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\/ April 25 Messages \/

'Dave's response: I guess Comcast chief Brian Roberts has come to the realization that you can't buy off everyone in Washington....' Actually Dave, it's probably more likely a matter of not being willing to meet the going rate of everyone in Washington. If not in direct cash, but with "contributions" to friends or "in kind services" such as free ad time, etc. With its avaricious thirst for power and unchecked wilding of arrogance, Comcast and the Roberts father and son succession of today reminds me so much of RCA with its own father and son succession from my youth. How ironic that Comcast would end up owning what was once RCA's "Crown Jewel", NBC. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/25/15)

Is Mr. " I work with autistic children" the same 70-year-old dude who knew Jimi Hendrix and his busted elbow in the military service some 45 years ago? Buddy, with all that going on - and your obvious responsibilities chairing the Justice League of America and The Avengers - when did you have time for a radio/TV career? (4/25/15)

Guess who was on ESPN Radio/New York today? Your favorite white rapper and mine, Peter Rosenberg! (4/25/15)

Dave's response: Remember the "feud" between Geronimo, when he was a big talent on WJFK, and Rosenberg, who spun records at an Adams Morgan McDonalds. Well, look at each now. Quite a reversal of fortune, huh.....

I simply can't believe what my eyes aren't seeing. After days of fanning the flames, with a major protest now underway in Baltimore, not a single TV station has live coverage. WMAR has ESPN Sports Saturday. WBFF has Supercoss. WBAL has the Stanley Cup Playoffs and WJZ had PGA Golf. So much for a real commitment to news. Sure, some of the stations are streaming it on line, but this shows how poorly managed and out of touch they really are. Baltimore is dead as a news town. And WBAL Radio, with some guy who sounds borderline illiterate, is broadcasting TV audio of Donna Hamilton and the helicopter pilot talking. CONSTANT references to pictures, then long periods of silence with nothing more than the whirring sound of the helicopter in the background. The radio station sent a reporter to coverage a self-promotion 5K race this morning ( I heard the same report several times, including a dated report HOURS after the race was over,) but it can't muster any real resources to cover a big story? Baltimore doesn't have a single broadcast outlet truly committed to news coverage anymore. SMH (4/25/15)

''[...Let's all say a few prayers for him, but let's not wish he was dead like he does for others. Bonehead. Your turn once again, poor Joe. We know you just can't help it.] Who made this dunderhead an Aspergers expert? Must be some teenager on his parents computer with nothing else to do. FYI I work with autistic children and most would run circles around you. You are clueless, so called Aspergers expert.'' - You might want to get yourself checked. You're presenting with signs of Summerseve Syndrome. - ZW (4/25/15)

To the poster who said they work with autistic children and who ridiculed the post paralleling poor ol' Joe in Middle River to someone with Asperger's syndrome, you're certainly not earning your salary and you probably slept through the classes of the academic institution you likely never graduated from. You had better educate yourself on Asperger's and how poor ol' Joe epitomizes its adult symptoms. Kindly join poor ol' Joe in the world of the clueless. (4/25/15)

Comcast CEO's setback after career of coups... (4/25/15)

Dave's response: I guess Comcast chief Brian Roberts has come to the realization that you can't buy off everyone in Washington.....

/\ April 25 Messages /\

\/ April 24 Messages \/

FCC NEWS: The Delmarva 100.7 250 watt FM proposed by Adams that would block out South Jersey’s WZXL and probably cause problems for Baltimore’s 100.7 The Bay on the Maryland shore has been dismissed by the FCC. I don’t think Shamrock complained, but I think WZXL did. When you think about it, WZXL can now be heard at the beach and parts of Delaware. WZBA would get interfered with right after the bridge and on the mid shore. The proposed signal was an extremely directional FM signal, but I’m glad the FCC said no. Not sure how that will affect Adam’s plans for their 3, now 2 station rollout this spring. — BaltoMedia.Net (PS: The blog reported again to Facebook. You get a cookie whoever and I don’t care.) (4/24/15)

[Poor ol' Joe in Middle River, aka "The MORON who Keeps being proven correct," is patently obsessed. He epitomizes the adult symptoms of Asperger's Disorder. Get help Joe. Or find a hobby dude. Let's all say a few prayers for him, but let's not wish he was dead like he does for others. Bonehead. Your turn once again, poor Joe. We know you just can't help it.] Who made this dunderhead an Aspergers expert? Must be some teenager on his parents computer with nothing else to do. FYI I work with autistic children and most would run circles around you. You are clueless, so called Aspergers expert. (4/24/15)

So Tenacious Tucker has a three degree guarantee for his weather reports??..And what if he's wrong?.. (4/24/15)

