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    Best: Topper Shutt , Lesli Foster, Sue Palka, Gwen Tolbart, Derrick McGinty, Jim Vance and Doreen Gentzler, Aaron Gilchrist – up and coming young man with a bright future, Julie Wright’s enthusiastic traffic reporting, Monika Samtani, Kristen Berset – it won't be long before ESPN or Fox Sports snatch her up, Maureen Umeh.
    Worst: Abundance of reporting on every move the Redskins make. Give it a break, not everyone in this area is a fan of that team. Holly Morris ‘s phony, condescending demeanor. Tony Perkins for being Tony Perkins. He's dry as the desert, laughs at his own stupid jokes and has major trouble with the teleprompter. He should have stuck to doing the weather where we only had to see him for a few moments at a time. Wisdom Martin for having no charisma and absolutely zero chemistry with Sarah Simmons – he’s horrible. The sports Dave’s – WUSA’s Dave Owens and WTTG’s Dave Ross – they both suck. WRC - Pat Collins’ overly dramatic presentation of the most mundane news items. Lynette Charles - she’s the worst weather person on Baltimore television and possibly the worst on television, period.

    Best: Channel 4: Craig Melvin and Lindsay Czarniak getting married and getting the hell out of DC. best thing to happen to channel 4 in a while. Good riddance! Channel 7: hiring Steve Chenevy. Not getting rid of Steve Rudin or Adam Caskey after hiring Jacqui Jerras who has been nothing but a deadweight since she arrived.
    Worst: Channel 4: Whoever hired Erika Gonzalez. Worse thing to happen to channel 4. Even worse than hiring Angie Goff. And then sending Erika to cover hurricane Sandy on the beach. Channel 7: Putting Steve Chenevy with Donnie Simpson's diva niece obviously riding on her uncle's coattails as she has been a big part of the morning news since they switched her with Allison Starling. The ABC7 morning news is a sinking ship. Actually, none of the local morning news shows in DC are watchable anymore.

    Sports Fix on ESPN that Thom place to get sports info and interesting opinions...
    Terry Guerin, Drama and English Teacher, Friends' Central School

    I love The Sports Fix on WTEM. Great Redskins - smart, and they do it the best - very well informed, both Sheehan and Loverro. Lively bantering between the two !
    T. Williams

    Sports Fix on WTEM with Loverro and with Sheehan is really the best show around. They have great back 'n forth dialogue and very informed. Great show.
    Mrs. Walker

    Best: Bob Marbourg, Johnny Holliday, Wendy Rieger, Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin, Britt McHenry, Leon Harris, Doug Hill, Internet radio.
    Worst: Larry Michael, worst by far. Rick “Doc” Walker, a distant second worst. And please send the WNEW call letters back to New York where they belong—it’s embarrassing to have them on a Washington radio station.

    Best: Loverro, knows his sports, and opinions aren’t made up just to pick a fight – screechy voice a bonus; hanging with Bill Bennett in the a.m.; Andy when accompanied by the increasingly present co-host Grandy – getting the band back together?; Saturday morning update – cool little show, like old radio; Slowes and Jagler getting to be an enduring pair; always value added: Tori Clarke and Steve Roberts; 1160.
    Worst: poor WMAL, rough even for conservatives to listen to those a.m. guys, and 12-9 = tired; self-important Sheehan; lack of decent local drive, especially p.m.

    BEST: WUSA9 Morning Shows, nice chemistry & Jessica Doyle, oh, pure thinking middle aged man's dream night! WRC 11pm News, they just get it right. Google Maps on iPhone, (Why do I need WTOP anymore). SiriusXM (no listening to crass commercials anymore, bliss!), TuneIN, great Internet Radio app!
    WORST: WRC Weekend Morning shows! NO chemistry & all ego's (who's is bigger!). WTTG weekday morning, sorry again, no chemistry and I hate to say it but Traffic, I like to see the map not the reporter blocking it! WJLA - What a technical and editorial mess across the board! plain sucks . WUSA 5 & 6pm, Why? WNEW - Sucky signal in NoVA and traffic updates that miss the big jam (the one you're stuck in!), hence Google Maps..... DC Radio - Boring and sucky. Old Ego'd morning hosts that need to call it a day gracefully.

    Best: Lesli Foster, Derek McGinty, Erica Grow, Kristin Berset, Doug Hill, Brianne Carter, Alison Starling, Jim Vance , Doreen Gentzler, Maureen Umeh, Audrey Barnes, Gerry Sandusky (Yes, the Gerry Sandusky with a G), Tony Pann, Ava Marie, and last but not least, Sarah Caldwell. Bill Rehkopf back at KDKA in Pittsburgh (thank goodness for the inRadio app)
    Worst: Bill Rehkopf leaving WNEW. Lisa Baden’s repeated “dead air” traffic reports on WNEW leaving the morning anchors hanging. Tony Perkins…nuff said

    I think and agree with the DC Word that the "Sports Fix" on ESPN 980 is the best sports radio show in DC. I especially like Thom Loverro. Below is the DC Word's review of the show... Best Sports Talk Radio Show … The Sports Fix ( ESPN980) If you are looking for “shock jocks”, turn the dial. If you enjoy banter between middle aged men seasoned with “off color” adjectives and sophomoric high school humor, keep turning the dial. If you want to enjoy a daily dose of mature (read language that does not offend) discussions about sports nationally and in the DC area, this is the show for you. Without attempting to inject effete snobbery into a selection, our choice was partially based on the fact that both hosts, Kevin Sheehan and Thom Loverro, actually have a grasp of the english language and are smart enough to share opinions in a folksy, easy to digest manner. This is radio that is for the whole family. Finally, talking heads that use their heads as well. It is so nice to explain to a youngster the intracies of a curve ball as opposed to the sexual innuendos and scatological humor used on other sports talk shows.
    Thank you, Pete Milenkowic

