DCRTV's Best & Worst Of 2002

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Tom in Fairfax
Best Radio personalties: The whole crew at Mix 107.3, 97.1 WASH-FM, and Lite 97.5
Best Talk Radio Hosts: Howard Stern, Don and Mike, Opie and Anthony, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, G.Gordan Liddy, Sean Hannity, and Dr. Laura
Best Weekend Personalities: Rachel Lynn and Ed Herrick (lite 97.5), Chris Roth on 97.1 WASH
Best Female Personality: Amy Paige and Liz Kelly, as well as Rachel Lynn, Delilah
Best over night show: Tom Grooms Smooth Jazz 105.9, and Dave til Dawn on 97.1 WASH/97.5 WLTF
Best Radio Move: Jason Pullman leaving Mix 107.3
Worst Radio Move: Firing Opie and Anthony (put them back on the air), Chris Roth leaving Mix 107.3, Bouncing Dave Adler off the mornings of Big 100,
Worst Radio Personalties: all the guys on DC 101, and 99.1 HFS junks belong to HFS which makes them fit it.

Best news Operation: FOX 5 WTTG
Worst news Operation: CBS 9 WUSA
Best Anchors: Amy Robach, Shawn Yancey, Michael Gargulio, Lark McCarthy, Allison Seymour, Brian Bolter, Tracey Neale, Will Thomas, Laura Evans.
Worst Anchors: Not gonna be that mean
Best Breaking News coverage: FOX 5 Big time especially with the Sniper attacks with Dee Morrison up in SkyFOX with the Birds Eye view with Darcy Spencer in Chopper 4 next in Line
Most Beautiful Female Anchors: Melanie Alnwick, Amy Robach, Laura Evans, Holly Morris, Amanda Bergan, Dee Morrison
Best Reporters: the whole Crew at FOX 5 especially with Holly Morris doing the Live Morning News on FOX 5 Morning News
Worst Reporters: 9 News (blows it way out of proportion)
Worst News Departures: Alexandra Steele, Carol Costello, Mike Landess, Todd Wallace, Dyrol Joyner, Stacey Donaldson
Best Weather Anchors: Steve Rudin, Tom Sater, Sue Palka, Jeff Gilbert, Gwen Tolbart, Dan Henry
Worst Weather Anchors: Hillary Howard, Tony Pann (has no idea what he's talking about)
Best Sports Coverage: Dave Feldman w/ Lou Holder and Diane Roberts on the set along with Dyrol Joyner even though he left, Greg Toland, and Jess Atkinson also had best coverage but he left and I don't blame him for leaving.
Best Consumer news: Elisabeth Leamy (The Bottom Line), Elizabeth Manresa ( 7 on your side)
Best Heath News: Allison Seymour w/ Tracey Neale (FOX 5 On-Call), Kathy Fowler on ABC 7

Worst Loss of the year: the death of Dale Solly
Happy New Year everyone, Tom Major

Dave G.:
Best Talk Station: WJFK (during the week only)
Best News Station: WTOP
Best Music Station: WIYY good mix of new and classic rock.
Best Radio Personalities: Howard Stern, Don & Mike, Mickey & Jen (Bring her back!), Lisa Baden
Best Morning Drive: Howard Stern, and during his 10 minute commercial beaks switch to WTOP. You might get a double shot of traffic & weather!
Best attempt to get better: WARW-Better mix of songs, but still not there yet.
Best Move: Don & Mike back to Afternoon Drive, the return of the cavalcade and DJ Donnie G! They were being wasted on midday's.
Worst Talk Station: WMAL (Is there anything else they could do to drive the rating lower?)
Worst Music Station: Every other station out there. show some creativity!
Worst Move: Junkies to HFS
Radio Wish: A station that played are harder edged classic rock format, with artists such as AC/DC, Kiss, Ted Nugent, Rush, perhaps actually taking requests.
Best TV News: WRC - They are most genuine and down to earth, most professional, well rounded and informed.
Best News Anchors - Vance, McElway, Rieger, Gentzler
Best Weatherperson - Doug Hill (his humorous personality comes across much better on WTOP though.)
Best Sportscaster - Wally Bruckner, George Michael, Ken Mease (he deserved the main role at WUSA!)
Worst TV News: Fox5 - "Much ado about nothing"
Worst News Anchors: Bunyan (smile once in a while), Guivir & Peterson (Bad Mismatch)
Worst Weather: Chicage' Windler, Clay Anderson, and whoever can't accurately predict the next snowfall amounts.
Worst Sports: Jill Sorensen (Let's take you to the MCI Center"), and WRC's dubbed audio on highlights.
TV Wish: A little longer sports report on any of the local stations.
Best Website: DCRTV (and the surrounding network), of course!

Korie Rose:
BEST 2002
Best Morning Team: Buck Andrea & the 9 Morning Team
Best Overall Graphic Improvement: WUSA 9 NEWS "EyewitnessNews" February Relaunch, ABC 2 NEWS Graphic/Set Relaunch in Spring 2002
Best Midday/Solo Anchor JC Hayward
Best Anchoring Team Jim & Doreen NEWS4
Best Graphic Updation NEWS4 & NC8 Graphics As Of 12/20
Best Weather Team Topper & 9 Weather Team (Truely the Most Accurate Team)
Best Sports Team FOX 5 Sports
Best Promotion of Newscast FOX 5 News
Best Set ABC2 & NBC4
Most Minor Set Changes WUSA 9 NEWS (Hey Roberts, lets get a fresh set)
WORST 2002
Worst Morning News Barbara & Joe, Either get some coffee or give it up
Worst News Team ABC 7 News
Worst Station Moves WUSA 9 NEWS for dumping Virg and killing off "9 Consumer Watch" & FOX 5 for creating FOX 5 NEWS @ 5
Worst Overall Moves: Combining ABC 7 & NC8 under one roof, it's clear that things are still unorganized, NC8 just finally got there own graphics and will someone figure out how to convert to NC8 weather graphics on the weekend and for heaven's sake how hard is to get another weekend anchor for NC8 newscasts, it looks tacky using the same anchor for both stations weekend newscasts.
Worst Weather Team is ABC 7 & Doug Hill, WUSA9 should be glad that they let Doug go to 7 because he's been different every since he left and can someone explain to me the point of having a Snow Machine in a market where snow is not an regular occurence.
Worst Sports Move is 9 dropping Jess for Steve Davis, Steve is good but he should be on weekends and not leading this sports team.
Worst Graphics WJZ 13, It's the worst graphics in the markets combined, they need serious work and there set is even worst since they added the color to the backdrop & ABC7 graphics are got so old so fast, the black & white was ok at first but that combined with cut and paste images of it's anchors really make them look bad.
Worst Set ABC7's set

- Blake -
Worst all around radio: The Infomercial-fests on WJFK and WMAL on the weekends. WMAL is tame compared to WJFK which is just lousy with paid airtime.
Best on-air sticking it to management: Don Geronimo's Hot Parade after their initial spat w/ O&A. Playing nothing but music about being pissed off and rejected and very unhappy hit the spot. The only thing better was the second day: SHOW TUNES!
Best off-air sticking it to management: When O&A got fired, Infinity having to go to DOn and Mike to ask them to take over O&A's spot... which they used to have anyway. Suckerrrrrrssss!
Best move: The Sports Junkies to WHFS. They got shafted by WJFK and made the logical move. Best of luck.
2nd best move: Ron and Fez to 7p-11:30p on WJFK. These guys are great to listen to... even kept me from the TV on occasion. Building a comedy pyramid's never been so much fun!
Most improved radio: WTNT. With the exception of Don Imus, I love this station. With Laura Ingraham in the evening, they're more interesting than some of the mealy mouthed talkers. If they could stop preempting everything for hockey or football, I'd be even more thrilled.
Least improved radio: WJFK early-afternoons. Bill O'Reilly? Puhh-leeze! Don't get me wrong. I love "conservative" talk radio. I love talkers that are agressive and won't take it from just anyone. But, Bill O'Reilly lacks something on the radio that, for some reason, he seems to have on TV... personality.
Best shows: Don and Mike (WJFK), Howard Stern (WJFK), Ron and Fez (WJFK), David Burd (WMAL), Ric Edelman (a.k.a. RICE DELMAN) (WMAL), Rush Limbaugh (WMAL), Sean Hannity (WMAL), Michael Graham (WTNT)
Best shows that I don't listen to nearly as often as I'd like: Laura Ingraham (WTNT), G. Gordon Liddy (WTNT), Sports Junkies (WHFS), Tech Radio (CNet Radio, XM Radio)
Shows that sometimes (but not every time) make me want to throw my radio out: WMAL Morning News (i.e. Bill Press... Most Annoying Man in the World)(WMAL), Dr. Laura (WMAL), Glen Beck (WTNT), Don Imus (WTNT)
Best Radio: Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern. Why? "Because I want to see what he'll say next." Regardless of what your politics, these guys are interesting to listen to. They're certainly more intersting than half the dribble out there. Certain of their opinions, listening to them fight for those opinions and tell others why they are wrong is the most entertainment I get all day. Stern has gone from this lovey-dovey husband to playboy-with-model-girlfriend. Listen to him justify everything he's talked against for such a long time. People give Limbaugh grief because "he's a hack for the Republican party". Well, if he IS a hack for the GOP, the GOP needs to get a new hack. He tells it like it is. When he says the GOP is doing it all wrong, who's he taking his cues from? Himself. Love him or hate him -- he interesting to listen to... and, at least, keeps me in my car until the next break.

Edward (Ed) Jones:
The best radio station(s) of 2002: Big 100. Although they made a bad move in getting rid of Bonnie Phillips, overall they were a great station. Although I like the older rock and roll of the 1950's, I like how they are playing more 70's music that I grew up with as well. WZBA the Bay is a great station. They play some great classic rock like they did when 100.7 was WGRX. The only complaint about that station is that they shouldn't say that they play songs that other radio stations have forgotten about. They play Piano Man, Light My Fire, Brown Eyed Girl, I Heard It Through The Grapevine, and other songs that the oldies and classic rock stations play every day. Their slogan should be: We play your favorites that you grew up with. Overall, they are are one of the best stations.
The worst radio station(s) in 2002 is WQSR. Not because of the music, nor the air personalities, because they added the Ravens games to their station lineup. Whenever the Ravens played on Sunday evenings, it cut into Alan Lee's forgotten 45's, my favorite radio show. Why did they have to add Letterman to their evening lineup? Big Don has a pretty good show, and Letterman cuts into that. WASH gets a vote for worst station of the year. The air personalities are dry, and they play the same music over and over and over. I think WASH should try their hand at Top 40, simply because there are no decent Top 40 stations in the Baltimore/Washington area. The best station was B102.7 until they pulled the plug a couple of years ago.

Best TV News: WBAL (slick...head & shoulders above the rest)
Best TV Sports: Bruce Cunningham (best voice/most likeable/good reports)
Best Tv Wx: Tom Tasslemyer (easy to understand...usually right)
Best TV Anchor: Rod Daniels (would have been a tie w/Stan Stovall...but)
Most Likeable personality: Tim Williams (never hear a bad thing about him, always pleasant and funny)
Best Looking on TV: Sade Baderinwa (but I really miss DINA NAPOLI)
Best Announcer: Pat Garrett (great pipes)
Best Radio Jock: Ken Merson (slow down a tad though)
Best Radio Station: WQSR (the best at what they do but not enough ears want to listen)
Best Traffic Reporter: Merideth Marx (great personality)
Best Sports Talk: Bob Haynie (great little laugh-good sports voice)
Worst TV News: WBFF
Worst TV Sports: Keith Mills (great local sports but can't get past the voice and delivery)
Worst TV Wx: Marty Bass (moves too much...somebody please nail his shoes to the floor and after report I always wonder what the wx will be)
Worst TV Anchor: Denise Koch (she's LUCKY to be where she is and doing what she's doing-No Talent! Was likeable as JT's perky reporter...but not an Anchor, let alone #1 at JZ?)
Least Likeable on TV: Marty Bass (Needs to get over himself, he's soooo bad. Sorry I'm not from Highlandtown and most of Baltimore Metro isn't either...also lucky/no talent)
Worst looking on TV: TIE; Keith Mills/Marty Bass
Worst Radio Jock: New Aft Dr at B104.3.... she's very sour sounding.
Worst Radio Station: WNST (except for Haynie)
Worst Sports Talk: Greg Sher (nepotism should'nt be forced on us...irritating voice)
Worst National Sports Reporter: Jeremy Shapp (nepotism should'nt be forced on us...irritating voice but the worst is his sign off, the way he swallows ESPN... "trying" to make it sound like he has a voice..just the worst)

From Greg Wyshynski, SportsFan Magazine:
I’m a sports guy, so I’ll stick to sports…
The Best of SportsTalk 980: The guests John Thompson, Jim Rome and Tony Kornheiser are able to get on their programs. If you’re not going to take calls (Rome’s the exception), then at least offer up some interesting voices. Thankfully, it sounds like TK has gotten away from the Wilbon/Feinstein/ESPN Anchor guest rotation he’d had for years. Locally, Steve Czaban can still crack me up once in a while, and Bram Weinstein at least makes an effort to create a sense that the station cares about its listeners. Although when’s the last time the station actually broke news about the Redskins first?
The Worst of SportsCrap 980: Good Lord, where to start…the Mike and Mike morning show is like waking up, turning on WTOP and getting a station in Ohio instead. Local sports in the morning? Naaah, DC fans couldn’t handle that. So instead we get another football/basketball-only show with the same ESPN guests you hear the rest of the day. Tony Bruno’s hour in the morning—ever hear anyone other than Pat O’Brien on that show as a guest? Kornheiser—hey, the show’s always going to be Imus-lite, but at least TK had the balls to stand up and criticize ESPN a few times this year. Still, the biggest problem is overexposure. As much as he tries, the same material can be heard on his radio show and PTI. Rome—good interviews, but after that we’re left with ANOTHER non-local show with callers that really, really try too hard (except for the deadly Dan from DC). John Thompson—proving on a daily basis there is no need to speak clearly in order to have your own radio show. And why not take a few calls now and again…what, are you afraid someone might ask John about hockey or baseball? What am I talking about…John’s hardly ever there to TAKE the calls! The Redskin Reporters—a complete waste of talent and time. Same topics, different day. Spurrier might not be ready! Snyder made a bad move! Inane issues, and way, way, way too much Andy Pollin who…well, in the spirit of the holiday season, I won’t be too hard on the guy.
Best Radio Game Coverage: Redskins on WJFK-FM. Sonny, Frank and Sam are still a great reason to turn your TV down. Worst Radio Game Coverage: WTEM’s Caps hockey. First of all, you can hardly find it on the radio dial the way it gets bumped around. Secondly, you never know more about the team after the game than you did before you tuned in.
Best Local TV Sports: Hate to admit it, but George Michael still is on top. Dave Feldman is a close second.

Worst Local TV Sports: The Departed Jess Atkinson. Why is there sentimental outcry for this guy after he was canned?
Best Cable Sports Show: Outside the Lines, ESPN.
Worst Cable Sports Show (tie): Around the Horn, ESPN/Bob Cost-ass, HBO/The Worst Damn Sports Show Period, Fox Sports Net.
Trying Too Hard To Be ESPN, But Still A Great Concept: Comcast SportsNite
No Big Deal…It Was Hardly A Sports Show Anymore: The HFS Junkies.
Sports and etc. Wish List for 2003:
1. Like another post said, more local content on WTEM. Fans in DC are great. The fact that you are too egotistical to give them their own voice is a tragedy. Want those ratings to climb (and put some distance between you and the gospel station)? Give the fans a chance!
2. Opie and Anthony find a new home. Did they suck? More often than not. Did they have original bits? Not really. Did I find myself laughing more than turning the station? Yep.
3. Either HFS or DC101 actually becomes a rock station. That means playing great old stuff (Metallica, AC/DC, the Stones) with the great new stuff, and not just the same damn Korn and System of a Down songs over, and over, and over…
4. That everyone picks up the next issue of SportsFan Magazine in February at a DC area bookstore or sports bar (plug away!).
Thanks for another great year, Dave.

