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Oh, the horror, the horror: Paul Bedard of The Washington Examiner is floating a possible VA U.S. Senate bid by talk radio host and Lifezette editor Laura Ingraham. Ingraham, who actually lives near AU in DC, would have to move to The Old Dominion and would compete for the GOP nomination with the likes of VA Rep. Barbara Comstock as well others to run against Her Thighness’ VP running mate Demonrat Senator Tim Kaine in 2018. Let the circus begin: www.washingtonexaminer.com (1/15/17)

Bill Worthington? Not even related to the motorcycle guy? Augh, I stand corrected, but you're still at least titan-esque . -P of the AW (1/15/17)

In an effort to preserve the Mailbag's goal of nothing but complete truth, I must correct the record on a pair of points: I have always found motorcycles fascinating. It's the insurance premiums that scare the life out of me! My bike of choice in 1972 was the Schwinn Newsboy's Special. As for the word titan, MW defines it as one that is gigantic in size or power. The more I postpone my New Year's resolution of working out, the more likely the first part of that definition applies. As for power, it was our incoming president who once said, "Owning a great golf course gives you great power." I don't own one of them either. Happy New Year! Bill Worthington (1/15/17)

I HAVE A DREAM:: Since he needs ANOTHER Podcasting co-host, maybe Banana Republican and Trump supporter DON GERONIMO/MIKE SORCE and his 3rd wife Janet, will use the inclusive MLK holiday to interview a black candidate? #justsayin' (1/15/17)

Ocean City is a small market. They include Salisbury with it. The combined market has 325,000 people. The combined market ranks number 148. There are 36 radio stations in this market. One more question? How much radio revenue is there? $20 million. Only a few stations are making money. (1/15/17)

RE: Fox 5 News at 10 vs Newschannel 8 news at 10 One reason why I prefer channel 5 on Sat nights as opposed to News 8 is Lauren DeMarco's boobs. (1/15/17)

Weird news from WMAL’s Chris Plante: Chris made mention on Friday, the 13th that he lost a good friend last night, Peter Blatty of “The Exorcist” fame. Seems Chris became pals with Blatty (perhaps because Plante underwent an exorcism?) when they bumped into each other running up and down those infamous stairs from M street to Georgetown University. Peter Blatty was 89 and died of cancer according to The Washington Post: www.washingtonpost.com (1/15/17)

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\/ January 14 Messages \/

RE: " Urban will do ok in Salisbury which has a sizable African American city population." While this is true, there are already three urban stations. You have Power, which does cover Salisbury; Magic and OC 104. Yeah, OC 104 may be Rhythmic Top 40, it still serves the demo. Are there enough ad dollars there? I'd say no. There are too many country stations too. You know what is missing? A well programmed Oldies. How about FM Sports? WTDK is on the bird half the time, or poorly programmed the rest of the time. The Wave is migrating away from an Oldies format. There is an older demo there that is not being served. Most of the year-round residents along the shore are 45+. (1/14/17)

RE: “Bill Plante, retired CBS White House correspondent who has covered every inauguration since 1977, will offer commentary and historical analysis.” Good catch DCRVTDJDAVE: as Gomer Pyle would say, “Well golllllleeeee!!!”. Maybe Chris will join him join him on K Street: naw! (1/14/17)

I count at least 3-5 different people commenting on Eastern shore radio stations, not the “ONE PERSON” the snobby DC person keeps referring to. As per the FCC request, Adams Radio has taken 1590, 104.3 & 105.1 silent for 6 months until July 11 but all three stations appears to be for sale again. Apparently, they finally figured out that Klepac sold them a bunch of broken tinker toys, not worth investing any money in. By all rights, all 3 licenses probably should have been revoked several years ago, but the FCC just keeps letting them go silent without notification at least until now. Adams Radio got caught apparently and now they want to sell the stations. WBEY 97.9 Bay Country is still streaming, but AM 1590 is silent and I think that deal is over with at least for now. The recent FCC filings with the FCC for 104.3 & 105.1 blame problems at the originating station, presumably WGBG AM 1590 as the reason for them being silent. (1/14/17)

RE: “It’ll be interesting to see Chris Plante’s dad Bill cover the inauguration for WaPo. I wonder if Chris Plante will cover the inauguration at the same time...? From, Amar” Chris Plante will be on air Friday, January 20th from 9:00AM until Noon unless he is pre-empted by Bill Hess. Trump is scheduled to be sworn in at Noon, so either way Chris will not be doing play-by-play: www.cbsnews.com... Step father Bill Plante retired from CBS News in November of last year after 52 years: wikipedia.org (1/14/17)

WTOP reports you may get a text Sunday if you are “on or around The Mall” from DC’s “Homeland Security”. What’s more scary: that they have your cell phone number or the message “This is a test of the District of Columbia Emergency Alert System. No action is required.” If there is an “emergency”, what are you supposed to do: run along with half-a-million other people for where? At least it won’t be a Twitter message from Trump inviting you to the Inauguration to “Make America Great Again”. WTOP explains: wtop.com (1/14/17)

It’ll be interesting to see Chris Plante’s dad Bill cover the inauguration for WaPo. I wonder if Chris Plante will cover the inauguration at the same time...? From, Amar (1/14/17)

NBC 4 news priorities: a countdown clock for the inauguration of Donald Trump, to the nearest second. (1/14/17)

WTOP has the scoop on the poop – or pooper – so to speak on the Dumpster’s name sake adoring port-a-pottys for the Inauguration. Seems “Don’s Johns” got one of the big contracts (the other went to “Gene’s Johns”) to provide the portable restrooms but so as to not embarrass our most embarrassing PEOTUS as he becomes POTUS (actually they are abiding by no advertising rules) they have actually covered up their logo. Might say the WTOP story is full of shit: wtop.com (1/14/17)

An admittedly thin excuse to post here but, hey, it involves a DC market radio titan. I was just plowing through my backlog of Hemmings Motor News and spotted a picture of a cool vintage motorcycle at last June's AACA show in Williamsport. Surely that must be OUR Bill Worthington's? Nice to know radio people can have varied hobbies. -P of the AW (1/14/17)

I predicted the collapse of CAT Country 97.5 on the eastern shore right after 107.7 FM got it’s Class B1 upgrade. With 99.9 Froggy & 107.7 FM. both of those stations adequately cover the market whereas 97.5 FM is only a Salisbury-centric Class A signal that doesn’t even hit the beaches at all. Urban will do ok in Salisbury which has a sizable African American city population. along with Cambridge. I don’t know the status of the facilities but maybe consider buying AM 1590, 104.3 & 105.1 at the beach for an expanded signal now that they are for sale again? (1/14/17)

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\/ January 13 Messages \/

If Cat Country does flip to urban it would not be a surprise. There are far too many country stations on the shore as it is. Doesn’t Rothschild have something to do with the new station on 94.9 in Ocean City? Somewhere I heard it was to be album rock as WAMS-FM. Speaking of which, the 80s formatted WAMS ran be Klepac was his best use out of any of his frequencies. WSUX no longer offers an online stream. When in OC a few weeks back I was getting an odd station on 99.3 FM - sounded like Americana/ Alternative Country music. Perhaps it was WVES from VA - if so, I never heard any ads, jocks, or anything but music. The left channel of the stereo was much lower than the right. And, The Adams group of stations right now sound like they are operating on a shoestring budget. Can anyone confirm WBEY was on 1590 recently? I know this was the case a year or more ago. What is on am 540 right now? Their website says it’s classic country. However the streaming links are dead for both WBEY and WGOP. Also, further up the shore the MTS group of stations have ceased broadcasting online as well. MLB4 (1/13/17)

RE: "The 3 Eastern shore Adams radio Ocean City area stations are once again off the air. AM 1590, 104.3 and 105.1" Really, you are the only one that cares. Not the FCC, not the ownership and sure as Hell not the listeners in the three cornfields that can hear these signals. If a crap station broadcasts in the sticks....does anyone really hear it? No..the answer is No. (1/13/17)

Please, God. Please, not another Urban station on the Eastern Shore. (1/13/17)

RE: "perhaps because Plante underwent an exorcism" In a way...he left CNN. ;) JK... From, Amar (1/13/17)

I've been viewing NHK World on MPT's Channel 22.4 for the past few weeks. I'm guessing it's already available on the other MPT stations. There is a notice on NHK World's website that says MHZ will no longer provide NHK World and that they were moving over to MPT. I can't get any of the MHZ channels were I live in Arlington so I can't tell you if that's the case, but I can get a great reliable signal over the air from MPT all the way from Annapolis. (1/13/17)

[RE 45 Cuts Karen Campbell:] Campbell also worked at WHSV. (1/13/17)

Ch ch ch changes in Salisbury/Ocean City. Goodbye to 97.5 CAT COUNTRY. Robin Rothschild is selling the station to former Power 101.7 music director Ron Banks. tic toc tic toc on the country format. Ron knows one format well and that's Urban. (1/13/17)

Least we forget: second to September 11th, 2001, perhaps the most notable contemporary day of horror in Washington DC was the double whammy on January 13th, 1982. On that very snowy, freezing day, Air Florida 90 just after take-off from DCA crashed into the 14th Street Bridge wikipedia.org and a Metro train derailed killing 3 wikipedia.org. Howard Stern would wind up getting suspended then fired from DC 101 after calling Air Florida on air to book a one way ticket from then National Airport to the 14th Street Bridge the next day. And WTOP’s Jamie McIntyre reported: www.youtube.com... (1/13/17)

RE"I've heard Mary [Walters] and, as a woman, her voice is grating and what she says is dumb." Not as a woman, as a host. Also, WTOP is airing promos for NHK World launching i Baltimore on 67.4. Does this mean what MHz Networks is coming to Baltimore? From, Amar (1/13/17)

Dave's response: I've heard those promos, too. MPT is making a little extra money by leasing one of its subchannels to Japan's public broadcaster, NHK, which runs the English language NHK World channel. NHK also leases it to Fairfax's WNVC/WNVT, which runs the MHz Networks foreign news network service, including Russia's RT and China's CCTV, of 12-channels via channel 30 in the DC area.....

