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\/ January 30 Messages \/

Sensationalism? Will someone please explain to me why WUSA has Peggy Fox broadcasting live from BOSTON to make a point about cold weather? (1/30/15)

Reason; Hi Dave, have you heard if Don Geronimo's brother Jim passed away? I believe you are mistaken. According to Don's notes from his podcast, Don called Jimmy today. (1/30/15)

Dr. Demento on Gamut This Sunday Night - Just an FYI, Dr. Demento will be co-hosting Anything Anything With Rich Russo this Sunday evening from 9-11, opposite the "big game." We think it's going to be fun hearing the good doctor back on the DC airwaves, even if it's just for a little while! (1/30/15)

REF: [Too bad about Andy Parks leaving 1260 AM] Andy who? (1/30/15)

So, "Managing Editor for Radio News" Malarie Pinkard is going to straighten things out at alleged news radio1090? This is comical.Sad, but comical. (1/30/15)

Most websites carrying info on WGOP Pocomoke City call the station "Timeless 540" which would imply Adult Standards. But listening Friday afternoon at 1:50PM to streaming audio via STREEMA, it sounds like Middle Eastern talk. Just as well. Count me among the dozens of engineers, staffers and general acquaintance broadcasters in and out of the Greater DC area who have nothing but disdain for Birach and company. (1/30/15)

Don't cry for WAMU.....they have the plenty of money. They have been paying the highest salaries in the market for a Non-Commercial.....Non-Profit station. (1/30/15)

Re: "GRIT TV has been on 24.2" The "whoops" is on me. I thought you were talking about DC TV. I see upon further reading that you were referring to Baltimore TV. I get most of the Baltimore stations, but I'm going to need to update my channel list to see if I can get that one. The CECB is use most often now is a Digital Stream (Radio Shack) DTX-9950. That's a nice converter. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (1/30/15)

Re: "To clarify for those confused, GRIT TV has been on 24.2 for weeks over the air,..." Whoops, typo. Grit-TV is on 14.3. It's the one with the weird stretched picture. (Why?) 14.2 is Get-TV. RF channel 24 is one of the MHZ channels, WNVC. I get only WNVC's channels and not those of WNVT. I wish that Universal Sports were back on 4.2. I miss the Alpine skiing. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (1/30/15)

Too bad about Andy Parks leaving 1260 AM.....he was the only "local talk personality" on the station. All the other syndicated talk people are from other places. The others are talkers on the Salem Network. Maybe that is why the stations has no ratings and no audience. (1/30/15)

Not that we thought this was going to happen but WGOP’s planned move to Damascus, MD by Birach is officially dead. The FCC dismissed the application today. So AM 540 will stay on the eastern shore of Maryland in Pocomoke City. No clue what they’re broadcasting now, but I assume financial reasons are the result of the dismissal. (1/30/15)

It's old news now, but I just learned that the founder of PAX TV and the Home Shopping Network recently passed away. Wasn't PAX (then ION) on channel 66 locally? I don't know if it still is. Apologies if you've already covered this; I didn't see anything on the home page, but I didn't dig too deeply into the archives. (1/30/15)

WAMU did rebroadcast WTMD for a while a few years ago and even had it on the 105 signal. It was a great to hear a station that promotes the local music scene and plays some of the newest and best music on the dial. I was really angry when they stopped it . If WAMU were to figure out something it should be WTMD they rebroadcast because bands in the DC area are played on there. Weasel is on WTMD every week and it would be great to have him back on the air in DC. (1/30/15)

You have a little over a week to enter the Sigma Delta Chi Awards, which is presented by the Society of Professional Journalists to recognize exceptional work in the industry.All entries must be received through by midnight EST on Friday, Feb. 6, to be considered for the contest. SDX Award winners will be honored in June at a banquet at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Take time to review the contest guidelines and make sure your entry includes the necessary materials. When you are ready to submit, visit If you have any questions, please contact Awards Coordinator Abbi Martzall at or by calling 317.920.4791. The SDX Awards offer you a chance at national recognition for your valuable and diligent reporting. If you produced spectacular journalism in 2014, this is an opportunity to seize. Taylor Carlier, SPJ Communications Coordinator (1/30/15)

Today is it. The last broadcast of Andy Parks on WWRC 1260. All radio and podcasts will cease at 1pm today from the Washington Times studios. Reason is money. Never made any on either station it was on and Salem wouldn't come down enough on their fee to carry it. It's been a good ride. Unsigned non-corporate casual cloths wearer. (1/30/15)

/\ January 30 Messages /\

\/ January 29 Messages \/

Bert Weiss getting a divorce - (1/29/15)

'WAMU is owned by American University. It is non-commercial, yet it has a larger budget than any AM Radio Station in the market. One of the most successful non-commercial, non-profit stations in the country. They don't pay any taxes. All your "donations" to them are a tax write off for you. Same as the church or any charity. Why not give a donation to them today.' - You've answered your own question. They ... don't... need... the... money. In 1992 Diane Rehm was making 50K a year. Sorry I don't have current data, but that's the only year I had access to all the AU personnel files, and I mean I physically handled and read every single one. Interestingly enough, President Berendzen's file doesn't reflect any of the let's just say, awkwardness. - Donnie's remarks about deep cuts hit a note with me. In my ideal universe there would be a station that played almost exclusively deep cuts and eschewed the greatest hits, like the old, real 102.3 WHFS sort of did. Bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones have hits and stuff, but there's a lot of good stuff out there by them that never gets played. Not all Yes is Roundabout. And throw some Einstuerzendeneubauten [sp perhaps] in there as well. We don't all have the internet in our cars, or even cars, and over the air radio is still a thing. - ZW (1/29/15)

WBAL TV made it big on the Jimmy Kimmel Show last night in a funny way. If you didn't see it, the skit was Funny Local TV Names. WBAL scooped 3 awards for Deborah Weiner, Tim Tooten, and Gerry Sandusky! Probably not so funny to Gerry Sandusky though as he has suffered dearly for that name confusion with even death threats, but it was funny as part of the skit. Here's the clip. Balto Media / www.BaltoMedia.Net (1/29/15)

On Delmarva, interestingly, neither WBOC or WMDT will have the Super Bowl this time around. So that will leave low power WRDE NBC Rehoboth Beach to air the Super Bowl exclusively for the 1st time, meaning few people over the air will get it or even in HD. WRDE is known for all kinds of technical glitches, commercials at the wrong timing, etc. Will WBAL or WRC be blacked out on many Delmarva cable systems? And will the HD FEED be available on most cable systems or will you be able to find them? This is worth noting when you're dealing with an LPTV station that records its weather forecast & meteorologist from a service in Florida. And the DC & Baltimore TV stations are gradually being removed from cable on Delmarva. Should be interesting. -- Balto Media / www.BaltoMedia.Net (1/29/15)

WJLA's new graphics looks terrible. Has the same look and feel as the support hose and catheter ads on all the retro TV channels. And who decided that white is a good background to read text on? Not impressed, and not tuning back in. (1/29/15)

