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\/ July 23 Messages \/

Mark O'Brien wasn't responsible for the collapse at Mix. He presided over it. Jack Diamond's firing wasn't the reason why Mix collapsed. He was barely in the top 10 with adults the last few years of his tenure. Things really went downhill when Jimmy Alexander left. The reason why Mix collapsed is a combination of things: The installation of the juvenile/offensive Bert Show and development of a music format that leans further towards Rhythmic Top 40 than even Hot 99.5. It's easily fixable. It needs to recognize WRQX's former P1's and do a show that appeals to adults without the cheese and cliché of the Diamond Show. Hot AC is not dead as a format, but it does need to recognize its listeners are not as unhip and unplugged as some programmers think. Music radio needs to evolve and stop being so "age-ist". (7/23/14)

'Keep it in your pants. "Angie Goff looks amazing on NBC on the Early Today Show. She looks too good to be mulling around in different roles on NBC4. Eye candy is eye candy, that's exactly what she brings to the table. She should be on National TV on a daily basis"' Anything to get her off NBC4 since I never watch NBC Nightly News or MSNBC except for Al Sharpton versus the teleprompter show. (7/23/14)

Mark O'Brien's departure through the revolving door on Jennifer Street reflects the way the company is run. Bringing in "little dave" to do the dirty work. Oh I miss the good old days of how radio was run! (7/23/14)

Said it before and I'll say it again: when your argument devolves to pointing out misspellings in another person's Mailbag post, you're admitting that you've lost the debate and are about to wet your pants. (7/23/14)

Kevin McCarthy is the most annoying human! I simply can't watch him with all the jerky arm and leg movements. He looks like he's having seizures! Fox 5 is shoving him down viewers throats. Does he have naked pics of the GM's wife or something? How can they give him so much air time??? That Sara person who used to do radio is also horrible. Her voice is so nasal. The whole Good Day DC concept should be trashed. This is Washington, D.C. not some diddly squat small town! (7/23/14)

RE: Ravens 24x7 buying Baltimore Sports & Life… The first member comment on the story on Russell Street Report says, “Translation: Tony took out a loan to buy a dying website in an effort to save his own dying website.” I would post something, but the guy has banned me from his page. Apparently he doesn’t like gay people much I hear. Personally, I’d never heard of Baltimore Sports & Life and I hit Nestor’s site and and most of the other sites often. But anyway, knowing how Tony operates, this was not to keep or merge the 2 sites, but to eventually get rid of a competitor and it was probably a cheap buy. Funny how this dumb story got on DCRTV though. Nobody’s even HEARD of THIS WEBSITE even in BALTIMORE! LMAO. If not for a few friends at 105.7 The Fan, nobody would even know what Ravens 24x7 is! I wonder if Tony even has a press pass. Every month I’d look at his personal FB page and he was bragging about being in Cancun or Key West or something, even during the NFL season! LOL I get the impression a lot of OTHER people do his work for him. He was probably in Ocean City this week instead of training camp. Nestor is guilty of using people too, but at least the man knows how to sell sell sell himself & his site and can afford a radio station all these years. So you gotta give him credit. (7/23/14)

Incorrect. Apple bought Dre's BEATS to create and promote a proprietary headset+connector arrangement. For the upcoming generation of i-gear, you can only buy and use what the almighty Apple tells you that you can. If you want to continue using your common earbuds, you will need to buy an adapter ... from Apple of course ... for $29. If Apple really cared about decent audio quality and not expensive happy-buzzy-hipster pop junk, they should have made an offer to buy Audio-Technica or Koss. THOSE are quality headsets, fairly priced. Let's also not forget that audio quality is a result of the encoding and delivery method: even a 4:1 compression rate throws away 75% or more of the data necessary for accurate reproduction. Higher than that, and all bets are off, leaving the software codec to guess how its supposed to sound. FM signals may be digitized in-house for transit, crushed to death for loudness, and have to travel through miles of air pollution and airborne eagle shit to reach your receiver, but the effect on data is far less than what everyone's favorite music broker does to music files. (7/23/14)