From Lori in Damascus -
Here is my TV News "Dream Team" - the best of the best!
Best Anchors: Wendy Rieger and Jim Vance
Best Field Reporter: Laura Evans
Best Meteorologist: Sue Palka
Best Sports Reporter: George Michael
And the "Hall of Shame"...
Worst Anchors: WUSA's Mike Buchanan - way too melodramatic when he reads the news!
Also WRC's Barbara "Uh, Uh, Uh" Harrison.
Worst Field Reporter: WTTG's Elisabeth Leamy - Again, has a flair for the dramatic.
Worst Meteorologists (TIE): WRC's Chikage Windler and WUSA's Hillary Howard
Worst Sports Reporter: WRC's Jill Sorensen
Worst Traffic Reporter - On WTTG - the SkyFox traffic reporter (can't think of her name)

Michael Wright:
Best TV Newscast: WRC - The best reporters and anchors in town, and the 6 and 11PM newscasts are the best local newscasts in town.
Most Improved Newscast: NewsChannel 8 - Complain all you want about it being a clone of WJLA, but the reporting, the video quality and the graphics have improved dramatically since the merger of NC8/WJLA. They now longer seem to be afraid to do breaking news stories, as they were the only local station to cover the Fairfax sniper shooting live with wall-to-wall coverage. The other local stations, as you may recall, kept their regular primetime shows.
Best Weather Team: WUSA - I'll never forget the night that a strong tornado nearly wiped Waldorf, Maryland off the map. I'll also never forget that WUSA was the only station to cover it the whole time severe weather was threatening, even breaking into "60 Minutes" to do it. The other local stations couldn't be bothered to break into programming to let people know that they were in danger.
Best Radio Station: WTOP - I can't get even get into my car without listening to WTOP. The most dependable radio station in town.

Worst TV Station: WNVT - So my tax money supports a TV station that signs on after I get to work, and signs off before I get home? I guess the 18 percent tax hike home owners in Northern Virginia are facing is going to insure that WNVT has the best damn six hours of television money can buy.
Worst Local TV Promotion Department: WTTG - FOX 5 has a lot of good reporters and on-air talent. But their promotions are so sensational, it's hard to take their newscast seriously. And what's up with their writing: "Listen to this..." "You're going to want to write this phone number down..." "Pay attention to this story..." I'm exhausted after watching 10 minutes of the show. Please FOX 5, let me relax while I watch TV.
Worst Radio Station: Every station but WTOP: When I was a kid in the 80's, I used to listen to the radio for hours, listening to new music on radio stations like WAVA, B-104, K-106, Q107. Now we have one top 40 station Hot 99.5, which plays old rap songs from 1990, and is run by a PD who seems to long for his days working at WPGC, a hot station Mix 107, which only plays songs after they have been hits in other markets for a year, and the alternative station, which specializes in Nirvana songs from 1992 and angry white boy rap. I don't even bother to listen to the radio for music, I just listen to mp3's and Music Choice on digital cable. And while I'm at it... Best Music Radio Station: 88.3 - My car did not come with a CD player, so I had one installed that broadcasts on the FM band at 88.3. So now I finally have a radio station to listen to in the car that plays new music, has no liner card reading jock's and now commercials. Of course it's automated and has no traffic reports, but life isn't perfect.

Happy New Year!

Coach in Chantilly:
Best TV News Personalities: Jim Vance, Doreen Genzler and Wendy Riger (WRC), Laura Evans (WTTG)
Best Sportscasters: The Late Glen Brenner (will always be #1), Chick Hernandez (Comcast), Wally Bruckner and Jill Sorenson (WRC)
Best Weatherperson: Sue Palka (WTTG), without a doubt she is THE BEST !!!!
Best AM Drive Radio Show: Murphy & Cash (WBIG)
Best PM Drive Radio Show: Jon Anthony (WMZQ)
Best MidDay Radio Show: Jim London (WMZQ)
Best Newcomer To Radio: Amy Paige (WRQX)
Best Source Of News On Radio & TV Happenings: DCRTV
Worst TV News: WUSA (entire broadcast team)
Worst Radio Station Execs: Clear Channel PTBs
Worst Decisions On How To Run A Radio Station(S): Clear Channel PTBs

Otto from Virginia:
Best Radio: WGMS - They know how to do overnights!
Worst Radio: WMAL - Not even a shadow of what they once were with news (where are you now, Bud Steele???), music & variety (Rosa Rio & the Wurlitzer all the way to Felix Grant and that wonderful "Album Sound 'til midnight")
Best Sound: WGMS/WJZW - They know how to keep the compression & processing to a reasonable level.
Worst Sound: WASH - Used to be I could setup sound reinforcement systems to them because of their audio transparency. Now I turn them off after 10 minutes because of ear fatique from the over-processed sound.

Cutest field reporter - Stacey Cohan

Dan Tarchini:
Worst Radio Voice: Mary Cliff (I think is the spelling), who does weekend work on WETA-FM. Her voice has an unnaturally high pitch that hits me the same way fingernails on a blackboard do. She makes it worse by affecting a false "informal" delivery that causes her to end every sentence on an unnatural up note. I love WETA but must rush to turn off the radio whenever her voice begins to screech from the speaker.

Rob and Susan, Reston,VA:
Best TV Anchor: Jim Vance
Best Sports: George M. (only because Glen Brenner is gone)
Best TV Weather: Doug Hill
Best Music Jock: Goldie/Cerf/Mad Dog Coulter
Worst: Every jock at mix 107, wash, 104, hot what-ever 99. Just keep reading the cards boys and girls
Best News Station/rado: WTOP
Best announcers: Richard Day, David Burd, Bruce Cohen, Dennis Owens, Brian Neman, Dave Brown.
Best Kept Secrets: David Burd on WMAL, Dave Brown on WTOP, Mad man Art on ARROW
Classic rock hall of fame contender: Cerf. This guy knows it all when it comes to classic rock.

Washington TV:
Best Overall News Operation: Channel 4
Best Anchor Team: Jim and Doreen
Worst Anchor Team: Gurvir and Gordon (he needs a better partner)
Best Overall Reporter: Paul Wagner (someday Channel 5 will figure it out and use him more effectively)
Best Overall Sports: Channel 4
Worst Sports: Comcast
Worst Sports Anchor: Jill Sorenson. Maybe she was a star in Duluth, but here...not so much.
Best Morning News Show: Channel 9 with Mike and Andrea
Worst Morning News Show: Channel 4 with Joe and Barbara (I like her human interest features, but get another morning anchor!). Dishonorable mention: Fox News Channel's "Fox and Friends". If I wanted a "morning zoo" I'd listen to the radio.
Best Weather Team: Channel 7 lead by Doug Hill
Washington Radio:
Most Entertaining in the Morning: Russ Parr, WKYS-FM
Best at Middays: Bruce Alan, WTOP. A class act.
Best Sports: Tie between Dave Johnson and Frank Hanrahan on WTOP
Worst Sports: WTEM (this is a sports/talk station?); the exception is Tony Kornheiser
Most Essential: WTOP, mornings and afternoons ... and every other daypart.
Best Shtick That I Never Get Tired Of: Goldy on BIG
Best Production: WBIG
Best Life Move: Dennis Owens retiring from WGMS
Worst Move for Washington Radio: Dennis Owens retiring from WGMS Best Radio Website: wtopnews.com
Best Local Radio-TV Industry Website: dcrtv (of course)

Best morning team: Mike Buchanan and Andrea Roane on WUSA.
Best late local broadcast for the under-30 set: FOX5 at 10. As much as they titillate and tease, they put on a good show.
Best late local broadcast for the over-30 set: WRC
Most improved radio: Z104
Best weather coverage: WUSA. They play to all the people who love a snow day, and they do it perfectly. Keep it up -- I'd broadcast it all day.
"Shining moment" for TV: The sniper attacks. The TV's were on, in schools, in offices, at home, and the radios were on in between. When I saw roadblocks on the way home, I knew I could come inside, turn on the tube, and find out what happened.
Most exciting opportunity for 2003: The 7/8 alliance. The national cable news nets have given up on news. Let's see NewsChannel8 focus on the community, stop wasting hours on repeats, and make the
Challenge for 2003: Create web sites that match the TV and radio goodness!

Baltimore, Here we go!
Best TV news- WBAL 11 News (What we need to Know)
Best News Radio- Radio 11 WBAL (Local news is hot)
Best male Anchor TV-WBAL's Rod Daniels (Believability excellent)
Best Female Anchor-WBAL's Sade Baderinwa (bright eye, bushy tail at 5am!!)
Best Radio Talk- Tom Marr WCBM 680AM (You go boy!)
Best Website(Hey some of us dont turn the tube and dials on every hour?) The WBAL Channel.com
Best Morning Radio Drive-92Q WERQFM Marc Clarke show
Best Radio Weather Talent-LaShea Conyers WXYV 105.7FM
Best Investigational Reporter-Jayne Miller WBAL-11
Best Drive timeTraffic Reporter-Tie between Bruce Main and Bob Barr Metro Networks
Best TV weather-Double Tie between Lori Pinson and Mary Ellen Pann WBFFwife of DC's Tony Pann (Please dont name your kids sunny or Rayne)
Best behind the scenes TV person-Joyce Carpe WBALTV and Mark Miller WBAL Radio
Best Morning Show Producers-Miles Needer WBAL Radio and Lashea Conyers X105.7FM Frank Ski show
Worst TV news-WBFF Fox 45 (what is the silly ticker scrolling for? you aint no CNN? Focus us on the local stuff and keep our eyes on the anchor)
Worst News Radio-Meredith Marks 105.7FM/Metro News
Worst Morning Drive Radio-Majic 95.5FM TJ show with no local stuff.
Best Weather Talent go WORST-Tom Tasslemeyer WBAL (why did he kept telling us on 12/22,23, 24 that we were not gonna get a white Xmas?) FBI said we are looking for a white sniper, we got a black one. Tom can you learn something here?
Worst Radio Talk-Rush Limbaugh
Worst Radio News-Meredith Marks Metro networks 105.7FM(Slow down Gurl)
Worst TV Weather-Tony Pagnotti
Worst Website X105.7FM radio
Worst Behind the scene NewsProducer- Bob Schilling WBFF Fox 45(needs to retire)
Worst Syndicated show-TOM JOYNER SHOW
Worst Sports Reporters-All of them at WJZTV 13
Wishing you a happy new year from the Mrs Nielsen Arbitron



I love this site!

from bryan,tina & allison/Chevy Chase, Md..........
best male anchor....Jim Vance WRC4 ( please bring back your commentary)
best female anchor ...JC Hayward WUSA9
best wx talent.........Doug Hill ABC7
best radio dj.........Mike Burke (overnights at Magic 102.3) witty with lots of personality
best traffic reporter...Lisa Baden WTOP (Ms. Congeniality)
best morning show (radio)..Russ Parr Morning Show 93.9 WKYSFM

worst radio move...Olivia Fox leaving the russ parr morning show (WKYS)
worst tv move....Andrea Roane, (WUSA-9) to early mornings ( a raw deal )
worst dressed tv personality....Alexandra Steele ( formerly of GMW/CH. 7, she only had 5 outfits ...we counted them !!!!)
worst anchor team...Gordon Peterson,Gurvire Dhindsa(WUSA-9)

Greg in Bethesda:
Best TV
Best Sports George Michael
Best Anchor Team: Jim and Doreen
Best TV weather; Bob Ryan and Sue Palka (the only reason to watch Fox)
Worst TV
Worst all the way around: Although they're better than they were five years ago, WJLA (especially Doug Hill)

Best Radio Stations:
Worst Stations:

Best Radio People:
Mike Moss WTOP
Celeste Clark WRQX
Kathy Whiteside WBIG
Tom Kelley WBIG
Tony Kornheiser
Worst radio People:
The WMAL Morning Show
Murphy and Cash WBIG
Goldy WBIG
Mike Kaufman WRQX
Special nomination for worst radio reporter: Neal Augenstein WTOP
Special nomination for worst media book: Johnny Holiday ... what a bore!
Lifetime achievement awards to Dennis Owens (formerlyWGMS) and Johnny Dark (WBIG)

Best Local TV News -
Composite: Channel 4
Best TV Anchor - Jim Vance. Not only does he deliver the news in a professional manner, but he's a great guy as well. Wendy, Doreen, Gordon, Jim Handly, Doug McKelway, Mil Arcega also deserve kudos.
Best Substitute Anchors - Audrey Barnes (very natural), Horace Holmes (makes Andrea McCarren look better), I.J. Hudson, Susan Roberts (weeknights with Doug McKelway , great chemistry!)
Best TV Reporters - Nancy Weiner, Jackie Benson
Best Removals from the Anchor Desk - Don Hudson. I've warmed to him as a reporter, but as an anchor he needed "stick up his butt" removal. In spite of his very conservative appearance, he also looks really cute when weather has "de-helmeted" his hair. Also, Patrick McGrath is much easier to stomach as a reporter.
People Who Would Benefit from a Station Change - Lark McCarthy, Doug Buchanan, Will Thomas, Andrea McCarren
Worst TV News People -
J C Hayward - there's just something very wrong there
Elliot Francis - hard to take him seriously if he can't pronounce the "r" in his last name. Elmer Fudd calling?
Pat Lawson Muse - I lost even more respect for her hearing her husband's inarticulate comments during his recent political run.
Susan Kidd - Gives the impression that she's just phoning it in. Of course having Wendy as your co-anchor doesn't help.
Special Cases - Barbara Harrison. I really respect her as a newswoman and for Wednesday's Child, but her delivery has become mumbling and stuttering. My morning brain just can't process it. She also is especially challenged when it comes to making small talk. I agree with the poster who noted her inability to get a joke.
Best DC Radio Station - WTOP, hands down the best radio in DC. WPFW second for actually serving the community by playing a variety of REAL music. WAMU, WETA, WRNR are runners up.
Worst Radio - Everything except my best picks above. I haven't listened to the corporate crap on local radio in twenty years. I really miss the old 'HFS (high above the Triangle Towers......)
Worst Vocal Choking on Words - Neal Augenstein. He's good, but his throat sounds so constricted that it sounds as if he's strangling himself when he talks. This vocalist finds it very painful to listen to his delivery.

Best Delivery: Jim Vance, Doreen Genzler, Gurvier Dhindsa
Oddest Anchor Team: Gurvier Dhindsa and Gordon Peterson
Oddest Solo Anchor Team: JC Hayward
Biggest Hunks: Doug Buchanan, Steve Rudin, Doug McElway
Best smile that looks like a frown: Maureen Bunyan
Best Dressed: Jim Vance, Doreen Gentzler, Bill Thomas
Worst Fashion: JC Hayward, Gurvier Dhindsa, Gwen Tolbart
Best Hair: Laura Evans
Worst Hair: Steven Tschida
Biggest Disaster: Cloning Channel 7

Washington area best and worst:
Best TV news: Fox 5 at 10. Probably because it's on the earliest, but they seem to do a good enough job, if you take the sensational promos with a grain of salt.
Worst TV news: WUSA. Pretty set, bland content.
Best TV trend: Reality shows...not like "Fear Factor," but like "Six Feet Under."
Worst TV trend: Teasing the weather forecast only to make you wait a whole 15 minutes later...tied with the new emphasis on "Breaking News"
Best radio station: The one that doesn't play songs...WTOP
Worst radio station: All the ones that play songs...the same ones in a monotonous, continuous loop.
Best radio slogan: W*** (I can't remember, heard it on vacation): "More positioning statements!"
Worst radio slogan: "WTOP RADIO". We know it's radio. Is there somebody who doesn't?
Best use of a signal: XM Satellite Radio - a signal divided into 101 channels. There's gotta be something on you like.
Worst use of a signal: Salem, for wasting 105.1
Most improved radio station: Z104
The station that went the farthest downhill this year: Tie, WMAL and WWRC.
Station George W Bush is most likely to have on: WMAL, or if he can receive it, WGOP
Station George W Bush is least likely to have on: WHFS if he can receive it
Station I agree with George W Bush on: WHFS
Best advertising campaign: WHUR with its pleasing graphics
Worst advertising campaign: WBIG. "Turn us on, have some fun!"
Most dependable station: WTOP...for consistency. WIHT...for having something dependably horrible on every time you tune in.
Least dependable station: WJFK. Who's in what shift this week?
Distant station I'd most like to have available in Washington: KGO San Francisco, home of Ronn Owens and Ray Taliafero
Most despicable distant station: KSFO San Francisco, home of Michael Savage.
Most desirable local radio/TV personality: Lisa Baden. She's real.
Least desirable local radio/TV personality: The Sunday weather guy on WJLA. Dave Zahren, is it? There's a reason his picture isn't on their website.