Partially agree with you on using WAMU's HD3 to simulcast, but instead of WXPN, something a little more of local interest like leasing it out to WTMD, which used WXPN as the template when it dumped their sleepy new age "The Breeze" format for its AAA sound now. Weasel would get a few more local listeners and maybe some pledge dollars and/or local underwriting for some other shows That station in Towson needs at least a low power FM relay to improve coverage in the DC area which they had when it was on briefly at 105.5 FM before it switched to WAMU's Bluegrass Country. (1/29/15)

Did the guy wondering about the device(s) to Tim Russert's left ever get an answer? Looks to me like a control head for an audio or audio/video crosspoint switcher, a la Wheatstone or SAS so Russert could keep tabs on what's going on elsewhere in the 4001 Nebraska plant. Any NBC guys still lurking here? PotAW. (1/29/15)

Oh WBAL, you make us lol with your managing editor talk for radio news. This has the looks of another affirmative action move from the suits that hasn't produced any positive results. What is this person actually managing or editing?! Web development, social media pages, on air product, fact checking, radio stories stripped from TV every morning, anchors who slur their speech, talk too fast, sound nasaly, sound like Screech, adding an additional county to the state? Do tell. The station needs its own news director again. It brags about having the area's largest news team, but if what you put out over the air is crap, then it doesn't matter whether there are 20 news folks or two. The worst thing that could've happened to the station was losing some of its key news people, especially the former longtime news director. It also hurt them losing significant players in the sales department. Everybody now knows CBS stations are the only stations that matter. (1/29/15)

WAMU is owned by American University. It is non-commercial, yet it has a larger budget than any AM Radio Station in the market. One of the most successful non-commercial, non-profit stations in the country. They don't pay any taxes. All your "donations" to them are a tax write off for you. Same as the church or any charity. Why not give a donation to them today. (1/29/15)

Don't blame JJ Yore for WAMU's $1.3 million dollar deficit. He's bailing as fast as he can to keep the ship from sinking deeper into an ocean of red ink. Blame American University and former GM Caryn Mathes. Their poor judgment and oversight caused the recent cuts. As the license holder and owner of the station's new digs on Connecticut Avenue, AU charged WAMU top dollar rent even though the station had to borrow $6 million (from AU) to renovate the new space. Most DC commercial buildings typically offer tenant improvement money for long term leases. Mathes (and now former PD Mark MCDonald) expanded local programming and purchased new frequencies but failed to provide a decent marketing budget or adequate funding and staffing for the new programs. By choosing new bricks and mortar over fiscally sound management, Mathes laid the groundwork for the mess that Yore has inherited. Mathes hightailed it to Seattle when she saw the wave of red ink approaching. McDonald left the station soon after Yore arrived. WAMU's overworked and underpaid staff and its loyal listeners and donors deserve better. The staff powered the station to briefly beat WTOP in the ratings...winning the #1 spot in early 2012. The listeners remain loyal and the donors keep supporting the station's fund drives. Hopefully, JJ Yore and the remaining staffers at WAMU can turn things around. (All of the above info is readily available in WAMU's financial statements or on in internet reports.) (1/29/15)

Thinking about WTRI and the rants of the STA guy, I wonder how long it'll be before the FCC finally gets around to deleting these stations that are silent and will never return to air? Too many of these stations are either past their time, or should never have been built in the first place. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/29/15)

Now that Tim Tunison has been promoted to news director at WBAL-TV, what happens to WBAL radio. Radio is in dire need of someone who knows radio news, which it hasn't had for several years. (1/29/15)

Dave's response: A top WBAL radio suit tells me - "While Tim’s primary responsibilities are focused on WBAL-TV11, WBAL TV and radio always work in partnership, including day-to-day news coverage. Our Managing Editor for Radio News Malarie Pinkard and Tim work very well together".....

So WAMU is worried about money? Why not rent out that third HD subchannel? That's what WTOP does. Maybe they'd find a better client than Putin. Another suggestion: Immediately drop/kill/obliterate the 6:45 a.m. airing of "The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor," pretentious puffery that wastes valuable morning-drive minutes. American Public Media has to be charging for that high-brow monotony, right? There's yore solution. (1/29/15)

Hearing about all the complaints people have about Comcast not carrying something just makes me extra happy that I have Verizon FiOS. I think in the last 5 years, I have lost the connection twice for about 10 minutes each; they make available every over-the-air sub-channel that isn't just a shopping channel. They sometimes add channels and don't even get them in the Guide yet (like Azteca TV on "27" two years ago, or NewsMax on "115" right now). They keep adding features; the most recent addition is that when you pick an SD channel that has an HD equivalent, it just goes to the HD equivalent (like 5->505). Even Mrs. Olney can find the station she wants without help :^) I never thought I would have zero complaints about something the phone company did but, unbelievably, it's true; I'm flabbergasted. And now for my rhetorical question about Comcast: Does Comcast have to pay each NBC O&O company for cable carriage, or do the local O&Os play the Must-Carry Card? (It figuratively kills me that a Cable Company owns a major Broadcast company)-- Carl in Olney (1/29/15)

If WAMU is so popular, why isn't it rich? You would think lots of companies would be begging ("Begging", get it?) to have their funding announcement (meaning: "Advertisement") made on WAMU. Perhaps if they got rid of the HD channels, which would improve their footprint, and if they spent a little money on a couple of strategically located AM stations, as is done with WNYC in NYC, WAMC in Albany, NY, and WBUS (WBUR's station on Cape Cod), they might be better off. They could put bluegrass on there, or all the talk programs they don't have on the main frequency. Maybe the station in Laurel at 900 kHz, or the one in Potomac at 950, or Arlington at 1390, or 730 in Alexandria, or WTRI at 1520, or even 750 or 860 in Baltimore (they have the exact same programs on both frequencies, and I mean they are EXACT duplicates) would want to donate their licenses. Maybe they could guilt the FCC in giving them a frequency above 1600. And how could they get rid of Brian Russo, their one guy who makes the station in Ocean City be more than a repeater, or Mary Cliff (I thought she had tenure; WETA needs to take her back!). Here is another thought: Since WFED-1500 basically is AWOL after 7 PM and on weekends (except for Jimbo!) why not let WAMU take it over during those hours and maybe even have Mary Cliff do her show all Saturday evenings on WFED-1500? -- Carl in Olney (1/29/15)

The end of WAMU's Intersection channel also means the end for Xpotential Radio in the Washington, DC area. It aired usually nights and weekends on HD3 and was an AAA music type programming service that originated from WXPN in Philadelphia for various NPR stations on the network. (1/29/15)

Dave's response: Or maybe WAMU could use the HD3 as a fulltime simulcast of XPN programming. That certainly would be an inexpensive option for the subchannel. Hmmm.....

