washington's most interesting figures. It must have been depressing for him to see radio go into such decline by the 1980s. I hope that he didn't die broke and sad. (6/30/15)

Re: "... Allow Paul to bring you up to date in this interview..." That's a five-year-old interview. Not going to get too updated with that. (6/30/15)

Regarding Eddie G, someone said "...toward the end of his career for WASH-FM and then WWDC-AM" I'd actually call WASH-FM a high point in his career. He (seemingly) did AM drive there forever, but saw the writing on the wall and went to 1260 Dubya Dubya Dee Cee - where he remained for more than 15 years - maybe 20. WGAY was indeed his last station - as for some reason, Bennett thought it was a good idea to move the WGAY call letters to 1260. They remained there until the MOYL format (local AM drive, satellite the rest of the day) was retired. (6/30/15)

What Washington Radio Station Names Mean - (6/30/15)

Former Redskin Charlies Mann worked for WMAL for a time as "Mann about town." Eddie Gallagher worked toward the end of his career for WASH-FM and then WWDC-AM. (6/30/15)

"Resurrect George Carlin as WPOT's announcer] ....Kaaaaaay pasa! Kay whatchacall yer pasa" And let us not forgot that immortal weather segment with Al Sleet: "Tonight's forecast, DARK! Followed by lightly scattered LIGHT in the". (6/30/15)

Great to know that Paul Anthony has done well in life! Thanks for that video. As for Eddie Gallaher, wasn't he known for a time as WMAL's "Man About Town"? I remember that he would give restaurant reviews, and he apparently frequented some of the best bars in DC of the day, like The Corsican on I Street (who remembers that???). He was always so elegantly dressed, at least in the photos I've seen. I believe that his last job was with WGAY. I would love to learn more about this remarkable radio personality. (6/30/15)

From Tom Taylor Now: "Jim Weitzman got the FCC to approve 'WSEX' call letters" - Wisconsin station owner Mark Heller (WGBW, WLWB, WEMP-FM) has stories about D.C.-based New World Radio station owner and communications attorney Weitzman, who died last week of complications from ALS. Mark says "What a character Jim was...As a kid, I'd listen to Jim on ham radio, he in Milwaukee, me in Sheboygan. His dad owned most of the McDonalds franchises around Milwaukee. Later as an attorney, Jim challenged the FCC on the call letters of 'WSEX' in Arlington Heights, Illinois. He said it stood for 'Suburban EXperience,' and they approved it. He was my first FCC attorney, and I got the WTRW call letters at Two Rivers, WI when Jim learned a cargo ship, which had those maritime call letters, had sunk in the Mediterranean Sea. He petitioned the FCC saying, 'lf the radio room is under water, it no longer exists.' They gave him the call letters. With his engineer’s background, he had that extra 'engineering' gear, in his head, which was appreciated. He'll be missed." (6/30/15)

[RE WJLA:] Just got done watching the 5 PM broadcast - are the A and B teams on vacation? (6/30/15)

/\ June 30 Messages /\

\/ June 29 Messages \/

92.7 Reception in Leonardtown...listening to the Oriole-Texas game Monday night with both teams' feeds fading in and out. Obviously, the 92.7 Oriole feed is Snyder Radio in Prince I can tell the Texas feed is KASR in Vilonia/Little Rock, AR as it has 25k versus the 3k or less of the other 92.7 stations on the Texas Ranger network. (6/29/15)

The National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) presented eight Emmy® Awards to Maryland Public Television at its 57th Emmy® gala on June 27. MPT had earned 17 nominations in 11 categories of the annual competition. The regional Emmy® Awards recognized 2014 work in some 102 categories of production and television crafts. The competition was open to television stations, companies, production houses, and independent producers in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. There were 827 entries in the competition resulting in 292 nominations. The chapter’s Emmy® Awards gala took place on June 27 at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center. A three-hour telecast of the ceremony will air on Maryland Public Television on Tuesday, June 30 at 8 pm on MPT2, the station’s secondary channel. The awards will be re-broadcast on MPT-HD, the station’s main channel, on Wednesday, July 1 at midnight. MPT’s Emmy® Awards were earned in the following categories: · Magazine Program—Segment... Outdoors Maryland: The Invasive Chase... Lara Lutz, Segment Producer · Photographer - Program (Non-News)... Downee Ocean, Hon! Tim Pugh, Photographer · Lighting... Concert for the Chesapeake Bay 2014... Tracy Gaspari, Lighting Director · Technology—Program/Special... Electric Road Trip... Jonathan Slade, Producer/Director/Editor/Talent · Arts/Entertainment--Program Feature/Segment... Paul Reed Smith segment, Artworks series... Susanne Stahley, Producer · Audio... D-Day at 70: A Salute to America’s Greatest Generation... James Bigwood, Audio Supervisor... Jillian Kuchman, Post Production Audio Technician... MSgt. James DeVaughn, Audio Mixer... MSgt. Loren Zimmer, Audio Mixer... · Audio... Audio Composite... David Wainwright, Audio Post Production... · Public/Current/Community Affairs - Program/Special.... Unlocking Invisible Fences... Mark Keefer, Executive Producer... Nancy Yamada, Reporter... Jeff Salkin, Anchor... Melinda Wise, Associate Producer... Roxana Bardan, Associate Producer... Still another Emmy Award was earned as, under the tutelage of their professor, MPT’s Mike English, executive producer, Content Division, a graduate-level American University class earned a regional Emmy for its film Chesapeake Villages. The students won this “Regional? Student Emmy” in the category of “Long Form Non Fiction.” Chesapeake Villages premiered on MPT during the 2015 Chesapeake Bay Week®. In the past decade alone, MPT productions and personnel have earned nearly 60 regional Emmys®. Since its launch in 1969, Maryland Public Television has also been recipient of four national Emmy® Awards. (6/29/15)

