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So Marc Clarke is moving back from his NY gig..Wondered how long his being in NY was going to last before it started to affect his family life. Wishing him luck on his new ventures here. (8/17/17)

Slightly beyond the Beltway: India’s radio boom has companies and ad agencies thinking outside of the box. twitter.com/WSJ... You can go around TWSJ.'s paywall by going to the article from the Twitter feed. ~~ Blair in Alexandria (8/17/17)

Sinclair "political analyst" Boris Epshteyn is a fucking joke. Consider yesterday -- a day that saw corporate CEOs abandon Trump because of his comments about racists and Nazis, a day in which all five military leaders and two former Republican presidents came out squarely against bigotry and hate, along with numerous GOP lawmakers, commentators, John Kasich, and on and on. What was Epshteyn's "bottom line"? After waiting five days to comment on the violence just down the road from WJLA, his home station, all he could offer was the White House talking point, word for word. "Both sides were violent." That's his big takeaway after nearly a week of silence. David Smith is not paying Big Boris for actual analysis. His job is to carry water for Trump (his old boss) so the FCC will approve the sinclair-Tribune merger. That's the Bottom Line. (8/17/17)

Minorities are encouraged to challenge the broadcast licenses that do not meet the FCC quota. What is a Minority today? Is FCC Chairman a Minority? My Grandson is 28 % Black. Does he qualify as a Minority? Obama was 50% Black and he qualified as a Minority. (8/17/17)

THROWBACK THURSDAY! This one is for Scott Fybush. The WNAV 1430 AM studios and 5000 watt transmitter site. Don’t know if Scott Fybush ever checked this one out. Never know. You might meet Pat Sajak, the Wheel of Fortune guy owner one day. He only lives a few miles away. (8/17/17)

Well one TV repack mystery is finally solved pending any last minute change. A source tells me that WMPT FOX 43 will indeed go off the air on Jan. 18, 2018 and become a Cable Only TV affiliate for the FOX Network in south central PA. Will the same thing happen to DC’s CW 50, WDCW, no over the air signal at all? (8/17/17)

What the poster who was critical of the critic criticizing alleged news radio 1090 for its weekend resort traffic reports has shown us, is what "a special kind of stupid" he or she can be when it comes to Baltimore radio and its history of programming. First of all, people who are driving their Mercedes SUVs into Maryland from Pennsylvania are NOT listening to a tired, old, Buick radio station for traffic reports to help guide them through Delaware. Secondly, I still contend the volumes of traffic at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge reflect the huge number of motorists who get there using Route 50 (including those from the DC area over to Annapolis) that also handles loads of traffic from several feeder routes such as Ritchie Highway (MD2), College Parkway, and I-97 that flows from the Baltimore metropolitan area southward toward Annapolis, which is precisely the audience that historically has listened to this station because of its long reputation for reliable traffic and weather reports focused on the central Maryland area as well as Maryland's Eastern Shore. Traffic reports should breathe with the traffic flow, timed to coincide with it. In other words, these resort traffic reports typically zero in on the approaching traffic at the Bay Bridge early in the morning, and then slowly move with it eastward through Cambridge, Easton, Salisbury, etc. On Sunday, the process would be in reverse, and should "anticipate" the traffic flow based on checkout times and, obviously, the weather at the beach. A rainy Sunday morning, for example, would send traffic earlier westward, as families decide to scrap the day on the beach. If the day was a "tax free" shopping day, obviously, the traffic reporter would keep an eye on traffic heading northward along Route 1 to the outlets. At any rate, the morons hired to do these reports are clueless, often out of town wanna-be broadcasters who simply want to pay their bills like the rest of us. Throw in a professional like Jim Russ weekdays, and you can easily see how pathetic these weekend boobs really sound. Speaking of boobs, if you'll excuse me, the TRAM is coming and I really need to get back on the beach. (8/17/17)

While the Mike O'Meara Show Podcast was providing quality original content on Wednesday, Don Geronimo/Mike Sorce regurgitated his "Elvis Death Day" show for what, 30 straight years? #lazymanPodcasting (8/17/17)

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\/ August 16 Messages \/

Regarding AM stations that could be heard in Ocean City, WRC 980 was easy to hear. They even had comprehensive beach traffic reports in the early 1980s knowing people were coming and going out East. It also must be remembered that the reception of AM signals faced a lot less electrical noise from various appliances, wall warts, and industrial areas 30+ years ago. (8/16/17)

Looks like Liz Drabick, who has been a traffic reporter for many stations in Baltimore, is the new traffic reporter at WBAL Radio. Info on her Twitter page. (8/16/17)

RE: "1590 Ocean City is STILL DEAD. They made no money off of the station during the summer months." Don't worry, this isn't the only summer that 1590 has not made any money. Try for the past 30 years. It's a total waste. (8/16/17)

Oddly, the FCC has still not accepted WJAL 68’s request to share WUSA channel 9 as a sub-channel. That would substantially alter WJAL’s signal from really one market to another, however the FCC is in a bind, since they keep regarding Hagerstown as part of the DC market erroneously. What will they do? Turning it down goes against the Repack rules protecting stations turning in their licenses in a sense, but approving it might open up a can of worms in other markets. Hmm. (8/16/17)

WJWL AM 900 Delaware got license to cover approval to downgrade to Class D status and go to 1000 watts daytime with no nighttime protections. (Note to WILC AM 900, the coast at night is yours). Few people remember, but AM 900 used to be one of only 2 radio local AM radio stations you could get on the OC and Delaware beaches. Most people don’t remember, but it was WSEA AM 900 and WETT AM 1590 (or 16) in the 1970s. As I recall, WETT was more Top 40 while WSEA was more laid back Adult Contemporary. both had local news too. And Both had FMs that later became more successful. WSEA FM is now WZBH 93.5 and WETT owned WWTR 96 Rock. Now both AMs will be gone from the beaches. Anybody remember more from these stations hey days? (8/16/17)

The sale of WHGM 1330 and its FMs has not been approved by the FCC since June now. I had posted some previous issues with the new owner with a previous radio station down south that went bankrupt. As I recall, the WHGM application reported him as not ever previously owning any other radio station, so I’ll assume the FCC caught them on that and he might owe FCC fines from that fiasco that they’re not going to let go. Hmm. Should be interesting. Speaking of faltering AMs, just like Generalissimo Francisco Franco, AM 1590 Ocean City is STILL DEAD. They made no money off of the station during the summer months, keeping it dark. Are they really going to power it up again in December just to try to keep the license and pay all the fines? Seems unlikely. (8/16/17)

In case you missed it, on the August 4th episode of "The Mike O'Meara Show," Arch Campbell announces that Don Geronimo/Mike Sorce hates him with Mike O'Meara responding back to Arch, he's now part of the "rarefied air" club " The FREE interview is available at The Mike O'Meara Show - Page 2 of 385 - A fun mash-up of real life, pop-culture, news of the day, dynamic audio clips, and three guys busting each others’ balls... mikeomearashow.com (8/16/17)

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\/ August 15 Messages \/

To the poster who referred to Andy Pollin as a "fuddy duddy", yeah he can be. But, in my opinion, he and Thom Loverro represent the only intelligent life forms among that station's air staff. The Junkies do very well with chemistry and shtick. But cogent analysis is hardly their forte. The midday hosts consist of a wanna be comedian and a 20 something with an overblown ego. As far as I can tell, the afternoon drive guy seems to want to portray himself as a fat, beer swigging, gun toting redneck (and he is damn convincing). The nighttime guys are cast off 980 beat reporters who simply shouldn't be hosting call-in shows. All around, a bad lot in my judgment. So let's give Andy a break shall we? That Saturday morning show is like manna from heaven compared to the rest of the station's programming if you are looking for intelligent talk. (8/15/17)

When does 11.3 and 11.0 make 99.9? Brian Mo! (cue the cowbell) (8/15/17)

A week or so ago, the topic of WGOP being off the air came up. Arent they co-located with 97.9 WBEY and some other station in some brick pillbox off the Pocomoke Beltway? I'm nowhere near town so I cant listen, but would they not *all* be dark if they shared a facility? (8/15/17)

About the person who complained about Ravens preseason coverage in Virginia, the game was also on NewsChannel 8 as all of them this season, along with Sinclair DC sister station WJLA 7. (8/15/17)

Re "Radio's Mike O'Meara..." Hammer meets Nail. For years, it has been rumored that 'Gus in [the] Gaithersburg is actually Don Geronimo / Mike Sorce. And what's the reason behind his recent increased mailbag posts? Later West Coast start time for his live Podcasting Show perhaps? (8/15/17)

RE: The guy bitching about Resort Traffic on WBAL covering a crash on the Tydings Bridge. HELLO.. you must be a special kind of stupid. Not everyone uses 50 to get to the shore. MANY people use 95 and 40 and go thru Delaware. As a matter fact, those north of Baltimore and PA typically use this route to avoid 50 and all of the headaches along the way. (8/15/17)

Dear fellow WBAL critic: In defense of Resort Traffic on the Tydings Bridge, I’ve got to defend them. Lots of people in Harford County, and the upper reaches of eastern Baltimore County, head for the beaches, via I-95 to Rt 1 in Delaware, especially if going to the Del. Beaches. Now the delivery of those reports is another story. (8/15/17)

For anyone who doesn't know, most of the talking points used for talk radio, Fox News, and conservative punditry, come from The Heritage Foundation. Karl Rove set up a system back in the 90's for Heritage to fax talking points to the "conservative media" every morning, so everyone can be on the same page-literally. Back then email was not used because Karl did not understand email technology and he didn't want the text easily forwarded. If you wonder why they are all saying the same thing, the answer is they all have the same fax-yes, pun on words. Emily Miller said this morning "who are these people telling us not to look at the sun?" Hard to believe this Einstein worked for a member of Congress, a Congressional committee, Colin Powell, The Washington Times, Fox 5 DC, The Examiner, and a gun advocacy group. No it is not, she was fired for incompetence in all those jobs. She even made a city wide scare, and created racial tensions, when she got confused when house sitting. I can't make this stuff up, she got confused, I believe it was on New Year's Day, when she was house sitting. She called the Metropolitan Police on a firewood delivery guy who had a key to the house, literally had just dropped off-FIREWOOD, and was walking back to his truck, after introducing himself, and saying "Happy New Year" to her when they met on the front walkway. She lied about the incident years later. Great get, WMAL! (8/15/17)