Brian in Columbia:
TV ANCHOR - Jim Vance, Mike Buchanan, basically everyone but Gurvir
TV REPORTER - I like the guys on Fox 5
TV WEATHER - Bob Ryan, Doug Hill, Sue Palka.
TV TRAFFIC - Monika Samtani.
RADIO TRAFFIC - Stacey Binn -- I know -- the Jack Diamond show -- but she's an institution and a trusted voice
RADIO DRIVE TIME - DON AND MIKE back where they belong
TV ANCHOR - Gurvir Dhindsa
TV REPORTER - Pat Collins
TV SPORTS - That Jess Atkinson fellow on Channel 9
TV WEATHER - Clay Anderson -- can't stand that voice
TV TRAFFIC - Lisa Baden, I watch TV to see the images, if i just wanted to hear it I would listen to the radio.
MORNING NEWS - Good Morning Washington (WJLA) doesn't have one good thing going for it.
MID-DAY RADIO - Jim Rome (bring back G. Gordon to WJFK middays)

Best TV Anchor - Laura Evans,Will Thomas,Maureen Bunyan, JC Hayward
Best TV Reporter -Paul Wagner,Pat Collins,Robby Chavez
Best Weather - Sue Palka,Gwen Tolbart,Doug Hill
Best Radio - WMAL, WTOP
Best Traffic - Lisa Baden
Best Local News - Fox5 at 5pm & 10pm, WRC Morning show
Best TV Sports, Dave Feldman,Wally Bruckner
Worst TV Anchor - Brian Bolter, Barbara Harrison,
Wosrt TV Reporter - Holly Morris
Worst Weather - Steve Rudin, Victoria Johnson
Worst TV Sports - George Michael
Worst Radio - WJFK
Worst Local news - WUSA

Best TV Anchor - Channel 4's Jim Vance, the man of the differing color hair. He can do no wrong.
Best Football Player On TV - John "Lighten Up Sandy, Baby" Riggins
Best Local News - Channel 4
Best Local Radio Station That's Not Local - Baltimore's 98 Rock
Best Pompous TV Windbag - Robert Aubrey Davis from Channel 26
Best Morning Radio Show (tie) - WJFK's Stern, whose brilliant "Meanest Listener" contest, brought him right back on top; 98 Rock's KML are a great alternative for Stern's 20 minutes of commercials
Best Radio Move - WJFK's Don and Mike back to middays; their classy 9/11 broadcast from the Pentagon was fantastic and proved how wrong managment was for thinking of them as two-dimensional "clones."
Best Alternative To Don and Mike - DC-101's "The Road Show."
Second Best Radio Move - WJFK's Ron and Fez live in the evenings (now if they can just stop gearing their show to the 12 people on their internet message board). Nevertheless, give this show time. It could really catch on here.
Best Radio Moment of the Year - The Sports Junkies, when they were still at WJFK, staying on past their time for live coverage of the Sniper when he/they struck at the Home Depot in Northern Virginia. Riveting, real and scary. Better than the coverage on TV.
Best Half of Year in Radio - The second half, with the retched O&A finally banished from the local airwaves. HAZZAH! HAZZAH!
Best Odd Thing On The Radio - Listening to Letterman on WJFK
Best Local TV "What Is That?!" - Pepsi's Project X on Channel 50
Best Local TV Programming - "The Spooky Movie" on Falls Church Cable Channel 12/38
Second Best Local TV Programming - an hour of The Simpsons on Channel 5 every night
Most Underappreciated Local Media Personality (tie) - WJFK's Buzz Burbank and Channel 5's Lark McCarthy
What DC Needs Right Now - Count Gore de Vol!
Worst TV Anchor - Gurvir Dhindsa on Channel 9
Worst Football Player On TV - Is Jess still around to kick?
Worst Local News - Channel 9
Worst Local Radio Station That's Not Local - WHFS; could someone please take away the call letters? It just seems like a crime against humanity!!
Worst Pompous TV Windbag - Pat Collins at Channel 4
Worst Morning Radio Show (tie) - DC-101's Elliott; Mix 107's Jack "Thank Youuuu" Diamond
Worst Alternative To Don and Mike - WMAL's Sean Hannity; maybe I need to drive an SUV with a "Proud of Dubya" bumpersticker, be insecure and paranoid about being white and be secretly intiminated by women to get him.
Worst Radio Move - The Junkies going to HFS. Rest in Peace, donkeys.
Second Worst Radio Move - WJFK's Bill O'Reily ruining the mid-day slot. So much could have been fixed with one small move - so much was destroyed instead with the worst decision.
Worst Radio Moment of the Year - WHFS' horrendous and insulting Christmas programming, followed by Tim Virgin finding a "dead elf" in the studio on Christmas day. THIS IS LEGENDARY?!
Worst Half of Year in Radio - The first half that O&A polluted the airwaves and WJFK ignored the listeners - thankfully they, and Infinity, were ultimately saved from themselves. HAZZAH! HAZZAH!
Worst Odd Thing On The Radio - O&A's tool, Jimmy Norton, whose career crashed and burned along with them. HAZZAH!!!!
Worst Local TV "What Is That?!" - MHZ Networks
Worst Local TV Programming - Channel 9 airing "Showtime In Harlem" at the same time Channel 50 is airing "Showtime at the Apollo" Saturday nights.
Second Worst Local TV Programming - Channel 5 and Channel 20 sharing the syndication packages for shows like "Buffy," "Stargate," "The Outer Limits," "Dharma and Greg," and "Roseanne." Enough already!
Most Overrated Local Media Personality - Kathleen Mathews at Channel 7
What DC Does Not Need Right Now - TEN HOURS OF COURT TV SHOWS!!!!!

from Steve M:
Best TV anchors -- Gordon, Doreen, and Wendy
Best TV Reporters -- Eun Yang and Dave Statter
Best TV Weather -- Doug Hill and Sue Palka
Best TV sports - Frank Herzog and Ken Mease
Best Radio Show -- "Mr. Tony" Kornheiser
Best Broadcaster -- Johnny "The Legend" Holliday (did you know he has a book out?)
Best Radio Favorites-- Cerphe, David Burd, Olivia Fox, Jim Bohannon, Goldy, and Bob Madigan
Worst Radio: Rush "The Load" Limbaugh and "I am my kid's mom."
Worst Radio Name: Willie Waffle
Most personally annoying nightly TV Moment: Arch Campbell's "coming up.......NEXT."

TV ANCHOR – Jim Vance. Nothing beats his dead panning to the camera.
TV REPORTER – I like my Holly Morris fix each day…
TV SPORTS – George Michael – trusted voice.
TV WEATHER – Sue Palka. Just an incredible talent.
TV TRAFFIC – Julie Wright. She really knows her stuff, and is cute too…
RADIO TRAFFIC – Jerry Edwards. Always has been, and will always be a most trusted and authoritative voice.
RADIO STATION – I really can’t put one in the “best” category, unless you consider mediocrity a “best”.
TV ANCHOR – I don’t even know her name, but the plastic looking chick doing the morning news on Channel 7.
TV REPORTER – Pat Collins. Sober up!
TV SPORTS – That Jess Atkinson fellow on Channel 9
TV WEATHER – Chicage “Deer in the headlights” Windler.
TV TRAFFIC – I can’t stand Lisa Baden on the radio, I sure as hell can’t stand her on TV.
RADIO NEWS ANCHOR – Suzanne Kennedy at WTOP. Please don’t READ me the news, I can do that myself.
RADIO SPORTS ANCHOR – Most anyone to cross the airwaves at WTEM.
RADIO TRAFFIC – Lisa Baden. Your favorite station doesn’t play songs – because our traffic reporter sings them!

Kevin from Poolesville, MD:
Best Morning Radio- WPFW, however if The Junks improve and do not follow the likes of Elliott, they have a solid chance to be local morning kings on the radio
Worst Morning Radio - DC101 Elliott , Who the heck is this guy? Annoying
Best Afternoon Radio - T Kornheiser WTEM
Worst Afternoon Radio - J Rome WTEM, "I'm OUT"
Best Evening Radio - Don and Mike, true professionals
Worst Afternoon Radio - O and A, Thank God for the couple from Northern Virginia "No pun intended"
Best Internet Radio - 3WK, consistenet, well formatted
Worst Internet Radio - Montgomery College, WMCR. In an era of bland local radio. MCR joins the trend and sounds like a cheap Q107. MCR has foiled a great chance to serve as a creative outlet for our diverse population.

LO in Fairfax:
Best Morning Show -
Elliott & The Class. Okay, so they can be sophomoric, but they are funny and they don't talk as if their listeners are morons (although I wonder sometimes). Love the fact that they are not afraid to go after the stations within almighty CC. (See - Ben & Brian.) Diane Duncan is still the best morning news reader.

Jack Diamond -- Over him. Are his the only opinions that really matter? Granted his name is on the marquee and it shows -- he even tries steer discussions away from the guests and back to himself. I feel sorry for his cast.
Dylan & Erin -- I really do just listen for the music.
Murphy & Cash - Five words - Dave Adler - Bring him back.
Ben & Brian -- Elliot is right - they suck and badly. They have ruined any credibility that 'MZQ might still have
New Favorite Station - WFLS -- what 'MZQ used to be.
Stations - Tie between 4 and 5
Anchor - Jim Vance
Sports - Wally Bruckner & Jill Sorrensen
Weather - Sue Palka Entertainment - Arch Campbell
Station - 9
Anchor - Guivere Densa
Sports - George Michael
Love DCRTV -- you keep these people honest.
PS -- Still wondering what the heck happened to Bill & Kim on WASH. I know that Bill Worthington does voiceover work, but Kim disappeared. Any ideas?

JT in Jessup:
Anchor TV- Jim Vance, WRC, Brian Bolter WTTG. Bolter is headed for bigger and better things.
Radio- Mike Moss, Richard Day WTOP. Numbers say it all. Brian Nieman WMAL. If he worked for WTOP, more people would know about him.
TV Sports- Does anyone get enough time? George Michael by default, but segments with Sonny and Spurrier are terrific.
TV Weather- Doug Hill Sue Palka. Neither are afraid to admit when they are wrong.
Traffic- Dan Alpher (sp?), Bob Marbourg. The veteran never wavers.
Most underrated- Jackie Benson (4), Cathy Fowler (7), Tony Pann (9). Frank Hanrahan WTOP. Dave Brown on WTOP. Hard to put one of DC's legends in this category, but his news accumen is underappreciated. Chris Baker's radio efforts in the Washington Times. Smokes the Post.
Most Versatile- Pete Medhurst WMAL. Traffic, sports announcing, and youth league sports coach. My team lost to his in two sports in the past calender year. Dave Johnson, good thing he has the sleep comfort mattress!
Stations on my pre-set. WTOP, WMAL, WGMS, WBIG, WJFK.
Person of the year- Couldn't agree more with DCRTV Dave, Jim Farley. No station has stayed as consistent as WTOP through the year. Honorable Mention: ABC Exec's who sent Chris Berry to fix WMAL before it's too late. Those who returned Don and Mike to afternoon. DCRTV DAVE. Mentioni n Baker's year end column, a small, but deserved reward.
Hopes for 2003.
More live Radio less syndicated. There are many people in the DC Area who deserve full-time roles on air. SEE- Chris Roth, Dave Brown, David Bird.

Sam in Rockville:
Best stations: WINC-FM and 98YCR. It's great to hear the music variety which is possible once you get away from the tight playlists heard in major markets. Hot-99.5, Mix-107.3, and 104 could all learn something from WINC or YCR.
Best non-format change: WARW. I admit, we could have done without the stunt, and they could expand the playlist. But they're still the only station playing any form of classic rock in DC, and it would be a shame to lose it.
Best new station: 89.7 in Baltimore. From what I've been able to hear, this station offers a great alternative to the usual overplayed stuff. I just wish it had better signal coverage here in Rockville.

Worst waste of a frequency: 570/1260 AM. Did we really need another hot talker which no one listens to? C'mon Clear Channel, you restored the adult standards format in LA, why not here?
Best TV/radio web site: DCRTV

PD from DC
That finally a news station (WTOP) is dominant in the ratings in the capital of the united states
That Channel 4 WRC believes in consistancy in its personalities..there is comfort in sameness
That 104 (to z or not to z) has the big ones to play new music ,when it is new
Jim and Doreen, KT Harris, Sue Palka, Cerphe, Kathy Whitesides, Glen Hollis, Sean Sellers....good solid performers..hey..you either like em or you don't....but you know what to expect every time you tune in
WRC morning news...is it me or is Barbara Harrison just daffy?..lots of respect to her for her community efforts and wednesdays child..but come on..maybe this woman is not a morning person...
another TV personality too much for me in the AM..Holly Morris...too perky..too insincere..just too much
Used to drive home listening to Randi Martin and her traffic side kick on WASH.. show offered smarts, community information,sarcasm, good repartee and lots of belly laughs....thats bad, I guess for afternoon drive..huh? well the replacement show is no where near the quality it was
Giver dinsa, channel 9 new sports guy, albee d , 104 Dylan and Erin, WASH morning show,..not a good fit-no matter how hard they try

best dc
brightest future on the anchor desk - leslie foster
best read for the elderly - jim vance
best interviewer - michael gargiulo
best reporters - pat collins, paul wagner
hottest wx babe; sue palka
best sports - george michael, dave ch. 5, steve davis - stop giving him a hard time also the blond comcast girl is great - did the thing recently on the underwear company.
funniest moment every sinle day - 6:59 sports wrap on ch. 4
best baltimore
hotties - jennifer desmarais, and the main lady at 2
best sports - jerry sandusky
best weather - justin berk
best reporters - john lieberman, dave collins
best radio syndicated - jim rome, howard stern, delilah, also the sexline callin with the guy from the man show

Best: Rick Edelman
Worst: Everything else on WMAL
Best: Dimitri Sotis on WTOP. Sure, they have a lot of good news people. But Dimitri pops up in all dayparts and always sounds professional and friendly.
Worst: Paid infommercials on WTNT, WWRC and WMAL. When stations accept these, they admit they can't do it themselves. A clear admission of failure.
Best: Doug Hill.
Worst: I really like Sue and Topper and Bob Ryan. It's just that I like Doug best.
Best: decision to combine news operations of Channel 7 and News Channel 8.
Worst: execution of the merger. There's a whole lot more upside if they do it right.

Dawn in Wheaton:
Oops! Forgot the winner in the Creepiest Trend Dept.: hearing ads for radio station "A" when you're listening to radio station "B". Don't think I'll ever get used to that.

Best: WJHU sold to a community group, keeping the station local
Worst: WYPR (formerly WJHU) compromising its standards to make money. The local features in drive time are awful and clearly on the air because of sponsor money. Many of the "underwriting acknowledgments" are full-fledged advertisements, using language clearly prohibited in the FCC guidelines. What makes all this worse is that the station's mission statement says "WYPR will remain fundamentally noncommercial in spirit and practice." Yeah, right. I guess even Marc Steiner has his price.

