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\/ December 21 Messages \/

ok so am I the only one who feels like every time WASH FM comes back from a break they play Mariah Carey's "all I want for XMAS is you?". I swear I have noticed this for the 10 years they have been doing their month long of Xmas music. I turned them on for the FIRST time this holiday and sure enough, right after a commercial break -- that damn song! (12/21/14)

Dave's response: I've been humming that song all morning. They play it over and over at my local Starbucks.....

The New York Times recalls the imperfect radio and TV reception of the past. (12/21/14)

I'm not sure if this is something which is already known but I'm hearing WUSA will no longer carry WeatherNation and that Justice Network is taking that spot. WN could move to WJLA which some other Sinclair affiliates like WBFF have picked up. (12/21/14)

After getting my bill for January for Xfinity of over $200 when 2 years ago it was just over $100, me and my wife decided to cut the TV cord keeping just the internet. Working on Antenna connections and have Roku and Apple TV. We will survive! Charlie / Alexandria (12/21/14)

Dear WNEW: It will be three years soon you have been on the air. I've been a big advocate of yours since the start. However, I was upset driving home tonight and hearing your station play a national football game instead of breaking news involving the nut job from Maryland killing NYPD. You are basically a Maryland-centric operation now, right? I seriously thought (stupid me) your CBS news service was going to be great competition for WTOP and make both stations better for it. I was wrong and now I realize it. When WNEW finally realizes what it wants to be, let me know. Until then, I'm going back to WTOP full-time. (12/21/14)

""While I agree that the writer should give it a break" Now we see who the real "hypocrite" is, huh? Webster defines "hypocrite as: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs." Your post speaks volumes about you. What we hate in others, is what we hate the most about ourselves. Careful now that judgmental attitude is exposing the real you. Ta-Da" I understand that reading comprehension is difficult, but clearly my point is simply ignore his posts like you tell him to avoid WBAL. Not that hard to understand. (12/21/14)

/\ December 21 Messages /\

\/ December 20 Messages \/

This week's NFL TV maps. Of interest is that Steelers fans will be quite upset that the Harrisburg & DC markets are both forced to carry the Ravens early CBS game instead by NFL rules.The FOX game is Giants/Rams in Baltimore, Falcons/Saints in DC and Lions/Bears on Delmarva & PA. The CBS late game is mostly Colts/Cowboys almost nationally. The Redskins are of course on NFL Network Saturday. The evening game on CBS with the Chargers does have Ravens playoff implications. For those who don't get the NFL Network just outside of the DC area, the Eagles/Redskins game stream is here... (12/20/14)

If you missed it, this was WBAL TV Rob Roblin's last week on Channel 11 so they did a retrospective all week long with some hard news clips, some goofy clips, Rob doing the weather even. It's classic TV going back 45 years to the Action News 11 Days! Definitely worth watching. --BaltoMedia.Net / Balto Media (12/20/14)

Thank you Dave for your great service. Without DCRTV we would not be informed about the local broadcasting news in DC. It is nice to know what is happening here in our own backyard. Remember, DCRTV does not get any funding from our government. He depends on you. Please think of him at Christmas. (12/20/14)

Dave's response: Awww, thanks.....

I regularly tune into ch5 and the weekend news..(can't stand to watch Angie Goff) and they seem to frequently have issues with the prompter. That's probably what happened bc Wisdom and Annie are some of the better ones. A few others on mornings/evenings struggle reading the news on a daily basis and it's irritating. As far as entertaining viewers vs news - I prefer ch5 bc they do both. (12/20/14)

The weekend morning news on Fox5 just seems to have a lot missing. The on air crew seem like a second string group. There also seems to be a lack of chemistry between Wisdom & Annie. They seem to want to entertain the audience vs. giving the news. And when they do read the news, it seems like such a challenge for them. Don't know if there are issues with the teleprompter or not, but on too many occasions they seem to be struggling to read what's on it. Will be watching channel 4 on the weekends going forward...Oh, also, why is the weekday morning crew now sitting at the anchor desk during the Good Day DC show? Considering Good Day DC was supposed to be a more casual & relaxed show, thought that's why they moved over to that casual set at 9am. And if I'm not mistaken, I think the week before they stopped using that set, Allison was saying something about how casual and relaxed the good Day set was. Seems like they now only use the Good Day DC set for interviews. (12/20/14)

"While I agree that the writer should give it a break" Now we see who the real "hypocrite" is, huh? Webster defines "hypocrite as: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs." Your post speaks volumes about you. What we hate in others, is what we hate the most about ourselves. Careful now that judgmental attitude is exposing the real you. Ta-Da (12/20/14)

Westwood One…..the solid, reliable, dependable NEWS brand…………NOT. Westwood has destroyed more News, Sports and Traffic jobs than anybody else in Radio. (12/20/14)

I am amused by all the rants about the WBAL poster. While I agree that the writer should give it a break, all of you who rant at him/her to change the station should follow your own advice: If you see a post with WBAL in it skip it. Are you forced to read them? Are you too stupid to not read them? I skip over most of the posts because the topic doesn't interest me. I guess you guys are just as incapable as the BAL ranter to pass by something you don't like. Stop being hypocrites. (12/20/14)

I guess the dude who whines about the 'BAL basher must be someone who works there, otherwise he'd be whining about all the other "WHO FUCKING CARES" posts over and over about Don Geronimo, WMAL, Brian Wilson, Rush Limbaugh, Jack Diamond, etc etc. that no one outside the DC market gives one rat's ass about either. Now, if you'll excuse me a minute, I'm headed off to an event tonight that's themed "Peace on Earth...Goodwill Toward Man." I'll save ya a seat. (12/20/14)

/\ December 20 Messages /\

\/ December 19 Messages \/

The Washington, D.C., Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists is now accepting applications for its annual Dateline Awards Contest. As always, please remember that you do not need to be a member of SPJ to enter your work. But SPJ has many benefits for professional journalists. For full details, click here. The contest is open to both print and broadcast media outlets throughout the D.C. metropolitan area. This includes the District of Columbia; Alexandria, Fredericksburg, Arlington, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudon, Stafford and Prince William counties in Virginia; and counties throughout Maryland. The contest has been updated to add new categories, including some for social media. Entry criteria may be found at The entry form may be found at Entries will be judged by journalists and related professionals whose primary assignments do not include local news. These judges will nominate entries worthy of the Robert D.G. Lewis Watchdog Award, which is presented to an applicant in any award classification whose entry best exemplifies journalism aimed at protecting the public from abuses by those who would betray the public trust. All entries must be postmarked by February 27, 2015. Awards will be presented to the winners at The Hall of Fame/Dateline Awards on June 9, 2015, at the National Press Club. To enter, please fill out the enclosed form and mail it with your entry and your entry fee of $30, made out to the Washington, D.C., Pro Chapter of SPJ, to: Joyce Wang-Chia, 14217 Bauer Dr., Rockville, MD 20853... If you have any questions about the competition, feel free to email me at I look forward to receiving your entries. Cordially, Joyce Wang... SPJ DC Dateline Awards Contest (12/19/14)

Is CBS making well planned moves lately or does it seem like they're losing fingernails trying to stop the tumble down the cliff? (12/19/14)

When you go into the "Local" area on the new WTOP website, some of the counties have no stories at all. Just blank pages. I do like the retro look of the whole web page though. Looks like they saved a pretty penny by not cluttering up the site with "content" and "news." Just some bland logos and about 95% of the stuff from their former website deleted. Job well done. (12/19/14)