So, WKHZ in Easton may still be on the air, but the bigger questions--is anyone listening/does anyone care? No > Yes. (1/29/15)

I bet WAMU's JJ Yore gets a nice fat bonus check for cutting costs and for a job well done! (1/29/15)

RE: New Country vs WPOC. Yeah I've seen that Hit Country 106.1 is still using the website saying New Country. The fact that Fast Jimi Roberts is now doing middays is sort of a big deal because former WXCYer Dave Hovel has moved from middays and is at least doing a live morning shift on 106.1 before they goto voice track and jockless the rest of the day. I think Hovel is calling it the Drive In on Hit Country. But even tonight I heard St. Pierre on POC specifically go out of his was to say "Baltimore's New Country 93.1 WPOC", so I think there must be some issue between CBS and iHeart, even if it is very petty. 106.1 only used the New Country tag and now it is all over WPOC (1/29/15)

WJLA is really now a Sinclair station. Just take a look at its news graphics, theme, and chron background. The previous one was better and still represented the WJLA that we all knew long before Sinclair took over the station. (1/29/15)

In regards to the earlier post about upcoming changes to the graphics at WJLA, Newschannel 8 has new graphics and music packages as of Wednesday evening. I think they must be trying to compete with WUSA to see how much crap they can clutter the screen with. They’ve got info on the current story, a scrolling news ticker, sports scores, and weather info. Good grief. (1/29/15)

WKHZ 1460 in Easton is still on the air and has been without interruption. (1/29/15)

/\ January 29 Messages /\

\/ January 28 Messages \/

Read that former WJLA anchor Cynee Simpson is engaged to comedian Chris Tucker..Know she went to Atlanta, but is she at the same station as Gurvir Dhindsa? (1/28/15)

Glenn Younnes - What ever happened to 105.7 The Fan's evening co-host? (1/28/15)

To clarify for those confused, GRIT TV has been on 24.2 for weeks over the air, but not on Comcast. LIVE WELL was supposed to end early to mid January, but now its last day is definitely Sunday, so that Comcast channel will be empty and most likely filled by GRIT unless WMAR has a new channel up their sleeve that I’m not aware of. Comcast has already flipped BOUNCE from WUTB to WMAR seamless on the same cable channel, so WUTB is likely owed a channel by Comcast. Everyone assumes these channels have to be shown by Comcast, but they don’t depending on each company’s deal with Comcast. In order to add CBS’s DECADES channel, Comcast will have to add a new channel. Comcast also does not have to show LPTVs or any sub channel in the market they don’t want unless the FCC changes current rules. (1/28/15)

Dave (or anyone else): I am by no means a ratings expert, but every Christmas Season, WASH tops the ratings. Question is, does WTOP, WAMU, and WHUR lose actual listeners, or does WASH gain that many listeners from other stations that seldom show up in the top 5 ? (1/28/15)

Weather Nation will not be missed by me. I don't care about non-local weather. And aren't the local weather pieces taped most of the time anyway? The old Doug Hill weather channel on WJLA was better, even when it added the useless webcams. I'd just as soon listen to the radio or more likely just look at my smartphone to get immediate local weather. Hell, even Doppler 9000 radar was more helpful, but now I just use the My Radar app. (1/28/15)

When you didn't think WMAL could get any worse, there goes ABC News Radio and here comes ? ? ? ? ? ? . So boring. Certainly nobody better than ABC's Doug Limerick broadcasting the news. He grabs you at the top of the news and follows through. I no longer go to 630 AM for news at the top of the hour. I'm over at 103.5 FM for CBS. Cumulus is as bad as Cheap Channel that now puts a "heart" into its corporate name. Such a joke. Thanks. (1/28/15)

Not only was the annoying buzz of the Amber alert enough to call the noise police, but the notification actually had an expiration time as if it was a possible flood warning supposed to expire at such and such a time. Additionally, the location of the event just said “Maryland.” I know Maryland is not a large state, but a little more geographical pinpointing might have alerted those in the most likely area to be especially observant. As for the WIYY “sponsorship”, if one tuned to that radio station, they would have found nothing but music. If this is a service delivered to recover abducted or missing children, it served as a very poor example of how to present information which would have the best chance of resulting in a positive ending. Jo-Jo The Clown could have done a better job. (1/28/15)

SUB CHANNELS CHANGING: The LIVE WELL network ends on Monday Feb. 2 on WMAR 2.2 as it has gained BOUNCE TV. As a result LIVE WELL will end on WJLA TV in DC too. In Baltimore, taking its place on cable likely will be GRIT TV on Sinclair owned 24.2. In DC, Sinclair owned WJLA ABC 7 will probably add Weather Nation instead of LIVE WELL. The big question is will WUSA CBS 9 which is losing Weather Nation add the new CBS sub channel this spring, DECADES, sort of like MeTV? DECADES will be on WJZ 13 this spring and presumably on Comcast. -- Balto Media/ (1/28/15)

Am I alone in thinking that the sportstalk station broadcasts from “Radio Row” at the Super Bowl are as boring as it gets? Maybe it is just me, but interviews with old football players who are trying to promote some product or other just doesn’t float my boat. (1/28/15)

Speaking of WTRI, that letter is forfeiture of $5000, not forfeiture of the license, at least not yet. WTRI has until the middle of April to go on the air. Then the FCC will issue a forfeiture of the license if some action isn’t taken about the money or the transmitting facilities. Other AMs maybe going under soon too… Does anyone know if WKHZ 1460 Easton is still on the air and its translator in Ocean City MD on 104.3 FM? FCC records show the STA extension expired in Sept. of last year. I don’t see any letter authorizing them to be on the air or any new STA extensions given. WIJK 1590 AM Ocean City has not filed the required forms that I can see yet. 2 months left until April 3. I no see no application requests. The WIJK 1590 towers do not still stand, at least 1 of them, so there’s no way they can comply with the license by April 3. WIJK also operates 105.1 FM. If these 2 AMs are not operating as currently licensed, those 2 translators cannot be on the air in Ocean City. WIJK got its final warning letter before the FCC takes the same action as against WTRI. It’s possible 1 of these 3 might be off the air come April. The last time WIJK 1590 filed a 250 watt application from 1 tower, it was dismissed for interference by the FCC as a waiver was not granted. What makes them think 2nd time is the charm? If I’m not mistaken, the FCC is not taking any more applications for Class D stations as AM 1590 was requesting. The station is currently Class B as is WKHZ, so the FCC is not going to approve any of these waivers or requests. (1/28/15)

WBFF 45 has really been promoting Weather Nation with all 4 forecasters, something WMAR 2 doesn’t have since they stopped weekend news so with the re-signing of Doug Hill, I expect WJLA to spend a lot of money promoting Weather Nation, including the sub channel. I don’t know what Sinclair’s deal with Weather Nation is, but when all the other Baltimore stations stopped carrying a weather sub channel, they saw an opportunity. The question now is will WUSA pick up CBS’s new O&O sub channel, DECADES, which launches this spring. WJZ is signed on. I’m sure CBS would like most of its affiliates to pick up the channel. With all the CBS O&O’s behind it, it will attract immediate notice. (1/28/15)

If Weather Nation moves to WJLA, expect to see squished video and weather alerts from across the country (instead of just the local area) in the red ticker. That’s the way they do it on WBFF. (1/28/15)

Dave, Don’t tell Bob Marbourg that going from Program Director to traffic reporter is a demotion. You’ll never hear the end of it! (1/28/15)

Why would a weathercaster apologize for anything? Its not like they're the ones steering the clouds. (1/28/15)

RE: New Country vs WPOC. I still hear New Country 106.1 mentioned on the air all the time, especially with the mid-day guy, Jimmy. From what I've heard, New Country started using the phrase Hit Country...and that opened the door for WPOC to grab it and run with it. The whole station is falling apart. There is no night dj, I rarely hear commercials. While it was a great pipe dream to start with, it has done nothing. What are the ratings for it anyway? (1/28/15)

