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Dan’s 2018 predictions are a bit far-fetched. #1 El Zol will never be geared to Baltimore because although the population is growing, there are still few Latinos in the Baltimore market. The Baltimore market still has no local TV or radio running Spanish language programming. Even the AM 810 move to Baltimore as a Spanish language radio station was cancelled. WLZL is now licensed to College Park, MD, clearly in the DC market on purpose. If they could get the tower any closer to DC, they would move it, but they cannot. I think Baltimore has one Spanish language newspaper of sorts, but the previous one attempted went bankrupt. It’s also highly doubtful that Salem would sell 105.1 FM even though most everyone wishes they would. I do think Danny Snyder will eventually ditch WTEM. His foray into radio has been a huge money pit of failures, and it’s clear he’s resigned himself to lose money by selling all the other stations. You could see that going down the drain with his failed attempt to make AM 730 a Class B powerhouse AM signal fighting the FCC and the Canadians! Bennett Zier is probably still telling that joke at holiday parties. Finally, with its added debt, it’s highly unlikely that Entercom would spend a fortune to do news, something CBS already tried at great expense and failed on 99.1 FM, but I would bet the Bloomberg thing won’t last beyond the current agreement terms. What I would love to see in 2018 is WRNR move from 103.1 to 99.1 FM as a REAL HFS. If not that, I hope Steve Kingston gets control of the 103.1 LPFM in Baltimore. Any 103.1 FM translator in Baltimore will severely marginalize WRNR to a limited geographic area around Annapolis, which would not be financially viable in the current format. Due to the city of license changes, neither FM 99.1 or 107.9 will ever again be Baltimore-centric. The large difference in advertising rates will always make any owner of those two frequencies to concentrate on the bigger/richer market regardless of success. Lower ratings in DC can still make more money than good ratings in Baltimore. It’s simply a financial fact and also because Washington DC has a disproportionate number of FM frequencies since they were give out in the 1940s when DC was a sleepy small town and Baltimore was a mid-Atlantic east coast mega port and center of railroad that competed with Philadelphia more than DC at the time. Now DC is twice as big from half as big. (12/14/17)

Hi mailbaggers! I think I have the answers to the trivia questions posted by David Tate about his WOHN aircheck! I believe the promo voice is Robby Norton and the real name of Chris St. John is Ed Modlin (also known by his mother's maiden name, Ed Rodriguez)! I have an unfair advantage as I worked at WOHN a couple of periods of time and worked with David and Ed at WEAM during the progressive rock format days. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanakkah to all! Bob Mohr (12/14/17)

Re: Sligo Tower. Yes, there was a plan for 1050 to diplex with 1500, but it hasn't been pursued. WACA has been on that tower for many years, and is not a factor in the decision for WBQH to stay where it is. - Dave K (12/14/17)

Who would subscribe to The Washington Post just to get this depressing T-shirt? It’s much cheaper to just kill yourself now if you’re this mentally unstable and depressed. (12/14/17)

"He just spread a virus on your website via his last post. Please remove it for the safety of your readers. There is no such thing as a “Mac Media Player” although I’m sure ole’ Gus thinks there is..." Okay, there's the panties update I asked for. What's your problem friend-o? The link takes you to the WSVG live stream and there's nothing about a "Mac Media Player" on it. That said Google would have told you that "Macgo Free Mac Media Player is a basic but efficient program to play all kinds of media files right on your Mac, whether they originate on your computer or on...." Since you're so knowledgeable you can look at the 700 lines of well-written, easily readable code on the WSVG page and explain to the class where the virus comes in. Better yet, describe the behavior of the virus you found, what it's called in your Task Manager or Activity Monitor and post its code. Ball's in your court and balls on chin. Gus in the Gaithersburg (12/14/17)

950 AM is dark this morning too. Again. (12/14/17)

2018 Predictions: Entercom starts changing a few things around with their acquisitions from CBS DC as well as iHeart Richmond. WIAD ditches their stalling Hot AC format to put on a classic hits station that is centric to what DC radio USED to be. Not just mainstream classic hits but also some deep cuts as well. Entercom brings back a news-talker on 99.1 but finds a good translator for Northern VA in the vein of KDKA AM out of Pittsburgh where it’s balanced talk and mainly local….which would bring people in. El Zol finally gets aimed towards Baltimore and it’s ratings go through the roof or gets a good translator in Northern VA and becomes a blowtorch for DC. In Richmond, WRXL retains EITM from DC 101 via syndication but goes back to their heritage rock roots and in a shock…as does WWDC as well as the alternative rock format has really staggered along of late. WMAL’s ratings suffer when 99.1 becomes live and local news/talk with balance as Northern VA has increasingly turned blue. Dan Snyder finally sells WTEM to Salem Broadcasting and in a switch…Salem puts the Redskins on 105.1 as WAVA moves to 980 and WTEM becomes a blowtorch sports talker. In a shock at the end of next season…Snyder sells the team as well and finally….the going on 18 years of misery as Snyder as owner comes to a crashing end and fans celebrate. Have a nice holiday season everyone and be well. Dan (12/14/17)

WQAW-LD and its various sister stations owned by Northstar have been sold, yes, but to HC2 Holdings, which has been buying up LPTV groups nationwide over the past few months. hc2.com... Other groups bought out by HC2 include Mako, DTV America, and the Three Angels Broadcasting stations that were not previously sold to Edge Spectrum. It's led by Phil Falcone, who is best known in wireless circles for the Light Squared debacle. HC2 Holdings also bought the Azteca America network, as indicated in the press release. But I would not characterize it as "the network bought the station." Rather, the same company bought the network and the stations. - Trip www.rabbitears.info (12/14/17)

Thanks for the update on the Sligo tower, Dave K. Wasn't there at least a plan to move 1050 to WFED a few years ago? Was it the addition of 1540 which nixed that? -P of the AW (12/14/17)

Why did Channel 4 news start 9 minutes late tonight? (12/14/17)

Week 15 NFL TV maps are interesting. The Baltimore Ravens@Browns game is carried regionally all the way from Delmarva to Cleveland except for the Richmond market for the CBS early game. But more interesting is the lack of interest in the Cardinals@Redskins game in DC on Fox. Since the Redskins are home, WBFF Fox 45 opted out of the game for the late Fox game, Rams@Seahawks, not surprising since they've done it many times before, but surprisingly, even WBOC's FOX 21 or the NFL chose the Eagles@Giants game on Delmarva. This is one of the few if ever times I've ever seen WBOC Fox 21 not carry the Redskins when they could. The Redskins are only carried in DC & Virginia, along with Arizona. Unless you get WTTG Fox 5 on the shore or PA, you will not see the Skins this weekend and even if you do, it's likely WBOC will have the Skins game blacked out on cable. The CBS late game is nearly national, Patriots@Steelers, so almost everyone will see that.—BaltoMedia.net As always, more info & maps at http://506sports.com (12/14/17)

When I joke about Gus in Gaithersburg being a Mac expert, it was both a joke and now also proven TRUE! He just spread a virus on your website via his last post. Please remove it for the safety of your readers. There is no such thing as a “Mac Media Player” although I’m sure ole’ Gus thinks there is... (12/14/17)

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\/ December 13 Messages \/

Re: Sligo Golf Course Tower. That tower is still in use by 1050 AM (WBQH), with 1540 (WACA) diplexed onto it as well. - Dave Kolesar (12/13/17)

Sounds like a bunch of folks have taken their bitch pills today. I need a status report on your panties, friend-o's. For those who can't receive WSVG, www,mainstreamnetwork.com... Gus in the Gaithersburg (12/13/17)