If you're going to read only one radio-related story before the end of 2014, let it be this one: then shaddap about radio being dead. (12/19/14)

"Tenacious Topper Shutt"... for WUSA, that's being very creative. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (12/19/14)

Looks like WNEW is off ABC News, just heard a "Westwood News for All News 99.1" Correspondent this morning with Nathan Hager. (12/19/14)

Why all the bitching about the new & improved WTOP website? I didn't have any trouble clicking on the the "Listen live" and getting a good audio feed. Stories are easy to review and read. Don't care for the pop-up in the lower right corner but otherwise its an improvement. Can't please all the people, all the time huh? (12/19/14)

/\ December 19 Messages /\

\/ December 18 Messages \/

OK, the FCC dismissed Professor Banzaf’s petition to deny license renewal of Dan Snyder’s WWXX-FM. A victory for common sense. Satan must either be shivering or looking for a parka… -Unsigned Corporate Suit (12/18/14)

Carson, so glad to hear your basement studio is delivering for you. I'm sorry I didn't have more time to help you back when you first got started building it. -Pilot of the Airwaves (12/18/14)

Just saw a promo on channel 9 promoting their chief meteorologist as "Tenacious Topper Shut." Is that the best they could come up with. (12/18/14)

From Hank Steuver's Thursday chat: "My hometown is Buffalo and I still regularly read their newspaper. I've noticed that their TV writer covers the goings-on at the local TV news affiliates - who's coming and going, ratings, etc. I've not noticed this coverage in the Post." - Hmmm, no mention of DCRTV, how they gonna play a playa like that. - Zombie Slovak Republic (12/18/14)

Those morons in CBS management should all get giant lumps of coal for Christmas after axing Mary Anne Perry. For once I'd like to see someone in management get the boot, maybe right at Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, just to see what it feels like. My wish is that Mary Anne finds another gig -- an even better one -- soon. She's such a class act and I'll always have fond memories of working with her back when WLIF was a really good station. Bill Powers, Las Vegas (12/18/14)

The redesigned WTOP website looks nice. Still no actual App to listen via a mobile phone though. There is a telephone number to call, for what amounts to a mid-20th Century technology "listen line," but the audio quality is truly horrible. C'mon, WTOP! Are you gonna be a cutting edge player in a major radio market or not?!? You people are billing a shitload of money. Certainly you have the resources to hire someone to come up with an App! The listen link offered on the website doesn't work on my vintage iBook G4, probably owing to limitations on what OS or related software/applications I'm able to run. I did figure out a workaround, so I could get a live stream going on my iTunes player, by pasting the proper http address to access the mp3 livestream redirect. I haven't tried using that http on my iPhone iTunes player yet, but it'll likely work there too. Still, WTOP should offer a damn App and save people the hassle. (12/18/14)

WTOP needs a refund for their new website. It is unreadable and appears to be shouting at us. What a waste of money. I won't be using it again until they fix it. (12/18/14)

I don’t like WTOP’s re-designed website. Too much clicking around to find what I want. And it doesn’t load properly on my iPad. Bring back the old site! (12/18/14)

Coincidence? One day after a Mailbagger berated "local voices" on the DC area's two Sports Talk station (an email I agreed with 100%), WTEM is running the ESPN network feed instead of their usual dreck. That's the lineup they should be doing: ESPN for am drive, then Kornheiser, then back to the network for middays. Brian Mitchell and Doc Walker just don't cut it. (12/18/14)

[What's wrong with radio?] Short answer: It does not address the end customer- Listeners! Ad revenue may be the goal of the sales department but advertisement broadcast to people who aren't listening is not only useless but ridiculous. A mere,somtimes,listener. (12/18/14)

"what's wrong with alleged (old) news 1090" Jesus-flippin-Christ, if you don't like WBAL, DON"T FUCKING LISTEN! Your daily rants about this anchor or that commercial or this story or that no one local did it, NO FUCKING BODY CARES. Between DC and Baltimore there must be more than 120 stations (signals receivable) but based on this blog all you see is one station, WBAL. One person is constantly, repeatedly numerous times a day bitchin about. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE STATION there is knob (not including you) that will relieve your pain. One knob that turns it off or turns it down. USE IT! Stop splattering us with your verbal masturbation about what you dislike about WBAL. I haven't listened to AM radio for a decade. You must be the only tool that still does. WBAL means about as much as the Confederate Army does to anyone. Long lost history that no one cares about. Both are losers and so are you for whining, complaining and bothering us with it several times a day. STOP LISTENING TO WBAL YOU IDIOT! (12/18/14)

WTOP's new website is an example of what's wrong not just with WTOP, but with too many businesses in the U.S. They've abandoned what works for something new and different -and fails. Trouble is, the new website isn't as user friendly and loads even more slowly than the old one. They've complicated the simple. Pity WNEW's website is even worst. Otherwise, it would be more drip, drip, drip. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (12/18/14)

I was listening to Mark Levin last night and he was talking about how we need to support our police, fire and rescue, and all first responders. All I kept thinking about durring Mark's lecture was, "then pay your damn property taxes, Mark!" (12/18/14)

And you also forgot to add "Why do Mark Levin and Landmark Legal Foundation hate the troops, too!" Genghis Cohen, who also uses the roads in cool and slightly windy Loudon County... (12/18/14)

REF: [What's wrong with radio?] Dude, there isn't enough space on this page to answer that one, nor explain what's wrong with alleged (old) news 1090. First of all, Kristy McIntyre is NOT a seasoned newsperson, nor does she have a career in broadcast news locally. Just another cheap hire of a former "personality" dragged off the bottom shelf of "has-beens," like so many in the business now. It reinforces the "Barnum & Bailey" theory on station ownership, as this three-ring circus rolls through town every day on a powerful 50,000 watt signal staffed with 250-watt, daytime radio caliber help. They're done, because, among other reasons, AM radio is done. I mean, honestly, when is the last time someone climbed into your car and asked to listen to AM radio and all that babbling bullshit it pukes up now with predominantly out-of-town voices who are old and tired. One more comment on what's wrong with radio: Mary Anne Perry, cut loose from the CBS cluster in Baltimore a week before Christmas. How pathetic is that? I hope she wins PowerBall, buys the group, and fires everyone in it one minute before their next pay day. Better yet, make it Christmas day, and make 'em all feel really proud to have been a part of CBS, Cheap Bastard Shitheads. (12/18/14)

I've been a regular reader of the DCRTV Mailbag since the beginning, and have rarely seen such obsession as the poster giving us daily (or more) updates on WBAL Radio's shortcomings as a news operation, according to his unforgiving standards. Does anybody else here find this just a little too weird? Jeez, pal, these folks are trying to make a damn AM station work in 2014-15 when most people can't. If WBAL(AM) is making any money at all, they should be partying every night. If you think you can do better, alert Hearst and become a candidate to take a run at it. If you want to discover other AM stations that aren't working, pick any of them at random. But we all have AM radios, ourselves. Somewhere here... or maybe in the attic. We can listen to bad radio, ourselves, if we want. Dave, do we have to be assaulted by this guy's daily rants about godforsaken WBAL? It's just the same shit every day. Could you maybe just give us his "WBAL Rant of the Month?" (12/18/14)

Public Radio has had tremendous gains in audience in the past few years. Look at WAMU and WETA. That is great! Should our federal government continue to subsidize them with our TAX DOLLARS? They have more revenue than any of the struggling AM Radio Stations. What have they done to revitalize AM? NOTHING...... just a lot of talk and no action. If AM is to survive they must do something now or just discontinue it completely. "No one is listening to it anymore". (12/18/14)