    Best: Radio Station –WFAX. WFAX is not just the best Christian radio station in the region, but it’s the last surviving broadcast station that is truly worthy of the title. Locally owned and operated, with a fair amount of locally originated programming (including public service), WFAX has become (due to forfeiture by neglect on the part of all the other local radio stations), the “Fatburger” of the local broadcast profession: The Last Great Radio Station…Local TV News: WDCW. If you look at the news shows of the other D.C. market TV’s, this “recognition” is obvious…People: Doris Newcomb, Sue Palka, Doreen Gentzler, Hillary Howard (probably the most genuinely cheerful voice on-air locally. I’d hate to imagine her on “uppers”!), Wendy Reiger, Andrea Roane, Howard Bernstein (should be somebody’s Senior Meteorologist!), Steve Rudin (likewise, somebody else’s future Senior Meteorologist!), Bob Marborg, Charlie Slowes & Dave Jaegler on Nationals games, Johnny Holliday, Kristi King, Bryan Nehman, Mike Moss, Bruce Alan, Debbie Feinstein, Shawn Anderson, Dick Uliano (although qualified for a much better gig…), Dimitri Sotis, Joel Oxley, and Jim Farley.
    Worst: Radio Station –The unworthy are many. But, there can only be one “biggest loser”. And that is… WMAL! In every daypart, WMAL tarnishes and defecates on the very airwaves once polished by that callsign. The posters in the DCRTV Mailbag have listed many failings of WMAL. I’ll add one more that has yet to be covered: Will someone please tell Brian Wilson, Larry O’Connor, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, etc. that the 2012 Presidential Election was held back on November 8th? So, why the fuck are they all still campaigning against President Obama like the election has yet to be held??? TV Owner/Operator: Tie! Gannett, Fox, and Tribune. (For what they’ve done to the NBC-TV stations, Comedycast gets a separate dishonorable mention…) Gannett has half-pennied and farthinged the once semi-glorious “One and Only Channel Nine” into a fading shadow of its former self. Not that it was any great shakes to begin with even when the Post owned it. I’ve heard it said that back in the 1970’s, there were high school A/V clubs with better production equipment than WTOP-TV. Can anyone who was there confirm that tale? As I’ve said before, the kindest thing I can say about Gannett as an O&O is that their smallest station is just as well-run with an air presentation equivalent to their largest. And, there are people on this board who want Gannett to buy WDCW when Tribune gets around to selling it? Gimme a break! They would trash the place worse than WDCA-TV was when Superior Tube owned the it. Or, after Fox got their mitts on it. Fox gets in on this award because of their two-faced attitude when it comes to ethics. Or, the absence thereof. The obsequious promotion of Obama’s re-election by Rupert Murdoch and Fox News might be the only thing keeping the Fox TV stations from going the way of RKO General with Justice Department prosecution under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Further dishonorable mention for Fox for putting their “Fox en Espanol” service on WDCA instead of WTTG. Sounds like discrimination. Tribune should be ashamed of what WDCW looks like on-air compared to its other major market TV’s… Radio Owner/Operator: Tie! Cumulus and CBS! The many reasons have been shared by others as well as I over the past 12 months. So, I won’t belabor the point. But, special dishonorable mentions go to Salem and to Dan Snyder. Dan has proved the old farmer’s saying of “even a blind and legless chicken finds the occasional kernel of corn among the pebbles. What gets me is their refusal to acknowledge that there are other sports than the NFL. But, I’ll give “the Danny” a break and say that Dead Zebra has never made it a secret that they are first and foremost “Redskins Radio”. That’s the best thing WJFK has going for it… Squandered opportunity: WNEW. Shameful is the kindest thing I can say about the place. Another kindness is that their transmitter doesn’t carry a Part 15 notice and isn’t running off either a nine volt battery or ‘D’ cells. At least the people who jumped ship from WTOP make the place sound like a small college radio station. Otherwise, it would sound like a bunch of high school kids “playing radio”. Pity Tom Shedlick only does engineering. WNEW (and the rest of CBS DC) needs a “Tom Shedlick” of programming. The All-News WNEW is a textbook example of almost deliberate absence of execution combined with an ignorance of timing. Yes, WNEW will likely bill its 2012 target –and, then some. The good news is that there isn’t much further that they can sink… Local Spots: “Kars 4 Kids”. Sounds more like “Cars for Lids” (you’d have to be a ham to understand the meaning…) and is a spot I punch out on every time I hear it. Jim and Joel, I’m sure I’m not alone. It’s actually worse than the over-repetitive “” campaign of a few years back. What are you going to air next? Sponsored airing of sixty seconds of fingernails scratching on a chalkboard? Let WMAL air that crap… Business Decision: The endless wait on economic justice for the Washington Nationals’ TV rights… People: Topper Shutt, Derrick McGinty, Jim Vance, Holly Morris (being eye candy can only carry you so far…), Angie Goff (Oh My Goff!!! I bet WIS-TV is thankful she left! (not to mention WUSA…)), Chris Plante (poor guy acts like every show is an audition for his next gig. (Given the instability of that shift, I don’t really blame him.), Doug (of Doom) Hill, Darci Marchese (terrible on-air presence. Reminds me of “Mumbles” Guadalupe), and last and definitely least, the owner of a nearby to Washington baseball team and cable sports network … Losses: Joe Albritton, Dan Daniels, Bill Dalton, Ron Smith, Dick Clark, Gary Collins, Andy Griffith, Andy Williams, Mike Wallace, and Richard Threlkeld.
    Finally…A Blessed, Peaceful, and Prosperous New Year to Everyone! –Unsigned Corporate Suit

    Best: John Henrehan and Bob Barnard are the best reporters. Their stories are always clear, concise, and detailed. Lauren Demarco gets my vote for most improved. It used to be painful to watch/listen to her, but she is much better now. Chuck Bell is the best weather person.
    Worst: The lack of radio music variety in the DC market. Songs get played into the ground. No oldies. No real alt-rock (current music or tunes from the past). The 90s at Noon on DC101 has potential, but generally proves to be a disappointment. Why play stuff during a "special" hour that you already play all day, every day?
    Happy New Year! JD, Broad Run VA

    Best: Topper Shutt , Lesli Foster, Sue Palka, Gwen Tolbart, Derrick McGinty, Jim Vance, and Doreen Gentzler. Steve Czaban's suspension
    Worst: Steve Czaban reinstatement. Saturation of Redskins reporting on all D.C. media outlets. TV –WTTG - Holly Morris for being phony and condescending , Tony Perkins for being a pure bozo, how did he ever do network TV? Julie Wright for being overly bubbly. Wisdom Martin – he’s terrible, and that’s being complimentary. WRC - Pat Collins – he’s unbearable to watch and getting worse. Worst TV weather in Baltimore Lynette Charles. Radio - Doc Walker, B Mitch and Lavar Arrington. Did he graduate from grade school? The Sports Junkies – way too much silliness and sophomoric humor. Sports Reporters on WTEM – In between the legitimate sports reporting, we are forced to endure silliness and scripted “arguments” between Andy Pollin, falsetto Thom Loverro, and the worst person on D.C. radio, hands down, Steve Czban. Can’t stand that guy. He’s argumentative, overly opininated and rude. I enjoy listening to the show much more when he’s on vacation or suspended.

    Worst (forgot a few): IBOC on 50kW AM stations at night; ruins reception of adjacent channel stations for hundreds of miles around. The annoying use of background noise (ususally some kind of percussion in a loop) when the on-air person is speaking.