Weird news from WMAL’s Chris Plante: Chris made mention on Friday, the 13th that he lost a good friend last night, Peter Blatty of “The Exorcist” fame. Seems Chris became pals with Blatty (perhaps because Plante underwent an exorcism?) when they bumped into each other running up and down those infamous stairs from M street to Georgetown University. Peter Blatty was 89 and died of cancer according to The Washington Post: www.washingtonpost.com (1/13/17)

This morning, WQER 96.7 is playing really pretty traditional instrumental Chinese traditional and classical music nonstop. No IDs heard yet. The 93.5 PER and their shitty "christian contemporary music" is a long time pest, always interfering with reception of the now silent bluegrass country repeater in Frederick. I could reliably get the 105.5 bluegrass country repeater in Rockville, but never at home in the upcounty where the "Apple Country" station south of Berryville often comes in. Regards, Lw in Mount Airy (1/13/17)

Why would anyone tune to Ch 5 for news. Fuh-get-about-it. If it's 10 pm, check out NewsChannel 8 for Channel 7 news. At least no games and songs and crap as is going on at Ch 5. Of course, what with Sinclair firing people all around the country, who knows how long NewsChannel 8 is going to be with us. For that matter, news on Ch 7 could be blown away for reruns of Mayberry RFD. (1/13/17)

I am not sure how anyone can listen to WMAL's "mornings on the mall" and not think Vince Coglianese is the best choice to replace Larry "I love the sound of my own voice but need 5 guests to make it through a show" O'Connor. That's why I believe others who've said they'll go with Mary Walter. I've heard Mary and, as a woman, her voice is grating and what she says is dumb. Vince brings the humor Larry brought but with knowledge. Even Brian Wilson seems happier and does much better then he plays off Vince than off the bag of wet towels that is Mary. The more Vince fills in the more clear it becomes he should be the choice, which more than likely means Bill Hess and the suits at Cumulus will pick Mary. Mike McVey is about as original as a knock-knock joke, and Bill "play it safe" Hess has never made a smart and bold decision in his life. So congratulations, Mary. I look forward to listening to WTOP on my morning drive after she starts. (1/13/17)

[RE: How much is Bloomberg paying CBS to lease 99.1? Does anyone listen to this station?] I listen to 99.! all the time. (1/13/17)

9 is in a retrans dispute with Cox… wusa9.com (1/13/17)

WTTG made me recall the old Wendy's ad "Where's the beef" when I turned to their so called news program tonight and found Tony and Shawn performing an off key version of "Ain't we got fun." Where's the news? (1/13/17)

Meanwhile, on the Senate side on Thursday ... When the topic of Russian hacking was raised during confirmation hearings for CIA Director nominee Mike Pompeo, the questioning was put on hold when the lights unexpectedly went out. As with the interruption today on the House side, by a feed of RT, the live coverage by C-SPAN was interrupted. www.cbsnews.com (1/13/17)

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\/ January 12 Messages \/

The 3 Eastern shore Adams radio Ocean City area stations are once again off the air. AM 1590, 104.3 and 105.1. The FCC accepted their false statements and filings even though I filed a complaint stating that the stations were off the air before Dec. 12, 2016. Other people have posted the same thing here. Adams Radio now claims the stations are for sale again. Now they just bought the stations within a year’s time and they’ve barely ever been on the air at all. How does the FCC let stuff like this happen? (1/12/17)

Dave if a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it does it make a sound? I can recall when WMAL dropped Sean “Ham” Hammity that we kinda missed the Hamster: his trite conservative clichés, his pompous self-righteousness, his “Me, me, me, me, I, I, I,” and then he was gone. Now it’s going on several weeks since WMAL dropped Michael Savage but we don’t miss him: his trite conservative clichés, his pompous self-righteousness, his “Me, me, me, me, I, I, I,” and thank God he’s gone. Is there one, single Mailbagger who misses Savage on WMAL and has taken to listening online? Dave are you getting by without him? (1/12/17)

C-Span Online Broadcast Interrupted by Russian TV Feed... The New York Times is reporting that an online C-SPAN broadcast from the House floor was interrupted by a broadcast from RT, an English-language network controlled by the Russian government. The switch, that interrupted a speech by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), was caused by a technical error, according to C-SPAN. www.nytimes.com (1/12/17)

Petey Greene died 33 years ago this week. (1/12/17)

Breaking now in the DCRTV Mailbag: “Dog Bites Girl”. The “Dog Days” of Washington apparently have come in January as it seems “Sunny” one of the Obambi’s family dogs bit a young woman in the face requiring stiches. The attack came at a White House event this week: the dog is black, the victim is white. No word if the dog will be quarantined according to DC law or whether it had its shots: www.tmz.com (1/12/17)

Here's the legal poop about WQER: www.fccinfo.com (1/12/17)

The 93.5 signal in Leesburg is a translator owned by Positive Alternative Radio. They are simulcasting WPER in Warrenton. (1/12/17)

How much is Bloomberg paying CBS to lease 99.1? Does anyone listen to this station? (1/12/17)

Dave said: "Are there any AM stereo receivers still being used? I thought any surviving units were relegated to radio museums..." You're mostly right - I haven't seen AM stereo in anything for forever. Allegedly, some HD radio receivers - seems to be mostly older ones - can do AM stereo, purely because the chips that drive them happen to support both formats. Wikipedia claims that there are ~90 stations left in the country still broadcasting stereo, and that the closest to the DC area is WTHU Thurmont, both of which I'm skeptical about. As for the context, though, I assume Amar was talking about WMAL-FM switching between mono and stereo. (1/12/17)

I'm hearing a station on FM 96.7 here in Montgomery County, playing non-stop classical music. Excellent signal in northern Rockville/Gaithersburg, fair but listenable at home in Mount Airy. radio-locator tells me that there's a new LPFM, WQER, licensed for this frequency. radio-locator.com... Their 17 watt transmitter is reportedly located at 355 and College Parkway in Rockville. They appear to have a website stub at wqer.caster.fm... Do you know anything about this station? Regards, Lw in Mount Airy (1/12/17)

FCC Approves Nexstar’s $4.6 Billion Acquisition of Media General www.adweek.com (1/12/17)

Maybe you already know... but many of the Sinclair stations are making long time anchor cuts. I just heard from a former colleague at the ABC affil in Birmingham (ABC3340) that yesterday they cut their 5pm anchor and main sports guy. Both had been there 20+ years. Just FYI. (1/12/17)

WMAL’s finally switched back to mono from stereo. Also, turns out the 93.5 PER signal I was getting was W228BA, which is based in Leesburg. I must not be within range for the silent station. From, Amar (1/12/17)

Dave's response: Are there any AM stereo receivers still being used? I thought any survivoring units were relegated to radio museums.....

Sorry, I don't like the new slob culture at CSN Mid Atlantic one bit. Shows disrespect for their audience. (1/12/17)

DCRTV Mailbag notes WRC’s Jim Vance’s birthday but do Mailbaggers also know that January 12th is Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh’s birthday as well? Weird, eh Dave? So we have a strong DC black man with Vance, a former DC disk jockey & self-loathing Jew with Stern, and a bloated DC hating white boy with Limbaugh all celebrating birthdays! Happy Birthday to all: www.stltoday.com (1/12/17)

"I love destroying news operations and pinching pennies" - David Smith, Sinclair Broadcasting CEO. My first "worst" bw 2017 entry. Absolutely shameful. I am surprised NewsChannel 8 is still around. That costs MONEY. They show enough repeat broadcasts and Infomercials on that channel already. I doubt they are done with WJLA either. Meanwhile, NBC 4 celebrates Jim Vance's 75th birthday yesterday. I didn't read anything about his contract being terminated. (1/12/17)

Commemorating Jim Vance's 75th birthday in the radio station coffee room. (1/12/17)

FCC NEWS: Baltimore gets final approval for a new FM. WVTO-LP, low power 92.7 FM run by The Benedictine Society of Baltimore City is on the air now at 100 watts. The transmitter appears to be right on top of a church building. 92.7 FM for Baltimore was hard fought over by multiple entities, two being, Johns Hopkins University and Loyola University of Baltimore. Both of the colleges had errors in their applications that dropped them out of the final decision. Receoption will be mostly within the purple oval, but you might get it out to the blue line in some places. (1/12/17)

The Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg reports “Every Day is Now Casual Friday at CSN” but somehow omits any mention of his pals at WJFK The Sports Junkies who would do their show in their underwear if they could. Apparently ties are a thing of the past at CSN: www.washingtonpost.com (1/12/17)

The nasty toilet at Rosslyn flushes again. Very sad. Bruce Dupoyt goes away at the end of this month. Why doesn't Sinclair just forget about news and put on the funnies. Arlington should have that flush tax enjoyed by crazy former Maryland governor O'Malley. (1/12/17)

Thirty-five years ago Friday: "On Wednesday, January 13, 1982, Washington National Airport was closed by a heavy snowstorm that produced 6.5" of snow." wikipedia.org ~~ My grandmother and I watched the TV coverage all afternoon. That night, I walked over to the scene from the middle of Alexandria. I walked up onto the Virginia end of the 14th Street Bridge. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (1/12/17)

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\/ January 11 Messages \/

Now that the AM Revitalization Act has expired, does anyone know when the FCC plans to open the window for AM stations to apply for a new translator? (1/11/17)

