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Best: News on WNEW as a little competition is always good; Ed Walker; Greg Bell and the XM Radio Classics channel; Bob Edwards; "Morning Edition;" "Car Talk;" "Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me;" BBC America's "Top Gear;" Washington Nationals radio team Charley Slowes and Dave Jaegler; F.P. Santangelo on the Nats telecasts (he is a nice breath of fresh air); having the Nats game broadcasts on FM so that they can be heard in the suburbs at night; Jack Hicks; Phil Wood; Mark Zuckerman's Nats Insider blog; the op-ed columns of David Brooks in the New York Times; Bob Marbourg and Dave McConnell on WTOP; Steve Ray; Warrenton's WKCW; a salute to Mac McGarry for his distinguished career in broadcasting; another salute to long-time University of North Carolina play-by-play man Woody Durham who retired after 40 years as the "Voice of the Tar Heels;" a remembrance and salute for David Broder and his thorough reporting; remembrances and thank you to Arthur W. Arundel, Jay Perri, and Nat Albright, three gentlemen I had the pleasure to have known through their association with my Dad at several radio stations; a special remembrance and thank you to another family friend, Vassie Balkcum of WGBR in Goldsboro, NC, who gave my Dad his first broadcasting job many moons ago; and, of course, my Dad on NPR.
Worst: News on WNEW, because their playing of "The History of Rock and Roll" (with it's wonderful collection of music) in advance of the news launch just reminds me of how bad the music selection on the local airwaves has become due to the absence of the classics; the "all-Redskins, all-the-time" approach of WTEM and WJFK - oh sure, there are reports by beat writers on each for the Nats and Caps, but it's mere lip service as the regular on-air staff at each station couldn't conduct a thoughtful conversation on baseball or hockey without making factual errors or digressing into frat-boy bathroom humor having nothing to do with either sport; Mike Wise; Lavar Arrington; the Washington Post sports section, which has omitted the final scores of baseball games ending before 11:00 PM but will leave no stone unturned to give you every minor detail of a story affecting the Redskins; the Washington Post as a whole which, except for Tom Boswell, Tracee Hamilton, George Will, Charles Krauthammer, E.J. Dionne, and Michael Gerson, has become unreadable; WTOP urging me to check their website for more information on a story, which is hard to do while driving; the waste of signal that is WCRW (the former WAGE) which signified another nail in the coffin of what was once good local radio.
A Happy and Prosperous 2112 to all! Sincerely, Joe Kasell

BEST: Dave Johnson, Sports Director at WTOP, and anchor at Comcast SportsNet Washington, and play-by-play voice of the Washington Wizards and D.C. United. Dave is a 'fans' fan' who realizes that people who are listening to him are just as passionate about sports as he is. Glenn Harris, anchor of 'Sports Talk' on News Channel 8, and sports anchor at WJLA/ABC-7. Glenn is from DC and has great guests on his show throughout the year. Tim Brant, a true 'hometown' local legend, has helped build WJLA's sports department to what it is today. Terry Corwell and Alex Parker, two of the best sports producers in the business, both who keep WJLA's sports department at the top of their game. Also, props to Britt McHenry and Horace Holmes, both who help anchor a great team of sports journalists at WJLA, as well. Leon Harris, Maureen Bunyon, Gordon Peterson, Allison Starling, Bob Ryan, Doug Hill and the WJLA talent, all who have helped make their station one of the 'most watched' channels in the DC area. Special kudos to Craig Carnell, a life-long Oakland Raiders fan, who runs the front desk for security at WJLA. Props to the Washington Post's website, which continues to get better every year. Greg Wyshynski, 'Puck Daddy' at Yahoo Sports, who lives in Northern Virgina and who I had the pleasure of working with at SportsFan Magazine in Bethesda, who keeps hockey fans up-to-date with what's going on in the NHL. Pete Sweigard, who manages The Baltimore Sun's mobile products – including its mobile site (, app offerings and text alert campaigns (11 alert lists, from local breaking news to daily deals). As The Sun’s director of audience engagement, he oversees its social media strategy, user generated content initiatives and select digital projects. He previously served as The Sun’s deputy sports editor and senior sports producer, directing digital operations for the sports department. Lastly, great props go out to James J. ("Jimmy") Patterson, the former publisher and editor-in-chief at SportsFan Magazine, who recently wrote a great bestseller, 'Bermuda Shorts', encapsulating his wit, wisdom and charm of life in the media center of the free world, of which he dutifully tabs as 'The Capital Of The Empire', Washington, DC.
WORST: The overall demise of sports coverage in the Baltimore/Washington region in print, radio, and television, of which all three industries are in steep decline. Julie Parker leaving the Washington sports scene. Julie was great as a sports reporter on WJLA, and she and Alex Parker had a great run on WJFK 106.7 FM 'The Fan', and News Channel 8's Sports Talk as 'Parker and Parker'. You are greatly missed on the air, Julie!
Pat Malone, Executive Director, Cal Ripken Collegeiate Baseball League

BEST: News Reporting: Jim Vance and Doreen Gentzler, Andrea Roane, Allison Seymour... Sports Radio: Brian Mitchell, Chad Dukes (without LeVar) and Steve Czaban, Al Galdi... Music programming move: WMMJ for their Friday night music format
WORST: Absolutely horrible traffic reporting 6 times an hour on all TV and radio stations..including WTOP. Is it possible to mention every major road at each break even if to say “it’s running normal”. Why can’t we get predicted travel times based on weather, road conditions, accidents, etc. like most major cities?? Sports Radio: Sports Junkies, too much yelling with no complete thoughts; Mike Wise, just too much yelling; Larry Michael, Sam Huff (it’s time for Sam to go)

Best: Bob Ryan on the WJLA weather team.. It's great to see him again. Leon Harris on WJLA.
Worst: Chris Core. Does he really have all the products that he hawks in his home? WTOP traffic reporters doing ads. I know revenue is down, but really??? WJLA not giving Cynee Simpson a permanent co-anchor. News4 in general.

BEST: WBAL-TV Morning Team: Stan Stoval, Mindy Basara, Sarah Caldwell, Tony Pann, Ava Marie. Fox 5: Shawn Yancy, Dave Feldman and the oh so hot Sarah Simmons. WJLA: Doug Hill, Leon Harris, Cynee Simpson, Jummy Olabanji. NBC4: Jim Vance and Doreen Gentzler … Still the best anchor team in the DC!!, Tisha Thompson, Eun Yang.
WORST: The one and only Tony Perkins. He is awful enough doing the weather, why do they put him in the anchor chair as a fill-in? He is just awful. Just painful to see him on the air. Maybe that’s why GMA stunk while he was there? Hmmmm…

Best: CynnE Simpson
Worst: The “Nausea-Go-Round” of reporters that have been placed next to her attempting to anchor.

Best: Annie Yu filling in for Holly Morris, great job !
Worst: Barbara Harrison, exit left please.

Tommy Griffiths on WBIG is a great improvement to radio in the DC area, and I'll bet his show gets better in 2012. Boxer sounds better than he did when he started...
but Elliott sounds worse, go figure.
Linda F. NOVA

Best on air team: Toni Perkins and Allison Seymour... Best weather guy: Doug Hill... Best Morning radio show: The Junkies... Best young radio talent in DC: Danny Rouhier... Best mid-day show: Mike Wise... Best young t.v. talent in DC : Kathy Park... Best Sports reporter in DC : Dan Hellie / Britt Mchenry... Best Tell it how it is in DC Sports : Brian Mitchell... Best local newspaper : Loudoun Times Mirror... Best local website : DCRTV...
Worst: LaVar Arrington and Chad Dukes, Bruce Depuyt, Dan Snyder, News Channel 9, Barbara Harrison, Holden Kushner and WJKF's move to PG County.
Mark in Ashburn

Best: Seeing Cynné Simpson in the morning on WJLA.
Worst: Marty Bass. (he has a permanent place on the Worst list); Less cleavage from Jennifer Gilbert on WBFF Fox 45 (more of a "disappointment" than "worst"); Bob Marbourg traffic reports on WTOP. I must concentrate on his long winded location descriptions to figure out if the trouble is on my route.

