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7/14 - Why WTOP does not deserve a Marconi award. Is a format flip finally coming to WRQX? And what could it be? A return of Jack Diamond? And how will all those cuts at CBS Radio impact DC? Could we be seeing changes at 99.1 and 107.9? Plus, more really big pictures in the declining print version of the Washington Post. In today's "Dave TV".....

7/9 - I have lots of "fun" installing a second Roku in my "cord cutter" household. First off, the Roku Stick is too big too fit my old HDTV. So, I move things around and face about an hour and a half of frustration getting everything to work just right. In today's episde of DCRTV's "Cord Cutter".....

7/8 - I take a look at the "money demo" (age 25-54) ratings trends in Washington and Baltimore radio for the month of June 2015. And find Hot 99.5 and WTOP on top, as usual. With nice rises for WKYS, WPGC and 94.7 Fresh FM, and a surprising moderate slide upward for WRQX. With WPOC at the top of the Baltimore radio heap, and WBAL in a surprisingly weak spot. In the July 8th edition of "Dave TV".....

6/29 - It's the fourth of July week holiday edition of "Dave TV." And I take a look back at a 1974 edition of Forecast FM magazine, which covered the DC and Baltimore radio scene, including the advent of "quad" broadcasting. Also, I remember Jim Weitzman, the recently passed away owner of ethnic WUST who was kind of responsible for the removal of Leesburg/Loudoun County's only local radio station. In today's "Dave TV".....

6/22 - I take a look at the "health" of DC radio's corporate clusters as we reach mid-year 2015. And find Hubbard and Clear Channel (errr iHeart) to be in the best shape. With Radio One, CBS, Cumulus, and Red Zebra to be facing substantial problems. Plus, I make available some cool DC radio stuff, including t-shirts and bumper stickers, on a first-come basis to those willing to make a $40 donation to help support the site. In today's "Dave TV".....

6/14 - I sound off on why I think so many people in local DC area media are idiots. Particularly the stuff you hear from weather forecasters (hypsters) and TV news reporters (who shill for ratings). Honorable mentions: WTOP, NBC 4, and the Capital Weather Weenies. Plus, the sinking Washington Post either shuts or sells its stable of suburban weeklies. In today's "Dave TV".....

6/12 - Hot Dave, who is trying to cut costs by avoiding air conditioning, looks at serious rumblings about big cuts at CBS Radio would could result in the end of news talker WNEW. The station, which was launched more than three years ago, is the fourth major talker in what looks like a market where three major news and talk outlets - WTOP, WAMU, WMAL - are enough. In today's "Dave TV".....

6/11 - I take a look at the "money demo" DC May radio ratings for men and find that ESPN 980's "Man Cave" is off to an awful start. And how the Dan Snyder-owned sports talker is also struggling in middays and afternoons with male listeners - it's top demographic. Plus, I examine the audio visual offerings in a vintage 1977 Sears catalog, including the CB rage. In today's "Dave TV".....

6/5 - I say goodbye to Sling TV after three months and a load of technical problems. Plus, it looks like the new era of online TV channel bundles won't be all that different from the current cable TV channel bundles - you'll still be paying far too much for a bunch of channels that you don't watch or want. Also, I take a look at new broadcast TV subchannel, BUZZR, which features classic game shows. In today's Cord Cutter.....

5/24 - I dive into the DCRTV Archive Of Cool Stuff that radio and TV people have sent me in the mail. Including a "soft rock" from WASH and a cool new book, "Television Is The New Television" from Michael Wolff. Plus some "106" DC radio memories of country outlet WPIK/WXRA and WJZW, Johnny Holliday and "Lew" Katz on WWDC, the Greaseman on DC101, and much more. In today's "Dave TV".....

5/19 - I take a look at the latest male demo DC radio ratings and find that ESPN 980's new "Man Cave" is in big trouble, losing big time to the the Junks over on 106.7 The Fan in mornings. Why my hometown of Reston is so hip. A shout out to David Michaelson, a neighbor who did a rockin' blues podcast. Plus, my new CamoPantsHiker.com website. And more in today's "Dave TV".....

5/13 - I look at the April radio ratings and find DC news talker WNEW almost overtaking Baltimore news talker WBAL in Baltimore. Also, still none of CBS's five DC FMers make the "top 10" in the DC numbers. With Praise 104.1 now the top Radio One performer in the DC market, even besting WMMJ and WKYS. Plus, longtime Channel 11/WBAL news anchor Rod Daniels retires. A lawsuit against El Zol. And more in today's "Dave TV".....

5/5 - As I'm posting a story about Hot 99.5's Kane on my DCRTV website and Facebook, I get a phone call from Kane himself. OK, it's a recording. But still - how strange is that!

5/4 - I review last week's Baltimore rioting and how that city's media outlets covered it. Including a conflict of interest for Channel 11/WBAL's Jayne Miller. Plus, the large amount of coverage in the DC media market even though those TV stations can't be viewed in much of the Baltimore market. And the Baltimore Post. Plus, Radio One launches Praise 106.1 in Baltimore. And another suggestion for WNEW in its news battle with WTOP which the management of WNEW will pay no attention to. In today's "Dave TV".....

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