The interesting thing about WQAW 69 Azteca America is that they have gotten a station few people can pick up via antenna on most of DC and Baltimore’s Comcast cable systems as well as coverage even on the Eastern Shore. This is interesting as in WMDT’s owner Marquee Broadcasting has launched an Azteca America affiliate on Delmarva, WGDV 32, which many people can get via antenna, but Comcast refuses to carry. And now, WBOC’s owner has launched Telemundo Delmarva on channel 42, but Comcast still carries the DC Hispanic channels still all over Delmarva like WZDC Telemundo. Why wouldn’t Comcast switch to the locals? I assume they’re asking for money? It also should be noted that channel 20 in the area is pretty free and clear. It probably could even be a full power TV allocation, with one caveat. Like channel 14, channel 20 is next to land/mobile national security transmissions, in this case, channel 19. That means any upgrade on channel 20, like channel 14, would be costly as it would need extreme filtering so as to not interfere with channel 19. This is the same problem that WETA had on channel 14 as the frequencies below that are all land/mobile. Most land/mobile is fire/police, but could include everything from Secret Service, Capitol Police to FBI or things we’re not supposed to know about. No one is allowed to interfere with that. (12/13/17)

Poster wanting to know about DC101 and AM1260 site: I’m wondering why you don’t think that’s still an accurate description? The big middle tower is still for DC101 and an aux antenna for the other iHeart stations. That and the shorter two towers on either side are still for 1260AM, leased by Salem. The tower on the golf course goes way back. That station was the first to carry Limbaugh for a while a million years ago, before WMAL got the broadcast rights. I think its signal has moved over to diplex at the historic 1500 site in Wheaton. Not sure what the old tower is used for now, if anything. (12/13/17)

Anyone who knows Larry Hunter knows his connections to hosts like Tony Katz and Derek Hunter - Larry's been friends with them for years, and not only that, but Derek is the husband of Heather, Larry's former producer. There are all sorts of ways to go when you're looking for folks to fill-in for you. One of them is to ask friends who are experienced in the biz... and maybe you're wanting to give them greater exposure to a DC audience over the long term. Remember what your ol' pal Donny used to say: listen to learn, learn to listen. (12/13/17)

All this talk about towers, especially for AM 1260, got me wondering what is the old DC101/AM 1260 WWDC tower at 8750 Brookville Rd in Silver Spring being used for these days? Also what is the tower by the Sligo Creek Golf Course used for? Thanks. Keep up the good work Dave. Tom in Wheaton (12/13/17)

When working in radio on Delmarva, there are three things you must avoid at all costs. And in no particular order. All three are just as deadly. Vince Klepac, Robin Rothschild and Mike Powell. (12/13/17)

Someone just sent me this. It was the day after my 22nd birthday, which we celebrated on-the-air. Can you tell me who is the voice on the "Expletive Deleted Promo" and what is the real name of the jock who follows me? This was recorded by a WOHN listener. I had no idea I was being airchecked that day. Click below: www.davidtate.net... Warm regards, David (12/13/17)

Notes to WMAL…..I heard Sean Hannity voice a commercial on Cumulus’ WMAL this morning. Sean is on the Salem stations now after being yanked from all Cumulus stations a few years back. Odd hearing his voice on WMAL, again. Steve Malzburg, you cannot get a legal marriage license in another state if you have a valid marriage license a state where you legally reside. Same goes for most drivers licenses. So, your comparison to the concealed carry gun reciprocity bill is bunk, stupid, not valid, and illogical. So, Par for the course on WMAL. Larry O'Connor, Prince Harry is like fifth or sixth in line for the throne, not second. As Jeremy would yell “O’Connor, you Idiot!” And stop criticizing Harry's choice for love, Larry. Nobody ever criticized your odd infatuation of, and stalking of, Mr. Belden from “Saved by the Bell.” (Well, yes we did, but you gotta admit, stalking Mr. Belden at a Dupont Circle bar/hotel, at 11:00 PM, is weird, you must admit). Speaking of Larry, to me, he seemed to have the most fun interviewing George Takei, Barry Manilow, and Ann Coulter….What do all three, and Larry, have in common, I wonder? And Chris Plante, did you forget your former colleague Brian Wilson was accused two years ago of sexual improprieties while he was working for Fox News? When he was finally accused of demanding sex before promoting a woman at Fox News, WMAL made the disgraceful decision to keep him on the air for more than a year after the allegation was printed in the New York Times. WMAL even let him join “It’s Just Lunch,” and go out on dates using that service for free so Brian could do voice testimonials on the air. Shame on you and Bill Hess for sweeping this man’s crude behavior under the rug, and allowing this predator free access to a dating service that was a client. (12/13/17)

Baltimore & DC's Azteca America Network TV station, WQAW TV 69 (RF channel 20) has been sold from current ownership to the network, Azteca America's parent company. The Spanish language TV station broadcasts from the WMPT 22 tower in Crownsville, MD near Annapolis. While the network is on most cable systems, its signal has been very low power, but there is a construction permit that will allow it to better reach DC & Baltimore with a transmitter near the top of the over 900 foot tower. It's possible this network purchase might better fund that signal upgrade. —BaltoMedia.net (12/13/17)

FCC news: WFMD AM 930 owned by the Aloha Trust (iHeart) just got a renewal with admonishment from the FCC for a profanity violation, but no reference to the legal requirement to sell the radio station. The profane word broadcast apparently was “bitch” multiple times toward a caller on a show. (12/13/17)

Congratulations to alleged news radio 1090 for airing today's radio news instead of yesterday's tv news this morning, compliments of the Baltimore Fire Department's investigation of an overnight row home fire. The station sent the screamer to the scene where he interviewed a fire department spokesperson (something the desk could have done from the newsroom) providing details of the fire-damaged structure, where the fire occurred inside and the casualties. It was reported as a rescue, which made me wonder why no one (firefighters, neighbors, passers-by) was interviewed. I also wondered who called it in, which could have provided another potential interview. And, how about a plug for smoke detectors? Did anyone bother to ask whether or not this home had one and, if so, did it go off or fail? Then, I thought to myself, maybe the fact that it took the station several hours to arrive on the scene could help explain why they missed yet another opportunity to be relevant to morning news in Baltimore. Maybe we'll have to wait until tomorrow to learn more about the story, when the screamer heads back to the scene to share some day-old tv interviews. (12/13/17)

Checking further into AM 1590 in Ocean City it does appear that they filed to resume operations back in February. The only problem is that that only lasted about a week if that. They were dark all spring, summer, fall, and now winter without notifying the FCC. (12/13/17)

So Ocean City;s 1590 is now dark well most of the general public doesn't care either and they don't care about the history as well. I don't get why some people still think AM radio is coming back and willing to put money behind it. Do they really think their station could be the next WTOP, WMAL, WRVA or WBAL ?? Never mind the fact that all of those stations have either moved to FM or will be soon. Having a stand alone AM station today is kinda like having a mouse for a pet. Might be fun & cute at first but it will die a quick death. Take Mount Jackson's WSVG for example as to the public view on AM. WSVG has been around for ever and they had listeners.once but today nobody listens to WSVG. WSVG even changed their format from talk to Americana and it was not even mentioned on DCRTV. Now THAT is telling !! Woodstock, VA's 1230 WAMM still dark ?? Those who live in Woodstock don't care Brunswick, MD's WTRI and WVAB in Virginia Beach ?? Again who cares !! The only people today who really care about AM fall into 2 groups, Those behind such things and those who posts on DCRTV. Not much of a future for AM !!! (12/13/17)

WMAL becoming the farm league for unknown radio hosts? In past weeks, WMAL has had “D” list radio hosts either subbing or even having a regular time slot: do names like Tony Katz (WIBC Indianapolis) or Steve Malzburg (News Max TV) mean anything? They both have subbed for Larry O’Connor who is off on a Caribbean cruise with wife Meredith. How about Walter Sterling (Entercom): Bill Hess gave him his own time slot from 10:00PM to 1:00AM Sundays. Soon, it will be the “DCRTVDJDAVE Show” Sunday mornings at 5:00AM. Today, Tuesday, is Derek Hunter (WBAL) subbing for Larry: twitter.com (12/13/17)