Best: The entire CSNMA crew, particularly Joe B, Locker and Al Koken who keep getting it done for Washington's lone successful sports franchise; Alan May coming to his own as a broadcaster (with a very sharp sense of humor), not just a hockey wonk; The entire "MORE Broadcasting Network" - hopefully O'Meara, Spewak, Burbank and Santana can cobble enough shows together to make some real money, they deserve it; The rise of Klug on The Bay in Baltimore, and other assorted projects...good guy and real talent, glad to see him doing well; Weasel on WTMD; Dave McKenna at WCP; Consumate pros like Jim & Doreen on 4; Peterson, Harris and Bunyan on 7, and McGinty on 9 that remind us what quality homegrown talent we have behind the TV desks in DC; Consumate pros in the field like Dave McConnell, Mike Causey, and Pat Collins (yes, I put the three of them in the same sentence), and some of WTOP's younger reporters like Brennan Haselton, Kristi King, and Neal Augenstein.; WNEW coming to town, if they are half of what WINS is, they will inspire an arms race with WTOP that will benefit all listeners in the region. FIOS adding Fox Soccer & CSNMA+ in HD.
Worst: WTOP for dumping Metro for a bunch of traffic computer readers who after 10 months, still can't put together a coherent report to save their lives, and making Bob Marbourg read ads (sacrilege), WTOP for inexplicably keeping Mike Moss on in the morning, who makes their mornings positively unlistenable, and drags down serious talents like Bruce Alan; Larry Michael - is there anything that hasn't already been said?; Clear Channel for blowing up Metro Traffic so that their CEO can get a new corporate jet; Cumulus who will find out in 2012 that WMAL doesn't work on FM, either; Chris Core, the product whore - what does he actually contribute to WTOP?; WTOP's "commentary and analysis from both sides" that subtly puts on the bloviating Cal Thomas at the height of morning drive and buries his counterweight, Dave Ross at 2pm. That's what I call "fair and balanced."; WPGC dumping Big Tigger; Sirius/XM dumping BBC Radio One this summer - I'd have cancelled if I didn't have a lifetime subscription, they definitely won't see any more money from me now, as the rest of their programming is generic at best.; Mike Wise - this guy has given up any sense of being a reporter, and now just screams and rants.; Peter Morici, who was an economics "expert" that has been seen on WTOP & CNN, embarrassing the University of Maryland by trying to turn into the Tea Party's Jim Cramer.; Adam Tuss reading press releases from John Townsend at AAA on WTOP and calling it "reporting."

Best: WTOP, Elliot In The Morning, DC101 as a whole, LaVar and Dukes on WJFK
Worst: Whoever decided to kill off 105.9 The Edge, Mike O’Meara not on terrestrial radio, Mike Wise who can’t help but make a basketball analogy - from football to NASCAR - during any show, the Post going from writing to accumulating news.

Best: for news reporting has to be WBAL-TV. They are factual, accurate and investigative. They report the news as a team. No one anchor/reporter stands out as a "star" and the result is a quality delivered report. As for weather, my nomination goes to Justin Burke. He lives and breathes meteorology. He explains it in simple language and is not afraid to put his "neck on the line". John Collins from WBAL is a close second. As for sports reporting, I find no one that is really worthy of listening to. Overall, WMAR needs a well done. They still have a long way to go in their news operation but they had made remarkable strides in their delivery. Well Done Channel 2!! A well done shout out to DCRTV. well done Dave for continuing to keep us updated in an honest fashion.
Worst: (Why is it this category is so easy sometimes?). The entire news operation at WJZ. I listen to news to be informed, not entertained. PLEASE (emphasis intentional) someone tell someone to remove Marty Bass from the air. Don Scott used to be a top notch anchor but it seems he is just a patsy for Bass's foolishness. The afternoon anchors show no life when reading their teleprompters. As a side note, WJZ please take note that while Bob Turk is okay to listen to, he needs to retire. he should take a well deserved bow and leave gracefully. Baltimore TV needs a decent sports anchor. There are none to be found. Baltimore TV misses the passion of a Vince Bagli or Chris Thomas (R.I.P.). On the print side of Baltimore, it's a shame that we are a one newspaper town. In my opinion, the real issue with the Baltimore Sun is not the product itself but the service. They are their own worst enemy. The paper is consistently late, customer service is outsourced when a complaint is lodged, when you do call and get an actual local connection the concern is non-existant. Requests for return calls are virtually unheeded. "Area managers" don't respond to issues. The pricing of their service fluctuates all over the place every billing period. I don't know why I continue to subscribe.

Best..solid News from Jim, Doreen and Dan on 4..always there when you need them, WTOP. WMZQ, Tony K on ESPN 980. Johnny Holliday the consumate professional on the Terps and Nat's broadcast. Doug Hill's weather, Bob Marborg's traffic. Gordon Peterson and Maureen Bunyan. Joe Benanati on Caps telecast. Steve Buckhantz on Wizzards telecast.
Worst...Mike Wise, Kevin Sheehan, Andy Polin, Al Galdi, The Wizzards pre game show on Comcast. WMAL, how the mighty has fallen!! Larry Michael. Washingtonpost Live. The loss of Ron Smith who touched so many of us with his battle against Cancer. Ron was the best!

Best: Cumeuless for finally realizing that Ourisman Chevrolet has long since sold their last 1965 Impala from their dealership on Nichols Ave S.E., and 630 AM is once again simulcast onto an FM frequency. This “stroke of genius” (which has escaped how many owners since ESBC sold the WMAL AM-FM-TV combo to Joe Albritton?) is like an AED zap to a patient in cardiac distress. The outcome is still to be seen as to whether the patient thrives, merely survives, or is destined to become the Karen Quinlan of radio and eventually die whether or not economic euthanasia is applied by pulling the plug; the CBS buy of WFSI! With “El Zol” now making money at 107.9, 99.1 was a logical spot to put an FM all newser. Whether it’ll beat WTOP or not is a good question. All-news is not an instant ROI goldmine. It could be years before WNEW shows a profit. But, only CBS has the bucks and the balls to make it work. If CBS can’t make money doing all-news in D.C. nobody else will ever again try taking on WTOP. My hope is that Hubbard will eventually give up and sell WTOP /WFED to CBS with Classic Hits going to 99.1; The availability of 1250 in Warrenton. Goes to prove that you can get into broadcasting for less than a single-family house in much of Northern Virginia; Radio station –WTOP (for now), TV News –WJLA, Cable operator –Cox (despite discontinuing the wireless service which beat the hell out of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.), although Comcast is starting to improve. At the rates they now charge, they can afford it! Prediction: Given the extorinate programming costs demanded (in particular from the sports networks) and the “tying contracts” forcing carriage of (and payment for) unwanted channels, don’t be surprised to see a “sports-free” tier being offered either voluntarily or with (in)direct government pressure in an effort to lower cable/satellite bills. Either that, or ala carte comes down from on high at either Congress or the FCC. If I were to bet on who would offer this first it would be Verizon, if for no other reason than to have something to stick in cable’s eye; Media website –DCRTV! Dave Hughes reminds me of two gentleman whose work I’ve always admired, but I bet few around here have heard of (let alone read…), Hunter S. Thompson and Herb Caen.
Worst: WMAL is continuing to prove under Cumeuless that there are worst broadcasters than Citadel. The station is so fraught with failure it’s pitiful. The only bright spot is the Morning Majority. But, that’s like shining a dying flashlight into a black hole as it’s such an embarrassment the way the show sounds almost screams “defeat” in just listening to it. The “trucking show”, Chris Plante, Sean Hannity, etc., make me think that WMAL is broadcasting’s equivalent of the legendary “elephants graveyard”, in this case where broadcasters have their careers go to die. The move to 105.9 may provide temporary life support but that’s about it. As for “syndicating” Chris Plante, my money is on him becoming a “must carry” on Cumeuless talkers with few (if any) other stations taking it. Prediction –If WMAL and other Cumeuless stations drop Noory, expect Cheap Channel (Premiere Networks’ parent) to pull the plug from WMAL (and perhaps others) on Rush, Hannity, etc., and do a “Rush Radio” here on 100.3; the Bonneville sale of WTOP to Hubbard. Bonneville is without doubt one of the few remaining class acts in the O&O world. I don’t blame them for getting out of unfamiliar and uncomfortable territory. But, I miss them terribly. Hubbard will soon find what it’s like taking on the big guys when WNEW debuts. At the very least, WTOP has likely seen its last $60M year with declines in the future; Finally, the friends we lost in 2011: Suzanne Kubota, Ron Smith, Jay Perri, Nat Albright, and Bob Davis, to name a few. We’ll likely see their likes again. Say what you wish about any of them. They were broadcast professionals who were not only proud of their craft, but passed that pride on to others.
And, may 2012 be a damned sight better than 2011 was! Unsigned Corporate Suit

