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Best: WTOP still on top, Lisa Baden, Bruce, Frank and the gang, you rock. Doug Hill, smooth environmental prognosticator. Greaseman, what a talent. Sirius Satellite Radio. Bravo to WKHI Joe FM OC, they could teach Sirius Channel 12 a few things about a "we play everything" format w/o DJs. WTWP being put to bed - pleasant dreams.
Worst: Greaseman, an incredibly talented pro, on haitus.
Richard in Cambridge

BEST I agree with the other posters... NATASHA BARRETT on the anchor desk was a great decision for WJLA.
WORST anything on channel 5

BEST Doug Hill on WTOP I love him! And LISA BADEN on WTOP I LOVE her!
WORST Traffic and weather on any other radio. But WTOP morning or evening

Best:WRC,TV news / The Elliott in the morning show(he could lose about 80% of that laugh),but the show is great / The John Riggins show / The Don and Mike show (is good on average about one show a month,the rest of the time its a suck fest,and they know it!) / Greaseman,bring him back in the D & M slot,NOW! / Mike & Mike in the morning / Junkies(sometimes) /
Worst: Anything on sports talk 980(can't stand any of the so called "host" Thompson and his crew are the ultimate worst) / Opie & Anthony(if that mess is a radio talk show someone should have their head checked) / And of course that leaves what used to be my favorite radio show,"The Don and Mike show" this show makes the O & A mess look steller compaired to the D & M show!,I know they are just trying to get to the end(Dons retirement)but why do we have to put up with such crap? Why can't topical subjects be scheduled into the program,and do legitimate interviews,without background comments and noises? CBS must really be at a loss for shows to replace these malcontents if this is the best they have to offer,shame on them.(just a little matter of reasoning,10 minutes of commercials three times an hour,no one else does this,so it has to be that it takes that much in commericals to pay these Tom Gavin want-to-bes!) / And I will add mysefl to this list because I am such a diehard D & M fan I keep tuning in,hoping for that one good show a month to be expanded to two.

Best: Don and Mike, BethAnn McBride.
Worst: Kane and Jack Diamond

Best- Stan Stovall, Mindy Basara, Donna Hamilton, Rod Daniels, Marianne Banister, Lisa Robinson, Kate Amara, Jayne Miller, and Tom Tasselmyer from WBAL TV 11. Welcome to TV 11, Sandra Shaw. Don Scott, Sally Thorner, Adam May, Ron Matz, and Mark Viviano from WJZ TV 13. Manic Monday mornings at WJZ. Norm Lewis and Justin Berk from WMAR TV 2.
Worst- management at WMAR TV 2. "Good Morning Maryland" on WMAR should be renamed "Goodbye Maryland" Marty Bass won't shut up at WJZ 13. Saying goodbye to Domenica Davis and Darrielle Snipes at WBAL.

Best: Not much best in local radio and television in 2008. But here goes: --The return of classic rock to WBIG. --Decent DJs who appear to actually know music on WBIG. --Still best after all these years: 98 Rock's mid-day mainstay, Sarah Fleischer (sp?). --Gordon Peterson on Channel 7. --Retaining the knowledge, experience and insight of Weasel and Cerphe at 94.7--even as the station itself goes down the tubes.
Worst: --The continuing dumbing-down of WTOP. --Stupidly firing Ira Melman and that afternoon broadcaster at WTOP, furthering the station's horrible decline. --Most of the entertainment, fluff, features and non-news reporting on WTOP. --Nine out of 10 ads on WTOP. Absolutely horrible ads on this station. --The decline of 94.7, in terms of music programming, programming in general, promotions, community involvement and, oh yes, the music. --Certain aspects of the morning show on 98 Rock, which continues to drive away its longtime listeners, day by day. --The new night show on 98 Rock--see the item above. Absolutely terrible. --The cuts at NBC and D.C.'s Channel 4, which stupidly drove away George Michael and any interest in the local news at Channel 4. --The firing of Mike Buchanan's son at Channel 9, further proving that no one there knows what they are doing. --The addition of more local news on D.C. television stations. Two and a half hours or three hours a day was already MORE than enough local news. And if they spent time actually reporting hard news, they wouldn't need more time. --The further dumbing-down of local television and radio news. --The horrible, steady, dumb decline of local radio hard news reporting. --The decline in hard news investigative reporting on local radio and television stations. --The overall, general, ridiculous decline in the quality of music programming around the D.C. and Baltimore radio dials. --Mike Buchanan's single daily feature on WTOP, which is then repeated on tape a few hours later. If he did some actual reporting, it would be fine. --The decline of quality news reporting at Channels 9 and 5.

Best: Donnie Simpson is King! Bob Marburg, David Burd. Carson. Scott Linn pre-game show. Jerry Edwards.
Worst: Baltimore TV traffic reports: HELLO hair and makeup! And please, something stronger than a flashlight on the talent! Not giving Greaseman another shot; some of these stations desperately need a talent like him. Jack Diamond would be a Mitzvah-DJ legend if he would just give it a chance. Don Geromino is way too bitter which has completely watered down what talent he had left. Flounder's talents would be best served working the front desk at Blockbuster. Chili Amar needs to do more than four minutes of show prep. Plus, what's with the excessive sibilance? You sound like a Spastic Snake on Steroidssss. Eat a cracker or something!

Best: WMAL replaying the previous night's Coast-to-Coast AM at 10 PM. Bob Marburg. Doug Hill. Buzz Burbank and Mike O'meara. George Noory. Red Sox.
Worst: Grandy and Andy. Lisa Baden. Bob Ryan's golden snow shovel. Don Geronimo. Ian Punnett. Redskins.
Bob in Arlington

Best : every radio show that is not the Kane Show
Worst : The Kane Show

Best: WUSA-TV management finally promotes quiet superstar Leslie Foster to main evening co-anchor after underutilizing her for many years.
Worst: WAMU-FM's underachieving local news coverage. Very disappointing local reporting continues even after most news staffers were fired and replaced by fresh, but equally weak personnel. What a waste of effort and hard-sought financial support.

worst... pat collins... terrible dramatic reporting

I'm rushing to get this in because I feel News Corp is way underrepresented in the balloting. If anything can make the case that loosening up ownership caps is a bad idea, look at what Fox has done to WUTB and WDCA. Worse run station, WDCA. Ironically, after years of poaching the best syndicated shows from WDCA, thanks to increasing news production on WTTG, old DC 20 is getting its comedies back. That said, a quarter of the network's non-"network" programming is repeats of court shows (and Tyra Banks) from WTTG. A good regulation is that any company wanting to own two stations in one market must be able to program those stations without repeating shows from its sister station. Also, winning the award in incredible lameness is "My24 News" aka Fox5News retransmitted in Baltimore. Too bad this couldn't be more of a success... I would have loved to see it expanded. Maybe instead of producing an expensive newscast in Philadelphia for example, WTXF could just retransmit WNYW's newscasts. Worse newscast... sadly the vote would be so close. No local newscast here I would describe as "good". We're all just quibbling over which one is the least bad. Remember when J.C. Hayward made reports from Africa, as did Gordon Peterson who also reported from Cambodia and had a great series on Ireland and its struggles involving the IRA. It's not likely we'll see stuff like that here on national news, much less local news. But for worse newscast, WUSA still wins by a hair. The network is still paying for the sins of Daryll Green and previous News Directors who hired people based on youth and looks while pushing out the older people... many who have wound up across the river at WJLA. Plus, "Nine News Now" is still an embarrassing and borderline misleading name for a newscast. (A vast majority of local news content is stuff that can and do air every day of the year... "how to buy stuff cheaply", "these foods, drinks, chemicals, will kill you". Notice that the health story teased here in 1993 for the six o'clock show could have easily aired last week...). WUSA also loses points for killing its weekly political program, which has been a hallmark of the station since Agronsky and Company premiered in 1976.
For the good in TV, it's really hard to find...WJLA wins but only because they are the least bad, not because they're very good. They still feel very much mid-market, but they're starting a death spiral like WRC. WUSA may be trying to pull itself out of one but it is too early to tell. I have great respect for Gordon Peterson, Maureen Bunyan, Doug Hill, Leon Harris for shining at the station. Likewise, Andrea Roane, Derek McGinty, Bruce Johnson, Jim Vance, Leslie Foster, Jennifer Ryan, Doreen Genzler acquit themselves well. For weather, I honestly enjoy Tony Pann and Kim Martucci (and I am honestly surprised by all the negative votes she has been awarded by other here, though perhaps it is because she is somewhat "fangirly", i.e. if your giddy best friend becomes a TV weathercaster.). Last, I like Levan Reid in sports at WUSA and I am glad he returned from whatever caused him to leave a while.

Best- The entire news team at WBAL TV 11. Double Team Insta-Weather, Traffic Pulse 11. The I-Team, Captain Roy Taylor and Sky-Team 11, The Breakfast Blog on WBAL's homepage. Mindy Basara returns from maternity leave. The Polar Bear Plunge!
Worst- WMAR'S Good Morning Maryland promos, Domenica Davis leaves WBAL, WJZ's Marty Bass! Enough said!

BEST: HOLLY WARNER on Fox 5 for the five minutes they had her on! THOMAS GROOMS on SMOOTH JAZZ 105.9-thank heaven somebody still has a real person on at night! He was great on old WHFS, too! CARSON on Mix 107.3. A guy who's actually doing a "show" on Washington radio!
WORST: XM Satellite Radio-Hey! Let's charge up the ying-yang for same recycled formats as FM and use cliches to tell them we don't use cliches! WTOP's sponsored "Glass-enclosed Nerve Center"- the joke that never ends is bad enough but whoring it out is inexcusable on a station that wants to be taken seriously as a news outlet. Redskins broadcasts without Sonny, Sam and FRANK, dammit! The amount of locally known and respected talent that never gets a shot at jobs in this town! And, worst of all, 50-something broadcast executives who are convinced that 50-something listeners aren't worth programming or selling to.

Best: WBAL Morning News Water Cooler segment; WJZ's Ron Matz is affable and fun during his remote segments; Kate Amara is a doll.
Worst: Richard Sher - Back in the 80s when he treated Oprah Winfrey like a sidekick, he is a true example of how karma works: While Oprah backs up the Brinks truck to her mansions and becomes presidential king maker, Richard Sher is stuck doing stories about kidnapped monkeys in Glen Burnie and rabid possums on the loose in Harford County. It could not have happened to a more arrogant man.
Angela in Parkville

Best - Darcy Spencer, Gordon Peterson,Leon Harris,Jim Vance,Shawn Yancy,Andrea Roane,Sue Palka,Doug Hill, Allison Seymour,Roz Plater,Dave Feldman, ,Winsdom Martin,Sherri Ly Maureen Bunyan,Laura Evans, Allison Starling,Arch Campbell,Leslie Foster,WTOP,Donnie Simpson,Lisa Baden, Tony Pann,WRC Boring TV, Lindsay Cznanick Bruce Johnson, CSPAN
Worst - Maureen Uhmeh,Jim Handley,Chuck Bell,Brian Bolter, Brian Van der graff, Bob Ryan, Derek McGinty,Gary McGrady, Doreen Gentzler,Tracy Neale,Topper Strutt, Todd McDermott,Barbara Harrison, Holly Morris, JC Hayward, Tony Perkins, Gurvir Dindsa, Don & Mike,Julie Wright, Wendy Rieger,Steve Veneulla,Brett Haber, the Buzz man, WETA, Fox Tabloid TV, WTTG Watercooler, Kim Martucci, Bob Sellers, WRC's Boring TV, WMAL

Best TV News- The morning news team at WBAL, (Stan Stovall, Mindy Basara, Neil Estano, Sandra Shaw, Sarah Caldwell, and Jennifer Franciotti). WBAL's I-Team (Jayne Miller, Mindy Basara, Lisa Robinson, Deborah Weiner, Barry Simms, and David Collins. WBAL also has the best looking anchors and reporters!
Worst- WBAL management for letting Domenica Davis slip away! WJZ's weather team- Meteorologist Bernadette Woods and Meteorologist Tim Williams are cheated out of their air time because they have to share it with Bob Turk And Marty Bass.

Radio......Best.....morning show still Imus, can't wait until hes carried in the DC market again....News station WTOP in a runaway...Talk show host, Jim by play Johnny Holliday hands Doug Hilll...traffic,Bob Marberg... Television...anchor team Gordon and Maureen.....sports Greg Tolan....Weather, Doug Hill.. Nats play by play man Bob Carpenter
Worst morning show on radio..the Junkies, with the two guys on WMAL a close show host Rush Limbaugh, with Tony K a close runnerup...Worst Sports station, WTEM with Andy Polin and Doc Walker running away with worst host on radio honors. worst play by play, Dave Johnson.... Worst on Television.....News anchors, the Two at 6 on NIne.. Sports, Tim Brandt... Talk show host, Chris Matthews.