J.C. Hayward should receive the send off she so rightfully deserves from WUSA: absolutely nothing. She finalized her career by being a total embarrassment to herself, WUSA and the profession she worked for. (1/28/15)

Why are the red Eye Boyz on their Wmal 1 to 5am show so men/rude to their callers if they dare to disagree or question one of their assumptions? Even Rush/Hannity are more polite to non-far/far right wing callers on their shows. It is really off putting, even on the rare times I actually agree with the "two idiots from Dallas." Also, what news network does the hourly news on Wmal since they dropped the ABC network? (1/28/15)

"how likely is it that any of our local weather forecasters/reporters/anchors food chains will fess up and apologize for the usual “storm” hysteria?" Are you kidding? The entire weather hysteria generated by tv stations is an ad revenue generator. The more hysterical the weather people get the more money the station makes. The "OMG the sky is falling" approach and don't forget the irritating crawls, warning of impending doom, make money for the stations. We went from simple thunderstorms in the summer to "Stormaggedon DC" in just a few short years. No longer is the weatherman (person) a paid guesser, he's now the Chief-predictor-of-the-impending-zombie-weather-apocalypse! Must reading for anyone who watches local television weather is "Chicken Little" as that is the guiding principal for weather forecasters of this era. One imagines that when there is a weather system approaching that the "meteorologist" at NOAA sit in a big circle, jerking over who's predication's will make it to local tv screens. Its no longer a "weather forecast" its "weather-hysteria-hyperbole". There's a 60% chance this post is 100% correct! (1/28/15)

REF: [Amber Alerts] After reading all the blah blah blah of an earlier post on last night's alert, I have to wonder how many people, jacked up on the recliner sucking down another brew while watching Inside Edition in the comforts of their living rooms, jumped up to look out the window to see if the person(s)/vehicle being sought would drive by. As long as people have iPhones and FM radio, Amber Alerts will be effective. In the middle of Cheers on MeTV, don't count on it. (1/28/15)

Sinclair is going to change the look of WJLA starting with the weather graphics tomorrow reports Jacqui Jearas... (1/28/15)

It took about a half an hour from the time Comcast took WIYY's EAS message at about 6:44PM last night about an amber alert for a five month missing PG county girl until WBAL-TV ran a crawl with the full details. Normally I find their excessive weather crawls annoying like a user mentioned beforehand, I think a crawl should run every 15 minutes (constantly if there's a tornado and live coverage.) But yesterday WBAL ran their breaking news crawl constantly (save for commercial breaks) from about 7:10 PM until 9:05 PM, when word got out the father turned himself in. I was occasionally flipping through the other channels to see if they made any message and couldn't find any either live or something recorded by my TiVo. I expected WJZ to report the missing girl as their newscast was still on air but nothing and there was no ticker during CBS Evening News. I must say the other stations dropped the ball, an amber alert should be broadcast to as many viewers as possible and as quickly as possible. Television stations serve the public and part of their responsibly is getting urgent messages out when needed. A message of this kind requires more than a simple graphic like a winter storm warning would receive. I know if I were a parent I would be shouting at the rooftop to find my child and would expect others to help out. As a side note: Does anyone know why my comcast system reported the message as originating from WIYY instead of WBAL-AM? Which I thought was supposed to be the MD Primary EAS station. The only thing I could think of is that for whatever reason WBAL couldn't transmit the signal when it was received due to some programming and WIYY was available. I was also surprised at how long the TV side took to set up their ticker, when EAS alerts should have the pertinent details encoded. I guess it took time for them to manually enter the information information as well as to confirm the details. -RO (1/28/15)

I saw this photo during a piece about Tim Russert on Lawrence O'Donnell's MSNBC show last night. Does anybody know what the hell the device to his left is? (1/28/15)

So did something happen between CBS and iHeart in Baltimore? WPOC is now using the slogan "Baltimore's New Country" instead of "Baltimore's Country Station" and now CBS's 106.1 is Hit Country 106.1 instead of New Country 106.1. It's small stuff, but it sure seems like iHeart Media may have made CBS stop using the "New" name and slogan. (1/28/15)

[RE WUSA's 9-3:] Justice Channel Background - - Justice will replace WeatherNation sometime in February (1/28/15)

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\/ January 27 Messages \/

FOX 45/Sinclair has a deal with WeatherNation. Expect it on WJLA 7 soon. (1/27/15)

I noticed a few days ago that the Fios on-screen guide is now listing crime shows on the WeatherNation channel, even though the programming has not changed - its still showing weather information. (1/27/15)

Dave's response: See today's "Dave TV".....

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] 50 Years in Radio forced to retire 2 years ago. Need part time or Per Diem to supplement Social Security Learn fast and have good background. Expertise in SS32 automation and computers, looking for desk job or IT consult. Have mobility issues with bad knees. Any leads appreciated. (1/27/15)

I'd like to comment on two items. One, no station wants to go EDM because who would advertise on an EDM radio station? If its on an HD channel, yeah, maybe there would be some listener interest. But then we'd have to go buy HD receivers to listen, and if I'm to believe many posters here, nobody buys radios anymore. Second, bravo to WPGC for being live and local. I don't share the opinion that importing an out of town show is "the best move". Let's just see the Breakfast Club turn out for a concert at the 9:30 Club. Canned programming is why modern radio bites moose weenie. (1/27/15)

So far the best thing I've seen on the Good Day Today train wreck on Fox 5 is when Maureen Umeeh was filling in. She reminds me a lot of Lark McCarthy who was the best female anchor they had on the Fox morning News. I think she and Melanie Alnwick would pair well. None of the male anchors they have are good enough to carry that show. I agree that Holly has got to go back in the field or better yet out the door. As soon as she started trotting out pix of her kids, ala Kathie Lee Gifford, that was it for me and I now just change the channel or turn of the tv when I see she is on. (1/27/15)

PGC has been the number 2 billing station no matter the Morning Show situation their for the past several years. Every station in the market might have a down year as far as 2014 Ad rev goes except TOP we will see. WPGC actually had a good year in TARGET DEMO ratings and spent most of the year in the Top Ten in the 25-54 demo so no format flip is going to happen. Clear Channel syndicates the Urban Morning Show "The Breakfast Club" out of NYC so it will not be on any CBS stations. Much respect to Russ Parr but his ratings are not dominating PGC or anyone else the MAJOR difference is that Radio One sticks with his show which CBS needs to do with Joe Clair who probably signed a Two year deal so he will be there that long at least. PPM is about doing well in TARGET DEMO if Joe Clair does well their he will be fine. (1/27/15)

how likely is it that any of our local weather forecasters/reporters/anchors food chains will fess up and apologize for the usual “storm” hysteria? At least Gary Szatkowski, meteorologist-in-charge at the National Weather Service, had the decency to do so: (1/27/15)

ESPN's Scott Van Pelt had bag stolen, then found at BWI after Maryland game - (1/27/15)