What's wrong with radio? Take this for example. Kristy somebody on newsradio 1090 did a report today that talked about "yesterday." In years gone by, saying "yesterday" was an absolute no-no for an industry that prided itself on its immediacy. Then, to make matters worse, in the middle of her report she plays a portion of a newsmaker. And who was the newsmaker? WBAL-TV's Lowell Melser! My God lady. You couldn't pick up the phone and do your own interview with a real newsmaker? And from Lowell Melser's report you couldn't choose the soundbite of a newsmaker. Add that to the list of reasons why there's just no need to tune in anymore. Someone the other day talked about the station being purchased by Barnun and Bailey. It certainly isn't being run by anyone who knows anything about broadcast journalism (12/18/14)

Mr Plante said he was discussing racist Cuba in the morning meeting. Yes it is true that there are exactly the same number of African decent Cubans in the government there as are on the air locally at WMAL. Just like Mr Plante says "was it a black man?". (12/18/14)

NYT article has several Radio One mentions. This format sounds like a good fit for DC. (12/18/14)

the things you find online... Howard Stern in blackface with Petey Green on WDCA (1981) (12/18/14)

Hi Dave, I think you mentioned a few months ago that this may happen, but I'm listening to WMAL right now and it looks like they are doing local news at the top of the hour and have dropped ABC news. Know anything? (12/18/14)

Dave's response: Covered that in a 12/2 newsblurb.....

On the new WTOP website it looks like they have removed the "comments" feature, at least I did not see it on the 4 stories I clicked this morning. -Maryland City Mike (12/18/14)

What the hell happened to WTOP's website? (12/18/14)

It's a fickle business, this radio thing. Not like the old days where you may start with a station and stay 10, 20 or more years. People even used to RETIRE from the same place where they started. Not just on air people but those behind the scenes, engineers, sales, secretaries. When you walk in the door you know its a business first, but a different kind of business. Your talent and skills are weighed so differently. Its very subjective. So far 6 friends have lost jobs this month! (In DC-Baltimore) Two have found new jobs. Hard to say who should be let go or why someone should be hired. Bottom line is- its a way for other people to make money, off of other peoples work.Sad time of year to let folks go who have sounded so great on air. Chin up, other places are still hiring talented radio people. (12/18/14)

WRQX's blowhard, Rob Carson extolling his extensive following is funny. RQX, along with Cumulus are losing ground. Today's close of $4.12 per share is sad for a company that size. Maybe time that the 3 Stooges, Pinch, Bradley and Hess get real jobs! (12/18/14)

What in the hell is a social share TV rating? (12/18/14)

/\ December 18 Messages /\

\/ December 17 Messages \/

Yes, Mary Anne Perry was let go from CBS. They chose not to renew her contract effective immediately. As for the website not reflecting the changes, I'm sure that memo never made it to the other side of the building. Hell, half of the sales staff still call the station Lite FM. Another note, Scott Davies put in his two weeks notice. He is leaving Mix 1065 and nights on New Country 106.1. New Country has been a sinking ship, its sad. The place had potential, but with the current management in that building it is just a pet project. No promotions and the music is far from being "new." Hell, I can hear new stuff on WXCY first. (12/17/14)

The troublesome aspect with the Landmark Legal Foundation is that their tax exempt application was pulled by the applicant (LLF) once someone (Supervisor Kenneth Reid) started asking questions. Landmark refused to answer the questions, and Mark Levin berated Mr. Reid twice on Mark’s national talk radio planted caller-fest. Amazingly, Landmark did not refile, knowing, if they did, they would have to answer questions on the benefits they provided the Loudoun County community. Then, Supervisor Scott York takes it upon himself to put the application back in the pile and approve it. Was Mr. York afraid of another Mark Levin tirade against him? If this is all sounding Deja Vou, it is part of the plan that has been perfected over the years. A) Start a foundation, political movement, think tank, association, Super-PAC, B) apply for tax exempt status (so you don’t have to pay taxes), C) if granted-Great!, if not-yell your head off! D) collect contributions from “conservatives” who don’t like smart people, sell junk stuff, and simplistic books, write a white paper or two to make you seem legit, E) collect more money from “conservatives. F) spend 60-70% of income on “consultants and marketing.” (you and your friends). G) Don’t pay taxes. This strategy has been used by Ollie North, Mark Levin, the Tea party Express, Tea Party Patriots, the Patriot Movement, Sarah Palin, Mitch McConnell, Bob Dornan, Red State, and dozens of associations associated with Gene Delguadio and Anne E.W. Stone. (the EW, I always thought, stood for “Eternal Whiner.”). (12/17/14)

On his final CBS Sports Radio show this morning (carried locally on 1580-AM), John Feinstein criticized PTI co-hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon for continuing to use the name ‘Redskins’ despite having publicly expressed the view that it should be changed. While I’m not sure about ESPN’s policies, there’s little doubt that Dan Snyder’s Red Zebra network won’t tolerate any form of public protest by its on-air talent – hosts can dissent from the party line (as Kornheiser and Andy Pollin have done) as long as they keep referring to the team as ‘Redskins’ (as opposed to ‘Washington’ or ‘the local NFL team’) while limiting discussion of the topic to a bare minimum. Clearly, Kornheiser’s not nearly as passionate about this issue as either Feinstein or Mike Wise or he’d have parted company with ESPN 980 long ago – I suspect that the Washington Post’s refusal to change its policy regarding the name (other than for the editorial page) played at least some role in Wise’s recent decision to leave the newspaper. Meanwhile, Kevin Sheehan continues to make a fool of himself with bizarre caller topics like “would you trade the name for five straight winning seasons?” (incredibly he wouldn’t) while you can forget about any socially responsible content on the afternoon drive show co-hosted by Al Galdi, Steve Czaban and Chris Cooley (all staunch opponents of any change). Czaban has actually said that any time spent on the topic would aid the name change proponents because ‘they crave attention’ – in other words, thinking (wrongly) that ignoring the issue will help make it go away. Mike, Fairfax (12/17/14)

Mary Anne Perry also posted on her FB page. Contract not renewed. I guess she didn't kiss Labrozzi's ass enough. CBS Baltimore has to be the worst area cluster to work for. Part time talent making 10 or 12 bucks an hour. Board ops working more hours than they get paid for. It's radio Walmart. Meanwhile, convicted felons keep their jobs. Makes no sense. (12/17/14)

“If Mary Anne Perry was really dropped from the morning show, somebody forgot to tell the webmaster. Ed Graham”…Who knows, Ed. They may have canned the webmaster too (12/17/14)

If Mary Anne Perry was really dropped from the morning show, somebody forgot to tell the webmaster. Ed Graham (12/17/14)

If you took the very best local "talent" from WJFK and WTEM and combined them into one station, that station would STILL suck beyond all belief. Two truly unlistenable stations, sporting some of the worst on-air people I've ever heard, anywhere, and I include college stations in that equation. Kornheiser is alright, but he's off the air about half the year. The Junkies would make sense if they were on overnights instead of A.M. drive. All of the other local voices on the stations are gawdawful; lots of bad voices, inane, boring patter, zero mic skills, etc etc etc. The armies of Redskin "analysts" should all be fired, except one or two at each station who should be doing 30 minutes pre- and post-game, not 20+ hours a week. If someone can teach Chris Cooley to talk less and say more -- and cure his jackassitis -- he might be worth a probation period, but every other ex-jock on both stations needs to be put out to pasture. Of course, the obvious one that everyone in town seems to agree on: Larry Michael is THE WORST PLAY BY PLAY MAN IN THE NFL AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN SHIT-CANNED FOUR COACHES AGO. Finally, neither station has anyone on staff with any real insight into baseball, basketball, hockey or soccer. Interest in the always shitty Redskins has plummeted in the last two years, so it doesn't take a giant brain to realize it would be a good idea to stop focusing on them 24/7/365. I know WTEM is owned by Snyder et al and so it won't ever work properly...but what's WJFK's excuse for putting this excrement on the air? Hey, dumbshits! NOBODY'S LISTENING (12/17/14)