Two things of note in today’s FCC filings… WJKI 103.5 FM in Bethany Beach has filed to move it’s transmitter further west. Could impact WTOP listening once over the Bay bridge but they are apparently short-space and grandfathered so it will likely be approved. And The State of Delaware has filed an FCC application to move it’s WTMC AM 1380 transmitter further away from WQLL AM 1370, which would improve reception of AM 1370.. Time will tell if any of either happens. — (6/29/15)

For the person asking "Whatever happened to Paul Anthony,anyway?" Allow Paul to bring you up to date in this interview... (6/29/15)

It's the fourth of July week holiday edition of "Dave TV." And I take a look back at a 1974 edition of Forecast FM magazine, which covered the DC and Baltimore radio scene, including the advent of "quad" broadcasting. Also, I remember Jim Weitzman, the recently passed away owner of ethnic WUST who was kind of responsible for the removal of Leesburg/Loudoun County's only local radio station. In today's "Dave TV"..... (6/29/15)

I just got this notice for next month’s bill from Comcast/Xfinity. They raised the price $30. They’re deleting BLAST internet and HBO. WTF??? How is that possible? I understand my contract is up, but how can they just delete channels and charge $30 more without warning??? It’s insane! Obviously I’m calling to cancel again. What a FUCKED UP COMPANY! There was no advance notice of this by the way. I guess I should have marked my calendar. SCREW THEM! I’ll cancel first. (6/29/15)

Dave's response: I'm doing just fine with broadband internet, Netflix ($8 a month), free YouTube, free, a batch of free Roku channels, 40 over-the-air broadcast channels (free with no retrans fees), and my massive DVD collection. Tell Comcast to take their TV service and shove it up their collective arse.....

Dave- WETA always does a super job with the Capitol 4th show. But inevitably they roll the credits and fade to black during the fireworks' climax. Someone should ask why they don't break out of their rigid network format for one night a year -- esp. since they always re-air the prior year's 4th telecast right after the live one. Makes no sense!! (6/29/15)

"Here's what DC radio needs. An "ALL POT" radio station" Did you ever listen to Don and Mike? Hell the news guys name was "Buzz"! If that wasn't stoner radio, don't know what is. - Oxlong (6/29/15)

Sorry to hear we've lost Jim Weitzman. I met him in 1992 as he was taking custody of the WUST site in the old Music Hall location at 8th & V, that has since become the home of the 9:30 Club. He impressed me as having a real sense of radio, more than just being a businessman. I enjoyed when the higher-power WUST went on the air from its new location in northern Virginia (the WEAM towers, I think), and rode to work in the mornings listening to the French-language relay of Radio France International. (6/29/15)

[Resurrect George Carlin as WPOT's announcer] Hey baby, whazz happenin’? Kaaaaaay pasa! Kay whatchacall yer pasa! (6/29/15)

Sorry to hear about Monica Lewis. But it was great to be reminded of Eddie Gallaher! What a smooth voice. He was the best. In later years, he would sign off with the song "Thanks a Million." And who will ever forget his valediction: "It's so nice to know so many nice people." (6/29/15)

ALL POT radio… OK …WPOT groovy traffic and weather on the 8’s man here’s Dave…Dave who Dave ain’t here (6/29/15)

"A fond au revoir to Monica Lewis" is the title of a letter to the editor in the WaPo last week. ****I was a big fan of Monica Lewis and was moved when I learned of her passing, but I didn’t know she was the voice of Chiquita bananas [“Jazz singer was known as the voice of Chiquita bananas,” obituaries, June 14]. I shall always remember this verse: “But bananas like the climate of the very, very tropical equator; so you should never put bananas in the refrigerator.” I really loved her recording of “Au Revoir,” which was the sign-off song for the beloved Eddie Gallaher, a disc jockey on WTOP-FM. He later did a morning show and replaced Arthur Godfrey when Godfrey became a TV star. During th 1940s, Gallaher hosted a late-night show called “Moondial.” Gallaher later became a friend, too, and did radio commercials for our company when it was called American Service Center, now Mercedes-Benz of Arlington. Gallaher always closed his shows with “Au Revoir,” passionately sung by the absolutely gorgeous Lewis. It began, “Au revoir, auf Wiedersehen, in any language it’s the same, good-bye my darling for just a while. Adios and cheerio, in a moment I must go, don’t let a teardrop replace your smile.” Morton Zetlin, Potomac**** ~~ Blair in Alexandria (6/29/15)

Radio Ucamara. This year, it's Peru's turn to be the star of the Folklife Festival on the Mall. Metro Weekly said: "Los Wembler’s de Iquitos, a Peruvian band that mixes traditional folk sound with psychedelic rock, will play a concert on Saturday, June 27th. You even have the opportunity to hear one of Peru’s indigenous languages broadcast back home to native speakers. Radio Ucamara, a Peruvian radio channel, was created to serve the Kukama people, and to save their nearly extinct language. They’ll be at the festival creating a radio show for their broadcast back home." ( I went over to the exhibit at noon on Monday, June 29. The exhibit was closed at that time, but Radio Ucamara tent is at the northeast corner of 4th Street and Jefferson Drive, across Jefferson Drive from the Museum of the American Indian. I had taken with me a Panasonic portable CD and mp3 player that also had an AM-FM tuner to see if I could hear anything. It's possible that there is a low-power FM operation going on, but I don't see any antenna in place. I think it's more likely that the signal is being sent back to Peru over the Internet for broadcast by Radio Ucamara back home. The WaPo said: "One of the most extraordinary takes on Peruvian culture is Radio Ucamara. You’ll find it at 98.7 FM on your transistor dial as you pass the city of Nauta (population about 29,000) in your canoe on the [Marañon] River, which flows into the Amazon. In Radio Ucamara’s tent on the Mall, Danna Gaviota Tello Morey, 15, conducts interviews and tells stories in Spanish sprinkled with the indigenous language of Kukama. She is a minor YouTube sensation among the river communities thanks to a series of videos produced by the radio station and foreign collaborators." ( ~~ Blair in Alexandria (6/29/15)