To the person who thinks that Mp3 audio streaming or as a file is better quality than FM: The whole reason that albums made a niche comeback is that Mp3 audio is very compressed and thin. When a file is compressed, you lose parts of that file. CD audio, or a “.wav” is still compressed, but not nearly as much as an Mp3. FM automation software (most) plays .wav files and not Mp3’s. Also, FM stations use technology to expand the sound such as an “Optimod”, giving it a wide loud sound. If you don’t believe me than simply plug your smartphone or Ipod into the aux of a good quality home stereo and bounce between the music playing on your phone and a local FM radio station. The difference is very obvious. -Rich (7/23/14)

Just when I got used to the new weather guy Drew Tuma on FOX5, I see this morning that he's leaving for San Francisco.. (7/23/14)

Kevin McCarthy must count his blessings every day with being hired by FOX5. He seems to be on screen at least twice an hour "geeking" out (or as I see it, being annoying). But he's living his dream of doing movie reviews, interviewing celebrities, traveling all over the world and getting lots of face time on t.v. (7/23/14)

Keep it in your pants. "Angie Goff looks amazing on NBC on the Early Today Show. She looks too good to be mulling around in different roles on NBC4. Eye candy is eye candy, that's exactly what she brings to the table. She should be on National TV on a daily basis" (7/23/14)

If the audio on your phone sucks, it just means you bought a cheap ass phone and headphones. Today’s teens have better phones than their parents normally and trust me they know what decent bass is! That’s why Apple bought BEATS headphones. Sorry, but an iPhone with one of their headphones sounds far better than FM radio. You probably have an ATT GoPhone! LOL (7/23/14)

There were two responses to the posting about radio, analog audio and iPhones. One was civil and presented technical reasons & Millennial behavior when it comes to music delivery over personal electronics; the other eroded into baseless namecalling, unnecessary spellchecking and general juvenile nonsense. The latter can be more fun to read in a forum at first, but like eating a whole jar of Nutella, one gets sick from it very quickly. How about some more thoughtful discussion and a lot less fourth-grade-recess posturing, hm? (7/23/14)

Do you have any news on AP Radio Michael Weinfeld – he is the entertainment correspondent? (7/23/14)

Just curious - how long have Ed Graham and Paul Bicknell been f*cking? (7/23/14)

Hiding cash around the city won't help bring people to WRQX as the product sucks. It's like putting a sign spinner outside of a crappy restaurant. (7/23/14)

(previously posted "Well at least I know how to spell "arrogant' unlike you!!! Hahahahahahaha. You must be working on one of those Commodore 64's with no spell-checker. You get so angry that anyone would dare challenge you that you hammer out a response and hit the "send" button before you let the post sink in and check your spelling. Mr. Bossy-pants. That's you. Bet you scream at the kids "hey get off my lawn" too.") What does this have to do with anything? (7/23/14)

Another article about "I Hid the Cash" - (7/23/14)

"you'll always be an arragant know nothing!" Well at least I know how to spell "arrogant' unlike you!!! Hahahahahahaha. You must be working on one of those Commodore 64's with no spell-checker. You get so angry that anyone would dare challenge you that you hammer out a response and hit the "send" button before you let the post sink in and check your spelling. Mr. Bossy-pants. That's you. Bet you scream at the kids "hey get off my lawn" too. Don't know where you worked but clearly you didn't work in the biz long enough to recognize someone who has made a living in it for half a century. But every station always has, as you put it a "Know-it-All" and clearly you are qualified to recognize one since you are one. If you weren't so intent on calling names and demanding that you are right, you'd see your flaw. What part of my post about how Digital Radio has been a failure (my post)"The problem with digital broadcast has been on the technical side" didn't sink through that thick head? You are so focused on yelling at everyone else that you fail to see someone who was agreeing with you. But apparently if they don't call everyone an "idiot" and "stupid" you dismiss it and run to the keyboard to pound out another indignant, Bossy-pants-knows-more-than-you-do response. Jesus no wonder the industry is in shambles. Bossy-Pants is your name and being right is your game! For someone who is so sure he's correct about everything, you sure do make a lot of mistakes!!! (7/23/14)

/\ July 23 Messages /\

\/ July 22 Messages \/

Johnny Holliday is a local legend (and a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer too). But I am going to join the piling on with the people who are complaining about his baseball announcing. Try listening to a Maryland football game sometime. It may often be ten minutes of real time elapsed between when he gives the score. I am going to miss being able to switch over to Bill Roth and Mike Burnop on 106.7 when the Terps would play Va. Tech. (7/22/14)