So, Rob Carson claims he's heard by 20-40 million people WEEKLY, yet has 390 followers on Twitter?! Riiiight! Good one, Rob! Those weekend show "Empire" checks could probably buy him more followers on Twitter, right? Congrats on the home studio, and consider it a blessing that MIX fired you... WRQX is a wasteland where on-air and sales talent go to get embarrassed... and eventually fired! I'd rather be a freelancer in my basement, than at WRQX, where money and ratings continue to be shown the door! (12/17/14)

Silently and sadly, Today's 101.9 in Baltimore has cut Mary Anne Perry from the morning show. No one here seems to have noticed. The corresponding budget cut means that the head honchos at CBS Baltimore will be able to have their clothes tailored for another year, not to mention have their cars detailed in front of the entire staff. We now resume your regular overanalyzing of WBAL. (12/17/14)

Dave, I am surprised you missed this one. Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted to extend Mark Levin's nutty "Landmark Legal Foundation" tax exempt status, even though LLF does nothing to help the Loudoun community. When LLF was asked "what good do you do for the community?," Mark Levin withdrew his tax exempt application request. The Board gave LLF tax exempt status anyway, saving LLF $8,000.00 a year. So, can LLF go on and can feel safe with county services like the Sherriff's office, fire stations nearby, and rescue squad availability if they need it. Mark can also benefit with county road maintenance. According to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, Landmark Legal Foundation does not need to pay their fair share for all these services Loudoun County offers. Typical teabagger, wants the services government has to offer, complains about the administration of these services, and doesn't want to pay for it. Read more (12/17/14)

After listening to alleged news radio 1090 this morning, I am convinced Barnum & Bailey has acquired it from Hearst. The clowns in the morning are running the show, while sadly, the new GM thinks it's "The Greatest Show on Earth!" Jim Russ is all they have over there, and if he isn't under contract, he should be before WNEW offers him one. And, don't rule out WTOP, once Marbourg retires. They'd be foolish not to put him under contract and put him on the air as the King of "RussH Hour!" (12/17/14)

Dave, we are trying to retire the debt on our film, which was shown to 100,000 people in the mid atlantic region... we are selling a limited edition dvd - Just in time for xmas, The Bayou DC's Killer Joint a limited edition... Go to Dave Lilling, The Bayou: DC's Killer Joint (12/17/14)

Sarah Fraser is co-hosting Good Day DC (10 AM hour only) for the remainder of the week. (12/17/14)

Dave's response: It's probably smart to keep the TV thing going in case the radio thing doesn't work out.....

Does anyone know if Holly Morris is as loud and obnoxious off camera as she is when she's in front of it? I want to think that constant hyperactivity and laugh is an act..Also, what happened to the Good Day DC set? At 9am Steve, Allison & Sarah no longer move over there, but remain sitting at their anchor desk. (12/17/14)

jack to celebrate new years back in dc? (12/17/14)

"---and attract WHO with those ads? A bunch of radio people? You make no sense" You noticed that too? Gotta love these self appointed haters, who think they know the business giving useless, pointless, clueless media advice. This one Geronimo hater has overstepped his expertise and pay level. (12/17/14)

/\ December 17 Messages /\

\/ December 16 Messages \/

Although I'm not someone who ordinarily defends Jack Diamond, the link to the "November" ratings posted earlier in the Mailbag reflected listenership BEFORE Jack started at WLS-FM. Sorry to rain on your hate parade. (12/16/14)

RE: " If it were based upon prudent, new media common sense, Sorce would be at the very least, running aggressive display ad's/contests with DCRTV. Live & learn other podcasters. Don't run your global podcast like a regional radio station."---and attract WHO with those ads? A bunch of radio people? You make no sense. (12/16/14)

" Don't run your global podcast like a regional radio station" Just curious, what do you know about running a "regional radio station"? Have you ever run a radio station? Have you even worked in a radio station? If so which one? Inquiring minds want to know. (12/16/14)

Turned on Good Day DC this morning and Sara Frazier is on there with Steve Chenevey interviewing some performers..So is Sara now a regular on the show?.. (12/16/14)

[RE Jack Diamond:] Check out how WLS-FM has performed lately. Ouch. (12/16/14)

New year. Same ole' customer acquisition mistakes:: If the bad paid subscription business model was not enough, starting in January, the Don Geronimo Podcast will have 3 gigantic electronic billboard ad's running in the San Francisco/Sacramento Bay Area. Ego is driving this Mike Sorce business decision. If it were based upon prudent, new media common sense, Sorce would be at the very least, running aggressive display ad's/contests with DCRTV. Live & learn other podcasters. Don't run your global podcast like a regional radio station. (12/16/14)

WJFK 106.7, the Fan: Not great but much better than WTEM 980. (12/16/14)

The weeklong Rob Roblin farewell is underway with a 1982 film flashback featuring him jumping into a hot tub. Someone, please tell me that we are NOT in for four more days of this numb nuts non-news nonsense. (12/16/14)

Both WAMU and WNEW are waving white flags at WTOP. WAMU gives up on traffic reports outside those few by Naples, Florida resident Jerry Edwards. WAMU cannot match the powerhouse 24-hour in-station WTOP Traffic Center. And the CBS challenger now plays games and carries paid infomercials. Now WTOP is the ONLY all-news station in Washington, DC. (12/16/14)

I look at Comcast's rate hike for February 2015 and how it will increase the price for my internet-only service and how it will still be way more expensive for me to add TV services. Plus, MSNBC announces that it will start a streaming service. In today's "Cord Cutter"..... (12/16/14)

[From DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: I dunno. Is it the Junks' tired schtick? Grant Paulen's whiny voice? Or Chad Dukes' charisma-less personality. WJFK really REALLY sucks.....] I'm just happy to have FM sports talk that is live and local for most of the day. It isn't always good, but it's WAY better than 980. (12/16/14)

[From DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: I dunno. Is it the Junks' tired schtick? Grant Paulen's whiny voice? Or Chad Dukes' charisma-less personality. WJFK really REALLY sucks.....] they should play some music (12/16/14)

[From DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: I dunno. Is it the Junks' tired schtick? Grant Paulen's whiny voice? Or Chad Dukes' charisma-less personality. WJFK really REALLY sucks.....] Would you prefer Mike Wise returning? (12/16/14)

[From DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: I dunno. Is it the Junks' tired schtick? Grant Paulen's whiny voice? Or Chad Dukes' charisma-less personality. WJFK really REALLY sucks.....] I've always hated the Junkies and Chad Dukes. I tuned out long ago. (12/16/14)

[From DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: I dunno. Is it the Junks' tired schtick? Grant Paulen's whiny voice? Or Chad Dukes' charisma-less personality. WJFK really REALLY sucks.....] I listen for grant and Danny. Junkies and dukes are awful. At least grant has some reporter chops. (12/16/14)

[From DCRTV's Twitter & Facebook pages: I dunno. Is it the Junks' tired schtick? Grant Paulen's whiny voice? Or Chad Dukes' charisma-less personality. WJFK really REALLY sucks.....] Junks are fine. They are Entertaining. Not a fan of G&D and Chad Dukes stinks on Ice. (12/16/14)

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\/ December 15 Messages \/

WAMU traffic surrender means they will get ALL their traffic reports from Naples Florida! So if you drive on Alligator Alley, listen to them.... (12/15/14)

Why don't u have Baltimore radio ratings anymore ?????????????????????????? (12/15/14)

Dave's response: My source has moved west.....