More goings on from the Eastern Shore's over-crowded public radio scene...WESM 91.3 from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore has added WYPR Baltimore's "Midday Morning" to their lineup and made other changes... (6/29/15)

Hi Dave, Wonder if you knew Fox 5 won 15 Emmys Saturday night. Chip Baysden, an incredibly talented photographer won 4. Reporters Lauren Di Marco (2 Emmys) and Paul Wagner won. Wagner won for his series of reports on the death of Medrick "Cecil" Mills. The man who collapsed from a heart attack outside a DC firehouse and none of the firefighters came out to help. Anchors Holly Morris, Laura Evans and Steve Chenevey also took home statues. Former reporter Sherri Ly won for the story on donating a kidney to her brother. Sherri is now with Metro. Reporter Beth Parker also picked up an Emmy. The entire list can be found on the local NATAS website. (6/29/15)

The National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) recognized CSN Mid-Atlantic with five 2014 Emmy Awards at the 57th Annual Emmy Awards Gala on Saturday, June 27, in North Bethesda, Md. CSN, which earned nine nominations in six categories this year, has won 72 Emmy Awards on 123 nominations since 2001. CSN’s five Emmy Awards were earned for live sporting event (Washington Wizards) and one-time sports special (The Real Beal), and in individual categories for sports play-by-play/analyst (Joe Beninati and Trevor Matich) and sports anchor (Keli Fulton). CSN’s live coverage of the Washington Wizards won the network its 10th Emmy for live sporting event since 2001, its sixth in the last seven years in this category. CSN’s coverage of the Wizards also earned an award for one-time sports special, won for The Real Beal, a profile of Bradley Beal. Joe Beninati, the network’s Washington Capitals play-by-play announcer, won his ninth Emmy for sports play-by-play/analyst. Beninati, who has now claimed the top honor in this category in five of the last six years, was previously honored in 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013. CSN Redskins analyst Trevor Matich also earned an Emmy for sports play-by-play/analyst for his work on Redskins Kickoff and Redskins Postgame Live, his sixth individual honor since 2007. He was previously honored in this category in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Matich has also earned three Emmys as part of Redskins Kickoff. Former CSN anchor/reporter Keli Fulton won the award for sports anchor. With Michael Jenkins’ 2012 and 2013 wins in this category, a CSN anchor has now earned the award for three consecutive years. (6/29/15)

Jim Weitzman was among the first and the most vocal to fight the move of Birach's WDMV (then a Pocomoke City station and before swapping calls with WGOP Walkersville) to the DC area, even to the point of filing an appeal against the FCC ( He lost the appeal but won out when Birach's last gasp of moving the station failed. To that end, Jim will always be a friend of DC radio IMO. (6/29/15)

Why did weatherwoman Emily Gracie leave Fox 45 news? Where did she go or what is she doing now? (6/29/15)

Didn't see any of channel 5's morning newscasts last week. So when I turned into this morning's early newscast around 5:45, I only saw Holly & Maureen on the anchor desk. Going to assume Wisdom's on vacation or have they gone to a two anchor newscast again? (6/29/15)

Here's what DC radio needs. An "ALL POT" radio station. (6/29/15)

Forecast FM was really impressive at every level, from its design to its literate and in-depth content. It is hard to imagine such a journal being published today--and available at a drugstore! Among other things in this wonderful publication, you will find great old advertisements for Myer Emco, once the Washington area's leading stereo equipment shop. (6/29/15)

Someone asked if anyone else was in the Sinclair Building outside of David Smith….the answer is Yes. The MASN studios are in that building and thats where Nat's Xtra and O's Xtra originates when the Nationals and Orioles are on the road. Johnny Holliday and Ray Knight for Washington fans, Jim Hunter and Rick Dempsey for the Bird's followers. (6/29/15)

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Earlier poster, “…The Drug Fair also distributed the free monthly WGAY publication called "Forecast FM." I wonder if any copies of that great journal have survived…” A few are posted on that wonderful resource with a couple of similar mags from other areas. And, I’m sure a few of my copies ended-up being packed away ages ago for my move to the best coast… and await retrieval from my storage bin about twenty miles from here. “Forecast FM” wasn’t free as I recall. I believe it was a couple of bucks over-the- counter at Drug Fair. (I miss the “Twinburger” that they sold from their soda fountain. It was a greasy, sloppy mess of a “Mighty Mo” clone that was oh-so delicious!) "Forecast FM" was a thick, large format publication, mostly printed on good quality glossy paper. It was also a serious audiophile publication which was more than a mere program guide. It had a monthly technical column penned by the great VHF expert Bill Tynan, W3KMV (later W3XO, the call of the pioneer D.C. FM station which he was involved with), who also compiled a technically detailed monthly listing of stations from Harrisburg-York down to Fredericksburg on the back page and an annual “Guide to FM Stations” for travelers which included his predicted coverage radius of each station for mobile reception. Great memories… -John Pinckney, Pasadena, California (6/28/15)

Amazing to see those old issues of Forecast FM. I was only able to download the 1970 issue, but wow, but a richer cultural world existed in Washington, DC back then ! The magazine included the latest reviews of both classical and jazz albums! Nice to see WGMS still exerting influence as a cultural arbiter back then, and Paul Anthony as jazz critic. Whatever happened to Paul Anthony,anyway? For a time he was both TV weather man and radio jazz critic, but he never quite became a Felix Grant or Willis Conover. (I remember Anthony introducing a concert once at the One Step Down club by Ted Enfantis---DC's greatest be-bop saxophonist--whatever became of Enfantis, for that matter???). Either Paul Anthony or Frank Getlein married the lovely WMAL newswoman Chris Curle, back in the late 70s. (6/28/15)

[RE Jim Weitzman:] So sorry to hear that. I had my Jewish program on WUST for a time in 2002-03 before moving on. He was always very complimentary about the program. (6/28/15)

[RE Jim Weitzman:] Jim owned the first radio group I worked for out of college, 16 years ago. He was a very sharp & savvy man. (6/28/15)

I don't recall Forecast FM being a publication from WGAY - but there are a couple of scanned copies on David Gleason's great site (6/28/15)

Dave's response: As a geekie DC area radio nerd in the 1970s, I bought Forecast FM every month. It was an independent publication and not officially connected with any radio station, including WGAY, although the old 99.5 was frequently featured within its pages. I did not save any of the old copies but someone a few years ago gave me a copy, I think from 1974 or so. If anyone has any copies they'd like to donate to DCRTV, I'd gladly take 'em.....