So Savage from 5-6pm was a total repeat of the previous hour: how does Cumulus allow this: makes Bill Hess wise for replacing a same day repeat of Savage for that hour with Take A Dive At Five with Nancy Boy instead! (7/22/14)

Whoa "ZW" take a chill pill if that is your real name! Nothing "ghoulish" speculating about Don's wealth let alone if he received rightful payment for her wrongful death: that's what insurance is for. As for Savage half the time he's brilliant and the other half he sounds like an old bitchy Jewish mother from NYC. Now if Cumulus really wants ratings have him & Levin go at it live on air for a week with Rush moderating and Ham Hammity doing play by play. (7/22/14)

RE: "Mr. Bossy Pants ". If you weren't the typical "know it all" digital zealot (who has no background in audio be it digital or analog) I wouldn't have to "scream" . As long as idiots like you who like to claim or infer that everything digital is superior I'll be the first to call you an idiot. You come across with the impression that you speak for us all. You don't. You know nothing about how radio stations are programmed and you try to tell us you do. ALL YOU KNOW is your favorite songs on your mp3 player and that's it. Go ahead and call me all the names you want but to me you'll always be an arragant know nothing! (7/22/14)

Re: " P (tick, tick, tick) L (tick, tick, tick) B (tick, tick tick)" I was working in Baltimore when a former manager of mine, Bob Howard, went to WPGC as manager. I began listening to WPGC whenever I could. Howard and Cousin Duffy (old school mate of mine) put together a great Top 40 station in the mid 60s with a great staff. There were changes over time, but for a good decade, the station was fantastic. PLB, Davy Jones, popped up one night and I really liked the way he rocked On the edge, sometimes over the edge...couldn't turn him off. It was like he could be fired at any moment. Having worked for BH, I knew what could happen. PLB was there for about 4 years though, and I became a big fan. There are a lot of people who write nasty things about him, but few were ever as good as Davy Jones on PGC. Ed Graham (7/22/14)

"That's digital! What do want? Just shut the hell up!" Well thank goodness Mr. Bossy Pants has checked in to set everyone straight on his paradigm of the perfect world. (where everything and everyone revolves around him) Kids aren't listening to FM or AM because it SUCKS! And they don't want the crap their grand parents accepted. The smarter ones are figuring out the fidelity issue but they're just sick of the shit that radio stations are passing off as "entertainment". The world is changing, and while we all regret that it doesn't revolve around Mr. Bossy Pants, the kids just want something different. The problem with digital broadcast has been on the technical side and inability of the FCC to make a decision or let IBOC lead them around by the nose. And AM propagation is the biggest stumbling block to night time signals, not to mention the adjacent channel NOISE! The world is changing and no one person has the answer, no matter how often they come on DCRTV to tell people to "just shut the hell up". Maybe if we listen to each other's idea's instead of screaming at each other to "shut the hell up" we could work something out. Oh that's right, its a broadcast-media forum. What the hell was I thinking? Why would anyone think of communicating on such a forum? (7/22/14)

As much as I enjoy his show, Michael Savage can be a stupid fuck. Today he said that the sinking of the Lusitania had something to do with World War II. He criticized former UN Ambassador John Bolton for never having worked for a living? Well, um, he was a lawyer in private practice for 25 years. When did Michael Savage ever work for a living? Seriously, sometimes Savage is a strapping douche. And he complains that he Fox won't ask him to be on TV, not that he'd go, you understand. Anyone who saw his self-hating anti-gay meltdown on MSNBC knows that he is just plain unpleasant to look at. - "I listened to Don & Mike on occasion during their hay days but that was a long time ago." - Yet in the intervening years you still haven't learned to spell "heydays". - "Remember how everyone thought Stern was crazy to move to satellite? " - Reality check, dude. No one thought that. It was an enormous payday for him going in. - "First of all, didn’t a “Jeremy” once work with or for The Don & Mike Show? Seems to me I remember that name." - Yes, Jeremy Coleman is now a CBS VP. Probably not in Bethesda. With regard to your goulish speculation, no. You can look him up on but you and I part company when you call America's Podcaster a "fat slob". This cannot stand! - ZW (7/22/14)