From Jules in Alexandria:
Best of '02:
1) WWLG, for its power boost and commitment to music on AM. Now that you have our attention, do something about that playlist. Recently I heard Benny Goodman, followed by Barry Manilow, followed by some non-descript '50s harmony band, followed by Christopher Cross. Is anyone going to listen to this? Go either all MOR or (better) all big band/lounge.
2) Z104. Most interesting playlist represented on the DC FM dial. Of course, that ain't saying much. Mix 107.3 a distant second.
3) WETA-FM and WJFK-FM for repurposing the audio of TV shows (Lehrer NewsHour, Letterman). With radio broadcasters completely out of ideas, relaying TV for car-bound listeners may be the best that we can hope for.
4) WETA (again) for airing Shickele Mix, the best NPR program heard in this market.
5) Clear Channel AM. The CC stations ain't purty, but at least they aren't brokered religious or foreign language. One of these days, maybe CC will put these signals to good use. Until then, bravo for at least keeping 570, 980 and 1260 on the air.
1) WAMU's sniper rebroadcast. Just after the DC snipers were apprehended, WAMU re-aired a lame episode of Public Interest, complete with month-old "there's a sniper in our midst" warning. Inexecusable because (a) well, it's inexcusable and (b) WAMU begs listeners for contributions umpteen times per year to pay for its news programming.
2) WIHT. In case you ever wondered what it meant to "program for the lowest common denominator."
3) WARW. For its "WARW will cease to exist" stunt, which turned out to be a promo for a Bruce Springsteen concert. Inexcusable because (a) it's dishonest (how cruel, getting all our hopes up that the station was finally being taken out of our misery) and (b) Springsteen was on tour supporting his new CD, which WARW won't play anyway because it's not old enough.
4) WJFK. For squandering strong drive time lead-ins (Stern, D&M). And, while I'm picking on JFK, considering upping your ad rates and selling fewer spots. I've gone an entire 15-minute commute hearing nothing but commercials. Fewer spots = less dial-switching = better response for ads = higher retention.
5) All local traffic reports. After a couple years freelancing, I rejoined the world of commuters, and I gotta say -- DC's traffic reporting sucks. Biggest gripe: Lisa Baden wasting time by singing and sending shout outs to listeners. Look, gang, it's not hard: When you describe conditions on a road going through multiple jurisdictions, say what state you're talking about and what direction. ("On 50, just inside the beltway" doesn't do the trick.) Pick some common points and estimate how long the commute is. If you're not sure how this works, listen to traffic reports from Chicago, LA, or any other city in America.
Wish list:
1) WRNR powers into DC. Move an antenna, buy a station, influence a music director. Please, HELP us!
2) WTEM signs on as flagship for Washington Expos baseball. (OK, maybe that should be on the '04 wish list.)
3) WCSP and WJFK add nighttime music, dropping (respectively) audio rebroadcasts of Capitol Hill committee meetings and unlistenable Don and Mike wannabes.
4) WTEM adds local content. Or, in lieu of that, better national shows. One daily hour of Tony Bruno laughing hysterically at Pat O'Brien is one hour too many. Rhome is about Rhome, not sports. (Rack it!) Szaben is about...well, I haven't been able to listen long enough to figure out what he's about. Again, someone, please HELP us!
5) WMAL drops relegates Sean Hannity to 2 a.m. - 5 a.m., where he really belongs. Does his posturing on behalf of Trent "Things would be better if the segregationist had won" Lott compromise Hannity's "brilliant" "insight" on affirmative action?
Predictions (things I really think will happen):
1) Don and Mike don't make it to the end of '03. The level of venom and mistrust expressed by both sides throughout '02 doesn't bode well for a happy relationship.
2) CC returns MOYL to at least one of its Washington AMers (570, methinks).
3) WARW and WIHT change formats -- at least one to AAA.
4) WTOP buys a Baltimore outlet (1570 or 1370?).
5) WGOP reinvents itself either as Radio Disney or (more likely) brokered ethnic. WDMV never shows up here. No one cares. The end.

'Tis the season to stand in judgement! Here goes:
Best on the radio: Don & Mike
Worst on the radio: Howard Stern, Elliot (ughhh, that cackle is nauseating) and Jack Diamond.
Best station: 104.1 and 99.1 tie.
Best Newscast: WUSA in the Morning
Worst Newscast: FOX 5 @ 5pm
Best Overall: Tie: WRC and WUSA
Worst Overall: FOX 5. I know FOX is FOX, but c'mon.
Best anchors: Mike Buchanan, Andrea Roane, Jim Vance, Maureen Bunyan, Gordon Peterson.
Worst anchors: Elliot Francis, Mil Arcega (zzzzzzz), Barabara Harrison (c'mon, I need to wake up, not go *back* to sleep), Joe Krebbs, Susan Kidd and all of FOX 5.
Best Sports: Michael. the connections, the guests. The best in town. Even though he's annoying. Sonny should have a category all his own. Okay, here goes:
Best Second banana: Sonny Jurgensen.

Worst Sports: That weekend guy on 7. If it's not the "Baltimore drawl" it's the inane delivery. Unwatchable.
Best Weatherman: Topper Shutt WUSA.
Worst Weatherman: Doug Hill WJLA. Sorry, he comes off as arrogant to me.
Best reporters: Bruce Johnson, Pat Collins, Gary Reals.
Worst reporters: Well, how about the Newschannel 8'ers that have been bleeding over onto WJLA air. Oye vay.
Best graphics: WJLA
Best theme: WUSA

Let's get shallow now!
Best looking: Gurvir Dhindsa, Eun Yang (Channel 4 reporter), Wendy Reiger (still the best), Nancy Weiner, Lesli Foster, Peggy Fox, Maureen Bunyan, Monika Samtani, Amy Robach, Laura Evans, Julie Parker, Stacy Cohan.
Worst looking: no, I won't go there.
Best dressed: Monika, Maureen, Vance, Robach.
Worst dressed: Pat Collins, George Michael, Elliot Francis (does he own more than two ties?).
Happy holidays!

Dawn in Wheaton...
Overall AM Station: WBAL--good morning show, plus 2 good local shows before and after Rush.
FM stations: Classic rock 104.3. Plays nice mix of classic and some new rock. Wish its signal was a little stronger. I can't always get it down here in the 'hinterlands' of Mont. Co.
Oldies station: WQSR--nice strong signal and pretty good variety. IMO oldies stations don't handle classic rock very well though; stick to the pop and Motown and leave "Light My Fire" to the classic rockers.
Most consistent station: 98 Rock. Been a somewhat regular listener since the mid-80's. Great mix of the old and new.
Best weekly show: WQSR's 8-track Saturday night. A guilty pleasure; a lot disco still sounds good IMO. So sue me.
Very honorable mention: local FMs in Saratoga Springs NY. Local talent, lots of song variety and ads kept to minimum. Pity we don't see that down here.
Question of the year: why do the Baltimore stations sound better format-wise than their Washington DC counterparts???

Boneheaded decision of the year: getting rid of Victoria Jones on WMAL. I like her show; didn't always agree with her or her guests, but I always tuned in.
Worst station/show promos: stupid radio gimmicks, such as the O&A fiasco. OH GROW UP!! (doing my best Joan Rivers imitation there).
Worst synchronization: ads on all the stations at the same $%^& time! Always while I'm driving. Gotta start carrying tapes again 'cause I can't afford XM :(

Gerg in Gaithersburg:
Best: Why have I not seen anything on this page about Nancy Weiner's (WJLA) sniper coverage? Her coverage on this story was fantastic. It was emblematic of her style in general and reminds us that there are still brilliant, thoughtful reporters out there who aren't afraid to have a nice personality too.
Best: Number of interesting ways that WJLA has found to muck up their technical operations. It's a new adventure every night...
Worst: WJLA's loss of Carole Castello and Alexandra Steele.

Larry in Luray:
Best pleasant surprise - the occasional return of Don Geronimo, Top 40 DJ - excellent stuff! Why can't the suits/beancounters at WJFK program an uptempo 70's/80's based music format on the weekends instead of the reruns, infomercials, three hour Redskins pregame and three hour Redskins postgame??? Guess that would entail acutally going out and selling to local advertisers instead of taking the lazy way out...
Best morning show - still Howard Stern. After the recent changes (personally and show-wise), he's gone a little downhill, but still light years beyond anything else on morning radio.
Best programmed station within its format - Oldies 106.9 in Hagerstown. Minor deductions for voice-tracking, carrying Imus and for the sing-song voice of their overnight dude, but hands down it's the best oldies station in these parts - way beyond Big 100 and even WQSR.
Best format change - 105.7 in Luray/Harrisonburg ditching the MIX format and picking up Music Of Your Life.
Worst format change - 93.9 in Woodstock when Cheap Channel bought them, ditched MOYL and flipped it to the KISS format. Ugh!
Worst industry trend - anything fouled by the Evil Empire of Cheap Channel. When they own eight stations in DC and none of them are in the top 10 in the market, it proves that CC poisons almost anything they get their grubby hands on!
Worst waste of a frequency - tie between Lukewarm 99.5 (see above) and WMAL - oh how the mighty have fallen!
Worst seasonal programming idea - WASH starting the holiday music before Turkey Day - enough already!
Happy holidays to all!

Jafter, Falls Church, VA:
Best move of the year WJFK putting Ron and Fez on live from 7pm - 11:30 pm. Returning Don and Mike to afternoon Drive.
Worst move of the year WJFK for playing Sports Junkies reruns middays while figuring out the whole O & A debacle. Then putting Bill O'Rielly on middays. Give me the junks back.
Worst promotions department -- WJFK God they put one penny into promoting anything but the Redskins.
Worst programming - WJFK for the whole weekend infomercial. WARW let's see how many times we can play the same 400 songs every day. I know Cerphe, Tony and the rest of the crew are sick and tired of playing the same crap every day. Hire Weasel and mix in some classic alternative stuff from the late 70's early 80's. Clash, Pistols, Cure, and the Smiths.

Best imitator of a wild animal: Wendy Reiger (WRC) she wears a lot of animal prints
Best use of vintiage clothing: Ken Mease (WUSA)
Best classy dresser: Maureen Bunyan (WJLA)
Best Natural Blond (uh, huh): Laura Evens (WTTG), Wendy Reiger(WRC)
Best "Something about Mary" Hair: Matt Auckalnd (WTTG)
Best customer at Mens Wear House for owning brown suites: Bob Ryan (WRC)
Best attitude and sprit: Jan Fox (screwed by WUSA), Andrea Roane (screwed by WUSA), Jess Atkisson (screwed by WUSA)
Best Weather Man under 4 feet tall: Tom Kerrion (WRC)
Best Weather Man under 2 feet tall: Topper Shutt (WUSA)
Worst Reporter: Kim Bentton (just saw here on WRC, YIKES!), Steven Tsida (News Channel 8), Matt Brock (News Channel 8)
Best Anchor Move: dumping Carole Castello, Don Hudson, Alexandra Steel (WJLA)
Worst Anchor Move: replaced the above with equally lethal team of Andrea McCarren and Elliott Francis
Best use of the "Salad Only Diet:" Kathy Fowler (WJLA)
Best "Deer in Headlights" look: Chicage Windler (WRC)
Best "Sergeant Pepper Impersonator:" Mary Alice Salinas (WRC)
Best use of hairspray: Will Thomas (WTTG)
Worst use of hairspray: Wendy Reiger (too many fly aways!) (WRC)
Best "hair part": Jackie Benson (WRC)
Worst pronunciation of words: Gwen Tolbart (WTTG)
Best pronunciation of Spanish words: Mary Alice Salinas (WRC)
Best pronunciation of all words: Ozzy Osborne
Best promotions: no candidates
Worst promotions: WUSA, WJLA
Biggest loss: Dale Solly (WJLA), Darrien Chapman (WMAQ/WRC)

Jim in Bethesda:
Best overall TV news: Channel 4
Best morning TV news: Mike & Andrea
Best street reporters: Pat Collins, Dave Statter
Worst TV news: everything else at Channel 9; they don't even look like they're trying anymore.
Best radio: None - get a CD player for your car.
Essential radio: WTOP
Most tragic radio: WMAL - once great; all squandered now. Turn out the lights; it's over.
Best anchors: Jim Vance, Wendy Rieger
Most overlooked sports: Glenn Harris
Worst anchors: Barbara Harrison, Gurvir Dhindsa
Most tired anchor: Gordon Peterson
Worst sports anchor: Steve Davis; ship him back to Baltimore.
Worst weather: All of them - two days before every winter weather panic.
Worst broadcasting story of the last decade: Viacom and Clear Channel buy up almost everything.

Worst promotional stunt of the year: "This Classic Rock format will cease to exist on August 10th" Cerphe, you do not know how many of us were hoping this was true! Now stop reading DCRTV and go and play "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd.
"Best and Most Unexpected Longevity" Award for 2002 goes to WHFS 99.1. All of you radio professionals are dieing to know how someone can keep his job for 10 years running a station dead last in the ratings. Compromising pictures of Mel?

From PD1990:
Best Radio Decision: Putting "Arrow" moniker back on WARW. Imagery might help where the music cannot.
Worst Radio Decision: daytimer WGOP attempting to become a DC talk powerhouse 40 miles out of town with lousy signal, no local content, zero local advertisers and bad automation. Big thumbs down for trying to revive cigarette advertising under a loophole in the law.
Best TV: Still Fairfax Public Access Channel 10. New digital upgrades coming, big smear in the Post, and show hosts that may not "know" television but can produce some compelling stuff.
Worst TV: UPN and WB. Not the local channels, but the networks themselves. Where do they find those shows?
Enough Already: Variations on TV's "Trading Spaces". The first one was fine. Lose the MTV version, lose "While You Were Out" and lose the one that network TV is probably going to roll out as a mideason replacement.
Ha-Ha: ABC Network for canceling all the new drama shows they rolled out this season.

Carl in Fairfax:
Best DC TV anchor team: Mike & Andrea
Worst attempt at "getting a joke": Barbara Harrison
Best looking female anchorperson: Wendy Reiger
Worst abuse of live reports: WRC "News4 Today"
Best use of Doppler: WJLA
Best father and son team: Mike & Doug Buchanan
Best interpretation of a talk show host: Connie Chung, (not tonight, please!)
Best Sunday Morning moderator: Tim Russert

Best thing to happen to DC radio: Ken Stevens and Jeremy Coleman getting fired
Best thing to happen to afternoon drive: O&A fired, D&M return!

Mike, Fairfax:
Best Local TV News: Channel 4.
Best News Roundtable Show: Inside Washington (Channel 9).
Best New General Talk Radio Show: Sam Donaldson on WMAL.
Best Local News Feature: Channel 4's retrospective on a 1926 tornado that destroyed a La Plata, MD schoolhouse.
Best Locally Produced Sports TV Show: Channel 4's Redskins Report.
Honorable Mention: Comcast Wizards postgame with Adrian Dantley, Ed Tapscott, etc.; ESPN's Pardon the Interruption.
Best New Sports Radio Show: Bram Weinstein (Saturday mornings on WTEM).
Best Redskins Theme Radio: WTEM's John Riggins Show.
Line of the Year on Sports Radio: "Just what do your people want?" - Steve Czaban on WTEM's Sports Reporters, to USA Today columnist Christine Brennan regarding her criticism of Augusta, GA country club (home of Masters golf tournament) for refusing membership to women.
Prophetic Play-by-Play Call: "Fasten your seat belt - Kwame Brown!" - Wizards announcer Dave Johnson several months before Brown was ticketed for driving 100+ mph.
Feel Good Play-by-Play Call of the Year: longtime Terps announcer Johnny Holliday finally getting to describe a championship as Maryland defeated Indiana for NCAA men's basketball title.
G. Gordon Liddy Patriotism Award: Clear Channel's local stations, for acquiring the radio rights to both Navy and Army football.
Persistence Through Difficult Times Award: Andy Pollin, for coming on the radio week after week following Redskins games to field calls from often irate fans during one of the most dismal decades in the franchise's history. Honorable Mention: WETA-FM's Mary Cliff, for keeping a weekly folk/traditional music program on the air for years despite changing tastes and public radio's budget trimming ways.
Worst Local TV News: Channel 9 - hard to watch with all the technical glitches.
Worst News Roundtable Show: McLaughlin Group (Channel 4) - 'jumped the shark' years ago.
Worst TV News Decision: extensive airplay for psychological profilers during the sniper attacks - by and large, their 'assessments' of the likely perpetrators turned out to be totally inaccurate. Near Miss: ABC flirting with dropping Ted Koppel's acclaimed Nightline program in order to lure David Letterman away from CBS.
Flimsiest Excuse Offered for Cancelling a Talk Show: WMAL citing "overwhelming listener demand" for a nightly Chris Core show as the reason for dropping previous evening host Victoria Jones.
Worst Redskins Theme Radio: Earl Forcey's postgame show on WJFK-FM; Steve Spurrier Show on WTEM - the same old cliches week after week.
Misplaced Priorities Award: Tony Kornheiser (ESPN Radio), for calling Today Show host Matt Lauer's hairstyle change a 'huge national story' at a time when worldwide terrorism was dominating the news.
Jimmy the Greek "Just What Were You Thinking?"Award: Opie & Anthony, Trent Lott (tie).
Pot Calling the Kettle Black Award: Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly, for accusing rival cable host Larry King (CNN) of exploiting the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping case for ratings - when he was devoting plenty of time on his own show to the topic!
Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out: Former Channel 5 sportscaster Dyrol Joyner; Chuck Booms (recently let go by Fox Sports Radio).
Happy Trails: Jess Atkinson; Stacey Donaldson; Cokie Roberts; Art Bell; Dennis Owens; "Songs For Aging Children" (Sunday staple on WETA-FM); Redskins defensive legend Darrell Green (likely to land local TV or radio sportscasting gig next year).