Best – Morning News with Local & Regional coverage every hour – short n sweet @ :20 after each hour, Live and Local – WAMS 101.1fm – Hitman in the Mornings – OC, Md.
Worst – The 80s Channel 101.1fm -WAMS - weekends when Hitman in the Morning is pre-empted.

Best: Seeing her on WBAL covering for vacationing broadcasters made me remember how much she is missed locally and how good she is: Kate Amara. I wish she was back on WBAL permanently and not stationed in Washington doing what she is doing now (though I know it is a good thing for her career).
Worst: WBAL radio announcing the changes coming next week. Ugh. I really wish they would go back to news/talk/sports and not the mess it is becoming. If I want to listen to WTOP then I will change my dial. Come to think of it, I think I will. Bye bye WBAL radio.

Best: WTOP's new traffic-reporting staff. Goodbye, Lisa Baden!
Worst: Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. WMAL hasn't been decent since Fred Grandy left.

Best: Mike O'Meara, Robb Spewak and friends on their Podcast. (They're not on Washington radio any more but they should be!). WTOP (They know how to run a news station and it shows!) WKCW AM 1420 (Licensed to Warrenton, VA., and playing a good variety of oldies that covers the area nicely during the day).
Worst: WNEW 99.1. (I know, I know, they haven't even broadcast their first newscast as an all news station yet but if what they're promoting currently on 99.1 is true, it sounds like there will be a lot of Hollywood news and other crap that isn't news. And you're never, repeat NEVER, going to have any ratings impact in the Washington area until you get on more signals than just that crappy 99.1 signal. That's just the reality of radio in Washington.) Whoever owns 105.9 and 107.3 this week (WMAL's morning show is getting better but everything else on both channels has been horrible for a long time and all the owners and programmers can do is scratch their heads as if they don't know what to do next-- try something CREATIVE you morons! I saved the best of the worst for last-- HD Radio signals of all the stations in the area. (They're all weak, lousy signals. Those that do broadcast anything is giving us nothing more than a jukebox that we can do on our own computers or smart phones. Sorry, nothing worth listening to on HD Radio in this city.)
Tom in Frederick

BEST: WTOP, WTTR, WJEJ, WETA Television & Radio, Maryland Public Television, WHUT, WHAG-TV 25 News & Weather, Antenna TV 50.2, This TV 50.3, W*USA Doppler Radar 9.3, WJLA WeatherNow 7.2, The Gazette Newspapers, The Herald-Mail, MHz Networks, WAMU, WYPR, “The Arch Campbell Show” on News Channel 8, Turner Classic Movies, the “new” WNEW 99.1, and hopefully one station in the area will add the Me-TV classic television network to one of their subchannels (A perfect opportunity for WJLA to replace RTV, or WRC to replace the soon-defunct Universal Sports network).
WORST: WFMD (The worst talk radio station besides WMAL, especially personality and Frederick County “Commissioner” Blaine Young), WTOP’s David Burd appearing on Blaine Young’s Dec. 29th WFMD show (when anyone is a guest on Blaine’s show, they’ve lost their credibility), WFRE’s watered-down country music format (maybe they could put something different on their 94.3 FM signal like oldies or the "beautiful music" format they had until 1992), The Frederick News-Post raising their weekday newspaper prices from 50 cents to 75 cents, WMAL AM 630/FM 105.9, WTTG, WDCA (Maybe it’s time for Fox to unload Channel 20), Retro Television Network 7.3 (after dumping the classic Universal TV shows), Comcast, media outlets laying off employees, area television/radio stations that aren't hiring, stations that outsource their master control operations (notably WRC & W*USA), MSNBC's "Morning Joe" with Joe Scarborough, Republican Candidate Mitt Romney's plan to defund public broadcating (during a recent speech in Iowa), and Fox News- why would anyone would want to receive “news and information” from something named after a film studio?

Best: Mike O'Meara Show Podcast, Big O & Dukes Podcast (both of these shows need to get back on terrestrial), Tony Kornheiser Show, Danny Rouhier, Steve Czaban Show, The Sports Reporters, the Nats on WJFK, WAMU mornings and weekends. iTunes Match on my iPhone. Congrats to John Thomson on an excellent career at WTEM!
Worst: NO AUDIBLE SIGNAL of Caps play-by-play at night in the suburbs, LaVar Arrington (put Chad and Danny together!!!!!), Mike Wise, Tony Kornheiser Show podcast on delay, useless WTOP traffic reports
dre kless @dre_k

Worst: Larry Michael. Also viewers that call him Michaels. Both are bad bur especially Larry. Lets bring Frank back.

Bests: Channel 4 News - Vance, Doreen and the best backup bench in town; WTOP - for all its faults, still the go-to station when it counts; WNEW - there's nothing wrong with WTOP that some healthy competition won't cure; Mr. Tony.
Worsts: WMAL - AM and FM, it's still Hate Radio 63; the death of local radio; WUSA9 - graphic clutter at its worst; everyone on WTEM and WJFK (except Mr. Tony); the slow and embarrassing decline and fall of the Washington Post.

Best: Tom Boswell (Washington Post), Bob Marbourg (WTOP), Wendy Rieger (WRC Hottie), Charlie Slowes and Dave Jaegler (Nats), Joe Angel (Orioles), Bob Carpenter (Nats), FP Santangelo (Nats work in progress), Alison Starling (WJLA hottie), Bob Ryan (WJLA), 98 Rock.
Worst: Richard Day (WTOP) and Barbara Harrison (WRC) should have retired long ago. Doug Hill. Larry Michael is unlistenable. WRC, WTTG, WJLA, and WUSA all feel obligated to have a blonde female sportscaster. Fox News Channel, Chris Core’s commercials on WTOP (is that all he does on that station?), Lindsay Czarniak leaving WRC, lack of local TV sports coverage of any local teams other than Maryland and Redskins.
Dave/Centreville VA

Best: Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin calling Caps games on CSN; WUSA for showing a great radar picture on digital sub-channel 9.2.
Worst: Caps, Nats and Redskins all on AM stations you can’t hear after dark; CSN airing Wizards games on TV over Caps when they overlap; Larry Michaels on Redskins broadcasts; Daniel Snyder; Kevin Sheehan (Redskin’s apologist on WTEM); WMAL’s continued decline (go back to the format/types of shows you aired in the early 90’s); radio stations that go into continuous snow coverage days before even a hint of snow has fallen.

The Best: The Mike O'Meara Show Podcast! Tony Perkins, Charlie Slowes and Dave Jagler.
The Worst: Mike Moss, stop trying to be a comedian, and what is with all your "homer" Redskins concern? If you are such a homer for the skins why do you like the f-ing Yankees? Give it up Moss.