RE: Bob Beckel… UNTRUE LIBERAL BLOG NONSENSE RUMOR! Doh: don’t shoot the messenger I just posted what’s out there and I assure you I ain’t no liberal blog (that would be DCRTVDJDAVE)! Bob’s the Dick Morris of the Demoncrat party: I got no dog in this fight as I think he’s a slimeball who sat back barely moving throughout his “The Five” tenure while taking a fat paycheck. What I’m saying in that Beckel has milked the very people he rails against: the “conservatives”. I think he’s brilliant and gets to do whatever he wants. Good luck on the book tour: nobody will read it and his pr campaign will suck wind. (6/28/15)

Fox5 got a two for one with the new traffic reporter. She's also doing weather..So when you hear the phrase "traffic and weather together", in this case you have someone who can actually do that. (6/28/15)

Which DC FM Station will be the first to adopt a gay hip-hop format. Maybe this would work for Cumulus on WRQX 107.3? We need a Dance Format in DC. (6/28/15)

Dave's response: Yes. Call it "Larry 107.3".....

Fox5 got a two for one with the new traffic reporter. She's also doing weather..So when you hear the phrase "traffic and weather together", in this case you have someone who can actually do that. (6/28/15)

Yes all 28-FM's show up in the DC book. For now. FM station owners are starting to do to FM what they did to AM. Automation, Voice-tracking, seriously flawed playlists-picked by Corporate monkeys, no local content and just ignoring what the market and advertisers need or want. Its the same neglectful decline that killed AM radio. Its a shame the bean-counter-bottom-line-accountant-mentality that gutted AM is now in full force destroying FM. Only a matter of time. And with auto makers offering alternatives to AM/FM listeners (customers) will choose something else besides radio. The only real live-local commercial radio within ear-shot of DC/Baltimore are WTTR (Westminster - 1470 AM) and WRAR (Tappahannock) 105.5 FM. What a shame to see what used to be an exciting and vibrant industry, destroy itself with stupidity. EA (6/28/15)

I’m not sure David Smith even has a regular office at WBFF FOX 45 either. The Sinclair HQ is up I-83 right off the Warren Road exit in Hunt Valley in the Sinclair Building. That’s just minutes from TV Hill if he wants to visit anytime. FOX 45’s actual TV Hill building is quite small comparatively. I doubt it even has an elevator. David Smith has a lush mansion in northern Baltimore County. I doubt he visits WJLA or DC often or even FOX 45 that much. The SBG building off Warren Road is a 4 story building. I don’t think anybody else is in the building but I’m sure David Smith has an awesome penthouse suite there from high atop. You don’t need to be there to micromanage anymore you know? — BaltoMedia.Net (6/28/15)

RE: Bob Beckel… UNTRUE LIBERAL BLOG NONSENSE RUMOR! Bob took extended sick leave from FOX News that few networks would allow, I’m quite certain he would be the first to say it if outright fired. It’s not like he wouldn't have enough outlets. The fact that Dana Perino is a cold woman is true, but the reason she didn’t say much is because I don’t think they know! The truth is that Bob Beckel had major back surgery and it’s unclear if he ever recovered successfully and he made it clear on air wanting to keep his personal life and medical issues to remain private. OH, and I just learned he has a new book out soon, so he must be somewhat ok. I’m guessing he wanted book tour time off after months of sick time. I’ll bet his upcoming book tour was the last straw after that much sick time off. Would you blame them? They couldn’t have given him anymore paid time off after all this time. I personally think The FIVE should have at least 2 liberal hosts on the show though. (6/28/15)

Gwen tolbert's microphone keeps going into Peanuts adult talking mode on the 10:00 news tonight. (6/28/15)

Sorry to hear that WGAY is really gone, without any remains in the World Building. I could just envision a dusty room full of stacks of abandoned lps of music by Percy Faith, the Melachrino Strings, or the RCA Living Voices...I remember that, back in the day, many of the WGAY announcers used to take their lunch and coffee breaks at the counter of the Drug Fair in downtown Silver Spring. The Drug Fair also distributed the free monthly WGAY publication called "Forecast FM." I wonder if any copies of that great journal have survived. (6/28/15)

Anyone here talk about Mickey's injury? Pics here: Get well dude. I know some people dogged you while you were done. God speed. Burns are the best. Follow orders!!! OOBBEE (6/28/15)

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Today over a hundred past and present members of the staff of WUSA TV, along with family and friends, gathered together at the station to remember the life of friend and colleague David Rankine who passed suddenly a week ago at the age of 53. David worked at the station as a technician for 33 years, having started at age 19. Considered one of the kindest, most graceful individuals we have collectively known, David will be sorely missed at Broadcast House. (6/27/15)