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Hopefully, when the management team at alleged news radio 1090 finally wakes up and writes their new years resolutions, they'll include one that stops the screamer from running out the door every morning to where the tv station was the day before, to voice these silly "man-on-the-street" live reports that regurgitate the sound bites lifted from the day-old tv packages that repeat the news from the day before. This morning, this dude allegedly drove to Fallston, to park outside an empty fire hall to puke up day-old news involving sex charges against a couple of fire department volunteers. The day before, he drove to the Ravens training camp; again, lights out, no one home, but with day-old audio, this station is convinced he can make it sound as fresh as a football player in the first quarter. What's the point? Where's the creative, enterprising talent to break an exclusive? Why are they doing this??? It flies completely in the face of the basic "immediacy" factor that only radio can sustain, despite all the "breaking news" banners you see on television news now. Newspapers are yesterday; television news is last night; but radio is supposed to be NOW! The station is old and tired, and with this nonsense, is genuinely "day-old." (12/12/17)

RE: 1630AM... Reminds me of this station that I used to pick up in Reston that had “This is KFA942 transmitting on 1640 kilohertz”. Quite arguably better than most DC radio nowadays. (12/12/17)

As of midnight Dec. 12, 2017, today, WGBG AM 1590 Ocean City Maryland is no more as a matter of law. The radio station has been officially silent for a year now and not been on the air for most of an entire year, and never filed any notification to return to the air, making the FCC license expired. It might not mean much to most people here, but WETT 1590 or 16 AM was the Top 40 station way back at the beach when I was a kid. The signal back then was the strongest on the beach from Fenwick Island to Ocean City playing Top 40 hit music. It hasn’t had that signal in over a decade of failed owners. But, today is the deadline and the new owners, Bay Country 97.9, have decided to let it die rather than spend any money to put it back on the air. They sold away the FM translators, 2 of them and have no interest in operating this station. See the license expiration here at the FCC. FCC Lisa Scanlan, you signed this letter. Is your signature worth anything to take action on your word or is it worth nothing? fcc.gov (12/12/17)

"Where are the women's tights advocates?" They're all around you my friend. "Concerning the station that will be in French for Haitian-Americans in Miami on 1360. That doesn't show the decline in value of AM radio; it shows that the creation of more choices" I initially thought the same thing but the poster was saying the owners sold it for much less than they paid for it, which IF TRUE is a pretty sure sign of decline in value. Gus in the Gaithersburg (12/12/17)

Salem’s WKAT 1360 is an anomaly and worthless for a lot of reasons. #1, it’s transmitter is in the Atlantic Ocean! It’s not even on the mainland and all of the signal goes to the Bahamas! Most people in the western parts of Miami-Dade County probably cannot even get it well if at all. Salem probably considered that a mistake purchase from day one. Like with AM 1260, Salem has realized is really not as useful as first thought and has no future, no available land, reduced facilities and ground system. With AM 570, Salem has lots of land to do things like the WMAL diplex and maybe more. And if the AM radio values tank, the land will still ultimately rise in value regardless, so less chance of losing money. I’m pretty sure Salem doesn’t own the AM 1260 land and probably not the WKAT 1360 land (12/12/17)

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\/ December 11 Messages \/

On the shore, WBOC TV CBS 16 had a major programming/master control error yesterday. According to Comcast, they had a 1pm CBS football game and sure enough, they went to the CBS feed at 1pm and found colored stripes and no game. So it took them a minute to switch away from the CBS NY test pattern feed to a Technical Difficulties screen, which lasted almost 5 minutes. Apparently, they had no programming at the ready or commercials to run with and were caught completely off guard. CBS had them scheduled for the 4pm Redskins game, which they did later show. Just one of those funny things that still sometimes happens on TV. -- BaltoMedia.net (12/11/17)

Few AM listeners venture above 1500 in this town, but 1630 on the west side of the river is the "parking info station" for NoVa community college in Annandale. All day Monday, all it was airing was a male voice on a loop saying "This is a test". Nothing else. Seeing how this is Finals Week however, I suppose it is fitting. (12/11/17)

While on the topic of things your listeners need to know, and this isn't just WBA,L.how is it that politicians, entertainers, and others are under assault and losing jobs over ALLEGATIONS of sexual harassment, yet NFL players as well as college athletes, that have factual evidence of domestic abuse against them get to keep on playing ? Alleged by someone that you grabbed her a$$ and lose your job. Beat the crap out of her, and that's okay. Where are the women's tights advocates? Where's the media ? Of course all of the major networks have contracts with the NFL and NCAA and are making big bucks off of those contracts, so don't make any waves against either of them, right? As Dave used to say...ponderous. (12/11/17)

Concerning the station that will be in French for Haitian-Americans in Miami on 1360. That doesn't show the decline in value of AM radio; it shows that the creation of more choices, like XM, FM, FM-HD, Pandora, etc has opened up more opportunities for smaller niche broadcasting on the very reliable, inexpensive, and universally available AM band. I'd say that the people around NYC and Washington with more Spanish stations, and the people in Miami who now have two or three French/Haitian stations, and the African, Arabic, Hindi stations in London, in some ways have it better than the English speaking majority. They have many quite varied choices that they never had before; and they are all different, unlike our very dull English-language music and talk stations. NYC and LA may be the only exceptions to that generality, but with 15 million people and over 60 stations in each area, we should expect that. The only decline on AM is for the English-speaking majority. And it is not helped by having crappy transmitting equipment and crappy receivers. Over the last 30 years, my AM radio in various cars has gotten worse-sounding in each one. And yet, I have heard AM in England on a portable radio sound better than FM in the US, because it's a good quality, but still cheap, AM, and very high quality AM in the UK. Okay, I'll sit down now. -- Carl in Olney (12/11/17)

Salem sells their Miami Station, WKAT 1360 AM for $3.5 Million. They paid $10 Million for it. The Buyer will put Haitian Programming on it. This shows how the value of AM Stations has dropped in the last few years. (12/11/17)

What a breath of fresh air, as Stacy Lyn joins the morning news on alleged news radio 1090. I hope they keep her on mornings. (12/11/17)

MEMO TO ALLEGED NEWS RADIO 1090: Here are three things your listeners need to know: (1) What caused the FBI agent to lose control and crash his vehicle on I-270? It is very rare for the Superintendent of the Maryland State Police to show up in uniform on a weekend to address reporters after authorities quickly stated alcohol was not a factor. That, in and of itself, makes me very suspect. (2) Why the FBI has not responded to Baltimore's request to investigate the murder of the city detective. (3) How did Baltimore suddenly become safe enough for field trips, after Carroll County decided to resume them just days after the county sheriff deemed the trips to be unsafe? Maybe the station could dump all the phony "man on the street" stories with that annoying screamer who pukes up day-old tv news and focus more on advancing stories that really matter. (12/11/17)

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\/ December 10 Messages \/

Charles Rich Obituary - On Friday, December 8, 2017, CHARLES "Chuck" RICH of Silver Spring, MD, died, suddenly, at age 65. He was the devoted husband of Rita Tarnofsky Rich; beloved brother of Julian (Meryl) and Steven (Patricia) Rich and step-sisters Joan George and Laura Gitlin; loving uncle of Nathan (Miriam), Howard, Jacob, Benjamin, Elizabeth and Joanna, great-uncle of Eve and Rebecca; dear brother-in-law of Louise and Andrew Zeger and Monica and Douglas Walton; and dear friend of Bryan. He was preceded in death by his father Nathan Rich and his mother Eva Rich Blumberg. Graveside funeral services will be held on Monday, December 11, 2017, noon, at King David Memorial Garden, Falls Church, VA. Shiva will be announced. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Canine Companions For Independence or to the American Humane Society. Chuck was a long time broadcaster in Washington, DC, working for WTOP TV (WUSA), WTOP Radio, AP Radio and for well over 25 years, Westwood One Radio Networks. He spent many years with Voice of America. He also was a contributing editor for Washingtonian Magazine and was frequently seen at the movies with his wife and service dogs. Arrangements entrusted to TORCHINSKY HEBREW FUNERAL HOME, 202-541-1001. Published in The Washington Post on Dec. 10, 2017 (12/10/17)

Shore News: WMDT 47 ABC has added a new sub-channel, the ION Network on 47.4 in 480i standard definition. It's unclear yet if Comcast or Mediacom will pick up WMDT's channel or still offer DC's ION station. The FCC has no Must-Carry rule on sub-channels, so probably not just yet, but WMDT 47 ABC is advertising the channel. Comcast still doesn’t carry Azteca, Bounce, Laff, Heroes & Icons, or Grit via WMDT’s other station, WGDV, channel 32. -- BaltoMedia.net (12/10/17)