It’s been a month since WBAL canned Dave Sandler. In this time frame, we’ve had Ken Berger, Christie McIntyre (sp?), Jay Walker, and Karen (ah, eh, uh…) Campbell, and I’m missing one other. Another genius move by WBAL Management. And where did they get this Andrew Langer guy from for Saturday mornings ? TERRIBLE !! ‘BAL management philosophy for on-air “talent”: The GEICO School…’So easy a caveman (or woman) can do it.’ (8/15/17)

I tuned in to alleged news radio 1090 Saturday to see if things were as horrible on the weekend as they are all week, and, sure enough, they are. "Carlos" was doing a "resort traffic update" with not one mention of resort traffic, but rather an accident on the Tydings Memorial Bridge affecting traffic on I-95 north of Baltimore. And, as if that were not enough, the report was brought to us by Sherwin - Williams, which he kept calling "Sharon Williams." Where is "Jay Walker," the weekday traffic dude when we need him? What a circus. (8/15/17)

Re: "WMAL’s “Mournings on the Mall”: just when we thought it could not get worse....". I listened to about 10 minutes about Chris Plante (also under the direction of Bill Hess, the man who hired Larry O'Connor of Shirley Sherod fame) today spew his hatred and nonsense before I felt physically ill. Then as I was about to turn off the radio and look for a quiet place, Plante said that he likes to see the dust settle before he rushes to judgment. What? When has he ever? How can you tolerate this nonsense from a radio station under YOUR watch, Bill Hess? Plante is/was/is a birther who spread and continues to spread toxic hatred towards the Obama administration. He has called Obama "Hitler" and a "radical Muslim" and a crack addict on your airwaves. He embraced Orly Taitez, Cliven Bundy, Ann Coulter, and so many others who subscribe to racial hatred of what is now called alt-right. He zealously defended Gorge Zimmerman. Oh, I get it, Bill. You agree with everything Plante and the others say. you are one of them. Well I am glad you found a purpose. I hope you are happy with your friends. (8/15/17)

In regards to "Really, do they (WMAL talkers) get their talking Points from Sean Hannity?". I am pretty sure they get their talking points from some guy named Bill Hess. (8/15/17)

A shame about Neil Chayet, who I listened to during college and law school. Later, while serving a stint as professional liability counsel to the Bar, I had a case with his Boston firm as co-Counsel. They were very proud of him and his fame. He still did a few court appearances and carried a fair client load as well as his media work, and I believe he taught as well (as did Howard Cosell for many years). He was known as a gentleman, an all round professional and a genuine nice guy. They are in short supply these days....Genghis "I've said too much, now I'll have to kill you all"Cohen, in still soggy Prince William County (8/15/17)

Radio's Mike O'Meara (real name: Don Geronimo) told a lovely road rage story today about how his challenged wife followed someone into a convenience store parking lot because they had a confederate flag on their truck. www.fairfaxunderground.com... What a freakin' load that guy is. He couldn't fight his way out of a hospital gown. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/15/17)

Pai squared: how the F.C.C. Chairman Pai became a darling of Republicans, was urged to run for office in his home state of Kansas, and helped pave the way for Sinclair’s and other media consolidations. Pai, whose parents immigrated (legally?) from India with “$10 and a transistor radio” according to the NYT profile, is considered a “rock star”: www.msn.com (8/15/17)

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\/ August 14 Messages \/

"WMAL’s “Mournings on the Mall” So, the hosts of today's show are more right wing than Ted Cruz, Orin Hatch, Marco Rubio, Jeff Sessions, as well as a number of other Conservative Republicans in how they discussed the violence C'ville over the weekend! Really, do they get their talking Points from Sean Hannity? (8/14/17)

"WJFK’s Sports Junkies Summer Dress Party" And ladies, remember, Lurch loves backfat. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/14/17)

Kristen Berset is back on WUSA 9... Multiple tweets, and I suspect a message on one of the FB pages. twitter.com/KristenBerset (8/14/17)

Baltimore Ravens 1st preseason game scores well in the TV ratings. Due to new licensing agreements, the game was seen in Baltimore on 3 different TV stations: WBAL TV (main Ravens broadcast), WBFF 45 & WNUV 54 (Redskins broadcast). Not explained is why 2 Sinclair stations carried the game, but I'll assume it has to do with the difference in the 2 stations' cable carriage in certain areas or time constraints. Due to no local cable sports network coverage though, the Ravens have lost some coverage in Virginia, the Carolinas, & WV. And, there were no replays of the game like previously. Also, I noticed some complaints about no stats on the screen on out of market stations due to the WBAL TV logo? More as I look into this. www.baltimoresun.com... (8/14/17)

WMAL’s “Mournings on the Mall”: just when we thought it could not get worse with the dreadful Mary Walter, Bill Hess outdoes himself with her sub host with poor Vince, the loathsome, gun toting Emily Miller. The discredited “journalist” Miller comes across as a right wing Valley girl as Vince’s winces can be heard when she speaks: twitter.com (8/14/17)

Explore an abandoned Baltimore radio station that's covered in mold... dailym.ai (8/14/17)

WAMU/NPR has a story about “Where to find DC’s LGBTQ landmarks” if DCRTV Mailbaggers are so inclined: wamu.org (8/14/17)

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\/ August 13 Messages \/

Miri marshal leaving WBAL: Good riddance! Ugh. (8/13/17)

Neil Chayet, long time CBS News legal analyst died Saturday after a recent bout with cancer that forced him to retire in June. Chayet, based at WBZ in Boston, was known for his crisp, pun laden radio clips that dealt with major and minor legal issues, always signing off with “This is Neil Chayet, looking at the law!” his own version of the late Paul Harvey’s “And now you know the rest of the story”. Chayet had over 42 years experience that included coverage of The Boston Strangler, was 78: boston.cbslocal.com (8/13/17)

It looks like our resident crusader against the use of TV channel 6 as a radio station is now directing his ire against WMDE now. Well one good obsession deserves another. (8/13/17)

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\/ August 12 Messages \/

DCRTV – like the WJFK Sports Junkies this year – celebrates on August 12, 2017 an incredible 20 years of covering all things media in the DC/Baltimore and now the Delaware & Eastern Shore market. Far better that the dreadful “Fishbowl DC”, The Daily Caller’s Betsy Rothstein’s “The Mirror” or any other DC media blog or writer, DCRTVDJDAVE has scooped The Washington Post, left DC City Paper spinning, and all others in the dust with his savvy coverage. Congratulations Dave for 20 years and here’s to 20 more years. (8/12/17)

Dave's response: Thanks.....

WJFK’s Sports Junkies Summer Dress Party in two weeks on August 26th 4:00PM to ??? at Whitlows in Arlington. Women, men and those between break out your best summer dress for the rooftop “Tiki Bar” for this FREE event. (8/12/17)

"Doc Walker sounded like some shuck and jive character," WOW, that's not too racist at all. Will you join me in a bean pie? Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/12/17)

I like Andy Pollin in general but he is such an old fuddy duddy. Last week he reamed against little league football. Today it was the "Kids Today and their devices" BS. Then, he finishes with golf is dying......OOBBEE (8/12/17)

While the “C” in DCRTV does not stand for “Charlottesville” certainly the dominating story in the DC/National radio, television and print media market today has been the events there, which range from violent to deadly. WTOP has a fairly straight forward time line wtop.com while Zero Hedge provides actual video of the car driving into protestors resulting in at least one death: www.zerohedge.com (8/12/17)

Up here in Baltimore I noticed WBFF & WNUV carrying the redskins feed. I know WNUV have been carrying skins preseason games for a while but why was they both on two channels? (8/12/17)

When is the FCC going to crack down on WMDE 36 (RF channel 5)? They’re licensed to Dover, Delaware, serve the Washington DC market, yet have more OTA reception in Baltimore! They’re clearly NOT serving Delaware in any way shape or form. They’re not even trying to get on cable TV on Delmarva! Technically, Dover, DE is in the Philadelphia market to make things even stranger. But the point is WHY was this station even allowed to go on the air in this fashion? The signal has LITTLE COVERAGE of Delaware and certainly not Dover! (8/12/17)

iHeart radio fans will be happy to hear than one of their creditors, Franklin Resources, is considering restructuring of their debt. I guess you could say they have had a change of heart or that they have changed their tune: Ma href="http://nypost.com/2017/08/10/change-in-tune-from-iheartmedia-creditor/" target="_new">nypost.com (8/12/17)

WTOP adding to the Powerball and Megamillion’s hysteria, asking people how they would spend the money if they won (best one: “Perhaps a donkey”). WTOP even has a photo of a Megamillion ticket and how odd would it be if it was the winner: wtop.com (8/12/17)

For the past two years I have had to endure the endless promotion of the storm chasing vehicles at the major local TV stations. Yet this afternoon when a tornado warned storm was just 40 miles west of DC along I 66...I didn't see any coverage from a storm chaser on any station. What do they do? Chase the weather AFTER it happens? Thankfully the TV folks in Oklahoma City deploy before the storms hit populated areas. In DC these vehicles are nothing but hype. (8/12/17)

Fox 5 Morning "News" fails miserably as a news program, and fails almost as badly as genuine entertainment. They do excel at gossip, blather, and drivel if that is entertains what their viewers. (8/12/17)

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\/ August 11 Messages \/

Best Jim Vance News Bloopers of All Time...