When does the probationary period end for Fox5's Good Day DC & Good Day @ 10a?? The powers that be HAVE to know that this just isn't working. Holly truly needs to go back out in the field for her human interest stuff. And all of these people rotating through to co-host is just not working. I like to see them having fun, but when they get totally out of control, it's just unbearable. Can we just get news until 9am and call it a day??!!! (1/27/15)

It's nice the PGC is committed to staying local but at this point they need a miracle and I'm not sure Joe Clair is it. They best move they could have made would have been to pipe in The Breakfast Club from NYC. They're the hottest thing in urban radio right now and would easily knock out Russ and Rickey. (1/27/15)

Could Channel 9/WUSA drop its carriage of WeatherNation and local DC area forecasts from its 9.3 digital subchannel in favor of a new legal affairs network partly owned by the station's owner, Gannett? Would it be a public service to drop the only fulltime weather information channel on the broadcast airwaves in the DC market? And if WUSA drops WeatherNation, might someone else pick it up? Like maybe Sinclair's Channel 7/WJLA, as a replacement for the soon-to-be-discontinued Living Well network? Also, might WTOP end its weather forecasting deal with WJLA? All this and more in today's "Dave TV"..... (1/27/15)

I think Joe Clair (WPGC) is a good sidekick but leading a morning show I don't know. I expect some changes in another six months unfortunately. How is PGC with revenue? Are they still making money? If the revenue is going down, it could mean a future format flip if Joe doesn't work out. Unfortunately, I don't think Joe is the answer. Wish him good luck though. (1/27/15)

Whatever happened to the DC EDM fomatted station? (1/27/15)

[RE Why can't weather people in this town simply admit they blew it...again?] FORECAST...... CWG: 1-3 inches or more in two separate events. Boom: Up to 4" by Tuesday. NWS: 1-2" near the city, locally higher amounts in bands. WJLA: 1-3" for city and suburbs, 2-5" northern suburbs. WUSA: 1-2" by evening. Additional T to 2" by dawn. WRC: ~1" southeast, 1-3" around city, 3-5" northwest. ACTUALLY..... Arlington 1.7", Burke, 3", Frederick 2.8", Fairfax 4.3", Gaithersburg 3.5", IAD 2". They were WAY OFF. Not in forecasting the snow, but in conveying the forecast to all people, even those with lower-than-average comprehension. (1/27/15)

The interesting thing about PGC's lineup is that DC natives are doing Mornings, Afternoons, and Nights. (1/27/15)

This video has gone viral with over 315,000 views. Last night on "The O'Reilly Factor", big Bill himself indicated that they would be crafting a response to getting schooled about the Ethics of Journalism by high school kids at the Quantum Leap Exhibit Program/Mount Anthony High School in Bennington, Vermont. We very much look forward to opening up a dialogue with Mssrs O'Reilly, Watters and FOX News - the objective being to help them raise the bar on their brand of journalism. Stand by for more updates! (1/27/15)

TV Weather nonsense: of screen crawl. WJZ-TV lower third crawl every 30 minutes with no updates, had to watch cable. WBFF-TV upper left hand corner with flashing maps and different colors...sorry WMAR didn't see if you joined this. Now when we have an actual serious storm what will you do TV? Guess the morning news will go on at 3am ... no wait a minute, we can just stay on after the network talk shows! And the 11pm live shots can just stay up. Love to watch driving on wet roads. (1/27/15)

Dave's response: "THIS JUST IN TO THE WTOP NEWSROOM - Ding Dong school system 90 minutes from DC will be open 2 hours late." Sheesh.....

Just what we need on WUSA - a clone of the abysmal Fox 5 morning show "Good Day DC". What programming do you think will be canned on WUSA for "Great Day Washington"? (1/27/15)

Rush says it best about the loss of Kit Carson: (1/27/15)

I can receive WMDE channel 36 with a strong signal at my location on the Eastern Shore but the vast majority of the time I get a message stating "signal can't be decoded" so there is nothing but a black screen. I don't like the chances for success for a TV station that few can pick up to begin with and that can't even provide watchable programming for those who can. (1/27/15)

Couric news - Get ready to be touched by a pixie during the Super Bowl: (1/27/15)

If the Post wants to fix or get rid of something it should be the TV Week mag which is a disgraceful piece of garbage that they now charge .50 per week for(up from .15 not too long ago). You can get TV Guide for not much more than that. It's hard to express the rest. The Post should be ashamed. Regards Biff (1/27/15)

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\/ January 26 Messages \/

I am beginning to wonder if the rush to clean out the egg supplies at area grocery stores involved people who were stocking up to take aim at area weather forecasters. Then again, maybe not. The last thing they need is a little more egg on their face. (1/26/15)

Regardless of the retransmission on DC’s WTTD low power channel 49, WMDE on channel 5 has to transmit 10kw full power from the WCEI 96.7 tower across the bay in Maryland. WCEI 96.7 is readily available around parts of Baltimore, so I would think WMDE 36 should be available around some parts near Baltimore. The signal plot towards DC however shows barely touching the office location in DC. WMDE 36 is a full power TV, but where is it must carry? That’s the question. Is it must carry in Philadelphia or will the FCC have to make a decision? It was licensed to Seaford DE in the Salisbury market, but now it’s licensed to Dover, DE in the Philadelphia market. Either way it shouldn’t be must carry in DC or Baltimore and it’s not on any Baltimore area cable system that I’m aware of. (1/26/15)

OK, let's review: channel 36 is licensed to Dover, but transmits from a tower just across the Bay Bridge near Wye Mills, MD, which is retransmitted on low-power channel 49 in DC, which is how they can claim Washington in their promotional blurbs by using virtual channel 36. Plus, according to 36 (or is it 49? lol) transmits from the WRC/WKYS tower on Nebraska Avenue, so maybe it could work, but who knows? Amirite? Sounds iffy to me - - - - - Larry (formerly) in Luray (1/26/15)

Post also ending its Sunday print KidsPost and Mini Page. Remember when they said how important KidsPost was to future readership? (1/26/15)

From the "Make it stop" DCRTV Mailbag: first Joe Franklin now Rush Limbaugh's "Chief of Staff" Kit Carson RIP at 58 from brain cancer. A wookie from Milwaukee who was with Rush from the beginning he was a family man and a great guy. Ok: who is the third of the Triad of Death? (1/26/15)

Does Thom Hartmann do his show from Washington DC or NY? If here, where does he maintain a studio -- the old Dial Global plant east of the US Capitol or in the same building where CSPAN et al live? (1/26/15)

[RE DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: The Washington Post should be ashamed at not having a tribute to JC Hayward's 40+ year TV career. She was a black & female TV news pioneer!] Being a black women has nothing to do with her character or professionalism, She was an excellent reporter and Washingtonian who'll be missed. (1/26/15)

The subject of WMDE has come up before. I just want to try one more time to make it clear that I think it highly unlikely that anyone in the DC area will get WMDE directly. But some of you seem to think it is coming from a broadcast tower in Delaware using VHF Channel 5. The fact is that WTTD a low powered station in the DC area is simulcasting it from Ch.14. The rest of WTTD shows up at Ch. 49 but this subchannel maps to 36.1. So citing the diustance to Delaware or propagation issues of low VHF is not the whole story. As far as I know there is no requirement for cable or satellite to carry LP stations like WTTD. But you can watch it over the air in much of the DC area. (1/26/15)