    My 2012 Best and Worst DC Media List is starting to get shorter every year. With the proliferation of cable channels and the lack of good programming on network/local TV, I find that TV (likely with the advent of YouTube and other online venues) will likely need to reinvent itself in the next few years -- I also believe that as I am nearing 50, I find that I am becoming more unfamiliar with some of the personalities and programs of the local stations (other than NBC4 -- in my day WRC, and ABC7 -- in my day WJLA fmr WMAL. will Google or Apple TV come to the rescue? Time will tell. Anyway, here is my list:
    Best of 2012 - Comcast SportsNet - now the leader in sports reporting in DC at least, with the loss of WRC's, WUSA's, and WTTG's best sports anchors; WTEM SportsTalk 980 and WJFK The Fan 106.7 and honorable mention to Federal News Radio 1500 - With the improving fortunes with Washington's pro and college sports teams, 'Skins and Nationals included -- nee the terrible Wizards and currently nonexistent Capitals, all the aforementioned stations are providing comprehensive coverage and opportunity for fans to 'vent their spleen' -- as Andy Pollin would say -- on their teams. Pending changes in the local sports radio landscape may come in 2013 with the debuts of CBS Sports Radio and NBC Sports Radio chasing FOX and ESPN Sports Radio's existing presences in the DC and Baltimore areas. NBC4 News - I have to give it to them, Jim and Doreen are still here after all these years and losing their best buds George Michael and Bob Ryan. To their credit, Dan Hellie and Doug Kammerer have ably filled in their presences. Overall, still an effective and efficient news presence in the area. ABC7 and NewsChannel 8 News - similar to NBC4, I am thankful for the familiarity of Gordon, Maureen, Bob Ryan, and Doug Hill as local news mainstays. I am not an avid watcher of NC8 but I was glad to see they finally made the jump to HD this year. We'll see what changes are in store for the combined news operation with the loss/death of owner Joe Allbriton. "It's Academic" - only for personal reasons. I was able to attend a taping of the long-running show recently and found the crew -- including host Hillary Howard -- to be professional, friendly, and efficient. I find that sometimes the most treasured programs should be sometimes the always ubiquitous ones we take for granted. Comcast WiFi - the fact that I can find a local wi-fi connection via the many antennas Comcast has installed and use my Comcast account, helps me save on my Verizon access and thus our cell phone bill. Comcast/Xfinity Cable - I enjoy the fact that, despite the monopolistic tendencies of the NBC Universal acquisition, Xfinity is still a relatively decent cable/High-speed Internet provider. I am a little concerned about the scrambled HD signals I start to get during prime time programming more recently but for the most part, I have had few to little qualms with Comcast, other than my bill increasing of course every year. Nats NL East Championship coverage -- from the local broadcast team to the local radio and TV outlets that were finally forced to cover the Nats as legitimate local franchise -- a good year for all. They could rival but not surpass the 'Skins, if the winning (and extend post-seasons) continues. RGIII - the most enigmatic and exciting sports figure to come along locally in years. Face it, you were compelled to like/love him, too, just as the Washington sports media did (unless you're a Cowboys' fan). The Gazette, Patch, and local community newspapers - the fact that they are still out there and trying to fill a need with local papers crashing around. They deserve our support and help, even if it seems to Post has abandoned comprehensive in its pages (it does however own the Gazette newspapers, just to be honest).
    Worst of 2012 - Digital TV subchannels - I don't mind the fact that we have extra channels available with the digital TV transition. I just hate that reception at times can be spotty, I haven't yet found an antenna at Best Buy, etc., that helps. Also, the programming -- other than running into an old rerun now and then -- is crappy. I liked some of the local foodies shows on NBC Nonstop Washington, which some reason (I assume $) NBC4 decide to jettison. Perhaps, a channel for local high school sports coverage or a second feed of NewsChannel 8 would be great, but what do I know, I just watch TV and do not program it. The MASN Nationals-Orioles dispute - OK, here is the easy way to settle the MASN dispute. Let CSN/NBC get the rights to the Nationals -- they have a monopoly on Washington's sports team coverage anyway and let FOX dump big bucks to Angelos to form FSN Baltimore or Mid-Atlantic. With the other college teams and perhaps some high school and minor league (lacrosse, baseball) teams in the area, there should be room enough for the channels to carry local and NBC/FOX Sports network programming. The loss of local sports anchors - ESPN and NBC Sports' gain is our loss. With Lindsay Czarniak, Kate Walsh, Hakeem Dermish, Dave Feldman (to NBC's CSN Bay Area) gone, we are seeing a gap in good sports anchors' in the area's local news (see channels 5 and 9, 4 and 7 are still doing fine in the anchor spots) and likely the sports segment in local evening news will get even shorter, forcing sports fans like me to not even consider going to local broadcast TV for sports news anymore. The shrinking Washington Post - Yes, the paper my mom required me to read as a youth and got me hooked as a news junkie is getting worse. With the profits shrinking and most fans knowing they can go online for free, the Post finally acquiesced the need to pursue a paywall starting in 2013, which hopefully won't affect me too much since I am a subscriber. However, like our DCRTV warrior Dave and Patrick Pexton (Post ombudsman), I am starting to get very frustrated with the thinning Style and Sports sections and the loss/absorption of the daily Business page to the Front A section. Pretty soon, we'll be entertaining our grandkids with the tales of when we could search the news via Google News or newspaper web sites for free. USA Today's revamp (meh, I know they are a national paper but based in D.C./NoVa) - I am not terribly upset with the changes online and print with USA Today but I really didn't think they needed to make the wholesale changes they made. I do find that my access to USA Today's digital pay subscription -- and being able to download a PDF copy of the day's print paper to take with me -- is much better and seamless than the Post's clumsily formed e-Reader system. Local radio - still around, but I am finding other than WTOP and WNEW news or sports talk radio not to be compelled to listen since every local music morning show has been absorbed (at least in local black radio - see WHUR, WMMJ, WPRS) by a nationally distributed program. Will HD Radio and a new focus on getting it and local radio to mobile phones and devices help? Again, time will tell with the paradigm shifts of broadcast and print media into the digital age.
    Have a great and blessed 2013, in media and otherwise, CD in DC (actually Bowie)

    Best>>Not much to choose from when it comes to local news people?? Stick with computer for my news >>
    Worst by far is the entire channel news team in the slot with Tony, Allison, Julia and all the rest,, just way to much silliness and looking at wrong camera, talking after cutting for break,,,OH I must not for get Tim Brant just terrible and a true homer I think him and Gordo have something going ?????

    Best: WTOP & WETA - Solid Programming and Quality Audio that isn't "Hyper-Processed".
    Worst: WMAL - Continuing a "Legacy" of Lousy Talk-Radio; WASH - "Hyper-Processing" that makes me change the station before the third song is finished.

    Best: Newscast: WUSA9 @ 5 & 6 a.m. Anchors/Reporters: Jim Handley, Richard Jordan (up and coming), Wendy Reiger, Andrea Roane (my favorite), and Maureen Umeh, Weather: Chuck Bell (likeable and knowledgeable - top notch!), Howard Bernstein (likeable and knowledgeable), Adam Caskey (bring him back permanently with a more prominent role - mornings or 5 p.m.?), Veronica Johnson (solid), Doug Kammerer (growing on me), Steve Rudin (solid), Topper Shutt (solid). Radio: WTOP. I try to listen to WNEW though - gotta support the underdog, too!
    Worst: Newscast: ABC7 @ 5 & 6 a.m. (first to worst - used to be my morning newscast of choice with Allison and Adam). Anchors/Reporters: Angie Goff (the one person who keeps me from enjoying News4 weekend mornings even more), Weather: Everyone else is just "ok". Past Their Prime(time): Jim Vance.

    Best: WBALTV News; John Collins; Kate Amara back at CH11; WBAL radio tributes to Ron Smith; WBAL radio retaining John Patti and pairing with Mary Beth Marsden; Kellye Lynn on WBAL radio add more depth to the news; Dave Durian doing fill ins. Baltimore Orioles! Buck Showalter; Most Improved Broadcaster: Mike Bordick. Best Broadcaster: Jim Hunter; Most improved TV personality: Sarah Caldwell (I had her on my worst list last year but she has improved quite a bit) Also Rob Roblin does a great job at the anchor desk – hate his reporting – he should be on the anchor desk and not in the field! Kerry Kavanaugh – we don’t see her enough
    Worst: Nadia Ramdass WBALTV (OMG she need elocution lessons – her speech is not “tight” and it drives me up the wall or usually to another channel when she is reporting; WBAL Radio doing C4 for four hours; they need to return to Talk Shows 9-12, 12-3, 3-6 and 6-9 with news in between and maybe a few longer news blocks – also HATE so many traffic interruptions and commercials – the flow of the shows are just too choppy; they need a liberal on there to counterbalance the conservative view (and I’m a conservative but I like to hear other points of view); WBAL Radio NON-coverage of the Derecho AND Jimmy Mathis being so RUDE to callers about the Derecho coverage. I also add Jimmy Mathis to the worst list. I didn’t think WBAL could find a more condescending person after Bruce Elliott but they did! Worst TV: Lisa Robinson. OH and on National TV: The whole way NBC handled Ann Curry and her departure from the Today show. MATT LAUER. Should retire and SOON: Bob Turk, Stan Stovall and the entire WJZ morning team. Not what it used to be.