My first response is to the poster from Connecticut who complained about his cable provider carrying Escape instead of Laff: You should be so lucky; my provider carries neither. Mine carries Antenna TV, Cozi TV, and Me TV for Classic TV shows; Get TV and This TV for Movies. I am STILL WAITING for my provider to put Grit, Escape, Laff, Qubo, Bounce TV, and Movies! on the cable. Decades and Buzzr are due to start soon; it's unknown if my provider plans to put them on the cable. My second response is to the poster Joe in Middle River, a.k.a. The MORON who keeps being proved correct (which he NEVER is): (1) Some other posters to DCRTV said that teams DID fold in the NFL, but the dates were all BEFORE 1955 (The year I was born). I asked for 1955 to present (the past 60 years), and it was proven that NO team has folded in the last 60 years. (2) He said on 4/22/15: "And finally just to piss off another market ... I've been to the Citrus Bowl for a bowl game. It is NOT a NFL Quality stadium by any stretch of the imagination. Doesn't have suites and club levels. No NFL team would move there except temporary." OK, that WAS the case BEFORE 2014. In 2014, the Citrus Bowl Stadium underwent a complete update and renovation. It involved a lot of teardown and new construction. A similar process is ongoing at the Speedway in Daytona Beach, home of the Daytona 500 and the Coke Zero 400. Anyway, the renovated Citrus Bowl Stadium is BEAUTIFUL! And it HAS Suites and Club Levels, so it IS NFL Quality. So, the bowl game he went to was probably held either before or on 2014. (3) He also said: "And the Jags are moving, but it won't be to Orlando. It'll be to London. Hell, it's already owned by UK Money!" UK Money? He's got the WRONG team when it comes to UK (British Pounds) Money. The Jaguars are owned by Shahid Khan, a Pakistani-American billionaire who lives in Illinois. As long as he owns the team, the Jaguars are STAYING in Jacksonville. He also needs to remember that when the World League of American Football (WLAF) became NFL Europe (Later NFL Europa), that 4 teams were moved to other cities in Europe. It was the 3 American based teams (including the Orlando Thunder) AND the London team that got moved. I think that there are more CONS than PROS, so London will not get a NFL team anytime soon. As for the UK Money, the connection is with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Manchester United of the Barclays (English) Premier League (we call it Soccer; they call it Football "actually played with the foot."). Both teams are owned by the same people; that's the connection. Proof that he is the MORON who is NEVER proved correct! Tracy in Orlando (4/24/15)

Dave: I had the experience of working for Comcast for 12 ½ years. I started working at Comcast when the internet service was just starting up. Our call center was a national call center and the only one of its kind at the time in 1997. When I began working at Comcast, I really got the impression that customer service was something that was important to the higher-ups in the company. We were given unlimited time to work with customers to resolve problems customers were having with their internet service. I am happy to say that I had lots of success helping customers. Unfortunately, many of my colleagues really did not care about helping customers and were more concerned with finishing up in time to go home. As the years went by, I saw a dramatic change in Comcast’s policies. At one time Comcast had a campaign for us called “Think Customer First.” This lasted about a year when we were told that we could not spend more than 5 minutes working with customers because we had to show that we were taking a certain number of calls. The quantity was very important – quality was totally ignored. I actually went to one of the general managers of the call center and told him that were not thinking customer first, but were definitely thinking customer last. Eventually I reached the age of retirement and I happily retired from my position at Comcast. I just did not fit the profile of the company because I actually wanted to help customers in a sincere manner. The changes the occurred during my stay at Comcast were so negative, that I wondered if the job I was hired to do really existed any more. I was very discouraged by all that happened. I can also say that Comcast not only does not treat its customers very well, but also does not treat its employees the greatest either. I am involved in a class-action suit which I will not divulge but Comcast did not really care about how it compensated its employees for work being done on the employee’s off-hour time. The suit is still in litigation, and lord knows when it will be settled. I just wanted to give you a side of Comcast which is not really publicized. (4/24/15)

I think the entire “Sports Talk” format in both DC and Baltimore is dying. It’s not that the format itself is bad. It’s the God awful so-called talent that management at these stations hire. It’s obvious to me that those making the decisions haven’t got a clue. Who signed off on this Man Cave debacle anyway? I’ve yet to talk to anyone that thinks the O’s Pre-Game and Post Game shows are any good. Haynie, by himself, is dreadful. Ross Grimsley adds little. Scott and Jeremy act like 14 year-olds. The tone of the entire genre is completely immature. But the product doesn’t matter, ‘cause the stations are rolling in the cash from Draft Kings and Fan Duel. (4/24/15)

I have no interest in listening to The Man Cave or anything on 980 anymore, but I will agree with Michael on this point. I don't thing religious stuff belongs ion a show like that. But you know what else doesn't? The ranting about these host's every day lives! I have no interest in hearing about where they ate dinner last night, what is going on with their dogma or the little crazy event that happened when they got their oil changed. That goes for 980 AND 106.7! THAT's one of the main reasons I rarely listen to either. Just talk sports, guys. You wanna do a little intro, I get it. But we don't care that your wife is mad at you. Don't waste our time our your phone calls on how you can redeem yourself. While I am ranting, I will say that for a few minutes this week I have turned on Grant and Danny. I can't stand Grant, but I do appreciate the way they have taken a bunch of calls this week on just games and how good our teams are playing. (4/24/15)

There was a time when WTOP and WBAL dominated the Murrow Awards, both regionally and nationally. Nice to see WNEW featured so prominently this year. There's a new kid in town who's shaking up the old (an old-sounding) paradigm. Congratulations to 99.1FM! (4/24/15)

Michael is hardly the voice of our generation, but he's got one thing right: WTEM doesn't have a clue. Grandpa Tony is okay, but the rest of the station is a disaster. Which explains why their ratings are always invisible. Why does anybody buys spots there (or on the opposing WJFK, for that matter)? Your advertising dollar would be almost as effective if you just tossed it out the car window on the way to work each morning. (4/24/15)

Dave, you're becoming a Neanderthal! To this senior citizen, it's Comcast that is old media. The Washington Post is ancient and irrelevant media. -Unsigned Corporate Suit (4/24/15)

Registrations are now being accepted for the Shirley Povich Center for Sports Journalism Summer Sports Camp for high school students. The camp will be held at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism on the campus of the University of Maryland. Information and a registration link : (4/24/15)