Wow. Swipes at Johnny Holliday. He doesn't deserve that at all. Now swings at Bob Carpenter on Nats games are permitted. It's great when he takes time off. Years ago team announcers never took days/games off. And as for announcers, that guy Kruk on Sunday night's ESPN ballgame was just awful. Many, many mistakes. Called the right fielder "the left fielder" and on and on and on. He should go back to first base. (7/22/14)

Angie Goff looks amazing on NBC on the Early Today Show. She looks too good to be mulling around in different roles on NBC4. Eye candy is eye candy, that's exactly what she brings to the table. She should be on National TV on a daily basis. (7/22/14)

Say what you want about Megan Pringle, She's a potato cookie who's always up for a big zucchini and what's wrong with that! (7/22/14)

(QUOTE) Young people today don’t even know what analog means anymore and won’t put up with static...They get better audio quality on the iPod and iPhone or Android phones (END) Cant agree there. Audio on these devices, unless listening through decent earphones, is atrocious. I've heard folks enthusiastically listening to tunes on their phones out in the open (no earphones) on Metro trains and in public places -- its all shrill, all highs, no balance, no intelligibility. What is happening is they are listening with ears that have been attuned to a previous performance and are just mentally filling in the frequencies and other missing data in their heads. By extension, they can listen to FM radio (mentally turn off the hiss) and gain the benefit of some decent bass. Connecting one of these phones to an external speaker system with some decent response will vastly improve fidelity, but then it stops being an iPhone and becomes a boombox. No, I fear the primary reason young folk listen through these devices instead of the radio is because "I Want It NowNowNowNowNow!" The audio fidelity issue doesn't even play into the equation. (7/22/14)

Re: Angie Goff and MSNBC, I think it's only a matter of time before she goes to the network. (7/22/14)

RE:Regardless of whether Podcasting is the future. Dude, you're another one of these digital know nothings that KNOW NOTHING about what you are talking about. You say the audio that comes off Ipods and Iphones is better than the type of music files radio stations. That so called "I tunes" audio format that the I tunes website trys to force on us is a joke. That's why broadcasters stay away from it. If you listen to streaming audio these days (FM or AM stations streaming their signals) the best you can get is NEAR FM quality. That means it's not good enough to surpass commercial FM. Why? Take a look at the 20 dollar PC speakers that most people use to listen to their favorite station streamed online. Guys like you are nothing but a terrible joke to the industry at large. You so called digital zealots know nothing of what you talk about. Nada. Before you go spouting your so called beliefs on websites like this take the time to do some honest HANDS ON research. Did you know I actually get better audio (when played thru a decent stereo) from my tiny Sony Walkman as opposed to playing the same audio files on my phone. Did you know that hot shot? You say radio should go all digital but yet the broadcast industry has yet to make a go of HD. That's digital! What do want? Just shut the hell up! (7/22/14)

I listened to Don & Mike on occasion during their hay days but that was a long time ago. I do not find either of them entertaining or interesting now. (7/22/14)

REF: [Verizon Outage In DC & Balto Areas - From] Wow! I am sensing some traction for this station on DCRTV with all the WNEW mentions in this front page piece. The juice might be OFF for some Verizon customers but WNEW is ON it! (7/22/14)

With newsman turned talk show host Bill Colley allegedly gone, maybe there is an opportunity for Don Geronimo to return to Delaware's WGMD. I especially loved his farm reports. (7/22/14)

To the poster who thinks "Megan Pringle is surprisingly hot:" wait 'til you trade in the black n white Philco with the tin-foiled rabbit ears for the new flat-screen HD tv, then tell us what you think. HD tv hides nothing, including mileage. (7/22/14)

Its funny how everyone (or most) in the mailbag thinks that CBS Radio DC is in the tank except the people who count the most. It appears that with PPM low ratings in SOME demo`s does not kill a station like it would have with the old diary system. PPM has changed the rules of what success is in the radio ratings world. (7/22/14)

Angie Goff kicking it in NYC as host of early Today. Will she be back? OhMyGoff indeed: (7/22/14)