RE: Brian Wilson’s future co-host. Although Vince and Tony were good the last thing Brian needs is a sausage fest: a broad – the hotter the better – is called for and we know that’s what Brian wants to get his juices going in the morning. Mary Walters is a disaster waiting to happen: she’s a mean bitch who hates DC and men, so forget her PLEASE Bill Hess. DCRTVDJDAVE did have a good suggestion with Mary Katherine Ham although she’s raising kids alone and has CNN commitments as well: she’s also been there done that with Mornings on the Mall least we forget. And DCRTVDJDAVE may be mixing up his Janes, but we can forgive him because he certainly would not be familiar with FEMALE porn stars like Jesse Jane: wikipedia.org (1/11/17)

Spring 2016 ratings for nearby Wilmington, Delaware. Pretty flat... In market stations... 1) WSTW 2) WJBR 3) WDSD 4) WDEL 5) WXCY 6) WILM (1/11/17)

"Charlie Brotman to announce inauguration parade on NBC 4"--- another example of why NBC 4 has become the only game in town. It never would have occurred to the carpetbaggers at Channel 7 to hire Brotman. (1/11/17)

I can't believe Sinclair laid off Alex Parker. At one time he was hosting a sports talk show on News Channel 8 several days a week. He was obsessed with RG111 and had members of his family on while he played in Washington. I will miss his interview style and video taped interviews with Washington area sports players. Bob (1/11/17)

"Does anyone know when 93.5 translator will be on the air in Frederick? It is owned by Manning." As I wrote to the mailbag a few days ago, Manning has a silent STA until June 16 in order to physically move the transmitter. This is the last action reported to the FCC. The next anyone will hear of it is when Manning applies for a license to cover the day it goes on the air. It obviously has do this (or extend the STA) by the time the STA expires. REC runs a website, fcc.today, which is a good newsfeed of daily FCC actions. (1/11/17)

Can I just say I hope Bill Hess at WMAL disproves the theory that he is an unimaginative PD who always takes the "safe" route and does not hire the awful, embarrassing Mary Walters for the morning show? I know that is the rumor but she is the worst of all the fill-ins over there so far. It is painfully obvious she is not only not from DC but she has no interest in DC as evidenced by the way she has made no effort to learn about DC when she knew this job was open. PDs always take the easy path and hire people who've been sucking up to them. I hope Hess doesn't. I'd just ask one simple question of Hess - if Walters is so good, why is she available? Having been in radio I've worked with Mary a little in years gone by (she's a passable guest host when all you need is someone to do the time) and know she's not a desired commodity. She doesn't deliver ratings or interest. Or anything interesting, honestly. She's perfectly nice but who cares if she's not interesting? They've had some really good guest hosts the last couple of weeks - that Vince guy and Tony Shaffer being the best - why not try something new? Hess got a big promotion not long ago and now is set to make another huge mistake. After breaking up a successful show to put Hugh Hewitt Jr in the afternoon (was the world even clamoring for the original Hewitt? Ratings say no) he's on the cusp of putting an untalented unfunny cohost in his most important daypart. Imagine where the stock price of Cumulus would be if they employed someone with some guts and creativity. To quote the next president, "Sad." (1/11/17)

Dave's response: That Jesse Jane chick is even worse.....

Just tuned into 93.5, they're repeating WPER. (1/11/17)

Today's episde is the first really good episode of the Chris Plante Show in a while. (1/11/17)

Also the studio that Greta is using, used to be the home to TV One's News One Now morning program, hosted by Roland Martin. In fact 70% of the set looks exactly like it, Roland's show has moved to a different studio. (1/11/17)

Interesting local news ad campaigns...sure, "Sinclair cares", but "Fox5 gives a ____". Is this what failing local news organizations are coming to? (1/11/17)

RE: “Dave, when I read that Greta Van Susteren would be doing her new MSNBC show from Washington, I assumed her studio would be at 4001 Nebraska Avenue. But reading your news blurb that says it will be less than a mile from the Capitol, I learned my assumption was incorrect. What is the location of her studio? Roddy Freeman” Roddy Freeman (if that is your real name) asks a legitimate question given the confusion over where NBC/MSNBC programming originates. NBC/WRC is at 4001 Nebraska: that’s why you see Thuck Codd on Sunday morning’s do a promo for his MTP from WRC: same location and he just walks down the hall. The location in DC which hosts PMSNBC/FNC/C-SPAN as well other outlets is 400 North Capitol Street. Any PMSNBC show originating from Washington (Chris Matthews and now Greta) is from there, as with FNC (Tucker Carlson, Brett Baier, Fox News Sunday). Pretty much everything else for NBC/PMSNBC and FNC is from NYC. The original thinking for locating studios from 400 North Capitol was that they could get members of congress, DC think tanks, lobbyists, etc. there easily. If you actually go to 400 North Capitol you will see dozens of limos bringing and picking up guests for the cables out front seven days a week. (1/11/17)

Sinclair and race? Should this be the question? First Leon, and now Maureen. A pattern developing? Sinclair is just another toilet of a company with broadcast outlets. Too many of those. It's not about hard working people, only the bottom line. "And so it goes," to echo Linda Ellerbee, who was wrongfully given the boot by NBC because she had black hair. (1/11/17)

Does anyone know when 93.5 translator will be on the air in Frederick? It is owned by Manning. (1/11/17)

Dave, that's Patrick McGrath on the old channel 9 promo with Maureen Bunyan. (1/11/17)

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\/ January 10 Messages \/

Dave, when I read that Greta Van Susteren would be doing her new MSNBC show from Washington, I assumed her studio would be at 4001 Nebraska Avenue. But reading your news blurb that says it will be less than a mile from the Capitol, I learned my assumption was incorrect. What is the location of her studio? Roddy Freeman (1/10/17)

Do all conservative roads lead to WMAL? Seems that this Steve Ray has a history with WMAL as a producer on air talent and was an AU graduate. Do you recall him DCRTVDJDAVE?: heavy.com (1/10/17)

Dave's response: Isn't Steve a Herndon High grad, like me? Go Hornets.....

The planners of the Trump inaugural parade obviously failed to perform their due dilligence prior to selecting the announcer for the upcoming parade. Had they done so, they would have learned this individual has either been terminated or resigned from every local job after throwing temper tantrums. After failed efforts as public address announcer for the Potomac Nationals, a car salesman (or as he called it "automotive marketing consultant"), sound engineer on an ocean liner (dismissed mid-cruise) and anchor/producer for a low-budget radio news network, this person has been reduced to working as an extra or background actor on D-list independent films, working (voluntarily) on the production staff of other local events, usually as a go-fer or driver. Let's also not forget that this guy got his ass beaten at a rest stop on the NJ Turnpike several years ago. Not a sermon, just a thought! (1/10/17)

Totally agree about WCTN. It's now my go-to station for the morning commute. Shame the owners are not doing more with the station. (1/10/17)

Poke fun at UCS's long windedness if you will, but I've come to respect and enjoy his observations, as they sprout from many decades of industry knowledge. As for Sinclair, their cynical and life-draining attitude towards the TV business tells me they think it is not for long and they intend to pinch some ghastly profit out of the last puff of breath before they slam the coffin lid shut. Not pretty. Not pretty at all. Shudder. -P of the AW. (1/10/17)

It's that awkward moment when The Washington Post can't post that Trump is a Nazi or anti-Semite. YAY! Maybe they should give themselves 4 Pinocchios? Ok, nepotism will do I guess. Of course Hillary tried to change the entire healthcare under President Clinton, but we'll just forget that happened. Pathetic. www.washingtonpost.com (1/10/17)

RE: “Didn’t Tucker Carlson previously have a short-lived primetime show on Fox News that ws canceled or was that on CNN? (1/10/17)” Tucker Carlson’s television career basically started out in the early 2000’s at CNN: he co-hosted CNN’s “Spin Room” with Bill Press and CNN’s Crossfire with various people. Carlson also had a brief stint with PBS. The Carlson was at PMSNBC for several years but garnered low ratings and when the cable network decided to go uber-liberal all the time with the likes of Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and Sgt. Schultz, he and fellow PMSNBC conservative Pat Buchanan departed (whether they left or were pushed who knows). Then Carlson went to FNC originally on “Fox & Friends Weekends”, as well sub hosting on various prime time shows and reporting on campaign and election coverage, then his own show at 7:00PM weekdays, “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, and then to his present time slot at 9:00PM weekdays. Carlson also founded and still retains major ownership of The Daily Caller and had previously written for The Weekly Standard. He is a frequent guest on various WMAL shows, especially with Brian Wilson and Larry O’Connor. (1/10/17)

It was another morning commute with tunes again provided by 950 WCTN (AM). While I realize it's an unattended automated playlist with no rules, I do like what they're airing. But much like the imaging comment from a few days ago, they really need some structure. In the 7AM hour, they went from "Another Brick in the Wall" (Pink Floyd) right into "Night Fever" (BeeGees), followed a song or two later by "Funky Cold Medina" (Tone Loc). The clash of eras is one thing, but the clash of genres is especially jarring. It's been said the popular Jack-FM format is "like an iPod set to 'shuffle'", but WCTN is like an iPod set to 'holy shit'. Even so, for a monolingual non-sports fan such as myself, it's probably the only AM'er inside the Beltway worth a preset button. (1/10/17)

Didn’t Tucker Carlson previously have a short-lived primetime show on Fox News that ws canceled or was that on CNN? (1/10/17)

(regarding the firing of Charlie Brotman) Trump's people have told him he'll be an honored guest with his own box seat for the parade. Someone needs to set him up with a live YouTube Stream on a mobile device, so he can just announce the parade as usual, from there. This'll give parade fans a choice between listening to the untried replacement announcer or to Charlie's traditional work, via an improvised "pirate" parade commentary stream. (1/10/17)

Former WRQX-er Marco Replaces Dead Guy In Tampa Bay radioingight.com (1/10/17)