Some of the people who like to post things on DCRTV should go back to reading comic books. To say, I don't own any stock; therefore, I don't care about the stock market. I don't own any stock in these large broadcasting companies, I don't care what happens to them. I only care about myself. This is not a smart person. (12/10/17)

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\/ December 9 Messages \/

NPR’s Tom Ashbrook based at Boston’s WBUR and heard locally on WAMU has joined the ranks of the recently departed from public radio (according to The Washington Post: “Michael Oreskes, NPR’s editorial director and senior vice president of news, resigned in early November after being accused of sexual harassment by several female staffers. Another top editor, David Sweeney, left later that month as a result of sexual-misconduct allegations against him. And legendary “A Prairie Home Companion” host Garrison Keillor was ousted after what Minnesota Public Radio characterized as accusations of “inappropriate behavior.”) Ashbrook has been indefinitely suspended from NPR for “unspecified” reasons but we can assume it’s not for stealing tote bags: www.washingtonpost.com (12/9/17)

Cumulus, iHeart, and now Spanish declining stock prices. Any possibility that 'Stock Guy" is some old-timer that still hasn't gotten over the demise of the Dumont Network and the Mutual Broadcasting System? GEEZ, please give it a rest. Maybe next year you can turn your focus to retail corporations, as the current holiday season results may put several of those entities near bankruptcy, and you can go and annoy readers on a Retail Business Website/Forum.. (12/9/17)

Well, the hype regarding the anticipated snow went overboard, as usual. Channel 4 brought in veteran Chuck Bell to report with one of the new meteorologists, Somara, to report on this snow event. So, did management think Somara couldn't handle this "snowstorm" on her own?. The snow wasn't that big of a deal. If I was Somara, I'd be offended. And if I were Chuck Bell, I'd be annoyed that I was called in on my day off to report on an non-event. (12/9/17)

December 14, 2017 is a very important day for Baltimore's Sinclair Broadcast Group. It could make or break their planned purchase of Tribune's TV stations nationwide. To be determined at this public hearing is the reinstatement of the "UHF Discount." That allows counting UHF stations as 1/2 towards the 39% maximum of the country's markets that you can own TV stations, effectively making it 78%, which is about near where SBG would be after buying Tribune. Without this FCC change, no merger is possible. With it, it's likely that it will be approved. Here's the protest location. :-) -- BaltoMedia.net (12/9/17)

Trashy rightwing Sinclair tasked a WJLA intern with combing through Montgomery County crime records for a story with a Hispanic-sounding perp. The fruits of their efforts, a story (unbylined) on a two-months old peeping tom case that reads like something a high school kid might write. wjla.com (12/9/17)

"...six inches (or the size of an average Northern Virginia man’s penis)." Only if we fold it in half. (12/9/17)

Cumulus owes Nielsen $6.6 Million. Nielsen is an "Unsecured Creditor," which means they will probably never get paid. They agreed to continue to give Cumulus credit Why would they do that? My guess is that Nielsen is carrying Cumulus as a "accounts receivable" on their books and Nielsen does not want to show them as a "loss" on their books for 2017. (12/9/17)

Spanish Broadcasting System stock drops to $0.13 per share. They are on the verge of Bankruptcy. I sure would not want to invest in any of these Broadcasting Stocks. The Stock Market is at an all time high but none of these Broadcasting Stocks are doing well. A previous poster asked why Wall Street does not like these stocks? Perhaps, it is because none of them are making any money! With Massive Debt Service for these stocks, they just can't show any future. (12/9/17)

There are two public companies--Salem and Saga--that just declared dividends for their shareholders. What is the story with these companies when most of the other broadcasting stocks are losing money? Both have good management and are frugal with their spending. Neither company has massive debt to service. A lesson for all of us? (12/9/17)

DCRTV print, radio & tv media market is in full “Storm Center” mode as was the local Safeway (bread, beer, tp, milk, more beer) and it’s coming down to a matter of inches. The Washington Post’s “Capital Weather Gang” added fuel to the fire by hiking the anticipated DC & Northern Virginia snowfall: “9:45 p.m. update: We’re increasing our totals somewhat, given the potential for a period of heavier snow during the day on Saturday. This update is basically adding one inch on top of our earlier high-side expectations (three inches) area wide. Our confidence in the forecast has also increased overall (to four inches which is average for Chinatown).” WTOP (that partners with NBC Storm 4) doubled down by asking “1st Snow of the Season: How Much?” and then predicting eight inches (8 inches is average for Anacostia). And WRC’s “Storm Team 4” is splitting the difference predicting six inches (or the size of an average Northern Virginia man’s penis): www.nbcwashington.com (12/9/17)

DC broadcast veteran Chuck Rich passed away suddenly Friday afternoon. No further details right now. Chuck reported entertainment news for years for Westwood One Radio, on its America in the Morning, America this Week, and First Light programs. He was also a writer and producer for WTOP Radio and then co-owned TV-9, and wrote humorous articles for Washingtonian Magazine. His wife, Rita, also worked many years for Westwood One. I'm sure others will add more details later. (12/9/17)

Consultant Gary Berkowitz' most recent newsletter has some optimism to it. In his "10 Programming Predictions for the Next 25 Years", he notes that Big Groups will break up and sell to local owners, stations will drop Neilsen as they realize results matter more than ratings, radio will likely return to 24/7 operation as local ownership recognizes its importance, and his best prediction of all is that good radio talent will be in demand again as stations become competitive and not just one big numb family under one stifling roof. For as long as its up, you can read it at garyberk.com/newsletter... I'll be in my 80s by then, but BRING IT ON!!!! (12/9/17)

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\/ December 8 Messages \/

WJFK’s Sports Junkies “Holiday” (what, not Christmas?) Drinking Show lived up to expectations with drinking, music, drinking, guests drinking, EB & Cakes drunk, JP (Hey JP!) & Lurch drinking but sober, “Bruce the Hugger” hugging, and BAC tests hourly between 6:00AM and the end of the show. Cakes was the drunkest... DC Police Sargant and “WRAP” Director Terry Thorne administered the BAC tests... Lurch broke the news that DC Police Chief would not be able to attend because he was handling “a nut” involved in a shooting at Walter Reed instead of administering the BAC to the drinking Junkies. (12/8/17)

When will iHeart file for bankruptcy? I feel sorry for the present stockholders. Their stock value will be worthless. The equity in the company will go to their Lenders and Creditors. The Cumulus stock will also be worthless. (12/8/17)

Dave: Will someone please whisper over to Snyder to sell 980. When I was out last night in Baltimore, someone made a great point that whenever a station re-cycles their talent and staff three times over, it's really no better than a college station. Well, I didn't know their P-D worked there many times but it shows on air. I don't care how socially awkward Bram is, because he can't socialize with callers doesn't mean we always have to hear his producer as a co-host on air. Producers produce I was told! And again, I'm tired of hearing Doc eat food on the air. It's bad enough he adds nothing to the game broadcasts and just yells out dribble and grunts while Cooley and Larry cut off each other. Let's just acknowledge 106.7 as the only sportsalk station in the market and move on. (11/8/17)

It’s not a matter of clairvoyance. Simply that WDCO hasn’t been approved for channel 24 as of yet, so as it stands, all three stations are slated for channel 30 with construction permits. WMDO and WIAV however definitely do have a sharing agreement for channel 30 now. I guess they are assuming that WDCO gets channel 24. Assuming that happens, WDCO on 24 would have room for some of the MHz networks. (12/8/17)

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\/ December 7 Messages \/

"Religious WIAV 58 and Unimas WMDO 47 are both going to share with religious WDCO 10" Unless you are clairvoyant, this is wrong. WDCO wants channel 24 from (ironically) the WNVC tower in Merrifield, but WIAV wants channel 30 from their current location on the WRC-TV tower in Northwest. They have not filed plans to share with each other -- and would have little reason to because they broadcast the same programming. You're right that there is no obvious place for WNVC/WNVT to go. Although another mailbagger a few weeks back claimed to work for one of the 11 non-MHz subchannels and that MHz has some form of an agreement to keep 4 subchannels over-the-air. CPBC itself has also mentioned preparations for a channel-share with WCVE in Richmond, although I have a hard time imagining that is anything other than a last resort. (12/7/17)