Best: TV News WJLA (OK, so it was mostly WUSA’s until they chased them away!); Local TV (non-news) –WRC; DTV signal –WRC; Local Radio News Department: WTOP; Under-Appreciated Radio Talent –Chris Core with Chris Plante nipping at his heels. Why WMAL doesn’t can geezers like Rush & Levin and put Core on in PM Drive and Plante in early evenings is beyond me. If Farley & Oxley haven’t tried talking with these guys for 3WT, they’re incendiary idiots! Imagine 3WT with Burd & Kronheiser in AM Drive, Core in midday’s, and Plante in PM drive, with Frank Herzog doing a Ken Beatrice-like "Sportscall" evenings, a syndie talker for late nights and "Coast-to-Coast" for overnights? Combine with the newsroom resources of WTOP, and you’d have a powerhouse newstalk operation with credibl! e sports (Keep the Nats, Caps, etc.!) which would force WMAL, WTNT, and WTEM to either become creative or die. Oh yes, I’d put it on 1500, 107.7, and 104.1 (provided the Radio One sale implodes…). Aside from myself, Messrs. Oxley and Farley are the probably the only ones with the audacity to do this. And, to make it work; Radio Talent in a Music Format –Loo Katz; Cable System –Cox Communications. (However, see below…); Cable Operator Not In This Region: Time-Warner. I’m surprised they haven’t (yet) bartered for a system (or systems) around here; Radio Newsperson (Not in "All-news") Bill Thompson; Lost Local Talent; Ira Melman; Oldies Station XM6 (Only w/"Flash Phelps".); Use of DTV –Sports in 720p & 1080I and dedicated (if too-infrequently updated) weather channels (480p); Lost Digital Channel –The Tube; Digital Sub-Channel: It’s a tie! WRC-4.2 and WJLA-7.2. If both had more frequently refreshed local updates, with WJLA (or WUSA, for that matter) car! rying NOAA WX on the audio, the improvement would be much appreciated; Sub-Channel Not here (Yet…): We really don’t need three all-weather channels. How about an all traffic channel? I know COG and the Economic Development Authority of each jurisdiction would quickly seek its immediate (and permanent) termination (Publicizing our bad traffic won’t help bring the jobs that bring new tax revenue that local governments need to shore-up budgets whose revenue was based on hyped-up housing values.) But, the drivers here would love it!; FCC Idea: Ala Carte Cable and Satellite Programming! This is an idea that is long overdue. It would finally bring parity to Cable and Satellite regarding local channels. (You have to buy with Cable, but not with Satellite.) It would allow me to diss the "A&O" channels (Amateurish (Public Access)& Orwellian (Local Government)) which Cable currently requires you to pay for because of "shotgun clauses" in franchise agreements. It would allow me to deny my "few cents per month" (as they call it) that I’m f! orced to pay for the absolutely worst channels on TV: C-SPAN! Yes, there are channels that would die because nobody would pay for them. Or, that so few would be willing to buy that the Cable & Satellite companies would drop in favor of more profitable channels. Cable Net Not Around Here (or on the Satellite Companies): SCOLA! Imagine being able to watch the local equivalent of "the 6:00 news" from around the world in your living room on a real-time or near-real-time basis? Add in local spots and some entertainment programming, and you’ve got SCOLA. Or, you would if Comedycast or Cox (Not to mention DirecTV or Dish) would carry it. Sad.; Local Media Website Anywhere: DCRTV!
Worst: TV News - WUSA (WDCW out ran ‘em by a furlong per fortnight because they have the highly competent Weekly Farm Report!); Local TV (non-news) –WTTG; DTV Signal –It’s a tie! WJLA, WTTG, WDCA, WHUT; Local Radio News Department –WTOP Running days-old stories on weekends is a sign of creeping editorial complacency. Jim Farley and Joel Oxley know better. Is NC8-style daypart canning next to cut expenses? ("WTOP News Time is 37 minutes past the hour" likely won’t get you any Murrow’s or Marconi’s!) WTOP has (and has had) world-class broadcast journalists cross its thresholds. Let them be what they are cracked-up to be. Anybody can rip and read off a laser printer. Get more good radio newspeople in the place and you won’t risk WMAL turning into what 3WT/WaPO could’ve (and should’ve) been. As it stands now, WTOP needs serious competition to make them the great all-news operation they are capable of being. What really gets me about this is that CC has good! , credible news operations in other markets. Why not D.C.?; Classic Rocker –It’s a tie! WTGB and WBIG. While WBIG is the typical CC garbage we’ve come to expect, Dan Mason really should know better. CBS should either assemble a modern version of WHFS on 94.7 or clone WCBS-FM’s "classic hits" there and put WHFS back on 99.1; Wasted Signal –WZOL! Going Hispanic on FM around here isn’t anything new. Richard Eaton did it forty ago on 100.3. However, CBS should’ve done it on 106.7 which gives better target demographic coverage than 99.1. Think marksmanship as opposed to scatter-gunning; Talk Station –WJFK. Except for the Sports Junks and Don & Mike, does that station really have an audience? C’mon Dan, do your magic here: Re-invent a "modern" WHFS on 99.1; Local Cable System –Comcast. Comcast has outages running into days. The rudeness of their "Customer Service" personnel reminds one of the barnyard meaning of "service". Comcast’s quality actually make! s the old TCI look good; Politically Corrupt Cable Operator –Verizon ! Verizon reminds me of a little kid not getting their way in the manner of, "If you don’t give me what I want, I’ll send my big brother after you! And, if I still don’t get it, I’ll send my bigger brother after you!" with the unmitigated bullying they’ve pulled on local governments, state legislatures, not to mention Congress and the FCC. If they’d started building fiber ten to fifteen years ago, maybe they’d have a chance of catching the established cable companies. Unless the cable companies do something incredibly super-stupid (but always possible) like go the penny and nickel route and layoff employees with years of experience and contract-out that which is best done by in-house staff employees (as some Cable operators have), FiOS doesn’t have a chance. If FiOS continues to provide a customer service experience that is even worse than that of Comcast (Reading "DSL Reports" is a must before considering FiOS!), FiOS could easily be dead meat in a decade, i! f Comcast were to stop Comcastrating the cable industry’s image. The best shot Verizon has for long-term survival is to re-invent FiOS into something the public wants & needs that the cable people aren’t doing right now. And, to do it quick! Not to mention much better! I’m speaking of the way the "technology" of "Bell Atlantic Video Services" was morphed into DSL when High-Speed Internet meant 56K! The only problem with that is, Cable has some of the most creative technical and business brains in telecommunications. When the old telephone companies came up with DSL, cable introduced speeds several times faster. Now that the old phone companies are trying new technologies that’ll meet or beat cable, cable is tinkering around with stuff that’ll have even fiber doing a Mel Blancesque"Which way did he go?"; Government Regulation –The whole DTV mess. Anyone care to say, "World-class screw-up"?; Digital Channel –"Local Point" on WJLA. The only good thing I can s! ay about it is they make the crap you see so much of on the Community and Local Government Access channels on Cable actually look professional; Example of Income Desperation: WTOP! This is one that should not have been necessary. No, it’s not just the spots for the impotence clinic. We’re used to those by now! And, it wasn’t the ads for an "improved" and "enhanced for pleasure" KY jelly! Joel & Jim, we’ve gotten so used to those that we laugh! However, some of your spots have had me (and no doubt many others) wondering ‘WTF were they thinking?’ You’ve run spots the demanded a suitable intro & outro tag with more than the standard disclaimer about "not necessairly representing the opinions of WTOP, its staff & advertisers, Bonneville International, etc." and didn’t get one. It’s not just the outlandish spots from a perennial Presidential candidate, either. There’s one that stops one picometer of crossing the line of being political. (Without saying so directly…) C’mon Jim & Joel, what in hell are you thin! king when you run spots like these? Doesn’t your AE review them? What about your NSM? How long do questionable spots have to run before you pull them? Don't you listen to the copy before you run it? Don’t you consult your corporate legal department? You’ve run some spots that should raise a ton of red flags on the first play! Indeed, some of your spots (One very controversial one in particular!) can’t help but to cast a potentially well-reasoned shadow (in the eyes of some) on whether or not government oversight (if not outright control) of broadcast content is warranted. There are people on both sides of the aisle that want this, albeit for different reasons. Gentlemen, your desire to turn a quick buck for WTOP and Bonneville have not only cast a pall over your station and ownership, but over every broadcaster in the U.S. Why? Because with the possible exception of WMAL, WTOP probably has the most powerful listenership of any commercial station in the world. You sh! ould be absolutely, totally ashamed of yourselves when you do some of the things you’ve done of late. Yes, everybody makes mistakes. But, a good manager and a responsible owner have numerous safeguards to minimize their frequency and severity. For a respected and responsible source of impartial news and information to exercise such poor judgement as to do something like this repeatedly tells me that something is broken or missing up on Idaho Avenue. For the sake of the freedom that every American broadcaster holds dear, I hope you fix things. And, fast!; Local Radio Station: It’s a tie! On AM, we have the cheerleader for the Republican Party and Christian Right –WMAL! On FM, we have the verbal Muzak monotony of the cheerleader for the Congress and the party controlling the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate –WCSP-FM! The only merit I find in WMAL are Chris Core, Chris Plante, the occasional Sports, and "Coast-to-Coast AM". Unfortunately, WMAL has so much going against it! The contrast between the red-meat loving Andy Parks an! d vegan Fred Grandy was never funny. It’s time for those two to be honorably pensioned off and new blood brought in. Ditto Paul Harvey. Listening to him is an embarrassment. While I feel sorry for him and his beloved "Angel" as they seek a cure for the leukemia from which she suffers, Paul really needs to retire. To say that he often mis-speaks is a kindness. He broadcasts to a bygone world best represented by the Pelion, South Carolina that former WMAL voice Michael Graham oft spoke of, where the only thing major market might be a Piggly Wiggly grocery co-located with a hardware store. Perhaps Paul’s current contract will be his last. Then, there’s Rush Limbaugh. Premiere is hopefully paying Citadel big bucks to put Rush on WMAL. If he weren’t on WMAL, where could he go? That’s right! Nowhere. There isn’t a comparable signal with a compatible format for him to land on. Ditto Sean Hannity and Mark Levin. WMAL has had some decent talkers subbing for Chris Core on! vacations. Can the syindies and hire folks like Austin Hill and Geoff Metcalf to do local talk! But, after what WMAL did to Michael Graham I doubt any decent talkers would even talk with their management. Now, I disagree with what Michael Graham said and did on-air at WMAL that got him fired. However, to so openly cave in to the whims of any sponsor (I don’t care if it was a "Tiffany" one, either.) your credibility and impartiality is shot. Kiss it goodbye forever. One thing: I’d keep "Coast-to Coast" or risk losing it to 3WT… As for WCSP-FM… Other than simulcasting the crap on C-SPAN and C-SPAN2, do they ever do anything else? I’ve never heard local programming or local news on the thing. I’ve never even heard a local PSA or weather forecast or report there, either! Here’s an example of "corporate" radio at it’s most insipid. If they didn’t have all the congressional reps and U.S. Senators in their back pocket (because of C-SPAN’s other programming) I bet the FCC would pull their license. Then again, maybe not. Perhaps WC! SP is so dull not even the FCC can bear to listen!
Unsigned Corporate Suit

BEST: Chris Emry and Michael Filippelli on WZBA for bringing fun back to morning radio. Rob Long on WNST for sports talk. Ron Smith for his endless optimism. Alex on WRNR for great music. Brian Lamb on C-SPAN for unbiased hosting and for putting up with undermedicated callers from both sides.
WORST: BREAKING NEWS!! No oldies on the radio in Baltimore. Comcast. Tape delayed syndicated talk, the only thing worse than syndicated talk is OLD syndicated talk. Melanie Russel's wardrobe, Radio infomercials. Here's a hint for those of you who spend hundreds of dollars on colon cleansers, EAT SOME DAMN BROCOLLI!!! CBS and Clear Channel for firing more local people. WBAL for airing Fox Sports Radio at night.
Happy New Year! Robert in Elkridge

TV Best – The classy exit of George Michael from WRC-TV’s nightly newscast. The growth of female sportscasters (Lindsay Czarniak, , Amber Theodopolis) on WRC, WUSA, and MASN respectively. Comcast SportsNet for enhancing their reporting and anchor presence (along their concentration is still pretty much focused on ACC, CAA, DC, and Baltimore – MEAC and smaller conferences get the shaft unless something big happens). ‘Localized’ cable channels such as Local Point TV and CN8 stepping into t! he fore and showing local material and high school sports. YouTube!, Apple’s iPod, and the DVR for the fact that it has frightened broadcasters to the core in that no one no longer has to stay home and watch TV or niche programming on broadcaster time – also the fact that these some networks and local broadcasters are now allowing their programming to be accessible via their website. Jim Vance and Gordon Peterson still holding court in local newscasts. Channel 9 leading in HD (but falling behind in everything else – ratings, etc.). Switched Digital Video (SDV) meaning either a great thing in that we get more HD channels or a bad thing, if the technology doesn’t work as promised. Cable competition for Comcast in Verizon; but still no savings in my bill other than an introductory first-year ! triple play offer for $99. Flash-based technology making some websites broadcast small packages of some of my favorite programs (such as ESPN, G4TV) on the web available so I don’t need to fill my DVR or transfer to VHS/DVD. Sue Palka and Victoria Johnson’s pleasant weather forecasts (when they get it right). Channel 5 and 45’s local morning news still battling with the network’s schmaltzy offerings. Green technology and living reporting locally by Wendy Rieger (WRC) and others. PTI (TK and Wilbon) still going strong. James Brown on CBS’ NFL pregame (Channel 9, he coulda’ been your sports anchor years ago – just sayin’). Comcast SportsNet’s broadcast play-by-play teams (Caps hockey and Wizards basketball – sometime! s better than the networks’). Donnie Simpson for a well-deserved celebration and salute to your longevity in this market. BET finally getting away from some of its outrageous programming to keep up with the under-regarded and underrated TVOne.
TV Worst – The fact that I can’t get ESPNU (some Maryland games and the MEAC), ESPN Classic or Boomerang (old cartoons) on Comcast. Channel 4 Sports -- now that George Michael has been reduced to a part-timer. Channel 9 News (how the mighty have fallen). No winner yet in the Hi-Def DVD battle between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD (Betamax and VHS redux). Weatherperson Domenica Davis’ defection to cable - Fox News’ gain is Channel 11’s (and our) loss. The writers’ strike and how broadcast television has now started writing its own painfully slow epitaph. NFL Network playing hardball with cable systems while NBA-TV,! NHL Network, and the soon-to-be MLB Network (2009). No tech presence on local newscast (or a local tech news offering) a la I.J. Hudson. So many Post and local reporters going to broadcast media (ESPN, MSNBC, etc.) that the local rags are having trouble staffing good talent. Washington Post Live on Comcast SportsNet – a work in progress, but a snappier more fun format for the early afternoon may be needed. ESPN’s cancellation of Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith – the only shows where other black sports writing and broadcasting ilk could actually be seen and heard, if Stephen A. wasn’t talking some of the time). Local TV Sports in general being relegated by their news organizations to sit at the children’s table at Thanksgiving/Christmas di! nner. That silly Feist (1 , 2, 3, 4…) song my son wouldn’t stop singing for weeks after the Apple iPod Nano ad aired.
Radio Best – The addition of Praise 104.1 to the Radio One or Bonneville (‘til the sale goes through) family. WHUR’s digital HD offering harkening back to its early days (when Derek McGinty, Glenn Harris, and Kojo Nmamdi could get real). Those few of us who realize that the XM-Sirius satellite merger is probably better in the long run with Internet Radio, podcasting, and multiple offerings on terrestrial digital radio (if they could get it right and offer more niche formats – like XM -- and not force down our ears what they think we would like to hear). Sports Radio competition in that WTEM and Redskins Radio (formerly Triple X) have allowed an opportunity for local talent to s! tep it up. Feldman and Maloney on WTEM when it was on. Welcome back Jim Rome to HFS (although I’m not a big fan or clone, your show is an occasional guilty pleasure for me). The addition of Stephen A. Smith on ESPN Radio, Doc Walker’s (working harder than James Brown) WTEM show, and Brian Mitchell to the John Thompson Show. Andy Pollin and Steve Czaban on WTEM still keeping me laughing on my way home.
Radio Worst – Tony Kornheiser’s part-time radio status (come back soon Tony K – we miss your ranting offscreen). A lack of HD formats and marketing – maybe rent out some of the HD feeds to local talent who may know more than your programmers. Radio One getting out of its XM satellite programming (The Power). Dan Patrick on WTEM (Feldman and Maloney were better, friendlier, and more fun -- and their brother in the broadcast biz didn’t have to petition ‘TEM to put ‘em on, either).
Print Best – Leonard Shapiro’s sports media column online (except for the Sean Taylor column). DeWayne Wickham’s insight on USA Today. USA Today celebrating 25 years and thumbing its nose and its early critics. Michele Singletary’s realistic personal finance columns. Eugene Robinson provoking thought. Courtland Milloy sounding the alarm. Marc Fisher saying what needs to be said – whether we want to hear it or not. Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, Mike Wise, and Thomas Boswell holding up the fort at the Pos! t’s Sports section (even with defections to ESPN). Rob Pegoraro’s fine tech columns. Stephen Hunter’s movie reviews resembling some ways as compelling as his novels. Heather Dinich’s fine work at the Sun (and subsequent defection to ESPN)
Print Worst – The decline of the American newspaper (since mostly everything is available on the Web – although I still happily subscribe to the print edition of the Post as well read online). USA Today letting go most of its top-notch NBA writing staff (David DuPree is gone, come on!). The loss of Post staff to other ventures (the Politico, cable news, cable sports networks, etc.) and the failure of the Post to keep up – now saying it’s an education company as well as a newspaper (say what?). What was once a powerful reporting staff on technology at the Washington Post - Frank Ahrens, Shannon Henry, Cynthia Webb, etc., allowed to pursue other ventures where the Post failed to ! recognize a new growth opportunity. What’s happened to Tom Shales? Is it me or does he not write as much as he used to. Oh., yeah, I forgot TV’s on strike – hang in there Tom and Lisa DeMoraes as well.
Digital Best – DCRTV, of course, in addressing our media news jones (although some features have been added to its new premium tier now but still informative – guess I should make my PayPal payment). USA Today’s new web site. – most informative site on the broadcast sports business. Washington Post and USA Today web sites – most informative. Baltimore Sun and all its Tribune-like (see Hampton Roads’ Daily Press and Chicago Tribune web sites). Fox 5 for added African-American Themed web site and high school sports submittal! site to its cadre.
Digital Worst - USA Today’s new web site (takes a few minutes to load sometimes).

Best: 94.7, very good changes. Junkies, still the best morning show in general. DCRTV as always.
Worst: Redskins broadcast team is pathetic. 100.3 is pathetic.

BEST: Weather (TV and radio) Doug Hill -- WJLA and WTOP; Kim Martucci (WUSA)... News Anchor (TV) Andrea Roane -- WUSA... Sports (Radio) Dave Johnson -- WTOP (Wizards)... Traffic (Radio) Lisa Baden; Bob Marbourg (WTOP)...
WORST: Weather (TV) Channel 9 team, except for Kim Martucci... News Anchor (TV) Todd McDermott; Tracy Neale (WUSA)... Sports (TV) Brett Haber, Levan Reed, Sara Walsh (WUSA)... Audio/Technology -- COMCAST SPORTS NET...

Best: News- Maureen Bunyan - a class act, Gurvhir Dhindsa - cute, intelligent and bubbly, perfect for the morning newscast. Jim and Doreen - Trusted and intelligent. Wendy Reiger - smart, sexy (RAWR!), and very professional. Weather- Doug Hill, Sue Palka, Chuck Bell, Mike Barry, Steve Villanueva - all seem down-to-earth without the usual goofy "weatherperson" shtick. Sports - Brett Haber - Good at what he does, and keeps me interested.
Worst: News: Barbara Harrison, Weather: anyone on channel 9, Sports: Tim Brandt

Best: The newly retired Brian Strobel from WFLS, Don and Mike, Greaseman, The Globe, Frank Herzog, YDB on WTOP or when he did the news for Grease, Julie Wright, Around The Horn and PTI.
Worst: Larry Michael, Kane, WMZQ (WFLS is a much better station, since WMZQ canned Jim London and SW)

Best---Graphics on Fox 5 traffic reports. Almost Best---3WT mix of opinions and voices. Close to Best---WMAL 20 minute block of news/comments in morning drive. It works.
Worst--Fox carrying the Bears/New orleans game yesterday and with 58 seconds remaining, bails out to run commercials before the redskins/Dallas Game begins. There's got to be a better way. There was no way to figure out who won the game which --I always thought---was the reason people watch in the first place. This is Heido 101. Almost Worst---WTOP trying to promote upcoming traffic and weather on the 8's by giving the time of when the next traffic/weather report will be which makes the listener think that's the current time. If you're smart enough to listen to newsradio, you're smart enough to figure out when the next traffic/weather on the 8's is.

