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7/24 - I look at all the changes at Cumulus's DC radio cluster, including removing Mark O'Brien from the czar position as market manager. And rumblings that former Hot 99.5er Sarah Fraser may be jumping to Cumulus's WRQX, All The Hits 107.3, which has seen a ratings meltdown under O'Brien's watch. Plus, some memories of George Michael and Gordon Peterson from the 1980s, in today's edition of "Dave TV".....

7/18 - More criticism of the Washington Post and WMAL, including their coverage of the downed Malaysian jetliner. In today's "Dave TV".....

7/16 - More about the increasingly "stale" Washington Post and how Emily Yahr mysteriously misses the local angle in a radio story. Plus, how Marc Maron did an IFC show on the issue of podcasts and whether that's the future of radio. Also, more analysis of the DC radio ratings and how Praise 104.1 is a solid "top 10" performer. How CBS is such a poor performer despite five FMers in the market - three years after Steve Swenson arrived. And more bitching about Comcast. And praise for YouTube's rock music stuff. In today's "Dave TV".....

7/11 - WJFK's LaVar Arrington heads to NFL Network. What should the CBS sports talker do now to improve its afternoon show. I check out the Emmy nominations in the boring old Washington Post, with my favs being "Breaking Bad," "Fargo," and "Veep." And I analyze the June radio ratings for DC and find a nice surge for WPRS, Praise 104.1. In today's edition of "Dave TV".....

7/6 - I look at Anthony Cumia's controversial departure from SiriusXM and the ramifications it will produce this week. How WNEW could bolster its ratings. My July 4th weekend with Chris, Silvie, and Larry. Remembering Paul Anthony. Thanks to Deana for a new printer. Count Gore's hosting another classic horror movie at AFI. And more in today's "Dave TV".....

And an update to today's "Dave TV.....

7/1 - I defend my Twitter post calling WMAL guest host Dan Bongino a "conservative hack." Also, I call former FCC head Reed Hundt an idiot for suggesting that the radio licences held by Redskins owner Dan Snyder should be revoked because the team name insults some folks. And, Dude Walker does "House Of Cards." And more in today's edition of "Dave TV".....

6/27 - Some classic DC101 memories from the late 1970s and early 1980s. I compare the Washington Post's stale Style section of today with a 1983 edition. Plus more about what it's really like to watch TV online with Comcast's problem-plagued online xfinity.tv service. In today's "Dave TV".....

6/25 - My analysis of today's Supreme Court ruling in the Aereo case. In a second "Dave TV" for today.....

6/25 - I check out a new rock music and radio biz book, "I Killed Pink Floyd's Pig," by Beau Phillips. Congrats to Doug Hill on his 30th anniversary of doing TV weather via Channel 7 and Channel 9. More on Sinclair's stalled purchase of Allbritton's TV stations, including WJLA and NewsChannel 8. CBS all-newser WNEW gets a slight bump in the DC and Baltimore radio ratings. And more in today's "Dave TV".....

6/19 - A very special bathroom edition of "Dave TV" with lots of praise for the midday fill-in pairing of Mary Katharine Ham and Michael Steele. And why I think they should be WMAL's new live and local afternoon drive show. Plus, rumblings about Chad Dukes and Lavar Arrington re-signing with 106.7 The Fan, WJFK. Plus, the Washington Post's Dan Steinberg does not have a voice for radio. And more in today's "Dave TV".....

6/18 - Up until now, if you subscribed to any Comcast TV package in Reston VA, you could plug the cable into any additional TV and get all the basic broadcast and public access channels on any digital TV. But no more. As of July, Comcast is encrypting ALL channels here and eventually on all of its systems. You'll need a converter box on EVERY set, even to watch your local broadcast channels. I dunno. Perhaps it's time to "cut the cord" and ditch this increasingly monopolistic bastard of a media company. Also, I defend WMAL's Chris Plante. WAMU buys a Fredericksburg station. The boring Washington Post is too sad to be parodied. Politico to stay in Rosslyn. Good World Cup TV ratings in Washington. And more DC radio ratings. In today's "Dave TV".....