RE: The Armstrong Williams Saga (Part Three). Who knew that Williams was Pinckney’s cousin? According to WJLA: “On News Talk Thursday morning, Bruce DePuyt interviewed colleague Armstrong Williams about the Charleston State Sen. Clementa Pinckney, the church’s pastor, was Williams’ cousin.” Now there is no mention of Williams being on Air Force One along with Obambi & Boehner flying to the funeral, but he does receive prominent mention: “Family members of Sen. Pinckney arrived by charter bus from Ridgeland, joined by dozens more on the procession from Charleston. Pinckney’s cousins Sen. Kent Williams and Armstrong Williams greeted the crowd and spoke about the connection, which included growing up in the same neighborhood. “Pinckney lived a life where he loved the church, he loved God, he loved people and he loved his family,” said Armstrong Williams. “No matter what kind of strife and hatred that may exist in the world even if it cost him his own life, the church is not going to be the source of race wars but we can come together to heal and overcome this tragedy showing the best of ourselves.” Sen. Williams said it warmed his heart to see so many turn out in the heat to welcome Pinckney back home. “It says a lot about the life he lived and the legacy he created and all the contributions he’s made and lives touched,” he said. “It speaks volumes and we’re very appreciative of the outpouring of love and compassion that people have shown this family during bereavement.”Armstrong Williams said the attack on the church reminded people of the ugly history in the United States. It was so tragic and so brutal. They’re not just here for Sen. Pinckney but the other eight people that died also to express the fact that their deep hurt and sorrow could happen on American soil,” he said. “The fact that president of the United States was there today because this was a national day of mourning. So while you may hear laughter and greetings from people that haven’t seen each other in a long time, quietly in their hearts and in their consciousness there is this deep loss and deep sense of humanity that has been diminished by the fact that so many people died in a sanctuary for no reason at all.” (6/27/15)

To the poster that says "AM Radio is Dead"......I agree. There are 30 AM Stations in the Washington Metro Area and only 5 of the AM stations show up in the ratings. Of the 28 FM stations in the same area....all 28 FM stations show up in the ratings plus the stations from Fredericksburg, Frederick, Winchester and other suburbs. Don't count on the FCC to revitalize AM Radio. (6/27/15)

[RE Armstrong Williams Influential At Sinclair's 7:] 1) Nothing other than HR and accounting are off limits to anyone at WJLA - mainly due to the fact that Politico just moved out and half of the Sinclair mangers didn't know who worked for WJLA and who worked for Politico. This was a problem because Politico has a lease to their historical space in WJLA through the end of June - and historically they were EVERYWHERE. 2) Nobody has a private office on the top floor of our building. It is vacant. (The Old Allbriton offices were up on the 27th floor, but as far as I know, they stayed up there because Politico stayed in the building - now on the 8th and 9th floors. WJLA is on 6) 3) David Smith does not have a personal office at WJLA, so it would be hard for somebody to have an office next to something that doesn't exist. (6/27/15)

Bob Beckel is having a hell of a time: couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Besides all the bad press he’s getting over his being scorned & dumped by FNC (not just on “The Five” but he frequently was on other shows) now January Jones/Betty Draper look alike/act alike Dana Perino gave him scant acknowledgement on “The Five”: no kind, you’re our good ole boy liberal Democrat send off from his former colleagues and Perino’s mention at the end of the show was obviously scripted by FNC’s pr. Poor Bob: (6/27/15)

Oh, this is wonderful. Now is transferring me to a VEGAS Online Gambling website without allowing me to read the story. HAHA! Too Funny! It’s hard to believe this was done on purpose, but nothing would surprise me. All the The Sun links to pages send me to a VEGAS Gambling site! Just unbelievable. UGH. (6/27/15)

RE: “I seriously hope early next week Wolf Blitzer destroys Brian Stelter. Total disrespect and unprofessional. CNN needs to reprimand and have Brian make an on-air apology to Wolf. Go report in a war zone Brian. You have no class.” Nah: Wolf’s a CNN Metrosexual team player. Stelter needed a woman with balls like FNC’s Greta Van Susteren to take him to task: (6/27/15)

Header destined for The New York Post: “Cops Floor Matt: No Sweat Yet”: (6/27/15)

Someone wrote "I've heard rumors that the offices once occupied by WGAY still have equipment and even lp records left behind from when the station folded." Couldn't be further from the truth. After (then) Clear Channel abandoned ship, the former Mega (730, 92.7, 94.3) stations occupied the 9th floor studios and offices on the 10th. That was followed by Red Zebra occupying the space. The suite was cleaned out, and the best I came away with was an Easy 99.5 keychain. There ain't a thing left up there. (6/27/15)

I seriously hope early next week Wolf Blitzer destroys Brian Stelter. Total disrespect and unprofessional. CNN needs to reprimand and have Brian make an on-air apology to Wolf. Go report in a war zone Brian. You have no class. (6/27/15)

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“The Five” are now “The Four”: the mystery of Bob Beckel is solved. “Fox News dumps Bob Beckel from ‘The Five,’ claims he held show ‘hostage’ with his personal issues”: (6/26/15)

I went to Silver Spring to see the legendary World Building. It is amazing that it is still there, with its logo still on the façade. The transmission tower or antenna is still on the roof. I wasn't allowed to go up, but I've heard rumors that the offices once occupied by WGAY still have equipment and even lp records left behind from when the station folded. Can this be true? Has the building ever been used again for radio? (6/26/15)

WBAL radio nosedives into the toilet and now it appears WBAL TV is following suit. First it was the mess with Jayne Miller during the Freddie Gray riots. Now they've started the lamest thing I've ever seen. They are calling it "Workforce Friday." This morning Mindy and Urkel were broadcasting from some lobby at Johns Hopkins Hospital. It reeked of paid promotional time. No real substance, just some security guards behind a reception desk while Urkel breathlessly reported things we may not know about Hopkins as ripped from the pages of the hospital's promotional pamphlets and Wikipedia. It was such an embarrassment to witness. They should stick with live, local and latebreaking and the I-Team. This fluff has no place on that station. (6/26/15)