    Best: The Bower Show on 97.9 ESPN in Hartford CT, WKRP Reruns on Antenna-TV, FOX 61 for hiring Al Terzi, Radio 104.1 for coming to the aid of a woman screwed over by a competing radio station, Bomba 97.1 in Hartford adding a Bridgeport translator.
    Worst: Fox Sports Radio on WPOP 1410 in Hartford, FOX 61 in Hartford CT firing Geoff Fox, Clear Channel firing Dr. Joy Browne after taking over WOR in NYC, WTIC AM 1080's Coverage of the Newtown tragedy (I heard better coverage on out of the area stations including WBZ out of Boston and WABC out of NYC), WRCH's shrinking Christmas playlist, the continuing technical problems at 102.9 DRC-FM, COX Cable of Meriden CT for dropping WPIX/11, Problems with the automation system at COX Cable which doesn't time-out the local commercials properly, The Jill Merriam Key Hyundai ads on Connecticut Radio, Mike Cameron Weekend Meteorologist on Hartford's WFSB, The New Roxy 100.9 in New London, Clear Channel moving KIX in Springfield Mass to a weaker signal.

    BEST: WJLA morning news. WFLS' Allie Oakley now doing more Fredericksburg area traffic now that she's based there. Makes the morning commute North out of Spotsylvania much better. Don't know who's responsible for that move, but thanks!!!
    WORST: WUSA's screen clutter during the news. Doesn't look good on a small screen made even smaller. WTOP traffic isn't what it used to be since it was brought in-house (?) Sounds like they're just listening to the other stations to get their information and it's often incomplete.

    Best- the Nats' announcers : Charlie, Dave, Rob and FP
    Worst - Steve Buckhantz. The one wish I would wish for would be for him to get rid of all the silly cliches he uses every game. Not just 'dagger' but at the beginning of the game i.e. "the wizards do battle with Kobe Bryant, Pao Gasol and the rest of the LA Lakers", as well as what makes an amazing drinking game -- take a drink every time he mentions something about the season series between the wizards and whomever they are playing!

    BEST: The Mickey,Amelia & Spiegel Morning Show on 98 Rock(The best Morning show since Stern),Al Galdi from Sports Talk 980 for his segment on Pro Wrestling every Saturday(Yep It's still real to me Dammit), 935Kday in LA(Thank You Internet Stream)The Mike O Mearashow Podcast,Pamela Brown,Shawn Yancy,Britt McHenry,Eun Yang, Angie Goff,Allison Seymore,Erika Gonzales,Delia Goncalves,Natasha Barrett,Maureen Umeh,Cynne Simpson, Danela Sealock,Lesli Foster and Tracee Wilkins for just being hot.
    WORST: Kane show, WPGC for letting Big Tigger go,Kane Show, Channel 4 not having more segments of Erika Gonzales doing Zumba(That should be a weekly Segment),Kane Show, Channel 8 putting a giant desk on the set during the weekend shows blocking my view of Pamela Brown ,Autria Godfrey and Brit McHenry wearing short skirts.(Man,I watch the news for all the wrong reasons),and The Kane Show

    Best: News 4, even the new additions, Keith Russell is great with Barbara Harrison. Wisdom Martin, gotta love a southerner. He makes me laugh each morning.The Kane Show, very funny!
    Worse: Jacqui Jeras…what is the point of her? She is never there and just annoys the hell out of me. WJLA demoting Steve Chenevey for Scott Thurman…blah. On a national front – Today show…just a joke now…

    Worst: WJLA Dave Zahren weekend mornings weather--stands in front of 7-day forecast so that you can't see it--and does it almost all the time.

    Best: N/A
    Worst: Ron Balcerek. Worst ever.

    Best: WBAL for radio news and information. On the TV side, for news, I have to give the nod to WBAL, but WJZ is a very close second.
    Worst: WMAR dropped the ball for not agreeing to contract terms with Justin Berk last year. No one in the local market was more passionate then he was. Please, WJZ, remove Marty Bass from weather! I listen to the television to be informed, not entertained.
    Thanks to Dave at dcrtv for your updates and posting. Merry Christmas all. Terry Tipton, Bel Air, MD

    Best: CFZM AM740 Toronto, Ed Walker/Big Broadcast, Mountain Stage from West Virginia Public Radio, The Acoustic Cafe on WMRA-Harrisonburg, WCHA/WHAG still playing oldies
    Worst: The glut of religious FM Class A stations and translators which prevent fringe area reception of Full Power stations (WTOP can't be received in Western MD anymore as an example), AM Class D stations which do not reduce power to their licensed night time limit, The version of The Eagles' "Lyin' Eyes" with the second verse removed causing the lyrics to not make any sense-have heard this on WASH and WLIF, Interference on the AM band from power lines caused by bad insulators, etc.

    Best: WRC4 - Vance, Doreen, Wendy; WTOP - Hillary Howard and Bob Marborg; Sirius XM Sixties on Six; WNEW - B+ for effort/C- for execution; DCRTV's "Dave TV"; Nats' 2012 season; Morning Joe
    Worst: WUSA9 - small market production values, graphic clutter; WJLA7 (HD mic flags on SD field footage); WTEM (with the exception of Mr. Tony); WMAL - hate radio; Washington Post - can it survive 2013?; 4's Erica Gonzales and Shamari Stone - calm down and stop waving your arms; Larry Michaels and tacky Redskins produced infomercials; the slow death of local radio; public TV beg-a-thons; Chris Matthews - bombastic and self-absorbed; PEPCO - PR flacks telling us they had done a good job, insult added to injury

    Best: Morning Show FM: Best in Baltimore: AM Morning Show: Maryland's Morning News w/Brian Neman & Bill Vanko on WBAL 1090. Brian was an awesome choice to replace the legendary Dave Durian. Probs to BAL for letting Durian stick around. It seems so often when an anchor retires the station acts like they were never there! FM Morning Show: The Laurie DeYoung Show on 93.1 WPOC. Laurie’s smile comes through the radio everytime and her slogan of good music and good conversation holds true. I also give her props for giving Marty Bass a proper sendoff. Many times when someone is let go they just disappear. Best Morning TV News Team: WBAL-TV Best morning news anchor: Megan Pringle. She is adorable. Best news coverage: WBAL-TV. Best investigative reporter: Joce Sterman WMAR-TV. Nice job on making World News. Best Meteorologist: WBAL-TV Tom Tasselmyer. Best Sports Anchor: WBAL-TV Pete Gilbert. Best Evening news team: WJZ-TV Denise Koch & Vic Carter. Honorable mention: Jazz in the Morning w/Gary Helton 91.1 WHFC-FM Bel Air.
    Worst in Baltimore: The Best of The Laurie DeYoung Show that air’s whenever Laurie is off that has just music with Mark Williams doing live traffic reports by himself every 10 minutes. Bob Delmont and Michael J both used to do awesome jobs filling in for Laurie. I just change the station now when I hear the she is off. Justin Berk leaking Baltimore TV. WLIF and there tight Xmas set list.

    Best - Greg Bell from SiriusXM Radio Classics Channel 82. Always informative and entertaining with classic radio shows. Great selection of shows. Open to speak with his listeners.