Now that Comcast/NBC has purchased ZGS Communications, WZDC now has a sharing agreement to move to WRC 4 on channel 34 which is just a formality since WRC TV already announced it would have Telemundo soon. But some other DC repack channel sharing changes. Religious WIAV 58 and Unimas WMDO 47 are both going to share with religious WDCO 10, which is supposed to move to channel 30 out in the mountains, but now wants channel 24 around DC. This further compacting will make it even more difficult for MHz Networks to find any channel space left if they haven’t already. There’s few if any stations left protected in the repack to guarantee a place to stay on the air for them. I’m not exactly sure of the restrictions on stations giving up channels. Can you take the government money and then file for an LPTV on an available channel that is the one you just gave up for cash? (12/7/17)

WZBA/ The Bay is a completely different station...Some good, some, not so. I miss Colleen & I guess that I'll learn to embrace Joanna. Some times she seems a bit too jacked up. I like Stash, but not 1st. thing in the morning. .....Not a good idea. Chris Emry should've stayed there. Huber = average, not as lame as Craig Chambers. It seems like they are playing the same 50 songs again & again. (12/7/17)

With sexual harassment all over the news these days -- much of it affecting some pretty visible people -- it seems like a good time to pull this one out of mothballs: a $1M+ lawsuit against Twin Star / Birach Broadcasting about ten years ago. www.casemine.com... The margins make it a bit difficult to read, but its pretty compelling, especially when you get down to "Section E. Count XIII: Assault". It makes you wonder how things would have turned out if this case were presented today. (12/7/17)

WJFK’s Sports Junkies will hold their annual Christmas (Drinking) Show on Friday, December 8th from 6:00AM to 10:00AM before their holiday hiatus: the usual suspects are expected, among them BDK (via Skype), Bruce The Hugger, a law enforcement officer (this year DC Police Chief Peter Newsham) will conduct BAC tests on the drinking boys, and after much debate among themselves, they will exchange & unveil gifts on air. Junkies fans know the routine, but all four have declared less interest in getting blotto than in years past as they approach age 50 & 20 years on air: worth tuning in just the same (has to be better than listening to that dreadful Amy Walter yammer while Vince winces). (12/7/17)

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Is there anyway we can get Joe Robinson to replace that awful Scott on the JSS 98Rock morning show...? Listening to that Scott is awful...he is dull and whines alot about everything, whats worse is Scott is so dumb; he has no knowledge! about news-current events, pop culture or sports. He is so obnoxiously dumb and dull it makes my hair hurt!! Meanwhile Joe Robinson is witty, talkative, seems to enjoy being on the 98Rock morning show and can on a conversation about news-currents, pop culture, movies and sports with others. (12/6/17)

Sinclair files to sell WNUV CW 54 from the Smith family mother's trust to another relative/friend, Michael Anderson. This is technically Baltimore's only black owned station, in name only, since Mr. Cunningham has long since been dead and never controlled the station in the first place. From him, ownership went to Carolyn Smith, widow of the founder of WBFF TV, and then to her trust after her death. Now WNUV is owned by Michael Anderson. From a legal perspective, this makes WNUV not owned by Sinclair Broadcasting Group, but, well at least as far as the FCC is concerned. Wink wink. :-) —BaltoMedia.net... fcc.gov (12/6/17)

"Spotify isnt owned by Google" -- A retraction and correction is in order. My message started out as a copy-and-paste, and the Google link was erroneously included from an older message. In fact, in my subsequent research, I noticed there was an April Fool's prank announcing the "acquisition" of Spotify by Google, so the story is almost too good to be true. As they say in the newspaper trade, "The Daily Call Regrets the Error". (12/6/17)

Former Channel 4 news gent Craig Melvin is apparently short-listed (at least by the Daily Mail) to be Matt Lauer's replacement. www.dailymail.co.uk. Lindsay must be qvelling (as my bubba used to say). -- Carl in Olney (12/6/17)

iHeart equity will go to their Lenders/Creditors when they file for bankruptcy. What will their current stockholders receive? Their stock is trading now at $0.70 per share. (12/6/17)

Lew Dickey, there is no reason to come home now. When Cumulus went into bankruptcy, all of the equity in the company went to the lenders. Your stock is now worthless. (12/6/17)

RE: “Still droning on about the WMAL 630 site move. Adding WMAL’s transmitter and phaser to those for 570 couldn’t have improved the 570 signal. If everything is adjusted 1000% correctly it might not harm it, but improve it? No. I assume Salem is charging WMAL a monthly rate commensurate with the imposition. (12/6/17) Dave's response: I asked WMAL honcho Bill Hess if they've moved 630 to the new Germantown transmitter site and he writes: "Don't have a firm date yet. Will let you know when we do. Occasional testing now".....Hey Dave did you ask Bill Hess when he’s taking you to lunch again? Just wondering……you did help promote the Fisher House radiothon! Signed: Silvie from Waldorf (12/6/17)

"Metro Center is papered over on both levels with advertising for Spotify, the music service owned by Google." Spotify isn't owned by Google. (12/6/17)

Still droning on about the WMAL 630 site move. Adding WMAL’s transmitter and phaser to those for 570 couldn’t have improved the 570 signal. If everything is adjusted 1000% correctly it might not harm it, but improve it? No. I assume Salem is charging WMAL a monthly rate commensurate with the imposition. (12/6/17)

Dave's response: I asked WMAL honcho Bill Hess if they've moved 630 to the new Germantown transmitter site and he writes: "Don't have a firm date yet. Will let you know when we do. Occasional testing now".....

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\/ December 5 Messages \/

Metro Center is papered over on both levels with advertising for Spotify, the music service owned by Google. Come ON, local radio -- where is your rebuttal?? Why are you rolling over?? (12/5/17)

As of Tuesday evening, WMAL 630 has their signal back in Bethesda, and they took their second harmonic back with them too. The permanent move is obviously still a work in progress. Hey guys, take heart. At least somebody is listening! (12/5/17)

As far as WMAL AM 630, no License to cover has been filed but yes, it’s true, all manner of testing could be happening in Germantown. They could even been testing higher powers like 5000 watts at night to see if it’s possible from that site, or different patterns with less nulls than applied for. They could even file for minor changes during this process or just go with the current plan. Lots of things are possible. There are however some limits with what they can do given the AM 570 array & towers being specifically aligned for that station. The only thing that is certain is that the signal will be worse and worse in lots of places. But I don’t think they care. (12/5/17)

"How can one tell if an aircheck is fake or not ??" It hasn't mattered for decades, and in fact has never mattered. Michael Savage got his show off of a pretend radio show tape. Peter Rosenberg is in a major market. If you're really worried about the aircheck you put on your big boy pants and PICK UP THE PHONE. Jeez Louise. The song remains the same, the guy is too old, too expensive or a molester. Gus in the Gaithersburg (12/5/17)

Still on the topic of the WMAL 630 transmitter site migration: I guess the 1260 harmonic might be a good clue to whether you’re right beside the transmitting tower or not, but remember the harmonic might be occurring only in your receiver due to some signal overload. Not necessarily illegal or improper. I find it hard to believe the station would stay on an unlicensed transmitter site in open-ended fashion, but the kids today try to pull all sorts of hijinx. Martin A. Leese speaking. (12/5/17)

Speaking of harmonics, if you’re driving northeast on I-95 through Baltimore, you will pick up WBMD AM 750 on WFED AM 1500 along a mile stretch of I-95 overpass near the WJZ 105.7 FM Moravia Road tower. I know because I used to listen to AM 1500 WTOP back then around Baltimore since the signal was so good and I was like, “Hmm, religious programming today?” LOL The old WBMD tower on that site that housed WKTK, both Rock and Disco 105, was torn down for a much larger tower, reducing WBMD from 1000 watts to 730 watts ever since. Hard to say if the new HipHop Fish & Chicken is on top their ground wires. That wasn’t there back then. :-) (12/5/17)