I’ve posted this before, but I can’t even get WBAL TV 11 with an indoor antenna just a few miles outside the city line, so only the cable systems will be able to pick up WMDE channel 5/36. 10w is what WBAL initially had and even at 27kw, I can’t get them, so no chance of ever getting WMDE unless I build a tower antenna system or something. LOL (1/26/15)

Next AM Drive landing spot for "Jack Diamond"? How about WETA-FM? Or, how about as a co-anchor on WTOP-FM? Actually, he would be a good fit with WTOP-FM's current iteration of "all news". In all seriousness, I hope you get better, Harvey. That surgery is not pleasant. And, is feared by politicians because just the prep causes their IQ to drop an average of 37 points. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (1/26/15)

[RE WaPo ending Capital Business tab:] They are also ending the Mini Page & Kids Post on Sunday (1/26/15)

I think the people at WMDE are smokin' the crack pipe. I thought it had been proven over and over again that VHF doesn't work for digital TV. WMDE's "real" channel is VHF 5 and is virtually on UHF 36. How is it even possible that with 10kw, WMDE is going to serve their COL of Dover DE? Baltimore's WBAL is on real and virtual 11 on VHF with nearly 27kw of power, much higher on a tower. To get that station OTA is a challenge outside of the Baltimore metro. WMDE will be lucky to get coverage on Kabletown in Dover itself, and maybe a couple of lucky places like Chestertown. There is no way that it will be mandatory OTA in any of the Baltimore or DC Cable systems. These people have to remember...just because they have an office in DC, doesn't mean they have a station there. (1/26/15)

I do not think there was ever any doubt about where the Justice Network would end up locally---just a question about when it will wind up there. "Soon" is a bit open ended. although perhaps that is all we can say. (1/26/15)

Regarding WMDE. We are not getting it directly from the WMDE transmitter. It is actually a retransmission coming from WTTD. The PSIP data however makes tour set display it as 36-1. (1/26/15)

[RE the latest "Dave TV":] I found on Amazon a different case that just clamps around the camera not covering the lens or microphones but does create a flat bottom. You just flip a yellow clamp and the camera comes out and you can put it in right side up or upside down. (1/26/15)

REF: [While I'm certain it's a worthy cause, enough is enough with all the media reports and live shots about the polar bear plunge.] I couldn't agree more. WBAL TV had some jerk from their sister station, 98-Rock, on one of the live shots Saturday morning who was so full of himself the alleged reporter even commented about getting re-focused on the event and not him. It could explain why this jackass is sinking 98 Rock's morning show ratings to the depths of the Bay. Make no mistake, Maryland's Special Olympics Program and the kids who are part of it ARE special, but the plunge is some 20 years old now, and, like one of its faithful alleged reporters, Rob Roblin, it's time to move on to something else. (1/26/15)

This got no media attention nor cable carriage yet, nothing in The Sun or the Post, but the area's newest full power TV station did sign on the air, WMDE Channel 36 and now has a website. While licensed to Dover, DE, the signal is from the WCEI tower near the Bay Bridge, with offices in DC & coverage of DC & Baltimore. The station now carries the network "Soul of the South." -- www.BaltoMedia.Net / Balto Media (1/26/15)

Dave's response: Coverage of DC? Living here in Northern Virginia, I can't get any digital off-air TV signals from as "far away" as Annapolis, Baltimore, or Goldvein VA. How am I supposed to get a signal from Easton, on the other side of the Bay? Sheesh. Nobody will be able to watch WMDE here in the DC market unless the area cable companies are forced to carry it.....

Best response ever: "Dave's response: No....." (1/26/15)

Why can't weather people in this town simply admit they blew it...again? (1/26/15)

Isn't it reassuring to know that even on a "blizzard-like" morning like today, our local broadcast news and weather teams are willing to climb out of bed and go on the air a half hour early? I think they do it as payback for Giant and Safeway. (1/26/15)

(QUOTE) Once it closes, Alpha ...[is]... keeping the current employees.(END) Suuuure they are. (1/26/15)

From Tom Taylor Now: “The worst-kept secret” was Alpha’s purchase in Fredericksburg. Free Lance-Star interim CEO Gene Carr told the staff at country WFLS (93.3) and its three sister stations about the deal on Friday morning, acknowledging that the cat’s been out of the bag for a while. (This NOW Newsletter speculated last Wednesday that Friday might indeed be Announcement Day, and has been tracking Larry Wilson’s interest in the Virginia market for months.) It’s a nice strategic fit for Alpha – the biggest cluster in a suburban area south of Washington DC, where the big-market stations don’t sell, and the radio market is mostly divided up between Free Lance-Star and rival Centennial. Wilson calls it “a thriving place that continues to grow.” Alpha’s already active down the I-95 corridor in Richmond (thanks to last year’s pickup of Main Line). Larry tried to capture WFLS and its siblings during last year’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy auction, but was stymied by the credit-bid of Sandton Capital. Sandton pushed out the Rowe family after buying the company’s debt. (Note that the Rowes never missed any payments on their ill-timed 2007 printing-plant loan.) Selling the radio group became inevitable once the FCC refused to give Sandton any kind of cross-ownership waiver, to let it keep both the radio stations plus the Free Lance-Star daily newspaper. The four new stations of Alpha Media – But not quite yet – there won’t be an LMA before closing, so Class B country WFLS (93.3) isn’t likely to be run by Alpha until a probable closing in April. The other stations are Rhythmic “99.3 the Vibe” WVBX Spotsylvania, an A. News/talk WNTX at 1350, running 1,000 watts daytime/37 watts. (The deal probably also contains co-owned 250-watt translator W243BS Fredericksburg, though it’s not mentioned in Friday’s press release.) And there’s classic rock “96.9 the Rock” WWUZ, a class A licensed to Bowling Green, Virginia. “The Rock” was the subject of four indecency complaints to the FCC that came to light during the Chapter 11 process (June 16 NOW). Presumably that’s all going to be resolved by the Spring closing of the deal to Oregon-based Alpha Media. Once it closes, Alpha will operate from the stations’ present space at 616 Amelia Street and it’s keeping the current employees. No deal price announced Friday, but we’ll get that from the FCC filing. Broker – George Reed of Media Services Group. (1/26/15)

On Saturday, I was watching a locally produced program on NewChannel8 and at the end it says Copyright 2015 Allbrition Communications. (1/26/15)

Hi Dave, have you heard if Don Geronimo's brother Jim passed away? Mike O'Meara briefly mentioned something about it on his show Wednesday. (1/26/15)

Hey Dave. Just to throw this out to you. I don't know if you know it, but the audio quality of your last Dave TV video is not that great. It sounds as though the microphone is covered up in all the frequencies are missing except for the very middle frequencies to my ears. The other ones sound fine. It's just this one that sounds strange. Thanks. (1/26/15)

Dave's response: I did use my new Sony Action Cam for that vid and kept the protective outer shell on, which which does limit the audio frequencies a bit.....