Regardless of whether Podcasting is the future, it won’t be the future until you can sell enough advertising to support it. Nobody’s going to pay for a dozen or so Podcasts a month. Only rare people like Howard Stern can get away with that. People are already dumping cable TV in record numbers due to cost. What’s the limit? $500/month for all your radio/TV media? I don’t think so. I don’t believe radio is dead, but I do think drastic changes need to be done. Radio needs to go all digital. Young people today, don’t even know what analog means anymore and won’t put up with static. They get better audio quality on the iPod and iPhone or Android phones than FM radio can provide and HD Radio is a failure. The media companies will eventually catch on like the record companies did. Offer a fair price and it’ll sell or sell a lot of advertising for it. Otherwise young people today will just STEAL IT. Young people today know that you can’t steal practically any Cable/Satellite or OTA network online from somewhere and stream shows for free. I know someone who doesn’t pay for the sports package on Comcast. He watches any NFL or MLB or NBA or NHL game he wants streamed live for free from abroad. Obviously, it’s illegal for anyone to stream copyrighted material, aka Aereo, but even with them gone, guess what? It’s still out there for free. Last I checked, you can’t get arrested for finding a website online. But that is a case that might eventually hit the Supreme Court I imagine in the future. (7/22/14)

New WJFK Junkies contributor: former Washington Times sports reporter Brian McNally who will cover The Washington NFL Football Team (formerly known as The Skins). (7/22/14)

Well now. Over the past two weeks, the semi-annual DCRTV Mailbag cycle is almost complete. Comments on ZW, “Bring Back WHFS”, Don Geronimo. So that leaves only the you know who bashing to officially begin and complete the cycle so we can move on. P (tick, tick, tick) L (tick, tick, tick) B (tick, tick tick) (7/22/14)

i would hope WJFK finally gets some one on that knows all sports. not some retired jock (7/22/14)

Programming Changes for WAMU 88.5 - (7/22/14)

[RE Geronimo's podcast:] Things change. Radio, terrestrial and satellite, is a dying format and has been for awhile. Podcasting is the wave of the future, as corny as that sounds and may be hard to believe. That's where the true audio entertainment can be found...for now anyway. My opinion, right or wrong. (7/22/14)

[RE Geronimo's podcast:] I feel badly for him. Abuse your listeners you are done. He is a marvelous talent with no respect for his listeners. Stick. Fork in him! So sorry! (7/22/14)

I do believe that Don Geronimo is doing just fine in the podcast world (7/22/14)

[RE Geronimo's podcast:] The only thing pathetic is people like Jeremy who don't understand that radio is a dying format and what Don is now doing is the wave of the future. Adapt or die. Besides, Don seems MUCH happier now than he's been for YEARS. (7/22/14)

[RE Geronimo's podcast:] I think it's more than "a few hundred"... (7/22/14)

How nice of Jeremy to chime in. I would think Don Geronimo has the resume and ability to work in a multitude of markets. And who is Jeremy to judge what Don should and should not do? I was never a big fan of the Don and Mike Show but they were certainly more entertaining than most of what is on the radio today. I have friends in the business and formerly in the business that I love(d) listening to. Some of them got dropped from JFK, WTEM, happens everywhere. Jeremy needs to get a life. I can't believe I'm responding to Jeremy. Shit, why didn't he just say "If Don was a better basketball coach, he could take the Wizards to the finals." Leave the guy alone. (7/22/14)

[RE Geronimo's podcast:] In Jeremy's defense, I don't think any radio personality would choose podcasting over a multimillion dollar contract with a national radio network. The pattern seems to be that they choose podcasting only as a last resort, but that does not mean that it can't turn out to be a lucrative endeavor. Remember how everyone thought Stern was crazy to move to satellite? He seems to have turned out OK. (7/22/14)

Please someone at MASN get Johnny Holliday off the play by play for the Nats. He calls baseball like a football game. Werth's walk off hit was treated like a routine hit, not to mention the number of occasions where he flat out gives the incorrect call. (7/22/14)

Two quick notes: HFS the way it is now wouldn’t survive even on a big signal……the mainstream alternative rock is easily covered on DC 101. Why I suggested the classic alternative format similar to First Wave from Sirius XM. Last note……Sure, Don could do a mix of sports and personality talk on WJFK….but CBS DC is better off getting him back to DC Metro first before any of that happens and besides…..he’s happy with his podcasts. (7/22/14)