    Best: TV - WJLA’s team of Gordon Peterson, Maureen Bunyan with Doug Hill and Bob Ryan. Experienced, familiar and great interaction. Radio – WMAL’s Chris Plante. He’s a local guy who should have his own national show. Great insights and showmanship.
    Worst: WTTG’s Wisdom Martin. He can barely read and only comes to life when the talk revolves around the Redskins. Radio –I hate the WASH plays Christmas music so early, but DC-101’s show is quickly running out of steam. Not horrible, but not as good as it once was.

    Best: All the alums from Chanel 9 and Channel 4 that have landed on Channel 7…Lots and lots of talent that was kicked to the curb by their former employers…wonder what they were thinking….Channel 4 Alum, Lindsay, and Channel 9 Alum, Sarah getting great gigs on ESPN…The DC Sports market lost two really good sportscasters, as evidenced by their new high profile career moves…Dan Hellie and Tim Brandt are tops…and the new addition on CH 4, Carol…she is wonderful….the weather folks on NBC4 are the best….and the News folks….how do you get any better???...Well, you don’t…Wonder how long before Britt McHenry will be moving onto a network job….what a plus for Tim Brandt to have her as s a more than capable colleague….
    Worst: Larry Michaels, Larry Michaels, Larry Michaels….how can anyone so bad get the job as Redskin Play-by-Play announcer…much less keep it???....To call that hack bad, well, that really is a complement….I can’t think of any words that describe is ineptness, n0n-qualifications, and lack of knowledge…..oh yeah, did I mention that Larry Michaels is the worst….not even fit to be in a small market????....Certainly this is a joke we will all wake up from and, unfortunately realize….it must be true…you just can’t make this stuff up….Nobody else deserves to be on this list….because in comparison, he makes the rest of the broadcast world, no matter how bad they may be, look capable, qualified, and, well, enjoyable to have around…and to have him on the list with anyone else is an insult to anyone who would be placed anywhere close to him…..
    -Merry Christmas from the Shenandoah Valley---Chip

    Best: FP Santagelo – learned more about baseball this year listening to him than in all my previous years. Joe Benanati and Craig Laughlin – I miss them with the lockout.
    Worst: Kevin Sheehan’s patronizing sermons on WTEM. Redskin’s radio broadcasts in general and Larry Michaels in particular – the Fox 4th or 5th TV broadcast teams are easier to listen to. All programming on WJFK – I keep checking but can’t find anything interesting to listen to. Moving in the Wrong Direction: Sports Reporters on WTEM – More and more of their “arguments” are falling into the ridiculous category, even for talk radio. And they need to get better interns, or replace whoever is providing them with the simple facts used for most of their discussions.

    Best: WAMU, WTOP and the ever-WJLA's powerhouse news team of Gordon Peterson, Maureen Bunyan and the dynamic weather duo of Doug Hill and Bob Ryan. And Autria Godfrey - we finally have another news babe who is has both wits and looks. WTOP for calling out WAMU for using non-local traffic reporters.
    Worst: WAMU's Matt McClesky. It is an embarrassment that one of the top stations in one of the top markets has a morning show announcer that mumbles, stutters and stammers worse than Porky Pig (it's 46 degrees in Camp Springs...............Maryland, 48 in Springfield.......................Virginia). WAMU's traffic reporters (see above) - sorry, Jerry, it's just not honest. WUSA9 - can you please cram some more crap on the screen during your newscasts? Maybe it's to shift the viewer's attention away from your dry and boring anchors.

    Best-Channel 4 News, Charlie Slowes & Dave Jaegler, 95.3 The River in Front Royal, the best 60's-70's station & 99.3 The Fox in Winchester-the best New Rock and classic rock rolled into one. Washington radio could learn a lot from these local stations and On line Cerphe's Progressive Show at, the way radio should be with a real DJ with incredible rock history knowledge!
    Worst- Larry Michaels, Please bring back Frank!!
    Happy holidays! Jeff in Leesburg

    Best: Happy WNEW has gotten into a groove. I love Evan and Stacey in the afternoons. Great team, and they sound really, really good. Special kudos to their Sandy Hook coverage.
    Worst: Jack Diamond, period.

    Best: Music on AM (1420, 1370, 950), even if it is obviously being done on the cheap. Stephanie Miller on 1480. (Speaking of 1480, how is that a formerly anemic AM signal now comes in so clearly throughout Northern Va. and South DC?) Programming on and improved signal for 105.5 FM. Streaming WTMD. (Please come to DC!!!) Charlie & Dave doing the Nats game -- with special merit going to Charlie Slowes' prescient call of Jayson Werth's walkoff home run in NLDS game 4. FP Santangelo, Johnny Holliday and RayKnight on MASN. The growing number of and technical improvements in Internet radio stations and podcasts, which provide needed relief from Washington's lame terrestrial radio dial. And, the DCRTV home page, of course!
    Worst: Washington's growing number of "waste-of-decent-signal" stations: WMAL-FM, WAVA-FM, WNEW-FM, WNEW-AM, WFED. Special mention to WNEW 99.1 and its unlistenable "weather on the odd numbers" format. The crap that is WWDC-AM and WTNT-AM. WASH's Christmas Mix. (Note to Management: There are more than 12 songs to choose from.) The lack of coverage afforded the NL-East champ Nats on three sports/talk stations. (You can hear more Nats news on WIP than on any of the DC stations.) WTOP's AM drive, particularly Mike Moss. And WTOP's self-congratulatory "we'll stay on the power companies until everyone's electricity is back on" liners. ("Oh no, WTOP is calling again, we better get these lines repaired!")

    Best: Tony Kornheiser, Steve Czaban, WTTG Morning News, CBS for providing a second all news station in the market, WUSA and WRC for using their digital subchannels when there is a conflict on the main channel, derecho coverage on multiple outlets, Tom Kierein
    Worst: WASH and WGRQ blowing out their formats for Xmas (not Christmas) music and rendering two of my presets useless for 10% of the year, CBS for the actual all news product, CBS for the uselessness of their station web sites, WRC traffic reporter Danella Sealock for acting as though she is talking to radio listeners in their cars rather than tv viewers, the excruciating and embarrassing product of missed cues, dead mics, mismatched video and awkward happy talk that is WRC's weekend newscasts, news directors who require anchors to read the station's evening lineup as though it is actual news, Cynne Simpson for reading the lineup with a huge smile, WUSA for shrinking their screen during newscasts to show a PTI style lineup of upcoming stories, WUSA for protraying the evening schedule in the lineup as news stories, WRC for running five minutes of stopless commercials during the 10:25 break of the Today show, WRC for having expanded the spot load during the other breaks to the point that the news anchor often has no chance to say anything other than, "Here's the weather!" and "Here's the traffic!", the ACC and Jefferson Pilot for pushing the kickoff of their noon games to 12:30, making them always run past the beginning of the 3:30 window, WJLA for not using one of their subchannels when they preempt programming on the main channel, WETA for not providing accurate and timely episode information to schedule providers

    Best: WNEW, WAMU, Bluegrass Country, WBAL for all their great tributes to the late, Ron Smith, WTOP and their in-house traffic department, Carrol Miller's Autobiography "Up All Night", Shitadel's demise and all of the talent that are still live and local. Oh, and WTTR for bringing back local personalities.
    Worst: Diane Rehm, Fagreed Suleman driving his company down the toilet and walking away with a generous retirement package, WNAV running automation/satellite.