Capital News Service just released an amazing package of stories looking at human trafficking in the state of Maryland. More than 60 students were involved across a wide range of classes - investigative reporting, Baltimore Urban Affairs Reporting, Capital News Service, and Media Law classes... More info in the About page: Here’s what one of the CNS reporters - Jon Bannister (who is a senior staff writer for the Diamondback student newspaper and journalism major) says about this series: "I think the average reader will be most surprised about the huge prevalence of human trafficking in our backyard. It's something that doesn't really get a ton of media attention and it is rarely ever brought up from politicians on the campaign trail. But the most shocking takeaways from my stories are how rarely traffickers are convicted of crimes compared with the mountains of prostitution arrests, as well as how light some of Maryland's penalties are compared with other states. Especially when some advocates, police officers and politicians all say this attracts traffickers to the state." (6/26/15)

RE: “Just lounging on vacation in Ocean City and I start flipping channels. I run across an old episode of the Love Boat. It was a real throwback Thursday, life imitates art, because in this episode Gopher went missing. I remember another time Gopher went missing without telling his boss. Does anyone else remember? (6/25/15)” It is great when we watch on old television show that is still funny or entertaining: Dragnet still cracks me up, but my favorite are old Miami Vice shows (some things go better with coke). As for Gopher, like Elaine might have said in Seinfeld (“Maybe the dingo ate your baby”), maybe the OC hammerhead shark ate Gopher & left: (6/26/15)

Went back and read again your blurb on Armstrong Williams: “Williams, who does not hide his support for Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, does have a WJLA show, "The Right Side," which airs on weekends. And, WJLA has frequently featured Carson on its town hall-style news specials....” Does make you wonder: maybe Armstrong is in a relationship with one of the suits? Armstrong is actually a B lister, not all that influential outside of the novelty of being a black “conservative”: he’s no Deroy Murdock, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell or Robert George. And as for his relationship as an adviser to Carson, even George Will has the good journalist sense to declare on Fox News Sunday that his wife advises Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as a disclaimer. Your report DCRTVDJDAVE was interesting: care to speculate how Armstrong does it at WJLA? (6/26/15)

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Just lounging on vacation in Ocean City and I start flipping channels. I run across an old episode of the Love Boat. It was a real throwback Thursday, life imitates art, because in this episode Gopher went missing. I remember another time Gopher went missing without telling his boss. Does anyone else remember? (6/25/15)

Here we go again......."This is where the FCC dropped the ball so many times." Asking the FCC to "fix" or "revitalize" AM radio is like asking a cop to fix the road and transportation problems. Don' you people get it? The FCC is an ENFORCEMENT agency, not one that fixes messes that AM station owners created for themselves. Do you expect KFC to fix the world hunger problem? You can't blame the FCC for approval devices that interfere with AM signals. All of those devices and how they affect the spectrum were published in the FCC's docket and AM engineers and station owners could have protested BEFORE they were approved. But they didn't. They were sitting on their satellite fed automatons piddling their futures away. You can't sit on the train tracks, seeing an approaching train, get hit and then whine about the train that just hit you. Its not the FCC's job to either protect or save AM radio. Their job is to enforce the rules. And honestly, does anyone actually believe the pie-in-the-sky AM HD (digital)? Yes it sound wonderful. So did AM stereo. But AM station owners can't get their heads out of their asses long enough to embrace it or anything else that could have fixed it for the past 40-years. AM is D-E-A-D! For Christ sake, get over it and go back to worrying about STA's and what they are doing with the station in Wilmington, DE. You people whining, complaining and daily posting about WBAL should take up blaming James Calhoun for Freddie Gray's death. He did after all allow slavery to be practiced in Baltimore. Hey next time you get gasoline, blame the kid behind the counter for skyrocketing gas prices. Why hasn't he fixed or revitalized the situation? (6/25/15)

Note to FCC......Digital AM would work and could help AM Radio. Where it was tested it had great results. The question is how to convert to Digital? Every FM Station has three digital channels and many are starting to put them to good use now. How do you replace all the AM receivers with digital receivers? It would take time to replace them. This would be a better solution for the FCC than licensing all these new LPFM stations that clutter up the dial. (6/25/15)

Uh, oh: “Blue screen of death problems appear to affect a wide spectrum of Apple devices ranging from the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s, says MacRumors, and the restarts occur at 10 minute to 30 minute intervals. The problem affects several versions of iOS 8 including iOS 8.3.” Blue screens are the Kiss of Death: (6/25/15)

You'll note that Armstrong Williams also is the lead person behind Howard Strik Holdings, which is the license holder for several Sinclair stations in duopoly-prohibited markets ... and bought the licenses to the Albritton stations in Charleston and Birmingham/Tuscaloosa as part of the Albritton merger. (6/25/15)

Because Washington, DC practiced segregation, has monuments to slave owners, and Dave’s HQ is located in Virginia, once the capital of the confederacy, DCRTV is changing its name to MLKTV: (6/25/15)

If digital radio was indeed viable, wouldn't everybody in America own an XM receiver by now? If AM is to die, so be it. Player pianos and gas lamps have done so. I will support it and produce great shows for it for as long as I can, but only up until then. (6/25/15)

Re:"...the war on Statues & Flags" A poster wrote about the Confederacy being politically incorrect. Nice try. They weren't politically incorrect, they wanted the "States Rights" to own PEOPLE. They wanted that to be OK. Only a true bigot would think that was not PC. Ed Graham (6/25/15)

Actually, the "Bust" (not a Statue) of Mr. Zappa at the Enoch Pratt Library is a relica of the original in place in the town square (created by the same artist) in Vilnius, Lithuania. And frankly (sorry), those "Politically Incorrect" things he may have said while he was living, were mostly observations and pretty much true! Yes, there were actually people who did weird things with Mudsharks at the Edgewater Inn in Washington State.... (6/25/15)

The only solution for AM radio is totally digital. There’s too much interference from other technologies the FCC has approved. Both AM 1500 & 1090 have MONSTER signals, but yet people still complain about interference. The only way to weed out the interference is redundancy on a digital level. iBiquity’s effort at AM HD pretty much failed just like HD Radio in general, but from everything I’ve read about AM HD, the sound quality was incredible. But none of these station owners have the money for the upgrade at this point and no one has a home receiver. This is where the FCC dropped the ball so many times. From the failed AM Stereo to AM HD Radio, they have continually approved things that interfere with AM Radio. That’s my two cents. — BaltoMedia.Net (6/25/15)

To the poster that keeps claiming that WLZL 107.9 is part of the Baltimore market. You are wrong. The station is now licensed to College Park, which is part of the Washington Market. CBS owns five Class B FM Stations in DC. (6/25/15)

Dave's response: CBS now includes both Anne Arundel's 99.1 (COL Bowie) and 107.9 (COL College Park) as part of its DC cluster, however, both signals cover the Baltimore metro better than the DC metro. That's just one of the miriad of problems facing CBS Radio DC.....