Hey Dave - I wanted to followup on your reporting about all of the fuss surrounding WTEM 980's 'Man Cave' show. This email is simply an opinion of the show from listeners like myself, and all of my sports-driven friends. All of us have tried to listen to the show. And all of us are quickly turning away and going back to the 'Sports Junkies' show, on during the same time. What is our beef? About 10 to 15 minutes into the show, there is a segment called the 'Take a Knee / Victory Formation' piece. What is it about; religious preaching, that's what it is about! The host goes on for like 4 minutes speaking about how religious themes, like God, should be part of our life. It's not that my friends and I are NOT religious; it's just that we do NOT want to be preached to on a sports talk radio show! This show came about in an attempt to grab part of the younger male sports radio listening crowd. Well, based on my friends and me (who are, in fact, part of this demographic) this inappropriate, not needed, and out-of-place preaching has driven us away and back to the comfortable and fun open arms of the 'Sports Junkies.' Really, WTEM has NO clue! - Michael (4/24/15)

Still looking for news geeks at WNAV... Call now for an interview! (4/24/15)

RE: Cord Cutting--We moved to a new house and I'm into day 2 of 1GHZ internet. Of course none of our devices can reach that speed. My stepson's laptop was able to get 325mbs. The kids in the house have NO NEED for cable or live TV. They exist in a world of YouTube, Netflix, XBox, WiiU and countless other internet sources found on 1 desktop, 3 laptops, 3 IPads, 3 Android tablets, 2 IPhones, 1 Galaxy Note, 1 XBox, 1 Wii, 1 WiiU and 3 Ipods. I probably missed a few. We need 3 WiFi networks to keep everyone happy. Modern childhood demands at least 3 bars of course. It is the parents in the house that demand 3 DVR's to make sure all of their shows are recorded. I think the days of TV and Radio is coming to an end. People will not stand to pay for channels they never watch. We might take a trip outdoors this summer to the state and national parks 5 miles away. Of course it will all be on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. Rob Edgar, Fort Payne, AL (4/25/15)

Will Brian, Larry, and Chris be giving away free Fanny Pants to conservative female callers who wet their pants? This would be similar to Sean Hannity giving flowers from 1-800-Flowers to his female callers.... Are you listening Bill Hess? (4/24/15)

/\ April 24 Messages /\

\/ April 23 Messages \/

WFRE 99.9 FM.......does it take 8 years to sell a Class B FM in Washington, DC? If iHeart really wanted to sell it they could have sold it years ago! Their estimated revenue is $4 million per year. You can always price a radio station so high that nobody will buy it. Yes. They did place it in their "trust". I guess their intension is to sell it some day? (4/23/15)

Dave said "Fanny Pants. Yeah, one of WMAL's biggest advertisers.....". So Chris Plante's target audience is ladies that wet their pants? Ponderous, F-ing ponderous. Perhaps his "politics and a pint" event is not such a great idea. Or maybe he could hand out Fanny Pants for the beer drinkers. Perhaps run a contest on the stations website where someone could win a years supply of Fanny Pants. Plante could get his best girl to wear them and do a voiceover commercial and testimonial. He could wear them too, like Show Tunes Lovin' Larry did with ladies face cream. Brian could do a strategic product placement where he would slip somewhere into the show "made for a woman, but I wear them too". Are you listening Bill Hess? I know what the door prizes will be at the office Christmas party this year. Oh and bring back Mary Katherine Hamm and the tie-in possibilities would be endless. Does Monica Crowley still do radio? I have a few ideas for her as well. (4/23/15)

So at 8:30 Thursday night, Newsradio 1090's website has a BREAKING NEWS banner that reads: " Protesters Rally in Front of City Hall -- About 200 people have gathered near Baltimore City Hall to rally for Freddie Gray, a black man who died while in police custody. Tune in for live coverage on Maryland's News Now with Mary Beth Marsden." Now here's some breaking news for the station -- Maryland's News Now has been finished for 2 and a half hours. Hello???? Is anyone home? (4/23/15)

Yeah, the only possible reason to complain about the Murrow awards is that the writer never got one. Just like the only reason to complain about a station is that the writer is a disgruntled former employee. There are no legitimate complaints or opinions, only losers with personal gripes. Except for you, because you're such a fucking genius. You sure showed that guy. (4/23/15)

Me and DCRTV take credit for the failure of Comcast's plan to take over Time Warner's cable systems. I slam Comcast's expensive ad campaign aimed at "old media" like the Washington Post while pulling ads from and ignoring influential, independent sites like mine. I honestly hope that my constant criticism of Comcast's poor customer service was responsible for the rejection of the merger by Washington's regulators. And, I take a look at a cool Maryland Public Television documentary on the Potomac River. In today's "Dave TV"..... (4/23/15)

Poor ol' Joe in Middle River, aka "The MORON who Keeps being proven correct," is patently obsessed. He epitomizes the adult symptoms of Asperger's Disorder. Get help Joe. Or find a hobby dude. Let's all say a few prayers for him, but let's not wish he was dead like he does for others. Bonehead. Your turn once again, poor Joe. We know you just can't help it. (4/23/15)

It might not be that your mother didn't love you. Maybe she was just disappointed in your intellectual capacity. For example, your reading comprehension skills are woefully inadequate. My complaint is that the Murrow awards are given out to everyone. They're too easy to get, so they have no real value. What kind of a retard would take that to mean I've never received an award? Oh, wait, I know -- the kind your mother didn't love. So, yes, you were half right. (4/23/15)

Don’t know if I miss this, but where is Richard Jordan? (4/23/15)

While flipping stations today, I turned to hear DCRTV Dave’s favorite, Chris Plante. He was just going to commercial break. I heard a spot from a company that makes underwear for ladies that wet their pants, followed by a commercial for an old folks home. I am sure this means something – other than Bill Hess is doing a great job. I just don’t know what else I can interpret from this. (4/23/15)

Dave's response: Fanny Pants. Yeah, one of WMAL's biggest advertisers.....