6/11 - More May radio ratings analysis. I look at how surprisingly strongly DC101, WJFK, and WMAL play in the all-men demos. And how two dinky little Spanish stations beat poor WRQX in men. Plus, Baltimore men really love their rock, boosting 98 Rock and WZBA's numbers, and even DC's DC101 into the Charm City radio ratings. I give more praise to FX's marvelous "Fargo." More ranting about the mediocre Washington Post and its miserable "Stale" section. In today's "Dave TV".....

6/10 - I analyze the May "money demo" radio ratings for the DC market. And find no big changes. More good news for WTOP, WASH, Hot 99,5, WMMJ, WPGC, 94.7 Fresh FM. And not so good news for WNEW, WMAL, WTEM, and WRQX. Also, the latest in the news radio battle in Baltimore. Plus more ragging on the poor old Washington Post. In this very special edition of "Dave TV".....

6/3 - Baltimore news talker WBAL radio and 98 Rock get a new head. And what Cary Pahigian needs to do to get his stations improved ratings. What's up with Discovery head David Zaslav's obscene pay package? Spam leaves Baltimore's HFS. Emily Miller causes waves at Channel 5/WTTG. And, more about the sale of MediaBistro to the tune of a big loss. In today's "Dave TV".....

5/29 - CBS all-newser WNEW continues being stuck in a ditch going on its third year. And more on the latest DC radio ratings. Time to "blow up" WRQX. Hey Robert Allbritton, how's that stuck Sinclair deal going for 'ya? Plus, more on the Washington Post's broken Style section. Megan Pringle joins Channel 11/WBAL. Say no to the Comcast - Time Warner merger. And, we debut two fabulous new DCRTV pages. In today's "Dave TV".....

5/25 - OMG, the Washington Post actually has some local radio ratings in it. Imagine that. It's the March morning show numbers. I take a look at the April numbers. Plus, the Post does a piece on Channel 4/WRC reporter Shomari Stone. Also, Jessica Doyle leaves Channel 9 WUSA. And Mark Zinno says adios to 105.7 The Fan. Why Comcast's xfinity.tv is often a frustrating experience. And more in today's "Dave TV"..... (5/25/14)

5/20 - A very cool WPOC 1980s jingle song from Tom Conroy. And, what's up with the Washington Post's over-coverage of canned New York Times top editor Jill Abramson? Will she soon be making coffee for Post owner Jeff Bezos? Plus, more on the merger of horrible Comcast with horrible Time Warner. Also, could Sinclair's deal for Allbritton's WJLA and NewsChannel 8 be hitting the rocks? And more in today's "Dave TV".....

5/17 - More ideas to help CBS newser WNEW get some ratings. Good to see Baltimore TVers cooperate during the lobby crash at WMAR. Congrats to DC radio news veteran Carl Kasell on his retirement. A tweak at WTOP. A guest appearance by Buzz Burbank. A movie you'll live if you like HBO's "Veep." And more in today's "Dave TV".....

5/14 - I analyze the April monthly "money demo" radio ratings for the DC market. And finally, CBS has two stations in the top 10 - WPGC and 94.7 Fresh FM. Great news for Hot 99.5, WTOP, and WHUR. But not so good news for WMZQ, WMMJ, WRQX, and WNEW. Plus, I look at all that commotion at Channel 2/WMAR yesterday. And more goofy news from the Washington Post involving Chris Matthews. In today's "Dave TV".....

5/12 - I look at former WMALer Michael Graham's new radio gig in Atlanta and wonder if he's being groomed as Chris Plante's replacement in the late morning slot at WMAL by the cheapos at Cumulus. And more about former Channel 5/WTTG anchor Mike Landess leaving his current Denver gig. Could a return to DC be in the cards for him? And more in today's "Dave TV".....

5/5 - DC journos take another reputation-diminishing hit among the American public with yet another stupid and tasteless White House Correspondents' Association party-fest and the Washington Post's coverage of it. Plus, I read letters from DCRTV readers. I take a gander at some "Don & Mike" newsletters from the early 1990s. And, I listen to a great free-form radio station, KFMH, 99 Plus. Want to buy a classic HFS t-shirt? In today's "Dave TV".....

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