[“So if Don had just gotten with the times and done a show that fit the sports and personality format (like his old friends the Junkies do every morning), he likely would have had a slot in either middays or afternoons. Instead he's doing a podcast for a few hundred people a day. As a former fan, it's actually really pathetic if you ask me. Jeremy in Bethesda”] First of all, didn’t a “Jeremy” once work with or for The Don & Mike Show? Seems to me I remember that name. But yeah, it’s not so much that Don Geronimo “blew it” by not adjusting even more (he was doing a whole lot of sports during his most recent WJFK stint) as it is likely he is lazier than ever, didn’t want to have to hassle with actually coming into a studio, meeting with people and return to his hateful days with management. He also likely has more money than a Radio God (he must have received a small fortune just in the wrongful death of his wife alone) so he does not need the bucks. So he could have done it but simply didn’t want to: I have not heard even one podcast, I’m sorry CBS took down their podcasts by him, and I feel guilty knowing that DCRTV has his podcast as a sponsor and I STILL won’t pay to hear Don Geronimo nor that fat slob MOM. But he was great while he was on and as mean, caustic and degrading as ever: that’s why he’s funny. (7/22/14)

/\ July 22 Messages /\

\/ July 21 Messages \/

So, Don Geronimo's brief return to WJFK started in October if I'm not mistaken. Since then, the station has replaced Holden Kushner with Grant Paulsen, passing over Don. Then Don was fired in March. And then Friday was Lavar Arrington's last day. So if Don had just gotten with the times and done a show that fit the sports and personality format (like his old friends the Junkies do every morning), he likely would have had a slot in either middays or afternoons. Instead he's doing a podcast for a few hundred people a day. As a former fan, it's actually really pathetic if you ask me. Jeremy in Bethesda (7/21/14)

NBC4's Erika Gonzalez has quite the following and yes, she is hot: (7/21/14)

According to Facebook posts from family and friends, former Fox 45 investigative reporter Jon Lieberman has suffered a massive heart attack at age 39. I believe he is now with the Howard Stern show since leaving America's Most Wanted (7/21/14)

Even more ridiculous about many of these Kasem posts is how often he's getting called "Kasey", and that winds up being the thing the spelling police completely look over. Folks, it's Casey with a "C", Kasem with a "K"-- you know, as in Clark Kent, or Louis CK. You'd think people who follow a radio/media blog wouldn't goof that up this much. Now, I'm going to go listen to some Stoward Hearn.... (7/21/14)

While watching the noon news today on CH 11 I wondered if Miri Marshall ever got up and looked outside. She said it was partly cloudy when in fact there was a heavy cloud deck over the entire metro area. Not much of a forecaster in my mind. (7/21/14)

MASN needs to find a way to keep Johnny Holiday off baseball broadcasts. There were times last night when he didn't get anything right for 10-15 minutes. In one half inning he got the score wrong, got the count wrong several times, got the number of outs wrong, identified at least three players incorrectly, and apparently didn't notice that there had been a home run until someone told him. It's embarrassing to watch. (7/21/14)

Fox5's Tom Fitzgerald previously had minimal face time on the news. However, now that Good Day DC has given him a daily Fitz File segment which he has pretty much turned into a stand up comedy segment. Each day they have to reel him in to do the story he's supposed to present.. Also from the picky file, the new weather guy, Drew Tuma, has the habit of starting off his forecast with "Good Morning Washington D..C.". Nice touch, but how long before people start complaining that the broadcast covers DC metro area & other areas feel slighted. (7/21/14)

Re.: “bill rohland on JFK says new partner for dukes to be announced Monday but he has no clue who it is Any guesses?” With any luck, they will ship someone from 105.7 in Baltimore 40 miles South. Take one….any of them….PLEASE ! (7/21/14)

WBAL TV's Lowell Melser was filling in on the radio this morning, playing host while the regular guy is on vacation. Pretty good at giving the time and temperature. #nottheanswer (7/21/14)

Re: " would you solve the sinking ship known as CBS DC?" Sounds pretty good to me. One way I wouldn't try to "solve" the problem, is to put WHFS on a big signal. HFS type music is available for the small audience that wants to hear it. I would also avoid Al Jolson, John Charles Thomas, and Debbie Boone. Other than that (and a few changes to WNEW) I would leave it alone...Ed Graham (7/21/14)

bill rohland on JFK says new partner for dukes to be announced Monday but he has no clue who it is Any guesses? (7/21/14)

with lavar going to la and the nfl network but still being affiliated with 106.7, will the 2-6 slot still be called lavar and dukes? (7/21/14)