RE: "So, basically, if you filed a story during the calendar year, you get an award." So, clearly, you've never won an award? That's okay, my mommy didn't love me either. (4/23/15)

From the DCRTV Front Page: "WNEW, WTOP, WJLA, WRC, WTTG, WAMU, WUSA, and WBAL are among the local TV and radio stations that have received regional Edward R. Murrow excellence in news coverage awards..." So, basically, if you filed a story during the calendar year, you get an award. Enjoy your new doorstops, everyone. And I mean, EVERYone. (4/23/15)

This again? "Speaking of clout. iHeart has never sold WFRE 99.9 FM in Washington. In 2007 when the Clear Channel sale was approved, they agreed to "spin off" WFRE in order to comply with FCC Rules. Here it is eight years later and they still have not complied with the FCC Rules. However, iHeart has enjoyed the cash flow from the station during these past years. The estimated cash flow on this station is $2 million per year. How much have they saved by not selling it? Think about $16 million! ( Don't tell us that they put it in their "trust". ) Who controls the trust?" No matter how many time you insist CC/IHM "did not comply" with the FCC does not make it true. The FCC require the station be put in a trust and put up for sale. They did that.The trust is controlled by a "trustee." Google Aloha Trust and you can find out who the trustee is. Computers are hard.... (4/23/15)

So are you still predicting that the Junkies will be replaced by Don Geronimo? (4/23/15)

Re: WTOP weather- whether it was Doug Hill's crew or Doug Kammerer's crew, for about the last year the weather segments on WTOP were live at :18 and :48, recorded at the other times, especially at :28 and :58 due to timing issues, especially at :58 going into the top of the hour. Even the traffic reporters keep it brief at :58 to keep on track for the top of the hour. Up until about a year ago, the live segments were at :08 and :38 with the rest being recorded. It was so easy to tell which was recorded. The only time there were live shots at the times that they usually did recorded weather was when dangerous weather (snowstorms or severe/tornadic thunderstorms) was imminent/occuring. (4/23/15)

[From DCRTV's Job Ads:] MORNING CO-HOST NEEDED TO ENTERTAIN DC COMMUTERS - Centennial Broadcasting’s market leading HotAC, WBQB, B101.5 in Fredericksburg, Virginia, is seeking our next morning superstar! With long-time morning radio co-host Dee Daniels, you will entertain DC Metro commuters with a “family friendly” approach. With over 55,000 Facebook followers, you need to be ready to post relevant trending and original content and also be comfortable “on camera” as we consistently produce professional video content for our digital platforms. Centennial Broadcasting is a phenomenal place to work; in fact, our last full-time opening was almost 6 years ago! If you’re looking for a stepping stone for your next career move, this IS NOT the job for you but if you’re looking for a long-term radio home, a great place to live and work, and a chance to be a local celebrity, then we want to hear from you. You must be prepared to: • Be an engaging Morning Drive co-host, 5am-10am. • Be upbeat, informative, entertaining, and be able to relate to our core audience. • Have a passion for making regular appearances and community outreach events. • Participate in daily show planning. • Be open to coaching/constructive feedback. • Exude a positive attitude and be a team player at all times. • Produce high-quality commercials or promos using Cool Edit Pro/Adobe Audition. • Update social media and website(s). • Be comfortable sharing your life and your passions. • Voice-track as needed on other shifts & weekends using Scott Studios. Salary will be commensurate with experience and ratings history. Rush your résumé, success stories, ratings history, references, link to Facebook page, and mp3 to with subject heading “B101.5 Mornings”. NOTE: Your mp3 should be 2-3 minutes limited to 5MB max. Centennial Broadcasting is an E.O.E. (4/23/15)

Regarding Cox's lack of space for the Wiz playoff game: I can certainly understand Cox's difficulty finding space on their spectrum to televise three simultaneous sporting events. For example, they couldn't be expected to break into the 24x7 program on Cox Channel 95, which is display a slide that says Cox 95. (4/23/15)

WTOP is back up and streaming and sending audio on its listen line. (4/23/15)

So DC is getting a very pre-80s-WHFS-like radio station. That's great for DC and about time. Not so good up here in Junkieville MD though. Radio sucks thoroughly here. But what about the fact that it's an iFuctRadio property? What new loophole will let that happen? Donnie (4/23/15)

Dave- Have you heard anything about streaming issues at WTOP News this morning? All I'm getting are the commercial breaks, and then silence the rest of the time. (4/23/15)