Best: Channel 4 at 6 and 11 PM News. Jim Vance and Doreen Gentzler are still number one. For sports Dan Hellie and Hakem Dermish, and Doug Kammerer have become pretty good.
Worst: I agree Tim Brant is pretty bad. Not because of his lack of NASCAR but because he is BORING!!! Barbara Harrison continues to be terrible and Angie Goff and Shomari Stone are unwatchable. Angie and Barbara can’t read a teleprompter. How did the three of these get on a station on a major market????

Best: Sirius/XM's 1st Wave and Alt Nation when hosted by Madison. Craig Laughlin and Joe Beninati covering Capitals' games.
Worst: Sam Huff on the Redskins games. He cannot keep up with the action. He was once the silly and legendary to sidekick to Sonny Jurgenson. Now he sounds like he forgets where and whom the Redskins are playing. The uncomfortable, cheesy banter between Doug Hill, Mike Moss, and Richard Day on the weather on WTOP. Just give the forecast like Rita Kessler gives the traffic.

Worst: What is Tim Brant’s problem? I guess that NASCAR isn’t a sport in his eyes. Does he know how many loyal fans are in this AREA! I would like to see if he could drive a NASCAR for four hours at over 200 miles an hour! I also hate their programming on channel 7 every Saturday and Sunday morning. I am a loyal watcher of channel 7 since 1980 and Tim better start acknowledging NASCAR and the programming on the weekends better get better or I will leave. My biggest peeve is that all, and I mean all reporters say Chick-cago instead of Chicago! It is Sha-cago. They are all educated people, look it up in the dictionary! I am from that area and it just makes me cringe every time I hear it.

Worst: WBAL Radio – please, please stop trying to be WTOP. WBAL excelled at talk radio. Bring it back. Do the news at the top and bottom of the hour and 2-3 traffic reports per half hour. The morning news is fine but after that it just goes downhill.

Worst: Good Morning Washington

Best: Hitman in Morning on WAMS-Ocean City
Worst: Hitman in Morning on WAMS-Ocean City

Best: TMOS Podcast. The Russ Parr Morning Show, Jack Diamond show is ok,The 98 Rock Morning show in B-More, ChadDukes Wrestling show,Eun Yang, Angie Goff,Lauren Demarco,Shawn Yancy,Annie Yu,Allison Seymore,Britt McHenry,Pamela Brown, Anny Hong, Leslie Foster. Hot Chicks on the News = BEST
Worst: Kane Show,WJFK all sports format,Kane Show,Mike Wise,Kane Show,Luke Thomas-I like MMA,but he sucks, Kane Show, WPGC for letting Big Tigger go, Kane Show

Best: TMOS podcast. Always funny and entertaining. Needs to be 2 hours/day. C’mon guys—make it 25 cents a download and bump up the content! Think about .25 X 11,000,000. Ron Smith—everyone should have such class, grace, and courage. Safe home, Ron. Howard Stern—a year of interviews and entertainment unparalleled. As Elvis Costello said, he’s like an old cheese or robust wine; just gets better with age.
Worst: 105.7—God have they f’ed up this station. All nobody cares sports “talk” all the time. WBAL in the after-talk-noon. Maryland’s Snooze, absolutely. Backhanded compliment ‘cause I like these guys, but please, please unleash the Junks and let them do their show. They’re trying so hard to drag themselves through this all sports hell, but JF on Fridays is the only breath of fresh air in the format. Not mad at you guys, mad at the dirt.

BEST: WRC-TV's complete news team. They seem to know well how to change with the times and maintain an array of talent that appeals to all viewers which makes them outshine the competition. WTOP Radio news is great for consistently being on top of what's happening. WPFW's Trail Ride with Texas Fred the Zydeco Cowboy. He brings an innovative program style mixing various genres of music, i.e. Zydeco, Blues, Country, R&B, Gospel, New Orleans Funk, World Tunes, and Rock. Each week he keeps the show fresh, tying in his captivating thoughts on current events and timely interviews on food, art, literature and more; all of which are seamlessly connected. I would love to hear him on commercial radio breaking the monotony of same sounding drone personality-less announcers. If commercial radio was really trying to compete, a local station would bring the Trail Ride on board putting the station into a different sphere. Listeners are tired of dry and boring. We deserve creativity and interesting.
WORST: WHUR and WMMJ for sounding just alike. They may as well do what some of the other stations in this market do and just go auto-pilot and have an engineer babysit the board.

BEST: Morning Radio Show - Junkies, Elliot and Kane are not bad. Local Radio Music - WBIG by default, Internet Radio - Slacker, can program to my taste and even the pre programmed channels are better than anything on terrestrial radio. Post Sports Columnist - Jason Reid, he doesn't pull any punches.
WORST: Morning Radio Show, Tommy Griffiths and Jack Diamond, Afternoon Radio Show: Lavar and Dukes, Worst Radio Idea of 2011, Putting WMAL on FM, I wasn't a fan of The Edge, but that crap that WMAL spews belongs on AM. Worst Radio Idea of 2012, Putting news on 99.1. We don't need another station to give us constant traffic and weather. It sounds like 90% of their content will be a duplicate of WTOP. Would prefer a live, local, balanced, talk station.

Best: Ron Smith, Frank Dawson, WMDM 'The Rocket', WGN - and old-time local radio, Doyle Dykes on RFD (w/ Steve King & Johnnie Putnam), 94.1 Yorktown,VA for ESPN MLB Coverage, Mr Tony
Worst: Snyder Radio - except Mr Tony; Religious Radio - ANY FAITH!, frequency short-spacing!!!, WTOP except for Bob Marbourg

Bob Marbourg tops in traffic reporting; other Bests include Nats radio guys along with Johnny Holliday & Phil Wood on TV, O's radio guys, O's TV guys, Jim Vance, Doreen Genzler, Maureen Bunyon, Leon Harris, Sue Palka, oldies on radio stations in other cities, CNN, sometimes MSNBC, Ron Smith (miss him a lot)...
Don't like Nats TV guy Bob (call the play before it's over) Carpenter, cable TV news channels that don't do any news after 6 pm, 7 pm, or 8 pm, depending on the outlet. So it's not really "a 24/7 news cycle," is it? Can't stand the "hey I am funny guy" Steve Czaben. How can he think he's funny. And Kornheiser on radio & TV is awful (writing for print was great); a lot of people do not care for Korny's radio program. Not much sports there. 11 pm TV news...any crime, no matter how small, tops the news. Way bad.

Best: Jim Vance & WRC Evening news team , Elaine Reyes, Aaron Gilchrist, Eun Yang, Maegan McGrath, WTOP Traffic on the 8's, Sue Palka & WTTG Weather team, Paul Wagner, Allsion Seymour and WTTG Mornings , Brian VanderGraff, Doug Hill, Leon Harris & WJLA Evening news team, Allison Starling, Maureen Bunyan, Topper, Bruce Johnson, Tim Brant, Roz Plater, Arch Campbell, Brad Bell, Shawn Yancy, Pete Gilbert, Tony Pann, Bob Marbourg, Bob Ryan
Worst: Stumbling Babs Harrison, Tony Perkins doing news anchoring(like him in weather), Annie Yu (bring Holly back asap), Amy Hong, Rod Daniels, Brian Bolter, Marty Bass, Steve Rudin, Howard Bernstein, Maureen Umeh, Dave Ross, Chris Core, Laura Evans, Angie Goff (bad choice as anchor, News Channel 8 (terrible), Julie Wright, Sarah Caldwell, Mike Wise, Rits Kessler, Hillary Howard.