This is for Carl in Olney. How can one tell if an aircheck is fake or not ?? A few years ago I knew a guy who bought from Ebay the jingle package for LA's K-Earth 101. Using his own equipment he made aircheck using his voice it was so good that it sounded like he really was on K-Earth 101 in Los Angeles but he was in a small apartment in Frederick, Maryland and never been to California. Sound local ?? One could easily get that from the internet such as the cities around LA, the names of the local malls and stores, and what restaurants are in Los Angeles You could even download local LA commercials too. I guess it is tough to tell if the aircheck is fake or the real deal. (12/5/17)

"Not good news at a time when public broadcasters are struggling... " Uh, public broadcasters are NEVER struggling. Pledge drives = "We're going to make our programming worse so you will give us money." In this holiday season, do not donate. In other news I can still get WMAL on my crystal sets, including the razor blade. Gus in the Gaithersburg (12/5/17)

To the person asking about my observations on WMAL. 630 always had a strong second harmonic on 1260 as you would pass right by the Bethesda site near the 270/495 interchange. That harmonic is gone now which makes me think the old site has been turned off. The second harmonic is now evident in Germantown, but so far down in the mud that you won't hear it unless you are within a few thousand feet of the new site. So it seems they have moved 630 up to Germantown now. Cumulus may be doing measurements, but I suspect it is up there for good, and only awaiting a license to cover. (12/5/17)

About the channel 14 on Delmarva, somebody can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think the FCC has been deleting any TV licenses during the repack because at the end of the repack, all those that are not protected or still analog will automatically be deleted as a matter of law. Since W14DK in Dagsboro is not a Class A TV station, it is not protected and will automatically be deleted in the next couple years. As such, channel 14 is still open for applications during certain windows during the repack process. Same with DC’s WWTD 49, also on channel 14. Beginning in 2018, there will be a filing window for unprotected LPTVs to file for available frequencies. I’m sure valid licenses will take precedence. WRDE NBC Coast TV at the beaches just recently filed for and received channel 19, also an expired license for not being on the air for a long time if ever. Because WETA left the channel 14 allocation, it is technically available for a full power TV station. I just don’t know when such a filing window for that if ever will happen in the repack. Someone will land there, either DC/Baltimore or Delmarva or possibly both if an LPTV. However, it probably won’t be the people that own W14DK-D as I don’t think they have the money. Channel 14, being the lowest UHF frequency, is technically the best UHF channel to be on as far as TV propagation with one caveat. The enormous cost of filtering out the signal from interfering with anything below channel 14 (which is not channel 13 as some probably think). As WETA stated in their FCC redress complaint, the filter required for channel 14 in DC is the size of an 18 wheeler, something that simply would not fit on the WJLA/WUSA 9 tower property. But it must have worked from the WRC tower site for WFDC when they were on channel 14. WETA’s grievance was more about cost and logistics, not meaning that channel 14 couldn’t be used. (12/5/17)

The WMAL 630 AM signal is much weaker now that they are broadcasting from Germantown. Their signal is terrible at night. You cannot get them at all in Northern Virginia at night. Most of their audience is on WMAL-FM now. (12/5/17)

We hear rumors that Entercom is going to put their Alternative Rock Format in DC. It will be on either 99.1, where they have the station leased to Bloomburg or on 107.9 where they have Spanish. (12/5/17)

To the poster who's tracking WMAL's move to the new tower site: What's the suppression like on that 1260 harmonic? No sense in measuring it now, but to your ear, is it far down enough to be innocuous; and more to the point, legal? (12/5/17)

WMAL-AM now operating from Germantown? I’m pretty sure the license for that hasn’t yet been granted, so all manner of oddball testing could be encountered these days. (12/5/17)

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As of Monday morning, it seems that WMAL 630 has begun using the Germantown transmitter site. The signal is noticeably weaker while passing the old Bethesda site at the 270 interchange, also no second harmonic on 1260 from there either. The signal is strong in Germantown, and the second harmonic is there as you drive by the new site on Germantown Road. The 630 signal is still noticeably weaker than usual, so perhaps they are operating at reduced power. (12/4/17)

"Sputnik secures 2 spots on radio dial" ---The Washington Post did an interesting story today on 105.5 FM and 1390 AM. John Garziglia, part owner of the Reston Translator LLC, told the Washington Post that his deal with Sputnik wasn't related to politics, but was a "business arrangement." Garziglia said he was told to register as a foreign agent . You can read the story yourself. (12/4/17)

WTOP has been "messy" on the air in recent weeks. I cannot imagine the problem but someone should get the iron out and smooth the production. (12/4/17)

Dave's response: WMAL was kinda messy this morning. There's a lot of that going around.....

There is a station licensed on Channel 14 on Delmarva, W14DK, licensed to Dagsboro. On July 1, 2015, they filled for an STA due to a lightning strike. The station has never returned to the air. Based on the 365-day rule, they should have been deleted, since it's been off the air more than 2 years. I have actually visited the tower site (North of Seaford) and there is no antenna on the tower. I had a portable digital tv, and no signal was received. Why is this station not deleted? (12/4/17)

So it turns out the conductor of the Met Opera, James Levine, is an alleged pedophile. Public broadcasters WBJC in Baltimore and WSCL in Salisbury both carry the Met Opera on Saturdays- but for how long? I can easily imagine Toll Brothers will drop the Met like a hot potato if the allegations and the apparently decades long coverup turn out to be true. Not good news at a time when public broadcasters are struggling... (12/4/17)

"Is there some unwritten rule here that Mailbag posters need to be arrogant pricks?" Come on, there's no need for bad language! I will time travel back and fuck the bejesus out of a Baby Jesus in this holiday season. And the River Road tower has always been like that, there are no and never have been any mall cops guarding it. Gus in the Gaithersburg (12/4/17)

About WTOP and AP Hourly News: It's either that they accidentally (or purposely) put on the hourly news usually put on WFED-1500, or something big has happened. Arthur Godfrey would not be happy if they left CBS. -- Carl in Olney again (12/4/17)

To give a reasonable answer to the friend in Richmond: Does he have an aircheck of anything he ever did? Hearing what the guy sounds like on the radio is worth a lot; the aircheck (assuming it's not faked) also gives info about what station the friend worked at, and did he use a pseudonym on the radio (it could be that people mostly knew him by his air name. It could also be that he told people Richmond and it was really some nearby station like in Ashland or Doswell or even Petersburg, and the guy just said it less specifically to potential employers -- Carl in Olney (12/4/17)

Is there some unwritten rule here that Mailbag posters need to be arrogant pricks? The guy with the friend from Richmond radio asked a reasonable and legitimate question about a directory, and two of you replied like jerks. Even if the answer is obvious to broadcasters, it may not be to everyone. "Its called a resume, look it up"? "babyjesusfuck"? How about a little courtesy and civility, folks? We are woefully short on that these days (especially in this town) and we dont need more bitterness. Are you like that on the air too? (12/4/17)

Noticed this morning: WTOP top-of-the-hour news was AP Radio News, not CBS. Is that permanent? If so, is it Entercom related? Seems odd that the CBS affiliation weathered the direct competition from CBS's WNEW a few years ago, but now is gone. (12/4/17)

Since Salem now owns 570 AM and the real estate and towers in Germantown, they will receive a nice check every month from Cumulus for allowing WMAL to diplex. Salem has moved their conservative talk format, "The Answer over to 570 AM. (12/4/17)

Dave's response: WSPZ 1260 is now relaying the religious talk of WAVA-FM 105.1.....