Best: WTOP still gets it done. To have full-timers like Bruce Allan, Mike Moss and Hilary Howard to part-timers like Michelle Bash, Dave Brown. Frank Herzog, James White. They seek out the talent. Good to hear Frank Hanrahan back on WTEM along with the Dan Patrick Show. Matt Davis on the Joynor Show gives the community stories they don't hear other places. Pete Medherst needs to be doing more, somewhere. Radio One for having Joynor and Parr. Elliot, without him DC 101 would be even worse off. Clear Channel for thinking quantity means quality.
Worst: WBIG, we need a "real oldies" station, Doc Walker smelling up the Locker Room, Andy "pompus" Pollin. WMAL letting great talent walk out the door, Bird, Bash etc. The Globe, throwing something up against the wall and seeing what sticks. Cerphe, there's no legend there. Bonneville for not being able to make money off WGMS and treating quality people in a very non-classy, classical way.
Ken, Bethesda

Best early am radio, Jack Diamond & all

BEST: anchors: Jim Vance, Doreen Gentzler, Leon Harris. weather: Sue Palka. reporters: Peggy Fox, Jackie Benson, Gary Reels.
WORST: anchors: Will Thomas, Barbara Harrison, Steve Chenevey. weather: Gary McGrady. reporters: Roz Plater, Sara Simmons, John Gonzalas

As usual, not enough about Baltimore on the list.
BEST WEATHER: Bernadette Woods (hot!), Justin Burk, Tom Tasselmeyer... BEST ANCHORS: Donna Hamilton, Adam May, Stan Stovall, Sally Thorner, Mary Beth Marsden, Mary Bubala and Kelly Lynn (these make up the dream station)... BEST ON AIR REPORTERS: Jane Miller, Jessica Kartaglia, Linda So, Derek Valcourt, Kate Amara, Pat Warren (ideal diverse-beats reporting staff)... BEST SPORTS: Pete Gilbert and Stan Sonders...
WORST: Fox 45's Set and Graphics! WJZ's Graphics, Promos and an unnamed 11pm reporter everyone hates. WMAR's lack of identity. WBAL's arrogance and dishonest asssignment manager...

BEST: ANCHORS: Lesli Foster, Derek McGinty WEATHER: Topper Shutt,Tony Pann SPORTS: Bret Haber, Levan Reid.
WORST: WRC for ditching Susan Kidd, every newscast at FOX5.

Best: WTOP - Lisa Baden, Bob Marborg, Craig Heist, and the rest of the gang; Pedro Biaggi on El Zol; Nats games with Dave and Charlie; the "Arrow"; Steve Harvey on WHUR (though I've almost driven into the car in front of me I'm laughing so hard)
Worst: WMZQ canning Jim London and Seth Warner; "Jack" format; that creepy helium voice of "El Conejito"; 97.1 playing Christmas music 24/7 starting in mid-November

this is for national - network and cable news etc.

Best>>>>Now that is going to take some time , let me see I guess it would have to be OH I JUST FORGOT I'M SO USED TO WATCHING THE FOX NEWS CH. IT HAS TO BE THERE HOTTIES,E.D.HILL..,B.QUINN,..,MARTHA M. ALL JUST GREAT
Worst>>>The whole redskin organization, and way to much coverage on Taylor death on all local chs. The president would not have had coverage like that.. OVERKILL ""live by the gun , die by the gun""... Please change football team name from Redskins to ANYTHING ELSE (((Most local chs not worth watching))
CHIEF ""BIG GUY Northern Va

Best - Don and Mike and The Junkies. No one in this area has been able to compete w/D & M regardless of which shift they have been in. Carson isn't bad either, at least he has a personality. Jim Vance and Doreen Gentzler, scary to think it was back in 1990 that Doreen came to DC and has been here so long. For the most part, NBC4 knows talent when they see it.
Worst - MIX 107.3. I really think they forgot what the word MIX means. If you hear a song on the Billboard top 40, you can almost guarantee that 4 to 5 hours later, you will hear it again. They hardly play any 80's music. When the switch was first made whenever that was, it was variety. Now, it appears MIX has a set playlist. Jack Diamond, the show isn't all about you. It's sad when you get a guest on, and all you do is talk, and not let anyone else chime in, including callers. You have this pet expert on from time to time, and take one phone call? Gimme a break, oh, retire the 13 Arbitron rated listeners, that is old, and not funny. John Martin, you have no personality, you need to go back to the weekend shift. The only reason I listen to the station is because sometimes the music variety is good, and where I live, I can't get B101.5 or WINC 92.5 which use similar formats. What happened to movie segments on the news? Outside of Arch Campbell and Kyle Osborne (Kyle has a half hour show weekly on Newschannel 8), there is no one else. The Post movie critics need to retire and need to get new blood in, and Channel 4, 5 and 9 need to give 7 and 8 some competition.
Mike in Waldorf

In Spanish local media the best TV news anchor is univion's Mario Sol.
The worst radio station is el zol 99.1 none of the "dj's'' that work in that radio station knows how to talk. The worst of the worst is Lizbela Lopez in the morning show, she has kiiled the ratings of that station.

Best: Tanya Bennett, Tanya Bennett, Tanya Bennett. The best traffic reporter Channel 4 has ever had.
Worst: WTOP -- Too much fluff and not enough news

BEST: News Anchor -- Andrea Roane (WUSA)... Sports -- Dave Johnson (WTOP)... Weather -- Doug Hill (WJLA and WTOP)... Traffic -- Lisa Baden (WJLA and WTOP)... Play-by-Play [Sports] Announcers -- Dave Johnson (Wizards)...
WORST: News Anchor -- Tracy Neale (WUSA)... Sports -- Brent Haber (WUSA)... Weather -- Entire WUSA team except for Tony Pann... Traffic -- Nicole O'Brien and Tracy Metro (late of WUSA)... Sports Announcers -- Orioles (radio AND TV)...


Worst News: Everything about Fox 5 news (except Allison Seymour and Wisdom Martin) especially the fact that they added 2 additional news time. They sucked doing the 6:00am, 5:00pm and 10:00pm and had the nerve to add a 6:00pm and 11:00pm show (GIVE ME A BREAK). Channel 4 for letting go some of the best anchors and keeping lame ass Barbara Harrison (open my vains NOW)... Worst traffic report, Lisa Baden, Julie Wright, Lisa Baden, Julie Wright (Did I make myself clear)... Worst radio show: The Kane show, Kane show, Kane show (bring back Mark, Kris and Teapot) or yeah the Kane show AGAIN...
Best news: Channel 4 (Jim Vance, Doreen Gentzler, Bob Ryan, and Keith Garvin)... Best sport show: PTI (love Michael Wilbon)...

Best; Leon Harris, WJLA
Worst: Mike Buchanan, WJLA
BLN, Silver Spring

BEST: Mr Tony when he is in to do a show. Its the only good reason to see football season come to a close...Dave Johnson and Steve Kolbe for Wiz and Caps.....Charlie Stossel doing movie reviews on Sports Reporters. He's knowledgeable, and a riot, and should be on a bigger stage. Don G was dumb to let him go.......WTOP all around....XM and Channels 40-54....
WORST: It begins and ends with Redskins Radio and Larry Michael. How I miss Herzog and "Touchdown, Washington Redskins!". Im waiting for the huddle and each audible to be sponsored.

Bests: WUSA9 -- Andrea Roane. Epitomizes professionalism; articulate; warm, engaging. Don't know how she's survived some of those crazies with whom she's been paired, but her work is always great... WJLA -- Doug Hill; Gordon Peterson... WTOP (Sports) -- Dave Johnson. Knowledgeable, professional, great radio voice. As the Voice of the Washington Wizards, brings enthusiasm and energy to every game, all while blogging online. (Although Dave did not NEED a color commentator, he has welcomed his partner graciously, while continuing his excellent work.)... WTOP (Traffic) -- Lisa Baden (makes a ghastly commute bearable), Bob Marbourg...
Worsts: WUSA -- Brett Haber, Todd McDermott; Nicole O'Brien, Tracy Metro; WTOP -- Mike Buchanan; WJLA -- Joe Witte, Tim Brandt; Orioles announcers; John Thompson...

Best: Radio: Eliot and Dianne on DC101. Eliot does not cackle as much as he did last year and he has had some great interviews and bits in 2007. He only gets better! Love Kyle! TV: Fox 5 morning News, Fox 5 Weather Team. Special accolades to Julie Wright, Gary McGready, Sue Palka and Brian Boltzer.
Worst: Radio: I can't stand Flounder on Eliot's show- he seems completely useless and has become an egomaniac at his percieved "local celebrity". Donni Flynn getting fired for her slip. Jack Diamond needs to retire- the gang in the morning is such an amatuer act! People prefer Carson and Chili to the group in the AM. TV: Gurvir Dhindsa cannot read the news. One morning the time was off a whole hour and it drove me insane- Fox has to watch the details! I also would like to say that I cannot get over that Michael Gurgulio, Lark McCarthy and Tom Sadar have left within the last 2 years. Tony Perkins has become a crabapple and when he is not feeling well should NOT be on the air. The week before Christmas was a nightmare. Crabby Crabby Tony Perkins- perk up!

Best: Tony Kornheiser; Lisa Baden – WTOP traffic; Dave Adler – 95.9 DJ
Worst: Barbara Harrison; Channel 9 News for dumping Doug Buchanan and keeping Peggy Fox; Channel 4 for letting George Michael get away; 94.7’s A.M. DJ – the one who sounds like he/she’s been sucking helium

Here's the best: MIX 1065 "In the "Mix" show on Saturday nights. They really "mix" things up on that show.
The worst: The departure of my two favorite TV ladies, Domenica Davis and Gabrielle Abierra.
Ed Jones, Bel Air MD

BEST: I love Channel 7’s group of Gordon Peterson, Maureen Bunyan, Doug Hill and Tim Bryant. Two people that I don’t see anymore and miss very much are Rene Knott and Hillary Howard.
WORST: Thank you so much for giving me a chance to say I can’t stand Larry Michaels in Frank’s place. He’s no Frank Hertzog. Frank, Sonny and Sam were wonderful together and we enjoyed them for years. That had to be the worst decision ever to can Frank for Larry Michaels. I really miss hearing “Touchdown Washington Redskins” and “going from right to left on your radio dial” like only Frank could do. Frank’s wonderful PBP, Sam’s humor and Sonny’s knowledge of the game were unbeatable.

Best: EITM -- Criticize all you want, but they put on a good/great show everyday and actually seem to like one another. Tyler and Kyle's annual rendition of the "Christmas Shoes" is not to be missed. Best/Most Awkward moments of the year -- on-air resignation of EITM's CHenderson and the so-called argument that lead to Donyelle Flynn's dismissal for dropping the f-bomb. Nice to have classical back on 90.9, but still miss the old WETA. Carson and Chili are growing on me -- he is still a little too, "Mr. DJ" for me, but I think I like him better than Jack. Roche is mighty fine.
Worst: Holy crap, can one of the most valuable NFL franchises pleasepleasepleaseplease -- for the love of God, get a high caliber play by play team. Said it before, my 89 year old mother-in-law could do a better job calling games. 104.3 George, we hardly knew ye -- and we really, really miss you. Major market that does not have a quality sports talk radio station on the FM dial -- what is up with that? Mid-day and evening drive at 'MZQ -- how much are they paying those bozos?? They are beyond awful -- their delivery says, "my listeners are stupid, so I must speak to them like they are 3." We're not stupid. They dumped Jim London and Seth Warner for them???? What is wrong with the station management????? Little too dependent on the research data and not enough on real live listeners?
Happy New Year to all. LO

best- katherine amenta, alice bavis, danya bacchais, doc walker, d&m, whiskey and jj, staci sakai
worst- oc 104 dumping wookie, 96 rock taking off d&m, 96 rock stupid radio stunt to look for a dj, steve hammond, marty bass

Best: Jim & Doreen, Joe Krebs, Dan Hellie, Jim Handly, Bob Ryan, Jerry Edwards, Jack Diamond, Jackie Bentsen, Darcy Spencer, Sue Palka, Keith Garvin, Wendy Rieger, Tom Sherwood
Worst: Barbara Harrison, Barbara Harrison, Lindsay Czarniak, Chris Matthews, Tonya Bennett, Pat Collins, did I mention Barbara Harrison?

Best : The Don & Mike Show, Russ Parr show, Peter Rosenberg ( for not quitting & holding it down in NYC), all the Hot TV News anchors ( Leslie Foster, Shannon Bream, Eun Yang, Shawn Yancy & every Allison: Starling, Seymore, Stewart, Wilson, & that hot new traffic girl on channel 9 Angie Goff). George Micheals ( Wednesday Wrestling Ruled)
Worst: Opie & Anthony, Kane show, Jim Rome, Kane Show, Steve Harvey show, Kane Show, channel 5 Around the Water Cooler segment , Kane Show

BEST - WBJC 91.5 FM - Everyone is praising WETA for bringing Classical Music to the DC Airwaves. They were happy to dump Classical Music when the bean counters told them there was more money in talk. Then, after WGMS went away, WETA sees the opprotunity to salvage thier reputation. WBJC stayed all classical, and broadcasts to the DC Area. They have great announcers, especially in the morning. Mark Malinowski during the week and Kati Harrison on the weekend are two of the best.

Best: WTTG Fox 5 News. All of them except morning weather with Tony P and Gwen. Keep the 455am guy the entire broadcast. Sue and the other two guys are great. WTOP except for the firing of Diane. That stinks. Bring her back. Not that I do not like Hillary but that still stunk!
Worst: The firing(or letting go) of Diane from WTOP. Jack Diamond. I have not listen to him in years why bother but he is still the worst without listening.

Best: Ron Smith, Hillary Howard, Eun Yang, Wendy Reiger, Jim Handly, Bob Ryan, Julie Wright, Jim Vance, Doreen Genzler, Dan Hellie and Lindsey Z., Doug Hill, Sue Palka, Jerry Edwards,Pat Collins, Lisa Berrigan,Bob Edwards, Joan Doniger, Michelle Basch, Leslie Cook.
Worst: Larry Michael (the worst in Redskins history!), Dan Snyder (just ONCE do something right!), Angie Goff (a deer in headlights that's just as bad if not worse than the previous traffic reporters. How could anyone at 9 listen to her and think she has an ounce of talent??), Chili Amarr (too many problems to mention...horrible), Babs Harrison, Triple X ESPN, Comcast (let me slit my wrists now!), Shelby (just a bad jock), Rush, Brett Haber (tried to give him a great tip once and he ended up cussing me out!), Gurvir Dingbat and all the Fox 5 anchors/reporters who stoop so low as to feel they need to show their breasts to get ratings.After 30 years in broadcasting, I would quit a job that ever required this. BTW, Julie W., I love you but please cover up your chest. It really cheapens the image), Pamela Brown (get this woman a voice coach QUICK!), all the Jack Diamond sidekicks (bunch of little kids with no talent), Erica Hillary (middle aged with no talent and huge ego), and Maureen McLean(the worst jock in WASH history. Please replace her with Lisa Berrigan from BIG who is talented, warm and sounds real...not like a phony baloney.) Also, all local radio, especially CC stations. It's truly heartbreaking to hear what local radio has become. All of us who were in radio when it was still creative, locally owned and FUN have a hard time watching the demise of this former art form. The community has lost so much.