REF: [It certainly will be interesting to see how the local media covers the Police/Gray situation in Baltimore.] WBAL-TV's Jayne Miller, once again, is leading the pack in coverage, however, some of her colleagues at the station are not helping with keeping the coverage anywhere near as professional as hers. Take Lowell Melser, for example, with his obnoxiously biased question to one of the local neighborhood protestors: "Do you think the officers should be charged?" Honestly, standing in the midst of a predominantly black crowd of angry, agitated protestors demanding that the officers be charged with murder, did he really think the dude was going to say no? Enter David Collins into the story from Annapolis, with the newly elected governor chiming in, as if we don't already have enough chimes in this clock. And, speaking of a clock, don't be surprised if you see one of these stations displaying a huge, digital countdown clock, counting the hours, minutes and seconds to the anticipated release of the police department's report on its investigation to the city states attorney's office in time for the self-imposed May 1 deadline announced by the police commissoner. Switch to WJZ, and here we have one of their alleged reporters who was supposed to be COVERING the news, INSERTING himself IN it. There he was, Marcus Washington, all wired up to walk in "the march," interviewing protestors live, saying "we're marching together." I was waiting for him to hold his hands up and shout "don't shoot!! Even Jayne Miller became part of the story on her network affiliate, NBC, where she was interviewed by reporter Tom Costello on her "30 years of covering crime in this city" and the neighborhood tension between residents and the police. It seems like they can't wait to position themselves in the forefront of all the action, bouncing back and forth with their so-called "team coverage." Oh well, at least WJZ is "keeping us connected." How ironic to see these reporters jockeying for position on the same day we learn of Washington Post reporter Carol Leonnig's Pulitzer Prize for her recent reporting on the troubled Secret Service. Stay won't be long before these alleged reporters will be flocking to Ocean City to claim their prizes at the annual Chesapeake Associated Press Broadcasters Association convention. (4/23/15)

I think what you're saying, Dave, in regard to Ms. McHenry's tirade, is that no matter one's on-air schtick, be nice to the public. And I agree. She would do well to read and apply the lessons in Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People. And she should chat with some veterans in her business--they could school her on always being a respectful ambassador of the network, no matter what. And someone should tell her that people never forget their encounters with celebs. I know I haven't, whether as a media member or as a California kid whose father worked with race car drivers such as Parnelli Jones and Richard Petty or as a guy just living life--in '08 in Nashville, a friend and I were driving through the short two-lane section of Broadway when we noticed Robert Plant and Alison Krauss on the sidewalk--Robert was graciously signing something. Whoa, we stopped at the curb and Robert walked over and leaned down so he could see us rambling like true fans. And he could not have been nicer. It was a brief, beautiful moment a couple of hours before he and Alison were honored at the Ryman for their Raising Sand project. So very cool. Hopefully, Ms. McHenry will get past her meltdown and learn to be cool, too. Her fans are out there. Robb de la Metro Hagerstown . (4/23/15)

Just read the new line-up for channel 4 news due to Jim Vance stepping down from the 11pm news. I think replacing him with Jim Handly was a good decision. I think if Chris Lawrence had more seniority, he'd have been a good candidate for the job. Good decision to "promote" Chris to the 4pm news and subsequently promote Erika Gonzalez to replace him. Unlike the changes at channel 5, I think the powers that be put a lot of thought into the personnel changes. But then again, overall, the quality of anchors and reporters is much higher at channel 4 than channel 5. (4/23/15)

Heard that there were some layoffs at WHUR a few weeks ago. Is this true? This business is getting really hard to establish a career in. (4/23/15)

''God, I hope Costas has a mental breakdown on live TV or something.'' - Didn't that happen about a year ago? - ZW (4/23/15)

/\ April 23 Messages /\

\/ April 22 Messages \/

Al Lerner’s response to Cleveland is complete bunk. He was a partial investor in The Browns at one point with Modell. Maybe it was only 1%, but are you kidding me? He didn’t KNOW? Please stop. My stomach is hurting with laughter at Cleveland sympathizers and grovelers. Please, someone get Bob Costas in here for a Cry a River for Cleveland speech! At least with Bob Irsay in Baltimore, you can say no one knew because the man was a paranoid drunk by noon every day, so you never knew what he was going to do. Jimmy Irsay his own son, once admitted that he didn’t even know. The NFL wasn’t even told ahead of time. Only by legal counsel afterwards! Just wait until the RAMS move to LA is announced. Costas is from St. Louis. Prepare for the longest cry ever on NBC Sunday Night Football. God, I hope Costas has a mental breakdown on live TV or something. Meanwhile, the tiniest little violin is playing for The Washington Nationals, but no one can hear it. Can you imagine New York City if the Yankees game was not on the radio? And the Nats deserve more money from MASN??? Give me a damn break! They can’t even get a decent radio deal in their OWN MARKET, let alone elsewhere. A few months ago they were bragging about their 1st PA radio affiliate. Umm, a 250 watt translator. BIG DEAL. People in DC should be glad Angelos is giving you welfare at this point since you’re doing so well with your media deals! The funny thing is that this is an ONLY in DC thing. I can’t think of another market where a baseball team is bumped to a low power station at night because of a conflict. And finally just to piss off another market… I’ve been to the Citrus Bowl for a bowl game. It is NOT an NFL quality stadium by any stretch of the imagination. Doesn’t have suites and club levels. No NFL team would move there except temporarily. And the Jags are moving, but it won’t be to Orlando. It’ll be to London. Hell, it’s already OWNED by UK money! Do you really think the NFL cares that you have minor league facilities? Speaking of folding. That option for the JAGS is on the table. Bankruptcy would protect the owner from costly litigation and an international move could certainly break the 30 year lease. I wouldn’t be surprised if the team is incorporated abroad soon if not already. But people in JAX know better I guess. To think the JAGS will be there in 2030 is insane. — The MORON who Keeps being proven correct. (4/22/15)