    Best>>Anita Brikman on ch. nine,,great news anchor and a very caring lady
    Worst>>Tim Brant is useless and such a,, homer pathetic and all of ch fives morning news just too much giggling and joking around when doing very serious news,,even seem to be unfazed by the CT tragedy... And way to much redskin coverage,,not a fan at all
    Merry CHRISTmas to all>>>>>Larry >>Warrenton Va

    Best: WTOP, Ch. 7 & 4 news, News Channel8, Nationals, Johnny Holliday, Charlie Slowes & Dave Jaegler, Jim Vance, Leon Harris, Wendy Reiger, Kristi King & colleagues filing reports from the streets and highways.
    Worst: Mike Moss, Moss, Moss, Moss, Moss, Moss. Kornheiser, Kornheiser, Kornheiser, Kornheiser, Kornheiser, Kornheiser, Kornheiser. Larry Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael. Ch. 5 news. 980 AM. WMAL, 24/7. Generally, radio in DC area sucks. No jazz, no blues (except WPFW on Saturday), no oldies. Is this nuts or what? Nats alleged broadcaster Bob Carpenter. Terrible, just terrible, and worse than that.

    Best in News, Gordon Peterson, Maureen Bunyon, Weather, Doug Hill. TV sports, Dan Hellie. Nat's on MASN , Bob Carpenter, Kristina Akra, Johnny Holliday and Ray Knight. Steve Buckhantz and Phil Chenier on Wizzards TV... Radio News, WTOP, Music WASH-FM, Sports Johnny Holliday on Maryland football and basketball, also enjoy Tim Strachan's work on football and Walt Williams on basketball... Dave Jaegler on Nat's radio, Boxer on WMZQ Craig Heist on TOP, Bob Marborg traffic.. Kornheiser and Wilbon...
    Worst..Radio, Sports Reporters, Kevin Sheehan, Doc Walker, WMAL, how the mighty has fallen! Larry Michael... TV WUSA,,Wizzards post game, Comcast anchors who all seem to be stand up comedians and ESPN wannabes.
    Nick, Olney

    BEST, Sandusky, Mills and Gilbert on WBAL. Best sports team in town.
    WORST, Swoope on ABC2, stumbles all the time.

    Best: Area955; SiriusXM's BPM, Electric Area, 1st Wave, and MLB Network Radio and Play-By-Play; Baltimore Baseball Tonight Orioles Pre-game shows on 105.7 The Fan; O's Xtra Post-game shows on MASN; Ravens Post-game shows on Comcast Sportsnet; WBAL-TV's Ravens Wrap-up; Me-TV on WBAL Plus; WNEW-FM signal coverage into Baltimore.
    Worst: SiriusXM's Traffic and Weather stations are inaudible; WBAL Radio's Orioles Pre-game coverage has too many commercials; WJZ's Ravens Post-game shows; WTOP-FM signal coverage not reaching into Baltimore; Fox45 seemingly repeating some of the same news stories a few days in a row with nothing new to report; ABC2 not renewing "Jeopardy!" and "Wheel Of Fortune" and replacing them with fluff programming; MPT replacing the brit-coms on Saturday nights during pledge drives with oldies music specials; Infomercials.
    Merry Christmas to all from Greg in Perry Hall!

    Best:Kevin and Rock Show, Mike Wise Show w.Chris Johnson, Brian Mitchell Show with Scott Jackson and Doc Walker
    Worst: Junkies

    B-J. Brooks SportsUpdate Anchor for WJFK/WNEW sounds like he's having fun, unlike all the rest of the dreck around the DMV... B-NBC4's Steve Handlesman - straight forward, informative and knows what he's talking about... B-Julie Wright, great pipes, knows what she's doing,reports make sense... B-Kevin and Rock true homegrown talent... W-Danela Sealock, has no idea what she's doing, got the gig cause it was open (Jerry left)nd shakes her head up and down after every report like she has hadtoo much coffee and always says' "I'm checking out trafficfor you..." really? that's what your job is! #bad #clueless...
    W- Kevin Sheehans, I am perfec/know everything attitude is way too much and getting old... W-Larry Michael, muscled his way into his gig, by firing Herzogs soon as he was the boss-shameful, if you were good Larry it wouldn't matter, but you aren't,so it does... W-Junkies- past their time, only Eric knows some sportsthe rest on a meal ticket ride, even dead air for 4 hours would be more fun to listen too...

    Best: Sports Reporters on ESPN 980 despite Thom Laverro's falsetto pitch. Tony Kornheiser show continues to be completely entertaining with a wide variety of guests. Andrew Wilcow on Sirius XM Patriot with his unapologetic logical arguments. Madison, Richard Blade, and Larry the Duck on Sirius XM 1st Wave.
    Worst: Egomaniacal Doug Hill who is becoming a windbag of hot air (no pun attended). Mike Wise and Lavar Arrington on WJFK are boring and impossible to listen to.

    Best...Gordon Peterson, Doug Hill, Joe Benanati on Caps TV, hope he's back to work soon. Bob Marborg's traffic on WTOP. Dan Hellie for sports on 4 as well as Wendy Reiger. Johnny Holliday for his always solid work with the Terps and the Nationals. Bob Carpenter on Nat's TV , Gerry Sandusky on TV in Baltimore and his Ravens broadcast team . Tony Kornheiser on ESPN 980
    Worst..Larry Michael, Kevin Sheehan, WUSA, a non factor in the DC market , The sports reporters, Scott Jackson, the King of the you knows.
    Shawn, Bethesda

    Best - The Nats and Orioles looked and sounded great on TV and radio during THE BEST baseball season EVER! Also, I was impressed with WNEW's derecho coverage.
    Worst - It was sad to say goodbye this year to so many who made TV watchable in my lifetime. Farewell, Dick Clark, Gary Collins, Andys Griffith and Williams, Mike Wallace, Steve Franken, Richard Threlkeld and locally, Dan Daniels.

    Worst news reader...Jim Vance...Can't get through a story without "fluffing". Accents every other word in a story. "There was an ACCIDENT on K street this MORNING. One person was INJURED.Police are INVESTIGATING" And so on the entire news cast.

    BEST: Britt McHenry, Sarah Fraser, Dan Hellie, Jim Vance, Leon Harris & Alison Starling, Autria Godfrey, F.P. Santangelo, Britt McHenry, Craig Laughlin, Joe Beninati, Alan May and Smokin Al Koken, Britt McHenry having a change of heart and coming back to DC, Brian Bolter, RG3, Colesville Patch, WJLA Twitter misspellings, RG3/Bryce Harper/Strasburg/Michael Morse/Nats/Orioles/Capitals all giving the DMV reason to be optimistic for DC sports, Britt McHenry..the NEXT BIG THING in DC Sports, DCRTV for all the great info, the interaction between many anchors and radio personalities and viewers on Twitter and Facebook, coverage given to JoLi Academy
    WORST: Tim Brant needs to retire, Britt McHenry leaving for San Diego, Peter Angelos screwing up the whole baseball on TV stuff with MASN, Jack Diamond, still no Donnie Simpson on the radio, Ravens games on CBS not always being on WUSA-9, WUSA-9 starting the Countdown to the Fiscal Cliff Clock around Thanksgiving, WJLA not doing an evening sports special on the weekends, NHL Lockout, the terribly scripted Ball Boys on ABC which slaps most memorabilia collectors in the face, political correctness

    More Best: WPIX news director Bill Carey leaving (the same Bill Carey behind the WCBS massacure during the mid '90s)... and hoping that the New York CW station can turn things around for the better... and hoping that Tribune can emerge from bankruptcy. New FOX O&O graphics package not looking too bad.
    More Worst: NBC cancelling Harry's Law, and not giving scripted shows a fighting chance. The recent 'Today' show debacle with Ann Curry being removed as co-host, and quickly replaced by Savannah Guthrie... despite former EP Jim Bell taking the blame, it's still obvious to many that Matt Lauer had to have been in on it. NBC firing long-time WNBC New York news anchor Sue Simmons. FOX canning WTXF Philly weather anchor John Bolaris.