Best: XM-12 "X-Country" for all of the great Alt Country, Texas Music, Roots, and Americana tunes. 97.7 The Rocket for being the one station that I can pick up at work that plays some cool music and for being live during morning drive- Mojo in the morning and a computer for the 19-20 hours of each day, 89.7 WTMD and 103.1 WRNR for streaming. WNRN in Charlottesville and my new 80gb MS Zune which allows me a 20,000 song mini jukebox at my desk. Glenn Beck for entertaining me each evening on Headline News. Netflix, online streaming of stations such as KNBT in New Braunfels, Texas and KYHI "The Range" and Lonestar 92.5 in the Dallas market. Joe Lieberman and Ron Paul for at least keeping it interesting. The smoking ban in Maryland which starts on February 1st. Finally, I can go out to eat or to see a band and not have to deal with the smoke. Maybe Virginia will eventually do the same thing in the next 20 years or so.
Worst: With a couple of exceptions DC, Richmond, and Baltimore radio is by and large awful. The senseless murder of Sean Taylor, CBS, Clear Channel, Bonneville, and others for representing all that is wrong with radio today. The end of WGMS and the long commercial breaks that make 94.7 The Globe unlistenable even though they are much better than they were as Arrow 94.7. The DC cop who shot and killed a woman's boxer dog in a park this week. Boxers are not known to be vicious attack dogs. The XM/Sirius merger and the fact that Mel K may soon control satellite radio the way he once controlled terrestrial radio. Hillary and Obama and O' Malley to name only a few. My, what a great year 2008 looks to be.
Dean in Southern Maryland

Best - The whole Fox news network ladies((Not Ch 5 ))
Worst - George Michael ch 4 and Larry Michael(((Are these two idiots brothers)) must add Dan Snyder
Larry In Warrenton Va

Best - TV News: Eun Yang (Hot), Leslie Foster (Hot), Shawn Yancy(Hot), Allison Wilson(Hot), Radio: Don & Mike show, Russ Parr show, Donnie Simpson, Elliot in the Morning, Big Tigger
Worst- Radio: Kane! Kane! Kane! Kane! Kane! & everybody on the Kane show

best- like what's happening at wjla. love watching natasha barrett. good storyteller. just one of the hot girls over there.
worst. 4's changes.. people will just stop watching. 5's weather.

Best: 105.9's Al Santos with Sunday Morning Brunch. Jenny Chase; great addition to MZQ's morning show, plus a fantastic voice!
Worst: Elliot in the morning whose voice is nothing short of an unbearable pre-pubescent shrill. Canning Mark and Chris on Hot 99.5 and London and SW on MZQ; what were you thinking?
Jerry, Greenbelt... Thanks Dave. Love your website!!

Best: XM Satellite Radio; Channel 4 anchors Vance, Gentzler, and Ryan; WTOP’s Bob Marbourg; Channel 5 weather super-mom Sue Palka; Channel 4 website; and of course DCRTV - thanks Dave!
Worst: Channel 4 and WTOP for purging good talent; Channel 7’s Maureen Bunyan (loosen up!); WTOP’s Jim Farley for letting too much anchor opinion soak into the news delivery; the Washington Post for being 75% opinion and 25% fact; the website for being hard to navigate; and Larry Michael (the worst play-by-play delivery).

Best - Hats off to 94.7 the Globe for bringing back what is great about radio, connecting to their listeners and playing the best music in DC. WETA-TV's WAR series - the best thing on TV all year. NBC-TV's news team.
WORST - 97.1 WASH for Xmas tunes starting months before the holiday. DC101 whose music may as well be called "Shout at your Mother Songs." BIG 100.3 with their 3 band playlist (Fleetwood Mac, Elton John and Jim Croce).
Sincerely, Shecky in DC

WORST: Thank you, thank you, thank you for mentioning Larry Michael as one of the worst… I can’t stand him. Can we start a petition to bring back Frank Hertzog back to Redskins radio?
BEST: Sonny Jurgenson and Sam Huff on Redskins radio. The Don and Mike Show.

Best: Julie Wright-Good solid information with a nice twinge of humor and personality
Worst: Michael J...It was bad enough I had to endure his inane prattling on one country station, but now to hear him on two, and at the same time no less. I can't lunge for the presets fast enough! OMG hire another DJ CC!!!
Joe, Bowie, MD

Best TV: Lesli Foster, Eun Yang, Derek McGinty, Sarah Lee, Julie Parker, Natasha Barrett, Nancy Yamada; Jim, Doreen, Lindsay at 4, Gordon & Maureen, Alison Starling, Holly Morris, Sarah Simmons, Jennifer Ryan, Andrea Roane, Bruce Johnson, Angie Goff, Tony Pann, Kim Martucci. Best Radio: 94.7 the Globe about 68% of the time. Seriously thought guys, how many times do we need to hear "Bac in the High Life Again?" Really. O & A
Worst TV: Chick Hernadez (and all of Comcast Sports outside of the guys that actually call the games), Lisa Baden, Dane Hellie, Jim Handly, Joe Krebs, Gurvir Dhindsa, Topper Shutt, Todd McDermott. Tony K on MNF - terrible! FOX 5 DC gets worst local TV website award. Worst Radio: Eliot, Those guys who ruin the Riggins show (Kevin, Gary), BRAHM WEINSTEIN, the awful Larry Michael, Diamond in the Morning Crew, Kane and his screaming crew, the "Sports Reporters" team, Robay & Joe (of Don and Mike show), Big O and Dukes (watered down Junkies? Are you kidding me?)
jack in alexandria

Best: Roche and DC101, especially on Sunday nights which remind me of the good old free-form days of rock radio; The Globe, and their veteran DC radio jocks, eclectic lunch and "HFS back in the day" tunes, just needs to add a few more currents to the mix; WHFS2; WETA for keeping classical music on the DC airwaves
Worst: The demise of WGMS; the elimination of weekend/evening alternative rock on WHFS's main signal
Sam in Rockville

Worst: All those "On the Scene Reports nodding their heads up and down while the anchor in the studio's talks to them. Then they go into dramatics with the concerned look on their face. People want the news not a puppet show. Worst: Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, American Idol Who Cares?

BEST ANCHORS: Leon Harris, Tracey Neale, Will Thomas, Wendy Reiger, Jim & Doreen
WORST ANCHORS: Derek McGinty, Mike Walters, Maureen Bunyen (lighten up for God's sake)

Best: The Junkies!!! They are MOOOOOONEY!!! Wish they went from 6AM to 11AM. Also, I wish I could find a podcast of the November 30th show somewhere on the net.
Worst: O&A. It seems that their comedy consists of how cool they are and how stupid everyone else is. Of course I never see anything about their ratings. They can’t be lighting the world on fire.
Timothy Payne, Caroline County Virginia

BEST: XM Radio by far - enough to make me swear off terrestrial radio for the most part, except for WTOP. Major props to their 60s on 6, 70s on 7, all-Led Zeppelin, Lucy, Big Tracks, etc. Lisa Baden - so what if she's a little chirpy? She gets me to work in the mornings with a smile on my face, so there. Sonny and Sam - damn, I miss Frank doing p-b-p (thanks to WTOP for giving Frank a home). Charlie Slowes and Dave Jaegler on the Nats p-b-p. They make you comfortable listening to the game and will get a lot more nationwide exposure with the new ballpark. Maryland grad Scott Van Pelt on ESPN Radio - he's a younger, taller Tony Kornheiser with a perpetually PO'd at the world take on not just sports but other things. Funny stuff. And of course, Tony The K (for the six months a year or so he's on 3WT at least).
WORST: Triple X peashooter signaled Radio - maybe one day Danny Boy will buy a REAL station. But then, he stuck us with Larry Michael - ugh. Just, "ugh." WTOP canning Ira Mehlman and Diane Kepley and Adrian Mitchell - even the best stations screw up once in a while. Cable news and sports channels cluttering up the screen with so many graphics, etc. that you can't see what's going on. Traffic reports on satellite radio - it doesn't quite work, folks. Not very timely and the same reports are repeated ad nauseum. I'll stick with WTOP for my traffic.
Merry Christmas! (even though it isn't politically correct to say so) - - - - - Larry in Luray

Best: WSVA News Radio 550 and Frank Wilt, the program director who has managed to continue local, that should be, LOCAL, programming and keep radio the way it should be. The Middays show that features local guests and issues and Mike Schikman and Speaking Of with Local issues. I know I'm not in the Metro area, having retired and moving out to Basye, but at least there's one local station still doing local programs to do what radio was intended to do, serve the people, not fill the airways with satellite programs to save money. Oh, by the way, the last time I checked, WSVA was still a top rated station, and an AM station, maybe they'res a connection between ratings and local programming??

BEST: Doc Walker, Mike & Mike, Big 100.3, Sonny, Sam & "someone other than Larry Michael"(as old as they may be getting, Man I miss Frank Herzog), Sports Reporters, Junks, D & M, WTOP, Mike Wise, Bram Weinstein, Mr. Snyder for what he did for Redskins/Sean Taylor Family etc...
WORST: Larry Michael, Larry Michael, Larry Michael, Larry Michael, Larry Michael, Larry Michael would someone please pull his nose out of Mr. Snyder's BungHole and get him off the air. He is terrible and I cannot stand him. I hate listening to the commentators on TV, but I refuse to put the radio on to listen to Larry Michael. It was so nice before he started doing play by play. Can't we find someone/anyone else? Elder John Thompson, Dan Patrick, pulling off Feldman & Maloney from 980. Vinny Cerato, Mr. Snyder for not getting a true GM for the Redskins organization.
Bach, Haymarket, VA

BEST: WTOP. Vance, Doreen, Wendy, Gordon, Maureen, Doug H., Lisa Baden, Tony K., Frank H. (still missed on Sunday afternoons). XM Radio (with a special shoutout to Phlash and Motormouth on Six). Once and future news leaders - Channels 4 and 7 (7's building it the right way). Washington Post Radio (a noble experiment that would have worked before cable news and the internet made it obsolete). IPod shuffle modes.
WORST: The death of local radio, especially the absense of respectable sport talk. David Burd's smarmy fill-in for Kornheiser, Larry Michael, Todd Whatshisname. WMAL's political talk cesspool. Bad News - Channels 5 and 9 (how the mighty have fallen). NBC Bean Counters. XM/Sirius merger.

BEST: Doug Hill on CH7; Doreen & Jim on CH4; Frank Herzog on Redskins play-by-play; Michael Baisden in the afternoon; Bruce Alan in the morning on TOP (sans Moss); Bob Marburg on traffic; Charley and Dave on Nationals radio
WORST: All music stations in DC, especially those which claim to be soft jazz. They are not playing jazz! TOP's concentration on fluff and not news. I don't mind an OCCASIONAL story that's entertaining - but what I REALLY want to know is what's going on in the world that may affect my life. And having the anchors laugh at almost everything takes up time that could be spent on informing me (and other listeners). Missing Adrian Mitchell and Diane Kepley. Two quality women news people. Ira Mellman too.

Best: WTOP in general is pretty consistent. They give you what you want. Bruce Alan has been solid there for a long time. Same for Shawn Anderson.
Worst: Talk Radio used to be fun, now its desperate.

Best: The Nationals radio coverage of future hall-of-fame broadcaster Charlie Slowes. The Phil Woods WTEM baseball show on Saturdays. C-SPAN Radio coverage of the presidential campaign and Sunday talk show reairings. Charles Gibson. Conan O’Brien. Ed Walker. Johnny Holliday. The Radio and Television Museum in Bowie. WETA-FM for providing unique and potentially not-so-lucrative programming in an awful market. WPFW’s Saturday morning music. Being able to escape the awful D.C. radio market through the Internet. Bicyles. Walking. Cheap, dependable tiny radios and MP3 players. Bob Edwards, who still should be on NPR. DCRTV and the now-shrinking Washington City Paper for better coverage than the Post.
Worst: consultant-slick WAMU—for shoving virtually all its long-time music programming into HD hell and for ruining (or at least prompting thousands of listeners to get up and use the bathroom) every weekday morning at 6:35 with the pretentious and endless “Writer’s Almanac,” featuring valuable drive-time information from 1843. for leaving on its HOME PAGE an outdated link to dead Washington Post Radio for weeks! WTOP for making mornings unlistenable with Mike Moss. WTOP, and any other outlet that uses D List would-be political expert Plotkin. The Washington Post and all other newspapers that weep over decreased paid print circulation while maintaining an insane business model that gives the product away for free to anyone in the world on cyberspace. The combustion engine.

Best: Mike and Mike in the Morning; always entertaining and fun. During M&M commercials I listen to Jack Diamond and I enjoy their banter also.
Worst: 1. Don Geronimo. I still check in on them during the hour+ commute, but DG’s ego is insufferable and it really isn’t amusing any longer. I find I turn the channel more frequently because Don and his anger don’t make enjoyable listening. Mike and Buzz are fun to listen to and I would certainly tune if to them if they gave it a go after Don retires. I’ve been a long-time listener, but Don has changed a lot after Frieda (who wouldn’t change) and unfortunately it has hurt the show. 2. Greaseman gone. 3. Triple X signals, Mr Snyder should be embarrassed.

Urban Balto./D.C.
Worst: No competition for WERQ-FM V-103/X-105.7 all lost.WWIN not enough local voices.WSMJ to much voice tracking.
Best: WPGC real good local radio personalities/ on air-talent the best. WKYS 93.9 the Q and A Invasion a real threat to Flex and Rane on WPGC.

BEST: Doug Hill...Steve Villanueva...Doug McElway...Chuck Bell
WORST: "Breaking News" by all media outlets...Channel 4 dumping great talent...Local news sending reporters in the field to talk to citizens about weather, metro prices rising, etc....Tim Brant, bring back Rene Knott...all "news" outlets...
Anonymous, Alexandria, VA

Best – Dave Hughes and, Frank Herzog, grace and class all the way, Hilary Howard and Sean Anderson at WTOP, sparkling in the afternoon drivetime, David Burd on WTOP with Sean and Diane in the afternoon (I miss you, come back to ‘TOP), Lisa Baden having a great time in the a.m., Maureen Bunyan, class, class, class, Phil Wood, jewel of a resource, Allison Starling, so easy on the eyes, Channel 7 for being the new home of some of the greatest seasoned broadcast talent in DC—when other stations failed to realize what they had and let them go
Worst – Mike Buchanan in the Buck Stops Here…do stop elsewhere, WTOP Management for booting Diane Kepley, Channel 5 news team, CNN for dumping Soledad and replacing the O’Brien and O’Brien team with that?, Fox Cable morning show (ugh!!), Channel 4 for being stupid enough to let all the great talent go elsewhere.
Thanks for the opportunity to rant… Keep up the good work! Valerie R., Hyattsville

Urban DC/Balt
Best: Washington - WPGC- radio like it is suppose to sound. Kudos also to WHUR and WMMJ that are trying to advance the cause of Urban AC that is really for 30+ folk. WKYS - for making staff changes and staying competitive. Baltimore - Thank you for at least one interesting show on WWIN - Baisden. WERQ - for waking up and realizing that good radio is still needed even when you have no real competition. Love LaDawn Black's show at night sexy, funny and upbeat totally different from most "love" shows. Konan is still one of the greatest voices out there - keep his sidekick this time because they are a good fit. Great bench talent like Dre Johnson and the Rap Attack show on Sunday night. I may no longer be ashamed that I listen to Baltimore radio. WSMJ - thanks for still being here and being different from the rest.
Worst: Washington - Why the hell is Olivia Foxx on at night? What a waste of top talent. Baltimore - The slow death of the Big Phat Morning Show. BPMS is still interesting but the new team is still finding its legs. I am just not compelled to listen every day because it does not know if it is a community focused local show, the next young hip hop morning show or a comedy show. Sad to listen to the indecision. WWIN - Play music for 30 year olds. Get compelling talent. So much potential with no hopes of ever really meeting it in its current state.

BEST: ABC-7 scooping up talent from 4 and 9. WTOP, WETA picking up Bonneville's classical programming. Doug Hill, Allison Starling
WORST: Instrusive promos/logos that take up huge chunks of the screen, both local (5/9) and network (NBC takes the wide lead here), "Babbles" Harrison, Xmas music in November, especially that annoying Paul Mcartney song. Continued purge of talent at 4 and 9. Lack of HD news, MASN (Mr. Angelos S**tty Network) and their Radio Shack setup (what's HD?), nasty mailbag and Best/Worst posters, "Tracy Metro"

Worst – the Washington Post. I’ve lived in the same house for 20 years. Up until this year every morning the sports scores, including high school football scores, were in the morning paper. Suddenly this year, almost all games are marked “late game”. Come on, high school games are done by 9 and they’re late? No wonder their circulation continues to decline.
Paul, Waldorf, MD

Best: Big 100.3, consistently great music with unobtrusive hosts; Mark Segraves on WTOP, sometimes over-hyped but virtually alone among local newsbreakers; Tim Russert,the gold standard among Sunday interviewers; ABC's David Wright and Martha Raditz; the first and last hour of "Don & Mike"; Bob Marbourg; Doug Hill on the radio; Diane Rehm's Friday news round-up; David Schuster; Keith Olbermann; Tony Pann; Kyle Osborne; Joe Krebs; DCRTV; Susan Page of USA Today -- would make a great replacement for Diane Rehm when she retires; Ray Suarez; Tony Kornheiser on the radio; Vanice on 105.9.
Worst: Wolf "Why Am I Yelling?" Blitzer; WTOP's 40-second rule for reporter packages; Kristie King; Mark Plotkin's chats on -- he's out of his league; WJFK's 6-second traffic reports; the forced laughter on Jack Diamond; WJLA's promotion department taunting ch. 4 -- no class; Fox's talk shows -- scary!; Larry King; Nancy (dis-)Grace; Ray (Tase me now) Sanchez; "starts right now"; Larry Michael (bring back Frank!); WASH going Xmas music in November.