''Dave's response: You don't attack the poor fat toothless lady who works in the towing company's office. But the pompous, know-it-all, jerk of a right wing radio personality who specializes in delivering personal attacks? That's okay with me.....'' - Dave, I think it's mean-spirited or even fat-shaming to call her ''fat'' and she may have missing teeth through no fault of her own. Maybe she just wouldn't listen. As for the ''right wing radio personality'', you're going to have to be more specific. The list is long. As it was with Air America. You know what disturbed me? The story about Romney and his buddies holding a guy down and cutting off his hair. Sounds like a ''safe'' way to play out a rape fantasy. Still, we've tried a Democratic alleged rapist, why not try a Republican fantasy rapist? - On another note, how about Tony Perkins getting the Ringo Starr interview? Kind of makes the rest the MORE network look like lazy fat wastes of skin by comparison. - ZW (4/22/15)

When asked in Cleveland about the deal to move the original team being signed on his plane, new Browns owner Al Learner said "I just gave him a ride!" (4/22/15)

I always thought that radio morning shows would get better with time. Well, the Man Cave seems to be going in the opposite direction. I keep trying to listen but it's unbearably awful. Funniest thing is hearing commercials for Mike and Mike. (4/22/15)

COX is getting to be just as bad as COMCAST/XFINITY. Here in Connecticut we were supposed to get LAFF-TV on COX Channel 801 last Wednesday, but instead we got ESCAPE-TV. Channel 801 was always WFSB Channel 3.3 and LAFF took over 3.3 last Wednesday so it should've been a smooth transition over to LAFF. ESCAPE was a new launch last Wednesday on WFSB 3.2, which they never used before. Even better? ESCAPE which I mentioned is on COX Channel 801, but their on-screen program listings have the listings for LAFF. It's been like that for a week now. So we have ESCAPE on COX Cable, but not LAFF. (4/22/15)

It was also pretty tough for anybody outside Southeast DC or Prince George's County to hear the Nats game on the radio last night, since it got pushed to AM 1580. Fortunately it was also on 95.5 HD-3, but how many people have an HD Radio, much less know where to even look for the game? (4/22/15)

Our condo satelite bulk feed Access 3 Medid didn't have it either, they should have moved the Caps game to USA and give Joe and Craig the night off and had the Wizards on CSN or TNT. (4/22/15)

The story line with Al Lerner is just the truth. The man actually lent his private plane to sell the Browns! How can that not be more factual? There are FAA records even to corroborate his plane at BWI! Lerner was also an investor in the Browns mind you and then bought them back! These are just facts. Although Lerner later claimed that he had no memory of his plane being used or knowledge of the Browns move. And people in Cleveland loved him! Go figure. And if you want more corroboration, ask Stan The Fan from I’ve told this story before on DCRTV and nobody believed it either, but the neighbor of the bodyguard for then Gov. Paris Glendenning actually called into then, I think AM 1360 in Baltimore and told the story of Art Modell landing at BWI and the deal being signed. I’m pretty sure Stan has confirmed this since as did Mark Viviano from WJZ. It’s the truth. And you think Al Lerner is a wonderful guy? LOL (4/22/15)

Actually, in the history of the NFL, franchises really did fold. In 1950, the NY Yanks were sold back to the league. The league sold them to a group in Dallas. The Texans were eventually sold back to the league. “The NFL was unable to find a buyer for the (1952) Texans, and folded the team after the season. A few months later, the NFL granted a new franchise to a Baltimore-based group headed by Carroll Rosenbloom” (essentially the Texans franchise). Google Dallas Texans, if you’d care to learn more. In 2015, this will never happen. The teams are basically GUARANTEED a profit based on the TV money alone. Ticket sales, merchandise sales, concessions and parking are just icing on the cake. On a radio note, I’ve never had an opinion on Lisa Baden until yesterday. “There’s an accident on I-95 between Key Hwy and Hanover Street”, Well, DUH !! would that be northbound or southbound ?? Just a minor insignificant piece of the puzzle, right. If WNEW wants to gain a further grasp on the Baltimore market, they need to pry Jim Russ away from the sinking ship SS WBAL as quickly as possible. (4/22/15)

Speaking of clout. iHeart has never sold WFRE 99.9 FM in Washington. In 2007 when the Clear Channel sale was approved, they agreed to "spin off" WFRE in order to comply with FCC Rules. Here it is eight years later and they still have not complied with the FCC Rules. However, iHeart has enjoyed the cash flow from the station during these past years. The estimated cash flow on this station is $2 million per year. How much have they saved by not selling it? Think about $16 million! ( Don't tell us that they put it in their "trust". ) Who controls the trust? (4/22/15)

iHeart has a lot of clout with the FCC.....The FCC just approved their Translator that was licensed to Rockville, MD to change "city of license" to Washington, DC and change their frequency from 104.9 to 104.7 FM. They received a CP despite the fact that a 50,000 watt Class B in Hargerstown is on the co-channel at 104.7. The WAVA-FM, a Class B at 105.1, is on the second adjacent channel and the translator in Sterling, VA is on 104.5. The FM Band is so crowded now there are no new FM frequencies available in the Washington area. (4/22/15)

[RE Gamut moving to 104.7:] That's a Clear Channel translator. Don't see how they can build that one, since WAYZ comes in loud and clear in southern Montgomery County on 104.7... (4/22/15)

Poor ol' Joe in Essex seems to have this perverse fascination and can't let go of his story line with Al Lerner. But that's OK, poor Joe, since you said that you're glad he's dead. What a f'n classless idiot ... and I don't mean Lerner. (4/22/15)