MORNING MUSICAL CHAIRS? WRC's Angie Goff replaced Betty Nguyen on MSNBC and NBC's early morning newscasts from NYC this morning. Meanwhile, Erika Gonzales anchored WRC. Tryout or just summer stock follies? Competetent job by both and it did not go unnoticed that network covered up or removed that birthmark on her forehead. ACH (7/21/14)

The STA shenanigans continue again for the AM 1600 in Dover, DE, WRJE which apparently hasn’t been on the air since early Jan. 2014 even though they haven’t notified the FCC of this fact until TODAY, more than 6 months later! This station hasn’t operated as licensed since 1998! However, the FCC gave them TWO 250 watt FM translators, which I believe are and/or were still operating even when this station wasn’t on the air. This station was once owned by guess who? That guy who’s playing STA and Remain Silent games with the FCC right now with WIJK 1590 in OC and its associated translator. Meanwhile in March, WRJE filed for a renewal to the FCC even though the station wasn’t even on the AIR and the renewal application makes no mention of not being on the air! How could the FCC possibly not yank the license of this station? Their current STA also expired in March upon the renewal application, so in effect they have outright falsified documents to the FCC! This is all public info by the way, but apparently, they’ve so far managed to fool the FCC through paper working them to death for confusion purposes. Why the FCC lets FM translators stay on the air when the originating station is not on the air is beyond me. Finally, WLXE 1600 in Rockville has to protect this station both day and night at 5000 watts even though it’s not really been on the air much of the last year or so and probably hasn’t operated at 5000 watts since before year 2000! It’s just unbelievable. (7/21/14)

Hey, Donnie, looks like I hit the nail on the head with you. If it wasn't true I wouldn't have seen that overly dramatic post from you. Take a chill pill dude and do some of the things I mentioned. You'll be a lot happier. Would you like for me to chip in on a box of "trojan's" for you? (7/21/14)

"This morning Erika Gonzales was reading a story on the teleprompter on NBC4 this morning." Once upon a time, apparently Erika Gonzalez was quite the hot thang: (7/21/14)

Megan Pringle is surprisingly hot. Few people watched the station she used to be on, so who knew? (7/21/14)

Just curious if anyone viewing the "mailbag" has an idea of the power level of the various HD subchannels on stations running IBOC on FM? I listened to WLIF HD 3 without a drop out from Baltimore to Northwest Branch bridge on the DC Beltway. As a comparison the WASH HD signal barely makes it North to MD rt 100 and I-95. I believe -13db is authorized across the board with -10db allowed with agreement of the adjacent stations. (7/21/14)

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It's not local, but with a lot of former radio people doing podcasts, it's an interesting story on Podcast One: (7/20/14)

re SHUTUP!!! First on your superior little post....this knucklehead has,and always will, signed Donnie even after being called out for all sorts of things that have dick to do with this forum ( yes,forum, it IS where people post opinions and information isn't it?) Next ....lose some weight...why? Will you not date me if I don't? Sounds like something embedded in your subconcious to much DO you spend at the gym while you wear earbuds to listen to your fellow Yesmen sucking the communal dick as you sweat off the lattes? Get laid? Really?? I do. And it keeps me from letting trivial things bug me ,things like you and your post which,by the way, says alot about how often YOU get laid. Beating a doubt beyond your impressive talents. Spastic screamers have no in point. I post occasionally about brining HFS back. Must be a few others too since I doubt my posing frequency is enough to cause this reaction. Hmmm same guy posting huh? Guess they all sound just like me huh? Or maybe it's your amazing perception. Give up....not in my personal arsenal,sorry....but it seems to have been a way of life for you,no? So my posts bug ya do they? If you haven't figured it our I'm over here laughing at do me the favor of another post about my chosen subject. I could give reason upon reason to tear down what you,and others, think but I don't. I say what I believe and leave it at that. If your life is so great that the only place you encounter thinking that doesn't follow yours,or lack thereof, is here at Mailbag then I applaud your choices in life. But I seriously doubt it's that. So here it is...ready? your nitro pills in hand?....kick your dog before you read this because I'm gonna say H Fuckin S AGAIN!!! And in case you didn't catch it among all those 'other guys' in my post : Donnie. Yes that same fucking Donnie that's been bitching for 9 years now THAT Donnie. Give your goddamn Midol buddy it's just a forum..... (7/20/14)