Worst: Diamond Commercials.
Best: EITM, Jim Norton (not O&A)
thanks for all your hard work!

Best: WBIG's Classic Rock format…
Worst: the loss of the Greaseman--he need's to be back on the radio---too talented to be stuck on the sidelines…

Best: XM satalite radio. WHUR's "Quiet Storm" and Michael Baisden, 3WT for finally bringing Neal Boortz to the airwaves in the DC region. Best DC news, WRC channel 4 BEST website on these topics, DCRTV. Thanks Dave for all of your hard work.
Worst: The idea of merging XM with Sirrius. Criticism of 3WT by many as "unlistenable". Perhaps you were not ready for Neal Boortz, or you don't understand. Give him a chance! I am a 15 year long listener to Boortz out of Atlanta, so ANY station that carries Neal Boortz is quite listenable to me. When I travel to DC (frequently) I enjoy hearing the show there without having to go online. Compared to other cities, DC has many talk radio stations and shows to choose from, be greatful for the options. Also worst, is Radio One for consistantly having low power signals in most of their markets. Their stations hard to reach when inside buildings or driving into the suburbs. DC is no exception as their 102.3 is very weak. WTOP newsradio is now a disgrace. WUSA-TV 9 is the worst of the DC area TV news.

BEST - WYPR, continuing to spend on state and regional news. Meet the Press. DeYoung and Co. at WPOC, still chugging along. Marty Bass for President. WPOC's/WMZQ's Michael J, who near as I can tell works 24/7, and former WPOCer Jennifer Phoenix, who apparently took off for Havre de Grace (didn't see a post on this!). WTOP. WTMD. Both Baltimore and DC media for pumping up coverage of Navy football in what was clearly going to be Paul Johnson's last year, right through Army/Navy in Baltimore -- now keep it up in future years. The news staff at WHAG, laboring in obscurity. The Sports Bog. Towson, American, JMU and other schools on Comcast SportsNet. The (majority of) Baltimore radio and TV stations that have the courtesy to post relevant Pennsylvania school closings and even occasionally read a Keystone State wire story. DCRTV, obviously.
WORST - WYPR, signing on in Ocean City; the Eastern Shore already has public radio, and no station in Baltimore is going to serve those listeners adequately. Mix 106.5 -- awful. Washington Post Radio for existing, and WTOP for leaving 3WT on 820AM. Everything else Comcast does. Kane; not enough is said about how he also ruins things for a national audience as John Garabedian's poor Open House Party understudy. The Sun, for pretending that Pennsylvania is not an adjacent state; although thousands of people are commuting from York County to Hunt Valley, Towson and Baltimore daily now, The Sun won't even include Pennsylvania briefs... nor will even though that's just extra electrons, not newsprint... and the website doesn't list Pennsylvania school closings, even though they'll note when bloody Garrett County schools are on a one-hour delay. People who complain that stations like WMDT hire kids; maybe if small-market journalism paid a livable wage, it'd be different. Fox News -- quit lying.
Anonymous in York County, PA

Best - Elliot (who has a real talent interviewing) and Diane, Don and Mike and Buzz and Robbay. Thanks Don for entertaining me for 20+ years. Going to miss you - enjoy life. 94.7's HD2, WTOP (nice to hear Frank Herzog there), and XM radio which I listen to all the time when not listening to the formerly mentioned shows. Thanks to George Michael who I listened to on WFIL in Philadelphia to being the best damn Sports Anchor ever, what talent.
Worst - Barbara Harrison, WRC in general for the gutting the station's heart, Jack Diamond (who I am forced to listen to at the Dentist), Larry Michael (Frank is still missed).

Best: The changes WJFK has made this year. Adding Jim Rome, Big O and Dukes, the Hideout, and Maryland basketball are all positives. Quickly nixing the trainwreck that was Unzipped, and canning Bill O'Reilly (FINALLY!!!) were addition by subtraction. The station actually sounds good for the first time in years. Another "Best" was the Globe for the first month it was on the air. God it sounded great for a few weeks. WTOP for always being there. WJLA for picking up Arch Campbell.
Worst: Elliot. Angry Don Geronimo. He used to be so funny, now he's just mean. Opie and Anthony's snoozefest. Any jocks on DC101 who think they are funny. Triple X Espn Radio... what a disaster. Redskins Radio's Sonny, Sam, and Larry for being totally out of it at this point. NBC 4's budget cuts. What The Globe ended up turning into.

Best; XM radio, all gazillion channels, including Fine Tuning, the Decades channel Sixties on Six go Phlash!, and the Classical channels. HD radio on FM especially WETA's return to classical music, received in HD in Hagerstown. WYPF 88.1 for NPR news now that WAMU is JAMMED by some holly roller radio station on 88.3. WTOP Traffic, thank you!
Worst; HD radio on AM, it sucks, it's a bad idea, stick to FM, XM merger, if any of the DC operation is cut. Lisa Baden on WTOP when she starts singing, otherwise we love her. FCC filling the public radio end of the spectrum with creepy religious broadcasters, stick them where they belong, in the commercial part of the band. Doug Tract / Grease leaving radio, he belongs on XM.
MG in HagMD

BEST MORNING RADIO: Tom Joyner Morning Show... BEST AFTERNOON RADIO: WHUR-Michael Baisden... BEST ANCHOR: Jim Vance...
WORST ANCHOR:Barbara Harrison...

BEST: Dennis Miller's afternoon show on WTNT - intelligent and funny talk radio.
WORST: Loss of the Greaseman. There is so little good on the radio that we need the Grease back. There was nothing in the morning after he left. Now I'm trying to hear Don Imus but it's difficult on WABC.

Best: Elliot In The Morning. Howard Stern (West Coast feed). Jim Rome.
Worst: Kane. Big O And Dukes.

BEST: XM Radio (Especially Bob Dylan's "Theme Time Radio Hour"), TV Anchor: Gordon Peterson, Weather: Doug Hill (I like Tony Perkins and Sue Palka, but Doug is the man!), Sports : George Michaels*, Reporter: Karen Gray Houston, Radio personalities: Don & Mike. (side note: Somebody bring back WHFS and put Damien and Weasel back on it!)
Worst: Radio's Jack Diamond (puh-LEEEEEEZE!!!) or Rush LimpBah (puh-yuke), TV Anchor: Channel 5's Will Thomas (why is he on TV?). Satellite TV: The worst is the FCC not allowing me to get Baltimore channels! Commercials: Eastern Motors ads are SOOOOOOOOO lame (surprised the Skins players agreed to them. Unless they are paying them big bucks!), Koons Toyota: Gotta mute as soon at I hear Krystal's voice! (Sorry, Krystal. I am sure you are a lovely person but it's fingernails on a chalkboard to me!). And I know they aren't local commercials, but: eHarmony and Viagra commercials! GAWD!!! Any time I hear "Viva Viagra" I want to "go Elvis" on the TV!!! and finally: *WHY IN THE HELL WOULD ANYONE TAKE GEORGE MICHAELS OFF OF TV??!! (Oh! and bring back the Sonny, Sam, and FRANK show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
-Dr. Hardcrab, California, MD

The Best: thankful that Howard Stern is still on the air because he continues to do what he does best; warming to the "Junks" on WJFK, but also glad for Opie&Anthony, and the return of Imus. These morning professionals underscore by contrast the unrelenting AARP/ downmarket mindset of what's on AM talk in DC, chiefly the train wreck at 3WT (except when Kornheiser is on) and tone dead WMAL, though Grandy has some chops. Hey, programmers, we're not all aging baby boomers who hang out at Costco. The Best II: David Burd when he did what he does best, weekend mornings. Why did his bosses feel they had to fix something that wasn't broken? The Best III: Mark Plotkin on anything political in general and DC in particular. The Best IV: Having online to ask us silly questions like this.
The Worst: whatever it is that's happening to WTOP. Still tops in the ratings, but less and less about serious hard news. It gets softer and messier while I'm listening. It used to have integrity. What happened? Time for someone to bring on a challenge. Are you listening, WMAL? The Worst II: 3WT is, in a word, unlistenable (again, with the exception of Kornheiser). They took a great opportunity and made it into mindless airwaves pollution. Garbage in, garbage out.

Best: Dennis Miller on WTNT, the return of Don Imus, Elliot In The Morning, Laura Ingraham, The coverage of Sean Taylor's tragic death, The Military Channel, "Live With Dan Abrams" on MSNBC, "The Soup" on E!, "Morning Joe" on MSNBC, Monica Crowley on WTNT on Saturdays.
Worst: Too much Sean Hannity on Fox and WMAL, the morning show on WTNT, Rush Limbaugh's guests hosts, the over-coverage of missing women on Fox

BEST your site of course!!! AND IT'S ACADEMIC and MAC McGARRY. 47 years with the same host and crew for the most part. Congratulations DAD!!!!!!!
WORST, Greaseman going off the airwaves to contemplate life out of radio. C'MON back soon DOODAD DADDY!!!!!!
Thanks dave MARK McGARRY................................

Worst for the Baltimore Market: ABC 2, WBAL 11, WJZ (CBS) 13, and/or FOX 45 not going HD with their newscasts and local programs yet. Worst for the DC Market: NBC 4, FOX 5, ABC 7/NewsChannel 8 not giong HD with their newscast and local programs yet. 4 beginning its tank in the ratings. 4 beginning to repeat 9's pattern of letting good talent slip away. 5's NewsEdge at 6PM. Still missing Jess Atkinson on channel 9, I guess.
Best for the Baltimore Market: Can't think of anything good at this time. Best for the DC Market: ABC 7 putting NBC 4 to shame in the ratings. Looking forward to Cynne' Simpson's debut on 7 and 8 sometime in 2008.
Merry Christmas and Happy 2008! Eric from Atlanta

Best: WTOP for News/Traffic WETA for Musique - hurray for keeping classical in DC!!!
Worst: WMAL - they should go back to doing "Variety Radio" Any CC station (espcially WASH - blech! - so much processing it makes my ears tired and my head hurt.) Biggest Blunder: Bonneville dumping WGMS.

Best: DCRTV (duuuh) ABC7 News – Leon Harris, Allison Starling, Pamela Brown (young, but lots of potential) Doug Hill. The whole team at Politico = fantastic reporting. NewsChannel 8’s Bruce DuPuyt. Sirius for bringing me BBC Radio 1 in the AM, and 94.7 if I’m forced to listen to music on terrestrial radio. HD radio for making over the air sound better. DirecTV for finally getting with the HD bandwagon. And of course, WTOP – the king of local radio (Farley’s still got the touch)
Worst: WMAL. W*USA – my, oh my how the mighty have fallen – it’s downright unwatchable. Especially the co-anchor next to Tracey – is it just me or does he look like a robot? WRC for the layoffs - *stupid* Washington Post – again for gutting what was once a great paper – do these guys even cover politics anymore? Rupert Murdoch for slowly buying / controlling everything we read / hear / watch. All of the Fox news channels. Writers strike – I mean c’mon isn’t an average salary of over $200k enough?!?!?

Best: Don and Mike in the afternoon. Please don't retire Don. TV Anchors: Jim and Maureen on 4. Weather: Doug Hill. Morning show: Anything with David Burd on it, especially the TK show starring David Burd. Does Tony have to come back? Chris Plant on WMAL. Give this guy a primie time slot.

DCRTV gets my vote for another great year of keeping us informed about the inside workings of Radio and Television. Congratulations!!...Best radio station WTOP...Best morning show Donnie Simpson...afternoon show John Thompson, only because of the great guests he lines up..all night..Jim Bohannon, again great guests .. Sports, Johnny Holliday still the best whether it's Maryland play by play, Nats pre and post game, commercials, Theatre...he does it all with such class....TV sportscaster, a complete void, oh how I miss Frank Herzog!! Weather Doug Hill...TV anchor.Gordon and Maureen on traffic Bob Marburg.. still enjoy Ed Walker on WAMU. Making the best of a bad situation David Burd for Tony Kornheiser!
Worst...morning show WMAL..what a joke!!!! worst play by play Larry Michael with Dave Johnson a close second... worst traffic reporter, Lisa Baden. worst newscaster on Radio the guy on WMAL who can't pronounce "W"..don;t even know his name...worst sports station...WTEM and Red Zebra tie for the honor, and lets give Doc Walker the nod for worst cliche's on radio....worst void on radio, no Oldies station, we sure could use one
Happy Holiday's

Best -- Charlie and Dave with Nationals PBP- Bang Zoom is growing on me, and they bring genuine energy and excitement to game coverage that you don't hear that much anymore. Craig Heist and Phil Wood - two of the best on baseball, no matter where they're working. Sean and Diane, and Bruce and Richard on TOP. All four are people I enjoyed having with me in the car on my commute. (See the worst for the rest of the story). Doug Hill on weather on 7 and on TOP. Michael Baisden for his committment to his "family". Tony K the few months he's actually on the radio. Nighttime pattern changes that allow us to listen to stations outside the DC market that are better than anything DC has to offer on AM. CH 4's news team - no matter what the ratings say.
Worst - Comcast. Daytime programming on Sportstalk 980. John Thompson is unlistenable. Danny's stations aren't much better (except for Riggo). 3WT - another unlistenable station. David Burd - better on the weekend than as a regular morning guy. Syndicated programming. Washington Post Radio - thank god it's gone. TOP for cutting loose one of the best news people on radio (Kepley) and breaking up a team with proven success and solid news cred. TOP for bringing back Moss and breaking up another team that worked (Bruce and Richard). Music programmers (pick any station in town) who agree to go along with corporate suits and air limited playlists. Weekend traffic reports on any station.

Best: WTOP. Not just my opinion, look at their solid ratings. WETA preserving the classical format. Doug Hill, Lisa Baden, Mike Moss. DCRTV.
Worst: Channel 4 and 9 layoffs. They are making it easy for 7 for climb to the top, eventually. Channel 5 10pm news. That's news?!!?

Best: Dave Hughes/DCRTV...this is a great site (and yes, I have donated to support the cause) Morning: Donnie Simpson who is not only good looking and local, but gives listeners more than just the same 10 damn songs (big ups for the chat about Led Zeppelin. I learned and gained a new appreciation about a group that I had never paid much attention.) Plus, Donnie is one of the few people that has the authority to play what he wants:Cashmere by LZ on an "urban" station, an artist's entire new CD, the same song back to back...great show!!! Sports: Dave Johnson for Wizards play-by-play, Mark Gray-WOL/The Sports Groove (someone who actually realizes that there are other local teams in the area besides the Redskins). Traffic: Lisa Baden who is THE QUEEN of traffic (I don't know how anyone could manage mornings in this area without her). Bob Marburg-I appreciate his "slow talking" during the ride home. Satellite: XM Suite 62, The Groove and the XM classical channels--hope they don't get axed in the merger. Talk: WOL-they acutually have a few of the shows that offer something other than folks whining about the same issues all day long. Oliva Fox-WKYS-(welcome back to the area) great late night radio show!!
Worst: All terrestial radio stations for only playing 11 songs a day (regardless of the format...they ALL do it!!). Fox 5 for not figuring out a way to chain Lark McCarthy to the news desk so she wouldn't move away (the morning show is not the same!!!). And who's idea was it at Fox 5 to change to the red, white and blue everywhere on the's too much for the morning!! Easterns Motors commercials and that damn jingle!!! All other sports shows who really believe that the Redskins are the only team that exist in this area ALL YEAR AROUND, unless of course one of the other teams happens to be winning. Huggie Low-Down for selling out the show that got him started...i guess he forgot that it was the references to the local area that made him his reports just suck. The Donnie Simpson Show when Donnie goes on vacation-the downside is having to listen to the folks "fill in" when he's gone for 3 weeks at at time. 99.5 morning show guy for hiring a PI on his co-host's man...that was just dead wrong.
The Sports Vixen

Best: Radio - Dave Johnson, play-by-play for the Wizards, continues to do a great job. After years of working without a color commentator, he has seamlessly worked in his new broadcast partner this season. TV-FOX5s Dave Feldman is still the man when it comes to Sports in the DC area.
Worst: Radio – Dan Patrick taking the place of good local segments on AM980. TV – Brett Haber, no doubt.