Best: ** WTOP except for the morning laughers and opinion-anchors. ** Ch. 7, NewsChannel8 and Ch. 4 news. ** A weak vote for WJFK and the sports chatting. NO VOTE for 980 AM. ** ABC News on WMAL. ** Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. Sonny Jurgenson. :-) Andy Parks. Great that your back, Andy. You're doing fine, thank you. :-) Harden & Weaver and WMAL when it was a real radio station; Dave McConnel on WTOP (he is outstanding), "Ask Whoever" on WTOP, Frank Herzog, the late and awesome Glenn Brenner, the late and good George Michael, WCXR, 105.9 Classic Rock, Harris In the Morning, Q107, Dude & Doug (now ABC News for Doug), the late Nick Charles
Worst: :-( Morning laughers and opinion-anchors on WTOP. Hey, it's allegedly a news radio station, not a comedy or talk station. Oh well, they'll learn soon from WNEW, 99.1 FM. Right? :-( Moss, Mike Moss. Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss.Moss, Mike Moss. :-( 980 AM on radio. Just awful. :-( No local talk on WMAL. That political nonsense in the morning, with Wilson interrupting ALL THE TIME, is not worth the time. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. Brian Wilson. :-( Ch. 5 tabloid news and anchors who just cannot pull it off. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. Ch. 5 tabloid news. :-( Ch. 9 news (or whatever you call it). :-( Weirdos in your mailbag. Interesting comments mostly, but then, but then ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... :-( Oh yes, Larry Michael on Redskins game broadcasts and other radio/TV shows. He is just awful. But I'm sure he comes for Danny Snyder's right price. Always missing the great Frank Herzog when I listen to the games (which isn't often as years ago). :-( Hate to say this: Sam Huff, time to go. You were great on the field and formally very good on the microphone. Many of us wish you well. :-( Joe Buck on Fox sports. Oh, to remember how great his father, Jack, was. "I don't believe what I just saw!" :-( Sports radio and TV broadcasts that are on delay. There's already a satellite delay for TV (cable & satellite). Would be nice, as a long time ago, when you could watch a game on TV and hear the radio broadcasts, live and on time. All this crappy technology. Hey IT folks, can you work it out for us? :-( Chris Core on WTOP and his house that needs so much work I wonder why it hasn't fallen apart yet. When he comes on, the dial changes on my radio. He is awful.

Best: Ron Matz of WJZ , honest, fair, and fun. And of course Ron Smith of WBAL radio he just let people think, just not agree and nod, but challenge people to think.
Worst: The temporary replacements for Ron Smith , the guests have tough shoes to fill, but just be funny, not boring as hell> Marta Mossberg is like listening to paint dry and Jimmy Mathis is just dry as burnt toast. Also the afternoon news thing WBAL does, it stinks. Bring Sherri back, just for her laugh alone will spike ratings. Just saying. Dave from Overlea.

Best; Fox 5's Brian Bolter for never thanking his Reporters. He just says, "Tom Fitzgerald tonight". The reporters who stand out in this town include Fox 5's Paul Wagner, Karen Gray-Houston, Matt Ackland, Sherri Ly, Tom Fitgerald, Beth Parker, Bob Barnard, Include on this list, Pat Collins, Brad Bell, Andrea McCarren, Gail Pennybacker, and Jackie Bensen. Channel 7 for picking up Mark Seagraves, Wtop's Hank Silverberg and Kate Ryan. Plotkin is always great.
Worst; Anchors who say Thank you soooooo much.

Best>>>Anita Birkman on ch. nine news
Worst>>>>Tim Brant ch. seven sports has to goooooooooo

Best:….The fact that Gordon Peterson, Jim Vance, Maureen Bunyan, Doug Hill, Bob Ryan, Pat Collins, and perhaps some others that I am regretfully not recalling,….well, we still get to see them, hear them, and benefit from all of their years of experience….what a true treasure to the local broadcasting world they are….hope that they are still able to and allowed to continue those brilliant, enjoyable careers….we, as the viewers, certainly do benefit from the experiences that the bring into our homes every night…another best, No more Brett Haber…..Finally…what took so long???.....9 News Now is far better and more watchable without his overblown, windbag, ego-filled personality, and his greased up plastic hair….it is a wonder that the heat from all the studio lights never melted it…
Worst:…Not only are the Redskins bad, but Larry “The (sub)Human Hack” Michael might just have an uncontested title as the worst radio announcer in the whole NFL…..hopefully no other team has anyone who could be worse….and along those same lines…Phil Simms….Hey, CBS….this guy must have played too much football without his helmet….do the brass at CBS and in the NFL offices ever listen to his drivel???...he redefines bad….and now we know why CBS stands for Can’t Broadcast Sports….losing Lindsay Czarniak to ESPN…great to see her doing so well in her career, but she sure is missed here, and lastly, the loss of Mac McGarry…what a treasure he was for half a century….but, as has already been mentioned, Hillary Howard is a marvelous replacement….HAPPY HOLIDAYS to one and All!!!
Chip in Harrisonburg

Best: Cannot really come up with much Jim Vance and Gordon Peterson still being on the air, when these gentlemen retire or get pushed out the door by stupid management for someone that "just has to look good, I just have to be clear" it will be a sad day. Mike Kelly subbing for Tommy Griffins on 100.3 this morning!
Worst: D.C. radio in general, made me go to Sirius and XM. The rumor that there will be no Very Khan Christmas on DC 101, again stupid corporate managers. The morning idiot on 100.3, Griffins he is pure bad and the fake callers are truly a joke, may have worked in market #100 but not in this town, time for him to move on. OF course Larry Michaels, but what hasn't been said bad about him, no need to continue that rant.
Scott in Alexandria

Best: WMAL and WTNT going FM. Brian Mitchell on Comcast Sportsnet. NFL Network's replays of the good games we couldn't get.
Worst: No true oldies station in DC. John Riggins leaving MASN. Lack of issues-oriented talk radio on the weekends.
I didn't watch a lot of TV or listen to a lot of radio in 2011, so my choices are pretty small.

Hey Mike Berry I was thinking the same thing.
Best: Mac McGarry making it 50 years at the helm of It's Academic.
Worst: now he's home all the time...
Merry Xmas..Mark McGarry

Bests: Al Galdi's Saturday Morning Show on 980; Mr. Tony; WPOC esp. The "LDY" Show; 102.7 Playing What They Want; 105.5 esp Ray Davis on Sunday Mornings and Fred Bartenstein on Sunday Afternoons; Sports Reporters on 980; DCRTV Dave :)
Worsts: The fact that there are 3 sports stations in DC and none can be bothered to carry the radio broadcasts of the weekly NASCAR races (1/2 credit to JFK for running Race Day on Fox but even that gets cut off at 9 a.m. for 4 hours!!! of Redskin pre-game on Sundays)...WFLS doesn't hit the Northern end of Montgomery County; the continuing demise of Classic Rock on DC airwaves (So long Kirk & Mike and Cerphe it was great while it lasted); Crappy nighttime signal on 570 which makes listening to UVa hoops virtually impossible even in MoCo where the transmitter is located; 97.5 only goes as far south as College Park at about a DC simulcast?;

Best: Tori Clarke skipping around the dial, generally adding value; guest hosts on Diane Rehm; Mr. Tony when not pulling his punches on Snyder; Dave McConnell – just reporting, imagine that.
Worst: O’s and not Nats on Redskins-drenched 980.