FCC NEWS: WOLB 1010’s application to increase power from 250 watts to 1000 watts has finally been dismissed. That’s only been on file for 10 years. Your FCC. WKHZ 1460 Easton KHZ Radio is applying for an STA, but they still have 3 towers, just transmitter issues. They also have a translator in Ocean City MD on 104.3, which I’ve always questioned because the transmitter location is WIJK 1590 which has no authorization. Sound familiar? How can AM 1460 be picked up and rebroadcast in Ocean City? Your guess is as good as mine. I don’t think it’s through HD Radio Sub-Channels either. I don’t think Bill Parris has the money. It’s so funny that all of these stations are on STA with broken/damaged transmitters, missing towers and little league kids stole my tower excuses. Speaking of that, Birach filed another STA extension blaming the kids again. He’s still telling the FCC he’s going to move the transmitter to an auto parts store. Yeah, I googled mapped the FCC app coordinates. I wish you could make this stuff up! HAHA! — BaltoMedia.Net (4/22/15)

I saw in a Politico Newspaper that it still advertises its partnership with ABC7, WTOP and NewChannel8. But, Allbrition doesn't own those stations anymore and WTOP has dropped its partnership with the stations. (4/22/15)

I don’t know if it’s been mentioned but the 104.7 FM application for The Gamut has been approved. So no more 104.5 soon. They’ll have to change the DCRTV ad. Here’s the new signal soon… (4/22/15)

Was I the only person in Fairfax County that didn't see the Wizards playoff game? I checked CSN Washington and they said the game would be on CSN+, but when I turned there I saw the O's playing. So I went to NBA TV only to find out that the game was blacked out. TNT showed the Cleveland game. So I called Cox. The nice young man said no one was seeing the game because of an "outage" that occurred. WTF does that mean! Someone screwed up royally tonight. CSN and MASN share the plus channel or should say have access to the channel when there is an overflow on either network. So CSN should have let someone know what was up, but they don't know a whole a lot over there. How about the Wizards not knowing that a large segment of their fan base couldn't see the game? Uncle Teddy won't be pleased. I want to blame MASN too, because they just suck in general. Yeah I know I could have watched on-line somewhere but damn one reason you pay for sports on cable tv is to see the games you want when you want, right? Please someone don't tell me the game was on News8 either? (4/22/15)

Looks like the Junkies are locked up for another 4 years. (4/22/15)

/\ April 22 Messages /\

\/ April 21 Messages \/

WTOP now has weather forecasts done by channel 4.. In recent past, they were done by channel 7. I find it extremely irritating that at the end of the forecast (either by 7 or 4), the news-reader on duty will then repeat part of the forecast and give temperatures. Why can't the weather person give temperatures, etc.? I am going to guess that during most of the day, the weather person is recorded. (4/21/15)

The strange twisted crazy irony about Al Lerner is that people in Cleveland LOVE HIM like he was a saint bringing back the NFL to Cleveland. Just shows how dumb people from Cleveland are. he sold them OUT and they don’t even know it. How funny. And most people in DC have no clue either, which is also funny as shit. — Joe in Middle River (4/21/15)

I think the air in Middle River is just as polluted and poisonous as it is in Essex. Poor Joe is not only classless, he's clueless as well. But I don't wish that he was dead as he does with others. Moron. (4/21/15)

I refer to a posting 4/20/15 by Joe in Middle River, and I'll reference a couple of things he said. (1) He said, "And yes, NFL franchises have actually failed, ..." I say, PROVE IT! I know there has been a number of moves in the 60+ years that I've lived so far, like the NFL-AFL Merger in 1970 when most (but not all) of the AFL teams became NFL teams, and the NFL going with 2 Conferences (National and American), the sneaky middle of the night no-notice (to the League Offices) move of the Baltimore Colts to Indianapolis, the move of the Oakland Raiders to Los Angeles, the moves later by both Los Angeles teams (Rams to St. Louis and Raiders back to Oakland) in the same year, and the move of the original Cleveland Browns to Baltimore, becoming the Baltimore Ravens. That's all a part of NFL History. What is NOT a part of NFL History, at least not since 1955 (the year I was born) is any team actually folding, with their players disbursed to other teams. It happened in other leagues (USFL, UFL, WLAF, etc.) but NEVER in the NFL (1955 to Present)! (2) He also said, "If Orlando was smart, they'd come up with a Stadium proposal before it's too late." I live in Orlando, and we have a NFL quality stadium here, the Citrus Bowl Stadium. Three College Bowl Games are held here as well as the annual game between Bethune-Cookman and Florida A&M University. This Stadium is also the home field for the Orlando City Lions SC (Major League Soccer) for their first season (They will move to a new soccer stadium, currently being built, in the 2016 Season). So, the Stadium is in place. Orlando has the Magic (NBA Basketball), the OC Lions (MLS Soccer), the Predators (Arena Football), and the Solar Bears (minor league ECHL Hockey). Orlando does NOT have a professional baseball team at any level (Major League or any of the Minor Leagues). Sure, Orlando has an NFL quality stadium, but I do NOT WANT either Jacksonville or Tampa Bay to move their team HERE! Tracy in Orlando, Florida (4/21/15)

Verizon FIO's replacement for the Weather Channel is a complete failure. In particular the Weather Bug widget with the local weather. It is unavailable half the time and when it is I can barely make out the radar on a 60" set. The weather channel local 49 was 100 times better. Most of the time now I have to drag out the laptop to get a god damn weather report. For what I pay Verizon I shouldn't have to do that. (4/21/15)