BEST: WMAL Chris Plante, class act. Talks facts, not dogma.
Best: Gordon, Maureen, & Doug at 6; Alison & Doug in the AM; Classical WETA; John Chester; 102.7 Jack-FM; XM Channel "Fred"; Bob Marbourg; DCRTV.
Worst: Fox 5 News; 99.9% of commercial radio; Diane Kepley getting the boot; Andy Pollin; the demises of Vegas Radio; WAGE dropping local programming.
Dave in LoCo

Best: Cap’n Willie and the WBOC 16 news chopper. He’d never make it in a larger market, but on the Shore his schtick works. WDSD for putting the country format back on 94.7 and sliding the lame River on lower-powered 92.9. WGMD – 92.7 for bringing high school football back to radio.
Worst: WMDT – Channel 47. Their best reporter (Kenny Beck) leaves for greener pastures and they replace him with another kid. Why can’t they hire somebody older than 16 to do the news? WGMD – 92.7 for letting former PM Drive host Randy Nelson leave, and for the hideous new announcer who does the sports play by play and the Blue Hen Report. WBOC TV and Fox 21 for playing hardball with Comcast and forcing them to blackout syndicated programming. Was that really necessary?

Best: Don & Mike, wish they were on from morning until night. WTOP is good for traffic & weather. Rest of commercial radio is pretty sad...
Worst: Jack Diamond and Christmas carols 24/7 since Halloween. WTOP for actual "news." Basically, main WTOP has been pseudo-Washington Post radio for ages, meaning they have an editor come in in the morning, read the post and summarize stories. You can actually hear the progress as the morning goes along and they get thorugh more articles in the morning and realize the source upon reading the actual paper. And can we please stop the listener call-ins (I really don't care about how you met your mate or what you think about a certain topic), the "pass it on" dork stories, or the eternal "pain at the pump" segments - I see how much gas costs when I put it in my car, thank you. They have very little original or self-initiated info anymore. TV news: the budget cuts show in so many ways, from the loss of great people like George Michael, Arch Campbell, Susan Kidd, etc., to the generic reports with no-name people in unnamed cities. Just because a local reporter does the voice over, we are not fooled into believing the story was done locally.

Best: WTOP for news, traffic and such and for yuks in the morning if you like it. If not, please see below. Music? My CDs. For TV news the best be Ch's 4 & 7. Sports. At the stadium watching for real and live so there are no graphics to get in my way (that crap all over the screen) and no blah-blah-blah from announcers. Talk folks: I like Grandy and Andy; nothing wrong there.
Worst: Radio announcer: Mike Moss. Worst radio: just about all of them. TV news: Ch. 5 of course. Everyone knows that. No secret around here. WTTG news is awful. Just awful.

BEST: Anchors; Jim Vance and Gordon Peterson. Sports: Charlie Slowes on Nats broadcasts. Dave Johnson calling the Wizards (there's no one better). Behind scenes: Bill Lord and ABC 7 knocking WRC off it's perch. Mike McMearty keeping WTOP on TOP.

Best of the Best: Dave Hughes and another great year of DCRTV. This site makes me feel really connected to Washington, and it's clear that local radio and TV brings a lot of us together as a community. I wish that the media decision makers could keep their fingers on the pulse of this town as well as you do, Dave. Your passion really shines through. Best of the Rest, in no particular order: DC radio traffic reporters - love them all! They work extra hard, with really crappy hours, and help keep us sane when all we see is an ocean of brakelights stretching to the horizon. Mike Sorce - Once again he brought humanity and reality to his show as tragedy struck again with the death of his bio dad. He was eloquent and honest as he discussed his relationships with a very difficult family. Through his whole tumultuous life he has strived to make sure his son and daughter (and now grandkids!) won't feel that rejection. Salute to Don! Also to Mike O'Meara, who is assuming more and more responsibility for the show as Don prepares to make his solo voyage next year. The Sports Reporters - I like my sports live and local, thankyewverymuch.
Worst: Why do we get Dan Patrick twice a day? Once is almost too much. I miss the Andrew Siciliano game night show.

Best : Don and Mike, Holly Morris ( She’s responsible for my being late to work more often than not, little minx.)
Worst : KMS on HFS (Please lets keep calling Panama for football picks)Don’t use the radio feature on your alarm clock with theses guys. You might never wake up.

Best: Mark Gray for "The Sports Groove" talk show on WOL, Wizards radio network for adding Glenn Consor to the broadcasts, making a good broadcast even better. Johnny Holliday at Maryland and Rich Chvotkin at Georgetown -- couldn't imagine broadcasts of their basketball teams without them. Praise 104 for FINALLY bringing gospel music to FM radio!
Worst: Channel 9 for getting rid of Joyce Jackson for Sports. The 10-second delay that doesn't allow turning the sound down on tv to listen to games on the radio. The almost TOTAL lack of talk in the local broadcast media about the steadily growing and successful local pro and amateur boxing scene here in the area.
Gary Williams, Bowie, MD

Best: The unbridled excitement of the two obscure broadcasters doing the Appalachian State-Michigan football game when they realized their team had pulled the big upset. Nothing profound or pretentious, such spontaneous—the way radio should be. I never got tired of hearing the replay.
Worst: Two-way tie. Listening to John Sterling say, “Yankees win, Yan-keez winn, yeaaaaa.” I got real freaking tired of that. That and “You’re Everything” by Michael Boob-Lay.
Marty Madden, Prince Frederick

Best: WRC 6PM News Cast, Steve Villanueva…love his personable presentation, Dan Helle, WCBS FM bringing back the Oldies
Worst: NBC's budget cuts, worst channel: fox 5, Radio Station WMAL, Comcast is awful
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas- Neil in DC

Best: WETA going Classical. WGTS not being sold. WPFW when they play blues and jazz. The Junkies when they talk about their personal lives. Don and Mike when they are on their game. FIOS on demand. Lisa Baden.
Worst: WPFW with their ultra left-wing talk. No more Greaseman. The Junkies when they interview some dim-witted jock or coach.
TC from SS

Best - Bill Rohland and Ric Wilson for their underrated radio calls of George Mason men's basketball, Towson's Charla & Mirna for their run on "The Amazing Race: All-Stars," Nicole O'Brian & Angie Goff for not being Tracy Metro, WTEM's Feldman & Maloney for however long they lasted, the Washington Capitals for jumping away from a radio outlet that hated them, WAMU HD-3, WETA-FM classical, WTOP-FM news.
Worst - The entity formerly known as Triple X ESPN Radio, the entity formerly known as The Tony Kornheiser Show, Sam Huff, Tracy Metro, collapse of WAGE & WGMS, terrestrial collapse of WTRI, WTTG/5's 11 p.m. Edge, WTTG/5's 11 a.m. watercooler, NBC 2.0, ESPN dumping Joe Theismann, everything non-sports on 3WT, WJFK-FM for no longer airing NASCAR, local sports media in general for ignoring the Washington Glory's championship run.
- Everett W.

BEST: Anchors – Leon Harris/ and I have to agree: “the Queen Cougar”, the very MILFy Doreen Gentzler… Best Weatherperson: Doug Hill… Sports Anchor: Tim Brant/Greg Toland make a solid team… Michael Jenkins is very underrated at CSN…. Play-by-Play: Johnny Holliday by a very wide margin… Sports Reporter: CSN’s Lisa Hillary is nice change of pace… Radio Talk Show Host: Bob Edwards is still the king… Morning Radio Show: Nothing out there comes close to the information and banterless presentation like NPR’s “Morning Edition” but if you have to have some banter, David Burd is your man… Sports Talk Host: WTEM’s Phil Wood by a wide margin… Niche Expert: NC8 & 3WT’s Pat Goss… Untapped Talent: AOL Sports’ Greg Wyshynski, who’s been hilarious on the ESPN shows he’s graced from time-to-time & George Michael, who should be hosting his own oldies show by now… Daily must-read site: &
WORST: Anchor: Barbara “Mumbles” Harrison still reigns… Weatherperson: Anybody on the Metro Networks… Sports Anchor: Larry Michael on that dreadful Redskins Radio show.. Play-by-play: The Redskins Radio team/Media empire needs to clean house completely.. Sonny still has his moments but it’s time for a new look and a new sound… Sports commentator: Kornheiser on MNF- A deer in the headlights… Radio Talk Show Host.. It’s tough to listen to Diane Rehm these days.. Love her to death but the pipes need a rest (Speakin of rusty pipes, has anyone heard Dick Vitale lately?.. He needs some serious time off right now!).. Morning Radio Show: Tony Kornheiser- MIA… SportsTalk Host: John Thompson gets great guests but his slow monotone delivery is a definite tune-out… Niche Expert: Warren Brown – Stick to your strengths: your incomparable column…. Daily must-not read site: Washington Times news & sports-it’s pop-up hell!

Best: The Donnie Simpson Show. Always classy. The Godfather Jim Vance and the Queen Cougar Doreen G. Sonny and Sam for their tolerance of whats his name during Redskins games. WTOP for catching me up in 10 minutes every morning. Eastern Motors commercials. Frank Herzog for refusing to give up even when he should be recognized with Jim Vance status. Increased visability of GMU sports (they are local!)
Worst: Syndicated morning DJ's. Huggy Lowdown for selling out and going with said syndicated morning DJ's. larry michaels (doesn't even qualify for capital letters). USA Network and Spike for not having HD versions. Sports coverage of teams 3 plus hours away (VT?! UVA?!)
- Reggie from Hoodbridge

Best: Play by Play announcer Frank Herzog, Sports guy Craig Heist and best Eastern Shore morning show not on the air anymore the Hitman and Company down the Ocean, I miss those guys.
Worst: WQMR fm 101.1 (Jack Gillen) in the morning and lets not forget Anita Marks on MASN, God does she have the hair and face for radio or what?

Best: Merry Christmas….Yes, I can still say that…..and Seasons Greetings to the rest of you in the PC Police….lots of bests this year….lets start with the birth (not resurrection) of Channel 7…you have to wonder why the pinheads at Channels 4 & 9 would let all that wonderful talent, knowledge, and tradition go across town….Gordon, Maureen, Doug, Arch, etc., how could they not be allowed to stay in place….Channel 7 actually is a bona fide DC Market worthy station after years of mediocrity….Channel 4 for the Sports Co-Anchors…Lindsay and Dan…outstanding, and in spite of some opinions…Washingtonian Magazine has never looked better than this month’s Edition….what a cover…Lindsay & Alison….WOW!!!! Also, at Channel 4 Sports…at least George, Sonny, et al are still doing the Redskins information… much better that watching those “wannabees” over at 9 standing outside Redskin Park doing their reports, like pests trying to sneak inside….Redskin Management is wise keeping them outside…..…Finally HD is becoming the rule, not the exception….all the broadcasts look so much better….Keep us posted on all the talent in the DC Market that are JMU Grads…there are so many success stories from that Grad Pool, including DCR Dave….
Worst: Channel 9….Let’s start, hmmmmm….what a target rich environment….Tracy Metro???? Are you kidding???…dumping Nicole for that disaster???….how about the cartoon traffic graphics…looks like a return to the 50’s….maybe they will bring back black and white local newscasts….got all those traffic cameras, so we get to see green, yellow and red cartoon cars moving on drawn streets…..amazing (Did I miss something???). Brett Haber…check out his bio on the WUSA Web page….he is referred to as Mr. Haber….large ego going on here???….I guess……after all he is a legend in his own mind……he should be…after all, he couldn’t cut it at ESPN….then as the backup on Fox5…no, that didn’t work either…oh yeah, lets try radio…his face is obviously made for that…..wonder what’s next??? Maybe a move to a major market, I know, the Shenandoah Valley…the local station there (about #300 or so) needs a sports anchor…he probably couldn’t cut it there either and I hope we never find out…seeing him at a safe distance on cable is bad enough…..How about Mike Walter and his bad, no, really bad toupee….it shines, no, it glistens and sparkles, under the lights in the studio….be careful… might melt just like the polyester leisure suits of the 70’s…kind of goes with management thinking going on over at Gannett…..I think they may need to issue a toxic waste alert…..Kim Martucci????...makes me wish Hilton Kaderli was still doing the weather in his Nehru Jackets…now for the worst of the worst….Larry “the hack” Michael….Dan Snyder…I hope you read this… could you possibly get rid of Frank Herzog for that clown???? The best broadcast team doing NFL on radio…Sonny, Sam & Frank….bring ‘em back…PLEASEM
Chip in Harrisonburg

Bests: WTOP - the one station everyone listens to. The Tony Kornheiser Show WITH Tony Kornheiser. XM radio. Classical WETA. FIOS
Worsts: Comcast. The Tony Kornheiser Show without Tony Kornheiser starring David Burd. WMAL's syndicated hate radio (remember when they were the station everyone listened to?). WRC's cuts - especially George Michael and Arch Campbell (just plain dumb). Fox Five Blood and Guts News. Red Zebra and Larry Michaels - crass and classless.

Best: Elliot and the Class. Roche and Donnielle Flynn. Chick Hernandez and Michael Jenkins. Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin. Bob Carpenter and Don Sutton. Washington Post sports writers.
Worst: Whoever is in charge of hiring David Lee, Chris Miller, and Jill Sorenson at Comcast SportsNet. MASN and Peter Angelos. T-Bag on DC101. 99.1 is still a spanish station. (bring back the real whfs) Will"ma" Thomas on Fox 5. Brett Haber and the WUSA sports anchors. Larry Michael. DC101 for letting Donnielle Flynn go.
VJ (another DC sports fan)

BEST: WUSA 9’s growing momentum (yep, it’s there), WRC’s not-unexpected slow demise, the always classy and charming Sue Palka on WTTG, Topper Shutt’s funny new promo with Brett Haber, fresh faced Angie Goff on WUSA (who makes DC traffic palatable), WTTG’s elegant Laura Evans, Brett Haber’s sports writing and sports sense, 9’s Lesli Foster (the market’s most underrated TV anchor), Katherine Green thankfully leaving DC TV, WASH FM’s Christmas music (to a point), Radio One exec Jack Murray, 89.3 WPFW’s fabulous music which makes my Saturdays and Sundays even better, WUSA’s new website, and the BEST of all: my wonderful family.
WORST: WJLA’s claim of 11pm history-making supremacy (when they only won the Nov sweep by two tenths of a rating point), WJLA’s classless “11pm win” banner display in front of WRC’s sign and their Hannah Montana giveaway on their 11PM news (is this what it’s come to?), FOX 5’s tabloid presentation and annoyingly endless teasing to their 11 in their 10pm show, Lindsey Czarniak & Alison Starling touting the area’s best Happy Hours on the cover of Washingtonian (is it just me or is that odd?), Tim Brant, the fact that no local broadcast radio is playing classical Christmas music anymore (or am I missing something), the ugly commercial on TV now with the small person cast as an elf.

Best - The Globe, sometimes. WETA going Classical. WAMU. House. Sunday night AND Monday night football (with the sound turned down).
Worst - The Globe, the rest of the time. Missing BBC overnight from WETA. The Today Show. Dumping Soledad on CNN. Sean Taylor coverage -- why keep the coverage going ALL day when there was nothing to report -- just led to folks speculating on what may or may not have occurred (that said, RIP #21). Mr. Tony on MNF -- he needs to stay on PTI and radio -- need to replace him with a good, retired defensive player to banter with offensive Jaws. MNF - celebrity interviews DURING the game!

Best: Phil Wood back on the local airwaves to talk baseball; Charlie Slowes and Dave Jaegler doing the PBP on Nats broadcasts (with a tip of the "Curly W" cap to Steve Ray for his production work); the alternative radio source that is XM; Bob Barker - congratulations on your long career and enjoy your retirement; Ed Walker, Bob Edwards, Gordon Peterson, Doug Hill, Bob Marbourg, Dave McConnell, and the Car Guys; my Dad on NPR; this web site.
Worst: the demise of Leesburg's WAGE and Brunswick's WTRI, especially WAGE with the shedding of the local air talent and the lack of local (i.e. - Loudoun County) news and events coverage; with few exceptions (see above) the sad state of local terrestrial radio; WMAL - for those of you old enough to remember, go back 30 years in your minds, recall how that station sounded, compare it to today, and you'll shake your heads sadly like I do; Larry Michael; Bryant Gumbel's PBP on the NFL Network (Red Barber would have been all over him for blowing the call of the missed field goal during last week's 'Skins-Bears game); Comcast for being Comcast; the lousy AM signal patterns west of the DC area.
Great Site Dave! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everybody! Joe Kasell

BEST: DC 101's Hair Metal day with no DJ's, WRC 6PM News Cast, WUSA Newscast being in HD. Comcast Sports Net HD for their great HD broadcasts of the Capitals, DC United and the Wizards. Verizon FIOS.
WORST: The Day after DC 101's Hair Metal day with no DJ's. WRC's 4-6PM News Cast. WRC, WJLA and WTTG not having HD News Broadcasts. MASN for no HD baseball. MASN just for being. WTOP's endless use of soundbytes that try to relay the news but fail. WTOP's traffic reports that never seem to notify you of traffic where you are even though you are stuck bumper to bumper. Verizon FIOS not available in the City of Alexandria.

