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1/27 - Could Channel 9/WUSA drop its carriage of WeatherNation and local DC area forecasts from its 9.3 digital subchannel in favor of a new legal affairs network partly owned by the station's owner, Gannett? Would it be a public service to drop the only fulltime weather information channel on the broadcast airwaves in the DC market? And if WUSA drops WeatherNation, might someone else pick it up? Like maybe Sinclair's Channel 7/WJLA, as a replacement for the soon-to-be-discontinued Living Well network? Also, might WTOP end its weather forecasting deal with WJLA? All this and more in today's "Dave TV"..... (1/27/15)

1/24 - JC Hayward says a final goodbye to Channel 9/WUSA after four decades on the DC TV news scene. Alpha buys four stations in Fredericksburg, including WFLS. WASH gets a huge surge in the Holiday radio ratings period with Christmas tunes. Pablo gets pink slipped from WPGC. Is WNEW about to surmount 20th place as it starts its fourth year? In today's "Dave TV".....

1/20 - OK, CBS launched all-news WNEW three years ago this month. As the station enters its fourth year, it has yet to crack the "top 20" mark in the DC radio ratings. So, CBS needs to make a big move and hire DC radio legend Jack Diamond and do a morning "news zoo" with a female co-host and have "fun" interplay with WNEW's anchors and reporters, including Lisa Baden. In today's "Dave TV".....

1/14 - I look at Doug Hill signed a deal to stay with Sinclair 7. Plus, what's up with the Orioles leaving WBAL radio for 105.7 The Fan? WMAL's Larry O'Connor does Geraldo Rivera. And, Paul Farhi does what he does best - covering his own WaPo. On a "very" snowy day when Fairfax County closed the schools. In today's "Dave TV".....

1/12 - Jack Diamond falls ill and returns from Chicago to DC, at least temporarily. A top WBALer, Michelle Butt, leaves her Charm City news director gig. I talk lots of local media stuff each week on the "Sadly Lacking Radio" podcast. And much more in today's "Dave TV".....

1/11 - Five months after telling Comcast to "take your 300+ channel tier and shove it." I look at cool tubitv via Roku with loads of cool free British shows including "Space 1999." C-Net's streaming services takes a cool show off its video podcast line-up. Plus, I help my friend Sandy "shave the cord" via Verizon's Fios. And will offer my "cable cutting" consulting services to you, too. In today's edition of the "Cord Cutter".....

1/7 - In today's "Cord Cutter," I look at Dish's new Sling TV service which will feature streams of ESPN and a batch of other cable channels for just $20. Will this service, plus new stand-alone streaming services from HBO, Showtime, and CBS, really safe you money. Plus, what am I watching on Roku and Netflix these days. My favorite broadcast channel for movies. And more.....

1/4 - I take a look into the repaired DCRTV crystal ball and make some local media predictions for 2015. Including Jim Vance, Gordon Peterson, Jack Diamond, Donnie Simpson, WTOP, WNEW, Dan Snyder, WRQX, WJFK, ESPN 980, WBAL, the Washington Post, and much more. As I welcome a new "Dave TV" sponsor. In my first "Dave TV" for 2015.....

12/29 - The top 10 media news stories for the local DC-Baltimore market in 2014. Including WTOP, WNEW, WRQX, Arch Campbell, Liz Crenshaw, Kai Jackson, Sinclair, Gordon Peterson, Bill Lord, the Washington Post, Fred Ryan, Don Scott, Cary Pahigian, Ben Bradlee, and more. According to DCRTV Dave, and yes he knows all about his "wardrobe malfunctions." In this end of the year "Dave TV" special.....

12/24 - I analyze the December 2014 DC radio ratings, which have good news for WASH, WTOP, WAMU, and WMAL. Still no ratings traction for the new WRQX, DC's 107.3. And more problems for CBS, which doesn't get any of its five FMers in the "top 10" and still can't crack the "top 20" with WNEW, which has been doing all-news for three years. In the Christmas Eve edition of "Dave TV".....

12/16 - I look at Comcast's rate hike for February 2015 and how it will increase the price for my internet-only service and how it will still be way more expensive for me to add TV services. Plus, MSNBC announces that it will start a streaming service. In today's "Cord Cutter".....

12/13 - Did the Washington Post really need yet another Paul Farhi piece today about Rolling Stone and its UVA rape story controversy? What's happened to WUST, once one of Washington's strongest AMers? More of those MARC web ratings for area radio stations, including the addition and strong performance of 94.7 Fresh FM, WIAD. A Morris Jones promotion. And more in today's "Dave TV".....