The worst: A recent on-air hire at WJLA

My best & worst this year are the same thing. It's Academic. IMO it is a terrible loss for Mac McGarry to be leaving the show but H. Howard is the best replacement that I can think of. Mike Berry,

Best – WMAL gaining a long awaited FM signal/Chris Plante/Derek McGinty’s classy 7:00pm newscast/the fact that mush mouth Fred Grandy is no longer boring listeners every morning as he trips and stumbles through incoherent thoughts
Worst – new WMAL morning disaster show/Mike Hydeck on Channel 9 in the morning (watching paint dry is more exciting than this human borefest)/ Lavar-master of grammar and pronunciation-Arrington and Dukes (next year try giving out the station phone number even more than three hundred times every five seconds!)/ Larry Michael the human shill/ E.J. Dionne & Dana Milstank at the Compost/ WTOP constantly repeating their call letters/ WTOP having Bob Marburg attempt to read commercials at the end of his traffic reports

D.C. and Baltimore Radio Best and Worst for 2011, listed randomly:
Best Ranting and Raving: Elliott, DC-101. Best Morning Show Host: Amelia, just Amelia, from 98 Rock's Mickey, Amelia and Spiegel show. Best Afternoon-Drive Host: Stash, from 98 Rock. Best Mid-Day Host: Sarah Fleisher (sp?), from 98 Rock. Best News Reporter: Veteran Dave McConnell (sp?), the Capitol Hill reporter at WTOP. Best Sidekick: Jimmy Alexander, Mix 107.3. Best Traffic Reporter: The veteran--and most knowledgable and experienced--Bob Marburgh (sp?), WTOP. Best Promotional Event: 98 Rock's Bacon and Beer live broadcast events. Best Music: Big 100.3, Baltimore's The Bay, DC-101, and 98 Rock.
Worst Everything, including Worst Broadcaster, Worst Salesman, Worst Presence: Chris Core, WTOP. Worst In-House Promotions: WTOP. Worst Programming Absence in the Region: The lack of a quality Top 40 (Yes, Top 40) station, and the lack of a quality oldies station like the old 100.3. Worst Morning Show: That Kane thing on 99.5, awful on every level. Worst Sidekick: Elliott's Diane, who seems to argue everything, be negative about everything, and rarely says a positive, upbeat or optimistic thing about anything. Worst News Reporter: David Burd, WTOP. Worst Programming Move of the Year: Stupidly, ignorantly and moronically killing The Edge, 105.9.

Best: In Washington radio???? Crickets! A once glorious media has become insignificant and boring. Someone needs to fire up a pulse generator put us all out of our misery.
Worst: BTMS. I had hoped that the addition of Free would make the show listenable but the problem is with the show’s host. Tigger is unpalatable in the morning! Please CBS, do a Susan Powter (wow what an old reference!) Stop the insanity!!!!

The Best - The return of Monika Samtani on 9. Hillary Howard's recovery from brain tumor surgery, McGinty's mailbag, Sports Talk 980 the sports reporters, WTOP news reporting (except traffice)
The Worst - Dave Ross, he's extremely irritating and awful. Channel 5's Redskins schtick with Ross and Wisdom Martin, separately they're bad, together they're worse. Tony Perkins, please go back to doing network weather. You don't know what you're talking about, your delivery is bad, and the real meteorologists show you up repeatedly. Lavarr Arrington - he's never met a verb he couldn't split or a word he couldn't invent. He the worst of the worst on sports talk radio. Steve Czaban, whose constant interruptions detracts from the conversation at hand. Al Galdy's nasaly voice which is like nails on a chalkboard. Bob Marburg, it's time to retire. WTOP's new traffic reporters. They suck.

The Best - Every single episode of the Mike O'Meara Show podcast, Britt McHenry and her oh so lovely... umm... "brains", DC101's Roche, Big O & Dukes' podcasts and live appearances, Kojo Namdi, Ron & Fez (well, mostly Ron), all of the Dave TV's where he educates everyone with an unmatched history of DC media, Dan Steinberg's Sports Bog, Opie & Anthony and The Junkies whenever Patrice O'Neal would sit in, any show where Danny Rouhier sits in with Chad Dukes, Chris Cooley phone-ins after a win, the forgotten Elliot-asset DJ Flounder, Sirius XM's Alt Nation, and of course Jim Vance.
The Worst - No more local Lindsay Czarniak, Ron & Fez (well, mostly Fez), Lavar's inability to not use one of the several hundred verbal crutches he's developed, WMAL's Morning Majority sucking as show irregardless of the subject matter, Dan Snyder for well being Dan Snyder, Chris Cooley phone-ins after a loss, Sirius XM's Oprah Radio, all of the Dave TV's where for some reason the camera is set to only film his crotch, The Kane Show's horribly faked phone call bits, Patrice O'Neal never being able to sit in on any radio show again, and of course Elliot's fake/real/who-cares never-ending cackle/laugh/hyena-dying.

Best: Mike O'Meara Show Podcast
Worst: WTOP's traffic reports are very unreliable. They usually rush the report and don't include traffic slowdowns due to volume, only accidents. Too rushed to get the sponsor read often steps on report. Lavar Arrington show would be better without Lavar.

BEST: WNEW-FM 99.1 news concept...we'll see how it pans out; WTOP; Sfm sports net; WTTR
WORST: WRQX; Fresh FM; 100.7 The Bay; The Afternoon Snooze Journal on WBAL-AM; Family Radio; 105.7 The Fan

Best: Not much to say here as we do not watch much on the local channels as far as news,,just all are bad, especially Ally Seymour, and Shawn Yancy,,,should make two many on air mistakes,,,Thank God for national fox and CNN news
Worst: Channel seven Tim Brant,,and his famous shoulder shaking laugh and the I love you sign he gives is really getting old.....Sinai Simpson is terrible just plain terrible....yes i know I spelt it wrong she gives bad news reports , can not talk without showing her ugly teeth Dam ???

Best: News 4(on a daily basis, and their Irene coverage), Danella Sealock (Hottest Traffic Anchor Ever.), Cynne Simpson (Hottest News Anchor ever.), WJZ (especially their Friday Noon Puppy), Kane Show on Hot 99.5, WKYS for not resorting to playing just crap, Aaron Gilchrist going to Weekend Evenings, Pat Collins (entertaining every evening), and Wendy Rieger of course. And I know I will get a huge shock for this one: Angie Goff and Chuck Bell on the weekends. Oh and of course DCRTV (been a loyal fan since i was 12 (back in 1999)
Worst: Moving Cynne Simpson to the Mornings with a musical chair of co-anchors. (don't get me wrong, I like Allison Starling, but she is kind of - blah in the evenings.), Whatever you call those blocks of time on WUSA where a news anchor is squished into a corner thanks to many graphics telling us the weather in West Virginia. I guess its called 9 News Now?, Lets see, Oh WPGC become a crap fest and basically losing their loyal listeners, especially with the demise of Gogo 955 (we really do not need another 99.5, and that midday chick Sunni is annoying as all hell)
Happy Holidays - Christopher from Upper Marlboro

Worst: All the anchors on ch. five , just to much laughing and giggling Bolter , and Yancy are terrible just can not watch,in the morning it is Steve the grin Cheniffy,,,Dave Ross is terrible, along with Dave Owen, both have little man syndrome SHOULD BE GONE we never turn on any Ch. five news at all,,,NEVER WILL... Tony is mineless
Best: The redskins having a bad year,,,GO DALLAS

From Aaron Hilton
BEST: 98rock, WMAL making the move to FM, Brian Wilson on WMAL, WHFS, Chris Core, Lisa Baden, WTOP, FOX5, WJLA's weather coverage (great having Bob Ryan & Doug Hill together), Topper Shutt, Andrea Roane, Bruce Johnson, Joe Krebs, Brian Bolter, and Dave Johnson.
WORST: Elliot in the Morning.. a once amazing show that's gone to hell in a handbasket. Lisa Baden off of WTOP, the stale playlist in the later days of 105.9 the Edge, Doug Kammerer, Chris Plante, Hot 995.

Worst: 100% agree on all the posts on Sarah Caldwells anchoring and of course the departure of Marianne Banister. What a loss for WBAL. Such a shame about Ron Smith, he really made his mark in our society. Meredith Marks on traffic, can't understand a word of her two second report.
Best: Klug on 100.7 the bay, great personality, to the poster about Kristy Breslin-she may have hair in her eyes but she still looks great. Marty Bass and Tim Williams on WJZ for weather and Justin Berk and the very much missed Megan Pringle for WMAR.