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\/ January 9 Messages \/

In light of my BW2016 rant, I’m not surprised at what Sinclair is doing at WJLA. As noted elsewhere, besides Maureen Bunyan, the body count at WJLA is now up to four, including Sports Department Director Alex Parker. On Thursday, 1/5, Sinclair’s KOMO-TV in Seattle laid off a dozen. In addition, jobs open at the end of 2016 will not be filled without specific corporate approval from Hunt Valley. (Actually it's in Cockeysville...) There will be other layoffs yet to come. And, not just at Sinclair or Tegna, but at others not usually associated with publicly announced layoffs. Many of these cuts will fly under the publicity Radar for a lot of reasons. Not the least of which is a “non-disclosure agreement” as a part of a “generous and enhanced severance package”. Others are specifically tailored to skirt around the “WARN Act”. Nor, am I surprised by the “Sinclair Connecting” meeting on 1/10. The phrase “Save the Date” should make one cringe. That is corporate code for, “more bad (and even worse) news is coming”. The content and construct of the announcement I saw is nothing new. It contains elements that are commonly used when a business is shrinking its workforce. When you see things like “Our business today is dynamic”, it means that the “grownups” at the company are scared because they could be next out the door unless they improve -not just maintain- the bottom line. As well they could be when the national economic model used in recent years (Fed monetary policy) is being threatened with change. Were there real competition in broadcasting, a broadcaster laying off staff would legitimately fear people “going up or down the dial” to a competing station. Face it, there are no viable competing stations left in this and any other market. This is reinforced by the “positive” statement of “a growing company” when the workforce is shrinking by layoff. When a company contradicts itself like this, draw your own conclusions on trust. When a company grows, it expands the workforce, from back office to on-camera by direct hiring. This is in addition to investing for the future. The words “vision” and “values” are other code words to watch for. They mean that the leadership is leaning on how things were in the past (in terms of employee treatment (compensation)) to get by. Face it, pride is cheaper than paying real money. Employees need to be concerned by these words as it means the company is looking at the “good old days” when employees were paid a lot less. And, routinely did more things. Finally, the “Many have asked to play a growing role” means survivors are seeking “liferafts” by looking “company” by asking to do more with less. It’s a vicious cycle which reminds me of three things: The piano player scene in “Reefer Madness”, where the woman on the piano is being told to play “faster, faster” by a guy who is equally stoned; “The Last Q Contest” (on ReelRadio.com), where a station gives away everything down to the last microphone and turntable, followed by the transmitter “to be number one in the Arbitron book”, with the last sound heard being that of static; and finally the “Cocaine” PSA of some years ago, where a guy in a hamster wheel justifies a cocaine habit and its growth by “being able to work harder” and then having to work still harder to support his habit to where his body gives out and he dies. These layoffs at Sinclair are but the first. Face it, in almost any business, the greatest cash flow hemorrhage is your labor bill… salaries, benefits, legal, regulation, etc. That is one reason for the trend towards “independent contractors”. You pay them only when you directly need them and they are responsible for paying for their own taxes, insurance, etc. You only need managers and executives. You automate, hire contractors, and otherwise outsource everything else. As an example, I can easily see a broadcaster having “Independent Sales Consultants” instead of “Account Executives”. We’ve already seen this happen with engineering talent. There is no employee hiring legally mandated in broadcasting, cable, nor in any other business. There are however, numerous laws and regulations that mandate how any employees hired are to be treated. I will give credit to Sinclair for waiting until after New Years to do this. There are others who wouldn't have waited. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/9/17)

I guess Doug Hill & Dave Lucas will be on the chopping block next, or anyone who isn't a hot attractive blonde in her 20's. If only ABC would have bought WJLA & NC8, things would probably have been a lot better. (1/9/17)

Hi Dave, Sorry to read of the passing of Nat Hentoff, he was at the center of jazz and the folk music boom in Greenwich Village in the 1950s & 60s, and he knew all the greats from Yardbird Parker to Bob Dylan. For years he edited Playboy magazine’s annual poll of jazz & rock musicians. In later years he would write investigative pieces about Govt. surveillance and intrusive investigations by insurance companies. I heard him speak in the early 70s when I was a freshman in college; when I grew up I wanted to be like Nat Hentoff. Appropriate that he would pass while listening to Billie Holiday, he was among the best-R.I.P. (1/9/17)

Tucker Carlson who’s show aptly named “Tucker Carlson Tonight” premieres tonight its new time slot at 9:00PM on FNC received s pleasant surprise from his competition. Seems Rachael “Topper” Maddow sent the uber-straight Tucker “I’m A Topper Too” Carlson some flowers congratulating him. Tucker has been all over WMAL of late. Carlson says he doesn’t suck and never will: variety.com (1/9/17)

Regarding Maureen Bunyan leaving WJLA, it seems like only yesterday that Little Mo was standing in NPR's 2025 M Street Master Control, reporting for the One and Only Channel 9 about NPR's financial crisis. She has been classy for at least 34 years. Good luck to her. (1/9/17)

[RE: Maureen's Bunyan] Yeah, I think Doug Hill is the next casualty for SINclair's guillotine. They'd better not touch my man Steve Rudin!! (1/9/17)


Anybody know the names of the producers and writers and behind the scenes people axed by Sinclair? (1/9/17)

more-bounced-at-sinclairs-dc-station.... but lets celebrate and come together! BTW, they're running promos for a new segment "Sinclair Cares" hmmmm... yeah right! www.ftvlive.com (1/9/17)

Rumor is that 93.5 in Frederick is going to be Top40 Christian Rock and will be on the air soon. (1/9/17)

An affiliate increase of 15,000% is a bit deceptive in context. It sound big, but its the same as going from one station to 150. And if iHeart is behind it, then yeah, that's more than possible... especially if the show is parked on several dozen of their HDRadio channels, where nobody listens. (1/9/17)

Saw the rumor mill about Brooke and Jubal coming to Mix. I did some looking around and the show is through Premiere Radio Networks, which is part of I Heart Radio. I highly doubt Cumulus will want that on the air in DC. (1/9/17)

[RE Maureen Bunyan leaving WJLA:]? Maureen and Gordon and Leon and Jennifer and others probably had to go because they would not or could not perform well enough to become members of the Sinclair dance team. (1/9/17)

For the one concerned with imbalanced audio on WMAL, the station is without a chief engineer UFN. In other words, the bus's steering wheel has no hands on it. Duck and cover. (1/9/17)

[RE Maureen Bunyan leaving WJLA:] Looks like she’s yet another victim of the Sinclair shitstorm. Wish her the very best. Mike in Frederick (1/9/17)

WHUR has added a countdown clock to its website ahead of the return of Michael Baisden to its airwaves next Monday afternoon. As I write this, it’s 7 days, 4 hours, 49 minutes and 20 seconds until the big day. Still have not heard any official word on Tony, Mo & George, but it would appear that they are definitely outta there. (1/9/17)

WJFK Sports Junkie, the self-described “King of Ashburn” Jason “Papa Lurch” Bishop, whose mother is a 35 year veteran as a White House staffer, will join her and his family today for a photo-op with current POTUS Obambi in a ceremony held in the Oval Office. Lurch promised his fellow Junkies this morning to ask Obambi to appear on their show later in January once out of office. More likely would be an in studio with future POTUS Trump, which would be “huge”! (1/9/17)

Thanks to Channel 4, I think I have a new 'air name' for my weekend DJ gig. (1/9/17)

[RE Maureen Bunyan leaving WJLA:] if WRC or WUSA had any sense they would be calling her right now. She may have had enough, but it might be worth a phone call. (1/9/17)

[RE Maureen Bunyan leaving WJLA:] She came to WJLA before Doug Hill as she was unhappy at WUSA. People would tune in to the 6PM news because they loved Leon Harris and Maureen Bunyan. Now with them gone, ratings may go down (1/9/17)

[RE Maureen Bunyan leaving WJLA:] Since Sinclair is a much bigger company than Allbrition, you'd think they have more money than Allbrittion (1/9/17)

[RE Maureen Bunyan leaving WJLA:] She is such a class act (1/9/17)

[RE Maureen Bunyan leaving WJLA:] Years ago, I remember Allbrition advertising "All your favorite anchors on one station" (1/9/17)

[RE Maureen Bunyan leaving WJLA:] So that debt-fueled deal is now coming home to roost at Sinclair. (1/9/17)

[RE Maureen Bunyan leaving WJLA:] Sinclair Broadcasting ... where no cost cut is too big. Next thing you know, they're going to merge DC operations with Baltimore's in their Owings Mills headquarters. (1/9/17)

Dave's response: It's Hunt Valley.....

It is far less expensive to air "man on the street" interviews than to invest the time and money to answer the questions raised in the interviews. Social media raises the questions. Successful mainstream media will provide the answers. Successful is the operative word. (1/9/17)

I don't know if it's just me, but WMAL seems to be broadcasting in stereo. My MP3 player doesn't have stereo indicators, but the audio is "tilting" to the right, and when I swtich to mono it sounds centered again. Anyone else hear this, or is it just me (again)? From, Amar (1/9/17)

WTOP reported this morning that Maureen Bunyan is out at WJLA. Contract not renewed. $inclair strikes again! Cutting "high priced" but respected talent, Infomercial overload on the weekends, and cutting off the end of Jeopardy! for extra ads. They are running this station into the ground. I fear Doug Hill is next. (1/9/17)

It looks like Sinclair owned-and-operated WJLA (ABC 7) is parting ways with veteran DC anchorwoman Maureen Bunyan. Washington Post is reporting that Sinclair is exercising a clause in her contract that allows either party to exit before full-term. Story: washingtonpost.com..... Bunyan, 71, is expected to depart the station in February, and her departure comes after the recent departures of Leon Harris, Gordon Peterson, and Arch Campbell. There's also questions as to whether Sinclair has their sights set on parting ways with Doug Hill, and whether this could be a pattern of age discrimination were seeing. One thing that's for certain is this move could potentially hurt WJLA in the ratings, and no telling whether this could benefit WUSA. (1/9/17)