From Sunflowers in Rockville:
Best Morning show: WKYS 93.9...Russ Parr WITHOUT Oliva Fox and WHUR 96.3 ...John is halarious!
Worst Morning Show: WHIT 99.5...what a "MESS" that is, just let it go. and WPGC 95.5...how is that still number 1?? I do love Donnie, but he needs some help over there!
Best TV News: WTTG 5 without a doubt. Morning and night...Sue Palka rock on!!
Worst TV News: WUSA 9...The overall apperance just looks...what's the right word: cheesy! Is it me or is Maureen Bunyan looking more like Michael Jackson every day?
Best Radio Station overall: Mix 107.3...gotta love that format!
Worst Radio Station overall: WHIT 99.5 once again...and WASH 97.1. That station has gone down, down, down. And enough with the X-mas music, gosh
Best Traffic/Weather: WTOP hands down...they're so reliable
Have a great holiday folks...

Best News Anchors: Jim Vance, Doreen Gentzler, Andrea Roane
Worst News Anchors: Brian Bolter, Gurvier Dhindsa, Barbara Harrison
Best Weather Anchors: Bob Ryan, Doug Hill, Howard Bernstein, Steve Rudin
Worst Weather Anchors: Marlon McGee, Alexandra Steel, Gwen Tolbart
Best Sports Anchor: George Michaels
Worst Sports Anchor: Steve Davis, Dyrol Joyner
Best Consumer Reporter: Liz Crenshaw
Worst Consumer Reporter: Elizabeth Leasion
Best anchor at being Annoying: Mike Buchanan, Elliott Francis, Barbara Harrison
Best Hair (fake, real): JC Hayward
Worst Hair: Tom Sherwood
Best Dressed: Jim Handly, Will Thomas, Brian Buttler, Wendy Reiger, Steve Rudin, Andrea Roane, Maureen Bunyan, JC Hayward, Kethleen Mathews
Worst Dressed: All of News Channel 8, Susan Kidd, Mike Buchanan, Gurvier Dhindsa, Gwen Tolbart
Best Smile: JC Hayward
Best use of spacle and make-up: JC Hayward
Biggest Ego: Topper Shutt, Doug McElway
Best Looking Graphics: WUSA
Worst Local News: WUSA
Best Local News: WRC

Best Morning Drive: The Sports Junkies. Refreshing voices in the morning. Brilliant move by HFS.
Best Midday Show: Tony Kornheiser. Funny and informative. Still works even though the local nature is gone.
Best Afternoon Show: Sean Hannity. Syndication doesn't hurt this show.
Best TV News: Channel 4. Credibility and Consistency.
Worst Morning Drive: Elliot. How do people listen to him? What is so funny?
Worst Midday Show: Bill O'reilly. Talk about mailing it in. He sounds like he could care less about his radio career.
Worst Afternoon Drive: Don and Mike. Huge following, but the creative well is dry. I stopped listening when they started eating boogers. Egomaniacs.
Worst TV News: Channel 9. A Mess. Sports is the worst. Ken Broo, Jess Atkinson...now Steve Davis? Who the hell is he?

Don & Mike. 18 years later, they are Harden & Weaver for a new generation.
Donnie Simpson: 25 years, he is still silky smooth and easy to listen to.
WTOP am&fm: Day in and out, best overall operation in DC radio.
Eliot: Not funny, tries too hard to be outrageous.
Chris Core: Sad testimonial to a guy who's best days are far behind him.
The entire staff of Hot 99.5: Does anyone there know about the basics of radio?
WTOP am&fm
WJFK : mornings & afternoons ONLY. Otherwise, what a mess!
WASH : Xmas music will be a big winner again.
WMAL: TRAIN WRECK! Disgrace! Disgust!
WHFS: Nothing legendary about this station at all. Junkies, R.I.P.
HOT 99.5: Bad, bad, bad.
Happy Holidays to all the winners and losers!

Baltimore Radio Best and Worst (Non Syndicated)
Best Morning Show: The Laurie DeYoung Morning Show WPOC
Best Mid-Day: Bob Delmont, WPOC
Best PM Drive: Jimmie Roberts, WWMX
Best PM Shift- Don O'Brien, WQSR
Best Talk Show (non-syndicated): Steve Milewski, WBAL
Best Station Imaging: WXFB (B104.3/old WOCT)
Best Musical Rotation: WIYY
Best Radio Station: WPOC - The numbers don't lie, and are close to WERQ, both of whom continue sitting atop in their respective formats with an 8.2 and 7.0 respectfully in the latest trends. The closest competition comes from WWIN, WBAL, and WLIF, all in the upper 5's. The overall edge, however, goes to WPOC. What separates WPOC from other Baltimore stations is the combination of the real personalities of their DJ's, great imaging and promos, competitive local news coverage, and an ounce of humor in everything they do (along with laughing at themselves). That all equals a radio station that keeps the listeners listening longer than they expected, listening more often, and an 8.2 overall. The numbers just don't lie, regardless of the music.

Worst Morning Show: [Tie] Jo-Jo and Kenny (WWMX) and Mark Stevens (WZBA)
Worst Mid-Day: No One
Worst PM Drive: Nester Apparacio WNST
Worst PM Shift: Those Sports Guys WJFK-A
Worst Talk Show: Those Sports Guys WJFK-A
Worst Station Imaging: WWMX
Worst Musical Rotation: WXYV
Worst Radio Station: WWMX - WWMX edges out WJFK-A. WJFK gains an exemption because of the amount of syndicated programming, and Those Sports Guys don't count as a major market radio show. Regarding Mix, Jo-Jo and Kenny at Mix have become stale; too focused on themselves, and not the listeners. Mix as a station continues to search for a musical identity, still deciding on what the change from a few years ago is doing for them. Mix has positioned themselves poorly by losing the only segment of their listeners that was expanding, and alienating the other segment of the audience who is now turning to WLIF. Morning shows don't break a station, but programming does. You cannot depend on the music to make you good. To over simplify things, they are no longer listener focused--the jocks talk too long, they can be generic, and are extremely repetitive. The upside is promising, however. The big question in the next year or so is: Can Bill Pasha make the right moves to get the most out his talent?

Best News: WTTG (very to the point)
Best Personality: Tracey Neale
Weather: Gwen Tolbart, Sue Palka, Doug Hill
Sports: Dave Feldman, Rene Knott
Radio: Russ Parr WITH Olivia Fox

Worst News: WUSA
Personality: Gurvir Dhindsa
Weather: Topper Shutt
Sports: WUSA
Radio: Russ Parr WITHOUT Olivia Fox

Scott in Damascus:
Best TV News: WRC-Solid coverage, nothing flashy-the way a news team should operate. Jim Vance, Wendy Reiger, and Mil Arcega are all class acts. I can even stomach Arch Campbell.
Worst TV News: WTTG-Is your mall Santa a criminal? Do you have deadly black mold in your house?? Will the diaper changing stations in public bathrooms KILL your precious baby??? Gee, if this world is so dangerous, why even get up in the morning? Their "news" is just one step above The Globe. Hard to believe they were in my Best News category last year. Maybe I'm just upset that the always animated Noel Tucker left.
Best TV Weather: Sue Palka (WTTG)-Practically the only reason I watch their news anymore. Kind of like watching your mom do the weather. Very personable and the forecasts are usually right on the nose.
Worst TV Weather: Eh, they're all pretty good. I could be nitpicky, but it's the holiday season.
Best in Radio: WZBA-100.7 in Baltimore. If you're north of DC and can pick up this station, I highly recommend it. It's a great alternative to the blandness that is 94.7 and 104.3. Sure, they'll play some of the usual overplayed clunkers by the Doors and Fleetwood Mac, but I've also heard things like "Atlantis" and "Year of the Cat". Just ask WARW to play them! There's no annoying Burger King morning zoo and very few contests that take up time for music. Honorable mention goes to WBIG and WASH/WLIF (in Nov/Dec). I may be in the minority on both of these thoughts but I rather enjoy the change from 50s/60s to 60s/70s (although I'm hearing "Good Morning Starshine" waaaaay too many times). Don't get me wrong. I miss the 50s stuff and wish this much-discussed "Vegas Radio" would arrive and include the songs 100.3 got rid of. However, 70's pop and ANYTHING from the 80's are woefully absent from the DC airwaves. The switch helps that a little. As for WASH and WLIF, I simply can't get enough of the Christmas music. I don't listen all the time, but I'm glad it's there when I want it. For those who can't stand it, don't worry-both stations will soon go back to their continuous loop of Celine Dion, Phil Collins, and Jewel songs for the next 11 months.
Worst in Radio: Gee, where to start? How about HFS (99.1). When I moved here in 1992, it was practically all I listened to. I hear it was even better in the 80s. What happened? I believe someone mentioned this earlier, but they seem to be catering only to 15 year old boys with "issues". I realized that stations these days are trying to narrow their core audience, but come on! If this is the case, where's my station? Where's the station for 33 year old married males who like the Smiths, Hot Chocolate, Johnny Cash, and Schoolhouse Rock? 94.7: Boring, boring, boring 99.5: Reflects the current state of music today: Prepackaged and totally forgettable. Give me the old WGAY (or even Jammin' oldies with a larger playlist) any day. 106.5: They play their current most popular songs every 2.5 hours. You can set your clock to it. Worst trend: Name changing-94.7 back to "The Arrow". WOCT to "B104.3". The "Legendary" 99.1. A skunk by any other name still stinks to high heaven.
Best Radio Commercial: "Deer Park Water" with Ranger Dan, Buck, and Junior. I believe I heard this primarily on 106.5. Clever, funny, and a nice jingle.
Worst Radio Commercial: "Giant Foods" "Ok, Vicky, for 10 million dollars, which day is considered hump day? A. Wednesday, B. Wednesday or C. Wednesday?" Heard everywhere. Hopefully, liked by no one. Also the one for, I believe, the Maryland Lottery. "And now for the news, brought to you by a man with no eyebrows" And exactly what was the point of telling us that he has no eyebrows? Made no sense. Fortunately, it's off the air now.
Thanks, Dave. Keep up the great work! Happy Holidays.

SlIgO J:
BEST: WTOP and WAMU, 92.5 WINC FM, WRQX, WETA, WQSR, Tom Jackson and Alan Lee (WQSR), Scooter MaGruder (WBIG and the only good program on there), Buckey Murphy (WYRE), WNAV, WKCW and WYRE, Tom Marr (WCBM), KML (98 Rock), Greasman (WGOP, get back on FM or increase the signal Bud Bud Buddy), Larry Krebs for receiving that award (too bad hardly anyone from WMAL was even there).
WORST: Olivia Fox's termination. Mama H. seems to decide when one's time is up, despite ratings etc. WMAL news. Save money and have Metro/Shadow provide their news clips. Don't claim to be a news op when not but let's give the new GM some time. WFMD, WAFY, WTTR, SOMAR Communications. All claim to be community stations when in fact, much, if not all of their programing is automated/voice-tracked. Clear Channel stations. WWLG for dropping their live programming. All stations who are now or continue to use artificial, non-live/local programming, the death of WTOP News Vet. John Lynker.

Daryl in Alexandria:
Best Local News: WRC
Best News Anchor: Barbara Harrison
Best Reporter: Brian Mooar
Best Radio: WTOP (news) WWLG--1370 (music)

Best TV News : WJZ Eyewitness News
Best NewsCast to watch : [tie] WJZ Eyewitness News Morning Edition/Snow Show and WJZ Eyewitness News at Four.
Best News Anchors: Kellye Lynn [wjz], Denise Dory [abc 2], Donna Hamilton [wbal]
Best Graphics Update [tie] WJZ 13 and ABC 2
Best tv website Tie: Inside Baltimore.com and thewbalchannel.com
Honorable Mention: wjz.com
Best Ideas : Becoming Baltimores News Station & EWN at 4[wjz], Becoming ABC 2 News [abc 2]
Best TV News : ABC 7 News /NewsChannel 8
Best NewsCast to watch : [tie] ABC 7 News GMW/ @ Noon , NewsChannel 8 Late Night Report, WUSA 9 News This Morning, FOX 5 News at Ten ( minus Will Thomas [sorry]) Best News Anchors: Andrea Roane [wusa], Andrea McCarren [abc 7], JC Hayward [wusa], Tracy Neale [fox 5], Doug McKelway [ABC 7]
Honorable Mention: Nathan Roberts [NC 8]
Best Graphics Update: [tie] WUSA 9 News and NewsChannel 8
Best tv website Tie: NBC 4.com-WJLA.com
Honorable Mention: wusa9.com
Best Ideas : Merging ABC 7 and NewsChannel 8 , Putting Lisa Baden on ABC 7, Having Brian Bolter on at 5 and 10 on Fox 5, Fox 5 News at 5, ABC 7 News at noon
Best Coverage from all stations: On the sniper shootings and missing children. All Baltimore and Washington stations did great.
I would put the worst, but its would make me seem like a grinch.....haha

FWIW: Bill in Centreville's Best & Worst:
Best Radio Voice: Gary Chase (WASH FM), Cerphe (Classic Rock)
Best Sports Show: Tony Kornheiser, The Sports Junkies in the AM
Worst Sports Show: Tie: John Thompson Show, Jim Rome Show (Rome used to be pretty good, but his show has declined)
Best Place I go for news: WTOP
Best Traffic Reporter: Lisa Baden
Best TV Sports Department: George Michael
Worst TV Sports Department: Channel 9. (Bring back Jess)
Coolest Radio Gig: Johnny Holliday
Worst Radio Gig: Anything at here today, gone tomorrow WMAL
Best Sports Beat Reporter: Bram Weinstein on the Redskins
Basically I'm a sports and rock and roll geek so I don't listen much to NPR or Rush Limbaugh so that's why I put the FWIW in my note.

Best : Nothing
Worst: The waste of 105.1 . It was a great station once.
The mess at WASH. How a city's only AC can do so bad is a disgrace
The failure of Infinity to convert WARW back to Lite Rock . Now is the time.

Anne in Ashton:
Best Station-WTOP, Best Talents Russ Parr and Tom Joynor, Best Secret Weapons Wendy Reiger, David Burd, and Dave Brown. Best After Looking Bad: Don & Mike. Best after taking a beating: WHUR
Worst: WARW: It keeps getting worse. Anytime on WTNT and WTEM. And DC 101, one "Elliott leaving" away from becoming WARW. Steve Allan's failure to remember where he came from.

From Greg in Overlea, MD:
Best Overall Radio: "Subterranean w/ Zoltar, the Brother from Another Planet", Saturday nights from 12midnight-2am on 99.1HFS. Well, at least it's billed as a local program. Zoltar has been the guest DJ for Trancemissions since Gina Crash left the station almost a year ago! I just wish HFS would program this type of music 24/7.
Worst Overall Radio: 103.9/104.1. I'm still mourning the loss of the Z, both in format and name!
Best Morning Radio Programs: "Kirk, Mark, and Lopez" on 98Rock (for sports and comedy), "Dave Durian and The Morning Team" on Radio 1090 WBAL (for news and info in Baltimore), and "Mike Moss and Richard Day" on WTOP (for news and info, once I get to DC).
Worst Morning Radio Programs: "Hot Morning Mess" on 99.5 and "Joe-Joe & Kenny" on MIX1065.
Best TV News: WBAL-TV11 in Baltimore
Most Improved TV News: WMAR-TV ABC2. Good idea to start the morning news before 5am and adding a noon newscast.

From Z in MD:
Best Moment -- Baltimore Sun columnist David Folkenflik calls Geraldo's friendly-fire bluff.
Worst Moment -- WAMU reruns a Kojo Nnamdi show without editing out breaking news of the first sniper spree.

From Strode Wilder in Olney:
WTOP is disqualified from being BEST of anything until they stop selling time to snake oil salesmen...Yes the makers of Focus Factor...what is that guy a dcotor of? Also Ms. Hartley...after her successful Polaroid commericals with James Garner is now on WTOP asking those of us with 20/200 vision to buy a video tape and throw away our glasses. How can a station that prides itself in its "Call for Action" consumer protection unit help flim-flam men empty the pockets of its audience?
HELLO...Radio Legend...yes Old Ed Walker on WAMU with Sunday nights Old Time Radio Programs is as good as it gets.
1370 out of Baltimore. It's nice to have something to replace 1260 on my car's AM radio punch button. The Sounds of Sinatra are back. If there is an audience for Business Radio (and I doubt it... WTOP's biz news on 25 and 55 with stock updates at 15 and 45 serves me well) during the week...I can not believe there is on the weekends. Bennet Zeir could put a couple of the music programs back on the weekends and triple number of station listeners.

