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10/1 - I analyze the latest monthly batch of Washington radio ratings and find more great news for Hot 99.5, WHUR, and DC101. Is a slight but very definite slide for WTOP anything to worry about? Probably not, but you never know. CBS gets two in the "top 10" - Fresh and PGC. But Cumulus's new contemporary hit format for WRQX, as DC's 107.3, is showing no significant ratings traction. And it's all rather bland at the Washington Post as the paper celebrates its first anniversary under Jeff Bezos' ownership. In today's "Dave TV".....

9/30 - After cutting my TV service three weeks ago, Comcast wants me back. But there's always a "catch" with those teaser rates and I say no. Also, how will I deal with no sports cable TV access with the Nationals and the Orioles in the playoffs. And more in today's edition of the "Cord Cutter".....

9/27 - I do another fundraising pitch for DCRTV's 17th anniversary celebration this month. Also, what's WNEW anchor Chas Henry up to? Arch Campbell will now be heard on WNEW. CBS Radio openes up its new perfoance space at its new digs near Nats' park. And a shout-out to Ken Mezger as well as "Nick and Dan" in today's "Dave TV".....

9/25 - In today's edition of the "Cord Cutter," I take a look at a cool "private" channel on Roku, Nowhere TV, which features loads of really neat live local news feeds from TV stations around the country. As well as many live news networks from around the world, including throughout Europe and the Mid-East.....

9/21 - It's another episode of DCRTV's Cord Cutter website! Today, I take a look at the Roku, which allows you to watch loads of internet stuff on your TV set. Including "Dave TV" on YouTube!

9/20 - The mysteries of WNEW continue. More rumblings from "you know who" that big cuts could be coming to the CBS all-newser that's failed to crack the top 20 radio ratings more than two years after its launch in early 2012. And I do more of my "told you so" blather about why the station has generally failed to gain any ratings traction even with a solid staff of personnel. The blame goes to the corporate radio "culture" at CBS Radio which can't handle a station facing extraordinary circumstances. In today's "Dave TV".....

9/19 - I take a look at rumors in the radio biz that CBS is looking to sell some of its mid-size market radio stations, including Baltimore. Maybe Hearst should get busy with an offer. Also, what's up with Baltimore news talker WBAL-AM switching from CBS to ABC newscasts? Yet more rantings about the WaPo's media coverage. And more in today's "Dave TV".....

9/17 - The Washington Post covers Sinclair's "right turn" for Channel 7/WJLA. Another ad placement conflict of interest for the increasingly amateurish Washington Post? Should Cumulus be worried about the debut ratings for the new morning show on WRQX, DC's 107.3? Is Chris Core the best DC radio ad pitchman? And, my reflections on DCRTV's 17th anniversary as I beg for donations. In today's "Dave TV".....

9/14 - Announcing the start of DCRTV's Cord Cutter website, which will be a forum for those exploring the many options of "cutting the cord" from their cable TV provider and exploring the many TV options available, including broadcast and internet options. At www.dcrtv.com/cordcutter.....

9/12 - More rumblings that CBS might sell some of its radio stations? Could WNEW or WJFK be on the block? Also, could a big front page Style section piece in the Washington Post of Bill Maher be connected to a color full-page ad for Maher's HBO show in the very same Post section? A "cut the cord" update, after ditching my Comcast TV service earlier this week. Where's Paul Farhi? Plus, I do a "shout out" to Nick and Dan in today's "Dave TV.....

9/10 - Time to "cut the cord" as I say goodbye to my Comcast cable TV service. My promo rate ended this month and Comcast wanted to hit me with a $60 rate hike even though I rarely watch traditional broadcast and cable networks any more. From this point onward, it's internet TV for me, mainly Netflix and YouTube, plus my little Roku gizmo. And, some "free TV" via an antenna. And, of course, my huge DVD collection. Onward to the future of TV. On today's "Dave TV".....

9/8 - Could WRQX seriously be considering bringing back Jack Diamond? Arch Campbell does a deal to be heard on Tony Kornheiser's radio show. The Washington Post's print edition is almost as fun to read as a telephone book - remember them? More Don Geronimo stuff. What's up with the Wizards jumping to WNEW? Is it finally time for me to cut the Comcast cable TV cord? And more in today's "Dave TV".....