I just checked the Wikipedia entry for the Justice Network and it is listed as "coming soon" on WUSA channel 9.3. Also, I've been noticing that while Weather Nation is still airing on that channel, on my Verizon IPG, they are showing what appears to be listings for the Justice Network. This should quash any further discussion as to where Justice Network will end up, don't you think? (1/26/15)

Dave's response: As someone who has cut the cable TV cord, WUSA provides a real public service by providing folks like us with the ONLY broadcast fulltime weather channel in the DC market, now that Doug Hill's Weather Now was axed by WJLA a year or two ago. I really hope that Gannett finds a way to keep WeatherNation among its array of subchannels.....

The Weather Channel did indeed screw up on Friday with showing "When Planes Crash" instead of covering the storm, but the have gotten better lately. Glad to see Alpha Media is picking up the Star Radio Group put of Fredericksburg, now they can get to work improving the air talent situation at 93.3 and 96.9. And just saw some ads on some job search websites for a new show on Channel 9 called "Great Day Washington". (those were on (1/26/15)

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\/ January 25 Messages \/

If you ask the FCC or Congress or Jesse Jackson, Sinclair’s “Cunningham Broadcasting” is minority owned. I think he died, but it’s in a trust or something in his name. So yeah, that’s how the FCC treats minority ownership! HAHA! (1/25/15)

WNEW still looking for an ND? (1/25/15)

I don't care what kind of trouble JC is in, WUSA better give her a proper send off. She deserves that after 43 years. (1/25/15)

Could PGC be a new landing spot for Jack Diamond? (1/25/15)

Dave's response: No.....

'TOP always gets a ratings bump when there's bad weather. Why is that? They're absolutely the worst source for decent weather reporting in the DC area. Example: this evening they're saying "nobody knows" what kind of precipitation we're going to get, or when it's going to start, and "how much you'll get will depend on where you live." You couldn't write that worse if you tried. It's like they're testing their audience to see just how much shit they'll take. (1/25/15)

FANS OF "ADAM SMASHER" (The Smash) of DC-101 fame (and so much more)'s an incredible look at the amazing life of entertainer Asher Benrubi - he's fine (healthier than ever), but just getting some well earned props. A wonderful way to spend 6 minutes! (1/25/15)

Huge snow storm forecast to hit the Northeast tomorrow, and the Weather Channel is showing "Why Planes Crash." (1/25/15)

From the “Make it stop” department of DCRTV’s Mailbag: “Make it stop, Dave, make it stop!” The WTOP header – as usual – is a bit odd (“TV talk show pioneer Franklin, who gave Pacino a chance, dies” makes it sound like poor Joe made Pacino an offer he couldn’t refuse but did and Al took Franklin out) but the content gets it right: “NEW YORK (AP) — Pioneering radio and TV host Joe Franklin, who gave breaks to the likes of Al Pacino and Bill Cosby on his variety show long before they became famous and who boasted he never missed a broadcast in decades, has died at age 88. He died Saturday of cancer, which he had had for a few years, longtime producer and friend Steven Garrin said. Franklin often is credited with developing the standard TV talk show format, sitting behind a desk while interviewing wanna-be celebrities, minor celebrities and the occasional bona fide celebrity. The host of “The Joe Franklin Show” started in TV in 1950. By the early 1990s, he often said, he had chatted with more than 300,000 guests, including Marilyn Monroe, Liza Minnelli and Madonna. But the notables often had to share air time on his low-budget show with a tap-dancing dentist or a man who whistled through his nose. Garrin recalled how Franklin, who was parodied by Billy Crystal on “Saturday Night Live,” hired a young Bette Midler as his studio singer and gave a chance on his show to every up-and-comer trying to make it big: Bruce Springsteen, Woody Allen and Dustin Hoffman among them. “He was a wonderful guy,” Garrin said Sunday. “He gave everybody an opportunity.” Garrin said he remembered how Pacino, after he became a Hollywood movie star, told Franklin in a private meeting: “Joe, why don’t you interview me now that I’m somebody? You interviewed me when I was nobody.” After Franklin’s TV show ended in 1993, he worked on his late-night radio show. He continued to work even after he developed cancer, doing celebrity interviews on the Bloomberg Radio Network. Tuesday was the first scheduled broadcast Franklin had missed in more than 60 years, said Garrin, who worked with him for 20 of those years, booking all his interviews and recording the shows in his studios in Times Square between 1991 and 2010.” Goodbye Joe: (1/25/15)

Now that it is 2015, I have a question for the FCC. Are still going to require Low Power TV Stations to turn in their analog license on 9/1/15? Two years ago, you stated that the LPTV stations on Channel 6 must go digital and turn in their analog licenses on 9/1/15. We have heard that the people who own Channel 6 LPTV Stations have hired lobbyist to lobby the FCC to extend the time limit or waive it? Can the FCC just pass a new law without Congress approval? Since they never have operated as a TV Station, this would be a good license to challenge. The purpose for granting these LPTV stations in the first place was so that minorities could get into TV Station ownership. (1/25/15)

How many TV stations in the United States are owned by minorities? The FCC never publishes this information. (1/25/15)

Glenn Younes - 105.7 The Fan - Why is he no longer on the air? Did he quit or get fired? (1/25/15)

Does anyone know when the Justice Network will launch as a subchannel on WUSA? It is already live on many other Gannett stations. Similarly any speculation on what Sinclair will use as a replacement for the Live Well network on WJLA? (1/25/15)

WASH should go to Christmas / Holiday music 24-7-365. (1/25/15)

Regarding JC Hayward's "retirement", I'm thinking two scenarios. 1) She was really enjoying her time on the beach in Florida. 2) She received a call from the powers that be who "gently" encouraged her to call it a day and retire. So is this retirement effective immediately? (1/25/15)

New VOA Boss talks to NYT... Btw, his comments have stirred up a lot of folks, including Russia (see the latest posts on for details). (1/25/15)

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\/ January 24 Messages \/

Thought you might like this article from reporter (and Terp) Bethany Rodgers of the Frederick News-Post. Remember she was criticized by Frederick City Council member Kirby Delauter earlier this month for using his name in an article. The firestorm it created even ended up with comments on the Rachel Maddow Show! (1/24/15)

[Mediocrity is status quo and acceptable with CBS Radio, apparently] Precisely why they took an excellent Free Form radio station and castrated it until it became the lamest Mainstream AltRock format broadcasting on a walkie talkie. Donnie (1/24/15)

RE: JC Hayward send off. Forget it. It isn't gonna happen. If the suits at WUSA honestly felt she was without sin than they would have given her the proper good bye. Right now they are just cutting their loses and saving themselves some future embarrassment. Down the line they may be thinking about selling that station. They don't need any sign of a past problem to haunt a possible sale. My advice to all her followers is to just simply be glad she didn't get dragged thru the courts. (1/24/15)

JC Hayward says a final goodbye to Channel 9/WUSA after four decades on the DC TV news scene. Alpha buys four stations in Fredericksburg, including WFLS. WASH gets a huge surge in the Holiday radio ratings period with Christmas tunes. Pablo gets pink slipped from WPGC. Is WNEW about to surmount 20th place as it starts its fourth year? In today's "Dave TV"..... (1/24/15)

"This just in at WTOP: it's raining." And then there's this... (1/24/15)