WORST: The one good thing WMAL was doing while ruining the WGN, KMOX and WJR of Washington, DC, was running the Mitch Albam (sic I know) highlight show on the weekend. Of course they finally realized that they had some good programing on and yanked it.
Chris Core was the greatest as the whinner to his sidekick Bill. But those days are long ago. Doesn't Chris or anyone else at WMAL realize that we don't care what some housewife in Herndon thinks about a local or national issue? Chris...your old afternoon drive shows were great when you actually prepared for them and were sure to include some humor. Now there is no reason to listen.
WTEM and Fox Sports Radio. Yeah there is a tie with Clear Channel and FOX radio, but why drive away your listeners by forcing FOX programming on them instead of the far superior ESPN Radio?
Andy Pollen is maybe the worst thing I have ever heard on any sports talk station. Outside of some football knowledge...this guy knows noooooothing and isn't afraid to talks us everyday!
The Baltimore Orioles buying time on WTEM and then forcing them to keep Phil Woods off the air as part of the contract just shows you how much WTEM cares about it listeners.

Best: Russ Parr and Olivia Fox on WKYS. Without question, the best morning show in DC or anywhere else. They are hilarious and creative, and their chemistry is unequaled. A pure joy to listen to. They make Donnie and Tom look like college radio amateurs!
Worst: John Butler and John Matthews at WMAL. What those two have done to this once-great station and the people who work there is despicable and disgusting. When Jim Gallant left, WMAL was a thriving, popular, profitable heritage station. Now it's a sick joke, with Chris Core banned to evenings, no local talk during the day, and a news department that will need a major overhaul to even reach third-rate status behind WTOP and WAMU. How humiliating. Butler and Matthews should find more than coal in their stockings this year...they should find pink slips. And soon.

Note: I am only giving “bests”. I don’t do “worst” … too negative.
Best write in campaign to prop up a bunch of insecure radio people: WTOP. All of sudden, at least 7 postings in a row praising WTOP. Hint: if you spread them out, it won’t be so obvious.
Best ballsy reporter: I’ll agree with the write-in campaign that it is Kristi King. I guess ballsy means you go on the air with a lot of attitude and no facts (took lots of balls to slam the District on a red light camera that didn’t work…and actually didn’t even exist). Amy Morris isn’t quite in Kristi’s league yet, thankfully. She can still be salvaged. Unfortunately management wants them all to be like Kristi. Keep your ballsy. Give me good journalism instead. I suggest that they spend a little less time patting themselves on the back over on Idaho Avenue and instead try to break some real news … for once.
Best radio reporter not on the air: Mary Ann Jennings. She apparently doesn’t have attitude and balls. She does have good news sense and ethics. I guess those things aren’t important at an all-news radio station.
Best commercials disguised as news: All of those sponsored. specialized reports on WTOP where you don’t know when the news copy ends and the commercial begins. Who do they think they are fooling? I hope it is all logged as a commercial. Why Howard Kurtz hasn’t done another story about this, I’ll never know.
Best promos disguised as news: Mike Causey’s Federal Report. What a waste. Instead of providing real information from the best federal reporter in the land, they do a promo for the web site. Shameless.
The best WTOP has to offer (and these people are truly the best): Mark Plotkin, Bruce Alan, Howard Dicus, Steve Eldridge, Dave McConnell, Chas Henry, Hank Silverberg, Dave Johnson, Frank Hanrahan, Adrian Mitchell. These people are knowledgeable and informative. They are also fun to listen to. They know how to do radio. Let’s hear more of them and less of the attitude lady.
Best radio manager around: Jim Farley. Despite all of the complaints above, he has been very successful at positioning WTOP as the town’s radio news source. He deserves a lot of credit for this. Now Jim, make it into a great radio station. One that is worthy of its promos.
Best radio news…by default: WTOP. With the exception of WAMU, they are the only game in town. WMAL is out of the business.
Best evidence that all of the above is correct: When I wrote my last e-mail on this topic, there was only one response. It was a personal attack claiming that I used to work at WTOP and had sour grapes. Guess again. There wasn’t one posting defending WTOP on the facts. Not one posting listing the major stories that WTOP has broken in recent years. Not one posting defending the infomercials. Still, after all of this time, no postings explaining the red light camera “exclusive”. Apparently I stunned the very organized, WTOP staff write-in crew into silence. I am still waiting.
Best job of scaring the public on a daily basis: Fox 5. Hype, hype and more hype. WTTG has more resources than most any station in the country. Let’s see some class from Wisconsin and Harrison. Sue Palka has class. Let her teach management and the rest of the crew how it is done.
Reporter best suited for a job as a car salesman: Sickeningly slick Will Thomas. So earnest. Wanting so much to be taken seriously, but without a clue how to do so. Try less hype and more substance.
Best looking woman on local television (and also not a bad reporter): Melanie Alnwick.
Best reporters on the sniper story: Pat Collins, Mike Buchanan, Gary Reals, Brad Bell, Dave Statter, Staci Cohan, Bruce Leshan, Sari Horwitz (Washington Post). They gave you confidence with their solid information and didn’t just wait for handouts from the police. The police blew it. Maybe Chief Moose should have turned the investigation over to Channel 9 and the Washington Post. Even CNN (see below) was onto the Caprice before the cops were. Read the article by the criminologist in the Post Outlook section two weeks ago to see what I mean. All of the TV reporters I mentioned should be used as role models for young reporters who want to make it big in television. Substance over hype. I didn’t see people switching to Fox 5 when they wanted information on this extremely important story.
Best reason not to watch cable: Their hype and misinformation on the sniper story. A great deal of irresponsible reporting.
Best consumer reporter: Liz Crenshaw. She may not be pretty, but she always has good information. The former competition on 9 thought she was pretty, but her stuff was weak.
Best move by 9: See immediately above.
Best morning TV team: Mike, Andrea, Hillary, Monica and Frank. Heads above the competition.
Best anchor in Washington: Wendy Reiger. I’ll buy anything she is selling.
Best TV News Director in Washington: At the moment they are all tied for last. No, I am sorry. They are all tied for first, with the exception of Fox 5’s news director who is dead last.
Best thing about the internet: DCRTV and Dave Hughes. He gets the tips first. The papers get their radio and TV news from him.

Best TV News: WRC-4 Consistency is the Key!
Worst TV News: Fox 5 Its not about looks, its about journalism folks!
Best TV News Anchor: Jim Handley... smooth and professional.
Worst TV News Anchor: Will Thomas... unless he's reporting... then he's the worst at that.
Best TV Reporter: Pat Collins, Dave Statter or Gary Reals... all rock-solid. Pat is the best "story-teller."
Worst TV Reporter: Will Thomas... unless he's anchoring... then he's the worst at that.
Best Radio News: WTOP The best radio station on the AM or FM dial.
Worst Radio News: Hard to pick the worst station when no one else is doing anything approaching the folks at WTOP, but we can single out WMAL for continued poor performance.
Best Radio News Anchor: as they say in the sports page... pick 'em... Mike Moss, Richard Day, Bruce Alan, Diane Kepley, Shawn Anderson... all are true professionals at WTOP.
Worst Radio News Anchor: any of the sedated anchors on NPR or Joan Donager on WMAL.
Best Radio News Reporter: again any on the staff of WTOP... I would single out Chas Henry, Dave McConnell, Steve Eldridge and Brendan Hazelton. I do find Andrew O'Day to do some good reporting on WMAL.
Worst Radio News Reporter: Milagros Sardine, WMAL.
Best Radio Music: WRNR If only this signal was stronger. Even with more programmed music and less DJ input, the station still has me grabbing a pen to write down the name of a CD worth buying. Reminds me a bit of the OLD WHFS.
Worst Radio Music: Everyone else... redundant, redundant, redundant.

Best: WTOP for news. WMAL for traffic-- Pete & Dan. Chip Franklin for talk show host (hands down). 104.1 for music. website goes to WTOP as well as management-- they don't get nicer than Joel Oxley
Worst: Mix 107.3 morning show, except Jack Diamond, he's too good for the rest and their obnoxious selves. Mix 107.3 music playlist also needs some work. and of course all the wmal's rush/laura/sean..plenty are plently of good people who are syndicated.

BEST: TV: WRC's Jim Vance, Fox 5 Morning News (only the Morning), New Fox 5 reporter Matt Ackland (?) (what a Fox!), WTTG's Sue Palka, WJLA's Maureen Bunyan (why are they still so low-ranked?), WUSA's Mike Buchanan and JC Hayward. RADIO: WINC and WBQB, for being true HOT a/c's. WFLS, for being a much better country station than 'MZQ. WKYS' Russ Parr and Olivia Fox - damned funny morning show. Southern Maryland's WMDM for playing oldies outside the safe 500 songs WBIG and WQSR play. WQSR's Big Don O' Brien - the best jock in the mid-Atlantic region. WTOP - the BEST local news on the radio OR the television. WJFK's Don & Mike - nobody does afternoon drive better. They were missed. York's 98 YCR for being the closest thing to a REAL balanced Top-40/CHR in about a 250 mile radius of DC. Yes, this format COULD work in DC!
WORST: Fox 5's 10:00 News - they should have had Mike G from the FOX morning news be the anchor. Brian Bolter says "folks" too much and both of the 10:00 anchors use too many hand gestures. And, hey FOX 5 not everything is DANGEROUS to our health or our family's welfare - so stop already with that nonsense. Hagerstown's WJAL-68 for dumping syndicated fare for home shopping / paid religious crap. RADIO: To quote Don Imus: What is wrong with {DC} radio can be summed up in two words: Bennett Zeir. And what can't be explained by those two words can be summed up in four more: Jeff Wyatt, Steve Allen. How anyone can destroy the previous ratings success with WASH and WMZQ is beyond me. And hey Mr. Zeir, was it really worth killing standards on WGAY-1260 for that business radio crap that NOBODY listens to? At least the music format you killed off had SOMEONE listening to ol' 1260. Bonneville's Z104 and ABC's MIX 107.3 who both seem to be in a contest with one another as to who can cram more 2-year-old overplayed "modern" a/c cuts into any given hour. The entire airstaff of HOT 99.5 except for Ron Ross and KT Harris, both of which if I were to win the lottery and buy 105.1 from Salem, would join Big Don O'Brien on a kick-ass Mainstream CHR that would put the final nail in HOT 99.5's coffin. "Playing ALL of today's hit music not just SOME of it - Power 105 - WAVA."

From Lisa in Arlington:
Best Radio Production Values: WTOP by far. Who knew radio reports could sound this interesting?
Worst Morning Show: Jack Diamond. Can't even listen a little.
Best music station when you need a break: MEGA 92.7. Love the Latin beats!
Worst music station: Mix 107.3 plays songs over and over and over and over and over.
Worst radio blunder: What's up with WMAL's morning team? They do not sound good.
Best TV anchor: Mil Arcega...why isn't he on more often? Rrrrrrrr!

Best Federalnewsradio.com and wtopnews.com. WTOP. Doug Hill. Wendy Rieger. Goldy.
Worst WMAL (except for Ric Edelman). Redskins Radio with so many commercials it hurts to listen. George Michaels. Murphy & Cash.

Best: WTOP hiring Mark Plotkin away from WAMU. WTOP having not only their own reporter covering Congress (Dave McConnell) but their own national Security reporter (Chas Henry). They are the class of local broadcast news, radio OR TV. Best weather guy: Doug Hill on both 7 and TOP.
Worst: WMAL. They destroyed a heritage news/talk station. Also, bad on WBIG for dropping 50's oldies. Channel 9 for copy-cat behavior. Every time WTOP does one of those "Ask the Governor" type shows, 9's morning producer calls and begs the guest to come on their 9am News. Channel 9 can't BUY an original idea; last year they started Traffic & Weather on the9's." Wonder where they got that ?

Best: Morning crew on WTOP: Moss, Day, Lisa Baden, Dave Johnson and Tucker whose last name I can't spell. Also, two really ballsy street reporters, Amy and Christi. New morning guy on WGMS, James Bartel. Doug Hill and Pat Collins on TV.
Worst: Paul Wagner on Fox. He was MUCH better on radio. He is pompous on TV. News Channel 8. All-news on cable does NOT have to be THAT boring.

Best: Saturday mornings on WTOP. Other all-news stations don't sound this good on weekdays ! Doug Hill, Mark Plotkin, Dave Statter.
Worst: WMAL. WAMU and WETA for wasting radio spectrum by running the exact same public radio programs at the exact same time. Weekends on WJFK except for Redskins game coverage and even that has TOO MANY commercials.

Best: Tim Russert, Tony Snow, Bob Schiefer, Chris Matthews, Wolf Blitzer and all those TV news guys who show up every week on WTOP. It's like when Tom Sawyer got his friends to pay him for whitewashing his fence. WTOP just keeps getting better (and they were a crappy radio station 5 or 6 years ago). Jim Hanley on Channel 4, a real gentleman. Kristi King.
Worst: Fox 5. WMAL. The absolute inconsistency of WJFK. Why doesn't it sound like Stern and Don and Mike ALL the time, 7 days a week ? The Redskins fit but NOT with the non-stop babble of commercials and plugs. Paul Wagner.

From the think tank at kyleshannon.com here are my best/worst 2002:
BESTS: Best Ocean City Station: WQMR, putting Richie and Ken together again thats just well, swell. Best Ocean City Sports Reporter, Captain "please dont put me behind the wheel again" Jim (someone hire him please he's the nicest guy in town). Best ocean city news all year: well youd think it was Drunk Santa, that made national news this week but really, would anyone like to buy a vowel!!! Best part timer in DC: Chris "I work fifteen jobs and im not jamaican, and i dont work for the mormons, wait yes i do..."Roth. Best Traffic Person in DC Julie "Ms. Donny Simpson" "whoops I mean Ms. Chris Roth" Wright...hey yourself, wait thats michelle...best long term dc midday host Ms. Hey Yourself its michelle wright. Other best part timer in DC, Michael "what z104 do i work at" Klein...Best Washington Radio Decision: I gotta agree with everyone else, Moving D&M back to afternoons. best Baltimore or DC format Flip: WQSR to 102.7 and the Birth of X 105-7... best Night Show in Baltimore: Mickey and Jenn on 98 Rock Hun. Best Ocean City Decision: WELCOME HOME DAVY D. BEST PERSON ON DCRTV TO DEBATE WITH...tie tie tie Paul B and Michael Popovec....
Worst: Worst Ocean City Station...well lets see Great Scott doesnt really own any ocean city stations. Worst Ocean City Decision: Nobody would listen to me on the Good Ole Dr. Michael Lynn, and I worked with him 2x...Worst DC Part timer, oh just turn on hot 99-5...Person im most jealous of this year: Julian "If i suck any more of this helium i may just keel over" Neh (that really is a compliment) ABSOLUTE WORST DC RADIO DECISION THIS YEAR: LETTING MARTIN HANSBERRY GO after like 20 years with WRC and hes only like 30...SECOND DUMBEST DC DECSION: Hiring that idiot from Atlanta for nights on Mix when there was someone more qualified in house.
To all a merry christmas and a happy new year

2002-No particular order...
Best-KML, Gerry Sandusky, Chip Franklin, Don and Mike, Sherry Ellicker, Peter Bickford, Mark Miller, Michael Graham, Paul Wagner, Gordon Petersen(sp) Mary Ann Bannister, Jim Farley.
Worst-Elliot, Jack Diamond, Rush, Bill Press, Hannity, John Butler, Jack diamond again, and Will Thomas.

Peter Burgess, Gaithersburg - My submissions for DCRTV's Best & Worst of 2002:
Best Little Touch: WTOP 1500 AM waiting for a natural pause in programming content to perform their sunrise and sunset transmission pattern change (and the resulting 1-2 second signal loss); the listener never misses any program content. I’m unaware of any other station that does this.
Most Unsung Radio Personality: David Burd on WMAL Saturday mornings. Why don’t they pair David with Andy Parks for morning drive?
Best Comeback: the Greaseman. He’s paid his “debt” to society - time to let him out of the penalty box.
Best (and easiest) Programming Move: Placing Don and Mike back in afternoon drive. ‘Nuf said!
Most Intriguing Programming Move: The Sports Junkies move to morning drive on WHFS. My impression is that their show doesn’t work as well first thing in the morning. But the jury’s still out - stay tuned.