I note with lack of interest that podcasting's Mike O'Meara has revived the world's least beloved podcast "Political Persuasions" which was shelved after the first two episodes proved unwanted because who wants to hear Mike O'Meara whine about politics and how the world isn't going his way. He's partnered with journalist Chris Frates, whom he claims was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Slight problem there: he was not nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. As Warner Wolf would say, Mike O'Meara is our Boo of the Week. Gus in the Gaithersburg (12/4/17)

When will WMAL 630 AM start diplexing with WWRC 570 AM in Germantown? Their coverage at night will be terrible. The Population Count will be very small from Germantown. (12/4/17)

The FCC has begun dismissing some FM translators from the last filing window. The 96.7 FM filed by Somar for La Plata, MD has been dismissed. I’m sure WCEI 96.7 Easton had something to do with that. Still no word yet on the Baltimore 103.1 FM that WRNR 103.1’s Steve Kingston is fighting. (12/4/17)

Saw the new WTTG Fox 5 signal contour from River Road, where they’re moving the transmitter from Wisconsin Ave. Since the towers are almost identical in HAAT, there’s almost no discernible difference in the signal. But it is a funny tower site as it looks like the Google Maps people literally drove right up to the tower unrestricted which is not an actual road, but clearly private property. What’s noticeable is the tower is still connected to what was once the WETA studios & offices, but is now an auto repair shop. Is that one of the WETA staffers cars left on the lot from the 1970s? (pic) I sure hope they tighten the security a bit when WTTG starts broadcasting from here. :-) (12/4/17)

iHeart is on the verge of bankruptcy. Their lenders want almost all of the equity in the company. iHeart could end up owning just 1% of the company. The present stockholders would end of with almost nothing. With Cumulus, their stockholders end up with nothing. (12/4/17)

"I have a question. Is their a book out that lists everyone on the radio from the past and present ??" Short answer, no. You might want to consider the possibility that there is a real or imagined event in your friend's past that keeps him unemployed in his new retirement location. I'm going to go out on a limb and state the babyjesusfuck obvious: he's either too old or too expensive or both, and has only worked in one market. Your friend knows they are lying, or he is lying. Maybe the fact that your friend has no name is a factor. Gus in the Gaithersburg (12/4/17)

Has your friend thought about providing contact information to the station he worked at? References? Etc.? It's called a "resume." Look it up. (12/4/17)

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The FCC has begun dismissing some FM translators from the last filing window. The 96.7 FM filed by Somar for La Plata, MD has been dismissed. I’m sure WCEI 96.7 Easton had something to do with that. Still no word yet on the Baltimore 103.1 FM that WRNR 103.1’s Steve Kingston is fighting. I have a question. Is their a book out that lists everyone on the radio from the past and present ?? The reason I ask is I have a friend who for years did radio in Richmond and Hampton Roads, He recently moved to Phoenix and was trying to apply for work there. Every station it is was the same. They looked up in the directory of radio jocks and his name wasn't there. Some even suggest he was lying about his past despite his airchecks and the 30 years he had spent in both markets. One program director there even went as far as saying he knew everyone that was on the radio in Virginia but he doesn't remember him. Someone mentioned years ago on here that AFTRA had a directory but does that include non-union stations ?? (12/3/17)

Former WBAL TV Traffic Reporter and sometimes anchor Sarah Caldwell is back on TV. This week, she did a story on Ravens Report, which airs on WBAL-TV, and the Ravens affiliate stations like WJLA ABC7, WMDT ABC47 and up in PA. — BaltoMedia.net (12/3/17)

I reported last week the 98.7 HD2 channel which played Classic Country had talk .Saturday night it was playing Classic Country again but with no song title or artist displayed which is one of the benefits of HD Radio.also I noticed WJLA news lately no longer has any graphics on bottom of screen no scrolling headlines or 3 day weather. (12/3/17)

I reported last week the 98.7 HD2 channel which played Classic Country had talk .Saturday night it was playing Classic Country again but with no song title or artist displayed which is one of the benefits of HD Radio.also I noticed WJLA news lately no longer has any graphics on bottom of screen no scrolling headlines or 3 day weather. (12/3/17)

Found this interesting. Richmond VA's Fox station has dumped the Lions@Ravens game last minute even though they were scheduled to broadcast it since Wednesday. This is curious because Fox 35 in Richmond is owned by Baltimore's Sinclair Broadcast Group, which has pre-season deals with the Baltimore Ravens. Hmm. I wonder if the Ravens know that they dropped the game. They might not like that so much. (12/3/17)

Does anyone know what the mysterious radio station WUPR-FM is that keeps showing up at the bottom of the Baltimore ratings? It’s not a typo for WYPR since that is already listed in the ratings. There is no such FM licensed station anywhere that I can see. It’s been in the ratings now off and on for like 6 months now so it’s hard to believe its an accidental typo for that long. There is also no international station with those call letters that could possibly be received. (12/3/17)

WMAL favorite Silvie from Waldorf called into their “Radiothon for Fisher House” to pledge $500 as well match all donations from “The Wives of WMAL” and Chris Plante pledged to mow the lawn of anyone who donated a million dollars (he said they would probably have a very big lawn): total haul as of 7:00PM was $450,000.00. Since DCRTV’s Dave Hughes is flush with cash these days (he’s eating at BGR Burgers these days not McDonalds or Burger King) he’s pledged to match each donation made by DCRTV fans so be sure to check the box that says “My donation is on behalf of an organization.” and put in “DCRTV” so Bill Hess will know (Hess is visible in videos taken at today’s radiothon – he’s the bearded guy in the blue blazer www.wmal.com ). So if you love WMAL and families of our military or you hate WMAL and our military because you are a nutcase liberal but just want to do something decent for once please donate (who knows, maybe Chris Plante will mow your lawn): web.charityengine.net (12/3/17)

Legendary NBC Producer Bob Asman passed away. I don't have much more info but he was loved and revered. He is the father of Fox Business/Fox News anchor David Asman. (12/3/17)

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RE: “Unless Bill Hess and Chris Plante "clarify" Plante's remarks that Obama "squandered". Plante's word, his Nobel Peace Prize money (about half of if went to Fisher House), I will stay away from anything to do with Fisher House”..... According to Reuters: “ WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama on Thursday named 10 charities to share his $1.4 million Nobel Peace Prize, with causes ranging from wounded veterans to Haiti’s earthquake survivors and education for minorities. “These organizations do extraordinary work in the United States and abroad helping students and veterans and countless others in need” The White House said $250,000, the largest single amount, will go to Fisher House, which houses families of wounded veterans while they receive treatment. This was followed by a $200,000 donation to the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund, set up by former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush at Obama’s request to help survivors of Haiti’s January earthquake (how’s that going?). Following is a breakdown of Obama’s donations: - $250,000 to Fisher House, a national nonprofit organization providing accommodation for families of patients receiving medical care at military and Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers. - $200,000 to the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund, which was set up in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake to help survivors. - $125,000 to College Summit, a national nonprofit organization to increase college enrollment rates. - $125,000 to the Posse Foundation, which awards scholarships to promising public high school students. - $125,000 to the United Negro College Fund. - $125,000 to the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. _ $125,000 to the American Indian College Fund. - $125,000 to the Appalachian Leadership and Education Foundation. - $100,000 to AfriCare, which promotes health, food security and access to water primarily in Africa. - $100,000 to the Central Asia Institute, which education and literacy, especially for girls, in remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. More from Reuters: www.reuters.com (12/2/17)

I was thinking about the repack and WETA’s channel change from channel 14 to 31. It does impact some more TV stations than listed in the channel change filings. For instance, channel 14 is now available for Delmarva, Baltimore, & DC markets with some adjacent channel Land Mobile restrictions, mainly around DC/Baltimore. And WRDE NBC Coast TV channel 31 doesn’t have to deal with interference from the previously proposed WMPT 31 Annapolis anymore and WETA’s transmitter is considerably further away on channel 31. They might just be able to reapply for channel 31 in the next filing window next year with a slightly different contour. They’ll still need channel 19 for Salisbury, but channel 14 might just be more free and clear now since you have to go to central PA or Norfolk for an LPTV channel 14 and no full power channel 14 in the region really, not even in Philly or Richmond or even NYC. The current WWTD LPTV RF channel 14 in DC is not protected in the repack since they were already displaced by WETA before the tower site issues. (12/2/17)

Unless Bill Hess and Chris Plante "clarify" Plante's remarks that Obama "squandered". Plante's word, his Nobel Peace Prize money (about half of if went to Fisher House), I will stay away from anything to do with Fisher House (12/2/17)

