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Best -- WMAL. Great hosts up and down the lineup, but it needs a bigger reach. The Blaze -- not local, but the best channel on TV.
Worst -- ESPN 630. Junk. And we didn't need a third sports station. Even New York doesn't support three well. NPR. So unbalanced, it's not even funny. 107.3. It was much better with Jack Diamond.

BEST: Donnie Simpson/Tony Perkins on MAJIC 102.3; that station's overall incredible up and DC sound, complete with mix shows. WPGC for its variety and mixing in 90s hip-hop. Tom Joyner for an amazing run in urban radio. WHUR remaining competitive despite deep competition (minus Steve Harvey -- boo!). B101.5 (WBQB/Fredericksburg) for sounding much larger than its broadcast area would have you think; its audio processing is also top-notch, despite not being in HD. WKYS/Urban One for constructing a new morning lineup and new programming overall. NBC4 for being the most polished news team (speaking to you, Jummy and Leon! :-)). DCRTV for remaining consistent over the years!
WORST: No one willing to step up and replace the former Mix 107.3 with full market coverage? Cumulus selling and K-Love purchasing the above abovementionedMix 107.3. Cookie-cutter programming on iHeart DC's stations. Hot 99.5 sounds like a cookie-cutter top-40 station in the city of Anywhere, USA. Pitch the music up, run the same 30 "hits," sprinkle in some nationwide iHeart promotions = Hot 99.5. Yawn.

Best: Tony Perkins return to local news, no more Core values or schilling, Channel 4 entire, news operation, Allison Seymour, Shawn Yancey, Sarah Simmons, Sue Palka, Steve Chenevey, Washington Capitals broadcast team, Topper Shutt
Worst: Steve Buckhantz removal from Wizards broadcasts. NBCSPORTS Washington’s graphics during Wizards game action. Angie Goff’s shameless self promotion, Sherree Burruss and Cori Coffin leaving, Kevin McCarthy, Sports Junkies

WORST: WETA-TV managers for their epic transmitter buildout fail linked to the channel repack. All those donor dollars spent but my once-solid over the air reception near the National Zoo has been on/off since August. Lots of programs aren't seen anymore despite trying a half dozen indoor antennas in countless configurations.
BEST: Eun Yang, the queen of DC early morning TV. Her air sound demands attention like few news anchor voices and dominates the dawn to WRC-TV's benefit. Eun earns a coveted anchor star, leaving rival channels to wonder how her magic draws viewers and advertising dollars.

Best: Elliot, everyone at 94.7 (especially Albie Dee), WAMU, WRC, WTOP, Topper Shutt, Doreen Gentzler, Leon Harris, Tony Pann, Lou Scally, Delia Goncalves, Jim Lokay, Sue Palka, Howard Stern, Danny Rouhier, Grant Paulsen, Steve Czaban, Bob Carpenter, FP Santangelo, Charlie Slowes, Dave Jaegler, Joe Benanti, Craig Laughlin, John Walton, Ken Sabourin, (GO CAPS AND NATS) 98Rock, B101.5, Thunder 104.5, Donnie Simpson, and Tony Perkins.
Worst: WUSA’s “morning zoo”, the unjust firing of Steve Buckhantz & Phil Chenier, Chad Dukes, WRQX becoming a godcaster, the lack of active rock & classic hip-hop in the DC area.
AJ in Fredericksburg

BEST: In September, Don Geronimo/Mike Sorce quitting his Podcast and social media platform - cold turkey.! And, he took wife #3 with him. Sorce has always been a great "QUITTER" like when he QUIT the Don & Mike Show. BEST: A Robb Spewak Holiday Fruit Cake - no really! BEST: In the mailbag, Tom Conroy. putting the "cox" back in Coxswain
WORST OF 2019. English language challenged Oscar Santana trying to string together a few coherent sentences on TMOS. The Washington Post and other national newspapers not converting to nonprofit organizations. For another year, CHEAP BaltoMedia.net posting in the FREE mailbag instead of paying for an ongoing display ad. Carla O'Meara professional back hair waxer. Since the summer Don Geronimo "Stay Tuned" on his twitter feed. [ Should have been 'Turn Out The Lights, The Party's Over] Robb Spewak not dropping a few fruit cakes from a plane ala WKRP Cincinnati. [ As God as my witness, I thought fruit cakes could fly".] DCRTV Dave not launching a weekly Podcast

Best - Anchors: Angie Goff, Marina Marraco, Steve Chenevey, Erika Gonzales, Sarah Simmons, Shawn Yancey, Reporters: Erin Como (Traffic), Pat Collins, Bob Barnard, Melanie Alnwick, Weather: Lauryn Ricketts, Sue Palka, Radio: Pollin & Loverro on 106.7, Kevin Sheehan returning to 980, WMAL remaining an island of sanity, WETA FM...
Worst - Annie Yu moving to 9, Erin Como (Anchor), the unfunny Reese Waters, Andy Pollin leaving 106.7 for that ESPN station, No weekly radio outlet for Phil Wood, Adam Tuss & Meghan Fitzgerald, local "entertainment reporters" who are basically paid shills for the movie studios.