Nationals Radio: 10 years and one has to tune to 'WPGC-AM' to listen to Tuesday's game. Gawd, that night signal didn't make it south of Hughesville back in the 1960's...and still doesn't. And the Gnat's MASN announcers still suck. (4/21/15)

[RE: (HD Radio) now being available in 185+ (car) models ranging from America's big 3 and imports...] Despite the propaganda forwarded by Antiquity, I mean Ibiquity, HD radios aren’t widely sought after by car buyers and the units are mostly available only as pricey options in special-order audio/trim packages. Tom Ray, former CE of WOR and an AM HD champion, wrote an interesting piece for Radio World last year about how difficult it was to find a dealer who knew the difference between HD and XM, let alone an on-the-lot model with an actual HD radio installed in it. (An “HD-capable” sound package without the radio present won't cut it.) As long as commercial HD programmers envision the listenership as being the captive ears of wealthier car owners, the formats are going to veer away from "Gamut" types and toward cookie-cutter formulas that previously succeeded on analog - 60s-70s Oldies, Smooth Jazz, and iHeart-style jukeboxes like 90s Country, Active/Hard Classic Rock and Urban Gold. Radio is lowest common denominator entertainment and that's exactly the kind of listener that will look at the dashboard and choose generic radio programming over files or streams. (4/21/15)

Dave where's the love? So many DCRTV MAILBAG HATERS: can't we all get along? Love: Rodney (4/21/15)

Absolutely YES, I am a class act. Al Lerner handed his PRIVATE PLANE over to Art Modell to fly to Baltimore and sign the BROWNS move and denied this fact to BOTH MARKETS! Then he also tried to get an NFL franchise for BOTH CLEVELAND AND BALTIMORE! HAHA! Now, keep in mind Al Lerner also bankrupted Maryland National Bank and laid off all those Maryland workers too! HEY WHAT A CLASS ACT HE IS! NOT! HAHA! — Joe in Middle River. PS: I hate when people are judgmental about an issue they know nothing about. Do some research next time DC dummy. (4/21/15)

It looks like The Ravens pre-season games will be on WJLA 7 again along flagship WBAL 11 and WHTM ABC 27 in Harrisburg. No word on Delaware/Delmarva coverage. WJLA and WBAL have been removed from most if not all Delaware cable systems and/or dumped to much higher up channels in OC and/or Salisbury and with much higher blackouts of programs. So it’s debatable if the games will or will not be shown down there this season. The Redskins will be on WRC 4, but have a significant advantage because of their deal with CSN, so they should have pre-season coverage through most of Delmarva. The Ravens have not been able to get a local coverage agreement on Delmarva for some reason, but I guess there’s still time with WBOC or WMDT? — BaltoMedia.Net (4/21/15)

I have all the respect in the world for Dave McConnell at WTOP but over the past year or two there has been this almost said tributing to longtime radio people, with the tone that they will never come around again. Radio people have to be worried about that. Vic Ratner & Ann Compton from ABC News Radio were given amazing tributes, now we learn that the ABC News Radio DC Bureau is basically non existant now. You can almost guarantee that WTOP will not be replacing McConnell once he retires. Aside from NYC, DC is one of the last places that had a hub of radio bureaus & special correspondents, sadly it looks like it is all going away. (4/21/15)

Did I hear right? Dave's take in Britt McHenry is to "never make personal attacks"??? Have you READ your own website? Love ya tons, Dave, but I'm pretty sure making personal attacks is part of your business model! (4/21/15)

Dave's response: You don't attack the poor fat toothless lady who works in the towing company's office. But the pompous, know-it-all, jerk of a right wing radio personality who specializes in delivering personal attacks? That's okay with me.....

From Joe in Middle River: "Browns owner Al Lerner .... ironically sold both BALTIMORE and CLEVELAND OUT! Thank God he’s dead." Joe, you're a real class act. (4/21/15)

On yesterday's Drive at Five withe "Switch Hitter Larry," he was interviewing Kathryn, Dr. Pepper ruined my teeth, Hamm about Britt McHenry. Katheryn came to the conclusion that the media needs to stop jumping on everything without getting all the facts first. She went on to say that we cannot jump to conclusions based on a little bit of information. Thank God WMAL has been restrained in that respect for years, and has never jumped to conclusions or misrepresented the facts. I mean, Iraq had nuclear and biological weapons, Iraq was responsible for 9-11, Obama was born in Kenya, Iraq moved its weaponry before the war, Michael Steele was pelted with Oreos at a historically Black University, Benghazi, Shirley Scherod, Obama is a socialist and will destroy this country's economy, and American exceptionalism, were all fully vetted by WMAL before they reported the news. (4/21/15)

WNEW & WJFK now say that Nationals radio will air on 99.1 tonight until the start of Wizards pregame, then go over to 1580 AM. Everett W. (4/21/15)

Ava Marie a few weeks ago went on air with the news that she was pregnant. It will be her and her husbands first child. As for Rod Daniels I tweeted the station (seems like it's the quickest way to get a response now a days ) and they said he was taking some time off. My best guess is that he's burning off banked vacation days prior to announcing his retirement where he will come back for a week or two and have a proper send off. I will say it seems like Rod has not appeared in any recently filmed promos for about a year. Case in point he was not featured in the Super Bowl ad where all the weekday anchors except for him were featured. When he does appear in a promo it seems like it was archived b-roll. The only current promo that I can think of that includes Rod is a proof of performance style promo touting breaking news coverage. The promo showed WBAL's various anchors and reporters covering recent breaking news events. Rods news clip appeared to have been from the archives. (4/21/15)

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