Apparently WJLA has figured out the Redskins Quarterback situation during todays’ 5pm newscast. (12/15/14)

I actually like Feinstein's show & I get the 1580 AM in D.C. pretty well. But it amazes me that a company like CBS would allow him to do a nationally syndicated show tfrom his home. You can clearly tell he's sitting in his kitchen on an ISDN doing the show & tries to riff with his studio co-hosts/update anchor & it sounds like absolute garbage. The phone audio quality & the fact that they can't see each other, so naturally they keep talking over each other. Couldn't they set him up at CBS Radio in Lanham at 106.7? Or Is Feinstein too big time to...ya know....actually drive somewhere to go work. He's certainly in studio when it comes to those Golf Channel appearances. Probably because that's where the $$$ is. That's why I cancelled my Sirius XM subscription, they had so many shows on the talk channels with someone broadcasting from their living room & then some $10/hr shmuck at the studio trying to act like they're togther. Pr (12/15/14)

"Son, your sorry civilian fat ass blah-blah-blah" You make a lot of assumptions based on your own short sighted, narrow minded bias. I did serve in the USMC in Viet Nam and was discharged honorably. So there goes your first assumption. You fail to address the real issue of what those of us who served were told to tell the enemy should we be captured. If you had served, YOU'D KNOW THAT. 3-things and 3-things only. 1-name 2-rank 3-serial number. McCain just couldn't stop talking about how he was an Admirals son and should be treated special. Instead of addressing the facts you launched into a childish tirade that humiliated yourself. IF you served and its doubtful you did, you'd know that we were to tell the enemy only 3-things. Now you defend what McCain did and the facts instead of an idiotic attack on me. I am not a member of any political party. I find that people who identify with either party are idiots. You've confirmed my belief. McCain was NEVER TORTURED. He was treated with kid gloves because he sought special treatment and got it. Real American Hero's don't act that way. He should have received a Court Martial for Treason. Maybe you're a traitor too and want to protect other traitors. (12/15/14)

SNL cold open reveals that the 1-877-Kars4Kids jingle was developed by the same two psychologists the raked in over $80 million for devising the torture techniques used on prisoners in the war on terror at America's detention centers. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (12/15/14)

Re: annoying ads. Back to my point about Kars for Kids or Cars for Cids ... it has my attention and I know who they are, but I will never, NEVER, EVER donate a car to them because they are so annoying. So perhaps they got my attention and made themselves memorable, but in this case it's a lose for the station since I move elsewhere and a lose for the Kids since I find their ads annoying. (12/15/14)

REF: [John McCain likes to get allot of mileage off his "POW" days.] Son, your sorry civilian fat ass should get down on your hands and knees and thank God for this man's patriotic service to his country, whether he was or was not tortured. I happen to think he was, based on my knowledge of him, and judging by what I have seen of him. I'd match his record of service against anyone's. Where's yours? Take your propaganda puke next door, dude; we're all stocked up here. (12/15/14)

"Where have HOT 99.5 been???? It seems they've been on vacation for 2 weeks. Is something up?" Well, Jingleball is tonight, so I imagine the regulars are in DC, but a pic from Kane's X-Mas party with 99.5 staff popped up on Twitter as well. Doesn't the national affiliates get added to Kane's list on Dec. 29th? (12/15/14)

Where have HOT 99.5 been???? It seems they've been on vacation for 2 weeks. Is something up? (12/15/14)

I’ve been out of town a few days but want to agree with the previous mailbagger from a few days ago who noted what a hodge-podge mess Newsradio 1090’s morning show has become. It’s radio’s version of the Emperor’s New Clothes. There just isn’t any there there. Beside the awful sounding anchors and reporters (the shouter, the scratchy voice, the one who sounds illiterate) there is no substance to the news or weather. All of the stories are a day old and seem to come from TV the night before or maybe even the wire service. There is no original reporting and whenever there’s a big story, they might as well just simulcast TV’s audio. Thankfully the traffic reports do have meat and substance. But nothing is more banal than the pop culture / human interest stories that end every newscast. Total time waster that gives the crew a chance to show they have “personality.” Well, that’s not working. Clearly they have none. How did a station that was once so strong a news station fall to small market mediocrity so fast? (12/15/14)

“Sports on MSNBC? News Outlet Will Launch Streaming-Video Hub To Test New Shows, Hosts” Can we expect Rachel Maddow to suit up in a football outfit to tackle the slobbering Chris Mathews? Now that would be worth watching: (12/15/14)

Dave- Saw this post on Bruce Elliott's social media: "After 4 fascinating years at WILM/WDOV, I've decided that it's time for a new adventure. (The parting was amicable). I'm not sure what's next, but you can bet that I'll bust my hump to make it successful. Wish me luck!" I think Bruce had been PD Any chance he'll find a new home back on the air in Baltimore? (12/15/14)

I got THE BEST Christmas Card EVER today from Michael Ricigliano, the classic Baltimore Sun editorial cartoonist most known for political & other cartoons in the 1980s/90s, etc. and the original Colts "Big Bob" Irsay doll that the late WBAL TV sports reporter Chris Thomas dragged around town bowling and drinking and ultimately puking in the Inner Harbor. His cartoons are always classic! HAPPY HOLIDAYS and ENJOY! (12/15/14)

"While The Junkies annual drinking show features cops giving breath tests and a WRAP rep to warn people not to drink & drive while the boys all take a limo rather than drive maybe they ought to include someone from AA to also address why they feel the need to be drunk in the first place! Just saying: fat, drunk & stupid is no way to go around in life sons." Well put, but you forgot to add: now middle aged and surrounded by enablers. - Zach in Kensington (12/15/14)

Shame on Channel 7. Eileen Whelan was about to wish Kendis Gibson well as it was his last night at and she was interrupted mid-sentence by their stupid Belfort furniture promo. Goes to show how Sinclair lacks class. Oh well, I can see my days of watching Channel 7 and newschannel 8 are numbered now that all the rats that I could stomach are jumping ship. (12/15/14)

Just wanted to bring your attention to this YouTube video “WTTG Beyond the Lens 2014.” Ironically, the YouTube video features clips which we are given the impression were shot by Fox5 photographers. But you’ll find that Fox5 has taken several shots as its own from stringer Bob Pugh, who was the first cameraman there. Here is one example: at 19:03... Here is Pugh’s original video: at 5:56 That is just one example. They use other clips of his from Sept. 11... (12/15/14)

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\/ December 14 Messages \/

I dont know of any commercials airing right now with PD or FD warning sounds. But if you're driving, you shouldn't be answering your phone anyway, especially on Maryland highways. Let it ring. (12/14/14)

"they’re picking the most popular ringtone to grab your attention" Uhhhhhh, you are aware that the point of advertising is to "grab your attention"??? Possibly you are unfamiliar with this concept on a media blog that broadcast types have infiltrated? Grabbing your attention is what advertising, radio and TV are all about. Whatever grabs your attention is the whole point. You are only confirming that using those ring tones is a good idea! Thank you for your participation and telling those of us in Advertising that what we are doing is working. Sometimes I wonder if people are really paying attention on this blog when they write stuff like that. (12/14/14)