BEST: In September, Don Geronimo/Mike Sorce quitting his Podcast and social media platform - cold turkey.! And, he took wife #3 with him. Sorce has always been a great "QUITTER" like when he QUIT the Don & Mike Show. BEST: A Robb Spewak Holiday Fruit Cake - no really! BEST: In the mailbag, Tom Conroy. putting the "cox" back in Coxswain.

WORST: The Channel 4 Sports Anchors-Totally Unwatchable-Like Amateurs
BEST: Meteorologist Vytas Reid on Fox45 News-Best presentation since Bob Ryan

Best: 106.7 The Fan's Grant & Danny. 102.3's Tony & Donnie. SiriusXM all day. 94.7 The Drive weekends especially the expanded Playlist with more artists we remember hearing on DC radio. NBC-4 news.
Worst: Morning news shows that keep repeating stories about what's going on in Hollywood and not giving more local news.

Best.. Doreen, Jim and Leon head and shoulders above any of the other TV anchors. WTOP continues to be far and away the most listened to station on the dial. The Washington Nationals becoming World Champions, The Mystics as well. Rich Chvotkin on Georgetown basketball, Johnny Holiday on Maryland football and basketball. Channel 4 adding Johnny Holiday to their News 4 sports team.Gerry Sandusky on Ravens broadcast. 106.7 and 105.7 and Doc Walker on 980
Worst. Wizzards dumping Steve Buckhantz, MASN showing Ray Knight the door...Wizzard's Radio Broadcast, Nats Xtra and FP Santangelo anything on NBC sports Washington which appears to be just a step below a college production. Who are those people? Kevin Sheehan on 980 and Larry Michael and the Redskin radio team..unlistenable.

BEST: News 4 Weekdays. Dave Johnson (Get well soon)). WTOP’s brand new Glass Enclosed Nerve Center. It’s Academic. CBS moving Norah O’Donnell’s Evening News to M Street.
WORST: Channel 9 News - it’s a race to the bottom with Sinclair’s Channel 7, but 9 is the biggest loser because it had further to fall. The new sports guy on 4, Cary Chow, especially when teamed with the loud and inappropriately giggly Erika Gonzalez - send him back to whatever Bottom 50 Market he came from. Overhyped Weather Alert Days. WMAL Hate Radio. The slow, painful death of local radio. PBS Pledge Weeks.

Best: WTOP's Dave Johnson, the Caps TV team, 4's Adam Tuss (good guy), 9's Leslie Foster (as gorgeous as she is professional). Doug Kammerer, Chuck Bell and Amelia Siegal. All are wonderful. Erin Como on 5 does a good job.
Worst: 4's Mark Seagraves. Sloppy with facts and comes off as conceited.

Worst: WAMU's failure to place at the least, a translator or two in Southern Maryland. At different times of the day, one needs to tune to WRAU or VM (Virginia Public Media) outlets to get NPR coverage. In some parts of Leonardtown, one can't get WAMU at all. Back in the '90's, WETA tried but never went beyond a CP to provide coverage from St Mary's County. WAMU should try to cover an area that is DC-centered especially if WRAU is sold.

Best - WUSA 9 Mikea Turner, WUSA 9 Get Up, 94.7 The Drive finally opening their Playlist up and adding a few hip hop songs, Sunni And The City, 94.7 The Drive Morning Drive with Jason Kidd and Corinna Delgado
Worst - WTEM 980 still being so Redskins centric, No HOT AC station in DC to fill the void left by Mix 107.3 after becoming K Love, WASH Playing Christmas Music leaving no DC AC outlet

Best: WTOP's Dave Johnson, the Caps TV team, 4's Adam Tuss (good guy), 9's Leslie Foster (as gorgeous as she is professional).
Worst: 4's Mark Seagraves (sloppy with facts, sloppy with attire, comes off as conceited). Bad on TV.

BEST: Your 2019 World Series Champion Washington Nationals, your 2019 WNBA Champion Washington Mystics, your 2018 Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals (leftover from last year). Channel 4's news. Ellen Bryan's fashion and her cheery attitude. WTOP on air (not so much their klunky click bait website). It's Academic. Chris Core "no longer shilling for".
WORST: Donald J. Trump and the GOP. Fox 5 going overboard on news and pseudo-news (LIKE IT or NOT), and still duplicating programming "on the Plus". Losing Mark Plotkin. The Redskins. NBC Washington's presentation of games, with all the graphics on screen, and for the Caps, on the glass. A bonus WORST for them windowing out some Wizards games to present a game-show like noisy environment predicting when things will happen and overloading us with stats. Sinclair Broadcasting Corp. (air our conservative editorials or else - up until recently). Local stations threatening to pull their signal from cable, satellite, and streaming over and over. WUSA cutting off the end of 10pm shows for news (as another poster stated). IHEART radio canned formats across the country, the same songs, by the same artists over and over and over. WASH playing Christmas music in November (IHEART the same 100 songs). The stock market guy's almost daily posts.