Best: WTOP's dependability, CSPAN simulcasting morning talk radio shows, Mix 107.3, Elliot, Big 100.3, and (of course) DCRTV's media coverage.
Worst: News 4 without George Michael, Susan Kidd, Arch Campbell...Vibegirls' screetchy, 12-year-old-annoyingly-fake voice on Hot 99.5...The Globe...Fox 5 'trying' to compete with the real TV news outlets at 11....and hearing Satellite radio ads on terrestrial stations!

Best: WETA-FM dropping all-yak to repair Bonneville's disastrous decision. WETA-FM getting back into producing local concert broadcasts. WCTR for sounding like a real local radio station. WJLA's Local Point TV on 7.3.
Worst: WNUV dropping The Tube because they couldn't deal with E/I. The death of The Tube 9 months later, and no replacement service yet on WDCW's 50.2. (hint: American Life TV!) No subchannels at all on WTTG, WJZ, WFDC, WDCA, WUTB, WHUT, WDCW, WNUV. The undeserved killing of WGMS. MPT dropping their HD service. MPT's V-me. MPT's seemingly nothing-but-washed-up-rock-and-rollers primetime schedule. MPT's hasn't-changed-in-25-years Britcom lineup.

Best: WTOP -- dependable but never too predictable. Mike Moss, Bruce Alan, Lisa Baden and Doug Hill help us keep our sanity during that nasty morning commute. Like hearing Bob Kur's reports every morning. Love the addition of Hillary Howard with Shawn Anderson in the afternoon -- warm and personable, as well as professional. If there's breaking news, WTOP has it first. Mark Segraves breaks a lot of stories -- is there any other radio station that has an investigative reporter? Best Television -- Channel 7's Gordon Peterson and Leon Harris; Doug Hill is great, whether in front of the camera or on the radio.
Worst: TV: Fox 5 -- too many stories seem to be 10 seconds with a wipe and a sound effect. A little more patience, please. Radio: Red Zebra. The Redskins are frustrating enough, without the added difficulty of finding a decent radio signal.

Best: As a person who lives in Warrenton gets Triple X ESPN all the way on my commute to Fairfax, Greenie and Golic, the John Riggins Show and the Pulse w/ Doug Gottlieb
Worst: having to listen to Joe Jacoby at 630am during Monday morning commutes talking about the Redskins, win or lose. having to listen to more Redskins talk on my way home on Monday nights, win or lose (i heard it all in the morning). not being able to listen to Big O and Dukes on WJFK when Triple X ESPN Radio programming is preempted for VT Football or Basketball, b/c Big O and Dukes have been preempted for Maryland Football or Basketball. no longer having the opportunity to "turn down the TV and turn up the radio" b/c of Larry Michael.

Best: XM Sat'lite Radioooo, Xm202 and Opie and Anthony doing the funniest most honest radio on the air today, Ron and Fez, XM 65 The Rhyme, XMKids 116, and XM 54 Lucy. The Junks in the morning, Kornheiser on the radio and on PTI with Wilbon, Lindsay Czarniak - may she bless our Hi-def television screens for decades (rowr!), Dish Network for carrying MASN and MASN2. Keith Olbermann and the *real* Liberal Media - it's about time.
Worst: Kornheiser on MNF - the experiment failed so just give up already, The gasbag who took over for Tony on WTWP, The XM-Sirius "merger" which will basically be the death of XM and all their on-air talent, Cable television - as relevant as rotary phones. Limbaugh, Hannity, and O'Reilly - who say things a thousand times more offensive than Imus every day but get a free pass for whatever reason. Fox Opinion, errr Fox "News" - their next example of honest journalism will be their first. WORSTEST EVER: Fox 5 - I'll NEVER forgive you for letting Michelle Sigonia leave!

BEST: Channel 7 News with Leon Harris and Doug Hill. Sue Palka on 5. WTOP's Bob Marbourg. He's the best traffic reporter in the United States, and if he sounds angry, it's because of the incompetence of aggressive road idiots or the local DOT's. nightime listening from CHWO 740 in Toronto. a huge variety of music from the '40s through the '70s; I'm constantly going, "oh wow!"
WORST: Comcast, hands-down. if they spent one-tenth as much on customer service as they do on advertising.... WETA's Beg-a-Thons. it's a necessary evil, but please, at least try to be entertaining about it instead of sounding like you read off cue cards. Channel 4 news. I've seen slicker, tighter presentations in Bangor, Maine!
Ernie Watts. Sunderland, MD

Best: Television: Doug Hill's Weather, and Allison Starling on WJLA...Allison should be moved to Kathleen Matthews old slot for good!!! Radio: WTOP for News, weather and traffic. WETA....for picking up Classical from WGMS.
Worst: Televsion: WUSA's News...they don't seem to get it. Radio: The demise of WGMS....and WTOP for taking the classical and ruining it by NOT retaining WGMS talent and then begging for dollars.
Jeff Embry

WORST: Troy and Jon Boo-Suck-Me on 1057. Definetly the worst talk show EVER. Troy needs to get a real job. Jon needs to stop living on the past.
BEST: None.

Best ..... XM Radio, especially XM 5 Specialty Shows.... another vote for Matt The Cat AND XM 6 Terry 'Motormouth' Young. Motormouth highlights AM stations from across the country circa 1960's which is simply pure radio ear candy is a true pleasure.
WORST..... advent of HD signals, especially AM which ruins nighttime radio DXing. Free radio? A $300 reciever! Nope, who are THEY kidding?
Dave in Waldorf

Best : Gotta love WTOP.. it's a utility.... dependable. Like expecting the lights to go on when you want to throw that switch. The morning banter between Mike and Bruce comes off as natural. They seem to know what the listener is thinking in main street speak! (Yeah even between those .. gotta pay the bills.... "defense speak" I.T. commercials) Can't say enuf positive about the lineup overall... they are all great.
WORST: It has to be Red Zebra . AND listening to Larry Michael must boost sales of Tylenol. What a headache... (Hmmm Redskins ## Patriots ## whatever.. "brought to you by Tylenol" )

BEST - XM Channel 5 especially Matt The Cat
WORST - WRC-TV local news without Arch, George, Susan, etc.

Best: Jock no longer heard locally...Ken Merson... Best: Radio station no longer heard locally..WTRI Vegas Radio... Best: Play by Play announcer no longer heard locally..Frank Herzog...

BEST: Bob Carpenter back on MASN. "The Tony Kornheiser Show starring David Burd" and the posse. Tony Kornheiser. "Traffic and Weather together on the eights" on WTOP...especially with Lisa Baden and Doug Hill. WFLS.
WORST: Jim London and Seth Warner fired from WMZQ. Ben Campbell leaving WMZQ. WMZQ. Radio 3WT (except for the above Best mention). Redskins broadcast on WBIG. The demise of WGMS.
Merry Christmas from Maryb in Centreville, VA

Best: Although they are low-keying it now, WTOP's non-stop repeat of traffic and weather reports on their HD-3 Channel is a pretty neat idea. If HD ever catches onj, they will have oceanfront property. WTOP, of course, for being the solid, dependable news and information source for the whole region. I love all-news on FM. WETA for going classical. I don't know if I like WTGB or not but give them credit for trying something new along with Wash Post Radio. Nats games on Post Radio (now 3WT). New stadiumk and new players make me wish for pitchers and catchers, just 2 months away!
Worst: Triple X Redskins Radio. What made ANYbody think that collection of signals would get it done? Redskins ought to be on a big signal like 3WT or even WTOP. Layoffs at Channels 4 and 9.

Best: WNST Rob Long...especially Chicken Box Friday
Worst: MASN not in HD

Best: ABC-7 finally airing Wheel and Jeopardy! in HD. WETA-FM, Doug Hill, Kim Martucci, Gordon Peterson. DCR-TV Dave.
Worst: NBC-4's purge of talent, MASN continuing to be a SD-only sports network, lack of variety on DC Radio, lack of HD news in DC, WETA-TV and MPTV squeezing bandwith by adding endless subchannels. The Tracy Metro traffic disaster at WUSA. Loss of WAGE being local out in Loudoun County.

Best Bob Kur, Frank Herzog, Hillary Howard, James White, Nathan Roberts, Michelle Basch at WTOP. A great news operation keeps adding topnotch talent. Leon Harris and Doug Hill at Channel 7. Traffic & weather on the 8's which WTOP started and now every morning TV newscast copies it. WTOP for being the best friend TV assignment editors ever had. Dave Garner, WTOP's unheralded but valuable engineering chief. Citadel for letting WMAL decide local morning programming and not forcing Imus on them.
Worst The laughable collection of signals that Bennett Zier foisted on Dan Snyder. The con job of the year. WAMU for blowing a golden opportunity: WETA retruns to classical giving WAMU the exclusive NPR franchise on the dial. Then the entire local news department quits. Management heads should have rolled for that fiasco. for those annoying pop-up ads. Howard Stern for fading into oblivion on satellite radio. Free terrestrial radio is still where it's at, warts and all.

Best: Wendy Reiger (more than a pretty face; a solid anchor/journalist), Jim Vance, Doug Hill. On the radio: WTOP, my constant companion in the car. Dave Johnson and Lisa Baden for giving me a smile in the morning. All-news sounds even better on the FM dial.
Worst: Redskins radio. Where is it? and when I find it... that hack, Larry Michael (or whatever his name is) is sitting in Frank's chair. WMAL for falling off the face of the earth. Are they still on the AM dial? The decline of WUSA-tv... someone turn out the lights in HD!

Best: Though not necessarily media related, Joe Gibbs decision to put 10 men on the field in honor of Sean Taylor. MASN's coverage of oddball basketball matchups like Jacksonville vs American. (At least I think it is odd as I live in Dover, DE.) WSMJ for not leaving. WCEI's programming in general. Kudos to whoever broke the story that FOX 29's (Philadelphia) beloved metoerologist Rob Guarino was leaving. But, now I won't have any weatherman left I can trust. (Especially not his replacement John Bolaris)
Worst: All of the local radio stations playing all Christmas all the time. It gets rather annoying. The worst thing of all is anything COMCAST RELATED especially for not putting the NFL Network on regular cable.
-Griffin from Delaware-

Best- The Radio Gods, Don & Mike. They always crack me up in the afternoon. They usually give me “driveway time” as I wait until they break before getting out of my car at home. WAMU 88.5 for going all talk. Their HD2 & 3 are pretty neat. I love the game shows on the weekend, and of course, Prairie Home Companion has been a staple for most of my adult life.
Worst- The collection of DC Area radio station owners and managers who are too dumb to pick up the Bob & Tom Show. The idiots who run the classic rock stations in Winchester & Berryville dropped them awhile ago. It was the staple for morning drive. If WJFK moved the Junkies to mid-day and picked up Bob and Tom, they would regain the #1 12+ again…

Best. Washington Post Radio. Somebody at least TRIED something new in DC Radio. WTOP - solid, reliable. Channel 7 news and weather. DCRTV the only game in town (even when you make stuff up). Tony Kornheiser coming back to radio and David Burd keeping his seat warm for him.
Worst. Washington Post. Why couldn't they get professional media training for their reporters who were clearly struggling with talking on the radio? And why wouldn't The Post let their reporters take the broomsticks out of their butts and talk like real people? (One notable exception was their sports editor who was on on the morning). Red Zebra Radio: what a joke! Lisa deMoraes (sp?) the alleged Post media writer. Another joke. Does anybody care about "the reporters who cover television"????? WGA strike for ruining my TV watching well into next year.

Best: The Back Room w/ Troy and Jon (105.7 WHFS) redemption for Troy Johnson after his canning at 92Q, The Marc Steiner Show (88.1 WYPR), Ed Norris (105.7 WHFS) cant say i agree with him with a lot of thing but at least he is addressing issues in the city that have for a long time failed to be addressed properly, not a big fan of his side kick/producer though. Washington Nationals broadcast team on radio, has to be one of the best in the business. WPFW, for the best jazz and blues during the daylight. WTMD, they seem to get better every year, but they are still no WXPN. Oh and special best of to ACC football ref Ron Cherry, for Giving the Business.
Worst: CBS Radio Baltimore sports coverage, out side of the Orioles broadcast which are good (Joe and Fred at least make the bad games interesting) and Jeremy Kahn's weekend show and in game Ravens coverage, could they be any bigger home team homers (especially for the Ravens and team they don't have the broadcast rights for anymore), also do we need a hour and a half Orioles post game show where they basically repeat the same thing over and over again, I like Dave Johnson and Tom Davis but come on no more then 30 mins please, also can we just have the Ravens players shows on one station not simulcasted on 2 at the same time. ABC 2 News, great if you need to go to sleep. WETA-FM for dropping public affairs/news and going back to classical, am i the only one who enjoyed the programs from the BBC, CBC, and Radio Netherlands, i understand the switch but it was nice to have. MASN Orioles broadcast, please with the revolving chairs for the broadcast crew, i rater have Jim Hunter in the box with a Palmer/Martinez tandem, seems like a while long while it was a different set up every series.

Best in General: DCRTV's expansion to include NYC/Philly and Hartford/Southern New England. Best in Hartford: WLAT getting sold to a company committed to keeping the station's Spanish format. Best in Boston: Classical continuing at 99.5 FM. Best in Springfield: New local ownership at ABC40. The death of Sports Radio 640. WFCR moving it's secondary service from 1430 to 640. Best in NYC: The return of CBS-FM (even if it's not exactly the same as before). The Death of Free-FM. Best in Philly: The return of The Standards Format. (Now on 1340 AM). The death of Free-FM. The Radio Racket. Best in DC: The death of Washington Post Radio.
Worst in Hartford: CC flipping 104.1 from Hip-hop back to Rock. The audio of WDRC-FM. WXCT AM's flip from talk to Spanish Christian, the audio quality of WXCT's new format. Worst in Providence: WARL 1320 and The Return of WALE 990 to the airwaves. Worst in Springfield: 560 not picking up The Yankees after sister station 640 that carried the games was LMA'd to non-com WFCR. Worst in Philly: CC killing Rumba 104.5 and moving it to a crappy signaled AMer. Worst in NYC: IMUS on 770. Worst in DC/Baltimore: 3WT Radio. Triple X ESPN Radio. The Free-FM Concept continuing on WJFK/WHFS. The death of Vegas Radio 1520. Worst overall: The arsonist who burned down the transmitter building at WANO in Middlesboro, Kentucky. (Neat little station it is).
Marc in Connecticut

Best: Mike O'Meara and Buzz Burbank, Lindsay and Allison getting that much closer to my lesbian fantasy for them on the cover of The Washingtonian, Channel 7's and 4's newscasts, Meet The Press' candidate interview series, 94.7 for having the best playlist in the area (relatively speaking of course, they are all awful), George Micheal for retiring instead of sacking most of his sports staff, our very own Dave Hughes for running one hell of a news/rumor/gossip/slanderful/lovefest of a website, Elliot for cutting back what seems like a little of his incessant cackle, and Jefe and Dubs for getting back on WJFK.
Worst: Don Geronimo, anything to do with Chris Matthews, Stern for completely slipping into mainstream obscurity, WJFK for keeping O&A and Rome and not being the only all local talk station in the country, Channel 5's and 9's newscasts, the overly obsessed media giving Cho exactly what he wanted after the Virginia Tech Massacre, the Redskins radio "network", and Jefe and Dubs for being exactly where they were four years ago.
- Jason

Best: Don and Mike (and Buzz and Rob), which is the only show worth listening full time on the free airwaves; Ron and Fez on XM; WJFK improving their line-up slightly by ditching O'Reilly
Worst: WJFK for having the ability to program a full day of listenable programming but failing on this year after year since they screwed up in August 2001 with the line-up. How you take a station with mornings and afternoons at #1 12+ in 2001 and totally botch it is beyond me.

Best - Satellite Radio for getting me out of the horrible state that terrestrial radio is in around the Balto./DC area. 100.3 WBIG for picking up the Redskins.
Worst - Fox5's News theme song. Tone it down already!
Andy in Ranson, WV

Best…Donnie Simpson and Elliot Segal for remembering that “local” radio will always bring success. Lisa Baden and the “grumpy guy” in the afternoon for guiding me to and from work on the eights. Steve Czaban for making me laugh everyday.
Worst…Clear Channel for leading the charge to kill good radio. Bonneville, for killing WGMS and starting WAPO Radio. CBS for keeping and promoting the same managers year after year and thinking that things will get better. Citadel, for what they are about to do to all of their employees in 2008. Radio One, for being, well, Radio One. Red Zebra, last one out, please turn off the lights. Larry Michael, I beg you to go away. Far, far away. Finally, a bonus holiday greeting goes out to “Just Call Me Legs”…Please refer to the Larry Michael request…You just may be the biggest putz to ever crap between two boots.