Been meaning to correct some chatter a few weeks ago regarding the iconic WDCW tower at 9th and Peabody NW. I heard claims it's the tallest tower in town. According to my aviation sectional charts, the River Road tower is a taller structure. P of the AW (8/11/17)

Why is the FCC even considering giving Family Radio an FM translator? It hasn’t been that long since they sold off 107.9. That was after the End-of-the-World prognaostcator, “Brother” Harold Camping’s actual date came and past, and listenership went away. If they want to blanket the area, they never should have sold 107.9. Just sayin’. (8/11/17)

WRNR’s Steve Kingston literally said that WRNR is now WAR FM against this 103.1 translator in Baltimore. People have already contacted me at BaltoMedia.Net on how to file a complaint so I posted how. You need to use the Facility ID 200467 since the proposed FM has no call letters. Use the typical FCC complaint site: consumercomplaints.fcc.gov (8/11/17)

Regarding why Redskins/Ravens was on both WRC & WJLA, WRC is contracted to carry Redskins preseason games and WJLA is contracted to carry Ravens preseason games. Since the teams played other, the game was on both stations. FWIW, the game was also on CSN (Redskins telecast) and NewsChannel 8 (Ravens telecast) in-market. Everett W. (8/11/17)

[And broadcast television wise, why did both WJLA and WRC air the game at the same time?] Because WRC/CSN had the Redskins feed, and WJLA/NC8 the Ravens feed. Four channels for a freaking pre-season game. There was no need for the game to be on NC8. (8/11/17)

The WMDT ABC 47 Ravens broadcast was a total disaster. They don’t even have any of the stats on the screen except the SCORE! I’ve seen high school football broadcasts better! I guess they refused to show the WBAL TV or Ravens TV logo or something? Whatever the reason, this is very small town. Last year, you could watch it on WBAL TV or Comcast Sportsnet. This year, they totally fucked it up! I hope they change this for the next broadcast. :-( (8/11/17)

RE: WMAL’s first broadcast of Redskins game in 23 years. WMAL did an acceptable job but maybe a little overkill milking a meaningless game. Pre-game coverage started at exactly 6:30PM unceremoniously cutting of poor Ben Shapiro sub hosting for Mark Levin (thus “Get off my time slot you Redskins dummies” was never uttered by Levin), then the complete game coverage and the overkill was another HOUR of post game chatter until almost Midnight, way past Sonny’s bedtime. Worst moments: poor Sonny, age 83, sounding so weak you needed to turn up radio to hear him speak. Sonny sounded like a grandfather at a bachelor party trying to keep up with a bunch of drunk frat boys: either turn up his mic or let him go! The other worst moments were the exchanges between Riggo and Sonny about the “Good old days”: who cares? Chris Cooley barely earned his paycheck, Doc Walker sounded like some shuck and jive character, and Michaels wound up carrying the coverage. Overall rating: B plus for effort, D minus for overkill. And broadcast television wise, why did both WJLA and WRC air the game at the same time? Anyone explain that? Otherwise: the Skins still suck, go Nats! Signed, Dusty Baker (8/11/17)

Update: The proposed Family Stations WBMD on 103.1 FM Baltimore contour has been released by the FCC. It's a highly directional signal that is actually far from WBMD's tower and pointed away from it mostly. But WRNR 103.1 might want to look at this to see the damage if approved. (8/11/17)

I agree that the Fox5 morning show shouldn't be primarily considered a news show. In fact, the "Fox 5 News Morning" title truly needs to be changed as it's such an oxymoron. News is secondary to the entertainment focus of the show. (8/11/17)

For those complaining about the decline of talent and maturity in the business these days, give a listen to this. Here is a full 5 minute newcast from the American Information Network embedded in this WMAL video, starting at :42, from the time tone, the great opening theme, news, spots, and closing theme and button. The news from 1971 is interesting, but it is the seriousness and professionalism of the newscast that is most remarkable. H&W say that Tom Gauger is up after the news, but there are two segues and then a comedy sketch, following by Bill Trumbull... (8/11/17)

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\/ August 10 Messages \/

RE: Fox5's "news" ratings: It is a joke to consider the Fox Morning Show "news" because it is really more entertainment garbage than actual hard news. (8/10/17)

"Gus, a Power Ratio is derived from a station's ratings and revenue share, and has nothing to do with its signal strength." Thank you for the correction. Allow me to revise and extend my remarks: I was calling the new WHFS's programming sucky, not the ratio of their revenue share and ratings share. In any case, Power Ratio is a useless metric for a listener deciding what station to listen to so WTF Guy Who Originally Said Power Ratio??? Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/10/17)

People on the Maryland eastern shore noticed a big change tonight. WBAL TV’s Ravens vs. Redskins broadcast was BLACKED OUT. This season, on much of the shore in the Salisbury market, you have to find WMDT DT 47.2 The CW to see the game. Most anyone can do that, but it’s the first time it’s ever happened. Also the game is in 1080i on WBAL, but 720p on WMDT. Doubtful anyone will notice the difference though. GO RAVENS! (8/10/17)

"Just got the email. Marc Steiner just released his first podcast. Does anybody care?" Hey...if you don't care and no one else cares, why are you taking space in Dave's Mailbag? (8/10/17)

I get daily emails from The Washington Post, but the one email really is kind of disturbing. It’s the “Most Popular Stories” email. It’s like a list of anti-Trump stories that appear to be from The Onion! This is drastically different some days from the “Most Important Stories” email. The only thing I can make of that dicotomy is that most Post readers are nuttier than their nuttiest writers! HAHA! (8/10/17)

There are a lot of diverse groups opposing the Sinclair/Tribune deal, but they all have an obvious axe to grind that will make their complaint have less impact. Comcast and the Cable Industry hates it because it will make them look bad when they cut all these channels off their channel lineups and get complaints. They want to blame anybody but their own greed and their complaint is total BS. The former FCC guy is a no-brainer, the one that wouldn’t even let failing newspapers be salvaged by TV station ownership. Copps is also the biggest hypocrite since he consistently approved Sinclair’s duopolies, some of which shouldn’t have been approved. Under Copps, both Sinclair and Nexstar repeatedly got approval for shell companies to do this. NewsMax is a competitor as its on many local TV stations as a sub-channel, but not by any Sinclair or any major companies. And of course, you have all the groups to the left for obvious political reasons, none of which will have much impact in the current administration. If the UHF rule is included, which everyone expects it will, Sinclair will only have to sell stations in certain markets. They are also attacking Sinclair on ATSC 3.0, and the FCC Commish is a big proponent of that, so I see that falling on deaf ears. Once again the cable industry HATES ATSC 3.0 and want it and free over the air TV DEAD DEAD DEAD! If the SBG/Tribune merger goes through, SBG will fast track ATSC 3.0 and Comcast and the ACA will be negatively effected since it will make it much easier to be a cord cutter. Another group says SBG will slow the ATSC 3.0 rollout. The fact that a lot of these complaints are contradictory is going to negate them, but force concessions. (8/10/17)

Just got the email. Marc Steiner just released his first podcast. Does anybody care? Has anyone fallen harder from radio without making a sound? I mean, seriously. When you get cancelled by WEAA, it doesn’t even make the DCRTV news headlines! (8/10/17)

Unless I missed something, Sept. 30, 2017 is the deadline for anyone canceling the WSPZ AM 570 sale to the Salem related people, so I don’t see anything to suggest the deal is floundering. That is the only date listed in the sale agreement to the FCC that I can see. (8/10/17)

WMAL is pulling out all the stops promoting via e-mailed link their Skins pre-game (6:30PM), pre-season game (7:30PM) coverage. Can’t wait to hear WMAL cut off Mark Levin mid-sentence to preempt! GO SKINS, GO WMAL: www.wmal.com (8/10/17)

Channel 4 news closing music, here: www.youtube.com (8/10/17)

Dave: After being away for a month, I've finally gotten caught up on the Redskins and I can't believe the awful coverage of training camp and every channel! Here's a simply question... why can't TV/Radio reporter ask pertinent questions instead of giggling etc...? It's quite embarrassing the coverage I've seen on CSN and all of the other channels. Also, what even worse is 980's daily content of dribble! You can really tell that Czaban's checked out and just waiting for his severance check while Sheehan has too many ummmmmm's going at this point. What's even worse is that we'll have to listen to Cooley remind us how he knows it all on the radio calls! The lone bright spot about camp coverage is the great material by the Post and their veteran reporters...such a good read. (8/10/17)

There were 1,100 Applications filed with the FCC during the one week window ending on 8/2/17 for new FM Translators. There are already over 7,000 FM Translators on the air. The FM Band will be so crowded you cannot find any new FM vacant frequencies. When will the FCC allow these translators to originate their own programming? (8/10/17)

I heard MFSB was Mother [Lovin'] Studio Band. Both stories make for really good deejay chatter. (8/10/17)

DRUDGE has nothing on DCRTV: Axios’ Mike Allen giving kudos to Drudge for his new “black and white” look but DCRTVDJDAVE adopted the “white on black” look long ago! Allen: “Matt Drudge — who has kept his look steady even as everything else in media has convulsed — made a striking change Monday, beginning with a "NUKE YOU" banner headline: His photos, usually colorful amid the spare typewriter front, were suddenly black and white.” Drudge: "We have clearly entered a historic era. It's feeling like The Roaring 20's this autumn with tech valuations at such hysterical heights. The socials, like Instagram Live, are alive with the spirit of Warhol. The sound of the atom splitting is looming over Korea. What's old is new. So, black and white and read all over!" More from Axios: www.axios.com (8/10/17)

For the poster asking about the background music closing the Friday 6 and 11 PM newscasts on Channel 4 - this from Wikipedia: Since 1975, MFSB's "My Mood" has been the closing theme music for the Friday 6:00 p.m. newscast on WRC-TV (NBC4), the NBC-owned television station in Washington, D.C.[5][6] From me: MFSB was the highly talented house band at Philadelphia International Records back in the day. They played behind all those hits from the O'Jays, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes and so many others on that label, and had a hit on their own with "TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia)," which was the "Soul Train" theme. MFSB either stood for "mother, father, sister, brother" or "mother f***in' son-of-a-b***h" depending on who you talked to - - - - - Larry (formerly) from Luray (8/10/17)

Dave says: "and this is a wonderful little radio market when it comes to locally-owned, locally-programmed almost goofy music stations." C'mon Dave, you really miss DC with its basically pathetic selection of music stations, featuring limited playlists, and commercial marathons, just about all of which are owned by iHeart. (8/10/17)

Hi Dave, I've enjoyed your website and videos for several years, nice tribute to Jim Vance. Do you know the name of the song NBC4 played only on Fridays after the 6 and 11pm newscasts? I moved from DC in 2009 and not sure if they still play it. When did Doreen G. go blonde, I didn't recognize her. Thank you, Todd (8/10/17)

Dave's response: I forget. Someone's gotta know.....