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\/ January 8 Messages \/

Channel 9 doing "person on the street" interviews?..Really? And what value does this add to the broadcast?. Don't they do that whenever they interview someone at the scene of a crime or when new rules and regulations are being considered or have gone into place? (1/8/17)

Seeing commercials for channel 9 news that actually promote tuning in to see person on the street interviews. Your Opinion. Your Voice. Playing back the opinions of the uninformed is cheaper than serious reporting, and adds nothing to understanding our world. More cheap gimmicks. Maybe they can get that dog to ask the questions. (1/8/17)

I heard that Jack Diamond & Co. are going to be replaced with the syndicated "Brooke & Jubal Show." I don't know a thing about them other than reading in the trades about how they increased their affiliate base some 15,000%. Anyone ever hear these guys? (1/8/17)

Been noticing MIX 107.3 putting alot more 80s and 90s into their playlist heard Michael Jackson Santana R.E.M. Cutting Crew seems like their trying to do something else but whether or not its going to work. Depends on what you like Im not crazy about most current TOP 40 and there still needs to be more variety which sadly is lacking on most commercial radio today. (1/8/17)

Speaking of transmitter sites, I checked out the WCAO site. IHeart better fix this broken fence or there’s a fine. www.google.com/maps (1/8/17)

Ref: 93.5 Frederick: Manning was granted a silent STA the week before Christmas in order to physically move the translator to a different site along US-40A on the other side of I-70. Probably due to cost. Currently it is on state land on Gambrill Park Rd next to WTLP's transmitter. They have 6 months, so we won't be hearing about it for a while. In any case, the current licensed primary station is WWEG-HD3, which doesn't even exist yet. Format-wise, it's Manning and a small market, so I can't see them launching anything that isn't already in multiple other places on the DC/Balto radio dial. The other former BGC translator was sold to Radio-One and is on its way to Richmond to rescue a grunky AMer, if I recall correctly. (1/8/17)

(Re: Interference on 103.1 FM) - I can get WRNR as far west as Bailey's Crossroads in VA with a conventional radio and as far west as Idylwood/Dunn Loring using a tuner with strong FM sensitivity. I can easily see the potential for interference with a Radio One translator on 103.1 in the DC area. Hopefully it won't be approved. (1/8/17)

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In reference to the comments about the FCC, agency heads are usually political appointees given those positions as a return for a favor. In some cases, the appointees need to be confirmed by Congress. They may or may not know anything about the subject matter handled by the agency. They are there to do what the administration wants them to do. Only when you get down to the working level and the first and second level supervisors do you have any technical expertise. Some employees do come from private industry; others have worked for Uncle Sam for their entire career. Of course, training budgets vary greatly between agencies. Attendance at industry meetings and seminars is an excellent training tool - only if the agency has travel funds. (Of course, travel funds are always available for political appointees who want to attend meetings totally unrelated to the agency mission.) In reference to the FCC, I would guess that most of the commissioners depend on input from staff members. The comment concerning "over regulated" is debatable. In some areas, maybe there is not enough regulation. For example, do we need a first class phone license now? Maybe we do. Do certain unnamed companies own too many broadcast entities? Probably. No, I never worked for the FCC, but I did work for Uncle Sam for over thirty years. (1/7/17)

WBAL is just impossible to listen to on the weekend. First, the traffic anchors from Total Traffic sound like they have no idea where to find Baltimore on a map. They sound un-interested and talk, no mumble, so the traffic bed drowns them out. Then Erika on the news sounds so robotic and dry. Then, the programming. Re-packaged interviews from their weekday shows. Really? That's the BEST you can do?? Then the non-stop promos...same ones in each break. Just turn the damn transmitter off. You'd save some money on the board op. (1/7/17)


What is the story with Bluegrass & Country Format on the 105.5 translator? The last I heard was the "foundation" could not raise enough money to keep it on the air. This is a shame because it has been on WAMU for 46 years! A big disappointment. (1/7/17)

Debt, schmebt - here's a great iHeartRadio investment for you! twitter.com (1/7/17)

Don’t want to embarrass by name the presumably new traffic person at WBAL Radio who referred to the weather in “Calverton” County, but I do want to acknowledge another bad sign for the station. (1/7/17)

When President Trump gets around to the FCC, let's hope he would appoint some real broadcasters to the FCC. In the past, the President appointed lawyers or political "friends" who supported him. The FCC should not be "political". The people that make all the "rules & regulations" know nothing about broadcasting. This is why even a small radio broadcaster must employee a communications attorney to represent them at the FCC. There are thousands of regulations now and the industry is "over regulated". (1/7/17)

Why should Radio One be given a new translator on 103.1 FM? It could cause interference with 103.1 in Annapolis, 103.1 in Frederick and 103.1 in Culpeper. (1/7/17)

A quick FCC check shows no activity on the May application by Radio One to put a translator on 103.1 FM near Washington DC. The request for Baltimore on 103.1 has already been shot down by WRNR, but the long delay, it being 2017 now and almost 8 months, seems to suggest that an interference complaint has be sent to the FCC by either Manning’s Key 103.1 FM near Frederick or possibly WRNR again. It’s possible that Radio One has no other frequency options to choose from. With the proximity to Baltimore, the Maryland side of DC is pretty congested on the FM dial. (1/7/17)

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I I agree with you that Brian and Larry were a great combination who complemented each other well. WMAL needs somebody younger with Brian and they'll likely look for a woman, as you said. Solution: Bring back Mary Katharine Ham. She's in her thirties, acceptably conservative (even though her late husband was a liberal), and interesting. Remember when there was a controversy about some Obama recess appointments and he was criticized for making recess appointments when Congress wasn't in recess? Mary Katharine summed it up in a short, pithy, can catchy way: "They're called recess appointments, not lunchtime appointments." One thing I like about Savage is that he is a great storyteller. (So is Glenn Beck, BTW.) Some station that's faltering ought to pick him up. Maybe Beck too and put something local in between them. (Chris Core?) They might be competitive, especially since Savage is only on late at night in Baltimore. (Does CBM even still carry him?) Tim, Laurel (1/6/17)

"On WMAL’s web site Michael Savage...(still listed among “personalities” but page is blank)" Many believe his personality has been blank for years. Bah-rump-bump. (1/6/17)

"I don't hear any Macy's ads on the stations I listen to. I usually see them in newspapers, a la the Post....." That explains why they're closing 68 stores! (1/6/17)

Slow news day? Hardly! No less than every DC market cable & broadcast “news” outlet except PBS have been carrying non-stop coverage of the FLL “shootings” (FNC, WTTG, CNN, HLN, NBC, WRC, PMSNBC, CBS, WDMV, ABC, WJLA, et al). Even TMZ & Judge Judy were pre-empted on WTTG: sheesh. Drudge went nuts, The Washington Post had live feed from “authorities” news conference, even WTOP was getting in on the act although their big story remains the elusive snow. Tonight on FNC Carlson & Kelly will sign-off with coverage of you-know-what and The Trumpster’s national security briefing and what he had to eat for lunch. Overkill: yes. TMI: certainly. Thank God & Jesus DCRTV is ignoring all of this hoopla. On the other hand, all of the aforementioned have been tripping over their dicks with essentially the same news, camera shots and incomplete information. And the worst was when FNC/WTTG re-ran an interview with someone in a FLL parking garage claiming there was a second shooter, which there wasn’t. All of this because a “military” guy went nuts after retrieving a or multiple guns from his baggage in baggage claim: gotta wonder if he was charged extra for the checked bag. Dave kinda makes you want to take a hike in the woods, eh? Meanwhile: ap.org (1/6/17)

Is it me, or is 1A far more liberal than the Diane Rehm Show? (1/6/17)

Eastern Shore Update: It sounds like 1590 in Ocean City is back on, simulcasting Bay Country 97.9 And LPFM 104.3 is back simulcasting OC 104. Not sure if 1590 was sold, but that is what is playing as of right now. (1/6/17)

Here's a story about Norway taking its national radio networks off FM and moving to all digital, i.e. DAB radio, Internet (like an iPlayer, TuneIn, Aha, etc) and audio-only channels on cable TV. The BBC wants to do the exact same thing in a few years. What's left out of the story is that regional and local private companies are NOT leaving FM, so I see a great opportunity for them to get a much large audience and, perhaps, make NRK and BBC somewhat irrelevant. There will be a lot more room for private FM stations, just as the BBC leaving AM (except 5 Live) allowed every foreign language and niche interest to have its own AM station in all the major and minor metro areas. If I owned Global Radio in the UK, I'd love it. news.sky.com -- Carl in Olney (1/6/17)

In 2003, Megyn Kendall (later Kelly), a young news reporter for WJLA, reported on the shortage of tickets to the junior-senior prom at Forest Park High School..... (1/6/17)

FNC & WMAL coming & going news: Chris Plante was on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” this week and can be expected to be a regular guest. Friday night at 9:00PM is the LAST Megyn Kelly “The Kelly File” show. Friday night at 7:00PM is the LAST “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show in that time slot. Beginning Monday, January 9th at 9:00PM “Tucker Carlson Tonight” replaces “The Kelly File” (are you following all of this?). The Megyn Kelly must sit out six months before starting at NBC but will be paid the remained of her contract from FNC estimated to be $7 million which gives her plenty of time to resume her book tour and tend to her kids. No word on when Chris Plante or Larry O’Connor are getting their own FNC but it’s possible. Rumor has it Jesse Watters of “Watter’s World” fame, a O’Reilly spin off, will take the 7:00PM weekday slot (he already has 7:00PM Saturday). More: www.latimes.com (1/6/17)

On WMAL’s web site Michael Savage is gone (from the “full show line-up”) www.wmal.com but not forgotten (still listed among “personalities” but page is blank): www.wmal.com (1/6/17)