Speaking of Frank Zappa, he was from Baltimore and we have the only known statue of him. But he said so many politically incorrect things of the day. Should we tear that down now that the war on Statues & Flags has begun? (6/25/15)

About FOX News Sunday… Even if they were all on at the same time, FNS would still win because the other 3 all have the same slant on the news. Say what you want, but Chris Wallace asks tough questions of EVERYBODY, never softballs, almost like his father. Having worked for the other networks before, Chris Wallace is probably the most respected person at FOX News for impartiality. I’ll admit I always liked Bob Schieffer, but he’s retiring. The other 2 are hardly impartial and make it obvious through various flubs and statements. I’ve never seen anyone question Chris Wallace for not being tough on Republicans the same as Democrats. (6/25/15)

Here we go again! Do the people who keep asking this question ever stop to think about it, before asking? " Whatever happened to the FCC plan to revitalize AM?" The FCC didn't make the mess of AM radio, why do you people keep thinking it will "revitalize" it? It was AM station owners who thought hooking up a crap automation and satellite dish and abandoning local programs with local people would increase their bottom line who destroyed AM radio. What is it that you think the FCC will do to change that mindset? AM radio is dead because AM station owners killed it. If you give people something worth listening to, people will cut through the static and interference to hear it. When you give them crap, they find something else. FM is doing it to itself too. The broadcast bigwigs have destroyed the AM Golden Goose by programming crap for the public. The FCC isn't going to change that dynamic. But you people keep asking the same tired question day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year for some reason expecting a different answer. Almost as mindless as the AM station owners who shoveled crap to listeners expecting to make a profit. Neither the FCC, the CIA, the FBI, FAA or any other federal government agency is going to "revitalize" or fix AM radio. Its dead, let it go and find something else to fixate upon. AM radio is a thing of the past. Let it go and stop asking this asinine question every few weeks on DCRTV. Maybe you can look to the Annunaki to fix AM radio when Nibiru returns? - Enki Anu (6/25/15)

WPGC and Fresh-Fm are the two money makers of the entire CBS Radio DC cluster so I am missing the comparison with WNEW which makes no money and swallows a boat load of it. (6/25/15)

"What’s the difference between “underwriting” a traffic report on WAMU and sponsoring one on WTOP?" About 17 minutes of spots per hour. If you totaled up ALL of the sponsor mentions in a morning hour on WAMU, they total about 5 minutes . . . which compares to 22 minutes most hours of most mornings in WTOP. (6/25/15)

Excellent analysis by the previous poster about Hubbard & CBS. Andre Fernandez, the new President of CBS Radio, has a good track record. If CBS had a good signal then WNEW could have been a success. 99.1 does not cover the entire Washington market. WLZL 107.9 only covers half the market. It is not making any money and CBS should upgrade to a good signal like WRQX 107.3. Hubbard would be a good prospect to buy Red Zebra. They need better management. (6/25/15)

Is AM radio really dead? Once again, no. DC historically has been an inadequate market for AM signals; everybody else got the good ones. DC is also not a bellwether of the nation - just because AM listenership bites toad weenie here doesn't mean AM sucks everywhere. What's the ultimate arbitor that AM radio is dead? The same thing I've said here for a decade: when radios are no longer manufactured with an AM tuner. (6/25/15)

I highly doubt Cumulus would ever sell WRQX. Even if CBS bought it they would not have to sell 107.9. They would send it to the Baltimore cluster it probably belongs in to start with. (6/25/15)

VOA looking for four fulltime news writers... (6/25/15)

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Dave, I disagree with you about Hubbard being a “cluster”. They make a ton of money. They have several signals. But, they’re really a two trick pony: WTOP and WFED. WBQH doesn’t count as it’s LMA’ed. And, Gamut is too “niche” to be taken seriously from a commercial standpoint. Red Zebra is a two trick gelding at best due to its poor signals. I do agree that while Hubbard does well, IMHO it could be doing better. Mike McMearty has a good shot at bringing WTOP not just back to what it was, but what it could be. I agree that iHeart is the best “conventional” cluster. Then, there’s CBS. CBS Radio has problems. Not just in the D.C. and Baltimore clusters, but elsewhere as well. That’s one reason why a “non-broadcaster” like Andre Fernandez was brought in. He’s going to be wielding his hatchet until he’s perceived as “finished”. And, then he’s finished, getting the ax himself. Face it, CBS Radio needs serious help from a business perspective. Fresh and WPGC are doing as well as they are for the same reason WNEW is. Radio One is the most bizarre cluster: One decent FM (WKYS), a “class A” FM (WMMJ (originally the “real WHFS”)), a rimshot FM (WPRZ), and a couple of graveyard AM’s (WYCB and WOL). Of those, WPRZ is what it hadn’t been since the pre-WBiG days of “XTRA-104”: A moneymaking success. WYCB and WOL are Radio One’s version of “Gamut”: Niche operations serving specific focused communities. But, Radio One does “community” better than just about anyone these days. That’s one reason why they are successful. (And CBS isn’t.) If Cumulus were to sell WRQX to CBS, I would expect 107.9 to be the station sold. Two reasons: It’s not making money and it’s becoming a legal hot potato for CBS. Legal problems are usually dealt with quickly at Black Rock. I’m surprised this one has festered as long as it has. As for 99.1 becoming “WHFS” once again, Frank Zappa and Jerry Garcia will appear at its return concert bringing back the format. In other words, it isn’t happening. One station you briefly mention should be getting FCC attention because it’s becoming a commercial broadcaster in the non-commercial part of the dial. There are very few differences on-air between WAMU and a “regular commercial” talker in morning drive. What’s the difference between “underwriting” a traffic report on WAMU and sponsoring one on WTOP? Let’s see if anyone can guess the answer! –Unsigned Corporate Suit (6/24/15)