I was in Los Angeles last week and I was checking out DCRTV. On DCRTV I saw ads for Ralph's supermarkets and KTLA channel 5 while in Albuquerque an ad for Uncle Cliff's amusement park was right there on DCRTV. In Indianapolis last month on DCRTV was a big ad for WTHR's channel 13 Eyewitness News right above Baltimore's WQLL radio. Dave, I know you make money for local ads like for WQLL but Ralph's and Uncle Cliff's ?? KTLA and WTHR ?? Curious.Dave, does your site make money from those places ??? (8/10/17)

Dave's response: Some of my ads are served by Google's AdSense and they're based on the "cookies" on your system, stuff you've been searching for on Google, and even you're current location. Creepy, huh.....

Hey Dave every time we hear that obnoxious “Kars for Kids” ad does that mean the radio station gets a tax deduction credit? The ads runs at all times, even morning and evening drive times when it would seem that the station should be able to sell paying ads for revenue. What do you think the deduction is, for the full amount they could be charging or is it pro-rated? And is it because the station did not sell that time or because the station is required to provide a certain amount of time for non-profit ads? Please explain Dave (look, no links!): signed, Puzzeled in Potomac. (8/10/17)

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Re: Adams fires all the PD's, except the one with the lowest ratings... You ever think he is the one who works the cheapest. The Salisbury market continues to be a disappointment for Adams. (8/9/17)

Dave's response: I've been hanging out in the Rehoboth Beach area on and off since early May and this is a wonderful little radio market when it comes to locally-owned, locally-programmed almost goofy music stations. There's a cool progressive rocker on 98.1 and a doo-wop station on 106.5. Etc. Oldies stations that play real obscure oldies. Talk stations with strangely authentic local callers and over-projective WKRP-ish personalities who literally shill for advertisers at the drop of a hat. A funky and fun market for listeners. Yet, the salaries are lower than entry-level retail and it's got to be a hellishly hard to make much revenue even with decent ratings. Not to mention competition with local TV and a plethora of old fashioned print media, both freebie and paid. And then - gasp - there's new competition from social media/streaming. Is anyone under 45 listening to your radio station? Do they even know what a radio is? I guess Adams is learning that the hard way.....

So Adams Broadcasting in Salisbury fires all of their Program Directors except for the one who runs their lowest rated radio station WKHI. They reward that one with a promotion to Operations Manager. Things that make you go hmmmmm. (8/9/17)

Re: the DC tv ratings, it's somewhat misleading regarding WTTG leading the newscasts @ 7am, 9am &10am since if I'm not mistaken, there aren't any local stations doing news during those periods. Oh wait, channel 9 might have a show, but hear it's not that great. (8/9/17)

Memo to GE: yep, I'm still dead. Wanna stop running that commercial starring ME? It sucks being here as it is and knowing I can't depend on those residual checks anymore. I mean, shit, do you know how much beer Alf Einstein can knock back in one damn night? C'mon guys! --- Millie Dresselhaus (8/9/17)

DC TV ratings? Not too detailed.... washingtontimes.com: The District’s Fox affiliate, WTTG, enjoyed a strong July in the capital (market No. 9), with their news coverage finishing first in the market. This caps a run of several months of the station’s local coverage finishing at number one. WTTG Fox 5 news finished July in the top spot at 5 a.m., 6 a.m., 7 a.m., 9 a.m., 10 a.m., 5 p.m., 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. among adults ages 25-54. The affiliate’s 6 p.m. newscast finished number 2 in the time slot among the same demographic, as did its 6:30 p.m. coverage when measured against national newscasts. (8/9/17)

WGOP 540 AM is run by Birach Broadcasting. They are often off the air. They have no interest in that station. It’s totally automated and probably gets visited less often than most Coast Guard Lighthouses! They just hold onto the license because AM 540 has value. It’s called “frequency squatting.” That’s the modern day definition of “serving the public good.” Your only option as a citizen? File a complaint with the FCC. Maybe it’ll get some DC bureaucrat's fat ass hauled out there to see if they’re on the air and maybe issue a fine or threaten their license. consumercomplaints.fcc.gov (8/9/17)

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\/ August 8 Messages \/

Looks like 96.7 is the jackpot frequency for new translators in the DC area. The first AM enhancement window closed last week and it appears WAVA (AM) seeks 250 watts from Fairfax Station DA, WKIK 65 watts ND from their AM site and WTHU 250 watts from their Thurmont, MD location. Interesting 106.3, 150 watts in Frederick for WARK. (8/8/17)

Dave, although fairly early since these have begun, any numbers or idea as to how Fox5 Plus is doing with their 8pm newscast, the Fox5 11:30 newscast and NBC4's 4am newscast? (8/8/17)

How The WKIK Call Letters Came To SoMD (8/8/17)

Goodnight Mark Levin: WMAL’s Maria Leaf announced that Thursday the Skins coverage kick’s off with pre-game, pre-season coverage at 6:30PM with full coverage of Skins vs. Raven’s game at 7:30PM. Levin listeners will have to switch to online to hear about his slipped disco, the drugs he is on that change his voice, and how liberals suck: Levin will lose a huge chunk of his market. (8/8/17)

(QUOTE) Did WGOP go dark and WLIE legally increase their daytime power, or is WGOP silent and WLIE taking advantage of it? (END) A Birach station going off the air for a month? Gee, that never happens... (8/8/17)

Someone asked about what happened with Channel 5's 10:00 News? Here is what it appears to be. The main anchors, Tony and Shawn, do three half-hours per night: 8 PM on WDCA-20 ("5+"), 10 PM, and 11 PM on WTTG. Sarah and Jim do the 10:30 half hour, which is similar to the other news programs now as a half-hour show of actual news. I think they all got sick of the fillers like drinking games, cooking demos, discussions with random people, and movie star actualities from God-knows-where; so someone decided that two separate half hours of actual news from 10 to 11 is a better choice. I agree with them. -- Carl in Olney (8/8/17)

OOO, OOO, OOO…YES, YES, YES (pounding on the table). No, that’s not Meg Ryan. That’s the sound coming from the WBAL building. The National Weather Service has determined that in was, in fact, a tornado in Salisbury yesterday. AHHH. Anyone got a cigarette? (8/8/17)

What is or did Fox 5 do the nightly 10pm news? They seem to have split it with T and S for ½ hour S and J for ½ hour. What gives? (8/8/17)

The last month or so I haven’t been hearing WGOP at 540 kHz but Spanish-language WLIE in Islip. I never used to get the latter from anywhere in the D.C. area. Did WGOP go dark and WLIE legally increase their daytime power, or is WGOP silent and WLIE taking advantage of it? Jeff (8/8/17)

RE: "....referred to the town as Salls-BERRY about a dozen times. Just to be clear, it's not pronounced that way, right?" I didn't hear what you are referring to but growing up on the Eastern Shore and having family that lives there that sounds like the way most people pronounce it, Sawsberry. Not an emphasis on the "BERRY" the way you have it in all caps. Sometimes you hear a slight 'bury' in there but more often it's more of a "berry" pronunciation. But maybe I never paid much attention before. (8/8/17)

In the latest FM translator application rush comes a new 96.7 FM for La Plata, MD for WKIK AM 1560 from SOMAR Communications. I'm sure WCEI 96.7 FM will be interested in this. There were no applications specifically for DC, but this is close as is the 96.7 FM proposed by Salem for WAVA AM for Burke, VA. Also Steve Kingston vows to fight the new 103.1 FM in Baltimore with a passion to protect WRNR in the Baltimore market. fcc.gov... — BaltoMedia.Net (8/8/17)

The FCC's window for Class C and D AM's to file for _new construction_ translators ran from July 26 to August 2 and the applications just now showed up in their database. Besides the previously mentioned app for WBMD 750 on 103.1 from Baltimore, I see DC-area applications from WAVA 780 (96.7, Burke) and WARK 1490 (106.3, Frederick). I actually didn't know that 780 and 105.1 had different programming schedules...Speaking of Salem, Atsinger/Epperson's purchase of 570 from Dan Snyder has not closed yet. This despite the contract specifying that closing is to happen 10 business days after the FCC grants the sale (which was July 12), and it took place right on the 10th day for his other stations. Possibly it has fallen through. (8/8/17)

Dead Air: The Ruins of WFBR Radio by Matthew Christopher www.abandonedamerica.us (8/8/17)

With all the talk of the Tv frequency repack is WRC CH 4 Affected since its actual channel is 48? Also I believe ION has 6 subchannels I think most subchannels could find a new place WUSA could add a 4th maybe more if WRC stays where it is they have just one sub COZI and could add a few more but I agree there making it slowly a pain in the butt for free TV (8/8/17)

Both WBAL-Radio and WBAL-TV are in a ‘was it a tornado’ frenzy again. This time for the severe weather in Salisbury. Again, does it really matter as far as a news story ? Geez. And to the poster over the weekend lamenting the lack of tough questioning by the eastern shore media on the woman buried in the sand, it isn’t one bit different on the west side of the bay. There are very few actual reporters, rather press release readers. Other than Jane Miller, there aren’t many that ask tough questions. As another poster stated weeks ago, it’s about ‘drama’ and not ‘news’. TV news especially is to reporting what the WWE is to reals sports. (8/8/17)

"Carpenter and Santangelo are absolutely terrible. I am a big Nats fan but they are the worst "homers" ever. In their eyes the Nats can do no wrong." Apparently, Biff has never heard the 10 times as annoying Ken "Hawk" Harrelson do White Sox games. (8/8/17)

Tonight on NBC4 Shamari Stone was at the Salisbury on tornado damage and must have referred to the town as Salls-BERRY about a dozen times. Just to be clear, it's not pronounced that way, right? (8/8/17)

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\/ August 7 Messages \/

Dave, you’re both right and wrong. Regardless of landline delivery, the channels simply will not exist as sub-channels per any carriage agreement. You saw this with MeTV. Once WJLA dropped it and WTTG picked it up, it was not automatic or a clean switch. MeTV disappeared for weeks because Comcast simply did not have to provide another channel to carry it. With the Repack, it will be the same thing. The deals with WDCA 20 and WDCW 50 simply will end. There’s not going to be an automatic switch or must carry or any carriage deal for them as sub-channels unless they’ve already been renegotiated. So unless you know something I don’t, from the MeTV experience, this will be a messy switch. Comcast will surely seize up any bandwidth it can for other services. They have no obligation to participate in this repack from the FCC. The very nature of sub-channels is a competitor to the Comcast/NBC business model because it enables cord cutters to get more programming. There’s no doubt there’s corporate pressure to end free TV and Comcast/NBC is leading the way in Boston by denying the market an OTA NBC affiliate on purpose. That is why they will want to make these sub-channels go away. It’s going to be messy. Just you wait and see. (8/7/17)