Best: Jummy Olabanji leaving the WJLA morning comedy show and shifting to NBCWashington She had the good sense to know that staying at a morning sinking ship would do nothing for her career. Leon Harris bringing Harris's Heroes with him when he came to NBCWashington. NBC Washington is by far the best morning newscast. They do kid around but it's not the endless contests,field trips exercise and cooking classes etc. that WJLA and WUSA9 think is news NBC4 has always had a solid morning news reputation back to the days of Alan Lee and Kathy Vara with Tom Kierein on weather. I"m glad they haven't been sucked into the "entertainment" vortex as the other stations have been.
Worst: Bill Kelly on WJLA. and Topper Shutt on WUSA9. Bill Kelly is too interested in his "weather on the go" to worry about weather itself and Topper is just plain silly at times. The last snow he started predicting it and beating the prediction to pieces 6 days ahead. The snow amounted to a dusting. Topper repeats and repeats himself especially when he breaks into regular programming. Constant self promotion of WUSA9's team. There are at least 3 Leslie Foster and Howard Bernstein/Reese Waters commercials during each CBS show in the evening.

Best: NBC 4, still hands down the best television news operation in Washington DC. Yes, there’s some people who like other stations but let’s be honest here, NBC 4 isn’t going to lose their place at the top of my list for a long time to come. NBCSN Washington for Redskins Pregame and Postgame Live. Elliot, for those who don’t have SiriusXM’s Howard 100 as Howard Stern is honestly still the best in the game of shock talk. WAMU, WTOP, WDCH, WHUR, WETA, The Gamut, Sirius XM(Howard 100, 60’s on 6, 70’s on 7, 80’s on 8, First Wave, Deep Tracks, The Loft, The Bridge, Deep Tracks, Grateful Dead Radio, Tom Petty Radio, Classic Vinyl, Classic Rewind, Lithium, POTUS….which is basically balanced political talk). Buzz Burbank’s News and Commentary. DCRTV Dave as well as VARTV. Gus and the rest of the fellow mailbag regulars for their banter and humor…which is good as long as people don’t take it personal.
Worst: Fox 5 Morning News…oh dear god, where do I begin? WMAL, which is honestly trash and a shell of it’s former self. NBCS Washington for getting rid of Steve Buckhantz. CNN, Faux News and MSNBC, who all honestly pull our chains constantly and are all full of shit. Entercom for bringing in a 80s centric classic hits station but mainly keeping it mainstream on WIAD and not having a lot of deep cuts. Hell, corporate radio in general for being just mainstays of mainstream and not thinking outside the box. Mike O’Meara’s podcast as honestly, you can tell that he’s struggling with just having people that kiss his ass. Don Geronimo for going off the air when he had a good podcast with music and commentary. The non stop whining about Bloomberg 99.1…it’s much better than some give it credit for. HFS still on a HD2 signal and not on a full DC-Baltimore signal in it’s heyday of progressive rock-ROQ of the 80s format.
Happy Holidays everyone... Dan

Best: All the news teams on NBC4 at 4 am (or almost – see below) , and 4, 5 and 7 pm. Have been watching that station for 39 years now. Corey , Drew and Juliana are good additions to the team also. l love that Aaron Gilcrest takes it all in with all the jokes and banter that goes on with Eun who teases him about a lot of things while on air. Chuck, Doug, Amelia and Clay (when he subs) are class acts in my book.
Worst: FOX 5. Sorry Angie Goff abandoned NBC4 to go to Fox 5 since now I don’t watch her over there (sorry Angie). WUSA and WJLA have always been on the bottom for me. Jummy being on NBC4. She brings nothing to the a.m. news. As much as I love NBC4, Eun Yang is too chatty for me for that early in the morning with her laughing at everything. When Lauryn Ricketts is on, I feel like changing the station, since she talks so fast sometimes when she’s not doing the weather that I can’t understand her and her loud laugh turns me off. Don’t get me started w/Somora!
Happy Holidays to all!

Worst: WUSA9 and WJLA 4:25-7 am newscasts. More like comedy club than news. WUSA9 for cutting off previews of Blue Bloods episodes WUSA9 11 pm news. They do no national news and repeat the local stories over and over. Nothing good at WUSA9 news. Too bad CBS has to use them as their local affiliate. Angie Goff for station shopping. Wonder when she'll hit WJLA. It's the only station she hasn't tried yet
BEST: Chris Core retiring. His constant advertising was annoying. Allison Starling at WJLA Really good anchor CBS for realizing that non football folks don't want to have to stay up until 11:45 pm on a work night to see their shows so they're waiting until after football season to start the spring shows