While I'm certain it's a worthy cause, enough is enough with all the media reports and live shots about the polar bear plunge. Again, these reporters and broadcasters make themselves the center of the story with their childish shenanigans and ridiculous costumes. It's as bad as watching them do the ice bucket challenge a few months ago. If you cared about the Special Olympics you'd do more than give it lip service one day a year. Shame on you for your lack of attention to those who really deserve it: the special needs children who compete in the Special Olympics. (1/24/15)

Oh how Baltimore misses Ron Smith. The watering down of the talent pool is evident on his station every Saturday morning. A tediously dull wanna be talk show host, the same droning professor, and the same hack politician named Brochin. Please give us something better. Even the Ehrlichs were more entertaining than this boring line-up. (1/24/15)

The news of JC Hayward's retirement from WUSA-9 after 43 years is somewhat of a shock. JC being a fixture to the DC television market and to channel 9 all these years. It would be fitting for WUSA-9 to at least give her a proper sendoff, allowing her to speak to the viewers from her heart, farewell messages from other local media personalities and other movers and shakers, and a final look back at her remarkable career (of most memorable stories and events, to one-on-one interviews, community involvement, and so on)... giving WUSA-9 viewers a sense of closure. The most memorable moment was when Glenn Brenner (God rest his soul) had the on-air joke of the Shanghai Gardens calling and wanting her dress back, and JC laughing. Here's the video... That was classic. I certainly wish JC all the best on the next chapter of her life. (1/24/15)

This just in at WTOP: it's raining. (1/24/15)

[RE PGC morning shows: Big Tigger, Big Tigger and Free, Free, Pablo and Free, The Pablo Show, and now ???? Its a management issue IMO] Having worked for that cluster, I can absolutely guarantee it's the management. Especially the current regime of the Steve's (Swenson/Davis.) Problem is, those guys do no wrong. Swenson was brought in to create a 1010 WINS for DC with WNEW, which he has failed to do successfully. Davis has his head so far up Swenson's butt, you get the idea. And Dan Mason looks the other way. Mediocrity is status quo and acceptable with CBS Radio, apparently. (1/24/15)

Tony Verna, Who Started Instant Replay and Remade Sports Television, Dies at 81 - - Before the Army-Navy football game of 1963, Mr. Verna, the inventor of instant replay, puzzled out a method to rewind videotape and immediately run it again. (1/24/15)

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\/ January 23 Messages \/

Re WRQX: Where do we send our resumes and airchecks when the turnaround specialist flies in? (1/23/15)

Proud to say I worked with JC (and Leslie too) She is a legend in this town. (1/23/15)

It’d be wonderful if WUSA would let JC come back for one final newscast before the retirement is official. (1/23/15)

Re: "Disneyland/World Parks ... Do they wipe any of those rides/metal rails/walls or anything down?" Every night. "After dark, the dirty work at Disneyland begins. A crew of 600 custodians, painters, gardeners and decorators works 365 nights a year to ensure that the 85-acre park meets Walt Disney’s squeaky-clean ideals. May 02, 2010|By Hugo Martín, Los Angeles Times. When the last Jungle Cruise boat docks for the night and lights fade to black on Sleeping Beauty's Castle, the real work begins. At lush Pixie Hollow, gardeners don miner's headlamps as they begin uprooting stubborn weeds. On Main Street, custodians scrape chewing gum off the sidewalk. And over at Mickey's Toontown, painters sand and recoat chipped handrails. Few see it happen, except perhaps for the dozens of feral cats that emerge from their hiding places to prowl the park after hours, stalking rodents. Welcome to the dark side of Disneyland. Gone are Mickey and his friends. In their place are about 600 custodians, painters, gardeners and decorators, working to ensure that the 85-acre park meets the squeaky-clean ideals that Walt Disney himself extolled even before he launched the park 55 years ago." ~~ Blair in Alexandria. I have no financial stake in this. (1/23/15)

rumors are swirling out of CUMULUS WRQX. The station is basically on autopilot, also known as life support. the massive decline in cash and ratings will not be sustainable for much longer. (1/23/15)

[So Google Chairman Eric Schmidt says “The Internet(s) will disappear...] What Schmidt means here I think is that the internet will become so ubiquitous that it will disappear like air does for land dwellers and water does for fish. Reminds me of the Phillip K. Dick novel "Ubik." (1/23/15)

[RE PGC morning shows:] Big Tigger, Big Tigger and Free, Free, Pablo and Free, The Pablo Show, and now ???? Its a management issue IMO (1/23/15)

I've a weird question. How many themes did WJZ use for their "late night movie"? I know of two, but I remember one I can't find on YT (1/23/15)

how many morning shows has WPGC been through since Donnie Simpson? (1/23/15)

Is Chicago's numbers gonna be a bad omen for the DC and Baltimore markets? From Tom Taylor Now: Chicago radio revenue slid 10% last year. Ouch – that’s the Miller Kaplan report on what Robert Feder calls “A terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad year” for the local industry. The Miller Kaplans show total radio income from all sources slumping from $419,715,000 to $376,231,000. Only one station in the top ten was up (WGN), and its gain was minimal, two-tenths of a percent. The #1 billing cluster is CBS and the market’s top biller is its all-news/NFL Bears flagship WBBM/WCFS. Even it was down 6.5%, from $41,969,000 to $39,215,000. While the #2 biller, Hubbard’s hot AC “Mix” WTMX really got roughed up, down 17.4% from $37,459,000 to $30,925,000. In fact, those are the only two stations billing more than $30 million. The #3 biller was Tribune’s talk WGN, up two-tenths of a percent to $29,266,000. (One positive factor - the NHL Blackhawks.) Fourth was CBS’ top 40 “B96” WBBM-FM (down about 10% to $22,695,000). And fifth was all-sports clustermate “Score” WSCR, down 11.5% to $21,957,000. The rest of the Windy City’s top ten – CBS-owned country “US 99.5” WUSN (down 8.6% to $21,176,000). Top 40 “Kiss” WKSC, the first iHeart station on the list (down 13.2% at $20,183,000). iHeart’s urban AC “V103” WVAZ (down 11.4% at $19,515,000). Univision’s regional Mexican WOJO (down 12.8% to $18,490,000). And iHeart’s urban WGCI, down 4.1% to $18,184,000. (1/23/15)

"So Google Chairman Eric Schmidt says “The Internet(s) will disappear” and I wondered, “What will DCRTVDJDAVE do then?” Yes and the "Radio is Dead" guy said the same thing about AM several years ago. I was in South Dakota recently doing some set up for the 58th quadrennial U.S. Presidential Election. Some of these area's barely have internet connections and some have none. I was introduced to a polling official who said he was "looking forward to getting Internet one day". It will be a long time before "the Internet will disappear". Just like AM radio, its here for a while. (1/23/15)

Do you work in sales for Cumulus? Cumulus Corporate Atlanta Considering Cutting Sales Commissions Rates in Half? Begin in San Francisco? #DickeysRDicks (1/23/15)

Someone posted this trailer on my Facebook feed. Looks like an awesome documentary about the studio musicians behind the hits we grew up with, along the lines of Standing in the Shadows of Motown, from 2002. (1/23/15)

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