Worst TV News: Channel 5 News at 10. It gets more hyped and sensationalized with every passing day. Their slogan ought to be “You can’t stay alive unless you watch channel 5.”
Worst New Personality. Jane Norris on WMAL. Consistently ill-informed on topics and shallow when on air. Where is Brooke Stevens or Susan Monday when we need them?
Worst Trend: WAMU and WETA’s programming continuing to converge to the same genre. Two great public radio FM signals - why must they copy-cat on the content? How many hours of ATC do you really need?
Worst Technology: WMAL time compression of Rush and Sean. It’s unlistenable, especially when callers or sound clips are played. I’ve started looking for Baltimore stations for these shows - marginal signals from Virginia (where I work) during the day, but still easier to understand the content.

Chris from McLean:
Best News: Fox 5, AM, PM. ALL and best news team
Worst News: 7 and 9 both are horrible
Best Radio AM Elliot and D&M PM
Worst Radio Jack Fat --- Diamond

John in Owings Mills:
WORST: Baltimore's TV 13's Ron Matz YELLING /SHOUTING into the camera on ever damn report.P.S. Ron: you have a nice voice, why yell?
Katy L. weekend news on TV 13 talking 100 miles per minute.
Marty Bass hyper on camera presentation(must be the coffee) and Don Scott falling asleep on morning show and 12 noon news

BEST: Baltimore TV 11's new news guy: Noel Tucker and under rated weather dude: Justin Burke. Ky Jackson TV 13 news excellent and a natural on camera.

Doc in DC:
Best TV News Reporter/Anchor: Will Thomas. He's personable, professional, cute, consummate, and did I say cute. He relates the story in the best manner.
Best TV Sports Anchor: Jess Atkinson. Too bad WUSA and it's less than performing News Director keeps on hiring Baltimore personnel to come to DC and fail. What does Dave Roberts have against these people like Virg Jacques?
Best TV Weatherman: It's a tie between the few appearances this year of Steve Rudin and Jeff Gilbert. Jeff was always a favorite at WJLA and Steve was always a favorite with his big toothy, "devilish" smile. And Steve, thanks for introducing the unflappable Will Thomas to me!
Best TV Weatherwoman: Sue Palka. Doug Hill may be the King of Weather in DC, but Sue is the QUEEN!
Best Weekday Anchor: Who else but Gordon Peterson. One day Gordon will go to a station in the area that appreciates him and reveres him!
Best Up and Coming Reporter: Robby Chavez at WTTG
Best News Director: Kathy Green at WTTG. After all she hired Rudin, Gilbert, and works like a bangee! Kudos to a person who knows what she's doing and does it superbly. And thank you for Will Thomas and Steve Rudin ... just looking at them makes bad news and weather bearable! (there does seem to be a theme)
Best News Station: WTTG

Worst News Director: Dave Roberts at WUSA.
Worst General Manager: the woman at WUSA. Too bad she really has no idea of what to do with Dave Roberts ... hint: pink slip before he inflicts Brenda Wood from Atlanta on us!
Worst TV News Anchor: Gurvir Dhindsa
Worst TV News Department: WUSA. I used to watch it avidly, but with Topper's permanent, Gurvir and her silly smile and stupid presentation, the revolving door on the sports desk, the demotion of Andrea to morning and Buck to morning .... well, too bad a good product has been destroyed. You can hire all the daughters of great Executive Producers from the past, but when you have a News Director who destroys all stations in his path, you'll never get it back!
Worst Owner: Gannett, who else. Fox comes in a close second, but the local station seems to overcome Rupert Murdock well.

Best Website and Webmaster: DCRTV and Dave!

Paul, Alexandria, Va.:
Best: TV Morning Show- Fox 5 Amy Robach, Holly Morris, Lark McCarthy, Whoever that guy is and the "Ken" doll like Tom Sater. Morning Radio- Howard Stern. Honorable Mention to Diane Stupar from Elliot's show. She's funny, witty and deserves her own show.
Worst: TV Morning Show- Channel 4 Barbara "mumbles" Harrison can ruin any news story with her stilted delivery and phony sentimentality. Morning Radio- Elliot at DC101. Poor, low rent Howard Stern/Don and Mike wannabe. Between the stoner phone callers and his stupid phony laugh the guy has no talent he can call his own.

Chris Bowie, MD:
Best Sportscast (local): Comcast SportsNet. With several new reporters (Rich Cook, Scott Hanson) and the usual crew, most of Washington and Baltimore's local sports are now more thoroughly covered. Gripes: Being a native of the DC area, but an alumni of Hampton Roads colleges, as well as Maryland, I wish there were reporters placed in other smaller regional areas (Hampton Roads, Charlottesville, Blacksburg, Richmond) where sports can happen -- particularly of the college and high school variety. It's not really regional when all of the mid-Atlantic hears about Washington and Baltimore, perhaps extending the 6pm SportsNite to an hour or getting local programming from the other regions may fill in this gap.
Worst Sportscast (local): Channel 9. I'm sure Steve Lewis, or Davis, or whatever his name is, is a nice guy. However, it seems kind of cheap or trite that he seems to be getting more time than Jess Atkinson, who came from this area, received during his sportscasts. Until 9 recognizes the long-time one-two punch that is Herzog-Mease, 9 will be sadly lacking (Jess, if you haven't left town, may I suggest Comcast for future employment and peace-of-mind). Dishonorable mention to George Michael: I just have been watching you since who knows when. I'm 38 now and I have almost as much gray as Jim Vance, but the schtick is gettin' old.
Best Weather (local): Tie to 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9. Haven't noticed any particular issues other than 4's Weather ladies Chikage Windler and Victoria Johnson (where are you Lexy Hickok?) seem both beautiful and informative. Although, Topper Shutt (9) seems to be wearing on me more than he used to when he was on weekends. I like Sue Palka (5). She seems like the friendly soccer-mom weather lady next door, not a knock, she just seems sooo pleasant.
Best Traffic (local): Information only - Lisa Baden (7 and WTOP); Eye candy only - Joy Pons on Baltimore's FOX 45 Morning News -- who also may qualify for the Jillian Barberie most scandalously dressed award for traffic (sorry ladies, I'm a guy).
Best Laughs (local radio): 980 Sports Reporters' Steve Czaban. He may not be knowledgable or credible, but at least his rantings aren't as grating as Chuck Booms' (Yuck!). Honorable mention to Al Koken (the Judge on 980's John Thompson Show, Chris Knoche and Bryan Burwell (you are missed) of Sports Reporters, Russ Parr, Tom Joyner, Donnie Simpson, Doug and Lorna (WHUR evening drive), and the WHUR Morning Crew. Sorry, you can guess I'm not a Don & Mike, Opie & Anthony, Sports Junkies, or Howard Stern kind of guy, if you get my drift...
Best Station to Cheer For: WHUR - They've lost Tom Joyner to Radio Payola Squeeze, oh sorry, Radio One but with its powerhouse gospel on weekends, Quiet Storm at night, and neo-soul/gospel in the daytime, Howard's station is still hanging.

Worst Innovation to Wait For: (tie) Digital TV - I'm sure, when it get here, it will be really nice, but sorry unlike most of you schlebs, I did not make out in the Internet boom, so my wife, five-year-old, and I will just wait until they get under something like the $400 threshold. (tie) Redskins/DC-MLB TV - Dan Snyder and Bob Johnson (NBA-MLB owner in waiting) propose to have a new regional sports channel, if they purchase a baseball team for Washington. Can you say overexposure (aaah, we already have one regional sports channel that's pretty good, see above). Sorry, but Dan, I think we've enough of your 'branding' of the 'Skins. What has it gotten us? 4 coaches in only that last 3 years and no playoffs? Have some patience and let the team and your personnel jell together. Bob Johnson running a sports channel. If it involves any sistas' in short-shorts (a la Wrecks-N-Effect's Rump Shaker), I may be there, otherwise, I still haven't seen anything yet that gets me to st ay on BET when I channel surf.
Worst Newscast: Channel 9, what, what can I say other than God bless you when you get another news director, again!

Best Newscasts: 4, 7, NewsChannel 8 - 7 looks like what 9 used to be without Gordo and Glenn Brenner (RIP, you are missed, although your former intern Chick Hernandez will make me laugh occasionally). NC8 had me hooked throughout the Sniper story, and 4, well, you can't improve on perfection (save the slightly annoying King George).
Best Innovation to Wait for: Digital Terrestial Radio - FM that sounds like CD, AM that sounds like FM, digital data and info (traffic, weather, sports), I'll be able to see what song I'm listening for, instead of waiting for the DJ before commercial break? Sounds promising, if what your selling is what will actually be produced. Hopefully, this will inspire program directors to try to employ new and/or reworked formats that have been taken up by XM, who are unfortunately struggling as we speak. Chin up, XM, at least you are trying to fill a void. Future policy to wait for: Cable fee regulation. I hope that Congress, FCC, Consumer Reports, or somebody can talk some sense into these people. Sorry, I live in Prince George's and although I know I am paying for that Comcast (or is that AT&T-Comcast?) Center at U-Md., I hope Jack Johnson will at least be a little more open-minded about competition such as Starpower to bring down what I consider a robbery ($100/month for cable and Broadband Internet?).

Anyway, enough from me. Have a blessed and happy holiday (whichever one's you celebrate). You are also missed - Post "Radio Listener" column and Internet chat by Frank Ahrens. You are always welcome: 9's Leslie Foster, the Channel 9 Morning Team, Today Show, any left-leaning or slightly-to-the-left-leaning radio host such as Joe Madison, etc...

jeff, alexandria, va:
Best: TV - Elizabeth Campbell turns 100... News Channel 8... McNeil-Lehrer... "Garden-variety" and "pop-up" thunderstorms... Radio - Opie and Anthony are gone... Kojo Nnamdi (sp?) keeps plugging away... Andrea Bray on Saturday afternoons on WPFW... WBIG still has a sense of humor...
Worst: Radio - Mark Plotkin no longer on WAMU's Kojo/DC Politics hour... WPFW bravely programs jazz, but still not enough... and Ron and Fez, I just don't get it. TV - Channel 4 Sports and their jive Sports Machine, complete with jive logo covering up the scores... Channel 5's endless weather teases... and SNOWSTORM HYPE, ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

BEST: Moving Don and Mike, the consistently funniest radio show going, back to afternoon drive. XM Radio -- where else can you hear a live version of Bruce Springsteen's "Rosalita" and Paper Lace's "The Night Chicago Died" within five minutes of each other?
WORST: Clear Channel replacing Murphy and Cash's appealing chemistry with Ben and Brian's pre-packaged, not-very-funny stilted bits on WMZQ morning drive.

Best Hour of Radio: Ron Smith and Frank Difilipo, WBAL, Mondays 5pm-6pm. Ron does a great show as always, but it's even better when he brings on yellow dog Democrat Frank on to discuss things political. Even more relevant when you realize that Frank announced KKT would lose by four-seven points eight days before the election.
Best Example of a station defending itself: Kudos to Sinclair Broadcasting and their Channel 45/54 arms for defending themselves from hypocritical attacks from the Baltimore Sun. Regardless of your polticial leanings, it does seem strange and hypocritical for the Sun to criticize 45 and Gov.-elect Ehrlich for writing letters on behalf of Sinclair when other congressmen did the same and when Ehrlich also wrote letters on behalf of the Tribune Company: owners of the Sun. Mark Hyman and the Sinclair folks came out swining to defend their jounralistic integrity. Thankfully, somebody in Baltimore still had some.

Worst effect of corporate playlists: Rock radio being littered with bad Blink 182 clones. Blink 182 isn't that good to begain with. Hearing New Found Glory and every other band try to be Blink 182 is the only thing worse.
Worst case of split personality disorder. Is WHFS hip with new music or just a "legendary" relic. Is it a rock station or is it a rap station? Is it a Baltimore station or is it a Washington station. It's all going to be irrelevant soon. HFS has been dying a painful death for years. But the end is nigh, especially when you consider the only audience HFS is gearing itself for is the 13-15 year old male market; not exactly a niche you can live off of. It's going to be a humiliating end to a once proud and decent station that has become truly unlistenable most times.

Jeremy in Rockville:
BEST--Sports Junkies move to mornings on HFS. I finally have something to listen to in the morning, other than Elliott's awful fake laugh. Opie and Anthony get an honorable mention. Miss ya, little Jimmy Norton. Tussle Tussle. Gotta love Kornheiser too!
WORST--Elliott's fake laugh is so pathetic. How this guy gets ratings I'll never understand. Stern's pathetic slide into irrelevance. Don and Mike's failed experiment with Leah Remini as a co-host, and their lack of any fresh ideas. They're really getting hokey. Any impressions Don tries to do. Let Mike do the voices, yours suck. Bill O'Reilly. Bill O'Reilly. Bill O'Reilly. AWFUL! Ron and Fez... 4 hours of bad puns is not good radio. A dissappointing show. The afternoon guy on DC101. What crappy service does he get his jokes from? WJFK's Redskin broadcasts. Remember people, this is a football game, not 4 hours of commercials. WTEM and WMAL for obvious reasons.

Bob in College Park:
BEST - Channel 4 News at 5, 6 and 11. They know how to do it right. A very special career BEST award to Wendy Rieger. She would be the number one woman on any other station in the area and country, NOW, and for the last decade. She remains at WRC where she is happy, although second to Doreen who is every bit her equal as on best list. Best future career goes to Laura Evans of WTTG. I wonder if she is counting the days until she can get off Fox and go to a real station that really does news well and establish herself as the top DC woman anchor for the next twenty years. Best AM drivetime radio is Don Imus. It's the only show where movers and shakers in government and media let their hair down and you can actually get candid insights from them. Best radio sports show is John Thompson. Some, maybe many, may hate it but they really are guys in the know who actually think like the average fan. Best local tv sports show, you got to love the Redskins Report AKA The George, Sonny, Riggo and Wilbon Show. Other than Gordon Peterson's classic "Guy Le'Guy" bit during Glenn Brenner's Redskin Sidelines blizzard show two decades ago, G/S/R/W can leave you on the floor in laughter about sports. Best talk radio show is Chris Core. The guy was a no-doubt PITA until a couple of years ago (marriage and fatherhood perhaps????) but he has evolved and has created a truly entertaining, intellectually stimulating show. He's inherited the mantle from Joel A. Spivak. I just wish he was on in midday in place of Dr. Laura and other MAL crap. Make no mistake, Chris Core is the class act of local talk radio in DC.
WORST - Fox Five News, it is a misnomer. It is not news, it's the World Weekly News. Be honest, when you watch Will Thomas do anything, don't you feel like you should go wash your hands? Yech. Lou Holder doesn't belong on the 300th smallest market much less DC with his melding of hip hop and the worst of Rome-like sportsradio banter. Non WTTG worsts include Susan Kidd, who just keeps giving the impression that she is going though the motions. Would she get a job anywhere else in this market tomorrow based on what she has shown in the last couple of years? While I am mentioning WRC, who does Jill Sorenson know to keep her job? Worst radio show, I want to say Don and Mike but heck, this is the XMAS season and they are not the worst and have their legend of fans who just never have grown up. So worst radio show would have to go to anything with Andy Pollin on it. While we are on worsts, there has to be a special place in WORST HELL for anyone involved with Channel 9's breaking of the Tarot card story which went so far over the bounds of bad judgement as to merit its own special disrepsectful award.

I ride with Dave Durian most mornings because the show is informative and moves on WBAL. I also used to listen to Tim and Andy. All depends on my route for the day I choose. Andy is funny, but the show is much too serious now. But this is a vote for "maximum Andy". Sports- Frank Hanrahan. WBAL Should hire him instead of non-informed sleepy announcers they have. Sports/Traffic- YES JOHN. Pete Medhurst. I have seen him doing college football on TV this year, college Lacrosse on Comcast Sports Net, radio in DC and hoops for Navy. I also heard him on a sunday doing an update from the Redskins-Cards game earlier this year on Nestor's station for one of the networks. What have you done? Lisa Baden, Dan Alfer, Bob Marbourg, Jamie Witten and Detour Dave are all good at what they do. Not a weak link in the bunch. STATIONS-WBAL, WTOP, WMAL, WQSR. People- John in Double A county for calling me out! DCRTV Dave for obvious reasons.
Worst-WBAL SPORTS. Period. JFK-AM's sports coverage. Period. WCBM. Scary.