    Best: WXPN, WNRN, WTJU, WTOP, The Gamut on WTOP HD-3 Eclectic without borders, Bluegrass Country on WAMU HD-2 especially Saturday and Sunday (WTOP & WAMU have actually done something creative with their HD channels), WTMD and Weasel, WGAY.FM on the web Fridays at 9PM, WPFW Talk and Jazz, The Loft on SXM-30, Michelangelo Signorile on SXM Out-Q-108, Ed and Rachel on MSNBC, CH-4 News, The News Hour on PBS, MHZ-TV for some good foreign news services,, Washington Blade, Metro Weekly.
    Worst: Everything on WMAL!!!!, WTNT, FOX Noise, WETA-TV's poor quality HD on 26.1 get rid of 26.4 and give the bandwidth to 26.1, NO TRIPLE A PUBLIC RADIO IN DC, MHZ-TV for not having any local programming like they used to when they had only two channels and running too many Chinese channels, Liberty University's Translators their just like a virus on the FM band.
    Happy Holidays/New Year Bob Fairfax

    Best: WTOP's Derecho Coverage, Chris Plante's ability to spew forth a long frothy diatribe of six-syllable insults at stupid callers, WTOP's Bob Marburg's (sp?) thorough knowledge of the layout of DC metro area's streets, ABC's Doug Hill is very smooth, Jim Vance gets my nod every year.
    Worst: The local CBS-TV affiliates weekend news and weather coverage is about as slick as a newscast out of Yankton, South Dakota, MASN's interminable 7 hour post game show when the Nationals won their division (LOVE THE NATS! But, for how many hours can we watch grown men douse each other with beer and Bryce Harper sip Sprite?) Clear Channel for screwing with WBIG. Tommy was just fine, and getting better. They never let him do his act (he was GREAT in Hampton Roads for years), then blew him out for a automated voice guy (cheaper than paying him a salary and benefits) and they fired their Production manager Josh, and Boxer's producer GONE. Who else don't we know about? Clear Channel fired (according to CNBC) 3% of their staff about one week ago (Happy Holidays!) And then there are the constant firings that we don't hear about. It's nice that Clear Channel's Charity Concert helped Hurricane Sandy Victims, yet CC devastated 600 of their own employees in one day with mass firings. So congrats to CC Washington's big market manager Mitchem (sp?) for getting promoted to New York making the big bucks because she kept expenses down by firing a bunch of people, creating turmoil for their families, then loading up the remaining employees with the extra work. She should be proud! All Cumulus stations.They're being driven into the ground from the very top. Look for MAJOR personalities to get the ax SOON. NOTE: My brother and father are extremely close to these situations and are reliable sources on this stuff. I didn't pull it out of my Azzzzzz.
    Radioactively yours, Fish Stick

    Best: WJZ-TV--best TV air-talent in either the Baltimore or Washington market (A+ to Gigi Barnett) along with the best graphics and imaging. Baltimore's 97.5/HFS-- whoever came up with this idea and made it work deserves a Broadcaster of The Decade award. Very cool, and all on light bulb power and extremely creative engineering. And WAMU, for whipping America's Top Biller often enough to let WTOP know who their real competition is (and it ain't WNEW).
    Worst: WRC-TV--old, slow, tired. DC television news isn't what it used to be. 30-year-old re-runs of WTOP-TV would beat Channel 4 every night. Jim Vance is still very likable, and Wendy is still cute, but everything moves so slow. And the weather guy, Chuck, is almost ready for Lynchburg, but what is he doing in a Top Ten market? Is he related to somebody? Sure, WUSA-TV news is awful, and Channel 7 seems lost, but is this the best Washington can do?

    Best: WNEW which really does an excellent job broadcasting the news. I only wish that it would focus more on the Baltimore area because of the signal strength in the Baltimore area being so strong. I do not get that kind of signal with WTOP. I especially enjoy listening to Julyn Lilly whom I missed after she left WTOP. Ron Matz on WJZ who always has an interesting interview every weekday morning on the Morning Edition. His personality is well-suited for what he does, and he is probably the only reporter who is from Baltimore and has lived in Baltimore all of his life. WBAL’s morning news and the afternoon edition are both excellent. Ever since John Patti became the second anchor in the afternoon edition, there has been a marked improvement in the presentation of the afternoon news. I just wish WBAL would go all-news and on its FM outlet. Also WBAL does an excellent job promoting the Orioles and Ravens. We are very lucky in Baltimore to have WBAL as the flagship station for both of these teams as the promotion of these teams is second to none. Hopefully we will continue with WBAL as the flagship station for many years to come. XM satellite radio presents some inteesting broadcasting with Alan Colmes broadcasting on Fox News Talk which is primarily a right-wing talk outlet, but Alan Colmes does not fit the stereotype of most of the talk-show hosts. Thank goodness for some relief~~
    Worst: What is wrong with WMAR, the oldest station in Baltimore. They have never been able to produce a decent presentation of news. I’m 67 years old and in all 67 years there have been only a handful of good newscasters on that station. WCBM has almost the same problem as WMAL in Washington with the constant right-wing talk shows. And of course how much Rush Limbaugh can one take? Well I guess that will never change because the public likes the right-wing leaning personalities. I do not!!
    I want to with all of the DCRTVers al happy and healthy new year and thank-you Dave Hughes for a great site year after year. Marshall in Baltimore

    Best: - WRC 4. You wonder if they’re going to sink, but with their great Hurricane Sandy coverage and their resiliency, They continue to be on top. - Tony Kornheiser. I’m bias…I’m a little. I will say the Mr. Tony show is not what it was from past years, but it is still not only the best local sports show, but the best local radio show in D.C. and it’s not even close. - WTOP and WNEW. Great all-news stations both on-air and on social media. Their journalists do communicate to the audience and utilize all of their resources to give tons of information to the listeners. - Carol Joynt. This is what a D.C. Socialite should be. Joynt is unafraid to be blunt and tell us the human and beauty side of D.C. - Charlie Slowes and Dave Jaegler. The great Nationals radio broadcast duo finally had their moment this year with D.C. going to the MLB postseason for the first time since 1933. Finally, they have something to cheer for and heard that all season. - Andrea Seabrook. She left NPR to start her own show, DecodeDC, that cuts the red tape on politics in Washington D.C. It’s a good show, but she’s on the best list for her crowdfunding efforts, from Kickstarter, to create her show. So far, it has raise over $100K. This could be the new way of funding journalism. - Unsuck DC Metro and FixWMATA for their coverage about the Metro.
    Worst: - Washington Post. What has happened to this great newspaper? It went Wall Street Journal for several years, reduce local stories, and lost their relevance. Also, their website loading time is very slow. What the Washington Post needs is an intervention. - The D.C. sports media scene. Except for a few, this is not the days of Ken Beatrice, George Michael, Glen Brenner, Shirley Povich, and others. Too reactionary, too much focus on the Redskins (in the offseason when the Nats were doing great), too much gamesmanship. - The local music scene. Do we know any artist that broke out in D.C.? Don’t tell me Wale. No music scene = nothing to hear on the local music stations. - Politics. Too much talking points, not enough intelligent discussion. - MASN (specifically Peter Angelos). Just give the Nationals their fair share of the TV deal. - Rupert Murdoch. He has ruin the media and sadly, he might be the future owner of MASN and the Washington Post (that’s my prediction in 2013) here.
    Tracy Tran, Fairfax, VA

    Best: WBAL Baltimore and WCVB Boston, along with several other Hearst-owned stations getting the new Hearst graphics and music. WMAR Baltimore, along with the other Scripps stations getting new Scripps graphics and music. WNBC New York, WCAU Philly, WRC D.C., and WVIT Connecticut gettin new NBC O&O Look F graphics... as well as WNBC getting new Studio 3-C set at 30 Rock. WPVI Philly taking over production of WPHL's 10PM newscast. Baltimore native Michael Phelps swimming in his last Olympics... and the Olympics getting excellent ratings for NBC.
    Worst: The Gannett graphics and music on WUSA D.C. and other Gannett stations... WUSA needing a new news set, along with better graphics. The Media General graphics and music on WJAR Providene and other Media General stations. WJZ Balmore still not having the CBS O&O graphics... WJZ also needing a new set. WJLA D.C. needing a new set as well. 2012 Election news coverage.
    Merry Christmas 2012... and Happy New Year 2013.