WTOP has a story on Trump’s Inauguration tickets along with a graphic of the easily duplicated ticket so if you want to, make your own by the dozens! Seriously, they have printed 250, 000 of them to be handed out by congress: do they really think that many people would come out to attend the swearing in? More likely that will be the number of people protesting & smoking pot. If protestors don’t want to be confined to certain areas, all they have to do is print tickets and mingle with the main crowd. The Washington Post story on the counter-Inaugural protests had nearly 5,000 comments. What say you DCRTVDJDAVE? More: wtop.com (1/6/17)

I suspect the Adams Radio Group might be in some trouble with the FCC and/or financial issues. They’ve filed multiple requests to remain silent now on 3 stations on Delmarva last year. WGBG AM 1590 Ocean City, FM 104.3 & FM 1051 both licensed to Ocean Pines near Ocean City. They claim in FCC filings that all three stations went silent on Dec. 12, 2016. But the FCC has not yet approved any of the applications. When I saw that, I knew they’d filed a FALSE application to the FCC since anyone who’s lived down here knows those 3 stations have rarely been on the air and all three were off the air even Labor Day Weekend! The previous owner got caught pulling this same stunt every year, taking the stations off the air for fake technical reasons, blah blah blah. Then finally the FCC after many many years busted him and told him to fix it or sell the stations or give up the license. So he sold them and here we go again. Adams Radio is caught doing the same thing all over again right out the gate. Maybe the FCC will just accept that those 3 stations all went silent on Dec 12. 2016, but it’s certainly not true nor is there any way for them to prove that. (1/6/17)

You reported, "Rumor: Greta To Start MSNBC Show - 1/3 - Former Fox Newser Greta Van Susteren will launch a 6 PM show next Monday on MSNBC. The official announcement is expected later today. That's the rumor, anyway, according to NewsBlues....." Today, it's official. www.newsmax.com (1/6/17)

It's taken me two months to learn of this "breaking" news, but Warner Wolf is gone from the Imus in the Morning show, replaced by Sid Rosenberg. I always liked Sid in the early 2000s on the show. I hope he's conquered whatever demons he was fighting then. As for Warner, who remains great and who I'm sad to see go, this article says he once worked for WTOP-TV. I've been a D.C.-area resident since my birth in 1970 and a DCRTV reader for years, and yet those call letters don't mean anything to me in terms of TV. Only radio. Guess I need to dig into those DCRTV Plus archives! www.huffingtonpost.com (1/6/17)

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If anybody has the chance to drive down to where Cedar Lane meets Redwood, somebody's got this pretty cool light show with Christmas lights synced up to Christmas Rock songs. During the daytime hours the lights are off and it airs normal Rock during that time...You can hear the (very) low-power station on 98.5 FM. (1/5/17)

If you thought the FCC didn’t quite know what it’s doing half the time, read this letter sent out by the FCC and hand signed by the Assistant Chief of the Audio Division of the Media Bureau. She obviously didn’t read this letter that she signed. Or did she really intend to extend a License to Remain Silent Authority until 2107? licensing.fcc.gov... If that one isn’t bad enough, check this one out. A TV station license was granted for a Low Power TV station to Delaware that is in fact actually in New Jersey? Yes some genius in the Media Bureau of the FCC did not notice that the construction permit modification they approved was to build the station in New Jersey! Sure I guess it’s within 100 miles by water over the Delaware Bay, but still, that means some genius at the FCC came up with this rule that allows this insanity. See here. fccdata.org... (1/5/17)

How is it that WMAL is so privileged that it gets to pick and choose, keeping Rush but dropping Sean and Savage? Why, that would be because they run their own station! All 13,000 stations in this country get to pick and choose their programming! (1/5/17)

Well what do you expect for free? The local penny saver aka The Washington Post Express (you know, that free tabloid version of what usually would cost you a buck you see on the Metro floor) made the following acknowledged goof: “Washington Post Express Puts Male Symbol on Women's Inauguration March Cover”. Seems their editors don’t know the difference between male & female symbols: who knows what happens when they use rest rooms. More: www.hollywoodreporter.com (1/5/17)

Charlie Brotman inauguration parade story www.washingtonpost.com (1/5/17)

Hi Dave, So let me ask you this, how is it that WMAL gets to keep Limbaugh, but they shoved Hannity over to WRC, now they dump Savage, why are they so privileged to pick and choose? (1/5/17)

Notice something strange about Express's cover today? townhall.com (1/5/17)

Sears has been around all some guy's life? Sears has been around since before my grandfather was born...in 1888.-- Carl in Olney (1/5/17)

With the New Year at FNC it’s out with the old (Megyn Kelly) and in with the new (Tucker Carlson) at the vaunted 9:00PM slot. Not that Tucker is “new” to FNC, but with his stellar ratings for “Tucker Carlson Tonight” at the 7:00PM slot and the departure of Kelly, he has quickly been rewarded: www.dailymail.co.uk (1/5/17)

Macy's will close 68 stores this year. How will this affect radio? (1/5/17)

Dave's response: I don't hear any Macy's ads on the stations I listen to. I usually see them in newspapers, a la the Post.....

How and why did fake newsman and Conservative publicist cheerleader Sean Hannity get the Assange “interview?” Let's step back a little bit and look around to see all the pieces of the puzzle to get a that fell together to get a clear, well defined picture of what went on. Let's start with Sean Hackity. Sean has been kissing Trump’s buttocks for the past eight months, and when this news comes out on Russian hacking, miraculously, Assange talks, not to an investigative reporter, but to a conservative hack who has tight “news” associations with Breitbart, Scooter Libby, the Cheney gang, George Zimmerman, James O’Keefe, Don Blankenship (formerly of Massey Energy), the clowns at Ashley Madison, and Cliven Bundy. Hannity is nothing more than a cheap conservative propagandist. Hannity is not a “reporter” nor a “news journalist,” as his own employer, Fox News, has said to defend him when he got news pieces wrong, or muddled up. Can we conclude this interview Sean did with Assange, just like Sean’s past interview with the National Enquirer’s Jeff Rovin on Hillary’s bisexual life, is not objective, and was done to disseminate a pro-Trump narrative as well as to obfuscate real news coming out of the Intelligence groups of the US Government? Next, remember the tabloid headlines of 2016? Donald Trump has a friend who is the CEO of the National Enquirer’s parent company. Not only did Trump use his friend’s tabloid headlines to help knock off Trump opponents in 2016, (“Carson is a Bungling Surgeon,” “Jeb and his Sleazy Affairs,” Ted Cruz’s Father…” ‘Hillary’s years long Lesbian Affair,” and “Hillary’s Connection to Murder” to name a few headlines from the tabloid), the Enquire this week is out with an “Exclusive!,” “Obama was born a Muslim and not born in this country.” Think back, has Trump, himself, ever made the same claims? If you ask me, These subterfuges by Sean Hannity and the National Enquirer to strengthen the Donald, and deflect some serious issues facing Donald, are in fact planned and planted by a cabal, with that whacky Donald acting as the vertex. The timing, the dovetails the Donald is creating, the inherent beneficiaries of these “stories,” tell us these “stories,” and the way they are disseminated, are just too wacky to be real, or be taken seriously. Brace yourself, 2017 is going to be the start of what will be known as the “whacky years,” with Donald Trump at the helm, and Sean Hannity as his first mate and communications officer. Do I need to even mention at this point Roger Ailes working with Trump, and juxtapose that with Megyn Kelly, no friend of Donald, leaving Fox News, which is , and has been, the Trump cheering section, even after Roger left? Sean can be heard (if you are close to the tower, before 5:00 PM), on AM 1260 in DC. (1/5/17)

Post about Sears. Sears is the AM radio of department stores. Post(s) about iHeart stock prices. I've wondered for a while. Is this a real person posting these too often posts? Or did someone set up a web bot with random phrases just to nag us? (1/5/17)

Is Gary McGrady still with FOX5? Mike Thomas has taken over the early morning weather duties. (1/5/17)

Tuning around on broadcast TV at 10:45 pm on Jan 4th found WHUT-33 running color bars and the callsign within a "bouncing" grey box on its "virtual 32.2" subchannel, instead of the usual SD feed of the HD stream. No change to the 33.8 and 33.9 mobile and data services. (1/5/17)

Sorry to hear that Sears is closing 150 stores across the country. This is not a good sign. What went wrong? They have been around all my life. (1/5/17)

Re: "Thanks for reminding us again what sick fucks you dems are. It's breathtaking the depths you losers will go to in an attempt to remain relevant (in your own diseased minds)" By any measure, you are clearly a talented writer and can express yourself to a mass audience in a thought provoking and translucent way.The linguistic grasp of concepts you use to convey your opinion is more than impressive. I was captivated reading every word. Possibly one of the most informative rationals to ever have been displayed on this site. Please continue to share your poetic words with us. I think I speak for all of us when I say Bravo, sir. Bravo! PS Your mother, spouse, and children should be very proud. (1/5/17)

Happy New Year from Sinclair. www.ftvlive.com (1/5/17)

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Don Brake is out as PD of WFRE? Excuse me while I'm over in the corner masturbating to this excellent news. (1/4/17)

Hi Dave, I have a couple of corrections to the following blurb on the new WAMU program 1A: [Johnson Not Getting Rehm's Carriage - 1/3 - From DCRTV's Tuesday Mailbag: "The new WAMU program '1A' [hosted by Joshua Johnson] is no longer on for two hours at 10 AM on Baltimore's WYPR, the way Diane Rehm's program was. It's on in the late evening for only one hour... [NYC's] WNYC-AM is also carrying only one hour per evening of it, not on FM, and not both hours; and no carriage at all as far as WHYY in Philadelphia is concerned... Of course, it's been a grand total of two days; maybe six months from now, he'll be on more stations and fully carried. It's funny that after all those decades of Diane Rehm's slow and moderate speaking, the new guy sounds like he's just zipping along, when he probably is just talking normally. I listened on the Federal holiday (New Year's Day Observed) yesterday, and it still had a left-wing tilt, but I guess that's how NPR always does it".....] New York Public Radio is carrying 1A in the same slot in which they carried The Diane Rehm Show (weekdays, on WNYC-AM, 11pm-12midnight ET). Additionally, WHYY did not carry The Diane Rehm Show, so it is not currently carrying 1A. Thanks, Allyssa (1/4/17)

So, WJFK, created CDVTW when Lavar left..... Then, from that they created Big Russ and Dukes.... Now, Big Russ is gone?? Can anyone explain.... (1/4/17)

Dave, What’s the deal with the Tony, Mo & George afternoon show on WHUR? Have they been canned? Some guy named Wes has been filling in for them, they are no longer on the WHUR website, and today they ran a promo regarding the return of Michael Baisden. (1/4/17)

Hi Dave, What's the real reason WMAL dumped Savage?, He says he beat Hannity in almost every major market, (I have an internet radio, so I get Savage on a hundred stations, but I like to hear the DC local stuff') (I live in CT now, used to live in Laurel, MD). Thanks, Joe B. (Connecticut) (1/4/17)

Dave's response: In short, WMAL can make more ad revenue by having three local hours in afternoon drive (3 PM to 6 PM) than just one (5 PM). Plus, yes, while Savage got many more DC radio listeners than Hannity over on poor-signalled WWRC, his WMAL ratings were still considerably lower than what their local morning show, Chris Plante, and Rush Limbaugh get.....