[BEST] BEST TRAFFIC REPORTER: #1 = Dan Alpher -- quick, concise, to the point, without a lot of BULL, gets the info out you need and makes the most of "Washington's Traffic Leader, WMAL"'s whopping 40 seconds they give him (by the way, how can you be the "Traffic Leader" and have 20-25 seconds less traffic than your competitor(s)?). **** BEST MORNING SHOW: Sports Junkies (sorry, move over Stern, you're getting old & tired -- time for something new). **** BEST RADIO STATION: #1 = WJFK -- what a line-up, and a great move moving D&M back to afternoons, where they belong, but, put them on LIVE from 2-3, instead of "Best Of..." **** BEST NON FULL TIME D.J.: Chris Roth -- lively, engaging, fun to listen to.
[WORST] WORST TRAFFIC REPORTER: #1 = Lisa Baden -- reports overloaded with a bunch of junk, including singing, moaning, quoting, etc. Too much Lisa, not enough information (we need as much traffic as you can squeeze into that 50 seconds you're given. #2 = Pete Medhurst -- for simply believing all the e-mails & letting it show (hey, you're a good reporter, but you're head is swelling -- stop believing your own press, if only on DCRTV) **** WORST MORNING SHOW: #1 = Elliot in the Morning -- can we please A) Speak into the mic; B) Get a real laugh, instead of faking it? // #2 = Stern -- for doing the same thing without "freshening it up", and enough about eating at Nobu with Beth, for Christ sake // #3 = Murphy & Cash -- just for being stupid enough to switch to BIG and sounding out-of-place the whole time. **** WORST RADIO STATION: Come on, do we all need to continue piling-on WMAL? Ok, maybe just one more time: #1 = WMAL -- "What in the hell was the G.M. and P.D. thinking? :::: WORST-DRESSED WEATHER MAN: #1 = Bob Ryan -- get some suits circa 1990, instead of 1970, would ya? You're the best Weather Man in D.C., start dressing like it! :::: WORST EVENING SHOW: #1 = Glen Hollis' "After Hours" -- how many times can you ask a teenage girl "...how does that make you feel..." or "...and what would you like to say to him?..." -- and who are all those grown men calling that station? Come on, find something MANLY to listen to, would ya?

Mike Berry www.98wrc.com:
Best: Not just this year, but for so many years Dennis Owens was one of the best things about Washington radio.
Worst: The whole Maryland Public Television/Wall $treet Week fiasco. They couldn't have handled it any worse if they tried.

Michael (ESRTV):
Best: Another year of DCRTV.com. Don and Mike back to afternoons. Rouse & Co on WQSR mornings. Big Don O'Brien at night. WLIF's variety of Christmas tunes. The changing to B104.3 and the adding of the WXFB calls over WOCT. Ravens pre and post game shows. Phil Wood back on the Baltimore airwaves. Dave Durian, Ron Smith, & the WBAL newsteam. Tom Marr, G. Gordon Liddy back on Baltimore airwaves via WCBM, Sean Hannity on Baltimore airwaves, WCBM going 50K watts.
Worst: Everybody doing all-XMAS tunes. WJFK-AM only playing D&M from 3-6pm. The small number of songs in most of the local stations rotations. Dave Adler to weekends on WASH-FM. Murphy & Cash to BIG mornings. WINX going country and not continuing to simulcast WRNR. WJFK-FM weekends. The lack of solid sports station in Baltimore. Fox Sports Weekends. The lack of a Standards station in Baltimore/Washington DC. WBAL sports talk show hosts.

John in Double A County:
Best: Elliot in the morning, Howard Stern, and Moss and Day. Buck, Andrea, Hillary, and Monika. Channel 7's morning newscast takes a close second but with no weather and traffic at the bottom of the screen they can't be first. 11 News Today, a great program to wake up to if you live in the Baltimore area. ABC 7 News at 5, 9 News at 6, and WB 54 News at 6:30. Best overall station in Baltimore- WBAL 11 with WNUV/WBFF 54/45 in second place. Best overall DC Station- Channel 9 with Channel 7 coming in second place. Best Reporter in DC- Gary Nuremburg (sp?) on Channel 9. Best Baltimore Reporter- Jayne Miller. Best Baltimore Radio Stations- 98 Rock, 93.1 WPOC, WBAL, and WERQ. Best DC Radio Stations- WTOP, DC101, Z104, WKYS, Mix 107.3 Best Traffic Reporters: DC- Bob Marbourg, Shari Elliker, Bob Gotkin. Best Traffic Reporters Baltimore- Bruce Mayne (sp?), Kim Gandy/McKormick, Mark Williams. Hats off go to WMZQ and BIG 100 for playing the national anthem at noon everyday. Best Weatherman in Baltimore- a tie between John Collins and Neal Estano. Best Weatherman in DC- Topper Shutt. Best Sports Baltimore- Scott Garceau and Gerry Sandusky. Best Sports Washington- Ken Mease, Rene Knott. Best New Anchor Team- Elliot Francis and Andrea McKarren in DC and Donna Hamilton and Rod Daniels, and Rod Daniels and Marianne Banister in Baltimore. Peggy Fox filling in on Channel 9 morning news over the weekend- Very pleasant and professional. Hopefully another anchor spot opens up for her in the future. She is missed in the mornings.
Worst- Jess Atkinson's decision to leave channel 9. He is missed. Frank Herzog- the most annoying man on TV in the morning, he is dead weight on the morning desk, his ego barely fits on the set and is one of the most obnoxious substitute anchors ever. Lisa Baden- sounds like a nice lady but kinda annoying, nothing personal, she's just not my style. Channel 5 news, too tabloidy in appearance. Pete Medhurst- If he's so great like messages in the DCRTV mailbag have indicated, why is he still on WMAL? Why not a real radio station or TV station? A guy that is as great as he is doesn't need people like "Phil Ciena" in Brooklyn Park or Severna Park (wherever "Phil" just happens to be from at that given post) to tell us, we should already know that. Gurvir Dinsha- Not a good full time anchor, too icy and distant. Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity- 3 big idiots who spread fear and misinformation to other idiots, not to mention the most tightly screened calls in radio. What's up with O'Reilly giving away slacks and calendars on his crappy radio show to callers that agree with Mr. Republican, how tacky can you get. Worst Radio Station- WMAL. The Republican talk leader. I bet they'd love to get their claws on the WGOP call letters. They are as much of a news station as WTOP is a music station. Channel 9's decision to give Virg Jacques the boot. I hope he ends up on his feet again. WJZ for pretending to be a serious news station. WBAL for giving Chris Ely the boot for Sarah Caldwell. Chris Ely is a local guy that knows about local sports. Sarah Caldwell is a bumbling fool that reads off a teleprompter word for word and it shows. Worst- Sinclar Broadcasting group for their cheap ways. WBFF/WNUV has a professional news team with clownish management. WJLA putting off it's decision to make McKelway the official 11 pm anchor. Radio stations and TV Stations for refusing to promote from within. DC101's decision to syndicate Elliot and Elliot for being excited about it. Can't we have something local, that is entertaining not get watered down for syndication? Oh, and that Post for its continued shoddy coverage of Washington television and radio behind the scenes. But what the hell do we need them for? We have DCRTV Dave.

Ivan the Terrible:
TV Anchors
Best: Jim Vance, Gordon Peterson, Mike Buchanan, the ageless beauty JC Hayward, Maureen Bunyan, Andrea Roane, and the lovely Wendy Rieger.
Worst: Doreen Gentzler--an annoying medical reporter wannabe who doesn't have the credentials for the job--and Susan Kidd.
Best: George Michael. No one even comes close. Very Honorable Mentions: Wally Bruckner and the late Darrian Chapman, God rest his soul.
Worst: Channel 9. Do they even have a sports department? Jill Sorenson at Channel 4 is merely eye candy and a lousy sports reporter too.
Best: Bob Ryan. The consummate professional meteorologist. I do miss the lovely Alexandra Steele though. Mornings aren't the same without her.
Worst: The rest of the News4 Weather team. Chikage Windler is pathetic. 'Nuff said.
The Worst: Radio The Communications Act of 1996 has destroyed radio. Leave it to Congress and the suits in corporate America to screw things up. If it weren't for Goldie and Johnny Dark, I wouldn't listen to the radio at all. As it is, I doubt I listen to Big 100 or any other radio station for more than an hour a day. Radio programming has sunk to an all-time low as many stations have "personalities" who revel in tastless tripe. Playlists have become homogenized and commercials dominant the airwaves. On those rare occasions when music is played, you hear the same song by the same artists day-in, day-out. No matter what station you listen to, it's all the same.

From Mike in Arlington:
Best – D & M – they have been entertaining since they came to Washington in ’85 and haven’t let up. I have been a loyal listener the entire time. Also, WASH’s After Hours with Glenn Hollis.
Worst – Junkies moving to WHFS, what were they thinking? That is never going to work.

Rick the Rat in Stafford:
Radio - WJFK took major strides this year to improve their programming. Don and Mike back where they belong on Afternoon drive and the two pinheads Opie and Anthony back where they belong, on the streets. Ron n' Fez on evenings - The Snorts Flunkies finally moved off JFK to the anemic HFS. WTOP and especially the AM duo of Moss and Day. NPR radio in DC.
TV - Sue Palka, Andrea Roane & Rudi Bakhtiar (CNN)

Radio - All area music stations, especially anything owned by Clear Channel. Another year and the 1996 telecommunications act hasn't been repealed. Informercials and other such crappy weekend programing on JFK.
TV - MHz NETWORKS Stations (WNVC and WNVT) what a waste of good TV frequencies. I hope WETA's group wins the mediation for funding.

Andrea, Fairfax:
Best Station- WKYS. Russ Parr gives them a slight edge over DC 101, and WPGC. Best Music mix- Mix 107.3. Bets personalities- Parr, Elliott, Don and Mike, all very funny. Dan Alford and Pete Medhurst on WMAL crack me up with smart A** comments about traffic while doing it. Breaks up the frustration on 66. News- Most of WTOP, except Dave Brown should be on in the afternoon. Brian Nieman and Michelle Bash are excellent in the morning on WMAL. Chris Core- I'm a loyalist. Andy Parks-See Chris Core.
WORST- Station. WASH-FM for going Christmas so early. Personalities-Bill Press and Jane Norris. WHY WMAL WHY? WHUR Mornings. Not entertaining at all. Merry Xmas

"Kurt in Fairfax":
Best: Howard Stern, Ron & Fez, Pat Goss, WTOP
Worst: WMAL - Went from a very good station to the worst in 3 years. TOMMY TIGHE on westwood 1 coverage of the NFL (heard on WJFK Sundays) "bible beater" programming on sunday mornings on every station

Best: Don and Mike returning to PM Drive. Honorable mention to WJFK picking up Ron and Fez and The O'Reilly Factor.
Worst: DCRTV. For that picture of G. Gordon Liddy in a speedo. I'm still having nightmares. Honorable Mention: G. Gordon Liddy for having the picture taken and for his show. A SEVERE downward turn for that show since the WTNT move.

Tim, Don and Mike Loyalist:
Best: Don and Mike back to Afternoons where they belong. Opie and Anthony fired and getting what they deserved.
Worst: Sports Junkies moving to HFS. Don and Mike on in Mid Days for 3/4 of the year.

Tracy T., Fairfax:
Best: Washington Post columnists Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. These two not only revolutionize tv and radio, but in pop culture, and there from D.C. TK and MW help put D.C. on the map as a top five media outlet. Also, put George Michael in the best category because he help make them into stars. Honorable Mention: Don and Mike, The Sports Junkies, all of the WRC crew, College radio stations (espically WGMU), MHz networks, Dave Hughes, WTOP, Atlantic Video Inc.(up-comers), The media pioneers who died of 2002 in this area (Don't know most of them, but give them some respect.)
Worst: WHFS (except the Junkies). Well, I think HFS is a better station than DC 101, on everything. However, the marketing of both Baltimore and Washington is probably the worst idea ever. If you want a station in Baltimore, get a different set of DJs, but HFS got greedy, and they are biting their own butts. I want HFS to succeed, but don't promote two cities at once. Just ask Peter Angelos. I don't want an ad for Baltimore in this area. If your promoting a Baltimore station in the D.C. area, you have "jump the shark." Dishonorable mention: All of corporate radio stations for not giving stations the freedom of what they want to put on air, Opie & Anthony, Conservative talkers (okay, there is liberalism on tv to make it even, but do networks or stations know what's fair and balanced mean), all the networks except for WRC for been serious every time, Elliot, News Corp.

Donna in Ashburn:
Best: Channel 4 News at 4, 5, 6 and 11, and their entire on-air staff....just can't beat 'em. The Eddie Stubbs show, Saturday afternoons on WAMU. Goldy and Johnny Dark on BIG 100. Kirk, Mark and Lopez on 98 Rock - they crack me up every day. Mike Buchanan, Andrea Roane and Frank Herzog at 5 AM and 9 AM. Honorable mention - 104.1, they're actually starting to sound pretty good to me most days.
Worst: 99.1 - the "legendary" (???) HFS? Gimme a break. WARW - it sounds more and more like a train wreck. Wish they could sound more like WWUZ down in the Fredericksburg area!

Charlie in Arlington:
Best News Anchor: Gordon Peterson, always a true professional, especially during the sniper attacks
Best Morning Show: Fox 5 with Mike Gargiulo and Lark McCarthy, great mix of news and fun stuff
Best Weather Anchor: Bob Ryan on NBC4, informative and accurate
Best Sports Anchor: Dave Feldman from Fox 5, always solid and interesting
Best Movie Critic: Tie between Arch Campbell on NBC4 and Willie Waffle on Fox 5, Arch is the king. Waffle is only on once in a while, but he's funny and strikingly honest when they bring him in. I wish Fox, WJLA and WUSA would have full time people like NBC4

Best: Stern, D&M, KML, Stash, Stacy Cohan & Lexy Hickok(hotties)
Worst: Every other media outlet and every other personality in the area. Dishonorable mentions to the Junks going to HFS, JFK middays & weekends, zero talent on between 7p-5a. Chip Franklin, Chris Core, Sally Thorner, WASH-FM, public radio & tv, Gurvir Dindsa(sp), & Fox 45 morning news. Douche of the Universe: Elliott on DC101.

BEST: Continued solid news team lead by Jim Vance at WRC-TV! No one is better prepared, more enthusiastic than George Michael! Don Geronimo's Top 40 show -- what a treat! WTOP's continued service to the community with great local live news! MHZ TV 1&2 - a unique window on what the rest of the world is thinking - more like it would be great. And finally, the untold number of hours DCRTV's Dave Hughes puts in year after year, day after day, even on holidays and when his Mom is ill. Dave Hughes is the conduit that everyone who is anyone uses to interface with their peers in the DC & Balto media. God Bless You Dave. Go Hornets!!!
WORST: Losing Darrian Chapman, what a great talent with a future! To all of our TV & Radio brethern who have passed on this year - you are all missed; COMCAST Cable's pricing and programming structure; CC DC contemplating a relaunch of Adult Standards ala KLAC LA. Leave the format to someone who has the heart, soul & experience to do it right. Better yet, get CC out of radio all together; Infinity middle management for the total f*up with O&A, D&M, R&F and all the other WNEW/WJFK handjobs; Charlie Donovan - the worst - period. Not funny. A boring mensch who needs therapy and lessons on how to project over the music.; AIR Awards - another self-serving handjob. If it didn't do good work for the March of Dimes I'd say scrap it; And finally, WPFW. The worst station in the market. Someone please buy WPFW and put a REAL Traditional Jazz/Big Band format on this signal. Until then, teach the volunteers to shut the hell up, I'm tuning in for the music, not to hear them talk over the vocals!!!
Best - Don And Mike, Howard Stern, Ron Smith, Chip Franklin, Mark Plotkin, Loo Katz, Chris Core, Art Bell and George Noory, David Burd, Jim Farley, Doug Hill, Brian Bolter, Brian Wilson, Gary Reels, Dave Statter, Diane Rehm, Debra Leigh (and Girl Talk), Dinger, Phil Wood, Doug Tracht, Big Don O'Brien, Bob Duckman, Walt Starling, Tom Gauger, Ed Walker, Troy Fitzhugh, Al Santos, Mike Buchanan, Pat Collins, Chris Roth, Opie And Anthony, Sonny/Sam/Frank, Tracey Neale, WMMJ, WHUR, WGMS, WAMU, WTOP, WETA, WHUT, WNVC, WBJC, WWZZ, WQSR, WWLG, MPT, WRNR, WFDC.....
Worst - Clear Channel, Infinity, Salem, Allbritton, WMAL's Rush/Sean/Laura, the Post's Style section and severe lack of local radio/TV news, the infomercials with commercials programming on weekends on JFK-FM (except for Pat Goss), WHFS, WARW.....