We have heard so much about McCain who did suffer like Colonel Ellis and so many others as POWs at the Hanoi Hilton but perhaps some things were different for him: Ellis is a true American hero then and now and he has the guts to support enhanced interrogation techniques on those who would harm Americans ANYWHERE. Just watch the Fox & Friends video and decide if he is right: McCain was wrong to support the release if the report. (12/14/14)

Toss up Dave: What’s worse radio wise? WNEW still barely cracking the surface and gaining very little traction against the big guns at WTOP or Cumulus basically destroying 107.3? Dan (12/14/14)

Anybody notice that WJLA ABC7 has been broadcasting their weekend newscasts in a different studio? Looks like NewsChannel 8's studio. Don't know what they are doing with the old studio. (12/14/14)

John McCain likes to get a lot of mileage off his "POW" days. Fact (and it is a fact) is McCain wasn't treated like the other inmates. He was never tortured. In fact (there's that nasty word again) he told his captors that he was the son of a U.S. Navy Admiral and was treated much different than the other inmates. Everyone, even the dullest, thickest, right wing looney knows that when you are captured by the enemy you give them three things. 1-name 2-rank 3-serial number. Not McCain, he wanted that extra special treatment that comes with being an Admirals kid, and he got it. McCain is no authority on torture. Remember this next time you see him touted as a "hero" on Faux News. (12/14/14)

Even Kars for Kids web site warns about "scam": (12/14/14)

The ads that annoy me most on the radio are the ones that use a standard ringtone and confuse me while driving and make me reach for my cell phone or ones that have fire truck or emergency tones and cause me to look around. Those commercials should be illegal. It’s even annoying on TV commercials as well when I’m in the bathroom and think my cell phone is ringing. And I’m not talking about personalized ringtones. That’s your fault. I’m talking about the standard shipping ones on the cell carrier’s phones. My point being that they’re picking the most popular ringtone to grab your attention and it can become a safety issue on the road when distracted. (12/14/14)

Hey WJFK and WTEM (and whoever else has these ads) ... fastest way to get me to switch off your station and move to your competition? Play a Kars for Kids' ad. Nothing against kids but lots against those annoying ads. A good ad rep would recommend to the charity that they have a difference jingle cause it causes me to switch to almost anything else and it might be hours before I make it back. (12/14/14)

Vietnam POW Colonel Lee Ellis counters fellow POW Senator John McCain on "Fox and Friends": (12/14/14)

I’ve been told WBFF FOX 45 could have requested a waiver to carry the Redskins game since the Ravens game is long since sold out. But apparently they chose the James Bond movie Casino Royale instead. Make whatever you want of that. :-) — BaltoMedia (12/14/14)

/\ December 14 Messages /\

\/ December 13 Messages \/

The NFL TV rules you have mostly correct, but they seem to change slightly every year. For instance the Redskins away game is not being shown in Baltimore on FOX 45 even though DC is a secondary market and the Ravens game has long since been sold out, so by your description of the NFL rules, the Skins game would have to be on FOX 45, but it’s not. Orlando is different though because it has no team and is between 2 NFL markets. And yes, having spent the winters in central Florida, I’m well aware of the NFL TV horrors. There is an Orlando Ravens Flock on Facebook though. They tell you where they’re meeting every week around Orlando to watch the Ravens game. And shhh, I often post the streaming links to the Ravens and other games from Europe, but you didn’t hear that from me. :-) — (12/13/14)

Re: WUST to 50 kW; Not so fast, my friend! Alhough WUST has been granted a construction permit to raise daytime power to 50 kW, the station is operating at 2 kW while WUST moves its transmitter site to the WJFK-AM site in Morningside. Apparently, the work is taking longer than anticipated. WUST has yet to file an application for a license to cover the modifications. The STA expires on December 22. Look for New World to file for an extension of the STA. (12/13/14)

It turns out that CBS Sports Network & CBS collaborated with Baltimore's CBS owned WJZ 13 to provide the Navy & Army introductions at noon. That's why you see the flying HD cameras on WJZ. CBS owns the CBS stations in both Baltimore & Philadelphia, but not DC. This is one of the many reasons we're lucky to get the Army/Navy game periodically. WJZ's lead anchors Denise Koch & Vic Carter along with a lot of the WJZ reporters were put into service for this event with the help of the CBS crew which is carrying the game at 3PM. The only gripe about this broadcast is that CBS appears to have never put an HD camera on Sky Chopper 13. The sky pics are grainy 480i footage. -- Balto Media (12/13/14)

To Balto Media: The reason why your Ravens game is on the Orlando and Jacksonville CBS affiliates is quite simple: (1) The game is Jacksonville Jaguars @ Baltimore Ravens, 1:00 PM EST, December 14, 2014. (2) Jacksonville is the Primary Market for the Jaguars, which is why WTEV/47 in Jacksonville has the game. (3) More Important, Orlando is the Secondary Market for the Jaguars, which is why WKMG/6 has the game. (4) NFL Rules require Primary and Secondary Markets of an NFL Team to carry ALL road games, and any home game that is sold out 72 Hours or more in advance. By the way, Orlando is the Secondary Market for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as well. In conclusion, if you live in Orlando (like I do), you get to suffer through miserable football games week after week after week. (12/13/14)

So Dave sounds like WMAL is still using ABC News for top of the hour on weekends: still do local news with WMAL staff. (12/13/14)

Did anyone else notice that the 6am hour of News4 Today didn’t air on Saturday morning? I was up early and they were running the pre-recorded “News4 This Week” program. Maybe they ran out of people to throw in the chair next to Angie Goff? (12/13/14)

WUST wasn't doing much with that 50kW signal this morning, tell yuh whut... Tuning in around 9:15 Saturday morning, I heard nada. (12/13/14)

Dave's response: They're probably beaming the 50,000-watts from Morningside to the east, out over the bay and the ocean. Probably coming in great in Bermuda.....

As for WUST 1120, the signal already reaches Baltimore at 20kw, but it will improve the signal here as well as to Frederick and add service to Fredericksburg VA. However, there’s a severe null southeast, so the signal might be worse in those parts around DC even at 50kw. Baltimore still has no full time Latino radio station technically. WLZL is now licensed to College Park, MD. (12/13/14)

Did the Washington Post really need yet another Paul Farhi piece today about Rolling Stone and its UVA rape story controversy? What's happened to WUST, once one of Washington's strongest AMers? More of those MARC web ratings for area radio stations, including the addition and strong performance of 94.7 Fresh FM, WIAD. A Morris Jones promotion. And more in today's "Dave TV"..... (12/13/14)

The Army/Navy game pre-game festivities start at 12 Noon on WJZ 13 from M&T Bank Stadium and the Inner Harbor. The game itself starts at 3PM on CBS. This year Navy will be sporting specially designed red, white, and blue uniforms designed by Baltimore's own Under Armour. -- Balto Media (12/13/14)

A hearing is scheduled for Monday in the MASN/Orioles vs. MLB/Nationals TV rights case. MASN is demanding documents from the new Commissioner elect Rob Manfred and his role in the decision to give the Nats $20 million more in TV rights money. MASN is basically claiming that the fix was in since the Rays, Pirates, & Mets owners who made the decision all stand to gain money through revenue sharing at the expense of the Orioles. A final decision won't be made until March. -- Balto Media / www.BaltoMedia.Net (12/13/14)