BEST: WETA, Return of CBS-FM to oldies
WORST: The HD radio lies - no it is not CD quality!
Mike Berry,

Best: My XM radio, Kim Martucci.
Worst: Any DC radio stations.

Best: Anchor: Leon Harris at 7, very smooth. Weather: Sue Palka, still sexy after all these years, Sports: Brett Haber at 9, funny, great writer, works hard. Radio: Bob Marburg, Kornheiser, Grandy, Elliot & Dianne
Worst: Anchor: Tracey Neale - phony, Weather: None, Sports: tie-Czarniak & Brant both useless. Radio: Jack Diamond, Larry Michael, all country music, RedZebra signal.

Best: Don & Mike, W*USA9 newscasts live online and their news music package, Jim Vance, NFL Flex Scheduling, Carol Joynt, Andy Beyer, WNST, PTI, DCRTV.
Worst: NBC's budget cuts, which led to all the defections and retirements; Frank Herzog not on Redskins games; Comcast - they're bad everywhere; more voice tracking; the Ravens' offense.
Merry Christmas Dave, Travis Sparks Air Personality/Production Director/Copywriter/Continuity/Special Projects Manager/Sports Talk/Resident Bowling Expert T-102 WAVT-fm & AM 1360 WPPA, Pottsville, PA

Best: Bonneville and WETA for preserving classical radio. Bonneville again for trying Wash Post Radio. Bold experiment but who knew so few Posties could tell stories on the radio? WTOP for utterly reliable consistency and dependability. Mike, Bruce and Lisa for getting me through the morning commute with serious information and a few laughs. Doug Hill and Lisa Baden on both ABC7 and TOP. That's a great partnership. David Burd and Jessica Doyle. Paul Duckworth: the first WMAL PD in years who figured out you can't win by trying to claim news, traffic or weather as your image because somebody else owns that. He got WMAL to play in its own lane as a talk radio station. Chris Core for longevity.
Worst: no oldies format in DC. Can't any of the music radio suits see what is happening in NYC?!? Channel 5 for making Paul Wagner disappear. He used to be a daily presence on WTOP! WAMU for managing to lose their entire news department in a very few months this year. NPR for plans to abandon DC.

Lets begin with the best TV anchor and still going strong after all these years Gordon Peterson!! Best Weather on TV comes from Doug Sportsguy on TV..Greg Toland!!!! Best radio station WTOP by far...Best Music station WASH...Best sports talk show host on Radio..NONE!!! Best play by play on Radio, Johnny Holliday who is just as good on TV and with the Nationals on MASN...Best talk show host on Radio, David Byrd!!! Best Radio network anchor Doug Limerick ABC News
Now for the worst....Radio Station WMAL...oh how the mighty have fallen....sports talk show host Andy Pollin , JohnThompson and lets not forget Anita Marks...worst play by play Dave Johnson, unlistenable but could get better now that he has Glen Consor as a partner...worst TV sportsguy Hey ..Tim Brant...worst morning team on Radio The Junkies...

Best - WAMU additing more local news and sounding almost like the old WMAL. Classical music returning to WETA. WCBS FM bringing back the Oldies and kicking Jack in the Ass. WCTN dumping their transitional, jockless Oldies format.
Worst - the death of Bob Gneiser (a true gentleman). Greaseman leaving the airwaves. WMET dropping most of the MYOL format for yet more spanish programing. Nothing against the hispanic population but come on, there are already eight such stations on the AM dial plus the awesome El Zol at 99.1 FM. Mix 107.3 voice-tracking overnights and removing K.T. Harris from mid-days. All stations who have resorted to and continue to replace live talent with voice-tracking and satellite/syndicated programming. We need a good full time local talk station like WGN in Chicago. They are about 99% local and pull serious numbers. All other media personalities who passed on to broadcast heaven.

Best Anchor: Maureen Bunyan; Best Newscast: None; Overall Best News Station: ABC7; Weather: Doug Hill; Sports: Lindsay Czarniak/Dan Helle; Best Radio News: TOP; Traffic: Lisa Baden. Other Highs: Alison Starling; Diane Rehm; Bruce Johnson; Jennifer Ryan.
Worsts: 7's failure to get a permanent co-anchor at 5pm; all 9News except weekend evening anchors; Kim Martucci, Chuck Bell, Steve Villanueva, Julie Wright, Jack Diamond, Schelby, Barbara Harrison, terrestrial radio in general; 3WT; The Globe except Weasel and Cerphe; the demise of HFS; 4 Freakin Hours of the Today show; Don and Mike; public tv pledge drives.
--Mad Mike in Alexandria

Bests: ABC recovering from the tragedy of Bob Woodruff's injury in Iraq by pulling strength from the bench. Charlie Gibson has been great ever since ABC Radio's "Flair Reports," A good year for Allbritton Communications, starting with the launch of The Politico, and ending with a victory in the November sweeps at 11, and solid, steady improvement in the 7 product all along the way--Leon Harris is top-shelf talent with a long shelf life. In radio, WTOP continues to be the 800-pound gorilla--and it didn't useta be that way--kudos for Jim Farley's continuing passion. Chris Core has hung in over 30 years at WMAL, even in a tough environment, he has nine lives, long may he prosper, but old fools like me miss Bill Trumbull, too. Best station beginning with C: CHWO AM 740 in Toronto, which provides surprisingly good and eclectic music in the nighttime hours. Oh, and der VWebmaster, too. The check's in the mail. Thanks on behalf of readers all over.
Not necessarily Worsts, but saddests: the loss of two fine local efforts out here in the western boondocks: WAGE in Leesburg's switch to preety much all satellite and the firing of its steadfast and hard-working News Director Tim Jon meant one less good button on the AM band, as did the switch to Spanish of WTRI from its standards format.
Christmas Cheers and happy new year to all. --John

Best: Sue Palka, Doug Hill, Bob Ryan (I like them all for different reasons), WTOP News & Traffic, Derek McGinty, Lisa Baden
Worst: The "smarmy" Brett Haber and the "annoying" Topper Shutt, Jim Vance, Tony Kornheiser (take him off MNF and put on Riggo!)
David in Annapolis

BEST: Hands down, WTOP for having the closest thing to a radio “utility” in the D.C. Even those who hate the station (and bitch about it endlessly on DCRTV) tune in because they’re the only reliable, regular , listenable source of traffic and weather information 24/7, plus news and information important to just about everyone. Still the best TV news is Channel 4, but coming up close behind is Channel 7, and mainly because Rosslyn is now the home of D.C. news mainstays like Gordon, Maureen, Doug Hill, and Arch Campbell. Good for them for recognizing that established, comfortable personalities still mean something in this market. Music-wise, I like XM 22 and 25, and for news-talk, the Bob Edwards Show on XM. Also Nationals and Caps play-by-play on 3WT (still wish they were programming afternoon drive with a live, local program to match David Burd's morning show!)
WORST: WMAL, bar none. Sorry, Sylvie, but one hopes that Citadel will end the non-stop right-wing screed, and fulfill the station’s true destiny, and that is to be the dominant sports-talk station in D.C. (and put Red Zebra out of its misery once and for all). Also: “NBC 2.0”, the misbegotten, bottom-line, bottom-feeding corporate “strategy” that means the gutting of one of the best news operations in Washington over at Channel 4. Also, Mel Karmazin for his stupid comments on the business of radio, and not caring a whit about the “art” of broadcasting. Let’s hope someone with sense deep sixes his greedy plans for XM, which we all know he’s gonna gut, forcing most people back to terrestrial radio when he does something stupid in the name of “business”. And oh, yeah,,,ARBITRON’s “Portable People Meter”…yet another train wreck in the making by the guys from Laurel…oh, well, what do they care?
-stepping off the Best/Worst soapbox in Naturalizer pumps, - Just Call Me “Legs”

BEST: Channel 7's resurgence. Gordon and Maureen are as good as ever! WTOP for its ongoing resilience and consistency. WTOP is like having an AP ticker on the nightstand.
WORST: Derek Williams, former WTOP reporter. His dismissal was long overdue. He was angry, argumentative and wouldn't speak with anyone. The news business is difficult enough without that kind stuff. WRC for its slash-and-burn attitude towards employees, many of whom gave them years of service, only to be disposed of like a used Kleenex. Mark Plotkin, whose attempts at hiding his ego and his it's-all-about-me attitude behind a thin facade of speaking up on behalf of the District aren't fooling anyone other than hiumself.
MB, WashDC

Best: Overall TV Station- ABC7; Anchor - Leslie Foster, Wendy Reiger, (Honorable Mention) Doreen Gentzler, Bruce Johnson, Doug McKelway, Will Thomas; Weather - Topper Shutt, (Honorable Mention) Tom Kierein, Sue Palka, Brian Van de Graff, (Likable) Chuck Bell, Adam Caskey, Tony Pann; Sports - George Michael; Overall Radio Station - WTOP; Traffic - Joe Conway, Jerry Edwards, Lisa Baden.
Worst: Anchor - Keith Garvin, Barbara Harrison, the new lady doing Good Morning Washington weekends, and I thought Elliot Francis was bad; Weather - Kim Martucci, Gwen Tolbert, Joe Witte; Sports - None; Traffic - Bob Marberg (he always sounds so damned angry, who took his parking place, geez! (I woulda said something funnier, but Dave said keep it clean)... On-the-Downturn: TV Station - NBC4, WUSA9; Anchor - JC Hayward, Jim Vance; Weather - Bob Ryan...
Carl, Alexandria

BEST: Don & Mike/Buzz and Robbay when they're in the groove; WMAL (Andy and Grandy/ AM Coast to Coast are among my guilty pleasures); the joys of XM; TCM and SciFi; my shortwave and long-range AM receivers, both from CCrane (they really are the shizzle); DCRTV!!!
WORST: the general state of DC radio, especially classical; the general state of US radio; blatant liberal bias on the cable and over the air news channels; the laugh riot called the EAS, and its' inability to deal with the ancient marvel of automated stations; infuriatingly inarticulate conservative analysis on FOXNEWS; downright scary "Pacifica"-type paranoia on pm drive time WTWP (or whatever the hell that station calls itself these days); the seemingly agreed upon "pass" the general mainstream media is giving both Obama and Hillary for some really disturbing things about their pasts; whichever Sunday Morning chattering class moron thought floating the lead trial balloon of Newt Gingrich as a running mate would possibly help the eventual GOP candidate; resurrecting the unconstitutional "Fairness Doctrine"; the absolute dearth of local weekend am morning programming other than paid infomercials; and, yes, that homicidally annoying asexual elf from the "Room Store" ads!!!!
Happy Holidays from Seasonal Prince William County, Genghis Cohen

BEST: Fox 5 News, Fair & Balanced -- locally; Comcast SportsNet; DC-based XM Satellite Radio; The so-called DC Weather Big Three -- NBC4's Bob Ryan, FOX5's Sue Palka, & ABC7's Doug Hill; The CW Washington; Cox cable (Fairfax County); Verizon FiOS (not yet available in most areas); 94.7 The Globe, CBS Radio -- the same company that left longtime HFS listeners in the DC area out in the cold 2 years earlier by dropping the AAA format in favor of Spanish (El Zol) -- made a bold move on their part by bring the AAA format back to the DC area; and last, but not least, WTOP radio.
WORST: George 104/George Radio, it bombed... badly; News 4, when will they EVER ditch that nearly 1-decade-old set?; ABC7 (the station, not its news operation); my20; Topper Shutt (9's Chief Meteorologist who was originally a morning weatherman at the station); W*USA 9's Sports Director Brett Haber; Chris Miller (Comcast SportsNet); Comcast, the worst of the worst when it comes to area cable providers; MASN; XXX ESPN Radio; and last, but not least, terrestrial radio -- the industry as a whole -- it really, really stinks.
See you in O8! Christopher Fancher

BEST: 630AM - WMAL Radio: “The Chris Plante Show” (Chris is ‘Da Man’…You Rock, Michael Piercey…Creative Kudos, Michael Hoffman); “The Chris Plante & Jerry Klein Show” (together, Chris & Jerry have a natural ability of mixing knowledge, smartness, sense of humor & sarcasm); “The Jerry Klein Show”; “The Chris Core Show” (Holtzman!); “The Grandy & Andy Morning Show” (Nehman!); “Saturday Morning Update”; technical directors, producers & screeners -- there’s a special place in my heart for all of you! Thanks for putting up with me, my temper (it’s my Puerto Rican/Italian blood!) & my incessant e-mails. Also, FOX5 News @ 5 and FOX5 NewsEdge @ 6. Favorite “Non-Local”: WMAL’s “The Mark Levin Show” - Levin Lounge Ladies love ya, Mark! WTNT’s “The Laura Ingraham Show” - Laura, Matt, A.J. & Joe (great political & pop culture analysis; priceless sound effects). Also, Glenn Beck and Dennis Miller speak exactly what is on my mind. Finally, 1 02.7 Jack-FM (God, I miss the 80's!!!)
WORST: Any radio ad or “advice infomercial” with Donald Trump’s voice in it. Also, anyone wishing to reinstate the “Fairness Doctrine”. Finally, to Comcast Cable in Charles County, MD -- We’re in the 21st Century , Comcast! Wake up!
¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo 2008! -Silvie in Waldorf-

BEST: "Mornings with Tracey, Mike, and Dave" on 95.1 WRBS; WJZ-DT simulcasting ESPNHD's coverage of the Ravens' 3 Monday Night Football games.
WORST: Grew tired of morning shtick from KMS on HFS and 98 Rock's MAS; 1-2 minute segments followed by 3-4 minute commercial breaks during the Orioles pregame show on the O's Radio Network; lack of dance music stations in the DC/Baltimore area.
Merry Christmas to all from Greg in Perry Hall!

Best: Washington Post Live, it had some bumps in the beginning, but now that they replay it at 11 pm, it is a must for any local sports fan. I also like the Blog segment with Dan Steinberg.
Worst: No HD on MASN. Is this happenning any time soon???
-- dc sports fan

Best: I would have to say WTOP is without a doubt the best for NEWS TRAFFIC And WEATHER... BestTALK STATION-WCBM Baltimore, at least they shoot straight. Conservative yes, but with a sense of humor. I'm referring to Sean and Frank, the rest of the station is horrible... Best MUSIC STATION-I have to go with 100.7 or believe it or not 100.3. The first weekend in December I heard more music I liked than ever before... Best Personality-I really can't think of anyone I think is a real personality or powerhouse, well maybe Donnie Simpson...
Worst-All signals in the DC/Baltimore area on the AM dial... Worst TALK STATION-WJFK-Absolutely Horrible... Worst MUSIC STATION-94.7 without a doubt... Worst Personality-Don Geronimo...
These are my opinions.

Best: The great changes at 94.7
Worst: Letting Greaseman go on hiatus

I'll make this a short one...
The Worst, Bonneville, for teasing us with George FM when they had zero intentions of keeping it on the air.

Best: The Globe when it sounds like a progressive rocker, AAA WTMD and its new Great Falls relay, Fred Grandy, Bryan Nehman, Chris Core, Mike O'Meara, Buzz Burbank, Derek McGinty, Julie Wright, Lisa Baden, Nigel, Ron Smith, Ira Mellman, Chris Matthews, XMU/Lucy/Fred, MHz Networks, Jim Williams in the Examiner, the Junks, Big O & Dukes, El Jefe & J-Dubs, Dave Statter, Joe Krebs, Wendy Rieger, Al Santos, Paul Bicknell, Johnny Holliday, Channel 49's UFO stuff, TCM, Cerphe, Weasel, Del Walters, Tom Sherwood, Neal Augenstein, Tony Kornheiser, Carol Joynt's Q&A, the Science Channel, WETA-FM, WETA-HD, WAMU, BBC America, Encore Retroplex, "Dexter"...
Worst: The Globe when it sounds like Mix 107.3, John Gibson (the worst cable news anchor ever), the demise of Vegas Radio WTRI, Andy Parks, Washington Post Radio's clueless game plan, the syndicated ham on 3WT, the Bush PR arm of Fox News, the Dem PR arm of CNN, the increasingly irrelevant Rush, Brit Hume and Neil Cavuto who can't decide whether they're an anchor or a commentator, publications and websites that "borrow" DCRTV's news and don't give us credit - especially the Washington Post, the FCC, the demise of The Tube, the continued absense of cool music shops like Tower, the Washington Post's awful "Reliable Source" gossip column, the marketing and technology behind HD Radio, CBS/Baltimore refusing to give the WHFS calls back to CBS/DC...