WMAL’s “Radiothon” for Fisher House concludes Saturday afternoon from 4:00PM to 6:00PM with Vince, The Virgin Mary, Chris Plante and Bill Hess at the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City. Great opportunity for DCRTV’s WMAL fans or haters to come meet that station’s superstars. Rumor has it that DCRTVDJDAVE will be MC for the event: www.wmal.com (12/2/17)

"The Door is Locked ... My Pants Are Down ... C'Mere You #%!$! ... Let's Go to Town ... Sim-ply Ha-ving a Matt La-uer Christ-mas-time ... Sim-ply Ha-ving a Matt La-uer Christ-mas-time" (Betcha WASH-FM won't be playing THAT one!) (12/2/17)

Except for vacations, this is the first weekend in a dozen years I haven’t been on the air at WASH-FM. My (voluntary!) retirement comes more than 43 years after I first cracked the mic locally (longer if you count hosting a public affairs show in high school). That’s meant working in DC and Baltimore for 11 stations and the US government - most notably WASH (twice), WCBM, W-Lite, WTOP and the Voice of America. I’ve enjoyed adapting with the industry - from cuing up 45s to posting on social media. And it’s been gratifying to sustain an on-air career despite remaining somewhat under the radar. Thank you to listeners, colleagues, AFTRA and the employers who gave me a chance to be a jock, production person, programmer and journalist…mostly in my home town. Cheers, Dave Arlington (12/2/17)

Regarding "Commie radio expands in DC market..." We now for certain that General Misha Flynn discussed Russian sanctions with a lady Larry O'Connor used to lick the bootstraps of when she was a frequent and enthusiastically welcomed guest on his show at WMAL (run by Bill Hess under the direction of the Russian Oligarchs). Did Ms McFarland do the right and patriotic, towards America - not Russia, thing? Will Bill Hess come clean and admit the lady was welcomed with open arms at his station? Or will he continue to protect and cover up for his Russian overlords? Perhaps since flipping seems to be the in-thing these days, Mr. Hess will flip the format of Mix-107.3FM to "Mixed with Russian Music107.3FM". Time will tell. (12/2/17)

have the staples been removed from his head? will his head interfere with the xmitter? Will chili’s crowns in her mouth be magnetically drawn to toby’s staple-head? Chili believes in all that homeopathic healing shit. will toby’s head fuck with her chakra? (12/2/17)

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Yes, Cumulus is in a sad state and the stockholders will take it up the wazoo. Of course, Citadel had been in similar straights very quickly after taking over the ABC O& O's in 2007, but then a miracle happened. Citadel preferred stock (owned by Farid Suleman and friends) suddenly became very valuable long enough for Cumulus to make those people rich. The staff in all the stations, however, continued to be ground into hamburger by thankless conditions. Yay, capitalism. Maybe not. -Mailbag Contributor 49(c)(2) (12/1/17)

Seeing the description "1390 AM...based in Capitol Heights, Md...." does not compute in my old brain. To me, it will forever be on Crimmins Lane. The station that morphed from Redcoats to Reds. Will they bring back Russ Wheeler to spin the Wheeler Wheel of Fortune for a trip to Moscow? (12/1/17)

Commie radio expands in DC market from just FM to include AM: “A Russia-funded radio station broadcasting blocks from the White House found a second home on the dial in Washington after its partner, a Virginia-based radio company, registered with the Justice Department as a foreign agent. Sputnik, a project of the Russian government, began broadcasting around the clock from a K Street office in June on 105.5 FM, and hasn’t stopped. However, that frequency is merely a “translator” — a station that rebroadcasts another station’s programming — and Sputnik was in need of a permanent base. As a result, 1390 AM, a former Spanish-language station based in Capitol Heights, Md., began carrying Sputnik on Saturday. The deal was brokered as Sputnik struggled to find a home frequency amid criticism of its connection to Russia and questions about Russia’s meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.” Supposedly President Trump can hear the station in his teeth at The White House and Mueller is investigating: no word if Gus in the Gaithersburg is also hearing in his teeth. The Washington Post’s Justin William Moyer reports: www.washingtonpost.com (12/1/17)

"Will the next company to file for bankruptcy be ..." Now that I think of it, didn't Birach Broadcasting file for bankruptcy a few years ago? Or at least the *local* incarnation of BB; the one that daddy says is NOT a legit branch of the family biz? (read the nice bright red text on www.birach.com) (12/1/17)

I realize we no longer can point to the exalted status of a broadcast station that is "Owned & Operated" by one of the traditional networks, but it's with a sense of loss that bankruptcy has hit the former ABC O&Os here in town. I filled in doing news for Elliott & Woodside at Q-107 for a while in the 1980s, and wow, it was a totally different world than basic local radio where I had been until that time. Yes, the radio business has changed and I don't see much that could be considered "for the better." The filing by the owners of those stations is just the latest example of the decline. (12/1/17)

The Russians are spending a lot of money in DC for their propaganda on Arthur Liu's 1390 AM and John Garziglia's Translator 105.5. Sputnik is an interesting handle. (12/1/17)

Cumulus announced that they will turn over all of their equity to their Lenders. What does this mean for their current stockholders? It mean that they will get nothing. $0 It is a sad day for the people who invested in this company. (12/1/17)

Dave's response: What did Tom Taylor say this morning - Cumulus spent $5 billion to merge with bankrupt Citadel, which earlier acquired the ABC Radio properties, to build a company that's bankrupt and now worth just $2 billion.....

November radio ratings analysis from Tom Taylor Now: Washington DC can’t make up its mind between Hubbard’s news WTOP and American University’s news/talk WAMU – so it gives each one a 9.6 share. WTOP and its two regional simulcast FMs move 9.4-9.8-9.6, while not-for-profit WAMU is up 8.9-9.3-9.6. WAMU wins mornings and nights, while WTOP is a double-digit #2 in mornings (heavy traffic info for a clogged city), and #1 in PM drive. Ratings observer Chris Huff says “This is the second time WAMU and ’TOP have tied for first place, the other time being August 2016.” Third overall is Howard University’s urban AC WHUR, up 7.1-7.0-8.4. It’s #1 in middays, improving from fourth place, and also #1 on Saturday/Sunday. Fourth place is shared by iHeart’s classic rock WBIG-FM (5.6-4.9-4.7) and Cumulus talker WMAL-AM/FM (4.3-4.7-4.7). ’MAL is fourth in mornings and middays (the Rush Limbaugh daypart) – but just 20th on weekends. It’s living on strong P1s, because WMAL’s cume is only the seventeenth-largest. Nationals baseball is a “next-season” thing for Entercom’s sports “106.7 the Fan” WJFK (3.5-3.5-2.3). Redskins football carrier sports WTEM doesn’t subscribe to the book. D.C.’s leading station for average weekly cume is news WTOP at about 1.24 million. WAMU does its big share on the fifth-biggest cume, about 800,000..... Baltimore has Radio One’s urban AC “Magic” WWIN-FM #1 (or tied for #1) for the fourth month in a row, 7.8-7.8-8.7. It’s #1 in both drive times, and the Class A signal does that with the sixth-largest weekly cume. Second again is iHeart’s country WPOC (7.2-7.4-7.2, and #1 weekends). WPOC manages that with the #7 cume. It’s followed by Radio One’s urban WERQ (7.8-6.5-6.6), Entercom’s AC WLIF (6.4-7.2-6.4) and Hearst’s “98 Rock” WIYY (4.7-5.3-5.2). WERQ is a double-digit #1 at night, WLIF is #1 middays (per usual) and 98 Rock is third in mornings. “Largest share ever in PPM for WYPR,” says Chris Huff. Your Public Radio’s not-for-profit news/talk WYPR improves to a tie for tenth place (3.4-3.6-4.0). Its morning rank improves from eighth to fourth. Baltimore’s cume leader (by a mile) is AC WLIF (702,400). (12/1/17)

To the poster that acts like he has a 6th grade education. If you want to act like the big boys grow up. You don't have to use words like retard, moran. STUF! WTF! When you grow up maybe you can use adult language. (12/1/17)

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