WBAL TV keeps updating this story. As of now, they still have not reached an agreement with DirecTV and are still off the service. This brings up the troubling thing about ATSC and WBAL TV. Picking up 11.1 over the air via antenna is not that easy. An indoor antenna will not necessarily work for many people. VHF Digital signals simply do not work as well as UHF. (1/4/17)

I think the Washington Capitals must have the worst radio deal in the history of DC pro sports teams. Was stuck in a traffic jam on outer loop yesterday evening listening to Caps versus Toronto on 1500. In the MIDDLE OF THE SECOND PERIOD some guy comes on and says they are switching to the Wizards game which was starting in Dallas. Of course, there was no way to continue to listen to the Caps game because they are not on any other local station. The lowest minor league teams have better radio coverage than that. No way to treat one of the better fan bases in town. Have no clue what they are thinking......................... (1/4/17)

I wonder what ratings Chris Plante is getting on the stations he's syndicated to... (1/4/17)

Dave's response: Or is he being carried by stations in major (top 20?) markets?

"I had a dream that they allowed open and concealed carry at the WMAL Innauguration event. Some jokester threw some firecrackers in the middle of the room and the hilarity began."....Thanks for reminding us again what sick fucks you dems are. It's breathtaking the depths you losers will go to in an attempt to remain relevant (in your own diseased minds). It's over. :) (1/4/17)

Happy New Year! Someone asked what is happening at iHeart? Have they done anything about their massive debt? (Still $20.9 BILLION). They own 850 radio stations and are the largest radio broadcasting company in the world. Their stock is trading at $1.11 per share. Will they ever be able to pay off this debt? (1/4/17)

Re: Mailbagger post that Don Brake is out at WFRE...Does this mean the end of "Free Country Rewind" on Sunday mornings? I enjoyed that program. Tom in Wheaton (1/4/17)

Re: Dave Lougee, President of TEGNA Media... how do you pronounce his last name? If it is the same as the slang word for bronchial mucus (aka "lung butter"), that would be quite unfortunate. AND frickin' hilarious. (1/4/17)

Within the DCRTV market The Drudge Report definitely was down due to DDoS Tuesday: www.dailymail.co.uk (1/4/17)

Just read that Tony Kornheiser, Gary Williams and Maury Povich are buying the Chads restaurant on Wisconsin Ave in Friendship Heights. (1/4/17)

After losing his latest Podcasting co-host, Don Geronimo's only option now is to crawl back to The RELM Network - on his knees! (1/4/17)

Drudge “hacked” again? The awesome Drudge Report link evoked a “523” message Tuesday evening: support.cloudflare.com... Now he posts a link to a story that 523’s will be the result of web sites that have been hacked. The Observer says it’s a “Sign of the chaos to come”: observer.com (1/4/17)

From www.ftvlive.com is a DC/NOVA guy: "We kick off the list with the 5th Worst person in TV news in 2016 and it is....... Dave Lougee the President of TEGNA Media. 2016 was the year of the Tegna buyout and we watched some very good people be told they could take the buyout or likely be pushed out. Stations saw sometimes hundreds of years of experience walk out the door in April. It was a blood letting that Lougee oversaw. And the blood never really stopped flowing. The year ended with employees at Tegna stations being told they were laid off or that their contract was not being renewed. Despite the fact that Tegna will report record profits for the last quarter, the company wants shed employees to pad their pockets even more. Journalism took a back seat to the mighty dollar and Dave Lougee let it all happen on his watch. Sadly Lougee is a former News Director that really cares little about news anymore. And that lands him on our list of one of the Worst people in TV news in 2016." (1/4/17)

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Don Brake is no longer the 99.9 WFRE Frederick Program Director and his position was eliminated. Afternoon DJ Brian Mo has been named as Music Director in his place. Station Manager Michael Banks has left as well moving back to Long Island to manage six stations. (1/3/17)

I had a dream that they allowed open and concealed carry at the WMAL Innauguration event. Some jokester threw some firecrackers in the middle of the room and the hilarity began. (1/3/17)

Fox45 in Baltimore is promoting the expansion of its morning news programming. Starting January 16, the news will start at 4:30 a.m. (1/3/17)

NBC News has officially confirmed that Megyn Kelly will be moving to NBC News and will hold three positions: 1) Sunday night "news magazine" 2) Weekdaily news show 3) Special political coverage host (a la Brian Williams). Here's my take on this... Megyn Kelly isn't that bad. She can be very annoying at times, but most of the time she's a very capable anchor. The issue is, it seems that some of her viewers have been bolting to Rachel Maddow. She wasn't a TOTAL drag on FNC's ratings, but often times they wouldn't provide the gradual rise in ratings toward that 8 PM peak time TV programmers should be gunning for. And while I think she would be a better fit at CNN, her ratings honestly might not be better than whoever she's replacing...there was no space for someone of her style to have her own show. (1/3/17)

Uh-oh: The new WAMU program '1A' is no longer on for two hours at 10 AM on Baltimore's WYPR, the way Diane Rehm's program was. It's on in the late evening for only one hour (which one of them?). WNYC-AM is also carrying only one hour per evening of it, not on FM, and not both hours; and no carriage at all as far as WHYY in Philadelphia is concerned (they always preferred Marty Moss-Coane anyway). Of course, it's been a grand total of two days; maybe 6 months from now, he'll be on more stations and fully carried. It's funny that after all those decades of Diane Rehm's slow and moderate speaking, the new guy sounds like he's just zipping along, when he probably is just talking normally. I listened on the Federal holiday (New Year's Day Observed) yesterday, and it still had a left-wing tilt, but I guess that's how NPR always does it. -- Carl in Olney (1/3/17)

Did Don Geronimo/Mike Sorce lose ANOTHER Podcast co-host? "The show is back to start 2017 with some news about Joe Pittman. Don and Chris spend some time discussing the situation. We’ll be back with an all new episode tomorrow!" #amateur-hour #Donate2DCRTV (1/3/17)

Random thoughts on a dreary Tuesday afternoon: first and foremost welcome back Corporate Suit! Next, DCRTVDJDAVE seems pleased with that Scientologist Greta Van Suckstren is going up against Bret Baier at 6:00 PM where she will get creamed (his ratings are better than PMSNBC & CNN COMBINED). Now Megyn “The Bleeder” Kelly is dumping FNC for NBC: who does she think she is, a backwards Jane Pauley? Former Redskins Joe “Break A Leg” Joe Theismann is “One Lucky Guy” on FNC’s Outnumbered. Last but not least, CD Depot pales compared to Joe’s Record Paradise: what do you want, Walmart or Gucci? More on Megyn: www.nytimes.com (1/3/17)

My wish for the new year. Ditch the Ravens “Grill Mates Red Zone” and that “Hays in the Barn” thing. (Not much hay going in the barn anyway). (1/3/17)

The guy looking to sell vinyl records may want to try CD Depot at 9039 Baltimore Avenue in College Park. That's Route 1 south of the Beltway and about 3 feet south of the overpass over 193 on the east side. -- Carl in Olney (1/3/17)

RE: “Gift of a vintage microphone? Anyone now owning something truly valuable wouldn't want to see it given to a potentially oblivious recipient, no matter the selling price. How about instead going for one of those modern little knockoffs of an RCA 44 mic? Cute. Cheap.” How about Rush Limbaugh’s Vintage Golden EIB Microphone? That’s got to be “truly valuable” as he’s made millions off it: warehouse-13-artifact-database.wikia.com (1/3/17)

As for WMAL audio processing, how do you know that they are not, in fact, broadcasting from inside a water tank? Rent is cheaper. The HD aspect of FM broadcasting complicates the esthetic choices which must be made. Not nearly as easy as you might think. (1/3/17)

Gift of a vintage microphone? Anyone now owning something truly valuable wouldn't want to see it given to a potentially oblivious recipient, no matter the selling price. How about instead going for one of those modern little knockoffs of an RCA 44 mic? Cute. Cheap. (1/3/17)

I've been gone for a few days over the holidays, but I'm hearing 950AM just fine (feeble though it may be in the west end of Annandale). If they are going to stay with that hybrid Oldie-intensive Contemporary music playlist, they should at least take a page from the WKCW playbook and add a little imaging and a few IDs throughout the hour. The only time I know who I am listening to is on or close to the hour. On another topic, the new sound of WMAL's "Mornings On the Mall" is OK, but the female co-host was trying WAY too hard during a pit bull story in the 7AM hour this morning. Performance note: be a team, not Griffith-Cooper. (1/3/17)