WRNR 103.1 FM Grasonville, MD is facing another threat of interference in the Baltimore area. In the latest round of FM translator applications, Family Stations' WBMD AM 750 now wants an FM translator on 103.1 FM. In the past year, WRBS AM 1230 had applied for a 103.1 FM, but backed down under pressure. We'll see what happens this time. fcc.gov (8/7/17)

The TV repack is going to have a major impact on DC’s cable TV lineups. Still many things left in the air after the TV repack that we’re going to find out by Jan. 18, 2018. It’s assumed that WDCW CW 50 is going to be a sub-channel on WJLA 7, but how? WJLA already has Charge!, Comet TV, and TBD. How will they fit CW 50 in 1080i or 720p along with Antenna TV and This TV too? Clearly these will not all fit. In fact, probably only 3 out of them all with 2 in HD. WTTG FOX 5 has a similar dilemma. Do they move WDCA’s MyTV over in 480i or 720p? Or lose MeTV or Buzzr? And what happens to Movies!, Heroes & Icons, & Light TV? People do not realize that these channels will not stay on Comcast if the sub-channel over the air is gone. Not unless something drastic changes and I do not see Comcast taking the brunt of anything that they aren’t already contractually obligated to do. It’s hard to imagine that many cable retransmission deals could have had all this in mind. Will Comcast renegotiate these deals? They don’t have to. We saw how Comcast didn’t care with MeTV just recently. This time it will only be far worse. Baltimore has no big issues really, but southern PA has an even bigger mess. Tribune’s FOX 43 has turned in the license and there is no room for them really for sharing unless with a competitor. Seems unlikely, but who knows? Sinclair’s WHP CBS 21 has no room with 2 networks in HD & 1 in SD already. Would Sinclair make a deal with Nexstar’s WHTM ABC 27 to add FOX 43? Sinclair has too much leverage in this particular market. Will the market lose the FOX network? Will Sinclair force WBFF Fox 45 on the Harrisburg PA market? (8/7/17)

Dave's response: Most DC area cable TV systems rely on landline fiber feeds from most local TVers, not their over the air signals. I guess local TVers could continue to feed the subchannels to area cable systems even if they're not carried on their on air signals. Just face it - free broadcast TV will be gone by 2025. You'll need to pay for all TV by then.....

Nice report from the soon-to-be former site of WMAL’s transmitter. Here’s what I wrote about it in 2015: blogs.harvard.edu. Lot of info there, much of it technical and likely of interest to readers. If you listen to WSPZ/570, you’ll get some idea of how poorly WMAL will do with the new signal, coming from the same WSPZ four-tower rig way out of town. The old WMAL facility is inside the beltway, 10000 watts by day and 5000 by night, with a good ground system. The day signal is also relatively nondirectional. The new facility is also 10000 by day, but only 2700 by night, and aimed both day and night with a narrow beam (as is WSPZ) like a headlight over the District. It’s interesting to note that WSPZ had a much better signal when it operated in Potomac as WGMS. How long will it be before the WSPZ/WMAL land is worth more as houses than as former farmland? Cheers, Doc (8/7/17)

Dave's response: Technically, the current and soon to be former WMAL-AM transmitter site is just outside the Beltway. Check it out here as "this is not a dog park".....

Did you see that? The Frederick ratings are out today and no WFRE or WFMD listed for the public. It sounds like Aloha Trust (iHeartMedia) said sayonara to the costly Nielsen ratings service. Is this yet another clue that a sale of these stations is finally going to happen? The GM left. The WFRE PD left. The promotions director left. The WFRE 10-3 slot was absorbed by morning and afternoon DJs. None of those people were ever really replaced. A couple of sales people have left the building as well. While WFMD was starting to come back in the ratings, WFRE had just come off a terrible ratings period as it sounded more and more like one big infomercial. It would really do WFRE good to get new ownership as the station continues to spiral downhill. Perhaps they should change the call letters to WBMO. It's like one guy on air all day long. -insert cowbell here- (8/7/17)

{It appears like the majority of Nat's fans are not happy with FP Santangelo} - Sorry, this Nat fan likes him, his partner, the radio guys and the post game duo. So they are Homers, so am I! (8/7/17)

Will our investment in radio stocks pay off? Unfortunately, it does not look good. Wall Street does not believe in these stocks......All of them have too much debt. Their lenders are nervous about being repaid. Cumulus still at 42 cents per share. iHeart down to $1.45 per share and Urban One at $1.90 per share. (8/17/17)

Gus, a Power Ratio is derived from a station's ratings and revenue share, and has nothing to do with its signal strength. A Power Ratio of one means a station's revenue share eqeals its ratings share. Anything above one means the station is overselling its ratings. A Power Ratio below one means a station is underselling its ratings. Google could have helped you here, but thanks for playing our game. (5/17/17)

The Don Geronimo Show Paid Subscription Podcast cant figure out its audience. Per Mike Sorce Twitter. "Starting tomorrow the LIVE show will air daily in our old time." #notmikeomearashow (8/7/17)

Good Lord people, some of you are quite longwinded. That's no way to go through life. I was mocking the guy who feels the need to say "real name:" every time he mentions Don Geronimo. And if you don't believe I heard what I heard on multiple occasions on the nationally syndicated Don and Mike Show about Don's wife's pre-Don dalliances that is of course your right as a cretin. But thanks for the (longwinded and douchey) history lesson; who doesn't like a good head-on car crash story? Obviously Chris Core is not a necrophiliac and Mrs. Don's Real Name was not an adulteress. "But he worked at WMAL!" And if you're ever lucky enough to work at Outback you can bang someone who works at Olive Garden. And "Power Ratios" can suck it. I was criticizing the station, not the signal. But thanks for keeping the "sucky" meme alive. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/7/17)

Got to say Dave Jaegler on Nationals TV play by play did an excellent job. Such a relief not having to hear Carpenter. Who was with the very capable Charlie Slowes on the radio side? (8/7/17)

"Carpenter and Santangelo are absolutely terrible. I am a big Nats fan but they are the worst "homers" ever. In their eyes the Nats can do no wrong." What has Biff been watching??? First off, I want my teams announcers to be homers. I'm not going to turn on someone who "Bashes" the home team. As for Nats can do no wrong, BC & FP have no problems pointing out mistakes, but they're not going to do it in a way that would ruin their relationship they have with players they spend 6months with. jag (8/7/17)

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Gus, Gus, Gus: “"RE: “BTW Chris Core banged Don Geronimo's 2nd wife when she worked at the real WHFS, not the sucky one everyone seems to miss. You could have led with that. Gus in the Gaithersburg” Bus in THE Gaithersburg: were you there?" Yes, I was. I was there by my radio when Don Geronimo (real name Mike O'Meara) talked about it multiple times on his nationally syndicated radio show while said wife, who had the studio hotline number was still alive. What's your problem bud? And I sincerely apologize to the stooge who was offended by the work "sucky". You ass. Gus in the Gaithersburg”... First of all, Don Geronimo’s real name is Michael Sorce as we all know. Frieda Sorce, Mike/Don’s FIRST wife died outside of Ocean City in a head on collision on July 10, 2005: she did work at WHFS and but I doubt she ever “banged” Chris Core, who was still working at WMAL (where he was for 33 years). Mike/Don’s SECOND wife, Janet, married him in 2009: she never worked at WHFS nor “banged” Chris Core. Maybe you are mixing up Mike O’Meara with Don but I doubt any of O’Meara’s many wives would have “banged” Chris Core either, let alone that O’Meara “talked about it multiple times”. Chris Core is a pathetic old man, as are Don Geronimo and Mike O’Meara and I suspect YOU. (8/6/17)

Fox News official web site still has Eric Bolling – wedged between his two hot female co-hosts – but has suspended him according to multiple reports: insider.foxnews.com... Now comes news that Bolling had sexually harassed yet another woman, who was also harassed by numerous Fox News hosts and executives, including Roger Ailes, according to Mother Jones: www.motherjones.com and The Huffington Post: www.huffingtonpost.com... It will be interesting to see who replaces him on “The Specialists” on Monday: probably another hot Foxy News babe! (8/6/17)

Don Geronimo's real name is Mike O'Meara, who knew, Gus? I am glad we have Gus to clarify and teach us everything we need know about local media and politics. Gus has the facts, just like "Drunk Uncle" on Weekend Update. Thanks, Gus, for enlightening us on Scooter Libby and Don Geronimo. (8/6/17)

WHFS post 102.3 was sucky? For years they had amoung the highest Power Ratios in the DC market. It wasn't until DC 101, with a better full market signal, flipped to "alternative grundge" that WHFS's revenues started declining. Gus, the all knowing, in media and advertising, please explain what a Power Ratio is. Thanks! (8/6/17)

Did someone take away Gus in Gaithersburg’s STAPLER again? Or did his desk get moved to the basement? Poor Gus. Well at least he’s still the area’s foremost expert on Apple Mac web browsers on his trusty Performa model, probably sold to him directly by John Scully with a Pepsi and a smile on one of those failed TV infomercials. Oh, WBOC.com fixed their Apple Mac Safari incompatibility that didn’t affect your “non-Mission Critical” antique. But you can claim victory there too. Here’s to the nurse’s jello! :-) (8/6/17)

Core Values and Clinton Yates's my take on WTOP are both horrible time fillers that I wish would go away. I only listen to WTOP for traffic and weather on the 8's and breaking news and then go back to streaming much more entertaining online radio stations. (8/6/17)

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Originally the Ravens website did actually say just WWDC 101.1. Now it has been updated to HD2 via 104.7 FM, so Dave you were not incorrect. They were when they first posted it. (8/5/17)

cnn team video court case... 12 years in the making... www.cadc.uscourts.gov... 1) looks like 117 employees will get some back pay... 2) dont get jobs back... 3) negotiating with union ?? if you have a lawyer friend go to it (8/5/17)

The Ravens DC radio affilate is not DC 101, but 104.7 FM and 101.1 HD 2. 98 Rock does have pretty good covereage down here in the DC area however. (8/5/17)