Best: Rod Daniels-WBAL TV, Sherrie Johnson,-WMAR TV, Kristy Breslin-WJZ TV, Tim Williams-WJZ TV, Ron Smith-WBAL, a true legend. Stash 98 Rock, Priestly and Jenn Mix 106.5
Worst: Meredith Marx-100.7 The Bay, Kai Reed WBAL TV, Jeff Barnes-WBFF, Meghan McCorkall-WJZ TV

BEST: The classy ladies of TV: Andrea Roane and Lesli Foster, W*USA and Maureen Bunyan, WJLA. Behind the scenes professionals: Samara Martin-Ewing and Robyn Small of W*USA.
WORST: People who don’t check their facts and/or their grammar! Why is fastest more important than correctness?

Best: Sirius XM, Internet Radio including in Southern MD, 97.7 The Rocket, 89.7 WTMD, 103.1 WRNR, 98Rock, 97.5 WHFS and all of the cool rock stations I heard on my trip out to Deep Creek Lake this fall. There are still cool active rock stations out there, thankfully.
Worst: No more 105.9 The Edge and the awful young female country singers that do nothing but bitch and whine about men like women are a freaking picnic. I’ll stick with Alt Country & Americana. Happy 2012 to all. Dean in SOMD.

Best: WTOP and WAMU for their news coverage; WBAL for keeping Ron Smith on the air, despite his medical situation and maintaining tributes to him; WTTR for having more live, local and legendary personalities. WCRW with their Beijing programing; WZHF with their Voice of Russia shows; the demise of Citadel, although it is a shame that Fagreed Suleman ran off with a sweet retirement deal, despite running the company South and into Bankruptcy.
Worst: WNAV going satellite on weekends and evenings (hometown radio anymore? Possible sale in the works?); Ron Smith's departure from WBAL, even though it was his own doing; alll stations who continue to run automation, syndication, and non-live and local programing. In the D.C. area, I believe only WTOP and WPFW have round the clock live bodies.

Best: News Anchor, Stan Stovall - WBAL ....Weather, John Collins - WBAL ....Traffic, Candace Dold (WOW !) –WBFF... Special mention , Investigative reporting Joce Sterman – WMAR and Baltimore’s Best...Jayne Miller... Best weekend anchor...Kai Reed – WBAL , She does a excellent job.
Worst: News Anchor, Jeff Barnd – WBFF ......Weather, Marty Bass – WJZ .....Traffic , Kristy Breslin (Damn hair in her eyes)

Best: Mike O'Meara's Podcast, cool oldies on WKCW, Don Geronimo's show out in Sac, WAMU, WPFW, WETA, WASH, WBIG, DC101, WTOP, the forthcoming WNEW-FM
Worst: WMAL's move to FM, Citadel/Cumulus not trying to fix the EDGE, Too many Hot AC & Country stations, 94.7 still being Fresh FM, and not oldies, Kirk & Mike being forced to play too much stale music in their old show, CBS not putting El Zol on 106.7.

Best: Topper Shutt, Cynee Simpson, Laura Evans, Lesli Foster, The Arch Cambell Show, Jennifer Donelan, Jim Vance, Pat Collins, Katherine Amenta, Sue Palka, F.B. Santangelo, Dave Jaeglar, Eun Yang, Bob Ryan, Sulema Salazar and Maria Rosa Luccini.
Worst: Will Thomas, Wendy Reiger, Larry Micheals (He seems to have very little respect for Sam Huff) and RTV on MHz Networks (Putin's propaganda channel). It's supposed to be Russian television but there is little about Russia on it. Basically each show interviews any homeless guy, basement dweller or protester they can find who is upset with America. The cold war is over Putin, you lost, the Russian and American people won...get over it!

Best WMAL to FM, Adam Tuss WTOP, Channel 9 Andrea Roane and Howard Bernstein, Channel 13 Adam May, Darci Marchese WTOP, Channel 11 Tom Tasselmyer WTOP Sean and Hillary and Bob Marburg, WLIF Greg and Diane, WASH-FM XMAS format, Kane show on Hot 995, Lisa Baden traffic on WMAL, Mary Beth Marsden on WBAL radio, Orioles on WBAL, 80's Lunch at Noon with Diane Lyn, Fran Lane's Nite Lite, Peter Parker WPGC
Worst Channel 11 for dumping Marianne Banister, Bob Schieffer, CNN Carol Costello, Rita Kessler on WTOP, she sounds like metal on a chalkboard and a nasal mouse, Channel 13 Mary Bass, Sarah Caldwell as an anchor, NPR radio, ESPN radio

Best...Channel 7 Gordon Peterson, Maureen Bunyan and Doug Hill, Channel 4 Jim Vance, WTOP, WASH, WMZQ, Johnny Holliday, Steve Buckhantz, , Gerry Sandusky, Lew Katz
Worst..Kevin Sheehan, Chris Knoche, Doc Walker, Mike Wise, Larry Michael.

Best: Area955 DC's Dance Music Channel; HFS' return on 97.5; Orioles broadcasts moving back to AM1090 WBAL; Comcast Sportsnet's "Ravens Postgame Live"; WBAL-TV11 News; FOX45 Morning News.
Worst: The possibility of FOX45 and the CW Baltimore being removed from Verizon FIOS; the departure of Marianne Banister from WBAL-TV11 News; infomercials; the unavailability of classic TV sub-channels like Antenna TV, MeTV, or RTV in Baltimore.
-Merry Christmas to all from Greg in Perry Hall!

The Best - WAS 105.9's morning show, overall format and just plain good music.
The Worst - Getting rid of 105.9 The Edge to put on ANOTHER talk show. BIG100's am DJ - Tommy Griffiths. He is NOT funny, and repeats himself ad nauseum not only in the same day but for days on end! He just needs to go away . . . . .

Worst: WBAL for dumping Marianne Banister the way they did. Shameful. I agree with the other poster and Sarah Caldwell would have been the better choice to let go. WBAL Radio - they need to bring back the talk show format all afternoon and stop with the traffic all damn day. It really interrupts the talk shows they have going as it is.
Best: Donna Hamilton (love her blog, too). John Collins. Ron Smith (may his remaining days be comfortable).

Best: 1) The Arch Campbell Show. This is why locally produced TV is valuable and distinctive. And with NC8 going HD, we’ll get to see Arch more clearly … oh … wait a minute. 2) WMAL to FM. Ownership should have listened to DCRTV Dave ages ago. 3) WTOP. Consistent and reliable. 4) WAMU’s The Big Broadcast. This is the treasure chest of old time radio. 5) The Sports Junkies. Keeping it interesting and funny in the morning. 6) DCRTV – enough said.
Worst: 1) Danella Sealock doing morning traffic on WRC. Terrible “I” problems (I, I, I, me, me, me). Someone please take away her pronouns. 2) WMAL Morning Majority. It’s now just a conservative wonk show. 3) The Washington Post. Its value keeps diminishing. We subscribe only to show support for a relative who works at AP. 4) CBS’s WNEW-FM. I don’t know how this can work with 99.1 FM not coming in clearly in the “money” western suburbs – it’s scratchy where I work near Dulles, whereas WTOP 103.5 is clear. 5) The AM band in DC. It’s dead, Jim.
Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays!

Best: Sandra Shaw LEAVING WBAL-TV. Mary Beth Marsden on WBAL Radio. WBALTV News. John Collins – meteorologist WBALTV. Dave Durian and Bill Vanko.
Worst: Sarah Caldwell anchoring – she stumbles over her words WAAAY too much. Won’t watch when she is anchoring (usually noon news). Tony Pann. And of course, Ron Smith and his battle with pancreatic cancer. We will be losing a giant and a respected man.

Best- Despite the Orioles losing ways, Joe Angel is still fun and pleasant to listen to, win or lose....the continued rise of the Internet as a valued, reliable news source.
Worst - Continuing decline of the daily and weekly print media, ESPN Radio's torrid love affairs with superstar athletes and fantasy sports.