Wow: Angie Goff looks this morning on WRC news as if she has lost so much weight her mole fell off! Network news in her future beyond part-time: Today Show bound. (12/13/14)

WJLA News at 11 tonight is at NC8 studios? Are the main studios getting a touchup? (12/13/14)

"At least until you have something to say about radio. Bazinga." Why don't you follow your own advice. I for one am sick of your crap cluttering up what would otherwise be a decent place with all your shit. I think you established a long time ago that you didn't work in the Biz. I think everyone can see why. Bazinga my ass! (12/13/14)

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WUST...Googled it: WUST – AM 1120 New World -Washington’s International Station Broadcasting Since 1992 WUST—the multi-cultural voice of the nation’s capital—broadcasts foreign language programming to international communities in the Washington/Baltimore area. We reach a 60-mile radius of Washington DC with a powerful regional signal of 50,000 watts at 1120 AM. Whether you are looking for programs in your own language, want to reach potential customers or clients in DC’s ethnic communities, or are interested in broadening your radio perspective, tune in to New World Radio/WUST 1120—online, on the radio, and even on your phone! (12/12/14)

"So going forward I will just consider you another ignorant troll and IGNORE YOU! You only post to elicit a response, I was just having fun doing the same to you moron." - This reminds me of the concept of an electron traveling backward in time. I look forward to you ignoring me, which I assume means you will stop posting. At least until you have something to say about radio. Bazinga. - Zombie Slonimsky (12/12/14)

Congratulations to WUST 1120 AM. Another daytime only Spanish Station. This makes 16 stations in DC doing Spanish. Jim Weitzman should be very proud. (12/12/14)

OMYGAWD: Savage opened the first hour asking callers to tell him how porn has ruined their lives! Bill Hess: call your office. Might have to drop first hour too! (12/12/14)

Foreign language station WUST 1120 AM raised its signal strength from 20k to 50k watts today. They made a post about it on Facebook but it's in Spanish. Apparently now their signal will go beyond Baltimore, Frederick and Fredericksburg. (12/12/14)

I just discovered something interesting...when I’m at my computer I can see the tv in my kitchen (on mute) and hear the one in my living room. They’re both on the same channel, but during a commercial, one of them is showing a commercial for DirectTV and the other one is showing a commercial for Xfinity. Does that have to do with the fact that one is on cable (Comcast) and the other one isn’t? (12/12/14)

Somebody needs to inform Pat Collins that the correct name for Czechoslovakia is now the Czech has been for many years... (12/12/14)

very moving, classy tribute from Jim Vance to Bob Ryan tonight on Channel 4...Doreen, Vance, Bob together again for the last time...the only person missing was George Michael...I’m happy I watched it... (12/12/14)

This weekend's NFL TV maps are odd. The Ravens might have the least amount of TV coverage of the season with markets forced by the NFL to carry the game like DC & Orlando on CBS. WHP in PA opted out for the Steelers. WBOC has made a season long decision to carry every Ravens game. Several key markets get no FOX early game at all due to the quirky NFL rules including Baltimore, Boston, Atlanta, & Indy. I'm not quite sure why Baltimore doesn't get the Redskins game but the Redskins game gets much wider TV coverage due to New York, so that includes DC/VA and NYC and most of New England except Boston . FOX 45 is normally required to carry their away games but they have on the much better James Bond movie Casino Royale instead! The FOX late game is mostly national, 49'ers/Seahawks. -- Balto Media / (12/12/14)

Sad news to share... Ralph Baer, the "father of the home video game" has died at the age of 92. He developed what became the Magnavox Odyssey video game "attachment" which was introduced in 1972. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (12/12/14)

Why would anyone adopt the "JACK" format anymore? It's 14 years old. Hardly cutting-edge radio programming at this stage. (12/12/14)

Will any DC radio station adopt the Jack format like a station in Bal'mere? Hasn't the classic rock format run out of steam? And why does WUSA9's Jan Jeffcoat look like she'd rather be anywhere else besides an anchor desk? She's VERY easy on the eyes...but she looks bored. (12/12/14)

OMG...Rob Roblin retiring...non-stop coverage all next week...this should be good.Maybe radio will pick him up. He can relieve John Patti of the Hydro-Clean commercials. I wonder if the Baltimore Buick Dealers Association is giving him a new car? (12/12/14)

While The Junkies annual drinking show features cops giving breath tests and a WRAP rep to warn people not to drink & drive while the boys all take a limo rather than drive maybe they ought to include someone from AA to also address why they feel the need to be drunk in the first place! Just saying: fat, drunk & stupid is no way to go around in life sons. (12/12/14)

From today's "You Can't Make This Up" in today's Tom Taylor Now: " Bill Prettyman, longtime head of the Prettyman Broadcasting station group, tells this NOW Newsletter that "Around 1959, I was filling in for country DJ Don Owens on WARL in Arlington, Virginia. The PD brought into the studio this young woman who had a record she was trying to promote. I did a quick interview, played the tune and promptly threw the disc into the trash as soon as she left. Next day, Don phoned me at home and wanted to know what I did with the record. I said something like, 'Unknown singers like that don't have a shot a making it.' Don said 'That was Loretta Lynn, and Honky Tonk Girl is charting in Billboard. We gotta play it.' Chagrined, I beat it over to Woolworth's, bought the record and delivered it to the station. Which is why in later life as a GM, I focused on sales and stayed the heck out of the music meetings." More stories about Bill and his days running Washington DC's WPGC - including how he was supposed to dress as the Easter Bunny, but got a Playboy Bunny costume instead - on the WPGC tribute site here. Care to share your own favorite true story about radio? It could from programming, sales, management, engineering, or the vendor side." (12/12/14)

"I understand the difference between having a persona and not having a persona, so going forward I will address you as "Stupid Pussy". - ZW" Oh curled up those little fists and lashed out at your tormentor. Ohhhhhhh, so scared, "stupid pussy" must be a family name. That college education is paying off like nobodies business, eh? So going forward I will just consider you another ignorant troll and IGNORE YOU! You only post to elicit a response, I was just having fun doing the same to you moron. BAZINGA! G. Gordon Liddy? My you do quote from the bottom of the barrel. Next thing you'll be breaking into Dave's house stealing his secrets! Living your life through the people on the radio. What a sad, pathetic existence that you have to troll a media blog. Braccae tuae aperiuntur (12/12/14)

Dave thanks for bringing the Talkers story on Bill Hess to our attention: great, well researched and informative article. Had no idea Hess was at the uber liberal failure Air America: that he can go from what was the opposite of WMAL to the most conservative station in solid lib DC is a credit to his flexibility and savvy. And he is wise to limit sports news: with WJFK and WTEM there's plenty of sports coverage radio in DC. Now: if he would give Rick Fowler Sunday mornings too that would be great: Fowler does a great local political show! (12/12/14)

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\/ December 11 Messages \/

I have noticed lately that the news 9 anchors, especially the one with the big fake eyelashes and too much makeup on the 7 pm newscasts. microphones sound over-modulated although weather prognosticators and sports bobble heads sound normal. Some subliminal programming Bill Lord-style? (12/11/14)

RadioInk made a big error. The Sports Junkies are ranked 6th in the men 25-54 demo. Still no bonus money for Lurch. (12/11/14)