The Baltimore Sun is going to be evicted in 2018 says The Sun. The Calvert Street newspaper building will be re-developed into a multi-use project not including The Sun newspaper. No word on where The Sun is moving. Tribune sold the property before Sinclair bought Tribune, so they are not involved. The Baltimore Sun printing plant has also been sold to the CEO of Under Armour for his Port Covington development but The Sun says they have a long term lease for their printing plant. (8/5/17)

Urban One Stock Price is down to $1.85 per share. Give me a reason why this stock would be a good investment. What will the stock be valued at one year from now? The Stock Market is at an all time high; however, Wall Street does not like this stock. (8/5/17)

When does WMAL 630 AM move over to the Germantown, MD tower site? They will diplex with WSPZ 1260 AM. (8/5/17)

Sorry to hear that Albie Dee was fired as PD of WOCQ. OC 104. The ratings came out and they were better than ever. Adams is trying to save money. Doing it the cheap way never works. Remember, Ocean City is a market where you have advertising dollars only six months per year. In the winter, the market dries up. (8/5/17)

"RE: “BTW Chris Core banged Don Geronimo's 2nd wife when she worked at the real WHFS, not the sucky one everyone seems to miss. You could have led with that. Gus in the Gaithersburg” Bus in THE Gaithersburg: were you there?" Yes, I was. I was there by my radio when Don Geronimo (real name Mike O'Meara) talked about it multiple times on his nationally syndicated radio show while said wife, who had the studio hotline number was still alive. What's your problem bud? And I sincerely apologize to the stooge who was offended by the work "sucky". You ass. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/5/17)

"Stop getting your talking points from Mark Levin and the Heritage Foundation. OK?" Time to stop your sweaty Captain Kirk leather Nazi fantasies, dude. I don't listen to Mark Levin and couldn't find the Heritage Foundation in a phone book. The reliably liberal WaPo, in an article entitled "Why You Are An Ass" explains that everything you said is wrong. Time to reverse the Scooter Libby conviction Now can we get back to talking about Chris Core's sexual history and why the post 102.3 WHFS was "sucky"? Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/5/17)

Here’s PROOF that Ocean City knows what happened to that woman on the beach. Even if you couldn’t see her exactly, you’d be able to see the lights of the sand sifter machine in the video at the time it happened. No media has even mentioned this webcam. Why? www.ccmdhotels.com (8/5/17)

Hey Dave maybe it is something in the water or culture at FNC because now The Huffington Post is reporting that years back “The Specialists” host Eric Bolling sent pictures of his junk to various women colleagues. Bolling, who has been mentioned at a possible Commerce Secretary for the Trump administration as well claiming he might run for the U.S. Senate in Illinois, is a long time FNC & Fox Business “talent”, and most recently was part of “The Five”. FNC and Bolling’s attorney are playing down the possibility that the story is true, and it is questionable given that it supposedly happened “several years ago”. Dave how come none of them hot women at FNC ever send nude pictures of themselves? More from The Huff & Puff: www.huffingtonpost.com (8/5/17)

?Carpenter and Santangelo are absolutely terrible. I am a big Nats fan but they are the worst "homers" ever. In their eyes the Nats can do no wrong. God forbid we should hear any criticism even when it's clear that there has been poor play. In regards to MASN how many more years are we going to have to put up with that stupid inning-ending theme music? And while I'm at it, when the scores are scrolled at the bottom, why are we seeing the score of the game being broadcast? I could go on and on. Regards Biff (8/5/17)

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There’s a reason Ocean City brought in no outside investigators in the mysterious beach death. They already knew what happened. They simply do not want it widely reported that the woman got in the hole herself or fell, then a sand sifter machine killed her accidentally by filling it in with sand. Now, it’s not the worker’s fault as he would have had no way of seeing her and they run over holes in the sand daily, so to them, it’s no big deal. But to the Mayor of Ocean City, revealing that would cause a HUGE LAWSUIT. And still might. But the previous post is correct. No local media down there questioned the result of the investigation or asked any tough questions, not WBOC, not WMDT, because the first media organization that does would be immediately BLACKLISTED from any Ocean City press events. Also, why has no one in the media even asked for the video of the beach that night? The Plim Plaza webcam is live on 2nd street every night and shows all the way to the water, so someone saw what happened. Shhhhhh. This could actually turn out to be a REAL “I Know What you Did Last Summer.” :-) (8/4/17)

RE: "The limousine liberal’s illegal alien chauffeur just told him he did accidentally." Sir, I am insulted. I am not an illegal alien. I am an undocumented immigrant!! Signed, Mr. Acosta's chauffeur (8/4/17)

It appears like the majority of Nat's fans are not happy with FP Santangelo and his rambling on during their telecasts. Why not focus on the positive? The Nat's have a terrific pre and post game show with Johnny Holiday and Ray Knight. Bob Carpenter is one of the most respected and solid play by play voices in the business. Dan Kolko is okay as the field reporter. Hard as it may be, don't let one guy in that MASN booth drive you away from the games. Thanks goodness we have Baseball here in DC and hopefully this will be the year they give the Lerner's a World Championship. (8/4/17)

To set the DCRTV records straight, and to tell Gus he needs to read more, Scooter Libby did “out” Valerie Plame” to at least two reporters in DC, Matt Cooper, then of Time magazine, and Judith Miller, then of The New York Times, according to those two reporters separate testimonies before the Grand Jury. If Gus can recall, both Miller and Copper were subpoenaed to testify even though neither went to press with the story Novak ran with. Later on, in Cooper's account of his testimony before the grand jury, Cooper claimed he identified Scooter Libby as his needed “confirming source.” Ms. Miller testified on January 30, 2007, that Libby disclosed Plame's CIA employment to her at a breakfast meeting at the St. Regis Hotel near the White House, on July 8, 2003. That same day, you should be aware, is the same day Richard Armitage disclosed Plame's employment with Bob Novak. Scooter Libby was on trial, not for leaking, but for lying to the Special Prosecutor and lying to a Grand Jury (denying he leaked). Gus, your other “facts” about Ms. Plame are wrong as well. Stop getting your talking points from Mark Levin and the Heritage Foundation. OK? (8/4/17)

Is Core paid for those "Values" he screams out on 630 AM or is his check from the sponsors he blabs about? No one really cares about Core's values. If Hubbard is paying him for that, I'm sure those dollars could be used elsewhere. Core takes up valuable news time, IMO. And as for the Nats' TV announcers. Huh? Carpenter still calls plays before they're complete and last week in one game, in one inning, he erred TWO TIMES! He is so bad. FP is tolerable but the "there goes the no hitter" thing is old. Please stop. And as for the Nationals, I wonder when management will try and break that record for a rain delay and beat the three hours and five minutes or so from a couple of weeks ago. How greedy that was to treat the paying fans that way. That was all about the then-weak bullpen and not wanting Gio Gonzalez to go out and pitch an inning or so and have to stop for rain. Too bad. That's baseball. What happened that evening was not baseball. When will Nats management start treating fans better? (8/4/17)

The FCC received over 1,000 applications last week for new Translators. The FM Band will be so crowded, it will be very difficult to find a vacant frequency under the present FCC Rules. Will this really help AM stations? Hubbard paid $1.8 Million for a Translator in Phoenix. (8/4/17)

Chris Core is right. He is not afraid to speak out. Why should our Tax Dollars go to NPR. They should stand on their own or just "go away". WAMU has a HUGH Budget. They are suppose to be a Non-Profit Station. They are competition for the commercial stations in DC. (8/4/17)

Lew Dickey come home.....we can't get our stock price up above 42 cents per share. Our Lenders want to be paid. What do do? Cumulus Investors. (8/4/17)

WBAL reports that there is an effort underway in Charm City: “Baltimore Residents Propose 3-Day Cease-Fire”. WBAL actually reports that: “Last week, the number of homicides in Baltimore surpassed 200, making 2017 a record-setting year for violence on the city's streets. As the body count rises, the police department has reassigned 150 officers to the city's most dangerous areas, but is still struggling to curb the bloodshed amid internal turmoil and mounting criticism. Mayor Catherine Pugh said she's developed a plan to stop the violence, but hasn't yet made it public. In the meantime, Baltimore residents are taking matters into their own hands, proposing a 72-hour cease fire that would go into effect Friday and last at least through Sunday. "NOBODY KILL ANYBODY" Erricka Bridgeford, a professional conflict mediator in Baltimore, is one of the organizers of the cease-fire, whose motto is "Nobody Kill Anybody." Bridgeford says no individual or organization alone has taken credit for the event, and that's intentional: That way, she said, it belongs to every single Baltimore resident. The idea is to persuade shooters to put down their guns for three whole days, and remember what it feels like to make a positive decision for themselves, and for their city. "We understand that this is not what normal should be, and we deserve something better," Bridgeford said. "Looking at each other and saying, 'We deserve peace, for three whole days' - that's powerful." Well, stay off the streets after Sunday according to this logic: what happens then, people go out in the streets shooting their guns off in celebration of the cease fire? No wonder DCRTVDJDAVE and John Waters love Baltimore so much! But you have to credit Tyree Colion for that good old American “I can” attitude: “"NO SHOOT ZONES" Tyree Colion is on a mission to convert areas of gun violence into "No Shoot Zones." He tries to create what he calls "invisible force fields" against violence by spray-painting messages on buildings and other structures where violence has occurred. Those most likely to pick up guns recognize these zones and neutral areas: They respect the space, he says. The messages "stop shootings, first and foremost," Colion said. "At worst, it looks like graffiti. But to different gangs, they know what this means: 'I don't fear police, I don't respect anything else, but I respect this.'" He's christened 27 such zones in Baltimore city. The fatal shooting of a 13-year-old girl Tuesday is what brought him across the line into Baltimore County for the first time. He'd come to paint a brick wall behind a convenience store, near where the shooting had taken place. The paint hadn't even begun to dry when four police cars and six uniformed officers showed up on the scene. The wall Colion had painted was privately owned, they said. Colion insisted he'd gotten permission from a store owner. After 20 minutes of back and forth, Colion was arrested and charged with destruction of property. "You can't stop this," Colion said to an officer as he was being handcuffed, pointing his chin toward a memorial to the girl set up on a staircase and decorated with teddy bears and a big bunch of balloons. "I can." Said Colion. More from WBAL: www.wbal.com... (8/4/17)