WORST: CBS DC's feeble attempt at challenging Hot995. While it's true that WPGC has started playing mainstream-oriented songs they never would've played a year ago...and their ratings have seen some flashes of improvement, if they really want to challenge Hot995, they've got to stop being afraid of losing their current core audience. Just take the plunge and retool the playlist. You can't compete with both 995 & WKYS - two stations with totally divergent playlists. Pick one station (ie. the one that gets better ratings) and REALLY go after it. C'mon guys. It's Clear Channel. It's not that hard to outdo them if you really try. I'd take PGC's engaging, personable, and truly funny on-air staff over the generic "being snarky and obnoxious passes for entertaining these days" d-bags on Hot995 any day. Just keep the content local, tweak the playlist a little bit more to make it rhythmic with a pop lean to it...which is going to mean ceding the monopoly on a few (but not ALL) of the "urban" songs you still play to WKYS (if you're going to lure away some of Hot995's audience, you're going to have to swap out Waka Flocka Flame and play Katy Perry or Cobra Starship instead), keep playing the occasional cool retro tunes you've been playing, and DON'T pick three or four songs to play 110 times a week like they do on 99.5...then run a few ads on TV to let people know you've truly tweaked your sound. You'll be all set!

BEST: Bennett feed on 1260; Galdi on TEM – actually talks sports, not so self-referential, no more cynical than need to be to make sense of sports; Sat Morning Update (MAL) – brisk, not dead serious; that funny guy who does early a.m. weather on WTOP; CSPAN Radio; Boz
WORST: sanctimonious Kevin Sheehan, TEM; themeless 3-in-a-booth Morning Majority (and the loss of Fred); Style – there used to be good writing there; poor Core – is there something he wouldn’t sell?

Best in Baltimore: AM Morning Show: Maryland's Morning News w/Dave Durian & Bill Vanko on WBAL 1090. These two are very professional but still know how to have some fun. FM Morning Show: The Laurie DeYoung Show on 93.1 WPOC. Laurie is an amazing broadcaster and brings an old fashioned local morning show Clear Channel station, which is hard. Best Morning TV News Team: WMAR-TV Good Morning Maryland. Starting now at 4:30am with Megan Pringle, Charlie Crowson, Justin Berk and Tanya Hutchins. Best morning news anchor: Megan Pringle. She is adorable. Best news coverage: WBAL-TV. Best investigative reporter: Joce Sterman WMAR-TV. Best Meteorologist: WBAL-TV Tom Tasselmyer. Best Sports Anchor: WBAL-TV Pete Gilbert. Best Local News magazine: ABC2 Teen Perspective WMAR-TV. Best Evening news team: WJZ-TV Denise Koch & Vic Carter. Best Harford County FM station morning show: Jazz in the Morning w/Gary Helton 91.1 WHFC Bel Air. Best Harford County AM morning show: Maynard Edwards & Cindy Mumby
Worst in Baltimore: Departure of Marianne Banister and Letting Rod Danials anchor WBAL TV 11 News at 11pm solo. There is enough negative in the world so I will stop there. But the downfall of Ron Smith is horrible.
Brett Hall - 91.1 WHFC Radio Host/Freelance Anchor/Reporter

BEST: Czaban's morning show, competition coming for WTOP
WORST: Stupid jock radio, aka WJFK, all DC music radio stations, and of course, the excrement de la excrement, WMAL

Worst: broadcasting in the area It started as a really cool concept but through attrition it has become one of the worst experiments in broadcasting. Micro managed..resignations. Site collapse and without a doubt the worst morning show on the planet. What a shame.
BEST, Ron Smith, the king of the broadcasting kingdom. Ron will be sorely missed. He was a bright star in a collapsing media.

Worst: Switching Cynee Simpson and Allison Starling. Cynee needs a permanent co-anchor, the decline of the Washington Post, NBC4 getting rid of Jerry Edwards, WTOP getting rid of Lisa Baden as traffic reporter, WUSA trying to cut expenses by getting rid of seasoned on air talent, NBC4's chief meteorologist.

Best: The new WNEW-FM. The old WNEW in New York, even though it was a music station, had the third-best local news team, next to all-news WCBS-AM and WINS. That was in the days when radio stations covered breaking news to inform their listeners.
Worst: The absence of a classic hits/oldies station in town. Such stations are in the top 5 in every major market up and down the East Coast except for Washington/Baltimore, because those stations don't exist here. Amazing that WETA-TV always runs 60s music programs during their pledge weeks because there is so much demand for that music, but not one radio operator in Washington thinks that the same people who pour money into WETA's coffers in response to the 60s music programs would be attractive to advertisers.

Best: Jim Vance, the introduction of "Dave TV", WTOP. The Nationals' halfway decent season. Some competition for WTOP.
Worst: WJLA's continued half-ass "HD" newscast. WJLA's continued pre-emption of ABC network programming for infomericals, "news specials" and 20 year old movies. The WJLA Infomerical marathon on Saturdays and Sundays. WUSA 9 News's screen clutter, including ads, especially in the mornings. WMAL, period. The Washington Post's continued decline in quality. Chris "I'll shill for anything" Core. Danny Boy Snyder. Another awful Redskins season. Pat "Dramatic Pause" Collins.

BEST: WMAL’s “The Chris Plante Show” (Delicioso!), “The Morning Majority” (Refreshingly Hip), “Saturday Morning Update” (My Weekend ‘Fix’). Also, WMAL’s Hurricane Irene coverage, simulcast with Fox 5 News (this was helpful to those of us depending only on a battery-powered radio during the storm). Listening to Bill Thompson’s voice every morning at 5 a.m. with the news is my alarm clock. Mary Katherine Ham’s singing voice. The Awesome Jerry Klein. Austin Hill subbing for Plante. FOX5: Tucker Barnes’ ‘Foaminess’. WTNT: Andy Parks and Ann Wog at Washington Times Radio.
WORST: 105.9 The Edge no longer in existence. Even though the station now houses a clearer and much-improved WMAL (and I’m pretty excited about that), I miss the rock station’s music and hosts. Grandy & Andy no longer together on the radio -- I miss you guys together!
Feliz Navidad! Silvie in Waldorf

Best: WBAL's Ron Smith, Gamut Radio on 103.5's HD3, HFS975, Bluegrass Country 105.5, WETA-FM, WAMU, WAMU's Intersection, "Car Talk," the airstaff of 105.9 The Edge, WMAL's move to FM, Bryan Nehman, Area 95.5, Tony Kornheiser, Chad Dukes without LaVar, Mike O'Meara and his podcast, Oscar Santana, Robb Spewak, Buzz Burbank, Cerphe, Weasel, WTMD, the cool oldies on WKCW 1420, WTTR and Johnny Dark, Morris Jones, Loo Katz, DC101's alt rock, Channel 50's Antenna TV and This TV, Kirk McEwen, Doug Hill's Weather Now, WUSA's weather radar, George Noory, Sirius XM's 1st Wave.....
Worst: The Washington Post's increasingly dull and uninteresting Style section, the biggest dummy on DC radio Chris Plante, WJFK leaving Fairfax, the classic schlock playlist of 105.9 The Edge, WMAL's programming, WMAL silly righty "Valley Girl" Mary Katharine Ham, Comcast's failure to offer relevant channel packages, dumbed down Discovery's channels especially Science, Radio One honcho's Alfred Liggins' obscene stock value grab in then midst of a recessionary economy, Gannett honcho Craig Dubow's obscene retirement package in the midst of a recesssion, Erik Wemple and his silly TBD, Dan Snyder's misguided lawsuit against the Washington City Paper, Sirius XM dropping BBC Radio 1, Betsy "Everyone Hates Me" Rottstein and her dreadfully douchy FishbowelDC, David Zurawik, the Baltimore Sun's paywall, cheapskate talk radio veteran Phil Boyce for taking out a $25 classified ad on DCRTV and then never paying for it.....