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4/17 - I analyze the monthly March radio ratings for DC, including various dayparts and trends. Also, I preview the new "Alan Partridge" movie that's coming out this weekend - a must for radio freaks. And, what's a "Dave TV" without more complaints about the Washington Post's misguided Style section. And more in today's "Dave TV".....

4/15 - I analyze the DC radio revenue numbers for 2013. More great news for Hubbard's WTOP, which saw a slight drop from 2012 like almost everyone else. A huge revenue drop for Cumulus's WRQX, accompanies its ratings meltdown. Very dismal revenue numbers for new CBS all-newser WNEW. Also, I rank the revenue of DC radio's corporate owners. And more in today's "Dave TV".....

4/12 - Does WNEW listen to and get info from WBAL's traffic reports? I take a gander at former XMer Tory Gates' novel "Parasite Girls." I check out Comcast new faster internet speeds but can't get the firm's speed test site to load. Baltimore media vets Ed Kiernan and Don Scott are heading for retirement. More rants about the still slumping Washington Post. And more in today's "Dave TV".....

4/9 - I get a real nice letter from Dennis Phillips at Harrisonburg news talker WSVA, a DC area radio veteran who believes in "live and local" radio. And how his philosophy impacts DC news talker WMAL and Baltimore news talker WBAL. Also, Channel 9/WUSA adds Weather Nation to its 9-3 subchannel. Plus, Britt from Florida gets a cool, autographed Don and Mike t-shirt from 1994. And more in today's "Dave TV".....

4/6 - More speculation about Don Geronimo and his subscription podcast. Plus, a cool 1994 t-shirt memory of Don and his old partner, Mike O'Meara. Plus, Buzz, Robb, and more. Interested in the shirt? Make me an offer. Also, a cool award for local voiceman Pat Garrett. And, a new reporter for Channel 11/WBAL. More Washington Post news, including a resign efforts to make it more like the New York Times. In today's "Dave TV".....

4/3 - I listen to Don Geronimo's new podcast on the RELM Network. DC TV and radio legend Willard Scott gets re-married at age 80. Former Mix 106.5er Jenn Marino heads to LA to join Nikki Sixx's show. RG3's mom starts a weekly radio show on WOL. The Washington Post is now running giant pictures with obituaries. And, I take a look at the latest morning radio show ratings for Baltimore. And more in today's "Dave TV".....

4/1 - My friend Michael lends me a video tape of Don and Mike's "Sex, Pies And Videotape" from 1996. Plus some more Don and Mike WJFK memories. Also, some old Howard Stern tapes. And more "guy talk" radio memories. Plus, today's April Fools Day joke involving Jack Diamond joining WASH. In today's "Dave TV".....

3/28 - I look at what's up with the move of Baltimore's HFS from 97.5 to 104.9. Plus, a cool old radio on the cover of the Washington Post's Weekend tab. My memories of British radio 40 years ago. I take a listen to a very cool freeform rock radio station from Iowa, 99 Plus. What's up with me getting a motorcycle gear catalogue in the mail? And more in today's "Dave TV".....

3/21 - The Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang to start a Lonely Hearts Club for area weather watchers. Paul Farhi fails to break another big story and more rants against the Washington Post. Sinclair restructures its deal for Allbritton and WJLA/NC8. More on Geronimo's new podcast. And a new gig for former WPGC PD Jason Kidd. Cancer diagnosis for Mix 106.5's Maria Dennis. Plus, Nestor Aparicio returns to afternoons at WNST. And more in a sub-10 minute "Dave TV".....

3/18 - It's official - Don Geronimo will start a subscription podcast in April. My analysis of that. Plus, I look at the February radio ratings trends for DC, including more good news for WTOP and Hot 99.5. Natasha Barrett is the latest to leave Channel 7/WJLA before the dark overlords from Sinclair arrive. A big story from the Russian version of DCRTV. And more ragging on the awful Washington Post. In today's "Dave TV".....

3/17 - More news about Don Geronimo and his new podcast. And I take a look at the big split between Geronimo and his old radio partner, Mike O'Meara, and how the two post D&M show internet radio network "camps" are taking shape. Also, why do advertisers seem to avoid the Washington Post's sports pages these days. And, some cool internet streams I'm listening to these days, including the BBC's 6 Music and WNYC's Jonathan Channel. Plus, my first impressions of Netflix. In today's snowy "Dave TV".....

3/13 - A batch of WMALers make the "Heavy Hundred" talkers list. Plus, more of my thoughts on the declining, but still pretty good, Washington Post following a little "dust up" with Sports Bog editor Dan Steinberg via Twitter yesterday. And, more goofy storm hype in the local media yesterday. Also, a tie-dyed Dave? In today's "Dave TV".....

3/11 - Don Geronimo drops Twitter hints about his new "radio" show, which will include Buzz Burbank from his old WJFK show. Also, a baby boy for Lindsay Czarniak. Sheryl Attkisson leaves CBS News. Could Doug Hill be the latest to leave Channel 7/WJLA? And, more about how awful the Washington Post now is. In today's "Dave TV".....

3/7 - I interview Britt McHenry, who is leaving Channel 7/WJLA for ESPN, for PressBoxDC. Plus, I lament the loss of yet another locally-based morning radio show with WMZQ's plans to pipe in something from Nashville to replace Boxer. Also, more on WNEW's plans to expand into Baltimore. And, Pat Garrett takes his voice from WTOP to WJFK. In today's "Dave TV".....

3/3 - Camo Dave gets a camo computer - a donor makes a very generous donation to DCRTV. Plus, what now for Don Geronimo now that he'll no longer be heard on WJFK? Again. Also, I take a look at WNEW's smart plans to re-orient its programming toward Baltimore. So, why did it wait 2+ years to make this change? And more snow and storm hype in today's "Dave TV".....

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