Yesterday, alleged news radio 1090 promoted its weekly (Friday) interview with Ocean City's mayor with a promise to ask him about the discovery of a woman whose body was found buried on the beach. So, this morning, they bring on Mayor Meathead (by phone) to make us sit through another softball interview that a 2-year old could have done, raising even more questions about this suspicious death the town immediately labeled as "accidental." What's even more troubling is how no one in the media - locally or in Baltimore or DC - ever holds the feet of this town's officials accountable for their deceptive, good-'ole-boy way of doing business. They are scared shitless that if their dirty little secrets about all the crime, corruption and political impropriety were ever revealed, it would sink their town deeper than the floor of the nearby ocean. The gangs and their intimidating prowess on the boardwalk, the seedy, nasty atmosphere surrounding the area near the inlet threatens the worn-out, yesteryear "family friendly" image of this resort. One of these days, Baltimore will take these yahoos on with one of the investigative teams to uncover all this shit. Can you imagine a month of Jayne Miller in that town? In the meantime, don't count on alleged news radio 1090 to uncover it. No one there has the beach balls to do it. (8/4/17)

"...the sucky one everyone seems to miss." Wow fella, just when I thought your postings couldn't get any more unpalatable, that one falls out of your face. Please, just sell your computer on Craigslist and stop now. (8/4/17)

Commonwealth Broadcasting made it crystal clear they are spending none of that $182 million dollars for the DC stations on MHz Networks. It’s all going to the Richmond PBS station and what other Shenandoah Valley PBS stations they own. WNVC & WNVT were only leased to MHz Networks. That deal will soon be over on Jan 18, 2018. (8/4/17)

Since when has The White House Press Briefing been preempted by The Jim Acosta Show on CNN? I tuned in thinking it would be Sarah Huckabee Sanders and that was on instead, babbling about the historical purpose and meaning of the Statue of Liberty, then about only accepting immigrants from Britain and Australia because they’re the only ones that speak English. Then the Race Card was thrown. I was waiting for chairs next. Was Geraldo busy today? Meanwhile, all these English speaking Filipinos named John & Jane stormed the stage demanding VISAS since they work for Comcast tech support! Then it got ugly. Oh wait, Jim Acosta doesn’t have a show. The limousine liberal’s illegal alien chauffeur just told him he did accidentally. :-) (8/4/17)

Frankly, F. P. Santangelo's (on Nationals telecasts) constant alibiing and excuse-making whenever the team's getting beat badly is starting to become very tiresome. During Wednesday night's 7-0 loss at Miami, it was a nonstop refrain of 'oh - tough to get motivated with a 13 game lead in your division when there's hardly anyone at the ballpark ...' coupled with reminders of how injury-riddled they are - give me a break! If the Nats are way ahead in a game (which happens far more often than the reverse), we of course get endless, over-the-top gushing about how great they are from F.P. (almost to the point of nausea) - and every trade is a 'tour de force' by GM Mike Rizzo. Does Santangelo really believe that viewers will tune in to a telecast, see that the Nats are down 7-0 and say to themselves - "this team's not very good - no point watching any more games this season"? At the very least, give baseball fans in the DC area credit for being a bit more knowledgeable and sophisticated than that. Kudos to Dave Jageler for doing a superb job moving over from the radio booth to fill in for Bob Carpenter on play-by-play this week, but unfortunately he has to work with a color analyst who's clearly been given orders from on high to make it seem like we're watching the greatest assemblage of baseball players ever to grace the diamond when they're winning big while concocting lame excuses on the infrequent occasions when they're on the short end of a blowout. (8/4/17)

As a broadcast operation, MHz Networks is going off the air. There is no channel space for 12 channels. As an international company, MHz Networks will still exist online as a pay operation apparently, but there will be no broadcast TV in the DC area. I cannot conceive of any situation where any concern comes up with enough money to buy spectrum space even if it were available. (8/4/17)

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RE: “BTW Chris Core banged Don Geronimo's 2nd wife when she worked at the real WHFS, not the sucky one everyone seems to miss. You could have led with that. Gus in the Gaithersburg” Bus in THE Gaithersburg: were you there? (8/3/17)

Looks like Adams radio has shuffled things up. OM/ PD/ PMD on OC 104, Albie Dee along with PD PM Drive on 93.5 The Beach are out. In is Chandler (Stephen Miles who exited I heart Salisbury in June) for middays on The Beach and PMD on Big 98.5. (8/3/17)

I'm still confused about MHZ Networks. Commonwealth Broadcasting in Richmond sold both WNVC and WNVT in the auction, and banked $182 million in the process. (Nice bit of money for a public broadcaster to salt away). But that means WNVC and WNVT go off air, right? And go off air pretty soon, I guess? Under what circumstances can MHZ Networks then still operate 12 separate channels (even at 480i) in the DC market? Where would that spectrum come from? (8/3/17)

NPR is still receiving our tax dollars after many years. Let's do something about it. (8/3/17)

The axe is falling again at Adams Radio Group/Salisbury. This time around PD Johnny Maze (WZBH/WGBG) and Albie Dee (Ops Mgr.) both got the axe ahead of the ratings. Look for more firings soon. How's that "Live and Local is our motto" working out for ya, Ron Stone? More like "Empty and Automated"...... (8/3/17)

"Is this the same Chris Core who defended Scooter Libby?" The Scooter Libby who didn't do anything wrong, who didn't "out" Valerie Plame who was five years out of the CIA and her entire social circle knew she had worked for the CIA? The Scooter Libby who was not Richard Armitage, Robert Novak's source? That Scooter Libby? BTW Chris Core banged Don Geronimo's 2nd wife when she worked at the real WHFS, not the sucky one everyone seems to miss. You could have led with that. Gus in the Gaithersburg (8/3/17)

Why are the Ravens on more DC media outlets than the Redskins in Baltimore? Very simple. People are watching. You can call them an “out of market team” or whatever derogatory term you want to use, but if they weren’t selling advertising locally in DC for the Ravens on both radio and TV, they wouldn’t be there. Also people equidistant from the 2 markets may be more prone to watch DC stations than Baltimore if they work in DC. There’s another audience not considered. The bigger question is, why can’t the Redskins get a radio deal in Baltimore? Baltimore has 3 different all sports stations, 2 of which have plenty of time available. The answer to that question is that radio ads would be difficult to sell for the Redskins in Baltimore. On TV, Sinclair probably does ok with DC people who have moved to Baltimore. But that’s about it. (8/3/17)

DC’s Telemundo TV staton is a victim of the repack. WZDC 25 will go off the air. Unlike NYC and some other major markets, NBC/Comcast/Universal does not own the Telemundo station in DC, WZDC and no sharing agreement has been announced between NBC/Telemundo’s WRC NBC 4 and WZDC. Is Comcast just going to let them twist on the vine before going off the air, then announce the Telemundo Network on WRC 4 just after New Years? Now the WZDC people do have some money. They turned in the license to the FCC for cash, but will they do a sharing agreement with another station that would cost money and also risk the Telemundo affiliation? Hmm. This should be interesting. :-) (8/3/17)

Just to be clear, I AM the person that most often makes fun of Vince Klepac. Sorry. He’s just the gift that keeps on giving folks. Vince corrected the 101.1 WSUX FM FCC application today which involves moving from 101.1 FM to 94.5 FM. Dang it. Wrong tower height AND wrong facility ID! Well that didn’t hurt too much. But it gets funnier, the corrected application has a more amusing error. I guess this is how they say it down south yaw huh? “WSUX FM SNAOWHILL, MD” YEE HAH! That is a copy/paste from the FCC app. I wish I could make this shit up! LOL If you don’t believe me, look it up… fcc.gov (8/3/17)

Since we're on the subject of NPR, here's the link to read a recent piece from The Paris Review about the old, weird days of National Public Radio. www.theparisreview.org (8/3/17)

The Dow closes at Record High today. Will this help the radio stocks? (8/3/17)

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Chris Core's take on the public's funding of NPR is typical of a narrow-minded and short-sighted segment of society. That such misguided viewpoints still linger in some unenlightened pockets of America today is sad, yet so typical of folks who know the price of everything and the value of nothing. As I recall, the ultimate cost of NPR's funding works out to just a tiny fraction of a cent, in terms of annual taxpayer "burden," but, Core, like so many two-year-olds, their "I don't wanna and you can't make me" attitude, goes to show why we can't have nice things. fortune.com (8/2/17)

The Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg bitches about local sport’s radio complaints about the Nats but says were need more: “Actually, we need more nerdy sports-radio debates about the Nats”. He trashes WJFK’s “Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier, the captains of the Good Ship Lineupop” but offers no answers to his claim. Steinberg gets paid for writing nothing and God Bless the Junkies: www.washingtonpost.com (8/2/17)

Is there anyone on planet Earth who thinks Chris Core's opinion is worth a half penny? Other than the fool who signs his paycheck? Seriously -- who cares what Core has to say about any topic? (8/2/17)

Re "Core said that...he thinks public radio is his competition and he doesn't want to fund them with is tax dollars." Look at the ratings info Dave posts on his site. (Thank you, Dave!) WAMU just so happens to be a public radio stations. :) It's a fact of capitalism that what is successful makes money and what isn't successful makes no money. If a station can make no money, why does it deserve to be pumped full of money when few people listen to it? My tax dollars shouldn't fund PBS stations; if the stations are good, let them make their own money, or even go on Kickstarter. It is shocking to me how anti-capitalist and anti-corporation much of America's population is. Oh wait, public schools and liberal colleges. Never mind, carry on. ;) From, Amar (8/2/17)

RE: Chris Core To follow up on Core Values, yesterday he mentions on WTOP "maybe the problem, Mr. President, isn't your staff. Maybe the problem is you." Hmmm, MAYBE he's coming around in his old age. (8/2/17)

WMAL talker and self-admitted “cute, cuddly Teddy bear” Rush Limbaugh totally disputes on his show today as “Fake news” reports that the Dumpster called the White House a “Trump”. Make that “The Trump” called the White House a “dump”. Limbaugh recalls that when he and his latest wife were invited by Trump to the White House last March, Trump proudly took them on a tour, asking Rush, “Have you ever seen this?” to which Limbaugh, who had toured the White House numerous times during both Bush administrations, even staying in the Lincoln Bedroom, politely responded, “Not with you sir”. The point is that Trump in no way criticized nor demeaned the White House as numerous reports are portending. So the quote, first reported by Golf.com and repeated everywhere from The Hill to The Washington Post is a classic example of “Fake news” that only serves to further infuriate Trump haters and drive up clicks & comments to The Washington Post (now over 2K). DCRTVDJDAVE has never toured the White House with Trump but if he did he would come away with some silverware as memorabilia: www.washingtonpost.com (8/2/17)