9/4 - I analyze the "money demo" August radio ratings for the Washington market. More good news for Hot 99.5, WTOP, DC101, WASH, WAMU, WHUR, and WPGC. A very very very very slow climb for WNEW. And some not so good news for WMMJ, WTEM, and WRQX. Plus, GWU prof files radio license challenge against Redskins owner Dan Snyder. More than 60 laid off from USA Today. Washington Post's NFL special has just two ads in it. And more in today's "Dave TV".....

9/2 - Don Geronimo burned more bridges to his past today, formally ending his longtime relationship with Buzz Burbank. In the first show of his new podcast. Also, as I predicted, Jack Diamond's new Tijuana radio gig lasted just two weeks. And, what's up with Katharine Weymouth leaving the Washington Post's publisher position? We try to answer the big question - why was she hired in the first place? In today's "Dave TV".....

8/29 - I look at a GWU professor's campaign to get the FCC to strip Dan Snyder's radio licenses because he owns the Redskins. And what a bunch of bunk that is. Also, should WTOP drop its carriage of the Voice Of Russia with that nation invading Ukraine? Plus, more on Arch Campbell leaving WJLA and NC8. Craig Coleman joins WILC. A quick tour of the DCRTV Archive. And much more In today's "Dave TV".....

8/25 - The Washington Post mistreats Arch Campbell in its coverage of his decision to leave Channel 7/WJLA and NewsChannel 8 after 40 years on DC TV. But the paper does credit DCRTV in its print edition. Plus, I look at what's up with the missing signals on area AM outlets WUST and WZHF. And, what's up with all the changes at Baltimore area sports talker WNST. Much ado about nothing? In today's edition of "Dave TV".....

8/22 - With the news that Arch Campbell is taking leave from Channel 7/WJLA and NewsChannel 8, I take a look back at the DC TV movie/entertainment reporter/critic's colorful and fun career which started in 1974 at Channel 4/WRC. And I reveal what Arch's favorite movie of all time is. And more in today's "Dave TV".....

8/18 - It's a special Jack Diamond edition of "Dave TV." I look at Jack's "legendary" radio career in the DC market, including two decades at WRQX, until his spring 2013 canning. And what the radio future might hold for Jack as he starts his new gig at a Tijuana radio station serving the San Diego market. Is Jack a "radio dinosaur" or is there still a place for him in today's changing radio biz? In today's "Dave TV".....

8/13 - I talk about rumblings I'm hearing that Cumulus, which owns WRQX and WMAL, is taking to Redskins owner Dan Snyder about buying his Red Zebra radio arm, including sports talkers WTEM and WSPZ. Also, I do a DC digital TV bandscan and find two new subchannels that are preparing to launch via Channel 14/WFDC. And, I remember some cool Robin Williams movies. In today's "Dave TV".....

8/9 - A band scan of Washington DC area digital and analog radio stations on August 8, 2014 from Reston VA, about 15 miles west of DC. About 55 "stations" received. The cheap, indoor-based "rabbit ears" antenna prevented the reception of many Baltimore, Hagerstown, Winchester, and Fredericksburg stations...

8/6 - I look at the July radio ratings which have some good news for WPGC, WMZQ, and WPRS. Also, male demos are boosting WMAL. Plus, what's up with DC radio god Don Geronimo moving from RELM to USTREAM? While another DC radio god, Jack Diamond, waits for a call from Chicago's WLS. I remember great Channel 2/WMAR news anchor George Collins. And, just how camo crazy am I? In today's "Dave TV".....

8/4 - More conflicts of interest at the mediocre Washington Post - involving both Comcast and Amazon. And how the paper fails to break some big local media stories. Plus, another reporter leaves WJLA since Sinclair's taken over. Could Lane Michaelsen be the new news director at 7? Jack Diamond waits by the phone for news about his new Chicago radio gig. Former Baltimore sports anchor Shawn Madden dies. June Smith to WBAL radio. Also, WTOP continues to air Russian propaganda on one of its digital subchannels. WMAL to drop ABC newscasts. 80 big ones for Johnny Dark. And more in today's "Dave TV".....

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