RE: “The question about vintage microphones made me write to ask if anyone knows a store that's buying old records (LP's, 45's, 78's) ? Lots are classic jazz from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Thought of trying eBay, but seems like that would be a lot of work. Any help would be appreciated.” It is amazing that NEW records are the latest fad but I doubt the new turntables play 45’s & 78’s and even more amazing that old records are much sought after: some are very valuable but if the cover and record are in poor shape they are worthless (as 20% of mine were). Forget e-Bay: Joe’s Record Paradise in Silver Spring is the very best place to sell and/or buy records. Just be prepared for each and every record to be closely examined and for a high rejection rate. This place is a DC music scene legend, but has had to move numerous times (imagine moving all those records!). When I sold off my 1000 plus record collection years ago they bought about 80% so I just gave them the rest (I didn’t have a turntable anymore and hadn’t played them in years). But like most things we think are valuable, prepare yourself for a nominal return, with some records selling for pennies on the dollar invested: you should honestly assess each record, make a list broken down by size, condition, and category, then contact Joe’s with the information and schedule an appointment, don’t just drag them all to the store. For over 800 records I believe I only made a few hundred dollars so if you are seeking top dollar for really valuable records use e-Bay, Craig’s List, or research collectors web sites (be careful!). They have a Facebook page (features a photo with WHFS’ Weasel) www.facebook.com/joesrecord.paradise and The Washington Post’s John Kelly wrote a story about their move a year ago: “The new location — 8700 Georgia Ave., in the basement of the SunTrust bank building — is a bit smaller but there’s more parking nearby. Johnson hopes to be all moved in and open by next week, but that will depend on whether he passes inspection. (Call 301-JUKEBOX to see whether Joe’s has opened.)” Kelly’s story: www.washingtonpost.com (1/3/17)

RE: WMAL’s Mornings on the Mall San Larry: Brian Wilson seems to be trying out the absolutely dreadful Mary Walter so far this week and unless he’s trying to alienate the DC market with this carpetbagger he should not consider her as a permanent co-host. First of all, sooner or later it will come out what a self-admitted nasty bitch she can be: she is NOT a nice person. Second she has no real connection to DC and is a “Jersey Girl” by her own admission: we don’t need no Jersey girl on WMAL when there are numerous nice ladies available (how about Silvie from Waldorf?). Last but not least she has had more radio jobs (“I started out in radio by winning a contest”) than DCRTVDJDAVE has hair on his chin! I second Dave’s notion that perhaps Brian Wilson & Bill Hess ought to consider a moderate to liberal chick too: FNC’s has plenty of them to balance their “Fair and Balanced” approach. Just check out her own bio and she has worked everywhere, even considered a stint with – gasp – Howard Stern: www.marywalter.com (1/3/17)

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The question about vintage microphones made me write to ask if anyone knows a store that's buying old records (LP's, 45's, 78's) ? Lots are classic jazz from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Thought of trying eBay, but seems like that would be a lot of work. Any help would be appreciated. (1/2/17)

With the WMAL engineer off to bigger and better things, I dont know who else to tell this to. But if its here, I know a Cumulus rep will be reading it. If programming is to be emphasized on the WMAL FM side of things, on-air processing needs to be tweaked. What sounds passable on AM comes across as oddly metallic and ringy on FM, like the announcers are inside a large water tank. (1/2/17)

Hey DCRTVDJDAVE: a few quick questions about the launch of the Larry O’Connor Show (which we assume you heard). He had Tucker Carlson on so he is already getting “A List” FNC hosts. Overall, what did you think: SOS (same old shit), Afternoons on the Mall, Drive Sick from 3-6, or a “Breath of Fresh Air”? Second, it does not seem he has a trademark intro song (Rush has The Pretenders’ “My City Was Gone”, Chris Plante has some lame fast paced theme song, and Mark Levin has “Somewhere I belong” by Linkin Park): what would you suggest for Larry? Last but not least: why is everything backwards in Larry’s WMAL promo video (featuring his female producer who looks 16) for his show? Notice that everything on bulletin & white board is reversed: what gives? The style sorta reminds me of Dave TV. More: www.facebook.com (1/2/17)

Dave's response: Ehhh. Same old WMAL shit, Larry's show was (apologies Yoda). He and his guests say the same stuff over and over. And over and over. WMAL really needs to mix it up by pairing Brian and Larry (via their different shows) with some genuine liberals (gasp!) and mix things up. BTW, before John Bolton appeared on Brian's show this morning, did he make Brian sign a contract to call him "Ambassador John Bolton" every time he addressed him? Because that's what he did about eight times. 2017 should be the year WMAL shifts out of Silly Righty Mode. But judging by today that's not likely. And as for a theme song for Larry's show? How about a Broadway show tune. Maybe something from "Hairspray"? Hmmm.....

If you're talking classic microphones, John Holt is the man to know. Last I knew of him, he was director of engineering at WAMU, but I'm not sure what he's up to these days. (1/2/17)

104.9 FM is not 98 Rock.. It is programmed by CBS Radio as HFS alternative rock. And I don’t think 104.9 will ever be able to increase its power unless it moves. It’s too close to 104.7 The Point in Harford County. Here’s the CBS HFS Alternative website: whfs.cbslocal.com (1/2/17)

Dave, Do you know anyone in the area who specializes in/collects vintage microphones? I'm looking for something that is in working condition and good looking as a wedding gift for a musician friend. Could be out of an old studio or whatever, just something interesting. Figured I'd ask given some of the cool history stuff you have on DCRTV.... Thanks, Kris (1/2/17)

Dave's response: Anybody got some advice for Kris?

I am hoping 98 Rock's 104.9 can one day get a better signal. Since we have a hard rock but not alt rock on the radio in Baltimore. And WBAL going on FB would be great. Since we don't have any type of WTOP station in the Baltimore area.?(1/2/17)

Wow: Breitbart profiles some of 2017’s talk radio news all in one article that includes Chris Plante’s syndication today, Silvia Rivera (aka “Silvie from Waldorf”), Joshua Johnson, and Diane Rehm. No mention of DCRTV, Michael Savage, Larry O’Connor, Brian Wilson, Bill Hess or Don Geronimo and his dog though: go figure. More: www.breitbart.com (1/2/17)

Talk about multi-tasking. Not only does WTTG have the meteoroligst Caitlyn Roth doing weather, filling in on traffic when Erin's out, but I saw her reading news headlines on their Good Morning DC show!! They already had Wisdom, Maureen and Erin there, any one of which could've done that job. Why bring her in early for 5 minutes? However, I must admit, better Caitlyn than Erin because at least Caitlyn spoke like an adult vs Erin who sounds like a 16 year old Valley Girl. (1/2/17)

I've been away from DCRTV for a while and I just hate the white typeface on black background. Much harder to read. (1/2/17)

DCRTV’S BW OF 2016! Perennial winner Don Geronimo is in the running – again. What did Mike Sorce and his 3rd wife Janet use some of their Podcast subscription money for recently? Allegedly, instead of saving a life and adopting a dog from their local animal shelter, they flew to the East Coast to purchase this dog from a pure-bred breeder; wife then spent days alone driving back across country to their home in Sacramento to, wait for it, snap a picture of their new dog on Santa's lap. In 2017, if you need a reason to adopt a pet from your local shelter and/or donate to DCRTV, you have one, or two, or three...Happy New Year! (1/2/17)

See, I’m gay, and I honestly did not know that CNN’s Don Lemon was gay. I only knew he was a babbling idiot with a pulpit. Don Lemon is the guy on CNN that stopped a CNN contributor from mentioning the LA Times Daily Tracking poll, THE ONLY ONE THAT TURNED OUT TO BE CORRECT! HAHA! I call him “Dumb and Dumber” Don Lemon, because he outdoes his stupidity every time. Dumb Lemon said on air, “The LA Times is not a valid polling news source” and I’m like, “Is he kidding?” Nope, he was not. CNN refused to allow any mention of that poll. Not only was he drunk during the New Orleans New Years CNN Special, but he was unceremoniously cut off LIVE! He let, someone grab his mike to state a New Years TRUMP IS A NAZI AGENDA SPEECH and CNN had to hit the KILL SWITCH. His job is safe though. If he was smart he’d be in danger of being fired there. OH, and we also learned that Anderson Cooper made $75/hour at age 12. Imagine that. THANK YOU KATHY GRIFFIN! :-) (1/2/17)

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Gay, drunk and stupid is no way to go around in life son: apparently CNN’s Don Lemon was all three on New Year’s Eve live on CNN. Not only was he downing shots in his hometown of New Orleans live on CNN, he also had his ears pierced (good thing it wasn’t his junk being pierced as it was a bloody mess) and his mike shut off after going off on a rant about how horrible 2016 was because he was so drunk. The Bitter Lemon, who is openly gay, had his own Twitter hashtag trending #drunkdonlemon and had to be restrained by co-infobabe Brooke Baldwin several times during his drunken appearance. And they actually get paid to do this shit. More: www.dailymail.co.uk (1/1/17)

Dave's response: If he wasn't gay, would you call him "straight, drunk and stupid"? Hmmm.....

From Wilmington NC the switch from WILM to WWAY for CBS has happened. On cable (Charter / Spectrum) it is on a new channel 4 in HD. Before today there was no Ch4. Over the air ABC is 3.1 and CBS 3.2 and yes both are HD. The remaining station CW is 3.3. On Ch 10 it is still relaying programming from WRAL Raleigh but have replaced the periods of CBS programming with local (Raleigh) news and syndicated programs and today regional basketball. (1/1/17)

As far as WGRQ 95.9 running a satellite, they are live and local 12a-7p M-F, 12a-6p Saturday, and 12a-6p on Sunday, as long as the Redskins aren't playing. They dropped the satellite feed about 10 years ago, when Dave Adler started in mornings (for awhile in addition to mornings on 95.9, he was also tracking overnights on WASH concurrently). Happy New Year, Stephen (1/1/17)

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