Armstrong Williams is an investor in Sinclair and some of the Sinclair duopolies actually list him as an owner so it makes sense that he would have full access to the stations just like David Smith. How he’s made enough money to own multiple TV stations is well, one of those Sinclair mysteries. Remember, minority owner Mr. Cunningham died and that was the main reason the FCC originally allowed Sinclair to have so many duopolies, the minority ownership. As I recall at the time, even The Reverend Jesse Jackson lobbied for SBG to get FCC approval, not realizing the implications at the time. — BaltoMedia.Net (6/24/15)

With 99.1 WNEW eating up masses of cash and no ratings and a troubled El Zol how long does Steve Swenson last at CBS Radio/DC? Not to much longer if this info is true. Steve Davis could be promoted to VP/market manager Swenson did not hire Steve Davis even though he is number2 there. (6/24/15)

If Cumulus sells WRQX 107.3 to CBS then they would need to spin off one of their FM stations in the market. They own five Class B stations in the market now. The worst signal CBS has is WLZL 107.9...... (6/24/15)

RE: “So Armstrong Williams has ABSOLUTE power at WJLA? What if he wants to "boink" some female employee. What's that "lucky" lady to do? Smile and provide the condoms?” More likely a male employee and Armstrong can get all the condoms he wants from Walker Whitman: (6/24/15)

Someone asked, "Where's Huddles"?.....Here he is: (6/24/15)

Dave: Not sure if this made its way to you yet - former 98 Rock guy who later did a show up in New England. He also wrestled for Maryland Championship Wrestling. (6/24/15)

Is AM Radio really dead? You tell me. Here are the rankings of the Washington AM stations in the latest ratings..... WTEM #21 WSPZ #33 WKDV #36 WILC #43 WFED # 43. These are the top 5 AM Station rankings. Whatever happened to the FCC plan to revitalize AM? Is it Dead? (6/24/15)

"Here's a crazy thought. Is there a scenario where Cumulus sells WRQX to CBS to put the News radio format on a big Washington signal." Agreed: Seems like a crazy thought. CBS has already drained tens of millions of dollars into a station that no one in DC listens to. 99.1's coverage is just a teeny part of the problem. As a Spanish station, 99.1 regularly placed in the top 10, even top 5, with the same lousy signal. CBS's problem is WTOP's dominance in the format. News radio is car radio, and car radio is preset button radio. CBS never created a reason for listeners to dedicate a preset for a second news station whose format was largely the same as that of the well-established station. Moving WNEW to 107.3 or 94.7 won't change that. IMO, CBS's only choice if it wants to dominate in this format is to send a blank check to Hubbard and tell them to write whatever amount it takes to obtain 103.5. (6/24/15)

So Armstrong Williams has ABSOLUTE power at WJLA? What if he wants to "boink" some female employee. What's that "lucky" lady to do? Smile and provide the condoms? (6/24/15)

Black and orange, huh? If orange is the new black….Guess Julie’s trying to please both sides (the hipsters and the squares). Make up your mind one way or the other, Julie! BTW, where is Julie? Where’s Jay? Where’s Huddles? Where’s Willie? Where’s the fire? (6/24/15)

Julie Wright needs to lay off the spray tan. She is so black/orange and looks ridiculous! Also, what's the deal with "Where's Julie" when she is on air each day? Makes no sense. Angie Goff needs to dress more professionally. You don't wear hipster white pants and a casual shirt on the morning news. She looks like she's headed to a beach or picnic. (6/24/15)

Here's a crazy thought. Is there a scenario where Cumulus sells WRQX to CBS to put the News radio format on a big Washington signal.Or does CBS try to emphasize covering Baltimore?....Just a thought. Yamanock Trublood (6/24/15)

Did Q1370 dump their oldies bird feed? Just music this am? Could they be going local??? (6/24/15)

I know HD radio is close to death, but do any of the tech guys know how much it costs/ entails an AM station to switch? I only ask, because my new car has HD and in Baltimore I get 600 and 1400 in HD. It sounds so much better. I would love to hear 1370 and 1330 for the music. It would have to enhance 680, 1090 and 1300 too. (6/24/15)

Crunching on a few apples a day might be OK, but Julie Wright has GOT to stay away from that ice cream she's consuming in that TV spot. And apparently from her appearance, that's not the only cone she's scoffed down in the past several months. Whew girl., hit that treadmill. (6/24/15)

DC Power breakfast, and an Ad buyer says " Let me give you an example of a rip-off, WRQX, they can't crack the top 15 and the rep says, Don't worry our jocks are going to blog about you... HA Freakin-HA! ... So, you can't pull a rating point, ON AIR, But you're gonna tweet about my business,and I get to keep writing you a check..." LAUGH OUT LOUD! WRQX is a JOKE! NO RATINGS! NO VALUE! BUH BYE WRQX! (6/24/15)

Read about channel 5 getting a new evening set, but obviously missed the memo about the morning show getting a new set. Haven't see the morning show the past couple of days, logged onto the website and see a post about a new set from 4:25-7am and then they go to the loft from 7-11. And I "thought" the early morning news was from 4:25-6am. In any case, how much more is channel 5 going to experiment with the morning newscast? (6/24/15)

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