12/11 - I respond to a "smart ass" mailbagger who slams my 2014 predictions made about a year ago. He says I was wrong on most of my musings. But I explain that they were more of a "wish list" and that my "good advice" wasn't taken. Including stuff about Don Geronimo, Jack Diamond, Donnie Simpson, WNEW, WPFW, Dan Snyder, the Washington Post, WMAL, WBAL, and much more. And, I rag again about the print Post. Oh, congrats to Steve Swenson. He got one of his five CBS FMers in the latest batch of DC radio "top ten" ratings. Whoopie! And more in today's "Dave TV".....

12/6 - Washington Posties sure like to write about themselves with the latest from outgoing sports writer Mike Wise. Plus, the Post gives us really huge pics of Lily Tomlin, Sting, and Tom Hanks. Also, local radio vet Kirk McEwen loses his Tampa radio gig. WNEW loses a biggie to WJLA & NC8. Local bluegrass and country radio vet Ray Davis dies. And once again, CBS has none of its five FMers in the "top 10" of the DC radio ratings. In today's "Dave TV".....

11/30 - So, Washington Post columnist Clinton Yates calls for Ben's Chili Bowl to erase the scandal-plagued Bill Cosby from a mural outside the U Street eatery. But I think Clint should spend more time directing his rage toward his other employer, all-newser WTOP, for carrying Vlad Putin's propaganda on one of its digital subchannels. And maybe Chris Core could get in on this campaign, too. Also, I find a very young Kevin Spacey in a DC-set film from the 1980s. In today's "Dave TV".....

11/29 - More on the decline and fall of the Washington Post, which is doing its "best of" 2014 lists and November's not over yet. Although I do agree with Hank Stuever's choices for TV series this year, including "Fargo" and "The Americans." Plus, I take a look at some media trends so far this year, including incredibly boring and "safe" music radio, and big changes in the way we watch TV with the gradual demise of the traditional network.....

11/27 - It's the Thanksgiving 2014 edition of "Dave TV," the first ever shot in true 1080p HD! I take a look at another strange Paul Farhi piece in the declining Washington Post. The big "dig out" from yesterday's media hyped snowstorm. And the latest DC TV news ratings, which show Channel 4/WRC again comfortably in the lead, with Channel 7/WJLA's new 4 PM newscast in the basement......

11/25 - I do some analysis of the "money demo" age 25-54 DC market radio ratings for the month of November. More good news for WTOP, Hot 99.5, WASH, WAMU, and WHUR. Not so good news for Majic 102.3, WNEW, WTEM, and WRQX, which is my most likely candidate for a format flip after Christmas. In today's "Dave TV".....

11/20 - Live coverage of the DCRTV Thanksgiving Golf Classic at the Reston National golf course. With David Burd, Andy Parks, Jim Farley, and more. Plus, what's up with all the big changes at WAMU, which sees the departures of two biggies, including PD Mark McDonald. To the joy of many WTOPers. And, more rumblings that WRQX could be celebrating a "Country Christmas." Plus a shout out to Reston Now and a slam of Current. And more in today's "Dave TV".....

11/13 - I look at the most likely DC radio format flip possibilities for the new year. Will big changes be coming to WRQX and WNEW? Also, they don't all seem to be happy campers over there at WPGC. A shake-up at WMMJ. And more in a very dark, poorly-lit edition of "Dave TV".....

11/11 - I slam the mediocre Washington Post's coverage of the batch of cable TV political hucksters and righty radio talkers as merely an attempt to get traffic up at the newspaper's website. With little or no real news involved. And also take down WMAL's Chris Plante as a clownish hypocrite. In today's "Dave TV".....

11/9 - I take a look at what's behind Gordon Peterson's decision to leave Channel 7/WJLA only months after Sinclair has acquired the station. And what the future holds for Peterson, possibly a return to Channel 9/WUSA, where he spent three-ish decades. And I look back at his career at both 7 and 9. Plus, a Cord Cutter topic in which Verizon FIOS will start offering free Netflix in some parts of the country. In today's "Dave TV".....

11/4 - Again from the woods, "Pixilated Dave" takes a look at some of the recent changes at Hubbard all-newser WTOP, including the departures of Randi Martin and David Burd, in its continued battle with CBS all-newser WNEW. And what the future holds for WNEW, which is inching up ever so slowly in the DC radio ratings as it approaches its third anniversary. In today's "Dave TV".....

11/3 - It's a "triple play" of "Dave TV," "Cord Cutter," and "Camo Pants Hiker" for November 3rd. I look at Dave Hill's departure from WBAL-AM and 98 Rock. Prettyman sells WLTF. And, can WMAL really boost Republicans in the DC area? On the cable cutter side, can windy weather affect your digital over-the-air TV reception? Plus, more on some more cool Roku channels. As I get lost hiking in the woods.....

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