    BEST: WMAL: Chris Plante, Bryan Nehman (so sorry to see him leave), Jerry Klein with Rick Fowler on Saturday mornings, Andy Parks & Fred Grandy on WTNT, FOX5 Morning News.
    WORST: WMAL management seems to have a real gift for making stupid decisions.
    Feliz Navidad! -Silvie-

    BEST: Chemistry between Alison Starling and Leon Harris on WJLA, and in general the friendly atmosphere among the WJLA newscasters during their 5:00 broadcast. Doug Hill’s engaging, friendly, knowledgeable manner continues to put him on top of area weathercasters, followed closely by Sue Palka and Gwen Tolbart. Bill Bennett is a conservative broadcaster who at least respects his callers’ opinions, and actually lets them finish a sentence, unlike just about all other conservative commentators (e.g., Levin, Plante, who are entertainers, not analysts). I’m glad to hear Fred Grandy with Andy Parks on WTNT.
    WORST: I’m sorry to say it, but Bob Ryan has to think about retirement. His sentences are often jumbled, and often bounce from one topic to another with no clear connection. Sometimes I worry if he’ll get through a thought without giving up on it. Overemphasis on Redskins reporting by just about all local newscasts. RGIII’s recent sprained knee was Monday’s lead story on all newscasts that I heard. My God, it was just a sprain! Such over-coverage is the reason I route against the Skins. The high-schoolish and occasionally rushed voice of Jamie Coughlin on WMAL.

    BEST: NBC4's news team, even the overdramatic reporter Pat (pause) Collins. RG III and the resurgance of the Skins. Bryce Harper and co. and the Nationals' 2012 season. "It's Academic" showing the brillance of local high school students (but I miss Mac).
    WORST: Certain insulting posters (two come to mind immediately, one of whom has an unhealthy obsession with Don Geronimo/Mike Sorce and Dave's "Malebag". WJLA: Still airing Standard def news reports (by far the worst looking news in DC), still pre-empting ABC programming with regularity for garbage movies and other shows, especially on Fridays, and infomercial marathons on the weekends. WUSA's cluttered graphics on its news. How much more crap/ads can they put on there? WNEW, a third-rate station in a 1st rate market. Give the all-news up, it isn't working. WMAL, and the mystery of why DCRTV Dave punishes himsef listening to it. The NHL lockout and no Caps games. WTTG's new news graphics.

    Best: Julie Wright broadcasting from home in the afternoon. Julie Wright doing her reports from 5151 Wisconsin Avenue in the morning.
    Worst: Julie Wright's attitude. Julie Wright's treatment of others. Julie Wright working from 8403 Colesville Road. Julie's negotiation of our new union contract that gives the rest of us 600/year raises, while others don't even have to show up at the office.
    Priceless: Julie Wright not being able to figure out why her doorbell rings every afternoon at 3:41pm.

    BEST: Wendy Reiger, Doug Kammerer. VANCE. The 4th hour of the Today Show (Booze Day Tuesday!)
    WORST: Babs Harrison for still being an imbecile after a great many years (and for continuing to make me cringe w/ every gaff or awkward moment) Pat Lawson-Muse for needing to grow a sense of humor and understanding of natural candor as much as she needs to grow out the length of the sleeves on those goofy sweaters and jackets she wears. Maureen Bunyan for still trying to spit out a paragraph in one uncomfortable breath (and what's with the exasperated sighing?) Everything about USA9 & FOX5...Allison Seymour for always having a stink face. Holly Morris for, well, being herself (and for an unfresh appearance) The X Factor.

    Best and Worse 2012
    Best TV weather in Baltimore Tom Tasslemeyer, Best TV sports reporter Gerry Sandusky WBAL TV, Best news radio in Baltimore WNEW-FM (can't get WTOP), Best tv news reporter Kathleen Cairns on WBFF-TV, Best tv choppers 13 and 11 until the pilots start to report, Best tv traffic Candace Dold WBFF-TV, Best radio anchor DC Hillary Howard (listen on-line), Best use of TV traffic cameras, WBFF-TV, Best radio anchor Dave Durian WBAL (semi retired), Best live broadcasts WBAL-TV Plus covering things others won't or can't...
    Worst TV weather in Baltimore Lynette Charles, can't stand her voice, Worst radio format in Baltimore WBAL Radio attempting to be something they aren't anymore. Weak reporters, not dependable in weather emergency, virtually no original reporting, Worst TV news anchor Stan Stovall, over exposed and unusual delivery faults, Worst TV Newscast WMAR-TV just too many faults to list here, Worst TV Traffic Jimmy on Fox45 Morning News, a total waste of time, Worst radio talk show C-4 on WBAL. Likes to hear himself laugh, Worst radio voice Baltimore Scott Wycoff WBAL, 2nd Place worst radio voice Robert Lang WBAL, Worst radio voice DC Jenny Glick, Most misplaced segment.. afternoon TV traffic CH13, CH45, Worst on-line broadcast feed WBAL--music interrupts broadcast, Worst aerial reporters on both 13 and 11...they can fly not report, Worst Broadcast website WBAL Radio...

    DCRTV Dave:
    Best: WETA UK, MPT 2, Gamut Radio on 103.5's HD3, HFS975, WBIG, DC101, Bluegrass Country 105.5, WETA-FM, WAMU, NPR's "Car Talk," PGC's Area 95.5, Tony Kornheiser, Mike O'Meara and his podcast, the Junks, Oscar Santana, Robb Spewak, Buzz Burbank, Cerphe, Weasel, WTMD, WRNR-FM, WQSR, "Coast To Coast" on WTNT, the cool oldies on WKCW 1420, Channel 50's Antenna TV and This TV, Sirius XM's 1st Wave, WTOP and WNEW, Wendy Rieger's Hurricane Sandy coverage, Jim Farley, WPFW's jazz and blues, Johnny Dark, the Washington Post's Express.....
    Worst: The Washington Post's increasingly dull and uninteresting Style section, Washington Post outgoing exec editor Marcus Brauchli and (should be outgoing) Washington Post publisher Katharine Weymouth for continuing to run the WaPo into a ditch, Washington Post TV columnist Lisa deMoraes for not retiring years ago, WMAL for continuing to be a venue for White Male Angry Losers, WMAL's Chris Plante for continuing to be the worst radio talk show host in the DC market, Stash's unfortunate accident and the loss of his 98 Rock gig, Channel 50 running on-screen ads during shows, sports talkers WJFK and WTEM for both being equally kinda bad, WNEW's signal, CBS for taking HFS975 off the HD2 of 94.7.....