To the poster who accused people of “whining” about WHFS…..if CBS was so concerned about profit….they would do something with their stations now. Although they do bring in revenue…..their ratings on a whole….stink. So enlighten us… would you solve the sinking ship known as CBS DC? As Dave could tell you….I am very open minded and willing to discuss anything. Oh and see if you can do it without insults. Let’s have a mature discussion. Dan (7/20/14)

Another morning of musical chairs on the channel 4 morning news. I see Erika Gonzales was in for Angie Goff. And maybe because it's the summer that Angie's been off a couple of weekends. But why can't they get a permanent co-anchor? (7/20/14)

To the Kasey Kasem pretender. Get a spell checker and proof read your sentences before you post them publicly. "where I'm at"??? Really? and "keep your feet on the found"? That whirring sound coming from Kasem's coffin is him turning over. Looks like another one of ZW's posts. (7/20/14)

Will you WHFS zealots PLEASE give it a rest! If CBS thought they could make money with the old format it would be back . Shut up all ready! I have never in my life seen a place where a bunch of crybabies continually cry out for the same thing that isn't gonna happen. Move on with your lives! Lose some weight, get your selves laid! You can only ride a horse soooooooooooooo far. I'm pretty sure it's the same knuckleheads that keep beating the WHFS drum! Shut up!!!!!! Shut up! It's not gonna happen and no amount of whinning is gonna bring it back! SHUT UP! (7/20/14)

That "Kasey Kasem" post... Especially with the reports about his body being missing. (7/20/14)

Tuned into NBC4's Reporters Notebook this morning to see a two reporter panel (usually three). Tom Sherwood did explain Dave McDonnell's absence, but no mention of Jerry Phillips who used to be a regular. However, the few times I've seen the show recently, the third guy's been a guy named Fauntroy. So is Jerry Phillips no longer on there? (7/20/14)

This morning Erika Gonzales was reading a story on the teleprompter on NBC4 this morning about a incident with a hot air balloon hitting power lines in Massachusetts and they kept showing pictures from the accident in Caroline county, VA making it seem like the pictures were from Massachusetts and including showing pictures of the three people killed in Caroline when they were mentioning that five people were injured in Massachusetts again making it seem like the photos on the screen were from Massachusetts. This did reference the Caroline county incident showing photos and video from Caroline County and one photo of the balloon from Massachusetts making the whole story confusing for people who weren't aware of the earlier accident. (7/20/14)

It is quite refreshing to see Megan Pringle on the anchor desk at WBAL TV. I'll take her any time over Lisa Robinson. If Jennifer Franciotti would ditch those gaudy earrings and typical Baltimore look, I would like seeing her too. (7/20/14)

HFS is a pipe dream to resurrect unless much to the new generation’s dismay….they go into a ROQ of the 80s format or a progressive format on a MAJOR frequency that covers the area. CBS would have to find a way to separate DC 101 from HFS. DC 101 does sparingly play classic rock…..but CBS could put on a progressive-classic alternative rocker on for HFS on a good signal that covers the area. Won’t appeal to the kids….but for those of us who remember the old school HFS… would be f-cking great! Dan (7/20/14)

Another oddity about WJFK-AM is that the sound quality and robustness of the web streaming is worse than the OTA AM signal. Not sure why this is; CBS has greatly improved the streaming experience on others of their stations in recent years. I can tell you why that is: 1) CBS Radio DC market honchos Steve Swenson and Steve Davis don’t care about the AM, or AM in general. 2) “PD” Chris Kinard doesn’t care about the AM. 3) No one is listening to the AM that matters. (7/20/14)

To all of my friends and listeners, I won't tell you where I'm at, but let's just say that the beaches are marvelous. I just had lunch with Elvis, and he sends along his personal greetings to all of you DCRTV fans. So keep your feet on the found and keep reaching for the stars. Sincerely, Kasey Kasem. (7/20/14)

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