"Oh my touched a nerve. Do you really believe that "ZW" is "signing" your name? Bit farther gone than most anyone imagined. tsk,tsk, tsk, nasty temper little man. That alleged Jesuit education hasn't worked for you. As far as your obsession with DG, NO ONE CARES about your never ending analysis of his career. Like your posts, its irrelevant" - Well isn't that special? The "Jesuit education" thing is stolen from G. Gordon Liddy. I do not know who "DG" is. If you are referring to "America's Podcast" that's code that the stupidest people on the planet could figure out is a reference to The Mike O'Meara Show, which is an advertiser on this site you douche. - I understand the difference between having a persona and not having a persona, so going forward I will address you as "Stupid Pussy". - ZW (12/11/14)

So the ever self promoting DRUDGE posts the Washington Post story on him and Lucianne Goldberg (longtime GOP operative) and how they are still the bad asses of conservative web sites: “How big is Drudge for political sites? Over the course of the year, links from Google to the Post's politics coverage have accounted for 5.5 percent of all incoming links. Drudge accounted for 4.1 percent.” Pretty impressive and the Post should be grateful. Read all about it: (12/11/14)

Longtime WBAL TV reporter Rob Roblin is retiring, according to MeTV. The station's secondary channel is airing promos on his years of covering Baltimore. (12/11/14)

Does anyone in DCRTV-land know if NFL games are available on the I Heart Radio app (i.e. could I listen to the coverage of the Steelers games on WRVV from Harrisburg either online or via the app)? Or is it like MLB where you have to purchase a package to access the broadcasts? Thanks. Tom in Wheaton (12/11/14)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] Seasoned broadcaster seeking some part time hours in Baltimore on air, as a producer, a broadcast engineering assistant, or for voicetracking. I was part time on WPOC, WBMD, WQSR, WCAO and WCBM over a 30 year period. Quick to learn new skills, proven reliability. Presently doing afternoon drive in the Roanoke Market on WZBB. I am also a retired commercial 100 ton USCG Master with a strong background in marine safety. Thanks for your consideration. (12/11/14)

It sure is nice to hear Ray Davis this morning, telling stories about bluegrass acts in Oxford, Pa, Rising Sun. Md and around here. There's enough to make a permanent show I hope, not just these days after he has passed. It's Hymn time... (12/11/14)

Its a tragic story to be sure, so Channel 4 could have spaced the text out a bit better. All I saw from across the room was "HOUSE SHIT". (12/11/14)

One thing that WTOP doesn't do, that WNEW is always doing that really is annoying, is the continious use of TV reports on the radio. This morning on WNEW, they ran two stories with back to back WUSA9 clips. One of them was literally one of the WUSA9 anchors just doing this small story at the anchor desk. Wasn't even a reporter package. They have reporters at WNEW still, right? That TV on the Radio thing plays sometimes but most of the time it comes across as they're not trying and just ripping off TV. (12/11/14)

A Baltimore written/based film made its premiere in Florida yesterday! This film, written by Baltimore based writers/directors Sean Paul Murphy and Timothy Ratajczak, got a screening in Florida. Tim recently had dinner with Baltimore icon John Waters which I would love to hear the transcript of. More on this soon. -- Balto Media / www.BaltoMedia.Net (12/11/14)

I respond to a "smart ass" mailbagger who slams my 2014 predictions made about a year ago. He says I was wrong on most of my musings. But I explain that they were more of a "wish list" and that my "good advice" wasn't taken. Including stuff about Don Geronimo, Jack Diamond, Donnie Simpson, WNEW, WPFW, Dan Snyder, the Washington Post, WMAL, WBAL, and much more. And, I rag again about the print Post. Oh, congrats to Steve Swenson. He got one of his five CBS FMers in the latest batch of DC radio "top ten" ratings. Whoopie! And more in today's "Dave TV"..... (12/11/14)

With the DCRTV 2014 Best & Worst now open, let's take a few moments to review DCRTV Dave's predictions for the year from this past January. It ain't pretty. * Changes at WQSR, more DC-oriented - FAIL * Jack Diamond to mornings at WASH - FAIL * WTOP ratings will fall, GM Joel Oxley out as GM - FAIL * Changes at Comcast SportsNet, merging with Channel 4 sports department - FAIL * Dan Snyder to sell WTEM, get out of radio - FAIL * Salem to buy WTEM, move righty talk from 1260 to 105.1 WAVA - FAIL * WBAL gets an FM simulcast partner or gets sold - FAIL * Big print changes for Washington Post under new owner Jeff Bezos, perhaps broadsheet front section with the rest of the paper printed as a tabloid - FAIL * Housecleaning at Channel 7 after Sinclair takeover; Gordon Peterson, Maureen Bunyan and Doug Hill to exit - PARTIAL CREDIT * WPFW sold, perhaps to American University (WAMU) - FAIL * WRQX to adopt a Spanish/English hybrid format - FAIL * Housecleaning at WMAL; Michael Savage to be a disaster in afternoons; Larry and Bryan out in mornings - FAIL * NewsChannel 8 to be relaunched as a righty news channel featuring content input from the Washington Times - FAIL * DC101's Elliott In the Morning to remain in DC - WINNER * Don Geronimo to remain on WJFK in the evenings and weekends, working from California; CBS Radio to move The Fan sports programming from 106.7 to 94.7 displacing Fresh FM - DOUBLE FAIL * WNEW adds simulcast on 106.7, overwhelms WTOP gaining ratings parity by the end of 2014 - FAIL * Fresh FM format to be merged with WPGC - FAIL * Washington Post fires Eric Wemple after a scandal develops - FAIL * Paul Farhi quits Washington Post to do dinner theater - FAIL * Baltimore Sun abandons print, becomes web-only - FAIL * Kai Jackson returns to Baltimore as news anchor for WBFF-TV following expiration of his WJZ-TV non-compete - WINNER * Donnie Simpson returns to DC radio - FAIL. Final score - 23 PREDICTIONS, 2 CORRECT, 1 PARTIAL, and 20 FAILS. Bring on 2015, Dave. (12/11/14)

Dave's response: I may have called it my "prediction" list, but it was more of a "wish list." Or stuff I think "should" have happened. Do you really think I really thought Paul Farhi would be doing dinner theater? Oh, at least it was nice to see Sinclair take my "advice" regarding Kai to 45. Ha ha ha.....

How many minutes will it take for Baltimore's morning anchors to change the 6 pm Wednesday script? Lin Bui at WJZ keeps talking about the just announced last David Letterman show. It was announced 24 hours ago. Same with WBAL with the city cop who allegedly cursed at a woman videotaping him. No tops what so ever in morning news. They have the time as anchors, reporters and producers show up at 3 am or so. It's plain laziness. Get your asses away from the vending machines and your phones and put out a decent product for once. Also to Lynette Charles, Miri Marshall, Tim Williams, etc., it's cold out, not chilly. It's OK to say COLD. (12/11/14)

"Damn, unsigned anonymous puss-face" Oh my touched a nerve. Do you really believe that "ZW" is "signing" your name? Bit farther gone than most anyone imagined. tsk,tsk, tsk, nasty temper little man. That alleged Jesuit education hasn't worked for you. As far as your obsession with DG, NO ONE CARES about your never ending analysis of his career. Like your posts, its irrelevant. Vescere bracis meis (12/11/14)

WBAL-TV is making a huge mistake keeping Tony Pann off prime time in favor of the two inexperienced gigglers, especially as we brace for another potential harsh winter season. And to the poster who offered kudos to the morning team alleging "chemistry" among all the girls: really? Caldwell is about as stiff as an ironing board, Basera is not what you would call Ms. Personality, and the weather chick is about as funny as a broken crutch.This town is so short-changed for quality broadcasts, both television and radio. You saw what's happened in the newspaper industry. Stay're about to see it even clearer in broadcast, especially what's left of AM radio. (12/11/14)

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