Re: the fake news that was reported by FOX news, anyone know if there was any discussion or mention of this on the local FOX5 news this morning? (8/2/17)

Why are the Ravens on the radio in DC? Because it's a popular team, not everyone can get WBAL or WIYY perfectly, and not every DC person knows which Baltimore stations to look for. But the big reason is: Local Advertising. Just as you might wonder why the Ravens are on WNAV and WFMD. It's so that local car dealers, among others, can advertise to local football fans on stations that come in loud and clear to their intended potential customers. And I think that's a smart thing; the listerners are happy hearing about businesses they might actually patronize, the stations get paid the advertisers get noticed, and Hearst (WBAL, WIYY) doesn't care because the local businesses on those stations aren't aiming at DC or Frederick or Annapolis (well, sometimes Annapolis); and it's not like they are losing Baltimore listeners to those out-of-area stations. The Redskins don't have a Baltimore outlet because almost no one in Baltimore has ever cared about the Redskins pretty much since radio was invented. And the Orioles are quite entrenched in the city after 63 years. And the Nationals come in nice and clear on WFED-1500 for the few who care about NL baseball. And, speaking of Sports Radio, what would be smart would be for WJFK-FM to be repeated on WJZ-FM HD2 or 3 instead of Bloomberg Business, and for WJZ-FM to be repeated on WJFK-FM HD2 or 3. -- Carl in Olney (8/2/17)

So Chris Core doesn’t like Public Radio. Is this the same Chris Core who devoted a full hour on his former radio show to shaming Martin Luther King, Jr. and asked why MLK deserved a holiday? Is this the same Chris Core who went to the Pentagon on the eve of the second Iraq War to broadcast propaganda nationwide? Is this the same Chris Core who, on his radio show, slandered then Senator John Kerry? Is this the same Chris Core who repeatedly said Iraq was responsible for 9-11? Is this the same Chris Core who refused to apologize to all the people he hurt by his own deceitful words over the radio? Is this the same Chris Core who defended Scooter Libby? I can go on and on, but whenever I hear the name “Chris Core” I am reminded of the 4,000+ Americans killed in Iraq after Chris went to the Pentagon to cheerlead for the upcoming war. I am also reminded of callers to the Chris Core Show, who had questioned President Bush’s statements, only to have Chris Core call them names and tell them they were unpatriotic, before hanging up on them. Yeah Chris, you have no business or credibility in claiming the private sector can do a better job on news than National Public Radio. Shame on you, Chris Core… (8/2/17)

Changing the name from Radio One to Urban One has not helped the price of their stock. It is down to $1.85 per share. Other radio stocks are not doing well. Cumulus down to just $0.42. How long before NASDAQ drops them? iHeart is still trying to work out a deal with their lenders. The iHeart Stock is at $1.30 per share. Wall Street has no confidence in these stocks. (8/2/17)

Why should our TAX DOLLARS still be going to Public Radio to promote their liberal agenda? President Trump was elected on the promise that he would "Drain the Swamp". Let's get rid of this waste of our tax dollars. Use the money to build new roads and bridges. (8/2/17)

Two things, first, for people looking for their Chris Plante fix on TuneIn, his show is available on News/Talk 990 (WEEB), you can listen to it here (beta.tunein.com). It also has the Rush Limbaugh Show, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin, as well as The Tech Guy...waitaminute...THIS LINEUP IS BETTER THAN WMAL!!! The second thing is...when will the 105.7 & 106.7 live video feeds go live? After 2/3 months, the "temporary" "technical difficulties" seem permanent. From, Amar (8/2/17)

Here is WBFF Fox 45's on air Goodbye To Tony pagnotti after 41 years in the business and 32 in Baltimore. Hard to believe it's that long. They couldn't show the most famous clip of his though from the WMAR days. Pagnotti went to college with of all people Howard Stern! Somewhere, WMAR has a clip of his interview with Howard just when Howard hit it big and it's hysterically funny because all Howard does is make fun of him for ending up a weekend weatherman. And he took it with a smile and played with the joke. foxbaltimore.com — BaltoMedia.net (8/2/17)

While Discovery Networks, based in Maryland, bought Scripps Networks, with cable networks like Food Channel & Travel Channel, owner of WMAR ABC 2 in Baltimore, Scripps Howard, buys “Bounce,” “Grit, “Escape,” and “Laff” – four niche broadcast TV nets. This has nothing to do with Discovery Networks buying Scripps Networks. The 2 Scripps companies were at one time the same, but not anymore. Might the GRIT or Escape networks end up on WMAR 2 now now that they will have no place to go soon? — BaltoMedia.Net (8/2/17)

OK A multi-million dollar lawsuit was filed against Fox News for manufacturing and disseminating fake news, and knowingly fabricating quotes in support of the machination. With a specific fake news piece now being scrutinized by lawyers and the legitimate news media, WMAL keeps their podcasts on line as proof of WMAL's involvement and eager participation in this political dirty trick [fake news] for all to hear. On the podcasts you can hear Larry, Brian and Mary, and Chris, do Fox News a favor by giving credence and advancing the false Fox News narrative of this disgusting slander. Way to go, WMAL! Expect subpeanas shortly. (8/2/17)

On Monday, 7/31, WTOP's Chris Core told us his "Value" was that he didn't like funding public broadcasting and wants Trump to kill that funding. Core said that, as he's worked all his life in commercial radio, he thinks public radio is his competition and he doesn't want to fund them with is tax dollars. He said the elimination of funding might mean public stations would go off the air but we don't need them because there are plenty of other media outlets these days. Given that Core works for the top commercial billing station in the nation, and that station has been losing in the ratings to public radio WAMU for months, it can hardly be said that public radio is competing; it's WINNING! As for Core's roughly $1.50 in taxes that he doesn't want to go to public broadcasting, I'm sure he'd be happy that it would, instead, go to cover the millions being wasted to protect Trump every time he goes to Mar-A-Lago. Poor Core. Let's start a Go Fund Me page to raise that $1.50 for him. (8/2/17)

I'm surprised that the Ravens have enough of a following in the D.C.-area to warrant their own radio affiliate. I get that the Orioles still have a loyal following here, but the Nats and Redskins don't have Baltimore affiliates, just the Caps that I'm aware of. Besides, I can usually pick up WBAL-AM or 98rock from my place in Virginia. (8/2/17)

WBIG-FM 100.3 carried Ravens games in the D.C. market last season so assuming that DC101 is indeed the new radio affiliate, the affiliation effectively switched from one iHeartMedia station to another. Everett W. (8/2/17)

Dave's response: It makes sense. WBIG gets much better ratings than DC101, so why interrupt the popular classic rock with out of market football......

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RE: "Solution to Q1370." Looks like we are taking a club to this dead horse again. Face it, this station will never be anything that Baltimoreans are talking about. Management has had plenty of opportunities to do something with the station, and each time they squander it. As long as it is owned my Mangione (sp) and managed by the current cast of characters, it will never be anything more than a write off. WCBM coasts on auto pilot with the national programming, what makes you think they are going to invest any kind of money to hire a local programmer, staff and crew to run 1370. Not gonna happen. (8/1/17)

Thank you for the poster explaining how the MHZ subchannels work my ignorance .Its confusing but am I correct is it in the DC area CH 20 and 50 are the stations(plus their subchannels) that must move? What about CH4 which is on CH 48? Why isn't low band VHF CH 2-6 used much? (8/1/17)

May 2017, DCRTV Mailbag “"THE [Rich] FAMILY HAS ALREADY ADMITTED THEY HIRED [Rod] WHEELER. RICH’S FATHER’S SIGNATURE IS ON A CONTRACT! All of these reports of [Wheeler] being a Republican political operative are simply talking points handed directly from the DNC to its media cronies." BREAKING NEWS! Rod Wheeler files a lawsuit against Fox News, and gives exclusive interview to NPR claiming Bustowsky was the locus for collusions between Fox News and the White House for manufacturing and disseminating “fake News,” in regards to Rich’s death. Additional allegations include Fox News fabricated [fake] quotes from Wheeler for the story, Fox New manufactured [misleading] questions to Wheeler, Fox News’ deliberate deceptions and red herrings in reporting, and approval of the fake news deception before release by President Trump, himself. Others mentioned in the lawsuit (concerning “fake news,”) include Fox 5 DC News, Sean Spicer, Sean Hannity, and Fox & Friends. www.npr.org... Not mentioned in the lawsuit, but still heavily involved in the fake news dissemination are WMAL’s Chris Plante and Larry O’Connor, under the not so wise (actually despicable in this case) direction of Bill Hess. In unrelated news, Donald Trump spawn, Eric, otherwise known as “Thurston $hitb@g the III,” Trump, appeared on Fox News' 'Hannity' Monday night to blast the [lame stream] media's focus on Anthony “the Mooch” Scaramucci's firing. Good God, make it all stop, will yah? (8/1/17)

Most people in DC wouldn’t care or get it, but John Waters favorite bar in Baltimore has closed. It’s the ONLY bar he ever frequented often over the many years, The Club Charles. While in Baltimore’s gay district, the art deco bar was never advertised per se as a “gay bar.” But it was a place to run into practically anything including Iggy Pop or Johnny Depp. I never met them, but I did see the lead singer of the B-52’s in there once. RIP Club Charles. www.baltimoresun.com (8/1/17)

WMAL talker and serial husband Rush Limbaugh and his show, still Numero Uno after all these years, celebrates 30th Anniversary today, which beats DCRTV by a decade. Happy Anniversary Rush: www.wnd.com (8/1/17)

Still on the subject of 105.9 antenna (Roddy): I think the original tower is still there in Woodbridge as the previous poster said, but not the antenna. (Sorry, I'm picky about terminology.) The original licensee moved the license from DC to Woodbridge in the mid-50s because that's where his other business was. Can you imagine how much more the license would be worth now if he'd left it in DC? The transmitter location moved from there to Hybla Valley in Alexandria for many years until moving to the current Merrifield site in 1985. -Pilot of the Airwaves Oh, and if you're curious about the origin of my nickname, have a cool sip of this... (8/1/17)

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